The Ceaseless Lies of Eva Bartlett; or, The Partisan Scrubbing of Western Consciousness.

Uncle Volodya says, “The question is whether privileged elites should dominate mass-communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must, namely, to impose necessary illusions, manipulate and deceive the stupid majority, and remove them from the public arena.”

“Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing.”

Criss Jami, from “Killosophy”

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

Noam Chomsky, from “Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda”

I don’t think you would get anywhere by arguing that living in a democracy means your leaders always tell you the truth – and let you and your fellow voters decide, based on that truth, whether you want to go further down the road under their leadership or come to a parting of the ways, and go forward without them. There is no written promise that leaders will not lie, just as there is no statement of ethics which forbids a free press from lying to its readers, whether deliberately or because it was itself deceived by liars.

Nonetheless, the obvious repugnance and disgust expressed by generations of western journalists for the manipulative propaganda of Nazi poster-boy Goebbels and the overly-motivational exhortations of the Communist Soviet Union’s five-year planners strongly suggested the west at all levels disapproves of lying in order to manipulate public perception.

Can we agree, then, that western philosophy – by which I mean the propounded creed of NATO and various western temporary and semi-permanent alliances over the years since the Second World War – encourages a belief that the creation and dissemination of propaganda is wrong? That western journalism strives for an impression that propagandists are also liars, and that an informed populace can handle the truth?

That’s pretty much what I thought.

I was reminded of the western appetite for being hoodwinked recently in a comment by regular reader Julius Skoolafish, celebrating the bring-the-mountain-to Mohammed journalism of Eva Bartlett. Like a few other courageous women in the profession – Abby Martin, Lizzie Phelan, Vanessa Beely – Bartlett frequently goes to trouble spots for lengthy periods and reports on events there. There’s no particular reason to assume everything she says is true, any more than you would believe total honesty of everyone you don’t know. However, her interpretation is often very different from mainstream narratives. And the curious thing is,  the mainstream narrative hardly varies at all; cruel dictator, killing his own people, who are crying out for freedom from his crushing oppression, western obligation to bring freedom and democracy. Check, check, and check. And that narrative has been verifiably demonstrated to be utter horseshit, time and time again. Iraq is only the best example, because the events are fairly fresh in the collective consciousness, the barefaced lying by western leaders – chiefly those of the United States and the UK – was so over the top, and the reckoning was paid solely by the victims of the operation. Not one western leader was penalized in any way, and British leader Tony Blair was elevated to a jet-about-the-world envoy, smiling his bland assurances of western benevolence for generous paychecks. The neoconservative manipulators caught red-handed lying and lying and lying some more were just folded into future governments, where there is no reason to imagine their story-spinning did not continue.

But if you google up the Wikipedia entry on Eva Bartlett, you get this:

Eva Karene Bartlett is a Canadian activist and blogger who is known for promoting conspiracy theories about Syria. She writes op-eds for the television network RT. Bartlett describes herself as an “independent writer and rights activist.” Critics contend that her advocacy amounts to support for the Assad regime, and she has promoted the falsehood that the White Helmets stage rescues and “recycle” children in its videos.

So much calculated venom in such a short bio. Known for promoting conspiracy theories. Writes for RT, which is a common synonym these days for ‘known liar’. Supports the ‘Assad regime’. Tells porkie-pie lies about those nice White Helmets, almost always pictured digging groaning, barely-alive victims out of shattered concrete rubble, their honest, broad features sombre with anguish and sorrow at the ceaseless inhumanity of man toward his fellows.

What a wicked, wicked woman.

Another curiosity of propaganda and its marketing is that certain people and agencies can seemingly get away with it forever, based on the principle that people believe statements which make them feel good about themselves when good things are done in their names. Taking the White Helmets as an example, those conspiracy-theorist liars at the state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation themselves remarked upon a supposed rescue operation conducted in Syria in November of 2016 by the famous White Helmets, in which they appeared in a selfie with their supposed rescued victim in what was apparently a subsequent shot; far from crushed by the jagged rubble, he appeared in perfect health.

The video itself is quite a clumsy effort, but it is a feature of propaganda that when you are telling people that their tax dollars and donations are supporting magnificent examples of selfless courage in far-off lands where the leader of the fuzzie-wuzzies is murdering his own, they don’t require much convincing. We see the two brave White Helmets – not a speck of dust blemishing their spotless uniforms – pausing to get everything just right before the actual extrication process begins. The victim, covered with concrete dust, remains passive until some unseen director apparently says, “aaaannnd…Action!”, at which moment he begins to thrash and shout with pain and panic. The noble White Helmets work away silently as if unmoved by the danger of their situation and the pitiful struggles of the victim. Which appears to be the case, in fact, as he appears in a photo with them taken apparently moments later – since he is wearing the same clothes and is still covered with concrete dust (give you silicosis, that) – but miraculously whole and apparently relaxed.

@RussiaConnects twitter comment

That’ll be one for his actor portfolio. It’s eerie, the way rubble-pinned victims calm down immediately after rescue by the White Helmets. Perhaps they’re magic.

On that occasion, even the doyen of western citizen-journalist fakery, Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, was moved to comment that this was just not on, chaps, not on at all, and it only lent credibility to western useful-idiot conspiracy theorists (like Bartlett, presumably) when such distressingly clumsy fakes were exposed. For their part, the White Helmets were quick to apologize – sorry, Guv, we don’t know what we wuz thinking. The leadership of the White Helmets was definitely not involved, and in fact didn’t even know about it, we was just carryin’ on, like.

This might be a good place to comment on that White Helmets leader and co-founder; former British Army intelligence officer James le Mesurier. Because he was found dead in the street outside his home in Istanbul, apparently having fallen from his balcony in the wee small hours of the morning. If so, he must have made a mighty effort to fly to the opposite rooftop, because his body was discovered across the street from his balcony. But British investigators assure us everything was on the level; he died due to bursting of a blood vessel in his aorta, possibly due to stress because he owed rather a large amount of money – they even have video of him falling, thanks to a conveniently-placed security camera.

Anyway, back to Eva Bartlett and her mendacious lies about the honest White Helmets ‘recycling’ child actors and using them over and over in fabricated ‘rescues’ or for post-disaster clips that move western potential donors to bitter tears and getting out their wallets. This was conclusively and decisively debunked by that western paragon to truth in journalism, The Guardian.

Why, anyone can see these three images do not depict the same child – she’s…she’s wearing different clothes, for one thing! And this, this is the clincher, so embarrassing for Bartlett, really: she’s wearing the same bracelet…but it’s on the opposite arm!! Yes, she apparently missed that, the silly cow. And her hair is different! In one picture, it’s all messed up and sticking everywhere, but in the photo of her lying on a bed or cot, it’s smoothed down and curly! And pictures show her nearly buried by heavy rubble! That’d be almost impossible to stage!

“Someone would have had to have buried a screaming child up to their chest in rubble and carefully assembled a large amount of heavy wreckage around and on top of her – an extraordinary logistical challenge and an extraordinary collective act of child abuse.”

Perhaps in Britain assembling a large amount of wreckage around and on top of a person so they appear to be in mortal danger but are in fact not hurt at all is an extraordinary logistical challenge; air strikes on British cities are sort of rare. But many Syrian cities have been almost razed to the ground, and great chunks of concrete are lying around in the most ubiquitous fashion.

Similar and classic is the fake of the ‘chemical attack’ at Douma in the spring of 2018. An actor at the center of the production, 11-year-old Hassan Diab, claimed he was hustled into the hospital and sprayed with water in an apparent fabricated ‘decontamination’, but there had never been anything wrong with him. His father claimed the same – that radicals in Douma had staged the video and that there had not been any chemical attack. Hospital staff, ditto. No symptoms of chemical attack displayed by any of the ‘victims’, and the props still in place at the hospital for anyone who wanted to look. The western response? A ‘despicable’ put-up job by the Russians, to attempt to justify their presence in Syria where they were invited by its democratically-elected leader, whereas the western forces just invited themselves in and worked under the radar as much as they could to support the fundamentalist radical ‘rebels’. Where the ‘last hospital in Aleppo’ was bombed by the Russians so many times, but always raised itself from the ashes so it could be bombed again.

Even the ridiculous filming of the man first shown roaring in agony only to be seen in a selfie with his ‘rescuers’ moments later was excused by the western press; France 24 claimed the depiction was never meant to portray an actual rescue. No, it was just the White Helmets doing their version of the popular ‘Mannequin Challenge’, to raise awareness about the horrific conditions in Syria. The White Helmets were sorry to have given propagandists the opportunity to portray their genuine and selfless efforts as fake, but you just can’t predict what low-lifes some people can be.

“Some people have alleged that this footage shows a rescue being staged. But here’s the truth of the matter: Yes, it was made by the White Helmets. Yes, it was staged. However, the White Helmets were transparent about their intentions because this is a rather awkward example of the Mannequin Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge, which was started by high schoolers in the United States, is to show a scene frozen for several seconds before leaping into action again.”

Well, that’s believable, surely? Much more believable than the actual victims of chemical attacks in Douma being flown to the Hague to testify they had never been involved in any chemical attack, and the whole show a fabrication by radical ‘rebels’, in another despicable head-fake by the Russians. God only knows what those poor people were promised in exchange for their lies – maybe a lakeside palace next to Putin’s.

The absurdity of the excuses offered boggles the mind. The fact that allegedly-fake videos by the White Helmets are ‘widely shared’ is proof that they are harmless, and that certain people are just determined to beat up on the White Helmets. Video of an alleged former White Helmet confessing that their disaster rescues are staged is a fake because you can tell from the way his eyes move that he is reading from a script. The testimony of the President of France’s Emergency Firefighters and First Responders International that rescued children often bear no trace of dust or dirt after having been ‘rescued’ from rubble is batted aside in favour of the word of some anonymous yob who is nevertheless credited as an ‘expert’ in urban search and rescue, who claims;

“The fact that the children aren’t covered with dust doesn’t prove that this video has been staged. It’s possible that the children were in a pocket of air, which wasn’t filled with dust or smoke.”

Fucking incredible. The fact that children rescued from an environment swirling with dust and dirt emerge clean as if they just stepped out of J.C. Penney’s display window might also indicate they had just been beamed in from the holodeck of the Starship ENTERPRISE. It’s just as believable as their having been trapped in a pocket in which there was plenty of air but no dust, as if explosions and building collapses miraculously preserve occupants of such pockets from dirt. And the word of the president of a renowned urban-extraction organization is summarily dismissed as twaddle, Not because it is,  but because it did not support the desired conclusion. Children who appear in other respects identical must be different children because they are wearing different clothes, and the fact that they are pictured carried by different men just means they were being handed down a human chain, like a bucket brigade. I can describe the whole environment in which the knee-jerk exculpatory western media operates in just two words, and the first is ‘Wilful’ and the second is ‘Ignorance’.

The same media which pours scorn on any suggestion that the White Helmets are a bunch of PR fakes employed for the dual purposes of raising money for the Syrian opposition and justifying a western intervention is perfectly willing to accept that Russia altered the results of the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States by way of less than $100,000.00 in Facebook ads and social-media posts while the candidates’ expenditure of Billions was to no avail, even after documentary evidence proved the FBI conspired to suborn testimony and entrap witnesses. It really, unfortunately, portrays westerners as beyond gullible – almost childlike – in their apparent willing ingestion of crude propaganda. Meanwhile, the reference material we rely upon to make our respective cases is ideologically purged on a daily basis so that its narrative reflects a western society which is honest and good, and in which elements among the people who shout “No – this is wrong! It’s all a lie!” are lunatics and droolers and mendacious fabricators who want to subvert the west in its ongoing do-gooding. Disgraceful, and only the more so because we willingly participate in the ridiculous charade with our hearts and conversation and wallets.

“We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.”

B. W. Powe, from “Towards a Canada of Light”


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  1. A week or so ago it was reported that the EU’s carbon tax would also apply to energy imports (Russian gas etc.) and in the Tass Press Review (?) ‘shock’ was apparently expressed, which is weird as de-carbonization (plus more recently a setting in place the necssary infrastcture for a hydrogen based economy) has been an open and long stated plan by Brussels. Norway has already invested significant resources in de-carbonizing its gas and is ready to go. And in the last couple of days there was a report (RT?) that Russia had jumped onboard the hydrogen train with a plan to use nuclear created hydrogen (heat, innit?) and Norway style de-carbonization tech. Will post the links if I can re-find them. Still, interesting stuff.


  2. BBC

    Alexei Navalny: Two hours that saved Russian opposition leader’s life

    An open and shut case! Clearly Novichok poisoning, a deadly poison made only in Russia, and the Russians have already used it at least once. The most deadly nerve agent known to man and part of the brutal armament that Putin’s thugs use on their murderous missions.

    I rest my case, m’lud.


  3. David Graeber, fierce critic of the world capitalist regime dies unexpectedly and mysteriously at 69.

    Poisoned, clearly, by agents of the hegemon!

    Anthropologist David Graeber, the man behind ‘We are the 99%’ slogan, dead at 59

    Graeber was the Anti-Leader of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. His parents were described in”Business Week”, December 4, 2011, as self-taught, working-class intellectuals.

    Dangerous folk are they!

    Few of them exist now, I think. It must be at least 40- odd years ago when I occasionally met such a sub-species of humanity.

    That was before smartphones, PCs, Twatter etc., when people used to read books and go to libraries and learnt to think objectively and critically.


    1. World War II Plaque to Red Army Soldiers Who Died in Leningrad Siege Unveiled in Manchester – Photos–/

      Well done, Manchester!

      How long before the plaque is vandalized, I wonder?

      There’s a sizable Ukrainian and Polish community in Manchester — mostly 3rd generation now. I used to work with some of their grandfathers. Strangely, some of the Ukrainians whom I worked with had ended up in the UK as prisoners of war. Chose the wrong side!

      To be fair though, some had little or no choice in doing so. One of them used to tell me he had served in 3 armies during WWII: the Red Army, the Wehrmacht as a “Hilfswilliger”, and in the British army. He told me that he only drove trucks and never fired a shot in anger in any army.

      I reckoned he must have been barely 18 years old when he ended up in King George VI’s army.


  4. В Германии опровергли утверждение о фальсификации дела Навального
    3 сентября 2020

    Germany has denied allegation of falsification of the Navalny case
    3 September 2020

    MOSCOW, September 3 – RIA Novosti. The statement made by the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, about the falsification of data on the “poisoning” of Navalny is not true, the press service of the German Cabinet told RIA Novosti.
    Earlier, at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Lukashenko said that Minsk had intercepted a conversation between Warsaw and Berlin, which denied allegations of the blogger’s poisoning. He promised that he would give the Russian side a transcript of this “interesting dialogue, which clearly indicates that this is falsification”.

    “Of course, Mr. Lukashenko’s statement does not correspond to reality. Yesterday the Federal Chancellor, the Foreign Minister and the Defence Minister expressed their views on the new circumstances in the Navalny poisoning case There is nothing to add”, the cabinet told the agency.

    In Moscow, they noted that they had not yet received this evidence.

    “Lukashenko hast just announced this. He said that the material would be transferred to the FSB. There is no other information yet”, Peskov told RIA Novosti.

    What a duplicitous creep Lukashenko is!

    Always jumping to one side of the fence to the other and thinking he is so smart in doing so.

    Then again, perhaps he has such damning evidence, but even if he had, nobody would believe it, because Germany, being a vassal state of the USA, is on the side of freedom and democracy.

    “Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit für das deutsche Vaterland“ as one sings there to a well known tune.


  5. Good article by ex Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.

    Novichok, Navalny, Nordstream, Nonsense

    “………Once Navalny was in Berlin it was only a matter of time before it was declared that he was poisoned with Novichok. The Russophobes are delighted. This of course eliminates all vestiges of doubt about what happened to the Skripals, and proves that Russia must be isolated and sanctioned to death and we must spend untold billions on weapons and security services. We must also increase domestic surveillance, crack down on dissenting online opinion. It also proves that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet and Brexit is a Russian plot.

    I am going to prove beyond all doubt that I am a Russian troll by asking the question Cui Bono?, brilliantly identified by the Integrity Initiative’s Ben Nimmo as a sure sign of Russian influence.

    I should state that I have no difficulty at all with the notion that a powerful oligarch or an organ of the Russian state may have tried to assassinate Navalny. He is a minor irritant, rather more famous here than in Russia, but not being a major threat does not protect you against political assassination in Russia.

    What I do have difficulty with is the notion that if Putin, or other very powerful Russian actors, wanted Navalny dead, and had attacked him while he was in Siberia, he would not be alive in Germany today. If Putin wanted him dead, he would be dead.

    Let us first take the weapon of attack. One thing we know about a “Novichok” for sure is that it appears not to be very good at assassination. Poor Dawn Sturgess is the only person ever to have allegedly died from “Novichok”, accidentally according to the official narrative. “Novichok” did not kill the Skripals, the actual target. If Putin wanted Navalny dead, he would try something that works. Like a bullet to the head, or an actually deadly poison.

    “Novichok” is not a specific chemical. It is a class of chemical weapon designed to be improvised in the field from common domestic or industrial precursors. It makes some sense to use on foreign soil as you are not carrying around the actual nerve agent, and may be able to buy the ingredients locally. But it makes no sense at all in your own country, where the FSB or GRU can swan around with any deadly weapon they wish, to be making homemade nerve agents in the sink. Why would you do that?

    Further we are expected to believe that, the Russian state having poisoned Navalny, the Russian state then allowed the airplane he was traveling in, on a domestic flight, to divert to another airport, and make an emergency landing, so he could be rushed to hospital. If the Russian secret services had poisoned Navalny at the airport before takeoff as alleged, why would they not insist the plane stick to its original flight plan and let him die on the plane? They would have foreseen what would happen to the plane he was on.

    Next, we are supposed to believe that the Russian state, having poisoned Navalny, was not able to contrive his death in the intensive care unit of a Russian state hospital. We are supposed to believe that the evil Russian state was able to falsify all his toxicology tests and prevent doctors telling the truth about his poisoning, but the evil Russian state lacked the power to switch off the ventilator for a few minutes or slip something into his drip. In a Russian state hospital.

    Next we are supposed to believe that Putin, having poisoned Navalny with novichok, allowed him to be flown to Germany to be saved, making it certain the novichok would be discovered. And that Putin did this because he was worried Merkel was angry, not realising she might be still more angry when she discovered Putin had poisoned him with novichok

    There are a whole stream of utterly unbelievable points there, every single one of which you have to believe to go along with the western narrative. Personally I do not buy a single one of them, but then I am a notorious Russophile traitor.

    The United States is very keen indeed to stop Germany completing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will supply Russian gas to Germany on a massive scale, sufficient for about 40% of its electricity generation. Personally I am opposed to Nord Stream 2 myself, on both environmental and strategic grounds. I would much rather Germany put its formidable industrial might into renewables and self-sufficiency. But my reasons are very different from those of the USA, which is concerned about the market for liquefied gas to Europe for US produces and for the Gulf allies of the US. Key decisions on the completion of Nord Stream 2 are now in train in Germany.

    The US and Saudi Arabia have every reason to instigate a split between Germany and Russia at this time. Navalny is certainly a victim of international politics. That he is a victim of Putin I tend to doubt.


    1. I do hope that Murray was writing cynically when he penned the following words above about Navalny:

      He is a minor irritant, rather more famous here than in Russia…

      His popularity here is minimal and his political base statistically zilch, the incessant swamping of the Russian blogosphere with his praise by his hamsters notwithstanding.

      I saw one of such hamster’s nonsense only the other week in which the retard wrote that Navalny is the most well-known person in Russia and another post of yet another hamster who presented a list of policies that the bullshitter would follow “when he becomes president”.


      1. The whole crock of Navalny — Novichok shite neatly summed up by a comment to Murray’s article linked above:

        September 4, 2020 at 00:28
        We’re being asked to believe by people calling themselves serious journalists, that the Kremlin’s thought process was thus :

        Let’s poison this guy with Novichok. Nobody will know it was us and there’ll be no diplomatic fallout.

        Completely illogical.

        Logic has no part in this machination, dear chap: the people to whom these lies are directed are fucking stupid: uneducated, brain-dead, browser surfing, soap opera and “Celebrity Come Dancing” and “Reality TV” and porn watching morons.

        Oh yes! And in the UK they’re daily fed pap about “The Royals”: every day without fail the UK media presents page after page of “stories” concerning “Kate and Wills” and “Harry and Megan”.

        And much of the rest of the UK media is full of shite about “football” and its prima donnas — that’s “Associated Football” or “soccer” as they prefer to say in North America, and not “Rugby Football” — better said: not “Rugby League Football”.


        1. “Association Football” that should be above, whence in late 19th century England amongst university types “Soca”, then “Soccer”.

          I have never heard anyone in the UK say “Soccer”.

          The soccer types were scorned by the “Rugger” types, “Rugger” referring to Rugby Union football and not to the far better and much faster rugby code known as Rugby League. They also tackle in Rugby League and don’t play pat-a-cake as they seem to do in “Rugger”.

          If anyone said “Rugger” at a rugby league match where I come from, he would very likely get twatted.


    Stalker Zone
    September 4, 2020


    At the time of writing, he is still in a coma in the intensive care unit, in the same German clinic. What happened to him, no one can say for sure yet (or does not want to).

    Written before it was not unsurprisingly “revealed” by the Germans that Navalny was poisoned with “Novichok”.


    1. I recall how in 2012, having spouted his usual bullshit to the mob at Bolotnaya, Navalny left the stage but did not join the sheeple, some of whom wished to storm the police lines containing them in order that they not cross a nearby bridge over the Moscow River and head for the Kremlin, but went the opposite way, where a line of OMON personnel prevented persons from venturing any further.

      A gap then appeared in the OMON cordon, through which the Bullshitter nonchalantly proceeded, whither no one knows.


      1. I used to teach a bloke at KPMG who believed that Navalny was employed by the FSB. He was a regular sort of bloke: mid-30s, married, young family, well educated, widely travelled, a tax specialist.

        Politically, he was right of centre, but not much: certainly not a Libtard and no rampant nationalist either.

        He had a younger brother, he told me, who was still at college and whom he considered to be a dickhead because he was a Navalny hamster who attended the Bullshitter’s unsanctioned assemblies.

        There have been a few Orcs who have expressed their opinion to me over the years that Navalny is a latter-day “Father Gapon”.


        1. Western regime-change tuners would do well to take notice that Navalny is popular with disaffected children of the elite and the intelligentsia for the same reason The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple were beloved by the youth of my generation – because adults despised them. I still believe Ritchie Blackmore is the greatest rock guitarist who ever lived, but if he announced he was moving to Canada to run for Prime Minister, I would just laugh. There is no crossover in those skills. Well, I couldn’t actually give less of a fuck who is the next Prime Minister of Canada, so perhaps it’s not a good example, and Blackmore would doubtless do as well as anyone else. But you see my point, I’m sure. Being a Navalny-follower is cool because it is an act of rebellion. Lyosha was a real-estate lawyer, and his understanding of massive organizations like the Ministry of Finance or the labyrinthine workings of the tax code is strictly at the newspaper-commenter level. To be fair, that’s true of many Prime Ministers and Presidents as well, but they rely on Heads of Departments and Ministers to know that stuff. Navalny seems to think those people would serve him loyally and make his imaginings come to life if he could just win. It’s surprising he has not looked to America there, too, for his inspiration. Was that Obama’s experience? I don’t think so. Nor is it Trump’s.

          I suppose Lyosha reasons that if he could just get elected, Harvard would send a team of experts to help him remodel Russia, and doubtless it would. But that was tried once already, and I think the reaction to a repeat attempt would be a little less welcoming this time around.


  7. Now the laying down of the cards onto the table begins!

    Омский врач заявил об отсутствии токсикантов в организме Навального

    Omsk doctor says there were no toxicants in Navalny’s body

    «Любой токсикант, проходя через наши органы детоксикации (а это печень, почки и лёгкие), оставит след. В данном случае в течение всего времени пребывания ни почки, ни лёгкие, ни печень не были (поражены. — RT)», — уточнил Александр Сабаев в разговоре с RT.

    “Any toxicant passing through our detoxification organs (which are the liver, kidneys and lungs) will leave a trace. In this case, during his entire stay, neither his kidneys, nor his lungs, nor his liver were (affected. – RT) “, Alexander Sabaev clarified in a conversation with RT.

    And I am willing to bet that at the Omsk hospital they have records of their analyses on hand to prove this. They used a USA manufactured machine to do these analyses, by the way.

    This is called “presenting evidence”.

    Over to you, “Free World” doctors at the Berlin Charité clinic — better said “Porton Down” and Bundeswehr laboratories!


    1. I guess their hope was that Russia would just deny and then subside into sullen acceptance when it could not be heard. It does not look like that is going to happen. If Germany has to admit to fabricating its case, or even to confess it was mistaken, it will do ‘great propaganda damage’ – to use Karl’s phrase – to the west in general and Germany in particular. Russia should not let up, and not accept non-answers like ‘results classified for reasons of national security’.


  8. Hello again, folks. This is going to be interesting. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva has been working away on researching that lab in Georgia. There has now been a data leak of hundreds of documents from the lab. She had discovered something fishy going on there earlier in the year, a biological warfare program run on Georgian soil by the US. Interesting, everyone involved in fighting disinformation then turned on her and said it was Russian propaganda. More recently, there have been claims in the media further obscuring the actual work there by saying that the lab has been working on COVID research. Right. Anyway, Dilyana’s twitter feed is worth checking.

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  9. Now here’s something for those who think that Putin was “a moron” for allowing Navalny to go to Germany for treatment:

    Knowing full well that Navalny had not been poisoned by anything, let alone “Novichok”, and having irrefutable evidence that this was the case, the powers-that-be here allowed the Bullshitter to go to Germany, where the Evil Russians rightly assumed that the Germans, on CIA advice, would attempt to use the Novichok gambit, a scam that they felt was an astounding success in the UK.

    Now it looks as though the wicked Orcs might now be able to kill 2 birds with one stone: to reveal what lying bastards those who hold the levers of power in the USA snd its vassal states are and to “debunk” (favourite term used by our erstwhile Venezualian troll) the Skripal story.

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    1. I don’t think that was a clever plan by the Russians – I actually think it was an unpleasant surprise when Germany revealed that it, too, cannot be trusted because it is an agent of Washington, or at least that there are powerful American influences in Berlin. I am beginning to get a little respect back for Merkel, as she always has to be putting off some special-interest group or other which is trying to back her into a corner; and, as we’re all aware, she is not a well woman.

      Russia was right, I believe, to permit Navalny’s transportation as it was at the wish of the family, as you stated, and the western media is always ready to scream that Russians are not free to make their own decisions. A note of caution should have been introduced, though, by Germany’s picking up the tab; Russia should have known then that something opportunistic was afoot. But now Germany is in a very awkward position, and Russia is actually on pretty solid ground – all it has to do is keep putting the screws to Germany and demanding an explanation for why there was no ‘nerve agent’ in Navalny’s samples before he left Russia, but it magically showed up in Germany. Not to mention that the Germans tried to go with poisoning using a cholinesterase-inhibitor until there was a rational explanation for that, and only then switched to Novichok. The Germans are on the back foot now.


      1. “Der Spiegel” has now said that traces of poison have been found on Navalny’s clothing, skin etc..

        They just wont give up!

        But are they still saying he was Novichocked? If they are, then why aren’t his fellow passengers on the Tomsk – Moscow flight not dropping dead like flies? For that matter, why isnt Navalny dead? In fact, why didn’t he die immediately after drinking his Novichocked tea?

        And where were the men in the hazmat suits?

        German military toxicologists find traces of Novichok in Russian opposition figure Navalny’s blood, urine & skin – Der Spiegel
        4 Sep, 2020 18:20


        1. Ummm….how did Lyosha get such a heavy dose of poison that it was all over him, and he has no clue where it came from? Or is that why he’s been kept in a coma – so he doesn’t have to provide any answers?


  10. TASS:

    4 SEP, 12:31
    Belarusian data on alleged faked poisoning of Navalny handed over to FSB — Kremlin
    The presidential spokesman said Russian doctors were more open about Navalny’s condition than German colleagues

    “In all fairness, we should probably draw everyone’s attention to the fact that the Omsk hospital provided more information about the patient’s health than, for example, the Berlin hospital is doing right now. Our doctors behaved much more transparently with regard to informing both journalists and all those interested than their German colleagues do.”


          1. What a frightful image that conjures up: the snap of tight fitting surgical gloves as she puts them on her hands before sticking her right index finger into a big jar of that goo!

            No KY jelly in the the gas-station with missile, see: just good ol’ Vaseline.



    Such interesting Novichok. It only worked on Navalny 40 minutes after takeoff.

    According to a young woman, the blogger [Navalny — ME] suddenly felt unwell about 40 minutes after take-off.

    A passenger on the Tomsk-Moscow flight, in an interview with, spoke about the incident with Alexey Navalny on board the plane. The girl noted that she initially saw the blogger at the airport in the cafeteria, where she was drinking coffee. According to her, the man was sitting at a table and enjoying tea.

    When boarding, the passenger noticed that Alexei Navalny was behind her and she asked him for a photo to be taken of him and her together. The celebrity reacted positively to his fellow traveller’s request, after which the girl went to her seat.

    “It seemed to me that he was feeling fine, absolutely. I had a photo taken of me and him: you can’t tell from it that he was somehow in bad way. We took photos; I went to my place. I sat at the tail-end, where it all happened. We took off. Some flight time had already passed, maybe 40 minutes, and he went to the toilet. I didn’t see him come out, I tried to sleep. I woke up because of a stewardess screaming that medical assistance was needed”, said the passenger.

    The call of the cabin crew was answered by a woman who tried to bring Alexei Navalny to life. While this was happening, his companions – a girl and a lad — were shouting: “Lyosha [Navalny — ME], don’t close your eyes! Lyosha, breathe!”

    The passenger said that at some point, Alexei Navalny began to shout in an inhuman voice. This greatly frightened some of the passengers.

    “In the end he began to shout ‘beluga’ [expensive brand of black caviar — ME], unlike a human being. It scared everyone very much. I burst into tears there then and I started to panic. His cheeks were slapped. The pilot announced an emergency landing in Omsk”, the girl said.

    After the landing, a medical team came on board. After having been examined, the blogger was immediately put on a saline drip and was soon carried out of the aeroplane on a stretcher. By that time, according to the incident witness, Alexei Navalny was already unconscious.

    The blogger’s fellow passenger emphasized that when the aircraft was being refueled, people in the cabin were vigorously discussing the incident. One of the passengers suggested that Alexei Navalny had had an overdose of illegal drugs.

    “When all this was happening, we were already at the refueling station and there was a discussion going on between people. The woman who had tried to provide him with medical assistance said: “Everything will be fine with him. He will now be cleaned up there and he will be released”. There were shouts from passengers: “Addict! Serves him right! ”, “This is an overdose!” said the blogger’s fellow passenger.

    The girl added that many began to intercede for Alexei Navalny and reject assumptions about his taking drugs.

    The blogger is currently in a serious condition, doctors say that he is stable. He was put into a drug-induced coma ad connected to a ventilator. A final diagnosis has not been established. A full investigation is underway.

    Earlier, reported that the police did not believe in the intentional poisoning of Navalny.

    Ate something that was a little off, Lyosha? And washed down with moonshine vodka?


    1. Finally. I was expecting it out in pre-pub last month. Smart of them to wait for peer review and the Lancet. Now I just have to wait for some people who understand it to read it properly.

      I see there is one PubPeer up already pointing out what look like some typos in the numbers.

      Thanks very much.


    2. I’m not sure how much credibility The Lancet has remaining after some of the debacles it has lent its name to, but I agree the overall trajectory of the Russian vaccine is encouraging. There is a probable metric we can use; if the western narrative shifts from Russia not sufficiently trialing its cobbled-together fake vaccine to the ‘Russian vaccine’ was stolen from the west by hacking, you’ll know the western ‘experts’ are convinced it works.


  12. DW

    What a heap of shite from Konstantin Eggert!

    Opinion: Will Vladimir Putin ride out the Navalny storm?

    The consequences of what German Chancellor Angela Merkel all but called an assassination attempt on Alexei Navalny could be serious and substantial for Vladimir Putin, says DW’s Konstantin Eggert.

    Russian society should have been the first to react to Alexei Navalny’s predicament. But do not expect tens of thousands of people at the gates of the Kremlin, chanting “We won’t forget, we won’t forgive,” as they usually do during anti-Putin protests.

    Do they really do that “at the gates of the Kremlin”?

    Many are also afraid. What happened to the opposition leader was most probably designed to warn the politically active: “This is what happens when you cross the authorities’ path.”

    The public will most probably remain as indifferent to the fate of Navalny as to the struggle of the “brotherly” Belarusian people for civil rights. Russians are preoccupied with the coronavirus pandemic, anxious about their jobs and the future of their families. Many are also afraid. What happened to the opposition leader was most probably designed to warn the politically active: “This is what happens when you cross the authorities’ path.”

    That a fact, Eggert?

    Navalny is not just a “blogger,” as the Kremlin’s propagandists like to call him. He is a politician who has actively formulated an alternative political and economic agenda for Russia. Even his temporary departure from the political scene is a blow to all critics of the Kremlin. It is difficult to replace him.

    An economic agenda you say? Are you serious?

    The question is how cohesive and organised his supporters are. The inability to garner broad popular support has plagued all Russian anti-authoritarian movements for centuries, starting with the “Decembrist” uprising in 1825.

    Broad and popular support? Now I know you are pulling my pisser!

    No one really expects an objective and transparent investigation from Moscow into the poisoning. The key question now is how seriously Germany and its EU and NATO allies respond.

    Talking about transparency, where’s the fucking evidence that your pals say they have, proving that “Novichok”was used to assassinate the charlatan who you like to label as a politician and not a foreign agent?

    Having taken responsibility for Navalny’s fate, the German government has also taken on a moral burden so serious that it is now almost impossible to shed it without incurring lasting damage.

    Responsibility for the Bullshitter’s fate?

    Moral burden?

    Oh fuck off will ya!

    No, on second thoughts don’t! Let’s analyse the heap of shite you wrote for DW in, say6 months’ time, and see how it compares with the reality of Russian politics.

    And I tell you what: Navalny will be alive and well before that time, he will not be president of Russia, but he will still be a blogger hired by the US State Dept.

    However, he but won’t be blogging from his present home address: he’ll be blogging from Berlin or even further afield, perhaps from the USA.


    1. Stop flogging yourself ME and let it go. I almost posted a piece by Lithuanian gobshite and FM
      Linas Linkevičius. I will not give those likes the oxygen of publicity unless there is actually something new. It seems that Merkel is ‘coming under pressure’ because she refuses to be bounced in to immediate action of do something and NATO of course have commented. This is the same NATO that wants ‘discussions with Turkey’ but that Greece completely rejects. Who’s falling apart here again?


    2. Well, just a small quibble – Von Eggert did not say Navalny had broad popular support – he said the opposite, citing an INABILITY to garner broad political support.

      If Lyosha has a complete plan for Russia under his leadership, he’s keeping it under wraps except for loving peeks offered to western reporters; I have never seen a complete and coherent election platform from Navalny. If anyone has, please post it here. That means a serious plan in which objectives like – for example – ‘reduce taxes’ are costed and the explanation provided for where the money will come from makes sense. Of course every political candidate cites the need for reforms, and doubtless reforms are always needed, nobody has a perfect plan. But it is one thing to say ‘reduce taxes’ and other vote-compelling inducements, and quite another to do it and still have enough money for the state to carry out needed improvements to public infrastructure.


      1. Eggert wrote:

        But do not expect tens of thousands of people at the gates of the Kremlin, chanting “We won’t forget, we won’t forgive,” as they usually do during anti-Putin protests.”

        My stress.

        And they don’t do that during anti-Putin protests — ever..

        For one thing, Navalny and his mostly juvenile mob are not allowed anywhere near the Kremlin..

        That’s why the charlatan always surfaces at Pushkin Square metro station and, like a Pied Piper, tries to lead his hamsters downhill along Tverskaya Street towards Manezh Square and the Kremlin. When doing this, he usually gets lifted about 100 metres away from the metro station by Putin’s brutal, thuggish police.


  13. BBC

    It gets worse and worse:

    Alexei Navalny: Nato says Russia must disclose its Novichok programme
    Published 13 hours ago

    Nato has called for Russia to disclose its Novichok nerve agent programme to international monitors, following the poisoning of activist Alexei Navalny.

    Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said members were united in condemning the “horrific” attack.
    He added there was “proof beyond doubt” that a Novichok nerve agent was used against Mr Navalny.

    Where is the proof????????

    You just say so or some “guy” at Porton Down or some Bundeswehr Scheißkerl laboratories?

    Get fucked Stoltenberg!

    And Peskov, a word of advice: Shut the fuck up and say nothing.

    Don’t believe that silence from you will be taken as proof of guilt!

    You and the Russian state are guilty of everything as charged by the very nature of the fact that you are Russian, “the other”!

    Sound familiar?

    It’s what the Nazis said about every Jew: guilty of all accusations because of their ethnicity — not their religion, note: Christianized Jews were still “Jews”. They were guilty of all charges from the moment of each and every one’s birth as a “Jew”.

    And the sickening thing is that “woke” arseholes the world over condemn racism, but racism directed against Russians is fair game.

    The West stinks!

    It is a vile sump of festering shite.

    Thank Woden I live in Russia!


    1. From the above linked RT article:

      The US president has received heavy criticism for his reluctance to immediately join NATO allies in pressing Russia over the Navalny incident, which CNN called “the latest instance of Trump failing to speak out and call for answers from the Kremlin on issues ranging from election interference to possible bounties on US troops in Afghanistan.”

      I presume that the concept of “burden of proof” is now a dead letter in the Free West.


      1. I thought that whole Russia-offered-bounties-for-dead-US-troops thing had been ‘debunked’ for good. Several western sources which are sometimes not snapping-turtle crazy said there was nothing to it. So why are they still citing it?


  14. Editorial Independent [wall]:

    Alexei Navalny is one of the most important leaders of what passes for political opposition in President Putin’s Russia. Some say he is, in effect, “the” leader of the opposition in Russia. He has just been the subject of an assassination attempt, and lies in an induced coma in a German hospital. It’s worth repeating: the leader of the opposition to Vladimir Putin has been poisoned, perhaps fatally, using novichok, a chemical weapon banned by international treaty. There is little doubt that, in one form or another, formal or informal agents of the Russian state would have been part of the plot, especially given the evidence of novichok, and that the highest circles of the Russian establishment would either have knowledge of the attack, or made it apparent to any shady … blah, blah. blah …..

    Now don’t you folks go and forget, BoJo recently made Evgeny Lebedev, the owner of that rag and who penned the above shite, a Baronet.

    Lebedev has dual Russian/British citizen and has lived in the UK since he arrived there as an 8-year-old with his KGB papa, who had landed a cushy number at the Soviet Embassy.

    Papa Lebedev went back to Russia, where in the immediate post-Soviet years of Russia he made a mint and became an “oligarch”, namely an extremely successful thief who had pillaged Russia. His son became a UK citizen in 2010.

    Evgeny Lebedev is now a life peer and may now plonk his arse (and get paid for doing so!) in one of the chambers of the British legislature, the one whose members are unelected: they are there either through their aristocratic “birthright” or are appointees, such as is Lebedev.

    When BoJo appointed Lebedev as a life peer, the moronic Russophobes in the UK accused that fool of a British PM of being under the Evil One’s control.

    Just shows you how they know shag all about Russia and Russians.

    That’s because they are all tossers.


  15. Опубликована запись разговора Берлина и Варшавы по делу Навального
    20:40 04.09.2020 (обновлено: 05:19 05.09.2020)

    Recording of conversation between Berlin and Warsaw on Navalny case published
    20:40 09/04/2020 (updated: 05:19 09/05/2020)

    MOSCOW, September 4 – RIA Novosti. The state Belarusian media has published a recording of the negotiations between Berlin and Warsaw on the situation with Alexei Navalny, intercepted by Minsk .
    RIA Novosti is publishing a transcript of this dialogue.

    – Hello, good afternoon, Nick. How are we getting on?

    – Everything seems to be going according to plan. The materials about Navalny are ready. They’ll be transferred to the Chancellor’s office. We’ll be waiting for her statement.

    – Has the poisoning been definitely confirmed?

    – Look, Mike, it’s not that important in this case. There is a war going on. And during a war, all sorts of methods are good.

    – I agree. It is necessary to discourage Putin from sticking his nose into the affairs of Belarus. The most effective way is to drown him with the problems in Russia, and there are many of them. Moreover, in the near future they will have elections, voting day in the Russian regions.

    – This is what we are doing. How are you doing in Belarus?

    – To be honest, not that well, really. President Lukashenko has turned out to be a tough nut to crack. They are professional and organized. It is clear that Russia supports them. The officials and the military are loyal to the president. We are working on it. The rest [of this conversation] we’ll have when we meet and not on the ‘phone.

    – Yes, I understand. See you then, bye.


    1. I find it hard to believe this is real. Lukashenko is ‘a tough nut to crack’? The Belarusian government is ‘professional and organized’? Well, you never know with the Poles. But it seems so perfectly to confirm western perfidy that it must be made up. Who would be stupid enough to say things like that on the phone?


      1. Who would be stupid enough to say things like that on the phone?

        “Fuck the EU!” said on the ‘phone by Noodles to Ambassador Pietwat.


        1. And “Yats is our man!” Victory Noodles crowed to Pie-whacked.

          Don’t forget also that Jens Stoltenberg was dumb enough to think he could drive a taxi around Oslo and pick up paying passengers without their recognising him and commenting on his poor driving skills and knowledge of Oslo streets.


          1. And on hearing off a Latvian (?) politician, who had been observing the “Revolution of Dignity” and was involved in an investigation into the deaths of the “Heavenly Hundred”, that there were good grounds to believe that those martyrs for Ukrainian freedom had been martyred by being shot in the back by their fellow countrymen who were of a fascist bent, Lady Ashton said: “Gosh!””

            Now that really was a dumb utterance to make on the phone, considering the circumstances.


        2. I wrote a detailed reply, but somewhere in my key-smashing I somehow turned on airplane mode, so it was lost into the ether when I tried to submit it. I’ll come back to it when I have time.


  16. Asia Times: Germany wades into the Indo-Pacific fray

    New policy seeks to make ‘active contribution’ in shaping region’s order, language that will inevitably rile China

    In a move that promises to rile China, Germany has officially joined the “Indo-Pacific” geopolitical club as outlined in a new 40-page policy guideline. The document makes Germany the second European nation, along with France, to adopt a formal strategy for the region…

    …“Germany doesn’t pull its weight…[even] in security policy in the broader sense of the world,” argued German expert and historian Adam Tooze. …

    …Nonetheless, Germany has taken an increasingly principled stance on sensitive geopolitical issues. In 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told her Chinese hosts that “territorial dispute in the South China Sea” constitute a “serious conflict” that should be handled under international law…

    Plenty more at the link.


    The EU’s identity at home is not so hot but it needs foreign adventures to sell itself to EU citizens as ‘superior.’ As for ‘international law’ we saw exactly how u-Rope and the west treated it during the 1990s when it was not so convenient.

    Some of this I suppose is inevitable that the blok seeks to have influence abroad and if it doesn’t act and be seen to act, then it really has no influence at all. Whatever it acheives will be strictly limited so this is much more about having a voice than actual power.

    However much the EU spends on weapons is almost irrelevant as it will not be able to project those in any way beyond pin-pricks and even less without the United States standing with it. There’s a lot of big talk, ‘naval training exercises’ etc. but u-Rope’s slice of the influence pie is only going to reduce as Asia grows. The same is true of Africa.


  17. BMPD: На ССК «Звезда» досрочно завершается строительство сухого дока/ Zvezda dry dock completed ahead of schedule

    Как сообщило 4 сентября 2020 года ООО «Судостроительный комплекс «Звезда» (ССК «Звезда», Большой Камень, Приморский край), на предприятии завершается строительство сухого дока, одного из крупнейших в мире. Ведутся пуско-наладочные работы. Уникальное гидротехническое сооружение размером 485 на 114 метров, глубиной 14 метров дает неограниченные возможности для строительства судов любых габаритов и сложности. Сухой док будет сдан в эксплуатацию на четыре года раньше первоначально обозначенного срока…

    This shows that Russia is serious about big ship building in the far east, including commercial LNG carriers, Aframax, Icebreakers etc.


  18. BMPD: Американские стратегические бомбардировщики В-52Н над Украиной

    4 сентября 2020 года три стратегических бомбардировщика Boeing B-52H Stratofortress с позывными JULIA51 (военный номер 61-0034), JULIA52 (военный номер 61-0005) и JULIA53 (военный номер 60-0044) из состава 23-й бомбардировочной эскадрильи 5-го бомбардировочного крыла ВВС США, из числа шести самолетов этого типа, ранее прибывших на британскую авиабазу Файрфорд (как BTF (Bomber Task Force) 20-4), через территорию Польши совершили первый полет над территорией Украины, подойдя с севера к воздушному пространству Крыма. В воздухе В-52Н сопровождались истребителями Су-27 и МиГ-29 воздушных сил Украины.

    Plenty more at the link.

    B52 bombers are loitering near Crimea (40kms).

    It’s looking more and more as if someone wants an international crisis in the run up to Presidential erections in the US. Lukashenko/Navalny/NATO ‘freedumb flights’ etc.


    1. The (US) Airforce Times claims that “valuable midair training.” They also practiced working with Ukrainian fighters inside Ukraine’s airspace, and showed how aircraft such as the B-52 could deter Russian aggression, EUCOM said in the release…

      I wonder how they managed to stifle their laughter when they were writing their drafts.



    …The US Ambassador to Cyprus, Judith Garber, stated only yesterday that the US decision to lift the embargo imposed on Cyprus, in terms of non-lethal equipment, does not concern Turkey but greater security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean…. implement strong anti-money laundering and financial regulatory oversight regulations and to take the necessary steps to refuse access to Russian warships in its ports for supplies and services…

    ….In return for not allowing Russian ships to port in Cyprus, the island country can buy non-lethal equipment from the Americans, such as binoculars and bullet proof vests.

    It is highly unlikely that decisionmakers in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia will enforce Washington’s desires as Russia has been a mainstay of the Cypriot economy when the US has never showed an interest in it. The US always had a preference for its foreign investment in the East Mediterranean to go to Turkey and Israel instead…

    Much more at the link.

    Remember kids, this is not ‘interference’, but ‘ass-istance.’


    1. I don’t see it having much of an effect, really; as of 2018, exports from Cyprus to Russia have decreased at an annualized rate of almost 7% over the last 23 years. At the same time, imports to Cyprus from Russia have increased about the same percentage. So Russian exports to Cyprus have steadily increased, but are still relatively inconsequential; $760 Million in 2018. Russia does considerably better in services – transportation is a biggie, at $1.2 Billion.

      But Cyprus does far less trade with the USA; in the same year as discussed above, Cyprus bought $132 Million worth of American goods and services, and sold them $67.5 Million, for a trade deficit of around $65 Million. It’s hard to imagine them refusing port services to Russian ships in exchange for being allowed to buy binoculars and flak vests from the USA.

      At the same time, Erdogan will likely take the odd statement that such embargo-lifting is ‘not directed at Turkey’ as encouragement to examine why the United States might be directing operations against Turkey.

      Once again, Uncle Sam asks someone to ‘take one for the team’ in circumstances where the USA will suffer no harm while the one to whom the invitation is extended assumes all the risk. If people are going to go on putting up with that just for a pat on the head, that’s their own foolishness. The USA continues to try to antagonize Russia, in ways large and small.


  20. Dejevsky in today’s Independent [wall]:

    It is also worth underlining that the Russian pilot who decided to make an emergency landing in Omsk, rather than proceed to Moscow, may have saved Navalny’s life, as may the doctors in Omsk who – despite their professed doubts about poison – administered atropine, the closest treatment there is to a novichok antidote, early on. The claim, made by some, that this was a brazen attack, with the Kremlin’s fingerprints all over it, designed to be found out and interpreted as a “two fingers up” to the west, does not stack up.

    But… the German findings that probably the most influential Russian opposition leader was poisoned and that the substance used was the same as the one identified in the Skripal case – a military-grade nerve agent, moreover, that is associated with Russia, even though it was developed in the Soviet-era and can be found outside Russia – means that the Kremlin has a case to answer. Yes, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and the Kremlin is all denials, but the onus is now squarely on Putin to make his case in the court of international opinion.

    “… the doctors in Omsk who – despite their professed doubts about poison – administered atropine, the closest treatment there is to a novichok antidote, early on.”

    That a fact, Doctor Dejevsky?

    “… everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and the Kremlin is all denials, but the onus is now squarely on Putin to make his case in the court of international opinion“

    Burden of proof?

    Russia has been accused! Russia is not obliged to prove its innocence, FFS!!!!

    Where is the evidence to back up the accusation????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course the Omsk hospital doctors had to apply atropine because Navalny’s groupies were squealing that he had been poisoned. They would have squealed again and accused the hospital of malpractice if the hospital had not used the drug.


  21. Sputnik:

    Russian Doctors Suggest Setting up Joint Group With German Colleagues on Navalny Case
    5 September 2020

    Russian doctors have proposed to their German colleagues that they establish a joint group on the case of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, the president of Russia’s National Medical Chamber, noted paediatrician Leonid Roshal, told reporters on Saturday.

    Will the Germans agree?

    I shouldn’t imagine so. They and the rest of the West have crossed the Rubicon:

    Alea iacta est!


    1. Why are these doctors bothering to try to engage.

      Don’t they realise they are not dealing with honest partners?

      Are they just play acting making this ridiculous request to people who are accusing your president of attempted murder????

      It’s really beyond me that they don’t get that this is a False flag attack

      Best keep your findings to yourself the west doesn’t care.


      1. I disagree; I don’t imagine they hold out any serious hopes of getting western doctors on their side, but their continued entreaties highlight how politicized the issue is – the western media is perfectly prepared to stipulate that doctors in Omsk saved Navalny’s life…but somehow they missed that he had received a whopping dose of nerve agent, which unaccountably does not show up in their analysis of Navalny’s tissue and blood samples. How is that possible? Just luck? How often does that happen in medicine? And what happened to the accusations that Navalny was poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor? That was dropped like a hot potato in favour of Novichok, but what does it say about medical competence in Germany? Are cholinesterase inhibitors similar in appearance and effect to nerve agents? What do you think?

        The Russian doctors are pressuring the Germans to share their medical data because they have a conflicting analysis based on tissue samples from the same patient. There is no reason except politics for the Germans to refuse sending samples, unless it might be that they have no samples showing such influences. Of course they ‘get’ that this is a false-flag attack; they are not retards. But what is the best defense? Keep trying to pressure the enemy into showing his hand, or going silent and being assumed guilty?


        1. A second reason that the Omsk hospital doctors should continue to pressure their German colleagues is that by maintaining that pressure, they have a chance, slight though it may seem, of influencing other doctors in other parts of Germany and around the world to apply as much pressure as they can on the Charite hospital to share its information on Navalny’s state of health and what was actually found in his body with the Russians. If there are any doctors at the Charite hospital considering turning whistleblower as well, that pressure could be enough to give them the support they need. Sooner or later when people realise that the Omsk hospital is acting of its own accord and not following any supposed Kremlin orders, they will think, well these Omsk doctors must have convincing reasons to say Navalny was not poisoned if they have kept up their demands for information from Berlin for so long.


        2. I am a little out of sync on this topic and may have missed an earlier discussion on the following. Assuming that Navalny’s health problems were deliberately induced (easy enough to do to a diabetic), does that not suggest he was to be martyred? We have speculated that a fading opposition leader can be “martyred” and, like a supernova, enjoy a surge, if ephemeral, of visibility before fading to nothing. If so, who did it? If so, it sends a chilling message to other such assets (looking at that Guido dude).

          The foregoing, if there is truth in it, suggests that the non-systemic Russian opposition project is being terminated as a failure. Other means to keep the anti-Russian hysteria will be pursued such as election meddling, Russian military aggression, backing terrorists/Iran, etc. To me, the Navalny caper is a sign of defeat. Sending the douche-bag to Berlin would make perfect sense based on the foregoing.


          1. Well, all sources are pushing it hard – Canadian newspapers like the Globe & Mail carry stories from London in which the ‘opinion columnist’ claims nobody can hold Putin to account, poisoning Navalny is just the latest in a string of outrages (proceeds to summarize with all the never-proven stories like the Skripals, MH17, having tons of soldiers already in Crimea, bla, bla). And he’s going to get away with this, too, which in basic psychology is an open invitation to not let him get away with it. We’ve all seen the stories leaning on Germany to cancel Nord Stream II to ‘teach Putin a lesson’, and that is plainly Washington at work, trying to scheme its way into new markets for its overpriced LNG.

            All the recent news reports claim Navalny is still in a coma, that he has never woken up. If that’s true, then they’re keeping him under, at least based on whatever went wrong with him that landed him in Russia. It seems reasonable from the accounts we have been given that he went to the toilet, and took something himself; it remains possible that someone in his entourage slipped him something, but it seems more likely to me that it was a voluntary thing and he is part of it.

            The Germans will not supply any proof or enter into any sort of cooperative agreement with Russian medical authorities because they must know their ridiculous Novichok story will not hold up, and Russia can prove it. Navalny’s samples taken before he was shipped off to Germany – remember, he was pronounced ‘stable’ before Russia let him go – will reveal no trace of a known poison agent. And as I have said before, it would be a lot harder to remove traces of poisoning from his tissue samples and still retain the integrity of the samples, than it would be to add some poison after the fact.

            It’s just an American-conceived push to introduce a scandal that will persuade Germany to use gas supplies as leverage in pressuring Putin into a confession. As I have said many times before this, if Germany did anything that forced Russia to cease construction of the Nord Stream II pipeline, it would be the sorriest day of their lives and the end of Europe’s sovereignty; It would have to continue getting its gas through Ukraine, and Washington would introduce problems whenever it wanted to make its own gas look like a better option. It’s the old, old American game of ‘leveling the playing field’ by taking the opposition off the board.


            1. From a Western perspective, having Navalny in a permanent vegetative state would allow him to become a living shrine and a constant reminder of the evilness of Putin. Perhaps a 24/7 web camera would be set up showing him in repose surrounded by his family with visits by the Pope and leading western politicians. A go-fund-me account for Novichok survivors can be set up with T-shirts sure to follow showing Putin overlayed with the Noichok formula and a list of his victims.

              It is entirely possible that Navalny ingested whatever it was to trigger the reaction on his own accord as political theater, but being a showman, overdid it.

              The conjecture that the “non-parliamentary” opposition gambit will be partially abandoned is still valid. Russia was able to handle the effort and, in fact, was turning it into an asset as a way to show the absurdity of what the West wanted for Russia.


              1. I’ve just seen a report that the statuesque wife has applied at the Russian embassy, Berlin, so as to have documentation made out that will enable the Navalnys’ son to travel to Germany. He is living in Moscow now whilst mama and papa are in Germany.

                They’re very strict in Russia about allowing minors to travel around without a parent or guardian or legal documentation from the aforementioned stating that such travelling be allowed. I have had to do it several times for my children.

                Does this mean that the birds are flying away from Mother Russia?

                I do hope so.


              2. “… Perhaps a 24/7 web camera would be set up showing him in repose surrounded by his family with visits by the Pope and leading western politicians …”

                No doubt also playing the music soundtrack for the 1937 Disney production of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.


                1. Beniton could make a nice advert out of such a scene — something like Michelangelo’s “Pieta” surrounded by a gang of Navalny’s grieving, juvenile Navalnyites.


        3. The British absolutely refused to share with Russia data concerning the Skripal sham — because that is what the “Skripal Case” was and the “Navalny Case” is.

          In both instances, the West simply wants Russia to roll over and confess its “guilt”.


  22. Bloomberg:

    Merkel’s Russian Pipeline Dilemma Laid Bare by Poisoning Uproar
    By Patrick Donahue
    September 5, 2020, 1:00 AM EDT

    • Chancellor faces resistance at home to dropping Nord Stream 2

    • German leader didn’t repeat demand that pipeline be completed

    Even with top lawmakers demanding the project be halted and NATO condemning Moscow for the “appalling” attempted assassination of Navalny, there is still little appetite within Merkel’s coalition to abandon Nord Stream. At the moment, neither Merkel’s Christian Democratic-led bloc nor her Social Democratic partner is likely to rally around the demand, according to three Bundestag officials, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the discussions. . .

    The resistance in her coalition reflects key support for the project from German industry as well as deeper ties with Russia, particularly among the Social Democrats. The German Eastern Business Association, an industry group that supports trade with Moscow, warned against severing ties with Nord Stream, saying Merkel had “good reason” to separate the Navalny affair from the 764-mile undersea pipeline, led by Russia’s Gazprom PJSC.


  23. 5 Sep 2020

    The Grayzone

    116K subscribers

    Pushback with Aaron Maté

    Claims that Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny has been poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok are threatening a new standoff between Russia and NATO states, with calls for punitive measures against Moscow, including cancelling the Nordstream 2 German-Russia pipeline.

    Navalny’s opposition activism is “marginal in Russian politics — it’s not currently a
    threat to the Kremlin,” says Fred Weir, a veteran Moscow correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor. “Navalny is little more than a nuisance [to the Kremlin]. And I can’t believe that Putin would rocket him to the top of the world political agenda through a botched attempt to assassinate him, or even an effective one. It just does not make sense to me.”

    Weir also discusses the flaws of Russia coverage in Western media, including the recent case where Russians were accused of staging a fake left-wing website to deceive U.S. audiences.

    Guest: Fred Weir, veteran Moscow correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor.


      1. Our old pal Fred Weir, of the Christian Science Monitor, being interviewed by Aaron Mate. Fred says Russia is a big, sprawling country, and Putin does not control absolutely everything. It’s conceivable, he speculates, that someone could have poisoned Navalny, since he has ‘a lot of enemies’. Navalny is described as the ‘extra-parliamentary opposition’, which is as neat a way as I have ever seen to invest him with political credentials while admitting he holds no elected or appointed office. Fred stipulates that what happened to Navalny was ‘horrific’, but suggests that the Russian special services probably know how to kill someone stone dead without using a substance which has a crap record of killing while simultaneously pointing the instant finger at themselves. He says it is difficult to imagine Putin being responsible.

        Who are all these enemies Navalny has? Is he actually effective at destroying anyone’s business by exposing them as corrupt? Does he actually do anything?


        1. Weir talks crap at the end about it being necessary for Russia to show its “good will” and negotiate dialogue with the West about the Navalny “poisoning”.

          Good will???

          Towards the West?

          The West bears no good will whatsoever towards Russia: never has and never will!

          Navalny is involved in a huge sham, whether knowingly or unknowingly — probably the latter, as he has been in an induced coma since he was admitted for treatment to an Omsk hospital.

          When he was on board a Moscow-bound flight and allegedly suffered the effects of poisoning by “Novichok”, he did not show the symptoms of a person who had received a dose of the deadliest “weapons grade nerve agent” known to man., the chief symptom of which being convulsions and almost immediate death: he rolled around on the flight deck, screaming and howling outside the toilet that he had entered earlier and where he had remained for a good while, causing passengers to line up outside — while he was giving himself a fix inside!

          That’s what I reckon.

          No evidence for this: no proof — but who needs evidence?

          The West never seems to need it.


          1. As you can see, I found the Mate interview with Weir, the link to which Warren had posted above, but it wouldn’t work for me.

            Chief Stooge comments above that “Navalny is described [by Weir] as the ‘extra-parliamentary opposition’, which is as neat a way as I have ever seen to invest him with political credentials while admitting he holds no elected or appointed office”.

            That must mean that I too, now in exile in Mordor, am the leader of an extra-parliamentary, opposition party (one member) to the British monarchy.


            1. True that. I did not see all the other Weir rabbiting, such as his suggestion that Russia make a show of ‘good faith’ with the west, because I didn’t watch that far. But Russia owes the west, which has engaged in an unending series of provocations ever since the Glorious Maidan, absolutely nothing.


          2. I should imagine that what happens to a human being dosed with one of the “Novichok” group of nerve agents is similar to what happens to a cockroach after it has received a burst of aerosol from a can of cockroach killer, namely sprayed with an organophosphate pesticide, a chemical compound similar to those of the “Novichok” group of nerve agents, which inhibits acetylcholinesterase, something that is essential for normal function in insects, but also in humans and many other animals.


          3. Russia is already attempting to engage in ‘dialogue’ with the west; it has invited Germany to partner with Russia in the medical portion of the investigation – we’ll show you ours if you show us yours. But Germany’s assertion that there is ‘no doubt’ of Novichok poisoning suggests they will never yield any medical data, because it would not agree with the Russian samples taken from Navalny.

            Washington is applying maximum pressure to get a commitment from Europe, but if it does not like the lack of useful momentum, it is not inconceivable that Lyosha will be allowed to expire. If the shithead is even sick at all – he could be sitting up in bed eating hamburgers and watching reruns of NYPD Blue for all we know, because nobody who is not politically reliable is allowed to see him.

            Merkel is the one to watch, because while she seems to be playing along with the western charade, she and the dominant policymakers in her government have no interest in putting Nord Stream II on the negotiating table. And she knows full well that once it’s built and pumping, Washington’s leverage will be all show and no substance.


          1. Okay, ‘important’ enemies. Like those who want to kill him. Maybe you’re in that group, too, but I mean like rich wiseguys Navalny’s famous ‘anti-corruption organization’ has ruined through exposure of their corrupt activities, people with more of a motive than simply because he’s a twat.


  24. It looks as if the UK is heading back into lockdown. The economic damage done already is almost beyond imagination. But the British government knew very well that the Imperial College model called for lockdown to be maintained for ‘many months’ in all but the most rosy scenario. Moreover – and this is key – in trying to snuff out an airborne virus by suppression and denying it victims, the result was instead a large pool of uninfected potential victims and a virtual guarantee of a second wave. The only defense left now is to maintain lockdown until a vaccine is available. Gosh – what a shame. Big Pharma to the rescue!!! But not until the British people have been rendered so desperate by isolation and economic ruin that they will slobber and kiss the boot on their necks if it means a glimpse of comparative normality.

    “Once interventions are relaxed (in the example in Figure 3, from September onwards), infections begin to rise, resulting in a predicted peak epidemic later in the year. The more successful a strategy is at temporary suppression, the larger the later epidemic is predicted to be in the absence of vaccination, due to lesser build-up of herd immunity.”

    Where does that come from? From Ferguson’s original report, which was the global basis for lockdown in the first place. Herd immunity was deliberately sacrificed in the reasonable assumption that it would mean lockdown until a vaccine is available. Which will cost whatever the Pharma companies feel like charging, while governments have already racked up record-breaking deficits handing out free money to the non-working population. Breathtaking idiocy.


  25. Just because the missile is so damn fast – perhaps pulling a 100 gs or so acceleration. Here is a comment with additional information:

    Sprint missile [US equivalent] is a tiny missile that had a range of 25 miles and accelerates to Mach 10 in 5 seconds. The Russian A235 gets to Mach 10 in 3 seconds and has a range of 1250 miles!

    Here is a decent Wikipedia article on the missile:


    1. Actually the acceleration averages over 150 G’s if my math is correct. I wonder how those vacuum tubes can take it.
      – Zero to sixty in 0.018 seconds
      – the quarter mile in 0.74 seconds crossing the finish line at 2,420 miles per hour.


  26. Setting aside a few snarky comments, here is a good/thoughtful presentation on China infrastructure development with a focus on ultra-high voltage long distance DC power transmission. It is a rarity to find such videos without glaring technical inaccuracies.

    The comments were generally well-informed. The blogger noted that China choose to disperse its stimulus money to build infrastructure in contrast to the West shoveling the money directly to the maws of corporations.


    1. IIRC, the Soviet Union was pursuing a superconductor DC transmission line spanning the entire length of the country to permit massive power shifting across the 12 time zones. Oh, what could have been….


  27. In fact, as regards its attitude towards what became Russia, the West crossed the Rubicon about a thousand years after Julius Caesar had.

    One of the determining factors that has made Russia “The Other” is that, unlike the states of Western Europe, namely those states that had formerly been part of the Western Roman Empire, whence sprang in very modern times the concept of “nation states”, liberalism, “European values” and “the free world”, “Russia“ was “Beyond the Pale”, only choosing to adopt the religion of Byzantium, the former Eastern Roman Empire, some 400 years after Christianity had become that empire’s imperial faith as decreed by Emperor Constantine. In fact, it was a prince of Kiev who chose Byzantium Christianity as the state religion, and his subjects did as they were told — officially: old habits, however, die hard. The same thing happened in England and paganism lived on long after “the conversion of the English” by Roman missionaries in the 7th century A.D. and in English weekdays are still named after the English gods, save for 2 days named after celestial bodies and one day after a Roman god whom the pagan English took a liking to. Furthermore, following the Great Schism of 1054, the Christian faith of those territories that eventually became the Russian Empire was officially “Orthodox” until 1917, namely Russia never fell under the sway of the so-called Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation that was resurrected by descendants of those very barbarians that had destroyed the Western Roman Empire.

    Right! I’m off to my sacred grove now, it being about 07:30 now out here in the sticks.


  28. Томск в плену у депутатской мафии

    3,185,040 views•3 Sep 2020

    Алексей Навальный

    4.07M subscribers

    С чего начинается ваш день? Наверное, вы встаете, включаете свет, открываете кран, ставите чайник, готовите завтрак, потом, возможно, спускаетесь на лифте и идете на работу. Казалось бы, при чем тут коррупция?

    Если вы житель Томска, то очень даже при чем. Совершая все эти действия, вы напрямую платите «Единой России». Власть в городе захватила настоящая коммунальная мафия, и все ваши деньги за свет, за воду, за обслуживание домов идут в карман депутатам-единороссам. Как так получилось – рассказываем в видео (все документы есть в посте
    Хорошая новость: вы можете это изменить. Для этого нужно выбрать других депутатов, которые будут не наживаться на горожанах, а наоборот, контролировать тарифы. И такой шанс будет у жителей Томска и многих других регионов 13 сентября. В этот день пройдут выборы. Нужно прийти на них и отдать свой голос, воспользовавшись рекомендацией «Умного голосования» –

    Это личный выбор каждого. Участвуете и сносите «Единую Россию» – или остаетесь дома, сидите перед телевизором, а потом продолжаете ей платить и с каждым годом всем больше.

    * 14:29 Опечатка. Площадь участка 1 000 м²


    1. Thus spake the Bullshitter who does not reveal his source of income wherewith he lives very comfortably. The Russian tax inspectorate has for some while now been investigating his tax returns and statement of earnings.


    2. And for doing such stuff as the above video, Putin ordered that Navalny be poisoned by a “weapons grade” nerve agent, the most deadly nerve agent known to man, its only cure being the speedy administration of atropine?

      Another thing — “Novichok” does not really seem to be all that lethal. And it’s only made in Russia, they say.


      1. Although the formula for making it – from easily-obtained precursors chiefly used in commercial fertilizers – was published in a book by Vil Mirzayanov, one of its developers, and which was marketed worldwide. Here you go; you can get a nice hardcover version for less than $40.00.

        (Note: the link to the book was included in the original comment, but it does not seem to be displaying. You can easily find it yourself on Amazon; “State Secrets: An Insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program “, by Vil S. Mirzayanov.)

        As I’ve mentioned before, the ease of making it locally was one of the attractive factors cited for its alleged use by the ‘GRU assassins’ who ‘killed the Skripals’, although they are not dead. At least so far as we know, as neither of them has ever been seen again except for a brief appearance by Yulia, who looked so much better in her post-Novichok incarnation that it might have been a body double who had a few common features. And that was a long time ago. And nothing from Dad Skripal – we’re told he has recovered, but there is no evidence which might confirm that.

        Anyway, the ‘GRU’ instead chose to travel with the world’s deadliest nerve agent on their persons, in a fake perfume bottle with a whacking great dispenser on top of it that would not fool a three-year-old.

        Novichok is the big bad wolf the west has chosen to frighten its subjects, and it is so insistent on its existence and its profligate use by the evil neo-Soviets that it pays no attention whatever to storyline or plot. Its hokey scenarios make no sense at all, and it is often caught in irreconcilable contradictions. When that happens, it simply commissions a film about the incident which papers over all the cracks with what it believes is a satisfactory explanation. But a simple wander through succeeding story changes would satisfy even the most non-skeptical that this is not evidence and that the conclusion came first, which was then supported by a regularly-changing narrative purpose-built to lead in that direction.


  29. From the above linked charlatan’s video:

    The governance of the city [Tomsk] has been seized by a real communal mafia, and all your money for electricity, for water, for the maintenance of houses goes into the pockets of the United Russia deputies. How has this come about?happened — we tell you in the video (all documents linked here [link].

    You don’t say, Lyosha!

    So I take it there is no gas, electricity, public transport in Tomsk?

    I dare say there are some thieving bastards in the Tomsk city administration — aren’t there everywhere, and not only in Russia?

    By the way, the man who lives way above his means, if what he states in his income returns is true, has a daughter who is now studying at Stanford.

    I bet that knocks you back a few bob, Lyosha — or does it?

    As far as I know, Navalny’s statuesque wife does not work. Navalny and his wife and their young son take vacations at least twice a year in exotic locations. And the Bullshitter regularly flits off on foreign business.

    Navalny is a lawyer who has not once represented anyone in court — apart from himself , once.

    After graduating in law, he studied finance or whatever at some state institute of higher education.

    Navalny has never worked in his life, unless his present activities undertaken for and paid for by the US Department of State be classed as work.


    1. And he has worked if you consider that scam he and his brother undertook — transporting perfume for some Frog perfume firm, which firm was none too pleased with what the brothers Navalny did. Navalny’s brother did time for that little wheeze; suspended sentence for Lyosha though — as per usual.

      And then there was his work with the timber company, which led to a fraud trial and again, a suspended sentence for “Putin’s fiercest critic”.

      A another criminal undertaking the Navalny brothers did was something to do with transporting beef — can’t recall the details now.

      And this is the poster boy for the West in “Putin’s Mafia State”!


      1. They were transporting meat products and cosmetics for Yves Rocher using the same trucks; just alternating runs. Meat one way, give the truck a quick hose-out – or not – and Frenchie cosmetics going back to the city.

        There used to be a Yves Rocher outlet in Vladivostok, although I think it’s gone now; it was a favourite of Mrs, Stooge for her cosmetic needs, and we visited often when I was in Vladivostok. The brand was a favourite of the second Mrs. Stooge as well, being a European herself, but she did all her shopping by mail order as we do not have a Yves Rocher outlet on Vancouver Island. I am given to understand their products have a high reputation.

        Well, look at that – all you have to do is look at a map of ‘states’ in Canada to see where their stores are! Nothing west of Ontario, sorry – as a consolation prize, Canada has been given Michigan.


        1. The Frogs and the Soviet Union had some sort of deal as regards perfume. Even in the gloomy world of the “Years of Stagnation”, French perfume was on sale here and was the real deal and much cheaper than in the “Free World”.

          I remember my first Russian Russian tutor telling me this before I set off from the UK for the Evil Empire. She advised me to buy some French perfume here for my mum because it was the Real MacCoy

          I reckon the.Frogs recognized what a good perfume market the USSR was, because Soviet/Russian women were/are classy and know how to dress up and make up and use a touch of quality perfume and not to appear as painted strumpets, as some women do in the West, or debase themselves by appearing near naked in public or engaging in such gross Western behaviour as “twerking”.

          Russian women are the best!


          1. Yes, the missus was partial to French cosmetics and Italian shoes, although nothing super high-end like Prada or Manolo Blahnik. I found her quite fixated on brands and country of origin – the French were perceived as the makers of the best cosmetics, while nobody did shoes like the Italians. She was very reluctant to buy a Hyundai Santa Fe, which I think was the first new car we bought together, in 2008, because it was Korean. She wanted the Ford Escape, which to my mind was a piece of junk compared with the Hyundai. Consumer Magazine thought so, too, awarding the Escape demerits for a high centre of gravity and poor fit & finish, while the Santa Fe was the best mid-size SUV that year. It took some persuading, but she gave in, and we had a pretty trouble-free driving history with the Hyundai. It seemed to me that the Russians, at least those I knew,, reckoned the Koreans were great at building refrigerators and large appliances (LG), but nobody would buy a car from them.


        2. That’s odd, I clicked on that link and I saw names like Chula Vista, Los Angeles, Mexicali, Palm Springs, San Bernardino and San Diego. Did Donald Trump give Southern California to Justin Bieber Trudeau so JBT could join the Meghan and Harry Markle Netflix show when Chrystia Freeland gets kicked again upstairs?


          1. Same here but it was the list below the map that showed the Cdn shops. I wonder about that search though. It really just listed Ottawa/Gatineau stores.


            1. Yes, it might not have been the most reliable guide. But there’s definitely no Yves Rocher store on Vancouver Island anywhere, and I don’t think there is one on the mainland, either.


    2. I think it’s important to note also that his legal education was in real-estate law, and not criminal. Those unaware of that might think there is a touch of glamour in a hard-bitten criminal lawyer taking on the system; not a bit of it. Navalny’s schooling was all in conveyances and title searches and more prosaic things like heat pumps and where to find the main water shutoff in a house that’s on the market. Or perhaps he was in business real estate, which is drier still but a venue in which you rarely find the exciting elements of criminal law, pounding on the table and shouting, “my client should go straight to fucking jail!!”, like Pacino in “And Justice For All”. Lyosha’s ‘profession’, at least by training (since so far as I know he has never practiced it nor made any significant income from it) is only offered when the media think they can get a credibility boost because he is ‘a lawyer’ of some description – the dead-as-a-doornail Magnitsky was tabbed as ‘a lawyer’ as well, although he was actually an accountant with no law degree and who had never attempted the bar exam. In fact, some laudatory versions described him as ‘the best tax lawyer in Russia’.

      Some speculated the reason for the deception was because lawyers cannot be compelled to testify on information which would be protected by attorney-client privilege. In the case of an accountant whose immediate boss was Jamison Firestone of Firestone-Duncan and whose ultimate boss was William Browder of Hermitage Capital Management, that could be a significant factor.


      1. The few property lawyers from ex-Soviet countries whom I met were VERY interested in the hard-nosed commercial aspects of Western law relating to subsoil rights to minerals, subsoil and above ground servitudes/wayleaves (which would include pipelines and utilities), large scale private minutes of agreement on water access and exploitation covering industrial and agricultural sectors etc. Such work has to be underpinned by good conveyancing, so it’s not safe, really, to dismiss Navalny purely for being a property lawyer – it depends on what he was actually involved in. And related disciplines, such as succession, while uncomplicated for most clients, can be exceedingly demanding when the client has “significant personal worth” and perhaps a tangle of wives and children and lovers.


        1. СК: Алексей Навальный получил адвокатский статус незаконно
          “Коммерсантъ” от 27.02.2013, 11:05

          IC: Alexey Navalny received lawyer status illegally
          “Kommersant” dated 02.27.2013, 11:05

          The Main Investigation Department of the ICR [Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation] is initiating the process of depriving the well-known blogger and oppositionist Alexei Navalny of his lawyer status. According to the investigation, Mr. Navalny became a lawyer illegally, since he did not work in the legal field. During interrogation on Wednesday, Mr. Navalny refused to testify on this issue, citing Art. 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, said the official representative of the IC Vladimir Markin. Alexei Navalny himself wrote on Twitter that “I am still at home and in the CK called me at 12″. To this, Mr. Markin also replied on Twitter: “Who said that Navalny was interrogated today? The interrogation was carried out much earlier”.

          In the framework of the criminal case on the facts of embezzlement of property of the Kirovles company on Wednesday at the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexei Navalny was interrogated, including on the grounds of his obtaining lawyer status, the Investigative Committee reported. “I must say that the investigation had doubts about the legality of the obtaining of a lawyer’s status in 2009 by Navalny, who at that time was an adviser to the governor of the Kirov region”, said Vladimir Markin, spokesman for the Investigative Committee.

          According to the law, to obtain a lawyer’s status, a mandatory legal experience of at least two years is required. In support of this, Mr. Navalny submitted to the Bar Chamber of the Kirov Region a certificate stating that he had been for several years the Deputy General Director of Allect LLC for legal issues. According to the investigation, the general director of this company was Alexei Navalny himself. “That is, he appointed himself both as a leader and as his deputy”, explained Mr. Markin. According to him, going by the results of a forensic handwriting examination, the signature in the certificate submitted by Alexei Navalny on behalf of the inspector of the personnel department of Allecta was made not by the inspector, but by another person. “Moreover, at the time of the entry into Navalny’s work book[a record of one’s employment that one has in Russia — ME], on the basis of which a certificate of legal experience was subsequently issued, the Allect company did not exist at all”. added Vladimir Markin.

          Thus, the investigation came to the conclusion that the information provided by Alexey Navalny regarding his legal experience of more than two years was unreliable.


          1. Many thanks.

            That’s pretty good – why bother with the drudgery of study or the cost of one of those mail order “degrees” when you can just award yourself any title you fancy?


        2. Yes, I suppose that’s true. And if there were any opportunities for graft in any field of employment he chose, so that he could maximize his paycheque while minimizing his labour, he would surely find them. That’s certainly the way he behaves in politics, where he has a car and driver at his disposal and can vacation at exotic destinations when he chooses, but has no visible means of income. The perfect choice to run an anti-corruption fund.


  30. Navalny’s wife speaks!

    Actually, she wrote an Instagram.

    Жена Навального ответила на инициативу Рошаля по ситуации с ее мужем
    6 сентября 2020

    Navalny’s wife responded to Roshal’s initiative on the situation with her husband
    6 September 2020

    MOSCOW, September 6 – RIA Novosti. The wife of blogger Alexei Navalny has said that Dr. Leonid Roshal should not have anything to do with the treatment of her husband.

    Earlier, Roshal, as president of the National Medical Chamber of the medical community, suggested that members of the German Medical Chamber create a joint expert group that will deal with Navalny’s treatment and understand the circumstances of his situation.

    “You did not, do not and will not have anything to do with his treatment. You are not acting as a doctor, but as the voice of the state”, Yulia Navalnaya wrote in her personal Instagram account.

    At the same time, she admitted that she did not understand medical issues.

    “I am not a doctor, but during these weeks I have read so many medical articles that it is obvious even to me: the clinical manifestations were exactly the same as described in medical textbooks”, she said.

    Leonid Roshal, referring to German doctors, said that the reasons for Navalny’s condition are still not clear. According to him, Russian doctors did a very good job and saved the patient’s life. At the same time, studies conducted in Russia did not show poisoning, and German colleagues had found something.


    1. There you have it – just like Yulia Skripal and Sergei Skripal ; Mrs Navalny is in on this bogus “poisoning”.

      Insulting the doctors that saved her husband.

      Navalny and his wife and his entourage, who on cue accused the government of poisoning; are all involved in this conspiracy.

      Such people really hate their country they conspire with external powers to cause maximum damage.

      When you look at the timeline of what happened and how people behaved- it is clear that this was a conspiracy from the start.


    2. What an epiphany! Medical school is a waste of money and time! If you can read and have the patience to slog through a few medical articles – maybe even lots – you know as much as any doctor about specific conditions and how they present!

      So Navalny’s clinical symptoms – roaring and screaming in an ‘inhuman voice’ – are consistent with nerve-agent poisoning by a weapons-grade chemical weapon about which all western knowledge comes from a single source and is admittedly ‘conjecture’? Holy fuck, that could be important! Because the Skripals displayed no such symptoms, although they were allegedly poisoned with the same agent. They frothed at the mouth a bit and keeled over like slingshot pigeons. Obviously that was not Novichok at all, but some other wicked agent. Did Yulia think to look around for a perfume bottle on the plane, perhaps one with a Soviet-engineered aerator on top that would have looked more at home on a cement mixer?

      The whole ‘Navalny poisoning’ scam is obviously agenda-driven, but if it ends with the Navalnys moving out of Russia forever, it will have been worth it.


      1. Yulia Navalnaya’s Instagram quoted above leads me to believe what I have long suspected is the reason for her never saying anything publicly until now about her husband, his beliefs, policies, actions and his present condition, namely she is stupid.

        In fact, I think now that she probably didn’t even pen her stupid declaration in the Instagram that she allegedly wrote.


        1. If she didn’t write it – the similarity to Yukia Skripal and her odd statement requesting to be left alone by the Russian embassy and her family – are even more apparent.


          1. I meant that somebody wrote it for her in her Instagram account because she’s too dumb to write a coherent sentence.

            I am sure she has minders with her all the time.


            1. In Navalnaya’s Instagram , it reads as follows:

              “I am not a doctor, but during these weeks I have read so many medical articles that it is obvious even to me: the clinical manifestations were exactly the same as described in medical textbooks”

              Those words were adressed to:

              Рошаль, Леонид Михайлович
              Леонид Михайлович Рошаль (род. 27 апреля 1933, Ливны, Центрально-Чернозёмная область) — советский и российский педиатр и хирург, общественный деятель. Президент НИИ неотложной детской хирургии и травматологии (с 2015), директор НИИ неотложной детской хирургии и травматологии (2003—2015). Президент Национальной медицинской палаты. «Детский доктор мира» (1996). Доктор медицинских наук, профессор. Герой Труда Российской Федерации (2020).

              Roshal, Leonid Mikhailovich
              (born April 27, 1933, Livny, Central Black Earth Region) – Soviet and Russian paediatricisn and surgeon, public figure. President of the Research Institute of Emergency Paediatric Surgery and Traumatology (since 2015), Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Paediatric Surgery and Traumatology (2003-2015). President of the National Medical Chamber. “Children’s Doctor of the World” (1996). Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation (2020).

              Stupid bitch!


              1. I guess if one sees “cholinesterase inhibitor” in a medical textbook and then sees the same term in a bunch of medical articles, one eventually twigs that the articles’ descriptions of the items’ actions and manifestations will be the same as those in the texts.


              2. According to Navalny’s statuesque and seemingly, in my opinion, stupid wife, Professor Leonid Roshal, Doctor of Medical Sciences, is “not acting as a doctor, but as the voice of the state”.

                “Doctor of Medical Sciences” DOES NOT MEAN, to use United Sates medical terminology, M.D.

                Professor Roshal is an “Academic” [Академик], which academic level in Russia is far higher than Ph.D. in the English speaking world.


                1. Navalnaya was probably correct, though, when she stated:

                  “You did not, do not and will not have anything to do with his treatment”

                  because Professor Roshal is a paediatrician, that’s why.

                  He is however, the head of a professional body in Russia that is the equivalent to the British Medical Association in the UK, and in that capacity he addressed the German counterpart of that body.

                  If not downright stupid, Navalnaya’s Instagram statement addressed to Professor Roshal was downright rude and ignorant.


                2. “ “I am not a doctor, but during these weeks I have read so many medical articles that it is obvious even to me: the clinical manifestations were exactly the same as described in medical textbooks”

                  What, like howling and screaming and rolling around on the deck — those “clinical manifestations” of poisoning by a “weapons grade” Novichok group of nerve agents?

                  I say again: observe a cockroach when it is sprayed with a similar but non-weapons grade nerve agent.


  31. Via Russia Insider ( a few years old but still relevant):

    The feminization of men will end European culture. The interviewer often interfered with the interviewee but it appears the interviewer had a list of questions that she was determined to ask.


  32. Could it have been that simple?

    I recall the hysterical news about a “hydrogen bubble” could blow apart the 3-mile island reactor. Mandatory evacuations were ordered and the world held its breath – three, two, one…. nothing.

    It was later revealed that the hydrogen bubble was a product of a sloppy calculation that was quickly discovered. However, no one wanted to or was afraid to walk back the story.


    1. Not very likely. Every epidemiologist, (and possibly their grandmother), will have been going over their data and comparing it to something like the New England Journal of Medicine. In case like this nobody assumes that a single paper actually gets everything right, heck not even anything right.

      As Mark noted in an earlier comment the Lancet has had a few fiascos. The New England Journal of Medicine has also had a few though none as serious as the Lancet.

      Not to mention the brownie points you get if you point out that the article was wrong. Scientists live to poke holes in other scientists arguments.

      Testimony in front of the Congress of the United States means nothing to a scientist. Everyone outside the United States really considers that those hearings are total farce.

      Every time someone sets up a new model, they’re going to start over again working from raw data to set the various rates because every time they redo a model or build a new model version they’re working from new or revised data. If you’re working from German data you do not assume that the various rates are the same as they are in Italy and certainly not the same as they are in China.

      The 1% idea actually could be true but then pigs may fly but they are very unlikely birds.

      I think the historical news about a hydrogen bubble is a different case altogether. You had people reacting very quickly depending on one very tiny group of nuclear engineers in a single country, possibly get from a single company and single regulator. No peer review, and no time to get second and third opinions.

      Given the litigious nature of US population, probably nobody wanted to admit the evacuations were mistake.


      1. All well-stated good points. However, the avalanche of easy money and fawning media attention from hyping Covid-19 may skew/cloud rational thinking. Who wants to attempt a shutdown of a game providing limitless financial gain and growing institutional power and influence? Put another way, who wants to end their career? Some tried.


        1. So what you are postulating is that several thousand epidemiologists in maybe 50 countries have all gotten together and decided to go with one story. Sorry it just doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

          There’s no particular reason why China would buy into the same figures that the USA have decided to use. They don’t play the same game. Simply arguing with U.S. figures not going to do any damage to the career of a Chinese epidemiologist, or New Zealand epidemiologist. Heck, as I said before, scientists get brownie points if they can punch holes in other scientists’ arguments.

          You really think the New Zealanders, the Russians and the Germans and the Italians are all going to get together and decide to agree that this story dreamed up the USA is worth supporting? Cui bono?


          1. Never said nor implied that “several thousand epidemiologists in maybe 50 countries have all gotten together and decided to go with one story. ”

            I did say that the power of money and prestige combined with ostracism by the MSM and those who are in influential positions (thinking Big Pharma among others) would control the mainstream message. If you wish to argue against the foregoing, please do so.

            Ever wonder why the MSM is in lockstep on issues important to the financial elites? No overt censorship nor threats needed to ensure that the MSM reports what they should. Hell, they eagerly report the party line for money, power, influences, etc. It’s the way high level business and politics work. Network news anchor pull down $20 million per year and for what? The MSM sells influence, not information. the foregoing was a slight digression but important to better illustrate how opinion is manufactured in the general public and in professional groups.


            1. Well, perhaps I am misreading the original RT article but unless the MSM and Big Pharma has bought off the epidemiologists in a lot of countries including Russia, China, Iran and other “fans” of the USA I have a problem with the argument.

              I probably would not buy the argument even in one country but across all sorts of countries, no.

              Network news anchor pull down $20 million per year

              Where? In Bejing or Pretoria?

              I suspect that 90% of the world would have no idea who any US news anchor is nor would they care. I probably would recognize a couple of names but I don’t watch/ listen to them. They are irrelevant.


              1. The top paid US “news host” made $25 million (not clear if that is total compensation or just salary excluding speaking fees and other side hustles).


                The pay to these news hosts is not charity; they deliver a produt that has value. Somehow, through some type of voodoo, these non-entities as you describe them, have largely shaped American public opinion regarding Russia and China. They call the tune that is endless echoed throughout MSM channels.

                The point should be abundantly clear that one can become wealthy pitching the MSM line. In general, following the editorial agenda is good for a career in the news business. Noam Chomsky and others have explored the means of manuacturing consent in the US population via the power of money and its associated benefits.

                Perhaps only a few are “bought off” with deposits in Swiss bank accounts. The rest simply respond the the stimulus of money like a flat worm moving away from light. As an example, an employee’s wife at my company is a nurse. She was making $5,000/week with overtime and hazard pay working in a ward with Covid-19 patients. She did not want that money to stop. One can only imagine the motivation of higher level officials, corporate leaders, insurance companies and major investors to keep the Covid crisis boiling. Under the cover of the Covid crisis, the Federal Reserve printed enough money to cover trillions of dollars of bad corporate debt with hardly any coverage by the MSM. Check for yourself. Yes, a very convenieet crisis, no?

                I agree that the responses to Covid are complex. Why did Russia initially adopt harsh lockdowns similar to their Western counterparts (but later largely rescinded)? Some claim that the Russian government took advantage of the apparent crisis to develop and test means to deal with a biological attack. Why did China react so vigoroulsy? That is an anomoly yet may have an explanation other than fear of massive fatalities in the general population.

                One thing for sure, the Russian vaccine represents a soft power coup that is rattling the Western leadership. No telling what they will do to stop the vaccine.

                Even in the narrow area of business that I am intimately familiar with, decisions regarding equipment supply for large projects are murky and rarely determied solely by techncial/perfomance factors. With the scale of the money, power and influece related to Covid 19, things like “truth” and “fairness” have absolutely no relevance.


      1. It may be selection bias, but it appears to me that Russia is moving away from uninspiring utilitarian engineering designs to designs with style and grace (although much Soviet architecture was very good). Some equipment must be graceful by design such as supersonic aircraft but a large nuclear powered ice breaker?

        Russia has a well-earned reputation for producing extraordinary artistic accomplishments so why not express that artistic capability in their engineering designs?


  33. And lest that you lose track of the facts, from today’s Independent:

    Alexei Navalny: The thorn in Vladimir Putin’s side

    The poisoning of the Russian opposition leader with novichok shows just how much he is feared by the Kremlin, writes Sean O’Grady


    As he lies in an induced coma in a German hospital, the victim of an attempted assassination, Alexei Navalny has at least proved one thing: that Vladimir Putin, de facto dictator of Russia for life, fears as well as loathes this 44-year-old activist and effective leader of Russia’s fractured and persecuted opposition.

    O’Grady has, seemingly, access to Putin’s thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes; Navalny is such an effective opposition leader that he has never led a party list, and any party he does temporarily ally himself with has its vote tripled by the Communist Party, who also lose to United Russia.

      I imagine Putin does loathe him, because he helps foster a very negative global opinion of Russia. But that certainly does not mean he is dangerous. I was always happy to see the west put its money on Navalny as the ‘leader of the opposition’ and general shit-disturber, and I am happy to see the west plow all its chips onto Navalny as their vehicle for screwing Nord Stream II. Because that will not work, and now Lyosha cannot go back to Russia – too dangerous for him.


        1. I don’t mean that Putin considers him a threat in any way, or even a person of any great importance. But it must irritate him that the west is constantly going into raptures at the preciousness of such a fool; certainly must if he holds out any hope of there ever being anything other than an adversarial relationship between NATO and Russia. And it would be natural to have a focus for one’s pique, the way you blame the asshole who cut you off in traffic because you left the house too late to get to work on time.


      1. If he ever thinks of Navalny at all, I would imagine Putin pities him. For all the money the West has thrown at Navalny, he has not given much back at all and by now his controllers probably realise they should be bankrolling someone much younger who ticks off all the right boxes in identity-politics orientation and having the appropriate “woke” attitudes. Navalny should have started looking over his shoulder ages ago and keeping tabs on his support network if he ever thought someone was out to get him.


        1. I think we are agreed that Putin is an exceptional leader, certainly one who puts country before self. But he would have to be something like a saint to not resent the gushing western coverage of Navalny’s puling troubles, the constant hammering on him as the ‘leader of the opposition’ – not so much for the western assumption of nobility and leadership in Navalny, which must amuse him. But more from the viewpoint that the west uses every mention of Navalny to lovingly catalogue Russia’s numerous ‘offenses’ against freedom-lovers everywhere. It must be annoying to regularly hear the pious blabbering that a Russia under the firm but merciful control of Saint Lysosha would never shoot down a civilian airliner simply to blame it on a struggling neighbour, invade that neighbour and rip away a piece of the country that was native to the Ukrainian soul and keep it for its own, poison chosen victims at will in other countries, cheat at sports and lielielielie about it from sunup to sundown.

          We are certainly agreed on the trope that Navalny is ‘a thorn in the Kremlin’s side’ and that he causes the Duma late-night sessions wailing “Will no one rid us of this troublesome blogger???” Navalny regularly pulls suspended sentences for his japes and escapades, while his own brother was sent down the river for a couple of years for what was likely no more than an accessory role. The Russian state showcases for all to see that Navalny is protected, and I really believe it is to rub in their faces that he is harmless, and that his delegated role as ‘fiercest critic’ suits the Russian government very well. So why kill him now? It could have bunged him in prison and thrown away the key years ago.


      2. Putin may think of Navalny (after deciding on whether to attend the dedication of a new kindergarten) as the proverbial useful idiot doing a superb job at highlighting Western values roundly rejected by the Russia population. And, the West pays Navalny to do it! What’s not to like?

        True, Navalny is useful to the West as a PR tool but the Russian government may have concluded that there is no profit in trying to win the hearts and minds of those whose purpose in life is to destroy Russia. Far better for Russia to take the high road to gain credibility with that portion of the world not infected with Western sociopathy.


    1. She was mouthing it off yesterday on “Radio Freedom”, saying “We all know that Putin is the face of injustice and lawlessness in Russia”.

      Cant find the link now, but who wants to listen to that person?



      1. Who cares; all of her claptrap is foretold and it is simply pro-western propaganda. Russia, oddly enough, is one of the few countries in the world where the vote still means something, and that drives them crazy. It is so easy to mount a regime-change operation in so many countries, and to hoodwink the stupid in others so that they believe they are living in freedom and democracy and that they can de-elect the bad eggs any time they choose – consequently, the difficulty in getting rid of Putin and easing a western-friendly liberal reformer into his place who will privatize everything and make the country safe for fat-cat international investors must be supremely frustrating.


            1. Praise the Lord!

              The sleeping beauty has awoken frm his slumbers!

              Алексея Навального вывели из комы
              О состоянии политика сообщили врачи немецкой клиники “Шарите”

              & September 16:12

              Alexei Navalny has gradually been withdrawn from a drug-induced coma, the specialists of the Charite clinic said. They also stated that the health status of the politician has improved significantly.

              I wonder if he said: “What happened? Where am I?”


              1. And I wonder if a nice German doctor replied:

                “Für Sie, russischer Schweinehund, ist der Krieg vorbei!”

                For you, Russian pig-dog, the war is over!”


              2. I’ll bet it’s not his first time awakening from a drug-induced coma. Praise God for the strong, who can shrug off poisoning with a nerve agent ten times more deadly than VX and just bounce right back. Remember, Lyosha’s health is to be prized above all others, so nothing by mouth but champagne and lark’s tongues in aspic for a little while, maybe rice pudding for dessert. Reservations now being taken for western leaders to rush to his bedside for a piccie – don’t wait too long or you may be left out.


              3. Isn’t the withdrawal off script? I thought Navalny was supposed to have coughed up the poisoned apple or the poisoned tea bag after the German government had thrown in the towel on Nordstream II and made an announcement that the pipeline laying will stop.


            1. There’d be more of a reaction if RT were to announce: “Joe Biden can no longer follow simple two-word sentence instructions on the teleprompter”.


              1. I would love to see someone hack Biden’s teleprompter; something like this:

                …and let me tell every American that I am a moron and I love to sniff women’s hair. Green lives are matter and so am I! Over 500 Billion Americans voted for me in fair mail-in ballots! Vote for me in 2012!


      1. Seems like this Bundeswehr laboratory irrefutable data concerning the poisoning of Navalny by Novichok is similar to that irrefutable data that Kerry claimed he had concerning the downing of MH17, which data obviously necessitates sanctions against Russia.


          1. What I don’t get about this story – is why these Russian health bodies are going along with the whole “ He was poisoned” narrative set by the west?

            No evidence was found after there own tests performed

            So there is nothing to investigate.

            That’s should be stated clearly.

            And leave it there.


            1. Be careful what you read in English, as mainstream media sites have a habit of misquoting Russian figures based on ‘mistranslation’. But I myself have not seen any admission by Russian doctors that Navalny was poisoned. In fact, they were pretty consistent that they found no trace of poisoning in his samples, which were processed on an American detector. What I get from them is “IF Navalny was poisoned, please share your evidence with us so that we may analyze it for ourselves”.

              Remember, the German medical analysts initially went with ‘poisoned by a cholinesterase inhibitor’. They only changed it to Novichok after ‘the guy from Porton Down’ dropped by.


  34. Меркель допустила санкции против «Северного потока — 2»

    Merkel has given the go-ahead for sanctions against Nord Stream 2
    14: 54

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel agrees with German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas that the future of Nord Stream 2 may depend on Russia’s further steps on the situation with Alexei Navalny. This was announced by the official representative of the government Steffen Seibert.

    So Russia isn’t doing anything about the Navalny incident?

    I rather thought the boot was on the other foot and it is the German government that is not doing anything apart from making accusations and threatening punishment a Russian piece-of-shit who fell mysteriously ill on board a flight to Moscow.

    The Germans have still not provided evidence to back up their accusations.

    And the Bullshitter’s wife has said she doesn’t want Russian medics to work jointly with her German pals, albeit, German medics had already stated that doctors in Omsk had saved her husband’s life, which begs the question of course that his life was in danger and that he was poisoned by “Novichok”, which “deadly poison” seems to be rather unreliable as a means of assassination.


    1. Once again, let me reiterate my hope that Berlin will shit the bed, go all dramatic and order the construction of Nord Stream II to cease and desist. The Russians would just cap it where it lies, and Europe could go back to having its gas transited across Ukraine in that collapsing pipeline system, listening to the Ukrainians squall that someone must gib moneys for maintenance and upgrading and enduring the constant meddling of Uncle Sam to introduce hiccups in the supply that it would happily make up with its Captain America LNG. European gas prices would go through the roof unless they are ready to bring their Wonder Renewables right now, and a population that already endured economy-wrecking lockdowns for no purpose whatsoever except The Leaders Were Scared would revolt. Do it, you gutless bastards!!! Do it!! I dare you!!!

      But they won’t. It’s all talk, and Merkel is playing her usual part of trying to extract concessions from Russia over an incident Washington fabricated. And they could go on fabricating new outrages and dunning Russia for them forever, until they just handed the keys to the pipeline to Stoltenberg and begged “Please don’t hurt us any more. We will go away and shut up.”

      Do it, you chickenshits. Do it.


  35. Covert Action Magazine via U.S. Troop Deployments to Poland Shine Light on New Cold War Strategy

    …A Polish Special Forces unit that specialized in psychological operations was coordinating what some analysts are referring to as the “Belomaidan protests” in Bydgoszez, whose supporters endorsed the Intermarium, or alliance of Eastern European countries against Russia…

    Hardly a surprise. PiS are dumb enough to s/t in their backyard on behalf of Washington though probably didn’t need any encouragement. It not just i-Ran that is facing Washington’s Maximum Pressure campaigns…


    1. ,,,whose supporters endorsed the Intermarium, or alliance of [Catholic] Eastern European countries against Russia…

      Modified above to increase relevancy. The Vatican sought a Catholic Curtain to stop Soviet (and of much more historical significance, Orthodox) Russia and to sustain the Catholic Crusades against the Orthodox. They had a big moment of (fleeting) glory during WW II and renewed hope with the Polish experiment and the breakup of the USSR. Hopes were dashed, however, when Russia itself failed to break up and the nightmare began for the Bishop of Rome with the ascendancy of Russian patriotic forces and Putin.

      The role of the Vatican as a joined-at-the-hip partner of the British Empire in destroying Orthodox Russia (and Serbia) is underappreciated in Western academia. Can’t imagine why (sarc).

      Russia has fully awaken from its ideological foray into Bolshevism with the following as evidence:

      Putin may or may not be a believer but he knows how to strengthen Russia to ensure it’s survival. My hope is an Orthodox-based socialism mixed with small scale capitalism for Russia and Serbia.


  36. Middle East Eye via Council of Europe issues press freedom alert after UK blacklists site over Yemen coverage

    UK Ministry of Defence under fire for blacklisting Declassified UK over its criticism of Yemen war

    …During the exchange, a press officer from the MOD asked Declassified UK journalist Phil Miller what “sort of angle” the publication took on the war in Yemen…

    …The Council of Europe’s level-two press freedom alert means the UK government must provide a formal response to why it blacklisted Declassified UK over its coverage of the war in Yemen…

    Remember kids, the UK is a leading country in the fight for Human Rights (TM) around the world. Except when it isn’t.


  37. Sometimes, ideas are so ludicrous that you simply have to find out more – here is mine for today – We need a billion Americans to counter the Chinese. JHC, our country can’t take care of its current population so the solution is to import more people and somehow increase family size? Insanity!

    The real knee-slapper from the RT story was this:

    …the Pentagon has released its annual ‘China Military Power Report,’ which describes how Beijing plans to make its military “world class” by the end of 2049.

    Said report is issued to the US Congress in an apparent attempt to permit our highly intelligent and inquisitive representatives to rest easy knowing that the Pentagon is on top of the situation. JHC, China is already a challenge to US military power and has lapped multiple times US industrial power. The report is a bed-time story to put Congress to sleep.


    1. Yes, I saw a similar story somewhere in the last few days, asserting that American overpopulation is a convenient myth and American men and women need to get to work making them babies. There is apparently plenty of room for more Americans – much, I suspect, like their regime-change efforts, where they try to achieve unstoppable momentum even as some are saying “What? wait a minute, that’s not right, what’s going on here?” But it’s too late, it’s done, and then they play the second-favourite game, “Nobody could have known this would happen. This is no time for finger-pointing, we all have to work together to solve the problem”.

      According to the US Census Bureau, poverty has steadily declined in recent years, although income growth has stalled according to economic researchers, and is slightly below what it was 20 years ago. But hey – if we’re going to believe Russia’s figures on national poverty, I guess we have to go along with America’s. I’m sure the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ and lockdowns and job losses will not have any significant effect of finding jobs for all these new Americans, especially the floods of immigrants who would want them now and not in 18 years when they are old enough to start working.


      1. Redefinition of “poverty” I suspect. And, two wage-earner households are the norm; not to buy that yacht but to keep the bill collectors at bay. What about the explosion in debt of every sort? Is that simply poverty delayed?


      2. Can’t find the story but it was reported that a record high number of Americans between 18 and 29 are living with their parents. The figure is 50% and is a stunning number. Perhaps the data was recent enough to include students living at home unable to attend college. Nevertheless, unless human nature has changed, these kids would rather be on their own but forced by lack of funds to remain home-bound.

        It is amazing how the government has pumped trillions into the economy and this is what we get. If the US had to live with balanced books (like Russia) it would be cataclysmic for most Americans.


        1. I know what my adopted country — my “Step-motherland” — can do in order to help balance Uncle Sam’s books: send them Kudrin!


          1. As I have frequently suggested, I think Putin keeps Kudrin around because it amuses him to have Kudrin constantly proposing his liberal reforming ideas, but to have them consistently ignored. It’s like a kind of endless purgatory for him.

            But then, I am not party to Kremlin insider exchanges, and it is perfectly possible Kudrin has a good idea or two from time to time, which is seriously considered and perhaps adopted, to Russia’s measurable benefit. He has an excellent education and is not stupid by any measure – his thinking is just all run through a filter of western corporate liberalism. But not even Trump is stupid all the time.


    2. “Poisoned” meaning he ingested a toxin, not necessarily that he was poisoned intentionally by a person or persons unknown (Putin). He suffered the symptoms of some kind of poisoning. Omsk doctors said they found no poison in his system: German doctors found Novichok, naturally.

      That’s why the Tomsk region has sent a report of its investigation into the Navalny case to the state prosecutor, who will decide if criminal proceedings should proceed.

      For example, Beluga black caviar that he might have eaten could have been off. There’s quite a bit of low quality, stale caviar flogged off in a top quality Beluga jar and masquerading as the real McCoy.
      Or he could have drunk bad quality moonshine.

      Or he could have taken a dose of something when he was sat in the aircraft toilet, whence he appeared and started rolling about and howling.


  38. Well, well, well lookie here:

    Russia has put to rest the the claims of inadequate testing (significantly better than Western testing) and with zero side effects (compared with significant side effects for several western vaccines).

    I wonder if another Navalny-like incident will occur that can only be addressed by banning the Russia vaccine. Of course, it won’t stop India or Latin America but it would stop the EU.


    1. Well, the US has already sanctioned the Russian Defense Ministry’s 48th Central Research Institute which apparently was one of the organizations working with the Gamaleya Research Institute developing the vaccine so I suppose that the US could sanction anyone in the Phase 3 trials which at the moment seems to include Philippines, Saudi Arabia and likely India & Mexico.

      A Navalny-like incident will not bother them but viciously applied US sanctions….

      As an aside it is a pity that Kirill Dmitriev was the spoke-person and not Denis Logunov who is first author of the Lancet paper and, I believe, the overall head of the research team. It does not mean much to the general reader but researchers will remark on this.


    2. I don’t believe a coronavirus vaccine is a pressing requirement, especially considering everyone will probably need a new shot every year as the virus will keep mutating in an effort to find new victims to infect. Much like influenza – the flu shot from last year will do you no good next year, and the medicos and Big Pharma are no more than through this season than they are cooking up next year’s cocktail based on what they think the virus might do.

      But I would be decidedly in the minority, and many people will view a vaccine as a gift from God. The world’s leaders seem stubbornly committed to destroying society as we know it over a virus that hardly kills anyone and does not even make most who contract it very ill.

      Whatever the case, like so many other situations where the EU allows itself to be bullied by the USA into taking a decision which is against its interests, it deserves what it gets. If Washington manages to convince the EU to blow off a working vaccine because it’s not red-white-and-blue enough (well it would be, wouldn’t it? The colours of the two flags are the same), then fuck them. There’s too many of them anyway.


  39. More shite from Deutsche Welle:

    Opinion: Merkel should pull Germany from Nord Stream 2
    07/09/2020 | Miodrag Soric

    Has the Kremlin miscalculated? The days when Germany depended on gas from Siberia are over. Alternative energies are the future, maybe not in Russia but in western Europe certainly. And in any case there are many nations that want to sell gas to Germany. These days there is a surplus of energy in the world. And gas is not a “clean energy.” Though it may produce less CO2 than coal when it is burned, during extraction and transport it releases much more methane, which in turn pollutes the environment.

    And imported from the USA “freedom molecules” of LNG are clean and green natürlich.


  40. Скелет в шкафу Навального

    A Skeleton in Navalny’s Cupboard
    Today, 8 September 2020

    What does Navalny live on? This has interested and continues to interest many Russians.

    He himself has claimed that he lives on the income from “Individual Entrepreneur Navalny”[He is classed as an “IE” — as an individual entrepreneur, as indeed am I, ME, and only pays, therefore, 6% income tax] and receives money from “Zimin and his family” for work for the “Dynasty Fund”, which — officially — closed 5 years ago …

    I mean, the billionaire Zimin pays him money.

    [in linked article, photo from internet of declaration of Navalny’s income]

    So, Alexey Navalny himself has honestly or dishonestly admitted everything:

    “IE Navalny” is my only source of income (there are still minor payments on shares). In 2019, my income was 5,440,000 rubles. I paid 326,400 rubles in taxes for the same period.

    Actually, if we take this shown declaration, then everything seems to be clear. Income, taxes, etc.

    [in linked article, photo from Internet showing Navalny’s income for a 9-month period]

    That is to say, “IE Navalny” lives on income from work with the “Zimin Fund”. Actually, the work of the “Dynasty” foundation was also credible — until it was closed for some reason. Thus, we can assume that there is relatively honest income of half a million rubles.

    “That is to say, it is clear that “IE Navalny” is doing unknown work under a private contract for the charity (!) fund “Dynasty “, which ceased its activities 5 years ago.” And this CLOSED fund pays him half a million rubles a month. More than 10 million a year.

    How well do the “corruption fighters” live! Such an “honest income”!

    [in linked article, photo of notification of liquidation of “Dynasty”]

    Who is this Boris Zimin? He is the son of the founder of “VimpelCom” (Beeline) Dmitry Zimin. [Beeline, earlier Bee Line GSM is a telecommunications brand by company PJSC VimpelCom, founded in Russia. PJSC VimpelCom is Russia’s third-largest wireless and second-largest telecommunications operator. Its headquarters is located in Moscow —ME]

    Previously, Zimin financed the “Sreda Fund” [The Sreda Media Support Fund, liquidated 2018, from which money was distributed to various federal and regional publications – Dozhd,, Mediazona, TV2 (Tomsk), 2Pskov province — ME] … In fact, the “Sreda Fund” successfully continued the work covered in Moscow in 2007 by the State Department “Internews.” And the Zimin Foundation itself, by the way, received grants for this activity from American “human rights funds”. [my stress — ME]

    As you can imagine, Zimin’s money in the Virgin Islands is clear and transparent. For Navalny, this is the main source of his income.


  41. The fate of Nord Stream 2 is again in question because German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems ready to give in.

    Remember, her first reaction was: there is no need to link Nord Stream 2 and Navalny.

    This position caused a storm of indignation. Even in Merkel’s own party, both candidates for leadership and for the post of chancellor immediately jumped up:

    Röttger proposed to close the Nord Stream 2 completely;

    Merz – freeze for 2 years; apparently, so that the Kremlin changed its mind.

    It turns out that they really perceive Nord Stream 2 almost as a favour to Russia!

    It is not we who provide them with convenient and profitable gas delivery: they allow us to supply them with gas.
    Or they may not allow it — for bad behaviour

    So, Merkel either surrendered, or began to manoeuvre, making deceptive moves.

    The formula “no need to tie [it to the Navalny case] has been changed to “cannot be ruled out from the start”.
    That is to say, sanctions for Navalny are possible and are being considered: the decision depends on Moscow’s behavior.

    Trump can be happy, Merkel is giving up.
    He said at a press conference yesterday that he strongly supports the idea of ​​abandoning Nord Stream 2.

    He always supported this idea even before the story with Navalny. And he immediately attributed the fight against Nord Stream 2 to himself, President Donald Trump.

    Because Germany does not have to pay Moscow billions of dollars while the brave US defends it from Russia!

    In general, the situation with Nord Stream 2 looks like a critical one, even our speakers have become more active.

    Energy Minister Novak confirmed that there are difficulties. But he hopes that the project will be implemented.

    The Kremlin has also spoken out! And here we have solid confidence and enthusiasm.

    Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that there was no talk of freezing Nord Stream 2.

    Words have been spoken, but in Germany the statements “for” and “against” are in a ratio of 2 to 1.–2-2020-09-07

    The Kremlin is calm or pretending (knows or underestimates the danger?)

    Trump is against Nord Stream 2, and actively rejoices in the difficulties over Navalny.

    Merkel is either giving up or manoeuvring.

    The builders continue to prepare.

    Businesses — German, European and Russian are in trepidation.

    And in Russia they are especially nervous.
    As soon as the representative of the FRG government announced a new formula “cannot be ruled out from the very beginning”, the ruble collapsed. Then, when Navalny was taken out of the coma, it rose again, but at first it collapsed.

    So now our ruble is also run by Merkel.

    We urgently need to finish building this unfortunate Nord Stream 2 and close the issue.


      1. RBK:

        The final decision on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project has not yet been made in connection with the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. This was stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, dpa-AFX reported, citing several participants in the meeting of the ruling CDU / CSU bloc in the Bundestag.

        According to Merkel, the decision on the fate of the project “will be of a pan-European, not German character”.

        “We need a European reaction to the Navalny case. This was not an attack on Germany, but it must declare itself as a member of the European Union”, the agency quotes the Chancellor’s words.

        According to Merkel, Germany “needs to listen carefully to what EU partners are saying” about what happened to the oppositionist. “The next step should be explanations from Russia, then a common decision in the EU will be made”, she said.


        1. Sanctions on the pipeline make no sense. It is funded by a consortium of private companies, ENGIE (France), OMV (Austria), Shell (NL/UK but really NL), Uniper (Germany) and Wintershall Dea (DE 67%/Ru 33% Fridman). It’s sanctioning them and it would be quite some autof/kery. Whatever the Germans say, I don’t see them sanctioning themselves.


          1. I think they are just stalling and hoping for a break in the case which will let them say see? it was all just a big fuss over nothing. But Washington will be piling on the pressure through its EU stooges like Stoltenberg and Borrell, trying for that critical momentum which will get it over the line and a decision made that cannot be taken back. The only condition I would impose if it were up to me – and I think we are all agreed it is time to play hardball – is that I (speaking as the Russian Federation) would let it be known before any negotiations take place that I would not under any circumstances consider resumption of gas transit across Ukraine once their current contract runs out. That has to be a no-go point. Europeans have to know that the consequences of their prancing to Washington’s tune will be a kick in the wallet like they have never felt. And just coming off a monster deficit induced by handing out free money over the fake pandemic, too – what a pity.


            1. I think that ‘s a very resonable supposition. They have to be seen to be doing something and are certainly very aware that there is no dick move so low that the US and its hamsters won’t stoop to. Borrell annoys me (too much). It’s like he takes too much sugar. I miss FredMogh now.

              Meanwhile I’m reading that US Abrams tanks are ‘exercising’ with the famous Lithuanian military up and down the Byelorussian border, because they can. It’s not provokativ or nuffink, just like the recent Black Sea dick swinging that most of the press quotes NATO verbatim and makes no comment on the deliberate provocation.


      2. Yes, if Navalny had simply been run over by Citizen Dubrovnik, a drunk driver who was promptly arrested, Washington could speculate all it liked about ‘connections’ but it could not prove anything and its previous foaming Russophobia would make it look foolish. Take a memo, Kremlin – stop using distinctive Soviet nerve agents to poison enemies when you know it is the first thing the west will look for. Get back to fundamentals.


    1. Do it, you sissies!! Impose a complete shutdown of construction to ‘punish’ Russia for something you have offered no evidence whatsoever that they did. What would make it beyond perfect would be if Russia still refused to transit gas through Ukraine, and soon enough that will be elementary anyway because its pipeline system is falling apart. Then Europe would have a shortfall of more than 30% of its present supply. I would not even rule out that gas prices would go so high that Nord Stream I running at rivet-popping capacity would nearly make up Russia’s losses from pumping twice as much gas, and they will have more to sell to China. Uncle Sam could not make up the difference in his wildest dreams, and although prices would go so high that American LNG would be profitable, Germans would be paying until they screamed and their pockets were frayed and they had pulled all their hair out. So Uncle Sam, in a way, would be working for Russia at teaching the Europeans a lesson, one which time would greatly soften any suspicions that Russia caused it, while America’s image would be in the toilet.

      Do it, Merkel! And reveal yourself as the Washington pawn you are steadily being cornered into playing. Just notice, I hope, that you were only ‘Chancellor of the Free World’ while you were laying down policies of which Washington approved. As soon as you’re not, your loyalty comes into question, and your country has to take a big one for the team so Washington will relax.


      1. Don’t you think that over cocktails someone is whispering into a few sensitive shell-like European ears something along the lines of

        “Be a real shame if NordStream I started developing technical difficulties this Autumn and Winter.”?

        Political theatre is all well and good until the point at which the music ceases and tonight’s designated patsy does the old double take followed by a face palm. Think of a recent vignette featuring the President of Serbia…for all their bravado I doubt that any significant EU leaders, let alone Merkel, has any appetite for such a shit sandwich over NS2 if there were real prospects for uncertainty over energy supplies.


        1. Yes, I’m afraid you’re probably right – in the end, Washington will scream and scream, but the Yurrupeans are just not suicidal enough to go through with it. Shame, really, because nothing would have taught Europe such a sharp lesson as wild energy prices for a year or maybe two. Europe keeps blathering that it is almost ready to switch over to renewables, as if it had discovered a perpetual motion machine, but that is mostly just feelgood blabber although it has made some very good advances.

          Still, it would make a brass Buddha laugh out loud to see the sanctimonious USA howling about countries that weaponize energy, even as it is trying to chivvy a major new customer into its pen by eliminating the competition.

          Something Europe cannot afford right now is higher energy prices. It will take years to iron out how much money was blown on COVID, and even countries which did not employ full-monty lockdowns experienced serious downturns as a result of the murder of the restaurants-and-bars revenue. In Canada, they will be until the end of the next political administration sorting out who got the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB, $2000.00) but was not entitled to it – kids living at home, bums who haven’t held a job in donkey’s years. Right now the true damage is being labeled as ‘taxable income’, which it technically is, but governments have no chance of recovering funds awarded to those who weren’t entitled to it and have no capacity to pay it back. And in most cases the money rushed out as unemployment benefits did not come close to matching individuals’ regular income. Canada blew probably $80 Billion or more on COVID, and it’s not going to get at least half of that back, so it will have to recover it by new or increased taxes. Or go into the borrow-and-spend death spiral like the neighbours.


          1. Yes, your both right – this is political theater to appease the US but the EU will hold its nose in pubic while scurrying around behind the scenes to complete NS 2. That strategy explains the lack of a serious effort produce evidence to support their claims. Why fake it when it won’t soon matter.


            1. Oh, I disagree with that last part. The label of having ‘poisoned’ Navalny is not going away even if Europe draws circles in the dust with its toe while Nord stream II is completed. Germany is not going to be allowed to get away with starting the whole crisis in the first place by shouting that it has irrefutable proof that nothing-boy Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, and now the head of the Russian state must explain himself. I mean, fuck off, Germany, considering it is the one who will reap enormous benefits from Nord Stream II. If the proof is without any doubt, show it, you gutless krauts. But they won’t, because they know Russia has blood and tissue samples that contradict it.

              I don’t know what possessed them to go along with this – perhaps Washington suggested if they backstabbed Russia they would be able to extract major concessions, maybe wind up with most of the control over the pipeline, but probably not because Washington doesn’t want the pipeline completed. Or maybe Washington suggested Germany could get control by putting Russia at a disadvantage, but reasoned that Russia would just stop construction. I couldn’t say, but Germany blew off every bit of confidence it earned by standing up to the USA, and now it’s just another perfidious western ‘partner’ that has to be watched every second because as soon as Russia turns away it will be knifed in the back. Way to go, Washington. America ruins everything it touches.


              1. It looks like what you say. But consider that the NS 2 campaign is meant to save the US fracking industry from utter collapse. The hope that NS 2 can be stopped with the resulting flood of LNG shipments to the EU may be staving mass loan defaults and an irreversible dissolution of fracking capability. This may be more than simply poking Russia in the eye and making some bucks, it may be a last gasp effort to save the great Gas Hope of America and the geopolitical power that it represented.

                I just convinced myself that the US will never give up efforts to stop NS 2. Russia may think the same thing. If so, Russia may soon give up, cap the pipe and allow Europe to reap the consequences. After the cost of LNG starts to sink the EU and Germany in particular there may be a slave rebellion but unlikely. Perhaps the EU will buy Qatar LNG, I don’t know.


                1. I think Russia will continue to work stolidly away on the pipeline, bringing it closer to completion, and that Europe will ultimately balk at paying crazy gas prices. The USA is probably so desperate it might offer gas at break-even prices at first just to establish clientele, but even the USA’s break-even price is higher than Russia’s base price for pipeline gas, and the USA could not stay at break-even – it wants to make money. But the critical point is to achieve dependency; to take Russian gas out of the equation, and establish a dependent relationship between Europe the customer and America the supplier. Then the sky’s the limit – America can use energy to remake Europe’s political landscape to its liking, carve out new market share for American production, and soften Europe’s aversion to GMO produce.

                  Shame it’s never going to happen. It might, if Russia didn’t already have several pipelines into Europe. But it does, and it would not take a genius to figure out the gas coming through those pipes cost a hell of a lot less than American gas, or that it was the entry into the market of American LNG that made the price for all gas go up. People are incredibly stupid about quite a lot of things, but when it comes to money and costs, they’re all Scottish.

                  The US will never stop trying, because that’s in its nature; it does not like to lose. But lose it will. It has convinced itself that stopping NS II will solve all its problems, but its problems go much deeper than that.


        2. BBC

          Nord Stream 2: Why Germany may pull plug on Russian pipeline

          Ironically, one reason that many Germans support the pipeline is because its greatest critic is US President Donald Trump. He is disliked in Germany and his rants against the pipeline only serve to boost its popularity.

          Many voters suspect he wants it scrapped in order to sell American fuel to Germany instead. Mrs Merkel has to avoid the impression that she is giving in to pressure from Mr Trump.

          What a ludicrous suspicion to have!

          The USA wants to sell its freedom molecules to Europeans because it loves them Krauts and Limeys and Polaks and Cheese-Eating-Surrender-Monkeys etc. so much and wants to help them in their pursuit of happiness, which undertaking, according to the Constitution of the USA, is an “unalienable right” given to all humans by something called “god” and which governments are created to protect.


          1. Here’s yer Pursuit of Happiness, Yurrup.

            Well it’s hard to laugh
            when you know that she’s been cheating
            Had her hands around him,
            and she’s been givin’ it a beating, well it’s
            hard to laugh,
            when you know that she’s been lying, but you
            got to laugh
            to prevent yourself from crying.

            Is that about the size of it?

            The press that claims Germany is considering ‘pulling the plug on Nord Stream II’ is the same as the press frenzy on the tragic ‘poisoning of Lyosha’ – an effort originating with corporate America and the neoconservative ideologues to achieve unstoppable momentum where a thing happens just because everyone thinks it is happening.


  42. Craig Murray: our Man in the Public Gallery: the Assange Hearing Day 6

    I went to the Old Bailey today expecting to be awed by the majesty of the law, and left revolted by the sordid administration of injustice.

    There is a romance which attaches to the Old Bailey. The name of course means fortified enclosure and it occupies a millennia old footprint on the edge of London’s ancient city wall. It is the site of the medieval Newgate Prison, and formal trials have taken place at the Old Bailey for at least 500 years, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. For the majority of that time, those convicted even of minor offences of theft were taken out and executed in the alleyway outside. It is believed that hundreds, perhaps thousands, lie buried under the pavements…

    Plenty more at the link.

    Judicial corruption British style! The only possible reason this is being played out as it is I would conclude is that the United States demands it if BREXIT Britain (which ever color of it you are) wants a quick deal with the US and handing over Assange for a full-on show trial a la Americaine (pour decourage les autres) is a key requirement.


    1. ####

      This is the extraordinary (self-imposed) situation the west finds itself in. Self-Censorship has become key if you are not an active proponent and cheerleader for the governments(s). So, why do we need journalists and newspapers? They have no purpose. Maybe entertainment?


  43. Apparently Lukashenko has stopped all Byelorussian export trade via the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, instead sending it via Russia’s Lust-Uga port. Lithuania is protesting. “Not fair?” No doubt Washington is telling Lithuania to “Take one for the team!”

    The US could quite easily off-set the losses incurred and I don’t see why Russia would ask for a monetary extra considering it sticks it to a Balt (Be careful of your wishes becoming true). I suppose the point, yet again is, to be an ally of the United States is to put yourself in harm’s way on their behalf, either militarily, politically or economically. This has domestic consequences at some point, not to mention the rather limited popuations of such states.

    The US also has a history of abandoning such allies when it goes wrong (Hello Georgia) and someone else has to pick up the pieces…


    1. The Lithuanian trade balance has been relentlessly negative for the last ten years, only once (2009) by less than $2 Billion USD.

      Russia is Lithuania’s primary trade partner for both imports and exports. It is the top export destination by a significant margin, and the top source of imports to Lithuania, although Germany is a close second.

      Lithuania’s financial elite are attempting to downplay the potential impact – Lukashenko could not divert all cargoes in a short time, so pfffft! to him, we’re not worried. We were thinking of completely reshuffling our cargo flows anyway, no time like the present, nuts to you, Lukashenko – taste our Baltic sanctions!! He says Belarusian cargoes make up 30% of Lithuania’s budget revenue, but it’s really less that 2%, so nuts to him!

      An independent analyst suggests that what Lukashenko may have meant was that Belarusian cargoes made up more than 30% of Klaipeda’s cargo volume last year, and if that’s the case, the figures are accurate. But only about 1.4% of total state budget revenue, ha, ha, Lukashenko! But I am reminded of how Ukraine squalls over the loss of gas transit from Russia, which fees only made up about 2% of state revenue. And I do not see any other customers stepping up to balance the shortfall. Maybe they will be getting a lot of business from American companies. I was being sarcastic.

      Meanwhile, Washington’s deft manipulation of the Poles to carry out regime change in Belarus reminds me a little bit of the FSB/GRU’s determination to use Novichok over and over…don’t they learn anything from mistakes? The result of the Americo-Polish axis’s dabbling has driven Belarus firmly into Russia’s embrace, just the way the west’s hamfisted attempts to split Russia and China forged a much solider alliance between the two than had existed previously, and drove them to vote in lockstep at the UN to foil western great-game proposals. Learn you have not, hmmmmm?

      Lithuania might do well to take a lingering look at how diversion of cargoes has affected the neighbours; Latvia reports a 10% decrease in cargo transhipments handled by the port of Riga in 2019 over 2018 (there’s a misprint in the article and it says 2018 twice), and that follows a decrease of 12% year-over-year from 2017.


  44. Lord Sauron just loves the taste of Memelade…

    I’ll get me coat.

    (In my defence: not often you can produce such a dreadful pun)


    1. Apparently that was the second time someone had a bad reaction to the Oxford-developed trial vaccine. This is the one that uses a chimpanzee adenovirus vector, as opposed to Sputnik V which uses two human adenovirus vectors.

      University of Oxford: About the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine

      The Lancet publishes a report on the two trials of the Sputnik V vaccine:
      Denis Y Logunov et al, Safety and immunogenicity of an rAd26 and rAd5 vector-based heterologous prime-boost COVID-19 vaccine in two formulations: two open, non-randomised phase 1/2 studies from Russia, The Lancet


  45. A reply by a Russian blogger to the statement made by some arsehole in an opinion piece in the “Independent” that “Kremlin propaganda” only refers to the “politician” Navalny as a “blogger”:

    Почему Навальный называет себя политиком? Ведь он обычный блогер, не больше

    Why does Navalny call himself a politician. He’s simply a blogger, nothing more.
    1 September 2020

    No, he’s not really a politician. For me, a politician is a person who is professionally involved in political activities. The key word is “professional”: that is is to say, this is his job and profession. Putin is a politician, and Sobyanin is a politician. Even Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky are also politicians. The former are the president and the mayor, the latter are the leaders of political parties. Note: parties officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

    Navalny also has a so-called “party”: it’s called “Russia of the Future.” But the trouble is, it is not registered anywhere. I can also create a party, get my friends and acquaintances to join it and call myself a politician. I have a party, so I am a politician. Navalny can do that, so why can’t I?

    So, Alexey does not hold any political posts. Maybe he considers himself a politician because he ran for the mayoral elections in Moscow in 2013, which he also lost. We have another whom nobody votes for: “Spider” from the metal group “Metal Corrosion” also ran in a lot of elections — for mayors of Khimki, and Zhukovsky and for the Duma. Is he a politician too? And the bandit Emelya from my hometown, who runs for every election to the local administration — is he also a politician?

    No, these people are not politicians. nor is Navalny.

    Okay, maybe Alexey Anatolyevich [Navalny] considers himself a politician because he runs a [video] channel about politics? Doesn’t check out: so Yury Dud [sports journalist], who shoots videos about rappers and HIV-infected people, automatically becomes a musician and a doctor?

    So why does Navalny think of himself as a politician, and this opinion of his is echoed by all his entourage? Because of the FBK? [Fund for the Struggle against Corruption] Well, the activity of the FBK is not political: political activity is involved with society as a whole. Even if you stretch things, the Anti-Corruption Fund investigations do not bring any benefit to the public at large: I was so surprised to learn that governmental authorities steal! And nobody knew of this! Thank you, for enlightening me about this matter!

    Half the country consists of such “politicians” as is Navalny. Everyone is keen to scold the president and officials. And the point is. Navalny is no different from the rest here. Well, except that he is better known.

    In general, let’s call things, that is, people, by their proper names. Politicians are politicians, and bloggers are bloggers. And Navalny is a blogger, not a politician. If Navalny gets elected somewhere, then we’ll talk about his being a politician. In the meantime, it’s too early to do so.


  46. 09 сентября 2020 11:12
    ,a href=”″>Польша предложила Германии замену “Северному потоку-2”

    09 September 2020 11:12
    Poland has proposed that Germany replace Nord Stream 2

    The Polish government has offered Germany its Baltic Pipe instead of Nord Stream 2 for gas supplies, spokesman for the government of the republic Piotr Müller said on Wednesday on Polish TV.

    “If such needs are declared on the German side, Poland is open to use also the infrastructure it is constructing for its own energy security”, said Müller (quoted by TASS).

    Step back in amazement!


  47. Gas prices for consumers are important. But German industry needs gas. If they get it from the US then they are hostage to US whims. In an age of trade wars, that is really dangerous. For example, if NS2 does not get built and Europe relies more on US LNG gas, then the US can blackmail Europe over prices, interrupt supply, cause delays, all to the detriment of German industry. And German industry will then lose out to US rivals, becoming less competitive, less reliable, more expensive.

    This, I think, is the real struggle. Not many of our elites care too much about what consumers pay.


    1. Yes, exactly – that’s the national implication, but all most people will care about is the personal implication; I, Hans Gutenmadd, will have to pay much higher gas prices. You going to give me a bigger salary to do that? Yes? Where’s it coming from? Oh, you’re going to borrow more money. From the taxpayers, as Germany is the main underwriter of the European Central Bank, and pretty much the only solvent one. Elected governments have to be, to some extent, careful of arousing the ire of the voters – otherwise, they don’t care, and having to pay more for American gas would be a mere piffle if not for the fact that the voters would have to pay more, too, else Germany would have to go steadily deeper into debt.

      Most politicians also would not care if America gained a great deal more control over Europe, through Germany – Uncle Sam always pays his useful toadies well, and they’d do all right. But the main problem is logistics – America does not have a pipeline to Germany, and must deliver its LNG in behemoth tankers which could not in their wildest dreams handle the demand. But the USA has to REPLACE Russian gas, not just supplement it, because as long as Russian gas is still coming in, the consumers cannot help but notice how much cheaper it is. Or else the benchmark price has to be raised across the board to conceal it, in which case Russia is getting paid much more for less gas, so money-wise, Russia is not really getting hurt at all.

      “In a nutshell, where Asian and European buyers of US gas will compare the variable costs of receiving gas – the price at the liquefaction facility plus the ocean freight – with local measures – JKM- the Japan Korea Marker, and NBP- a UK price – the export facilities with the lower facility costs have a better likelihood of sustaining continued shipping activity.

      As the Henry Hub price, the main marker in the US driving prices at liquefaction trains, has risen to a level around $2/mmBTU spot, with the forward curve showing a bump up to nearly $3/mmBTU out into 2021, spreads don’t compensate for the costs of shipping to Asia, or Europe.

      Based on June, 2020 numbers, delivered costs into Asia and Europe exceed the local measures. In the words of RBN, “cargoes are largely out of the money, especially given that from a competitive standpoint, US-sourced LNG has among the highest transportation costs due to its relative distance from destination markets.” To wit, Sempra has now delayed a Final Investment Decision (FID) on an export terminal in the works for Port Arthur, Texas, some 11m tpa.”


  48. In current news, the Zvezda shipyard has a new contract for 10 LNG carriers for a total of 15 russian built ships, i.e. not the previous South Korean built ships.

    In other news, Norway is asking for banned Barents Observer to be allowed back in to Russia.

    Paralell to that they are protesting the expulsion of a Norwegian diplomat in response to Oslo’s explusion first of a Russian one. It’s not fair!

    On top of all that, the Norwegian navy along with the United States Navy & Royal Navy are currently carrying out ‘exercises’ in Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone in the Barents Sea for the first time since the early 1990s. Norway doth protest too much.

    As for who funds the Barents Observer (not advertising of course), from their own About Us page:

    The Barents Observer is funded by donations from many individuals, private companies, foundations and others. A grant from European Endowment for Democracy makes it possible for us to publish all news in Russian language for our thousands of readers in Russia….The Foundation Fritt Ord has granted project support, Henriksen Shipping provides partner support. The Nordic Council of Ministers supports our project Eyes on Barents, the collaborative partnership between news organizations and bloggers in the Barents region.

    In the Circumpolar north, we have teamed up with the two media networks Eye on the Arctic and Arctic Today. In Russia, the Moscow Times frequently republishes articles by the Barents Observer…

    Eye on the Artic backers are Radio Canada International (State), (State), Barents Observer, Sveriges Radio (State), (Anchorage Daily News – Binkley co) & Alaska Public Radio (State).

    Artic Today is a ‘non-profit’ with ‘partners from around the world’ and also publishes ‘syndicated news’ from Reuters.

    And Barents Observer are piloting a Chinese language edition too. Yes, a truly ‘independent’ media outlet that survives on subscriptions, advertising and nothing else!

    How can you claim to be independent when you are being given propaganda grants from state and supranational organisations? Independent in the sense that no-one tells you what to write but you employ the people with the ‘mindset’, but not financially. The west really is embarassed for choice when it comes to laundering its propaganda though ‘independent’ news organizations. It really dwarfs anything Russia can produce, but we are not supposed to look to closely at the double standard.


      1. Tass: Press review: Is the Belarus protest movement doomed to fail and NATO aims for the Arctic

        Top stories in the Russian press on Wednesday, September 9

        …Media: Arctic zone in NATO’s crosshairs

        … The drills are said to be aimed at demonstrating NATO’s commitment to freedom of navigation in the region, Rossiyskaya Gazeta notes.

        “They are stepping up their activities in the region, which is what our countries’ leadership has repeatedly pointed to. Do these activities cause us to be concerned? They certainly do, but our forces are in control of the region, taking advantage of NATO’s drills to practice ways to counter them,” the newspaper quoted military expert Viktor Murakhovsky as saying…

        Aka FONOPS, the same figleaf excuse the US uses in the South China Sea to swing its naval balls in China’s face. Well done NATO for managing the same excuse in two places! That’s about it.


        1. NATO can have the Arctic ‘in its crosshairs’ all it likes, but right now everything that goes through there has to go behind an icebreaker. How many hardcore icebreakers does NATO have? How many does Russia have? Who’s building more? Who’s just dithering and firing off bumper-sticker slogans as a substitute for activity?


          1. A NATO ‘icebreaker’ is one of the many alcoholic shindigs they have to congratulate being paid great wages for a useless job that has no bar for failure.


  49. KP.RU

    9 сентября 2020 9:43
    Германия проинформировала G7, но не Москву, о выводах своих специалистов по делу Навального
    С Россией своими выводами Берлин не делится

    9 September 2020 9:43
    Germany has informed the G7, but not Moscow, about the conclusions of its specialists in the Navalny case
    Berlin has not shared its conclusions with Russia

    “We, the Foreign Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, as well as the Permanent Representative of the European Union, are united in the strongest condemnation of the confirmed poisoning of Alexei Navalny” – this is how the text of the joint statement of the foreign ministers of the G7 countries begins.

    “Germany has informed its G7 partners that clinical and toxicological results from studies conducted by German medical experts and a specialized laboratory of the German armed forces showed that Navalny was the victim of an attack using a Novichok substance”, the statement said.

    It follows from the document text that the G7 Foreign Ministers “in the strongest possible manner” condemn the confirmation of the use of a chemical warfare agent against the oppositionist and demand that Russia immediately find the perpetrators.

    Conceited, righteous bastards!


    1. And get this: a comment to the above article by a Yukie:

      Сегодня, в 15:14
      Украина, Хмельницкая область
      Г-н сугноркин. Вам, возможно, будет интересно узнать, что на этапе следствия подозреваемого обычно не включают в состав следственной группы и не делятся с ним собранной информацией. Это уже в суде происходит, потерпите

      Today at 15:14
      The Ukraine, Khmelnytsky region
      Mr. Sugnorkin. You may be interested to know that during an investigation, the suspect is usually not included in the investigation team and the information collected is not shared with him. This is already happening in court: bear with it.

      Oh the irony!

      The Ukrainian twat is addressing the Editor in Chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Vladimir Nikolaevich Sungorkin, but he cannot spell the editor’s name correctly.


  50. I hope this link works as we have yet another twist in the Navalny saga!!!
    By Finnian Cunningham

    “…….. So now the Navalny poison episode takes on a new twist with German military intelligence subsequently claiming they found traces of Novichok on a bottle of water the Russian dissident had purportedly been drinking from. Rather, it sounds more like the authors of this false-flag operation have “bottled” – meaning became unnerved by the absurdities inherent in their own narrative.”

    //// a bottle that contain a nerve agent didn’t kill his wife or the entourage pushing this crap.


    1. They were saying this a couple of days ago. And they found, they said, traces of he poison on Navalny’s skin and clothing as well.

      Remember, this is “Novichok” that they’re talking about!

      So why aren’t any of those who were in close proximity to Navalny dosed?

      Why aren’t they all dead?

      Why no hazmat suits, Salisbury style?

      Have they impounded the aircraft Navalny was flying in?

      Why hasn’t it been destroyed yet?


      1. Its a good thing there were no alcoholic bums on board that aeroplane: judging by the results of the previous chemical weapons attack launched by the Evil Russians, such people are particularly prone to the effects of Novichok.


        1. Anyway, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the German ambassador today to ask him what the fuck Germany is doing in not sharing its data on the Navalny case, not cooperating with Russia and arsing around with the EU and the USA about “punishing” Russia, yet the German government in its turn is demanding that Russia do this and do that in order to bring the person/s who attempted to assassinate Navalny to justice.


          1. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement following the summons of German Ambassador to Russia Geza Andreas von Gaire to Smolenskaya Square. The diplomat received a “resolute protest” in connection with the accusations against Russia over the situation with Alexei Navalny, the departmental website says.

            “Against the background of this hysteria, a substantive and detailed response from the German side to the official request of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia dated August 27, 2020 with all medical data, including biomaterials, results of examinations and test samples, for the purpose of their comprehensive study and verification by specialists has been renewed”, said the Foreign Ministry.

            The German ambassador was told that Berlin’s refusal to provide these materials will be regarded by Moscow “as a refusal of the Federal Government of the FRG to establish the truth within the framework of an objective investigation” and also as “a gross hostile provocation against Russia.” All this will be fraught with “consequences for Russian-German relations”, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned.



          2. That would not have been the message I would have communicated. It would be ‘Have your desk cleared out by five o’clock, and be on the plane to Berlin at seven. You can come back when you bring a sample of Navalny’s blood with you, showing the Novichok poisoning that almost killed him. No blood sample, G von G, or no apology, and you can brush up on your Russian scenery in the postcard section at the airport.”


          1. Ah but … I found an article in “Die Zeit” (the thinking Fritz’s weekly journal) which says that the Evil Orcs had specially developed this “Novichok that the Evil Orcs had specially developed for the Navalny job and which has a longer period before it takes effect on the target. This was so the Bullshitter could go into his rolling on the deck and screaming fit whilst on board the aeroplane. The special Navalny Novichok was smeared on a drinking glass from which the lying bastard drank water. Who gave it him, no one knows, but his statuesque wife handed it over to the Bundeswehr labs in Berlin.

            And get this: Navalny would have died, says “Die Zeit” only for the quick thinking of the flight captain and the doctors in Omsk, who gave the actor atropine, which as it happens, is the best antidote to the most dangerous weapons grade nerve agent known to man. In fact, congratulations are offered from Germany to the Omsk doctors for saving Navalny’s life.

            I kid you not! You couldn’t make it up!

            But the lying Western bastards do! And they did so over the Skripal affair. And the stupid sheeple in the West believe all this hogwash.

            Fuck the West off Russia!!!!!

            Lost the link, though.

            And in “Die Zeit” this morning, there is a report on that fat lying twat mouthing it off about who did what to Lyosha:

            Mike Pompeo beschuldigt “hochrangige russische Regierungsmitglieder”
            Der US-Außenminister gibt sich überzeugt, dass ranghohe Kreml-Mitarbeiter hinter dem Anschlag auf Alexej Nawalny stecken. Man habe einen Dissidenten vergiften wollen.
            10. September 2020, 2:18 Uhr Aktualisiert am 10. September 2020, 6:31 Uhr

            Mike Pompeo has accused “Russian high-ranking members of the government”.
            The US Secretary of state is convinced that high-ranking Kremlin staff behind the attempt on Alexei Navalny. A dissident has to be poisoned.

            10. September 2020, 2:18 PM,Updated on 10. September, 2020, 6:31 PM

            See, “He’s convinced” — that’ll do me. Nuke Russia!


            1. Buggered the link up yet again.

              Noch einmals liebe Freunde!

              Mike Pompeo beschuldigt “hochrangige russische Regierungsmitglieder”
              Der US-Außenminister gibt sich überzeugt, dass ranghohe Kreml-Mitarbeiter hinter dem Anschlag auf Alexej Nawalny stecken. Man habe einen Dissidenten vergiften wollen.

              10. September 2020, 2:18 Uhr Aktualisiert am 10. September 2020, 6:31 Uhr

              Mike Pompeo has accused “Russian high-ranking members of the government”.
              The US Secretary of state is convinced that high-ranking Kremlin staff behind the attempt on Alexei Navalny. A dissident has to be poisoned.

              10. September 2020, 2:18 PM,Updated on 10. September, 2020, 6:31 PM

              See, “He’s convinced”!

              That’ll do me for me, Mike!

              Nuke Russia!

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              1. Can’t be arsed searching “Die Zeit” for where it mentions the new type of delayed action Novichok.

                Here’s a second hand report from RIA Novosti:

                Die Zeit написала о новом типе “Новичка” в истории с Навальным
                23:30 09.09.2020 (обновлено: 05:42 10.09.2020)

                In an article about Navalny, “Die Zeit” has written about a new type of “Novichok”
                23:30 09.09.2020 (updated: 05:42 09.10.2020)

                MOSCOW, September 9 – RIA Novosti. The German newspaper “Die Zeit” has written that Alexei Navalny was “poisoned” with a new type of “Novichok”.

                The publication claims that the poisoners allegedly sprayed poison into the blogger’s tea or smeared the substance on the surface of the cup from which he drank.

                At the same time, “Die Zeit” calls Navalny’s rescue “a series of fortunate accidents”, which were the emergency landing of the aeroplane and the actions of the Omsk doctors, who immediately injected the patient with atropine.

                “Forget about ‘Novichok’ “

                One of the developers of Novichok, Leonid Rink, said in a comment to RIA Novosti that the “Die Zeit” information could not be true, since Navalny had no symptoms of poisoning with this substance.

                “Absolute bullshit! I, of course, know all the Novichok variants. This statement, however, has nothing to do with the mechanism of action, with the fact that symptoms should have appeared. There are no symptoms. Even if you say what you want to say, there are no symptoms”, he noted.

                Earlier on Wednesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned German Ambassador Gez Andreas von Gayr and expressed his strong protest over the “unfounded accusations and ultimatums” of the German government in the situation with Navalny.

                The symptoms that did not appear and about which Rink spoke are quite clear: almost sudden death!

                Some folk have been shouting about this since day 1 of the Novichok saga in Salisbury: It ain’t “Novichok” ‘cos they ain’t dead!!!!!!

                So the variants entered the liars’ stories: for example, too damp in Salisbury for the most deadly weapons grade nerve agent known to man to have taken effect etc.

                And the projection of the lying bastards’ lies against Russia began. I heard countless times how British liars said in the press and at Westminster that the Russians had given over 40 different explanations about what had happened in Salisbury. But these weren’t confessions of guilt that the Orcs were presenting: they were expressions of possibilities in the light of variants constantly put forward by the UK


                1. New, improved “Novichok”!!!!

                  Отравлен новейшим типом “Новичка”

                  Poisoned by the latest type of “Novichok”

                  They’re out to get me, I tell ya!!!!

                  Navalny was poisoned with a new, previously unknown type of nerve agent “Novichok”, “Die Zeit” has reported, citing sources. True, they did not name which sources. But, this is as it always is in such cases. And nobody knows about this newest type of “Novichok”, but the newspaper “Die Zeit” does. However, let’s continue …

                  According to unnamed experts interviewed by the German newspaper, only the Russian special services could have had access to this new type of poison, and the politician was saved by an exceptionally “happy coincidence”: the emergency landing of the aeroplane in time and the correct actions of the Omsk doctors, who injected him with atropine.

                  The journalists of the publication claim that the poison, traces of which were found by German scientists, is stronger and more dangerous than all the previously known poisons of the” Novichok” group. The remains of a modified type of nerve agent, according to Die Zeit, were found on Mr. Navalny’s hands and on the neck of a bottle from which he drank.

                  Die Zeit adds that, according to the German special services, the poison could have been added to tea or applied to the rim of a cup. Immediately after Mr. Navalny had been hospitalized, the version that the politician could have been poisoned by tea was expressed by his press secretary Kira Yarmysh.

                  “Novichok” is somehow strange, especially its newest version. Those “poisoned” by it survive. Oh yes! Only thanks to the competent actions of the pilots were they able to save Navalny (a speedy recovery to him). By the way, they should indicate how Alexey’s getting on there — at least from a distance — otherwise, folk would start getting worried about him …

                  And why do we have to believe this message from our German “partners”, about this new version of the “Novichok” and the skilful actions of the pilots who landed the aircraft in the most difficult conditions and thereby saved Alexei Navalny …?

                  By the way, one of the developers of the “Novichok” Leonid Rink said all of this was utter nonsense. The scientist stated that he knew all the variants of “Novichok”. Rink drew attention to the fact that Navalny did not have symptoms of poisoning with this substance, because otherwise he would have died …


                  Otherwise, yes! Only thanks to the skillful and heroic actions of the German pilots were they able to save Alexey Navalny!

                  And let’s listen whatever else they tell us about the poisoning and everything connected with it

                  It will be interesting…

                  A speedy and full recovery …

                  I don’t think the pilots of the Tomsk-Moscow flight were German.


              2. Comment from Zeit reader:

                Pompeo vor Studenten: Ich war chef des CIA. Wir gaben gelogen, gestohlen und betrogen.
                Mehr ist dazu nicht zu sagen.

                Pompeo in front of students: I was head of the CIA. We lied, stolen, and betrayed.
                There is nothing more to say.

                A quick glance through the Zeit readers. comments shows that the journal’s readership is not fully supportive of the arguments put forward in the publication. However, there is a lot of hard-nosed Atlanticist commentary, especially from one person who labels himself as USGerman and another as Rahel Gershwin, which latter comments:

                Lieber Transatlantiker als Transuraliker, vor allem als Oppositionspolitiker.

                Denn die leben in Russland besonders ungesund, verglichen mit entwickelten Ländern

                Oi vey!

                Better being a transatlantic person than a transuralist, especially as an opposition politician.

                Because they live particularly unhealthily in Russia compared with developed countries


    2. Preaching to the choir here; I’m pretty sure we all agree, and it closely mirrors discussion here. It would have given his message more credibility if he could have gotten Navalny’s name right – he’s Alexey, not Sergey, but those who defend the poisoning story would be quick to leap on that and say, he doesn’t even know who he’s talking about.

      Supposedly finding traces of ‘Novichok’ on a water bottle handed over by the relatives is irrelevant, and appears to have been introduced only for confusion. Let’s go over this one more time – Navalny boards a plane, to all appearances in average good health. A little more than half an hour into the flight, he goes to the toilet, and when he comes out or is taken out, he is howling and screaming and in obvious distress. The plane is diverted and Navalny is rushed to hospital in Omsk, The doctors do a toxicology scan to discover what might be wrong with him, and come up blank – no poisons, and they still have those blood samples.

      Navalny is stabilized and evacuated to Germany without regaining consciousness, so if he drank anything after leaving Russia, it was by intubation feed – he could not drink if he was unconscious, and there was no detected poison in his blood while he was in Russia. German doctors claim he was poisoned by a cholinesterase inhibitor. When that becomes embarrassingly ridiculous, that story is abandoned. A few days later, the Germans claim there is absolutely no doubt Navalny was poisoned with Novichok – not that some Novichok has been found on a water bottle. It is the cause of Navalny being in a coma until, what? Day before yesterday?

      Navalny had no organophosphate poisoning in his blood when he left Russia, unconscious but stable enough to be moved. At some point thereafter, Novichok was allegedly detected in the blood of a Navalny who had never regained consciousness, and would have had to take all his nourishment and drink through a tube. The Russians still have his blood samples, and presumably can prove they do not contain poison, which they likely do not have the capability to erase. The Germans refuse to provide any samples of Navalny’s ‘poisoned’ blood, but even if they do, it does not explain how the poison got there and why Russia is being blamed. If – as the story they seem to be trying to cobble together suggests – Navalny drank water from a poisoned water bottle while in the toilet (and I don’t know about you, but I have a personal rule against taking food or drink into the toilet, it’s just…icky), there would most assuredly be traces of the agent in his blood samples taken in Russia; it could not have been powerful enough to render him unconscious and not show up in his blood, only to appear days later just before he woke up, and after the Germans also failed to detect it. What a circus.

      It might behoove Merkel to embark on an Erdogan-style purge, and relieve some members of her intelligence apparatus and medical services of their duties at once, without pensions. Or else she is going to be seen by Russia as complicit in the scheme herself.

      Good catch, James!


  51. Neuters via Merkel dampens talk of halting Nord Stream 2, party sources say

    …Economy Minister Peter Altmaier kept open the possibility of future sanctions but said late on Monday that keeping lines of communication open was often more effective as sanctions could result in a hardening of politics.

    “I don’t know of any case where a country like Russia, or a similar country, has been moved by sanctions to change its behaviour.”

    The head of the German Eastern Business Association said it would be almost impossible to halt the project from a legal perspective.

    Yes, it looks like Germany is playing along to take advantage as much as possible in lieu of other means. Still, it’s fairly clear that the talk is much bigger than any potential action.


      1. Maybe the ‘larger picture’ is that this accusation is being leveraged (irrelevant of being truthful or not) to try and limit Russia vis-a-vis Byelorussia, i.e. keeping their powder dry too. I think they fear a Crimea 2.0.

        Russia, like any good follower of Sun-Tzu, knows that you never fight the next battle based on the last one.

        The west is serially illiterate and repeats the same mistakes over and over again. If it fails, try harder. Don’t question the thesis.


        1. I guess this explains all the extra NATO swinging of military balls.

          Shoigu says that military activity around Russia’s borders is already up by 30% on last year.

          Some of this is probably do something ‘Russia election interference blah blah blah’ US pols hardons and is now convenient as one of the things that actually does annoy Russia quite a lot. It’s something they can do in absence of any other tool available.


        2. Well, as I believe I mentioned before, if that was the plan, it could not have failed more spectacularly. Initially believing Russia was out to topple him, Lukashenko eventually got wise and accepted Russia’s help, and now he appears to be turning resolutely away from the west and seeking security and closer economic and political ties with Russia. It will be twice harder to sow dissension in his mind next time the west tries it.

          The Sun Tzu reference resonates, because Sun Tzu’s discipline revolved around “Win Without Fighting”. I know that style of resistance is not the done thing among the warrior Finns, and some on here would rather see Russia lash out militarily and go out in a blaze of glory. But it seems to characterize Russia’s actions to date. And while it seems as if the west has the initiative because it can make up new accusations at will for which it demands Russia be held to account, who’s it hurting, really? Is Crimea Ukrainian again? Have western sanctions destroyed the Russian economy? Is Russia constrained in its freedom to maneuver internationally? And for the west’s hamfisted blunders with Russia, make that times ten with China – mark my words, the west has not even sampled how life for it is going to change if it tries to pull the same shit with China. They’re patient – Sun Tzu was, after all, Chinese – but they have long memories and are skilled at observing patterns.


          1. The West may have concluded it’s now or never regarding Belarus. Russia is much more than surviving Western pressure and the Western economies are suffering Novachok symptoms. If the West could have wrenched away Belarus, they probably could have retained it despite its changing fortunes. They may try other hail Mary attempts; thinking Venezuela mostly.


    1. Big girl’s blouses, the lot of them. If they actually have real evidence that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok and that only Russia could have been responsible, they should have the strength of their convictions, and halt the construction of Nord Stream II at once. If they have no such proof, they should also have the moral strength to apologize and sack the offenders. But that’s not the way things are done anymore – it’s death by insinuation, claims of rock-solid proof which cannot be made public, and once the damage is done everyone just stops talking about it, and it goes away until some British jackass brings it up on the next occasion Russia is accused. Russia must have done this despite their fervid denials, and ‘member when they poisoned Navalny?


  52. Tass: Press review: Bundestag fears forsaking Nord Stream 2 and Russia charts new Syria strategy

    Top stories in the Russian press on Tuesday, September 8

    …Vedomosti: US can’t say no to Russian oil products

    …The export of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel, fuel oil, naphtha, gas oil) from Russia to the United States by the end of this year may grow by 25% compared with last year to 175 mln barrel in physical terms and 1.5-fold to $6 bln in terms of value, Vygon Consulting analysts told Vedomosti. In the second half of the year, Russia will increase exports of oil products by 20-30%, experts said. At the same time, oil exports by the end of the year may decline 1.7-fold to 28 mln barrels and by a quarter in monetary terms to $1.5 bln, according to Vygon Consulting…

    …In June 2020, Russia ranked fourth among major suppliers of crude oil and petroleum products to the United States, after Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Exports in June from Russia amounted to 16.54 mln barrels, the Energy Information Administration of the United States Department of Energy (EIA) said. According to Vygon Consulting, the total volume of oil and oil products exports from Russia to the United States in 2020 will be about $8 bln against $6 bln at the end of 2019.

    u-Rope is more than happy to significantly sabotage its own economic activity to help the US even as the latter benefits from trade with Russia. mothsHamsters to the Flame!


    1. One can see where this is going: ultimately it’s all about following the money trail and where it eventually winds up (Wall St). The real reason Europe must not get any gas from NSII is that a direct supply or a direct supply network cuts out any opportunity for the US to control prices and any other part of the money transaction flows associated with the project. Whereas for the Europeans to be forced to obtain their energy from the US, regardless of its ultimate origins – it could even be Russian-origin energy products – so that the US can continue to keep a tight leash on them through price and currency manipulations, and support the continued use of the US dollar: that must be the ultimate goal.


      1. And now they’re psyching up the Fritzes with the idea that they can live without Russian gas, though admitting that doing so would be expensive.

        However, when it comes to freedom and democracy, which direction to take is clear …

        Nord Stream 2
        Die Gasrechnung
        Deutschland ist von Nord Stream 2 nicht abhängig. Ein Stopp des Projektes könnte für Staat und Verbraucher trotzdem teuer werden.
        10. September 2020 Quelle: DIE ZEIT, 10. September 2020

        [audio — only for subscribers]

        Nord Stream 2
        The gas bill
        Germany is not dependent on Nord Stream 2. Stopping the project could still be expensive for the state and consumers.

        September 10, 2020 Source: DIE ZEIT, September 10, 2020


  53. Another miraculous recovery after having been poisoned by “Novichok”!!!!

    СМИ узнали об усиленной охране Навального после прихода в сознание
    10 СЕНТЯБРЯ 2020

    The media learnt about the increased protection of Navalny after his regaining consciousness
    10 SEPTEMBER 2020

    Alexei Navalny has almost completely recovered after his having been brought out of a medically induced coma, writes “Der Spiegel”, “The Insider” and “Bellingcat”. In this regard, the criminal police has strengthened the protection of the politician, fearing that this could give rise to new attempts against his life.

    According to data from these publications, Navalny has already recovered to the point that he has been able to recall the events immediately preceding the poisoning. Immediately after that, the “highest level of security” (“Red Threat”) was introduced.

    They have begun to allow Navalny visitors, although earlier only his wife could see him. However, in order to meet with the politician, you need to overcome three security cordons.

    “According to doctors, physically Navalny will be able to recover at least 90%, and mentally he has already recovered almost completely” writes “The Insider”.

    Another Skripal vanishing act in the offing?

    Asylum in Germany to be granted the Bullshitter and his wife and son, permission for which latter to travel to Germany having already been applied for by Navalnaya at the Russian consulate in Berlin?



        1. I think ‘people all around the world’ will not see that at all, unless people all around the world are imbeciles, and I am allowing for a fairly high percentage of imbeciles. What I think people all around the world will see is that when the United States sets its mind to do something which it cannot accomplish by merely asking, incidents extremely convenient to its objective keep occurring just the way you would expect in a Hollywood script. Oh, goodness! This Happened. Now you must Do This. America fancies itself the master of psychological warfare, but when the world’s population has been subjected to American psy-ops over and over again, you eventually build up a tolerance like a psy-ops callus, that makes you very cynical and prone to saying, cynically, What? Again?

          A ‘dissident’ – what a joke. Navalny is an American agent, seeking to bring down Putin and clear the way for a State-Department-appointed replacement.


  54. Flight Global: China-backed Skyrizon and local partner up pressure for Motor Sich acquisition

    …The renewed effort follows a recent agreement between Skyrizon and Ukrainian conglomerate Development Construction Holding (DCH). Should Kiev bless the deal, DCH will control over 25% of Motor Sich’s shares and Skyrizon an unspecified number; media reports suggest that Skyrizon has already amassed a stake of around 80% in the engine maker.

    According to its website, DCH is involved in a number of business areas including finance, heavy industry, construction and transportation – the company built and runs Kharkov International airport. Alexander Yaroslavsky, president of DCH, is one of Ukraine’s wealthiest men….

    A lot more at the link.

    Resistance continues and Ukraine is not giving up. I don’t see how a 25% Ukranian stake in the business will make any difference to the US Administration, but kudos for the effort.


  55. I thought readers would be interested in what the intrepid Vanessa Beeley has been working on lately – extraordinary investigative work and prolific writing!

    “While the world is distracted by the Covid-19 crisis, scant attention has been paid to events in Syria. The US-led coalition is maintaining a savage multispectrum war on the country, but few are aware of the suffering of the Syrian people as the media have barely reported on the starvation, economic catastrophe, scorched-earth policy, and war crimes directly committed by the US-led coalition and indirectly via their client terrorist groups. All of these are components of the US-led spoiler policy designed to economically reduce Syria to a failed state, a sinister objective they were unable to achieve militarily. “

    Read on …
    Meet the “Violet” Successors to the White Helmets’ Syria Propaganda Throne – Vanessa Beeley


    1. It reminds me of those eastern-Canadian ‘lifetime undercoat’ companies (the East Coast has hard winters, with lots of road salt) that claim to undercoat your car so that it will last – theoretically – a lifetime of the original owner. They spray the underside of your car with some kind of heavy-oil compound, and it’s not useless, but it only lasts about 5 years at best. So when cars they first coated start to rust out, the company declares bankruptcy or otherwise goes out of business, and starts up under a new name.

      Critics perform a useful function to the neoconservatives and regime-changers and political tinkerers; they point out what they are doing so wrong that it has come to public notice. And so, unabashed, they kill off their previous incarnation and start up under a new name, oozing benevolence and humanity. But the goal has not changed at all – keep your eye on the ball.

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    2. This Violet Syria organisation has been around for some years now – it was created in 2012 by a 16-year-old guy, his dad and a couple of his friends – and I think there had been online talk of a Venezuelan version or branch of that organisation. Not surprised that with James Le Mesurier’s demise and the issue of where he had been salting away funding for the White Helmets – apparently some of the money paid for his nuptials to Emma Winberg – the Violet Syria NGO is starting to get attention (and money).

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  56. BMPD: Американские планы создания ракетного оружия средней дальности

    Как сообщает американское издание “Breaking Defense” в материале Sydney J. Freedbeg Jr. “Army Seeks New Mid-Range Missile Prototype By 2023. Meant to target Chinese warships and Russia’s rear bases, the new intermediate-range missile will fill the gap between the 500+ km PrSM and the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon” (“Армия США хочет прототип новой ракеты средней дальности к 2023 году. Новая ракета средней дальности, предназначенная для поражения китайских военных кораблей и русских тыловых баз, заполнит пробел между ракетой PrSM с дальностью более 500 километров и гиперзвуковым оружием большой дальности”), планирование армией США действий против России и Китая обнаружило серьезный пробел в запланированном арсенале высокоточного оружия большой дальности, который теперь планируется заполнить новой ракетой средней дальности, способной пролететь до 2000 миль [3700 км]. Для ускорения разработки это оружие, вероятно, будет производным от ракеты, которая уже используется другим видом вооруженных сил США, – например, знаменитой ракетой Tomahawk…

    More at the link.

    For non-Russian speakers, the US is looking at a 2,000 mile/3,700km range missile based on existing technology such as the Tomahawk. I would add that the US Navy already has this as the TLAM-N Tomahawk Land Attack Missile Nuclear.

    The real question is where on earth the US thinks it is going to base these missiles. Australia, say Tindall AFB, but any neighboring country of China? Possibly some of the islands the US has in the Pacific. If they imagine that China (or Russia) will take this lying down, Australia will be economcially sat on (they’ve had a growing economy for decades and are more and more linked to China), the US islands make very easy (non-civilian) targets. Or, as is probably envisaged, such weapon systems are a ‘bargaining chips’ that the US will offer not to deploy if China agrees to some outrageous demand. What is sure is that it will cost the US a lot of money and put any country who hosts them in maximum f/kery.


    1. In short, it’s a replay of nuclear armed Tomahawks to Europe in the mid-1980s ‘Escalate to de-escalate’ bs. The US cannot stop living in the past and that is why it is probably doomed.


  57. РБК

    UNO HQ, New York, USA, September 11, 01:33

    Василий Небензя, дипломат
    Наши врачи, которые, кстати, спасли Алексея Навального, не нашли никаких следов химического оружия в его анализах. Мы не получили никаких доказательств от Германии, которые позволили бы нам сделать заключение, что речь идет о преднамеренном преступлении.

    Vasily Nebenzya, diplomat
    Our doctors, who, incidentally, saved Alexei Navalny, did not find any traces of chemical weapons in his analyses. We have not received any evidence from Germany that would allow us to conclude that this is a deliberate crime.

    Россия в ООН заявила об отсутствии причин расследовать дело Навального
    Германия пока не предоставила доказательств отравления Навального, которые позволили бы начать расследование, заявил Небензя. Ранее Берлин сообщил, что передал данные в ОЗХО, но в организации эту информацию опровергли
    11 сен, 01:33

    Russia at the UN declared that there is no reason to investigate the Navalny case
    Germany has not yet provided evidence of Navalny’s poisoning to warrant an investigation, Nebenzya said. Earlier, Berlin said that it had transferred data to the OPCW, but that organization has denied this information

    “Even a first-year law school student knows that any investigation must be preceded by evidence and facts based on the testimony available to us, otherwise our law enforcement agencies have no reason to start an investigation” — Nebenzya.

    Is it not clear that the whole Navalny operation was undertaken by the USA and is a sham — a criminal operation in the name of “freedom and democracy” and the defence of Europe from “Russian Aggression”, whereas in reality, the operation is simply another example of the hegemon’s relentless pursuit of Mammon?

    I refuse to offer evidence for my above assertion, just as the USA and its satraps assert that what they say is factual.

    You want evidence???? Here’s your goddamn evidence!

    Want more????



      1. Cui bono? Is fecit cui prodest.

        Who benefits? The one that did it.


        11 SEP, 06:02
        <a href=""
        Navalny case could [sic] be staged by those who benefit from it — Russia’s UN envoy
        During the UN Security Council session on Thursday, the United States and European countries raised the issue of Navalny, although it was not on the session’s agenda

        Attention TASS!

        Get your English proofreader to check up on the grammar of English conditional sentences!

        The above headline should have read:

        Navalny case could HAVE BEEN staged by those who benefit from it — Russia’s UN envoy

        Theoretical past possibility!

        Russian speakers always balls up conditional sentences. When one uses the subjunctive mood in Russian, there is no “time”, because the statement isn’t about reality. So for Russians, its is hard to comprehend the differences between:

        He could do it yesterday;
        He can do it now;
        He can do it tomorrow;


        He could have done it yesterday;
        He could do it now;
        He could do it tomorrow;

        and the nightmarish (for Russians)

        He could have done it by tomorrow afternoon.


        1. Ballsed up link again!

          I should have inserted the TASS article URL before the headline.

          Had I been more attentive and done that, rather than rambling on about conditionals, the incorrectly linked article above would have looked like this:

          11 SEP, 06:02
          Navalny case could [sic] be staged by those who benefit from it — Russia’s UN envoy
          During the UN Security Council session on Thursday, the United States and European countries raised the issue of Navalny, although it was not on the session’s agenda


          1. There’s that hypocritical USA projection again …

            In response to Nebenzya’s declaration at the UN earlier today, United States permanent representative to the UN Kay Bailey Hutchison said that the Russian authorities need to investigate what happened to Navalny if they want the country to continue to be taken seriously. The diplomat also called on Western countries to put pressure on Russia to stop “destabilizing actions”.

            If Russia “wants to be taken seriously”???

            Fuck off, bitch!

            Destabilizing actions?????

            Actions to destabilize whom?

            Those in the free bloody world, guided by that paragon of virtue the USA????

            01:08, 11 сентября 2020
            Названа самая заинтересованная в расследовании дела Навального страна

            01:08, 11 September 2020
            The country most interested in the investigation of Navalny’s case named

            Russia is more interested than others in clarifying the situation with Alexei Navalny. This was stated by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzya at a meeting of the UN Security Council


            1. What??? Kay Bailey ‘Article 5’ Hutchison is the new UN bobblehead?? Where have I been?

              Here’s a sample of when she was just recently the NATO bobblehead.


              There are many interests which are pushing the United States toward a cataclysmic global war with Russia and China. Note the other psycho ideas on show, like making Israel and some of the Arab countries NATO members. Israel for its belligerence, no doubt – we would never be short of an Article 5 excuse with Israel in our ranks – and the Arabs for their money. Yes, both simply ooze NATO ‘values’.


              1. Yep!

                From the original text of the above linked article:

                Ранее постоянный представитель США при ООН Кей Бейли Хатчисон рассказала о том, что российским властям необходимо расследовать произошедшее с Навальным, если они хотят, чтобы страну и дальше воспринимали всерьез.

                Earlier, US Permanent Representative to the UN Kay Bailey Hutchison said that the Russian authorities need to investigate what happened to Navalny if they want the country to continue to be taken seriously.

                Can she be any worse than her predecessor, the your-names-have-been-noted-and- taken-down Sikh?


      2. “When it comes to the Navalny case, we are the country most interested in finding out what actually happened,” Nebenzya told the UN Security Council. Berlin’s ongoing refusal amounts to a “lack of desire to establish the truth and a provocation against Russia that undermines our bilateral relations,” he added.

        Might have been written for him by the US Department of State. That’s exactly what Washington wants – a rift between Russia and Germany, differences which can be exploited until Germany concedes on Nord Stream II. I’d bet there are American diplomats in Berlin now, feverishly trying to set up LNG delivery schedules and promising the moon, we’ve got your back, Jack, you’re our best friend. If the United States both builds Europe’s next communications network AND is their principal energy supplier, there’s nothing it couldn’t do in Europe if it were stirred by the whim, nothing that would be a secret from it.

        Overly ambitious, perhaps – we know America does not have the resources or logistics chain to supply Europe with gas at anything close to its present levels for anything close to its current price. But it might be willing to lose money for a little while; just long enough to get a foot in the door, you might say. All this is by way of suggesting the US does not consider itself beaten; not at all. It still believes it can succeed, and the rewards would be immeasurable.

        Merkel’s apparent strategy of putting it up to all the European partners while work goes on on the pipeline is likely the best course of action – by the time any decisions are made, it should be complete. Watch some US toady like Poland propose that work should be halted while discussions are ongoing.


    1. However, it all has the effect of bringing Germany and Russia into direct conflict, which suits the United States just fine as stopping the Nord Stream II pipeline is the goal of the Navalny caper. Now a bit of judicious amplifying of German voices who want the pipeline stopped and ‘closer ties with NATO allies’, and before you know it, it will be the voice of all Germany.

      You may have noted from a previously-linked reference that Washington wants ‘American entrepreneurs’ to work on the new Nokia-Ericsson 5G network, and to build the 6G network which will follow. So in the future America will be able to listen in on any phone call made on the network it helped build, and it has no concerns whatsoever about privacy or intellectual property unless it is their own. They can’t be satisfied with just ruining their own country.


  58. Daniel Rich, in a comment on the Martyanov piece “The Russians Are Insulted, LOL” helpfully provides the rationale behind the Navalny Novichok incident:

    A parody – transcribed by Gregory Sinaisky [via Fort Russ]

    “The main character Colonel Chepiga is “highly likely”, (as our British partners, known for their sense of humor, like to say) a GRU officer, who is known for “highly likely” having smeared the door of former spy Skripal living in the English city of Salisbury with Novichok.

    Chepiga “highly likely” to have acted under the name of Boshirov, “highly likely” together with Dr. Mishkin. Along the way, in London, it is again “highly likely” according to our British friends, that they hired one prostitute for the two of them. Chepiga and Mishkin are no less “highly likely” to be gay and hired the prostitute to disorient the enemy.

    – I wish you good health, Comrade General, I have arrived at your order.
    – Sit down, Colonel Chepiga. There is a new task for you.
    – Comrade General, I am ready to fulfill any task for the good of our Motherland.
    – Fly to Tomsk. Navalny must be poisoned there. Here is the bottle of Novichok.
    – Comrade General, I have a proposal. This Novichok didn’t work last time, we just embarrassed ourselves. Let me,
    following the example of our Saudi colleagues, take a bone saw and everything will be alright, nothing will be found.
    – No, Chepiga, there is an instruction from the highest level to use Novichok, you know, from the highest level.
    – But Comrade General, what if it doesn’t work again?
    – Do you understand, Chepiga, what a *brand* is? How many recognizable brands does America have? Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Facebook. And what do we have? We have nothing but vodka. Comrade Putin has instructed us to promote Novichok as a new brand. So that Russia will be known for both vodka *and* Novichok. We must learn to think in a new way. The winner in [the] modern world will be the one with the most brands. Here is your ticket to Tomsk. You will have one free day. The girls there are excellent and much cheaper than in London, so you won’t have to share with Mishkin, unless you really want to. Well, don’t blush, we are all human. Or are you gay? Do not be offended, I was joking. I’m a little curious, I confess. Well… I wish you success, Colonel.”

    Author Gregory Sinaisky lives in Zurich and writes among other subjects about disinformation in media, military affairs, social and scientific topics. Gregory has Ph.D. in Computer Science and CPL/IR/FI Pilot Licence.

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  59. Vis NATO behavior, they are also probably terrified about the potential strategic change that Byelorussia joining Russia would have. Look at the map:

    It’s the ‘Suwalki Gap’, i.e. the short border between the lo-land of Po-land and Lithuania and the rest of the Balts, or more clearly between Belarus & Kaliningrad. It’s a massive strategic weakness for NATO.

    Not that Russia has any interest in the Baltic states, but NATO has put in so much propaganda about it that they would not see it as anything else and to ignore it would put lie to their cr*p. So that I think is the other strand of NATO’s large increase in exercises. The question is, what would NATO actually do? Would it claim ‘active defense’ and invade Byelorussia ‘to protect its Baltic members’? It certainly has such plans. Russia can use this to its advantage to demand a real strategic military agreement with the EU, something that u-Rope has been refusing for many years because of Ever expanding union. It would be a formal full stop on the EU’s creeping expansion plans and significantly increase the risk. It would also threaten NATO itself as Fr&De would be for it on balance, but Po&the Balts would be against it.

    So as we have already commented here, the west has deliberately taken on a significant risk by backing Byelorussian protestors, particularly led by Poland & the Balts. The Brits who are based in Estonia are also most likely heavily involved but keep their heads below the ramparts. They are unable to keep their dirty little fingers out.

    This also helps explain the Navalny ‘Novichok’ bs. Any leverage, however poor, is still leverage. That’s how afraid they are. The outward show of strength masks their real fears. I’m sure Putin is open to a ‘deal’ at some point, but the west is incapable of one. The bottom of the barrel is being reached.


    1. There was a BBC story yesterday, I think, about the British government shamefacedly — if one could ever describe the ruling/political class of my mother country as ever having been shamefaced about anything — admitting that H.M. Government providing military advice and god knows what else to the “last dictator in Europe” wasn’t quite the right thing to do.

      Not entirely British, doncha know!


        1. I don’t know why anyone is surprised. Britain (Sandhurst) and France (Saint-Cyr) have trained some of Africa’s (and others) best dictators over the years at their elite military academies amongst other things. The point is that they successfully sold themselves as better than the other side. It only needed to be marginal to claim a propaganda success as of course those military officers were learning about ‘respecting international law’ and absorbing British and French values of fair play and good chapness by osmosis.


    2. Let me add (because I’m slow) that this explains Tikhanovskaya’s recent statement that she does not recognize any agreements between Byelorussia & Russia and that they are illegitimate, i.e. Russia is not allowed to defend the Byelorussian border (Sulwaki) but conversely if it is in her power to nullify such an agreement then logically she thinks she can give NATO territorial access, which aligns perfectly with this geographic strategic weakness.

      This sets the ground for NATO claiming that they have the legal (figleaf) right to ‘help defend’ Byelorussia because Tikanovskaya gave it to them and thus also attack Russian forces in Byelorussia if needs be, say in near future circumstances that they move to the border of Poland and Lithuania in numbers. NATO is preparing for intervention and that is its unpublicly annuciated Red Line (TM).

      That this may risk war with Russia or destroy the territorial integrity of Byelorussia is neither here nor there. NATO has in the past done this and got away with it (Serbia). All this NATO activity it to tell Russia that they Mean It. The real question is a) is this actually true or bluff?; b) is NATO united on this risk to u-Rope considering the threats from Washington?

      Expect further efforts to legitimize Tikhanovskaya with novel interpretations (yet again) of international law and diplomatic convention. This is where the western plan is weakest as however weak the lie is they need their Pork Pie News Networks to bleat it out ad Goebbelsian while they make ‘facts on the ground.’ The other weak point is any pro-west referendum which I assume will be fixed in advance. Byelorussia didn’t kill off hordes of its pensioners in the way Russia did under the Boys from Chicago ‘reforms’. All those pensioners and older Byelorussians have a vote. Just because a cadre of excited younger hamsters would come and and vote doesn’t mean the west will get what it wants, least of all changing the constitution which in most countries requires 67 or so percent.

      I don’t think the west has any comprehensive plan in place but it certainly knows what it wants as a result. The problem is that they will be stepping in to a military and political minefield where any of those mines can blow their plans apart along the way. We also know that the west doesn’t do patience either and much prefers threats and sanctions to ‘move things along.’ They’re reluctant to do this so far because despite all their talk of ‘smart sanctions’ that most of the media goes along with, it will very quickly affect real people’s jobs. Blowing up people’s jobs is one of those mines. We also know that the west doesn’t like to pay for its plans and is good at ‘creative accounting.’ That only works in the short term. Again another mine that can blow up their plans.

      So I think much of this explains the west’s current careful words and actions politically, economically and militarily. Yes, the latter mightly annoy Russia, but the Russian military is not full of shrinking violets and would be more than ready to go toe-to-toe. One of Russia’s options may be to use the American ‘escalate to de-escalate’ against NATO and use the merest slip to go up to the wire.

      The decisions should be made in u-Rope but it has so far dragged its feet which leave the US in the driving seat and they don’t care because all the costs will be in u-Rope (even their eastern fanboys) and like everthing else before (Libya/Syria/Ukraine/migrant/refugee crisis etc.). The US can always just walk away. The bonus being a weak and divided EU rather than a 500 million strong bloc that is able to say ‘No.’ I see this is for the French and the Germans to screw up.

      The alternative is that everybody backs the f/k off but we know from the past that nothing the west promises or says can be trusted. They’ll reinterpret the words at will. Russia on the other hand has time on its side and strategy should be to make the least mistakes and thus forcing the west’s impatient hand which would be to Russia’s advantage, the latter can always cause trouble elsewhere for u-Rope at a moment’s notice.

      It’s early days so it will be interesting to see if u-Rope has learned any lessons. Yet again they are taking on most of the risk and so far they have been proved to be spectacularly incompetent.


      1. Let’s remember as well that Belarus is lousy with pipelines crossing its territory. The Yamal is the biggest, but the transit contract with Poland was not renewed when it expired. Poland announced all further transit sales would be by auction, and the last time I looked they were about 95% under-subscribed. Belarus and Ukraine are Russia’s main gas routes to Europe at present, and I can imagine the US is licking its chops at the prospect of controlling both. This was in the works way back in 2006.

        Gazprom blocks access of Belarus and other states to Central Asian gas. Gas from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan can be bought only through designated brokers – ZMB (Schweiz) AG and Rosukrenergo. Brokerage services are extremely expensive. For instance, from January 2007, ZMB will buy gas at the border of Turkmenistan at $100/mcm and resell it to Georgia at $235. Note that the official transit fee from Turkmen border to Georgia and Azerbaijan is about $30/mcm. Nevertheless, Gazprom expects Ukraine, Belarus and other European states to provide transit services for Russian gas.

        Theoretically, Belarus can stop selling transit services to Gazprom and become a broker for all Russian gas that gets into its territory. Russia’s non-ratification of the Energy Charter Treaty opens interesting opportunities for brokers of Russian gas in Belarus, Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe.

        You all remember Mikhail Korchemkin, I’m sure – he used to be an expert consultant for the Gas Ministry of the USSR, the entity which eventually became Gazprom. But he decided his fortunes lay in the west, and departed for the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard and Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He now consults for western energy companies more or less exclusively.


        1. Indeed. That’s when my alarm bells starting ringing and I knew something was up. We didn’t have to wait long. It was clearly part of the plan in the run up to the Byelorussian election. Timing, timing, timing.


  60. Financial Crimes: China and India agree to ‘disengage troops’ in Himalayas

    Foreign ministers agree that troops must avoid any action that heightens tensions

    …The agreement was reached in talks between S. Jaishankar, India’s foreign minister, and Wang Yi, his Chinese counterpart, in Moscow, days after the two countries accused each other of firing the first shots along the frontier in 45 years…

    The FT ignores of course that this is yet another great diplomatic victory for Russia as it continues to cement its status as a trusted and reliable partner for countries. It shows yet again that BRICS, SCO etc. that problems can be mitigated if not resolved in with Russian participation. Meanwhile the West is still pushing ‘You are with us or you are against us’ Zero Dumb option that most normal countries do not find in the least attractive. May the own goals continue.


  61. Journalist Vladimir Solovyov, live on air during his own show “Solovyov LIVE”, said that the true reason for the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was not poison or other chemicals, but banal alcohol.

    The TV host is sure that Navalny had simply drunk low-quality alcohol, which put him into a coma, from which he might never again have recovered. It is worth noting that cases of fatal poisoning with fake alcoholic beverages do occur. However, when such an incident occurs with one of the country’s main opposition figures, the public is perplexed.

    “I’m looking at what happened. I see the use of a classic centuries-old combat weapon called “bad alcohol”. So far, it all looks like an attack of pancreatitis caused by fatty food and bad alcohol, ” Solovyov said.

    Earlier, LIVE24 reported that Alexey Navalny had came out of a coma, and doctors assess his condition as stable. Moreover, doctors from the German clinic where the politician is being treated told reporters that their patient has almost completely restored his brain and physical activity. Navalny also recalled the events that had happened to him before the poisoning. This information has not been disclosed yet.

    source: Вещество, которое вызвало болезнь Навального определил Соловьев

    Substance that caused Navalny’s disease identified by Soloviev

    I should add that the lack of evidence in Solovyov’s statement matters not one jot: if the Germans do not provide evidence for Novichok having been used to poison Navalny, why should Solovyov have to provide evidence for his belief that bad alcohol was the cuse of Navalny’s sickness?.

    “It is worth noting that cases of fatal poisoning with fake alcoholic beverages do occur.

    They certainly do here!

    Remember the case the other year in Siberia when very many knobheads died after having drunk some beverage concocted from bath oil or something like?

    See: Siberian city declares emergency as dozens die from drinking alcoholic bath tincture
    — my apologies for presenting a link to that filthy rag which I used to read!

    Interesting comment from a Russian reader to the above article about Solovyov’s opinion:

    Любовь Цыганова

    Одна из сопровождающих Алексея Навального в поездке по регионам от дачи показаний уклонилась. Об этом сообщает управление на транспорте МВД России по Сибирскому федеральному округу.

    Всего вместе с Навальным было шесть человек. Кира Ярмыш, Илья Пахомов, Владлен Лось, Георгий Албуров и Павел Зеленский на вопросы ответили, тогда как постоянно проживающая в Великобритании Марина Певчих 20 августа уклонилась от дачи объяснений.

    Lyubov Tsyganova

    One of Alexei Navalny’s travelling companions during the trip to the provinces avoided giving evidence. This is reported by the transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Siberian Federal District.

    Altogether there were six people with Navalny. Kira Yarmysh, Ilya Pakhomov, Vladlen Los, Georgy Alburov and Pavel Zelensky answered questions, while Marina Pevchikh, who permanently resides in Great Britain, declined to give explanations on August 20.

    On a provincial piss-up with pals? Who — me???


    1. 11.09.2020, 15:34
      Лавров считает подозрительным отъезд сопровождавших Навального в ФРГ

      11.09.2020, 15:34
      Lavrov considers as suspicious the departure to Germany of those who accompanied Navalny

      People who accompanied opposition leader Alexei Navalny during his trip are “starting to move to Germany on the sly”, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said. According to him, against the background of the incident, this behaviour is suspicious.

      In the Ministry of internal Affairs it was earlier reported that one of those accompanying Alexey Navalny on the trip to Siberia, Marina Pevchikh, evaded giving evidence to the police on August 20, and on August 22, she flew to Germany. No other departures were reported. The others accompanying him — Vladlena Losya, George Alborov, Ilya Pakhomov, Kira Yarmysh and Pavel Zelensky — were interviewed.

      The Minister noted that Germany had previously called the incident with Mr. Navalny a subject for multilateral proceedings, not bilateral. “The Germans cannot say what kind of hearing we are talking about. I hope that these ridiculous actions will be stopped and that Germany, at least for the sake of its reputation for punctuality, will fulfill its obligations under the agreement with the Russian Federation. Moreover, we are being asked to investigate, and it turns out that all those who accompanied Navalny are also moving to Germany on the sly. All this is very unpleasant and leads to serious thoughts”, Mr. Lavrov said at a press conference (quotedfrom the Russian news Agency TASS).


      1. That the people who accompanied Navalny on his plane trip to Tomsk are secretly moving to Germany surely lends credence to the possibility that those most likely to want him dead or incapacitated are the people surrounding him. Germany would in effect be harbouring the suspects in Navalny’s “poisoning”.

        I would have thought also that in an investigation that could become the basis for a criminal case, all available evidence should not be subject to the whims of relatives of the victim, or even of the victim himself. In many crimes, the perpetrators often turn out to be related to the victims. If the police investigating those crimes were to go along with relatives deciding or not deciding what evidence is admissable in court, a huge number of crimes would never be solved. Mafia networks would love that.


    2. Marina Pevchikh, a permanent resident of the UK, skipping out of being interviewed by the Russian authorities and fleeing to Germany? I’m sure Lavrov would have noted her British connection.


      1. Who is this Maria Pevchikh?


        11 сентября 2020 15:48
        Живет с видом на Тауэр, занимается спортом по программе спецназа США»: скрывшаяся спутница Навального Мария Певчих больше похожа на подругу Джеймса Бонда
        В гостинице и клиниках приятельница оппозиционера тщательно прятала свое лицо под очками и маской. Рассказываем, что известно про Марию Певчих

        “Lives within view of the Tower, plays sports following a US Special Forces program”: Navalny’s companion Maria Pevchikh, who has hidden herself away and seems to be more like a girlfriend of James Bond
        In the hotel and clinics, the oppositionist’s friend hid her face under glasses and a mask. We tell what is known about Maria Pevchikh

        So far, all the accusations of the Russian special services in the poisoning of Navalny look like a “bottle game” The one from which he could drink ordinary water. It was on the bottle* brought from Russia that Bundeswehr specialists allegedly found traces of the poison that could have poisoned the oppositionist. The Russian investigation has not yet found footage of a video, where the blogger would be touching bottles in the Velvet restaurant, The Vienna Coffee House and at Tomsk airport: everywhere he was served in glasses and cups. And he drank from them exclusively wine, alcoholic cocktails or tea.

        It remains to be discovered what exactly Navalny drank in a room at the “Xander Hotel” and in a rented apartment, where he met with other oppositionists. Was the same bottle of water there that a certain Maria Pevchikh brought to Germany? A woman similar to her was noticed in foreign media reports. The investigators would like to pose the same questions to a Russian oppositionist patient who has woken up in a German clinic.

        They say that the young woman was a close friend of Navalny: according to eyewitnesses, she stayed with him in the same room in the Tomsk hotel. So, she could have offered her companion anything she had wanted to. And the water bottle there could have just been swiched round.

        It should be recalled that one of the leaders of the Russian liberals, Boris Nemtsov, was brought to the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge on that fateful night for him by the Ukrainian model Anna Duratskaya (after that she bought 4 apartments in Kiev and became Miss Ukraine 2018).

        Not much is known about Miss Pevchikh. In hotels, she hid her face behind of glasses and a medical mask. Her photos are not published on social networks, although in recent years she has been leading an interesting and active life. Back at Moscow State University (Faculty of Sociology), she headed the student delegation of Russia at the G8 Youth Forum in Canada. In 2010, after graduating from university, she moved to live in London, where she graduated from the local school of economics and political science.

        Maria Pevchikh — Moscow State University graduate

        [She has lost a lot of weight since she was a student —ME]

        She has worked as an assistant to several British parliamentarians and made friends with two iconic Russians — Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Yevgeny Chichvarkin. It was with them that Navalny had recently been in conflict (the opposition could not share the funding in any way). They say that Pevchikh owns a chain of bookstores in the UK (usually such stores are used as safe houses for agents of Western spies), and apartments overlooking the Tower. And activist Maria is also passionate about sports: she participates in competitions under the US Special Forces “Navy Seals” programme. Basically, it is all one and the same thing …

        So Maria Pevchikh might have brought that very bottle (with poison?) From London for Navalny, and then took the container (material evidence) to Germany for examination? And the witnesses do not recall that Navalny had a bottle at the airport with: he only drank tea there.

        Or perhaps the “bottle” has nothing to do with this affair. Russian bloggers have located the whereabouts of Maria Pevchikh’s father. Konstantin Pevchikh turns out to be a Zelenograd entrepreneur — the general director of NIOBIS “Nanoengineering of Organic and Biological systems” (according to his Facebook** page, he is a graduate of the State University in Hayward, California). Since 2011, his company has been growing viruses in cell cultures necessary to obtain pure viral material for the production of vaccines. Recently, his company has been promoting an innovative SkinPort approach to painless drug delivery through the skin. Such a modern “syringe” has a lot of the finest microneedles that can put anything under the skin. So much so that a person may not feel it either when asleep or awake.

        As a reminder, on September 4, representatives of the German clinic “Charité “, where blogger Alexei Navalny was taken from Omsk on August 22 on board a private aircraft, said that the Russian citizen had been poisoned with a substance “from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors”. The Omsk Ministry of Health has denied these data, referring to earlier investigations by Omsk doctors, who found that Navalny had a “metabolic and carbohydrate balance disorder”. However, these denials got lost in the information flow beneath the rings that spread out from the stone thrown into the water by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She stated that traces of the Novichok group’s poison had found in the blood of the Russian blogger.

        *There have been many comments in the russian media and blogosphere about this bottle that the statuesque wife presented investigators in Germany. Where had she been hiding it away? suddenly out of the blue she hands over the poison bottle — in Germany, not at the Omsk hospital.

        ** Link given in KP.RU now blocked


        1. 11.09.20 16:23

          Кто такая Мария Певчих? Коварная отравительница? Одарённая ассистентка Ашуркова-Ходорковского? Лондонский курьер МИ-6-ЦРУ?


          Who is Maria Pevchikh? An insidious poisoner? A gifted assistant to Ashurkov-Khodorkovsky? London courier MI6-CIA?


          1. From FLB above:

            Maria Konstantinovna Pevchikh, born 1987. The first official mention of Maria on the Web is a review of her participation as a 9th grade student from Zelenograd Gymnasium 1528 in the international world “Gifted Children” event. Then, in March 2010, news appeared on the website of graduates of the Faculty of Sociology of Moscow State University: “Congratulations to Maria Pevchikh!” where it reads that
            “5th-year student of the sociological faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosova Maria Pevchikh, following the results of a multi-stage all-Russian competition, had been selected as the head of the Russian national delegation at the G8 Youth Forum, which would be held in May 2010 in Canada. The competition was held by the League of International Youth Diplomacy with the support of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Economic Development. ” (That is to say, Maria had been thoroughly vetted by the special services). The signature of the “gifted” Maria Pevchikh on behalf of Russia is on the final resolution adopted by the young diplomats. Again, almost no images. The face of Pevchikh can hardly be seen in a few general photographs and in the personal archives of the summit participants.

            The next mention of her is in the yearbook of the London School of Economics and Political Science. After studying at the most prestigious educational institution in Great Britain, among whose graduates are billionaires George Soros and David Rockefeller, 35th US President John F. Kennedy, Nobel laureates and politicians from many countries of the world, the yong woman received the title of Bachelor of Public Administration.

            It is further known that Pevchikh moved to live in London and, at the age of 22, and got a job as an assistant to one of the members of the British Parliament.

            In 2013, the woman suddenly appears in Moscow to organize confidential negotiations between ex-Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt and the adviser to the President of Lithuania on foreign policy issues Renaldas Weisbrodas with Alexei Navalny and the by that time hiding in the British capital from law enforcement officers, Vladimir Ashurkov.

            Video footage from surveillance cameras shows how Pevchikh, along with Navalny and his former press secretary Anna Veduta, goes to a meeting. The Russian blogger then told the ex-Prime Minister of Belgium: “In your approach, I like the fact that you are not just interested in what to do with Russia, but understand that we need practical help from your side to conduct an investigation”.

            Guy Verhofstadt replied to Navalny: “We have discussed with representatives of the European parliament both you and the opposition parties what can be done to help you”.

            It is also believed that Maria Pevchikh regularly supplied Alexei Navalny with confidential information about the assets of high-ranking Russians in the UK. Places of stay, secret bank accounts, property not registered with direct owners. Such information is not in the public domain, but European intelligence services, for example, the British MI6, may have it. Using the data obtained, FBK (the now closed fund has been recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) released “its own investigations”, in which members of the Russian government and their relatives were involved.

            Over the past 10 years, Maria Pevchikh has made 64 flights between London and Moscow; she has visited Zurich and Geneva, Frankfurt, Hannover and Dresden dozens of times, as well as Brussels and even Tehran. The woman’s apartment is within sight of the Tower of London and is located in the fashionable residential complex “The Circle”, on a street that bears the name of Queen Elizabeth.

            The medical board that took Navalny from Omsk was paid for by multi-millionaire Boris Zimin, who living in the UK. Maria Pevchikh left the country with the comatose oppositionist on the same aircraft: an important witness of the incident was secretly taken out of Russia”, writes Anna Vasilenko (Nation News, 03.09.2020).

            Is she a foreign agent or not?

            As is Navalny.

            Navalny and Navalnaya and their son are fleeing Russia, I am sure. Their other child is at Stanford University, in the land whose interests Navalny serves.


            1. A middle-woman? Western intelligence services also like to launder ‘kompromat’ though various means such as NGOs, ‘assistants’, anonymous sources to the media, civil groups/whatever. More importantly, is she Navalny’s type?


          1. Let “The insider” explain:

            Earlier, the German authorities informed the G7 countries that Navalny was poisoned with a new and more powerful version of Novichok compared to the one used against Skripal. The German authorities are sure that the “Novichok” of this type could only have been created in a state laboratory. It was possible to detect traces of Novichok not only in Navalny’s body, but also on the surface of the bottle from which he drank it. According to German investigators, if the bottle had not made it to Germany, it would have been much more difficult to determine the specific type of poison, and it was this omitted detail that became the biggest failure of the Russian secret services.

            Got it?

            Sound familiar?

            And the statuesque wife handed it over to the Germans.

            And there is no evidence from surveillance cameras that during the journey when Putin’s killer tried to murder him, Navalny necked Novichok from a bottle.

            But let Настоящое Время [“Present Tense”] enlighten you further:

            NOTE: The Ministry of Justice of Russia has entered “Present Tense” into the “register of foreign mass media performing the functions of a foreign agent.

            Почему увезенная Навальным бутылка с водой говорит о провале спецслужб – главред The Insider Роман Доброхотов

            Navalny water bottle speaks of the failure of the special services — editor-in-chief of The Insider Roman Dobrokhotov

            – You say that the transfer to the German side of the bottle from which Navalny drank made it possible to accurately determine the type of poisonous substance. What is known about it?

            – As the newspaper [Die] Zeit has already written correctly, this is really a new version of “Novichok”. This is the same class of poisonous substance, but of a more recent modification. [Die] Zeit writes that it acts more slowly, but our sources do not know anything about this. But it is indeed more powerful in its effect, and it cannot be made in any way anywhere except in government laboratories, at least because it is a new formula developed by the same people who developed the old formula. It cannot have been done conventionally by Prigozhin or some kind of mafia organization. So here the attribution of the Russian state is now unambiguous.

            Again, what was said earlier that supposedly the poison could be in the cup of tea and in the tea is actually unlikely. Actually, this is the opinion of both our sources and the Germans, as do the experts we interviewed in Russia, including Uglev, one of those who created Novichok.

            Firstly, if this poison is drunk or inhaled, it would act almost instantly. We have seen that he acted differently. And if you get it from a cup or through the skin, it takes effect works after about two hours. This could not have happened at the airport. Apparently, this happened in the hotel, and in the hotel Navalny did not drink tea.

            So there are many different versions of how this could have happened, but, apparently, it happened in the hotel. Personally, I am inclined, I agree with Uglev that this was applied to his clothes.

            [How the fuck does this “journalist” know all this about “New Novichok”?]

            – Why do you write about the failure of the Russian special services?

            [Because that’s what he’s paid to do, idiot!]

            – We write about the failure of the Russian special services, because they admitted that Navalny took the bottle from which he drank with him. Since he often touched it, traces of “Novichok” remained on it. And if in the body “Novichok” metabolizes, it is more difficult to identify, and this substance remained on a plastic or glass bottle, one might say, in its original form, so it turned out to be so easy to identify it. If it were not for the bottle, I think it would not have been possible to state unequivocally that this is a “Novichok”. We would have had to dwell on the fact that this was some kind of nerve agent – what we heard in the early days. But it was precisely thanks to the traces on the bottle that the substance was accurately identified.

            [Oh how fortunate then that those dumb Russian killers allowed this bottle to turn up in Berlin!]

            – How did the bottle end up in the Charité?

            – As far as I understand, Yulia Navalny took a lot of Navalny’s things with her there, including some things that were in the hotel room.

            Oh well done, statuesque wife!


            1. So where did the poisoned bottle come from? Who slipped it into his hotel room? A shitwit Moskal ninja or someone with whom he shared the room?

              Someone who refused to be interviewed by the cops, perhaps, and who then promptly flew off to the UK?


              1. Update from yesterday:

                Maria Pevchikh (the police mistakenly called her Marina), who was part of a group of six people who accompanied Alexey Navalny on his trip to Siberia, according to the transport Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs in the Siberian Federal district, evaded giving testimony. The Department is engaged in a pre-investigation check of Navalny’s hospitalization in Omsk. About the attack on Navalny, a case has not yet been opened.

                According to the investigation, Pevchikh, a permanent resident of the UK, evaded giving evidence on August 20, and flew to Germany on August 22. Because of this, it is impossible to get an explanation from her. Nor is her whereabouts known.

                The rest were interviewed by the transport police. Currently, the police is searching for passengers who flew with Navalny on an aeroplane from Tomsk to Moscow. His attending doctor and the clinic in Moscow where the oppositionist was treated were interviewed.

                As follows from information given by the Pro-Kremlin publication ””, which appeared on September 7, there is a link to an anonymous source, showing Pevchikh accompanying Navalny on a trip to Siberia and undertaking a task for “Fight Against Corruption” [FBK]Executive Director Vladimir Ashurkov. A little earlier, Ashurkov had allegedly come into conflict with Navalny because of the opposition leader’s decision to liquidate the FBK.

                According to a version of events, “Pevchikh may be labelled” as a likely poisoner of Navalny.” The publication assures that she lived in the same room with him, but did not fly on that plane to Moscow, and went to Novosibirsk by car. Then I flew to Omsk. « ” called the Choristers “a woman with an opaque life history and very interesting facts in her biography.”

                Yevgeny Prigozhin is also involved in spreading allegations about the likely involvement of Pevchikh in the poisoning of Navalny. This statement was made by the press service of his company “Concord”. It also claimed that Navalny’s press Secretary Kira Yarmysh could be involved in the poisoning. The same source included the Pro-government websites Tsargrad and Putin Ntws in possible structures implicated in the poisoning.

                The publication “Medusa” has learnt that Pevchikh had been cooperating with FBK since 2011. She is currently the head of the Foundation’s investigation Department. She studied at the Department of sociology at Moscow state University, and at the same time — at the London School of Economics in the faculty of political science. Living in London, she often comes to Russia. Pevchikh are engaged in collecting material and writing the script FBK investigations.

                Pevchikh, in fact, was in Tomsk. According to Medusa, all members of the group lived in separate rooms at the Xander hotel. The group was engaged in shooting new investigative films. The work took place in a calm environment.


  62. German bullshit condition for the release of information about the Russian foreign agent bullshitter:

    Германия назвала условие, при котором передаст России информацию по Навальному
    Немецкая Генпрокуратура ответила на официальный запрос российской

    11 September 2020 14: 23
    Germany has named the condition under which it will transfer information on Navalny to Russia
    The German Prosecutor General’s office has responded to the official request of the Russian Federation

    The Berlin Prosecutor General’s office has said that doctors of the Charité clinic will be able to transfer data on the state of the politician Alexey Navalny only with his consent.

    The Berlin Prosecutor General’s office is authorized by the Berlin Senate of justice to provide legal assistance at the Russian request and to provide information about the state of health of A. Navalny with his consent”, said in a statement of the Department on Twitter.

    The Agency also stated that it was impossible to fully provide all information on the politician’s illness.

    Previously the site reported that the German medical chamber’s response to Russia’s request stated that a new examination of Navalny could only be carried out with the permission of relatives.

    The request from the Russian Prosecutor General’s office asked almost 20 questions about the treatment and diagnosis of the Russian politician. Moscow also requested that a medical record and material for examination be provided.

    The height of clearness and transparency!

    Navalny, his gang and his CIA controllers will decide what Russia will and will not be told.


    1. Uh huh. They’re setting the stage for Russia to announce there will be no investigation, but the reasons will not be specified – simply that a defiant Moscow has refused to do anything to determine who poisoned Navalny with Novichok. That will be established as fact, although there is no way for Russia to refute it short of stealing a sample of Navalny’s blood. Washington will use this ‘fact’ to urge that something must be done, a message must be sent, a line in the sand must be drawn.


      1. So purported evidence concerning the alleged attempted murder of someone will only be given to those legal representatives of the accused party if the alleged victim permits this?

        Is that due process?


        1. More to the point, how is Russia supposed to carry out an investigation when it has no evidence of a crime, and those who claim to possess it will not hand it over? Is this what things have come to, that Russia must just believe the west, and proceed to investigate as if it had proof?


  63. Pepe Escobar via the Saker:

    Wow! It’s spelled out with compelling facts. Covid-19, whether a man-made or natural virus, has accelerated the transformation of the population from nominally reason-based to a mass of individuals responding to constructed environmental stimuli; a lumpenized biomass as it were. under the stern baton of the Globalists. This is the “great reset” of global society, except that Russia, China and Iran are not having anything to do with it.

    The “Great Reset” global movement reminds me of the “End of History” which itself became history

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  64. Lest we forget.

    Counterpunch: The Plot Against Libya

    An Obama-Biden-Clinton Criminal Conspiracy
    by Eric Draitser

    The scorching desert sun streams through narrow slats in the tiny window. A mouse scurries across the cracked concrete floor, the scuttling of its tiny feet drowned out by the sound of distant voices speaking in Arabic. Their chatter is in a western Libyan dialect distinctive from the eastern dialect favored in Benghazi. Somewhere off in the distance, beyond the shimmering desert horizon, is Tripoli, the jewel of Africa now reduced to perpetual war….

    And I’ll take a leaf out of the west’s book of perverting the original meaning of words/concepts for gain by changing the title slightly: The Genocide Against Libya

    Absurd? The west has called ‘genocide’ elsewhere for much less. Quite a few politicians talk of ‘Chinese Concentration Camps’ as do some in the media. Of course they stay silent about India’s Kashimr and mostly silent about Myanmar and other places of strategic interest or allies conducting their little genocidal war in Yemen where civilians are directly targeted and witholding food and critical supplies is OK with the west. It’s a long list, but who cares? They’re ‘over there.’

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    1. “The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group was formed in 1995 with the goal of ousting Colonel Qaddafi. Driven into the mountains or exile by Libyan security forces, the group’s members were among the first to join the fight against Qaddafi security forces… Officially the fighting group does not exist any longer, but the former members are fighting largely under the leadership of Abu Abdullah Sadik [aka Abdelhakim Belhadj].”

      Who was rewarded for his and his footsoldiers’ support of the western coup with the ‘military governorship’ of Tripoli, upon its fall. Not one to dally about enjoying the hashish and virgins that are the spoils of war, though, he departed almost immediately for Syria with a big bag of American cash, and was next seen at the head of the Free Syrian Army.


  65. Topic: 911-ish

    Yesterday I watched this video of Senator Richard Black denouncing the unprecedented talk of a military coup in the US – “if Trump doesn’t leave office in January 2021 – blah-blah”.

    • Former JAG Officer Richard Black Warns of a Potential Military Coup

    Senator Black has done some excellent work on calling out Colin Powell on the WMD lie which led to the genocide of 2 million people in Iraq and also in exposing the truth about [the use of chemical weapons] in Syria.

    For example …
    • VA State Senator Richard Black Addresses September 11 Memorial Schiller Conference

    I should point out however, particularly as this was a September 11 memorial conference back in 2016, that even Senator Richard Black (just like Tulsi Gabbard) still equates al-Qaeda with the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9-11, 2001 (see from 24:33 – “al-Qaeda attacks Twin Towers”).

    The brainwashing is certainly thorough which means all this overt talk about military insurrection is probably just more bravado – and why is Colin Powell himself still walking free, anyway?

    Then I saw this article
    • *American Hero Who Saved More than 70 People from ISIS Awarded Medal of Honor Today at White House*

    I thought to myself (sceptically) – why isn’t Trump exposing the perpetrators of 911 (like he promised) instead of flying under its umbrella with this type of ceremonial posturing – probably all fiction anyway since America was never fighting ISIS in Iraq or anywhere else. Maybe just a useful distraction to avoid actually talking about 911 itself.

    The last time I looked, Trump was saying – “you will find out who did 911 – maybe it was the Saudis, okay?” Yesterday would have been the perfect day since no one can be sure who will be appointed as the next “P”OTUS.

    What particularly concerned me however were the 70-odd comments on the Gateway Pundit ‘hero” article – all ra-ra-ra in their bubble of delusional ‘patriotism’ as if this man was actually serving some honourable cause – and not one comment about Colin Powell … or 911. Tells me a lot about the Gateway Pundit.

    The fact that Trump chose to hold this ceremonial distraction on 911 makes it seem more like a double-barrelled insult to all concerned – both the victims of 911 AND the innocent civilians of Iraq – than a gesture of patriotism.

    Military coup? … All theatre IMO.


  66. I read recently that Zakarovka got herself in trouble and had to apologize to Serbian President Vučić for a (funny but crude) joke posting containing picture of him and one pair of famous crossed legs from the film from Basic Instinct suggesting that such an approach would be effective (the serbian source in the piece below has the link to the post).* Both President Putin & Sergei Lavrov called Vučić too.

    Putin also let Vučić off the hook for canceling the yearly Brotherhood military exercises with Russia in Byelorussia this year after strong pressure from… drum rolll please… Germany!



    1. Maria Zakarovas post on social
      Media was inappropriate only because of the post she holds.

      She is a spokesperson for the foreign ministry and should be diplomatic

      The content of the post in my view was rather blunt and straight to the point.
      (there are worse memes posted about Vucic)

      For example the video of him not realising he signed up to moving the Serbian embassy to Jerusalem has millions of views

      Vucic signed up to an agreement that Serbia gains nothing from and de facto leads to the recognition of Kosovo as an independent country.

      He obviously wants to gain favour in the USA.

      Trump used him to score domestic points with two constituencies Israel supporters and gays.

      Vucic showed his character when he found his voice to criticise Maria –
      But where was that voice at the meeting in the White House where Trump treated him like a nothing!!!

      Vucic Is a game player who was shown up – he too uses Russia’s good will to Serbia to curry favour domestically in Serbia.


      1. I am given to understand both Putin and Lavrov spoke to Vucic to apologize for Zakharova having gone over the top. She needs to be a bit more careful that America’s and Europe’s constant provocations do not make her lose her cool like this, as that is obviously one of their objectives. She’s a smart woman, but she has a bit of a temper and has to think things over before responding sometimes. It would not do for the world – including some Russians – to think that Navalny and his ‘campaign staff’ are better-organized than the Russian Foreign Ministry, but she walked straight into Sobol’s trap with that catfight over debating Navalny. I don’t think too many people are unsure whether she could run rings around The Bullshitter on policy and government, because he is essentially coached on everything and would never be allowed to just wing it on live TV; he would be exposed for the fool he is. But Sobol manipulated the whole thing with rules for his participation so that it looked like Zakharova made the offer in a fit of temper, and then had to withdraw. She needs to calm down a little, because allowing herself to be drawn like that only guarantees the baiting and provoking will be stepped up.

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    1. Yes, indeed; I know all the places featured in the non-nature photos well. Victoria appears quite charming in these pictures, but the downtown core is dying from a combination of no international tourists (thank you, COVID) and the tender ministrations of its mayor, Lisa Helps. I have spoken on other occasions of her devotion to ‘our most vulnerable’ – by which she means the homeless hoodlums, drug addicts and lunatics who come from far and wide to Victoria because of its mild climate and the bottomless generosity of its mayor. She it was who allowed them to set up tent camps in Beacon Hill Park, Centennial Square, Topaz Park and various other green spaces, bought a dozen or so failing motels and turned them into apartments for the addled and the addicts, handed out free cellphones in case any of the homeless women ‘felt threatened’, and so on. There is a benevolent shelter for them in the same block as the Conservatory,

      where my daughter goes for violin lessons and performances. Our Place is on Pandora, next to the Conservatory, and lolling on the grass beneath a huge cedar tree in front of it can be found – at any time of day – a motley assortment of hobos and street people complete with their scraps and shopping carts and ratty backpacks, chattering and fighting and pissing into the street with the supreme unconcern of the mentally ill. It’s an unavoidable spectacle for visitors driving downtown, and if they happen to be walking they can expect to be vigorously propositioned for any ‘spare change’ they might be carrying, as if people deliberately leave the house with pocketfuls of money they don’t have any use for.

      Thankfully mayor Helps is not running for re-election – although for some reason I cannot fathom, she was re-elected a couple of times – but she has seeded the city council during her tenure with like-minded social-justice warriors.


      1. I noticed that one of the signs in one of the photos in the above-linked article about Victoria B.C is in English and French.

        How many native Frog-speaking communities are there in B.C.? Can you buy a portions of that monstrous French-Canadian nosh there in Frenchy cafés — you know, that great pile of French fries with a bucket-full of gravy and melted cheese on top — but if you order in English, the Frogs will go into a tantrum?


        1. There are not many Francophones in British Columbia; they have a club, I was encouraged to visit after I completed my French course. but never did. I didn’t notice the sign you refer to, but some are mandated by law to be in both official languages, such as street traffic signs. I think I mentioned before that the road signs on the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Whistler from Vancouver are in English and some native language – T’sar lip or Coast Salish, I think – some of whose characters look like numbers, and of which language only 9 native speakers remain. But it was part of the deal for using their ancestral lands for the Olympics in 2010.

          Poutine is enough of a Canadian institution now that you can order it almost anywhere in Canada – you can even sub it for regular fries on the ferry in normal times when the cafeterias are operating as normally. But it’s usually not real poutine, which must use the cheese curds often referred to as ‘squeaky cheese’. Infidels often substitute any white cheese, such as mozzarella.


          1. It’s curds, is it? Love it!

            As you are no doubt well aware, Russians eat a lot of it: творог [tvorog] they call it.

            I often have “tvorog” for breakfast, mixed with a little milk and with honey poured on top.

            In Russian-English dictionaries, “tvorog” is usually translated as “cottage cheese”. It isn’t “cottage cheese” though, which is similar, but different.


            1. And Tvorog is different from cheese curds – cheese curds are un-aged cheddar which is meant to be sold fresh. The iconic ‘squeak’ on your teeth is meant to be a sign of freshness.


              I eat tvorog probably at least once a week – my mother-in-law stuffs bliniy with tvorog and dried fruit and we eat them with yogurt. She makes her own tvorog, of course; you can’t get it here that I’ve ever seen. Russia has a lot of dairy oddities that we don’t have here. Ryazhenka, for example – in fact, we have very few fermented milk drinks except yogurt. We don’t have real kefir here, either – the stuff sold in grocery stores tastes more or less the same, but there’s nothing living in it and you can’t use it to culture more. A few of the hippies make real kefir and have a ‘seed’ they have used for years, but you have to look pretty hard for it.


              1. Cheddar cheese specifically for poutine?

                But curds are part of any cheese making process — and you throw away the whey or give it to pigs or find a little Miss Muffet, who’ll eat it with her curds.

                “Tvorog” is curds, but not Cheddar cheese curds, because Cheddar cheese — real Cheddar — comes from Somerset, England.

                Curd is a dairy product obtained by coagulating milk in a process called curdling. The coagulation can be caused by adding rennet or any edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar, and then allowing it to coagulate. The increased acidity causes the milk proteins to tangle into solid masses, or curds. Wikipedia

                Curd doesn’t have to be Cheddar cheese curd, but that seems to be the case when preparing poutine.


                1. I don’t actually know where poutine came from, as a dish, and I think it is a fairly recent fad, from the last 20 years or so. It just sort of popped up in Quebec, and suddenly a version was available in all their fast-food restaurants and then suddenly in ours. It is far more likely that rather than being ‘traditional’, the popular version’s ingredients were simply dictated by the first version that most people liked. But the cheese is always white, or whitish. Cheddar curds (or the local variety of cheddar, I’m sure it doesn’t all hail from the Cheddar Caves, it’s the most popular cheese in the world) are not hard to obtain or expensive, but the key here seems to be their freshness, which apparently does not last long. As you know, in the restaurant or fast-food biz, you have to be good at estimating demand and thus the stock you must keep on hand. You can store mozzarella or other white semi-firm cheeses for weeks; curds, only for a couple of days. For me, fried potatoes and beef gravy are a natural, and the addition of a cheese I could take or leave. But for real poutine it is the texture, and the squeak. Cheddar curds are firmer than tvorog, which is why I don’t think it would work, but it’s worth a try. Russian poutine; dig it.

                  For me, the quintessential Quebecois delicacy is the smoked-meat sandwich; thinly-sliced smoked beef brisket piled on rye bread until the upper slice sits vertical. For hardcore fans, speck; bits of the spicy outer fat of a pork leg intermingled with the meat.


                  I made it into Ben’s Deli for one of his famous smoked-meat sandwiches; by great good fortune it was situated on a cross-street right behind the Four Seasons Hotel where I was staying, while on a engineering course. I’m not an engineer by any description, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, the course was taught at CAE, in Montreal. They make flight simulators, and they were also the designers and builders of the embedded trainer software in the Canadian Patrol Frigate (CPF) which I went to learn how to run. An engineer on the co