Made with 100% Pure Organic Nuts

Uncle Volodya says, “When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

Some of you, perhaps most, saw Maria Zakharova accuse the British press of operating under state orders to generate as much negative reporting on Russia as possible, with the aim of spoiling the upcoming World Cup events in Russia. While I couldn’t stipulate to the truth of that – and frankly, it sounds a little incredible –  I am reminded of the Anglo-American crusade just a couple of years ago to ruin the Sochi Olympics, by accusing Russia of a draconian crackdown on homosexuals.

Remember that? The American and British news outlets were all-rainbow, all the time, wailing and gnashing their teeth about the plight of innocent gay folk in Russia, unable to publicly express their love without being dragged off to the clink as a bunch of degenerates, all thanks to Russia’s innate hostility and hatred of gays. I did a post then, too, on how stupid and deliberately misdirected that was. The Russian law which inspired all the breast-beating and soul-searching in the west actually only forbade propagandizing homosexual relations to minors, which in Russia is children under 16.

Anyway, that sort of makes the possibility of another organized media campaign against Russia, in an attempt to ruin a major sports event, more believable. Why? Because Britain could not give a tin weasel for the state of homosexual rights now. No more than our increasingly-wacko liberal society now demands, at any rate. The UK deported a gay man to Morocco last year, despite the probability he would face a possible 3 years imprisonment, and after the Moroccan Minister for Human Rights referred to homosexuals as ‘scum’. The Home Office, in rejecting his claim of asylum, said his claimed treatment ‘did not amount to persecution’. In Russia, those found guilty of propagandizing the homosexual lifestyle to minor children would pay a small fine. But that was unacceptable to the Home Office, and reeked of persecution.

I don’t want to take up any more of your time with that issue, because that’s not where we’re going. That was all just background, and I merely wanted to establish that the possibility of an organized campaign by the British media against Russia is believable. Although it would hardly be necessary, and would be tantamount to a state order for fat people to up their fast-food intake, since bashing Russia day in, day out is already a labour of love for the British press.

So with all that in mind, check out this incredible story. According to Andriy Gergert, commander of the Eighth Detached Battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, his pal Mikus Alps was tortured and  burnt up in a car…by the Russians. He has no doubt about it. Continue reading “Made with 100% Pure Organic Nuts”

Welcome to the Boomtown

Uncle Volodya says, ““Common sense will tell us that the power which hath endeavoured to subdue us is, of all others, the most improper to defend us.”

Ms. Cristina drives a nine four four
Satisfaction oozes from her pores
She keeps rings on her fingers
Marble on her floor
Cocaine on her dresser
Bars on her doors…

I say welcome, welcome to the boomtown
Pick a habit
We got plenty to go around
Welcome, welcome to the boomtown
All that money makes such a succulent sound…

From, “Welcome to the Boomtown”, by David & David

Things seem finally to be looking up in Ukraine. Well, according to the Anglosphere’s news. Look, I understand if some of you are a little skeptical, considering how often the news on Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran and Israel in the popular press has turned out to be chunky-style bullshit with a crispy crust of fabrication. But we mustn’t be judgy.

The minimum wage is up, in Ukraine, they say. Actually, that’s not announcing it with the appropriate level of astonishment and wonder – give me a second to get the brass band together. That’s an oboe, fool: beat it. There. Ready? Watch me, now; I’m the conductor. Ba-BAHHHH!!!!Minimum wage in Ukraine has risen by just a hair over 14%, in the last week! Yes, the Poroshenko government has announced a wage increase by 523 Hr to 3,723 Hr! Per month!!! And that’s not all – Naftogaz announced its profits were up 21% year-over-year in the first half of 2017. The state’s expenditures came in under budget, while its revenues increased by 28.7%. The ministry acknowledged that some of the amount realized which exceeded projections was due to asset confiscation, but any way you look at it, that’s just good leadership.

Oh; wait.

According to an article translated and sourced from (Strana publishes in Russian and the main IP is located in France), the boost in wages is more than wiped out by the depreciation of the currency and the aggressive rise in domestic prices. Some will want to suggest this is not a reliable source, so let’s check. Strana says, an average salary (not minimum wage) in Ukraine in 2013 – pre-Maidan – was 3,619 Hr. That was worth, at the time, $443.00 USD. In 2017 an average salary was 7360 Hr; more than doubled from 2013. But its value was only $277.00 USD, only a bit better than half its previous value. Is it true?

Looks like it. This is a chart of the Hryvnia’s exchange value over the last 5 years.


As the label suggests, I got it from XE Currency Charts, a pretty reliable source. Also, I don’t want them to sue me. So thanks, XE. Anyway, you don’t need to be Oleksandr Danylyuk to see the Hryvnia fell off a cliff as soon as the Glorious Maidan turned into a tire-burning punchfest. You can see attempts to arrest its fall – all unsuccessful. It clawed its way up a little at the onset of 2015, went through jerky tachycardia into the beginning of 2016, and then subsided into gasping wheezes until the right-hand termination of the record, where the sole mercy was that it had not quite plumbed the depths of that initial terrifying slide into the abyss. I would say there is little doubt that claim is true.

But there’s more.

The cost of rent has grown almost five-fold. The figure for rent is not too bad; it’s about double in 2017 what it was in 2013, and prices go up and down – mostly up – everywhere in response to various market forces. But it is the cost increase in utilities which is truly scary – electricity costs have gone up by six times, gas by 8 times. Continue reading “Welcome to the Boomtown”

The Sour Grapes of Wrath

Uncle Volodya says, “Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes.”

In the action business, when you don’t want to say you ran like a mouse, you call it ‘taking cover’. It’s more heroic.

Jim Butcher, from “Dead Beat”

It is certainly not a new phenomenon to see the western media hammering on Vladimir Putin as the very eye of evil, and characterizing his administration as dictatorial, bloated, greedy, self-interested; trampling on freedom and pissing on democracy like some out-of-control Fourth Reich. Nor is it unusual to see the western media belittle and mock any Russian achievement as if it were unworthy of the name, transcended a thousandfold by ordinary western goodness.

What is unusual is to see the west muscling in to grab credit for victory it did everything it could to prevent and still not show its hand too obviously.

But that’s what Bessma Momani attempts to do in “Putin’s ‘mission accomplished’ moment in Syria was all for show”, for The Globe and Mail. And she’s not the first to claim, although a world less ignorant than this one is would laugh out loud at such a clumsy attempt to pull the wool over its eyes, that the victory over ISIS in Syria was actually a western accomplishment, while Russia slowed that eventual glorious climax to the conflict with its meddling.

I’m stuck for a comparison. It’s like a claim that the Periodic Law was founded by George W. Bush. Or that the pioneer of the modern helicopter was Elon Musk. The single-minded imperative to exaggerate everything bad that Russia does – when it is not necessary to invent it completely, a la the ludicrous determination to ‘prove’ that Russian election meddling put Trump in the driver’s seat and cost Hillary Clinton the prize – and pour scorn on any of its achievements is like some kind of disease; one that makes its host less concerned with credibility the further it advances.

Well, let’s take a closer look at that, what say?

First of all, let’s establish some benchmarks; that should make later conclusions easier to draw. Number one, the rise of ISIS (at the moment of its creation, ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is reported by Agence France Presse to have commenced in Syria in the Spring of 2013 with the Al-Nusra Front’s pledge of allegiance to al Qaeda. Keep that in the back of your mind, because by the time we get to the present in this colossal bait-and-switch, Al-Nusra will be the moderates, the sort-of good guys. Continue reading “The Sour Grapes of Wrath”