Still Crazy, After All These Years – Western Analysis Continues to Get Russia Wrong
Uncle Volodya says; “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead.”

A world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams
Your misery and hate will kill us all
So paint it black and take it back
Let’s shout it loud and clear
Defiant to the end we hear the call…

My Chemical Romance, from, “Welcome to the Black Parade”.

Reading a recent comment which detailed the inexplicable and yawning gulf between the media-hyped love affair the west pursues with ‘poison victim’ Alexey Navalny, and his clownlike public image in Russia, it struck me that the situation is a microcosm of the larger deliberate misunderstanding with which western analysts regard Russia.

We’ve been over the credibility aspects before, in which the Anglosphere stubbornly maintains that Navalny was poisoned – most likely at Vladimir Putin’s direct order – with the most toxic and deadly nerve agent the world has ever seen, but will not share its proof with Russia. Navalny miraculously did not die, and now is feeling fine as frog hair and ready for the next stage in his job-free life. He is most likely going to be a long-term guest of the west – returning to Russia is not a viable option, as he is regarded as a criminal there – enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with his family which arises from his perceived status as ‘Putin’s fiercest critic’, and an important Russian opposition politician.

What immediately follows is a translation by Moscow Exile of this RIA Novosti article.

VTsIOM: Rating of Russians’ confidence in Navalny – 3%

A poll conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) has shown an almost complete lack of confidence amongst Russians in the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, non-profit foreign agent) Aleksey Navalny. The low rating is an indication of a failed media campaign to increase the popularity of the oppositionist with the participation of the West.

VTsIOM has published opinion poll data, relevant at the end of November 2020, as regards the measurement of the level of trust in the Russian public towards political figures and oppositionists. As part of the survey, it was established to whom the citizens of the Russian Federation would entrust the solution of important state issues. FBK founder Aleksey Navalny was included in the list of figures, the attitude towards whom sociologists were trying to find out. The poll showed that only 3% of Russians trust the oppositionist and are ready to entrust him with solving important state issues.

Personally, I am opposed to ongoing discussion of Navalny’s affairs, as continued mention of him only keeps him in the news and increases his exposure. However, I think it is fairly clear – if you believe this poll – that Navalny is not really taken seriously in Russia, and has no realistic chance of legitimately attaining any political role in that country. His name recognition may have greatly increased, but his forecast influence on national politics – should he be able to run for a political office – has not budged in ten years.

And therein lies the enigma. The western media persists in portraying Navalny as a political firebrand with a significant audience eager to hear his powerful message. He cannot be an object of mockery – an insignificant boob regarded by many Russians as a foreign agent of the western regime-changers. Therefore…the poll must be rigged!

Those in the west who are seriously committed to regime change in Russia should, by rights, be depressed at this – the overthrowing of Putin and his replacement by a progressive western-friendly liberal, who will deal the country away for a handful of magic beans, does not stand much chance so long as the dullwitted western public-at-large is determined to see a d’Artagnan in a doughhead. Not a bit of it – western think-tankers and analysts are among the most intoxicated optimists when it comes to seeing imminent collapse in Russia’s future, followed by a renaissance under an enlightened leader who will welcome western advice in building a dream country that will anchor a relationship in which freedom and democracy prevail. And, just incidentally, make western investors even more wealthy, even as it removes the next-to-last adversary on America’s must-go list. Western political and media investment in Navalny continues unabated.

Examples abound of this determined tunnel vision, a sort of self-medicated ecstasy in which judgment steps aside to permit fantasy to take the wheel. It hasn’t been that long since America’s ‘Russian athletes are brimming with performance-enhancing drugs’ campaign ran out of momentum, wobbled and collapsed in ignominy as reinstated medals , which had been stripped owing to accusations led by the USA, returned Russia to the head of the medals count. At the start of its run at Russia, the western investigatory commission claimed it had so much evidence of a state-sponsored Russian doping program it was…well, gosh darn it, it was embarrassing. Star-witness ‘whistleblower’ Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, former head of the Russian anti-doping program, electrified the prosecution with his confident claims of proof beyond any doubt…and then disintegrated, during testimony, in a pants-wetting supernova of contradictory claims and unsubstantiated blather.

More recently, the entire underpinning of America’s Magnitsky Act collapsed like a house of cards when Bill Browder’s tax-fraud case against the Russian state was completely discredited after a nine-year investigation, and probably will be dropped for lack of evidence. Browder used tales of breathtaking financial impropriety as alleged motive for the death of his ‘tax lawyer’ – actually an accountant – Sergey Magnitsky, in a Russian prison. According to Browder’s story, Magnitsky was murdered to shut him up, so he could not tell what he knew about a Russian scheme to steal millions from investment taxes. The Swiss investigators found no evidence at all to support such claims, casting well-deserved doubt on the entire story Browder used to sell the discriminatory Magnitsky Act to the American government.

Western press consistently portrays Russia as floundering, flailing, thrashing to remain afloat against the brutal counterweight of sanctions which drag it down to the deeps. Yet its foreign cash reserves have returned to the peak they reached immediately before the global financial crisis of 2008/09, at nearly $600 Billion.

Russia Foreign Exchange Reserves

The government income ratio distributed to cash reserves has remained metronomic at 8% since 2019, and reflects the highest level achieved since that same global financial crisis in 2008/09.

Russia Cash Reserve Ratio

This is not a picture of a country struggling under a brutal dictatorship led by a thieving oligarch who salts away more billions of his country’s hard-earned money every year in secret accounts abroad which nobody can find any trace of. But the figures come from the Central Bank of Russia…so they’re probably made-up. As is, no doubt, the handling of government debt as a percentage of GDP since Satan’s Imp seized power in Russia in 1999.

Russia Government Debt to GDP

If only a popular people’s champion like Alexey Navalny could gather the reins of power into his steadfast hands. Then you’d see some progress that would make you blink.


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  1. Here’s Prof. Robinson on the ever popular “Dying Bear” story:

    Is Russia a ‘dying bear?’ After large population fall during 2020, demographic situation is worrying for Moscow, but not desperate
    1 Feb, 2021 09:16

    Meanwhile, many countries in Eastern Europe have experienced massive out-migration in the past three decades . . .

    . . . it has been common for Western journalists to speak of a looming demographic disaster in the country. In 2013, for instance, British reporter Oliver Bullough published a book entitled ‘The Last Man in Russia: The Struggle to Save a Dying Nation’, which declared that “Russians are dying” and “the Russian nation is shrivelling away from within”.

    My stress.

    What’s wrong with “emigration”?

    Anyway, I’ve done my bit to help Mother Russia by making Mrs. Exile become a mother 3 times, for which sterling service I am now classed as a multi-child parent and get freebies off the state because of that, including free travel on public transport and a social card.

    I do not have a Russian social card because I am a pensioner: I receive no Russian pension.

    But that pain-in-the-arse Sobyanin is denying my rights as a multi-child parent.

    ECHR here I come!

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  2. A beaut off a whinging soft-arse Navalnyite protester . . .

    A tweet by:

    Голос Мордова

    Oh Lord! . . . Did the ambulance manage to get there in time?

    on this tweet by:

    Семён Еркин

    At the protest action my friend, fellow group member and student at VShE Albert Yapparov was brutally arrested.

    It may come as no surprise to fellow Stooges that ВШЭ stands for Высшая школа экономики, which means the “Higher School of Economics”.

    What pampered, soft-arse, bourgeois liberal twats they are!

    If you check Yerkin out, you will find the following:

    Координатор волонтёров предвыборного штаба Любови Соболь // ВШЭ Политология ’23

    Coordinator of volunteers of the electoral headquarters of Lyubov Sobol // HSE Political Science ’23



    1. Handle it the way the western Great Powers do – appropriate a large region of land in some hapless country that cannot resist, declare it to be the Liberal Oppositionist of Russia Homeland, drive out any existing inhabitants, write a flowery declaration and offer all the liberal oppositionists incentives to move there. They can finally have Lyosha as their president, and can run their new Republic according to the invisible hand of the market!


  3. This made me laugh:

    Moon of Alabama: Navalny Scam Sells Empty Concrete Shell As ‘Putin’s Luxurious Palace’

    …The CIA, or whatever service helped Navalny to produce the nonsense, should take more care with the details. The golden imperial eagle that was supposed to top the gate in the 2012 BBC story still does not exist at all but was photoshopped into the BBC and the Navalny’s footage. Unfortunately it was the wrong one:

    Ruslana Boshirova Альянс пианистов @ValLisitsa – 19:26 UTC · Jan 29, 2021

    In case one needs further proof that the whole “investigation” was a sham. The mock-up gate, crowned with the double-headed eagle, conspicuously absent in real life, but passed for a real deal by unscrupulous Navalny team, has Montenegro coat of arms eagle, not Russian one.

    Also because I seem to remember that Navalny/hamster/whatever was acually down in Montenegro around the same time for something about a ‘property deal.’ 2013 from a Navalny friendly source:

    …information emerged showing Navalny’s ownership of an active real estate company in Montenegro, established in 2007 and undeclared when he registered as a candidate for the mayor’s race. The party responsible for digging up this data was a website called “FLB” or Free Lance Bureau, an established RuNet resource for damaging investigative reporting. But one blogger, Stanislav Apetyan, well-known as “Politrash” on LiveJournal, was the man responsible for whipping up the media storm that followed…

    …Apetyan accused Navalny of harboring similarly extravagant tastes, highlighting excerpts from the hacked e-mails, wherein Navalny discussed his wish to invest 350,000 euros in a real estate venture in Montenegro.

    When FLB revealed evidence that Navalny did indeed help found a limited liability company in the city of Podgorica, Apetyan was already well-versed in the subject…

    …Montenegro’s Tax Administration confirmed the existence of MRD Company and Navalny’s co-founding role, denying any hacker intrusions on its website. The tax authorities’ official statement says Navalny signed the company’s founding contract and provided copies of his passport. The press release also identifies several procedural errors in the company’s registration, noting a failure to submit paperwork to the “central registry of taxpayers” and the absence of any “profit or tax liabilities” declarations….

    It’s funny how stuff from the past circles around again.


    1. Rumour has it, though I’m not one to gossip, that Lyosha was shagging Gaidar’s daughter when he was gallivanting around the Balkans in search of a cosy pied-à-terre there. She was with him.

      Now it’s only what I heard, mind you!

      Don”t tell anyone I said so!


  4. Visiting Mark Sloboda’s Twitter site, I found that clip that I posted above on Sunday, showing one little Navalnyite shite getting sorted out good and proper by a brutish Putin OMON thug.

    The clip was via a link to Telegram. Here it is again in a Mark Sloboda tweet:

    The stupid bugger must be a member of the Bullshitter’s Kamikaze team.


  5. US publication Axios via BMPD: In cyber espionage, U.S. is both hunted and hunter

    Zach Dorfman of the Aspen Institute, author of Codebook

    American outrage over foreign cyber espionage, like Russia’s SolarWinds hack, obscures the uncomfortable reality that the U.S. secretly does just the same thing to other countries…

    …But when the U.S. is only portrayed as a victim of nation-state cyber activity and not as a perpetrator in its own right, it creates a false impression of the state of play and invites calls for vengeance that could prove misguided or self-defeating…

    Plenty more obvious stuff that we’ve covered on this blog many times at the link.

    Vis an earlier post here that Whitney Webb’s investigation fingered the i-Sraelis for the SolarWinds hack (via Moon of Alabama). I’ll post it here again for convenience:


  6. I’ve been watching BBC World ‘News’ accidentally and without the slightest whiff of irony or reflection they report that (more or less) ‘the United States is measuring what sanctions it can place on Myanmar due to the current coup.’ The reporter then goes on to quote American officials that ‘previous sanctions did not affect the Burmese military and only hurt innocent civilians.’

    When you need a BBC anal-yst to point out the obvious, there’s none to be seen. Remember kids, this is journalism. Don’t piss off your (big) allies!

    So yet again when it comes to a strategically important country, Myanmar borders China, that it wishes to co-op against China the US prefers to go ‘softly-softly’ but when it comes to i-Ran, Russia etc. the US has no qualms about grinding ‘innocent citizens’ lives in to the dust because that is part of their declared strategy to provide pressure below so that they rise up against their leaders in effect ‘weaponizing’ them! The best thing of all is that it is of no risk to the US and only the foreigners die! Brilliant.


  7. Today is the day when the bastard at last gets sent down for longer than a few weeks:

    Aleksey Navalny on Tuesday, February 2, will appear before a court in front of a large crowd of people. The most spacious hall of the Moscow City Court with a spacious cage has been specially allocated for him, in which whole groups of intruders are usually tried. But this is not at all because he is considered a particularly dangerous criminal. It’s just that there was no room in the Simonovsky Court of the capital where all the journalists who wished to be the first to hear the verdict of the opposition blogger could fit. And the district judge had to go to a media meeting and agree to hold a visiting session in the Moscow City Court, where the replacement of Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one will be considered.

    By the way, the defendant’s lawyers also met halfway, the court postponed the hearing from 10.00 to 11.00 so that they had the opportunity to communicate with the client before it began.

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


    1. 13:29
      Навальный в «аквариуме» встал, широко расставил ноги, а руки скрестил за спиной. Судья продолжает читать материалы уголовного дела.

      Navalny has stood up in the “aquarium”, spread his legs wide apart, and crossed his arms behind his back. The judge continues to read the materials of the criminal case.


      1. And in court, he’s pushing that line of defence that he could not report to the probationary service because he was still being treated and convalescing in Germany.


      2. This is totally laughable and shameful. Yet another of these western “journalist” pricks uses their job of dishonestly reporting on Russia, as a cover for getting the SputnikV vaccine. I know dog barks and caravan moves on etc, but the authorities are being idiots letting these scum get the vaccine like that because make no mistake, them getting the virus is directly contradictory and self-discrediting to their so-called reporting on Russia,

        Apart from these weird looking-moron Yaffa, the other imbecile Carroll has got it instead of a cyanide injection – together with several other foreign as well as domestic liberast journalists.


        1. Here are the definitions of idiots, imbeciles and morons (these terms are considered obsolete in today’s lexicon of psychology):

          Idiots. —Those so defective that the mental development never exceeds that or a normal child of about two years.
          Imbeciles. —Those whose development is higher than that of an idiot, but whose intelligence does not exceed that of a normal child of about seven years.
          Morons. —Those whose mental development is above that of an imbecile, but does not exceed that of a normal child of about twelve years.

          The moron classification seems the most accurate for Navalny. Use of the other terms could be considered libel.


            1. For those of you who are not well enough versed in the tongue of Pushkin, Lavrov above is thinking: “Fucking morons!”


      1. From a RosBalt — figures!

        Navalny has even developed his own followers among foreign politicians.

        Last Sunday’s mass [0.25% of the population — ME] protests in Russia has become the main topic of discussion in European countries. And for the first time in many years, it was not Vladimir Putin who was at the center of the discussion. Aleksey Navalny, who is most often mentioned by foreign leaders and the foreign press, became the face of Russia.

        Outside of Russia, many have already realized that the situation in the country has changed quite rapidly. Throughout 2020, foreign commentators have marvelled at the indifference with which Russians have accepted the restrictions on their rights, including those of a blatantly political nature, that the authorities have been imposing under the pretext of the COVID-19 pandemic (including the difficulties with travelling abroad) [which only is happening in Russia, of course: funny how Navalny could travel to germany … and his wife and son and a gang of others —ME].

        When Aleksei Navalny, and after him the majority of Russians, gave Vladimir Putin almost no resistance (so it seemed in the West) to rewrite the Constitution and “reset” the previous terms of his rule, [actually, it went to a nationwide ballot, you lying twat! — ME] it appeared that many foreigners almost lost interest in Russian domestic politics.

        Then came the story of the poisoning of Russia’s most prominent opposition figure. [alleged, you cnut — ME] Navalny was taken to Germany for treatment. This caused a resonance, but a temporary one – without a stable growth of interest in Russia. The only thing that was discussed was whether or not to impose sanctions against the Kremlin in connection with the incident. But they were only talking about measures of personal influence – no one even mentioned any global pressure at the time. After all, if Russians themselves are not yearning for democracy and not ready to fight for their freedom, then obviously no one can help them. [My stress. Oh do fuck off! — ME]

        And no one will even try. The European Union and the United States are not two human rights organizations, they also have their own foreign policy and economic interests, some of which are directly or indirectly related to Russia. From time to time they need to come to an agreement with the Kremlin, even if they do not really want to deal with it.

        But everything changed radically after Alexei Navalny returned home from Germany. At first, the West began a lukewarm discussion of whether or not to impose new sanctions, at least now that the Russian opposition leader has not only been poisoned but also detained since his return to his homeland. And people who do not live in Russia were particularly impressed by the fact that the court ruling was made right in the police station. And then, on January 23, the first protest rally took place, which, despite the freezing winter weather, was if not the largest in terms of numbers, then certainly the largest in terms of coverage of the regions during Vladimir Putin’s presidency.

        It literally pushed Russia over the front pages of Western newspapers. Leaders of democratic countries unanimously condemned what was happening, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had to call this unanimity “consensual. It had become uncomfortable not to react. And still, the United States was concerned about the “hanging” START-3 treaty, Germany wanted to finish the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline as soon as possible, and the European Union in general preferred, despite the French initiative on new sanctions, to limit itself to sending EU High Commissioner Josep Borrell to Moscow in early February. And then, based on the results of his talks, a decision would be made.

        Obviously, based on previous experience, the European Union thought that the outburst of protest would be a momentary “release of steam”. This has happened more than once in Russia. This has not caused any “roof” in the country, i.e. the government. But on January 31, this was followed by the second protest rally. Even European politicians who had been accused of being overly sympathetic to the Kremlin started talking about Alexei Navalny. For example, Czech President Milos Zeman.

        Before that, he had been very quiet about Navalny’s situation. Even then it all came down to the fact that he does not trust the Russian opposition leader too much, but let the Russian authorities admit him to the elections – everything will become clear there. Now Zeman, in his own words, has studied in detail the information provided to him by the Presidential Chancery. And even from the commentary itself it is clear that this was done with a view to whether Aleksey Navalny could really become the head of the Russian state and how it would change Russian foreign policy and its relations with the Czech Republic.

        On the basis of the bizarre data he was allegedly given, Zeman stated that Navalny is an opponent of Putin personally, but not of the Putin system. Allegedly, Russia’s most famous oppositionist is a nationalist, a Stalinist, and generally against the return of Crimea to Ukraine. What was especially amusing to hear from Milos Zeman himself, who is beloved in Moscow because he is the only European head of state who, although he called the annexation of the peninsula to Russia an “annexation,” still offered to recognize it as an accomplished fact.

        There’s more of such shite here.


        1. Well, he’s right in a way – the thing to do when Navalny returned home would have been to leap upon him in the airport, hold him down and pour a paint-bucket of Novichok directly down his throat: once and for all, chaps, does this stuff work anyhow, or ought we to abandon it as our go-to tool of political assassinations? I’m telling you straight, if this fucking stuff doesn’t kill him this time, I’m directly for the lab to break that chemist’s fingers for him.


  8. MOSCOW, 2 Feb – RIA Novosti.Russia has every reason to believe that the situation with Aleksey Navalny has been staged by the West, as Germany has not yet provided any evidence of his poisoning, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saidon Tuesday.

    “Based on the results of these investigations, no information that would really show the validity of the accusations against the Russian leadership has been provided to us. If you accuse, then prove the guilt. But if you say, ‘I won’t tell you anything because it’s secret’, or ‘because the patient himself won’t allow it’, then we have every reason to believe that this is staged”, Lavrov said at a news conference with his Swedish counterpart Ann Linde, who is visiting Moscow as acting OSCE chairman.

    In this connection, Lavrov added that Russia expects Sweden to be transparent when it comes to providing Russia with data on Navalny. “We expect transparency and honesty from our Swedish colleagues in this matter”, the Russian minister pointed out.

    Fat chance of that, Sergei, old tater!

    Go and have a puff and calm down!


  9. 13:56
    The judge has read the first volume of the criminal case, which is already six years old, and then proceeded to read the second volume. Navalny grabbed the bench with both hands and started rocking back and forth in time with the judge’s words. The judge managed to cope with the new volume rather quickly and announced a two-hour break so that everyone could have lunch

    The judge continues to read the case materials monotonously. Two foreign journalists in the room dozed off, two had their phones falling out of their hands. Some switched to surfing their social networks.

    Read on: http://WWW.KP.RU:

    Bloody murder in Russian courts. No dramatics off barristers before a jury of possible knobheads: just a judge droning on and then buggering of so as to say: “Go to gulag 50 years!”


      1. Nay, there’s a moratorium on the death penalty here, although I don’t think many Russians would be against shooting traitors.


    1. Nice to see he dressed for the occasion. Or is he still trying to affect the appearance of politically-passionate everyman, who can’/t afford to dress in Armani suits bought with the sweat of the peasants’ toil?


  10. You look worried. You go gulag for rest!

    It says over the gate:

    You can find something good in every person if you search for it well.

    Which is a bit more re-assuring than “Arbeit macht frei!” I suppose.


    1. Looks like they get good gear whilst in nick: quilted jackets and pants and an ushanka, although it looks like the above photo was taken early autumn.


  11. al-Beeb s’Allah: Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine has 92% efficacy in trial

    By Rachel Schraer
    Health reporter

    Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine gives around 92% protection against Covid-19, late stage trial results published in The Lancet reveal.

    It has also been deemed to be safe – and offer complete protection against hospitalisation and death.

    The vaccine was initially met with some controversy after being rolled out before the final trial data had been released.

    But scientists said its benefit has now been demonstrated….

    …But unlike other similar vaccines, the Sputnik jab uses two slightly different versions of the vaccine for the first and second dose – given 21 days apart….

    …”Such pandemic-related vaccine rollout compromises have, to be fair, been adopted in the UK vaccination programme also – with the extended intervals between the first and second doses.

    “So we should be more careful about being overly critical about other countries’ vaccine designs.”

    Well that’s very disappointing indeed!

    Just watch how journalists comfortably segue from ‘doubts’ to ‘kosher’ in the blink of an eye and ne’er a moment of reflection on their s/t posting the Russian vaccine.


    1. “The vaccine was initially met with some controversy after being rolled out before the final trial data had been released…”

      Unlike the Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna vaccines, of course, whose company reports inspired such confidence that they were authorized for distribution and immediate emergency use without having completed clinical trials at all.


  12. США готовы снять санкции с Nord Stream 2 при выполнении ФРГ ряда условий

    USA ready to lift sanctions from Nord Stream 2 if Germany fulfills a number of conditions
    2 February 2021

    The Handelsblatt newspaper, citing sources in the American administration, reports that Washington is ready to begin negotiations on lifting the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, if Berlin provides a package proposal that will eliminate US concerns. The USA believes that otherwise the problem with the construction of the gas pipeline will not be resolved.

    Washington wants to prevent an increase in Europe’s dependence on Russian gas, and also opposes the separation of the Ukraine from the European gas infrastructure. The United States is interested in linking the issue of “Nord Stream-2” with a mechanism preventing the operation of the gas pipeline in the event of a reduction in gas transit through Ukraine.

    The publication says that German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the topic of Nord Stream 2 in a telephone conversation with US President Joe Biden.

    An official representative of the FRG government said that both leaders are ready to cooperate in extending international calls, but did not mention that the conversation dealt with issues related to Nord Stream 2, according to the Handelsblatt newspaper.

    Fuck off a millionfold you hardfaced bastards!!!

    It’s EUROPEAN business and none of yours!

    And fuck the Ukraine of with you when you fuck off!


    1. Is the United States really dumb enough to force Germany choose between its economic success and a soft porn version of USA forever? Is that the best the new clever people in Washington have to offer?


    2. So say we; so say we all. First, the United States would not even entertain negotiation if it thought it was anywhere close to achieving its goals with stern force. Two, what an entirely retarded position to assume – Europe must double its gas consumption so that Ukraine still gets maximum transit and the accrued revenues PLUS Nord Stream’s output, if any, or no gas from Nord Stream II. Fuck off today. This reduces the ‘Nord Stream II is not needed’ argument to parody – of course it is not needed if it is meant to supplement full-bore transit through Ukraine, but it’s not and never was. It’s intended to replace it, and that was never in doubt so far as I am aware – the Russians were certainly clear enough about it up front.

      Perhaps they’re just making this 11th-hour offer so they can say “We were nothing if not fair” when they continue with the strong-arm tactics, but I sense they know they cannot stop it unless Germany relents, and that’s not looking good.


  13. 16:53
    Navalny is behaving in court like a schoolboy. From his “aquarium” he keeps looking back at his wife Yulia: he folds his hands into makeshift binoculars, and looks through them into the hall at his wife. Julia, having removed her medical mask, pretends to be embarrassed by this and covers her eyes with it.

    Prosecutor: you intentionally missed the inspection six times.

    Navalny: I was told to come to your shitty inspection twice a month. I went for several years on Thursdays, then they told me to go on Mondays. But I have things to do, family, but I still went on Thursdays.

    Prosecutor: From January to August you missed six times? I understand correctly that you went to the inspection when it suited you. Were you warned that you might get the suspended sentence replaced with a real one?

    Navalny: they want to put me in jail for my activities. I confirm that after my investigations they tried to intimidate me.

    Prosecutor: are you aware that the FSIN did not bother you and your representatives?

    Navalny: When I started to think, I asked my lawyers to tell the inspectorate where I was.

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


  14. Oh, he’s being a real funny fucker with the prosecution:

    Prosecutor: do you realize that last year the FSIN recorded several violations before and after the hospitalization?

    Navalny: don’t pretend that you caught me in the Kostroma forest where I was hiding.

    The prosecutor asks clear questions and demands “yes” or “no” answers. This allows her to somehow wade through the demagoguery of the defendant.

    Navalny again called the prosecutor a “representative of lawlessness.”

    Navalny called the prosecutor a “worthy daughter of the regime.” He began to increasingly state that he does not understand the prosecutor’s question and walks away from the question, asks to listen to him and clearly stalling for time.

    Navalny to the Court: I didn’t give a shit about your inspection, I was walking in the park with a therapist.

    Prosecutor to the Court: Navalny is deliberately avoiding answering the questions.

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:

    Keep on shooting your gob off, cnut!

    If you did that in the UK, they’d add on another 6 months to your sentence each time for your lip.

    Keep it up, arsehole, and see where it gets you!

    You’re making my day!


  15. 17:15
    Prosecutor: You are a Russian citizen who has already received two suspended sentences in different cases. Do you think you deserve leniency?

    Navalny: Yes, I am a unique, unusual person, against whom criminal cases are fabricated. These are fake cases, you were afraid to put me in jail.

    [He’s killing me with his cutting wit! Keep it up mug!]

    Prosecutor: Navalny is the only Russian citizen who has received a suspended sentence for the second time in this country. With such humanity, he managed to violate his duties several times. Even in Germany, he moved freely and gave interviews, showing his disrespect for the ruling of the Russian court. Navalny did not take the path of correction, although in his investigations he calls on everyone to comply with the law. I ask to change the suspended sentence into a real one (3.5 minimum security colonies), taking into account the day-to-day home detention he served.

    [You pussy cat! Ask for, nay, DEMAND, 20! It seems the prosecutor is a woman.]

    The court adjourned for judgment


    Won’t be long, I’m sure.


      1. Its a woman judge who’s going to have the great honour of sending Navalny down: Judge Nataliya Repnikova.

        Show no mercy, Natash, there’s a good lass!


        1. 18:15
          “Journalists are at a loss”, our special correspondent Alexander Boyko reports. “They are discussing the condition of Navalny, who seemed to many not quite sane. We came to the conclusion that it was not by chance that Navalny could not give answers to the prosecutor’s questions. He looks like a lousy speaker. He was not at all like that self-confident “whistleblower” and kept repeating the same theses about “injustice and deceit”. Media representatives also expressed the assumption that Navalny, who had not previously suffered anything worse than house arrest, had finally got the smell of lack of freedom in the pre-trial detention centre, and therefore is under stress. He really doesn’t want to go back there”.

          Read at http://WWW.KP.RU:

          He has done short sentences for administrative offense — 2 or 3 weeks or so. But as regards criminal charges, always suspended sentences, the terms of which he has consistently breached.


          1. 20:39
            KP correspondent Alexander Boyko from the courtroom:

            Navalny’s court verdict in the 2014 Yves Rocher criminal case became real: Navalny was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months for committing fraud. Now without probation. The fraudster Navalny will spend the next 2 years and 8 months in a penal colony.


          2. I think he really believed the west would intervene and he would skate again like he has done every time. He certainly doesn’t come across as the same guy who airily postured in Germany about fearlessly returning to Russia. Whatever the case, 3.5 years is pretty light and smacks of the prosecution restricting itself solely to the matter at hand – breach of probationary conditions.

            Mind you, once he is sent down they can always elect to re-try him, and add on the embezzlement of FBK funds charges plus any treason against the state activities they are confident they can prove.


            1. They gave that slime ball Khodorkovsky a double whammy after he had been sent down for fraud. He was tried again for embezzlement and money laundering, was found guilty and had his term of imprisonment extended.

              How sad!


              1. Yes, that’s who I was thinking of when I said it. The investigation of Lyosha’s generous spending of FBK rubles on himself and his lovely family can proceed at a leisurely pace; they have more than two years to wrap it up.


          3. I’m sure someone will say Navalny is still suffering from the after-effects of having squishy Novichok in his undies. It must have all gone to his head.

            (Cue jokes about Navalny being built upside down and following his head or, well, his … you know …)


          1. I agree entirely. The trigger has been half pulled. One more squeal out of Navalny or more particularly u-Ropeans pushing for more sanctions will beg the other charges he is guilt of being advanced (incitement to break ban on gatherings during a medical crisis/whatever).

            I suppose the real question is has he, his hamsters and his western backers got the message?


  16. Vinyard the Saker: Xi and Putin make the case for win-win vs. zero-sum

    By Pepe Escobar, posted with permission and first posted at Asia Times

    So the Davos Agenda has come and gone.

    That was the virtual Great Reset preview, hosted by Kissinger acolyte cum World Economic Forum (WEF) oracle Herr Klaus Schwab….

    …Ishchenko also reveals something that will never be acknowledged in the West: “80 people from among the most influential on the planet did not laugh in Putin’s face, as it was in 2007 in Munich, and without noise immediately after his open speech signed up for a closed conference with him.”…

    Plenty more at the link.

    I expect BD-A to push it with Russia and there to be a brief crisis. Russia has laid down its lines and the clever people in Washington will do their best to test them. There’ll be a beating and no doubt lots of panic. NATO will be called upon but won’t get sufficent actual support (rhetorically yes, but otherwise)…


    1. Whatever happens, I expect Xi & Putin to have eachothers backs. If BD-A starts a crisis for one, I would expect the other to pile in and possible escalate elsewhere, a show of unity and strength that will also significantly up the public/military/political risk for BD-A which I can see as still dreaming of peeling one or the other off and dealing with each one individually.


  17. Craig Murray: UK Government Humiliated over Chagos Islands Again

    The International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, a UN body based in Hamburg, last week delivered a stern and unequivocal rebuke to the UK in ruling the UK has no legal interest in the maritime area of the Chagos Islands. You will recall that the UK in the 1970’s ethnically cleansed the entire population from Chagos at gunpoint to make way for the US nuclear base on the Chagos Island of Diego Garcia.

    In its judgement, The Special Chamber of the Tribunal last week ruled (para 247) by 8 votes to 1 that the Maldives must agree a boundary with Mauritius, as it is inconceivable that the United Kingdom, whose administration over the Chagos Archipelago constitutes a wrongful act of a continuing character and thus must be brought to an end as rapidly as possible, and yet who has failed to do so, can have any legal interests in permanently disposing of maritime zones around the Chagos Archipelago by delimitation….

    Plenty more at the link!



    Navalny’s nonsense as the court session ended:

    Can you hear me well? I should like to start with a discussion of a legal issue, which seems to me to be the main one and a bit overlooked in this discussion. Because everything looks a little strange. You know, there are two sitting here, and one of them says: ‘Let’s put Navalny in gaol for showing up on Thursdays instead of Mondays”. The other says, “Let’s put Navalny in gaol for failing to come to our inspectorate when he came out of his coma”. And there is this discussion, discussing Mondays, Thursdays, when who was supposed to send what paperwork, and so on.

    But I should like to say a word or two about this little elephant in the room. I should like everybody to once again pay attention, all the press that is writing about this trial, all the people who pay attention to the fact that the essence of the case is to put me in gaol in a case in which I have already been found not guilty. And in a case that has already been found to be trumped up. That’s not my opinion. Because if we open any criminal law textbook – I hope, Your Honour, you’ve done that a couple of times in your life – you’ll see that the ECHR is part of the judicial system in Russia, too, since Russia is a member of the Council of Europe. And these decisions are binding. And I, having gone through all the necessary stages of the judicial process, appealed to the European Court. The European Court issued a ruling in which it wrote in black and white that there was not even any crime. Accordingly, the case in which I am here, for some reason, in this strange cage – it is completely fabricated.

    Not only that, but the Russian Federation generally acknowledged the decision, half-heartedly. I was even given compensation for this case, thereby acknowledging the ECHR’s decision. In spite of that my brother served three and a half years in prison for this case, which, once again, was recognized as a trumped-up court decision, which is binding here in Russia. I was under house arrest for a year in this case. When my probation was about to expire, they arrested me a week before, brought me to Simonovsky Court and extended my probation for another year without a defence, by giving me some lawyer by assignment.

    Let’s do a little maths. In 2014 I was convicted. I was given three and a half years suspended. And now it’s 2021. An I’m still on trial in this case. I have already been found not guilty in this case, and there is no corpus delicti in this case, and still, with the tenacity of a maniac, our state demands to put me in jail in this case. Why in this case? Well, as a matter of fact, there are no criminal cases against me, yes. Another one was launched quite recently. Nevertheless, someone wanted very much that I didn’t make a single step on the territory of our country and come back – as a free man. So from the moment I crossed the border, I found myself a prisoner.

    And we know who, we know why it happened. The reason for all this is the hatred and fear of one man who lives in a bunker, because I caused him mortal insult by the fact that I just survived after they tried to kill me on his orders.

    [My stress — ME]

    The prosecutor tries to reprimand Navalny.

    I don’t need your remarks. Your Honour! One more time! Is this prosecutor going to keep me from speaking my mind about everything that’s going on?

    After a brief skirmish with the prosecutor, the judge asks Navalny to talk about the essence of the FSIN submission.

    I speak by representation. This is my opinion, and I am expressing my opinion about the submission in full compliance with the law. And the fact that the representative of the prosecution tries to interrupt me, to shut me up at every word, also perfectly characterizes everything that is going on here.

    So, let’s move on. I mortally offended him the fact that I survived, thanks to good people – the pilots and the doctors. Then I offended him even more by the fact that I survived – I didn’t hide, living somewhere under guard or in some smaller bunker that I could afford. And then the scariest thing happened: not did I survive, I didn’t get scared, I didn’t hide. I also got involved in the investigation of my own poisoning. And we showed and proved that it was Putin who, using the Federal Security Service, carried out this attempted murder. And I wasn’t the only one. Now they know it, and many more will know it.

    And this is what drives the little thieving man in his bunker crazy. It is this fact that everything is out in the open. There are no ratings; there’s no huge support, none of that. Because it turns out that in order to deal with a political opponent who has no television, no political party, you just have to try to kill him with chemical weapons. And, of course, he goes crazy about it. Because everyone is convinced that he’s just a bureaucrat who was randomly put in the presidency, who has never participated in a debate or an election. And that’s the only means of fighting is to try to kill people.

    [My stress — ME]

    No matter how much he pretends to be a great geopolitician, a great world leader, his main grievance against me is that he will go down in history as a poisoner. You know, there was Alexander the Liberator or Yaroslav the Wise, and then we’ll have Vladimir the Poisoner Coward, and that’s how he’ll go down in history.

    And this is direct, Your Honour, this has direct relevance – I am standing here on this spot and the police have already guarded me, the Rosgvardia has appeared, and half of Moscow is cordoned off precisely because the little man in the bunker is mad because we have proved and shown that he is not engaged in geopolitics, but is holding a meeting in which he decides that he wants to steal his opponents’ underpants and smear them with chemical weapons.

    [My stress — ME]

    The main thing in this process is not even how it will end for me: whether or not I will be put in gaol – it is, in general, not difficult to put me in gaol in this or other cases. The main thing is why this is happening – to intimidate a huge number of people. That’s how it works. We put one person in gaol in order to scare millions.

    We have 20 million people below the poverty line; we have tens of millions of people living without the slightest prospect; we have tens of millions of people who we say every day “life in Moscow is so-so, but if you go a hundred kilometers away, it’s a mess. So our whole country lives in this utter shambles, without even the slightest prospects. They get 20 thousand rubles. They all keep quiet, but they try to shut them up with such show trials. To put this one in gaol in order to scare millions. Someone went out on the street – to put in gaol another five people to scare 15 million. And the main thing I want to say is that this process, I really hope, will not be perceived by people as a signal that they should be more afraid.

    It’s not a demonstration of strength – all of this, the Rosgvardiya and this cage. It’s a demonstration of weakness, just weakness! And you can’t put millions or hundreds of thousands in jail. And I really hope that people will become more and more aware of this. And when they realize – and such a moment will come – it will all fall apart, because you won’t put the whole country in jail.

    Because [you won’t lock up] all these people who have been deprived of prospects, deprived of a future, who live in the richest country and get zero from the national wealth. Everyone else gets zero. We’re only growing in the number of billionaires in the world, everything else is going down, you know. I sit in my cell and hear reports about how butter has gone up, pasta has gone up, eggs have gone up. The year 2021, the country is an oil and gas exporter, our whole country is saying that pasta has become more expensive, we can no longer live. And so you’ve deprived these people of prospects, and you’re trying to intimidate these people. And I urge everyone not to be afraid. All this power is based precisely on…

    [Non of these food problems have anything to do with his curator’s sanctions against Russia, of course, nor will things get better for his Motherland if, what he has demanded in Europe takes place, namely the cessation of the NS2 project — ME]

    Judge Natalia Repnikova interrupts him: “You’re not at a rally. Let’s go back to your court appearance”.

    It’s not like I’m going back, Your Honour, I’m right there. I’m right in the middle of it. Now, look, you say I have not said anything concerning this court appearance. This court appearance is a performance. That’s all it is is — a performance. And all I’m speaking about is my attitude toward this performance you’ve put on. Let me go directly to the performance.

    There are times when lawlessness and arbitrariness is the essence of the political system. And that’s terrible. But there are worse ones. When lawlessness and arbitrariness don the uniform of a prosecutor or the mantle of a judge. And in that case the duty of everyone is not to obey those laws, which are dressed up in these robes, even though behind you there, inside you, is arbitrariness and lawlessness. And it is the duty of every man not to obey you, not to obey such laws.

    [Contempt of court were he in the UK! — ME]


    1. The judge interjects again:

      “I urge you not to press your position! This is not a rally. Let’s get back to your court appearance”.

      I urge absolutely everyone… We’re not having a rally, we’re having my speech. I’m back, Your Honour. Your Honour, don’t worry, it’s going to be very good, I’m back for our performance. That’s exactly what I’m saying about our performance.

      You didn’t say anything about your position.

      When I say, don’t interrupt me . . . please, let’s take turns.

      Let’s not get political here.

      How can we not get into politics here?

      I am asking you to give your opinion on the procedure for which we have gathered here. Please, I shall ask you again . . .

      I’m stating my opinion.

      Well, state your opinion then.

      I have an opinion about this procedure and I’m giving it to you. I have no other opinion, and please listen to me.

      Once again I want to say that when arbitrariness and lawlessness, I hope your uniforms pretend to be those that represent the law, it is the duty of every honest man to disobey you and fight you with all his might. And I fight as best I can and will continue to do so.

      Despite the fact that now, given the fact that, of course, I find myself completely under the control of these people who love to smear everything with chemical weapons [My stress — ME], probably no one will give three kopecks for my life. But nevertheless, even now, even from my seat, I say that I will fight you, and I urge everyone else not to be afraid of you and to do everything so that the law, and not the mercenaries in uniforms and robes, will prevail.

      I salute all those who fight and who are not afraid, all honest people. I salute and thank the FBC employees who are now under arrest. To all the others across the country who are not afraid and take to the streets because they have the same rights as you do. Because our country belongs to them as much as it does to you, as much as it does to everyone else. We are the same citizens, we demand normal justice, normal treatment of us, participation in elections, participation in the distribution of national wealth. Yes, we demand all these things.

      There are a lot of good things in Russia right now, and the good things are the very people over there who are not afraid, who don’t lower their eyes, who don’t look down at the table. And who will never give our country to a bunch of corrupt officials who have decided to trade our homeland for their palaces, vineyards and aquadiscos [My stress — ME]. My view is that I demand immediate release, immediate freedom for myself, for others arrested. I do not recognize this submission, it is completely false, it is not in accordance with the law, and I demand immediate release. Thank you.

      God bless America — and fuck off!


      1. Mercy, what a hero. Perhaps in future courts will learn that when Navalny is asked a question, the court should have something loud and obnoxious like The Beastie Boys cued up and ready to play over him. He’s just playing to the journalists, and the court is letting him do it.


      1. Russian Federation Law on the Status of Judges, 26 June 1992, No 3132-1:

        Article 1. Judges as Holders of Judicial Power

        1. Judicial power in the Russian Federation belongs only to the courts, represented by judges and, where stipulated in law, representatives of the people drawn to participation in the administration of justice.

        2. Judicial power is autonomous and acts independently of the legislative and the executive powers.

        3. In accordance with this Law, judges are persons empowered, in the constitutional manner, to administer justice, who perform their duties on a professional basis.

        4. Judges are independent and obey only the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the law. They are not accountable to anybody in their activities regarding the administration of justice.

        5. Contempt of court or of judges is punishable by law.

        6. The requests and orders of a judge, made in the exercise of judicial powers, are binding for all state bodies, public associations, officials, other legal and natural persons. Any information, documents and their copies necessary for the administration of justice are to be granted free of charge at the request of a judge. Failure to fulfil the requests and orders of a judge is punishable by law …

        Judge Natalia Repnikova should have given Alexei Navalny a warning not to grandstand and to bring her court and her standing as judge into disrepute through his continual clowning. If he persisted despite her warnings, then she is at liberty to add to his 3.5 year sentence for contempt of court.


        1. Right! But it seems to happen very frequently here — I mean outright contempt of court. It was the same at the trial of Tolokonnikova and chums, in which there took place open contempt of court, personnal attacks directed at the judge etc. I remember one of those obnoxious women’s counsels — yeah, it was Fagin: remember him? — saying straight out to the judge that she was incompetent and not qualified to be a judge. Nothing was done about this.

          As it happens, I have often worked with lawyers, here and this blatant contempt of court that I have read about here has led me to ask lawyers if there really are punishments for such contempt. There is of course, but lawyers here, with whom I have discussed this question just shrug it off.

          As it happens, she who sent Tolokonnikova and friends to the “gulag” is the same judge who bounced me for 5,000 rubles in 2017, when I had failed to renew my residency permit on time. She was OK with me though (rather attractive as well), and in her judgement that I was given, she had added and stressed that I had not committed a crime and that having received a new visa, I could return forthwith to the Evil Empire.

          I gave her a bit of lip though in court, which was the same one where those so-called feminist punk rockers were tried, which caused my local immigration officer, who was a decent bloke (his daughter lives in Manchester UK) to sort of raise his eyebrows.

          In my pleading that I not be sent back to Merry England, I told the judge, of course, that I have a wife and two children here, whereupon she interrupted, saying: “One child!”

          “You are mistaken,” I said to her: “My two children are my daughters Yelena and Aleksandra”.

          It was June 2017. My elder daughter Lena was born on Christmas Day 2000, so the judge, having seen Lena’s year of birth, thought she was 17, whereas at the time, she would only be 17 one week before the end of 2017. So I told her that Lena was still 16 years of age and still a minor. The judge checked and then said: “You’re right!”, no doubt thinking “Smartarse!”


          1. And what about the Ukrainian Fighter Pilot and Heroine of the Militias? She who flipped off the court with raised middle fingers and sang the Ukrainian anthem at top volume while the verdict was being read, and generally smirked, snickered and offered expressions of extreme disrespect throughout the proceedings? Were I in charge of the court, I would have stopped the proceedings at each such point and sent the prisoner to a week of solitary confinement, with the minimum allowable time out of her cell for exercise and the minimum required diet, to learn some manners, and if it took 5 years to get the trial done, what of it? Respect for the country’s legal institutions and the common standard of decorum in public are not too much to ask.

            Tymoshenko exhibited similar behavior at her trial, although that was a Ukrainian judge and court, busying herself tweeting out cartoons of the judge and generally playing for laughs. Since this sort of behavior is only regarded as inspirational and uplifting by the western media and domestic liberal agitators, those on trial who so behave can be said to be playing to their allies.


            1. Apparently, when they adjourned for lunch yesterday at the Navalny hearing, funny guy Lyosha said to the court, “I’ll have a BigMac”. and guess what, some daft bugger went from the court to McDonald’s and came back with a burger and a coffee. But a security guard wouldn’t allow him back into the building.


  19. BBC:

    A Moscow court has jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny for three and a half years for violating the conditions of a suspended sentence.

    Errrr .. I think you’re mistaken there, British Government Corporation.


    1. Well, technically correct: sentenced to 3 years 6 months, but will only do 2 years 8 months.

      He has not been jailed for 3 years 6 months: was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months.

      Much too lenient a sentence!


  20. 2.02.2021 19:30
    “Ив Роше”, Кировлес и ветеран
    Три истории, которые привели Навального к конфликту с законом

    2.02.2021 19: 30
    “Yves Rocher”, Kirovles and veteran
    Three stories that led Navalny to conflict with the law

    To the disappointment of the few supporters who came to support Navalny at the Moscow City Court building, the blogger’s opponents were also there Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin / RG

    [On placard: Navalny is a thief! And a thief must be imprisoned.]

    Recall that in this case, Navalny was sentenced to a suspended sentence of five years. But during all those years he had to check in with the inspector of the prison department. And do it regularly twice a month.

    The Federal Penitentiary Service has been saying for several years that the convicted Navalny had not been complying with this legally obligatory conditions. Moreover, he had ignored such a requirement of the law from the very beginning of the term. Long before he went abroad for treatment.

    The prison department recorded this, and repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, tried through the court to replace the offender’s suspended sentence with a real one.

    So where did the famous French cosmetics company and Aleksey Navalny meet? And what happened between them?

    Millions from a jar of cream
    In wide circles, mostly women, the Yves Rocher company is well known. It was born in France in the late ’50s of the last century. It has been working in our country for several decades.

    The main feature of the company at its birth was close cooperation with the post office. The goods to the customers came straight home, which was a great innovation in those distant times.

    In Russia, the firm opened its first store in Moscow on Pushkinskaya. It still exists. And in the early ’90s, the lines to this store were the same as at McDonald’s. The subsidiary that operated in our country was called Yves Rocher Vostok</i. [Yves Rocher East] . Navalny’s meeting with the firm happened in 2008. It is not known who from the family of Aleksei Navalny came up with the scheme for the perfume company scam, but the oppositionist himself, and his brother Oleg, and their father all took part in it.

    Oleg Navalny worked for Russian Post in those years and was not a lowly employee there, but a leading top manager. He knew that their shipping centre was choked with orders and, in a layman’s terms, could not handle the entire volume of shipments. The processing of orders was very slow and therefore all the deadlines for the fulfillment of the orders were falling through.

    Yves Rocher, as one of these “suffering” firms, was offered help. The company agreed, there was no other way out. Of course, the help was not promised free of charge, but the losses from order disruptions could have been much greater.

    The Navalnys, as investigators would later note, deceived the “perfume” merchants. They forced the Russian division of Yves Rocher to sign a trucking contract with a front company they had just created – “Main Subscription Agency LLC”. The contract was worth 55 million rubles. The shell company could not transport anything owing to the fact that they did not know how to do it. They simply hired another real transportation company, Avtosaga LLC. They agreed to do the job for half the price, 31 million rubles. The fraudsters pocketed the difference. We should remind you that we are talking about millions of rubles 12 years ago. At the time, this was a lot of money.

    The scam scheme was primitive and had been around long before the Navalnys. The brothers came up with nothing new when they set up “Main Subscription Agency LLC”. The company turned out to be quite family-owned: the chief accountant of the Kobyakov Loose Weaving Factory was appointed general director of the firm. The Kobyakov Factory is owned by the Navalny family.

    LLC AvtOSAGA, hired by them, transported goods between Moscow, Yaroslavl, and St. Petersburg. Then the investigators who dealt with this scam told that at “Main Subscription Agency LLC” absolutely all financial transactions had been made under fictitious agreements, of which there were many – for rent, for the supply of raw materials and equipment to the Navalny factory. Money was withdrawn primitively – as the income of the founders.

    The general director of “Yves Rocher Vostok” wrote a statement against the fraudsters. A criminal case was opened in December 2012. On conviction, Aleksey Navalny received a 3.5 year suspended sentence with probation for 5 years. Plus a fine of half a million rubles. His brother got the same three and a half years, but a real term.

    The Navalny brothers appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. The opposition leader had already learnt the way there from the Kirovles case. And what is important to stress is that ordinary citizens who decide to go there know that there is a huge line to the court. People have been “standing” in it for years.

    But Navalny seems to have a special pass there. His cases are considered without delay.

    By the time the “perfume” case was filed, Aleksey Navalny was already acquainted with the criminal code, as they say, personally. But it hadn’t been a lesson for him.

    What was Kirovles making a fuss about?
    Aleksey Navalny’s first criminal case was related to the timber trade. Alexei Navalny came to the Russian North as a representative of the government, as an advisor to Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh. He spent there several vivid years, which later, in the spring of 2011, were turned into volumes of criminal cases by the relevant agencies.

    According to the Investigative Committee, in 2009, Navalny organized “the theft of property from Kirovles, the largest company in the region. Before Navalny arrived, Kirovles was not only a successful enterprise, but also a city-forming enterprise. It was an important taxpayer in the region. The governor’s advisor insistently asked the director of the company to sell finished product through the firm of his good acquaintance, Peter Ofitserov. Products were bought from the company at an extremely low price. And they sold them through their own company, Vyatka Forest Company. The result of their boisterous activity was that “Kirovles” went bankrupt and the workers were left on the street. Plus the multi-million dollar damage, which the investigators calculated.

    Initially, in the summer of 2013, the Kirov District Court sentenced Aleksey Navalny and Pyotr Ofitserov to five and four years of real imprisonment. In the fall, the regional court commuted their sentences to suspended sentences.

    Three years later, the European Court of Human Rights declared that our court had been wrong to try Navalny and Ofitserov. But a year later, the Kirov regional court upheld Navalny’s suspended sentence.

    Dirty Games
    Twice tried for fraud and other “illegal” tricks, Navalny now with full consciousness of these matters, angrily exposes all whom he will be ordered to expose. As most people understand it, a fighter against corruption has to be clean, at the very least. But if Navalny’s first convictions can somehow be explained in literary terms – the desire to steal by taking advantage of other people’s problems and his own official position, his attempts to spit in public into the face of an old and, in contrast to him, genuinely honoured man, arouse only a feeling of disgust. This step, even by the standards of criminals, is “out of line”. It is too low and dirty.

    We are talking about the next criminal case of the “fighter for all that is good against all that is bad”. Last summer, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Navalny for defamation of a Great Patriotic War veteran Ignat Artemenko. The irreconcilable fighter in social networks commented on an RT video about the amendments to the Constitution. There, various well-known people expressed their opinions. A war veteran was among them. It was he whom Navalny called a traitor.

    And still … on TV here I see shitwits, many soft-arse golden youth who do not work, students and layabouts and “artistic types”, repeating over and over that the bastard has been set up, that the ECHR had overturned his previous verdicts, that his previous criminal trials had been political ones, and on and on it goes.


    1. What gets me about this ECHR overruling of the Yves Rocher conviction on the grounds that it was a “political trial” is that the ECHR describes what the dynamic Navalny duo did (and their father as well, but he wasn’t on trial) as normal business practice.

      To recap: Oleg Navalny, it seems, Russian Post Office boss, had this wizard wheeze of creating a sham logistics company and tendering a transportation service with this fictive company to Yves Rocher, which latter was totally pissed off with the unreliability of Russian Post. Then, having got the Yves Rocher contract, the Navalny brothers then tendered out the contract to other transportation companies at a much lower cost that that which they had made by contract with the perfume firm, and pocketed the difference.

      Normal business practice?

      Yves Rocher certainly didn’t think so, and took the Navalnys to court for fraud.

      But it was a “political trial”, right?

      What is strange for me though, is that no stalwart western investigatory journalist, such as Tintin of the Guardian, for example, hasn’t thought of asking Yves Rocher whether it thinks the thieving Navalnys vs. Yves Rocher fraud trial was a “political” one.


      1. Above should have been:

        What is strange for me though, is that no stalwart western investigatory journalist, such as Tintin of the Guardian, for example, HAS thought of asking Yves Rocher whether it thinks the thieving Navalnys vs. Yves Rocher fraud trial was a “political” one.

        My habit of using double negatives, as is standard practice in Russian, as in, for example:

        Я никому ничего не говорил (I didn’t say anything to anyone), which Russian literally translates as:

        I nobody nothing not said.


      1. And again: why no mask?

        His yapping period had come to a close and it was time for him to do some real bird for a change.


  21. They need now to round up the other people in this network.

    It’s proved counterproductive to allow these people to roam around collecting followers.

    Followers that blindly take part in actions that only benefit the paymasters abroad.


    1. Here’s a real wreck of a famous Scottish property Lord Vlademort might be interested in: Boleskine House, the former property of occultist Aleister Crowley (who also worked as a double agent for British intelligence during WW1) and of Led Zep guitarist Jimmy Page (early 1970s – 1991) and which itself has a colourful history including a wizard as a former owner a couple of centuries before Crowley bought the place. (It’s close to Loch Ness as well.) The house was gutted in a fire in 2015 and was put up for sale in 2019.

      Lord Vlademort might like to invite one of his Magnitsky-sanctioned cronies to buy the property on his behalf (the crony signing the papers in his or her own name of course and taking care never to mention the Dark Lord himself) and send in a construction crew to convert it into a fancy 5-star luxury hotel. (Plans have been approved for its restoration.)


    1. This is an interesting investigation and makes sense; ironic that Russian speakers from Ukraine are perfect weapons to use in a disinformation campaign.

      Since joe Biden has taken over we are seeing a real increase in destabilising activity everywhere (bombing Somalia, more troops in Syria, no withdrawal from Afghanistan)

      In Ukraine itself Zelensky has shut down 3 opposition TV channels and no doubt the internet will be next.

      Zelensky obviously getting his marching orders from Washington.

      He is finished with his ratings in the toilet – what puppet will come next or will it be Poroshenko 2.0.


    2. That’s a good find, but there is more to it than Ukraine just being Ukraine.

      I strongly believe Western intel agencies are, for lack of native Russian speakers, using Ukraine/SBU as their weapon of choice to undermine Russia online, and the incitement described in the article is just the tip of the iceberg.

      The plausible deniability here is just excellent. Such a project run from the West faces the language barrier and the risk of whistleblowers. Hell, lest we forget, the majority of Russian “experts” don’t even speak Russian!

      We know that the SBU (and not just it) is staffed by foreign agents and the local US/UK embassies can pass down tasks to their hirelings at will. I believe these tasks were given by Western special services to the tight leadership of the SBU, very few people in Ukraine, including these figures identified by Stalkerzone, will know the real origins of these anti-Russian operations.

      There’s a shitload of anti-Russian actions that likely have foreign origins, some I can think of:

      – Banning the Russian language from education
      – Fine for speaking Russian with customers
      – Banning Russian books and films (while adding LGBT, miscegenation propaganda books to children’s libraries)
      – Separating the Ukrainian church from the Russian one

      The strong push to abolish the Russian language bothers me so much because it’s spoken by almost all major cities, including Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa. It’s such a blatant unwanted foreign imposition that it stinks to high heaven. Unrelated, but still real humiliation of the citizenry similar to the Ukraine example, can be observed in the West as well, the most recent example being Biden’s EO on “transgender rights” that all but destroys women’s sports by sheer disenfranchisement, in their face (search for transgender sports record). Social media giants are taking steps and banning feminist groups (“TERFs”) that oppose this travesty of justice (I’m no feminist), whereas feminist groups that welcome males thrashing women’s sports are thriving. Yes, it’s first and foremost the conservative/nationalist right that is censored en masse, but left-wing groups that differ from the party line are facing banishment as well. All Silicon Valley tech giants have been staffed by Jewish censors after pressure by their organizations (there’s material regarding this on ADL’s very own site) to fight ‘hate’. Biden’s very Jewish cabinet must really enjoy the humiliation that they are able to inflict with this “democracy”, where public opinion matters little, and the gates to political success are rigidly controlled. Just the other day California changed the law so that knowingly infecting people with HIV is no longer a crime. Yeah, you can harm others and force them to live with a cocktail of drugs for the rest of their lives, certainly the change people were striving for! Pushed by a gay Jew, of course.

      There is no going back once you read Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique trilogy and start to notice a pattern everywhere.

      And this relates to China as well, I’ll write about it below, and why Biden, even if he wanted, will not go easy on China (hint: Biden the babbling baboon is running shit, his cabinet is).


    3. (more on why Biden will not go easy on China)

      The formation of the Chinese government is not beholden to groups or persons representing financial interests and mass media, whose internal discipline and cohesion can allow them to influence the means by which government posts are filled, and thus the direction of the law and foreign policy.

      At first it seems logical the argument that the capitalists (the more correct term in this context is industrialists) are content to be on the good side of the Chinese government, owing to the country’s enormous market and cheaper labor, so it follows that declaring a non-kinetic war against it is counter-productive.

      The flaw, however, is that the “capitalists” (industrialists) don’t call the shots.

      If you are a minority of the population, and you have usurped most of the government by means of deceit and ethnic working, and your fellow co-ethnics are not industrialists but banking and financial capitalists, and on the other side of the globe you have a powerful and growing country whose government composition does not depend on your backing (financial or mediatic), and instead depends on its legitimacy as it relates to the majority, how would you react? China will not have it easy with Biden, despite idiotic claims by Republicans.

      Secretary of State – Antony Blinken
      Treasury Secretary – Janet Yellen
      Attorney General – Merrick Garland
      Homeland Security Secretary – Alejandro Mayorkas
      Chief of Staff – Ron Klain
      Director of National Intelligence – Avril Haines

      Six Jews who’ll lead the most important institutions. Not bad for a demographic group that’s less than 2% of the US population. The Saker refers to “AngloZionists” in his writings but you can see that Anglos have been throughout displaced, and it has become even more explicit with this cabinet. Although already highly Bolshevik-zed, the Pentagon has been the domain of white men. Now even this formality has been dropped.

      American “liberalism” died decades ago, and from its corpse we can see what is slowly emerging, and its ideals are not those of Locke, Smith, Jefferson, et al, but resembles more the coming to life of Judeo-Bolshevism whose spirit was transplated en masse from Czarist Russia to the US over a century ago.


      1. If China can replace the US as superpower, many governments around the world will eventually shift from ballot democracy* to popular democracy*, and except in case of direct US military threat, can safely withstand American sanctions and whatnot with the help of China.

        Can you tell who will not benefit from such a shift in global ideology and government system? Hostile minorities who have usurped power and hold historical grudges against the host majority.

        You can rest assured that the press will create a scandal whenever a Chinese attempt to influence the government is detected, or government official goes easy on China.

        * ballot democracy: voted in; indifferent to public opinion; has to please financial and mediatic backers; has generous job opportunities in organizations and businesses provided by backers if loses

        * popular democracy: deliberated by a committee, the Männerbund, or chosen by birth; sensitive to public opinion and national feelings; ignores popular opinion only if absolutely necessary (e.g. pension reform due to an aging population)


      2. I don’t know that keeping the Pentagon the domain of white men has had any positive effect at all on its workings or its decisions, many of which were alternately appalling and illegal while they were the province of white men. And I would not be too quick to assume all those Jewish by faith are also Zionists; Israel itself has been taken captive by an element which I doubt forms a majority among its own citizens. I am more concerned about the working record and paper trail of all those appointed regardless of their religious pedigree. But I agree many have the whiff of the extremist and exceptionalist about them.


  22. 21:17, 2 февраля 2021
    Защита Навального обжалует решение о замене условного срока на реальный

    21:17, 2 February 2021
    Navalny’s defence will appeal against the decision to replace the suspended sentence with a real one

    Shit! Porridge every day for nearly 3 years ….

    Aleksey Navalny’s defence counsel (Navalny is the the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund, included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent) is appealing the decision to replace his suspended sentence with a real one. TASS was informed about this by his lawyer Olga Mikhailova.

    “Of course, we will appeal”, said Mikhailova.

    Of course you will, Olya! It’ll keep you busy for a while and earn you a few bob.


    1. Tell you what, Lyosha, old lad: you’ll look a lot fitter when you come out. And you might have a few tattoos an’ all!

      How about “Fuck Vova” on your knuckles in English? It’ll fit if you have it done in English. And it’ll look cool to all your kiddie fans and you won’t get done by the plods for displaying obscenities in Russian. Maybe it’d be better to use “Vlad” instead of “Vova”, because your dumbass American curators won’t understand what “Vova” means, they all believing that “Vlad” means “Vladimir”.


    2. Poor Lyosha! He will think longingly of scarfing down crabs in America when he is on a decidedly more modest diet, but it will be good for him in the long run, and each night he will go quickly to sleep like every man who has done a hard day’s work, in the knowledge that morning comes early. Do that trick again, Lyosha, where you make binocular tubes with your hands and hold them up to your eyes, searching for the missus – can you see her?

      What is the point of appealing a custodial sentence imposed because the recipient has violated the conditions of his suspended sentence? I mean, it probably says in the documentation signed by Navalny that he understands breach of his parole conditions may result in the imposition of a custodial sentence. He admitted in court to having done so many times, and offered no appellate-worthy reasons for doing so; he claimed his reporting days were changed from Thursday to Monday. Doubtless a tremendous inconvenience for a man who has no real job, and for whom Monday is simply a Thursday that starts with ‘M’. I doubt the documentation says ‘reversible on appeal for no good reason’. “We’ll appeal” is simply something the legally hopeless say when the verdict goes against them, to pose for the journalists. Best of luck – tell me how that comes out.

      Shame they take your phone, Lyosha – think of all the cat pictures you could post from your cell. Meaning your accommodations, not the phone itself.


      1. Doubtless the appeal will be founded on the assertion that the ECHR overruled his Yves Rocher conviction, saying that trial had been politically motivated.

        All the Putin kiddies have been swamping the web about this ECHR ruling and adding that the “regime” had accepted it, in that it had forked out compensation to the Bullshitter.

        But I say again, the ECHR is not a court of criminal appeal that can overrule the Russian judiciary. The ECHR said the gobshite’s human rights had been infringed at the Yves Rocher trial, one of his rights apparently being not to have to piss in a bucket while in a court holding cell. I kid you not!


        1. As regards that ECHR business and the brave Lyosha:

          Юрист: Решение ЕСПЧ по делу «Ив Роше» учтено при вынесении решения о наказании Навальному
          2 февраля 2021

          Lawyer: The ECHR decision in the Yves Rocher case was taken into account when deciding on the punishment of Navalny
          February 2, 2021

          The arguments given by Navalny’s defence that his sentence in the Yves Rocher case had been allegedly overturned by the European Court of Human Rights are unfounded. Maria Spiridonova, a member of the Russian Lawyers’ Association, announced this to the VZGLYAD newspaper.

          “It should be noted that violation of the provisions of the Convention established by the European Court in a criminal case considered by a court of the Russian Federation is, in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation, grounds for resuming proceedings in this case as a result of new circumstances”, the lawyer believes. “Such proceedings were resumed.” [There was a retrial and the conviction was upheld — ME]

          She noted that, having considered the materials of the case, the Presidium of the Supreme Court did not find grounds for cancelling the court decisions for Yves Rocher in relation to the Navalny brothers. “The verdict contains a description of a criminal act, recognized by the court as proven, indicating the place, time, method of its commission, form of guilt, motives, goals and consequences of the crimes committed by the perpetrators. The verdict of the Zamoskvoretsky Court of Moscow dated December 30, 2014 and the appeal ruling of the Judicial Collegium for Criminal Cases of the Moscow City Court dated February 17, 2015 against Oleg Anatolyevich Navalny and Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny were left unchanged ”, Spiridonova recalled. [My stress — ME]

          She also commented on the replacement of the probationary period for Aleksey Navalny with a real one: “If a conditionally convicted person during a probationary period has systematically violated public order, for which he has been brought to administrative responsibility, and has systematically not fulfilled the duties imposed on him by the court, a decision may be made to cancel the conditional conviction and execution of the punishment imposed by the court verdict”. [My stress — ME]

          On Tuesday, an off-site meeting was held in the Moscow City Court, where the proposal of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) to replace Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one in the case of fraud against the Yves Rocher company was considered.

          The blogger himself presented himself as an individual entrepreneur in court. “I work for IP Navalny”, he said, answering questions from judge Natalya Repnikova.

          The FSIN asked the court to replace Navalny’s conditional sentence with 3.5 years in prison. On the previous day, the Prosecutor General’s Office supported the submission of the Moscow Federal Penitentiary Service to replace Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one in the Yves Rocher case.

          The session of the Moscow City Court was attended by about 20 representatives of foreign embassies, including the USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Austria, Switzerland. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the presence of foreign diplomats at the trial in the Russian Navalny case is interference in the country’s internal affairs. Zakharova also said that Russia would respond to every case of interference in internal affairs by foreign diplomats in Moscow in connection with the blogger’s case.

          In turn, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov warned foreign diplomats who came to the trial of Navalny about the inadmissibility of interference in the country’s internal affairs and pressure on the court.

          Recall that on January 17, Navalny returned to Russia from Germany and was detained at Sheremetyevo airport, as he was wanted for multiple violations of the probationary period in a fraud case. Navalny was obliged to appear for registration at the Federal Penitentiary Service twice a month. He was warned that violations could lead to the replacement of conditional sentence with a real term. On January 18, the court placed the blogger under arrest for one month.


          1. Precisely. If Navalny had been able to show he had a real and compelling reason for missing his appointments, such as if keeping them caused him to miss work when he was the main breadwinner, some sympathy might be expected. As the Bullshitter himself stated, he ‘works for himself’, meaning – since he has done no paying legal work at all for many years – that he does not work at all except in political activities. Yet he lives well compared with his fellows! And he is the recipient of generous donations of monies intended to support him while he fights corruption, with a view to replacing the government with one his followers would find more amenable. The corruption-fighter, turned corrupt himself – I daresay Kipling could have made quite a story of it.


        2. Correct; the ECHR never at any point inferred in any way that petitioner Navalny was owed a debt because he had been wrongfully convicted, although this is the spin on it broadcast by his puberty brigade and by the Bullshitter himself. The court ruled that prisoner Navalny’s human rights had been transgressed upon and that the conditions of his captivity were remiss. Khodorkovsky tried the same dodge, spinning his verdict as a victory when it specifically said that if the charges against him were politically motivated, then it would be safe to say all charges against all criminals are politically motivated so long as they can show that their incarceration was politically convenient for someone. It might be politically motivated if you were jailed for nothing other than being politically inconvenient for your opponent, absent any other criminal activity, but that was not the case and the ECHR was at pains to so state.

          I daresay youth admires Navalny in the Yves Rocher case – wily Lyosha and his clever brother demanded a price far higher than the service they offered to perform merited…and then found someone to do the pick-and-shovel work for far less! That’s just foxy, innit?Not a crime at all, rilly. A clever businessman who is entitled to pocket the dividend his brains earned him. The notion of ethics never enters their heads, never mind that there is a steady undercurrent already of business news which says Russian businessmen and corporations are untrustworthy, thieves in suits, no partnerships should be embarked upon with those who are laughing up their sleeves at you and can’t wait to take advantage of your trusting nature. Revelations like the Yves Rocher case, in which Navalny and Co. did not even actually have a trucking firm, merely made up a transporty-sounding name for a totally fictitious company, do nothing at all to assuage doubts about Russian integrity. That this is clearly a formative and permanent part of Lyosha’s makeup and character likewise escapes them, while they’re hammering away on the tablet or smartphone mummy and daddy paid for.


  23. Apparently, the foreign “diplomats” who descended on the court where the Bullshitter performed yesterday, demanded a synchronous translation of what was being said. I presume they were told to go take a hike.


  24. Политолог: Навальный в колонии может получить еще один срок
    2 февраля 2021

    Political analyst: Navalny could get another term in prison
    February 2, 2021

    Alksey Navalny is awaiting trial in the case of insulting a war veteran, under which he may receive another sentence, political analyst Alexei Martynov told the Vzglyad newspaper, commenting on the decision of the Moscow Simonovsky Court to replace Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one.
    “I consider the decision of the Simonovsky Court in Moscow to send Navalny to a penal colony to be fair and long-awaited, because justice has too long tolerated the repeated violations of the law that this blogger has allowed himself”, says Aleksey Martynov, director of the Institute of Modern States. “It seemed to Navalny that he wasn’t living like everyone else, but that he was taking part in some kind of virtual game, that he was the hero of an adventure movie. And now, all of a sudden, he finds himself in a real courtroom, behind bars. Certainly not a pleasant sobering experience”.

    “In the current case, ‘individual entrepreneur’ Aleksey Navalny, as he calls himself, was accused of fraud. He had already received a suspended sentence as a result of a trial”, Martynov recalled. “But even as a repeat offender, Navalny continued breaking the law. He received administrative penalties, including a month in detention. He led an asocial lifestyle. Disregarded the rules of probation. And so the court has now made the only correct decision in this situation. There is nothing unique in this: statistically, every year 10-15 thousand cases like this are considered. And other convicts are also deprived of their suspended sentences and sent to a colony.

    Navalny may spend more than two years in the colony, but this term may not be final, the expert points out. “Now many people have forgotten an important circumstance. And it is worth recalling: before his alleged evacuation to Germany took place, another Navalny case was already being investigated. This case was about insulting a war veteran. His supporters often chuckle: so what, he just insulted some grandfather. But this is a pretty serious matter — it concerns libel. Now the case will be resumed and will go to court. And the court will probably take into account the antisocial behaviour of this ‘individual businessman,’ so it’s unlikely that Navalny will take any leniency in this kind of behavior,” says Martynov.

    “So while he is sitting in the colony, another trial may await him. If he is already under a current sentence, then one prison term will no longer absorb another term. His other economic violations are being investigated now. So Navalny will probably get more”, said the expert.

    Recall that in December 2014, Navalny was sentenced to 3.5 years of probation in the “Yves Rocher” case. Later, the probation period, during which the convict had to report to the inspectorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service, was extended until December 2020. But Navalny systematically and repeatedly violated its terms, which was the reason for the blogger’s detention on January 17. On this basis, on Tuesday, the Simonovsky District Court changed the condemned person’s suspended sentence to a real one.


    1. Yes, that’s what I alluded to earlier – not the potential of an additional sentence for libelous pronouncements, but the potential of an additional sentence for corruptly plundering the coffers of FBK for his own over-comfortable lifestyle of international travel for vacations and meaningless political meetings, since his results in public contests have always been dismal save for his run against Sobyanin for Mayor of Moscow.


  25. And the “luvies” as they call them in the UK, the artistic class of layabouts, are now wailing about the incarceration of their hero.

    Sobol has told them not to stop “yelling” about the infamy of it all and a list of artistic arseholes for Navalny has been published.

    Some bloggers are basically asking who the fuck these artistic types are.

    “Stars” and” writers ” for Navalny – who are all these people?

    Sobol in court in Tambov the other day. The hysteric is probably still chewing a carpet now over the news of her bullshitting boss’s imprisonment.

    This (below) is what Sobol’s lawyer has posted on the social media: a list of artistic types who are so distraught over Lyosha’s imprisonment.

    A certain Ivan Vyrypaev is listed as a famous director and the blogger of the above linked blog asks:

    “Yes, and . . . ?”

    The famous director says:

    “People who do such things probably don’t know who the world-famous playwright Vasily Sigarev is (he was detained on January 23)”.

    So the blogger writes:

    “Damn it! I also don’t know who he is! Hmm. Famous the whole world over? I looked at the filmography . . . nothing known about them by me, a simple layman . . .”

    and adds that famous and great Director Vyrypaev says that the persecution of “soul engineers” by the authorities can increase the number of protesters.

    The blogger continues:

    Also among the “stars” in the same article is a certain boy named Semyon Treskunov, also an actor and already a Director, born in 1999.

    Semyon Treskunov

    “Well, at least everything is clear with this one”, writes the blogger: “he is a classic victim of our home-grown Pol Pot” and then quotes Treskunov:.

    “I was born in 1999 and grew up in an atmosphere of absolute and merciless violence”.

    The blogger closes with:

    I believe that following this statement from the young talented person, everything is already clear.


    1. And yet he argues for revolution – does he imagine it comes without violence? These people are the very ones who would be squalling for law and order if a rough-and-tumble capitalist system were ushered in to replace the one they know, under President Navalny, with all public property owned by wealthy foreign investors and maximized for profit, while common thievery and property crimes flourished in an atmosphere in which the liberals claimed such activities should not be punished with incarceration.


  26. And from Ekho Moskvy:

    Операция «Трест 2.0» завершена.

    Operation Trust 2.0 has been completed.

    As expected.

    Operation Trust 2.0 is complete.

    Navalny was given about three years in prison.

    What other options were there at the time of his departure from Berlin?

    It was immediately clear that he was going to do hard labour.

    Anyone who thought otherwise does not understand the regime and underestimate its determination, cruelty and strength.

    There are three “why” questions (there are many more, but three main ones).

    Why did you come back from Germany?
    Why was he sent to Germany?
    Why didn’t they kill him, although they could easily?

    Taken together, I believe that we are dealing with a large-scale special operation, the purpose of which is a public and scandalous (but with minimal real losses) breaking off of Putin’s Russia with the West and a withdrawal towards China.

    The West was shown that they wanted to spit on his words, gestures and sanctions.
    China that they are ready to defend their power with the toughest measures.
    Society was shown batons and tasers, the elites were asked to confirm their loyalty to the collective Putin.

    At all stages of this special operation, Navalny was skillfully manipulated, possibly by people from his inner circle.

    He was led, his ego having been mislead and inflated, to the sacrificial altar, or rather to a court of law.
    I am sure they will add more to his sentence he will sit for a long time in prison until he is exchanged for someone, for example, Bout.

    At best …

    But then another story will begin …

    And now we are expecting for Aleksey the Nobel Peace Prize and the status of a new Solzhenitsyn.

    However, Putin’s Russia does not care about that.

    They have chosen a geopolitical route and are following it more and more faithfully.

    Medvedev’s prophecy about turning off the Internet is becoming more real.

    So the Statuesque Blonde was all part of the set-up, right?

    I mean, it was she who pleaded with the Dark Lord that her husband be sent to Germany, was it not?

    And Medvedev did not prophesy the turning off of the Internet: he said that Russia had the capability to do so if need be.

    I wonder when and what “Operation Trust 1” was?

    Oh yeah! And the Bullshitter did not get “hard labour”: he was sentence to serve 2 years and 8 months under a “general regime” in a colony.

    It’s called an “open prison” in the UK.

    As old lags would say back in the mother country: “I could do it standing on me fucking head!”


    1. Shades of Pavel Felgenhauer – predict that which looks inevitable, and then claim credit for prescience. That Russia is drifting closer to a formal alliance with China is a given, precisely because it is being pushed in that direction by the west; the country is not going to simply commit suicide because it would please Washington. Yet if and when such an alliance comes to pass, Ekho Moskvy will shout, “See!! We said it would happen!” Ditto the strong possibility Navalny will earn himself more jail time while he is locked up – if such comes to pass, Ekho Moskvy will tap its temple significantly and wink – nailed it.


  27. Riot police use batons to break up unplanned demonstrations in central Moscow as Navalny supporters protest his prison sentence

    In one clip, a man donning a high-vis journalist vest was filmed being hit over the head. Reports from Russia suggest the victim ran a pro-Navalny Telegram channel.

    It’s the first “Telegram Baza” clip that is referred to above. And he was not “being hit over the head”: the cop hit the soft cnut twice, directly and carefully targetted — “raz, dva!” as the beast no doubt thought.

    Watch the bastard take a dive howling and screaming! What a performance!!!

    Many real journalists have been commenting on how many yellow vests there have been at these Bullshitter rallies, and that they have been donned by “journalists” who are really Navalnyite provocateurs and soft shits like that one in the clip referred to above, who runs his own Navalny supporting Telegram channel..

    I recall that one KP journalist commented last week how one second there were only a few yellow vests visible in a crowd, but then suddenly, a load of them appeared when provocateurs started heaving snowballs at the brutal lackeys of the little man who quakes in his bunker.

    There’s a clip at the end where the cops yank some knobhead out of a taxi. The clever sod had been shouting insults at them.

    You and your gang lost, sonny Jim! You’ve been running riot for far too long for that traitorous US lackey Navalny, who’s now doing real time, and now the party’s over and it’s time for you and your pals to pick up the tab!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure that’s exactly what they think – after all, they have the inheritors of the Gene Sharp political protest mantle coaching their every move. You can only imagine how much livelier it would be if Russia had not fucked off all those western political NGO’s a few years back. Ol’ Gene taught a generation of regime-changers how to use the government’s rules against it – if there’s an element among the protesters that the government has designated hands-off, like journalists or medical attendants, adopt their costume and create a problem for the authorities.

        They imagine they are creating an anguished picture the world cannot ignore, one of heartbreaking courage crushed under an iron fist. But I have news for them; the police just go on stolidly bonking them on the melon and hauling them off. And those who will be looking for employment in a few years should be thinking now if that selfie shot of them all smiling in the back of the paddywagon might be an impediment to future hiring. That’s part of the reason youth is selected – it is inspired by the moment, and doesn’t think about consequences down the road. I daresay those photos will sit in police files for some time.


        1. And lo and behold, Rainsford appears — or at least an article penned by her — on the BBC, a little late after the event. Must have had a hangover or whatever:

          Why jailing Navalny may mean more problems for Putin
          By Sarah Rainsford
          BBC News, Moscow
          Published 3 hours ago

          When long rows of riot police took up positions in central Moscow on Tuesday evening, the message was clear: all protests in support of opposition leader Alexei Navalny would be crushed.

          My stress: not “stopped”, “prevented” or “deterred” but CRUSHED!.

          And on she goes, describing scenes of brutality meted out by Putins “cosmonauts” , ass the kiddies call OMON.

          And to the Carnegie Centre she goes, in search of a suitable talking head.

          Wonderful pictures appear in her article:

          Muscovites have been taking to the streets in their thousands in support of Navalny

          Above, Komsomolskaya Square, known colloquially as “Three Stations Square”, because 3 major railway terminals are situated there. Above: in front of Leningradsky and Yaroslavsky terminals: on the other side of the square is Kazansky Terminal. On any day, the place is swarming with railway passengers. But just let’s that all those pictured above are Navalnytwats . . . thousands of them there?

          In Russia on 23 January, 0.23% of the population came out in support of its Bullshitter hero. Thousands of them. Out of a population of 147 million. Same in Moscow: 0.2% of the city population took to the streets for the sake of an American agent.


  28. China’s jets set to challenge Boeing and Airbus

    US accuses China’s COMAC of ‘military-civil fusion’ but that won’t stop the rising airplane maker from taking global market share

    by Scott Foster

    Aerospace is one of the key industries targeted by Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” drive. Could this become a problem for Boeing, Airbus and other non-Chinese suppliers of aircraft, aircraft engines and other related equipment?…

    A lot more at the link

    I’ve pointed out much of the stuff above on this blog over the years but this article nicely puts it together (much better than I could). My only comment is that I am not so circumspect about achieving a higher market share. China can, and does buy its own products and can do so in bulk to help cover development costs of even learning airliners like the ARJ21 which despite not being ‘competitive’ by western standards helped China to understand all the processes, design and build new processes for current and future airframes which will be much better.

    Russia too is and will continue to buy its own if possible. Indiginization is continuing afoot but without the huge resources available that China has. Despite that Russia will have in production in the next 5 years or so the full range of turbine engines for eveything from light, medium and heavy helicopters, to everything but very large civil turbines, not to mention electronics and all the other high value subsystems previously bought from without.

    Yet again, markets lost, particularly as the West’s only policy towards Russia is to try and punish it in to ‘compliance’ aka ‘DO SOMETHING’, anything however dumb or counter productive.

    With the growth of Asia and Africa there should be enough comfortable space for multiple manufacturers. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop.


    1. If a country accepts Russia’s Covid vaccine, they have already shaken US/EU toadyism. So, buying Russian or Chinese aircraft should not be a huge next step assuming the normal issues of training and maintenance can be resolve.

      The “military-civil fusion” is confusing as aren’t Western civilian airliners widely adapted to military roles such as aerial tankers and most of the builders (i.e. Boeing) and subcontractors deeply enmeshed in military procurement?


  29. I think I may have dropped one enormous bollock!

    Lawyers have said they would appeal the court’s decision and also appeal to the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, which monitors the implementation of the decisions of the ECHR. Yulia Navalnaya told reporters that she would not comment on anything.

    And the coordinator of Mr. Navalny’s regional headquarters, Leonid Volkov, wrote in social networks that “everything is just starting” and that the oppositionist’s associates “certainly understand” what they must do now:

    Our movement will not go anywhere; Navalny’s headquarters continue their work. We remain within the framework of peaceful non-violent protest because we are not going to squander our moral superiority.

    He also promised to

    Increase pressure on Putin, both from inside the country and outside, in order to secure the release of Alexei Navalny and all political prisoners.

    Lawyers interviewed by Kommersant differed in assessing the validity of the verdict.

    According to Ivan Solovyov, Honoured Lawyer of Russia, member of the ICR Scientific Advisory Council, a “humane, conclusive agreement” had been concluded between Aleksey Navalny and the state:

    The man was left at liberty, and he had promised to behave accordingly, including not committing administrative offenses, to register and notify about his place of residence.

    The lawyer believes that a certificate from a German clinic would have been enough for the FSIN to argue for failure to appear only until the politician became capable and began to move around the country (after having been discharged from the Charité, Aleksey Navalny filmed in Germany part of the film about the palace in Gelendzhik ).

    As soon as his health condition allowed him to move, he was obliged to buy a ticket and fly to Russia, but he defiantly did not do this

    Mr. Soloviev noted. He is confident that the court would have issued a similar ruling on any other Russian with similar offences.

    If Aleksey Navalny had notified the FSIN in a timely manner that he was unable to appear in the Russian Federation because of his health condition, and had undertaken to check in immediately after having returned to the Russian Federation, the FSIN would objectively have had no reason to declare him wanted, the Special Purpose Law Office lawyer Anton Malikov believes. On the other hand, to date, the politician has already served a full suspended sentence and in general — with the exception of one-off cases — has been observing all restrictions for more than four years, the lawyer notes:

    In such circumstances, sentencing him to real imprisonment for a period of 3.5 years is seen as unfair and may be interpreted as punishment for his political activities.

    That is, from a formal point of view, the court had grounds for such a verdict, but “taking into account all the factual circumstances, this decision does not correspond to the spirit of the law”, the lawyer concludes.


    He’s doing real time now because he followed his curator’s instructions and returned to Russia because the chump believed he was, or was told he was, untouchable.

    Tough shit!



  30. Russian news programme 60 Minutes

    No answer: foreign diplomats do not comment on their interest in Navalny.

    It was clearly in their interests, I should imagine, to follow instructions given them by the US Department of State.


    1. The last person who speaks in the above clip:

      Journalist: Why are you here?

      Woman: Because.

      Answering like a little kid.



    2. Above clip source:

      Не все иностранные дипломаты смогли объяснить интерес к Навальному

      Not all foreign diplomats were able to explain their interest in Navalny

      A video from the building of the Moscow City Court was published on the Telegram channel of TV presenter Olga Skabeeva. Pavel Melnik asked a representative of the foreign embassy why there were so many diplomatic staff at the meeting. The only response was the phrase: “No comment”.

      The journalist also tried to find out from other diplomats what caused such an increased interest in the process, but they only evaded answers.

      However, representatives of RIA Novosti asked the US Embassy about the presence of American diplomats in the court.

      “It is standard practice for diplomatic missions around the world to observe trials in the host country”, the embassy replied.

      The Latvian Foreign Ministry previously confirmed that Latvian diplomats and their counterparts from other countries were present in court. The head of the department, Edgar Rinkevich, said on Twitter: “We remind Russia of its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights”.

      Thank you for your reminder.

      Now close your embassy and get the fuck out of Russia!


      1. A liberast speaks:

        The hysteria of Lavrov and Zakharova about the presence of 33 foreign diplomats at the trial of Navalny was obviously faked. All these people are well aware that Navalny’s case is of an exclusively political nature, and this whole story of poisoning and shameless trial is directly related to human rights, which, as you know, cannot be an internal affair of this or that country, which makes the screams of Zakharova and Lavrov about “interference in the internal affairs of Russia” a meaningless set of sounds. And Western politicians simply could not take any other position other than condemning the Kremlin’s actions.

        Emmanuel Macron, President of France: “The verdict for Alexei Navalny is unacceptable. Political controversy can never be a crime. We call for his immediate release. Respect for human rights, as well as respect for democratic freedoms, cannot be bargained for. ” Exactly the same position, expressed in other words, was expressed by the heads of Germany, Great Britain, the Baltic states, the European Union in general, and American senators.

        Well hurrah for the West!

        Here’s the source.

        Igor Yakovenko, a bleeding heart liberal journalist, as you can tell by the photo of the Bullshitter with which he heads the above linked blog:

        Give me strength!


        1. <bIgor Aleksandrovich Yakovenko (born March 13, 1951, Moscow): Russian journalist and teacher. Former secretary of the Union of Journalists of Russia, former deputy of the State Duma. Director General of the National Circulation Service. Chairman of the Journalistic Solidarity Trade Union of Journalists.

          In September 2014, he signed a statement demanding “an end to the aggressive adventure: withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the Ukraine and the halting of propaganda, material and military support to separatists in the South-East of the Ukraine”Wiki [Russian]

          Get the picture?


  31. Not expected but not surprising:

    A report being withheld from the public documents horrific acts of rape and sexual abuse against young boys that were facilitated by nuns belonging to the Cathoic Archdiocese of Cologne in Germany, according to the Daily Beast.

    The investigation’s findings, which concluded last month and stemmed from a lawsuit brought against the archdiocese by victims, have not been publicly released, but the contents of the report are said to have been leaked to several media outlets.

    Sections of the 560-page report purportedly seen by the Daily Beast detail how nuns who ran a convent in Speyer, Germany between the 1960s and 1970s “rented” orphaned boys to businessmen and clergy, who abused the children, sometimes for weeks at a time, before ‘returning’ them.

    According to the outlet, some of the orphans were forced to participate in “gang bangs and origies” before being returned to the convent where the nuns would discipline them for having “wrinkl[ed] their clothes or being covered in semen.”

    No reason to believe such acts have ceased. Oh wait, we are supposed to be outraged about Navalny.


    1. “No reason to believe such acts have ceased. Oh wait, we are supposed to be outraged about Navalny.”

      …and revere the Catholic Church. Let’s get it on the record – Catholic priests have a thing for young boys. Always have had, always will. If that doesn’t bother you, then fine. Pursue your devotion to the Mother Church as if nothing had happened.


  32. The prosectors and judge at the Navalny trial.

    The libtard moron who posted the above social media message writes:

    I hope these ladies end up on the Magnitsky list.

    Typical libtard who is dumb enough to believe Browder’s lies because she really knows with first hand experience how evil the Russian “regime” is and how awful life is here under the tyrannical rule of the little man who quakes in his Kremlin bunker at the very mention of the noble Navalny name.


  33. `Wheels within wheels? . . .

    Приговор Навальному. Компромисс государстванников и либералов

    The verdict on Navalny. Compromise of Statists and Liberals

    Today, the Moscow City Court sentenced the blogger Aleksei Navalny. Despite repeatedly violating the law, Navalny has been walking free for quite some time. I described the reason for this in previous materials. In brief, the blogger was receiving protection from the systemic liberals, who needed him for information attacks on their opponents. And he provided them with this for a very long time. About ten years. One can recall at least the fact that Aleksey Kudrin stood shoulder to shoulder with Navalny on Bolotnaya Square.

    Among all of Navalny’s so-called investigations, one pattern can be seen. Navalny has never touched on systemic liberals. His videos do not contain investigations against Gref, Chubais, Kudrin, Nabiullina, Siluanov, and so on. I think many people would agree with me that the biggest dirt in Russia is probably on Chubais. But we haven’t seen ant such thing.But as soon as Oleg Deripaska “fell away” from the systemic liberals (Yeltsin family — note), the Americans immediately imposed sanctions on him, and Navalny released an investigation against the oligarch. These events are so obvious and interconnected that it is impossible not to understand them.

    A few days ago, after an article by Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Security Council (leader of the statists), I wrote that if Navalny received a long sentence for his crimes, it would mean the beginning of an irreconcilable struggle between the statists and the liberals. It seemed that a compromise would be impossible.

    But Navalny received “only” 3.5 years in prison. Now let’s count down the sentence. The blogger will be released in July 2024. At that time, presidential elections will be held in Russia. Accordingly, during the campaign, the systemic liberals will not have an instrument of influence such as Navalny, which is certainly a disadvantage for them. In other words, they will not be able to use Navalny’s resources to push their candidate for the presidency.

    Nevertheless, the transfer of power is not just about elections. It is a long enough process, which includes the renewal of the political elite. The process can drag on for years. For example, Vladimir Putin completed the transfer of power only by the end of his first term, when he was able to deal with all the oligarchs of the Yeltsin era. A prime example is Khodorkovsky. It took Putin a few more years to finally clean up and form his team. That was immediately followed by his famous Munich speech of 2007.

    Beyond that, it is not at all certain that Putin’s successor will be able to shoulder this burden. This will become clear later on. It is very likely that the new leader of the state will not adapt to this position, which will further delay the transfer of power.

    And already here, the systemic liberals will receive a trump card in the form of Aleksei Navalny being released from gaol.. There is no doubt that this will be a high-profile event. Navalny will start rallying at the most critical moment for Russia.

    There is another version to be considered, but it is only a theory. So far there has been no confirmation. The current Navalny story had been organized by the systemic liberals, with the express purpose of getting him out in mid-2024 at the height of his popularity. That is when the political situation in Russia will be as unstable as possible.

    As for Navalny himself, I have no sympathy for him. He has chosen for himself the role of a pawn in someone else’s game. Yes, he is a talented blogger. But for some reason he thought that a liberal colouring would give him more popularity. I’m sure that if Navalny had come out on the side of the statists, he would have gone down in Russian history as a hero, not an agent of Western influence. But the choice was made. And the consequences are accordingly: there is nothing to be surprised about.


  34. «Если гора не идет к Магомету…» – компетентные органы изучают вопрос о возможных санкциях в отношении радиостанции «Эхо Москвы»

    “If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…” — the competent authorities are studying the issue of possible sanctions against the Ekho Moskvy radio station.

    Old Goat!

    According to a TASS source (TASS is the leading state news agency of Russia, this year it will turn 117) competent government authorities are studying the issue of possible sanctions against the radio station Echo of Moscow, a number of publications of this information (I almost wrote “garbage can”, but I’m afraid that in such a context my article would not be published therefore, we will focus on the streamlined word “resource”) resource having been regarded as calls for illegal actions.

    “Measures up to and including licence revocation are being considered against the Ekho Moskvy radio station for advocating violent acts.”

    Of course, such news couldn’t get past Ekho Moskvy editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov, who stated that he had no information about possible claims from the supervisory authorities regarding the radio station’s publications.

    “I checked: there are no instructions . We have not published any appeals. Let them tell me where these publications of appeals to violence are. In my opinion, there are no grounds for complaint”, the editor-in-chief clarified.

    According to him, there are no agencies in Russia which can take away a licence. Venediktov added: “Licences are actually taken away through the courts”.

    Of course, Mr. Venediktov is being sly when he says that he doesn’t understand why he is being so attacked, but his radio station has repeatedly caused controversy in society through the content it broadcasts nationwide. For example, in mid-November 2014, Roskomnadzor issued a warning to the radio station for its October 29 broadcast of the programme “Through Our Eyes,” in which the certain persons talked about the battles for Donetsk airport between Ukrainian troops and armed DNR units, and it was the Ukrainian nationalist organizations that earned a positive evaluation for their actions (essentially a punitive operation) from the speakers of Ekho Moskvy.

    Ekho Moskvy is a scandalous, anti-Russian, lying radio station. Its ostensible liberal democratic approach to reporting on problems in Russia is shattered by its own tyranny of opinions and viewpoints different from those of the Ekho Moskvy editorial board. This is clearly demonstrated by the approach to the reviews and comments left on their broadcasts. The whole pseudo-patriotic liberal crowd deletes everything that disgusts their ideology without remorse, leaving only comments that suit them. Tried and tested, as they say.

    Moreover, listening to Venediktov’s speech more and more often, it seems that the man is really sick, and in his whole head. They blame the government for everything and without any particular reason. They play at being democrats, if that’s how you can evaluate all the bacchanalia going on in their airwaves. The way they frantically “crucify” the incumbent president, losing sight of the fact that tens of millions of Russians voted for him, is hysterical. By the way, those same “Russians” get no less abuse from Venediktov’s light hand than Putin does. The words “vatnik,” “kremlinbot,” “putinist” and many other political pejorative nicknames have firmly entered the vocabulary of the station’s anchors and guests. And until recently, this whole circus went unpunished.

    Aleksey Venediktov, the editor-in-chief of Ekho Moskvy, first expressed his fears to us only when the State Duma decided to consider adopting a law that would allow individuals to be recognized as foreign agents… And this is to be expected, since the issue of funding Ekho Moskvy radio station by foreign “nonindifferent” patrons has been a hot topic in our society for a couple of decades now. Venediktov, taking advantage of an imperfection of our law, could afford to ignore all the accusations and engage in Russophobic activities all this time. Ekho Moskvy journalists, for the most part, do not like to advertise that they are funded by Western donations, and the media have frequently publicized this fact.

    As evidence of this, we can recall the story of the fees from the American Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which were received by Ekho employee Matvey Ganapolsky. Between 2010 and 2014, the journalist received 19 wire transfers from the United States totaling $12,800. Some of these funds were transferred with a note “to provide writing, editing and proofreading of material for the Russian site” or “for professional support”… And this is just one publicized fact of such a tandem between our liberals and foreign services.

    Another scandal, confirmed by internal US Congress documents, was published by publicist Ilya Ukhov. By conducting his own investigation he was able to find direct links between a number of Russian media outlets cooperating with Western counterparts. All of these facts are reflected in the BBG reports. In addition to Ekho Moskvy, RBC and Dozhd were on the list.

    I should worry!

    Another scandal, confirmed by internal documents of the American Congress, was published by publicist Ilya Ukhov. By conducting his own investigation he was able to find direct links between a number of Russian media collaborators with Western counterparts. All of these facts are reflected in the BBG reports. In addition to Ekho Moskvy, RBC and Dozhd were on the list.

    Of course, some of you may say that the author is obviously biased, that he is not able to see the picture emerging in the country the way the guys at Ekho Moskvy see it, who, being above the fray, are not afraid to speak the whole truth, no matter how bitter it may be.

    Well, the opinion is certainly entitled to exist, but I absolutely disagree with it. First of all, people who want positive changes in the country don’t make blatant harassment of all dissenters on their airwaves, and secondly, those who care about the prosperity of the country don’t get foreign money, which they earn by smearing Russian politics, its president, victories, history, achievements… But who am I to speak? . . . I offer you a number of statements similar in style to mine.

    “It would still be desirable to deprive the state company Gazprom-Media of funding, but unfortunately, these are dreams. Now, in the run-up to the so-called rallies in support of the “main fighter” for our rights and freedoms, the Russian opposition has hit rock bottom. At the same time, they do not want to fight for the rights and freedoms of schoolchildren who do not know life and do not understand how we used to live, and who believe everything they propagate in TikTok and other youth social networks.”

    Political scientist and publicist Vladimir Karasev believes that Ekho Moskvy should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    “Foreign agents, liberals and traitors of all stripes have begun to behave too brazenly and with impunity in Russia. Stop playing American democracy in our country. Don’t like Russia? No one is keeping you here. But to cause harm, to call for a “Maidan”, to play into the hands of Western intelligence services? You will have to answer for that to the fullest extent of the law. Not only should Ekho Moskvy be shut down. Their office needs to be scrubbed clean with detergent so that there won’t be a trace of them left. I hope those responsible for trying to destroy Russia from within will be punished.”

    Political analyst Roman Romanov
    “Right now, instead of reporting objectively on what is going on, journalists of this newspaper have become very real propagandists who are urging people to attend an unsanctioned rally… Instead of including an objective journalistic assessment, they have become the mouthpieces, publicists for this political action… In this case, the journalists of Ekho Moskvy should be seen as accomplices to this crime. And rightly so. You have to put pressure on Ekho Moskvy; you can take away its licence. But I would go further. Why do the sponsors and auctioneers allow Venediktov’s team to do this? They need to think about why there is a propaganda publication with their money, which spreads extremist ideas and participates in organizing extremist actions.

    Yeah, right!


      1. Likes having young lasses on his staff, though, doesn’t he?

        Bit of a groper, they say.

        He fevvers an Old Testament prophet that shags the easily impressed girls.

        Right tribe to be such a prophet, and Russophobe, of course.


  35. Apparently France asked Germany to cancel NordStream II a while ago and this news has only recently become public.* Only to shortly afterwards publicly backtrack.**

    How can France claim to be Russophile and have special relations with Russia when they behave like this? Is it because it is exceptional? €µ is just another one in a row of lightweight leaders who think pomp and words is enough for shallow strategic thinking. So far away from De Gaulle..

    * 1 Feb

    ** 3 Feb

    France will not pressure Germany over its choices regarding the Nordstream gas project, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Wednesday.

    When asked whether Paris was putting pressure on Berlin to scrap the project after Russia jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, Le Drian said Nordstream related to the issue of energy independence and subjects should not be mixed up.


    1. Speaking of les misèrables

      Euractiv: France puts EU withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty on the table

      …“After two years of preparatory discussions, between 2017 and 2019, and three formal rounds of negotiations in 2020, it is clear that the process of modernising the ECT is not on track,” the ministers write…

      …At the last negotiation round in December, Japan refused to revise the most controversial aspect of the treaty – the investor-state dispute settlement mechanism – which refers litigations to private tribunals where judges are nominated by the parties in the dispute.

      Instead, the EU has proposed to refer cases to a future “Multilateral Investment Court”, which is currently being negotiated at UN level…

      The irony in all this is that the Commission tried to beat up Russia and cancel the ECT which the former had not ratified (but was still technically bound) despite i-Taly having also left, but now they discover that its provisions are counter to climate change/greening energy/EU’s future eco-economy agenda/whatever.


      1. Well he’s not a true Frog, then, because in my experience, Froggies can be quite Bolshie — you know, les droits de l’homme and all that.


        1. I would not say they have had a true froggish leader since…well, since Chirac, maybe even before that. Chirac sticks in my mind for France’s resolute opposition of the Iraq war, and its foreign minister’s speech against it, laying out France’s reasons, might have been a template for everything that went wrong – everything he said might happen, did happen. Sarkozy was lauded by Washington (and others, who meant it in not so complimentary a fashion), as “Sarko The American”, and Micron continues to be overawed by the power and reach of the United States, and shows no inclination to imagine a world without it. Consequently he operates his country as a full-service department of Global Regime Changes of America.


          1. Yes. Sarko joined NATO. What was the strategic thinking behind that? The Cold War is over and thus France’s role as a bridge between East and West is now obsolete?

            The irony is that France is the only u-Ropean power with a nuclear triad (ok, they dumped the IRBMs but it is still more than the UK) but it has given away its strategic independence. It doesn’t match.

            Then, as we recently discovered they (hamster) told the Germans to drop NordStream II, and within 48hrs of this being made public France reversed course, by no less than Jean-Yve le Drian minister for u-Rope and Foreign Affairs. I bet Germany was very angry about this and a Merkel called €µ.

            So WtAF is going on in Paris? Or will they put it down to gallic ’emotion’?

            I say Vive la 5ème Republique! (sic, the next one, ‘coz la 4ème is not fit for purpose).


            1. Well, the existing French Republic is actually the Fifth Republic; The first was 1792-1804, the second 1848-1842, the third 1870-1940, the fourth 1948-1958, which rolled straight into the fifth which is 1958 to the present. There may not be a sixth, not to be too much of a pessimist.


              1. Thanks for correcting my slip. It might just be that the attachment to La Marianne is also a clue… they’re a giant pair of tits! 😉


  36. Что же это за история с дочерью известного оппозиционера. Правда ли, что она учится за границей и там же живет

    What is the story about the daughter of a famous oppositionist. Is it true that she is studying abroad and living there?
    30 January

    As the ancients said there – Caesar’s wife is beyond suspicion. If today this phrase is interpreted in a broad sense, then Caesar’s daughter should also be beyond suspicion.

    We decided to find out whether it is true that our famous oppositionist Alexei Navalny’s daughter is studying abroad.

    Let’s start with a short excerpt from Wikipedia:

    Two children: daughter Daria (born in 2001; since 2019 – a student at Stanford University and son Zakhar (born in 2008).

    Of course, no one here is prohibited from studying abroad. But if a person is really fighting to become, for example, the mayor of Moscow or even the president of Russia, then somehow the studies of that prerson’s daughter do not fit in with such plans.

    Patriotism is not enough.

    So, indeed, Daria Navalnaya is a Stanford student. Here is a photo of her daughter with her father:

    Free advertisement for an American university from the Navalny family. Photo from Instagram.

    Caption under this photo:

    Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike and sending me to an elementary school with advanced English. Thank you for supporting me in my various endeavours and for recommending books. Thank you for your sense of humor and (sometimes so-so) taste in music. You are an example to me.
    Happy birthday dad.

    In fact, the Navalny family did not hide the fact of their daughter’s residence and study abroad. Aleksey even recorded a separate video explaining that his daughter is indeed studying in the United States, but that this is “different” and not what he accuses, for example, corrupt Russian officials of.

    Dasha herself did not stand aside, she did not hide her joy that she had entered one of the best universities in the world. She also posted a video when she received a letter from America informing her of her admission.

    Dasha happily reported:

    Yes, yes … I have been admitted to Stanford University. I am terribly happy about this and it is a great honour for me. I will try to be a good student and learn a lot. And when I return to Moscow, I shall become a useful member of society.

    Will the girl return to Russia or not? it’s a matter of time.

    On Instagram, Dasha Navalnaya has a whole series of pictures describing how she lives and studies in the United States. Here’s one such shot:

    Dasha signed this picture:

    My quarantine goes like this. Pros: there is no one around and I can imagine that I do not live in an empty hostel, but in one of the rooms of a palace. Cons: It all looks a bit like a zombie apocalypse. In such films, a girl who sits quietly with a textbook is usually eaten.

    Journalists drew attention to the fact that Dasha writes that she lives in a hostel as a simple student. However, she has never posted a photo or video inside this hostel. Here’s another photo of a girl walking home with groceries:

    The opinion immediately arose that her parents were renting an apartment.

    By the way, renting a hostel for students costs $18,000 per year. And the apartment costs about $36,000 a year.

    Neither one nor the other amount is affordable for us ordinary citizens.

    If Aleksey Navalny were a private person, then we would not have addressed the question of where his daughter studied.

    And so an unpleasant residue remains.


    1. But Stanford is rated as one of the top ten universities in the world. Michael Mcfaul works at the University there. Surely she can’t be among the smartest Russians in her age group to deserve going there – this all smacks of blatant corruption


      1. This piece, which comes across as an unvarnished machine translation, suggests Daria Navalnaya’s grades and major for Stanford were never publicly released; that it is not common knowledge whether or not she actually achieved the standard for admission. It assumes she will seek a degree in political science.

        The same piece points out that Putin’s daughter, or the young lady the press says is Putin’s daughter – Ekaterina Tikhonova – attended Moscow State, and at the time the letter was written was preparing to defend a dissertation on ways to eliminate the disruption of the functioning of the vestibular apparatus of an astronaut, in pursuit of a Science degree.


  37. The Czech Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador because of Navalny
    03.02.2021 – 21:55

    Russian Ambassador to Prague Alexander Zmeevsky was invited to the Czech Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, where the deputy head of the department, Ales Khmelarzh, protested against the court’s decision against opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, according to the website of the Czech Foreign Ministry.

    The Simonovsky Court of Moscow on Tuesday ruled to cancel Navalny’s suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case and replace him with 3.5 years in a general regime colony.

    The Czech Foreign Ministry has invited Russian Ambassador Alexander Zmeevsky. Deputy Minister Ales Khmelarzh protested against the court decision against Aleksey Navalny, which we consider politically motivated, as well as against the brutal actions of the police against peaceful demonstrators.

    We call on Russia to immediately release Navalny.

    the Czech diplomatic agency said in a statement.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry previously advised foreign politicians commenting on the situation with Navalny to respect international law and deal with the problems of their countries, and on Monday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that statements by Western politicians on this topic are “like a blueprint.”

    In turn, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin did not intend to listen to statements from abroad about Navalny. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called the behavior of Western diplomats and Western Foreign Ministries in the situation with the trial over Navalny as a chain of political staged actions.

    The courts have previously considered the FSIN’s submissions to replace Navalny with a real one three times – and each time they refused, only extending the probationary period. Meanwhile, in the last three years alone, according to the Federal Penitentiary Service, Navalny almost 60 times failed to report on time in the criminal executive inspectorate (he was obliged to do this twice a month) and received numerous administrative penalties, from large fines to arrests.

    Each of these facts separately and all together, according to the law, threaten the convict with the abolition of the privilege to serve a suspended sentence. By itself, this measure is used quite actively in Russia — only last year 11.3 thousand people had a suspended sentence replaced by a real one, and in 2019 this happened to more than 15 thousand people.

    The allegations that Navalny is being persecuted exclusively for his political activities have been refuted by the European Court of Human Rights: Strasbourg did not recognize the political motives in the Yves Rocher case (it was on this that the complaint was filed), although it awarded compensation for house arrest, which were in full paid by the Russian authorities.

    My stress above — ME.


    1. I am Czech and I am ashamed my country’s ministry wastes time on this. The parliament refused to discuss the Navalny issue.


      1. Welcome back, Leos. Ladies and gentlemen, Leos Tomicek, who once had the most enviable blogroll on the internet back when he ran ‘Austere Insomniac’. Some of my present blogroll contacts date from there. I’m sorry to hear things went badly for you, but I’m glad to see you again. Navalny has dropped out of the newspapers here for the moment, for a couple of days we had the AP agony version and posts from Marky-Mark in Moscow, but it’s gone quiet at present. I’m sure that will change, because the only way to keep the Navalny cause alive will be to keep him in the news. I’ll be sorry in a way if he gets a big ol’ sentence tacked on to the one he’s already got, because that will mean he won’t be out in time for the big election, and if that’s the case the west will probably abandon him and look for a new champion. I’d be happy to see them stick with Navalny, because I have a better chance to be president of Russia than Navalny does and I won’t even be running.


  38. Off-topic, this UK news website does not look like one for the blog roll though Moscow Exile might lobby for its inclusion when he sees these:

    Homeschooling Dad almost learnt enough to sit the 11 Plus

    A parent of primary school children is learning so much through homeschooling that he’s hoping to secure a place for himself at the local grammar school.

    Father of two Simon Williams has had to wrap his head around so many difficult subjects over the past year that he’s hoping to soon take the 11 Plus …

    …“Anyway [sez homeschooler dad Simon Williams] I’ve come on leaps and bounds over the past few weeks; I think a grammar school spot is finally within my grasp! I can then go back to university – I’ll probably do exactly the same course I did before but I’ll feel so much more superior!”

    The Head of Simon’s local grammar school said, “The 11 Plus doesn’t really test knowledge of the curriculum but deals more with numerical and verbal reasoning. It’s essentially an IQ test.

    “I don’t fancy Simon’s chances – the very fact someone has children means [his] sleep-deprived brain has probably atrophied to the point where [he] could never pass.”

    Thanks, local grammar school head – you really know how to lend moral support to a future student!

    Kate insists parenting during lockdown is exhausting, for the palace nanny, and tutor, and chefs, and cleaners

    “… Speaking earlier [Kate Middleton] revealed, “It has been very difficult indeed this time round I must say, the children’s private nanny is exhausted, as are the tutors for all of the children’s school subjects.

    “And of course the palace cleaner is rushed off her feet at the minute with numerous different tasks to do on a daily basis, involving much more cleaning around the whole of the palace due to the children being here all day leaving such a mess.

    “Not to mention the chefs, they don’t have a minute’s rest at the moment because we all like to have our meals at different times of the day depending on what time Wills and I decide to get out of our pit in the morning, or afternoon.

    “But we must stay strong and remember, we as parents can do this, we are all in this together.”

    Asked if one of the parents could perhaps borrow her child’s nanny for an hour, just to try to get some rest we were told “Certainly not”.

    After the interview the Duchess of Cambridge airily dismissed the interviewer by snapping her fingers for the butler to escort him out through the front door, all without lifting her eyes from the latest issue of Country Life while the maid was massaging her scalp.


    1. Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended an ultra posh, very expensive girls’ boarding school — Cheltenham Ladies College or whatever, I think. She then went on to study at St. Andrew’s University, Scotland, where it just happens Prince William was also “studying” on some Mickey Mouse course, as she did — History of Art or some such similar tosh.

      Her mother, they say, is very pushy.

      My niece also studied there at the same time. She is now a consultant gynaecologist. (She’s expecting her second child next week. Wonder if she’ll deliver it herself, using a handbag mirror or whatever?)

      My niece, who is also a Kathy, tells me that Prince William always struck her as being pretty dull. And also, she told me that whenever and wherever Willy the Chipmunk Prince was around, the university was swarming with security men.

      The media used to say that Willy was treated just like anybody else and security was minimal. My niece Kathy told me that was a load of bollocks: wherever Willy was holding court, so to speak, nobody could just go breezing in under one’s own volition. Miss Middleton, of course, must have had clearance to mingle with him who would be king. Right sort of background, see.

      By the way, my Chief Gynaecologist niece at the Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire, still speaks with a strong Lancashire accent.


    2. I know the link to the “Kate” story leads to a spoof article, but it really bugs me how MSM always uses informal terms when referring to those whom God has chosen to rule over us — not over me, I may add: “us” referring to my fellow countrymen who are monarchists.

      So Katherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is always “Kate” in British news, or more formally, “Kate Middleton”.

      Her family name is not “Middleton”.

      And there’s “Prince Harry” and “Wills” FFS!

      However, they never refer to her at the top of the pile as “Betty”.

      Wonder why?

      (With respect, ma’am!).

      They do this in the media because Kate, Wills, Harry etc. are our pals, see, and they’re really just like us and were all just one big happy family, see.

      And of course, who can ever forget the beautiful, wonderfully gifted, sensitive, kind and tragic “People’s Princess” (who was a bit of a dimwit, actually, as is her husband)?

      I speak of “Princess Di” of course, who was Diana, Princess of Wales as long as she was married to the Clown Prince of Wales.

      After her divorce, she reverted to being plain old Lady Diana Spencer, a “Lady” in that she was the daughter of a Lord, and not the daughter of a prince, in which case she would have been Princess Diana as to the manner born.

      Anyway, when I return from my exile in Rus, I shall have done with that lot of Windsors, Hanoverians, Stuarts, Plantagenets etc. Usurpers all!

      And there shall be an English king again, the last having been Harold Godwinson, and he was elected!

      So who shall be the next true Saxon king of England? . . .

      My family mame is Saxon, come to think of it . . .


  39. Surprise (not)

    Marco Rubio has put forward a bill to sanctions Russian individuals “because of Navalny”.

    The bill will freeze the assets of the individuals named in the bill.

    They must have ready made bills as this is less than 24 hours after Navalny being sent to jail.

    In my view any Russian businessman who has money /property in the USA after all the previous sanctions bills – really needs therapy to put it mildly.


    1. What does Rubio and others of his ilk know about Russia? How has he formed his opinions about Russia and the citizens of Russia? Does have any knowledge of the Russian language, of Russian history, of Russian culture, society, traditions and politics?

      Oh, hang on! Rubio is the son of Cubans who fled Castro’s Cuba. Right!

      Castro was a Commie and the Russians are Commies too!

      Got you!


      1. Actually, his grandparents “fled” Batista’s regime —to make an honest buck in Miami.

        Neowt wrong wi’ that, of course, but it’s cooler to say they fled the Commies: impresses god-fearing knobheads in the Land of the Free.


      2. Rubio is a dimwit, he’s a vessel for hidden interests. He didn’t write this sanction bill, he was presented it.

        Similarly, Ted Kennedy was an inexperienced freshman Senator when he pressed through the Immigration Act of 1965:

        In his talk on Jewish power, Joe Biden included immigration and refugee policy as illustrations of how Jews have changed America. In an otherwise great column on the decline of the West, Pat Buchanan begs to differ:

        It was in 1965, halcyon hour of the Great Society, that Ted Kennedy led Congress into abolishing a policy that had restricted immigration for 40 years, while we absorbed and Americanized the millions who had come over between 1890 and 1920.

        Sorry, but I have to go with Joe on this one—probably the only area I would prefer Biden’s views to Buchanan’s. Kennedy was a freshman senator with little clout. His role in leading the bill came about because it was a slam dunk following the liberal landslide in the 1964 election (the one where the US avoided having Barry Goldwater blow up the world). The Senate hearings on the bill were so perfunctory that the statements of opponents were given in Kennedy’s office; these were mainly old line patriotic organizations like the Daughters of the American Revolution which by that time got absolutely no respect from elites. The bill was written by Norbert Schlei who was Jewish, and its official name is the Hart-Celler bill; Emmanuel Celler spent his entire career in Congress as a leader in opposition to immigration restriction, beginning with his hostility to the 1924 law which enshrined quotas favoring Northwestern Europeans. One should also mention the role of Jacob Javits in the Senate. As soon as the bill was passed, Jewish organizations focused their efforts on increasing the numbers of immigrants. Ted Kennedy may not have lied when said the bill would not change America. But in conjunction with the later efforts of Jewish activists, demographic change was inevitable.

        But that’s the least of it. The 1965 law was the culmination of a 40-year effort by the Jewish community to overturn the 1924 law. My version of the story, with numerous references to the roles of Jewish organizations, Jewish-organized and Jewish-funded committees, and Jewish legislative leaders like Javits and Celler, is here.

        Although I don’t really think that Buchanan believes that Kennedy should get so much credit, gullible readers may not understand what was really going on. I can’t tell you how many times people posting comments on this site made this claim, so it’s quite common even among people with views generally similar to those on this site (unless they were trolls).

        So yeah, Marco Rubio, like Ted Kennedy before him, and countless others today, are just rubber-stamping what they are presented. For Rubio in particular, I believe they have kompromat on him. Search for foam marco rubio, and that’s not to mention his Cuban background.


  40. Russland, Russland über alles,
    Über alles in der Welt!

    Was der Erfolg von Sputnik V für Putin bedeutet

    What the success of Sputnik V means for Putin

    Es ist fesselnd, Putin zu beobachten
    The vaccinations in Germany are progressing slowly, impatience is growing. There are calls for vaccines from Russia and China to be approved. These have already used after the second test phase. A virologist explains what we know about the vaccine so far.

    For a long time, Russia has hardly been able to surprise the West technically. Only the vaccine against the coronavirus, which came on the market early, has shown that Russia is perhaps more than an “Upper Volta with nuclear missiles”.

    [Patronizing German twat!]

    In October 1957 the world held its breath. The Soviet Union had succeeded in launching the first artificial earth satellite into space. Moscow thus revealed that it was now able to fire nuclear missiles at the American continent. The fear that gripped Europe and the US went down in history as the “Sputnik shock”.

    And you’ve not got over it, have you, you arseholes!


  41. I’m sick to the back teeth of reading such liberast kiddie shite on the Russian web:

    The fact is that yesterday he was convicted because of The Yves Rocher case, which was recognized in the ECHR as an “unfair trial”.

    And the libtards interpret “unfair” as “political”.

    ECHR said the Yves Rocher trial was NOT political, but decided that Article 6 (Right to a fair trial) and Article 7 (No punishment without law) of the European Convention on Human Rights (Convention) had been violated.

    How were they “violated”, I should like to know.

    Two ECHR pdf files:

    Article 6

    Article 7

    Two UK Equality and Human Rights Commission articles:

    UK Equality and Human Rights Commission: Article 6 (Right to a fair trial)

    In short:
    Article 6 protects your right to a fair trial
    You have the right to a fair and public trial or hearing if:

    you are charged with a criminal offence and have to go to court, or
    a public authority is making a decision that has a impact upon your civil rights or obligations.
    In this context, your civil rights and obligations are those recognised in areas of UK law such as property law, planning law, family law, contract law and employment law.

    UK Equality and Human Rights Commission: Article 7 (No punishment without law)

    In short:
    Article 7 of the Human Rights Act
    Article 7 means you cannot be charged with a criminal offence for an action that was not a crime when you committed it.

    This means that public authorities must explain clearly what counts as a criminal offence so you know when you are breaking the law.

    It is also against the law for the courts to give you a heavier punishment than was available at the time you committed an offence.

    Николай Бондаренко прокомментировал решение суда отправить Алексея Навального в колонию на 2 года 8 месяцев

    Now see this:

    ECHR found no political motives in Navalny brothers’ Yves Rocher case – Justice Ministry
    12:31 17/10/2017

    MOSCOW, October 17 (RAPSI) – The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found no political motives in prosecution and conviction of Russian opposition politician Alexey Navalny and his brother Oleg in the Yves Rocher embezzlement case, Russia’s Justice Ministry commented on the Strasbourg court’s ruling issued on Tuesday.

    The European Court of Human Rights confirmed that delivery of justice in the criminal case could not pursue political agenda. Inadmissibility of this aspect of the complaint was so obvious for the ECHR that the applicants’ arguments about alleged political motives of their prosecution were not even included in the subject for study, the Ministry said.

    The Strasbourg court on Tuesday held that there was violation of Article 6 (Right to a fair trial) and Article 7 (No punishment without law) of the European Convention on Human Rights (Convention). However, the ECHR refused to recognize criminal prosecution of the Navalny brothers as politically motivated by declaring their complaints “under Article 18 in conjunction with Articles 6 and 7 of the Convention inadmissible”.

    The Court ordered Russia to pay €55,000 to Alexey Navalny in compensation. Oleg Navalny was awarded about €21,000 and 460,000 rubles.

    The awarded compensations are significantly less than the requested ones, the Justice Ministry noted. Moreover, the ECHR dismissed the applicants’ claim for the compensation of their payments in a civil lawsuit, the statement reads.

    In December 2014, Navalny was given a 3.5-year suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case. His brother Oleg received a 3.5-year prison term. They were convicted of stealing nearly 30 million rubles (about $500,000 at the current exchange rate) from two companies, including Russian affiliate of Yves Rocher. The term of Oleg Navalny is to expire on June 30, 2018.

    They filed the application with the ECHR in January 2015. The applicants complained that they had been convicted “based on an unforeseeable application of criminal law, in breach of Article 7 of the Convention, and that those proceedings had been conducted in violation of Article 6 of the Convention.” The brothers also insisted that their prosecution and conviction had pursued “purposes other than bringing them to justice, in particular curtailing public and political activity of Alexey Navalny.

    In March 2016, the complaint was communicated to the Russian government.

    I think there are a lot of jurists playing silly fuckers here.

    And another thing as regards “political trials”: how come appeals by the Bullshitter to the ECHR always get fast-tracked?

    “Mr. Navalny, the well-known US agent in Russia?

    Straight to the front of the line, sir!

    Ain’t that . . . “political”?

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    1. Lyosha’s big moment was the election for Mayor of Moscow, a campaign in which Sobyanin was more or less absent; he sleepwalked his way through it, scarcely bothering to advertise himself as a candidate. His detractors, of course, claim that is because he was so sure he would win that he acted as if there were no other choice. Because, naturally, the vote was rigged. I doubt that, but whatever the case, Sobyanin did not put up much of a fight, and Lyosha actually got something more than 20% of the vote. In retrospect it might have been better had he won, because one term of his handing out contracts to his friends and to prominent liberals (but I repeat myself) would have been enough to show the whole country what he is. Anyway, he has never polled more than 5% and usually not even that in national elections, whether he was running or not (usually his name comes up in advance polls, as in would-you-vote-for-him-if-he-was-on-the-ballot).

      What would be the motive for the president of the country to initiate a political persecution of such a nobody?


  42. Euractiv: UN court says it can hear Iran-US sanctions case

    The UN’s top court has said it can hear Iran’s bid to overturn US nuclear sanctions reimposed by Donald Trump, prompting “disappointment” in Washington, which had argued the issue lies outside its jurisdiction.

    Well this is an unsurprising kick in the balls for the BD-A who wish to carry on the t-Rump foreign policy but use nice words for cover. If the BD-A claims it wants to work with allies and within the framework of international law then it cannot claim with a straight face that the UN JCPOA deal is ‘outside the UN’s jurisdiction,’ but it still does!

    As for the deal itself I suspect that BD-A wants i-Ran to move first and reduce its uranium ore stockpiles so it can claim a diplomatic PR win in return for lessening (not dropping as that would be giving up leverage) sanctions against i-Ran even though the US is not part of JCPOA anymore. As everyone knows, US promises are not worth their breath and subject to continual reinterpretation.


    1. Sometimes I feel that Trump only won because the Zionists wanted to cut Iran down to size with the sanctions regime and move the embassy to Jerusalem, both of which could not be accomplished by the Democratic Party without causing a huge uproar among its base, since Palestinians are considered oppressed. Kushner was the trusted middleman, of course.

      I recall jokes about Trump being all about MIGA instead of MAGA was commonplace because he did so much for Israel, and what was more strange is that the media didn’t care to investigate this submissive behavior, whereas any compliment towards Russia was just proof that he’s a Russian agent. I wish I could know why the media gave him a pass on Israel while being so hostile to Russia. Perhaps the Pale?

      Anyway, going forward I foresee the GOP being just an instrument to carry out pro-Israel policies, while at home the folks that are using the GOP for this purpose, with the allowance of the Democratic leadership, will continue to press ahead with the Bolshevik revolution, namely, erasure of white history, political censorship, critical race theory in all branches of life, demonization of conservatives as terrorists, tranny propaganda, you get it – the stuff that was mainstream among Jewish radicals in the past but derided among society at large.

      I don’t know if any of you heard about it, but Andy Ngo fled the US because antifa made death threats, and the situation was getting out of control. He was beaten severely back in 2019, which caused a brain injury, he gave the culprits’ identities to the Portland police, who did nothing. Also reported the identities of those who gave him death threats in these past months, also nothing happened. Likewise, antifa is allowed to hide their identities in their violent rampages undisturbed, whereas anti-mask laws could have been used long ago if the authorities wanted the mayhem to cease. If it was the MAGA crowd doing what the antifa does today, my god, they’d be nipped in the bud.

      Antifa is being build as a paramilitary organization, with the full backing of the Democratic establishment, and a supportive media. You may have heard that they did some minor damage to a Dem headquarter, don’t be fooled that they are against the Democratic party, this is a diversionary tactic. Pay attention to what they are getting away with.

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      1. Largely agree with everything in your post. I suspect that Trump’s pro-Israeli’s position was, in part, to secure that political flank. It did little to help him regarding the portion of the MSM controlled by Jewish elements. This last point indicates that Jews have their own internal rifts. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but, Israel seems simultaneously fearful and impressed by Russia while American Jews simply hate Russia. I will repeat this off-color joke heard in Israel that suggests the foregoing – the best scientists, engineers and prostitutes are Russian.


        1. I know many Russians who have taken vacations in israel and they are not all Jews. I believe more folk now speak Russian in Israel than do those Israelis who speak Hebrew, and most publications in Israel are now in russian, which is good thing, if only that it annoys the Yukitards. So I guess for many Russians, Israel feels kind of like a home from home, but sunnier.

          It’s the same in Cyprus, which I and my family visited in 2015. Having arrived on that island, my wife and children were amazed to see signs everywhere in Greek, English and Russian. No Turkish, though, because we were in the Greek bit of the island. However, I know a Russian who regularly holidays in the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, which Turkey annexed yonks ago and no country recognizes, yet nobody says fuck all about it in the “Free World” (wonder why?), because its cheaper in the Turkish bit than in the Greek one.


          1. There has been a very noticeable increase in Russian signage in the big resorts and cities of the Costa Blanca and Costa Del Sol of Spain over the past decade. Property agencies are very striking, as I recall. And most of the busier beachside restaurants and cafes have menus in Russian.


            1. Yeah, I kow plenty of Russians who go on holiday in Spain every year, one acquaintance has a big sister who has lived in Barcelona for a while and I knew another couple who liked Spain so much, they got jobs there with a view to applying for Spanish nationality.

              When I tell these folk that I’ve never been to Spain, they are always very surprised and say: “But you’re English! …”


            2. South Korea had a big Russian presence the last time I was there, as well, and that was donkey’s years ago – in Pusan, most of the important signage was in Russian as well as Korean and English.

              This is Busan, which is actually the same city; it was romanized as ‘Pusan’ and was still called by that name when I was last there. It has since been officially adopted as Busan.


          2. There is a substantial Russian presence in Dubai as well. Could be oligarchical in nature. Many people say ever new building in Dubai is another money-laundering operation. Not saying its Russian money. Besides, I believe London is, by far, the leading center for laundering dirty money.


  43. “An inconvenient inmate”: how they are looking for a colony for Aleksey Navalny.
    For everyone else he is a blogger and a lawyer, but for employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service he is, a professional complainer

    The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) is already considering where to send the 45-year-old “Berlin patient” so that his stay behind the barbed wire does not become a punishment for the colony itself.


    In any prison, Aleksey Navalny will prove to be inconvenient. And for everyone. Why? His skills are rather useless in prison, both for the administration and for the inmates. He cannot be trusted with organizing production or a drama club, nor with the prisoners’ communal fund, because both of his criminal cases (the Kirovles and Yves Rocher crimes) were related to setting up shell companies and committing fraud. The only thing he could be authorized to do is organize an underground call centre for calling gullible bank customers and transferring money to the zone. He has a gift of persuasion and a strong imagination.

    But this would also be fraught with problems because Navalny could launch his next “investigation” into abuses that already exist in a penal colony. And the attention of journalists and human rights activists to this institution would be increased. And, therefore, neither the colony’s officials would be calm, nor the inmates – life is strictly according to the regime, no indulgences.

    But will Navalny dare to cut the branch on which he is sitting?

    “The fact is that in a year he can start collecting certificates for parole. This is on condition that he behaves well: works, to complies with the regime”, explained to “KP” special correspondent an employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service named Roman, whose position and surname we do not disclose by agreement with him. “But, to be honest, there are big doubts that the oppositionist will change behind the “wire”. From his point of view, any colony is an educational tool of the hated “regime”. This is not the case. The authorities in the country change, but the colonies remain – this is their own world, with their own rules …”

    “But Navalny is also a lawyer.”

    “He is a lawyer for you, but for us he is a professional complainer. And the bosses in the colony really don’t like such people. He may start not just by scribbling complaints to all instances and European courts, but by inciting other prisoners to do so. I have already read the memoirs of the inhabitants of the Ukrainian village of Zalesye, where Aleksey spent his holidays as a child (the father of the oppositionist is from this village, – ed.). They tell how Lyosha and his friends set fire to a haystack at the Chernobyl flax factory. It is clear that this could only have occurred to a city boy who came to the village to visit his grandmother – to burn the hay collected by the village for livestock. But it turns out that from childhood he tried to stand out, though not realizing what he was doing. He also has a cousin, Marina Navalnaya, who is the same. She is a Ukrainian deputy and stated in the media that she has done everything to eradicate the Russian language in the Ukraine. That is to, such behaviour is a family trait.”

    “Where did you get such details?”

    “Well here, psychologists have already begun to study Navalny’s personality and behaviour for the FSIN inspectors in order to develop methods for working with him”.

    “Are convicts able to incite complaints against the administration?”

    “Ideas of conducting live broadcasts with him from the colony are already being thrown into the network. They may try to give him a phone for money in order to go live on some radio station. The general public should understand that the educational process in the zone is carried out through the collective. As a rule, the whole cell is responsible for the mistakes of one inmate. And do not forget that an employee of the FSIN has already suffered because of Navalny. In the verdict read out to Navalny, the judge also issued a ruling to an FSIN inspector, who had notd not monitored Navalny’s compliance with the probation.”

    “That is, Alexei will be under special supervision?”

    “He’s an inconvenient inmate”. It all depends on how quickly he realizes that any action in the colony entails opposition. They don’t like provocateurs anywhere. And, of course, they will look after him very carefully.”


    “Roman, the public has already begun to wonder which colony Navalny will go to: some say – to the Ryazan region, others – to the Vladimir region …”

    “Now these are the rules – a convict has the right to serve time in a colony near his place of residence. There are no such institutions in Moscow. Therefore, it is logical that he could end up in one of the colonies of the Central Federal District. I think it will be a good colony, with a developed economy, without a hint of a shadow economy and abuse, so that there is nothing for him to get hold of. Otherwise, a stream of dirt will immediately start to flow …”

    “Will Navalny be able to work in a colony, pick up new skills?”

    “It all depends on whether he wants to get out on parole. And this assumes that Navalny will not have to give up public works, participate in the life of the team, and not conflict with inspectors. Then he can count on parole. Of course, in the colony, he can get a new specialty: become a seamstress, welder or even a carpenter, like his grandfather was.”


    It is clear that Navalny’s lawyers will strive to do everything to keep him in Moscow as long as possible.

    “How much longer will Navalny be in the Moscow pre-trial detention centre, and how much longer will he be inside?”

    “In prison – about the same as Efremov. Everyone is now arguing about exactly how long Navalny will be in prison. My opinion: changing the suspended sentence to a real one is only the beginning of a new stage in the life of the oppositionist. It is clear that he will do everything to shorten his term and get out before the presidential elections in 2024. Everyone knows very well that first of all he makes money in elections.

    “So he will try to get out before that deadline?”

    “He will, but first of all, there are strong doubts that the penal system will have a positive effect on him. He also said in court that he “didn’t give a damn about our inspectorate”, which had been his guarantee of freedom in recent years. Apparently, we should expect the same attitude towards the colony. Moreover, there is also the case of “defamation” of a war veteran hanging over him. That could bring him up to two years in prison. In that case, Navalny will be free only sometime after 2025.”


    “Who will be the first to know about the place where the opposition is serving his sentence?”

    “The administration of the colony, no later than 10 days from the date of arrival of the convict, sends a notification to one of his relatives of his choice.”

    “How many times will he be allowed to see his wife?”

    “6 short-term and 4 long-term meetings are arranged per year on the colony territory. At the same time, no more than 2 relatives should be present at a meeting.”

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


    Did Navalny get time added on because of his contempt in court?

    We analyze with a lawyer the behaviour of the oppositionist in the Moscow City Court, which sent him to a colony for 2 years and 8 months …

    “Journalists from the courtroom describe how Navalny spoke to the judge and the prosecutor. Here’s a quote: “Journalists are perplexed. They are discussing Navalny’s condition, which to many seemed not quite sane. They came to the conclusion that it was no accident that Navalny was unable to give answers to the prosecutor’s questions. For some reason, he does not at all resemble the confident whistle-blower they saw onscreen, repeating the same things about injustice and deception.

    More quotes. The prosecutor says: “You deliberately missed the inspection six times”

    Navalny: “I was told to come to your shitty inspection twice a month. I went on Thursdays. Then I was told to go on Mondays, but I have things to do, my family, I still came on Thursdays”.

    Don’t you get the feeling that Navalny was a bit . . . a bit inadequate here?”

    “This term is not a legal term. If he needs medical help, including possibly psychiatric help, that’s not surprising after everything that’s happened to him. Perhaps the rehabilitation process is incomplete, the nervous system is impaired – I don’t know. But what he does is quite obvious. The law doesn’t oblige you to answer in the way that Mr. Prosecutor likes.”

    Navalny considers himself to be a politician. And he takes every opportunity he gets to demonstrate his political position. Even on such an issue as his personal criminal case. I listened to his speech: he didn’t say much on the substance of the issue, but he clearly expressed his point of view on the whole process.”

    “And the defendant’s rhetoric in his address to the prosecutor and the judge, is it taken into account by the court at all? Can the defendant, by his rudeness to the court, increase his sentence?”

    “Of course. A judge is a human being. He, too, has emotions. And, of course, in addition to the law and judicial practice, he is also guided by his own moral notions of what is going on, who is in front of him, and how he behaves. But in my opinion, Mr. Navalny didn’t say anything too insulting or demeaning to the court personally.

    Was it provocative, was it vivid, was it bold? I suppose it was.”

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:

    Fucking bollocks you legal arsehole! Navalny’s feet wouldn’t have touched the ground if he had acted like that in the US, UK etc. and you know it, you liberal tosser!


    1. If they are concerned that he might organize a prisoner uprising, I daresay his behavior within a week or two of his arrival will justify placing him in solitary confinement and eliminating his interaction with other prisoners. Just think; he will have his own lunch break in his own lunchroom – it will make him feel special!

      I frankly doubt the prisoners will be eager to hear his political drivel, and one might well push his face in for him.


      1. I agree! Same thing happened with slag Tolokonnikova and her pal Maria Alyokhina in two separate “gulags” when they started trying to “educate” their fellow cons. I remember reading an interview with a fellow inmate of Tolokonnikova, who said basically, that the rest of the women there where pissed off with a college girl lecturing them and that they just wanted to keep a tidy ship, act according to the rules and get parole as soon as possible.

        I know from first hand experience that when you do time, it’s best to keep your nose clean, say nowt, and gerrout!


        1. Yes, they were in with a right hard one who was doing time for accessory to first-degree murder; I’ve forgotten her name, but she was quite good-looking when she was young and free. She gave an interview in which she described Tolokonnikova as a poser who was always trying to get attention and was regarded as a prima donna by the other prisoners. She also said her ‘hunger strikes’ were fake.


          1. Yevgenia Khasis

            On 19 January 2009 in Prechistenka Street [the Street of the Immaculate Conception], central Moscow, Stanislav Yuryevich Markelov, a Russian human rights lawyer was shot dead by 29-year-old Nikita Tikhonov, who was assisted by his 24-year-old common-law wife Yevgenia Khasis.

            Markelov was a star liberal lawyer and had participated in a number of publicized cases, including those of left-wing political activists and antifascists, as well as journalists and victims of police violence.

            Markelov was shot to death whilst leaving a news conference. He was 34 when murdered. Anastasia Baburova, a journalist for Novaya Gazeta who tried to come to Markelov’s assistance, was also shot and killed in the attack.

            The convicted murderers were involved with a group called “Russky Obraz” or “Russian Image” and associated with the organization BORN (Battle Organization of Russian Nationalists). Initially, “Russkiy Obraz” was a magazine, set up by Tikhonov and his friend Ilya Goryachev in 2002 as a clone of the radical fascist Serbian “Image”. Both Tikhonov and Khasis were students of history at Moscow State University.

            According to investigators, Tikhonov was the one who committed the murder, while Khasis reported to him, by cell phone, the movements of Markelov and Baburova right before the assault. The motive of the murder was revenge for Markelov’s prior work as a lawyer in the interests of Trotskyite activists. The murder suspects were arrested, and were reported to have confessed.

            In May 2011, Tikhonov was sentenced to life imprisonment, and Khasis was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

            It was Khasis who thought of and described Tolokonnikova as a poseur.

            Khasis gave a few interviews whilst inside. Very erudite, dead smart, and attractive.

            She might well be out now.

            Just checked: I think she’s still doing time.


            1. Yes, that’s her – her name came back to me in my sleep last night, although I thought for some reason her last name was spelt “Cassis”, which of course it would not be in the Cyrillic, which has no hard ‘C’. What a beauty, at least in my opinion, although not all photos of her are so flattering. I love that oval face and full lips. What her prison time has done to her I don’t care to think. I daresay she deserves it, and she seemed to acknowledge it herself in her interview; at least she spoke with dignity and clarity and did not use the opportunity to caterwaul that she is innocent. Her criticism of the Pussy Riot showoffs was scathing and would not be a bit out of place with opinions here.


    2. Anyway, I have just heard (09:00 MT) on Russian radio that the case against the Chief Bullshitter of the Russian Federation concerning his libel (alleged) against a Great Patriotic War vet starts this morning. And I tell you, very few here are supportive of anyone who slags off a vet — apart from, that is, oh-so-cool juvenile shithouses who think it would have been better that Hitler had won his war against the USSR, for then they would now be drinking “Bavarian” and driving Mercs.

      And not only addled-brain youths believe that: that shithouse rat Venedictov’s radio station has had liberal vermin debating whether it would have been better to surrender Leningrad to the Nazis, thereby avoiding the great loss of civilian life in that besieged city and hastening the demise of Stalin and the USSR.

      Yes indeedy! It would have been party time in Leningrad if they had opened the city gates to the Wehrmacht and the world would have been a much better place if the Thousand Year Reich had emerged victorious against the Empire of Evil.


      1. 10:00 in Moscow now.

        Game on!

        The Bullshitter is again in the dock — or “aquarium” as the Orcs mockingly call the glazed cubicle in which the defendant appears.

        Aleksey Navalny on Friday, February 5, will again sit in the dock. For the second time in a month, but now in the Babushkinsky court of the capital. A trial will begin against the blogger for libel against 95-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic War Ignat Sergeevich Artemenko, a participant in the Great Patriotic War and a partisan.

        Navalny will have to explain to the court why he called the honoured elderly man who fought against the Nazis and Bandera followers a “traitor”, a “lackey” and “shameful to the country”. The trial will begin at 10.00.

        Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:

        Give the gobshite US agent another 5 years!


          1. And the fucking gobshite has immediately started performing:

            LIVE from court:

            Наш спецкор Александр Коц передает из суда: Сторонников Навального возле зала суда нет, в основном здесь журналисты. И нет тех беспрецендентных мер безопасности – то ли мороз, то ли призыв не выходить на улице так подействовал.

            Наш спецкор Александр Бойко:

            – Ветеран Великой Отечественной войны, партизан Игнат Артеменко, выступит в суде из дома по видео связи. Мы его уже видим на экране зала

            Навальный – судье: Ваша честь, зачем вы нацепили на ветерана маску? Он ведь дома, хватит издеваться над пожилым человеком.

            Навальный улыбается.

            На парадном кителе ветерана Великой Отечественной войны Игната Артеменко видны награды

            Читайте на http://WWW.KP.RU:

            Our special correspondent Alexander Kots reports from the courtroom: there are no Navalny supporters near the courtroom, most of them are journalists. And there are no such unprecedented security measures – either the frost or a call to stay at home has caused this.

            [Very cold weather is on its way: as low as minus 27C forecast these next few days — ME]

            Our special correspondent Alexander Boyko:

            A veteran of the Great Patriotic War, guerrilla fighter Ignat Artemenko, will appear in court from home via video link. We can already see him on the screen of the hall

            Navalny to the judge: Your Honour, why are you putting a mask on a veteran? He’s at home, stop mocking an elderly man.

            Navalny smiles.

            Awards can be seen on the ceremonial tunic of World War II veteran Ignat Artemenko.

            Oh that navalny! He’s a laugh a fucking minute, he really is!

            Send him down for another five — NON-CONSECUTIVELY!


              1. He and his defence counsel are now adopting delaying actions. The judge has allowed the bastard to read documents that he claims he has not seen.

                In the front row of visitors to the court is the First Secretary of the Frog Embassy.



                1. Look at them! The shame of the country! People without a conscience! Traitors!

                  He said that about those who were voting to accept the recent changes in the constitution and who had spoken of their support on a video — including the veteran Ignat Artemenko.


                2. And a liberast speaks:

                  On the whole, the case of the “offended veteran” (by the way, the veteran served in the rear and only since ’45) is absolutely shameful, shameful for the authorities.

                  1. To hide behind and do PR of their foul-smelling votes at the expense of deeply old and sick people is no good.
                  2. To unleash criminal prosecution on a far-fetched “insult” – I am sure the veteran is not aware that he was “insulted” – savagery (well, of course, he was already told what to say, he will be in touch in court today).
                  3. It is high time to end all this hysteria with the Second World War, this is a story almost 100 years ago, almost all the participants died, the countries made up and have long been allies, the criminals were convicted and hanged, the role of the USSR in the war at the initial stage is, to put it mildly, ambiguous – everything this “victoriousness” is complete savagery.

                  Well, the USSR would have won the war alone, but no, only as part of the Anti-Hitler coalition.



                3. No, last Libtard line should have read:

                  Well, could the USSR have won the war alone? — No, only as part of the Anti-Hitler coalition.


      2. I don’t know why anyone who was born a Slav would think that – perhaps they are conflating the past with how they get on with the wonderful friendly Germans today. But Hitler did not plan on making Bavarian-drinking Mercedes drivers of anyone in Russia – he planned on seizing their land for German expansion, and using them as extremely-expendable slave labor to build the necessary infrastructure such as roads and bridges. The more useless eaters who perished, the better – saved a bullet, at the end of the day. It was never going to be a comradely relationship, and all those today who think it was must believe that Molotov-Ribbentrop bullshit about Russia and Germany craving up the world to share between them.

        They should pick one person every month, at random, who publicly says that Bavarian-drinking horseshit. That individual should be made to research the Second World War and present any evidence of Hitler’s plan for luxurious partnership with his Soviet pals before a panel of university historians, in the manner of defending a dissertation. If he cannot do it successfully – and nobody could, because there is nothing to that stupid cloth-headed theory – he should have to walk the city streets for a week during normal working hours wearing shorts, wooden clogs and a sandwich board reading “I’m a fucking know-nothing asshole”, both sides.


        1. Longish passage quoted – I hope you don’t mind.

          In Tolstoy’s “Anna Karenina” the characters are discussing the proposal, or at least opining the merits of going to war against Turkey who were persecuting their ‘Slavonic brothers’.

          The point is that this represents the broad school of thought of Russians and represents what might be a typical conversation in the ?1880s.

          ‘Oh, my theory’s this: war is on one side such a beastly, cruel, and awful thing, that no one man, not to speak of a Christian, can individually take upon himself the responsibility of beginning wars; that can only be done by a government, which is called upon to do this, and is driven inevitably into war. On the other hand, both political science and common sense teach us that in matters of state, and especially in the matter of war, private citizens must forego their personal individual.

          Sergey Ivanovitch and Katavasov had their replies ready, and both began speaking at the same time.

          ‘But the point is, my dear fellow, that there may be cases when the government does not carry out the will of the citizens and then the public asserts its will,’ said Katavasov.

          But evidently Sergey Ivanovitch did not approve of this answer. His brows contracted at Katavasov’s words and he said something else.

          ‘You don’t put the matter in its true light. There is no question here of a declaration of war, but simply the expression of a human Christian feeling. Our brothers [the Slavs], one with us in religion and in race, are being massacred. Even supposing they were not our brothers nor fellow- Christians, but simply children, women, old people, feeling is aroused and Russians go eagerly to help in stopping these atrocities. Fancy, if you were going along the street and saw drunken men beating a woman or a child—I imagine you would not stop to inquire whether war had been declared on the men, but would throw yourself on them, and protect the victim.’
          ‘But I should not kill them,’ said Levin. ‘Yes, you would kill them.’

          ‘I don’t know. If I saw that, I might give way to my impulse of the moment, but I can’t say beforehand. And such a momentary impulse there is not, and there cannot be, in the case of the oppression of the Slavonic peoples.’

          ‘Possibly for you there is not; but for others there is,’ said Sergey Ivanovitch, frowning with displeasure. ‘There are traditions still extant among the people of Slavs of the true faith suffering under the yoke of the ‘unclean sons of Hagar.’ The people have heard of the sufferings of their brethren and have spoken.’

          ‘Perhaps so,’ said Levin evasively; ‘but I don’t see it.

          I’m one of the people myself, and I don’t feel it.’

          ‘Here am I too,’ said the old prince. ‘I’ve been staying abroad and reading the papers, and I must own, up to the time of the Bulgarian atrocities, I couldn’t make out why it was all the Russians were all of a sudden so fond of their Slavonic brethren, while I didn’t feel the slightest affection for them. I was very much upset, thought I was a monster, or that it was the influence of Carlsbad on me. But since I have been here, my mind’s been set at rest. I see that there are people besides me who’re only interested in Russia, and not in their Slavonic brethren.”

          Elsewhere … (the context is not really important)

          “Although he had been much interested by Sergey Ivanovitch’s views of the new epoch in history that would be created by the emancipation of forty millions of men of Slavonic race acting with Russia.“

          So clearly, Tolstoy at least was interested in building this narrative into his work.

          Compare this , on the other hand to …
          • Karl Marx View On Slavs

          • Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels about the inferiority of the Slavs, and the need for extermination of the Slavs in the interests of progress


          1. Well said, and powerful support to my point – Germany had zero interest in cooperation with the Russians, and meant to eradicate as many as necessary and enslave those it needed. Thankfully, the Russian leaders of the day knew that perfectly well, and what resulted was a fight for existence; had Germany prevailed, what remained of the Slavs would not be drinking Bavarian and driving Mercedes, and the population might have been about the size of that of Latvia.


  44. Russian web, kreakl</. masterpiece:


    Thank you for your erudite comment.


    1. Крах “Волга Кредит” Банка и фиаско Татьяны Ерилкиной

      The collapse of “Volga Credit” Bank and the fiasco of Tatiana Yerilkina
      February 4 2021 20:42

      January 28, 2021, federal judge Olga Gorokhovik sentenced the Chairman of the Board of Volga-Credit Bank Tatyana Yerilkina to a sentence of 9.5 years of actual imprisonment, and she was taken into custody in the courtroom.

      Bank co-owner Ruslan Tokarev was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison, ex-chairman of the board of directors, VKB shareholder Alexander Bobrovsky and IT department director Sergei Osipov – to 7.5 years, shareholder Maxim Kashapov – to 7 years, auditor Roman Kalinkin – to 6 years old, auditor Elena Kochergina – by 5.5 years, head of the department for servicing individuals – Maria Zatsepina – by 5 years, adviser to the chairman of the board Irina Voropai and bank employee Elena Danchina – by 3 years each.

      All the accused were ready to be taken from the court to the pre-trial detention center and arrived at the last meeting with their belongings.

      According to the investigators, from June to December 2014, employees and managers of Volga-Credit Bank entered false information into the organization’s financial statements and withdrew money from depositors’ accounts. It was reported that about 2 thousand victims had reported to the police. The estimated amount of damage was estimated at 1.8 billion rubles. A criminal case was initiated for large-scale fraud.

      It was assumed that the ideologists of the scheme were Ruslan Tokarev and Andrey Ivanov (the latter is on the wanted list), who became the actual co-owners of the bank and launched an aggressive advertising campaign to attract deposits.

      It was reported that the name of Ruslan Tokarev appeared in several criminal cases and checks on the disappearance of deposits in the Pushkino Bank, the National Bank for Business Development OJSC, the European Industrial Bank, the Gelendzhik Bank, the MFC brokerage company, the Ingosdep depository and Tyumenagroprombank.

      On February 2, 2021, the defense (lawyer Vasily Gurko) of the former chairman of the board of OJSC Commercial Volga-Credit Bank (VKB) Tatyana Yerilkina filed an appeal against the verdict to the regional court of the Samara region.

      So, ERILKINA Tatiana Nikolaevna. Former Chairman of the Management Board of Volga-Credit Bank. Born on February 5, 1976. There is a brother Alexey. Brother and sister by birth Danilina. She bears her last name from her first marriage. Now she is in her second marriage.

      HUGE swindle story!

      Story in English:

      2021: Sentences are pronounced to ex-managers of bank on the case of plunder of money of investors using Diasoft software

      Tatyana Yerilkina was the chairman of the board of bank

      What an attractive thief!

      . . . from April to December, 2014 the chairman of the board “Volga Credit” together with other involved persons as a part of organized group stole more than 1.7 billion rubles placed in deposits not less than 2872 citizens.

      Embezzlement of investors was committed using an automated system which analog of the legal version was installed on office computers. One system showed official cash flow, the second — real. As a result money of investors wrote off or did not direct to deposits, however it was not reflected in the financial statements sent to the Central Bank of Russian Federation, says prosecutor’s office of the Samara region.

      My question is this, however:

      Where was Navalny and his FBK team when all this was going on?


      1. I’ll tell you why the US agent wouldn’t have considered the above story to be worth shouting about from the rooftops even if he had known of it — and he might well have, in any case: it’s because such a tale of embezzlement at a provincial bank over many years would not have put the government in a bad light: it’s just a tale of criminal venality.

        The foreign agent is not interested in corruption per se and its revelation: he’s interested in overthrowing the government by revealing corrupt practices there. That ordinary folk had their money stolen by these provincial bandits is of no concern to Navalny, as their financial losses through theft cannot be used to serve the interests of Washington. However, if Tatyana Yerilkina and any others in her band of thieves could have been shown to have had any links to the government, were Putin’s associates, friends etc., etc, then this information would have been conveyed to the Bullshitter by Pevchikh and the FBK decks would have been instantly cleared for action.


      2. Perhaps she was a liberal Atlanticist in her politics; a comment yesterday or the day before pointed out that Navalny stayed strictly away from liberals in his ‘investigations’.


  45. Соратник Навального заявил об отказе от новых протестов до весны

    Navalny associate has announced the rejection of new protests until spring
    Until spring, supporters of Aleksey Navalny do not intend to hold new major protests. Leonid Volkov explained this by the fact that regular actions can lead to people being disappointed in the protest
    4th February 2021, 23:09

    In plain English: few will take part.

    Game over, Volkov!

    Stay in Luxembourg, where you have chosen to live. You are neither needed nor wanted in Russia.


    1. 1. Weather is too cold;
      2. Parents have grounded them
      3. Found a new fad

      Another false flag is in the works that may or may not involve Navalny. I would guess that it would not as he is a spent asset (other than his death while in custody).


      1. There are now memes doing the rounds here and plenty of piss-taking comments following Volkov’s statement that I commented on above.

        From a Navalnyite:

        Yesterday, I listened with interest to the statement / announcement / reasoning of Volkov from FBK Navalny. The main idea sounded like this: “There will be no rally this weekend, Navalny’s team will hold the next actions in spring and summer”.

        What is that?

        It was worth paying attention to the previous statements of the same Volkov, who said that before making a decision on Navalny’s return to Russia, they had discussed options and planned actions, but the fact that he would actually be imprisoned was read as very unlikely and, in fact, they had planning nothing special about that possibility. Actually, this is noticeable. Even a meme has already appeared: “FBK demands that Navalny be released and only then will they continue the rallies”.

        How Volkov argues his case for this decision not to have rallies until spring:

        If we go out every week, we will have thousands more arrested and hundreds beaten. The work of headquarters will be paralyzed and election work will be impossible. This is not what Aleksey is asking of us. Aleksey asks us to concentrate on autumn [and elections to the State Duma].

        We will lead the processions [in spring and summer] along unpredictable routes, with unpredictable results. We’ll learn to coordinate this well by taking a short break now. […] We will go out and again make demands. But this should not be the madness of the brave

        Leonid Volkov, head of Navalny’s staff.

        According to Volkov, the protest “must end on a high note”:

        We will get him [Navalny] out of prison using foreign policy methods

        he added.

        At the same time, Navalny’s supporters were divided into two groups:

        the first group is sure that they have decided everything correctly. Navalny will not be released now anyway. And if Navalny’s supporters often go out, their assets will be jailed first for 15 days, and then they will apply the “Dadinsk Article” about constant violations and close them for a longer time. Without an asset, people will be leaving less and less. This will allow the pro-government media to say that Navalny has no support at all. There is some logic to this;

        [A criminal case was opened against Moscow activist Konstantin Kotov (and the investigation was completed in two days) under Article 212.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, namely repeated violation of the procedure for holding public events. This article is also called the “Dadinsk Article” after the name of the first activist convicted by it, Ildar Dadin — ME]

        another group says: Wait, you yourself said that we are not going out in support of Navalny, but fora “free and fair Russia”! What is happening now? Is “free Russia” being postponed because it is coldish and there are not enough assets? In addition, a lot of those who were detained on the 23rd, 31st, 4th are in gaol. What about them? They did not go out for the headquarters and Navalny. They may have counted on the fact that they the fight for them will continue by taking take to the streets and that’s that! And there is no need to pour over international pressure. In 2014, there were much cooler reasons and the Russian authorities could not do anything;

        There is yet another small, third group, which is sure that Navalny and Volkov have agreed with the authorities that they will stop calling for mass rallies, and then Navalny will be quietly released under some amnesty.

        Well, the non-supporters of Navalny are saying they knew about all of this it, that we’ve made enough pictures and videos to keep bloggers and the Western media busy for six months. Everyone will soon forget Navalny and his headquarters will collapse. Volkov is in clover sitting abroad and steering those who run in the streets and sit in pre-trial detention centres. At the same time he doesn’t forget to remind people to send money and make himself out to be a great international figure.

        So what is this? Has the protest drained away, or is the revolution just on hold? How about: “We have woken up in a different country” and “Russia will never be the same”?

        Poor kiddie revolutionary!


        1. This is why they are not coming out again for the Bullshittter:

          At the end of the week, the weather in the Moscow region will be determined by a Scandinavian anticyclone, which, in turn, is a spur of a powerful anticyclone, the centre of which is located above the North Pole. So icy arctic air will come to us. It will be coldest on Sunday, February 7th.

          At night in the capital the air will cool down to -20 degrees, in the Moscow region to -23. We do not exclude that in some places in the region the temperature will drop below -30 degrees. And there is every chance that it will be the worst frost since the beginning of winter. So far, it was coldest on the night before Epiphany, January 18, when in some areas of the Moscow region it froze to -30 …- 31 degrees. If the sky is clear now, colder temperatures are possible. On Sunday afternoon about -15 degrees and a piercing wind. So it will feel like minus 20. Such weather is 10 – 11 degrees colder than it should be according to climatic norms. The last time in February such a frost crackled was in 2012.

          Read on http://WWW.MSK.KP.RU:

          Navalnyite mardarses!

          Greetings from Upper Volta with Missiles!


          1. See how they keep the roads clear?

            That’s because they use political prisoner to do it and there’s thousands of them here …


        2. I have to say the possibility of Navalny and Volkov striking a deal with the Russian government – no more time, let me out in time for the elections and I’ll take my chances, and we’ll end the demonstrations – never occurred to me. I guess I am not enough of a political weasel. But it would be an elegant solution in its own way – Team Navalny would be trading with the only leverage it has left, and the state could even hold to its part of the bargain…but release him coincident with leaking the details of his bargain, which would sandbag any chance of him gaining any support.

          But that looks pretty unlikely, and indeed it looks more and more as if they intend to pile verdicts upon him and bury him, which he completely brought upon himself with his endless mouthing off. And the beauty of it is that he continues to mouth off even now, because it must appear to him that this is the only way he can agitate for western pressure to get him freed. Instead, it is going to result in zero sympathy for him in Russia outside his dilettante ‘team’, and I think it is also clear that Russia is not backing down an inch where his case is concerned, and has sounded numerous warnings to international meddlers to stay the fuck out of it. It is not going to respond positively to orders to ‘immediately and unconditionally’ free Navalny or anything like it, but Navalny seems blind to that and goes on taunting the state in the belief that Uncle Sam is going to spring him at the eleventh hour.


      2. I tend to agree they are only withdrawing to consolidate and plan the next move. But if Navalny cannot be kept in the news in a light which facilitates his being regarded as a dissident hero, the west will simply drop support for him, especially if it does not have a daily diet of violent protests and head-smashing by the police to feed the machine and titillate the coffee-drinking morning consumer of the news. If he gets more time added on which would mean a release well after the next critically-important election, people will soon say “Navalny who?”

        However, the aforementioned election is far too important for the west not to have a dog in the fight, considering it will be the election to appoint Putin’s successor – Putin’s gains remain fragile, and it would only take one presidential term to undo them altogether if the wrong leader got in. I daresay Putin will remain an important influence in Russian politics for so long as he lives, but the personality of the next Russian president is critical to its existence. I would nominate Zakharova if it were my decision. Her personality is very different from Putin’s, but there really is nobody else like Putin, and I think she would be the best choice top make the tough decisions. Too, she is absolutely loyal to Putin and his aims, and would benefit the most from his advice, I think.


  46. Navalny keeps on arsing around, trying to be a funny man in court:

    Navalny continues to make fun of the process in the “aquarium”.

    Navalny to the judge: Your Honour, you are using this man as a doll, let him lie down, take off his mask.

    Nice one off the Foreign Ministry:

    Russian Foreign Ministry on the presence of foreign diplomats at the trial in the Navalny case: We welcome your desire to support a veteran of the Second World War in court.

    Ombudsman Ekaterina Frolova reads the words of Navalny, which he had spread in order to defame the honour and dignity of the veteran:

    “Oh, here they are, my dears! I must say that so far the team of corrupt lackeys looks rather weak. Look at them: this is the shame of the country. People without a conscience. Traitors.”

    Navalny: I don’t know any grandfather, I don’t know Artemenko

    Judge – Navalny: Do you admit your guilt?

    Navalny: No, I don’t.

    No, you don’t know him: you just shot your big fat hired gob off, as per usual!

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


  47. Navalny scared: veteran case and 12 years in prison

    “I don’t know any grandfather, I don’t know Artemenko, except that his relatives are selling this doll”, he has just said. As you can see, Aleksey Navalny is scared and will not leave the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention centre soon for a colony, but is start off the firsts stage of in a process that will end up with a 12-year sentence. In the near future, in the case of insulting a 94-year-old veteran, whom he today in court called a “doll” (that is, a person who does not understand anything), and earlier a “lackey”, he will be charged with a criminal charge – and there is a term of “up to five years” If the case is re-qualified right during the court session. He never expected that everything would turn out like this, hence the strange facial expressions (joy has completely disappeared: there is now sheer fear, just like his supporters, who, for some reason, are writing about their fear of an extremely strong and confident, calmly operating state). As a result, instead of mass support, Navalny is already receiving mass condemnation [forwhat he said about} a veteran. And that’s a fact. Read what ordinary people write on social networks. “Imprison the American henchman forever.” And this is the mildest proposal.

    “For underestimating the significance of the achievements of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, he should be charged with criminal responsibility”, demand public figures and citizens of Russia and they have already written many statements that lie with the investigators in the prosecutor’s office. And this is the most likely outcome of the case. After all, this action is an attempt to divide into two camps those who love the veterans and those who have begun to hate them. Now there is a lot of talk about the fact that the veterans are not real, that there are no real ones left. [See my comment above as regards a libtard posting that the veteran whom Navalny allegedly libelled “only served from 1945” and then only behind the lines.] Navalny showed just such an attitude towards the veteran, who, by the way, almost died from an attack of angina pectoris because of the stress he had endured. He didn’t even get an apology.

    Today, the Babushkinsky Court is considering a criminal case against the blogger, initiated under part 2 of Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Slander, that is, the spread of knowingly false information discrediting the honour and dignity of another person and undermining his reputation, contained in a public speech”). Navalny is accused of libel against a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Ignat Artyomenko. If the oppositionist is found guilty, he may receive several more months. But this is a trifle if the “slander” is replaced by another article “about insulting memory”.

    The session has been was postponed until 11.30. Moreover, Navalny said that “the veteran is being used like a doll”, insulting him again. “I have a petition and a protest, I am disgusted that this unfortunate person has been used as a doll for several months. I am requesting that he be allowed to lie down and take off his mask. You scoff at a 95-year-old pensioner, and his relatives trade him in order to get money. If he now after some time grabs his heart, you will be to blame for this. Let him lie down at least”.

    [As ever shooting his gob off!]

    Another court will consider the lawyers’ complaint in the Yves Rocher case. If no reasons are found to reconsider the sentence, the Yves Rocher judgment will enter into force in 10 days. All this time, Navalny will be in the remand centre. Whilst there, he could get another 8 years, no less. And most likely he will.

    And also in December 2020, the Investigative Committee announced that a new criminal case had been initiated against the blogger and his associates under part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (fraud on an especially large scale as part of a group). Oppositionists are suspected of stealing donations that came to the accounts of funds under their control. Under this article, Navalny and others face up to 10 years in prison. He can get them too.

    According to the investigation, Navalny’s organizations are the “Anti-Corruption Foundation”, the “Fifth Season of the Year Support Fund”, the “Foundation for the Organization and Coordination of the Protection of Citizens’ Rights, the Foundation for Legal Support of Citizens, and the Foundation for the Protection of Citizens’ Rights STAB”, which have collected from sympathetic citizens almost 600 million rubles. With this money, the foundations were supposed to go about their business. However, according to investigators, more than 356 million rubles were spent on the personal goals of the management: they bought property, valuables, and paid for expensive holidays abroad. Thus, the citizens’ money had been stolen.

    And only after all these cases have been considered, and judging by all appearances, the trial be delayed, will he be sent to prison colony IK-5 in the town of Sukhinichi, Kaluga Oblast, with a combined sentence of 12 years. So Navalny can say goodbye for a long time. It was clear that the case would not end with a 3-year sentence. However, he has not been charged with treason . . . yet.

    Who’s going to pay for his daughter’s education at Stanford whilst her papa is doing bird and earning nothing? Statuesque mama? What does she do for a living?


  48. 13:13
    Ignat Artemenko: My military rank is aviation colonel, I have wounds, I participated in the partisan movement during the war, then I served in the army after the war. I have been forced to defend my honour after I heard a programme at my dacha where Navalny called me a traitor.

    Veteran Artemenko: I will defend my honour. I want Navalny to publicly apologize to me

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


  49. Navalny’s opening gambit this morning in court:

    I’m watching this, and it really disgusts me that you’re just using this poor man who is in a helpless state like a puppet. You’ve put a mask on him. I beg you to let him at least lie down and take off your mask. You are mocking a 95-year-old man, just mocking him. Question who the fascists and political prostitutes are! His relatives are peddling him to get money and bullying him. If he grabs his heart, you will be blamed. Let him lie down at least.

    Bleeding heart Navalny?

    Source: <a href=""<Dozhd&#039;


    1. Quite a different attitude to when he was a traitor – is that how traitors should be treated? Let them lie down and be comfortable? Stick to your guns, Navalny, you shifting worm.


  50. The smartarse is being allowed to perform again in court:

    Ignata Artemenko’s neighbour Galina Andreevna speaks in court on conference call: I am a Muscovite, I was born in 1926, I met Ignat Artemenko in 1972 in the veterans’ council of our region. I know he was slandered. He is a veteran, participant of the Great Patriotic War.

    Prosecutor: Has Artemenko ever compromised his honour, betrayed his country?

    Galina Andrevna: What are you talking about? He has a daughter and a son, grandchildren, worked in the council of veterans, in this video he was slandered.

    Navalny – Galina Andreevna: You talked with Artemenko in the veteran council, he served as a partisan. What would the partisans say if Artemenko had built himself a palace?

    Judge: I ask you to remove the question, it does not apply to the case.

    Navalny: Galina Andreevna, you are in contact with veterans, the veteran council. Do you consider those who raised the retirement age in the country traitors?

    Prosecutor: there is no question for libel.

    Navalny: tell me, Galina Andreevna, tell me, is Ignat Sergeevich your housemate, and you know him, he lives a good and rich life?

    Galina Andreevna: he is self-sufficient.

    Navalny: what is your pension?

    Galina Andreevna: I have a war veteran’s pension.

    Navalny: but the fact that a war veteran’s pension is 13 times less than that of a German soldier. Why don’t you prosecutors pay the veterans a normal pension?

    Galina Andreevna: I have a normal pension, I’m happy. And stop talking nonsense, I’m still out of my mind. I wish you, Navalny, no more offending the elderly.

    Galina Andreevna also wished the blogger health.

    Akimov: I found Navalny’s social groups on the Internet, where statements were posted where Artemenko was called “a corrupt lackey, a man without conscience and a traitor.” On June 11, I wrote a statement to the electronic reception of the Investigative Committee of Russia with a request to initiate a criminal case.

    Prosecutor: Did someone ask you about this?

    Akimov: No, he considered it his civic duty.

    Navalny’s lawyer: how did you get here from Penza to court?

    Akimov: by train, bought a ticket after receiving a summons. I believe that Navalny insulted everyone who participated in the video and everyone who watched it.

    Navalny demanded that the witness turn on a video that prompted Vladimir to write a statement. Akimov went to get his phone and showed the court the audio recording of the video.

    Navalny: did I say the name Artemenko?

    Akimov: no, but it’s enough what you said at the moment when you showed the veteran in uniform with medals

    Judge: the witness considered that there was libel, and appealed to the law enforcement agencies.

    A woman wearing a hijab appeared on the monitor screen. She introduced herself as a witness in the case, Fatima Timurova. She is Artemenko’s nurse.

    Navalny’s lawyer: I protest, why is she not in the courtroom?

    Prosecutor: because she cannot dismiss Artemenko, she is his nurse.

    Navalny: this is a young woman, she can come to court. She did not appear in the courtroom because she is a nurse. I have not yet identified her.

    Fatima says that she was with Artemenko at the dacha when he felt bad after he heard about Navalny’s video.

    Navalny’s defenders demand to establish the identity of a citizen of Tajikistan, as they do not believe in the authenticity of her passport.

    My stress above.

    He’s such a clever bugger, isn’t he just?

    He is being allowed again to make political harangues in court!

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


    1. So only the lady from Tadjikistan has to provide her passport? Not white enough for Ne-valny and co? We all know about his ‘problem’ with certain groups who look wrong to him.


      1. 16:57
        The session continued

        Nurse Fatima: Igor, the colonel’s grandson, said that Navalny had slandered him. Colonel Artemenko saw the video on June 8, he felt bad on June 9, then it got worse and worse. On June 13, he had to call an ambulance. He is not a traitor, he fought honestly for his homeland. I have been caring for him for 4 years. Every time he tells me about the war, I cry. He treats the citizens of Central Asia very well, he respects the citizens of all countries.

        Navalny is one pig ignorant bastard – and he thinks he’s so smart.

        Navalny asks Fatima: Have you been living with him in the same apartment for 4 years, where did he see the video, how the video and comment appeared on your phone?

        Fatima: his grandson Igor sent me this video. The comment was below the video.

        Navalny to Fatima: Just don’t cry now. [Taking the piss because she had said Artemenko’s reminiscences about the war made her cry? Fucking smartarse!] Did you see this video, was there a recording of Navalny or a tweet?

        Fatima: Yes, it was written under the video “Navalny slandered the veteran.”

        Navalny: Did he write the statement himself? [to law enforcement agencies]

        Fatima: The colonel’s grandson wrote it. Artemenko signed.

        Navalny: Why haven’t you come to the court?

        Fatima: Because I look after the colonel and I’m afraid of getting infected with coronavirus. I was interviewed at a school, as the apartment was being renovated.

        Navalny: All the materials in this case are fake. How did you end up in school?

        “One gets the impression that Navalny clings to every word in order to drag out the process”, our special correspondent Alexander Boyko reports from the courtroom.

        The lawyers have made a petition: to establish the identity of Fatima: who issued her passport. Usually, in such cases, a request is made to the Embassy of Tajikistan, which can also be taken as a delay in the process.

        Prosecutor Yekaterina Frolova: I protest, because the defendant is doing everything to drag out the process. We still haven’t moved on to questioning the suspect.

        The judge has called the witness Igor Kolesnikov, the veteran’s grandson.

        Igor Kolesnikov, grandson of a veteran: Aleksey, try to be a man.
        [I think he said that because the stupid prick acts like a big soft kid — ME]

        Navalny is rude in response.

        Judge: Navalny, if you do not stop insulting the participants in the process, I will remove you, and the case will be considered without you

        Igor Kolesnikov recounted the circumstances under which he saw the video on the Internet and read Navalny’s negative commentary on it.

        “Igor Kolesnikov’s endurance is surprising, another person would have already snapped and told Navalny what he thought bout him. Perhaps for this the blogger insulted the veteran’s grandson”, our special correspondent Alexander Boyko reports. “Navalny does not look towards Kolesnikov during the break, his gaze is fixed on the floor. Even behind the glass, guarded by bailiffs, he is uncomfortable. Kolesnikov, on the other hand, stands with his head held high.”

        Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:

        Liked by 1 person

    2. He’s being allowed to make a complete ass of himself in front of a bigger audience than he has ever addressed before, and that image will remain in their minds long after he has been led away. It is clear to any but the witless that he is trying to squirm out from under his previous inflammatory statements with technicalities such as not actually using Artemenko’s name, when it is immutably evident who he meant. Now he looks not only a bullshitter, but a bullshitter and a coward who wants to pretend he meant something completely different. Perhaps they taught him those legal ninja chops at Yale. If so, time for a major revision of the lesson plan. Grab the sides of the pit, Lyosha! The ground is sliding away beneath your feet.


      1. None of this will be reported in any meaningful detail outside Russia.

        What of those foreign ‘diplomats’ ordered (I assume) to go and witness such b/s? They will hold their tongues too.

        Apart from that, I agree with you. He is being given plenty of rope to hang himself with, but what is the point if nothing is done with the information, sic a english language bullet point cherry picked quotes a la Daily Fail/Express and pumped out at full volume? Ne-vanly would of course say it is all lies but he would have to follow up that with a libel suit (ha ha) to show that he wasn’t quoted correctly or literally.


  51. Finally, the “head of the Russian Foreign Ministry” repented …

    Today has been a day of amazing stories.

    The criminal Navalny once again staged a clowning act in court. And again in front of representatives of foreign diplomatic missions, who again arrived at the court – apparently out of boredom (because of restrictive measures, circuses, amateur theaters and cabarets with their whores are hardly working). That is to say, they have to make fun with what they have …

    But that’s not all! Navalny’s accomplice Leonid Volkov, whilst sitting in Lithuania, announced the creation of a “government” of Russia in exile and self-appointed himself minister of foreign affairs. He was a bit late, of course, otherwise Borrell would have changed his route, well, at least in order to have fun. Why, a new tradition of European diplomats …

    But then Leonid Volkov, already in “office”, immediately hastened to repent before those protesters who had fallen into the hands of Russian justice, which protesters, people say, had been pressurized into taking action, even though their actions would result in their being arrested, but they would just have to bear with it, and it was a hard decision to ask them to protest, knowing that they would be punished for doing so under criminal law, but the “Tree of Democracy” required sacrifice (he almost said it needed to be watered with blood).

    If you translate the words of this clown into Russian, the protesters were used as a condom. But we warned that it would be so, that they would be used and then thrown away and forgotten. So they will have to be patient, serve their terms, pay their fines and get a belt off their mothers.

    I can be only consoled with the thought that one day, Lenyochka Volkov will be told the same by his foreign curators. And there is no doubt about that. This is a long-standing tradition of Western “partners”. That is why they are just taking him for a ride (which Leonid has frankly admitted himself), and then they will dump him..

    They have dumped Navalny.


        1. He might be eating so much because he is under so much stress, worrying if he’ll be the next to suffer an Novichok assassination attack on orders of the Evil One in the Kremlin.

          A nervous eater, I’ve heard such folk called.

          I call them greedy bastards.


  52. Zakharova speaks:

    We would like to address #Washington: The protest will not go away, and you cannot just sweep discontent under the rug. They deserve to be treated according to the law, in line with the international obligations of the #US.

    Comments from the BidenBots were of the usual trite and banal variety.


    1. I was hoping Russia would do something like that, highlighting the protests in the USA and the ‘cruel’ American response to their ‘concerns’. Next item should be a formal Russian demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Captain Buffalo Head, leader of the Capitol protestors, on the grounds that he is a US taxpayer and the Capitol was built and maintained entirely with public money.


    2. Why do official government accounts (of any country) have comments allowed? It’s an official channel, not an invitation for a chat. I have always found this very wierd.


    1. Germany denounced the expulsion as being “in no way justified” and said it would not “go unanswered” if Russia did not reconsider.

      Sweden said the claim that its diplomat took part in the protest on 23 January was unfounded and said it reserved the right to an appropriate response.

      Poland said the expulsion could lead to the “further deepening of the crisis in bilateral relations”.

      Mr Borrell, on behalf of the EU, said he “strongly condemned this decision and rejected the allegations that they conducted activities incompatible with their status as foreign diplomats”.


      1. The swedes admit that one of their diplomats “…observed the demonstrations in St. Petersburg, which is standard diplomatic procedure,” per this RT article.

        Were Russian diplomats observing the Washington DC protests?

        My conclusion – the US/EU is desperately trying to save their considerable investment in the destabilizing campaign in Russia. They are realizing that the cause is lost hence the arm waving and bombastic rhetoric.

        Cap off NS II, stop gas transit to all EU countries and let them freeze. Keep the gas to Serbia. US frack gas shipped by LNG tankers will drain their economies while China and Russia sails on. It’s just business.


        1. That gets my vote. In fact, since we’re apparently playing the leverage game openly, Russia should serve notice that any further meddling with the completion of Nord Stream II, even any more threats to interfere with its completion, will result in shutting off Nord Stream I as well. Washington will shriek that here is the evidence it has been trying to highlight all along, that Russia is a coercive blackmailer who is weaponizing energy, but I don’t think Russia would have any problem explaining that it has been nothing but fair so far, has been trying to get around Washington’s bullying without involving anyone else – at great cost to itself – and it’s finally time to put up or shut up. America does not have anything like the capability to make up the shortfall, and realistically never will, it only wants to horn in on market share, not replace it, and there are no other suppliers with either the capacity or the infrastructure. Europe’s diplomats were caught fair and square showing support for Navalny, and as you pointed out, a Russian diplomatic presence at BLM protests in America would result at least in immediate expulsion, while the papers would rave about it for weeks. No feeble excuse like ‘standard diplomatic procedure’ would suffice, and everyone knows it. Extrem care must be taken, though, to not let this escalate, which is why Russia should make it clear right now that it will not stand for kibitzing from the sidelines.


          1. I do wonder if/when/ever Russia will selectively adopt the west’s PR tactics at some point, sic demand that Germany admit its historical genocide in Togo. Imagine the furious reaction. There are far too many examples that Russia could chose from, or just simply commenting on a local news story of police abuse (France) etc. etc. And all this is non-military. It must be tempting. The Zakaharova tweet above it but a mere toe across that line….


          2. Vis NSII, Russia has threatend but so far held of taking Brussels to court over its sabotage tactics. It could just pull the trigger, legally & justifiably.

            Russia has never been the one to shut down/close off/whatever. They’ve strategically left that to the west to own goal so that when cancellation/whatever does come up there is a long trail of clear western duplicity, sabotage whatever that works in Russia’s favor.

            The way to do it properly would be for the NSII coalition (sic all the private partners) declare that Brussels is in violation and take it to court, not Russia per se. The media would lie about it of course but it’ll down in legal black and white. u-Rope (like the US) is not agreement capable. And that would be a strong message to be shared with the rest of the world, not that it trusts the EU either.


      2. Listen to the squealing when their own tactics are turned on them! I am confident the Russian investigative services can provide evidence that all three were present at the demonstrations. They wouldn’t just make it up, knowing how inflammatory such action would be. The diplomats may argue they were just passing by, but that will be thin gruel and it would be hard for them to portray their presence as anything other than indicating support. Well done, Russia – Karl, are you proud? Go ahead with your ‘appropriate response’, fuckheads. Typical western response – we will punish you for catching us out.


        1. That’s a good link. The more I think about it, yes, Russia is taking advantage of Germany openly telling the US to leave NSII alone. This is not aimed at Merkel and those in Germany who see decent relations with Russia as a strategic necessity, but rather more the atlanticist wing in German politics (the russophobic Greens for example who have been gaining votes in the last few years) and others who with the rise of the Bi-Dumb Administration feel encouraged and dream of a re-set to STB (s/ting the bed) with regards to Russia. The message to Germany is, ‘Either you are onboard or your are not’ regardless of who is in a governing coalition. Playing cute and doing a bit of both is no longer an option. It’s a open warning to friends not to let the a/sholes hijack the ship.

          It’s also a non-direct response to BD-A’s recent ‘we’ll be tough with Russia’ despite having just signed off on a 5 year START extension which Russia also said they’ll kill if the US takes it for granted and starts poking Russia somewhere else. So yes, they have chose the beginning of the BD-A to escalate and show that they are willing to go the distance, not just in words but also in action (so far only diplomatically). The ball is in u-Rope & the USA’s court. As the Martynov link above states ‘have they got the message.’


          1. The timing also coincides with the CDU competition to replace Merkel later in the year. Russia, is helping to ‘concentrate minds’ ahead of this, if you will. Or, if you are a russophobe, interferring in German politics…!


            1. Uh, I should stop drinking before posting.* This also (obviously) marks a major shift in Russian policy of acting first. Until now Russia has almost always responded to whateve b/s Brussels/u-Rope/Washington has come up with. This is a fundamental shift, so whatever game plan Bi-Dumb & co had for Russia based on past experience behavior, that has now gone out of the window. The assurance that Russia will sit still and only respond is gone. Yes, this is escalation. The west has been clearly warned.

              To quote Victoria ‘toria’ Numan, this is clearly Russia’s Fuck the EU!

              * never.


  53. French President Emmanuel Macron said he shares Germany’s position on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. He announced this on Friday, February 5, following negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel within the framework of the joint Franco-German Council on Defense and Security.

    “This project (Nord Stream 2. – Ed.) Is almost completed. We [with the German Chancellor] have close coordination on this issue, “La Nouvelle République quoted him as saying.

    The French President also noted that, despite the criticism, Merkel still reaffirmed her commitment to Nord Stream 2, which should connect Russia and Germany.

    Earlier that day, the German Chancellor announced that she would discuss Nord Stream 2 with the new US administration and hoped to reach a decision on the project. She also stressed that she considers extraterritorial sanctions not the best way as a method of settlement.

    Merkel clearly has ways of making him change his mind.


  54. Fox News carried a lengthy story regarding Dr. Fauci and the Wuhan virology lab on “The Next Revolution” hosted by Steve Hilton. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding a working link. Here is the gist from recollection.

    Compelling documentation was presented that showed Dr. Fauci circumvented US government bans on virus modification by contracting a Wuhan lab to carry out such work. The work was to meld various pieces of viral genomes to increase the infectiousness of a corona virus. The work started around 2014. The money for the lab was provided by an organization that Fauci controlled.

    Academic papers were published (and available for anyone who wants to look for them) in scientific journals reporting on the success in modifying protein receptors to latch on to human cells far more effectively than natural viruses. Fauci appeared as a coauthor in those papers. It was all there – Dr. Fauci as a coauthor of papers describing successful efforts to turn a natural corona virus into a highly infectious variant.

    Recalling that several highly respected virologists were confident that the Covid-19 was genetically engineered, the Fauci/Wuhan story stands up. Why did Fauci circumvent US law to carry out the research? Who was he working for?

    Did the virus escape the Chinese lab or did Fauci have a hand? As discussed before, the US was quite smug in its ability to handle a pandemic while both China and Russia were rated as inept. A highly infection (but not particularly deadly) virus released before the Chinese New Year would be expected to devastate China while the US would have ample time to prepare its awesomely effective medical system for the pandemic. Fools! All of them!

    The Fox story has already been “debunked” but absent of factual support.

    Fauci is chimera of a rat and human, that is what he is.


    1. He should be hung from a lamppost on international live TV. You cannot take anything he says seriously, but for reasons I cannot fathom – or don’t want to think about – US administrations continue to publicly support his ridiculous reversals. He was on record saying masks do not work – more precisely, that they are ‘not the protection people think they are’ and that their actual role is far more as a placebo to reassure people that they are safer – and it was no time at all before he was exhorting people to double up and wear two masks. What; twice the non-protection? Populations are finally becoming fed up and restless with the way this is dragging on and on, but the official rebuttal is just more fearmongering with new and ‘more infectious’ strains that prevent us from getting our lives back. Until the economy is completely ruined, I suppose, and we have to throw ourselves on the mercy of Big Tech while our global credit is shot and we owe enough in borrowed funds to make us debt slaves for several generations into the future, whatever future there might be.


      1. If the original Covid virus was created in a lab, why not the alleged new infectious strain? Perhaps they would be designed to circumvent current vaccines. While they are at it, why not increase the lethality?

        The 0.001% may be readying the final solution. Just kidding!


        1. They actually have no realistic idea how many ‘infections’ or ‘new cases’ there are out there, because quite a few jurisdictions just keep running PCR cycles until they get a positive reading. Numbers of actual positives in the USA were estimated by New York Times reporter Apoorva Mandavilli to be perhaps a tenth of the numbers reported.

          The public-health knobheads who advise the political leaders have the bit in their teeth now, and will not be turned aside from their apparent goal of protecting public health at the cost of the economy and any semblance of a normal life – why should they give a fiddler’s fuck? They’re getting paid, and can work as many hours as they wish, and are apparently intoxicated with their power and influence – it will take nothing less than mass civil disobedience to back them off. Self-righteous tit columnists in Canadian newspapers want to know why island nations like Australia and New Zealand had such stunning success keeping COVID out, while Canada did ‘such a dismal job’, we’re rotten with infection. It does not seem to dawn on them that it does not matter what a great job you do preventing COVID from getting to your population – as long as it is out in the world, you will have to remain walled off FOREVER, or else as soon as you allow international flights or cruise ships again, it will go through your population like thrown shit through buckwheat. Australia keeps squeaking about insisting on negative COVID tests before anyone is allowed in from the outside, but if it becomes too inconvenient to visit COVID-sensitive Australia in a post-pandemic world, people will just cross it off their list, and it only takes one infectious person to arrive for it to take off like a horse that smells smoke in a population that has never had it. The public-health nitwits have thrown all their weight behind mass vaccination, and an entire industry and development system is gearing up in anticipation of regular booster shots every year for millions of people. Natural immunity is a recognized counter for endemic diseases, but organizations like the toxic and reprehensible WHO, led by the biggest fucking liar since Pinocchio, pretend it doesn’t even exist.

          If it becomes endemic as those in the cited reference suggest, it will eventually become like HIV – something we learn to live with among us and take reasonable precautions not to catch, but otherwise do not worry about and do not shut down the whole world to prevent. Jesus God, for how much longer are we going to have to put up with these idiots?

          The developer of the PCR test was very candid that it was never intended to be used as a clinical standard, and is simply a diagnostic and research aid.

          But public-health officials will not hear of replacing it, and the more the absurd numbers soar, the more adamant their stand. Researchers estimate 80-90% of results are false-positives, exacerbated by the high number of cycles run on subjects, as if a negative result is unacceptable.


  55. And the gobshite strikes again!

    I’m a real clever cnut. I am!

    MOSCOW, February 5 – RIA Novosti. The prosecutor and Aleksey Navalny have argued over who is to blame for the deteriorating health of Great Patriotic War veteran Ignat Artemenko, a participant in a libel case, a correspondent of RIA Novosti reports from the Babushkinsky courtroom in Moscow.

    The prosecution believes that Navalny intentionally slandered Artemenko, who appeared in a video in support of the constitutional amendments. The defence argues that the blogger’s statements in question were value judgments, and the accusations themselves were politically motivated. During the discussion, the veteran, who participated in the hearing from home, became ill and an ambulance was called.

    And I told you to call an ambulance for him! I move that his relatives strangle him tonight so as to say that this case with him has been brought to an end

    said Navalny.

    The prosecutor countered that the defendant himself was to blame for Artemenko’s deteriorating health. “Please note in the court record that it was Aleksey Anatolyevich Navalny who brought him to this condition”, said the state prosecutor.

    During the interrogation of Artemenko’s grandson, who is acting as a witness, Navalny called him a “grandfather trafficker.”

    “Your grandfather’s problem is that he raised his grandson to be a prostitute”, Navalny said.

    The judge adjourned the case until 10:00 a.m. on 12th February.

    In the defamation case, Navalny faces a fine or forced labour. After the amendments to the Constitution had been passed, a harsher penalty – imprisonment – is possible under this article, but it does not apply to cases that had been brought before the constitutional amendments.

    At the end of August, the court suspended the trial because of the blogger’s illness — at the time, he was in Germany, but he returned to Russia last weekend, where he was detained at the request of the Federal Penitentiary Service for violation of the rules of his serving a suspended sentence for another case. Later, the court changed his suspended sentence to a real one.

    source: Навальный заявил, что “родственнички” придушат ветерана сегодня ночью
    15:26 05.02.2021 (Updated: 18:29 05.02.2021)

    And pig ignorant scumbag is still described as being a lawyer!


  56. He’s not your grandfather: a neo-Nazi NIT or an infernal monster in the guise of Navalny.

    [Russians usually address all elderly men as “grandfather” out of respect. However, I do get the feeling that Navalny is using this affectionate term cynically when addressing the veteran in this way in court simply because that’s his nature and also because addressing the veteran in court as “grandfather” is not quite the right thing to do, and Navalny knows this, but he’s such a smart arse that he thinks his cynicism will be considered as being rather clever — ME.]

    On February 5, the Babushkinsky court of Moscow hosted, without exaggeration, a shameful action, the main person involved in which being blogger Aleksey Navalny, who had already convicted the day before in the Moscow city court. Just note that the case is not over: because of thee inappropriate behaviour of the “Berlin patient”, the judge has postponed the case, which lasted about 8 hours, until February 12.

    The Babushkinsky court has been considering a case brought against the aforementioned character, who in June 2020 slandered 94-year-old veteran of the Great Patriotic war Ignat Artemenko. More precisely, the Gopnik from politics did not like the fact that a defender of our Motherland, who had forged Victory long ago in 1945 over Nazi Germany, starred in a Patriotic video, where he campaigned to vote for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Then, Navalny stated the following: “Oh, here they are, my dear. I must admit that up to now the team of corrupt lackeys looks weak. Take a look at them: this is a disgrace to the country. People without a conscience. Traitors”. After that, the “hamsters” began to harass the veteran, throwing insults and threats at him in the network, which directly affected the health of the elderly person.

    It is worth noting that this time only two diplomats arrived to support Navalny: one from France andone from Great Britain. On February 2, the day when his suspended sentence was replaced with a real one, a “motorcade of international support” consisting of 18 cars with diplomatic licence plates lined up outside the Moscow City Court.

    The behaviour of the “revolutionary” in the Babushkinsky courtroom exceeded all expectations and went as far as possible beyond any decency. As the Telegram channel “Major and General” correctly noted, “in just a few hours, the Navalny versus Putin conflict line turned into a Nazi versus the People confrontation”.

    Veteran Ignat Artemenko joined the hearing in the defamation case from his address via a video link. He said in court that he demands a public apology from Navalny, Who, in turn, refused to admit guilt and, without hesitation in his expressions, threw a tantrum, saying a lot of nasty things about the veteran.

    “The accusation is incomprehensible. I knew no Artemenko and still do not know him. His relatives are unscrupulous people who are peddling their grandfather, who does not know anything. The state prosecutor said that I deliberately, knowing Artemenko, said something. I don’t know anything, except that he is being trafficked”, the blogger said cynically, to which the veteran’s grandson Igor Kolesnikov reacted some time later, threatening Navalny with more lawsuits.

    “He said that relatives are trying to earn money from my grandfather, that we work for money, so I would like to ask where he got this information? If he can’t provide it, we need him to answer to the court for this too!” Kolesnikov specifically said.

    “You will burn in hell because you have taken your 95-year-old grandfather, put medals on him and are making use of him here!” “I guarantee, they will tell us now that he has taken away by an ambulance or the doctor has forbidden him to testify!” . . . At this moment, everyone watching the process had one thing in his mind: “He is not your grandfather, neo-Nazi nit!”

    [Because it was clear that Navalny was being disrespectful towards the veteran and his family, so the term “grandfather” was not being used in a respectful context, so why was he saying “grandfather” when the man is not his grandfather? In other words, why was Navalny acting like a prick? Answer: because he is a prick! — ME]

    “I told you that his relatives would smother him with a pillow and kill him! Put it on the record!” Navalny deliberately kept hitting the bottom, interrupting everyone and everything.
    “Aleksey, try to remain a man!” the veteran’s grandson said when he addressed Navalny. “You’re peddling your grandfather! The only problem with your grandfather is that he has raised a prostitute grandson!” the blogger shouted. The judge threatened to remove him from the courtroom. Not to freedom, of course. “You can remove me, but I don’t understand anything”, he said dismissively to the court.

    The judge gave Navalny’s lawyers five minutes to “bring the defendant to his senses. “There is no way this may be tolerated”, voiced the representative of Justice. After that, the prosecutor asked to postpone the hearing.

    “I’ve got you up against a wall!” shouted Navalny, protesting against the postponement. The “Berlin Patient” went into natural hysterics.

    “Russian liberals remind me more and more of evil, stupid kids: first they steal candy for small things, write four-letter words in doorways, and then they turn into monsters that demand blood and do not distinguish between good and evil. Like gremlins. And at first they were so fluffy . . . Therefore, it is quite natural that today the leader of these young and not so young scoundrels, Aleksey Navalny, is being tried. And he is being tried not even for fraud, but for slander. And why am I not surprised that the victim was a veteran? Yes, he appeared in a video and called for voting for amendments to the Constitution. He expressed his opinion, which, alas, did not coincide with the opinion of Navalny. And it turns out that whatever does not coincide with Navalney’s opinion of is unacceptable?

    Unlike Aleksey Navalny, famous for nothing other than millions of scams, ostentatious suffering in a hospital bed and luring donations from schoolchildren, Ignat Artemenko, a veteran of the great Patriotic war, was a partisan, was wounded during a reconnaissance operation on the Oder river, and after the war defused mines. And he certainly didn’t deserve to be slandered by some trash, a man without a homeland, conscience, or honour, who called him a “disgrace to the country”. So who’s the shame of the country now? It’s you, Lyoshenka. Well, not exactly a shame, but a shameful awkwardness, like an unbuttoned fly in a restaurant: everyone looks, laughs, but is too shy to say anything.

    Veterans, living witnesses of a time when people lived for people, not for themselves, are not so many now. Oblivious thugs of Navalny’s army devalue their lives, their feats, their memories and-their opinion. And so that these scumbags do not become more, so that their brain mould will not spread into the minds of the younger generations, these scoundrels must be brought to justice. And, preferably, put them in gaol, too”, says the Telegram channel “Orfosvynstvo and Idiomarketing”.

    However, Navalny’s behaviour in the Babushkinsky court is best described by article 297 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation: “Contempt of court… a person who insults a judge, juror or other person involved in the administration of justice is punished by a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles or in the amount of the convicted person’s salary or other income for a period of up to 18 months, or by compulsory labour for up to 480 hours, or by correctional labour for up to two years, or by arrest for up to six months”.

    “In General, it doesn’t matter what sentence Navalny is given, because he is passing a sentence onto himself in this court by his behaviour. When he throws disgusting tantrums, when he shouts that he doesn’t know any grandfather, when he calls a veteran of the Great Patriotic War a puppet — suddenly everyone sees how Navalny’s mask seems to have come off, and a disgusting face is revealed, like in some Lovecraft work, where a chthonic monster has settled inside a human body. Now such a monster is emerging from what is commonly considered to be Aleksey Anatolyevich: small, insignificant, not smart, no sense of humour, no sense of dignity, no respect, no respect for the country, no respect for his elders, without the ability to take a punch; hysterical, screaming, pathetic in his writhing. Does anyone really think that this Cthulhu is capable of building some kind of Beautiful Russia of the future? No, he is simply unable to apologize to an old veteran in a human way. His main energy is haughty hatred. And you can’t create anything with it”, says journalist Andrey Medvedev.

    Oksana Skoda
    Anti-Fascist news

    [Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft and first introduced in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu”, published in the American pulp magazine “Weird Tales” in 1928 — ME]


    1. And here, from a Libtard blogger, words verifying what the above anti-Navalny blogger says about the mind of Navalny holds true for his acolytes:

      сакральная жертва

      sacrificial victim

      Our celestials sometimes mention the expression “sacrificial victim”. So it was with Nemtsov, and now it is heard in relation to Navalny. However, it is dangerous to kill an un-poisoned unknown blogger a second time. In the west, there are no idiots, they immediately poke a finger into the protruding ears from the bunker.

      Therefore, the role of the sacrificial victim has been chosen to be an ancient old man who cannot understand anything. The court procedure has been postponed, everyone is waiting: Come on, grandpa, do not bore us, die faster. Your death should be pinned on Navalny, too. Let the whole world know that this is the face of the opposition, the killer of a weak old man.

      I can even see how the epileptic “Evening M” [reference to a satirical song] will beat while experiencing an orgasm.

      Psst …. Live, grandfather. It’s not your fault for this shit that your granddaughter and Putin’s repressive machine has got you into. Even if you die in a year’s time (God forbid), Navalny will still be to blame …



      1. Clearly his faithful think the sun shines out of Navalny’s arse and that he is an inspiration to all those Russians who harbour a loathing for Russia and adulation for the West.

        Truly Navalny is a Messiah come unto them so as to lead them all out of that darkness that is Mordor!

        Again, I can’t help but think that the Navalnyite who wrote the above shite is some dimwit highschool kid.


    2. This is significant, because it represents the early beginning of calls to punish and shame Navalny ideologues as well as Navalny himself. It directly asks, by implication, is this what you believe? Do you continue to support such histrionics? Up to now I would say Russian society has been somewhat indulgent with his liberal-elite kiddie army and assumes they will snap out of it when they have a bit of life experience and move beyond the heady years when they know everything. This suggests the waning of such patience.


  57. Liberasts swamping the web with their childish “anti-regime” pics and scribblings:

    Seems they can’t get over “kettling”:

    They regularly post the above — in shock?

    They should take a trip to the USA or watch wonderful British “Bobbies” in action.

    BBC illiteracy!

    At 00:54: “These now famous images …”

    INFAMOUS you excuse for a journalist!!!


  58. Keep on mouthing it off, gobshite!

    Симоньян ответила Навальному на обвинения в продажности журналистов RT
    5 февраля 2021

    Simonyan has responded to Navalny’s accusations of corruption of RT journalists
    February 5, 2021

    RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan has suggested that the channel’s employees consult lawyers after accusations of venality by blogger Aleksey Navalny.

    During a court session, Navalny claimed that the defamation case against veteran Ignat Artemenko was allegedly fabricated by “RT’s PR people”. In addition, he insulted RT’s staff, saying, “When I say that there are corrupt people working at RT, have I lied?”

    This comment did not go unheeded by RT’s chief editor, Margarita Simonyan. “Of course I lied. Lied and slandered. Thousands of decent people. Call the lawyers, the collective. Just itching to fabricate something else”, she wrote on Telegram.

    In a comment to the stream “Beautiful Russia boo-boo-boo,” she was sarcastic about Navalny’s attention to her person. “As a forty-year-old woman with three children, I am even flattered that such a handsome, almost not yet old, almost blond man has been so fixated by my persona for ten years. I give birth, I get older, I get fatter, I get thinner, and he gets more and more fixated and fixated. I couldn’t even have imagined in my youth that I would enjoy such tremendous success. I’m very flattered”, the RT editor-in-chief said.

    “We, as you may recall, just made a video with this veteran in it, and the veteran was not paid by anyone. Navalny saw that clip. And when he sees anything with this green RT logo on it… … he gets the internal jitters”, Simonyan added.

    At Friday’s hearing, the veteran demanded a public apology from Navalny and asked for his testimony, given during the preliminary investigation, to be read out because he was not feeling well. Navalny made several insulting remarks about the veteran in court.

    The case was initiated because of the blogger’s comments about a video in which veteran Ignat Artemenko spoke in support of changes to the Constitution. In late August, the court decided to suspend the process because of Navalny’s illness – at that time he was in Germany; but on January 17, 2021, he returned to Russia and was detained.

    Navalny was charged with libel (part 2 of Article 128.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). This article provides for a fine of up to 1 million rubles, compulsory or forced labour, or imprisonment for up to two years. Political analyst Aleksey Martynov did not rule out the possibility that Navalny might receive another term of imprisonment as a result of this defamation of a veteran case.

    On Tuesday, Simonovsky District Court in Moscow granted a petition from the capital’s Federal Penitentiary Service to replace Aleksey Navalny’s suspended sentence with a 3.5 year real one following his conviction for fraud against Yves Rocher and that he be sent to a general regime penal colony, crediting him his time spent under house arrest.


  59. I don’t know if you all saw it but a couple of weeks ago or so Putin backed the idea of a bill making it a criminal offence to compare the Soviet Union to Nazi Germany. My question is, will it be made a criminal offense?

    Tass: Putin greenlights ban on putting Nazi Germany on par with Soviet Union

    Russian President noted that this ban should be introduced but this needed to be done very carefully and mechanisms should be developed “for protecting the truth about our very recent past”

    …”I recommend the Russian State Duma with the assistance of the Russian organizing committee “Pobeda” to prepare for consideration during the spring session 2021 a draft federal law on amending the federal law “On immortalizing the Victory of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945″ so as to introduce a ban on equating in public the role of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany during World War II (1939-1945),” according to the president’s instructions published on the Kremlin website after a meeting of the Council for Culture and Art…


  60. Navalny’s churlish behaviour that he has been displaying in court and which he seems to think is so witty and smart doesn’t seem to be impressing most Russians:

    “Левада-центр” констатировал падение доверия россиян к Навальному
    Более половины жителей России не одобряют деятельность осужденного блогера Алексея Навального. Об этом свидетельствуют данные исследования “Левады-центра” (иноагент в РФ).
    Вчера 21:02

    “The Levada Centre” has reported a drop in Russians’ trust in Navalny.
    More than half of Russians do not approve of the activities of convicted blogger Alexei Navalny. This is the result of a study by the Levada Center (a foreign agent in the Russian Federation).

    Yesterday 21:02

    [This message (material) was created and (or) distributed by a foreign mass media outlet performing the functions of a foreign agent and (or) a Russian legal entity performing the functions of a foreign agent.]

    According to an opinion poll, 56% of adult citizens surveyed disapprove of Navalny’s activities. Most of all, 66% of Russians over 55 years of age spoke out against the blogger.

    It is worth noting that more than half of those surveyed had an indifferent reaction to Navalny’s return to Russia from Germany. Another 19% of respondents said that their opinion of the blogger had worsened recently, reports the Federal News Agency.

    Above linked Federal News Agency data:

    17:04 5 Февраля 2021
    Рейтинг неодобрения Навального в России вырос

    17:04 5 February 2021
    Navalny’s disapproval rating has risen in Russia

    A recent poll by the Levada Centre (an NGO recognized as a foreign agent) has shown that more than half of Russians aged 18 and over disapprove of the activities of convicted blogger Alexei Navalny. The results of the survey were published on Friday, February 5.

    This material is distributed by the NGO-foreign-agent “Levada Centre”.
    According to the survey, as of January 2021, 56% of respondents disapprove of Alexei Navalny’s activities. As of last September, half of those surveyed criticized his work. Amongst residents of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 24, 43% disapproved, and amongst 25- to 39-year-olds, 49% disapproved. Another 66% of Russians older than 55 years old also spoke negatively about the activities of the oppositionist.

    You’re fucked, gobshite!


    1. He had better tell Statuesque Blonde to start bringing home the bacon because he is not going to be gainfully employed for quite a while now — not that he has been gainfully employed ever: just receiving handouts off Uncle Sam and money off suckers here.


  61. From what M.E. has reported on Navalny’s courtroom speeches, his audience appears to be his benefactors in the West and his true believers in Russia. He must prove his worth to the West otherwise they may conclude a dead Navalny is better than a live Navalny.

    The West will try another provocation; perhaps a military one to frighten a Western population already soaking in fear. Here is a little hint.

    Something in Syria perhaps?


    1. As the article is at pains to point out, Russia did edit its policy in 2018 to reflect that nuclear weapons might be used if a conventional attack threatened to overwhelm the state, and STRATCOM is using this to suggest Russia or China might strike first. I would rank that as very unlikely – Russia typically does not engage in conventional conflicts it does not feel confident it can win, and in a NATO conventional attack against Russia the latter would have a strong logistical advantage. Similarly, the USA stopped threatening to nuke Russia about the time it realized it could not stage that battleground in Europe as it is accustomed to doing, but would pay with its own cities and hundreds of thousands of casualties at home.


      1. Putin did state that if Russia is attacked, the battleground will not be on Russian soil. The odds of a successful conventional invasion on Russia is approaching as close to zero as mathematically possible with each passing year.

        I would have assumed any nuclear armed state would use nuclear weapons to some degree if its survival was in doubt from invasion. Of course, using the term “regime” in US publications creates a programmed response in our psyche that the “regime” is in itself a foreign entity that can and should be removed for the “good of the people”. That “regime” meme was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Serbia and other crimes against humanity.

        As you can see, I am trying to deconstruct the techniques used create the fantasy of American Exceptionalism. As mentioned in an earlier post, the “trusted and fatherly reporter, Walter Cronkite” was an example of social engineering.

        Our family watched every night the 6:30 CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite. It was fascinating (in retrospect) how Walter was strongly supporting the Vietnam war but turned on a dime when it was decided by the “deep state” or whatever that the war was unwinnable and the US needed to withdraw. Walter was one of the conduits to deliver that message.

        Another example is the sanitization of the Korean War by the TV series “MASH”. Turns out that war was all about plucky young doctors and nurses who were oozing compassion in a war that was fundamentally needed. I suspect that knowledge of the Korean war for most Americans was formed by that TV show. Mission accomplished.


        1. I would have assumed any nuclear armed state would use nuclear weapons to some degree if its survival was in doubt from invasion.

          Indeed, the state of Israel has taken the public position that it will never vanish from being before it has exhausted every weapon in its arsenal, which is known to include the nuclear weapons Israel reports with a ‘no comment’ and whose inventory is estimated at not less than 80 (the ‘experts’ say maybe as many as 400, but there is such a gap between 80 and 400 as to suggest we are not even talking about math any more). As you well know, the USA fairly glows with patriarchal pride at Israel’s scrappy grit. Some animals are more equal than others, and the world is urged to regard Israel’s nukes as basically harmless, as any weapon would be in the hands of a people far too other-worldly smart and reasonable to ever use it. So we have Israel, which despite its public declarations of willingness to use nuclear weapons on its own initiative (although it continues to more-or-less-half-assedly pretend it might not have any) is presumed to be too good to use them, and Russia which, despite its previous insistence that it would not strike first is assumed to be lustfully caressing The Button and constantly pretending to nuke the west just to give itself a boner.

          I have Walter Cronkite’s “A Reporter’s Life”, and it’s quite a good book. While he does get self-righteous to the point of stereotypical mediocrity when describing the grey, colourless Soviet Union and the brick-faced, humorless Russians of his personal acquaintance during his career (obviously he was never invited to party with them), he comes across also as having high expectations of American integrity, and of being frankly skeptical of the US contention that it had to invade Grenada because it was a clearing-house of Soviet weapons – which Cronkite was extremely up-front about in his suspicions that the weapons shown to American journalists had been ferried in by the heavy-lift USAF aircraft he and his fellow journalists had seen in a constantly rotating land-and-take-off pattern at the airport. I’ve never insisted everyone must like Russians or that it’s not okay to dislike them even if you don’t have a good reason – just that if you report stuff about Russia, don’t lie. If you can’t find real bad stuff to report, don’t just make it up.

          On a side note, we had a family friend, Jack Barlow (since deceased) who was a soldier in the Korean War and who was actually reported as killed in action to his family back home. That error was quite an awakening for them when he returned home on leave while they were still under the misapprehension that he was dead.


  62. Expanding on an earlier comment about how I came to believe in American exceptionalism while growing up in the 1950’s, I felt an intense sense of gratitude for being born as an American. I had a deep sense of being “lucky” in that way.

    That belief was not ingrained by saying the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at school. Rather, it had to be a full-spectrum immersion in a constructed fantasy. The methods used needs deconstruction and this article via The Saker provides an excellent basis for that deconstruction:

    It explains the origins and development of American Exceptionalism. What it does not address (not a shortcoming as its scope was about large scale and sustained social manipulation) is what happens when physical reality forces itself on the American psyche. Collapsing standard of living, dilapidated infrastructure, drug addiction, etc. will require a new social model. It may be called the Great Reset or Building Back Better but mostly the amplification of an external enemy to blame all woes and to provide a falsified example of how much better we have it here regardless of what we see. Russia and China come to mind. Nothing new there but the demonization intensity will likely and dramatically increase. The US would also need a military victory such as Grenada (sarc) to show our Exceptionalism is undiminished.


    1. Clearly, you were never acquainted with this ditty as a youth:

      Interesting old cove was the pianist:

      Donald Swann was born in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales. His father, Herbert Alfredovich Swann, was a Russian doctor of English descent, from the expatriate community that started out as the Muscovy Company. His mother, Naguime Sultan Swann (born Piszova), was a Turkmen-Russian nurse from Ashgabat, now part of Turkmenistan. They were refugees from the Russian Revolution. Swann’s great-grandfather, Alfred Trout Swan, a draper from Lincolnshire, emigrated to Russia in 1840 and married the daughter of the horologer to the Tsars. Some time later the family added a second ‘n’ to their surname. His uncle Alfred wrote the first biography of Alexander Scriabin in English. _ Wiki.

      Swann read Modern languages at Oxford: Russian and Modern Greek.

      At Liverpool University, I read comics but studied German and Russian.


  63. “Pipe-laying vessel Fortuna, which started work on the resumption of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on 24 January, has successfully completed sea tests and, today, started laying pipes in the waters of Denmark”, the company said.

    The US will stop it, somehow. Russia, however, will force the US hand to take a dramatic action showing Biden is bad/worse than Trump in foreign policy matters. Those countries seeing a slipping empire may grow a backbone or whatever and make a break for sovereignty.


  64. JHC! Can it get more blatant?

    Let me assure you: Germany and the European Union stand with you [Belarusians]. We have imposed sanctions against [President Alexander] Lukashenko and his regime. And we have set up an ‘Action Plan Civil Society Belarus’ with up to 21 million euro”, Maas said at the online conference of solidarity with Belarus.

    According to the minister, the action plan provides asylum assistance and psychological care to Belarusian victims of torture and those fleeing persecution, supports independent media and offers scholarships to students who were expelled from their schools and universities for participating in anti-government demonstrations.

    Sounds more like bribes and subcontracting the creation of an opposition beholding to the West. Would this not be an act of war by Germany and treason to those who accept the money?


    1. Yes, naturally, talk of American interest in selling its LNG to Europe is all piffle generated by those who are jealous of America’s freedoms – nothing could be further from their thoughts, and they are just concerned for their Yurrupean pals. Of course they are.

      In fact, the very publication Mr. Kluth occasionally writes for helpfully explained that the chief impediment to America signing luxuriously lucrative gas deals with Europe is the cursed Russians and their damned pipeline.

      It would seem to me to follow that if the Americans could somehow stop Russia from completing a pipeline which does not have way stations located in little east-European countries who are eager to demonstrate their usefulness to Uncle Sam, then Russia would be forced to transit Europe’s gas supply via a gauntlet of America yassuh-boss hamlets. Where problems would…just keep cropping up. If you are interested in knowing their names, you’ll find them listed in Kluth’s article under the title “just about everybody”, as he endeavors to portray all of Europe as united against Nord Stream II – except those unfathomable anti-American pricks in Germany – when in fact it is the same kneelers to American power it has always been; Poland, Ukraine and the yappy Balts.

      Any number of news stories reported US Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s sales tour of Europe, where he was quite clearly pitching American LNG as an alternative to Russian pipeline gas, going full maudlin with his labeling of American energy as ‘molecules of freedom’. Here’s a tip, Rick; next time call it “petrochemical blowjobs”. Pull the other leg, with your absurd pretense of disinterest in being Europe’s main gas supplier. Obviously Navalny’s whoppers are the result of careful training by professional bullshitters.

      “What we’ve seen time and time again is when there’s even an optionality to have U.S. LNG or LNG from other sources, it changes the negotiating position vis-a-vis the Russians. Now, Russia has to compete, just by virtue of having an option to import. We’ve seen this in multiple countries and overnight, Gazprom drops the tariff for gas imports in those countries,” he told CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick.”

      Uh huh, sure. A couple of tankerloads of US gas will make the Russians offer a free flat-screen TV with every Billion Cubic Meters. What he means is that when US gas deliveries approach Russia’s for overall volume, THEN Russia will feel threatened. Meanwhile that position would be used to argue for buying more and more American gas cargoes – feeling the heat yet, Putin? How stupid do you think people are?

      The key word in the original reference article was ‘option’. The USA does not want Russia – which it, as usual, refers to as ‘Putin’, I wonder what they will call it when he’s gone – to have the OPTION of transiting gas to Europe without going through one of its bum-lickers, where it will have a chance to screw things up for ‘Putin’; you know, a whisper here, a whisper there in the right ears…’Putin’ must not be allowed the OPTION of getting gas to Europe without the USA having an OPTION to put its boot on the line and shut off the flow. And that is really what Nord Stream II is all about.


  65. Get Ready For a Merkel-Biden Bust-Up Over Russian Gas
    February 05 2021, 11:30 AM
    updated February 05 2021, 5:36 PM

    (Bloomberg Opinion) — The new transatlantic honeymoon isn’t over yet. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, like most European leaders, is still basking in the afterglow of Joe Biden’s inauguration as the 46th president of the U.S. After Number 45, of course, she’d have warm feelings for anybody. And yet, it’s just a matter of time — days or weeks — before they’ll need to have an awkward talk. The topic will be Russia. The U.S. and Germany have long been at odds about an almost finished pipeline that would carry Russian gas under the Baltic Sea directly to Germany. It’s called Nord Stream 2 because it would double the capacity of an existing pipeline in the same waters. Combined with another link running through the Black Sea, called TurkStream, this new system is meant to give Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, the option of circumventing almost all of the eastern European countries through which Russian gas currently flows westward.

    The official position of the Merkel government hasn’t changed: Nord Stream 2, she avers, is a purely commercial project in which politicians shouldn’t meddle. Moreover, the cheap Russian gas will be necessary as a stopgap while Germany transitions from coal and nuclear energy to renewable sources. The U.S. position hasn’t changed either. There’s a bipartisan consensus that Nord Stream 2 is a geopolitical project, and a disastrous one at that. It would leave eastern Europe, including its NATO members, economically and energetically vulnerable and make Germany potentially dependent on the Western alliance’s most obvious adversary. This American view is shared by, well, almost everybody — from Ukraine to Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. The latter is so irate, it’s even trying to disrupt the project by slapping a huge fine on Gazprom PJSC, the Russian parent company of Nord Stream 2 AG. Even France, usually Germany’s closest partner, is against the pipeline, as is the European Parliament.

    This opposition has become even more passionate since the poisoning, and now jailing, of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, and the mass arrests of people protesting for his cause throughout Russia. In the past, Western sanctions have left Putin notably unimpressed. Stopping a strategic pipeline, many Europeans are guessing, might get his attention.

    In this context, Germany’s insensitive stubbornness is disturbing. Support for the pipeline comes disproportionately from two parties: the center-left Social Democrats and the extremist Left Party, which descends from East Germany’s communist party. Both have traditions of anti-Americanism and Russophilia.

    They love pretending that the U.S. stance is purely, and hence cynically, about helping exports of American liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is more expensive than the piped sort. In reality U.S. business interests — which were admittedly a big factor for Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump — are a minor consideration in Washington, and none at all for Germany’s other allies.

    To resist this “economic imperialism,” as some Germans are calling it, the state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, where Nord Stream 2 makes landfall, has set up a highly suspect defensive structure. The region happens to include Merkel’s constituency. But the driving force behind the initiative is the state’s premier, Manuela Schwesig, a pro-Russian Social Democrat born and raised in East Germany.

    This structure is a public foundation with the nominal (and rather ironic) mission of protecting the climate and environment. But Mecklenburg ponied up only €200,000 ($240,520) in funds for it, whereas €20 million is coming from the pipeline project, and therefore Gazprom. The foundation’s bylaws also allow Nord Stream 2 to propose the managing director and to select two board members.

    So the foundation is really meant to circumvent American pressure. Using the legal shields German law gives such entities, it could buy and store the materials and machines needed to finish the pipeline to maintain construction despite U.S. sanctions.

    The good news is that this is becoming a scandal even in Germany. Environmental lobbies are suing the foundation in several courts, calling it a “farce” and “greenwashing.”

    Even more encouragingly, the third of Germany’s left-of-center parties, the Greens, has found its moral and geostrategic compass. Its leaders, Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, are demanding a stop to Nord Stream 2. Among Merkel’s own Christian Democrats and the smaller Free Democrats, there are also stirrings against it.

    But one mystery remains: Why does Merkel herself cling to the pipeline? She’s anything but naïve about Putin’s methods. And if Navalny is alive today, it’s largely thanks to her decision to fly him to Germany for treatment after his poisoning in Russia.

    My assumption has been that she’s sticking to Nord Stream 2 to keep the brittle peace in her coalition with the Social Democrats. But she also knows that this partnership will last only until the federal election in September. At that point she will retire and a new government takes over. In the most likely scenario, the Christian Democrats will stay in power, but this time in partnership with the

    Perhaps the current situation, which is in effect a stalemate but also a suspension, suits her. It helps keep Putin in check, as he must fret about the $11.4 billion that the project has literally sunk under the Baltic sea. It also allows her to keep talking to Biden about other areas of cooperation, from decarbonization to defense, before deciding on the pipeline.

    And at some opportune moment, she knows, a new conservative-Green government could then announce the obvious: that this pipeline should never have been built, and will never contain anything but air. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners.

    Andreas Kluth is a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion. He was previously editor in chief of Handelsblatt Global and a writer for the Economist. He’s the author of “Hannibal and Me.”

    Merkel knows opf Putin’s methods, eh?

    And I wonder what they might be and how they compare with those methods of the global corporations and the US Dept. of State?


  66. French President Emmanuel Macron said that he “fully shares” the position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. He stated this at a joint press conference following talks with the German leader.

    “On this topic, we are coordinating our approaches with Angela Merkel”, Macron said. He added that the priorities of France and Germany in Europe are to ensure an energy transition policy in accordance with their obligations in this area and to strengthen the sovereignty of the two countries.

    Also, the French leader called for the formation of a European energy strategy, which should strengthen the sovereignty and energy supply of Europe.

    Read more on RBC:

    To strengthen the sovereignty of the two countries?

    A strategy that should strengthen the sovereignty and energy supply of Europe?

    The man’s blown ’em!

    There is not and cannot be a sovereignty of nation states or groups of nation states within an empire!

    There is only one Khan!

    And his name is now Joe.


    1. Whose stated ambitions in the early days of ‘his presidency’ are ‘to repair ties with allies’. There’ll be none of that ‘Don’t want to do as you’re told? Go fuck yourself, then!’ from Jarack Obiden and his road show. Europe is too valuable as a negotiating tool to cast it aside carelessly.


    2. See my previous comment:

      A French government minister publicly called for NSII to be cancelled because of Ne-valny etc. and withing 48h Yves le Drian, a heavy weight politician, made it clear that nothing of the sort would happen. This further public statement looks to fully repair the damage of the emotional minister…


  67. EU External Affairs Commissioner Borrell Humiliated by Russia’s Lavrov
    Feb 6, 2021

    Alexander Mercouris
    11.3K subscribers
    EU External Affairs Commissioner Borrell Humiliated by Russia’s Lavrov
    News Topic 41:

    EU chief diplomat accused of kow-towing to Russia for vaccines on embarrassing Moscow visit…​

    Borrell stands by as Lavrov calls EU ‘unreliable partner’
    In Moscow, foreign policy chief faces questions about EU’s human rights record and publicly criticizes US.…​

    #EU​ #Borrell​ #Lavrov​ #AlexanderMercouris​ #TheDuran


    1. That top link doesn’t work, but searching using the same terms results in this article discussing the same subject;

      A parody of journalism from start to finish, the piece by Andrew Rettman reads like an editorial rather than reporting, as he tells us;

      1. Borrell tried to make friends with Lavrov but the latter rudely blew him off, in a vignette the author invented and which he pretends, using artistic license, took place between only the two men after the press briefing was over;

      2. Borrell went to Russia entirely on his own initiative, thus divorcing the EU from any humiliation Borrell himself might have suffered;

      3. Borrell planned to visit Navalny in prison, but dropped the idea. This led to the even more surreal contention that by not acknowledging Navalny is in prison, the EU can make it not be real, whereas allegedly the whole trip which Borrell took on his own initiative was somehow supposed to be all about Navalny. I guess he told everyone before he left on the surprise trip that was completely his own idea;

      4. The Sputnik vaccine, which Borrell groveled for, is without ‘Europe’s scientific approval’, although every vaccine currently in use is more than a year away from completion of third-stage clinical trials, is authorized by subject governments for ’emergency use’, and every single person who accepts the injection of such vaccines is taking part in a scientific experiment; and,

      5. The current trial of Navalny, in which he was hauled from his comfortable cell to confront the brutal state once more, is based on ‘nonsensical charges’. Navalny never once even actually used the veteran’s name, although the Tweet in which he called him a disgrace and a traitor featured his photograph. Could have been anybody, and Navalny clearly did not mean to suggest the veteran himself was a traitor or a disgrace; performance art is just too subtle for the slow-witted.

      The same article featured, in the sidebar, another which quotes Merkel as having said “Russia’s expulsion of three EU diplomats on Friday showed that Moscow [is] quite far from the rule of law”. I guess there’s a law that says it is illegal to expel diplomats from other countries no matter what they do – who knew? Obviously not the United States, which expelled 60 Russian diplomats at a stroke who personally were apparently not guilty of anything at all, to showcase its revulsion over the alleged poisoning by Russia of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK, something it has never been able to prove. Moreover, it came the heavy on all its allies to pressure them to mimic its lawless performance, and they did.

      The performance in public by western countries and their media representatives is increasingly erratic and dysfunctional; the kind of self-righteous thrashing you might expect of a Nero or a Mussolini.


      1. Rettman regularly publishes s/t, ‘investigations’ /whatever over at EUObserver. He’s not worth the time apart from to wonder who is paying him for the reams of salivia he is producing. I consider him little more than a Khodokovsky Hamster.

        I also assume that he is one of the many journalists in privately owned media channels that are also willingly partaking in being funded and channeled information to ‘counter Russian propaganda’ that runs in parallel to official EU and NATO channels.

        Even one of Euractiv’s daily newsletters (The Brief or the Capitals) had spittle flecked opinion by it’s Bulgaria ‘editor’ Georgy Gotev that was full of anti-Russian venom. Other ‘editors’ also make casual russophobic comments in their work, I guess because there is no consequence of being so unprofessional. Euractiv’s no.5 currently most read/looked at piece is ‘Hungarian doctors can’t recommend Russian, Chinese jabs’* Euractiv used to be much better in the old days but it rapidly expanded and has been caught short by economic events, even having to pimp out its homepage to advertise Raytheon’s missile defense system not so long ago…



        1. Oh looky here!

          Euractiv: Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine gets all-clear in Hungary

          Hungarian health authorities have approved Russia’s coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V, the government said Sunday (7 February), with 40,000 doses of the jab already to be given.

          Official testing has been completed “and the vaccine may be administered”, Miklos Kasler, the human resources minister who is in charge of health, said on social media.

          The government had announced Tuesday that it had taken delivery of 40,000 doses of Sputnik V, a first within the European Union.

          It is the first batch of a total order of two million doses to be supplied over three months.

          Initially viewed with scepticism in the West, the Russian vaccine has since convinced experts of its efficacy…

          5 days after the ‘can’t be recommended’ article.

          I found Gotev’s unhinged opinion piece.

          The Brief – Wind of change



        “Catastrophe and humiliation.”
        European commentators on Borrell’s visit to Moscow.

        European specialists on Russia and politicians have demonstrated rare unity of mind regarding the outcome of the visit to Moscow of Joseph Borrell, chief of the European Union Foreign Affairs Department. Borrell’s well meaning attempt to extend his hand towards Russia was transformed into a shameful failure, they say.


        1. Well, we obviously could not have Borrell mending fences with Russia. So it had to be well-meaning but doddering old fool Borrell goes to Russia, gets mocked and made fun of by the Godless Russkies. Just in time for Borrell to retire, and if he wants his pension and some sort of legacy, he will also blubber about extending the hand of friendship, only to have it spat in.

          It probably does not matter much, because there is nothing in it for Russia to be friends with the EU anyway, nothing but a lot of pompous inbreeders and bigheaded candyarses. Just a strict business relationship will be fine, and a Europe that minds its own affairs would be appreciated if such a miracle could ever be made to happen.


  68. Ненависть мирного времени: в Сети объявили войну ветерану за суд с Навальным
    Журналист Мария Дегтерева — о том, почему либеральная общественность пышет ненавистью к тем, кто отстоял их право на жизнь.
    6 февраля 2021, 19:16

    Peacetime hatred: the web has declared war on the veteran in the Navalny trial
    Journalist Maria Degtereva about why the liberal community is ablaze with hatred of those who defended their right to live.

    6 February 2021, 19:16

    For a long time now, I have been observing the life of oppositionists in my native country, looking at it as if they were staging either a work of Daniil Kharms* or Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies. It seemed that nothing could surprise me any more, that the organ that is responsible for my natural amazement had simply atrophied over the years: marches with toilet brushes being waved above the marchers’ heads, crying about there being no longer any jamon and parmesan in the shops, the advertising of rallies for teenagers in Tiktok — against this background, everything seems somehow petty, fussy, insincere. But yesterday opposition leader Navalny finally managed to throw me into a stupor!

    During the trial, where he was accused of slandering a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Aleksey Anatolyevich either succumbed to an alarming medical condition or showed his true face. “Your grandfather is a doll wearing medals”, he shouted, interrupting the judge. “You have dressed him up in a tunic and want to get some money”, he snapped at the victim’s relatives.

    All this was said in the presence of Ignat Artyomenko, a 94-year-old grandfather, a former partisan, a victorious hero. Ignat Sergeevich is in his right mind and his memory still serves him well. It is easy to be convinced of this because the Internet is full of his live interviews. And it is scary to even think about how he felt, listening to such speeches about himself in the third person, realizing that they were being replicated throughout the country. The meeting had to be interrupted by calling an ambulance for the veteran, who spoke via video link.

    What would seem to be an appropriate reaction to all of this? Horror, consternation, embarrassment, which you feel when you look at a savage? The same feeling that is well portrayed in Bortko’s film “Heart of a Dog” when Sharikov** sings “Eh, apple”?

    – Is he still dancing?

    – Still dancing.

    The sound of a falling body.

    It would seem that there could be no other emotion. After all, assuming that the trial is completely fabricated, that the veteran, I don’t know, was coerced and everything was set up, would be impossible, because Artyomenko testifies quite freely, clearly and confidently. And further to this accusation that the whole thing has been fabricated: will somebody explain me what kind of force could make a man who gets about 90 thousand rubles as a pension; a man who went through hell in the war; a man who has lived a long and probably not the easiest of lives, lie? Why would he do this? What for?

    In any case, it is simply unthinkable to behave this way in the presence of a 94-year-old man, a war hero. And he only asked for an apology for the words “corrupt lackeys”, and not only for himself, but also for the recently deceased actor Vasily Lanovoy (Navalny’s statement concerned him too). It would seem that Navalny should find the strength to apologize.

    But much scarier than the behaviour of the oppositionist himself is the reaction to it of our “better and more advanced” public:

    There is some new cheerfulness in Navalny after his miraculous rescue. A real, unconquerable exhilaration, given by genuine freedom. What Dovlatov called ‘the happiness of the sudden release of speech’.”

    How he speaks in this court is through happiness!

    Viktor Shenderovich [Russian satirist, writer, scriptwriter and radio host — ME]wrote on his Facebook.

    At first, I just couldn’t believe my eyes, but then I looked closely. No, it couldn’t be so! The post was accompanied by over a thousand comments by liberal intellectuals, leaders, publicists, and bloggers known to a greater or lesser degree.

    Yes, this is something incredible. Real courage. Delight in battle. This will save him and will not allow him to break

    writes in response journalist Ksenia Larina, and her comment has gained more than 800 likes.

    Yes. I noticed it a long time ago. A missiah

    says the bard Veronica Dolina, the parent of a famous film critic, probably meaning “messiah”. But is spelling so important in a revolutionary struggle?!

    I was immersed in this feast of cannibalism and could not believe my eyes. It was impossible, unthinkable, to imagine this happening in my own country. I couldn’t imagine that after yesterday’s trial the name Navalny would be pronounced out loud, and here were not simply excuses: this was a victory chorus!

    And whom have they defeated? Who was defeated by Sergei Parkhomenko [publisher, journalist and political commentator— ME], who, not without a certain lip-smacking malevolence, prophesied the death of veteran Artemenko on live television? Who has been defeated by all of this, by this — I’m not afraid of calling a spade a spade — sect? A 94-year-old grandfather, who for some reason didn’t like the “honour and conscience” of the current protesters in their calling him a “corrupt lackey”? I have no human capacity to look at all of this calmly. And so I want to address the entire liberal intelligentsia at once.

    Dear Parkhomburo! [Telegram channel]

    Following your charming Duce’s speech, especially your clear reaction to it, we can safely say: you are not fighting against the state, nor the regime, nor Putin: you are fighting your own people. That they did not please you (not subtle enough, smart, well-read), we have been hearing for many years now and have come to terms with this. But that veterans of the Great Patriotic War do not seem to you to be capable of their own opinion, that they are not so nice with their rhetoric or whatever, well this is, of course, news.

    There is such a concept as historical memory. And a mentally healthy Russian perfectly understands where in his personal rating stands a 94-year-old hero-liberator and where stands a political self-seeking, gutter-press Gapon, who, unhindered by anything, is capable of walking on both the living and the dead towards his great political victory.

    And as long as these people (clumsy in their wording and not well-read — by your standards) are alive, there will be no victory for you. As one hated partisan*** said, “We are two hundred million”. To paraphrase a little: you won’t shut everyone up!

    *Daniil Kharms: an early Soviet-era avant-gardist and absurdist poet, writer and dramatist and nutcase: his family name he concocted from the words “harm” and “charm”. During the GPW, Kharms was arrested for spreading a “libellous and defeatist mood”. According to the NKVD report Kharms said:

    The USSR lost the war on its first day. Leningrad will be either besieged or starved to death. Or it will be bombed to the ground, leaving no stone standing. If they give me a mobilization order, I will punch the commander in the face, let them shoot me, but I will not put on the uniform and will not serve in the soviet forces, I do not wish to be such trash. If they force me to fire a machine-gun from rooftops during street-to-street fights with the Germans, I would shoot not at the Germans, but at them, from the very same machine gun.

    In the 1960s, samizdat publications of Kharms’ works became popular with the artistic types here (proto-kreakly), precursors of those present-day kreakly who lament the fact that they are not now drinking “Bavarian” and driving Mercs because the USSR defeated the Nazis.

    Sharikov: Sharikov was dog that had been transformed into a man through human organ transplantation by a certain Professor Philip Philipovich Preobrazhensky [the professor’s family name comes from the Russian word for transformation]. Bulgakov’s book does not contain this singing scene as shown in the 1988 film version of the work, where Sharikov, formerly the dog “Sharik” [common name for a dog here: it means “fluff ball”], whose organs were formerly those of murdered restaurant balalaika player Klim Chugunkin. Film Director Vladimir Bortko in the film” The Heart of a Dog”, shot in 1988, added a spectacular scene, in which Professor Preobrazhensky demonstrates the result of his outstanding experiment to a scientific audience. Sharikov plays a balalaika and sings, and in such a way that the shocked Preobrazhensky faints.

    Sharikov and Professor Preobrazhensky in the film version of “The Heart of a Dog”.

    hated partisan***: 18-year-old Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, hanged by the Nazis, who then mutilated her body. Her last words to the foul swine who murdered her: “You hang me now, but I’m not alone. There are two hundred million of us. You can’t hang us all. They will avenge me!”. Of course, the Liberal filth here like to cast aspersions on her short life and deeds. Only recently a scandal once again flared up over what liberal shites said about her.

    See Rehabilitation of Nazism. What did Nevzorov say about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya?:

    And now, in the framework of the programme “Nevzorovsky medium” on the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, the journalist has decided to deal with both the new film “Zoya” [propaganda says the speaker on Venediktov’s radio station as regards the film, and Stalinist propaganda to boot! — ME], and Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya herself.

    I wonder why the propaganda fails? It is clear that a very unfortunate figure has been chosen who is categorically unsuitable for immortalization because it is impossible to enter into a conflict with common sense by glorifying Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, a fanatical Stalinist who carried out order No. 428, which was later recognized as a criminal order. This was the destruction of Russian villages either with people or with condemning those people to death, because it was winter, minus 17, and nothing but starvation and cold death. And these people have only themselves to blame for the fact that Stalin’s army that was dragging them down and leaving them under occupation. And, let us say, the deeds of this person are offered as a heroic one . . . There are a great many people in the world who have endured horrific mockery and torture. The question is: what for? How many feats have been performed in the world since the Sumerian-Akkadian times . . . But there was no merit whatsoever. A fanatic carrying out a criminal order. We know that now it will probably be proposed as such a topic of conversation to the new political instructors in schools, because after all the events of the rallies it was decided to introduce in schools the post of political instructor, who will talk to young people about politics

    said Nevzorov.

    Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov
    Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov (born August 3, 1958, Leningrad: Soviet and Russian journalist, reporter, broadcaster; a director, screenwriter and producer of documentaries, publicist. He was a deputy of the State Duma of four convocations (1993-2007).


    1. In fact, the order she and her fellow partisans were given was to set fire to homes in which German soldiers were quartered, and one of those fellow partisans betrayed her to the Germans. Those who now revile Artimyenko appear to be as one with Klubkov. Russia is better off without them.


      1. And the Russians in whose homes the invaders took as their quarters were slung outside —but it was Stalin’s fault such things had come to pass.

        Kosmodemyanskaya was hanged in a village not so far from where our dacha is, through which dacha territory then ran the front line. Inthe district where where our dacha is situated, they have found over the last few years mass graves of murdered civilians, none of the victims having been Red Army soldiers: men, women, children, elderly folk.

        All Stalin’s fault, of course.


  69. And seemingly immitating what Kosmodemyanskaya said to the Nazis (and don’t forget, it was, according to Nevzorov, Stalin’s fault that they were there), Russian Forbes headlines:

    «Миллионы и сотни тысяч посадить нельзя»: Навальный в суде назвал процесс попыткой запугать людей

    “You can’t put millions and hundreds of thousands in gaol”: Navalny has called the trial an attempt to intimidate people in court

    Navalny called the case against him an attempt to intimidate “a huge number of people. According to him, the authorities have deprived millions of Russians of prospects and are trying to “shut them up” with show trials.

    The main thing in this trial is to intimidate a huge number of people: that’s how it works. They put one person in gaol in order to intimidate millions. We have 20 million people below the poverty line, tens of millions live without the slightest prospect

    The Bullshitter has made sure, however, that he and his family do not exist below the poverty line, which is indeed some feat, considering he has hardly ever drawn a salary. And now he is, for tax registration purposes (as indeed am I) an “individual entrepreneur”, meaning he is only obliged to pay 6% income tax.

    6% on what income?


    1. And, lest we forget, Russia’s Mikhail Dmityriyev of the Federal Center for Social Development announced in 2012 in a report that the proportion of Russians who live in the brackets the world defines as ‘poverty’ has faded to statistical insignificance. Of course the Moscow Times did its best to reverse that to a position of human hopelessness because that is it’s job.

      However, the west could not get enough of Dmitriyev when he appeared to be slagging off Putin, which was before that, so it was fairly clear that sector experts in Russia are only truly expert when they are reporting terrible news and ghastly forecasts. Keep your optimism to yourselves, peasants.

      After that report, and the glowing one from Le Figaro’s Pierre Avril which suggested Russians were spending like their wallets had no bottoms, came the Glorious Maidan and MH17 and America’s grimly-determined and well-publicized crusade to destroy the Russian economy and visit misery upon ordinary Russians, which they would presumably be too thick to apprehend was a western dodge, and would blame on Putin. So when Navalny rabbits on about the millions upon millions of starving poor in Russia, he is celebrating the efforts of his benefactor and backer to bring about exactly that effect, and everyone would do well to mark it.


  70. 07.02.2021, 14:31
    Явлинский раскритиковал Навального за «популизм и национализм»

    Yavlinsky has criticized Navalny for “populism and nationalism.

    Grigory Yavlinsky, the founder of the “Yabloko” party, has published an article “on the meaning of current politics” in which he criticized the opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. He said that “life without fear and without repression is incompatible with Navalny’s politics”. In response, former Yekaterinburg Mayor Yevgeny Roizman has said that he will definitely not run for the Duma on behalf of Yabloko now, and opposition leader Leonid Volkov suggested that the article be remembered when Yabloko proposes to “rally with ranks” again.

    Navalny’s political direction is populism and nationalism. Democratic Russia, respect for the individual, freedom, life without fear and without repression are incompatible with Navalny’s policies. These are fundamentally different trends

    says Yavlinsky in the article.

    Yabloko also said that Navalny and his entourage “aren’t concerned about the broken lives of citizens who have gone to unsanctioned rallies at their behest and ended up behind bars. He maintains that they are advocating “the criminal use of minors for political purposes. In addition, Mr. Yavlinsky criticized the opposition for “destroying any hint of coalitions”

    Separately, the author dwells on the investigations of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (included in the register of foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice). He believes that they cannot bring results for society, because all those who have been exposed remain in their places. “Therefore, the main socially significant effect that the stylistics of Navalny’s ‘unmasking’ films are focused on is inciting primitive social discord”, the author of the article wrote.

    After Mr. Roizman had seen Mr. Yavlinsky’s published article, he said that he was no longer considering Yabloko for the Duma election. “I saw this statement. For me, the last chance for Yabloko to run for the Duma has disappeared”, the former mayor of Yekaterinburg told “This Is My City.

    Navalny’s supporters have criticized Yavlinsky’s article. “A wise, experienced politician is always distinguished not only by his precise choice of words, but also by his perfect sense of the moment. Let’s remember this article by Grigory Yavlinsky, when in autumn we are again asked to rally to the ranks and give Yabloko another chance”, Mr. Volkov wrote in Telegram.

    Aleksey Navalny returned to Russia from Germany on January 17. The politician was transported to Berlin as he slipped into a coma. Germany claims he was poisoned with Novichok poison. Russian doctors have not confirmed the poisoning version. After his return, Mr. Navalny was arrested. On February 2, the court commuted his suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case to a real one. He will spend 2 years and 8 months in the penal colony. On January 23, 31 and February 2, mass protests were held across Russia in support of the politician. According to OVD-Info, more than 11,000 people were detained.

    Volkov has a lot to say from across the border.


    1. For Yabloko to publicly burn their bridge with Navalny is quite something. No doubt they hoped to ride on Ne-valny’s tails if he was somehow miraculously successful, but Ne-valny has now clearly, as they say in America, jumped the shark.


      1. Navalny kicked off his political career with Yabloko, but that party soon kicked him into touch after he had been parading around with ultra-nationalists.


        1. You know that actually rings a bell. Your memory is far better than mine and I should have checked before posting. In my defense, I am bein held hostage by a large and heavy cat and can only type with one hand…


      2. Here are some of the words of G. Yavlinsky from his article:

        Navalny’s investigations are done only to foment primitive social discord. The real fight against corruption is not the filming from drones of the estates of corrupt officials, but a political struggle for a new Russian state. The wave that is rising is not just against Putin. It is being raised for the undemocratic future of Russia. It is rising up for the past communism or for the future fascism. And Navalny is one of the potential leaders of this new destruction.

        This most likely refers to the unsanctioned rallies that have recently taken place in our country, and this is the kind of danger that the politician sees in this. Yavlinsky has accused Navalny’s entourage of destroying the fate of Russians who take part in all of this.

        Mikhail Khodorkovsky has commented on Grigory Yavlinsky’s article about Navalny on Twitter as follows:

        They say, “dirt is a chemical compound in the wrong place at the wrong time. This came to mind after Yavlinsky’s article. The right words and the sneaky background: “We are systemic — let us into the Duma”. But Navalny is now a political prisoner. That is why only support for him. Disagreement comes later.

        All firmly based on the premise that the Bullshitter is not a criminal but “a political prisoner”.

        Linked liberast blog that is the source of the above:

        Михаил Ходорковский прокомментировал статью Григория Явлинского о Навальном

        Mikhail Khodorkovsky has commented on Grigory Yavlinsky’s article about Navalny


        1. Well, that’s good, then, innit? The opposition is fragmenting, and of the factions that are forming, those who support Navalny are seen as traitors to the the Motherland and his kiddie army is viewed as an organization of shameful degenerates. All a lesson on how to shut up while you’re ahead. The second Navalny trial is going swimmingly – can’t wait for the third.


        2. That’s the same Khodorkovsky who was granted an amnesty by the Dark Lord and released from prison before he had served his full sentence on condition that he no longer involve himself in Russian politics. Whereupon, upon his release, the former convicted criminal, and not a political prisoner, almost immediately few to Berlin, where he took up residence in the Adlon Hotel, which is conveniently situated between the US and British embassies there.

          Since his having left Russia, Khodorkovsky has never returned. And he also immediately began to involve himself in Russian politics and still does.

          He says the condition imposed upon him by the Evil One only applies to his involvement in Russian politics when living in Russia. Since he lives outside of Russia, St. Mikhail of the Gulag now feels free to involve himself in the internal political affairs of Russia and very much does so.

          He wants all “his” money back that was seized by the Russian government, see, which money he had stolen, of course.

          In fact, he had been stealing money in his home country since his student days in the USSR.


  71. OH, LOOK!!!!

    Pussy Riot: Russian protests are ‘battle for hearts and minds’
    Thousands of people were detained across Russia during protests in support of jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny last week.

    The lead singer of the Russian punk group Pussy Riot – long-time critics of President Putin – has released a song in support of the protesters.

    Nadya Tolokonnikova spoke to the BBC Russian Service’s Petr Kozlov.

    1 hour ago
    BBC News Europe

    They poisoned him with Novichok, and then he had the audacity to survive . . . “, Tolokonnikova says.

    And the video clip shows hordes of juveniles.

    Meanwhile, the majority of adults in Russia, I am sure, think Tolokonnikova is an attention whore.


  72. Навальный против ветерана: что произошло
    Сегодня, 19:540

    Navalny vs veteran: what happened
    Today, 19: 540

    FZNT* President Alexander Malkevich noted that the attitude of the scandalous blogger Aleksey Navalny and his supporters to the memory of victory in the Great Patriotic War is simply terrible. He noted that this is worth considering.

    Last year, the founder of FBK (foreign agent) slandered WWII veteran Ignat Artemenko. His supporters, not gifted with intelligence and without thinking twice, also began to promote the theses of their near-liberal leader.

    Navalnyists have always had a bestial attitude towards the GOP and its veterans. In 2019, the head of Navalny’s Volgograd headquarters publicly insulted the symbols of military glory. He took the image of the monument “Motherland Calls!” and a photoshop was made so that it appeared as though it had been doused with brilliant green antiseptic. The court found him guilty.

    Other followers of the main representative of the domestic libschizophrenia last year decided to “have fun” and posted photographs of German criminals on the website of the “Immortal Regiment” procession. We are talking about Vlasov, Himmler and Hitler. Shame and shame again!

    Navalny himself does not hide his attitude towards the holiday of the Great Victory. He called the parade last year “utter stupidity” and the holiday itself – “nonsense.”

    Recently, a trial has been held, at which veteran Ignat Artemenko spoke via video link.

    Most surprisingly, the odious blogger did not apologize to the real hero, but continued to publicly insult him. A real bastard!

    In social networks, a flash mob has begun to gain momentum, for participation in which it is necessary to publish a post with the hashtag #ProtectVeterans.

    *Foundation for the protection of national valuesa non-profit organization whose work is aimed at protecting the national interests of the Russian Federation, preserving traditional culture, studying world experience, protecting freedom of speech and media representatives around the world, and interacting with international organizations.

    The Fund is engaged in the promotion of national values, a Patriotic organization of international events and activities, panel discussions and round tables.

    The organization’s activities also include public monitoring on the Internet, analyzing the facts of interference of individual States in the internal politics of sovereign powers, and assisting the public of different countries in preserving traditions. In addition, the Foundation for the protection of national values cooperates with the world media community and human rights organizations in the field of protecting the rights of journalists, Patriotic associations-in preserving and popularizing cultural heritage.




    Steve Sisolak, the Democratic Nevada governor, has reportedly devised a plan to create new business in the state to boost economic development in the wake of the COVID-fuelled slump. The governor’s plan, however, has a proviso: so-called “innovation zones” would allow companies to create their own governments, which would wield the authority to impose taxes, form school districts, establish justice courts, and provide public services.

    The proposed bill argues that the traditional local government model is “inadequate” and doesn’t provide enough flexibility and resources to attract new types of businesses, nor foster economic development in emerging technologies and innovative industries. Therefore, the draft advocates the creation of an “alternative form of local government” by companies which focus on various frontier technologies such as blockchain, robotics, AI, autonomous systems, biometrics, and renewables. Applicants would be required to own at least one 50,000-acre plot of undeveloped and uninhabited land within a county that’s not a part of the city or a town; invest at least $1 billion in the new site over the next decade; and posses $250 million in assets.

    The Innovation Zone idea may not be as crazy as it sounds, though, says Jeffrey J. Blatt, a high technology attorney from Silicon Valley and Hollywood who has represented a variety of key technology companies including Apple, Sun Microsystems, Oracle and Sony. He’s also the founder of X Ventures.

    “‘Company towns’ are not a new concept,” he notes. “They exist today in a variety of countries and had a heyday in the US in the late 1800’s and declined in the 1920’s. These areas were de facto towns as they were many times located on private property or where the company held a monopoly for an industry like coal, lumber or mining. There are many examples of company towns around the world.”

    Sisolak’s proposal is different because each company would be able to effectively create a new county within a county where an Innovation Zone would be disposed, the lawyer explains.

    Privatizing government! Way more than those old-fashioned company towns. This is clearly “Building Back Better”! Own nothing, rent your apartment and buy all your stuff with a cash-free system. Just wave your wrist at the scanner as you leave the store and Presto! Enjoy your total freedom! No encumbering property, likely no family. Freedom baby! Everyone an entrepreneur charting their own destiny! Big Tech will take real good care of you.

    Fortunately, it will be another failed utopia (in this case, a fascist version).


    1. It should be fun watching these literal corporate fiefdoms fighting and destroying each other with huge amounts of money over the rights to the water in the Colorado River or wherever they think they’ll be able to get water from. Nevada is kind of classified as being semi-arid in its climate and physical environment.


      1. In Colorado, it’s all about water, water rights, trading of water rights, etc. A water well on your own property is regulated in how much can be pumped. Even more incredible, a person cannot collect rain water off of their own roof as it must be allowed to soak into the ground. Buildings can not be built unless water rights are purchased. Don’t get me started on the wild fire dangers. Frankly, I don’t know why the population of Colorado is increasing so rapidly. Well, I do know that a lot of people are moving from Texas and California but not sure why;


  74. A week ago I commented about the need for Russia to co-opt popular vloggers. You can’t just focus on traditional media – they are important and have an ‘aura’ of authority, which people take heed even if they disagree with what is being reported. Their outward behavior is influenced by what these ‘voices’ constantly tell them, but not necessarily their thoughts.

    Vloggers (and the traditional entertainment industry) are on a different category, they are more subtle, they don’t seek to directly tell you what is good and what is not. They mold and bend the culture, meaning their importance lies on shaping minds and opinions.

    Guess who’s paying attention to this?

    Soros will distribute Ukrainian vloggers 120 thousand hryvnia each

    The International Renaissance Foundation, funded by American businessman George Soros, decided to financially support the producers of Ukrainian-language video content on YouTube and help bloggers create videos, promote ideas of critical thinking and a rational view of the world and events in it. As reported on the foundation’s website, video bloggers can receive a scholarship in the amount of 50 to 120 thousand hryvnia (up to $ 4.3 thousand). “In the past few years, Ukrainian-language video blogging has been actively developing and progressing. Raising topics that are important for society, which do not always come to the attention of media corporations, video blogs have become a quality alternative to the latter,” the message says.

    It is noted that 2020-21 brought a drop in advertising revenues due to the pandemic and crisis. “We offer a helping hand to the creators of high-quality videos and announce the first competition in Ukraine for scholarships for video bloggers for creating content,” the Vozrozhdeniye announced.
    The fund also clarified that YouTube is the priority video blogging platform, however, applications from bloggers publishing their videos on TikTok and Instagram will also be considered.


    the presence of a Ukrainian-language channel with video content;
    the age of the channel is at least 6 months;
    the topic of the channel correlates with the topics of critical thinking and a rational view of the world;
    the channel’s values ​​coincide with the values ​​of democracy and an open society;
    the channel posts only copyrighted content and uses products of someone else’s copyright only on a fair use basis;
    a large number of subscribers, an active community and a donating environment are not required, but will be considered advantages when considering applications.

    The patrons also added that they do not limit the topics of videos that can be created with the funds of scholarships, but they should correlate with the topics of development and popularization of critical thinking, countering manipulation, popularization of science, information analysis, and the like.

    Scholarships can be spent on:

    Payment for services for filming, editing, motion design, etc., which are documented:
    Purchase of inexpensive equipment (no more than 50 thousand UAH);
    Payment for travel required to shoot a video;
    Advertising on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

    Scholarships can NOT be spent on:

    Purchase of expensive equipment (over UAH 50,000);
    Advertising in Russian social networks, advertising integrations in Telegram;
    Purchasing goods or purchasing services not related to the creation of video content;
    Payment for services or goods that will not be documented.
    The amount of the scholarship can range from 50 to 120 thousand hryvnia and will depend on the content of the application, the proposed budget and the popularity of the channel. Following the publication of the scheduled videos, fellows must submit a descriptive report and documents that prove expenses.

    The video content, which will be funded by the scholarship, should be created in 2021. In total, it is planned to provide 4-8 scholarships within the framework of the competition.
    To take part in the competition, those who wish must fill out an online form no later than February 28, where they indicate information about their channel, the topic of the videos that are planned to be created through the scholarship, and an approximate cost estimate.

    . . .

    My comment: Soros has no love for the nation-state, his university offers all kinds of Critical Theory nonsense popularized by Jewish communists in the West (descendants of folks who fled Czarist Russia and NS Germany), pathologizing and demonizing all aspects of European culture and history, he spends enormous sums funding pro-invasion NGOs in Europe, yet he deeply cares about the preservation of the Ukrainian language! Come on – he despises Russia and I bet the bit demanding “critical thinking and a rational view of the world” is all about spreading woke bullshit in Ukraine. He and his fellow Jews in power in Ukraine – both the president and his vice – are doing what they can to marginalize the Russian language and promote “woke” cultural rot, which is the culmination of Jewish Bolshevism writ large.

    Also pay attention to the fact that the vloggers who use Telegram are barred from participation. They are telling, to our faces, that Telegram is beyond their control, and information control – namely the possibility to suggest things on platforms and censor or ban others is taken very seriously by Soros and his ilk.

    I knew since late 2013 that reports about NEO-NAZIS TAKING OVER was stupid and hysterical, if you know the rise of Jewry in the US, and the main role the US and its sidekicks were playing in the protests, you’d know that the NEO-NAZIS were just convenient condom for the circumstances at hand, and that they would be dealt with later. The real Comintern today is the US State Department and the various institutions and powerbrokers linked to it, including Soros. This is something that people need to internalize. The process of brainwashing is in full-swing, and what I envisaged of a liberast, globohomo Ukraine whose emerging culture will center around worshipping the LGBT freaks, refugees (eventually), gay parades, miscegenation, feminism, etc. while at the same time hating Russia (and ‘white men’, it will come) is becoming a reality before our eyes.

    None of this had traction prior to 2014.


  75. Xinhua via Private Chinese company launches smart suborbital rocket

    … The launch marks the first time that a private Chinese rocket company has realized controlled re-entry flight, human-in-the-loop space flight control, and (upper stage) redundant fault-tolerant control, according to OneSpace.

    It also completed the verification of a number of key technologies and obtained a large amount of real flight environment data…

    I posted an anal-y-sis by an expert American who posited that China could never compete or out do America in innovation because all research is directed by the Communist party of China and that researchers don’t have freedom to innovate. Complete b/s of course, thus I posted the article above. It is a clear counterpoint. The Chinese have always been pragmatic (sic confusionism) and that as long as the goal is reached it recognizes that the path is often not straight.


  76. TK News by Matt Taibbi: “This is for you, Dad”: Interview with an Anonymous GameStop Investor

    Raised in a family devastated by bubble economics, one Reddit investor saw GameStop as a way to send a message to “cancerous rent-seekers”

    Does anyone else see Bid-Dumb and co. doing f/k all? There’s a lot of angry, screwed over people and families with long memories and nice words and promises won’t cut it. I repeat, Bi-Dumb/the Democrats/USA inc. is on thin ice.


  77. My visit to Moscow highlighted that Russia does not want to seize the opportunity to have a more constructive dialogue with the EU. This is regrettable and we will have to draw the consequences.

    Josip Borrell

    … At times, the discussion with my Russian counterpart reached high levels of tension, as I called for Mr. Navalny’s immediate and unconditional release, as well as for a full and impartial investigation into his assassination attempt…

    …We also discussed conflicts in our immediate neighbourhood, and I insisted on the need to advance towards the full implementation of the Minsk agreement and on respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. I argued as well the need to heed the call of the people of Belarus – which has been loud and clear for six months now – to freely choose their President. Respect for the territorial integrity of Georgia, the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, and the Syrian and Libyan crises were also among the issues we touched upon…
    This evening.

    WtAF did he think the reply was going to be? You must… and a laundry list of stuff Russia has to discuss (sic ‘change its policy’) because Brussels demands it. Surrender or else.

    Maybe being shot down was the point. Something which Brussels and others had planned to use as ‘we have no other alternative but to…’

    Otherwise he neither looks very bright and is outrageously arrogant.

    As he’s only the EU’s spokeshole on foreign affairs and doesn’t make policy, thus this really does look like a ‘last chance’ poker plan. So maybe this will actually be celebrated as a big success in Poland, the Balts et al (not me).


      1. And what he tweeted is what another, non-European party had instructed him to write:

        08.02.2021, 00:58
        МИД России заявил о контрасте слов Борреля в Москве и в Брюсселе

        The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia stated the contrast of Borrel’s words in Moscow and Brussels

        The Russian Foreign Ministry has said it was surprised to read the position of Josep Borrell, the head of European diplomacy, published by him on his return from Moscow to Brussels. Ministry officials pointed out that his opinion contrasted with that announced during a joint press conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

        “We were surprised to read Borrell’s assessments of the results of the visit. They contrast strongly with his statements made at a press conference in Moscow”, the Russian Foreign Ministry informs TASS. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry Mr. Borrell could have given his own assessment of the visit during a joint press conference, as “no one restricted him neither in time nor in format”.

        The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Mr. Borrell, upon returning to Europe, could have been told “how to set the accents.” “But then this only confirms how and by whom EU policy is actually formed”, the ministry said, without making specific statements.

        Josep Borrell was in Moscow on February 4-6. At the end of his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, he said he had called on Russia to free politician Aleksey Navalny, adding that he did not expect any specific statements from the Russian side. At the same time Mr. Borrell had expressed hope that the Russian vaccine against coronavirus Sputnik V would be certified in the EU.

        Upon his return to Brussels, Mr. Borrell wrote a blog post with his impressions of his visit to Moscow. In particular, he allowed for discussions with EU foreign ministers on possible sanctions over the case of Aleksey Navalny. He admitted that in the case of sanctions, a mechanism for approving restrictions for human rights violations could be applied. This mechanism, which the media have compared to the Magnitsky Act in the U.S., allows sanctions to be imposed regardless of where the rights violations occurred.

        I wonder who had told him what to write in his Tweet?

        Who first started using social networks for conducting serious diplomatic announcements? Should such an informal and no doubt hasty way of making statements be taken seriously? Surely a diplomat should compose such statements in his departmental office in the company of bureaucrats and legal advisors and not, for example, whilst seated with his cellphone in a shithouse.

        Bloody stupid, childish thing is social networking!

        Hang on though! What I’m doing now is networking, isn’t it?

        On the other hand, I don’t pretend to be a diplomat, as Borell does.