Canada’s Mask-Mania Push Campaign – a Contrarian View


Uncle Volodya says, “Before mass leaders seize the power to fit reality to their lies, their propaganda is marked by its extreme contempt for facts as such, for in their opinion fact depends entirely on the power of man who can fabricate it..”

Unless you live under a rock in a thinly-settled part of the world, you are probably familiar with the global government embrace of non-medical cloth or paper face masks. Government medical authorities claim they help prevent infection by the novel coronavirus, AKA COVID-19, and busybodies and social interventionists everywhere are getting increasingly exasperated with the now-minority that will not wear them whenever they leave their homes, get with the fucking program and start caring about their community.

I can’t speak for everywhere, but let me tell you a little bit about how this push campaign is going in Canada. My part of it, anyway.

In the early stages of what it pleases the global political leadership to refer to as a ‘pandemic’, there was a reluctance to endorse masking. The WHO released confusing and conflicting information. The famous Dr. Fauci, who throws a baseball like an undernourished schoolgirl trying to rid herself of a live lizard, initially remarked that there was absolutely no reason for anyone who was not clearly sick to wear a face mask. He later reversed himself, admitting he only said that so panicky people would not run out and buy up all the face masks and there would not be a sufficient supply for the ‘frontline medical workers’. Lied, I guess you would have to say, if you didn’t realize what a visionary and farseeing altruist he is, and didn’t know – because he told you – that he was only doing it for our own good.

But I don’t want to get too distracted by Dr. Fauci, as I mean to turn attention to a more local source. Chris Pengilly, a retired GP, is representative of the Frustrated Class that smirks at the reasons the minority offers for not wearing a face mask in public. I think you’ll agree his tone is the sort of condescending dismissal which might be reserved by a John Deere dealership for a farmer who still plows with a mule – some people just don’t get it the way us smart folk do. Let’s take a look.

Right off the bat, Mr. Pengilly wants you to know that he approves the use of face masks, and believes their wear will soon become compulsory, as if that were reason enough for doubters to line up for them. Not to be a spoiler or anything, but let me say here that a government order to wear face masks in all public spaces is an invitation to a constitutional challenge and a major lawsuit. Why? Because there is no actual scientific evidence that they do anything at all to prevent infection by an airborne virus. None.

Oh, media commentary on the subject, including remonstrations from various levels of medical authorities, claims they ‘help’ prevent infection, in the sort of guarded language that makes it clear they are not a guaranteed savior even if you wear them exactly according to the manufacturers instructions. But they ‘might help’, in the sense that stopping some viral particles is better than nothing. Let’s just short-circuit to ground the whole argument that something should be accepted because it is better than nothing – better than nothing is an argument for going to work with a slice of bread over your nose and mouth, held on with a rubber band, because it ‘might help’, and the chief advantage of a non-medical cloth mask in that instance is that it is more comfortable and doesn’t smell as yeasty.

There has never been a Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT), conducted under scientific conditions, which concluded face masks do anything meaningful or measurable to prevent infection by an airborne virus. The narrative concerning ‘droplets’ and their effective interception by non-medical cloth face masks is based on the early-1900’s research of Dr. Carl Flugge, who determined through research that a linen band which covered the mouth and nose of an attending physician was useful at preventing transmission of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection, spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Bacterial particles are generally much larger than viral aerosols, and tuberculosis was eradicated as a major threat in the USA through “elimination of poverty, improvement of nutrition and through improvement in living conditions”, not lockdowns and face masks. Prior to its eradication through determined effort, it killed one out of every seven dead Americans from the 18th century onward. Even the term ‘eradicated’ is misleading – although tuberculosis has been rendered statistically insignificant in the United States as an epidemiological threat, there were nearly 9,000 new cases reported as recently as 2019, and the pace of decline is slowing.

“In her 2014 article, “Germs and the Pseudoscience of Quality Improvement”, Dr. K Sibert, an anaesthetist with an interest in infection control, is of the opinion that many infection control rules are indeed arbitrary, not justified by the available evidence or subjected to controlled follow-up studies, but are devised, often under pressure, to give the appearance of doing something.” That’s the money shot right there, folks – wearing face masks gives the frightened a warm feeling that they are protected. Unfortunately, that soon turns to manifest disapproval of anyone who appears in public without a face mask.

But let’s get back to Dr. (Ret’d) Pengilly, before I forget that his musings are what brought me here. After announcing that you should wear a face mask because he thinks they make sense, Dr. Pengilly expands on that diagnosis to reveal that while face masks do little to protect the wearer, they ‘significantly reduce’ the risk to those within infection range of the asymptomatic carrier.

That so? Bzzzzt!!! I’m afraid not, Johnny. At least not in my opinion, and although I am not a retired GP, I am supported in that opinion by Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) technical lead for COVID-19. Back in early June, when some in the world were talking about emerging from the completely-useless lockdowns – a term originating with prison administration, if you like your irony ironic – she disclosed, in response to a journalist’s question at a press briefing, that asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 is “extremely rare”.

“The highest estimate was a transmission rate of 2.2%, suggesting “asymptomatic spread is unlikely to be a major driver of clusters or community transmission of infection.”

Van Kerkhove was quick to amplify that this did not mean it couldn’t happen – cue Lloyd Christmas of “Dumb and Dumber”, with “So you’re telling me…there’s a chance.”  Just that no evidence to date suggests asymptomatic transmission is a significant risk. Such as would imply a broad face-mask mandate, not to put too fine a point on it.

But someone must think they are a hell of an idea, because the same article notes, somewhat sniffily, that the studies which bear out the rarity of asymptomatic transmission “had small sample sizes, which would make their findings less statistically relevant.” Whoops! That neatly torpedoes the argument for masks, which have no proper scientific clinical trials at all which demonstrate their efficacy at preventing airborne viral transmission. Especially non-medical cloth or paper masks, whose claims to functionality are about as credible as a Tijuana Rolex.

Let me give you an example. I have a box of fabric non-medical masks on my dresser upstairs – I have to wear a face mask every day at work, by order of my employer. I got them from Pharmasave; $30.00 for a box of 50, so approximately 60 cents apiece. They’re made in Jiangsu, China, KH brand. The box copy claims they effectively filter 99% of ‘bacteria and particles’.

Which would make them 4% more effective than an N -95 surgical mask; what do you think the 95 stands for? More effective, at 60 cents apiece, than an N-95 mask which would cost at least $3.00 if you could get them. Question, here; is the job of Finance Minister going to come open any time soon?

The KH mask advertising is misleading – when they say the masks effectively filter 99% of bacteria and ‘particles’, they probably mean bacteria and bacteria-size particles, which are approximately three times the size of viral particles. The fabric masks don’t fit your face tightly, leaving gaps at the sides, while an N-95 mask is made to adapt to facial contours and ensure a tight fit. But those Chinese fabric masks are the ones handed out at businesses which insist on customers wearing a mask, and are approved for wear by Transport Canada, which quite early on disallowed the wearing of the cloth mask which incorporates a one-way valve – a boon to those who wear glasses, and are troubled by their own breathing fogging their lenses – because it did not filter outgoing air as well as that inhaled.

Which brings me to Pengilly’s absurd analogies. Wearing a face mask to protect your community from airborne viral transmission, he claims, is little different from observing the total-blackout orders during the Second World War, where leaving the porch light on might result in a 5000-pound explosive package landing on your doorstep.

From a bomber whose aimer could see your porch light from 10,000 feet. Directed by a German navigator who had no idea at all where cities in the United Kingdom were located, and consequently roamed about with the rest of the squadron hoping someone would need to visit the outdoor privy, and would turn on a light. Give me a break.

The Germans probably had a fairly good idea how to find London without having to zero in on random room lights, and bombing rows of houses was never very strategically rewarding anyway in a war where the two sides raced to eliminate one another’s industrial capability. But the good doctor’s tactical ruminations aside, nobody has needed for quite some time to be convinced that proximity to functioning high explosive is deleterious to your health – they actually knew it for quite a few years before Big Two. In case it slips anyone’s mind, the United States of America runs a Randomized Clinical Trial every couple of years in whatever hapless country has been singled out for reshaping by high explosive until the inhabitants grasp the wisdom inherent in American planning for their political future. Not to belabor the point, the effectiveness and effects of high explosive are both broadly known and scientifically proven. Not so face masks. Medical and political figures who should know better claim to be ‘following the science’, but they aren’t. They can’t be, because there isn’t any.

Earlier, I said there had never been a Randomized Clinical Trial of face masks which concluded they are effective at protecting against an infectious airborne virus. That’s true – but the last part is particularly significant. The Danes recently concluded just such a trial, the first of its kind in the world, against a very broad sample base of 6000; 3000 each either masked or not. Once such a trial is complete, the next step is publication in a reputable medical journal, and peer review by medical professionals and specialists in the field.

And that’s where the trial is hung up. Denmark’s researchers cannot get anyone to publish their results, which they decline to discuss until publication. It was offered to The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association. None accepted it for publication, and the purported reason is that its results are ‘controversial’.

That’s funny – those blockheads at The Lancet were not afraid of controversy as recently as this past June, when they published a medical study that was about as well-researched as the Old Age Rejuvenator Centrifuge, and which concluded that the use of Hydroxychloroquine as a specific against the risk or effect of COVID-19 led to increased risk of death. And promptly had to retract it, with the most abject of apologies for bullshitting everybody who reads it. Well, everybody who did not already know better. There probably are a few guys who ostentatiously read The Lancet at restaurants and tearooms in the hope it will make chicks think they are doctors. In case the stethoscope ‘accidentally’ hanging out of their pocket is not enough to clinch the deal.

What do you suppose they mean when they say the results obtained from the Danish face masks trial were ‘controversial’? Did they find that face masks worked a treat, and they helped ever so much in the prevention of infection by an airborne virus? What would be controversial about that? It’s already the default position, backed up by a seemingly-endless parade of ‘experts’ joining an increasingly-impatient public in excoriation of the holdouts who won’t wear one.

Transport Canada ordered passengers on public transit in British Columbia to wear face masks around mid-August. Since then, new cases – which have replaced deaths as the harbinger of doom – have more than tripled. How is that possible, with a clear majority masking up whenever they leave the house, some even wearing them while in their cars or when walking alone on near-empty streets? Less than half the public wore masks in public in July, but since then, the greater the acceptance and prevalence of public masking, the higher new cases of infection have soared. An argument might be made that increased testing reveals exploding numbers, but that does not explain why increased adoption of face masks is not knocking the numbers down. In fact, what it probably suggests is that the virus is spreading faster than testing can keep up with, and actual numbers are significantly higher than the official record. Which in turn suggests COVID-19 is far, far less lethal than initial media reports warned, and far less lethal than the media continues to imply.

Which is pretty much what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the USA found, as well, according to recently-released figures. Here are the survivability rates, broken down by age group, of persons in the United States who have been confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.

  • Ages 0-19, the survival rate is 99.997 percent
  • Ages 20-49, the survival rate is 99.98 percent
  • Ages 50-69, the survival rate is 99.5 percent
  • Ages 70+, the survival rate is 94.6 percent

As you can see for yourself, the projected survival rate for the highest-risk group – those aged 70 years and over – is 94.6%. All other groups are over 99%. Like those odds? If I told you, run down to the corner store right now and buy a lottery ticket, because you have a better than 99% chance of winning a million bucks, would you go? Would I hear the squeal of hinges on a door flung wide, and the dying away of echoes produced by running feet getting further away? I think I would. Don’t forget your mask.

Dr. Pengilly scoffs at the notion that anyone’s civil rights are being violated by an implied or actual order to wear a face mask in public. Refusal to wear a mask, in his book, is “egoistic and inconsiderate” – how would an ‘anti-masker’ (that’s what we are now, gotta have a label to call out the enemy) feel if he suddenly needed surgery, and the surgeon refused to wear a mask? Considering there is no available evidence to suggest wearing a face mask would protect me from COVID-19, it would not bother me at all, if we were talking about me. Considering those in my age group who become infected with COVID-19 have a 99.5% chance of not dying from it, knock yourself out, Mr. Surgeon; I don’t care if you sing a Kate Smith impersonation of “There’s No Business Like Show Business” at peak volume while you’re operating on me. And considering by Dr. Pengilly’s own admission, face masks are an accepted part of medical personnel’s PPE and they will still be wearing one during their duties long after CVOVID-19 is gone, the entire point assumes a flavour of farce.

There’s good reason – as good as you can get without a randomized clinical trial, meaning ‘because experts say so’ – to believe that hand-washing is at least as effective at preventing transmission of viral infections. Let me ask you this; first, suppose you wanted to know how many people in your city were paying attention to what you told them to do, and were willing to obey your orders in this and perhaps future situations. Now, can you look at a group of strangers passing by in the street, and determine who among them has washed their hands, and who has not?

Can you look at a group of strangers passing by in the street, and determine who among them is wearing a face mask, and who is not? Hell, yeah – you don’t even have to be present. You can look at a video feed of Pearson Airport in Toronto and identify at a glance who is an obedient citizen and who is a potential troublemaker who will not do as he’s told. An anti-masker, if you will. Is that the level of civil rights you were accustomed to in British Columbia, Canada pre-pandemic, Mr. Pengilly? Is it? Actually, pre-pandemic it was against the law to wear a face mask if you were part of a demonstration or protest the authorities termed ‘unlawful assembly’ – doing it could get you a 10-year prison sentence. You’ll like this – according to the president of Canada’s Police Association at the time, Tom Stamatakis, “In my experience when someone shows up at a protest with a mask, their intentions are violent… There is no good legitimate reason for someone to protest peacefully and show up wearing a mask.” Funny old world, innit?

A final point: ‘anti-maskers’ are not interested in converting those who wish to wear a face mask. Knock thyself out. Wear two. If you prefer to believe that a rectangle of cloth (or two) held on your face by ear loops makes you invisible to an airborne virus, hallelujah! Testify, my brother! Rock those face-panties all day and night – as Matthew Good says, whatever puts you all the way out. Cite me an example, if you can, of anyone in a public setting rounding on an innocent face-masked citizen and barking “Will you GET the hell BACK with that mask???” Sadly, examples abound of righteous citizens – people who were formerly ‘my community’ – prancing in an ecstasy of choler in public spaces like grocery stores and demanding to know what motivates you to be such a selfish prick who cares so little about public safety. Because you’re not wearing a mask. Yes, indeedy – the authorities have discovered a gold mine in public safety; an issue to which all individual civil rights immediately become subordinate, to the enthusiastic hero-worship of the quacking crowd which could care less whether there’s any reason for it or not. And when COVID-19 assumes its place in history as a mass hysteria which rivals the weapons-of-mass-destruction oopsie that ushered in the wholesale wreckage of Iraq, there will never be any sort of apology for those who were reviled and insulted by know-nothings who were satisfied by the pious protestations of government that it is ‘following the science’.

“Off goes the head of the king, and tyranny gives way to freedom. The change seems abysmal. Then, bit by bit, the face of freedom hardens, and by and by it is the old face of tyranny. Then another cycle, and another. But under the play of all these opposites there is something fundamental and permanent — the basic delusion that men may be governed and yet be free.”
H.L. Mencken, The American Credo: A Contribution Toward the Interpretation of the National Mind.

890 thoughts on “Canada’s Mask-Mania Push Campaign – a Contrarian View

  1. The Times-Colonist is certainly a lot more fun to read now that the humor columnist (Jack Knox) has taken the helm and the paper has been given over to all-humor. It doesn’t even make any effort to be serious any more, which I find refreshing.

    For instance, in “B.C. brings in mask order, province-wide restrictions on travel, gatherings”, the now-famous Doctor Bonnie claims “We really need to take action now across the province…Four weeks ago, we had about 175 cases a day and I was anxious then. Yesterday we had over 700 people in our province affected. And we know that our hospitals are getting stretched. Our ICU capacity is getting stretched, our communities are suffering.”

    But only a couple of pages over, the Editorial (“Great strides made in reducing surgeries backlog”) informs us, “These postponements were imposed to free up thousands of hospital beds in preparation for a flood of COVID patients. That flood never materialized. Across the province, COVID hospitalizations never exceeded 160 on any given day. The most recent count is 155.”

    I need hardly point out to readers here that ‘700 people affected’ does not mean 700 people hospitalized – the current count is 227. 2.1 COVID patients per hospital, if they were evenly divided among our 105 hospitals, which of course they are not. There’s an easy way to get the daily case numbers down – stop testing. If the province keeps testing aggressively, it is going to find lots of cases – it’s very contagious. But most of those 700 people are not going to be very sick, if at all, and very few if any will die. The very great majority will not be hospitalized, but will be sent home to quarantine until they are recovered.

    According to the BC COVID dashboard, 25,474 people have been ‘affected’ in BC since the ‘pandemic’ started. In that 8 months or so, 17,477 recovered. 300 died, and 227 are currently hospitalized. BC has over 5 million people, so the very great majority are unaffected, and the population remains a target-rich environment for an infectious virus, as the government persists against it using the only method which is guaranteed to fail – suppression. Every time we relax restrictions, there will be another outbreak, which will be characterized as a successive ‘wave’. At the same time, suppression and lockdown are wrecking the economy and shuttering businesses which will be helpless against wealthy investors, who have lots of cash to buy out distressed operations who will have to settle for whatever they can get.

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  2. The now resident in Germany Bullshitter in Chief and Oppositionsführer has been joined in self-imposed exile in das Vaterland by another lump of festering ordure:

    Алексиевич назвала условие возвращения в Белоруссию
    18:40 20.11.2020

    Aleksievich has named her conditions for returning to Belarus
    18:40 20.11.2020

    MOSCOW, November 20 – RIA Novosti. Belarusian writer, Nobel Prize laureate in literature Svetlana Aleksievich, who had previously left for Germany, has, in an interview with Spiegel, expressed the opinion that if the current situation in Belarus persists, President Alexander Lukashenko would “win” and remain in power, while she herself intended to remain in Berlin until the Belarusian president “leaves”.
    According to Aleksievich, the Belarusian opposition wanted a “peaceful transfer of power”, but Lukashenko is sure that the power in the country belonged to him. At the same time, according to Aleksievich, Belarus, in contrast to the United States, was not “a large, important country with strong democratic institutions”.

    Answering a question about how long she intended to stay in the German capital, the writer said that she planned to stay in Berlin until “Alexander Lukashenko leaves.” At the same time, Aleksievich emphasized that she was a writer, not a politician, and had never taken the idea seriously of becoming the interim president of Belarus.

    “I have often heard this, but I have never seriously thought about it. I am a writer, not a politician. Politics need other abilities. I don’t have them”, Aleksievich confessed.


    And shit writer.


    1. The Belarusian opposition wants ‘a peaceful transfer of power’, meaning the winner of the election should just say “Here; take over. Good luck!” Quite a bit like the ‘peaceful transfer of power’ Team Biden is trying to engineer. We say you lost. so you must stand down and accept us as your boss.

      The USA is actually a timely example, because you can see how well that notion is going down in the Shining City On A Hill. No fear, though, because Lukashenko is hardly the sort to be moved by sentimental devices and heartstring-strumming odes to ‘democracy’ when the chorus plainly has no idea at all what it even is, beyond a bumper-sticker slogan to be shouted as leverage to get you what you want. The ‘opposition’ in Belarus consists of liberals who have become imbued with the notion that a takeover by a western-friendly leadership would usher in the transformation of Belarus to a prosperous market democracy which would nonetheless retain the best aspects of its culture and traditions – the liberals fall for the same bait every time. Not that they don’t have any case at all; Belarus is inexcusably poor, and if Lukashenko wanted to win elections on a platform other than habit, repetition and a justifiable fear that the west wants de facto control simply so it can turn Belarus against Russia as it did with Ukraine, he would be making some serious efforts to improve the standard of living for his people. If the President can live well, everybody should be able to live well, and politicians should adopt the ethics of the Army, where junior officers caught eating before every one of their soldiers has gotten a meal are liable to be punched to the ground by the Commanding Officer – being a leader entails far more responsibility than luxury. The best example of this I can think of is Gaddafi, who lived in a tent until he was satisfied the great majority of his people could afford a house. And everybody knows what happened to Gaddafi, who by rights should have been held up as an example of leadership by the west. Instead, the western ideal is personified by oligarchs like Dick Cheney, while Gaddafi was made an object of ridicule for his fondness for colourful uniforms which did not appear to reflect the pattern or rank of any known armed forces; a little more Michael Jackson than Stonewall Jackson.

      The western formula is simple; identify an opposition within the target country. This usually is not difficult, as all target countries contain liberal dissidents. If for some reason a suitable candidate cannot be found, invent one or parachute one in from somewhere else, like the onetime Ukrainian-American finance minister slash crook, Natalie Jaresko. Then use your own media to agitate constantly for the opposition in that country, framing them as short on resources but long on spirit and dreams, fighting a hopeless battle against epic evil. Hope for broad western public support through donations, but in any case slip them generous funding through tax appropriations for foreign aid. Announce ambitious trade plans for the country which are contingent on a change of leadership. Realize your goal, and then gradually abandon all plans to build up the country, except for forward-basing your own military assets there. Encourage warring factions in the country to prohibit any unifying effect which might cause it to slip back into its former model. Asset-strip like crazy while committing the new government to massive IMF loans for useless projects like building highways where few own cars, so that the money is used up and an obligation conferred while the country doesn’t actually make any progress.


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      No spaces between the symbols and letter “i” when you do it.

      I have left spaces above so that, hopefully, what I have entered above will post. Maybe nothing will appear.

      Here goes!


      1. No, won’t appear.

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  3. Russian blog:

    Вторая жизнь. Байден уже собирается давить на Москву. Будет ли в России усиление оппозиции

    Second Life. Biden is already going to put pressure on Moscow. Will there be more opposition in Russia?
    6 November

    All hail to the Bullshitter!

    Greetings, dear reader. You are on the Zhanna Morozova channel .

    Joe Biden, not yet elected President of the United States, periodically states in his interviews that the biggest threat to America is Russia. Moreover, he considers China to be just a competitor, whereas he considers Russia to be the enemy of and a threat to his country’s security.

    No one expects any special preferences for Russia from either Biden or Trump. Remembering that Biden forgets his read texts whilst travelling around, one must understand that he does not write them himself. This can only mean one thing. Thoughts about threats from Russia never leave their minds of course, it often happens that before the elections, candidates say one thing, and after the elections they say something completely different. But not in this case

    It is impossible not to pay attention to such open attacks off anyone. Biden’s words are clearly followed by the continuation of a policy of aggression against Russia not only from the United States, but also from all those upon whom they will be able to put pressure. Today they have a new word combination: structures of non-public influence. This is about those who favourably promote Biden for the presidency. These structures are similar to those that will be engaged in attacks against Russia.

    Russischer Oppositionsführer Nawalny

    This is a clear signal to the internal Russian “underground”. Pro-Western, of course. So should foreign agents wait for strong support and additional funding from the West? They, too, understand that America’s goal will always be to weaken Russia’s influence. This will never change. And one of the ways of this weakening is to support the opposition movement within Russia itself. At least all those who participate in various actions on the territory of Russia always count on the support of the United States. And it doesn’t matter who will become their president

    The Trump administration has done something similar. The media wrote about this. They promised to continue doing this if they win the election. What can we say here about Biden, who openly declares attacks on Russia?

    Another question is that there remain big doubts about real results and achievements, since the effectiveness of the work of these structures, according to representatives of Trump himself, leaves much to be desired. Therefore, here we can expect that the intensification of work will go exactly in this direction.

    The qualifications of political strategists and narrow specialists in this area are what they say about the opposition of Russia. They must be able to design more effective schemes to support internal opposition circles. Sounds very convincing. There will be suitable schemes — there will be funding, according to the statements of stakeholders and it is noted, among other things, that this will not depend on who becomes the next US president. Who could doubt this?

    A young woman, girl, clearly not a Navalnyite, taking the piss out of the Bullshitter. It says on the thing she has made: “Want to try it for size?” If he stuck his head where hers is in the photo, it would sort of look like he was peering through the wire perimeter fence of a “colony” — or, as Western know-nothings prefer to say: “a gulag”.

    Alexander Malkevich, Chairman of the Media Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, President of the Foundation for the Protection of National Values, is convinced that Russian legislation should use the same practice as is used in the United States itself to suppress the activities of foreign agents. He believes that Russia is losing the information war. There is the “Logan Act” in the USA that allows you to punish the opposition for the very fact that they have turned social and political activities into ways of personal enrichment

    In Russia, these things are quite obvious and no one from the opposition is going to deny them. That is, people earn money by calling on Western countries to cause damage in Russia. They are frankly trading the country in front of everyone. Malkevich thinks so. And the law on foreign agents adopted in Russia does not work at all. This Russian law does not complicate life for traitors to the Motherland.

    An example has been given us by Navalny, who gave an interview with the German publication “Der Spiegel”. It is noted that for such an interview against democratic America, he would have immediately received a real prison sentence. It may be time for Russia to adopt the correct laws from the United States, especially when it comes to the country’s security.

    THANKS. To be continued


    1. Yes, it is quite obvious from his expression that Navalny is like a kid in a candy store when he is surrounded by television cameras. He loves attention, and considers it his due as the rightful president of the Russian Federation. Russia will remain relatively safe only for so long as the United States perceives that any military strike against it would be met by such a devastating counterstrike that the action involves an unacceptable risk. That’s the way it is now, and generally the USA prefers the military option – it is child’s play to gin up a reason that the people will accept – but the conditions are demonstrably not favourable for that, because they continue to try the bring-it-down-from-within avenue. And that will remain unproductive as well for so long as they continue to use Navalny as the chosen front-man. They lucked out in their choice of a candidate who is so entitled that he conforms readily to the jilted-leader model; he actually believes he should be running the show in Russia, or is even smarter than his western curators and is playing them like fiddles. But he’s an easy sell to western audiences, who eat up his comical Rocky-and-Bullwinkle rhetoric.

      However, that’s less than half the task. The important part is getting him accepted with similar alacrity in the target country, Russia, where he is instead perceived as a traitorous snake and narcissistic grifter, his authentic Russian citizenship and ethnicity (although he is actually Ukrainian by descent) a national embarrassment. No amount of western grandstanding and prancing is going to change that one bit, and even supposing Navalny could stand for the presidency in Russia, there is no chance he could legitimately win. But that doesn’t mean there is no chance he could win.

      I think perhaps the next move will be withdrawal of his Russian citizenship. That would make him constitutionally ineligible to ever run for public office in Russia, legalities revolving around any other crimes he is alleged to have committed notwithstanding. Western suggestions that ‘the Kremlin’ is afraid of Navalny are merely goads to draw a reaction, but there is some truth in it – the Russian state justifiably is wary of a western regime-change operation in which Navalny would be parachuted into the leadership after another manufactured scandal and attendant crisis. It would be much harder to do in Russia, where the state has taken sensible steps to limit foreign interference. But Russia’s status as Public Enemy Number One mandates that it never drop its guard.


  4. I don’t know who made this clip, but the farmer is Russian for sure, and the countryside looks like European Russia — might very well have been shot in Ryazan oblast’:

    Yep, made in Russia!

    Now don’t you Western folks go forgetting, now! — Russians are miserable bastards, never smile and have no sense of humour.

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    1. That was the funniest video I have ever seen! Creative, original, great image contrast and a surprise ending which is quite a accomplishment given all that preceded it.

      The black hole was comic genius.

      Thank you for posting.

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    2. That’s really funny, but the farmer’s accent sounds more to me like an English speaker trying to speak Hollywood Russian. Not a lot of English-speaking Russians, in my experience, use contractions such as ‘don’t’ routinely in their speech unless they are completely fluent like Leonid Bershidsky. Whoever is responsible, it’s quite well-done and very funny. The Russian in it is real enough, though.

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      1. The video featured English-language subtitles so it was clearly pitched to an English-speaking audience and the film crew may have deliberately used an actor well versed in “Hollywood Russian”.

        The twist at the end was ingenious and like PO, I cracked up over the outhouse with the black hole.

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        1. The original video has Russian subtitles when he utters his extremely rolled “r’s” and heavily aspirated “h’s”.

          It’s a Russian video that takes the piss out of Western, specifically USA, arrogance, such as Obongo the bogus Afro-American was fond of uttering.

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      2. He’s a skilled Russian actor putting on a Western version of how Russians speak English. If you look at the credits at the end, you can seen see they are all Russian. And he cusses in Russian as only a Russian can and his wife nags at him in real Russian.

        I have heard many Russians with high proficiency in English who use contractions of English auxiliary verbs as in, for example: “I would’ve if I could’ve, but I couldn’t!” And there’s a TV talent show here that has Mrs. Exile mesmerized every Saturday evening, in which young Russians belt out American popular crap songs in perfect English.

        One jazz singer here, who is bobbing on now, Dolina by name, belts out numbers in great style and in perfect Black American or whatever you want to call it.

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        1. Russian made.

          На просторах ютуба появился супер видео о российской кибер деревне. Графика, задумка, приколы, сама идея просто на бомбическом уровне. Такого вы еще не видели.
          Сам ролик:
          то чувство, когда один пятиминутный клип лучше всего российского кинопроката за последние 5-10 лет, ждем новые видосы, а пока что наслаждаемся этим.
          советую пересмотреть его несколько раз, так вы больше заметите различных фишек.

          A super video about a Russian cyber village has appeared on YouTube. The graphics, the idea, the fun, the idea itself is just at the bombing level. This you have not seen before.
          The video itself:
          that feeling when one five-minute clip is the best in the Russian film distribution over the last 5-10 years, we are waiting for new videos, but for now we are enjoying it.
          I advise you to review it several times, so you will more notice the various chips.

          Made by screenwriter and director Sergei Vasiliev. Released on the Youtube on November 19 and in just one day the video collected over 800 million views.

          Starring Olga Zhevakina and Sergey Chikhachev. Sergey voiced roles in the computer game The Witcher. He had the role of the Bloody Baron.


          From VZGLYAD:

          Русскую деревню представили в эстетике киберпанка

          Russian village presented in the aesthetics of cyberpunk
          20 November 2020, 15:09

          A humorous video called “Russian Cyberpunk Farm // Russian Cyber ​​Village” has appeared on YouTube. The authors of the video have presented what life in a Russian village would look like in the aesthetics of cyberpunk.

          “They say that Russia is a technically backward country, there are no roads, robotics does not develop, missiles do not fly, and mail takes too long. It’s a bullshit (from English “This is nonsense” – approx. VZGLYAD)”, says the description of the video on the YouTube channel birchpunk.

          In a five-minute video, Nikolai, a farmer from the Ryazan Region, talks about his farm, and he does it in broken English. He says his farm produces milk, cheese, eggs and “and many other types of products”.

          “It’s a lie that we are a technically backward country!” assures Nikolay, demonstrating the androids of the Izhevsk Dynamics Corporation, which help him with the housework. He notes that robots are provided by the state to help farmers.

          He also refutes the myth that there are bad roads in the Russian cyber village. “It’s a bullshit! We don’t need them! ” says Nikolay, sitting at the wheel of the modernized UAZ “Loaf” with jet engines instead of wheels.

          Nikolai also showed how he received a parcel delivered by a flying delivery van of the Russian Post. He clarified that the delivery had taken two years to reach him.

          Farmer Nikolai also talks about how people relax in the Russian cyber village. “We have Netflix,” he announces, sitting in a field in the evening in front of an old TV and brushing off mosquitoes. He also demonstrates that the Russian cyber village does not need a cesspool — the waste goes straight to a black hole.

          The image of the Russian village in the video intersects with the aesthetics of cyberpunk: milk is milked by androids; drones, which the owner of the farm breeds instead of pigeons, monitor greenhouses, inside which many sensors are installed; destroyed historical buildings are “restored” using holograms.

          In addition, the video contains a song to a Russian folk tune with the words: “An android sat on the ground with his head bowed, // why is the robot yearning? Yes, for a new upgrade. ”

          At the end of the video, it turns out that the Russian cyber village is located on Mars.

          OK Obama, so the Russians can’t make anything — apart from humorous and well made video clips?

          Hope “birchpark” make more!

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  5. 21 НОЯ, 15:13Обновлено 15:35
    Россия вводит запрет на въезд для 25 граждан Великобритании в ответ на санкции Лондона

    NOV 21, 15:13 Updated 15:35
    Russia imposes travel bans for 25 UK citizens in response to London sanctions
    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova recalled that earlier the British government announced a decision to impose national sanctions against several Russian officials in the framework of the Magnitsky case.

    MOSCOW, November 21. / TASS /. Russia, in connection with the sanctions from London on the so-called Magnitsky case, has introduces a ban on entry into the territory of the Russian Federation for 25 representatives of Great Britain. This was stated in the statement released on Saturday by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

    As the diplomat recalled, earlier, under far-fetched and absurd pretexts, the British government had announced its decision to impose national sanctions against a number of Russian officials in the framework of the Magnitsky case. “In response to the unfriendly actions of the British authorities and on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, the Russian side has decided to impose personal sanctions against 25 British representatives who are barred from entering the territory of the Russian Federation”, the statement said.

    Zakharova stressed that Moscow had more than once provided exhaustive comments and clarifications on all topics related to the death of Sergei Magnitsky, auditor of the British fund Hermitage Capital Management. “Apparently, in London [they] prefer not have taken notice of them”, she said. “It is unclear on what basis they have undertaken to name the guilty and determine their punishment, other than this was an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of another state and put pressure on the Russian justice system, the actions of the British parties cannot be defined”.

    In this regard, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry again called on the British leadership to abandon an unjustified confrontational line with respect to Moscow. “Any unfriendly steps will not remain without an inevitable proportionate response”, the diplomat added.

    This is yet another example of the post-Soviet resurgence of intolerable Russian assertiveness, which the Empire and NATO say must cease forthwith.


    1. I did not see who was on the list, but in my opinion it would be quite effective to ban British business owners who have interests in Russia and need to visit their companies from time to time. Banning diplomats who rarely if ever travel to Russia is mostly symbolic. If business owners are shut out they will have to close up shop, and will be replaced by a Russian or trustworthy-ally company. I would not assess there is any realistic hope that Anglo-Russian ties are going to improve to any degree in our lifetimes, and there is no real need of having any British commercial interest operating within Russia. British reciprocity would not be much worry, since there must be few Russian commercial interests operating in the UK. It was my impression that Britain bought little from Russia outside of energy, and if they want to replace those supplies they are free to go ahead and pay more. If hydrogen ever gets off the ground, all Russian gas leverage will be gone anyway, unless Russia can also supply that cheaper than anyone else. Which I would not rule out, since the west operates on the basis of profit first.


          1. I can see it. You’re white PLUS you are a man. Shut up. I didn’t have much sympathy left over for the BLM movement anyway, it went completely sideways some time ago when activists seized control of it, and now all white people owe all black people because their great-granddaddies were slaves. There is no working model where any one ethnic group can be given control over another without it inviting abuse, and anyone who thought all the people of another colour were going to fall into our arms weeping with forgiveness were…umm….I’ll go with ‘sadly mistaken’. Black people are being educated that all white people are to blame for what happened to their ancestors, except for those who will braid their hair in cornrows and take a knee whenever a black person is around. Not all are internalizing this lesson, of course, but the young of every colour are born with a chip on their shoulder and a soft spot for a crusade. If the balance were flipped and black people ran everything, white people would have the boot on their neck and it would be white people getting shot by black cops just for being white in a black neighbourhood. It’s sad, I know, but humans are not really a very sophisticated animal and seem incapable of realizing when they repeat the same mistakes over and over.

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            1. Before she tweets to Dave that he should shut up because he is a “white man”, Dave tweets in reply to her comment that cannot be seen and where the stupid woman writes: “If Trump wins, I will finally kill myself”.

              You can see the full tweet if you press the text off the clipped one.


              1. Yes, I only repeated part of it, but I can see the whole thread; he quite reasonably – if a little patronizingly – says “Please don’t do that. It’ll be all right”.

                She would have been quite within her rights, as angry as she probably was, to suggest that he stop patronizing her with fireside homilies which are obviously repudiated daily by current events – the world is manifestly falling apart, led as usual by the United States. But angry people often grab for the most hurtful epithet they can think of, and that’s usually the wedge issue. She did quite well under the circumstances, managing to come up with both a racial and a gender slur. That’s if the representation is even accurate, and keep in mind the media fondness for outright fabrication in the interests of greasing the skids to hell.

                For me, it’s analogous to the war over mask-wearing. People look at me like I am a murderer and call me names – never directly, so far, which is a pity because I have my riposte all ready: “You’re wearing a mask – why should I wear one? Doesn’t yours protect you? Don’t worry about me” – but when the crisis is past those people will eventually want my help with something. And then I will say “Go fuck yourself”.

                Once upon a time I was reckoned to be quite a charitable soul, empathetic and all that. That attitude is a casualty of the coronavirus.


            2. I have read that “race” as concept is fairly modern, perhaps 15C and on. Before that peoples such as the Romans or the Greeks were equal opportunity slavers and oppressors.

              Arrgh! I just looked out the window. we are getting our first snow of the year.


              1. In ancient Roman times at least, people who owed huge debts and couldn’t pay them back in the form of money or goods had to be slaves until they were judged to have worked enough for a master (not necessarily the person/s they owed the debts to) to be declared debt-free and freed. I can well imagine that for the majority of people in the Roman empire, falling into slavery was an ever-present threat.

                The Romans also employed educated Greek slaves to teach their own children how to read and write.


                1. Have a look at Michael Hudson’s book ….and forgive them their debts .

                  An interesting book on debt forgiveness in Mesopotamia as a way to maintain the State and how this did not happen in ancient Rome which resulted, if not in actual slavery, a total concentration of wealth and political power in the Roman equivalent of the 1%.


              2. Yesterday we in Moskva had our first real snowfall for winter 2020/2021. I was chuffed to death. I like winter weather in winter and summer weather in summer. I’m strange like that. Snowing now as I write at 07:34, Monday, 23rd November. Still a balmy minus 2 °C though. it’s been snowing for a while out east, though — minus 12 °C where my daughter’s pal lives in Kemerovo, Western Siberia, some 2,300 miles due east of here.


              3. Oh, you mustn’t say that! All slaves were/are negroes enslaved by “whitey”!

                The “Spartacus” Hollywood movie was a gross example of the white man’s “whitewashing”: Spartacus and the rest of his rebellious gang were all sub-Saharan Africans — fact!


              4. Muhammad Ali on race and the destruction of culture

                The BBC is blocking this everywhere it can on the grounds of “copyright”.

                I have always admired Muhammad Ali – he is a legend. Race is real and we should celebrate each other’s race and ethnicity. It is “racism” that has been manufactured.


  6. Al Jizz-Error: France calls for international supervision of Nagorno-Karabakh

    France is concerned about Turkey’s role after Minsk Group excluded from this month’s ceasefire deal.

    Emmanuel ‘Yaourt Léger’ Macron says ‘Save the Horse’ long after the barn door was flung open and the horse is nowhere to be seen. Inbetween poaching votes from Marine LaPenis’s Front Nationale, he seems to have remembered France’s Aremenians, long after the N-K fact.

    I guess this is little but a PR exercise then. The more cooks you add to a ‘peach-keeping’ forces (like the f/king useless KFOR in Kosovo), the less it is likely to do anything meaningful. Armos I know bemoan Putin not pulling their pro-western chestnuts out of the fire for them, but Russia has gone in to N-K very well equipped and expecting trouble. They will be judged by their actions.


    1. This s/t goes much deeper:

      Al Jizz-Error: Macron: Russia, Turkey are playing on post-colonial resentments

      In a wide-ranging interview, French president accuses Ankara and Moscow of stirring up anti-French sentiment in Africa.

      This is the same Micron who not so long ago said the EU needs to have a dialogue with Russia. Now he is blaming others for blowing up Libya and destablizing Africa! When it trouble at home, blame the Other(s). He seems to be doing this to the letter.


  7. Once again, Russophobic flies have been buzzing around that great steaming turd that is Vilnius, Lithuania, for their anti-Russia convention, albeit online.

    Anyone got a fly spray?

    Союз меча и орала

    Union of Sword and Yelling

    On Friday, November 20, the “Forum of Free Russia” opened in Vilnius, which was held online because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This forum brought together a “colourful” cast of “fighters for Russia and the Russian people.” Vladislav Inozemtsev, Sergey Guriev, Garry Kasparov, Gennady Gudkov, Leonid Gozman, Lev Ponomarev, Anastasia Vasilieva (Alliance of Doctors), human rights activist Romanova of (“Seated Russia”*), as well as political scientists and journalists from EU countries. All these people, to put it mildly, do not feel any great love for Russia and the Russian people. Those gathered at this Sabbat consider Russia a backward country, the people of Russia as savage dullards, whereas the West and “American democracy” for them constitute what is the ideal and that Russia too should follow the path of “American democracy”: the salvation of Russia, they say, is to be achieved in this way. In general, all of this goes according to what Dostoevsky said: “Our liberal is, first of all, a lackey, who only looks at whose boots he has to clean”.

    USA lackey filth! Garry Kasparov, Vladislav Inozemtsev and Marat Guelman at the “Free Russia Forum”, Vilnius, 11 April 2018.

    The main topic of the “participants” in this forum was about when Russia will collapse and when “American democracy” will come and free Russia from Putin’s “bloody regime”. The Crimea was also not spared their attention. For example, Garry Kasparov said: “The decision to return the Crimea to Ukraine control must be made by the new Russian parliament immediately. But the transmission technology, how long it will take, is already secondary”. Moreover, Kasparov added that Russia does not need any territories at all. Just look at [how big] it [is]!)

    Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman. In my dialect, “to goz at someone” or “to goz out” means to spit out thick green sputum.

    Leonid Yakovlevich Gozman was one of the participants of the online “Forum of the Misfits”. He is a well-known personality in the opposition crowd, a participant of various political talk shows, in which he does not hide his hatred for the country. Gozman said that when “real democracy” comes to Russia, it will be necessary to prescribe in the Constitution the possibility of secession from Russia of any region or republic that wants to secede.

    Another well known cnut: Anastasia Vasilyeva, boss of the so-called professional association “Alliance of Doctors” and personal ophthalmologist to Chief Bullshitter.

    I did not quite understand the purpose of the arrival at the forum of Navalny’s personal ophthalmologist Vasilyeva of the “Alliance of Doctors” and what medicine has got to do with this gathering of Russophobes. Oh, all right then! This little lady is no ordinary woman: throughout the entire period of the Covid-19 epidemic in our country, she has been working to discredit our healthcare system. She throws around fake reports and is engaged in outright provocations.

    Gennady Gudkov

    Another forum member was Gennady Gudkov, who needs no introduction. Because of his hatred of Russia, he has finally gone off the rails. Any success in our country causes wild anger in him and vice versa. He also said that the Crimea, when all these “Gudkovs” come to power, shall be given back to the Ukraine. And all this in public, shouting the loudest of all about some kind of democracy, whilst not caring about the Crimean referendum, in which more than 98% of the inhabitants of the Crimea voted to join Russia.

    In general, there was nothing new at this forum: more mantras about the “Bloody regime”, “Totalitarian Russia”, the people personally “enslaved” by Putin, and “the Crimea was occupied by Russia”. The good news is that these patients of ward number 6** have negligible support amongst the citizens of our country.

    * meaning “Sitting in Gaol Russia” (“Rus’ ” actually: Russia “stole” the word “Rus” off the Yukietards, see). From the linked website: “Sitting Rus’ is a project of the Charity Fund for Assistance to Convicts and their Families, under which funds are raised and help given to those who have suffered from Russian justice, and legal education and professional expertise provided in criminal cases”. See, everyone who has been sent down in a Russian court of justice has obviously been wrongly convicted — ME.

    Thank you so much for your help, Liberasts!

    ** “Ward №6”: a ward for the mentally ill in an eponymous Chekhov novel — ME.

    But who or what funds this traitorous filth?

    How much do they get paid for their pontificating in Vilnius, be it a live shitfest or, as in case of the most recent forum, an online one?


    1. Such prognostications and weighty pondering ignore that if an ‘American-style democracy’ were set up tomorrow to their complete satisfaction, Putin would win any election they ran, using it, in a landslide unless it was rigged. What they actually yearn for is first a broadly liberal society in Russia in which public opinion is easily pushed this way and that using wedge issues like gay marriage, transgender rights and abortion, in an environment in which the government obviously has too much power because activist citizens are not able to get whatever they want. This is why Russians are regularly panned by this group as dullards incapable of grasping what would be good for them, because liberal initiatives regularly fall flat in one of the few countries in which some sense of moral rectitude still prevails. Coincidentally, it is also one of the few remaining countries in which the people have some sense of common purpose for the nation, rather than a loose gathering of individuals dedicated to pursuing their own pleasures, which only comes together when its support is sought by the government for some new foreign war to bring the gift of freedom to some other benighted population somewhere.


  8. Pssst!

    Wanna see what a genuine Russian Libtard looks like? . . .

    Stalker Zone
    November 21, 2020

    Another video was uploaded to the web, where another fighter against the “regime” talks about the danger of Putinism spreading in the world, supports Joe Biden‘s Russophobia, and wants sanctions against “dirty Russia”.

    One comment:

    Starlin567 • 11 hours ago
    You see that degenerate libtard? This is why we used to have gulags.



    1. I used to smoke the same cigs as Joe Stalin smoked: “Herzogovina Flor”.

      They were all right, too — if you like that sort of thing.

      I started smoking “Herzogovina Flor” in the USSR, having no idea it was Stalin’s preferred smoke, until Soviet fellow students pointed this out to me: I just first chose them because I liked the crush-proof pack, by which very few brands were packed at that time.

      I only started smoking those cigarettes after my supply of British pipe tobacco had run out and I could not find any anywhere during that time when everything was “deficit”. So eventually, I started breaking up “Herzogovina Flor” cigarettes and filling my pipe with the cigarette tobacco, and guess what:

      Stalin’s Tobacco Preferences

      Roland Boer, 2014

      No less iconic than Joseph Stalin’s moustache was his pipe. But what did he put in it? Once he settled on
      his favoured cherry root pipe, his tobacco of choice was ‘Herzegovina Flor.’ So close did the connection
      become that the tobacco was also known as ‘Stalin’s Choice’. But this was no ordinary tobacco, for it
      appeared only in cigarettes. Stalin would take two cigarettes out of a box and shred them into his pipe.
      Why? Pipe tobacco at the time was cheap and rough and he had become rather fond of the flavour of the
      cigarettes when he was a young trainee priest and revolutionary.

      So what was ‘Herzegovina Flor’? The smokes were produced at the Moscow ‘Java’ factory, which was
      originally established by Samuel Gabai, from Kharkov, in the 19th century. Gabai’s idea was to produce a
      tobacco like no other, so he found a tobacco plant in Java, grew it in Herzegovina and then shipped it to
      Moscow. The products initially became favoured by the elite nobility and fledgling bourgeoisie. So Stalin,
      as the leader of the first worker’s state was in a quandary. If he smoked the cigarettes, he would give the
      wrong impression. So he opted for the common man’s pipe, but since he couldn’t tear himself away from
      the flavour of the tobacco, he decided to use it to fill his pipe. Eventually, the elite origins of the tobacco
      were forgotten and it became indelibly associated with the man himself. Many others followed suit,
      among them the famous soviet composer, Mayakovsky.

      Of course, with the propagation of the ‘black legend’ of Stalin, Herzegovina Flor sadly fell out of favour.
      Now it is produced in small amounts, although it is still notable for its rich aroma and high tar content.


      I graduated to “Java” cigarettes on my return to Mother Russia in 1993. And then, praise the Lord, Western pipe tobacco started appearing in the kiosks. Wannabe Westerner Russians, though, thought I was some kind of freak in my choice of tobacco, because they were all by that time smoking “Marlboro”.

      However, this filthy habit of mine was soon put to an end by She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed in 1998, after we had got wed.


  9. The USA is no longer part of the “Open Skies” [agreement] . Six months expired on Sunday [22 November 2020], during which the countries’ authorities had in order to change their minds about withdrawing from the 1992 treaty. But Washington has stood its ground: it [“Open Skies”] is no longer in their national interest.

    What is the United States giving up? Thirty-five countries, including most of the European states, have pledged to allow special observation flights into their airspace. The logic is simple: we have nothing to hide — see for yourself! The document has worked to build trust between countries.

    Our countries have quarrelled over these observation flights for a long time. The United States has, in fact, withdrawn from the treaty because Russia allegedly does not comply with its obligations. For example, Washington is outraged that their observer pilots have been refused to fly close to the border with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But the agreement clearly states that inspections should be carried out no closer than 10 km from a state border, and Russia has recognized these two republics as being independent. We also have enough questions for the Americans. Only here we are not slamming the door, but discussing why the United States has greatly reduced the area available to foreign observers in Alaska, Hawaii and the Aleutian Islands …

    “Washington has made its move. Neither European security, nor the security of the United States and its allies themselves have benefited from this”, reads the official statement of our Foreign Ministry. “Now many in the West are wondering what the Russian reaction will be. The answer is simple. We have repeatedly emphasized that all options are open to us. We carefully monitor and analyze how the words of other parties to the Treaty correspond with their deeds. Based on the security interests of Russia and our allies, we shall take the appropriate decisions”.

    Experts are sure that it is not profitable for our country to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty.

    “We are more interested in Europe. During the term of the agreement, we made 568 flights, of which only 77 were over US territory”, says Alexander Ermakov, an expert at the Russian International Affairs Council. “If we keep the ability to fly over Europe, we shall be able to see a lot of interesting things there, including American military facilities and the joint exercises of NATO countries.

    However, this is a double-edged sword. After all, the US NATO allies retain the ability to inspect our territory. And there is no guarantee that they will not share their observations with Washington”.

    22nd November 2020, 14:11

    Now mind you folks don’t forget: all Russians are duplicitous lying bastards!


    1. The last point is the main one for me. The US will undoubtedly be given data from u-Ropean overflights of Russian territory. That’s letting them have their cake and eat it. It would make more sense to suspend Open Skies flights until u-Rope openly guarantees it will not. It won’t.


      1. Tass: Treaty on Open Skies to lose viability after US walkout, Kremlin says

        Washington on Sunday officially confirmed that the United States was no longer a participant in the treaty

        …”With the United States’ pullout the treaty will lose viability, of course,” Peskov said. “We regret this. We believe that the treaty is an important means of building up mutual trust and keeping weapons under control,” Peskov said about the US decision…

        Is this diplomatic language for This is an ex-Treaty if the new Bi-dumb Administration doesn’t rejoin?


  10. Russians are not dumb!

    A Startup of Genius

    If you pay me $50, I will stand at a good distance from your funeral, and, depending on what the weather is like, hold a black umbrella, so that people think that you have died with a dark and interesting secret.


    1. Naked entrepreneurial talent. But it would only work for dead men. Any woman appearing at the funeral of another woman would be assumed to be simply a friend. Nonetheless, the greatest part of business sense is perceiving a market before anyone else even realizes its need. I’m in for fifty, and I might be able to adjust that upward if she has another good-looking friend or two. In fact, in a paroxysm of inspiration, I have already discovered a spin-off – for fifty dollars, I will send an effeminate-looking young man to express discreet grief in a similar manner…at the funeral of your enemy.


      1. A group of men all dressed alike, in dark suits, dark shirts and grey ties, all wearing wraparound shades, one of them muttering into his mobile phone, and all of them making themselves conspicuous to other mourners in some way as “enforcers” – looking like football players, wearing suits a size too small, having tatts or a facial scar, wearing gold jewellery – would work as well.


          1. My idea of the perfect “Reality TV” show would be

            “It’s Your Funeral”: each episode sees one sad individual given a budget – £1m or so – to create their dream send-off. A celebrity version would be guaranteed to be scheduled pronto.

            I’d go for a simple Etruscan funeral myself: 50 pairs of gladiators fighting to the death. That, or the Genghis Khan…


              1. I would prefer the Other Mark Chapman option where Hillary Clinton is ambushed by a fan wanting her autograph. At least the fan has a chance of surviving.

                (Yeah I know, bad taste … )


            1. No use asking “Is nothing sacred?”, I guess, because you know nothing is.

              I have read somewhere (Tom Sawyer? Huckleberry Finn?) that an onion shoot concealed in your handkerchief will give a convincing appearance of crying. I suppose any eye irritant would work.


          2. I rather enjoyed reading the following passage and projecting it wherever I thought appropriate.

            As told in vivid detail by Richard Fidler in Ghost Empire:

            The Fate of Andronicus

            [with a little bit of background for context}

            “Later that year [1180], Manuel’s [Manuel I Comnenus (or Komnenos)] health declined and he died after a long fever.

            Manuel had recognised the growing wealth and power of the Italian city-states of Venice, Genoa and Pisa by granting them generous trade concessions in Constantinople. The presence of these rich Italians on the streets of the city was deeply resented. Their wealth had made them arrogant and their Catholicism made them ungodly in the eyes of the Orthodox faithful.


            Andronicus, […] raised a band of followers and marched on Constantinople. A contingent of soldiers was sent out to intercept them. Instead, they defected to Andronicus’ side, along with the commander of the imperial navy. The gates of the city were opened and Andronicus entered Constantinople unchallenged to an emotional, almost hysterical welcome.

            The man who now controlled Constantinople, and the Roman empire, was a psychopath.

            Thousands of Latin Catholics were murdered, women and children along with them. John, the papal legate, was killed and his severed head was tied to the tail of a dog and dragged through the city streets. […] Andronicus, the beneficiary of all the violence, did nothing to stop it.”

            It got worse, and just a few short years later …
            [… for brevity, quoting from another generic source …]

            “Andronicus became increasingly paranoid and violent, however, and the Empire descended into a terror state. In September 1185, he ordered the execution of all prisoners, exiles, and their families for collusion with the invaders. The aristocrats in turn were infuriated against him, and there were several revolts …”

            Back to Ghost Empire for the concluding stages:

            “Andronicus was shackled and paraded in front of the new Emperor Isaac Angelus. He was slapped across the face and kicked on the buttocks. His beard was torn and his teeth pulled out. Women stepped forward to pummel him with their fists. His right hand was cut off with an axe and then he was thrown back into his cell.

            Two days later, one of his eyes was gouged out and then he was handed over to the mob. Andronicus was placed on a camel and paraded through the streets, ’looking like a leafless and withered old stump’. People struck him with clubs and poured shit on his head. All the cruelty he had inflicted upon the lives of his people was now revisited upon his body.

            Somehow still alive, Andronicus was brought into the Hippodrome, seated on the hump of the camel, in a gruesome parody of a triumphal procession. He was pulled off his camel and suspended by his feet between two pillars. As he suffered these terrible ordeals he turned to his tormentors and whimpered, “Lord have mercy”, and “Why do you further bruise the broken reed?”

            Two Latin soldiers with swords stepped forward and cleaved him apart. As they did so, he raised his handless right arm to his mouth, and then he died. He was sixty-seven years old and he was the last emperor of the Comneni, the dynasty founded by Alexius I. His son John was killed by his own troops in Thrace.”


  11. Via the Saker:

    The video addresses serious statistical irregularities in the Michigan presidential vote. The video is longish but the key result of the analysis is presented at about 14:00. The data suggests that votes were switched from Trump to Biden in four key Michigan counties. The switch was largest in traditional republican precincts. The switch was made on split party ballots (i.e. the voter chose to cast votes among two or more parties). The gist of the argument is that an anomalously large fraction of republicans voted a split ticket in which they cast their votes for Biden but otherwise voted republican. Given the highly partisan nature of this election, such a voting pattern would be regarded as highly unlikely.

    This makes sense as switching votes uniformly across all precincts run the risk of zero or negative votes for Trump in strongly democratic precincts.

    If such patterns were noted in a foreign election, the results would be declared invalid by the international community (i.e. the US and its vassals). The losing candidate would be declared the winner, yadayada.


  12. Deutsche Welle telling you how it is in Russia:

    Russia’s ‘foreign agent’ bill foreshadows civil society clampdown

    Russia is looking to better protect itself from any suspected meddling from abroad. New proposed laws could target journalists, teachers and social media networks such as YouTube and Facebook.

    Most of the proposals aim to cut Russia off even more from the rest of the world.

    Russia cuts itself off from the rest of the world!!!!!!!

    Strange, I thought it was the rest of the world, under the self-appointed leadership of the United States of America, that has been hell bent for the better part of of the past 100 years in cutting off the USSR and its inheritor state, the Russian Federation, from the “community of nations”, meaning the USA and its lickspittles.

    For years, people in Russia who are involved in politics and receive money from abroad have had to register as “foreign agents” with the relevant authorities. Every person or organization thus listed is obliged to send the authorities regular reports on their activities and expenditures.

    Is DW really unaware of the following? . . .

    The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is a United States law passed in 1938 requiring that agents representing the interests of foreign powers in a “political or quasi-political capacity” disclose their relationship with the foreign government and information about related activities and finances.


  13. Every year as the New Year festivities approach its the same old story with this woman, who donates money to the “Punishment Batallions” in the Donbass:

    I’m talking about the Svidomite on the right, Rotaru.

    “I have never felt like a Russian. I am a Ukrainian who was born here and wants to spend my whole life here. Anyway, despite my constant travels, most of all I like to spend my time at home. My home is Yalta, the Crimea, a territory that today is considered part of Russia, As far as I am concerned, this is not at all the case. The Crimea is definitely in the Ukraine. As a Ukrainian, in spite of everything, I am not going to change my citizenship and I intend to defend my position.”

    Sofia Mikhailovna Rotaru to the well-known newspaper Vesti.ia.

    She was not born in the Crimea: she was born August 9, 1947 in the Western Ukraine village of Marshintsy, Chernivtsi , in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, when the Crimea was part of the RSFSR, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic .

    But since it is unrealistic to earn 50,000 bucks for a performance in a prosperous and democratic Ukraine, she regularly has to come to the hated “Rashka”:

    People’s Artist of the USSR Sofia Rotaru, who permanently resides in the Ukraine, three years after having having said the above is going to Moscow for the “Song of the Year festival”.

    So as to visit Russia and give a performance at the “Song of the Year”, the celebrity even announced her readiness to go into quarantine.

    Sergey Lavrov, the executive director of the Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru, has said that she will visit Russia during New Year holidays.



    1. “Мне нужны ваши деньги, рюсские”: Украинка Ротару вернётся в Россию
      Nov. 23rd, 2020 at 11:28 AM

      “I need your money, Russkies”: Ukraine’s Rotaru will return to Russia.
      Nov. 23rd, 2020 at 11:28 AM

      You dumb Vatniki fuckers! Glory to the Ukraine! To the Heroes — Glory!

      The slag says she does her “Song of the Year” appearance free off charge. However:

      There are grounds to suspect the singer’s trips to Russia are exclusively of a commercial nature. Firstly, Rotaru’s appetites are known: for her performances she asks for at least 50 thousand dollars. And also there are additional charges: the hotel, payment for accommodation and team work, and other overheads. Secondly, Rotaru has repeatedly stated that she considers herself a Ukrainian, and her home is in “Ukrainian” Yalta in the Crimea. . .

      The Ukrainian edition of “Vesti” once reported on Rotaru’s “house” in the Crimea, which is the Villa Sofia Hotel in Yalta.

      The hotel is considered to be a luxury hotel: it has only 12 rooms, and prices are exorbitant even for the world’s leading resorts. A night in this hotel will cost at least 8,000 hryvnia, or almost 25,000 roubles. It is true that the gates of the luxury hotel are now wrapped in barbed wire. Furniture has been removed from the hotel restaurant, and all the windows of the building are covered with curtains. They say that the hotel has closed for renovation.


  14. I agree.

    We Serbs have identical word for the same thing. However, just like in Russia, it is not used to denote a body part, it is rather used to describe a personality trait. Sexual organ is called “pichka” and “pizda” is a personality trait.


  15. I called it. I couldn’t find a linkable copy of the Times-Colonist article, but this is the same one that appeared in my local paper, word for word.

    Yup; findings by the Danes in what the authors admit was the first RCT ever on the subject are spun so that the Danes were actually arguing for even more face-mask wearing. Just like the admission that doctors did not have a clue what they were doing at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ was used to argue that this proves science is working, because we’re on the right track now at last.

    This clever turnabout was achieved by the host publication, Annals of Internal Medicine, providing a ‘team of editors’ who helpfully explained what the study had really found out. Hint – it was not that masks do not protect you from getting coronavirus.

    The press has its orders – discredit the study at all costs.


    1. Similar to the old belief about draining blood. If draining blood from an ill patient did not improve the condition, simply drain more blood. Or, more to the point, blood draining professionals and hungry leeches must be protected.


    2. The Danish mask study has been published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. It is good to see it published in a reputable journal if nothing else than to let people see what problems it had that led the Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine to reject it.

      Basically it’s just not a very good paper. I guess the first problem the question it is set up to ask seems to have been ” Does wearing a mask protect you from covid-19?”. They did not ask the question, ” Does wearing a mask protect you or other people from covid-19″ which is the important question. There was no attempt whatsoever to see if mask usage reduced the spreading the disease to other people.

      There are all kind of technical objections to it, but perhaps the most damning is that is totally under-powered for what hopefully should be doing. The authors decided that they wanted a sample size that would be large enough to detect a 50% difference between the masked and unmasked samples. An effect size this large is a bit crazy. I don’t think there is any a priori reason to assume that wearing masks would have that huge an effect. The author’s shot themselves in the foot before they even started gathering data. They just did not have a sample size large enough to detect that big an effect. As a crude analogy, they decided to go hunting a grizzly bear with a .22 rifle.

      We also have a problem that, study was done while Denmark was in lock-down. Interpersonal contacts were probably pretty low so transmission rates both for masked and unmasked participants probably would be pretty low, that is, with an under-powered study like this, the hope of finding anything significant was pretty small.

      There seem to be some worries about the testing procedures as much of it was self-testing. As someone pointed out, because there were two groups starting at slightly different times which were on two sides of a locked-down we have some comparison problems.

      To see some criticisms of the study you might want to look at this PubPeer thread, o, The Big Mask study has been published, and I thought rather than expound on what the results DID show (everyone’s doing that), I might point out a few things that they DIDN’T show Or About that Danish mask study that “shows that masks don’t work”…

      Much worse studies have been published, but it is pretty easy to see why the Lancet or the New England Journal of Medicine did not want to touch it.


      1. Uh huh, I can see why a world government determined to go all-in on masking would stall on publishing a weak study that basically made their case for them, saying the results were ‘too controversial’. Or why they would continue to squawk, “Follow the science!” when they say up-front that this is the only RCT that has ever been done on masks; what ‘science’ are we supposed to be following? But it doesn’t much matter, I guess – when government has the bit in its teeth and knows what’s best for you, consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to put on a fresh mask before going to sleep.

        Well, I think it’s bullshit, but I can see I am in the minority. I suppose when a couple of weeks have elapsed and the numbers still aren’t going down, they will say “masks totally work, we just need a couple more weeks of strict 100% compliance”. After a bit longer, we will all be so used to wearing them everywhere that it’ll be, dare I say it? The ‘new normal’.

        It’s somewhat hard to see Peer Review in tweets from people like ‘Health Nerd’ – is he a doctor? Everyone – who wants broad public masking – keeps jumping on the ‘adherence factor’, in which it is claimed 46% wore the masks (surgical, not cloth) as recommended, 47% mostly as recommended, and 7% not as recommended. First, I cannot help but note the group who wore no masks at all, never, contracted an only very slightly higher number of cases. Second, even the 46% is a great deal more than were wearing masks in BC in July, while we are now probably more than 85% compliant and our new cases are three times higher.

        But of course now nothing will do but we must all mask up for a minimum of two weeks. And if the numbers don’t go down, some other excuse will be found, or the numbers will be fudged to ensure they do show the desired result, and the refrain will be “You wore it for two weeks – why can’t you just keep wearing it? Is it such a problem? Can’t you do it for your community?”

        Saint Bonnie claims that a mask-wearing mandate already existed in BC, achieved by stealth – all businesses must have a COVID safety plan in order to be allowed to operate, so it is up to the business what level of disobedience it will tolerate. In a display of her trademark bekindbecalmbesafe sweetness, she explains why she is reluctant to order fines and orders, but you know that provision is already built in, and if the business can’t make you wear a mask and can’t make you leave, they’ll be calling the cops.

        How hard is it to get from here to mandatory government-ordered vaccination? Whether you want it or not? For example, Ticketmaster is absolutely not making fans get a COVID vaccination or a negative test before they will be allowed to purchase a ticket to an event post-pandemic – that is just evil propaganda.

        They are actually only CONSIDERING it, and anyway they would not have the authority to do that – that would be up to the venue hosting the event. Nudge, nudge.


        1. I can see why a world government determined to go all-in on masking would stall on publishing a weak study that basically made their case for them,

          And I can see why top tier journals don’t like to publish crap[1]. There was noting that I can see to stop the authors putting this up on a prepub site or even their own website except that the study would have been so savaged by critics that they would never have gotten a publication out of it and publications are the currency of science.

          BTW if some world government wanted to suppress the paper. how come it got published in a good journal in the same country where two top journals rejected it?

          It is just a bad paper. I have seen a lot worse but it is just not very good.

          1. They do it often enough as it is.


          1. I’d like to kind of take this comment and the one from around the same time by Patient Observer, and put together a reply to both.

            I’m working from the proposal that world government – by which I mean the collective leaders of what likes to call itself the ‘free world’, and not some shadowy stateless cabal which wants to rule us all – is so deeply invested in masks that it will not be deterred by any amount of evidence. And I think I’m on fairly solid ground here; there is considerable substantiation that ‘world government’ is ignoring the science it claims actually informs its every decision, in favour of the opinions of medical authorities whose opinions it likes, the ever-shifting narratives of the WHO, and the mainstream media.

            Consider: Kamran Abbasi is a former editor of the Bulletin of the WHO, current editor of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, and a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians of London. He doesn’t sound like a conspiracy-theory squirrel. But he says that dissenting science – which does not make it any less real or relevant than the pronouncements of approved government appointees – is being deliberately suppressed so that what the world hears is a single unrelenting narrative. By way of example,

            “Now, a new example concerns the controversy over point-of-care antibody testing for covid-19. The prime minister’s Operation Moonshot depends on immediate and wide availability of accurate rapid diagnostic tests. It also depends on the questionable logic of mass screening—currently being trialled in Liverpool with a suboptimal PCR test.

            The incident relates to research published this week by The BMJ, which finds that the government procured an antibody test that in real world tests falls well short of performance claims made by its manufacturers. Researchers from Public Health England and collaborating institutions sensibly pushed to publish their study findings before the government committed to buying a million of these tests but were blocked by the health department and the prime minister’s office. Why was it important to procure this product without due scrutiny? Prior publication of research on a preprint server or a government website is compatible with The BMJ’s publication policy. As if to prove a point, Public Health England then unsuccessfully attempted to block The BMJ’s press release about the research paper.”


            Many examples are offered of suppression of dissenting opinion from doctors and scientists of good reputation. But when anything like this is highlighted, the government publishes a soothing denial through its hand-picked administrators, and everyone blinks and goes back to sleep.

            A relevant point; the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test has been the subject of considerable criticism, even in an environment that says do as we say, not as we do, for perceived inaccuracy and triggering on the RNA of most any virus to produce a positive-for-COVID-19 result. In Portugal it was recently the focus of a court decision by the Lisbon Court of Appeals, which found that it is not able to identify COVID-19 with any acceptable degree of precision.


            Assessments of the PCR test range from maybe 20% accurate to, you guessed it, there is nothing wrong with the test and it is among the most reliable of diagnostic tools, although its inventor claimed himself that it was not ever intended for use in a clinical-medicine role.


            Additionally, the WHO has known at least since July that coronavirus is spread via aerosols, tiny viral particles that can linger airborne for hours.


            Yet it persists with its song-and-dance about ‘droplets’ because that vector supports broad masking mandates and social distancing, both of which are ineffective against airborne aerosols which are still hanging in the air long after you are standing in the same spot some other socially-distanced person just left.

            And don’t even get me started about top-tier publications being reluctant to publish crap; I already pointed out that The Lancet published that excremental research about hydroxychloroquine causing increased risk of death, which they had to almost immediately withdraw and apologize for. But it wasn’t just a flawed study – it was a deliberate and massive fabrication involving the lead co-author of the study, who was a Director at the hospital which was running clinical trials of Remdesvir, hydroxychloroquine’s direct competitor. It was not even a study – it was a fake.


            I have not read the Danish paper in detail, I will when I have that much time, but I feel compelled to point out that the three publications which refused to publish it never said anything about it being refused because it was not a very good paper – how could they? It was acknowledged as the first such study in the world. They had nothing to compare it with. But they claimed, rather, that the results were ‘controversial’. Well, God knows we don’t need any of that in science! It seems reasonable that all three read the trial, but nobody said it was crap. The pile-on, instead, started as soon as it was published, and the publisher felt it was necessary to appoint an editorial board to interpret the results so that they were the opposite of what the Danes concluded – that under the test conditions in which the study was conducted, there was statistically almost no difference between wearing a surgical mask and not wearing one, never mind one of those loose-fitting Chinese non-medical cloth jobs. I submit any paper can be made to look like crap when its randomised results point one way and the interpretation of a board of editors from the publisher, not the researchers, argues that it indicates the exact opposite.

            Now, on to Patient Observer’s comment. We do not know the virus spread will not be reduced by mask wearing and social distancing – it might. And since such a reduction would validate government measures, we should be prepared for it. It is achievable in principle; since ‘new cases’ has replaced fatalities as the metric of choice, all that is needed is a reduction in new cases, and that could be brought about by reining in testing. As it is now, they are testing like it’s going out of style, and given the alleged inaccuracy of the tests with an implied bias for false positives in the asymptomatic, it is only reasonable that ‘new cases’ are spiraling out of control. I am not going to get into whether this is deliberate or just the natural result of well-meaning use of a flawed product; I think I am afraid of the answer. But I don’t think any reasonable argument can be made that rapidly-accelerating ‘new cases’ are not being used to support more control by the government. But a reduced pace of testing would most likely result in a decline in new cases, which could be used as ‘proof’ that masking and social distancing are working.

            But let’s say there is no fiddling with the results. Given that COVID-19 spreads via aerosols and can reasonably be expected to go on infecting more victims in the explosive growth that inspired the term ‘viral’, the numbers should not decline, and may even go up. What then? Will it be, “Oh, we just need to give it a couple of more weeks to see it working”? I have to say the only result I do not expect is an admission that masks are not doing anything useful to slow the spread.

            I completely agree with your suggestion that herd immunity should be sought and, while of course I would not argue that everyone should go out and try to get infected so as to achieve that as quickly as possible, reasonable continued precautions should prevail in a business-as-usual environment. If you want to wear a mask, by all means go ahead. Vaccination for the vulnerable population is a good option, once a vaccine passes clinical trials and is reliable, but I think it is extremely unreasonable to expect an effectiveness in the 90’s as both contenders claim; it probably will be around 60% if we are lucky, although the inflated figures are all of a piece with the image of a vaccine as a savior that any reasonable person will want.

            However, the strongest argument for herd immunity is that it is free. The strongest argument against it will be that anyone who supports it is going to be accused of being an uncaring monster who wants to kill off all the old folks. The press, obviously, has no shame. But according to TASS, and I will stipulate up front that I do not know where they got their figures, inoculation with Pfizer’s vaccine will cost $39.00 USD (for a two-shot process of immunization) and more than $70.00 for Moderna’s vaccine.


            I probably do not need to mention again that the Canadian government has committed to advance orders of vaccines totaling $1 Billion CAD. That’s a billion dollars that will not get spent on parks, or infrastructure or road repairs or water purification or any of the gazillion useful ways it could go. It’s going straight into the pockets of the international pharmaceutical industry, for something that will probably have to be re-administered in an annual predictive cocktail like the flu shot.


            Where in the actual fuck is this money coming from? Added to the billions and billions Trudeau is making available for stopgap aid in the Virus Crisis. And I’m only talking Canada – we’re small potatoes, here, compared with the colossal numbers of doses that will be ordered by Europe and the USA. World governments, in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, are spending as if money spoils if you leave it out of the refrigerator for too long, like mayonnaise.

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  16. DW yesterday.

    Merkel and Germany celebrated 15 CONTINUOUS YEARS of her being Chancellor of Germany.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel marks 15 years in power
    It was fifteen years ago that Angela Merkel was first sworn in as German chancellor. Now, as the country’s crisis-manager-in-chief wraps up her final year in office, she will have tied with her late mentor Helmut Kohl for the longest serving chancellor in German history.

    Merkel was chosen to be Chancellor by members of the Bundestag, not by universal suffrage by means of a secret ballot..

    And in the West nary a word of criticism for her holding such a long, unbroken tenure of office.

    Meanwhile, in Mordor, Sauron has 4 times been ELECTED BY UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE as head of state and to date has served two consecutive 4-year terms of office from 2000 until 2008, and one 6-year term of office. He was re-elected for a 6-year term of office in 2012. He is now in the second year of his second 6-year term of office, for which he was re-elected by popular mandate in 2018.

    So since 2000, he has served as president for 16 years, but not continuously, he having been prime minister from 2008 until 2012.

    Nevertheless, he is clearly a tyrant who spurns true “democracy” and rules Russia with an iron fist.


  17. Here’s a riposte of a certain, according to an alleged erstwhile Venezuelan/Canadian visitor here, “Old Hag” to that NYT ad for an Eastern Europe correspondent

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        1. Ah but wait until she opens her mouth or smiles, ‘coz the thing that most offended our former visitor was the colour of her teeth.


          1. Yes, truly frightful . . .

            Would that the wonders of USA orthodontics were available for all in Mordor as they are in the “Land of the Free” and all Orcs were thereby endowed with an “American Smile:

            So sincerely full of bullshit!

            The phrase “whited sepulchres” springs to mind.


  18. Washington’s favourite president: What a Russian blogger thinks of that drunken traitorous bastard Yeltsin:

    Зачем Путину “Закон о гарантиях личной безопасности”?

    Why does Putin need a “Personal Security Guarantee Law”?

    If anyone does not know about it: the State Duma is now considering a draft law “On the immunity and security of former President Putin and members of his family.”

    There is no doubt that the law will be passed.

    And I do not understand what use this fucking shameful fucking thing is.

    Well, it’s so clear that this “Law on Security” is linked to that traitor Yeltsin and his thieving family of parasites: the drunkard handed over power to Putin under guarantees of personal safety and the safety of his family; that louse understood how much the people of Russia hated him, those people to whom the traitor Yeltsin had brought many troubles and sorrows.

    And Putin has been strictly and meticulously fulfilling his obligations for 20 years, even a “Temple of Yeltsin” was built in the traitor’s small homeland at an unbelievable cost (see photo), to where local schoolchildren are now taken for collective prayers about the “saints of the nineties” …

    BUT! Why repeat this fucking shameful thing? Moreover, no law guarantees anything! Because if the process of transferring power goes smoothly and a person (or a “group of comrades”) is in power and with a firm hand leads Russia along the previous (Putin’s) path, then no “laws on Putin’s security” will be needed: Putin will already have become an Honourary Retired Citizen and Genius.

    Well, if (God forbid!) Power in Russia is somehow seized by any fucking thing like Yeltsin’s gang, then no laws will save Putin from The Hague or a bloody massacre in the style of Gaddafi’s execution.

    So I don’t understand – WHY? Why embarrass yourself with this idiotic fussing with “security laws” by showing your fear of the future?

    What do you think, kiddos?



  19. matveychev_oleg (matveychev_oleg)
    2020-11-23 20:00:00

    Швейцария обнулила «закон Магнитского». Дело закончено. Забудьте

    Switzerland has nullified the “Magnitsky law”. The case is over. Forget it.

    That’s it. The Magnitsky affair no longer exists. And, accordingly, the anti-Russian “Magnitsky Law”, so urgently adopted by Obama and supported by Canada, Great Britain, the EU and the domestic oppositionists loyal to them, has finally turned into a groundless and unsubstantiated empty shell. However, like the whole story with the “murder of lawyer” Sergei Magnitsky in jail, who turned out to be not a lawyer at all, but a schematic personal accountant of international financial adventurer Bill Browder and never conducted any “investigations” in his life. And the death of Magnitsky was beneficial only to one person – Browder himself, most likely who ordered the sending of his accountant to another world. The same version is being developed by the investigators of the TFR, who are investigating Browder’s next crimes. I speak about this with full responsibility, since I am one of the witnesses – the only journalist who spoke with Magnitsky twice shortly before his death.

    But back to the “Magnitsky case” itself. The Swiss prosecutor’s office closed the criminal case SV.11.0049-LAM, initiated in March 2011 at the request of Browder’s lawyers against unidentified persons “involved in the fraudulent seizure of funds from the Russian treasury by falsifying tax refunds to the accounts of Russian companies Ryland, Makhaon, allegedly for several months ‘stolen’ from the Hermitage Foundation, which was headed by Browder”.

    It was this long-standing Swiss criminal case No. SV.11.0049-LAM that became the first call of the so-called “Magnitsky Law”, which provides for personal sanctions against Russians “involved in theft disclosed by the lawyer Magnitsky and his subsequent murder”. The official wording now sounds like a continuous stream of lies — Magnitsky could not disclose any thefts in principle, since he himself was the organizer and creator of Browder’s illegal laundering schemes, he was never a lawyer, and only Browder needed Magnitsky dead. In the very same Swiss case No. SV.11.0049-LAM, initiated on the basis of the statements and documents of the “victim” William Browder, Russian businessman Denis Katsyv and his company Martash Information Holdings LTD were accused of “laundering the very money disclosed by Magnitsky”, Prevezon Holdings LTD, Kolevinsk LTD and Farenkoy Investment LTD.

    And here is the sad Swiss result for Browder, his associates in the US Congress and in the EU, the domestic opposition, which promoted this story in negative tones for Russia, as well as for all participants in the international hoax called the Magnitsky Law. I have in my possession an official document dated November 6, 2020 entitled “Notice of Intent to Complete Investigation”, signed by no less than the Federal Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Swiss Confederation, Diana Kohler.

    This document informs in black and white that the criminal proceedings initiated on the basis of statements by “Hermitage Capital” (read Bill Browder) against Denis Katsyv, “Martash Infestment Holdings LTD”, “Prevezon Holdings LTD”, “Kolevinsk LTD”and “Farenkoy Investment LTD “, have successfully been terminated. The eight million dollars seized earlier in the so-called “Magnitsky case” belonging to Denis Katsyv and the aforementioned companies have been released and the money returned to its rightful owners, save for 78 thousand dollars (less than one percent!) for some “compensation expenses”.

    The investigation has as per Article 319 of the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure, which provide for the following grounds: “lack of evidence, absence of corpus delicti or event of a crime and lack of legal grounds for criminal prosecution of the person concerned”.

    Also, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor has given notice of the readiness of the Swiss Prosecutor’s Office to accept for consideration “any claims for compensation together with any supporting documents they have”. That is, for all the heap of lies and falsifications under the name “Magnitsky Law”, the taxpayers of Switzerland will have to compensate for the damage suffered from it. The US and the UK are next.

    Denis Katsyv’s lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya has commented on the closure of the Swiss criminal case: “The completion of this very first case, which gave the only motivational impetus for the adoption of the Magnitsky Act in the United States, got what it deserved — a complete fiasco for Browder and his team. The panic in which Mr. Browder and his colleagues are now is a clear

    confirmation of this.

    In my opinion, Natalia very delicately called what is now happening in Browder’s team “panic”. What I shall speak of below is more like a hysteria, which, moreover, since November 6, has passed into a chronic stage, namely from the very moment when the document was signed on the forthcoming termination of the Swiss case and the return of assets to their owners.

    Firstly, one must understand that the “Swiss case” is the very first case from which the legal consolidation of Browder’s legend began. It began with an elementary set-up by Alexander Perepelichny, so unexpectedly, but very useful for his initiators, who died after his interrogation in Switzerland. Then the fact of the initiation of this case was used in the US Congress to end lobbying for the Magnitsky Act and an impetus to initiate a similar case in the US. When the case “without a face” in 2013 received the lawyers representing Katsyv, it began to swing. The most unexpected and unpleasant stories began to happen with those who disagreed with Browder’s legend, but turned out to be less protected from the virtuosity of the intrigues of London inmates: from dismissals to accusations with an odious relish by a pool of media motivated by Browder.

    As has now become known, those the same “colleagues in the shop” are developing tactics to protect their “client” Browder, with the preparation of one-time publications about the corruption of the Swiss authorities.

    The fact is that over the past few days, some editorial offices, both foreign and Russian (more precisely, the opposition ones — Novaya Gazeta, Meduza, Echo of Moscow, etc.: a complete list is available) have received an amazing training manual with 60 (sixty !!!) pages with illustrations and diagrams, obligatory for publication. The title of the document is simple: “How Swiss law enforcement agencies capitulated to the Russians in the Magnitsky case” and it explains in detail and very clearly that “everything is not true”, that in fact “Magnitsky was killed in a pre-trial detention centre for uncovering a scheme for laundering billions”, and “the stolen money was hidden in Switzerland”. The main message of this manual is that it has turned out that the “bad Russians” have “corrupted Swiss justice” and now Swiss justice cannot be trusted in any case: only the international swindler Browder and the loyal followers of the “Magnitsky case” can be trusted. Hysterics? Definitely.


    1. As usual, wrong formatting! only several sentences in the above translation should have been in thick letters as emphasis, but bollocks to it!

      You can see the emphasised sentences below:

      The Swiss Prosecutor’s Office hasdiscontinued the criminal case SV.11.0049-LAM initiated in March 2011 at the request of Browder’s lawyers.

      “involved in the theft discovered by Magnitsky’s lawyer and his subsequent murder”.

      Magnitsky could not solve any theft in principle, as he was the organizer and creator of Browder’s illegal laundering schemes: he was never a lawyer, and Browder alone needed Magnitsky dead.

      In the so-called Magnitsky case, eight million dollars belonging to Denis Katsyv and the above-mentioned companies have been released from what had been seized earlier and the money has been returned to its rightful owners.

      “The completion of this very first case, which gave the only motivation for the adoption of the Magnitsky Act in the USA, got what it deserved. It has been a complete fiasco for Browder and his team. The panic in which Mr. Browder and his colleagues now find themselves is clear proof of that”.

      “How Swiss law enforcement surrendered to the Russians in the Magnitsky case”.


    2. This is indeed very big, but we must not fall into the trap of shouting approval for court cases whose outcomes we agree with, and mocking the courts when they reach a verdict we do not like. I realize this is not the ECHR, but that court is forever an object of ridicule for me even though it ruled against Khodorkovsky’s claim that charges against him for corruption were politically motivated. Either the law is an ass, as George Chapman described it long before Dickens, or it is a reliable instrument of justice, with the understanding that it can never be 100% one or the other.

      Still, it is hard not to revel in Browder’s discomfiture, and to not hiss in disgust at the continuing efforts of a rich man to use his money as leverage to bury his losses. I am gratified to see a court rule the way I like to hear it for a determined lack of evidence, but I cannot help pointing out this is far from the first case when the west claimed to have so much evidence it was embarrassing, and then never produced any of it.

      Well, that’s one for the good guys, and one in the sack for Browder. I’ll take it. Great catch!


  20. Euractiv mit Neuters: In latest China jab, US drafts list of 89 firms with military ties

    …The pending list comes after the Commerce Department expanded the definition of “military end user” in April. The April rule includes not only armed service and national police, but any person or entity that supports or contributes to the maintenance or production of military items — even if their business is primarily non-military.

    The export restriction applies to items as disparate as computer software like word processing, scientific equipment like digital oscilloscopes, and aircraft parts and components…

    …But a former US official who did not want to be identified, said “merely creating a list and populating it is a provocative act.” An aerospace industry source said it could spur China to retaliate…

    t-Rump’s potential ‘Poison Pill’? It is a shopping list from which to chose, but I don’t see how there would be no retaliation. Or are they planning their usual game of expecting Russia and China expecting different behavior from a new US Administration in january (aka in private ‘please don’t respond because the US public and politcians expect us to do something ‘symbolic’), i.e. get three months of risk free sanctions. I Know Russia plays the long game by default, but they need to remove the element of certainty that the west plays on. Russia’s already placed counter sanctions on EU persons which has ‘outraged’ various nations, so I hope they’ve got the message.


    1. I don’t see how there would not be retaliation, either, and sooner or later the glovres are going to come off and the Chinese are going to start targeting American firms with head offices in China.

      “Despite the volatile environment created by the trade war, US companies are eager to do business in China. A recent survey found that more than 80% of them are committed to keeping their operations in China and nearly 70% still feel optimistic about the market here.

      Matt Margulies works at the US-China Business Council that conducted the survey. He says China is just too big of a market to ignore. “You can’t just pick that up overnight and move it to some other market. And where would you move it to? Which other market is going to be able to replace the growth or sales figures that are available here?”

      Which, indeed.

      As the article is at pains to point out, Chinese companies are already leery of using US suppliers, most likely because of a demonstrated willingness by those suppliers to pull the rug out from under their partners on US government request. That’s half the equation, and points to lost business by American companies in America. What happens if the other shoe drops, and buying American products become unpatriotic in China?

      There certainly are not enough Chinese liberals to keep the lights on, although those who complain will be vested with disproportionate importance by the western press.


  21. Two well known pieces of filth that had gathered with others of like mind at Vilnius over the weeekend so as to throw shit at Russia and Russian citizens during the ” Free Russia Forum”.

    Nether of the above two live in Russia.

    The Azerbaijan Jew (left) lives in New York city.

    As regards the then 35-year-old Chirikova (right), former resident of Khimki, Moscow Oblast’, Shagger Nemtsov once allegedly said during a hacked telephone conversation:

    “She is a fucker but what the hell can I do about it? She doesn’t fucking listen”.


    Later, Shagger wrote in an “Ekho Moskvy” blogpiece::

    “I apologise to Zhenya Chirikova, Bozhena Rynska and all those who were affected and insulted in my private telephone conversations”.



    1. Gosh; that IS Chirikova. I thought at first it was Kasparov’s son.

      What could be the real reason these two would advocate for stopping Nord Stream II? Because Putin will get so much money from it? Because they are honestly concerned for Europe’s ‘energy security’, which would be improved by purchasing American LNG instead? The environmental damage inflicted by a pipeline set against that caused by an LNG tanker foundering (which, while it would cause little to no damage to the ocean, as LNG just boils off, would do horrendous damage to the atmosphere as unburnt methane is a principal contributor to the greenhouse effect)?

      Of course not – they are fronts for American market share and prosperity, nothing more. They should be regarded merely as lobbyists for American commercial interests. There is not really anything Russian about them.


  22. Neuters via Russia detains police colonel over 2010 Moscow metro bombings

    …It said that Isayev had driven a female suicide bomber, clad in an explosive belt, to a bus station near the town of Kizlyar, from where she would travel some 1,470 km (910 miles) north to carry out the attack.

    The Investigative Committee also said Isayev had been a member of the Imarat Kavkaz terrorist group — also known as Caucasus Emirate — and that he had passed information on police activity and special operations to the organisation.

    What took so long? Did his name come up somewhere else (Syria?) and investigators worked backwards?


    1. While it isn’t common, it is also not unusual to get a tip from someone caught for a totally unrelated offense who squeals in the hope of getting a lighter sentence. If Isayev’s contribution was only driving her to a point nearly 1000 miles from the crime scene, it is not hard to see how difficult it would be to link him to the crime, depending upon how many knew. It’s also relatively rare to capture anyone from that network alive – I’m sure we all remember that pre-dawn strike on the apartment building in Dagestan by the Russians, in which the militant and his co-militant wife and their child were quietly surrounded, occupants of other apartments evacuated, and then the militants ordered by loudspeaker to come out. In the end the child’s grandmother was allowed to go up to the balcony in a bucket crane and take the child out, and then the apartment was reduced to rubble by concentrated firepower. But they were given the option to surrender several times over a substantial period, and chose to die instead.

      I’m not sure if this is the same story; there are major differences between it and the one I remember, including that the child was a hostage taken when the militants broke into an adjacent apartment, rather than the child of one of the militants. At any rate, some details are the same and the child was saved while all the rest were killed.


  23. “Эээ, при чём тут Берлин?”: Сверхзабота Германии о Навальном обескуражила даже либералов
    23 ноября 2020

    “Uh, what does Berlin have to do with it?”: Germany’s over-concern for Navalny has even discouraged the liberals

    Germany’s over-concern for Alexei Navalny has even discouraged Russian liberals. The Berlin Senate has announced that the issue of extending a Schengen visa for Navalny is being considered. Aleksei Venediktov, editor-in-chief of the “Ekho Moskvy” radio station, was surprised: “Uh, what does Berlin have to do with it?”

    The Berlin Senate is trying to extend Navalny’s Schengen visa, the press service of Berlin deputy Gunnar Lindemann reported on Monday. He noted that the Russian oppositionist, who has become a defendant in a number of criminal cases in Russia, is unlikely to seek a return to his homeland, so the people’s representatives were concerned about the legalization of his further stay in Europe, reports RIA Novosti

    Note that this statement has puzzled even representatives of the liberal public in Russia. For example, Aleksey Venediktov, editor-in-chief of the “Ekho Moskvy” radio station, pointed out that the extension of Schengen visas for guests of Germany is not within the mandate of the Berlin deputies.

    Uh, what does the Berlin Senate have to do with issuing visas? – the journalist writes in Telegram.

    Recall that Navalny was hospitalized in Berlin after he fell ill during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow. First, the blogger was admitted to a hospital in Omsk (the aeroplane made an emergency landing because of o a passenger’s illness), and then transported to Berlin. After a while, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Navalny had allegedly been poisoned with Novichok poison. The German side has refused to provide any evidence to Russia.

    There is as much chance for that bullshitting bastard’s return to Russia as there is for me going back to live in Merry England!

    Navalny revealing one of his sources of bullshit in Germany.

    Navalny in Germany with now resident in London Russian criminal pal Chichvarkin.

    Another old pal, Volkov, a resident of Luxembourg, also called in on the Bullshitter so as to admire the view around Navalny’s place of recuperation.


    1. “He noted that the Russian oppositionist, who has become a defendant in a number of criminal cases in Russia, is unlikely to seek a return to his homeland, so the people’s representatives were concerned about the legalization of his further stay in Europe…”

      I cannot forbear from noticing that his determination to return to Russia evaporated rather quickly. And why not? He’s on a permanent vacation, and someone else is picking up the tab, all expenses taken care of. For somebody who has apparently never done an honest day’s work, it’s a dream come true.


  24. “Abendlich Hamburg” [Evening Hamburg]:

    Sensationell: Der Westen hat beschlossen, Alexej Nawalny durch seine Frau Julia zu ersetzen.

    Sensation: The West has decided to replace Alexei Navalny with his wife Julia

    Der sogennante Oppositionsführer mit seiner statuenhaften Frau Julia

    The so-called Opposition Leader with his statuesque wife Yulia

    [I wrote that caption above: its not in the Fritz rag. I just could not help myself from doing so — ME]

    The name of the Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny has been on the front pages of the leading European and world media for several months now. To a European reader inexperienced in Russian politics, it might even seem as if Alexei Navalny is indeed President Putin’s main enemy, because for some reason he, of all people, is said to have given the order to poison the opposition member in the distant Siberian city and send him to Germany for treatment, only to get rid of his rival in the run-up to the parliamentary elections in 2021. Even Angela Merkel became a victim in this large-scale media campaign in support of Mr Navalny, because what else could explain such attention from the Chancellor and a whole range of state structures, including the Foreign Ministry, the Bundestag and the Bundeswehr. The attention for a political activist whose fame and support in Russia today is measured not by millions of votes, but at most by hundreds of thousands of clicks of scandalous videos on YouTube. One wonders where such harsh conclusions come from.

    It is clear that Alexei Navalny had already come into the focus of Western intelligence services before the story of his poisoning as a popular Russian politician who claims to fight for power in the Kremlin. And then he had the good fortune to come to Germany. But the very pedantic Western secret services do not eat their bread for of charge. They operatively conducted a comprehensive (secret) sociological survey on the territory of Russia to find out the real popularity of Mr. Navalny among Russian citizens. After the results of this sociological analysis it was concluded that Mr. Navalny is not successful as a politician and that also the support structures created in the regions — “Navalny command posts” — have been increasingly closed down recently without having been under any pressure from the authorities.

    The worst thing for Aleksei is that the people do not see him as a leader and do not perceive him as being an autonomous and independent politician. One of the main reasons for this failure was the “indecision” on the part of the authors of the adventure as regards manipulating and the data received from the OPCW.

    Because right from the beginning of this performance there was talk that the chemical warfare agent “Novichok” had been found in Navalny’s organism, but it turned out that this was not the case. No “Novichok” was found. Even unclear explanations by the Navalny team regarding the presence on board of Maria Pevchikh with the “poisoned Aleksei” could not inspire confidence; also because of the of Pevchikh’s biography, as well as clumsy attempts to justify her sudden permanent presence in the close vicinity of Navalny. All this does not stand up to criticism.

    The story proved to be so badly knitted together that the threads of it protrude in all directions and are visible to all without exception. And all this has had a very deplorable effect on Aleksei’s rating and his political prospects in Russia. For this reason it seems that Western political strategists have now decided to put their money on his wife Yulia.

    Of course, not everyone in the Russian opposition camp is happy about such an unexpected political castling. External curators are already exerting pressure on the representatives of the Russian opposition to convince them to follow instructions and fully support the decision to nominate Yulia Navalny as the opposition’s unified candidate.

    Other Russian oppositionists who wanted to take Navalny’s place, at least on YouTube, are not to be envied. But what can one do? One has to accept orders and do what one is told. C’est la vie. But still — it is damn annoying.

    So — the most important thing concerning information from a source in the Navalny area is the following: Aleksei and Yulia will soon return to Russia from Germany and then make an important statement saying that Yulia Navalny will be nominated as a candidate for the State Duma of the Russian Federation in Moscow.

    If this should indeed happen, it will become the next problem for the Kremlin, because it will become a real political sensation with very unpredictable consequences, though probably not so much for Putin but for the Russian opposition itself.

    ▪Matthias Fritz

    The Fritz Mathias Fritz gives no sources.

    However, forget ye not that the statuesque blonde has KGB family connections, which she pitifully tried to cover during the Dud interview, when she referred to her stepfather. He natural father was, if I rightly recall, a KGB man.


    1. Почему Юлия Навальная соврала Дудю о своем отце?

      Why did Yulia Navalnaya lie to Dud about her father?
      8-10-2020, 19:31

      On the Web and in the media, information has long circulated that the father of Aleksei Navalny’s wife Yulia worked with the British special services. In a recent Dud interview with Navalny, the wife of the head of FBK decided to refute this information, stating that her father died when she was 18 years old, and he was an ordinary employee of a research institute. However, journalist Oleg Kashin is sure that Yulia had lied to Dud.

      According to the expert, Navalnaya was not talking about her father, but about her stepfather. Her own father is still alive, and in the past he worked at the embassy in London. At the same time, Kashin emphasizes that the blogger’s wife’s family is far from the simplest – there are enough secrets there, including those of state importance. However, the question of what Navalny wants to hide remains open.

      Recall that recently Yuri Dud visited Aleksei Navalny, the head of the FBK, in Germany to find out the details of his “poisoning” and his stay in hospital. The conversation was almost entirely filled with rabid propaganda and frankly delusional speculation and ideas. Dud himself was not particularly enthusiastic — the blogger [Dud] did not ask the most important questions:

      Who really is Maria Pevchikh: who accompanied the blogger in Siberia? Why did Russia let Navalny go to Germany so easily? Why isn’t the EU sharing the results of its analyses? Why are Western politicians getting so excited about him?

      As a result, the interview turned out to be very one-sided. Navalny just sat there and pushed out what seemed to be a memorized speech — he kept repeating and repeating about the evil Putin and his Novichok. But in essence he did not say anything new.


    2. “The story proved to be so badly knitted together that the threads of it protrude in all directions and are visible to all without exception.”

      Well, that’s wrong, for a start. There is any number of people to whom it makes perfect sense. Not very many in Russia, that’s true enough, but he was never going to have any real support there anyway. That’s irrelevant to the west, where they have grown accustomed to parachuting in a preferred candidate after making the people’s lives miserable and giving them to understand that’ll keep up until they convince the undesired leader to step aside.

      But they can’t do that in Russia – Navalny is ineligible, because he’s got a criminal record a mile long.

      But she hasn’t.

      However, it is still a crock, because Yulia would have even less support than her bum-chinned husband. They would have to create a story of her lifelong commitment to democracy and freedom, and it would just be too much work. The west has lost any regime-change mojo it might once have had, and its attempts now are DOA more often than not.


      1. Putting up Yulia N. as opposition leader seems in the same line as proclaiming Juan Guidó president or supporting the Mujahedin-e-Khalq as the Iranian Govt-in-waiting. Westen “intelligence” seems to live in an alternate reality.


        1. I wouldn’t put too much stock in it until we start seeing confirmation from other sources – it just sounds like a nutty idea to me. The only positive about Yulia Navalnya as opposed to her husband is that she does not have a criminal record, and therefore she could theoretically run for public office, but she would have to build a support base from scratch and could not count on even her husband’s loyal hamster following. Any attempt by Russian businessmen to funnel money to her candidacy, if any oligarch was so careless with his money, would be immediately stomped on by the state as financing a known criminal – Navalny.

          We’ll have to wait a bit and see if this ‘idea’ really was floated by ‘western intelligence’. But if it was, they are every bit as clueless as you suggest.


  25. Forgot to insert a photo above:

    Der sogennante Oppositionsführer mit seiner statuenhaften Frau Julia

    (The so-called Opposition Leader with his statuesque wife Yulia)

    [I wrote that caption above: its not in the Fritz rag. I just could not help myself from doing so — ME]

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    1. oFFGuardian:

      The Germans Are Back!

      Break out the Wagner, folks . . . the Germans are back! No, not the warm, fuzzy, pussified, peace-loving, post-war German. . . the Germans! You know the ones I mean. The “I didn’t know where the trains were going” Germans. The “I was just following orders” Germans. The other Germans.

      Yeah . . . those Germans.

      In case you missed it, on November 18, the German parliament passed a law, the so-called “Infection Protection Act” (“Das Infektionsschutzgesetz” in German) formally granting the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wants under the guise of protecting the public health.

      The government has been doing this anyway — ordering lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, banning demonstrations, raiding homes and businesses, ordering everyone to wear medical masks, harassing and arresting dissidents, etc. — but now it has been “legitimized” by the Bundestag, enshrined into law, and presumably stamped with one of those intricate official stamps that German bureaucrats like to stamp things with.

      Vee haff vays off making you follow de orders!


      1. This is basically the approach all world governments are using, including this one – that your rights are all subordinate to the public’s collective right to enjoy good health, and safety from infectious diseases you might be carrying.

        I don’t know, man – it’s getting scary. Once I might have laughed at the notion of global revolution against oppressive government, especially here in milquetoast land. But that resolve is getting hard to keep up.


        1. Yeah, but old Fritz has unsurpassed form for planning and efficiency and the implementation of meticulously prepared projects — Ordnung muß sein! [There must be order!] as they like to say.

          I mean, look at how successful Unternehmen Barbarossa [Operation Barbarossa] was!

          Failed! Must do better next time!


          1. Not “Areas of Germany” above: apart from Germany proper, Poland was either occupied by Germany or parts of it annexed; Czech lands (not shown above) were occupied after Czech Sudetenland had been annexed; Slovakia was an ally, as were Hungary and Romania. And Fascist Italy was an ally of Germany, not part of Germany, as shown on the map. However, Austria is rightly not shown on the map as it had already been “amalgamated” with the “Greater Reich” before 1941 and some Balkan territories that had been part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, most notably Croatia and Slovenia, joined the Hitlerite gang most willingly.


  26. Russian warship stops US destroyer from violating Russia’s border

    According to the Defense Ministry, the USS John S. McCain violated Russia’s territorial waters in the Peter the Great Gulf, “passing the maritime border by two kilometers”

    …”The Pacific Fleet’s Admiral Vinogradov anti-submarine destroyer used an international communication channel to warn the foreign vessel that such actions were unacceptable and the violator could be forced out of the country’s territorial waters in a ramming maneuver. After the warming was issued and the Admiral Vinogradov changed its course, the USS John S. McCain destroyer returned to international waters,” the statement said…

    Don’t tell me, the United States Navy didn’t pay its TOMTOM GPS bills.

    The next story below is:

    Russian tech firm rolls out domestic engines for latest amphibious assault hovercraft

    Before 2014, similar engines for ships were either delivered by Ukraine’s Zorya-Mashproekt enterprise or produced in cooperation between Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers


    Another market lost to Ukanian business, aka ‘Taking one for The Team.’


    1. Ditto gas turbine powerplants for surface ships, as we discussed briefly a year or two back.

      First all-domestic gas-turbine engines for Russian frigates, which – if I recall correctly – used to be a Ukrainian mark,et item as well. I believe I also recall some sources snickering and poking one another gleefully, on the occasion of the Glorious Maidan, that Russia would never be able to finish its new frigate designs now; the Ukrainians always built their engines for them, and everyone was now friends with Ukraine and decidedly not-friends with Russia, so nobody else would sell them good powerplants.

      SUGS! Another peremoga.


  27. I thought of your readers here, Mark …

    WESTERN VALUES™. The country that judges other countries’ elections just had an election. Somebody won. One day a court will tell us who. Apparently counting votes is a tremendously difficult task, requiring enormous amounts of time.

    This article by Matthew Ehret on Fort Russ took me there

    which features this video (part of a much longer one as linked)

    It got really interesting from about 6:30 re China’s approach to water security.
    He talks about JFK’s vision from 9:08 and from 19:16.


    1. I got quite a laugh out of Patrick’s jab at the plummeting of the birth rate in Ukraine, down 40%. He said that if Moscow really covets the territory, it just needs to wait a couple of decades, and it will be able to move straight in to pristine forest with a few nursing homes scattered through it.

      I have decided my disappointment with my fellow Canadians does not extend to Patrick. He’s still all right.

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    2. The regulation of water availability is often used to limit development with California and Colorado being relevant examples. The China water project to move 44 billion m3 of water per year to northeast China is quite impressive; equal to about 250 large scale desalination projects. This helps explain the disappointment felt by several Western suppliers of desalination equipment from the evaporation of this nascent market.

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  28. Эксперт: Выборные технологии Навального провалились даже на родине его ближайшего соратника
    23 ноября 2020

    Expert: Navalny’s electoral technologies failed even in the homeland of his closest associate
    23 november 2020

    Election results have shown that Navalny’s smart voting techniques in support of individual candidates do not work even where his team had a relative advantage, political analyst Dmitry Gusev told VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on the results of the by-election to the Yekaterinburg City Duma.
    “Navalny saw these by-elections as an attempt to once again test his smart voting (SV) techniques and prove their effectiveness. This was done in Yekaterinburg, the home territory of Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s closest supporter and co-author of this idea”, said Dmitry Gusev, president of the Bakster-group consulting agency.

    Gusev noted that “Volkov knew the city very well, he knew the Ural people and how to work with them, which means that Navalny had a chance that his method would work. However, the election results showed the opposite — SV techniques do not work even where Navalny and his team had an advantage”, he stressed.

    “The failure of Navalny’s idea means that people vote not because someone has pointed out something to them, but on the basis of their own opinion. In Yekaterinburg, people decided to support United Russia, and it received most of the votes”, he concluded.

    Earlier on Sunday, the by-election to the Yekaterinburg City Duma ended in two districts. According to the regional election commission, the turnout in voting was 9.16% in constituency No. 3 and 9.49% in constituency No. 9.

    In both constituencies, candidates from the United Russia party won the largest number of votes: ex-deputy Anton Shvalev (constituency # 3) won 28.57% of the vote, and businessman Vitaly Chachin (constituency # 9) — 39.91%. Thus, United Russia has regained the absolute majority of mandates (19 out of 36).

    “Election day passed calmly, without confirmed violations. At the same time, the residents of the two districts showed a rather high interest in the final campaigning”, said Vadim Antoshin, chairman of the regional election committee.

    At the same time, after the completion of voting in Yekaterinburg, police officers detained a man who was buying up votes in the by-election.

    “We managed to catch a man who was buying up votes in support of the Communist Party candidate Olga Prozherina. The man had lists with contact details of voters who received money — about 300-400 rubles. We called people on the numbers indicated in the lists. They replied that they had voted for Olga Prozherina”, Kommersant reports, quoting the words of Vladislav Postnikov, a candidate for deputy from the Yabloko party.

    Navalny — the people’s choice!

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    1. Navalny’s ‘Smart Voting’ ™ technique, to the limited extent I am familiar with it, consists merely of persuading voters to vote for whatever candidate is not representing United Russia. As such, it is not a very coherent strategy – there is no doubt he can get his adoring hamsters to do anything he wants, but there are nowhere near enough of them to make a serious difference, and even if there were, it is still flawed. If there are more than two candidates, which is by no means uncommon, the Smart Voters run the risk of vote-splitting and canceling one another out. If he refined his idea to suggest a slate of specific non-United Russia candidates, that’d have more of an effect, but then he would face the task of convincing voters to vote for a candidate they might not support, simply as a protest vote, when for all they know it might result in that candidate winning.

      It doesn’t even sound like Navalny’s idea – it sounds like the brainchild of some State Department ideologue.


  29. The Lisbon, Portugal Court of Appeals rules – even as the country is in a state of emergency – that the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is unable to determine with a reasonable degree of certainty that a person who tests positive is infected with COVID-19 and not some other virus, such as influenza.

    And a collective of multinational doctors wrote an open letter to the WHO months ago, entreating the agency to accept evidence which strongly suggests the Novel Coronavirus is spread by tiny viral particles which may remain airborne for hours, rather than exclusively the ‘droplets’ doctrine the WHO preaches. That argument took place well before nearly all existing mask mandates.

    Gosh. Who knew?


    1. So putting together the facts…
      – The virus spread will not be measurably reduced by mask wearing and social distancing
      – The latest findings suggest that immunity after infection is long lasting – months to possibly years.
      – survival rate of 99.9+% for the vast majority of the population

      Following the science and politics:
      – Protect the vulnerable
      – Allow herd immunity to develop with a “business as usual” approach (with efforts to minimize infection spikes when they occur)
      – Promote methods to build resistance to the general population such as strong social messaging on the benefits of Vitamins C and D4 as well as Zinc
      – Administer a vaccine to vulnerable groups.
      – Stop the fear mongering and financial extortion by Big Med.

      Of course, the above runs counter to the agenda dictated by the Great Reset. We will be bamboozled to accept a sharp loss of freedoms and a decreasing standard of living as the New Normal and feel like we are doing the good and responsible thing. Gag me.


      1. The problem for Qantas though is that all airlines would have to adopt the same policy and agree on which COVID-19 vaccines they’ll accept as suitable for passengers, especially if the vaccines themselves give such varying results and the AstraZeneca trials still having question marks over the demographic used in the trials and how the doses were administered, with some volunteers apparently receiving half-doses in their first doses and benefiting more from such doses than those who received the full first doses.


          1. Qantas’ head office is in Sydney (New South Wales) though, not in Queensland or the Northern Territory so that’s another mystery for you to ponder.


            1. Why not “OzAirline”?

              Perhaps they did not create “Australian Air” because of American Airlines, founded 1926, or persistent misreading of “Australia” for “Austria” and there is an “Austrian Airlines”.


  30. 25 ноября 2020, 9:46
    Алексей Зотьев
    Восстание на Донбассе и «возвращение» Крыма

    25 November 2020, 9:46
    Aleksei Zotiev
    The uprising in the Donbass and the “return” of the Crimea

    An information war is waged according to its own rules. Its main task is not directly to destroy the enemy, but to bring confusion into his ranks. It is quite difficult to convince the population of a country that is your geopolitical rival that “everything is lost”, especially if in reality everything is exactly the opposite. But if this still succeeds, on the territory of the state that is the target for an information attack, not only its domestic but also foreign policy collapses.

    A boardgame player — nothing else! — ME

    The Ukraine itself, which, of course, has declared that Russia is an “aggressor state”, is not capable of confronting our country in an open armed conflict. Well, the “united West” standing behind her does not want to “play the leading role” in this situation, preferring to fight with Russia to the last Ukrainian soldier. Given this state of affairs, Ukrainian politicians have no choice but to go to the “virtual front” and win their own, albeit small, but still significant information victories.

    In our progressive age, the age of information accessibility, it is sometimes difficult to convince people who are not skilled in politics that black is white, and white is black. There are too many opportunities to verify the information that some individuals try to pass off as the truth at its primary source.

    Stories about how poorly the Crimea lives after the “occupation” have long lost their relevance, and loud headlines about the imminent collapse of the “Kremlin regime” no longer arouse the interest of readers. But we must pay tribute to the perseverance of Ukrainian propagandists, who continue their invisible war day after day, trying to inflict defeat on Russia at least on the information front.

    Literally today, whilst studying the Ukrainian press, I learned that “the inhabitants of the occupied part of the Donbass have declared that the situation in the DPR has deteriorated so much that local residents are ready to fight against the DPR, since the militants are insolently mocking local residents”. Users of social networks are allegedly writing about this, commenting on the mood in the “captured part of the Donbass” more than 6 years after the start of the “Russian occupation”.

    It seems like the people are tired, and the goals of the fight against “mainland Ukraine” are not clear to everyone. If you fight for the fulfillment of the terms of the Minsk agreements, as a result of which the unrecognized territories will in any case return to the Ukraine, then why fight at all? In general, confusion and vacillation, which in the near future may develop into an open and merciless rebellion.

    I do not know if Ukrainians believe such rubbish, but we, residents of the border areas who regularly communicate with citizens of both the DPR and LPR, have not heard of anything like this. Of course, there are certain problems on the territory of the unrecognized republics, as there are on the territory of any state, including Russia, but to say that people, some of whom are holding back the Ukrainian aggression with weapons in their hands, are lying low and seeing how to return to the Ukraine is outright nonsense.

    But that is not all. The Ukrainian propaganda machine, completely rusty and half-buried in the ground, is still trying to convince us that a certain part of Russians, a fairly active part, believes that the Crimea definitely needs to be returned to the Ukraine.

    “There shouldn’t be any referendums. The transitional period should in no way be accompanied by negotiations — there is nothing to negotiate about. The decision to return the Crimea to Ukrainian control should be made by the new Russian parliament immediately. But the transmission technology, how long it will take — this is already secondary”, the Russian opposition politician Garry Kasparov has been quoted as saying during a detailed interview at Radio Crimea and relayed through a number of major Ukrainian newsmedia outlets.

    An interesting opinion, but here are the facts of this situation: the point is that this information source has nothing to do with the Crimea. And that is not all. Gary Kasparov himself, who considers himself to be a Russian politician, even if he is of the “opposition”, cannot be called Russian at all: Gary Kasparov is a citizen of Croatia who, under no threatening circumstances at all, left Russia back in 2013 and now spends most of his free time in New York, where he does not abandon his righteous work in establishing a truly democratic regime in Russia.

    [My stress —ME.]

    That is how we live: faceless, anonymous authors from the territory of the Ukraine are trying to convince us on social networks that the inhabitants of the Donbass are literally ready to return the territories of the unrecognized republics to their “native bosom” by force, and Croats living in New York promise to return the Crimea to the Ukraine.


  31. Again! Forgot to open and close italics.

    Should have opened them below that photograph of that piece of shit at: “The Ukraine itself, which, of course, . . . ” and closed them after: “. . . a truly democratic regime in Russia”, which words are not mine, but a translation of a Russian blogger’s text.


  32. Latest shocking revelation about the Evil One!!!!!!

    Издание «Проект» нашло третью дочь президента Владимира Путина

    The publication “Project” has found a third daughter of President Vladimir Putin

    [Looks Just like her dad, no mistake! —ME]

    “Project” has published a large-scale investigation of a St. Petersburg woman, Svetlana Krivonogikh, who, according to the publication, was a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Her family owns property and assets worth about 7.76 billion rubles

    The publication writes that Svetlana Krivonogikh was born into a simple family and spent her childhood in a communal apartment on Gorokhovaya Street in St. Petersburg. Having received a certificate of maturity, Svetlana Krivonogikh worked as a cleaner for some time. Then she entered the University of Economics and Finance at the Department of International Economic Relations. She received her diploma from the University in 2000. Around the same time, the family’s financial well-being improved significantly: from the Krivonogikhs’ communal apartment she moved with her mother into elite housing. Referring to the acquaintances of Krivonogikh, the publication writes that around the same time, Krivonogikh met Vladimir Putin. About ten years ago, the relationship, the publication claims, ended.

    According to “Project”, Krivonogikh has a daughter who was born in 2003. “In the copies of the documents that “Project” became acquainted with, the father of Elizaveta Krivonogikh is not indicated, only her patronymic is known — Vladimirovna”, the article says.

    [Christ on a bike! How many Vladimirovnas are there in Russia??? My wife happens to be one of them, by the way — ME]

    According to “Project”, for several years now, Elizaveta has been living under a different surname and maintains accounts on social networks under an assumed name. Judging by the portraits “Project” has at its disposal, she is phenomenally similar to the President of Russia. [My stress — ME] The same conclusion was reached by Professor Hassan Ugail, director of the Centre for Visual Analysis, University of Bradford, UK. The computer analysis carried out by him showed that the similarity between Putin and the younger Krivonogikh is 70.44%. “Project” has not published a portrait of Krivonogikh’s daughter for ethical reasons as she is a minor. After Svetlana Krivonogikh had received questions from the editors, her daughter deleted most of the pictures from her account in which you could see the child’s face.

    The publication writes in detail about the assets of the Krivonogikhs. In particular, the material says that she is a co-owner of the “Igora” ski resort located in the north of the Leningrad Region. The complex is located 40 kilometres from the well-known dacha cooperative “The Lake”. Vladimir Putin came to the opening of the complex in 2006; in 2013, his daughter Katerina and Kirill Shamalov celebrated their wedding at “Igora”.

    Interesting family name!

    In Russian: Кривоногих.

    It means: “Crooked Legs”.

    And a crooked story!

    Why go to Bradford, Yorkshire, England for an analysis of the photos?

    What a load of shite!


    1. As believable as the story, some years ago, that Putin had frozen all entry to and exit from some city or other – I forget the name now – so that his secret wedding to Alina Kabayeva could go forward undisturbed. Were there also large billboards which proclaimed “Secret Wedding! Don’t Miss It!!”? I was pretty sure that Putin was once in the KGB – is that what they taught their operatives? That large public security operations in which access is broadly restricted is the best way to keep something secret?

      He was also supposed to have had a couple of secret children by Kabayeva, but that story never really took off. For a pedophile who can’t keep his lips off little boys’ tummies, Putin is quite the heterosexual fireball.


    2. Бывший главный редактор «Дождя» запускает новое медиа

      «Проект» Романа Баданина будет публиковать прежде всего расследования

      24 июля 2018, 22:28 / Медиа

      I had a brief look at the website. Full on Kreakls. There is a single direction of their reporting so that is an interesting interpretation of ‘independent’ journalists. Non-profit ‘donor funded’ model. How very Navalny! No doubt to provide a level of protection.

      Badanin studied ‘journalism’ at Stanford university and then worked for TV Dzhod, formerly ed-in-c of RBK.

      There is no address and they use protonmail which is end-to-end encrypted direct email (no servers involved) though curiously they don’t use the Russian Telegram. I assume that they have a ‘virtual’ office which would explain it.

      Should we be surprised? No.


      1. On the dresser upstairs is a photo from St Petersburg of my niece, Yulia, shaking hands with Putin; she is a talented dancer and was in some youth show there a couple of summers ago.

        Or at least that was the official story we all believed. The randy old bugger – she is probably his daughter as well! The missus’s sister will have some ‘splainin’ to do.

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  33. Забытые 10 тысяч евро: как Навальный проигрывает суды в ЕСПЧ
    25 ноября 2020, 11:39

    The forgotten 10 thousand euros: how Navalny loses cases at the ECHR
    25 November 2020, 11:39

    Aleksey Navalny often boasts about his winning cases against Russia at the ECHR. In 2017, he promised that everyone detained by the police at a rally would win 10 thousand euros in court. The blogger prefers not to talk about his failures at the ECHR, when the court does not take his side. Lawyer Ilya Remeslo has checked the database and found many cases of people who were left without payments because of the negligence of Navalny’s team.

    Aleksey Navalny is proud of the fact that he manages to sue Russia for large sums of money at the ECHR. The fact remains that Navalny is indeed unusually lucky in the European Court. His cases are considered on a priority basis, and in August, when Navalny was feeling bad, the ECHR took an exceptional measure, asking Russia to evacuate him.

    “Unprecedented speed for a court”, wrote Navalny’s associate at the time, Ivan Zhdanov. With such “benevolence” you can win any kind of judgement, even with the most absurd claims against Russia —you simply only need find the time to file your complaints. However, Navalny has had cases at the ECHR, the outcome of which he prefers not to talk about.

    Legal bungling of FBK “super-lawyers”

    Not so long ago, Navalny launched the ECHR-Search service, on the page of which you can see how the complaints filed by the lawyer ended. I decided to check how well Navalny and his team are fulfilling their promise to sue for ten thousand euros for each person detained at a rally.

    To start with, we enter the names of lawyers from Navalny’s team in the “lawyer” field: Ivan Zhdanov, Vyacheslav Gimadi or Alexander Pomazuev. We then receive all cases in which they have participated.

    And here is what we see when scrolling down the search page:

    The number of cases lost by Navalny’s lawyer in the ECHR is very large. Here, for example, there are only a few cases shown to illustrate our point. Pay attention to the dates when a complaint was received and when it was refused: in some instances, the difference is only a month, that is, a refusal even without proceedings having started. This can only mean one thing: the complaints were initially wrongly drawn up, so the ECHR did not even consider them on their merits.

    Promising to collect 10 thousand euros for everyone is one thing, but competently drawing up a legal document is quite another matter.

    Amongst the cases lost by the “super-lawyers” are those of Navalny’s associates — for example, the case of the coordinator of the Ufa headquarters Lilia Chanysheva, who had previously won at the ECHR. Now something has gone wrong, but Navalny choosse to remain silent about this.

    Or the lost case involving Lyaskin:

    Navalny also has a large number of cases of another category, that of “lost claims”, where the complaint formally has met the requirements, but the database indicates that it can be declared inadmissible.

    How “Russia of the future” lost to Russia of the present

    As you probably remember, Navalny’s party “Russia of the Future” was denied registration. At the time, the blogger explained this by the fact that the authorities were very afraid of him, etc. The party decided to appeal against the refusal of registration to the ECHR with the help of Navalny’s super-lawyer Vyacheslav Gimadi. The outcome is not difficult to guess.

    Has the ECHR really admitted that Navalny’s party was not legally registered, or is this just another bungling of Navalny’s lawyers? I am leaning towards the second option, because the refusal of the complaint was made less than a month after registration.

    A similar fate befell a complaint against the 2018 court ruling that revoked the licence of Navalny’s media outlet “Lefiafan”.

    But Navalny will not tell his supporters about all of this. The database also contains cases in which he was a party and which were lost to Russia. There have been at least two such cases:

    I don’t remember if this was reported as loudly as his victories were?


    1. Navalny has not fulfilled his promise to collect 10 thousand euros for each supporter. There are a large number of people who turned to Navalny for help: he lost the their complaints cases, and now they will definitely not get anything. This is a something to consider when wondering whether it is worth going to Navalny’s rally next time and trusting his generous promises.

    2. Instead of protecting the rights of people, Navalny’s employees are engaged in legal bungling and the wasting of their resources; losing because of negligence when drawing up documents those cases that they could have won at the ECHR using Navalny’s resources.

    3. Navalny prefers to keep silent about his losses at the ECHR, as they do not agree well with his promises and the image of a “super-human rights activist”.

    4. All the mistakes of Navalny and his lawyers are generously paid for by donations from supporters who are not in the habit of questioning their leader, as they are guided by his old principle of “Don’t sit there thinking: get out and do something!”*

    * “не рефлексируйте, а распространяйте” — A Navalny catch phrase that first appeared in one of his videos on 18 October 2011 — ME.



  34. Disappointing but nor surprising:

    After years of relying on Roscomos to deliver its astronauts to space, Washington now plans sanctions on Russian space agency

    Russia’s space agency Roscosmos may be hit with US sanctions for the first time ever, as a draft document reveals the Russian Ministry of Defense might become the subject of economic penalties from Washington.

    As well as Roscosmos, the proposed sanctions would also target Rosatom, the federal nuclear energy agency, as one of 28 organizations in the aviation, rocket, space, nuclear, instrument and engine industries.

    Turns out the the shining example of cooperation above politics was nothing of the sort. As soon as the US could ditch Roscosmos and its transportation of US astronauts to the ISS, the US will place sanctions against them. Pathetic and cowardly are the nicest words I can say to characterize this action.

    Presumably, the US has enough RD-180 engines in stock to carry them forward until the New Glenn or whatever POS rocket that they plan to use is operational. Will Russia stop supplying titanium stock and finished components to the US aerospace sector? If Russia follows through with reciprocity, that may be next.

    Of course, the US is seeking a severing of all economic and diplomatic ties that no longer are advantageous. The US wants a Cold War (no surprise there) but it seems hellbent on new levels of belligerency never seen in the post War era.


    1. What department does the funding for RR come from?

      Who ultimately manages it?

      It needs to be reviewed – is it achieving its aims or had it become a place for Margarita To employ her friends?

      Wow- the interview with Peskov Does indeed look terrible. Why did that man turn up dressed in fishnet socks?
      Very unprofessional behaviour
      And why did Peskov sit there and participate?


    2. There have been on and off strange employees at RT — most notably the frenetic homosexual man who was wearing rather loud braces (“suspenders” in North American vernacular) as he mouthed it off live on air at RT. Or is my memory playing tricks? Was he employed by RT? I remember his rant clearly, though, and his storming off-stage like the big Jessie he seemed to be.

      As a matter of fact, for me, a speaker of proper English [ 🙂 ], a man wearing “suspenders” would clearly be regarded as “queer” . . . then again, maybe I’m just old fashioned and should learn to embrace the LGBT (and whatever other list of capital letters that now follow) and oh-so-free- queer world of today. I should add that I am NOT a homophobe. I’m just not bothered. Do your own thing, I say, in private! Just dont bug me!!!!!

      And there was another RT employee, another frenetic person, a woman, who, having performed a stint of employment at RT in deepest Mordor, returned to the “Land of ther Free”, where she lambasted those wicked Orcs for their mind-controlling mass media and for their generally being thoroughly nasty types.


      1. The suspenders guy was Jamie Kirchik, who works for The Daily Beast – he has never been an employee of RT. His goodbuddy Liz Wahl was, though; he was one-half of her dramatic departure from RT while on the air live.

        Kirchik is one of those gay-rights activists who will never be satisfied with homosexuality simply being quietly accepted – no, it must be celebrated, because homosexuals are rare and precious creatures who have made the leap to beyond where us stumbling pedestrian clods can go. We will never ‘get it’, but it might be enough if we simply worship them from afar, acknowledging their superior intellect, taste and sense of adventure.

        It was probably Liz Wahl you were speaking of in the last paragraph, as well. She quit on live TV, as I mentioned, after careful scripting and arrangement with Kirchik via cellphone from a bathroom stall, so that he could ensure as many people as possible were watching when it happened. But she was never in Russia to the best of my knowledge – she was a Filipina from Saipan, who moved to the USA on an internship and then worked for RT in the USA.

        After her bold-public-statement resignation, Wahl’s career took off like a rocket foundered like the EDMUND FITZGERALD, and most recent mentions of the spunky Gal Friday describe her losing a bid for election to the US House of Representatives. To be more accurate, she withdrew her candidacy before the Democratic primary, but I submit that is not a typical action for a candidate who perceives she has broad support.


    3. Bloody near unintelligible translation of the Russian original in that above linked Saker article!

      That bastard Krasovsky, whom RT had interview Peskov, is this cnut:

      No, not the one at the front: the one behind her!


      1. Yes, you can tell by the folk in the background that everyone in Ukraine dresses like that. Sobchak and Krasovsky are apparently graduates of the Justin Trudeau School of Diplomacy. When in Rome…


      2. Krasovsky was probably thinking the floral wreath and the attached ribbons as well as the glasses would look better on him (or in his mouth) than on Ksenia Sobchak.


  35. The AstraZeneca vaccine trial appears to be a clown show – wrong dosages administered only discovered after the fact, results for only 50% of the test subjects reported, the dosage with the highest effectiveness was administered to a group of 56 year old and younger (not representative of the likely vaccine demographics), and on and on,

    To my skeptical mind, the vaccine should not be considered for approval until a properly conducted phase III trial completed. But that would mean billions of lost revenue so it won’t happen.


  36. 26 ноября 2020 9:35
    Собянин продлил дистанционную работу для москвичей до 15 января
    Дома должны будут оставаться люди старше 65 лет, пока не открывают досуговые учреждения для детей

    26 November 2020 9:35
    Sobyanin has extended remote work for Muscovites until January 15
    People over 65 years old shall have to stay at home: leisure facilities for children shall be closed

    In Moscow, for the next month and a half people shall will have to live in a regime of restrictions. The city mayor has extended until January 15, 2021 remote work and Muscovites over 65 years old must stay at home. City leisure facilities for children shall be closed. Sergei Sobyanin has announced this decision in his blog.

    Now hear me! Stay at home!

    Ты никто! Знай своё место, раб!
    [You are nothing! Know your place, slave!]

    Get stuffed Sobyanin!

    I am NOT a Muscovite: I am a FREE BORN Englishman!



    1. Typo!

      Not: ” . . . shall will have to live” — that’s bloody Microsoft American English spell checker for you, which treats the modal auxiliary verb “shall” with abhorrence.

      It should have read: “. . . shall have to live” because there is no volition on the subjects of the verb, nor is their having to live under such a regime a prediction, hence no “will”, therefore “shall”, namely external obligation, a rule or a decree, as in “Thou shalt not kill!”


  37. Some of Sobyanin’s folks back home:


    He is from an ethnic Mansi village in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Administrative Region [Okrug], Western Siberia, which fact leads to many ethnic Slav Muscovites making comments about his ethnicity:

    A reference above to the “Horde” — the Mongol-Tatar Horde that ruled Russian lands for about 200 years.

    The “United Russia” logo has been changed to read “United Horde”, and the party logo is s a Tatar mounted bowman.

    And when Moscow’s main thoroughfares were being dug up according to Sobyanin’s plan, this appeared:

    Sobyanin’s home village.


    Another reference to Sobyanin’s ethnicity:

    He is referred to above as “Khan Sobyanin”.

    Just shows you how “racist” orcs really are, doesn’t it!


    1. Seriously though, the indigenous peoples of Siberia are still alive and well and have their own administrative, self-governing regions, unlike their ethnic kinfolk in North America, unless one should like to label a Native American reservation an “Okrug”.


        1. Shoygu is a Christian though, so he is beyond criticism! 🙂

          Don’t know about his dad, though: if he wasn’t a dyed in the wool Communist, then he may have been a Buddhist or even a Shamanist.


  38. From a kreakl blog, no doubt intended to give rise to a wailing and gnashing of teeth amongst kreakles:

    No PPP adjustment whatsoever, of course.

    For example, here in Mordor, the cost of a railway ticket to my dacha station, situated some 52 miles from the centre of Moscow is now 197 rubles ($2.60/£1.95)

    A train journey over a similar distance in the UK, namely from Manchester to Nottingham, costs £12.85, or 1,297.43 rubles.

    Oh yes, and I can get a train from here to my dacha almost round the clock on the hour every day, which I should imagine would not be the case if I wished to travel from Manchester to Nottingham.


    1. Those poor folks in Southeastern Europe are stuck with the Euro and with a low minimum wage – now that is poverty.

      So the Russian train trip would cost about 2.4 hours and the UK train trip about 1.4 hours so there is an advantage to the UK although the level of service may be significantly lower. The minimum wage rate in a country (assuming that it is set to allow subsidence survival) will strong depend on the overall cost of living and in particular the cost of rent, food, education and health services. If Russia provides those essentials at a low rate then its minimum wage can be low yet meet the requirement mentioned earlier.


      1. “So the Russian train trip would cost about 2.4 hours. . . ”

        How come?

        The 84.4 km (52.75 miles)train journey from Belorusskiy Terminus to our dacha station, Sadovaya, takes 1 hour and 35 minutes in a “stopper” and a shorter time in a “REKS”, a regional express.

        I can guarantee that a train journey from Manchester to Nottingham takes much longer.

        Sushkinskaya station, 36 km (20 miles) from Sadovaya station.

        The first train is a “stopper”; the second a “REKS”, hence the dog logo on the blue carriages.

        Last winter. Snowing here now.


          1. Right!

            It takes exactly 2 hours to reach my dacha from my house front door in the centre of Moscow to our dacha garden gate. The dacha is a 15 minute walk from the country station where we alight from the Moscow-Borodino train.


    2. Pity they forgot to include Die Ukraine, where the minimum wage is about a third that of Russia. Which is pretty scandalous considering Ukraine is an EU project whose cooperation was largely suborned by convincing the jumpy citizens that they were making a decision which would pay off in prosperity.

      There’s not much doubt they’re worse off than they were – the World Bank claims their GDP per capita adjusted for PPP is better now than at any point since 2008, but that’s hard to believe given their GDP growth is negative and they are living on handouts. Even if it were true, GDP per capita adjusted for PPP has never again reached the level it was at in 1990, the last year it was part of the USSR.

      Unless that’s supposed to be Ukraine what’s shown as if it is part of Russia, and claims a minimum wage higher than Russia. But then, we live in a world of magic. According to this site, you can get honest work out of a Ukrainian for $.67 per hour.


  39. Правительство ФРГ отказалось раскрыть детали дела Навального немецким депутатам
    26 ноября 2020

    The German government has refused to disclose details of the Navalny case to German deputies
    26 november 2020

    The German government has refused to inform deputies of the parliamentary faction “Alternative for Germany” the exact composition of the poison allegedly used in the incident with Russian citizen Aleksey Navalny.

    In response to an inquiry from the parliamentary faction “Alternative for Germany”, the German government said that the exact composition of the poison allegedly used in the incident with Navalny was not disclosed owing to its “high risk of spreading”. [What exactly do they mean by that? — ME] At the same time, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Germany claims that other items with traces of substances from the Novichok group, in addition to a bottle of water, were allegedly present in the incident with Navalny, RIA Novosti reports.

    Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized Berlin for unacceptable behaviour in the situation around Navalny and violation of international obligations. The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly called on Germany to abandon the “unpromising confrontational course; to finally begin normal constructive interaction” in order to clarify the circumstances of what happened to Navalny.

    Relations between Moscow and Berlin have deteriorated amid the case of the “poisoning” of the Russian blogger. The OPCW claims that in the analyses of Navalny, a substance similar to a poison from the Novichok group was allegedly found. At the same time, both the German authorities and the participants in this story are hiding information about the incident. Meanwhile, European politicians have pointed out that Russia had done everything to save Navalny. The German media emphasized that the blogger survived thanks to the actions of the pilots and Omsk doctors.

    Scientist Leonid Rink, who participated in the development of Novichok, ruled out the possibility of Navalny’s poisoning. This was also stated by the chief toxicologist of the Omsk region, Alexander Sabaev, pointing out that doctors at the Omsk hospital had not found find traces of a toxic substances in Navalny’s body.

    The Kremlin has repeatedly stressed that Russia is ready for comprehensive cooperation with Germany, and noted that before the blogger was taken to Berlin, no toxic substances had been identified in his body. In spite of this, the European Union and the United Kingdom have imposed sanctions on six Russians and a scientific institute. Russia has imposed retaliatory sanctions.

    “The exact composition of the poison allegedly used in the incident with Navalny was not disclosed owing to its “high risk of spreading”!

    Just whom do they think they are kidding?


    1. And try as hard as I might, I can find fuck all about the above in the German press.

      In “Frankfurter Rundschau”, however, there is this:

      26.11.2020 07:50


      Russland: Wie krank ist Wladimir Putin? Im Kreml taucht er kaum noch auf
      Stefan SchollvonStefan Scholl

      Die Gerüchte um den Gesundheitszustand von Russlands Präsidenten Wladimir Putin reißen nicht ab. Manche glauben, dass er bald zurücktreten muss.

      26.11.2020 07:50


      Russia: How ill is Vladimir Putin? He hardly ever turns up at the Kremlin
      Stefan SchollvonStefan Scholl

      Rumours about the state of health of the Russian President Vladimir Putin continue. Some believe that he shall have to resign soon.

      For weeks, there have been rumours in Russia about the state of health of President Vladimir Putin . . .

      So a “quality newspaper” deals in rumours now, does it?

      Meanwhile, 5 days ago back in Mordor:

      21 ноября 2020 года Владимир Путин выступил на встрече глав делегаций стран – участниц «Группы двадцати», приглашённых государств и международных организаций.

      Данное видео опубликовано в целях ознакомительного характера целиком и без изменения.

      Отправить обращение Президенту в форме электронного документа можно по ссылке:

      Правообладатель данного видео: сайт

      Ссылка на видео правообладателя:

      Дата публикации: 21 ноября 2020 года

      Все материалы сайта доступны по лицензии: «Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International» по ссылке:

      Хеш-теги: #ПутинВВ #kremlin #ПрезидентРоссии

      On November 21, 2020, Vladimir Putin spoke at a meeting of the heads of delegations of the G20 member states, invited states and international organizations.

      This video is published for informational purposes in its entirety and without modification.

      You can send an appeal to the President in the form of an electronic document at the link:

      Copyright holder of this video: website

      Link to the video of the copyright holder: http: // …

      Published Date: November 21, 2020

      All materials on this site are available under the license: “Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International” at the link: http: // …

      Hash tags: #PutinВВ #kremlin #President of Russia


    2. I’m sure they mean the composition of the poison would quickly be leaked, and then every anarchist in Germany would know how to make it. So it must be kept a government secret – we just have to pray that Putin won’t blab.

      Good job none of them would think of buying Mirzayanov’s book, which has the formula in it.


  40. Just got this off Sobyanin:

    The spread of COVID-19 remains tense. In October, the growth rates of hospitalizations and pneumonia were much higher. Now there is a gradual smoothing of the growth dynamics. But it is too early to talk about a transition to a decrease in the incidence rate.

    Thanks to the measures taken, it is still possible to avoid the most difficult spring scenario for the development of a pandemic with the total closure of everything and restrictions on everyone. Experts believe that in these conditions there is no need to introduce additional restrictions, but the cancellation of the current measures would be a premature and rash decision.

    Therefore, we have decided to extend the measures to counter the spread of coronavirus until January 15, 2021.

    Muscovites over 65 and citizens with chronic diseases should still stay at home.

    Enterprises and organizations must provide remote operation for at least 30% of their staff.

    City leisure facilities for children will be closed.

    We have to live in this mode for the next month and a half. And even at New Year we will most likely celebrate it as a family holiday – in a small home circle.

    I ask you to continue to be as careful as possible and not to unnecessarily risk your health. By doing so, we are together bringing the end of the pandemic closer.

    I bet you he goes off skiing in the Alps at the New Year.


  41. Consider this:

    The number of hospital beds per capita in Russia (2017) was approximately 300% of that of the USA with a 145% advantage to Russia in ventilators.

    As a for-profit business that is well-protected by political influence up the wazoo driven by maximization of profits by minimization of overhead (e.g. hospital beds, high-tech equipment, etc.), the health care system has the freedom to do whatever it takes to ensure fat bottom lines to the benefit of the medical oligarchy.

    Even a relatively minor health care demand arising from Covid overwhelmed available resources giving us pictures of makeshift hospitals in convention centers and ICUs overflowing into hallways. True, there was an initial high rates of serious infections but that was as much due to incompetence of our political leadership. For example, the governor of New York ordered nursing homes to accept infected patients. The result was horrific, but, the Governor came out smelling like a rose.

    Rather than focusing on a pathetic health care system and criminally incompetent political leadership, the narrative is to elevate the health system to mythical levels of heroism while punishing the population with lock downs and the destruction of large swathes of the economy.

    As much as we correctly focus on the MIC with its wanton greed and mass destruction at the core of its business model, the health care system is hardly better.


  42. Martynov’s take on the USN recent dickswinging in Russia’s back yard.

    Reminiscence of the Future… : How You Name The Ship…

    I didn’t want to do it, but here it is. Since I didn’t serve around Vladivostok so I do not know for sure configuration of Russia’s territorial waters there, I just know that in accordance to 1984 document, and that is what US, or whoever runs it today (is there anybody out there?), refers to, stating that Zaliv Petra Velikogo (The Peter-the-Great Gulf) is not exactly Russian waters. Here is what the US Navy had to say:…

    The rest at the link.

    On reflection (a couple of days ago), the whole event looks like an ill thought out (?) ‘Soil the Bed idea left for Bi-dumb. As the O-Bomber administration left the Russiagate poison pill, it seems to me that the t-Rump administration is also looking to leave a whole stinking pile of dooh-dad for Bi-dumb. And why not? First we had the ‘t-Rump had to be talked down from bombing i-Ran’, but none of those early reports actually say who proposed this idea in the first place and we were led to assume it was t-Rump but later reports say Nut&Yahoo pushed for it. Then we had the proposed sanctions on 89 Russian and Chinese companies, then the McCain’s Pacific wankathon incident and now General Flynn being pardoned. It all has ‘last minute’ about it except he’s still President until January. I don’t need to be a soothsayer to say “expect more s/t.”

    Vis Stain McCaine, after I read the piece above it occurred to me that it could have been a cover to slip in a submarine under all the noise. After all there is along history of submarines doing their best to sneak as close as possible to others ports. Old skool misdirection, innit?


  43. It’s not over in the MH-17 trial, but it seems like if you are a Russian under suspicion, you could hardly do yourself a greater disservice than to get a Dutch lawyer. Granted, the judge is clearly cherry – picking the testimony he will let in and that which he disallows, but so far the Dutch defense lawyers are doing a dandy job of getting incriminating testimony admitted which would otherwise have been inadmissible.

    The whole thing is so farcical that it might as well be taking place in England. It reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live skit, featuring Gilda Radner and Laraine Newman. It’s supposed to be high school, and Gilda Radner is smart but unattractive and goofy. Laraine Newman is wearing a cocktail dress it looks like she was poured into, and has a syrupy Southern accent. The panel of judges – all dirty old men – keep feeding Newman easy words like “far” while Radner gets “juxtaposition”. Finally one of the judges just stops Radner mid-word and says “No, no: you were going to spell it wrong. I could tell”.

    In this case, the prosecution is Newman and the defense is Radner.


  44. The replacement of the Bullshitter as “Oppositionsführer” by his statuesque wife as reported in “Abendlich Hamburg” has been revealed by “Ekho Moskvy” as “fake”, Venediktov’s kreakl radio station citing “Radio Liberty” as its source:

    04:12, 27 ноября 2020
    Ряд СМИ, как утверждается на сайте радио «Свобода», распространил ложную информацию об Алексее и Юлии Навальных

    4:12 am, November 27, 2020
    A number of media outlets, according to the website of Radio Liberty, disseminated false information about Alexei and Yulia Navalny

    In particular, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Gazeta.Ru”, “Sputnik” and the site “Inosmi” have referred to a non-existent “German” publication, which claimed that Yulia Navalnaya would allegedly be nominated as a State Duma deputy, following the instructions of “foreign curators”, that the poisoning of Aleksey Navalny with “Novichok” had been totally invented by his team, and that Chancellor Angela Merkel had become the victim of an information campaign to promote the Russian oppositionist.

    As the German Russian-language television channel OstWest has found out, initially the publication was posted on a website that does not have a registration in Germany and neither contacts nor subscribers on Facebook. The site itself appeared in March 2018 and has been copying materials from the German editorial office of Russia Today from its first days. Aleksey Navalny has called the information reprinted by Russian editions completely “fictional”.

    Interesting how “Ekho Moskvy” refers to RT as “Russia Today”.

    “Russia Today” was launched in 2005.

    “Russia Today” became RT 11 years ago but “Ekho Washington” still calls the news network RT “Russia Today”.

    Власти Германии заблокировали сайт издания Abendlich Hamburg из-за статьи о Навальном

    German authorities block the “Abendlich Hamburg” website over an article about Navalny

    The official website of the publication “Abendlich Hamburg” has been blocked by the FRG authorities because of an article about Alexey Navalny.

    The Office of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Media has reported that an inspection of this publication would begin in the near future, since, most likely, it violated the law on providing published information.

    Earlier, “Abendlich Hamburg” published an article that Yulia Navalny would represent the Russian opposition in place of her husband Aleksey Navalny. According to journalist Matthias Fritz, a survey had been conducted in Russia about the attitude towards Navalny. Most Russians responded that they considered him a failure, as most of his headquarters had recently begun to close. In addition, the recent situation with his “poisoning” influenced the attitude towards Navalny.

    It is reported that the “Abendlich Hamburg” website lacks the necessary information about the organization’s address, contacts, publisher’s name, etc.

    Германский регулятор не знает о существовании издания, сообщившего о выдвижении Юлии Навальной в Госдуму
    25.11.2020, 21:03 обновлено в 02:00, 26.11

    The German regulator does not know about the existence of the publication that announced the nomination of Yulia Navalnaya to the State Duma

    The German Office for Media (Die Medienanstalten) intends to study the activities of the website (“Abendlich Hamburg”) “in the coming days”. This was reported to Kommersant by the press secretary of the department, Anya Bundschu. The reason for the check is the website’s probable violation of German law, which requires the publication of imprint and other information about the publication without fail. There is no such information on the site. Earlier, material appeared on the site about the possible nomination of the wife of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, Yulia, as a single opposition candidate in the upcoming elections to the State Duma.

    The physical address of the editorial office, telephone, e-mail, registration number, publisher name and publisher name has been mandatory (except for personal non-profit blogs) for all sites in Germany since 2007. This requirement also applies to those publications and websites that have pages or accounts on social networks. This information should be contained in the Impressum section, located no more than two links from the first page of the site.

    “Abendlich Hamburg” gained fame in Russia due to the publication on November 23 of a column by a certain Matthias Fritz, in which, in particular, it was asserted that Yulia Navalnaya would be nominated as a single opposition candidate in the upcoming Duma elections after Western special services held a “secret poll “, which showed the unpopularity of Alexei Navalny himself. In Germany, as Ms Bundschu has said, the site is virtually unknown. Sonia Volkmann-Schluck, a representative of the German Press Union (an association of publishers and journalists), told Kommersant that she was hearing about this site for the first time. She told Kommersant that the site had not signed an agreement on voluntary self-regulation with the German Press Union, standard for the German media.


    1. It’s probably a variation on that dodge the Ukies tried, early in the ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’, when some magazine called “Business Life”, something like that, ‘accidentally’ published casualty figures for the Russian Army in Ukraine, showing they were taking heavy losses and hiding the numbers, and then ‘in a panic’ deleting the information. Which, naturally, alert westerners had already screenshotted. This proved the Russian Army was in Ukraine, by God! I forget how it all turned out, it didn’t really amount to much, although foreign-policy heavyweights like Michael McFuck jumped on it right away, expressing dismay that the Russians could have made such a clumsy tactical mistake. The publication itself appeared to have been registered in Kuh-yiv a couple of months before, and to have published pretty much no content before its ‘big oopsie’.

      I think I said at the outset that it sounded sketchy – there would really be no advantage to running Navalnaya except that she doesn’t have a criminal record, but she has no profile with the Russian liberals. The aim was likely to set up a nice slow-pitch for Navalny to hit out of the park, so he can claim this is the Kremlin, trying desperate measures to prevent his inevitable rise.


  45. Beijing’s influence in European Parliament draws fresh scrutiny

    EU-China ‘friendship group’ led by high-profile lawmaker seen as close to Chinese state.

    Just over a year ago, a prominent European lawmaker urged newly elected peers to help him rid the bloc of “acrimonious competition” with China.

    On the face of it, the invitation to an EU-China Friendship Group event was business-as-usual in the European Parliament. Many so-called friendship groups seek to promote cultural and economic ties between the EU and countries ranging from the United Arab Emirates to Taiwan.

    “Champagne and canapés will be served,” read the lawmaker’s invitation…

    More ‘You’re with us or against us.’ And it repeats smears that certain people are working on behalf of the Chinese and they are spying (the police investigated) but that no evidence has been provided and nothing has happend as a result. Well in the free, fair, independent and balanced western media that is as good as ‘guilty.’ No smoke without fire, eh?

    The lobby group is transparent, much more so than others in Brussels. It operates within the rules so what is the problem? The article quotes people from the ‘atlantacist’ side so that explains it. The EU belongs to the US and it must not talk to other countries without permission. I can only see pointless stuff like this getting nastier. That Politico is laundering this kind of shite masquerading as journalism is hardly a surprise when everyone else is doing it too. After all they’ve been doing it for years about Russia, now it’s China’s turn. How retarded.


  46. От чего устал Навальный: иски против блогера развеяли его желание вернуться домой
    2 days ago

    What Navalny has become tired of: lawsuits against the blogger have dispelled his desire to return home

    In the lawsuits filed against Aleksey Navalny, the devil, most likely, has already broken both legs. Legal foreclosures for multimillion-dollar sums have also continued to grow exponentially. Perhaps this is why the blogger does not want to return home? Political analyst Ilya Ukhov has spoken about what, apart from fresh air and his cloven-hoofed friends, is keeping the oppositionist in Germany .

    The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal agreed with the lower instance, which, at the request of the “Druzhba Narodov” meat-packing plant, collected court costs from Aleksey Navalny to the amount of over 3.3 million rubles. The amount represents the reimbursement of expenses incurred by the plaintiff to pay for the services of representatives in court under an agreement with the law office “Padva and Partners” and for notarial examination of Internet sites.

    Earlier, the arbitration courts of three instances in the claim recognized the information about the supply of Rosgvardia products by “Druzhba Narodov” as untrue and discrediting the business reputation of the plant. The courts ordered the blogger to refute this information and remove the video from the YouTube channel, which claimed that the food for the department was purchased from the meat processing plant at prices significantly higher than market prices.

    To count the lawsuits against Alexei Navalny, you would have to bend your fingers on both hands. The opposition politician is in litigation with the “Moskovsky Shkolnik” food plant. In February 2019, a video was published on the Navalny Live YouTube blog, where one of the former employees of the plant criticizes the work of the enterprise, including a woman declaring past sell-by date products being supplied to children’s schools. After this episode, the plant filed a claim with the Moscow Arbitration Court for compensation to the amount of 1.5 billion rubles.

    And a few more lawsuits for the protection of his honour and dignity from businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin to the amount of 88 million rubles. We are talking about a broadcast of the YouTube-blog “Navalny Live”, which disseminated “false”, “offensive” information about Yevgeny Prigozhin, as well as other publications and offensive statements about the businessman containing slanderous information.

    As for the lawsuits filed by Navalny, he succeeded in the European Court of Human Rights, where he was found to be legally correct in his claims about the illegal arrests of 14 people in 2011, during a rally against fraudulent elections to the State Duma.

    The ECHR also awarded the oppositionist 8,500 euros in compensation in the case of his detention on Bolotnaya Square in May 2012. The court concluded that the law enforcement agencies unreasonably used physical force against the opposition politician, thereby violating Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

    But at home, the blogger is less fortunate — a claim for the protection of his honour and dignity against the press secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, was left without attention and “without procedure” at the Presnensky Court, Moscow.

    But in addition to the ever-increasing claims, the question of Navalny’s return to Russia is also growing. Even supporters of the Russian opposition are beginning to be perplexed by his happy posts in the company of ponies and cows. And the need for such a long stay in Germany after having been discharged from the Charité clinic also begins to seem exaggerated to his supporters. In addition, according to media reports, Navalny has submitted a petition to the German authorities to extend his Schengen visa. And this despite the fact that he himself has publicly stated that as soon as he has recovered from the incident, he would immediately return.

    Political scientist Ilya Ukhov has spoken about the return of the opposition politician. According to him, perhaps the blogger does not want to return owing to the fact that he is under investigation in a criminal case of libel against a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. There are also numerous civil claims against him for millions of rubles, which we have mentioned above. Obviously, upon his return, Navalny will immediately return to his legal procedural status of a suspect with all the ensuing legal consequences. In particular, all restrictions on movement, which were promptly removed from him, will return.

    The expert also believes that the version of banal fatigue and Navalny’s own understanding of the futility and ineffectiveness of the political project launched by him in Russia cannot be ruled out.

    Please come home Lyosha — so that you can be sent down for a long time!


  47. Moscow. November 27. INTERFAX.RU – Politician Aleksey Navalny, speaking in the European Parliament, suggested that Europe apply targeted monetary sanctions against Russian oligarchs, including in response to his alleged poisoning.


    Busy bullshitting bee!

    And enemy agent.

    Interfax labels him as a politician, not I!


    1. The meeting was initiated by the European People’s Party, which, in addition to Navalny, invited former Deputy Energy Minister and now blogger Vladimir Milov, as well as Ilya Yashin, Chairman of the Moscow District Council of Deputies.

      “It’s all about money. Real sanctions should be against real money,” the oppositionist said, saying that there is no point in including in the sanctions lists those who do not travel around the world, who do not have accounts in foreign banks. “The real target should be oligarchs, those who are part of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle,” Navalny said.


      President of the European People’s Party is Donald Tusk.


      1. 27 ноября 2020 17:50
        Навальный при пустом зале Европарламента требовал санкций против России
        Брюссель слушал главного русского оппозиционера через видеосвязь

        27 November 2020 17:50
        Navalny demanded sanctions against Russia with an empty hall of the European Parliament
        Brussels listened to the main Russian opposition leader via video link

        If there had been an Internet and YouTube during General Vlasov’s time, we should have had a similar chronicle. Blogger Aleksey Navalny spoke at the European Parliament. The opposition activist himself is relaxing in Germany, so Brussels listened to him via a video link. A separate issue — what was going on in the parliamentary assembly hall? It was empty. Two moderators are sitting at the main table. There is a photographer and one of the clerk-administrators is walking between the rows. In the hall itself 4 women stumbled into the phones. And that’s it.

        The main Russian opposition activist is so important for Europe. Navalny will, of course, explain away the empty hall, the publicity surrounding his fake poisoning with Novichok notwithstanding, by blaming the pandemic. Right, right, right. We believe you . . .

        Now let us just go through the text of Aleksey’s speech. There are two main messages. First: the European Union should not recognize the results of the elections to the State Duma in 2021, unless “real opposition” is allowed there. Oh my! We have not yet had time to survive the last month of the apocalyptic 2020, and Navalny is already spreading stories about the forthcoming autumn elections in advance. In short, today we were given to know that September will be hot in Russian politics.

        And the second thesis: introduce new sanctions against Russia. Like sanctions against colonels and generals are meaningless. Therefore, you need to hit the big businessmen.

        “No one in Russia or the Kremlin takes the sanctions seriously. We need sanctions aimed at Russian oligarchs. Please, gather up your yachts and bring them to somewhere or other in Belarus”, he told Europe.

        Well, I don’t know in what other country a person could stay in serious politics after having made such statements. Behind Lenin’s shouts from an armoured car there was a desire to undermine the country’s economy. Kill the big Russian corporations and life will not seem like honey to anyone here. All sanctions will immediately come back to haunt the refrigerator and emaciated wallet. And that as all that Navalny wants.

        Ilya Yashin, Vladimir Milov and Vladimir Kara-Murza volunteered to support Navalny. And in order to package this business with the Motherland into real sanctions and documents, David McAllister, head of the European Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, came to the meeting.

        “I won’t be surprised if this event is interpreted as interference of the European Parliament in the internal affairs of the Russian Federation”, wrote political analyst Alexei Chesnakov. “Navalny is burning bridges Now the authorities have arguments to restrict any political activity for him and those who enter into formal and informal pre-election alliances with him. And the Russian authorities, as you know, really do not give a damn about the opinion of the European Parliament. Let’s just see what happens.

        And now for your delight and delectation, the Bullshitter Supreme and in full pomp addressing the EU parliament online, 27th November 20920:

        He should be shot!

        I mean that! I really do!


        1. European MP from Ireland Mick Vales, speaking at a debate in the EP’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Russia’s situation ahead of the 2021 parliamentary elections with Russian oppositionists’ participation, assured them that there is also enough corruption in Europe.

          Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Vladimir Milov, and Ilya Yashin participated in exchanging views with European deputies.

          “You mention state corruption. I want to assure you that we have enough of this in European countries as well,” the MEP said.

          At the same time, he asked how the EU would react if opposition figures from France, Germany, or Ireland were invited to the State Duma. “If the Duma organized speeches by opposition politicians from France, Ireland, and Germany, what would be the reaction to such a situation,” he said.

          Vales also chided European colleagues for paying close attention to democracy in Eastern European countries neighboring the EU while ignoring the situation in other countries, for example, in the United States, the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. “We see what is happening in other countries, but we do not discuss for some reason the lack of democracy in the UAE or Saudi Arabia,” the parliamentarian was surprised.

          At the same time, he stressed that he does not consider anti-Russian sanctions “the right answer.” “Sanctions are not the best way out; they struck people. I don’t think they are the right answer,” Vales concluded.

          However, neither vales’ European colleagues nor representatives of the Russian opposition commented on the Irish MP’s speech during the debate and did not agree with his opinion. On the contrary, the discussion mainly concerned the organization of support for the Russian opposition from the EU in modern conditions, including the idea of imposing sanctions against businesspeople close to the Russian government, according to the Russian opposition.



        2. Note how says at 14 seconds:

          ” . . . and I want to start of course with the words of appreciation and just thank you, thank you . . . to say: ‘Thank you very much’ to members of European Parliament for their support
          they give to me and my family during this . . . erm, some big events recently happened with me and it was . . . it was very important . . . not just for me but all the Russian people who because . . . err . . . as absolutely correctly said . . . errrrr . . . chairman . . . Mister Chairman, I’m evidently not the first one and unfortunately I will not be the last one who . . . errr . . . poisoned or killed or treated in this way . . . .”

          And blah, blah, blah-fucking-blah he drones on whilst the Strasbourg Euro-parliamentarians take photos of his image on the monitor, presumably so as to keep them as mementos of the day when the great man addressed them all online from his rest home in Baden-Württemberg. (As it happens, where he is shacked up at present is not that too far from Strasbourg.)

          Why his reluctance to say that he had been poisoned on Putin’s direct orders?

          He showed no reluctance in saying over and over again in Germany that that was the case.

          Why this faux coyness all of a sudden?

          Total waffling bullshit!


      2. What would be the point of that? Are Russian oligarchs so stupid that they still have attachable assets in western financial institutions? If the aim were to stop projects in which they are investors, it would be fairly simple for them to sell their shares to reliable front companies.


  48. Will Antony Blinken’s Past Catch Up With Him?

    Will Antony Blinken’s Past Catch Up With Him?

    When last week Antony Blinken emerged as the candidate likely to be tapped by Joe Biden to be his nominee for either National Security Advisor or Secretary of State, those of us in the camp dissenting from the ‘bash Russia’ policies on Capitol Hill during the Trump years groaned at the thought of the same policy being now enthroned in the Executive Branch by one of its most prominent spokesmen. Blinken had long served Biden as an advisor, had been in the Obama Administration as Undersecretary of State and was known to be one of those actively promoting imposition of stiff sanctions on Russia as from its 2014 takeover of the Crimea.

    When he was interviewed a couple of days ago by Stephen Sackur on the BBC’s Hard Talk show, Blinken gave mixed signals on what Russia policy will be under Joe Biden….

    Plenty more at the link.

    I think we can expect from a Bid-Dumb Administration that there will be a few areas the US will work with Russia whilst the same time doing its best to damage Russia elsewhere, i.e. better than the previous t-Rump Administration that boosted US-Russian trade while EU-Russia trade plummeted. The question for me is will Russia accept the US’s approach? After all, there’ll be ‘talks’ which the US will give what they are offering in talks over relations and we have to question if it is a fudgeable negotiating position or ‘take it or leave it.’


    1. I doubt it – I think Russia has learned its lesson at last where Washington is concerned. It will probably make polite noises for politeness’s sake, but I can’t imagine it will put anything concrete out there. To that extent it would be worth it to pretend to offer something just to make the American policy wonks work hard at standing up a US position it could use to its advantage, and then brushing it off.


  49. Glenn Greenwald via A Long-Forgotten CIA Document From WikiLeaks Sheds Critical Light on Today’s U.S. Politics and Wars

    The Agency knew that their best asset for selling their wars was Barack Obama — the same reason so many in the security state were eager to get rid of Donald Trump.

    The first time I ever wrote about WikiLeaks was back in early 2010, when the group was still largely unknown. What prompted my attention was a small article in The New York Times which began this way:..

    More at the link.


    1. No matter how many times the public is shown graphically that its government is low-down sneaky and as dirty as the floor of a Tijuana taxicab, you only have to prompt them with a bit of sentimental bullshit about democracy and the importance of going out to cast your ballot, a flourish of trumpets, and they’re off, racing each other to be first so the impossible-to-game democratic system can Throw The Bumz Out and usher in a new age of transparency and honesty. It would be helpful if I could make a hymn play at this point – something sombre but grand, perhaps “Nearer, my God, to Thee”, but I can’t. You’ll just have to imagine it. Oh, and a choir.

      It’s all bullshit, and the government and candidates for office therein will know the game is up when they cannot persuade anyone to go the polls, or an embarrassingly-low number, like a couple of hundred in a country the size of the USA. Therefore, I completely disagree with one point made in the document – that public apathy is anathema to internal American agencies who love to start new wars so America can gain more advantage, under the cover of ‘bringing democracy and freedom’. They might even believe it, but in fact, the opposite to apathy is an engaged and eager public which energetically participates in selecting the government. Which promptly binds it to new wars, courtesy of internal agencies which are filled by appointment rather than election. The public does not seem to get that it does not matter who is elected, and there is virtually no difference between the parties on policy – moreover, the CIA and FBI and ABCDYOUANDME agencies remain virtually the same no matter who is President or Prime Minister or Grand Mufti or whatever.

      Public apathy toward government policy is not the enemy of the strategic agencies and the think tanks. If the public is highly-motivated to vote, that eagerness is made to look like support for government policy. Large demonstrations against government decisions which are unpopular are treated like the Occupy Movement – dismissed as a few hippies beating bongos and making unreasonable, even unpatriotic demands. Don’t think a crowd can be too big to ignore, because attention is totally dependent on media coverage, and the media is in the government’s pocket.

      If the public made it clear that it could not give a flying fuck who is the leader and intended to take no part at all in his/her elevation to that position, it would make it crystal clear to all onlookers that there is no ‘system’, and it’s every man for himself.

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  50. Neuters via Biden urged to extend U.S.-Russia arms treaty for full 5 years without conditions

    Arms control advocates are urging Joe Biden to extend the last U.S.-Russian treaty limiting deployed strategic nuclear arms for five years, but some experts argue the U.S. president-elect should go for a shorter period to maintain leverage over Moscow…

    More at the link.

    What a load of rubbish. There already is a nuclear arms race and it started under O-Bomber. The USAF just test dropped its production example of its ‘inert’ B61-12 extended range tactical nuclear weapon from the F-35, something that all F-35s will get the ability to do with a simple software update, not specifically hard-wired nuclear capable jets of the past.

    The US has nothing to offer worth any concessions from Russia, however deluded dimwits like Victoria Nuland think. And this is not being played out anywhere near the USA, but u-Rope, the place with all the refugees from its many humanitarian wars that it supported the US with. This has ‘Нет’ written all over it. No doubt the Bi-dumb administration will think it can use some clever words to get what it wants, but that ship has long since sailed. The US is not agreement capable.


    1. To ‘maintain’ leverage over Moscow? That implies there is some. What leverage does mighty America have over Moscow? You don’t think maybe it would have used it by now to stop Nord Stream II, if it had any, instead of bullying its allies?

      Washington has grown dependent on its satisfaction that it decides what the rules are, and everyone else has to scramble to catch up, so it always has an advantage. Even the toothless WTO has dared to rule against it, although the United States basically owns the WTO.

      A more cautious global dictator would speculate that maybe other countries are looking beyond to point it cannot see, when it will not be able to call the shots any more. Not America – instead, it comers out, guns a-blazin’, and announces that it has been taken advantage of once more, its goodness and benevolence abused and its ethics spat upon. Lighthizer is particularly good at this, and may even believe it.


  51. When it comes to Covid, MOA switches from an astute political analyst to a naive but well meaning parrot of the MSM. His latest post on the subject was rebutted quick effectively by a number of commentators including “VK”:

    Of course that, as long as the trials are not peer-reviewed a published, we won’t be able to reach any 100% definite conclusion.

    I’m not a bio-scientist, all I can do is analyze the available evidence through the prism of historical investigation.

    With the evidence available so far, I’ll repost my recently Open Thread comment here and add some new opinion (which was in response to Debsisdead @ 69, the original content for this post):

    1) Western Big Pharma “forgot” how to develop new vaccines over these last decades because they’re not profitable. That opened the gates for Gamaleya to occupy the sector, therefore dominating the main technology used today, human adenovirus; (see Dmitriev’s “forbidden op-ed”).
    Proof of this is J&J’s difficulty in developing a simple human adenovirus vaccine (by the time they finish theirs, we’ll already have billions of Sputnik V and Sinovac doses produced). The reason we still don’t have an effective cold vaccine is because we don’t have enough investment, not because it is impossible;

    2) Sputnik V and Sinovac (and other Chinese variants) use a known, tested and tried technology for their vaccines – human adenovirus -, while Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca use untested and untried technologies (mRNA and chimpanzee adenovirus). It is the difference between the known and the unknown, except that this time hundreds of millions of human lives are at the table. We suspect the Western pharmaceuticals are resorting to these exotic technologies because they want something they can patent and sell at monopolistic prices to national governments; (see Dmitriev’s “forbidden op-ed” and his “questions”)

    3) mRNA technology is only effective theoretically. In the real world, it potentially has devastating effects on the human body. It is already known it can potentially cause infertility. It very likely has carcinogenic properties; (see Dmitriev’s “questions”)

    4) chimpanzee adenovirus technology doesn’t make any sense when you already have a viable human adenovirus option. Besides the fact that it can cause more adverse effects on a human (because the virus is strange to the human organism), the doctor I linked raised the question of contamination when extracting the adenovirus from the chimpanzees (contamination rate of 10%, or one in ten). It also cause sever spinal cord inflammation – contrary to the official version in much more than one patient. It also probably killed a healthy 28-year old subject in the Brazilian trials (the Brazilian MSM initially “leaked” he was on the placebo group; later even this version was put into doubt)

    5) silver bullet vaccines are very rare (e.g. polio). Most likely scenario, these vaccines will just shield you from a severe case of COVID-19, thus relieving the pressure over the national healthcare systems. Deaths of COVID-19 only begin to pile up exponentially after the limit of the healthcare system is surpassed (Italy). That’s the “line of death”, after which COVID-19 really begins to ravage entire populations. In this scenario, it doesn’t make any sense not to go with the tried and tested technology of human adenovirus, over which Gamaleya has primacy, or, second best, the Chinese vaccines, which will be produced the most because China has manufacture supremacy. In the Russian and Chinese options, you have the choice between the best and the most available – a common decision any working class family takes daily in the free market for the purchase of their goods;

    6) AstraZeneca will still have privileges in the British market. Evidence of this is the British MSM being the first to publish the fake news that it had 90% efficacy, while the American MSM went with the 70% figure. Make no mistakes: the AstraZeneca will be the only option in the NHS for the British people, with or without transverse myelitis;

    7) The “half dose” mistake simply doesn’t happen in the Big Pharma. It is simply not believable. The story is clearly a pathetic attempt of the British to create a comparison with the story of the penicillin discovery (by a British scientist), which also happened by accident. There wasn’t half dose and, even if that really happened (the doctors involved should be immediately fired), you would be giving credence to the homeopathy thesis, which states the lower the dose, the stronger the effect. Doesn’t make any sense.

    AstraZeneca, by the way, is already feeling the heat. It will have to redo its trials because nobody was born yesterday:

    AstraZeneca considers extra global vaccine trial as questions mount

    Let me just reiterate: in theory, both technologies (mRNA and chimpanzee adenovirus) are sound. But there’s a chasm between what works theoretically and what works in practice. The real world is dependent on manufacturing precision and domination of the technique (art). A badly manufactured (because of technological restrictions) mRNA vaccine can damage the human body, with theoretically carcinogenic potential. This is not me talking, this is Kiril Dmitriev.

    Also, the British MSM and AstraZeneca clearly tried to hide the extent of the number of “transverse myelitis” cases. We can infer that from The Guardian’s interview with the discovered subject, where it accidentally reveals the subject knew “more cases” (like his) were found. From the point of view of a historian, this indicates corporate cover-up, which indicates the collateral effects are more likely real than not.

    As of the “half dose serendipity” episode, see my point #7. Those kind of accidents happened until the beginning of the 20th Century. I find it hard to believe it to happen in Big Pharma – even if in an European one with university support. When I first read this story in The Guardian, it immediately came to my mind Alexander Fleming’s discovery of the penicillin. In my view (as a historian), this was a clear attempt of the British press to evoke this episode in the British imaginary, thus opening a psychological flank for AstraZeneca to the British market.

    Either way, this Alexander Fleming-like story doesn’t seem to be fooling the financial markets: its shares fell 2% the day it was announced, and:

    AstraZeneca vaccine trial mishap may dent SK Bioscience IPO

    Such blatant error of dosage rises the question: if they were unable to get even the dosage correctly, why wouldn’t the screw up the research per se? A valid question.

    A big pharmaceutical doesn’t need to produce a vaccine for profit to profit. As I mentioned, AstraZeneca is a public company that can profit through the stock market. To say they won’t profit with the vaccine is social-democratic/center-left nonsense.

    Besides, there’s the issue of timing: mRNA technology was going nowhere until the pandemic. Same for the chimpanzee adenovirus one. Then, all of a sudden, just because some Western governments shook their central banks’ money tree, those technologies suddenly became viable? Suddenly, breakthroughs (even by accident!) begun to happen? As a historian, I tend not to believe in such patterns – unless they happen in moments where a given economic system is on the rise (e.g. Second Industrial Revolution, WWII). Wouldn’t it make more sense, in moments of societal desperation when time is too short, to resort to the things you know and dominate instead of trying to jump into the unknown? After all, it’s human nature to try to go back – and not forward – when it’s afraid of the path it’s taking.


    1. Yes, MOA has a twitchy spot here and there, and one of them is anything that dissents with mainstream opinion on COVID-19. I have a hard time understanding that, because nearly everything else there is viewed through a lens of healthy skepticism.

      However, it’s difficult to blame him when mainstream opinion is so certain. Here’s an example; no discussion required, mRNA vaccines are the brilliant wave of the future, and they work, according to – you guessed it – The Guardian.

      I’m sure I remember someone providing guidance once that, if the headline is phrased as a question, then the answer is “No”. There are a number of reasons to be cautious of mRNA technology; although theoretically it is brilliant, quite a lot of theories look that way on paper that turn out to be duds, and sometimes very destructive duds.

      The bottom line is that the west is going to go with a western-produced vaccine, no matter what – it is not going to rely on a Russian or Chinese-produced vaccine, especially after western governments poured so much money into it and committed in advance to millions if not billions of doses. Here’s an interesting perspective that discusses how Pfizer’s proud announcement that it did not take any money from the US government, financing its research from company resources, is not quite true – the huge commitment to buy millions of doses must be considered an advance.


      1. I have been buying issues of New Scientist since the shutdown began in Australia back in March and I have noticed even that magazine’s writers show no interest in querying the design and the conduct of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trials. They airily dismissed the incident in which a female trial participant suffered spinal cord inflammation with the loss of sensation in her hands and feet by saying that she had undiagnosed MS. I am not sure if they even bothered checking another case of a female participant also suffering from the same side effect to see if this was a repetition of the first incident. I do remember that New Scientist poo-poohed the Sputnik V vaccine.

        Popular science magazines like New Scientist and Scientific American have fallen in the quality of their writing and the topics they cover. I see also that Scientific American monthly issues are much skinnier than before and more space is given over to advertisements and issues of identity politics.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m not sure if I have shared this here (I have a background in Theoretical Physics so this is very sad):

          “When we read scientific literature written in the 70s, liberal, left, and right, we’re immersed in a world of openly honest people. They can be mistaken, say untrue things, but they are all genuinely dedicated to the logos. And then there’s some kind of frontier, when they all started to lie, which in my opinion is connected to a shift of liberals to the left. Suddenly, Western society began to become very stupid; it became narrower and narrower.“

          Alexander Dugin (31 August 2017):


          • Fascinating interview with Russia’s conservative philosophy icon Alexander Dugin


  52. This might be a good place to mention that I will be on the road early tomorrow, headed up to Campbell River to bring the BOWEN QUEEN back home to Fulford Harbour on Saltspring Island. Some of you will recall I made a similar trip late October, taking the same ship to the same place I am going to retrieve it. That took two days, and this will likely be the same – from Campbell River to Buckley Bay on the first day, then the rest of the way to Fulford Harbour on the second. So I won’t be around for the better part of two days. Don’t fight, or I’ll turn the hose on ya!

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      1. There probably is a river called the Campbell River, but the city itself is on the sea. We do not have to go into a river at all, much less paddle up it. All done now, and the BOWEN is tucked up snug in her berth at Fulford Harbour.


        1. I checked it out. The Campbell River flows from Upper Campbell Lake to Campbell Lake, thence to John Hart Lake and from there, over Elk falls and onwards to the sea past Campbell River City, eventually flowing into the strait known as Discovery Passage, which forms part of the Inside Passage between Vancouver Island and the Discovery Islands of British Columbia.

          I might go there one day. As I have said many times before, I always wanted to head off for Canada, but when I at last left Merry England, I must have got my bearings wrong and ended up here, in Darkest Mordor, where I am now under house arrest.


          1. If you do, you could hardly choose better than that region, especially if you enjoy solitude. Woe betide anyone who forgets to gas up for a drive beyond Campbell River, because there are a hell of a lot of trees between you and Port Hardy, 236 km away. There are probably a couple of little villages, maybe even one with a gas station, but if so they are not significant enough to rate a road sign. Leaving Victoria, you will see signs for Duncan and Nanaimo, and at some point just before Nanaimo, Campbell River will be featured. But beyond Campbell River, it’s Port Hardy and that’s it. I wouldn’t know, really, because Campbell River is as far up the Island as I have ever been.

            It’s very beautiful, though; quite a lot like driving across much of Russia – very woodsy, mountainous in places, and lots of distance between outposts of civilization. Plenty of lakes, and the fishing is still pretty good. Do drop in if you are ever in the neighbourhood.

            I see you mentioned the Inside Passage – that, too, is as beautiful a stretch of scenery as you are ever likely to see; the mind overloads on vistas of natural beauty. Here are a few pictures.


            As the search mentions, you can see it by ferry, which is a fairly economical way to do it if you do not have your own boat.


            1. Inside Passage

              Wonderful! I didn’t realise it was so mountainous, that the passage is flanked by such forested heights. Looks like a Tolkienesque landscape. And the waters are full of salmon, I suppose.


              1. Oh, yes; well over half the province of British Columbia is mountains. By comparison, what we used to call the North and South Mountains, which form the perimeter of the Annapolis Valley where I grew up (on the opposite end of the country) are just largish gentle hills. The Rockies form the border between British Columbia and Alberta, but they are just one of several mountain ranges in the province, including the Kaska, Skeena, Kootenays and Coast Mountains, the latter of which you are seeing in this photo. The highest peak in the province is Mount Fairweather, just before you leave Canada and enter the state of Alaska, at 4,671 m.


                Even the Gulf Islands, just off the southern coast (and where I shall be working this afternoon on the MAYNE QUEEN) are somewhat mountainous; Mount Maxwell – a popular tourist attraction on Saltspring Island, is a respectable 602 m.


                The salmon fishing is pretty good in most coastal areas, but the annual run originates far to the north, and the Alaskans get first crack at them before they make it to British Columbia. Campbell River, which we started out talking about, advertises itself as the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’, and to the best of my knowledge is the best location in Canada to catch salmon.



                1. And due West of Vancouver island is the southern tip of Kamchatka with its Pacific Rim volcanoes and geysers, whereas there, in Canada, there is no volcanic activity — or is there, for Mount St. Helens in Washington State, USA is just south of the border isn’t it. I guess that volcano is the northernmost limit of the San Andreas fault, or is it?


                2. Vancouver Island is the terminus of the subduction zone of the San Andreas Fault, which was in all probability responsible for the mountain ranges in the region long ago, as the plates ground together.

                  British Columbia is part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, and has a number of dormant volcanoes. I have never seen a volcanic eruption in Canada, although – like the ‘Big One’, the earthquake which the experts say will put Vancouver Island mostly underwater – those who are supposed to know say it is just a matter of time. I was around for Mount St. Helen; those who study such things say Mount Baker poses a much greater threat, albeit both are in the USA.


                  If you took such threats seriously you would lose your mind, so I mostly do not pay attention. I have been here for three earthquakes that I could actually feel, and none of them did more than knock the occasional wall-art askew, although one of them did a great deal of damage in Seattle.


      1. To the very best of my knowledge, no other country does this – if you feel like you can’t live with another country’s developments, kill off all their subject-matter experts. Bibi has squalled for years that Iran is building a nuclear weapon, but no proof has ever been provided unless you want to count Bibi’s own cartoonish drawings. Iran has been inspected over and over and no weapons-grade enriched uranium has ever been found – just lower-grade enriched uranium such as would be used as fuel for a reactor.

        But in his characterizations of Israel in public, Netanyahu consistently presents it as a civilization above – long-suffering, patient, kind and the very best of world citizens. As if, I guess, people cannot read.

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  53. Ha, ha, ha!! As Jackie Gleason used to say, at least once on every show in his comedy series…how sweet it is.

    Remember that news item yesterday about Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and his self-righteous finger-wagging tweet to his followers to stay home for Thanksgiving this year and avoid gatherings…just before he hopped on a plane to Mississippi to meet his wife and daughter for Thanksgiving?

    Bush league, folks – not a patch on the unmitigated gall of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who not only attended a birthday party with 12 people in a fancy restaurant in California wine country, but then lied about it six ways from Sunday. It is classic enjoyment to watch Tucker Carlson go up one side of him and down the other, leaving burnt hair and scorched skin in his wake. Figuratively speaking; Newsom was not actually present. Enjoy. If you can see the video, watch it rather than reading the transcript – Tucker’s tone of disappointed disgust lends an extra layer of punishment.

    One set of strict rules for the governed, and no rules at all for the governors, who only have to pretend to take the ‘pandemic’ seriously when they know there is a TV camera pointed at them.


  54. Even more ha, ha, ha! Dmitry Orlov is in fine form at Club Orlov, his most recent post taking on the recently run – I will not say ‘concluded’ – US Presidential Election. I won’t bother to link it; subscribers know where it is and it is now by subscription only. But I don’t think Dmitry will be too upset if I reproduce one paragraph of what is a non-stop romp of sardonic wit. I am humbled; I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me, as the vinegar-sarcastic Carla Tortelli once smirked.

    “To complete this ghastly tableau, in the ongoing US presidential election, an almost-dead candidate and his charming assistant have been voted for by an army of the undead: voters that have mailed in their ballots in spite of being deceased. I have spot-checked a bit of the incriminating evidence myself, and I am pretty sure that there were over 11,000 such voters in a single Michigan county alone. But this is by no means a local scam: among many other vote-counting shenanigans, it appears that there was a nationwide effort to order mail-in ballots for dead people, fill them out for Biden, and mail them in. You might say that this is a human rights issue: why deprive dead people of their right to vote? Isn’t it about time to stop discriminating against the dead? Perhaps LGBTQ should be amended to LGBTQD for “Dead.” But why stop there? Why not also add a “U” for the unborn and stop this unpardonable discrimination against abortions?”

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    The sordid Magnitsky affair just isn’t going away …

    “What’s behind the so-called Magnitsky legislation that Australia’s Five Eyes partners want Australia to enact, and which the gang of Anglo-American loyalists in Parliament who call themselves the “Wolverines”—including Andrew Hastie and Kimberley Kitching—are ushering through Parliament? The law would empower Australia to impose sanctions on targeted officials in other countries accused of human rights abuses, but that’s the cover story.”

    View and Read on …

    • Watch Lucy Komisar: Magnitsky Acts are dangerous laws based on a hoax

    featured here:

    Australian Citizens Party Media Release Friday, 27 November 2020 (PDF)

    or here – HTML view

    By way of background – essential viewing:

    • The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes – Andrei Nekrasov


  56. Liberast-Within-the-Citadel spouting forth today:

    Кудрин: экономика России по итогам 2020 года упадет на 4,5%

    Kudrin: Russian economy will have fallen by 4.5% by the end of 2020

    MOSCOW, November 28, 2020, 12:40 pm – REGNUM Head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia Aleksey Kudrin believes that the economy of the Russian Federation will have shrunk by 4.5% by the end of 2020. Kudrin announced this today, November 28, at the All-Russian Civil Forum 2020, which has begun its work in Moscow.

    “The European economy will fall by about 8% this year, even 9%, and the UK by 11%. We, as official statistics say, by 3.9%. I think more than 4%, maybe 4.5%”, Kudrin said.

    The head of the Accounts Chamber also stated that the standard of living in the country had dropped significantly over the past five years. The coronavirus pandemic will only further reduce this figure. According to Kudrin, in the last five years before the pandemic, the standard of living had decreased by about 10%, but this year the decline will be more significant.

    “In the second quarter, this is more than an 8% of the decline in living standards; in the third quarter it is already 4.5%”, Kudrin said.

    It is expected that in the coming years the number of Russian citizens living below the poverty line will increase. Kudrin believes that the number of impoverished the poor in the country will grow by about 1 million people.

    “Poverty will increase by about 1 million. Unfortunately, in the coming years we will not rebound so much”, the head of the Accounts Chamber believes.

    True to form, Kudrin accentuates the negative: Russian citizens are doomed to widespread poverty caused by the contraction of its economy, whereas citizens of other European states live in bountiful plenty. And these states have no sanctions imposed upon them — in fact, they impose sanctions against the Russian state. .

    Perish the very thought that these sanctions are really directed against the Russian economy so that the impoverished masses rise against their tyrant!

    No! They are are directed against those governmental swine who caused the murder of Magnitsky and the attempted murder of the Bullshitter-in-Chief, the Washington Agent who should really be president and whom the Orcs indubitably love as one.

    And Kudrin, like a stuck record, drones on and on about the contraction of the economy and the ensuing impoverishment of very many members of Russian society.

    Kudrin, by the way, is well known for being a venal bastard and is quite well off, he having been the longest serving Finance Minister in Russian history — all Russian history: Imperial, Soviet and post-Soviet! He has also been deputy prime minister.

    He was born in Latvia, by the way – in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic. His mother was a Latvian.

    Squeaky clean Kudrin?

    FEBRUARY 12, 2009 12:54 PM UPDATED — 12 YEARS AGO

    UPDATE 4-Russia’s Kudrin seen targeted in prosecutor’s attack

    MOSCOW, Feb 12 (Reuters) – A senior Russian prosecutor accused past and present deputy finance ministers on Thursday of large-scale theft of state funds in signs of renewed pressure by hardliners on liberal Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin. The allegations coincide with a sharp economic downturn that has revived a long-running turf war between rival groups in the government over how Russia’s diminishing cash reserves should be spent.

    “It would not be an exaggeration to say that some of the best specialists in finance and economics, including a former and a current deputy finance minister, have been involved in organising large-scale theft of state funds in recent years”, Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the investigative committee of the Prosecutor-General’s office, was quoted as saying.

    International investors are keeping a close eye on the power struggle, in which Kudrin is seen as an advocate of free-market policies such as a free float of the rouble and a diminished state role in the economy.

    It took the investigative committee five hours to clarify that Bastrykin meant Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak and ex-Deputy Finance Minister Vadim Volkov, while no other officials were involved.

    Bastrykin said the case will be handed over to court.


    Storchak is already awaiting trial on embezzlement charges that have been denied by both him and his boss. Storchak’s arrest in November 2007 was seen as an attempt to undermine Kudrin’s position.

    “Now Kudrin’s opponents think there is another good opportunity to force him to resign because of conflicting views over Russia’s economic policy in an environment of acute shortage of money”

    said political analyst Stanislav Belkovsky.

    Belkovsky said there was a long standing turf war between a clan headed by Kudrin and a rival clan headed by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, who oversees the energy sector and chairs the board of state-controlled firm Rosneft.

    President Dmitry Medvedev and powerful Prime minister Vladimir Putin have presented a united front on how to respond to the slowdown.

    But economic liberals associate themselves with the president while those who favour more state intervention identify more with the prime minister.

    If Belkovsky had/has a good word for Kudrin, then that only further strengthens my low opinion of the Accounts Chamber Liberast!

    Not that it needs any further strengthening in this matter: I judge a man by the company he keeps.

    Ksenia Sobchak, Aleksey Kudrin, Grigory Yavlinsky, Aleksey Navalny, Yevgenia Chirikova

    And today, Kudrin is holding court in Moscow.

    Who allowed him through the Kremlin gates?

    The word “kremlin”, by the way, means “citadel”.


  57. 27 Ноября 2020
    Пребывание в Германии привело Навального к потере аудитории

    27 November 2020
    Navalny’S stay in Germany has led to a loss in his audience

    Against the background of the oppositionist’s protracted stay abroad and a decrease in the number of publications about his poisoning in the media, Netizens are rapidly losing interest in the activities of Alksey Navalny’s team . This is evidenced by the statistics of Telegram channels conducted by employees of the “Anti-Corruption Fund”, a recognized foreign agent..

    The audience for Navalny’s key supporters has dropped significantly over the past few weeks. Judging by the graphs available on the Telegram Analytics website, the number of subscribers is declining not only for the oppositionist himself, but also for FBK lawyer Lyubov Sobol, press secretary Kira Yarmysh and project manager Leonid Volkov.

    Zero Curve

    If we trace the dynamics of the maximum and minimum values, it becomes obvious that the downward trend is stable, despite rare and insignificant increases. So, as of October 16, 193,221 people have been following the Telegram channel, and by November 25, the number of subscribers had decreased by 2,618.

    A similar situation is observed on the Yarmysh channel. Since the end of September, the FBK press secretary has lost more than 3,000 users. At the same time, the graph shows a constant downward trend, even without minimal spikes, which indicates a steady loss of interest in her publications.

    To be continued …


  58. Continued from above . . .

    Despite the fact that Sobol and Volkov have significantly fewer “losses”, the number of subscribers to their channels is also decreasing. At the same time, even her election campaign does not help the lawyer to increase her popularity, which may serve as one indicator of the unwillingness of Russians to see Navalny’s assistant as a deputy of the State Duma.

    to be continued . . .


  59. Continued from above . . .

    It should be noted that users are gradually unsubscribing from the Navalny LIVE Telegram channel. In mid-October, the number of subscribers exceeded 32,000, but by today their number has decreased by almost 500 people.

    It is noteworthy that Navalny LIVE is rapidly losing its audience and the number of views on YouTube. According to the channel “Bubble Corruption Fund”, since the end of October the growth in subscribers has decreased by 50%, and the total number of views has decreased by 30%.

    Does not cut the mustard

    Earlier, the “Nation News” reported that subscribers were leaving the Navalny LIVE channel en masse. At the same time, the discontent of many viewers was caused by the demeanour on the air of the current presenter Vladimir Milov, who has replaced Aleksey Navalny during his absence. Some users believe that he is not able to interest the audience. In addition, Milov allows himself to use insults and inappropriate vocabulary, which puts viewers off.

    As a reminder, back in February 2020, Lyubov Sobol announced an allegedly impressive increase in the number of subscribers to the Navalny LIVE channel, but many users and some experts did not rule out the banal cheating of bots for the sake of “pretty numbers”. This opinion, in particular, was expressed by political scientist Ivan Arkatov, noting that even those who are really subscribed to the channels of the opposition are not necessarily their fans or supporters of their activities.

    I’m dead smart I am!

    Now, the opposite trend is observed, indicating a reduction the number of subscribers not only on YouTube, but also on other resources, which subscribers might well be employees of the Anti-Corruption Fund.

    This may be directly related to Navalny’s stay in Germany, where the Russian oppositionist has been since late August. In addition, of late there have been less and less material and fewer details about the poisoning and health of the founder of FBK, and the photo chronicle of the calm and measured life of Navalny and his family abroad, apparently, does not arouse much interest amongst Internet users.

    Author: Alexandra Koltsova


  60. Aw c’mon!

    These Instagrams from Lyosha must really warm the cockles of his hamsters’ hearts!

    Made myself a friend. He’s very nimble. Everything is catches, never misses. He catches even the smallest pieces. Perhaps I will call him United Russia.

    Oh how drole, you tosser!

    Who do you see in this photo?

    Someone will answer: it’s you and the FBK press secretary @kira_yarmysh in Tomsk. We settled down at a power line to record an episode of the investigation, which tells how the local corrupt United Russia members had created a monopoly and forced the entire city to pay them.

    And this is the wrong answer!

    Yes, the photo is indeed from Tomsk (taken the day before the famous flight), but on it I am not just with FBK press secretary Kira Yarmysh, but with a young talented writer Kira Yarmysh!

    Congratulations to everyone who, like me, loves to read. We have a great new book with you.

    “Incredible Incidents in Women’s Cell # 3”.

    I’m terribly happy for Kira and I’m very proud that I convinced her to write this book. Maybe someday I even get mentioned on Wikipedia, in an article about a famous writer.

    The book was liked not only by me, but also by such literary monsters as Boris Akunin and Dmitry Bykov. This is the best recommendation.

    So read and write reviews!

    Ask for “Incredible Incidents” in bookstores, and follow the link in Stories to find out where to order it online.

    Akunin and Bykov???

    Literary giants!!!!


  61. Norddeutsch Rundfunk (NDR — North German Radio):

    Nord Stream 2: Bau der Pipeline soll weitergehen
    Stand: 28.11.2020 16:33 Uhr
    Beim Gaspipeline-Projekt Nord Stream 2 sollen Anfang Dezember die Arbeiten auf der Ostsee wieder aufgenommen werden. Welches Schiff mit der Weiterverlegung der Rohre beauftragt wird, steht noch nicht fest.

    Nord Stream 2: Pipeline construction to continue
    28.11.2020 16:33
    Work on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is expected to resume in the Baltic Sea in early December. It has not yet been decided which ship will be commissioned to lay the pipes.

    Work on the international Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project is expected to continue in early December. This was confirmed by a Nord Stream 2 spokesperson on Saturday. According to information from NDR 1 Radio MV, the Baltic Sea Waterways and Shipping Office in Stralsund has announced construction work south of the Adlergrund area starting next Saturday and asked that special caution be taken in the area. This is where the two pipe ends are located, which lead from the Lubmin landing station towards the Baltic Sea. According to Nord Stream 2, these will now be retrieved from the seabed and extended by 2.6 km. Experience has shown that the pipe-laying vessels in question can complete such a stretch within one to two days.

    Still 75 kilometres to go in order to close the gap

    In total, there is currently a shortfall of about 75 kilometres to complete the project — a good 16 kilometres is within the German Exclusive Economic Zone, the remaining 60 kilometres is on Danish territory. The 2.6 kilometres, which are now expected to be continued from 5 December, were already planned, according to the company spokesperson. Nordstream had “adapted the planning to the project situation”, and could not say any more at the moment.

    Which laying vessel gets the licence?

    It is also not yet clear which ship will continue the work. The Akademik Cherskiy, which was specially equipped for the work, was planned. However, it is still unclear whether the ship has the certification required by Denmark for the work. The Norwegian certifier, however, announced on Thursday that it would withdraw from the project in part. However, this is only related to the ships and not to the pipeline itself. According to an online portal for ship positions, Akademik Cherskiy also left the port of Mukran for Kaliningrad on Thursday evening.

    Charitable foundation to protect against US sanctions

    On Friday it became known that the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern wants to establish a non-profit foundation for the Nord Stream 2 project, under whose protection the pipeline can continue to be built despite US threats of sanctions. The Americans had announced punitive measures to all companies involved, and since last December all work in the Baltic Sea had been stopped as a result. Insiders speak of a “clever legal trick” with regard to the foundation. Former Prime Minister Erwin Sellering (SPD) is to become head of the foundation.

    Clever Fritzes.

    An air strike from the US Navy comes next?

    Amerika stronk!


    1. As I regularly point out whenever the subject comes up, there is no need for hurry now. Russia is committed to a transit contract with Ukraine, and it the total amount shrinks a little after Year One, reduced demand due to the COVID panic will probably balance it out. Even if it doesn’t, it will do Europe a world of good to have to budget a little, perhaps buy a few expensive LNG cargoes to make up a shortfall, to remind them what a good deal they were getting before. There is plenty of time to complete the pipeline now trhat there is no possibility of doing so averting the signing of a new contract with Ukraine. The major drawback to it going on longer uncompleted is the USA keeps thinking up new and innovative ways to interfere. But even that is not a completely bad thing – everyone who is made to take one for the team and drop the Russians like a hot potato loses Russian business, but does not gain anything significant from the west in return for its loyalty. I’m sure that lesson does not pass unnoticed.


  62. Shocking to say the least – life in the US can:

    Per Maria Butina, the US prison system is barbaric, sadistic and inhuman in the extreme, at least that portion she directly experienced. Why should the incarcerated be treated worse than animals waiting for slaughter? Is it to ensure that the inmates, upon release, are unfit for society thus will find themselves back in prison? Job creation, cash flow generation for the operators of the prison system and sadists in the judicial system may all figure in this self-perpetuating torture fest. It is just sickening.


    1. Ask Chelsea Manning or just about anyone else.

      That type of treatment is intended to get a confession or a plea bargain. In Maria Butina’s case a plea bargain made some kind of sense. She got out of a torture hole and back to her home country more or less as a hero. Certainly no downside in Russia and she may not be visiting the USA in the near future.

      The US prison system is horrible enough that UK Prime Minister Theresa May refused to extradite one or vulnerable individuals to the USA! IIRC, the US federal system routinely keeps prisoners in long-term solitary confinement which the UN or some UN special rapporteurs have defined as torture.


      1. Eastern State Penitentiary
        The radical nineteenth-century prison designed to create social change…

        When Eastern State Penitentiary opened in 1829, spectators from around the world marvelled at its grand architecture and radical philosophy.

        The experiment, to reform criminals through strict isolation other than daily visits from the warden and guards, soon became a model for prison design worldwide.

        Once built, it was the most expensive construction in the United States at the time.

        After 142 years in use, Eastern State finally closed its doors as a prison in 1971. It has since been named a National Historic Landmark.

        Something to be proud of?

        Like groundbreaking electric shock therapy?

        History behind the walls: How Philadelphia’s most famous haunted house began

        Crime & punishment
        The Eastern State Penitentiary was originally constructed as a radical departure from other prisons of its time. Initially imagined by the Philadelphia Society for Alleviating the Miseries of Public Prisons, the first prison reform group in the world, it pioneered a system of solitary confinement. The “separate system,” was meant to reform rather than intimidate its inmates.

        In the fall of 1829, the penitentiary opened to admit its first prisoner: a young black man from Harrisburg named Charles Williams. By that winter, the prison housed seven convicts in solitary confinement, sentenced for various periods of time between one and 11 years.

        “From observation, and from the short experiment already made, we are satisfied as to the efficacy of the system,” read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. “We are also convinced that the prisoners will, by their labor, in a very short time, be able to pay the expense of keeping them.”

        But not everyone was equally convinced of the prison’s efficacy — or its humanity. After his 1842 visit to the penitentiary, Charles Dickens likened solitary confinement to being buried alive. “In its intention, I am well convinced that it is kind, humane, and meant for reformation, ”Dickens said. But “I am only the more convinced that there is a depth of terrible endurance in it which no man has a right to inflict upon his fellow-creature. I hold this slow and daily tampering with the mysteries of the brain, to be immeasurably worse than any torture of the body.”

        The “separate system” had been presented as a more humane option. But was it?

        Designed for ‘all-seeing’ surveillance
        Eastern State pioneered a distinctive radial plan. The architectural design resembles a wagon wheel from above, with a central rotunda and cell blocks radiating outward like spokes. In this system, one “all-seeing” guard standing in the center could monitor every corridor. The panoptic design, created by architect John Haviland, set the standard for over 300 other prisons and asylums worldwide.

        Haviland’s panoptic design was hailed as a breakthrough success with the Pennsylvania prison system of surveillance and solitary confinement earning rave reviews like an 1835 state report that commended it as “identified with our national honor and reputation.” The design commanded “admiration of the whole civilized world,” the report gushed . . .

        Closing & Abandonment
        In 1970, after multiple riots, a breakdown of the “separate system,” and thousands more prisoners than the penitentiary had ever been constructed to handle, Eastern State closed its doors. By that time, the federal government had designated Eastern State Penitentiary a national historic landmark that could not be demolished.

        The separate system as copied in the UK went one stage further: when in the exercise yard, strict silence was the rule as prisoners walked in a circle for 20 minutes, and to increase their isolation from human social intercourse, prisoners had to wear leather masks so that their identies were unknown to other convicts. .

        When I was doing my daily exercise circuits in a tiny yard with fellow inmates in Her Majesty’s Prison, Manchester, I did not have to wear a mask, but silence was the rule: you didn’t even risk glancing at another con or you’d have a screw bollocking you.


  63. Английские спецслужбы подсуетеились и двух дам выдвинули вперед. Леша прощай!

    The British special services got ahead of themselves and pushed two ladies forward. Lesha goodbye!

    Yulka Navalnaya and Masha Pevchikh have stepped forward. Lesha is being pushed into nowhere. Already worked out.

    Well, guys, the curtain is soon going to fall. Everything became clear why this performance was needed with the poisoning of Navalny. Against the background of all the confusion, two new leaders of the pseudo-opposition in Russia were reborn.

    Everyone thought that Lyuba Sobol would come out ahead. But no, she too remains in the background. And most of all, Lyuba hardly likes this.

    The West began to squeeze certain ladies into our political environment a long time ago. Now the puppets are just changing.

    Lesha, like a doll, will now be put into the cupboard the and two dolls, Masha and Yulka, will be taken out.

    Moreover, these ladies are much stronger than Lesha — both intellectually and mentally.

    In his family, Julia is scorned, but it’s no secret that Julia is in charge of the Navalny family. And she has power over him.

    Masha is also very strong and smart and already at work. She commands them. All Lesha’s latest speeches, everything he says in the media, are the words of Masha. And it can be seen.

    So, we welcome the new leaders of the pseudo-opposition in Russia!

    They were nominated simultaneously. This is called sync. First, Yulka announced that she was becoming a deputy of the State Duma, and then there came Pevchikh, revealing all at an interview. But in fact, Masha was simply put forward and illuminated in this way. So we will soon see a lot of these two ladies.

    It is a pity that Lesha will leave us. It was fun with him. With his stupidity, he highlighted all our unnecessary liberals. He amused us with his investigations. There are individuals who sincerely believed him and hung on to his every word and shouted at the rallies.

    Why “ladies”?

    How does the blogger know they are “ladies”?

    Clearly copying American usage, whereby all women are designated as ‘ladies” — even whores.


    Юлия Навальная


  64. Like

  65. Навальному грозит до 20 лет тюрьмы за антироссийские высказывания в Европарламенте

    Navalny threatened with 20 years in prison for having made anti-Russia statements at the European Parliament

    Aleksey Navalny is in no hurry to return to the Russian Federation since a case has been opened against him on the fact of his insulting a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, which, taking into account his situation, can easily turn into a real prison term. However, as it has turned out, the blogger now faces another much more serious article of law..

    The fact is that recently the head of the so-called FBK, together with his associates in the persons of Vladimir Milov, Ilya Yashin and Vladimir Kara-Murza, spoke at the European Parliament, where he asked the EU countries to introduce new sanctions against some Russians.

    According to the Yekaterinburg businessman Sergey Kolyasnikov, the statements of Navalny and Co. should be checked for violations of Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “High Treason”. In this regard, the businessman urged all residents of the Russian Federation to complain to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the country with a similar request that the blogger and his allies be punished for what they did.

    Kolyasnikov also rightly noted that foreign oppositionists would never allow themselves to act like this — they would definitely go to jail for this.

    “I can hardly imagine a speech of foreign oppositionists in the State Duma of the Russian Federation with advised on how best to put pressure on their native state. In the case of the United States, this would seem fantastical, as they would all be jailed immediately and the key thrown away”the entrepreneur stressed in his post on LiveJournal.

    Well, let us hope that Navalny pays in full for his crime. This will be a good lesson for all pro-Western agitators and Russophobes.


  66. Я верил, я ждал! Свершилось, Джен с нами!
    Джозеф Байден объявил о намерении назначить пресс-секретарем Белого дома Джен Псаки, которая ранее занимала пост руководителя пресс-службы Госдепартамента.

    I believed, I waited! It is done: Jen is with us!
    Joseph Biden has announced his intention to appoint as White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who had previously served as State Department press secretary.

    I can’t say anything now. I need to clarify . . .


      1. In the above photograph are pictured 2 class acts and 2 rank amateurs.

        I should be fair, though, and add that US “diplomats” are not trained diplomats but appointees, who usually receive their appointments as a result of their sizable contributions to party funds in the USA.

        The Heinz Baked Beans man to the right was and is such an appointee.

        Little Jenny Psaki got her positions as a result of her sterling party work as press secretary for Iowa Democrats..

        Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, on the other hand, graduated from the highly prestigious Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in 1972. Lavrov also learnt Sinhalese, then the only official language of Sri Lanka, as well as Dhivehi, the official language of the Maldives. Having graduated from MGIMO, Lavrov worked as a diplomat at the Soviet Embassy in Sri Lanka before returning to Moscow. Lavrov alao speaks English, and very well too.

        Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova is from a family of diplomats. She too studied at MGIMO, from where she graduated in the field of orientalism and journalism. Zakharova is a “candidate” in Historical Sciences, “candidate” always being referred in the West as approximately the same academic level as Ph.D. in the Anglosphere. In my opinion, “candidate” is at a higher level in Russian academia than is a Ph.D. in the West.

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          1. My daughter has a hat exactly like that. It proved very popular at her school; everybody wanted to get their picture taken wearing it. That was pre-Corona, of course, before everyone had to remain six arbitrary feet apart at all times and it became anathema to touch anything that had previously been touched by another human being.


            1. From a distance the hat looks like a cake and all it needs is white icing on the top. Plus maybe a few more red stars around the sides.

              I should think even in the pre-Corona past some parents might be leery of seeing their kids sharing the hat around in photos, reason being possibility of sharing any nits some child might have picked up and not be aware of.


              1. Which reminds me, I shall have to buy a new ushanka, like the one below.

                I always buy the same style made out of yenot — racoon pelt:

                I should hasten to add, I have never had nits in their fur.

                Russian fur hats are quilted inside, ‘cos that’s what Vatnikilike!


                1. It’s usually children’s habit of sharing hats, putting them on their heads and then passing the hats (which might collect nits from one child’s head) to other kids to put on their heads, that spreads the nits. If the hats were not shared at the rate kids often share things – usually within a minute or two – then no nits would be shared. Human head lice and their nits are adapted to live on human hair but not necessarily on non-human hair or fur. If you could rest the hat for a day or two, or however long it takes for the lice to starve or the nits to drop off, there would not be a problem.


                2. When I was at primary school in the 1950s, a nurse used to come round inspecting kids’ hair. She used to go through your hair as a monkey does to a monkey-pal. We called her “Nitty Norah”.

                  Not the 1950s I may add! Some 30 years earlier by the looks of it.

                  Apparently, in the 1980s the “nit nurse” stopped paying yearly visits to schools because it was felt that such visits were “intrusive and embarrassing for children, and because an annual school visit could not possibly prevent every outbreak. Instead, the onus was put on families to detect and treat. But nearly 30 years on, parents say the system is failing – and they want the nit nurse back”.

                  From a 2008 article in that UK rag “The Guardian”:

                  Heading for a comeback?


                3. We have the occasional recurrence in schools here, and while the warning does not go round every year, it is not uncommon, usually right at the beginning of the school year. Head lice are fairly easy to contend with, I’m told, and a fine-toothed comb is enough to remove them. I must confess I have never seen one. A louse, that is – not a fine-toothed comb.


        1. Carousel voting is one of those ‘boots on the ground’ phrases that ‘journalists’ and political figures cite to demonstrate how In The Know they are on the subject. Like ‘ballot-stuffing’, carousel voting is a knee-jerk term which accompanies every Russian or Russian-allied election in the western media. I don’t recall that anyone ever tried to portray carousel voting – especially as so few seem to have any idea what it is – but every election in Russia is immediately punctuated with YouTube videos which purport to show stuffing of ballot boxes which could be taking place anywhere and at any time, but are always represented as happening in Russia, right now. An ulterior motive of this repeated behavior could be to push for Russia – as a ‘gesture of good faith’, obviously – to adopt electronic voting using voting machines, because western insiders are well aware of how easy it is to manipulate the vote using these machines. The first such election would see a dramatic upset, and the total-surprise sweeping away of Putin or the United Russia candidate or whoever was out of favour with Washington at the time.


  67. Germans! They make me laugh at times:

    November 30th, 2020, 09:27 am

    Сексуальные футбольные болельщицы | календарь на 2021 год

    Sexy Football Fans: 2021 Calendar


    Notice any national team fan missing?

    I bet her name is Natasha!

    Sorry for using the term “sexy” (and I really mean that!)

    I think the term is demeaning.

    The young woman above is, in my opinion, attractive.


  68. Stalker zone:

    . . . Navalny addressed the European Parliament (EP) and called on the empty hall to maximally shit on the country that was, but is no longer his Motherland.

    November 29, 2020

    “On Thursday, November 26th, the European Parliament adopted a proposal to adopt a resolution on ‘human rights violations’ in Belarus . . . Here is the result: 613 voted in favour of the resolution, 41 against and 35 abstained.

    I ask what kind of ‘righteous defenders’ of the oppressed are they in the EP?

    I ask the basic question: where were they? All these protectors? Where were these creatures from the EP when ‘Right Sector‘ Banderists killed and burned more than 50 young people in Odessa!!!

    Where were these beings from the EP when it was necessary to give a vote to protect the thousands of vulnerable people in Donbass, killed by the Banderist regime 2014 – a regime based in Kiev???!!!

    Where in the EP are the defenders of civilians killed by the Ukrainian army and the terrorist groups of ‘Azov‘ and ‘Aidar‘!!!

    Now we have the full picture. So what the members of the EP are doing should not surprise anyone. Now we know who they represent, how they represent them, and what the morale [sic] of this European Parliament is.

    Such hypocrisy on the part of members of the European Parliament and such impudence towards Belarus can only be represented by morally degenerate people who are deprived of real human sympathy. We have a photo showing the structure of a criminal mafia organisation under the EP banner.

    The question is, whose interests do they represent by adopting such a resolution?! When in the face of many children and mothers killed in Donbass by the Ukrainian regime, they were silent for 6 years!!!


  69. Oh what a surprise! President elect of Moldova calls for Russian peacekeeping forces to withdraw from Transnistria.

    Санду выступила за вывод российских войск из Приднестровья
    Избранный президент Молдавии также высказалась за замену миротворцев РФ в Приднестровье на миссию гражданских наблюдателей под эгидой ОБСЕ
    30 НОЯ, 12:32 Обновлено 13:50

    Sandu has voiced her support for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria
    The President-elect of Moldova has also spoken in favour of replacing Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria with a civilian observer mission under the auspices of the OSCE

    NOV 30, 12:32 Updated 13:50

    CHISINAU, November 30. / TASS /. The President elect of Moldova, Maia Sandu, has advocated the withdrawal of the Operational Group of Russian Forces (OGRV) and its weapons from Transnistria, and, with the participation of Russia, the transformation of the peacekeeping operation.

    “In Transnistria there is an operational group of troops of the Russian Federation, regarding which there have never been agreements on the part of Moldova. Therefore, the position of the state is that these troops should be withdrawn, and weapons should be removed from the territory of our country,” Sandu said in Monday at a press conference. – I will continue to discuss this issue with the leadership of the Russian Federation. Last year, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu came to visit us, he said that Russia is ready to help in the disposal of weapons. ”

    At the same time, she spoke in favour of replacing the Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria with a civilian observer mission under the auspices of the OSCE. “Owing to the fact that there has been no danger of armed clashes for a long time, the position of the Moldovan side is that this peacekeeping operation should be transformed into a civilian mission under the auspices of the OSCE”, Sandu said.

    In Transnistria, a Russian Federation Operations Group (RFOG)numbering about a thousand soldiers and officers is stationed, which is involved in a peacekeeping operation and guards warehouses in Kolbasna, where over 20 thousand tons of ammunition are stored, which ammunition was brought there after the withdrawal of Soviet troops from European countries. Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, Aureliu Chocoy, said that Chisinau is negotiating with Russia on the withdrawal of the RFOG from Transnistria, but recognizes the work of the Russian peacekeepers as legal.

    And then Moldova will join NATO and NATO troops will appear in Moldova and Transnistriawhere they will be deployed along the Transnistria/Ukraine border?

    Another step closer to Moscow!

    You know, for the safety of the “Free World”, this makes sense!


    1. And now she says that shithole Moldova is not going to pay back debts to Gazprom that are Transnistrian debts, which is “occupied” by Orcs, but which at the same time she and the rest of the “World Community” regard as part ov Moldova.

      Well what a totally unexpected thing of her to say!


      1. Going from past and fairly-recent experience, she should be let to sound off for a while until all her demands and new policies have likely been heard. Then Russia should begin systematically and deliberately withdrawing trade relationships. Russia is Moldova’s fourth-most-important destination for exports, and it buys twice that figure in Russian exports. But its economy is so tiny (2018 GDP of $11.4 Billion) that virtually any disturbance in trade would hurt, and China is a significant source of imported goods as well; it might be persuaded to join the pressure.

        Historically, the west will not step in to help. It is managed by wealthy investors, and they are not going to make investments which are likely to turn out money-losers. It will take Moldova if it is likely to turn out to be an asset, but it would have to be awfully important strategically for the west to do more than dabble with its regime-change machine, as it is so fond of doing.


    2. The OSCE has commented on the words of the president elect of Moldova Maya Sandu, who has advocated the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria. This has been reported by RIA “Novosti”.

      The Albanian OSCE Chairmanship noted that it was aware of such statements by officials. However, according to the organization, no relevant proposals have been received from Moldova.

      “Therefore, the OSCE cannot provide any further comments on this issue”, the representative stressed.

      It was also added that all 57 member states must obtain permission to agree on this issue.

      So she’s shooting her little mouth off, isn’t she, knowing sweet FA about protocol — or acting according to instructions received from the State Department?

      Source: В ОБСЕ ответили на слова Санду о выводе миротворцев РФ из Приднестровья
      30.11.2020 | 22:47

      The OSCE responded to Sandu’s words about the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers from Transnistria.
      30.11.2020 | 22:47


  70. the Independnet: Australia demands China apologise for ‘repugnant, outrageous’ doctored image of soldier murdering child

    Prime Minister calls post by Chinese official ‘deeply offensive’ to every Australian who ‘has served in that uniform’

    Australia’s prime minister Scott Morrison has demanded an apology from China over a “falsified image” shared by an official Chinese government Twitter handle showing an Australian soldier holding the knife to the throat of an Afghan child….

    This story made me laugh (gruesomely). Australian politicians have been making racist and anti-Chinese comments for years from their position of ‘political immunity,’ so what we have in this story is China showing that the Aussie politician class are world class hypocrits. They can dish it out but they cannot take it.

    For many years both Russia, China and other countries have turned the other cheek by the outrageous lies and slanders thrown at them and the west has become comfortable at this free chest beating national PR wankathon. But more recently there’s been slap back and the western states aren’t taking it to well, flying off the handle which was the originally the whole point of doing it to Russia and China in the first place.

    Hopefully this is the ‘new normal’ until the western media returns to more balanced reporting and not ampliflying fake news and lies from politicians and slanders by their own precious journalists.

    Remember the ‘Chinese concentration camps for Uighers’ and other such slanders? The propensity for the western media, politicians and other stains to ‘redefine’ words to their favor started of course in the 1990s when they were all bleating about ‘Genocide’ in Bosnia. When it finally went before a stacked court in the Hague, the meaning was so bent out of shape and heavily qualifed that only ‘one act of genocide’ was found to be committed. It was of course irrelevant that there were no women or children, or that the men were soldiers, or that the numbers were a very small proportion to the groups whole or even how they died. Write the conclusion first, and if the facts don’t fit it then head in to the world of Orwellian reinterpretation to square the circle.

    This is still on going over the MH-17 ‘trial’ in the Hague at the moment and is like a dog chasing its tail. It’s now permanentely on the books of how ridiculously politics will bastardize the law to all costs, just to have a PR ‘victory’ because a real one cannot be won on the ground (costs too much money and too much blood). A virtual victory if you will. It’s all become spectacle, a son et lumière and a f/king circus. That’s how bad things are.

    Liked by 1 person


      …“Australia has patiently sought to … address the tensions that exist in our relationship in a mature way, in a responsible way, by seeking engagement at both leader and ministerial level to ensure that we can openly discuss what are clear sources of tension in this relationship…..

      …Now, to de-escalation. Last week Morrison used a speech to the British Policy Exchange to send a public message to Beijing. That message was we don’t want to contain you economically, and when it comes to the bilateral relationship, Australia is not America. We are not deputy sheriff. We have our own distinct objectives…

      This can’t be anything more that a PR appeal to the Australian people that sanctions and import tariffs by China on Australian goods has nothing to do with Australian political behavior over the years. In the last quote he only says ‘don’t want to contain you economically..” which of course is impossible but a la anglaise the ommission is rather more important that the stated part, i.e. ‘contain China militarily.’ To follow that with not being Americas ‘deputy sheriff’ will be news to the United States and the Australian security establishment. How else do you explain the massive expansion of Tindall Air Force Base in the northern territories to take American B-2 nuclear bombers etc.? Shits ‘n’ giggles?

      Clearly China decided that this was the right time to drop the shoe for maximum leverage and to make the Australian political class squirm through the response to COVID-19 and sanctions/import tariffs. Morrisson throwing a public tantrum and lying through his backend only tighen the noose. Strategic patience, innit?

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      1. Strategic patience with the added reward and impetus of surging to global economic leadership as the west flounders in obedience to coronavirus directives that have no basis in science or medicine, while China recovers in a rapid and businesslike fashion.


    2. Let me add to this, in case anyone thinks this is a bit thin, many of the s/t dumping ‘journalistic pieces’ quote anonymous governement/military/intelligence/whatever sources as their ‘evidence.’ Assange/Snowden/Manning etc. proves that such sources are fos, i.e. confirm most reasonable people’s suspicions. The Pork Pie News Networks are more than happy to carry water for ‘unnamed officials’ and it may only be my impression but they’ve even dispensed with the fig leaf and now also essentially print official government press releases without comment (of course). The US is a case of its own exception as others have noted, vis the large number of ex-CIA/DIA/Military/Intelligence/whatever experts that spout bs and get paid on cable* tv day after day without being challenged by the (w)anchors or others.

      *Come on ‘cabel’? The clue is in the name that it is s/t.


    1. Certainly a fair question. Perhaps his exposure would not have been sufficiently embarrassing for the government. Perhaps he was a closet fellow liberal, although that’s unlikely.

      A step in the right direction, but I kind of lost interest in the whole anti-corruption thing in Russia when Serdyukov flew away unscathed despite his obvious and provable corruption.


  71. Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah . . . .

    Repeat a lie over and over until it becomes accepted as fact . . .

    And leading the chorus?

    56 member countries of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have issued a joint statement condemning the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. This is stated on the page of the British office in the OPCW on Twitter. Among these countries, in addition to Great Britain, are the USA, Canada, all leading EU states, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and the Ukraine.

    “We are fully confident in the independent conclusion of the OPCW experts that Mr. Navalny was poisoned with the Novichok nerve agent”, the statement said.

    It states that Novichok was also used in the poisoning of former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain in 2018.

    In this regard, the countries have demanded that Russia to disclose in detail all the circumstances of the attack on Navalny with the use of chemical weapons.

    Navalny after having survived poisoning by the most deadly “military grade” chemical agent known to man and which is more dangerous and sophisticated agent than sarin or VX, which poison attack was made on the direct orders of the President of Russia.

    When will the world be rid of these beasts who do such a thing on a regular basis?

    Source: «Навальный был отравлен»: более полусотни стран потребовали от России расследовать покушение на оппозиционера

    “Navalny was poisoned”: more than fifty countries demanded from Russia to investigate the attempt on the opposition leader


    1. And to look at the above story from a different perspective, KP reports:

      30 ноября 2020 17:38
      Менее трети стран-членов ОЗХО подписали заявление по ситуации с Алексеем Навальным
      Заявление должно было предварить очередную конференцию стран-участниц организации

      30 November 2020 17:38
      Less than a third of OPCW member countries have signed a statement on the situation with Alexei Navalny
      The statement was supposed to precede the next conference of the countries participating in the organization

      Less than a third — namely 56 out of 193 – of the member states of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) signed the text of the statement presented by this organization on the situation with the Russian opposition leader Aleksey Navalny. The text of the statement was planned to be distributed on the eve of the 25th conference of the OPCW member countries.

      Among the signatories are those of the Ukraine, the USA, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Australia and other countries.

      It was assumed that the overwhelming majority of the organization members would accuse Russia of poisoning Navalny with the Novichok nerve agent. However, the number of signatories not only did not reach one half of the membership, it did not even reach one third of their number.


    2. Navalny is surrounded by Novi-chicks! All curiously good looking and not randomly falling ill to the world’s deadliest nerve agent…


    1. Thanks for that Cortes!

      I feed ours early in the morning. A bit later it returns, sits by my head and pokes me in the face, bored. F/kker.


        1. I am very fond of cats. When I lived the life of a gay bachelor in Merry England, I had two feline friends who were great pals. Beautiful, all black, panther like creatures they were. After my cats had lived a long and happy cat life, with heavy heart I went into voluntary exile when I was 44 years old and still a gay bachelor. Four years later I got wed here. My wife to be had 2 cats during her spinsterhood, which cats made it clear that they did not like my incursion into their lodgings. Those two cats of hers were female: my two panthers were toms.


    2. Well, his description of life with his feline companion has made a cat fan out of me. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I don’t get cats, and have never found them to be as affectionate or as expressive as dogs, but that does not mean I dislike them, as I am fond of all animals. I like to play with our two rats, Luna and Sakhura, and find them very social and affectionate animals. I did have a cat once, with the Mrs. Stooge The First, although I was far from a Kremlin stooge then. She was called La Comtesse Anastasia de Bordeaux, but we commonly referred to her as Stacy. She was very smart and would retrieve a thrown sponge ball so it could be re-thrown, but when she had had enough of the game she would just stalk away.

      But I find playing with any animal – save for those big enough to eat me – and to engage with them to be soothing and a good way to come down from a bad day. In addition to the rats we have a crested gecko named Vasya, and a Beta Fish, both efforts to find a pet for the little ‘un which could live in her room and would not require a lot of care, since I knew I would be doing it.


      1. I heard reptiles (snakes, lizards, tortoises) are supposed to be easy to care for and the major work involved is in cleaning their enclosures to eliminate bacteria and fungi and to get rid of old shed skins. The animals need regular UV light as well.

        My brother’s children used to keep a pet rabbit. The rabbit was the youngest child’s pet but the older children would feed it and clean its hutch and play area (indoors). The rabbit passed away last year. She was the last of a number of small pets (a guinea pig, a canary, two goldfish) the children had. The family still has a small dog.


        1. There was a mass guinea pig graveyard in a secluded corner at the far end of my sister’s garden. It was like a mini war graves cemetery in Flanders, each deceased little creature having had a little marker fashioned for its last resting place. The majority of them had died a natural death, but one day there was carnage after my sister had let a whole herd or whatever of them graze and she forgot that the Jack Russell of the family was outside as well, so he had a whale of a time killing them. He looked as pleased as punch after the slaughter. He was a great little dog.


  72. Al-Beeb s’Allah: Moldova’s new president calls for Russian troops to withdraw from territory

    …On Monday, she said Russia’s peacekeeping force – the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Trans-Dniester (OGRF) – should be replaced in the Moldovan territory by civilian monitors under the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

    “We are an independent country that does not want foreign troops to stay on its territory,” she told reporters in the Moldovan capital, Chisinau.

    “This is not just a declaration – this is a necessity,” she added, stating that she would “work with Russia for as long as it takes to solve the issue of the arms removal and troop withdrawal”. ..

    Uh-Huh. This is her ‘balanced’ foreign policy.

    She sounds like another idiot of a small state that believed the promises coming from western captials. She’ll join the Armenia club that will ‘clean up corruption’ and be stabbed in the back by the West because they don’t want to take on such a risky commitment.

    As for the peacekeeping forces being replaced by the OSCE, pray whom exactly would make up such a force? Any guesses? As the BBC would say “Answers on a postcard please.”


    1. Not to mention her early declaration of loyalty to the “Crimea is Ukraine” crowd of agitators.

      The closing paragraph is on point;

      “I warn you in plain text: if someone today declares adherence to Western European or North American values, talks about human rights all the time – this is a sure sign that soon they will speak out in such a cannibalistic spirit that there will be hell to pay. THESE “freedom fighters” simply offer to bleed dissenters and easily take away from those who trust them not only the wallet, but also their life.”

      It doesn’t seem to matter how often it happens – populations never learn, and are consistently left bewildered by the wrecking of their country by some groomed western ideologue. But they always mean well, so I guess that excuses it.


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