Don’t it Always Seem to go, That You Don’t Know What You Got ’til it’s Gone? It’s Already too Late, so Take Your Time Wising Up.

Uncle Volodya says, “I ask you to judge me by the enemies that I have made.”

..Don’t it always seem to go
that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?
They paved paradise,
put up a parking lot…

Joni Mitchell, from ‘Big Yellow Taxi‘.

“You won’t know whether you paid too much for it until it’s too late”

Warren Buffett

Most of you North Americans who were more than 5 years old in 1970 will recognize Canadian singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ bringing us in today. I was 14 in 1970, and I remember it well from radio airplay. It was a pretty good song, but I was never a Joni Mitchell fan – she was too folkie for me, which is probably why I waited until Nazareth covered her ‘This Flight Tonight’ in 1973 to appreciate her songwriting. In one of those funny quirks that make life the crapshoot it is, Nazareth and Mitchell happened to be in A&M studios together when the Nazareth version nudged the Top Ten in the UK – a little later, when Mitchell was playing a show in London, she said to the audience, “I’d like to open with a Nazareth song” before she played the signature lead-in to “This Flight Tonight”.

Anyway, it has been a preoccupation for some for decades to interpret songs and poetry – and the former are really just poetry set to music – to decipher what the artist was saying; sometimes the analysis is astonishing. For instance, I read just the other day in a completely unrelated story that Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” was actually ‘an indictment of the anti-intellectualism that Irving correctly assessed is central to the American character’. At first you want to say, “Wut???” But once it’s pointed out to you, it’s hard to unsee it; Brom Bones, big and strong, good-looking, slightly malicious and cunning but otherwise completely innocent of brains, triumphs over the gawky pedagogue Ichabod Crane, and wins the prettiest girl in town. Football players love it. Oh: politicians, too.

It wasn’t hard to figure out what Mitchell was saying in ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ – overdevelopment and pollution were crowding out nature, even then. But there’s always been a magic resonance to that couplet, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone?”

Because it’s true, isn’t it?  We don’t learn to miss something, whether it be a treasured item or a sustaining relationship that underpins our life, until we lose it; and only then do we realize that we often treated it with an affectionate, casual semi-contempt while we had it, assuming that would always be the case.

Like Stunned Pricks Incorporated of Europe, an entity which includes its entire population, especially its political class but even those who had an apprehension of what going along with American sanctions against their biggest energy provider might eventually mean. The sole exceptions are those who spoke out about it, saying that it was lunacy, and that noddy-head cooperation with American foreign-policy aspirations at Europe’s own expense is the kind of behavior exhibited by people for whom the warning on lawn-mower decks which reads “BLADE TURNS WHEN ENGINE IS RUNNING” is both intended and necessary. The rest – stunned pricks.

Now, only now, Europe is worried. Fear of a natural-gas emergency stalks Europe like some great stalking thing, to use a simile from Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Blackadder’ that always made me helpless with laughter. But this is no laughing matter, you better believe. I think two things will strike you right away in that article; one, all this misery and turmoil is down to Putin, because he invaded Ukraine. Two, Europe does not deserve such treatment.

Show of hands – who thinks that is high-octane horseshit? Uh huh; that’s about what I thought. Because it is.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Look at the actual fluctuation of energy prices.

EU Natural Gas

The table is from Trading Economics, you can find it here. The opening graphic is an interactive table and I had no success trying to copy it so as to feature it here; the view shown is a forecast, and if you are someone who does not like high gas prices, the future is not optimistic. But let’s dig down a little. They say you can make statistics support any tale you want to tell, but there must be an actual story or such graphics would be pointless. So let’s start with the beginning of February. Around that time the United States began announcing that not only was Russia actually going to invade Ukraine, American analysts knew the date Putin would strike. That’s probably because they knew the date Zelensky was going to issue an order to the UAF to commence an operation to return the Donbass to Ukrainian control by force, and presumed that Russia knew it, too, since it is hard to keep secrets from Russia in a country where nearly the whole population is able to speak Russian and nearly half use it as their everyday language, and which is located right next door to Russia. I’m not talking about Zelensky’s presidential decree that the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) recapture Crimea by whatever means required, which was issued even earlier, in March 2021. I am speaking of the executive order issued by Zelensky, effective upon receipt, the 16th of February 2022 to recapture the Donbass region and bring it under Kiev’s control by force, an operation whose initial phase had begun with accelerated artillery strikes on Donetsk and Lugansk a week before Moscow recognized the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), and announced it had been requested to assist with the defense of these territories against ongoing military aggression by the UAF.

With that in mind, let’s look at some critical dates. On February 16th, when Zelensky ordered the UAF to begin a military operation to retake the Donbass, European natural-gas price stood at €69/MWh, 69 Euros per Megawatt Hour.

On March 1st, when Shell, BP and other western oil giants began to announce their abandonment of joint-venture projects with Gazprom and Rosneft, supply fears flared and the price spiked to €227.63/MWh. The Russian Special Military Operation (SMO) had already been running for a week, but that dizzying leap took place between February 28th and March 1st.

After that, prices dropped precipitously and then trended erratically lower, getting down to €79.605/MWh on June 8th. June 15th, prices started another abrupt climb, back up to €123.68/MWh. But it had nothing to do with the war in Ukraine, which the United States and the UK were still telling everyone Russia was losing, and that the stovepiping of western weapons into Ukraine was keeping Ukrainian morale high while they were kicking Russian ass. Nope; that climb starting June 15th marked the day Gazprom cut flows of natural gas to Europe by about 40% on average, because Canada had refused to return a critical pump from the Nord Stream line which had been sent there for routine maintenance as required by its builder, Siemens, although the pump was actually built by Rolls-Royce industrial division, which was acquired by Siemens. Canada was okay to accept the pump for contracted maintenance, without which the warranty is void if something goes wrong after a missed maintenance checkup. It just got snotty about returning it, which it claimed – likely after American prompting, because Canada does love it some American pats on the head – would violate sanctions against Russia.

And now EU gas prices are at €176.32/MWh, and as I mentioned earlier, forecast to continue climbing. in 2 days, the Nord Stream pipeline will shut down for annual maintenance. Some Europeans fear that it will remain shut down, and just not come back online, although Germany totally burst into hysterical tears and former hard-ass Green minister Robert Habeck begged Canada to return the pump, after a couple of weeks of prancing and jabbering about dear little windmills and mysterious green-energy magic that was going to tough-love Germans right into toasty warmness this winter. But he would not be a real politician if he could not put a spin on it so that doing as Putin demanded is actually thwarting Putin. No, I’m not kidding.

“Economy Minister Robert Habeck told Bloomberg that the turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline needs to be returned before maintenance work begins on Monday. Releasing the component would remove an excuse for Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep the conduit closed.

“I’ll be the first one who will fight for a further strong EU sanction package, but strong sanctions means it must hurt and harm Russia and Putin more than it does our economy,” Habeck said in a phone interview late Wednesday. “Therefore, I ask for understanding that we have to take this turbine excuse away from Putin.”

Perhaps the most effective metric of how far Germany’s fortunes have swung under the stark idiocy of the Scholz administration and the emergence of mouthy Green activists Habeck and Baerbock is this one – Uniper, once a partner in Nord Stream II which promised to make Germany the gas hub of Europe, has just approached the German cuckoo’s nest that calls itself the government, looking for a bailout.

“Utility group Uniper asked the German government for a bailout on Friday and warned losses could reach 10 billion euros ($10.15 billion) this year, as Moscow’s economic war with Europe claims its biggest corporate casualty yet.”

Germany is looking down the barrel of economic catastrophe, and the important thing for Europe to realize is this – the situation is never going back to the way it was. Know why not? You don’t have to look any further than the paragraph above. That’s right: “Moscow’s economic war with Europe”. After Moscow did everything it could except roll over and play dead to get the west to take it seriously; after proposing conditions for security guarantees which would have cost the west nothing – Ukraine is as corrupt as Enron and as poor as a churchmouse, to say nothing of battle damage still outstanding since 2015, now with more rubble piled on top of rubble, and it was never going to be invited to join NATO while it boasted a couple of brigades of real Nazis in its national armed forces. After all that…it’s still somehow Russia’s fault. After being warned and warned and warned again that it was about to step on its own dick and fall on its face, Europe plowed ahead. Let he who pities the fool who comes to grief because he was deaf to warnings take one pace forward. Yes, that’s what I thought. Nobody is sorry for you if you managed to attain the age of majority without accepting that the stovetop is hot and may burn you if you are careless.

Which brings us to whether Europe deserves the economic Armageddon it is sleepwalking into. I am of the opinion it does. How else will congenital idiots like Josep Borrell be punished for their idiocy – have you seen Josep Borrell? He has probably never fired a real gun in his lifetime, probably doesn’t know which end the bullet comes out; they didn’t have video games during his Flintstones-era youth, so he has no experience of war. Yet here he is, blabbering that others must be thrust into the meatgrinder so his aims can be realized.

“EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, during a visit to Kyiv, for the first time in the history of the European Union, wished that the conflict be resolved militarily, not diplomatically. Borrell wrote about this in a series of messages on Twitter, with which he ended his visit to Ukraine, where he accompanied his direct boss, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. “This war must be won on the battlefield,” he wrote. Borrell once again mentioned an additional €500 million allocated last month for the purchase of weapons to Ukraine, which “will be matched to Ukrainian needs.” Borrell also promised new sanctions against Russia and announced a discussion of this topic at a scheduled meeting of EU foreign ministers on April 11 in Brussels.”

As the article correctly points out, no European leaders insisted on the priority of a military victory over a negotiated solution in past conflicts, and it speaks volumes of the significance in Europe of Ukrainian lives, which clearly mean nothing; Russia vastly outnumbered Ukraine in military capability at the beginning of the war and has no appreciable logistics problems with resupply of soldiers, combat vehicles or ammunition – in fact, it is NATO which has stripped eastern Europe bare of military equipment the Ukrainians already know how to use, and is beginning to draw down its own supplies of simple equipment which would not require months of training to learn to operate.

“It’s not just the effect of the artillery on the battlefield that has the west in a panic. It’s sheer volume of munitions being expended. The Americans have scoured Europe for all the stockpiles of Soviet era weapons they can find and the cupboard is now bare. They’ve extended their search to Africa and the Middle East in a desperate effort to supply the Ukrainians. Whatever meager quantities are shipped in – Soviet era or modern – are destroyed as soon as it gets there.”

Chancellor Scholz, taking a brief break from fighting fiercely on the front lines himself – yes, of course I was being sarcastic – said “We cannot allow Putin to win this war”, as if it were the kind of conflict where the victor must seek permission to win. Ursula Von der Leyen, embodying the absurd conventional wisdom that a woman must talk ten times tougher than a man in order to be taken seriously, said at the recent G7 summit that Russia ‘must suffer a strategic defeat’ in Ukraine, and went on to postulate the simpleminded premise that because ‘the world’ is united in wanting Ukraine to win and holding its hand, that necessarily means already that Putin cannot win even if he…well…wins. Along with being appointed to her present position rather than elected, just as when she was the most incompetent Defense Minister in German history, Von der Leyen is so clueless on strategy that she wouldn’t even know what would constitute a strategic defeat unless Putin sent her a note on Kremlin stationery, in German, which read “I have suffered a strategic defeat in Ukraine”. What is the matter with Germany’s politicians? At least when the nations of the world were led by tribal chieftains, they knew something about war; Ursula Von der Leyen would not recognize an artillery piece if it was in her parking space when she arrived at work, and her abstract flailing about who must win this or that conflict – predicated solely on which side would be the most amenable to NATO tinkering and assist its foreign-policy aspirations – should embarrass all Germans who know better.

I have news for you; Russia, and Putin, are going to win. It is slowly – slowly, because NATO leaders apparently all went to the same Peter Pan College, where if you only believe, your wish will come true – dawning on the Leaders Of The Free World that lofty statements and frosty denunciations cannot trump force of arms once a major military power has been pushed into a corner. And when it does win, victors have long memories, and they remember who opposed them with every dirty trick they could pull out of the Tickle Trunk. The day will come ’round when Moscow will be able to review its alliances in detail, and recall who was most vociferous in their opposition while trying to load the dice in favour of its enemy, thereby causing more Russian deaths and life-changing injuries. In this it will likely be aided by the boastful statements made about the war ‘bleeding Russia’.

“Now, instead of simply helping Ukraine stave off invasion and conquest, U.S. policy seems to have shifted into something else entirely: the permanent weakening of Russia at any cost. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said so explicitly after a clandestine visit to Ukraine with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last month. After her own recent visit to Kyiv, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi characterized the war as a global struggle for democracy.”

Did you cock your head, Europe? Because that was your master speaking.

Also, when the day comes for Ukraine to negotiate peace terms, it is not going to be able to start with anything substantial for a negotiating position – the western military masterminds who kept throwing Ukraine back into the fray claimed that Ukraine pushing back the Russians meant they could negotiate from a position of strength. What’s their opening offer going to be when they’ve lost it all, and were forced to surrender by throwing themselves on the enemy’s mercy, because it was impossible to fight on?

It is, admittedly, hard to feel sorry for Ukraine; most people just want a quiet and predictable life with enough opportunity so that they can leave this world a little better off than when they came into it, and Zelensky was elected on a promise to make peace with Russia. It would be hard to more profoundly fail to deliver on a promise of peace than to embroil the country in a shooting war, so Zelensky is due some kudos for having breached the bounds of ordinary failure. But herein lies the sin of NATO – it convinced Zelensky it would have his back if he made the first move, just as it has done so many times to so many others, and then limited its support to inflammatory political rhetoric, economic sanctions and shoving more weapons into Ukraine’s bloody hands. Once battle was joined, NATO encouraged Zelensky by promising that he was winning and that Ukraine actually was defeating a much bigger and more powerful enemy with second-rate technology and a few ideological hard-right battalions, even going so far as to create the ‘Battle of Kyiv’ out of what was decidedly a non-battle, and continuously holding it up as an inspirational Ukrainian victory. Then, when the chance to negotiate a reasonable deal was gone – because NATO persuaded Zelensky to not consider it – NATO began to mutter that maybe Zelensky would have to yield some territory in exchange for peace, when a great deal more territory had already been taken and the chance to negotiate for it had evaporated. Russia is certainly not going to give back territory it has already conquered at the price of its soldiers’ lives, but it might have been persuaded not to take it. It’s hard to say now, because most of it belongs to the DPR and LPR republics, which invited Russia to help them throw the invading army out of their claimed territory, and Ukraine refuses to even recognize the DPR/LPR, let alone negotiate with them. Que sera, sera.

However, and I cannot stress this enough, so much so that I will mention it a second time in the same post, nobody needed to die. Thousands dead on both sides, and all because NATO could not accept Russian demands to not cultivate an ideological armed enemy right on its own border. Once upon a time, when there was still a shred of integrity in the German leadership, the Senior Officer of the German Navy suggested that all Vladimir Putin wanted was respect, and that it cost the west nothing to render it to him; that he probably deserved it.

“What Putin really wanted, Schönbach argued, was respect. “On eye level, he wants respect. And my God, giving him respect is low cost, even no cost. It is easy to give him the respect he demands, and probably deserves.”

Within days, this professional officer and diplomat had ‘resigned’, after vociferous pressure from the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, who has since himself been fired by Zelensky.

You don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone, but gone it certainly is, and the wages of stupidity will be costly indeed.

“There once was a mouse who lived in a tavern. One night the mouse found a leaky barrel of beer, and he drank all he could hold. When the mouse had finished, he sat up, twirled his whiskers, and looked around arrogantly. “Now then,” he said, “where’s that damned cat?”

Ernest Shackleton, “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage”


547 thoughts on “Don’t it Always Seem to go, That You Don’t Know What You Got ’til it’s Gone? It’s Already too Late, so Take Your Time Wising Up.

  1. Latest move intended to cause the Orcs to rise up against the Evil One: Philip Morris has announced it is pulling out of Russia.

    Making Russia a healthier place?


  2. Oh, look – Putin’s strategy is to let ‘General Winter’ do the fighting and wear down Europeans’ will. Tell me; are there any original thinkers left? I’m amazed that Napoleon wasn’t even mentioned.

    Those of you who have been around since the old blog will remember that Thomas Friedman is so famous for wild-ass predictions that he even has a unit of time named after him. A ‘Friedman’ is six months, so named for his absurdly-touching faith that the war in Iraq was going to start breaking America’s way within six months. Six months of fuckery and needless, heedless death later, he would patiently extend his miracle horizon.

    It dawns slowly on me that the principle reason Napoleon was not mentioned is that Friedman wants the reader to think this is his analysis – Putin has weaponized winter. Just look at the stupidity, and marvel. To make up the manpower shortfall, the Kremlin is relying on a combination of impoverished ethnic minorities, Ukrainians from the separatist territories, mercenaries and militarized National Guard units and promising large cash incentives for volunteers. That’s because Putin fears the political backlash of ordering a national mobilization, and sending old women with cooking pots on their heads and brandishing ladles to fight the fierce Ukrainians. Yes, this is the latest in western psychology 101 – try to persuade Putin that he is losing so he will order a general mobilization because the west has already broadcast that Putin is trying to avoid a general mobilization because that will be the signal Russia has lost. The Russian armed forces were already what, three times the size of Ukraine’s at the start of the conflict? And in terms of capability to project power, Russia was rated second in the world by Global Firepower, while Ukraine was sixth just in Europe. outmatched by Spain and Italy.

    Ukraine’s desperate strategy is to have the west declare – and enforce – a no-fly zone over Ukraine so Russian artillery and cruise-missile attacks cannot be so precisely targeted. Ukraine is well aware that an escalation like that would inevitably drag at least Europe and probably all of NATO into a massive land war in Europe; it is willing to accept that because it looks like the only way to avoid losing. And the west knows it, too, just as it knows such a provocative action would result in a series of escalations that might very well culminate in a world-destroying nuclear exchange. The west, as a consequence, dare not do much else other than wring its hands and scream to the staggering, bloody Ukrainians that they are winning, don’t give up hope, just don’t give up, you hear me?

    True to form, Friedman proposes something he ‘knows’, that wise old grey-headed tool.

    “There is only one thing that I am certain of: This war in Ukraine will not end — really end — as long as Putin is in power in Moscow. That is not a call to overthrow him. That’s for Russians to decide. It’s simply an observation that this has always been Putin’s war. He personally conceived it, planned it, directed it and justified it. It is impossible for him to imagine Russia as a great power without Ukraine. So, while it may be possible to force Putin into a cease-fire, I doubt it will be more than temporary.

    In short: This Ukraine war is so far from over that I can’t even see over.”

    So what will happen when the war in Ukraine ends and Putin is still very much in power in Moscow? Will Friedman throw away his laptop, and never type another sentence? Of course not. He’ll just scratch together some silly dreck about the unknowable, and go on with his wooly prognostication as if nothing had transpired.


  3. Germany names three mistakes of the West in relation to Russia
    Die Welt: The West made three mistakes regarding Russia
    July 22, 2022, 10:56 am

    The West has made three mistakes in relation to Russia in connection with the situation in the Ukraine. This was reported on July 22 by the German newspaper Die Welt.

    “Western politicians must face the truth: the Ukraine is not breaking the tenfold superiority of the Russian army, President Vladimir Putin is in no way isolated at the international level, and economic sanctions are not do stopping him”, wrote the newspaper’s columnist Jacques Schuster.

    In his opinion, Moscow is gaining more and more supporters in Europe, who understand that the reasons for the conflict lie in Kiev’s policy.

    “Contrary to what Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock have been saying for months, Russia is by no means alone. In addition to the fact that the Kremlin can count on China’s support, most countries in the world blame Europe for the conflict in the Ukraine”, Schuster said.

    The author of the article called on the Ukraine and Russia to sit down at the negotiating table, and the United States to join them as intermediaries.

    The day before, the former leader of the parliamentary faction of the Left Party in the Bundestag, Sarah Wagenknecht, said that Berlin should stop the economic struggle with Moscow. In her opinion, Germany would not be able to survive without Russian raw materials. She called on the country’s authorities to mediate in the negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine.

    Also on July 20, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the White House’s statements about Russia’s international isolation absurd. She noted the lack of logic in the US position.

    Since the beginning of the Russian special protection operation, Western countries have adopted several packages of sanctions against the Russian Federation. They have touched upon the energy sector, the supply of high-tech and agricultural products, as well as transport. However, all this has already turned into economic problems for Western countries, causing a sharp increase in fuel and food prices.

    And the USA acting as honest broker at the negotiating table?

    Is he serious?


  4. Stupid shit Scholtz shooting shit again:

    a href=””>Scholz called Russia an unreliable gas supplier
    July 22, 2022, 14: 33

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not consider Russia a reliable gas supplier. He stated this on July 22.

    “Germany can no longer rely on Russia. That’s why we prefer to play it safe”, he told Die Zeit according to the DPA news agency.

    This statement was made despite the fact that on July 21, gas supplies from Russia to Germany via Nord Stream reached the level of before the pipeline was stopped for repairs. The indicator of 40% of the maximum was reached in the second hour of operation. Deliveries resumed on the morning of July 21 after scheduled maintenance work had been completed.

    Gas pumping was suspended on July 11 owing to scheduled annual maintenance on the gas pipeline so as to test mechanical components and automation systems. It was noted that the suspension had been planned in advance and agreed with the transportation partners.

    At the same time, in June, gas supplies via Nord Stream were reduced because of the lack of a Siemens turbine, which Canada had not returned after repairs owing to anti-Russian sanctions. On July 17, it became known that the Canadian side had sent the equipment to Germany. It was specified that delivery would take about five to seven days, the adjustment would last another four days and be completed on July 24.

    On Thursday, July 21, Vice-Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection of Germany Robert Habeck confirmed the arrival of the turbine from Canada to Germany. However, he refused to talk about the details of its delivery to the country.

    On the same day, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock admitted that she feared the growth of protest moods in the country because of the shortage of Russian gas. She said that if Siemens refused to repair the turbine, Germany would not be able to continue offering financial and military assistance to the Ukraine, as the authorities would be busy with conflicts in their own country.

    Earlier, on July 17, the German newspaper Bild wrote that the German government expects emergencies in the regions in the winter owing to the shortage of energy resources. On the same day, the head of the Federal Network Agency, Klaus Müller, said that the existing reserves would not be enough to survive the winter period without supplies from Russia, despite the fact that the tanks are almost 65% full.


    1. The Moldovan government has banned Russian troop rotation in Transnistria. It looks like all the stupid hamsters have been called out for action.


    2. Scholz has chosen his side, and his role is now that of marionette with Washington pulling his talking strings; he says what he is told to say. But the time for Russia to be acutely sensitive to criticism of its reliability as a supplier of natural gas is past. It can demonstrably sell any overage elsewhere, gas does not have to flow to Germany in order to support the Russian government budget, so fuck what the Germans think and say. When they can get plentiful supplies of cheap gas elsewhere, say, from the Americans and their bountiful fountain of LNG, then it will be time to worry about serious competition. Meanwhile, Europe’s greatest hope is volumes of gas which far exceed the country’s production capacity, from the ‘dictator’ the Corruption Reporting Project rated the most corrupt person in the world in 2012; incredible, he beat out Imelda Marcos – Azerbaijan’s Ilam Aliev.

      It’s okay to mock Europe’s desperate scrambling and cornered waffling, but otherwise Russia should not pay any attention to its schoolyard insults and squalling for attention. Russia has plenty to occupy its attention without considering Europe’s blubbering, especially that of Scholz, the most useless leader in German history, and his certifiable Greenie ministers. There is going to be an adjustment one way or the other by winter – either the west will back down (with the usual trumpeting of some pretzel victory), or it will swing for the fences.


  5. Is it military porn? I don’t know but it’s interesting to watch.

    In any event, it captures an effective strike on a Ukrainian ammo dump with a precision missile. I wonder if the camera was placed by the Russians to record the strike.


    1. Lots of secondaries: I wouldn’t want to have been living close by. I wonder if we will see any reports of that in the western press – difficult to imagine a shopping mall or a primary school with a backup explosives-storage function.


        1. You never know; if Russia is not lying about its targeting, the Ukrainians continue to use public buildings for military conferences, assemblies and training, and then wail that Russia is attacking civilian infrastructure when the building is toasted. But on the face of it I would say no; most sex shops are pretty small – I mean, that’s what I’ve been told, of course – and Ukraine is spending a fairly significant effort in making itself appear moral and upright, a real bastion of family values, to westerners it hopes will give Ukraine all their military equipment. Therefore, sex shops do not exist in Ukraine.


          1. European values?

            When I lived in Germany, there were whorehouses in every city. They resembled at first glance a modern hotel, but they had exotic names, such as the “Eros Center” on the infamous Reeperbahn in the Sankt Pauli district of Hamburg. (“Center” because Germans, being the colonial subjects of the American Empire, most often use North American orthography when debasing my mother tongue.).

            These brothels were strictly monitored and controlled by the local authorities with typically German methodology.

            I think they all might have been closed after I had left for the Evil Empire in the late ‘80s because of pressure from rabid German feminists.

            My German “ex”, though not a rabid feminist, used to rant on about “women’s issues” and the abundance of whorehouses in Germany was often the subject of some of her feminist rants.

            When I come to think of it now, my German girlfriend was very much like Baerbock — same German bourgeois background at least. She was far more intelligent than Baerbock though. Dead clever in fact. She’s some big noise economist in Brussels now. A book that she wrote over 30 years ago still sells, from what I can make out on the Internet.

            She was OK — but Russian girls are better!



            1. Yes, I can recall a naval visit, while part of the Standing Naval Force Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT, which apparently no longer exists under that name), AKA ‘the NATO Fleet’, to Bremerhaven, walking toward downtown in the evening and passing a window in which sat a lady in her underwear, like a life-size painting. I had already gone a couple of steps past before my brain processed it, so that I nearly stumbled. I stepped back to see if I had imagined it, but no, there she sat. Then she smiled at me through the window, and although she was extremely shapely she had quite bad teeth, so that was that. I was young and idealistic then anyway, puffed up with the sanctity of marriage, and would not have done anything. That was brought to the fore when shopping for lingerie for a gift for the missus back home, who was Mrs. Stooge # 1, although I was certainly not a Kremlin stooge then – far from it, I nearly sweated NATO righteousness, and completely believed the Russians passed their grey days in drudgery and envy. Anyway, I picked out something I liked, but had no idea of the size. I was trying to explain to the shopgirl – who was frankly lovely, and with a dazzling rot-free smile – that the destined recipient was ‘about your size’. I bet they hear that all the time from desperate creeps who hope they will model it. Whatever the case, she did not completely understand because she had very little English, and I had no German except for ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. When I tried to indicate ‘your size’, she said “Oh! For me?”

              If I had known then what I knew less than 3 years later, I would have said, “Absolutely, for you. And anything else in the shop that takes your fancy”.


  6. Videos of Russian military activities in the Ukraine are no longer censored on YouTube. Must be a glitch.


      1. I am saddened in a way. Those poor saps have no chance against Russian firepower and technology. However, some of them were likely engaged in murder of civilians (including women and children) so I guess it’s a wash. The rest of them need to rethink their future or what’s left of it.

        Another topic – it was reported that a Russian missile strike killed soldiers of the “Black 100” regiment. They should change their name to the “Blackened 100” ha ha!


        1. I am saddened in every way, and deeply regret the deaths of Slavs on both sides, which is a win/win for Washington; let’s recall that the US government had nothing good to say about Ukraine until it had regime-changed it into its preferred model under Poroshenko. Before that, Ukrainians were regarded pretty much as negatively as Russians. They somehow acquired ‘western values’ at The Glorious Maidan. The bulk of the Ukrainian Army is just doing as it is told by its government masters, nobody asks soldiers if they think it is morally right to shell this target or that. I completely believe Russia when it says it is trying hard to minimize civilian casualties in Ukraine, but still a lot of civilians are getting killed as the war moves into towns where many are either unwilling or unable to leave.

          But it is important to remember that nobody had to die. Russia presented demands which would be perceived as reasonable by any but an expansionist Empire such as NATO has become. Note that a key demand – that Ukraine never join NATO – was rejected immediately and the ubiquitous ‘senior Biden official’ who could not be named because that’s just the way we do things in journalism these days claimed the Ukraine’s freedom to join NATO if it wished is “a key principle upon which European security is built”. It was ‘vital’ then that countries be free to make their own decisions…until Zelensky thought, two weeks into the war, that he might negotiate with Russia to see if the two countries could come to some peaceful conclusion. Then, THEN it was a new ‘key principle’ that Ukraine do as it was told because some bigheads in the west assessed that it was winning and throwing the Russians back.

          Although Russia is currently beating the piss out of it, Russia is not Ukraine’s enemy. Its enemy is the western conglomerate that would not let it make a deal when it still might have settled for just losing the small DPR/LPR as they were then. Look at the map included in this article; it images territory currently held by Russian and allied forces, versus territory held by the DPR/LPR before the war started. The Russian side has more than doubled the territory recovered, and now holds about a quarter of Ukraine.

          I don’t see Russia offering to relinquish any territory at all, especially when Zelensky keeps gobbling about a counteroffensive. And so if Ukraine were to sit down at the negotiating table today, it would be dealing from a position of extreme weakness as it is pretty clear that given enough time – and in less than another six months, I believe that’s called a Friedman – Russia could control it all.

          Note also, from the originally-cited article, the west believed Russia was making over-the-top demands so as to give itself wiggle room, which in turn suggested it was weak and not really prepared to go through with it. This encouraged the west to speak for Ukraine and say “No, we’re not doing any of that. Going to make something of it?”


          1. Mercouris reported today that a new brigade is being formed from Ukrainian volunteers to fight the Kiev government. The name is the Odessa Brigade. Russia has maintained that the locals must join the fight to have skin in the game to ensure an enduring peace after hostilities have ceased. This is a very encouraging development.


  7. Oh, look: Russia and Ukraine have reached a ‘deal’ which will facilitate Ukrainian grain exports. Of course the west had to ‘warn’ Russia to uphold the terms of the deal, so that if all goes well it is because the west squared Russia off. Otherwise, of course they would have done something to screw it up – thanks, Joe Biden!

    Here’s an even more belligerent take on it, featuring the no-nonsense voice and bloated, doughy face of everyone’s favourite warmongress, Victoria Nuland – Russia felt the ‘hot breath’ of world disapproval (spearheaded, of course, by the United States, real global leader, get the T-shirt, only $29.95). That’s why they decided to remove all the Ukrainian mines. Incidentally, I bet the hot breath of Victoria Nuland smells like Cin-a-Bon cinnamon rolls.

    This tells you at least two things – one, the Biden administration is desperate for something it can claim as a victory and a sign the west is getting its way. Two, there is absolutely no incentive at all for Russia to enter into any sort of agreement with Ukraine based on compassion or the desire to appear compassionate, because the west straightaway jumps in it with both feet and starts bossing Russia around so it will look like Captain America frightened it into making a deal.


    1. Mercouris concluded that Russia got everything it wanted including unrestricted food and fertilizer exports as well as inspection of Ukrainian ships to prevent weapons smuggling. De-mining will likely be done by Turkey per Mercouris.


  8. As regards the regular Western regurgitation of stories about Putin’s dire health, what exactly is the point of it? Are they trying to suggest in the West that
    if Putin were to die, there would be hope of a policy change in Russia, which changes would cause Russia to bow to the West’s will?

    Were Vladimir Vladimirovich suddenly to die tomorrow, what Russian policy changes that may possibly ensue most certainly would not be those that favour obeisance to the demands of the Washington and Brussels filth.

    Very many here criticise Putin’s government for being too soft with the West and the vermin that controls Kiev.


      1. I loved this comment:

        We need to counter these lies with articles like “10 Top Putin Health Tips”, “Stay Fit the Putin Way” and “How to Get in Shape While Forcing the EU Economy to its Knees”.

        Posted by: Noam A. Larkey | Jul 22 2022 11:39 utc


        1. Putin had a good quip about Western Europe’s focus at “non-traditional relationships” have resulted in non-traditional sources of energy which has led to disaster.


      2. Western MSM reporting on Russia is starting to resemble its reporting on North Korea: since Western reporting on that nation comes almost entirely through South Korean sources (and most probably SK intel at that), we Western media consumers are hostage for any gossip or fairy stories the South Koreans put into reports on their northern rival for their own amusement. Likewise the more the West cuts off itself from Russia, the more we will have to rely on unreliable and non-transparent sources and propaganda outlets, and the more ridiculous and gossipy the news we end up with becomes. Next thing you know, the likes of the BBC, the New York Times and Washington Post will be reporting that Vladimir Putin is actually a humanoid robot answering to orders from cephalopod aliens from the Cthulhu fifth-dimension.


    1. And there are plenty who think Lavrov is too soft. Long ago folks here got pissed off with all this “our partners” crap.


    2. Have a look at Patrick Armstrong’s post about the US’s preoccupation with JUST THAT ONE GUY .

      You could say that assassinating Osama bin Laden was another fixation on a single person when he was a spent force. Probably. more useful as a martyr.


  9. TASS

    22 JUL, 23:42
    Truce with Russia without return of territories will only protract conflict, Zelensky says
    Freezing the conflict with the Russian Federation means a pause that gives the Russian Federation a break for rest, Ukrainian President said

    NEW YORK, July 22. /TASS/. A truce between Ukraine and Russia without the return of territories will only give Russia a time to rest and further continue the conflict, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal which came out on Friday.

    “Freezing the conflict with the Russian Federation means a pause that gives the Russian Federation a break for rest. They will not use this pause to change their geopolitics or to renounce their claims on the former Soviet republics,” The Wall Street Journal quoted him as saying.

    According to Zelensky, following such a pause, in two or three years, Russia “will seize two more regions and say again: Freeze the conflict.” “And it will keep going further and further. One hundred percent,” he added.

    The Russian-Ukrainian talks have been conducted since February 28. Several meetings were organized in Belarus, then the sides continued negotiations in the videoconference format. The next offline round of talks took place in Istanbul on March 29. However, on April 12, Russian President Vladimir Putin told journalists that Kiev had deviated from the previous agreements and drove the process into a dead end. On April 20, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow had handed over to Kiev a clearly-worded draft document on agreements and was waiting for a response.

    Truce with Russia without return of territories will only protract conflict, Washington says.


  10. Looks like that cupid stunt Truss is going to be PM of the UK. Her coming premiership will be a master class in ineptitude and incompetence seasoned with downright ignorance:

    RT in Russian
    Prime Minister Candidate Sunak Calls Himself an Outsider
    July 23, 2022
    Candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain, former finance minister Rishi Sunak, called himself an outsider in the election race for the post of head of the government of the country.

    He made the corresponding statement during a speech in honour of the launch of the election campaign in the city of Grantham. His speech was broadcast by Sky News.

    “Today begins my campaign with party members. My campaign will represent the best conservative values. I will do everything to deserve every vote, but do not hesitate to say that I am an outsider”, RIA Novosti quotes him.

    Earlier it was reported that Sunak and British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss had reached the finals of the struggle for the post of prime minister.

    On July 7, the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his decision to step down as Prime Minister of Great Britain and leader of the country’s Conservative Party.

    He will continue to fulfill his duties until the election of a new head of the cabinet of ministers.

    I thank Woden from the bottom of my heart that I long ago said farewell to the land of my birth.

    Don’t know if the link will work because I’m posting through my iPhone in the backwoods of Muscovy, where I’m basking in brilliant sunshine and enjoying a daytime temperature of 28C.


    1. There is one cheering prospect of a Liz Truss victory – she will (probably) insist on a face-to-face meeting with Putin to bark US orders at him and you could certainly sell tickets for that one. Is it enough though to offset the likelihood of her getting all of Europe into WW3?


    2. Rishi Sunak, called himself an outsider in the election race

      Could be true. Wiki says he went to Winchester not Eaton. At least he made it to Oxford.


  11. LENTA.RU

    US intelligence officer Ritter announced the political, economic and military victories of the Russian Federation over the West
    July 23, 2022

    Russia has managed to win political, economic and military victories over the West. This was stated by former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter in an interview published on the Youtube channel “Judging Freedom”.

    The military man stressed that Moscow was winning on all fronts. “On the military front, on the battlefield. On the political side, just look at the collapse of the political order in Europe and the ongoing fall of the Biden administration in the US. And on the economic side, Russia has changed the rules of the game: sanctions are boomeranging the West”, he said.

    Ritter concluded that nothing could stop Russia’s further advance in all three directions. He recalled the recent resignations of British and Italian Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Mario Draghi.

    The intelligence officer also spoke about the inefficiency of US arms supplies to the Ukraine.

    Earlier, the American edition of “Foreign Policy” had that the US hade made a mistake in trying to make Russia “the world’s renegade”. As the authors of the article note, this plan failed after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Iran for a meeting of the “Astana Troika”.

    Not so long ago, Ritter was singing a slightly different tune, if I am not mistaken, saying that the longer the SMO continued, the Evil Orcs would face increasing difficulties in order to achieve some sort of victory. Furthermore, I think he is one of that crowd that maintained that the start of the SMO was one big fuck-up and that the Russians had tried to take Kiev, where they were repulsed by the Banderite filth.


    1. That’s another link that doesn’t work!

      Here is again . . . если вы хотите прочитать статью в ее русском оригинале:



  12. You just watch: Zelensky’s is soon going to get bumped off because . . .

    23 Jul, 2022 13:58
    US concerned about Zelensky’s safety
    National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan claims that Russia is “capable of just about anything”

    US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Friday that Washington is worried about the personal safety of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The US is assisting Zelensky with his security, Sullivan added.

    “President Zelensky’s personal safety is something that concerns us,” Sullivan told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado. “This is a leader in wartime, dealing with an enemy in Russia that is ruthless, brutal and capable of just about anything.”

    “President Zelensky takes the precautions you would expect to protect himself,” Sullivan continued, adding that the US is helping to “facilitate” the Ukrainian leader’s security, without elaborating.

    The US offered to evacuate Zelensky from Kiev when Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in February. Zelensky did not take up the offer. This week, Ukraine’s parliament approved the firing of Ivan Bakanov, the top official at the state security service (the SBU). Zelensky also removed the heads of SBU departments in five of the country’s regions. Bakanov was a close associate of Zelensky, and the pair had worked together since the latter’s days in comedy.

    Ukraine’s president has claimed on several occasions that assassins have threatened his life, and his officials said numerous times that Russia intends to have the president killed. Moscow denies these allegations, with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stating in April that Zelensky “is the president of Ukraine,” and Russia wants him to sit down and agree to its terms for peace.

    Asked whether he worries about declining public support for Ukraine at home, Sullivan said that he worries “about literally everything,” except the arms pipeline to Kiev.

    The $40 billion military and economic aid bill signed by US President Joe Biden in May allocates “enough resources to keep weapons flowing for some time,” Sullivan stated, adding that even though public support for Ukraine may be dipping, there is a “reservoir” of “deep and sustainable support” in the White House and Congress.

    Should the tens of billions of dollars run out, Sullivan said that “there will be bipartisan support in the Congress to re-up those resources should it become necessary.”

    As Sullivan spoke in Aspen, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby announced that the Biden administration would send a fresh tranche of weapons worth $270 million to Ukraine, including four HIMARS rocket artillery systems. The US has given Ukraine a dozen of these truck-mounted weapons platforms already, although Russia claims to have destroyed four during the last three weeks.


    1. I don’t see a middle-distance plot to bump Zelensky off – although the timing for it would be excellent, as the world is getting tired of daily angst about poor Ukraine and needs an outrage to jolt it back into brainless-giving mode – for the simple reason that the USA has claimed at least indirect responsibility for his security. How would it look if he was assassinated while under the care of the Americans? I agree they probably have seven different kinds of motivation and his murder would be just the sensation they need, but I can’t think how they would make it work so they did not look incompetent or even complicit.

      And, incidentally, what the hell? The USA offered to evacuate Zelensky in February??? As I recall it, all we heard at the time was that RUSSIA had offered to evacuate him, giving him the opportunity to deliver his line of deathless courage, “I need ammunition, not a ride”. Why did we hear nothing back then of an AMERICAN offer to extract him – doesn’t that kind of sound like they expected him to wimp out?


      1. It’s likely Zelensky has taken notes of Arkady Babchenko’s staged killing and the media attention the journalist got at the time. Talking up assassination plots against him serves to keep him in the headlines and, for the time being anyway, gets him sympathy and support – and more money and weapons.

        The only problem is the day is fast coming when the West can no longer supply weapons, ammunition and mercenaries, Ukraine will have to sue for peace and give up huge amounts of territory, and Zelensky’s credibility finally crashes; he will no longer be needed, he is of no use to anyone and no-one wants to be near him. What will happen to him then? The only safe place would be prison in Russia.


  13. MoA

    NYT lying bastard rag:

    July 23, 2022
    Ukraine Grain Exports – Myths And Reality
    A deal between Ukraine and Russia aims to ease the global food crisis. – New York Times
    Jul 23, 2022

    BRUSSELS — Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement in Istanbul on Friday to free more than 20 million metric tons of grain stuck in blockaded Black Sea ports in Ukraine, a deal aimed at bringing down soaring grain prices and alleviating a mounting global hunger crisis.

    The highlighted claims are as false as much of the other NYT reporting on Ukraine.

    Wheat (US dollars/Bushel)

    Source:“>Trading Economics

    More at the MoA linked article.


  14. Orban is saying what other EU leaders won”t

    “Instead, today we [EU] are sitting inside a car with flat tires on all four wheels,” Orban said in a speech in the Romanian city of Baile Tusnad on Saturday.

    “The world is not only not with us, but it is demonstratively not with us,” the PM added, arguing that, instead of thinking about gaining the upper hand on the battlefield in Ukraine, the West should now focus on achieving peace through negotiations.

    Orban also warned that the conflict could easily put an end to Western supremacy and “create a multipolar world order.”

    “We must try to persuade the West to develop a new strategy,” the PM said.


    1. Orban is right, but as discussed earlier, Ukraine has already lost control over far more territory than it would be prepared to cede in any negotiations, and that’s without Russia making any additional demands at all. I think things have gone too far for peace negotiations now, because Ukraine has nothing left to trade with – what’s it going to do, threaten to stop retreating?

      I devoutly hope this serves as a warning to other countries who might be perceived as potential cannon-fodder for the western alliance in some future conflict; all that shoulder-to-shoulder guff is just cartoon stuff like “Pinky and The Brain”; Washington alternates between wanting to control the world and believing it already does, and the relationship it envisions is you doing all the fighting and Washington giving all the orders.


    2. I had better luck visualising the EU as a pack of clowns stuck in a stalled clown car than sitting in a car with flat tyres … and an empty tank because … no Russian fuel.


  15. Well, I guess I was wrong – I expected Victoria Spartz’s ‘classified briefing’ to show her the light, and that she would be singing with the choir where the Ukrainian government is concerned. Instead, she came out swinging again.

    She seems to have a real thing for Zelensky’s Chief of Staff, Andriy Yermak, accusing him of – among other things – queering the operation to capture Russia’s Wagner mercenaries in Belarus by tipping off Lukashenko. Here’s Ukraine’s pitch to strum the public heartstrings and make Spartz look like a soulless harpy: “We advise Ms. Spartz to stop trying to earn extra political capital on baseless speculation around the topic of war in our country and the grief of Ukrainians”. Ooooohh…good one: by criticizing the government, Spartz is adding to the grief of Ukrainians.

    Not to be outdone by that transparent grief-of-Ukrainians ploy, Spartz fired back, “If Mr. Yermak was a statesman, as someone with an already questionable reputation, he would have resigned this winter after assuring the Ukrainian leadership that no attack by Russia was going to happen, which reduced Ukraine’s preparedness.”

    She’s pretty much bulletproof, having agitated for more funds for supporting Ukraine, and has trumped the Ukie government by accusing Yermak of being a Putinbot. Now they can hardly call her a tool of the Kremlin without being accused of employing the “I know you are but what am I?” defense. Not much to laugh about these days, but the Spartz Spatz are pretty funny.


  16. A rant from the Spectator full of memes about the Evil One and his weaponising of gas supplies to Germany:

    Germany is caught in Putin’s trap
    23 July 2022, 9:00am

    A resumed its gas deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline after a scheduled ten-day maintenance break. But even with the immediate crisis averted, Germany remains palpably jittery: it is unclear whether it will have enough gas to get through the winter.

    Threats from Vladimir Putin to curb or even stop energy supplies to Europe altogether have been part of the Russian war strategy right from the beginning. Shortly before the invasion of Ukraine in February, when the German chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a halt to the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev sneered: ‘Well. Welcome to the brave new world where Europeans are very soon going to pay €2,000 for 1,000 cubic meters of natural gas!’

    “Sneered” did he?

    Did you se him sneer? Did you hear the intonation of his voice?

    And on and on it goes . . .

    But the key pont by the Anglo-German author is this, I believe:

    The Russian plan is as predictable as it is effective: keep gas supplies to Germany going on a level that allows the country to function, yet low enough to create price hikes and uncertainty. In this way, Russia will continue to generate enormous revenue to fund its brutal campaign in Ukraine while grinding down German commitment to the war and driving a wedge into the Western alliance.

    All the indications suggest that the Kremlin will succeed with this tactic. Public morale is already waning in Germany. A recent survey indicated that energy prices have become the top issue. The poll also suggested that the majority of Germans think economic sanctions have hit them harder than Russia.

    Worryingly, this is accompanied by increasing pessimism regarding the West’s ability to help Ukraine win the war. While over half of those surveyed still support the supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine, the figure has dropped since the last survey. Nine in ten Germans want their government to continue to talk to Putin. Alongside a previous survey, in which half the respondents said they wanted Ukraine to cede territory in the east to Russia, this suggests the German public is becoming war-weary and might push for a quick end to the conflict, even if that means rewarding Russian aggression in Europe.

    The mood in the country certainly seems at a dangerous tipping point. Energy prices are soaring to record highs as the government is forced to return to resources it had hoped were on the way out. Coal, oil and possibly even a continuation of nuclear electricity generation beyond the planned phase-out at the end of the year are all back on the table, so that the scarce gas supplies might be reserved for heat generation in the winter. In some regions, people have already been told to expect reductions in room temperatures and limited availability of hot water.

    In the middle of a European heatwave the prospect of a cold winter with dwindling gas supplies may be hard to imagine, but Germany is palpably edgy. While it is likely that private households and essential services will be shielded from the worst effects of shortages, the country’s industry would be left to take the brunt. Some economic models are forecasting a contraction of over 12 per cent of Germany’s GDP.

    As summer moves into autumn, the Kremlin will be watching very carefully what happens to German resolve. Caving to Putin’s demands domestically and in Ukraine will not reduce the conflict but encourage it. Instead of watching gas meters and Putin’s announcements with bated breath, Berlin should look for realistic solutions, communicate them clearly to the public and prepare the country for a tough winter.

    There is no easy way out of a trap of Germany’s own making. The sooner Berlin confronts this reality, the better so that it can find a way through the looming crisis. Panic is helping nobody but Putin.

    Wicked, wicked Putin!


    1. I presume the Anglo-German historian who is the author of the above Spectator article lives in London.

      There was a comment yesterday in Larry’s blog from a German commenter, who wrote that the opinions expressed in the German “lying press” about Russia, the SMO, NS1, NS2, Putin’s weaponisation of gas etc.. do not reflect the feelings of German citizens, especially those living in “the East”, by which, I suppose, the commenter means the former GDR.


      1. Here’s that comment from yesterday’s A Son of the American Revolution:

        M.Berger says
        23 July 2022 at 21:52

        Sorry for the bad english. Anyway greetings from Germany.
        The majority opinion in Germany is not the published one. In Germany … the press is widely referred to as the lying press.
        Serious clashes could erupt this winter. Many hope so. The colder the winter, the more likely it is.
        In the East there is a clear majority pro-Russian.

        And it wasn’t an American revolution: it was a British revolution by British subjects against the British government.


        Liked by 1 person

    2. Ha, ha! Yes, the hunted Jewish refugees Masha Gessen, Julia Ioffe and Miriam Elder also used to colour their commentary on Putin by mentioning his ‘thuglike smirk’ and so forth which was allegedly displayed in conversations they were not party to, and I remember some presser or other suggested he was trying to show off his body when he was being interviewed in a swimming pool. You’d hardly expect to see someone in bathing trunks there, what?

      Putin could hardly be unconscious of what an international figure he is, but I could not say I see any sign, in his public appearances, of strutting or playing to the cameras. Now and then he makes a joke and it is fairly clear from his expression when he is doing so, but in general his behavior is restrained and disciplined and his expression neutral. But I guess western press psychologists see what they want to see.

      We’ve agreed on numerous occasions that the west will rue the day it ever embarked on this fool’s crusade. And it will.


    3. According to the above linked “Spectator” article, its author, Anglo-German Katja Hoyer, has lately written a book called “Blood and Iron: The Rise and Fall of the German Empire 1871–1918”.

      I do hope that in her book Hoyer duly describes Prussian expansionism, whereby Bismarck, as Minister President of the Kingdom of Prussia, which kingdom had created the North German Confederation that consisted of north German states dominated by Prussia, which was by far the largest of them, provoked three short decisive wars of aggression against Denmark (1864), then the Austrian Empire (1866), and, finally, against the French Empire (1870), for which latter war the southern German states joined in the fun.

      Before the end of Bismarck’s war against France, when the French armies had almost all been defeated and the French emperor captured, Bismarck, in the presence of the King of Prussia at the Palace of Versailles, declared the existence of the German Empire, the “Second Reich”, that had as its Kaiser the King of Prussia. Bismarck, of course, became the first Chancellor of that Reich. He was also at the same time the Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Prussia, and it was most certainly Prussia thereafter that called the shots in the Reich.

      The Austrian Empire was not invited to the party — too multi-ethnic, for one thing, not to mention its long being past its sell-by date.

      The term “Blood and Iron” and Bismarck’s moniker “The Iron Chancellor” comes from what Bismarck said in 1862 before the Prussian Chamber of Deputies:

      Prussia must concentrate and maintain its power for the favourable moment which has already slipped by several times. Prussia’s boundaries according to the Vienna treaties are not favourable to a healthy state life. The great questions of the time will not be resolved by speeches and majority decisions — that was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849 — but by iron and blood.

      The Vienna treaties that Bismarck referred to were those made at the long drawn out Congress of Vienna that followed the end of the Napoleonic Wars and which had tried to restore the status quo ante bellum; the “mistakes of 1848 and 1849” were those that had prevented the unification of Germany attempted during the 1848 “Year of Revolutions” in Western Europe.

      Presumably, Bismarck thought that these mistakes were made by liberal bourgeois dreamers and the new kids on the block, the socialists: Marx and Engels had published “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848.

      American historian Jonathan Steinberg wrote of Bismarck:

      The scale of Bismarck’s triumph cannot be exaggerated. He alone had brought about a complete transformation of the European international order. He had told those who would listen what he intended to do, how he intended to do it, and he did it.

      Hopefully, exactly the same will be said of V. V. Putin.

      I wonder if that thought has ever entered Hoyer’s mind.

      Probably not: Putin is the “bad guy, whereas “great” Western political “movers and shakers”, though extremely few in number, are beyond rebuke, because, in the final analysis, despite their manifold errors and downright failures, they promote “freedom and democracy” and the good life for all.

      Don’t they?


    4. What beautiful prose from the Anglo-German historian!

      . . . Russia will continue to generate enormous revenue to fund its brutal campaign in Ukraine . . .

      The USA is not funding a “brutal campaign” in the Ukraine, though, is it?

      True, the USA and its catamite EU politicians want peace (is that really true?), but only following Banderite victory on the battlefield and confusion to the enemy of Glorious Banderastan.

      The enemy being Russia.

      According to Banderastan schoolbooks, Russia by definition is the enemy of the none-country Ukraine.

      It’s all about democracy and freedom and sovereignty, innit?

      I wonder if the Kiev Clown’s armies were suitably equipped with Coca-Cola and candy, courtesy Uncle Sam, for the planned Banderite invasion of the LDPRs?

      All fun and games in the Donbass it would have been when the Azov boys hit town?

      Moskali to the knife!

      Moskali to the gallows!

      And have a nice day!


  17. Politico: The great gas turbine blame game

    The diplomatic dust-up over a pipeline component has devolved into a finger-pointing mess.

    …If it doesn’t arrive before Monday to replace a worn-out twin, Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that flows through the undersea gas link will plummet once again. And although the pipeline runs from Russia to Germany, the knock-on effect would damage all of Europe. Brussels reckons that if Russia’s gas deliveries are shut off, it could hit the bloc’s economy by up to 1.5 percent of GDP.

    Over the past month, German Economic Affairs Minister Robert Habeck has expended considerable political capital convincing Canada to send the turbine back from a maintenance facility in Montreal, as a one-time exception to sanctions on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Kyiv is, as you’d imagine, furious.

    But since landing on German soil earlier this week, the turbine — made by Munich-based Siemens Energy — hasn’t journeyed onward.

    But whose fault is that? Germany? Russia? Canada?..

    The only extraordinary thing about this affair is how remarkably incompetent and flat-footed the German ruling coalition has been. They didn’t even notice that Gazprom had sold off its German storage facilities until too late.

    No-one ouside the west is buying it (the lies) about grain shortages/prices or NordStream and we cannot handle that we are no longer believed, like the boy who cried wolf. We’ve destroyed our own credibility.

    But this is not a recent process, but one of many years.

    As I’ve pointed out numerous times, the EU has singularly failed to sign a bloc trade agreement with LATAM and renew the Cotonou Agreement with the ACP (Africa-Carribbean-Pacific nations) because we are offering them a bad deal (or the same one) and they have the power to say no and do say ‘No.’ What does that say about our ‘values’ and ‘respect’ for other nations? It shows that reality is the opposite to what we declare.

    The turbine story encapsulates the back-biting blame, ‘not-my fault’ circus that u-Rope actually is. It’s not a good look to u-Ropean citizens.

    While I’m here, enjoy this ‘foreign mercenary in the Ukraine’ puff-piece, because they are ‘HEROES!’

    Politico: Russian tank attack in eastern Ukraine kills 2 Americans, Canadian and Swede

    U.S. citizens Luke “Skywalker” Lucyszyn and Bryan Young were killed when they were ambushed during a special operation in eastern Ukraine, their commander said.


    Note the use of language, ‘soldiers’ is only used three times and not even in the title, the first time in paragraph 15. The chosen nomenclature is ‘foreign fighter’ and absolutely no use of the world ‘mercenary’ because only others do that and also it has such a bad connotation that it cannot be easily PR flossed or re-defined in to something good when our side uses them. It’s not like those weekend ‘hunting parties’ when foreigners from western u-Rope would go shooting in Bosnia for sport…


    1. My thoughts and and prayers are with their grieving families, as they like to sanctimoniously say in some places.

      They are not, actually: I don’t pray to no deity because there isn’t one — Woden included.

      I like the way they use “ambush” for the Russian tank action that slew the pricks.

      “Ambush” sounds so sneaky and underhand, doesn’t it?

      Typical of Russians — sneaky, deceitful, primitive Untermenschen that they are.


  18. Asia Times: Proposals for US action in S China Sea should worry everyone

    A series of articles have put forward ideas that, if implemented, could raise the stakes in ‘gunboat diplomacy’ toward China

    by Mark Valencia

    …The US conflates freedom of navigation for commercial vessels with that for its warships and warplanes to gather intelligence and threaten China’s defenses. When China tries to protect itself from what it views as threats to its own national security, the US then raises the “freedom of navigation” canard…

    …They also fear that it will be destabilizing. Even America’s stalwart strategic partner Singapore has reservations.

    After a near-collision between a Chinese warship and a US warship undertaking a FONOP, its Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen said, “Some of the [South China Sea] incidents are from assertion of principles, but we recognize that the price of any physical incident is one that is too high and unnecessary to either assert or prove your position.”…

    I like that it is the ‘Coast Guard’ that would front these actions, but not the Chinese coast guard, but the American one, far from home. It is effect acting as an branch of the military so ‘coast guard’ is a deliberate misnomer in an attempt to pretend that the United States is not engaging in military activities near another country that may cause a war but fairly protecting ‘huntin’ shootin’ and fishin’ by the innocent and going after naughty criminals (smugglers etc.), which is what their job is supposed to be.


    1. USA enforcing United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), again…

      “One UN member state has signed the Agreement but has not ratified it.”

      Guess who?



        1. Not all United States citizens, of course: I’ve always got on well with those with whom I have become acquainted. I mean the majority of their politicians and policymakers and “academic think tank experts”and the rest of the USA “Deep State” filth, many of whom appear to be members of the USA Jewish hate-filled diaspora whose forebears had been subjects of the Russian Empire.


  19. The PPNN seem to think that the grain deal between Russia the Ukraine means that the former is not allowed to target military facilities and weapons stores. Their reports are almost verbatim Ukranian government, but that might be in part because most normal people have gone or about to go on holiday. Some of the reports do note that the ships coming in are to be verified by Russia that they are not bringing weapons in, but as usual the PPNN headlines are atrociously lazy.


    1. Yes, I noticed that, too; there was a headline in my local rag today that said something like “Russia broke its agreement in only hours, firing two missiles at Odessa”. Apparently both Ukraine and its backers assumed the grain agreement meant the war was over, and that of course Russia lost, since it failed to take Kiev. They then tried to suggest that one missile hit a grain silo, so Russia is targeting Ukraine’s grain stores. Because it is jealous that Ukrainian grain is so much better than Russian grain, or because it is evil and wants the world to starve, especially Ukraine, I guess.


  20. Favorite headline today from the Telegraph: How Western Himars forced Russia to negotiate on grain

    Has there been a huge new shipment of cocaine to western media offices recently or are they just breaking out the emergency ration as we head in to august?


    1. Maybe a bacteria will take care of those HIMARS Fighting Machines…?

      Or russian artillery..?

      The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine (Official Audio)


    2. The Telegraph has reported ‘8 hours ago’ that Russia ‘destroy’s Ukranian warship and Harpoon missiles in ‘high precision’ strike on Odesa port.

      Is even the PPNN getting bored of extravagant claims made by Kiev for only a few hours later for it to be exposed as bs and made to look like useless fools? Or is ignoring actual information (sic official statements from Russia) one step even to far for the Russia hating – it’s a sport of long standing’ British press?


  21. From the No. 1 British gutter rag “The Sun”:

    SUPER SUBS Brit special forces ‘helped liberate Ukraine’s Snake Island as SBS trained Kyiv commandos in Bond-style submarines’>/b>
    0:48, 24 Jul 2022Updated: 0:49, 24 Jul

    An Army source told Sunday Mirror: “The 73rd became the tip of the sword and provided the fighting force that landed on the island.

    “The Ukrainian special forces are as tough as they come but what they have missed out on is our specialist kit and training.

    So what happened after they had landed on the island and retaken it?

    Do tell!

    Oh all right then, I shall tell you:

    Aerospace Forces struck at the Ukrainian military that had landed on Snake Island
    July 7, 2022

    © RIA Novosti /
    The Ministry of Defence has announced a strike by the Aerospace Forces against Armed Forces of the Ukraine soldiers who had been photographed with their flag on Snake Island.

    Russian Aerospace Forces did not allow the Ukrainian military to set up their flag on Snake Island. Some of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were destroyed by high-precision missiles and the survivors fled, the Defence Ministry said.

    “Against a backdrop of military failures and a massive retreat of Ukrainian troops in the Donbass on the night of July 7, the Kiev regime attempted to hoist its flag symbolically on Snake Island”, the Russian military department said in a report.

    Notice was given that at about 05:00, several Ukrainian servicemen landed on the island from a motor boat and took photographs of themselves with their flag.

    “Aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces immediately launched a strike against Snake Island with high-precision missiles, as a result of which part of the Ukrainian military personnel was destroyed”, the agency said.

    Last week, the Russian Defence Ministry said that as a gesture of goodwill, troops had been withdrawn from Snake Island. The ministry noted that in this way it had been demonstrated that Moscow does not interfere with the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of the Ukraine.

    Was this reported by the “Sun”, I wonder.

    And if not, then why not?

    Dumb question!

    What dumb shits Ukrainians are!

    Some of them are in any case. Banderites namely, who have been running the show in the Ukraine since 2014 and for a good while before that if truth be told.


  22. From Stolze Untermenschen:

    Grain and Ratlines
    24 July

    Hope the link works.

    And I have had the presumption to correct the Aussie blogger’s blog title to “Die Untermenschen” because I’m a pain-in-the-arse Obergruppengrammatikführer!

    I just can’t help it!


    1. And it bugs me how the media talks of “demining” the sea lanes in Ukraine waters off Odessa . Surely the correct nautical term is to sweep the area of mines, minesweeping being the name of the action and a minesweeper the class of vessel allocated for this task?


  23. For several days now, the lying Western media has been repeating what the Yukietards have been eagerly announcing, namely reporting a fast approaching encirclement by Ukrainian armed forces of Russian forces in the Kherson area — a “cauldron” no less, with Orcs about to be boiled in it.

    RG RU
    25 July 2022

    The deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region has announced the failure of an attempted counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of the Ukraine

    Ukrainian troops recently made another attempt to launch a counterattack against the Kherson region, but had failed. This was told to RIA Novosti by the deputy head of the administration of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov.

    According to him, the Kherson region is a steppe, where any movement of the Ukrainian army ends in unsuccessful attacks. All such attempts only lead to heavy losses in the ranks of the Ukrainian army, Stremousov noted, adding that the regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thoughtlessly throws people to certain death, and the Ukrainian side deliberately escalates the situation in relation to the Kherson region in order to beg more money from the West.

    “The fact that the Kherson region will again return under the control of the Ukraine, that there will be a counteroffensive – these are fantasies”, Stremousov stressed. He noted that the nationalists have neither the forces nor a regular professional army capable of counteracting the Russian army. The Armed Forces of the Ukraine had not had a single successful breakthrough or counteroffensive since the beginning of the special operation, the deputy head of the administration concluded.

    Earlier it was reported that a local resident was detained in Kherson, who was transmitting data to the Armed Forces of the Ukraine from the video surveillance cameras of the Safe City system, which allowed the Ukrainian military to track the movements of a Russian group in the Kherson region. The detainee admitted that he at first had collected information about the movement of vehicles based on eyewitness accounts, but later he had gained access to 16 cameras in Kherson and the region.


    Link won’t work, I’m sure!


    1. Over the past couple of weeks, “experts”, using Yukie info given them, of course, have been crowing that a Russian army in the Kherson region was soon going to be cut off surrounded by the defenders of Banderastan. Key factors in the coming momentous victory of the Yukietards that would result in the annihilation of thousands of Orcs would be the destruction of three strategically placed bridges over the Dnepr , one railway bridge and two road bridges, one of which latter having already suffered damage as a result of the deployment of an American multi rocket launching Wunderwaffe. the world waits with bated breath for the coming glorious Banderite victory against the forces of Evil.

      Glory to the Arseholes!


  24. What exactly does this Yermak do?

    I have not looked at the videos referred to above — connectivity problems here in the badlands.

    Did he and his pals slit their prisoners’ throats and mocked them whilst they were suffering their dying agonies and their last breaths were gurgling from their butchered throats?

    You know, such an authenticated vile deed as perpetrated by the Ukrainian filth

    Glory to the heroes!


    1. Why is that a cause for alarm? I thought they were just looking for an excuse to go green.

      Their business community is not exactly onboard, but surely they can just be bullied into submission like the other citizens?


    2. TASS

      26 JUL, 03:39
      German Vice Chancellor warns of ‘serious situation’ amid reducing Russian gas supply
      Robert Habeck noted that there is some gas supply from the Netherlands and Norway

      Oh shit!

      BERLIN, July 26. /TASS/. German Vice Chancellor, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habeck warned about a serious power situation in the country amid further reduction of gas supply from Russia, speaking on the ARD TV channel Monday.

      “We have a serious situation. It is time for everyone to understand that,” Habeck said, adding that Germany must reduce its gas consumption.

      “We are working on it,” the official said, adding that measures must be implemented consecutively.

      He noted that there is some gas supply from the Netherlands and Norway.

      “It all now depends on how frugal we are,” he said, speaking about possible scenarios for the winter.

      According to Habeck, gas supply for industry will be reduced before private residences or critical infrastructure such as hospitals will experience gas shortage.

      He acknowledged that this will disrupt certain production chains both in Germany and in Europe.

      “It is necessary to avoid this by all cost. This is why Germany must reduce its gas consumption by 15-20%,” Habeck said.

      On Monday, Russia’s Gazprom announced that it has to suspend the operation of another Siemens turbine because it has reached its capital repair point. This will result in the capacity of the Portovaya compressor station falling to almost half – from 67 to 33 million cubic meters a day. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned about that last week.


  25. Berlin Chamber of Commerce on Gas Shortage: “We’ll Have to Close Swimming Pools”

    “We shall have to close the swimming pools”: Berliner Zeitung writes about the authorities’ intention to stop operating all swimming pools in the German capital and calls on Germans to go back to swimming in lakes.

    “Because of the impending shortage of gas, it is necessary to save more. We shall have to close the swimming pools and tell people to go swimming in a lake now so as to save gas, said Jan Eder, managing director of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”

    Well, there are are plenty of lakes and waterways in and around Berlin. Very nice they are too.

    I wonder if Van der Crazy will be taking a dip in one of them this summer?

    Nah, she’s holed up in Brussels and raking it in.


  26. RIA Novosti

    American officer has warned about the collapse of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine because of huge losses
    July 25, 2022
    American Lieutenant Colonel Davis: the Ukrainian army is collapsing owing to huge losses

    The Ukrainian armed forces are in danger of collapse if they continue to suffer heavy losses, according to retired American Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis. He is quoted by the portal 19FortyFive.

    According to the officer, the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are losing their most professional fighters every day, Kiev had lost a significant part of its trained personnel in the battle for Mariupol. At the same time, instead of experienced contract soldiers, the military has to take conscripts who have never before held weapons in their hands. Only 20 percent of young military personnel joining the Armed Forces of the Ukraine have ever fired rifles, according to a study by the Modern War Institute.

    The United States said that the West had fallen into a strategic “Putin’s trap” in the Ukraine.

    “It is difficult to overestimate the damage inflicted on the Ukrainian army, especially for tactical commanders at the platoon, company and battalion level”, the lieutenant colonel writes, adding that the losses deprived Kiev of the opportunity to organize a counteroffensive.

    According to Davis, every day the risk of the collapse of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine was growing because of the replacement of professional military with recruits. He noted that it would not be possible to simply compensate for the loss of special forces.

    “You cannot create experienced leaders, they need to be “nurtured” within a certain time. The more the Ukraine loses personnel specialists in leadership positions, the less combat-ready their general forces will be”, the officer summed up.

    Since February 24, Russia has been conducting a special military operation to liberate the Donbass. The country’s President Vladimir Putin called its goal “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years”.

    According to the Ministry of Defence, the Russian army had already completed the main tasks of the first stage — it had significantly reduced the combat potential of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. Allied troops had completely driven the Ukrainian security forces out of the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic. In the Donetsk People’s Republic, Volnovakha, a strategically important regional center south of Donetsk, Mariupol, the largest city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, and Svyatogorsk, which houses a large Orthodox monastery with the status of a laurel, had been liberated.


  27. LENTA.RU

    03:10, 26 July 2022
    The representative of the State Department has announced the isolation of Russia because of the Ukraine
    Public Broadcasting Service: State Department spokesman Price said that Russia is aware of itself as a pariah because of the Ukraine

    Russia is aware that it is isolated because of its military actions in the Ukraine, and feels like an outcast, the official representative US Department of State Ned Price has at a briefing, reports PBS.

    According to the diplomat, the Russian authorities understand how other states relate to Russia. Price suggested that the Kremlin “has no illusions” about this. He added that Russia’s actions have led to its isolation.

    Russia is aware that its actions have led to the fact that it is becoming an outcast, it has no illusions about this at this moment

    The West vs. Russia
    According to Price, during the summit of foreign ministers of the G20 (“The Big Twenty”) states, the parties showed a “broad consensus” that Russia should be condemned for its actions in the Ukraine and for allegedly provoking the global food crisis.

    A journalist reminded the representative of the US Department of Foreign Affairs that recently the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov had gone on a tour of Africa, that Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had been present in Turkey at the signing of the agreement on grain exports, and that the Russian leader Vladimir Putin had been in Iran. The media representative asked if this was how Price viewed isolation.

    It is clear that Foreign Minister Lavrov is looking for opportunities to engage with countries to try to curb dissatisfaction with Russia.

    — Price.

    According to the representative of the State Department, Lavrov was trying to curb dissatisfaction with Moscow. Price added that the United States did not care much about where Russian representatives visit. According to him, it was more important that the G20 and UN countries had made it clear to Russia what losses would be caused by the crisis in the Ukraine.

    Isolation of the West
    In July, the French newspaper “Le Monde” expressed the opposite idea. According to the author of the article, Marco Semo, the organization of the anti-Russian campaign of Western countries to isolate Russia had led to their loneliness in the international arena.

    Semo stressed that the goal of Western economic sanctions was to turn Russia into a rogue state. However, not all countries were ready to openly oppose the actions of the Russian authorities.

    From Africa to Asia through Latin America, the camp of countries that do not want to choose between Westerners and Russia is expanding

    — Marco Semo.

    Following the African Union, the states of Latin America and Asia refused to join the anti-Russian campaign, since on their part, the introduction of sanctions would lead not only to internal economic problems, but also to a difficult situation with food security. The journalist was sure that the unanimity of Western countries towards Russia had led to their loneliness on the world stage, which would only increase over time.

    Restoring relationships
    In May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that if the West wanted to offer something in terms of restoring relations, Russia would seriously consider whether it needed it.

    The Russian minister also assessed that Moscow intended to rely only on itself and stated that its conduct an independent policy had proven its reliability. According to him, the probability of restoring the dialogue depended completely on the opposite side.

    The Minister believes that the results of the Russian special operation in the Ukraine will force the countries of the collective West to abandon the promotion of the idea of a unipolar world.

    When they survive their “frenzy” and decide that there is a Russia, that it has not gone away and, I am sure, is getting stronger every year, if they want to offer something in terms of resuming relations, then we will seriously think about whether we need it or not

    — Sergey Lavrov

    Price: “Russia is aware of itself as a pariah . . . ”

    What does he mean by “Russia”?

    The state, namely the Russian government? Does he really believe that he knows how Russian ministers of state and the bureaucracy think and feel?

    Or does he mean Russia as a whole, that is to say the Orcs Russian citizens as well as the government?

    Does Price really believe that he can see into the “Russian Soul”?

    If that is the case, then you are gravely mistaken, Price.

    Get back to your Washington swamp!


    1. “In May, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that if the West wanted to offer something in terms of restoring relations, Russia would seriously consider whether it needed it.

      The Russian minister also assessed that Moscow intended to rely only on itself and stated that its conduct an independent policy had proven its reliability. According to him, the probability of restoring the dialogue depended completely on the opposite side.

      The Minister believes that the results of the Russian special operation in the Ukraine will force the countries of the collective West to abandon the promotion of the idea of a unipolar world.”

      Well, of course if you have come up with a ‘doctrine’ that you bully the rest of your allies into following, as the USA has, you are going to say it is working, you will be the last to acknowledge it is not. But just lately the image of Russia Price is trying to conjure is of a fat spoiled kid wailing “Wahhhh!!! They don’t like me!!!” Not very effective, I think you’ll agree. Luckily for America, Europe is led by the most thickheaded of the species and they are the last to realize they have made a terrible mistake, never mind acknowledge that fact. Lavrov is right – of course Russians are not fools, they fully realize the purpose of the sanctions and that Russians are supposed to feel bad about themselves for being Russian. That attitude is supposed to sow the seeds of rebellion, and it works on the people it has always worked on, the liberal self-flaggelators who never liked themselves anyway. But on the country as a whole it has served only to inspire contempt and a resolve to ignore the thickheaded attitude.


    Liz Truss says ‘not prepared’ for UK’s direct intervention in Ukrainian conflict
    She pointed out that, while the UK provides naval insurance services for Ukrainian grain transport, Ukraine is not a NATO member state, so she considers it inappropriate to directly engage British forces or resources

    LONDON, July 26. /TASS/. UK Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister candidate Liz Truss claimed that she is not ready for the UK to be openly involved in the conflict in Ukraine and does not consider it appropriate to send the Royal Navy to the Black Sea to escort the grain ships.

    “I am not prepared for the UK to become directly involved in the conflict. We have done as much as we can. We were the first country to send weapons to the Ukraine,” she said during televise debates, organized by BBC.

    She pointed out that, while the UK provides naval insurance services for Ukrainian grain transport, Ukraine is not a NATO member state, so she considers it inappropriate to directly engage British forces or resources.

    Meanwhile, her rival, ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak, also avoided answering this question, stating that London will continue supporting Kiev “regardless of who becomes the Prime Minister.”

    Sunak noted that it is necessary to declare China a threat to the UK’s national and economic security, noting that the kingdom must defend itself from what he called Beijing’s attempts to infiltrate British companies and steal their technologies. In response, Truss pointed out that Sunak called for closer ties with China just one month ago. She claimed that the UK must not fall into strategic dependence from Beijing and added that a harsher position towards Beijing is also necessary because Beijing “effectively supports Russia” over the situation in Ukraine.

    The dimwit gobshite seems now to be singing a less belligerent tune and decidedly less belligerent that of a shitwit British senior office who recently stated that the British army should prepare for a confrontation with Russia in Europe and that of another shit-for-brains RN admiral who is really an RN lawyer in fancy dress.


    1. FFS!!!

      The UK “provides naval insurance services for Ukrainian grain transport”.

      How noble of the City of London, Lloyd’s etc!

      No “Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves” crap off Truss?

      No gunboats up the Dnieper?

      Just “We‘ll insure your ships and cargoes — for a tidy sum”?


    2. I wonder if some Whitehall “mandarin”, a thoroughly professional and not stupid “First Division” career bureaucrat, has had a word in that stupid bitch’s shell-like ear about certain realities as regards the present state of the UK?

      Likewise, I wonder if MoD “mandarins” have tried knock some sense into the addled brains of the UK Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders, he who recently stated that the British army should get ready for a war against Russia in Europe, and “lawyer” Admiral Radakin, who sees a global role for what is laughably called the British “navy”, a navy that now has far more admirals than it has warships.


    3. I daresay you will see more waffling and backing down as the week goes on. But the starch seems to have definitely gone out of Europe and I trust Ukraine has marked it. This is the beginning of the end of the ‘Russia must not win’ resolve. It’s going to and there is nothing much that can be done about it.


  29. RIA Novosti

    Express: Panic has broken out in Europe following Gazprom statement
    25 July, 2022

    Express: Gazprom announcement to cut gas supplies has caused panic in Europe

    Panic began in Europe after the news about the reduction of transit through Nord Stream to 33 million cubic metres per day. Jacob Paul, a columnist for the British newspaper The Express”, has written about this.

    As the journalist noted, EU energy ministers immediately reacted to this event. They will meet tomorrow in Brussels to discuss the EU emergency gas savings plan.

    “This is exactly the development that the European Commission feared”, the article says.

    In mid-June, Gazprom reduced pumping through the Nord Stream gas pipeline to about 40 percent of its capacity, explaining this by the delay in returning after it’s having been repaired a Siemens unit for the Portovaya compressor station. In early July, Canada agreed to ship the turbine to Germany for onward transfer to Russia.

    The mainline resumed operation on July 21 after its scheduled maintenance, but on July 25 Gazprom announced that it was stopping the operation of another turbine at the Portovaya compressor station, as a result of which deliveries through Nord Stream from July 27 will be no more than 33 million cubic metres per day, i.e. up to 20% of the rated power. After that, gas quotes sharply increased their growth rates, reaching $1,880.

    Are the EU “politicians” for real?

    What the hell did they expect?

    After months — nay, years! —of kicking Russia repeatedly in the balls with their sanctions, they are now in a state of shock over the much belated Russian reaction.

    What the hell!

    Switch it all off!

    Fuck them all off!

    They are shite!


    1. Oh, I know what the EU knobheads will now do: they’ll impose a new package of sanctions against Russia for its reduction of gas supply.

      Yeah, that’ll learn ‘em!


  30. More than €190 per MWh of natural gas this morning here in u-Rope.

    Normally it is the mighty powers here that like to have others staring down the barrel of a gun so they are unused to looking down the business end. Rude awakenings and all that.


    1. Haven’t heard much lately from the fireball hellcat Baerbock. It’s too much to hope that Germans and Europeans will remember it was the congenital idiot German Greens who led them into this debacle, because back then everyone was too busy having orgasms over how decisive and statesmanlike they were.


      1. The smart arse German Foreign Minister with a “Master’s” in “International Law” that she picked up at LSE was doing some back-pedaling last week. If I rightly recall, she was saying they would have to import Russian oil — only as an interim measure, of course,

        Habeck is bending. Doesn’t want to, but he is.

        His degree in philology should clearly hold him in good stead during this period of great stress for him as Deputy Chancellor and Economics AND Climate Change Minister.


  31. It’s interesting to read u-Rope’s freakout over Lavrov’s Africa tour. The media and their intelligence handlers bemoan Russia’s ‘successful disinformation playbook’ and u-Rope’s ‘failure’ to counteract ‘Russia’s Lies.’ It’s also unfair for Russia to bring up u-Rope’s bloody colonialist past (of theft, deception and mass murder). Why? Because only the west is allowed to chose what rules everyone should follow in its wars of choice and expansion.

    At no point do the ‘disinformation experts’ actually address any facts or answer basic question because it is their disinformation playbook of FUD and not answering questions that suits them. u-Rope kicks Russian banks off SWIFT, but it is somehow Russia’s fault that countries that want to buy fertilizer or grain cannot use SWIFT to buy what they need. u-Rope thinks that the problem is that Africans (and others) are dumb to believe Russia when it points out these facts. That in itself shows the west’s superiority complex and colonialist attitudes still live on and are very hard to change (though some are successfully doing so).

    Rather than admitting its propaganda war is based on its own stupid lies that are obvious to anyone who bothers to play devil’s advocate and look at what both sides say and check rather than just accept and repeat what one side says, u-Rope’s excuse is that its state and private media’s overwhelming flood of propaganda at all levels that is also fully backed by the world’s largest tech companies that dominate most of the internet has somehow failed is because Russia’s propaganda works. Not that we are lying our as*es off. Day in, day out and treating every single person on the planet as idiots. It is lashing out in frustration.

    We’ve dug this hole by using bigger and bigger spades but we didn’t take a ladder with us because we don’t make them any more. It’s not profitable. But They still do. We would call on a delivery service to bring us one but we’ve sanctioned the country that makes the ladders and the delivery service is not allowed to deal with it. So that is were we are, at the bottom of our own deep hole. We’re too proud to ask, let alone beg or even negotiate until we start thinking about our next meal. The grain deal is one small step as the EU has lifted sanctions on some Russian banks even though food and other essential commodities were never supposed to be under sanction in the first place – sic like Lithuania’s stunt over transit to Kaliningrad. We cannot help our selves but scream profanities from the top of our lungs and pray that someone will help us out if we make some promises we have no intention to keep. That’s what the ‘best and brightest’ in the west have delivered. It’s insane.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, should have posted the link that is the source of my current rant:


      Read it and laugh. It is so full of lies, lies of ommission, half-truths, dissembly, wishful thinking and deception. It’s b*startized ‘David v. Goliath’ tale where Goliath (Russia) is winning and its not fair. That David was out shagging in Brussels the night before, drank himself stupid on beer and turned up asleep after urinating himself are not considered facts worth mentioning. Neither that he is an arrogant know-all as*hole who is never wrong and is spoilt as f/k and has left a trail of devastation wherever he has been which is ‘not his fault’ because he didn’t really mean it, so that’s OK.


      1. naked capitalism: Some Implications of the UN’s Ukraine Grain and Russia Fertilizer/Food Agreements

        …Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, in a speech before the Arab League over the weekend ( ), discussed how sanctions had restricted Russia’s food and fertilizer exports:

        One fake story, which I would like to mention here, which is important to this region is the so-called world food crisis, which is being blamed bluntly unconditionally on Russia as if the food crisis started on the day when we launched our special military operation in Ukraine. If anybody wants to be objective, they could read statistics from the World Food Program, from the Food and Agriculture Organization, which describes the difficulties in the food market beginning with coronavirus pandemic…

        And yes, the crisis was aggravated by the illegal Western sanctions against the Russian Federation. They were trying to pretend that sanctions do not cover grain food and fertilizers. If you just take a look at the list of sanctions, you will see that, yes, food was exempted, but what was not exempted was the possibility for the Russian ships to call on the Mediterranean ports as well as the possibility of foreign ships to call on the Russian ports to take grain and other food cargos. What was not exempted, either, was the insurance of the Russian supplies of grain and what was not exempted was the payment mechanisms, which were under sanctions. And this lie has been repeated again and gain only to culminate in a deal which was eventually signed in Istanbul on the 22nd of July. It obliged the Secretary General of the United Nations, who initiated the process, to persuade and to get the decision from the Western countries to lift all those limitations, which I listed, and to stop preventing the Russian grain from being delivered to the buyers.

        The Treasury issued a fact sheet dated July 14, OFAC Food Security Fact Sheet: Russia Sanctions and Agricultural Trade. I read it as consistent with Lavrov’s contention that all the US has done is handwave. The US and EU have refused to lift sanctions on any sanctioned Russian bank to engage in food, fertilizer, or medical trade. The US claims it has not barred insurance on the transport of agricultural commodities, but that language applies to the cargoes, not the ships (Lavrov may also be stating that Russian growers now have trouble buying commodities hedges for their crops….). …

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      2. It is significant that many if not most of the west’s colossal lies were fabrications designed to offer an excuse for taking punitive action. Sorrowfully; regretfully – this hurts us more than it does you. But we just cannot let your shooting-down of MH-17/annexation of Crimea/unprovoked attack on Ukraine/weaponization of energy go unanswered. All persons of integrity, suchlike as what we are, must stand up and be counted.

        The thing is, though, the punishments which were meted out on pure fabrications were designed to make Russia regret its actions, to wail ‘please stop punishing us, it hurts us!!!’ and offer to make amends, thereby tacitly admitting their guilt and the truth of the accusations, and opening a negotiating position for compensation. But none of that happened. What the west mostly got, although Russia did try to address the accusations through international investigative bodies, is a big go fuck yourself. Russia no longer cares what the west thinks, which is pretty much the action people in real personal relationships take against a former friend who is shopping lies about them through their entire circle of mutual friends. And there is not going to be a return to the way it used to be. That’s what the west has not even glimpsed the outlines of yet. Decades of painstaking building have been despoiled and undone.


  32. It is reported that China’s C919 narrowbody airliner has completed its technical tests and now only needs to make up the certification hours (route proving etc.). It also has significant foreign content. Any bets USA! USA! USA! will not try to sabotage its launch in to service?


  33. Bloomturd: How London Paid a Record Price to Dodge a Blackout

    The UK heat wave also saw an unhappy benchmark in the energy crisis.

    …On July 20, surging electricity demand collided with a bottleneck in the grid, leaving the eastern part of the British capital briefly short of power. Only by paying a record high £9,724.54 (about $11,685) per megawatt hour — more than 5,000% higher than the typical price — did the UK avoid homes and businesses going dark…

    …The world is investing about $300 billion per year in power grids, an amount that has barely changed since 2015, according to the International Energy Agency. It isn’t enough, as the global economy electrifies and deals with a shifting generation map, with intermittent renewable energy like solar and wind replacing polluting — but dependable — coal- and gas-fired stations…

    More at the link.


  34. The Hill: GOP civil war on Ukraine builds between MAGA, Reagan Republicans

    …While a July Morning Consult poll showed large majorities in both parties are concerned about Russia’s war in Ukraine, it also found that the number of Republicans saying “not enough” is being done to halt Russia’s war in Ukraine had dropped by half since the first month of the Kremlin’s invasion, from 40 percent to 20 percent. And while 37 percent of GOP voters said “the right amount” is being done for Ukraine, 30 percent said “too much” is being done…

    We are as usual, our own worst enemy. Our attention span and patience for the results we want have only got shorter, but I guess also that the problems we’ve been neglecting for so long are already piling up and we can’t cope with doing more than a couple of things at the same time, not to mention in the US the unfilled expert jobs in government.


  35. Tass: EU renews sanctions against Russia until January 31, 2023 — EU Council

    For the first time, the EU introduced economic restrictions against Russia on August 1, 2014


    How do you hope to keep standing when you’ve blown off both feet?

    The project to lock in western domination failed years ago but the penny has only started to drop recently with no clue what to do next.

    Tass: Russia to redirect energy export to Asia — PM

    “There is a need to develop transport infrastructure for this purpose, build new and expand existing gas and oil pipeline, upgrade railways, and certainly create port installations and transshipment bases,” Mikhail Mishustin stated

    …”We face serious diversification of export, primarily on account of refocusing to the Asia-Pacific Region. Certainly, with maintained trade ties with friendly nations on previous platforms. There is a need to develop transport infrastructure for this purpose, build new and expand existing gas and oil pipeline, upgrade railways, and certainly create port installations and transshipment bases,” the Prime Minister said…

    …”It is no less important to form over time the opportunity for a quick change in destinations of feedstock supplies from the West to the East and vice versa. For example, by integrating the united gas transport system focusing on Europe with the Power of Siberia project and the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok pipeline, making a connector of its kind, which will make possible to much more flexibly respond to the price situation,” Mishustin added.

    That’s sounds like a big FY! to u-Rope.

    BTW, WTF is Schroeder doing in Moscow? Is Moscow going to use him like dangling chicken just out of reach of a dog? I can’t see what other purpose he has apart from ‘lines of communication’ when u-Rope decides to backdown secretly as I doubt they’d announce it in Brussels or elsewhere.


    1. What was Schroeder doing in Moscow? Andrei Martyanov has several ideas.

      I was extremely interested to learn that Nord Stream II was built with all-Russian turbines which do not need to be hauled out of the system and returned for foreign maintenance inspections; I didn’t know that. And Nord Stream II is already filled with gas and pressurized. I did know that.

      See Andrei’s latest story on Hungary, as well. Plenty of food for thought there. Hungary is right now basically writing its own ticket within the EU, which dares not discipline it for fear that it will just up sticks and move out of the alliance. That would set a terrible example.


    2. NS2 was indeed pressurized and ready to go shortly before Scholz turned up in the White House Oval Room.

      I can see in my mind’s eye the shameful photograph that was taken of the grovelling spineless “Offended Sausage” there, who was standing humbly at a respectful distance from Biden, who was sitting behind the huge desk that Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland and Empress of India had given as a gift to the USA, a desk fashioned out of the timbers of a decommissioned Royal Navy wooden warship, maybe to remind the USA that despite all its bluster as regards the Monroe Doctrine, it was the RN acting on behalf of the British Empire that effected said arrogant US policy,

      And the paedophile, dotard of a President of the USA stated before the horde of journalists gathered in that room that NS2 was cancelled, would not operate, even though as he spoke it was ready to go.

      And so, after having given his reasons for the order of closure (Russian threat towards European freedom and democracy, security of energy supply, European energy dependence on Russia etc., etc., though nary a mention of USA marketing opportunities for its LNG in Europe), the President then patronizingly turned his head slightly so as to address briefly the Chancellor of Germany, as though he were throwing a tid-bit to a faithful mut standing nearby, saying in effect: “And this dumb German fuck here fully agrees with what I say”, whereupon the slimy invertebrate Scholz meekly muttered agreement with what the senile president had said — sort of: “Zu Befehl, mein Präsident!”

      Granted, the little rat didn’t suddenly jerk to attention and click his heels when Biden condescendingly asked him to make a comment.


  36. Russia announced it will cease all participation in the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024, and will concentrate on developing its own. I am guessing it will partner with China. This brings America one step closer to erasing Russia from the world as it knows it, and replacing it with its irrepressible bouncy self – all America, all the time; love it or love it.

    This will allow Team USA a real chance to spread its space wings, it being the only nation to have been to the moon, and all.

    Speaking of China, a Canadian tech company has discovered that not only is China producing the 7 nm chips the USA tried to ensure it could never get, it is now further ahead in the 7 nm production capability than either the USA or Europe, and makes more 7 nm chips than anyone. Formerly China imported $300 Billion in chips annually, and now, all that money will stay in China. Say thank you to Uncle Joe, South Korea!

    Who ever thought anything like that would happen, he asked sarcastically.


    1. The most reasonable reporting opinion I’ve seen about this is that it is not particularly new and has already been trialled. There’s plenty of speculation that Russian modules will be detached etc. etc. but more likely I think sold to the highest bidder (if there is one). As cool as it would be to take the more modern modules and make them part of a new space station, it’s all far to complicated and fraught with risks rather than just lofting new modules. This announcement is an official FY! to u-Rope and friends, whether it comes to pass or not. It shows that Russia has no holy cows that the west can assume won’t be flung back in their face.

      It looks like just another part of the steady ‘Gloves Off’ strategy that Russia has put in to operation when it was clear that a Bi-Dumb administration would be at least as hostile as a t-Rumpa administration. I’m sure there’s a whole list of other actions on their list that they can pick and announce at a convenient time. There still seems to be this idea in u-Rope that Russia will somehow ‘come back’ whatever is done to is because it has no other option,
      yet Russia is doing an oriental strip tease of redirecting the bulk of investments sector by sector to Asia. There’s no great rush either to this public torture leading to the inevitable, ‘well we did tell you.’ We’ve seen it play out with NSII & now NSI, each step logical and a direct consequence to western action (or lack of). I don’t see it sinking in to our boneheaded leaders yet, but give it a few months (BRRR!).

      In other news:

      The Space Review: Kalina: a Russian ground-based laser to dazzle imaging satellites

      …Kalina is one of three laser dazzlers that Russia has designed to be used against satellites. An airborne system called Sokol-Eshelon has been under development since 2001, but it seems to have been on the verge of cancellation several times and its current status is unclear.[20] The only system known to be operational is Peresvet (internally known as Stuzha-RN or 14Ts034). This is a truck-mounted laser system that is co-deployed with mobile ICBM units and intended to prevent foreign reconnaissance satellites from following their movements.

      Peresvet’s anti-satellite role was recently confirmed in a presentation given by Yuri Borisov, Russia’s deputy prime minister for the defense industry. He said it can “blind” all reconnaissance satellites of “the likely adversary” up to an altitude of 1,500 kilometers, “disabling” them as they pass over Russian territory…

      …Peresvet was declared operational at five ICBM divisions in December 2019. Borisov said it is being “serially delivered” to the army, a possible sign that more have been deployed since. There are unconfirmed reports that two Russian military satellites launched in September 2021 and April 2022 (Kosmos-2551 and 2555) served as targets for Peresvet. Both were placed into very low orbits and re-entered just several weeks after launch without performing any maneuvers…

      A lot a the link.

      I’ve posted about this before (including from the source above). Russia has been rebuilding ASAT capability over a number of years so like it systemic rebuilding of the army, we see it is not done in isolation. I’m sure there is some disinformation in the quoted specs above but we can be fairly sure it works.


  37. Stay strong, Banderastan!

    Naftogaz of Ukraine announced default on Eurobonds
    July 26, 2022

    Naftogaz of Ukraine has announced a default on foreign currency obligations, the company’s Telegram channel has said.

    “The government went into default on Naftogaz Eurobonds. Today, July 26, 2022, the deadline for payments by NJSC Naftogaz to holders of Eurobonds has expired.”

    It also notes that the Ukrainian government had not provided the company’s management with permission to pay the debt on Eurobonds: the principal amount of the debt due in 2022 and the interest on the issue due in 2024.

    The company also states that the government had actually deprived it of access to international capital markets and thus assumed responsibility for attracting the funds necessary for gas imports during the heating season.


  38. Pushkov ridiculed US Vice President Harris
    July 27, 2022

    Senator Pushkov ridiculed US Vice President Harris after her words about gender and pronouns

    Senator Alexei Pushkov has reacted to a statement of US Vice President Kamala Harris regarding her gender and personal pronouns.

    Harris had earlier stated during a White House meeting on the subject of abortion that “she is a woman” and her pronouns are “she/her.”

    Kamala Harris has said that her pronoun is “she” and that she is a woman, so that she not be identified with one of the countless genders that have bred in the last 20 years in the US — from the so-called queer to downright fabulous creatures. So now we are in the know. Her most intelligible statement for the entire period of her vice presidency

    — Pushkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

    United States officials often find themselves in funny situations. Harris, in particular, drew criticism last year for a gesture she made during talks with South Korean President Moon Jae-in: she wiped her hand on her trouser leg immediately after shaking hands.

    US President Joe Biden also regularly gives rise to comment: he mispronounced the name of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, confused the words “vaccination” and “escalation”, as well as Syria with Libya and Iraq with Iran, and has repeatedly called Vice President Harris the head of state.

    And I say again: “gender” is a grammatical term hijacked by the “woke” to replace “sex”.

    In my youth, on bureaucratic forms and questionnaires etc. that one wished to fill in, one was asked “sex”? and one filled in the answer space provided with an “m” or, as the case may have been, with an “f”. Not now: now one is asked about one’s “gender”.

    The “gender” of a noun in various languages can be masculine, feminine, neuter or, as in Dutch, “common”.

    Russian has 3 genders, as does English, although English generally has “natural” gender: male/female — he/she, the rest — “it”.

    In Russian the gender of a noun is not “natural”: sometimes a thing in Russian is “it”, but oftentimes “he” or “she”.

    In Froggish, every noun is either masculine or feminine gender.


    1. “Woke” usage of “partner” for “spouse” also bugs me.

      When they ask me: “Have you a partner?” I reply:”Yeah, my wife: she’s a woman”.


      1. Yes, that’s always annoyed me, too; it’s insufferably coy. If you’re so proud of being a homosexual, get it right out front. The thing is, it’s typically not the homosexuals who use it – it’s the wokies, who feel an obligation to cloak the issue. It’s similar to the military Personnel Evaluation Report (PER), what the Americans call the ‘Fitness Report’, or FitRep. This evaluation determines your recommendation for advancement to higher rank, among other things, and in Canada it has been under siege for years to make it ‘gender-neutral’ to the point you can’t tell who it is the report is talking about, substituting ‘they/their/them’ for every pronoun where you might guess the sex of the person being reported on.

        Persons I knew in the military whom I personally knew to be homosexual were not party to the foolishness that tries to cloud everyone’s sexuality so that nobody can tell. They didn’t care if you knew and did not expect it to make any difference in personal/professional relationships, and so far as I could see it did not. But that was years ago, and military is now just another Woke project. I’m glad I am not still part of it and would not join the new military if I had the chance. Being able to fight competently with the equipment available is far from the highest priority now.


  39. Glory to the Evil One!

    The Spectator
    Putin has Europe where he wants it
    Prices will skyrocket after Gazprom’s gas cut

    25 July 2022, 8:22pm

    Have we reached the endgame of Vladimir Putin’s energy war against the West, the point at which he turns off the gas for good?

    Putin’s energy war???

    Surely the USA energy war against the EU and Russia?

    Glory to the Freedom Molecules!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Listen, you spazoids – YOU WANTED THIS. The portion of the western population that likes to see its words or votes in print – the extroverts, shall we say? – greeted Frau Baerbock’s fiery refutations of Putin with screams of ecstasy; they couldn’t wait to sacrifice for the leaves and the squirrels. Well, the opportunity has been thrust upon you. Make of it what you can. There won’t be enough gas this winter for everyone to keep warm and have jobs, too? Well….come closer, please, I don’t want to have to shout….WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THAT BEFORE, WHEN YOU WERE SHOOTING YOUR MOUTH OFF???? Did you not take the trouble to learn what industries are dependent on natural gas to make their products? Did you not research the volumes of gas your country imports from Russia, and prepare to discuss how those volumes might be replaced from other sources? Or were you just taken in by Frau Fireball’s rhapsodies about dear little windmills and endless energy generated from nature? Or perhaps you just liked Uncle Sam’s brash cheekiness when he said he had abundant energy that could be whisked to your service in no time and not really very much expense?

      Listen up: green energy in its most optimistic current iteration is not going to save your bacon – there is no current combination of green technologies that can come close to replacing the blue fuel you used to get through Nord Stream I. You might be able to buy lots of LNG off the nice Americans, but if that’s the way you go you are still going to experience serious shortages which will require some agonizing decision-making, and the price will not go down at all. Mmmm…can you smell that? It’s sovereignty, baby. You wanted Russia to stop bullying you with energy supplies. Wish granted.

      Once again, you are ten times lucky it is not me running Russia. I would make you grovel and scream, crawl around with your underwear on your head until your face shone with tears and snot. If this was Europe putting the blocks to Russia, I don’t think I have the vocabulary to describe the giddy triumph that would be the buzz of Euroconversation. But you don’t hear anything from Russia but subdued regret that Europe had to be populated by dicks. No “How do you like that, you jackwads? Hot enough for you? Why don’t you turn on the air conditioner? Well, never mind – it’ll be cold soon enough, and I bet you won’t like that, either.”

      Lots of people told you you were making a terrible mistake, but if there is anything that characterizes European behavior, it is the determination to plunge ahead with a stupid mistake once committed. You know what? Europe might not survive this one. Then again, there’s already a perfectly good pipeline – brand new, in fact – filled with gas and ready to solve all your problems, ready to make everything all right again so you can go back to being arrogant and looking down your nose at the country that sells you cheap energy. But it’s not happening, because you won’t certify it. Why not? Because the Americans told you not to.

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  40. Does Economic Pain Mean NATO And The West Cut Ukraine Loose?
    Published 2 days ago

    How does the Ukraine War End? Last Wednesday at the Aspen Security Forum, CIA Director William Burns argued that “Putin’s view of Americans is that we always suffer from attention deficit disorder, and we’ll get distracted by something else.” Burns thinks that Putin is wrong. But he might miss what Vladimir Putin actually thinks. The Russian president may not be banking on Americans simply getting distracted, but on U.S. and European populations focusing on a broader picture, favoring their own national interests and measuring the domestic pain caused by Western support for Ukraine’s war effort. If civil displeasure rises to sufficient levels, political support for Kyiv could rapidly evaporate in Western capitals.

    The chances of that happening are higher than many believe.

    Hey, now hold onto your horses there!

    You got it the wrong way round, mister!

    It’s the Orcs who are the ones who are supposed to be going to suffer pain and, therefore, cease supporting the Evil One.


    1. All in all, a load of crap is the above, because the author believes in the might of the USA and its poodle organisation NATO.


      The reality is that Russian conventional forces pose little credible threat to NATO countries. Even the Baltics, which are more militarily vulnerable than any other NATO member, have little to fear from a Russian army that has shown severe limitations in projecting power – and has now lost significant capacity owing to combat losses from the first five months of war.

      Total crap!

      No figures given.

      No references.

      Assertions straight from Kiev, which the author chooses to spell as “Kyiv”.

      So next time he thinks of writing “Moscow”, I trust he will write “Moskva”.


      1. So if the mighty USA is so good at projecting power, why doesn’t it project some of it into the Ukraine and take on the Russian army and air force? You know, US “boots on the ground”, as they like saying, and have the USAF enforcing a no-fly zone over Banderastan, not to mention the awe inspiring USN, which can launch cruise missiles against sits foes from afar, like they did against Syria?

        That was a real game changer that was!

        And the commander of the USN vessel that launched the strike was a woman!

        That’s what you get with a totally inclusive, free, democratic state.

        Come on! Give it a try!


  41. Euractiv mit Neuters: Explainer: Nord Stream’s turbine tussle puts spotlight on equipment

    …President Vladimir Putin says the West has unleashed an economic war aimed at destroying Russia and its economy, and has promised to sell Russia’s vast energy resources to countries in Asia such as China if European customers do not want to buy them…

    It isn’t much of an explainer. Is it not curious why Siemens remains schtumm? While there is much comment and speculation about Russia, there is nothing aimed at the German side. Best not insist too much because we don’t want to hear the answers and then have to explain why they do not work in our favor.

    And I will for reference repost France’s economy minister Bruno Le Maire expressly saying that it is total economic warfare against Russia and not just ‘a claim by Putin.’ Neuters doesn’t seem to be able to do it due to either selective memory or being FoS:

    Euractiv: Le Maire backtracks after talking of ‘economic and financial war’ against Russia

    French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, a key figure in implementing sanctions against Russia, caused an outcry after saying France and the EU would “wage a total economic and financial war on Russia”. Later in the day, he backtracked on his “inappropriate” remarks.

    While being interviewed on public radio France Info, Le Maire said that the objective of this “economic and financial war” was to “cause the collapse of the Russian economy”.


  42. Euractiv: In competition with Russia, Macron pledges food, security boost during West Africa trip

    Concerned by Russian influence in Africa, France will increase cooperation and support in the field of food and security to West-African countries, said President Emmanuel Macron starting his four-day trip to the region on Tuesday (26 July).

    …“We are blamed by some who say that European sanctions (on Russia) are the cause of the world food crisis, including in Africa. It is totally false,” said Macron in Cameroon, adding, “Food, like energy, have become Russian weapons of war … We must help the African continent to produce more for itself.”…

    …Macron also accused the African continent of not recognising Russia’s “unilateral aggression” against Ukraine, noting that “it is Russia that started the war”…

    Well done €µ calling African states stupid because they don’t believe your bs.

    He goes on to arrogantly tell them how to arrange their own security because France knows how to do it much better, for example destroying Libya with its NATO friends and turbocharging islamic fundamentalism with a huge quantity of weapons throughout north Africa (not mentioned in the article of course).

    So, Frogland behave little different than its back-stabbing anglo-saxon ‘friends.’ It insists foreign countries far away to be involved in its own f/kups and take sides, the right side. I suppose it is a plus that he didn’t threaten any of them but I don’t think even he is that stupid.


    1. Borrell has been whinging that Lavrov got more media coverage during his African tour than he did.

      Poor dear!

      Borrell has complained about his being less popular in the Western press than Lavrov
      27 July 2022
      RIA Novosti
      The head of EU diplomacy Borrell complained that he was less popular in the Western press than Lavrov

      The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, complained that he was less popular in the Western press than Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

      “Lavrov is going to Africa to try to convince Africans that European sanctions are to blame for everything that is happening, and the entire Western press repeats this. I’m going to Africa to say the opposite, that sanctions have nothing to do with it, and nobody picks it up”, Borrell said in an interview with radio station Cadena SER.


  43. Siemens does not undertake engine repair work, Gazprom says
    27 July 2022
    RIA Novosti

    Siemens does not repair turbine units for supplying gas to Nord Stream, said Vitaly Markelov, deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom, live on air on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

    “The issue is related to faulty engines that are at a compressor station in a state of forced downtime caused by an emergency failure Siemens does not perform work to eliminate these problems”, he explained.

    The main units at the Portovaya compressor station are six gas compressor units with a capacity of 52 MW, each manufactured by Siemens, Markelov said.

    To maintain the planned capacity of Nord Stream, five of these units must be operating and one should be on standby in standby mode. Now only one unit is in a working condition at Portovaya, while the rest of the gas turbine engines have either worked through a full overhaul cycle — 25 thousand hours, or have technical malfunctions, Markelov specified.

    In the first case, according to him, a major overhaul is required at the manufacturing plant, and in the second, service maintenance by Siemens is required.

    As Markelov has noted, before the imposition of sanctions, Gazprom did not experience problems with receiving units after they had been repaired, but the May delivery has not yet arrived.

    In addition, the issue of sanctions risks preventing the return of the engine and sending other turbines for repair remains open.

    “We always prepare for an engine overhaul plan in advance: there is a so-called exchange fund of engines that have been overhauled at the Siemens plant. They are put in place of engines that have worked a full cycle, that is, 25,000 hours”, Markelov concluded.

    Today, Russian gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream have dropped to about 20 percent of the pipeline’s total design capacity. As Gazprom explained at the beginning of the week, it is necessary to stop one more Siemens gas turbine unit at the Portovaya compressor station and send it for routine repairs.

    Germany says the Siemens turbine was ready to be handed over to Russia in mid-June. The Russian gas concern has already reduced the supply of raw gas through Nord Stream to 40 percent of its capacity because of difficulties with the return of another Siemens turbine from Canada after mit’s having had repairs.

    In Europe, they say that problems with gas pumping units cannot be the real reason for the drop in gas flow. In turn, Moscow emphasizes that the reduction in supplies is due solely to sanctions, which have caused problems with the maintenance of equipment.

    Against this backdrop, gas prices jumped sharply at the beginning of the week. Now the average settlement price in July on the European stock exchange is almost $1,760 per thousand cubic metres. This is several times higher than the same period last year. Such persistently high prices have not been seen in the entire history of the operation of gas hubs in Europe — since 1996.

    Gynaecologist, former Defence Minister, Head of the EUSSR and EU Chief Mechanical Engineer Von der Crazy knows better though.


    1. You just have to all put your pumpkin heads together and BELIEVE! Good things happen for good people. Unity is the most important thing. Didn’t some testicle once say, “We must all hang together, gentlemen, or we shall most assuredly hang separately”?


      1. That old goat Benjamin Franklin, noted British North American traitor, said that, and he was right.

        His son, last Royal Governor of New Jersey if I rightly recall, certainly agreed with him: he fucked off to London, whilst the newly founded USA set forth to seek its “Manifest Dentistry”.


      2. I believe in fairies — I do, I really do!

        And a little glimmer of light slowly begins to glow around the body of the little dying Tinkerbell.


  44. Is Escalation in Ukraine Inevitable?

    Jul 26, 2022 Six months into the war between Ukraine and Russia, neither side shows any sign of pushing for negotiations for a peaceful settlement. Instead, the United States and Europe are sending further weaponry to Ukraine, and Russia is announcing that it is expanding its territorial ambitions in the region. Moscow has made hints of further escalation, including nuclear. What is Russia up to? Is there a plausible diplomatic path forward to defuse the conflict?


    1. More pertinently, what is and has been the”West” up to since its euphoria over its perceived “victory” in the “Cold War”, the dissolution of the USSR, the “end of history, the universalization of “liberal democracy”, Pax Americana, and the unipolar world of USA hegemony with its global rules-based order that all yearn for?


    2. I feel I must emphasize once again that nobody on the Ukraine-and-its-besties side was interested in negotiations until Russia withdrew and gave back everything that it took. Is that still the official position? ‘Cause you know, when you keep changing and modifying your position while the other side keeps its own position pretty much constant, it usually means your position is not sustainable. Surprisingly often that turns out to be because you are losing. But don’t take my word for it. Continue losing until you have a better feel for it.


    3. Frogs flummoxed:

      RT in Russian
      Le Figaro: Europe has fallen into a trap because of threats to impose an embargo on gas from Russia
      28 July, 2022

      European countries have fallen into their “own trap” because of their constant threats to impose an embargo on gas from Russia.

      Isabelle Lasserre, a columnist for the French newspaper “Le Figar, writes about this.

      “With Russian gas, the Europeans fell into their own trap”, the observer said.
      It is noted that since the beginning of the Russian special military operation, the EU countries have repeatedly threatened Moscow to end its dependence on Russian gas, but have not done so, fearing the economic and social consequences of this decision and meeting with the stubbornness of a number of countries.

      As a result of this, the author of the article emphasized, the Europeans have got into trouble.

      “Now they have to live under the sword of Damocles, which can fall on them at any moment, including in the depths of next winter”, Lasser warned.

      Earlier, Igor Yushkov, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of Russia, commented on the energy crisis in Europe in an interview with Nation News.


      In other words, Madame Lasserre, you EU retards now find yourselves right up Shit Creek in a canoe without a paddle.


      1. Well, the author is correct, you know. Even if complete service is restored with volumes which would rapidly bring the price down, there is no guarantee that service would not be abruptly terminated in the dead of winter, now that the EU has tried on a bluff and the terrible effects have been seen by everyone. The original tale was that Russia needs its gas sales to Europe much more than Europe needs the gas, and that Europe could let it go without even a murmur, so better look out, Russia. Obviously that was never true at all, and while it was Russia which resolutely cut the transfer rate way down without suffering much of anything other than irritating profits because the shortage drove prices to the stars, it was Europe – especially Germany – that talked tough for about three days, then resorted to blubbering and losing control of its bowels.


  45. The Drivers of Russian Foreign Policy I | Dmitri Trenin

    Jul 25, 2022 Dr. Dmitri Trenin, Research Professor at the Higher School of Economics, analyzes the current agenda of the Kremlin and the considerations that led it to wage war in the first place.

    The question and answer session (Q&A) of all Monterey Summer Symposium on Russia events is exclusive to our fellows. We do not record the Q&A session.


  46. RIA Novosti

    Media: the Ukraine has split East and West Germany
    28 July, 2022

    Tagesspiegel: the Ukrainian crisis has increased the split between East and West Germany

    The Ukrainian crisis has revealed a gap in the views between the inhabitants of East and West Germany, the likes of which having almost never seen before on any other issues, the newspaper “Der Tagesspiegel” writes, citing data from the research company Forsa.

    According to the publication, the polls of the past few months show that in the issue of the crisis in the Ukraine, the inhabitants of the east and west of Germany have “come to very different assessments”. Thus, according to Forsa, in the east of the country, significantly more respondents (34%) believe that the German government is doing too much to support the Ukraine. In the west of Germany, this opinion is shared by about one in five (18%) residents.

    At the same time, the biggest differences between east and west are manifested in the issue of arms supplies, points out “Der Tagesspiegel”. In all polls since the beginning of May, from 54% to 61% of West Germans have supported the supply of heavy weapons by Germany to Kiev, whilst amongst citizens from the east of the country, such steps are supported by an average of 32%.

    Thus, the difference between those who consider Berlin’s support for the Ukraine excessive in the east and west of the country is on average already different by 16 percentage points, and the difference in views on the supply of weapons to Kiev is even 26% on average, the publication states.

    Against the background of the Russian special operation to protect the Donbass, which began on February 24, the United States and its NATO allies are supplying military equipment to the Ukraine. In June, the website of the German Cabinet of Ministers published lists of weapons supplied to the Ukraine, as well as those weapons that are planned to be transferred to the Ukraine, in particular, these are 30 Gepard ZSU, three Mars MLRS systems, IRIS-T air defense systems, 54 M113 infantry fighting vehicles, which will be delivered from Denmark with funding from Germany.

    Russia sent a note to NATO countries because of the supply of weapons to Kiev. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, noted that any cargo of weapons for the Armed Forces of the Ukraine would be a legitimate target for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Foreign Ministry emphasized that the countries of the alliance were “playing with fire”.

    Scheiß Scholz is right up Shit Creek in a canoe with Baerbock and Habeck and having lost their paddles, they are now furiously paddling away with their hands.

    As a matter of fact, I think smart-arse Baerbock has fallen overboard as the know-it-all know-nothing has long not been heard mouthing it off.


    1. The Europeans are good at falling into traps; perhaps they ought to specialize. Among the traps it has fallen into just lately is the one where Zelensky and the somewhat-euphemistically-named ‘Ukrainian government’ tells it that now is not the time for negotiation with Russia, because in order for Ukraine to negotiate with Russia, Ukraine must be in a position of strength. Therefore it must win a major victory, and while the Russians are reeling in confusion and awareness of defeat, offer to negotiate, wringing concession after concession because of decisive strength on the battlefield.

      That IS a lovely story – I like stories – but even people who cannot spell ‘analysis’ can tell you the odds are strongly against anything like that ever happening. The cream of the Ukrainian ground forces has been annihilated, and the country must increasingly rely on warm bodies with no combat experience. There’s no realistic story where that ends in victory for Ukraine, not even a miraculous temporary one. All the western allies agree Russia’s progress is steady, although most profess to be confounded as to why it is so slow and incremental. Many, I think, agree with me here that it is a deliberate strategy to avoid undue civilian casualties and to keep the western cash rolling in to Ukraine. But that is irrelevant to the larger point that if the enemy is relentlessly advancing, the defender must be relentlessly forced to retreat. And that’s not how you win, nor is it how you establish a ‘position of strength’. So Ukraine is probably never going to be in a desirable ‘negotiating position’, and therefore will go on fighting – ever less and less effectively – until defeat can no longer be ignored. And continued pouring of weapons and money into Ukraine will not change the reality that Russia has always had escalation dominance since the beginning.


  47. We create our own reality . . .

    Zelensky says the Ukraine is the only legitimate heir of Kievan Rus

    The President of the the Ukraine made such a statement in a video message on the occasion of the “Day of Ukrainian Statehood”, which is being celebrated in the country for the first time.
    28 July, 2022

    Kiev 28 July. /TASS/. President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated on Thursday that the Ukraine is the sole and rightful heir of Kievan Rus. He made such a statement in a video message on the occasion of the “Day of Ukrainian Statehood”.

    “We are not a colony, not an autonomy, not a province, but an indivisible and independent country, which is at least 1.5 thousand years old, when Kyi, Shchek, Khoriv and Lybid founded the capital of the Ukraine. She (Ukraine – TASS) is the only legitimate heir to the Kyiv Russia, the achievements of our rulers Askold and Dir, the prophetic Oleg, Prince Igor, Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga, Vladimir the Great, Yaroslav the Wise, Vladimir Monomakh”, Zelensky said, standing in front of the monument to Vladimir the Great on the banks of the Dnieper, the Ukraine, on 28 July 28, 2022, when the “Day of Ukrainian Statehood” is being celebrated for the first time. It was established on the initiative of Zelensky last year and is celebrated on the “Day of the Baptism of Rus” (in the Ukraine, this day has been renamed the “Day of the Baptism of Kievan Rus – Ukraine”).

    The term “Kievan Rus was first coined by mid-19th century Russian historiographers.


    “Kievan” — not “Kyivan”.

    There was, if you will, a “Novgorodian Rus”.

    Novgorod was founded before Kiev, which latter was founded by a Prince of Novgorod.

    How quaint!

    A Banderastan Jew and an agent of the USA celebrating the Christianization of the East-Slav Borderland.


  48. Is this not over the top or what?

    The obnoxious green-shirted Kiev shit is now on the front page of “Vogue” for fuck’s sake!!!


      1. Oh, I doubt they are sweaty; he probably gets them by the job lot, and all his dressers are full of stacks of olive-drab T-shirts. He’s found his ‘look’, and so much cheaper and more comfortable than suits.


    1. Next issue will feature Azov and Right Sector girlfriends kinked up in black leather bikinis and jackboots, fixing you with the same soulful, searching stares, under the caption FREEDOM’S FEMME FATALES. Nothing is over the top anymore. This junk should prompt the same response you’d get if you walked into a Texas Wal-Mart and asked in a loud voice if they sold American-flag toilet paper. The fact it will fly off the shelves like long underwear in Germany proves how indoctrinated we are in the West. Propaganda-spotters are few and their voices go unheard. Expect worse to come–e.g. a Nobel Peace Prize for Mr Z. Or if he’s assassinated before then, his CIA-ghostwritten memoirs will outsell even the Obamas’ paperback blitherings.


      1. That Daily Mail article I linked earlier, about Zelensky’s announcement the war must end by winter, includes loads of shots of the wives of the G7 leaders, prancing about enjoying the cafes whilst their husbands are debating matters of state. Britain always was fascinated with the wives-and-girlfriends angle.


        1. Yeah, it’s the WAGs style, the “Wives and Girlfriends” angle that the shite UK press started padding out the stories about “football stars”, overpaid prima donna pooftas of “the beautiful game”. So now it seems that Gutterpress.UK categorizes politicians as “stars” having a human interest angle, hence “features” about whom their “partners” are and what said partners eat, drink, wear etc. Witness Johnson’s former mistress and latest wife partner.


  49. Apparently Germany will give the Ukraine 100 artillery pieces, when they have been made in a few months or so time. Berlin has ordered them from the manufacturers.

    With every step like this, Berlin is pushing itself further in to the corner.

    In other news the Belgians are monaning about Lavrov’s influence in the Congo – coz it is a Belgian colony priority!

    Also, Shell has announced a 10b quid profit for the last quarter (I assume before tax). The Johnson government considered a ‘windfall’ tax on the energy majors but dropped it. The idea will be back.


    1. Ah, vis the artillery order:

      …Representatives of KMW confirmed that the federal government ordered arms for Kiev from the concern, specifying that the terms of the contract are now being discussed with Ukraine. At the same time, the shipment will not be at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine immediately. The production will take several years, and the project itself is aimed at the long-term strengthening of the Ukrainian army.

      The production of 100 howitzers of this type could take about four years, according to RIAC expert Andrey Frolov, which means that there will always be an opportunity to abandon the contract if the situation changes…


      1. So it’ll take them 4 years to produce 100 howitzers. How long will it take Russia to blow them to bits? That’s assuming there’s even anything left of “Ukraine” in 4 years to take delivery.


        1. But Zelensky has said the war must end by winter.

          It seems that ‘tougher sanctions’ is code for ‘come on in and help me fight the war against Russia, because not only does Ukraine have no realistic chance of beating Russia, it has no realistic chance of achieving a brief shining moment of triumph which would let Zelensky believe he is ‘negotiating from a position of strength’ that would allow him to demand the return of all conquered and self-declared independent territories in exchange for peace. In the end Ukraine is going to have to make whatever peace it can on terms in which it acknowledges it is beaten and in no position to ask for anything other than relief from the beating. Western advisers would have pointed this out long ago and brushed aside Zelensky’s blithe assurances were it not completely in their interests to go on pretending to believe because his continued struggles are hurting and damaging Russia.

          In the end the affable clown will be perceived by history to have been an even crueler leader than Poroshenko, because he could have made a peace deal long before Kherson and Nikolayev were lost, but listened instead to the bullshitters on his own side and among his allies who assured him Ukraine had a real chance of victory. Show me the next time England, for example, goes into a war with an opponent whose military strength is five times greater at the outset, and triumphs.


          1. A good few fit-looking Slav types were attaching Ukie flags to cars at a road junction in NW Glasgow yesterday lunchtime. Maybe they’re forming a convoy to enlist at the nearest recruitment centre? (The junction is near where Mrs Cortes’s family used to live and I don’t recall the area having any Slav or other immigrant communities back in the day)


            1. From the BBC report on Edinburgh Ukies:

              I prefer to feel safe’
              Mariana Zdzhanske
              Image caption,
              Mariana Zdzhanske travelled to Edinburgh with her mother, who has dementai
              The ship will be docked at all hours and residents will be able to arrive and leave whenever they want.
              Mariana Zdzhanske, 34, travelled to Edinburgh from Lviv Region with her mother, Yaroslava, 68, who has dementia.
              She said: “I am my mother’s carer and made the decision to leave our home so that we could be safe.
              “Home is always home, but I prefer to feel safe and not in danger.
              “We don’t know how long the war will go on for, but if it ends we will go home and if not we will try to find something here.
              “Men under 60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine so we had to leave my brother behind.
              “I miss my home and all I love there but feeling safe is nicer.”
              Earlier this month the Scottish government announced it was pausing its super sponsor scheme for Ukrainian refugees.
              Ministers said it would allow staff to deal with a recent increase in visa applications.
              The latest UK government statistics show that 10,562 Ukrainians refugees have arrived in Scotland – 7,554 sponsored by the Scottish government and 3,008 by individuals.


  50. Peskov has urged that NYT data on Russian losses in the Ukraine not be trusted
    28 July, 2022

    Estimating the losses of the Russian army during the special operation to protect the inhabitants of Donbass at 70-75 thousand people, the American newspaper “The New York Times” does not shy away from spreading fakes. This was stated on 28 July by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

    “This is not a statement from the American administration. This is a newspaper article. Nowadays, even the most reputable newspapers do not disdain the spreading of fakes. This is how it should be treated”, said the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation when answering a corresponding question from journalists at a briefing.

    Earlier on Thursday, the NYT had reported that the administration of US President Joe Biden estimated the loss of Russian troops in them Ukraine at 75,000 killed and wounded. At the same time, the director of the CIA intelligence agency stated that 60,000 Russian soldiers had died or had been wounded.

    On 25 July, the same newspaper noted that the morale of the Ukrainian army was falling owing to an opaque recruiting system. The calling up of people who did not want to serve, as a result, reduced the morale of both recruits and those who were already on the front lines, the publication

    For its part, the “Daily Mail” newspaper reported on 10 July that the Armed Forces of the Ukraine (AFU) were losing up to 20 thousand people every month. Whereas on 14 July,Deputy Minister of Defence of the Ukraine Anna Malyar indicated that information about the losses suffered by Ukrainian troops was a state secret.

    On 25 March, Sergei Rudskoy, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, said that since the start of the special operation, Russia had lost 1,351 servicemen and another 3,825 had been wounded.


    Whom to believe?

    Those who told the world about the “Ghost of Kiev” or the dead heroes of “Snake Island” or the mass rapes and sodomy of Ukrainian men, women and children by Russian soldiers or the Russian bombing of a Mariupol hospital, a rescued heavily pregnant woman of which establishment having later died whilst giving birth to a child, that also died, her last words having been “Fuck you, Putin”: she later turned up alive and well with a healthy baby in Donetsk.

    I mean — whom to believe?


  51. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine recognized the impossibility of defeating the “Russian world” without rewriting history
    Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine Denisenko has urged that the the history of the war be rewritten in order to defeat Russia

    28 July, 2022

    Advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine Vadim Denisenko has said that it is impossible to fight the “Russian world” without rewriting the history of World War II, RIA Novosti reports.

    “We won’t actually be able to fight against the Russian world despite our victory, against all odds, if we don’t write our history of the Second World War”, he said on the air of the Ukraine 24 channel.
    In his opinion, the history written in the 70s is already outdated and the authorities need to create a new one.

    Earlier, political scientist Maria Voropayeva said that in Russia, unlike Western countries, they are not trying to rewrite history, such rhetoric, which calls into question the very value of the victory of the Soviet people, sounds from the leaders of countries that surrendered under the onslaught of the Nazis within a few days.

    Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov urged that the rewriting of history of the war and the shifting of the responsibility for unleashing the war onto Russia be prevented.


    Again, when listening to Russians and Yukieturds, whom should one believe?


  52. The military glory of the Banderite heroes shall live for ever more!

    “Caught under heavy fire”: the Russian Defence Ministry has announced the execution of members of a retreating battalion of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine by militants of the “Territorial Defence”.
    28 July, 2022

    Militants of the “Territorial Defence of the Ukraine” have shot members of the retreating forces of the 15th battalion of the 58th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, the Russian Defence Ministry has said. In the meantime, Russian forces have launched several strikes against Ukrainian positions using precision-guided weapons. As a result of these strikes, a battalion of the 60th Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in the Kherson region completely lost its combat capability during the day, and losses in the battalion of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade amounted to 70 people.

    Militants of the Territorial Defence of the Ukraine shot a group of servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine during the retreat, said during a briefing on 28 July representative of the Russian Defence Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

    “During the retreat on 25 July from the village of Pokrovskoye in the Donetsk People’s Republic, remnants of the 15th Battalion of the 58th Motorized Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine came under heavy fire and were shot by militants of the 118th Territorial Defence Brigade, who occupied positions of the second echelon in the area of ​​​​the village of Bakhmutskoye”, he said.

    The representative of the defence department also said that Russian troops had destroyed several groups of Ukrainian military with high-precision weapons. In particular, the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation had attacked a position of temporary deployment of a battalion of the 72nd Mechanized Brigade in the Artyomovsk region, as a result of which up to 70 personnel and more than five armoured vehicles had been destroyed.

    In addition, as a result of strikes with high-precision weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces on the combat positions of Ukrainian troops in the Kherson region, a battalion of the 60th Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine completely lost its combat capability.

    “In the past 24 hours alone, more than 130 servicemen of this unit have been liquidated”, Konashenkov noted.

    Attacks on military infrastructure
    Aviation, rocket troops and artillery continue to strike at military targets on the territory of the Ukraine.

    Over the past 24 hours, nine command posts were hit, including the 68th Infantry-Jäger Brigade on the territory of the DPR, the 53rd Mechanized Brigade in the Zaporozhye region, the 28th Mechanized Brigade in the Kherson region, as well as manpower and military equipment in 173 districts. Along with this, six ammunition depots were destroyed in the DPR and the Mykolaiv region.

    ”Liquidated up to 120 servicemen guarding a facility”: the Russian Defence Ministry has announced a strike on a warehouse with missiles for MLRS HIMARS
    The Russian military has destroyed a warehouse with missiles for the multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) HIMARS in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

    In the Kramatorsk region, a Su-35S fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces neutralized a Ukrainian launcher of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system.

    As part of a counter-battery action, two batteries of multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) “Uragan” in the area of ​​the village of Krasny Oktyabr, a battery of MLRS “Grad” and an artillery battery of howitzers “Msta-B” in the Seversk region were hit.

    During the day, five artillery platoons of D-20 guns and nine artillery platoons of D-30 guns located in the DPR, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions were also eliminated.

    During the day, air defence systems destroyed three Ukrainian drones and intercepted two Alder MLRS missiles in the DPR, as well as nine “Uragan” MLRS missiles in the DPR, Kherson and Kharkov regions.

    In total, since the beginning of the special operation in the Ukraine, 260 aircraft, 145 helicopters, 1,625 drones, 359 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,172 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles have been destroyed.

    In addition, Russian troops hit 764 MLRS combat vehicles, 3,207 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 4,515 units of special military vehicles.

    Information reports from the DPR and LPR
    On the morning of 28 July, the People’s Militia of the DPR announced that a platoon of a BM-21 Grad MLRS, one M777 howitzer, three trucks and more than 40 personnel had been destroyed by the joint actions of DPR servicemen and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

    At the same time, the DPR stressed that the Ukrainian side continued to terrorize the civilian population, striking residential areas and civilian infrastructure. Over the previous day, Kiev had shelled the territory of the DPR 146 times, firing 842 rounds of ammunition.

    The People’s Militia of the LPR, in turn, stated that during the offensive operations over the past day, units of the republic had destroyed up to 45 enemy personnel, three armoured personnel carriers, six units of special military equipment and two long-term firing points.

    “Four servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine made the right decision — they laid down their arms, thereby saving their lives”, the People’s Militia of the LPR added.


    Now whom to believe?

    The ever truthful fighters for Ukraine sovereignty, defenders of freedom and democracy and “European Values” or the evil, mendacious Orcs?

    Tough question!


    1. I’m sure I foresaw this possibility on a comments thread either here or at Moon of Alabama, in which I suggested BoJo might face competition for Stoltenberg’s job from Draghi (Italy) and Kallas (Estonia), both also currently ex-PMs or in caretaker mode.

      If Kallas is unable to form a new govt, she might provide some stiff competition to BoJo: she would be more acceptable to Macron and she might well have backing from Poland and other Eastern European NATO members. She is better looking than BoJo and projects an air of competence and professionalism.


  53. Living in La-La Land . . .

    Kuleba has said that Western countries are inciting the Ukraine to negotiate with Russia
    Business FM
    29 July, 2022

    According to the politician, Kiev currently cannot accept such proposals from the West.

    Some Western countries that consider themselves partners of the Ukraine had begun to strongly recommend that Kiev resume the negotiation process with Moscow. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba on air on the Rada TV channel, RBC reports.

    The politician explained the position of the West with winter approaching, calling such proposals “an irritation”..

    “We continue very calmly explaining to them why their hope for a constructive position of Russia does not correspond to reality”, Kuleba said.

    The Ukrainian minister added that at the moment he saw no prerequisites for Moscow to be ready to negotiate.

    In mid-July, Kuleba told Ukrainian Forbes that diplomatic contacts with Russia were “directly tied to the situation at the front”. Kiev would not tolerate the “language of ultimatums”, and for this, in his opinion, it was necessary that the territories lost this year be returned.


    That’s right, dickhead! How dare they talk about negotiating with the Orcs when Yukiestan at present is enjoying such a position of strength and everything is going so swimmingly well “at the front”.

    How’s the latest Banderastan offensive progressing, arsehole?

    Keep drinking the Kool Aid, wanker!


    1. He’s a laugh a minute is Kuleba:

      I tell all partners simply: “Russia should sit down at the negotiating table following its defeat on the battlefield. Otherwise, it will again be the language of ultimatums

      stressed Kuleba.


      I tell you —idiocy is endemic in Banderastan. It really is!

      Some believe this is caused by dietary deficiencies.

      I kid you not!


  54. I get a “Moscow News” bulletin every Friday. I bin it always. It’s an NGO pure and simple. Here is its top of the bulletin “news” for today:

    Kyiv readied its forces for a counteroffensive on the Russia-held southern region of Kherson, with one Ukrainian official vowing the region would be recaptured by September.

    Russian and separatist forces accused Kyiv of striking a prison in eastern Ukraine and killing dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war — but Ukraine dismissed the claims and accused Russia of covering up torture and executions of its war prisoners.

    Russian strikes on military facilities and residential buildings across war-scarred Ukraine left several dead in attacks President Volodymyr Zelensky described as “missile terrorism.”

    No freedom of the press in Russia, right?

    I wonder if there is a “Moscow News” published in Kiev that is really a Kremlin propaganda organ?


  55. An enjoyable read Chez Martyanov:

    I imagine the described turnabout to be considerably less dramatic than some believe, and I’m sure there is no acknowledgement at all of capitulation on Washington’s part – on the contrary, once the Americans perceive they are being laughed at, they are likely to do something terribly tough-looking to dispel any illusion they might be losing their mojo along with their minds. But it must be said, when you take an official social position of “We’re not talking to you any more; you are less than nothing for us, we consider you…canceled” and then (a) the horrific deprivations and misery fail to materialize, and (b) the enemy state declines to beg for mercy, until (c) YOU have to call THEM, and they’re TOO BUSY RIGHT NOW….well, the optics just are not very good for the self-proclaimed Ruler Of The Free World.

    Update: another similar piece in the same vein; the Indian view from Bhadrakumar.

    Washington is being rolled like a cigar, and once stasis is overcome, momentum is harder to stop. The west is in a far worse position than it makes out, and though it will of course keep up the effort to portray the situation as one in which it is throwing crumbs to the Commies to help them save face, expect that masquerade to grow increasingly threadbare. People are not as dumb as Washington would like them to be, and the roles of supplicant and master are not that difficult to discern.

    As I expect you have read, Washington is cautiously making it official – cautiously, in case the offer is refused, in which case they will pretend it was never a consideration – to offer an exchange of Viktor Bout for Griner and Whelan in Moscow. Griner is just window-dressing; they’d like her back because of aforementioned optics, but I think it’s generally accepted in both countries that she really didn’t do anything wrong and has acknowledged her error rather than arrogantly assigning blame to the host nation for its backwardness; Whelan is the real prize Washington wants returned. It remains to be seen if Russia will consider it. I’m betting not.

    All together now, so we can be heard in Finland: “America….weeeeeeaaaak!!!”


    1. Highly amusing indeed.

      Being a shallow cove, this comment appealed:

      Bones Vish
      12 hours ago
      Blinky don’t lose that number.


      1. God, yes; that’s perfect!

        …you don’t wanna call nobody else;
        send it off in a letter, to yourself
        Blinky don’t lose that number,
        it’s the only one you own –
        you might use it if you feel better…when you get home.

        Have Blinky, and the people he represents, had ‘a change of heart’? Not likely – a change of circumstance is more like it.


        1. Seems like the Blinkster, er, blinked:

          I was once transferred to a place where I had to work more or less alongside a guy whose underlings nicknamed him “Blinky”; when I asked why he was called that, they said “Wait till you see how he reacts when someone doesn’t agree with him….”

          And came the hour when an ordinarily mouse-like subordinate said “I think that’s not advisable” and the fluttering began, and went on and on…..Hilarious.


  56. Lavrov and Blinken have discussed relations between Russia and the United States
    29 July, 2022
    © RIA Novosti / Press service Russian

    Foreign Ministry
    Lavrov and Blinken have discussed relations between Russia and the United States, which are in dire need of normalization.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed in a telephone conversation bilateral relations between the Russian Federation and the United States, which are in dire need of normalization, the Foreign Ministry has said.

    “An exchange of views was held on the problems of bilateral relations, which are in dire need of normalization”, was stated after the telephone conversation, which was initiated by the American side.


    Instigated because the USA didn’t want Russia to feel isolated?

    If the mountain won’t come to Mahomet . . .


  57. Times Radio: Europe will withdraw support for the Ukraine in case of gas consumption cuts
    30 July, 2022

    If the European Commission plan to reduce gas consumption by 15 percent is implemented, Europeans may abandon the idea of ​​supporting the Ukraine. Retired British lieutenant general Simon Mayall announced this on air at Times Radio, RIA Novosti reports.

    He warned that in this case, questions will arise amongst the population about the effectiveness of anti-Russian sanctions. Mayall pointed out that, in addition to gas, the Old World was facing a shortage of grain. “Some will begin to doubt whether we should take part in all this and support the Ukrainians”, the expert said.

    Earlier it became known that the UK had overpaid for electricity by 5,000 percent during a record heat wave, importing it from Belgium because of the lack of Russian gas.

    On 28 July, Igor Yushkov, a leading expert at the National Energy Security Fund, predicted that European industrial enterprises were in danger of rationing gas consumption or even shutting it down as the result of a decrease in Nord Stream capacity. This would be necessary in order to provide heat, electricity and hot water to social facilities


    Never heard of that radio station before, so long have I been in exile.

    It turns out that Times Radio is a British digital radio station owned by News UK and is jointly operated by Wireless Group, The Times and The Sunday Times.

    So it is very likely simply a purveyor of propagandistic shite, but is the “official narrative” now changing?

    Lt. General Mayall is the real deal though: he was commanding officer of my nephew’s old outfit the 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards.

    In 2015, Mayall retired from military service and joined Greenhill & Co., an investment bank, as a senior advisor. On 25 February 2015, he was appointed Lieutenant of the Tower of London. He retired from that post on 20 August 2021.


    Talk about jobs for the boys!

    What does a former officer of the 15th/19th The King’s Royal Hussars and commanding officer (retired) of the 1st Queen’s Dragoon Guards know about banking?


    1. Soon they will say: Import much more russian gas and use it up as fast as possible. Price will drop, and soon Russia will have no more gas to use a weapon….


      1. Ha, ha!!! A friend mentioned the other day the trend in western democracies to loudly champion the ‘rights’ of minority special-interest groups like the various permutations of gender fluidity, until nobody can make any important decision without considering whether it will somehow upset or annoy the precious. He said, why not take the candidate with the least votes, and make him or her Prime Minister or President? The interests of the majority do not really mean anything any more unless they can be made to solidly align with whatever the government wants to do, and everything else is just a distraction.

        Your example illustrates how leaders can put a positive spin on anything, and sell the most cockamamie scheme as just old-fashioned common sense.


  58. German tank howitzers in the Ukraine are showing signs of wear
    29.07.2022, 11.01

    There are problems with German artillery systems in the Ukraine. According to SPIEGEL, some of the 2000 tank howitzers are already in need of repair after intense fighting.

    According to SPIEGEL, a month after the delivery of German artillery systems to the Ukraine, tank howitzers are already showing obvious signs of wear. In the middle of the week, Kiev told the defence ministry in Berlin that some of the seven 2000 Panzerhaubitze-type guns delivered in late June had shown error messages after heavy shelling of Russian positions. Because of this, several howitzers needed repairs.

    The Bundeswehr believes that the problems are related to the high rate of fire with which the Ukrainian armed forces use guns in the fight against Russian invaders; this puts a huge strain on the howitzer’s loading mechanism. Already, 100 rounds a day are considered high-intensity use in the detachment, but the Ukrainians apparently had fired many more shells

    In addition, it is said that the soldiers at the front initially tried to fire special ammunition at too great a distance. This so-called smart ammunition is designed for particularly precise strikes. Following a report from the Ukraine, the federal army immediately agreed to quickly send additional packages of spare parts to the Ukraine to fix the problems. Federal circles said signs of wear and tear were visible as the Ukraine would place heavy demands on the system in combat.

    The federal government initially delivered seven 2000 Tank Howitzer-type artillery systems to the Ukraine, with three more to follow. Previously, Ukrainian soldiers had been trained according to the system in Germany. Shortly after the shipments from Germany, images appeared on Twitter showing the weapons system being deployed on the front lines in the east of the country. Ukrainian soldiers were downright raving about German howitzers and their operating force in the video. The photographs also show that the Ukraine is more or less using the system in continuous fire mode.


    Don’t give up, Yukietards!


  59. Russia defeated in battle!

    The AFU has totally destroyed 5 combined Russian armies — Arestovich
    Monday, 25 July, 2022, 22:37

    You had better believe it!


  60. Gazprom has announced the cessation of gas supplies to Latvia
    30 July, 2022

    Deliveries of Russian gas to Latvia within the framework of the application for July have been terminated because of violations of the conditions for delivery of gas. This was reported on 30 July by the press service of Gazprom.

    Today [July 30] PJSC Gazprom stopped gas supplies to Latvia as part of the July application because of the violation of the conditions for gas supply

    the notification says.

    As REGNUM had reported earlier, EU diplomat Josep Borrell had said earlier that since the start of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces to denazify and demilitarize the Ukraine, EU member states had halved their purchases of Russian natural gas.


    Putin using gas as a weapon — AGAIN!



    American journalist has said that the USA had long humiliated Russia
    30 July, 2022

    American socio-political commentator Ann Coulter said on a talk show by British TV presenter Piers Morgan that the United States had been humiliating Russia for a long time. The programme was aired on 30 July.

    So, in her opinion, Washington had “humiliated the Russians for far too long”.

    In addition, Coulter said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “was the first person to call after the September 11 [2001] attacks to express condolences to the United States”, to which call George W. Bush, who at that time was President of the USA “didn’t even call him back”.

    The journalist also blamed NATO for the events in the Ukraine and said that the West should stop supporting Kiev.

    “I am not defending Russian President Putin, but why should the Americans and the British care? We have our own problems”, she said.

    Coulter recalled that the Ukraine had historically been a sphere of influence of the Russian Empire. [American education! The Ukraine was not a sphere of influence of the Russian Empire: much of the present Banderastan had been part of the Russian Empire since the mid-17th century. And there was until 1922 — after the fall of the Russian Empire — no country known as “The Ukraine”, only a territory known as “Borderland” in Russian, namely Украина — ME] And she did not see any point in having NATO following the collapse of the USSR.


    Where did she voice these opinions?

    Which news programme? Does Morgan still work in the US media!


    1. Ann Coulter, oddly enough, is a well-known warhag crusading for the United States to rub everyone’s nose in the dirt; she positively blossomed while Bush was kicking the shit out of Iraqis who had done nothing much to America besides being born in Iraq. It is odd to hear any talk from her about the United States ‘humiliating’ anyone without making it sound like yet another US victory and a fine example of American global leadership.

      She doesn’t come across as all that well-educated – which she makes up for in opinionated garbage – and it is possible that when she said America had ‘humiliated’ Russia, especially given the example she chose, that she simply meant the USA had been disrespectful in not according Russia common courtesy, rather than beating it at something. Whatever the case, when you start needing endorsements from Ann Coulter, your situation is much worse than Russia’s present one. It is possible that her apparent defense of Russia here is inspired by an impression that Russia is another country like her own, a swaggering bully that takes whatever it wants because it has a big strong military and everyone is afraid of it – therefore, it should be accorded the respect of one apex predator for another. Thanks, Ann.

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  62. Talking about “Russian humiliation, according to the UK rag the ”Daily Express”:

    Russia humiliated as ‘latest US rocket bombardment’ paralysing Vladimir Putin’s military

    VLADIMIR Putin is experiencing fresh fears over US military aid as Russian armed forces are devastated in a series of precision attacks, a former Navy chief warned.
    07:09, Thu, Jul 28, 2022 | UPDATED: 07:09, Thu, Jul 28, 2022

    Moscow’s military has come under renewed assault from advanced American military technology provided to the Ukrainian defence. Highly accurate US rocket systems have targeted the Kremlin’s invading forces as Russia grapples to expand the conflict in the east beyond the Donbas region. Former Navy Chief Admiral Lord Alan West confirmed US weapons had compromised Russian military strategy with Moscow struggling to sustain supplies of modern equipment to the frontline.

    Speaking to Times Radio, Admiral Lord West said: “There’s no doubt that the latest US rocket bombardment that they’re given the Ukrainians is having an impact on the Russians.

    “It’s highly accurate, it’s taking out Russian fuel dumps and it’s having an impact on the fighting.

    “I don’t believe it will stop the Russians grinding down Ukraine in the Donbas region but, my goodness, it’s making life a lot more difficult for them.”

    On Friday, the US Bureau of Global Public Affairs confirmed a renewed supply of military assistance to the Ukrainian defence in the 16th drawdown of American support.

    The new package of advanced equipment totals an estimated $175 million in arms and equipment to bolster President Zelensky’s armed forces.

    In a press statement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said: “Today’s announcement includes more HIMARS advanced rocket systems and other weapons that Ukrainians are using so effectively on the battlefield to defend their country.

    “This drawdown, combined with an additional $95 million announced separately today under the Department of Defence’s Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, will bring total US military assistance to Ukraine to approximately $8.2 billion since the beginning of this Administration.”

    Under the Department of Defence’s initiative, the US is also set to provide Ukraine with up to 580 Phoenix Ghost Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems.


    My goodness!


    1. Mmmm….yes; ‘making life a lot more difficult for them’, even though it will not stop them from winning. But that’s what the Ukrainians are for, aren’t they? To pay with their lives for America ‘making life difficult for Russians’. It does not matter that they will eventually lose, and when they do there will be a lot fewer of them – keep them fighting while we continue experimenting to see what is the most effective killer of Russians, while it costs us nothing but money.

      “…and other weapons that Ukrainians are using so effectively on the battlefield to defend their country.” That’s a good one, Blinky; don’t you mean “…that American professionals surrounded by a cushion of Ukrainian flesh and bone are using so effectively to prolong Ukraine’s agony and suffering”?

      I daresay the HIMARS attacks are not causing Russia too much grief. You’ll be able to tell, because if HIMARS attacks from a particular region are causing serious problems, the countermeasure will simply be stepped up to a bomb that obliterates the region. Better safe than sorry.


  63. Bulletins coming in thick and fast from newsfeed that that Nazi bastards are bombarding residential areas in the Donbass with Grads.

    That’s because they’re acting out of spite because they are losing badly.

    This news must be all over the Western MSM as has been news of all the bomardments over the past 8 years by the Banderites targeted at civilian areas in the Donbass. (sarc.)

    Meanwhile, from the Kremlin controlled fake news media:

    RT in Russian
    The Russian Defence Ministry has announced the destruction of an echelon with an elite battalion of the President of the Ukraine
    30 July, 2022

    The Russian Armed Forces, using high-precision weapons, have hit a railway train transporting an elite battalion of the Ukraine Presidential Brigade, Defence Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov has announced.

    In the evening of 28 July, a high-precision air-launched weapon destroyed by a direct hit a military train at the Krasnoarmeysk railway station in the Donetsk People’s Republic, which train had been transporting an elite assault battalion of the 1st Separate Brigade of the President of Ukraine

    Konashenkov said.

    According to him, more than 140 nationalists had been killed and about 250 wounded

    All the armoured vehicles in the echelon were disabled.

    Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken during a telephone conversation that the goals of the special operation in the Ukraine would be fulfilled.



    All Kremlin lies!


  64. Severodonetsk to Sanctions
    Jul 30, 2022 Thanks to all of those of you who are supporting for your support, and the rest, ok, that’s your right, and I support that too, because unlike some, i support the right of people to have different views.

    Graham Phillips
    323K subscribers


    1. According to, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry has already apologised to Moscow for Elisabeth Ellingsen’s racist
      outburst and outlandish behaviour (sprawling over the desk) to the staff at the Murmansk hotel where she was staying.

      Ellingsen is (was?) attached to the Norwegian consulate in Murmansk which closed on July 1. Whether the video was filmed before or after the closure is not known.

      The hotel staff looked much cleaner and better dressed than the Norwegian diplomat.


      1. Is Knut a Norwegian name? I should imagine so: it is a Danish name, that’s for sure. King Knut was King of Denmark and England in the 10th century. He is better known in the English speaking world by the Latinised version of his name: Canute.

        Whatever, it seems that Elisabeth Ellingsen is a real Knut.


        1. The stupid cnut’s outburst reflects a characteristic that I have long suspected is a feature of a psyched-up mob: a focussing of irrational mass hatred towards and individual, object, institution, concept etc. i should even imagine there is always at any time in society a “token hatred” that the fickle mob feels obliged to display in public.

          Orwell knew this, of course, and wrote of it in “1984”.

          It’s good to hate chosen targets, innit?

          One can scream and prance about to loud applaud as one displays one’s hatred towards a target against which one has been well groomed to vent one’s spleen and, therefore, act like a cnut in public

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  65. Zakharova called the words of an employee of the Norwegian consulate an act of hatred
    30 July, 2022

    The Russian Foreign Ministry is considering options for responding to “an outrageous act of hatred, nationalism and xenophobia” by Elisabeth Ellingsen, an employee of the Norwegian consulate in Murmansk, in one of the hotels in that city. This was announced by the official ministry representative, Maria Zakharova, in her Telegram channel.

    Earlier, a video had appeared on the Web in which an employee of the consulate in one of the Russian hotels shouts out phrases about her hatred for Russians. Ellingsen was outraged that she had been asked to wait until the maids had finished cleaning the room. She stated that she was “used to clean rooms”.

    Maria Zakharova noted that in the statements made by Elisabeth Ellingsen there was expressed “hatred of one nationality and undisguised national superiority”. The representative of the ministry added that it would be right if the Norwegian Foreign Ministry also responded to this incident.

    Earlier, Ukrainian singer Yulia Dumanskaya said that she had thrown stones at the participants of a Russian motor rally, which took place in Cyprus. She stated that she was upset by the “loyalty to Muscovites” on the island.


    Soon one will be free to murder Russians in public simply for the fact that they are Russians.

    Recently I read a story in the UK filth media about a woman who had told a fellow passenger on a London Underground train to alight at the next station — and she did, for her own and her small child’s safety.

    The irate passenger who had ordered the woman to get off the train had approached her object of hatred after having heard her speaking Russian to her small child.

    The foul bitch then told the Russian woman to get off the train at the next stop.

    And not a word from any other passenger present in the carriage.

    This is nothing new in the UK. I have often recounted on this site the tale of when a loathsome fellow countryman once loudly said to his boozing pals that there were “fucking Russians” in the pub in which my wife were enjoying the company of relatives and friends..

    He made this observation after having heard my wife ask me in Russian where the toilets were and my response to her question in Russian.

    I was standing at the bar near the gobshite when my wife had approached me. After she had gone to the toilets, I turned on the loud mouthed bastard and said to him: “That ‘fucking Russian’ is my wife. And I am fucking English”.

    The snivelling bastard then started apologising to me

    I should have dropped the cnut.

    And that was way back in 1997, when I had brought my blushing bride to Merry England so as to show her off to the folks “back home”.

    I shall now sit back and have my daily minute of hate towards the English.

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    1. This is so sad and awful. I know people who left after Brexit because they didn’t want a repeat of racism in the Thatcher years especially.

      I’m glad I’ve reached 50 years of life havng never heard anyone say they hated Russians.


  66. Banderite drone attack in the Crimea:

    Kovitidi has stated that drone that had attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet had come from Sevastopol
    31 July, 2022

    Senator Kovitidi: the drone attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet was carried out from Sevastopol
    The drone attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol was carried out not from the outside, but from the territory of the city, Crimean Senator Olga Kovitidi has told RIA Novosti.

    “The attack, of course, was not carried out from the outside, but from the territory of Sevastopol. Operational-search work is underway in the city to find the organizers of this terrorist attack, by the evening they will have been found”, she said.

    She stressed that the incident was undoubtedly regarded as a terrorist act.

    “The perpetrators shall be punished, prolonged conclusions will be drawn”, the senator added.

    Kovitidi stressed that the situation in Sevastopol is calm, people are celebrating “Navy Day”.

    A Ukrainian drone struck the courtyard of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol on Sunday morning, no one was killed. All festive events in honour of “Navy Day” in the city have been canceled for security reasons. The press service of the fleet clarified that a low-power explosive device installed on a home-made drone had gone off on the territory of the headquarters.


    Nazis in occupied areas of the USSR used to summarily execute Soviet partisans — men, women and children.

    The Banderires who launched the attack this morning in the Crimea consider themselves as partisans in “occupied Crimea” and are very likely brain-dead fascists.

    What was good for the goose 1942-1945 surely must be good for the gander in 2022.


    1. That could be, but if it is perceived that Ukraine is going to be a never-ending security threat and will never again be a pacified neighbour, it pushes things continually toward unrestricted war in Ukraine, no more Mr. Nice Guy, which would quickly bring the show to an end – but it would be the slaughter the west is already hyping and Ukraine would be conquered rather than any high-minded ‘assistance to the free people of Ukraine’ to rid them of the Nazi influence and hard-right nationalism.

      I read a piece yesterday that was linked from Irrusianality, and was a parliamentary record of the hearing of evidence before the Canadian Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development; the heading is clearly marked ‘Evidence’. Paul Robinson was a member of the invited board of expertise. As is the case with parliamentary procedures, it is long and tedious, but it is noteworthy that among the testimony given by witnesses was the account by that rabid bint who was sacked as Ukraine’s Minister for Human Rights because of her tendency to make up colourful and heart-wrenching stories which were clearly devised to push the narrative in emotional directions. I’m sure you remember it; the one where 25 or so young Ukrainian women were raped over and over by Russian soldiers who told them they were doing it to make sure they could never have Ukrainian children, this many of them are now pregnant with Russian demon-babies, so on and so on. But this story was actually investigated by international journalists and found to be totally without foundation; nobody in the described area could remember any such attack and not a single witness could be located to back up the tale of the minister or ombudsman or whatever she was. Yet here it was, being presented as ‘evidence’ in a parliamentary hearing. I mean to go over the whole thing in detail later because it was quite revealing, but anyone can read it by following the link in this piece; it leads to a PDF file.

      Yes, here’s the pertinent passage, delivered by Ukraine’s honorary Consul in Montreal:

      “There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, so please try to imagine today’s reality in Ukraine as you listen to the following statement by Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights, Liudmyla Denisova, reported on April 11, 2022, by the BBC.

      About 25 girls and women aged 14 to 24 were systematically raped during the occupation in the basement of one house in Bucha. Nine of them are pregnant….Russian soldiers told them they would rape them to the point where they wouldn’t want sexual contact with any man, to prevent them from having Ukrainian children.

      If that does not revolt you, nothing will.

      With the most sophisticated intelligence reports available to him, about a month ago after this judgment, President Joe Biden qualified these atrocities as genocide. The President of the United States later explained:

      I called it genocide because it’s become clearer and clearer that Putin is just trying to wipe out the idea of even being able to be Ukrainian. The evidence is mounting.

      Joe Biden’s ‘most sophisticated intelligence reports available’ are nothing more than reprints from the Ukrainian press reports, and Lyudmila Denisova was relieved of her duties because her stories could not be verified but she nevertheless insisted they were true, which made her emotional bodice-ripping completely unreliable. Yet here it is presented before a national legislative body as evidence. The date of the hearing is May 3rd 2022. Denisova was sacked almost exactly a month later.

      Will the record be corrected? What do you think?

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  67. Yes, works on my laptop, but still given the robot test to open a tab in Yandex, but then no error message, unlike on my iPhone.


    1. Nah, it wasn’t Yandex that was giving me grief with the links, it was Chrome, which I usually avoid like the plague but forgot that I was browsing with it on my iPhone.

      Sending this by Yandex. No hassle. Chrome was clearly tracking me. Kept on hanging and sending “Oops sorry” messages.

      Oops sorry?

      Why the baby talk?

      What’s wrong with: “We have encountered a problem?”

      No! The word “problem” is too negative: it’s a word that “losers” use.

      Western bullshitters prefer the word “issue”: it suggests the problem is open to discussion and various opinions on how to solve it. I mean, that’s “democratic”, innit?

      That’s what I think anyroad.

      I mean, whether to have “Gay Parades” in Moscow is an issue: USA “Deep State” and the USA military-industrial complex are big problems. Global ones.


  68. As mentioned in the RIA article posted above, today is “Navy Day” here, the last Sunday in July, and is usually the Sunday prior to my son’s birthday, 31 July. Today, therefore, is both “Navy Day” and my son’s 23rd birthday.


  69. The Ukrainian Empire from the Baltic to the Urals

    Lucy Arsehole, adviser to the Clown Prince

    As you may have guessed, this is about Arestovich. In another clinical commentary, the adviser to the head of the Ze Office has said that the return of nuclear weapons to the Ukraine was not enough: it was necessary not only to disarm Russia, but also to create a Ukrainian empire from the Black Sea to the White Sea. They say that this is the only way to save the world from guaranteed destruction.

    Lucy thinks that the Ukraine once had nuclear capability.

    It had nuclear weapons in its armaments, but only deployable with permission of the Orcs.


  70. The Yukie Chief Shit has admitted that the grain harvest in the Ukraine in 2022 may be halved.

    It’s all Putin’s doing!

    “The Ukrainian harvest this year may be half as large. Our main goal is to prevent a global food crisis caused by the Russian invasion”, he wrote on Twitter without giving specific details.

    Earlier, the press service of the Energodar city administration reported that the Ukrainian army had attacked a river terminal in the Zaporizhia region and damaged grain silos.

    Source: RT на русском


    1. Yes, he appeared by proxy in my local newspaper yesterday, rabbiting on that it was ‘very important for Ukraine to continue being the Guarantor of the world’s food supply’! The airs and graces he bestows upon himself and his country are laughable; the world must help Ukraine become its dominant power and ruler, because it is good right down to the marrow of its bones. I mean, come on – there’s patriotism, and there’s whatever this is.

      Moon of Alabama dealt ruthlessly with Ukraine’s bleating about its supposed global agricultural treasure status.

      In 2021, Ukraine’s share of global wheat exports was 8.5% while Russia’s was nearly twice that at 13.1%, however now western sanctions place a myriad of stumbling-blocks in Russia’s way, which suggests the hyping of Ukraine as Flour Savior To The World is deliberate. Particularly perspicacious was this forecast:

      “The main wheat farming in Ukraine occurs in the east and south where the war has likely led to much less planting during this season than in previous years. It is therefore unlikely that whatever will get harvested will be exported by farmers as local needs will have to be satisfied first.”

      And now Zelensky confides that Ukraine’s wheat exports may be halved. Watch that be Russia’s fault, too.

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      1. There is very little if anything in the Western media about Elensky’s millions that he has allegedly ferreted away in Panama since he became president of Banderastan on a “stop the fighting in Donbass” ticket, not to mention his promise to stop corruption in the most corrupt country in Europe.

        A Dutch team of investigative journalists unearthed this stash of loot that he allegedly has. And his wife, whom he is protectively embracing in that ridiculous Vogue shot, is no pauper either. The short lived scandal about her purchase of a penthouse in a exclusive hotel in the Crimea under very suspicious circumstances off an oligarch was soon hushed up.

        The Clown was wealthy before he became president, allegedly as a result of his extraordinary talent as a funny man, but even taking that in account and his presidential salary, it is a “mystery “ how he got hold of the millions that he has in a piggy bank on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Allegedly.

        Pandora Papers: Ukraine leader seeks to justify offshore accounts

        EXCLUSIVE-Wife of Ukraine president-elect got penthouse bargain from tycoon

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  71. The links to these two stories will not work. Browse for them if you are interested.


    Pandora Papers: Ukraine leader seeks to justify offshore accounts


    MAY 1, 20199:05 AMUPDATED 3 YEARS AGO

    EXCLUSIVE-Wife of Ukraine president-elect got penthouse bargain from tycoon


    1. I could see them with no problems. The Ukrainian and western gutter press – meaning non-mainstream – suggest the reason Zelensky is increasingly pushing his wife into the limelight is because he intends to have her mind the store while he flees the country. But that’s what they would say.

      However, there are suggestions of trouble t’ mill in Gordon Hahn’s excellent “Regime Instability in Kiev?”

      Gordon Hahn and a couple of others used to form the expert-opinion consortium with Patrick Armstrong back in the day on a blog that since disappeared, I forget the name of it. It was a little dry for my liking but it was factual and substantiated and offered startling insights.


  72. “RT in Russian” report on an article in that odious rag “The Daily Mirror” UK — or it might be called “The Mirror” now: I don’t know, don’t care — one of the favourite rags of British shitwits:

    Mirror: Putin’s words about the imminent delivery of Zircons to the Russian Armed Forces has caused a panic in Britain
    1 August, 2022

    A statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin about the imminent delivery of Zircon hypersonic missile systems to the Russian army has caused panic in the UK. This was stated by journalist Douglas Patient in an article for The Mirror newspaper.

    “Hypersonic weapons can move at nine times the speed of sound,” Patient said.
    He called Putin’s statement “a chilling threat”.

    At the end of May, a Zircon hypersonic missile was launched from the Barents Sea as part of testing new types of weapons. The launch was carried out by the lead frigate of project 22530 “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov”. The sea target was located in the White Sea at a distance of about 1,000 km. According to the Ministry of Defence, the target was hit.

    On July 31, at a parade in St. Petersburg, Putin announced that the first Zircon would be put on board the ship Admiral Gorshkov.


    Here’s the Mirror article in question:

    Vladimir Putin in chilling threat that navy is set to receive 7,000mph nuclear missiles


    Try as I might, I cannot find anywhere in Putin’s Navy Day speech where the Russian President threatened anyone.


    1. And I suspect if you were to walk ’round Oxford Circus sampling public opinion, you would not find any reliable symptoms of panic. British journalism is 80 parts sensationalism to 9 parts bullshit to one part truth.

      Exhibit A.

      And I think you will agree it is pretty shortsighted of Russia’s defense procurement to put so much emphasis on the introduction of a sexy new weapon when the money might have been better spent on slightly less expensive smart weapons that Russia will probably run out of tomorrow.


      1. Everyone watching / celebrating Womens UEFA football cup final win at Wembley. Only genuine panic is cost of living crisis including energy caused by greedy, inept Westminster


        1. Dirty old goat of a sexist that I am, I liked it when some of the women footballers emulated their male counterparts by peeling off their shirts at the final whistle.

          I am not really a sexist — but I suppose I am an old goat, though I must say I bath regularly.

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            1. There’s about as high a level of proficiency as might be expected from an average group of guys trying out embroidery. That’s why, outwith the “glory hunters” who attach themselves to winning teams, there’s no real, “organic” interest in women’s football apart from among its participants and media promoters.


              1. I can’t say I’ve ever watched it; European ‘football’ is soccer to me and I never found it to be a very exciting game to watch, although it is an improvement on American-style football, which I don’t even understand. I’ve only ever seen schoolgirls play soccer, in that environment, and some of the men’s prima-donna stunts and personalities are too much for me, although to be fair I would be hard to please as I am not very interested in sports.

                There was an interesting argument for women’s hockey in the Olympics, and although I hardly ever watch TV I did enjoy the women’s games. In men’s hockey there is a strong ‘goon’ element consisting of players who really are not very skilled, but are big and heavy and fast skaters, whose purpose is to hit the other team’s star players and put them out of action; kind of like a trial lawyer who is always jumping up and objecting, to interrupt the flow of his opponent’s argument. A hard hit stops the game and both sides regroup. Purists argue that having goons on the team is an attempt to blend hockey and American-style football, and that it’s not supposed to be a violent hitter’s game. Anyway, there’s almost no hitting in women’s hockey; they’re not heavy enough and don’t typically skate as fast. My daughter used to play rugby, and I watched a professional women’s rugby game live; it seemed to me to be a very fast game with the ball changing hands at bewildering speed, and it did not lack for violence, either; several players were carried off the field.


                1. One of the great mysteries of Australian sport is that Australia is one of the top nations in the world for field hockey – Australia has won Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games medals, World Cup trophies and regional championships in both the men’s game and the women’s game – yet field hockey gets very little media coverage in this country. Without the media coverage, the corporate sponsorships are few and far between, and players (even players at world championship level) don’t earn enough from the sport that they can devote themselves full-time to it.

                  All sorts of reasons have been offered to explain field hockey’s lack of popularity – its association with private schools, particularly girls’ private schools; its origins as an elitist sport in some countries; the expenses involved in establishing playing grounds and giving players safety equipment – but many of these reasons could have applied just as easily to, say, cricket or tennis once upon a time. Is field hockey necessarily a more expensive sport to run or to promote? There’s an argument that field hockey is no more expensive to run than cricket or football if the same sportsground can be used for all three sports and other sports – but the “same sportsground” argument ends up backfiring on field hockey if field hockey and several other sports have to compete for the same sportsground at the same time! On the other hand, tennis may be a more expensive sport to run in some respects but it shares space with very few other sports and doesn’t have to compete with them for space. (The other advantage of tennis is that it is adapted to being a solo sport and a team sport.)

                  Ultimately whether one sport or another becomes popular or not boils down to how it is administered and the personalities of the people (the athletes, the teams, their coaches, sports administrators, media commentators) involved in the sport pushing it in particular times and circumstances.


                2. Rugby League is another case in point. A far better game than Rugby Union but still restricted in the UK to. its area of origin, the northern England industrial areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire, from where it has at times made failed attempts to spread, apart from to NSW and Queensland, Australia, by working -class “Pom” immigrants from Northern England, whereas its “rival”, Rugby Union, the game of public schools and universities, the preferred game of the former (maybe not so “former” — they’re still here) élite, is hugely promoted, most notably by the BBC.

                  And the reason for the spurning of RL is the snobbish attitude toward professionalism that existed in British sporting circles in the 19th century. “Gentlemen” had the leisure time to play sport. Working-class players of RU demanded payment for “lost time” from work. They were refused, so formed their own “league”.

                  Since the RL breakaway in 1896, for almost 100 years, RL players and officials were not allowed onto RU premises; RU players who had changed codes were banned from playing RU ever again.

                  Coming from the RL heartland, I played both RU and RL. I certainly know which code is the better, both to play and to watch.

                  And the irony is this: eventually the RU authorities allowed payment to players. And guess what — the now professional sporting gentlemen were not mocked for their vulgar venality. And guess what again — RL players, formerly professional untouchables, were “poached” in their droves by the now professional RU clubs, because the skills of RL players are light years ahead of those of the RU code. The result is that RL still remains corralled in its “counties of origin”.


  73. More from the Mirror, this time about Mrs O’Leary:

    Liz Truss vows Ukrainian president will be first world leader she calls if she wins

    ”The UK will never recognize Moscow’s sovereignty over the Voronezh and Rostov regions.”

    The Foreign Secretary, who is the current favourite to succeed Boris Johnson, said her first call would be to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky if she wins the race for No 10


    Twit vows to meet twat?


    1. Why?? To see what else England can do to help him take longer to lose? Is that really what the British people want most, Liz? To see you plight England’s troth to the service of Ukraine? Or are there a couple of problems in the UK that need solving first?


      1. It kills me how she considers the Kiev Clown to be a “World Leader”.

        If the idiot actually becomes PM and calls him from London, will she also consider herself a “World Leader”, speaking to another “World Leader” on an equal footing, you know, as political head of “Global Britain”?

        I rather think she will.


    2. The lying bastards at the FO say that the idiot’s gaffe that she made when trying to talk down to Lavrov was through a “misunderstanding” of what he had said to her.

      Well if that be the case, why then did the British Ambassador immediately whisper into her ear that Voronezh and Rostov are in Russia as soon as Truss had made her bombastic assertion that the UK would never recognize them as being part of Russia?

      To be fair though, I suppose It was a misunderstanding — sort of: the stupid bugger believed that Voronezh and Rostov are in the former territory of the UkSSR, namely in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

      If I rightly recall, Lavrov said to her in Russian: “So you think that the Russian armed forces should not be in the Voronezh and Rostov regions [области]?”

      Some commenters here believe that the wily Lavrov had tricked her into showing what a dimwit she is by posing such a question, knowing full well that she hadn’t a clue about Russia and the Ukraine.

      No need to trick Truss into showing how uninformed she is though: just let her open her stupid gob and she’ll quickly display her depths of ignorance.


    3. Tank Girl and the stand-up comedian who would be The Incredible Hulk (if he wore enough olive and khaki-coloured T-shirts in the hope that any dye from them might stain his skin permanently) would make a perfect pigeon pair in shades of icky green, grey and brown.


    1. I wish I could say Bucha will be the incident that changes the world’s mind about the delicate-flower ‘democracy’ it has been supporting. But I’m not convinced; I thought MH-17 was so obviously a frame-up that it would never pass. But now much of the world stubbornly insists that was the Russians although they had absolutely no motive to construct such an elaborate plot just to take down – allegedly – a Ukrainian support aircraft.

      In the case of Bucha, that too is an obvious frame-up, and Ukraine has all kinds of motive to cast Russia as savage murderers without remorse or compassion – it wants the world to believe it is fighting an existential evil on their behalf, and to pour more and more money and weapons into it. In fact, a Ukrainian government that would embrace such a sickening falsehood probably ensures Russia and Ukraine can never have any level of friendship again so long as the Zelensky administration is in power, although I suppose Russia nurtures some pie-in-the-sky notion of international integrity and a western investigation ‘discovering’ what really took place. But just a cursory glance through those parliamentary proceedings the other day was enough to convince me the west is determined and committed to believe whatever Ukraine says, and to at least pretend outrage at ‘Russian crimes’ although it seems most have committed to actually believe. People are mostly stupid, after all.


  74. RG.RU

    01.08.2022 17:10
    Russian Foreign Ministry blacklisted 39 UK politicians, businessmen and journalists

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has blacklisted 39 other British politicians, businessmen and journalists “who contribute to London’s hostile course aimed at demonizing our country and isolating it internationally”. This is stated in a statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.
    The report says that such measures were taken owing to the fact that the UK government continues to apply the mechanism of sanctions restrictions against representatives of Russia, economic operators and the media. It was decided to include a number of British politicians, businessmen and journalists in the Russian “stop list”.

    “The UK’s harmful actions to spread Russophobia, spread false information about our country and support the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev will receive an adequate and decisive response from the Russian side”, the Russian diplomats said. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, shadow Foreign Minister David Lammy, and British Foreign Office spokeswoman Helen Bower-Easton are among those banned from entering Russia.

    At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned that work on expanding the Russian “stop list” will continue, given “the destructive desire of London to spin the sanctions flywheel under far-fetched and absurd pretexts”.

    What about Truss?


  75. A very interesting piece by Tom Luongo suggests there are layers and layers to this war, and that most people cannot get past the imaginary war that is being fought in the press with the Ukrainians the clear and noble victors. But each time you think you grasp what is really going on, there turns out to be another conflict going on beneath.

    Curiously, he believes western sanctions actually are having a significant effect on production of advanced systems like the T-14 Armata; if they weren’t, the Russians would use them more. He cautions that he has no military background, but believes that because the Russians don’t send hundreds or thousands of new tanks to the front is support for a belief that they can’t, because they can’t make them owing to western sanctions’ success against Russian tech development.

    I’m a great admirer of Luongo’s work, and it’s entirely possible he is right. But I don’t think the war has developed into an artillery battle because Russia doesn’t have enough modern tanks to take on Ukraine; I think it has just turned out that way because the strategy is enjoying consistent low-risk success. Much of what the west has given Ukraine for weaponry is anti-tank, for one thing, and for another, tanks are optimized for warfare against other tanks, in a tank battle. Ukraine has already lost most of its tanks, and so long as Russia dominates aerial surveillance it can see the movements of the remainder easily. It makes no sense to send in – and risk – tanks as short-range artillery when you have long-range artillery and can easily locate and pound enemy dispositions with little risk to yourself.

    As for the partial success of American sanctions on technology, the industry itself believes China has been able to copy leading-edge 7nm tech since last year.

    That’s a considerable advance on what is required to make and equip the T-14.

    This will be an interesting premise to watch for developments. And that’s without even touching on the premise that the Davos vampires are deliberately manipulating America into a fatal crash so as to implement their greenie/technological utopian vision.


  76. A German’s personal memoir of a trip to SE Ukraine has some interesting stuff (from the latest moonofalabama Open Thread):

    Well, real life: I am German, married to a Russian woman from South-Ukraine. In 1991 she woke up and had an ukrainian passport, which she never wanted as a natural born Russian (like 95% in south-east Ukraine).
    Since her parents still live there, we visited South-Ukraine quite often – it’s a 2.000km drive from Germany. When you pass the Dnipro-River, the area where the russians live starts – and ukrainian gouvernment didn’t even invested a cent into infrastructure there. Every single road, building, factory is from former SSSR.

    The war started, and than my wife got the opportunity to get a russian passport, since we still have her old apartment over there. So I applied for a visa for Russia, and we drove from Germany via Latvia/North Russia to Crimea into South Ukraine. More than 4000km…

    Russian roads are on one level with german roads, I didn’t expect that. Only, there are speed radars every single f*cking kilometer – so whatever you thought about crazy russian driver, that must be long ago – you simple cannot drive faster than allowed.

    We made a one week vacation in Crimea, and that island is simply God given.

    Than we crossed into South Ukraine. I, as a German, was interviewed by FSB, that screening took 5 hours. But finally I was allowed to enter, because Family is a high value in Russia and they understood that I do not want to let my wife go alone.

    We were a week in her hometown. 50% of people left, since Ukrainian announced an offensive. But reality is, that it was russian earth, and it will be russian earth. People are waiting to come back to normality. It won’t be like before, since all ukrainian shops and services already left. All pro-ukrainian left, and they probably will never return but enjoy living on social welfare money in Germany (which soon will end due to economic situation, but that’s another story).

    I very much like that area. As already mentioned, I was there before several time – but never thought about moving there. Since I already -thanks to ma wife- can communicate in russian, I think about moving there. Let’s see what future will bring.

    Anyway, I allowed me to write that text to show that it’s not black or white, it’s more grey – you can cross the border if you have a reason, evil russians are not hunting or killing you, and don’t send Westeners into prison. They are afraid of ukranian partisans, and there are many checkpoints which they call “blokposts” – but as soon as the understand you are a foreigner (from the accent), they start to be friendly; well, friendly is maybe the wrong word while a kalashnikow is pointing to you, but ok…

    My wife successfully applied for a russian passport, in a month we will drive there again to fetch that passport. I am now married to a russian, and that is something I am proud of.

    Posted by: Alfred | Aug 1 2022 16:49 utc | 5


  77. Frau Baerbock hath spoken:

    2 Aug, 2022 13:41
    Germany promises to help Taiwan if China attacks
    Berlin says it will not allow “a big neighbor to attack a small one”

    Dumme Sau!

    Germany has warned China against escalating tensions with Taiwan and has vowed to assist Taipei in case of a conflict with Beijing, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock announced on Tuesday during a UN Non-Proliferation Treaty conference in New York as reported by Der Spiegel.

    “We do not accept when international law is broken and a larger neighbor attacks its smaller neighbor,” said Baerbock, adding that this principle applied to China as well.

    Baerbock’s statement comes amid increased tensions between the US and China as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly expected to visit Taiwan on Tuesday. Beijing has repeatedly warned that it would interpret such a move as an encroachment on its sovereignty and an affront to the One China policy which Washington officially recognizes.

    Commenting on the possible visit by the speaker, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that some US politicians are “openly playing with fire” and blasted attempts by Washington to artificially create an incident in the Taiwan Strait.

    If Pelosi “dares” to travel to Taiwan, “the [People’s Liberation Army] will not sit idly by” and will take “resolute and strong countermeasures” to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian warned on Monday.

    As tensions continue to escalate, several Asian news outlets have reported increased military activity by both Beijing and Taipei across the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Independent has reported that US Navy ships have also been dispatched to the region on “routine deployments.”

    The White House has yet to confirm Pelosi’s stop in Taipei, but Secretary of State Antony Blinken has insisted that the “decision is entirely the Speaker’s” and that the administration doesn’t know what Pelosi intends to do.

    Several unnamed Taiwanese and US officials reportedly told CNN on Monday that Pelosi was indeed expected to make a trip to the island, which would mark the first time a House speaker has traveled to the self-governed island in 25 years.

    What will Germany “do” if a little neighbour attacks a big one, I wonder?


    1. After Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi is next in the line of succession should Joe Biden’s mind finally wander off forever and the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution has to be invoked. As the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, would Pelosi not be required to submit an itinerary of her trip to the White House for approval? It boggles the mind that US State Secretary Antony Blinken claims that the Biden Administration does not know what Pelosi intends to do. At the very least someone in the government (Blinken perhaps) should have read the riot act to Pelosi and warned her of the consequences of carrying out her fantasy folly.


    2. I’ll tell you what it did when Israel attacked Palestine. Fuck all. Mind you, Frau Fireball is an expert in international law, so she must know better.

      Never mind; as you pointed out, the example of Ukraine – with whom the United States also ‘stands shoulder to shoulder’ – should not have been lost on anyone. If Pelosi’s visit is meant to provoke a violent response from China to reinforce its consideration that Taiwan belongs to China, the USA can and will do nothing about it. American think-tankers have ginned up estimates of how long it would take China to mount an armed response across the Taiwan Strait which are frankly ridiculous, and China is getting pretty tired of American provocations. Washington would have a considerably harder time funneling weapons into Taiwan than just driving them through the tunnel from Poland. And if China decided to take Taiwan under its control to teach Uncle Sam a lesson, then Washington would have contributed to that lesson with the passage of its CHIPS Act (isn’t it cute how they think up acronyms that mirror the intent?), which says that in pouring subsidies into bigging up America’s domestic chipmaking, it realizes Taiwan is an indefensible vulnerability. And there would go about 60% of America’s chip fabrication.

      China would not care if the USA was making lots of chips in its own backyard if it captured an entire fabrication industry of its own.


  78. The stupid old hag has landed!

    The US lawmaker claimed that her trip to Taiwan comes at a time “when the world faces a choice between autocracy and democracy”. She added that her visit forms part of Washington’s “commitment to democracy” and reaffirmed that Taiwan and other democracies in the world “must be respected”.

    In the face of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) accelerating aggression, our congressional delegation’s visit should be seen as an unequivocal statement that America stands with Taiwan, our democratic partner, as it defends itself and its freedom

    Pelosi in an op-ed for the Washington Post upon her arrival in Taiwan,

    Hells bells, Taiwan!

    The USA “stands by” Banderastan as well!

    Get ready to die for Uncle Sam’s global imperial interests.

    Source: Nancy Pelosi Says US Cannot Stand By as China ‘Proceeds to Threaten Taiwan’
    53 minutes ago (Updated: 2 minutes ago)


    1. The world has just seen a prolonged and very vivid example of how living in a ‘democracy’ does nothing at all to protect your individual rights and freedoms if your ‘democratic’ rulers decide those rights and freedoms must be overridden ‘for the public good’. ‘Democracy’ is really just an alternate spelling for ‘Autocracy’ that happens to start with ‘D’.

      If the USA cannot ‘stand by’…then what’s it going to do? Would it like to see China take Japan, too, as a likely springboard for a US attack?


      1. These dumb-arse snow-niggers here soon caught on to the real meaning of “democracy” USA-style when Yeltsin and his gang, all traitorous vermin, imposed its delights onto the Russian state for the Orcs’ greater good: they soon relabelled “demokratsia” [демокрация — democracy] as “dermokratsia” [дерьмокрация — dermokratsia].

        In Russian, “dermo” [дерьмо] means “shit”, hence “dermokratsia” means “shitocracy”.

        Liked by 1 person

  79. 2 Aug, 2022 22:22
    Donbass fighting is ‘hell’ – Zelensky
    The president says Ukrainian forces can’t break Russia’s advantage in artillery and manpower

    Gimme money!

    Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Tuesday that the fighting in Donbass was “hell,” claiming that Kiev’s military remained heavily outgunned and even outnumbered by Russia and appealing to the US and its allies for even more weapons such as the HIMARS rocket launchers.

    In a five-minute address to Ukrainians, Zelensky thanked US President Joe Biden and NATO for sending the rocket artillery, calling it “very effective” and vowing to inflict “more painful losses” on the Russians, whom he described as a “horde” of invaders.

    “The word ‘HIMARS’ has become almost synonymous with the word ‘justice’ for our country,” Zelensky said.

    The US has sent 16 of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems to Ukraine so far. Russia said it had destroyed four of them, though Ukraine and the Pentagon have denied this. Zelensky added that he was expecting even more weapons from the West and thanked the Ukrainian diplomats trying to arrange for additional shipments.

    “Yet we are unable to break the Russian army’s advantage in artillery and manpower, and this is very much felt in the fighting, especially in Donbass. Peski, Avdeevka, other directions … It’s just hell there. It cannot even be described in words,” the Ukrainian president added.

    The two towns near Donetsk, heavily fortified since 2015, have seen heavy fighting over the past week. On Tuesday, Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov, embedded with the military in Donbass, posted an expletive-laden report from Peski calling it a “meat grinder.” Butusov infamously filmed himself firing a cannon on the Donbass “separatists” last year.

    “There is no counter-battery fire, none at all,” he wrote on Tuesday. Russian forces were firing “6,500 shells per f****g village in less than 24 hours. It’s been like this for six days now, and it’s hard to fathom how any number of our infantry remain alive under this barrage.”

    Ukrainian troops were holding the line, Butusov claimed, but “without counter-battery fighting, it turns into a senseless meat grinder, where huge numbers of our infantry are chewed up in one day.” According to Butusov, a reserve platoon that tried to advance was taken apart in minutes, with only one out of 15 men left unharmed.

    “All the reserves are spent, the military equipment goes up in flames, and the enemy approaches and takes our positions without any problems after another barrage of artillery,” he wrote. “Right now we are losing Péski, all our human and material capabilities are almost exhausted.”

    While Zelensky did not go into this much detail, he did say that of the 167 service members he was decorating this week, 32 would get their awards posthumously.

    Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, designed to give the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the ceasefire to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.”

    In February 2022, the Kremlin recognized the Donbass republics as independent states and demanded that Ukraine officially declare itself a neutral country that will never join any Western military bloc. Kiev insists the Russian offensive was completely unprovoked.


    1. “The word ‘HIMARS’ has become almost synonymous with the word ‘justice’ for our country,” Zelensky said.”

      I threw up in my mouth a little when I read that. Be careful, Zelensky – you’re going too far in your maudlin attempts to pander to American enjoyment of flattery.


  80. Lenta.RU

    07: 07, 3 August 2022
    A Ukrainian volunteer announced a “meat grinder” for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Pisky

    Ukrainian volunteer Sergey Gnezdilov called the fighting in the village of Peski in the DPR a personal hell, which has been going on for the sixth day. He wrote about this on his Facebook page (a social network banned in the Russian Federation; owned by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned)..

    “There is no counter-battery fire at all, the enemy puts artillery shells in our trenches without any problems for themselves, breaks very strong, concrete positions in 10 minutes, without a pause and minimal rest, pushing through our defense line,” he wrote.

    He called what is happening a meat grinder, “where a monstrous amount of Ukrainian infantry is ground in a day.” According to him, 6,500 shells were fired at the village in a day, and two 82 and 120 mm mortars are working from the Ukrainian side.

    Previously, Deputy Commander of the 11th separate Guards Yenakiyevo-Danube Motorized Rifle Regiment of the DPR People’s Militia Ilya Yemelyanov said that the republic’s forces liberated the village of Peski by 50 percent. Currently, the military is clearing trenches after breaking through the first line of enemy defense.

    Head of the DPR Denis Pushilin has said that the republic’s forces have crossed the Yasinovataya-Konstantinovka highway and are moving towards Avdiivka. Also, according to him, the units have gained a foothold in the village of Peski and are developing an offensive in the direction of Maryinka.


  81. Interesting comment on MoA:

    About the « slow manner » of the SMO and some other issues concerning Ukraine.

    On the Internet there is an article by French Brigadier General (retired) Antoine Martinez, Ukraine-Russia conflict: From fantasy to reality, from illusion to disillusionment. Most of what he says won’t surprise barflies, but if your neighbours and friends (and mine) think you’ve been brainwashed in the Manchurian candidate way, you can ask them if General Martinez has been too.

    The article recalls that « the operation launched on 24 February by the Russian president is not the starting point of this conflict but is a logical continuation of a war prepared by the United States. »

    General Martinez recalls the comments made in December 2014 by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko against the inhabitants of the east of the country:

    “We will have work and they will not. We will have pensions and they will not. We will have benefits for pensioners and children, they will not. Our children will go to school and day care, their children will stay in the cellars…And that’s how, that’s precisely how we will win this war!”

    He asks the question whether the Russian operation was foreseeable or not, and relates the sacking of the head of the French military intelligence (Direction du Renseignement Militaire, DRM), who thought that the Russians would not attack.

    According to General Martinez, the DRM was right in its own way because the Russian intervention was improvised:

    « The military operation (…) was not, in fact, launched on 24 February by Vladimir Putin but on 16 February by the Ukrainian army, which began shelling the civilian population of the Donbass, putting Vladimir Putin in front of a difficult choice. The massive increase in fire against the population of Donbass from that date onwards indicates to the Russians that a major offensive is imminent (…) This is, in fact, an organised provocation – which could, moreover, be qualified as a war crime (bombing of civilian populations) – intended to push Russia to the brink by intervening. In order to be convinced, but is it surprising, the American president, Joe Biden, announced on 17 February, with a Machiavellian assurance, that Russia would attack Ukraine in the next few days. He is obviously right, since the situation will evolve according to the written scenario. »

    « (…) It is not a question of taking over Ukraine, nor of occupying or destroying it. This operation was launched as a matter of urgency on 24 February, eight days after the start of the massive bombardment of the civilian population of Donbass, which preceded the assault by Kiev’s forces by a few days. This is why it has been called a special operation because it is not a classic high-intensity war against an intractable enemy but rather an operation to liberate a friendly population (Donbass) that has been martyred for eight years in the deafening silence of the Western leaders and media.

    This is why Russia has decided to commit only 12% to 15% of its soldiers, without calling on its immense reserves and without declaring a partial, let alone general, mobilisation. The operation is, in fact, being conducted with a numerical inferiority of 1:2, whereas experts admit that the ratio of forces on the ground required in the offensive phase should be 3:1, or even 5:1 in urban areas.

    In this context, the offensive towards Kiev could only aim at fixing the Ukrainian troops elsewhere than in the Donbass: “We must always bear in mind this principle of the balance of power. With 1:1 or 1:2, it is out of the question to engage in urban combat. »

    General Martinez points out (rightly so IMO)« the immense responsibility of France and Germany in the present situation with their renunciation or their lack of will – and this for eight years – to follow and ensure the application of [the Minsk] agreements whereas they were the guarantors. »

    (Machine translation via DeepL)

    I let you discover the rest of the article (in French, use a translation software):

    Posted by: Leuk | Aug 2 2022 15:22 utc

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d like to photocopy that article and nail it to the front door of every f*cking halfwit in my town who still keeps a blue and yellow flag in his window.


  82. NYT reported no confidence between the US and Zelensky
    August 3, 2022

    The administration of US President Joe Biden is distrustful of the Kiev regime, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This was stated by columnist Thomas Friedman in The New York Times.

    In his article, the publicist criticized the visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. According to him, the consequences of this trip can give completely unexpected and unpleasant consequences for Washington. He also compared this flight of Pelosi with the situation around the Ukraine.

    “Couldn’t have chosen a worse time… And in private, US officials are much more concerned about the Ukraine leadership than is made public. There is a deep distrust between the White House and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, much greater than reported”, Friedman said.

    He pointed out that the Kiev authorities had not provided Washington with convincing explanations for the recent resignations in the highest circles of power. Friedman also hinted at the large scope of corruption in the Ukraine.

    As REGNUM reported, on August 1, the director of the office of the Ukrainian president, Andrey Yerman, had said that Kiev was asking Washington for personal negotiations between Zelensky and the head of the White House, Joe Biden.


    1. Let’s be clear about something here; the US government does not care if Zelensky is corrupt; only that there is not a general perception that he is corrupt. It does not care if he is honest and forthright with the US government, because the US government is content for its mass media to print whatever he and his press corps say so long as it cannot be proven to be lies in the short term. What the US government – and the governments of its allies – cares about is his perceived ability to see their operation through, and that he has the support of the Ukrainian people to do so. It is that which is more and more in doubt, with the result that the US government trusts him less.


      1. In short, Elensky must be seen to be delivering what he must have promised to deliver, and he clearly is failing in that respect.

        At the same time the US govt has invested massive amounts in the Ukrainian operation and the ultimate beneficiaries are not seeing any returns on those investments. It would seem that time may be running out, deadlines (like the US mid-term Congressional elections) are either coming close or being missed, and some people are panicking.


    2. If I were Zelensky, I would be considering early retirement. It looks to me as if the US is getting ready to dump him.


  83. 2 hours ago
    China warns Germany about the consequences of statements on Taiwan
    Moscow speaking

    I’m a real clever bugger, me!

    The statements of the Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock do not correspond to reality. This was announced at a briefing by the official representative of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hua Chunying.

    “Violation of the one-China principle can undermine bilateral relations with Germany. We hope that the German side will take an objective and correct position on Taiwan”, TASS quoted Chunying as saying.

    The Chinese diplomat clarified that the recent words of German politicians cause dissatisfaction with the Chinese government. In particular, earlier Annalena Baerbock said in New York that Berlin opposes non-compliance with generally accepted legislative norms, including by China. She added that when a big neighbor attacks a small one”, international law is violated”, Rambler reports.


    1. Just keep digging that hole, Germany.

      I think it was Gilbert Doctorow who claimed that all the “West”s political leaders were incompetent. They seem determined to live up to his opinion. I think I tend to exempt NZ’s Jacinda Ardern to some extent.


      1. Someone I once knew at work who has relatives in New Zealand told me Jacinda Ardern has a reputation as a lousy administrator, hopeless at managing the Kiwi economy.

        She initially came to power in 2017 on a platform that, among other things, promised to relieve a housing shortage in New Zealand by building thousands of new homes (100,000 homes by 2027) but since then the situation has worsened, property prices have risen astronomically and now New Zealand is one of the least affordable countries for people to buy homes in. The trope that the average house in New Zealand (520,000 pounds) costs twice as much as the average house in the United Kingdom (260K) is being repeated in other news media outlets like The Spectator.

        Ardern’s Zero Covid policy with the sudden lockdowns is also becoming more and more unpopular with the Kiwi general public. In the first lockdown (March 2020) people could rely on financial support from Wellington but during the second lockdown (August 2021), the same level of support was absent. High school students in South Auckland apparently had to take on jobs as essential workers to help support families.

        Covid-19: Fears more students will drop out after taking jobs to support whānau


  84. If it weren’t for bad luck, the German Government would have no luck at all, it seems. This little gem is twinkling in the comments to b’s latest piece on moonofalabama:

    “* Tangential difficulty for Germany – Dry weather conditions lower water level in Rhine, coal barges cannot pass with full load! Presumably this is just as big a driver of electricity prices, considering the country’s generation mix.

    Posted by: ptb | Aug 3 2022 18:37 utc | 134”

    You’d need to have a heart of stone not to laugh.


  85. Russian Operations in Ukraine (August 4, 2022): featuring Mark Sleboda

    Aug 4, 2022 Joining me for this update is Mark Sleboda, an international relations and security expert based in Russia, and US Navy veteran.

    We will discuss the latest developments in Ukraine including a recent Pentagon briefing and Western media claims made in recent days.


  86. Zelensky accuses EU of artificially delaying €8bn aid to the Ukraine
    At the same time, the Ukrainian leader did not name a specific country that is delaying assistance to Kiev

    August 5, 2022

    Kiev, 5 August. /TASS/. The European Union (EU) is artificially delaying the provision of macro-financial assistance to the Ukraine amounting to €8 billion, President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday.

    “Every day and in different ways, I remind some EU leaders that Ukrainian pensioners, our displaced citizens, our teachers and other people who depend on budget payments should not be held hostage to their indecision or bureaucracy”, Zelensky said in his evening address, published in on his Telegram channel. “Eight billion euros for the Ukraine is now suspended. And such an artificial delay in macro-financial assistance for our state is either a crime or a mistake.”

    Zelensky did not name a specific country that is delaying assistance to the Ukraine. He also expressed the hope that “this is still a mistake and it will be corrected”.

    Earlier, Deputy Head of the Office of the President of the Ukraine Igor Zhovkva accused Germany of blocking macro-financial assistance to the amount of €9 billion. According to him, the Ukraine has already received €1 billion, but Germany and some other European countries are delaying the provision of the remaining €8 billion.

    On Thursday, Reuters reported that the European Union intends to form a new financial assistance package for the Ukraine to the amount of €8 billion by September. Part of the funds will be provided to Kiev in the form of grants, and the rest in the form of loans. Prior to this, the European Commission completed the transfer to the Ukraine of €1 billion in macro-financial loan assistance, agreed in June and July. The EU Council at the level of ministers for economics and finance on July 12 approved the corresponding loan to Kiev.

    On May 18, the European Commission announced the preparation of an emergency macro-financial lending programme for the Ukraine to the amount of 9 billion euros under EU guarantees by the end of this year. The approved loan of €1 billion was the first tranche under this programme.


    Gimme the money!

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