Where Peace is Impossible, Violence is Inevitable

Uncle Volodya says“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”

Sleepin’ on the interstate, wo oh; gettin’ wild, wild life;
Checkin’ in, checkin’ out, uh huh, I got a wild, wild life…

Talking Heads, from “Wild Life

People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”

Emma Goldman

I have recently added ‘The Burning Platform‘ to the blogroll. I ran across it a couple of posts ago, while searching for a reference on something or other. It was a good piece, well-written, readable and well substantiated, and I went back a couple of times for more. The newest post, released yesterday, is a guest post from Straight Line Logic, which is another source that numbers me among its fans. Both often discuss economic news, and I am regularly amazed that I can find a subject I loathe so fascinating. Because at bottom, nearly all seminal events have an economic trigger, and the events we are currently experiencing are no exception. Wealth is power, and the ongoing campaign by the global political elite to recast the people’s freedoms as privileges, to push their faces in the mud and make them love it, is all about state power.


How many of us who took freedom for granted all our lives used to shake our heads in pity for the poor citizens of the Soviet Union, later the Russian Federation, and their absurd security-state freedom-crushing requirement for a domestic passport just to travel in their own country? My son, that ain’t freedom, as the Newfoundlanders would say. And now we have exactly that, and according to the media in the gulag that used to be called Canada, the people are just as chuffed as pigs in shit with it all; can’t think why we didn’t have them before, and many hope they will persist long after COVID is just a memory. Well, all you proles who yearn to be told what to do and to obey, you’re going to get your wish. Unless he is stopped, The Prime Minister Who Ruined Canada intends to implement a federal vaccine passport for all travel outside your own province as well as internationally, plus as many non-essential services as he and his kommando can think of in order to make life unlivable for those who will not submit. And British Columbia’s Premier, John Horgan – if you believe the papers – is the most popular Premier in Canada. Anybody who thinks a federal government program like that is short-term, ad hoc or anything other than permanent after all that money has been allocated to make it national is as delusional as Craig D. Button.

But uneasy lies the head that wears the crown of state, they say, and all governments fear revolution; totalitarian governments more than any other.

Oh, I don’t expect a revolution to sweep Canada – my former countrymen are passive to a fault, and are willing victims of the most successful propaganda campaign in history, which told them that they are the smart ones for unquestioningly accepting their duty to be vaccinated. The anti-vaxxers are the stupid ones, and moreover, it’s all right to hate them. Canadians have been subjected to decades of wokeness before there was even a word for it, telling them you mustn’t, mustn’t hate anyone, hate only breeds more hate, it must be such a tremendous pressure-relief valve to be given a target and be told it is all right to hate them. If the editorial pages of Canadian newspapers are any standard of measure, the people are getting off on it like nothing since purple microdot. Common themes are that the vaccines are a lifeboat, see, and you anti-vaxxers should be thrown out of it. Anti-vaxxers should pay for their own healthcare out of their pocket, although most have paid into the public healthcare system all their working lives, which in my case has encompassed over 45 years. Anti-vaxxers should be made to pay an extra 5% on their taxes; that’d soon make them line up to get jabbed. And so on. Probably you can easily grasp how it looks to the unvaccinated to be told they have a duty of care to these foam-dribblers, to ‘keep them safe’. Tell you what; why don’t you fuck off, and when you get there, fuck off some more. Familiar arguments offered in those pages in support of vaccine mandates are that of course the government has the power to make you get vaccinated; didn’t they do it in the 1920’s, for smallpox? Smallpox had a case fatality rate (CFR) above 30%, meaning nearly a third of those who contracted it died of it. COVID has a CFR, in the general public, of 1.0%.

No; if there’s going to be a revolution, the United States will have to lead the way. as it has in so many other things. And that’s what I wanted to talk about today, riffing off The Burning Platform’s latest piece, entitled “Pure Excrement, Part Two“.

Like, I imagine, most of you, I had a hard time accepting that world governments are acting in unison to carry out a global agenda to crush free will – it just sounds too Twilight Zone. But if you suspend your disbelief, all the earmarks of a full-court press against liberty are there. Freedom of movement of the people is severely constrained and subject to an obedience test. The public must wear visible symbols of their submission to authority, long after vaccination should have made it safe to abandon the silly masks, which are and have always been useless at preventing the spread of an airborne viral infection. The reason offered to the public is that in that event, anti-vaxxers would get a free pass and be allowed to go unmasked along with honest folk, although theoretically even if they managed to infect a devout vaxxer, it would result in only mild symptoms or perhaps nothing. The people’s freedom of assembly is restricted to public-health-approved events where all are completely vaccinated as well as masked, in case they might get the idea that freedom is coming back. And not just Canada is moving the goalposts all the time; my, no. The CDC has re-defined the entire concepts of ‘vaccine’, ‘immunity’ and ‘vaccination’ so that a vaccine does not necessarily confer immunity; it is enough if it merely helps your immune system. ‘Herd immunity’ is only achievable through vaccination, and the percentage of the population who must be fully ‘vaccinated’ keeps going up and up until it is plain the goal is 100%. In truth, herd immunity against a mutating airborne virus is not achievable. Your immune system will mobilize a defense when it recognizes something that is similar to what you had before, but sometimes you will get a bit sick nonetheless, like happens with the flu. I have had the flu probably three times in my life, one of those times being the only year I ever got the flu shot, because it was ordered by the Commanding Officer of the unit in which I served.

It is inescapable that Trudeau the Younger is backing an American pharmaceutical giant against his own countrymen who do not want to be vaccinated with an experimental concoction which has not completed clinical trials. FDA ‘approval’ does not mean a drug is safe, or effective, and modern FDA rules allow a drug to be approved based on a single trial, conducted by the developer. Canadians, generally speaking, are not stupid, or at least no more so than in most other countries – I would bet there are not a thousand people in the country who are capable of independent living and yet are incapable of understanding that a product is safe to take and necessary for their health if you can make a persuasive case for that. But there are millions of Canadians that are adamant that they do not want to be vaccinated with an mRNA experimental vaccine, and that is because the proponents of the vaccine cannot make a persuasive case.

A vaccine developed against the swine flu was stopped in the United States after less than a hundred deaths. But the President at the time, Gerald Ford, had announced the intention to vaccinate every living American in the continental United States. Yet COVID vaccine proponents insist the vaccines are ‘effective and safe’ after the early-September data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) announced a cumulative death toll of nearly 16,000 Americans.

Which brings me to another ‘advance’ in the official control of whatever the government decides is ‘disinformation’ – ‘fact-checkers’. Fact-checkers are employed by government agencies to shoot down any information which might alarm the public if it were perceived to be true, despite that information having originated from a government website or with a board-certified medical professional who has the same credentials as another who parrots the government line that the best path out of the pandemic is universal vaccination. Here’s a couple of examples; first, to the allegation that there were very few deaths attributed to the swine flu event. ‘Fact-checkers’ intone that there is ‘no evidence’ to support there having been 32 confirmed deaths, as if the number being off by 3 or 4 means it is all a lot of baloney. Besides, they point out, the swine flu never reached epidemic proportions. Which is what you always wait for before issuing a vaccine, if you get my drift. Basically if the ‘fact checkers’ cannot find ‘definitive confirmation’ of every detail in your allegation, you are full of it and a conspiracy theorist into the bargain. But you would probably be surprised to learn how many people who, when told some new allegation, go straight to the fact-checkers to see what they have to say about it. Most current COVID policy is based on ‘modeling’, which is most certainly not science and can be tweaked to get you pretty much any result you want, but that is perfectly okay with the fact-checkers.

In spite of the VAERS database being plainly entitled the VACCINE ADVERSE EVENTS database, and not the Vaccine Adverse Events Plus Those Who Died After Being Run Over By The Gardner’s Wheelbarrow Plus Those Who Electrocuted Themselves With Their Television Database, the fact-checkers persist that there is no conclusive evidence that these people died as a direct result of having received a vaccine.

Anyway, back to what’s going on south of the border. Those people are getting mad. And as I postulated a long time ago, when the craziness started to spin up – although, as I said, I never thought it would really come to this – they are beginning to talk semi-seriously about a parallel society in which the present government has no part to play. By most definitions, if it comes to violence, civil war. Listen;

There’s talk of secession in the air, which of course the oligarchy dismisses. There may come a day when they wish they’d listened and allowed it to happen peacefully. There’s an irreconcilable division in this country between those of us who want to be left alone and the totalitarians we despise. Those who make a peaceful split impossible make a violent split inevitable.

Our side will be the betting favorite. Their side’s military hasn’t won a war since World War II, its most recent defeat to 80,000 goat herders after twenty years of war. It’s stocked with popinjays like General Mark Milley, commanding woke, intersectional troops from which the unvaccinated and politically incorrect have been culled (among them some pretty good troops). Those that remain might not be too eager to shoot family, friends, fellow Americans, and former comrades who switch to our side. And if the oligarchy is counting on police as a second line of defense—the police they’ve been demonizing, defunding, and firing for refusing the shots—they’re perhaps not as bright as reckoned.

That’d be JFK in there, paraphrased: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable”. And while you might think at first blush that the elite side has all the cards, like the world’s biggest military, police forces armed to the teeth…does it, really?

Are you familiar with the term, “the Let’s Go Brandon” cohort? This devolved from a live-TV interview by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast with racecar driver Brandon Brown at Talladega. In the background, the crowd began to chant “Fuck Joe Biden”. Stunned by the reality of this going out over live TV, Stavast claimed they were actually chanting “Let’s go, Brandon”. Moving along…

Within the Let’s Go Brandon cohort there might be veterans who learned a thing or two about counterinsurgency warfare, having fought the same in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. There might be experts in computers, communications, drones, robots, surveillance gizmos, artificial intelligence, and all the other whiz-bang technology the oligarchy is counting on to keep us in our place. There might be a few who know something about larceny and strategic destruction, particular larceny and strategic destruction of the government’s not always well-secured technology and gizmos. If the goat herders can do it, so can we.

If the goat herders can do it, so can we. And there it is. I would be remiss if I failed to point out that insurrectionists in western democracies also would enjoy access to a logistics chain the like of which goat herders could only dream about. Timothy McVeigh and some of his buddies made a bomb with fertilizer and diesel that erased half a large building as if it had never been. That should not be construed as approval of McVeigh’s actions or ideology, which it most certainly is not – I’m merely pointing out that locking the gates to the Army base would be quite a long way from denying insurrectionists the tools to do tremendous damage. And what of the rules of engagement, when operating in your own country against a domestic insurrection? Even if you’re a soldier backing the government elites, you can’t just shoot anyone you see and then drop a used rifle beside his body like you could in Iraq or Afghanistan. The insurrectionists, on the other hand, know exactly who their targets are – they’re even wearing a uniform. And everybody has a gun. Or a couple.

We went past far enough a good while back. But there might still be time to head off the next massive human conflict. However, it is pretty clear that vaccine passports are over the line. If western governments press on with this initiative – and I should say here that there is every indication they will – the atmosphere is going to get very tense, and there are going to be a substantial number of people who refuse to comply; how can you make veterans of America’s wars overseas submit to show-me-your-papers-comrade in their own country, where the standard of living has been in a steady decline, but by God, it was still free? Some high-school-age zithead in Carlos Murphy’s Mexican-Irish Restaurant wanting to see your QR Code and government ID before you’re allowed to spend your own money to buy a plate of enchiladas in the restaurant where he works? It would not take too much of an incident to set the match to paper. And if it starts in America, it will spread.

Ari Fleischer was right when he said “People need to watch what they say, watch what they do”. But he was more than a decade early, and didn’t realize he was talking about the government.


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  1. 03 January 2022, 12:11
    “Germany on the brink”: will the Scholz government “punish” Russia?
    What is to be expected from the new German authorities in 2022?

    Germany begins 2022 with the presidency of the G7. The new government is hinting at changes in state foreign policy, abandoning the “meaningful silence” of the era of Angela Merkel. The German authorities consider the fight against climate change, the consolidation of their position on Russia and China, and a deepening of cooperation with the United States and other partners as their main guidelines. Will Germany is able to retain its leadership in Europe after Merkel? — see the “Gazeta.Ru” article.

    Germany’s new government, led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), starts its first year in power with the presidency of the Group of Seven (G7), succeeding Britain. A major feature of the German G7 is expected to be a shift in the country’s foreign policy — the first in the 16 years following Angela Merkel” chancellorship.

    A departure from Merkel’s course
    “In the long term, the much-vaunted silence is not a form of diplomacy”, is what Annalena Baerbock (representing the Green Party), Germany’s new foreign minister, has said in an interview with “Tageszeitung”.

    These words most succinctly reflect the essence of Berlin’s intended foreign policy, which has promised to go beyond the offer of “constructive dialogue” that was characteristic of the previous leadership. This was also the case during the six-week conflict in Nagorny Karabakh in 2020, as was the Ukrainian crisis in the Donbass.

    But Berlin is now considering options for broader sanctions against Russia and China for “human rights violations”.
    However, this does not mean abandoning dialogue and cooperation. One example of this approach by the new German government is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which the Federal Republic of Germany, despite the position of the US and other countries, views as a business project and not as a tool for Moscow to put pressure on Europe.

    The main problem for the new government, however, will be the divergence in approach between Foreign Minister Baerbock and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Die Welt calls Scholz a supporter of the more restrained foreign policy that was characteristic of Merkel.

    Key themes of the new government
    The fight against climate change is a central theme in Berlin’s foreign and domestic policy. The government has set itself the goal of switching to renewable energy sources and phasing out coal power by 2030 if possible.

    Linked to climate is also an agenda item, such as engagement with China, which Baerbock has dubbed both a partner and competitor of the G7.

    Similar statements have been made about Russia; Germany intends to work on strengthening cooperation with its allies, especially the US, in order to maintain a unified approach to engagement with Moscow.

    There have also been many recent warnings from Berlin about possible sanctions in the event of a “Russian invasion” of the Ukraine. The idea of the threat of an attack from Moscow has been promoted by Washington since last autumn and Berlin actively supports it. However, some of the German media have noted that the German government was still doubtful about the alleged Russian plans.

    The new German authorities have set themselves rather ambitious goals in European politics. First, Berlin sees the future of the European Union as a federal state. Secondly, they advocate a liberal approach to migration policy, i.e., accepting refugees and granting them asylum on a pan-European level.

    The main domestic issue for the FRG authorities remains the coronavirus pandemic. Towards the end of last year, the government decided to introduce compulsory vaccination for a number of professions, including doctors. The country fears a new outbreak of disease because of the spread of a new strain of COVID-19 “omicron”. However, part of the public has not been receptive to such measures, although the majority of the population supports vaccination.

    Key challenges
    The pandemic, despite other statements, will be a key challenge for the German government in its first year in office, said Alexander Rahr, scientific director of the Russian-German Forum.

    “Germany is already on the verge of exhausting its forces. Medical personnel are quitting their jobs because people simply cannot continue working psychologically and physically anymore. And the money that the state has been handing out to companies that were supposed to stop their operations for a while is also gradually running out. The consequences of the pandemic in the economy and social environment are very serious and Germans are frightened”, says the expert.

    Since the start of the isolation measures, Germany has continuously imposed a lockdown, which cannot but affect the situation inside the country in 2022. “The situation is difficult: there is a growing protest movement, there is a shutdown of channels that oppose the government line, especially on YouTube”, notes Rahr, stressing that social tension could turn into a loss of popularity for the government.

    In addition, the German government’s main objectives include the consolidation of Europe, and all is not well there, Rahr continues, with huge battles ahead to distribute the common funds that the mostly northern EU countries have poured into a common pot to save the weaker southern EU member states.

    There is a serious overall economic crisis, which is considered far-fetched and temporary, but energy prices are soaring and no one knows where this growth in prices will stop. And the next migration crisis is just around the corner

    according “Gazeta.Ru” source.

    Those measures that have prevented the passage of migrants across the Polish border, will only have a temporary effect. “The situation in Africa and the Middle East is only getting worse with the fall of Afghanistan, the crisis in Iraq and the war in Libya. Masses of people want to flee from these regions to Europe, and no one knows how to prevent this”, concludes the expert .

    At the same time, Vladislav Belov, head of the Centre for German Studies at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is convinced that the new German government faces the same challenges as the previous one.

    “This is the European ‘Green Deal’, an energy and digital transition by 2030, which includes the production of electric cars and the construction of gas stations, which vehicles should then run on hydrogen. In essence, they have no radically new strategic objectives. Therefore, this government is continuing to implement the tasks that were outlined by the previous cabinet under Merkel’s leadership”, adds the expert.

    Internal contradictions
    Internal contradictions within the ruling coalition may also be declared to be a challenge for the new authorities. The German cabinet is controlled by three parties: the SPD, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party of Germany. Although the parties have managed to reach a compromise on major issues, certain discrepancies are still observed — again as regards the Foreign Ministry line, controlled by Green leader Baerbock, and the line of Chancellor from the SPD in their approaches to foreign policy.

    “The current coalition is of a somewhat new shape. In the previous cabinet, you could say there was an elder brother and a younger brother — one strong party and another smaller one that had no serious influence. Now it is in fact a tripartite government where all the coalition members have the same influence. And although the final decision rests with the Chancellor, who wants to start working pragmatically with Russia, the Greens have all the media and liberal élites calling for a tough policy against Moscow.

    And who will win in the end — the chancellor or those who want to punish Russia? It is very difficult to say, as such battles are just beginning

    says Alexander Rahr.

    However, Vladislav Belov of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences does not rule out that the parties being able to resolve all conflicts.

    “The coalition agreement between the three parties was a compromise within the government. That is, all the conflicts have been agreed upon. Whether they will manifest themselves further is still an open question. Baerbock stressed that there are no contradictions on Nord Stream 2 within the cabinet. And if there is anything concerning the Ukraine, Scholz and Baerbock will be united in sanctioning pressure on Russia. So there are no open conflicts between the sides so far”, the expert points out.

    The fate of leadership
    However, the main question for the new FRG government is whether Berlin will be able to retain its key role in Europe, which the country had consistently held under Merkel, who acted as the main player in decision-making and determining the future of the EU.

    According to the view of Alexander Rahr of the Russo-German Forum, Scholz will try to maintain German leadership, but is unlikely to be able to do so without the participation of France. According to him, the so-called French-German motor has been in operation since the time of Old Europe, and the other states were subordinated to it.

    “France and Germany have always taken advantage of the fact that they have the strongest economies, pulling and forcing other countries to follow the policies they themselves proposed. Today, however, the FRG is moving sharply to the left and trying to carry out an ecological revolution in Europe, which France, which favours the use of nuclear energy, does not want.

    Geopolitical issues, including closer proximity or estrangement from the United States, are also at odds. Therefore, it is more likely that Germany will not be able to maintain its leadership in Europe and this French-German motor will not work

    explains the expert .

    Vladislav Belov holds the opposite view. According to him, Germany will be able to maintain its leadership not only in Europe, but also in the world. “The FRG is positioning itself as a global player, using a multilateral approach and trying to strengthen its position. Moreover, Germany wants to establish itself in the UN Security Council and generally shows itself as a leader not only in Europe, but also in the world”, sums up the expert.


    1. I am sure Washington is inspired by Frau Baerbock and her fiery rhetoric. When the EU or major influencers within it talk about a ‘unified approach’ to Moscow, it means “Washington will tell us what it wants us to do”; an abdication of responsibility to gladden the neocon heart. However, the first thing an elected politician thinks about is re-election. If your goals will encompass more than a single political administration, between votes – and all of them will – you as the firebrand maverick have a choice of shooting off your fucking cakehole and constantly being featured in the news, thus becoming a political lightning rod and unelectable, or courting the broad base and planning over the long term. Frau Baerbock seems entirely the first type, headstrong and mouthy and dragging her less-activist compatriots along in her zealotry.

      Fortunately, Russia’s patience for that kind of grandstanding appears to be exhausted. Yurrup might kid itself that it is seeing energy-as-a-weapon, but it hasn’t seen anything like that yet and its leaders are still supremely confident that the European energy market is a must-have for Russia. If there is a war with Europe, does Brussels imagine that Russia is at the same time going to continue supplying it with energy? That’d be quite a state of hostilities, wouldn’t it? Better get planning now, if you’re serious about ‘confronting Russia’, for the massive convoys of American LNG tankers that will be required, or issue each European with a toga-like garment and a set of pan-pipes and teach them to play for the wind.

      Also, chief-global-shit-disturber America is indeed far closer to civil war, as some references have ventured, than appearances might suggest. Red states in the USA gained nearly a million people in 2020, mostly at the expense of blue states, and the country is slowly coalescing around the authoritarians who promise safety on one side, and the free on the other; state law is getting bolder and striking down federal law where it finds it unconstitutional. Wokeness has gone too far, and the conditions increasingly favour revolt.



  2. Euractiv: Estonia plans to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons

    Estonia has made a principled decision to support Ukraine in its current security situation. The plan is to donate and send missile and artillery systems designed for anti-tank defence, reports the Estonian News Agency and the Finnish media.

    …Estonia has made a principled decision to support Ukraine in its current security situation. The plan is to donate and send missile and artillery systems designed for anti-tank defence, reports the Estonian News Agency and the Finnish media…

    ‘Plans to.’ I plan to be pope for one day, just to try it out.

    The yapping Chihuahuas yap even louder. It’s a non-starter without the co-operation of others but that is not the point. It’s another tiny Baltic country trying to show it is BIK & STRONK! Lithuanian being the other one who’s 22,000 bottles of rhum destined for China but not accepted by customs has now been bought by a Taiwanese states enterprise…


    1. It reminds me of the recommendations of the Karber Report, co-authored by ‘Dr.’ Philip Karber and Wesley Clark, which entreated ex-Soviet NATO nations to send their tanks and planes to Ukraine so they could be used to fight the Russians, but still pose confusing identification problems for the west, so that every attack could be said to be the aggressor nation aggressing regardless of who was doing the attacking.

      “To maximize their defense potential, Ukraine will need to acquire additional off-­‐the-­‐shelf aircraft, air defenses and anti-­‐armor systems from countries with compatible equipment – specifically NATO members who have common equipment such as Mig-­‐29, T-­‐72 Tanks and Man Portable Air Defense and Anti-­‐Tank weapons.”

      Why couldn’t America simply send them a bunch of Abrams tanks and instructors? Would it be that difficult for someone who could drive a T-72 to learn how to fight an Abrams instead? I recall when the Georgians were bigging up their infantry and getting their peckers up for a fight with Russia under that toad Saakashvili, using the American Train and Equip program, they insisted on the Georgians using American assault rifles, most of which got thrown away when the shit hit the fan.


  3. And here is a translation of the “Tageszeitung” interview linked above, in which Baerbock explains her foreign policy line, which apparently, albeit she is the Foreign Minister of the FRG, is the line of Green Party liberals, dreamers and bourgeois retards:

    Let’s hear it now, folks, from Frau Annalena Baerbock, Foreign Minister of the Green Party:

    1 December 2021
    Annalena Baerbock on foreign policy
    “Silence is no diplomacy”
    Annalena Baerbock is soon Germany’s foreign Minister. A conversation about green personnel disputes, difficult trade-offs and their views on China.

    No experience whatsoever, but thinks she’s dead smart!

    taz: Frau Baerbock, the traffic light coalition has been very concerned with harmony in recent weeks. Now there has internal wrangling within the Greens, of all parties, over the allocation of ministerial posts. Why has that been so difficult?

    Annalena Baerbock: Personnel decisions are always difficult when you have many bright minds but only a limited number of portfolios. These are some of the most difficult moments in a party. We have put together a strong, competent team for the government, which brings a lot to the table: different generations, East and West, men and women and people with migration biographies.

    In the end, Cem Özdemir, who is versed in foreign policy, gets the Ministry of Agriculture. And Anton Hofreiter, who would have been better qualified for the job, comes away empty-handed. Does this mean that quotas beat competence?

    Not at all. We are counting on all the bright minds. Toni Hofreiter will be one of them. For this coalition to work well, we also need strong people in parliament. Together we will develop the most strength. As far as agricultural policy is concerned: Cem Özdemir has always been committed to reconciling ecology and economy, and agriculture is a key portfolio for this.

    The fundamentalists now feel ignored – is there a threat now of a return of factional strife?

    No. There has been a jolt: there are always such moments in life – also in party life. At the same time, we know from the past years how strong we are when we act as a united party. We will now carry this into the government. And in view of the pandemic alone, it is important that a government is formed very quickly and takes up its work.

    Is there already an idea about which post Anton Hofreiter can take over?

    He will play a strong role in the Bundestag.

    The ballot on forming a coalition agreement ends on 6 December. How confident are you?

    Completely. There is a real paradigm shift in key areas such as climate protection, family and social policy, European foreign policy or digitalisation. On 177 pages there are also many points that seem small at first glance, but which change the lives for some.

    For example, when a child is born into a family with two mothers: In future, both mothers will finally be automatically recognised as mothers. Families who have been living here for years but have only been tolerated until now, will finally get the security that their children, who were born here and go to school, can also stay in the future. Or the abolition of paragraph 219 a — how many years have we women fought for this? This brings the country in line with social reality.

    Nevertheless, there are still some controversial points. Hartz IV [a reform that has merged the federal level unemployment agency with the local level welfare administration — ME] will soon be called the “citizen’s income” — but there is nothing in the coalition agreement about the amount of the standard rates.

    True, but there are also changes in basic social security. We put people’s dignity at the centre and strengthen individual support. Instead of primarily sanctioning, we are activating. People who take part in further education or other support measures will receive an additional bonus of up to 150 euros per month.

    Nevertheless, the traffic light coalition is sticking to sanctions. Were there major disputes in the coalition negotiations?

    Of course there were different views on the question of how to develop the Hartz IV system. This has already been seen in the election programmes. And with three parties around the table, no one was able to get their way one hundred per cent on everything. Nevertheless, we didn’t just want to make the smallest common compromises, but dared to take a new path.

    That is what we are doing now with the citizen’s income and the opportunities for further education. And at the same time, there is a sanctions moratorium: until they are legally revised, we will suspend sanctions below the subsistence level. This means that we will limit sanctions and thus strengthen the cultural change in the job centres. We have already seen in the Corona pandemic that it makes sense to withdraw sanctions. It is also important to me that in future the costs of accommodation will be exempt from sanctions and that we abolish the stricter sanctions for young people under 25.

    Basic child allowance is intended to bundle previous benefits. How high will it be and when will it be available?

    For me, basic child benefit is one of the central projects of the next government. Children will no longer be treated like little adults and families and children will no longer be treated like supplicants to the state. Instead, the state now has the responsibility to do everything it can to lift the youngest out of poverty. At the same time, we are providing support by bundling and automatically paying out previous family benefits.

    Especially for single parents who work and still live in poverty with their children, also because they often do not have the time and energy to constantly fill out umpteen applications. Automatic payment is a small cultural revolution that we are starting in the social security system. It will therefore certainly take a while. For the transition, we will pay out an immediate supplement for children in poverty.

    And the amount allocated as basic child allowance?

    There will be a guaranteed amount for each child, which will be higher than the current child benefit. For those who need more support because their parents’ income is not sufficient, we will recalculate the subsistence minimum so that children and young people can participate in social life according to their age. The amount of the basic child allowance will then also be based on this recalculation. In addition, young people whose parents are receiving Harz IV benefits will finally be able to keep all the money they earn in their holiday jobs.


    Let’s move on to foreign policy. In the coalition agreement you announce a “climate foreign policy”. What exactly do you mean by this?

    I understand foreign policy as world domestic policy: crises have an impact across borders. They can only be overcome globally and cooperatively. And the biggest global crisis is the climate crisis. In order for the world community to be able to get on the 1.5-degree path at all, we need not only massive leaps in technology, but also a transfer of technology.

    So it is no longer enough to look to each country to tackle its own climate targets; we must finally join forces. Yes, we need the major climate conferences as a framework, but we also need more countries that show that a climate-neutral economy ensures prosperity and that reach out to other countries. I see the industrialised countries as having a duty to do this. After all, we have brought this climate crisis onto the world over the past 100 years.

    What specifically will be your role as Foreign Minister as regards this matter?

    Next year, Germany will take over the G7 Presidency. I want it to become the launch pad for climate partnerships and a climate club open to all states. Just as we exported the energy transition to the world 20 years ago with the EEG [Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz: Renewable Energy Law], we can now move forward again and become a pioneer and, above all, a partner for climate-neutral business.

    The climate partnerships are also likely to be about funding. However, the Greens did not get the development and finance ministries. Do you have the FDP and SPD on board with this project?

    Yes. The Paris climate goals are the basis of our joint coalition agreement and thus also for all ministries. To achieve them, we need massive investments in climate infrastructure. Nationally and internationally. Climate investments are also an opportunity to strengthen European competitiveness.

    As Foreign Minister, how will you deal with countries that tend to block the climate negotiations?

    The idea of the climate club and the climate partnerships is to deal less with the blockers and instead join forces with the pioneers. A global CO2 price, for example, is a nice idea, but also a good excuse. Because by the time all 190 countries are ready for it, it will probably be too late. Instead of waiting, I should therefore like to call for countries to join forces in order to make their industry climate-neutral. At the same time, common standards and guard rails prevent possible competitive disadvantages for industrial locations.

    Our more than 220 German missions abroad can be important climate embassies for this and also contribute to intensifying technology transfer. Climate policy is not only modern economic policy, but also security policy. In recent years, we have seen how the consequences of climate change have exacerbated conflicts over resources such as land or water. We have also seen that fossil energy dependence and energy imports can be used as a means of exerting pressure on foreign policy and thus also for destabilization. [My stress — ME] We must not forget this. It is not without reason that there is this massive dispute about the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

    Nord Stream 2 does not even appear in the coalition agreement.

    We made it clear in the coalition agreement that European energy law must also apply to this pipeline. In parallel to our negotiations, the Federal Network Agency suspended the certification process for the time being because European energy law was not being complied with. The security policy issues, which are the reason why our partners in Central and Eastern Europe are so massively opposed to this pipeline, must be discussed jointly at European level in the coming months. [My stress — ME]

    China is the biggest polluter. Only if Peking plays along can climate change be stopped. On climate protection, the US under Joe Biden is trying to cooperate with China. On most other issues, Washington relies on confrontation. Is that how you will deal with China?

    To solve global problems, we have to cooperate with each other. In the fight against the climate crisis, for example, or in the fight against the corona pandemic, we can only be successful together. There we are partners. In other areas, we are competitors, especially when it comes to the question of future technological leadership.

    As European democracies and part of a transatlantic democratic alliance, we are also in a systemic competition with an authoritarian regime like China. In this respect, it is important to seek strategic solidarity with democratic partners, to defend our values and interests together and to promote these values in our foreign policy with staying power.

    The coalition agreement contains a passage on China. In it, several topics that are sensitive from Peking’s point of view are listed for the first time: Taiwan, Xinjiang and Hong Kong. Will Germany under a Green Foreign Minister go more for confrontation?

    Dialogue is the central building block of international policy. But that doesn’t mean that things have to be glossed over or hushed up. A foreign policy that focuses on differences leads to a dead end just as much as one that is based on ignoring conflicts. That is why, for me, a values-based foreign policy [The end of Realpolitik? — ME] is always an interplay of dialogue and toughness. Eloquent silence is not a form of diplomacy in the long run, even if some people have seen it that way in recent years.

    This also entails risks, especially for Germany. After all, China is Germany’s most important trading partner.

    As Europeans, we should not make ourselves smaller than we are. We are one of the largest domestic markets in the world. And China in particular has massive interests in the European market. If there is no longer access for products that come from regions like Xinjiang, where forced labour is common practice, that is a big problem for an exporting country like China. We Europeans should use this lever of the common internal market much more. But it will only work if all 27 member states pull together and Germany, as the largest member state, does not formulate its own China policy, as it did in the past. We need a common European China policy.

    What do you think about a boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Peking?

    When I see how China’s leadership is dealing with the tennis player Peng Shuai or with the arrested citizen journalist Zhang Zhan, we should of course also take a closer look at the Olympic Games. There are different ways for governments to deal with this, which will certainly be discussed in the coming weeks.

    On Monday, journalists and associations took to Twitter to explicitly call on you to support Zhang Zhan’s freedom.

    Journalistic reporting is not a crime. Zhang Zhan should therefore be released.

    [And Assange, you fucking two-faced twat? — ME]

    There are few points in the coalition agreement that make Nato and EU partners uneasy. But there is this one: the Federal Republic will participate in 2022 as an observer in the conference on the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Dozens of states have agreed on this treaty to outlaw nuclear weapons. Will you travel there in person as Foreign Minister?

    As with the previous questions, first I have to be sworn into office. But it is precisely this question of nuclear weapons that makes it clear that in future we will again pursue an active German foreign policy that faces up to the dilemmas of global politics. We stand by our responsibility within the framework of NATO and the EU and also for nuclear sharing. In the long term, however, we will only make the world a safer place if we achieve a reduction in nuclear weapons. That is why we, as the future government, want to support the disarmament negotiations between the USA and Russia and constructively follow the contents of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as observers.

    In the past, however, coalition agreements sometimes announced that they would support the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany. Not this time. Why not?

    Internationally, disarmament talks have finally been announced again for the next few years and we want to take advantage of this opportunity — not just passively, but with a German contribution, as just described. However, this must always be done in coordination with our allies, especially our partners in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Because Russia has become more threatening, the Greens are no longer pushing for the end of nuclear sharing?

    The justified security interests of the states in Central and Eastern Europe in particular must be taken seriously. We do not contribute to their security with unilateral steps. That is why we shall participate in the international disarmament policy debates in close coordination with our partners.

    Will the traffic light party again acquire aircraft capable of dropping nuclear weapons as a successor to the Bundeswehr’s Tornado jets? This is not clearly formulated in the coalition agreement.

    We have to procure a successor system for the Tornado because its conventional capabilities have to be replaced. So we are not talking about so-called nuclear bombers alone. We will then have to talk further about the question of nuclear certification.

    You will be the first woman German Foreign Minister. Does it make any difference to you that you are a woman or not?

    Not for me.

    End of Interview


    1. And get this, you smartarse Green know-nothing:

      Bild Zeitung

      veröffentlicht am
      03.01.2022 – 08:52 Uhr
      Bundeskanzler Scholz will Russlandpolitik zur Chefsache machen – ein Affront gegen die Grünen.

      Published on
      03.01.2022 – 08:52
      Chancellor Scholz wants to make Russia policy a top priority – an affront to the Greens.

      So fuck your “values” foreign policy!

      This is Realpolitik and making the world a better place for LGBT “communities” and assorted minorities is not top priority in international relationships.

      So chuck another cowpat into your eco-stove and try to keep warm!


      1. She doesn’t know anything else. A life time brought up on ‘superior’ western values which include ignoring any law, international or otherwise that is an obstruction to u-Rope doing whatever the f/k it wants (sic Bainter/Libya/NATO expansion etc.) for your and their own good.

        There are plenty like her who do not, and cannot understand that when faced with someone who could do you serious damage, you do not casually go and smack them in the face and expect them to accept your ‘values’ and ‘superiority.’ Rude lessons are a-coming and I don’t doubt they will be well timed and painful. It’s back to the future (how the world actually works) or trouble ‘t mill.

        I suspect that things still need to get worse and the warhawks humiliated before the corner is turned. The plus side is that we have seen the return of some form of realpolitik being spoken more openly when before there was nothing but silence because proponents of such views were hounded and beaten down.

        If the greens cause a crisis, foreign, economic both or otherwise that upsets the gently as she goes tradition and then pulls the plug on the coalition government because their will has not triumphed(!), they won’t be rewarded at the subsequent polls.

        The irony is that east of Germany they have been weary of German power in foreign policy terms and a quiet policy was liked, but now they demand that Germany throws their weight behind any old stupid shite that is pulled by any state however stupid. Once Germany does, they’ll expect it to slide back in to its shell and be quiet again except when called by trumpet. but that won’t happen. Plenty of tantrums will be coming down the line…


        1. . . . their will has not triumphed . . .

          Dogmatic ideology fails again in the light of cold, hard facts and practical measures to deal with them, namely the application of Realpolitik.

          Triumph des Willens?

          Triumph of the will?

          That’s what an erstwhile Austrian lance-corporal who served during WWI in the Bavarian army earnestly believed: hartnäckiger Wille wird immer triumphieren!stubborn willpower will always triumph

          Mind over matter?

          Dream on!


          1. Oh too bad, Fritz!

            In Germany, the number of impoverished has sharply increased, reaching 16% of the population.

            Record figure in Germany:

            13.4 million people live in poverty

            The Corona crisis has driven the poverty rate in Germany to a new record. According to the Parity Welfare Association, a good 16 percent of the population are considered poor. only Federal aid has prevented even worse figures.

            According to a new study by the Parity Welfare Association, the poverty rate in Germany has reached a record high during the pandemic. 16.1 percent of the population — equivalent to 13.4 million people — should be considered impoverished, according to a report entitled “Poverty in the Pandemic”.

            This is a new sad record, said Ulrich Schneider, Executive Director of the Association. The current data fit into the picture of the last few years: a steady trend can be seen that does not seem to have been broken in 2020. In 2006, the rate was still 14.0 per cent. Every person who has less than 60 per cent of the median income is considered poor. This is the total net income of the household including housing benefit, child benefit, child supplement, other transfer payments or other allowances. The Parity Welfare Association thus follows the definition of relative poverty used in the EU in relation to the standard of living in a country.

            Fear not, Sausage Eaters! Frau Baerbeck’s “values” foreign policy will alleviate your misfortunes somewhat with the joyful news that despite your being cold in your homes, owing to her going all out to prevent NS2 from going into operation, you’ll know that your state has nevertheless adopted the moral high ground in its dealing with tyrannies and anti-democratic movements in foreign lands and the simply awful way they treat LGBT types there and deal with “gender issues” etc . . .


          1. Down to Nuremberg, actually, where Adolf and chums were to hold a mass rally for the massed Nazi Party faithful with huge parades of automaton-like, coal-scuttle helmeted Wehrmacht members and torchlight possessions of them at night.

            They love torchlight processions do Nazi goons and their kinsfolk: they, the Bundeswehr, had one for Frau Merkel when she was about to leave the chancellorship.

            Why couldn’t they have a farewell parade for her during the day?

            Dumb question!

            Not half as good as one at night with flaming torches, nicht Wahr, Parteigenossen?


  4. This is curious.

    Sputnik News: Ukrainian Businessman Who Rescued Rocket Startup ‘Firefly’ to Sell His Stake in Firm on US’ Demand

    The businessman revitalised the space company using his own funds back in 2017, when it was on the brink of bankruptcy. Since then, the firm secured its first contracts with the US government and held a partially successful first launch of a satellite.

    …The government also ordered Firefly to halt preparations for its second test launch of their rocket from Vandenberg until the businessman rescinds his ownership, the media outlet reported citing two anonymous sources…

    …in November, the US Committee on Foreign Investment sent a letter to the businessmen in which it cited national security worries…

    …, which would develop its own rocket using combined experience in this field of both American and Ukrainian specialists.

    The company founded a research centre in a Ukrainian city. The businessman envisaged that once it’s up and running, Firefly would boost both the US and Ukraine’s space capabilities. The space startup even acquired a technology sharing agreement between Ukraine and the US, as well as secured several contracts with NASA, DARPA and the US Air Force….

    Dnipro is where it is HQ’d.

    USG got cold feet? What changed?


  5. Glenn Greenwald via Antiwar.com: NBC News Uses Ex-FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi to Urge Assange’s Extradition, Hiding His Key Role

    The most dangerous, and under-discussed, development in corporate media is the spate of ex-security state agents now employed to deliver the “news.”

    Two of the television outlets on which American liberals rely most for their news — NBC News and CNN — have spent the last six years hiring a virtual army of former CIA operatives, FBI officials, NSA spies, Pentagon chiefs, and DOJ prosecutors to work in their newsrooms. The multiple ways in which journalism is fundamentally corrupted by this spectacle are all vividly illustrated by a new article from NBC News that urges the prosecution and extradition of Julian Assange, claiming that the WikiLeaks founder, once on U.S. soil, will finally provide the long-elusive proof that Donald Trump criminally conspired with Russia. …

    The rest at the link.

    I know lefty-liberal (‘intelligent’!) americans who worship at the altar of MSNBC/CNN and lap it up even though they should know better and they do. I was also told by an acquaintance that they tried to stop their parents from readin the Daily Mail by sitting down with them and going through each page pointing out the lies and disinformation. Did it make any difference? No. It’s not news, it’s entertainment (such as a judge recently declared at a case about Rachel Maddow’s ‘news show’). The audience ‘know’ that they are subject to exaggeration and hyperbole, so it is ok.

    In both cases it looks to me like comfort and habit. That’s where they go to get their news and they are not interested in looking elsewhere. Why change?


    1. If this video were made 20 years ago, it would have some credibility. However, Russia is not dissolving into the triumphant liberal world order nor China. Indeed, the liberal world order, which was a poorly fitting mask for a more fundamental organization, is the force that is dissolving. “Ideology” is an intellectual construct that has little relevance to the evolution of human society. More relevant are genetics (including genetic-based behaviors) and deep/persistent culture. Western liberalism is nothing more than a narcissist playground where a small group feeds/stuns/consumes the herd.

      We wonder why the West wishes to enslave if not exterminate the Slavs. I don’t. Certain Slavic groups do not share the necessary genetic-based behaviors and deep culture that fits with the narcissist-rule of the West. Asian societies may be similarly unsuited for digestion by the West. Hitler knew it, the English monarchy knew it, and so does the Deepest State.

      This is not to say that the West is free from such “misfits”. It’s just that we are spread too thin and bombarded with too much shit to organize. Perhaps 100 years ago with the influx of immigrants, we had a chance but not now. However, the safety valve is that many millions have already dropped out of societal participation and more will follow. The “liberal” west is becoming a hollow society with increasing dysfunction.

      The video will prove entertaining for academics who carefully study areas that are safely irrelevant.


  6. This article reminded me of the Ukie journalist Arkady Babchenko’s faked murder and the shenanigans that went on to frame a Ukrainian businessman as a conspirator. The fellow (I forget his name but it may have been a surname like Gherman) owned an optics business supplying lenses to Ukrainian security forces for rifles. The businessman was framed for a murder that never happened so his business assets – in particular perhaps, any intellectual property he or the business owned – could be seized by Kiev. Then his company and its knowledge could have ended up under the control of … the Ukrainian security forces.

    It would be interesting to know who ends up owning Firefly if the Ukrainian billionaire sold his ownership stake. If the rocket start-up business is deemed to be in Ukrainian national security interests, where did that idea originate and who is pushing it and pressuring the US govt to agree to it?


  7. Who steals gas from us

    Kiev will be forced to steal Russian gas from the transit stream if Naftogaz does not provide it with sufficient imports and reserves, former head of the company Andriy Kobolev has said.

    In his opinion, gas consumption by Ukrainians will soon reach the figures of February 2020. In this case, Naftogaz will not be able to cover the demand owing to the shortage of imports from the European Union.

    What’s a nice girl like you doing in a shithole like the Ukraine?

    Kobolyev predicted that with such a development Russia would stop transit through the Ukraine and immediately terminate the existing contract. He added that this would accelerate the launch of Nord Stream 2 and prompt Gazprom to give up Ukrainian transit with the “tacit consent” of Western countries.

    Translated from moronic into Russian, this means that gas consumers in the EU may decide they do not have enough gas in storage and consumed immediately on delivery. In this case, they will refuse to sign agreements with Kiev on virtual reverse. The essence of which is that Kiev siphons gas from the transit pipe, making it out on paper as delivered to a consumer in the EU and then magically delivered from there to the Ukraine.

    Without this paperwork, de facto gas taken from the transit flow becomes stolen, with all the ensuing consequences. Including termination of the contract due to Kiev’s fault as an unscrupulous contractor.

    But this scenario is highly unlikely. First, the EU has enough gas. About 40% of the EU heating season is behind us, and there are still 59 billion cubic metres in storage and in the first days of the new year it pumps in more than it takes out. And the EU withdrew 65.6 billion cubic metres from its storage facilities over the whole of last season.

    And secondly, after all the vows and declarations of love, and even under US control, the EU will not leave Kiev without virtual agreements until it becomes clear that there may not really be enough gas.

    So, the big gas expert should not scare the unknown party with the beast with valuable fur — the northern fur-bear will come to Kiev from the other side.

    But it will inevitably come .


    1. https://t.me/alexey_pushkov/5947

      Alexei PUSHKOV
      Interesting prediction: the Ukraine will have to steal Russian gas, former Naftogaz head Kobolev has predicted, and this will lead to the termination of the contract with Russia and the end of Ukrainian transit. https://iz-ru.turbopages.org/turbo/iz.ru/s/1273133/2022-01-03/eks-glava-naftogaza-dopustil-vorovstvo-ukrainoi-rossiiskogo-gaza?utm_source=tg_button
      Former Naftogaz head admits Ukraine will have to steal Russian gas

      Former head of Naftogaz admits to the theft of Russian gas by the Ukraine
      Former Naftogaz head Kobolev: Kiev will steal Russian gas if it does not cover the deficit. If Naftogaz fails to ensure sufficient fuel imports, Kiev will have to steal Russian gas from the transit pipe. The statement was made by former…


      edited: Jan 3 at 19:46


    2. If she were truly turning that valve, she would not have her leg propped up against that pipe. She would also wear personal protective gear such as a hard hat and gloves. I strongly suspect that the photo was staged.


  8. https://www.rt.com/russia/545070-nuclear-arms-war-statement/

    The release was issued by the group of nuclear-armed countries on Monday, with the signees saying they “affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought.” They also stressed that nuclear armaments “should serve defensive purposes, deter aggression, and prevent war” rather than be used to start such a conflict.

    North Korea would agree. And the Soviet Bomb prevented a Western invasion of SU after the end the WW II. Praise the mighty Atom!


  9. Hey, Baerbock!

    Seen this?

    China has urged the strengthening of cooperation with Russia in the steel sector
    January 4, 2022, 11:46 am

    Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Planning and Research of the Metallurgical Industry of China Li Xinchuang has said that Russia and China should develop cooperation in the development of low-carbon production technologies in the steel industry.

    “Russia ranks fourth in the world in steel production and has visible advantages over other countries for the development of the industry”, Xinchuan said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

    In his opinion, Russia and China, as one of the largest steel producers in the world, should unite their efforts and begin to jointly engage in developments to decarbonize the industry.

    “In China, the steel industry ranks second in terms of the use of coal in production”, said Xinchuan.

    In July, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that Moscow and Beijing were closely cooperating in the fight against the spread of coronavirus and in the production of vaccines.

    Better watch out, Foreign Minister of the German Green Party, the major “anti-democracies” are teaming up!


  10. If your conversational Russian is good, you might enjoy the following video. It’s by a Ukrainian journalist who’s been living in exile for a decade in Europe, and I think he recently started an opposition party in Ukraine that has been banned. He has a lot of political videos, but this one is him visiting Russia for the first time as a New Year’s special, because he’s not afraid of being called a ‘traitor’ anymore, and they talk about Moscow and how it compares to other European capitals. I think ME could like it.


      1. I should add, however, that the subtitles themselves are often difficult to understand because it is an automatic sound translation system that YouTube uses, which often results in gibberish in the subtitles.


        1. That’s true what Shariy says about the Sklifosovskiy clinic: my wife needed a PCR test quick, she just phoned them, went there and they did it right away. Last October it was, I think, and Mrs. Exile said they were extremely polite and efficient there.

          Years ago, before I got my residency permit, I used to go Sklifosovskiy every year to get my HIV test and others for syphilis and god knows what, and then off I went by night train to the Russian consulate in Tallinn so as to get my 1-year visa to stay in Russia: no pox test — no visa!


          1. Just watched the video right through. Decent folk, Mr. and Mrs. Shariy — both Ukrainians. But not Galitsians, with whom I have had dealings and, in my experience, are full of hate. Not against me, they weren’t, because they thought that my being English would automatically cause me to support their hatred of Russia and Russians, which resulted in their pouring out their bile to me non-stop about “Moskaly” and “Moskoviya”. Galitsians are really Poles, in my opinion — but they hate them an’ all!


            1. Svidomites did not consider the Germans as occupiers — but simply as their owners
              Jan 4, 2022 at 4: 00 PM

              On August 1, 1941, in the Galitsia district, by decree of Governor-General Frank, German was declared the state language. “Interestingly, not a single patriot objected to the occupier’s move”, writes Ukrainian publicist Myroslava Berdnik.

              Welcome, dear Nazi Overlords!

              And, in fact, it is understandable why the Svidomites did not mind. So called “fighters for the freedom of the Ukraine” from Russia never considered the Germans as occupiers. They considered them as their masters. This idea had been carved in stone by the fathers of Ukrainian nationalism.

              Created in Galitsia under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Dontsov, “The Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine” had proclaimed its main goal to be the transformation of the Ukraine into a monarchical protectorate of Germany and Austria-Hungary — the “Ukrainian crown land”.

              Independence per se was not important, this theorist of Ukrainian nationalism believed:

              It is not the slogan of independence that is relevant. The actual, more realistic and quicker way to achieve independence is to gain separation from Russia, to destroy every association with it: namely political separatism

              Dontsov wrote.

              After having destroyed ties with Russia, then they should look for a master:

              Amongst all the imperialists, we can serve the one that can be useful to us

              prescribed the ideologist of Ukro-Nazism.

              Another Ukrainian prick, Semyon Petlyura, putting aside all national pride, issued the following precept to his supporters:

              It is necessary to find … amongst the influential international forces those who could be interested in the idea of Ukrainian statehood and who would themselves have a real benefit from this — either political or material

              This once again confirmed the foundation and essence of Ukro-Nazism, which is expressed by the saying: “Whom to go to, whom to sell out to, whom to find, whom to give oneself to?” in the sense of becoming the concubine of a rich master.

              That is what Kyiv is doing now.

              The Ukraine will try to give herself away, as Larisa Dmitriyevna did— but no one will marry her, ever.

              Larisa Dmitriyevna: protagonist in extremely popular Soviet Film “Cruel Romance” [1980], in which, to cut a long story short, Larisa arses around trying to choose a husband amongst her many admirers and in the end one, whom she has really fucked around and has turned down, shoots her dead, saying: Ну так не доставайся же ты никому! “Right then! You’re not getting anyone!”

              It’s a very good film, as a matter of fact: must have seen it a dozen times on different channels. It was on TV again only the other day because it is regular shown during holiday periods.


              1. I didn’t know that about Dontsov, thanks for the info! Now I’ll be able to use it in conversation against Ukrainian nationalists. 🙂


                1. That “crown land” term is very revealing.

                  In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, that part of it which was not Hungary was unofficially called “Cisleithania”, the northern and western part of Austria-Hungary, as distinguished from Transleithania, i.e., the Hungarian Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen east of [“beyond”] the Leitha River.

                  In Cisleithania, the majority of the population were Western Slavs: Poles, Bohemians and Moravians, the remaining Cisleithanians consisting of Germans and Italians.

                  The Cisleithnian provinces were called Kronländer [Crown Lands]

                  In the “Crown Lands”, German was the official language and the language of the administration.

                  Austrian Galitsia was the poorest and most backward of the Crown Lands. It also had a very large Jewish population. Furthermore, part of Austrian Galitsia had elements of the population who were constantly under suspicion of being pro-Russian, namely Eastern “Ruthenians” (now called Ukrainians) who were Orthodox Christians. Ruthenians further West were willing subjects of the Hapsburg emperor and they were also Greek-Uniate Christians — Roman Catholics in practically all but name.

                  Now a very telling point: fearsome of the rise of Polish nationalism in Austrian Galitsia (before the partition of Poland, Polish Galitsia with its capital at Krakow), as a palliative to the Polacks there, Vienna allowed the administrative language there — and only there — to be Polish: all part of eventually granting the Polacks some autonomy in the Austrian Empire, or so Vienna made out

                  And the Poles in Galitsia lorded it over the “Ruthenians” there, who were then, as now, boorish peasants. And the Jews, of course, really got the shitty end of the stick, being despised both by the Poles and the Ruthenians.

                  Now don’t forget folks, shits like Bandera were born in the soon to be defunct Austrian Empire.

                  Furthermore, Bandera’s papa was a Greek-Uniate priest.

                  Bandera and his ilk just loved the idea of their having once been the loyal subjects of the Catholic Hapsburg Emperor and now a new Austrian leader was at hand who would smite the Eastern barbarians and lead the Galitsians to the promised land, where they could kick shit out of the Jews to their hearts’ content.


                2. A natural, and even obvious choice, then, wunnit? Like calls to like. The still-slightly-astonishing thing is that after a couple of generations of public education that the Nazis were evil personified, large populations still admire their edicts and efficiency, and publicly express their loyalty.

                  Mind you, we’ve seen much more recently how simple it is to control and influence populations who likely consider themselves well-informed and to be making an informed choice. Simply present society with an existential crisis in which each has a responsibility to all, and tweak here and there with incentives to go along such as demonizing the outliers who resist. In this, Coronavirus was much more successful than Nazism, which managed to convince a much more limited percentage. Furthermore, none has been left unscathed – even those who do not buy into the hysterical hype, as I do not, are left with a contempt for about 80% of their fellow countrymen which is unlikely to fade, and a sense of social disconnection from them.


              2. Typo above: missing apostrophe “s” on “Dontsov”.

                A paragraph in the article about Galitsia should have read as follows:

                Created in Galitsia under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Dontsov’s “The Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine” had proclaimed its main goal to be the transformation of the Ukraine into a monarchical protectorate of Germany and Austria-Hungary — the “Ukrainian crown land”.

                I should also add that I prefer the transliteration of Галиция as Galitsia and not the more common transliteration “Galicia”.

                For me, Galicia is in Spain:


                1. Norman Davies, in his book on Vanished Kingdoms of Europe, has a big chapter on Galicia (the Slav one) and argues that the name derives from “salt” and thus quite distinctly from the supposedly Celtic zone in NW Spain. Seems plausible to me. The chapter is, unsurprisingly, very positive about the prospects for a golden future for Ukraine.


  11. Also something in English for the host of the blog, a three hour Joe Rogan episode with the person who played a pivotal role in the development of mRNA vaccine technology and is now warning against people taking them and against vaccine mandates. It got lots of resonance, so many of you probably heard about it already. He touches on a lot of things Mark finds problematic about how society has developed with regards to the Corona thing. He has credibility since he runs clinical trials, works in the industry, and has high level contacts with CIA and NIH people. Oh, and also responsible for the whole mRNA thing. I listened to it on a shopping trip to the mall recently, where the traffic and huge crowds slowed me down. Malone has a very clear and calm voice and explains everything very well.


    1. Death rates are soaring and mostly due to causes that were mentioned as side effects of mRNA vaccines – cardiovascular damage from the production of spiked proteins by the body triggered by the vaccines in question. Lots of articles are available regarding the foregoing.


      1. According to this guidance by the National Institute for Health, Public Health is an ‘evidence-based profession’ that relies strictly upon science.


        I think this might be the contention which either brings about the utter collapse of credibility in public health, or its opposite – the ushering in of a new political order in which public health provides the government with the gravitas to crack down wherever the politicians would like to do it anyway. It highlights in perfectly understandable terms what we have been discussing here for some time – the massive disconnect between public-health priorities and personal liberties. By public health’s priorities, each is responsible for the health and ‘wellness’ (I always despised that ‘woke’ term) of all other members of the public, and for accepting such restrictions on their personal behavior as are necessary to achieve that. Economics is a distant second or third, unimportant really because so long as the public is in a robust state of health it does not matter if it is bankrupt.

        However you look at it, though, it is inescapable that what the public health system is relying on is not science. The PCR test as a ‘gold standard’ when it is not and never was a diagnostic aid, the policy of testing unvaccinated subjects at a different cyclic rate than the vaccinated and eventually dropping the testing of the vaccinated altogether…the very essence of a ‘test’ is that it establishes an unvarying standard and the same parameters for all. The gibbled guidance on masking, first it was unnecessary and next it was the law, Fauci darting this way and that, first masks were more a hindrance than a help and in a matter of days it ‘only made sense’ to wear two because it provided twice the protection. The ubiquitous rise of the ‘fact-checkers’ who work for the government and/or the networks, popping up to label anything controversial as ‘disinformation’, even claiming the frightening figures in the VAERS public database were not proof that the vaccines caused deaths even though input to the VAERS system is restricted to the healthcare industry. The labeling of any doctor who supports mass vaccination as an ‘expert’, likewise anyone who will speak publicly about government policy so long as their opinion supports it – anyone who has ever heard of the subject under discussion is an ‘expert’ in it. Nothing at all scientific about any of it, and that is not even tickling the elephant in the room, which is the complete and trusting acceptance of manufacturer’s data on the vaccines after only a couple of months of what is meant to be a trials process lasting years – I have seen blithe assurances that ‘science just moves faster now’ – and the deliberate elimination of the control group by both major manufacturers, by vaccinating it. Canada has not done any additional testing on the vaccines before approving them for general use – they couldn’t have; they simply reviewed the manufacturers’ data and accepted their figures with the codicil that if they had erred anywhere they could not be held legally accountable. And boy, howdy, that ain’t science.


        1. I stopped reading at “Public health is an evidence-based profession dedicated to improving health and preventing disease. The political process is how public policy decisions—laws, regulations, tax policies, and the allocation of scarce public resources—are made by elected officials.”

          Public health is a cold-hearted for-profit enterprise with violence conducted on at a personal scale. No shock-and-awe or carpet bombing – just murder conducted under the cover of limited funds while Big Pharma is awash in wealth. I have more respect for the MIC as the level of hypocrisy is lower.


          1. Well, this represents a policy wonk’s idealization of what public health is – in a perfect, or even a fairly-good world, public health would be evidence-based, and perhaps once it was. But it has fallen to corruption like nearly every other public institution. No agency could claim the mRNA ‘vaccines’ are effective and safe under conditions whereby they simply accepted the manufacturer’s word that they are, based on abbreviated tests conducted by the manufacturer in which the placebo control group was deliberately eliminated, and the very properties of vaccination and vaccines were altered by definition so the product would meet the criteria.

            But I cited the reference mostly to highlight the differing priorities of politics, economics and public health. The politicians have put public health in the driver’s seat and are allowing it to rule through public-health directives, and public health is willing to spend the last dollar and the last breath fighting disease. Public health does not care if you die in abject poverty, so long as you die healthy. Public health does not care if the country’s funds are completely expended and it is ruined and has to throw itself on the mercy of whoever will help it, so long as the last pennies were spent on fighting the disease that is its enemy. The money that is being thrown into the coronavirus pit is probably irrecoverable by this point, and is speeding our way toward a digital, cashless society in which if the government does not like the cut of your jib and you will not respond to orders to stand down your bullshit, can simply separate you from your income.


        2. There is a growing rejection of CDC dictates. Our company will end sending employees home for 5 days of quarantine if they were possibly exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid (whose symptoms range from nothing to sniffles and sneezes). The unfairness of this policy includes that office works can work remotely and receive full pay while shop people go without pay. We are setting quarantined work areas that meet the CDC guidelines thus allowing shop people to continue to work and receive pay. I suspect that the CDC is barely aware that manufacturing jobs can rarely be performed remotely.


    2. Thanks very much, Blatnoi, and Happy New Year! The province of Manitoba recently enacted new laws for the protection of privacy of political figures and public-health officials, who are getting scared because protesters are on the street in front of their house and sometimes on their lawns.


  12. Britain must lead from the front on Russia – The Telegraph

    3 days ago:

    Britain must lead from the front on Russia. Putin is testing the West. The UK should seize this opportunity to galvanise Europe into action.

    . . . there are two influential people in the German government coalition who share the views of Great Britain. These are Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock and Economy Minister Robert Habeck. And together we must convince the more skeptical new German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

    Is the German Foreign Minister then really a creature of London?

    German newspaper “Bild”:

    . . . the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz hopes to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the near future. The German prime Minister wants to take building relations with Moscow under his own personal control

    Stolz makes Russia the main business

    In other words, Chancellor Scholz does not trust Baerbock and is going to establish relations with Russia personally — without his coalition foreign minister, who, as it turns out, also seems to be working in the interests of London, which means, of course, in the interests of Washington.


    1. Baerbock had better be careful in shooting her mouth off and revealing to her fellow coalition partners that she might be an agent receiving foreign money and advice and therefore subject to German laws on foreign meddling in German politics.


      1. Baerbock studied for 1 year at the London School of Economics, graduating with a master’s degree in Public International Law.

        There have been questions raised in Germany about her academic qualifications.

        A Freedom of Information request to London School of Economics:

        Dear London School of Economics,

        the potential new German Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock, has graduated from your University with a “Master’s degree in Public International Law” in 2005. Her opponents are using the ambiguity of this term and the differences between UK and German Universities to run a campaign to discredit her – it would therefore be useful if relevant information about the degree programme would be in the public domain (not about her as a person).

        Could you therefore please provide for this cohort (graduated 2005)
        – programme specifications of this programme
        – module descriptors for relevant modules (or comparable data)
        – relevant QA data (not the actual reports – just what QA was in place)
        – Whether dissertation titles and theses are available from LSE library
        – fees and admission requirements

        Yours faithfully,

        Sam O’Hare


        1. The comments attached to that LSE tweet are more interesting. It seems that there is a cloud over how Annalena Baerbock was able to apply for a place in that master’s course at LSE. She studied political science and public law at the University of Hamburg but did not obtain an undergraduate degree in law from that university. A couple of commenters speculate that she must have had help from a sponsor in successfully applying for a place in the LSE’s LLM course.

          While studying at the LSE, Baerbock stayed at Carr-Saunders Hall student accommodation in Fitzrovia, close to the West End in London, so that area must be quite ritzy. Apparently Carr-Saunders Hall caters for undergraduate students so what a student studying a master’s degree in law is doing in staying there boggles the mind. Did Baerbock really have a degree from Hamburg or not before applying to enrol at LSE?


          1. German Greens leader Baerbock under fire for resumé inflation
            Baerbock has had a string of lapses concerning her professional past since declaring her candidacy for chancellor.

            June 5, 2021 2:36 pm

            In Germany, the Green bubble is bursting
            A plagiarism scandal is another set-back for the party’s leader

            Wednesday, 30 June 2021

            Baerbock und ihr Lebenslauf: An entscheidender Stelle nutzte sie ihre Titel gnadenlos aus
            6 months later now and all is forgotten, it seems . . .

            Baerbock and her résumé: At a crucial point, she relentlessly exploited her qualifications

            Bullshit baffles brains!

            Friday, 11.06.2021, 11:02
            International lawyer – yes or no? The debate about Annalena Baerbock’s curriculum vitae has now been eclipsed by that about her ancillary earnings. But there are still many unanswered questions. Also because the Green Party top candidate has always conspicuously emphasised her academic degree at crucial points in her career.

            The academic training of politicians can become very important. This has been known not only since Wednesday, when the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Franziska Giffey, had to resign because of her unscientific doctoral thesis. In the case of the Greens’ candidate for chancellor, it’s not about a doctorate, because she doesn’t have one: it’s about her credibility when dealing with her academic CV.

            This is not pettifogging or even a fad that is only of concern to representatives in academic milieus. It is eminently political. For Annalena Baerbock has used her educational background in what is perhaps the most politically decisive phase of her life.

            In an interview on Norddeutscher Rundfunk, the 40-year-old said this about her co-party leader and at the same time rival in the struggle for the chancellorship candidacy: “Whilst Habeck is ‘familiar with chickens, pigs and dairy cows’, her background is in ‘international law'”.

            Baerbock and her curriculum vitae: At a crucial point in her career she used her educational background
            However, Habeck is a doctor of philosophy, whilst Baerbock started a doctoral thesis but never finished it. Also, unlike Baerbock, Habeck has government experience – as a minister and deputy minister-president in Schleswig-Holstein.

            He was also, hence Baerbock’s allusion to animals, not only Minister of Agriculture, but also Minister for Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digitization in the cabinet of CDU Prime Minister Daniel Günther. After all, Habeck is a successful author and writer, which is not academically important but definitely belongs in the work experience department.

            Not only does Baerbock not have a doctorate, she also does not have a bachelor’s degree. Nor does she have a diploma. She dropped out of her studies before taking an exam. She has a “Vordiplom*” [pre-diploma], which, however, does not stand at the end of a degree programme, but is the certificate stating that a student has successfully completed basic studies.

            With this Vordiplom, Baerbock applied at the time to the renowned London School of Economics to complete a Master’s programme. It lasted one year, at the end of which Baerbock was awarded the title Master of Law, abbreviated LLM. However, this Master’s degree does not come at the end of a full course of studies, but only at the endof a postgraduate course.

            Thorsten Frei: “Frau Baerbock is not a lawyer, especially not a fully qualified lawyer”
            At present there is a lot of argument in the social networks about whether Baerbock can call herself an “international lawyer”, about whether she even had the qualifications to do this Masters in London, about whether she was eligible to study for a doctorate.: since Brexit, the British origin of an academic qualification has to appear behind the LLM to determine whether she has correctly stated her academic degree. Correctly, her degree should be: LLM (London). And there is argument about whether she even finished this master’s degree with a thesis, which the study guidelines of the London University did not explicitly provide at the time.

            The leadership of the Union parliamentary group is now entering this debate. Thorsten Frei is deputy chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group and himself a lawyer; more precisely: a fully qualified lawyer. That means that the CDU politician has passed two state exams. Frei has said to FOCUS Online:

            Frau Baerbock is not a lawyer, and certainly not a fully qualified lawyer. She could neither become a judge nor a public prosecutor nor a lawyer in Germany. For this one needs two state exams.

            Frei is correct with this statement: Without a legal qualification you cannot become a judge in Germany, but you can become a Federal Chancellor. Incidentally, you don’t even have to have studied to become head of government in this country.

            The term “international lawyer” is generally not protected. This is currently pointed out by law professor and plagiarism hunter Gerhard Dannemann. The general public should, however, expect from an international lawyer that he has acquired the appropriate qualification to be able to call himself that. Qualified, long-term studies, for example, or a few years of practical work on the topic.

            A Green Party candidate and international lawyer? “I hold it as clumsy in the extreme of her to describe herself as such”.
            Baerbock is not an international lawyer. That’s why Thorsten Frei criticizes her so: “In the light of her studies, I think it’s clumsy in the extreme of her to call herself an international lawyer”.

            Because, according to the CDU man: “It is something completely different to complete a seven- to eight-year legal education with a First and Second State Examination or a one-year law master’s degree without previous legal studies”.

            It is election time, to be sure. At this time, everyone is looking for advantages at the expense of the other, which means that the credibility of statements sometimes suffers. That is why the decisive factor in election campaigns is not the intention of a political opponent to make a statement about his opponent, but whether it is true.

            And what is true is the following: Baerbock does not have a German university degree. She dropped out of university and a doctorate. She obtained a postgraduate law degree from the well-reputed London University, which, however, hardly entitles her to be called an “international lawyer”. The title acquired in London within a year stands for itself: it does not correspond to a German degree.

            So, a bullshitter with dubious qualications in law!

            Now whom does that remind me of . . . ?

            *Before the introduction of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Germany, the standard Science, Engineering or Business degree was the “Diplom” and could be, in several variations, obtained at several types of institutes of higher education.

            A holder of a Diplom obtained at a university is, depending on subject, for example referred to as “Diplom-Ingenieur” (Diplom-Engineer), “Diplom-Kaufmann” (Diplom-Merchant), “Diplom-Biologe” (Diplom-Biologist) and so on.

            To obtain a Diplom at a university, students had to complete two separate periods of study. The first one was a two-year period of coursework in courses of mainly (but not only) introductory nature, the “Grundstudium” (meaning basic studying period). After (and during) this period, in addition to exams for passing the modules, students attained a series of usually four intermediate exams to obtain the “Vordiplom” (meaning pre-diploma). The second period, the “Hauptstudium” (meaning main period of study), consisted of two years of coursework in courses of advanced level, an additional period of several months in which a thesis had to be written and eventually a series of usually four final exams.

            It was not unusual for students to need more than two years for the coursework of the Hauptstudium. An obtained Vordiplom and the completion of the coursework of the Hauptstudium were the requirements to register for working on the thesis and for the final exams. However, access to courses of the Hauptstudium was usually not restricted to students who had already obtained the Vordiplom.

            The extent of the final exams and the exams to obtain the Vordiplom was set by each university individually in its regulations. Normally, the content of two different modules of the preceding period of coursework was examined in each of the examinations, which could be oral or less often in writing. Most students needed approximately six months to complete the final exam period.



            1. Bit of a dropout, eh? Sounds like one bad habit Baerlock should keep up. Scholz only has to wait until Baerlock throws in the towel as Foreign Minister as it’ll be a question of when, not if, she does.


            2. Is ‘Baerbock’ German for ‘Bullshitter’? To Navalny’s credit, he did not brag about being a lawyer; his starry-eyed western devotees and disciples did that for him. Frau Baerbock made a ‘background in international law’ her centerpiece in her gamble for her current post. Whaddya know – she’s a phony!


              1. The bullshitter’s name (pronounced “bare-bok”) comes from the German Bär — meaning “bear” — as in “Yogi Bear”.

                The letter “a” in German is pronounced like the “a” in “father”, but with an umlaut above the “a”, the pronunciation changes to the sound of “-ea-” as in “bear”.

                The letter “ä” can be written in German as “ae” — in fact, the umlaut originates from the much earlier practice of writing a small “e” above the vowel to indicate the change in pronunciation. It is correct in German to replace a letter with an umlaut with the same letter followed by an “e”, hence Führer / Fuehrer.

                The German word “Bock” means “buck” as in a male goat. It also means “desire” — a strong desire such as an old goat has!

                So “bock haben” in German means to strongly want to do something” and “bock auf!” in German means “buck up!” in English.

                So “Baerbock” could mean a lively/desirous/rumbustious bear, I think.

                Or “bullshitter”.

                However, “bullshitter” in German is “Quatschkopf” — “craphead”.

                “Quatsh reden” — to talk crap.


    2. I think what is more likely being established is Scholz as a Russian goon and collaborator, with a view to removing him. The USA might even realize its cherished dream of getting Nord Stream II canceled altogether, even though it is completed and pressurized, if only Scholz were not in the way. So the job now is to portray him as a Russian Quisling so that the German people will grow restless and agitate for his removal. The German media are nearly all woke liberal panderers who never saw a liberal cause they would not jump aboard, and are very pro-American.

      A strategy doomed to failure unless a new, abundant, efficient and cheap energy source can be found overnight. The Ukrainian GTS is on its last legs and its operators have admitted that if Europe will not give it cheap gas, it will have to steal it from Europe’s transit volumes. There is no alternate supplier who can offer the necessary amounts, and efforts to please the Americans have already cost European consumers millions of euros. But a continuing policy of appeasement could still do a great deal more economic damage. And the Americans are good at setting a chosen individual up as a Russian pawn and sympathizer.


      1. Plus the SDP is pro NordStream II. Getting rid of Scholtz is thus brainless.

        What is needed is a encouleur revolution in Germany that will bring the Greens to power as firm hand to take Germany in the right direction with the help of the USA. The German people must be crying out for it. Waiting for ‘interesting’ (% not numbers) polls to back this up.

        Short of that (is the Washington really that dumb?)* and ‘events dear boy’, it’s hard to see the Greens getting much satisfaction. I suppose the other more likely option for which there is previous and on-going evidence is a manufactured crisis to force Schotz/SPD hand. I suppose that is what the whole ‘If you invade the Ukraine’ bleating is about, in part even if it is unrealistic to limit Scholtz’s room for manoeuvre. Well German Green party, who’s the traitor now?

        On another point, now that green policy is mainstream co-opted by the traditional parties already, it will survive the absence of the Green party in one form or another which is why it is trying to become more mainstream (NATO/blah blah blah). But also, if the Greens are not seen competent enough to implement a green policy and other parties can and do, then there is really no point of having a Green party at all.

        * Rhetorical question, innit?!


        1. The puzzler for me remains the popular political refrain that if Ukraine is no longer a significant transit country for Russian gas, that reality would make it a far riper target for invasion. I’m afraid I just don’t see the connection. If Ukraine remains a significant transit route for Russian gas to Europe, the Ukrainians have already acknowledged that if their own supplies run low – and they have no money so Europe must cut them a deal or, better still, give them gas money – they must appropriate a sufficient toll from Europe-bound gas volumes. Which is pretty much how ‘virtual reverse’ works anyway – Ukraine taps off its cut and it is marked ‘sold to Ukraine’ as if Europe sent it to them rather than Russia. Minus the part where they pay for it, of course. Added to that headache is Washington which, so long as Ukraine carries a significant amount of transit gas to Europe, is constantly inveigling in Ukraine to destabilize national politics and cause uncertainty for transit gas supplies. Which makes the price Europe pays go up, although that is not necessarily reflected in gains for Russia; depends on the contract.

          Russia might have a motivation to attack Ukraine if its transit of Russian gas across Ukraine were blocked, as has happened before due to shutdown by Russia owing to disputes with Ukraine and accusation by Russia that Ukraine was stealing gas from the pipeline for itself. If, say, a provisional government headed by nationalist nutjobs came to power – although I can’t imagine that happening (he said sarcastically) – transit could be blocked from within Ukraine or even a critical section of the pipeline destroyed or damaged. Ukraine is a vulnerability for Russia, but there is no evidence or history of that ever having originated from Russia; it has always been from within Ukraine.

          However, if transit across Ukraine were rerouted so that it was no longer necessary, albeit available for short-notice demand or overage…what would be the motivation to attack it? Presumably such an invasion would have a goal beyond simply conquering Ukraine to administer punishment – what might that be? To possess it? Why? Land? Russia is already a huge country with more land than its small population can inhabit. What mineral or commodity does Ukraine contain that Russia craves but cannot find within its own borders? Ukraine is a poor country looking for a wealthy benefactor to care for it, but the entirety of the west would be forever restless and ungrateful if that benefactor were Russia, and the government would be forever scotching rebellions and uprisings. There is nothing about Ukraine that makes it desirable from Russia’s viewpoint but for the kinship between its peoples, who are as Mr. Putin frequently points out are brother Slavs. Not only does Russia not need to own it to nurture that relationship, owning it would actually be counterproductive for the reason I just mentioned.

          Far more likely that any desire on the part of Russia to attack Ukraine, all the screaming and puffery from the west seems purpose-oriented to coax Ukraine to get the ball rolling so the west can come in on its side and have a great big war. And various factions in the west have already indicated that is just a lot of talk, and if Russia did whack Ukraine hard it would do nothing more than give the sanctions dial another spin. Whoopty-doo.


          1. I keep on seeing reports going way back that Russia had “accused” the Yukietards of stealing gas, hence the “gas wars”, when the wicked Orcs cut off gas supplies to Europe.

            Looking back at old reports, I continually see reports of “allegations” made by the Orcs that the Ukrainians had been stealing gas.

            And together with this theft only allegedly having taken place, the very FACT that the Svidomite bastards had not paid millions of dollars for Gazprom gas piped to the Ukraine is simply brushed aside.

            And they didn’t pay!

            The Swedish shite arbitration court conceded that fact, but said the poor little duplicitous, morally insufficient, lying, criminal Ukrainian cnuts were too poor to pay their debt, so fuck it!!!!!

            And at the back of my mind I was sure that I had read somewhere in the German news media at the time of these accusations of “alleged” theft that the Germans had, in fact, backed up the Russians in their accusing the Yukies of thieving gas.

            It seems that such reports have been purged from Google Search, because at the time I am sure I read many of such reports verifying Gazprom accusations.

            I have again been searching for reports of Germans backing up the Orcs in their gas-theft accusations.

            At last!

            From “Handelsblatt”, which is a very respected German FT:

            Ukraine bestätigt Gas-Diebstahl
            Die Ukraine hat mehr Gas aus der von Russland nach Europa führenden Pipeline entnommen, als ihr zusteht.
            26.01.2006 – 10:28 Uhr

            Ukraine confirms gas theft
            The Ukraine has taken more gas from the pipeline from Russia to Europe than it is entitled to.
            01/26/2006 – 10:28 am

            HB MOSCOW/KIEV. The country was forced to divert more gas because of excessive consumption by Ukrainian consumers caused by the cold weather, Alexei Ivchenko, the head of Ukraine’s energy utility Naftogaz, said in Kiev on Thursday. As agreed in the contract, the Ukraine would pay a higher price for the additional gas consumed. Ivchenko thus confirmed the accusations of the Russian gas company Gazprom. The Ukrainian head of government, Yuri Yekhanurov, had denied the accusations on Wednesday.

            And as regards the statement: “As agreed in the contract, the Ukraine would pay a higher price for the additional gas consumed” — they didn’t!

            They still owe Gazprom billions.

            Russia — weak!


            1. And here’s a top story from yesterday’s “Handelsblatt”:

              Baerbock’s distancing from Scholz – Nord Stream 2 shapes US visit by the Foreign Minister
              Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is the first cabinet member to visit the United States. The conflict over Nord Stream 2 is not over — there was also a swipe at Chancellor Scholz.

              Sholz is head of the German government and Baerbock’s boss.

              So in which government’s interests is Baerbock working for?

              The article linked above is behind a wall. Here is its lead:

              Washington The inaugural visit of Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock to Washington lasted only eight hours, but in that short time there was a lot for the Green politician to discuss. Immediately after landing in the US capital, she drove to the US State Department to meet her colleague Antony Blinken.

              The focus was on Russia’s aggressive behaviour in the Ukraine crisis. Both top politicians demonstrated solidarity as regards Russia.

              However, it quickly became clear that transatlantic tensions were not resolved, particularly in the conflict over Nord Stream 2. US Secretary of State Blinken proactively addressed the dispute over Nord Stream 2 at a joint press conference. He showed that the US is keeping increased pressure on Germany.


              1. Got the rest of the above HB article!

                Baerbock also addressed differences within the traffic-light government. [Is that really the “done thing”, I wonder: that a foreign minister of one state discuss “differences” within one’s own government cabinet with the foreign minister of another state? — ME] The German Minister said in Washington: “Nord Stream 2 has geopolitical implications”. A clear pointing of her finger at Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), who sees the project as a purely economic. Baerbock’s Greens, however, are sharp critics of the Pipeline.

                [Again: who the fuck is she foreign minister to — the Federal Government of Germany or the German Green Party? — ME]

                The minister visited the US capital on Wednesday as the first cabinet member of the traffic-light coalition.

                The fact is that no gas is currently flowing through Nord Stream 2, said Blinken. “And if Russia shows its aggression against the Ukraine …”

                The international lawyer Bullshitter-Baerbock

                Blinken then formulated a kind of exit scenario for the eleven billion euro project to which the federal government is still officially sticking. Baerbock, on the other hand, remained vague when questioned by a reporter. “It’s a very difficult situation”, she said. “We are working every hour, every minute to avoid an escalation”, she said, referring to Russia’s provocations against the Ukraine. A journalist’s question as to whether an invasion of Russia would mean the end of Nord Stream 2 she left unanswered.

                A swipe against Olaf Scholz
                The pipeline was completed in September and is awaiting final certification by the Federal network Agency. In the summer, the American President Joe Biden had decided that sanctions against Germany in connection with Nord Stream 2 should be suspended. The President and the former German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed an agreement to strengthen, amongst other things, the supply of energy to the Ukraine, so that the transit country be less dependent on Russia.

                In the meantime, however, the fact remains that Russia Moscow is massively arming itself along the eastern border of the Ukraine. The energy crisis in Europe has also put the USA on alert.

                Washington is increasingly dissatisfied that Russia can continue to provoke unchecked and refers to the joint agreement of the summer: Russia must fear “consequences” if it uses energy as a weapon “or commits further aggressive acts against the Ukraine”, it says. It explicitly lists Nord Stream 2 as an instrument that could be “misused” by Moscow. Should this happen, “Germany must take action at the national level”.

                Washington is increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that Russia can continue to provoke in an uncontrolled manner and, referring to a joint agreement from the summer, Washington states that Russia must fear “the consequences” if it uses energy as a weapon “or commits further aggressive acts against the Ukraine”. Nord Stream 2 is explicitly listed as an instrument that could be “abused” by Moscow. Should this happen, “Germany must become active at the national level”.

                In practice, however, it is unclear whether Nord Stream 2 would really be stopped as a last resort — as the US would like it to be, and as the Greens in the election campaign have called for it to be done . In Washington, Baerbock tried to act diplomatically, but at the same time she clearly distanced herself from Chancellor Scholz.

                Sanctions against Germany loom
                Baerbock’s words are likely to be welcomed by the Biden administration. They leave open the possibility that Germany could rethink its position if the situation on the Ukrainian border escalates. The US government recently urged Berlin to openly threaten to stop the pipeline — in order to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

                The former head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, explained the calculations behind this on Wednesday. “There is leverage”, he told CNBC. “Russia definitely has an interest in continuing its gas and oil revenue stream. We have to deal with it carefully but wisely”.

                In Washington, Baerbock showed herself open to this option for the first time on a bigger stage. With the pipeline, Germany had “a means at hand”, the minister emphasised, and she shares the view of her counterpart Blinken.

                Germany may soon be forced to act. US President Biden has so far maintained that he does not want to sanction an important partner like Germany. But he is under immense political pressure. As early as next week, the US Senate plans to vote in Congress on possible new sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

                On Capitol Hill, both Democrats and Republicans categorically reject Nord Stream 2. The major project is one of the few consensus issues that unites the ruling party and the opposition. A group of Republican senators wants to force Biden to impose sanctions against the pipeline — all-encompassing, including retroactively ones and also against Germany.

                Russian talks enter decisive phase
                For the time being, both sides are trying to ensure that the dispute does not interfere with joint efforts to develop a Russian strategy. Blinken, for example, called the tense situation on the eastern border of the Ukraine an “immediate and urgent challenge”. The conflict with Russia, which has around 100,000 troops stationed in the region, is “not just about the Ukraine, but about international rules. One country cannot simply threaten another country’s border. We will not allow that”, Blinken said. Both Germany and the USA were “united in this and steadfast in their stance”.

                Baerbock saw the resolution of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis “in a decisive phase”; just like the USA, Germany was keeping the door to diplomacy open, she stressed.

                Together with the European Union, the USA has prepared tough sanctions. However, despite a crisis telephone call between Biden and Putin, Moscow has so far made little effort to defuse the situation.

                It is also questionable whether threats of sanctions can move Putin to rethink. Existing sanctions have not changed the fact that Russia has occupied since 2014, in violation of international law, the Crimea. Most recently, Putin demanded that the Ukraine should never join NATO and that the Western military alliance must stop all activities in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

                In the coming days, all mediation efforts will be ramped up: A Russian-US meeting is planned in Geneva on Monday. Talks will also take place next week within the framework of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), followed by a Russia-Nato meeting on 12 January and a larger conference with Moscow, Washington and EU countries. The EU’s foreign affairs envoy, Josep Borrell, has also left for a three-day visit to the Ukraine.

                Ooh dear! Where to begin?

                But it looks like the game’s already up for the Orcs, what with Borrell heading for Yukiestan and the International Lawyer Bullshitter-Baerbock at the helm of the good ship “Deutschland”.


                1. Remember what former Chancellor Schröder once said about the role of Foreign Minister to the Federal Republic of Germany?

                  He said that the foreign minister only serves up the dish that has been prepared in the cabinet.

                  International Lawyer Bullshitter-Baerbock clearly does not accept this role of a waitress.


                2. I wonder if International Lawyer Bullshitter Baerbock flew to Washington in a “green” airliner and also in “green” aircraft for the short-haul flights that she made to Paris, Brussels and Warsaw very shortly after she had become Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany?

                  If not, why not?

                  What kind of carbon footprint has Baerbock already made since her becoming German Green Party FM?

                  I’m sure the UK government might have allowed her to use the sail-training brig “The Royalist” — if she is still in commission, to cross the Atlantic, although I should think it somewhat daunting to cross the North Atlantic under sail at this time of year: that load of green crap from Sweden, Thunberg, made a “green” crossing of that ocean, though, didn’t she?

                  TS “The Royalist”

                  Some of Baerbock’s policies are, after all, in line with those of Her Majesty’s Government, are they not?

                  She is against NS2, as is the UK government, even though she is Foreign Minister of Germany and NS-2 is a commercial project and not German foreign policy. But being anti-NS2 is most certainly the policy of the German Green Party, of which Baerbock is clearly its “foreign minister”.

                  The International Lawyer and German Foreign Minister is also against the generation of electricity by nuclear power, which is German domestic policy, though most certainly not of France and the UK. Apparently, Foreign Minister Baerbock, as well as being an International Lawyer, is also well versed with nuclear physics and electrical engineering.

                  She really is a clever bugger, is she not?


                3. Baerbock’s confidence appears to be growing in proportion with the stroking she is getting from the Americans, who would obviously just love for a hard-ass like her to be running the show in Germany. However, she is politically inexperienced and appears to be someone likely to let her vanity get the better of her judgment. And if she keeps it up she is going to force a showdown between herself and Scholz (I wonder if he is related to the former lead guitarist of the former rock group Boston?), and get herself canned and replaced. Her posturing is beginning to make both national and international audiences wonder who is the decision-maker for Germany – Scholz or Baerbock? And Scholz cannot afford to let that continue.

                  Meanwhile, it is turning into a contest of wills between Russia and America, with the latter having nothing to lose by ‘keeping the pressure-cooker going’ and driving European gas prices up.


                  The higher prices are a result of several factors, including Indonesia’s announcement that it is shutting down coal exports in order to concentrate on domestic needs, but the main driver remains Russia’s strict adherence to the terms of its contract with Europe and refusal to transit more gas across Ukraine. An additional pressure factor – for Europe – is that Asian prices for LNG have once again risen above European prices, so those American LNG tankers will be ‘racing’ for Asia again rather than Europe, unless Europe wants to pony up more cash.

                  But Biden continues to press Russia to increase gas supplies to Europe using existing transit opportunities, which means Ukraine.

                  The US government’s motivation for this is not likely concern that its European colleagues might have frosty bums this winter, but chivvying Russia into supplying more gas through Ukraine. This would bring its Ukrainian toadies more money, amplify Uncle Sam’s tough-guy street cred a bit in Kuh-yiv and – more importantly – establish a precedent. You averted a crisis by piping additional volumes through Ukraine once: why couldn’t you do it again? See – the Ukrainian GTS is just as good as it ever was, a suggestion which would be delightedly and vociferously backed up by Ukraine. Nobody needs Nord Stream II.

                  Baerbock and her American chums seem united in a strategy to extract concessions from Russia in exchange for not being sanctioned further – back down publicly, so that there is no doubt who is calling the global shots, and we won’t action the sanctions we threatened to impose for something you didn’t do yet. But by backing down you will both be giving us something for nothing, and also be tacitly admitting that invading Ukraine was in fact your intent.

                  The best riposte to this is what Russia is already doing; continuing to maintain that it has no intent of attacking Ukraine while keeping the troops close at hand to respond to the attack America is trying to coax Ukraine into, and sticking resolutely to the terms of the gas contract. If Europe wants more gas, it can get it through Nord Stream II. If it chooses to deny certification of the new pipeline – something which will be stalled off forever if Russia gives in now – that is its own affair and it obviously did not need more gas as badly as it let on. In spring, once it is over the worst of the winter and can make do with less gas, Europe’s position will harden and it will go back to playing the jerk to please its American masters. Now is the time to hold its feet to the fire it can’t afford to turn on.


            2. Yes, I recall from personal experience a similar legal decision, in which the judge wants to acknowledge that the petitioner (in our legal matter) has a legitimate case, but the respondent (again in our case, which was me) does not have any ability to pay the amounts sued for. My ex-wife demanded – through her attorney – ‘spousal support on an urgent basis’, while I (I was my own attorney in that instance, meaning I had a fool for a client according to ancient wisdom) argued that I and two children had to live on half the previous family income, while she had her own wages to support herself. The case was heard before a ‘Master of the Court’, which is one step below a judge and more of an arbitrator.

              He ruled there ‘was need’ but ‘no ability to pay’. So of course I danced about (figuratively speaking, I was dancing on the inside) and congratulated myself that I had prevailed over a real lawyer, by God!

              But there is a sting in the tail of such a judgment, which is why I mention it in such personal terms; acknowledging a need which is unaddressed because there is no capability of meeting it is establishing a basis which says if your circumstances ever improve, you might still be held liable to pay the amount if the petitioner’s circumstances have not improved likewise.

              That was only a picayune support hearing, prior to the divorce, at which time that same lawyer thrashed me like a carpet hung out to air; I subsequently recommended him to several women friends who were getting divorced because he was a terror. Nicholas Lott of McKimm & Lott, Sydney, BC, if he’s still practicing, although he has probably retired by now. While he was a terror to face in court, he was always a subdued gentleman in other circumstances – which I was told was not at all true of his brother, who was also a partner and somewhat of an asshole.

              I’ve read other sources, something quite academic like a think-tank paper, which acknowledged that the Ukrainians actually had been nicking gas from the pipeline, and that’s in addition to Yooolia Tymoshenko amending the gas contract she went to Russia to negotiate on her own hook, (after being expressly ordered to drop it) after it was signed by both parties, arbitrarily assigning the cost to Russia of gas to run the compressor stations which were and are part of the Ukrainian GTS.


  13. There is a new ongoing video project “The Testimonies Project” put out by the Israeli People’s Committee that documents individual Israelis’ stories of injuries and reactions to the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA shots. The stories can be very upsetting to watch and hear. The biggest set of injuries is the one featuring heart-related injuries but there are also stories of neurological issues, skin problems including a case of shingles, miscarriages and inflammation in various body organs.

    Unfortunately there is no context in the video that would tell viewers how common or not the vax-related injuries and reactions are among the Israeli population, or even how much of the Israeli population has had the shots. I understand from reading other sources that for a time in 2021 Israel had some of the highest if not the highest rates of COVID-19 vaccination (single shot and double shot) among eligible adults in the world. Plus one would think that if vax injuries and deaths were rare, the need for a video project documenting these injuries and deaths would not have arisen.

    Israel was among the first countries to receive the Pfizer shots thanks in part to Binyamin Netanyahu pulling strings in Nth America and Europe in an effort to get another term as Israeli PM and stave off the day when he and wife Sara must do jail-time for various misdeeds including bribery and stealing taxpayer funds.

    BTW the Pfizer shots are not being shared with Palestinians who have had to get the Sputnik V vaccines.


    1. This comment was originally intended to be a response to Blatnoi’s comment linking to the Joe Rogan / Robert Malone interview but it ended up detached, probably because I was scrolling around a bit while typing on my smartphone.

      I haven’t watched that interview but it has had a lot of publicity, not least because in one part of the interview Malone mentions the notion of “mass formation psychosis”. This is a theory developed by Belgian clinical psychologist Matthias Deemed to try to explain why so many people in Western societies have not only accepted the ongoing COVID-19 lies and propaganda but themselves are hellbent on forcing everyone else to believe and accept the lying. Needless to say, Desmet has become a popular interview subject himself.


  14. Well waddya know!

    Kazakhstan produces 42% of the world’s uranium. It produces more uranium than Canada, Australia and Namibia combined, which are the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 producers.

    • 17 uranium mines in Kazakhstan
    • 5 of then 100% state-owned
    • 12 of them jointly owned by foreign corporations

    5 Jan, 2022 08:44
    Protesters storm govt building in Kazakhstan’s largest city
    Energy price hikes have prompted widespread civil unrest across the Central Asian nation

    05.01.2022 09:53
    President of Kazakhstan Tokayev accepts resignation of the government, Smailov appointed Acting Prime Minister
    On the website of the President of Kazakhstan at night appeared decree on the resignation of the Government and appointment of the interim Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov, first deputy of the former Prime Minister.

    “Russia and the Former Soviet Union”, as they like to say in the West, is full of rich pickings, ain’t that so?

    Stay tuned in for a comment from Suomi.


    1. Kazakhstan is hardly ever written about – like Azerbaijan they seem to have good relations with the west, with a multi vector foreign policy.

      Multi vector leads to problems with NGOs probably scattered around the country.

      Storming buildings doesn’t sound as if this is all about energy prices.
      Though doubling the price was ridiculous and people have a right to be angry. Storming buildings takes it too far – have rallies yes – not the violence.


    2. I’m confused. Wasn’t Khazakhstan being held up as a model of democratization in the region by the west?

      According to the US government, it is its 81st largest trade partner with $2b in annual trade and have “U.S. firms have invested tens of billions of dollars in Kazakhstan, concentrated in the oil and gas sector…”

      For ref:





      1. I’ll throw this one in as it was in chinahand’s feed:


    3. I am still slightly encouraged; according to this source Smailov is a ‘veteran politician’ rather than the inevitable western-educated populist street hero, and was appointed by the President, so he is unlikely to be a western stooge. And the number of protesters was estimated at less than 10,000, although we have learned to be wary of such estimates. Smailov looks young, although I have no idea how old the photo is.


      This reminds me strongly of ‘Electric Yerevan’ and the protests there over utility rates. In that instance the protests did result in a takeover by a western-leaning ‘reformer’, but it quickly turned into a disaster and he proved to be all mouth and no trousers. But the point I wanted to make is that protests over costs which have become outrageous and unbearable are much easier to fix than vague mooning about ‘reforms’. The former are often a genuine outpouring of helplessness by the poor who cannot keep up with expenses, and should be listened to – usually there is something the government can do, and even if it cannot it should be able to present the necessity of a price hike in terms that everyone can understand; something’s gotta give, boys. In some cases compensatory cuts can be made somewhere else without arousing too much fury, and in nearly all cases nothing works better to calm the situation than a call for suggestions.


  15. Asia Times: RCEP solidifies China as center of Asia’s trade

    China’s Asia imports nearly tripled in the past five years, building a Sinocentric economic zone the new trade deal will consolidate

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), described as “a coup for China” by France 24 ( https://www.france24.com/en/asia-pacific/20220102-asia-looks-to-china-centred-trade-bloc-for-virus-recovery ), ratifies a grand realignment of Asian economies around China’s import market.

    Exports to China from the rest of Asia rose by 260% between 2016 and 2021, the biggest margin of trade expansion in any major market. Asia’s recovery from the pandemic recession and its prospects for future growth depend increasingly on China.

    China’s willingness and capacity to absorb imports from other Asian countries presented its Asian neighbors with an offer they couldn’t refuse. Import tariffs within the 15-nation trading bloc will fall by 90% over time under the RCEP, giving the other Asian economies more access to China’s market….

    Meanwhile over here in the ‘Old World’ we are being hit with inflation, price rises etc. Much domestic discontent to come… and stay…



    The wise men of that Academy of Wisdom (aka The Atlantic Council) tell us “How to deal with the Kremlin-created crisis in Europe“. The piece is mostly codswallop, boasting, cheap threats and hot air but there is one good thing about it:..

    Martynov says something similar, sic ‘PR war’ in a recent post.

    We’ve been pointing this out for ages on this blog. All the obvious stuff that shows you mean ‘business’ has been left off, sic Russian Soyuz launching OneSat satellites for the UK, buying Boing and Arbus airlines, Siemens high-speed trains etc. etc. Microsoft, IBM, Gulg and others telling Washington to f/k off or localizing production, maintenance and repair (sic servicing of Siemens powerplant turbines) so that even third-parties can keep things going and economic links. The current sanctions are just the low hanging fruit, but also to maintain the threat of further sanctions like the ones above which are obviously not a threat but economic suicide (sic the cartoon in Armstrong’s piece above) and much more so in relation relation to China that also has not only Arbus construction facilities but also Boing.

    If plugs are pulled, we don’t need to guess which way the water spin down the plug hole.


  17. It is reported on RT that the protestors have siezed Almaty airport – all flights cancelled – passengers evacuated

    They have burned government buildings attacked security forces

    Looks like a maidan to me –

    Some people never learn from others – that this is self destructive behaviour


      1. https://thesaker.is/sitrep-kazakhstan/


        It is interesting to note the demands of the protestors.

        Demands of the Protesters in #Kazakhstan

        1. Immediate release of all political prisoners

        2. Full resignation of president and government

        3. Political reforms:
        Creation of a Provisional Government of reputable and public citizens. Withdrawal from all alliances with #Russia pic.twitter.com/wNAi47Mspg

        — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) January 5, 2022

        I’m not so sure. We should wait an see. Anyone can #Russia out (or whatever) from NEXTA Poland/whatever, far from reality that they are, i.e. little more than childish snark, hence no source provided.

        Sure, the Americans cannot help themselves to have a finger in every pie possible but I don’t see how this near to Russia can benefit the US or the west except as a show of defiance and sabotage of any diplomatic agreement. Apart from for neocons, it is an extremely dumb move which may be the point. Otherwise it looks manageable and from Russia’s perspective less likely to compromise.

        That the security services have folded and even apparently sided with the protestors is not a sign of the protests strength or ideals, rather that it is not worth a hill dying on. Short game v. long game. Considering the reponses and the internet being cut off, if the west alleges massacres or whatever it will have to sanction Kazakhstan which only makes it an enemy of most of the people who are not involved in the riots, not to mention the significant oil and gas investments. Or maybe we are all wrong. Much wanking to be done overnight in western captials.


        1. Some say it’s the West’s answer to the ultimatum regarding NATO. The West will back down in Europe but will amplify the pressure on other borders.

          However, Russia and the CSTO will put an end to it right quick:


          A peacekeeping force will be deployed for a ‘limited’ period of time to stabilize the situation in Kazakhstan, the CSTO Collective Security Council Chairman and Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, has announced.

          “In response to the appeal by [President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev] and considering a threat to national security and sovereignty of Kazakhstan, caused, among other things, by outside interference, the CSTO Collective Security Council decided to send the Collective Peacekeeping Forces to the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with Article 4 of the Collective Security Treaty,” Pashinyan said in a statement on Facebook.

          The decision comes just hours after the Kazakh president asked allies for help amid violent unrest gripping the nation, claiming that “terrorists” were overrunning strategic facilities across the country.

          How many aggressive protesters? A few thousand? How many of the protesters are imports? How many were trained for this moment. Assuming Russia/CSTO puts down the rebellion (very likely), this may be the last hurrah for the West’s regime change efforts directed towards Russia.


          1. What I think is most likely to happen is a moderately severe crackdown à la Lukashenko, who stood for zero shit from malcontents. Armenia and the triumph of Pashinyan (until he had to actually govern, that is) should have put all autocratic leaders – and is there any other kind? – on notice that truckling to protesters does not get you anywhere. As soon as you have given them everything they wanted, it reminds them of a whole bunch of other stuff they wanted. As discussed earlier, if the issue really is the doubling of utility prices and there is no real reason or justification for it, of course the protesters should be listened to. But they must immediately stop burning and smashing stuff because it will cost money to replace it and the government can hardly be expected to give them a break on energy prices plus replace everything they busted up just because it made their dicks hard.


        2. The nature of the demands tells you the protests have become a Color Revolution in the making. Legit protests are always about something affecting people’s day-2-day lives, at least until the Color Revolution folks get wind of them and hijack them – which is what happened with the current protests in Kazakhstan which began as complaints about fuel shortages.

          Also the fact that the protests are popping up on the peripheries of Kazakhstan territory – Aktau is not far from Dagestan and Turkmenistan, Almaty is close to Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang in China – suggests something fishy going on. These “protests” are designed to spill over into neighbouring countries.

          Nazarbayev was wise to have moved his country’s capital (originally Astana, now Nur-Sultan) into the middle of Kazakhstan.


            1. Martyanov may be behind the curve on this one. The protests have the stink of foreign meddling. As pointed out in a recent Saker posting, Russia was moving troops and weapons within a few hours of the request from Kazakhstan. The Russians knew it was coming,

              It will be over shortly and the Kazakhstan government will better understand the unique and innovative Western approach to diplomacy.

              To me, the Kazakhstan operation was a Hail Mary pass as time expires on the clock.


  18. Politico: 8 things to know about the incoming Dutch government

    Returning Prime Minister Mark Rutte faces three parliamentary inquiries during his new mandate.


    Nuke power (to replace gas generated electricity I assume) and no as*terity. Can’t call the Dutch anything less than pragmatic

    In other news.

    Euractiv: Borrell calls for EU involvement in Ukraine security talks

    EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell vowed the bloc’s full support for Ukraine Wednesday (5 January) as he visited the country’s war-torn east just ahead of a flurry of talks between Western and Russian officials on the crisis, in which the EU had been largely left out.

    …We are here first to reaffirm EU’s full support to Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Borrell told reporters, speaking alongside Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

    “Any military aggression against Ukraine will have messy consequences and severe costs,” he said in the village of Stanytsya Luganska in the Lugansk region.

    “And we are coordinating with the US, with NATO and other like-minded partners in order to work for de-escalation,” he added.

    Kuleba said Ukraine and the EU had a common goal, “to de-escalate the situation through diplomatic means, so Moscow reduces tensions and abandons its aggressive intentions”.

    Borrell said the timing was right because “the geopolitical landscape is changing very quickly, and the conflict on the borders of Ukraine is on the verge of getting deeper.”…

    …The EU “cannot be a neutral spectator in the negotiations,” Borrell stated on Tuesday as he started his three-day visit to Ukraine.

    “There is no security in Europe without the security of Ukraine. And it is clear that any discussion on European security must involve the EU and Ukraine,” Borrell repeated on Wednesday.

    Germany and France, meanwhile, have stepped up diplomatic efforts to mediate in the stand-off between Kyiv and Moscow, seeking bilateral contacts with Moscow…

    That looks like a climbdown. As for ‘security in Europe’ it should equally be said (and implied between the lines in the article that ‘There is no security in Europe without Russia.’

    The west/EU took the decision many years ago to exclude Russia from any security affairs within the Eurasian landmass because Russia was weak and it could do so (NATO expansion/encouleur revolution sponsorships/training), not because it was intelligent or made any common sense. They’ve now discovered that they’ve bitten off far more than they can chew and need Russia to get them out of a hole, without losing face… or cash. I wonder if the Euro has dropped yet that the EU will be subsidizing Kiev for many years to come, not Russia which may continue to make investments.

    As usual, the EU foreign affairs spokeshole is a euro short and late to the party. It’s taken that long for the EU Council of Ministers to get organized. That would be embarassing for any international organization of any reput (save the toothless co-opted UN) but as usual they and their fanpeeps mostly ignore this.


    1. The US overthrows the legally elected government and install puppets yet the US and EU say the the sovereignty of the Ukraine must be maintained. Too rich of humor for my taste.


    2. Yes, that is in fact the way of things; Russia remains Ukraine’s largest foreign investor, but it is Yurrup who must continue to bankroll it and prevent it from collapsing, which is pretty much the reverse of the plan drawn up when Yurrup could still afford to be smug. I notice Borrell studiously avoided suggesting NATO would take military action to protect Ukraine from invasion, and the EU and USA have not shown any sign of getting military assets ready for a deployment, or a short-term spat, never mind a sustained war. I’m surprised nobody from the press has questioned western leaders on this – if Ukraine is in fact attacked by Russia…what are you going to do? Throw handfuls of emails? Frown portentously?

      The west could probably throw something together in a couple of weeks, but that would mean it would be trying to dislodge Russian forces from Kuh-yiv, not staving them off at the border. If they meant to invade, of course, which they don’t.


  19. 6 January 2022 15: 11
    Gazprom to increase gas supplies via Turkish Stream to 5.75 billion cubic metres per year
    The new agreement with BOTAS is effective from January 1, 2022

    Gazprom Export and its main partner in Turkey, BOTAS, have signed a new agreement that provides for an increase in gas supplies through the Turkish Stream gas pipeline. This is reported by “Interfax”.

    According to the agreement, the annual supply of blue fuel for four years will amount to 5.75 billion cubic metres of gas, whilst the previous contract provided for the supply of 4 billion cubic metres per year.

    Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed hope for an increase in gas supplies via the Turkish Stream pipeline, noting that this pipeline is one of the areas of cooperation in the economic sector.

    As previously written by the site kp.ru, Olga Belkova of the Ukrainian Gas Transport System Operator, Director for Interaction with State Agencies and International Organizations, has prepared a report at the request of the European Parliament, that called the Turkish Stream a “Trojan horse for Europe”.

    According to her, Europe needs to take measures to stop this project, or at least demand “full compliance by all parties with the basic rules” of the European Union.

    Above linked Interfax, translation:

    Moscow. January 6. INTERFAX. On December 30, 2021, Gazprom Export and its main partner in Turkey, BOTAS, signed a package of agreements related to cooperation in the field of gas supplies and the use of gas transportation infrastructure, Gazprom’s subsidiary reports.

    In particular, a new contract for the supply of natural gas to BOTAS was signed, starting from January 1, 2022. The contract provides for the supply of up to 5.75 billion cubic metres of gas via the Turkish Stream gas pipeline annually for 4 years.

    This agreement has replaced the 4 billion cubic metres per year contract between Gazprom Export and BOTAS.

    Gazprom delivered about 27 billion cubic metres of gas to Turkey in 2021, which is two-thirds more than in 2020. Gas consumption in the republic is growing and in 2021 should have increased to a record 60 billion cubic metres.

    Some of the volumes that BOTAS previously bought were re-registered to private importers. The Russian side has not yet announced the extension or conclusion of new contracts with independent buyers.

    Since the turn of the century, Turkey has begun liberalizing the natural gas market, where most BOTAS contracts are assigned to private importers. However, in 2016, external management by the State Deposit Insurance Fund (TMSF) was introduced in these companies, which actually meant nationalization.

    In 2015, Gazprom granted a 10.25% discount to private Turkish companies, but a year later demanded its cancellation. Commercial courts have cancelled discounts for Akfel Gaz, Bat Hatt, Kibar Enerji, Avrasya Gaz, and Enerco Enerji companies as of from January 1, 2017. Courts cancelled discounts for private owners. Non-fulfillment or difficulties with the implementation of the arbitration awards have been hindering the supply of Russian gas to the republic. Some of the former private buyers may not participate in the negotiation of new contracts and may be replaced by other importers.

    A “Trojan Horse” dreamt up by those sneaky Orcs so as to deprive Banderastan of its god-given right to milk Gazprom of billions of dollars in gas transit fees for the use of the clapped out GST of “Independent Ukraine”.


    1. Can anyone point out to me

      (a) what ‘international law’ Russia remains in violation of in its ‘continued occupation of Crimea’, which is in fact a legal subject of the Russian Federation, its population having held a referendum to determine public will, petitioned the Russian Federation for membership, and been accepted; and,

      (b) what exactly Russia must do in its energy-sales endeavors in order to be ‘fully compliant with the basic rules’ of the European Union? Are these representatives telling us Europe is buying Russian gas in violation of European rules? Well, you know how to correct that situation, don’t you? Stop.

      It’s fairly clear what Brussels would like Russia to do. Supply Europe with enough gas to drive the price down to a comfortable level, eat the losses, transit those additional volumes through Ukraine so as to top up its coffers, and petition the EU for advice before making major decisions. I don’t see any of those things happening. Meanwhile, if Russia is actually in violation of European law, stop buying gas from it and take your case to court.


  20. “The Russian economy is smaller than that of Italy. Hahahahaha!” as an obnoxious troll persistently posts to RT.

    And take a look at this:

    Russian-hating Latvia, Estonia and Finland near the top of the list.

    Keep on shelling out for that Russian gas, haters!


    1. The Finnish Green party has now publicly said that it supports Finland joining NATO. What’s the point? The only very vague influence Finland has is using the threat to join NATO. Once it does there is no further leverage and they have to do what the USA tells them to do. I’m sure they’ll enjoy American soldiers wondering around with effective immunity. It’s not like they will stand out.


    2. Russia has moved up nicely along with China. The Indian GDP is surprisingly large – must be accounting mojo.

      The MoA had a story on China’s impact on all things economic and technology. It is looking like the Global economy can be described as China and the Rest of the World. It’s a laugh-a-minute reading stories about how the West will contain China. Those guys are such cut-ups!


    3. China’s economy has grown by nearly ten times in 20 years. The USA’s has done roughly the same, but it took it 50 years to achieve the same performance. Meanwhile, China has taken a decisive lead, although presentations like this differ significantly in their metrics and some would argue the USA is still in the lead. But no matter how you look at it, China is either already ahead or its momentum will put it ahead without the USA being able to do much to prevent it from happening.

      There’s a lesson there, Washington; you stink at wrecking people’s economies. America has confidently set out to ‘contain’ Russia and China, with the result that it has slipped out of the lead while one of its opponents surged past it, and the other maintained its position over a decade the USA spent trying to ruin it, and telling itself it was doing great, that Russia’s economy was ‘in tatters’.

      I think it’s time to reiterate that inspirational poem about confidence and perseverance, as I like to do every couple of years. Remember, when the going gets tough, what do the tough do? That’s right; they get going.

      They said it couldn’t be done:
      with a smile, he went right to it.
      He tackled the thing that couldn’t be done…
      and couldn’t do it.


  21. BBC at its best:

    Ukraine crisis: EU looks for role in Russian row with West
    By Nick Beake
    BBC News Europe correspondent
    Published 16 hours ago

    Some gems from the above:

    ” . . . Europe is being excluded from the key conversations about the biggest security issue in its backyard.”

    “The EU’s top diplomat [Borrell] was humiliated on three counts last February when he travelled to Moscow:

    • First, his hosts expelled three diplomats accused of joining illegal street protests in support of the jailed dissident [!!!] Alexei Navalny. Mr Borrell found out through social media

    • Second, Russian authorities then scheduled a court appearance for Mr Navalny in a glass cage and hit him with new charges

    [Of which charges Navalny was, of course, totally innocent!]

    • The final insult: Russia’s veteran Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov used a joint press conference to denounce the EU as “an unreliable partner” trying to imitate the United States in its actions.”

    [What impudence! What a brazen lie!]

    “On the day of Mr Borrell’s Ukraine visit, arguably the more significant European foreign affairs trip was Germany’s new foreign minister’s to Washington.”

    “International Lawyer” Baerbock shooting shit again with Blinken looking on, displaying how he appreciates how portentous her stream of bullshit is.

    “Anna Baerbock, co-leader of the Greens, has taken a tougher approach on Russia, and China, and that is welcomed by the Biden administration.”

    “The Putin demand [The Russian government demand!] for no further Nato expansion in Europe has been met with consternation by countries such as Finland and Sweden. Both are already EU members and insist it should be their choice if they wish to join the alliance. “

    [Of course it is their choice, but NATO member states — ALL of them — choose who is admitted or refused admittance.]

    “Redefining Europe’s mission on the world stage will not be quick or simple.”

    [The European attempt to revert to its imperialistic status quo ante bellum 1914-1918 failed signally post-Versailles 1919 and most definitely post Bretton Woods 1944 and post bellum 1939-1945.]


    1. Blinken is wearing headphones in the picture above.

      I’m sure that Baerbock spoke German throughout her meeting with Blinken. I have checked out YouTube recordings of the meetings: all have voice overs in English.

      She’s definitely speaking German! The English speaking voice that you can hear as she speaks is not in sync with Baerbock’s lips.

      See: LIVE: Germany’s new Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock meets US counterpart Antony Blinken | DW News

      Yes! She is speaking German: I can just hear her doing so beneath the voice-over.

      And there are these comments to the above-linked YouTube clips:

      Dominik H.
      1 day ago (edited)
      Thank god she isnt speaking English

      Lisa Fuze
      1 day ago
      Die Übersetzerin hat Schwierigkeiten, den Blödsinn vom Lenchen zu übersetzen. 😂🤦‍♀️

      [The woman translator had difficulties in translating Lenakin’s nonesense.]

      Slimchester 79
      1 day ago
      She spent an exchange year in the US and studied in England, but can’t be bothered to address the press at her foreign visit in English? Oh that’s right, her CV is sort of embellished to say the least 😂

      Bert Berlich
      1 day ago
      Ich schäme mich so für uns wegen Baerbock. Hoffentlich hält sie den Mund

      [I am so ashamed for all of us because of Baerbock. Hopefully, she’ll keep her mouth shut.]

      Klaus Lessnau
      1 day ago
      A German foreign minister cannot speak English. She should shape up. It is not that difficult to learn English. Otherwise she should resign and give it to a competent person. And I love GREEN and I voted for her. But this inability to speak English is very disappointing.

      Fizon Idea
      1 day ago
      Freuen sich bestimmt über ihr schlechtes Schulenglisch, was für eine peinliche Frau

      [I’m sure you’ll be happy about her poor school English. What an embarrassing woman]

      Georg Elser
      1 day ago
      Das Amt ist mindestens 3 Nummern zu groß für sie und man sieht ihr an, dass sie es inzwischen selbst begriffen hat.

      [Her ministerial position is 3 sizes too big for her and you can see that she has realised that herself by now. ]

      Let me remind you all again: This International Lawyer studied in London for 1 year and received a master’s in International Law after having done so.


      1. I tell you what, Frau Baerbock is most definitely not the highly qualified and educated person she passes herself off as and I honestly believe that many Germans felt shamed by her apparent inability to speak English at the White House.

        And speak it she most certainly can’t, for if she could, she most definitely would have, as Germans, in my experience, never shy away from showing off their usually very high standard of English.

        Baerbock has bullshitted her way into a very high governmental position and it is now becoming painfully obvious to many Germans who had not realized this fact earlier that she’s not the highly educated and qualified person that she had made out she is. And the obvious question that arises after her address in German at the White House is: How come she studied at the LSE for I year and was awarded a master’s there in International Law and that she also studied in the USA for I year, yet she is not confident enough to display her English language skills?

        And the obvious answer is that her standard of English is low — so how come she was able to study in the UK and the USA?

        Was she given a helping hand to do so?

        Forget not that Darya Navalnaya gets a grant, she says, to study at Stanford entirely free of charge!!!

        Again, how come?

        According to Navalnaya, she sent applications for training to various universities in the United States, some of which accepted her, in particular one of the Ivy League institutions. At the same time, however, she says chose to do “private research” at Stanford University.

        As a mater of fact, she’s majoring in Political Science and Psychology.

        According to Navalnaya, she started studying in 2023, while training for her would be free.

        She also recommended that all Russian students try to enroll in prestigious foreign universities. According to her, universities can offer scholarships to promising students from poor families, as well as fully pay for tuition, accommodation and even food.


        Is she from a “poor family”?

        I hardly think so!

        Some in the USA, it seems, are not pleased with dear Dasha studying at Stanford, nor with her father:

        We urge that support of the Russian blogger A. Navalny be abandoned

        And get this:

        Navalny’s Daughter Won a Place at an American University after Her Having Made a Russophobic Videoblog

        The cost of 1 year’s study at Stanford is $67 thousand. The Navalny family, however, falls under the so-called programme for “talented but poor”. Within this framework, the university can teach free of charge children whose family income does not exceed $25 thousand. In this regard, the Federal News Agency has sent a request to Stanford, since in 2017 Aleksei Navalny publicly announced that his annual income exceeds $137 thousand.

        But in order to be granted entry to Stanford, she had to present an application portfolio. This she did: she presented Stanford with a video portfolio, made with due loving care by Navalny’s now defunct “fund” FBK.

        One thing for sure, however, is that Navalnaya speaks fluent English — with an American accent.

        Funny thing is, she did before she went to study in the USA, yet neither her mother nor her father speak English with American accents (I think the Statuesque Blonde hardly speaks any English at all, as a matter of fact), albeit Papa Navalny likes to pepper his English with American slang, which, in my opinion, makes him sound like he’s playing a pastiche role as a gangster in a remake of a 1940s Hollywood film noire.


      2. Nice of them to teach it in German for her; I wonder if they do that for all their foreign students? Otherwise we are supposed to believe she took a partial degree program in international law – where law itself has its own language with lots of Latin and is already dry as a popcorn fart even if you speak the language it’s being taught in – in a language she doesn’t speak. No wonder she was never examined in the subject; she probably dozed through her classes listening to Die Toten Hosen on earbuds.

        However, before we get too caught up in delicious mockery, it is quite common in diplomacy for foreigners to use an interpreter in public conferences, and it is at least partly to prevent misunderstandings and said diplomats seeking refuge in arguments that they were misquoted. Mr. Putin is accustomed to using an interpreter although we know he is at least functional if not fluent in German and also appears to have a good fundamental understanding of English.

        She seems to be coming in for a bit of a shitstorm, which is all to the good because if she is perceived to be an embarrassment and liability for the German government abroad, there is a greater chance she will be cabinet-shuffled off to another portfolio. However, Washington will know this as well and will likely compensate by running interference for her and rhapsodizing about how much it loves dealing with her. We might even catch Uncle Joe sniffing her hair; the most-of-my-nerve-endings-have-burnt-out signal of approval.


    1. German sites are full of memes taking the piss out of her and how she knows fuck all.

      Well, having graduated in International Law, I suppose she can be forgiven for not being quite in the know about technology, but she still caused some mockery of her ignorance because of things she said about energy policy when running for chancellor: she talked about “cobalt batteries” — or she bullshitted that she knew what they were — but instead of the German word “Kobalt”, she used the word “Kobold”, which means “goblin”. And she talked about storing electricity. Maybe she is thinking of constructing ginormous capacitors and knows more about electrical theory than physicists do? Maybe she knows more about electricity than she does about international law even?


      1. — I’d really like to sell you more gas for the cold winter.

        — No thanks! We get our warmth from the radiator and electricity from a plug in the wall.

        Q: What’s actually mutated far more frequently: the Corona virus or Annalena Baerbock’s résumé?


  22. Christmas Eve here — again! Сочельник [Sochel’nik] in Russian.

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas Eve
    a holy holiday and a splendid mood!
    May the Lord protect you!

    And lookee here!

    A Merry Christmas from the Tsar and Tsaritsa!



    1. The couple look as if they live in a collapsing house of cards. The angles of the furnishings behind them and the floor are weird. Some very bad Photoshopping manipulation going on here!


        1. Are you implying that it is a fake???!!!

          Are you suggesting that the Tsar and Tsaritsa of Holy Russia did not send Christmas Greetings to their adoring subjects???


          1. In Russian, English, French and Spanish, but not in the Tsaritsa’s mother tongue, Italian.

            Fat “duchess” with Tsar “Fat George”.

            Give me a break, will ya????


  23. The Americans have started swinging their balls in the Balkans again. They’ve targeted the leader of Republika Srpska because he reacted to ex-EU Viceroy Valentin Inzko’s last act before leaving laying down his pith helmet to make ‘denying Srebrenica is genocide’ a crime.

    The new blowhard for the Balkans Escobar has said it supports those in Montenegro who back ‘Euro-Atlantic values’, which is also clearly a threat. Don’t change policy or we will f/k you. ‘Sovereign’ here means what the west allows.

    I can imagine that the US & EU might well like to use the former Yugoslavia as a ‘we won’t back down’ challenge to ‘Russia’ (another PR mirage) even if it means burning it to the ground. The west doesn’t live there after all. No doubt threats will also come Serbia’s way too to ‘pressure RS’ because it worked in the 1990s. Yet again the west is using old tactics in new situations because it is brain dead like NATO which hasn’t stopped the US setting up a special forces HQ in Albania to intervene in the region at will. So I suggest to keep an eye on the region.

    Oh, and now the Bulgarian PM has said is is not against NATO troops in his country a week or so after his defense minister said it would not be a good idea and would increase tensions in the region!




    …“Nevertheless, we support those who are for a sovereign, inclusive and democratic Montenegro, which is positioned in Euro-Atlantic institutions”, Escobar said.

    Asked whether all political actors in Montenegro share these values, Escobar said he “would say no.”..




    1. In short, never underestimated the United States ability to Soil the Bed, more so when it is far away when they think it will cause problems for their enemies (Russia). Others have commented that the USA thinks causing Russia/China problems in as many places as possible reagardless of outcome is useful because it divides and distracts attention from other issues which Washington then thinks it can use to its advantage. Yet again they serially commit the cardinal sin of underestimating the enemy. The US and most of its friends are so stale that they are unable to think any other way. It worked in the past so it will work again. Doing something however stupid is better than doing nothing and looking weak, even if it leads to the deaths of many others. Now that’s what is sold as Human Rights in action.


  24. Putin’s Ongoing Blitzkrieg: The Northern Gambit in Kazakhstan

    In the Ukraine, in the context of events in Kazakhstan, a number of strange assessments have already been voiced. What is happening is called a “gas maidan” or a revolution. They are praying for the success of the protesters, thinking that this will divert the forces of the Russian Federation from the Ukraine. Russia is expected to get bogged down in street fighting in Kazakh cities …
    In my opinion, all these estimates are wrong.

    Kazakhstan is a clan society, consisting of three clan conglomerates called zhuzes: senior, middle and junior. [A zhuz is one of the three main territorial and tribal divisions in the Kypchak Plain area that covers much of the contemporary Kazakhstan, and represents the main tribal division within the ethnic group of the Kazakhs. Wikipedia]

    Nazarbayev and Tokayev are representatives of the senior zhuz. Natives of this zhuz also occupy all key posts in the government: banks, raw materials companies, and law enforcement agencies.
    Suffice it to say that oil is located in the territory of the junior zhuz, and the proceeds from its production go to the senior zhuz.

    In addition, Nazarbayev’s departure from politics was very conditional: he retained control over the Security Council, his daughter and son-in-law controlled the main financial rent flows.

    The government and security forces were also Nazarbayev’s.

    This did not suit either the representatives of the younger zhuz (the most aggressive), or the middle one.
    In addition, Tokayev, although he is a member of the senior zhuz, his clan does not play such a significant role within the common “family” as he would like it to.

    To be a nominal president in an Asian clan society and who does not control the “treasury” is a double humiliation by local standards.

    It was almost impossible to push Nazarbayev away from the real levers of control — his cult of the “father of the nation” had been implanted in the power structures.

    The existing state of affairs did not please Russia either, especially the humanitarian policy of Nazarbayev: a transition to Latin script, gradual replacement of the Russian language, revision of history, active development of grant structures in the country, strengthening of the “Council of Turkic states” axis, increase of Turkish influence in the region etc.

    But Putin’s personal peculiarities did not allow him to exert pressure on Nazarbaev, the leader of the nation; the Russian president was simply waiting for Nazarbaev to retire, and was already betting on his successor.

    But this retiring turned out to be a hybrid one; it is as difficult to change the situation as it was in previous years.

    Here the interests of Tokayev, the Russian Federation and the two “offended” zhuz coincided strangely enough.

    It is difficult to estimate Tokayev’s role at the beginning of protests, but we can say for sure that he used it to the maximum effect: Nazarbayev’s government was dismissed in the first hours, then Nazarbayev himself lost all his posts.

    Most likely, the former president and his relatives will completely lose their position in the country and leave in the near future.

    What is happening in Kazakhstan is going under the clear marker of “denursultanization”: monuments to Nazarbayev are being destroyed, slogans of “grandfather go away” are being shouted…

    At that, what is remarkable: nobody remembers Tokayev and demands his resignation.

    Now there was only one thing left: to achieve the loyalty of law enforcement bodies, which are all led by Nazarbayevites.

    Tokayev had no “own” power structures, which, incidentally, explains the passivity of the power structures on the first day of the protests.

    CSTO forces (Collective Security Treaty Organization — Организация Договора о коллективной безопасности; read: Russian Federation) are needed by Tokayev to finally legitimize himself in the rank of supreme commander — the heads of army, police and security forces now have a clear signal where the wind is blowing and whose side to follow from now on.

    The participation of the CSTO forces in a settlement of the Kazakh crisis will be nominal; in the very near future the protests themselves will come to naught.

    What is in store for Kazakhstan as a result?

    The elimination of the Nazarbayev personality cult and the complete pushing out of his family from managing financial flows of the country.

    Renaming of the capital, avenues named in his honour and demolition of monuments are possible.

    Strengthening the influence of the aggrieved zhuz, an “inclusive government” that will “rightly” divide the raw material rents.

    The new father of the nation is no longer Nazarbayev, but Tokayev. As in Turkmenistan, where there was a “Turkmenbashi” [title of Saparmurat Niyazov, President of Turkmenistan — ME], which then became an “Arkadag” [the official and most common title of the current President of Turkmenistan — ME] .

    Abandoning of the Latin alphabet and a return to Cyrillic alphabet; the turning of humanitarian politics in the direction of Russia; the cooling off of relations with Turkey; minimization of Kazakhstan’s participation in Turkic Union; prohibition of grant organizations.

    Closer integration of Kazakhstan with Russia and Belarus.

    I’m not even ruling out the launch of some new common geopolitical project for those three countries.

    Let us not forget that on 30 December 1922 the USSR was formed, and by the centenary of that date some new agreements on renewed triple union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus may be signed.

    Conclusions for the Ukraine.
    And here it is all to their disadvantage: Kazakhstan will not open a second front for us.
    [i.e. Russians and me! — ME]

    Putin’s authority in Russia and on CIS space will increase exponentially.

    The CSTO is becoming an effective tool to absolve Russia of individual responsibility for the use of the military “scalpel” in other countries. For example, the deaths of Russian citizens in the Donbass, Russia’s appeal to the CSTO…

    In other words, it will already be a collective decision, signed by ….. Pashinyan (by the way, a favourite of the West, Soros and other glitzy grant-giving opinion leaders).

    I hope Zelenski is in Bukovel [Carpathian ski resort — ME]agonising over how to build a defence in case a “northern gambit” is deployed near our borders…


    1. Interesting article particularly Regarding the anti Russian policies followed by Nazerbayev.

      I always thought he was aligned with Russia – but clearly his long term plans would have resulted in an anti Russian country.

      The pan Turkic ideas would also pose a serious long term problem for Russia and China with the Uighurs.

      Erdogan pops up again – at the heart of all Russia’s issues in its near abroad.


    2. Here’s a couple of comments about the composition of Kazakh society on the unz.com version of Pepe Escobar’s article on “Fire on the Steppe”:

      Tom67 says:
      January 6, 2022 at 7:00 pm GMT • 16.1 hours ago • 200 Words ↑
      I lived in Kasakhstan in the oughts and afterwards been periodically visiting there. It is hard to explain Kasakhstan as it is a Nomad nation that was forced to settle down under tremendous loss of life in the Thirties. The mentality is more free than in the agricultural “settled” stans but also much less organized. The reality for the majority of Kasakhs is pretty dismal. Their heritage didn´t gear them for life in settlements and they lack the habit of monotonous drudgery that characterizes Chinese or Uzbek peasants. They are also not of a monetary mindset which again makes them the losers in their own country. They always knew that their leaders are stealing the huge income from gas and oil and waste it on white elephants like the new capital Nur Sultan. But they kept quiet as their betters at least let them participate by keeping gas artificially cheap. The hiking of the gas price was the breaking of this informal compact. No need for foreigners to incite these riots. The utter venality of the jetsetting upper class is to blame. Nasarbayev and his ilk probably wanted to impress the Davos crowd by doing something about “global warming” and the Nomads finally had enough.

      Former says:

      January 7, 2022 at 2:10 am GMT • 8.9 hours ago • 400 Words ↑

      You are right and you are wrong. It is way more complicated than this. To start with, kazakhs are not a uniform nomadic nation pushed into industrialisation and urbanisation from their innocent pastoral pursuits in the 30s. They have been divided by and amongst themselves for a very long time into three Zhuz(s) – by territory and tribe. Not all of them are equal, think of them in terms of casts. Some are simple herdsmen, with low IQ, some are overseers, smart, quick to learn and adapt. Some are settled, some are nomadic. There is also a very distinct Aksuekter cast – white bone (or blue blood in Western terms), they were always religious and aristocratic (there were no secular aristocracy, I believe, though a lot were liberal and progressive.)
      Russian empire started building forts and military settlements in Kazakhstan since the 18 century. Only southern cities belong to the much earlier times of Samarkand and Chorasmia and Silk road.
      The region has such a long and patterned history, that calling its population “nomadic” is an over-simplification. Clans and tribes were always fighting for influence and riches, the state was always feudal, with nobility of all sizes and tribes from the higher zhuz feeling entitled to enrich themselves as much as possible. To paraphrase “Black Diamond” TIA – This Is Asia. It is imminently corrupt. Any new “ruler” who climbs to the top, brings his relatives and his tribe to the trough.
      To go back to the riots, since collapse of the USSR, young males from southern tribes were given hashish, alcohol, primitive weaponry and trucked to Almaty to cause havoc, frequently making remaining nationalities into scapegoats (there used to be around 100 nationalities from Greeks, Spaniards and Germans to Slavs of all kinds to Uyghurs, Dungans, Koreans etc). And these simple-minded drug and alcohol-fuelled mobs, armed with lengths of timber and metal rods are only happy to oblige. Who mobilises, sends and pays them is irrelevant. Do not confuse what’s happening with real protests. Real protesters achieved their moderate demands and went home. Who is sponsoring the mob and what is the end game – probably to get to the trough (either to continue robbing mineral resources or to be paid by Saudis for Islamisation, or to be paid by the Mossad to provoke Russia, or to be paid by the USA to sabotage the BRI, or all of the above). In any case, ordinary people will lose.
      Thank you to the author, Pepe Escobar. This is the only analysis that looks at it from various angles.


      1. I am sure that Pepe Escobar does not think taking over an airport, Burning buildings and raiding a weapons store is legitimate protest?

        Whatever is the cause – the violent expression is not legitimate to get the price of fuel lowered!!!!
        which was agreed to after the first day.

        What is going on now is a street battle and you do have to ask who is behind it all, who has empowered these people to act this way?

        What a start to 2022


      2. Two pretty divergent viewpoints there, although I have to say both seem well-argued.

        Pepe Escobar runs the constant risk, as does Mary Dejevsky, of losing his anti-western supporters by making one or two posts which do not appear sufficiently adversarial. I would characterize both as moderates, neither pro-Russian sphere-of-influence or pro-western. Not necessarily realists, especially Dejevsky, who sometimes parrots the-aggressor-nation twaddle, perhaps to nudge publication, but on the whole moderates. And Escobar often makes his reports from the field, actually going there to sample the mood rather than filing reports on Russia from Prague and going on memories of a one-year practicum spent there.


      3. There have been reports of protesters beheading police officers and demanding among other things the legalisation of polygamy and outlawing marriages between Kazakhs and non-Kazakhs (which I take to mean Russians and non-Muslims). Given that Almaty is close to Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang (in China – it seems significant that these protests began in cities on Kazakhstan’s border regions, not far from other places long targeted for Color Revolution activities), and if the reports turn out to be true, I would not be surprised if the “protesters” who took over the original protests over fuel price increases are ISIS-style jihadists in the making, perhaps imported from Syria or Xinjiang on fake passports.


  25. UK.GOV

    Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine: Foreign Secretary’s statement
    Foreign Secretary Liz Truss gave a statement to the House of Commons on what the UK government is doing about the situation with Ukraine and Russia.

    30 years ago, Britain was one of the first countries to recognise Ukraine’s independence. Today our commitment to Ukraine is unwavering. We stand with our friend against hostile actors.

    And Russia, which at the same time had declared independence from the USSR as had the Ukraine, didn’t?

    In late 1991, the leaders of three of the Union’s founding and largest republics (the Russian SFSR, the Ukrainian SSR and the Byelorussian SSR) declared that the Soviet Union no longer existed, and 11 more republics joined them shortly thereafter. Gorbachev had to resign his office as president and what was left of the parliament to formally acknowledge the Union’s collapse as a fait accompliWiki


  26. Wonder what Truss thinks of this?

    Zelensky urged to impose sanctions against another Ukrainian TV channel
    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called upon to impose sanctions against the NASH TV channel

    President of the Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was called upon to impose sanctions against another Ukrainian TV channel, NASH, for its “Russian propaganda” and broadcasting anti-state statements. The corresponding petition appeared on the official website of the head of state.

    The author of the appeal was a well-known Ukrainian nationalist, the former head of the Right Sector cell (an organization is banned in Russia) in Odessa, Sergey Sternenko. The document has already been signed by more than five thousand citizens of the country.

    “Presenters and invited guests of the TV channel regularly incite hostility on national grounds against Ukrainians and religious and racial intolerance”, the author explained as his reason for submitting the petition.

    He pointed out that the management of the TV channel periodically aired representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), and also denied “Russian aggression” against the Ukraine, calling the conflict in the Donbass a civil war.

    And expressing such opinions are forbidden in the Ukraine, Truss.

    What do you make of that, Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, the Right Honourable Elizabeth Truss?

    What do I think? It’s all Russian disinformation, that’s what I think!


      1. The droopy flowers on Fizzy Lizzy’s dress look as though they’re trying to slink off her and escape without being noticed.

        If this is a photo shoot, Truss certainly tries hard to look unprofessional.


    1. Here’s the BBC Russian Service take on the British Head of State, whose frightful Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs is pictured above.

      Much of what is said in English in the video can be heard, but the Russian text that appears for the benefit of Russian citizens, whom the BBC Russian Service targets with the propaganda of Her Majesty’s Government, I have translated. The translations are below the video.

      What I should first like to point out as regards the video is that in it

      • the Evil One is seen addressing the Queen and her guests in English at a state banquet held in honour of the Russian president’s state visit to the UK; true, he is reading from a written speech, but it seems that the International Lawyer and Foreign Minister of Germany could not even do that when speaking in Washington the other day; furthermore, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin speaks German fluently;

      • the blind former Home Minister David Blunkett (now a member of the House of Lords) is bullshitting when, accompanied by loud “haw-haws” of appreciation from his listeners, he tells his anecdote about his guide dog barking at Mr. Putin, saying that he addressed the Head of State as”Your Majesty” when apologizing for his dog’s behaviour; Blunkett knows full well that that term of address is used only on the first occasion when one is invited to speak to the monarch: afterwards, one says “ma’am”, but I suppose it sounds good when making after-dinner speeches;

      • when talking to her “Fly Boys”, Elizabeth II speaks of “chasing away Russians”, which term the RAAF man present also uses; it must be noted, though the BBC does not point this out, that the Evil Orcs who are chased off in such a fashion that apparently causes so much jollity amongst the “Brylcreem Boys” are never in UK airspace;

      • in the part of the clip showing Elizabeth II praising MI5 and MI6, it is categorically stated that the Skripals were poisoned; no mention of by whom, of course, but nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more!

      BBC Russian Service
      21 April 2021

      Queen Elizabeth II is 95 years old. What are her ties with Russia?

      Translation of Russian text.

      Queen Elizabeth II is 95 years old. What are her ties to Russia?

      “There have been difficult moments in our history.”

      “Now we have to act together.”

      “And Yuri Gagarin, what was he like?”


      Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II rarely expresses her views in public.

      And even more rarely does she say what she thinks of Russia and its citizens.

      But sometimes something does slip out.


      5 points

      The royal connection.

      Elizabeth II is the great-niece of Nicholas II.

      The unifying link for them is Queen Victoria.

      Elizabeth is Victoria’s great-granddaughter,

      and Nicholas II was married to Victoria’s granddaughter, Alexandra Feodorovna.

      Elizabeth’s late husband, Prince Philip, was also related to the Romanovs on both his father’s and mother’s side.

      Because of the execution of the Romanovs, a British monarch did not visit the Soviet Union.

      However, the Queen did manage to visit Russia…

      Visit to Russia

      In 1994 the Queen became the first British monarch to pay a state visit to Russia.

      The British media considered it an insult that the then Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin had sent his deputy Oleg Soskovets to meet the Queen on her arrival in Moscow.

      But President Boris Yeltsin received the Queen with full honours.

      “There have been difficult moments in our history.

      But what I want to convey to our peoples is simple and important:

      in future, we shall work together.

      Together we can build a better future.”

      As the Queen has confessed, at one time she did not think

      that such a visit could take place.

      “Good health to you!”

      “Thank you!”

      During her visit, she was able to talk to Muscovites…

      including students from Special School No. 20.

      She also visited St Petersburg.

      This sword was given to Nicholas II in 1908 by the Queen’s great-grandfather,

      the Tsar’s “loving uncle” Edward VII.

      The Russian leader’s return visit to Britain took place

      only after Yeltsin’s departure…

      Putin’s visit

      It was a Russian leader’s first state visit to Britain in 125 years.

      The Queen and Vladimir Putin

      declared the need to work together —

      because of the war taking place then in Iraq.

      “Now we can look forward together,

      in convincing agreement along a roadmap made at the UN.

      Despite earlier disagreements,

      we must now act jointly.

      But then the British Home Secretary David Blunkett,

      who has been blind since birth,

      later spoke about a remark made by the Queen’s about Putin.

      “I met Vladimir Putin

      only once — back in 2003 —

      during an official visit,

      and my guide dog at the time barked very loudly at [him]…

      I don’t think it’s a secret, but I said to her:

      ‘I’m sorry, Your Majesty, that my dog was barking’.

      And she responded by saying: ‘Dogs have interesting instincts, haven’t they?’ “

      The Queen never explains her remarks,

      so exactly what she meant by that remark is not known.

      “Chasing Russians away”

      Other remarks made by the Queen about Russia have been caught on camera.

      Here’s what she said during a commemorative ceremony marking

      the centenary of one of the units of the Royal Air Force:

      Major Matthew Sander
      Royal Australian Air Force

      “Ma’am, we scramble the ‘Typhoons’ and they get airborne to intercept aircraft.”

      “Who get called in to chase off the Russians all the time?”

      “That’s right, ma’am! We have a lot of fun doing this!”

      “Hmmm. . . !”

      On a visit to British MI5 counter-intelligence headquarters.

      she thanked British intelligence officers for their service

      during the Cold War.

      “I’m always struck by the amazing determination

      with which you carry out your very important work.

      There are undoubtedly serious threats and reprisals to come.”

      The Queen gave this speech two years after

      the Skripals had been poisoned in Salisbury, England.

      But she did not mention the incident itself.

      She preferred to admire the MI5 spy gadgets.

      Lunch with Gagarin

      Putin was not the first Russian

      the Queen had invited to Buckingham Palace.

      In 1961, the Queen invited cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

      to dinner so as to celebrate his first flight into space.

      60 years later, during a zoom meeting with British scientists.

      the queen succinctly described the cosmonaut.

      “And what was he like?”


      He didn’t speak English.”

      “He didn’t speak English?”

      “But he was a charming man,

      and the fact that he was the first man in space

      was particularly fascinating.”

      “I think it must have been terrifying to be the first in space

      and not knowing exactly what was going to happen.”

      “Yes, and whether you could get back to earth again

      is very important!”

      The author of one of the biographies about the astronaut claims

      that Gagarin broke royal protocol

      by touching the queen’s knee

      to “make sure it was the real queen”.

      But this didn’t turn into a scandal.

      What the Queen meant by “Russian” in her description of Gagarin is unclear.

      Nor is it known what she really thinks of Russia.


      1. World Service bollox directly financed by the Foreign Office. For ref (& lurkers in case there is any doubt):

        How BBC World Service is run and funded

        The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) will be providing £94.4m to help the BBC World Service build on their great work upholding global democracy through accurate, impartial and independent news reporting. This includes £8m in additional investment to tackle disinformation and further improve the BBC’s digital offer to audiences around the world.

        Tim Davie says: “We welcome this investment in the World Service which builds on the significant results achieved since the funding programme began in 2016. Through this partnership, the World Service has achieved an all-time record audience of 351m, in 42 languages including English, with the BBC’s global news services now reaching 438m every week.

        “More than a third of the total BBC News global audience – 151m – access BBC News digitally and this additional support will enable us to further strengthen our digital offer and tackle global disinformation.

        “As the world continues to fight the Covid pandemic, the positive role of the World Service in providing trusted, impartial news has never been more critical.”

        The £8 million package, announced today is for 2021/22 and will go towards the BBC World2020 Programme to promote accurate, impartial news around the world.

        This additional £8 million brings the total FCDO funding for the World2020 Programme to £94.4 million. The £8 million consists of £3million to tackle disinformation and a further £5 million to reach further audiences and improve digital engagement.

        Since 2016, the FCDO has invested over £370m via the World2020 Programme, which has contributed towards a 40% increase over four years in weekly audience reach across World Service channels, in particular in India and across Africa.

        It’s an ‘investment’ dear people! Particularly for the ear of nations coming up in the world.


        1. And its getting woker every day.

          And here’s the latest BBC “Idiot’s-Guide-to” type feature:

          Kazakhstan: Why are there riots and why are Russian troops there?
          1 day ago

          Which has this wonderful line:

          For 29 years, Kazakhstan was ruled by President Nursultan Nazarbayev – a former Communist Party politburo member with strong links to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

          No description of these links, but there you are: he’s a pal of the Evil One, just take the Beeb’s word for it.


  27. Oh, I say, well done “The Economist”!

    Is this picture alluding to “Putin’s Mafia State” perchance?

    Jolly clever of you chaps if it is!


    1. The above article, the “leader” for that rag, is, as is the rest of the shite within, behind a wall. Here’s how the leader starts:

      Jan 8th 2022 edition
      Russia and NATO
      How to talk to Mr Putin
      Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine has created a chance to enhance the security of Europe

      It is usually a bad sign if talks start with one side brandishing a gun. And so it may prove when Russian diplomats meet their North American and European peers next week, backed by 100,000 troops poised to invade Ukraine. At stake is the future of a country that increasingly sees itself as part of the West, as well as America’s role as the anchor of European security. As the crisis comes to a head, the risk of miscalculation is growing.

      Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has already issued his demands for the talks, which will kick off between Russia and America in Geneva on January 10th, move to Brussels for the nato-Russia Council two days later and wrap up at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe on January 13th. Mr Putin wants nato to forswear all further expansion—everywhere, and not just in Ukraine and Georgia, two former Soviet states. America must no longer protect its allies with tactical nuclear weapons and short- and medium-range missiles. And Russia wants, in effect, a veto over troop deployments and exercises in the eastern parts of nato territory and over military co-operation with all former Soviet countries . . .


      1. Let me simplify things for The Economist eggheads, a magazine that attracted even the ire of Booz-Allen-Hamilton consultant Mark Adomanis for its tragically horrible Russia coverage. Russia does not give a tin weasel if the west takes over management of Ukraine entirely, from a corporate and commercial point of view – probably wishes it would, as there are oligarchical clans there decades old who would expertly relieve western investors of wads of cash, while Russian investors are considerably more street-smart from experience, and would also make money from the starry-eyed capitalists. What Russia will not countenance is further military expansion by the west into Ukraine, so that Russian missile forces and NATO missile forces are glowering at one another across a narrow border, but the NATO forces are doing so from a country they could afford to lose. If Ukraine ‘increasingly sees itself as part of the west’ – and I dispute that, let’s see some polls – then let them have it. It would be the mother of all financial drains on the ECB, they have no idea. Just no militarization. Is that so hard to understand?

        I understand that if Russia’s back really is up against the wall, Mr. Putin had no choice but to speak as he did. However, it was foregone conclusion that the reaction of neoconservatives, hawks and hotheads would be to frame it as a direct threat against the west, and America in particular. Putin wants a fight – let’s give him one! Easily entered into where the USA believes it would be fought in Europe, and the last time that happened things turned out decidedly rosy for the United States.


  28. Surely the above should read:

    In Kazakhstan, the US has once again seized on the unrest to try to expand its influence.

    Is the NYT headline an example of what’s called “projection”?


  29. The president of Kazakhstan makes an impressively strong and balanced speech:


    have given orders to law enforcement agencies and the army to shoot to kill without warning.

    There have been calls from abroad for the sides to negotiate for peaceful solutions. What nonsense! How can you negotiate with criminals and murderers?

    We had to deal with armed and trained bandits, both local and foreign. It is with bandits and terrorists. So they have to be eliminated. And this will be done in the near future.

    The Russian commander of the CSTO forces voiced similar objectives.

    My take:
    – US/Western elements hastily arranged this project with disgruntled clan(s) in advance of the showdown with NATO scheduled for next week.
    – Russia saw it coming and was prepared to react quickly and firmly.
    – The “protests” were allowed to proceed to show their true hand making a firm military intervention easily justified.
    – US/Western presence in central Asia was dealt another serious setback.


    1. Kind of funny to see him directly compared with Epstein, because I fully expect his notice that he is ready to talk to lead – like Epstein – to his ‘suicide’.

      I remember when the ‘Fat Leonard’ story broke, and the Navy got a real bloody nose. Will talking now revive it, and make it worse? It might; depends what he knows that has not already been raked over. If he says some of his benefactors did not go down, it suggests their part in it was not made public and that it might extend beyond the armed services to contracting services in the government itself. It will be interesting to see where this goes.


  30. Consortium News: DIANA JOHNSTONE: Washington’s Green Branches in Europe

    May 3, 2021

    The German Green Party has a chance to join a ruling coalition in September’s election, after turning its back on its roots, to root for Washington.

    By Diana Johnstone
    in Paris

    … She learned fluent English in Florida in a high school exchange, studied international law at the London School of Economics, and advocates (surprise, surprise) a strong partnership with the Biden administration to save the climate and the world in general…

    …Baerbock has not had to betray Green ideals – they had already been thoroughly betrayed before she even joined the party 22 years ago by Joschka Fischer….

    …In March 1999, foreign minister Fischer proved his worth by leading Germany and his “pacifist” Green Party into the NATO bombing war against Yugoslavia. A turncoat is especially valuable in such circumstances. Many principled anti-war Greens left the party, but opportunists flooded in. …

    Surely effluent as in sh*t.


    1. Supporting genocide against Serbia is a sure win in Western politics so all the poser and wannabes get on board and it has been that way for centuries. Hopefully, not much longer.


  31. 06:06 01/08/2022 (updated: 07:17 01/08/2022)
    The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that Blinken’s statement on the role of the CSTO in Kazakhstan was ill-mannered.
    The Foreign Ministry said that Blinken had commented in a boorish manner on the actions of the CSTO in Kazakhstan

    MOSCOW, January 8-RIA Novosti. The statements of the United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about the role of “Russians” in Kazakhstan were ill-mannered, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry’s Telegram channel notes that Blinken “joked about the tragic events in Kazakhstan in his typically boorish manner”.

    The ministry recalled that the American diplomat accompanied the “absolutely legitimate response of the CSTO to the call of the Kazakh leadership to assist in ensuring security” with a snide remark: “One lesson from past history: when Russians are in your house, it can be difficult to force them to leave”.

    Is it really worth listing off the US occupied territories worldwide, only to hear the response that US forces had simply been invited there for security reasons?

    Is it really all that surprising that one is met with boorishness when dealing with US “diplomats”?

    I well remember that pillar of USA diplomacy McFaul once ranting away in a street here, stating that Russia was an “uncivilized country”, something that he later tried to wriggle out of admitting that that was what he had meant when using the expression “dikaya strana”, later admitting the error of his undiplomatic ways.

    Entering a private meeting with a human rights leader, McFaul found himself surrounded by an outraged NTV media scrum, Cossacks in full regalia and pro-Putin ultranationalists. For four minutes and 30 seconds, McFaul says, he held his ground — and his temper — while answering their questions in the winter cold. It was the fourth minute and 36th second that did him in. After wondering aloud how the hectoring crowd had known where he was going to be in the first place, he referred to Russia as a dikaya strana.

    In Russian, strana means country; dikaya means wild, with overtones of savage, or uncivilized. State-controlled media had a field day, publicizing McFaul’s faux pas across all nine time zones of the world’s largest country as an insult to the dignity of the Russian people. McFaul has been apologizing ever since. “Dikaya strana is not a phrase ambassadors or anyone should use under any circumstances, even the extraordinary circumstances I was in,” he says. “That was a mistake I deeply regret.”

    The source of the above is a joy to read, in that it gives an insight into the USA shitwittery that abounds in matters Russian: it is from that place where dear little Daria Navalnaya is studying free of charge as she comes from an impoverished family. The source refers to such stalwarts as “Masha” Lipman and that piece of filth Browder, as well as a person who is always available for commentary about Russia, that old goat Venediktov of Radio Moskvy, whom the source refers to as “one of Russia’s most highly connected and respected journalists”, something which he most certainly is not, but then again, according to the Western media, the criminal and foreign agent Navalny is loved by all here.

    Here’s the source: Stanford Magazine. McFaul and Putin: The Backstory

    Author: Robert L. Strauss

    Strauss, Lipman, Browder, Venediktov . . .


  32. 8 Jan, 2022 00:31
    Moscow hits back at Blinken’s ‘history lesson’

    Moscow ramped up the criticism further, also going on to cite a number of Washington’s invasions, interventions and military occupations over the decades, suggesting Blinken might learn a “history lesson” of his own.

    “Indians of the North American continent, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Panamanians, Yugoslavs, Libyans, Syrians and many other unfortunate people who are unlucky enough to see these uninvited guests in their ‘home’ will have much to say about this,” it added.

    See how Russians are racists!

    They said “Indians” instead of “Native Americans”!

    Shame on you all!


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