Whatever Russia is, it isn’t Desperate: Hardball and Soft Heads.

Uncle Volodya says, “The greater the gap between self perception and reality, the more aggression is unleashed on those who point out the discrepancy.”

“…But not me, baby; I’ve got you to save me
Oh yer so bad, best thing I ever had
In a world gone mad, yer so bad…”

From, “Yer So Bad”, by Tom Petty

“Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years. Death hangs over you. While you live, while it is in your power, be good.”

Marcus Aurelius

If you can’t be good, be careful. If you can’t be careful – be lucky. And many over the years have noticed that fortune favours the bold.

Are you familiar with the blog, “Moon of Alabama“? Most readers here are, but if you are not, you should be. It’s kind of like newspapers used to be, back before they were owned as business investments, staffed by corporate whores, written by political hacks and read by simpletons. A place you can go to read what happened, and draw your own conclusions based on what you read. As some professional writers counsel in workshops, write the book you want to read. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is not partisan, because everyone who writes for the public is a little bit biased one way or another, and it’s hard to keep that from creeping into your writing – moreover, a lot of stories on Moon of Alabama and other blogs I like to read appear after a shameless attempt in the popular press to shape and steer the narrative; a casserole made of layers of bullshit seasoned with a soupçon of lies. And it’s hard to write uninflected straight talk when you’re angry, or at least it is for me; writing a rebuttal presupposes you disagree.

Anyway, a big draw at Moon of Alabama, as well as the quality analysis by the author, is the quality of the comments and the valuable leads featured therein. Nobody is more aware than I that your writing effort is a fraction as effective as it might be without astute commenters who can put it together and run with it, making the whole greater than the simple sum of its parts. And I often discover quality sources and links from the comments as much as the story itself – that’s what keeps a story alive. Sure, those stories were already out there; the commenter is guiding you to it by offering you the link. But too often to be coincidence, the first place I find sources that substantiate the way things are really happening is at Moon of Alabama.

Like this one: Gazprom sent some of its turbine compressor units back to the manufacturer for what appears to be routine maintenance. The comment – from karlof1, which links back to one Karl Sanchez – was not supported by a link but featured a quote from a news story. So I checked it out in a search, and it appears to be accurate. Sending bespoke technology back to the manufacturer for scheduled maintenance is common practice, or sometimes a field service representative shows up onsite where the equipment is installed if it’s too hard to remove and ship. The point is that if you continue to operate the system past the date it is scheduled for routine maintenance and examination, and something breaks or burns out, you have voided the warranty. Some sources claim the gas-compressor turbines, which were built by German company Siemens, originated in Canada, while others claim they were supplied by the UK.

Either way, the Siemens representative host country accepted the turbines – and then claimed to be unable to return them because doing so was prohibited by sanctions.

So – and again I am interpreting what I read, because it is not spelled out and sometimes is masked by diplo-speak – it appears that Gazprom responded by taking other compressors which were coming up to their scheduled maintenance date offline. On the face of it, Gazprom looks to have little choice; sending the compressors for maintenance will result in them being impounded, while using them beyond their scheduled maintenance deadline will void their warranty. Pretty much the textbook definition of ‘impasse’.

But the important thing here is the immediate effect – a 40% reduction in the pipeline gas supply sent to Europe via Nord Stream 1. And that news comes on the heels of an explosion and subsequent fire at the LNG terminal in Freeport, Texas, which has knocked an important supplier of US LNG out of service for what was originally projected to be about 3 weeks, and now looks more like 3 months. European natural gas prices that were already at or near record highs jumped another 20%.

Some might be moved to suggest this is great news for Ukraine, which likely will once again volunteer its pipeline network for additional volumes to help its generous European benefactors. But let’s not forget where the gas comes from. Russia has thus far declined to send additional volumes across Ukraine, and is about as likely to do so now as it is to hit itself in the face with a cast-iron skillet. Ukraine has been shrieking since 2014 that Russia is the enemy and an unapologetic aggressor, and the two are fighting a compartmentalized but hot war right now. So it looks like Europe is going to have to tighten its gas-burning belt again, just when Uncle Sam cannot ride to the rescue with molecules of freedom. I’m sure Rick Perry is abjectly sorry he ever came up with that term, but I just enjoy saying it.

Quite a substantial number of people have already speculated that Europe is in for the winter of its life. And it might be, but it is going to feel the closing jaws of crisis well before the snowflakes fly – much of Europe is currently broiling to a tasty golden brown under a merciless heat wave (the trendy term is a ‘heat dome’) that is warned to worsen in the coming days and weeks. That has sent European electricity prices wiggling frantically upward. And Italy, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands all generate more than 30% of their electricity needs from industrial plants powered by natural gas; in Italy’s case it is nearly half.

What effect is the new normal having around the world? In the Exceptional Nation, the highest rate of inflation in more than 40 years. A national gasoline price average of more than $5.00 a gallon. A record high grocery-price inflation of 14.6% year-over-year.

“Laura Veldkamp, a finance and economic professor at Columbia University, suggested people try renegotiating salaries with their employers. “Prices will not come back down,” she said. “They never do.” Dipping into savings to cope with rising prices is not a sustainable long-term solution, she added.”

Unless profits are up rather than being simply absorbed into the higher costs of logistics and transport, I would suggest employers are unlikely to be receptive to negotiations for higher salaries. Unless you have a bulge under the arm of your suit jacket that they might think is a shoulder holster.

What about Europe? In Germany, higher inflation, lower growth.

“The purchasing power of disposable incomes is massively affected by high inflation,” the IfW said in a report. “In the current year, real disposable incomes will therefore again decline significantly.”

Well, that’s good news, surely. Of course I was being sarcastic.

In fact, proceeding on the advice that a picture is worth a thousand words, the graph featured below Source: Refinitiv. Harmonised index of consumer prices.(courtesy of Refinitiv, a harmonized index of consumer prices) displays Eurozone inflation since 2000. Remember the global financial crisis of 2008? Were you scared then? Well, if you live in Europe, and where the ink stops right now doesn’t make you run about a pint of hot urine through your shorts, how many fingers am I holding up?

In the UK, where hating Russia is nearly as popular as soccer, the loss of momentum for business growth was a survey record outside of lockdown. Bidford, one of the UK’s biggest food wholesalers, warned that portion sizes for children’s school meals might have to be cut and cheaper ingredients used due to escalating costs.

In fact, there’s no real purpose in continuing a round-robin of global economic woes – I’m sure it’s clear enough that the world economic situation is in a serious crisis. But what if it’s deliberate?

Conspiracy theory? Nutjobbery? Might be. But how often just in the last decade have we seen the mainstream media and the think-tank brigade scornfully reject an allegation, only to have it later and much more circumspectly revealed as truth? Here’s a source that thinks – and to a pretty significant degree substantiates – the unfolding economic catastrophe not only has nothing to do with Russia, Putin or the war in Ukraine, it has everything to do with that lovable Davos crowd with its big heads and  just-crawled-out-of-a-casket undead leader, Klaus Schwab.

I have to admit the site gained respectability for me from a glance at the post’s tags, indexes under which categories posts are sorted and filed; I laughed out loud when I read “Big Government, Big Stupid Government, Notorious Liars, Professional Idiots”. How many – show of hands, please – think those labels are unfair descriptors of western government leaders and executives?

Well, let’s take a look at it, and once we’ve gone over it, I’d like you all to reflect a moment and see if you think the pattern of behavior in the west deserves suspicion. Does it seem like the adherence to the Build Back Better agenda is a little rose-coloured-glasses under the current circumstances? Is the author totally off-base in his contention that the drive toward dumping the fossil-fuels economy and an aggressive push for ‘greening’ and ‘renewables’ has taken on a fanatical momentum? Does Ursula von der Leyen mention ‘digitalization’ every time she opens her mouth, or is that just my imagination?

“Factually, massive global inflation began in early 2021 as an outcome of Western government spending and monetary policy. The U.S. Federal Reserve, EU and western alliance central bankers created the issue and were always going to face inflation as an outcome of their agreed direction. As the inflation started to become a serious political problem for them, the Ukraine conflict became the excuse, the blanket to hide the real origin of the problem.”

Perhaps that’s true, but I would suggest it was even earlier than that, since the big cash giveaways using taxpayers’ money started at least a year before, in 2020. In Canada, we had the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), $2000.00 issued to millions of Canadians to ‘get money into their hands quickly’, because the lockdowns practically nobody but governments wanted drove hundreds of thousands of people out of work. The USA issued similar generous benefits to its population, largess that will all have to be paid back, or at least that’s what we say as a matter of policy, although the United States had already inched out on the debt limb well past sustainability in the current monetary system.

“We can debate the individual motives of the NATO leaders who aligned with the sanctions against Russia, and whether they knew they were participating in a series of events that would only follow one direction, but the economic outcome was never in doubt.   Inflation that hits the citizens, fuel and gasoline prices that crush the working class, scarcity of goods and the potential for world-wide food issues are a consequence.  The people attached to the World Economic Forum are not stupid – ideological, yes, but not stupid. They knew this would happen.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a global financial mechanism located in Washington DC.  According to the U.S. Treasury Department, “The IMF is an organization of 189 member countries that works to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth.”  Put in succinct terms, the IMF is the financial control mechanism for western government.”

Are….are you suggesting…the financial control mechanism for western government is deliberately moving away from traditional energy drivers in favour of an at-present-completely-unsupported utopian ‘green economy’ supported by ‘renewables’? Doesn’t that sound just a little, to you, like Yeltsin’s drive to so completely distance the Soviet Union from Communism that there would be no way it could go back? As I recall, that didn’t turn out too well – it was popularly known among the movers and shakers of the economic world as ‘shock therapy’ for a reason.

“Think of it this way… If Russia was to just simply withdraw from Ukraine, do you think the western financial sanctions and multinational corporations would just reverse themselves?   Of course not.  What was never mentioned in the sanction package, pushed by NATO and western alliance, was the no retreat Rubicon they created.  Removing Russia from the SWIFT financial exchange was/is irreversible; so too are the global banking sanctions triggered by political will.

Klaus Schwab and the WEF/Davos crowd will look happily at a western financial system valued on the currency of a collaboration of nations similar in value to how the Euro was established.”

Is this what I think it is? A western government consortium pushing its combined electorates toward a climate-change, Greta Thunberg green model western economy independent of the fossil-fuels community??

“The global economic problem (debt and inflation) was directly caused by the collective western government response to COVID. However, now there’s another aspect that makes the debt and inflation seem small by comparison. Changing the energy baseline of western economies away from oil and gas has moved from esoteric theory into actual practice.”

Once again, I would suggest the cracks in the western economic fortress, led by the spiraling debt of the United States when its repeated attempts to regain momentum by knocking over oil-rich countries and exploiting their resources was a cascade of failures, started much earlier than COVID, although the pandemic provided a convenient medium for crashing the existing economy even as anyone who suggested that was happening was hounded off the soapbox as a raving loon. But do western leaders really think such an unsupported leap is feasible?

Because it’s not like they don’t know better. A little while ago, Nicola Avery posted a report of a study conducted by British scientists – yes, I know, “Follow the Science” has all but destroyed the credibility of science altogether, but bear with me for a moment – which reminded the inhabitants of cloud-cuckoo land that ‘going green’ depends upon exploitation of non-renewable resources at least as much as the current energy model does. There were a lot of hard-hitting truths voiced, but one of the better encapsulating paragraphs was this one:

“Over the next few decades, global supply of raw materials must drastically change to accommodate not just the UK’s transformation to a low carbon economy, but the whole world’s. Our role as scientists is to provide the evidence for how best to move towards a zero-carbon economy – society needs to understand that there is a raw material cost of going green and that both new research and investment is urgently needed for us to evaluate new ways to source these. This may include potentially considering sources much closer to where the metals are to be used.”

Except for the replacement of “evaluate” with “discover”, the referenced paragraph is pretty much self-explanatory. A so-called ‘zero-carbon economy’ is going to have to replace our dependency on fossil fuels extracted from the earth with massively stepped-up extraction of various naturally-occurring minerals and rare earths which are in finite quantities. Just like oil, the low-hanging fruit will be snapped up first, but extraction will become increasingly more difficult and less lucrative for investors, as available supplies dwindle. Do you like statistics? I’m not fond of them myself, but I found these compelling:

To replace all UK-based vehicles today with electric vehicles (not including the LGV and HGV fleets), assuming they use the most resource-frugal next-generation NMC 811 batteries, would take 207,900 tonnes cobalt, 264,600 tonnes of lithium carbonate (LCE), at least 7,200 tonnes of neodymium and dysprosium, in addition to 2,362,500 tonnes copper. This represents, just under two times the total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters the world’s lithium production and 12% of the world’s copper production during 2018. Even ensuring the annual supply of electric vehicles only, from 2035 as pledged, will require the UK to annually import the equivalent of the entire annual cobalt needs of European industry.

The worldwide impact: If this analysis is extrapolated to the currently projected estimate of two billion cars worldwide, based on 2018 figures, annual production would have to increase for neodymium and dysprosium by 70%, whilst cobalt output would need to increase at least three and a half times for the entire period from now until 2050 to satisfy the demand.”

Just to be sure everyone grasps the significance of those figures, that was almost twice the entire world’s contemporary output of cobalt, nearly the entire annual world output of neodymium (a mineral used to make powerful permanent magnets where low magnet mass and/or powerful magnetic fields are required), and 75% of the world’s production of lithium, just to electrify all the cars in the UK. Not anywhere else in the world, just so everyone understands. This would make all cars – and naturally the figures were estimated, it might be a bit more, might be a bit less – in the UK powered by electricity, presumably from storage batteries. The study did not take into account charging stations to service the British electric fleet, and given that you can gas up in considerably less than 5 minutes even if you fill the tank, but must remain plugged in to a ‘green’ charging station for at least three times that long, even if such a system charges four vehicles simultaneously, the planners are likely looking at a lot more real estate being dedicated to charging stations than is currently dedicated to gas stations.

Where do the minerals and rare earths come from? I’m glad you asked. Most of the commercial neodymium is mined in China, although it is a relatively-common material. In fact, we could just cut to the chase and satisfy ourselves that China is the dominant producer of rare-earth elements. The USA alone accounts for more than 34% of China’s rare-earth exports.

Is it in China’s interests to help its biggest geopolitical enemy – self-declared – achieve a controlling interest in a new energy model? Might be, if China thought it was pie-in-the-sky wide-ranging stupidity and that doing so would mean a greater share of the much-cheaper fossil fuel supplies for itself.

Is mining – the means by which we would obtain the materials to make billions of batteries – a clean technology? It sure as hell is not. Moreover, the biggest share of global pollution from mining results from the use of fossil-fuel-burning equipment used to generate electrical power for mining operations. So before you think about everyone driving around in a Tesla, better think about how you’re going to replace all the mining equipment with green power, or else you’re kind of going backwards, since mining operations would have to go into overdrive.

It is becoming obvious to me that the potential for discussion here is going to eclipse the scope of this post, as in many ways I am just guessing and the post has to be limited to what I can write without getting too tired. And before that happens, I want to wrench things back to where we started.

Kindly look away, while I extract the relevant data from my ass.

If the west is determined to hitch its wagon to some utopian – I know I used that word a lot, but with good reason, since Utopia describes an imaginary community which lives under perfect conditions and is generally a synonym for ‘unattainable’ – energy-generation model that is outside the fossil-fuels community…what will that mean for those nations that choose not to follow this madcap departure from the rails of reality?

Cheaper development, for one thing: infrastructure, research, public education, security…so long as the traditional economy continues to be supported by real assets and not digital keystrokes, it should be considerably cheaper for traditional-economy nations to finance themselves, since even the most starry-eyed proponents of the digital green economy acknowledge it is going to be tremendously expensive. Added to that, much of the Utopians’ materials and services are going to have to come from the traditional economy, which presumably is not going to sell them for a handful of kilobytes.

A month ago, Biden’s energy secretary – Jennifer Granholm – told a hearing that they could ‘thank Vladimir Putin’ for high gas prices rather than Biden’s spastic energy policies. Republican Senator Josh Hawley complained that was ‘utter nonsense’.

“With all due respect, Madam Secretary, that’s utter nonsense,” Hawley responded as Granholm asserted, “It is not administration policies that have affected supply and demand.”

Her denial prompted Hawley to offer a brief reminder on Biden’s attack on American energy independence.

“And here’s what your president did when he first came to office,” the senator said. “He immediately reentered the Paris Climate Accord. He canceled the Keystone Pipeline. He halted leasing programs in ANWR. He issued a 60-day halt on all new oil and gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands and waters. That’s nationwide.”

“He directed federal agencies to eliminate all supports for fossil fuels. He imposed new regulations on oil and gas and methane emissions. Those were all just in the first few days. Are you telling me that had no effect on our energy supply?”

Granholm continued to stubbornly maintain that 94% of oil and gas executives surveyed said the administration’s policies had no effect on increases in the price of oil. Nope, it was all Vladimir Putin, just as everything that has gone wrong in the world since he took over the reins in Russia has been down to him. Which, I imagine, reminds everyone right away of Hillary Clinton and the 17 US Intelligence agencies which told her Russia was behind hacking of the election which cost her the presidency. Another claim which was never demonstrated to be true.

In western reporting on the Ukrainian crisis, Russia and ‘Putin’ are always ‘desperate’ – Putin desperate as Russia runs low on precision weapons, Russia tries desperately to reorient its forces after losing the Battle of Kyiv, The Kremlin desperate to cover up its war crimes…and so on and so on. But Russia is not desperate – western journalists have got hold of the wrong ‘d’ word. What it is is ‘determined’. Maybe ‘deliberate’. And it keeps on keepin’ on, grinding the Ukrainian forces into dust as an increasingly bitter President Zelensky proudly rejects the territorial concessions his western backers know he will have to make, because Zelensky believed them when they told him he would win, and they knew better. It now looks as though Ukraine, in addition to having to recognize that Crimea is a part of the Russian Federation forever and is not coming back, and having to acknowledge and execute the responsibilities it signed on for in the Minsk Agreements but thought it would never have to honour, because nobody could make it…may have to wave a tearful farewell also to Kherson and Zaporozhye, both of which are dipping a toe into the self-determination waters, or perhaps are thinking about joining with the eastern republics which were called the DNR and LPR, once completely liberated.

Sanctions, which are not breaking Russia’s will and economic measures which serve only to promote permanent market divisions result in popularity ratings for Mr. Putin which fluctuate reliably between 70% and 80% – the most recent sample was 83% – and serve as a bellwether that his electorate rightly blames the west for the vendetta against it. So why does it continue? Biden’s approval among his electorate is less than half that, and the lowest of his presidency at 39.7%. Germany’s Olaf Scholz has approval ratings lower yet, but his idiot countrymen are apparently sold on Baerbock’s fiery war rhetoric and Habeck’s this-is-our-chance-to-go-green blabbering, so Germany deserves its fate. Macron’s approval was around 37% just before the recent election – which he won nonetheless, which tells you a lot about the lunacy of politics and the ridiculous notion that ‘the people decide’. Saving the best for last, not even a quarter of the British electorate approves of Boris Johnson’s performance, and that’s an appropriate noun considering he behaves like a circus monkey. There is no suggestion of reconciliation between a country in which more than 80% approve of their president’s leadership, and an international bloc which is so stricken with madness in its drive to expunge Russia from existence that even art pieces in international museums are being returned if they come from Russia or are linked to it. The rift is hardening and becoming permanent. But the Utopian economy now has no developing markets, only an incestuous trading loop among its own mature economies. And now it is deciding to go its own way on energy, too, with a policy that seems quite a bit like the way you go ahead with an introduction of someone whose name you can’t remember, hoping it will come to you before you reach the part where you have to say it.

Who looks like a statesman, and who looks like an idiot?

In a way, it’s a pity Mr. Putin’s familiar name is not ‘Vlad’, as the western press calls him when it wants to be extra-contemptuous and disrespectful; the familiar for Vladimir is ‘Vova’, or Vovochka, although I doubt anyone has called Mr. Putin that since he was a small child. But the former label would have rhymed so well.

In a world gone mad, yer so bad. Vlad.

360 thoughts on “Whatever Russia is, it isn’t Desperate: Hardball and Soft Heads.

  1. A very informative read.

    “Vovochka” is the diminutive of Vladimir that is often used derisively — meaning, sort of: “that bloody Vova!”

    It’s the “K” that gives that nuance: my equivalent derisive diminutive is Дениска [Deniska] — Deniskins in English.

    The even more endearing than “Vova” diminutive of Vladimir is Volodya.

    I call my son Vladimir both “Vova” and “Volodya” — “Vova” far more often than “Volodya” — but never “Vovochka”, because he’s a grown man now and not a cheeky/naughty kid — which he never was, by the way.

    So, using “Volodya” instead of “Vova”, one could say:

    Who’s to blame?

    Volodya, I told ya!

    And in case Westerners don’t know, which more than likely they don’t, “Vladimir” means “Ruler of the World”.



  2. Thank you, Mark, for the sources and quotes, especially in regard to the green crappery and the unintended consequences of making everybody drive an electric car in the UK. Cloud-Cuckoo-Land or ‘CCL’ would be an appropriate new label for that entity.

    In an aside, I agree with your remarks about comment posts on sites such as MoA. The other side of that coin are the shameful, utterly nauseating comment posts permitted in the British broadsheets where any opinion, never mind a factual statement, which contradicts the anti-Russian propaganda line, is immediately labelled ‘Russian troll’. In fact, there ‘s a whole British Army group of ‘internet warriors’ attached to no 10 which were employed in ‘combatting’ fake news about covid. Now they are swamping the MSM sites with incessant, sickening anti-Russia propaganda, hoping to influence ‘public opinion’. Me, I’m no longer going there – it’s too shameful.
    The good news is though that more and more Brits are no longer reading that crap nor commenting. They are looking at sites like MoA and others of that ilk.
    So please do not commit the mistake and think that the Brits are a thoughtless heap of sheep following the leaders. The silent majority is growing every day – but for various reasons we have to keep silent ‘in public’, where said ‘public’ are the MSM and Western social media.


    1. I wish I could believe my country, Canada, had any sizeable minority, never mind majority, of sceptics of The Official Fiction–which is that Canada is “nice,” progressive, benign, defending human rights at home and abroad, and that the smug, morally superior self-image many of its citizens unconsciously harbour is justified. Nobody I know accepts the fact we’re effectively the 51st state, an arm of (usually monstrous) US foreign policy. Justin Trudeau’s famous 21 Seconds of Silence (still on YouTube) sums up our status for me: the supine catamite of US power. To those (few?) of us who bother to try to understand the world, it’s apparently acceptable to look no further than the MSM. Hence the widespread practice of putting blue-and-yellow flags in one’s window, like clusters of garlic to ward off the evil vampire Vlad. Empty virtue signalling–that’s as deep as people’s political consciousness seems to go here.


  3. The UK is going to extradite Assagne to the USA., where he faces 107 years in prison, I have just heard Simoyan say on TV as she speaks at SPIEF 25.

    And the EU Commission is granting EU candidate status to that economic black hole that is Banderastan.

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    1. Reference the latter, they can’t not do it. They’ve committed themselves. So they’re going to end up supporting whatever is left of Ukraine after it’s lost most of its industrial and natural-resources base for the foreseeable future as a net-loss money pit. Pride can be a terrible thing if you let it rule you.


    2. Make that 175 years! Heard it on the news

      And I’ve just watched the two USA prisoners being interviewed. They both said that they knew sweet FA about the Ukraine and the 8-year bombardment of Donbass by the Banderite filth. They said they had swallowed a load of bullshit and lies in the USA about the Evil Orcs and the nice Yukietards, advising everyone back in the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free not to be suckers as were they.

      One of them is a Vietnamese US citizen by the looks of him and his family name. Seems not too bright, but the other is loquacious and articulate. The apparently smarter one even confessed that he didn’t really know where the Ukraine was before he ended up there, right up shit creek.

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      1. And of course the official record, promulgated by the media, will be that they were coerced into confessing their ignorance and misdirection, just as the two British prisoners quickly recanted once they saw their ‘honesty’ was not going to gain them a lighter sentence. I very much doubt anyone is going to actually be executed, except maybe for Azov higher-ups and perhaps not even them. I think the whole execution spectre is a means of artificially inflating their value as trades. Azov’s officers, though, may never be released because they are the type who will go straight back to their former activities as soon as they are not constrained from doing so.


  4. Schwere Waffen für die Ukraine: Heavy Metal & Rock ‘n’ Roll
    Oberst Markus Reisner beleuchtet die Hintergründe rund um die Lieferung von schweren Waffensystemen aus dem Westen an die Ukraine.


        1. Some fucking use that will be, Fritz!

          Any video clips available on this news item below?

          02:57, 18 June 2022
          A Ukrainian general has spoken about the loss of half of the heavy weapons of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine

          General of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine Karpenko has announced the loss of 50% of heavy weapons during the special operation.

          The Armed Forces of the Ukraine (AFU) have lost about 50 percent of heavy weapons during the Russian special military operation. This was stated by the Commander of Logistics of the Ground Forces of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Karpenko, and Deputy Minister of Defence of the Ukraine for Procurement, Denis Sharapov, in an interview with National Defense magazine.

          Karpenko stressed that we are talking only about heavy weapons. “Today, we have about 30 to 40, and sometimes up to 50 percent of equipment losses as a result of active military operations”, the Ukrainian general said. According to him, about 1,300 infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks and 700 artillery systems had been lost.

          At the same time, Karpenko did not talk about the loss of anti-tank guided missiles or anti-tank guided weapons.

          The weapons provided by the West are not enough
          According to Sharapov, the length of the front line is 2,500 kilometres, and the advanced positions where active hostilities are taking place are more than 1,000 kilometres. Karpenko added that one brigade holds about 40 kilometres of the front. This means, he added, that 40 brigades were needed to cover the front line, each of which required 100 infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), 30 tanks and 54 artillery systems.

          The Deputy Defence Minister of the Ukraine drew attention to the fact that with such a massive expenditure of resources, weapons systems supplied by the West “cover only 10-15 percent” of the needs of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine.

          We need artillery, we need artillery ammunition, combat vehicles, tanks. We really need air defence systems and a multiple launch rocket system

          Denis Sharapov
          Deputy Minister of Defence of the Ukraine for Procurement

          In turn, Karpenko noted that at the moment the total number of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, territorial defence and security forces is “up to one million people”, which had to be “provided with small arms, personal protective equipment and communications equipment”.

          Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Russian artillery is 15 times superior to Ukrainian artillery “in the most important parts of the front line”.

          Human losses
          Earlier, the head of the parliamentary faction of the ruling “Servant of the People” party of the Ukraine, David Arakhamia, who had led the Ukrainian delegation at the talks with Russia, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces lose “up to a thousand soldiers killed and wounded every day in the Donbas”. Average daily losses, according to him, were estimated at hundreds of people.

          200-500 people
          make up the average daily losses of the Ukrainian army

          The President of the Ukraine himself, Vladimir Zelensky, has also stated the daily losses of the Ukrainian army. According to him, the army loses from 60 to 100 people killed every day. The Ukrainian leader called the situation at the front very difficult.

          The daily losses of the Ukrainian army have also been estimated in the United States. According to the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, Mark Milley, the Armed Forces of the Ukraine lose about 100 people killed and from 100 to 300 wounded every day.

          Perhaps those figures given by Vovochka Karpenko and Deniska Sharapov need factoring up somewhat?


          1. Captain America does not care. The phrase ‘fight to the last Ukrainian’ is not a joke, it’s a plan, and Washington will keep throwing Ukrainians at Russia until there aren’t any more, unless Elensky surrenders.


  5. Hi Mark, thanks for the attribution, many don’t. I am eco focused and do think if we do move away from CO2 emitting fossil fuels, it needs to be in a sensible way and in partnership with Russia, Saudi Arabia etc whose chemical engineers can provide sensible advice about the different hydrogen options for example. And try to find realistic timescales for alernatives that are economically, socially friendly too. I.e not putting people out of jobs because of their fantasies about Russia and what Russians do and think.
    I rent a small flat and I use a company that claims to be 100% renewable – Ecotricity, not because I want to hurt the Russian economy or anyone else’s but I am interested in their experiments e.g. their grass gasmill which they are opening next year https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/our-news/2022/massive-new-gas-field-discovered-in-britain?utm_source=braze&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Green_gas_June_2022, however there are a lot of biodiversity and sustainability don’t knows. I was originally hoping to contact them and try and link up with Russian scientists/engineers (if I found). Imagine how much more useful if you could do gasmill comparisons like their one with large scale industrial traditional gas production, but I think they are part of a green group that wouldn’t be interested right now because of everything. A friend_s husband is currently a miller for wind turbines but covid has damaged the factory and they are not getting all the production completed or increased orders they wanted, although that may change. Some of the best wind turbine projects seem to be community owned recycled turbines that generate smaller amounts for a community. The big North Sea project interesting too but I don’t know if changes in Atlanti, Arctic oceans and changing wind will have a different than expected generation of energy longer term. I don’t own a car and did look into second hand electric cars but the older ones are no good with their batteries for charging for longer distances. Which makes your post realistic compared to a lot of green fluffy rubbish I read.
    Sooner or later scientists, engineers who have been loudly proclaiming support for stopping us reaching climate tipping points and mostly Russophobic are going to need not just data from Russians, minerals and other resources but Russian brainery.


    1. Hi, Nicola; it was my pleasure. I agree that the green alternative is compelling, but far too many people fail to grasp that current ideas are at least as destructive as the current fossil-fuel economy, and that governments simply invent mitigating factors to force the public toward something they want to do or away from something they don’t, reasoning that it is for their own good.

      Wind power is the easiest example, and we’ve dissected it before or reproduced the advice of those who have. But it remains a good one, because people think, it’s just the movement of air. Air is free, we’re just harnessing something free. And yes, it would be, if you could just plug your stove into the air. But you need a mechanism for capturing wind energy, and that mechanism is the result of mining and fossil fuels and chemicals, and it is not particularly efficient. So it is also not particularly effective. If you could build a capture mechanism that was extremely durable and would last a long time so you only had to expend non-renewable resources once or once in a great while, you might be able to justify it. Windmill blades are made to last maybe 25 years, and ‘fact-checkers’ say they are recyclable but the evasive explanation suggests it is complicated and a diminishing return which also likely requires a disproportionate amount of energy.


      A source I usually trust to tell me the truth on greenie initiatives is this one.


      They’re UK-based, so maybe you can actually make contact.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. So the ‘Bog Dog’ Boris Johnson hied himself to Kiev today, in the wake of the three EUroPMs yesterday, according to the Wailigraph:
    His Tory colleagues are incensed because he was supposed to make an appearance at the campaign for next Thursday’s by-election. ‘Being concerned for the Ukraine’ and offering more help, but not for his countrymen already cutting back on food and motoring because of inflation – not to mention his own colleagues who weren’t even told he would’t come: not a good look! Knife-wielding Tory MPs won’t forget or forgive, especially not when they lose that by-election. After all, the one argument left for those who still support BJ is that ‘he wins elections’. Not when he doesn’t turn up, he doesn’t! And not when he’s kicked that last reason for clinging onto him as PM and Tory leader into the bushes himself.


    1. Once again, did BoJo really nip over to Kiev and back in a day? Russia has air dominance over Kiev and would not have allowed BoJo’s jet to pass thru Ukie airspace. A train trip from Warsaw to Kiev takes at least 14 hours. The very suddenness of BoJo’s trip and the extreme secrecy surrounding it, not to mention it coming ahead of a by-election, might suggest BoJo and Elensky met at some other place made to resemble Kiev, as in a movie studio set.


      1. I checked Flightaware.com to see where the aircraft registered ZZ336 flew on 17 June 2022. It seemed to be doing loops in the English Channel SW of Cornwall between 3pm and 6pm before flying back to Brize Norton. Strange.

        ZZ336 is the registration number of the jet used by the UK Prime Minister and members of the Royal Family.


      2. Aha, I checked the wrong day, I should have checked 16 June 2022. ZZ336 flew to southeast Poland, close to the border with Slovakia. That means the plane did not enter Ukrainian airspace and BoJo would have had to take a car or train trip to Kiev. I think that would still be an 8-hour trip at least.


      3. Jen, I doubt very much whether Johnson or most, if not all, of the European leaders who’ve visited ‘Kiev’ ever were in the capital of Ukraine as opposed to another ‘Kiev’ entirely created in another country. The level of playacting and posturing from both Zelensky and his western backers is really shocking given the huge loss of life in the actual, real Ukraine.


      1. “Bog” in my part of England is also one of the terms used for what vulgar folk call “the shithouse”.

        Wheer’s thi granddad gone?

        ‘E’s gone to shithouse agen.


  7. MoA is great. (But not on the flu). Been reading that blog every day for about ten years or so. (And sometimes sending Bernhard H. some money).

    I also like The Saker blog. (Not all the religion stuff, but sometimes there is very useful information there).

    The Saker a few months ago stopped posting videos from a russian site, since he was afraid of Uncle Sam.

    The Saker is now not talking (much or if ever?) on his own blog since the SMO.

    Is he afraid of ending up in an amerikan gulag?

    He could enjoy the company of Julian Assange.

    Telleing the truth is not dangerous.

    Not in Democracies….

    He could only risk ending up in a freedom camp powered by freedom molecules to kill the imates…..


    1. Yes, I am a longtime reader of both as well. Moon of Alabama has seemed to strengthen over the years and is growing more angry, and to tend more toward analysis where before it leaned more toward simply reporting. But he does have sources and resources that nobody else has, perhaps just through painstaking research. I kind of liked The Saker better when it was just a simple blog, before it started getting commercial and starting up mirror sites to cater to an international audience. But it is still really good for spotting trends and getting a feel for which way things are going, and it, too, is well-researched.


      1. Also, I think that = in all fairness – Andre was the first out of the gate to say this will all end in violence, albeit he had 404 as the first strike, not Russia & company. Still, that was a real leap of faith.


        1. He probably was; for my part, I was convinced Russia would not strike because I believed the massed forces on the border would prove enough of a deterrent that Ukraine would not dare attack the east. Ukraine attacking Russia was never even on my radar – that would be inviting such a pounding in justified reprisal that the country would never recover. I knew Ukraine has wanted to bring the eastern republics to heel using whatever means it believed necessary, including violence, since their breakaway but I thought the threat from Russia would prevent it.

          I saw a news site the other day featuring an interview with that idiot Nina Khrushcheva, in which she told the interviewer confidently that if Keeeeev issued the population with assault rifles, Russia “wouldn’t have a chance”. Apparently she rates the combat skills of Ukrainian civilians highly. Keeeev admitted to having handed out 18,000 AK’s and appropriate quantities of ammunition, and now that I think about it, I was searching to see if any of those had turned up in crimes so far or for sale online, since I am pretty sure that is going to turn out to have been a shockingly stupid decision.

          A commenter pointed out that 18,000 weapons were handed out and the population was something like 40 million. He was promptly jumped on as a Russian troll. Naturally.


      2. I think Bernhard (MoA) has an IT background and contacts with German military or other intel. How far or deep these are, I do not know.


    2. I think Mr Saker has been having a number of health issues and has decided to take a temporary leave of absence from his blog. I’ve followed him for a number of years and he’s taken short absences because of health problems before.


    3. I’ve met The Saker and supported him financially for several years. He can be a little hysterical at times and be an arrogant bible-thumper. He provides good military analysis and has some big-picture understandings. His Covid position is a giveaway for an exaggerated personal fear and borderline hysteria. Still, he has been out there doing the good work and I respect him for that. Many of the contributors on his website are good.

      In particular, the articles written by Thorsten J. Pattberg are caustic yet often insightful. I can’t agree with everything he says but his points are hard to ignore. His “menticide” series was incredibly provocative Here is his latest – this time on Japanese culture before and after the US occupation and conquest of their culture.



  8. Another great post, Mark. Folk like you and Moon of Alabama really put MSM journalists to shame for the quality of your writing and analysis. For myself, I’m in two minds about the Great Reset – I’ve long believed governments – and especially the ones we suffer in the UK – are just not competent enough to embark on some grand masterplan. On the other hand, it’s equally impossible to believe that supposedly smart people didn’t realise the economic impact of their lockdown policies – particularly inflation and the damage/destruction of supply chains.

    Then there’s the rather alarming news that Bill Gates has been buying up rather a lot of US farmland, the mysterious fires that have destroyed a lot of US food production plants, the Kansas cattle who all seemingly simultaneously dropped dead, the farmers in the UK being offered £100K to give up farming at a time of looming food shortages.

    We’re governed largely by psychopaths – who knows what they’re capable of?


    1. Thanks, Fern; well, it’s certainly true that one of government’s favourite dodges is to create a crisis it can then ‘save’ the people from. But to do so, it must assume certain powers and privileges…


  9. 5,822 views Streamed live on Jun 16, 2022
    Professor John J. Mearsheimer will discuss the current Russian invasion on Ukraine whilst exploring the potential causes and consequences of the crisis.

    In this lecture, Prof. Mearsheimer will aim to focus on both the origins of the war in Ukraine and some of its most important consequences. He will argue that the crisis is largely the result of the West’s efforts to turn Ukraine into a Western bulwark on Russia’s border. Russian leaders viewed that outcome as an existential threat that had to be thwarted. While Vladimir Putin is certainly responsible for invading Ukraine and for Russia’s conduct in the war, Prof. Mearsheimer states that he does not believe he is an expansionist bent on creating a greater Russia. Regarding the war’s consequences, the greatest danger is that the war will go on for months if not years, and that either NATO will get directly involved in the fighting or nuclear weapons will be used — or both. Furthermore, enormous damage has already been inflicted on Ukraine. A prolonged war is likely to wreak even more devastation on Ukraine.

    Prof. John J. Mearsheimer is the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Chicago.


  10. I am an idiot!

    The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, claimed on Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic and the “war in Iraq” were responsible for the soaring cost of living in the US. Pelosi’s own office later corrected her statement to read “Ukraine,” in keeping with the rhetoric of her fellow Democrats.

    17 Jun, 2022 14:07


    1. Well, she’s getting pretty old and she always seemed a bit dotty anyway. She and Sleepy Joe are kind of sclerotic to still be major decision-makers. But that’s American as apple pie, apparently; leadership that is progressively more and more bonkers. Mencken was right.

      Canada just dropped its vaccination mandate for all transport, so you no longer have to be ‘fully vaccinated’ to fly in or out, or at least without having to be tested up the wazoo. Transport companies which furloughed workers who refused to vaccinate are now welcoming them back, although I think a lot of them will have found other jobs by now or simply elected to retire. And what was it all for?


      1. An exercise in crowd control so as to see how far the powers-that-be could go with the sheeple.

        Shepherds use sheepdogs.

        Governments use the National Guard/ riot police etc.


      2. I just talked to my son in BC yesterday about visiting us. Entering the Azores is not a problem, but he said to reenter Canada he has to either provide proof of vaccination or enter a 14 day quarantine.


        1. Huh. Maybe there’s another requirement in the federal group. BC Ferries released a statement to employees which went something like “You probably heard about Transport Canada dropping its vaccine mandate to travel, which affects us…” because workers no longer need to prove they are vaccinated to work.


          1. An amendment; I read the announcement again, and it says Transport Canada is lifting all vaccine requirements for DOMESTIC travel and for DEPARTURE from Canada. So evidently you do still have to upload all your private information to the ‘ArriveCanada App’ before you can be let into the country.


  11. Минобороны России: уничтожены четыре украинских взвода с американскими гаубицами M777
    Екатерина Зайцева
    18 июня 2022

    Russian Defence Ministry: four Ukrainian platoons with American M777 howitzers have been destroyed
    Ekaterina Zaitseva
    June 18, 2022


    Looking forward to a YouTube video on this!

    The Russian Ministry of Defence has announced the destruction of four platoons of 155-mm M777 howitzers in the DPR.

    The howitzers were destroyed by air-launched missiles in the areas of Lastochkino, Ocheretino, Vodyanoye and Zhelannoye.

    Four platoons of “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems were also hit in the areas of Avdiivka, Keramik and Zhelanny.

    Russian air defence systems shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft and a Mi-24 helicopter in the DPR. Eight more drones were shot down in the LPR, Kherson, Kharkov, Zaporozhye regions.

    In addition, four Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles and 24 Uragan multiple rocket launchers were intercepted.

    Earlier, the Russian military department announced the liquidation of the refinery and fuel depot for the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in Kremenchug and Lisichansk.

    Prior to this, the Ministry of Defence published footage of the destruction of command posts of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine by Ka-52 helicopters.

    There is an MoD videos inserted in the above linked article.

    All Russian disinformation, of course, and few in the West can be arsed checking out Kremlin controlled media because it is just that: all Commie lies!

    And it’s not in English either!


            1. Works now because I am using my laptop.

              Don’t know why I have such trouble linking through my iPhone.

              More up to date version of same story:

              3 hours ago,
              updated 3 hours ago
              Military operation in the Ukraine
              Russian Aerospace Forces hit by four platoons of Grad MLRS and four platoons of M777 howitzers
              High-precision air-launched missiles hit 12 firing positions of artillery and mortar units of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, said the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

              MOSCOW, June 18. /tass/. Russian Aerospace Forces hit 12 firing positions of artillery and mortar units of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, including four platoons of Grad MLRS and four platoons of 155-mm M777 howitzers, with high-precision missiles. This was announced on Saturday by the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

              “High-precision air-launched missiles hit 12 firing positions of artillery and mortar units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including four platoons of Grad multiple launch rocket systems in the areas of Avdiivka, Keramik, Zhelannoye and four platoons of 155-mm M777 howitzers in the areas of Lastochkino, Ocheretino, Vodiane, Zhelannoye of the Donetsk People’s Republic,” Konashenkov said.

              Recently, the cities of the DPR, including several districts of Donetsk and its centre, have been subjected to particularly intense shelling by the Ukrainian military, while using rocket and barrel artillery, in particular 155 mm guns, which are in service with NATO countries. Earlier, Western countries, including Canada and the United States, provided the Ukraine with 155 mm M777 howitzers and ammunition for them. It was also reported that the AFU used French self-propelled artillery “Caesar” of a similar calibre.

              Lying bastard!

              Kremlin disinformation!

              Keep them guns a-comin’, Western defenders of freedom and democracy, and surely, surely, the Orcs will rise up against the Tyrant and make Russia a civilized Western USA colony country and McDonald’s and Coca-Cola will make a comeback, not to mention Pornhub

              I can’t wait!


    1. Yep, and they also use such heathen scrabbles as what they call ‘writing’ which no properly brought up English person could possibly decipher!


      1. I remember a few years ago how a Tory backwoodsman backbencher MP was ranting in the Torygraph about what a nefarious lot the Russians are. He saved his most scathing criticism for last: “And they speak a language which no one understands!”

        I kid you not!


        1. heathen scrabbles

          As it happens, I learnt how to read and write in Kurrent and Sütterlin script, because I like it and also, I wanted to read old texts and documents

          I remember how my German girlfriend’s papa was gobsmacked when she showed him a romantic card that I had written to her in Kurrent. He said the last time he had seen such writing was when his grandma was alive: she wrote in Kurrent, and she died in the late ’30s when he was a schoolboy.


          1. Oh gawd – Sütterlin – the bane of my early school years! Yes, we had lessons in ‘beautiful handwriting’, and all the ‘fine up – strong down’ strokes did my hands in. Not that my handwriting in the newer, ‘modern’ Kursiv was any better … My granny and great aunts wrote all their letters in Sütterlin, so yes, I could read it.
            I had and still have no difficulties whatsoever reading ‘Fraktur’, the gothic German print. It’s what early-age training does to one …


            1. I never had big problems with Fraktur. Believe it or not, my first German primer at grammar school in 1960 had been published in about 1905 and was entirely in Fraktur. And the monk who taught me was German — my school was in a monastery. My monk-teacher was as old as the hills. In his classroom, he had hung a big official portrait of Konrad Adenauer.

              In any case, my praye book was in Old English type, which is much the same as “German Gothic”.

              I used to go to church then, but Woden called me back to the faith of my forefathers.


            2. I often wrote longhand in English “Copperplate”. I was taught to write that way.

              Nobody writes longhand now, I think.


              1. Indeed not – handwriting is so unnecessary! There was a report in some german rag recently according to which children in Germany now don’t even know where to start writing on a piece of paper – no margins, no space at top and bottom.
                Well, soon even typing will be obsolete because we can all dictate things into our smartphones and PCs …
                Someone also did research, showing that something one writes down is retained longer in one’s memory. (Perhaps that’s why disobedient kids were made to write one herded times ‘I must not … ‘ whatever bad thing they’d done.
                The consequences of unformed memories (“we have google!”) and unexercised thinking on a culture are too horrid to contemplate – but western society is well on its way to this, to the creation of totally ignorant and unteachable masses.


  12. Man of destiny!

    Boris Johnson has said that the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 should be held in the Ukraine

    June 18, 2022, 13:51 – Public News Service – OSN
    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 should be held in the Ukraine, and any city in the country would be a “fantastic place” for this. TASS writes about this on Saturday, June 18.

    Earlier, the European Broadcasting Union said that the competition could not be held in the Ukraine and began negotiations with the UK to postpone the event, which caused indignation on the Ukrainian side.

    Commenting on this situation, Johnson pointed out that the representative of Great Britain had an excellent performance, and Johnson himself was not opposed to the competition being held in Britain.

    “But the fact is that they won and deserve that it be held there”, said the British prime minister said about the Ukraine.

    Johnson also noted that there is still a year before the competition and he is confident that by that time in the Ukraine “everything will be fine”.

    Earlier, Boris Johnson said that the world is starting to get tired of the Ukrainian agenda, but London will continue to provide assistance to Kiev.

    Order of Wanker 1st Class with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.


    1. Well, that will surely compensate the Ukies for all their losses. Never mind that an entire generation of young men, or the best part of it, has been decimated, the country is a beggar and such of its population in a position to flee has done so; hosting a simpleminded liberal music contest will make it all worth it. The west is really reaching in its quest to placate Ukraine after promising it the moon, but delivering just a picture of the moon.


  13. Thank you for another provocative post. My focus is on “green energy” and its lack of sustainability. Yes, lack of sustainability. In addition to the limitation imposed by the lack of critical raw materials that you mentioned (worse than I thought), the much higher costs of green energy on the manufacturing sector has been largely masked by the continued availability of low cost fossil and nuclear energy. Once the entire economy is “green” the costs will have filtered through all phases of manufacturing and food production, the energy cost overhead will collapse the economy with no alternative.

    The Supremacists (the collective name for the deep state/global elites, psychopaths) know this and are leading us by our nose rings straight to the slaughter. The wheels have been set in motion many years ago and included plans to neutralize if not destroy Russia and their allies.

    It was going splendidly – the dreadful 90’s for Russia gave then confidence to go all in. But, being Supremacists, they underestimated their adversaries. Russia could not be controlled and now, not even contained, .Yet ,the Supremacists have already burnt the bridges, destroyed their population’s sense of purpose and intelligence – no turning back now!

    And the Euro Supremacists find themselves with a noose around the neck but waiting for the trapdoor to be released. The Anglo Supremacists are now gaming the new and entirely unexpected turn of events. It may be a scorched-earth strategy – destroy Western Europe – render it a land inhabited by angry, freezing and starving wretches rather than let it find an accommodation with Russia.

    Yep, the 50 year plan of the Supremacists has gone off the rails. No global domination, no enslaved billions of humanimals (just made that up) providing bodies and entertainment, no nothing. It’s over baby.


    1. And what about the biggest wasters of fossil fuels? Are we going to see electrified ocean-going cargo vessels? Or will we just teleport huge loads from terminal to terminal with the latest Musk miracle technology? What kind of storage battery bank would an electric-car carrier transporting green electric cars to another country from their port of manufacture need? And let’s not forget the military. A fighter jet on afterburner basically rides a controlled explosion, as raw fuel is dumped into the tailpipes and ignited. How ya gonna duplicate that with batteries? As I know I have mentioned before, electric aircraft do exist, but using the present technology the subject passenger aircraft can fly 30 minutes with a 30-minute reserve, and the power demands are not likely to include any dogfighting or full-throttle evasive maneuvers.


      The way I see it – and I don’t mind being corrected because my understanding of economics is limited – the Surpremacists (we’ll use that, I like it better than Utopians) will have to maintain a stock of cash on hand to trade with the Traditional Economy so long as it continues to exist and to harbor large quantities of the raw materials the Supremacists have to have. It’s been my belief since Washington took a serious interest in digital currency that America plans to use the push to digital as a mechanism to wipe out its debt and start over, sort of a sunsetting of the hard-cash economy. If successful, its use would then be expanded to keeping troublemakers in line by controlling their access to their bank account, because their money isn’t real, just ones and zeroes in a mainframe somewhere. Again, I would be happy to be corrected and this is just my guess.


      1. Aww, there wouldn’t be much electricity needed for ocean-going cargo ships: there’s wind power! In ye olden days when the Royal Navy ruled the waves their ships were wind-powered. It all went downhill when they started using coal-powered steam engines.
        So: wind power driven, with a bit of electricity ‘made by’ onboard solar. Of course, there’s also muscle power: galleys were very useful, and thanks to a huge population nowadays, all those young men and women of military age who have shown their maritime prowess by crossing the storm-tossed Channel in their rubber dinghies from war-torn France – well they could finally do something for the economy …
        In any case, when that time comes around “we” will have nothing anyway, so won’t need huge imports of tat and ‘fast fashion’. We won’t need food imports, no sugar, tea or coffee – cripes, they did very well without all that a thousand or so years ago! And had time to create beautiful swords and chainmail and stuff!
        And before someone says that would be slavery – well, in yon days it was called serfdom. Nowadays we’re already serfs, to the neofeudal overlords in Whitehall, especially HMRC, vulgo: the tax office.
        I’m sure the WEF will manage to get all that done while telling us that we’re happy … think of those beautiful white sails on ocean-going clippers …!


        1. Very good points! The collapse of international trade will greatly reduce the volume of ocean shipping which in itself will greatly reduce CO2 emissions. Cargo sailing ships can make a comeback. Some have proposed updated clipper ships while other have proposed more modern designs including motor-sailors.


          Some wonderful and romantic but the hard reality is different:

          Grew up watching “Adventures in Paradise” regarding a schooner plying the tropical waters.


          Don’t forget the HyperLoop that can use tunnels under the ocean connecting all of the major continents. The tunnels operate under high vacuum allowing magnetically levitating trains (cargo and passenger) to efficiently glide at over 600 mph using practically no energy. What energy that they need will be provided by renewable energy such as solar panels or wave power generators. (I kid you not). Oh, they will emit soothing sounds for marine mammals to fall into blissful slumber (oops meant ALL marine life).

          The foregoing is all that politicians and the green energy folks need to hear to feel good and conclude that the problems are practically already solved!

          Which leads me to the conclusion that the Supremacists were deliberately setting the stage and warming up the audience with rivers of BS for the Great Reset of poverty, drugs, video games and gambling as the unending fate of humanity. However, Russia, China, Iran and other walked out of the theater. I hear that the show was a big flop.


      2. The move to a cashless society is well underway. Checks are likewise heading towards oblivion. Cash can be very dangerous in the wrong hands so strict regulations are a must.

        They will never stamp out barter but if the general population is reduced to living in individual pods connected to the internet and fed via Uber-like food delivery, there will be nothing of value to barter with. If artificial wombs are developed, JHC, what a bleak world as humans are reduced to production line meat robots.


      3. Re transporting e-cars. A couple of months ago we had a carrier burning about 30 miles off our coast, and it finally sank (or was sunk?). According to reports, it was laden with luxury vehicles, several thousands of them. How come that vehicles empty of gasoline just flare up? Turns out, that many of those were luxury e-vehicles. The lithium battery problem had reared its head again. (https://edition.cnn.com/2022/02/17/tech/ship-fire-luxury-cars/index.html)


        1. That’s a multi-hundred million dollar loss.

          You can’t take a tiny lithium battery on a plane other than cell phones and laptops. I suppose that the crew has the training and have means to dispose of a burning phone or laptop. And IIRC the Boeing 787 was grounded for months because of concerns over the use of lithium batteries. Regarding EVs, I think/hope that a fire starts small giving the driver time to stop the vehicle and escape. If it happens while garaged, good-bye house.


      1. And those USA howitzers are going missing, they say, as they are made of titanium.

        Too valuable a metal to waste by using it to kill Orcs when there’s money to be made.

        In the news yesterday, Macron says he’s willing to meet the Russian President under certain conditions, which the Frog doesn’t state.

        As one comment to the article that I read said: How about this condition from Putin: stop sending your “Caesar” howitzers to the Ukraine, which weapons are used to bombard Donetsk?


        1. The SMO has done much of the work by performing unscheduled disassembly the titanium howitzers with precision missile strikes. The Ukrainians merely need to collect the scraps, load them on trucks, and head to the nearest scrap yard for a pretty darn good price. . Airbus representatives will meet them at the gate.

          Trying to find the “clobber list” issued by the Russian MoD that describes in detail the sad end of the M777’s.

          These weapons would have made little difference but as they were given such a high profile in the West, the Russians could not resist the opportunity to call the bluff.


  14. Doubletalk:

    Jens Stoltenberg said that the supply of weapons will allow Kiev to regain control of the Donbass.
    03:40, June 19, 2022

    Stoltenberg expressed the opinion that” with even more modern weapons, the probability increases “that the Ukraine will be able to “knock out” Russian troops from the territory of Donbass.

    “NATO will continue to support the Ukraine in its self-defence, but [the alliance] is not part of the conflict,” Stoltenberg said. At the same time, the NATO Secretary General again stressed that the military-political bloc will not send its military personnel to Ukraine.

    Stoltenberg also noted that “no one knows” how long the conflict in the Ukraine will last — and urged countries to be prepared for the fact that it can “last for years”.

    Earlier, the British Prime Minister expressed a similar opinion Boris Johnson in the Sunday Times. According to the head of the British Cabinet, the West “needs to accustom itself to a long war,” because, according to Johnson, the Russian authorities “resort to a campaign of attrition.”


    1. Does Johnson have a magic wand with which to create, from nothing, modern armaments and stuff when the necessary raw elements aren’t forthcoming because of ‘Russian Sanctions’, when energy to run those armament factories isn’t available because of ‘Russian Sanctions’, never mind food shortages because of ‘Russian Sanctions’? And given the ever shrinking pool of MINT students who can actually think for themselves and aren’t woke, the scope for British inventiveness to come up with clever solutions for those problems is somewhat minuscule, isn’t it ,,,


      1. The only possible magic wand is tactical nuclear weapons. I wonder if Stoltenberg was sending this message to Larvov and Putin. He’s so clever!


        1. Well, I dunno a bout a nuclear magic wand being needed. Russia has again demolished/killed of what looks like having been a fair number of the top ukrie military. No nuke was used.
          Clearly, even with US and Elon-Musk spy satellites and spy planes, no Ukrie saw this one coming. That was the second ‘warning by example’, the first was early on when they destroyed that compound near the Polish border – the one where all those mercenaries had congregated for ‘processing’.
          A Sarmat or two or three with conventional warheads would wreak sufficient havoc amongst the Western powers in their gathering places.


          1. Tried to say that the nukes would be given to the Ukes. This slogan could change everything!
            Give nukes to Ukes!
            Give nukes to Ukes!
            Give nukes to Ukes!
            Go nukes!


            1. Gawd. i wouldn’t put this past some of those certifiable idiots running Western governments right now …


              1. Yes, they have the right to defend themselves with nuclear weapons according to some. But North Korea and Iran apparently do not.


    1. Mmmmm…a program to get 10,000 young Ukrainian men out of the country every 120 days – I wonder how many would go back? And the cementing of an agrarian economy; yeah, that’ll work. Good times.

      I suggest Russia announce formally that the UK is an active enemy and that the next time BoJo’s plane comes within range of Russian systems, it will be shot down.


      1. I reckon it’s within range even in London, so may as well get it over with now and obliterate the fat bastard.


    2. This doubletalk kills me!

      On the one hand, the USA and its European lickspittles say they do not wish to get involved in the military operation, or to use their favourite hackneyed phrase, there are going to be no virtuous Western military boots on the ground, whilst on the other hand, they say Russia must not win and attempt to arm Banderastan so as to ensure, in their folly, that a Yukie win does indeed occur.


  15. Paging Blinken, Nuland, Johnson, Von der Liar, Macron, Scholz etc.

    19 Jun, 2022 10:24
    Over 50 Ukrainian generals and officers killed in missile strike – Russia
    The Russian Defense Ministry said Kalibr missiles were also used to destroy Western-supplied M777 howitzers and armored vehicles

    Warships have destroyed a command center with Kalibr cruise missiles, killing dozens of Ukrainian officers, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

    “More than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were killed,” the statement said.

    The strike took place near the village of Shirokaya Dacha in Dnepropetrovsk Region. The strike hit the compound where commanders of several Ukrainian units had gathered for a meeting, Moscow said.

    The ministry added that Kalibr missiles were also used to destroy 10 M777 howitzers and up to 20 armored vehicles that were recently delivered from the West, and had been stored inside a factory building in the southern city of Nikolayev.

    Your Yukie acolytes are dying!

    They need your support!

    Russia must not win!!!


    1. From the Kremlin controlled lying press:

      The Russian Armed Forces were able to hit the command post of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, located in the Dnipropetrovsk region, with Kalibr missiles. This was announced by the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov.

      More than 50 generals and officers of the Ukrainian side were eliminated, the ministry explained.

      “Over the past day, high-precision long-range sea-based Kalibr missiles struck the command post of Ukrainian troops near the village of Shirokaya Dacha in the Dnipropetrovsk region at 12.30 pm…”, the representative of the Defense Ministry said.

      According to him, at the time of the strike, a working meeting of the command staff of the operational-strategic group of troops “Alexandria” was being held.

      In addition, Konashenkov added that Russian Armed Forces and units of the Luhansk People’s Republic had liberated the village of Metelkino.

      “The offensive in the Severodonetsk direction is developing successfully”, he said.

      The Defence Ministry also stressed that the Russian Armed Forces hit ten 155-mm M777 howitzers and up to 20 Western-made armoured vehicles with Kalibr missiles on the territory of the Nikolaev plant. We are talking about military equipment delivered to Kiev over the past 10 days.


      Thinking of paying another flying visit to Kiev, Johnson?


      1. The Ukrainian house of cards is collapsing faster than the Detroit Tigers.

        For what it’s worth, I am convinced that no Western politicians travel to Kiev and Zelensky spends little if any time in Kiev. It would be way to risky to fly to Kiev unless permission was obtained from Russia. Train travel form Poland to Kiev is possible but the electrified portion of the tracks has been knocked out and travel by diesel train may not even be possible if track switches and/or key rail junctions are also knocked out. Besides, train travel is for the lower class not befitting for someone like Boris Johnson.


        1. It takes a long time to travel by train from Poland to Banderastan, as at the border there is a change of track gauge: the trains are hydraulically jacked up where they have been shunted onto a siding and the standard 4’ 8.5” track is between the Russian 5’ foot track, and then 5’ bogies are drawn under the carriages, which are then lowered onto them.

          I’ve seen photos of Macron, Sholtz and the Eyetie premier sitting in a well furnished room, where they allegedly met the clown-criminal recently, allegedly in Kiev, and it looks like a studio job: not a wide-angle photo but one with a very narrow field, in which the Westerners are bunched around a table.


          1. PR imagery demands that Zelensky and Johnson stride confidently down the Maidan Square – defiant, proud, freedom-loving, Euro loving (I mean values, not the currency). Yep, it’s a studio in Poland.


            1. I mentioned BoJo’s trip to central Europe earlier in this thread but provided no link. You may be interested in following the path his aircraft (military registration number ZZ336) took on Thursday 16 June 2022. If the link doesn’t work, try flightaware.com or flightradar24.com and key in the registration number.

              The plane went as far as southeast Poland (somewhere near Krakow) but flew no farther. A train trip or car trip from the Polish-Ukrainian border might have been possible but from my own scooting around on line, a car trip takes at least 10 hours (assuming the roads are in good working order with no obstacles or other issues) and a train trip takes at least 8 hours. BoJo would have had to stay overnight in Ukraine or Poland if he had indeed gone to Kiev but then there is no record of the aircraft having flown to Poland again on 17 June 2022 to collect him in Poland.


              1. The link worked and good research as always. BoJo is also a chicken-shit and would never contemplate a dangerous trip to Kiev. Same applies for Zelensky.


                1. I just saw that ZZ336 made another trip to Poland (Warsaw probably) on Sunday 19 June 2022. This presumably was to pick up BoJo if he had stayed in Poland / Ukraine and made the trip to Kiev by train or car and back.

                  The plane also made a trip to Poland on Wednesday 15 June 2022.

                  I’m sure some British stooges here are keen to know what the attractions in Poland are that a VIP aircraft makes three commuter trips there in the space of seven days.


                2. Polish vodka and Krakow sausage are good!

                  You can get Russia “Krakow” sausage here as well and it’s also very tasty, as is “Krakauer” sausage in Germany.

                  Better than boiled fishheads and cabbage soup.


              2. Jen, you write in your post a little lower down the board – which has no ‘reply’ button – “I’m sure some British stooges here are keen to know what the attractions in Poland are that a VIP aircraft makes three commuter trips there in the space of seven days.

                With Johnson’s reputation, I’d speculate that a Polish/Slovakian/Ukrainian/ lass has caught his eye and, judging by previous behaviour, probably other parts of his anatomy.


                1. Reported yesterday that the fat fool was in hospital for minor, routine. surgery. What sort of surgery exactly was not said. Some conjecture was that he needed his sinuses fixing.

                  And there was I thinking that he talked the way he did because he went to Eton.

                  As regards his possible shagging around in Eastern Europe, his promiscuity has been noted.

                  I remember reading that it was uncertain. how many illegitimate children Johnson had.

                  Seems that he is such a conceited, irresponsible, narcissistic arsehole that “taking precautions” is somehow beneath his dignity and he doesn’t give a fuck if his paramours become pregnant.

                  Perhaps I have worded that opinion of mine wrongly.

                  On the one hand, Johnson does, and not only once, as there seems to be a type of woman who is sexually attracted to men who are in possession of political power, even though, as in Johnson’s case, they may neither be physically attractive nor mentally astute, but they nevertheless are “successful”, in that they have achieved a position of power; whereas on the other hand he doesn’t, in that, like the true Bullingdon Boy that he was, the results of his jolly escapades can be laughed off as a bit of a lark — “In the family way? Are you sure? Sorry about that, old thing. No hard feelings, and all that, I hope. It was fun while it lasted. ‘Bye!”


                2. Gasp – but he has a (fairly) new wifey and two babies! He never would …!
                  Mind you – ’twere better had he gone to visit Mr Putin and found a lovely Russian girl to replace Princess NutNuts! At least a Russian one wouldn’t be a rapacious greenie, would she?


                3. “… With Johnson’s reputation, I’d speculate that a Polish/Slovakian/Ukrainian/ lass has caught his eye and, judging by previous behaviour, probably other parts of his anatomy …”

                  Yes I think a white lady has certainly now got up BoJo’s nose and is staying there.


      2. Yes, this must be a lie – Russia has no more Kalibr missiles. It ran out last month. And since Washington sanctioned the letter ‘K’, they cannot make any more.


    2. Okay, maybe if they were gathered for a meeting, it might do some damage, if they were combat commanders. Otherwise I would say there is no bag limit on headquarters types, and you could literally kill hundreds without doing the military any serious harm.

      If the western ‘allies’ keep on as they are doing, Ukrainian men will be literally wiped out except for old men and young boys, because the western manipulators seem to think there is an inexhaustible supply and that if they keep giving Ukraine more weapons, sooner or later Russia must lose. But this does not take into account that Russia controls more and more of the country, and it is easier and easier for Russian forces to intercept weapons deliveries, and to pound Ukrainian military ;positions. This means that more Ukrainians die, and you would almost think that is the western objective – to make Russia kill more Ukrainians and ensure the Ukrainian people hate the Russians forever.


      1. Russian casualty rates are dropping to negligible levels as they correct their weaknesses and exploit their strengths. My guess is that if the Urkainians are losing 1,000/day KIA, severely wounded or captured, the Russian figures is surely 10% of that if not less. Plus, Russian forces are rotated out on a regular basis allowing additional troops to gain combat experiences. The resulting army will be ready for heavy combat with well-honed logistics, training, battle-proven weapons and toughened troops. NATO had best stay on the porch. Only use of tactical nukes could stop a Russian attack but that would be a short term solution bringing a day or two of relief before the Great Vaporization begins.


        1. As I think about it more, even tactical use of a few nukes would not necessarily trigger a Russian nuclear response. It could trigger a massive hypersonic missile barrage against NATO military and civilian command centers and numerous sunk NATO vessels. There could be be a pause to let the enormity of just what happened to sink in with a demand for surrender. If no surrender, human civilization will take a very sharp downward turn.


  16. Sputnik

    British Army’s New Top General Tells Troops to Prepare to ‘Fight in Europe Again’, ‘Defeat Russia’

    Britain must prepare to return to continental Europe to fight and win a conflict against Russia, General Sir Patrick Sanders, the new Chief of the General Staff of the British Army, has said.
    “There is now a burning imperative to forge an Army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating Russia in battle. We are the generation that must prepare the Army to fight in Europe once again,” Sanders wrote in a letter to the troops after taking over from his predecessor, Gen. Sir Mark Carleton-Smith earlier this week.

    The general suggested that the crisis in Ukraine highlighted the Army’s “core purpose” of protecting Britain “by being ready to fight and win wars on land.”

    The whole of the British Army can now be seated in the Wembley Stadium, London.


    1. UK has combat capable +/- 2 Brigades, I think, so 6-10,000 soldiers.
      With all those (unspecified) wunderwaffe and Nato super-duper training, that ought to do the trick!


      1. General Sir Patrick Nicholas Yardley Monrad Sanders, KCB, CBE, DSO, ADC Gen

        Skipping rope and gongs galore!

        Fucking idiot!


        1. The BBC describes the above idiot’s statement as regards fighting a land war against Russia thus:

          New UK Army chief issues Russia rallying cry

          I refuse to provide the link to that cesspit of UK Govt. propaganda.


                1. Here’s the man, Pierre de Gaulle, making the above linked speech on YouTube. I should imagine there is an auto-translate function of the clip available.

                  I would open the clip myself and get, if possible, the English subtitles, but I am loath to do so as I am out in the sticks again — where it is pissing it down with rain and will continue to do so all week, Midsummer Day tomorrow notwithstanding: no bloody summer here, it seems, this year! — because if I did watch the clip, I should burn up loads of gigabits, and I must economise, as I have to give online lessons from my country retreat, using my iPhone a modem.


                2. Pissing with rain, is it? Come to sunny Kairdiff where we have sunshine, today and up to the weekend, yee-hah!
                  (Of course, that means I’ll have to wield the hosepipe – a small price to pay …)


                3. Worthy of a copy paste:

                  Discours à l’Ambassade de Russie en France, à l’occasion de la
                  Fête Nationale de la Fédération de Russie, le 14 juin 2022.

                  ZDRASTVOUILLTE ! (Bonjour !).
                  PREZIDENT VLADIMIR POUTINE (Au nom du peuple français, je salue cordialement
                  le peuple russe et ses dirigeants et le Président Vladimir Poutine).

                  Vos Excellences, Mesdames, Messieurs les Officiels, Mesdames, Messieurs, Je
                  vous remercie, au nom de ma famille et de mon père, l’Amiral de Gaulle, de nous
                  inviter pour la célébration de votre fête Nationale.

                  Nos peuples sont liés par de longues années d’amitié et par le sang versé contre
                  les Nazis. C’est l’occasion pour moi de répéter que la relation franco-russe était
                  pour le Général de Gaulle d’une importance toute particulière. La France et la
                  Russie sont proches l’une de l’autre mais aussi unies par la conscience de leur
                  communauté d’intérêts et de destins.
                  Plus encore, la Russie était vue par mon grand-père comme l’allié de revers
                  indispensable à sa sécurité mais parce qu’elle participait à sa conception de
                  l’équilibre de l’Europe et de sa place de l’Europe dans le monde. Le Général disait
                  même : « La décision funeste de Napoléon d’attaquer Alexandre 1 er est la plus
                  lourde erreur qu’il ait commise. Rien ne l’y forçait. C’était contraire à nos intérêts,
                  à nos traditions, à notre génie. C’est de la guerre entre Napoléon et les russes que
                  date notre décadence. »
                  Je viens ici pour affirmer une nouvelle fois haut et fort, qu’il est de l’intérêt de la
                  France de garder de bonnes relations avec la Russie et de dire qu’il faut que nous
                  travaillions ensemble en vue d’aider à l’union et à la sécurité de notre continent,
                  ainsi qu’à l’équilibre, au progrès et à la paix du monde tout entier.

                  Chacun reconnaît aujourd’hui la responsabilité des États-Unis dans le conflit
                  actuel, le rôle funeste de l’Otan qui s’élargit sans cesse et la politique inconsidérée
                  du Gouvernement Ukrainien. Ce dernier, fort de belles promesses et nourri
                  d’illusions américaines et européennes, a conduit une politique très condamnable
                  à l’égard des populations russophones du Donbass, multipliant discrimination,
                  spoliation, embargos et bombardements. Les Occidentaux ont malheureusement
                  laissé faire Zelenski, ses oligarques et les groupes militaires néo-nazis s’enfermer
                  dans une spirale de guerre.

                  Cet aveuglement est lourd de conséquence pour le peuple ukrainien. Mais ne nous
                  y trompons pas : que veulent les Américains si ce n’est provoquer une nouvelle
                  confrontation Est-Ouest, dont le seul but est d’affaiblir et de diviser l’Europe pour
                  imposer leurs directives, leur économie et leur système ? Depuis la première
                  guerre mondiale, les Américains ont conclu un pacte pour établir un équilibre
                  nécessaire des forces en Europe et s’associer à la sécurité du continent européen.
                  Ce n’est pas en organisant une escalade militaire systématique en Ukraine, qu’ils
                  respecteront leur engagement, ni leurs grands principes de liberté et de
                  démocratie !
                  Les États-Unis sont dans l’erreur, l’Otan est dans l’erreur, dont l’expansionnisme
                  débridé et irréfléchi conduit inexorablement au déséquilibre du Monde et à
                  l’injustice. Les belles promesses des Américains de ne pas élargir l’Otan à l’Est,
                  ni au Nord, n’ont pas été respectées. Les accords de Minsk n’ont pas été respectés.

                  La réalité, c’est que les Américains n’ont jamais accepté, ni l’Occident avec eux,
                  qu’après la difficile transition de 1991 et la reconstruction qui a suivi, que la
                  Russie ne s’intègre pas dans son monde unipolaire. Les Américains ni l’Europe,
                  n’ont jamais accepté que la Russie se transforme selon le modèle occidental, à son

                  A cause de cela et d’emblée, le Président Poutine fût perçu comme un dictateur,
                  alors que c’est un grand leader pour son pays !

                  Les États-Unis n’ont jamais non plus accepté la perte du rôle du dollar comme
                  monnaie prépondérante dans le règlement des échanges internationaux dans le
                  monde. Le pire est, que dans cet aveuglement, ils ne font que renforcer, en
                  déplaçant les intérêt économiques et financiers à l’Est, la position de la Chine et
                  de la monnaie chinoise qu’ils veulent aussi combattre ! Les sanctions, qui sont
                  celles de la politique du faible, sont inopérantes, sauf à affaiblir les Européens et
                  autres nations du monde. Les Africains eux-mêmes, par l’intermédiaire du
                  Président de l’Union Africaine, Monsieur Macky Sall, s’en inquiètent

                  En provoquant une crise économique profonde, systémique et durable qui nous
                  touche déjà tous, du prix du pain, au chauffage et aux carburants mais aussi par la
                  pénurie agro-alimentaire, des matières premières et des métaux industriels qu’elle
                  entraîne, les Américains affaiblissent les Européens à leur profit. Aura-t-on oublié
                  que depuis au moins un siècle, toutes les crises financières majeures viennent des
                  États-Unis ? « Notre dollar, votre problème » disait Henry Kissinger. Les
                  Américains nous tiennent toujours par leur endettement, qu’ils exportent.
                  En imposant aussi un modèle culturel et social qui repose sur le culte de la
                  jouissance et de la consommation, les Américains sapent le socle de nos valeurs
                  traditionnelles et les deux piliers de la civilisation que sont la famille et la

                  L’Europe et bien sûr la France ont tout à perdre à s’enfermer dans cette escalade
                  militaire et idéologique voulue par les États-Unis et l’Otan. Charles de Gaulle le
                  disait : « l’Amérique ne fait pas partie de l’Europe. Je crois l’avoir découvert sur
                  la carte. »

                  De la conjoncture actuelle, terrible et redoutable, La France peut et doit jouer un
                  rôle capital. La France et la Russie sont toutes deux filles de l’Europe. La France
                  ne doit pas oublier qu’elle est l’ainée des nations européennes et qu’aucune n’a
                  derrière elle une aussi longue trainée de gloire. Mon grand-père a toujours soutenu
                  et défendu l’impérative nécessité, même aux moments les plus difficiles de
                  l’histoire, de construire et préserver une relation forte et partagée avec la Russie.

                  Il aimait la Russie. Nous aimons, ma famille et moi, la Russie et son peuple. Le
                  peuple russe, dont le droit de propriété est si injustement bafoué partout dans le
                  monde. Cela me rappelle les pires moments de l’occupation et du régime de Vichy
                  en France. Et les artistes, les sportifs russes, sont-ils aussi responsables ? Cette
                  politique systématique et aveugle de confiscation et de discrimination du peuple
                  russe tout entier est scandaleuse et me choque considérablement.

                  Permettez-moi de citer encore une fois le Général de Gaulle : « En France, on n’a
                  jamais considéré la Russie comme un ennemi. Je suis pour le développement de
                  l’amitié franco-russe et je n’ai jamais envoyé et je n’enverrai jamais des armes
                  aux gens qui se seraient battus contre la Russie soviétique. »

                  Les Américains donnent de l’argent (et des armes), nous les payons en parts
                  d’indépendance. Je regrette que le Gouvernement français se commette dans cette
                  soumission à l’Otan et donc à la politique américaine.
                  Je déplore, que de par la volonté de certains présidents français, la France se soit
                  dissoute dans l’Otan. Or, le Général de Gaulle s’est toujours efforcé de maintenir
                  l’indépendance de la France dans le commandement intégré de l’Otan.
                  L’Otan absorbe l’Europe. Depuis, les Américains ne parlent plus à la France et ne
                  nous considèrent plus comme une nation forte et indépendante.
                  Faut-il rappeler le camouflet récent subi par la France dans la rupture brutale et
                  unilatérale du contrat d’achat des sous-marins australiens par l’Australie, Membre
                  du Commonwealth et qui fût orchestré par les anglais et les américains ? La France
                  peut-elle se contenter, outre sa perte de souveraineté, des trois jours d’avance en
                  munitions et en carburant que lui octroie l’Otan ? Je ne comprends pas la politique
                  du Président français. Fort de ses convictions, de son armée et de la force de
                  dissuasion qu’il a lui-même construite au grand dam des Américains, le Général
                  de Gaulle a eu la détermination de sortir de l’Otan, tout en restant comme membre
                  de droit de l’Alliance Atlantique. Je souhaiterais que le Président français ait ce
                  courage et cette volonté, plutôt que de subir les affres de la pensée unique et de la
                  politique commune imposée par les Américains, qui le rendent dépendant.

                  De la même manière, je ne me reconnais pas dans la France d’aujourd’hui, dans
                  cette politique du « en même temps », qui nous affaiblit. Je ne me reconnais pas
                  dans l’abandon actuel des valeurs, de notre histoire, de notre culture, de nos grands
                  principes de liberté, du devoir et de la sécurité.

                  Le Général de Gaulle écrivait. « Il existe un pacte vingt fois séculaire entre la
                  grandeur de la France et la liberté du monde. » Notre but est et doit rester d’établir
                  une entente européenne entre l’Atlantique et l’Oural. Au milieu des alarmes du
                  monde et des dangers de la crise actuelle, la France peut et doit, à nouveau, peser
                  de tout son poids et chercher un arrangement avec les pays belligérants et la Russie
                  en particulier. On ne fait pas la guerre tout seul ! C’est une conviction que les
                  idéologies, donc les régimes qui les expriment, en Ukraine comme ailleurs, ne
                  sont que de passage. « Seuls comptent, appuyés sur les fondements politiques, la
                  patine des siècles et la capacité des pays à rester grands ».

                  Comme le disait le Général de Gaulle en 1966 lors de son deuxième voyage en
                  Russie : « La visite que j’achève de faire à votre pays, c’est une visite de la France
                  de toujours à la Russie de toujours. »

                  Je vous remercie.

                  Pierre de Gaulle

                  Definately not a fashionable point of view!


          1. In the nature-versus-nurture framework, it’s inbreeding versus English boarding school education. The fellow got the worst of both worlds.

            I checked Sanders’s bio at Wikipedia, suspecting he might have attended Sandhurst. No, he didn’t go there but attended the University of Exeter and then Cranfield University which has a campus for defence force and government service personnel.


    2. Sure, that comment sounds like a bit of a lame joke to you, but the general was speaking English. I assure you that, translated into Russian, it is a joke of devastating battlefield effectiveness, and will shortly be deployed to lethal effect, like the earlier model of it seen in this video.


  17. Hi Peter Moritz

    Here is my promised response to your posts regarding the role of the Vatican in the genocide of Serb Orthodox believers in Croatia in WWII. Your first statement was

    No idea why you mention the religious card here. I grew up Catholic in a Catholic household till I became a fundamentalist atheist at 16, but during my pevious, although not very consistent or thorough indoctrination, I was not made aware that there was any animosity towards the orthodox church.

    That is an incredible statement of ignorance. The great schism in which the Bishop of Rome was excommunicated from the Orthodox Church occurred in 1054. And that is the start of the Catholic church. You were not taught this in your catechism classes? Regarding animosity between the Vatican and the Orthodox, it goes way way back.


    However, the Emperors (head of the Christian church – PO) withdrew their support as their own subjects became targets of Crusading efforts (from the Roman church – PO) to root out what they saw as Christian heresy or paganism. Killing Muslims, Jews, or heretics (Orthodox Christians – PO) was regarded as an act of merit, rewarded by paradise, and forced conversion was also widespread, although many chose death to renunciation of faith.

    Your rebuttal of my statement that Muslims were less aggressive toward the Orthodox than the Vatican was based on events in Bosnia. Yet, the most influential Muslim in Bosnia fought on the side of the Serbs (apologies for not remembering his name). However, Izetbegovic was chosen by the West to enlist Muslim support as was Osama Bin-Linden. We should be quite familiar by now how the West uses radical Islam to do its bidding with Syria being the latest example. I ask you to review the developments in Chechnya to understand the dynamics. Needless to say, the Chechens are among the strongest supporters of Russia and its Orthodox religion. I can attest from my Muslim friends that Russia is regarded as the savior of the world (Iran would agree). I don’t understand the theology behind that sentiment but it’s real.

    When was nationalism responsible for the extermination of its own citizens? Yet you proposed this as the driving force for the genocide of Serbs in Croatia. Let’s try religion as the driving factor. Here is a quote from a researcher on the topic from recently available information:

    Ante Pavelic, the Croatian Poglavnik (leader, equivalent to German Fuher) was received twice by Pius XII at the Vatican during WWII while the genocide of the Serbs, Jews, and Romas was at its height. PiusXII absolutely knew about the ‘pure Catholic Croatia” project but did nothing to stop the killings. Instead he encouraged it by receiving Pavelic.

    Of, course then there is the Ratlines, where tens of thousands of Croat Catholic war criminals and assorted German Nazis were spirited out of Europe right through the Vatican itself. The Ratlines was organized by Cardinal Montini who would later become Pope Paul VI.

    I can provide further discussion on why the Vatican was spared prosecution at Nuremberg but that would be a rather lengthy effort and I suspect would be rejected without regard to its merits.


    1. Hi Peter
      Forgot to mention that Croats and Serbs are of the same ethnicity and speak the same language. Their only distinguishable difference is their religion. And there is vast quantities of information linking the genocide to the Catholic church with Catholic priests participating or leading the atrocities.


      1. My neighbour at my old place, where I lived with Missus Stooge the Second, was a Serb. I never knew him very well, Joe something, but one day I saw him hauling firewood out of the back of a truck across the road and I knew he had a bit of a dickey heart so I went over to help. Afterward we were enjoying some of that plum brandy – slivovitz, is it? – in his living room and I brought up that matter; why do the Serbs and Croats hate one another? Aren’t they essentially the same people, with the same language? He said definitely not: one uses the Cyrillic alphabet and one uses some other kind of alphabet, I forget now which is which. And he absolutely hated General MacKenzie, who was generally regarded as a Canadian hero and who was involved in the war. I guess he must have taken the side of the Croats.


        1. The Serbians, being Orthodox, use the Cyrillic alphabet and the Croatians, being Roman Catholic, use the Latin alphabet (the same one we use).

          Most Orthodox Christian populations in Europe and nearby regions use either the Cyrillic alphabet (often tailored to their own linguistic needs) or, like the Armenians, Georgians, Greeks and Ethiopians (Amharas), their own original alphabets. Romanians are the only Orthodox population who use the Latin alphabet, probably because in the past they were obsessed with demonstrating their closeness to their linguistic kin in Italy and France and using the Latin alphabet was part of creating a Romanian culture.


          1. The “Stan” central Asian Soviet republics eventually all used a modified Cyrillic. There have been occasional attempts in these republics to move from Cyrillic to Latin. And it has been the same in Chechnya. In the 1930s they used Latin there until the early ’40s, I think, then back to Cyrillic. Before Chechnya became part of the Russian Empire, they used Arabic script.

            After the unilateral declaration of independence under Dudayev, they went back to Latin, but this move was disliked by the Chechens because they had got so used to Latin and, therefore, they went back to Cyrillic.


        2. My knowledge regarding General MacKenzie is that he was fair and objective. He called out the orchestrated “atrocities” blamed on the Serbs staged by the Muslims and their Western handlers and MSM. I met him at a speaking engagement and he seemed the real thing.

          Their alphabets may be different but I understand that the spoken languages are essentially identical. Again, the core point of contention is religious with one religion being aggressively expansionistic with a history of atrocities and genocide but nevertheless serving as a quite useful battering ram in the struggle between civilizations.


        1. Above should have been further above in reply to PO’s observations on the differences between Serbs and Croats.

          Another difference between them is that Serbs became independent from the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, whereas Croatia remained part of Greater Hungary in the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the post-WWI formation of Yugoslavia. Serbia fought against Austro-Hungarian aggression up to the outbreak of and during that war.


          1. The Austro-Hungarian Navy main base was at Pola, now Pula, Croatia. Before that, its home base was Venice, then part of the “k. und k” [kaiserlich und königlich] — the “Imperial and Royal” Empire, as indeed was much of Northern Italy.


  18. Fourth video shows an alledged Russian missile strike on a deeply buried Ukrainian ammo dump triggering a MASSIVE explosion. Purported to be a Kinzhal but the apparent velocity in the video seemed too low.

    The expected shock wave was not in evidence after about 10 seconds and the background voices were American (allegedly an American reporter) so it may be a real explosion somewhere else with a fake missile added. Kinzhals may come in white hot (or their plasma sheath) but it would likely be too fast to see. My guess is the video is fake. The other videos were likely as described.


  19. Biden falls off bike. A commentator suspects Putin behind it. Another commentator says even the bike does not support him.


  20. If Washington sticks to its current pace, the reserves will shrink to a 40-year low of 358 million barrels by the end of October, when the releases are due to stop. A year ago, the SPR, located in four caverns in Texas and Louisiana, reportedly contained 621 million barrels.

    “As the oil market looks today, it’s difficult to see how Washington can halt sales in October. Removing that additional supply would mean commercial inventories quickly deplete, putting upward pressure on oil prices,” says the report.


    Whadda you gonna do then Joe?


  21. God bless America!

    The first-ever black lesbian presidential speaker Karin Jean-Pierre and first-ever transgender four-star admiral in the United States, USA Today magazine “Woman of the Year” Rachel/Richard Levin, found each other when they met at the White House during the “Washington Pride” event.


      1. I agree. I cannot understand why “feminists” and lesbians tolerate these transvestite, “transgender” freaks. They are nothing but a perverted, obscene parody of womanhood.


        1. I have long wondered why, if ‘blackface’ is beyond the pale, so to speak, is drag still acceptable? Why are these ridiculous parodies of women not only tolerated but celebrated?

          The long existence of drag has, I think, fed into the modern transgender issue – the idea that womanhood is essentially a costume.


        2. Oddly enough, my son and his girlfriend took me to a restaurant for Father’s day. The server appears more or less female (large boobs anyway) but was intimidating in a non-female way. After she took our order, I remarked to that effect. My son’s girlfriend said she knew her and that she is a transgender female and had the complete “gender reassignment” surgery. A biological travesty and gross bodily mutilation if you ask me.


      2. They just promote their special deviates to wind other people up – look how free we are. If you want to sport a dress AND a dick, this is the place for free people. But they will never be able to get away, just like Canada will not, from the fact that they forced free people to get ‘vaccinated’ with an injection of a cocktail that had not completed trials and which since has proven to not bestow immunity to the illness it is allegedly formulated against. Letting men prance around in panties and pretend that being a woman is just something you can wake up one morning and decide you are is their way of trying to make you impressed that you have so much freedom.


        1. Freedom to be stupid, freedom to be self-destructive, freedom to be an asshole, freedom to be smug – Go America!


  22. RT

    Ukraine says it will ‘fight with shovels’ if denied Western arms
    20 Jun, 2022 08:08

    You shout “Shit!”, we shout “Shovel!”

    Ukraine will continue fighting against Russia even if it has no weapons whatsoever, so the West should speed up its shipments of arms to Ukraine or be responsible for the deaths of its troops, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said to German media on Sunday.

    “If we don’t get weapons, fine. Then we will fight with shovels. But we will keep defending ourselves because this is a war for our existence,” Kuleba was quoted as saying in an interview with the public broadcaster ARD.

    “The sooner we get the weapons, the sooner they are sent, the more good they will do us. If they come late, we will still thank you, but then there will be a lot of waste, and many people will have died by then,” he added.


    1. Rubella said this in a German TV Talkshow yesterday evening.
      Well, all I can say is that he’s ignorant because one doesn’t fight with shovels, one fights with pitchforks and spades – sharpened ones, of course.


      1. Yeah, on ARD, the same channel that the other day apologized for announcing that Russia had been bombarding of late Donetsk. So the broadcaster said that in actual fact it was those nice Yukies who were murdering civilians in Donetsk. However, in their fake broadcast, ARD said how many Donetsk civilians had been slain and maimed by what were Evil Orc missile attacks: in the updated factual report of the attacks, ARD decided not to mention how many Donetsk citizens had fallen victim to thee Yukie missile attacks — you know, bombardments made by those really, really nice Yukies, who have the backing of the whole wide world in their fight against the Evil Orcs.


    2. And I expect Kuleba has already picked out his fighting shovel. This is another pity-poor-Ukraine initiative by a reprehensible government which will let its people die rather than surrender, while defending the right to oppress others for their choice. They want the right to grin across the border at Russia while they pound the residents of Donbas to gruel until they surrender, and perhaps it would be the best thing if all those who feel that way were wiped out. So be it; empty the hardware stores, and form up on the right with shovels shouldered.

      I will say, however, that it serves NATO right for being put on the spot by this bratty nation, because it asked for exactly that kind of needy dependence by promising Ukraine it would always be there at its shoulder as they walked together into victory.

      Perhaps they plan to dig another sea around the Russian army, and the water will rush in and drown them all. Kind of biblical, in its own way. God is a Ukrainian.


    1. Didn’t help that wannabe Napoleon win his elections yesterday, did it.
      Btw – is this really somewhere in Kiev?


      1. The fact that the picture location is not obviously Kiev then it is not Kiev. If there were really there, it would be rubbed in Russia’s face.


    2. And just in the middle of the ceremony, Elensky was suddenly called away again to lead his forces into battle. Good thing he wore his sneakers and army shirt.

      Okay, no, he wasn’t – seriously, everyone else is wearing a suit, when is he going to stop playing Fidel Castro?


  23. With all of the talk saying that if Russia were to use a nuclear weapon, NATO would respond in kind.

    Sounds like a setup for a false flag. Propaganda prep work is well underway allegeding that Russia had made the threat and they are losing a war that they must win.

    The above has been discussed before, If it is to happen, it needs to happen in the coming weeks before the defeat of Ukraine can no longer be hidden.


    1. ‘Nowhere near ready for operational deployment’ is perhaps the understatement of the decade. The USAF used to be fairly good at poking holes in nutty ideas like this. But the culture now is “Believe! Let’s all just join hands and BELIEVE, and it will be possible!”


      1. Great for getting funding and job security, too. It’s part of the casino economy mentality and no one wants to miss an opportunity, however remote, to win big.


  24. https://www.moonofalabama.org/2022/06/ukraine-sitrep-lysichansk-cauldron-sinking-morale-more-provocations.html#more

    “Since May 19, during the month, only the 14th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU has lost 2,100 persons who resulted dead and wounded. Due to low moral and psychological conditions, 800 persons destined for replenishing the losses of this unit, refused to go to the operational area and accused officers of incompetence, bribery and cronyism in paying money allowance.

    About 100 servicemen of a reconnaissance unit of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade have been relieved of combat duty and transported to Kremenchug for investigation.

    A considerable part of the commanders of the 30th Mechanised Brigade of the AFU have abstracted themselves from managing their units and refuse to fulfil combat tasks. All kinds of pretexts are used for simulating illness. The majority of units have already been left without any officers.”


    1. That’s a machine translation at the beginning of the above post. It should better read in part:

      “During this month as from 19 May, the AFU 14th Mechanised Brigade alone has lost 2,100 persons dead and wounded.”


      1. Yes, I figured that was what they meant by ‘only’, and that they did not mean to suggest there were no losses in other units.

        Certainly does not sound very promising for the rise of the shovel infantry.


  25. Aren’t you glad you’re not here! The first rail strike started today, and if you’d like a taste of what Londoners are ‘experiencing’ then check out the pictures in today’s Daily Wail:

    Btw, it’s what is described as ‘hot’ here today and will get worse by afternoon … Yep, life in Blighty is wonderful – after all, why else would be hundreds of intrepid dinghy drivers dare the perilous Channel crossing to come here from war-torn France …


    1. Putin’s work. He must control the rail unions. There used to be several such unions when I lived in Merry England. There’s probably only one now. Full of damned Commies, probably, like those bloody miners 40 years ago.


      1. And I for one am most pleased about when I at long last said to the UK “Kiss my arse goodbye!”

        I wanted to to Canada. Had done so ever since I was a nipper.

        Glad I didn’t now.


      2. In the picture which accompanies the article, featuring the inside of a bus, I can see only one white face in the entire field of view; the rest are Indians and Africans. Is that now representative of London demographics?


        1. In some areas it is. I walked past my old primary school a couple of weeks back around kicking out time. I saw 6 white faces out of what must have been over 100 kids milling around the street. Could just as easily have been in Bangladesh, or somewhere in Africa.


        2. Over 90% of immigrants settle in Londonistan.

          My home town population, according to the last census is, using the classification in that census: “98.6% white-British”.

          Most immigrants, it seems, don’t want to work down coal mines.

          That should be “it seemed”, because there have been no coal mines — “pits” — in my old coalfield now for over 30 years.

          Well, it wasn’t my coalfield, as a matter of fact, but you know what I mean.

          The “embrace diversity” brigade say they never wanted to live in my part of England because we were/are “white working class racists”.

          As it happens, in “my pit” there were quite a few Poles and Germans, the latter having been PoWs in a big PoW camp quite near to where I lived. I worked with one former German PoW for a number of years. He, like his compatriots there, had all married English girls. His name was Herbert. I think he never went back home in 1948 or whenever because his Heimat had become part of Poland. Herbert was OK.

          One of the German ex-PoWs from that camp who married a local girl played football for my home town team, where he was spotted and invited to play for Manchester City. He was ex-paratrooper Bert Trautmann, a local hero when I was a kid. It was funny to hear him talk: he had a mixed German-Lancashire accent.


            1. The very same.

              Local hero.

              He was from Bremen, where they brew one of my favourite beers — that is to say, favourite when I was a drinking man.


              1. Ah – Beck’s … I remember it well from my German drinking times … There was another one from that region I loved drinking: Jever Pils. Aaah ….

                On Wed, 22 Jun 2022 at 10:56, The New Kremlin Stooge < comment-reply@wordpress.com> wrote:

                moscowexile commented: “The very same. Local hero. He was from Bremen, > where they brew one of my favourite beers — that is to say, favourite when > I was a drinking man. > https://beerisyourfriend.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/becks3.jpg” >


                1. Jever Pils from Friesland! Forget about about that tipple! You and I, colliemum, seem to have the same tastes in beers.


                2. Typo.

                  Not “forget” but “forgot” — meaning “I forgot”.

                  I wasn’t telling you to forget about it.

                  And hurrah! Summer is here at last!

                  Starting today: sunny, cloudless skies.

                  Today’s high: 23 °C; tomorrow’s: 26 °C; Saturday’s: 28 °C; Sunday’s: 29 °C; Monday’s: 31 °C; Tuesday’s: 26 °C and on and on.

                  First occasional rainfall forecast for July 6 , when maximum temperature will be 22 °C.

                  6 a.m. here now. Time to head off for the country on the Borodino choo-choo.


                3. We simply have a refined, connoisseur taste in beer, ME!
                  And while you can now wallow in proper summer weather, we’re going to get rain than thunderstorms from today. Well, that ‘rock festival’ for the posh yoof (‘Glasto’) starts today, and it’s simply de rigger that there be enough mud to go round, for which rain is needed. Allegedly yon Ukrie actor, playing now as ‘PM’, will address that Glasto crowd, via zoom. I wonder if they’ll sing for him like they did for ‘Corby’ three years ago …


                4. Johnson addressing the Glastonbury crowd!

                  Why on earth does he think they will pay any attention in any way to what he is going to waffle on about in his own inimitable way?

                  Curious PR advisors at Downing Street: totally out of touch with reality!

                  Must be the same idiots who advised May to come “dancing” onto stage to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” at a Tory Party Conference a few years ago.


                5. Apologies, I was a bit imprecise – it’s not Bobo allegedly addressing the Glasto crowd, it’s allegedly going to be yon Ukrie perform, a.k.a. Mr ‘e (using ‘Z’ is verboten …).


                6. What? The Clown in a T-shirt is going to address the freaked out youth of Glastonbury because he knows that they all “stand with Ukraine”?

                  A PR stunt, pure and simple!


                7. Is there not the slightest indication yet that the permanently attired in pseudo- action-man gear Elensky’s regular big-screen, online appearances are getting somewhat played out by now?

                  Does he expect a standing ovation, EU parliament and US congress style?


                8. If this ‘performance’ goes ahead, then yes, he does, not least because he needs to make people forget the disastrous African response.
                  Moreover, sadly, should he ‘sing’ at Glasto, and should the drugged-up or drunk crowd also sing, the Johnson will take this as sign that ‘teh peeepel’ are happy with his continuous warmongering and with his interference in the Ukraine.


          1. I wish herewith to proclaim that while such a thing as racism exists, and it is categorically wrong to hate people you do not even know because they belong to a particular ethnic group, the whole notion of racism has been co-opted and is now a brand which is used wholesale to discredit great swaths of thinking, philosophy, policy and reason. The formerly-downtrodden masses have perceived the way to a cushy billet, and it is called ‘activism’, so that whatever people do to make amends for past events in which they had no direct part, no matter how they writhe and scream and cover themselves with shame – it is and can never be enough. The entire fabric of society must be remade so that even those who show no aptitude for leadership and no grasp of the issues are placed in charge of agencies which deal with complex problems, because everybody must be given a chance to fail no matter who is ruined by that failure. A good education is simply a tool of oppression, so respect for education must be withheld, lest it contaminate opportunity.

            But of course that is what a white male would say. I now return to running the world.


        3. Yes, it’s a pretty accurate picture. London is now largely an ethnic minority majority city. There are a very small number of very wealthy boroughs – ones where you’d need a couple of million to buy a house – which are predominantly white and wealthy but, by and large, the white working and middle classes have left London.


          1. The white working class tribe known as Cockneys has been eradicated. They used to live in the East End, around the old London Docks, when I lived in the Metropolis 1967-69, but after I had headed off back “norf”, as Cockneys would have said, they were transported to Cockney reservations in Essex, because the old docks had become too small for modern freighters and they were redeveloped as a highly upmarket residential area for the stinking rich, whose yachts are now moored in the docks. The old warehouses all have been converted into luxury abodes with swish apartments, and the old East End white working class districts such as Tower Hamlets have become a Hindustan.

            Meanwhile, the Essex “Cockneys” no longer speak true Cockney, but “Estuary English”, as their reservations are situated on the northern bank of the Thames estuary.

            Meanwhile, in “”Saaf” [south] London, in places such as Brixton, they speak some strange patois, a mixture of English and Black Caribbean slang and dialects, I “fink”, innit?


          2. According to the 2011 Census, just under 45% of people in Greater London were White British.
            Ethnic groups in London

            Isn’t it more likely though that white working and middle class people have been driven out of Greater London by property speculation and into commuter belt areas surrounding Greater London in SE England?


            1. London hosts an enormous number of folk flying below the radar who don’t appear on official records like the census. House price inflation does have a role in demographic changes but most people who’ve left London for literally greener pastures have done so – if they are honest – because mass immigration has changed the areas in which they lived beyond all recognition and, usually, not for the better. One London borough I know well regularly raids houses and finds between 30 to 50 people – usually young men – living in two/three bedroom houses. These aren’t neighbourhoods in which many people want to live.


              1. That is interesting information. Sounds like there are various schemes involving human trafficking being run behind people’s backyards. Especially if all these men come from one country or have gone through one country in transit from different places before coming to London. There is something suspicious happening and I would not be surprised if any of the usual spook agency suspects has a hand in it.


              2. What? Most whities are not in a celebratory mood over diversity and do not wish to embrace it?

                Above: Michelle Obama at Mulberry Street girls’ school in Tower Hamlets in the East End of London in 2015. She told the girls her reasons for success was education, the “ultimate key” to their success.

                According to the British Lying Bastards Corporation, the school “is in an area of high deprivation” and most of its students are from the Bangladeshi community and, for most, English is an “additional” language”.

                Never seemed “highly deprived” when I was last there in the East End in 2016. Did seem so, though, in 1968, when I used to hang out around the East End, but the highly deprived in the East End then were what are now labelled as “white working class bigots”, many of whom being the descendants of East European Jewish immigrants.


    2. Bloody 14 °C here and heaving it down with rain now at 17:48 and has being doing so most of the day and all last night. Today is Midsummer Day, by the way. I should really toddle along to my sacred grove and give thanks to the Gods of my forefathers, but it is so wet and soggy in the pine forest next to my estate. that I’ll give it miss.

      Waes hael!


      1. Waes Hael back to you! I’m not gloating – I do hate hot weather too much for that – but for once it’s dry and (very) sunny here, with temps around 23 C. You must’ve done summink wrong that you’re getting Kairdiff weather on the Summer Solstice. Better sacrifice some thing to Odin, hadn’t you!


          1. You could always give up an eye or spend your Wednesdays reading or reciting poetry and speaking in verse or rhymes. How that would go down with Mrs Exile and the Misses Exiles, you would have to find out the hard way.

            Mead or wine can be left at the sacred grove if you can’t get a hen.


            1. How about this recitation?

              Faeder ure, the thu eart on heofonum, si thi nama gehalgod,to becume thin ric, gewurthe thin willa, on eorthan swa swa in heofonum.

              A pleasing little ditty.


              1. You might have to be more specific coming to the “deliver us from evil” bit – maybe including his favourite pastime like clobbering ice giants will be enough that Widen will waive eye or hen sacrifices.


                1. Alys us of yfele?

                  Old Woden is often thought to be a malevolent god of war. He is not: he is the wise one. Follow his wise words and thou shalt not fall int evil hands or ways.

                  Happy Wodensday — Wednesday!

                  Interestingly, Woden must have been well revered in heathen England as there are many place names that have within them Woden’s name.

                  Wansdyke (Somerset, Wiltshire)
                  Wednesbury (Staffordshire)
                  Wednesfield (Staffordhire)
                  Woodnesborough (Kent)
                  Wenslow (Bedfordshire)
                  Wensley (Derbyshire)

                  All in Mercia, the last heathen Old English Kingdom.

                  Further north, in the Old English kingdom of Northumbria, which became a a Viking kingdom, having as its capital Jorvik (York) you find place names linked to Odin, the Norse Woden (the German Woden was “Wotan”):

                  Onesacre (Yorkshire)
                  Onesmoor (Yorks.hire)

                  When wandering, hooded, Woden used the name “Grim”, which gives us such place names as:

                  Grims Ditch (Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Nottinghamshire and in many other shires)
                  Gryme’s Dyke (Essex)
                  Grimsbury (Oxfordshire)
                  Grim’s Hill (Gloucestershire)

                  and Thor’s name appears here and there in England:

                  Thunderfield (Surrey)
                  Thursley (Surrey)
                  Thundridge (Hertforshire)
                  Thunderlow (Essex)

                  And then them bloody Christian monks came from mainland Europe and spoiled all the heathen fun.


      1. All “Uncle Toms”

        I should hazard a guess that the Liberia head of state ws one.

        Must check out who they were.

        I wonder if the clown-criminal is planning to address the Latin American states and India and Pakistan and, dare I say, China even?


        1. The early afternoon virtual meeting took place behind closed doors and was led by Senegal’s Macky Sall, current AU chair, in the presence of Moussa Faki Mahamat, chairperson of the AU Commission.

          Africa’s support
          According to an internal source, all the heads of state of the continent were invited but, aside from Macky Sall, only three of them participated from their respective presidential offices: Alassane Ouattara of Côte d’Ivoire, Mohammed el-Menfi, President of the Libyan Council, and Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo.


          War in Ukraine: Behind closed doors with Zelenskyy and the African Union
          By Jeune Afrique
          Posted on Tuesday, 21 June 2022 14:04

          And get this:

          In his speech, which was not made public, Zelenskyy denounced the Russian aggression, asking for the support of the African continent in the face of this attack on his country’s sovereignty. He also expressed his willingness to strengthen ties with Africa once the war is over.

          Strengthen ties?

          What with?



          Yukie whores?


          1. Two were there because they had to, ‘ex officio’, it seems.
            As for offering Ukrie whores: I think the African mamas of all tribes would have something to say about that to their menfolk … don’t mess with African mamas, I’m told by people who were there.


          2. Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire and the Republic of Congo (or what is sometimes called Congo-Brazzaville as opposed to the DRC which is a different country) are part of the West African / Central African Franc economic zone so maybe France kicked them a bit or they are being enticed by the US to draw away from France now that French troops have left Mali.


    1. Perhaps they see something odd in their being asked to give ’til it hurts to a country where white supremacists are regarded as national heroes. What did Elensky say about the remnants of Azov Battalion? “Ukraine needs live heroes”.


    1. That IS good, innit? I wonder if this is why America and its spazzy brother the UK have been squealing for the last six months at least that an invasion of the Baltics is imminent? They managed the same trick in Ukraine, warning that Russia was going to invade and then implementing provocations until it did. Lithuania, of course, fancies itself even fiercer than Ukraine.

      In fact, perhaps the plan goes right back to when they used to bleat, “Putin wants to recreate the Soviet Union!” Because if they don’t look out, that’s what’s going to happen. Perhaps NATO would be happy then, or at least back in its comfort zone, having its old adversary to inveigle against and the giant defense budgets to fight off the Soviet hordes.

      Mind you, back then there was a lot more oil in places the Soviet Union did not own. But if I were America, in the state of extreme fuckery it is, I might think I had nothing to lose by starting another world war. Especially if I concentrated on the possibility of coming out of it on top of an alliance of mostly wrecked countries like last time, with my businesses and trades poised to repair the damage and start the boom cycle of rampant America over.


      1. Where’s the beef, Creepy Joe, to execute such a plan?

        The cattle are pegging out in Kansas, and possibly elsewhere. Industry has been exported to Mexico, Indonesia, Korea and, not least, China. Good luck with reconstruction of an industrial economy where factories have been demolished and the land repurposed as suburban housing., the skilled workers have retired or are contemplating getting out.

        The RF is providing support for young citizens to be able to form families in the confident expectation that the new generation will enjoy a bright future. In the West?: Welcome to vassalage. Tug that forelock and consider yourself lucky to scrabble along.


  26. The Asia Times has gone to mostly premium paid-subscription content, but sometimes its commentary is published in other sources. Here’s an example, and the opening paragraphs read a bit like an indictment; I ordered a subscription for Karl.

    “The Biden Administration faces a double disaster after its Ukraine miscalculation, namely a US recession and a second strategic humiliation in the space of a year.

    The United States economy is almost certainly in recession, while oil prices drive inflation that has cut workers’ real pay by about 6% year on year.

    Washington’s earlier boasts of driving Putin from power, destroying Russia’s capacity to make war and halving the size of the Russian economy look ridiculous in retrospect.”


    The piece correctly points out what is really scaring the Democrats – the prospect of going into midterm elections with the highest gas prices on record and the worst economy since the oil shocks of the 70’s, in which they will be decimated. Biden’s release of millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve has barely slowed the gas-price monster, and the richer the scent of panic in the air, the hungrier it becomes.



  27. I don’t what to think. The police armed with high power rifles and body armor stood in the hallway for over an hour as 19 children and two adults were murdered in a classroom. Several of the children called 911 begging for help. I think most adults would have done something, anything, to stop the killings. Cowardice or a setup – hard to say,


    “58 minutes of blood shed an[d] massacre as officers stood idly outside the classroom. Armed and shielded. The ineptitude and cowardice alone warrants disclosure of the bodycam. Produce the goods! #UvaldeCoverUP,” criminal defense attorney and media personality Sara Azari wrote.

    May be another orchestrated incident to drive the gun-control agenda. Too evil? Nah, just another media play.


    1. It might be that, and it might be the current culture of safety obsession, founded on the presumption that nearly all accidents are preventable and leaning on backup safety plans and equipment redundancy until everyone is so afraid of getting hurt that risk is no longer contemplated. But that cannot prevail in mortal combat, and the police probably engage in mortal combat scenarios more often than the army. You can maximize your safety margin – if you are wearing body armor and even when this is known, it is only an experienced street warrior who will shoot for the head instead of center mass, so your chances are fairly good when you factor in what shitty shots most people are at anything other than point-blank range. I suspect what the body-cam footage would reveal was a bunch of cops who scared each other into doing nothing because there was too much risk. If the footage is never made available or is ‘accidentally destroyed’, it will be a fairly safe bet that a decision has been made ‘for the greater good’, because the people would not be able to bear what they saw.


      1. >> …your chances are fairly good when you factor in what shitty shots most people are at anything other than point-blank range.

        Especially if they hold the gun sideways, “hip hop” style.


        1. I have often wondered where that holding a pistol sideways arseholery sprang from and why.

          Even I, a person most averse to firearms and having minimal interest in them, could figure out that holding a weapon in such way would certainly not lead to any accuracy in its use.

          My preferred weapons of choice are a spear and an axe.


      2. My guess is that police culture in that part of Texas revolves around using guns to the exclusion of other ways of disarming armed individuals holding hostages. One would think with so many shootings occurring in the US, especially in indoor situations, police should be trained to consider whether using tasers or other weapons, or non-violent means might be appropriate in contexts where there are many child hostages and the risk is high that using rifles in confined spaces like classrooms will result in children being injured or killed by ricocheting bullets.

        There are other possibilities, that the police on the scene might have actually been told to restrain fire, or there was some confusion in their communications with their superiors. What was really odd also was that parents who tried rescuing their children ended up being arrested and handcuffed by the police at the scene.


        1. Yes, those are excellent points, especially the option to use a non-discriminatory weapon like a taser, because if a child is hit by accident they are very unlikely to die. Non-lethal gas might work as well, although it would have to be very fast-acting or the nutjob would just kill everyone when he felt himself greying out. I guess the major issue here is was the tragedy a result of helpless dithering, or was it deliberate.


        2. There is now a report out blaming the local chief, who seems not to have clearly understood who was in command and making decisions and in fact did not even have a radio for communications. Some of the diagrams used to plan interdiction routes were wrong, there was a cavalcade of errors. Someone was sent to get keys when the door to the classroom was not even locked.


      3. 4 or 5 cops bursting through the door would overwhelm the shooter’s ability to asses the situation and take aim. Presumably, the classroom had windows which would allow a view inside the room to allow the cops to prepare a plan for entry. Presumably, the cops heard the gun fire and screams but did nothing. No excuses are acceptable in my opinion.The parents have every right to demand justice. Negligent homicide charges should be considered.


  28. Die Welt

    Bund bereitet Alarmstufe des Notfallplans Gas vor – mit teuren Folgen für Energiekunden
    Stand: 21.06.2022
    Daniel Wetzel
    Von Daniel Wetzel

    I’m a right clever bugger, me!

    The federal government is preparing to enter the alarm stage of its the gas emergency plan – with expensive consequences for energy customers
    Status: 06/21/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes
    By Daniel Wetzel
    business editor

    Robert Habeck reacts to Russian delivery failures. According to DIE WELT, the second stage of the emergency decree is imminent. For gas customers, this could soon make things even more expensive.
    The Federal Government is preparing to proclaim the alarm stage of the national emergency plan for gas within a few days. DIE WELT has learnt this from circles in the energy industry. This second stage of the emergency decree could make natural gas immediately and significantly more expensive for all consumers.

    According to information from DIE WELT, the State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK), Patrick Graichen, has prepared the energy industry for the upcoming step on Monday. The utilities should “assume” that the declaration of the alarm stage will take place within five to ten days, four persons familiar with the matter confirmed when asked by DIE WELT. Graichen addressed the 55 board members of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) with the announcement.

    And me! Dont forget me! I’m dead clever too!


    1. I shed no tears for the Germans whatsoever. They voted for that Habeck and Baerbock lot even though they knew their green crap policies. They voted for that Scholz person even though his Party was in coalition with Mutti Merkel who decided to get rid of the nuclear power stations and couldn’t care less about expediting the start of Nordstrom 2. So let the Germans bear the consequences of their own stupidity and apathy. It’s what they wanted, innit like.


      1. On the other hand, who else could they have voted for? I guess AfD is the only party that doesn’t want to engage in the stupidity. But they’re “racist” so none of the “nice and decent” people would contemplate voting for them. Oh well, like you say, f*** them!


        1. Just so! Sadly, it’s the same here in the UK: different labels for the political parties, with different ‘heads’ as ‘leaders’, but the policies are exactly the same. In the Uk , nobody needs to be a greenie – we have the Johnson-Tories for that sort of thing, aided and abetted by ‘red’ Labour … voted for by the same sort of people who believe what the MSM preach.


    2. Only in NATO could a refusal to accept goods for sale be termed a ‘failure’ on the part of the vendor. And now Habeck and Baerbock will have their opportunity to drag Germany kicking and screaming into an economy which is ‘green’, a catch-all term which the world must now acknowledge – at its peril if it does not – includes ‘ruinously expensive’ along with ‘doesn’t harm the environment’, or at least the latter is the aim. We have already been over the proposal that capture and storage mechanisms for ‘green energy’ themselves come from exploitation, in some cases at unsustainable levels. But the only way I can see for this dodge to work is if the entire world were set upon it simultaneously; there cannot be a test case which can be observed in its struggles, because it will deter people from commitment. But now we are going to have exactly that. Germany at least, in the grip of extremist environmental zealots Habeck and Baerbock, is going to give it a try for the world’s edification. Noted simpleton follower nations like France may trail along half-heartedly for a time, although Le Micron pays a bit closer attention to his business sector than loons like the aforementioned Kraut Greenies, who appear to think money for der budget is found under cabbage leaves early in the morning. If you don’t find any, get up earlier tomorrow. This is going to collapse the German economy, pivoting on the bullheaded leadership of a couple of doctrinaire zealots facilitated by a weakling leader who would hide under his mother’s skirts rather than confront anyone. The consequences for Europe are going to be dire, as it has become accustomed to turning to Germany whenever it needs a bailout for this or that exhibition of financial ineptitude. I wonder if this is the watershed moment that will cause the first large German anchor business to pull up stakes and leave, using cut-my-losses logic.

      This grieves me to see, because I was once what I would describe as a liberal thinker myself. Give the other fellow a chance, said I; listen to his viewpoint and to the extent his proposal does not damage others, let him try it. We owe others for our good fortune; share everything. And so on. Just how far liberal thinking has evolved on its path to lunatic self-destruction is nicely illustrated by pieces like this one.


      Think if you treat everyone honestly and work hard to get ahead, you deserve to succeed? Think again, my friend. According to the big-picture thinkers today, even merit is determined by luck. If you eschewed dangerous distractions while you were in school and concentrated on getting good grades while your classmates were getting laid and smoking up – no matter how much you wanted to do that, too – and if you made it to company director…it’s because you are a white male.

      “Although widely held, the belief that merit rather than luck determines success or failure in the world is demonstrably false. This is not least because merit itself is, in large part, the result of luck. Talent and the capacity for determined effort, sometimes called ‘grit’, depend a great deal on one’s genetic endowments and upbringing.”

      So apparently the only way to be truly fair and step away once and for all from discriminatory unfairness is to reserve one job for a woman, one job for a Mexican, one job for a transsexual, and so on down the opportunity rainbow. And since I am paraphrasing and deep thinkers would tell me I am getting it all wrong anyway, might as well go all the way and recommend that those who have jobs to give out not bother to interview. In many cases you can see that the prospective applicant falls into a category that cries out for fairness. Maybe just come up to them on the street and ask, “Want a job?”

      Of course all these concepts have been demonstrated by ‘studies’. Follow the science!

      I would be among the first to agree that employers who insist applicants have a social-media profile and then creep them for signs of political instability, scary lack of interpersonal skills, extremist sympathies or potential larceny are disturbing, and that is not the way to build your business. A lot of great performance and revolutionary ideas come from employees who don’t necessarily like you or think as you do; you don’t pay them for that. But the idea of just throwing all the names up in the air and then making the one whose name landed nearest the top of the stairs your senior executive flies in the face of reason.


  29. I have had to come back to Moscow today. Yesterday, the foreign bank here, UniCredit, in which I have a pound sterling account, which I use to transfer pounds from the UK to here, albeit that I for along time now have been unable to do this, demanded that I make a statement as regards my tax status, namely in which country/ies I am a tax resident and if I am a USA tax resident and so on and so forth.

    Every year they make this demand, quoting some bloody Russian tax law, and every year I tell them that I have a full residency permit for a foreign citizen here, that I have lived here for almost 30 years, that I have a tax code, that I pay my Russian taxes, that it is over 40 years since I last lived and worked in the UK and earned a taxable income there. And every year they say, “Sorry! We needn’t have sent you this demand”. The form has to be returned within 10 days following its having been sent. Thay said the same just 1 hour ago at UniCredit, whence I have just returned.

    I shall head off back to the sticks this evening.

    So this morning, having risen, as usual, at 03:00, I set off from our dacha so as to catch the first train to Moscow. And suddenly, as I was waiting on the platform at 4 o’clock in the morning, I recalled that today is 22 June and 81 years ago on this same day at 4 a.m. , all hell unleashed as “Operation Barbarossa” began.

    I felt unbelievably sad thinking about this —and also because I had got pissed wet through walking to the country halt where the Borodino – Moscow train stops. Midsummer rain today, as usual.

    And again, it seems, the whole of “civilized Western” Europe is determined to destroy Russia, but this time at the beck and call of its “partner” the USA..

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose


    1. Yes, that today was the start of ‘Operation Barbarossa’ wasn’t worth a mention in our MSM either. Instead a German ‘military expert’ explains to the readers of ‘Die Welt’*) that the delivery of German howitzers will stop the ‘Russische Feuerwalze’, i.e. the ‘Russian rolling barrage’, because that’s what the Russians do in the Ukraine, innit … and never mind what really happens.
      As for Borodino: that’s practically prehistory now and anyway, according to the EUropaer, Napoleon was the best thing since sliced bread, a pity he got beaten by that Sepoy general at Waterloo … so invading Russia in 1812 was really a good thing, pity about the weather and ‘Beresina’? what’s that? A new fizzy drink for summer?


      1. Napoleon was a Corsican bandit, pure and simple, who had a proclivity for ensconcing his kinfolk on various European thrones.

        When I lived in the Rheinland, I found a local history book about Buonaparte’s set-up in what is now Germany called “The Confederation of the Rhine”, over which the “Emperor” was the “Protector” and as king of one of the member “states” of that “confederation”, “The Kingdom of Westphalia”, the Corsican jackanapes installed his youngest brother, Jérôme Bonaparte, who ,by all accounts, was a right prat.

        Anyway, what made me laugh in this book was it stated that when Napoleon visited the Confederation, all the Frogs and arse-lickers used to cry out, of course, “Vive l’Empereur!”, but unbeknown to the Froggies, the local German oiks used to cry out for their part: “Vive Lampenöl!”

        Now who says Germans have no sense of humour?


        1. Well – some of them have … My sense of humour was liberated once I moved to the UK and learned to speak English properly. One simply cannot ‘do’ bone-dry humour, never mind puns, when speaking German – and the Germans on the receiving end generally act like Scholz: becoming offended liver sausages. Trust me – I do know whereof I speak!


    2. The West vs. Russia: Carthage must be destroyed

      Should be Führerin above, as the “leader” of the EU is now von der Liar.

      The collective West, following the total economic war it has unleashed against Russia, made another very important statement for the whole world at the beginning of May this year: “Russia needs to be inflicted a final strategic defeat both economically and militarily by exhausting its full potential”.

      Prominent political figures of both the USA and Western Europe, and quite influential ones: the President of the European Parliament Josep Borrell, US Undersecretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, and US Assistant to the President on National Security Jake Sullivan, have declared this. However, I can only say that this aspiration is not new: it has already become routine.

      It feels like déja vu: we have been there before — we certainly have!

      After congratulating Stalin on his victory at the Battle of Kursk, F. Roosevelt and W. Churchill met in Quebec, Canada, on August 17, 1943. They discussed drafts of major decisions, the main one among them being: “Strategy and Politics: Can America and Russia Cooperate?” referred to in business communication as “Memorandum 121”.

      It was kept strictly confidential until 1978.

      “Memorandum 121” is evidence of the true intentions of the United States and Britain, the allies of the USSR in the Second World War.

      The authors of “memorandum” estimated relations with the Soviet Union as a “crisis”, caused, strangely enough, by the victories of the RKKA [“The Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army”, usually abbreviated to “The Red Army” — ME] in the absence of the promised, but never opened second front in Western Europe neither in 1942, nor in 1943. The aims of the United States and Britain in the war against Nazi Germany and the entire Hitler coalition, as is clear from the “memorandum”, were not the same as those of the Soviet Union.

      And because they did not coincide, it turns out that the United States and Britain did not want the defeat of Hitlerism, but only the “defeat of Germany”. This conditioned their “strategy and policy towards Germany and Russia”. It is also clear from the “memorandum” why the opening of a second front in Western Europe was postponed to the spring (or summer) of 1944 by the US and British leaders.

      They believed that by the summer of 1944 “the present shortage of food and manpower … is likely to cause a considerable reduction in Russian military capabilities”.

      From this assumption there arose the following:

      There is only one way to defeat the Soviet Union by force alone: to turn the full might of a still strong Germany against it. This would probably lead to the conquest of the Soviet Union by that very powerful and aggressive Germany which had declared war against Russia and against us [USA] in 1941. However, in order to prevent the subsequent domination of Germany over all the might of Europe, we shall, together with Great Britain, be obliged to undertake once more ,after the conquest of Russia by Germany and without Russian help, the difficult and perhaps impossible task of defeating Germany.

      Options for continuing the war were divided into “two phases” by the drafters of the “memorandum”:

      ► In the first phase – “until the end of winter 1943/44′”- it was envisaged to disregard Allied commitments, “to pursue an independent strategy in the hope of a cheap victory over Germany and a better position for negotiations with Russia”. To this end “no major ground operations can be undertaken in Western Europe … Military and political activity can be directed in part towards trying to separate the non-Nazis in Germany from the Nazis and others responsible for the war, and to offer them somewhat conciliatory terms if the Nazis and generals are removed from power”.

      ►The “second phase”, according to the calculations of the authors of the “memorandum”, was supposed to take place in the spring and summer of 1944. From then on, a “cheap victory” – at the choice of the Anglo-Saxons and their American allies – was possible:

      a) The United States and Britain could undertake an offensive with limited forces in the West.

      b) The Germans, preferring Anglo-American occupation to Russian occupation, would probably offer relatively weak resistance in the West, but would try to hold their ground in the East.

      c) In such a situation, rule may pass from the Nazis to the German generals.

      d) With limited Anglo-American forces advancing into Germany,meeting little resistance, and with the German army attempting to contain the Russians in the East, the generals might ask the Western Allies for an armistice. If this request is rejected, the following steps are likely to be taken: the transfer of power to a centrist-socialist government and the support of this government by the Anglo-American armed forces.

      The United States and Britain had only just informed the Soviet leadership that they had once again reneged on their promise to open a second front. And Washington was already in a hurry to determine the future of Europe. Another paragraph of “Memorandum 121” reads as follows:

      1. America’s primary objective is the security of the United States.

      2. The first requirement for the security of the United States is to prevent German attempts to unite, subdue and lead the forces of Europe.

      3. The second requirement is that after the defeat of Germany, no single power or group of powers in which we have no strong influence should lead the forces of Europe.

      4. The ultimate aim is to contribute to the creation of certain other conditions in Europe which will secure peace, freedom and prosperity for the benefit not only of Europe but of our own.

      Political “alternatives” were introduced at the discretion of senior US leaders. Here they are:

      In view of the imbalance between our objectives and our capabilities, three alternative lines of strategy and policy towards Germany and Russia are proposed:

      • Immediately attempt to resolve our differences with the Soviet Union and focus on the common interests we have with that power.

      • America and Great Britain continue for some time to pursue a strategy and policy largely independent of that of the Soviet Union, in the hope of achieving in this way both the defeat of Germany and the strengthening of our negotiating position to achieve some kind of settlement hostile to Russian interests.

      • To attempt to turn against Russia the full might of an undefeated Germany, still ruled by the Nazis or generals.

      Keep in mind that we were allies, but they wanted to turn a common enemy — Germany — against Russia!

      But let us be fair to the authors of the memorandum: they did put the opening of a second front and an “immediate agreement with Russia” at the top of the list. But what was the reason for this “immediate agreement”?

      To reiterate, the main objectives of the United States in this war. In the interests of American security:

      1) To destroy German domination of Europe.

      2) Prevent future European domination by any single power (such as the Soviet Union) or any group of powers in which we have no strong influence.” … and reach an agreement with Moscow, including participation in the war against Japan, the joint occupation of Germany, the elimination of Nazis and war criminals, the future of German armaments, non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, etc.

      However, the authors stated:

      If there is no agreement, America and Britain will have no choice but to pursue their own goals.

      That is the long and the short of it!

      If you think that this was just one of the foreign policy options, I can only say that it is far from that: there was only one option, and it was strictly anti-Russian.

      As an example I shall give this one. The war is still going on, and on October 5, 1943 the journalist Theodore Morde, a former agent of American military intelligence, met in Istanbul with the German ambassador in Turkey Von Papen. He handed the German ambassador an American document which he said would form the basis of a political agreement between the USA, Great Britain and Germany.

      Here is the text of this striking document, which was preserved by a former employee of the Istanbul bureau of the OSS [Office of Strategic Services – the first US Joint Intelligence Service, established during World War II, after which it was reformatted into the CIA] and made public after the war:

      1. Recognition of the principle that Germany will dominate the political, industrial and agricultural life of continental Europe. To this end:

      (a) The Allies will look favourably on the proposition that Berlin will become the seat of parliament representing all the states of the Federal States of Europe,

      b) the Allies would look favourably on the proposal that German borders should be revised to include German minorities from Poland, the Sudetenland, Austria, etc.

      2. Germany, the USA and Great Britain would become “the three great powers”: Germany in continental Europe, the US in the Americas and China, Great Britain in the overseas territories and Africa (continental Europe would include Poland, the Baltics and the Ukraine). Germany will buy raw materials from and supply the US and Great Britain. There will be no British and US competition with Germany in the European market.

      3. Germany would not interfere with Allied action against Japan. In return, it would receive compensation at the expense of the Dutch colonial empire.

      4. Lend-Lease and direct aid to Russia would cease if Germany did not assist Japan in its actions against Russia or against the Allies.

      5. The United States and Great Britain guarantee that Russia will never invade German territory. They will, if necessary, by armed force assist Germany to prevent Russian interference in the commercial, political, and industrial affairs of a new, post-war Europe…”.

      The Nazi diplomat [Von Papen — ME] assured that Germany was not seeking “political domination” in Europe and that he personally “fully endorses the creation of a federation of European states”, where Germany would only be allowed to “direct the economy of Europe”, Austria would remain part of the Reich, the Sudetenland would receive autonomy and Poland would receive the western borders of 1914.

      The Ukraine “must become an independent state, united by agreement with Europe, and must not be under Asian influence”.

      Von Papen asked the United States and Great Britain to “leave their troops in Europe for a long time”, expecting that “the conditions of peace would permit Germany to retain an armed force to guard its eastern rampart against the Russians”. Such “guarding might save Europe, which would be the German contribution to the common cause” [L.A. Bezymenski:”The Secret Front against the Second Front” (1987. pp. 174-184)]

      It has to be acknowledged that virtually all of the proposals of these negotiations exist today in a united Europe and the war in the Ukraine is simply the implementation of the clause that the Ukraine “must become an independent state, united by agreement with Europe, and must not be under Asian influence”.

      Whether we like it or not, today’s policy of the collective West is a continuation of these past policies. We are to either win or disappear forever from the historical map.

      We simply have no alternative. We have but one contentious issue: our plot of land and who will bury whom in it?

      P.S. All these negotiations in 1943, when the Red Army had begun to defeat the Wehrmacht, were just an echo of negotiations of the German top brass, who had realised after June 22, 1941 that the Third Reich was rolling towards political and historical collapse. In the autumn of that year, Schellenberg, head of foreign intelligence and chief of the Reich Security Service, began to “build bridges” towards the Americans in the expectation of a separate peace with Great Britain and the USA and directed, of course, against the USSR.

      Mediators were the American banker Stalfort and the German diplomat von Hassel. After secret consultations President Roosevelt made it clear that he was ready for a separate peace, on condition that Hitler be physically eliminated and that there be a change of power in Germany by means of revolution. Hassel eventually became one of the active participants in the 1944 plot against Hitler and paid for it with his head.

      As the saying goes: That’s the way the cookie crumbles, pal!


    3. Be of good cheer, and be not afraid. It’s not really The Great Reset, it’s The Great Realignment. Like the Gypsy Man says in CCR’s “Tombstone Shadow”, “Said I got thirteen months of bad luck, bound to be some pain…” ; it isn’t easy, but you’re on the right side.

      Europe and the United States of America are not the world.


  30. Psst! Check out Canada unloading its pent-up Siemens all over Germany! Watch as an aching European economy begs for some big, well-oiled equipment to meet its greedy little needs, and finally gets what it wants! Sordid details in link! (Canada confesses to sanctions infidelity but says it did it for love of Germany and promises not to cheat next time! Hopes the whole episode doesn’t make it look like an utter stupid shithead and just wants to move on! “Pathways,” “options,” and “negotiations” are mentioned in sheepish, evasive newspeak!)


  31. It’s getting ugly fast.

    Russian strikes on a shipbuilding plant in the Ukrainian port of Nikolaev killed as many as 500 troops on Tuesday, the Russian defense ministry claimed during a daily press briefing on Wednesday.


    I wonder if Russia has made the decision to no longer spare the live of Ukrainian military not directly engaged in hostilities. Presision strikes seemed mostly aimed at military infrastructure, imported weapons, and foreign fighters. This latest strike was intended to kill troops sheltering away from the battle. Certainly a legitimate target but perhaps previously avoided in hopes that hostilities would end soon.


    1. The Russian Defence Ministry knew that the 500 troops belonged to a single brigade (59th Mechanised Brigade) in the Ukrainian army. Is it possible that the Russians also know if this brigade is dominated by Nazi ideologues? If the Russians know how far gone into the Dark Side all brigades in the Ukrainian army are, they may be able to target the more extreme units and pick them off. I should think the more Ukrainian soldiers who surrender to the Russians, the more likely it is that some of them have given lists of who’s who in which units, and how far brainwashed individual units are, to the Russian side


  32. Pepe Escobar via the Saker gave a summary of Putin’s points:

    – The era of the unipolar world is over.

    – The rupture with the West is irreversible and definitive. No pressure from the West will change it.

    – Russia has renewed with its sovereignty. Reinforcement of political and economic sovereignty is an absolute priority.

    – The EU has completely lost its political sovereignty. The current crisis shows the EU is not ready to play the role of an independent, sovereign actor. It’s just en ensemble of American vassals deprived of any politico-military sovereignty.

    – Sovereignty cannot be partial. Either you’re a sovereign or a colony.

    – Hunger in the poorest nations will be on the conscience of the West and euro-democracy.

    – Russia will supply grains to the poorer nations in Africa and the Middle East.

    – Russia will invest in internal economic development and reorientation of trade towards nations independent of the U.S.

    – The future world order, already in progress, will be formed by strong sovereign states.

    – The ship has sailed. There’s no turning back.

    Many waited for years in disappointed and now it’s happening faster than most could have imagined.


  33. French self-propelled guns Caesar are already being dismantled at Uralvagonzavod
    5 mins ago

    Russian troops have already captured two Caesar self-propelled guns recently delivered from France in Ukraine, said a French lawyer and politician Regis de Castelino.

    According to him, the artillery mounts are in excellent condition and have already been sent to Uralvagonzavod [Ural Wagon Works — ME], where they are being studied by Russian gunsmiths.

    Another achievement of Macron: Russians have French weapons, not Ukrainians,” the politician is indignant on social networks.

    De Castelino rightly notes that the French pay for the supply of heavy equipment to the Ukrainian armed formations. Their taxes, it turns out, are funding Russian research into the military industry, which makes the Russian Armed Forces even stronger.

    “Thank you, Macron. We pay for this,” the lawyer summed up.

    Earlier, NATO defense ministers agreed not to supply Ukraine with latest weapons, since the Russians can take possession of “sensitive technologies.”


  34. Russia destroys 2 platoons of US M777 howitzers in Kubansky Island, the Ukraine, with its ammunition
    21 Jun 2022

    Watched all the time by a Russian drone as they were setting up their battery. And the Russians waited until they had finished, had even camouflaged their artillery pieces, and then: See ya, suckers!


    1. By the way, Kubansky Island is almost outside the Ukraine, it being situated on the Danube delta in the far southwest of Banderastan.

      I was near there in 2011 with my family.

      It is not “historical (whatever that means!) Ukraine”: it was in Bessarabia, formerly part of Wallachia, part of the Ottoman Empire for some 400 years.

      Bessarabia was ceded to the USSR, to the UkSSR to be precise, according to the secret protocols of the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact. Yet Yukieshites claim it is in “Independent Ukraine”.

      Kubansky Island is right on the Banderastan – Romania frontier to the west of Snake Island. The bastards were after taking pot-shots at Snake Island with their latest toy from Uncle Sam.

      With every day, my detestation of those vermin continues to grow beyond limits I could have previously never imagined.

      Svidomites are mendacious, Russophobic psychopaths and should be put down like the rabid dogs they are — and not necessarily humanely! They should be stamped upon as one does cockroaches.


  35. Helmer on the Kaliningrad provocation:


    Below, part of an interview with Price on the Kaliningrad provocation and Russian “sabre rattling”:

    “QUESTION: (Inaudible) about the tensions around Kaliningrad. What do you make of the statements from Russia threatening of [sic] serious consequences and the train?

    MR PRICE: Well, we aren’t going to speculate on how Russian saber-rattling or Russian bluster – don’t even want to give it additional airtime. We have been very clear over the course of Russia’s war against Ukraine, and in fact well before Russia began its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, that our commitment to NATO and specifically our commitment to NATO’s Article 5, the premise that an attack on one would constitute at attack on all, that commitment on the part of the United States is ironclad. Not only have we made that clear rhetorically, but together with NATO and with our own announcements of troop posture adjustments, we have reinforced our commitment to the NATO Alliance. We have reinforced NATO’s eastern flank, especially those countries who have been at the forefront of Russian threats over the course, in many cases, of many years.

    We, of course, appreciate the unprecedented economic measures that many countries around the world, dozens of countries across continents that our allies and our partners, including in this case Lithuania, have joined us in taking against Russia for its unprovoked war in Ukraine. Of course, would refer you to Lithuania regarding its enforcement of EU sanctions.

    QUESTION: So you fully support Lithuanian enforcement of the sanctions and against any threat from Russia?

    MR PRICE: Lithuania is a member of the NATO Alliance. We stand by the commitments that we have made to the NATO Alliance. That includes, of course, a commitment to Article 5 that is the bedrock of the NATO Alliance. This is a campaign that includes dozens of countries around the world, including blocs of countries, in this case the EU but also individual countries using their national authorities. Lithuania has been a stalwart partner in this. We stand by NATO. We stand by our NATO Allies, and we stand by Lithuania.”

    Yes, quite: an “unprovoked invasion” to be sure.

    Meanwhile, another arsehole, Borrell, has thrown in his two hap’o’rth:

    18: 09, 23 June 2022
    Borrell clarifies EU position on traffic between Russia and Kaliningrad

    Borrell said the EU does not want to block sea traffic between Russia and Kaliningrad.

    My word, that’s big of him!

    Remember: Borrell is the “diplomat” who said that this Banderastan issue will be decided on the battlefield.

    The European Union (EU) does not want to block sea traffic between Russia and Kaliningrad, but has been forced to prevent attempts to circumvent possible sanctions. The Union position on this issue was clarified by the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, reports TASS.

    The head of EU Diplomacy said that the situation with Kaliningrad was not a blockade. “We do not want to block traffic between Kaliningrad and Russia, but at the same time we need control in preventing circumvention of EU sanctions. And this should be done at the same time if possible”, he concluded.

    Earlier in June, the governor of the Kaliningrad Region Anton Alikhanov said that Lithuanian Railways had notified the Kaliningrad Railway about the termination of transit of a number of goods that are subject to EU sanctions. According to the head of the region, Lithuania went to the ban after having received clarifications from the European Commission.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that the response to the ban on transit through Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region would be practical, not diplomatic.

    “Practical” meaning, I hope, that there will soon be a load bang accompanied by lots of smoke in the chief chihuahua republic.


    1. Shut off their electricity. They already claim their ‘long experience’ tells them Russia is ‘not a reliable partner’. Confirm their stupid prejudice, and shut off their lights – let them rely on biomass and dear little windmills, like they proudly proclaim they are going to do. Poland is their friend, and most assuredly a reliable partner of the highest order – maybe it will gave them free power.



    2. But there’s always plenty of airtime for US bluster and saber-rattling; what would western international news’ be without its regular injection of American beef? Without our daily reminder of American greatness and its ambitious busybody plans to reorder the world to its own liking, we might forget that it is master of all it surveys.

      Lithuania is a pipsqueak, all the Baltics are all mouth and no trousers. They don’t want any trade or commerce with Russia; fine, give them none. Cut them off from everything they already get from Russia and declare all Russian territory – including national waters and airspace – off-limits to Baltic-republic traffic. Don’t buy anything from them. In a decade the place will be empty, they will all have fled to Poland, which will be glad of the cheap labour.


  36. 18: 42 23.06.2022 (updated: 19: 14 23.06.2022)
    An American lieutenant colonel has announced the defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbass
    American Lieutenant Colonel Davis: The Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering a crushing defeat in the Donbass

    MOSCOW, June 23 — RIA Novosti. American Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis has announced the defeat of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in the Donbass. He said this on the air of the Fox News channel.

    If you look at the balance of power, especially on the battlefield, you will see that Russia has an overwhelming advantage,

    he said.

    According to the officer, the West has no rational grounds to hope that the AFU will change the situation. The Russian army is methodically advancing and crushing the Ukrainian armed forces, significantly reducing their combat capability, Davis added.

    As the lieutenant colonel noted, the United States and the European Union have sent barely a tenth of the weapons that were required. Kiev needs to create at least some parity, so the defeat of the Zelensky regime is inevitable. He criticized the US government for seeking to do harm to Russia at the expense of the Ukraine.

    “I don’t think it’s a fair game. It will not end very well for Washington” , the officer concluded.

    In the LPR, they have announced the surrender of AFU fighters along the entire front line near Lisichansk and Severodonetsk
    June 23, 2022, 19:13

    An officer of the LPR People’s Militia, Andriy Marochko, said on Channel One that Ukrainian servicemen were surrendering along the entire frontline near Lysychansk, Severodonetsk and the captured Gorske and Zolote, andthat the process is escalating.

    “There are surrenders both locally and en masse along the entire front line in this area. This applies to the Lysychansk-Severodonetsk group; this also applies to the Gorsko-Zolotiv group”, TASS quoted him as saying.

    According to him, both representatives of right-wing radical forces and ordinary servicemen are surrendering.

    “Now this process is snowballing. As of 16:00, I have already been informed about two such surrenders of ten people each. About how many are surrendering right no, I have no information”, he added.

    Earlier, LPR ambassador to Russia Rodion Miroshnyk said on Russia 24 TV channel that some Ukrainian troops in Gorske and Zolote were sending signals that they were ready to surrender.

    He also said that the villages had been put under blockade.

    Please send more heavy weapons and money!


  37. This article of 17 June


    takes centre stage of Alexander Mercouris’s talk at The Duran today. It covers ground most Stooges will be familiar with: the RF’s material sovereignty and industrial capacity so that from minerals extraction right through refining, processing and, ultimately, conversion into modern high-technology equipment, it can supply its armed forces with weaponry and ammunition. To then expend said weaponry and ammunition as required and be confident in its ability to re supply. Russia’s independence is contrasted with the West’s inability to re supply Ukraine, let alone itself in any adequate manner given that industry has largely been hollowed out.

    But hey, we’ve got moonbeams and unicorns!


    1. Let’s all go down to Annelina’s farm near Hanover, where she was partly brought up, and there, in the dark in the farmyard, we can all sit around a fueled by a dried cow-pat campfire and brew up a can of coffee and have a good old chinwag about the good, clean, green life in a de-industrialized Utopia.


    2. And Ned Price, don’t forget, who must have been some kind of hellacious street-gang leader or martial-arts master in his youth, he talks so tough now. Put the fucker in a uniform and push him out front.

      Nope: just as I thought, career wonk and diplomat, no military experience whatever, probably hasn’t been in so much as a food fight since high school.



      1. I wonder why Wiki doesn’t say hes a shirt-tail lifter?

        Not in the public interest?

        It certainly is in the security service’s interest, I should imagine.


  38. Die Welt

    The hapless Habeck hath spoken!

    “We are in a gas crisis. Gas is a scarce commodity from now on.”

    “We have gas supply disruption in Germany”, the minister said. Therefore, he said, it is necessary to declare the second of three stages in the emergency plan. The third would be the emergency stage: only then may the state intervene in the market.

    “Gas is a scarce commodity from now on”, Habeck continued.

    “Cutting gas supplies off is an economic attack on us”, he said. The strategy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, is to stir up uncertainty, drive up prices and divide. Gas and energy is being used as a weapon against Germany, he said. “We are in a gas crisis. Gas is a scarce commodity from now on. Prices are already high and we have to be prepared for further increases”.

    All political measures must be taken “to ensure that we have enough gas”. Top priority

    Habeck: Everyone can make a contribution
    According to Habeck, “we in Germany were not good enough in the past years”. These failures do not have to be ironed out overnight. “But taking it one day at a time it should be possible”. The dependence on Russia for energy supplies must now be reduced step by step.

    The Green politician stressed that the trigger of this crisis was an external shock, “not the slovenliness of the German economy”. It is possible for everyone living in Germany to make a contribution — even in summer. According to a study, gas consumption in German industry had fallen by eight per cent in recent months.

    And in the private sphere, one must always multiply every small, ridiculed, supposedly banal step in 41 million households. In this way, differences could, after all, be made and considerable sums saved.

    So what was wrong with getting abundant cheap supplies of gas through NS-2 then — not to mention NS-1?

    Wrong type of gas? Funny smell? Not “green” enough?


    1. For sale: 2024 BMW 400W. Low mileage, burns regular coal, all maintenance records available for review. One-owner, well-maintained. May consider trade for travois and pony. Serious inquiries only.


  39. Ha, ha, HA!! Tom Luongo has such a way with words – “This is clearly the biggest geopolitical middle finger in the post WWII period.”


    Delightful; read it all. Highlights: “I don’t think there’s even room for maneuver left anymore,” Lavrov replied. “Because both [Prime Minister Boris] Johnson and [Foreign Secretary Liz] Truss say publicly: ’We must defeat Russia, we must bring Russia to its knees. Go on, then, do it.”


    “The game of nominal value of money is over, as this system does not allow to control the supply of resources. …Our product, our rules. We don’t play by the rules we didn’t create.”

    Oh, you’re going to repent your foolishness for the rest of your days. you sad bastards. Russia tried its best to get along with the west, persevered through its rudeness and ignorance and rabble rousing, but it’s over now, and the day is approaching when America’s vassals will turn to it with dawning horror and ask, “What did you DO?”


  40. Zelensky’s regime has announced a campaign in the Caucasus
    June 22, 2022, 18:17

    The chosen one!

    On 19 June, the Verkhovna Rada set up another parliamentary group aimed at fomenting separatism in Russia. Unfortunately, this is not the personal initiative of some flighty parliamentarians, but the deliberate policy of the collective West and its controlled Ukraine to break Russia up.

    The deputy association “For Freedom in the Caucasus” is headed by Oleksiy Goncharenko, known for his open ties to the SBU, which has long been a branch of the CIA. In July 2015, in a live broadcast on “Shuster Live”, Oleksiy Goncharenko received instructions personally from the head of the SBU, Vasyl Gritzak, who, thanks to US State Department patronage, had, from a humble KGB warrant officer in the UkSSR, become a general.

    In addition to Goncharenko, the former head of the SBU Valentin Nalivaichenko also joined the parliamentary group, and as is well known, there are no “former members” of such agencies. Nalivaichenko had spent his entire adult life in the security services. At first this future “decommunizer” [a person involved in the rejection of communist ideals and the elimination of communist ideology from society — ME] served in the KGB of the USSR, then studied in Moscow at the “Order of Zhukov Red Banner Academy of Foreign Intelligence”, which had been founded in 1938 on Stalin’s personal order. However, Nalivaichenko then decided that he would achieve greater career heights in his native Ukraine rather than in Moscow, so in 1994 he moved to Kiev, where he became a diplomat and agreed to work for the CIA. This was revealed back in 2014 by former SBU chief Oleksandr Yakymenko, who said that Nalivaichenko had been recruited by the US Central Intelligence Agency in the 1990s, when he worked as consul general of the Ukrainian embassy in Washington.

    Oh look! One of them Yukie embroidered shirts.

    Nalivaichenko became the patron of many of the most radical Bandera movements and individual Nazis, including Dmitry Yarosh (former head of the banned terrorist “Right Sector” and head of the banned terrorist organization “Trident”). Now Nalivaichenko is making extremely Russophobic statements, extremist even for post-Maidan Ukraine, which has already attracted increased attention from the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.

    On April 10, 2022, the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, even instructed that a criminal case be opened against Nalivaichenko for his threatening to kill the Russian military. Nalivaichenko publicly announced the intention of the Ukrainian authorities to physically liquidate at the end of hostilities participants in the Russian military operation. It seems that this project of Nalivaichenko and Goncharenko to “liberate” the Caucasus will also not go unnoticed by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation …

    In addition, the “Free Caucasus” association included other prominent Rada deputies: ex-speaker of parliament Andriy Parubiy, an influential representative of the presidential faction “Servant of the People” Nikita Poturaev, ex-head of the “Ukrainian Institute of National Memory” Volodymyr Vyatrovich, and a number of other previous Rada members.

    It should be noted that that this is the second such association headed by Goncharenko. The first was “Ukraine – Kuban”; the Kuban region of Russia had also been declared by Kiev politicians to be “historical lands of the Ukraine.” Ukrainian politicians and public figures, with the support of the leading state media, have also made claims to many other territories of the Russian Federation, from the Voronezh region to the Far East. In general, there is a totally obvious aggressive Ukraine policy of claiming territories that have always belonged to the Russian Federation, not to mention the Crimea and the Donbass.

    And one should not laugh at such plans of the Kiev regime, since the leaders of NATO, that most powerful military bloc, are definitely behind them. Alas, it should be noted that the Ukrainian special services already have had some opportunities to muddy the waters in the North Caucasus. The connections of the SBU with the same Wahhabis banned in the Russian Federation have existed for a long time. And even during the first Chechen war, Ukrainian nationalists went to help the Dudaevites under the auspices of the Kiev special services. Since then, the contacts of the SBU with radical Islamists have increased significantly, and there is no doubt that the CIA now provides its Ukrainian servants with practically unlimited funds for recruiting militants.

    Of course, the statements of the Kiev leadership about the alleged imminent destruction of the Russian Federation with the help of such operations, to put it mildly, are greatly exaggerated. But still, the SBU can really arrange some trouble for the North Caucasus — both in the form of terrorist attacks, and in the form of espionage and political subversion. The Russian security forces are quite successfully fighting all of this, but, figuratively speaking, it is now necessary to strike at the head of the serpent that has set up its nest in Kiev, otherwise, the problem cannot be completely solved.

    Imagine if, for example, the Mexican parliament announced the creation of a “Free Texas” parliamentary group, aimed at seizing the southern territories of the United States: Washington’s reaction would be very harsh. However, officially, the West has completely “ignores” Kiev’s equally egregious steps. The creation of such openly anti-Russian groups of Rada deputies violates all norms of international law and once again shows that the Maidan regime will never stop its anti-Russian activities, that it is impossible to get along with it, impossible to make peace. More precisely, it is possible to conclude a peace agreement, but such an agreement would not entail a true long-term peace, but only a truce, which the regime would use to strengthen the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and organize new diplomatic intrigues in the international arena against Russia.

    The ruling elite of the Ukraine is so destructive that it literally begs to be demolished. By the way, on June 18, Poroshenko indirectly admitted that he had used the last truce (Minsk agreements) to prepare aggression against Russia. The ex-president of the Ukraine said that the signing of the Minsk agreements allowed the Ukraine to gain time to strengthen the Armed Forces of the Ukraine: “Take ourselves out of the game for eight years in order that we restore economic growth and build up the power of the Armed Forces. This was the first task — and it was achieved”. There is no doubt that if now, hypothetically, a certain “Minsk-3” were concluded, then the Zelensky regime would use it to prepare aggression not only against the Crimea and the Donbass, but also against the Kuban, the North Caucasus, and many other regions of the Russian Federation, which already there is a stream of saboteurs and spies from the Ukraine.

    So Russia simply has to complete the operation of denazification of the Ukraine, otherwise a lot of serious problems could await us. However, the overthrow of the Maidan regime is also necessary for the people of the Ukraine, who are in fact being “genocided” by various methods, including the undermining of family and moral foundations and drug addiction. It is not enough for the regime to draw the Ukrainians into a most dangerous confrontation with Russia, it is also helping to atomise and drug the population. It is symbolic, that in recent times the “patriotic” MP Honcharenko has supported the bill on legalizing marihuana and the recently predicted by me signing of the inherently anti-family Istanbul Convention [the writer is referring to matters in the convention concerning the extremely liberal promotion of homosexuality, which Slovakia, for example, rejected because such “liberal values” corrode “traditional values” — ME], which was not accepted by Russia and was rejected even by Turkey itself.

    On his social media page, Goncharenko particularly praised the Istanbul Convention, which allegedly gave the Ukraine a chance to move into the EU. But 20 years ago, the then head of the European Commission Romano Prodi said that the chances of the Ukraine joining the EU were about the same as those of New Zealand and Armenia, that is, non-existent. But during all these years the politicians in Kiev have been promising that the Ukraine is “about to join” the European Union. It is clear whose words were closer to the truth… It is also clear that even if the unbelievable happened and the Ukraine did join the longed-for European Union, it would not reach the living standards of Europe’s leading countries, unlike poor Bulgaria and Romania. And joining the EU would mean the formal subordination of the Ukraine to Brussels, which raises the question: “Why then would the Ukraine shout so much about its notorious independence if its goal is to “achieve” the dissolution of the Ukrainian state into a conglomerate of other nations under the guidance of the globalist structures of Brussels?”

    At the same time, in the pursuit of its European mirage, the puppet regime in Kiev has already “achieved” civil war, devastation and death of a huge number of people. As we can see, now, in pursuit of this mirage, the Zelensky regime is going to throw the AFU into the furnace of war over Russian territories, to finally kill the institution of the family, and to stupefy the remnants of the population with drugs.

    Yeah, tough shit Banderites!


    1. That’s a public announcement of state sponsored terrorism. The best bit is that they’ve outed themselves in such a way. It’s fairly clear that they will try, say or do anything to show that they are doing something and not weak even if that is the case.


  41. June 24, 08: 39,
    updated on June 24, 09: 32
    Military operation in the Ukraine
    The Kiev-controlled authorities of the Luhansk region has announced the withdrawal of Ukraine Armed Forces from Severodonetsk

    The head of the regional administration, Serhiy Gaidai, also admitted that the troops of the republics of Donbass and Russia have been successful in Lisichansk.

    KIEV, June 24. /tass/. Ukrainian troops have been ordered to leave the city of Severodonetsk, which is the administrative centre of the Kiev-controlled part of the Luhansk region. This was stated on Friday on the air of the Ukrainian TV channel “Dom”by Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Luhansk regional Administration controlled by the Ukrainian side.

    “Unfortunately, yes”, said Gaidai when asked whether the Ukrainian side would have to leave Severodonetsk. “This decision has been made”, he added. “Both the soldiers of the Ukraine Armed Forces and the National Guard have already received the command to withdraw to new positions, to new fortified areas”, he said.

    “Now there is a situation where it does not make any sense to stay in positions that have been broken for many months, just to stay there”, said Sergey Gaidai.

    Successes of the Donbass republics and Russian Federation troops
    Gaidai also acknowledged that the troops of the Donbass republics and the Russian Federation have been successful in Lisichansk.

    “The enemy is advancing to Lisichansk from the direction of Zolotoe and Toshkovka, and they (the forces of the republics of Donbass and the Russian Federation), indeed, have been successful in some positions, in some localities”, he said.

    Gaidai explained that Lisichansk has a difficult landscape, so there should be a lot of positions for defence. “It is difficult for them to be quickly overrun, in a rush attack so to speak, but, given the simply many times superior forces of the enemy, they are putting on a lot of pressure there”, said the head of the Kiev-controlled administration of the Luhansk region.

    Since the beginning of March, the People’s Militia of the LPR has been conducting an offensive in the direction of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, the capture of which is one of the priority goals of the republic. The liberation of cities is complicated by the fact that Ukrainian troops have organized a deep-layered defence there and use civilians as human shields. Earlier it was reported that in the north-eastern direction, Ukrainian troops had been driven out of residential areas of Severodonetsk. The Ukrainian military and the militants of the nationalist battalion “Aidar” hold defensive positions at the “Azot” plant, situated in the industrial zone of Severodonetsk. In recent days, allied units of the People’s Militia of the LPR and the Russian Armed Forces have been advancing south of Lisichansk, encircling enemy forces in this city and at the Azot station in Severodonetsk. According to a source close to the People’s Militia of the LPR, a mass surrender of Aidar militants is expected at the Azot plant


    1. Gaidai has become quite the go-to source for the western press, considering he was appointed regional governor by Poroshenko and was never elected by the residents. Tell me, Serhiy – mustn’t spell it ‘Sergei’, that would be RASHAN – ; when you said just a few days ago that this city and that were ‘still in the control of the defenders’, were you lying? Or are you lying now when you say those positions had been ‘broken for many months’?


  42. Soo – in the wake of that Ukrie ‘collapse’ of the front in the Donbas it seems the EU and that chihuahua state are trying to climb down as well. The Times reported from Brussels. I’ll quote because that report is paywalled. Note the very careful wording, note also La Truss still warmongering (in the last paragraph):

    “The European Union will attempt to “de-escalate” the dispute with Russia over Kaliningrad, according to senior diplomatic sources in Brussels.
    The European Commission will be asked to “defuse” the situation after Lithuania blocked goods in transit to the Russian exclave under EU sanctions following advice from Brussels.
    Russia has threatened “seriously negative” consequences to sanctions aimed at construction materials that it described as a “hostile action” by Lithuania and a “blockade” of Kaliningrad. So far the EU has stood its ground but, said senior diplomatic sources, Italy and other European governments have asked Ursula von der Leyen, the German commission president, to “douse the fuse”.
    “It is not a climbdown but is about avoiding an escalation. The EU is not trying to blockade Kaliningrad,” said a source.
    “We are in close touch with the Lithuanian authorities and will provide additional guidance as we go along,” said a commission official, stressing that customs checks on trains crossing Lithuania to Kaliningrad would be “focused, proportionate and effective”.
    The new guidance is understood to uphold checks on goods trains or lorries to enforce the sanctions but — in a significant change — to allow the movement of metals or construction materials if they are for Russia’s internal market, of which Kaliningrad is a part.
    Ingrida Simonyte, the Lithuanian prime minister, has accused Russia of propaganda lies over claims of a rail blockade of Kaliningrad.“
    Lithuania is complying with the sanctions imposed by the EU on Russia for its aggression and war against Ukraine,” she said.
    Some European capitals have queried the scope on the checks on Russian shipments through Lithuania and the vigour of enforcement amid unease about restoring trade between two parts of Russia, which is guaranteed under international agreements.
    One diplomat said that Lithuania, which is in a bloc of “sanctionista” hawks with Poland and other Baltic States, had “ramped” up the checks to squeeze Russia and focus Nato on defending its eastern flank ahead of a summit next week.
    Liz Truss, the foreign secretary, expressed support yesterday for Lithuania’s decision to ban the transit of Russian goods and urged the EU to hold the line.”

    Yep, Lithuania is innocent, they’re only doing what Brussels told them to. Brussels meanwhile is trashing around for a face-saving ‘solution’ – that’s why this report quotes so many ‘sources’ because thus they can gauge ‘public opinion’ while engaging in ‘plausible deniability’.

    Link, paywalled:



    1. Russia is done with the West. The divorce is nearly complete. In the past few days we’ve heard from all major Russian leaders the same thing, “The West will play by our rules now.”

      You can decide for yourselves whether Russia is writing checks they can’t cash, but in the words of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov telling the BBC bluntly, “We do not care about the eyes of the West.” Lavrov has always been the soul of politeness and discretion when dealing with European media.

      His open hostility towards his BBC interviewer was not only palpable, it was hard to argue with. He followed that up with:

      I don’t think there’s even room for maneuver left anymore,” Lavrov replied.

      “Because both [Prime Minister Boris] Johnson and [Foreign Secretary Liz] Truss say publicly: ’We must defeat Russia, we must bring Russia to its knees. Go on, then, do it.

      Russia’s leadership never talks in such openly blunt terms.

      Source (also above): Tom Luongo

      Should be an apostrophe after the “v” in”Lavrov”in the above photo!


    2. Just remember that language – ‘focused, proportionate and effective’ – for next time a shipment of Eurogoods tries to evade Russian sanctions so the precious Novaya Gazeta liberals can have their special cheese, and it is intercepted and driven over with a bulldozer. Then, if I recall correctly, Europe sneered at Russia’s heavy-handed and clumsy bullying. ‘Twasn’t, at all, it was merely focused and proportionate. And next time someone tells you in advance that a tactic will be ‘effective’, you will know he is a politician posturing and prancing for his audience, because everybody else waits until after it has been tried to determine if it was effective or not.

      This is just an attempt to pretend like the EU is restraining fierce Lithuania, who cannot wait to get to grips with the dirty Russians and show its mettle. In reality the EU probably put them up to it. If I were running Russia I would shut off Lithuania’s electricity just to be on the safe side, and then when the EU screamed I would invite them to take care of their own constituent states, maybe shoot them a few Amperes Of Freedom.

      As soon as Brussels starts with the conciliatory language, you know another punishment initiative has failed. When something they do works, no matter how underhanded and cheap, they strut and blow out their cheeks and roar “WHOO!!! I guess that showed them”. What a bunch of wet eejits; the sooner their little paper empire collapses, the better.


  43. June 24, 2022 12:25 pm
    Russian Defence Ministry “cooks” AFU in “Gorsky Cauldron”
    Four battalions of Ukrainian nationalists, an artillery brigade and a detachment of foreign mercenaries have been surrounded in the Donbass.

    According to the official representative of the Ministry of Defence Igor Konashenkov, during the offensive in the Donbass in the area of Gorsky and Zolotoe, it has been possible to completely block an entire group of Ukrainian troops. This was announced by the Lieutenant General to journalists at a recent briefing.

    In the “Gorsky Cauldron” a large prey has been kettled up: the 3rd mechanized battalion of the 24th Mechanized Brigade, the 15th mountain assault battalion of the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, the 42nd motorized infantry battalion of the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade, the 70th battalion of the 101st Territorial Defence Brigade, as well as a brigade of the artillery group of the 57th Motorized Infantry Brigade, a formation of the Right Sector Nazis (an organization banned in Russia) and a detachment of foreign mercenaries.

    “In total, up to two thousand people are currently blocked in the Gorsky Cauldron: about 1,800 military personnel, 120 Nazis of the Right Sector (an organization banned in Russia), up to 80 foreign mercenaries, as well as more than 40 armoured combat vehicles and about 80 guns and mortars”, Konashenkov said.

    It is obvious that all these 2,000 people will soon join the friendly family of Ukrainian prisoners of war who are under investigation in the detention centres of Donbass and Russia.

    The process has already begun: only in the last 24 hours in this area, 41 servicemen have given up resistance and voluntarily surrendered.

    Konashenkov noted that “according to the prisoners, the encircled Ukrainian group is exhausted, the staffing of the units is less than 40%, there is no communication with the command, and the supply of weapons, ammunition, fuel and other material means is completely stopped”.

    Russian troops continue to “boil” the contents of the “‘Gorsky Cauldron”, inflicting continuous fire damage on the enemy. During yesterday afternoon, half of the village of Zolotoe was taken under control.

    The enemy is also suffering significant losses in other areas. So, after missile strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces against three locations of foreign mercenaries in Nikolaev, Golitsyno in the Nikolaev region, and Oleshki in the Kharkov region, more than 200 foreign “soldiers of fortune” and up to 100 Ukrainian nationalists were destroyed.

    The representative of the Russian Defence Ministry stressed that “cases of mass desertion and refusal to participate in hostilities are growing in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine”.

    “So, in the area of Alexandropol village in the the Donetsk People’s Republic, more than 30 Ukrainian servicemen of one of the battalions of the 25th Airborne Brigade, abandoning their personal weapons, voluntarily left their positions, and instead of them, the Ukrainian command was forced to form separate rifle battalions in each region from untrained, conscripted citizens”, reports Konashenkov.

    Please send more heavy weapons — and money!

    Especially money!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s Gorskoye [Горское] actually, a coal mining town up to thelate ’80s, occupied by the “Banderastan “National Guard” filth in 2014.


      1. MoD Telegram:

        Gorkoe prisoners

        Where have all the young men gone . . .?
        Fucked off to Poland every one?

        June 24, 15: 14
        The Ukrainian military who surrendered near Gorskoye stated that their command had abandoned them

        The Ukrainian command sent military personnel to Gorskoye (LPR) without their having clearly defined tasks and proper training. Surrendering became their only chance to survive, the prisoners of war said in a video distributed by the Russian Defence Ministry.

        [video insert]

        “Being unable to see them, we were in the palms of their hands. If we had not laid down our weapons, we would have died virtually without a fight. It was decided to lay down our weapons and surrender in order to save the lives of the personnel. They kept us alive, didn’t beat us, gave us something to drink, and gave us water right away. They give us water and food, and they treat us well” said one of the prisoners.

        According to the soldiers, they had problems with communication between the units, which eventually caused the group to be cut off and doomed to defeat. In addition, there was no water or food in the places where the soldiers were positioned. In total, 41 people surrendered near Gorsky.

        Another of the prisoners, speaking Surzhik (a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian), said that the command simply threw them into nowhere, without explaining anything or telling them how to act.

        “We did not have such a complete training — we fired 11 rounds each twice. There was no further training”, he said.

        The Ukrainian military near Lisichansk in the Gorskoye and Zolotoye area lost about a thousand people killed, a source close to the LPR people’s militia has said.

        “The losses of Ukrainian troops over the past couple of days near Lisichansk, in the Gorskoye and Zolotoye districts consist of more than a thousand killed and more than 800 prisoners taken. There are many wounded amongst them” , the source told TASS.

        Send more heavy weapons!

        Send more money!!!


        1. We can still win this!! We just need more money, about a hundred thousand howitzers with 5000 rounds of ammunition each, a couple of thousand tanks with crews, helicopters…you know what? It would be way simpler if you just sent money, and NATO came to fight the Russians for us.


        1. I briefly saw a headline that ZElinsky wants to fire the head of the SBU because of ‘failures.’ I’ll believe it when I see it. He’s going to run out of time sooner or later whether we pull support for him or it collapses underneath him is for me the real question.


        2. The thing is, will it be a coup by hard-liners who think Elensky is a marshmallow who is about to give away more Ukrainian land to Rasha, and want to prevent him from surrendering? Because that’s the kind of coup the U.S. State Department could get behind with all its heart and soul. It is not interested in Europe’s shameful floundering, and it is interested in a military coup in Ukraine which would see a group of military leaders go on fighting until they were the only ones left alive in Ukraine.


      1. Well there’s lots of places he could go to get away, and he’s so popular as a war-hero president that he could probably pull down lucrative speaking gigs in the west for a few months before it even noticed he was not the president any more. Watch for him duck-walking across the stage Chuck-Berry style with his olive-drab Stratocaster at Glastonbury!

        Way down in Ukieland among the sunflower fields
        where the army makes the people work as human shields;
        There was a little cabin made of earth and wood
        where lived a former actor name of Vova-be-good:
        He never ever learned to run a country well,
        but he could hoover up the money like ringin’ a bell – go, go
        Go Vova go, go, go….

        You said it; couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


    2. Of course when this is over, the western post-crisis analysis will be “Russia was always going to win; it began the battle with overwhelming advantages in numbers, logistics and firepower, it should be embarrassed to be beating up on such a demoralized and overpowered enemy – call that a victory?” Forgotten will be all the stirring rhetoric about Ukrainian fierceness and how they drove the Russians fleeing before them like terrified mice, Zelensky the inspirational military mastermind and Ukrainian ‘momentum’.


      1. Well, you still have to admit that the valorous Yukieshites won the “Battle of Kiev”, didn’t they, and against all odds.

        I see that meme cropping up now ever more frequently: regularly gets a mention it does. Sure, the “Ghost of Kiev” and the tale of the Fuck-You-Russian-Warship Snake Island “heroes” were simply excusable war propaganda . . . I mean the first casualty of war and all that. And maybe .. . . just maybe . . . all those neatly lined up corpses in Bucha were just, well, too neatly lined up . . . but you’ve got to admit it: those brave Yukies really kicked Russkie ass at the “Battle of Kiev”.


  44. The infographic shows the real prices at the Magnit supermarket,.

    Rosstat prices (average for the Russian Federation)


  45. It’s nice to take a break from commenting, though I have been keeping a tab on the news. It just gets more and more nuts and almost is not worth keeping up with.

    Anyways, great post Mark! The only thing I can think of adding is that the green conversion is impossible as presented. The refusal to include nuclear power plants in subsidies (at least by the EP) just goes to show what a bunch of numbnuts they are. Any ‘fule kno’ that an energy mix is the most sensible route but instead we hear about invisible Small Modular Reactors that will turn up possibly by the end of this decade and a handful of new NPPs in the west. Even Frogland has had second thoughts about ramping down its NPPs (that produce about 70% of France’s power) in to energy suicide and like others that still have NPPs, make good money selling excess power abroad at a good mark up.

    Vis the reductions in NS1, what is not said is that those countries tied in to Turkstream and on long contracts are looking even more pretty, increasing their policial and economic influence in to the future (Serbia, Hungary – the latter having signed an agreement to store Serbian gas in its reserves).

    On Kaliningrad, when I read the news I started counting to see how fast Brussels would make a u-turn. It looks like a deliberately timed stunt and whomever signed off on it in Brussels (everyone) did not look any further than their own nose regarding the possible consequences. That the bureaucrats in Brussels should be allowed anywhere near any kind of strategic decision making is only proved in this latest event.

    Politico: European officials scramble to douse Kaliningrad tensions

    Senior EU diplomats warn the situation is serious and could get worse, fast.

    June 23, 2022

    …Two officials told POLITICO the new guidance makes clear that Lithuanian customs authorities have to check the goods to avoid sanctions evasion, but can allow onward transport of metals if they are destined for Russia’s internal market — meaning Kaliningrad…

    …Despite Vilnius and Brussels taking apparently contradictory positions, officials insisted that isn’t the case, because the sanctions were never meant to blockade Kaliningrad, but were designed to allow the EU to implement additional checks. “The overall feeling in the Commission is that this is strategic communications from the Russian side,” one senior official said, “and that certain Balts profited to ramp up the pressure.”…

    Forgive me for posting more from the same publication but you’ll see why:

    Politico: After the war: AMEURUS

    We need to be thinking now about ensuring Russia doesn’t form a power bloc with China in the long term — and even about what may appear now to be an unthinkable alliance.

    Mathias Döpfner is Chairman and CEO of Axel Springer, POLITICO’s parent company.

    Now is the time to start thinking about the years after the war in Ukraine. Because the outcome of the conflict is clear: Russia has lost — even if President Vladimir Putin wins the war.

    How long this will take, no one knows…

    Several euros late, even more short and deeply deluded. Best of all, made public and and excuse for Russia sanction Axel Springer enterprises.


  46. Politicos: EU champion Airbus has deep links to Chinese military industrial complex, report says

    The planemaker has key manufacturing facilities in China and its local CEO is a member of the Communist Party.

    Top European planemaker Airbus has advanced technology sharing and manufacturing agreements with entities linked to China’s state-run military apparatus, a new report shows.

    The findings will beg questions over how long Europe’s aviation champion can continue to secure its strong market position in China with such local partnerships, when faced with an increasingly tense strategic relationship between Beijing and the West and growing calls for less dependence on Chinese manufacturing…

    …”Airbus’s ties to the Chinese market appear to carry outsize risk,” Horizon Advisory says in its report, which has been shared in advance with POLITICO. “Airbus-China engagement entails significant ties to China’s military and military-civil fusion apparatus, including in the form of supply dependencies, technology sharing, and research and development cooperation,” it adds…

    …Horizon Advisory’s report ( https://www.horizonadvisory.org/flight-risk ), funded independently by the organization itself, is likely to make for an uneasy read for many EU politicians and lawmakers who have grown increasingly skeptical of the traditional way of doing business with China. ..

    This looks like a US sponsosred hit job on one of u-Rope’s prime company and an extremely stupid one. You have to wonder how long it will take for u-Rope to notice Washington’s efforts to tank its economy. Either way this is an American conslutancy and as for ‘self-financing’ such a report you have to wonder why. Who is it aimed at? Certainly not u-Rope because they know exactly what Arbus does in u-Rope, then it must be Congress: ‘Here’s a bit target’ … and as always with the United States, follow the money. It looks like the conslutancy is pimping for business $$$.

    The website has very little on it, no names, no funding, no named clients etc. etc. so I did a little digging was in order:

    Exposing Horizon Advisory, the Defense Department Funded Firm which propagated forced Labour allegations

    Who is “Horizon Advisory“?

    …Having received funding from the U.S. department of defense ( https://govtribe.com/vendors/horizon-advisory-partners-llc-8gme2 ), the firm appears to be only created for the purpose of vilifying China….

    …A note on the neoconservative right-wing think tank “the foundation for defence of democracies” website describes the firm as ( https://www.fdd.org/team/emily-de-la-bruyere/ )a “consulting firm focused on the implications of China’s competitive approach to geopolitics” ..

    Regardless of what you think of Chollima report, the links are kosher. If it smell like a rat, looks like a rat and behaves like a rat, it most likely is a rat.

    Whacking in the url in to the Internet Archive you find it only goes back to april of 2020:



  47. I thought the “Beacon of Democracy” had as its mission the liberation of the oppressed from “authoritarian” regimes and, specifically, the overthrow of the “Evil One” and the leading of the Russians to the green and pleasant pastures of democracy.

    Secretary of State Blinken has promised that Russians will feel the effect of sanctions

    US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned Russians that sanctions will “bite harder and harder”.

    According to the head of the State Department, Western sanctions have already seriously affected the Russian economy and the ruble.

    In the near future, Blinken stressed, restrictions will “bite harder and harder”, and residents of Russia will feel the effect of sanctions in their daily lives.

    At the same time, Blinken assured that he would not want to cause suffering to ordinary Russians.

    Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that the West tried to “crush the Russian economy”, but failed to do so. The president also stressed that the gloomy forecasts regarding the prospects of the Russian economy did not come true.

    Wants to seriously affect the Russian economy but would prefer not to make Russians suffer?

    Arise ye Russians and throw away your shackles, because if you don’t this is going to really hurt?

    But the sanctions shall continue even if the SMO were to cease right now — and continue into the foreseeable future, isn’t that so, Washington? That’s what they say on the Hill.

    This hurts me more than it hurts you!


  48. June 24, 2022

    At the invitation of Governor of Sankt-Peterburg Alexander Beglov, children from Mariupol have arrived in the Northern Capital for the holidays. They will spend two weeks at a camp in the village of Molodezhnoye.

    The children will enjoy entertainment and educational programmes, including excursions to Kronstadt, Peterhof, museums, circuses, theatres, a “Cinema Day”, a “Sports Day”, a “Nature Day” and much more.

    The children have also been invited to the fabulous “White Nights” annual event “Scarlet Sails“.

    All Putin propaganda!


  49. Britain means business!

    04: 05, 25 June 2022
    Russia warned of war with Britain if mercenaries are executed
    Express: If British mercenaries are executed, London will declare war on Moscow

    Aiden Aslin: Please don’t let them kill me!

    London will declare “war” on Russia in the event of the execution of British mercenaries after the verdict of the Supreme Court of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). This opinion was expressed by the author of the material published in the Express newspaper.

    According to the journalist, one of the mercenaries sentenced to execution, Aiden Aslin, called his mother, assuring that the British authorities were not negotiating with the DPR, so they would soon shoot him.

    The Express article also shows that the Prime Minister of the country, Boris Johnson, may go all-in if the execution takes place, and “this war will take an extremely dangerous turn, from which, perhaps, there will be no return”.

    If these executions continue, Britain and the entire West will have no choice but to raise the stakes — more weapons, more sanctions, and possibly the strike aircraft that President Zelensky has requested.

    On June 9, the Supreme Court of the DPR found 28-year-old Aiden Aslin, his 48-year-old compatriot Sean Pinner and 21-year-old Moroccan Saadoun Brahim guilty of mercenary activities, attempting to forcibly seize power and committing a crime by a group of individuals. They were sentenced to death. Later Head of the Republic Denis Pushilin said that convicted foreign mercenaries could appeal against their sentence until July 9. However, he added that they could ask for clemency.

    Johnson going “all-in”!

    The mind boggles!

    The UK imay declare war against Russia!

    Panic in Russia!


    1. So I had a dekko at the “Express”, albeit I long ago decided never again to look at British rags online, in search of the Johnson threats story. Haven’t found it yet, but found this:

      Now selling for £5 a tub at some retail outlets.

      Seen that, Blinken?

      What were you saying about hitting Russian citizens hard with your sanctions?


    2. No return for you, you spawny fat blonde assrocket. To quote Lavrov, ‘well, go on and do it’. British soldiers are probably looking at their mates in horror; the politicians are going to drop us in it again!


  50. The Lenta story above is inaccurate. Not Johnson, but some “Express” hack called Baldwin is the one shooting the shit about the possible execution of Aslin and his hapless chum.

    The article is a joy to read and analyse as regards its use of bluster and memes:

    If Putin’s goons execute Brits it will be point of no return – PAUL BALDWIN
    IF PUTIN’S goons in Donetsk dare to put British soldiers Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner in front of a firing squad this war will take a deeply dangerous turn from which there may be no coming back.
    02:45, Fri, Jun 10, 2022 | UPDATED: 09:31, Fri, Jun 10, 2022

    [So they’re “British soldiers” now and not “British mercenaries”?]

    Russian news agencies this afternoon tell us a kangaroo court calling itself the “the Supreme Court” of the separatist-held Donetsk region found the two British men guilty of “fighting as mercenaries” and sentenced them to death by firing squad. (The two have actually been fighting with the Ukranian [sic] army) [Oh really? So they are British citizens fighting for a foreign country against the forces of another country against which the UK is not at war? How do these facts go along with the British law, Baldwin? And check out the spelling of “Ukrainian” when you get the chance — ME]. This breaks so many articles of the Geneva Convention it makes your head spin. Or more accurately it makes your blood boil.

    [Baldwin does not explain in what way the convention has been broken.]

    Last night depraved TV pundits on a prime-time show in Russia discussed different ways of executing the British-born men who had been serving in the Ukraine military.

    Vladimir Solovyov, a well-known state TV host known as Putin’s on-screen attack dog, said: “What can the British Empire respond with if two of its subjects are shot or hanged? Just wipe off their face? [I have no idea what “Just wipe off their face” means”. I reckon Baldwin has got hold of a machine translation of what the “attack dog” said. Perhaps the expression means: “Just dry the tears from their eyes”? — ME] What can they do? They can threaten us with a seventh wave of sanctions.”

    At one point he seemed to recognise it was insane to be discussing the hanging, drawing and quartering of prisoners of war – and yet, there he was seemingly happy to be doing so.

    [As a matter of fact, there was no talk of the hanging, drawing and quartering the convicted parties, but Baldwin can be forgiven for his justifiable over excitement, can he not?]

    Solovyov even went so far as to say the death sentence would be “a very big problem for Boris Johnson”.

    It won’t. It will be a very big problem for Vladimir Putin, who will no doubt be quietly incensed [sic] a rabble in Donetsk is now dictating the narrative of his war. [Baldwin has missed out the word ‘how” after “incensed”. Of course, he knows exactly how the Russian president feels about this matter — ME]

    Putin will not like that at all.

    [See what I mean? Baldwin knows what Putin likes and dislikes — ME]

    He will be under no illusion that if these executions go ahead Britain and the greater West will have no option but to raise the stakes – more weapons, more sanctions and perhaps at last the strike aircraft President Zelensky has been begging for since Russia invaded on February 24.

    [Baldwin is apparently uneducated: there should be a comma following the subordinate conditional clause and preceding the main clause in a conditional statement. He does this shitty non-punctuation all the time because . . . well, because he’s a British journalist I suppose — ME]

    Any compromise talks of ceding parts of Ukraine to Putin – which have shamefully but openly become acceptable currency in some diplomatic quarters – will be shut down.

    That is very bad news for Putin. That was his out. That was his exit strategy from this cripplingly expensive, bloody war he never expected to still be fighting.

    [See! Baldwin knows what Putin was expecting — ME]

    Instead the conflict will get bloodier, longer and more expensive.

    [For whom, Baldwin?]

    Foreign Secretary Liz Truss quickly and [I think that “and” should be “has”: illiteracy reigns supreme in Fleet Street, it seems — ME] correctly said: “I utterly condemn the sentencing of Aiden Aslin and Shaun Pinner held by Russian proxies in eastern Ukraine. They are prisoners of war. This is a sham judgment with absolutely no legitimacy.”

    And Robert Jenrick [A 40-year old Conservative Party MP — ME] accurately summed-up [Why the hyphen, Baldwin, you illiterate? — ME] the mood saying: “This disgusting Soviet-era era show trial is the latest reminder of the depravity of Putin’s regime.

    [Yeah, lets hear the clichés from a Tory Party arsehole! — ME]

    “The Russian Ambassador should be summoned to the Foreign Office to account for this egregious breach of the Geneva Convention. No one should think they can treat British citizens like this and get away with it.”

    [And in what way, exactly, has this convention been breached, you tosser? — ME]

    We can only hope that other Russian ambassadors are in Donetsk reminding the separatist rabble they take orders from Moscow.

    Yes, one can only hope.

    Now fuck off, will ya?


  51. Before I get to work on my daily rant – here’s ‘new’ from last night for you to giggle over.
    They really went and did it! They really had Mr ‘e give a video message to the festival goers at Glastonbury:

    When the Daily Wail columnist calls this thing ‘as middle class as the olive counter at Waitrose’ then you know who the people are who go there. And you also know why this thing isn’t ‘British yoof’ any longer but some ritual for the kids and parents of the Westminster ‘elites’ who believe they are ever so ‘working class’ and ‘rebellious’.
    As for yon ukrie former comedian … gah …


  52. Comment on Reminiscence of the Future:

    Larchmonter445 Carolyn D • an hour ago
    Only a very small percentage of the Ukies may be worth compassion. Most would be gleefully killing civilians and torturing Russian soldiers if they could get away with it. They have for eight years.

    The eradication of them now is a healthy cleaning of a proxy military that imagined they would kill most of the 5 million in Donbass and go on to invade Crimea and kill another 2.5 million and then sweep into Western Russia and Belarus to kill more people by the millions.

    They are in a pathetic situation. But they support their society and government intentions. It is just a huge misjudgment. They thought they could get away with mass murder, and they can’t. Now it’s their turn to be ground like millet.


    The Yukietard PoWs now look so sad and dejected, and the mercenary prisoners are now full of repentance.

    But they were all for “Moskal to the knife” until quite recently.

    They went along, very many of them, with that “Death to Moskali” crap that they had been pumped full of for years before 2014, and they would have butchered their Russian speaking fellow citizens who considered themselves of Russian ethnicity, because, quite simply, they believed, and still do, that “the West is with us!”

    Because they are shitwits, most of them.

    I have experience their shitwittery at first hand — in the Ukraine, and that was before their 2014 “Revolution of Dignity” — in 2004, 2007, 2011.

    And they are still murdering civilians in the Donbass on a daily basis with their artillery bombardments of Donetsk.


    1. I respect your opinions and hold your insights in high regard. However, are the large majority of Ukrainians, at least east of the Dnieper River, really hard-bitten fascists with deep-seated hatred of Russians?

      My experience suggests that people will mumble whatever is needed to get by without caring one wit about whether its true much less worth fighting for. Countries such as Croatia have a deep-seated hatred of Serbs/Orthodox but that took centuries of Catholic/Western indoctrination. If what you say is true, how could it become that way in a generation? Or, was the hatred always there and not given free rein until now?

      And, if you are right, what can Russia do with such a psychologically damaged population?


      1. I was in the main referring to those Yukies west of the Dniepr, and most of all to Galitsians.

        I had t endure endless shit off these people 3 times in the Ukraine when my family and I were holidaying at Black Sea sanatoria. They used to rant on to me about what bastards Russians are because they believed they would get a sympathetic ear off me on account of my nationality, notwithstanding the fact that they knew full well that my wife was an Orcess who had borne me 3 mixed-breed Orclings.

        What can Russians do with them? — Hand them over to their former Polish overlords.


        1. Thanks ME – that fits my understanding. I now have a habit of walking around at work with my Putin coffee mug. People know where I stand and most accept and even a few are sympathetic as we ascribe to other non-mainstream believes such s the Covid hoax, gun control, climate change, etc. A significant fraction of the US population don’t believe anything they are told. They just say what is needed to get by.


  53. 07:13 am – Zaluzhny arrested? Or at least dismissed?
    “The best units of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine were deliberately allowed to die in order to create an ‘image’.”

    The words are seditious, and shall have to be answered for. The decision was to be made at night, there are no official announcements yet.

    The Commander-in-Chief informed the Supreme Commander of the impossibility of withdrawing the AFU grouping from Lisichansk without loss, the situation was critical and close to encirclement.

    Valery Fedorovich accused the political centre of influencing the delay of orders to withdraw troops to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. The mediocre command of the showmen has led to the fact that the best units of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine were deliberately allowed to be killed to create an “image”. The feigned symbolism and manipulation of the slogans “Save our people at Azot” led to the fact that a group of 8,000 personnel and 700 pieces of equipment were surrounded.

    The conflict between Zaluzhny and Zelensky is not the first. However, Zelensky does not decide anything: everything is commanded by the British under the general leadership of the Pindos. Of course, this infuriates Zaluzhny: it is clear that he is going to carry the can for everything.

    There is no known practice of military coups in the post-Soviet space. In this case it would be a blessing in disguise – fewer people would die in an unnecessary civil war.


    1. Arresting your Chief of Staff doesn’t look like a guaranteed way to keep the army onside, especially for someone who is alleged to have dismissed the advice and concerns of the Chief of Staff, repeatedly. Maybe Elensky is planning on making a surprise personal appearance at Glastonbury before heading to Miami.


    1. Nooo – they also need more toilet bowls! Surely the poor Ukries mustn’t be forced to sh*t into holes in the ground! That’s what the orcs do!


    2. They could make cheap fence posts. I don’t think those are Javelins but rather some other equally useless piece of military technology.


      1. At least one is a Javelin, the thick tube with the cap that looks like a giant hex nut. I just glanced at the photo, but I was looking for Javelins. As far as I know, no weapon given the Ukrainians has had the mythic hype of the Javelin – years before the USA agreed to send them a few the Ukie expat armchair Generals were lusting for them, crooning what a game-changer they would be, you’d see the Russians run then, by God! And now Lockheed Martin is churning them out like crazy because the USA is showering Ukraine with the things…yet the Russians continue to advance. NATO’s weapons-Christmas is definitely costing Russian lives because it is prolonging the conflict – and Russia must never forget that and the NATO den of democracy dozeholes must remain on the enemies list for as far as the eye can see because of it – but it is not going to affect the outcome. And is the Javelin really making a difference? There are quite a few photos of them abandoned with the cover still in place, which suggests the missile was unused, and I posted earlier a site that offered at least one for sale on the dark web for $30,000.00, with a seller location of Keeeev.

        Sites like Newsweek and AP, especially in articles co-authored by a Ukrainian journalist, regularly feature an apocalyptic photo of a burnt-out tank which the authors naturally say is Russian, and the Javelin is credited by implication for wreaking this destruction. But in reality it would take a land-warfare professional to tell if the tank is Russian or Ukrainian, and even then it would be complicated by the fact that the DNR soldiers operate captured Ukie tanks, and it is quite a stretch to imagine Ukrainian soldiers handed the weapon and given a half-hour or so’s briefing on how to operate it are making an appreciable dent in the ranks of the Russian armor; Ukraine obviously cannot afford, even though it is getting them for free courtesy of the American taxpayer, to expend real missiles in training.

        As I say, I just glanced at the photo but some of the others are artillery rounds and what might be illumination rockets.


  54. Spiegel
    24.06.2022, 11.39

    The Cold Maker
    How we became dependent on Putin’s gas.
    Reconstruction of a fatal pact

    A pact with the devil!!!

    But who reneged on the deal?

    Why such a vast reduction in gas supplies from Russia?

    Putin did it all?

    Scruffy bastard!

    SPIEGEL: Do you think Putin will stop the gas supply to Germany altogether before next winter?

    Habeck: I don’t want to try to be Putin’s psychologist. But you can see a precise pattern with him: Putin is gradually reducing the gas quantities, keeping the gas price high through the shortage – and thus wants to increase the pressure on the population in order to stir up insecurity, fear – the best breeding ground for populism, which is intended to undermine our liberal democracy from within. That is his strategy. And it must not work.

    Stopping NS2 didn’t help matters much, though, did it, Arschloch?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, this is an easy one – I can solve it for you, for free. How we became dependent on Putin’s gas. Well, let’s see; Just a small correction – it isn’t ‘Putin’s gas’, it’s Russia’s gas. Anyway, gas is a cheap fuel, cheaper and much cleaner than the alternatives, except for nuclear, which many populations fear as too dangerous and which produces highly-radioactive spent fuel rods. So natural gas is Europe’s preferred fuel, not something Russia is pushing on Europe. Russia has a lot of it for sale, for very reasonable prices, which Europe drove into the stratosphere by sheer assholery and a lot of pompous foolishness about sanctions. But until that time there were few problems and Russia was a reliable supplier of a commodity Europe wanted and agreed through contracts to buy. Then America started to wail that nobody wanted to buy its freedom gas because it was more expensive, and set about – with considerable success – making the world price for gas high enough that freedom gas was competitive. Europe was sufficiently stupid and spineless to go along with this plan.

      Better now?

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I love the cyborg-Satan cover image. Looks like a comic book designed for a readership of frightened children, not educated grown-ups. Maybe the truism should be expanded: you get not just the government you deserve but the news media you deserve also.


      1. The thing is, though, that the German “Green” ideologues, the dreamers, the romantic dreamers who want us 22st century Western society to go back to horses and carts and using the resulting horse and cow shit a-plenty for our little potato patches at the back of our cosy little cottages, were and still are dead set against the use of natural gas because it is evil, dirty, environmentally damaging hydrocarbon fuel. However, the Russian gas that Germany was once so happy to use was rejected not because of it being a hydrocarbon fuel but, according to the Atlanticists, a dire security threat to Europe. And this argument against the use of natural gas was just the cherry on the cake for the “Greens” in their argument for making a happy new world powered by “renewables”. They got their way in having NS2 stopped through geopolitics, however: not through any convincing ecological argument of theirs. For them, it’s wind turbine generators and solar panels etc. that will provide electrical power for their Green dream world.


          1. Habeck, the philologue cum Federal Minister for the Economy and Global Warming, said the other day, according to a German rag that I had chanced upon, that he was cutting down on the number of showers he usually takes and advised other compatriots to do so. From recent photos of the Green Idiot, it loks like he only has a scrape a a couple of times a week as well. All so as to make sure that the Russians be defeated in Banderastan all the more quickly. They are being beaten already, of course, heading for certain defeat, because the world “stands with “Ukraine”, but cutting down on one’s ablutions will speed matters up of course.


            1. Not taking showers will be added to wearing a mask as a committment to social responsibility; not quite as visual but certainly noticeable.


          2. What a hypocrite; Habeck The Green, the miracle man in whose footprints flowers spring up, nodding their heads in obeisance to the God of Climate-Change Rescue, announcing a return to the burning of coal. “Clean’ coal, no doubt; the coal industry is squirming with eagerness to announce the advances made in the production of coal, so that its emissions now turn into baby food, or something similarly precious and endearing. I’m starting to think Germany is actually going to have to hang these lunatics to stop them setting in motion a decline which cannot be reversed.


        1. Like Lavrov said – go on and do it. The world is watching for the German biomass-heads to lead everyone to green Utopia. Instead they get Habeck warning that gas – which the greenies abhor and want to get rid of – may have to be rationed and this is an example of Putin beating up on nice Germans. If ever a nation deserved to fail, that’s it. Before this all started they were the biggest economy in the EU and on their way to being the gas hub for all of Europe. Now they look likely to be cooking their dinners on sticks over a wood fire.


  55. This is off topic but has anyone noticed that about 5 days ago our favourite Canadian finance minister, Ms Freeland is saying “that for the first time, her proposed budget legislation also includes means for the federal government to confiscate as well as freeze sanctioned assets”. Proposed budget legislation would allow Canada to confiscate Russian assets: Freeland

    Great, not even mentioning the blatant immorality of the proposed action, I can just see a lot of foreign investors and Canadian citizens with dual citizenships saying to themselves, “If the Canadian Gov”t can do this to the Russians who in next? I’m out of here!”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it seems to me that the rush to looting here in Canada (and throughout the anglosphere) is profoundly ill-advised. However, if I were Messrs. Putin, Xi and Co. I’d be delighted. Those whom the gods would destroy….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All part of the Roman-Empire-style decline which began in the United States and is now spreading throughout the west. Gun violence is on the rise in Canada, they say, and if it’s not it is a wonderful excuse for the government to grab more regulatory power – to protect you, of course. Nothing can be done in British Columbia without consulting the First Nations, because they built great cities of skyscrapers before the white man came along and spoiled everything, and were masters of advanced-technology networking. Oh, wait; that’s women – I just read today that the first example of coding was written in 18-something-something by some woman in a poem, which proved that women started computing. This was used to announce some hip new facility where women and transgendered persons would be given free tuition in tech magic so as to give them a leg up on the men who are keeping them down. The fees will be paid by the employer, so it’s a sort of internship where women get a head start over men who can’t afford to pay their own way through tech college. But that’s not discrimination, because white boys are born with so many advantages they should be ashamed.

        Society is breaking down.


    2. I wonder how the property market in Vancouver and other cities will be affected by Freeland’s proposed legislation to confiscate and freeze Russian assets.


    3. Yes, I did see that, and I submit there is an even more immediate danger. Russian oligarchs would have to be simpleminded to invest in such an overregulated country, but the federal government has just given itself the authority to confiscate YOUR assets if it deems you are a spreader of disinformation or a not-going-along-with-the-party-liner. Like them bearded hooligans in their big trucks, what menaced Ottawa and made the residents all stroppy because they couldn’t get to their favourite Starbucks. No foreigner in his right mind would invest in Canada, except for Americans and they simply buy the company and then run it their own way.

      Which is basically what you said, on a second reading of your comment.


  56. Glory to the Galitsian Nazi heroes!

    Russian Defence Ministry: Lvov Territorial Defence Battalion has refused to go to the Donbass
    June 25, 2022

    Ukrainian servicemen in Lviv have refused to leave for a combat mission in the Donbass. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence Igor Konashenkov.
    “The personnel of the 64th battalion of the 103rd Territorial Defence Brigade stationed in Lvov, have refused to leave for the combat area in the Donbass,” he said and as reported by RIA Novosti reports. And he added that such a decision was connected with a shortage of heavy weapons and that there were many untrained reservists in the battalion.

    Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defence recorded massive cases of desertion of the Ukrainian military. They left their combat positions and abandoned their weapons.

    To the Heroes — Glory!

    What’s wrong with you, Galitsian filth? Why don’t you want to go on a turkey shoot in the Donbass? I thought torturing and killing Moskali was your idea of fun.

    Article in RG.ru

    No link provided by me as I’m at the dacha and using my iPhone.

    Every time I try to add a link in a comment sent by my iPhone, it gets bollocksed up.

    17:00 here now at my home from home and the temperature is. 31C.


    1. 31C? At 5pm? Omigawd – I’m getting virtual heatstroke just reading this!
      As for Ukrie forces now refusing to fight: well, there’s one simple solution: send them more $$$! Western weapons are crap, as we’ve seen from the daily clobber list – but $$$ will surely work!


      1. Temperature plummeting here now at 17:39. Going to be 29C at 19:00.

        Better put on my jacket.

        Mrs. Exile is here with me now for a change. She’s lying in the sun trying to get brown. Don’t know why. She’s a sunbathing freak.

        I might be able to sneak off for a sly smoke of my pipe whilst she’s flopped out in the sun.


        1. Greetings to Mrs E – and do sneak off for a pipe. when discovered you can always say you were defending her against blood-thirsty giant mozzies. If there aren’t any, it’s obviously due to your smoking your pipe …
          It’s around 17C here, after two thunderstorms, one with hail and a heavy cloudburst. More rain starting to come down. My garden is a picture of devastation …


    2. The Galitsian realized that they will be the turkeys at the turkey shoot. Several general comments:
      – Russia destroyed a bunch of Polish mercs (80 or so) along with their weapons per RT
      – NATO stated the war will be settled at the negotiating table (much like the US and Japan ended WW II at the negotiating table)
      – those Russian are getting quite cheeky – thanking Macron for giving them the latest in French howitzers – not very good kit but its the thought that counts.


  57. First comment at MoA today:

    “Someone needs to ask Boris Johnson what he believes a long term economic disaster to be.

    “Too many countries are saying this is a European war that is unnecessary … and so the pressure will grow to encourage – coerce, maybe – the Ukrainians to a bad peace,” he told broadcasters in the Rwandan capital Kigali, where he is attending a Commonwealth summit.
    Johnson said the consequences of Russian President Vladimir Putin being able to get his way in Ukraine would be dangerous to international security and “a long-term economic disaster”.
    Posted by: too scents | Jun 25 2022 17:04 utc | 1″

    Does not Boris Johnson know who was behind the genocide in Rwanda?

    Why is he vitsting the genocider and dictatator for life Paul Kagame?

    Support for Democracy?


    1. Rwanda is hosting the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), a gathering of leaders from the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth until it started admitting as members nations like Mozambique and Rwanda, neither of which is a former British colony) members. This is why both BoJo and Prince Charles attended the conference.

      Mozambique joined 20 or so years ago under the perception that the then British Commonwealth nations offered the political stability and example of good governance that had been lacking in Mozambique for most of its post-independence history after 1975. The country suffered from civil war, much of it encouraged by the Usual Suspects enraged at the idea that a former colony was on the socialist path to bring its people out of poverty. I wonder if Mozambique rues its decision to join the Commonwealth: it seems that compared to, say, most former French colonies in Africa (apart from Rwanda and Burundi), former British colonies in that continent are more unstable. The better thing to have done perhaps was to form some association with Angola, a fellow former Portuguese colony.


      1. Lead them out of the wilderness, BoJo!! Show them the true path to prosperity!

        “UK inflation rose to 9.1% in May, according to data released today. In the U.S. it is 8.5%, both at 40 year highs and both expected to grow. Energy prices are soaring, and growth on both sides of the Atlantic is doubtful: U.S. first-quarter growth was 0.1% whilst UK GDP fell by 0.3% in April.”


        Weren’t those falling-growth and gasping-for-breath GDP things supposed to happen to Russia instead of the Good Guyz?


    2. What it boils down to is Putin Must Not Win. The leaders of the free world have said he will not, and therefore he must not, because they would look foolish and ineffective. Perish the thought.


  58. Banderatwat with mard lip stating Yukiestan demands to NATO:

    25.06.2022 22:17
    The deputy head of the Office of the President of the Ukraine has said that Kiev refused the idea of joining NATO.

    The Ukraine will not take steps to join NATO owing to the fact that the members of the organization had rejected the attempts made by official Kiev to join it. Ihor Zhovkva, Deputy head of the Office of the President of the Ukraine, announced his rejection of the aspirations of the Ukraine..

    According to him, in an interview with The Financial Times, Kiev recognizes that the entry of the Ukraine into NATO was impossible in the short term.

    At the same time, the Ukrainian leadership wants NATO to confirm the partnership and recognize “the central role of the Ukraine in the structure of European security.” Kiev also wants any references to the Russian Federation as a NATO partner to be removed from the organization’s strategic concept.

    A non-country as a “strategic partner”?


    1. He’ll be able to hang the certificate of being a Strategic Partner on the wall behind his desk at his office. In Edmonton. That’ll be the ticket to regular donations from “the diaspora.”


  59. Lucy has spoken!

    Tactically, we have outplayed the Russians. They went to Severodonetsk and now we know where they are.

    Arestovich, 24.06.2022, on the massive surrender and shameful flight of the UAF from Severodonetsk.


    1. Blimey – so Lucy didn’t know until then where ‘Teh Russians’ were/are?
      He must’ve lived in a cave and consumed some very potent stuff …


      1. He’s the unofficial state psychologist for Banderastan.

        I kid you not!

        A showman, an actor best known for a Yukie version of that US movie starring Dustin Hoffman, in which Hoffman pretended to be woman in order to get an acting role, who also “did a course” in psychology, and now occasionally broadcasts his deep knowledge and analysis of human behaviour to the Yukietards, which is a pretty difficult task to do, because many of Khokhli, most especially in the West of that non-state, are mostly nationalistic, shitwitted russophobic retards, aka Svidomites

        See “Awful Avalanche” for an explanation of the term “Svidomite”.


        1. History of the Ukraine

          History of Great Ukraine: 33 years after his birth, Christ is crucified.

          Shitwits reign supreme in Banderastan!


  60. Kirby gobbledygook — copied and pasted in case you folks in the Free West cannot access RT:

    25 Jun, 2022 17:07
    Ukraine will decide ‘what victory looks like’ – US

    Despite Russian advances and talk of compromise with Moscow, Washington insists that Ukraine should dictate the terms of peace

    Volodymyr Zelensky inspects damaged buildings in the region of Nikolaev, Ukraine, June 18, 2022 © AP / Ukrainian Presidential Press Office

    Armed with American weapons, Kiev will determine the terms of a peace deal with Russia, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told Voice of America on Friday.

    While others have suggested that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should cede some territory for peace, Kirby said Washington is preparing for what could be “a prolonged conflict.”

    With the war in Ukraine passing the four-month mark on Friday, Russian forces continue to seize territory in Donbass. Moscow claims that up to 2,000 Ukrainian troops, ‘nationalists’ and foreign fighters are encircled in the region. Meanwhile, Kiev recently admitted losing as many as 1,000 troops per day, and is reportedly replenishing its beleaguered forces with conscripts, women and convicts.

    Nevertheless, Kirby insisted that Ukraine can fight on, and told Voice of America that “Mr. Zelensky is going to get to determine what victory looks like.”

    “Of course, we want Ukraine to succeed on the battlefield, and we want them to succeed at the negotiating table, if and when it comes to that,” Kirby continued. “We’re not at that stage right now. But we believe that President Zelensky is the one who gets to determine what victory looks like.

    “Our job is to make sure that he has the tools available to him to do that in the most efficient, effective way.”

    The US has already committed nearly $54 billion in direct and indirect military and economic aid to Ukraine, with the latest $450 million tranche of weapons to include four long-range rocket artillery systems. Kirby seemingly brushed off concerns that these systems could be used to launch strikes across the Russian border, saying on Friday that they are “Ukrainian property, and they get to determine how they’re going to use [them].”

    Kirby added that “we want to see Ukraine’s territorial integrity fully restored,” which in the eyes of Kiev would involve seizing Crimea, which voted to join Russia in 2014. Several Ukrainian military and political leaders have stated that they will use NATO-supplied weapons to do exactly this.

    Kirby and other officials at the State Department and Pentagon have given Ukraine carte blanche to wage war as it sees fit, even as other government officials in the US have reportedly called for restraint. Meanwhile, if anonymously sourced CNN reports are to be believed, American, British and European leaders are holding discussions about Ukraine’s future without Kiev’s involvement.

    While NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently suggested that Ukraine may end up ceding territory in exchange for peace, he has since stated that the terms of a settlement will be decided by Zelensky. Likewise, although Zelensky has accused French President Emmanuel Macron of pressing him to give up land as part of a peace deal, Macron himself has since said that “Ukraine will decide when the conditions are met to build peace.”

    It is hard to make sense of Kirby’s statements.

    What kind of “victory” can a defeated US lackey create?

    Better said, what kind of illusionary “victory” does the US intend to create out of the defeat of Banderastan?

    Paging Karl Rove!


    1. The defeat must be seen to be Elensky’s defeat, and not the west’s defeat. We gave him all the tools, but sadly, he just wasn’t up to it. The west most definitely does not want to be seen by Ukrainians in general as a failure and a weak, manipulative partner, because it is not finished with Ukraine and probably envisions continuing to arm Ukraine and hurl Ukrainians against Russia under a new leader after Elensky has admitted his failure and paid the price. Ukraine will not be allowed to give up. A new leader must step forward to recover whatever Elensky gives away.


      1. So who will be the saviour of Banderastan?

        Another dose of that corrupt bastard Poroshenko, perhaps?

        Or maybe that manipulative corrupt bitch Tymoshenko?

        She may have faded in her influence in recent years, but her Russophobic credentials are kosher, in that she allegedly went into hysterics, possibly feigned, accomplished actress that she is, on learning that Russia had “annexed” the Crimea, in that she advocated in an allegedly leaked telephone conversation that Russia be “nuked” in retaliation.

        Whether the stupid bitch was unaware that Banderastan, neither then nor now, has nuclear strike capability is a moot point.

        Tymoshenko wants to “wet Katsapov” with nuclear weapons
        March 24 2014


  61. RT

    More greetings cards to the Banderites from the Orc MoD.

    The Russian Armed Forces have attacked the territory of training centres for Ukrainian troops in several regions
    June 26, 2022

    RIA News
    The official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Lieutenant-General Igor Konashenkov, has said that the Russian military had struck at the territory of training centres for Ukrainian troops in the Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Lvov regions with high-precision weapons and Kalibr missiles.

    “High-precision weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Kalbr missiles have delivered a massive strike on the territory of the 169th Training Centre of the ground forces in the area of ​​​​the village of Desna, Chernihiv region, the 199th Training Centre of airborne assault troops in the Teterevka region of the Zhytomyr region, as well as the 184th Training Centre of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in the area of ​​​​the village of Starichi, Lvov region, ”TASS quotes him as having said.

    According to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, as a result, the combat capability of the 65th, 66th motorized infantry brigades and the 46th airmobile brigade from the strategic reserves of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, which were completing their training at the training grounds, was completely lost.

    Earlier, the Russian Aerospace Forces had launched strikes with high-precision weapons against the buildings of the Megatex zinc plant in Konstantinovka, as a result of which up to 80 Polish mercenaries were liquidated.

    Now don’t you folks go and forget now — the Orcs are getting their arses kicked by the Banderite heroes.


    1. The Yukies made them run at the “Battle of Kiev” though — didn’t they just!

      Yee-haw! Just look at those Russians run!


      1. The Yukie air defence needs checking out.

        That Desna base also got stonked in like fashion a few weeks ago and with great loss of life.

        They must be pissed off there, saying:

        “Wha . . . Wha . . . What happened???”


  62. 26 Jun, 14: 21 77 758
    Bloomberg reported a few hours before the default of Russia
    If investors do not receive funds by Monday, the “fact of non-fulfillment of obligations” will be recorded: the grace period for paying about $100 million on bonds expires tonight.

    Russia is just a few hours away from default, writes Bloomberg. On the night of Sunday to Monday, the grace period for the payment of about $100 million in overdue payments on government bonds expires.

    The Russian authorities will not officially declare a default, but the “fact of non-fulfillment of obligations” will be recorded if investors do not receive their money. This will be the first default on the country’s foreign debt since 1918, the agency notes.

    In April, the US banned Russia can service its external debt without renewing the license that allowed holders of Russian sovereign bonds to receive payments. This license expired on May 25. London-based Citibank then refused to perform the functions of a payment agency for Russian dollar issues, and the Ministry of Finance transferred these functions to the National Settlement Depository (NSD).

    Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said at the end of May that Russia continues to pay on its external public debt in order to maintain its image as a reliable borrower. “At first, we managed to fulfill these obligations at the expense of frozen reserves, then we started paying on foreign debts with the foreign currency receipts that come to our treasury. And we will continue to pay. We will pay in rubles with currency conversion, ” he promised.

    Oh shit! Does this mean we’re all gonna die at midnight?

    And should the SMO in the Ukraine suddenly stop at 1 second before midnight, will Russia no longer be in default?


  63. Why should the Russians care about the “default”? The Western banks who were supposed to get the money might care about it but I don’t imagine the Russians will lose any sleep over that.


    1. Agreed; if this truly represents a permanent turning away, why should Russia care if the west says it is a welsher on its debts? It’s not going to borrow any more money from western banks anyway, or risk any Russian deposits which might be seized in western banks. Who cares what the west says? Russia did the best it could to pay off its obligations, and the present looming default is not because of unwillingness to pay. Save the money and put it into nationalization of the western businesses that are pulling up stakes and getting out. Loan the money to national operators who want to run those businesses as domestic startups. So what if, for example, you can’t get Fords and Chevrolets – American cars are crap anyway. Import Asian brands and sell those instead.


  64. The main thing, I think, is that Blinken and Incontinent Joe can crow about their “victory”, to which cock-a-doodling I should say: “Take a look at the ruble exchange rate, you sad shits!”

    It’s 66.50 for $1 now.

    According to the Bank of Russia’s estimate, external debt of the Russian Federation as of March 31, 2022 totaled $453.5 billion, having decreased by $26.5 billion, or by 5.5%, since the beginning of the year. The dynamics of this indicator was influenced mainly by a decline of the foreign debt of other sectors.
    Apr 13, 2022

    And get this:

    Government Debt in the United States averaged 4994959.06 USD Million from 1942 until 2022, reaching an all time high of 30499619 USD Million in May of 2022 and a record low of 60000 USD Million in January of 1942.

    Waddya think of that, Bloomberg?

    Note the record low of 1942

    Making loadsa money making the world safe for democracy through lend-lease.

    The UK finally paid off it’s USA war debt in 2006.


  65. It’s as plain as the nose on anyone’s face that Russia certainly can pay but is not allowed to.

    Of course, this is too complex for Western brain-dead illiterates to comprehend.


  66. I know what the Orcs can do at midnight tonight! They can do what the Yukietards did when Banderastan defaulted: they can get several million-dollar tranches off the IMF. No problem!


    1. The USA and UK reduced their gold imports dramatically in 2021 anyway, the USA by nearly 60% and the UK by nearly 40%. So they feel they are in a secure position to apply pain with their childish tantrums. The short-term effect will be to send the price of gold sharply upward as the perception of reduced supply spreads. If this is supposed to deny ‘Putin’ a lucrative market of approximately $19 Billion, that would be more than accounted for by stopping sales to the USA and UK alone; the two countries bought about $70 Billion worth of gold in 2021.


      The major importers are Switzerland – which will have to pay a fortune for gold as soon as it cannot get Russian gold, and was accused just 2 days ago of importing Russian gold through the UK – India, China and Hong Kong, all the latter of which will tell the G7 to poke it up its drainpipe. As before, this will be a shot right through the toes rather than across the bow, and the west will end up paying far more for buying the same amount from another vendor, while making the world price higher for Russian exports. Russia should fire that fuckwad Kudrin – in absentia, since he’s already departed the country, although I wouldn’t be too quick to say forever – and give his job as fiscal counselor to Blinken. Zakharova should announce the offer, it would be oozing irony, since everything Blinken proposes to hurt Russia actually helps it. Maybe he’s a double agent!


      1. As regards Russian gold, I teach a bloke who is an engineer for Polyus, the major Russian gold producer. He’s in Moscow now, but he’s always beetling off to Siberia on trips to gold mines. “Busy” is just. not the word for his gold mining engineering activities.

        Check out polyus.com

        Typically crappy outfit in the gas station with missiles masquerading as a world power, right?

        As bullshitter Obama said in his written for him eloquent speeches, Russia is a local power that makes nothing.

        When that bum Obama was shooting shit as presidential candidate, he stated on more than one occasion that in acceding presidential office, he would close the Guantanamo prison facility. It’s still operating.

        And then he got the Nobel Peace Prize, became POTUS and waged war with his drones.

        Plenty of “collateral damage” there was, but hey! That’s the price one has to pay for freedom and democracy.


  67. I know what!

    When the witching-hour comes in 2 hours and Russia “defaults”, how about at the same time turning off all Russian gas supplies to Europe?

    All of it!


  68. A change in the Bloomberg tune somewhat?

    Bloomberg says Russia may default on its foreign debt
    June 26, 2022, 18: 42

    Russia is “a few hours away” from defaulting on its external debt because of restrictions imposed by Western countries. According to Bloomberg, such a development of the situation will have symbolic significance.

    It has been noted that on Monday night, the grace period for the payment of about $100 million in overdue payments on government bonds expires.

    The agency writes that Russia will not officially declare a default.

    “The default announcement is a symbolic event”, said Takahide Kiuchi, an economist at the Nomura Research Institute.

    The authors of the article added that the situation is developing according to a unique scenario, wherein the borrower has the funds and the desire to pay, but cannot do so owing to sanctions.

    On May 24, the US Treasury Department received information about a refusal to renew the licence for investors to receive payments on the state debt of the Russian Federation.

    The Russian Finance Ministry announced that this will not interfere with the payment of the country’s debt obligations.

    Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that Europe and the United States are creating artificial barriers for Russia to service its national debt in order to hang up the label “default”.

    And nobody in Russia gives a flying fuck about what Washington thinks.


      1. I’m sure she’s enjoying the attention, wherever it is. The placing is interesting: he’s clearly separated from the rest and handling the woman. Can’t help noticing that his left leg is wedged against the fence support (at first glance I thought he had a dog there), giving the impression that he is being kept under control, like a child in a playpen.


      2. She’s too old for him. It would have been cleverer to’ve placed her next to Macron – he likes grannies …


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