Offramps and Blind Alleys: NATO is Reduced to Directing Traffic.

Uncle Volodya says, “Mockery and derision have their place. Usually, it’s on the far side of the airlock.”

“Nothing is easier than self-deceit.
For what every man wishes,
that he also believes to be true.”


“Stupid is as stupid does”

Forrest Gump

Mick Jagger taught the world that it can’t always get what it wants. But if I could get what I wanted, just once, I would hope for a moment of clarity in which the western ‘democracies’ looked back upon the events of the past decade with absolute objectivity – if necessary, viewing their own actions and reactions as if they had been carried out by someone else – and appropriately judged them with candor and responsibility. Once I would have hoped these executions and maneuvers would be assessed with a generous dose of “What the fuck were we thinking?” But I’ve grown a touch cynical since then, and I’m pretty confident much if not all of it was deliberate, planned. What in the name of God are we turning into?

Such a moment of clarity, too, might reveal the grotesque misjudgments which prevailed in the quickening events that resulted in Russia entering Ukraine upon a military operation. For months a substantial force of Russian military equipment and personnel remained near the Ukrainian border with Russia, within Russia but in plain sight of observers. The purpose of this seemed clear to everyone, not least the Ukrainians – we see you, and we know what you’re thinking. Don’t do it. Because unremarked by many and almost exactly a year ago, President Zelensky had issued a decree that Crimea was to be recaptured by Ukraine, and began to deploy his forces along the borders of the rebel eastern provinces. Most thought – I among them – that the Russian forces arrayed within easy striking distance would deter the Ukrainians from anything foolish. In this, NATO was in exactly the kind of no-lose position it relishes after months and years of careful plotting and instigation – if the Russians reacted, it would be an unwarranted invasion of Ukraine, exactly as NATO had been warning of with increasing stridency, because it was provoking just such a development. If it did not, the Ukrainian forces would inexorably roll over the eastern provinces, all the way to Crimea, and bring it back under Ukrainian control while Russia raged from the sidelines, impotent.

Anyway, I have no intention of simply lifting all the references from Jacques Baud’s seminal post, “The Military Situation in the Ukraine”; it is a dramatic departure from The Narrative, and I’m sure the Wikipedia Patrol is already hard at work painting him as some sort of compulsive loon, who occasionally escapes from the asylum long enough to expound a crazy conspiracy theory before the white coats seize him and hustle him back to medicated slumber. No matter – his work speaks for itself, and is impeccably referenced using official UN and national reports and documentation. Although it provides powerful substantiation for what we have been arguing here for years now, and could not have appeared in a more timely fashion unless it could have averted the crisis altogether; although I enthusiastically urge that it be shared widely – it’s not the piece I came here today to talk about. This is.

Putin needs an off-ramp.

Yes, that’s The Thinking Westerner’s position as laid down in The Atlantic: NATO has been handed the puzzler of how to make Putin think he won, while displaying to the entire rest of the world that he lost, convincingly. And it’s what makes Baud’s exposé so serendipitous, because he recounts how the west has completely lost its mind, to the extent it believes – or affects to believe – its own Hollywood nonsense.

And in precisely the moment of clarity and reflection I described in the beginning of this effort, the dedicated observer might note that western think-tanks were occupied with how they might rescue Putin from his crazy bad self, only three weeks into an invasion the Ukrainians were supposed to be winning on sheer guts.

How could that be? I guess we should take a closer look.

Well, that didn’t take long; first sentence – Putin must be stopped from colonizing Ukraine. Yes, yes; and punished for his barbarism, bla, bla, goes without saying. But my interest was immediately piqued – where did Putin say, ever, that he intended to colonize Ukraine? Has nobody at The Atlantic noticed that at least a third of Ukrainians speak Russian as their daily communication, and nearly everyone in Ukraine can understand it whether they choose to use it or not? That many Ukrainian families have relatives in Russia, and vice-versa? That before the west started its eternal meddling, Russia was Ukraine’s biggest trading partner by far – a situation whose western tampering has resulted in a drop of more than $36 Billion in national GDP since Yanukovych was in power in 2013, while the population today is about the same as it was in 1963, according to the World Bank. Ukraine is already, to a large extent, of a common culture with Russia, and there would be no need to colonize it.

Well, maybe I spoke too soon – The Guardian’s premiere Russia analyst, Shaun ‘I Hate Dill’ Walker informs all that newspaper’s readers that not only did Putin plan to remove Zelensky and his government and replace them with subservient pro-Russian stooges, he failed shockingly at it. Look, there’s no use beating a dead horse; I’m sure you see my point. It ‘seems’ to noodniks like Walker and McTague and Murray that a government coup in Kiev was Putin’s plan, and since that didn’t happen, it was a shocking failure. The possibility that it didn’t happen because it was never a Russian plan to do it is not entertained. Of course he meant to do it – that’s what the west would do.

Just before we go back to the Putin Offramp, I was struck again – in the last reference quoted – by Zelensky’s assumed arrogance and Bush-like syllogisms.

“Zelenskiy said Ukraine was “waiting for meaningful steps” from the Nato, EU and European Council meetings today, and listed some so far unheeded requests, such as a no-fly zone, aircraft and tanks. “At these three summits we will see: who is a friend, who is a partner, and who betrayed us for money.” Zelenskiy, who will speak to Nato members by video on Thursday, said he is asking the alliance to provide “effective and unrestricted” support to Ukraine, including any weapons the country needs to fend off the Russian invasion.”

Anything we want. No restrictions. If you don’t give us what we want, you betrayed us for money. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terra’ists. Spoken like a man whose country has gotten used to living on handouts as if it had earned them with honest toil. Maybe he’s said that ‘Ukraine is the front lines of Yurrup’ canard so often that he has begun to believe it.

Anyway, that was a lot of discussion considering we didn’t get past the first sentence. The incongruity I wanted to highlight was that only three weeks after launching a military operation that is supposed to be an embarrassing failure, the west is already talking about rescuing Putin from himself. Unless the Western Fans of Putin Club has started to give away free Keurigs, I am guessing the membership still numbers in the dozens. Such generosity of spirit seems a little…off. It’s almost like the west wants to wrap things up with a conclusion that everyone can live with before Russia wins.

Now, see, I’m having a harder time with this that I expected. I mean, consider this:

“What makes this situation even more dangerous is that Ukraine is (legitimately and sensibly) being armed and supplied by the very military alliance Russia most fears, NATO. Meanwhile, Russia is being squeezed by an ever-tightening economic blockade designed to force its defeat. On top of all this are credible claims that if this campaign ends in humiliating defeat for Russia, it will prove terminal for not only the country’s national prestige and power, but Putin’s regime itself.”

So supplying Ukraine with weapons so that it can absorb even more of a beating over a longer time by a much larger and stronger opponent is now just legitimate and sensible. Kind of like giving a punch-drunk fighter amphetamines so he can go back in the ring and get his head torn off by the gorilla he’s fighting. And who, pray, was the source for these ‘credible claims’? Alexey Navalny? Stas Belkovsky? The Riddler? Any of the dozen or so ‘Kremlin-watchers’ the west regularly calls upon for ‘analysis’ that later proves to be about as accurate as it might have been had it been foretold by groundhog shadow?

Ukraine is not going to ‘win’, and the west knows that. It could give Zelensky nukes and Ukraine would still lose, and that is kind of foreshadowed by its willingness to capitulate to Russia’s demands for Ukrainian neutrality and a pledge to not join NATO, expressed nearly a week ago. Whoops! Surprise! Even though Ukraine is willing to formally renounce its NATO aspirations, western eggheads tell us that joining NATO is written into Ukraine’s constitution, and it cannot change its mind in wartime! That would require a constitutional amendment or a referendum. So it has no choice but to go on taking punishment until it has to surrender unconditionally, because the west wants a return on its weapons-and-money investments, and won’t let it quit. The fact that the intent was written into the constitution without holding a referendum – so that there is no real appreciation for how much public support in Ukraine joining NATO enjoys – seems not to matter. That was back before Zelensky put on his Serious Green T-Shirt, so there’s no reason to pay any attention to what he said then.

“Britain’s defense secretary has said that Putin “is a spent force in the world.” His French counterpart has declared, “Ukraine will win.” A consensus is building in Western capitals that Russia’s calamitous handling of the conflict means it may already have lost—indeed, that its political goals may never have been realizable in the first place, given the size of Ukraine and the opposition of its people to Russian control.”

A consensus is building in Western capitals. Based on what? How obviously Ukraine is ‘winning’ when it has offered to give the enemy what he asked for, but is not allowed by its western backers to stop fighting? I don’t think the UK Defense Secretary’s assessment needs be regarded with any degree of seriousness – he’s probably already planning a Wikipedia reversal of Ukraine’s surrender. And France’s Florence Parly can’t tell jihadists from wedding celebrants; I don’t think her forecast of who will win should count for much. But those factors aside…doesn’t it seem like there is a bigger issue here than Ukraine, considering how eager the west is to resolve the situation on its own terms – so eager that it offers to “write off Putin’s bloodstained debts” before the conflict is even over? Is there something in this of “just let our boy win, and we’ll see you right”?

“Putin appears to preside over something like a Mafia state: corrupt, kleptocratic, and violent, based on networks of loyalty and territorial claims that have nothing to do with popular will and that must be opposed.”

This is the guy you ‘may have to forgive’? And he ‘appears to preside over something like a Mafia state’ to who? Yes, Luke Harding, I know, it was the title of one of his deathless pulp novels. But who else? This is Russia’s annual GDP adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) during ‘kleptocrat’ Putin’s tenure.

Russia GDP per capita PPPConsidering the country has been under the most vehement sanctions by all the NATO countries since 2014, Putin must be pretty damned good at corruption if he can make it pay on a national scale. Describing it as a ‘mafia state’ sounds a little like jealousy.

United Kingdom GDP per capita PPPNow here’s the UK’s annual GDP adjusted for PPP over the same period. Obviously the UK, by way of contrast with Russia, sucks at corruption, because its citizens are currently experiencing the same purchasing power per pound as they had in 2009. The obvious qualifier there is that nobody – well, except maybe for Boris Johnson – is trying to ruin the UK and wreck its economy. The developed world is not raining sanctions on its head and it is supposed to be some sort of haven for dirty banking thanks to its lax laws. ‘Lax’ rhyming with ‘tax’. The figures are ranked by the same authority, the World Bank, so forget about confirmation bias. But Russia’s economic performance under the strictest and most far-flung sanctions on record, plainly trying to ruin the country and all its citizens, is far more stable and equitable than that of the UK. Think I’m joking? Check this out:

“The independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) said the spring statement had given back only a sixth of the tax increases announced by Sunak during his two years as chancellor and that even after these measures, living standards would fall by more than 2% this year – the steepest drop since records began in the 1950s. It comes as some vulnerable people using food banks decline items such as potatoes because they cannot afford the energy to boil them, according to the boss of the supermarket Iceland.”

Of course, that’s the lurid British press, with its penchant for flamboyant exaggeration and seeing poison spies under the bed. Take no notice.

“Second, the West must not close off potential compromises that the Ukrainians themselves would be willing to negotiate. If Putin is to accept a negotiated defeat, he will require a fig leaf to hide the reality that he has failed to subdue Ukraine. There has been speculation, for example, that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky might be prepared to formally renounce his pursuit of NATO membership, one of a number of pledges that could be made to serve as a pretext for Russian de-escalation. Zelensky could also promise not to send troops into the Donbas, for example, or seek to retake Crimea—or even to seek nuclear weapons, or allow them to be stationed on Ukrainian territory. In other words, he could use Russia’s absurd propaganda to his advantage by formally pledging not to do things that he or any of his successors would have considered doing anyway.”

So there you have it. If Zelensky offers to renounce his pursuit of NATO membership – which he was pretty clearly told was not going to happen anytime soon by authorities who know that ‘joining NATO’ is not as simple as holding a national referendum and, upon a successful vote, assuming membership – it is because the clever west already thought of letting Putin have that one so he could feel like he was a winner. Despite Zelensky’s presidential decree that Crimea be recovered by the Ukrainian military, sending troops into Donbas was ‘absurd Russian propaganda’ that Zelensky would not have considered doing. Welcome to the parallel universe; mind that first step, now.

“The situation today is not the same as it was then. Unlike Khrushchev, Putin has not simply walked up to a line, but crossed it, unleashing a terror for which he should be held accountable. The horrible reality, though, is that the best option for the West might involve finding a way for him to not be held as accountable as he should be—but then to never forget what he has done.”

Now I can die: I’ve seen everything. Putin unleashed terror beyond anyone’s imagining, but it might be best if the west just pretends it never happened, although they must secretly remember it but are honour-bound not to bring it up in conversation. And that’s before it is even anything close to over, is very much ongoing and the only scale of measurement by which Russia is suffering a calamitous defeat is through making up objectives which are not part of Russia’s plans, and then ridiculing it for failing to achieve them.

“Although uncomfortable, embarrassment is a necessary pre-runner to recognising one’s mistakes and making progress on the path. Speaking openly about our faults, in a well-intentioned but direct manner, is often humorous because we all tend to know the truth about people even though it is usually not stated outright.”

Donna Goddard

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  1. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speaks as she takes part in a global event titled ‘”Stand Up For the Ukraine” at the Palace on the Isle in Royal Lazienki Park in Warsaw, Poland, April 9, 2022.

    I’m sure that virtue signalling ribbon in Yukie colours will do the Yukietards a lot of good.

    BRUSSELS, April 27 (Reuters) – The EU’s chief executive on Wednesday branded as “blackmail” Russian giant Gazprom’s move to halt supplies to some European customers, but said the bloc was working on a coordinated response to Moscow’s escalation.

    Oh do tell what your coordinate response will be!

    No, let me guess . . . Hmmmm, tough one . . . More sanctions?


    1. Seen this, Von der Leyen:

      May futures on the Netherlands-based TTF trading hub climbed to $1,374 per 1,000 cubic metres on Wednesday morning, 27 April, 2022, or nearly $125 per megawatt-hour in household terms, according to data from London’s ICE exchange.

      Russische Schweinehunde!!! as they said in crappy WWII movies.


  2. Can Gazprombank / or the central bank spend the euros ?

    Can they be used to buy goods and services outside Russia in trade with other countries?

    Or do they just bank /store them so to speak in Russia?


    1. You can buy them here, but there is a limitation, I think, on how much foreign currency you can buy.

      I have managed at last to transfer money today from my account in my British bank to a bank in Serbia, to the account of a neighbour, who is a Serb, married to a Ukrainian from Mariupol. My Serb neighbour has lived here with his wife as long as I have. He and his wife are now in Serbia. They return to Russian in a fortnight. They often go to Serbia with their children.

      I managed to transfer my money from my British bank in euros to my Serbian neighbour’s Belgrade account. It should be in my Serb neighbour’s account within 3 working days. My neighbours will withdraw the transferred euros and bring them back to Russia for me. You are allowed to bring up to 60,000 euros here without declaring them at the frontier.

      As I have explained in other posts, I have had great difficulties in transferring money from the UK to here. Basically, one cannot do that now. British banks even many years before this sanctions business started, refused to make transfers to many, if not all, Russian banks, so several years ago I opened an account here with a foreign bank to which transfers from the UK were possible. No British banks operate here, of course.

      And then, immediately after this war had started, euros, dollars and pounds were blocked from being transferred to here, even to foreign banks operating in Russia. So for many weeks now, I have been unable to get any money at the end of the month before my wife and I get paid. Since the onset of hostilities, we have been near penniless at the end of each month, better said kopeckless, because of price rises here eating away at our joint incomes.

      Of course, Biden and the EU at first assured that sanctions wer not directed against Russians, but against the evil Russian Regime. But they soon changed that tune, and all Russians are now considered evil incarnate, including, it seems, an Englishman who has chosen to live with the Orcs.

      Fuck the EU and the world policeman!


      1. That’s great news ME!

        And remember kids, ‘EU and western sanction only target the Putin regime and not honest citizens.’ The more they repeat the lie, the more they seem to belive it or stop caring because no-one calls them out on it. That’s the real level of morality. It is more imporant to appear caring than deliver. PR for show but nothing below the surface.


    2. I didn’t think Gazprombank held on to the euros. Euros get paid into account 1 by the customer. Then Gazprombank sells them on the Moscow Currency Exchange for rubles, which are paid into account 2. It’s only when rubles have been paid into the second account that payment is considered to have been made and gas is released. Someone else ends up with the euros (who presumably can make use of them for whatever purpose). But it increases demand for rubles and so puts a floor under the exchange rate.


      1. Doctorow
        18 April 2022

        I will just turn attention to the announcement in Russia that as of today the public can make cash withdrawals of dollars and euros in substantial amounts, and also can order foreign currency transfers abroad, up to $5,000 if I understood properly. This means that poor Mr. Piotr Aven, the billionaire banker and Russian wheeler dealer sitting in London at present with his vast assets frozen under sanction rules, may yet be able to pay his chauffeur by ordering a transfer from his Sberbank account in Moscow.
        Curiously no one is asking how and why Russia has reopened nearly free currency exchange and cash withdrawals after a month of strict clampdown. Where are the dollar bills and euro notes coming from? Surely the question is begging to be asked. It is not coming in from tourists to Russia since there are virtually no foreign tourists in Russia at present. It is not being carried by foreign business visitors for the same reason. So let us guess. Could it be that Germany and other select EU Member States are delivering plane loads of cash to Moscow to pay for their gas, oil and coal deliveries? Yes, this would allow them to claim they are defying Putin over payment in rubles while respecting the terms of their long term contracts with Gazprom. But it is a pretty picture that they would not want made public, since the European Parliament would make the life of them all quite unbearable if the word got out. Perhaps readers can offer better explanations.


    3. Once they are deposited in a Gazprombank account established for the paying-in of gas purchases, Russia can do whatever it likes with the money. But if it is converting it into rubles it probably is selling the euros on the international exchange, the same as would take place if a customer walked into a Russian bank and exchanged 400 euros for rubles. The customer gets a bunch of rubles, whatever the exchange rate is, and the bank bought 400 euros. It can sell them to customers wishing to convert money the other way, or just sell them back to the international money market for some other currency. The point of the exercise was to make Europe pay its gas payments into a Russian bank where western politics could not put a freeze on it and keep the money out of reach even though the gas it paid for was already delivered. The west wanted to add an extra step, and get a bit more for its money – see? here’s your money, it’s not stolen. It’s still yours, but in order to get it, you will have to give up in Ukraine and withdraw your forces.


  3. Asia Times: US conscripts Israel in its battle with Russia

    Biden’s recent call with Israeli PM Bennett and their chat about Iran’s nuclear deal may have been a game-changer

    by MK Bhadrakumar

    …But Israel didn’t want to stick its neck out for Ukraine for fear of jeopardizing its tacit deconfliction measures with Moscow during its operations against Iranian targets in Syria.

    However, things changed dramatically in the past two weeks or so, as Israel gave up its neutrality toward Russia’s special operation and accused Moscow of committing war crimes. ..


    It’s one thing to make a public declaration, it’s another to actually do something (sic India). Is Bennett really that desperate to keep the IRGC off the terrorist list in return for killing relations with Russia? I don’t see any evidence to support such a theory. So far. What is missing is nothing about actually killing JCPOA over IRGC delisting except domestic ‘opposition.’

    There are only bad choices, and worse choices for both the USA and i-Sreal.


  4. Daily Fail via whatever: US provided Ukrainian military with real-time info that allowed it to shoot down Russian troop transporter carrying hundreds of soldiers in early days of war

    …The U.S. officials said the CIA has been active in Ukraine since Russia seized Crimea in 2014, helping the Eastern European country oust Russian spies.

    ‘There has been a very robust relationship between U.S. intel agencies and the Ukrainians for the last eight years,’ one official told NBC, noting that it was this bond that allowed the U.S. to readily share its information with Ukraine when Russia began its invasion. ..


    I find this curious. Firstly has anyone actually seen any evidence at all of two Il-76s being shot down? Zelensky’s TV writer team have been prolific to the point of repopulating formerly barren planets but not a single picture/video/whatever of IL-76 remnants.

    So if it is not the case then why the desperate and continued lying? Is it simply for a meaningless PR victory? WE BIG? We already know that the US, UK and probably others (Sweden flys its mini-spy plane every now and then along the border) provide SIGNIT data for targeting/whatever. There’s nothing new in this ‘article’ even including the laughable claims of equipment losses (sic 1999 when NATO similarly put out fantastic claims of Yugo military losses).

    So yet again, what is the point? Or maybe as we and others have previously said, the audience is domestic USA/whatever. That all this effort and expense has produced results, which will not be debunked for months, or more likely years when everything has moved on. The US’s main goal seems to be proving to itself that it creates reality and that is what counts, even if it does not exist beyond its borders. Truman Show, anyone?


  5. Meanwhile a British Tory MP was watching porn in the House of Commons and Russia has banned 287 British MPs. Surely there is a satirical tv show begging to be made?


  6. Ursus von der Lyin’ (eyes): “Our guidance here is very clear. If this is not foreseen in the contract, to pay in rubles is a breach of our sanctions.”

    But Commission sanctions aren’t commercial law. Good luck in the WTO or any commercial court with such claims.


    1. But Russia could just increase the amount of gas transferred – back when Europe was in a jam because it did not accurately forecast its needs – and prevent the prices from going up dramatically, and it would make no difference at all whether extra volumes were in the contract or not. See how it works? When it’s something we need or just like, it doesn’t matter what the contract says. When we see something we don’t like, you better stick to the letter of the contract, Buster.


  7. Euractiv: Bulgaria slams Russia for ‘gas blackmail’, will not halt Serbia deliveries

    Russian energy giant Gazprom halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria on Wednesday (27 April) citing their failure to pay for gas in roubles, in the Kremlin’s toughest response yet to the crippling sanctions imposed by the West for its invasion of Ukraine.

    …Now it is Bulgaria that pays transit fees to Ankara…

    …“Bulgaria is not Russia and we will help all countries,” Nikolov said.

    Some industry officials, however, expressed different views.

    According to Vasil Velev, chairman of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria, Bulgaria should have opened an account with Gazprombank, on which dollars should be converted into roubles.

    “The European Commission does not object to payments in such a way,” Velev said.

    According to him, the Bulgarian government has overdone its efforts to please Brussels…

    And if Bg had not blocked South Stream it would instead have been collecting $$$ in transit fees from other gas customers upstream.

    Even Bg is not stupid enough to block Serbia’s gas. If it did it be little less than a declaration of war on a neighbor.

    I don’t think I can afford enough popcorn for this (and other) show(s)!


    1. “Russia will use the delay as leverage and could seek to push ahead with a project to build a nuclear plant in Kaliningrad and an energy bridge, linked to the EU electricity markets,” said Robert Tomaszewski of the Warsaw-based think tank Polityka Insight. “Poland could be urged to join as a way of inducing preferable gas contracts,” he told DW.”

      Russia could also just laugh merrily at Poland’s discomfiture, and flip off a big old fuck-you at the EU, and let it freeze its stupid ass off for a winter or two just to let nature teach it a lesson. I don’t know where the belief comes from that Russia is squirming for the EU’s approval, and no matter how many times those inbred gits spit in its face it is always ready to come back at a kind word. Go fuck yourself, Europe – freeze blue in winter because you can’t afford to heat your homes, and let that be a lesson in manners to you. As for Poland, it was never ‘in Russia’s arms’, the Poles always fancied themselves far above uncultured Russian peasants, and nobody remembers it was forgiven all its Soviet-era debt and given a huge graduation present to start it on its way as an EU country – now it’s all, “Hasn’t Poland done WELL??!!”


  8. Don’t cry for me, Mariupol…

    Yes, the brave boys living on slugs and worms in the catacombs below Azovstal, so that the children can have the last of the salo, have a new request; extract us, NATO, like at Dunkirk.

    Get us out of here, NATO!! And if Putin doesn’t allow it, he is officially worse than Hitler, because EVEN HITLER ordered a pause in the fighting so the allied soldiers could be plucked off the beach by the armada of brave little ships.

    “Volynsky reiterated that he was appealing to world leaders and diplomats so that the defenders of Mariupol would be heard and so that they would apply an “extraction” procedure, following the example of Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk operation, Dunkirk evacuation) during World War II. This is when, in 1940, the military of Britain and France were surrounded by German troops and blockaded in the area of the city of Dunkirk. The troops that had amassed on the coast were threatened with disaster, but Hitler ordered the offensive be stopped and “not to approach Dunkirk closer than 10 km”. Winston Churchill, in a famous speech in 1940, called the events at Dunkirk a “miracle”. More than 300,000 French and British soldiers were evacuated during the rescue operation.”

    Mercy, what heroes! Well, if they manage to do a deal to let them escape after all they’ve done, they can thank The Hill. In its reporting of the recent meeting between UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Guterres’ spokesman claimed Russia “agreed, in principle, to the involvement of the United Nations and the International Committee for the Red Cross in the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol”. And to ‘civilians’, The Hill added with typical artistic license, ‘and troops’.

    Russia has always been open to the evacuation of civilians, who Azov Battalion is using as human shields to protect them from a final Russian assault. Russia has never said it agreed to the evacuation of combat troops still in Azovstal unless they lay down their weapons and surrender unconditionally. They know better than to do that, because they will be detained and tried for their crimes after the war is over. But the Americans are, as usual, trying to arrange for them to just walk into the protecting arms of NATO, after which all manner of bullshit will be printed in the western media about their horrific suffering. If Russia clarifies The Hill’s generosity, the western media will scream that Putin is ‘going back on his word’.

    Russia owes the west nothing, and the western media will paint Russians as barbarians who indulge in the most extreme cruelty just for amusement no matter what their actual performance. If civilians can be gotten out, that should happen. But under no circumstances can such an evacuation be left to the UN and the Red Cross. All that would be left under the Azovstal plant afterward would be the dead and empty uniforms, as Azov waltzed out pretending to be civilians. I don’t imagine Russia has sacrificed everything that it has to run Azov Battalion and the rest of the Nazi-lovers to earth only to see them wiggle out under the protection of the international do-gooders.


    1. Is it too much to hope that the RF has listening devices within Azovstal and is able to record decision making discussions going on there for future use?


      1. I’m sure they (the Orcs) know what’s going on down there: they have recordings of calls from there made in several languages. One of the Azov commanders uploaded to youtube the other day a report on the situation they face down there. I’m quite sure the FSB has a mountain of information about them.


        1. Thanks. But that’s perhaps mainly from intercepted communications with the outside world. I was thinking more about internal discussions, where “free and frank” exchanges might be more likely to shed some light on the type of calculations being made in the attempt to secure an extraction on terms favourable to these creatures.


          1. They only have to capture some of Azov’s upper echelon alive when resistance cannot go on any longer, and they will be unable to fight considerably before they are dead. I would suggest the big worry would be a massive bombing of Azovstal by the Ukrainians in order to prevent their capture when it appears inevitable, and that’s something Russia is likely watching out for. At present the west is not particularly concerned about Russia shifting its sights to Keeeev or taking more territory in the north; the fountain of resources and money is directed at preventing the capture of those under Azovstal. If it looks like that cannot be prevented, they will attempt to bury them and blame it on Russia.


            1. Thanks. That makes sense. Sending Guterres along to plead the case for extraction must surely confirm that within Azovstal is something catastrophic for the western “narrative.”


              1. The commander of the Azovstal nazis, previously second in command, but his Obergruppenführer had fallen for the Fatherland, Banderastan, simply described in the youtube clip that he had uploaded how awful life was for him and his gang. I did not save the source, it was on a Russian blog. In the blog was a “before” and “after” photo of the commander: well fed and bearded in the “before”, very thin and haggard in the “after”. He spoke about the lack of food, but crucially, of water; of the lack the of medicine; of the suffering of his wounded valorous colleagues; and he laid great emphasis on the fact that there were civilians amongst them, women and children, and how terrible it was of the Orcs to have them suffer so.

                Wicked, wicked Orcs!


                1. Thanks, ME. I saw the first video and commented on how spruce he looked. Others, both at moonofalabama and the Saker have made similar observations to yours about the latest one, which I haven’t seen. What with the “incubator babies” of Kuwait, the miracles of the White Helmets in Syria and the “Ghost of Kyiv” &c, the cynicism of media coverage in their determination to “shape the narrative” has reinforced my already sky-high scepticism about stuff conveniently popping into public spaces.


                2. I wish I’d seen this about half an hour ago:

                  segment from Tucker Carlson (posted by Andrei Martyanov in his latest piece) featuring “Disinformation Expert” Nina Jankowicz with her versatility on show as she massacres a number from Mary Poppins. No, seriously…


                3. She looks scarily like Michael Jackson after he had his hair straightened and his skin whitened until he looked like an inside-out coconut. She makes fighting disinformation sound like it’s going to be so much fun!!

                  The west has descended wholesale into mental illness. There’s no other rational explanation. Look at the western government leaders and bigwigs – Joe Biden. Liz Truss. Boris Johnson. Alina Baerbock. Justin Trudeau. Jacinda Adern. Lunatics all, every one, and so many more. There are no competent leaders in the NATO stable. The capitalist model cannot run like this – investors can make a killing on ‘volatility’, but sooner or later the chronic uncertainty will shut the consumer model right the fuck down.


                4. As I mentioned earlier, this is all eerily reminiscent of “Hier spricht Stalingrad!” [Stalingrad calling!], when, at Christmas 1942, the Goebbels team did a radio link-up with German armies far and wide, and U-boote in the Atlantic, in order that they give each other and the folks back home seasonal greetings of “Peace on Earth and Good Will to All Men”. The call from the beleaguered German 6th army in Stalingrad was fake, however: the batteries on their transmitters must have been low or whatever, so the call “Hier spricht Stalingrad” actually came from the Reich Propaganda Ministry in Berlin.


      2. The conversation within Azovstal is probably of little consequence to the outcome, as the ‘decision-makers’ in there are the upper ranks of Azov Battalion, who have already been ordered from without to hold on and not surrender. It is the communication between the officers of Azov and Keeeev and Keeeev’s communications with NATO that are of interest. The former are unlikely to be encrypted; it would have required considerable forethought to have fled into Azovstal carrying radio equipment other than short-term tactical communications, which should be easily intercepted and read. Communications between Keeeev and NATO would be more challenging, but many of them are published anyway as part of Ukraine’s plan to guilt the west into entering the battle on its side.

        Russia has already indicated it is reading tactical communications coming out of Azovstal without difficulty, and it is elementary that these are being recorded as well.


    2. … because EVEN HITLER ordered a pause in the fighting so the allied soldiers could be plucked off the beach by the armada of brave little ships.

      Hitler had such high hopes to deepening his loving relationship with the UK. The UK was too treacherous for any deal to last as they balanced their opportunities with the US. Poor Hitler, treated like a rube he was by the UK.


      1. Ever read Len Deighton’s “SS/GB”?

        “1941, and England invaded – and defeated – by the Germans…

        The King is a hostage in the tower, the Queen and Princesses have fled to Australia, Churchill has been executed by a firing squad, Englishmen are being deported to work in German factories and the dreaded SS is in charge of Scotland Yard. London is in shock. The very look of daily life is a walking nightmare of German uniforms, artifacts, regulations. There are collaborators. There are profiteers. But there are others working in hope, in secret, and desperate danger, against the invader. And still others are living strangely ambiguous lives – none more so than Detective Superintendent Douglas Archer (“Archer of the yard” as the press like to call him), trying to maintain a peculiarly, almost sacredly, British institution under a Nazi chief. Archer has started work on what seems, at first, a routine murder case. But suddenly an SS Standartenführer from Himmler’s personal staff flies in from Berlin to supervise the investigation, and Archer is plunged deep into an espionage battle for which he is completely unprepared, and where the stakes are incredibly high. “We’re dealing with something that could prove so deadly that not even the Black Death would compare with the consequences”, the SS man tells him.”

        Escapist fiction, but a startling premise – England under German management. Englishmen and women working at their regular jobs, supervised by the German military. Maybe not such a bad deal, given how Nazism is admired these days.


    1. Is there anyone left alive who cannot see the goal of the USA and UK is global war against Russia and China? The USA simply hopes to stay out of it itself as much as possible and use proxies. Thus far it has been successful beyond its wildest dreams at getting the Ukrainians to do the fighting and the Europeans to do the sacrificing, all while buying American gas at more than five times last year’s prices. Whether that reality will continue depends on how many stupid people are in the world.

      Hopefully there are not as many stupid people in China as elsewhere, because China is soon-ish going to have to abandon its current position on the sidelines, counseling wisdom and restraint, and take a more active role. Perhaps Washington reasons they are paralyzed by the latest coronavirus variant, but if that is not the case they had better wake up. Because they are next on the hit list.


    2. Ms Truss is geographically challenged. She may have confused Taiwan with the Isle of Man or Jersey. And yes, never in Britain’s long history have so many fools, liars, dimwits and charlatans held the high offices of state. Shares in pitchfork manufacturers may be a growth area in the not-to-distant future.


  9. Breaking News

    Poland is mulling deploying its peacekeeper forces in some regions of western Ukraine under the pretext of protecting them from Russia, according to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service chief.
    Warsaw and Washington are working on a plan to “reunite” Poland with western Ukraine, according to Russian Foreign Intelligence Service chief Sergey Naryshkin.


    Let them have it!

    And then the Polacks will suddenly remember the horrific atrocities that those ever-so-nice Banderites perpetrated against Poles in the 1940s, so conveniently forgotten about now.


    1. In fact, we are talking about an attempt to repeat the historic “deal” for Poland that took place after the First World War, when the collective West, represented by the Entente, recognized Warsaw’s right first to occupy part of the Ukraine to protect the population from the “Bolshevik threat”, and then to include these territories in the Polish state”, said the head of the Russian Intelligence Service Sergey Naryshkin.

      • It is assumed that the action will take place without a NATO mandate (that is, it will only involve Polish troops).

      • The Polish “peacekeeping contingent” is planned to be deployed in those parts of the Ukraine where the threat of direct collision with the Russian Armed Forces is minimal.

      • The Polish special services are looking for “negotiable” representatives of the Ukrainian elite to form a Warsaw-oriented counterweight to the nationalists.

      • The priority “combat tasks” of the Polish military will include the gradual interception of control over strategic objects in the west of the Ukraine.

      According to Warsaw’s calculations, the consolidation of the Polish military in the west of the Ukraine is highly likely to lead to a split in that country. Personally, I have no emotions about the fact that the Poles want Lemberg [Lvov] and Stanislav [Ivano-Frankivsk: wrongly spelt in above map — ME] back. On the one hand, Western Ukraine is a gangrene that corroded the body of the USSR and modern Ukraine. On the other hand, it is a hotbed of Banderites, against whom the Poles hold their own grudge.



    2. You could let them have it, but if Russia has any evidence of such plotting it should expose it and highlight how cynical it is for Ukraine’s supposed allies to be coveting Ukrainian land while they scream that annexation is wrong, wrong. The successful result – for the ‘allies’ – will be a larger, stronger and wealthier Poland which will pose even more of a challenge for Russia. Ukraine will be a weaker country than Poland for the foreseeable future.


  10. Eurativ avec AFP: Algeria threatens to cut gas contract with Spain

    Gas giant Algeria threatened Wednesday (27 April) to break a contract to supply gas to Spain if Madrid transferred it onwards to “a third destination”, amid tensions with regional rival Morocco.

    …But Algiers in November shut supply through the GME due to a diplomatic rupture with Rabat, depriving Morocco of Algerian gas.

    On Wednesday, Algeria’s Energy and Mines Minister Mohamed Arkab said his Spanish counterpart informed him that Madrid was to “authorise the operation, in reverse flow” of the GME pipeline, and that this would start “today or tomorrow”, an energy ministry statement said.

    It did not mention the country the gas would be sent to…

    An unenforced error by Spain which it seem to confuse GME with Gazprom, that latter dropping a standard commercial ‘no-resale’ contract clause to get the European Commission of its back.

    The whole ‘virtual reverse-flow’ easy option is the first go to for lazy u-Ropean states. Take that away and things start looking even more ropy beyond the very short term.

    This news also shows Spain’s colonial arrogance, or at least insensitivity or tone deafness considering that for the last few years Africa has been quite vocal about renewing EU-Africa stuff like the Cotonou Agreement on the same terms which Brussels assumed African countries would accept. It has been anything but.


  11. Euractiv: Dutch continue to receive Russian gas despite refusing to pay in roubles

    Russia is still supplying the Netherlands with gas even as it refuses to pay for it in roubles since the country’s state-owned companies have direct contracts with Russia, NOS reports.

    …“Ultimately, it is commercial parties that transfer the money,” said Lucia van Geuns, energy expert at The Hague Center for Strategic Studies.

    “Whether they do that through the construction that Gazprom proposes or not, that’s for the commercial party to decide,” reports NOS…

    Germany’s Uniper has announced it has opened a u-Ro account to ‘pay in roubles.’ I wonder what Von der Lyin’ Eyes thinks about that?


    1. Most of the European countries are strutting for the cameras and announcing that they refused to pay in rubles, and the Russians just had to eat it. It doesn’t matter if they pay in paperclips, so long as they deposit them in a Gazprombank account, and they are symbolically exchanged for rubles. They get to say they are paying in euros or krugerands or kroner or whatever, Russia gets to say they are paying in rubles, but the important thing is that they pay the designated amount, in any acceptable and legal tender, into a Gazprombank account set up for that purpose, in advance of delivery and with the funds safe from European seizure on American orders. Russia supposedly makes over $800 million a day from energy sales, most of it from Europe, and soon it will be over $1 Billion a day the way gas prices are headed, and that’ll be $1 Billion a day that is not available to western banks for lending, investment or currency speculation, but is instead safely out of their reach. No payment, no gas, and it is in the interests of transit countries – like Poland and Bulgaria – that they police who is paying before the due date and who is not, because the simplest way to ensure non-paying third-parties-after-transit are denied gas is to short the transit country by that amount, and let the transit country sort out who gets what. And that may well be the reason Poland and Bulgaria were selected for Lesson Time.


      1. Yes, that is a very good observation. It’s a loyalty test of Poland and Bulgaria to their EU superiors. Those Russians are toying with the EU like a cat with a mouse in this case.


  12. Euractiv: Germany’s Habeck: ‘We have to try the unrealistic’ to break free from Russian gas

    As Russia’s war on Ukraine enters its third month, Germany’s vice-chancellor Robert Habeck called for unprecedented measures to decrease the country’s reliance on Russian gas and counter the Kremlin’s energy blackmail.

    …“If I had told you during the election campaign that I would build an LNG [liquified natural gas] terminal in ten months’ time, you would have said: here are these politicians with their weird election campaign promises, they never keep them,” he added.

    “Nevertheless, we have to try the unrealistic in some form now.”…

    More big gambling words at the link.

    It’s not like Habeck is angling for a job in German industry if he decides to retire for politics. He won’t have to and instead find himself in Brussels or on some think tank living comfortably.

    And of course Germans love being ‘unrealistic’ and throwing caution to the wind. If you ever wondered how dumb the German Green leaders are, then add this to you arsenal.


  13. Asia Times: Huawei defeats US chip ban to post record profits

    The Chinese tech giant’s results demonstrate the limitations of US sanctions

    …Notwithstanding these dire projections, Huawei’s 2021 financial results posted at the end of March demonstrate that, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the company’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

    Hampered by the chip ban, as well as by “supply continuity challenges” and slowing 5G (fifth-generation telecom technology) demand in China, the company’s overall revenues did decline 28.5% year on year from 891.3 billion yuan in 2020 to 636.8 billion yuan (US$96.4 billion) in 2021, marking the first drop in annual revenues for the company dating back to 2002, according to reports published by the company…

    Just in case anyone though otherwise.

    Ultimately sanctioning ourselves seems to be the last expert skill we have.


    1. Yes, I read that piece with great interest, especially the part about the developing world being the next mass market for 5G, and the advantageous positioning for Huawei in that framework. You can cast the Chinese and Russians as villainously as you like; the United States remains the uncontested King of sanctions and politically-based meddling. Developing but resource-rich nations would be crazy to go in on 5G or anything like it with the Americans, who consider any partnership functions to be ‘leverage’ which can be applied to pressure allies into making political decisions which favour US commerce and foreign-policy goals. The Russians and the Chinese are much more likely to mind their own business and keep their noses out of yours. You could argue that American interventionism is beneficial if your country is ruled by a dictator who robs the population of its riches, and that’s always the way the Americans paint their interventionism. But how often is it true?

      Canada likes to pretend it is still making up its mind about 5G, but its mind was made up for it the day it arrested Meng Wanzhou on America’s direction. We will end up with the Nokia-Ericsson network, and it will cost far more than the Huawei gear and not be nearly as good. But people who won’t stand up to those who abuse them for their own profit deserve their fate as serfs.


  14. BTW, polish adults (18+) are receiving notification for conscription as I have heard from friends of my 75% over here in u-Rope. Quite a few are also registered by their parents at their (grand) parents address in Poland even though technically they do not live there, but that is irrelevant. They have received the papers from the government in Warsaw.

    So, why does Poland want to conscript young adults? There was a rumor a week or two ago about a Polish ‘peace-keeping force’ for the Ukraine which could of course only happen with NATO backing. It looked like typical PiS b/s. Now it doesn’t. I assume conscripts would be to hold the line back home to free up ‘professional’ soldiers to do the ‘peace-keeping’ or something like that.

    It may never happen but once you start to prepare for such things then it only becomes a political decision to make it happen and that makes it far more likely. May Poland be happy with Galitsian Banderite scum they’ll be protecting! What isn’t mentioned is that it would be a de facto admission of the division of the Ukraine by ‘the West’ even though they would claim that it is not and only ‘Russia wot dun it.’


    1. What if Poland is contemplating entering the war on Ukraine’s side – with, of course, NATO backing? What if this is the way Washington has chosen to gradually bring in all of Europe? Look – the Russians are attacking Poland!! You’re next, chummy; better issue out the rifles and helmets!

      Why is this necessary if Ukraine is winning?

      The Poles must be told that marching in as a ‘peacekeeping force’ will be regarded the same as a declaration of war and an alliance with Ukraine would be. Because that’s what it would be for all practical purposes.

      The USA knows full well that Russia has no plans to take Keeeev or other Ukrainian cities which are not part of the Donbas/Lugansk republics. Therefore its regular and measurable escalations are to prevent the capture of Azov Battalion and whoever else is under Azovstal. Perhaps they believe Russia’s nuclear warnings are just a bluff. Bear in mind that they are rolling the dice with all of our lives.


    2. Curious to know if Poland’s conscription drive will include Polish citizens with dual nationality living in the EU and beyond. If that’s going to be the case, I daresay several tens of thousands of people in Britain with dual British-Polish citizenship will be affected. If the new bill allowing UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to strip British citizenship from people with dual UK / other-country citizenship is passed, those dual British-Polish citizens are going to be in a precarious position especially if they object to being conscripted with the possibility of having to fight in a war to support a country they don’t know or don’t support.


      1. I imagine that British bill is aimed expressly at Russians; the UK ‘stands with Ukraine’, remember. Similarly, there won’t be anyone left to service the UK’s plumbing problems if Poles are deported to go and fight in Ukraine. I’d be interested to see the text of that bill; it is typical that when you rewrite a law so that you can get at a particular group based on ethnicity, the attempts to make it appear fair are pretty comical. Not to mention the likelihood that it will come back to bite you. You can imagine the British reaction to a Russian bill which aimed to punish only the English in Russia. But the British are the most casually Russophobic population on earth. Something which will likely be remembered if the nukes start flying.


  15. Practicality on the verge of cynicism

    A lot of work needs to be done on your image so that no one believes that it was you who not so long ago played the piano with your dick, but things are looking even worse now.

    It is not just a matter of completely forgetting these minutiae in the luminous and tragic image of this “controversial figure of world politics, a tireless fighter for the freedom of his country”. In my opinion, the foreign photographer has prepared ahead of time what could be a worthy basis for the grand finale.

    Practical and cruel foreigners, they have no heart!


    In a TV show, the clown took part in a sketch, where he appeared to be playing a piano with his penis.


    1. The Piano (Azov/Pravy Sektor et.c) was playing the Penis (Zelelnsky) in real life. “Vote for me, I’ll stop the war. What’s that, you want to kill me and are protesting in Kiev. OK, we’ll keep the war going.”


  16. Saw a video link on the Night Vision posting on the Saker a few days ago (now unavailable) that stirred deep pathos. A Chechen soldier described a scene where they were dealing with fucking Nazis holed up in in a building using women and children as human shields. A mother and her son made a run but the fucking Nazis shot her in the back. The Chechens were shouting for the child to run but he froze or would not leave his mother. A fucking Nazi shot the boy in the head. The Chechens lost it, charged the building, took casualties but killed the fucking Nazis. It was truly a sad example of the horrors of war and the evil that must be dealt with. I take the story as a true accounting of a horrific event.


    1. Funny, I missed that in the UK news. Couldn’t watch it on the BBC, though, coz I’m not allowed to watch transmissions from that paragon of objective, balanced journalism.


  17. A particularly meaty post by Reporter-From-The-Combat-Zone Eva Bartlett. Eva is in the DPR now, and wrote this post to respond to an OSCE report of ‘Russian War Crimes’. Incredibly, the OSCE abandoned its digs in Mariupol, and left behind its archived field reports from 2014 onward. They’re still being gone through, but contain incidents of Ukrainian war crimes which were never reported further by the OSCE. Several videos from Mariupol and Volnovakha, and a discovery of a recently-shipped consignment of Italian mortar mines. Alleged also – which Eva rarely does without researching the subject for credibility – is that the OSCE provided targeting data to Ukraine. Just for anyone from any particularly beleaguered country who might have been thinking of inviting the OSCE in under the mistaken assumption that they are (a) fair, and (b) peacekeepers.

    Please share widely.


    1. Some members of the Kovoso Verification Mission (KVM) in their orange humvees supposedly there to ‘observe’ also took advantage of their position to gather GPS and other targeting information that was later used in NATO’s ‘defensive’ bombing of Serbia. Is there any international organization that has not been b*stardize in to doing our bidding?


  18. 28 Apr, 2022 20:12
    US Congress approves WWII-like weapons program for Ukraine
    Senate-approved “Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act” clears the House, waives restrictions of arms deliveries

    Ukrainian troops receive FGM-148 Javelins, American man-portable anti-tank missile provided by US to Ukraine. © AFP / Sergei SUPINSKY

    Each one of those things in the crate costs one quarter of a million bucks!


    The UK fully repaid its lend-lease debts to the United States from World War II in 2006, when criminal Blair was PM and when I was already well ensconced here, thanks be to Woden.

    I think, in fact I’m bloody sure, the Frogs paid sweet FA to the USA for their liberation from the Nazi yoke: they hadn’t put up much of a fight against it, in any case, and the vast majority of Frogs just lived with it under the collaborative Vichy regime. Nor did the Eyeties, Dutch, Danes etc. make any payments to Uncle Sam for their liberation either. The USSR made a payment for the liberation of Europe, though — 28 million Soviet lives


    1. Well, Russia had better sharpen up its air defenses, because the title implies gloves-off, Uncle Sam is going to respond to Ziggy Zelensky the way he asked, at last – no restrictions on arms transfers, Ukraine can shop through the aisles of the American military-industrial complex, tax-free. It’s not said, but that suggests fighter aircraft are on the table, as well as air-defense systems, you name it, if it’s in your dirty little blow-’em-up wet dreams, it’s ready for checkout. But. They still have to get from the shipper into Ukrainian hands.

      How might that work, with, say, fighter aircraft? Would they land in Germany and Ukrainian pilots take them over, flying them into Ukraine? Western pilots can’t deliver them, because that would be a formal declaration of war, and we might be only days from that anyway. Having maneuvered and prodded and teased and threatened Russia into military action in Ukraine, America not only is not going to allow it to conduct anything but an all-out murderous onslaught against Ukraine, it is going to do everything it can to make sure Russia loses. This is its chance to fight the war it’s always wanted to fight, using a proxy army that will not be allowed to make peace. Instead, it will receive constant infusions of weapons and cash to keep it fighting, and if Russia wants to win it will have to go hard and kill everyone in its path. Just the thing so the USA can go to the UN and humbly propose that Russia must be stopped. Meanwhile Jake and Susie and their lovely family back in North C’lina will be far from the guns and noise and rage and hate, untouched.


      1. Of course that means Russia will have to take over the whole country so there’s no-one left to receive the weapons. They just signed Ukraine’s death warrant (and possibly their own as well if they don’t wise up pretty soon).


    1. It is all very cleverly done: Parliament is prorogued until the Queen’s speech on the 10th of May, that means the MPs and Lords are all back at home and can’t ask inconvenient questions. In any case, the HoC must urgently deal with the fact that two (!) female MPs have complained about one (!) Tory MP who allegedly ‘watched porn’ on his smartphone. it’s not even said if he did so in the Lobby or in the Chamber …
      But “we” must be outraged about that – not about sliding into an undeclared war with Russia …

      Apologies for my absence – I’m trying to cope with health issues.


    2. I imagine they expect that their actions will inspire other European nations to join them, and they will all faff about on the borders until someone believes they have reached critical mass, whereupon they will all go “Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!” and charge the Godless Russians. While Uncle Sam beams from the sidelines and waits for America’s Next Golden Age as America picks up the pieces. America’s tremendous success in every non-World War it has ever fought speaks to how good it is at planning such things.

      They like to say that they just want the war to end, but they don’t, really. The Ukrainians are prevented from negotiating, and only one end is foreseen – Russia withdraws, defeated and greatly battered, and Ukraine straightaway becomes part of NATO, as a reward to its citizens for absorbing such punishment.

      That’s not the way it is going to happen, but we already spoke about how good they are at planning such daydreams. In fact, if they keep on fucking around they are going to draw China in, and then all bets are off except that carnage is about to ensue. Still, it will be interesting to watch them finance a national-scale deployment of forces, with all the associated logistics, during an energy environment in which you have to take out a second mortgage just to drive down to the end of the driveway to pick up the mail.


  19. Just one aside about the ‘demands’ by the Azov brigade, permitting them ‘free exit’. They referred to Dunkirk, and that Title ‘allowed’ the BEF to go.
    Well, no: his tanks had run out of everything by the time they’d got Abbeville and needed supplies to get to them. Meanwhile, the Luftwaffe was strafing the whole BEF on the beaches. But then gain, neither those Banderistas nor the Western hacks, never mind politicians, have any historical knowledge whatsoever. But that, alas, is nothing new.


  20. As an aside, my wife and family in Merry England — what is left of it — were all duly relieved when my son and heir Vladimir Denisovich was exempted from military service on Wednesday, 27 April. He’s now the only draft-dodger in my family’s history.

    Oh, the shame!

    My father and several uncles all served in WWII and my grandfather and great-grandfather in WWI.

    In WWI, my grandfather volunteered under-age and served in the Coldstream Guards in France, his youngest brother served in WWII in the Irish Guards: he was badly wounded in 1943.

    My great-grandfather also volunteered in 1914 at the start of WWI, when he was 30, and served in France. His daughter, my grandmother, said he volunteered after his having had a big argument with his boss and quit his job and joined up, leaving his wife and children, whereupon he soon found himself at the front in northern France. Apparently, he was one of very many who thought it would all be over by Christmas. What a chump!

    My great-grandfather survived the Western Front, though, as did my grandfather. I remember my great-grandfather well: he was a rather menacing, grumpy old pipe-puffing man when I was a small child.

    I say “old”, but in my recollections of him, he must have been a little younger than I am now. And I too have become a grumpy old pipe-puffing man. But I shouldn’t really be grumpy, as unlike him, I have never had a shot fired at me in anger whilst serving in any army.


  21. My word, don’t they feed them well in Banderastan!

    He fevvers King Henry VIII, of England, who was also one obnoxious bastard.


    1. He’s alleged to’ve been a Royal Marine Commando. Well, looking like that I doubt he’d now survive their fearsome assault course, never mind the dreaded 56-miles yomp across Dartmoor, carrying a load of 80 pounds.
      I bet he was just a cook, after basic training.


        1. Whereas the inanity of the troll’s comments appear to be indirectly proportional to the success of Ukrainian arms in the current conflict.


          1. I never did hear anything that sounded like a plan, going forward, for how the country should be conducting its affairs. Similarly, I never heard anything that sounded like an assessment of how much force was enough, so that one would not be perceived as weeeeaaak but at the same time was not made notorious as a mass killer of the helpless and innocent; who, exactly should be killed and how? But all we ever get is drive-by criticism, which a frog could do if it could talk. Perhaps Karl belongs in the political opposition somewhere; that’s what they’re best at – criticism without solutions. You’re doing it wrong. Oh, sorry; how do I do it right? I don’t have time for that right now; I must be off to provide criticism somewhere else. That’s despite repeated appeals to hear Karl’s plan.

            “The Finns believe that the main reason for the massive unemployment of the working-age population is the recession that is observed in the once flourishing pulp industry. Due to the development of the Internet and the gadget industry, the demand for Finnish paper is declining. The timber industry, which is directly related to the pulp industry, is also suffering. As a result, not only the number of unemployed personnel increases, but also the country’s GDP decreases.

            Another reason for the problems of the labor market, the Finns call the collapse of Nokia, which was unable to compete with such IT giants as Apple and Samsung.

            The downturn in the Finnish dairy industry was significantly influenced by anti-European sanctions from Russia. In particular, this concerns the largest dairy processing company Valio, for which the Russian market was the main sales market.

            The worse the state of various sectors of the Finnish economy, including transport, light and food industries, becomes, the more unemployment grows and labor immigration decreases.”


            Well, certainly nobody could have foreseen the growth of the Internet; dang them newfangled collitch-kid gadgets anyway. As I best recall it, the Finns were jubilant when Nokia was kicking ass. It just thought – apparently – that people were going to keep on using flip-phones with a screen the size of your thumbnail forever. And yes, of course, just as the dairy industry was going great guns, the dirty Moskali ruined everything by realizing they actually have lots of milk of their own. Too bad; it was sure fun to spit on them and call them dirty bastards even as they were the main market for our dairy products.


            1. My recollection was that Nokia was run into the ground by an American CEO (formerly a senior executive at Microsoft). But of course like good little serfs they always go back for more punishment.


        2. Sorry – unreserved apologies, but my blood is still boiling thanks to the ‘news’ our government of Zeros is producing on a daily basis.


  22. And another one bites the dust!

    US citizen Willy Joseph Kansel died on Monday, April 25, fighting on the side of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. This information was confirmed by the mercenary’s family to CNN.

    The 22-year-old man worked for a private military company (PMC). Kansel’s mother said that his employer had sent him to the Ukraine and paid the young man a salary while he was fighting.

    According to her, Willie Joseph is a former Marine. Shortly before the start of the special military operation, he signed a contract with the PMC in the Ukraine, and also continued to serve as an officer at the Tennessee Correctional Institution in his full-time job.

    When the fighting began in the Ukraine, the PMC began to look for mercenaries to send to the war zone. Kansel agreed to go.

    “He wanted to go there because he believed in what Ukraine is fighting for. He wanted to be a part of it, to contain it (the conflict – ” Gazeta.En”) there . . .

    She added that in the Ukraine, her son fought alongside soldiers “from many different countries” .And the people who informed her about Kansel’s death had noted that his body was not found.

    [Blown to bits. Tough shit!]

    “There were people with him, but they would have been killed if they had tried to take his body with them. But we would have liked him to come back to us”, the mother explained.

    Kansel has a wife and a seven-month-old baby at home. The victim’s wife told FOX News about her loss.

    “My husband was very brave, he is a hero. I didn’t expect to be a widow at 23 or have our son grow up without a father. All I want is for him to come home so that we can organize a proper funeral”, the widow said.

    36-year-old Briton
    The British Foreign Office confirmed to Sky News that one citizen of the country was killed in the Ukraine, and a second was missing. It is assumed that they had fought against Russian troops as volunteers, but this information has not yet been officially confirmed: the kingdom’s Foreign Ministry did not provide details about the men’s activities.


    How terribly sad.


    1. Note that the private military company is not identified beyond those bland initials. Because ‘private militaries’ are illegal everywhere – to what end is it to be elected leader of your country if your wealthy adversary can simply raise a private army of paid toughs and overthrow you? Private militaries are illegal in Ukraine as well; that knotty problem was got round by incorporating the Nazi punishment battalions into the National Guard. It would be nice to know who is raising military forces in the USA of former soldiers and paying them a salary to fight abroad, because they are mercenaries and the raising, equipping and training of mercenaries is against the laws of armed conflict. But it pretty much goes without saying that they are American; if they were not they would be under investigation by American law enforcement.

      Where are the mirthful characterizations of Americans and Britons who are volunteers in Ukraine as ‘just being there on holiday’ as the Russian volunteers in Donbas were mocked? And now that I recall it, such mockery was used to allude that it was all a joke and really the Russian regular army was there in multi-battalion strength.


    1. She thinks she’s Mrs Thatcher MkII whereas she is in fact the perfect sock puppet for the Whitehall Mandarins. They didn’t even have to domesticate her, as they had to do with former Tories like William Hague or the current PM.
      Sadly for Lizzie Truss, even in her old age Mrs Thatcher looked twice as good as she does. As for Lizzie Truss’ mental and political capacities … let’s be kind and say nothing. Mrs Thatcher wouldn’t even have employed her asa typist in No 10, never mind giving her one of the top Ministries of state.


    1. Simon Shuster is a longtime propagandist for ‘western values’, and he’s happy to append any crime you care to name to the word ‘Russian’ without further investigation. Hidden in his quacking are the gems the taxpayer is supposed to internalize – Ukraine needs more weapons. In this Zelensky is complicit; he must know the immediate result of more and more western ‘gifts’ being pumped into his country is that more Ukrainians are killed trying to get them to the front, which is now more of an encirclement.

      I remember Mr. Shuster, years ago, joining his journalist buddy Miriam Elder for a scathing diatribe on the ‘dying towns of Russia’, small outposts of civilization in which there was no longer a school because they couldn’t get teachers and there’s nothing much to do but get drunk on popskull vodka because everyone else is moving away to the cities. He neglected to note that it is a global phenomenon as small towns all over the world wink out like candles one by one, and populations concentrate in cities to find employment.

      Of course if it happens in the west, it is the last word in progressive thought and engineering. If it happens in Russia or China it is the flailings of a collapsing order.


  23. And there was I thinking that Germans were pretty smart. All those with whom I associated back in the ’80s certainly were, and then this:

    29 Apr, 2022 14:57
    Tennis icon Becker jailed for 2.5 years in London

    Don’t know who the woman is, but old Boris seems to have a liking for dusky maidens, His former wife was one. I think she might have contributed somewhat to his fall from grace.

    Then again, these two below are not that smart:.

    nor is this idiot:


    1. Yes, that’s Becker’s latest woman-friend in the photo above — a certain Lilian De Carvalho Montiera, who allegedly is a London-based “freelance political risk analyst”.

      London — what a sump hole!


      Another of these “political science” graduates.


  24. More juicy teasing from John Helmer on how many foreign mercs may be among the rats hiding in the cellars of Azovstal.

    For what it’s worth, I think that when their capture, or the extraction of their dead bodies, becomes inevitable the Ukrainians (with foreign assistance) will attempt to destroy the entire site themselves. This, of course, will be blamed on Russia. It might look like that is not possible in the current environment, since no airplane carrying a suitable weapon would be able to get near the site regardless where it came from. But what about a precision tactical missile fired from a neighbouring country? Might that get through the defenses?


  25. The Glorious Path of a Territorial Defence Fighter in Four Stages

    On April 16, you show off heroic photos to your wife in your Telegram channel;

    On April 23, you are sent to the very front, although they had promised that you would only stand at roadblocks and take pictures with posters and shoot TikTok;

    On April 26, having been fucked up several times by the work of the Russians, you surrender;

    On April 28, realizing that you have been used as cannon fodder, you sincerely tell Russian war correspondents about the toxicity for the entire Ukrainian people of the cooperation between NATO and the leadership of the Ukraine

    Well, what can I say, I was very lucky that I survived at all. For example, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Popasna are about 150 people a day.

    The poster, in front of which he proudly posed, announces the sinking of a Russian warship and says “f*ck you”.


  26. The commander of the Azovstal nazis, about whom I mentioned earlier, speaks in this VIDEO — in perfect, accent-free Russian, addressing the Banderastan cabal in Kiev.

    Why isn’t he speaking “mova”, which he is obliged to do by law in the fictive state of “ukraine”?


      1. A classic of American business ethics (?from Harvard?) is along the lines of

        “Sincerity is key to success: if you can fake that, you’ve got it made”.

        Behold John Kirby:

        Must be dust in my eye, carry on.


        1. “It’s hard to look at what his forces are doing in Ukraine, and think that any moral, ethical person could justify that…”

          Stay tuned for the cloudburst of salt-water anguish from Kirby’s emotional eyes when it is revealed that the Ukrainian Special Forces are responsible for the murders in Bucha. They’re fucking special, all right. He may cry so hard that he just washes away, and they’ll have to hold their pressers somewhere else.

          For the record, the last person to use the overcome-with-emotion technique to devastating and widespread effect was Anderson Cooper, reporting on the damage to New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina. He might even have actually felt it. Since then, though, he’s teared up a few times; either his emotions are closer to the surface as he ages, or he feels like he’s on to a winner.


          1. They like turning on the waterworks in the USA — in public: shows how sincere and “nice” they are.

            I recall how several USA newscasters, when relaying the fake news of those brave Yukieshite military personnel on Snake Island who, having transmitted to the evil Orcish warship the message: “Fuck you, Russian warship!” all paid with their lives for their valorous stance.

            The newscasters, their voices breaking, the tears almost flowing, the pregnant pauses, the sobs etc. all thrown in for effect, said: “They all died . . . (gulp, long pause) . . . heroes”.

            Yeah. Right.


            Or is it?

            Maybe they are all soft-arses?

            Or soft-arses play-acting?


            1. Republican John Boehner made a political reputation out of it; a worse choice for Speaker of the House of Representatives can hardly be imagined than someone who gets so emotional when he speaks of ephemeral concepts like ‘The American Dream’ that he cannot continue, but who is nonetheless regularly called upon to speak at length on moral and social issues. Boehner got on top of it early, though, spinning it in a civilian-clothes-at-home interview as just the way he is; he ‘wears his heart on his sleeve’, and is easily moved. Maybe it’s even true. Whatever the case, it only made his fans love him more, he’s so human, while his detractors were careful in how they mocked him lest they seem ‘less human’ by comparison.

              To be fair, a man’s tears should not disqualify him as either a thinker or a decision-maker; men tend to cry more often when they are sad, while women tend to cry more often when they are angry and feel helpless to do anything about it, where a man would just punch you in the face. Those are generalizations, of course, and there are plenty of exceptions – I’m sure we all remember Hillary Clinton’s bizarre joyous cackle when informing the world of Gaddafi’s murder.

              But Kirby is a lifetime devourer and promulgator of the news. There cannot be too many depths of atrocity which take him by surprise, and the notion that he is moved to tears by the lack of ethics and/or morals displayed by a political leader who is the declared enemy of the United States is a bit of a stretch.


              1. Indeed, as regards Rear Admiral (retd.) Kirby, the Evil Mouthpiece of the Russian Foreign Office has questioned why the sensitive Kirby found shocking material difficult to look at.

                Zakharova surprised by Kirby’s words about the special operation of the Russian Federation to protect the Donbass
                April 30, 2022, 14: 39

                On April 30, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to the words of Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby that it was “difficult for him to look” at the actions of the Russian military on the ground.

                Is it difficult for an American rear admiral to look at something?! Kirby has a solid track record. He knew about the depleted uranium in Yugoslavia, knew about the “Iraq dossier”, as they now call a significant array of documents testifying to the war crimes of US servicemen in Iraq. John read these reports every day: about the thousands and thousands of civilians who died in villages in Iraq and Syria from the atrocities of the American contingent. there is no doubt that he saw the photos, saw the videos. I wonder if it was not difficult for him to watch these inhumane spectacles?

                wrote Zakharova in Telegram.

                The day before, Kirby had made some emotional remarks about the Russian special operation and then had to take a brief pause to deal with his feelings. In particular, he said that “”it is difficult to look at footage from the battlefield and imagine that any sane, serious and mature leader would have done that”.

                Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said the next day that the Pentagon press secretary’s statements against Russia were offensive and unacceptable. The diplomat noted that Russian officials “have never allowed themselves such statements regarding the leadership of the United States of America”, At the same time, according to the ambassador, the White House does not want to notice “the countless crimes of the Kiev regime”.


        2. The Russian ambassador has made a complaint about Kirby’s performance.

          07: 06 30.04.2022 (updated: 07: 36 30.04.2022)
          Antonov called the words of the Pentagon press secretary about Russia offensive
          Ambassador to the United States Antonov called the words of Pentagon press Secretary Kirby about Russia offensive

          WASHINGTON, April 30-RIA Novosti. Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov called statements by Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby addressed to Russia “insulting and unacceptable”.

          During a briefing on Friday, Kirby, when asked by reporters whether the Pentagon thought Russian moves towards the Ukraine were rational, said it was “hard to look at what he and Russian troops are doing in Ukraine and think that any ethical, moral person could justify it”. After a ten-second pause, he added that “it’s hard to look at footage from the battlefield and imagine that any sane, serious and mature leader would do that”. Kirby also rejected Russian claims that the special operation in the Ukraine was aimed at protecting the Russian-speaking population and eradicating Nazism.

          As Antonov noted, it has become the norm in the US that “administration officials base their judgments on the Ukrainian authorities’ obscene lies”, whilst not wanting “to notice the Kiev regime’s countless crimes” and “pushing it towards new atrocities” whilst continuing to “pump the Ukraine full of weapons”.

          According to the ambassador, the US authorities are obviously not interested in a ceasefire. “The main thing for Kirby and others like him is to ensure that the US military-industrial complex generates additional revenue by clearing its warehouses of obsolete weapons. Kirby has lost the dignity of an American officer by stooping to the level of a grave insult. He should be ashamed of himself for having tarnished the honour of his uniform”, Antonov said.

          The Ukraine has repeatedly staged provocations during the Russian special operation, in particular in Bucha, Kramatorsk and Mariupol. Moscow has denied them, presenting photo and video materials. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that NATO was turning a blind eye to the crimes of the Kiev regime.

          The Russian Defence Ministry earlier said that all the materials published by the Kiev regime allegedly attesting to some “crimes” committed by Russian servicemen in the town of Bucha, Kiev Region, were “another provocation”.

          Kirby is a disgrace to he USA and the USN. And I say this as a person who has great admiration for the role that the USN played in the Pacific War against the Japanese Empire.


          1. And as I said earlier in the new post, I wonder if the Board of Disinformation was stood up in anticipation of the fall of Mariupol, as a mechanism to censor any Russian evidence presented while making weepy moral judgments in favor of Ukraine. There is no realistic way, for example, to deny that the missile which struck Kramatorsk, killing Ukrainian civilians attempting to escape the war zone, was a Tochka-U issued to the UAF; reporters were permitted to take photographs of it from all angles (have to sure to get that cold-blooded “For The Children” into the news cycle) and the serial number of the weapon is clearly visible. These are recorded when the weapon is produced and issued, and follow it throughout its life cycle like any other major mechanical component, like the engine block of your car. Scott Ritter knows more about this than most, may even have access to the actual databases, and he immediately challenged the reporting; the missile was issued to the same Ukrainian unit that fired others of the same serial group into Donetsk. Of course, the response was to shut down his Twitter account. Disinformation. And this was an easily-disprovable provocation. The pushback on Bucha will be orders of magnitude greater.


    1. That is indeed a good piece, and it included a startling preview in the comments: “…discussing various plans for dismembering and/or annexing Ukraine including a referendum in Kherson to be delivered on 14/15 May.”



  27. Oh look! Ukraine is ‘cracking down on Russia collaborators’. I guess this must be a recent thing.

    Of course, if your collaborating caused death, you might go to jail for a long, long time. Like, even for life. Not shot in a cellar with your hands tied behind your back, though. Heavens, no; only the Russians do such barbarous things.


  28. My God; MSN is a gold mine today! Guess who just quit smoking? The Ghost Of Kyiv!!! No shit, he was totally real, but the dirty Moskali finally ganged up on him in sufficient numbers – they don’t say how many, but hundreds, probably – and sent him to the great landing strip in the sky.

    I was going to say you can’t make this up, but the Ukrainian government already made it up, and the American media reasons, hey – if it feels good, do it. I’m not even going to go into the reasons it is so unlikely such a phantom plane could survive, never mind refuel and rearm and go out again on sortie after sortie. Likewise I cannot be bothered to peruse Twitter and other social media for glowing reports of his heroic exploits bringing ruin and death to the Russians after he was already supposed to be dead.

    Major Stepan Tarabalka. Coming soon to an all-combat flight simulator game pitting the Ukrainian Air Force against the Russians, who are so dozy that they lost dozens of aircraft without even noticing. SUGS!!!


  29. The family that left Azovstal has spoken about its meetings with the Azov battalion
    April 29, 2022, 21: 28

    A married couple with a child who managed to escape from the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol via a humanitarian corridor told Izvestia on April 29 about their meetings with the militants of the nationalist group “Azov”.

    [video insert]

    Mikhail and Natalia Savin, together with their 11-year-old daughter, were in a bomb shelter from March 8 to April 28. According to them, a four-month-old baby was in the bunker next to them.

    The husband had worked at Azovstal as a foreman for about 20 years, and his wife worked as a translator for almost 15 years. They took shelter at the factory when their area was shelled.

    “We looked after the equipment and took cover. On the 8th (March), a column from our shop headed by our boss, who was the only one left out of the entire management of the plant, moved in the direction of Zaporozhye. On the way out of the city, they were shelled. Half of the people came back to us, and half stayed in the city with the “Red Cross”. The next day I left for Zaporizhia”, Mikhail Savin told Izvestia.

    According to him, representatives of “Azov” appeared for the first time on March 10. Five of them arrived in a small van. According to Natalia, they immediately became interested in the territory of the plant with bunkers and underground passages.

    “I’ll clarify a bit. As I recall, they came to us in the first few days. It was always groups of three or five people, no more, until the last few days. They showed a keen interest in the bunker — because, first of all, they saw that we have a generator, electricity, and facilities. It is quite large and comfortable. And we are there, peaceful, sitting there and occupying the place” ,Natalia Savina added, pointing out the evasiveness of the militants in conversations.

    According to her, they settled down and used civilians as a cover, not allowing them to evacuate. The couple found out about the escape corridor on the radio.

    Earlier in the day, a fighter of the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) with the call sign “Beast” said that the Ukrainian military was not allowing civilians out of the territory of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.


  30. Certain parties in Banderastan seem to be getting well fed these days:

    Zelensky caught lying again

    This is not the first time that President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has been caught out during interviews with Western media or in public speeches before parliaments. In an attempt to impress the audience with the horrors of war, he has spoken about phosphorus bombs allegedly used by the Russians. And the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine then keeps silent as regards media inquiries about where this event took place.

    So Zelensky described in detail to a correspondent of the American magazine ‘Time”, Simon Shuster, how Russian special forces had stormed his residence on Bankova Street in Kiev. The journalist tried to ask for photo and video materials: after all, not every day do the special forces of a foreign country storm the residence of a head of state. Such shots are priceless. Moreover, the president’s office and everything around are crammed with video cameras. But according to a strange logic, for some reason such materials did not appear.

    And after the publication of the material, the Ukrainians themselves began to ask uncomfortable questions to the Office of the President: where is the video from surveillance cameras, where is the information about this in official reports, where, after all, are the corpses of the destroyed saboteurs? If all this had taken place, then it would not have been superfluous to inform the Ukrainian public. Otherwise, the public will have uncomfortable questions.

    We remember well how, as the Victors assured us, Buryat special forces had been running around the Maidan, and Vladislav Surkov, an aide to the President of Russia, had fired at protesters with a submachine gun. How all these stories ended is well known. Here are Zelensky’s statements from his series of lies: tell bare-faced lies and the war will cause them to be forgotten. However, this does not work out all the time — not all the time they don’t.


  31. 01 May 2022, 11: 23 am
    Bailiffs will forcibly collect a fine of 7.2 billion rubles from Google

    The Federal Bailiff Service has opened a case against the American multinational company Google for the enforcement of a turnover fine of 7.2 billion rubles, Interfax reports.

    The case was initiated on the basis of the decision of the Tagansky Court of Moscow. The court in December 2021 imposed a minimum turnover fine of 5% of the annual revenue for 2020. This amount is 7.2 billion rubles.

    They want to collect money for repeated refusal to remove content banned in Russia. The company was found guilty under part 5 of Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code.

    The deadline for Google to voluntarily pay the fine expired on March 19.

    Yesterday, the representative of Russian Google said that in the framework of enforcement proceedings on the dispute with “Tsargrad”, the company had paid 9 billion rubles to “Tsargrad” because of non-execution of the court decision on restoration of the YouTube account of the TV channel. Representatives of the TV channel stated their readiness to collect new amounts if the “Tsargrad” YouTube channel is not restored.

    Oooo! Can I come and watch? Can I, can I?


  32. The German Foreign Ministry announced the possible lifting of sanctions against Russia in the event of the termination of the special operation
    May 1, 2022, 12:07 pm

    I’m a right clever bugger, I am!

    “A truce can only be the first step. One thing is clear for us: the lifting of sanctions shall happen only if Russia withdraws its troops”, declared it Baerbock.

    According to her, achieving peace on Moscow’s terms would not bring Europe the desired security.

    Previously, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated that a ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of the Ukraine are the main conditions for lifting restrictions on Russia.

    Moscow Exile, spokesman for the Moscow branch of the NUM, replies to both: “Fuck off!”


  33. Look who’s in Kiev!

    The ice-cream queen prima donna of the US Congress herself!

    I thought Kiev was being mercilessly bombarded by the Orc barbarians.


  34. 30 April, Ahrensburg, Germany.

    Slagged off by Kremlin stooges!

    First comment:

    11 hours ago
    Endlich mal viele mutige Menschen zusammen, die gegen das DUMME protestieren!💪 So muss das sein. Danke an euch alle!👏

    11 hours ago
    At last, a lot of brave people together protesting against that STUPID WOMAN!💪 This is how it should be. Thank you all!👏


    1. A woman’s voice can be heard shouting at the beginning of the clip: “Hau ab!” — “Get lost!”


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