Canada’s Mask-Mania Push Campaign – a Contrarian View


Uncle Volodya says, “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it..”

Unless you live under a rock in a thinly-settled part of the world, you are probably familiar with the global government embrace of non-medical cloth or paper face masks. Government medical authorities claim they help prevent infection by the novel coronavirus, AKA COVID-19, and busybodies and social interventionists everywhere are getting increasingly exasperated with the now-minority that will not wear them whenever they leave their homes, get with the fucking program and start caring about their community.

I can’t speak for everywhere, but let me tell you a little bit about how this push campaign is going in Canada. My part of it, anyway.

In the early stages of what it pleases the global political leadership to refer to as a ‘pandemic’, there was a reluctance to endorse masking. The WHO released confusing and conflicting information. The famous Dr. Fauci, who throws a baseball like an undernourished schoolgirl trying to rid herself of a live lizard, initially remarked that there was absolutely no reason for anyone who was not clearly sick to wear a face mask. He later reversed himself, admitting he only said that so panicky people would not run out and buy up all the face masks and there would not be a sufficient supply for the ‘frontline medical workers’. Lied, I guess you would have to say, if you didn’t realize what a visionary and farseeing altruist he is, and didn’t know – because he told you – that he was only doing it for our own good.

But I don’t want to get too distracted by Dr. Fauci, as I mean to turn attention to a more local source. Chris Pengilly, a retired GP, is representative of the Frustrated Class that smirks at the reasons the minority offers for not wearing a face mask in public. I think you’ll agree his tone is the sort of condescending dismissal which might be reserved by a John Deere dealership for a farmer who still plows with a mule – some people just don’t get it the way us smart folk do. Let’s take a look.

Right off the bat, Mr. Pengilly wants you to know that he approves the use of face masks, and believes their wear will soon become compulsory, as if that were reason enough for doubters to line up for them. Not to be a spoiler or anything, but let me say here that a government order to wear face masks in all public spaces is an invitation to a constitutional challenge and a major lawsuit. Why? Because there is no actual scientific evidence that they do anything at all to prevent infection by an airborne virus. None.

Oh, media commentary on the subject, including remonstrations from various levels of medical authorities, claims they ‘help’ prevent infection, in the sort of guarded language that makes it clear they are not a guaranteed savior even if you wear them exactly according to the manufacturers instructions. But they ‘might help’, in the sense that stopping some viral particles is better than nothing. Let’s just short-circuit to ground the whole argument that something should be accepted because it is better than nothing – better than nothing is an argument for going to work with a slice of bread over your nose and mouth, held on with a rubber band, because it ‘might help’, and the chief advantage of a non-medical cloth mask in that instance is that it is more comfortable and doesn’t smell as yeasty.

There has never been a Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT), conducted under scientific conditions, which concluded face masks do anything meaningful or measurable to prevent infection by an airborne virus. The narrative concerning ‘droplets’ and their effective interception by non-medical cloth face masks is based on the early-1900’s research of Dr. Carl Flugge, who determined through research that a linen band which covered the mouth and nose of an attending physician was useful at preventing transmission of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection, spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Bacterial particles are generally much larger than viral aerosols, and tuberculosis was eradicated as a major threat in the USA through “elimination of poverty, improvement of nutrition and through improvement in living conditions”, not lockdowns and face masks. Prior to its eradication through determined effort, it killed one out of every seven dead Americans from the 18th century onward. Even the term ‘eradicated’ is misleading – although tuberculosis has been rendered statistically insignificant in the United States as an epidemiological threat, there were nearly 9,000 new cases reported as recently as 2019, and the pace of decline is slowing.

“In her 2014 article, “Germs and the Pseudoscience of Quality Improvement”, Dr. K Sibert, an anaesthetist with an interest in infection control, is of the opinion that many infection control rules are indeed arbitrary, not justified by the available evidence or subjected to controlled follow-up studies, but are devised, often under pressure, to give the appearance of doing something.” That’s the money shot right there, folks – wearing face masks gives the frightened a warm feeling that they are protected. Unfortunately, that soon turns to manifest disapproval of anyone who appears in public without a face mask.

But let’s get back to Dr. (Ret’d) Pengilly, before I forget that his musings are what brought me here. After announcing that you should wear a face mask because he thinks they make sense, Dr. Pengilly expands on that diagnosis to reveal that while face masks do little to protect the wearer, they ‘significantly reduce’ the risk to those within infection range of the asymptomatic carrier.

That so? Bzzzzt!!! I’m afraid not, Johnny. At least not in my opinion, and although I am not a retired GP, I am supported in that opinion by Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical lead for COVID-19. Back in early June, when some in the world were talking about emerging from the completely-useless lockdowns – a term originating with prison administration, if you like your irony ironic – she disclosed, in response to a journalist’s question at a press briefing, that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is “extremely rare”.

“The highest estimate was a transmission rate of 2.2%, suggesting “asymptomatic spread is unlikely to be a major driver of clusters or community transmission of infection.”

Van Kerkhove was quick to amplify that this did not mean it couldn’t happen – cue Lloyd Christmas of “Dumb and Dumber”, with “So you’re telling me…there’s a chance.”  Just that no evidence to date suggests asymptomatic transmission is a significant risk. Such as would imply a broad face-mask mandate, not to put too fine a point on it.

But someone must think they are a hell of an idea, because the same article notes, somewhat sniffily, that the studies which bear out the rarity of asymptomatic transmission “had small sample sizes, which would make their findings less statistically relevant.” Whoops! That neatly torpedoes the argument for masks, which have no proper scientific clinical trials at all which demonstrate their efficacy at preventing airborne viral transmission. Especially non-medical cloth or paper masks, whose claims to functionality are about as credible as a Tijuana Rolex.

Let me give you an example. I have a box of fabric non-medical masks on my dresser upstairs – I have to wear a face mask every day at work, by order of my employer. I got them from Pharmasave; $30.00 for a box of 50, so approximately 60 cents apiece. They’re made in Jiangsu, China, KH brand. The box copy claims they effectively filter 99% of ‘bacteria and particles’.

Which would make them 4% more effective than an N -95 surgical mask; what do you think the 95 stands for? More effective, at 60 cents apiece, than an N-95 mask which would cost at least $3.00 if you could get them. Question, here; is the job of Finance Minister going to come open any time soon?

The KH mask advertising is misleading – when they say the masks effectively filter 99% of bacteria and ‘particles’, they probably mean bacteria and bacteria-size particles, which are approximately three times the size of viral particles. The fabric masks don’t fit your face tightly, leaving gaps at the sides, while an N-95 mask is made to adapt to facial contours and ensure a tight fit. But those Chinese fabric masks are the ones handed out at businesses which insist on customers wearing a mask, and are approved for wear by Transport Canada, which quite early on disallowed the wearing of the cloth mask which incorporates a one-way valve – a boon to those who wear glasses, and are troubled by their own breathing fogging their lenses – because it did not filter outgoing air as well as that inhaled.

Which brings me to Pengilly’s absurd analogies. Wearing a face mask to protect your community from airborne viral transmission, he claims, is little different from observing the total-blackout orders during the Second World War, where leaving the porch light on might result in a 5000-pound explosive package landing on your doorstep.

From a bomber whose aimer could see your porch light from 10,000 feet. Directed by a German navigator who had no idea at all where cities in the United Kingdom were located, and consequently roamed about with the rest of the squadron hoping someone would need to visit the outdoor privy, and would turn on a light. Give me a break.

The Germans probably had a fairly good idea how to find London without having to zero in on random room lights, and bombing rows of houses was never very strategically rewarding anyway in a war where the two sides raced to eliminate one another’s industrial capability. But the good doctor’s tactical ruminations aside, nobody has needed for quite some time to be convinced that proximity to functioning high explosive is deleterious to your health – they actually knew it for quite a few years before Big Two. In case it slips anyone’s mind, the United States of America runs a Randomized Clinical Trial every couple of years in whatever hapless country has been singled out for reshaping by high explosive until the inhabitants grasp the wisdom inherent in American planning for their political future. Not to belabor the point, the effectiveness and effects of high explosive are both broadly known and scientifically proven. Not so face masks. Medical and political figures who should know better claim to be ‘following the science’, but they aren’t. They can’t be, because there isn’t any.

Earlier, I said there had never been a Randomized Clinical Trial of face masks which concluded they are effective at protecting against an infectious airborne virus. That’s true – but the last part is particularly significant. The Danes recently concluded just such a trial, the first of its kind in the world, against a very broad sample base of 6000; 3000 each either masked or not. Once such a trial is complete, the next step is publication in a reputable medical journal, and peer review by medical professionals and specialists in the field.

And that’s where the trial is hung up. Denmark’s researchers cannot get anyone to publish their results, which they decline to discuss until publication. It was offered to The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association. None accepted it for publication, and the purported reason is that its results are ‘controversial’.

That’s funny – those blockheads at The Lancet were not afraid of controversy as recently as this past June, when they published a medical study that was about as well-researched as the Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge, and which concluded that the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a specific against the risk or effect of COVID-19 led to increased risk of death. And promptly had to retract it, with the most abject of apologies for bullshitting everybody who reads it. Well, everybody who did not already know better. There probably are a few guys who ostentatiously read The Lancet at restaurants and tearooms in the hope it will make chicks think they are doctors. In case the stethoscope ‘accidentally’ hanging out of their pocket is not enough to clinch the deal.

What do you suppose they mean when they say the results obtained from the Danish face masks trial were ‘controversial’? Did they find that face masks worked a treat, and they helped ever so much in the prevention of infection by an airborne virus? What would be controversial about that? It’s already the default position, backed up by a seemingly-endless parade of ‘experts’ joining an increasingly-impatient public in excoriation of the holdouts who won’t wear one.

Transport Canada ordered passengers on public transit in British Columbia to wear face masks around mid-August. Since then, new cases – which have replaced deaths as the harbinger of doom – have more than tripled. How is that possible, with a clear majority masking up whenever they leave the house, some even wearing them while in their cars or when walking alone on near-empty streets? Less than half the public wore masks in public in July, but since then, the greater the acceptance and prevalence of public masking, the higher new cases of infection have soared. An argument might be made that increased testing reveals exploding numbers, but that does not explain why increased adoption of face masks is not knocking the numbers down. In fact, what it probably suggests is that the virus is spreading faster than testing can keep up with, and actual numbers are significantly higher than the official record. Which in turn suggests COVID-19 is far, far less lethal than initial media reports warned, and far less lethal than the media continues to imply.

Which is pretty much what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA found, as well, according to recently-released figures. Here are the survivability rates, broken down by age group, of persons in the United States who have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

  • Ages 0-19, the survival rate is 99.997 percent
  • Ages 20-49, the survival rate is 99.98 percent
  • Ages 50-69, the survival rate is 99.5 percent
  • Ages 70+, the survival rate is 94.6 percent

As you can see for yourself, the projected survival rate for the highest-risk group – those aged 70 years and over – is 94.6%. All other groups are over 99%. Like those odds? If I told you, run down to the corner store right now and buy a lottery ticket, because you have a better than 99% chance of winning a million bucks, would you go? Would I hear the squeal of hinges on a door flung wide, and the dying away of echoes produced by running feet getting further away? I think I would. Don’t forget your mask.

Dr. Pengilly scoffs at the notion that anyone’s civil rights are being violated by an implied or actual order to wear a face mask in public. Refusal to wear a mask, in his book, is “egoistic and inconsiderate” – how would an ‘anti-masker’ (that’s what we are now, gotta have a label to call out the enemy) feel if he suddenly needed surgery, and the surgeon refused to wear a mask? Considering there is no available evidence to suggest wearing a face mask would protect me from COVID-19, it would not bother me at all, if we were talking about me. Considering those in my age group who become infected with COVID-19 have a 99.5% chance of not dying from it, knock yourself out, Mr. Surgeon; I don’t care if you sing a Kate Smith impersonation of “There’s No Business Like Show Business” at peak volume while you’re operating on me. And considering by Dr. Pengilly’s own admission, face masks are an accepted part of medical personnel’s PPE and they will still be wearing one during their duties long after CVOVID-19 is gone, the entire point assumes a flavour of farce.

There’s good reason – as good as you can get without a randomized clinical trial, meaning ‘because experts say so’ – to believe that hand-washing is at least as effective at preventing transmission of viral infections. Let me ask you this; first, suppose you wanted to know how many people in your city were paying attention to what you told them to do, and were willing to obey your orders in this and perhaps future situations. Now, can you look at a group of strangers passing by in the street, and determine who among them has washed their hands, and who has not?

Can you look at a group of strangers passing by in the street, and determine who among them is wearing a face mask, and who is not? Hell, yeah – you don’t even have to be present. You can look at a video feed of Pearson Airport in Toronto and identify at a glance who is an obedient citizen and who is a potential troublemaker who will not do as he’s told. An anti-masker, if you will. Is that the level of civil rights you were accustomed to in British Columbia, Canada pre-pandemic, Mr. Pengilly? Is it? Actually, pre-pandemic it was against the law to wear a face mask if you were part of a demonstration or protest the authorities termed ‘unlawful assembly’ – doing it could get you a 10-year prison sentence. You’ll like this – according to the president of Canada’s Police Association at the time, Tom Stamatakis, “In my experience when someone shows up at a protest with a mask, their intentions are violent… There is no good legitimate reason for someone to protest peacefully and show up wearing a mask.” Funny old world, innit?

A final point: ‘anti-maskers’ are not interested in converting those who wish to wear a face mask. Knock thyself out. Wear two. If you prefer to believe that a rectangle of cloth (or two) held on your face by ear loops makes you invisible to an airborne virus, hallelujah! Testify, my brother! Rock those face-panties all day and night – as Matthew Good says, whatever puts you all the way out. Cite me an example, if you can, of anyone in a public setting rounding on an innocent face-masked citizen and barking “Will you GET the hell BACK with that mask???” Sadly, examples abound of righteous citizens – people who were formerly ‘my community’ – prancing in an ecstasy of choler in public spaces like grocery stores and demanding to know what motivates you to be such a selfish prick who cares so little about public safety. Because you’re not wearing a mask. Yes, indeedy – the authorities have discovered a gold mine in public safety; an issue to which all individual civil rights immediately become subordinate, to the enthusiastic hero-worship of the quacking crowd which could care less whether there’s any reason for it or not. And when COVID-19 assumes its place in history as a mass hysteria which rivals the weapons-of-mass-destruction oopsie that ushered in the wholesale wreckage of Iraq, there will never be any sort of apology for those who were reviled and insulted by know-nothings who were satisfied by the pious protestations of government that it is ‘following the science’.

“Off goes the head of the king, and tyranny gives way to freedom. The change seems abysmal. Then, bit by bit, the face of freedom hardens, and by and by it is the old face of tyranny. Then another cycle, and another. But under the play of all these opposites there is something fundamental and permanent — the basic delusion that men may be governed and yet be free.”
H.L. Mencken, The American Credo: A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind.


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  1. Enjoy this fine piece, by Eric Zuesse for Strategic Culture, on the destruction of Ukraine. You will be familiar with much of this already through long-term discussions of the issue, but I think there will be a few surprises, including details on the discussions between Yanukovych and Euro-expansion Commissioner Stefan Fule that are new to me. Throughout, the west’s hypocrisy and appalling appetite for destruction are laid bare.

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  2. Some amazing accusations centered around the Georgia recount of ballots. Worth watching. I notice the media account still seems to be ‘nothing to see here, wild accusations but no credible evidence found, Biden’s inauguration is inevitable’. But many of these accusations appear to be based on eyewitness affidavits by experienced poll workers.

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    1. I am under the assumption that there are always irregularities in elections. The question is more precisely (and the one we are asking), ‘does it make a difference?’

      I think the key to the Dems victory was mass early postal voting which was more than enough. Did they cheat? Undoubtedly so and probably far more than they needed but as I have long said, this election was for t-Rump to lose and he a) played the same strategy as last time (not very Sun Tzu – big mistake); b) rubbed up enough people the wrong way not to give him the benefit of the doubt again. That most of the US media was partisan and useless is nothing new and should be factored in. The US is broken, but that again is nothing new.

      In ‘normal times’ none of this would matter much, but the west has already peaked yet the Ossified State cannot and still will not accept this. This is why I think that such behavior that would have been verboden not so long ago is allowed with a nudge nude, wink wink. It’s self-corruption to maintain something that is well past its sell-by date. Once you start looking you can see this everywhere. It’s the Senators in Rome fighting each other as the empire crumbles around them.

      In the UK, Freedom of Information laws are under scrutiny or more precisely how a small office in the government is ‘managing requests’ and filtering out anything that is embarassing to the government. FOI was only introduced back in 2000. It was clearly a recognition by government that it has to be much more transparent in how it works to maintain legitimacy in its citizens eyes. Also it is good practice and has long been standard in Scandanavia and a few other countries.

      What you don’t know cannot hurt the government you.

      Independnet: UK government running ‘Orwellian’ unit to circumvent transparency laws and block freedom of information requests


  3. Looks like they are at last going to put the kaibosh on that bullshitting bastard of a foreign agent.

    A libtard blogger writes:

    Отравители возбудились

    The poisoners have got excited
    Investigators check Navalny’s statements for extremism

    above: Bullshitter recuperating in Germany after Putin’s failed assassination attempt made against him.

    In Moscow, investigators are checking statements by opposition leader Alksey Navalny on the Ekho Moskvy radio station on April 27.

    According to the source, the investigation believes that Navalny, participating in a live broadcast of the “U-turn” programme on the Ekho Moskvy radio station, called for a violent change of the constitutional order in Russia. “In connection with these statements, on November 30, a check was started for signs of public calls for extremist activity”. For public calls for extremist activity, an article in the criminal code provides for a punishment of up to 5 years in prison.

    Navalny is now in Germany, where he is recovering from poisoning with a nerve agent from the Novichok group.

    It is not clear which statement made by Navalny has attracted the attention of investigators. On the air on “Ekho Moskvy of Moscow” on April 27, the oppositionist reasoned about the “overthrow of the government”:

    “You know, if our government is such that in order that I not do something nice, they want to leave 60 million people hungry, then such a government must be overthrown right now, quite possibly, even in a violent way”.

    The host suggested that Navalny was not calling for the overthrow of the government, but was simply rationalizing. Navalny did not deny this.

    [In fact, from the Ekho Moskvy transcript, the interviewer said:

    М.Курников: О―ё-ё-ёй! Вы не призываете, вы просто рассуждаете.

    Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh! You are not calling for this to take place, you are just reasoning.

    No, just shooting his big bullshitting gob off again, it would seem! — ME]

    Lawyer Pavel Chikov notes that the FSB usually conducts investigations into extremism cases. He also recalled that blogger Vladislav Sinitsa was sentenced to 5 years under the same article last year for tweeting about possible massacres law enforcement officers’ children (though his Tweet did not contain calls for any action).

    [From Russian Wiki:

    After the protest action on July 27, where participants were severely detained and beaten by law enforcement agencies, a discussion began in the blogosphere about the possible deanonymization of law enforcement officers. Against the background of these events, on July 31, 2019, Vladislav Sinitsa entered into a dialogue on the Twitter social network under the nickname Max Steklov with another user named Voice of Mordor, during which he wrote a message to the latter in which he presented a situation that could happen to children of law enforcement officers if the data on their whereabouts was studied on the Internet. In particular, Sinitsa used the phrase “instead of a child, a CD with a snuff video comes in the mail”. A few days later, the deanonymization of “Max Steklov” took place on the Internet; on August 4, messages with a photo, name and surname of Vladislav Sinitsa began to appear on Twitter, who turned out to be the real author of the “Max Steklov” message. In court, Sinitsa admitted that he was the author of the message, and explained that his “slightly rude and unethical” Tweet was a reaction to the actions of law enforcement officers who participated in dispersing the summer Moscow protests. He added that his post “was not addressed to a wide range of people”, but was a “symmetrical response” to a user with whom he had entered into a discussion on social networks. — ME]

    Navalny himself has not yet commented on the check. [Oh but he has done so since this Libtard blogged: see below — ME] His comrade-in-arms Leonid Volkov tweeted that he considers it to be the response of the Russian government to the statement made at the OPCW session the day before about the need to investigate the poisoning of Navalny, of which the oppositionist himself blames the Russian government.

    USA bullshitting agent’s response since the above Libtard blog appeared:

    “Aleksey Navalny called for a violent change in the constitutional order, and his speech on the radio is being checked by investigators”.

    I see this news on Twitter and I think it’s some kind of garbage. Some United Russia members regularly write complaints and demand that I be put in jail for criticizing the government, but I haven’t been on the radio for several months.

    But no. That’s right. Putin, who is sitting in his bunker, does not want me to return to Russia after my having been cured, so he has decided to add a criminal case for extremism and threatens to have me imprisoned for treason against my motherland (I cheated on her by not dying when I was poisoned on the order of the Bunker Grandfather). They dug up a broadcast on Ekho Moskvy, which was already 7 months ago (!) and now it is being ‘checked’. (slide 2 carousels)

    On air, I spoke in support of our “5 Steps for Russia” campaign. I demanded that already in April 2020 (and repeated in June) each adult be allocated 20 thousand rubles and 10 thousand for a child. Housing and utilities service charges for the quarantine period had already been cancelled and small businesses were receiving support.

    It is now December 2020 and clear that this was the right programme. Families and businesses that have been impoverished by the pandemic still need this.

    I read that interview and I think I have understood what they were checking there.

    Host (slide 3 carousels):

    “What do you say to our listener, who says that the government will deliberately not support people in order that your programme not be carried out and to prevent you from gaining points.”


    “I have heard this opinion. But you know, if our government is such that in order not to let me do something nice, they want to leave 60 million people hungry, then such a government must definitely be overthrown right now, probably even in a violent way”.

    Well, of course I think so. A government that is ready to leave people hungry just so as not “to play along” with a certain policy has to be overthrown. Because such a government is an enemy of the people. They only think about themselves, their wealth and their positions.

    Is that extremism? I should like to remind you that in all social surveys, 85% of Russian citizens supported my “5 Steps” programme . Are they all extremists?

    A brief address to the Bunker Grandfather is on the fourth slide of the carousel.

    85% of the Russian population supported the Bullshitter’s “5 Steps”/



    1. Алексей Навальный — 5 шагов для России

      Aleksey Navalny — 5 steps for Russia.

      1. Right now to pay each adult 20 thousand rubles and 10 thousand rubles for each child.
      2. If the quarantine continues, another 10 thousand each in May and June.
      3. To completely abolish the payment for housing and utilities during the epidemic.
      4. To send 2 trillion roubles as non-refundable payments to small and medium-sized businesses.
      5. Cancel all taxes for small businesses for a period of one year.

      The aim of the campaign: to create such a level of political and public pressure that Putin and his government will be forced to implement “five steps”.

      Bullshit baffles brains?


      1. Quite a bit like Canada – completely overreact to a ‘public-health crisis’, impose lockdowns which are proven to have no impact on arresting the spread of an infectious virus, take away thousands of people’s jobs and then shovel money which is just barely enough for them to live on if you give them a break on other payments, but whose cumulative cost is driving the country into unsustainable debt.

        It has long been a dream of the west to burn off Russia’s cash reserves and drive it into borrowing fantastic amounts from the IMF and other international organizations owned lock, stock and barrel by Washington.

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      2. So if Putin’s govt implements such a scheme, how does Navalny himself benefit, unless the scheme itself is a set-up that allows him to criticise Moscow for issuing such small amounts to individuals, families and small businesses and at the same time charge that Moscow is creating an unsustainable debt that taxpayers will eventually have to pay off? Incidentally this sounds like the kind of scheme Alexei Kudrin might propose.


    2. Error above!


      I demanded that already in April 2020 (and repeated in June) each adult be allocated 20 thousand rubles and 10 thousand for a child. Housing and utilities service charges for the quarantine period had already been cancelled and small businesses were receiving support,


      I demanded that already in April 2020 (and repeated in June) each adult be allocated 20 thousand rubles and 10 thousand for a child and that housing and utilities service charges for the quarantine period be cancelled and small businesses supported.


    3. What fucking country is he talking about? Does he not even know what the population of his own country is? More to the point, why should anyone listen to such an idiot? And the assumption that every single person in the country should be made to go hungry, plus another 15 million or so who don’t even exist, just to put pressure on Lyosha so that he will ‘be nice’, is such breathtaking arrogance that I can’t even think of a word to describe it. He really does think he is something special, the precious trinket.


      1. “. . . the assumption that every single person in the country should be made to go hungry, plus another 15 million or so who don’t even exist, just to put pressure on Lyosha so that he will ‘be nice . . .”

        No, the Bullshitter said during the interview that the government was willing to let millions go hungry rather than accept the Navalny 5-point programme, thereby making him look like Mr. Nice Guy and giving him Brownie points.

        He made the comment: “You know, if our government is such that in order that I not do something nice, they want to leave 60 million people hungry, then such a government must be overthrown right now, quite possibly, even in a violent way” in response to the interviewer asking him: ““What do you say to our listener, who says that the government will deliberately not support people in order that your programme not be carried out and to prevent you from gaining points?”


        1. Whoops! I was thinking 160 million vice 60. Because there are not 160 million in Russia. Still, I am sure there are also not 60 million going hungry. And if there were, it would not be because the government was starving them to force Lyosha to show mercy.


        2. Better: “You know, if our government is such that rather than letting me do something nice, it wants to let 60 million people go hungry, then such a government must be overthrown right now, quite possibly even in a violent way”.

          He’s been making such calls for mob violence for many years now. When he first appeared on the streets, he urged on the crowd to violence, saying, IIRC “There are enough of you here now to storm the Kremlin . . . but wait! Not yet! …”

          And later, he used the slogan: “Who are we?” and the mob howled in reply: “WE are the government!”

          And again, I clearly remember him saying to the idiots that the time will soon come when he will give the call and they should then take to the streets and overthrow the government.

          Please come home, arsehole, so you may be sent down for a long time, and fuck the ensuing, risible sanctions!


          1. He is on record saying just what you have described, because his western partners were very proud of him and made sure to get his message out for him among their own members – such bravery and altruism!

            I think he knows now that patty-cake time is over, and the next time he sees the inside of a Russian jail he is likely to be an old, old man before he ever sees the outside – the two-week slumber camps are in the past. Therefore he will not even be back to visit, no matter what he says. Unless the USA needs him as a martyr, and sacrifices him while persuading him it has his back and ‘The Kremlin’ would never dare make a move on him.


  4. Lying cnut Navalny (above) 2hours ago (now 14:24 Moscow time), 1st December 2020:

    . . . 85% of Russian citizens supported my “5 Steps” programme . Are they all extremists?

    Программа «5 шагов» Навального не нашла поддержки у 90% аудитории
    05 мая 2020 в 12:14

    Navalny’s 5 Steps programme not supported by 90% of the audience.
    05 May 2020 at 12:14


    Aleksey Navalny’s “5 Steps for Russia” programme is not popular amongst Russians. In a few weeks of active advertising and promotion, only 1.3 million signatures were collected at various venues. Given the total potential coverage of social media and other resources of Navalny and his closest team members for the “Anti-Corruption Fund” (FBK, recognized as a foreign agent), this result is not significant.

    “Two-week fiasco”

    On 20 April, Aleksey Navalny launched the “5 Steps for Russia” project, which is supposed to help Russians overcome the “coronavirus economic” crisis. The founder of FBC believes that the Russian government should use available cash reserves – 17.7 trillion rubles – to make direct payments to Russian citizens, support small and medium businesses, compensate for state tax losses and losses incurred by the housing and utilities sector and resource suppliers. According to the blogger, several million signatures must be collected for politicians and officials to take note of the initiative.

    To collect signatures, the “5 Steps” programme was launched on a separate website in the Network, and in the form of petitions posted on public online platforms for the aggregation of votes:, “Petitions” in “VKontakte” and on the website of the “Russian Public Initiative”. Social networks and media of both Navalny himself and his close associates in the FBK team were used for promotion, as well as resources of the Foundation itself and the blogger’s headquarters in the regions. As of May 4, the programme had collected a total of 1,324,338 signatures. At first glance, this may seem like a lot. But in reality, it is not all that clear. The response, judging by subscribers at various venues, which is deemed a decent one by FBC employees, is not impressive. In addition, the resources for petitions themselves have a controversial reputation.

    Subscriptions from unpopular sites?

    After the launch of the “5 Steps” programme website, key members began to actively promote it: Navalny himself, Lyubov Sobol, Ivan Zhdanov, Kira Yarmysh and Leonid Volkov. The list is not limited to designated figures, as the initiative was promoted in numerous regional headquarters, and news was copied by ordinary users. But the analysis of the number of their audience on the resources that at least once promoted the “5 steps” will suffice.

    Aleksey Navalny has a large number of his own social networks and media projects (VK, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, YouTube channels, etc.). The total audience of all media subscribers, including personal website traffic over the last 14 days, is 9.81 million people.

    Leonid Volkov cannot boast so many media resources. He has a total of 337,936 subscribers on all social networks. Press secretary of Navalny and FBK Kira Yarmysh has 70,103. Foundation lawyer Lyubov Sobol has 422,814 and Ivan Zhdanov has 49,760. The social networks of the Anti-Corruption Fund (VK, Facebook and Twitter) were also used to promote the programme – their total audience is 133,405 subscribers.

    As a result, the total number of subscribers and potential votes is 10.82 million. And with such an extensive database, taking into account the retransmission of records in social networks by ordinary citizens (in this case the external coverage is huge), only 1.3 million signatures were collected from all sites. That is, despite the advertising campaign, only 12% of the audience responded and decided to sign, and almost 90% ignored it[My stress — ME]. If you count the subscribers at all the sites where the initiative was promoted, the level of support will quickly “drop to the level of fat in kefir” [idiom: “a drop in the ocean” — ME] . This situation shows that no matter how much Navalny and FBK talk about their popularity, support and views on YouTube, in reality very few Russians share the liberal views of FBK employees and agree to support their controversial, populist initiatives.

    However, the honesty of the signatures themselves is questionable. All the sites that Navalny used have a questionable reputation. has long been criticized by Russians for its lack of a system to check cheating and confirm identities. Specialised sites offer to “throw” a comment and “voice” for a penny on Using bots, you can twist up any petition, including in ‘VKontakte’. For this reason, people do not particularly believe in “online voting”.

    Navalny — fuck off will ya?

    And I’m feeling extraordinarily polite today because of . . .


    And it’s snowing!


    1. The Skripals have arisen!

      1 декабря 2020, 18:54
      Юлия Скрипаль вышла на связь с родственниками

      December 2020, 18:54 Policy
      Yulia Skripal has contacted her relatives.

      The daughter of the former GRU colonel did not rule out that she would return to Russia together with her father.

      Yulia Skripal has contacted her relatives in Yaroslavl. She called her cousin Victoria Skripal, reports TASS.

      The girl said that her father, former GRU colonel Sergey Skrypal, had never left the UK. He is at a certain government facility. His condition is normal, but he is still under the constant supervision of a medical officer. Yulia herself has a slight loss of her eyesight. They don’t live together, but they do see each other sometimes.

      According to Viktoria Skripal, Julia and her father do not rule out that they will come to Russia in the future.


  5. NATO to Publish Report That Calls for More Focus on China

    The EU is also looking to form an anti-China coalition with the US to counter Beijing on trade and technology

    …“China is no longer the benign trading partner that the West had hoped for. It is the rising power of our century and NATO must adapt,” a NATO diplomat that saw the report told Reuters. The diplomat said part of the strategy would be to maintain a technological edge over China…

    …“China is investing massively in new weapons. It is coming closer to us, from the Arctic to Africa. China does not share our values … and tries to intimidate other countries,” Stoltenberg said….

    Got to keep those attack defense funds flowing. I suggest that NATO rebrands itself to inFeLlATiO as it is very good at blowing itself off. In public.

    Translation: China is not at out bended knee begging for advice and slavishly following our own failed policies, therefore it is an enemy.

    And all this to come shortly after Aussie PM Scott ‘Flaky Mandrin’ Morrison said that they were not trying to militarily economically contain China.


    1. Another report:

      Euractiv: New NATO report recommends more political role for the Western alliance

      …In order to improve NATO’s ability to act, the expert group will propose a series of measures at the expense of unity, which breaks with previous basic principles of the alliance.

      According to leaked information, the right to veto is to be restricted and the principle of unanimity to be weakened, but not abolished, to speed up decisions and prevent “increasingly frequent blockades by individual countries”…

      …Additionally, ‘Coalitions of the Willing’ within NATO could be made possible., which would translate into the alliance being able to act in the future even if not all members approve a mission…

      Doubling down.

      The thing is, NATO has already dispensed with unanimity when it was unwanted and already used ‘Coalitions of the Willing,’ namely over its destruction/genocide* of Libya. It could only agree on a No Fly Zone and dodged the rest of it by going way of the UN and Rapeesponsiblity To Protect (R2P) ‘Humanitarian Intervention.’ So it’s really nothing new.

      * In the spirit of the west’s reinterpretation of ‘genocide’ to mean whatever it wants.


      1. Uh huh, that’s just what a peaceful world would need, if there were any such thing – something that improves NATO’s ability to act.

        It’s true that it really represents nothing new’ however, what is new is the determination to get it into policy, rather than an ad hoc action taken because a couple of partners would not go along. This will become just the way NATO does business. Washington will come and sit down with the UK, France, the Netherlands and maybe Germany, and Washington will say, Look, fellas – we don’t care for what Russia/China/ Russia+China is doing. And we mean to put a stop to it. Who’s in? And then it will be presented as ‘unanimous among the partners’, meaning ‘among those who were consulted’.

        The USA would put a lot more stock in the UN if it could swing a similar arrangement whereby Russia and China could not veto ‘important decisions’. When Washington speaks of ‘the international community’ it mentally includes only those states who can be relied upon to go along with what the United States wants to do. Russia is wise to continue developing, and to maintain a stock of weapons which would make the United States pay such a terrible price for an attack that it dares not do it. And that should not be construed as “It’s all America’s fault”, because Yurrup is at least as bad, especially with the Ninja Librarian Stoltenberg running NATO.


  6. Лавров: Россия едва ли примет требование Санду о выводе миротворцев из Приднестровья
    1 декабря 2020, 19:58

    Lavrov: Russia is unlikely to accept Sandu’s demand for the withdrawal of peacekeepers from Transnistria.
    1 December 2020, 19:58

    Moscow will hardly be able to accept the demand of the elected President of Moldova Maya Sandu for the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference on Tuesday, December 1, following a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

    “It is difficult to judge what exactly Mrs. Sandu meant when she spoke of the necessity to withdraw the Russian peacekeepers, but the fact is that this will hardly help towards a settlement and we shall hardly be able to accept such a fairly irresponsible demand Let’s face it — this is a fact”, he said.

    The diplomat also stressed that it is important for Russia to have good relations with any country, including Moldova.

    So get lost, you US placeman!



      … In one of her first interviews to foreign media, she announced her intention to request that the United States Treasury add Vlad Plahotniuc to the Magnitsky List.[27] In August, Sandu asked the State Chancellery to prepare a draft decree where 23 August was declared to be the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism instead of the regular Liberation Day. …

      …Regarding former leader of Romania Ion Antonescu, Sandu said in 2018 that he was “a historical figure about whom we may say both good and bad things”. Her statements were sharply criticized by the Jewish Community of Moldova (CERM), who issued an open letter stating: “The lack of sanctions for… Holocaust denial and glorification of fascism in Moldovan legislation allows some opinion leaders and political leaders to not be held accountable for such acts, and lets them create their public image by distorting and revising historical facts and fueling inter-ethnic and inter-religious discrimination and hate”.[55][56] Sandu replied to this accusation in later interviews by stating “I regret that my words about the dictator Ion Antonescu were made an object of interpretation… My attitude towards any criminal regime of the 20th century, whether Nazi or communist, which have millions of lives on their consciences, is well known and unequivocally negative. Ion Antonescu was a war criminal, rightly condemned by the international community for war crimes against Jewish and Roma people”.[57][58]…

      Another revisionist via equivocation then. Remember kids, we are told that the real anti-semitism comes from the left despite all the evidence to the contrary.


      1. The question is, will she go ‘Full Saakashvili’?

        She strikes me as ‘someone who knows best’ and of course will have the benefit of the doubt when the west looks the other way when she is dealing with ‘problems.’


  7. EU seeks anti-China alliance on tech with Biden

    While TTIP is out of reach, Brussels wants to resuscitate elements of it that dealt with standards and regulation.

    …At a closed-door meeting to discuss Europe’s strategy, Sabine Weyand, Brussels’ top trade bureaucrat, told lawmakers from the European Parliament that the European Commission would propose a “Transatlantic Trade and Technology Council” to set joint standards on new technologies, according to two people in the room.

    This would target one of the big objectives of both the Europeans and Americans: Preventing China from establishing economic dominance across a number of high-value sectors by developing its own widely used technological and industrial standards. …

    …One senior Commission official described the tech alliance as a “low-hanging fruit,” …


    Despite the tabloid style heaedline, it’s still deluded crap. The smell of desperation is palpable that even the odd EU bureaucrat has bought in to the US’s long dreamed of technological ‘silver bullets’ that will always save the day and put it well beyond any competitor. That’s a Cold War dream.

    When I look at what is actually quoted, it looks to me that the EU recognizes that both it and the US has comparitively limited resources and that by actually working together rather than leaving it to the usual tech monopolies that are big enough to ignore countries, they will have more influence on the emerging tech of the Third (or some say Fourth) Industrial Revolution that we are currently in.

    Sinophobia is already being used to sell OpenRAN (Open Radio Access Network) which is a plug and play comms standard that is not beholdent to any one megacompany (and its proprietary IP) from any one state. So rather than just accusing its own companies of laughing at them and trying to take them down judicially which is very difficult when they have such deep pockets, an ‘Open’ system allows governments to pick and chose different companies and maintain their religion of ‘competition.’ In the state’s favor. That’s my interpretation.


    1. Are these people really the smartest we have to offer? Really??? Because the strategy they are setting forth is that the west in future plans to buy next to nothing from China but cheap Wal-Mart fodder to appease the poor rubes who can’t afford anything better….but it somehow plans to sell all kinds of its own tech to China, except for what might have national-security implications. Because China is your growth market, you fucking numb numpties!!!

      Europe and the United States, despite being great trade partners to one another, have more or less hit a wall in terms of market expansion – there is no room for the steroid profits that western investors love without some major company assassinations, and neither is about to let that happen. Consequently Asia, and mostly China, is the growth market for both. Unfortunately for any potential cunning plans, the Chinese are not so stupid as to accept a pattern whereby they sell only the modern equivalent of glass beads and calico to the west, while they fall into a massive trade deficit eagerly buying western goods that they are more than capable of making themselves. Moreover, the west is in a poor position to influence the buying patterns of other Asian countries – what are the three rules of real estate? Location, location and location. The west is going to find itself looking up at OBOR from the ditch, while China firms up two-way-beneficial trade agreements with its continental partners. And then it will wail “Nobody could have known this would happen!!” And it will serve it right. I feel sorry for someone who suffers from having made a mistake. I have no sympathy at all for someone who keeps making the same mistake over and over.

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  8. I’ll add this opinion piece as evidence of how the (apparently) mighty have fallen:

    Euractiv: Europe ‘cannot afford’ to bow out of Mercosur agreement, says academic

    The crisis of multilateralism, driven by the competition between the US and China, and a lukewarm push from the current leaders of the EU and Mercosur, explains why the agreement between these two blocks is such a challenge, analysts say. EURACTIV’s partner Efeagro reports.

    …“Globally, only Latin America remains as a major agricultural supplier,” Tornabell underlined…

    It’s not just Mercosur but also the Cotonou Agreement with Africa. Neither are willing to roll over for the EU as felt they had to do in the past. One of those reasons is Chinese investment which provides both with leverage. There is still difficulty in the west to treat others as equals. The talks between the latter had to be stopped for Brussels to gather its skirts, have a cup of coffee and try and come up with a better strategy. Other states can not only say ‘No,’ they can also hold out longer than the EU can. The shoe is not on the other foot but the field is almost levelled. All this tells us much more about the shifting balance of power around the world than you get from self-horn blowing press release or most of the ‘professional mass media.’


  9. Euractiv: Budapest summons Ukrainian ambassador over ‘raids’ on ethnic Hungarian organisation

    Hungary summoned the Ukrainian ambassador and accused its neighbor of intimidation on Monday (30 November) after Ukraine’s state security service (SBU) raided the offices of ethnic Hungarians, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said.

    …The Ukrainian State Security Service confirmed the raid in a statement on its website.

    It said the Security Service conducted searches at local charitable foundations in the Transcarpathian region checking “information about the involvement of the foreign fund in activities aimed at violating the state sovereignty of Ukraine.”

    They said the investigation was also looking at assistance to a foreign state by certain Ukrainian public figures, suspected of “supporting the state bodies of a neighbouring country in conducting subversive activities to the detriment of Ukraine.”…


    Orban organizing a coup in Kiev? Maybe they got played. Picking more stupid fights with an EU member state is beyond retarded, but then that’s Kiev in a nutshell. If it’s dumb, we’ll do it. The US has our back…


    1. Uh, ‘neighbouring country’, sic RUSSIA. So the claim is that Russia was using Hungarian organizations to undermine the Ukraine. It’s does a very good job of that all by itself!



    It requires unusual degrees of self-confidence, political power, and lawlessness for the generals commanding the winning side in war to hold themselves innocent of the killing which the troops under their command committed against the losing side or suspected sympathisers. …

    A lot more at the link.

    There’s nothing I can add except the current UK Conservative government is pushing a bill to essentailly give torture immunity to the British armed forces:

    Independent: Government added ‘free pass for torture’ to Overseas Operational Bill at last minute, MPs told

    Legislation originally included exemption

    …The bill, which will end the right to bring legal cases against British soldiers for alleged offences that are more than five years old, has been criticised by senior military figures and human rights groups, who say it will damage Britain’s reputation abroad and act as a “licence to torture”.

    But on Monday MPs heard from legal experts familiar with the legislation that the torture immunity had been a deliberate and last-minute inclusion rather than an oversight. Sexual offences are still exempt from the bill’s provisions, the only such exemption…


    The fight for international freedumb shouldn’t be shackled by such (optional) fancies. It looks like a return to existential Cold War gloves off attitude that the right side should get a free pass for whatever transgressions it makes. The ends justify the means. Rather this looks like desparation by weakening powers.

    Do. As. We. Say. Not. As. We. Do.

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    1. The expression “You couldn’t mark his neck with a blowtorch” leaps effortlessly to mind. A mountebank cavorting to please his masters. Thanks for that, ME.


    2. Well, a Swedish boy’s gotta make a living! Really I never paid much attention to anything Aslund ever said again after he referred to the Russian oligarchs of Yeltsin’s day as ‘engines of capitalist development’. Aslund does not mind if you are a crook, so long as your inclinations lean capitalistic.


    3. What a schmuck; and a clumsy one at that. Still, it is interesting to read just how god-awful stupid that they are.


      1. Not to mention venal and greedy. Aslund and his merry companions are perfectly ready to encourage exactly the kind of rampant corporatism, complete with above-the-law executives, as exists in the USA so long as it lines their own pockets and those of their circle-jerk organizations.


    1. The author was very knowledgeable and presented an excellent analysis in my inexpert opinion. No doubt more FONOPS will be conducted to keep (perhaps largely imaginary) pressure on Russia.


      1. The author produced a series of articles for The Saker on the upgrading of the Russian Navy. Perhaps worth checking out. They struck me (uninformed layman) as thorough and well argued.


  11. Ho ho, the Brits are claiming the first use of COVID-19 vaccine for widespread use and is in absolutely no way being done for bragging and PR rights, unlike those dastardly Russians who’s ‘pre-registration’ of its vaccine was misreported as something else (because you can write any old s/t and still get a pat on the back). It’s ‘not a race’ we were told. Apparently it is, straight from the lying horse’s mouth.


    1. There was some news a day or so ago – it may have been on or Sputnik News – that someone who participated in the AstraZeneca trials of its COVID-19 vaccine in India is suing AZ as he has ongoing neurological problems after receiving the vaccine.


  12. Whether needed or not, Sputnik V will be administered on a large scale basis. Just vaccinate health care workers and teachers to eliminate that group as a transmission vector and inoculate the vulnerable groups. By this Spring, Russia should be back to normal I would think (i.e. not a new normal).


    1. I’m still in dock, though, and Reuters reported a few hours ago:

      18:04, 2 декабря 2020
      В Москве дистанционку для школьников продлили до конца второй четверти

      18:04, 2 December 2020
      In Moscow, the distance learning programme for schoolchildren has been extended until the end of the second quarter

      Moscow. December 2nd. INTERFAX.RU – Distance learning for schoolchildren in grades 6-11 in Moscow schools has been extended until the end of the second quarter of the academic year.

      The corresponding decree was signed on Wednesday by the mayor of the capital Sergei Sobyanin.

      Previously, the distance mode for those in grades 6-11 had been in effect until December 6.

      In accordance with the decree, until the end of the second quarter, students of secondary and high schools shall be blocked on discounted travel on public transport on social cards.

      Distance learning mode for this category of students was introduced on October 19. At the same time, after early holidays, pupils of grades 1-5 of Moscow schools from this date returned to full-time education.


  13. There’s a story just out detailing (not a great amount) about the second F-117 ‘stealth fighter’ that was hit over Belgrade in 1999. It’s hardly a surprise as NATO did not include damaged aircraft scrapped after making it back to base in their statistics of aircraft lost while bombing the f/k out of Serbia for Humanitarian Reasons. For 79 days. The only interesting bit was that NATO was worried more about SA-10/SA-300 ‘double digit’ sam systems which is not much of a surprise either as we know stealth aircraft were ‘escorted’ by Navy jamming planes – hardly a vote of full confidence.

    In other news, Boeing’s takeover of ‘Commercial’ airliner part of Brazil’s Embraer is officially cancelled, Mi-31BM’s have been deployed to Chukota & S300v4 sams have been deployed to the Kuriles which the Japanese have already complained about.


    1. Yeah, the persistent story is that one was hit and crashed in Serbia (the one that the media could not ignore) and two additional super-duper radar-evading wonderwaffens were hit but managed to either crash in friendly territory and landed but were damaged beyond repair. The planes were withdrawn from combat over Serbia thereafter.

      The Serb army was ready to take on NATO in a land invasion but NATO was smart enough to realize that they could be defeated hence the military plan was to bomb civilians, hospitals, schools, water treatment plants like good little Nazis that they were. But, the unplanned consequence was to wake up Russia. It too could fight the West and kick their smug-ass army all the way to hell where they belong.


      1. ‘Smart’ by luck. There was no agreement in NATO for a land invasion which would have come through Hungary (and across the Danube) and would have required some time for a build up.

        The Pork Pie News Networks were happy to parrot that ‘Genocide’ could occur as announced by some American policitians but didn’t bother to comment that if that was the case then ‘boots on ground’ would be the only way to stop it. I think the quote from someone like Albright/Cliton Admin was ‘a few days of bombing and then we expected the Serbs to fold.’


  14. Mad dog Stoltenberg:

    NATO says ‘intimidating’ Russia BIGGEST threat to bloc till at least 2030 – plans to send warships to Black Sea
    2 Dec, 2020 15:54

    A bombshell report by NATO has accused Russia of threatening Western interests from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic, as the bloc’s secretary general calls for members to escalate their presence on the country’s borders.

    The analysis, published on Wednesday, argued that Moscow engages in “assertive policies and aggressive action”, which has “negatively impacted the security of the Euro-Atlantic area”.

    “In the long term until 2030, Russia is likely to remain the main military threat to the North Atlantic Alliance>”, the authors of the report say.

    It added that Moscow frequently orders “intimidatory military operations in the immediate vicinity of NATO”.


    1. Russia’s presumed alternative to being ‘intimidatory’ (is that even a word?) is to not show up, and just let NATO ‘exercise’ at its pleasure without comment. Because apparently just showing up to watch is ‘intimidatory’.

      I have seen the Russians maneuver aggressively, and it was apparent they were doing it deliberately; back in the early 80’s, I was aboard a ship which was assigned to plane-guard for the USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, a NIMITZ Class aircraft carrier. Plane guard consists of following the carrier fairly closely during flight operations, so as to be available to dash in if a plane has to ditch or otherwise ballses-up the landing, and rescue the pilots. It’s your best chance for close-up photos, because a carrier typically moves within a ‘safety box’ which is 4 miles ahead, 2 miles on either beam and a mile astern, to reduce the danger consorts will be run over. Some carriers, such as the Australian MELBOURNE, have a reputation for hitting and damaging consorts, because carriers are not very maneuverable and take some time to stop when they are going fast – MELBOURNE was unofficially dubbed “The Can Opener” for that reason. Anyway, the plane guard is allowed inside the safety box.

      We had company; the Soviet frigates BESSMENNYY and ZHARKIY of the KRIVAK class showed up to observe flight operations. They liked to get in close and station themselves directly behind and directly ahead of the carrier and match its speed, so that aircraft landing or taking off were blocked by their mast. We were asked to keep them off, and the captain also maneuvered quite aggressively; there were several near-collisions, although we never touched. As payback, navy aircraft returning to the carrier liked to dump their fuel on the trailing frigate; navy aircraft usually take off with full tanks, in case they are called away on a mission while airborne. Conversely, when they land they need to have just enough for maybe another go-round in case they miss their first pass, so that if you roll it up on deck you are not full of fuel. This results in a lot of fuel getting jettisoned.

      Interestingly, it is often the Navy which is selected to be national provocateur. But harassing Russian ships at sea is getting to be a dangerous proposition, and stand-off range provided by modern missile systems makes it hazardous to approach the Russian coastline to a distance that could be constituted as applying pressure. A retaliatory mission assigned for any attack on Russian vessels or property is now just a radio-call away, thanks to Russia having joined the cruise-missile club.


  15. Statista via The Mammoth Cost Of Operating America’s Combat Aircraft

    …B-2 Spirit had operating costs per aircraft at close to $63 million,…

    …he F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II – are also the most expensive fighter jets to maintain at $22 million and $13.4 million per aircraft in fiscal year 2018, respectively….

    The costs usually come down with time, but there was also a recent report about availability and only the UH-1N helicopter achieved 80%+ for the whole year (however you slice it).

    The reason Russia did not go full stealthtard with the Su-57 is not just the cost of maintaining delicate stealthiness which every year is reduced due to much faster advances in sensor/machine learning/whatever technology, but a rapid turn around whether repairs or other is directly related to use. If your super duper stealth plane requires extra time on the ground to make sure it is stealthy, that is time it is not being used. War generally doesn’t last too long. The other side of this coin is that the longer the war goes on, the more maintenance is required and more wear depending on weather and geography. So not good for ‘stealth.’ Speaking of which the USAF have recently been showing off the F-35 in ‘Beast Mode’, i.e. fully loaded up with decidely unstealthy external stores… ‘Nuff said.


    1. You know what I think – stealth is overrated. It is true if you go out of your way to produce a plane or ship which is all right angles and consequently a super radar reflector, you will be able to see it on radar much more easily than a target which is trying to be stealthy,. but the difference is, to me at least, not worth the expense and hype.

      The HALIFAX class frigates were purpose-designed for Canada to be ‘stealthy’ – virtually no right angles, everything is just a little bit off so as to break up an easy direct-path reflection. Incidentally, that’s one in the background, behind Zelensky.

      If you look about halfway down the ship’s length (misleading, because the curve of the hull means you cannot see the stern), you will see a large flat structure with what look like vertical pipes behind it. That is the vertical-launch anti-air missile system – canister launchers with the missile exhaust trunk between them, 8 launchers per side – and the sole purpose of the flat superstructure cover in front of it is to break up the radar echo which would be produced by the uncovered launchers. Here’s a better look at it;

      The first flat part of the side you see is the exterior of the port breezeway, which connects the forecastle deck with the midships weatherdeck; you can see the open door in front at deck level. Next is the ‘garage door’ which makes the SAM system ‘stealthy’, and everything between that and the flight deck is the port side of the helicopter hangar. All upper-deck superstructure is angled off slightly so as to produce less than a 90-degree angle, even when the ship rolls.

      And you know what? You can see them perfectly well on radar, even a mid-level Decca or Marconi navigation radar. They are not even close to invisible in anything less than sea state 5. I’ve never seen any figures which represent the difference in cost when designing them to ensure no right angles or ‘pockets’ which would provide a good radar return, but it stands to reason it was more expensive and probably significantly so. Our older destroyers had rounded outer hull edges, but that was not to make them stealthy; it was to make them shed water more effectively, and they were just about the same in terms of radar return. The hangar on the HALIFAX class is only stealthy as long as the door is closed – open it to winch out the helicopter, and your radar return from astern is about as inconspicuous as a turd in a punch bowl.

      It probably matters much more to aircraft, but again, the designer must ask himself a question, and it is not “Do I feel lucky?” It is “Are the stealth features I am designing going to provide enough advantage for the pilot to get close enough undetected to launch the weapon the aircraft will carry?” Because that’s the whole point of a combat aircraft – to execute striking power. If you are likely to be detected before you get within effective weapon range, then it does not really matter how much closer stealth gets you. And if your strike does not take out the entire weapons complex you were attacking, yours is likely to be a one-way trip anyway – stealth aircraft are only stealthy on the approach, and from behind the exhausts usually give a hard return, making you vulnerable to being shot down on your escape run.

      And, once again, it is always – and I mean always – easier and cheaper to engineer an improvement or modification to detection systems than it is to come up with a concept that will make you invisible to detection. Sometimes it only involves radiating the radar on a different radio frequency; few stealth or jamming concepts are effective across the entire frequency spectrum.


  16. via Venezuela Triples Oil Exports Using Ghost Tankers

    Venezuela boosted its crude oil exports nearly threefold in November to more than 500,000 barrels per day (bpd), including by hiding the true identity of tankers to avoid detection, …

    …Almost the entire volume of oil exports from Venezuela was headed to China last month, while Venezuelan crude stockpiles fell substantially, according to the data reviewed by Bloomberg….

    …PDVSA has been using ship-to-ship transfers for its exports to China, but reports emerged last week that Venezuela had resumed direct shipments of crude oil to China despite the escalating U.S. sanctions trying to stifle Nicolas Maduro’s regime..

    So who’s been spilling internal PDVSA documents or is this part of the US’s ‘defensive’ cyberwarfare operations? Methinx the latter is far more likely. It goes to show that the US will use whatever tool it likes if it knows that there is little or no comeback. They are certainly much more careful with larger states that can bite. Pathetic.


    1. 500,000 bpd is nothing to sneeze it. Well done. Venezuela just might win its battle with the evil empire. I wonder what Matt is doing about this.


    2. Strictly speaking, the United States cannot impose sanctions which involve any parties but where the target state is linked with itself. For example, its sanctions against Russia do not say nobody can do business with Russia – they say anyone who does business with Russia may not be allowed to do business with or within the United States. China already runs a trade surplus with the United States, even after unilateral and retaliatory trade actions by the latter have pared down business exchanges. China is in a position to hurt the USA worse than the other way around, since so many US companies still do business in China.

      For years, American companies looked to China as a land of new opportunity. Now a new reality is settling in: The Chinese consumer isn’t about to save the day for Western brands…”Now the quality is similar, so why not buy China?” said Gao Yang, 39, who works in home decoration, as he browsed in a Beijing mall. Once an avid buyer of Nike and Adidas products, Mr. Gao said he has switched exclusively to Li-Ning, a Beijing-based sportswear brand that has become fashionable in China. In a Hill+Knowlton Strategies survey in 1998, virtually no Chinese respondents said they thought Chinese brands were cool.

      That was less than a year after the arrest in Canada – at American behest – of Meng Wanzhou, which is a very rapid turnaround in consumer markets. It has not improved during the west’s increasingly open hostility, and is turning out to be a very bad bargain for the west, although of course it spins the situation as if it is about to pull the rug out from under China’s feet, and is just waiting for the perfect moment.

      Even before that watershed moment (Meng’s arrest), China was increasingly signaling that it is so done with America’s prima-donna posturing and it’s-all-about-me hand-waving ways. A couple of months before Meng’s arrest, China warned that America might never regain its previous market share in agriculture, and there is no reason to imagine American belligerence has resulted in more positive results for other American commercial sectors in China.

      “China can easily find other countries to buy agricultural goods from instead of the U.S., its vice agriculture minister said, warning that American farmers could permanently lose their share of the Chinese market as a result of the trade war…“Many countries have the willingness and they totally have the capacity to take over the market share the U.S. is enjoying in China. If other countries become reliable suppliers for China, it will be very difficult for the U.S. to regain the market,” Han Jun told official Xinhua news agency in an interview on Friday. He also warned that American farmers could lose the position in the Chinese market they have spent several decades building up.

      Biden’s audience cheers him wildly whenever he shakes his fist at China, and there is no reason to expect a volte-face on trade relations no matter how hysterical American farmers get.

      All this is by way of suggesting America has no right at all to interfere in direct energy sales between China and Venezuela, and any attempts to have its navy intervene with the conduct of seaborne trade between the two would quite properly be viewed as piracy. It would be an invitation for Venezuelan oil cargoes to be escorted by Chinese warships, and an attack by American forces on a Chinese warship would very quickly escalate. I mentioned earlier that Russia’s moving up to the cruise-missile club was a major game changer…and all that stands between China and membership as well is money.


      1. Chinese quality appears much higher than US suppliers in various industrial products and particularly so with high precision castings. Chinese suppliers respond immediately to quality issues and are rarely late on shipments. Their costs, even with tariffs, remain competitive with US suppliers. Factoring in quality, there still is no reason to use US suppliers for these products.

        The US capability in this area has collapsed and there is little prospect that a US supplier will undertake the multi-year program to train new workers for this type of work (assuming that they could find millennials willing to work in a foundry).

        We are supposed to be awash in 3-D printed industrial components that make such castings obsolete. I wish it were so (we keep on looking) but the technology is far away (as in many years if not decades) from having an impact in this market segment.


    1. The classics (“The Running Man” and “They Live” 🙂 ) end with disruption of the broadcasts of the evil media. Turn off the juice of the treacherous media as you use other channels to put your message across…?

      Dystopian movies 101.

      That’ll be 15%, Mr President.


  17. I said Biden would not do anything to repair trade relations with China, and that’s what he says, too, in this self-indulgent rub-and-tug with thoroughly-discredited America-uber-alles thud-fuck Thomas Friedman, he of the six-month grace increments for the Dubya Bush regime to turn Iraq into a prosperous, peaceful, western-friendly market democracy. 0 for 5, Tommy-boy; it is none of those.

    “On China, he said he would not act immediately to remove the 25% tariffs that Trump imposed on about half of China’s exports to the United States — or the Phase 1 agreement Trump inked with China that requires Beijing to purchase some $200 billion in additional U.S. goods and services during the period 2020 and 2021 — which China has fallen significantly behind on.

    “I’m not going to make any immediate moves, and the same applies to the tariffs,” he said. “I’m not going to prejudice my options.”

    He first wants to conduct a full review of the existing agreement with China and consult our traditional allies in Asia and Europe, he said, “so we can develop a coherent strategy.”

    Yeah; good luck with that, Joe. I think you can probably count on the UK, because it has never seen an American plan it would not jump up and down at the chance to be a part of. The rest of Yurrup is likely a bit more skeptical. I think you might be surprised.

    Mind you, early signs are there that Biden is just talking out his ass, and no real credence need be lent to anything he says. He has this to say of the Trump administration’s debt accumulation – “But the big question is whether he can get it past McConnell today or tomorrow if the Republicans continue to hold the Senate. A significant number of Republican senators could decide that they want to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden, after four years of uncontrolled spending under Trump that has brought the national debt to record highs.”

    Uh huh, debt at record highs – and the first item (allegedly) on the Biden agenda (when he takes a moment off from healing America, redefining unity and whupping the coronavirus) is…a great big ol’ stimulus package. I guess this is going to be the first stimulus package ever where there is no debt involved!


    1. The mission was more complicated than it needed to be in my amateur opinion. This suggests that the Chinese were also validating other technology otherwise not need on this mission. If they complete the mission per plan, it will be significant engineering and scientific accomplishment. Frankly, I don’t how they could do it given that there were no plans in the West to copy (sarc).


      1. Somehow they managed to do it without the legs of their spacecraft being wrapped in gold foil, which presumably is what saw a manned mission safely through the Van Allen Radiation Belts. The Chinese have yet to figure out how to land without the craft’s feet digging in, though – they left bloody divots all over the landscape. Fail.


    1. This is more in the BBC style:

      Russian influence under threat in its own back yard

      By Rosenberg, natch!

      The BBC Moscow correspondent quotes “Konstantin von Eggert” as regards the recent events in the Caucasus, ‘cos Eggert is a very “handshakeable” [рукопожатый ] twat, see:

      “What happened in Karabakh is truly a geo-political catastrophe for Moscow’s influence, not only in the South Caucasus, but across what remains of the post-Soviet space,” concludes political commentator Konstantin von Eggert.

      “In effect we’ve seen an Armenian army, which was trained and armed by Russia, defeated by an Azerbaijani army trained and armed by the Turks. President Erdogan’s Turkey has gained a very important foothold in the region.”

      “The conclusions that regional players like Turkey, China and Iran will draw from this will be that they can further muscle into the region, in Central Asia and in South Caucasus, without consulting too much with Moscow or fearing repercussions from the Kremlin.”

      A “catastrophe” even!

      Further on, Rosenberg writes:

      Is there a real benefit to Russia maintaining a zone of influence in its neighbourhood?

      “If you did the calculation, how many resources Russia is investing in keeping this periphery in its sphere of influence, and how much Russia would gain from economic returns, trade, security, investment and lack of trouble with its major markets in Europe, I think the equation would say let these countries [in the periphery] go,” says Alexander Gabuev, a senior fellow at the Moscow Carnegie Centre.

      The Moscow Carnegie Centre!!!

      Well what a surprise to see that Rosenberg hurried over there for “expert” opinion!

      Enter snidey mode from Rosenberg when ending the article with a quote from the pseudo German-Russian aristocrat “Von Eggert”:

      Ultimately, though, Russia’s room for influencing the old Soviet space may be limited by new realities: an increasing number of regional players, including China, Turkey, America and the EU. And by Moscow’s current status as an ex-empire.

      “A significant part of Russian society is still wedded to the idea of having a sort of empire,” believes Konstantin von Eggert. “But it will have to say goodbye to it quite soon. Historically speaking. Russia itself is undergoing a transition from an empire to a nation state and this is an inevitable process.”

      Konstantin von Eggert is editor-in-chief of the BBC Russian Service Moscow bureau. He is a regular lecturer at the German Foreign Policy Association Summer School in Berlin, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Royal College of Defence Studies in London and Wilton Park (UK).

      I do not know when Eggert decided to add the German aristocratic “von” to his family name: his grandfather was the Soviet actor Konstantin Vladimorovich Eggert.

      In the Russian Wiki, “von Eggert” is given his full Russian name thus: Эггерт, Константин Петрович— Eggert, Konstantin Petrovich:

      Konstantin Petrovich Eggert (May 22, 1964, Moscow) — Russian journalist, publicist, columnist and host of programmes at the Kommersant FM radio station and the Dozhd TV channel, editor-in-chief of the Moscow bureau of the Russian service BBC (2002-2009) … Grandson of Konstantin Vladimirovich Eggert (1883-1955) — actor, director and screenwriter. Member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress.

      [Of German-Jewish ancestry! Baltic German-Jew antecedents, no doubt. Was für eine Überraschung! — ME]

      Since 1998 he has worked for the BBC. In 2002, he became editor-in-chief of the Moscow bureau of the Russian service of the BBC, whilst continuing to engage in journalism. He hosted the “Morning on the BBC” programme, covered major events, including the seizure of the Dubrovka theatre, G8 summits, and the 2008 US presidential election.

      In 2009, he joined the Russian division of ExxonMobil as Vice President for Public Relations and Government Agencies.

      In 2010, he became an independent analyst and consultant and began cooperating with the Kommersant FM radio station as a political commentator.

      Eggert is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire; laureate of the Golden Verb Prize of the Russian Media Union and the Telegrand Prize., a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, a member of the editorial board of the “Pro et Contra” magazine of the Carnegie Moscow Centre and of the expert council of the Centre for Political Research in Russia

      In 2008, the British head of State “created” Eggert an Honourary Member of the Civic Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. That same year President Valdas Adamkus awarded him Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merits to Lithuania.

      Konstantin Petrovich Eggert graduated from the Moscow University Institute of Asian and African Studies (M.A. in history and Arabic language).

      In short, pseudo aristocratic German-Jewish Russian Eggert is very, very handshakeable, at least with the BBC and Rosenberg: after all, Eggert is Rosenberg’s Moscow boss.

      Strange how Konstantin Petrovich Eggert seemingly mocks the desire of a “significant part of Russian society”, which, according to him at least, believes that there is a Russian Empire — “sort of” — yet despite such a mocking tone, he finds not the slightest incongruity in the fact that he is an Honourary Member of the Civic Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which empire does not exist — sort of.


      1. Yup, it’s curtains for the Moscow Empire, I’m afraid. You can sort of tell how quickly Turkey is replacing it in the power structure by the building crescendo of cries from NATO for serious sanctions against Turkey, to contain its burgeoning influence. It’s….well, it’s not allowed to buy the F-35!! So there!!

        And even that would be reversed in a heartbeat if Erdogan were to say he is boxing up his S-400’s for return, and has no intention of buying any more.


        1. There was an article (which I can’t find) speculating on a possible marriage of convenience beween Turkey and the Ukraine. Turkey has had military supplies cut off (Canada’s optronics, German drone engines etc.) so could replace them with Ukranian products. I could imagine marine diesels and other items too. I remember now:

          South Front: Chicken Kiev Meets Cold Turkey: Black Sea Axis Emerges?

          On the face of it, an alliance between Turkey and Ukraine seems like a rather odd creation, yet one that may surprisingly durable simply because neither country has anywhere else to turn. What practically dooms them to a partnership if not an outright alliance is their unenviable geographic and geopolitical position of occupying the strange “no man’s land” between Russia, NATO, and the Middle East. It is, of course, largely a predicament of their own making. …

          Plenty more at the badly formated link.

          Lots of interesting supposition.


  18. 2 декабря 2020 9:36
    Постпред Украины в ООН представил свою версию Второй мировой войны
    По словам украинского дипломата, у Гитлера и Сталина был совместный план военных действий

    2 December 2020 9:36
    The Ukraine Permanent Representative to the UN has presented his version of the Second World War
    According to the Ukrainian diplomat, Hitler and Stalin had a joint military action plan.

    Sergei Kislitsa, Permanent Representative of the Ukraine to the United Nations (UN), said that Adolf Hitler had developed a plan for World War II together with Joseph Stalin. The Ukrainian diplomat put forward such version of military actions during a solemn session of General Assembly of the United Nations in memory of all victims of the Second World War.

    “September 1, 1939 was far from the initial stage of the plan, which Hitler developed in collusion with Stalin”, said the Ukrainian representative during a solemn ceremony on Tuesday, December 1.

    2 декабря 2020 14:34
    Украина обвиняет: Гитлер развязал Вторую мировую войну вместе со Сталиным
    Почему представитель незалежной в ООН заявляет, что наша страна – соучастник преступлений против человечности и «уничтожений тысяч украинцев»

    2 December 2020 14:34
    The Ukraine accuses: Hitler unleashed World War II with Stalin
    Why does a UN representative of “the Independent” say that our country is an accomplice to crimes against humanity and “the destruction of thousands of Ukrainians”?

    [“The Independent” is a Russian mocking term of reference to Banderastan because of Svidomites’ invariably saying or writing “independent” before “Ukraine” in order to signify that until 2014, Banderastan was not truly free of Orc control — ME]

    Sergey Kislitsa, the Ukrainian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has made an “historic discovery”. He has spoken about this from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly in New York. A graduate of the Kiev Shevchenko State University Faculty of International Law and a long-term employee of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA, Mr Kislica not only placed the Führer of the Third Reich and the head of the USSR on the same side, he also accused Moscow of “destroying thousands of Ukrainians” in 1939 and of similar crimes “when retreating in 1941” …

    For comments, the KP appealed to Alexei Plotnikov, a member of the Russian Association of World War II Historians and Doctor of Historical Sciences.

    KP: At the UN it has been declared that Soviet troops “marched into the territory of Western Ukraine” in the autumn of 1939, harvesting “many thousands of ordinary Ukrainians lives”.

    Alexei Plotnikov: Except for deep regret, there is nothing else to express. Are these very statements at the UN beginning to be perceived as coming from the multinational people of the Ukraine? But they are not! We see a certain reproduction of the ideas of the regime in power in Kiev. This is completely absurd. The Ukrainian authorities are beginning to behave worse than the Polish authorities. Becoming odious even in the eyes of their Western partners.

    KP: In contrast to those losses that the Ukrainians suffered in September 1939, was it not the Poles who suffered the real, big losses?

    AP: This is true. Polish troops did indeed resist the invasion of Hitler’s troops. Yes, the Polish army was destroyed in a fortnight in September, and the government fled Warsaw on the sixth day of the confrontation with Germany. As a result, the Cabinet fled after 17 September via Romania to Britain. At the same time, there were pockets of Polish resistance to the Germans, and even heroic ones.

    The statements of the Ukrainian representative to the UN are, at least, uninformed. When the Ukrainian government takes upon itself the responsibility of speaking for the population of Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia, which joined the USSR in September 1939, then it should consult the people there. There was no “population of Western Ukraine”: there was the “Kresy”, [“Kresy Wschodnie” or simply Kresy — possibly from the German “Kreis”, meaning ‘region” — ME] which was a term coined for the eastern part of the Second Polish Republic during the interwar period. It was a largely agricultural and extensively multi-ethnic area and amounted to nearly half of the territory of pre-war Poland. In Kresy there was a strict policy of Polonization and enforced conversion to Roman Catholicism. There is also evidence of a policy of genocide and humiliation towards and denial of the rights of the Ukrainian and Belarusian minorities . That is why, for example, in Belarus, 17 September 1939 is perceived as the day of reunification of the Belarusian people. In the Ukraine, under the current government, this is impossible, although it was possible to talk about it until 2014.

    KP: So what were the losses “suffered by the Ukrainians” when the Red Army entered these lands in 1939?

    AP: The only victims were the Polish soldiers on this land. The Poles were actively surrendering to the Red Army in order to avoid lynching by the locals. The losses of the Polish army were inevitable, but minimal — the USSR did not fight against Poland. We interned the Poles. And there were minor clashes between German and Soviet troops. So what kind of losses did the Ukrainians suffer?

    KP: Kislitsa in the UN also spoke about the large casualties among Ukrainians during the retreat of the Red Army in 1941 …

    AP: At that time our army was retreating on its own territory, on the territory of one of the republics of the [Soviet] Union, the Ukrainian SSR. There was and could not be any independent Ukraine at that time. And, retreating and advancing, we were destroying infrastructure facilities of a united Soviet country — in the interests of its protection, so that the external enemy would not get it. On behalf of whom does this man broadcast on the UN tribune? When he speaks about thousands of dead Ukrainians, he is speaking about citizens of the USSR, who were killed by a war that had came from the west: they were killed by the Wehrmacht.

    KP: But still, speaking of September 1939, are there any documents about the deaths of civilians during the entry of the Red Army into Western Ukraine?

    AP: I have not seen any such documents. And I have not heard of them either. We arrested collaborators who were actively cooperating with the Polish government. [He means anti-Soviet collaborators — ME] In general, here there is a political schizophrenia. Extreme nonsense is being reproduced by the Ukrainian government.

    And here is the opinion of Mikhail Myagkov, scientific director of the Russian Military Historical Society:

    KP: This is not the first time that we have heard of a plan for the world war, which Hitler had drawn up with Stalin.

    Mikhail Myagkov: It is hard to listen to the next ravings of Ukrainian politicians. Mr Kislitsa must have known that the Ukraine, [then] a member of the USSR, joined the UN thanks to Stalin. The Soviet republic was given broad rights and authority there. And now the rewriting of the results of World War II by the Ukrainian government is starting. The fact is that the chief culprit of this war — German Nazism — was recognised by the Nuremberg Trails. And this is one of the pillars of world organisation after the war, together with the UN. And it clearly showed who the aggressor was and who the victim was. If the Ukraine is trying to undermine the world order, then this pendulum will swing back and hit the Ukraine itself and will the Ukraine give back its western part to Poland? Well, will it do so if they are now talking about Hitler’s conspiracy with Stalin over Poland and Western Ukraine? We also lost more than 3.5 million fighters of all nationalities in the liberation of the Ukraine. And this man, this Kislitsa, now spits at this memory. This man knows neither history nor international law. Or is he just pretending that he does not know?

    KP: But are such statements listened to in the world?

    MM: Yes, that is the point! He is applauded by the US State Department and the UK Foreign Office.

    KP: Do professional historians know that such allegations are nonsense?

    MM: Professionals know. Both in the Ukraine and in Poland. Belarusians and Ukrainians and I wrote a joint work about the war. But in the Ukraine, they are afraid to talk about it today. One word — and you get threats about something: from dismissal to a criminal case. Or maybe even a blow to the head on the street. From now on, you will be able to hear the voices of Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic
    — both on European platforms and at the UN — about the aggression of the USSR.

    KP: But if the Red Army had not entered Western Ukraine in September 1939…

    MM: Then it would have been occupied by the Nazis — and just how many people would have died? And we saved them. But they do not need facts: they need a concept that will fit a picture of the world that could hurt Russia…

    By the way, that Banderastan “ambassador” to the UN has a family name that is derived from the Russian/Ukrainian/Slavic word that means “sour” — кислый in Russian [keesliy].

    One sour bastard!


  19. Only one glitch above in the formatting!

    Block letters should have been disabled after “the destruction of thousands of Ukrainians”?


    2 December 2020 14:34
    The Ukraine accuses: Hitler unleashed World War II with Stalin
    Why does a UN representative of “the Independent” say that our country is an accomplice to crimes against humanity and “the destruction of thousands of Ukrainians”?

    [“The Independent” is a Russian mocking term of reference to Banderastan because of Svidomites’ invariably saying or writing “independent” before “Ukraine” in order to signify that until 2014, Banderastan was not truly free of Orc control — ME]

    Sergey Kislitsa, the Ukrainian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, has made an “historic discovery”. He has spoken about this from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly in New York. A graduate of the Kiev Shevchenko State University Faculty of International Law and a long-term employee of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA, Mr Kislica not only placed the Führer of the Third Reich and the head of the USSR on the same side, he also accused Moscow of “destroying thousands of Ukrainians” in 1939 and of similar crimes “when retreating in 1941” …

    For comments, the KP appealed to Alexei Plotnikov, a member of the Russian Association of World War II Historians and Doctor of Historical Sciences.


  20. 03.12.2020 13:16
    В Кремле объяснили отставку Чубайса

    03.12.2020 13:16
    The Kremlin has explained Chubais’ resignation

    Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov called the departure of Anatoly Chubais from the post of head of Rusnano process of natural rotation.

    Readers should be reminded that yesterday the president offered this post to first deputy chairman of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission Sergei Kulikov.

    Peskov recalled that Chubais had long been the head of Rusnano, and he had created it. “And therefore, here, rather, we are talking about a rotation process, quite natural,” explained the Kremlin spokesman. “As for Chubais’s future activities, I cannot tell you anything, because I do not have such information”, he said.

    Vladimir Putin did not plan to meet with Chubais: this was not on the schedule, Peskov said. “Not that a meeting had been refused: there were simply no such plans to do so”, he said.

    When asked how the Kremlin assessed Chubais’ activities at the head of the company, the presidential press secretary recalled Putin’s words that Rusnano is a very important institution for promoting new technologies and innovations. “That is, he says that this is a rather important company”, Peskov said. And Chubais stood at its origins, he concluded.

    I think Peskov is telling porkies.

    As regards the bastard’s resignation, he was dismissed, according to Moscow Times:

    The Russian government signed a directive for Chubais’ dismissal as Rusnano CEO and Kulikov’s appointment to the position on Thursday.

    Chubais confirmed that Thursday will be his last day as Rusnano CEO. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there will be no meeting between the president and Chubais.

    Anatoly Chubais was the first deputy prime minister of Russia from March 1997 to March 1998. He served in 1990 as deputy chairman of the Leningrad City Executive Committee, and in 1991 he became chief economic adviser to the mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak. (One of the Leningrad gang — as was Putin!) Chubais was part of a group of economists enamoured with the so-called free market of the West who pushed for rapid economic reform towards the wonderful capitalist market-based system that would make him and his pals stinking rich, hence his being a strong advocate of the privatization of state property.

    Chubais was appointed deputy prime minister for the Ministry of Privatization in 1992, becoming a first deputy prime minister in 1994. As a member of the State Duma from 1994 to 1996, he served on the Duma Committee for Property, Privatization, and Economics, a post in which he pioneered privatization reforms in Russia and stashed away loads of lolly.

    Chubais was dismissed from Russian president Boris Yeltsin’s government in late 1995, largely because the reforms proved unpopular, but he returned to run Yeltsin’s campaign for his USA organized re-election to the Russian presidency in June and July of 1996.

    After Yeltsin’s amazing victory in the election (What a comeback that was!), the drunken bastard appointed Chubais presidential chief of staff. In March 1997 Yeltsin reappointed Chubais, making him first deputy prime minister under Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. In his new post, Chubais was responsible for reforming the pension system and improving Russia’s poor record on tax collection, among other duties.

    In March 1998 Chubais lost his post as first deputy prime minister for the second time when President Yeltsin abruptly dismissed Chernomyrdin and his Cabinet, not least because Chernomydrin was a grade-A Soviet Era tosser.

    The fact is, however, that Chubais made a mint during the “Golden Yeltsin Years” as a result of the rip off privatization programme that he and his cronies had dreamt up.

    However, no matter how highly unpopular he was and still is, Chubais has always been with the top echelon of movers and shaker. Notwithstanding the fact that his management of former state enterprises has been highly unimpressive and that he has been dismissed from top positions on more than one occasion, he always turned up again at the top like a bad penny.

    Below: Chubais on the parlous ste of Russian society caused to a large extent by his and others’ economic reforms, whereby he and others became stinking rich:

    “Why are you worried about these people? So, thirty million will die out? They just did not fit into the market. Don’t think about it: new ones will appear.


  21. The Grey Zone: Questions for BBC on new White Helmets podcast series attacking OPCW whistleblowers

    Aaron Maté·OPCW DoumaSyria
    ·November 30, 2020

    The new BBC podcast Mayday covers the life and death of James Le Mesurier, the former UK military officer who founded the group The White Helmets, which has operated extensively in Syria’s proxy war.

    The White Helmets have been marketed to Western audiences as a neutral aid organization conducting rescue operations in opposition-held cities targeted by Syrian and Russian bombings. But as The Grayzone has extensively reported, the White Helmets have worked closely with jihadist groups in Syria, and have been used as a PR tool to whitewash the proxy war against Damascus by their US, UK, Turkey, and Gulf state sponsors….

    A lot more at the link.

    You can’t really blame the BBC. They are doing what they are told, which includes not looking in too much detail and giving the impression of investigative journalism, particularly on such a ‘sensitive’ issue to which British intelligence is so closely linked thought intermediaries. Still, al-Beeb s’Allah does do good stories about cats and dogs. For actual journalism related to anything ‘difficult’ or politically sensitive, not so much.


    1. Thank God for people of integrity like Mate and Blumenthal. The BBC obviously knows full well what actually happened, because one could not frame such an elaborate deception without knowing what one was covering up. And the BBC is an arm of government, so this is a British government cover-up. So many lies.

      Western governments are an abomination. I personally do not want my government to participate in lies and cover-ups so that I can enjoy a better lifestyle on what is stolen from others, so don’t even start with anything like “But we’re doing it for YOU”.

      I like how Russia is presumed to be honest when it is cited as not having any grief with the altered OPCW report. That, obviously, is a misrepresentation, but it is significant that it is presumed to be speaking honestly when it allegedly says that. But for all the rest, it is moving surreptitiously behind the scenes, trying to discredit this one and that one, it’s only honest when it agrees with the west, or is misrepresented to be agreeing. Nothing short of stunning to see Le Mesurier entreat western allies to block an audit, because exposing financial wrongdoing would be playing into the hands of the Russian trolls and the Assad apologists – far better to hide it, for the greater good. If you don’t help me hide my thievery, you’re helping Putin. Jesus God of our fathers; what have we become?


  22. UN Appeals to Trump Administration Over Houthi Terror Designation

    US prepares to suspend aid to Yemen, terror designation could come this week

    On Tuesday, the head of the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to appeal to the administration to reconsider its decision to designate Yemen’s Houthis as a terror group. Sources told The Washington Post that the designation could come as early as this week.

    WFP chief David Beasley said he expressed his “grave concerns” to Pompeo about the potential impact the designation could have on civilians who are reliant on aid to survive. About 70 percent of Yemen’s population lives in Houthi-controlled areas. If the Houthis are added to the US terror list, it will hobble the international charities that deliver aid to those areas….

    So the US is officially signing on to KSA’s war of exermination in Yemen by going along with their starvation as a weapon. And just when everyone is looking to get out of it too. Well only 230 odd thousand dead so far. It’s like basket ball, the higher the number the greater the success.


  23. Shadow Proof via In Closing Argument For Julian Assange’s Extradition, Prosecutors Cast WikiLeaks As Criminal Enterprise

    …“We are going to compile that list, and we are going to work to obtain that list. What does this sound like? Any journalistic organization that has like a hotline or anything else says, call us. You got a story. Call us. We’ll investigate.”

    The U.S. government is dependent on the “Most Wanted Leaks” list to conjure the impression that Manning was “working for WikiLeaks.” If Manning was not recruited, it becomes harder to argue that Assange aided, abetted, or conspired to steal classified documents.

    Prosecutors tried to address this dilemma by subpoenaing Manning to testify before a grand jury and jailing her for a year. Manning held to her principles and resisted prosecutors, believing they intended to set a perjury trap that would force her into additional legal jeopardy…

    Plenty more at the leak.

    No barrel left unscraped, no claim to low or laughable left behind. None of this would be necessary if the prosecution/US had a viable leg to stand on so its down to throwing legal mud in the hope that something sticks.


  24. Gushing hugs and kisses made way back last September from one ageing libtard to another, namely to the born in Western Ukraine Belorussian Russophobe Svetlana Aleksyevich — courtesy Washington Moscow Echo:

    Dear Svetlana!

    Belarus today is experiencing what, in all likelihood, Russia will have to go through after some time. For all of us, the events of the last weeks in Belarus are a model of our imminent future. And the model is good.

    The calm and, as it has always seemed to us, rather inert people have turned out to be more sensitive to the ominous appetites of the authorities in the person of an incompetent dictator and they have spoken out in the most dignified manner, having gathered in a demonstration of many thousands on the square in front of the ruler’s residence to express their opinion. A peaceful demonstration, without smashing shop windows and setting fire to cars.

    It seems to me that this protest is based on the self-esteem of people who no longer want to put up with the power of a narrow-minded, poorly educated person who has gone crazy with his unlimited power.

    I have never liked governmental power for a single minute of my life. None — neither Stalinist nor post-Stalinist nor the whole round dance of our subsequent leaders nor the post-Soviet Putin government.

    But the experience of the life of a Soviet person who has lived most of her life to the drumming of shameless propaganda has given me good immunity. I have said more than once: “Yes, today we are simply living in a “golden age” if we compare our life with the life of our parents and grandfathers. The Iron Curtain collapsed, the borders opened; information about the life of the world, which was always hidden from us in Soviet times, pours forth in a stream, and anyone who wants to receive it simply presses a button on his computer. And the arrests are neat, pinpoint, without the sweeping arrests of the Stalin time …

    The events in Belarus destroyed my idyllic picture of life: it became obvious how governments bare their teeth when they feel a threat to their indefinite and lawless existence.

    Surprisingly, Belarusian citizens have turned out to be more sensitive to the immorality and shamelessness of the authorities, and self-esteem has outweighed their inertia, fear and that social laziness, in which the entire post-Soviet space mostly lives.

    All of us — I am talking about my friends, like-minded people, of whom there are many — follow with the greatest tension all the news that is now coming from Belarus. We know about the arrests, and about the emergence of new, wonderful leaders, and we realize that an event has taken place in your country that may happen in Russia tomorrow.

    I send you my hearty greetings. I wish you health and strength. I wish that you live in a country free from a stupid and nauseating government. And for myself, my dear, I wish the same.

    I hug you,

    Lyusya Ulitskaya.

    Stupid old bag!

    Everything is immeasurably better than it was in Soviet times but . . .

    “I am talking about my friends, like-minded people, of whom there are many . . . ”

    No, you and other like minded people are few: your fellow citizens whom you clearly loathe and consider to be lethargic, submissive dotards, are many!

    By the way, Lyusya Ulitskaya, how about writing to Svetlana again, as a follow-up to the above crap that you wrote last September — if you know where she is, that is: she fucked off out of Belorussia a while back after having become a member of a so-called co-ordinating committee with a view to forming a government, albeit that there was already was (and still is) one when they formed the their committee.

    I think she’s holed up somewhere in the land of the friendly neighbour Polacks.

    Hugs and kisses!

    Moscow Exile


      1. She moans about how she dislikes living under a stupid and nauseating government. I daresay she thinks all countries would be much better off with a ‘government’ which was a rotating panel of the country’s foremost intellectuals, who would form a sophist debating club and have stimulating arguments and high-level conversations. Unsurprisingly, that’s the kind of ‘government’ which is frequently removed by a military coup. It’s also the kind of ‘government’ that never gets anything done, because everything is an endless argument and motivating the members to think and discuss is the main exercise rather than actually building something or crafting an inclusive policy.

        Well, it couldn’t be more of a failure than existing government models, I suppose. Governments all over the world are failing their citizens and committing them to lifelong debt servitude repaying enormous cash giveaways to repair the damage of lockdowns which should never have been imposed. You know, she’s right – governments are nauseating and stupid. I just disagree with her where Russia should appear on that list.


  25. Russian Rail is 11 years old today!

    After the end of the USSR, Soviet railways were broken up into different companies and the passenger transportation company is Russian Railway

    Traditionally, the largest railway carrier in the country and Europe celebrates its foundation day as the “All-Russia Passenger Day”. The company devotes this day to everyone who loves the railway and chooses the trains of Russian Railway for their trips around the country. As a token of gratitude, the carrier has prepared holiday greetings for passengers and, of course, advantageous offers for buying tickets.

    Love rail travel here, especially in winter. There was nowt better than being cuddled up with Mrs. Exile in a sleeping compartment before Vova, Lena and Sasha rolled up.


    1. If you go to and ‘kartinki’ you can drag and drop the image on to the search bar and it will give you some results. This is the fifth one from a couple of a years ago (if you ignore the ‘free tea’ stories above):

      Пассажирский поезд №037Н “Томич” Томск – Москва с локомотивом ЭП2К на перегоне Томск – Богашево

      Have you ever been on the u-Ropean style double height passenger cars that have been introduced in Russia?


      1. Yes. We first travelled to Anapa on one, 36 hours in a Sochi bound train from Kazan terminus here, as long ago as 2015. Air conditioned, vacuum toilets, meals brought to your coupé from the dining car if so desired, which we did because we had 3 kids in tow.


    2. I am a little reluctant to point out that it was cuddling up with Mrs. Exile which caused Vova, Lena and Sasha to roll up. And I am sure not all your cuddling days are in your past.


  26. I have mixed opinions on the article linked below.

    Churchill and the ruling elite of the UK sought to maximize damage inflicted on the Soviet Union by the Germans. The delay in opening a 2nd front until Germany was in strategic retreat and efforts to sabotage supply efforts. General Eisenhower and other top US brass considered British actions a betrayal to the allied effort to defeat Germany.

    I don’t think the British were overly concerned about a German victory over the Soviet Union as they would quickly reach an accommodation with Germany in such a case. One would suspect that the destruction and enslavement of the Russian population would be quite pleasing to the British elites.


    1. The British would have had cause to worry if the Germans had defeated the Soviets at Stalingrad and been able to push on towards Iran (and the Persian Gulf) and then towards the Indian subcontinent. Among other things, 2.5 million Indian soldiers fought for the British against the Germans on various fronts in northern Africa, Italy and the Middle East, not to mention also fighting against the Japanese in Burma, and India (including what is now Bangladesh and Pakistan) was also supplying food to Britain.


    2. From what I recall, the French wanted to intervene on the side of the Republicans during the Spanish civil war but did not want to go it alone. They asked the UK and the UK said ‘No.’ The war provided valuable training & combat experience for the Luftwaffe while also helping to refine its new weapons like the Me-109.

      The Brits as always were more interested in their long tem strategic of no-one on the continent getting too strong therefore at the time they clearly believed that the lefties, anarchists/whatever were a bigger evil than Franco and the facists. This was of course while there was still plenty of facist love in the west (Lindburgh/Joseph Kennedy etc.) because they were good for business.


  27. Remember Gavin “Russia should shut up and go away” Williamson?

    Here he is again saying that Britain approved the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine first because ‘”we’ve got much better people and medical regulators than the French, Belgians and Americans have – because we’re a much better country than every single one”.

    It’s a wonder that interviewer Nick Ferrari doesn’t ask Gazza for his opinion on why the numbers of COVID-19 deaths are so much higher on a per 100,000 head basis than almost anywhere else on the planet. Because the British are much better at dying faster than every other single country?


    1. Ha, ha!! As usual, you have zeroed in on the faulty pillar of the argument.

      What does it mean that Russia had a vaccine approved for use long before the British, yet has a far lower per-capita fatality rate?


  28. KP on Magnitsky, a story which broke several days before this KP article and which I posted here last week. Absolutely bugger all about this in the news media of the “Free World”:

    2 декабря 2020 14:33
    «Закон Магнитского» закончился… в связи с «отсутствием улик и состава преступления»
    Федеральная прокуратура Швейцарии приняла решение о закрытии «дела Магнитского», ставшего основанием для принятия на Западе антироссийских законов и санкций

    2 December 2020 14:33
    The “Magnitsky law” has ended … owing to “lack of evidence and corpus delicti”
    The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office has decided to close the “Magnitsky case”, which became the basis for the adoption of anti-Russian laws and sanctions in the West

    As soon as it had turned out that the so-called “Swiss Case”, which was the first and only result of the “Magnitsky Act”, was about to be closed by the Swiss Confederation’s prosecutor’s office because of “lack of evidence and evidence of a crime”, the progressive international community literally exploded from within.

    As I have already told you in my investigative journalism, “Switzerland has zeroed out the Magnitsky Act. The case is over. Forget it” (also published on the website “Express newspaper” and in Vladimir Soloviev’s programme “Full contact”, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of the Swiss Confederation officially announced the end of the investigation in criminal case No. SV.11.0049-LAM, initiated on the basis of statements and documents of “victim” William Browder.

    To be continued, for if I post the full translation now, it will go down the review hole as there are already three links enclosed above.


  29. Continued from above . . .

    Over almost ten years of thorough investigation, Swiss investigators have found no evidence to prove, first, that Magnitsky disclosed any theft from the Russian budget and, secondly, that anyone was involved in the theft. This means that a landmark and very dangerous event has happened for those who for ten years had lobbied for the anti-Russian “Magnitsky Act” with all its lists and sanctions. As it turned out, there is not a single piece of evidence behind the worldwide cries for laundering the 250 million dollars allegedly stolen by officials and policemen from the Russian Federation’s budget, and the moans about Magnitsky being killed “for this”. The empty words that formed the basis of the “Magnitsky Act”, both in the American version and in its Canadian and European copies, remained… empty, unsupported words. And nothing more.

    And then a completely senseless but loud hysteria began. The kind of hysteria that usually comes from cornered liars and manipulators whose lies and forgeries have suddenly fallen into the hands of the very public that has been sniffing out Browder’s stories about “the murder of Magnitsky’s lawyer by Russian authorities” and “the theft and laundering of money discovered by Magnitsky” for over ten years.

    Within days of the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office’s statement, Browder and his American curators sent out a sixty-page circular to Western and Russian opposition media, entitled “How Swiss law enforcement agencies surrendered to the Russians in the Magnitsky case”. In this knee-deep document, using colourful pictures and unconfirmed schemes drawn in Photoshop, the authors give the “right” direction to the particularly trusted media. The essence of this masterpiece is primitive, as is the very thinking of its authors: it turns out that the closed “Swiss Case” is not at all the final disclosure of the unproven “Magnitsky Act”, which had become as far fetched as could be, but an alleged statement that “bad Russia” corrupted the entire Swiss prosecutor’s office.

    I demonstrated this circular in my investigation and showed it in my Telegram channel, and my colleague Vladimir Solovyov introduced it to his audience and listeners in the programme “Full Contact”. As a result, a number of publications had to urgently remove material from the issue, and I began to receive mass insults and open threats with the demand to “repent”. Aleksey Navalny, who once supported the Magnitsky Act and is now trying out a “Navalny Act” for himself, is also not surprised by the aggressive work of the “troll factory”.

    To be continued . . .


    1. Quite a bit like the way a definitive statement published by the New England Journal of Medicine that face masks are ineffective outside a hospital setting was helpfully explained later to be a statement of endorsement by that authority for broad face-mask wearing mandates. The media now would more properly be called the Department of Redirection. But nobody seems to notice.


      1. Or the way in which that Danish large-scale study on the effectiveness of mask wearing as a protective aid against catching the disease is now being picked over for deficiencies in its design and a limited hypothesis when the initial controversy over its rejection for publication was over the results obtained.


  30. Continued from above . . .

    And Navalny himself has a long and warm friendship with Browder and his team, supported by common financial interests. Navalny’s interaction with the closest circle of international fraudster Browder began when Sergei Magnitsky, then unknown to anyone, was alive. Longstanding business relations have connected Navalny with Browder’s right hand and Sergey Magnitsky’s immediate superior, Jamison Firestone Duncan, the head of Firestone Duncan’s audit company (this is where Magnitsky had been working, creating schemes for Browder) since 2008.

    In addition to the business relationships based on schemes with “minority shareholders”, Navalny and Firestone participated jointly in public events on the same topic. For example, in Washington in March 2009 (just over half a year before Magnitsky’s death) Aleksey Navalny took part in the USRBC 2009 conference, and the panel was moderated by the same “Magnitsky boss” and “Browder’s subordinate” Jamison Firestone.

    But back to the present. It would seem that the Swiss Public Prosecutor’s Office has closed the case and we can put an end to that. Including the Magnitsky Act itself. But the huge number of legal pitfalls, the strong resistance of individuals and organisations interested in the Russophobic Law and using it to their advantage, and the very large amounts of money that have been launched in the anti-Russian campaign have so far prevented such an opportunity. This is what I talked about with lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who had represented Denis Katsyv in the “Swiss Case” and not only him. It is Veselnitskaya who has been involved for eight years in the legal investigation of both William Browder’s crimes and the entire giant international falsification called the Magnitsky case:

    Natalia Veselnitskaya

    To be continued . . .


  31. Oleg Lurye [the author of this KP article]: What is the link between Navalny and Browder?

    Veselnitskaya: I have not studied the connections between Navalny, Magnitsky and Browder, but Navalny, repeating everything that Browder claims, is as far from the facts of the real history of Magnitsky as are all those who have repeated the same mystification. Why are they doing this, deliberately calling Magnitsky a lawyer, confusing even the kind of tax that was returned to Browder’s companies?

    Oleg Lurye: But William Browder claims that these companies were allegedly stolen from him before the tax was refunded to their accounts. By the way, what kind of tax are we talking about?

    Veselnitskaya: The profit tax that Browder’s team, which serves a network of Russian legal entities, had to pay in 2006, when, by his own admission, he decided to take all assets abroad in connection with his criminal prosecution in Russia. Most importantly, no one stole the company and, accordingly, Magnitsky could not “investigate” anything. A scheme to change owners and directors, planned by Browder as early as May 2007, began a grand scam with a budget to divert eyes from another case. This is a criminal case against a company called Cameo, the beneficiaries of which were American investors and which was not part of the Hermitage Fund and HSBC. But it was the initiation of this criminal case in May 2007 that was the catalyst for all subsequent scams with Hermitage companies and the political fraud that is called the Magnitsky Act.

    Oleg Lurye: What happened to the “Swiss Case”, which became the main foundation for the “Magnitsky Act” that has been adopted in the USA, Canada and the UK?

    Veselnitskaya: On 6 November we received notification of the forthcoming closure of the case, with reference to Article 318 of the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure, which provides for “no event or offence”. The case was initiated in 2011 at the request of Hermitage Capital and Browder immediately received the status of “plaintiff in a criminal case”. This gave him access to the case file and the opportunity to influence the course of his investigation. By that time Browder had been seeking an official U.S. position on this issue for almost 3 years, fearing the investigation not in Russia itself, but the cooperation of Russian law enforcement agencies with American ones. But apart from the helping hands of Senators Cardin and McCain, his lobbyists were not very successful. What was needed was a sacral, real figure with real assets in the US.

    And then, with the support of “Novaya Gazeta” journalist Roman Anin, co-authored with Paul Radu from “OCCRP” [The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, founded in 2006: a consortium of investigative centres, media and journalists operating in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Central America — ME ], which is funded by the U.S. government, Browder’s team, having received an order for Katsyv [Denis Katsyv: Russian and Israeli businessman based in Moscow and owner of Prevezon Holdings — ME] from a criminal structure, poured into the Network in August 2012 an incoherent scheme of communication between the Russian budget and the accounts of Katsyv – Prevezon in Switzerland. Why in Switzerland? Because then it was the only procedural field in which such an absurdity could be fixed.

    Formally, on the basis of this publication by Anina and Radu in Novaya Gazeta, the Swiss prosecutor’s office imposes arrests on the Prevezon accounts — on money, which has nothing to do with 2007-2008, received from legal sources, on which all taxes in Russia had been paid. Prevezon had official ownership of real estate in the USA, and therefore the Swiss case file quickly found itself in the USA. Prevezon’s American real estate was immediately announced as having been bought with money stolen from the Russian budget, allegedly found by Sergei Magnitsky. And the Magnitsky Act was approved! Immediately afterwards, Browder, having secured support in the United States, sends an application to the US Attorney’s Office to initiate proceedings against Prevezon and Denis Katsyv on the basis of the Magnitsky Act. However, later on the US government refused to use its own Magnitsky Act in this case.

    Oleg Lurye: You have a lot of evidence in your case, but what gives you reason to believe that Browder is the figure behind the $250 million scam?

    Veselnitskaya: Perhaps the most obvious is the documents and testimony of a representative of the parent organisation of the Hermitage Fund — HSBC Suisse. The fact is that the key point in the version of the theft of taxes from the Russian budget, outlined by Browder, is the fact that “three Russian companies were stolen from the Hermitage Fund” by changing their owners and directors. Following this, funds from the budget were transferred to the new accounts of the “stolen” companies and withdrawn from the country. So, long before the actual change of ownership of the three legal entities had taken place, Browder asked HSBC Suisse Bank, which was the controlling shareholder of the Hermitage Fund, to reserve $7 million for the upcoming legal costs of returning corporate ownership of the three Russian companies.

    The main question here is the date. Before the change of ownership, Browder is reserving money from his beneficiaries to fight for the return of what has not yet happened. The money has been set aside in advance for “titanic efforts”, at the expense of his shareholders, to depict a struggle to recover what was known in advance.

    Oleg Lurye: So Magnitsky, who worked for Browder, did not conduct any investigations?

    Veselnitskaya: What kind of investigation could there have been into what they themselves did?! And here is another fact that no one is challenging, even Browder himself: in the last ten years, five people with information that disproves the legend of Browder have died suddenly. And this is clearly no longer a coincidence.

    Oleg Lurye: Then they didn’t need Magnitsky himself alive?

    Veselnitskaya:I don’t know how planned this was, but not a single publication, not a single petition, not a single statement, not a single petition, not a single surety for the entire time that Sergei was in custody came from his employers.

    Oleg Lurye: There was a meeting between Firestone and Browder and Navalny in Washington in March 2009, when Magnitsky was already in custody. But even after that, Navalny, who had a lot of information resources, for some reason did not stand up for Magnitsky. And Browder did not ask him to do so.

    To be continued . . .


  32. Continued from above . . .

    Veselnitskaya: I am sure that at the beginning of 2009 they were not yet ready with a scheme — how to use the arrest of Magnitsky for their own purposes. And they were still looking at Navalny, preparing him for future joint activities. And if we still remember what we put Magnitsky in jail for . . .

    Oleg Lurye: Magnitsky was locked up for participating in tax evasion schemes of his own employers. So he was just dumped?

    Veselnitskaya: Magnitsky was not just dumped, he was turned in. In 2003, the tax service revealed a forfeit from Browder to an amount of more than 500 million rubles, which was 19 million dollars. They went to court and lost. Instead of paying the tax arrears confirmed by the courts, the Browder team withdrew all assets from the country and left. And the tax office handed over the case files. Sergei Magnitsky, who was in charge of company accounting and tax payments, was arrested. It is Interestingly, when we interrogated Browder and asked him the question: “Did you yourself or through someone else ask Magnitsky to take the blame for your actions?”, he replied: “I don’t remember”.

    Oleg Lurye: It turns out that if Browder had paid those 19 million dollars in taxes and not run away, there would have been no criminal case and Magnitsky would not have been arrested?

    Veselnitskaya: Just so. Moreover, Russian law allows for the fact that even if a case of tax non-payment is initiated, it can be terminated if these taxes are paid during an investigation. But Browder, of course, was not going to pay anything.

    Oleg Lurye: According to the Russian investigation and doctors, Magnitsky died of an exacerbation of chronic diseases in a severe form. Would he have been cured outside of prison?

    Veselnitskaya: Well, you and I don’t know what would have happened. And as for the doctors, in my opinion, the investigation was at first consistent and correct. But after the intervention of Sergei’s employers and the organization of powerful public and PR pressure on the investigation, all the versions were not fully worked out. As soon as the investigation touched upon the reasons for his arrest, appeals and complaints against police officers, tax officials and everything we know from the Magnitsky Act were immediately filed. Ironically, the case was buried under political pressure from the public, deployed by Browder’s people. They did not need any version of the case other than the one they had invented and announced in 2010 and 2011.

    I believe that the fact that no one has been brought to justice from the Matrosskaya Tishina medical staff is also a result of external pressure. [Matrosskaya Tishina: Federal State Institution IZ-77/1 of the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the City of Moscow is a prison located in the Sokolniki District of Moscow, Russia. The facility is commonly known as Matrosskaya Tishina — “Sailors Silence” — after the name of the street on which it is located in north-eastern Moscow — ME] Browder’s populist statements and a number of media reports should not have been taken into account, but the actions and inactions of those doctors, at whose hands Magnitsky had died, not those who “voiced out”, called an ambulance and sent the guy to the hospital. They picked on the most innocent of persons, medical colonel Kratov. In my opinion, if the actions and inaction of the doctors of “Matrosskaya Tishina”, who, having seen that a person with acute pain and incoherent speech had been brought into the prison, but had then left him alone, had been adequately evaluated, then such a tragic outcome would not have happened. There would be no “Magnitsky Law”. We ourselves gave our enemies a reason and a foundation, and they made excellent use of this.

    The history of Magnitsky, imposed on the whole world by Browder, is riddled with lies. Best of all about Browder is what he himself told students of Stanford University about his adventures in our country: “I wanted to ‘fuck” Russia for 10 billion dollars”.

    Oleg Lurye: A version of Magnitsky’s poisoning by drugs or transmissions is also under development.

    Veselnitskaya:At one time, an investigation was not allowed to check the most basic sign of any deliberate crime — motive. Who benefits from the death of Magnitsky if it was really criminal? Therefore, at the stage when the investigation, going through versions of the event, approached this part, an incredible clamour arose around the case in the press, and Magnitsky lists began to be drawn up, which were forced into the public at large: Magnitsky was murdered because of his investigations. But there had been no investigations made by him at all!

    Oleg Lurye: When would you say that the PR-campaign about Magnitsky started?

    Veselnitskaya: After his death. The promotional version of the Magnitsky Law, into which this campaign later developed, was published in almost the only article authored by Bill Browder in December 2009, after the death of Sergei, where Browder first called him his investigative lawyer, who had been killed for the exposure he had made. From that moment on, Browder’s team began to implement their fairy tale called “The Magnitsky Act.” And before his [Veselnitskaya’s client — ME]arrest, Browder hired lobbyists in the United States, who officially registered in his interests a lobbying campaign in Congress under the lengthy title: “On the transparency of relations between Hermitage Capital and the Russian Federation”. It took them three years. During this time, they opened a criminal case in Switzerland, obtained the arrest of my client’s accounts with assets in the United States, which was the trigger for the adoption of the Magnitsky Act.

    Oleg Lurye: What is the connection between Browder’s interests and those of the United States if Browder had abandoned his American passport back in ’98?

    Veselnitskaya: Well, he only gave it up because he did not want to pay USA taxes. And a lot oftaxes would have had to be paid because of the scale of the business that American investors had arranged through him, investors who had given Browder money to buy shares in Russian companies. I should like to emphasize that buying such shares was illegal, because until December 2005 there was a ban on the purchase of Gazprom shares directly by foreigners in Russia, and they used a scheme of fake Russian legal entities, the real beneficiaries of which were foreigners.

    Oleg Lurye: Where has Browder got the millions of dollars from for his anti-Russian campaign and lobbying for the Magnitsky Act?

    Veselnitskaya: There are several versions. Firstly, it is paid by those who benefit from maintaining this political tension. Comparing, for example, the financial documents of OCCRP, which, in co-authorship with Anin from Novaya Gazeta, began to toss into the information space the name of my client, linking him with the Magnitsky case, we saw that the day before, funds with 6 zeros suddenly appeared on their accounts. When Browder was directly asked what he knew about this, he declined to answer.

    Another version is that this money is, in fact, the very money stolen from the Russian budget, which was redirected in a very correct way to other sources. The goal is one and the same: not to allow anyone to investigate the other directions of these funds. And, of course, we must not forget about the very American investors whose money was used here in Russia, and who, if not for the enormous attention artificially attracted to the story with Magnitsky, would have had to answer according to US laws for uncontrolled transfers of tens of millions of dollars without any tax burden and reporting.

    To be continued . . .

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  33. Continued from above . . .

    Oleg Lurye: And if this story about American money had reached the person who was about to become president, had reached Donald Trump?

    Veselnitskaya: I do not know if my information was brought to Trump or not. I spoke with his son, indirectly telling him about it, but, as the whole world now knows, the American participants then considered the information a waste of time.

    But my story was completely different. We needed support in the International Committee for the upcoming hearings in the Magnitsky case, which were also based on the film by Andrey Nekrasov, which was then the biggest scandal and fear of all Browder’s allies. Andrey Nekrasov, the author of the sensational documentary, which he began to shoot with Browder’s participation, was supposed to speak at this meeting. And then, according to the chronology of the plot, the director saw huge holes, just global pits in the version that did not fight in any way. And the more questions Nekrasov had, the less open became Browder. It all ended with Browder simply beginning openly to threaten. Nothing scared Browder’s crew more than this movie. Nekrasov, despite the fact that he has not lived in Russia for many years, is a man with an absolutely Russian, intelligent soul, I would say of a liberal dissident nature. As a result, the director did not back down, but carried on. Nekrasov stoically endured when the entire liberal élite fell upon him.

    I don’t even know whether this is good thing or bad, but I initially refused to meet Nekrasov during the period when he was shooting his film, but now I am proud that I know him. Outstanding TV journalists and directors shook his hands primarily for his professionalism, for his adherence to the values ​​of journalism, from which less and less remains in our time. By the way, in Brussels, in 2019, the representative of France asked Browder a question about why he didn’t answer Nekrasov’s call and, if Nekrasov was wrong, why didn’t he sue him. Browder could not answer the French representative, except for the phrase: “I knew there would be a question from the KGB!”

    Oleg Lurye: Whilst testifying in the US Senate, Browder said that you are the Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, who, in the summer of 2016, met the son of US President Donald Trump and that you work directly for the Kremlin. Is that true?

    Veselnitskaya: I am a lawyer and I work on behalf of my clients, including Russian businessman Denis Katsyv. Neither the Kremlin, nor the Presidential Administration, nor the Government of Russia, nor the Prosecutor General’s Office are my clients. So William Browder once again lied to the US Senate.


    And I must say, such translation was a labour of love.

    I wonder if “The Guardian” or “The Washington Post” or “The New York Times” etc. will cover this story?

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    1. Thank you ME – your toil is much appreciated. I believe the ‘Magnitsky’ charade is currently being discussed in Australia for enactment (while they poke China). I will absorb and circulate your translation as I can.

      CITIZENS INSIGHT – Magnitsky Acts are dangerous laws based on a hoax – Interview with Lucy Komisar


      1. I have already seen this video. Thanks for posting the link.

        The bill is likely to be discussed when Federal Parliament resumes next year, but when that will be depends on how much value Canberra gives it. It may be that if Canberra sees an opportunity to make nice to Moscow and grovel to the Russians in the hope that Russia might replace China as a buyer of our exports, then perhaps there’s a chance the Magnitsky bill will not pass.


  34. Pathetic!

    Конгресс США согласовал новые санкции против «Северного потока-2»
    Ограничения предусмотрены для компаний, предоставляющих страховые и сертификационные услуги, необходимые для завершения строительства газопровода

    04 Dec, 03:20 47 432
    US Congress approves new sanctions against Nord Stream 2
    Restrictions are provided against companies providing insurance and certification services required to complete the construction of the gas pipeline

    New restrictions against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline were included in the draft US defence budget for 2021, it follows from the version of the law on appropriations for national defence for next year agreed by both chambers of the US Congress.

    The document stipulates restrictions for companies providing insurance and certification services required to complete construction. Also, the sanctions apply to companies that provide services for the modernization or installation of welding equipment on ships participating in the construction, as well as their modification or additional equipment.

    The US President can waive sanctions against a person based on national interests, the document says.

    How about restrictions against companies that provide toilet paper for those working on the pipeline construction or on whores providing sexual services for lonesome pipelaying vessel sailors?


    1. The US President can waive sanctions against a person based on national interests, the document says.

      So since when have the gas supplies of Europe been in the “national interest” of the USA?


  35. Infrastructure news from the “Gas Station with Missiles”:

    23.11.2020 13:13
    Сергей Собянин открыл новую станцию “Ховрино” будущего МЦД-3

    23.11.2020 13:13 Section: Economics
    Sergey Sobyanin opened a new station “Khovrino” on the coming MTsD-3 line

    MTsD: Moscow Central Diameter

    Khovrino, a modern city station that meets all the standards of the Moscow surface metro has opened today in the capital on Oktyabrskaya route. The classic suburban stopover from the nineteenth century is now unrecognizable. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Russian Railways General Director Oleg Belozerov attended the opening of the station.

    Начало будущей ветки МЦД-3: открыта новая станция Ховрино – Россия 24
    The beginning of the future MCD-3 branch: the new Khovrino station has opened – Russia 24
    23 Nov 2020

    04.12.2020 12:52
    Собянин рассказал о строительстве новых станций наземного метро

    Sobyanin has spoken about the construction of new stations for the surface metro

    On December 4, a new station, Kryokshino, on the future MTsD-4 route has been opened in Moscow.

    It’s all Kremlin lies, I tell you!

    Russia is doomed!

    Western sanctions are biting ever harder and the people are ready to rise against the Evil One.

    President-to-be Navalny is biding his time in Germany, waiting for the call to return to his Motherland!


  36. Why the Gerhard Sabathil spy probe fell apart

    Former EU ambassador says reason he ended up in the crosshairs of German intelligence was simple: ‘Incompetence.’

    …In a lengthy interview with POLITICO this week, Sabathil said the reason he ended up in the crosshairs of German intelligence was simple: “Incompetence.”

    “That such a thing can happen in Germany with the Verfassungsschutz is a disgrace,” he said, referring to Germany’s domestic intelligence agency. “This was a comedy of errors.”

    Though Sabathil was neither charged nor arrested, details of the probe were leaked to the German press even as he was being questioned by police. The publicity created a cloud of suspicion that cost the 66-year-old father of nine not just his good name and social life, but his livelihood. Within days of the allegations becoming public, he resigned from his position as a senior executive at EUTOP, a Munich-based lobbying firm, and has been unemployed ever since…

    A lot more at the link.

    I would expect that Germany is furious with the US for giving them supposedly ‘solid’ evidence that turned out to be little more that tittle-tattle. No wonder Huawei 5G has not been blocked in Germany (so far).

    The best part is that it is not over and Sabathil going on the offensive it going to blow this motha open and fully public. It’ll look even worse for the US and Germany. He could always settle if offered plenty of cash but I would expect a public apology and a clear message to the media and broadcasters to stop dragging him through the mud or be f/ked. The fact that this ‘investigation’ was leaked even though he had not been arrested or charged shows how nasty it really was, but there you go.

    If they want to get you they will, even if they have to apologize later. The wanted effect is pour decourager les autres. Don’t touch China, however kosher.

    That has also been the case of USA’s sanctions regime used against also i-Ran and Venezuela. It forces companies to ‘play it safe’ and have absolutely no contact so you get effective sanctions without having it tested before the courts.


    1. I am encouraged to see he is going after them for damages, which – considering hos probable previous income and the alleged likelihood he will never work in that capacity again – could run to a few bob. Hopefully the USA’s involvement will also be dragged into the open to be picked over.


  37. Moscow holiday season ice rinks up and running!

    The Red Square rink

    The VDNKh rink.

    I thought Sobyanin said that the social distancing rules shall be in force until early January. So what’s going to happen when the season is in full swing? And over 65s are most definitely forbidden to venture outside and put their skates on at New Year.

    I didn’t do much skating when I was younger: I just used to sit by the rink sipping Glühwein and watching my wife and kids tear arsing around on the ice.


  38. Al’s Jizz Error via Australia adopts new veto powers over foreign agreements

    Federal government secures new powers over agreements amid deepening spat with China.

    …The law allows the federal government to block any agreement between Australian states, councils or institutions and a foreign government, such as a controversial 2018 deal between the state of Victoria and China…

    …Morrison has stressed the law is not aimed at any country but it is widely seen by analysts as directed at China….

    Is Morrison still ‘outraged’?

    There’s no need to worry, the US will compensate Australia… with kisses, chocolates and a playful slap on the bottom! And making Australia a nuclear target.


  39. MTU becomes second PW1100G MRO shop in China

    …MTU Maintenance Zhuhai — a joint venture between China Southern Airlines and German engine specialist MTU — will also be Asia’s fifth PW1100G MRO centre, after Ameco in China, Eagle Services Asia in Singapore, as well as IHI and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aero Engines in Japan…

    So the US will maintain and possibly increase sanctions on China. It’s not like there can be any blow back P&W (US), MTU (De), Arbus (EU)…


  40. Evolving strategic thought sees Russian planners looking at the use of Khinzal hypersonic cruise missiles to edge away from reliance on nuclear strike capabilities. If the west has no defenses against it, then it is limited in its ability to wreak havoc only by its range, and that can be compensated for by carrying it on an aircraft.

    The advantage of a hypersonic missile in comparison with subsonic low-altitude cruise missiles is significantly less vulnerability when overcoming air defence and missile defence systems due to high speeds and flight altitudes. The high degree of vulnerability of subsonic low-altitude cruise missiles was confirmed by the results of the US military operations in the war against Yugoslavia, when a significant part of the American Tomahawk-class cruise missiles in that war were shot down by portable anti-aircraft missile systems…Based on the characteristics of the “Kinzhal” aviation missile system and “Peresvet” combat laser system, it is possible to concretise the procedure for using these systems in the general system of strategic deterrence at different periods of the origin and unleashing of a military conflict.

    While it could be used to open the way for a nuclear strike, by taking out vital defense systems, it is possible to imagine it constituting the entire deterrent strike in some circumstances, such as in a scenario short of total war where a warning of what damage may ensue, if negotiations are not opened, might still prevail.

    A cruise missile is a pinpoint-strike weapon, what the west likes to refer to as a ‘surgical strike’. But it’s slow, and vulnerable to air-defense systems. Khinzal is still in testing and development, and I have not seen any validation of its claimed accuracy, but it is proven to have attained hypersonic speeds. If it as accurate as a typical cruise missile, then there is no reason its threatened use would not promote the seeking of a diplomatic solution, since the west has nothing with which to counter it and no such capability itself.


  41. We’ve discussed before the pipeline upgrade going through Mongolia, the twinning of the ‘Power of Siberia’ line – I think I might have mentioned it very early this year if not even late last year. At any rate, some were laughing then at the notion Russia might shift its energy export priorities to China. Europe was too important a market, they said. While it’s perfectly true Europe is an important customer, remember that old saw about putting your hand into a bucket of water and then taking it out again, and observing the effect on the water, when you are wondering how the world will manage after you’re gone. Nobody is indispensable, and the laughers may soon be laughing out the other side of their faces. Russia is taking steps to prepare for shifting European supply to China, in the event that Brussels gets haughty or Europe’s American masters crack the whip. Russia appears confident that Chinese demand continues to grow, and China pays more for gas than Europe does.

    A small correction – ‘twinning’ is probably not the best description; although the new line will be called ‘Power of Siberia II’ it is sourced from different fields which traditionally supply Europe, and takes a different route. So it is a ‘twin’ line in name only.


  42. Will no one rid us of these troublesome former Yeltsinite reformers who have so diligently feathered their own nests?

    Чубайс назначен спецпредставителем Путина по связям с международными организациями
    04.12.2020 | 20:41

    Chubais appointed as Putin’s special representative for relations with international organizations

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree appointing former head of Rusnano Anatoly Chubais to a new position.

    According to the text of the document, which was published on the Kremlin website, Chubais will take up the post of the President’s special representative for relations with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals.

    According to TASS, Anatoly Chubais will be in charge of achieving sustainable development goals in his new position.

    On December 4, the government approved a directive to elect Sergey Kulikov, First Deputy Chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission Board, as the head of Rusnano for a five-year term. He will replace Chubais, who also confirmed his resignation from Rusnano.

    I wonder what outstanding qualifications and skills Chubais possesses that have resulted in this appointment? What aptitude does one need in order to ensure that sustainable development goals are achieved?

    Chatham House loves Chubais — has done so for a long time now:

    Russia and Eurasia January 2013
    Liberal Insiders and
    Economic Reform in

    Can radical economic reform be carried out in Russia without a substantial change in
    the political order? Any answer to that rather large question can only be speculative,
    and it will reflect wishes as much as evidence. What we offer in this paper is a
    clarification of one element of a possible answer: the role that economic liberals in or
    close to the political establishment may be able to play in radical reform. We do this
    by looking at the careers of a few such insiders, and at some selected episodes in
    those careers, and then assessing the roles they are playing now and might play in
    the next few years.


    Reformers like Chubais and Gaidar were ready to serve Putin like they had
    served Yeltsin, arguing that the 1990s had been about preventing a
    communist return, while the 2000s were about securing basic social stability
    as the revolutionary cycle was coming to an end, hopefully preparing for a
    new phase of reforms.

    [My, what wonderful times they were! Better dead than Red! — ME]

    Chubais, having served under Yeltsin as first deputy prime minister and as head of
    the Presidential Administration, served under Putin not in government but in state
    companies: as head from 1998 to 2008 of the electricity concern United Energy
    Systems (UES), whose monopoly in generating he broke up, and then since 2008 as
    boss of the nanotechnology company Rosnanotekh. Thus in the Putin era Chubais
    has been a high-level state manager rather than a policy-maker.

    Of liberal insiders who are currently active we have selected three: Chubais, Aleksei
    Kudrin and Igor Shuvalov. All are currently influential: Chubais as head of
    Rosnanotekh and as an adviser on modernization; Kudrin, with his Committee for
    Civil Initiatives, seeking to act as a critical but constructive source of policy advice
    from a liberal standpoint and also to form a bridge between the present power elite
    and the ‘non-systemic’ opposition; and Shuvalov as first deputy prime minister with
    oversight of economic policy.

    Chubais and his colleagues were strongly influenced by Janos Kornai’s
    The Economics of Shortage, published in 1980, and by Friedrich von Hayek’s 1945
    article, ‘The Use of Knowledge in Society.’

    As Hoffman describes him, Chubais at that time was correct and cautious, but also
    determined and self-assured, ‘a natural leader.’ Once he had made up his mind about
    something, he did not budge. In the 1980s, he became one of the leaders of an
    informal circle of market-oriented economists of which the young Kudrin was also a
    member. Chubais also established contact with the young Moscow-based economist,
    Gaidar; together, they produced a report suggesting how some of the reforms carried
    out in Hungary and Yugoslavia might be adapted to the Soviet system.

    Chubais’ record as an economic manager is remarkable. His main achievement in the
    Putin era is a very substantial one: the unbundling and partial privatization of the
    electricity industry, previously a state monopoly.

    Chubais got fired from his top job in his electricity supply fiefdom after a huge power outage that hit Moscow. It turned out that there had been a woeful lack of investment into the modernization of substations and one of them blew in south Moscow, blacking out half of the city.

    What a skilful operator Chubais is!

    Fact: From 1992 to 1994 life expectancy for Russian males dropped from 62.0 to 57.6 years.

    Fact: Female life expectancy dropped from 73.8 years to 71.2 years.

    Fact: This drop in life expectancy coincided in time with the introduction of economic reforms in Russia, leading to a rapid decrease in real wages and pensions, nearly complete loss of personal savings, and a tremendous increase in the poverty rate.

    Fact: At the time, Chubais became extremely wealthy.

    When these facts were becoming clear and were pointed out to Chubais, he basically responded by saying : “So what? A new generation will soon replace these people who are unable to cope with a free market economy”.


    1. Something about keeping enemies/friends closer. As unpalatable as it may seem, this is sensible. Chubais knows this too and thus will follow the ‘rules of the game.’


      1. Comment in the Russian blogosphere re. Chubais:

        Интересненькие новостишки 05.12.2020
        Что интересного, весёлого и не очень, происходит сегодня там, за окном, в стране и в мире? Обсуждаем последние новости из СМИ.

        Interesting news 05.12.2020
        What is interesting and funny and not so funny and which is happening right there, outside the window, in the country and in the world today? . . .

        Main media news: Putin appointed Chubais to new post

        “Anatoly Chubais to be appointed as Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Relations with International Organizations for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”, the document says. In his new position, Anatoly Chubais will not have a civil servant status and will not be an employee of the Presidential Administration.

        The UN said they were “looking forward” to working with Anatoly Chubais.

        It is funny that everyone is so overwhelmed by Chubais’ resignation and new appointment.

        Appointments are of secondary importance and do not affect people’s lives. But all the media is just choking on this news.


          1. Кто в чьей команде?

            Who’s in whose team?

            Newspaper article headline:

            FSB headed by a Chekist from Chubais’ team.

            The first paragraph of the Kommersant article (28 July 1998) reads:

            As Kommersant predicted (#131 of 22 July), the first deputy head of the Russian Presidential Administration, Lieutenant Colonel KGB in the reserve, Vladimir Putin, has become head of the Federal Security Service. Last Saturday, Boris Yeltsin signed a decree on his appointment, ousting Army General Nikolai Kovalev from the post of FSB head. Despite the fact that Kovalev could have been taken very seriously to account his failures and the failures of his department, the President promised that he would not be left without work. And his successor Putin will soon actually have to reform the FSB by making many cuts at his central office several times. With details – Ekaterina Zapodina.

            In the body of the article, it says about about Putin:

            Vladimir Putin: democrat intelligence officer

            A Chekist past — and in his time there, Putin rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the KGB. He never left the organization, even when he was Assistant Vice Rector for International Affairs of the Leningrad State University. This did not prevent him from joining the team of reformist democrats from St. Petersburg, of whom Anatoly Chubais has been the informal leader since the early 1990s. At the same time, Putin became closer to Anatoly Sobchak and headed the St. Petersburg Mayor’s Committee on Foreign Relations. In this capacity, he participated in the sale of the Astoria Hotel, supervised the creation of the St. Petersburg currency exchange, and helped open BNP-Drezdner Bank (Rossiya), one of the first foreign banks in Russia. Sobchak used Putin as an indispensable intermediary between the City Hall and the Legislative Assembly of the city.


            1. Executive Shuffle In Russia: Is A Top-Down Revolution On The Way?

              Are you deaf or what? I said: “Get the fuck out of here!”

              On December 3rd, Sergei Kulikov was approved by the Russian Government as chairman of the board of Rusnano instead of Anatoly Chubais.

              Chubais was removed from his post just a few days earlier. He is a notorious neo-liberal supporter, and he’s occupied a multitude of government positions over the years.

              The Rosnano project under him was a financial black hole that produced scandals of corruption and misappropriation of funds.

              Despite that, he almost immediately was appointed to another post by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

              Anatoly Chubais was appointed as the president’s special representative for relations with international organizations.

              The corresponding decree was signed by Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin press service reported.

              “To appoint Anatoly Borisovich Chubais as special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for relations with international organizations to achieve sustainable development goals,” read the document, which was published on the evening of December 4th.

              At the time of publication, neither the presidential office nor the representative of Anatoly Chubais gave extended official comments on what exactly the ex-head of Rusnano will do in his new position.

              Chubais has already engaged in negotiations with international organizations during his career. For example, in 1995-1996, he was the Russian Governor of the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

              It is rather questionable that he still remains a part of the Russian government, and that the West views it [this removal of Chubais, I think the writer means — ME] as “nationalist”, “conservatist” and protective of the Russian population and its interests.

              Regardless, looking into his appointment to the position can be seen as him being recognized as a representative and “manager” of the global neo-liberal elites that are present and pursuing their interests in Russia.

              This, in itself, is a sort of arbitrary and veiled confirmation of the speculations that the Russian Federation lacks a uniform sovereignty and is, at least partially, controlled by Western-originating global forces.

              A “veiled confirmation of the speculations that the Russian Federation lacks a uniform sovereignty and is, at least partially, controlled by Western-originating global forces”???


              I thought it had been bloody obvious for the past 30 years!


              Time to fuck Kudrin off as well, I reckon — long past time.

              And while they’re at it, they should close down all these higher schools of wankery that they call “economics” here and the vipers’ nests of “think tanks” that abound in Deepest Mordor.


              1. Almost 2 years ago to this very day:

                17 December 2018
                Outrage as architect of 1990s privatization bemoans lack of ‘gratitude’

                What happened

                The topic of 1990s privatization can lead to violent disputes in Russia even thirty years later. This week, there was heated debate about a speech given by the architect of privatization, Anatoly Chubais, in which he said that Russian society should be grateful to Russian businessmen, and not refer to them, derogatively, as “oligarchs”.

                At a conference in Moscow over the weekend, Chubais told the audience that: “In twenty years, society hasn’t thought even once to say thank you to business for everything it did: it built up the country, restored collapsing Soviet enterprises, returned salaries to people, filled the state coffers with money… This was all carried out by the same people that society refers to as oligarchs.”

                The subsequent outrage was expressed most succinctly by journalist Ekaterina Vinokurova in a Facebook post: while the country was suffering, she wrote, the oligarchs and their patron, Chubais were “eating caviar.” In the 1990s, Chubais was the main architect of Russian economic reforms and he was responsible for a program of privatization that led to the unfair distribution of the country’s wealth.

                In 1992, all Russia’s 146 million citizens received a voucher with the right to buy shares in companies up for privatization. But most people, having never lived in a market economy, sold their vouchers to re-sellers or handed them over to frauds.

                The best assets were privatized in 1995. Oligarchs bought oil and metals companies at discounted prices in exchange for loans to the government, which were issued by the Ministry of Finance. For example, Vladimir Potanin paid $170 million for Norilsk Nickel, which is now valued at $31 billion. The goal was to guarantee the support of the oligarchs for Boris Yeltsin in the 1996 presidential election.

                The nature of the privatization of the 1990s is one of the reasons why Russia has one of the highest rates of unequal income distribution in Europe. In the 18 years that Vladimir Putin has run the country, this inequality has only increased.

                Chubais has said that some unfairness was unavoidable in the privatization process, but that the primary goal was always to create private property and destroy communism.

                In the 1990s, Chubais was the butt of many complaints and criticisms, both from the opposition and the government. The phrase, “Chubais is to blame for everything”, attributed to Boris Yeltsin, became one of the country’s most popular political memes in the late 1990s. Under Putin, Chubais has run several state-owned companies.

                Why the world should care

                The reaction to Chubais’ words is a vivid reminder of the still fresh wounds from the unfair sell-off of state assets in the 1990s and the extent of economic inequality in Russia today.

                I lived through those years. I saw at first hand the poverty, misery and humiliation that ordinary folk suffered.

                I suffered too, though voluntarily: I could have buggered off but I didn’t because I thought that it was about time Russia and the Russians would at last have some “good luck” and all would turn out well in the end.

                I was not earning a “Western” salary then, by the way: I earned a pittance, though a little more than the average salary for Russians, and I was paid 50/50 US dollars and rubles. I spent everything as soon as I got paid. I still earn little — less than average now.

                One thing that kept me going was the belief that Chubais and the rest of the filth that had brought about this state of affairs would eventually get their just deserts. Gaidar died, and then Yeltsin got the elbow and died shortly after and things started to look good after the “Tyrant” had become president.

                But Chubais and Kudrin and other such filth are still with us.

                When are they finally going to go?


                1. The bastard is still greatly disliked here.

                  Below, a few randomly chosen Chubais “memes”:

                  Comrade Chubais, open the door!

                  Chubais was living, lived, and shall live!
                  That’s Papa Sobchak in the middle.

                  Still not hanged


                2. Chubais has again declared himself to be an efficient manager: the “Rosnano” plant, which cost 15 billion rubles to build, is bankrupt.
                  WE HAVE LOTS OF MONEY. HAD . . .

                  Five years ago, A. B. Chubais made a promise to replace all school textbooks with a flexible screen tablet.


                  15 billion rubles = $202.4 million.


                3. “Gratitude”? What does he expect? It should be him that is grateful that he wasn’t put in front of a firing squad.


              2. It looks as if Chubais has been shunted in a horizontal “promotion” into a position where he can’t waste as much money as he used to be able to do and puts him under Kremlin watch. He cannot now say that he is a reformer; he was given his chances at turning RUSNANO into a model organisation for his ideas and not only has he failed but he cannot account for where the huge amounts of money have gone.


                1. Yes, that’s a good point. There’s a word for ‘reformers’ who are given all opportunities and cannot deliver anything but failure, but I can’t quite recall what it is.


              3. I reckon Kudrin is in an ideal post now, and you can sort of tell how his value to the regime-change machine has diminished in how rarely his commentary is sought. You still hear from him now and again, usually prophesying catastrophe as he has always done, but it is clear he has no real power; his job is to offer advice, and nobody is obligated to act on it. He has enough work to keep him busy, and it’s even within his area of specialization, which I thought was a gratuitous kindness – I would have made him inspector of subterranean sewers or something of that nature. But he is not huddled daily with western ideologues, all whispering, “Lyosha – we’re organizing a revolution! Freedom and democracy, man: are you with us?”

                Ditto Chubais. He will be in a position where he can hobnob daily with the western agents of change who speak his language of profit and more profit, of exploitation and ducking consequence…but he has no mandate to speak for the Russian state, and no individual decision-making authority. His position must always be “I’ll discuss your proposal with my government, and let you know”. He can certainly recommend, but so far Putin has not established much of a record for blindly following the ideas of his advisors, particularly in matters of foreign policy.

                Therein lies the real danger, to my mind – either these liberal appointments must not outlast Putin, or the next leader of Russia must be a chessmaster of at least his calibre. In the event of his being succeeded by a squishy liberal like Medvedev (of course it won’t be him, but someone like him), these liberal ideologues could do tremendous damage.


            2. They’re invariably hopeful that every new face is that of a ‘reformer’. Until they realize that they are operating on a whole different understanding of what ‘reform’ means. Back then, Putin was a ‘reformist democrat’ from ‘Chubais’s team’. Now Putin is the distilled essence of evil and about as far from a democrat of any sort as it is possible to get.


              1. And Putin’s a dirty old lecherous fornicator who has illegitimate offspring scattered all over the place, whereas Boris Nemtsov was a star man and as morally upright as … well, as me!


        1. I suppose because it is the kind of thing that sticks in the craw of Russophiles – an apparent exhibition of favouritism that is totally unwarranted based on verifiable past behavior, much like the elevation of Serdyukov to a new – albeit far less prestigious – post rather than being bunged straight into jail.

          That was slightly different – Serdyukov was caught red-handed, elbow-deep in the cookie jar, in a theft scam with his ambitious doxy which was of embarrassing proportions. And neither of them went to jail. Even when they were both meant to be under humbling house arrest, she was out and about, shopping and spending as if she knew very well there would be no consequences.

          Chubais may have been a thief – I frankly don’t know. They say he ripped off millions for himself, and he may have done. But to me his major crime was being a card-carrying western ideologue, constantly trying to introduce ‘reforms’ which would make Russia more like the corporate west, and more like a place where the staggeringly rich would hold sway over the struggling masses who had to work two or three jobs in order to keep a roof over their heads, yet laboured in the belief that their big break is coming and they will join the wealthy class. You know – like Kudrin; they might have been brothers.

          If there is any element of satisfaction in Chubais’s new appointment, it is in watching the western analyst press go gaga in their always-entertaining estimation that this at last is the terrible mistake that will bring down Putin. A revolution, by God!! And Chubais will lead it!


  43. 05:57, 5 декабря 2020
    Назван трубоукладчик «Северного потока-2» в водах Германии

    5:57 am, December 5, 2020
    Nord Stream 2 pipelayer in German waters has been named

    The Nord Stream-2 pipelayer in German waters has been named: the specialized barge “Fortuna” flying the Russian flag will lay the pipes for the pipeline. This was reported by RBC with reference to the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany.

    The “Fortuna” vessel will conduct subsea operations on the pipeline from 5 to 31 December south of the shallow Adlergrund area in the Baltic Sea. Currently “Fortuna” is in the German port of Wismar, MarineTraffic shows.

    At the same time, on December 1, Germany named another vessel for the construction of Nord Stream 2. The German Federal Office for Shipping and Hydrography (BSH) reported that the pipeline will be completed with the help of the “Akademik Chersky” pipelayer.

    The US Congress has approved the expansion of restrictive measures against “Nord Stream 2” that concern insurance companies and organizations in the field of certification. Also, problems in the case of facilitating the work were promised to companies that are engaged in the installation or modernization of welding equipment on ships.

    However, this package of amendments may be blocked by US President Donald Trump. The head of the White House does not like the provision on social networks, which says that their leadership can make changes to user posts.

    Construction of Nord Stream 2 came to a halt last December after the US threatened to sanction the pipelayer owners. Work is expected to resume in German waters in the coming days.

    Hey, US Congress!

    Go fuck your sanctions — and your “Freedom Molecules” as well!


  44. Oh look! Someone in Kiev has woken up and smelt the coffee …

    Раскрыты потери Украины от строительства “Северного потока — 2”
    15:35 04.12.2020 (обновлено: 16:58 04.12.2020)

    Ukraine losses because of “Nord Stream – 2” construction are disclosed
    15:35 04.12.2020 (updated: 16:58 04.12.2020)

    MOSCOW, December 4 – RIA Novosti. Experts have spoken about the Ukraine losses from the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Their words are quoted by the newspaper “Strana”.
    Completion of the project will close a gas ring in Europe and provide this energy resource to countries that were not covered by Nord Stream and Turkish Stream. These include the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy. This will lead to the fact that transit through the Ukraine will be “superfluous”, the newspaper writes.

    According to Yuri Korolchuk, an analyst of the Institute for Strategic Studies, the project can be completed by April – June 2021. It is now 93% ready and there only remain to 2.6 kilometres of pipes to be laid for its completion.

    Gas pumping via Nord Stream 2 will begin next year, the article says.

    “Therefore, in the future, the transit of Russian gas through our pipeline may be seriously reduced. And the transit volumes may not be enough even for the self-sufficiency of the Ukrainian GTS,” Korolchuk notes.

    According to the expert’s calculations, the Ukraine will lose several billion dollars a year owing to the reduction in gas transit through its territory. However, this is not the only consequence for the country, Kovalchuk is convinced

    “It is possible that part of the costs of maintaining the pipe will be passed on to Ukrainian consumers — people and businesses — so gas bills can skyrocket”, the specialist explained.

    In addition to Turkey and Poland, because of Nord Stream 2 Germany will become one of the largest gas hubs in Europe and plans to cover part of the needs of Eastern Europe at the expense of American liquefied gas.

    “Actually, the European gas market has already been divided and there is no room left for us (the Ukraine. – Ed.)”, Says Gennady Ryabtsev, head of special projects at the Psyche Scientific and Technical Centre.

    Although Kiev still has a five-year contract with Gazprom, which provides for an annual pumping rate of at least 40 billion cubic metres per year, this will not allow the country to make money on transit, the newspaper writes.

    “And that 40 billion is actually only enough for maintaining self-sufficiency. There will be no more three billion dollars that the Ukraine used to get for pumping 90-100 billion cubic metres a year”, economist Aleksey Kushch said.

    After the end of the contract with Gazprom, the volume of pumping through the Ukraine will decrease even more. The construction of a connector to Italy in order to join that country to Nord Stream 2 will reduce the demand for Ukrainian transit to 30 billion cubic metres per year. In the future, this gas route can only be left as a reserve in order to diversify risks, experts say.

    Waddya gonna do now Yukitards?

    Ask Uncle Sam for some dough?

    Or the IMF?


      1. The real damage to Ukraine will ensue when its GTS is no longer a strategic asset to the west. The country has been kept staggering along on fiscal life support because it is useful as a wedge against Russia. When its gas-transit functionality is gone, it will just be a big dark spot on the map for Russia, as all commerce is routed around it. It will then have to be (a) flung into a short-lived war against Russia, or (b) abandoned. The west is not going to continue supporting it when it is of no value to western agendas.


    1. In fact, Ukraine always knew this, as did the EU. Whether the loss will amount to closer to $2 Billion or $3 Billion depends on who you are talking to and whether their interest is in making it look more like a victory or a tragedy, but I believe the average was about $2.6 Billion, which normally dictates that you should round up rather than down.

      Both, though – Ukraine and the EU – figured America was going to step in and stop it. Or rearrange things so that everyone continued to make money, because it was not really ever in Europe’s interests that it be stopped, just that it continue somehow in such a way so Europe continued to get a reliable supply of cheap gas, while Ukraine continued to get its tithe of billions, and that these simultaneous states should come about at Russia’s expense. The faith among America’s allies that it can work miracles is both touching and undiminished.

      Just a couple of qualifications – the Ukrainian GTS has had virtually no maintenance since it was built, and pretty much none whatsoever since the Glorious Maidan, and the reduced volumes through it will not justify its continued operation. Unless the Ukrainians can show it is necessary for moving domestic supplies around the country, it is scrap metal. They could try holding international auctions to move international flows through it, but I suspect it would turn out quite a bit like the Polish experience.

      In the latter case, according to Poland’s Gaz-System, the now-exclusive operators of the transit system, about 80% of the line’s capacity was pre-booked for the third quarter of 2020. Until Russia stopped transit through it, as the Poles had continuously yapped they could not wait to see, whereupon it declined to less than 4%. Ominously, transit through Nord Stream did not increase.

      Also, increased gas bills in Ukraine will not be because of the necessity to maintain the existing transit system. As I said, it will far exceed the need for it, and a much more modest system could easily handle all of Ukraine’s needs, while the bill for upgrading the whistling teakettle its international transit system has become would be far more than the national budget could bear. Increased costs for residential and commercial gas supplies will result from the necessity to purchase from international suppliers who no longer have a competitor.


      1. Isn’t the point of Russia’s agreement to the new 5-year deal to provide a space for some rational Ukie leadership to emerge? The present lot may be howling at the moon but cold reality is unlikely to continue to favour them. In my view.


        1. Well, that’s a reasonable argument. But if so, time marches on, and a good deal more rapidly than many in government would prefer. If a rational leadership is to emerge in Ukraine, it had best get its skates on, because to date there are not even any such candidates visible. I imagine Gazprom would be amenable to transiting significant volumes across a future Ukraine which pursued friendly and fraternal relations with Russia, but a major limitation is the physical state of the Ukrainian GTS, and sooner rather than later it will reach a point where it would make more sense to build a new one than to try to repair the existing one. It’s really in rough shape, and a change of leadership is not going to affect that one way or the other.


        2. And possibly a political reaction to the the now published and blatantly obvious fact that the “Independent” is right up Shit Creek and without a paddle as regards its gas transit rip-off that it has milked for years might be the following:

          Кравчук предложил ужесточить санкции против России из-за Донбасса
          6 декабря 2020, 04:22

          Kravchuk has proposed to tighten sanctions against Russia over the Donbass
          6 December 2020, 04:22

          And on hearing the above, Russia shits itself?

          Hardly! But such an utterance is targetted at Uncle Sam, accompanied by the rattling of a begging bowl — more exactly, the waving of a begging bowl, as there’s nothing in it to rattle, although doubtless there is plenty of moolah stashed away offshore by Porky and chums.

          Former President of the Ukraine and the head of the Kiev delegation in the contact group for regulating the situation in the east of the country Leonid Kravchuk has threatened Russia with new sanctions. He announced this on the air of the TV channel “Ukraine-24” on Sunday, December 6.

          The politician admitted that one year after the meeting of the leaders of the “Normandy Four” (Germany, France, Russia and the Ukraine) in Paris, no significant progress had been made in the negotiations in Minsk, so Kiev, he said, would have to change tactics.

          According to him, the most important achievement during this time has been the agreement on additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime, which began to operate on July 27, “no more concrete steps towards peace have been taken”.

          “If nothing happens by the end of the year, then, I think, the beginning of the new year will be the beginning of a new standard for our understanding of the situation”, Kravchuk said, explaining that he was talking about new sanctions against Russia.

          He clarified that these may be sanctions that relate to the international settlement system SWIFT, writes

          The last Normandy Four summit was held in Paris on December 9, 2019. At it, the parties confirmed that there was no alternative to the Minsk agreements as a basis for a settlement in the Donbass, and also agreed to achieve a comprehensive ceasefire within four months, disengagement of forces and equipment in new areas along the contact line, conduct a new exchange of prisoners and open a number of new checkpoints.

          In April 2014, the Ukrainian authorities launched a military operation against the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), which had declared their independence after a coup in the country in February 2014. The settlement issue is being discussed in the contact group and Normandy format.

          The above-linked article:

          На Украине предложили отключить Россию от SWIFT из-за Донбасса
          06.12.2020 | 01:36

          In the Ukraine it has been proposed that Russia be disconnected from SWIFT because of the Donbass.
          06.12.2020 | 01:36

          [Ha! That’ll bug those Yukie Svidomite bastards! They hate the preposition “на” before “Ukraine”, saying that it implies that (surprise, surprise!) the Ukraine is a territory and not a “real country”, whereas the preposition “в” indicates that this is so. I tell you what, Yukie arseholes: the Ukraine as a state is a figment opf your fervid imaginations and the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic, created by the Soviet Union in 1922, would have become a German colony, part of the Nazi “Lebensraum” for the “Greater Reich” if your Nazi pals had defeated the USSR. Furthermore, very few of you Svidomites would be alive now if that had happened, especially those of you that have Jewish antecedents, of which there are very, very many — ME]

          Russia should be excluded from the international settlement system as a sanction for the situation in the Donbass, said the head of the Kiev delegation to the contact group on resolving the situation in the region, Leonid Kravchuk. He said this live on air on the “Ukraine-24″ TV channel.

          He noted that the Ukrainian side would demand that sanctions be tightened against Russia after the New Year holidays if the conflict in the Donbass was not resolved. According to the former head of the Ukraine, Kiev would also ask that SWIFT be blocked.

          “If Russia were to be withdrawn from this international settlement system, its economy would become … I don’t know what words to use. There are already sanctions against the state, and not against specific individuals”, said Kravchuk.

          [Does he mean that the Russians would rise against the Tyrant if they were unable to make money transfers via SWIFT? Surely not? Why, that would be interfering in the affairs of a sovereign state, something that the USA would never countenance! — ME]

          In 2014, a coup d’état took place in the Ukraine, after which the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics were formed. In April of the same year, the Ukraine launched a military operation against them, and the fighting continues to this day. According to the UN, during this time about 13 thousand people have died during the conflict.

          Kremlin propaganda!

          It was not a coup d’état, but a “Revolution of Dignity”!

          And does not state that the 13 thousand dead during the conflict were killed by Russian Army, that is occupying parts of Eastern Ukraine.

          Everyone knows that!

          In the “Free World” this is common knowledge.


          1. By the way, Kravchuk, first president of “Independent Ukraine”, is the wiseguy who 30 years ago promised to make a “second France” out of the Ukraine.

            He is also the smartarse who “read somewhere on the Internet” the story of how Hitler and Stalin had met secretly in Lvov before the outbreak of the German-Soviet War 1941-1945. He said this live on TV after the current Ukrainian arsehole of a president, Zelenskiy, had blamed Hitlerite Germany and the USSR for the outbreak of World War II.

            Zelensky made his statement in Poland at events in memory of the liberation of Auschwitz, which had been liberated by the Ukrainians, of course — at least, according to the Svidomites it had been.


          2. Russia is not going to be disconnected from SWIFT. That was already proposed, by the usual Russophobes in the US government, that fruitbasket Lindsey Graham or someone like him, and Washington backed away from it. For two reasons, probably – one, Russia is already insulated to some degree from disconnection from SWIFT, with its own domestic system; disconnection would cause some problems, for sure, but nothing like the economic catastrophe Kravchuk seems to be envisioning. Russia would recover quickly, and that would be a graphic demonstration to other recalcitrant nations that life outside of the SWIFT bubble is possible. Washington does not want that. Two; the ability to watch and monitor a great deal of the financial transactions which take place daily between Russia and other nations would be lost.

            Ukraine is losing its head at the prospects of being completely dependent upon the western financial system. But you cannot really blame it, considering the USA’s bombastic rhetoric about standing shoulder to shoulder with its Ukrainian brother. Ukraine is simply asking it to put its money where its mouth is.

            I feel sorry for all the Ukrainians – and they are many, probably a majority – who have no quarrel with Russia and still feel a sense of kinship with it. The vocal minority is doing all the talking, but everyone is suffering for its pride and puffery.


    1. Ahh… those were the days that never were. After working a 10-hour week, the 4-day weekend would include a quick visit to the orbital Hilton and then learn new skills via subliminal messages during sleep. The world without want that never was.

      Ya know, it could have been something like that if not for the f’ing narcissists running the shit-hole that they created.


  45. Германия выделит Навальному участок земли для создания «Прекрасной России Будущего»

    Декабрь 4, 2020

    Germany is to allocate a plot of land to Navalny to create “Beautiful Russia of the Future”

    The German parliament has approved a resolution according to which a plot of about 10 sq. km. in a forest on the border with Luxembourg shall be alienated free of charge from the FRG and transferred to the ownership of Aleksey Navalny ion order that he create his own state.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the newly formed state must immediately join the EU, NATO and the Eurozone, as well as support all the sanctions imposed by Europe against Russia. Navalny, as the head of state and so far its only citizen, shall have complete freedom in choosing the form of government, legislation, taxes and in matters of adopting citizenship.

    “Mr. Navalny once told us that in Russia any citizen can appropriate a small piece of land in the taiga or tundra and do whatever he wants on it. It seems that the programme is called “Far Eastern Hectare”. However, even there, far from civilization, Russians cannot feel safe, because security officials can still easily gaol them or poison them with Novichok because of their posts on the Internet. Therefore, we wanted to give the Russians a chance to show that they are able to create a beautiful Russia of the future from scratch, and not only drink vodka and play the balalaika in a hat with earflaps”, explained Bundestag deputy Heinrich Snorkel when giving details of the experiment.

    The politician himself briefly commented on the proclamation of his own state on Instagram: “Very picturesque nature! Lyonya Volkov will be especially happy to live in my country — you can literally walk to work in Luxembourg ”.

    According to a source in the European Parliament, in the coming days, a similar proposal, but from Poland, will be received by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.


    1. Is this a joke? Or is it a payoff to Navalny and company? Is it a face-saving way for Navalny not to return to Russia? It’s just too weird to comprehend.


  46. Royal Navy shadows NINE Russian warships around the UK in two weeks including destroyer and submarine as Putin increases his navy’s presence in British waters

    The ships have included a surfaced submarine, a destroyer, a corvette and a patrol ship along with their supporting tugs and supply ships travelling in the English Channel, Celtic Sea and the west coast of Scotland. First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin said: ‘This is why the Royal Navy is at sea every day, protecting the UK and our interests. ‘Even with the pressures of Covid, we remain at short notice to respond to threats both in home waters and around the world.’

    When is this monster going to cease his insolent aggression???

    He must be taught a lesson forthwith!

    To arms, Britons!

    [None of the Russian Navy vessels were IN British waters, by the way, though they were NEAR British waters, as are RN and USN vessels when they enter Baltic and Black Sea waters and USN vessels when they cruise off the coasts of China and the Russian Far East. But the USN, when it does this, is only exercising its right to freedom of navigation in international waters, innit?]


      1. No, the Irish petitioned the Russians to take their island away in case after 31 December 2020, there suddenly appear hordes of refugees fleeing Britain.

        Of course the bit about the petition will never be in the MSM, only the annexation part.


    1. And no matter how hilarious — better said, inane — the above “Daily Mail” article may seem to me and other stooges here, the raving loonies responsible for its publication apparently feel that the UK is under threat from “Putin’s navy”. That bloody arsehole of a UK admiral seems to think so.

      I believe that the RN now has more admirals that it has surface ships that have an offensive ability, so maybe First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin sees his dire warnings of Russian aggression as a means of encouraging the expansion of her Majesty’s fleet.

      According to the RN, last year there were were 34 serving Admirals, Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals and 75 ships, which latter included patrol craft, used to train university students and patrol inland waters, and survey ships, which are used for mapping.

      Only 20 RN vessels are classed as major surface combatants, including HMS Queen Elizabeth, which is still not fully operational, I believe: no full complement of aircraft yet, which is a rum do considering she is an aircraft carrier.

      The RN was sunk when they stopped the rum ration, I’m pretty sure of that.

      My former CPO cousin was.


      1. Very few, if any senior military officers reach what is known as ‘flag rank’ without developing acute political instincts, and political instincts often tell senior military officers when they are expected to support political positions taken by their government vis-a-vis enemies. Russia has never attacked the UK on its home ground, and there is no reason to imagine it ever will – yet the British government constantly yammers about aggression and imminent attack, much like the alarmist Ukrainians.


    2. HMS SEVERN is a River-Class OPV whose primary and designed duty is fisheries protection. It must have strained her sensor capabilities to keep track of a submarine which was surfaced. I do hope this will not lead to irresponsible expectations on the part of the Royal Navy – to wit, that Russian submarines are incapable, because of ethics or design limitations, of submerged operations.

      The headline very clearly says “Royal Navy shadows NINE Russian warships around the UK in two weeks including destroyer and submarine as Putin increases his navy’s presence in British waters”. IN ‘British waters’, not NEAR British waters. So someone is telling porkies. If the same paper reported a murder on Baker Street in London, but the murder actually took place on Shaftesbury Avenue, would that be all right from a reporting perspective because the actual site of the murder is ‘near’ the reported site? Couldn’t the two locations actually be considered the same, because of their proximity? Is it really necessary to be so precise? Aren’t all the ocean waters which touch Britain actually ‘British waters’?

      It’s the old story in British ‘journalism’ – accusations on Page One in screaming bold type, retractions on page nine in teeny print that nobody reads. Is it any wonder a good half of the population is so irredeemably ignorant it could not reasonably be assigned to search for fish in an aquarium?


    3. Should read above:

      None of the Russian Navy vessels were IN British waters, by the way, though they were NEAR British waters, as are RN and USN vessels near Russian waters when they enter the Baltic and the Black Sea, and USN vessels are near Chinese and Russian waters when they cruise off the coasts of China and the Russian Far East respectively. But the USN, when it does this, is only exercising its right to freedom of navigation in international waters, innit?]


  47. Whatever. He’s far closer to the day of his mortal demise than he is to the day of his birth.

    When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, Joe — to a far, far better place, where you can caress pubescent girls’ hair for eternity.


  48. Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevskiy: “Our Russian Liberal is first and foremost a lackey and simply looks around to see if there are anyone’s boots to clean”.

    “I have read Dostoevskiy and experience an almost physical hatred towards that person. He is without any word of doubt a genius, but his representation of Russians as a chosen, holy nation, his cult of suffering, and that false way in which he choses to represent them arouses in me the wish to tear him to pieces”A.B. Chubais.


    1993 Chubais leads the voucher privatization project.
    Result: a financial crisis in Russia.

    1998, Chubais takes on a new project – RAO UES. Result: in Russia
    financial crisis.

    2008, Chubais launches a new project – “Nanotechnology”. Result: in
    Russian financial crisis.

    Interesting how Chubais dislikes how Dostoevskiy considered the Russian people as “chosen”.

    Chubais’ mother, in fact, was one of the “Chosen People”.

    Chubais said the above quoted words in a 2003 interview with “The Times”.


    1. “The enemies of living life; outdated little liberals, afraid of their own independence; lackeys of thought, enemies of the person and freedom, decrepit preachers of carrion and rot! What do they have: gray heads, the golden mean, the most abject and philistine giftlessness, envious equality, equality without personal dignity, equality as understood by a lackey or a Frenchman of the year ninety-three…And scoundrels, above all, scoundrels, scoundrels everywhere!”

      ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Demons

      “I must add… my gratitude to you for the attention with which you have listened to me, for, from my numerous observations, our Liberals are never capable of letting anyone else have a conviction of his own without at once meeting their opponent with abuse or even something worse.”

      ― Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Idiot

      More Dostoevskiy on Liberals:

      “If someone ruins Russia, it will not be communists, not anarchists, but damned liberals.”

      “One of the most characteristic features of Russian liberalism is its terrible contempt for the people.”

      Written by Dostoevskiy in the mid-19th century

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

      Liked by 1 person

  49. Not over until the fat lady sings?

    US-Botschafterin fordert Bau-Moratorium für Nord Stream 2 – doch die Verlege-Arbeit startet wieder
    Neue Sanktionen und Mahnungen der USA sollen die Fertigstellung der Pipeline verhindern. Dennoch hat sich die Aussicht, dass die Gasleitung vollendet wird, zuletzt verbessert.
    05.12.2020 – 08:00 Uhr

    US ambassador calls for a moratorium on construction for Nord Stream 2 – but the laying work starts again
    New US sanctions and warnings will prevent the completion of the pipeline. However, the prospect of the gas pipeline being completed has recently improved.

    05.12.2020 – 08:00

    Berlin: The fleet is getting into position and is due to start work this Saturday: After a compulsory one-year break, construction of the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline is continuing. The Russian gas company Gazprom is largely on its own. Threats of sanctions by the USA had driven the special ships originally commissioned to build the pipeline out of the Baltic Sea last December.

    Whether the Russians will now succeed in completing the pipeline at the second attempt remains unclear, however. For in Washington, Congress has agreed on a new, even tougher sanctions law. The goal: to make sure that Nord Stream 2 finally fails in the last few kilometres.

    “Now is the time for Germany and the EU to impose a moratorium on the construction of the pipeline”, Robin Quinville, acting US ambassador in Berlin, told Handelsblatt. This would send a clear signal that Europe would no longer tolerate “Russia’s continued malicious behaviour”. For Quinville, “This pipeline is not just an economic project, but the Kremlin’s political tool to bypass the Ukraine and divide Europe”.

    In fact, Nord Stream 2 has many opponents in Europe, especially Poland and the Baltic States distrust the energy relationship between Berlin and Moscow. The pipeline will double the capacity for direct gas supplies from Russia to Germany. Only six percent of the total 1200-kilometre route is still missing. As soon as Nord Stream 2 is operational, the importance of the previous land connections via the Ukraine would decrease – and thus, according to the Americans’ fears, weaken Kiev’s position in the conflict with Russia.

    Errr ., . . Russia is not in conflict with the Ukraine.

    Hey, Svidomites! Check out the German text:

    um DIE Ukraine zu umgehen — to bypass THE Ukraine

    über DIE — via THE Ukraine

    How about telling your pals the Germans to stop using the definite article before “Ukraine”?


    1. Should have been above:

      über DIE Ukraine — via THE Ukraine

      German Wiki:

      Die Ukraine ([ukʁ̥aˈiːnə] oder [uˈkʁ̥aɛ̯nə], [ʊˈkraenə], [uˈkraɪ̯nə]; ukrainisch Україна, [ukrɑˈjinɑ] Ukrajina, russisch Украина Ukraina [ukraˈ(j)iˑnɐ]) ist ein Staat in Osteuropa. Mit einer Fläche von 603.700 Quadratkilometern ist sie der größte Staat, dessen Grenzen vollständig in Europa liegen. Sie verfügt nach Russland über das zweitgrößte Staatsgebiet in Europa. Die Ukraine grenzt an Russland im Nordosten und Osten, Weißrussland im Norden, Polen, die Slowakei und Ungarn im Westen, Rumänien und die Republik Moldau im Südwesten sowie an das Schwarze Meer und das Asowsche Meer im Süden. Die Hauptstadt und größte Metropole des Landes ist Kiew, weitere Ballungszentren sind Charkiw, Dnipro, Donezk und Odessa.


      The Ukraine ([ukʁ̥aˈiːnə] or [uˈkʁ̥aɛ̯nə], [ʊˈkraenə], [uˈkraɪ̯nə]; Ukrainian Україна, [ukrɑˈjinɑ] Ukrajina, Russian Украина Ukraina [ukraˈ(j)iˑnɐ]) is a state in Eastern Europe. With an area of 603,700 square kilometres, it is the largest state whose borders lie entirely within Europe. It has the second largest national territory in Europe after Russia. The Ukraine borders Russia to the north-east and east, Belarus to the north, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the south-west and the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the south. The capital and largest metropolis of the country is Kiev; other metropolitan areas are Kharkiv, Dnipro, Donetsk and Odessa.

      My stress in both of the above texts.

      The BBC and the Guardian and most of the UK media now writes “Ukraine”, of course, without the article, for not to do so would be indicative of one’s being a “Kremlin stooge” or “Putinbot”.

      The Germans, however, don’t give a flying fuck about Svidomite prescriptive grammar rules as regards article usage with the proper noun “Ukraine”.


  50. From Russian blogosphere:

    Just yesterday, Tatyana Golikova, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister in charge of nationwide vaccination against coronavirus in Russia, reported simply apocalyptic news that the Sputnik-V vaccine is not compatible with alcohol for 42 days . . .

    Someone — most likely a kreakl, or maybe not — then posted this on vKontakte, the biggest Russian social network:

    Sputnik-V Vaccine — in action!

    That above image, by the way, first started doing the rounds in the early ’90s — you know, when Gaidar and Chubaia et al. were making post-Soviet Russia a capitalist free market paradise.

    Drinking habits here have greatly changed since the “Yeltsin Golden Years” — but just try and tell Western know-it-alls about that fact!


      1. Here is a crack house built to US standards:

        No pleasure is showing this picture – just a reminder that all societies have their problems.


  51. KP journalist taking the piss I think — in the headline he is, at any rate:

    6 декабря 2020 14:32
    Чубайс получил, наконец, глобальную должность
    Анатолий Борисович назначен спасителем России и всея планеты от глобального потепления

    6 December 2020 14:32
    Chubais has finally got a global position
    Anatoly Borisovich appointed as saviour of Russia and the entire planet from global warming

    The numerous opponents of the unsinkable “father of the voucher” [by the distribution of which vouchers, the Russian populace was kidded into believing it would have a stake in privatized former state enterprises: the reality was that spivs bought the vouchers off the gullible Orcs and became “richer than ‘Creosote’ “, as one of my old workmates used to say — ME] did not rejoice for long in his sensational resignation. On December 3, he worked his last day at Rusnano. On December 4, Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Chubais as the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Relations with International Organizations to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The decree came into force on the very same day.

    The hazy wording of the decree caused new confusion in the minds of the enlightened public. What kind of abstract “sustainable development” would it be that the ideologist of Russian privatization should provide at the international level? What exactly will he be responsible for? Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added intrigue: “Anatoly Chubais will not be a civil servant; he will also not be an employee of the presidential administration”. And there had been no such position before It was introduced specifically for Anatoly Borisovich.

    Many considered the new appointment of the 65-year-old young reformer of the Yeltsin time as a sinecure, veiled by an honourable pension.

    You are mistaken, gentlemen-comrades. Early, too early for Anatoly Borisovich to retire. He only dreams of retirement. This is confirmed by his tweet about his new job: “In my life, more than once I had to do what is important for the country, although it was not very pleasant for me. This time, it looks like the upcoming business is really significant for the country and of personal interest to me”.

    So what is the mysterious business of this position to which he has been appointed?

    I assure you, there is no conspiracy in the presidential decree. “Sustainable development” is a “sustainable” international term: I apologize for the play on words. It has been in use in Russia for a long time. Suffice it to recall the decree of President Yeltsin of April 1, 1996 No. 440 “On the Concept of the Transition of the Russian Federation to Sustainable Development”.

    Alas, the Russian translation does not express the essence of the English term “sustainable development”. Literally “sustainable development that meets future needs”.

    The term itself was invented and put into circulation by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED), better known as the Brundtland Commission (named after its chairman Gro Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway, now the UN Secretary General’s special envoy on climate change.) , according to the UN special commission – “meeting the needs of the present generation, without prejudice to the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In short, while consuming now, do not forget that citizens are good as regards their descendants, leave them forests, rivers with clean water and other natural resources.

    The commission itself, by the way, was created in 1983 by the decision of the UN General Assembly in connection with the “rapid deterioration of the environment, man and natural resources”.


    Since then, environmental problems on the planet have only intensified. From the creation of the special Gro Brundtland commission, the UN has moved on to the Paris Climate Agreement on combating global warming, whose symbol was the schoolgirl Greta Thunberg.

    Emotional Chubais enthusiastically speaks of the young Swedish woman, who, they say, by her appearance led to a sharp change in the balance of power in the international environmental agenda:

    “My attitude to her and to what she does is fundamentally different from the dominant one in our country. I believe that this fantastic PR-political phenomenon could not have taken place if it had not been real. It is real, it is a phenomenon. And Greta Thunberg is real”.

    And Anatoly Borisovich himself, I tell you, is a real fighter against global warming, the most active in Russia. For many years now, the co-chairman of the Association for the Development of Renewable Energy has been calling from different tribunes to save the planet from the greenhouse effect, reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment, and accelerate the development of “green energy”.

    His speech at the session “The Global Climate Challenge: A Limit or Driver of Development?” at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is characteristic of him:

    “For a clear illustration of climatic changes, let us reduce the lifetime of the Earth’s 46 billion years to 46 years. Then it turns out that man has existed on it for only 4 hours, and the industrial revolution began only 1 minute ago. And in this short time, we have already destroyed half of the forests on the planet. This, it seems to me, is important to understand, simply in order to assess the degree of importance of the problem itself, which, from my point of view, is significantly underestimated. At least it’s underestimated in our country”.


    Anatoly Borisovich not only verbally stands up for the sacred fight against global warming. In 2017, he was about to get ready for the “last and decisive battle” with greenhouse gases. With a miracle nano weapon at the ready. What he said on radio Business FM: “We conducted a special study, which showed that nanomodified materials are able to contribute to the fight against CO2 emissions more than all the alternative energy on the globe. And one of our flagship projects is the production of carbon nanotubes. We believe that the industrial technology created by Novosibirsk scientists is the best in the world … Nothing like this exists on the globe … I think that if our situation develops in accordance with our plans, then by about 2025 the company’s capitalization will be measured in several billions of dollars, and by 2030 it may have become the largest company in Russia and surpass Gazprom in market capitalization, and it may also have become the largest exporter from Russia … “

    Many have considered the new appointment of the 65-year-old young Yeltsin reformer to be a sinecure, a veiled honourary pension. Photo: Roman Ignatiev

    But the reddish haired Trump, having arrived at the White House, threw all the road maps and plans of Chubais into confusion. He defiantly withdrew from the Paris Agreement, which his predecessor Obama had struggled to lobby for. Global warming itself was called a grand scam. And most importantly, he closed the financing of the UN Green Fund, which was supposed to raise $100 billion annually to fight global warming. The head of Rosnano must have been counting on some of this money to bypass his colleague Miller and his Gazprom.

    Therefore, the usually politically correct Chubais in his hearts hit the nail on the head at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum when he stated: “Trump, with his powerful, profound decision, led the country in the opposite direction to where civilized mankind is going, namely in the direction of rogue countries. If I remember correctly, Syria, Nicaragua and the United States are categorically opposed to the Paris agreement. And that’s all there is to it”.

    For him, Trump had become an outcast.

    And now let’s consider the very moment of Chubais’s new appointment. In November, Trump lost to Democrat Biden in the US presidential election. The new president announced that on the very first day after his inauguration, the United States will rejoin the Paris climate agreement. Having clearly identified one of the main priorities of his activities in the White House.

    Moreover, at the end of November, Biden introduced a new position — the president’s special envoy for climate. By status — the level of a minister, a member of the National Security Council. “This is the first time a climate change official will be part of the National Security Council, reflecting the President-elect’s commitment to addressing this issue as an urgent part of national security”, Biden said.

    This special envoy is John Kerry, former Secretary of State (Foreign Secretary) under Obama. Well known in world politics. He played a key role in the negotiations on the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, which was signed by almost 200 countries. In 2019, he co-founded World War Zero, a bipartisan initiative by world leaders and celebrities to fight the climate crisis. In Biden’s election headquarters, he was engaged in climate issues.

    In early December, Vladimir Putin made a retaliatory move — he introduced the post of the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for Relations with International Organizations to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals. What “sustainable development” means I explained above. But, apparently, Chubais’s sphere of activity will not be limited to his favourite fight against global warming.

    “The Kremlin urgently needs to improve relations with the new White House team”, says our authoritative analyst, who wished to remain anonymous. “Democrats are representatives of the global elite. For her, today in Russia there are three “handshakeable” liberals with whom one can negotiate: Kudrin, Gref, and Chubais. The Accounts Chamber “hangs” on Kudrin: Sberbank and a host of other structures, including the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, hang on Gref. Chubais, freed from the shackles of Rusnano and accountable only to the president, can fly to the States, Britain, France at any time … Previously, he did not hide his hostility to the “outcast” Trump. So Chubais is an ideal figure for confidential negotiations with Western globalists.

    P.S. The author deliberately does not give a personal assessment of Chubais’s past activities in Russia, including his theory of global warming. I wrote about this a lot in Komsomolskaya Pravda before. I shall only say that I am not a supporter of Anatoly Borisovich. But today I am just analyzing the situation with his new appointment, which has caused a great variety of explanations and rumours.


    This is not the first time that Chubais has been an international negotiator.

    • On 16 June 1998, a group of leading Russian businessmen invited him to negotiate with the IMF and the World Bank. On 17 June Chubais was appointed President Yeltsin’s Special Representative for Relations with International Financial Institutions. On 20 July he reached an agreement with the IMF Council on the allocation of $11.2 billion to Russia. The first tranche of $ 4.8 billion managed to get to our country, but its further fate is vague. The second tranche, due in September, failed to materialize: on August 17, 1998, the Russian government declared itself to be in default.

    • In 1998 and 2012, Chubais participated in closed annual meetings of the Bilderberg Club of the Powerful, which conspiracy experts call the secret world government.

    • In September 2008, Anatoly Chubais became the first Russian representative on the International Council of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, one of the largest in the USA. In August 2013, he was replaced on the Board by Herman Gref.

    Anatoly Chubais — truly a man of the people who ony has the Russian Federation peoples’ best interests at heart!


    1. The posing twat fired the 12 o’clock gun from Saints Peter and Paul fortress in St. Petersburg yesterday so as to celebrate his new appointment..

      How come? Who authorized this action? Chubais is neither a diplomat nor a member of the presidential staff: hes simply a bullshitting thief.

      Чубайс выстрелил из гаубицы в Петербурге «в ознаменование новой миссии»

      Chubais fired a howitzer in St. Petersburg “in commemoration of a new mission”

      The former head of the Rusnano state corporation, the president’s Special Representative for Relations with International organizations, Anatoly Chubais, fired a D30 howitzer from the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg in honour of his appointment to a new position. He announced this on his Facebook page.

      “In commemoration of the start of a new mission at exactly 12:00, I fired a shot from the D30 howitzer at the Peter and Paul Fortress! (There are no harmful effects on the climate and no negative environmental consequences)’, Chubais wrote.

      What a poseur!

      Better that he were fired out of a howitzer across the Neva!

      Chubais is as big a liar as Munchausen was!


        1. Painted by Russian artist Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin more than 20 years after the Sepoy mutiny. He got the uniforms wrong. Those in the painting are of the British army infantry in the 1870s during the Raj, after the disbandment of the East India Company that ran India, against whom the sepoys mutinied, and after the declaration that Queen Victoria was Empress of India. British army artillerymen wore blue uniforms. In the painting, the soldiers are wearing red tunics.

          Blowing from a cannon was a punishment introduced by the Muslim Moguls, by the way, just to keep the Hindus in line.


  52. This made me laugh yesterday, and I’m not much of a laughing person, I can tell you!

    This made me laugh!

    Millwall Controversy: Wayne Rooney Slams ‘Disgraceful’ Fans Booing Kneeling Players

    Apparently, Millwall fans started booing players when they “took the knee” and politically correct Rooney tweeted:

    I wonder who wrote the above for him? Rooney certainly didn’t write it, I’m sure!

    Some “social sciences” graduate who’s landed a cushy number at Derby County as a “Diversity Officer” or whatever wrote that I bet, but not Rooney!

    I doubt that he’s written much since he left school — apart from signing his contracts with Everton and Man. United etc.

    And probably did so by making a cross.



  53. Paging you-know-who!

    «Санкционка» оказалась незаменимой
    Россия не смогла достичь целей импортозамещения продуктов

    Sanctioned products have proven to be irreplaceable
    Russia has failed to achieve the goals for the substitution of imported products

    Contrary to the hopes of the government, Russia has been unable to replace supplies of the main categories of imported products because of domestic production, including those goods prohibited for import under counter-sanctions in August 2014, a study by the National Rating Agency (NRA*) has shown. Companies from other countries have replaced European suppliers, and, according to experts, in a number of cases it is not about replacing, but about re-exporting the same, mostly European, “banned” products.

    In the eight years that have passed since the adoption of the import substitution strategy in Russia, calculated until 2020, only meat imports have been significantly reduced on the food market – by 65%, according to the NRA study (Kommersant has it). But this is still 2.8 p.p. less than the strategy implies. The document itself mentioned the reduction of imports of goods produced domestically as one of the measures.

    After the introduction in 2014 of an embargo on products from the European Union and a number of others (meat and dairy products, fish, vegetables and fruits), in response to Western sanctions against Russia, officials appealed just in time to the 2012 strategy, promising to replace the prohibited goods with Russian ones.

    Dynamics of Russian importation of sanctioned products
    Source: Federal Customs Service and UN data on international trad

    However, this has turned out only partially to have taken place. Thus, the export of dairy products by the end of 2020 decreased by 20% instead of the 30% proclaimed in the strategy, and of fruit and vegetables by 11% instead of the planned 20%. The situation turned out to be a failure, with a reduction in vegetable imports: it was envisaged that by 2020 their imports would decrease by 70.3%, in fact, by 27%. Russia will be a net importer of fruit and vegetables for a long time because of the climate, explains NRA senior analyst Maria Sulima.

    Does this mean that the oppressed masses will at long last arise and overthrow the Tyrant, the sweaty mob led on by disgruntled kreakly and the “élite”, who have suffered for so long from the absence of camembert and Henessy in the up-market shops, whilst in the wings, awaiting his call, is President-to-be navalny?

    Is Putin’s Mafia State doomed at last with this news?

    I think not: still plenty of borshch and shchi and grechka not to mention fish heads and rotten cabbage leaves!

    From the NRA site linked above:

    The history of the National Rating Agency (NRA) dates back to 2002. In almost 20 years of its existence, NRA has gone from a pilot rating project within a self-regulating organisation to an independent business with strong market positions whose assessments are recognised by the professional community.

    Since 12 September 2019, NRA has been included in the register of credit rating agencies of the Bank of Russia.

    At the end of 2019 – beginning of 2020, NRA has qualitatively updated methodologies for assessing the reliability and quality of services provided by professional securities market participants, as well as methodologies for assigning credit ratings.

    Now more than 100 non-financial and financial companies, banks, associations, self-regulating organizations and universities participate in various rating and information projects of NRA, materials and comments of NRA analysts are published in mass media on a daily basis.

    NRA ratings are used by investment market participants as one of the important criteria for assessing business performance and risk analysis, and are also an instrument for increasing transparency of the Russian financial market in accordance with the Bank of Russia’s Financial Market Development Strategy for 2019-2021.

    As I live and breathe — an NGO, forsooth!

    Or am I mistaken?


    1. I’m not sure I would count 2020 as reliable statistics considering current events. Lies, damned lies and statistics…

      What I’m more interested in is consumer habits and how they have changed and whether such change is substantially maintained. No doubt the Kreakls want their French camemebert and Italian Parma ham, but as you have often pointed out ME, the quantity and quality of local alternative is not to be sniffed at and also for a much better price. As long as those producers continue to do so and keep their customers happy it’s hard to see them buying significantly elsewhere (though these things do change, obvs).

      That Russia ‘has failed’ to substitute foreign imports completely or even ‘substantially’ for domestic ones is not much of a surprise either. It takes time, cash, people and management. The goal doesn’t even have to be 100% but enough to provide and adequate alternative. Until Russia does produce and export in quantities substitutions (gas turbines for example), then it has to make do with stuff like cleverly re-imported Siemens turbines for current projects that otherwise could not be finished , or as we have seen with the US giant GE (which I posted about before), full localization of GE tech in Russia which also helps to build up local expertize that is cross-transferable.

      It’s a process, innit!? Wailing and gnashing of teeth hasn’t much use.


      1. Not only does import substitution take time, so does acquiring the appropriate intellectual property rights in order to get the right “recipe” or methods of substitution, and you can bet that this IP avenue won’t be made available to sanctioned countries.


    2. Probably good on the whole if it inspires the Russian public to more zealously seek out known domestic products and to read labels to determine product origins. It has long been known that Europe seeks energetically to retain some market share by concealing the origin of its products through re-exporting from other countries – if curtailing this is failing anywhere, it’s best to know so it can be stopped. If I were a government regulator, I would not care whether the source which announced to me that a company was eluding the embargo did so out of triumph or patriotism – the important thing would be that I was informed so that I and my department could investigate and shut it off, if it is replaceable.

      And some things will not be; it’s the same here. Canada is a comparatively wealthy country and there are no restrictions on its importation of foreign goods, but nearly all the produce in the stores is American, Mexican or South American. Canada simply does not have a California where you can grow vegetables all year round, all we can get now that is home-grown are a few winter root vegetables. You could grow vegetables in greenhouses, but there must be reasonable limits on a country’s crusades to limit foreign products, and making your population pay two or three times the price for a bunch of carrots is not the way to do it. The important thing is to eliminate dependency that can translate to leverage. If a country must buy seasonal vegetables from a sanctioned enemy during the winter, then that’s the way it is – things that are staples must be available, at a competitive price. Camembert from the Loire Valley or wherever is not a staple, no matter how the kreakliy howl – let them go on vacation and eat Camembert until they’re so bound up they don’t shit for a week.

      The aim is to eliminate dependency, not eliminate all foreign products; if the latter were achieved, producers would become lazy because they have no competition against which to measure their own products for quality – domestic replacements must be competitive for price and quality. Going back to Canada, we could devise ways to produce our own vegetables, even in winter. But they would not be competitive for price with vegetables from California that are only overnight in a truck away from being fresh out of the ground, and there are not enough super-patriots who would pay $10.00 for a bag of carrots just because they are Canadian-grown when they can get the same-size bag of California carrots for $2.75. Reason must prevail in all things, or people suffer.

      I would remind the author of that piece that the conclusions drawn may be in error, if they conclude that ‘sanctioned products are irreplaceable’, because we are still quite early in the stages of a long game, and significant replacement has already been effected without introducing undue inconvenience for the public. If foreign products prevailed at their previous levels despite the government’s efforts, that would be a failure; but ask a foreign producer if a 27% drop in his exports looks like success to him. There is a definite reawakening of interest in domestically-produced goods, and that’s something to build on.


  54. Moon of Alabaman: “Uighurs forced to eat pork” – Horror Stories Told By Chinese Defector Seem To Evolve

    Al Jazeerah, the propaganda outlet of Qatar, has published a remarkable anti-China propaganda piece which echos claims made by dubious CIA affiliated outlets:

    A lot at the link.

    The level of desperation required to pump out such low level poor quality crap is impressive. Yes dissidents, you may find the grass greener on the other side, but you still have to sing for your supper. Values and morals become so easily malleable when required even from the holy…


    1. MoA seems to have discredited it pretty thoroughly, using her own words, and it seems pretty clear it is just the American intelligence services doing what they always do – probing for a public reaction, to see what will spark broad outrage. Hill & Knowlton’s “babies ripped out of incubators and left on the cold floors to die” redux. We’ve seen the ‘pork trigger’ used before, when Ramadan worshipers allegedly found raw bacon scattered at the designated site of their gathering.


  55. BMPD: Роль новых систем стратегических вооружений в обеспечении стратегического сдерживания/ The role of new strategic weapons systems in ensuring strategic deterrence

    В официальном военно-теоретическом журнале Министерства обороны Российской Федерации «Военная Мысль» (№ 12 за 2020 год – выпуск ) опубликована небезынтересная статья известных отечественных военных теоретиков полковника А.В. Евсюкова и подполковника в отставке А.Л. Хряпина «Роль новых систем стратегических вооружений в обеспечении стратегического сдерживания», в которой рассматриваются особенности применения авиационного ракетного комплекса «Кинжал» с гиперзвуковой ракетой и боевого лазерного комплекса «Пересвет» в интересах стратегического сдерживания, и в первую очередь в разрезе концепции стратегического неядерного сдерживания…

    A lot more at the link.

    Posted because Mark earlier commented* on a piece by StalkerZone about how useful Kinzal would be and the long-ish above piece echos that along with how all the other systems tie in to the strategic deterrent element to whatever s/t the US or its band of merry idiots think is the ace up their sleeve.



  56. Не совершай ошибку: власти советуют не выходить из дома на Новый год
    Роспотребнадзор рекомендует воздержаться от новогодних корпоративов
    07.12.2020, 13:12

    Do not make a mistake: the authorities advise not to leave the house at the New Year
    Rospotrebnadzor* recommends refraining from New Year corporate parties

    07.12.2020, 13:12

    *The Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being — aka bureaucratic busybodies.

    It is better to spend the New Year holidays at home, even better in the country, recommends Rospotrebnadzor. Indoor events, including corporate parties, the agency asks not to attend in order to minimize the risks of coronavirus infection.

    Yeah, right! But my railway, metro and bus pass is blocked, so I have to buy a ticket in order to get to my dacha, and on the way there, I shall be asked how old I am, which happened to me as soon as I boarded a train on my way to the country last May.

    Now, in a period of unfavorable epidemiological conditions, it is better to avoid mass gatherings of people – this is fraught with the danger of infection, reminds Rospotrebnadzor. You should also limit contacts as much as possible, make visits and invite friends to your home less often, and strictly observe social distancing.

    The department also advises to refrain from travelling abroad. “When planning trips, it is necessary to take into account possible changes in the epidemic situation and quarantine measures”, add public health doctors.

    The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said at the beginning of the month that the department was preparing recommendations for the New Year holidays in the context of a pandemic.

    A load of dog’s bollocks!


  57. Dutch PM Covers Up Support for Terrorists in Syria

    Dutch Prime Minister Rutte suppressed an investigation into the Dutch government’s support for armed groups in Syria.

    It was a seldom-seen moment on Dutch TV. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was put under pressure ( ) by a journalist from a national TV channel during a press conference. This is unheard of in The Netherlands…

    As usual, they are not terrorists if they are working for us directly, indirectly or whatever.


    1. Where’s the picture for Novichok? Oh of course, there won’t be one, just another photo of Navalny smirking with his wife draped all over him; or Julia Skripal in “before” (pudgy, bespectacled) and “after” (radiant, slim and with shining eyes) photos.


  58. Euractiv:


    Ne’er a word about TAP’s ‘temporary’ rolling exemption from the EU’s ‘Third Energy Package’, something Brussels refused to do for Russian gas, but as we all know Azeri dicatator gas is good. Brussels, Kiev and others also call ‘Take or pay’ long term contracts evil, even though they have been standard for decades. The Azeri ‘contract’ is for 25 years:

    …On 7 September 2011, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP AG) submitted its EU Third Party Access Exemption applications in all three host countries. Exemption will allow TAP AG to enter into long term ship-or-pay gas transportation agreements with the shippers of Shah Deniz II gas.[22][23] The exemptions were granted on 16 May 2013….

    Energy Strategy Reviews
    Volume 28, March 2020, 100464

    The role of Azeri natural gas in meeting European Union energy security needs

    …According to EIB, the project is economically profitable even with conservative assumptions. The bank also claims that in the future, the amount of the transported gas will be increased and the cost will be cheaper than in the initial stage, which in the end will make the project economically profitable. [47] argues that the involvement of the European Commission and EIB in promoting and financing the SGC is an example of the intervention of public agencies of the EU to influence the mechanisms of energy markets for political purposes. The EU has also provided regulatory exemptions to TAP in the form the requirements on third party access, tariff regulation and ownership unbundling for 25 years helping improve the project economics [89]. …

    …5. Conclusions..

    …Azeri natural gas is amongst the more expensive import options for the EU. However, despite the availability of cheaper alternatives, natural gas imports from Russia dominate the import mix in the EU, and in particular in Italy which will be the entry point for Azeri natural gas via the SGC into the EU…

    …. fit well into its diversification strategy, even though these imports are not the most economical for the region. The EU, as a regulatory state, has chosen this as a key step in implementating…

    ‘helping imporve the project economics.’ AKA subsidizing a dictatorship.

    So here’s the obvious question. If gas market prices consistently drop below the take-or-pay 25 year contract with Azerbaidjan, who’s left holding the kitty? Remember Brussels is about the market and not fixing it in its favor, or so they say in public.

    FYI, if you want to save a webpage as a complete html single file there’s the ‘SingleFile’ extension/addon/whatever for most browsers:

    Chromium based browsers:

    Mozilla Firefox:


    1. It always makes me smile a little in amusement when the EU prances and punches the air and shouts “Yes!!!!” in victory because it has moved forward with a plan to secure Azeri gas. If those people looked at geopolitics realistically they would kick themselves in the balls for all their victory-boogieing. Imagine, for example, that Russia establishes itself, by its own choice, as the enemy of the United States. Well, it is, but that’s not how it came about. It shits all over America as an energy provider, and then secures a supply from…Canada.

      Brilliant! The United States could shut off energy supplies to anywhere from Canada before it had digested its breakfast. Russia could do the same with Azerbaijan. Europe’s magic bottomless supply of cheap energy (let’s imagine, for a moment, that it is cheap, although it isn’t), shares a 338-km border with Russia that stretches from the Caucasus Mountains to the Caspian Sea, and an airstrike on Azeri gasworks could reduce them to rubble in less time than it took to type this sentence. They probably wouldn’t, but as I keep harping – where strategy is concerned, think capabilities, not intentions. Your reliance on critical supplies of anything which could be easily interdicted by your enemy constitutes vulnerability, and the degree to which you rely upon it increases or decreases your proportional vulnerability. Just because Russia has never done anything like that does not mean it would not.


  59. Sputnik News: Reports of Bomb Threat on Board Aeroflot Plane at JFK Proven False

    Earlier, a spokesperson with the Russian Embassy in the US told Sputnik that police were searching an Aeroflot plane at JFK airport in the city of Jamaica, NY, for explosives after reports of a bomb threat.

    …”The police received a notification about the presence of an explosive device on board and are working on it at the moment. As far as we know, they are searching the plane for explosive devices,” the spokesperson told Sputnik.

    According to the Russian Embassy, the Aeroflot flight to Moscow was delayed….

    Ukietards? There have been a series of bomb threats against Russian airliners mostly flying domestically over the last few years but we haven’t heard about whether the perpetrators were collared or not (or I completely missed it).


  60. The Russian blogosphere is regularly swamped with pieces posted by hamsters about the great leader now in Germany, who shall soon be the next president, and of how wonderful a job he will do as head of state.

    And then there appears this:

    14:03 7 Декабря 2020
    ВЦИОМ: Рейтинг доверия россиян к Навальному — 3%

    VTsIOM: Rating of Russians’ confidence in Navalny – 3%

    A poll conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) has shown an almost complete lack of confidence amongst Russians in the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, non-profit foreign agent) Aleksey Navalny. The low rating is an indication of a failed media campaign to increase the popularity of the oppositionist with the participation of the West.

    VTsIOM has published opinion poll data, relevant at the end of November 2020, as regards the measurement of the level of trust in the Russian public towards political figures and oppositionists. As part of the survey, it was established to whom the citizens of the Russian Federation would entrust the solution of important state issues. FBK founder Aleksey Navalny was included in the list of figures, the attitude towards whom sociologists were trying to find out. The poll showed that only 3% of Russians trust the oppositionist and are ready to entrust him with solving important state issues.

    [Clearly, VTsIOM did not ask the opinion of juveniles — ME]

    Note that at the end of August 2020, Navalny was poisoned. [Allegedly! — ME] Political scientists and experts from different fields assessed the incident as a provocation and considered that the political and intelligence structures of the West were involved in this matter. Experts disagree about the goals of the provocations, but amongst the frequently named ones there appear: discrediting the Russian Federation in the international arena, complicating relations between Russia and Germany and the EU as a whole, as well as increasing Navalny’s popularity as an oppositionist through making him a victim. The poisoning of Navalny was accompanied by the deployment of a media campaign in major Russian and foreign liberal media (Stern, Bild, NYT, DW, Mediazona and others).

    However, the low level of Russian confidence in Navalny, recorded by VTsIOM at the end of November, is an indication of the failure of the media campaign to popularize the oppositionist. Note that in September 2020, the rating of trust in Navalny in the context of the poisoning of the founder of FBK was measured by the Levada Center (non-profit foreign agent). The sociological survey data also showed a trust rating of three points. The survey revealed that Russian citizens generally do not believe in Navalny’s poisoning.

    As a reminder, at the end of September 2020, the Levada Center conducted a study on the attitude of Russians towards Aleksey Navalny and his supporters. According to the all-Russian representative sample, 1,605 people over 18 years old took part. Social survey data showed that the opposition’s anti-rating had doubled – 50% in 2020 against 25% in 2019. Commenting on the attitude of the head of the FBK to the poisoning, only 8% of Russians showed sympathy.

    But the bullshit unabashedly continues — Washington Moscow Echo a fortnight ago:

    АВТОР: Алексей Навальну политик
    [AUTHOR: Aleksey Navalny politician}

    26 ноября 2020
    Не только не умереть, но и снова начать бегать

    Not only not died, but started running again

    I have not only not died, but I have also started running again. The most correct plan. I am getting started on it, wish me luck.

    The doctors told me that one of the reasons I did not die was because I was in good physical shape. I was running. I suffered, but I ran. Not for nothing.

    Today is the first time I will try to run again. Before that, I tried running for 5 and 7 minutes just to feel the movement, but now I want to start straight off, normally. Just slowly. My left leg is still slightly “frozen”, the doctors say: wait, it should pass. I hope running helps.

    I will write reports to you here on how it is going. And you, too, start running — it is disgusting at first, and then it is OK. And after a while you will start to miss doing it. Plus, if you are poisoned with chemical weapons, it may save you!

    Yeah, the bullshitter was in great shape when that evil swine Putin poisoned him.

    That’s one big reason why Lyosha didn’t die!


  61. Почему Чубайс назначен главным переговорщиком с западными элитами?
    Александр Халдей
    Вчера 15:07

    Why has Chubais been appointed chief negotiator with Western elites?

    [Because he’s a slimy bastard?]

    The discussion about the possible appointment of Chubais is over. Officially, the main “privatizer” of the country has been appointed Special Representative of the President of Russia for Relations with International Organizations. In reality — with Western global elites: first of all, the deep state, the US Democratic Party, the Order of Malta, the Bilderberg Club, and so on.

    This appointment alone suggests that in Russia, Biden’s victory over Trump is considered a fait accompli and personnel appointments are carried out with this aim, although, perhaps, a little too early.

    It is assumed that Chubais should explain to the Democrats that if Russia is under pressure, then one can only achieve consolidation as regards anti-Americanism. And if you do not pressurize, then, perhaps, it will be possible to agree on something, and the results will suit the Americans in some way.

    At the same time, some analysts consider Chubais an experienced negotiator, albeit without mentioning what negotiations, where and when Chubais won. And some even believe that Chubais is more likely to represent not the interests of Russia in international organizations, but the interests of these international organizations in Russia.

    Such interpretations seem naive — there are no transfer conditions that will suit both the Americans and us. Navalny will not be made president, Crimea and the Kuriles will not be given to them, and the Americans will not agree to anything less. They will not spoil relations with China either. And they will not leave Syria, and they will not give up NS-2 and the Eurasian Economic Union. Then what is there to talk about that the Americans will like? About the return of Liberals to key government posts? And what will it give Russia?

    The contradictions between the US and Russia are objective, and Chubais is unable to weaken them. He cannot tell the Americans anything new, in any case, such that they themselves would not know. The information provided by Russian intelligence is also much more extensive, so Chubais will not say anything new. No Chubais, not even ten Chubaises, will be able to push the Americans to act against their national interests.

    All of Chubais’s proposals are not interesting to the Americans. They only need complete surrender, but Chubais cannot guarantee them this. Chubais in the US is perceived as a means of pressure on Putin. In any other capacity, he is of no interest to them. As a result, Chubais’s mission is impossible.

    The Americans do not need détente, and it is useless to scare them with the Cold War — they themselves are looking forward to it and strive for it. All threats from Russia by the Americans have been calculated and weighed up. In fact, America and Chubais have nothing to talk about — except for memories of the past.

    An attempt by the Americans to increase the capitalization of Chubais in order to facilitate revenge for their entire fifth column is futile: Chubais himself is toxic, and his clan in Russia is hated, the ’90s cannot be returned, and in the ’20s Chubais is useless.

    As a result, Chubais was placed in a competitive environment with the Foreign Ministry and the Foreign Intelligence Service. This is unequal competition. Chubais will be perceived by the Democrats as a Trojan horse and as a channel of disinformation. Anything Chubais will tell his American counterpart will be perceived with distrust. But the Americans will definitely make attempts through Chubais to probe the possibility of a coup in Russia. Which puts Chubais in a difficult position before Putin.

    Thus, the appointment of Chubais has too much of the successful disposal of the toxic personnel of the times of unpopular reforms. Chubais is trapped: if there is no result, he will be blamed for another mission failure. If he plays and goes beyond, he will be removed.

    Most likely, he will become a channel for leaking secondary inside information from Biden’s entourage, undertaken in order to put pressure on Putin and his entourage. But for Putin it becomes a routine special operation to misinform the enemy.

    Chubais has been placed in the position of an open double agent. Nowhere do they believe him and everyone uses the dark one. He does not know who else works for the Democrats and what the Kremlin is eing informed about, and now he will be informed about as well. As a result, Chubais will never know how seriously he is being taken, both in Moscow and Washington. Most likely, he will be a toy in the hands of the security services of both countries, and the more he is sure of his exclusivity, the more he will be a pawn. Well, that’s what he’s earned.

    Putin and Chubais have played their classic multi-move. He has been removed from the inner circle and transferred to an illusory outer one. Now Chubais will transmit gossip from the Washington salons to Putin, and he will have no other information. After 3 years he will be retired, because in 2024 no one will need him. After that they will forget about him. This is how earthly glory passes.

    Or as I, as a classics scholar would say: SIC GLORIA TRANSIT MUNDI


    1. “Such interpretations seem naive — there are no transfer conditions that will suit both the Americans and us. Navalny will not be made president, Crimea and the Kuriles will not be given to them, and the Americans will not agree to anything less. They will not spoil relations with China either. And they will not leave Syria, and they will not give up NS-2 and the Eurasian Economic Union. Then what is there to talk about that the Americans will like? About the return of Liberals to key government posts? And what will it give Russia?”

      Precisely – that’s it, in a nutshell. Chubais is not going to be given the authority to negotiate any of these things away for western paper promises to ‘consider Russia’s position’ after it makes a ‘show of good faith’. Chubais can come back to government and say, “Such an amazing deal I have for you, you won’t believe”, and he will be sent back with a “The state has considered your conditions and finds that they cannot be met under the present circumstances, thanks all the same”. I have no doubt Chubais will be kissing up to the western ‘reformers’ like there is no tomorrow, but it will all be to no avail – he must come back to government and report his conversations and negotiations, and carry back the responses given him by the state. He has no decision-making mandate of his own. In fact, it should be amusing, as the westerners will be frantic to make great deals which will materially weaken Russia in the world, because they will perceive that Chubais agrees with them. And he will; nonetheless, he can only carry back offers, and return with polite refusals.

      And it would be “Sic transit gloria mundi”, you classics scholar, you.


      1. Or MUNDI SIC GLORIA TRANSIT or any permutation of the words in the phrase, as Latin has no fixed word order, it being a highly inflected language. Its the same with Russian.


        1. Really? I had no idea. In that case, I defer humbly to your superior linguistic grasp. You can play with the word order a little bit in English without losing the meaning, but it’s pretty rigid.


        2. For example, “I love you” in Russian can be expressed either as

          Я люблю тебя

          or as

          Я тебя люблю

          or as

          Тебя я люблю

          or as

          Тебя люблю я

          or as

          Люблю я тебя

          or as

          Люблю тебя я.

          Russian is a “synthetic language”, in that the case endings of nouns determine their syntactical function in a sentence, whereas English is an “analytical language”, in that the position of a noun in a sentence determines its syntactical function.

          Old English also used to be a “synthetic language”.

          In English, “Ivan loves Ann” does not mean “Ann loves Ivan”.

          In Russian “Иван любит Анну” means, word for word, “Ivan loves Ann”.

          However, “Анну любит Иван” and “Любит Анну Иван” and “Любит Иван Анну” also mean “Ivan loves Ann”.

          Likewise, “Anne loves Ivan” in Russian is, word for word, “Анна любит Ивана” .

          However, “Ивана любит Анна” and “Любит Анна Ивана” and “Любит Ивана Анна” also mean “Ann loves Ivan”.

          It is the case endings of a noun (in the above examples the “nominative” or “accusative” of the masculine and feminine gender, singular number nouns Ivan and Ann) that determine who loves whom.

          It is the same in Latin.

          “Sit Dominus semper vobiscum” means “May the Lord always be with you!”

          I could also say: “Dominus sit semper vobiscum” or “Vobiscum Dominus sit semper” etc., etc.

          Try it out on “Google Translate” if you do not believe me.

          What the word order changes may, however, indicate are changes of stress in a statement. To a limited extent one can also do this in English, e.g. “Anne John loves, not Mary!”

          The ending “-m” in “whom”, by the way is one of the two surviving case endings that still remain in English, in that “whom” is the “object” [accusative] form of “who”.

          The other surviving case ending in English indicates the possessive case (genitive) and is the apostrophized “s” in, for example, “John’s book”.

          Originally, the ending was “-es” and was once spoken with the “e” pronounced.

          The apostrophe signifies in written English that “John’s” is not a plural noun , as in “How many Johns are there in this class?”

          Конец урока,


          1. The genitive case in German is as in English, but has no apostrophe:

            Hitlers Anhänger in der Ukraine — Hitler’s supporters in the Ukraine.

            Anhänger —literally “onhanger”.

            Mit herzlichen Grüßen aus Moskau!


        3. And above there should have been an apostrophe in “its” in the sentence “Its the same in Russian”!

          Errare humanum est!

          Or . . .

          Humanum errare est


          Est humanum errare


          Est errare humanum.



            1. Russian noun declensions together with adjectives that agree in gender number and case with the noun they qualify would cause the various possible meanings of “Lesbian vampire killers” to be immediately discernable, namely whether the phrase means lesbians who kill vampires or vampires that are lesbians and killers or killers of lesbian vampires.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Лесбиянки-убийцы вампиров (lesbians who kill vampires)

                Лесбиянки-вампирские убийцы (vampires that are lesbians and killers)

                Убийцы вампирских лесбиянок (killers of lesbian vampires)


  62. Tass Pres Review: Press review: US seeks discord between Moscow, Tokyo and Russia to aid UNESCO in Karabakh

    Top stories from the Russian press on Monday, December 7th

    …Media: Moldovan leadership grappling for political strength after election…

    …On December 3, the Moldovan parliament approved a bill stripping the president of control over the country’s Service of Information and Security and moving it to the parliament’s jurisdiction…

    …Washington openly stated that the decision to go back on an agreement on selling land to Washington for the construction of a new embassy negatively affects US-Moldovan bilateral ties. ..

    WTF does the US need a new embassy? Were they planning to build yet another gigantic complex from which they could direct their nefarious affairs throughout the region without having to go far?

    …cancelled the sale of the former Republican Stadium in Chisinau intended for a new US embassy….

    …”The US is ready to invest more than $250 million to build a new embassy in Chisinau, creating hundreds of jobs, supporting local businesses and revitalizing Chisinau’s economy,” the embassy stressed. It urged the Moldovan authorities to “to rethink this step and to honour the obligations taken following the negotiations”….

    ‘Investing’ $250 million? F**K ME! No wonder they need the space of a stadium. Just how dumb do they think everyone else is. This is clearly designed to project US meddlesome foreign policy throughout the region more effectively and very handily for spies, military operations and other.


    1. Meanwhile Sandu has been calling on her supporters to come and carry out a coup against the legitimate parliament press the parliament for a snap election. So far it was claimed there were 50,000 protestors that turned out but other sources say it was more like 20,000. Sandu is really not wasting any time for her backers in the west.

      Pushing for a Moldovan Maidan really does tell us that she is a retard. To be elected and then immediately try and undermine an elected parliamentarian tells us all we need to know about her. Like the ‘reformers’ in Russia during the 1990s, ‘the people’ are considered too stupid to know what is good for them and need the right decisions to be made for them. Maybe she’ll call on NATO (from Romania) come and save her when it all falls apart, and suddenly there’ll be another front NATO has chosen to escalate against Russia. If a war happens, it will of course be by accident again and no-one foresaw such a possibility. Woo, more refugees for u-Rope!


    2. True dat; and the vaunted ‘hundreds of jobs’ would be all minimum-wage construction slogging for US supervisors, and would last only until the construction was complete. No Moldovan would be part of the finishing work, because they’re too paranoid that finish workers will plant bugs.

      “This repeal violates a binding bilateral agreement, violates international law and adversely affects relations between the United States and Moldova,” the US embassy said in a press release. The US had negotiated the sale of the plot in the centre of Chisinau for ten years .”

      Now even a land deal between seller, the Moldovan government, and buyer, the United States government, is ‘international law’, so that world courts must intervene on behalf of the United States and compel Moldova to sell the land it agreed to sell to the USA. Ummm…do they just append that ‘violates international law’ to everything? To sort of…give it global implications? Kind of like…talking in a scary voice?

      Nota bene, O World – once you have signed an agreement to sell something to the United States, international law compels you to go through with the deal.

      Of course, the United States can at any time renege on its deals with other countries, without any implications for international law, as it did when it confiscated Russian Embassy property in the United States. Pioneer Point in Maryland was bought by the Soviet Government in 1972 for $3 Million, the former estate of John J. Raskob, builder of the Empire State. Upon dissolution of the Soviet Union, the property was sold to the Russian Federation for $1.00.,_Maryland

      Speaking of US ‘deals’ and the coincidence of them being offered when a larger prize looks to be slipping away, there is considerable talk of an offered ‘deal’ with Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, in which – presumably – she would plead guilty to some lesser charge, allowing the USA to notch up a diplomatic victory (not to mention substantiating all its trade-war positions on China) but stave off extradition.

      Unsurprisingly, Meng and her lawyers are not even nibbling, because they probably are well aware that Uncle Sam only offers a sweet deal when his case is going sideways. They are holding firm against extradition, and the cracks are starting to show.


  63. Russian Helicopters accused Ukraine of illegally repairing Mi-17 helicopters of the Afghan air force

    …arrival of two Mi-17V-5 Helicopters of the Afghan Air Force at the Ukrainian aircraft repair enterprises «Motor Sich» (Zaporozhye) and «Aviakon» (Konotop) for performing illegitimate overhaul, ..

    No doubt the Afghan airforce is not allowed by the US to overhaul its Russian made helicopters by Russia. In a normal country this would be a legal hornet’s nest, but…

    I seem to recall this is not the first time this has happened. Possibly it was Su-25s in Georgia.


  64. A shameful day of treachery!

    On December 8, 1991, in Viskuli near Brest (Belarus), President of the RSFSR Boris Yeltsin, President of the Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk and Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich signed the Agreement on the dissolution of the USSR and on the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

    At least that drunken, traitorous bastard is now long dead. Kravchuk is still with us though — better said, with them, his retarded “fellow-countrymen” in their fictive country.

    And a big round of applause …

    Who had the last laugh? . . .


    1. Well, again, despite the best efforts of the US State Department and the Washington power-brokers, there remain many Ukrainians who feel quite congenial toward Russians, many who have relatives in the other country, both ways. My brother-in-law is Ukrainian, although he has lived in the Russian Far East all his adult life. Unfortunately, their passivity through several elections now has resulted in disastrous leadership which is killing the country, and it may be too late already to stave off utter collapse.

      When corrupt Yanukovych – and he was; little doubt about that – was President of Ukraine, 7.6 Ukrainian Hryvna would buy you a US dollar. Today, you would have to cough up 28.1 Hryvna to get that same dollar.

      The country is staggering along on loans it has no realistic hope of ever paying back, and has just requested a $100 Million loan to buy COVID vaccine

      – nearly all of which, of course, will go into the pockets of the American pharmaceutical industry – not even a month after it ‘borrowed’ $150 Million to buy railcars.

      These railcars will be acquired through an open international tender process, but the contract will most likely go to a European manufacturer; ‘lending’ to Ukraine is becoming quite a lucrative way to backhand taxpayer money to a preferred private company. Once Ukraine was a major exporter of railcars itself.

      But its primary market was Russia. In an ecstasy of spite, Ukraine banned imports of Russian-made vehicles following the ill-fated “Battle of Kerch Strait”. Russia retaliated by banning the import of Ukrainian railway equipment. Ukraine took its complaint to the WTO. And lost.

      Imports of Ukrainian railway equipment fell from $3.2 Billion to $150 Million. And the number of Ukrainian manufacturers was cut almost in half, down to 7 from 12 in a single year.

      That’s just an example. We’ve been over before how Yanukovych sought to have a serious discussion with the aptly-named EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule, because the former was anxious about the frightening figures prepared for him by German economists who warned of cataclysmic trade and market losses if Ukraine parted on bad terms with Russia. Fule blew him off with some sarcastic jokes, and struck a tone that Yanukovych was so lucky to be accepted by the European Union that he should shut up about money. Yanukovych went to Russia instead, struck a deal that left the west on the back foot, and the rest is increasingly-dismal history. But now you would not have to look very far to find further examples of how deep in debt Ukraine is going, mortgaging the lifetime labors of a future generation of Ukrainians to debt slavery.

      Ukrainian government debt has more than quadrupled since Yanukovych was driven from office.

      I’m pretty sure that’s not what was supposed to happen, especially in light of the fact that most Ukrainians surveyed who supported Ukraine joining the EU reported that it was motivated by hope of economic prosperity. Maybe it’s just me, but this picture looks just about the opposite of prosperity, and Ukraine’s accelerating poverty makes it a less-attractive candidate for EU membership with each passing hour. It is a whole lot easier to imagine it being dumped, barefoot and pregnant, for Russia to clean up.


        1. Got it! Just read the article about that soft-arse British government minister:

          “Margaret Keenan, who turns 91 next week, was the first person in the world to receive the Pfizer jab since it was approved by the UK’s regulator”.

          I wonder if he cries when thinking about young men and women sent to their deaths as a result of Her Majesty’s Government decisions to take “robust action” alongside that government’s US chums in Iraq or wherever, or whenever (if ever) the thinks of kids (usually brown-skinned it seems) incinerated as a result of RAF supportive/retaliatory strikes against those who threaten US interests in the Middle East and elsewhere?


          1. And although the minister’s mother is of a high-risk age as regards fatality from covid infection, as indeed I am, instead of talking about covid deaths, consider the following (unfortunately lost the link to the source):

            Population percentages of non-fatal covid infections

            Belgium: 99.994%
            Spain: 99.956%
            Italy: 99.957%
            France: 99.965%
            UK: 99.972%
            NL: 99.975%
            Sweden; 99.980%

            We’re all gonna die!!!???


      1. “At least 5,000 people are expected to be inoculated today – around 100 people in each centre – with 800,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine already in the country as the UK’s vaccine chief Kate Bingham predicted that in 2021 ‘we will all be going on summer holidays’.”

        Excepting, I’ll bet, those who refuse the vaccination. Having been so wildly successful at wiping out civil liberties by invoking a public-health emergency, it will be a simple step for governments to pressure everyone to ‘get the jab’ by dangling the prospects of travel beyond one’s own borders being restricted to those who have been vaccinated and can prove it.


          1. Sound familiar? It should.


            Medical authorities make wild claims about the efficacy of the influenza vaccine – they bite their fingernails with worry because the figure of 62% effectiveness might ‘disincentivize people’ to get their flu jab. Yet the Annals of Internal Medicine – them what finally published the Danish Mask Trial, albeit they provided a helpful interpretive team who explained the conclusion was an endorsement for more mask-wearing – calculated that getting the flu shot resulted in “reduction of 27% to 30% for preventing deaths from all causes”. Excepting gunshot wounds and car accidents, presumably. I get that they probably had some other metric in mind, but the author was quite right to point out sarcastically that this would make the flu shot the savior of more lives than any licensed medicine on the planet – nearly 50% reduction in death from all causes (according to the New England Journal of Medicine) when influenza is only responsible for around 5% of wintertime deaths. Using such ridiculous hype, it is easy to imagine the Pfizer vaccine, with its claimed efficacy of over 90%, could eliminate death as we know it.

            No sign of the disincentivized around here this year, though – folk are scrambling over one another to get the flu jab, in the hope it will keep them alive until the COVID vaccine arrives. I think it would be fair to describe it as a public-health medical officer’s dream come to life.

            It is fairly easy to see that we are being bullshitted. But where’s it leading? Some sort of pharmaceutical dictatorship, where your tax money is intercepted at source and turned over to Big Pharma, which will supply government vaccines to keep you healthy well into your decomposition years? I mean, what the actual fuck?


            1. Big push on to “encourage” flu vaccine uptake here. After hearing about anaesthetists avoiding it (the use of “live” virus puts them off) I decided against getting it.


              1. As I think I mentioned before, I was once ordered to get it, when I was on the staff at Fleet School and the Commanding Officer decreed that everyone would get it; the military is not what you would call democratic – paid to guard it, not practice it, we always said. That’s the only time I ever took it, and it was one of the maybe three times in my life that I have gotten the flu as an adult. It was not severe and only lasted a couple of days, but usually I do not get it at all and the shot obviously did not prevent it; may even have invited it. I don’t suppose it works that way for everyone, and some vaccines are of tremendous benefit to mankind; we got several when I was a lad in school, although I can’t recall what they were for other than polio. But now the job seems to be to get a jab for everything, frequently paid for by the government so it will have the attraction of being free, although of course it is just a transfer of your tax dollars to the pharmacy.

                I’m not interested in getting a shot to protect me from something I can beat on my own and do not fear. But again, it’s like face masks – wear one if you want, knock yourself out. If you feel soothed by getting a flu shot, I’m not standing in the way of your freedom.


    1. Ooh, I’ve got a joke. It never Rainsfords when it can Rosenberg!

      Or is that it never Rosenbergs when it can Rainsford?

      I guess either will do. Rainsford is ‘high-brow,’ Rosenberg is ‘tabloid.’ Both are shite.


  65. More and more angry blogs appearing here about that bastard Chubais:

    Доверчив и наивен был советский человек. Как проходила “чубайсовская” приватизация

    Soviet man was trusting and naive. How the “Chubais” privatization was.


    The Chubais privatization and its consequences for the people caused the death of millions of citizens of the USSR and the destruction of the economic might of a great power. Chubais can only be compared with Hitler in his atrocities for the country. He was not the only one who actively participated in this, and they included Gaidar with his “Gaidarites” from Moscow and Leningrad, who were trained with money from the Rothschilds and other Soros foundations at special seminars in Western European countries, just like the Leninists did in the party schools in Switzerland and Germany. The fate of these party members in the mid-1930s is known to many, and [many of the ’90s “reformers”] have already prematurely left for another world. As for the rest of them, ,they are still sitting in banks or ministerial chairs…

    Today they are still sitting in banking and in ministerial chairs.

    But back to the hero of our story, to Chubais, and to the role he played.

    It was Anatoly Borisovich Chubais who figured out how to get around the law adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, on nominal privatization accounts, in which there would be neither the impoverishment of the people, nor the wild bandit-thieves taking the country away.

    Initially, it was about “people’s privatization” on the basis of checks with a face value of 10,000 rubles, developed by the then Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Viktor Nikolayevich Yaroshenko (of course, he did not sit in his chair for a long time after that).

    Mikhail Dmitrievich Maley in the rank of Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR, instead of checks, proposed opening personal privatization bank accounts for each citizen of Russia – all this was laid down in the laws adopted by the Supreme Council of the RSFSR “On the privatization of state and municipal enterprises of the RSFSR”, “On registered privatization accounts and contributions”.

    In the blink of an eye, Maley was replaced by Chubais as Chairman of the State Property Committee and he signed a decree with the President on the introduction of impersonal vouchers instead of personalized privatization accounts, and his associate and fellow tribesman Krasavchenko, who then headed the Committee of the Supreme Soviet on Economic Reform, having received the decree, kept it in a safe for a week. and the decree automatically came into force, since during this time no one had revoked it. The formality was respected. Sleight of hand and no theft.

    In 1993 alone, over 25 thousand crimes in the field of privatization were recorded. “The Chubais-style privatization was the main source of the socio-economic catastrophe in Russia, the criminalization of society,” the State Duma summed up.

    Chubais said in 1996: “The structures that have power will exchange this power for property”. The main motive of all his crimes was the destruction of the national economy of Russia with the destruction of national capital, the collapse of national security, the degradation of the Armed Forces, a demographic catastrophe, the extinction of the indigenous population, and the collapse of the State with the transfer of production, raw materials, the financial system to foreign dominion.

    A truly Russian person could not do this with his Motherland, with his people.

    Thus, one of the largest enterprises in the country, the Likhachyov plant with a fixed asset value of at least $ 1 billion was sold for $ 4 million.

    Let me remind you the staggering figures given above in the report of the State Duma Commission, which investigated the results of privatization:

    the total losses from the destruction of the country’s economy in 1996 alone, two and a half times exceeded the losses in the Great Patriotic War.

    By “selling” 46,815 enterprises, the Chubais State Property Committee gave the Treasury less than one million (one million!) Dollars, while a similar privatization in the Czech Republic in terms of volume was two times less – 25,000 enterprises – and brought an income to the state of 1.2 billion (billion! ) dollars.

    According to the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation, in 2001, the volume of coal production fell to the 1957 level, the production of metal-cutting machines to the 1931 level, the production of press-forging machines to the level of by 1933, trucks to that of 1937, and the production of tractors to 1931 level, grain harvesters to the level of 1933, production of railway wagons fell much lower – to the level of 1910 production, , production of TVs fell to the level of 1958, lumber to that of 1930, construction bricks – 1953, fabrics of all kinds – 1910, wool fabrics – 1880, footwear – 1900, etc., etc.

    This is how perestroika ended (not quite). But the fate of one of its heroes, Chubais, has not yet ended. What awaits him? It is unlikely that he will end up on the defendant’s bench, as they say, “We do not give give up our own”. They won’t turn him in: he’ll be rewarded so that he doesn’t take offence at his having been removed from his Rusnano feeding trough.

    Of course, there were many problems in the USSR: product quality, quantity, and choice, but all this could have well been solved without destroying the country, and without killing people and without destroying their future.

    Завод имени Лихачёва Lihkachyov Plant, Moscow.

    [I remember it well! Provided a huge amount of employment here — ME]

    Destroyed by “reformer” Chubais

    First comment to above blog:

    How can one remain indifferent to this, and forget it at all is impossible! This has not been forgotten and never shall be forgiven …. Here the redhead was seriously mistaken.

    I haven’t forgotten either, nor have I forgiven, and I’m not even an Orc!


      1. A hiccup, a repeat above of the ZIL ruins. They were like that for ages. It is only during these past 4 or 5 years or so when they started clearing the abandoned plant ruins. Same with the old “Moskvich” plant up the road from where I live. ZIL is not far away from our house either. I remember when the shifts changed at ZIL and it was like Moses and the Israelites swarming out of Egypt for the Promise Land.

        The main entrance of the plant when it was in full production

        Serious Muscovite proles

        The main thoroughfare through the ZIL territory


        1. Now the territory of the legendary ZIL plant is the largest empty space in Moscow, and perhaps in all of European Russia. Two projects are being implemented here: “Park Legends”, a kind of Moscow Disneyworld funded by the bank VTB and ZILART, a Russian real estate development undertaken by the LSR Group.A huge black square in the centre of the construction site is a dedication to the “artist” Malevich, he who created the “work of art” the “Black Square”.

          Park Legends


  66. bia France’s Total Looks To Sell Its Stake In Kurdistan Oilfield

    France’s supermajor Total is in talks to sell its 18-percent stake in an oilfield in Iraq’s semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan, with which it could raise around $500 million, Bloomberg reported on Friday, quoting sources with knowledge of the plans.

    Total is working with Jefferies Group on the potential sale of its stake in the Sarsang exploration block in northern Iraqi Kurdistan, which is operated by HKN Energy, a subsidiary of Dallas-based Hillwood International Energy….

    ‘Talks ongoing’…


    1. Looking at the ol’ COVID Dashboard for British Columbia for today, I see we have 619 ‘new cases’. And looking at the vaunted ‘curve’, we appear to be ‘bending it down’ according to the graphic – of course, that is wonderful news for those who are clamoring for even more masking, wear two, one on the back of your head, just to be extra-safe. But I can’t forbear from noticing that in the middle of July, when re-opening was well underway after our absurd and damaging lockdown and almost nobody wore a mask, the ‘new cases’ figure for mid-July (7-day moving average) was 21. There has been steadily more and more pressure to wear a mask in public spaces since then, culminating in a hysterical public-health order to wear a mask or be fined, more than 2 weeks ago and just extended day before yesterday to January 8th. So how did we get to 619 ‘new cases’ per day from 21? It can’t have been all infections from ‘anti-maskers’ – who are consistently portrayed in newspaper cartoons and letters to the editor as dirty, inconsiderate louts and conspiracy-theory whackjobs – considering they have shrunk to statistical insignificance.

      Fear not, though – the Pfizer Miracle is just around the corner, vaccinations for the general public might be able to start by April. And then, the pressure for every single person in the country to get vaccinated will be crushing – as I and others forecast, people who refuse the vaccine will be coerced to take it by denial of normality; you’ll have to continue to wear PPE and social-distance for God only knows how long, and won’t be able to travel, because all the mask-loving intellectuals who are boogieing in the streets with joy will get a card when they get vaccinated that they can show to prove that they are a person, and not a low-life anti-masker.


  67. According to this source Gazprom is going to withdraw $320 billion from Cyprus and other offshore bank accounts:

    I find it pretty puzzling that Gazprom , after all that has happaned in recent years, still has this kind of money in Western and Western controlled countries and banks.

    I just hope that Gazprom can actually get its money back and the West will not come up with some scheme to prevent it.


      1. There is no link visible, so I cannot see the source story, but I’ll take your word for it. Generally speaking I agree that Russia takes a risk by putting money in foreign banks. However, it also cannot allow the west to dictate to it what it is allowed to do with its money, or that is a win for the State Department as well. If it wants to play on the international stage, it must take some risks.


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