We Have Become the Soviet Union Our Parents Used to Frighten Us When We Were Children.

Uncle Volodya says, “Anger is an acid that destroys its own container.”

“Together, they would watch everything that was so carefully planned collapse, and they would smile at the beauty of destruction.”

Markus Zusak, from “The Book Thief

And you tell me over and over again, my friend;
You don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction…

Bob Dylan, from, “Eve of Destruction

Most of us are familiar, in that casual way of recognizing something heard before without really pondering its import, with this Nietzsche quote: “He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . . when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.” It is just as apparent that the west’s political leaders have never read it, or if they have, have decided to ignore it in favour of becoming the monsters they condemn. And so, slowly at first but with gathering speed and breathless momentum, we are ‘fighting those who hate us for our freedoms’ by giving them up, or at least remaining silent while they are taken away for our own good.

Journalism such as we once knew, at least the older among us, has given way to ‘shaping the narrative’, and authors take pride in steering people’s beliefs in various directions regardless what is actually happening; I’ll give you an example. Give this a quick read.

Finished already? Let’s start with the opening sentence: “As the war in Ukraine goes on way longer than Vladimir Putin appears to have anticipated, the Russian leader is getting increasingly aggressive.” This is typical of a fairly-recent phenomenon in what used to be journalism, in which you tell your readers what the target’s objectives and reasoning are, and then mock him for failing to achieve the objectives and for commencing on such half-baked reasoning. Nobody outside Russia has the slightest real idea how long the Russian government expected a war it entered into with the greatest imaginable reluctance, and only after being pushed and baited and prodded by the west, to endure. The imagined and much-touted hammerstroke which would have had the Russians in Kiev in just 72 hours is and was always a western invention, based entirely on unsupported assumptions – in this case by America’s top soldier, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley. But you can google the phrase “Russia could be in Kiev in 72 hours analysts” and come up with pages of predictions by ‘people familiar with the assessments’ and unnamed ‘security officials’ which line up behind the purported lunge at Kiev, with the entirely fictional goal of “remov[ing] the country’s democratically elected president, Volodymyr Zelensky.”

Russia has never said or published any timeline for the operation, has never said it intended to seize Kiev, has never in any way implied that removing Zelensky is an objective. In fact, as reported by Jacques Baud in The Postil Magazine’s “The Military Situation in the Ukraine—An Update“, there was never any reason to strike at Kiev, although a feint was made toward it simply (a) because that’s what the west expected based on the silliness broadcast by its quacking analysts and its soldier-politicians, and (b) to prevent reinforcement of the bulk of the Ukrainian Army, which was poised on the line of contact of the Donbas/Lugansk Republics to effect the violent capture and return to Ukrainian control of those republics, and for which military operation the artillery bombardment had already commenced.

Moreover, Ukrainian forces are never indicated on our maps, as this would show that they were not deployed on the Russian border in February 2022, but were regrouped in the south of the country, in preparation for their offensive, the initial phase of which began on February 16th. This confirms that Russia was only reacting to a situation initiated by the West, by way of the Ukraine, as we shall see. At present, it is these forces that are encircled in the Kramatorsk cauldron and are being methodically fragmented and neutralized, little by little, in an incremental way, by the Russian coalition.

The vagueness maintained in the West about the situation of the Ukrainian forces, has other effects. First, it maintains the illusion of a possible Ukrainian victory. Thus, instead of encouraging a negotiation process, the West seeks to prolong the war. This is why the European Union and some of its member countries have sent weapons and are encouraging the civilian population and volunteers of all kinds to go and fight, often without training and without any real command structure—with deadly consequences.

Another effect of this vagueness is that Ukrainian casualties are whatever Zelensky and his and the western PR machines say they are; consistently low-balling Ukrainian losses and wildly exaggerating  Russian casualties contribute to a tentative western belief that Ukraine is ‘winning’ and that pouring more weapons and money into Ukraine will propel it to success rather than condemn more Ukrainians to death by dragging out the war for as long as possible. Anyway, I could go on all day with that one sentence; let’s wrap up, because we have somewhere else to go. The opening sentence closed with “…the Russian leader is getting increasingly aggressive.” The ‘aggression’ referred to here is the shutting off of gas supply by Russia to Poland and Bulgaria, both transit countries for Europe, because they had refused to pay for gas in rubles as required by Russia and had let the compliance deadline pass. So, by refusing to sell gas to those countries on their terms, Russia is ‘being aggressive’. Why would it take such steps? I can explain in two words; “Michael McFaul”.

Michael McFaul – and whatever he is now, he is a former United States Ambassador to the Russian Federation who remains highly visible in US politics – proposed that Europe continue to take delivery of Russian gas and oil, but to put the payments into ‘escrow accounts’ whose funds could only be released when Russia’s special operation in Ukraine concluded. Therefore the western economies would continue to take and benefit from low-priced energy supplies, but the supplier could not receive payment without jumping through foreign-policy hoops which were never a part of the contract. Clever McFaul. I hope everyone will remember they are on The McFaul Energy Plan when they are paying five times as much in energy bills because of supply constraints. Not for nothing that some Russians, when he was still Ambassador, referred to him as ‘McFuck’. Russia’s aim is merely to put the money it receives for energy exports in a Russian bank, out of the reach of ideological eejits in the EU, UK and USA.

Just before we leave the lead story – is this kind of dissembling effective? Well, judge from this comment, by “ecostarr’.

All Putin has done is illustrate that reliance on oil and gas is a security issue that the world needs to overcome. Aside from Climate Change, we were already in the beginning stages of a worldwide energy transition. All this will do is accelerate the trend. Side note: Poland announced it doesn’t need Russian natural gas anymore.

Interestingly, I’ve read several security analyses that have basically said the Russians’ main strategic strategy was not to get control of Ukraine’s oil but their other mineral and agricultural resources. A supportable assumption since Ukraine has been one of the largest exporters of wheat in the world.

Uh huh; Russia attacked Ukraine so as to gain control of its wheat and sunflowers. To add to its own world-leading production of grain, so it could top all the other dominant world powers whose economies are agrarian, if any of those come to mind. And ‘we’ are ‘in the beginning stages of a worldwide energy transition’ to sources like wind power, which supplied less than a meager 4% of the UK’s energy needs in 2020 but costs the taxpayer £6 billion a year. Reliance on oil and gas is a security issue as long as Russia is the supplier, but the USA would never use reliance on a commodity to extract obedience or political concessions if it was the supplier of that commodity. Dear God.

Anyway, that’s not really the issue; it’s more what you might call stage-setting, like. Although the war in Ukraine – a special operation for Russia and a NATO proxy war against the Russian Federation for NATO – has contributed to an appeal to the populations of the western allies to band together to fight the monster, in reality our transition to monsters ourselves began some time ago, stealthily; little incremental backslidings of individual liberty here and there. It was the grotesquely overhyped coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine which thrust the passing of freedom in the west like sands through an hourglass into sharper focus.

Consider very recent developments. The Biden government has set up what it calls the Disinformation Governance Board (AKA the Ministry Of Truth) at Homeland Security. Of course it will turn into another bloated government tick sucking the blood of the US taxpayer, because the nature of bureaucracies is tohttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/1b/6a/65/1b6a65548ae01449dbeba75644530a87.jpg expand like dividing cells, where everybody needs an Undersecretary and more office staff to handle ever-widening administration. Of course it will use hyperbolic announcements to justify budget increases, because ditto. But the most immediate concern is its appointed head: Nina Jankowicz, a hyperpatriot nutjob who is as squirrely as the audience at the Broadway opening of a performance by singing acorns. Here’s an example of her work, per the reviewer.

How to Lose the Information War offers many useful recommendations for government, industry, and American society. While no agency or organization can solve this problem alone, the Department of Defense (DOD) plays an important role in countering Russia’s information warfare tactics and can begin by codifying Russia’s cyber and online influence efforts as dangerous attacks on American society and democracy. Jankowicz’s recommendations for the Department of Education to focus on digital and media literacy, for example, can serve as inspiration for similar updates to joint professional military education and to better prepare the joint force for operating in environments shaped by disinformation campaigns. In addition, DOD can better support allies and partners by training and sharing information and best practices to counter Russia’s influence together.

Those who have reported – with evident trepidation – the appointment of this loopy loon to such an authoritative position point to her bizarre Mary Poppins On Disinformation warbling (starts at 4:53) as exemplary of her gleeful abandonment of reality. I have to tell you, when Fox News starts to sound like The Voice Of Reason, the situation went past scary several stops ago. Maybe you didn’t notice because of the acceleration.

An immediate point of concern and contention is that the DHS Secretary declined to define what constitutes ‘disinformation’. And I imagine you can sort of see how that might be a problem – or might have been had this occurred in a free country. It goes without saying that any Russian source, whether a broadcaster or just a blogger on social media, is going to be classified as a disinformer, unless they are a ‘popular dissident’ like Alexey Navalny or one of the US Government’s favoured ‘Kremlin insiders’ like Stas Belkovsky or Masha Lippman, who are happy to tell you the Russians are dirty fighters and evil associates and everything that comes out of their mouth that is not a toad is a lie. And I would be remiss if I did not point out the exquisite timing of this creation. Oh, not what the folks at Fox News consider ‘Orwellian’ in terms of timing, which is right after Twitter was sold to Elon Musk. Although that likely does send a shudder down Grampy Biden’s arthritic spine, I was thinking more of the impending fall of Mariupol, and the potential discoveries that lie beneath the Azovstal steel plant. About the presentation of evidence discovered by Russia to the UN. And about the subsequent classification of all that evidence as ‘disinformation’, effectively drawing a curtain across it for all who get their information from western network TV. And that’s just the beginning, because the Democrats are going to police social media as well, and America owns all the big search engines. Good luck finding anything on that subject on the Internet, after it’s been downranked somewhere below “Songs That Make You Think by Jojo Siwa”.

Anything can be branded ‘disinformation’ under such blurry guidance, but you’ll never know about it because it’ll be intercepted before you see it. And while that’s a disturbing curtailment of the freedom to decide for yourself that you used to enjoy without really thinking much about it, it is far from the only example of the march against choice. Only a bit less recently, the Prime Minister of Canada – Canada!!!! – was called a ‘dictator’ by fellow democratic leaders during an address to the European Parliament.

Canada, once a symbol of the modern world has become a symbol of civil rights violations, under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months,” said Kolakusic. “We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes…To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it’s a dictatorship of the worst kind. Rest assured that the citizens of the world united can stop any regime that wants to destroy the freedom of citizens, either by bombs or harmful pharmaceutical products.

German MEP Christine Anderson went further, suggesting Trudeau is a disgrace to democracy, and recommending he leave the meeting.

You are a disgrace for any democracy, please spare us your presence.”

Romanian MEP Christian Terhes refused to attend Trudeau’s speech, and explained his reasoning via Facebook (soon to be regularly reviewed by the Board of Disinformation); “You can’t come to teach Putin’s democracy lessons from the European Parliament when you pass with horse hoofs over your own citizens who demand that their fundamental rights be respected…The difference between democracy and tyranny is not given by the geographical location of political leaders, but by the values that this promotes.”

The complaint about citizens being trampled by horses resulted from a shocking clip in which Ottawa police on horseback shouldered their way into a crowd of protesters, and a woman was knocked down. Observers around the world reacted to Trudeau’s completely losing his shit with incredulity, but that was but a moment in an unrolling tapestry of heavy-handed authoritarian bullying that changed my view of Canada forever, and I’m confident I am not alone. The protests by the Freedom Convoy were undeniably peaceful; nobody offered a hint of violence except the police, and many who came out in solidarity brought their children. But Trudeau blew his wheels in front of the entire world because his government of worthless numpties and tyrant wannabes completely failed to anticipate they would block land trade routes in their insistence that their completely-legitimate grievances be heard. Trudeau went so far as to pretend to have gotten COVID in order to avoid any such hearing – we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

The ‘terrorists’ received millions of dollars in donations from ordinary Canadians who wanted to express solidarity with the concept of forcing a tone-deaf government to listen, regardless whether they supported the actual grievances of the truckers or objected to vaccine mandates which wrecked businesses with careless abandon. They donated the money to GoFundMe, and the Trudeau government seized it. At first the government announced it would dispense the money to a list of government-approved charities – hello, Dictator! – until the resulting backlash of rage grew to the point government had to abandon it, whereupon the plan was changed to refunds of all monies to the original donors. That was promptly followed up with the real reason the government wanted to know where the money came from – on its own initiative, without a court order, the government would freeze the bank accounts of donors to the cause. That probably would have sent a shiver of disgust through most freedom-loving citizens, but their disgust had already been exhausted by the cheery declaration of Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough that any Canadian who lost his or her job because of a refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19 would not be able to claim unemployment benefits, even though long-term workers had paid into the unemployment system their entire working lives.

Well, the experience of the past two years was not a total loss – it was a learning opportunity. Canadians, in what was once one of the most highly-regarded free countries of the world, learned that almost all of https://www.sott.net/image/s7/154553/full/bound_with_chains_of_the_spiri.jpgwhat they thought were their rights are actually privileges accorded by the legislative system, which can remove them if it deems that necessary. Your sole inalienable right as a Canadian is that a prison sentence cannot be imposed against you without a trial. Thus, although Trudeau claimed proudly that the Canadian population was about 90% vaccinated, that was achieved by creating legal mechanisms to force people to get a medical procedure against their will. Like in a dictatorship, if the analogy was not already abundantly clear.

Globally, it’s all about surveillance, and more surveillance. Cameras follow you everywhere in public – to deter crime, of course. The government can tap your phone, demand to see a list of the books and other reading material you checked out of the library, thumb through your contact list on your ‘smartphone’…and now it will be able to decide what you see and hear, subject to recommendations from the Board of Disinformation. If the US government is apprehensive about what someone abroad might be seeing and saying, it can order that laptop you bought online diverted to Santa’s Workshop at the NSA, to have malware installed pre-delivery which will give US Intelligence agencies a backdoor in. Algorithms abound for government drones too busy hoovering up your private information to spend time on mundane things, like who might need a visit from the authorities because they could be neglecting their children.

Critics say it gives a program powered by data mostly collected about poor people an outsized role in deciding families’ fates, and they warn against local officials’ growing reliance on artificial intelligence tools.

​​If the tool had acted on its own to screen in a comparable rate of calls, it would have recommended that two-thirds of Black children be investigated, compared with about half of all other children reported, according to another study published last month and co-authored by a researcher who has audited the county’s algorithm.”

And that’s just on the human-rights front. At the same time, western countries are jostling one another in an arse-over-teakettle rush to sanction anything Russian. This, we are told by people who should know better, will crush the Russian economy with runaway inflation. That will soon fix them – wait and see.

And what will it avail you, if you die of the disease yourself?

Janet Yellen, United States Treasury Secretary, announced in March that although the Russian economy was already devastated by American sanctions, devastation might not be enough punishment and so the United States Government is going for Double Secret Devastation with even more sanctions.

The Russian economy will be devastated as a consequence of what we’ve already done, but we … continue to consider further steps we can take,” Yellen said during a Washington Post Live event.

Janet Yellen, United States Treasury Secretary, announced in April that the political response to the war in Ukraine, mostly through sanctions, had “already sent food and energy prices soaring and has raised concerns about an economic slowdown or even recession during a time of already rampant inflation around the world. In the United States, for example, inflation is at a level not seen in 40 years.”

Not an anomaly. Canada’s inflation is at a 31-year high. The United Kingdom, ditto. Germany, the powerhouse economy of the European Union? Inflation at a 40-year high. I’d love to keep the suspense going and poll country by country, but that would just be pure self-indulgence – suffice it to say inflation across the Eurozone is out of control, with France’s economy grinding to an actual halt with a-big-goose-egg-percent growth, and the entire Eurozone at risk of slipping into contraction in the second quarter.

Suggesting a weaker period ahead as the conflict continues to push up the price of energy, hitting net importers of gas across the continent, separate figures for April showed eurozone inflation hit a record high of 7.5%.

Prices jumped by 0.6% in April alone. Energy was the biggest single factor, driving up costs with a 38% year-on-year increase as wholesale prices for oil and gas soared, amid fears over disruption to supplies across the continent as the war continues.

The figures come as the European Central Bank faces pressure to raise interest rates from the current historic low of -0.5% on its main deposit facility, with inflation more than three times its official 2% target rate.

A 38% year-over-year increase in energy costs. And it’s only April. Sweet Jesus.

But it’s all worth it, see, because the Russians have it worse. And when I say ‘the Russians’, of course I mean the Russian government. Not ordinary Russians, against whom sanctions are not targeted – obviously, because they do not use energy, and inflation rates do not affect them. Just hang in there a little longer, champs, and we’ll dance on their graves. The government, I mean, the government. You’ll see.

Remember when we used to worry about what kind of world we would leave behind for our children, because there were problems like pollution, and climate change and public morality and how far a dollar went compared to what it would buy when you were 10 years old?

That’s right; those were the days.

darkness falls upon Humanity
and faces become terrible
that wanted more than there

all our days are marked with
affronts – some
disastrous, others
less so
but the process is
wearing and
attrition rules.
most give
empty spaces
where people should

and now
as we ready to self-destruct
there is very little left to

which makes the tragedy
less and more
much much

Charles Bukowski, from “You Get So Alone at Times that it Just Makes Sense”.

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  1. Euractiv: Belarus route for Ukrainian grain gives EU leaders hope and headache

    One of the ways out of the looming world food crisis is to re-channel the million tonnes of grain stuck in Ukraine via Belarus. The difficulty, however, is of political nature: the EU would need to lift the sanctions it recently imposed on Belarus.

    …Asked about the Belarus route on Monday, Luxembourgish PM Xavier Bettel said the issue was tricky.

    “To lift the sanctions because of opportunity reasons for us, which are different from the reasons for which we imposed the sanctions, I find this a bit tricky”, he said.

    Bettel added that this was an issue to be discussed at the summit.

    “Let’s talk about everything and find common solutions”, he said.

    Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said he expects Russia to build a new Baltic Sea port for exports of Belarusian potash which are hit by Western sanctions. He made the declarations last February during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin…

    Yet more gasping through straws. The EU has snookered itself.

    If you ever wondered how stupid the EU is, let along over confident and incompetent this story is a good example. Dig a hole. Dig a bigger hole. Then throw a bit of dirt back in and hope that helps. This is desperate stuff.


    1. “And please note I use here the word ‘tricky’, because the obvious choice – ‘hypocritical’ – is politically unpalatable for me.”

      Sure: let’s ‘talk about everything and find common solutions’. Know something? That can be spotted a mile away as one of those special EU ‘evasions’ its bureaucrats employ when they want to do something in which their options are severely limited, but nonetheless want to create the appearance of statesmanlike pondering to assure fairness. When the EU perceives itself to have an overwhelming advantage against its enemies, it crows with alacrity and there is no mention at all of ‘talking about everything and finding common solutions’. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that EU mention of finding common solutions is a reliable indication that it has had a solution imposed upon it which it does not like.

      If any characteristic typifies EU ‘leaders’, it is short-sightedness – giddy togetherness in lofty pronouncements that one will never in any circumstances negotiate with such a blackguard, followed by the pressing necessity to negotiate with the blackguard himself. In this instance, Lukashenko, in circumstances which largely validate his earlier decision to blow off the west because it can never be trusted.


    1. Yes, it’s quite good; very amusing – but the author cannot resist indulging himself in painting Russia ever so little with the American brush. Putin would have taken Ukraine, but now he wants to ruin it so the enemy cannot have it. I don’t believe that for a minute, and I completely believe Russian assurances that it is trying its best to limit casualties in Ukraine so as to have some sort of relationship with it when Elensky is gone, and perhaps after several of his successors are gone. The west likes to attribute the fairly light Ukrainian casualties to some mythical national fierceness, perhaps rooted in romanticizing the Cossacks, and notes with relish that Russia is taking casualties. Indeed, if Russia were to truly rain down ordnance hatred on Ukraine from a distance, it would halve its casualties and shorten its timeline to take Ukraine’s cities to a fifth of what it is, because it has plenty of MLRS rockets and artillery shells and it is not time-consuming to produce more. If it truly struck indiscriminately and with no regard for civilian casualties, there would be many, many more and the cities would be in ruins – to the extent they are, you can blame of retreating Ukrainian forces and shits like Azov, who eyewitnesses testified shelled civilian living quarters indiscriminately as they retreated and used them as shields against Russian counterbattery until the decision to retreat. In preparation for the war crimes trials, the west is producing witnesses who claim the Russians killed the citizens of Bucha and even claim they would recognize the Russian who did it afterward although he was allegedly wearing a balaclava or scarf that covered half his face.

      The painting of Napoleon is droll, but it must have been pretty near the far end of his ‘retreat from Moscow’ considering he began it in October when there was no snow. More ‘General Winter’ nonsense; if Napoleon truly could ‘tell you all about Russians’ he would not have invaded in the first place, since he lost and it cost him two-thirds of his army. Expensive lesson, seems to me.


      1. Putin would have taken Ukraine, but now he wants to ruin it so the enemy cannot have it.

        That is precisely the US strategy of many decades. “We had to destroy it to save it.” Or as I call it, Sh*t The Bed (STB) which is what you do when you realize that you probably cannot win, possibly may draw but most likely will lose but you need to sell it to politicians and and public as America STRONK!


  2. Euractiv: Russia’s Gazprom to cut gas supply to the Netherlands

    Russian gas company Gazprom said it would cut its supply to the Netherlands from Tuesday after Dutch wholesaler GasTerra refused to bow to the Kremlin’s demand to pay in roubles for fear of breaching EU sanctions.

    …GasTerra said it does not want to comply with Russia’s demand from 31 March that unfriendly’ countries should pay for gas supplies in roubles for fear it could “violate” EU-imposed sanctions. “Opening accounts in Moscow under Russian law and their control by the Russian regime are too great a risk,” it added.

    The contract between GasTerra and Gazprom was meant to end on 1 October. The immediate termination of the contract means that two billion cubic metres of gas will not be supplied.

    The Dutch wholesaler said it had anticipated such a move, confirming it had already purchased gas elsewhere…

    Won’t pay, won’t get. Now about those magic gas supplies that can be found near the magic money tree..


    1. “Opening accounts in Moscow under Russian law and their control by the Russian regime are too great a risk,” it added.

      But there’s nothing risky about Moscow maintaining such accounts in western banks after the west has already shown it will ‘freeze’ – another word for ‘confiscate’ – such accounts, and top western ‘thinkers’ have proposed alternatively that the money be ‘donated’ to the enemy or held in ‘escrow’ accounts which will only be released if Russia backs down and lets the enemy do as it will.

      ‘We’ve already purchased gas elsewhere’. Uh huh; I’ve heard that before, expressed as a future plan rather than an already-done. If it was that easy, why didn’t you just do it before and give Russia the finger?

      An interesting conundrum – I guess we’ll see if the risk of losing your money to a ‘freeze’ is greater than the risk of losing elections because of unsustainable inflationary pressure on the electorate caused by anti-Russian prancing and cosseting Ukraine . Thanks for volunteering, Netherlands.


  3. He is not a Nazi!

    14/88 — 14 stands for two 14-word slogans coined by United States White Supremist David Lane, founder of the racist terrorist group “The Order”.

    The first slogan: “We must protect the very existence of our people and the future for white children”; the second: “Because the beauty of a white Aryan woman should not disappear from the face of the earth”.

    The letter “H” is the eighth in the Latin alphabet, hence 88 stands for “HH”, namely “Heil Hitler”.

    Between 14 and 88 in the above photograph, the I-am-not-a-Nazi goon captured by the Orcish Forces of Evil has tattooed the following in “mova” [Yukietard dialect]:

    моя честь звется вірність

    which in German is:

    Meine Ehre heißt Treue!

    which phrase can be seen inscribed on the blade of the ceremonial dagger pictured below:

    It is an SS ceremonial dagger.

    The phrase means:

    My honour is called loyalty!

    Scholz and Macron have requested that liberated and evacuated from Azovstal “Azov” prisoners such as he above should be exchanged and allowed to return to Banderastan.


  4. Sky Nudes headline: Petrol price hits new record after EU ban on Russian oil

    Bravissimo Dear Leaders! It’ll hurt, but them (EU citizens) far more than yourselves.


  5. Euractiv: African Union and EU agree united stance on food security amid famine warnings

    The EU and the African Union have agreed on a united message on food security which places the blame for disruptions to food supply squarely on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s shoulders amid warnings of a “catastrophic” famine.

    ..The key aim is to maintain the message that Russia bears sole responsibility for the current situation, rather than the sanctions imposed upon the country.

    “What is important is that we are fully aligned in terms of messaging, that it’s not the sanctions, which are endangering the release of grains and cereals from Ukraine, or from the ports, such as in Odessa,” the source said.

    The African Union will hold a meeting with President Putin in the coming days, the source added, meaning that it is particularly important to present a united front…

    Where in the ‘article’ above is there any supporting statement by the AU backing the EU anonymous source above? None of course but that is not the point. Lying and getting the message out first is the point.

    Let us not forget that when the ‘ACP-EU Partnership Agreement’ (aka the Cotonou trade Agreement between the EU and ACP – African Carribean & Pacific) was due to be renewed in 2020, the EU assumed a simple extension would be in order and that Africa would accept it as if nothing changed. They said ‘NO!’ Talks are ongoing..


    1. The Groaning Man: Africa warns of food crisis due to Russian blockade of Ukraine’s ports

      African Union chair calls on EU leaders to do all they can to release grain stocks amid ‘perfect storm’ for global supply chain

      …Senegal’s president, Macky Sall, who chairs the union, said “the worst is perhaps ahead of us” if current global food supply trends continue.
      The food crisis is what happens when global chains collapse. We might need to get used to it

      Speaking via video link to the 27 EU leaders meeting in Brussels, Sall said African countries had been hit hard by the global food crisis, because of their “strong dependence” on Russian and Ukrainian wheat. The situation was “worrying” for a continent that has 282 million people that did not get enough to eat, he said.

      “In the immediate future, we would like everything to be done to release available grain stocks and ensure transport and access to the market, to avoid a catastrophic scenario of shortages and generalised high prices,” Sall said…

      …Sall said the price of fertiliser was now three times higher than in 2021, while cereal yields in Africa were forecast to be 20-50% lower this year.

      He also blamed EU sanctions on Russian banks for exacerbating the problem: “When the Swift system is disturbed, this mean that even if the products exist, payment becomes more complicated, even impossible.”…

      But Euractiv’s ‘anonymous’ EU source in my previous post told us EU sanctions had nothing to do with it. Hmmm, who to believe, and anonmous source or the direct and quoted words of the President of the African Union. Dear Kremlin Stooges, can you help me chose which I should find more credible?


    2. Politico: Don’t fall for Russian lies on food crisis, EU warns Africa

      Africa and the Middle East are highly vulnerable to impending crisis sparked by the war.

      …”It’s a complete misinformation from Russia’s side, the only reason why we are struggling now with a food crisis is because of this brutal, unjustified war against Ukraine,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters, following a meeting with the EU’s heads of state and government in Brussels. “I want to be very clear, we have no sanctions on food and agricultural products, no sanctions on that,” she added, noting that the export of Russian fertilizers to non-EU countries is not affected by Brussels’ sanctions…

      …Many African countries “are not on the side of the West, you have seen their votes at the United Nations, most of them have abstained,” Draghi said, adding that “if you lose the war on food security, there will never be any hope that these countries can come to the side of the alliance, because they will naturally feel betrayed, then whose fault is this is the least relevant issue for them.”…

      So Politico too. Noooo, Mommmy!

      The AU is supposed to believe the EU who’s member states have raped the African continent senseless for many years and treated them like third class countries while Russia has been a reliable and non-judgmental partner. Shocking!


  6. MoA
    31 May 2022

    Ukraine’s human rights ombudsman, Lyudmyla Denisova said that 25 teenage girls were kept in a basement in Bucha and gang-raped; nine of them are now pregnant. Elderly women spoke on camera about being raped by Russian soldiers. The bodies of children were found naked with their hands tied behind their backs, their genitals mutilated. Those victims included both girls and boys, and Ukrainian men and boys have been sexually assaulted in other incidents. A group of Ukrainian women POWs had their heads shaved in Russian captivity, where they were also stripped naked and forced to squat.


    And now:

    Denisova had made lots of sensational claims about Russian soldiers:

    Ukraine’s human-rights commissioner said on Tuesday that investigators had heard more than 400 allegations of sexual violence, including rape, of Ukrainians by Russian soldiers in the space of two weeks.

    Denisova maintained that these rapes had two characteristics: firstly, that the
    allegations generally involved young soldiers between 20 and 25 years old, namely those who had only known Putin’s “rule” and grown up hearing Putin’s propaganda, and secondly, the alleged rapist soldiers had typically been accused of committing rape in public or in view of others.

    Denisova gave an example of a 25-year-old woman who said she had been made to watch the rape of her 16-year-old sister and begged that they rape her instead.

    Berlin 1945 redux?

    Goebbels Denisova?


    1. They’re losing and they know it.

      And the more this fact sinks in, the more outlandish will be the allegations against those deracinated Eastern Slavs, that erstwhile Mongol-Tatar-Bolshevik Horde, the Asiatic Untermenschen, who like to take toilet bowls as part of their loot back to the wild steppes whence they came .


    2. 01.06.2022 09:03
      Denisova’s fantasies. Ombudsman in Kiev dismissed for “mass rapes”

      Who wrote that headline? I never mass raped no one!

      After the start of the special military operation to protect the DPR and LPR, the level of Russophobia in the Ukraine, as well as in Western countries supporting Kiev, literally began to go off scale. It seemed that no accusations against Moscow were now considered over the top.

      Dismissed by majority vote
      Calls for the extermination of Russian women and children and the torture of prisoners of war were voiced from positions of authority and on Ukrainian TV channels, and the authors of these statements got away with everything. Without verification, any accusations of war crimes against the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were accepted as the ultimate truth.

      Yesterday, however, it turned out that even in this situation there is something excessive. On May 31, the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukraine voted for the early termination of the powers of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Lyudmila Denisova.

      Earlier, at her press conference, the Ombudsman said that her removal from office was being prepared, and the initiative was coming from the Office of the President of the Ukraine. In this case, Denisova seems to be right: representatives of the pro-government “Servant of the People” party openly spoke about their intention to take measures against her. It was not difficult — 234 votes for the resignation of the ombudsman were easily found.

      “”Couldn’t corroborate the evidence and this only harmed the Ukraine””
      Arkhangelsk-born Denisova took over as human rights ombudsman in 2018, under Petro Poroshenko. But she also worked quite successfully with Zelensky’s team until she was, as they say, went off on a sexual binge.

      Deputy Chairman of the Rada’s Standing Committee, Pavel Frolov, directly stated the main complaint against Denisova: “The incomprehensible concentration of the ombudsman’s media work on numerous details of “sexual crimes committed in an unnatural way” and “child rapes” in the occupied territories, which could not be confirmed by evidence, only harmed the Ukraine and distracted the attention of the world media from the real needs of the Ukraine”.

      From the very beginning of the special military operation, Denisova began to talk at her press conferences about sexual crimes allegedly committed by servicemen of the Russian army, as well as the military of the DPR and LPR. This technique is far from new, but in the West it was resorted to during the campaigns in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria. Ordinary people in “civilized countries” listen with interest to stories about how “dictatorial regimes” order soldiers to rape all living things.

      “The rapes always take place in public — so everyone can see it.”
      However, Ombudsman Denisova’s messages on this topic turned into something pathological. At absolutely every press conference, in every interview, she relished the details of the atrocities allegedly committed.

      Here, for example, are her revelations in a May interview with the Swiss publication “Blick”: “They (the Russians — AiF) raped women so that they can no longer bear children. This is a clear act of genocide. Soldiers carry out personal instructions given them by Vladimir Putin to destroy the country . . . Men and boys are also raped. One mother, chained to a chair, had to watch as her 11-year-old boy was raped for ten hours. A 45-year-old man barely survived when he came out of his hiding place to get water. They grabbed him and raped him . . . Rapes always happen in public, often in the courtyard or even on the street, so that everyone can see it”.

      Amongst Denisova’s most “lurid” stories were those about a 16-year-old granddaughter and her 78-year-old grandmother, who were raped together for several hours, tied to each other; an allegedly raped six-month-old child, as well as “a whole basement of Ukrainian girls in Bucha, who were raped for a long time”.

      Things all came to a head in her basement story
      Tales about what happened in a basement were precisely what played a crucial role as regards Denisova’s fate. According to her version, in a basement of one of the houses in Bucha near Kiev, Russians systematically raped 25 girls aged 14 to 24, 9 of whom having become pregnant. “In order to prevent them from having any Ukrainian children, Russian soldiers told them that they would be raped in such a way that they would not want to have sexual contacts with any man”, the ombudsman said.

      When she repeated this story again at a press conference in Kiev, one of the foreign journalists asked her to clarify the details of what had happened.

      “The fact is that I was in Bucha, talked to the local prosecutor and the police”, the reporter explained, “and no one there knows anything about a basement with raped girls. People don’t even know what this is all about”.

      Denisova got angry and said: “I sincerely wish you never experience being raped”. However, at the same time, she did not reply to the query itself.

      It should not be assumed that representatives of the foreign media had any sympathy for the Russian military. However, those journalists who have not yet forgotten about what their profession entails, decided to visit a number of places where, according to Denisova, sexual crimes had been committed, in order to gather the horrifying facts and eyewitness accounts.

      But it turned out that there were no witnesses, as well as no victims, and representatives of the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs unanimously declared that they had no materials on almost any case that the Ukrainian ombudsman had spoken about.

      Does the Ombudsman need to see a doctor?
      And here is when they began to suspect that there was something fishy about this whole business. Representatives of the foreign media began to bombard not only the Ombudsman, but also the Office of the President of the Ukraine with appeals, demanding an explanation about where Denisova was getting her stories from. There was no clear answer. And the Western press increasingly began to accompany the ombudsman’s revelations with a warning that the allegations that she cited had no independent confirmation. Everything was going to be officially announced: Denisova had been feeding the world with fake stories about sexual crimes for three months, coming up with lurid details as she went along.

      In this situation, Zelensky’s team opted for the best way to “torpedo” the ombudsman personally.

      Now they are loudly discussing in the Ukraine what was formerly discussed in hushed tones: Denisova’s addiction to talking about rape and sexual perversion makes one assume that she needs help from a professional — or at the very least a psychiatrist — for seldom does a normal person go so far as to lie in such a way.


      1. She should not just be sacked.
        She should be arrested.

        There is something pathological about this systematic lying about rape. Her stories got more lurid as she got more attention, a chance to be the centre of attention and smear the Russians at the same time.

        Clearly she is not right in the head.


        1. Clearly, but in a country where loony zealots not right in the head abound, she barely stands out. Pathological is not a stretch – perhaps it’s something in the water.


          1. As a matter of fact, there is a popular opinion here amongst the Orcs that a deficit of iodine in their diet is the cause of certain characteristics associated with Khokhly.

            Dietary habits and nutritional status of children from Ukraine during the first 3 years of life

            The diet of the majority of children did not comply with the recommended intake of zinc (91%), iron (68%), calcium (61%), iodine (49%), vitamins A (99%), D (97%), B6 (89%), B12 (71%), E (70%) and B1 (61%). Excessive weight was significantly associated with higher levels of energy, protein, carbohydrates and fat consumption . . .

            . . . Respectively, inadequate or poor nutrition during the first years of life may lead to significant negative consequences for health, including delayed psychomotor and mental development, behavioral problems, lack of social skills, disorders of attention, learning problems, etc.

            . . . The most urgent problems related to nutrition of children in Ukraine as follows:

            • Potentially high prevalence of iron deficiency; estimated prevalence of iron deficiency in pediatric population in our country is approximately 40–50% [15].

            • High prevalence of iodine deficiency: incidence of iodine deficiency diseases is about 35% [16].

            • Significant lack of vitamin C – 80–90%, and group B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid – 40–80%) in children’s diet

            Keep on scoffing the salo, Yukietards!


        2. I don’t think it can be entirely attributed to personal pathology. I remember during the Balkan wars reading of one US official who said that in order to get the West generally and, Europeans specifically, to support a war, you need two things. Firstly, a poison gas or chemical weapons attack because that triggers WW2 memories (and guilt) of the Nazi extermination camps leading to “whatever happened to ‘never again’ and something must be done”. Secondly are allegations of rape as a weapon of war – that is, not the rape of women and girls resulting from a general breakdown of law and order but a systemic assault on a target population. This is presumably meant to remind folk of the allegations against the Soviets in immediate post-war Germany.

          This playbook has been repeated time after time by the US and its allies – In the Balkans with the ‘reporting’ of Serbian ‘rape camps’, in Libya with the claim that Viagra had been issued to government soldiers for the purposes of rape, in Syria with the endless reports of Assad’s ‘gas attacks’ etc etc. Where this Ukrainian propagandist went wrong was egging the pudding by inventing stories so fantastical they wouldn’t fly.


          1. Exactly!

            And at the outbreak of WWI in Western Europe, the “Rape of Belgium” was the call to arms, in the UK at least, a motivation for unnecessarily partaking in a general conflict in Europe for the sake of “a scrap of paper”, as Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany described an agreement on the non-violation of Belgium neutrality.

            The UK had no pressing reason to go to war against the German Empire in 1914, and none whatsoever for declaring war against the Austro-Hungarian Empire, albeit the Austro-Hungarians were right bastards towards the Serbs, whom they indeed did rape and pillage.


          2. Claims of mass rape are effective propaganda as they imply that we or our military are not doing enough to protect and defend the weak and vulnerable – which of course is one primary reason for having armed forces.

            In the past, the rape of women and girls by soldiers could have multiple meanings: the families of these women and girls were being shamed and dishonoured, and the men who couldn’t defend their womenfolk could be considered by their communities to be dishonourable and less than proper men themselves – even if they were in no position to be able to defend their women. Rape had potential to disrupt a family network if no-one could be sure who the father of a child in the network was. Rape victims often ended up being killed by their families because of this potential. Depending on what meanings societies attached to acts of mass rape of women by soldiers during war, the possibility of such acts often drove communities to restrict women’s movements and activities, and their interactions with unrelated men even during peacetime.

            Western societies no longer put their women into purdah or observe similar customs if they ever did – the ancient Athenians certainly did to their married women – but something of the stigma and horror behind mass rape remains and can be exploited for propaganda purposes.


            1. In this conflict it also serves to make Ukrainian women and girls apprehensive about living in cities and towns which might next fall to the Russians, or to attempt to cooperate with the Russian army in any way.

              You would think the west would know better than to foster such tropes for propaganda value, having been at the wrong end of it before. As I may have mentioned, while in the Navy I took the ‘Okinawa Death Tour’, visits to historic sites where thousands of Japanese civilians had leaped to their deaths or by other means killed themselves rather than be captured by the advancing American army. One was a historic well, supposedly bottomless, into which Japanese non-military nurses threw themselves because they had been told the American soldiers would rape them.


              We also visited the caves the Japanese military had bored in the sandstone cliffs, and the tunnels in many places had walls scored and pocked by shrapnel where Japanese soldiers had reportedly killed themselves with grenades. If you hadn’t had enough death, the final visit was to a jutting peak over a deep valley, and we were told that many civilians had jumped from this peak, some with their children in their arms.

              Did American soldiers rape Japanese women? Depends on who you believe. Some historians say yes, and that the historical record backs them. The military, unsurprisingly, says no; we would never do that, we are all about hearts and minds and rape is not a way to win them.

              Whether or not the accusations are true is not really the point here – the point I am trying to make is that western armies certainly do not like to have such charges leveled against them, and can be counted on to react angrily when so accused. Therefore it is amazing to see western news outlets simply repeat whatever they are told by Ukraine, to tag all Russian denials with ‘without evidence’ and to repeat false information which has already been discredited. Granted, it was journalists who skewered the Ukrainian Ombudsman for Human Rights’ fabricated claims, although that does nothing to cause me to respect the profession.


      2. The fact is that they only jerked her up short when dozy foreign journalists began to question her lunacy, which was becoming so extreme that they felt they had to check up on her. As long as everyone appeared to be buying it, there was no problem. She just got carried away in her ‘service to Ukraine’. She reminds me strongly of barking-mad Irina Farion, the language cop, who told kindergarten-age children that if they wanted to be called ‘Misha’ they should go to Russia, because in ‘pure’ Ukrainian the diminutive for ‘Mikhail’ is something different. Only seething with inward hate can explain an adult so incapable of self-discipline.

        Luckily, she lives in a country where being shot does not require an awful lot of explanation, and where journalists are either committed locals or gullible foreigners.


        1. As a matter of fact, only the other day was I wondering what had become of that maniac Farion, and lo and behold — she popped up in the news after a long absence.

          Iryna Dmytrivna I-Am-Barking-Mad Farion

          She had been coming out with her usual Russophobic shite as regards throwing out of Banderastan all Russian speaking Ukraine citizens.

          Iryna Farion: the evil fury of Ukrainian nationalism
          9 March 2020

          She doesn’t just hate Russians, she wishes they didn’t exist in nature at all. It is difficult to know exactly who came up with the nationalist slogan “Moskalyaku na gilyaku!”, [Russians to the Gallows! — ME], but it seems that its author is Irina Farion. After the victory of Euromaidan and the overthrow of President Yanukovich in 2014, such militant characters came to the fore in the politics of modern Ukraine as if by magic. And it’s not just sad, it’s disgusting.

          By the way, the famous writer Alexander Prokhanov called Farion a “political witch”, and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky — “a fool suffering from rabies of the womb”.

          Who is Irina Farion?
          A simple Ukrainian girl was Ira, who later became the main Russophobe on the planet. She was born in Lvov, then in the Ukrainian SSR, in 1964. After having finished secondary school, she entered the Faculty of Philology of the Ivan Franko Lvov State University. She majored in Ukrainian philology. She studied at graduate school, where she defended her candidate thesis. Since 1996 she has been a Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Applied Linguistics of the National University.

          She joined the Komsomol in 1978, and almost a decade later made an attempt to join the ranks of the CPSU. Her attempt succeeded. The young activist was solemnly issued a party card and assigned a responsible task: to encourage foreign students to learn Russian in every possible way, i.e. to continue doing what she was already doing as a Komsomol member. Many years later, Irina claimed that nothing like this had ever happened to her, and that she had never joined the party, and she had hated the Russian language since childhood. However, after the publication of compromising material, she gave up, claiming that she broke with the Communists almost immediately, in 1989, and justified her entry with career considerations and a desire to destroy the CPSU from within. Well, if that was the case, Farion has done both of her tasks brilliantly.

          With the collapse of the Soviet Union, nationalism flourished in independent Ukraine, and especially in those places in the western part of the country, where the heroine of our article lived. In the ’90s, Irina Dmitrievna logically switched from promoting the Russian language to promoting Ukrainian. Since then, she herself has not spoken any other language except mova.

          An active and educated nationalist could not help but notice the ” big” people. Acquaintance with a fellow countryman named Oleg Tyagnibok had far-reaching consequences. A female philologist had drifted into politics. In 2005, she joined the political association “Svoboda” and soon took a leading position in it. At least in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2006-2007, Iryna Farion was listed as the third on the party list. However, at that time, she did not manage to get into parliament. But in 2012, she was nominated from a single-mandate district and became a People’s Deputy. In the Rada, she worked on issues of science and education. In 2014, another attempt to get a seat in the Rada ended in failure, and “Svoboda” itself did not overcome the five percent barrier.

          At the moment, Irina is not married, but at one time she was married to a certain Ostap Semchishin. Her husband was prosecuted more than once and eventually the woman’s patience ran out. In 2010, Farion filed for divorce. The former spouses have a daughter, Sofia.

          • At one of the party receptions, Irina Dmitrievna admitted that in her youth she had an affair with a handsome man from Chelyabinsk. But love ended when the girl found out that her boyfriend Fedot was simultaneously courting some Jewish woman. Since then, she hates “Muscovites and Jews”.

          • When communicating with children in a kindergarten in the city of Lvov, she began to correct them, saying that Ukrainians should have Ukrainian names, and not Russian ones. Outraged parents filed a lawsuit against Irina.


          • She strongly supported the anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass and said that this was not just a fight against the separatists, but a “third world war”, while Ukraine had became “the spearhead… from which a great victory will begin”.

          • She considers Ukrainians who persistently speak Russian and live on the territory of the Ukraine to be degenerates.

          • She had a minibus driver fired, who, at her request, refused to turn off the radio that was broadcasting a Russian-language station.

          • She calls her critics “clowns, buffoons, creatures, boors” and other unpleasant words.

          • More than once, she harshly polemicized with her main opponent, the writer Olesya Buzina, on television talk shows, and took his death as just retribution: “Such people go to the sewer of history”.

          • She accused many Ukrainian deputies of high treason when they drew up an appeal to the Polish Sejm with a request that the Volyn massacre be recognized as a genocide of the Polish people.

          • she expressed her personal gratitude to the murderer of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov.

          • In 2018, she was included in the sanctions lists compiled by the Russian government.

          • Back in 2015, the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Irina Farion for incitement to murder Russian and Russian-speaking citizens.


  7. Euractiv avec AFP: EU leaders downplay chances of rapid Russian gas ban

    EU leaders on Tuesday (31 May) played down the prospects of getting a ban on Russian gas in a next round of sanctions, after struggling to secure a watered-down embargo on Moscow’s key oil exports.

    …“I think that the gas has to be in the seventh package but I’m a realist as well, I don’t think it will be there,” Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on the second day of the summit in Brussels.

    Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer warned that “it was much easier to compensate for oil.”

    “With gas it is quite different. Therefore the gas embargo will not be an issue in the next package of sanctions either,” he argued…

    And reality finally starts to break the surface.


    1. We’ll see how ‘easy’ it is to ‘compensate for oil’. Oil is refined into gasoline and nearly everything in Europe is shipped in trucks. Therefore everything which is trucked from supplier to destination is going to cost more. And as I said before, there is nothing stopping Russia from arbitrarily shutting off the EU’s gas in retaliation. But it looks like the ‘oil embargo’ does not cover oil shipped by pipeline.


  8. 08:57, 01.06.2022 (updated: 10:41 01.06.2022)
    A video of the dead children of the Donbass was projected on the US Embassy in Moscow
    On the night of June 1, a video of children who have died in the Donbass was projected on the US Embassy in Moscow


    MOSCOW, June 1 — RIA Novosti. On the night of June 1, a video was projected on the walls of the US Embassy building in Moscow, which claims that the US military “bears full responsibility for all the dead children of the Donbass”.

    The activists who organized the action timed it to coincide with “International Children’s Day”.
    The participants in the action explained that they wanted to remind the world community that the White House had been sponsoring the Ukrainian authorities for many years.

    Albright, were she alive, would have considered the deaths of those innocents “worthwhile”, a necessary price to pay for “freedom and democracy” in Banderastan and for the removal of authoritarian rule in Russia.


  9. 08:56 01.06.2022
    Zakharova has said that statements against Ukraine candidacy to the EU was “despicable”

    MOSCOW, June 1 — RIA Novosti. European politicians’ statements that the Ukraine cannot yet apply for EU candidate status are despicable towards Kiev, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

    Earlier, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said that almost all major EU member states were against granting the Ukraine candidate status to the EU.

    “This is despicable towards the Ukraine, just despicable. Why is it so mean and why to the Ukraine? Because throughout all the past years, decades — and we can also take into account the situation right up to 2014: that is to say, this has not just been for 10 years, it is longer — they have been saying exactly the opposite. They have been promising every year that the Ukraine would join their ranks: every year they have been saying: ‘now you are half a step closer, half a centimetre closer, one millimetre closer to your cherished goal that we have imposed on you’, this is European integration”, she said on “Radio Sputnik”.

    “What was the position of these very same politicians who are now convincing Ukrainians that they are not yet ready to accept them, and that the Ukraine is not ready to enter anywhere; what was their position with these statements then?” Zakharova stressed.

    According to Zakharova, the Italian prime minister has essentially voiced in 2022 that which Ukrainian President Yanukovych was almost killed for in 2014. But the West’s reaction to Rome’s statements is, as expected, more cynical, she added.

    Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleh Mykolayenko had said that the Ukraine expected to receive candidate status for EU membership as early as June, having secured the support of European countries, yet French Foreign Minister for European Affairs Clément Bon has said that the process for the accession of the Ukraine to the EU might last 15-20 years.


  10. Asia Times: US Republicans torn and frayed over Ukraine

    GOP split between neoconservative imperialists and traditional realists who respectively support and oppose Ukraine war aid

    by James Carden

    June 1, 2022

    This is the third and final installment of a three-part series on ‘The Blob’ that runs American foreign policy.

    WASHINGTON – If the war in Ukraine has among other things re-established an ironclad discipline with the Democratic Party regarding foreign affairs, then the Republican side of the aisle is in the midst of a burgeoning civil war over the direction and purpose of US foreign policy.

    The fragmentation within the Grand Old Party (GOP) over the war in Ukraine can be seen most starkly in the small pockets of dissent expressed by the several dozen or so realists and restrainers in Congress over the Biden administration’s decision to send US$40 billion in aid to Kiev…

    I think I missed posting part two, so here it is from may 12: https://asiatimes.com/2022/05/biden-and-the-democrats-pivot-to-proxy-war/

    Part one from may 3 again here for convenience: https://asiatimes.com/2022/05/the-company-men-behind-bidens-foreign-policy-blob/


  11. Antiwar.com: Biden Says He Doesn’t Seek NATO-Russia War or Regime Change in Moscow

    Writing in The New York Times, the president said he has decided to give Ukraine ‘more advanced rocket systems’

    …“We do not seek a war between NATO and Russia. As much as I disagree with Mr. Putin, and find his actions an outrage, the United States will not try to bring about his ouster in Moscow,” Biden wrote.

    “So long as the United States or our allies are not attacked, we will not be directly engaged in this conflict, either by sending American troops to fight in Ukraine or by attacking Russian forces,” he added.

    While Biden insists he doesn’t want war with Russia, he also said that he has decided to give Ukraine “more advanced rocket systems and munitions,” …

    …In the op-ed, Biden said he is not encouraging Ukraine to launch attacks on Russian territory. “We are not encouraging or enabling Ukraine to strike beyond its borders,” he said. Biden also claimed that the US is not trying to prolong the war to “inflict pain on Russia” but also said Moscow must pay a “heavy price” for launching its invasion. His Pentagon chief, Lloyd Austin, has said one of the US’s goals in Ukraine is to see a “weakened” Russia…

    So that’s the message to the American public which is directly contradicted by US & NATO actions on the ground. Are the point of such articles for future reference to say ‘It happened by accident and was not at all intentional’?


    1. Yes, exactly, it’s cover. And it reassures those pinheads who still trust the words of a US president that everything’s going to be fine. In fact, this looks like the scariest escalation I’ve seen so far. Medvedev said if Russian cities are targetted, the response will be strikes on ‘decision-making centres’–and Kiev, he said, was not where the decisions were being made. Western cities, or US bases, with bomb craters in them sounds like WW 3 to me. I just hope that these systems don’t make it to the battlefield, that they get destroyed in transit, because although they won’t change Ukraine’s slow steady defeat they certainly have the potential to widen the war. Or that’s my impression. I’m no expert but so far no expert has weighed in. I’m hoping Martynov will comment on this soon.


      1. While Biden insists he doesn’t want war with Russia, he also said that he has decided to give Ukraine “more advanced rocket systems and munitions,” …

        The “more advanced rocket system” in question is the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS.

        Note: A HIMARS system based in northeast Ukraine can launch missiles that are able to strike Moscow.

        And that will happen if Yukie Neonazis get their hands on such a battery, I have absolutely no doubt of that.

        And the USA has been told of the consequences if such a thing were to happen.

        The military coordination and control centres of those states that are continually arming Banderastan will get a greeting card from hypersonic Russian missiles.

        You have been warned, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin, London.

        And Putin is on record for his not making idle threats.


        1. On the other hand, I should imagine that learning how to operate a HIMARS would take longer than a couple of weeks of intense training.


          1. However, the following is just up on The DreizinReport

            The Biden Administration has just put its foot down against providing any long-range or strategic weapons to the Ukraine. Instead, they will send more Javelins (woohoo!!!) among other gear, to include an unspecified but likely “demo” quantity of HIMARS with **short-range** rocket launchers borrowed from the M270 MLRS system—with a promise from Kiev that these weapons won’t be pointed at Russia’s borders. This obviously won’t change the course of the war, and in fact, is ridiculous until you understand that it is PURE DOMESTIC POLITICS . . .


            1. I guess this is sort of good news–Moscow would be out of range of short-range rockets, but not other Russian cities. Of course the S-500 is supposed to be well-nigh impenetrable, but does every city have such defences? Even if no missile reaches its target, it’s the intent that would provoke the response. My hope is that the escalation, if it happens, is gradual, with lots of pauses–make a smoking concavity of NATO headquarters, say, and then let that sink in, and then maybe pragmatists in Washington (if there are any) will rethink things, suddenly find negotiations feasible, Donbas independence doable after all, etc., and the MSM could find some way to spin it all as a success story for Ukraine, democracy, and the continued moral superiority of the West. Such a scenario, however improbable, has the very great benefit of allowing me to sleep at night.


                1. 22:22, June 1, 2022
                  The Ministry of Defence has warned about the plans of the Ukrainian military to bombard the Russian territory
                  Russian Defense Ministry: SBU plans provocation with firing long-range missiles at Russia

                  The Ukrainian military plans to bombard Russia with long-range missiles, the delivery of which is expected from the United States in the near future. This warning was given by the head of the National Defence Control Centre of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, writes TASS.


                2. I thought the US had refused to supply long-range missiles with the system? Mind you, even the short range version can reach the neighbouring country when the two share a common border, and it is very much in Ukraine’s interest to pull the west into war with Russia.


                3. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the Kiev regime is planning to attack Russia using the HIMARS rocket systems, which the US has decided to supply to Ukraine. The attack will be launched from the city of Shostka, Sumy region, the MoD warns. The Kiev authorities seek to use Ukrainian and foreign journalists to create fakes, namely photos and videos about “Russians killing civilians”, the defence ministry stated. These photos and videos would be picked up by Western media in an instant, the ministry added.

                  The Defence Ministry also confirmed that Ukrainian nationalists had blown up a tank with nitric acid in Severdonetsk, as they were retreating. A toxic cloud has moved from the site of the explosion to Kremennaya and Rubezhnoye. Numerous civilians have been hurt, the ministry revealed.

                  From Sputnik live updates.

                  Of course, these missiles and their launching systems have to first reach northeast Ukraine from Poland by railway. No chance of that! And these HIMARS batteries eat up their missiles at a huge rate of knots when firing them. Logistics is the problem.

                  The probability of the HIMARS getting to the northeaster border area of the Ukraine with Russia is zilch.

                  Even Medvedev, once a West arse-licking creep, has said that the Russian military will strike command centres outside the Ukraine if a missile is directed at Russia.

                  Russia is not bullshitting!


                4. Yes, it amazed me to see that Medvedev had commented on Twitter, “They hate us all!” If Dima Liberal has turned his face away from the west, there is very little chance of reconciliation even after the furor dies down – certainly not with America. But the USA’s goal was to force a major rift between Russia and Europe, and it certainly succeeded at that. However, I think both America and Europe are going to be very sorry; the latter almost immediately.


      2. It’s curious the repeated comments from both sides that nukes cannot be used and as the PPNN reports, not in the Ukriane. Why would Russia use them on its door step? It simply doesn’t make sense but then journalists are easily led and have forgotten to as “Why?” or encouraged not to ask.

        As this is a civilizational struggle and Russia has made it clear that the Ukraine is a proxy, the main fight is with the USA and its hamsters, then logically while ruling out nukes next door (where u-Rope has always suffered one way or another), nothing is said of far away, say Diego Garcia or Guam. As horrible as it is to follow this line of thought or possibilities, it is still far behind the lunatics in Washington. One thing we do know is that Moscow has long planned for most scenarios however unpalatable. While it is rational, we are not, or at least we play Nixon’s ‘Crazy man’ redux very well. There’s very little road left and while going all Thelma & Louise might seem appealing to our leaders, the rest of us 99.5% are scraping by and its only just starting to get much worse.

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  12. Financial Crimes: How the EU’s ban on Russian oil will rock global markets

    Refiners will face fierce competition to secure supplies as Brussels imposes sanctions on seaborne exports

    …“Competition for remaining barrels in an already stretched global market will be fierce, and there will be very limited scope for relief to oil prices,” Thaler said.

    …Without access to seaborne Russian oil, there is a real risk that these refineries will soon stop operating, exacerbating a fuel crisis in the EU. Diesel supplies in particular are already tight, leading to record prices at the pump in many countries.

    “Governments will have to intervene, possibly with nationalisation, to keep them operating and ensure energy security as well as jobs,” said Simone Tagliapietra, senior fellow at Bruegel, a Brussels think-tank…

    AKA ‘theft’ which would lead to the direct nationalization of western assets based in Russia. Yes, for every very clever western move, the counter move is very painful too.

    Apparently there is also an insurance ban on Russian vessels.* This will lead to an alternative insurance market, so bad news for the likes of Lloyds of London (didn’t they also insure empire slave ships too?*) and others. Sanctioning others to sanction oneself!


    * https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/international/2020/06/18/572696.htm


    1. A word that may as well be erased from the western lexicon is ‘pragmatic’. Western ‘policymakers’ have completely lost the ability to rationalize, and such is the tilting-at-windmills determination to make Vladimir Putin lose in Ukraine that the west will sacrifice literally anything to achieve it. What puzzles me is the apparent willingness of western commerce to go along with the whirling-disease madness of their political compatriots – surely they can foretell the disaster that beckons?

      Once upon a time the certainty was that the whole world benefited from globalism and free trade – everybody makes or harvests or produces something that a broad customer base wants and cannot easily get elsewhere, and assisting each to bring that product or commodity to market was once a reliable religion. Once upon a time everybody was more or less okay with the producing country controlling everything about that production or harvest, and with the ‘invisible hand of the glorious market’ serving to establish and maintain a predictable price. Once upon a time, sacrificing the odd self-interest to this principle was deemed ‘pragmatic’, and duplication of effort and parallel networks were anathema.

      No more. Generations of market research and guiding principles are unceremoniously bundled out the window because there is something about Putin that makes western leaders bugshit, and the calm way he says Russia will do something and then does it – in the face of hysterical threats and screaming from the west – obliterates their ability to reason. So now the world is changing again, and systems which served us so well for so many years are being cast aside in favour of nepotistic policies and parallel systems that never intersect. So be it. Western economics depend on relentless expansion and gaining more and more market share, and those who will not or cannot expand perish, while those who remain get ever fatter and stronger until there is only one choice in each sector. If he lives long enough, Jeff Bezos will own the west. And the Eurasian axis will have its own systems for trade and commerce and communication, and Europe will fade and become ever more feeble and fussy in genteel poverty. And its erstwhile leaders will be completely responsible. But history will say it was all Putin.

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  13. Apparently the EU is looking at a ‘price cap’ for Russian gas. Surely that is discrimination and market manipulation? Brussels’ ‘EU Rule of Law’ is again being thrown out of the window because it is convenient. I don’t see how anything can come of this and it looks more like SAY SOMETHING, anything however retarded rather than to admit they’re out of clever schemes.


    1. They HAD a price cap. It was called a ‘long-term contract’. But that became intolerable, and the bossy west gave Russia the see-here-this-will-never-do treatment as it so loves to do, because the west fancies itself at the peak of the knowledge pile in every field and it KNOWS BETTER. And now they have energy prices subject to market forces and middlemen who own nothing making huge fortunes on the fluctuations in prices on ‘futures’ that have not even come to market yet, just as they thought they wanted. And the proles groan and writhe because they can’t make their wages cover even everything they need, never mind everything they want, and the electorate grows restless and sulky and destructive. To bend to service Uriah Heep’s “Sweet Freedom”;

      As you look around you; do you like what you see?
      Though it sometimes makes you lonely – do you like being free?


  14. Euractiv mit Neuters: UN had ‘constructive’ talks in Moscow on Russian grain, fertilizer exports

    A senior UN official had “constructive discussions” in Moscow with Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov on facilitating Russian grain and fertilizer exports to global markets, a UN spokesman said on Tuesday (31 May).

    …“The objective of her discussions is focused on facilitating Russian grain and fertilizer to global markets, with the key aim of addressing growing global food insecurity,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said.

    UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who visited Moscow and Kyiv last month, is trying to broker what he calls a “package deal” to resume both Ukrainian food exports and Russian food and fertilizer exports…

    For the UN to go along with this so would the west, driving horses and carriages through their own sanctions. Much is left unsaid but ‘Russian’ fertilzer may well also be code for Byelorussian potash/fertilizer etc.


    1. I bet that will make Ukraine happy. Can I just ask, here – what is the west trying to achieve? I’ve kind of lost track. Wasn’t it unacceptable for Russia to win? And doesn’t preferential treatment for Russian exports kind of generally go against the objectives of (1) isolating Russia, and (2) destroying its economy, and (3) ensuring Putin is humiliated? Isn’t this kind of like sending a dragnet of police cars to arrest Putin, and having them then fall into formation and provide him a police escort to the Bling Store?

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  15. Euractiv mit Neuters: US wheat crop hit by dry winter then soggy spring, adding to global tightness

    North Dakota farmer Dwight Grotberg wanted to plant more wheat this spring to capitalize on soaring prices since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine cut grain exports and left the world short of millions of tonnes of wheat supply.

    …US wheat output has been on longer-term decline as farmers favored corn and soybean production, which are more lucrative due to demand from biofuels producers. Seed science also has boosted their yields by 30% or more since 2000, outpacing just 6% for wheat.

    Biofuels demand is likely to continue to erode wheat acres as two new soy processing plants are set to open in eastern North Dakota,…

    Wow, someone’s discovered that other countries apart from the Ukraine and Russia grow food! The market provides, except when it doesn’t. There’s always a special joy about these back to front articles that make a big announcement at the start and finish with significant information and context at the end. I guess we are only suppost to remember the beginning bit.


  16. Euractiv: The Brief – A question of diplomacy

    …While most African leaders have held back from publicly condemning Russia’s invasion or voting against Putin in the United Nations, they have abided by the terms of the sanctions regimes imposed by the United States, EU and others, abandoning the bulk of their trade with Russia, much of which is in agricultural produce and fertiliser…

    WTF? Where’s the evidence for this or is it yet again opinion projection, no need to look in to detail? We know that the US and EU are threatening other countries to go along with their sui-sanctions regime which is why the squirrel word abide is used here instead of threatened, but many countries can’t do without Russian goods.*

    Vanguard: Importation of wheat from Russia

    RECENTLY, industries stakeholders called on Federal Government to suspend the 15 percent levy on wheat grain importation from the two top wheat exporting countries, namely: Russia and Ukraine.

    Reuter also reported that Nigeria plans to import 105,000 tonnes of potash from Russia and Canada ‘to help avert any shortfall in output from its fertiliser plants’. Justifying the decision to buy from Russia, the head of the Nigeria’s Sovereign Investment Authority, NSIA, reportedly even noted that: “We have a total of 105,000 metric tonnes of potash coming into the country.

    Subsequently more supplies will come from Russia because it saves us time for the vessels to come in than from central Canada”. I reckon that it is most certainly inconceivable that at a time when the larger part of the world has imposed economic sanctions on Russia due to its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, particularly to limit its capacity to sustain the war, Nigeria would consider it an option to transact with Russia despite the existence of other viable options for commerce.

    * https://foreignpolicy.com/2022/05/05/western-allies-pressure-african-countries-to-condemn-russia/

    …Under pressure. European diplomats are reportedly pressuring African Union members to take a stand in support of Ukraine, while top U.S. diplomats such as Victoria Nuland, the undersecretary of state for political affairs, have publicly urged African countries not to allow Russia to use them to evade U.S. and European sanctions. ..

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  17. This is too delicious! ‘Die Welt’ reports at the current top of their online edition that “Scholz promises super rocket system – which not even the Bundeswehr has – Olaf Scholz pledges to Ukraine the delivery of ground-to-air rocket type Iris T. This allows missiles to be shot down at a distance of up to 40 kilometers and at an altitude of up to 20 kilometers. The rocket provides protection for an entire big city.”
    Crikey. However, scrolling down a bit in this paywalled report (machine translated), we read that:
    “According to WELT information, two systems have so far been delivered to Egypt and tested there. A third system would be largely ready for use at the Bavarian Diehl site Röthenbach, it is said. This system could now possibly be delivered to Ukraine instead of Egypt, is speculation in military circles. The production of further Iris T systems would take several months. The Reuters news agency wants to know that the first Iris T-SLM systems will be delivered to Ukraine in November and ten systems in the next three years.”
    November? Oh dear … and of course, this isn’t sufficient:
    “Critics say that the delivery of probably initially only one Iris T fire unit would mean protection for a big city, but Ukraine has several large cities. The announcement therefore also has a great symbolic character, but does not mean a turning point in terms of weapons.”

    Well, this is a beautiful example of ‘jam tomorrow’ – only, tomorrow never comes … but if it makes Scholz and Germany look good, why worry that the Bundeswehr hasn’t got this system: German cities don’t need defending, do they.

    Here’s the link, the article is paywalled:


  18. Oh look! They are saying they prefer death if not allowed to speak mova (middle placard), and the banner to the left reads: “Get your hands off our language!” The one on the right is in Crimean Tatar.

    I wonder who told them that the speaking of their dialect in what was the UkSSR is forbidden, illegal, punishable by law?

    And I wonder who has said the same about the speaking of Russian in Banderastan?


    1. Wonder what the above think — and very likely for many of them in Russian as well — about “mova or death”?


  19. Nice one, BoJo!

    Britain wants to send to Ukraine the M270 MLRS systems, the heavier cousins of the M142 HIMARS included by Washington in the latest batch of arms aid to Kiev. Both rocket artillery systems are US-made, so the UK will need American permission for the proposed weapons transfer.



    1. Everyone flocks to what they think will be the ‘game-changer’. Ukraine tells them they could lick the Russians if only they had MLRS. They said the same thing about the Javelin, and lots of them are now turning up unfired, either because the erstwhile operator had to run for his life or forgot how to fire it. But Britain and the USA perceive that Russia is frightened of the MLRS, and that providing it will somehow magically ‘make Putin lose’, and that has become the Holy Grail in this war. The loss of proxy lives, the degree of economic and materiel damage have been predetermined to be acceptable so long as Russia is publicly humiliated.

      MLRS systems are less dangerous to Russia than Javelins, really, in the sense that they are much more visible and harder to hide. If they do get them, it may force a bit more of a role for the Russian Air Force, but otherwise Russian tactics should not change much and the operational goal not at all. So far the greatest damage inflicted on Ukraine by a wide margin is through massed artillery, and the Ukrainians and their backers plainly hope to reverse it using the same tactics. But they won’t get very many systems, logistically it is just too difficult to send and receive them, and they will be quickly pinpointed and destroyed – they had MLRS systems in the beginning, and they don’t have any now, so obviously they were destroyed.

      I suppose there is always the possibility one or two long-range rockets will be ‘accidentally’ included by some careless technician, who will be immediately fired, of course, and that Ukraine will make a symbolic attack against Russia itself. But this would not ‘make Putin lose’, although the only winner would be the United States. The USA is enjoying the spectacle of Slavs fighting Slavs, but so far I believe Russia really is trying to keep enemy casualties low and to restrict its attacks to military targets. But Ukraine and the west have already pissed away that advantage by accusing Russia daily of wholesale murder and unrestricted destruction. As well hung for a sheep as a lamb, and if Ukraine lobbed a couple of rockets into Russia, the area from which they were fired would be scorched earth with nothing standing. I don’t think Russia would attack long-range western targets over that, but the west is slowly agitating its way up the scale to where that is looking like a real possibility.

      The best and most decisive action Russia can take in the current circumstances is to obliterate all such systems as soon as they are on Ukrainian territory, before they can be used. But the risk is that the constant escalation and propping-up by the west will cause Russia to stop futzing around in an attempt to win without too many casualties, and simply hammer Ukraine flat with a massive conventional blow and correspondingly horrific loss of life.

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      1. As regards this regret about Slav fighting Slav and frequent comments to blogs that I see, in which praise is begrudgingly given to Ukrainians who are continuing to fight bravely in defence of their country (similar praise is not afforded to the neo-Nazi filth in their midst, of course, chiefly because they do not fight trained combatants, only terrorise civilians and commit abominations), I have to say that I am not of the same mind.

        Those in the UAF who are, allegedly, nobly and courageously continuing to defend “Independent Ukraine” are knowingly fighting for a corrupt, criminal, vile regime; they know full well what nationalistic Galitsian filth runs the show in the Kiev Supreme Rada; they know that their “heroic” president is a multi-millionaire opportunist, a USA marionette who was elected because of his promises to end the civil war in the east; they know full well who the neo-Nazis are in their midst; yet they, according to some, bravely and manfully fight on to defend their country, which is not a country and never has been one, against their “fellow Slav brothers from the east?

        The whole essence of that territory created by the USSR, the former UkSSR is that it exists as “Not Russia”, a figment created by Western supported, Russophobic nationalist, whose origins were in the former Austro-Hungarian empire and that part of partitioned Poland that was once part of the Russian Empire.

        What are these “brave Ukrainians” really fighting for?



        Membership of the EU?

        Lace panties?


        1. That’s not really what I mean; I mean that the ‘independent nation’ of Ukraine has been cast by circumstance as the military opponent of the Russian Federation, which it is now outside in most terms although it still relied on it heavily for trade, but many Russian families have relatives in Ukraine. As mine does; my brother-in-law, Vova, husband of my wife’s elder sister, is Ukrainian-born and his family still lives there. Various aunties and uncles live either side of what was once a border in name only. My wife’s ex-husband and father of my stepson lives in Sevastopol. The relationship between Ukraine and Russia was brotherly except for the agitation of the precious nationalists, and not so long ago Russia would unquestionably have fought for Ukraine against an outsider. It would be convenient if all the Ukrainian dead were the nationalists, but they won’t be; a lot of innocent people will be dead when it’s over and their family will always remember they were killed by Russians, regardless that Ukraine was ready to talk peace within two weeks of the commencement of hostilities. But it has not been allowed to surrender and continues to be manipulated by Washington and Brussels, stumbling along like a zombie to its eventual defeat. At which time a lot more Slavs will be dead. There was no shortage of soldiers in the Ukrainian army itself who were not interested in fighting Russia and did not look on it as an enemy, and many of them have surrendered.


  20. Our friend Paul Robinson has begun to occasionally stick his head above the parapet again, and does not disallow that he will return to blogging. Meanwhile, he uses “IRussianality” as a directory to material he has published elsewhere. This is one such piece; “Russia at a Turning Point” proposes the death of liberal ideals in Russia in favour of pursuing a non-western model. It’s quite good, I found it historically informative and socially relevant. It also backs up Moscow Exile’s frequent contentions that intelligentsia liberals are broadly unpopular in Russia.



          1. Professor Robinson suddenly closed shop, as it were, on “Irussianality”, a blog that he opened, it seems, to enlighten those with scant knowledge of Russian history, politics and society, because he apparently could not countenance appearing as though he were in some way supporting the “Putin Regime”, the “Aggressor State” that had “brutally and illegally” invaded dear, sweet Banderastan, a satrap of the USA, whose function was to serve as a thorn in the side of Russia and a salient, a launch pad, for attacks against the Russian Federation.

            In fact, the “Evil Regime” attacked Banderastan pre-emptively, as it is now abundantly clear that with the backing of NATO, that “Anti-Russia” creation of the United States was preparing to attack in full force the separatist regions of Eastern Ukraine, now the Lugansk and Donetsk National Republics, whose independence Russia had at long last recognised shortly before it launched its pre-emptive “Special Military Operation” against Banderastan, following 8 years of continuous “anti-terrorists” operations waged by Banderastan against the civilian population of the LDNRs

            All of which makes me wonder if the professor would have done the same, namely ceased being an apparent apologist for the USA, if he had had a similar blog that tried to explain to the ignorant the machinations of USA geopolitics, when the USA launched brutal, illegal attacks against, say, Serbia or Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya or Grenada, to name just a few of the states that have suffered as a result of USA imperialism.

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            1. I didn’t agree with everything Patrick Armstrong wrote but followed his blog and found it very useful to hear about his time in Russia, I hope he returns. I guess it makes more sense now, the timing of the pressure on him because the US was planning with others to attack by proxy, east of Ukraine in March.


              1. Yes, Patrick Armstrong, whose name I could not recall when I wrote my last comment as a possible defence of Professor Robinson’s decision to close down “Irussianality”.


            2. I feel that I should add that I greatly admired and agreed with what Professor Robinson wrote in “Irussianality“. He has a deep knowledge of Russian history, politics and society and I agreed wholeheartedly with much of what he wrote in his blog. In defence of his decision to close down that blog, I suspect that he was under pressure to do so. He is a former commissioned officer of the British army and an academic: he also lives and works in the authoritarian state of Canada. Indeed, he is a Canadian citizen.

              Likewise, a fellow compatriot of his, another Canadian expert on matters Russian, was also pressurised to cease commenting on Russia in his monthly Russian SITREP. What is more, this other Canadian blogger on Russian politics openly stated that he had been told to cease and desist from making his Russian reports.

              Remember, Canada is that state which has as one of its government ministers a woman whose ministerial duties seem to include her being Canadian Secretary of State for Banderastan.

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              1. I don’t know that he was pressured to shut down ‘Irrusianality’ – he seemed to me to suggest it was a matter of principle because Russia had attacked Ukraine, and much of his previous material was supportive of Russia. Therefore it appeared to me his conscience could not allow him to support a Russia which had attacked its neighbour. I did not agree at all – my position is that Russia was slowly and deliberately maneuvered into a situation where it could not retreat any further – but I respected his decision to do what he wished with his own material.

                As for Patrick Armstrong, he told me himself he had received a visit from the Feds, and that it was directly connected to his published material.

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                1. I don’t know whether he was pressured either. I simply suspect that he may hve been pressured.


                2. Yes, this argument that he who strikes first is guilty, which argument is backed up by the UN Charter, which declares that wars of aggression are illegal — except for those waged by the USA, of course — is what is regularly trotted out by Yukie apologists.

                  Well I for one am a convinced believer in retaliating first: if I see some threatening bastard walking towards me ready to strike, I make sure I get the first one in. Does that make me the aggressor?


                3. “Well I for one am a convinced believer in retaliating first” – of course you are! You played rugby!


                4. My understanding is that Paul Robinson lives in Ottawa and teaches in a university there. It may be the closer you are to the radioactive centre of the Turdeau government, the more heat you’ll feel from its security goons. Pressure may have come also from the university through fellow faculty members, the student union or pressure groups, or the administration. Knowing what Patrick Armstrong experienced wouldn’t have helped either.


                5. And it’s very possible they do know one another; I never thought to ask while Patrick was here, but they live in the same city and are of much the same mind on many international affairs.


          2. He always seemed to me to be too much of a realist to be an ideological supporter of Ukraine, with its crude sledgehammer propaganda, which is something he would see right through. I think it was a matter of conscience for him.


            1. On the other hand, I fear that Professor Robinson does not adhere to what Kant labelled as the “Moral Imperative”, namely a categorical imperative whereby one’s moral stance taken over an issue must apply to all such issues at all times and in all places and not selectively applied.

              In other words, what is good for the goose must always be good for the gander.

              As I queried earlier, if in May 1999, when NATO began to bomb Yugoslavia (Operation Allied Force), Professor Robinson had been writing a blog about USA geopolitics in a similar vein as were his informed writings that appeared in his “Irussianality” blog, would he have immediately closed down such a blog as a matter of principle, his conscience not allowing him to support American aggression.?

              I suspect not.


  21. Slowly but surely the truth will out . . .

    12:35 on 03.06.2022 (updated: 13:01 on 03.06.2022)
    The US has revealed an unpleasant truth for the Ukraine
    American Professor Latham has said that a Ukraine victory in the conflict with Russia is impossible

    MOSCOW, June 3 — RIA Novosti. A Ukraine victory in the current conflict cannot be seen as a realistic outcome, because it should be obvious now that this is not possible, writes Andrew Latham, a professor of international relations at the American McAlester College in St. Paul, in an article for The Hill.

    In his opinion, Kiev does not have the opportunity to regain control of the Donbass and settlements along the Azov coast. Unlike the north of the country, these territories are central to Russia’s interests and its military will not just leave them.

    In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering terrible losses and are getting weaker every day, so there is only one possible option: a fragmented and divided Ukraine. When such a scenario inevitably becomes true, there will be a defeat for Kiev, but it will satisfy the main and fundamental geopolitical desire of Moscow: the neutralization of the Ukraine outside the geopolitical sphere of the North Atlantic Alliance and the geo-economic orbit of the European Union, the professor summed up.


  22. 10:41 on 03.06.2022 (updated: 11:44 on 03.06.2022)
    The Germans have asked Baerbock a question after her words about the Ukraine
    “Die Welt” readers have been ridiculeding German Foreign Minister Baerbock, following her words about supporting the Ukraine

    I’m dead clever I am!

    MOSCOW, June 3 — RIA Novosti. Readers of the German newspaper “Die Welt” have ridiculed German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, following her statements about supporting the Ukraine.

    In readers’ comments, many questioned the professionalism of the minister, because, in their opinion, the categorical nature of Baerbock’s statements contradicts the goals of her work.

    “The only thing she can promise is that she will continue” for a long time “to give simple answers to complex questions”, wrote Anna Lyse.

    “Even an uncritical population is gradually getting the impression that Baerbock is an absolute loser and has no idea about either the history or the psychology of government”, wrote Maria B indignantly.

    “A serious question: why should we make such an unconditional pledge to support the Ukraine instead of staying out of the conflict?” Mike Müller asked.

    “What are Baerbock’s strengths? Just stroll along whilst continually lying and talking?” asked Konrad P.

    “Why is the German foreign minister promising support for the Ukraine? Especially since we can’t afford it at all. Who should pay for this?” concluded Monique M.

    And this is only just beginning. In just 2 months is the end of summer . . .


  23. Some pretty heavy accusations about rape directed at the Ukrainian army, via ‘Donbass Insider’.


    But of course it is just going to be their word against that of the Ukrainian government, and western governments who are quick to seize on social-media sensationalism as ‘proof’ when it supports what they are trying to ‘prove’ will be dismissive of anything which tarnishes Ukraine’s ‘fierce’ performance in the war.

    Additionally, accusations of the OSCE’s complicity in supporting the Ukrainian side, including the discovery of one of their satellite phones inside Azovstal , software on Ukrainian devices which gave access to OSCE cameras at the front line and Ukrainian artillery positions close by OSCE offices. But you can be sure that will be dismissed, as well, as the self-serving lies of separatist Russian sympathizers. And the rift will widen. Blinken’s facetious words will come back to haunt the US government, because we will be looking at a divided world for the remainder of our lives, and it will have serious and lasting consequences for the western economy. Get ready to pay more for everything.

    But you’ll get a head start, at least in Canada, if you’re a Ukrainian refugee.


    And if you decide to stay, you can receive assistance in finding a job and making all the other social connections to help you become a permanent resident and a citizen – ahead of all other applicants, because the entire immigration system is focused on the needs of Ukrainians right now. In a way, not to put too fine a point on it, that it never did for Iraqis or Afghans displaced or left homeless and landless by American invasions. But then, of course, those were not ‘invasions’ per se, and the Americans promised to turn the invaded lands into prosperous western-oriented market democracies, so there really wasn’t much pity for the people who lived there. They just needed to hang on a little longer, and their countries would turn into paradise.


        1. There were 2 tunnels there. The first Beskidy Tunnel, built in 1886 The capacity of the tunnel no longer met increasing demand, thus it was decided to make a new bore parallel to the existing tunnel. Discussions began in 1998 and construction started in 2014. The new tunnel was expected to take 60% of traffic between the EU and Banderastan. The new tunnel could handle daily traffic of 50 to 100 trains. The old tunnel was used as a rescue route for the new one. In May 2018, the new tunnel was ceremoniously opened.

          A severe deficit in lace panties is now forecast in Banderastan


    1. Well, I’ll wait until I see some more solid confirmation, and I find it hard to believe the missiles were deliberately flown into the mouth of the tunnel; it sounds like a fluke to me, although it may have actually happened. But let me say here and now you have surpassed all previous efforts at writing sardonic substitute headlines. You’ve shown the journalists a thing or two; that’s a new standard, and I am in awe.

      Mmmm…it’s apparently true.


      Most details appear to be confirmed, although the usual outlets describe it as ‘desperate attempts to stop the delivery of weapons’ and run the story alongside related drivel about Putin having survived an assassination attempt, accompanied by a photo of him snarling.

      I would be very surprised if that has not put a serious dent in NATO’s onward-shipping plans for big stuff. Just as an aside, I would characterize as ‘desperate’ begging other countries for weapons and money and making up cockamamie stories about winning. But I agree the meaning of the word is open to interpretation.


      1. I wonder if the Evil Orcs could make a mini-Kalibr, then launch it from an Orc Navy warship and have it delivered through the letterbox of 10 Downing Street? Just to make a loud bang, sort of like a stun-grenade, so as to scare the pants off Johnson’s fat arse.?


      2. The missile] could have been programmed to approach at a low trajectory assuming no obstacles were present . The tunnel width is big enough to accommodate any slight inaccuracy in the missile trajectory. Not that it would fly in the tunnel under control – just until it hit a wall. As mentioned in my posting below, a good hundred feet would be a reasonable estimate.


        1. I am rather saddened over the news of the destruction of that railway tunnel, necessary though it was.

          I am a railway freak, and I think that new bore alongside the original late-19th century one was a wonderful work of railway engineering. The new tunnel was only recently opened and what photos that I have seen of it are very impressive.

          However, the tunnel might well be repaired. I remember how, in 1984, a train caught fire whilst passing through the long “Summit Tunnel” that runs through the Pennine hills that separate northwest England from northeast England.

          The train consisted of very many bowsers filled with petrol. There were no injuries and the locomotive crew fled the tunnel and the train burnt furiously in the tunnel. You could see great plumes of smoke coming out of the tunnel ventilation shafts.

          Anyway, many weeks later, after the destroyed train and locomotive had cooled down and were removed from the tunnel, engineers inspected the damage to the tunnel structure. Amazingly, the tunnel was salvageable. The Pennines consist of millstone grit, a grainy sandstone, and the geological strata through which the tunnel passed survived the inferno. The brickwork lining of the tunnel had to be repaired though, but only 5 months after the blaze, the tunnel was back in operation and is still in use.

          Summit Tunnel on the Leeds & Manchester Railway was opened to traffic in 1841. It was constructed solely by the physical labour of men and horses, the only technical assistance at the time of its construction being “black powder”. Forty-one workers were killed during its construction.


          1. Undoubtedly it will be repaired but not with a war going on and not without another missile strike if it were somehow repaired. I too do not find anything positive in the destruction of such achievements other than the greater good stuff.


    2. The Tunnel of Lvov?

      I had a sudden vision of the last couple of shots of the famous Alfred Hitchcock film “North by Northwest” in which the train carrying the newly wed Thornhill couple (Cary Grant and Eva Saint Marie) races into a tunnel. Hitchcock himself apparently said that was the most phallic scene he had ever filmed, or words to that effect. Well, I bet the earth moved when the Kalibr missile entered the Beskydy tunnel.


      1. The earth certainly did move! Good one! I believe that is quite likely that the missile penetrated the tunnel quite deeply. Wham bam thank you ma’am.

        As a guess a hundred feet or so given that it could have approached at a low trajectory. It would have exploded on contact with the tunnel walls. and not fly under control at that point.


  24. Mirror, mirror on the wall . . .

    Sanktionen gegen Russland
    Wem das Ölembargo am meisten schadet
    Bald darf kein Öl mehr aus Russland über den Seeweg in die EU kommen. Nach dem Sanktionsbeschluss kalkulieren Experten und Politiker, was stärker wirkt: geringere Einnahmen für Wladimir Putin oder höhere Preise in Europa
    Von Michael Sauga und Claus Hecking
    02.06.2022, 13.36 Uhr

    sanctions against Russia
    Who is most harmed by the oil embargo?
    Oil from Russia will soon no longer be allowed to enter the EU by sea. After the sanctions decision, experts and politicians calculate what will have a stronger effect: lower income for Vladimir Putin or higher prices in Europe.
    By Michael Sauga and Claus Hecking
    6/2/2022, 13:36

    [Always the personalization! Putin’s income?]

    For Ursula von der Leyen, President of the EU Commission, it was “an important step forward”, for Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) quite a “stranglehold”.

    After the European agreement on a sixth package of sanctions against Russia, politicians are asking economists and companies to assess what the agreed oil embargo will bring. Can the boycott drain Putin’s war chest? Or will it plunge the West into a recession?

    Market experts and economists are forecasting that both will possibly happen. In the long term, the decision could reduce the Kremlin’s energy revenues by 60 to 80 billion euros a year. For the time being, however, Putin’s financial sources will continue to flow because the embargo is full of exceptions and loopholes. Visible sign: The ruble appreciated in the middle of the week, albeit only slightly.

    [What happened? Dotard Joe said weeks ago that the ruble was rubble!]

    It will take a while before the embargo takes effect”
    There is also no sign of panic on the oil markets. On the contrary: the price for the North Sea reference variety Brent has fallen since the decision.

    “Once all the measures that have been decided on have been implemented, the embargo could become a problem for Russia”, says Steffen Bukold, head of the analysis company Energy Comment. “But there is still a long way to go.”

    Because several Eastern European countries had resisted a rapid tanker oil boycott, this will not come into force until the end of the year. Fuel that is directed to Europe via pipelines may even continue to flow indefinitely. “The new decisions will not have any major consequences for Russia or for Europe,” says Bukold. Both sides would have time to prepare for the embargo.

    This also applies to oil exports across the oceans, which the EU also wants to make more difficult for the Kremlin. “Most Russian oil is shipped via tankers owned by Europeans”, said Fatih Birol, head of the International Energy Agency, in an interview with SPIEGEL. “And these tankers are often insured by European or American companies. We have make use of this”.

    However, the Europeans could not agree on a ban on ship transport. Countries with large tanker fleets such as Greece or Cyprus were against it. After all, EU companies are no longer allowed to insure deliveries. But how badly that spoils business for Moscow’s oil companies is an open question. Russian exporters will probably find insurers from other regions of the world to step in.

    Expert Bukold expects that the tanker business between Russia and EU importers will only crumble in the coming months. “The companies will not wait until the last moment, but will reorient themselves and not extend expiring contracts.” And Russia, for its part, will be looking for new customers – above all in Asia.

    In the first weeks of the war, exports to India in particular increased, where there is a huge refinery in which the Russian state-owned company Rosneft has a stake. From there, experts predict, oil products could get back to Europe. Because you cannot tell where petrol, diesel or kerosene comes from.

    “Inflationary pressures will persist”
    For Europe, this could “mean the worst of all worlds”, warns Guntram Wolff, head of the Bruegel think tank in Brussels. While Russia’s embargo will reduce oil revenues in the long term, at best, Europe’s businesses and consumers will suffer from high and potentially rising oil prices. “The inflationary pressure will continue”, warns Wolff.

    The economist expects a “considerable loss of purchasing power”; this will force politicians to act. As in the past few months, governments are likely to try to cushion the price shock with fuel rebates, tax cuts and income support. According to the Bruegel boss, this can drive up debt levels.

    At the same time, the pressure on the European Central Bank to take action is increasing, predicts Wolff. On the one hand, the monetary authority has to raise interest rates in order to get inflation under control. On the other hand, it has to make sure that the risk premiums for highly indebted countries like Italy or Greece do not become too large: “The central bank is faced with a difficult balancing act”.

    It is not yet possible to predict who will ultimately emerge victorious from the European-Russian economic war. Russia must cope with the long-term loss of its traditional energy markets in Europe. The EU needs a concept for dealing with the economic and social consequences of the embargo.

    Economist Wolff is convinced: “Europeans are facing difficult times”.

    “Europeans are facing difficult times”?

    My! That must have taken some thinking out, Mr. Expert!

    Welche Überraschung!


    1. Hey Yukietards!

      Your opinions count for sweet FA!

      04.06.2022 04:04
      CNN: The West discussed the terms of the truce in the Ukraine without Kiev’s participation
      Gleb Vladovsky

      The United States, Great Britain and the European Union regularly discuss the terms of a truce and a diplomatic settlement of the situation in the Ukraine without the participation of the Kiev authorities. This is reported by CNN, citing numerous sources.

      Kiev is not directly involved in these discussions, despite Washington’s promise of “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine”, RIA Novosti writes. CNN also quoted several Western officials who are concerned that the conflict in the Ukraine could drag on for years if Moscow and Kiev do not return to the negotiating table.

      Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the initiatives on Crimea and Donbass from the Italian plan for the Ukraine cannot be serious enough.

      Didn’t you know that, shitwits? Disdn’t you know you are being played for suckers by Uncle Sam and Ursula von der Crazy and her EU bunch of tossers?


      1. Western officials apparently misspoke. The correct statement should have been “Western officials who are concerned that the conflict in the Ukraine could drag on for several months if Moscow and Kiev do not return to the negotiating table.”

        This talk of Ukraine with Zelensky as president for years to come is deranged.


        1. Equally deranged is the idea continually floated in the western MSM of face to face talks between VVP and Little Lord Farquhad in his designer-distressed olive drab gear and “battlefield stubble.”


          1. And the Western media now say he is dead anyway. So going to be a bit one way. I chatted today with someone who believes all the poisoning stories in the UK (he works in pharma) and its just not possible to work through every allegation. He is Spanish by birth and could see similarities with Catalonia and also said it was easy to judge from his experiences. But the ignorance about Russia, he knew Ukraine was corrupt and knew a bit about the history but believes Russia is worse. He said in Spain in all the major parties people’s views are split over what is happening. He didn’t know that Zelensky had been elected as a part joke but also because he promised peace with Russia.


            1. Zelensky did not promise peace with Russia: Russia was not at war with the Ukraine when the clown wa elected. Zelensky promised an end to the civil war against separatists in the Donetsk and Lugansk provinces, separatists whom Kiev calls”terrorists” and against whom the illegal Kiev government launched an “anti-terrorist operation” 8 years ago.


              1. Depends upon your interpretation, I suppose. According to this reference, Elensky pledged “to end the then-5-year old war with Russia”. If we accept that the opposite to war is peace, then he did, although it’s quite true there are many states other than open war, which did not really exist between Russia and Ukraine at the time anyway, certainly not like now.


                The author is fairly sympathetic toward Elensky, detailing some of the hurdles he faced from his nutjob countrymen. I had never heard of Yulia Mendel, but she was apparently a presidential press secretary who highlighted the damage being wreaked in Donbass by Ukrainian army artillery fire, but it apparently brought her a prosecutorial summons.

                If that view is accurate, and Elensky deserves pity for the difficult position he was in, he has apparently found his inner tough guy. Despite what is described as some tentative western persuasion for Ukraine to cede territory in order to end the fighting, he is adamant that Ukraine must have all its territory – including Crimea – returned and all Russian forces withdrawn before there can be any talk of peace, terms which doubtless earn him praise from the aforementioned nutjob nationalists, but which Medvedev described as ‘idiocy’.



          2. Ha, ha!!! I really wish you lived closer; you must be a riot down the pub. The description of Elensky and his wistful stumbling-towards-adequacy make-believe leadership is right on the money. The Lord Farquhad comparison was the icing on the cake. You should write for this blog, really.


  25. I am amused by how the EU expects Russia to go along with its oil embargo plans. Specifically, oil delivered by ship will be embargoed but not by pipeline. Of course, refineries or distribution points supplied by pipeline would otherwise be shutdown with no possibility of alternative supply.

    I say unto the EU, don’t be a pussy! Shutdown all oil imports!


    1. I would like to see Russia take the initiative and simply discontinue oil exports to Europe altogether. It’s what the EU intends eventually, and surely Russia can’t still be clinging to contractual obligations after being spat upon daily by the Yurrupeans. Let the Green Revolution begin!!!


  26. Another day at the office. Via Sputnik:

    Ukrainian Air Forces Plane Delivering Weapons and Ammunition Shot Down By Russian Air Defence Near Odessa
    Russia’s anti-aircraft defence systems shot down a Ukrainian military transport aircraft and 17 drones over the past 24 hours, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday.

    “Russian air defence systems near Odessa shot down a military transport aircraft of the Ukrainian air force that was delivering weapons and ammunition,” Konashenkov told a briefing, adding that 17 drones, including Bayraktar TB2s, were also destroyed in the Luhansk People’s Republic, Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions over the past 24 hours.

    The Russian artillery, in turn, destroyed 33 control centres, 131 firing positions and hit 542 hubs with Ukrainian troops and equipment, according to the briefing. Additionally, Russian high-precision missiles hit an artillery training centre in Ukraine’s Sumy region, where foreign instructors were training Ukrainian soldiers to use American 155mm M777 howitzers.

    “As a result of the strikes, more than 400 nationalists were killed, 20 tanks and armoured combat vehicles, four BM-21 Grad missiles and 29 multipurpose vehicles were destroyed,” the spokesman said.

    In total, over 3,400 units of Ukrainian special military vehicles have been destroyed since the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, Konashenkov added.

    “A total of 187 aircraft, 129 helicopters, 1,104 unmanned aerial vehicles, 328 anti-aircraft missile systems, 3,406 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 466 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,769 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 3,405 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation,” Konashenkov said.

    The Bayraktar drone joins the list of wonderduds.


    1. Written in April. His forecasts are way off the mark. According to his reckoning in April, Russia would be imposing a new constitution in Banderastan. — in May.


      1. The US and their EU minions went all-in to support the Ukes which has undoubtedly increased the difficulty of the SMO. On the other hand, when the SMO is successfully completed, the ramifications of the victory will extend well beyond the Ukraine to the point of having global significance, Russia will be a much bigger winner than if the US had stayed out.


    2. It’s very interesting and well-written, although I remain a bit leery of things that sound too good to be true. It seems to make too much of a self-sacrificing saint of Putin, and I feel the strike against Ukraine was purely a matter of last resort; that Russia kept holding out hope that some other solution would be accepted, but the sequence and seriousness of events convinced its decision-makers that the west was all-in on a strategy of eradication and that it must take action. Also, I would take a little issue with the offered goal of ‘constitutional reform of the Ukrainian state’. It certainly may be; I’m not pretending to be a mind-reader. But it seems to me Russia’s generous feelings toward Ukraine do not extend that far, and that it is likely to try to create an independent republic of those oblasts which seek their own destiny apart from the Ukrainian state, and leave what remains alone so far as it does not cause any further problems. It may even seek a belt of independent territory which extends across its entire border with Ukraine, which would mean Odessa will go as well, leaving Ukraine landlocked. But we will have to see. The author has certainly homed in on the essential point, which is that Ukraine is certainly not ‘winning’, and pumping weapons and money into it will only go so far.


    1. Yes, those would be the ideal weapon in the Black Sea, where you could most likely see a submarine from the air because it is almost entirely littoral. Might as well paint it blue and yellow while you’re at it.


    2. Good luck to the Germans in supplying the submarines or their parts to Ukraine without their being shot down during air transport to Lvov or being turned back by Ankara on reaching the Bosporus by sea. Perhaps the Banderites might be invited by Berlin to dig out a massive canal from Germany all the way to Ukraine or the Black Sea; after all, that’s how the Yukies dredged the Black Sea in the first place. (They forgot to paint the new seabed blue and yellow though.)


  27. Ukrainian parliament chairman Ruslan Stefanchuk and some bourgeois German bint who passes herself off as Defence Minister


  28. “I do not rule out receiving submarines from Germany, because we are ready to become the defensive eastern border of all of Europe. And this cooperation will be mutually beneficial both at this stage and in the future… Every day, from the moment a decision is made to its implementation, it takes away the best sons and daughters from the Ukraine. Therefore, the supply of the latest technology to the Ukraine is a matter of accelerating our common victory. Ukrainians will stand until victory, but we need your help – quick decisions and their quick implementation”

    That’s what the fat twat above said to Lampwick



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