The Ceaseless Lies of Eva Bartlett; or, The Partisan Scrubbing of Western Consciousness.

Uncle Volodya says, “The question is whether privileged elites should dominate mass-communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must, namely, to impose necessary illusions, manipulate and deceive the stupid majority, and remove them from the public arena.”

“Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing.”

Criss Jami, from “Killosophy”

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

Noam Chomsky, from “Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda”

I don’t think you would get anywhere by arguing that living in a democracy means your leaders always tell you the truth – and let you and your fellow voters decide, based on that truth, whether you want to go further down the road under their leadership or come to a parting of the ways, and go forward without them. There is no written promise that leaders will not lie, just as there is no statement of ethics which forbids a free press from lying to its readers, whether deliberately or because it was itself deceived by liars.

Nonetheless, the obvious repugnance and disgust expressed by generations of western journalists for the manipulative propaganda of Nazi poster-boy Goebbels and the overly-motivational exhortations of the Communist Soviet Union’s five-year planners strongly suggested the west at all levels disapproves of lying in order to manipulate public perception.

Can we agree, then, that western philosophy – by which I mean the propounded creed of NATO and various western temporary and semi-permanent alliances over the years since the Second World War – encourages a belief that the creation and dissemination of propaganda is wrong? That western journalism strives for an impression that propagandists are also liars, and that an informed populace can handle the truth?

That’s pretty much what I thought.

I was reminded of the western appetite for being hoodwinked recently in a comment by regular reader Julius Skoolafish, celebrating the bring-the-mountain-to Mohammed journalism of Eva Bartlett. Like a few other courageous women in the profession – Abby Martin, Lizzie Phelan, Vanessa Beely – Bartlett frequently goes to trouble spots for lengthy periods and reports on events there. There’s no particular reason to assume everything she says is true, any more than you would believe total honesty of everyone you don’t know. However, her interpretation is often very different from mainstream narratives. And the curious thing is,  the mainstream narrative hardly varies at all; cruel dictator, killing his own people, who are crying out for freedom from his crushing oppression, western obligation to bring freedom and democracy. Check, check, and check. And that narrative has been verifiably demonstrated to be utter horseshit, time and time again. Iraq is only the best example, because the events are fairly fresh in the collective consciousness, the barefaced lying by western leaders – chiefly those of the United States and the UK – was so over the top, and the reckoning was paid solely by the victims of the operation. Not one western leader was penalized in any way, and British leader Tony Blair was elevated to a jet-about-the-world envoy, smiling his bland assurances of western benevolence for generous paychecks. The neoconservative manipulators caught red-handed lying and lying and lying some more were just folded into future governments, where there is no reason to imagine their story-spinning did not continue.

But if you google up the Wikipedia entry on Eva Bartlett, you get this:

Eva Karene Bartlett is a Canadian activist and blogger who is known for promoting conspiracy theories about Syria. She writes op-eds for the television network RT. Bartlett describes herself as an “independent writer and rights activist.” Critics contend that her advocacy amounts to support for the Assad regime, and she has promoted the falsehood that the White Helmets stage rescues and “recycle” children in its videos.

So much calculated venom in such a short bio. Known for promoting conspiracy theories. Writes for RT, which is a common synonym these days for ‘known liar’. Supports the ‘Assad regime’. Tells porkie-pie lies about those nice White Helmets, almost always pictured digging groaning, barely-alive victims out of shattered concrete rubble, their honest, broad features sombre with anguish and sorrow at the ceaseless inhumanity of man toward his fellows.

What a wicked, wicked woman.

Another curiosity of propaganda and its marketing is that certain people and agencies can seemingly get away with it forever, based on the principle that people believe statements which make them feel good about themselves when good things are done in their names. Taking the White Helmets as an example, those conspiracy-theorist liars at the state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation themselves remarked upon a supposed rescue operation conducted in Syria in November of 2016 by the famous White Helmets, in which they appeared in a selfie with their supposed rescued victim in what was apparently a subsequent shot; far from crushed by the jagged rubble, he appeared in perfect health.

The video itself is quite a clumsy effort, but it is a feature of propaganda that when you are telling people that their tax dollars and donations are supporting magnificent examples of selfless courage in far-off lands where the leader of the fuzzie-wuzzies is murdering his own, they don’t require much convincing. We see the two brave White Helmets – not a speck of dust blemishing their spotless uniforms – pausing to get everything just right before the actual extrication process begins. The victim, covered with concrete dust, remains passive until some unseen director apparently says, “aaaannnd…Action!”, at which moment he begins to thrash and shout with pain and panic. The noble White Helmets work away silently as if unmoved by the danger of their situation and the pitiful struggles of the victim. Which appears to be the case, in fact, as he appears in a photo with them taken apparently moments later – since he is wearing the same clothes and is still covered with concrete dust (give you silicosis, that) – but miraculously whole and apparently relaxed.

@RussiaConnects twitter comment

That’ll be one for his actor portfolio. It’s eerie, the way rubble-pinned victims calm down immediately after rescue by the White Helmets. Perhaps they’re magic.

On that occasion, even the doyen of western citizen-journalist fakery, Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, was moved to comment that this was just not on, chaps, not on at all, and it only lent credibility to western useful-idiot conspiracy theorists (like Bartlett, presumably) when such distressingly clumsy fakes were exposed. For their part, the White Helmets were quick to apologize – sorry, Guv, we don’t know what we wuz thinking. The leadership of the White Helmets was definitely not involved, and in fact didn’t even know about it, we was just carryin’ on, like.

This might be a good place to comment on that White Helmets leader and co-founder; former British Army intelligence officer James le Mesurier. Because he was found dead in the street outside his home in Istanbul, apparently having fallen from his balcony in the wee small hours of the morning. If so, he must have made a mighty effort to fly to the opposite rooftop, because his body was discovered across the street from his balcony. But British investigators assure us everything was on the level; he died due to bursting of a blood vessel in his aorta, possibly due to stress because he owed rather a large amount of money – they even have video of him falling, thanks to a conveniently-placed security camera.

Anyway, back to Eva Bartlett and her mendacious lies about the honest White Helmets ‘recycling’ child actors and using them over and over in fabricated ‘rescues’ or for post-disaster clips that move western potential donors to bitter tears and getting out their wallets. This was conclusively and decisively debunked by that western paragon to truth in journalism, The Guardian.

Why, anyone can see these three images do not depict the same child – she’s…she’s wearing different clothes, for one thing! And this, this is the clincher, so embarrassing for Bartlett, really: she’s wearing the same bracelet…but it’s on the opposite arm!! Yes, she apparently missed that, the silly cow. And her hair is different! In one picture, it’s all messed up and sticking everywhere, but in the photo of her lying on a bed or cot, it’s smoothed down and curly! And pictures show her nearly buried by heavy rubble! That’d be almost impossible to stage!

“Someone would have had to have buried a screaming child up to their chest in rubble and carefully assembled a large amount of heavy wreckage around and on top of her – an extraordinary logistical challenge and an extraordinary collective act of child abuse.”

Perhaps in Britain assembling a large amount of wreckage around and on top of a person so they appear to be in mortal danger but are in fact not hurt at all is an extraordinary logistical challenge; air strikes on British cities are sort of rare. But many Syrian cities have been almost razed to the ground, and great chunks of concrete are lying around in the most ubiquitous fashion.

Similar and classic is the fake of the ‘chemical attack’ at Douma in the spring of 2018. An actor at the center of the production, 11-year-old Hassan Diab, claimed he was hustled into the hospital and sprayed with water in an apparent fabricated ‘decontamination’, but there had never been anything wrong with him. His father claimed the same – that radicals in Douma had staged the video and that there had not been any chemical attack. Hospital staff, ditto. No symptoms of chemical attack displayed by any of the ‘victims’, and the props still in place at the hospital for anyone who wanted to look. The western response? A ‘despicable’ put-up job by the Russians, to attempt to justify their presence in Syria where they were invited by its democratically-elected leader, whereas the western forces just invited themselves in and worked under the radar as much as they could to support the fundamentalist radical ‘rebels’. Where the ‘last hospital in Aleppo’ was bombed by the Russians so many times, but always raised itself from the ashes so it could be bombed again.

Even the ridiculous filming of the man first shown roaring in agony only to be seen in a selfie with his ‘rescuers’ moments later was excused by the western press; France 24 claimed the depiction was never meant to portray an actual rescue. No, it was just the White Helmets doing their version of the popular ‘Mannequin Challenge’, to raise awareness about the horrific conditions in Syria. The White Helmets were sorry to have given propagandists the opportunity to portray their genuine and selfless efforts as fake, but you just can’t predict what low-lifes some people can be.

“Some people have alleged that this footage shows a rescue being staged. But here’s the truth of the matter: Yes, it was made by the White Helmets. Yes, it was staged. However, the White Helmets were transparent about their intentions because this is a rather awkward example of the Mannequin Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge, which was started by high schoolers in the United States, is to show a scene frozen for several seconds before leaping into action again.”

Well, that’s believable, surely? Much more believable than the actual victims of chemical attacks in Douma being flown to the Hague to testify they had never been involved in any chemical attack, and the whole show a fabrication by radical ‘rebels’, in another despicable head-fake by the Russians. God only knows what those poor people were promised in exchange for their lies – maybe a lakeside palace next to Putin’s.

The absurdity of the excuses offered boggles the mind. The fact that allegedly-fake videos by the White Helmets are ‘widely shared’ is proof that they are harmless, and that certain people are just determined to beat up on the White Helmets. Video of an alleged former White Helmet confessing that their disaster rescues are staged is a fake because you can tell from the way his eyes move that he is reading from a script. The testimony of the President of France’s Emergency Firefighters and First Responders International that rescued children often bear no trace of dust or dirt after having been ‘rescued’ from rubble is batted aside in favour of the word of some anonymous yob who is nevertheless credited as an ‘expert’ in urban search and rescue, who claims;

“The fact that the children aren’t covered with dust doesn’t prove that this video has been staged. It’s possible that the children were in a pocket of air, which wasn’t filled with dust or smoke.”

Fucking incredible. The fact that children rescued from an environment swirling with dust and dirt emerge clean as if they just stepped out of J.C. Penney’s display window might also indicate they had just been beamed in from the holodeck of the Starship ENTERPRISE. It’s just as believable as their having been trapped in a pocket in which there was plenty of air but no dust, as if explosions and building collapses miraculously preserve occupants of such pockets from dirt. And the word of the president of a renowned urban-extraction organization is summarily dismissed as twaddle, Not because it is,  but because it did not support the desired conclusion. Children who appear in other respects identical must be different children because they are wearing different clothes, and the fact that they are pictured carried by different men just means they were being handed down a human chain, like a bucket brigade. I can describe the whole environment in which the knee-jerk exculpatory western media operates in just two words, and the first is ‘Wilful’ and the second is ‘Ignorance’.

The same media which pours scorn on any suggestion that the White Helmets are a bunch of PR fakes employed for the dual purposes of raising money for the Syrian opposition and justifying a western intervention is perfectly willing to accept that Russia altered the results of the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States by way of less than $100,000.00 in Facebook ads and social-media posts while the candidates’ expenditure of Billions was to no avail, even after documentary evidence proved the FBI conspired to suborn testimony and entrap witnesses. It really, unfortunately, portrays westerners as beyond gullible – almost childlike – in their apparent willing ingestion of crude propaganda. Meanwhile, the reference material we rely upon to make our respective cases is ideologically purged on a daily basis so that its narrative reflects a western society which is honest and good, and in which elements among the people who shout “No – this is wrong! It’s all a lie!” are lunatics and droolers and mendacious fabricators who want to subvert the west in its ongoing do-gooding. Disgraceful, and only the more so because we willingly participate in the ridiculous charade with our hearts and conversation and wallets.

“We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.”

B. W. Powe, from “Towards a Canada of Light”

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    1. Navalny’s role is already so generic that they could just leave him in his ‘induced coma’ (maybe he’ll run into Justin Trudeau!) and write his political harangues themselves.


    1. Off-Guardian featured the interview with the Spanish doctor a couple of days ago. It was hilarious to see the doctor making wry faces (and probably thinking, Yes! I knew it! These people were trying to herd me into a corner!) as the original interviewer was interrupted by a second interviewer near the end. It was obvious the second interviewer was someone senior to the first interviewer and forcing both the first interviewer and the doctor to hew to a narrative that had been worked out in advance.

      BTW, “The Salisbury Poisonings” mini-series has just started broadcasting in Australia on the SBS channel. Thought I would watch Part 1 as comedy but even as comedy it was a dismal failure. Hardly anything resembling a plot, badly sketched characters and after the first scene in which the Skripals are poisoned (odd in itself: the couple sit in a frozen stance, then one topples over in front of a stunned crowd before a policewoman comes to the Skripals’ aid, in defiance of what we know actually happened, namely that none other than the British Army’s Chief Nurse, fresh from a 3-week military exercise that involved a simulation of CW attack, happened to be strolling by at the time of the couple’s collapse), all but the vaguest references to the Skripals were erased and from then on it was full-blown melodrama about Detective Nick Bailey’s collapse (after smearing Novichok everywhere in his house and kissing his wife!) and Dawn Sturgess trying to get her life back together with help from a social worker.

      Incidentally the script had input from two Guardian writers (Caroline Bannock and Steven Morris) – and yet what I saw was sheer schlock and idiocies like the bit where a Porton Down expert tells an astonished and credulous audience that the Skripals survived only because (here is where the dialogue got vague) either the weather was cold or the Novichok itself was cold, and that Novichok lasts … 50 years. That tells you something about the quality of creative writing that passes for journalism at The Guardian these days.

      The mini-series is showing as a 4-part series in Australia while in other countries it was shown in 3 parts. SBS must have some requirement to fit X amount of garbage into 60 minutes along with 15 minutes of rubbish advertisements and the 3-part series didn’t meet the requirement.


    1. The Color Revolution that was supposed to overthrow Lukashenko and bring freedumb and dumbocracy to Belarus was originally named … brace yourselves … the Slipper Revolution.

      I guess when at a loss for inspiring names, the regime changers don’t use brain-storming or Edward de Bono techniques … all too last century … they just turn to the shredding bins for inspiration.


  1. And here is a surprise not:

    Eskandar Momeni, director general of Iran Drug Control Headquarters, said Monday that not only has the US war in Afghanistan caused an explosion in poppy cultivation, but also that US military aircraft are smuggling drugs out of the country.

    It is beyond doubt that the US occupation of Afghanistan coincided with an explosion of opium production and export of same to other countries. Is there AYTHING that the US does that does not have a nefarious purpose? Anything?


    1. As I never tire of reminding anyone willing to listen, the most successful agency ever at crippling the flow of opium out of Afghanistan was the Taliban. It based its approach on religious grounds, and claimed Islam has no room in its edicts for trafficking in drugs – the devout should stop, at once. And the poppy crop was all but eradicated in a single season, stunning the world.

      They no sooner achieved this success – which, to my mind, was damned with faint praise by the United States, with a lot of waffling about the problems it caused for farmers and their poor success at growing substitute crops and how great life had been for them while they were growing poppies, getting their cash up front instead of after harvest and lots of other bennies, the Taliban was going to have problems if it couldn’t come up with a solution – than they were overthrown by…the United States. And the poppy made a comeback just like pinstripes.

      There are many things about the world that the United States does not want to change, although it takes advantage of every opportunity to bitch about it, and one of them is the global drug trade. It provides ample excuses for all manner of convenient law-enforcement regulations, budget-padding and slush funds of dirty but untraceable money. When anything looks like actually jeopardizing the freedom to operate of the drug trade, the US intervenes. Oh, once in awhile it shoots down some drug mule’s Piper Comanche or busts a big load of heroin, but that’s just for show. The actual street cops probably do hate the drug trade and the misery it causes, but street cops do not make boardroom decisions.

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    2. Any more news on Michael d’Andrea? Last time I looked, his Wikipedia article still had him down as alive although it added a section on speculation about his death. But then it didn’t say either if anyone had seen him since 28 January this year.


      1. Yeah, he’s dead as dead can be otherwise he would be strutting around. That was quite a military operation by whomever got him.


  2. Der Spiegel:

    Was it Putin?

    What the Berlin Charité announced yesterday afternoon about its most prominent patient, the Russian oppositionist Alexej Navalny, sounded quite technical – but the doctors’ statements are explosive in terms of world politics: Navalny’s investigation indicates “an intoxication by a substance from a group of active substances called cholinesterase inhibitors. In German: Vladimir Putin’s archenemy was apparently poisoned during his stay in Siberia. In the meantime, Navalny is in a coma in the intensive care unit in Berlin.

    The question now is whether Putin is personally responsible for this attack on Navalny’s life or whether they were people who think they know what the Russian President would like – which would not make things much better.

    Wonderful conclusion to the proposition by the hospital that Navalny was (allegedly) poisoned, namely Putin did it or his accomplices.


    1. From the “Der Spiegel” article linked above:

      The federal government is now also under pressure. It is one thing to want a close partnership with Russia, maintaining it them with Putin is something else, with a man who annexed the Crimea in violation of international law, actively destabilized eastern Ukraine and who is in all probability behind the hacking attack on the Bundestag or the zoo murder.

      Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas are now calling for joint statement that the crime be investigated “down to the last detail”. Is that the appropriate response? Or should the federal government tighten the course as is the FDP [Free Democratic Party — ME] foreign expert Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, who in the BILD newspaper calls for “sanctions” and “also to go to the international criminal court” in order to “convict those who have committed the crime”.

      How Germany is reacting to the Navalny case and whether there should be a punishment for Vladimir Putin is what I am talking about today with the Greens’ foreign expert, Jürgen Trittin, who is also a member of the German-Russian parliamentary group. The “top talk”, live today at 2.30 p.m. on



      1. Mmmm….having a partnership with Russia is perfectly reasonable to contemplate…just as long as Putin is gone. Do you suppose that’s a German idea?

        Wait and see. Thus far, every new American assault has seemed diabolically clever and infuriating, but all have come to naught. Russia still has Navalny’s samples, taken before he left Russia, and could not have removed a cholinesterase-inhibitor if it was present. I suppose the Yanko-German solution will be to loudly reject even looking at the Russian ‘evidence’, as it goes without saying that it will have been tampered with.

        If I were Putin, I would tell the Germans up front that Nord Stream II is off the table, go and fuck yourselves into unconsciousness, and when you wake up again, buy stock in blankets, because it’s going to be a cold winter without gas. Then you would see some scrambling, much of it by Washington as it tried to take advantage of the moment by nailing diwn solid LNG contracts.

        But you have to give the Americans credit – it’s quite something to pull off a trick like this when your country is burning and rioting and the bottom is falling out of the economy and you are printing money until the presses glow, and you are trying to put together a presidential election whose process and result will not divide the country even further. Probably Russia’s better option is to stall and hope the USA will go tits-up.


    2. The REAL purpose of it is to thwart any rapprochement building between Russia and Germany, and at that it is succeeding quite well, as the usual liberal elements among the German press are amping it to beat the band. Germany was not chosen as Navalny’s destination at random, and I daresay he would be much more useful in Germany, stirring the pot for his Washington bosses, than he would be in Russia. America has not given up on queering the Nord Stream II deal, but it has recognized that threatening sanctions against German towns is not going to git ‘er done. Outlets such as Deutsche Welle, ARD and Bild are howling about Russian perfidy, and the rest of the west has been conditioned to bristle whenever it hears the word “Russia”. In fact, Russia and coronavirus are about all that is wrong with a blissful western picture these days, and if both were removed, it would be double happiness all around.

      The United States is not going to take Russia by itself, and right now it has no substantial allies willing to join it in war. It has tried hard and failed at wrecking the Russian economy, and Russia itself is more or less impervious to western economic attack so long as it has resources the rest of the world must have, and leadership that does not make stupid decisions. So the United States must work on its partners. And that’s why suddenly everything is Lysosha from sunup to sundown, even extending to his remaining in a ‘medically-induced coma’. although that would serve no purpose whatsoever in a case of poisoning. I would not rule it out that he might die. Greater love hath no man, than he who lays down his life for his friends.

      It is an interesting exercise in how stupid people really are, I suppose. I mean, they mostly without hesitation bought the story that Putin had tried to assassinate Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Skripal a former-KGB has-been who was no threat to Russia at all, and growing less of one every day. Now they seem poised to believe Putin tried to assassinate Lyosha when he was far, far past his peak as an opposition figure and about to be edged out by more incendiary activists, when the Russian government declined to imprison him despite repeated transgressions and obvious violations of Russian law. He was a criminal who could not get into jail even by renting a cell. Yet people will actually believe that one day Putin woke up and said “That’s it for you, Navalny – you have become just too much a thorn in my side. Will no one rid me of this troublesome opposition leader???”


      1. Rather it appears to be succeeding quite well…

        So far we have only had words from Berlin and the usual suspects. Words have much less consequences than actions. Berlin so far is chosing the former in place of having to do the latter which to me tells me that they are still being careful. If this was America it would be t-Rump saying something or other that would be different a day or a few days later.

        I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here to say that Berlin won’t do anything serious unless something else substantially related occurs. Peskov has firmly put the ball back in their court and made it clear that Russia doesn’t do Woke or apologize for it’s ‘feelings.’


      2. The German Business rag “Handelsblatt” had an an opinion piece the other day, written by a German Arschloch who opined that the only real sanction that Germany can and should apply to the Evil Empire and its tyrannical despot is to close down Nord Stream 2. The argument ran along the lines “tough decision — but a man’s gotta do what a man’s got to do” — in the name of “freedom and democracy” and “European values” of course.

        I suppose the arsehole who wrote the piece duly picked up a check from The US State Dept., either directly or indirectly — probably the latter.


  3. The governments and their media side-kicks comprehensively promoted lies continue to seep further…

    Independent: Bruce Hornsby: ‘My entire class cheered when Kennedy was assassinated – I felt awful’

    The self-confessed ‘unhip white dude’ wrote one of the protest songs of the Eighties in ‘The Way It Is’, which has been sampled by rappers from Tupac to Polo G. Helen Brown talks to him about his brilliant new album, encountering racism with his band, and growing up in a southern tow

    …The title track, Hornsby says, is inspired by “a deeply unsettling article I read about the computer hackers who tried to shut down the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It almost worked. These incredible super geeks were able to thwart the hackers and I think they were pretty sure in the end it was the Russians.”…

    The US was f/kin racist back then, and it still is now. As is traditional, producing a bogeyman (sic Russia) is all part of ‘there’s a greater threat’ used to ignore/distract/whatever from fixing built in inequality back home.

    That was the first that I’d heard of ‘Russia hacking the SK Olympics’ so I looked it up and unfortunately I ran across this which may be the article that Hornsby may have read:

    * Wired: The Untold Story of the 2018 Olympics Cyberattack, the Most Deceptive Hack in History

    How digital detectives unraveled the mystery of Olympic Destroyer—and why the next big attack will be even harder to crack.

    This is what passes for ‘journalism.’

    It is full of the usual false and long debunked claims, suppositions and ‘detective work’, namely Guccifer 2.0 (CIA/whatever creation to cover up the DNC leaks which were not hacked but given by USB stick by Seth Rich as 1st person source former ambassador Craig Murray has told us), but the author knows better. Quite the feather in his cap for writing something that could have come straight out of Langley.

    He quotes from FireEye which we know has also been rather loose with the facts (Russian interference in US election machines) and worst of all discovers ‘metadata’ that proves it was ‘Da Kremlin’, even though we all know about the NSA’s hacking tools and obfuscation programs like MARBLE via Snowden. And plenty more. Yes, Russians are still really clever but they cannot help but use the same IP addresses as previous attacks and ‘Hello Mama’ in cyrillic like teenage scriptkiddies. Greenberg’s real pro.

    It just goes to show that they never give up and there is always a journalist at an established publication more than willing to run with it when the story is a bit exciting and involves ‘anonymous’ security agencies and sources who tell them what they want to hear. Who needs censorship when you live in your own weird reality?


    1. Isn’t it remarkable how often “edgy” figures are the vehicles used to convey the narrative. It’s almost as though it’s state-directed.

      Just as well, then, that the very notion is preposterous.


    2. As I have probably suggested before, Russia has to get used to the idea that the western alliance is its implacable enemy, and its core – the United States – will accept no other solution than Russia’s demise in violence or its complete submission to American disposal. I approve of Russia continuing to refer to ‘our western colleagues’ or ‘partners’, because it suggests mockery to me so long as nobody in Russia believes it. But the American and American-dominated media has escalated the campaign against Russia to the point that it is the root of everything which is wrong with the world. When you would think any reasonable country would lie quiet for awhile, having aroused the ire of its enemies to a fever pitch, Russia goes right on provoking and poking and daring the west to do something. Or so the story goes. It is disappointing to see official Germany so easily pushed off its previous halfway-defiant platform, but not really surprising. It remains to be seen if it will actually use the completion of Nord Stream II as leverage to get what will mollify the Americans. I frankly doubt it, and suspect Mutti Merkel and Heiko are just making indignant noises while they scramble for a new position, but you never know. As I have often said also, if Europe was left dependent on American LNG shipped in by tankers, it would serve it right. Just as long as Russia is not coerced into shipping gas through Ukraine forever and a day. That’s the absolute no-go point.


      1. As I have probably suggested before, Russia has to get used to the idea that the western alliance is its implacable enemy, and its core – the United States – will accept no other solution than Russia’s demise in violence or its complete submission to American disposal.

        This is first of all about preservation and expansion of the US-centered global neoliberal empire, not so much about Russia. They react identically to any threat to the “neoliberal world order” and “full spectrum dominance” from any country. False poisonings, creating and organizing internal opposition out of neoliberal fifth column (which is influential in any xUSSR country and consists first of all os some stratas of professionals (IT professionals, part of academic community getting foreign grants and trips, journalists fifth column, etc ) as well as of compradors working in foreign firms, NGO, or getting foreign grants (aka “grantoeds”) ) attempts to stage color revolutions, all the arsenal of subversion is used.

        I think this might turn into a play of German intelligence (with some support and even encouragement of political leadership) , which was a formidable opponent for Soviets during WWII. So the same story repeats now on a new level. The idea is probably to convert this into Scripals II scandal to keep Russophobia hysteria going strong. .

        BTW Merkel government was instrumental in pushing Yushchenko poisoning story, which is some ways was a dressed rehearsal of Scripal’s poisoning story (in neither case victims died and in both cases circumstances of poisoning were really mysterious ). And The Mirror reminded us about this link in 2018:

        Moreover, Merkel was instrumental in organizing color revolution of 2014 in Ukraine (aka Euromaidan). Klitschko and his party were her puppets. With direct and indirect financial and organizational support. He was called “Merkel’s Boxer Boy In Ukraine.” It was against her attempt to hijack this color revolution Nuland’s famous remarks “F*ck the EU” were directed.

        After that Klitschko political star faded and he never got into the Provisional Government. Yatsenyuk was put in charge.

        She is a staunch neoliberal and thus a lapdog of the USA with, nevertheless, her own dreams of economic “Drang nach Osten”. Ambitions which actually fully materialized in Ukraine and Bulgaria.

        So I would expect more pushing of yet another “false flag poisoning” story by all NATO countries MSM.


  4. Kommersant:

    Российские врачи отвергли немецкую версию отравления Навального в первый же день

    Russian doctors have rejected the German version of Navalny’s poisoning on the first day
    24 August 2020

    Head of the department of anaesthesiology and resuscitation number 1 of the N.I. Pirogov Centre, Boris Teplykh, has said that he had not heard “anything new” from the statement of German doctors. According to him, on the very first day, Russian doctors were working on the version about the intoxication of opposition leader Alexei Navalny with cholinesterase inhibitors. But the substance was not found.

    “They are talking about clinical data, and not about the substance itself, which neither we nor, apparently, they have found at the moment. On the very first day of the patient’s admission, we worked on this version, but did not find confirmation”, Mr. Teplykh told RIA Novosti.

    According to him, the atropine assigned to Alexei Navalny was given to him from the first minutes after his hospitalization in Omsk.

    “Subsequently, the need for its re-introduction was discussed … In addition, the presence of such a chemical reaction in the body is possible both as a result of the use of other medications, and in the natural course of the sickness”, said Mr. Teplykh.

    The chief toxicologist of the Omsk region and the Siberian Federal District, Alexander Sabaev, also said that cholinesterase inhibitors were not detected during the examination of Mr. Navalny in Omsk.

    “Upon his admission to the hospital, Alexei Navalny underwent investigations on a wide range of narcotic, synthetic substances, psychodeletics and medicinal substances, including cholinesterase inhibitors: the result was negative”, said Mr. Sabaev. “In addition, he did not have a clinical picture specific to poisoning by substances of the group of cholinesterase inhibitors”.

    Recall that after the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny in the Omsk hospital, a consultation was held, in which there took part specialists from the N. I. Pirogov National Medical and Chemical Centre and the N. N. Burdenko Centre for Neurosurgery.

    Clinical studies in the Berlin clinic “Charité” showed intoxication of Alexei Navalny’s body with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The exact substance has not yet been identified. It is also not clear how exactly it got into the body. Mr. Navalny’s condition is assessed as “serious”, but there is no acute threat to his life.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Heiko Maas have called on the Russian authorities to investigate the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. They have also demanded that those responsible be punished.

    At least “Kommersant” says they Russian doctors “have rejected”the “Charité” doctors’ statement and not “denied” that the charlatan had been poisoned

    The whole thing is a set-up done by Team-Navalny, that foreign agent hamming it up for all it was worth with his screaming and howling on board the aircraft. I somehow don’t think that a man poisoned with a “nerve agent” some while before take off would suddenly start howling in agony after having visited the aircraft toilet.

    Germany is a United States satrap and acts as behoves an occupied by the USA state.


    1. Yes, that’s just what Putin would do – wait until Navalny was all but used-up as an opposition figure, and then poison him with something that would not offer any threat to his life. Just sort of a cryptic, “Next time, Lyosha…” warning. Right? If he didn’t die of old age first.

      What a ridiculous farce. But, once again Navalny is talked about and talked about from sunup to sundown, cosseted as if he were a national treasure. He’ll probably have to go on a very long and expensive vacation after this, with his statuesque wife and his lovely children (except perhaps for the one busy with her American studies) to recover.


  5. Sputnik:

    Kremlin: German Clinic’s Diagnosis of Navalny’s Condition Doesn’t Show He Was Definitely Poisoned
    25 August, 08:51

    “We cannot treat the accusations you mentioned seriously. These accusations have absolutely nothing to do with truth and are more like empty noise”, Peskov told reporters.

    “We do not understand why our German colleagues are in such a hurry to use the word ‘poisoning’ and so on. This version was among the first to be considered by our doctors, but, I repeat, the exact substance has not been determined”, Peskov said.

    I can understand why, Mr. Peskov.


    1. I’ll tell you where the “poison” was administered: in the aircraft toilet — by the foreign agent Navalny unto himself.


      1. A sliver of truth:

        Euractiv avec AFP: EU calls for ‘independent, transparent’ probe into Navalny case

        …Cholinesterase is an enzyme needed for the central nervous system to function properly. Its inhibitors are used to make medicines and insecticides, but also nerve agents such as sarin…

        Or an escape route if necessary?

        A ‘full investigation’ is required for Russia to prove that it is not guilty of ‘possibly’ having done ‘something’ and the final arbiters of such a truth will be western politicans and institutions. Have cake, will eat. You would expect u-Rope to be more careful considering the US is trying by hook or by crook to kill NSII and destroy EU relations with Russia, but there are plenty of broad-spectrum russophobes in the EU who don’t care. Consequences are for others.


        1. What will be really funny will be if they are successful. I can imagine the looks on their faces upon being told Nord Stream II is canceled and the Ukrainian transit contract will not be renewed. It’s not as if Russia could not sell the gas elsewhere. But gas prices in Europe would transcend the fantastic. And America would get the opportunity to prove it just wants to be Europe’s commercial good friend, and would NEVER use energy imports to meddle in national affairs like elections.


      2. Why not? That’s what the formerly-handsome Viktor Yushchenko did, coming out of it looking like a pine-cone, but a martyr forever to a Russian attempt to kill him. I tell you what – the Russians are going to have to give up poison as a weapon of assassination, because they suck at it – they can’t kill anyone! Put a little investment into a commercially-available long gun in a common caliber, and shoot enemies of the state from a nearby rooftop. That won’t work repeatedly, because after the first time the cops will blanket every rooftop and high point for miles around, but you’ll have a dead dissident to show for it.

        In case anyone is in doubt, that is sarcasm and not an actual assassination plan. But I cannot refrain from pointing out it has been used with great success in the United States by individuals who most people, to put it kindly, would not consider extra-smart. This whole poison thing seems too complicated and relies too much on chance, and the results are plainly unsatisfactory. Time to get back to fundamentals, what?

        Of course, if it is all just a big scam, it will be kind of hard for Washington to actually shoot Navalny and kill him and pin it on Russia. Although the British did a reasonable job of it by simply picking two Russians visiting the UK and painting them as professional FSB ‘wet men’.


    2. Is Peskov really that dumb?

      As soon as this incident happened – and the Navalny people started screaming poison – that this would be used to attack Russia was obvious.

      Peskov should not even be responding – leave it to a medical spokesperson

      The fact he is responding puts the issue in the Kremlin with the President.

      And he sounds defensive – giving a long statement that your enemies don’t care about.

      Just refer them to the doctors and leave it at that


      1. I disagree. He is a spokesman. His comments were short and to the point. Now that they have been made there is no need to respond to anything else unless something actually new turns up and certainly not including the next range of unsubstantiated rumors. In short, Peskov said ‘Put up or shut up.’ Diplomatically.


        1. Whatever, a former Kremlin top doc held no punches as regards this latest Navalny performance:

          . . . the former chief physician of the Kremlin Hospital of the Russian President’s Property Management Department, Alexander Myasnikov, did not remain silent. When he heard the diagnosis from German doctors that Navalny had been poisoned, he said:

          I shall speak cynically: if they had wanted to kill him, they would have killed him!


        2. Maybe, but he should know that an invitation to comment is an invitation to engage, and that past history indicates every official Russian statement will be dismissed as lies. Same for the Chinese, now, really. Their denials of having started the coronavirus ‘pandemic’ are regarded humorously as pathetic dissembling, and actually tacit admissions of guilt. Only the west always tells the truth – all others always lie. A landscape which would not be at all unfamiliar to Winston Smith.


      2. Not dumb, just being diplomatic.

        One occasional visitor to this blog would consider Peskov’s reaction a sign of Russian weakness.

        My statement that I could understand why Peskov’s “colleagues” were in such a hurry to use the word “poisoning” was entirely cynical.


        1. Navalny’s spokeswoman’s response to Peskov statement:

          In response, Mr Navalny’s spokeswoman, Kira Yarmysh, tweeted: “It was obvious that the crime would not be properly investigated and the culprit found. However, we all know perfectly well who he is.”

          Source: BBC

          Proof by assertion yet again.


        2. On the other hand, Peskov could have taken a page out of the former British Minister of Defence, “Stupid Boy” Gavin Williamson, and said:

          Frankly, Germany should go away, and it should shut up”.


    3. For the love of God, stop playing their game and saying things that they will counter with “That’s just what you’d expect the Russians to say”. Just take the phone off the hook, and drop some roubles on a manicure and spa. Relax. Everything you say is translated as “I’mguiltyI’mguiltyI’mguilty” anyway, so say nothing. The Russian government is busy with governing, and has no comment at this time.


  6. Vinyard the Saker: Might Belarus become the next Syria?

    Okay, I admit it, the title is rather hyperbolic 🙂 But here is what I am trying to say: there are signs that Russia is intervening in the Belarusian crisis (finally!)

    First and foremost, we can see a truly radical change in Lukashenko’s policies: …

    …Even more amazing is this: the Polish-run Nexta Telagram channel (which is the main medium used by the Empire to overthrow Lukashenko) initially called for a peaceful protest, but at the end of the day a call was made to try to take over the main Presidential building. When the rioters (at this point we are dealing with an illegal, violent, attempt to overthrow the state – so I don’t call these people demonstrators) got to the building they were faced with a real “wall” of riot cops in full gear: this (really scary) sight was enough to stop the rioters who stood for a while, and then had to leave….

    More at the link.

    Provokatsia, ignored of course by the Pork Pie News Networks. It’s remarkably like the system used during the British empire where army officers were encouraged to ‘take the initiative’ when it would add to British empire possession and would be hansomely rewarded if they succeed, but publicly shamed and disowned (or ignored if possible) when they fail. I will yet again mention Colonel Francis Younghusband’s Tibetian massacre in 1904 as a prime example, though after a quiet period he was effectively rehabilitated, as he was just a cog in the wheel that went all the way up to Lord Curzon.

    With the russophobic media it doesn’t matter what lies are ultimately found to not stack up because they’ve already moved on to the next set of lies. There is no looking back, only forward and like Younghusband, little or no consequences depending on how embarassing the reveal is.


    1. And there’s this to consider:

      “I declare our readiness for negotiations with the authorities. We are ready to nominate the negotiators. We are willing to consider the mediation of international organizations to facilitate the dialogue,” Tikhanovskaya said in an address to the European Parliament.

      See Sputnik:

      Live Updates: Belarusian Opposition Ready to Accept International Mediation, Tikhanovskaya Says
      25 August


      1. Which would make it necessary for Lukashenko to recognize Tikhonovskaya as the official opposition, despite her low electoral support. What does she realistically have to give away? Which suggests only one party is going to be backing up and offering concessions, and that party is going to be Lukashenko. Tikhonovskaya will have oodles of international backing, and Lukashenko will have nothing – the west would gnash its teeth and scream at any suggestion of Russian support, while the west itself is only ‘supporting democracy’. You know what? I’m sick of that word, and it has essentially lost all its meaning.

        Lukashenko is invited to take this seriously, and to get his shit together. This is a no-drill attempt to overthrow the state in the same fashion that drove Yanukovych out of Ukraine. Lukashenko had better stop his silly notions of having western friends and options, because if he keeps on with that style of reasoning he is going to find himself in exile in a foreign country, if he is lucky; dead, if he is not. The west is mounting a serious attempt to oust him and replace him with a compliant western liberal who will straightaway dissolve any Belarusian participation in the Eurasian Union, in the name of ‘friendly independence’. And then it will be the same thing as Ukraine – ceaseless attempts to ship European goods into Russia through Belarus by disguising their origin, and to weaken the Russian economy and dilute the impact of economic sanctions against Europe.


  7. crAP via Greece, Bulgaria hail deal targeting Russia gas dominance

    …Bulgaria’s state-controlled Bulgartransgaz will acquire a 20% stake in the Greek company, Gastrade, that is developing the LNG terminal outside the Greek city of Alexandroupolis…

    Um, complete silence about carrying non-democratic Azeri gas along non-democratic Turkey TAP-TANAP pipeline or that LNG offers no free transit fees, but I guess this is what you call ‘marketing’ (bs) and not mentioning free transit fees from Turkstream. Whatever.


    1. Also a western propaganda effort to derail Bulgaria’s former abject apologies to Russia, and to portray Bulgaria instead as a backstabber who cannot be trusted. That will prevent any rapprochement. I suppose there’s always the possibility that’s exactly what Bulgaria is – Borissov is too much of a smiler for my complete comfort – but his groveling in Moscow and his anger at the west for pressuring Bulgaria into taking all the risks in exchange for an absent pat on the head seemed real enough.


  8. Just the News: Ukrainian flagged as intel danger to Trump had extensive contact with Obama officials, memos show

    Obama State Department considered Konstantin Kilimnik a ‘sensitive source,’ Senate report now identifies him as Russian intel officer.

    …”Thank you very much for looking into this and very sorry to ask,” U.S. embassy official Alexander “Sasha” Kasanof wrote businessman Konstantin Kilimnik in a Dec. 6, 2015 email obtained by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators and reviewed by Just the News. “Ambassador very unhappy about the article, though agree it stinks to me to (sic) of people we know very well.”

    A few lines later, Kasanof’s email offered Kilimnik some valuable inside skinny about the Obama administration’s assessment of a sensitive meeting between indicted fugitive Ukrainian oligarch Dmitri Firtash’s associate Yuriy Boyko and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. …

    Plenty more at the link including original (cable) source material.

    Kilimnik was good enough for Nuland…

    This story is worth repeating again and again. The recent Senate Intelligence Committee report fingering Kilimnik is FoS media fodder and of course the media refuses to look at the actual material, rather ‘trust’ what the pols say. i-Racki WMDs anyone? Yet more proof that those who profess their journalistic creed is ‘to hold the powerful to account’ have long since stopped doing so and are more than willing to switch their interpretations 180 degrees depending on which politics they support.


  9. Flight Global: Serial production of Mi-35P attack helicopters starts

    …In addition, the airframer appears to have secured its first export order for the attack helicopter, although it declines to reveal the customer’s identity…

    Normally this wouldn’t be that interesting but the background is that for many years there was no interest in Russia for designing and building a follow on for the classic Mi-24. India, conversly has long been asking for more Mi-24 type vehicles and even more pressing since the latest India-China border bing-bong ding-dong where a more powerful and effective troopcarrier able to defend itself and deliver troops at altitude yet again highlights why it is sorely needed by India.

    Now that they are here, I expect them to be ordered in large numbers which takes us to the main rub, the US is still publicly threatening India about buying S-400 and other Russian systems, though I assume this is for PR chest beating reasons rather than logic as India has bought lots of expensive American military equipment.


    1. Tass Press Review: Press review: Navalny may run efforts from Berlin and Lukashenko eyes army to quash unrest

      Top stories from the Rusian press on Monday, August 24th

      …Navalny blah blah blah…Charite hospital… Yushenko… Timoshenko…blah blah blah…

      …Kommersant: India ready to raise annual coal imports from Russia to 40 mln tonnes

      India plans to annually purchase up to 40 mln tonnes of coking coal, hard coal and pulverized coal from Russia, worth about $4.5 bln at current prices, Kommersant writes, citing sources that participated in a meeting of the Russian State Council’s working groups on August 14….

      …An industry source explained that India intended to boost its steel production but it lacked the required coal. “Indian companies are actively involved in negotiations on Russian coal supplies and are also looking for projects to join,” the source told the paper….

      Another thing the US can whine about. Other interesting stuff in the link including rules for Russia providing loans to foreign countries (plenty in Africa and Asia)…


  10. Vis the Navalny whatever it is. If you are a fan of crime (watching it, not doing it), you would know that figuring out the motive is the key to understanding who is behind the crime and unravelling the rest.

    Like the s/twit who wrote the Wired piece blaming Russia for hacking the SK Olympics (above), and the sh/twit western media who say Putin wot dun Navalny, they have the complete lack of viable motive in common. It’s as if they cannot be bothered because they know their speculations wouldn’t even pass the initial smell test of a real investigation. Others are like toddlers repetitively trying to hammer a square peg in to a round hole. They don’t care and just want it to go in (euh, how freudian)!


  11. Euractiv mit Neuters: Russian-backed organisations amplifying QAnon conspiracy theories, researchers say

    Russian government-supported organisations are playing a small but increasing role amplifying conspiracy theories promoted by QAnon, raising concerns of interference in the November US election.

    Yes, yet again new data/analytics shitpad Graphika (where Ben ‘Russia is Evil’ Nimmo an expert at the Atlantic Council* shakes his butt) is being used as a source.

    I haven’t bothered to look at the timing of the cycles when the western propaganda efforts decide to bring on stream a new bs site to peddle their rubbish, but I suppose that now Bell-End Cat is more widely known to be NATO affiliated/whatever, an opening for another ‘honest’ data/fact driven organization that the PPNN can quote laundered fake intel is required. One thing in common is that they are all new but have some old hands on deck.


    …counts among its ranks such luminaries as Ben Nimmo, perhaps best known for baselessly accusing British and Finnish citizens of being Russian bots. Nimmo, who remains a senior non-resident fellow at pro-war NATO-backed think tank Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and has also worked with the UK government’s secretive Integrity Initiative, was hired by Graphika last year as its Head of Investigations, suggesting the company values a vivid imagination over factual accuracy…


  12. “Шарите” заподозрили в непрофессионализме из-за выводов по Навальному
    Анастасия Броцкая, 24 августа 2020

    “Charité” suspected of unprofessionalism because of conclusions about Navalny
    Anastasia Brotskaya, 24 August 2020

    Doctor of Medical Sciences, surgeon and deputy of the municipality of the city of Yaroslavl Dmitry Petrovsky, in an interview with Journalistic Pravda, commented on the statement of German doctors.

    “The fact that they found cholinesterase inhibitors in Navalny after his being in intensive care is normal. They should be in a person who has been in intensive care and on mechanical ventilation. The conclusion was that he had been poisoned — then the conclusion is this: either it is a political order, or an illiterate doctor,” the expert noted.


    1. Here’s the Journalist Pravda interview with Dmitry Petrovsky with the help of Google Translate:

      “Cholinesterase inhibitors are widely used medicines in medicine. Basically, they are used in the postoperative management of patients, when transferring to independent breathing. That’s what Navalny had. He was first on ventilator and when trying to translate it, could use the drug Proserin. It is a cholinesterase inhibitor that is officially administered to all patients when transferred to independent breathing. It must be used. I think it was used. But I also understand that, most likely, he had to shine as Proserin’s German colleagues. Perhaps used not Proserin in its pure form, but another drug, more rare – Ubretide, which is also an absolutely official drug, which is used in intensive care, in postoperative practice to prevent bladder atony, to prevent bowel atony and, accordingly, widely used. But, I admit, it can be used little in Germany, and it was not in the toxicology kit, so they could be surprised, and because of this all the cheese-bor.

      What they found in Navalny cholinesterase inhibitors after being in intensive care is normal. They should be in the man who was in intensive care and was on ventilator. If they weren’t there, it would be strange, I’d be surprised.

      When a person breathes with the help of the ventilator, various disorders develop, including respiratory, cardiovascular, with the intestines, with the bladder. Various drugs are used to prevent these disorders, including cholinesterase inhibitors. And if the doctor finds them in the analysis of the person after a stay in the operating room and concludes that he was poisoned, then the conclusion is: either it is a political order, or an illiterate doctor.”

      I had to look up “atony” and Google tells me it’s a condition in which a muscle loses its strength or goes slack.

      I guess next time when Navalny is back in Russia (if he ever does go back) and suffers a seizure or falls into a diabetic coma and needs intensive care and intubation, the attending medical staff should instead send him to the closest international airport and call Charité to collect him as he is. He can have the minimum care to keep him his heart beating and his brain oxygenated but no more.


      1. Bravo! Jen for Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – get that weak sister Medvedev out of there! I am all in favour of aggressive and hard-nosed Russian responses to western idiocy, and having made fools of German doctors, Russia might even now make an advance notice that in the event of Navalny’s return to Russia – and considering the west plainly considers Russian medical care to be a potential death sentence for Navalny – he will be refused medical care and maybe it might be a good idea to establish a German air-ambulance ‘hot line’ now for the future. Stress that this policy is brought about wholly because of the accusatory nature of the German media.


        1. What’s the betting that the cheat and swindler and foreign agent Navalny claims asylum in Germany after he has been brought out of the state of induced coma that he is at present in?

          After all, his life is always under threat in Russia., isn’t it?


          1. Good. Russia’s loss is the Germans’ hard bargain, what? They’re welcome to the useless tit. He will gravitate to wherever he can earn a comfortable living on who he is and not what he does, as he has always done, living it up while he has no regular source of income and is always free to go on vacation. But he can’t run for office in Russia while living in Germany. So we will be spared his endless presidential campaigns.


          2. As I’ve commented several times already, Navalny is well past his sell-by date and his protégée Sobol now seems more and more to be moving into position as front person for the “Fund for the Struggle against Corruption”.

            Navalny’s other sidekick, Volkov, has already for a good while now had a home address in Luxembourg; Lyosha might soon have a Berlin one.

            In Berlin, having been at death’s door, he will most certainly be feted by all the German liberals and well rewarded with lucrative media contracts, as is Nemtsov’s daughter, who slags off on Deutsche Welle to her heart’s content and with monotonous regularity all things Russian.

            Nemtsova’s life would certainly not be under threat if she were to live in Russia, but she has clearly seized the main chance, making money in Germany whilst ensuring that her dear dead papa not be forgotten.

            Better than standing in shifts on a bridge in Moscow.


          1. Well, there you go – that’s something, anyway. If Russia had denied him permission to travel, what could ‘everyone tell’ the west would do, hmmm? Might they yell that Russia was hiding something and perhaps wanted to keep him so it could finish the job of killing him? They already had the ‘Navalny has been poisoned!’ story – from Navalny. Obviously they were quite ready to believe it and spread it, whether they had Navalny or not. Then the major story would be “United European ministers demand that Russia let Navalny go for medical treatment which might save his life!!” Do you agree? Or do you think the western reaction might have been different? What would YOU have done? I guess that’s the question I should have asked first – what would YOU have done, Karl? Say, this will be fun! You be Putin, and I’ll be Europe!!


        1. Now here’s a head scratcher for you: if “Russia” or Putin or a agent of the state or anyone who had a strong dislike of Navalny — and there are very, very many here who cannot abide that imposter — and had poisoned him or ordered that he be poisoned, then why would he have been allowed to go to Germany for medical treatment, where surely such poison would have been found and given the lie to Russian denial that he had been poisoned?


    1. Give me a realistic option. No, you cannot have him? If that was your choice, explain how that would have come out better for Russia. Come on – do some work for a change instead of just sniping from the sidelines. Every time I offer you the opportunity to win some converts to your worldview by making a sensible and substantiated argument, you skulk away for a couple of weeks. What do you base your questions on – flipping a coin? If you have something to say, say it.


    2. Why did Russia allow Navalny to be transported to Germany?

      Ah, ah, teacher, teacher, I know, I know … ‘cos later on France and Germany can do a swap and the French can have Navalny and the Germans can have Pavlensky when he torches himself in front of the BNP!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, they don’t exactly know where the leak is. It would be comical if it was in the Dragon capsule, because it would be another headache for that weirdo Musk, but it can’t be that because it has undocked and departed; another will arrive near end-October with four more crew members. In fact, SpaceX has done quite well for a private-sector project (albeit amply supported by government funding) getting a functioning spacecraft operational that quickly. Also, it would not be surprising to see an air leak develop in such an old platform; the ISS has been around for a long time. They do say, though, that it appears to be increasing.


      1. The Falcon is a nice rocket and the Dragon a nice capsulel built on the engineering know how developed and shared by the US government.

        Their “Starship” still resembles a corn silo with an attached rocket engine. The Kool-aid here is that cheap rockets can be fabricated out of sheet metal, field welded and launched from angle-iron stands. My skepticism runs high on this.

        Another thing, reusable boosters were supposed to bring huge savings yet SpaceX launch services are still little better than offered by traditional service providers.


        1. A very astute observation. But the US government rushed to embrace its whiz-kid’s offerings, and it will spin SpaceX as the greatest innovation ever.

          I agree the Starship is an idea whose time has not yet come, nor will it ever under the current circumstances; didn’t it fold up like it was being crushed by a giant fist in its last trial? The Palestinians build better rockets out of stovepipe, although to a much smaller scale and according to a different imperative.

          It looks like something built for Thunderbirds.


  13. A couple of lessons for Belarus, if it has a government capable of learning from the mistakes of others rather than insisting upon making them itself before learning; the first – Ukraine. The Biggest Little Country In Yurrup has just voted, in an extraordinary meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, to beg the EU for a further loan of $1.2 Billion. For that mess of pottage, it will accept enhanced external governance.

    “With this memorandum, Ukraine undertakes to increase the role of international structures in the judicial system, law enforcement agencies, and state-owned enterprises’ executive boards (with the restoration of their cosmic salaries).”

    Of course, that’s the selfish Russian perspective; it comes from Stalker Zone. The ‘reality’ as Ukrainians see it might be a lot more lighthearted, like going on an adventure with some foreign friends! And it might not even happen, considering the Ukrainian plan to get half the money up front, without having to satisfy any of the conditions, although even the full $1.2 Billion seems to me a bargain price to gain control of Ukrainian state institutions. If I had $1.2 Billion lying around doing nothing, I might buy them myself.

    The second is the collapse of Latvian industry under capitalism and foreign investment. There but for the grace of God go you, Belarus.

    When you think about it, it is amazing how willing eastern Europeans are to believe the siren song of western capital investment, since as soon as they control the company, they break it up and sell it, and the locals are left with nothing but western newspapers to keep their bums from freezing. But it happens over and over.


    1. It’s the lottery mentality, most of the poor saps will only get poorer but the chance of winning big (especially if you have a few connections) overwhelms logic and common sense. It what makes capitalism so attractive – dreams of big wealth and leaving your poor slum behind make the most miserable life somehow tolerable.

      And it what makes socialism so boring – you may be, on average, better off but little prospect for that life-changing jackpot.

      There is more to it than that but the dreams of a big payday explains much of why so many Eastern Europeans put up with, if not embrace, capitalism BS.


      1. The carrot always seemingly just out of reach works for most until the day you die. And if you do reach the carrot, you will soon realize that it is rotten.

        Trying to make ends meet, you’re a slave to the money then you die.
        – Bittersweet Symphony


    1. I saw the news about this yesterday. Apparently Russia plans to use something based on the newish Soyuz-5 light rocket.

      BMPd: Россия хочет восстановить комплекс «Морской старт»

      …Ракета для комплекса еще не готова и разрабатывается на базе «Союза-5»….

      It’s going to be expensive and has to have a minimum of 5 launches a year. We’ll see…


      1. I knew that an equatorial launch had the advantage of the maximum available speed of earth’s rotation. However, a bigger advantage is elimination of a “dog leg” maneuver to achieve an equatorial orbit (a desired orbit for many satellite missions). Russia’s high latitude launch sites carry a heavy penalty in that regard. Per the internet:

        Most important, an equatorial launch site would avoid the costly dogleg technique, a prerequisite for placing rockets into equatorial orbit from sites such as Cape Canaveral, Florida (28 degrees north latitude). The necessary correction in the space vehicle’s trajectory could be very expensive – engineers estimated that doglegging a Saturn vehicle into a low-altitude equatorial orbit from Cape Canaveral used enough extra propellant to reduce the payload by as much as 80%.

        In higher orbits, the penalty was less severe but still involved at least a 20% loss of payload.

        The Soyuz 5 would gain a lot of capability if launched from an equatorial orbit but the market may be elusive if the West sanctions any company or country who dare use a Russian launch provider. The geopolitical risks would seem very high. It would be like the US to spring such a trap only after a lot of time, money and resources were spent by the Russians.


  14. FFS!!! DW columnist full of shite:

    Opinion: Germany unlikely to pressure Russia on reported poisoning

    Doctors in Berlin have revealed that Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny may have been poisoned. Even if this were proven beyond doubt, the German government has no way to retaliate against Moscow, says Jens Thurau.

    MAY HAVE BEEN poisoned!

    A change from the recently trumpeted MSM headlines that the Germans had found poison in Navalny’s system.

    But then:

    Siberian doctors said Navalny, who has become known as one of President Vladimir Putin’s fiercest critics, had suffered from a metabolic disorder. Soon thereafter, the gravely ill man was flown to Berlin for medical treatment, even though Russian authorities had argued he was too unwell to travel. Was his relocation deliberately delayed so that traces of his suspected poisoning would be harder to detect in his body? If so, the plan did not work. Shortly after Navalny’s arrival in the German capital, Berlin doctors announced there was a high likelihood he had been poisoned.

    Jesus H Christ!!!

    Hopefully, the medical professionals in Berlin will help Navalny make it through this. [Because those Russian retards certainly couldn’t have done this? — ME] But it is highly unlikely Germany will adopt a tougher stance on Russia or impose meaningful sanctions — just as it highly improbable Russia will help shine any light on the Navalny case. This is a cynical assessment, granted. But these are the times we are living in.

    Highly improbable, you wanker?

    Shine a light on the Navalny case?

    You mean, find out who poisoned the so full of shit lying imposter?

    If he was poisoned, that is.

    Sequence of events in the “Navalny Case”:

    Navalny goes to the toilet.

    Comes out.

    Starts screaming and howling.

    Loses consciousness.

    Entourage starts shouting “Poisoned!”

    Aeroplane emergency landing, Navalny rushed to hospital.

    Coma induced by medics.

    No poison in body found.

    Navalny still under INDUCED coma flown to Berlin.

    May possibly/ likely/ highly likely be that he was poisoned say German medics.

    Still under INDUCED coma.

    And some poor bastard in the Berlin “Charité” clinic sill continues to wipe that bastard’s arse and empty his piss bottle.


    1. Still shaping the narrative – now when Germany does not take any concrete action, it will not be because Navalny was not poisoned and the whole thing an engineered crisis, but because Germany is hesitant to do anything. Like the previous situation discussed, in which Europe orders Russia to do something it knows Russia is going to do anyway, so that it appears Russia is responding to European orders. Shaping the narrative. And either way, in this instance, it results in bad feeling between Germany and Russia, which was the objective. It does highlight, though, that there remains a significant liberal presence in Germany which is sympathetic to America and its ‘values’, and it would be foolish to discount this in further planning. And the media outlets are mostly dominated by those liberals.


      1. The timing is terrible though. It’ll be September in less than a week and all the other domestic problems automatically become amplified (kids back to school/masks etc.). That’ll knock Saint Navalny off the front pages and his team will have to compete for space while running on fumes.


        1. Even the National post, which is rabidly conservative and borderline Republican, has backed away a little from the “He was POISONED!!” shocker, today featuring ‘The Kremlin’s’ story, although the tone was still catty and it made a point of mentioning this and that speaker was a ‘Putin ally’.


  15. Oh this is going to be such fun!

    Stalker Zone
    August 25, 2020 Comments

    Recall that the patrons of the resource centre for LGBT people in Ekaterinburg are employees of the British Foreign Ministry and British political foundations.

    Oh what a surprise!

    Limp wristed, tea drinking Limey faggots are behind it all!

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    1. Just remember, when it is trumpeted as a great success, that the Anglosphere was already disposed to call it a triumph before it ever happened. Except, of course, for ‘certain elements’ who tried to ruin it, because identity politics sells and wedge issues are still the best way to introduce discord and make a target population fight each other. It’s been quite a while – the Sochi Olympics, in fact – since the west tried the queer assault.


  16. Vis earlier posts about the US pressuring India to limit ties with Russia:

    Asia Times: US aiming to break Russia’s hold on India

    US Senator demonizes Russia ‘as supporting thugs’ and ‘undermining democracy’ in bid to lure India closer to US and its Quad alliance

    The Nikkei Asian Review, well known for its anti-China reportage, featured an article 0n the weekend titled “India should ignore Putin’s offer to broker accord with China.”

    The author is none other than Marco Rubio, the high-flying Republican senator from Florida and the acting chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, co-chairman of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and a ranking member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. ..

    Rubio, Rubio, you’re the big boob-io!

    Is Modhi too polite to tell the US to f/o and the US takes this as encouragement to keep making ‘suggestions’? I wonder at which point the penny will drop and Washington will stop this stupid behavior?

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    1. Rubio is high, I’ll give him that; I don’t know about high-flying. It has become political gold in America to say something insulting about Russia or its leader, or both, and much of the drooling electorate responds positively. America being the nation of the shortsighted and the instant-gratification fans, it is hard to see down the road to here such behavior might cost it, and for right now it sure is fun.

      Washington obviously thinks it is irreplaceable as a trade partner, because it keeps dangling the “If you want to do business with us, you’ll do as we say” ultimatum, which it evidently believes is persuasive. It remains to be seen if other countries are going to abase themselves for money. They might; it is a powerful incentive. But the USA is defining ‘loyalty’ in a whole new context, suspiciously like the collecting of ‘vassals’ as described by Putin. Saying you will do as you are told by Washington now implies that you will stay bought, no matter how wiggy American policies become.

      I think most traditional US allies will stay on the fence for as long as they can, hoping for some idea of the direction the USA intends to take. But its debt is dragging it down and down, and its squalling that it must do every deal so that it is to America’s advantage makes it less and less a desirable commercial partner.


  17. A tale of two stories:

    Blake’s mother, Julia Jackson, gave an impassioned plea for justice for her son but also for the violence in Kenosha to stop.

    “As I was riding here in this city I noticed a lot of damage. It doesn’t reflect my son or my family. If Jacob knew what was going on as far as that goes, the violence and destruction, he would be very unpleased,” she said.

    Related: Blake, 29, was shot in the back by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in a videotaped incident that has sparked protests.

    She encouraged everyone to “examine your hearts” amid the civil unrest.

    “We need healing. As I pray for my son’s healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, I also have been praying even before this for the healing of our country,” she said.

    Sounds good but Yahoo left something out:

    Julia Jackson, the mother of 29-year-old Jacob Blake who was shot seven times by police during an altercation in Kenosha, Wisconsin, says she and her family are disgusted by the rioting and looting in their city.

    “My family and I are very hurt and quite frankly disgusted,” Jackson said in a televised interview.

    “And as his mother, please don’t burn up property and cause havoc and tear your own homes down in my son’s name. You shouldn’t do it. People shouldn’t do it anyway, but to use my child or any other mother or father’s child, our tragedy to react in that manner is just not acceptable,” she added.

    Jackson also addressed US President Donald Trump, apologizing for offensive remarks aimed at him by an unnamed family member, as well as for the extreme violence perpetrated in her son’s name, but without her family’s support.

    “And also, for President Trump, I’m sorry I missed your call because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different. And I’m not mad at you at all. I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country,” she said.

    Frankly, there is a lot of ominous messaging going on. Watched a “Lincoln” something or other PAC warning us that if Trump wins, America will end. Worse yet, Trump has been warned that, regardless of the election results, he will be removed from office, by force if needed. The presumption that a Trump victory can only be due to Russian hacking (can’t find the story in question). Insanity is now the norm.


    1. I read that Blake story today; he was walking back to his car and was apparently unarmed when two officers with their guns drawn pursued him and shot him in the back in front of his three sons. I don’t know what they thought they saw that they might believe justified that level of force, but I daresay we will hear the official story soon enough. Blake was not killed, and is in stable condition in hospital.


      1. They say he is paralyzed from the waist down so its pretty much end of a normal life (although normal for him is different from normal for you or I). Still, very sad.


  18. And this is also ominous:

    he US Justice Department is mulling civil rights investigations of four Democrat-run states whose governors forced elder care homes to take in Covid-19 patients, potentially contributing to thousands of deaths.

    The governments of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania have been ordered to turn over Covid-19 data to the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division as the agency weighs whether to pursue the probes, according to a statement released on Wednesday. Investigations would be launched under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA), a law meant to protect the rights of those living in state-run nursing homes.

    Likely the responses will be “We didn’t know…” or “How could anyone accuse us compassionate/all-caring/liberty-affirming of doing nothing but good…”.

    Now, there is a campaign weapon the Trump team should wield like a sledge hammer. It will be high quality protein for the us conspiracy-theory folks as well.


    1. Worth quoting from the above:
      All four states’ Democratic governors infamously required care homes to admit patients from hospitals without testing them for Covid-19, despite knowing that the virus could – in the now-immortal words of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo – spread through the facilities “like fire through dry grass.”

      As public outcry grew with awareness of the NY governor’s order, Cuomo tried to blame virus-stricken care homes for not disobeying him and refusing Covid-19-positive patients. The order itself was even stealthily deleted from the New York healthcare website amid the outrage.

      While Cuomo has tried to defend his policies by arguing New York actually had a lower percentage of deaths in nursing homes than other states, recently-released federal statistics suggest the state dramatically undercounted its care home fatalities by omitting residents who died in hospitals from the totals. While the official tally of 6,600 care home deaths is already the highest in the nation, an AP report earlier this month suggested the real number may be as much as 65 percent higher.

      Per the internet, total Covid deaths in New York State is currently about 35,000. Per the above, nearly 11,000 were killed in nursing homes or in hospitals after being infected in nursing homes. Most of those were apparently in the early stages of the pandemic thus perhaps accounting for a majority of the deaths.

      Per the internet, over 40% of all fatalities were related to nursing homes nation-wide.

      Protect those people who comprise less than 0.4% of the population but who accounted for over 40% of the fatalities. JHC!


    2. I have to say, the behavior of governments in the COVID ‘crisis’ has been appalling. Formerly polite and reserved Canada is no more, and I would say it is just like America if America had not reached for new levels of bizarre that still just barely edge it out – let’s settle for saying Canada is just like America was just before the COVID/BLM/pre-election frenzy of hyperbole. Check this out;

      “But Ball went too far. He responded with amendments to the province’s Public Health Protection and Promotion Act that looked more like something from a police state than a democracy. The new law suggested inspectors could pull people over, scroll through their cellphones, copy their private information and forcibly perform COVID-19 tests. The law made clear that if two ministers decided that a person had contravened the act, he or she could be imprisoned or expelled from the province without a hearing. The province also began barring non-Newfoundlanders from entering, contrary to the division of powers set out in the Constitution Act, 1867, and without any regard to the interprovincial mobility rights set out under Section 6 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This unconstitutional order meant that a woman who lived in Nova Scotia — which was nearly COVID-free — couldn’t attend her mother’s funeral.”

      The ‘crisis’ has encouraged people who could not be trusted to look after your cat while you’re in Little Rock to assume limitless powers, to the point where jumped-up jackass ‘ministers’ have the power to expel you from your province if they determine you have contravened some ‘Act’ they just made up. If they don’t look out, they’ll have an armed insurrection on their hands, just like our neighbours – threatening to ‘deport’ people because they are suspected of spreading a virus that most people have a better than 99% chance of surviving and which global medics are trying to kill by suppression, by denying it victims. Everyone has lost their minds.

      There is at the present time not a single soul in the Canadian political stable who is worth the effort of casting a ballot. Democracy is just another word for nothing left to lose. Political parties everywhere should be starved to death the way they are trying to starve the coronavirus – by waking up to find the entire electorate stayed home and not a single vote was cast. It’ll never happen, because too many people are sheep and buy that ‘change is coming’ bullshit that accompanies every election the way flies swarm on dung. But ‘democracy’ has descended too deep into farce to be saved.

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      1. It has happened so fast! One must assume that there is a renewing reservoir of people with a propensity to become petty tyrants when it was safe and the opportunity was there to do so. What a profoundly sick society!

        However, I will vote and vote for Trump. Heck, I might even put a Trump in 2020, 2024 and 2028 sign in my yard (although we live at the end of a dead end street so hardy anyone will see it). Why? If this country is heading for a civil war, lets get it on.


      2. As I reached below the conveyor belt to the checkout shelf for a bottle of water this morning, the masked woman in front started “creating” about distancing. With some difficulty I resisted giving her a proper response. She gave off a police vibe.

        Oddly enough, I couldn’t see the black helicopters outside.


  19. MOSCOW, August 27 – RIA Novosti. Omsk doctors fought for opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s life for 44 hours: an ambulance arrived at the airport just 16 minutes after they had received a signal from the aircraft, according to an open letter from regional doctors, which was at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

    The letter, drawn up on Wednesday on behalf of the Omsk medical community, was signed by the chairman of the trade union of health workers Sergey Bystrushkin, the rector of Omsk State Medical University, Maria Livzan, honored doctor of the Russian Federation and honorary citizen of Omsk Marat Adyrbaev, chairman of the Omsk regional association of doctors Vadim Berezhnoy, co-chairman of the regional headquarters of the ONF in the Omsk region Yuri Novikov.

    The appeal notes that it was thanks to the professionalism of the Omsk doctors that Navalny‘s life was saved. The ambulance, the letter says, arrived at the airport just 16 minutes after the signal from the plane had been sent. 17 minutes later, the blogger was carried out of the aircraft on a stretcher; he was taken to the emergency hospital, where doctors fought for his life for 44 hours.

    “This is a fact that cannot be denied”, the authors of the letter said. “They are trying to blacken us.”

    In the open letter, the doctors also said that Navalny’s supporters were making a “political” diagnosis that has nothing to do with medicine and are “trying to denigrate” the doctors.

    The authors of the appeal noted that those making the accusations had no real information about Navalny’s condition and were not familiar with the results of his analyses and examinations.

    According to the doctors, these people “are more interested in the admission department toilets, which are currently undergoing renovations, than an objective assessment of the facts about the patient’s well-being”.

    Those who signed the letter called the comparison of the Omsk doctors with the heroes of Molière’s comedy, who treated patients with bloodletting and leeches, “a boorish insult”. The authors note that “a real doctor is always out of politics” but Omsk doctors are now “being drawn into the political process”.

    Appeal to German doctors

    Earlier, the head physician of Omsk Emergency Hospital No. 1, Alexander Murakhovsky, asked colleagues from the German clinic Charité to provide data, on the basis of which the intoxication of Alexei Navalny had been determined.

    “We draw all information from all available sources, including from the official statements of the Charité clinic, on the basis of which we just yesterday signed a letter to this clinic, where we ask them to provide laboratory data, on the basis of which they have determined intoxication with cholinesterase inhibitors, and also on the basis of what clinical data they also have determined this intoxication”, said Murakhovsky in a video that was shown on the air of the TV channel “Russia 1 “.

    Murakhovsky added that the Omsk hospital is ready to bilaterally exchange information with the German clinic in order to effectively adjust Navalny’s treatment and make a diagnosis.

    The accusations are offensive

    On Tuesday, in connection with this Navalny incident, the Russian Foreign Ministry called statements made in the West about the Omsk doctors “deeply offensive”.

    “We consider it deeply offensive that accusations are now being heard in Western capitals that the Omsk doctors had tried “to hide the truth”, doctors who had immediately provided highly qualified assistance to Aleksei Navalny”, the Russian diplomatic department has commented.

    At the same time, the Foreign Ministry has stressed that it supports a most thorough and objective investigation of the incident.



    Омские медики боролись за жизнь Навального 44 часа


    1. I presume “bathroom” means “toilets”. I cannot imagine that the hacks were interested in taking a bath or a shower in the emergency department facilities.


    1. “I would have got Ringo,
      but he was out playing bingo”

      Apparently there was a mini-scandal during casting for a film about his life, in which one of the actors vying for the role of John Lennon gave a false name, and was actually also named Mark Chapman. I guess it’s not as uncommon a name as you might think.

      For the record, I can’t imagine shooting anybody who had never done anything to me, and I liked the Beatles. Lennon was a bit pretentious and full of himself at times, but who would not be, in his shoes? Also, he was a natural rhythm guitarist, very accomplished and with a great ear for unusual fills which would give the finished song something different.


      1. Of all The Beatles members, the only one who remained unaffected by all the fame and the flattering that came with it was Ringo Starr. He came late to the band, joining in 1960, and any songwriting ability he might have had was overshadowed by the other members. For an ex-member though, Starr has not done too badly: among other things, he was continuing to tour until the pandemic hit and I believe he’s done voice-acting for a children’s animated series.

        Perhaps if you’d gone after Paul McCartney instead, the world might have been more forgiving and you’d have been let out on parole on your third application.


        1. My ex, Mrs. Stooge the Second As Was, carried a lifelong torch for Paul McCartney. She was fond of saying, “If he so much as beckoned the ‘come here’ with his finger, it’d be, ‘Mark…later'” It was quite comical early on in our relationship, although I eventually grew to wonder speculatively how much I would have to pay him to do it. But yes, he was a bighead as well, and again I cannot fault him for it. He is only a so-so musician, but he is a brilliant songwriter, and some of his songs will remain classics long after he is gone. Even in projects like Wings, where diehard Beatles fans screamed ‘sellout!!!’, he came up with some amazing songs – I could listen to “Let Me Roll It” all night long.

          It’s fairly unusual in a musical group for all four members to be capable lead vocalists – McCartney and Lennon were obviously the standouts, but Harrison and Starr were both successful out of the Beatles, and could easily have been the lead vocalist in a lesser band. Contrast them with the Rolling Stones, who were contemporaries; I never reckoned Jagger to be much of a singer, although he went far on charisma and his patented pout, but he was Caruso compared with his bandmates.

          Here’s a pretty good example of Lennon’s rhythm contribution to well-known Beatles standards; as the artist mentions, he learned banjo chords from his mother, and frequently used them transposed to guitar – anyone could play “All My Lovin'” and you could probably recognize it, but when it is taken apart and you hear only the rhythm guitar (and enough percussion to keep the beat), you realize it is a bitch of a song to play properly. But it is a tribute to Lennon that the finished tune sounds easy.


          1. One thing people overlook with The Beatles as well is that Lennon, McCartney and Harrison played keyboards fairly proficiently and wrote songs on the piano as well as on the guitar. I think there was one McCartney album (“Ram” perhaps?) where McCartney played all the instruments including drums. In this day and age where solo multi-instrumentalist musicians can record and produce albums, with the help of synthetic drums and computer programs that supply preprogrammed rhythms and beats, that probably doesn’t sound like a great deal (as Moscow Exile can tell us from his experience listening to his son’s efforts) but 50 years ago music recording technology was not so advanced and musicians then still needed all-round ability and the experience to think on their feet and to improvise on the hop to create memorable tunes and riffs.


  20. МВД сообщило о проверке в связи с госпитализацией Навального
    RT на русском, 27 августа 2020

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced the check in connection with the hospitalization of Navalny

    The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs is conducting a check in connection with the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny in Omsk. This has been reported by the press service of the transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Siberian Federal District.

    “At present, investigators of the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Siberian Federal District are conducting a pre-investigation check, initiated in accordance with the established procedure by the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office, in connection with the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny on August 20 in the city of Omsk”, the department told TASS.

    They noted that as part of the check, the hotel room in which Navalny lived, as well as areas of the area along the route of his movement, have been examined.

    “More than 100 items were seized that may have evidentiary value. Analyzed the data Video surveillance systems data has been analyzed. More than 20 different forensic investigations (forensic, biological, physical and chemical) are being carried out. At the moment, no potent or narcotic substances have been found”, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has said.

    As stressed in the West Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office, the check began on August 20.

    On August 24, a Berlin hospital said that the results of Navalny’s examination indicate intoxication with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors.

    At the same time, they noted that the specific substance is not yet known.

    On August 20, the aerplane that Navalny was on urgently landed in Omsk because of a sharp deterioration in his health. The main “working diagnosis” doctors called metabolic disorders. Later, Navalny was transported from Omsk to a Berlin hospital.

    Good thing that Russia is following German orders!


  21. Peskov again takes the bait. Yesterday, he commented:

    “We do not understand why our German colleagues are in such a hurry, using the word ‘poisoning’ and so on. This version, you know, was among the first which was considered by our doctors, but, I repeat, the substance has not yet been established”, Peskov said.


    В Кремле прокомментировали заявление немецких врачей о Навальном


    1. Yes, shut your pie-hole, Peskov, do. Anything he says will be parsed fifty ways and retransmitted in the most sinister context. Unless it does not translate very well, his statement sounds to me as if he is saying the Russian doctors also suspected right away that Navalny had been poisoned.

      Perhaps that was the most likely explanation for his bizarre behavior and the way he presented, but Peskov has surely had enough experience with having his own words spun against him to know when he should stay silent. Maybe Zakharova could take over his duties as well – with one notable exception, she is usually able to think on her feet.


      1. Peskov has somewhat clarified his earlier comment as regards doctors in Omsk at first suspecting that Navalny had been poisoned:

        В Кремле оценили версию о том, что ситуация с Навальным могла быть провокацией

        The Kremlin has assessed the version that the situation with Navalny could be a provocation
        26 August

        The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov has commented on the version that the possible “poisoning” of blogger Alexei Navalny could be a provocation, reports a Gazeta..Ru correspondent

        “The version of poisoning as the cause of the condition was considered by our doctors as one of the first.

        “Hypothetically speaking, if we came to the final conclusion that the poisoning took place it would be a reason to think in whose interests it was”, said the Kremlin spokesman.

        According to him, this is still one of the assumptions. No toxic substance was found, and the exact causes of the coma have not been established.


        1. US troops operating (illegally) in Syria tried to block Russian patrol despite being warned, Moscow says, after vehicles collide
          27 August, 12:27 GMT

          The Russian Defense Ministry has said that US troops involved in a dangerous incident in Syria were informed beforehand of a military convoy moving into the area – but deliberately blocked its path, prompting a Russian response.

          They just don’t like it up ‘em!


        2. “Mild concussions”??? Weren’t they wearing their seat belts, in a bouncy vehicle traveling over a tilled field? How does the United States, a country that is uninvited in Syria and therefore an invading force, get to set up ‘security zones’ that ‘Russia has agreed to stay out of’? Get the fuck out, Americans! What’s hard to understand about that?

          Of course it is not Russia’s business to push them out, but I don’t get why Assad will not formally demand that the US forces leave. They are on sovereign Syrian territory, unwelcome, and have publicly proclaimed their intention to seize Syrian oilfields to keep for their Kurdish allies, establishing a Kurdish state within Syria, contrary to the wishes of its people and its legitimate leadership. Can’t anyone make them get out?

          Otherwise you can see where this is going. ‘We will go where we feel like it’ Americans are trying to shame and embarrass and goad Trump into increasing the US troop deployment again, and would likely be happy to see them get more confrontational – American pride is hurt. And sooner or later, someone is going to start shooting.


          1. You alluded to a possible motive of cornering Trump into deploying more forces in Syria. Given the approaching highly contentious election and biblical scale craziness sweeping America, that could very well be an opportunistic scheme by mid/upper military commanders. The foregoing suggests a deteriorating military discipline in which local commanders are seeking favor with the war party leaders (can’t think of a better term at the moment) by leapfrogging the chain of command.

            My take is that Russia will wait until after the election before making any major moves in Syria. If Trump wins, they may seek a deal with the US to ease the troops out. If the war party wins, Russia may take a harder line or allow the Syrian government to put the squeeze on the troops and/or enabling an Arab resistance to the Kurdish successionists.


            1. Yes, we just may have elections in our immediate future – say, this fall – as well; the Conservatives have just chosen a new leader (Erin O’Toole), and speculation suggests Troodledoo may call a snap election to capitalize on the ‘great job’ his government did on COVID response. You all know what I think about that. I saw a bit in the papers today about O’Toole’s plans for government should his conservatives ever come to power, and, would you credit it? He thinks we need much closer ties with the Americans! And although he says his plan will allow us to ‘influence them’ so that the result is policies which allow us both to get what we want and enable solutions which are to mutual benefit, surely he knows what tommyrot that is. Washington, and Trump especially, will be your bestest friends only if you let them have their own way, and that is not going to be good for you. Examples abound. O’Toole also believes we must cleanse the world of ‘bad actors’ so that democracy and freedom can flower. You know who he means. A more loyal American ally could hardly be imagined.

              According to the relentless political polling which now runs more or less constantly in all developed countries, Trudeau would win if an election were held now, quite easily. I find that hard to imagine, but it’s up to Canadians who are trusting or thick enough to vote. By the bye, there is now plenty of open speculation that Trudeau intends Freeland to succeed him.

              Speaking of sucking up to Washington, speculation (from the usual unidentified sources familiar with bla bla bla), Canada is going to go with Ericsson and Nokia, just as I thought, for what will end up being a clunky and stupidly-expensive 5G network just so Trump can say “Look what I did”. And in the very finest Canadian traditions, too – stalling until only one way out is possible.


              We’ll all be sorry, when we end up with a greatly-inferior network that more or less operates entirely independently of Asia’s and countries who participate in its projects. We can congratulate ourselves that the Chinks cannot steal our secrets even as their technology leaves us in the dust, giggling about secrets nobody needs or wants, while we are chained to the village idiot.


  22. Just letting all you contributors know how much I appreciate the links and key points to the various hot topics in, particularly involving Belarus/President Lukashenko (and what’s-er-name) and the antics of Navalny et al. I have followed the Skripal case and it is an absolute face palmer that the ’victims’ remain in solitary confinement unable to tell their ‘story’ while the ‘perpetrators’ (allegedly Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov) still have not run out of toothpaste, cereal and toilet paper and continue to elude Britain’s finest

    Since I had a hand in triggering this thread I Just wanted to get back to the intrepid Eva K Bartlett for a moment.

    At 40:16 of her talk in the video below Eva says (first part tongue in cheek)

    **“Being a Russian propagandist, a Kremlin agent, a DPRK stooge doesn’t actually pay but speaking truth in the face of mountains of lies is a moral thing to do – human lives are at stake.”**

    I shared this elsewhere in the context of the events in Victoria, Australia and posed: “You might ask “What has Eva K Bartlett got to do with Andrews, Morrison, Hurley et al?”

    Elsewhere I saw a meme featuring Andrews with a Kim Jong Un haircut. I commented that such a meme should more appropriately feature Lenin or Trotsky – or in (Daniel) Andrews’ case, lower ranked henchmen such as Kaganovich or Beria.

    Consider for example the narrative they [Andrews, Morrison, Hurley] have been spewing in recent years with regard to Syria and the DPRK (etc) …

    It comes as no surprise to me then that these supporters of terrorism, advocators of genocide and protectors of child trafficking and paedophilia would inevitably turn on ‘their own people’.

    • Eva Bartlett speaks on North Korea & Syria (FULL)


    1. Unless the opposition’s platform was dreadfully miscast, I strongly disagree with Mr. Blankenship’s analysis; far from being honest Belarusians who just want change (for which they could certainly be forgiven), the opposition’s platform was presented as an abrupt and decided break with Russia, its largest trading partner. I remember remarking on it at the time, that they would get a chance to see Ukraine from an insider’s position if they planned to dump Russia and have the west pick up the slack in trade so that Belarus was immediately prosperous. That’s the inducement that was used to make Ukraine hop into bed with the west – although some would gladly have gone along for less – and look at the wreck it is now.


    1. Wrong RT translation or typo: not “Now that he personally owes the rights to the debt” but “Now that he personally OWNS the rights to the debt”.


    2. Your move, Sobol; you’re a lawyer – get in there and lawyer Navalny out of having to pay his debts. Realistically, this is what would have happened to him in that golden utopia he’s always visiting, the United States. Had he disparaged an American company owned by a wealthy American oligarch – let’s say, one of the Koch brothers – who owned a company which supplied school lunches, and if he fell short on proving a claim that the food was below the standard the state was paying for…he would have his ass sued right off. By someone with deep pockets, who could hound him until he hadn’t got two dry beans to make a spoonful of soup.

      And this situation kind of reminds me of Khodorkovsky, and his bleating to the ECHR that the charges against him were politically motivated. The ECHR ruled that just because it would be very convenient for Putin if he went down the river did not mean there were no good reasons why he should go. Navalny will blubber that all Putin’s rich friends have it in for him – but that does not mean he can shoot his mouth off as he pleases and not have to answer for a charge of slander if he made a damaging accusation he could not prove.

      If you let a fool with a big mouth run free for a time, unaccountably unaccountable for his actions, sooner or later he will go too far. I admit I did not see this kind of sandbag headed for Lyosha’s bonce, but he is about to find out what real persecution is. And he may hold the Kremlin to have been kind and gentle before it is done.

      Or else he can just continue hiding out in Germany. But his slush fund will be stripped away, and there will be no more riding elephants in exotic locations for Lyosha.

      Gee; that’s too bad.


  23. I tell you what often puzzles me about Navalny, his statuesque wife says sweet FA about her bullshitting husband’s regular misadventures with the law and physical attacks made against him, real or alleged. You’d think a woman would have a lot to say about someone trying to bump off her husband (allegedly). Maybe she is a statuesque dumb blonde?

    The charlatan has plenty of hysterics to scream to the high heavens for him, though, notably Sobol and his hysteric spokeswoman as well as his social networking hamsters and school kids.


    1. That Stalker Zone article you linked to earlier (the one about Daria Navalnaya nattering to her girlfriend and suggesting that Daddy is a coke fiend) hinted that Navalny and wife Julia were not getting on so well and the two were fighting over his coke habit. Perhaps Julia’s silence hints at other issues between them.

      Navalny seems to have quite a groupie network by the way.


      1. Rumour has it, though I’m not one to gossip, that the US operative had a little fling with Miss Gaidar several years ago — something to do with their buying property in Montenegro, making property investments or whatever, to which Balkan state the pair of them flitted off, seek out a suitable little place for rest and relaxation.

        Word got out and it was suggested that the pair were having a little dalliance.

        I faintly remember reports about this. It was a long while ago. I don’t think the statuesque Navalnaya would have been impressed, and if she was displeased about the alleged infidelity of “Putin’s fiercest critic and leader of the Russian opposition“, then she said bugger all about it. But then again, she never says anything, just tags along with her husband almost everywhere he goes.


        1. Perhaps she believes all the American Defender Of Freedom guff about how she will one day be the Russian Federation’s First Lady. I suspect many women would put up with a bit of friggin’ in the riggin’ from their chowderhead husband if that appeared a realistic possibility to them. The opportunity for great riches and prestige is hard not to visualize, and such a prominent man might quickly come to realize how much he owes to his wife if she whispers in his ear that she will loudly and publicly divorce him during his first term and give his enemies enough ammunition to blow him out of his shorts.


        2. So his wife has motive to do away with him. It’s an obvious lead and I’m sure she’s not the only one in the movement who sees Navalny as useless. Pure speculation obviously, but I’m not a journalist who certainly do not rampantly revel in idle, made up, conspiracy theory speculation when it comes to Russia. It is all scrupulously checked by the gossip columnists….


          1. Well, maybe, but not now! Now he is a nobody, and she is only the first lady of a non-practicing real-estate lawyer’s world. Getting rid of him now, I need hardly point out, would not be to her advantage. He might well be useless, but he has apparently discovered how to enjoy a comfortable life without doing any real work or having to really know anything, and that the west still evidently believes there is some mileage left in him suggests that life could continue yet awhile.


        3. When your material well-being (including that of your children) depends on turning a blind eye to your famous husband’s “indiscretions”, many wives will just go along to get along as the horrible saying goes. Some really grotesque examples are provided by

          and I have few doubts that similar stuff occurs in fields other than top class professional sports.

          An example? Glad you asked…. Remember the “fragrant” wife of author Jeffrey Archer during the trial involving allegations about a prostitute? And said “fragrant” wife was a distinguished woman.

          Navalny’s wife’s case may be typical.


          1. Everyone has a breaking point.

            You see, I can be just like the western press, an answer for everything… but but but butt!


      2. The Navalny groupie kids are called “Навальнят” [Navalnyat — that’s the plural noun] or a Навальненок [Navalnyonok — singular] in the Russian blogosphere, from which the article linked below comes and which criticizes the parents of these idiot kids.

        In the article and is a photo of the Bullshitter surrounded by his young admirers:

        Крестьянка – родителям “навальнят”… | Светлана Мамаева | Яндекс Дзен

        . . . for whom did you bear your children? … Do you not realize that your little ones are not always going to be with you hanging on to your neck and that they will slip away from your care? 14-18 year old empty-headed boobies are Lyoshenka’s [Navalny’s — ME] main representatives that spill out onto the street! Instead of helping mum and dad, why do they jump up and down on the streets, gazing into a cunning degenerate’s mouth? Moreover, they bring him money, as they claim here in the comments! And where do these poor students get this money from if not from their mum and dad’s pockets???


        1. “Navalyonok” sort of translates as “Navalny-ing” or “Navalnykin”.

          That “-yonok” suffix is often used to denote the young of a species, for example:


          duck/ duckling


  24. Our Finlandian friend surely must be disappointed as Belarus may fall into the outstretched hand of Putin like a ripe apple without a nuclear strike. Putin probably did not even break a sweat. Per MOA:

    It is over. The ‘patchy strikes’ were never real industrial actions. A few journalist of the Belarus state TV went on a strike. They were unceremoniously fired and replaced with Russian journalists. A few hundred workers at the MTZ Minsk Tractor Works did a walk out. But MTZ has 17,000 employees and the 16,500+ who did not walk out know very well why they still have their jobs. Should Lukashenko fall it is highly likely that their state owned company will be sold off for pennies and immediately ‘right sized’ meaning that most of them would be out of work.

    On Monday the leader of the earlier MTZ walk out, one Sergei Dylevsky, was arrested while he agitated for more strikes. Dylevsky is a member of the self-proclaimed Coordination Council of the opposition which demands negotiations over the presidency. Other members of the council have been called in for questioning by state investigators over a criminal case against the council.

    With Russia’s backing the military, political and economic stability of Belarus is for now guaranteed. Lukashenko will at some point be ousted but that will be at a time and in a way that is convenient for Russia and not because some hapless NED financed IT hipsters try to stage a revolution.

    If developments continue in the current direction, Russia will end up stronger than if the West had done nothing at all. For our Finlandian friend, it is called “shooting oneself in the foot.”


    1. Well, I wouldn’t be quite so dismissive of the western efforts, and I’m quite confident the west is not ready to fold its tents just yet. I expect them to keep trying for awhile, although I would agree it never really rose to the level of a crisis for Lukashenko. But it was surprising to see such a wily politician stumble about like Yanukovych for a few days, and surprising – given that he already saw the Maidan template close-up and had every reason to know what was coming next – to see him caught off-balance by opposition tactics. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if he had made the mistake of minimizing his riot police presence as Yanu-pridurak did in Kuh-yiv rather than going hardcore, the effort might have achieved the momentum it sought, and upon which all western coups depend.

      I do agree, however, that the western campaign is likely to have the direct opposite of the desired effect, and push Belarus and Russia closer together. I think in his private heart, Lukashenko was quite hurt and surprised to see his western friends turn on him that way, but once bitten is twice shy. I believe he realizes now that the best way to make one’s country safe from western inveigling is to follow Russia’s method, and depend to the least extent possible on the west for anything. Pick your alliances carefully and nurture them jealously. Severely limit the number of American and European NGO’s operating in the country, and adopt a process of dividing them into political and apolitical organizations. Then restrict the freedom of maneuver of those deemed political until they are rendered harmless, or just kick them out – what does a socialist-democracy model need with western political advice, anyway? Their own corporatist plunderfests are hardly an example of how to make a country prosperous, as they can never seem to get past making a core elite fantastically rich. That’s dandy if you are one of them, but it’s a pretty small group and most people are going to be left out.


  25. Tucker Carlson makes a convincing argument why Biden was picked as the Dem’s presidential candidate – basically, he is a Trojan horse.


  26. Военные США обнаружили всплывшую российскую подлодку около Аляски

    US military discovered surfaced Russian submarine near Alaska
    28 August

    The US military has said it had found a surfaced submarine belonging to Russia off the coast of Alaska. This is stated on Twitter of the US Northern Command.
    It notes that the United States is closely monitoring the actions of the vessel, since it is “in the area of ​​responsibility” of the United States.

    The command has assured that they are ready to help the Russian submarine if it is in distress. However, no signals have been received from the vessel.


    Were the Russians surprised at their having been “found” by the USN in international waters”, I wonder.

    I also wonder how many submerged Russian submarines they find.

    What worth are US forces in Poland if the Russian navy can cruise around the USA underwater?


    1. Maybe the crew tied it up and all went ashore to get drunk, and whilst they lay in pickled stupor, it slipped its moorings and drifted away. Perhaps it is surfaced but registering no signals because it is empty.

      Or perhaps it is a derelict that was lost from some Siberian pier, awaiting disposal.

      Modern submarines typically spend almost all their time at sea submerged, which is their natural element. They don’t have to surface to find out what’s happening up on the roof, and it’s difficult to imagine one just lollygagging about on the surface while a US Submarine approaches. I’d also be curious to know if the ‘American area of responsibility’ also means ‘American territorial waters’. I’m afraid I doubt it; much like the difference between American airspace and the American Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).


          1. Nah, Masha means “Molly”. The mysterious abandoned American brigantine was actually called “Mary Celeste”, not “Marie” and not “Molly Celeste”.

            In Russian: Мария Селест.

            I guess “Mary Celeste” means “Heavenly Mary” — Ave Maria Stella Maris and all that: Hail Mary, Star of the Sea.

            She was built where you come from, I think, in Nova Scotia, and originally named Amazon.


            1. I be go to hell if you are not right; built at Spencer’s Island, Nova Scotia, in 1861.


              That’s just where I grew up, though; in Nova Scotia from the time I was around 3 years old until I returned to the west coast after my first 10 years in the naval service. I was born here, in St. Joseph’s hospital, Comox, about 110 miles from where I now sit.

              That’s an interesting little bit of history; I didn’t know it. Shame she was deliberately wrecked in an insurance fraud attempt – she might have made an interesting memorial exhibit.


      1. RIA NOVOSTI

        Минобороны показало видео с борта всплывшей у берегов Аляски подлодки

        The Ministry of Defence has shown a video from the submarine that surfaced off the coast of Alaska

        MOSCOW, August 28 – RIA Novosti. The Ministry of Defence has published a video taken from the Omsk nuclear submarine, which took part in the Ocean Shield exercise off the coast of Alaska.

        The footage shows how preparations for the launch of a Granit anti-ship missile are going on. Judging by the actions of the crew members, the submarine is making an emergency dive, while the conditional target is at a distance of 329 kilometres from it. After the countdown, a volley is fired.

        Earlier, the Northern Command of the US Armed Forces said that the Russian submarine had “surfaced” off the coast of Alaska.

        As explained by the Russian Ministry of Defence, the Varyag missile cruiser and the Omsk submarine were carrying out joint firing at a sea target in the waters of ​​the Bering Sea; there was no emergency situation on board. The department has repeatedly stated that the cruises of the ships were strictly in accordance with international rules.

        Your move Washington.


        1. Well, there you have it; I’m quite sure Russia would not have sought American permission to use their territorial waters from which to conduct a missile firing. Therefore, the Russian submarine must have been in international waters, hence the American claim to an ‘area of responsibility’ rather than national waters. I suppose they pretended to be confused and working on the possibility their assistance might be required as a pretext to get closer and observe. Same old, same old; except when the Americans used to do a big naval exercise and there was a Russian intelligence collector following closely, it was ‘snooping’ or ‘harassing’ the ‘friendly forces’.


            1. МВД пока не нашло никаких ядов в истории с госпитализацией Навального
              27 августа 2020

              The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet found any poisons in of Navalny’s hospitalization story
              27 August 2020

              MOSCOW, August 27 – RIA Novosti. No potent substances and drugs have yet been found within the framework of the check on the hospitalization of Alexei Navalny, according to the website of the transport department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Siberian Federal District.

              During the check, the hotel room where Navalny lived was examined, criminologists walked along the route of his movement, looked through the recordings from CCTV cameras. More than 100 items “which may have evidentiary value” have already been seized.
              “More than 20 different forensic investigations (forensic, biological, physicochemical) are being conducted. At the moment, no potent or narcotic substances have been found”, the release says.

              After Navalny was hospitalized in the Omsk hospital, doctors also stated that no poisons or traces of their presence were found in the oppositionist’s blood and urine. Russian doctors called the main diagnosis a metabolic disorder, which caused a sharp drop in blood sugar.

              Subsequently, Navalny was transported by air to the Berlin clinic Charite, whose doctors had pr-determined the diagnosis as poisoning with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors. The specific poisonous substance, according to the statement, is not yet known, but its effect on the body is allegedly “proven many times”.

              However, as stated to RIA Novosti, the head of the department of aneasthrsiology and resuscitation number 1 of the N. I. Pirogov National Surgical and Medical Centre Boris Teplykh, the version of German doctors was worked out by Russian specialists on the very first day, but they did not find any confirmation. According to him, they are talking about clinical data, and not about the substance itself, which has not yet been detected.

              The chief physician of Omsk emergency hospital No. 1, where Navalny was treated, Alexander Murakhovsky, noted that the diagnosis of “poisoning” was the main one when the patient was admitted, but laboratory tests did not confirm it. In an open letter, Omsk doctors expressed the opinion that “attempts were being made to blacken them”.

              A statement on this topic was also made at the Russian Foreign Ministry: they considered the haste with which the US and the EU took up the version of the poisoning of Navalny as suspicious. According to Russian diplomats, the Russian Federation stands for a thorough investigation of the incident.


              All Kremlin and Russian doctors’ lies of course.

              Putin poisoned him.


              1. I think they are issuing a warning to political leaders that if they go blindly with the western narrative, they risk making a long-term enemy of the Russian Federation, which might impact things like trade and diplomatic cooperation in other spheres. Such warnings are useless to the press, of course; they only think they smell blood in the water and become even more strident and adventurous with their speculations. But it will be interesting to see what position European political leaders take. Exempting, of course, the Ukrainians and the Poles, the sandbox league, who can be relied upon to run with any Russophobic trope you care to name.

                I continue to believe Russia is cautioning everyone with the knowledge that Russia has actual DNA-verifiable samples of Navalny’s blood and tissues from before he was transported. It is easy to add something to such a sample, but it would be very difficult to remove traces of an agent without altering the whole sample. Therefore it might be demonstrated that something was added post-transport.


            2. Yes, very much the same as an Air Defense Identification Zone, although other countries – notably the UK – use that one. It is a useful term to imply some sort of ownership – as when the UK papers have a freak-out because ‘Soviet-era’ bombers entered ‘the UK’s Air Defense Identification Zone’ – but really only means ‘close enough to our national airspace that we want to know who those in it are and the nature of their intentions’. Considering the USA is an international busybody who likes to have huge amounts of information on what everyone is doing everywhere, it constitutes a very large area of real estate that does not in any way belong to the United States (or other countries who employ the term). The bottom line, which seems simple enough although you might be surprised at how guilty a challenge to the unwary makes them feel, is that you have to know exactly where you are in time and space at every moment. It is very simple now to employ overlays on radar so that you can avoid demarcated zones if you wish to, but Russian patrol aircraft often operate using passive sensors only, with radars off. I imagine you can do the same for sensors like GPS. At any rate, if you know where you are and you know the airspace you are transiting is international, there is no need to respond to western challenges because they have no right at all to direct you to explain yourself. But the challenge would be something like, “Unknown aircraft at position xxxx xxxx, altitude xxx, you are entering the United States Air Identification Zone (implying ownership); you continue to close and your intentions are not understood. Please respond with details of your mission”. The USAF can get a lot of free information to which they have no real entitlement that way. “Areas of Responsibility” similarly imply some sort of national ownership although they are often in other sovereign nations, frequently where the USA has no right to be, as is the case in Syria.


                1. “According to the report, the Russian aircraft remained in international airspace at all times and did not enter US or Canadian airspace.”

                  I imagine Britain’s ‘Offshore Maritime Zone’ is similarly international airspace and waters which the UK has decided it must monitor, implying that there is some sort of ownership. I imagine Russian patrol aircraft routinely enter it to make the point that it is international and does not belong to the UK.


    2. In an eerily similar event in Israeli occupied territory:

      Hikers in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights came upon a shocking surprise, strolling into a field of armed and unguarded battle tanks. The Israeli military has vowed to “severely” punish the soldiers responsible for the bungle.

      In video footage shot by one of the hikers on Thursday, at least five Merkava Mk. IV main battle tanks sat unoccupied atop a plateau in the Golan Heights. The cameraman walks toward one tank to discover its door open and its equipment and munitions left completely unguarded inside.

      At least five (5) fully armed tanks left with the keys in the ignition in a militarily contested region … Wow, just wow.


  27. USN to Russian submarine:

    “Are you in need of assistance?”

    Russian reply:

    “На хуй!”

    Only they did not reply, simply treated the offer of help with the contempt it deserved


  28. Soviet submarine “anecdote”:

    Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, two submarines, Soviet and American, come to the surface. The Soviet one is old and rusty; the American one is new and sleek and matt black. On the Soviet one, the crew lounges about lazily, and a drunken captain yells at them: “Who threw a valenok (traditional Russian winter footwear made of felt) onto the control panel? I’m asking you, who threw a valenok onto the control panel?!”

    From the American submarine, a clean-shaven, sober, and smartly-dressed captain yells scornfully: “You know, folks, in America…”

    The Russian captain dismissively interrupts him: “America??! Ain’t no fucking America no more!!”

    He turns back to his crew and shouts again at them: “Now Who threw a valenok onto the control panel?!”


    1. I should add that I certainly do not find anything funny about the USA, or any other country for that matter, being destroyed by a nuclear attack. However, I do find it humorous how Russians are able to make fun of themselves.


    1. Just as an aside – whenever I see Merkel mentioned I see images of her dismissing ‘her’ national flag with contempt and doing the snake dance – and I am always reminded of the list of recipients of the Charlemagne (aka Kalergi) Prize for the destruction of Europa.,in%20the%20service%20of%20European

      Inaugural recipient 1950 Austria Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

      Then we have Churchill, Kissinger, Blair, (W) Clinton … Juncker, Merkel … Pope Francis (!)
      I would trust Merkel in Germany about as much as I would trust Erdogan in Syria.


      1. Chancellor of Germany for 15 years without a break and not elected by popular mandate, yet nobody thinks that’s bad, “undemocratic” or whatever.

        Wonder why?


    2. I wonder if the Belarus color soiree, the Navalny road show and the invasion of Belarus by Russian mercenaries were fundamentally US operations that were partly/mostly intended to force a Russian response that would create the necessary PR environment to justify the stoppage of Nordstream II.


    3. “Merkel told reporters that she supports dialogue with Moscow. “We have to keep talking,” she told reporters at her annual summer news conference in Berlin, adding that Russia was a key player in the international arena. Russia is also Europe’s largest country and has the continents biggest economy, when measured by purchasing power parity, according to the IMF. “


      When did that happen? Obviously it must have occurred sometime after its economy was in tatters and it had no friends or allies, woontchoo say, Obama?


  29. Meanwhile, the Berlin hospital Charité is taking its own sweet time over its diagnosis of Navavlny’s condition, saying he is stable and his symptoms are diminishing, but the hospital has still not named a poison that has caused his condition. A full report will be announced on Monday.

    Imagine the furore of the Navalnyites and assorted libtards outside the Omsk hospital if the doctors there had had their fingers stuck up their arses for so long.


  30. Apparently India will also produce the Russian COVID-19 vaccine in massive numbers. It’s only a matter of time before there is ‘pressure’ from Washington to change its mind…


    1. Meanwhile, there’s nothing unusual about the United States and other countries already appropriating funding to buy millions of doses of vaccine manufactured by their own Pharma giants before any of the vaccines have passed clinical trials.


  31. Declassified UK: Belarus military has received assistance from the UK a dozen times in past five years

    The UK military has been quietly building links with the Belarusian armed forces, including providing urban warfare training, despite the British government’s public criticism of Europe’s last dictator, Declassified UK has found.

    …Although Britain has long publicly criticised Lukashenko’s regime for stage-managed elections and human rights abuses, UK military links with Belarus have steadily developed to include urban warfare training, joint military exercises and a night at an opera in Minsk.

    Increasing cooperation has likely been inspired by London’s desire to woo Lukashenko and gain intelligence on a Russian-linked military, a senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) has told Declassified. ..

    You can take it that this was also an intelligence operation to gather personnel information, recruit and profile those in the services who may be sympathetic to helping Lukashenko retire. Another example of how Lukashenko did not understand that the ground has strategically shifted under his feet until very recently. It’s interesting in all the current reporting that there is nothing about UK involvment in the protests, which we can be certain that they are involved in some way (NEXTA?) as their main base is up the road in Estonia. Yet again, we should remember to look for holes in the picture, i.e. who aren’t we seeing in the picture that we would expect to be players? There’s a reason for that.

    Warning. Mark ‘Gerasimov Doctrine’ Galeotti gives comment.

    The most curious thing about this report is that it based on an anonymous senior military source at RUSI. It’s an interesting website but it also goes along with the ‘Russia wot dun it’ crowd (parliamentary intelligence committee report on Russia/ ‘Skripal chemical weapon’ use blah) whilst also being critical of the UK military/political whatever.


    1. That’s quite a catch – well done. And there might indeed be some sort of move fairly quickly, because now it’s come to light, HM Government will reason that Lukashenko will move rapidly to clean out the chicken coop in search of foxes. It’s harder than it sounds, of course – you can imagine the response if all the troops were lined up on parade and Lukashenko addressed them with, “Who among you is disloyal to his country? Speak up, now.” But if you suspect agents of a foreign power among your armed forces, the most likely course of action would be, first, to take into your confidence a select few whose loyalty is assured beyond doubt. Set them to sussing out who might be in the pay of the enemy, or espouse the ‘values’ of the west. Next, a few surprise promotions and reassignments, as loyalists are moved into command positions and those whose dedication is shady are moved into new jobs where they are less able to cause harm. Erdogan did a lot of this after the coup attempt against him, although he was considerably more ruthless and terrifying about it. In this, too, Lukashenko must be clever and think it through, because if a critical mass of your military perceives it is not trusted, it can be as damaging as if they actually are disloyal.

      I would turn first to training records to narrow the field of who has been in close contact with the British; such extra professional qualifications are valued stepping-stones to promotion in a competitive environment, and the military is scrupulous about documenting them for performance evaluations. It doesn’t mean everyone who has taken such training is a mole, because international training is among the most useful military people will ever receive. But it’s a starting point for investigation.


      1. I should have written, Another example of how Lukashenko did not understand until very recently that the ground has already strategically shifted under his feet until very recently.

        Here’s a piece from a seasoned reported finally catching up with the reality of the last ten years. How to rescue Belarus and Europe’s ‘gray zone’ from Russia

        Take NATO and EU membership off the table in return for ending frozen conflicts.

        In his conclusion, unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten that since the west promised Gorbachev that NATO would not be expanded. Russia will not accept such an assurance unless it is written in the blood of western leaders’ children.

        The framing of the article is also wrong, i.e. that it is Russia that has primarily created the problems whilst criticizing the EU.

        I think the point that I am trying to make is that it is yet another example or ‘realism’ on Russia creeping back in to the Pork Pie News Networks after decades of ‘f/k ’em! We can do what we want and no one can stop us.’ These journalists are Fukuyama’s children, so it must be hard for them dealing with their denial… And of course the only reason the media are writing stuff like this is because big pols/wank tanks have started talking about it already.


        1. Too right – the west always says, upon being accused of going back on its word, that it ‘never promised’, or that you misunderstood what it actually said. A NATO promise and $1.85 will get you a large Americano at Starbucks.


  32. Well what a surprise!

    Клиника Charité запросила помощь у военных специалистов

    Charité Clinic has asked military specialists for help
    28 August

    The Berlin clinic Charité where Alexei Navalny is being treated has secretly requested help from military specialists in Germany and Great Britain. This is reported by Spiegel and Bellingcat investigators, citing two independent sources.

    The Bundeswehr secret pharmacy and toxicology laboratory in Munich and the British Defence Science and Technology Laboratory in Porton Down, known for their involvement in the investigation of the Skripal incident, have received a request for help.

    So some “guy” at Porton Down is going to tell the Germans that Navalny was definitely poisoned by a Russian “weapons grade” poison?

    If the German clinic has secretly asked for help from “military specialists”, how come “Der Spiegel” and “Bellingcat investigators” know about this?

    And if the the Bundeswehr laboratory in Munich is secret, how come they know it is in Munich?

    And who are the unnamed sources?

    Oh, I see! It’s a big secret who they are.

    Bellingcat “investigators”???

    Gimme a break will ya?


    1. Is this going to be another hint-hint-nudge-nudge ‘poisoning’ like with ‘polonium’? Where the doctors thought it was something else right up until the day before the patient’s death or thereabouts. whereupon there were ‘tip-offs’ for them to look for polonium?


  33. “Подмоченная репутация “Шарите” – диагноз не подтвердился”: О немецкой путанице рассказал Никулин

    “The tarnished reputation of” Charité” — the diagnosis has not been confirmed”: Nikulin has spoken about German confusion
    27 August 2020

    German media write that blogger Alexei Navalny could have been poisoned in the same way as Bulgarian businessman Emilian Gebrev. In a conversation with “Tsargrad”, a former member of the UN commission on biological weapons Igor Nikulin expressed doubts about this. He called the version with “Novichok” also untenable. In addition, the expert recalled the “tarnished reputation” of the Charité clinic, the diagnoses of which having not always been confirmed.

    German journalists have suggested that blogger Alexei Navalny had been poisoned according to the same scenario as the Bulgarian businessman Emilian Gebrev. But, according to Igor Nikulin, a former member of the UN Commission on Biological Weapons, this version of the poisoning has no basis yet.

    “Der Spiegel” wrote that Navalny was poisoned with E-607. E-607 is plastic, it is not organophosphorus at all. So there, in my opinion, they were pointing their finger at the sky. Of course, the West really wants Russia to be to blamed for everything, but so far they have not presented any evidence”, Nikulin noted.

    It is because of the lack of any intelligible facts, he believes, that the press conference of the Charité clinic, where Navalny is now undergoing treatment, did not take place yesterday.

    “In general, this clinic has a very tarnished reputation. For example, they claimed that Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin, and later this diagnosis was not confirmed. Moreover, it turned out that he had an infectious skin disease. So they can very easily confuse one thing with another as well as to falsify evidence”, Nikulin warned.

    “Der Spiegel” going great guns about the Evil Russians.


    1. Oh what a surprise!

      Ekho Moskvy

      German magazine Der Spiegel has appeared with Alexey Navalny on the cover<
      August 29, 2020

      The German magazine “Der Spiegel” has appeared with Alexei Navalny on the cover. Russian President Vladimir Putin is depicted behind the politician’s back. Earlier, the British magazine “The Economist” had featured Putin and Navalny on the cover. The Russian politician has been in a Berlin clinic for a week. He remains in a coma. German doctors said he was poisoned. Earlier, the Kremlin noted that it does not yet see a reason for investigation.

      Strange. I’m sure investigations started other day. Ah well, the libtard channel must be right.

      Oh look:

      Russia launches ‘pre-investigation check’ into Navalny’s illness | Russia News | Al Jazeera
      27 August

      Pre-investigation, because the poisoning of Navalny is as of yet only alleged.

      Kremlin vows should Navalny’s poisoning be confirmed, an investigation will follow

      The spokesman refused to comment on the reports of several law enforcement officers arriving at the hospital where Navalny is currently receiving treatment


    2. As I have suggested before, Russia should stop reacting in any way to western provocations. Since every response including denials is printed as an admission of guilt, just ignore everything. At least for public consumption; I mean, of course you have to take note of what is happening, but there is no sense reacting at all. Surely Russia has more important things to do than reacting to every western prod and poke. Instead, maybe kick out a western company from Russia every time there is a new provocation, without any other explanation. Just, you’ve overstayed your welcome. Get the fuck out. It would not take long for the keen western analysts to put it together.


  34. Here is a video of Jordan Peterson speaking on the societal, biological and psychological underpinnings of human civilization. I must say he is impressively smart and an excellent communicator. He also lavishes praises on Russian/Soviet writers for their deep insights into the human conditions and Soviet psychologists for their fundamental discoveries. The video is longish but definitely worth watching in my opinion.

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    1. Thank you – I am going to watch that with an open mind but I do admit I am highly skeptical of Jordan Peterson, AND based on what I have seen on the Oxford Union channel (only a few admittedly – the likes of John Bolton, Bill Browder, Anastasia Lin …) I view it with cognitive caution.

      In the meantime, please enjoy this
      Kitty Flanagan’s Rules for Life

      For later
      Jordan Peterson Dismantled

      I can’t put my finger on it at the moment but in another video I watched of Jordan Peterson he dumped a few hard truths about Lenin, and especially the treatment of the hardworking and entrepreneurial Kulaks.

      In that video I found Peterson’s choice of example to illustrate the Pareto rule very intriguing because he argues that mobilising peasants into mobs to dismantle the Kulaks so that wealth rose to the top of the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” was a random event which he used to illustrate “Monopoly”.

      Watching (and searching) now with thanks.


      1. The first video was entertaining but was an unfair characterization of Peterson’s views. On the other hand, much of comedy is based on such. No harm, no foul.

        The second video, which I admit not watching in its entirety, alleges Peterson is undermining white identity. As proof, first, he worked, without protest, in academia and at the UN where Soros-like agendas were being promoted. I doubt that the video’s author knew what Peterson was thinking nor how he interacted with others at the time. It’s unfair to brand him a Soros drone for earning a living doing things which he now seems to repudiate. Tucker Carlson can be accused of the same sin. Should we assume Carlson is a Trojan horse because he once held beliefs different from what he now espouses?

        I agree with Peterson when he asserts that the liberals/left wingers are aggressively carrying out their agenda which will create a devastating backlash from the “conservatives” or “right wingers”. That is what is happening in this US of A and will likely worsen. If he is warning the liberal left to back off, then that is a good thing. It does not mean that he is protecting them to facilitate an eventual victory at some later date. In fact, he seems to suggests (and made clear in the video that I linked) that both groups are needed to have a sustainable society.

        I characterize my own beliefs regarding the economy as socialistic with some market aspects. A seriously large inheritance tax without loopholes will reduce the potential for accumulation of power and its erosive effects on the general well-being of society (the liberal left seems to have absolutely no problem with accumulation of power by their benefactors which reveals the lies behind their egalitarian facade), I also maintain that every child should be reminded that we live in an infinite universe that contains information that we can comprehend and information that is forever beyond the human grasp, even in its most abstract forms. That is where spirituality (aka religion) must play a role with its main function being to rein in narcissism. For me, the N word is narcissism, the bane of humanity.

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        1. Thanks for the feedback

          I found his (brief) talk and extended Q&A session well worth watching (I am up to the one hour mark). Highly recommended.

          Many good discussion points.

          I found his comments on Russian writers (especially his comment re Buglakov) and philosophers were most appropriate.

          Promoted free speech which is a good thing

          Good discussion re freedom of speech, ‘hate speech’ laws, liberalism versus conservatism

          • Conservatism is that which does not get in the way of moving forward and upward, but does prevent from sliding backwards and downwards.”

          Interesting point about access to free speech being unequal and based on Power – an indication that the hierarchy has become corrupt – Comment: Truth is now declared as hate speech by those who wish to conceal the truth in order to maintain power. You know the Voltaire quote about who you can’t criticise.


      2. I had to look up “Pareto” rule. He cites that rule without using its name in explaining why men constitute the bulk of the prison population and implies why most CEOs are men in the video that I linked.

        He also affirms that biological differences account for the persistence of women in certain careers and men in others. Nations that seek to erase gender differences in occupations (Sweden for example) have largely failed due to the underlying biological differences he asserts. He claims that such efforts at gender blending actually results in a stronger separation of gender identifies as a counter reaction of some sort.

        Unless I am missing something, Peterson does not address Asian civilizations nor how they (my thoughts) limit narcissism and its evil manifestation of sociopathic behavior. As mentioned in an earlier post, Western society appears able to crank out sociopaths at a far higher rate (literally orders of magnitude greater) than Eastern societies. There is a lesson in there.

        Thanks for the interesting videos!

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        1. Aah yes – the biological differences in genders – males interested in things, females interested in people (generally speaking) was a good segment.

          Re Pareto, I think this was it (by title from my bookmarks) but I haven’t re-watched to confirm

          Jordan Peterson on The Pareto Distribution, Monopoly & Economic Inequality


        2. “Western society appears able to crank out sociopaths at a far higher rate (literally orders of magnitude greater) than Eastern societies.“

          Interesting you should say that – which brings us back to Freud, Bernays, Lewin et al and the brainwashing and manipulation of Western societies by the propaganda industry.

          I see the latest is that if you are ‘COVID denier’ you are now being labelled as a sociopath – i.e., pure projection.


        3. Pareto principle is basically the 80/20 rule by another name, that 80% of results can be attributed to 20% of possible causes in a given situation. This can be a useful rule in some contexts but sometimes you need to know what the contexts are. It might be easy to say in the case of some products that 80% of sales of a product are bought by 20% of the seller’s clientele but if we dig into why that is so, it may turn out that in some markets, some of those clients who buy most of that product have no access to any of its rivals, and the other 80% of the clients are in other markets where they do. In addition, buying the product may be a result of other particular conditions in some markets eg if you buy something else from.the same seller, then you must buy the product because they are compatible together and rivals’ offerings are not. (This is why in Australia at least, if not elsewhere, bank customers are slow to patronise new banks: because they often have bought several products from the one bank, all are linked to one another, and changing one of these products to a rival bank’s product might result in the entire set-up falling apart.)

          The fact is that choosing one option over another can result in other choices being opened up and many others being lost forever. Over time as you make more choices, more choices also end up being lost. You can see a cascade of lost choices and lost opportunities resulting as time goes by. A person may have talent in many areas all competing for his time but he chooses to specialise in one (let’s say working as a mathematician in a hedge fund over insurance, accounting, government accounts). Over a career of say 30 years, he becomes more specialised in narrower areas where he has chosen to work in. Look at all the other areas where he chose not to pursue and see all the lost opportunities! At the same time this worker moves towards the extremes of his specialisation and becomes further removed from other areas where he could work should he ever contemplate a career change. In some cases he would have to start on a beginner’s wage again which would be impossible if he had a lavish lifestyle to support.

          Some disparities seen in gender specialisations in work are of this nature: because women tend to be the ones to take time out to bring up children, they often end up making choices that help them keep a balance between working and caring for children. Such choices can have a long-term effect of shunting them away from careers that are demanding in terms of time and energy, mental and physical, and push them into areas where tasks resemble tasks involved in caring for others. Because technology is always changing, and as more work depends on technologies like social media platforms and databases that take the place of the water-cooler meeting point, even a few years away from work can damage a person’s career for a long time if not forever. A person’s peer group leaves her behind or becomes dispersed as those people make their own choices and she ends up fighting on her own or having to find new support or contemplating a career change.


  35. Another example of the Covid misinformation hyped to the stars:

    A widely circulated scientific study reported that Covid-19 causes long-term heart problems. Its authors have been forced to issue major corrections after they wildly miscalculated the risk, but the damage has already been done.

    The article quickly became a smash hit, going viral, inasmuch as academic research can. It racked up hundreds of thousands of interactions on its Altmetric score, a tool that tracks how much a piece of research is being clicked, shared and talked about online. No doubt, this was owing to the paper’s bombshell conclusions. If Covid-19 was strongly linked to long-lasting heart disease in a significant proportion of those who survive it, that would be a hugely important thing to know.

    The authors appeared to confuse medians for means, and data points present in the graphs were absent elsewhere. In essence, the paper was riddled with remedial mistakes that the first few hundreds of thousands of people who read it (or scan the last few sentences) failed to notice.

    But Professor Francis is still not happy with the reissued article, launching another scathing attack on his Twitter account. He has more than the layman’s knowledge of statistics, but he lays out in no uncertain terms that the authors are still, even after their extraordinary climb down, fudging the numbers. He is adamant that the corrected figures show that while people who have recovered from Covid-19 do show markers of heart disease in their MRI scans, so do people of similar health profiles who have not had the virus. That is, Covid-19 had absolutely nothing to do with the heart damage seen in the people in the study.

    Yeah! Follow the science says Biden! But when the science is politically correct garbage wrapped in jargon, then what? I happen to be a fan of science but Covid “science” in the West has descended to something lower than Lysenko’s science (who may have had gotten some things right but that is another story).

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  36. Once a Nazi, always a Nazi. Here is an excerpt from Wernher Von Brauns’ SciFi book “Project Mars”. I’m reading it due to a fascination with SciFI novels from the 50’s and 60’s.

    Lunetta’s (an American space station) acid test had taken place in the final World War. During the dread winter of 1974-75, the motorized forces of the Western allies had ground to a solid stop in the vastness of the Asian steppes. The chilling cold had numbed the blood and the courage of the most intrepid soldiers. Air attacks on the industrial centers of Siberia had almost eased by reason of the incredible accuracy and effectiveness of the adverse anti-aircraft rockets. But these rockets could not reach Lunetta in her dizzying heights, and the courageous crew of 440 men and women who manned her directed their atom bombs by remote control at the enemy’s manufacturing plants to such good effect that the scales of victory could only incline towards the Allies.

    He goes on to say at various points in the book that the atom bombing of Russia (not the Soviet Union curiously) was essential to bring world peace. Peace was finally achieved in his vision of the future with the end of Russia and other Asian countries (now brought under control of the United States of Earth).

    Von Braun was obviously replaying WW II in his head but this time he had the atomic bomb (and they did not) and we had space (and they did not). BTW, he is a very unimaginative SciFi writer but that is unimportant as his main objective was advancement of his political beliefs and implicit superiority of the West and its need to conquer the barbarians to the east.

    Considering that Von Baun was at the center of NASA’s administration, it makes a lie out of the claim that NASA was fundamentally an apolitical organization dedicated to the advancement of aeronautics and space exploration for the good of all. What BS!


    1. Having read “Moondoggie” by Dave McGowan

      and having then done quite a bit more research on the moon landings and von Braun in particular, I offer an alternative viewpoint.

      Von Braun was fascinated with the concept of rockets and space travel but was fixated on the 1929 movie “Frau Im Mond” (“Woman on the Moon”) directed by a certain Fritz Lang.


      Lang went on to create macabre movies like ‘M” (as in Murder) and Metropolis.
      Rocket scientist Hermann Oberth worked as an advisor on this movie. Oberth was the mentor of Wernher von Braun.

      In 1930, von Braun attended the Technische Hochschule Berlin, where he joined the Spaceflight Society (Verein für Raumschiffahrt or “VfR”) and assisted Willy Ley in his liquid-fueled rocket motor tests in conjunction with Hermann Oberth.

      Having now watched a few videos featuring von Braun actually speaking and promoting the man on the moon concept, I have formed the opinion that he was an egocentric, albeit charismatic attention seeking fraud obsessed with making a movie sequel.

      There – I said it 😊


      1. “Metropolis” was not a macabre film, apart from the famous scene where workers appear to be swallowed up in furnaces imagined to be the god Moloch but its message and agenda were murky enough. Workers do as you’re told, stick to your place at the bottom of the social pyramid. Fritz Lang’s wife (I forget her name, Thea von Harbou or something like that, will have to look her up on Google) at the time had written the script. Some years later the two were divorced. Lang fled Germany and the ex-wife became a member of the Nazi Party.


        1. Yes, just checked online and Thea von Harbou was indeed the ex-wife’s name. She and Lang were married from 1922 to 1933. Harbou wrote the scripts for “Metropolis” (made 1927) and for “M” (made 1931) as well. “M” was based on the life of serial killer Peter Kürten, one of several such murderers active in Germany during the 1920s – 30s. Quite what the fascination of Kürten was for Harbou can only be guessed at, as Kürten was notorious for the extreme violence of his crimes that also involved drinking his victims’ blood. He was executed in 1931. Harbou joined the Nazi Party in the 1930s.


          1. There are more weirdos in Germany than anywhere else in the world — at least, that’s what my former German paramour used to tell me when I lived there.

            She ended up living in Brussels. She’s still there, I think. She’s an economist.

            I have seen some of the books that she has had published about the transition of the economies of former Soviet Republics to capitalism.

            She now works for the EU.

            Now THATS weird!


      2. Von Braun may have been the first to coin the term “Space Force”. The “Space Force” defeated the Russians in the Great War of 1971 to 1975 in his fevered dreams manifested in his novel “Project Mars”. It was quite likely that he promoted these same ideas to anyone who would listen in NASA, CIA and the MIC. Perhaps there is a connection at some level to Trump’s decision to create today’s “Space Force” and Beyond!!!!

        I will read the book in its entirety as it is full of 1950’s gee-whiz stuff interspersed with long passages on (now) very rudimentary engineering challenges related to space travel.

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        1. Take your time and enjoy – McGowan gives a very humorous perspective as well as many new insights.

          In the meantime, JP Sears (AwakenWithJP) gives a great hilarious overview on this and many other ‘hot topics’

          The distraction from the atrocities/war crimes and debacle of Vietnam is compelling.


  37. Independent

    Putin poisoned Navalny – an open and shut case? Not quite

    As so often is the case, things may be a lot more complicated, writes Mary Dejevsky


    Review of above In Russian blog:

    Автор британского издания попыталась объяснить, почему в инциденте с Навальным виноват не Путин

    A writer in a British publication has tried to explain why Putin is not to blame for the Navalny incident

    Interesting and rather unexpected conclusions in the case of Navalny’s poisoning were made by weii-known journalist Mary Dejevski in the British edition of the Independent. She said it was too early to blame Russia and Putin for the incident with the Russian oppositionist Someone else may be involved in this case. Moreover, it was absolutely not profitable for Putin to poison the Russian oppositionist.

    It is noteworthy that the article was written by a British journalist and published in a reputable publication. And this is when the British media daily say that Navalny was poisoned with a substance similar to Novichok.

    Mary Dejevski has tried to look at the situation from different angles. Navalny’s team says that the poison with which the oppositionist was poisoned was in a cup of tea he drank at the Omsk airport. Supporters of Navalny directly blame Vladimir Putin for the incident with Navalny.

    In Europe, there is also talk of poisoning, once again pointing to the Kremlin’s ruthless approach to any opposition leader who dares to speak out. Regional elections are scheduled for September 13 in Russia. In the West, there is talk of a drop in Putin’s ratings against the backdrop of raging protests in Khabarovsk. And that is why Putin is neutralizing his opponent.

    German doctors, meanwhile, do not directly say that this is poisoning. They talk about intoxication with a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors.

    The British journalist argues that virtually all Western arguments can be challenged.

    “The Kremlin is by no means the only or even the most important enemy of Navalny.”

    Moreover, it was not profitable for Putin to poison him. What did Navalny do? He could have suffered from his anti-corruption campaigns and become the target of very different representatives of very many circles.

    “In terms of his recognition and popularity throughout the country, Navalny does not pose a particular threat to the Kremlin.”

    He may be dangerous for some local pro-Kremlin candidates in the upcoming elections, but no more. According to the British journalist, he is not perceived in Russia as the leader of the opposition.

    Mary Dejevski argues that there are more disadvantages than advantages to Putin’s poisoning. But that has already been so in the case In the case of the Skripals, who were poisoned on the eve of the World Cup. Both this case and the Navalny incident have clearly beenpoliticized. But the reality is that whatever happens, the Kremlin will always be blamed for everything. This is beneficial in the West. After all, today all the European media are again talking about the tough authoritarian ruler Putin. Besides, this case is convenient for the West. For example, because of the poisoning of Navalny, the planned meeting of the Russian president with Donald Trump may not take place.

    And, of course, there are sanctions that will surely follow. Many admit that these sanctions do not work on Russia, but they continue to be imposed to punish Russia, although there is still no certainty about the Navalny case.

    Attention is drawn to the fact that it was in Russia where Navalny‘s life was saved by Russian doctors. At the same time, the world community has more confidence in German specialists. The Kremlin’s first reaction to the hospitalization of the oppositionist is also indicative. They wished him a speedy recovery. However, it is alarming how Russian officials today are automatically trying to make excuses when they talk in Germany about the poisoning of Navalny. And these attempts to justify themselves in the West are also successfully used to prove that the Kremlin is involved in what happened to the Russian opposition.

    Did he heed that, Peskov? That last sentence.

    The more you try to exonerate Russia of any guilt, the more the bastards say that you are lying.

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    1. Exactly. Shut your head, and say nothing. If at all possible, do not talk to the western press or to western politicians. Take the phone off the hook. See what they can make of silence.


  38. RT

    ‘Pipelines aren’t built just to annoy somebody’: Former Austrian FM Karin Kneissl believes Nord Stream 2 will be completed
    29th August 2020, 14:20

    “As I’ve said on various occasions, also to my counterparts when I was still serving as a minister – no one builds a pipeline just to annoy somebody. A pipeline is built because there’s demand,” Kneissl told RT.


    1. This would make the speaker sound like a simpleton if she were not addressing an audience which is largely partisan imbeciles. Of course there is a demand – Russia supplies more than 30% of Europe’s energy, and I have not seen any serious propositions that Europe could economize so as to do with 30% less.

      But it’s more than that. A brand-new pipeline with whatever capacity you care to name could have been built across Ukraine so as to address greater demand, and for much less money than laying it on the seabed. Would the USA complain in that event? I wonder. Washington would not like increased exports of Russian gas to Europe, but it would fatten a US-friendly Ukraine on transit fees. But that’s not all of it, either – Washington knows that any time it wants to introduce problems with Europe’s energy supply, it only needs to prod its loyal Ukrainian ally. And then there will be an explosion of unknown origin, or a partisan threat against the pipeline, or an unexpected maintenance requirement or any one of a hundred forms of interference which will frighten Europe and drive gas prices up. It’s laid on the seabed specifically so it will be a direct energy conduit between supplier and buyer, without a US meddler in between, and the Yanks can’t fuck with it.

      The plan was, US takes over Ukraine – US gets access to control over Europe’s energy, and Russia has to pay to fix the damage the west did to Ukraine in seizing it for its pet leaders. The result was, Russia transits gas directly to the buyer, and Ukraine loses its transit role along with the fees. USA has to look after the large, poor country it bought. That’s the part Washington hates.


  39. Deutsche Welle still hard it:

    Russian FSB officer likely ‘assisted’ in 2019 Berlin murder: report

    The hitman who murdered a Georgian man in a central Berlin park last year likely had help from a Russian FSB officer, according to a media investigation. The brazen murder soured relations between Germany and Russia.

    German prosecutors announced in June that they had charged a Russian man named as Vadim K., alias Vadim S. with the killing. They allege the assassination was likely ordered by Moscow — a claim Russia denies.

    Something about the phrasing used above which sounds — I don’t know — sort of familiar.


    1. Since when are the media investigators? I mean, I’ve heard of ‘investigative journalism’, but it usually does not involve media reporters going undercover in foreign secret services and ferreting out secret agents who speak a different language. Seymour Hersh is perhaps the best investigative journalist who ever lived, and he has never to my knowledge investigated matters in anything but English.

      I don’t suppose I need to point out what a common name ‘Vadim’ is in Russia, kind of like indicting an American criminal referred to as ‘Mike H’, alias ‘Mike D’.


  40. Has anyone else noticed that there’s been a series of ‘spy’ expulsions between numerous u-Ropean nations and Russia over the last six months or so. Slovakia expelled three diplomats and had a similar number expelled in return – some are declaring this as Bratislava returning back to the NATO anti-Russia fold, also Russia expelled a Norwegian diplomat in response, about five days ago the same happend with Austria, the Czechs expelled two back in June, Bulgaria two back in January.

    How much of this is based on American ‘intelligence’? There’s clearly a low level campaign going on.


  41. Flight Global: Aviastar tests new robotic line to accelerate Il-76 assembly

    …Compared with the previous traditional process, the automated line will reduce by four times the time required for final assembly, says the company, and the complexity involved.

    It states that up to 18 aircraft per year can be assembled on the line, increasing serial production of the transports…

    …“This is the first time such technology is used to assemble large transport aircraft,” says United Aircraft first deputy director general Sergei Yarkovoy…

    More at the link, obvs.

    Also two very sexy pictures of an Il-76 sans horizontal flying surfaces being carried by hoist at the link!*

    * Yes, I’ve already started drinking.


  42. MOSCOW, August 29 – RIA Novosti. Participants in a Berlin protest against measures to combat coronavirus began to chant “Putin!” This was reported by journalist Dmitry Smirnov on the Telegram channel.

    In the published video, the protesters are holding Russian flags. A voiceover said that he asked them why they had gone out with them to protest.

    “Because Putin can put pressure on Trump,” the man quoted one of the protesters interviewed.

    Today in Berlin, a large-scale rally is taking place against the government’s measures to combat the coronavirus. In total, about 38 thousand people took to the street.

    Another day, another dollar off the US Dept. of State.


    На митинге в Берлине протестующие скандировали “Путин!”


  43. Apparently I am in shock, the US is in deep mourning and the world is stunned by the passing of Chadwick Boseman per the lead story on ABC news.. The world must somehow deal with this overwhelming and impossible to measure loss per the news reader.

    Boseman was best known for playing a comic book superhero called the Black Panther. The guy seemed a decent enough per the news stories but the hyperbole can only be a product of a MSM agenda to elevate all black related stories to exalted glory.


    1. That’s sure to put Marvel Studios into a quandary: a Black Panther sequel was being planned for a 2022 release. What to do? – replace Chad Boseman with another actor? – imagine all the cries from BLM and The Guardian that this would imply that all black actors are interchangeable because white audiences can’t tell individual black people apart. Reboot the Black Panther story with new actors? Then the media will say this demeans the original film with Boseman.

      In the meantime over at the rival DC Comics movie camp, there is going to be yet another Batman movie series reiteration with Robert Pattinson playing the title character and another actor playing the Joker. If there is one thing that will finally defeat Batman’s enemies, it’ll be burnout caused by over-exposure.


    2. Never heard of him.

      BBC and British media full of reports about his death.

      Afro-American dies of cancer?

      Doesn’t that happen every day?

      And everywhere, not only to Afro-American actors?


      1. Anything and everything in your life that is good was due to White Privilege! And any problems that blacks may have are due to racism! Got it?????

        Most appalling to me on this matter is that millions of blacks who work hard and with good family stability are shunted to the side in the MSM. If there were truly an effort to promote racial harmony, these people should be front and center. But, no, it’s the street punks and twerking ho’s who are promoted as the “victims” that society owes an eternal debt and that we must accept “as is” as part of a blanket acceptance of “diversity”.

        And where are the black leaders, media figures and sports stars? Are they focused on those aforementioned families while telling the street punks and twerking ho’s to get their act together? No. They insist that we bow to them or take a knee or grovel for forgiveness from said lowlife. I suppose that they know which way the media winds are blowing.


        1. The same media hysteria would occur if anything happened to Gal Gadot who played Wonder Woman in the self-titled 2017 movie and reprises the role in the upcoming sequel. Never mind that she tweeted support for the IDF during its pounding of Gaza in 2014 or that she violated the mandatory 14-day quarantine period while visiting Israel in June recently.


  44. Viktor Shenderovich, Evgenia Albats, Yulia Latynina, all shades of our opposition, immediately called on doctors from Omsk to give a diagnosis on Alexei Navalny’, despite the fact that Navalny had just been admitted to the hospital. But this did not prevent them from being indignant, demanding that a diagnosis be made — “Give us a diagnosis!”

    They shouted and stamped their feet, and the most important thing was that they had already diagnosed Navalny a long time before. As soon as news was out that Lyosha had become ill on an aeroplane, then our opposition, not even understanding what had happened and how, right in the first minutes, began to write, “Well, All this is the fault of the regime: the regime has had something mixed in Lyosha’s tea”.

    You realize how they of think. They do not need any evidence, any facts; they are guided only by their liberal conscience: if they have decided on something, then that’s that.

    As doctors were fighting for Navalny’s life, his followers were gathered in a crowd beneath the windows of the Omsk hospital, shouting and disturbing doctors and patients. Again, you realize that all of them, Navalny’s followers and Kira Yarmysh, Lyosha’s press secretary, weren’t bothered about this: apart from Lyosha, they couldn’t have cared less about the peace and quiet of the hundreds of other patients that were in the hospital. They just weren’t bothered about them as they shouted and ran after doctors, threw tantrums and generally behaved like no one else. Even the bandits in the nineties did not behave like that.

    It is still surprising how patient the doctors were. After having first fined a pair of notable screamers, why didn’t the police throw this fraternity out onto the street? Kira most definitely should have been fined.

    Then Navalny was taken to a German clinic where Viktor Yushchenko was once treated. A coincidence?

    And a miracle happened! Our bawlers suddenly became as quiet as mice. They had demanded their rights that Russian doctors give them a diagnosis right there and then . . . and then, oops! German doctors generally did not allow anyone to see Navalny, even his wife. Remember how in the Omsk hospital there was a wave of indignation about his wife not being allowed to see him? But when the Germans said “No, we will not let anyone in” and did not begin to explain anything, there was silence! Zero indignation. Furthermore, German doctors said that the diagnosis would be stated when they saw fit. AND? Nothing! Even Kira Yarmysh didn’t write anything about, say, German doctors holding back on making a diagnosis.

    Everything had turned the other way around. Our opposition, with the same zeal with which it attacked the Omsk doctors, began to praise the Germans. Well, because this is different. You have to realize this. In Russia, you can still rock the boat as regards your rights and throw a tantrum, but in Germany they don’t talk to you for too long before the police roll up, and then, at the very best, you will be fined.

    I want to express my deep respect for the Omsk doctors who performed a miracle under conditions of incredible pressure, when all liberal publications were filled with everything they could day and night. You are the real heroes. Thank you!

    Written by a Russian blogger who calls himself “Smart Tatar” and who remembers how the ‘90s were here — a time that most of Navalny’s followers seem only to have faint memories of at best.


    Как наша оппозиция набросилась на омских врачей, и тут же замолкли, в отношение немецких врачей

    How Our Opposition Pounced on Omsk Doctors, and immediately became silent about German Doctors


  45. I shall not read this shite, of course, but for your delight and delectation, “Radio Freedom” presents you with a video entitled “What is to be done without Navalny?”

    Владимир Милов и Глеб Павловский о том временном отрезке, который оппозиции придется прожить без лидера

    Vladimir Milov and Gleb Pavlovsky about the time period that the opposition will have to live without a leader

    That Navalny is the leader of the opposition is a lie constantly propagated in the West and very seldom refuted by Western journalists that this is not the case. However, Dejevsky slipped into her Independent article the other day that Navalny “is not perceived in Russia as the leader of the opposition”.

    He certainly isn’t!

    The leader of the parliamentary opposition here is and has been since 1993, Gennady Zhuganov, who was defeated in the 1996 presidential election by the drunken buffoon Yeltsin, an election result whose validity is seriously doubted and about which the USA delightedly crowed that it had helped its puppet president Yeltsin to win.

    In the 2012 Russian presidential election on 4 March 2012, Zyuganov once again came in second place by receiving 17% of the vote.

    He always comes second.


    1. Yeltsin was polling around 11% in the months just prior to the 1996 election, and while it certainly was true that Yeltsin was Washington’s preferred candidate, it was the meddling of a ‘dream team’ of oligarchs which got him ‘elected’ – that, and Zyuganov was too bewildered and timid to demand an investigation of the vote (so he likely would not have made a very good leader anyway, certainly not the sort that would immediately have to be standing up to American pressure). But the point I intended to make was – show me an American presidential candidate who was barely able to break 10% voter approval who could suddenly win the election, and everybody would just agree, “The people have spoken”. As if.

      Once again, I cannot adequately express how encouraging this is, and what a lucky break, that the United States’ regime-change machine is going to keep its money on Navalny. It is absolutely unaccountable, and it is only the children of the intelligentsia who support him. I can’t think off the top of my head of a charismatic liberal candidate, but I am sure there must be one, and even Sobol or Vasilieva would pull in more votes than Navalny. He is the very bottom of the known-enemy-agent pile.


  46. Watch two Russian Su-27s cutting into the path of a B-52

    At approximately 11:19 a.m. on Aug. 28, 2020, two Russian Su-27 Flanker pilots intercepted a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber that was conducting routine operations over the Black sea in international waters. The Russian pilots flew in an unsafe and unprofessional manner while crossing within 100 feet of the nose of the B-52 multiple times at co-altitude and while in afterburner causing turbulence and restricting the B-52’s ability to maneuver

    The US authorities, in their wisdom, have decide to ‘tour’ nuclearized B-52Hs around u-Ropean NATO countries including in the Black sea:

    Six B-52s Are Flying Over All 30 NATO Nations In An Unprecedented Show Of Force

    The flights serve as a major show of solidarity between the U.S. and its NATO partners, sending a message that is clearly aimed at Moscow.

    …Currently, six nuclear-capable B-52Hs from the 5th Bomb Wing at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota are operating out of RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, England. ..

    …A show of strength and solidarity is particularly important at the moment given the strains that NATO is under. Recent diplomatic cracks in the alliance have included President Donald Trump’s war of words on Germany in…

    Yes, it’s ‘sending a message’ and Russia’s response is F/k Off!

    The ‘cracks’ are still there. This is pathetic attempt to paper over them which is the usual western fare of trying to keep their weakness behind closed doors and when that fails, a Big Demonstration of chest beating.

    In the above article there is an ADS-B track of the B-52’s flights but it curiously omits the path they took over the Black Sea, or are we to believe RuAF Su-27s intercepted them Romania, Bulgaria or the Agean Sea?

    In related news, similar vintage (1950s) modernized Tu-95MCM has broken ground sporting new (4×2) double racks which would likely carry nuclear armed cruise missiles.

    It looks like the t-Rump’s Administration re-warmed Regan strategy of ‘Escalate to de-escalate’
    continues apace because a) they can’t think of anything better; b) keeping the corrupt military industrial complex in business and not losing nuclear knowhow. It’s not that much different from O-Bomber’s administration that had already signed off on nuclear modernization etc. except that was ‘good.’


    1. This of course happening as Greece (France, UAE etc.) and Turkey stand off in the Med, most recently between airforces near Crete. The irony of two NATO members of potentially coming to blows while NATO squeals the about Russia ‘threat’ cannot be missed, but that is the alternative fantasy NATO has chosen to live in.

      As long as NATO exists (in its current form?), there cannot be an comprehensive security agreement between u-Rope and Russia which is in both their strategic interests.

      Russia has shown that it can handle all the sanctions and threats quite comfortably while the EU has lost a massive amount of trade and a substantial part of the Russian market that will not return in future to anywhere near the same level. Time really is on Russia’s side.


    2. How could an aircraft ever be escorted off the premises if it was allowed complete freedom to maneuver? When the British lads full of British pluck and derring-do ‘scramble’ to chase off the Russian baddies intruding into the UK’s ‘surveillance zone’, do they just go up to the same altitude and then remain at a safe distance, say, a few miles, and observe? Surveil, if you will? They do not. They maneuver close aboard where they can be seen from the cockpit of the Russian aircraft, and ‘shepherd’ it onto a departure course. Of course Russia does not want nuclear bombers zipping around on its borders, any more than the USA does near America. In that case, they are always “Russian nuclear armed bombers” rather than ‘nuclear capable’. If you make such probes a pleasant experience, all friends together and keep at a safe distance so the American planes can stooge about just as they like, there will be nothing to complain about, no risk and no reason for them not to add such missions to their regular ‘patrol’ assignments (albeit they are ‘patrolling’ thousands of miles from their own shores and well out of the range of Russian airborne missiles) until it becomes routine to see American nuclear-capable bombers within sight of Russia.

      Aggressive rejection is all about setting tone. If you permit it and do nothing, it becomes normal and the next step is to see how much further you can go.


      1. You’ll hae noticed that early on in the video the Sukhoi waggled his wings, international pilot speak for:

        As per ICAO Annex 2-Appendix A, 2.1

        INTERCEPTING Aircraft Signals

        DAY-Rocking wings from a position slightly above and ahead of, and normally to the left of, the intercepted aircraft and, after acknowledgement, a slow level turn, normally to the left, on to the desired heading.

        NIGHT-Same and, in addition, flashing navigational lights at irregular intervals.

        NOTE 1-Meteorological conditions or terrain may require the intercepting aircraft to take up a position slightly above and ahead of, and to the right of, the intercepted aircraft and to make the subsequent turn to the right.

        NOTE 2-If the intercepted aircraft is not able to keep pace with the intercepting aircraft, the latter is expected to fly a series of race-track patterns and to rock its wings each time it passes the intercepted aircraft.

        You have been intercepted. Follow me

        INTERCEPTED Aircraft Responds
        DAY-Rocking wings and following.
        NIGHT-Same and, in addition, flashing navigational lights at irregular intervals.

        DAY or NIGHT-Rocking aircraft, flashing navigational lights at irregular intervals and following.


        Understood, will comply.

        Did the B52 change heading? I would guess not as the next stage warning is usuall to firea burst of cannon fire across the nose. Or, as in this in this case, a fast turn across the nose.

        Here’s a Russian video not showing the ‘incident’ but it does also show a P8A anti-submarine/SIGNIT/military internet node/whatever, and last and even more remarkable and RC-135 (or similar) classic SIGNIT aircraft of the type that the US used to regularly fly MASINT ops up and down the Soviet Union’s borders, for example one long dark night off the coast of the Kamchatka peninsula (where the Soviets used to do their rocket launches), where not long after it exited the area a South Korean 747 KAL 007 ‘accidentally’ flew in to Soviet airspace and was shot down.

        I assume these flights occured the same day in the absence of any denial.

        With this fuller information, it looks like extreme provocation by the USAF and US pols, no doubt for erection year publicity and NATO STRONK RAH! RAH! RAH!


        1. Another underlying effect of rocking the wings, and one which the USAF routinely and virtuously cites in such encounters, is that it displays the intercepting aircraft’s armament. This is usually cited by the US to support ‘aggressive and unprofessional behavior’ by the Russians, in that they felt threatened.


  47. BBC

    French spying: Senior army officer investigated

    The lieutenant-colonel was suspected of passing sensitive information to Russian intelligence, Europe 1 reports.

    Europe 1 said the officer involved had distant family roots in Russia and spoke the language fluently.

    Family roots in Russia, eh?

    Case proven!

    You can take a Russian out of Russia but You cannot take Russia out of a Russian.


    Not that I’m suggesting Russians don’t spy on the Frogs.

    And the Frogs certainly spy on the Russians, I think, or would doing so be against “European values”.


    1. Another source of suspicion – Russia experts who actually speak Russian. Much less likely to be a spy if they can only speak French, or English, as the case may be. Less likely that they will actually know anything about Russia, but you can’t put a price on security.


  48. DW

    Russia asks Germany for help with Navalny case

    Russia’s top law enforcement official has requested official assistance from German authorities. German doctors have said leading opposition figure Alexei Navalny fell ill last week as a result of contact with poison.

    Do you think the Germans really will share their analyses that reveal “intoxication” of Navalny by an as yet undiscovered agent?

    Or is this really a request from Russia that the Germans “put up or shut up”?


    1. I think that it is merely an advance on Russia’s previous warning that it has Navalny’s pre-transport samples. Obviously if there is something new in the German samples, it was added during transport or at some point after Navalny left Russia. It need not have been actually used to poison Navalny himself, but some substance could have been added to an extracted sample. But I doubt that, frankly – I think the German doctors just got excited at ‘discovering’ the presence of a cholinesterase inhibitor, whose use appears to have been adequately accounted for and would not likely be used as a poison on a healthy person. Now they are stalling because they don’t want to be mocked by the Russian medical system as if they had just heard of cholinesterase inhibitors for the first time. If there was something obvious, they would have already found it and trumpeted it to the world.

      I agree this latest initiative is probably a prod to get the Germans to say something, especially at a time when a guilty Russia would just keep quiet and hope it all blew over.

      One more time, there is absolutely no reason for ‘the Kremlin’ to murder Navalny. On the contrary, they want to object to him just enough to keep him going, and otherwise handle him with kid gloves, because he is about as likely to cause serious problems for the Russian government as he is to start speaking only pig-Latin. As long as Washington is willing to keep chucking money and support at him, he is the perfect candidate to be ‘Leader of the Opposition’ from the sitting government’s point of view. A big noise with a surrounding cast of pre-voting-age children that Washington must hope will remain Navalny supporters until they are old enough to vote, but who are in even the most optimistic case not numerous enough to change anything before Lyosha toddles off this mortal coil from old age.


    2. The Russian request came from the country’s Prosecutor General as part of an investigation into Navalny’s poisoning. This can be construed as hitting the ball back into Germany’s part of the court. The German government has called for Russia for a complete, transparent investigation into the circumstances of how and when Navalny was poisoned. But for Russia to carry out this investigation, the Germans need to supply the name of the toxin and to offer samples for comparison. If the Germans don’t do this, how can a proper investigation be carried out?

      The only way I can think of for Germany to get around this would be to send whatever samples it has to a third party country, say, Switzerland, to analyse the samples – and then to accuse that country’s laboratory of incompetence if the “toxin” turns out to be Proserin or some other drug in the class of cholinesterase inhibitor drugs used in the way Dmitri Petrovsky suggests (see my comments further above), or even a drug like Donepezil which is also of the same class and is used to treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and also has shown promise in trials for treating symptoms of cocaine addiction. But that approach of using a third party would come with its own pitfalls, not least if the Swiss government decided to hand the samples over to a highly reputable laboratory and that laboratory did not get the results the Germans got but those results matched the Russian analyses. It would be the Skripal case all over again.


      1. Yes, it makes perfect sense that the Russians would want to know the identification of the poison, or – if the Germans do not know – its particulars, so that they know what to look for, because Russia has already said it did not find any trace of poison and it has accounted for the presence of a cholinesterase inhibitor.

        A ‘non-partisan’ third country would be a very valid proposal, if such a country could be found which was agreeable to both subject nations, but such a country would be under tremendous pressure from the Americans to ‘find’ something. Russia’s insurance remains that it has Navalny’s DNA-verifiable pre-transport samples. It is down to Germany (or an agreed-upon third country) to demonstrate that there is something in Navalny’s samples that the Russians did not find, or say they didn’t. I’m not seeing much German confidence of being able to do that, and if they cannot demonstrate that cholinesterase inhibitors have no legitimate medical function – as described by the Russian doctor who addressed the matter – then they look like backward fools.

        For their part, if the Russian medical community managed to erase any trace of poison from a sample of Navalny’s blood or tissue, after its having been present in sufficient toxicity to put him into a coma, it will have made medical history. Locard’s Exchange Principle – “Every contact leaves a trace”.


        1. Yeah, but don’t forget that those dastardly Russkies are dab hands at switching samples and opening sealed bottles. without leaving a trace of their having opened them. And don’t forget the hacking that they’re good at as well. They’re good at lots of things, even though they are incompetents and always fail to kill their targets and leave irrefutable evidence that they are the murderous amoral subhumans that they really are.


  49. Is this theater?

    The Portland governments hands the keys to the city to a mob. Predictable backlash occurs from others. Little to no intervention by the police. Unprecedented media coverage is highly critical of those seeking order while minimizing the violence of the mob.

    The “Democratic” party leadership and their bosses want such confrontations it would seem. Perhaps it is to induce Trump do so something drastic. So far, Trump has played it relatively well if his improving poll numbers are an indication. Trump will soon visit Portland according to reports. This could be a key moment in Trump’s reelection campaign.


    1. I think the Democrats want and need an America in chaos when it goes to the polls, both from coronavirus’s over-the-top lunatic exaggerations and the BLM riots, in the hope that Americans will believe for that interval that only the Democrats can pull America out of its tailspin. A couple of recent pieces at Sic Semper Tyrannis are instructive;

      “Today we now have empirical evidence that the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx were all wrong. They were charlatans. They lied.

      The CDC silently updated their numbers this week to show that only 6% of all coronavirus deaths were related to the coronavirus alone. The rest of the deaths pinned to the China coronavirus are attributed to individuals who had other serious issues going on. Also, most of the deaths are related to very old Americans.”



      1. Re that gatewaypundit fiThe “only 6%” gambit: The latest viral COVID-19 disinformationgure of 6%.

        You might want to have a look at / The “only 6%” gambit: The latest viral COVID-19 disinformation

        It is a rather long, complicated, discussion and lot of comments about death certificates among other things.

        The conclusion: No one dies of Covid-19. Covid-19 causes something like pneumonia that kills the patient.

        To state that Covid-19 killed the patient shows incompetence/ carelessness by whoever signed the death certificate.

        The comments wander all over the place, as usual,but there are some very trenchant comments by practising physicians who do fill out dead certificates that illustrate the issue nicely.


          1. Yes, of course it does. It just does not mean what the poster claims it does. Whoever read that table either did not understand what the 6% comment means or is deliberately distorting it.

            To use a poor example:
            Man shot by taser and dies.
            tazer => heart attack => dead
            tazer => massive stroke => dead
            What that 6% seems to mean is:
            tazer => ???? => dead

            If you look at the table ( it does not report any Covid-19 only deaths.

            As I interpret the accompanying comment on the table is that the 6% is being treated as missing data because someone submitted an incomplete/erroneous report.

            Table 3 shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.


  50. Vinyard he Saker: Poland Coordinates Protests in Minsk. Why Russia Needs Runet as an Information Shield

    Translated by Sasha and captioned by Leonya.

    The events in Belorussia bring on more than thoughts about the brotherly country’s internal and external political problems. The shutting down of the Internet over there and the phenomenon of the Telegram channel ‘Nexta’ (Belorussian word for ‘Someone’) make worth an examination of the informational aspect of such a thing as a street protest, particularly in view of the fact that in the era of Internet it is the information which brings people into the streets.

    The rally and street protest as a sable form of the public city protest ritual have been considerably transformed under influence of the Internet and social networks..

    The rest at the link.

    Interesting but I think the conclusion is wrong. Just because NEXTA is run from the lo-land of Po-land does not mean it is immune. This stuff (InfoOps) is only allowed to happen with the acquiesence of the Polish authorites. Rather than letting them off the hook, the stakes should be escalated government to government that this kind of stuff will have serious consequences.

    For a nationalist government like a PiS run one this may be an electoral/domestic godsend in the short term, but the picture is much wider than that. Poland is not operating in a vacuum and I suspect the Brits and or Americans are deeply involved in this op. Upping the risk and say expelling a bunch of ambassadors or lower ranking diplos would be a good start, particularly the longer serving ones who provide more valuable intelligence and have deeper personal links with the kind of people Byelorussian authorities should be weary of.

    Fukuyama’s Children still think they can get away with encouleur revoclutions by better obfuscation or changing the Wizard of Oz’s curtain style. They’re already on the wane but haven’t given up. By escalating, you will strengthen the ‘realist’ hand (also the one’s who have finally realized that if you s/t in your backyard you still get the smell for a long time afterwards) against these types in resisting future ops. It has to cost them something, either financial, political, relation, intelligence or some sort of combination of those. The lid on this kind of regime change need the lid firmly shut on it.


  51. I’m entering two pieces of ‘evidence’ of complete professional journalistic myopia – framing the story to exclude important facts or circumstances. It’s not unusual in the slightest, but I am taking advantage of the date.

    al-Beeb s’Allah: Europe’s migrant crisis: The year that changed a continent

    Five years ago, more than one million people crossed into Europe. Many of them took huge risks and embarked on dangerous journeys in an effort to escape conflict and find a better life.

    But the sudden influx of people sparked a crisis – both humanitarian and political – as Europe struggled to respond. Thousands died attempting to reach its shores and, while some countries opened their arms, others erected fences and closed their borders.

    The impact of this mass migration is still being felt today. Here, BBC correspondents, experts and those who made the journey themselves reflect on that dramatic time. How did it change Europe and the lives of those involved?…

    & 5 years on from Angela Merkel’s three little words: Wir schaffen das!

    The German chancellor said her 2015 pledge to let in refugees had ‘taken on a life of its own.’

    …Merkel could hardly have anticipated the power her declaration would have both at home and abroad. For hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing the civil war in their country, Merkel’s words offered hope. Many Germans saw it as a chance at redemption, an opportunity to prove that they had learned from the past and to show the world Germany’s goodness…


    How f/king magnanimous the western political system and its politicians are! Not a jot about the background to this, the deliberate over-throw of Ghadaffi in Libya by the UK & France, fully backed by the United States, & the attempted overthrow of Al-Assad in Syria by the United States, it’s Gulf terrorist allies, Turkey and probably several EU states holding up the rear.

    It really is shameless.

    The real story should be how over two decades of apparently consequence free liberal western intervention finally had such severe consequences that its leaders had to sit the f/k up and start thinking about the wisdom of smoking their Fukuyamian opium pipe.

    There were consequences earlier such as the refugee flow from the former Yugoslavia that was a western assisted suicide with Germany and Austria leading the charge. Most of those refugees were white, even if they were untermenschen slavs and the west got to show that it loves moslems too (as long as they are a managable minority or live far away). That Turkey has been kept in the EU’s waiting room for admission for decades is by-the-by and partly its own fault, but it was finally admited a few years ago that u-Rope is also a Christian Culture Club by the Germans no less! So much for modern liberal egality in a post-industrial modernist karma club. Yet again, there is clear water between actions taken and words spoken.


  52. Al-Beeb s’Allah: Belarus protest: Mass rally keeps pressure on Lukashenko

    Tens of thousands have again taken to the streets in Belarus, facing off against riot police to protest against President Alexander Lukashenko.

    A huge police presence cordoned off areas such as Independence Square in the capital, Minsk, and the interior ministry reported at least 140 arrests.

    Protesters chanted “disgrace” and “leave” in standoffs with police….

    Al-Beeb s’Allah: Germany coronavirus: Anger after attempt to storm parliament

    An attempt to storm Germany’s parliament building during protests against Covid-19 restrictions has been condemned by politicians across the political spectrum.


    Storming other countries legislatures is a rite of passage, no? To be celebrated as ‘The Will of the People(TM).

    That’s what we’ve been told for decades by our politicians and ably backed up by our free, fair and independent presstitutes.

    Surely this should be supported too? Oh, it’s the wrong kind of people. A ‘minority’ that doesn’t have ‘popular support.’ I suppose all this is missing is weapons given to them secretly from foreign countries and it would be a color-revolution in reverse!

    And finally, to show that democracy is most important in always voting for the right person and party, even if they’ve been President twice & Prime Minister five times because it has been decided that their future is to be ‘in the West’ even though they are nowhere near the west:

    Al-Beeb s’Allah: Montenegro election: Long-ruling party faces tough challenge

    Partial results from the parliamentary election in Montenegro indicate that the pro-Western party of the long-serving president Milo Djukanovic may struggle to form a government.

    The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) has been in power for 30 years.

    Early results suggest the DPS – which has never lost an election – has won the largest share of the vote.

    But the main opposition coalition, which leans towards Russia and Serbia, is close behind….

    …The opposition has accused Mr Djukanovic and his party of having links to organised crime and running the country as an autocracy…


    Why the soft gloves BBC, why the soft gloves? It’s a corrupt regime that has received a free hand from the west for decades. But the BBC anal-st tells us that is what ‘the opposition says.’ Mustn’t go off script old chap! Some of our allies may be unsavory, but they are our allies so they get a pass for just about everything except the most egregious acts.

    It’s nothing more than naked strategic games with countries as pawns.

    You can sprinkle a veneer of democracy on top along with some western eye-catching and media friendly but strictly limited policies, but dealing with poverty and corruption or anything a bit difficult is not really something to be looked at in any depth.

    The game must be won. At all costs. Even if those costs ultimately sink you yourself.

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  53. Interesting things are afoot with Czechia/Czech Republic. A 90 strong parliamentary delegation has just landed in Taiwan and China is furious. Though Czechs are not in general anti-Russian or anti-Chinese, It didn’t put them off voting for Babis & Zeman, Czechia is not allowed to be anything other than against and there have been an on going effort to get Babis (Agrofert – ‘violation of ethics’ that teh Czech police can do nothing about and has now been passed on to the European Parliament) and undermine them both for not being anti-Russia or China because Czechia is America’s central u-Ropean intelligence aircraft carrier. It is not allowed to be balanced.

    So far there has not been any cost to Czechia and as others have pointed out it has recieved far more investment from Taiwan than China but this current trip seems to be planned as a twofer, i.e. a) swing Czechia back to the western Russia+China=Evil propaganda/position and b) gain economic advantage at the same time. I wonder if they’ll pull it off but it looks like a Hail Mary! that will blow both their feet off with their either/or approach. I think what happens in Czechia may be a useful bellweather for wider u-Rope, a much easier micro way to see how the wind changes on the in-continent towards or away from Russia & China.

    u-Rope would like to also think it can have its cake and eat it, benefit from a growing Asia region but hold China at arms length at the same time and denying itself that huge market, which China has so far effectively protected until it has beefed up its own capabilities so that it can provide competition and not completely cede its home markets to western manufacturers and be beholden. LATAM (Mercusor) & Africa (Cotoneau) have also put the finger up to the west and their demand for full market access that would have destroyed the development of domestic capabilities for the promise of limited access to ‘protected’ western markets (sic French farmers/agriculture).

    I suppose that on the plus side of the US’s attempts to cut China off, when the US finally tanks it will hit its clever allies far more and will in fact have done China/Russia and others a big favor. Last person standing and all that. Any bets on a cataclysmic event (economic or other?) in 2021?


    1. Here’s the Asia Times’ take:

      Oh! Look who is now being included in the Axis of Evil!! Erdogan, is your nose itching??

      “Over the weekend, the European Union’s top diplomat Josep Borrell used his most critical language to date to describe China’s rise. China, he wrote in an op-ed, is a “new empire” as dangerous to Europe as Russia, which in 2014 annexed parts of Ukraine.”

      “Russia, China and Turkey share three common characteristics: they are sovereignists on the outside and authoritarian on the inside,” he wrote, adding that to “peacefully negotiate and settle conflicts [with] these new empires, built on values other than our own, we too must necessarily learn to speak what I have called the language of power.”

      The Czechs are having a high old time with the response their provocation has drawn, and Europe is using China’s anger to frame the situation as China’s telling European leaders where they can travel and when. And the net effect, as has been the case for a few years now, is to strengthen the alliance of China and Russia as mutual persecutees of the west. What possessed Borrell to include Turkey, I couldn’t say, but the intended slur is likely to have the very same unlooked-for effect – to make Erdogan sit down and devote some serious thought to who his friends are.

      You know something? One thing at least that Europe and the United States have in common – both have such a ridiculously-high opinion of themselves that they have lost any sense of perspective they might once have had. Both seem to think all they have to do to make the wayward come crawling back is to troll them a bit that they might not be allowed in the autocrat-haters club the next time they’re in town. What is much more likely to happen is that Erdogan will get angry and tell them to go fuck themselves, and do even more deals with Russia and China just to show NATO what jerks they are. Has anyone in NATO ever studied psychology? By Jesus, I wonder sometimes.

      And there’s another surprise, not – the Czech visit to Taiwan takes place only two weeks after, you guessed it, Pompeo visited the Czech Republic. The nation that is always squalling about other people’s unconscionable meddling never actually stops meddling itself. The very essence of projection – you could squeeze America’s head, and projection-juice would run out.


      1. Yes, Borell is quite the gobshite. There really is no benefit to this kind speech except for u-Ropean PR chest-beating (haven’t we discussed this before). Fundamentally his is still only a spokesman for the EEAS just like Frederica Mogherini. He cannot make policy, but he can write papers and manage a bit, but ultimately the job is to paper over the EU foreign policy cracks and be a ‘Face’ for the EU for external issues. Like FredMog, we don’t need to take him too seriously, i.e. compare what he says to what the EU actually does, often big talk and not much follow up (like t-Rump)!


      2. Vis the Czechs and the ‘Human Rights First’ policy, they and their fellow human rightists are strangely quiet about Kashmir who’s autonomous status was taken away by New Delhi just over a year ago and is now directly ruled. Not at all like Hong Kong either!

        Yet again, regardless of which side you are on politically, the west looks the other way when it is in its own strategic interests, just like the other side does…

        Anal-ysts don’t see that China can do much about it but that is because of their limited imagination. There’s plenty of stuff but as usual the magnitude and timing may be far more critical than the actual. China, for example isn’t a NATO boxed in Serbia who have to have relations with Albanian run Pristina. It could well argue that the west is unravelling the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ cornerstone of relations. The US certainly is in spirits and is seriously pushing it in fact (flogging upgraded – essentially new – F-16 for example), all part of the t-Rump Administration’s plan to use this as leverage in other negotiations. If they go to far Beijing could simply declare the west in default and tell the Czechs to chose either diplomatic relations with Taipei or Beijing not both. That’s the start of a very slippery slope for all involved.

        As for Taiwan, China doesn’t need to invade to cause significant economic damage if it choses to ape the US’s STB (s/t the bed) strategy, i.e. if Beijing is to be cust off from Taiwanese made silicon, then maybe no-one will have access to it… Imagine the hit on western economies because of that. It’s just one example that China has up its sleeve and doesn’t need to express publicly. Again, it’s a very slippery slope but like all threats they are most useful unused.

        As for t-Rump, we’ve seen him already push back the date for the sale of Tick-Tock to the middle of November, i.e. the last days of the US Presidential election and the Chinese have in response blocked the sale. The current US ordered Taiwan chip cut-off to China can also be easily reversed and underlying all this is that the Phase One US-China trade deal is still technically on the books. Neither side has (yet) pulled the plug which may still symbolically happen, say by t-Rump in the week before election day. The US has something to negotiate with, however sh/tty, but the Czech hamsters only have the promise of back up and we know how reliable that is…


        1. How timely!

 US Cables Show Arms Pledge to Taiwan

          Reagan-era cables lay out commitment to Taiwan

          …The US informed China that securing a cut in US arms sales would involve China committing to a peaceful resolution of Taiwan’s status, and that more hostility would mean more arms sales. This appears to be roughly what the US continues to do to this day…

          …New announced sales to Taiwan always lead to Chinese complaints, and the US interprets those complaints as threats, ensuring that they will sell more arms to Taiwan in the future.

          Once upon a time China was weak. The US is still trying to have its cake and eat it.


        2. Yes, reference TikTok, China has changed its export rules and the new policies may prohibit the sale. I thought I read that Wal-Mart was interested in partnering with Google or Microsoft or whatever US tech giant was licking its chops at the prospect of gobbling it up.

          The USA forces China to sell the popular app – and presumably the new owner will make oodles of money with it – by insisting that China uses it to steal American secrets for the Chinese government…and that’s just as fair as can be. But China shutting off certain portions of the net to its citizens on the grounds that the west is using social media to foment discord in China and destabilize the country is barbaric and trampling on people’s freedom.


  54. Opinion Talkback: Take It From Eastern Europe: Now Is Not the Time to Go Soft on Russia

    Vladimir Putin continues to undermine liberal democracy in Europe and beyond. America should not turn its back on that threat.


    The following open letter was signed by 40 foreign-policy experts and current and former officials whose names and affiliations appear below.

    We read with considerable interest the recent open letter published in Politico Magazine by 103 signatories who called for a “rethinking” of U.S. policy toward Russia. The U.S. presidential campaign is a good time to rethink America’s foreign policy, and in doing so, the United States reminds other countries of the importance of open, inclusive debate. All of the letter’s signatories are people of distinction; many of them are personal friends….

    …blah blah blah…

    …What, then, should the priorities of the West—the United States, NATO and the EU—be toward Russia?

    First, to maintain the defense and security of the Euro-Atlantic area, in close consultation and cooperation with allies. This commitment is the bedrock of the NATO alliance. It does not depend on Russia’s consent and is not diminished by the challenge China poses….

    More at the link from a bunch of deluded old farts who think living in the 20th century forever is the answer. The 40 odd signees are unsurprisingly the usual Balts/Pols/whatever who enjoy hiding under NATO’s skirts while prodding the Bear for fun.

    If you go to the original letter to which the one above is a response, it is a mixture of delusion (Russian interference in US elections) and pragmatism of dealing with ‘Russia as it is’ with 180 odd signess who have reached the stage of ‘acceptance’, of course after having tried everything else that has so far failed.

    So, further to a return to some kind of pragmatism vis Russia, we can see there is a clear split, but more importantly this is in the open and discussed at all levels. Some have woken up from their Fukuyaman fantasies. Whether the sensible stuff can be put in to effective practice is the real question. If Biden is elected, probably not before another war or two.


    1. Once it might have mattered to Russia. Now, not so much, although the United States naturally frames it as if acceptance is something Russia eagerly seeks, and it is just mulling whether or not to be magnanimous, and grant it. Of course Russia would rather have good relations than bad relations – anyone would – but the days of using sugarplum promises to extract concessions from Russia are over. If the United States wants to be friendly – and it doesn’t; not really – fine. If it wants to be a prick, whoopty-doo. Who cares? If those who insist now is not the time to ‘go soft’ prevail, and Washington elects to play the hardass yet awhile, it is only impressing itself.

      Oh, dear! Remember Putin’s comment to the effect that the USA does not want friends, but vassals? It seems not to have fallen entirely on deaf ears…


      1. I think part of this ‘pragmatism’ is also driven by the ramped up sinophobia of recent years and they are in fact latching on to the worn out and past its sell by date idea of drawing Russia closer to the west to keep it from getting to close to China. Option 1 failed, so Option 2 of also using good relations with Russia to draw China in to agreements ‘The success of U.S.-China policy will in no small measure depend on whether the state of U.S.-Russia relations permits three-way cooperation on critical issues…‘, those ‘critical issues’ one of which is certainly to get China to join (nuclear and other) arms control agreements, which is not much different from the t-Rump Adminstration’s current twofer plan of blowing up START to 1: scare Russia in to pressuring China to join; 2: if that fails start from scratch and have an agreement even more to the US’s favor – i.e. locking in its advantages..

        For Russia this is not a real problem, rather managing stuff like the CSTO when it’s members are beating each other up (India-China ‘Doklam’) or refusing to take part in joint exercises (China claims due to COVID-19 this time rather than being anywhere near Pakistani or Indian troops). Not to mention China doesn’t like Russia still selling weapons to India, a long and traditional customer. China still thinks it can play the same game with Russia (buy a few, copy & bye bye) that it has done with western countries but has come up against Russian resistance such as the stalled sale of the the second lot of S-400s to China not to mention the odd report of arrests in Russia of those stealing technology for China. You would think that the latter would be better much better behaved as they are allies and share a very similar strategic and global outlook. Still, its stuff that can be managed and both states keep it behind closed doors, Moscow I assume making its issues very clear with Beijing that they expect agreements to be enacted in deed and spirit.


  55. Where’s this Navalny diagnosis from Germany?

    I thought they were going to announce it today..

    Navalnyites stumm.


    1. A Navalny hamster wearing regulatory muzzle.

      I came back to Moscow yesterday on a local train: most passengers not muzzled. The masked ticket inspector said to me “Where’s your mask?”

      “In my bag”, I said.

      “Put it on!” she said.

      I gave her my pass (I don’t pay for travel here because I am a multi-child parent), she fucked off, I didnt put on my mask. I noticed that none of the other unmasked passengers did either.

      Called into a supermarket on my way home. Sign on the door: “Strictly no entrance without muzzle and gloves!”

      I went in. Nobody said sweet FA to me.

      I came home because today is September 1st, when all schools everywhere in Mordor start the new academic year. Its a big deal here: welcoming addresses, songs, music in the school yard, then the ceremonial ringing of a bell by the youngest child there and into the building they troop , class by class, accompanied by gay music, the leading child bearing a big sign with the class number. (And yes! I wrote “gay” because I meant “gay” and shall continue to use that word accordingly, and not bow to a vociferous minority that has appropriated that word.)

      But when I got home, Mrs. Exile told me that today, schoolchildren will just go to their classes just as on a normal school day: no assembly in the yard because of this deadly disease that is never going to go away and will slay us all.

      My Sasha, now 12-years-old, went to school a couple of hours ago.

      Vova the lounge lizard went to his University of Layabouts at about the same time; Lena, for some reason, only starts at her university next week.

      So I’m off back to the sticks this affo!


      1. The libtard cnut above must have at hand a whole collection of jolly protest posters:

        The poster reads:

        Poison is the weapon of a woman, of a coward and of a eunuch

        Hey, now just hang on there a moment, Libtard!

        Isnt that statement somewhat sexist and gender specific?

        I mean, some eunuchs might want to be eunuchs.

        The name of the organisation for which the stupid bitch seems to be a member of is printed at the top left of her poster:

        Libertarian Party of Russia

        Well, who’d a thowt?


        1. I make no apologies for my making the gender-specific insult “stupid bitch” above — because she fucking well is one!


      2. At first it was only venues here in which the staff must interact closely with the customer or client where masks were required and signage said you could not enter without one, like haircutting shops. As I related at the the time, I did not have one, so when I went in to get my name on the list and they gave me a paper mask, I contaminated everyone and slew the lot. Any who survived the first onslaught were surely finished when my stylist asked me to slip the loops off and just hold it on my face, so she could clip behind my ears unimpeded.

        In restaurants the staff had to be masked but the customers did not, for obvious reasons – kind of hard to eat through a mask. When I visited my doctor, I had to wear a mask and so did he because they want to be taken seriously and any in the medical profession must enforce the government line – but he went out to check some figures and came back in without it.

        Then the Ministry of Transport decided you need face-panties to be allowed on the bus. Shortly thereafter, BC Ferries followed suit, although their initial policy was you just had to have one with you, and had to put it on in situations where you could not ‘social distance’. But a week or so ago they went hardcore and said they were mandatory at all times, so now I have to wear one all day at work. Some people don’t, and we are supposed to remind but have no mandate to enforce.

        Wal-Mart was the first general-retail outlet to announce mandatory-masking, although some customers do not obey and I have never seen any real attempt at enforcement. Now Starbucks, they tell me, although I never go there and wouldn’t know.

        The strongest support, naturally, is from the Concern Community, who interpret wearing a mask as not only sound safety practice, but a signal that you care about your community. Hence the hostility toward those who won’t comply – they don’t care! So they are ‘maskholes’ and ‘Covidiots’. That crowd is always seeking ever-tighter restrictions as an opportunity to show its love for its fellow man. Remember – we’re all in this together.

        Here’s an interesting graphic from William Bowles’ ‘The New Dark Age’. This might be a good time to point out that the denier crowd might be proceeding on bad information, and could be lying through its teeth – I have not personally verified their figures, and I use them because I don’t have the time for all that math. Therefore, IF they are accurate…

        …the UK started getting bolshie about public masking at the point when COVID deaths in UK hospitals had dwindled to the almost indiscernible point; statistically insignificant. The author theorizes that masking and test numbers are being employed to keep the fear factor high, since deaths have fallen off sharply worldwide. If there is no ‘second wave’ – albeit it will be credited to masking and government vigilance – it could indicate that while COVID is extremely infectious, the herd immunity threshold might be considerably lower than even the most optimistic thought.

        Coupled with the CDC revising its infection mortality rate sharply downward in the USA, so that less than 10,000 people in 6 months died of COVID-19 ONLY (so far as they could tell), only 6% of the nearly 200,000 deaths credited to the virus did not have at least two co-morbidities and/or were not elderly. Presumably at least some of the 9-thousand-and-something who did die only of COVID-19 were elderly as well; it was by far the dominant group in fatalities. These two conditions, if accurate, suggest that COVID-19 is nowhere near the global death-sentence it is being made out to be, and that it is in the interests of governments everywhere to preserve an air of fear and alarm. There could be many reasons for that, but one that would have to be considered is that governments just enjoy the new atmosphere of unlimited power to impose or relax restrictions as they see fit, while observing with interest the cooperation of the electorate and how far is too far.


    2. The British are probably castigating the Germans for writing up a bland draft announcement that doesn’t include mention of a cocktail of drugs or poisons that would bring down a herd of African elephants. Someone from Porton Down is probably flying over to Berlin right now to make sure the announcement is rewritten to the correct specifications.


        1. The “guy” who gave BoJo the lowdown on the “weapons grade” Russian manufactured nerve agent was, if I rightly recall, not a scientist but the frontman for H.M. establishment “Porton Down”, formerly employed by “Motorola”.

          In an interview with Shagger Nemtsov’s daughter on Deutsche Welle, Nemtsova asked Johnson: “You argue that the source of this nerve agent – novichok – is Russia. How did you manage to find it out so quickly? Does Britain possess samples of this?”

          Mr Johnson replied: “When I look at the evidence, the people from Porton Down, the laboratory… they were absolutely categorical, I mean, I asked the guy myself, I said, ‘are you sure?’ and he said ‘there’s no doubt.’ And so, we have very little alternative but to take the action that we have taken”.

          The “guy” in question, Gary Aitkenhead, Chief Executive Officer, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory, later told Sky News: “We were able to identify it as novichok, to identify that it was military-grade nerve agent. We have not identified the precise source, but we have provided the scientific info to government, who have then used a number of other sources to piece together the conclusions you have come to”, adding: “It is our job to provide the scientific evidence of what this particular nerve agent is, we identified that it is from this particular family and that it is a military grade, but it is not our job to say where it was manufactured”.

          However, Mr Aitkenhead did suggest the nerve agent was almost certainly produced by a state, saying: “It’s a military-grade nerve agent, which requires extremely sophisticated methods in order to create – something that’s probably only within the capabilities of a state actor”.

          Meanwhile, in a DHSL tweet (Where else, indeed, to inform the British public of matters of great national import?) it was stated that: “Our experts have precisely identified the nerve agent as a novichok. It is not, and never has been, our responsibility to confirm the source of the agent”.

          Someone has been telling porkies, I believe.


  56. Flight Global: US reiterates fears about Beijing’s plans for Ukraine’s Motor Sich

    …In a 26 August call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo brought up the issue.

    “Secretary Pompeo raised US concerns regarding malign [People’s Republic of China] investment in Ukraine, including Beijing’s efforts to acquire the Motor Sich engine manufacturer,” says the department…

    So the Ukraine hasn’t yet folded? What will they do if Zelensky doesn’t block the sale?


  57. Defense Blog: Ukrainian Air Force exercise almost ends in disaster

    …In the footage below, published by numerous witnesses on social media, you can see Su-27s performing their drills on what is known as Highway M06, a Ukrainian international highway connecting Kyiv to the Hungarian border near Chop.

    One of the fighter jets miscalculated the landing point and almost landed on the head of people and police cars. The Su-27 fighter also knocked down a road sign during landing, which could lead to a fatal crash…

    Pix at the link. UAF massive accident? Can do!


  58. The video linked below is a fascinating and frightening recounting of Jordan Peterson’s dependency on prescribed drugs and his recovery beginning in a Russian and a Serbian hospital. He is not out of the woods yet apparently but making progress. The young woman conducting the interview is his daughter.


  59. No apologies! I’m posting this link because I’m sick of libertarian identity politics, and I’m sick to the back teeth of “Western Values”!

    Call me a reactionary if you wish — BECAUSE I AM!!!

    Stalker Zone
    August 31, 2020

    The reference to Western LGBTQ+ “strawberries” in the above article concerns a recent spot of “transgender” bother in Merry England.

    Apparently, British supermarket group Co-op is being boycotted by “Mumsnet” users who are offended that the chain ran an advert for strawberries featuring a “transgender woman”.

    “Mumsnet” is a London-based internet forum for discussion between parents of children and teenagers.

    What has caused the offence is a 30-second video showing a man who likes dressing up as a woman and who is sitting at a dressing table: he uncaps a bottle of red glitter that falls and transforms into a punnet of fresh strawberries.

    The caption states that money from sales of the strawberries will go to LGBT+ organisations and Trans Pride.

    “Transgender” identity politics, a pressing issue in “Putin’s Russia”!

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  60. Euractiv partner EFE ( Spain branch) :

    The only Belarusian opposition leader who has not gone into exile, Maria Kolesnikova, is positive about the future of the pro-democracy protests in the eastern European country. EURACTIV’s media partner EFE reports.

    …“Lukashenko asked a neighbouring country for help. Intervening in the affairs of other countries is a crime,” Kolesnikova said.

    She rejected these so-called political obligations in the deep bilateral ties between Minsk and Moscow: in her opinion, neither the Union State nor the post-Soviet Collective Security Treaty Organization justifies foreign intervention.

    She believes that in his message to Belarus, Putin subtly called on the government in Minsk to heed the message of the street protests.

    “In Putin’s declarations, everyone focuses on the first part and ignores the second, which is much more important. Putin says that if people are coming out to the street then they are not happy and they have to be listened to in order to reach a compromise.”..

    …Kolesnikova said Belarusians share three common goals: to hold new elections, release political prisoners and investigate the alleged assassinations and acts of violence against prisoners…

    Forget Tikhanovskaya who has been publicly sucking Pompeo’s teat, Kolesnikova who unlike the others is still in Minsk looks like the real deal and shows much better political nous. Of course when she rejects foreign intervention, she clearly means only by Russia in this case, not America, the lo-land of Poland or any other country that promises to shower Byelorussians with wealth from above. It sounds like her strategy is remarkably similar to post-2004 Ukranian color revolution, so not very clever at all, even with the ‘right kind of advisers.’


    1. Belarus opposition leader: Dozens disappeared after protests

      Svetlana Tikhanovskaya tells POLITICO her mission is a new presidential election — but not to win it herself.

      …In the interview, Tikhanovskaya restated her commitment to leading the country only to new, free elections, and said she had no plan to serve long-term as president. ..

      …She acknowledged that she is now a “national leader” and “I can consider myself to be a national elected president,” but she said, “I don’t feel myself comfortable in this position.”

      “I understand that people voted for me,” she said. “But they voted for me not as president, they voted for me as a person who will lead the country to new elections.”…</i

      More 'all my words and phrase have been carefully parsed by my advisors' at the link.

      But what if 'The People(TM)' ask, nay demand that she, her husband, dog, bicycle run as President? Would she say ‘No.’? Just like all the other comments, they are subject to change depending on shifting Terms & Conditions.

      I suppose the real question is, has she and her mates told their hamsters on the street to not storm public and government buildings in an orgy of Revolution a l’enculeur?

      Yet again, will actions match their words or will they just claim that ‘The People’ have a mind of their own (NEXTA) and they are in no way responsible for the consequences of their actions?


      1. “I consider myself a national President”…with what, 10% of the vote? That’s certainly a novel interpretation – too bad it reached broad acceptance after the death of poor old Borya Nemtsov, who might have considered himself a national President of the Russian Federation for lo, these many years.


        1. No, she reckons she got 80%, which, coincidentally is what Lukashenko reckons he got, and she also reckons that Lukashenko in reality got what the electoral commission says she got.

          What a coincidence!


          1. Tikhanovskaya and her supporters assert that Lukoshenko did not get 80% of the poll. She and they provide no evidence for their this assertion, nor do they provide any evidence for their assertion that Tikhanovskaya got 80% of the poll.

            As Christopher Hitchens once said:

            “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence”.


          2. SHE reckons? Based on what? Because by my figuring, that adds up to 160% of the vote, which is impossible. The central electoral commission or whatever Belarus has which equates to that authority must count the votes, and I’m pretty sure if they told Tikhonovskaya that she had won 80% of the vote, she would not have run away to Latvia or wherever she went. It’s all very well to say you got 80% of the vote, or for your activists and campaigners to say you did, but if you have nothing to back it up, then it’s just your word, and nobody should find it surprising if every political candidate would claim to be the winner if that’s the way it worked.


  61. Лавров ответил на заявления западных стран по делу Навального
    11:55 01.09.2020 (обновлено: 12:05 01.09.2020)

    Lavrov has responded to statements by Western countries about the Navalny case
    11:55 01.09.2020 (updated: 12:05 01.09.2020)

    MOSCOW, September 1 – RIA Novosti. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has rejected claims that the Russian side is not investigating the incident concerning opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

    “You know, they are now demanding from us that doctors in Omsk immediately submit their conclusions, so that we conduct an investigation into Navalny’s falling into a coma. Such noise! Why is there no information? ” said the minister, speaking at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations .

    According to him, no information is being given in the Federal Republic of Germany either. “He has been in Germany for a week already and German doctors have not given any information either, which means additional time is required, but for some reason no one puts forward any demands to them, does not condemn them for trying to hide the truth”, added Foreign Minister.

    “We are accused of not investigating this situation. This is not true. Starting from the day when all this happened, our Ministry of Internal Affairs launched a pre-investigation check. An investigation may begin when it is determined what happened, which, I repeat, has not yet been made clear, and German doctors are not yet able to convey the relevant information to us. Our Prosecutor General’s Office appealed to colleagues in Germany with a request to activate an agreement on mutual legal assistance … “, Lavrov said.

    Mr. Lavrov, your “colleagues” in Germany are two-faced bastards. Don’t you realize that?

    With them and all the rest in the West, its not ‘Do as we do, according the ‘rule of law’ and ‘Western values’, but do as we say”.


    1. Another Navalnyite freak.

      The sign reads “Who poisoned Navalny?”

      And if she wants to wear a muzzle, she should wear it correctly, albeit that such a mask is neither use nor ornament!


        1. No, I am mistaken! The bloke to her right is wearing one but at the same time not wearing one: it is slung around his neck and resting under his chin..


              1. So that’s 2 visible in the picture obeying the “law”?

                Out of how many? What percentage do the obedient make up?

                Whatever — it’s a big 2-fingered “Up yours!” by the enslaved Russians.


                1. From my observations, of the muzzle wearers that I see here, by far the largest number of them consist of women, and by far the largest number of those women are “senior citizens” — or, as I prefer to label them, old gossiping ratbags.


  62. Brave New Europe via Marshall Auerback, James Carden – The Rotten Alliance of Liberals and Neocons Will Likely Shape U.S. Foreign Policy for Years to Come

    Trump’s rise has led to unity in the ranks opposing his foreign policy.

    The emergence in recent weeks of a coalition of neocon Republicans and former national security officials who have thrown their support behind the candidacy of Joe Biden is an ominous development to those who believe U.S. foreign policy should be guided by the principles of realism and military restraint, rather than perpetual wars of choice.

    In early June, a group of former officials from the George W. Bush administration launched a PAC in support of Joe Biden’s candidacy. The group, 43 Alumni for Biden, boasts nearly 300 former Bush officials and is seeking to mobilize disaffected Republicans nationwide.

    The mobilization appears to be having an impact:…

    Plenty more of unsurprising stuff at the link.

    If t-Rump does win re-election, whither these Repubs?


  63. Hurriyet Daily via Turkey slams Russia for inviting the YPG to Moscow for talks

    …“We regret the invitation of a group composed by the Syrian Democratic Council under the influence of the terrorist YPG to the Russian Federation and the high-level reception by the Russian authorities,” read a written statement issued by the Foreign Ministry on Aug. 31…

    …The YPG is a threat to Syria’s unity and its neighbors’ national security, said the ministry, recalling that fight against terrorism was one of the points the Astana Group has always stressed, referring a three-way mechanism by Turkey, Russia and Iran for Syria….

    Tripping over one’s tongue, much? Talk of ‘Syrian unity’ while it occupies, funds and arms islamic terrorists and mercenaries for year is not so funny. But I guess this is the usual public (domestic audience) v. private (state), the latter being that it is in Turkey’s interests that the Syrian kurds return wholly to the Syrian state rather than be ‘independent’ with the Americans standing behind them. More importantly Russia continues its efforts to tidy up the neighborhood in to something manageable and acceptable by all. We don’t hear much about these efforts.


  64. Алексей Навальный пропал из клиники Charite
    01 сентября 2020

    Alexey Navalny has disappeared from the Charité clinic
    01 September 2020

    The disappearance of the Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny from the Berlin clinic “Charité” has been announced by political scientist Vladimir Sergienko in his Telegram channel. This has become known to the information and news portal EVO-RUS.COM.

    According to him, his friend is in the same clinic following his having suffered microstroke. Sergienko’s friend said that the medical staff had made it clear that Navalny was not at the medical facility.

    In addition, Sergienko notes that no one had seen saw Navalny’s photographs at the clinic. Another fact confirming that the politician is not within the walls of the hospital is the absence of guards near the intensive care unit.


    1. I have an insider. Nothing has been heard about Navalny. Germany does not write or speak about him. But first, the question is: has anyone seen pictures of Navalny from the Charité hospital? And what kind of security is on his floor? Well, now to the insider.

      My friend had a microstroke. His face and hand had begun to grow numb. He was taken to the nearest hospital by his neighbours. [He was] taken to the Charité and ended up in intensive care. And this happened earlier and,not on the day of Navalny’s arrival there. He had just got settled in, when he had to be transferred from an intensive care to a normal ward. And suddenly, in intensive care, at the entrance there suddenly there appeared a guard … My friend, who is an eminent documentary filmmaker, was taken from one building to another….

      And now guards are no longer on the floor… My friend began to question the nurses, asking them where Russian patient was. They don’t know or don’t answer… He has been asking them if he had been transferred to a VIP ward, which wards are on the upper floors. They say: “No! There is no necessary equipment there”. …There is no security in the Charité; there is no security on the intensive floor, which means his health is out of danger. But then there remains the simple question: Where is he? And why don’t they talk about it?

      Which of these explanations could there be?

      1. Military hospital? (Why hide?)
      2. Closer to a poison laboratory? (why, because you can transfer the analyses by courier).
      3. Ready to listen to scripts for Hollywood….

      Whether this information is reliable, we shall only be able to find out only when journalists are allowed into Navalny’s room. Or they will not enter it. Only time will tell.



      1. Has he gone to join the Skripals?

        This whole thing has taken on a very sinister air. The Germans and this hospital do not appear to be acting in good faith.

        It is also clear that Mr Navalny has no one who even appears to care about his wellbeing. It’s all about trying to score political points

        The people in his entourage surely should be concerned about his progress and seek updates – but all I hear in the media from them in the UK are accusations against the government.

        Whatever happened, if he survives – Navalny needs to retire from this business – as it’s clear he is only useful as a political tool dead or alive.

        He should take his family and live quietly.


  65. The Spectator вычеркнул Навального из друзей Запада
    1 сентября 2020

    “The Spectator” has struck Navalny off its friends of the West list
    1st September 2020

    The English edition of “The Spectator” has struck Russian blogger Alexei Navalny off its list of friends of the West. At the same time, British journalists have awkwardly tried to associate him with Russian nationalists.

    According to the authors of the material in the British magazine “The Spectator”, at first glance, Navalny looks like an “ideal” for the West — a “fighter against corruption”, an opponent of Vladimir Putin, a “fighter” against electoral fraud and against the oligarchy. The British note that it would seem that this man would turn around the whole of Russia and its relations with the West, perhaps for the first time in a long time, making her a friend of “Western partners”. However, calling Navalny a friend of the West would be a mistake, the authors of the article believe.

    The authors have awkwardly tried to portray the blogger as a furious Russian nationalist who stands up for the rights and freedoms of Russians in the world, but primarily in Russia. It is noted that Navalny has repeatedly called himself a “democratic nationalist” and confirmed this by his involvement in the movements of the right and ultra-right in Russia.

    The article points out that Navalny allegedly supports the Russian side in the Georgian conflict, and, according to him, even if he became president, he would not give the Crimea to Kiev.

    In conclusion, it is noted that the rise of Navalny to power in Russia would improve the life of the Russian people “exponentially”, but it is not an absolute certainty that this would be followed by a thaw in relations with the West.

    Lyosha: you’ve run out of your usefulness — not that you were of any use in the first place!


    1. Israel Shamir

      includes family background info about Mrs Navalny which may add credibility to notions that gallant rebel Alexey really is part of the Putin establishment. The timing of the poisoning is tied to the public announcement of the Sputnik V Covid vaccine, according to Shamir, said announcement tending to diminish the chance that William Gates’s Freedom Vaccine will be the biggest moneymaker of all time.

      There’s such a pleasingly Luthorville and Otisburg scale of plutocratic greed about the Freedom Vaccine idea that Shamir’s theory makes sense.


  66. This links to the COVID 6% comments above

    “The doctors of Monterey — and there were enough of them to take care of the ordinary diseases, accidents and neuroses— were running crazy. They had more business than they could do … . Cannery Row which produces a tougher breed than the rest of the town was late in contracting it, but finally it got them too. The schools were closed. **There wasn’t a house that hadn’t feverish children and sick parents**. It was not a deadly disease as it was in 1917 but with children it had a tendency to go into the mastoids. The medical profession was very busy … .”
    John Steinbeck – “Cannery Row” (1945 – Chapter XVI)

    • “There wasn’t a house that hadn’t feverish children and sick parents.”
    Now THAT’s an endemic (‘pandemic‘ if you must). Know any such households?

    Anyway, here is the latest on the statistics from JP Sears
    • New Revelations on the COVID Death Count

    I agree with Professor Michel Chossudovsky
    “it’s fraud – it’s corruption – it’s a lie”
    “When the lie becomes the truth there is no moving backwards … “

    • Covid-Gate, The Political Virus – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky


  67. Western ‘experts’ predicted Covid-19 would lead to Russia’s economic collapse & ‘topple’ Putin…they were wrong (again!)
    1 Sep, 2020 14:29 / Updated 13 hours ago

    By the man from Monmouth, Professor Robison.

    Some gems from the article:

    As spring turned into summer, newspapers told readers of Russia’s “dire economic situation” and “looming economic collapse”. “This is arguably the most serious challenge to Putin as national leader in the 20 years he has been in power, and he is failing it”, stated one of the Western media’s favoured commentators, Mark Galeotti.

    Galleoti again— who is apparently a bigger bullshitter than is Navalny!

    It gets better:

    “Putin’s approval rating slides”; “Anger brewing”; “Public anger and defiance grows”, ran the headlines in the British press. Vladimir Putin “could be toppled by the coronavirus crisis”, said the Sun. Putin’s “lackluster response” to the Covid-19 crisis had “zeroed his political capital,” said Nikolai Petrov of the somewhat more academically respectable Chatham House think tank. And so on.

    And on and on and on it goes, from Western arseholes earning their daily crust by dissing Russian …

    Then, at the very end of the article — da -daa!

    In the latest Levada poll, published last week, Putin’s popularity had rebounded to its pre-crisis level, as had that of his government, with Prime Minister Mishustin achieving his highest rating yet. Economic collapse and the downfall of ‘the regime’ seem as far away as ever.

    And still no news of Navalny’s health from Germany!

    Why no hysterics about this from the Libtard shitwits here?

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    1. I read similar knee-jerk prognostications in the paper yesterday of Lukashenko’s fall. Still hundreds of thousands of demonstrators coming out, any minute now, Lukashenko is done for… and of course he isn’t. They have to keep up the happy talk just in case something dramatic happens. You might call it the Pavel Felgenhauer Rule of Journalism. Felgenhauer is remembered for having ‘correctly predicted’ (you might substitute ‘guessed’ for ‘predicted’) the Russian counterstrike on Georgia. Those who laud him for it, and they are few, forget he guessed all around it as well, by as much as two years out.


      1. Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

        I just looked at the Asia Times site and read this article (which is not too bad, more or less):

        Pentagon report fires multiple warnings on China

        Assessment says US lags China in shipbuilding, cruise missiles and integrated air defenses but there’s more to the story

        …Some Russian analysts think the 40N6 does not work. Another indicator is that the Russians are moving rapidly to introduce a new air defense system, the S-500 Prometey. If the S-400 really offered the protections claimed, the S-500 arguably would not be needed…

        The ‘Russian anal-yst’ quoted in the link (which I will not include here) links to a Euromaidan press article written by Paul ‘Gobshite’ IGnoble…. and quotes…. drum roll please!…. Felgenhauer!


        1. Pentagon Accuses China of Massing Anti-Satellite Weapons

          Says China ‘probably’ intends to develop anti-satellite capabilities

          …This is the latest in a series of Pentagon reports on what China “probably” intends, which are all policies which would justify the various US military programs associated with them. In this case, the formation of Space Force was done with an eye toward China threatening US satellites…

          Rather like that previous item I posted about US-Taiwanese weapons sales where China protesting such sales is considered by the US ‘A threat’ and therefore justification for the sales in the first place. Yet more circular reasoning. This is of course the merest of fig leafs by the Pentagon and the US when they already have Space Forces stood up. It’s the same standard use by i-Srael, aka ‘active defense’, or anyone who tries let alone thinks of defending themselves in face of direct attack is already guilty of provoking such an attack. There is no ‘defense of defense.’


        2. The Americans generally acknowledge the S-400 is the deadliest anti-air weapons system in the world. I daresay there are Russians who believe it does not work – the same liberals who agree with Obama that Russia does not make anything. And I dispute the use of the word, ‘arguably’ here – there is no realistic ‘argument’ that if the S-400 worked so well, there would be no need for the S-500. That’s just boneheaded stupidity. If the Americans really thought for a moment it does not work, they would have made a point of attacking a site protected by the S-400, and made the Russians look completely foolish before they managed to sell it to anyone else.

          The F-15 Eagle was a great fighter – it worked perfectly, and was a world-beater, it remains in service after 44 years. Did McDonnell-Douglas down tools, wipe the sweat from their brows and say, “Guess we done ourselves out of a job, boys – we can’t beat that”? Surprisingly, they did not. They designed and built the F-18 Hornet; a multirole fighter which also performed the same work as the F-15. Why?

          I promised myself I would not get mad at anything said by that invertebrate Felgenhauer, but here I am, getting mad. Only the polar opposite of a defense analyst, a dumbstruck retard like Felgenhauer would suggest the Military-Industrial complex in any country that has one shuts down when a tech pinnacle is reached, or goes into making lawnmowers or something completely different. In point of fact, nobody does that. Elon Musk made the electric car cool and sexy, so that people other than nerds wanted to buy one, with the Model S. Did he stop there? Why not? Nothing else was needed. Arguably.

          In air defense systems, as soon as a new one hits the streets, all those who might come up against it and find that it restricts their freedom to bomb other people begin devising a work-around so that their freedom to operate will be restored. Sooner or later they will build a jammer that renders it blind, or exploit a discovered weakness to devise tactics that confuse it for long enough to accomplish their mission, or to destroy it. So the designers immediately begin work on its replacement, theoretically building on success to achieve even greater thresholds. The S-500 will not be the last system, either, even if it is twice as good as the S-400.


          1. First, let me apologize Mark. I was not knowingly seeking out Fogeyhour. That’s not my kink.

            Second, the F-35 is so great that the US is buying a (fully digitally designed) F-15EX that can now pull 9gs like other have been able to do for decades. Remember they’re not buying it because the F-35 is short-legged, low payload piece of s/t, but that it may be a ‘useful companion’ to the F-35, a bit like a pair of tits in a bra (i.e. decidely non-stealthy combination). Also it just happens that it was originally a private Boing venture to sell to the Gulf states and others, one of which said ‘YAY!’.




  68. Latest DW jibe at Russia:

    Throwback to Stalin era? Russia picks new date to mark end of WWII in the Pacific
    The move is seen as example of Russian President Vladimir Putin invoking the Stalinist tradition of remembrance culture, but the new date coincides with another somber event in the country’s history.

    Roman Goncharenko

    Goncharenko? A Ukrainian emigré perchance?

    Is seen by whom, FFS???

    And still sweet FA on DW about Navalny!

    Off the radar now?


    1. It’s like a law – as soon as anything is announced in or about Russia…see if it can be tied to Stalin in some way, no matter how remote. A Stalinist tradition of remembrance culture…

      Hey, remember the 2004 American Presidential Election? When every candidate recalled exactly where he or she had been on September 11th? Rudi Giuliani in particular could barely form a sentence without ‘9-11’ in it.


  69. RT

    Kremlin says Germany didn’t inform Moscow of data showing opposition figure Navalny was poisoned with Novichok-like nerve agent
    2nd September: 14:44 GMT

    Earlier on Wednesday, the German government announced that hospital tests showed the presence of a Novichok-like nerve agent in Navalny’s system. The substance is similar to the one used against double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, UK in 2018.

    But on the other hand:

    The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany has commented on the situation with Alexei Navalny.

    The department said that they do not consider this case a “special case”.

    This was stated in a written response to a request from RIA Novosti.

    “The federal prosecutor’s office does not disclose, except in special individual cases, whether an investigation has been carried out in relation to a specific person or whether it was related to a specific issue”, the agency said in its response to a request whether it is currently conducting any checks on the case.


    В федеральной прокуратуре ФРГ прокомментировали ситуацию с Навальным
    RT на русском, 2 сентября 2020

    The Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany has commented on the situation with Navalny
    RT in Russian, September 2, 2020

    So what the hell are they saying?

    “Novichok” or we’re not saying?

    They’re arsing around!


  70. And they haven’t sent any data concerning their diagnosis to Russia.

    Analysis results? We don’t need to show no stinking analysis results!!!


      1. So why isn’t he dead after having been poisoned by the most deadly nerve agent known to man?

        First a miracle at Salisbury hospital and now a another at the Berlin Charité!

        Those Russian incompetents should change their poison.


        1. This story is so stupid but I suppose lots of people in the West will believe it.

          Of course if it was Novichok it must have been the GRU. Why did thy not send the FSB? I am sure the FSB would have a better quality of poison.


  71. RT

    Berlin added that it will provide the new information to European Union partners and other international organizations. However, the Russian government says it has not been informed.

    Though the spokesman did not blame the Russian state for Navalny’s poisoning, he called on Moscow to explain its position on the case.

    So if Navalny was poisoned with a “Novichok-group nerve agent”, why was the bullshitter screaming and howling on board the aircraft in which he was flying from
    Omsk to Moscow?


    . . . Leonid Rink, one of the developers of the Novichok, said that Navalny’s symptoms don’t resemble those that occur after poisoning with the nerve agent.

    “There would be convulsions and so on. Completely different symptoms”, Rink said.

    How surprising that this should have happened when USA attempts to have Nord Stream-2 aborted have been repeatedly stymied!

    Let the US/EU sanctions roll!


    1. This was predictable – now all the supporters take to the streets blah blah

      What a bad joke – anothe pantomime about lethal nerve agent that didn’t affect anyone on the plan at the airport or the Restaurant where he had his drink of tea

      I thought Germany was better than this – clearly not

      PS I do have to question the Russian government walking into this plot – change of staff needed with some one with common sense to see the plots of the west before they happen / not play catch up after.

      PPS. I hope they kept some blood samples of Navalny


      1. I hope they kept some blood samples of Navalny

        If it is like a Canadian hospital I think they hold on to them for a long time.

        Given the circumstances, probably Alpha Group is probably in Omsk keeping an eye on them. /s


        1. Yes, I was going to say that; in these circumstances, where the Russian samples could constitute proof that something was given to Navalny or added to his blood sample after he left Russia, they could be evidence of a criminal act. They will be preserved as such. I’m not sure, however, how the current nature of the sample is demonstrated – for example, are the naysayers simply going to shout, “Sure, that’s Navalny’s blood – but you took that sample six years ago!”


          1. If it is ‘true’ (group of) then it is one hell of a Hail Mary! and f/k the consequences of being caught, which yet again leads back to the Americans/hamsters (Porton Down). It is also beyond Full Retard.

            So, I would expect Germany to send a team to Tomsk to check their sample. If it does not match, then something was added later which leads to questions about the German Intelligence services and chain of custody (where have we heard this before). As you lot have pointed out, the US has been trying everything to kill NSII but also remember their Maximum Pressure campaign against i-Ran and the UN JCPOA nuclear agreement. They are also the ones most likely not to give a f/k if caught. ‘Whaddyagonnadoaboutitpunk?!’

            If it is present in the original samples, then this leads to questions about Russian Intelligence and whether there is rogue/sleeper agent activation, or more likely looking for any American linked individual or meeting Navalny has had in the day or so before his flight. Remember he has previously be caught in a meeting with American diplomats outside Moscow. I’m sure an eye has been kept on him so even if the person cannot be directly tied back to the US, they’ll have the full force of the intelligence services placed upon them (unless they have already be exfiltrated).

            The other option is that he or someone in his team was given whatever it was and instructed on how to used it. Again, everyone around him will be under extreme scruitiny and if anyone of them has been within a kilometer of an American they will be under suspicion and futher investigated.

            Either way, the timing of this is desperate. The chances of bouncing Merkel in to immediately cancelling NSII/expelling diplomats/whatever is very low.

            Consequentially if this all turns out to be a Hail Mary, it will immediately call in to question the whole Skripal bs that the UK government has invested significant resources in to obfuscating.

            In short, DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB.


      2. ” I do have to question the Russian government walking into this plot – change of staff needed with some one with common sense to see the plots of the west before they happen / not play catch up after.”

        Won’t happen. The Russian bureaucracy is filled with sovoks .


        1. Yes, it’s amazing they have survived for so long after being outsmarted by the west at every turn, isn’t it?

          You’re like Chicken Little, Karl. Do they have that nursery story in Finland? You know; “The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!” Whenever Washington engineers another of its tired parlor tricks, you make out like the impact of it is devastating, Russia is done for this time – when will they learn to stop being trolled by the brilliant Americans?

          What’s going to happen? Is Europe going to put the brakes on Nord Stream II? No, they’re not – brainless as they may be, they are smart enough to figure out that Washington wants to maneuver them into a corner where they have a large gas shortfall, and nowhere to make it up but buying Uncle Sam’s LNG for a premium price. Relations between Europe and Russia will not get any better, but so what? As long as Russia can sell gas to Europe, who gives a fuck what they think? If they want to believe the FSB/GRU bought a freight car of Novichok and they’re so cheap that they won’t use anything else on their enemies until it’s all gone, even though every time it leads straight back to them …who cares? If relations between the USA and Russia get a little worse, who cares? Does Russia stay awake nights worrying about what Americans think of it? I doubt it.

          Russia has basically written off Europe and the United States. It does not need either of them for its economy to continue strengthening, except it needs to sell gas to Europe. But luckily, Europe needs to buy gas from Russia. If it didn’t, of course it would cut it off out of spite. But it can’t. So European hissy fits and wild tales of poisonings most foul should not put Russia’s nose out of joint at all.


  72. Vis Belarus, much reporting. Vis the Bulgarian crisis, f/k all. The former BOO! LEAVE! LEAVE!. The latter They’re on of us. Whatever! Brussels will pick on an economically successful Hungary and its mercurial leader, but have thrown in the towel on hopelessly corrupt Bulgaria. What a cirkus!


  73. But you have to admit that it really is so stupid of the Russians to try and murder yet again someone by the same means, namely a nerve agent — the most deadly known to man — and fail several times in succession, save for one alcoholic social misfit, and what is more, to use a chemical that is only made in Russia!

    I mean, how could they be so stupidly incompetent?

    It is as if they wanted people to find out that they had made these failed attempts at murder.


    1. I mean, how could they be so stupidly incompetent?

      Well, if it is the CIA they are the same geniuses that back that last half-baked attack on Maduro.

      Besides, so much of the USA’s populations live in fantasies (there are a lot of different flavours) that maybe they figure they do not need anything to complicated.

      If Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jone, Glen Beck, and Kenneth Copeland can be opinion-setters, it cannot be hard to sell a Russian assassination attempt.

      You can sell almost anything to a large portion of the US population though you may need the word the arguments a bit differently to the members of the different fantasies.


    2. Russia’s leadership consist of full idiots. What else did they expect after they allowed Navalny to be transported to Germany?

      Atlanticists in Germany will gain from this and Merkel will be forced to toughen her line on Russia. Nord Stream II could be in jeopardy.

      Putin, the moron in charge, just will not learn. How can a former intelligence officer be this naive?


      1. At least the expenses of caring for Navalny indefinitely, at least until he somehow is able to cough out the poisoned apple or the poisoned tea, are being borne by German taxpayers and not by Russian taxpayers. I imagine Moscow Exile would not be too unhappy about not having to pay for Navalny’s continuing care until the Bundeswehr’s lab in Munich and Porton Down can come to some agreement as to what to do with him next.

        I don’t see that Navalny will ever return to Russia and the Kremlin might well say good riddance to him and his groupies.


        1. Nothing said about his being kept in a comatose state, even though they say his life is no longer in danger.

          He”ll vanish for his own safekeeping, as have the Skripals.

          How anyone can believe this shite baffles me.

          It’s so childish. A silly show set up by juveniles.

          I tell old acquaintances in the UK that Navalny means fuck all to most folk here, but they don’t believe me. They believe what the UK media tells them: he is Putin’s fiercest critic and Putin has his critics killed.


        1. As regards the actions of a moron, I for one believe that the West, its intelligence agencies and its politicians exhibit a degree of moronity that is almost impossible to behold, in that they repeat endlessly the same story line and the same accusations about the “Evil Russians”, its tyrannical leader and his desire to revert to Stalinism and the dire threat that Russia and its wicked leaders and populace present to the “free world”. It’s as though those morons in the US State Department all play Russophobic PC war games and believe they reflect the world as it is/b>, a Hollywood, fantasy-game world, in which the good, honest, kind and upright “West” always wins in the end against the evil forces of this planet. That’s because America stands for the pursuit of happiness, a human right in the USA.

          You can see it all around you there, I believe — this pursuit of happiness, I mean, and happy folk everywhere pursuing it.


          1. It’s as though those morons in the US State Department all play Russophobic PC war games and believe they reflect the world as it is/b>

            I hate to scare you but I think that is partly true. There are enough religious fruitcakes, true neoliberal free marketers, conspiracy theorists, US exceptionalists, (See John Bolton) and heaven knows what else that their grasp on reality is, shall we say, a bit fragile.

            They really believe their myths and legends. In many cases this is combined with an astounding insularity. The “real” world exists inside the USA. Remember Madeline Albright “500,000 deaths” interview or H Clinton’s immortal ” “We came, we saw, he died,” ?

            I swear that many Americans cannot comprehend that people exist outside the USA and might notice this. John Kerry as SoS used to say one thing in Moskva, get off the plane in Washington and say the opposite.

            I have just had a great revelation, if we view the USA as a narcissistic sociopathic country just as its head of state is a narcissistic sociopath it helps to anticipate its behaviour.


        1. Russia should have refused to transport Navalny to Germany but instead give him the best medical care available in Russia. Russia should have said that it is an internal matter of Russia and that Russia does not trust that Germany will have an impartial, fair and truthful investigation of Navalny’s health.

          Almost anything would have been a better option than the one that Russia chose.


          1. I hope you won’t mind if I poke holes in that plan. Imagine you are Navalny’s ‘press agent’, what’s-her-name, starts with a ‘K’. Are you going to be satisfied with that option, and more importantly, are you going to pass along to the world that Navalny is receiving the best medical care available in Russia?

            NO!!! You are going to shout that Navalny is being denied access to international care that might save his life, because it is the state’s plan to kill him. And God help the state if he DOES die while under their care; it would be a propaganda victory the like of which has never been seen. But even if he didn’t, K-the-Press-Agent (I could look up her name, but I can’t be bothered) would update the international newsies every day with breathless accounts of the squalor of Navalny’s room, the inept bungling of the state’s medicos, further attempts to finish him off, inappropriate treatments which only add to his suffering, and so forth. His ‘campaign’ probably hoped the Russians WOULD keep him, and now they just have to make the best of it.

            That still wasn’t presented in a ‘here’s what I would do’ format, but it was a fairly good effort nonetheless; I have to assume that what you said ‘Russia should do’ is what you would have done. And that was my first thought, too, for an alternative plan. The idea that Russia let him go because it wants the world to know it poisoned him is ludicrous, but let’s follow that path for a minute – your plan, and the first one I thought of, is the kind of thing Russia would do if it really did suspect poisoning, and hoped to save his life and still cover up the cause of his complaint. And that would be the way it would be reported.

            Russia must have a foolproof test for Novichok or other types of nerve-agent ‘poisoning’ (that’s not really how nerve agents kill; they paralyze the body’s control of respiratory and other functions, and death is from asphyxiation or cardiac arrest. Navalny displayed none of this symptoms, it’s hard to howl when you can’t breathe, and the Skripals displayed no such symptoms, either. So either Novichok is not a nerve agent, or they were poisoned with something else which IS a poison, like Warfarin or some other designed poison). It would be stupid if it did not test for poisons, having the certain knowledge that the receiving country would, and that it would be very much in Russia’s interest for them to not find anything Russia’s own doctors missed. They have his blood samples. They will not have Novichok in them, or any other detectable poison which modern tests could discern.

            So in my opinion, the best thing they could have done is let him be transported as soon as his condition was stable, because that’s what a country which is not guilty of anything would do. All the same accusations as are being leveled now could be leveled with Navalny still in Russia, but Russia would bear all the risk for his condition. Navalny could demand, for instance, to be examined by his own doctor, and that doctor – Surprise!!! – would discover Novichok poisoning. And the western media would run with it, with no obligation to provide any proof at all; they couldn’t get anyone in there to verify the results. Now Germany has not only the ability but the obligation to provide proof. If it offers blood work showing the presence of Novichok – as no doubt it would – there are still the uncontaminated samples of Navalny’s blood, extracted before he was transported, in Russia. What’s the argument going to be then – that the FSB has discovered a way to remove traces of poisoning from a blood sample? If they’re that smart, why are they still using Novichok every time?

            Your turn.


          2. “… Russia should have said that it is an internal matter of Russia and that Russia does not trust that Germany will have an impartial, fair and truthful investigation of Navalny’s health …”

            Play card games much, Karl?

            Putting your cards out in the open for other players to see before play starts is a fast way to lose in most such games.

            Navalny’s family chose to send Navalny to Germany for treatment. Imagine all the Western media fuss and the mud being flung at Moscow if the Kremlin had decided not to allow the family and the groupie network to take Navalny to Berlin. T