Antony Blinken, Double Agent.

Uncle Volodya says, “…And the future is dark, and the present is spread, Like a pillow of thorns for thy slumberless head..”

“That’s like leaping off a precipice and trying to knit yourself a parachute on the way down.”

Kelli Jae Baeli

“Ah! how little knowledge does a man acquire in his life. He gathers it up like water, but like water it runs between his fingers, and yet, if his hands be but wet as though with dew, behold a generation of fools call out, ‘See, he is a wise man!’ Is it not so?”

H. Rider Haggard, She: A History of Adventure

“When every little bit of hope is gone
Sad songs say so much (ooh, la, la-la, ooh, la, la-la)”

Elton John, from Sad Songs (Say So Much)

The time has come to consider the unthinkable – that Antony Blinken, career politician and diplomat, foreign-policy advisor to the political stars and current United States Secretary of State, is a double agent secretly working for the Russian state. In this pursuit, judging from his performance, he seeks to help Russia sabotage American efforts to bring the goodly goodness of freedom and democracy to benighted masses around the world who know them not.

Okay, I’m being sarcastic, but come on – he must be. He gives such a convincing performance of trying to wrestle Russia to the ground so freedom-lovers everywhere can kick it to death …but somehow, his cunning plans keep resulting in a net benefit to Russia. He certainly doesn’t look that clever. But he wouldn’t be as effective as a Russian agent if his bumbling appeared to be anything other than a totally-unforeseen accident.

Take his earlier work on arm-twisting Europe into banning sales of Russian oil to European countries. Back then, Blinken took credit for persuading ‘European allies’ to kick sanctions up a couple notches by banning sales of Russian oil to the United States and those selfsame European allies, while ‘ensuring an appropriate supply of oil on world markets’. How’d that work out? Like an ashtray on a motorbike. The average price of gasoline in the USA is $4.90 per gallon, even with Preznit Biden releasing a million barrels of oil a day from the strategic national reserve for a forecast six months – the largest release in U.S. history – and calling on Congress to declare a three-month ‘gas-tax holiday’ for Americans. That’s a 55%-plus jump year-over-year from 2021. And the USA doesn’t even buy very much oil from Russia.

It’s…ummm…quite a bit worse in Europe. June gasoline average price in France, for example, is $2.19 USD per liter. To get the U.S. gallon price, multiply by 3.7 – $8.10. In the UK, $8.43. In the Netherlands, $9.21. Most western news sources blame it on ‘Russia’s war in Ukraine’, which had little to do with world gas prices directly, and everything to do with Washington-inspired sanctions which restricted the global supply of oil. Well played, Blinken.

Well played? Well, yes, if you consider who benefited from that self-inflicted debacle – Russia. It fell to the U.S. Senior Adviser for Energy Security, Amos Hochstein, to announce that Russia had made more money than ever; according to the International Energy Agency (IEA);

The International Energy Agency said in May that Russia’s oil revenue was up 50% since the beginning of the year to $20 billion a month, with the EU taking the biggest share of its exports. The EU’s ban on Russian oil, expected to take full effect at the end of the year, could cut that revenue.

‘Could’ cut that revenue. Take that forecast with the grain of salt appropriate to knowing the deliberate plan to crash Russia’s hydrocarbon revenues resulted in it making even more money than before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, even as it sells less oil because the world price is higher, leaving it with more oil to sell at the higher price, and the oil ban will not even take effect until the end of this year.

If it ever happens. Germany is already gearing up for full-crisis mode, as natural-gas flows through the Nord Stream pipeline have been cut by 60%. Talking dildo and sometime German Economy and Energy Minister Robert Habeck announced the incipient panic, along with exhortations to stay strong and prepare for rationing.

Uh huh; that’s the same guy who strutted and pranced for the admiring western press back in March, and reported that Germany planned to halve Russian oil intake by summer – which is now, in most countries – and terminate Russian coal imports by autumn. This year. Yes, the same Germany that is now scrambling to find enough of its own coal to replace lost gas flows, while the same talking dildo – well, more of a weeping dildo, now – blubbers that this amounts to Vladimir Putin declaring war on Germany. I swear. I mean, you heard him say that what is happening now was Germany’s plan, and Germany was an enthusiastic (officially, anyway) participant in the sanctions which aimed to deliberately reduce dependence on Russian energy. And if it isn’t too much like kicking him when he’s down, I would like to point out that Germany’s plan to replace Russian energy relies on shipborne LNG imports transported by tanker, probably the single biggest contributor to global air pollution, and would drastically increase the amount of heavy marine transports at sea and maneuvering in restricted waterways where collision could be disastrous. Habeck himself – supposedly some kind of progressive – claims to have ‘secured deals’ to receive LNG imports from Qatar, which is a constitutional monarchy ruled by a male member of the al-Thani family since 1918. But it punishes Russia, see? Except, obviously, it doesn’t really, and the countries securing low(er) oil prices are India and China, one of whom is arguably the USA’s biggest geopolitical foe, and the other what the U.S. State Department considers a loose cannon that will not obey American directives. The latter has bought five times as much oil from Russia so far this year – only half over, remember – than it did all of last year, and both countries can use the savings to promote and support development the west cannot afford with energy prices so high. Well played, Agent Blinkenov.

“Since Russia’s invasion in late February, global oil prices have soared, giving refiners in India and other countries an added incentive to tap oil Moscow is offering them at steep discounts of $30 to $35, compared with Brent crude and other international oil now trading at about $120 per barrel.”

Like that? How about this?

“Chinese state-owned and independent refiners also have stepped up purchases. In 2021, China was the largest single buyer of Russian oil, taking 1.6 million barrels per day on average, equally divided between pipeline and seaborne routes, according to the International Energy Agency.”

China buys four times as much Russian oil as India, about 1.6 million barrels per day. And who’s in charge of pitching arguments to them, or at least to India, to cut it out? You know.

“The U.S. recognizes India’s need for affordable energy, but “we’re looking to allies and partners not to increase their purchases of Russian energy,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said after a meeting of U.S. and Indian foreign and defense ministers in April.”

That’s right – double-nought Blinky, Kremlin enabler. Insert sinister bass-organ notes here.

But, as usual, that’s just background, and not even what I wanted to talk about; nope, what I wanted toI'm screwed -> την έχω πατήσει, την έχω βαμμένη, την έκατσα τη βάρκα ... talk about is Agent Blinkenov’s latest cunning plan to do for the world gold market what he did for the world energy market.

Gold is “the second most lucrative export that Russia has, after energy,” Blinken told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “It’s about $19 billion per year, and most of that is within the G7 countries. Cutting that off, denying access to about $19 billion of revenue a year, that’s significant.”

As the reference correctly pointed out, gold is a long way from Russia’s ‘second-most-lucrative export’. Russia signed contracts for more than $50 Billion in arms exports in 2021, and agricultural exports dwarf gold sales at $37 Billion. But more importantly, will American persuasion of its allies to stop buying Russian gold shut down Moscow’s gold revenues?

How? Gold is a fungible commodity – like oil, an ounce of gold is interchangeable with any other ounce of gold. That’s according to American guidance. The same reference goes on to lecture,

“There’s a reason why thousands of years ago, humans adopted gold, rather than some other commodity, as a medium of exchange in their commercial lives: Gold’s combination of luster, malleability, density, and  scarcity sets it apart from all other commodities known to humankind. Gold is uniquely portable,  identifiable, and available in finite quantities—the perfect combination for a reliable medium of exchange and store of wealth.”

Hmmm. Scarce, and available in finite quantities. Let me ask you this – what traditionally happens to the price of valuable commodities available in finite quantities when that commodity’s availability is artificially restricted?

Agent Blinkenov is setting up an increase in the price of a commodity that can easily be marketed by any country as having originated from its own reserves, and two of the top four global gold importers are countries that commonly just roll their eyes these days when Uncle Sam starts laying down the law – India and China. The biggest importer of gold, by a wide margin, is Switzerland, but Switzerland produces no gold of its own. If gold is harder to get, it will cost more. Not rocket science. Gluing this parcel of foolishness together are unenforceable regulations that will do nothing to stop the movement of Russian gold, while making its unstoppable trade in gold more lucrative.

Now that Alexei Kudrin has departed Russia for Israel in a liberal huff, because Russia does not take American orders seriously, his last job – Chairman of the Accounts Chamber – is vacant. I propose the position be offered to Blinken. After all, his machinations to increase Russia’s wealth and global influence cannot be made to look like accidents forever. At some point even American intelligence is going to catch on, and Blinken will need to be extracted. Planning for his long-term employment in Russia now will pay dividends later.

Come on, Ms. Zakharova; do I have to think of everything myself?


388 thoughts on “Antony Blinken, Double Agent.

  1. The mission to drum up support for the mooted “price cap” on Russian oil could be what football pundits refer to as “a big ask”:

    As the Democrats fear a bloodbath in the November elections, this move looks like Biden’s “Hail Mary” move to shore up the vote in those places (those very many places) where access to EVERYTHING – work, retail outlets, medical services &c – requires a lot of road miles in your own vehicle. My friend in a suburban area in Michigan has no shop – and that’s just a “convenience store” – closer than six miles and that’s by no means unusual. Except in the remotest areas of western Europe, most private driving is really elective rather than inescapable as in vast areas of North America.


    1. The whole idea is stupid on its face – in what other area of commerce is the buyer able to set what he believes to be a fair price regardless of the level of supply? Would Italy still sell Ferraris in America if the nation decided a Ferrari is just a car, and should be priced the same as a high-end Ford, maybe a Crown Victoria? Perceived value is driven by competition, and if Washington realized how socialist it sounds to impose an artificial price cap from without on a commodity which has global sales, regardless how available it is, they would drop it like it burned their fingers. Under this regimen one would only have to found a lobby group to spread the view that such-and-such a product – say paint – is artificially expensive because the manufacturer wants to make ridiculous profits, and that a fair price is X dollars. If you can’t get the whole world to go along with it, you’re going to have to learn to do without paint. At the same time – speaking again of oil – the threat of an imposed price cap keeps the price high, and Russia can sell at a discount of $35.00 a barrel to China and India and still sell the same volumes, while as long as the posturing and uncertainty keep the world price high, Russia makes as much money. Pick something Europe sells – or sold – a lot of in Russia, a luxury item; Ferragamo shoes. Imagine Russia offered a position that all shoes are created more or less equal, and that Ferragamo shoes are stupidly overpriced – henceforth, Russia will pay the same for Ferragamo as it does for Nike. Imagine the western ridicule. And if it kept up that position, nobody in Russia would get Ferragamo shoes, because the maker would simply sell them elsewhere.

      My workplace, or at least where I start from, is 16 miles from my home. I drive there and back every day of an 8-day cycle, and on mornings I could not take a bus or any form of public transit as none are running (except taxis) at 03:45 when I have to leave for work. I could cycle, but I would have to leave a lot earlier and then stay awake through a 9-hour day, and frequently the weather is not conducive to cycling. I have no practical alternative to driving.


  2. French Economy minister Bruno Le Merde Maire says to expect and plan for all Russian gas to u-Rope to be cut off. Why so? Didn’t he let the cat out of the bag by saying publicly that the west’s plan was to wage ‘economic war on Russia’ only to backtrack a couple of days later. Who are these **tards?


  3. Hacker RaHDIt: the losses of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are at least 50 thousand killed
    July 11, 2022, 03: 09

    Losses of the Ukrainian army at the moment amount to at least 50-70 thousand killed, a member of the Russian hacker group RaHDI has said.

    “The losses of the Ukrainian army are really very high, much higher than what the presidential office officially declares, Ukrainian politicians officially declare… It is greatly underestimated, there are clearly not 10, there are at least 50-70 thousand irretrievable losses that they really have”, RIA Novosti quotes the hacker.

    Earlier, the Minister of Defence of the UkraineAlexey Reznikov had spoken about the heavy losses of the Ukrainian army.

    The Independent newspaper had also written earlier that the Ukrainian military had called service on the eastern front “hell on earth”.


  4. The Minister of Defence of the Ukraine Reznikov has spoken about the losses and exhaustion of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine
    July 10, 2022, 20:04

    Ukrainian Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has claimed that there are heavy losses in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and a depletion of weapons. He said this on July 10 in an interview with the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. According to him, the Armed Forces of the Ukraine need to update their units, replace them and rearrange them.

    “We expect more armoured vehicles and weapons from our partners. We need to reorganize in some areas, update the fortifications and plan a new operational strategy”, Reznikov said.

    He also added that the Ukraine had “passed the test” thanks to the successful use of recently delivered American long-range artillery systems. However, the high level of casualties along the front line caused the need for additional supplies of armoured vehicles and drones.

    On 7 July, the Russian Defence Ministry said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces command had ordered that the treatment of its wounded servicemen be shortened and that they be sent to the front without rehabilitation. In addition, the acute shortage of first-echelon personnel had forced Kiev to deploy National Battalions, which had been performing tasks in the rear areas as detachments, to the front line.

    On June 14, Kiev announced “hundreds of thousands” who had been mobilized. Then Reznikov admitted that because of the high losses, untrained young soldiers were being sent to the front, who then die in battle.

    On May 24, the Ukrainian military recorded an appeal to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian troops Valery Zaluzhny, in which they said that they had not one combat commander and no equipment and, therefore, they are being sent “to certain death”.

    On February 24th, Moscow launched a special operation to protect the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). It was preceded by aggravation of the situation in the region, an appeal of the leadership of the Donbass republics to the Russian Federation with a request for assistance and subsequent recognition of the Independence of the DPR and LPR.

    The Ukrainian authorities have been conducting a military operation against the residents of Donbass, who refused to recognize the results of the coup in Ukraine, since 2014.


  5. July 10, 23: 50
    Ukrainian Defence Minister announces Zelensky’s order to retake the south
    According to Alexey Reznikov, Kiev is gathering “millions” of forces for this purpose. The authorities have called on residents of the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions to evacuate.

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has ordered the military to retake the southern coastal territories that are now under the control of the Russian army. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky ordered the military to retake the southern coastal territories that are now under the control of the Russian army. This was said by the Defence Minister of the Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov in a Times interview.

    “We understand that politically this is very necessary for our country. The President has instructed the Supreme military Commander to develop a plan”, he explained.

    According to Reznikov, for this purpose, the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are assembling “millions of combat forces” equipped with Western weapons.

    Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk on Sunday called on residents of the Kherson and Zaporizhia regions to evacuate, including by way of the Crimea. “This is necessary so that the Armed Forces of the Ukraine do not endanger the civilian population during offensive operations” she explained (quoted by Ukrinform).

    At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister clarified that she does not know “in what time frame” the offensive will be conducted.

    Prior to this, Vereshchuk repeatedly called on residents of the southern Ukrainian regions under the control of Russian forces to evacuate to the territories controlled by Kiev.

    Currently, the Kherson region, as well as the central and southern parts of the Zaporizhia region (including Melitopol and Berdyansk) are completely under the control of the Russian armed forces. Civil-military administrations have been set up in these territories.


  6. July 10, 23: 55,
    updated on July 11, 01: 08
    The British Foreign Secretary has put forward her candidacy for the post of Conservative leader and Prime Minister

    LONDON, July 11. /tass/. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has put forward her candidacy for the post of head of the country’s ruling Conservative Party and its government. She announced this in an article written by her and published on Sunday evening on The Daily Telegraph website.

    “We are facing the most serious challenges at home amid a global economic crisis. We also face the most serious challenges abroad, coming from an aggressive Russia and an increasingly determined China”, she wrote. “There are less than two years left to prepare for the next elections. It will be a difficult contest, but one that can be won if one keeps one’s promises to the British people. I am running because I can lead the people, keep promises, and make difficult decisions”.

    Truss says that from the first days of her premiership, she will reduce taxes both for the population suffering from sharp price increases, and for businesses that need to remain competitive. She also stated the need to take full advantage of Brexit, reduce the size of the state apparatus and abandon the practice of excessive state interference in people’s lives.

    The Foreign Minister is one of the most outspoken critics of Russia’s actions in the Cabinet of Ministers of Boris Johnson, who announced on July 7 that he would leave the post of prime minister. In the article, Truss credits herself with “helping [the UK] lead the international response” to Russia’s military operation in the Ukraine and introducing a “tough package of sanctions against Moscow, setting an example to the whole world”. Truss and British Defence Minister Ben Wallace were considered favorites in the race for the prime minister’s post, but on July 9, Wallace announced that he would not participate in the internal party election campaign.

    An atypical conservative
    46-year-old Truss has headed the Foreign Ministry since September 2021. She has not left the government for ten years, changing one portfolio for another under three prime ministers (David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson) and never going to “rest” on the back benches of the House of Commons, which are intended for ordinary members of parliament. Only the former Minister for Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis, could compete with her in this respect. He has held ministerial posts almost non-stop since 2014, but resigned last week.

    Truss spent her childhood in Scotland and the north of England, which is considered an economically disadvantaged part of the country and a Labour stronghold. Mary Elizabeth (she has used her middle name as her main name since childhood) is the eldest of four children in the family of a university mathematics professor and a nurse. Truss is almost the only member of the current cabinet who graduated from a state school that did not select students based on academic performance or ability to pay. At the same time, she won a place at Oxford, and it was there, by her own admission, that she first came into close contact with supporters of conservative ideology, such persons until then not having been among her acquaintances. Having made an ideological 180-degree turn, the woman was imbued with Tory ideas and joined the Conservatives when she was just over 20 years old.

    In an interview, Truss admitted that her family held “extreme left” views. According to the Daily Mail, Truss’s father refused to participate in his daughter’s election campaigns because she was running for parliament as a Conservative Party candidate. Her mother was an activist for the British organization for nuclear disarmament, and often took her schoolgirl daughter to anti-war demonstrations and protests against Thatcher’s policies, where the young Elizabeth together with her parents shouted ” Down with Maggie!”. However, now Truss exploits the image of Margaret Thatcher, choosing outfits [similar to those that Thatcher wore] , and calls Thatcher her idol.

    First steps
    After graduating from university, where she studied philosophy, politics and economics, Truss worked for Shell oil and gas and telecommunications company Cable & Wireless, and then became deputy head of the Reform think tank, which studies ways to improve the health and education systems and the judicial and pension systems. At the age of 26, Truss first took part in parliamentary elections, having failed, four years later-in 2005 she was again disappointed, but in 2006 she was elected to the council of the London borough of Greenwich, where she had attracted attention and got onto the lists of promising candidates for parliament, which were compiled at the direction of the Prime Minister David Cameron (who headed the Cabinet from 2010 to 2016), who sought to make the composition of the Conservative Party more inclusive of of representatives of ethnic minorities and women.

    In 2010, Truss ran for Parliament for the third time, but this time with strong support from the party that had nominated her from a constituency in South-West Norfolk, where a Tory candidate was virtually guaranteed victory. The election campaign was overshadowed by the scandal surrounding the adultery of Truss, who, as it turned out, was having an affair with Mark Field in 2006 and who was at that time a Tory MP, a classmate of Boris Johnson and former Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. For Field, who recently left big politics, the scandal ended in divorce, but Truss saved her marriage and successfully repelled an attempt to remove her from participating in the election, accusing opponents of sexism and excessive loyalty to male politicians who allow themselves to cheat on their wives without any damage to their careers.

    Truss began her parliamentary career with Dominic Raab (Minister of Justice), Priti Patel (Minister of the Interior) and Kwasi Kwarteng (Minister of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy); her current cabinet colleagues were elected in the same year. This group of four is inspired by the neo-liberal Thatcherist manifesto Britannia Unchained, a book published in 2012 in which a group of young Tories, speaking from the positions of moderate Euroscepticism and economic libertarianism, castigates the vices of a” lazy society “and sets an example to the United Kingdom of other countries that pay more attention to the United Kingdom. They do not focus on education, do not stifle business with excessive taxes, and do not interfere so much in the economy in order to achieve illusory social justice. The text of the book largely coincides with the ideology of future ” Brexiters”, who would also promote the idea of a “Global Britain” that was not content with second and third roles in the world and should implement economic and international trade policy without regard to Brussels.

    In the same year 2012 – just two years after her election – Truss took up the position of junior Deputy Minister of Education, and two years later received her first ministerial portfolio as head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Protégé of the premier
    In 2016-2017, Truss served as the Minister of Justice, but lost her position amidst criticism from the legal community. She owes her return to prime ministerial roles to Johnson, who took her into his cabinet as a supporter of Brexit, although during the 2016 referendum she supported maintaining the country’s membership in the EU. British commentators note that Truss was also one of the first to support Johnson’s candidacy in the fight for the post of head of the Conservative Party in 2019, although she had initially planned to run herself.

    After taking up the position of Foreign Minister, Truss retained the post of Minister of Women’s Affairs and Equality that had previously belonged to her.

    In interviews about her personal life, Truss said that she values freedom most of all, and most of all regrets those moments when she did not dare to express her opinion sufficiently weightily and loud. Before becoming the head of the Foreign Ministry, she said that she baked cakes, croissants and buns as a hobby, calling it one of the best ways to relieve stress known to her, and personally maintained an Instagram page (banned in the Russian Federation; owned by Meta Corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation), not trusting it to assistants. Two years ago, Truss celebrated her twentieth wedding anniversary. She met her husband, Hugh O’Leary, an accountant, at a young Conservative conference. The couple has two teenage daughters, Liberty and Frances (both names play on the word “freedom”).

    One extremely cupid and scheming stunt!


    1. “I am running because I can lead the people, keep promises, and make difficult decisions. Also, I am wizard at geography!”

      Okay, I made up that last part. She should be on pretty safe ground so long as she remains in Britain, and it will be, after all, a British election.


  7. And here’s another British parliamentarian shit cashing in on Russophobia:

    21: 51, July 10, 2022
    Candidate for Prime Minister of Britain has justified for calling for the expulsion of Russians from the country

    Candidate for Prime Minister Tugendhat has explained that his call to expel Russians from Britain was in order to protect Britain.

    British Prime Ministerial candidate Tom Tugendhat, on Sky News TV, has excused himself for calling for the expulsion of all Russians from the country.

    According to the politician, he wants to ensure that people who pose a threat to the state or undermine its security do not find refuge on British territory.

    Tugendhat added that many Russians had already become full members of British society and are in the country legally, while some Russian citizens need protection.

    On July 10, it was reported that a British MP had proposed to expel all Russian citizens from the country. In his opinion, London does not need a reset in relations with Moscow.

    Tugendhat has dual nationality: he’s half Frog.


    1. One of the qualities which are surely the hallmarks of the politician must be a disproportionate belligerence and eagerness to clash with the enemy on the part of those who would be the very last to fight. Thankfully, we will not have to worry about that with Tom Tugendhat, who already has his own uniform and assault rifle.

      I’m sure the election can keep until he has gone to Ukraine to sort the Russkies out. Too late for Lysichansk, I’m afraid, but I expect there’s another Ukrainian town somewhere just about to fall to the rampaging Orcs.


      1. Looks like Tugendhat is up against a big field of aspiring Prime Ministers including Tank Girl herself:

        Quite a few women (Suella Braverman, Penny Mordaunt, Kemi Badenoch, possibly Priti Patel who is to make an announcement today) are in the hunt as are also Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Grant Shapps (a cousin of Mick Jones who co-founded The Clash in the 1970s and Big Audio Dynamite in the mid-80s), Rishi Sunak and his replacement as Chanellor Nadhim Zahawi.


      2. Tugendhat — a true warrior!

        On 6 July 2003, Tugendhat was commissioned into the Educational and Training Services Branch of the Adjutant General’s Corps, Territorial Army, British Army, as a second lieutenant (on probation). His Territorial Army commission was confirmed on 16 July 2003. He transferred to the Intelligence Corps on 29 July 2003.

        Tugendhat was promoted to lieutenant on 16 July 2005, captain on 1 April 2007, and to major on 1 January 2010. He was a Territorial Army lieutenant colonel by July 2013.

        Tugendhat served during the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. He also served in Afghanistan, in a civilian capacity, for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), and helped set up the National Security Council of Afghanistan and the government in Helmand Province. He later served as one of the military assistants to the Chief of the Defence Staff.


        Those Orcs will rue the day that they set T.A. warrior Tugendhat against them!


        1. The background of the photo certainly looks like Afghanistan – where he was supposedly a civilian – although I suppose it could as easily be Iraq or Sheffield. The uniform looks suspiciously spiffing for combat pyjamas; even the rolls above the elbows like like they were pressed. But maybe he was just always conscious of the responsibility he bore to the taxpayer for kit which was furnished at government expense.


    2. Tugendhat has dual nationality: he’s half Frog.

      But casual racism is ok, especially if you are ‘misunderstood’ and also coz wot u can say whateva bout eevil Ruskis. Like Wimbledon which banned all Russian and Byelorussian players because it had no choice due to UK sanctions. There are exceptions to allowing racism and bigotry, but only for westerners because we are special.

      BTW, Rybakova (Russian but playing for Khazakhstan) won Wimbledon and of course has already publicly denounced the SMO. She plays for Kz because they offered her more moneyu and support.


      1. And the Daily Mail UK (what else), I think, reported a moment of tension when the forever grinning “Duchess of Cambridge” (we all call her “Kate” ‘cos she’s our best friend, see) handed the Wimbledon Women’s Singles champion her prize, because no matter if Rybakova plays for Kazakhstan, she’s still an Orc.

        You can take a Russian out of Russia, but you can’t take Russia out of a Russian!


        1. I hope there was a unit of British Army chemical weapons experts on standby in the basement just in case someone said “IT’S NOT NOVICHOK!” Then the reply would have come back “HOLD ON, WE’VE GOT SOME HERE FOR YOU!”


            1. Usually, being “heavily pregnant” means the woman is in the last three months of pregnancy (the third trimester) and the baby can pop out at any moment.

              I checked this source and found that women can start showing pregnancy bumps in their first trimester for various reasons.
              When Do You Start Showing in Pregnancy?


              1. I remember her. She was chief bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding thrash — in fact, she was train-carrier or whatever, holding up the end of her big sister’s wedding train as “Kate” dragged it down the aisle of Westminster Abbey, therefore giving the TV cameras ample opportunity to focus on Pippa Middleton’s shapely arse, about which the British gutter press (that’s all of it) waxed lyrical for weeks on end about Middleton junior’s backside.

                British “journalism” at its best.


  8. ‘This is a war of propaganda’: John Pilger on Ukraine and Assange | Talking Post with Yonden Lhatoo

    Jul 9, 2022

    Australian journalist, author and documentary filmmaker John Pilger has dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and shining a light on inconvenient facts that often contradict the mainstream media narrative. In this episode of Talking Post, Pilger sits down with SCMP chief news editor Yonden Lhatoo to discuss the war in Ukraine, the West versus China and the plight of jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.


  9. Retired Canadian veteran badly wounded while fighting with Ukrainian forces finally returns home

    Jul 23, 2022 A Canadian who was badly wounded while serving with the Ukrainian armed forces is now recovering in an Ottawa hospital tonight.

    The retired veteran who served three decades with the Canadian forces was a part of the international legion, a contingent of global troops helping to fight Russian forces in Ukraine.

    In March, the 50-year-old recently retired Canadian veteran travelled to Ukraine to join the fight. A couple of months later, his truck hit an anti-tank mine. He was rushed to the hospital, clinging to life.

    Jeff Semple has more on his remarkable rescue story in this Global News exclusive.


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