The Storybook of Western Fables: Chapter 9 – “Sanctions Take Time”, By Josep Borrell.

Uncle Volodya says; “When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

…Every little white lie takes two
(To cover up the first one)
Said and done, nothing you can do

Got your act down pretty well
I know you believe yourself but
Little voice in the back of your mind
Gonna keep you awake at night

(Start telling the, start telling the truth)
It’s time to get real
(Start telling the, start telling the truth)

Toronto, from, “Start Telling the Truth”

“The problem with dreams is that they are always futuristic and gives a deceptive impression that there is still enough time to actualize them. The tragedy, however, is that you soon realize that the time you thought you had to fulfill the dreams has melted away before your very eyes.”

Sunday Adelaja, from “How To Become Great Through Time Conversion”

The music quote for today’s post is from Toronto, an eighties rock act from – surprise! – Toronto, Ontario. It featured lead vocalist Holly Woods, and with a girl guitarist as well (Sheron Alton), they were a shameless ripoff of American rock icons Heart. Their sound was similar to that of Heart, and in another of those bizarre coincidences that litter the archives of popular music, it was Toronto who wrote “What About Love”, which was a top-ten comeback single for Heart after a lengthy period of musical decline. I saw Toronto perform live a couple of times, and they made an energetic and compelling show. Holly Woods in particular (real name Annie) stood out; while she did not have a great vocal range, she exercised tremendous power throughout it; she could sing, and she owned the stage.

Well, of course we are not here to talk about Toronto, or even music; Toronto was kind enough to set the theme, which is how you and I and everyone in the west is being led down the garden path to international bankruptcy by a collection of lying bags of shit. “Start telling the truth” is a meme mostly included for sardonic amusement, because it’s too late for that in every way – too late for it to make a difference, too late to earn some grudging respect for abandoning the policy of bullshitting us right to our faces…too late. Decisions taken by those entrusted to take them have set us on a course to grappling with the ‘new normal’, in which prosperity plays an increasingly diminished role except for the usual protected class.

If you were looking for a representative face for that class, you couldn’t do much better than Chief Fool of the European Union, Josep Borrell; in this piece he describes the western sanctions which are supposed to ruin Russia as a ‘slow-action poison, a little like arsenic’. In that assessment, he was not entirely foolish – it was in his attribution of that desirable fate that he erred, because it is not Russia which is being ruined by sanctions. It is us.

Oh, I know the tone of the article suggests ordinary Russians yearn for the western products that made their slatternly hovels bearable and their miserable lives less grim – if you nose around a bit, as a journalist, you can usually find a liberal in Moscow, some disadvantaged hipster whose lunch is ashes in his mouth if it is not garnished with French cheese. Like Holly told us, it’s time to get real, so let’s do that – I live in a country that is not touched by western sanctions, and I often go months without tasting French cheese, and Brie or Camembert from the Comox Valley tastes just as good to me. The writers of the referenced article – and Josep Borrell and other assorted Euromorons – would like you to believe that if Russian oligarchs cannot get access to baby-soft calfskin briefcases from Italy, they will fall into a fit of pique and start the ball of revolution rolling. To get a conceptual grasp of how stupid that was, and is, let’s review a definition of the term ‘oligarch’. Oh, look at that – Merriam-Webster has a special category of oligarch, called ‘Russian oligarch’. If you’ll permit me a brief digression, do you know why that is? It’s because the privileged who control great wealth and political power in western countries and their allies are never referred to as ‘oligarchs’ – that term has negative connotations. So although they are functionally oligarchs, they are labeled ‘entrepreneurs’, or ‘tycoons’.

Anyway; oligarch:

…in Russia and other countries that succeeded the Soviet Union : one of a class of individuals who through private acquisition of state assets amassed great wealth that is stored especially in foreign accounts and properties and who typically maintain close links to the highest government circles.

Great wealth, stored especially in foreign accounts. Well, the latter is less true as we go along, because when the west runs up against a law that prevents it from doing what it wants to do, it simply removes or rewrites it, or announces it is not a law at all in special circumstances such as those which arise when it wants to do something but a law would prevent it from doing it. This let-me-do-it re-imagination of the term ‘law’ has seen the west confiscate great swaths of Russian assets stored in foreign banks, so ‘oligarchs’ are increasingly careful where they locate their deposits and assets. But all of that is beside the point, which is whether western sanctions inhibit me, as a very wealthy and powerful individual, from getting my hands on a handmade calfskin Italian leather briefcase. Ha, ha! As if. Did you miss the part where it says ‘very wealthy’? I can call up a pal in Italy, maybe that nice Enzio guy who maintains the gardens at my villa, and send him a picture of the briefcase I want. I’ll have it almost as quickly as if I ordered it from Jeff Bezos.

Very Wealthy People, even when they have attracted the ire of the west by being Russian, can still get things done because they have money – in a strange way, the article in question, whether a leather briefcase or a Mont Blanc Meisterstück Glacier Solitaire Fountain Pen (a great deal, because the personalization is free!!) – takes on added cachet because they had to outsmart the west to get it.

For the rest of us who are not wealthy oligarchs, a tremendous amount of the fabricated or manufactured goods where we shop come from China. Not only does China pointedly ignore western screeching to cut Russia off from those manufactured goods, it has developed into Russia’s strongest ally and probably sells it manufactured goods at a discount, just for spite. Because China will not do as it is ordered by Washington and Brussels, it has evolved into a co-enemy, with Russia, of those illustrious powers, and relations between China and the west are steadily worsening rather than improving. Whose supply of inexpensive consumer goods is in peril? Russia’s?

If you’re the type of person who understands things better if they appear as a graph, this should put paid to the always-absurd Borrellian slow-action poison theory – the slowest thing in that whole notion is Borrell himself. At home in the country he runs, which is the only metric which really matters to him, Putin is 5% more popular now than he was in September of last year, and his current approval ranking with what must be assumed to be his oligarchs and his commoners alike stands at 80%. If a 30% approval ranking is ‘Get The Fuck Out Of Here’ – like Emile Macron’s is – then 80% is ‘Untouchable’. For everyone except Borrell and The Euromorons, happy in their fool’s paradise, western sanctions against Russia are about as effective as a handle on a snowball.

However, against the economies of Europe and the west, they have worked a treat. As guiding light of the Consistently Wrong Party, Michael McFaul says above; “To state the obvious, the goal of sanctions is to end the war. The war has not ended. That means sanctions have not accomplished the goal that we set out.” Never more at home than he is when stating the obvious, McFaul nonetheless misses a vital corollary – because sanctions have failed to accomplish the goals YOU set out does not necessarily mean they have failed to accomplish other consequential effects.

And they are. Western sanctions, and the numbingly-stupid determination to pursue them despite unambiguous evidence that they are not only not working as desired, but are causing real and cumulative damage to the sanctioners, are ushering in the de-industrialization of Europe.

The cost of energy — driven to record levels in 2022 by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its shut-off of vital gas pipelines — has become too much for many manufacturing firms to remain competitive if they stay in Europe. At the same time, a vast package of American subsidies for green industry has shocked and angered EU officials, who see the U.S. — a supposed ally — tempting businesses to relocate across the Atlantic.

Well, I suppose that’s one way of looking at it. In fact, it was Russia’s reaction to western sanctions – which Europe at first adopted reluctantly and then with increasing alacrity and mean-spiritedness, which eventually triggered the shutdown of gas pipelines. But even then, actual shutdown did not come until Canada – at America’s urging – impounded pumps from the Nord Stream pipeline after they were sent to the parent company in Canada for routine but mandated maintenance.

The turbines — which were scheduled for maintenance in Montreal — were initially caught under sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. But Canada waived the sanctions under pressure from Germany after Russia began scaling back the flow of gas through the Nord Stream pipeline…One turbine was returned to Germany earlier this year, but Gazprom refused to accept it. Joly later said Canada would return the remaining five turbines.

Nothing too hard to understand there, is there? Even though Russia was the target of sanctions created with the express purpose of applying pressure through hardships imposed on the population, it continued to supply gas to its enemies. It had no choice in sending the pumps for maintenance, which was mandated; if not carried out, the warranty would be voided. The European Commission applauded the eventual Canadian decision to return the pumps to Russia, claiming the decision would ‘remove Putin’s excuses for not sending more gas’. Ukraine was livid with fury, although of course it expected Europe to continue sending it money and weapons no matter how tough things became for Europeans. Donation money from the west even paid Ukrainian pensions, so Zelensky’s government could focus on fighting Russia. Grampie Biden’s sweepers attempted to ‘fact check’ the claim out of existence, but the best they could do was infer that this was not news, as Biden had announced it ever so long ago.

The points I am trying to make, without getting too deep into the weeds, are (a) Russia had plenty of justification to reduce the pipeline gas flow to Europe, it was not just Putin being a jerk, (b) Europe wanted increased flows of inexpensive gas because even just reducing it was causing record price increases, and (c) Ukrainians did not give a fuck about European problems so long as they did not affect the flow of money.

The United States must have doubted the acrimony storm would be enough to keep the Nord Stream pipeline shut down. In September of last year, charges placed on the pipelines by American divers under cover of a NATO naval exercise blew up the pipelines. Europe adopted its own don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy, and refused to even put the question to Washington. German political opposition figure Maximilian Krah excoriated German Chancellor Scholz for his silence, claiming the act which ripped the German economy to pieces actually solved a headache for Scholz:

Krah argued that the sabotage ended a long-term headache for the Scholz government.

“The problem is that this is tearing the German economy to pieces and significantly impoverishes Germany. Moreover, the billions spent by Germany on this gas project, which ensured us cheap energy, are lost, but the coalition which governs Germany does not care. Officially, Scholz knows nothing. Apparently, we live in a democracy,” he added.

Returning to the previous reference on deindustrialization, “The energy crisis is particularly acute for sectors like glass, chemicals, metals, fertilizer, pulp and paper, ceramics and cement, which require the most energy to fuel their industrial production — and between them employ 8 million people. But facing ever-growing economic competition from both China and now an increasingly protectionist United States, European leaders openly warn of a contagion of “deindustrialization” affecting all manufacturing across the continent…“High energy prices in Europe will continue to affect our fellow citizens, but also entire industrial supply chains and [small and medium-sized businesses],” Breton wrote. “At the same time, China, the U.S. and other countries are trying — not without success — to attract our industrial capacities.

“Without a strong manufacturing base,” Breton’s email states plainly, “Europe’s security of supply, export ability and job creation is at risk.”

Poor, poor Europe!! I’m tempted to snort with laughter here, not only because I do not live in Europe at present, but because as Europe knew full well – or at least one member of the European Parliament did – the United States had adopted a law in 2019 which claimed as its express raison d’etre “Protecting Europe’s Energy Security”. I guess it did not feel any need to explain that it intended to do this by selling energy to Europe at four times the price the Russians were selling it for, and by using big juicy subsidies funded with freshly-printed money to coax European industries to set up shop in the States, where they could count on cheaper energy than they were paying in Europe while learning to be good American taxpayers. Pretty neat, huh? America gets to be host to former European industries, harvesting their corporate taxes, while those Europeans who still have jobs are a captive retail market for American goods because Europe doesn’t make anything itself.

Think I’m exaggerating? What would Germany be without its carmakers? Is there any more iconic carmaker in Germany than Volkswagen? Well, Volkswagen is already offshoring its production to the USA and China. The notion of China as a beneficiary should alarm both Europe and America.

VW executives have previously hinted that China was becoming their biggest priority and with good reason. The company outsells every other brand on the Chinese market by nearly a million vehicles annually. Volkswagen presently enjoys a 16 percent market share for the region and believes it can do even better as it increases electric vehicle sales over the next several years. Meanwhile, the European zone is highly developed and looking quite beleaguered — especially as inflation stemming from the pandemic has been made worse by the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Most of you will not need reminding that the powerhouse economy of Europe is – or was – Germany. A Germany with a staggering, gasping economy means no more bailouts for member states who never learned very well how to make up or follow a budget.

Losing manufacturing capacity means losing jobs, and that — said Luc Triangle, general secretary of the IndustriALL European Trade Union, which represents manufacturing workers — has “political consequences. We are not exaggerating when we say that European industry — starting with the energy-intensive industries on the frontline — is facing an existential crisis,” Triangle said. The same “existential” threat applies to the 8 million workers in the energy-intensive sector, IndustriALL has warned. In its annual labor market review, published last month, the European Commission said that employment rates in the EU remained strong despite the war, with unemployment falling to 6 percent in July. But it also warned that continuing high energy costs pose a “major risk” to jobs in the EU, particularly in energy-intensive manufacturing sectors.

“We don’t see it in the data yet … but it is a concern for the future, maybe as soon as this year,” said the economics minister of an EU country.

Perhaps the numpties in European politics don’t see it yet, but the people see it; my, yes, they do.

Germany has witnessed some of its most disruptive strikes in decades since last year, when the war in Ukraine sent energy and food prices soaring, leading to union pressure for wages to rise in line with living costs.

Everybody who works for a living wants more money. Why do they want more money? Because what they’re paid now will not keep them in the living standard they knew only a couple of years ago. Why won’t their wages buy a decent standard of living? Because energy costs are too high, and everything that is made or shipped or created depends on energy. Why are energy costs so high? You know. And it isn’t ‘because of the Russo-Ukrainian war’.

It’s not just Germany, of course: as important as Germany is to the EU, if things were rosy everywhere else, other nations could rally to Germany’s side and help out. But they’re not. Rosy, that is. France is struggling to cope with some of the most violent street protests in its history, kicked off when Monsieur L’Incompetent Macron arbitrarily raised the retirement age to qualify for a pension to 64 years, without going to the bother of holding a parliamentary vote where it might have been defeated. Apparently some of les gens were upset with the notion of working for even longer, and perhaps dying without ever being able to receive a pension so that France could pledge neverending support to Ukraine. In Britain – no longer part of the EU but still part of Europe, “The British government is engaged in pay disputes across several sectors as workers demand higher wages to keep pace with surging inflation, with strikes in schools, on railways and in hospitals taking place on a regular basis.”

Europe’s leadership crisis is merely a bellwether of simmering discontent throughout the west over being nominally represented by politicians who are thick as pigshit, who keep taking the most irrational decisions and who are proud to answer the call to support the stated needs and wants of a foreign government over the increasingly-panicky cries of their own citizens.

Discontent which, as I alluded to earlier and not to put too fine a point on it, does not prevail to any significant degree in Russia, where the leader has the approval of 80% of the electorate despite the country and its citizens being the target of sanctions the west hopes will impoverish and ruin the population. Russians trust that Vladimir Putin is doing his best and deciding wisely in his endeavors to shield them from western madness and deliberate stupidity. Europe cannot afford to wait around for Borrell’s ‘slow-action poison’ to do its work, if it ever will, because existential crisis is lapping at Europe’s doorstep and threatening to pull it under. Europe has a tiger by the tail; an indisputable fact of which the Kremlin is only too aware.

“European countries see what is happening with their economies when they are forced not only to finance the war in Ukraine, but also to foot the bill for everyday life in that country because the Kiev regime is incapable of handling [its own fiscal affairs] and of accomplishing anything in that area. Europe is losing its competitive edge as a continent that has been forced to turn its back on inexpensive Russian gas; [it] is moving toward the brink of deindustrialization as European business decamps for the United States,” Lavrov said.

Music brought us in, and I think I have the perfect artist to take us out; originator of ‘The Bakersfield Sound’ and all ’round nice-guy American artist and Country Music Hall-of-Famer Alvis Edgar Owens Jr., better known to the world as ‘Buck’ Owens; take it away, Buck!!

I’ve got a tiger by the tail, it’s plain to see,
I won’t be much when you get through with me;
Well I’m a-losin’ weight and I’m turnin’ mighty pale
Looks like I’ve got a tiger by the tail…


817 thoughts on “The Storybook of Western Fables: Chapter 9 – “Sanctions Take Time”, By Josep Borrell.

  1. Dream on, wankers!

    Russia in 2025

    There is such a national pastime in Europe-to divide Russia.

    They are haunted by our lands and natural resources.

    The chairman of the NGO for Austria’s accession to NATO, Günther Felinger, has boasted to the public about the plan to divide Russia into 41 new states!

    In the United States, there are plans to divide Russia into the United States of Siberia and other separate countries and manage them.

    This statement was made on April 25 by Deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev at the Znanie marathon.

    According to him, very different people “hang out” around the Committee on Security in Europe under the US presidential administration, including fugitive citizens of the Russian Federation.

    The chairman of the Security Council called them renegades who had left the country under fear of criminal liability or for some other reason, saying that they are in the United States drawing maps of what Russia will look like in the future, when the current political regime collapses and new owners come.

    “Then there will be separate territories: the United States of Siberia, how do you like the Yamalo-Nenets and Tyumen republics?

    Therefore, the task is simple: to divide everything into parts and manage”, he said, stressing that Russia’s task is to do everything so that this scenario cannot even theoretically be realized.

    I propose to divide Europe!


  2. Bullshitting charlatan “philosopher” wanker supreme:

    The famous French-Jewish philosopher, writer, and journalist Bernard-Henri Levy is said to “whisper in the ears of presidents”. Levy has spoken personally with almost every French president over the past 30 years, and his articles are published by the world’s most influential publications.

    The philosopher actively supports the Ukraine and has been coming to Kiev regularly since 2014. As he says himself, since the beginning of the Russian war in the Ukraine. This year, Levy presented his second documentary, “Glory to the Ukraine”, about Russia’s full-scale war against the Ukraine.

    The film “Glory to Ukraine” tells about the war by means of testimonies of soldiers and portraits of civilians, and Levy himself shares his own observations about the struggle of the Ukrainian people.

    Levy spoke about how to deal with Russian propaganda and the connection between the war in the Ukraine and the Spanish civil war in 1936 in “Voices of America” by Maria Ulyanovsk.

    Lengthy article follows with abridged version of the Frog-Jew shite’s interview.


    1. WSJ

      Put Ukraine on the U.N. Security Council
      Russia’s membership has no legal basis and should be transferred.
      By Bernard-Henri Lévy

      Ukraine can and should inherit the rights of a fallen Russia. Remove the Russian Federation from its seat as a permanent member and transfer it to Ukraine.

      Hey, Lévy, how about just shutting the fuck up?


      1. The thoughts of the “philosopher” Lévy gleaned from the above linked WSJ article:

        In Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, one of his weapons is Russia’s status as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, which entails the power to block any resolution. It’s a legacy of World War II and the decision to reserve this status to the five victors, including the Soviet Union.

        But the Soviet Union no longer exists. Russia’s membership is owing to another, far more obscure event, a meeting on Dec. 21, 1991. The U.S.S.R. was about to be officially dissolved. Leaders from 11 of the 15 newly independent states—all but Georgia and the Baltics—gathered in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan (now Almaty).

        The result, after a few hours of debate: a letter from Russian President Boris Yeltsin to the U.N. secretary-general informing him of the establishment of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the agreement that Russia would succeed the Soviet Union at the Security Council.

        The recipient might have observed that nothing in the U.N. Charter allows a group of states to dispose of the seat of a permanent member. He might have objected to the notion of a “successor state,” which appears in no law or official text. He might have noted that nine of the 11 states that made this decision weren’t U.N. members at the time. (Ukraine and what is now known as Belarus were founding members, giving the Soviets three seats for the price of one.) Given the novelty of the situation and the importance of the Security Council, the secretary-general should at least have demanded a formal debate in the General Assembly. Instead, Yeltsin’s notification was ratified without discussion. Many U.N. member countries heard about it on the news.

        Russia’s permanent membership and the veto power it confers have no legal basis.
        Which brings me to an idea: Ask the U.N. to reopen the dossier and to re-examine the original power grab that laid the foundation for our current disorder. Consider how, from Bucha to Mariupol and through to the deportation of thousands of children out of Donbass, Russia has flouted the foundational principles of the U.N. And revoke the authority that Yeltsin and Mr. Putin snatched.

        What then would become of the 1945 pact and the heritage of the “Great Patriotic War”?

        The Red Army’s First Ukrainian Front did more than its share in World War II—among other things, liberating the Auschwitz death camp. And if there’s a former Soviet country that stands for anti-Nazism today, it’s Volodymyr Zelensky’s Ukraine.

        Ukraine can and should inherit the rights of a fallen Russia. Remove the Russian Federation from its seat as a permanent member and transfer it to Ukraine. Memory permits it, morality wishes it, and an open debate among united and sovereign nations could decide it.

        Arrant nonsense.

        From a popinjay French prick “philosopher”.


        1. Hey; here’s a follow-on idea and thought – the Allies actually cheated numerous times, and dropping a nuclear bomb was the biggest fucking war crime ever. So the allies didn’t really legally win the Second World War. Nazi Germany is the logical successor to the victory. Revoke the Bretton Woods Agreement, and make the Deutschmark the world’s reserve currency, and recognize Nazi Germany as the last remaining superpower.

          It makes as much sense as Henri-Levy’s blabbering. He has no job and nothing better to do all day than think up this stupid shit.


        1. I thought she never went.

          Nope! She left a day early because of floods in Italy, whereas the Kiev Rat arrived straight from the front because of the war in the Ukraine:

          With a whiff of cordite intermingled with body odour from his sweat shirt.


          1. 21 мая 2023 12:13
            Komsomolskaya Pravda:

            What they talked about at the G7
            The G7 summit is finally over. So predictable. The leaders of the leading Western countries expressed concern about Russia’s actions, agreed to fight Moscow to the last Ukrainian (Ukraine in this case is just a convenient one-time tool for them – they use it and throw it away) and complained to each other that their own citizens are behaving ever more worse towards them.

            The second main topic of the summit was China. The G7 urged China to put pressure on Russia so that Moscow would withdraw its troops from the territory that the West considers part of the Ukraine. It is noteworthy that at the same time the head of the European Commission, ex-gynecologist Ursula von der Leyen, announced sanctions against eight Russian companies.

            In fact, the summit could have ended on Saturday, since the final communiqué was adopted the day before the official end of the event, but then Zelensky flew in … and then it began that Lieutenant Rzhevsky blushed with shame from vulgar anecdotes. [Reference to the fictitious and infamous Great Patriotic War 1812 Hussar lieutenant, about whom many anecdotes are told in Russian, my favourite being: Poruchik [Ist Lieutenant] Rzhevsky is pulling on his riding boots and about to take leave of a charming, “high class” whore whom he had met the previous evening: “Mon cher Poruchik”, she intones teasingly”, aren’t you forgetting about the money?” Rzhevsky turns to her and says proudly: “Hussars never take money!” The latter expression Gusary deneg ne berut! has become a Russian catchphrase. Used it myself many a time. Not with whores, I must add.

            Western leaders put on a show, prancing around in front of Zelensky
            Rishi Sunak and Emmanuel Macron almost rekindled the flames of centuries-old Anglo-French hostility, almost pushing each other away in order to re-embrace Zelensky, to cuddle each other again and again, looking languidly and invitingly into his eyes, as though they had seen each other only four days ago, but for at least a year.

            It becomes awkward to find the right words to describe the scenes when Macron takes Zelensky’s hands into his own, or Sunak hugs the back of the President of the Ukraine. We don’t know how Biden behaved at a rendezvous with Volodymyr behind closed doors, but, remembering the American president’s habit of sniffing the backs and necks of people younger than himself, we can assume that Macron or Sunak, if they happened to have become witnesses, enviously sighed with envy…

            Zelensky admitted the obvious about Artemivsk in front of Biden
            Zelensky had no chance to make a fiery speech in Hiroshima – there is no point in trying to agitate those who are pulling his own strings. Also the leaders of the Western countries had become clearly afraid of the President of the Ukraine, in that he might have said something like he did at the summit of the League of Arab States, where he insultingly told those present that amongst them “there are those who have turned a blind eye towards the Crimea”. And he gave numerous examples of unjust wars in Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries, ignoring the fact that almost everywhere in the countries he named either his best friends from the USA or the hosts of the Arab League Summit in Jeddah, the Saudis, had been involved in unleashing wars and tragedies.

            Probably because of that, Zelensky and Kiev did not know until the last moment whether Volodymyr was going to Hiroshima or not …

            It would have been better if they had left him in Jeddah. Because Zelensky had to answer a question about Bakhmut, which on the second day of the G7 summit Russian troops liberated and had cleared the remnants of the Ukrainian armed forces hiding in the ruins. And Zelensky had to admit the obvious.

            “Mr President, is Bakhmut still under Ukrainian control? The Russians have said they have taken Bakhmut”, Zelensky was asked at a joint press conference with Biden (there’s a place and time and the sonsofbitches had found it!).

            “I think not. But you have to understand that there’s nothing left there. They have destroyed everything. There are no buildings there. I’m sorry. It’s a tragedy. But to date Bakhmut remains only in our hearts”, replied Zelensky…

            So Zelensky had to admit the obvious, and on a day like this – on the anniversary of the liberation of Mariupol, and also on the anniversary of his presidential inauguration, at the G7 summit, he had to finally admit his months-long lie and absolute worthlessness.

            By the way, for some reason right after this, the German chancellor Olaf Scholz said that now there was no point in even talking about the Ukraine joining NATO. I guess he thought it was just ridiculous, but he was too shy to say it out loud.


          2. Whoever she is, she’s in what I’ve been told is the classic female defensive position, with her arms wrapped around herself. Presumably to gain some protection from the utter nonsense around her.


            1. I read somewhere, a long time ago, that when a woman crosses her arms it suggests she is insecure about the size of her breasts. Unfortunately, the moment I chose to introduce that concept was during riot control training. This would have been the crew of HMCS HURON, sometime during the 90’s, and we were at the base for a day of training in how to respond to a riot in the civilian population. We learned the equipment and some simple formations for pushing through a crowd, that sort of thing. Part of it was signals – a riot is often an extremely noisy environment, and verbal orders might be difficult or impossible to hear. You have to keep one eye on the officer leading the formation all the time for signals; for instance, patting the top of his own head meant “Form up on me” – take your positions for the wedge formation, with himself as the center. One of the signals was the crossed-arms pose. He said, “Can anyone tell me what this means?”, and I guess I spoke a little louder than I had intended. “You’re insecure about the size of your breasts” was apparently not the correct answer, but it earned me the immolation stare for a fairly uncomfortable 15 seconds or so. Sometimes that seems like not a long time at all, and sometimes…well, it is a long time. Lt(N) Thorsen, I still remember him, he was one of those earnest types who invited insubordination with his personality. I was a low enough rank at the time that it was not worth punishing me for setting a bad example for others.

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            2. I was thinking that myself. She’s clearly indicating by her body language: “I don’t want be part of this shit show!”

              Either that or Macron has been touching her up.

              I wouldn’t put it past the Frog creep.

              Then again, maybe not. knowing his preferred tastes . . .


            1. Yeah, I was forgetting that. Birth rates all over Europe are dire, yet all too regularly there pop up shitwit comments and memes by know-nothings on the web about the demographic straits in which the Land of the Orcs finds itself in. Granted, they’re worrisome: diddy Dimka was chunnering away about this the other day, but no worse and, I think, often a little better than in the lands of milk and honey that make up Western Europe.

              It’s the same as regards the oft repeated meme that Russians are fleeing their abhorrent motherland, so frightful a place it is to live. I remember years ago reading that the country in Europe in which the majority of the young adult population would prefer to leave is Germany.


      1. It’s sure an impressively unimpressive photo-op, even by G7 photo-op standards. Trudeau looks meekly and sheepishly sidelined, awaiting orders. Scholz’s disembodied head in the background looks like an assembly of sphincters and sensors embedded in silicone. Sunak’s simpering uppity saunter would invite a corrective slug in the gut on any sensible sidewalk anywhere. Biden’s dementia is on full display. Everyone’s ignoring Macron, including the Shinto priests. Der Leyen’s wearing wonderment on her face as she gazes at nothing. This is the sad human putty the media spinmasters somehow manage to sculpt into that grand statue, Inspiring Western Leadership, day after day. Quite a feat in its way. Fools some people.


        1. Fools enough people to keep enough of them coming out to vote that the media can still simper about our precious democracy. I suppose if I were philosophical (like Bernard Henri-Levy) I would acknowledge that if the eternally-hopeful did not vote them in, they would simply be appointed like Uschi is.

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    1. And why’s the Banderastan, Lvov born Galitsian Prime Minister there? He’s not a head of state either.


      1. The Ukraine stopped existing over a year ago. No-one has noticed.

        Like Yugoslavia which was tolerated as it served as strategic buffer between east and west (Regan was the one who pulled the plug first), the Ukraine was also supposedly too and yet again it was the west that has pulled the plug. This Dodo is not for (re)turning.


    1. Apparently a country no longer needs to be a member of the NATO military alliance for NATO to arm it and use it as a lever against the countries NATO doesn’t like. You just pick someone who has location, location, location and declare yourself their new best friend. Once that would have raised eyebrows, but apparently not anymore. And I wouldn’t say the performance of American wonder-weapons thus far has made much of an argument for having them meaning and instant shift in the balance of power in your favour. Maybe if you believe all that western hype.


  3. “Glory to the Ukraine” with an Estonian accent. Because of theft, the head of the Ukrainian charity foundation has been stripped of the title “Person of the Year”

    Ukrainism is really a virus. A contagious disease. Estonian Johanna-Maria Lehtme, who graduated with a master’s degree in law from the University of Tartu, having lived in Kiev since February 2017, fled back to Estonia with the start of the special military operation. But the virus of Ukrainism had taken possession of the Master of law, and she had created a non-profit organization Slava Ukraini, which in 2022 collected 6.5 million euros in donations, allegedly in support of the armed forces of the Ukraine. But, as it has turned out, most of the donations did not reach the Ukrainian military.

    About this scandal, “Anti-Fascist” has told in detail.

    And while the competent authorities and concerned citizens were investigating and asking questions of Johanna-Maria Lehtma, the clever Estonian had managed to become a deputy of the Riigikogu (“State Assembly”) — the highest representative and legislative body in Estonia. In addition, at the beginning of 2023, the editors of “Postimees” named the executive director of the NGO Slava Ukraini “Person of the Year”. The title “Person of the Year” was usually awarded to a person who has distinguished himself during the year by some outstanding deeds. As it turned out, Johanna-Maria really had distinguished herself.

    When, after the award ceremony, the editorial staff heard rumours about the scandal with the NGO Slava Ukraini, there were serious suspicions that donations from Estonian residents for the Ukraine could have been used to enrich personally the functionaries of this non-profit organization. And since Johanna-Maria Lehtme had not refuted the suspicions that arose, had not provided evidence that would have dispelled the doubts that had arisen in society, the editorial board of “Postimees” decided to deprive Johanna-Maria Lehtme of the title of “Person of the Year”. According to Estonian journalists, by her actions, she had undermined the faith of Estonian residents in charitable assistance to the Ukraine.

    But okay — they were stripped of their rank! Where’s the money?” But there is no money! It hasn’t been found yet.

    Creative pens

    However, as it turned out, the clever Ukrainian-Estonian had managed to steal donations from the AFU at her previous job before her epic and was forced to quit. As reported by the weekly “Eestiexpress”, this was told by the founder of the Miltton communication company Annika Arras. According to her, Johanna-Maria Lehtme, while working for the EWA (European Women’s Academy) project, forged documents about expenses and embezzled “a four-digit sum of euros”. When Arras presented the thief with documentary evidence of the theft, they entered into an agreement that Lehtme would reimburse the missing money and leave Miltton. As is often done in such cases, Johanna-Maria resigned “by agreement of the parties”. After that, in 2017, she suddenly became inflamed with love for the Ukraine and fled to Kiev. Where the Ukrainians taught her how to steal properly.

    Politics as a cover for theft

    After her having returned to Estonia, Ms. Lehtme not only started stealing on a large scale, but also became a member of the Estonian State Assembly, a member of the Eesti 200 parliamentary group. The Liberal party Estonia 200 is known, for example, for organizing a propaganda campaign for the elimination of Russian-language schools in the country. So “Slavo Ukrainka” was already in place there!

    But now, alas, having come under suspicion of misuse of donations that were collected in Estonia for Ukraine through the NGO “Glory to the Ukraine”, Lehtme has decided to resign as a deputy of the Riigikogu herself before she got the elbow.

    “This is my personal decision. As a member of the Riigikogu, I should continue to be subjected to increased public attention, which would not allow the truth to be established or a fair investigation to be conducted. I also want to save the party from problems if it has undeservedly come under pressure from the public”, she explained to the press.

    And while the smart former executive director continues to confirm that she will give her own exhaustive answers in the course of investigations initiated by law enforcement agencies, so far there have been no answers.

    Why us?

    But the Ukrainian media immediately raised a howl about the fact that the totally honest assistant of the Ukraine was being defamed.

    “The largest and most famous foundation in Estonia, NGO “Slava Ukraini”, which collected and transferred private donations for the needs of the Ukraine amounting to at least 6.5 million euros, has become the target of an information attack organized by the Russians”, “Delovaya Stolitsa” writes.

    According to the Ukrainian media, the goal of the organizers of this attack against NGO “Slava Ukraini” is to block the work of Estonia’s largest charitable foundation, and thereby significantly reduce support for the Ukraine.

    To steal millions

    The history of the activities of NGO “Slava Ukraini” has already been covered not only by Estonian, but also by European media. Eesti Päevaleht journalists, in collaboration with the Kiev Independent, found that at least 1.5 million euros of the donations went to the account of the private company IC Construction, which in turn is closely associated with the Ukrainian NGO “All for Victory”. According to media reports, Johanna-Maria Lehtme is a close friend of the head of “All for Victory” Gennadiy Vaskiv, the former deputy mayor of Lvov, and the executive director of IC Construction, Roman Panasyuk, previously worked as the head of the economic department of the mayor’s office. Moreover, it turned out that until August 2022, this private company was owned by the head of the “All for Victory” logistics department, Alexander Chernov. And now this company is owned by Chernov’s daughter-in-law and the daughter of Vaskiv’s colleague Marta Luta, who works as a manicurist in Vaskiv’s wife’s beauty salon. In general, a normal Ukrainian scheme with nepotism and family ratting.

    Almost 100% of the turnover of the IC Construction trading company Panasyuk, according to him, was made up of money received from the “Glory to the Ukraine Foundation”, that is, from Estonian citizens who donated money. Journalists have calculated that the company one in four of the euros had been donated by Estonians. And although the executive director of the NGO “Slava Ukraini” Johanna-Maria Lehtme “froze up” and tells everyone that she did not know anything, the director of the private company, Alexander Chernov, in an interview with ETV+ TV channel, said that she was actually aware of everything that was happening.

    “I knew that there was a lot of money left in the account. Moreover, one item was not bought at all, it was taken from a warehouse in the town. It was canned meat, the cans were not bought, but included in the bill. They were worth about 240,000 hryvnias. Well, maybe I’m wrong, but it was a substantial amount. I saw the difference because I did the analysis together with Gennady. We sent it to Johanna, and she corrected it”, admitted Chernov.

    Who needs the war…

    The “Slava Ukraini” organization had a lot of similar schemes, for example, they repaired cars not in Estonia, but in the Ukraine, where it costs twice as much, bought non-existent products and allegedly took them to non-existent volunteers. But the most interesting thing is that this is happening all the time in the Ukraine today. The Estonian woman just normally lined herself up within the existing schemes. And the only problem is that it cheated not only Ukrainians, but also Estonians. And there, in Estonia, for some reason, these “European” schemes were not understood. But Ukrainians have long understood everything.

    “I don’t trust foundations and volunteers who don’t provide reports. We are facing terrible corruption”, considers a journalist from Lvov, Olga Kukharuk.

    According to her, they steal everything from money to children’s clothes and food.

    “Then all this gets to the markets at inflated prices. And how much humanitarian aid is provided in closed warehouses… And suddenly it becomes impossible to find out who owns the warehouse or the fund that stored this humanitarian aid there”, says the journalist.

    According to Kukharuk, what is happening is well described by the proverb “there will always be people for whom war turns out not to be a pain, but a blessing”.

    “Many Ukrainians are profiting from the grief of their compatriots. We thought that now, in such a terrible time, everyone was working for the victory of the Ukraine, but it hasturned out that many people think only about their pockets”, notes Olga Kukharuk.

    In the Ukrainian media, founder and director of the charity fund “All for Victory” Gennady Vaskov assures that no dirty technologies will stop the activities of the fund and the help of international partners: “We have our own war in the rear. But our task remains the same as it was — to provide everything necessary for the military, who are preparing for a counter offensive. Everything shall be for the Ukraine!”

    So everything will be the way it was? After all, whatever you call a ship, that’s how it will sink. “Glory to the Ukraine” has already looted millions of euros, which means that everything will be done for the victory of thieving Ukrainian swindlers.

    According to the Romanian publication VVeridica, Ukraine ranks 116th in the international corruption perception index, next to El Salvador and Algeria. Estonia is in this ranking at 14th place. Estonia has facing it a long and interesting journey ahead.


  4. Former French Ambassador: Ukraine has revealed a new world order

    346K subscribers

    461 views May 22, 2023

    UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers meets Gérard Araud.

    00:00 – 01:31 – Introduction
    01:31 – 06:20 – What does Gérard Araud mean by “the Western moment is coming to an end”?
    06:20 – 09:59 – Is facing reality the safer option?
    09:59 – 20:05 – Would America defend Taiwan military?
    20:05 – 28:10 – Why making a peace deal with Ukraine would never work
    28:10 – 38:02 – Do we need to change the way we do diplomacy?
    38:20 – 40:27 – How likely is it that Russia will go nuclear?
    40:27 – 47:16 – Does Europe need to be able to defend itself, and how likely is this?
    47:16 – 48:27 – Concluding thoughts


    1. Oh, look, two puppets of American dependencies getting reacquainted. Warms the heart, or actually sickens the stomach, especially when Z manages to erase his easy grin a nanosecond before the cameras click. Studiously grim-faced thereafter. Posturing fraud. Alongside a bantering hairdo. The clock’s ticking on all their hugs and pledges. Another year or so and they’ll both be old news.


      1. “So when they told me the Iskander would impact on the daycare, I just stood there and caught it as it came down—seized its nose cone like this and took all the velocity out of it.”
        “True. Happened.”
        “I wish you’d seize my Iskander by the nose cone.”
        “Shush! Reporters! …Later. Hotel room.”


  5. US military equipment seized in Belgorod region
    23.05.2023 05:29

    An American armoured vehicle has been captured in the Belgorod region.

    As reported by Russkaya Vesna, on May 22, a battle took place while repelling an attack by Ukrainian saboteurs in the Grayvoronsky district of the Belgorod region. Several enemy armoured vehicles were hit, and the saboteurs retreated. At the same time, Russian fighters managed to capture an American armoured car MaxxPro. The equipment received minor damage.

    Earlier it became known that as a result of the attack of saboteurs on the Belgorod region, eight people were injured.

    The bastards mortar bombed a village. One woman was very seriously wounded and another villager, a man, was also seriously wounded.

    In response to the news the other day that the Terrorist State had been given permission by the Chief World Terrorist State to attack the Crimea with missiles, former Russian President Medvedev vented his rage, as did others, stating that such attacks against the peninsula would be deemed to be attacks against Russia.


    That a fact?

    Then where the fucking hell are the Bryansk and Belgorod provinces then?


  6. AiF

    23.05.2023 11:21
    The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (IC) has opened a case on a terrorist attack after the DRG attack on the Belgorod region

    Moscow, May 23, AIF – Moscow.
    A criminal case under six articles, including “terrorist attack”, was initiated as regards an attack by a Ukrainian Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group (SRG) on settlements of the Belgorod region. This has been s reported by the Investigative Committee.

    Recall that on May 22, Ukrainian saboteurs entered the territory of the Grayvoronsky district of the Belgorod region. Residential and administrative buildings were bombarded. Several civilians were injured.

    The Investigative Committee noted that criminal cases had been initiated under the following articles: 205, 317, 105, 167, 222, 222.1 (” Terrorist act”, “Assault on the life of law enforcement officers”, “Attempted murder”, “Intentional destruction or damage to property”, “Illegal trafficking of weapons and explosives”).

    The day before, the Governor of the Belgorod region Vyacheslav Gladkov announced the introduction of a counter-terrorist operation regime in the region. This has been done in order to ensure the safety of citizens, he said.

    Earlier, the media revealed the identity of the militants from the SRG that had attacked the Belgorod region.

    22.05.2023 18:53
    “RV” has revealed the identity of the terrorists who attacked the Belgorod region

    Moscow, May 22, AIF-Moscow.
    The media has revealed the identity of militants from the sabotage and reconnaissance group that attacked the Belgorod region today. They have turned out to be neo-Nazis from the Svoboda Rossii legion*, writes the Telegram channel Voenkory Russkoy Vesna.

    One of the attackers was a militant named “Caesar” – Maximilian Andronnikov. He previously told the media that he had first joined the “Russian Imperial Movement”, and then moved to the Ukrainian legion “Freedom for Russia”.

    The second militant is Alexey Dolgov from Tolyatti with the call sign “Quiet”, according to “RV”. The third was “Garik”, who had previously stated that he plans to fight in the legion as a mortar bomb launcher.

    The media also claim that Kirill Kanakhin**, who was part of the SRG that attacked the Bryansk region in March, had been seen amongst the militants.

    We remind readers that today the head of the Belgorod region reported that the Ukrainian SRG had entered the territory of the Graivoronsky district. The Kremlin believes that Kiev’s actions are to attempt to distract public attention from the defeat of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in Artyomivsk.

    A counter-terrorist operation regime has been introduced in the Belgorod Region. The authorities explained that this had been done for the safety of residents of the region.

    * a terrorist organization banned in Russia.

    ** added to the list of terrorists and extremists by Rosfinmonitoring.

    So Russian the terrorists are Russian “nationalists” who are “ant-regime” and who also despise Russian citizens, in that they see fit to murder Russian civilians as part of their actions against “the regime”.

    Hang ’em high!

    In public!


    1. Not real Nazis ME, but fun ones!
      Like Prince Harry.

      Except with guns, who go fighting and openly declare they are going to ‘kill Orcs’ and all the rest of it, but still not real ones.

      I look forward to there being a series of parades of Azov/Dnipro 1+2 etc. in full regalia with proud nazi salutes in each u-Ropean country after the war is over so that the grateful local population can shower them with flowers and presents as well as cheer them to say ‘Thanks for protecting us from the Russians!.’


  7. ⚡️🇷🇺 Throughout the night, Ukrainian units held a portion of the village of Kozinka for a period of time. The response from our guys only took an hour. Majority of the enemy fled by early this morning. The enemy suffered losses numbering near to 50 personnel, 5 IFVs, 1 tank, and several captured personnel. The brigades that participated in this diversion offensive were from the “Legion of Free Russia” and the Neo-Nazi “Russian Volunteer Detachment”. Aviation forces are still working on the convoy which retreated back into the Kharkov Region in the morning.



    1. Bye-bye bastards!

      ❗️Russia’s MoD has published footage showing the elimination of a Ukrainian sabotage group in the Belgorod region

      The ministry provided details on the Ukrainian terrorist attack in the Belgorod region:

      ▪️After the loss of Artemovsk, the Kiev regime has decided to ramp up terrorist acts against civilians

      ▪️On Monday, after heavy shelling, a Ukrainian sabotage group infiltrated the Belgorod region;

      ▪️Ukrainian nationalist formations behind the attack were blocked and eliminated;

      ▪️Remnants of the group were thrown back to Ukraine, where they were shelled until their complete destruction;

      ▪️Russian forces eliminated more than 70 Ukrainian terrorists and destroyed four armored vehicles and five cars.

      Subscribe to @SputnikInt

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    1. “In the course of a counter-terrorist operation, invading formations were blocked and destroyed by air strikes, artillery fire and active actions of the state border protection units, [their] remnants were thrown back to the territory of the Ukraine, where they continued to be hit by fire until they were completely eliminated”, the Russian Defence Ministry said.



  8. Western values, Western standards.

    Time Magazine for 12 June, 2023:

    Who the hell is Florence Pugh?

    What bearing does she have on the world, on the lives of millions?

    The last time I saw a a tattooed female creature with a ring in its nose was many years ago when I gazed upon a sow in a pigsty.

    Meanwhile, the world teeters on the edge of nuclear Armageddon, but worry not! Florence Pugh will lead us all to a brighter future.


    1. Apparently an English actress who made her earth-shattering breakthrough starring in a film where she played a professional wrestler.

      Florence Pugh (/pjuː/ PEW; born 3 January 1996) is an English actress. She made her acting debut in 2014 in the drama film The Falling. Pugh gained recognition in 2016 for her leading role as a young bride in the independent drama Lady Macbeth, winning a British Independent Film Award, and drew praise for starring in the miniseries The Little Drummer Girl (2018).

      Pugh’s international breakthrough came in 2019 with her portrayals of professional wrestler Paige in the biographical sports film Fighting with My Family, a despondent American woman in the horror film Midsommar, and Amy March in the period drama Little Women.

      I guess the world is just waking up to its appetite for actors as national leaders. Or when they say, “Florence Pugh is in control”, they mean of the Hollywood scene, which is by definition not real. I shouldn’t worry that we will see President Pugh any time soon – it doesn’t pay very well unless you are the fictitious leader of a war-torn country who is able to tap the cashboxes of the major western powers.


  9. And now, courtesy of the anti-regime Russian blogosphere:

    On the Humvee, “destroyed by a high-precision artillery strike,” not a scratch or soot from fire, the wheels are all intact, the windows are not even cracked! And even with such an explosion, they would not have remained in the pit, but would have scattered in different directions!!!

    Sonofabitch Chekists! Who are you doing these performances for? Oh, yes: a stupid question…


    1. 23 May, 2023 23:19
      US struggles to explain images of its destroyed hardware inside Russia
      The Russian Defense Ministry released footage showing American vehicles used by Ukrainian militants in Belgorod attack

      President Joe Biden’s administration has suggested that contrary to the footage shared by the Russian military and many other images posted on social media showing US-made military vehicles destroyed in the Belgorod Region, the equipment used by Ukrainian militants in their latest attack on Russian soil wasn’t likely supplied by Washington or its Western allies.

      “We’ve seen some of the reports circulating on social media and elsewhere making claims that US-supplied weapons were used in these attacks,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters on Tuesday in Washington. “I will say that we’re skeptical at this time of the veracity of these reports.”

      Miller suggested that footage of the destroyed vehicles might be fake.

      “We’ve seen a lot of reports on social media and fuzzy pictures on social media and a lot of kind of armchair intelligence analysts making claims,” he said. “We’re skeptical that they’re accurate.”

      The images appear to clearly show the disabled US-made equipment, including Humvees and at least one MaxxPro MRAP armored fighting vehicle. Nevertheless, when questioned on why US officials haven’t made a definitive assessment, Miller stood by his claim.

      “We don’t have perfect clarity on the information,” he told reporters. “We’re looking at the same pictures you see, the same fuzzy images, and at this time, we are skeptical of their veracity.”

      Monday’s attack by a Ukrainian saboteur group targeted the Belgorod district of Grayvoron, where at least one resident was killed and several others injured. The Russian Defense Ministry on Tuesday published an aerial footage purporting to show its destruction of the Ukrainian militant group, which left US-made armor on fire.

      Another higher quality video showed multiple damaged and destroyed US-made vehicles scattered around in the aftermath of the attack. The Kiev regime has resorted to launching “terrorist actions” against civilian targets after its forces suffered defeat in Artyomovsk (known as Bakhmut in Ukraine), the ministry said.

      READ MORE: Ukraine resorting to terrorism after Artyomovsk defeat – Russian MOD
      US officials denied any responsibility for attacks in Russian territory. “We do not encourage or enable strikes inside Russia, and we’ve made that clear, but as we’ve also said, it’s up to Ukraine to decide how to conduct this war,” Miller said on Monday.

      The Pentagon’s press secretary, Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder, said the US government hadn’t approved any transfers of equipment to paramilitary organizations outside the Ukrainian armed forces. He added that US officials “regularly communicate to Ukraine” that Washington’s security assistance must be used only inside the country to defend its sovereignty.

      Like Miller, Ryder tried to cast doubt on the footage of US-made armored vehicles. “When you see imagery like that – you know, again, something we’ll look into – I don’t know if it’s true or not in terms of the veracity of that imagery.”

      One wag commentator to the above RT article writes:

      Liar, liar! Your Hummer’s on fire!


      1. “We do not encourage or enable strikes inside Russia, and we’ve made that clear, but as we’ve also said, it’s up to Ukraine to decide how to conduct this war”.

        So we keep furnishing Ukraine with increasingly-modern weapons which have little purpose other than to kill people, but winkingly tell them, “Y’all be sure and not hurt any Russians what ain’t in Yoo-kraine with these here weapons, y’hear?”

        The USA is a longtime devotee of the principle that if you can turn an enemy’s own population against him, you will beat him with their assistance, and anything you need to do to turn the people against the leader – including terrorism – is fair play. Especially if you only hand your proxies the clubs and take no active hand in it yourself.


        1. It’s the open way they assist criminal and terrorist acts now that amazes me. They dare you to connect the dots: “Well, we threatened for years to destroy Nordstream 2 and now that it’s gone we’re thrilled…and yes we had capabilities in place at the time…but, uh, we didn’t do it.” The element of plausibility has disappeared from the idea of plausible deniability. Lies no longer have to hold any water. Accusations can be shrugged off as Russian misinformation or indefinitely deferred with a promise to “look into it.” Zero repercussions. Media happy to downplay or dismiss opposing claims or inconvenient facts. Which is scary because it means they’re probably not worried about blowblack from any future provocations. God knows what those’ll be.


          1. I suspect the west will collapse economically before it can do very much more mischief if it does not kick off a major war quite soon, and unless it has plans for Bretton Woods Two (assuming it could win, which is by no means certain or even likely), a big war would simply delay the inevitable.


    2. Yes, the Russians have a large stock of clean, undamaged American war vehicles that they keep so they can drop them in an incriminating fashion near schools and orphanages and claim there was a secret attack, which no other newspapers reported.


    3. Plenty of scratches and smashed windows and soot on this one though, is there not, stupid fucker of a troll arsehole? And its former occupants will now look like burnt out matchsticks.

      Too bad!

      Or is the above photo yet another OIrc another fake?



      1. Clearly another fake!

        ROFL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        as dickhead trolls love to decorate far and wide their pig-ignorant and inane comments.

        I think the pig lying alongside the clearly faked photo of the Hummer is a little overdone. Too crispy.


  10. Flag bearer, skinhead rocker and actor: Who of the traitorous Russians tried their luck in the battles in the Belgorod region?

    “Life” has found out the identity of key saboteurs who attacked the territory of the Belgorod region. These are former soldier of an Honour Guard company Danil Maznik, actor Kirill Konakhin and rocker-nationalist Alexey Lyovkin. These are traitors who have left a criminal trail behind them.

    Russian Volunteer Corps fighters [RVC]: Kirill Kanakhin, Danil Maznik, Alexey Levkin. Collage © LIFE. Photo © / SHOT

    It seems that the counter offensive repeatedly announced by Zelensky has eventually boiled down to a sabotage PR raid in the Belgorod region. About a hundred people, supported by several tanks and armoured vehicles, invaded the Grayvoronsky district, where they were dispersed, partly destroyed, and partly taken prisoner. By Tuesday evening, it became known that about 70 bandits had been liquidated. As a result of the operation, the Counter Terrorist Operation regime in the region has been cancelled.

    The main actor of the Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group [SRG] of the “Russian Volunteer Corps”* was Denis Kapustin, but other neo-Nazis came along with him.

    Who was the infamous former Russian soldier Danil “Puck” Maznik?

    RVC machine gunner Danil Maznik does not hide his face in the footage of the shooting during the attack on the Belgorod region — even, it seems, on the contrary: he cheerfully comments on what is happening. Previously, he repeatedly became the hero of various documentaries made in the Ukraine to publicise Russians fighting against their own country — Russia. In them, he tells Ukrainians that he loves his mother country and does not consider himself a traitor.

    Maznik will be 29 years old in the next few days. He comes from the Rostov Region, has lived in Askai, then Volgodonsk, and in recent years has been registered in the village of Zimovniki in the Zimovniki district. His father, Bogdan Maznyk, comes from the Lvov region of Ukraine and, judging by social networks, both he and his children have never lost contact with their Ukrainian relatives. [My stress — ME]

    According to his own words, Danil Maznyk had been a regular soldier, although he has never specified where. “Life” has found out that he had served in a Separate Rifle Company of the Rostov-on-Don Honour Guard. Soldiers of this unit wear parade uniforms and participate in various official state events. For several years in a row, Maznik has participated in Victory Day parades on May 9, and his commanders entrusted him with carrying a copy of the Victory Banner.

    After his demobilisation, according to Interior Ministry archives, he did not work anywhere for a long time. According to some reports, in the winter of 2022, Maznik was charged under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud committed by an organised group or on an especially large scale). The court hearing was supposed to have taken place on February 24, but it was allegedly postponed.

    Taking advantage of this circumstance, Maznik fled to the Ukraine, leaving behind his wife, child and loan debts worth around 60,000 roubles.

    Actor Kirill Konakhin

    Kirill Konakhin*, a 41-year-old actor of the State Academic Maly Theatre of Russia, was among the militants who invaded the Belgorod region, a familiar face from the March attack by the RVG* in the Bryansk region. His mother recognized him amongst other participants in the attack in the footage of the Ukrainian militants filmed the fighting near Kozinka. Interestingly, before his first bandit raid in Russia, the woman did not really know what her son was doing in the Ukraine. She thought he was working as a yoga instructor. She, like her neighbours, last saw Konakhin a year and a half ago, after which Kirill had never visited his mother again.

    Kirill Kanakhin* was born on 9 April 1982. In 2003, he graduated from the acting department of the Schepkin Theatre School, workshop of People’s Artist of the USSR Yuri Solomin. During his life in Russia he performed with many stars of the national cinema and show business: Maxim Averin, Ksenia Sobchak, Mikhail Efremov, Yelena Yakovleva, Tatiana Arntgolts, Andrei Sokolov, Nastya Zadorozhnaya and others.

    Amongst others in his acting career was a prophetic role of the police traitor of the Fatherland in the war drama “Alien Wings”. The actor stopped acting in films back in 2012, later he moved to the Ukraine, where for a while he settled in the Odessa region.

    As a member of the RVC*, he is also not shy about revealing his face. In addition to combat videos, he regularly starred in propaganda videos of Russian traitors in the Ukraine and participated in militant meetings with Kiev schoolchildren, during which he taught teenagers how to handle weapons and military ammunition.

    [What a surprise! Another kreakl traitor! — ME]

    Singer Alexey Lyovkin

    Another participant in today’s attack in the Belgorod Region is a neo-Nazi, a person involved in criminal proceedings under Part 1 Article 282.1 of the Criminal Code (establishment of an extremist community) and Part 1 Article 282 of the Criminal Code (incitement of hatred or enmity) Alexey Lyovkin. He has been wanted in Russia since 2018.

    Lyovkin is the lead singer of the neo-Nazi black metal band M8L8TH (the name translates as “Hitler’s Hammer”). This was not his first criminal case: in 2006, along with other skinheads, he was accused of four murders and five assaults, as well as the desecration of a Jewish cemetery. At the time, he managed to fake insanity, which resulted in his being sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment instead of prison. In 2010, Lyovkin was released from psychiatric prison hospital, and in 2014 he left for the Ukraine, where he joined the Ukrainian Nazi battalion “Azov “** and fought with them in Donbass.

    *Included in the list of terrorists and extremists.

    **terrorist organisation, banned in the Russian Federation.

    Photos in linked article below of the kreakl filth.



  11. Vomit bags at the ready?

    Then read on . . .


    Despite war, Ukraine allows Russian oil and gas to cross its territory
    By David L. Stern
    May 24, 2023 at 1:00 a.m. EDT

    KYIV, Ukraine — Despite a brutal Russian invasion that has killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians and laid waste to swaths of the country, Ukraine continues to allow Russian oil and gas to cross its territory to serve its European neighbors — generating revenue for Kyiv and Moscow and illustrating how hard it is for the bitter enemies to cut ties. . .

    It’s brutal, I tells ya!!!

    The Kremlin has used energy supplies as a weapon, including in the 2000s when it twice cut off supplies to Europe.

    The filthy Orcish swine!

    The WP so-called journalist’s family name “Stern” means “star” in German.

    That’s Star of David, of course.


    1. He forgot to mention Russia blew up its own pipeline because Putin’s crazy and does brutal unprovoked things out of sheer brutal craziness.


    1. More whizz-bangs again went the way of Hoholand last night:

      In Kiev reported explosions in the city
      May 25, 2023, 02: 25

      In Kiev, explosions were reported in the city, as air alarm sounds off
      “Explosions were heard in Kiev. The air defence system is working, stay under cover”, the TSN TV channel said in a statement.

      Earlier explosions in the Lvov region had been reported.

      In addition, an air alert was issued in Kiev and the Kiev and Chernigov regions.

      Later, sirens sounded in the Odessa, Rivne and Khmelnitsky regions.

      Don’t worry, noble defenders of dignity, European values, freedom and democracy: the Orcs will soon run out of missiles,


      1. “The air defence system is working, stay under cover” is a sensible warning considering much if not most of the damage to nearby civilian housing is caused by Ukrainian air defence which misses its target, fails to acquire a target or runs out of fuel without intercepting a target.



    Translated from German by Google; tweaked by ME into real English:

    ❗ German general confirms Ukrainian war crimes ❗

    Bundeswehr General Andreas Marlow has learnt of the war crimes committed by Ukrainian soldiers against Russian prisoners of war. The German public prosecutor’s office and the German Ministry of Defense have not reacted to his complaints, which he submitted in February 2023.

    🔻 Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow heads the Multinational Special Training Centre, under whose supervision Ukrainian soldiers are trained.

    ▫️ For months, Marlow has been trying to launch a federal investigation into crimes committed by the Ukrainian military. In February 2023, he submitted a formal application to Duscha Gmel, federal prosecutor at the Federal Court of Justice, and a copy to the German Ministry of Defence. So far, the authorities have not responded to his request in any way.

    ▫️ He pointed out in particular that Ukrainian soldiers, trained at the bases in Wildflecken and Hummelburg, had repeatedly showed videos of the torture and execution of Russian prisoners of war, which confirms the involvement of Ukrainians in war crimes.

    ▫️ Although dozens of German officers had seen these videos, they were ordered not to disseminate what they saw. Most of them do not want to lose their official posts and therefore do not make the facts of the crimes public.

    ▫️ According to Marlow, German trainers who have worked with Ukrainians believe that they are not interested in the training programme offered by the Bundeswehr. Rather, they are interested in ways to intimidate the enemy – including those that could be classified as war crimes. Ukrainians especially often referred to the effectiveness of punitive measures carried out by SS troops in the occupied territories of the USSR.

    ❗ In addition, the Ukrainians requested access to Bundeswehr documents on punitive actions, both from the present and from World War II. According to them, British representatives have already shared similar information with them, and they expected the same from the Germans.

    Marlow does not accept the policy of concealing war crimes and wants to make it public, even though he knows what it can cost him. He is convinced that the torture processes should be fully clarified, especially since German trainers who worked with the Ukrainians can, in his opinion, appear as witnesses.

    Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow can be contacted directly to verify our information:

    For serious inquiries we can also pass on the phone number. First of all, you have to introduce yourself here!


    1. Where’s the Tweet gone?



  13. Here’s an interesting blast from the recent past by our favourite war correspondent, Looooooooook HARDING!! Written on the very eve of the SMO, The Graun’s take on the imminent conflict is quite multifaceted, and I must confess that although slipping into his usual habit of gilding the western ally’s lily for it, he made at least some attempt to be even-handed, as he did here;

    “But critics fear that by refusing to make concessions to Moscow, Zelenskiy is steering his country towards disaster. They argue he needs to find a pragmatic solution to the dangerous standoff with Putin – ruling out Nato membership for Ukraine, at least for now – a key Russian demand. The US and its allies would go along with such a declaration, privately breathing a sigh of relief, they argue.”

    More recently, the western and especially the British media have adopted the policy of simply no longer quoting any ‘critics’, because that might be defeatist, and Ukraine must ‘continue winning’. I certainly hope they don’t adopt the same approach to betting on the gee-gees. But as he points out here – by quoting ‘critics’ – there was no reason at all to expect NATO was afire with eagerness to accept Ukraine. As we’ve often highlighted here, before hostilities even commenced between Russia and Ukraine it was the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe. It’s huge, land-wise, and would seriously strain the resources of Europe to try and make a cooperative and productive member of it, and its business models must have sent a shudder through European regulators across the continent.

    In succeeding years the compilers hit upon the novel defense of simply moving Russia down the rankings so that Ukraine would be ‘less corrupt’ than Russia, and the index is not very reliable anyway, being built upon the ‘impressions’ of western businessmen, which often might reflect their disappointment in not being allowed to swoop in and raid the place and swoop out again with their booty. That notwithstanding, it hardly reflects the sort of country NATO would be eager to take on in any partnership…except military. In which instance it would have location!location!location!

    It’s pretty easy to see how little the western ‘partners’ have actually invested in civilian infrastructure or betterment of the general lifestyle in Ukraine – for one thing, you couldn’t fault them much for suggesting they must win the war first, and for another, the rapid disappearance of monies invested in Ukraine in favour of Ukrainian partners is fairly well-known. Without much…ummm…improvement of the condition the funds were invested to improve. Pretty much all the funds invested this time around – and they are investments, not gifts, and the west expects its investments to pay some sort of dividends, and if there is not a satisfactory level of damage against Russia it will want its money back – have been toward the cause of killing Russians and draining the Russian military.


  14. Another sure sign that Banderastan is ever more victorious and rapidly approaching final and total victory!

    24 May, 2023 14:48
    We want to kill Putin – Ukrainian deputy intelligence chief
    Vadim Skibitsky told the media that the Russian president feels Kiev’s operatives are “getting closer to him”

    Vadim Skibitsky. © Vladimir Shtanko/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

    [Dressed up like a pox doctor’s clerk! Why no sweat-shirt and military style pants? — ME]

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is on Ukraine’s kill list, the deputy chief of the country’s intelligence agency has revealed. Vadim Skibitsky added that his subordinates are also hunting down top Russian military commanders.

    Speaking to Germany’s Die Welt media outlet on Wednesday, Skibitsky was asked whether his service is trying to assassinate the Russian head of state. The Ukrainian official replied by saying that President Putin “notices that we’re getting ever closer to him.”

    According to Skibitsky, the Ukrainian intelligence service has failed to kill Putin because he “stays holed up,” but added that the Russian commander-in-chief “is now beginning to stick his head out.”

    When he does appear publicly, however, the intelligence agency is “not sure whether it’s really him,” Skibitsky insisted.

    He added that his subordinates were “trying to kill” Yevgeny Prighozhin, the head of the Wagner private military company.

    Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov have also been marked for elimination by the Ukrainian intelligence service, its deputy chief claimed.

    When asked whether Kiev was behind the assassinations of journalist and activist Darya Dugina last August and military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky in late April, as well as the attempt on the life of writer Zakhar Prilepin earlier this month, Skibitsky claimed that these had been ‘inside jobs’.

    The Ukrainian official also alleged that various groups within the Russian elite were fighting each other for power.

    Skibitsky added that Russian “propagandists” are not the top priority targets for his service as opposed to Russian military unit commanders. He claimed that Kiev had managed to assassinate some of this top brass but refused to give any names or number,


      1. Zaluzhny apparently needed a craniotomy. That suggests the wound was serious – the craniotomy must have been done to remove foreign material (like shrapnel), to control excessive bleeding or to treat some other kind of major trauma.

        The general was a diabetic as well and his condition is sure to complicate his recovery. While he’s likely to be receiving the best medical care Ukraine can afford right now, how good will that care be?


  15. 24.05.2023 19:22
    The resilience of a naval reconnaissance vessel.

    Medium reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs”.

    The medium reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs”, which is part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, was attacked by three Ukrainian unmanned boats in the southern Black Sea. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, all enemy boats were destroyed by the fire of the ship’s standard means of destruction. The incident occurred 140 km northeast of the Bosphorus Strait. There, our ship performed tasks to ensure the safety of the Turkish Stream and Blue Stream pipelines. After destroying enemy naval drones, “Ivan Khurs” continued combat duty. The marine scout (communications vessel) was not damaged.


  16. I’ve been reading how F-16s are entirely unsuitable for dispersed operations (sic roads and the like) due to the very high risk if FOD (Foreign Object Damage) entering via it’s very low air intake. It’s nothing new except the number of people required to regularly sweep any take-off surface.

    Sweden has commented in the last day or so that its JAS 37 Gripen is not available for the Ukraine. As any aeronerd knows, Sweden has practiced dispersed operation for decades and its aircraft are designed for it including quick and easy repair in the field.

    Wrong bird, wrong country.


    1. So, in the event that F-16s end up being delivered to the Banderites, the Russians will be training their drones to spot any airfields or large surfaces that suddenly look scrupulously clean, and the buildings around them starting to sprout up smaller constructions (to shelter people or to store portable leaf blowers and other small machinery used to clean and smooth down surfaces).


      1. Or suitable streches of highway with no barrier. The lower the weapons load and fuel the F-16 carries, say just enough to take off, launch a cruise missile or a glide bomb and land with some reserve, it will need a much shorter stretch.


    2. The F-16 does have a low nose intake, and at present no FOD guards (Russian fighter aircraft have retractable FOD guards which protect the engines during takeoff but then retract after takeoff to permit maximum airflow) are fitted. But they could be added, or the aircraft (it is speculated) could fly from Polish or Romanian airfields. That’s the buzz, although it’s hard to imagine those countries would so deliberately invite trouble by flying combat missions against Russia. Well….maybe not hard to believe of the Poles. But anyway, in its present iteration it is not very suitable to the job, although it has acquired a sort of talismanic value to the Ukrainians, just as the Javelin once did. If it flew from Polish or Romanian airfields that would decrease its combat airtime. Many seem to think it will just buzz in and loft off missiles at maximum range, but that allows maximum time for alert and intercept, and the S-400 has the range to wax their ass all the way back to their home airfield. I can’t see it coming to anything.


  17. Another “surprise visit” to Kiev.

    Former Scots Guards Captain Wallace, now King Chuck “Jug Ears” III’s Minister of Defence, shakes hands with the Yukiestan defence minister Reznikov.

    Wallace, a former military man of sorts, is dressed casually and not as minister of the government of the United Kingdom, whereas Reznikov, a Lvov born lawyer and never a military man, is dressed in pseudo-military garb that resembles the gear that the Chief Shithouse Rat of Kiev never takes off.

    The Russian article linked below refers to Wallace as being an Englishman. Although born and bred in what the English laughably call the home counties that are near Londonistan, I’m sure Wallace would argue in his posh accent that he is a Scot with a Scottish family name.

    Well, at least he was not described as an Anglo-Saxon.

    Reznikov, thanked Wallace for his military assistance. According to the minister, he cannot yet say what else, in addition to Storm Shadow, was transferred to the Kiev regime.



  18. RT all too often publishes questionable material. Today it has this lead story:

    Zelensky’s penthouse seized in Crimea
    The luxury apartment is on Russia’s list of nationalized assets

    Within the article, there is this statement:

    The Crimean Peninsula was part of Ukraine until 2014, when it voted in a referendum to join Russia after the Maidan coup resulted in the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Kiev.

    Some commenters have voiced their dissatisfaction about the above statement.

    As one commenter wrote:

    RT, will you please mention that the only reason Crimea was part of Ukraine was due to Krushchev, a Ukrainian and probably drunk at the time, signing it over to Ukraine in 1954. It has been Russian since the armies of Catherine the Great kicked out the Turks in the 18th Century and has been and still is populated by Russians to this day! Did Britain and France fight the Crimean War against Ukrainians? No, they did not, the [sic] fought Russians!!! Not making this point suggests, in the minds of the sheeple who need to be informed, that Crimea has been Ukrainian for a long time and not just the 70 years since 1954. Many people, particularly in the west, are totally ignorant of history and need to be reminded of the facts, . . . , constantly!

    Not only was the Crimea administered by the Ukraine government for 70 years, and 37 of those years were when the Ukraine was the UkSSR, a subject republic of the USSR. The so-called Ukraine itself has only been in existence in different guises for 101 years. Only the last 32 years of the existence of the so-called “Ukraine” has that land of the brain-dead been an independent, non-Soviet republic, and during these last 9 years, the shithole is often called “Independent” Ukraine by Banderites, who like to tag on their shitkicker dialect word for “independent before “Ukraine” — but woe betide any English speaker who dare use the definite article before “Ukraine”!

    Germans, however, may say die Ukraine, it seems. No problem!


    1. I could be wrong, but it was my impression that Khrushchev was not Ukrainian – that he was born in a Russian town near to the border with Ukraine, and had fond memories and brotherly feelings toward the Ukrainian people from his childhood. Either way the likelihood remains that , far from drunk, it was a canny move on his part to implant some three million Russians in Ukraine where they might influence politics and cement ties between the Russians and Ukrainians.


      1. That’s right, he was born about 7 miles from the present Banderastan border in Kursk province. There was no such border when he was born, of course: it was just Russia — the Russian Empire. His peasant father worked the Donbass because that place was a hive of industry then and long after as well, and the money was good there, compared with living as a peasant in his home patch, that is.

        The rest of the family joined Khrushchev senior in Donetsk in 1908/09, when the future General Secretary of the Soviet Union was about 14 years old. He ended up working as a pit fitter down some Donbass mines.

        I think many still think that Khrushchev was a Ukrainian because his wives were.

        His first wife, whom he married in 1914, died of hunger in 1921 during the famine that followed the Civil War. This was one of several famines of the period, but now you only hear in the West of so-called Holodomor.

        He only married his second wife in 1965. He started living in sin with her in 1922.


        1. The second wife Nina Petrovna Khrushcheva (nee Kukharchuk) was born in a part of the Russian empire that’s now part of southeast Poland near the Ukrainian border. She attended school in three places: her own village school in Wasylow (which would have been Vasylov in Russian), then in Lublin (junior high school) and Chelm (senior high school). Both Lublin and Chelm are now in Poland. Nina Petrovna moved to Odessa in her late teens.

          In an alternative universe perhaps, Wasylow, Lublin and Chelm might have been part of northwest Ukraine and Banderite Ukraine in particular.

          One wonders if Khrushchev’s decision to graft Crimea onto Ukraine in 1954 might have been done for … er, a romantic reason among more prosaic ones.


  19. Greetings, fellow stooges!
    I’ve got a question which has been bugging me for a bit now. It’s about this mega USA/NATO exercise in June, with people saying that this could lead to either WWIII proper or to a nuclear war.
    My question: do we need to worry – or are more and more people relish another does of fear porn, this time ‘war fear porn’? Such fear porn was the propaganda weapon of choice of western governments and their propaganda mouthpieces, a.k.a. ‘MSM’. Now, with the world economies crumbling – e.g. Germany now officially being in a recession – I suspect that TPTB are using such war fear porn as useful deflection from real problems.
    Or am I naive, militarily illiterate and need to worry harder?
    Please let me know what you think!


    1. War Porn!

      There are freaks who seem to get some kind of orgasmic satisfaction from slobbering over gruesome video clips and reports from the Ukraine. People of low intelligence, weaned on “Modern Warfare” type PC games, I suspect, and who view the goings on in Banderastan as a spectator sport.

      Colliemum has witnessed the realities of warfare and mass murder from the skies of civilians in the name of freedom and democracy.


      1. Well, I didn’t witness those ‘first-hand’, I’m not that old, but there were the ‘stories’ told by my parents and great-aunts, and there was the visual evidence we kids took for ‘normal’: ruins everywhere which we were forbidden, by pain of eternal grounding and other torture instruments to venture into. Even more open ground was forbidden because there were weekly reports in the papers of kids playing there, picking up unexploded hand grenades and getting their hands and arms blown off. And of course there were all those men without an arm or a leg we saw in the streets … one of my teachers had severe facial wounds and a sort-of reconstructed hand, He was in Africa with Rommel – and if we wanted to distract him from inquiring too deeply into the homework we hadn’t done then we simply said something which set him off telling us about his war.
        So I witnessed the after-effects which were around for a good ten years even in ‘Wirtschaftswunderland’ Germany such piffling stuff like holes in walls made by bomb splinters and such took even longer before they vanished.


        1. I recall, when I was a small child and occasionally visited Liverpool on shopping trips, how there were still large areas of what Liverpudlians called “bombies” — “bommeez” in the Scouse twang — that had been warehouses on or near the docklands on the Mersey shore that had been razed by the Luftwaffe during WWII and also the masts of sunken ships sticking up out of the waters of the Mersey, as well as passing by on the train acres of prefabricated houses in the outskirts of that city which “prefabs” had been built for the “bombed out” inner city dwellers. That was well into the ’50s.


          1. No sunken ships to be seen in Berlin, LOL – but the remains of barges in the famous Landwehrkanal. The equally famous ‘U-Bahn’ – that’s the tube for Londoners – was only creeping along because of the damage to the whole system: dark, slow – and yes, it took a good decade for things to become better.
            I do remember the attempted uprising against the communist regime in east Berlin though. That was in 1953 – 17th June, to be precise. After that date, people who used to come to work in West Berlin never came again.
            Oh – and you want a ‘spy story’? Heh. At that time (1950) my dad worked as a doctor in the Charitee, a famous hospital situated in the ‘East’ a.k.a. Soviet Sector. He was given a good offer if he were to agree to tell the KGB about his colleagues. If not … well, many people at that time simply ‘vanished’ without trace … we were living in the British Sector. So he went and talked to someone in ‘authority’. The result was that he’d got a new job in west Berlin hospital, and while this was being done, we got a beautiful German Shepherd dog to provide security for us. Allegedly, we were looking after her while her owner, a British officer, was on holiday …
            Gawd, she was lovely. Her name was Anka and it was because of her that I’ve loved dogs ever since. That’s the spy story. John Le Carré and Len Deighton, eat your hearts out!


            1. Not the infamous Charitée, former rest and recuperation home of the future President of all the Russias and Kreakles!


              1. Yeah, the U-Bahn. I used to enter the GDR from West Berlin on the U-Bahn, alighting at U-Bahnhof Friedrichstraße, whence I travelled from Bahnhof Berlin Friedrichstraße by S-Bahn to Friedrichshagen station, and then I travelled by tram to where I lived in the GDR on the shores of the Müggelsee.


                1. Müggelsee – aww, I’ve never been there, having exchanged Berlin for Kairdiff well before the fall of yon wall … When that wall went up, we were on holidays on a farm in Southern Germany, and told to stay there and not come back until further notice. Well, being kids we were blissfully unaware of the potential outcome, from ‘just a hot war’ to actual nuclear war. So we enjoyed two weeks of extra holidays … The train journey back from Munich to Berlin was a bit more, ahem: tense than before, as were all the following train~ and car journeys from Berlin to the West.


    2. My wild guess is that the UAF will launch (some sort of) their much vaunted counter-offensive around the same time with a ‘nudge nudge, wink wink’ NATO has our back as some sort of attempt to frighten Russia.

      As us Stooges and others know, the west and the Ukraine are all about Optics (aka PR bollox) so however bad something is they want a) WE STRONK! & b) SQUIRREL! Look over there! and not at reality.

      We also know that what is said publicly is often the opposite of what is said in private, sic Vovan & Lexus pranking Pol Prez Duda who privately said that the lo-land of Po-land really doesn’t want to go to war with Russia, yet publicly is a hairy chest beater.

      I still believe a mainly Polish force (NATO whatever) will enter the Ukraine at some point and call it ‘peacekeeping’ with of course no mandate from the UN but with the claim to act as a trip-wire, say if Russia crosses the Dnieper or whatever. For NATO it is all about credibility and has been for decades.

      So I suppose the question is, what is something the west can suck up and declare victory despite it being a total failure?

      If NATO can claims it stopped Russia crossing the Dnieper even if it is not in Russia’s actual strategic plan, i.e. this was agreed upon by the sides before hand, then that can be sold as a ‘win’ 1962 Kennedy Cuba style.

      Ideally Russia should take the whole of the Black Sea coast but if part of a secret deal is that rump Ukraine maintains only nominal military forces and none in the south and this is cast in stone (yes I know, the west is Non-Agreement Capable) then I think that would be acceptable to Russia.

      In short I think NATO* is crazy but it is not suicidal.

      * which I now rebrand as VR (5th Reich) and also because it lives in a Virtual Reality world no related to a real one.


    3. I don’t think a third world war is going to break out in the near term, and that moreover the major powers are going out of their way to step right up to the edge of it without crossing the threshold in an attempt to make the other guy back off. But then, I was sure Russia would not actually attack Ukraine, either. Not because I thought it lacked the national will, or was too weeeeaaakk (as Karl frequently diagnoses), but because I was confident some 80,000 troops waiting just over the border, combat-ready, would deter Zelensky. I did not imagine yet another leader would fall for that “You just get the ball rolling, and we’ll have your back” thing again after seeing what happened to Saakashvili when he bought it.

      Anyway, the USA these days mostly avoids combat situations where the opponent has good air defense, a modern air force and above all, a nuke arsenal, because the usual American model is to send in a couple of volleys of cruise missiles to bust the place up, park a carrier offshore and fly ground-attack missions from friendly airbases nearby, and pound it until it achieves air superiority. Then the army goes in. Russia has a capable air force, the best air defense in the world, a big and well-equipped army with extensive combat experience, a nuke arsenal to deter those who might chance their arm, and a huge ally right next door who will come to their aid if it looks like that huge ally’s energy supplies will be threatened.

      I expect further strutting and poo-flinging plus increasingly-frantic efforts to keep Ukraine fighting.

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      1. I feel that when Russia estimates the UAF is on the ropes it will hit every command, including so far untouced centers in Kiev and go full monty and probably anything flying in the Black Sea, manned or not. Timing is everything, and surprise and speed too. They will have factored in any possible western response with their own that would make any attempt very, very painful and not all military. Russia is still providing energy directly to the EU and that can stop at any moment. I’m probably wrong but I am certain it won’t be boring.


      2. I remember when I was a schoolboy and in the school library there was always the latest issue of the abysmal “Time” magazine. There was also there a sizeable collection of published in the USA books about the horrors of Communism and the malicious workings of “The Kremlin”. Needless to say, the school was run by a Roman Catholic teaching order of monks.

        In the early ‘60’s, when browsing through such crap, I clearly remember coming across a strange word for the first time, an American word that began to appear frequently in “Time”: brinkmanship.

        I never see nor hear that word now, but it seems that Washington still likes to play the game for which that word was coined some 60 years ago.

        No doubt Washington likes teetering on the edge, because United States wars have always happened somewhere else, not in the USA, apart, of course, from the US Civil War of 160 years ago. The American War of Independence was not a United States war either, though it was fought on what is now USA home soil: it was not fought by what is now meant as “Americans”, nor was it fought by forebears of the vast majority of president-day “Americans”, those people who are convinced that they are in someway an exceptional “nation” with a “manifest destiny”. The belligerents in the American War of Independence were almost all British: the non- British belligerents were the Frogs, who joined the conflict so as to take revenge for their defeat in what had been the first globally fought war, the Seven Years’ War, a war in which British North American subjects participated, but who, at the end of that conflict, refused to pay taxation without parliamentary representation, which proposed increase in taxation was intended to help cover the vast costs of that 18th century war waged by Great Britain and its European allies against France.

        What a childish term is “brinkmanship”: taunting, jeering, mocking, pushing, bullying, seeing how far one can go before triggering a violent reaction from a chosen potential opponent. And then, if necessary, backing off when such a reaction appears imminent and there is a realisation that one has perhaps bitten off more than one can chew.

        The tactics of a schoolyard bully.


    1. Mark Galeotti must chuckle to himself all the way to the bank. That is, unless he actually believes the neo-imperialist manifest-destiny twaddle he peddles as strategic analysis. No matter how many times he is completely wrong, he can pretty much write as many articles as he has time to squeeze in and mainstream-media sources will squabble over them as gems of wisdom. The western world loves to be fooled.


  20. Thomas Röper in conversation with Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

    She’s not “spokeswoman for Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov”: she’s spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

    She’s a mere spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign ministry.

    Compare and contrast with the woman, International Lawyer and Foreign Minister for Germany, Annalina Baerbock.


    1. Speaking of The International Lawyer, she is the spearhead of an international elite which expects China to convince Russia to stop fighting and totally withdraw from Ukraine, giving it back all territory claimed by Russia including that which achieved independence from Ukraine by popular referendum. I suppose the next thing to arrive would be a many-quintillions damages claim from Ukraine which would make it the single richest European nation, plus a pony for Zik-Zik.

      After destroying Huawei’s western market – in which it was well-advanced to the disadvantage of Apple – after relentless demonization of everything Chinese, after accusing it of loosing COVID on the world and after Washington’s maneuvering through its surrogates to wreck trade ties with other countries such as Canada, NATO still coaxes China to do it a solid and end the war in Ukraine for it: this, the Chinese are told, would be ‘doing good’, and a show of good faith, after which the west might consider being friends again on a limited basis, or at least being polite.


  21. In another of its gushing discourses on glorious Ukraine, this one a rundown of top Russian figures Ukraine ‘plans to assassinate’, ‘Skibs’ gives us a breathtaking insight which could equally well apply to Russia:

    ‘We are at war and these are our enemies,’ Skibitsky said. ‘If an important figure produces and finances weapons for them, then its elimination would save the lives of many civilians.

    ‘And then he gets wiped out. According to international conventions, it is then a legitimate target.’

    There you go, Russia – what are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Next time Blinky visits his homies in Kuh-yiv, Kinzhal the building to pink powder. According to international conventions as interpreted by Ukraine and without NATO demur, he is a legitimate target by virtue of his elimination’s potential to save the lives of many civilians. Ditto Olaf the Liver Sausage, Baerbock, Micron, VDL and any of the other photo-op leaders who love to drop in to Keeeev for a happy-snap with their favourite charity leader.

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  22. RT

    25 May, 2023 22:19
    Germany jails man for supporting Russia
    A German national has been sentenced to three years in prison for expressing online support for the Russian side in the Ukraine conflict

    A Hamburg court has sentenced a local man to three years behind bars, finding him guilty of justifying “Russian aggression” against Ukraine and possessing an illegal weapon.

    The 32-year-old defendant, identified only as Marcel J., ran a pro-Russian Telegram channel, with its logo and name based on Russia’s unregistered ultranationalist Russian Drugaya Rossiya (Other Russia) party, Die Welt reported, citing the indictment.

    Apart from sharing “pro-Russian national-Bolshevik ideas,” the defendant openly branded Ukraine a “terrorist state” and used the ‘Z’ symbol – commonly associated with Moscow’s special military operation in the country – which had been partially banned in Germany. Moreover, Marcel J. was found in possession of an illegally large knife, deemed to be a bladed weapon.

    His co-defendant, identified only as another 35-year-old man, was accused of being an accomplice but received only six months in jail. A court spokesman explained that the lengthy term for Marcel J. was largely due to his previous criminal record and, in particular, a recent conviction for assaulting a reporter at a public event in late 2021.

    The man was convicted for the assault back in April by a Berlin court and handed two years and four months in prison. Now, the two convictions will be combined, and Marcel J. will get the total penalty for all of them, as required by German law.


    1. I was talking online to a woman yesterday, an ethnic Russian citizen of Kazakhstan, who told me in angry amazement about her sister-in-law, who hails from Lvov. Apparently, whenever my interlocutor states to her sister-in-law that the SMO was a reaction to the last straw that was the Banderastan build-up of forces in the east so as to seize the separatist areas, which seizure was proceeded by an intensification of the 9-year long bombardment by the glorious armed forces of Khokholand of the Donbass and Lugansk province, her sister-in-law repeatedly counters that all this is Russian propaganda, that the Banderite aggression, the ATO, the murder of Donbass and Lugansk citizens by Ukrainian nationalist filth are all “Kremlin lies”.


      1. I was at a dinner a few weeks ago when Russia came up and they laughed about there ‘being Nazis fighting in the Ukraine.’ So it doesn’t matter if Uke’s post this stuff on twitter/tiktok/whatever, they’re ‘just having fun and don’t mean it.’ Somethings never change and it is good to recognize that people will not change their minds regardless of the evidence that is widely available.


        1. Well, in a sense they’re right, because the people we are talking about are no more real Nazis than Timex and Rolex are the same thing; they simply strut about in the regalia and sport the tattoos because it makes them feel important, and espouse a hatred of various ethnicities because they just hate and resent those people – not because they believe they pose a danger to a just society and popular culture.


  23. Top 2 news stories here:

    The drone vessels that unsuccessfully attacked a Russian Black Sea Fleet warship near the Bosphorus had been supplied to Banderastan by the UK.

    Royal Navy SBS operating out of Odessa?

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    Yukieshites demand that Germany supply them with cruise missiles that have the capability of attacking Moscow.

    No links given because it’s too fiddly to do so from here using my iPhone. I’m at the dacha.


    1. Somewhere very recently I read a bunch of frantic American backpedaling regarding the raid by the ‘patriotic dissident Russians’ on behalf of Ukraine, in which several clearly American-supplied vehicles were destroyed. At first they pretended that you can’t believe anything the Russians say, everything that comes out of their mouths is a lie, and we must take their stories with a grain of salt. And there was that kreakl blogger who claimed the vehicles were planted because there was no battle damage visible. But despite their best efforts, the story began to gain traction, so they stuck to their narrative – we don’t want any American kit being used to harm Russians inside Russia, but we don’t tell the Ukrainians how to run their war – but the emphasis shifted to the last part of the statement. It was the Ukrainians who went off the reservation and supplied American combat vehicles to Russian traitors. We din’t have nuffing to do wiv it.


  24. No chance, I reckon, of the rejected liver sausage granting the bastards their wish. They know that too, I guess.

    Off-ramp attempt, perhaps?

    We can’t win because you false friends won’t support us with weaponry, so we’ll have to negotiate with the Orcs.

    Of course, the latest Wunderwaffe “gamechanger”, the wondrous F-Whatever, is not to arrive in Khokholand for a good while yet. And if and when it does, it can do fuck all for the filth.


  25. Good morning, fellow stooges – it’s a beautiful morning here: wall-to-wall sunshine, temperatures (centigrades) in the late teens, my roses are thriving: every morning another one bursts into flower.
    Alas – just one quick check of the offerings in this morning’s papers are sufficient not only to turn one’s stomach but to make me feel sick and utterly disgusted by those who pen comments under spurious reports.
    There’s one of which I only read the headline – it’s in the warmongering Daily Telegraph:
    “Russia ‘poses danger to UK’ if beaten in Ukraine – Sir Mike Wigston, the outgoing head of the RAF, tells The Telegraph that Vladimir Putin will be ‘vindictive’ if the war against Kyiv fails”
    Link, paywalled:

    Yeah right … and then there was one in The Times: “Woman dies in Russia searching for her abducted granddaughter” , with piccies of that ‘abducted’ girl who looks like a proper banderite piglet. She’d have had lovely jobs in Nazi Germany, that’s fersure. Here’s the paywalled link:
    The comment posts are so utterly sickening – e.g. Russia/Putin are torturing kids every day – that I truly despair. Any comment posts daring to ask if this is true, or raising doubts, are either binned straightaway or are getting the “russian troll” treatment.
    My only hope is that The Times is using a ChatBot to produce such comment posts, to make it look as if the whole of the UK is just waiting to go to war with Russia.
    Have a lovely weekend – I’m now going to water my roses.


    1. “Russia ‘poses danger to UK’ if beaten in Ukraine

      aka ‘Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here’ – Britain/UK’s mantra for the last few hundred years.


      1. Well, England — not Britain — fought the Frogs for rather a long time on the Frenchies’ own patch, but then again, the Frogs had no intention of attacking England: the English armies just started beating the Frogs up and destroying their towns and cities just in case.


        1. See – they were right! Thanks to this terror tactic, no frogs dared to invade these here sceptre isles after William-the-bastard. Not even Boney managed, never mind Adolf.
          Now however a huge number of frogs are living here: they had ‘free movement’ thanks to the EU, and fled the taxation policies of Macron, the wannabe Napoleon.


          1. Yeah, the Corsican was all set up to cross the Channel, had a huge invasion army sitting around Boulogne waiting for the balloon to go up, but Horatio Nelson and the Royal Navy threw a spanner into the upstart’s plans by destroying the combined French and Spanish fleets that intended to wrest control of the Channel from King George’s navy. So the Corsican bandit had the Boulogne army up sticks and head off southeast, where it surrounded the “Unfortunate Mack” at Ulm, commander of an Austrian Habsburg army that had stuck its neck out too far into what is now the Federal Republic of Germany. So Mack scarpered “toot sweet” to join up with the Russian army that had been on its way to pull the Habsburg irons out of fire, but it all came to nought at Austerlitz and the rest is history — Jena-Auerstedt, Preussisch Eylau, Friedland, the site of last two slaughters now being located in Russia, the Kaliningrad Province thereof, formerly East Prussia.

            I’ve always wanted to visit Königsberg and I at last had an to do so in 2020 but that Covid scam put the blocks on it.


            1. All those bloody battles … see, what I really don’t get is how many Europeans, not just the frogs, revered and still revere yon ’emperor’. Not only did his ‘liberation wars’ decimate and depopulate European countries beside France, not only was he and his family most rapacious in plundering all those ‘kingdoms’ he created for them from the ruins of the countries he ‘liberated’ – he himself was a coward who never thought of facing the consequences of his bloody battles but ran away. It was so in Egypt after Nelson had destroyed his navy in the Battle of the Nile. It was so when retreating from Russia where he grabbed a coach and made off to Paris, letting the rest of his army see how the managed. It was so at the Battle of Leipzig where he was beaten and fled, letting his soldiers see how they got back any old how – and it was the same at Waterloo. So why would one adore a man who thinks of himself as above all others, his soldiers especially, who needs to be ‘saved’ from the bloody consequences of his acts in order to create more bloodletting.
              Has anyone written an ‘alternative history’ in which Boney dies in Egypt? It would be truly interesting!


              1. Oh, I’ve read a few critical histories of Buonaparte, but the vociferous Buonapartistes in France and the French army have run a Binet PR show these past 200 years, kicking off with the “General Winter”. myth of the Great Patriotic War 1812.

                They call the Battle of Borodino “The Battle of Moscow”. Borodino Field is some 20 miles from where I am now, and my dacha is 55 miles from Moscow.

                And most historians don’t mention the fact that although the Frogs had been cock-a-hoop with their early victories, after Austerlitz, very many French people had had enough of “Gloire” — in modern parlance, too many body bags were coming home.

                And when Buonaparte attacked Prussia, the shilly-shallying man-of-straw King of Prussia notwithstanding (his wife was the one with the balls in the Berlin Hohenzollern household). and then, when he went back banque, taking on the monolith Russian Empire, many thought the Corsican megomaniacal bandit needed his bumps feeling.

                Furthermore, he was loosing his touch. Preussisch-Eylau was a draw, as was Borodino, and then he was beaten at Aspern-Essling and then made very hard work of it at the follow-up fight at Wagram.

                You don’t hear much of all this in popular histories. And although his last battle was an unequivocal defeat, just go to Waterloo battlefield, and if you didn’t know otherwise, with all the Buonaparte PR there, you would think the Allied army had lost in the final showdown.


                1. Spellchecker changed my “Boney” above to “Binet”.

                  Who or what the f**k is “Binet”?


                2. Too right! Also conveniently forgotten is Spain where ‘guerrilleros’ first appeared. Add the Peninsular War where Wellington beat every Frog Marshall, which led to Boney’s immortal outcry before the Battle of waterloo kicked off. He screamed at his collected Marshalls that they were afraid of wellington because he’d beaten every singe one of them – but he, Napoleon, wasn’t afraid of that Sepoy general who was ‘a very bad general’, and they’d all have dinner in Brussels that evening.
                  The heroic Europeans are still insisting that Wellington only won because of the Prussians, conveniently overlooking that the Brits had not only suckered battalion after frog battalion into trying to get Houguemont but had also withstood and decimated the French Cavalry under Ney. Without that the Prussians could’ve arrived whenevah, they’d have been decimated by the Frogs.
                  In anywise, wellington was outraged when he visited waterloo a few years later because the Belgians had erected a hill with monument on top, saying they’d had destroyed his battlefield. (The good Duke wasn’t precisely without a good dose of vanity …)


                3. what you seldom hear from the Buonaparte fanboys is that the. Corsican fought 60 battles and lost 40.

                  Wellington fought far fewer battles. — but he never lost one.


                4. Again bloody spellchecker strikes again!

                  I wrote above: . . . and when he went va banque .


    2. Good morning colliemum!

      Wall to wall sunshine here in deepest Muscovy an’ all. I’m not here in the country on me tod as per usual, though: I’m here with my younger daughter Aleksandra Denisovna — Sasha — who was 15 last Monday.

      Sasha was born when I was 60.

      My last hurrah, so to speak; my little bit that I did for Russia as regards the demographic crisis here that Western pundits used to love to go endlessly on about.

      12:01 here now. I’ve just taken over to the house from the kitchen an “English breakfast” that I made for her. Still bloody asleep! Takes after her mother.

      I was up at dawn, of course, which was at 04:05 this morning.


      1. Happy belated Birthday, Sasha! 15 yers old … well, don’t be hard on her: that’s the age most conducive to getting up after mid-day unless parents or school intervenes: teenagers need their sleep!
        As for getting up at first light: well, that’s the prerogative of us ‘over 65s’, innit. Unless, of course, one is the 1st D of W who started his day -w ar or not – invariably at first light, to the despair of his aides …


  26. Now there’s interesting! I had a quick look at the German paper ‘Die Welt’ where there’s a report on the latest demand from the Kiev rat (headline, machine translated): “Ukraine wants Taurus cruise missiles from Germany” – paywalled link, in German:

    Unlike the comment posts by the warmongering Brits the German comment posters are absolutely scathing, asking why Germany doesn’t hand over their U-boats as well, or perhaps the Bundesbank because yon rat needs money. One pointed out that Germany best hand over the Bundeswehr, lock stock and barrel to stop the demands while another softly asks what Germany would have left to defend herself should Russia invade …

    My French ain’t good enough to scan frog papers, but I wonder what the opinion of ordinary people in France, Belgium, the Netherlands are about the warmongerings of their elected ‘betters’: like the Germans – or like the Brits?


    1. “Ukraine wants Taurus cruise missiles from Germany”

      These are the same people who played at drilling with wooden guns for ‘civil defense’.

      Of course, that was a carefully curated publicity stunt designed to play upon the heartstrings of the wealthy west, and persuade westerners to open their wallets for Ukraine – poor souls, they don’t even have enough guns to go ’round, when at that time there were very likely more AK-47’s in Ukraine than there were people. But their more recent demands highlight their growing confidence in the method. Each advance commits the west more irrevocably – we’ve got so much invested in a Ukrainian victory…we can’t back out now, we’ll lose it all.


    1. Impressive as was A. Hitler, another war criminal who also never had to answer for his crimes He hadn’t to do so, of course, because he blew his dumb Austrian brains out after having caused the near total destruction of a nation that has given far more to civilisation than what it took away during a political aberration that lasted 12 years.

      By the way, I recall reading yonks ago that Hitler’s alleged father’s family name was Heidler in the 18th century, and the bone idle Austrian Bohemian born right on the Bavaria/Austria border was possibly and literally a Bohemian, what we would call a Czech now. His forebears came from a piss-poor Austrian province, the poorest of all, I read, called Waldviertel, if my memory serves me rightly, and Waldviertel bordered the Slavic Bohemian lands and had plenty of inferior Slav types living there. I think that might be a reason why Hitler disliked Slavs so — too many of the buggers in the German lands, edging out poor but honest German peasant shitkickers.

      There’s nowt like peasants for holding long standing grudges against their neighbours and competitors.


      1. The Jakarta Post broadly agrees with you rather than Karl, although it does stipulate that even his enemies acknowledge he had some impressive achievements.

        “But for many, Kissinger was seen as an unindicted war criminal for his role in, among other events, expanding the Vietnam War to Cambodia and Laos, supporting military coups in Chile and Argentina, green-lighting Indonesia’s bloody invasion of East Timor in 1975 and turning a blind eye to Pakistan’s mass atrocities during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence.

        “To me, there’s no doubt that his policies have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and have destroyed democracy in many countries,” said Reed Kalman Brody, a veteran human rights lawyer whose cases have included working with victims of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

        “I’m bewildered that he has gotten away with it,” he said.”

        Nothing bewildering about it, if you remember Kissinger’s core motivation for everything he advised: “…the coldly cynical championing of power and national interests”. Becoming great by counseling actions which benefit yourself and your countrymen at the expense of all others unless their interests align with your own is a little like landing a dream job where you do what you love to do and get generously paid for it, or having your perfectly-ordinary song rocket straight to Number 1.


      2. He is impressive in that way that he helped the United States to win the cold war and dissolution of the Soviet Union. You don’t have to like him but he did his job well unlike the Soviet leaders and planners of the same era.


        1. I suppose that’s the way you see it. Did the United States really ‘win’ the Cold War if the Soviet Union imploded from overreach and bureaucratic incompetence? And if many analysts view Kissinger as a war criminal – many analysts from the United States, which is in your eyes a union worthy of respect and attention – is it really so simple as ‘you don’t have to like him’? After all, it was only the other day when one or the other of the Great Ukrainian Thinkers in Zelensky’s cabinet claimed that if your death had the potential to save thousands of civilian lives, you were a legitimate target for assassination.

          Too late to bump Kissinger off now, of course; you could probably assassinate him with a melon baller, but what would be the point? However, do you dispute that bumping him off prior to his pivotal role in escalating the Vietnam War might have saved thousands of lives? I guess it would have, and we have the perspective of history from which to look back on that debacle – is Vietnam presently a prosperous western-leaning market democracy? It surely as fuck is not. Is it Communist? Kind-sorta – I would say Socialist, but is its political system a threat to America? Hardly. So what was possibly Kissinger’s most important contribution to history – justified on the basis that it was an absolute American imperative – was a costly failure.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. USA, USA all the way!

            Winner, winner, winner!

            You Commies are all goddam losers!


            I believe junkies in San Francisco live on and shit on the streets. Same goes for other salubrious, victorious in the Cold War USA cities.

            You know what, in the course of 30 years of living in the lands of the defeated by the mighty USA in the Cold War former Soviet Union, I’ve never seen junkies who openly live on and shit on the streets.

            Such is the price of being a loser in the Cold War.


        2. I never thought Karl would descend to a new low to express admiration for a professional serial psychopath who, among other heinous acts spanning the globe, singled out a small country like Cambodia for attack during the Vietnam War just to make an example of how the US picks up and throws little countries against a wall. Not to mention of course his trip to Indonesia in 1975 and Indonesia’s invasion and nearly 30-year occupation of East Timor that followed as soon as he and US President Ford left the country.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Future historians might well say the US lost the First Cold War (1945 – 1991), to judge from the opportunities Clinton and his successors missed to use the peace to reconcile with Russia and help Russia and eastern Europe to reform their political and economic structures. The ultimate “winner”, if such a term is appropriate, might well end up being China, as the recipient of offshored Western industry during the 1990s and after, and using that largesse to its advantage.


  27. Oh look who’s joined us!

    Must be good news for the Russian cause, hence the comment.

    Not read it yet.


  28. One doesn’t have to like Hitler when one concedes that he did his job well, in that he alleviated massive, gruelling unemployment in Germany and removed the threat of social upheaval there by outlawing the Communist Party of Germany and throwing all political opponents into concentration camps, nor does one necessarily have to like Mussolini and his regime for that matter, when one concedes that he got Italian trains running in time — so they say.


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