The Near-Global Collapse of Critical Thinking

Uncle Volodya says, “When an honest man speaks, he says only what he believes to be true; and for the liar, it is correspondingly indispensable that he considers his statements to be false. For the bullshitter, however, all these bets are off: he is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false.”

“Every ounce of my cynicism is supported by historical precedent.”

– Glen Cook, Shadow Games

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it.”

– George Bernard Shaw

I’m lazy. But vanity constrains me from admitting that, so I call it ‘busy’. However I choose to label it, I haven’t written anything new in a long time. It’s not writer’s block, because I had a couple of topics in mind; if I had to blame it on anything, I’d blame it on the comments section. We don’t really have any rules here, or not many (there are a couple of people who can’t comment, but that’s because they cannot be trusted to not instantly return to old habits as soon as they are allowed), and things routinely drift off-topic to whatever is going on at the time. Current events; yes, that’s the term I was looking for. So when new things are happening, we tend to discuss them in the comments section, instead of my writing a new post dedicated specifically to that issue. It’s the primary cause, I’m afraid, of important comments you would like to be able to locate because they contain hard-to-find sources or just the information you need to settle an argument, because they are not linked by subject. Obviously I prefer the unregulated format, or I wouldn’t use it, but it does have its disadvantages.

Anyway, the silver lining that comes with being late to discuss a particular current event is that you get to talk about the filtered version, after the ferment has settled down and often new facts have presented. So it is with the teapot tempest of Alexei Navalny, vaulted to international fame virtually overnight by becoming the latest victim poisoned by nefarious Soviet-era deadly nerve agents that, in their known application, have a success rate of 16.67%. A funny statistic has emerged from the absurd times we are living in – a viral infection, the ‘novel coronavirus’, more commonly called COVID-19, has the world shivering with terror like frogs in a glass cage with a big snake, even though its Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) compares with the annual influenza bouts we have lived with all our years. Yet an engineered nerve agent reputed to be ten times as deadly as the most toxic poison the west could come up with – one which, I might add, has a known survivor list among the exposed of zero point zero – has never killed the individual it was intended to kill, and managed to incidentally slay one innocent bystander who was also an alcoholic and drug abuser. As John Lennon remarked in “Nobody Told Me”; strange days indeed. Most peculiar, Mama.

I meant to do a post on Navalny – more correctly, my patience with the ridiculous statements made about his latest adventure finally evaporated – after reading this amazingly cheeky tapestry of fabrication; “The Kremlin, predictably, says it didn’t poison Alexey Navalny. So what can the West do?”

I looked it up so as to have an electronic link, so readers could get the full effect. But I initially saw it in the newspaper, the Canadian Globe & Mail (British Columbia edition), in which it was headlined a little differently – “Why nobody has power to make Kremlin come clean on poisoning”. So far as I can make out on initial examination, the body of the article is unchanged. Both pieces – well, the same piece with two different headlines – are by Mark MacKinnon, who is The Globe & Mail‘s senior international correspondent, based in London, UK. He’s quite highly-regarded by his employers, is a seven-time winner of the National Newspaper Awards (for creativity, perhaps, although they don’t say), and the author of…”The New Cold War: Revolutions, Rigged Elections and Pipeline Politics“. Gee, that sounds like it might be about a particular country; let’s have a dekko at the writeup.

“When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsed two years later, liberal democracy was supposed to fill the void left by Soviet Communism. Poland and Czechoslovakia made the best of reforms, but the citizens of the “Evil Empire” itself saw little of the promised freedom, and more of the same old despots and corruption. Recently, a second wave of reforms — Serbia in 2000, Georgia in 2003, and Ukraine in 2004, as well as Kyrgyzstan’s regime change in 2005 — have proven almost as monumental as those in Berlin and Moscow. The people of the Eastern bloc, aided in no small part by Western money and advice, are again rising up and demanding an end to autocracy. And once more, the Kremlin is battling the White House every step of the way. Mark MacKinnon spent these years working in Moscow, and his view of the story and access to those involved remains unparalleled. With The New Cold War, he reveals the links between these democratic revolutions — and George Soros, the idealistic American billionaire behind them — in a major investigation into the forces that are quietly reshaping the post-Soviet world.”

Because western-imposed liberal democracy has been such a star-speckled success in so many places – Libya. Iraq, Venezuela…anyway, the above author information is offered to sort of set the tone for the type of worldview you might expect. And to introduce a premonition, before you even read his material, that Mark MacKinnon just might be exactly the sort of guy who would smirk with revulsion at the mention of Putin’s name, and have a big ol’ man-crush on Alexei Navalny. I’m not implying anything untoward, here; Mr. MacKinnon is a realist. An ideologue, yes, but a realist.

And as with others of his ideological type, I marvel that he apparently sees some sort of inspirational leader in Navalny. I’m cautiously optimistic, of course, because until international busybodies have a vote in Russian elections – as they have in other places, except it’s called ‘regime change’ – there is about as much chance of Alexei Navalny being elected to a position of influence by a broad Russian vote as there is of you dying from coronavirus. Which you have about a 99.6% chance of surviving, if you should get it. Anyway, I’m optimistic, as I have suggested many times before, because for so long as western liberal meddlers choose to put all their eggs in the Navalny basket, for that long leaders elected by Russian votes will rule more or less unmolested. You could as likely persuade Russians to dress up as Obama on Hallowe’en (well, first you would have to persuade them to celebrate it, which The Moscow Times almost reduced itself to tears trying to bring about) as you could to persuade them to vote for Navalny. And this latest escapade, which – perversely – has put him in the western hall of political fame has probably actually cost him votes in Russia, which is remarkable considering he already was about as popular as vomit air-freshener.

Mr. MacKinnon starts off his excoriation of the Kremlin, and his apparent poignant appeal for someone to rid us of this troublesome autocratic dictator, with some lighthearted snark about how predictable it is that the Kremlin would deny poisoning Alexei Navalny. Uh huh; of course they would. Real men would immediately own up – yeah, I poisoned that motherfucker. Teach him to talk smack about me. What are you gonna do about it? You might be repulsed by the implicit evil there, but at least you could respect Putin for telling the truth.

Let’s look at it a little differently. Suppose I said “Mark MacKinnon is a wife-beater”. For the record, I don’t even know if he is married. Or straight. But that’s beside the point, which is that to the best of my knowledge, it is not true. Doesn’t matter. Predictably, he would deny it. Now suppose I repeated that allegation regularly for twenty years. Might I be able to say, wearily, “the only predictable thing about MacKinnon’s latest wife-beating incident is his denial of having had anything to do with it”? I think I could. But denying it is exactly the predictable occurrence if he had not done it.

How about we take a quick recap of some of the things Russia has been accused of just in the last few years. A state-sponsored doping program for its Olympic athletes, in which they were fed performance-enhancing cocktails that powered them all the way to the podium. The special investigatory body put together to look into it, headed by Canadian Richard McLaren, claimed there was so much proof that it was embarrassing. When we got down to where the rubber meets the road, said investigatory body could not prove fuck-all, their star witness fell apart in testimony, and 28 Russian athletes had their Olympic bans reversed while 7 medals were reinstated. The Nation recapped it thus;

“How the Times could provide such minimal coverage of these important April 2018 reasoned CAS decisions on matters on which the Times had extensively reported is inexplicable. By allowing the Russian athletes, for the very first time, to confront their accusers with cross-examination, the CAS was in a position to make startling revelations about Rodchenkov and McLaren. Rodchenkov, for example, admitted that he never personally witnessed any accused Russian athlete committing doping violations themselves, including taking the illegal drug cocktail, giving a clean urine sample out of competition, tampering with a urine sample, or transmitting information to co-conspirators about the coding on the drug sample after it had been given.

Furthermore, several of Rodchenkov’s explanations of events were simply not believable. For example, Rodchenkov had stated that the swapping of urine samples occurred after 1 am, but his own diary entries confirmed his bedtime by midnight each night, with two or three exceptions. When confronted with this contradiction, he made the incredible claim that he had lied to his diary.”

Were the Russians guilty? Apparently not. What is the appropriate response when you are accused of something but did not do it? Denial? Damn straight. But there’s another key takeaway in there – the testimonial hearing in which the athletes and their representatives dismantled Rodchenkov’s self-important blathering was the very first time they had been able to confront their accuser. Uncorroborated denials are easy to brush off, which would seem to summarize Mr, MacKinnon’s style.

One more. Russia was accused by the United States – whose allies quickly picked it up as one more example of the reprehensible Russian conduct that just makes you shake your head in helpless wonder – of paying the Taliban in Afghanistan a bounty to kill American soldiers.

For starters, it would not be difficult to imagine the US Army as being so loathed in Afghanistan – considering American military operations have devastated the country for 19 years now – that jihadis in Afghanistan would be happy to kill them for free; might even pay for the opportunity, if they had any money. Some might say well, if not for the democracy-promotion efforts of America, the Taliban might still be in charge! Yeah, ha, ha; funny story about that. President Trump announced this past Spring that it was time to turn over law and order in Afghanistan to…the Taliban.

He said US troops had been killing terrorists in Afghanistan “by the thousands” and now it was “time for someone else to do that work and it will be the Taliban and it could be surrounding countries”.

Personally, I think it’s a hell of a cheek of the Taliban to accept money from the Russians to kill Americans who just cut them such an exceptional deal – you would think they would be so happy that they would dance into the streets with their arms full of flowers and candy. Oh, wait – different democracy-promotion operation.

And I’d just like to point out to anyone who is forming the opinion that I am a sarcastic prick that the main piece of ‘evidence’ on which the Americans based the assessment that a mysterious Russian GRU (military intelligence) unit was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers was the discovery of ‘a large amount of American cash from a raid on a Taliban outpost’.

Jesus, God of our fathers – please tell me they had more than that. Quite apart from the patent rudeness of carrying out a raid on the ‘outposts’ of your new Afghanistan caretakers, the US dollar is the most common and widely-circulated currency in the world. Instead of leaping to the conclusion that it had to have come from the Russians – whose currency was still the ruble the last time I looked – why was the King Arthur Flour Company not immediately a suspect? After all, sourdough baking has lunged to a quivering peak during ‘COVID times’ (as I heard one imbecile describe the  peyote cartoon we are all living); King Arthur offers a very popular sourdough starter, and the Afghans are great bakers. Maybe they were saving up to buy a couple of truckloads, give the people something to raise their morale! Get it? ‘Raise’ their morale? It’s not funny if I have to explain it. But it makes as much sense as assuming the Russians want to accelerate the killing of American forces just as they are arranging terms for a pullout, which would surely make them stay longer.

Well, let’s get back to Mr. MacKinnon’s story, before we wander too far off the path. But I hope that addresses the issue of the Kremlin denying western accusations. Deny is what you do when you really had nothing to do with whatever it was you are being accused of, instead of ‘manning up’ and saying “Yeah; it was me”. Gaddafi did that, in the hope of making peace with the Americans, and look where it got him. And America is not put off by lack of evidence – obviously.

So we’re back where Russia might be believed today, if the past 20 years had never happened. At that, I would suggest he’s casting too wide a net; the USA and Russia were getting along fairly well between the time the Harvard Boys were invited in to remake Russia in 1991, and the presidential candidacy of American Idiot and Venture Capitalist Mitt Romney, during which candidacy he identified Russia – for no apparent reason than that it sometimes caused headaches for the United States at the UN – as the USA’s Number One Geopolitical Enemy. That was in 2012, which was only 8 years ago, and in fact the great majority of western accusations against Russia have taken place since 2014 and the US State Department’s successful second run at taking over Ukraine to Make It Safe For Democracy. It’s pretty hard to restore your ‘credibility’ when the international press whose language is foreign to your own continues to insist it has mountains of evidence that you are lying, but cannot reveal any of it because of national security. On the occasions it does publish some of its substantiation, the alternate-narrative element of the public is so scathing in its scorn – as happened when the British tried going public with their Skripals Case – that the storytellers are sent back to the drawing-board to make up something different. Otherwise they might have to explain why a poison so virulent that Sergei Skripal’s house had to have its roof removed because Novichok was daubed on the front doorknob, but the same poison failed to kill not only the Skripals times two, Detective Nick Bailey, Charles Rowley and now Navalny. The Skripals came into direct contact with it while the family’s roof did not, unless they had a sixteen-foot diameter doorknob, and Navalny actually drank it. So the story goes. I don’t think ‘absurd’ is too strong a word.

Russia, we hear, denied that its soldiers were in Crimea before Russia ‘annexed’ the territory in 2014. Where? Russia was permitted by international agreement to base sufficient forces at Sevastopol to easily take the region away from a Ukrainian Army so useless that initial attempts to stop the unraveling were made by civilian militias. Oh, and my favourite; Russia denied shooting down MH-17 “even after the anti-aircraft system involved in the attack was detected leaving Russia then returning short one missile.” Is that a fact? Well, no; it’s not. That accusation was made by Bellingcat, the brain trust of former underwear-company accountant Eliot Higgins, and there was never any ‘detection’ of any such anti-air system “leaving Russia and returning short one missile”. Bellingcat offered a potential route such a system might have taken to and from a launch site, in an animation, which was itself never substantiated by evidence – a route which took the system many vulnerable kilometers out of its way on the alleged return – and the photograph that made the cover of Paris Match is so obviously a Photoshop mosaic. And the inclusion of Ukraine, who was automatically a suspect considering the incident occurred in Ukrainian airspace, in the investigation to establish Russian guilt, together with its unsupervised access to the collected evidence, renders the whole issue farcical.

“And on it went. The official RIA Novosti newswire quoted chemical-weapon experts who said that had Novichok been used, Mr. Navalny would already be dead. It’s a line Russian state media have used before, after Mr. Skripal and his daughter survived the 2018 attack, but one they dropped after 44-year-old Dawn Sturgess died after coming into contact with an unused vial of Novichok in a Salisbury park three months later.”

Is that what happened, Mr. seven-times-recipient-of-the-National-Newspapers-Award? Dawn Sturgess was given the perfume bottle as a gift from her boyfriend, Charles Rowley, at his home in Amesbury, 8 miles from Salisbury. She allegedly ‘immediately sprayed some on her wrists and rubbed them together’ according to Rowley.

“Charlie Rowley claimed his partner, mother-of-three Dawn Sturgess, fell ill within 15 minutes of spraying the bottle, which he said he had found, on to her wrists at his home in Amesbury, Wiltshire.”

Couldn’t ask for much more of an eyewitness than Rowley – he’s kind of at the center of the story, albeit he is a heroin addict himself, according to a previously-cited reference. He claims that within 15 minutes she was stricken, claimed to have a headache, and disappeared to the bathroom, where he found her fully clothed and lying in the bath, ‘in a very ill state’.

Hand Mouse Cursor Clicks The Bullshit Button. Pointer Push Press.. Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 96927935.That’s funny; according to Sky News, she was not so ill that she could not admit herself to hospital, which she is alleged to have done at 11 AM on Saturday, after being poisoned with a nerve agent ten times as deadly as VX, exposure to which nobody has survived.

“During their trip to Salisbury on Friday, the pair visited a number of shops during the afternoon and evening with their friend Sam Hobson.

The following day, Ms Sturgess admitted herself to hospital at 11am. Mr Hobson, 29, and Mr Rowley went on to visit a number of places in the town centre.”

Mr. Rowley, the poor man who ‘lost so much’, was so affected by his beloved’s condition that he and his friend Sam Hobson went on – after she admitted herself to hospital – to see the sights of downtown Amesbury. We know they were in Amesbury because one of the locations they visited, Boots the Chemist in Amesbury, was soon thereafter closed by police as part of the investigation.

Perhaps they were looking around for the hospital. Because there isn’t one in Amesbury. The closest is in Salisbury, 8 miles away, and the next-closest is in Andover, even further. So the poor woman, having passed out in a very ill state after spraying a deadly nerve agent directly on her skin, somehow roused herself for the 8-mile drive to Salisbury and then proceeded with the admittance process, while the cretins in Emergency let the two who had dropped her off head back to Amesbury for some window-shopping. The alternative is that they were not even with her, and she drove herself. Say, do you know what one of the symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning is? Blurred vision due to excessive watering of the eyes.

The ‘only predictable part of the drama’, to borrow from Mr. MacKinnon’s introduction, is that Ms. Sturgess did not “die after coming into contact with an unused vial of Novichok in a Salisbury park”, or anything close to it. Sloppy, or loyal? Which is it?

Anyway, back to Navalny; for some reason I seem to be incapable of staying on his dramatic story. So, ‘predictably’, there are some pretty big holes in his story. For one, he was supposedly – initially – exposed to a near-unimaginably-toxic nerve agent which he drank in tea at the airport, prior to departure. Then the same Novichok which laid out Dawn Sturgess within 15 minutes did not affect Lyosha until 40 minutes after the plane took off. Team Navalny and its backers have attempted to explain that away by suggesting this was a specially-engineered ‘slow-acting’ Novichok.

What use would a slow-acting military-grade nerve agent be? Want to give the enemy a fair chance before killing him stone dead? And while we’re on the subject: note to the GRU, or the FSB or whoever – stop engineering Novichok to be slow-acting just to attack Navalny, and impervious to rain (like no other nerve agent ever, the immediate countermeasure is to flush the area with water and take atropine) to attack Sergei Skripal, and WORK ON MAKING IT KILL PEOPLE!!! Jesus Christ, do I have to think of everything myself?

So, obviously, the tea narrative was not going to work. Enter The Water Bottle Of Death. Allegedly, the GRU or FSB, or maybe Putin himself poisoned a water bottle and left it in Navalny’s hotel room in Tomsk, where there were always people in and out and they had no clue whether it would kill Navalny or someone else. Maybe that’s why they engineered it to be slow-acting and non-fatal. Then, after Navalny checked out and headed to the airport, where he hung around for at least long enough to drink a cup of tea before his flight was called, and then after takeoff and 40 minutes into the flight, suddenly, Lyosha is poisoned!! He begins to roar and scream with pain, and members of his entourage immediately go to get a lawyer to accompany them, and go to Navalny’s hotel, and – wonder of wonders – not only has it not been cleaned, it is still completely undisturbed!! Fucking hotel service in Tomsk, unbelievable, I hope they don’t pay them much.

So, what do we deduce from that? Not only did Navalny show no ill effects after being poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent for approximately an hour – rolling back the moment of his poisoning to his drinking tea in the airport before his flight was called – he survived it for significantly longer than that, because in the end the tea was just tea. He did not take the Water Bottle Of Death with him, instead leaving it in his hotel room, so he must have drunk from it before he left the room. How long was that? How far was his hotel from the airport? Well, let’s see – he stayed at the Xander (four stars, not too shabby), which is 24 km from the Bogashevo Airport. I feel safe in suggesting Navalny survived direct contact with a military-grade nerve agent for at least two hours before he even showed any symptoms, and perhaps for considerably longer than that. Which sounds quite a bit like the Skripal saga, in which they were poisoned by their front doorknob – the approximately sixteen-foot-diameter one which reaches to the roof, it’s a two-level home – but still managed to drive to the town center, feed the duckies in the park and then go on to a restaurant and finish dinner, before throwing a poison wobbler on a nearby bench outside. Where they happened to be discovered by the senior medical officer in the British Army. Quite by chance, she was just passing by.

So contact with the American VX agent means near-instantaneous death, but contact with a substance ten times more toxic means nothing at all for at least an hour and perhaps twice that, then an unpleasant bout of coma, then presto! 90% recovery of mental faculties – admittedly, not a high threshold for Navalny – and maybe 50% recovery of physical capability, with a cautiously-optimistic prognosis of a full recovery. Lawdy Jeebus; a miracle!

Back to MacKinnon’s story for a moment. “His transfer to Berlin’s specialist Charité hospital was delayed for 24 crucial hours while Russian officials floated wildly different versions of what might have happened to him.” Actually, they did no such thing; the doctors in Omsk are acknowledged to have probably saved his life, there actually was something wrong with him. They stabilized him for transport rather than immediately saying “Here you go, Krauts, it’s your show”, so his transfer was delayed for a not-at-all-excessive 24 hours, and it was the Germans who ‘floated wildly different versions of what might have happened to him’, initially claiming he had been poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor, and only changing the story to Novichok after the Water Bottle Of Death was delivered to Berlin by Navalny’s wife. And unless Lyosha had a water bottle secretly hidden on his person, they did not establish nerve-agent poisoning from his samples, either, unless the German doctors are incredibly incompetent. It would be pretty hard for a skilled medical technician to confuse a cholinesterase inhibitor with a nerve agent, and the doctors in Berlin initially had no clue what was wrong with him. They became confident after the water bottle was delivered.

Navalny’s aide is shown delivering his tea to him at the airport. No gloves, no Personal Protective Equipment whatsoever. But Lyosha was already crawling with Novicok – he must have been poisoned in his room. Was the hotel closed? The airport? Was the plane impounded and destroyed? Why is Navalny’s aide still alive, and not just waking up from a coma?

And now I am afraid I have some questions about Chain of Custody of important evidence in a criminal investigation. Because according to the timeline of the ‘Navalny poisoning’, Team Navalny back on the ground in Tomsk did not announce the discovery of a poisoned water bottle from his hotel room until September 17th – two days after the fact. Right up until then, Navalny’s ‘press agent’ stuck with the story that he was poisoned with tea at the airport. What kind of four-star hotel does not clean the room of a guest who has checked out for two days afterward? Alternatively, what kind of political team allows a narrative to persist that their leader was poisoned with tea at the airport for two whole days before they clue the world in that they have discovered important evidence to the contrary? So far as we know, nobody had analyzed the alleged traces on the bottle while it was still in Russia – the Germans allegedly established it was Novichok. Or else Team Navalny already knew, but didn’t bother to tell anyone, just assuming everyone who handled it would take deadly-nerve-agent precautions. Who else might have been inside that hotel room in two days? According to the NewsTimes, an Instagram post by Navalny claimed members of his ‘team’ tossed his hotel room looking for evidence only an hour after he collapsed, which is pretty impressive considering they had no real reason at that point to suspect a crime had been committed; he probably had just reached the hospital in Omsk by that point, if even that, and there had been no announcement as to his condition, But they waited until September 17th to announce they had discovered a bottle contaminated with Novichok? nearly a month later? Excuse me – some state-sponsored nerve agent – the bottle had not been tested yet.

According to the certifiable inbreeders in the European Parliament, Novichok and its family of poisons can only be made in state-owned military laboratories, and there is no way civilians could have gotten hold of it.

“MEPs have called for sanctions against Russia, saying on September 17, “The poison used, belonging to the ‘Novichok group’, can only be developed in state-owned military laboratories and cannot be acquired by private individuals, which strongly implies that Russian authorities were behind the attack.”

Huh. That’s odd. Because Alistair Hay – a toxicologist at the University of Leeds, a leading expert in the toxic properties of chemical warfare agents and a member of the British government’s advisory group on chemical warfare – assessed that it could be made by “any competent chemist”. I’m pretty sure they’re not all in the military, and obviously they do not need to be Russian. The principal developmental engineer of Novichok, Vil Marzayanov, published a book which contained the formula, and which sells on Amazon for less than 30 bucks. But what does Hay know, right?

“The Kremlin’s latest denials should and will fall flat with Western governments. It was already clear that Mr. Putin’s inner circle had ample reasons to wish Mr. Navalny harm. (The Kremlin’s feelings about the anti-corruption campaigner have long been obvious. Mr. Putin has repeatedly refused to use Mr. Navalny’s name, even when asked direct questions about him. On Thursday, Mr. Peskov continued that practice, referring only to “the Berlin patient.”)

Ha, ha!! Oh, my God. It is clear that the Kremlin has ample reasons to wish Mr. Navalny harm, because they don’t talk about him. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. That’s some award-winning journalism right there.

I think we’re done here; what is supposed to be a straightforward tale of the unrepentant state poisoning of a political opponent is in fact so confusing and contradictory that I cannot make any sense of it. I suspect even closer examination of it is only going to reveal further inconsistencies.

“The notion of carefully wrought bullshit involves, then, a certain inner strain. Thoughtful attention to detail requires discipline and objectivity. It entails accepting standards and limitations that forbid the indulgence of impulse or whim. It is this selflessness that, in connection with bullshit, strikes us as inapposite. But in fact it is not out of the question at all. The realms of advertising and of public relations, and the nowadays closely related realm of politics, are replete with instances of bullshit so unmitigated that they can serve among the most indisputable and classic paradigms of the concept. And in these realms there are exquisitely sophisticated craftsmen who – with the help of advanced and demanding techniques of market research, of public opinion polling, of psychological testing, and so forth – dedicate themselves tirelessly to getting every word and image they produce exactly right.”

Harry G. Frankfurt, from “On Bullshit“.

How many of you would describe the western media as “exquisitely sophisticated craftsmen who dedicate themselves tirelessly to getting every word and image they produce exactly right”? Count me out. They’re not even good at it. Fortunately for them, critical thinking is at an all-time low.

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      1. Or already in the police force, as those brutalities took place some years ago.

        Hope against hope those guys are in the Victorian police force policing the Mexicans, not the New South Wales police force.

        (Mexicans = people in Victoria, ‘cos it’s south of the border)

        Victorian police arrest pregnant woman in Ballarat for calling for a protest on social media

        Victorian police push a pregnant woman while arresting a second woman on a beach in Altona

        Victorian police officer chokes unmasked woman in Collingwood, Melbourne

        Curiously, once Melbourne entered lockdown (the longest lockdown anywhere in the world: it started back in March and only lifted yesterday), all the stories about Sudanese teenage kids in the notorious Apex gang going around robbing jewellery stores in Melbourne and police going after them stopped.


    1. They were much the same during the Great War. During the deployment in Egypt they were notorious for brutalising civilians (civilians of an allied country I must point out) for no reason at all.

      One suspects they’d have been happier on the other side.


  1. My favorite scientist presents a reasoned analysis of the pandemic

    Her point, as she maintains for most public issues, is that science does not recommend any course of action. It is up to the politicians and the citizens to decide on the actions. If the lock down is more harmful than the spread of the disease in the judgement of the politicians or the citizens, then, by all means, don’t do lock-downs.

    This is where Faucci and his marching morons miss the point. They give zero weight to the vast array of the negative effects of the lock-downs. It’s almost as if… they want people to suffer; to turn to them for guidance, to give them the vaccine lifeline, to lead them out of darkness. Faucci is a shrewd and manipulative schemer.


  2. Russian blog:

    Причины, по которым школьники и студенты становятся сторонниками Навального

    Reasons, according to which schoolchildren and students side with Navalny
    2 days ago

    I shall tell you my version of why this is happening. If you have any more suggestions, then be sure to write about them in the comments, and we shall discuss them.

    Today it is fashionable to follow some blogger. It is a trend. That is why schoolchildren subscribe to almost everyone who is popular. They are also lured by the fact that you can have fun with Navalny: for them, rallies in Moscow are a fun pastime.

    There are people who really believe in what Navalny tells them. He claims that Putin has done nothing and these same students believe him, since they did not live in the ’90s. Many of them were born in the 2000s. In short, they do not know how bad things were in Russia earlier and how they had come about. And they are simply not interested in watching the chronicles of that time. Now this generation is like that: they believe what their favourite bloggers tell them.

    Navalny is a populist — he promises a quick solution to all the problems in Russia if Putin leaves. Those who are a little older sincerely believe in this, although it is already clear that concrete steps in the economic sphere are needed to solve these problems, for example, to reduce the level of poverty. Putin’s departure will not in any way affect the dramatic replenishment of the family budget.

    I once asked a 9th grade student: “Who are you for?” He was for Navalny. I asked him why. He said because Putin is already an old man. According to his logic, an elderly person cannot rule Russia. And one student told me: “I am for Navalny, because he is a popular blogger, and Putin does not even have a page on the social network”. So, if you do not have an account, then you suck and are not a suitable to be president. [Unlike Trump, who never stops Tweeting shite — ME]

    As regrettable as it may be, amongst all the reasons why schoolchildren and students become supporters of Navalny, it is necessary to emphasize the lack of thinking and personal opinion amongst the younger generation. For them, it is now important what a blogger says to them and they believe in it. Navalny says it is bad under Putin, and, therefore, so it is! Check it out. They didn’t even try to see how it was before Putin.

    The younger generation does not read books, is not interested in history, and does not verify information. They are easy to deceive: it is enough for a popular blogger to say, for example, “Europe” defeated “fascism”, and many will believe it. Sadly, but that is how it is.

    Young people are active; they are the main driving force, and Navalny understands this. I am sure that he hoped for this, that his supporters would be young people who can easily be controlled and, most importantly, they do not need to have anything proven: just say that life is now bad and they believe it. But Navalny has been in politics for a long time, yet the results of his work are completely zero. This is because he really has no goal of making Russia a better place.

    It is all hype; the ability to read popular bloggers because it is fashionable; a lack of thinking and personal opinion — these are the reasons why schoolchildren and students follow Navalny. He also promises to make Russia better. In his opinion, in order to solve all the problems, it is simply necessary for Putin to leave. However, sane people understand that the departure of the current president will not make Russia better, no matter how worse it gets.

    Talk to your children and grandchildren! Instill in them the habit of thinking analytically, checking information. Those who know history will never say that now Russian live worse than they did in the ’90s or early 2000s. And whoever says that is blatantly lying.

    Dear reader! Subscribe to my blog post. Give your opinion about the publication — this is very important to me. To all my subscribers and just those who read my publications, I wish you good health and good luck in business !!!

    Must be an old Russian fart, as I am, albeit I am not Russian.


  3. Typical Ehko Moskvy shite off a typically liberast-kreakl contributor, a certain writer who calls himself Boris Akunin, who is really a Georgian (real name: Grigori Chkhartishvili), born of a Georgian father and a Jewish mother .

    Why am I not surprised?

    Намного хуже

    Much Worse
    12:14 , 20 августа 2020

    A resident of Novo-Ogaryovo should offer prayers in thanks for the survival of that the person whom he has always been afraid to call by name, otherwise it would have been worse than after the murders of Anna Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov. Much worse.

    Many times I have been asked in public and in private how I could support this terrible Navalny, who does both this and that, and does everything differently in general (one option: “He is a project of the Kremlin!)

    I have always answered in the same way: Aleksei Navalny risks his life every day for his beliefs. And this is a life in which he has something to lose.

    Hang in there, Aleksei!

    Yes, hang in there, old buddy!

    One question I should like to ask Chkhartishvili: Why the fuck do you live in Moscow?

    For those not in the know, Novo-Ogaryovo is the name of the estate just outside Moscow where the official Presidential Residence is situated.

    That’s “Presidential Residence”, not “Putin’s palace”!

    Now why doesn’t the Georgian-Jew say that?

    Is he afraid to state the president’s name?

    I shouldn’t imagine so, yet for some reason or other, he unequivocally states that the president is afraid to state Navalny’s name.

    Come to think of it, why does Chkhartishvili call himself Akunin? Is he afraid to use his real name?

    And another thing, why does Chkhartishvili imply that bad things happened after Saint Politkovskaya’s murder and Shagger Nemtsov’s murder and that things would have been much worse if the lying bastard Navalny had died?

    As far as I am aware, Politkovskaya’s death resulted in a shrine being made of her former desk at Novaya Gazeta:

    and the scene of Shagger Nemtsov’s murder has also long been a shrine, about which the the vast majority of Muscovites couldn’t care less:

    So what could have been much worse than these shrines, “Akunin”?


    1. A comment to the above Ekho Moskvy article:

      Моя семья в Америке молимся [sic] за Вас, Алексей! какая у вас красивая семья.

      Not written by a Russian. Should be:

      Моя семья в Америке молится за Вас, Алексей!

      What the commenter is trying to say in Russian is:

      “My family in America is praying for you, Aleksei!”

      The mistake has clearly been made by a native English speaker, as in my mother tongue, one may say: “My family is … ” when considering a family as a unit, or “My family are …” when considering a family as a collection of individuals: similarly with “team”.

      So one can also say in English: “My family are praying for you …”, but not in Russian!


  4. Shock horrors in the Western media:

    ‘Keep the camera on them and shame them’: Krasnodar players blasted on social media after only FOUR took the knee in support of Black Lives Matter ahead of Chelsea defeat
    00:46 GMT, 29 October 2020 | UPDATED: 00:51 GMT, 29 October 2020

    Only four Krasnodar players “took the knee” before kick-off in support of Black Lives Matter.

    Of course, Russia/the Soviet Union/the Russian Empire have a long history of negro enslavement.


    1. How about, when Krasnodar plays a team from Tatarstan, the Tatar players “take the knee” for 400 years of enslavement of Slavs?

      In fact, where does the English word “slave” (German: Sklave) come from?

      Give you one guess.


  5. Paging Ed ‘Russia will collapse this (every) year’ Lucas:

    Neuters: Russia’s Polyus sees reserves at giant Siberian deposit at 40 million oz of gold

    Russia’s largest gold producer Polyus PLZL.MM on Thursday estimated reserves at the Sukhoi Log gold deposit in Siberia at 540 million tonnes of ore, containing 40 million troy ounces of gold…

    …The additional 40 million ounces of gold secures Polyus’ position as the world’s second-biggest gold mining company by attributable reserves, he added…

    It’s only a matter of time! 🙂


  6. As regards the beatified by some Shagger Nemtsov, those who stand guard by his shrine on “Nemtsov Bridge” would do well to read this blog, linked below. Not a full translation, but snippets thereof:

    Благополучно забытый Немцов.

    No longer sadly missed Nemtsov

    one can relate to the ’90s in different ways. Some consider them an ugly time. By the way, I rather share this attitude. Others consider the ’90s to be a time of hopes and achievements. In part, I share this opinion. Indeed, it was really an incredibly rich and diverse decade. And of course all this diversity was formed by the first persons of that era. Today we shall remember one of the gentlemen who were engaged in reforms. As you have probably already realized, Boris Efimovich Nemtsov will be under the spotlight today.

    Borya was born in the glorious city of Sochi. This fact, by the way, was a discovery for me. I was sure that he was from Nizhny Novgorod, which was then called Gorky. However, in Gorky he really grew up. There he graduated from both school and university. He studied at the Faculty of Radiophysics of the Lobachevsky University. A very, very serious university. For example, the Russian chemist Valery Fokin graduated from there. He was even nominated for a Nobel Prize. Here Yaroslav Sergeev received his diploma as Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Winner of the International Pythagoras Prize. Elena Posevina, two-time Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics, came out of the same walls. Zakhar Prilepin also graduated from the same university at one time. Quite a colourful company, right?

    In 1985, Nemtsov defended his dissertation. He worked at the research institute. Moreover, he was engaged in space-related developments. That is, as person, in general he was a scientist, not a politician. Senior colleagues described him as a hardworking and capable guy. It is interesting that he was never a member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, although he became interested in politics in the late ’80s. But a meeting with Yeltsin became truly fateful. And then his career went uphill. He became Yeltsin’s confidant for the Gorky region. Well, after the putsch, his career took off sharply. Already in 1991, Nemtsov was appointed head of the administration of the Gorky region. In my opinion, this wa a very characteristic feature of that time. A person having no idea how to manage something, without any experience, suddenly soared so high to a leading position

    The story of the Oka [River] Shipyard is incredibly revealing. In a nutshell, at the beginning of the ’90s Nemtsov already knew Gaidar and apparently understood what effective reforms were. So the shipyard received $18 million under Nemtsov’s guarantees for the construction of dry cargo ships. Dry cargo ships were not built. The money mysteriously disappeared. They had to be returned from the meager budget of the region, with which Nemtsov was directly involved. Can you imagine what $18 million was really worth in 1993? A really fantastic amount! However, no one was sent to prison. And Nemtsov did become governor. Apparently it’s all about knowing the right people.

    Laughing all the way to the bank?

    Eyewitnesses claim that under Nemtsov, absolutely all the media were controlled in the region. And the opposition’s work was impossible. Nemtsov’s regime was described as authoritarian. Do you seriously believe in democracy? Give it up. On camera, Boris was broadcasting all kinds of populism . . . but in fact, in the ’90s, production facilities were shut down throughout the region.

    Naturally, all this gave cause for an outflow of the population. Nemtsov made his way to power in 1991, and the city’s population was 1 million 445 thousand people: in 1997, when he left the post of governor, 1 million 371 thousand people were living in Nizhny Novgorod. But he left, and the destroyed production was never restored. Accordingly, the population decline continues to this day . . .

    Put Chubais and Nemtsov on trail!


    1. continued from above ….

      But the most interesting things started later. Nemtsov went to RAO UES [a power company]. Later, the Accounts Chamber would write off many millions of rubles. One of the academicians described the results of the work as follows — “The disintegration of the country’s energy industry began with the arrival of absolute non-professionals as leadership: Nemtsov, his friend Brevnov and their team. The work of amateurs led to the destruction of everything that had taken decades to build” . . .

      Shagger with floozies. Who’s the other bloke: their pimp?

      From the beginning of the 2000s, Nemtsov’s career began to decline. It makes no sense to list all his inclinations. I shall only note that he supported the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine. At the same time, incidentally, he was the head of the “Oil Concern”. The Investigative Committee then revealed multi-million dollar thefts. But this time Nemtsov also got out of hot water. The case was closed altogether in 2010. Why? That’s a good question, but I cannot answer it.

      Needless to say, Nemtsov did not approve of the annexation of the Crimea to Russia in 2014 and spoke in support of the Ukraine. In general, this, in my opinion, finally buried his already shaky authority — both among the politicians of the heavyweights and among ordinary citizens of Russia. And then the murder happened.

      Naturally, they immediately tried to make an icon out of Boris and portray him as some kind of victim of circumstances, but such a character does raise any respect from me. Too often his surname was suddenly made mention of in some money shenanigans, and I have no trust towards such people. Of course, he did not deserve to die, but you don’t have to make a hero out of him either. Out of all this there arises a painfully ugly hero — because of his avarice or whatever.

      Nevertheless, one must remember such people. For he is a clear illustration of what Russia was some 25 years ago. After all, Boris could have eventually become a famous scientist. By the way, he was positively characterized precisely from the point of view of science. He could have been working on some project related to astronautics now. But no. He chose politics. He did not achieve success: he actively helped to destroy the country, and has gone down in history as a person who openly supported Russophobic and anti-Russian states. Sadly, he chose this path himself.

      That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention and see you soon.

      And there, in my opinion, speaks a typically polite and thoughtful Russian.

      Nemtsov — a failure as a politician, yes; a flawed character, maybe?

      But you have to admit, not everyone in Russia ends up with having dedicated to him a shrine situated on a major bridge in the centre of the capital.

      Photograph taken when it was not the feast day of St. Boris the Shagger

      As it happens, the above photo was taken last March when quarantine kicked off and the devoted who keep vigil there 24/7 were told to disperse.


      1. I suppose we must always regard with suspicion anyone who is too fond of good living – Nemtsov never seemed to actually DO anything, at least after he was mayor of that town the west was forever citing as such a going concern, a real guiding light in backward Russia. I didn’t even know who he was then, but since I’ve known of him all I ever saw him do was protest and complain. But he was forever enjoying tete-a-tetes with attractive young women to whom he was not married in this or that high-end restaurant or nightclub. An enviable good time for a single man – but Borya was not single, and how did he afford it on an income realized by doing no work? In fact, he was meant to be a millionaire, was he not? Had a bit of brass put by?


        1. He always seemed to be a sort of Sheik of the Burning Sands to me, in that he always seemed to be running harems in which he had convoluted relationships with his assorted concubines. I don’t think anyone can accurately list off the offspring that resulted from his sexual liaisons.

          I hope I don’t sound in any way envious of the late lamented Shagger.



          1. Four legitimate and five illegitimate children . . .

            The Politician-Casanova’s Beloved Women

            Wives and recognized children

            married — unmarried — common law

            Nemtsov’s paternity proven

            unmarried — unmarried

            women friends who played a clear role in his life

            The “woman friend” on the far right, is a certain Anna Duritskaya [Russian spelling of her name], a Ukrainian, who was his companion on the night of Nemtsov’s murder.

            Following the murder, she buggered off with great haste to Kiev, where she now runs a business.I suspect that Google entries on Duritskaya are heavily edited: very few of them date after 2015, the year of Nemtsov’s murder. In the Russian media, however, there have been articles on her made much later than then, amongst which articles I have seen reported that she had set up a business in Kiev.

            And here is the Russian Wiki entry on her:

            Anna Durytska (Ukrainian: Анна Дурицька; born 27 November 1991, Bila Tserkva, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian fashion model, a finalist for Miss Ukraine Universe in 2018. On 27 February 2015, she was the sole eyewitness to the assassination of Boris Nemtsov. Durytska had been in a relationship for over two years with Nemtsov, a leading opposition figure to Vladimir Putin, and Russian military intervention in Ukraine. She was held under house arrest by Russian police following the murder. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine, stated that it had intervened to secure her release and return from Moscow. Pro-Putin Russian news agencies had claimed that she was forced by Nemtsov to have an abortion in Switzerland, in an attempt to implicate her and the Security Service of Ukraine in the murder.

            On returning to Kyiv, Ukraine she went into hiding, under protection of armed guards, assigned to her by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, after she had received death threats. Pro-Putin news agencies leaked provocative photos of Durytska, in an attempt to discredit her, following which she refused to return to Russia to testify in the trial.

            In December 2018, The Guardian republished Durytska’s TV Rain interview from the time of her release, in which she called for the street of the Russian Embassy in London to be renamed in memory of Nemtsov. Washington D.C. had previously done so, under the “D.C. Law 22-92 Boris Nemtsov Plaza Designation Act of 2018”.

            In 2017, she planned to join her friend Ankit Love in London, and attend Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

            I think the Security Service of Ukraine have been doing a little tweaking in the above.


            1. Sort of like a failed Boris Johnson. Only in the sense that he did not become leader of the country! 😉

              It appears to me that he ‘retired young’ and had plenty of connections from the 1990s that kept him comfortable. What else to do but talk bs and shag his way around Russia. That he was a mathematician/physicist/whatever only puts him in the same amoral book as Doris Berezovsky and Kim Khodokovsky, the other members of Cekc v Cime. People are just pawns to be moved about to advantage for them. Whether they live or die is merely a statistical event.


          2. Nor me, because for a single guy he lived a wonderful life – carefree, plenty of lolly and plenty of doxies and plenty of attention; he was quite the celebrity, with no end of western female ‘journalists’ panting for him, he was just so handsome, with his unruly curly hair and sensitive features. The thing is, he was not single, he had responsibilities, and you would have been hard-pressed to find any female in the Anglospheric press who would say a word about his womanizing other than to ruefully acknowledge that he liked to play the field. There was no MeToo then, and I guess everyone figured as long as her left at home and any current offspring had enough to feed themselves, they had little to bitch about.


  7. A new, unnecessary Anglicism enters Russian:

    Путин исключил запуск общенационального локдауна в России
    29 октября 2020, 22:23

    Putin has ruled out the launch of a nationwide lockdown in Russia



    And why “lockdown” in English?

    Journalists’ buzzword!

    The thing is, when I see such words in “Russian”, I get a mental block: I can’t decipher them — then suddenly the penny drops and I recognize their meaning.

    I remember how I once puzzled for quite a while over what таунхаус meant, which word I had seen on a big sign for a new property development scheme for fat cats in Moscow. Then suddenly I realized the meaning of the word: town house.

    From the Russian Wiki:

    Таунхаус на Земледельческом переулке, Санкт-Петербург

    A townhouse on Zemledelchesky Lane, St. Petersburg

    As regards the linked above “Izvestia” article of 29th October, the Dark Lord is quoted as having said:

    «Мы четко понимаем, как нужно действовать, и поэтому не планируем вводить тотальные ограничительные меры, запускать так называемый общенациональный локдаун, когда экономика, работа бизнеса полностью останавливается.»

    “We clearly understand how to act, and therefore do not plan to introduce total restrictive measures, to launch a so-called nationwide lockdown, in which the economy and the work of business completely stops”.

    Ah well, if локдаун is good enough for the Evil One, then its good enough for me — I suppose.



    1. There used to be a blog in the blogroll at our old location, whose author used to visit us from time to time, that was called “Bizneslanch”, which he had taken from a sign in Moscow restaurant windows advertising the Russian ‘Business Lunch”.


    1. OK!

      I thought I had made a typo through not changing my keyboard from Latin to Cyrillic.

      You see, the lower-case italicised Cyrillic for the Latin “t” looks like a Latin lower case “m”, hence italicised ТАУНХАУС in lower-case is таунхаус, whereas in non-italicised lower case it is таунхаус.

      Всё понятно?


      1. Yes, I was kind of wondering how you got ‘townhouse’ out of that. It did not occur to me that you were using lower-case. My mother-in-law has to write out shopping lists for me using all caps, because I usually cannot make head nor tail out of lower-case unless enough non-strange letters are left over for me to get the sense of the word.


    1. I didn’t see Stas Belkovsky, that oft-quoted ‘Kremlin insider’ who is always ‘blowing the whistle’ on Putin’s Billions. Or is that him far left, second row, with the glasses?


  8. I like to think of this as ‘not paying attention tax’.

    “But someone in the list of “minuses” is missing. Indeed, where is China? It managed to grow by 1.9%, even though its economy suffered a terrible fall during the severe coronavirus lockdown of the first half of the year. Of all the countries whose GDP changes were indicated by the IMF, this is the only country with growth.

    It turns out that the most terrible forecasts have come true – the Chinese economy has finally surpassed the American one in terms of volume ($24.2 trillion against $20.8 trillion). This is not surprising, because China has become the first trading partner of almost all major countries in the world. Its GDP grew by 4.9% in the third quarter of 2020. It seems to be not so much compared to previous years, but, firstly, coronavirus, secondly, China no longer has a low base effect, and thirdly, all the others are falling. In addition, China’s industrial growth in September was 6.9%, which is quite comparable to the pre-crisis pace of 2019. The volume of exports also increased by 10%, i.e. China is capturing new markets, which means that someone is losing them. And this “someone” does not like this state of affairs. But what can be done if, according to forecasts, China will overtake the US this year in terms of spending on science and research/development? And this is not just a bell, but a tocsin in terms of the fact that the time is approaching when the armies of these countries will become technically comparable.”

    Look well, O wolves!


    1. I suspect that this is when the west’s interesting statistics are left in the dust by the Chinese (and the rest of Asia) quick recovery and the clear blue water can no longer be ignored.

      As I posted the K. Klinton self-promo piece a few weeks ago which struck me as a carbon-copy of what Russia has acheived under Putin (re-industrialization etc.) save the RAH! RAH! RAH! AMERICA FOREVER! such plans have not even started. On-shoring fundamental stuff such as silicon chip fabrication plants (muy much much subsidy thank you very much) still has not started. It will, but every day it doesn’t China continues ahead, switches from a primarily export driven economy to an internal market one (!) that buys ‘Made in China’ etc.

      In other news, Russia is heading up a Be200 amphibious firefighting squadron and by 2022 (ho ho!) will replace its franco-russian turbines with fully Russian PD-8s and the same for the SSJ.* It fine to be sceptical, but this is in motion. Also there is now much better support provided for the Sukoi SuperJet and it will not be left to wither.** I assume these timelines are optimistic from experience but it is yet more of the market that will be lost to the West…




      1. There was some other news about Russian marine turbines (i.e. bye bye Ukranian ones) coming along but of course I cannot find it now.


      2. This will have a couple of effects – one, although many western companies seek joint ventures with Russian companies as a way to get in the door of the Russian market, nearly all of them complain that the Russian partners are thieves who only want western know-how until they can do it for themselves; then they scheme a way to get rid of their western counterparts. Russian companies operating without western partners will silence that quacking. I’m not saying all Russian companies are honest and forthright, and I don’t doubt some are worthy of complaint with endless verification and inspections where everyone wants a bribe. But if the company turns out a quality product, on time and on budget and makes a profit, then I guess it’s nobody’s business, just as would be the case in the west.

        Another, as I have suggested before many times, is that all Russia need do in this instance is buy and operate its own aircraft. Their fleet, like China’s, was once almost exclusively western – Boeing and Airbus. When they have their own industry and use their own aircraft, trade will be on a different basis, because it won’t be “If you want an airline, you have to buy from us.” I suspect Boeing’s prices were already pretty fair considering they have to compete with Airbus, but the days when the west could ground Russia’s airlines by cutting them off from engines or spare parts or other technology may be numbered. It’s all about leverage, and the more of it the west loses, the less able to throw its weight around it becomes.


  9. Moon of Alabama: Welcome Back In Independence – Why It Was High Time For Glenn Greenwald To Resign From The Intercept

    Yesterday Glenn Greenwald resigned from the Intercept.

    The editors of the online journal, which Greenwald had co-founded, tried to censor a recent piece he wrote on the corruption of Joe Biden and on the concerted media effort to suppress that story. Greenwald’s contract with the Intercept guaranteed him editorial independence. With its censorship efforts the Intercept breached that contract….

    The rest at the link.


    I had the same thoughts as Matt Taibi, but knowing establishment journos and the economic enviroment journalist is still in…


    1. My hat would be off to Greenwald – if I were in the habit of wearing hats other than for work – simply for his patience. It must be terrifically frustrating for a real journalist to be stonewalled while the Biden campaign suggests he and his team are as transparent as a shop window. But he patiently keeps putting it out there, even though nobody will touch it. Glenn Greenwald is a hero.


  10. Verdict suicide?

    Mexico: Journalist murdered in Ciudad Juarez

    A television journalist was found dead in Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez after being [sic] shot at least 11 times. Arturo Alba Medina is at least the sixth journalist to be [sic] murdered in Mexico this year.

    [Crap Kraut English! Should have been: “after having been shot” and “to have been murdered” — Obergramnatiksturmbannführer ME]

    Why are there no protests off liberasts worldwide about these shocking facts concerning clear attempts at the genocide of that protected species beloved by all and known as “journalists”?

    If the above were to have happened in “Putin’s Mafia State”, there would be no end of articles in the “free press” about it.

    Then again, such events are a daily event in Russia, aren’t they, so they are not exactly “newsworthy”.


  11. A long while ago, somebody here (Skoolafish or James Lake, perhaps?) asked other Stooges what they thought of the woman, about whom a Russian blogger has written below.

    First of all, though, and before any of you care to read the translation below, my opinion of her is thus:

    She’s a piece of shit.

    Размышления о писательнице Светлане Алексиевич.

    Reflections on the writer Svetlana Aleksievich

    Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich: in 2015 awarded Nobel Prize for Literature “for a body of work that straddles the Soviet and post-Soviet eras, with a focus on its points of trauma: World War II, the Soviet-Afghan War, the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and the collapse of the Soviet Union”.

    Let us start with the simplest of questions. Is anyone reading these lines familiar with Aleksievich’s works? I read some once, because I had nothing better to do. What is she like? Well, in general, she is a classic representative of the perestroika fashion for dishing out all sorts of dirt.

    In the late ’80s and even more so in the ’90s, this was in vogue. You remember, of course, what kind of cinema flourished then our country: black and gloomy, painting reality in terrible colours. In the country itself, not everything was in order either, and such art might have been appropriate then. After all, an artist strives to reflect the moods of the surrounding reality. But is Svetlana Alexandrovna an artist? Rather yes than no, but the fact that her whole essence is reflected in the artificial squeezing out of tears from the reader is an opinion with which it is difficult to argue. This is not my idea. This is what Tatyana Tolstaya has said. I shall tell you more: all this pseudo documentary prose of hers cannot claim a place on the bookshelf of any self-respecting Russian person.

    Well what a surprise!

    The presentation of the Nobel Prize to Aleksievich did not surprise me. It has long been common knowledge that this award is given for political reasons. Did they give it to Tolstoy, for example? No. Maybe Yesenin? Or Mayakovsky? Of course not. Let us remember what kind of Russian-speaking people in general have received this award.

    Bunin and Brodsky lived in exile. Solzhenitsyn was a dissident. Pasternak received the award for publishing his novel outside the USSR. And only Sholokhov stands out from the crowd. However, our liberals were then ready to trample on him. To this day, they boldly argue that he did not write his works himself. Well, I do not believe that, but it is a killer argument — obviously: obvious to them, that is, but not to me.

    But what about Aleksievich? Is she really a dissident? Well, what is a dissident? In the USSR, films were even shot and performances were staged according to her scripts. But, of course, she was not allowed to live. True, she managed to receive a dozen awards from the country she hates. Being adaptive, I think it is called.

    To be continued, otherwise the above will be checked out because of all the links therein …


  12. On Aleksievich (continued) . . .

    Actually, what are her political motives today? What is her rationale as regards our country? She hates Russia and the Russians and exudes bile. I regularly come across creepy quotes from her revelations. For example, according to her, my people are mean. There is nothing vile In the USA, which has destroyed Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia, but in Russia, which made Central Asian people literate, everything is vile; in Russia, which rebuilt the Baltics, Belarus and the Ukraine, there live bad people. They are so bad that Svetlana Aleksandrova cannot sleep.

    She calls Russia a pit. The “Maidan”, in her opinion, is a good thing. In general, everything that is anti-Russian is a great blessing. Well, how can one ask that a prize not be given to this woman, who is so wonderful in all respects? Of course they gave her a prize! I should have been surprised if she had not been awarded one.

    It would have been possible for her to go on living in peace and quiet, not denying herself anything, but no — people like her, like Solzhenitsyn, rave on about the fate of entire countries. And of course, she could not stay away from the opposition in Belarus. Naturally, she does not like Lukashenko — how can anyone like a person who has safeguarded industry in his country? Neither she nor her controllers can like him. No, I have not made a typing error! Just take a look at this cute photograph and admire:

    Here she is with the ambassadors of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia. This shot was taken the other day. By the way, for some reason, everyone is not wearing a mask.

    So all these ambassadors represent the interests of big business. The battle of ideologies on the planet is over. Today, everything is ruled by representatives of Capital and its service personnel. Naturally, representatives of certain countries regularly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states. This is generally a fashion in the West, namely sticking their noses into other peoples’ business.

    Aleksievich, on the other hand, in this story is just another talking head. Another head, which is terribly far from the people and, in general, is not interested in other opinions. She is not worried that thousands of people will be left without work. That they will have nothing to feed their children with. This is an unimportant opinion and wrong.

    There is also an opinion of her controllers, and it is a wrong one. Her controllers are all anti-Russian. So, by supporting the opposition, Svetlana speaks from Russophobic positions. I do not go along with such people: we are of different worlds. And I really do hope that Lukashenko will have the willpower to arrest this wonderful woman who is lying low and keeping her eye on how to bring down Belarus.

    I advise you to read the works of this writer. For example, “Boys in Zinc”*, dreamt up by her. You might like it: then again, you might not. I did not like it, but then I am not one of the creative intelligentsia, which for some reason always knows how to write.

    That is all for today.Thank you for your attention and see you soon.

    *Boys in Zinc

    Nuff said!

    By the way, Aliksieva was born in Ivano-Frankivsk in deepest Western Ukraine when “Independent Ukraine” was the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

    Ivano-Frankivsk was formerly a Polish city known as Stanisławów, situated in that portion of partitioned Poland that became part of the Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire.

    You know, that part of the world where Bandera and others of his ilk hailed from.


    1. I was listening to the Duran and the younger presenter Alex was saying “a lot of people” are upset about Russia not helping Armenia and the seeming appeasement of Turkey.

      Alexander Mecouris then added that Putin is loosing support over this, not just inside but outside Russia.

      So I am unclear what the Russians are expected to do ? Intervene on one side?

      The Duran used to have Peter Lavelle as one of the commentators but he has left and founded another show.

      A lot of changes for these independent bloggers.


      1. I don’t understand the current situation in full context but it seems that Armenian leadership has whored themselves to Western interest. And the whore-wanabe’s pictured above are eager to sell their souls as well.

        Russia’s take may be to let Armenia face consequences of that decision to align with the Western empire. And, it will be up to the Armenian population to remove the leadership that chose Western allegiance if they so chose.

        Russian leadership (showing great wisdom in my opinion) shuns imposition of the-right-thing-to-do on a population that is too lazy or too fearful or too accommodating of a whoring leadership. Russia has learned its lesson about helping other nations at great expense to itself and then expecting gratitude or loyalty. As noted by others, the only nation to do such has been Serbia.

        The above Russian strategy is likely predicated on the belief that the Western empire is wobbly and nearing the tipping point. Russian leadership appears to have concluded that it now time to disconnect Russia from the Western economic system to escape the coming calamity.


        1. Moscow to provide assistance to Yerevan if hostilities spill over to Armenia

          MOSCOW, October 31. /TASS/. Moscow will provide all necessary assistance to Yerevan in accordance with the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance between the two countries, if hostilities spill over to Armenia’s territory, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

          I am sure word will soon arrive here from Finland about this matter, namely about what Russia should do but, as a result of its inherent weakness, most certainly will not do.


      2. You may find things different by mid-November, as Armenia has – allegedly – formally asked for Russian help. Here’s a particularly pithy and realistic quote;

        “In the modern world, you must either have your own heavily armed army combined with a strong economy that can support it, or you must be friends with those who have it (here’s a hint, either Russia or China, because we see the results of Pashinyan and Lukashenko‘s friendship with Europe and the US online today). The usual liberal mantras of “Russia-Armenia-Belarus have no enemies” are good exactly as long as you are not attacked in reality, and not on the Internet or in the media. And no assurances of American and European friendship will save you. You’ll be lucky if they don’t take you apart themselves.”

        Remember when Pashinyan was elected, and the protests which swept him to power? Remind you of anybody? Poroshenko, maybe? Not to suggest Pashinyan is a powerful oligarch – to all appearances he is not. But he came to power by the same mechanisms – playing public naivety like a violin, quoting hopeful citizens who really believe a different face is the magic bullet which will blow away corruption, and receiving the benevolent blessing of the west that the election was just as fair as fair could be. It always is, so long as the western-preferred candidate gets ‘elected’.

        “Historically, Armenia’s elections have been marred by fraud and vote-buying.

        However, international observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe said the elections had respected fundamental freedoms and were characterised by genuine competition.”

        You’d think that kind of boilerplate would have lost its power to make me laugh, but by God, it still tickles me; “characterised by genuine competition” – oh, ‘pon my word, yes! You, like others, may have noticed by now that all it takes in certain countries to eliminate any possibility of ‘genuine competition’ is advance polls which indicate the western-disliked incumbent will win easily. That’s how the people plan to vote, but that counts for nothing – it’s only ‘genuine competition’ if there is a realistic possibility the west’s man (or woman) will get in, and the more likely that looks to happen, damned if the competition does not get more genuine. Nobody seems to notice that the ‘competition’ reaches the very zenith of ‘genuineness’ just about the time nobody has a chance of holding off a landslide win by the preferred candidate.

        I think by now everybody who reads here knows how I feel about it; you can’t really blame the west and its media outlets for behaving the way they do. The western countries are mostly run by wealthy venture capitalists, and what wealthy venture capitalists like best is acquiring and controlling more wealth. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Even when western venture capitalists are dead altruistic and benevolent, what they want is for more wealth and capital to be acquired and controlled by the country to whom they feel the most sentimental attachment, so that a few of their countrymen might do all right out of their maneuvering as well – these are the people who come to be regarded as ‘philanthropists’, like George Soros. But generally they are mostly in it for themselves.

        No, what I find the most objectionable is the veneer of holier-than-though goodness which always covers western exploitation ops. They always have to pretend like a smash-and-grab crime is some kind of fucking religious moment just because it is they who are doing it, as if they bring rectitude to even the most blatant self-interest. When the truth of the matter is that what the powerful do not give even the tiniest trace of a fuck about – Locard himself could not detect it – is what life is going to be like afterward for the average citizen in the country targeted for exploitation by changing its leadership. You know, the ones jumping up and down in Independence Square (there’s always an Independence Square), or walking around with big dumb grins on their faces as if they have just felt the planet shift under their feet.

        It’s worth mentioning here that the period during which the west – led, of course, by the United States and its government/venture-capital institutions – was the most optimistic about Russia was the moment when it looked like a class of wealthy venture capitalists was going to take over the running of what was left of the Soviet Union; the Khodorkovskys and the Berzovskys and the Abramovitches. The wealthy Boyars who, albeit they spoke a different language, really spoke the same language to the letter as their western counterparts.

        And the official western perspective on Russia made an abrupt turn to the South, and grew progressively grimmer, the more evident it became that that was not going to happen.


        1. “Venture capitalists” may not be the most accurate terminology for those who run the West. There are a lot of old power blocks including the Vatican, the British royals, Zionists and other groups who get along well enough not to openly attack each other but will protect their particular areas of dominance. Their glue are narcissistic/messianic beliefs of their right to rule humanity. There may be deeper and murkier layers in the ruling hierarchy. I say “ruling” but their rule is only to the degree that we do not care enough to resist.

          The interesting thing is that these demonic forces are nearly entirely of a Western origin. Is there a genetic factor that has become concentrated in the ruling elites? Some other self-propagating driver of their beliefs?

          I do believe that Russia and China are sorting and identifying the real actors in the Western ruling elites.


          1. A very interesting and thought-provoking reply. I think we must be careful to not just ‘study it, judiciously as you will’, while ‘history’s actors’ reshape reality around us.


      3. It seems to me that whatever the behavior of Armenia, Russia is still expected to protect/save christians in the region regardless of all the s/t that is thrown at them and particularly knowing the blood thirsty history of Az/turcoman/whatever behavior against Armenians.

        There is a point here as Russia presents itself as the leader of the Orthodox Christian world it is its actual duty to rise above (pthe etty nasty s/t) and protect christendom in the hood regardless

        But, and as we all know, the having the cake and eat it crowd has only but expanded, most notably those who are pro-west. They are owed it and thus they demand it as they are considered and have been told that they are a cut above the rest. It’s the same western ‘benefit of the doubt’ that allows its intellectuals to support successive foreign policy adventures that have ended in catastrophic failure but even worse left those that they pledged to help in a much worse position.

        I also think that in this case most people really do not know that Armenia is run by a pro-western government. It’s not exactly hot news. And its still not widely reported let alone. After all, the western media is not exorciating Washington, Berlin, Paris and London for doing f/k all to help Armenia. They’ve been mostly silent. No need to point out yet again that the west picks and choses which countries/territories to carve up in contravention of long standing international law, and which others it strictly abides by, in this case Nagorno-Karabakh.

        This may well be in part of being stung by the highly successful and bloodless return of the Crimea to Russia which was done in line with international law regardless of western protestations. It really put their carving off Kosovo by extreme violence in an very bad light by comparison and cannot be denied any longer as ‘not a precedent’ if they claim Russia took over Crimea illegally. The West has really tied itself in to a gordian knot at the international and state level despite doing its best to ignore it at home. The rest of the UN members don’t buy it in the least.

        So back to the beginning, who to blame? Russia is the easiest target. Surely not the west who is also selling weapons to Azerbaidjan, buys its gas and give the dictatorship a free pass. And even less so i-Sreal selling weapons, another people that has suffered the fate of genocide. No. Russia has to do something!


        1. And, or, is it also their argument that despite ‘Russia not respecting international law’ that in this case it is an ‘exception’ (but not a ‘precedent’ (!)) and their failure to do so is inexcusable? It really is the most gigantic load of bollocks.


        2. Just a few points – Russia’s defense of Christendom may be limited to Orthodoxy as the rest are spinoffs or spinoffs of spinoffs. Christian religious values in the west hardly resemble core Christian values so why should Russia give a damn about protecting such Christians? If the Armenia Orthodox church is comfortable with, if not endorsing, LGBT? life styles, then they would likely be considered as non-Christian. I do not know if the forgoing is the case; just discussing implications.

          Russia will fulfill its obligations to defend Armenia from armed attack. However, once Azerbaijan has gotten what it wants, there will be no incentive for an attack on Armenia and especially so considering the dire consequences of a Russian military response.

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          1. I remember when my wife asked an old priest here after our youngest’s christening into the ROC if we could get wed in said church. He told her we couldn’t because I wasn’t a Christian.

            She begged to differ, but he insisted that I was a heretic and would have to baptized according to ROC rights and after having had ROC catechism lessons.

            He was right too and twofold: (i) all “Christian” faiths are heresies, aberrations of the true, correct liturgy as passed on from the apostles and (ii) I am a heretic of a pagan nature.

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            1. I have a soft spot for pagan beliefs as well. There are nonphysical entities that we interact, mostly without awareness, on a daily basis. No big deal, we just need to be mindful of such realities to better understand why things happen the way they do. The Woke folks could not possibly understand such, being isolated in their hall-of-mirrors tight little self-contained world of self-importance with the firm conviction that they are the be-all and end-all. A peasant toiling in the fields or a kid in the slums understand reality better the the Wokest of the Woke. Am I serious? I don’t know.

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              1. I like trees.

                There’s a report the other day that China’s massive planting of trees is estimated to soak up to 35% of the carbon dioxide it produces industrially. The data comes from ground level station, satellite and other sources.

                Which leads me to this question. If farmers (in u-Rope) are now being paid not to grow food, then wtf not just plant forests of trees that can also be farmed and managed? Is it because it is too easy and there’s not much profit in it?

                I’m looking forward to steam Woodpunk.

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                1. Trees are central to Germanic paganism. How can one not respect a tree such as the mighty oak that is at least 500 years old when mature and may live for 1,000 years and more? Such living things interact with us — of course, they do, if “only” in the maintainance of an ecological balance of the gas that is necessary for our existence.

                  That bastard Charles “the Great” of the Franks waged relentless war for over 30 years against the Saxons (not the “Anglo-Saxons, but my kinfolk in what is now Lower saxony in Germany) because of their refusal to accept Christianity.

                  Too right they didn’t, for they knew full that if they had, the would have fallen under the thrall of the person who styled himself as emperor of the Western Roman Empire that had fallen into dissolution some 300 years earlier, which reborn “Roman Empire” had as its state religion Christianity — Roman Christianity that is, and its emperor, much later styled as the “Holy Roman Emperor of the German Nation”, was guess who? That’s right, Charles the Great/Carolus Magnus/ Karl der Grosse/Charlemagne.

                  One of Charles’ favourite tricks in subduing the Saxons was making public spectacles of hacking down their “holy” trees or “Irminsul. After one victory against rebellious Saxon pagans whose lands the Franks had invaded, Charles had them all baptised — then had them beheaded, all 4,500 of them!

                  IN HOC SIGNO VINCES

                  That’d learn ’em!

                  See: Massacre of Verden

                  Einhard, Charlemagne’s biographer, said on the closing of the conflict:

                  The war that had lasted so many years was at length ended by their acceding to the terms offered by the King; which were renunciation of their national religious customs and the worship of devils, acceptance of the sacraments of the Christian faith and religion, and union with the Franks to form one people.

                  Saxon Wars

                  So the Saxons started eating small pieces of bread that they were to believe was god, which is far more reasonable than believing that trees and rivers and forests and storms were worthy of their respect.

                  Right! I’m off to my holy grove in order to pay my respects to Woden.

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                2. Okay, you’ve baited me …(love to spend more time here but I do appreciate the occasional glance and many great comments and discussions)

                  “But veneration is inherent in the human breast. Presently mankind, emerging from intellectual infancy, began to detect absurdity in creation without a Creator, in effects without causes. As yet, however, they did not dare to throw upon a Single Being the whole onus of the world of matter, creation, preservation, and destruction. Man, instinctively impressed by a sense of his own unworthiness, would hopelessly have attempted to conceive the idea of a purely Spiritual Being, omnipotent and omnipresent.

                  Awestruck by the admirable phenomena and the stupendous powers of Nature, filled with a sentiment of individual weakness, he abandoned himself to a flood of superstitious fears, and prostrated himself before natural objects, inanimate as well as animate. Thus comforted by the sun and fire, benefited by wind and rain, improved by hero and sage, destroyed by wild beasts, dispersed by convulsions of Nature, he fell into a rude, degrading, and *cowardly Fetissism*, the *faith of fear*, and *the transition state from utter savagery to barbarism*.”

                  • “The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam” by Richard Francis Burton


                3. . . . Presently mankind, emerging from intellectual infancy, began to detect absurdity in creation without a Creator, in effects without causes

                  So what created the creator?


          2. I agree with all you points PO, rather those complaining about Russia are throwing a bunch of contradictory self-serving and ultimately emotional accusations and complaints that very much echo western foreign policy after the Cold War of Do Something, regardless of how dumb, damaging and even making the situation much worse for those who they supposedly are claiming to help. DO SOMETHING! My response is ‘WTF don’t YOU do something youselves? Put your body, blood and mind on the line if you really care so much rather than typing on a keyboard thousands of miles away in great comfort. Keyboard warrior wankers!

            Those actually running the west aren’t much different which is why they go for the easy option of flying above 20,000ft and dropping bombs rather than sending very large numbers of troops to hold ground and have a quick result. Why? Because they are afraid of bodybags and how they might look. That is the crux. They’re more afraid being turned against by the electorate so ‘easy solutions’ that look good but don’t deliver are the order of the day. They just can’t stand the real cost or be courageous enough to spell it out to the public that their words if taken at face value means quite a lot of death. It doesn’t sell.


  13. This is the sort of historically revisionist / fantasy shite that is printed nowadays in the “Tyrannical Regime”, where there is not and never has been freedom of speech and opinion:

    Secret Collusion — or Stalin and Hitler against America by Vasiliy Molodyakov, published 2008.

    The book is described on its front cover as being an “historical thriller”.

    Back cover:

    On the basis of documents, famous historian Vasily Molodyakov has restored the picture of one of the most intriguing and little-studied subjects of Russian and world history during the first half of the 20th century — the preparation of a military alliance of the USSR, Germany and Japan, directed against England[sic] and the USA. It is only by chance that World War II did not become a war between the “Eurasian” and “Atlantic” powers. The book combines a popular presentation, designed for the general reader, with strict scientific accuracy.

    Vasily Molodyakov (Василий Элинархович Молодяков), born 1968, is a Russian-Soviet historian.

    The title of Molodyakov’s book brings to mind that of another “blockbuster” about “Russian collusion”:


    1. If he’s anything like Luke Harding in other respects, then he turns out a steady stream of books which appear to sell quite well in some quarters, probably bringing the author quite a comfortable living, all supported by claims made by the author which cannot be verified. And the Russians and the Nazis cuddling together against the forces of good and light is an ever-popular theme in countries where they always need to believe they are doing the right thing and don’t ask for much proof beyond government assurances that such is in fact the case.


  14. Bullshitter supreme talking live on air from Berlin, where he is still “recovering” fom having been poisoned on Putin’s orders by “Novichok”, to sidekick slag Sobol in Moscow.
    A walking miracle man, liar and total tosser.

    Watch it if you can — and have vomit bags close at hand:

    Последний эфир Навального

    Navalny’s latest broadcast

    No English subtitles, but who needs them? He’s talking shite as per usual.


    1. “Woke” BBC in its Connery obituary:

      In truth, his Bond is now a museum piece; the portrayal of women impossibly dated. The action scenes are still thrilling, but the sex too often bordered on the non-consensual.

      Thankfully, it’s been a while since 007 slapped a woman on the backside and forced a kiss. But Connery’s performance was of its time, enjoyed by millions of both sexes and gave the silver screen a 20th Century icon.

      Yes, “thankfully”.

      See also:

      ‘Toxic masculinity’ role model: Woke critics use Sean Connery’s death as chance to remind us he was ‘problematic’
      31 Oct, 2020 15:40 / Updated 1 hour ago

      Mrs. Exile says that when she first set eyes on me, she thought I looked like Sean Connery.

      She still thinks so.

      Other Russian women have told me the same, though not in her company I must say.

      I put it down to their wearing vodka-goggles.


        1. But Cagney was supposed to be a villain. Bond was supposed to be a hero. Mind you, back then they didn’t like their heroes soft-arsed. I can’t imagine what a modern male hero is supposed to look like who would be acceptable to the plethora of sexual ‘identifications’.


          1. Bond was a villain because he was employed by the British Secret Service, a villainous organization par excellence If ever there was and indeed is one, which in his time was so villainous that it did not even exist — officially: only Johnny Foreigner had secret services, such as the Frogs and Fritzes and, of course, the Evil Empire have. Furthermore, Bond was supposed to be an English officer and gentleman — Commander Bond R.N. in fact, which makes Bond’s behaviour with women even worse, because real English gentlemen, like what I am, do not slap women around.


      1. What does the Woke set consider ‘acceptable masculinity’ these days? Or are we all supposed to be the same; gender blind, and sex not even part of anyone’s agenda, it just sort of happens? I mean, nobody is supposed to do anything so vulgar as to pursue it for its own sake (unless you are the same sex as the pursued, in which case it is both permissible and glorious), although I suppose it might be allowed if a woman were to offer it in a heterosexual context because she thinks you worked hard enough for it. Without ever implying in any way, naturally, that you were interested.

        If Connery were able to see his obituary, he’d probably be glad to be dead.


        1. The BBC rather sniffly says in Connery’s obituary that in the Connery Bond films “the sex too often bordered on the non-consensual”.

          I reckon Miss Moneypenny was pretty consensual though — or would have been if Commander Bond had made a lunge at her.

          Miss Moneypenny was a Canadian, by the way, at least the actress who played that role was. (Sexist! Sexist! I remember some Guardian “Comment is Free” arseholes lambasting me years ago for writing “actress”.)

          The actress in question was a Hooker, by the way: that was the unfortunate family name that she had — unfortunate in North America that is. I had never heard the term until the book “The Happy Hooker” was published.


    2. 2020 sure is turning out to be a bad year for British actors who appeared in James Bond films. Honor Blackman died back in March or April at age 93 years and Diana Rigg died in September at age 82 years from cancer diagnosed a few months earlier.

      Another famous British actor who died in mid-2020, but who never appeared in a Bond film, was Ian Holm who is probably best remembered by most movie fans for playing Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings films and the Hobbit films, and for playing the rogue android Ash in “Alien”.


  15. Trump was quite proud of the US economy “roaring recovery” in Q3:

    Meanwhile, the US national debt increased by $3+ trillion plus the Fed injected trillions more into the banking system and bought trillions of worthless corporate debt. On a more local level, the average worker experienced a pay increase relative to pre-pandemic earnings with a benefits package that averaged nearly $1,000/week. With the end of the benefits package it will be a grim time for tens of millions of Americans.

    On another related topic, our governor, Gretchen the evil witch, has decried that all restaurants, starting this Monday, must record the name, address and telephone number of every patron. The information must be made available to the authorities for contact tracing purpose. Of course, this further invasion of our civil liberties are for our own protection,


    1. From the linked article above:

      A resurgence in consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of GDP, supported the historic third quarter GDP growth and reflects both the reopening of America’s businesses and the confidence of consumers to spend on goods and services once more.

      No, it was $3+ trillion dollars of debt money injected into the economy that supported consumer spending. No consumer that I know spent that money based on confidence. They spent that money to buy food, pay rent and otherwise survive. Do those who live in Washington believe the BS they peddle?


      1. It’s just a numbers shell game, like COVID deaths. Excess mortality is unchanged and might even be low this year – as I often mention, 160,000 people die every day, on average, and in the 8 months the ‘pandemic’ has been running it has killed less than a week’s worth of average daily deaths. Nor is that an overage which must be added to the daily bill, because many ‘COVID deaths’ were not people killed by COVID, but people who died of other causes.

        Canada, too, is spending like a drunken sailor – to use a metaphor I’ve never particularly cared for – to keep an appearance of economic normality, but it’s all borrowed money that someone is going to have to pay back. Why do you suppose the fear tap is being turned on again? Do we need another shower in it so the new habits can become more broadly adopted? Are not enough of the population cooperating in their own debt enslavement?


    2. I’m not sure that is any more information than the Feds can pull up at a moment’s notice when you use your credit card at that restaurant. Name, address and telephone number merely notifies the snoopy that you visited that restaurant, and they can probably tell the approximate time and of course the date. But from your credit transaction they can determine all that to a much more exacting degree, and I would bet – although they (the Feds) would deny it on their mother’s grave – that they could also see your credit balance, a record of your transactions and your bank balance if it is a bank credit card, as most are. Banks and credit-card companies mine relentlessly for consumer data on where you spend your money and how much more you have to spend, and any and all of that is available to the Feds on demand.


      1. I suppose low cost facial recognition equipment will make complying with the new requirements much easier. Or, the restaurateur can grab a sample of DNA from the drinking cups and dishes just as an extra measure of public safety.


  16. As is their wont, Russian kreakles wholeheartedly adopt all things American, including that North American aberration of “Hallowe’en”, which has little in common with the the ancient pagan traditions associated with that festival in the land of my birth — I mean, how can one wish another “‘Happy‘ Hallowe’en”?

    So here below you see a a frightful Hallowe’en image as created by a Russian kreakle:



    Stalker Zone
    October 31, 2020

    The State Duma has approved the changes to the security laws proposed by Vladimir Putin.

    So, from now on, the priority of the domestic code of laws over global ones is recognised – decisions that contradict it will not be implemented. The Federation Council was given the right to advise the government and even the president about the ministers of the siloviki bloc. The same procedure is present in the competition for the position of director of the FSB and director of the SVR.

    The law also contains a clause prohibiting members of the Security Council from having deposits and accounts in foreign banks. For people who hold these positions, it is permissible to keep savings only at home.

    Thus, the liberal bloc in the Security Council is also obliged to keep money in Russia. If for the “patriotic” circle this provision was one of the key ones, for the liberals it was controversial.

    In addition to the above, the document prohibits foreign citizenship for employees of the FSB, foreign intelligence and other law enforcement agencies. However, there is one exception – the ban on residence is valid if it does not involve solving the tasks of operational and official activities or intelligence activities, respectively.

    As a reminder, also on October 27th the law on the government was adopted. It strengthens the role of the Parliament, and members of the Cabinet are now approved in the State Duma (except for security forces and diplomats, who will be discussed by the Federation Council). In general, the new version should form an effective system of public power, according to Russian politicians. But members of the government who are not part of the siloviki bloc are also prohibited from having housing and accounts abroad.


    1. It will not stop anyone who is determined, or who believes virtuously that the Russian government wants to keep all Russian money in Russia so that it can steal more. But it will have the effect that when those people’s money in foreign accounts is discovered and frozen, (a) their lawbreaking will be exposed so that they can be punished in Russia, and (b) there will be no domestic sympathy for them.

      This would be a good time for Russia to unveil some promising domestic investment opportunities, so that it is still possible for Russian investors to make a few bucks without their money having to leave the country. When you introduce restrictions, you should always offer alternatives.


      1. Agreed. Russia has a lot of technology that would benefit from investment. The government ought to create tax incentives and investment funds to encourage such investments.


  18. Helmer:


    A freelance Australian-Ukrainian reporter named Demjin Doroschenko (lead image), employed by the Australian, British and US press to report from the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in July 2014, has been exposed this week as an agent of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU). Reporting to a figure he calls “my SBU handler”, he had been operating in the Donetsk area before and after the crash, and had been spying on groups fighting the Ukrainian regime in Kiev.


  19. UK to go into lockdown

    It’s now 6.45pm here in the UK and we have been waiting for Boris Johnson to appear and make a speech announcing the details of the lockdown.

    He was supposed to speak at 4pm today but didn’t appear.

    Not looking forward to another lockdown.

    Cases have risen and the hospitals are overwhelmed.


      1. I hope not – it’s clear all our clapping didn’t save the NHS – as it still can’t cope!

        I will be interested to see how this lockdown works – and for how long.


    1. I was going to set off this morning for the dacha for the weekend, my advanced years and instructions, therefore, from Moscow city authorities not to leave my flat up to and including November 29th notwithstanding, as the 3-week block on my social card that had prevented me from travelling free of charge had been lifted last Wednesday. However, late yesterday evening I received an SMS from, informing me that my free transport had been blocked yet again and for 1 month.


    2. Hospitals in the US were overwhelmed in spots but few in media are willing to link that fact with the stripping down of health services which, of course, is what for-profit health care providers like to do. Not one extra ICU bed would be provided beyond what is needed to meet the statistical average need for maximum profit.


    3. Let’s try this again. I composed a lengthy reply yesterday, but as often happens when a subject gets me going, I started pounding at the keys like I was playing an opus. Inevitably, I struck two simultaneously which opened an undesired function, some debugging program or something, which in turn shifted the program’s focus away from what I was typing, which was irretrievable. I was too discouraged to start over, and went to bed. So if you happen to see the comment being built, in subsequent edits, it’s because I send it when it’s only three words or so long, and then build on it. When you’re editing, at least it won’t let you leave without warning you.

      Hospitals overwhelmed? Are you sure? I mean, I know that if you google “Hospitals overwhelmed”, you will get pages and pages of hits – there has never been a disease outbreak like this one for media negativity and a tone that resistance is hopeless, that we are making no progress at all against an implacable enemy which must inevitably triumph.

      Strange, then, for the Center for Disease Control (CDC), which – one presumes – knows a thing or two about disease, to have released recent figures on the survivability of the novel coronavirus. Here they are, grouped by age;

      Ages 0-19, the survival rate is 99.997 percent
      Ages 20-49, the survival rate is 99.98 percent
      Ages 50-69, the survival rate is 99.5 percent
      Ages 70+, the survival rate is 94.6 percent

      As you can see, if you are between infancy and 49 years old, you would practically have to write ‘coronavirus’ on a bullet and then shoot yourself with it in order to be killed by coronavirus. As the article’s author succinctly puts it, COVID-19 is “not remotely as lethal as originally feared.” As the author also highlights, this has made no difference at all to the media, which is still pouring all its efforts into convincing you that restrictions are here for a long, long time and it is incumbent upon all citizens to do exactly as they are told, lest suspicion grow that you do not care about others and are one of those who deliberately imperils the lives of your fellow citizens.

      Why is that, do you think? I mean, is it possible that we know more about what is going on than our leaders? I think you would agree with me that such is most unlikely; they all receive daily briefings from medical and other technological specialists who do little else but watch the news about the progress of COVID, because that’s their job. Which leaves us at They Must Know. And which subsequently is funneling us toward an inescapable conclusion that they are moving ahead with more restrictive measures anyway. And lands us right back at my original question; why is that, do you think?

      Because sooner or later it must come out that in spite of all the furor and escalating terror of spiking ‘new cases’, the disease actually is not very dangerous to any but elderly and/or immunity-compromised citizens, or those suffering from co-morbities so severe that catching a cold might be enough to tip them over the edge. The very people, I feel constrained to point out, who are no longer part of the daily grind of economic activity which keeps business flowing and employers employing and employees putting food on the table without having to crawl to government for a handout. For some reason that still is not obvious to us, world governments have unerringly chosen the only weapon to fight an infectious airborne virus which has no chance of success – suppression.

      In my opinion, this will fail, The effort is obviously there to build momentum, to make the drive for hiding in place until a vaccine appears to Save Us All unstoppable, and portray the holdouts who won’t willingly wear a mask and subordinate individual will to The Greater Good as a grubby, crazed and shrinking minority. But eventually the truth must come out, although continued efforts to suppress the virus will certainly result in continued outbreaks and spiraling ‘cases’ every time it breaks into a cadre of non-immune victims, which will happen every time suppression efforts relax.

      What’s going to happen then? After the world economy is wrecked? They tell us it’s all about money, and Big Pharma wants to make a killing, but what use will paper dollars be then? What use to be a rich man with a bank account you could never make a dent in even if you fed money out the window into the wind as you were driving? If the means to make money and enable a thriving economy are gone, what use is money?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And considering that a significant, if not a majority of the Covid fatalities, would have been classified as something else if not for extraneous factors of a political and monetary nature. I do agree that Covid appears more infectious than flu but likely no more deadly and in fact may be less deadly than the flu. The few health professionals that I have had a chance to discuss this topic agreed that Covid is not particularly dangerous and the harsh government response is not justified.

        Trump, according to a recent article, may have made a strategic error in not going after the the core premises of the Covid paranoia.

        The problem with his approach is that while Trump is focused on wisecracks – however entertaining they can be – the Covid counter-narrative led by the usual suspects in the Washington establishment and their unelected (but often equally political) specialists and advisors, is one of doom and gloom. They bombard the public with cherry-picked figures – like the transition to a preference for advancing numbers of ‘cases’ over deaths – and capitalize on Trump’s more fatalistic approach to portray him as incompetent at best and a willfully negligent maniac at worst.


        1. The statistic I would be hammering on is that lockdowns have done no damage to COVID at all. None. Zero. It burbles along, a case or two at a time, but always still viable, and as soon as you tentatively emerge from lockdown with a vulnerable population in which a majority have not had it, POW!! the cases skyrocket, and panic sets in again.

          The working-age population is in no danger at all of being wiped out by COVID, and although lots of ephemeral extra dangers like ‘Long COVID’ are dangled for additional fright value, illness and death were always with us. We are simply being chivvied into a position where we will accept no deaths. Deaths mean we are ‘not safe’.


    1. Ha, ha!! Just the other day a guest editorial appeared in the local paper – it made me so angry, I determined to reply to it. Retired GP Chris Pengilly favoured readers with his logic train that leads him to be sure we should all wear masks, and I’m not going to bore you here with his ridiculous analogies to the Blitz and turning out your lights, as if we needed a nerd with a clipboard and a virology textbook to explain to us why a thousand pounds of high explosive falling on your street will cause extensive damage. No, it was his parallel attempt to invoke terror over the parlous state of American democracy that is germane here;

      “The elephant in the bed, however, is that one of the previously major powers of the globe is in effect ungoverned, and is disseminating chaos with ­destabilizing trade wars, preposterous undemocratic executive orders and outlandish Twitter broadcasts.

      People react to this in many ways which I think, in part, explains the anti-masker movements. I hear many explanations for this movement, none of which I feel are valid.”

      Got that? What the ‘anti-maskers’ think doesn’t matter at all. What matters are Chris Pengilly’s explanations, and he believes the anti-masker sentiment is tied to uncertainty over what will happen next door when King Cheeto is forcibly deposed by the blue tide of Biden righteousness. ‘Preposterous executive orders’ were never a problem when other US presidents were generating them, but now they just make people crazy.

      For the record, I still don’t think Sleepy Corrupt Joe is going to pull it off, and that the underlying purpose of portraying his victory as unstoppable is to generate uncontrollable fury when it is denied. But it doesn’t really matter very much whether Biden or Trump is the one lashed to the helm when the ship of state slides under. I think the arc of descent (a term I borrowed from Stephen King’s remarkable short story “Dolan’s Cadillac”) has steepened to the degree it cannot be arrested, never mind reversed.


      1. Per the network news “shows” this evening, the race is tightening up. Florida is leaning towards Trump which has been described as key to a Trump victory.

        It appears that, after months of news blitzes that Trump was badly trailing, the news pundits are now hedging their bets. Of course, the damage was already done to whatever damage was done by their premature announcements that Trump had little chance.

        The amount of early voting is quite high. I think early voting should not be permitted other than for legitimate reasons such as travel or health matters. The voter should have the opportunity for the campaigns to go to completion. For example, the Hunter Biden revelations could have had a much bigger impact if 1) the media did not suppress the story and 2) more voters had not already cast their ballots.


        1. The media is essentially owned and run by Democrats or Democrat sympathizers. It made me laugh to see Conrad – excuse me, “Lord’ – Black’s assessment that only Trump can ‘save’ America, because nobody can save America. It was even funnier to read that if America wanted to be led by a misogynist who insults and demeans women, it should elect Trump the womanizing pig, while ol’ Joe will just be a breath of fresh air. Ol’ Joe, as well as being creepy as all-get-out with his absent-minded fondling, has been known to grab ’em by the pussy when he just couldn’t help himself.

          No harm done, though; Nancy Pelosi describes herself as ‘comfortable with the situation’, and even one of his accusers rates him ‘not a bad guy’.

          “When asked how she reconciles voting for someone she believes assaulted her old friend, LaCasse explained, “Biden isn’t a bad guy. I think he’s an OK guy. He just has this — this just happened.”

          In fact, if there were any way to frame the incident so that Biden suffered some sort of blackout and managed to push a woman up against the wall and finger her without being able to remember anything at all about the incident, the Democrats would be willing to run it up the flagpole. I know – maybe he fell on her, like that wealthy Arab in the UK, and accidentally penetrated her!! Could happen, right?

          In fact, there is little doubt that it did happen, because Reade’s ex-husband testified it was mentioned in the records of their divorce proceedings, years ago.

          But Trump is a misogynist pig, while Biden is the kind of guy you would let babysit your daughter. Don’t get me wrong – Trump IS a misogynist pig. But Biden could be grunting and snuffling right alongside him at the same trough.


      2. That GP Pengilly really did offer up a series of banal and irrelevant arguments. But, his first contention, that the virus has devastated the world, is wrong. It is the reaction to the virus that is devastating. The mortality rate is low and the working age population is essentially unaffected. And, even as the number of infections increase, the death rate is falling. Heck, NYC was recording a higher daily death rate then the entire nation is now despite a much higher number of infection. I suppose this is due to much more testing and improved treatment methods. The long and short of it is the pandemic is waning in terms of its health impact. But, we are told that the winter will be bleak and awful. It very well may be but not because of Covid infections.


  20. Look at me! Look over here! Look at me!!!!

    Russian blog:

    Навальный подал иск в Европейский суд на Россию

    Navalny has filed a lawsuit with the European court against Russia

    Good day, my dear subscribers and guests of the channel. Lawyer Arseny Tokarev with you. As soon as everyone had begun to forget about the situation with Alexei Navalny, the oppositionist has again decided to remind you about himself. This time, he has stated that he had sent a complaint to the European Court against Russia. Let us figure it out.

    According to the published data, Navalny’s lawyers have drawn up a complaint and have already submitted it to the European Court of Human Rights. The reason for the appeal to this judicial authority was the refusal from the Russian Federation to initiate a criminal case on the fact of the politician’s poisoning.

    Alexey Navalny’s lawyers have explained this situation as follows:

    “The complaint was drawn up at the end of August, however amendments were asked to be made and this was successfully done. We are demanding that the European Court of Human Rights recognize that there has been a violation of Article 2 of the European Convention (in this case, the right to life) by the Russian Federation”, explained the lawyer.

    The law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, in turn, have stated that there were no reasons and grounds for initiating a criminal case. The political elite of the country adheres to the same position. According to Dmitry Peskov, Russian experts had not found any traces of toxic substances in Navalny’s analyses.

    The departmental head of the Omsk hospital has not stand aside: he believes that this situation is nothing more than a provocation and that Navalny could not have been poisoned by a poison of this group.

    “If this were really so, then the passengers on the aeroplane who were flying with him would have suffered along with him”, the doctor added.

    To date, a criminal case has not yet been initiated owing to la ack of grounds. This event has given cause to a serious resonance in Europe, so the European Court is likely to accept the complaint for consideration. I shall definitely inform you about further development in the situation. Subscribe so as to not miss out on any information.

    What do you think about Navalny’s appeal to the European Court?

    Thank you for your attention.

    For any legal questions help and advertising:


    1. I am even seeing blogs now posted by Navalnyite juveniles and kreakles, who are of the opinion that their idol is finished here and that he shall have to remain in the munificent and tolerant Vaterland in order to continue his noble task aimed at the overthrow of the Evil One and his regime.

      The screeching Sobol is in charge here now, I reckon and probably receives orders from Pevchikh.

      I wonder where she is now? Pevchikh, I mean. Swanning around in Moskva-na-Temse or lying low in Berlin with the full cognizance of the BND?


    2. He knows full well that the ECHR is so backed-up with claims and counter-claims that it is effectively paralyzed and it might be more than a year before his case even comes up. In the meantime he can rabbit on day after day about ‘his lawsuit against Putin’. Nice try, Lyosha. This ‘event’, too, will come to nothing.


      1. The ECHR will fast track his application and there are already moves to severly limit the cases accepted to those that fundamentally and clearly challenge basic European Rights.

        I think the real challenge for Navalny is that this is a court of law. It requires evidence. This ‘evidence’ that Germany claims to have has only been share with ‘reliable partners.’ In court it will have to be made public and thoroughly tested and not some wishy-washy media trial. That’s the risk. In such a case Navalny becomes more of an hinderance and embarassement to countries supporting him. He is forcing their hand. This works for Russia!


        1. I don’t see how the ECJ can do a Dutch MH17 JIT stitch up with a sh/ty defense and hiding so-called ‘evidence’ because of secrecy/whatever. Also Russia has already stated that its national law proceeds any ruling by the ECJ.


        2. I cannot imagine the ECHR would fast-track his application in any circumstances that work to his advantage. For example, they might move it up just to get it off the backlog, but they must know as you have alluded that it is not supported by any credible evidence such as is required in any court proceeding, and is just more Navalny grandstanding to keep his name fresh in the news cycle and increase his profile. It makes no sense to me from any point of view except Navalny grifting for a good living from and in the west, because he is not increasing his political faithful in the country he claims to want to lead. More Russians know who he is now, granted, but he still could not get elected village idiot, and his inflammatory statements might even be making it dangerous to publicly support him in Russia.

          It just looks to me like he is setting himself up as another holier-than-thou dissident in exile, to be cosseted and petitioned by the western political elite for his commentary and mined for reliable anti-Putinalia. In this manner he will perhaps become the Russia desk of some moneyed think-tank, enjoying a comfortable lifestyle in which he sells unverifiable opinion and dubious ‘facts’ from ‘life experience’ while having no marketable job skills and being basically a parasite on society. But he has a pretty low embarrassment threshold, if it is even measurable.


          1. Everything here is u-Rope is political if enough member states push for it at a high level. That, is the question. Apologies for writing ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) in place of ECJ (European Court of Justice). I should drink less and have more contorl over my fingers! 😉


  21. Today is All Hallows‘ Day or the Feast of All Saints, celebrations of which feast began at vespers yesterday, 31st October, on the eve of today’s feast, hence “All Hallows’ Eve”, or, in archaic English, “All Hallow’s Even” (E’en).

    Nothing to do with that “trick or treat” crap!

    My two girls spent most of yesterday afternoon making pumpkin lanterns and little cakes, which activity made me recall something else that I had forgotten about as regards the “Old Country” and which I miss, sort of.

    At this time of year — and they sometimes used to call Hallowe’en “Mischief Night” where I come from — we used to eat treacle toffee. And try as I might, I cannot find cans of Tate and Lyle’s treacle in Moscow, though I can buy molasses via the Internet— 5 litre containers of it.

    I suppose it is much the same thing.


  22. Here’s a rant from a Russian liberast that I have just come across in the Russian blogosphere and will certainly be grist to the resident troll’s mill:

    Half of Russians only have enough money for food and clothing.

    According to Rosstat data on assessing the financial situation of households, the share of families in which there is enough money for food and clothing, but who cannot afford to buy durable goods (refrigerator, sofa), has increased by 0.6 percentage points in the second quarter of 2019 – up to 49.4%.

    Another 14.1% of the Russian population only has enough money for food.

    In fact, in Russia, 63% of the population is poor, according to Rosstat.

    In Russia, they have proposed to cut spending on health care and education.

    The government will let the economy, education and medicine ” go under the knife” for the sake of financing the security forces.

    Russia has admitted lack of money for science.

    Almost a third of Russia’s budget is spent on security officials.”

    “The purchasing power of Russians has reached a ten-year low.

    Russia has 64th place in the world in terms of GDP per capita (this is even lower than the world average), 138th place in the world in terms of corruption perception index, 134th place in the world in terms of democracy, between Congo and Afghanistan, 103rd place in the world in terms of the average life expectancy of the population, between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the Russian economy stagnates for 12 years, that is, for 12 years, at least, Russia is degrading, lagging behind the outside world, the real incomes of the Russian population are falling for 7 years, according to even Rosstat.

    In Russia, the scheme of feudalism has been revived — a life-long reigning Tsar, especially important nobles close to him, followed by boyars, nobles, priests, oprichniks and, at the very bottom, ordinary slaves, deprived of political rights, deprived of the right to change federal power in Russia.

    By the end of 2020, the Russian Federation will take the 68th place in the world in terms of GDP per capita.

    And in another 5 years, the standard of living in Russia will be the same as in Turkmenistan.

    By 2025, Russia will have slid into the 8th dozen countries in terms of GDP per capita, according to IMF forecasts.

    The degradation of Russia, poverty and slavery of the people of Russia – these are the fruits of Putinism.

    To support his argument, links have provided by the liberast in his reply to this article:

    Власть либералов и деградация России

    A government of liberals and the degradation of Russia
    12 October

    I am sure that the liberal idea has won in the country. Because step by step these guys have get their way

    Our future is in their sights — school with ЕГЭ [Единый государственный экзамен: Unified State Exam, a series of exams that every student must pass when finishing school so as to enter higher education and similar to UK “A”-level exams or the German “Abitur” — ME] and culture with no censorship

    You can build good aircraft and high-quality nuclear weapons, but in the absence of political will, these are not a weapons, but heaps of scrap metal

    This is because America has delivered a simple and effective thing: the USA threw an idea into the heads of the Russians. What is the most powerful of weapons? Not guns, but ideas.

    Which ideas are actively being introduced into the consciousness of young people through the media, where the liberals rule.

    image from the Internet and freely available. Nemtsov can be deleted.

    The liberal idea is very popular with young people and rich people: with the rich because it allows them to assert the imperative of enrichment and the rights of a rich person, and with young people because they still are not in possession of a critical mind with which they may realize the pernicious nature of liberal ideas.

    Who in our country is the bearer of liberal ideas? These are not the liberals of note whom we glimpse on our TV screens, but those who sponsor and protect them.

    I am sure — this is my opinion, at least — that liberal ideas in our country are associated with Gref. [Herman Gref— besser gesagt: Hermann Gräf — politician and businessman, former Minister of Economics and Trade of Russia and CEO and chairman of the executive board of Sberbank, the largest Russian bank; a descendant of 18th century German immigrants to the Russian Empire, a “Volga German”, which people were deported to Kazakhstan when their erstwhile German kinsfolk invaded the USSR in 1941; a German speaker, partly educated in Germany and lover of German Kultur —ME]. It is he who positions himself as the main liberal with his statements that it is necessary to abolish mathematics in school.

    The restructuring of education is the prerogative of specialists in this field, and not of those such as Gref, who are financiers, but for some reason are being introduced into the field of education

    Liberals inveigle themselves into education so as to raise a generation of people who lack critical thinking

    The Americans cannot defeat us with weapons but are fully capable of doing so by means of their liberal ideas.

    And it will be quiet and pleasant defeat: 20,000 tanks will remain in their parks because the liberals in power will not give the command to repel aggression in time

    It is not clear to me why they, the liberals, are not dealt with at the highest level. It is clear that they do harm.

    The country can and is developing economically. but spiritually it is degrading. However, Russians have always won with the help of their Russian soul.

    But Russia is in their gunsights.

    The above translated rant from a liberal appears in the comments to the above translated blog, with links to verify his claims. However, the links direct mainly to lists of articles in the Russian liberal media:

    vesti. ru / article / 1305933
    lenta. ru / news / 2020/08/05 / resxodi /
    lenta. ru / news / 2020/08/31 / prosto_deneg_net /
    finanz. ru / novosti / aktsii / pravitelstvo-porezhet-raskhody-na-medicinu-i-uvelichit-do-rekorda-finansirovanie-silovikov-1029637015
    kommersant. ru / doc / 4466054

    [The liberast who posted the links in his reply to the blogger placed a space in the links, otherwise his posting would not have been accepted, nor would this posting of mine if it had the links correctly entered as it would at the very least go down the black review hole, probably never to return.]


  23. From the Russian blogosphere: another eulogy to the Bullshitter, apparently written, in my opinion, by a juvenile,:

    Я горжусь Навальным.

    I am proud of Navalny.

    At the very beginning of Putin’s rule, he seemed to me to be a reliable and strong leader who was ready to rebuff any enemy. But the years went by and people change, and my attitude towards the President of Russia has changed in the same way. Power has revealed the most important vices in him, such as greed and even more greed. Now he absolutely does not care about ordinary people: their fate is of no not interest to him.

    But over time, a simple politician began to appear on the political arena, who, with the correct arrogance, has shown how rotten the government in our country is. And of course you understand that this politician is Aleksei Navalny. I see in him the real leader of our country, who is ready, if not to make our country number one, then at least to raise it from its knees.

    Why is Navalny better than Putin, you ask me? Well, first of all, Russians sincerely support him. A large number of my friends of different ages talk about Navalny in a positive way.

    I no longer have a desire to visit the Internet, where Putin’s popularity is generally called into question. In every video message of the president, published on YouTube, there are a huge number of dislikes and negative comments that can be said about such a president.

    Secondly, of course., is the fact that Aleksei is open in many way about his plans. He talks openly about both his money and also about his family, showing how much he loves them. It is not possible to say that about Putin. Almost nothing is known about his children, and he has no wife at all.

    The first person of the country must show by example to citizens what a loving family is and how its members interact with one another other. After all, the state is really a big family, and if you cannot show how you get along with your family, then there is no way you can govern the state.

    And finally there is the credibility of his statements. When was the last time you believed the current president? He constantly tells us about defeated enemies, economic growth and other tales. In fact, there are no such things.

    Aleksei for his part speaks the truth, but sometimes it hurts to hear it, but that is how it is. Navalny loudly tells us all about what Vladimir Vladimirovich would never have shown on television, and even more so would not have been able to tell.

    That’s all, be sure to subscribe to the channel if you liked the article. Also, do not forget to give likes and write your opinion in the comments, I will try to answer the most interesting ones.

    Written by a schoolkid?

    And the pièce de résistance of the blog:

    What a heap of steaming festering PR shite!


    1. Yes, we may not like what Lyosha tells us about how far Russia has fallen, but at least he tells us the truth. It’s much more comforting to know you are the scum of the earth, just as long as you know, get what I’m saying? Who needs Putin, with his guarded positivity? What the fuck does he know – he doesn’t even have a wife!

      Just probing for weaknesses. It never stops, and it never will. Navalny the shyster and con-man, is actually the embodiment of wholesome family values. It would make a cat laugh.


  24. UK Daily Express:

    Russia plot: UK on alert as spy boat washes up on British coast – urgent hunt underway
    A SUSPECTED Russain [sic] spy vessel has been discovered off the British coast close to the UK’s Faslane nuclear submarine base amid fears Moscow has acquired the “acoustic signature” of Britain’s nuclear submarines

    >Vladimir Putin is challenging the NATO military alliance

    By creeping up to the NATO alliance eastern border states I suppose?

    What happened to “Independent Ukraine” (Banderastan)?

    Under Putin’s influence?

    And NATO state Turkey is now a Putin zone of influence?

    And the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation —under whose influence does that now fall?

    What a load of British “journalistic” bollocks!


    1. Putin’s spy boat was sent by Putin under direction by Putin so that Putin could listen to UK’s submarines. Is there anything in Russia that Putin does not personally run/own/control?

      And where are the photos of the Royal Navy capturing Putin’s solar powered stealth ship?

      If you would like to learn more about Russia’s (oops, Putin’s) Navy, check this out:


    1. Fisk described himself as a pacifist and never voted. He said that journalism must “challenge authority, all authority, especially so when governments and politicians take us to war”. He has quoted with approval Israeli journalist Amira Hass: “There is a misconception that journalists can be objective … What journalism is really about is to monitor power and the centres of power”. He spoke on “Lies, Misreporting, and Catastrophe in the Middle East” at the First Congregational Church of Berkeley on 22 September 2010, and stated, “I think it is the duty of a foreign correspondent to be neutral and unbiased on the side of those who suffer, whoever they may be”. He wrote at length on how much contemporary conflicts have their origins, in his view, in lines drawn on maps: “After the allied victory of 1918, at the end of my father’s war, the victors divided up the lands of their former enemies. In the space of just seventeen months, they created the borders of Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia and most of the Middle East. And I have spent my entire career—in Belfast and Sarajevo, in Beirut and Baghdad—watching the people within those borders burn”.

      Fisk also wrote extensively about the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and supported moves to persuade the Turkish Government to acknowledge the truth of what happened in it.Wiki

      I can never find out why he became an Irish citizen, though. He was born in Maidstone Kent.

      Not that there is anything wrong with becoming an Irish citizen: I have often toyed with the idea myself.


      1. Ireland is still neutral. Irish passport = neutrality. If I was stopped by gun toting whatsits, I’d rather show them an Irish passport… I guess this also fits in his views as posted above about being ‘neutral.’ He acted on his words. Not many do.


          1. I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree,
            And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made;
            Nine bean rows will I have there, a hive for the honey bee,
            And live alone in the bee-loud glade.

            And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes dropping slow,
            Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings;
            There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
            And evening full of the linnet’s wings.

            I will arise and go now, for always night and day
            I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
            While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
            I hear it in the deep heart’s core.

            “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” – W B Yeats

            A variation …


    2. I still remember when Robert Fisk, and a norweigian journalist told the world about the Sabra and Shatila massacre…

      Fisk and Odd Karsten Tveit were the first to report about the massacre that Israel and Aiel Sharon wanted to pretend never happened.

      Sabra & Shatila massacre of Palestinians-Eyewitness (Robert Fisk & Odd Karsten Tveit)

      witnesses talk about Sabra & Shatila massacre 1982


    Stalker Zone
    November 1, 2020
    Coronavirus in the US is breaking records for the number of infected and victims. What does the New York Times write about?

    Russian Provinces Hit by a Second Wave of Coronavirus
    Overall, Russia’s health care system is coping with a fall surge in cases, but bodies are piling up in overwhelmed regional hospitals and morgues.

    Outside a hospital morgue last week in Barnaul, Russia.Credit…Tolk Channel, via Reuters

    By Andrew E. Kramer
    Oct. 31, 2020

    MOSCOW — One video shows bodies in plastic bags stacked in the basement of a hospital in the Siberian city of Barnaul after a morgue overflowed.

    “Well, this is how it is,” said a voice on the video, one of dozens posted anonymously by desperate hospital workers amid a surge of Covid-19 cases in provincial Russian cities. “We’re overloaded.”

    During the spring, the pandemic struck Moscow particularly hard while mostly sparing provincial locations. But now infections are rising in several of Russia’s far-flung regions, and hospitals and morgues are overwhelmed.

    In his long tenure, President Vladimir V. Putin has centralized political power. But during the pandemic, he has delegated to regional authorities decisions on locking down businesses, shutting schools and taking other public health precautions.

    Stalker Zone:

    Yes, about Russia. And about Barnaul. Where, if not from the United States, can you see the problems of a city in the Russian outback with a population of 632,000 people: “Russian provinces hit by a second wave of coronavirus. Overall, the Russian health care system is coping, but bodies are piling up in overwhelmed regional hospitals and morgues” – well, at least it is coping and thank you for that. But that’s not the point now.

    Guess who’s to blame for the second wave? Well, Putin, of course! Because he delegated, you see, the wrong thing and the wrong place:

    “In his long tenure, President Vladimir V. Putin has centralized political power. But during the pandemic, he has delegated to regional authorities decisions on locking down businesses, shutting schools and taking other public health precautions. The stated purpose was to allow local officials to tailor their responses to local circumstances, though political analysts also noted that it allowed Mr. Putin to deflect blame for unpopular shutdowns, or bad outcomes. Either way, the result has become a patchwork of rules throughout the country that are often poorly observed”.

    Well, the most important thing is that everything is normal in the US. A couple more tweets from Trump and the pandemic in the US will stop, and after a dozen or so tweets – there will be a vaccine. It’s amazing how the Citadel of Democracy has shamed all the mossy stereotypes and anecdotes of the Soviet era about double standards of the media, the iron curtain, etc. This, my dear, is no longer propaganda or even information warfare – it is called “pissing in the ears”.

    From a comment to the above:


  26. Speaking of the façade of ‘democracy’ and the hidden rule by the ‘elite’, I thought readers might also be interested in the following:

    • The great falsehood of our time (Lie of Democracy) – Konstantin Pobedonostev

    From the book
    • “Reflections of a Russian statesman” (1898) by Konstantin Pobedonostev

    • Matthew Raphael Johnson discusses Konstantin Pobedonostsev

    and a relevant quote:
    “Democracy, as practised in Western Europe today, is the forerunner of Marxism. In fact, the latter would not be conceivable without the former. Democracy is the breeding ground in which the bacilli of the Marxist world pest can grow and spread.”


    1. I suppose there has always been an idea that the rich have too much, and got it too easy, an apprehension which probably starts in school where children of the struggling classes rub up against the children of the well-to-do, who never seem to lack for anything. I’m kind of conflicted there – I can’t recall ever having much objection to the company of those who were born into a good financial situation, because the origins of their money were always kind of shrouded; perhaps their parents worked hard for it, or invented something which they patented, or wrote a book or a hit song. There are a lot of ways of getting a leg up on the financial ladder without being born the son or daughter of a plunderer. I know a guy I occasionally work with who has a modest new car and his own condo in the city, although he’s only in his early twenties, because he saved for it, not going for a beer with the lads after work or even a movie until he had realized his goal. Nobody would ever dismiss him as a rich prick, although doubtless some envy his achievement. But parents everywhere go without by times so their children will not have to struggle – it’s sort of a parent’s life’s work.

      On the other hand, I loathe obscene wealth, such as Jeff Bezos controls; nobody needs that much money. And I’m not sure why, because Amazon certainly was a brilliant idea, and there must have been considerable risk that it would come to nothing and he would be just another failure who had an idea of what he could not convince anyone else was a moneymaker. Perhaps it’s not individual wealth that bothers me, but the kind of clout you get when you are a major employer and influencer, just because of your wealth. Now a large and ever-growing group owe you their loyalty regardless what they believe, because they need a job.

      It’s complicated, and I suppose I never understood socialism very well despite my efforts to explain it to myself or to get what yalensis was saying, for example. I once believed socialism meant you could not own anything as an individual, that all property was common, which is of course not the case. It is supposed to mean that the factors of production belong to the workers, which you would think would outlaw private enterprise – if someone thinks of a brilliant idea or invents something valuable, he/she must bring that idea to the state and they will finance it and the finished product will make money for everyone, or be of common benefit somehow. So Russia is not socialist, because there could not be any Khodorkovsky or Berezovsky in a system where nobody could get orders of magnitude richer than his neighbours, or own a whole company himself.

      In any case, a great deal of confusion prevails on what ‘democracy’ actually means – in a well-known example, Saakashvili once claimed the gentrification of Williamsburg, where he was living while he temporarily did not have a country, was ‘part of the democratic transformation’, leading some blogger (I think it might have been Mark Adomanis) to remark that to Saakasvili, ‘democracy’ meant ‘things I like’. At its core, democracy means the election, by some transparent means in which a majority is clearly achieved, of a representative who will conduct state business on behalf of his/her constituents, who are too busy with their daily lives to devote the kind of attention to policymaking and lawmaking that they require. But there is no reason a socialist entity cannot also be a democracy. By the same token, there is nothing about a democracy which protects its electorate from being deliberately misled and misinformed into supporting policymaking and lawmaking which will ultimately prove to their disadvantage or even disenfranchisement in favour of the wealthy. In fact, it happens more often than not.

      Therefore I would not agree that European western democracy, as practiced today, is the forerunner of Marxism. Or at least not without a modifier – European western democracy which is based upon voter manipulation via scandal and tattling puts in place the conditions of weariness, disillusionment and cynicism which make revolution appear attractive, and eventually inevitable.

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      1. The notion that Marxism or a Marxist-style society is the natural or logical outcome of European western democracy is one cooked up by those on the neoconservative side of politics, or those we would have called “right-wing” once upon a time. They seized on the work of the early 20th-century Italian Marxist writer Anton Gramsci who wrote that capitalist states maintain their power and control the economy by controlling culture and determining which cultural values are worthy and which are not, through their control of education, arts and the media; in other words, they use soft power as well as hard power. Gramsci came to the conclusion that workers, if they were to succeed in bringing about a socialist revolution, had to create and develop a culture of workers who were also thinkers and philosophers, who could develop a set of values and principles that would appeal to other workers and convince them to follow socialism. Socialism would fail if it focused narrowly on people’s economic interests without challenging the culture and the values associated with capitalism.

        Another set of people often blamed for so-called “cultural Marxism” is the Frankfurt School of intellectuals which was active in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. The people associated with this network left Germany during the 1930s and most of them fled to the US.

        It seems odd to say that Marxism should be the outcome of European western democracy in which (I presume) cradle-to-the-grave social democracy with free education, free healthcare and other benefits predominate, as in some of these European “enlightened” or “progressive” nations – most notoriously, Sweden – such a society developed along with a eugenics policy in the form of compulsory sterilisation, notions of racial hygiene and other aspects of fascism.

        The early 20th century was a period of industrial unrest in Sweden (I’ve read about a workers’ riot in Angermanland, an area north of Stockholm, in the early 1930s during which people were shot dead by police) and political parties there managed to dispel much of workers’ discontent by offering them concessions such as free education and other social welfare goodies as part of an unspoken social contract in which the public was also subjected to soft forms of repression through their communities.

        Maria Bjorkman and Sven Widmalm, “Selling eugenics: the case of Sweden”

        Over 40 years (1935 – 1975), about 63,000 people, most of whom were women, were sterilised in Sweden on the grounds of mental retardation (often defined poorly) or anti-social behaviour. The policy of sterilisation was defended by politicians during those decades on the basis that social welfare should only be for people who behave or for people who are “fit” to survive and reproduce.

        Dan Balz, “Sweden sterilised thousands of “useless” citizens for decades” (The Washington Post)

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        1. I should add that Gramsci probably had in mind an ideal in which workers themselves through seizing control of education and cultural institutions created their own intellectual and cultural leaders and a set of values emphasising perhaps inclusiveness and common interests. There is always the possibility that his work has been deliberately misinterpreted by both those parties opposed to Marxism and socialism, and those parties calling themselves “progressives” who presume to call themselves leaders of workers’ movements (as in those upper middle class types who join the Australian Labor Party or British Labour and take over their leadership) and focus on issues irrelevant or dangerous to class struggle: issues such as identity politics and obsessing over gender identification.

          The Frankfurt School of philosophers mixed Marxism with Freudian psychoanalysis to try to understand why socialist revolutionary movements failed in the early 20th century and more or less concluded that culture as it developed under both capitalism and Marxist-Leninism had failed workers. Some of these philosophers though had quite biased ideas of what constituted oppressive culture that (not surprisingly) matched their own dislikes. They seem to have taken for granted that whatever cultural expression developed in capitalist societies, was itself essentially capitalist and therefore oppressive – even if it had come from working class people themselves and was their response to oppression. You can see perhaps how the Frankfurt School might have set themselves up for ridicule and condemnation by their enemies – because they still presumed to know better than working people themselves what cultural exploitation was or was not.

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          1. Jen and Mark, thank you for your considered and obviously well-informed responses. In the interest of questioning and learning, I just offer a few additional links for the collective dossier. I am sure I will learn more from you both than vice versa. Cheers

            • Cultural Marxism – Social Chaos – John V, Asia Teacher

            • History of The Frankfurt School – Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism

            • From Marxism-Leninism To Cultural Marxism – Vladimir Moss

            • The Modern Social Liberal – John V, Asia Teacher


            1. It’s very easy to blame a group of mostly German Jewish philosophers and academics coming from a particular sub-culture in central Europe that thrived from the late 1800s to the early 1930s for the trends we see in society today. But many of the issues and problems mentioned by John V Asia in his articles, such as the problems of multicultural societies in western Europe, go back decades and are based in part on the relationships that European nations like Britain and France had with their colonies (in Germany, the problems stem from the nature of the “guest worker” arrangements that that country had with Turkey, leading to the problems of alienation of Turkish communities in Germany because the workers were expected to return to Turkey after years or even decades of employment in Germany) and the treatment meted out to immigrants by governments that wanted their labour but were not prepared to help them assimilate along with the resentment of the communities the migrants settled among because the low-wage migrants were being used to break the power of trade unions and their members. Recent waves of immigrants and refugees into western Europe are the result of wars initiated by the US and its western European allies (who obviously never heard of blowback) and one might also suspect these immigrants and refugees are also unwitting pawns in a move to create more chaos, instability and impoverishment of societies as a whole. The recent problems that France is having with Islamist extremists could be part of an excuse by the Macron govt to clamp down hard on public assemblies or any other meetings to intimidate the Yellow Vest movement.

              Other problems and issues blamed on “cultural Marxism” often turn out to have existed in Europe and North America for a very long time. The drug abuse issue and the types of drugs being used and abused sometimes (in the case of LSD and crack cocaine) turn out to have been seeded into communities by none other than the CIA (which also promoted abstract expressionist art in the 1950s to counter socialist realist art from the Soviet Union), and the use of drugs to degrade society has its precedent in the export of Indian-grown opium by the British to Manchu-ruled China in the 1800s, resulting in widespread opium addiction among the Chinese then. Dumbing down education has been consistent in those parts of the US that fought for the Confederacy in the US Civil War (1861 – 1865). These are just a few examples.

              The real issue here is who is behind an agenda to blame current social and economic ills on a small group of European scholars and intellectuals who cannot defend themselves and whose writing and other output on soft power, pointing out that what we take for granted in our society – our arts, music, the way we teach history – is often dictated by whoever won the last major wars, and done so in such a way that our cultural products reinforce the victors’ power, have been twisted into saying something different and more sinister than those scholars and intellectuals had intended. It is always worthwhile to be aware that what we consider “normal” might actually be dysfunctional and beneficial only to a small power elite, but to insinuate that the people saying this were out to overthrow society lock, stock and barrel to push an ideology benefiting them is another thing entirely. I see there is an anti-Semitic taint in blaming the Frankfurt School intellectuals for things they could not have foreseen.


  27. Well, well, well. France preaches ‘Freedom of speech’ but no if it feels insulted!

    I read a piece in on Saturday and it has now been pulled!

    Original posted elsewhere:

    France’s dangerous religion of secularism

    Farhad Khosrokhavar is studies director at EHHS, the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences, in Paris.

    PARIS — Another string of jihadist attacks has shaken France. The most recent, at a church in Nice, left three people dead, only two weeks after a teacher was beheaded on the outskirts of Paris after he displayed cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in his classroom.

    Why is France targeted, over and over again, by violent extremists? Germany, England, Italy and even Denmark — where cartoons of controversial Mohammed were first published — have not seen comparable violence.

    The reason is simple: France’s extreme form of secularism and its embrace of blasphemy, which has fueled radicalism among a marginalized minority….

    Sure, the piece can be considered provocative considering the aftermath and recent murders in France, but where it was orginally published URL: Note from the editor

    The Opinion article “France’s dangerous religion of secularism” published on Saturday has been withdrawn as it does not meet our editorial standards.

    Stephen Brown

    Editor in Chief, POLITICO Europe

    That’s hard to believe because France loves ‘Freedom of Speech.’ Conclusion? (the u-Ropean branch of the American was told to Take it down by the French state either directly or via its States side patrons. My bet is the latter. The canned text by the Editor with no other explanantion apart from the editorial checks and balances mysteriously failed is hard to believe in the extreme. It seems some gods are not to be questioned after all.

    Do. As. We. Say…

    Not. As. We. Do.

    Yours sincerely, the West (TM).


    1. My impression was that the focus on Islamist attacks on symbols of Catholicism and the symbolic nature of the attacks themselves (such as beheading victims, rather than gunning them down) are ultimately to panic and force a stampede of French Jews to Israel. After all, if the state cannot be seen to protect Roman Catholics in their places of worship – and Catholicism is still the major religion most people are born into in France, even if they move away from it later in life – then it certainly cannot protect people belonging to minority faiths. At the same time these attacks can be used to beat Muslim and other groups in France as scapegoats for everything wrong that happens in France, that should be sheeted home to Micron’s government.

      Farhad Khosrokhovar’s explanation on why extremist attacks seem more frequent in France than in other western European countries does not take into account the fact that one of the more recent attacks was carried out by someone of ethnic Chechen ancestry, and France has never had a colonial relationship with Chechens. FK’s use of German-Turkish relations founders on the fact that Germany used Turkish people among others as guest workers, and because guest workers were expected to stay temporarily in Germany, Berlin (or Bonn, in the case of the old West Germany) did very little to provide Turkish workers and their families with the services they needed to live long-term in the country, to assimilate into German society and to learn the German language. I suggest that FK is reading too much into the incidents in Paris, Nice and Lyons that reflects his own academic biases and preconceptions.


    2. “The reason is simple: France’s extreme form of secularism and its embrace of blasphemy, which has fueled radicalism among a marginalized minority….The reason is simple: France’s extreme form of secularism and its embrace of blasphemy, which has fueled radicalism among a marginalized minority….”

      It could be that. It could also be that France has the largest percentage of Muslims in the western world, comprising nearly 9% of the total population and some 5.7 million people. Additionally, France’s Muslim population is growing steadily more devout rather than less through assimilation, with more than a third claiming to observe the requirement to pray 5 times a day, steadily rising mosque attendance, a 10% rise in the observation of Ramadan between 1994 and 2008 and a corresponding decline in drinking alcohol, from 39% to 34%. These are old stats, as well, and I would not be surprised if the atmosphere is one in which mockery of Islam is even less tolerant than these figures suggest. Religion is a considerably more serious responsibility to some cultures, and not a matter for jokes. The thing is, people know this. They know that Islam is a serious faith which is not a matter for backslapping burlesque. But the French persist in their determination to mock everyone equally.


  28. Professor Robinson yesterday on RT:

    As US election looms, Russians have ceased to hope that anything good will come out of America, regardless of who is president
    2 Nov, 2020 13:13 / Updated 16 hours ago

    Smart-arse comment to above:

    3 hours ago

    On the other side of the coin, Americans are enjoying the benefits of the collapse of the ruble and Russian economy.

    Namely, cheap crude. Gasoline is currently selling for under $2.00 a gallon in the U.S. And, as the world transitions away from fossil fuels, Russia will sink even faster.

    With Russian bankruptcies up 68% over last year at this time, it’s starting to look like a repeat of 30 years ago. Nice work Putin, your such a brilliant dictator and economist.

    Such an increase in bankruptcies and stalling of economies as a result of the shamdemic not happening elsewhere, of course, not to mention the result of relentless sanctions imposed against Russia by the USA and the EU.

    The troll’s source was probably this:

    Russian Bankruptcy Cases Jump 70%
    April 7, 2020

    Bankruptcy filings in Russia shot up in the first three months of the year, as experts warn millions of Russians are set to fall behind on their loans and mortgages as the coronavirus crisis continues.

    The number of Russians filing for bankruptcy increased by 68% between January and March 2020, compared to the same period last year, new statistics have shown.

    Experts say the increase is not yet directly related to the economic fallout of the coronavirus, but rather a simplified procedure and higher awareness of bankruptcy as an option for the seriously indebted. Nevertheless, the National Bureau of Credit Histories estimate 1.1 million Russians could declare bankruptcy in the coming months as a result of the coronavirus crisis and a loosening of qualifying criteria.

    “The current crisis, in contrast to 2015, is caused by a number of factors — ruble volatility and the pandemic — which will objectively lead to increased risks of salaries being paid late or reduced. These are the main triggers of consumer bankruptcy,” lawyer Vladimir Yefremov of Arbitrage.Ru told news site RBC.

    The Russian government has introduced a six month moratorium on initiating bankruptcy proceedings for some categories of debtors as part of its limited package of measures to support the economy through the coronavirus crisis.

    In 2019, 69,000 Russians filed for bankruptcy — a 58% increase from the year before.

    [note: MT headline: 70%; MT body of text: 68%]

    to be continued because of too many links …


    1. Those clever Americans! You just cannot get the better of them, no matter how you try! One must admit, managing the collapse of the global oil sector was a stroke of American genius – now Americans are just sitting back, collecting welfare and enjoying cheap gas!! Ain’t it beautiful?

      As usual, the US government, sticks-in-the-mud that they are, remain dour to the end about such incredible luck. Or maybe there’s a misprint in the following headline:

      Rick Perry ‘Warns’ US Energy Sector on the Verge of Massive Collapse. Surely ‘warns’ is out of context, there? Probably they meant to put ‘Celebrates”, or ‘Cheers’.

      Entirely as an aside, it is easier not to mourn the damage that such a collapse does to such stupid people. Evolution being what it is – and it is not an ancient impulse, by no means – those who cannot see their own elimination approaching are actually meant to perish. If they go laughing and snickering about how they are putting the boots to someone else, so much the more lighthearted an experience for everyone.

      The article merely highlights what happens when you choose a fool for Energy Secretary. Rick “Molecules of Freedom” Perry thinks that the collapse of oil prices is “bad news for America’s energy producers”. Hello!!! Numbskull!! Anybody in there? It’s making the Russians bankrupt; didn’t you know?


  29. continued …

    But Meduza also reported on the same day when the above MT article, the following, using RBK as its source:

    Personal bankruptcies rise by 70 percent in Russia for procedural reasons, and the COVID-19 spike hasn’t even hit yet
    5:33 pm, April 7, 2020

    Between January and March of 2020, Russian courts acknowledged the bankruptcies of 22,400 citizens, including independent contractors. That figure represents a 68-percent increase over the same time period in 2019, RBC reported, citing statistics from the Unified Federal Registry of Bankruptcy Declarations (Fedresurs). In the whole of 2019, almost 69,000 Russians successfully declared bankruptcy.

    Fedresurs [Unified Federal register of legally significant information on the facts of activity of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and other economic entities — ME] head Alexey Yukhnin said this quarter’s spike in bankruptcies is due to better-developed court procedures and a broader awareness of the bankruptcy process among Russian citizens. However, he did not rule out the possibility of yet another future spike in bankruptcies due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact.

    Vladimir Yefremov, a partner in the law firm, said he expects a burst of bankruptcy applications due to the pandemic two to six months from now. Vladimir Zhuravchak, a partner at the firm Sotbi, predicted that bankruptcies will spike beginning in August. Statistics reflecting the effect of COVID-19 on Russian bankruptcies will only be available a year from now, however.

    [my stress]


    If we compare this data with the indicators of 2019, it will become clear that the number of applications filed has increased almost threefold.

    However, according to Trading Economics, the number of bankruptcies in Russia was actually in decline in the first quarter of 2020 when compared with the number of bankruptcies in the last quarter of 2019:

    Russia Bankruptcies2007-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | Historical | Chart | News

    Bankruptcies in Russia decreased to 2538 Companies in the first quarter of 2020 from 3145 Companies in the fourth quarter of 2019. source: Unified Federal Register of Information on Bankruptcy.

    It seems that something similar was happening at the same time in the USA too:

    United States Bankruptcies1980-2020 Data | 2021-2022 Forecast | Historical | Chart

    Bankruptcies in the United States decreased to 22391 Companies in the third quarter of 2020 from 22482 Companies in the second quarter of 2020. source: Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts;

    to be continued …


    1. continued …

      However, one should bear in mind that Soviet Russian state statistics are “notoriously unreliable”, which warning I recall being emblazoned on the very first page of a United States “authoritative” textbook on Soviet economics that I once had over 30 years ago.

      April 06, 2020

      On a personal note, I, as an Individual Entrepreneur (IP), as is the Bullshitter, have received three “subsidies” from the state treasury department each month since April inclusive in order to help me from going under.

      This is one of the results of new legislation introduced since the outbreak of the shamdemic.

      See: Moratorium on Bankruptcy Proceedings in Russia: First Months Results
      Published 29 May 2020

      See also: Долговой кризис в России: кто и как растит новую финансовую «болезнь»
      [English translation option on webpage top right]

      The debt crisis in Russia: a new financial “disease” — who has given rise to it and how?

      One contributor to the above says, on the one hand:

      A moratorium on bankruptcy does not save either the economy or business
      Vadim Reznichenko, the Head of Arbitration and Corporate Practice and Financial Markets at a.t.Legal, pointed out that the dynamics of personal and corporate bankruptcies is an indicator of the health of the economy of a country. However, the Russian government has adopted a moratorium on bankruptcy procedures, so there are fewer claims for insolvency. But it is impossible to judge the recovery of the economy by this criterion

      whilst on the other hand, others point out that:

      The measures taken by the Russian Government have saved the country from a serious debt crisis
      Yuri Kudryakov, the General Director of the financial marketplace “Unicom24”, believes that the situation in 2020 does not portend the emergence of a debt crisis. For example, in 2014-2015, every tenth loan was considered hopeless, every fifth loan went into delay, and the level of overdue debt for the year increased by 1.5 times. In 2020, although delinquency has increased in all segments, the growth rate is not a cause for concern, as it is within acceptable limits. Thanks to timely measures taken in terms of financial support from the Russian Government, when every second family faced a 20-80% decrease in income because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was possible to prevent a repeat of the situation in 2014-2015.

      Artem Deev, the Head of the Analytical Department at AMarkets, shares a similar opinion. The expert links the absence of a debt crisis primarily due to the small external debt in Russia. “A long-term crisis threatens those states that have purposefully accumulated a national debt. Russia is not one of them. As of July 1, the national debt of our country reached 14.8 trillion rubles, or 13 %, and the maximum figure set is 20% of GDP. Even if the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation implements a development program this year, which includes a net 4 trillion rubles of borrowings, the debt will grow only to 17 %,” Artem Deev said to DEBT.RF

      My stress!


      1. 20% of GDP!!!??? Pikers! As Usual, Russia is afraid to go where the brave tread boldly. The USA’s national debt is projected to be 136% of GDP b y the end of 2020, based on its performance thus far in the same year. As the author states, the World Bank considers 77% debt-to-GDP to be the ‘tipping point’, although that has gone back and forth a little over the years. But when you own the world’s reserve currency, baby, the free ride just never ends and you just keep sticking your hand out and saying ‘Lend me some more money”, with a forthright grin which lets the foreign monkeys know you really mean to pay it back, snicker, snicker. Nobody ever gets wise.


  30. Al-beeb s’Allah: Could Israeli-Arab peace deals spark an arms race?

    A sun-soaked White House lawn was the setting for US President Donald Trump’s “dawn of a new Middle East”, one which he said was happening “without blood in the sand”.

    The recent agreements to establish diplomatic and trade ties between Israel and three Arab states mark a historic shift in relations between old adversaries.

    But the “circle of peace”, as it is dubbed by Israel’s prime minister, has eclipsed big changes behind the scenes…

    …”To sell [Gulf states] top-of-the-line US aircraft is yet a further endorsement of their conduct. It carries over into a nod and a wink at their internal human rights abuses, which in the Saudi case are quite severe,” he says. ..

    …”They trust that the US will support them and send them weapons,” added Ms Almutawakel, who has briefed the UN Security Council on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. ..

    Plenty more at the link. Even the BBC publishes a decent piece every now and then.

    Those bits I’ve posted are key to me. They think that buying US weapons gives them immunity. Or should that be continued immunity from threats/sanctions/whatever? The same is true for buying British (who have to be more inventive with their twisted justifications) and the French (who are more than happy to sell weapons in most places).

    There’s only one truth here to remember and has ocurred over and over again. You are useful until you aren’t.


  31. Helmer on Kudrin:


    Alexei Kudrin, officially Russia’s state auditor, is the irrepressible successor to President Vladimir Putin upon whom the oligarchs, the western secret services and the London and New York financial press agree.

    Their dream team for regime change comprises Alexei Navalny as president; Kudrin as either Vice President or Prime Minister. According to the latest nationwide poll of political trust, Navalny is the trusted choice of between 2% and 4%, no better than he was polling three years ago. Last month, however, Kudrin, had fallen off the trust list altogether. A year ago, he managed to make it on to the distrust list, running just behind Navalny between 2% and 3%.

    It’s his insignificance that Kudrin has determined to do something about. So last week he issued a three-year macro-economic strategy for the country. As the Moscow financial press noticed, this is the first time the Accounting Chamber exceeded its official mandate, challenging both the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank.


    When is he going to get the boot, I wonder?


    1. Putin enjoys playing games with the west, sometimes heightening the mockery by ostentatious protests that no matter how Russia tries to do what the west says it wants, it remains bitchy and unsatisfied. Kudrin was sidetracked into a dead-end job which nonetheless implied the gravitas of national finance, and by and large he has done it well. But I hope Putin would never get so carried away that he would make Kudrin Prime Minister, or put him anywhere within striking distance of the presidency. He couldn’t get voted in because his groveling to the west makes him unelectable, but if he was anywhere that he could assume a leadership role if something happened to Putin, then it would provide a very strong temptation for something to happen to Putin.


    1. На первых двух открывшихся участках в США победили и Байден, и Трамп

      Both Biden and Trump have won in the first two US polling stations that were opened

      At the first two polling stations, voting in the US presidential election has ended. This was reported by the CNN TV channel.

      The first site in the New Hampshire settlement of Dixville Notch, bordering Canada, was won by Democratic candidate Joseph Biden. All five voters voted for him there. Their votes were counted immediately after the last ballot was submitted.

      According to tradition, residents of the town start voting a few hours before the rest of the voters in the country at midnight (08:00 Moscow time).

      The residents of the neighbouring township of Millsfield have also voted. Millsfield is also located in the state of New Hampshire, about 20 km south of Dixville Notch. There, 16 voters voted for the current US President, Republican Donald Trump, and five for Joe Biden.

      At the same time, despite their having the right to vote first, the opinion of the New Hampshire residents rarely becomes prophetic in a presidential election. When the residents of Dixville Notch voted first in 1960, they chose Republican candidate Richard Nixon, but his rival John F. Kennedy became president. 56 years later, the majority of voters in the settlement (6) voted for the Democratic representative Hillary Clinton, but she lost the election and Donald Trump became president, who was supported by two in Dixville Notch.


  32. But it’s in Europe!

    The queue to the fluorography room in the Zhytomyr polyclinic. People come here for several days in order to have a simple x-ray.

    Zhytomyr is a city in the north of the western half of the Ukraine. It is the administrative centre of Zhytomyr Province, as well as the administrative centre of the surrounding Zhytomyr Region.




    1. As a matter of fact, the Ukrainian polyclinic corridor pictured above looks identical to any corridor in our local polyclinic, situated right next door to our block, both buildings clearly having been built to Soviet standard design.

      However, I should add that I have not been in our polyclinic these past 6 months, as it has been totally gutted and is now undergoing major reconstruction. It is due for completion next month. That is why I was sent to another polyclinic when I took bad with the dread disease a couple of months ago. In that other polyclinic, I was given a CT scan by a state-of-the-art machine.

      Furthermore, when I was last in our local polyclinic, there was an electronic talon issuing system and monitors everywhere displaying patients’ talon numbers. I was dealt with very quickly by means of this system.

      It is the same at the local children’s polyclinic: I was in and out of there very quickly when last there with my younger daughter, having only had to wait in a corridor similar to the one shown above for about 10 minutes..


  33. Euractiv mit Neuters: Back me or put IMF loans at risk, Ukraine’s president warns

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy warned on Monday (2 November) that foreign aid loans and a visa-free deal with the European Union were under threat if parliament did not restore anti-corruption reforms, saying the country could slide into “bloody chaos”.

    Zelenskiy has asked parliament to vote to dissolve the Constitutional Court and reinstate anti-corruption laws it struck down last week, but the outcome of the vote is uncertain….

    …Opposition parties say they will vote against Zelenskiy’s legislation, which former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko described as a “coup d’état” designed to concentrate more power in his hands…

    I have a better headline: Back me, sack me or crack me says Ukraine’s president.

    Yoooliagan is still around then. I suppose what she means is power concentrated in somebody else’s hands and not hers…


    1. It’s actually pretty funny that Zelensky ran on a platform of being his own man and totally different from Poroshenko in order to get Ukraine on its feet, and now is affirming his own slavery to Washington’s institutions as if it were an asset.


  34. Euractiv mit Neuters: UN says Nagorno-Karabakh attacks could be war crimes

    Artillery strikes on civilians in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict could amount to war crimes, the UN human rights chief said on Monday (2 November), reiterating a call for Azerbaijan and Armenia to halt attacks on towns, schools and hospitals in the mountain enclave.

    …UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet said indiscriminate attacks in populated areas in and around the conflict zone contravened international humanitarian law…

    Blah blah blah. No one is listening and she’s a bit late to the party.

    The West and the u-Ropean Parliament don’t care. They love Aliev. The Dictator. He’s and exception. Along with all the others (Gulfies etc.).


  35. Euractiv: Poland fights uphill battle over Nord Stream 2

    Warsaw’s objections regarding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are not linked with the energy security imperative or energy market distortions. It is actually unclear how the launch of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline could negatively affect Poland’s energy market, writes Danila Bochkarev.

    Danila Bochkarev is a Senior Fellow, EastWest Institute. The opinions expressed solely reflect the views of the author, not of his organisation

    ….Warsaw seems to use a different approach to its’ domestic energy market, apparently supporting its’ energy champions often at the expense of competition and the consumer benefits.

    Part of the problem is home-made as the national gas market in Poland remains partly shielded from competition and restricted to the new entrants due to the strict storage regulations amended in 2016…

    I always have time for Danila Bochkarev which I have posted before. All good and obvious points so it is good to see it published.


  36. The PO household has delivered three (3) votes for President Trump. A fourth vote was disallowed over a technicality!

    Will watch Fox News for election night coverage. Carlson should have good commentary.


  37. Russian blog:

    What is the secret of Navalny’s popularity? Who are his fans
    8 October

    Almost every day in the news now there are slipped in such words as: “Navalny”, “poisoning” and “Novichok”. Before that, not many people had heard about Navalny.

    For some of our youth, Navalny is a hero, because “he wants the best for the country”, “he is against Putin”. This is the opinion of people who do not know the history of their homeland, watch the notorious Dozhd TV channel, listen to the odious Echo of Moscow radio, think superficially, and do not read much serious literature.

    Only it is unclear what exactly Navalny actually wants for Russia We know what he is up against: anything bad. (And who in their right mind is in favour? Strange would be the politician who claimed otherwise!) But what is the ultimate goal of his activities? “Bring down” Putin and “United Russia”. All right — and then?! Then there is silence, as the classic phrase goes.

    Why do young people support Navalny? Because they have no opinion yet . Emotions are not opinions. And where would their opinions come from with so little experience of life and so little knowledge of social mechanisms and so on? But Navalny is being talked about by friends and classmates who do not leave social networks. Navalny is something new, interesting, he has even watched “Harry Potter”.

    “Harry Potter” is fun! No bullshit!

    I studied at an institute with a lad who did not know who Lenin was, who the “Reds” and the “Whites” were. He was expelled a year later. And another university, thanks to the efforts of his wealthy parents, sent him on an exchange to the United States.

    Now he is actively speaking up for Navalny on his Instagram, criticizing Lukashenko and condemning Putin. I should like to say to him: “Yes, you haven’t read any books; you’re stupid as a felt boot, but you undertake to reason with an intelligent air about what you don’t understand”.

    Of course, every country has its own problems. And Putin is also far from being an ideal president (Are there any ideal ones? Name at least one!) But we must give him his due: he did not let his country fall apart in the most difficult years. And at least we don’t have same-sex marriages.

    Everyone knows that Navalny receives money from abroad. In his last interview with Dyd, he also admitted that he was also in the pay of the billionaire Zimin. A corruptor fighting corruption ?! He and his wife studied in the United States for some time. Does anyone really believe that his to date three legal briefs are still feeding his family?

    Yes, we have problems with pensions. Yes, they steal from us, but at least it is our own people who are stealing from us. What would happen if Navalny came to power?

    He’s just a pawn being told what to do. Thanks to the United States, our country would finally collapse: everything would be sold off and sold off again.. What would there be left for our children?

    Why did such a scandal with the “departure” of Navalny blow up?

    Who is he? And could this be related to Nord Stream? After all, it is unprofitable for the USA if gas is supplied from Russia. It is cheaper for Germany to take gas from us, but the construction is not over yet. And the authorities of that country are postponing the introduction of sanctions against Russia as much as possible until the construction of the gas pipeline is completed.

    Navalny after doing 50 days in nick

    All this really amazes me! So whom do you young folk believe? Is he a traitor to his Motherland? Do other countries really want what is good for Russia by “helping” in this way?

    Young people do not know any other way of life and It seems to them that it is better abroad.
    And under Putin, life is generally so awful, yet almost everyone has an iPhone. Did you young people live in the ’90s then?

    So if you really want life in Russia to be better, then do not think like a flock of sheep. And have your point of view and be able to think critically. At least learn history properly, and do not repost other people’s thoughts. After all, people like you are easy to manage, to summon to rallies. And you will be sure that you are doing good for the country, you want better. Such naive youth are easily used by our enemies as cannon fodder. After all, they are far from giving a damn about human lives. They themselves would poison Navalny without any qualms whatsoever..


    1. The lower graph is erroneous – the 51.2% red bar should be shorter than the blue 47.8% bar, as shown on the TV screen, so that the clods in the American electorate will still believe that despite the numbers, Biden is winning.


  38. And there’s more of the same!

    Opinion pollsters have once again proved badly wrong in the US Presidential election, four years after Hillary Clinton was widely predicted to win and lost.

    Polls held just before election day this time around gave Biden an average lead of ten points nationally, and narrower leads in swing states, which all-but evaporated on the day itself.

    Nationally, Biden was predicted to lead Trump by 52 per cent to 42 per cent, according to polls. In fact, Biden has taken around 50 per cent while Trump has taken 48 per cent, with many ballots still left to be counted.

    Among the most inaccurate state polls were an ABC-Washington Post poll that gave Biden a 17-point lead in Wisconsin, a state where he is now tied with Trump with 49.3 per cent of the vote to 49 per cent.

    Meanwhile a Quinnipac poll gave Biden a five point lead over Trump in Florida and four point lead in Ohio. In the end, Trump won both – by three and eight points, respectively.

    As happened in 2016, Donald Trump appears to have been helped by ‘shy’ voters who turned out on election day but were not willing to admit who they were voting for ahead of time.

    Many experts and Trump supporters blamed the polling error on an increasing unwillingness of the public to declare their support for conservative candidates.

    Steve Hilton, Fox election analyst, said: ‘It’s been this relentless barrage of hatred toward President Trump and the complete assumption Biden was going to walk it.

    ‘Because of the incredible degree of hate that’s been directed to President Trump and his supporters by nearly all the media, you’ve got this situation… where people didn’t necessarily want to admit to pollsters who they were supporting because it was socially embarrassing to do so.

    So much for the polls . . .

    • Pre-election polls had Biden leading Trump by an average of ten points, and smaller margins in swing states
    • But those leads largely evaporated on the night itself, with the outcome hinging on very narrow margins
    •Pollsters had warned ahead of time that ‘shy’ Trump voters were staying quiet for fear of being abused
    •Steve Hilton, Fox election analyst, said a ‘barrage of abuse’ directed at Trump voters was keeping them quiet


    1. Creepy degenerate senile Joe Biden was predicted to lead Orange Man moron Donald Trump by ten points nationally by 52 per cent to 42 per cent, according to an average of late polls, but in fact leads by just 50 per cent to 48 per cent, with counting still ongoing.


        1. Whatever happens confidence in the process has gone.

          What a shambles
          I suspect it will drag on

          Here in the UK they cover the USA elections as extensively as our own elections.

          They have all night programmes and we even had programmes during the week on various channels.

          We were in the EU for 40 years and it never received in-depth coverage like USA elections.


      1. It is ever thus in the land where media which owes its loyalty to Democrats resides. Mirroring the staged fall of Tripoli, Democratic media sing a siren song of unstoppable victory in the belief that it will become reality. You just give ol’ Joe a couple points here and there, what’s the harm? And the early reporting covers almost exclusively the reliably democratic states like New England – it gives the illusion of a cresting blue wave that will sweep all the filth into the sea. Those who have yet to vote see the blue wave towering over them, and say “Uh, oh – better be on the side of the winnah!”. Or so goeth the theory.


  39. Elsewhere someone wrote:

    • “No “revolution” in recent history hasn’t [that’s has NOT] been orchestrated by “big money” and ego-maniacal dupes installing anarchy as a prelude to despotism and tyranny. Funny that the result of moral and intellectual anarchy is always political tyranny.”

    Democracy and revolutions have a lot in common …

    **“DEMOCRACY**: it is controlled by capitalist ownership and control of the media, grants from tax-free foundations and favoured press coverage for favoured political candidates. Wide franchise to vote is given to the people to make them easier to control by making them think that “the people” are responsible for the inevitable distortions and negative consequences of the policies the super-rich mattoids impose in order to serve their selfish interests. Democracy separates authority from responsibility, this making it virtually impossible for the voters to reform the system. Those in authority (the mattoids) have no responsibility. Those responsible (the politicians) have no authority except that which is lent to them by their controllers.“


    W. A. Carto. May 20, 2003 in “Populism vs Plutocracy: The Universal Struggle” and cited in ”Publisher’s Note” in “The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy” by Matthew Raphael Johnson (first published 2003 – Third Edition 2010)

    (which I have almost finished reading – it gets much better – and I highly commend the body of work by the very scholarly and erudite Matthew Raphael Johnson)


    1. Johnson makes the following list of the consequences of ‘Democracy’ and our ‘liberalised’ culture: (some omitted for brevity)

      • Semi-literate “college graduates”,
      • A flurry of meaningless low wage service jobs,
      • Destroyed or corrupt labour unions,
      • Destroyed and broke family farmers.
      • Unspeakably concentrated wealth,
      • A media monopoly based around a handful of major families,
      • Debased art,
      • A laughably inferior public education system,
      • Mindless pop music,
      • Endless deaths and murders on mainstream prime time television,
      • Falling wages,
      • Massive increases in bankruptcies and private debt,
      • A violent and immoral foreign policy that has for no good reason except instruction from an alien state just destroyed 5000 years of culture in Iraq,
      • A horrifying divorce rate,
      • Suicides in the tens of thousands yearly,
      • Increasing social and economic dropouts,
      • Gang warfare in the cities,
      • Massive indulgence in both legal and illegal drugs,
      • Ethnic strife,
      • Constant and media-driven racial violence,
      • Increase in road rage incidents,
      • Acts of violence in the workplace,
      • Overstuffed prisons,
      • An unapproachable and often incompetent academic elite,

      Comment: Based on what we are now witnessing, Democracy is “going through the motions of ‘electing’ preselected individuals into political office who then make decisions and take actions that the majority who voted them into office did not vote for.”


        Stalker Zone
        November 4, 2020

        Everything that happens in the US presidential election should be carefully documented for one simple reason. Already in 2021, in Russia, at the State Duma election and then at the presidential election in 2024, all those people who are now tolerantly covering their eyes to what is happening in the Citadel of Democracy will start talking about the illegitimacy of the election, violations, stuffing, etc. Echoing them in unison, the western media will helpfully draw pictures of the oppression of rights and freedoms, citing the example of you know what country. And at this point, the collected facts will be very useful. Because in comparison with the American elections, even a shell game is a win-win situation.


  40. It looks like the Democrats and Republicans can agree on only two things:

    1) Our political system is broken.
    2) We need to sanction, destabilize, and invade any countries that have a different system.


  41. I have a totally off-the-wall question. Yesterday I was watching a football game. It was a team, Shahtar Donetsk, playing Mönchengladbach. Shahtar lost 6-nil, Is this the Donetsk in Novorossiya?

    I thought there was a civil war going on there. How’s the team managed to get into Germany? Through Russia? Russian passports for those who need passports?


    1. Football Club Shakhtar Donetsk was forced to move temporarily from Donetsk to Lvov. It plays matches in Lvov and in Kharkov whilst having its office headquarters and training facilities in Kiev. As an anti-war protest, the players of Shakhtar refused to wear the “Glory to the Ukrainian Army” shirts.



    American Presidents

    Brilliant commentary on the US election from Craig Murray

    This is spot on:

    “……….With Biden we will return to business as usual, and that means war and invasions. Under Trump we have had no new wars started, even if he continued old ones with little control. Without Trump, I have not the tiniest doubt that Syria would have been bombed back to the Stone Age, exactly like Libya, and millions more people would have been killed. Irrespective of the undoubted damage Trump has caused inside the United States across many fronts, Hillary would have killed a lot more people. Just not Americans.
    I pause to note that the terrorist in Vienna had attempted to go as a jihadist to Syria and fight against Assad. If he had not been prevented from doing that, he would have been financed by the Saudis, fed and clothed by the Turks, armed by the CIA, trained by the SAS and given air support by the Israelis. He might even have got to be a TV star posing in a White Helmet, or employment artfully placing chlorine bottles on beds for pictures by Bellingcat. Unfortunately, having been prevented from joining the western sponsored insurgency, he ended up killing Austrians instead of Syrians and now is a “terrorist”, whereas jihadist killers of Syrians are “heroes”. A strange world. The Manchester Arena bomber was of course physically brought in to the UK by the British military after fighting for “our side” in Libya. You do indeed reap what you sow. “

    Victoria Nuland and all the neo-cons will be back.

    Wonder if Biden and his son will visit Ukraine. Visit their colonial project.


  43. Russia’s Defense Ministry will get first serial Su-57 fifth-generation fighter in December

    ..”The Defense Ministry will get the first serial-produced Su-57 with the operational first-stage engine on the single military output day in December this year and four more such planes in 2021,” the source said.

    The new fighter’s delivery rate will eventually grow to 15 aircraft a year, the source said.

    “As a result, the contract signed in 2019 on 76 Su-57s through 2028 will definitely be fulfilled on time,” the source stressed.

    The deliveries of Su-57 fighters with the second-stage engine are set to begin in 2022, the source said.

    Looking forward to the izdeliye 30 engine that is supposed to be the standard fit.


  44. Sky Spurts: Mamadou Sakho: WADA apologises to former Liverpool defender over wrongful drugs ban

    Mamadou Sakho served a 30-day provisional suspension in 2016, which saw him miss the opportunity to play for Liverpool in the Europa League final; “WADA regrets the damage the defamatory allegations caused to Mr Sakho’s reputation and the distress, hurt and embarrassment caused to him”

    …”WADA accepts that it should not have made the defamatory allegations it did in the First Press Statement and the Second Press Statement given that Mr Sakho had been acquitted by UEFA.

    “WADA accepts that Mr Sakho did not breach the UEFA Anti-Doping Regulations, did not cheat, had no intention of gaining any advantage, and acted in good faith.

    “WADA regrets the damage the defamatory allegations caused to Mr Sakho’s reputation and the distress, hurt and embarrassment caused to him. To indicate the sincerity of this apology, WADA has agreed with its insurers to pay Mr Sakho a substantial sum of damages. WADA has also agreed to bear Mr Sakho’s reasonable costs.”…

    Well wadda you know?

    Any apology for all those Russian olympic atheletes who were accused and sanctioned by WADA but overturned on appeal at the Court of Arbitrtion for Sport (CAS). No. Big trial over upholding WADA’s ban on Russia taking part and hosting olympic events:

    Russia starts legal battle against 4-year WADA doping ban at CAS

    Russia will attempt to overturn its four-year ban from international sports this week in the latest chapter of a long-running and controversial saga over state-sanctioned doping…

    …Russia will attempt to overturn its four-year ban from international sports this week in the latest chapter of a long-running and controversial saga over state-sanctioned doping…

    Any chance Rodchenko will be testifying? No.

    More detail here:

    CAS decision on WADA/RUSADA should be expected in late November – sources

    Mass media banned from WADA’s dispute with Russia in Swiss-based CAS next month


    1. I’m hoping that the Olympics will be gone forever. They were always extremely boring, and now they are shrill and political. It would serve them right.


    2. I’m sure the fix is still in, but it will prove a diverting exercise in self-righteousness for WADA. They don’t have to prove anything, and apologies are reserved for people they respect. Russia is a cheater because they say it is.


  45. Оппозиционеры и либералы России в лицах

    Russian oppositionist and liberal faces
    8 October

    I don’t know about you, but it’s immediately clear to me when looking at a person’s face, whether I have an oppositionist in front of me. They differ from everyone else somehow. So someone appears on a talk show, and I look and think that he is definitely an oppositionist or a liberal, and he starts to talk and I was right — he is one. However, I’m not going to talk about this now, but about those citizens of the Russian Federation who are considered to be oppositionists and liberals and who actively participate in society. Let us take a look at their “kind” faces.

    The opposition is not united — that is a fact. Each one of them has his own views. The only thing they can agree on is that Putin must go. But as for who shall reign after him, here they are already starting to pull the blanket over themselves, looking for warm places to hide.

    Let’s start with the “harmful opposition”, as I call Navalny’s associates. Why harmful? It’s just that they only harm Russia and do nothing for the good of the country.

    In first place, of course, is the idol of schoolchildren, the superman who is not even taken out by “Novichok”. Navalny suffers from megalomania. Why is this so? Well, he recently said that Putin had personally given the order to poison him. He has a very high opinion of himself. Naturally, these words were sounded off without any proof. However, he is no stranger to spouting off such nonsense which all his supporters believe.

    The “harmful opposition” also includes Lyubov Sobol, Navalny’s comrade-in-arms, that very “beauty blogger” and lover of telling children such bedtime stories which they willingly believe. And do you remember her English? Oh, my God! And she used to say that she knows several languages well, including English. Oh, Lyuba, Lyuba!


    Leonid Volkov also often appears with the opposition crowd. However, he is far from Navalny and Sobol, but nevertheless, he writes some things in the same spirit as do they: Putin must leave, the authorities need sanity, the regime is tired and all that. But as for me, this “harmful opposition” is so tired. They don’t do anything good for the country, they just sit around and talk all kinds of crap.

    Now about the media oppositionists and liberals who often appear on various talk shows on television. I must say right away that in my opinion they are so nonsensical that they become really funny. That is why I sometimes turn on not a comedy movie, but a show in which they participate.

    Leonid Gozman is a frequent participant in various shows on federal channels. His position is a simple one — everything is bad under Putin. Whatever they say in favour of the current government, he will always object. He often speaks about the Ukraine and the situation in the Donbass. He agreed that the United States should provide the “Independent” [Ukraine] with lethal weapons. Naturally, he advocates the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine.

    Grigory Amnuel. In my opinion, he often carries such nonsense in his head that becomes disgusting even to listen to him. He criticizes the current government. By the way, I have noticed that he has an unhealthy opinion about the Great Patriotic War. Once he said that the heroine and true patriot Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya was mentally ill. On the issue of the Donbass, he supports Kiev and wants to give the Crimea to the Ukraine.

    I shall add Alexander Sytin to this list. Just like his colleagues, he opposes the current government. Known for scandalous statements about Russians. He called the death of the Russian military in Syria “good news”. How should one feel about such a person after his having said such a thing?

    I also want to write separately about Nikolai Platoshkin. Although not so long ago he was on the other side of the barricades with those about whom I have written above. He opposes the current government and is now in the same hole as is the opposition. In short, he is a defector. A person who changes shoes so quickly is not credible. One can change sides of course, but in my opinion, he ruined his career the moment he decided to take a different path.

    Such is the Russian opposition. Can these people be trusted with running the country? Of course not. Thank God there are many sane people in Russia who would not vote for the Russian opposition for anything in the world.

    See also: Navalny wants the West to impose sanctions against Putin’s entourage, but such sanctions may also affect ordinary Russians

    Dear reader, subscribe to my blog! Give your opinion on the publication. It is very important for me. To all subscribers who have given me a “like”, karma, health, and good luck in all things!!!


  46. Scroll to the charts that show the death rate and the new case rate. Select the “weekly” display to smooth out the data relative to the daily rate.

    The charts show a huge increase in the number of new cases and simultaneously a nearly flat death rate. Looking at September data, the death rate of those confirmed cases are around 1% to 2%. Adding in the uncounted millions of undiagnosed cases results in a death rate likely well below 1%.

    The early months of the pandemic, per the charts, looked grim. Is that an indication of a shabby health care system unable to respond to what should have been a manageable crisis? Note that after the country was partially opened up, the death rate actually continued to decrease even as cases increased. Trump was right in one regard for sure, the country was turning the corner on the pandemic based on the key metric of the fatality rate in diagnosed cases. Too bad he could not or would not articulate such a simple metric.


    1. Given that the general opinion is that we now have a much better handle on how to treat Covid-19, plus that a lot of the most vulnerable may have already succumbed to the disease, I am not terribly reassured that the death rate is more or less holding constant in the USA.

      We also have to ask if surviving Covid-19 is the only target. There are some case studies, at the very least, suggesting long term health effects on Covid-19 sufferers. Here is one rather speculative report

      Back in the 1950’s we learned how to keep serious polio victims alive. Iron lungs did not look like fun.

      As a personal anecdote, one of my professors was last seen wheeling an oxygen tank across campus do to a late (40 years?) recurrence of some polio symptoms. SARS-CoV-2 is a weird new virus and we still do not know its ramifications.


      1. Alas, lost my first lengthy reply. Here is a shorter version:
        – 59 million Americans are 65 and older. Your assertion that …a lot of the most vulnerable may have already succumbed to the disease. is without merit.
        – IIRC, the fatality rate of Covid-19 without comorbidity is under 10% of the the overall mortality rate of about 1.5%. Do’n the math that works out to 0.15%. The foregoing is based on likely overstated fatality rates as discussed in earlier postings.
        – peruse the following to gain an appreciation that the reaction to Covid-19 appears worse than the disease itself in my opinion:


  47. Another example of an appallingly inaccurate polling by the media:

    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a commanding lead over President Trump in Wisconsin in a new poll of the key battleground state released less than a week before Election Day.

    The ABC News-Washington Post poll found Biden supported by 57 percent of likely voters, far ahead of the president’s 40 percent. The former vice president has gained 5 percentage points since the last ABC News-Washington Post poll in mid-September, while the president lost 6 points.

    Often claimed, the reason for the gross polling failure was not shy Trump supporters embarrassed by their choice for president. Here are reasons why. First, If such were the case, the shy Trump supporter would not say they would vote for Biden. Rather, they would likely indicated that they were undecided. Second, has anyone actually met a shy Trump supporter? I have not.

    The polls were lies. Simple as that.


    1. Yes, as we have discussed before, virtually everything about the news in the west except for verifiable local news at the municipal level, and certainly everything to do with politics, is a push operation devised to shape your impression of current events. Pre-election coverage in the major Canadian dailies contained laughable comparisons which purported to deal even-handedly with the two presidential candidates; Joe Biden ‘might have difficulty implementing his ambitious agenda’, but on the other hand, Trump describes activists as ‘terrorists’ and espouses racist ideals. There you go, folks – vote for the guy whose only fault is that he dreams big, or vote for the racist criminal. Biden’s accessible voting record does not even come into it, where it should be a go-to – instead, people are prepared (or are being prepared) to believe he has morphed overnight into a Robin-Hood socialist who will take from the rich and give to the poor, who will wave his mighty hand and the oil rigs will go silent even as new grass springs up over their rusting carcasses. Give me a fucking break. Biden has always been just like every American politician in his interest in seeing America dominate the world by whatever means will achieve that goal most quickly and irreversibly, and his record demonstrates his support for the continued prevalence of a corporate oligarchy while his ethics are shadier than most.

      Once again, because it just seems necessary now to reinforce it at every mention, I am not a Trump supporter. I think he is mostly a ridiculous figure, and his vaunted business sense mostly an illusion – he knows how to drive home a deal that crushes his opponent, yes, but the world ain’t just real estate, and you don’t form partnerships that way although they are vital for trade. The USA will be feeling Trump’s bull-in-a-china-shop blunders for a generation, economically, even as the ridiculous notion that insular ‘Buy American’ rules can replace international trade persists as if it were a magic bullet.

      For me, the greatest disappointment of Trump is that the breakaway president was him. You’ll never know how much I wanted an Everyman from nowhere to succeed, and repudiate the repulsive practice of nurturing scions of political families from earliest childhood to grow up to be politicians. It was a one-off chance, and it was a crashing failure, just like it was in Ukraine with Zelensky. I’m for a regular guy or gal from a modest working-class background to be that inspirational leader that everyone admires, while his/her specialist department heads offer advice in their respective fields of endeavor. I don’t see any particular advantage to the president having come from a law background – God knows it doesn’t teach them there are some things you can’t do. Many American presidents have some military background, but it’s seldom one in which they were a rank-and-file soldier or sailor who learned the futility and destruction of war at first hand.


      1. Biden was morphered as needed for the Democrat message. He will be discarded like a used condom soon enough. Speaking of Democrats, that party has become an appendage of a deep state faction just as the media has become such. They were always beholden to the hidden elites but now the takeover is complete with dissenting voices silenced. The Republicans are another faction, apparently not as well wired as the Democrats and representing a losing faction.

        [sidebar: Watching Biden speak is disconcerting. He has a blank stare as he repeats a script displayed on a large teleprompter. His entire mental capacity is focused on that teleprompter. He is a text-to-speech robot.]

        I give Trump a little more credit. He thought he could drain the swamp. He had a portion of the Jewish lobby behind him and assumed that everyone would understand that we should make nice with Russia and North Korea. Perhaps he was motivated by visions of being hailed as the great peacemaker and certainly to one-up Obama in that regard He wanted to bring troops home (how naive) and rebuild the national infrastructure. As noted by many, he did not start a war which makes him atypical for a US president.

        Tucker Carlson believed that the Democrats were going for a knock-out blow. He is likely right:

        His arguments make sense. The Covid-19 response to break the economy, the demand for obedience, promoting entitlement over responsibility, the “balkanization” of the US population into quarreling identity groups were to facilitate a transition to a one-party system.

        It could be argued that we already had a one-party system with two puppet parties. However, Trump showed that such a system was unstable as it created a gathering place for the malcontents and the deplorables. This would be especially important if the future is expected to be bleak for the population. A new, one-party, system is needed and the Democrats were to provide cover. The Republican party would still exist in a highly diminished capacity to maintain the illusion of choice.


        1. I think ‘Deep State’ is a misnomer. I would prefer ‘Ossifed State.’ Presidents come and go. ‘The king is dead, long live the king’ and all that. It is incapable of meaningful (self) change.


          1. I would also add that if there was a ‘Deep State’ I would expect it to have some good level of competence. There’s no evidence for that. Sabotaging t-Rump’s election term with the Poison Pill ‘Russia Gate?’ No biggie. The US has decades of experience of stabotaging stuff. That’s the easy bit, but creating? Nope.

            You see that with their foreign policy where they have laid waste to tens of millions of lives and countries that are still f/ked. USA’s response is not even an ‘Oops!’ So in short, s/ting the bed is the very easy bit. Finding a launderette that will do the job? Forget it.

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  48. Российские либералы ликуют в предвкушении победы Байдена: “конец рублю, конец “потоку из Севера”, конец ценам на нефть!”

    Russian liberals jubilant in anticipation of a Biden victory: “The end of the ruble, the end of ‘Nord Stream’, the end of payments for oil!”
    5 November 2020

    After the situation in the United States presidential elections had begun to lean towards Biden, Russian liberals woke up. Moreover, they not only woke up, but also began to rejoice over this event. Well. they ought to have limited themselves to doing just that, but some of them then began to rejoice at Biden’s victory as a harbinger of future problems for Russia. And this has already made them doubly happy. In general, there is a category of the population in Russia that is guided by Lenin’s revolutionary slogan: “The worse, the better!”

    Liberal politician I. Yashin wrote on his Twitter:

    “Trump appears to be losing. Biden, who urged Putin to leave back in 2011 and uses his name as a curse, is going to be president”.

    And the well-known and popular tennis player E. Kafelnikov has outdone everyone by writing the following:

    “The end of the ‘Nord Stream’, the end of the ruble, the end of oil prices, and the end for 95% of my compatriots is coming!! Joe, I believe in you!”

    What joy it is for Kafelnikov, an Olympic tennis champion, namely that things will get worse for his compatriots! Honestly, such joy simply does not fit into my way of thinking : Why is Kafelnikov happy? It’s like hating your country, your Motherland, to write something like that.

    Liberals are even delighted with the massive appearance of “left” ballots in favour of Biden, which at the last moment has drastically changed the result in favour of Joe As M. Katz wrote:

    “Only here there is falsification: there the votes are real”.

    Of course, real votes! Who would doubt it? After all, America is a holy cow, there can be no machinations, especially amongst those idols of Russian liberals. Fraud, in their opinion, is possible only in Russia.

    Well, here’s another athlete, the well-known Russophobe G. Kasparov, who anticipates the strengthening of American sanctions against Russia:

    “In a few months, a situation will arise where any of the toughest of sanctions may pass through Congress and the Senate if the Biden administration is ready to step up confrontation. And this, it seems to me, given the current behaviour of Russia on the world stage, is more than likely …”

    What filth they are!


          1. Above gifs from this Russian blog:

            СПЯЩИЙ ДЖО

            SLEEPY JOE

            [literally in Russian”Sleeping Joe”, but no matter — ME]

            For months, people on both sides of the political spectrum have noted a huge mismatch between the campaign styles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

            Trump was energized, giving interviews, holding press conferences, and participating in a series of ever-increasing rallies across the country.

            Joe Biden, on the other hand, rarely left his basement, and when he did, he spoke to 10 or 15 carefully selected supporters / experts who had been trained as regards what they could say.

            Even naive Biden supporters noticed the difference and were worried. How can their candidate win if he has actually given up campaigning? We now know the answer. Biden didn’t actually campaign because he (or at least his handlers) knew there was already a result. They knew that the polls would give fake numbers to show Biden’s advantage of 10, 15, or even 17 percent nationwide and in all disputed states, despite the fact that he had more or less equal results or even lagged behind. The psychological and, therefore, political effect of this was to introduce an element of unreality into the entire campaign and impose on the public and experts, who were ready to be spoon-fed, the false idea of ​​effectiveness and, accordingly, of the prospects of the two candidates.

            The group that nominated Biden also knew that the media almost completely supported his candidacy. This was clear during the campaign, when the overwhelming majority of the media was simultaneously hostile to Trump and almost comically cautious towards Biden. Look at the conspiracy of silence over Hunter Biden’s laptop or the revelations of Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski. With the exception of a few dissident media outlets, there has been an unusual conspiracy of silence over these and other stories criticizing Biden’s behaviour. (Special thanks to the New York Post and Tucker Carlson for going against everyone and bringing these stories to the public.) That much of the media was betting on Biden was clear during the election itself. Fox News is known to have supported Biden. They refused to recognize Florida going to Trump for several hours after it had already become clear that he had won there. They then gave Arizona to Biden, although it was by no means clear that he had won there, and some voters were still queuing at the polling stations. Fox eventually withdrew its statement (sort of), but only after damaging the dynamics of the Trump vote. Two days after the election, Fox refuses to name Trump as winner in Alaska and other states, even though it is clear that he has won them.

            Finally, the forces that had rallied around Biden knew that all of the state bureaucracy (such as polling station officials and postal workers in disputed states) would be on Biden’s side and would be well trained in how to “draw” ballots or make them disappear as need be and how to rig the voting results. We can see it all playing out before our very eyes — or rather, we can see the outward manifestations of massive attempts to change the results of the vote for Donald Trump. Last time, in 2016, the establishment was not ready for Donald Trump. They were too sure of themselves, simply because they knew Trump could not win, that Hillary Clinton was a safe bet. Therefore, at the same time, they were not careful enough to cover their tracks, and were too lazy to prepare serious opposition to Trump on the ground in case he won. When he won, they screamed and stamped their slender legs. To protest Trump’s obscenity, they paraded around the National Mall wearing pink hats resembling female genitals. Less than 20 minutes after Trump’s inauguration, the Washington Post announced to its readers that an impeachment campaign had begun. But the fact remains that the establishment and its mouthpieces in the media were stunned. Back then, they believed that Trump’s victory was impossible. This time they knew it was not only possible, but very likely, and they prepared accordingly. Biden’s supporters, from Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol to Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace and Trump’s unsung ballot-slayers / Biden’s ballot-makers, were armed and ready for Trump to repeat the success of 2016. They were ready. But what surprised them was Donald Trump too. The situation is dangerous, but as I write this now, on Guy Fawkes Day 2020 A.D. [November 5th], I think the president will win. That is, legal ballots will be counted, illegal ones thrown away, and Donald Trump will become president for another four years. But be prepared. Victory won’t come without a fight.

            However, the above is my translation of a Russian translation of this article:

            Sleepy Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved

            I had to use a VPN to link to the above: it would not link directly here.

            When I first read the Russian translation of “Sleepy Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved”, I was sure the original article had been written by an Englishman (or “Brit” as some insist on saying). This seemed clear to me because of the reference to 5th November, albeit that I have never heard that day referred to as “Guy Fawkes Day: I always said “Bonfire Night”.

            However, I was mistaken. The author of the original article is a US citizen and the article appears in “American Greatness”.

            The gifs to the Russian translation of “Sleepy Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved”, however, were added by the mischievous Russian translator.


            1. I believe this is the probable outcome as well, that Trump will win a further term by a narrow margin. But it is the narrowness of that margin that is the story – a closely-contested vote is the easiest to rig, since it requires a comparatively-small amount of fakery, but it risks an explosion of public fury when the losing half sees their candidate ‘cheated’ right at the post. Here are two examples of the alleged manipulations. Whom they fall in favour of is fairly obvious.




      1. Steingart?

        Oi vey! Why am I not surprised?

        Steingart did a great favour to Russia when he fucked off out of here.

        I did so as well, but in my case, when I … fucked into here?


    1. Ummm….why would a Biden ‘presidency’ mean the end of Nord Stream? And doesn’t the United States already have enough problems with its own oil pricing without concerning itself with fixing the global price to its mighty satisfaction?

      Are Russian liberals politically aware at all? Or are they so blinded with love for their adopted masters that they think more and stricter sanctions from the pen of Biden will do the trick? The problem was never getting American politicians to sign on to more sanctions – it was in getting allies to obey them, and there they have about reached their limit. As Orlov pointed out, Russia itself has almost no exposure to American trade or debt. In order to ‘punish’ Russia, the United States has to convince Europe to impose stricter sanctions, and it has run into resistance just with keeping the existing sanctions in place. Europe is staring down the barrel of another ridiculous economic lockdown, and is bleeding money in handouts to citizens who are not working, while only lunatics imagine any substantial tax base can be realized from an electorate which is not employed and living on a necessities-only budget that it is going to have to somehow pay back. Taxes? Fuck off, why don’t you? But without the income from taxes, the government cannot build infrastructure or even maintain what already exists. It is gutting itself with its insistence upon regarding coronavirus as an existential threat which will not be tamed until there is a vaccine which is broadly accepted. It cannot afford any more trade restrictions – cannot afford the ones it obeys now – and absolutely cannot afford to pay more for politically-acceptable energy.

      If the USA actually had law on its side, it would have stopped Nord Stream II cold months ago, maybe even a year ago. It does not, and is trying to substitute bullying for righteousness. Is there any reason to imagine Joe Biden will be a more effective bully than Trump? Jesus God, I hope not.

      All these wretched creatures are accomplishing is the erasure of any memory – save in foreign climes – that they are even Russian. And their early delight is bound to evaporate even if Biden is declared the winner. As I may have mentioned before, no matter what the decision is, at least 50% of Americans are going to be disappointed and enraged beyond anything we have seen before. It will not be safe to declare your political loyalty unless you know you are among your own kind. And although Tucker Carlson exaggerated as is his wont, he was absolutely correct that America’s trust and confidence in its political system is done for. This shilly-shallying over a winner and the allowing of votes which otherwise would have been rejected if they were not so needed, is bringing home to Americans that they do not live under the honest and forthright system they believed they did. Voter turnout which exceeds the number of registered voters by significant percentages and the allowing of ballots in which the voter’s signature does not match the registration are but two examples the USA used to laugh itself silly over when it was regaling its public with such accused happenings in other countries.


      1. And this is also another opportunity of all the other stuff the US could have demanded their allies should do as well as the USA that they haven’t done because it would have caused extreme autof/kery, sic banning the sale of airliners, engines, electronics etc. Russia could simply have pulled its titanium supply. Guess who’s share prices would tank first and all the consequences?

        As we have pointed out here before, while the US is exhorting u-Rope to ‘take one for the team,’ mega-corps (though weakening) like GE has arrange full localization of its turbine (power/mineral extraction) business with a local Russian partner. Yes. GE, Microsoft and others told the White House to f/k off. Not in public.

        What we see is salami slicing sanctions (SSS) where the west adds small slices here and there that do add up, the latest being on suppling microelectronics to the Russian aviation industry. This is to hobble Russia’s investment in its current rebuilding of its civil airliner industry or what’s left of it. These sanction are a dick move precisely because they are easy and get support from both american political parties.

        We have also covered on this blog many times before, cutting Russia off from the Joy of Sex West, they’ve cut their own markets off (retail/food produce etc.) which Russia has in turn finally massively self-invested for domestic products and also up market equivalents. That’s cost u-Rope billions not only in lost sales, but in future sales share that will not return to where it once was.

        So, cutting off western microelectronics for aircraft looks even more weak p*ss considering Russia’s state strategic program of Russianizing its aircraft programs despite the obvious up front cost. Russia was doing this anyway because it was obvious which way the wind was blowing. Either they get on with it or they will be forced to do it.

        The west is running out of any meaningful sanctions they can enact without causing futher blowback. How stupid is that? It’s the product of thirty years of ‘Do Something’ policy however dumb or short sighted because the West has to be seen to do something. The concept of Leave it Alone has never crossed their minds. It really is an addicktion! 😉 Just don’t expect to find them in a self-help group admitting to all the nasty s/t they’ve done and as part of their 12-step program, reaching out and apologizing for any of it. Neither them nor their media supporting hamsters.


        1. Other advances suggest Russia is perfectly capable of developing its own microelectronics, or a more robust substitute, and that purchasing them from the west was a necessity born of convenience and trade algorithms – you buy this much stuff from me, I buy this much stuff from you. Venezuela was and is perfectly capable of growing its own food, but Chavez got nowhere very much with that effort because it was cheaper and easier to buy it from the USA. Take that away, and what happens? Venezuela will be forced to become self sufficient in foodstuffs, or to find another partner – or starve. It will be the same for Russia. The choice is develop your own sector using local materials and talent, or abandon that avenue of development. I don’t think they will choose the latter. And every time the west – mostly the USA, but to some extent its retinue of toadies and lickspittles – pulls the rug out from under another commercial relationship, a lesson is re-offered for everyone else who has a serious and vulnerable exposure to US commerce. The only variable is a willingness to learn, because the only thing that prevents the same punishment being inflicted on anyone is their compliance with American policy.


          1. Added to the above, Russia likely believed that trade deescalates tensions by creating commercial bonds. So much for that theory. When Russia cuts off titanium then the Cold War will be in full bloom, actually worse than before I believe.


      1. You hope Newsweek hasn’t pulped all its “Madam President” copies in case once Biden has to retire due to advanced dementia (as in, his physical functions fail entirely) or to Hunter Biden’s laptop contents becoming hard to ignore, newly anointed US Prez Kamala Harris nominates The Klintonator as her VP. Next thing you know, President Harris accepts an invitation to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts or some other Democrat Party shrine to receive applause and the only way to get there is in a light plane through an area where satellite coverage is a bit sparse …


        1. Don’t know the legality but I wonder if it would be possible for Harris and Clinton to swap their positions with Hilary on top


          1. Not a chance. There is no legal avenue for Clinton to become president, and any such attempt would more than likely touch off a civil; war. After all their strutting and chest-beating, the very first thing the Democrats must do in the event of a Biden ‘win’ is try to defuse tensions, although I personally think it would be futile at this point anyway. But maneuvers to install Hillary would be a call to arms.


          2. The Klintonator may find being an eminence grise to President Kamala Harris in the way Dick Cheney was the power behind George W Bush more preferable.


  49. EuroWeekly — sent by an acquaintance in the UK. He asked if it was true. I told him I’d give the president a call so as to find out.

    Putin set to step down within weeks
    By Sarah Keane -6 November 2020 @ 12:000

    Putin, 68, has reportedly been begged by his daughters and gymnast girlfriend Alina Kabeva to quit as concerns are raised about the former KGB officer’s health.

    Speculation has been rife after a video emerged on the politician clinging to chair, legs trembling. There has been previous speculation that Putin may have Parkinson’s, with his asymmetrical arm swing being described as “gunslinger’s gait”, a telltale a sign according to the British Medical Journal.

    “There is a family, it has a great influence on him. He intends to make public his handover plans in January,” Professor Valery Solovei told local media, adding a new President will be being “groomed”.

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    1. That EuroWeekly article is an obvious cut-n-paste job (“… will be being ‘groomed’ …”) that escaped editorial oversight, probably because like most Western news media these days EW has few or no editors proofreading and fact-checking work done by people who pull into their work stereotypes about Parkinson’s disease sufferers and names of so-called professors without the names of the institutes they work for or even the professors’ job titles.


      1. What is wrong with “will be being groomed”?

        Passive continuous infinitive modified by modal auxiliary verb “will”.

        Active voice:

        Someone is grooming him. [fact]

        Passive voice: He is being groomed by someone. [fact]

        Using the modal auxiliary verb “will” to express a certain assumption:

        Active voice: Someone will be grooming him. [I am 100% sure.]

        Passive voice: He will be being groomed by someone

        For example, using the modal auxiliary verb “may””

        It may be done now/tomorrow.

        It may be being done now/ tomorrow.

        And with perfect passive infinitives:

        It may have been done by now/ yesterday/ when I arrive at work tomorrow.


        1. This story regarding Putin retiring in January due to having Parkinson’s disease; was in “the Sun” the best selling British newspaper -and picked up by all the other newspapers here and internationally.

          It was trending on Twitter as it ties in nicely with Trump loosing the election for those fans of Russiagate!

          Dmitry Peskov was asked about it and said it was untrue.



        2. It’s just awkward-sounding. Like “A majority of people says”, because the subject is singular, ‘majority’. But it sounds as if it should be ‘say’ because of the plural ‘people’.


        3. Is your impressive command of grammar typical of your generation or did you specifically study grammar at the college level?


          1. As I have said elsewhere, I was taught English grammar at school. The teaching of English grammar stopped in English schools in the very early ‘70s. I had left school by then. (I say “English” because the Scottish education system is different. — and better, in my opinion.)

            In The mid-80s I started studying German at evening classes. I sailed through my German studies because my knowledge of English grammar. When much younger classmates asked: “What does ‘past perfect’ mean?” I already knew and such German constructions using, for example, the subjunctive mood, as in Wenn ich in England wäre, würde ich Bier trinken” (literally: If I in England were, would I beer drink) presented me no problems, whereas my classmates would whine: “What does ‘subjunctive mood’ mean?”

            In 1988 I became a full time student of German and Russian and spent the next 5 years at the the universities of Liverpool, Düsseldorf, Voronezh and, as a postgraduate, Manchester, when again, my knowledge of English grammar held me in good stead.

            I have worked here with many teachers of English, fellow countrymen much younger than I, who have had to study English grammar in their adult years. In fact, there are now published (passive voice!) many books on English grammar that are targeted specifically at teachers of English to foreign learners.

            I need no such book because I talk proper but if I would of not known how to talk proper I would of bought one.

            That last sentence is the sort of shite that I sometimes hear native English speakers uttering.


            1. I sailed through my German studies because my knowledge of English grammar.

              It definitely helped me in Latin and French and it was amazing in our first Russian course. Our poor professor has come from an American university where no one seemed to have been trained in how languages are structured Because of that he apparently used a really stupid text book that did not match Canadian situations.

              After two or three weeks we demanded that he actually explain to us conjugations and declensions in Russian. Most of us had already had three or four years of Latin and French even if we were anglophones. and of course half the class were Slavic to begin with.

              There was much relief on both sides. We understood what was happening and the professor could actually discuss the issues with us.

              He remains one of my favourite profs


              1. As regards my language studies, I should have added above that despite the torment involved, my having to learn Latin at school proved to be of immense value when, over 30 years after my having closed my Latin primer at school for the last time, I opened the first page of my newly bought Russian grammar book, an intense course in the Russian Language, by which, having started from scratch, in 6 months I was supposed to reach undergraduate level in Russian language skills. In fact, I achieved that goal, but it was a hard slog.

                I belong to the last generation that attended grammar school after my having gained a scholarship when I was 11 years old. All this “elitism” ended after I had left school and children of mixed abilities now all sit in the same class and arse around until most of them dumb themselves down to the level of the lowest common denominator in their midst. That is my opinion, anyway.

                My grammar school was run by an RC monastic teaching order, whose methodology was most definitely “stick and carrot” — more of the former than the latter I should add!

                I remember the very first page of that Latin primer that I had at school, on which there was the full 1st declension of the Latin feminine noun mensa — “table”:

                nominative: mensa
                vocative: mensa
                accusative: mensam
                genitive: mensae
                dative: mensae
                ablative: mensa

                (That is the usual British case order: in Europe, e.g. in Germany, the case order is nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative, vocative, so in German, which has no ablative and vocative cases: wer, wessen, wem, wen — who, whose, to whom, whom.)

                nominative: mensae
                vocative: mensae
                accusative: mensas
                genitive: mensarum
                dative: mensis
                ablative: mensis

                Having first opened my intense Russian course book on a Liverpool street in 1987, lo and behold I saw the following:

                стол — masculine gender noun, hard ending.

                nominative: стол
                accusative: стол
                genitive: стола
                dative: столу
                instrumental: столом
                prepositional: столе

                nominative: столы
                accusative: столы
                genitive: столов
                dative: столам
                instrumental: столами
                prepositional: столах

                On seeing the above Russian declension, my heart sank. “It’s like Latin!” I thought. However, Russian is not as “bad” as Latin, in that Russian nouns have 3 grammatical genders, as does Latin, and for each gender there are 2 types of declensions with “hard” or “soft” endings for “hard” or “soft” nouns. There are very few irregular declensions in Russian. In fact, Russian grammar is highly “regular”. That is why English is often a nightmare for Russian students because of its “irregular” verbs and highly “irregular” orthography.

                Russian is similar to Latin in that it has no articles as well — no “the” or “a” or “an”. However, the Russian verbal system is something else!

                Unfortunately, the Latin verbal system was used in the Middle Ages to describe the English verbal system, and that is why, for example, some still talk about a “future tense” in English when there is not one, but there is in Latin. That does not mean that one is unable to talk about the future in English; in English, one talks NOW about AFTER NOW, about certainties, possibilities, probabilities, of plans, arrangements or perceived facts after NOW.

                As regards a perceived fact after now, I say in English: “It IS Tuesday tomorrow” and “My elder daughter IS twenty in just over a month, on Christmas Day this year”.

                Most Russians who have been taught that “will” is the English “future tense” auxiliary verb, almost always say: “Tomorrow will be Tuesday” and “My elder daughter will be twenty in just over a month, on Christmas Day this year”, which would be correct in English too, if one were making a certain prediction now, but I KNOW now that tomorrow IS Tuesday, AND I know NOW when my daughter’s twentieth birthday IS; it IS on 25th December this year!

                End of grammatical rant!

                Obersturmbanngrammatikführer Moskauer Exil


        4. What is wrong with “will be being groomed”?
          There is a clear future tense there. No one is currently being groomed.

          Someone may find a currycomb tomorrow and start grooming.


          1. There is no future tense as such in English. the modal auxiliary verb “will” does not express futurity per se, it expresses the speaker’s certain assumption of the willingness of another person to do something now or in the future, or in the past as well.

            Future action is marked or implied.

            When the speaker refers to himself with “will””, he is declaring his intention to do something.

            He will be in the bar now, I am sure.

            He will be in the bar in one hour, I am sure.

            He will have been in the bar yesterday evening, I am sure. (Future tense ???)

            “Do you think he has written that report yet?”

            “Sure he will have! He”ll have written it yesterday, I’m sure.”

            Many speakers of US English get confused with auxiliary verbs used to express degrees of probability. That’s why they say “maybe” all the time.

            I usually say:

            He may be in bed now

            He may be in bed this time tomorrow.

            He may have been in bed this time yesterday.

            Foreigners and many Americans say:

            Maybe he is in bed now.

            Maybe he will be in bed this time tomorrow.

            Maybe he was in bed this time yesterday.

            That’s how Russians speak English as well — Может быть он спит сейчас … literally: “Can be he sleeps now”.


            1. They stopped teaching English grammar in English schools in the very early ‘70s. The effects of this decision have been only too clear for very many years now. And the dumbing down of native English speakers as regards their use of their mother tongue has resulted in the semantics of passive voice usage now being misunderstood or, indeed, the use of the passive voice being discouraged, hence Microsoft Word repeatedly advising me not to use the passive when I am writing, which advice bloody annoys me!


            2. He will have been in the bar yesterday evening, I am sure.

              Future perfect tense.

              Ahhhh … you didn’t say anywhere “… he will have been being in the bar yesterday evening …”!


              1. “Ahhhh … you didn’t say anywhere “… he will have been being in the bar yesterday evening …”!”

                Of course I did not. I was not using the passive voice and the verb “to be” here is stative, not dynamic.

                But I could have said instead of the active voice:

                The barman Joe will have been serving him yesterday evening because Joe works on Monday evenings.

                And expressing the above rather clumsily in the continuous passive, I could also say:

                He will have been being served by the barman Joe yesterday evening because Joe works on Monday evenings.

                “Future Perfect” is the name of a Latin tense tagged onto English grammar. In English, there is no future tense, but there is a perfective verbal aspect.

                In English there are only 2 tenses: present and past.

                present tense
                He does it. (present simple — fact, always true.)
                He is doing it. (continuous aspect, i.e. imperfective, non-completed action)
                He has done it. (perfective aspective, completed up to NOW)
                He has been doing it. ( a process up to NOW, maybe completed, maybe not, therefore imperfective aspect)

                past tense
                He did it. (past simple fact)
                He was doing it. (continuous aspect, i.e. imperfective, non-completed action)
                He had done it. (perfective aspect — pre-completion before a point in time in the past or even after a time in the pasrr, but the emphasis is on past completion relative to another past action)
                He had been doing it. (a process up to THEN in the PAST, maybe completed, maybe not, therefore imperfective aspect)

                And there are modal auxiliary verbs that are not marked for time, but modify the infinitives that they govern.

                The present tense in all its forms can express futurity if marked for the future or the futurity of the action is understood by the interlocutors:

                He goes to France tomorrow.
                He is going to France tomorrow.
                He is going to go to France tomorrow.
                When he has gone to France tomorrow, telephone me.
                Whe he has already been going to the airport for half an hour tomorrow, give me a call.

                What is called the “future perfect tense” in old style grammar books that use Latin tenses as a model to describe English grammar, is given as “will” plus perfective/ imperfective infinitive:

                “He will have done it by 2 o’clock tomorrow afternoon”, however, is my certain prediction (will) of a completed action BEFORE a point in time after NOW.

                The modal in the above “future perfect tense” example is followed by the perfective infinitive (a completed event).

                There are 4 active voice infinitives and each can be governed by a modal auxiliary verb:

                to do — simple infinitive to express a fact

                to be doing — continuous (imperfective aspect) infinitive, a process with no emphasis on completion

                to have done — completed infinitive (perfective aspect).

                Remember, no time implied by the infinitive form of a verb, hence the name.

                There are also 4 passive infinitives in English:

                to be done — simple passive infinitive

                to be being done — continuous passive infinitive

                to have been done — perfective passive infinitive

                to have been being done — perfect (progressive) passive infinitive (not often used)

                Modifying all the above infinitives (without the preceding preposition “to”) by a modal auxiliary verb, we have:

                He may do it now; he may do it tomorrow.

                He may be doing it now; he may be doing it tomorrow.

                He may have done it by now; he may have done it by 2 p.m. tomorrow; he may have done it yesterday.

                He may have already been doing it for 2 hours; he may have already been doing it for 2 hours when I arrive at the office tomorrow at 2 p.m.; he may even have been doing it for 2 hours yesterday.

                Note the “time markers” — given or understood in conversation. The modal verb does not express the time of action and the type of action (perfective, imperfective or simple, factual action) is expressed by a timeless infinitive.

                The time of those above modal statements is the speaker’s present time: he looks from NOW to an action NOW, or up to NOW or after NOW or before NOW.

                NOW is the reality in English: the rest may be a dream!

                Using the passive infinitives, from the above we have:

                It may be done now; it may be done tomorrow.

                It may be being done now; it may be being done tomorrow.

                It may have been done by now; it may have been done by 2 p.m. tomorrow; it may have been done yesterday.

                It may have already been being done for 2 hours (seldom used); it may have already been being done for 2 hours when I arrive in the office tomorrow at 2 p.m.; it may have been being done for 2 hours yesterday afternoon.

                As regards “will” indicating a non-existent “future tense” in English, consider this from a leaflet available at the British consulate here about the right of abode in the UK:

                Right of abode

                1. Introduction
                1.1 This guide explains the meaning of right of abode in the United Kingdom under the Immigration Act 1971 (Part 2) and describes, in general terms, which people have that right (Part 3). It also explains, for those people who may have to prove their claim, how to obtain a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode in the United Kingdom using the application form (Parts 5-8). The Notes in Part 9 of this guide explain some of the terms used.

                1.2 NB. This guide and application form are for United Kingdom based applicants only. If you live abroad, you should apply to the nearest British Embassy, High Commission or other British Diplomatic Post designated to issue certificates of entitlement. A list of such Posts is available on the Foreign and Commonwealth office website or may be obtained from:

                Visa Correspondence Section
                SW1A 2AH
                United Kingdom.
                General enquiries: 0845 010 5555
                Application forms: 020 7008 8308
                Fax numbers: 020 7008 8359/8361

                The law covering the right of abode in the United Kingdom is contained in the Immigration Act 1971, the British Nationality Act 1981 and the regulations made under them. The information in this leaflet is meant only as a brief guide to the law and to the Home Secretary’s policy. It is not a comprehensive statement of either the law or the policy.

                2. The right of abode

                2.1 If you have the right of abode in the United Kingdom, this means that you are entirely free from United Kingdom immigration control. You do not need to obtain the permission of an immigration officer to enter the United Kingdom, and you may live and work here without restriction.

                2.2 However, you must prove your claim by production of either:
                a) a passport describing you as a British citizen or as a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies having the right of abode in the United Kingdom; or
                b) a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode in the United Kingdom issued by or on behalf of the Government of the United Kingdom.

                2.3 Information about obtaining a United Kingdom passport is available from the Identity and Passport Service on its website or by telephoning 0870 521 0410.

                3. Who has the right of abode?
                3.1 Under Section 2 of the Immigration Act 1971 (which was amended by section 39 of the British Nationality Act 1981), all British citizens and certain Commonwealth citizens have the right of abode in the United Kingdom.

                People who became British citizens on 1 January 1983

                3.2 You will have become a British citizen on 1 January 1983 (when the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force), and will therefore have the right of abode in the United Kingdom if, immediately before that date:

                a) you were a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and had your citizenship by being born, adopted, naturalised or registered (see Note 4) in the United Kingdom; or

                b) (i) you were a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies with a parent (see Note 2) who, at the time of your birth, was a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by being born, adopted, naturalised or registered (see Note 4) in the United Kingdom; or

                (ii) you were a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies whose parent (see Note 2) qualified for the right of abode under b(i) above; or

                c) you were a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies who, at any time before 31 December 1982, had been ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom (see Note 1) for a continuous period of 5 years or more and, during that period, you were not in breach of the immigration laws and, at the end of that period, you did not have any time limit attached to your stay; or

                d) you were a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies and were then, or had previously been, the wife of a man with the right of abode in the United Kingdom.

                MY STRESS ABOVE!

                You will have become a British citizen on 1 January 1983 (when the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force), and will therefore have the right of abode in the United Kingdom if, immediately before that date:

                I firmly believe that 1 January 1983 was in the PAST.

                Furthermore, 1 January 1983 is even further back in the PAST.

                So why “will have become a British citizen on 1 January 1983” and “will therefore have the right of abode in the United Kingdom if, immediately before that date” if “will” is a marker for the English “future tense”?

                “Will” means the “future tense”?



                1. My error above!

                  What I struck out should have been underlined!!!

                  3.2 You will have become a British citizen on 1 January 1983 (when the British Nationality Act 1981 came into force), and will therefore have the right of abode in the United Kingdom if, immediately before that date:


                  MY STRESS ABOVE!


                2. Above:

                  There are 4 active voice infinitives and each can be governed by a modal auxiliary verb:

                  to do — simple infinitive to express a fact

                  to be doing — continuous (imperfective aspect) infinitive, a process with no emphasis on completion

                  to have done — completed infinitive (perfective aspect).

                  So where is the 4th infinitive?

                  I forgot to put it in!

                  Here it is:

                  to have been doing — completed or maybe non completed action (therefore imperfective aspect) up to a point in time, time marked when necessary in full utterance, e.g.

                  I have been doing my homework for two hours already (up to now) and I still have not finished it (OR I have just finished it!)


                  (Spoken in the afternoon) Only after I have been doing my homework for 2 hours this evening do I intend to take a break.

                  In the above, present tense, perfect progressive aspect, with present (simple), both expressing future actions after the speaker’s now.

                  What? It’s “future time” and no “will”!

                  Future time does not mean “future tense”. Tense is verbal “time”, a verbal label, which is a horse of a different colour

                  Consider past tense of “to know”, namely “knew”.

                  I knew the answer yesterday. I don’t know the answer now. I wish I knew the answer!

                  The verbal form “knew” twice, but only one “knew” refers to past time.

                  The second “knew” is the subjunctive mood (Subjunctive II) of “to know” — it ain’t real!


              1. If the writer had marked the modal expression for time thus:

                He will be being groomed now . . .

                what he was assuming with certainty (will) when writing might have been better understood by those who believe that “will” expresses the “future tense”.

                Shall I now proceed further with a discourse on “shall”?

                Arrrgh no!!!!! For the love of God no!!! do I hear echoing along the virtual highway?



          2. You’ll have noticed, no doubt, that I am a native speaker of English.

            Future tense?

            There isn’t one!

            Degrees of probability with future reference using modal auxiliary verbs, starting with the least likely:

            He might be working tomorrow.

            He may be working tomorrow.

            He could be working tomorrow.

            Can he be working tomorrow?

            He should be working tomorrow.

            He must be working tomorrow

            He would be working tomorrow (but he’s on vacation now).

            He will be working tomorrow. (I am 100% sure NOW of his willingness to do this — but I don’t know.)

            All the above can also be about now if, instead of “tomorrow”, I say “now”.

            He is going to work tomorrow. ( I know of his plan to do so.)

            He is working tomorrow. (I know of his arrangement to do so.)

            He is to work tomorrow. (He has been ordered to do so.)

            He works tomorrow. ( I know his schedule.)

            Which of the above is “the future tense”?

            The most common future form is the “going to” future because one usually knows what one is going to do.

            Foreigners are taught that “will” is the “future tense” which results in Russians, who have a future tense in their mother tongue, overusing the “will-future” form in English.

            Sometimes their use of “will” in this way sounds right; many times it sounds strange:

            “I will kill him when I will see him again! I plan to meet him after work and when I will see him, I will shoot him. When I will be shooting him, I will be feeling no sorrow. He will die and when he will be dead, I will laugh” — Russian English.


            1. I think originally in Germanic languages like English and German, the major tense distinction was between past action and non-past action. Future tense didn’t exist though it must have existed in the parent language once upon a time and was then lost, because the Germanic languages are related to languages that do have simple as well as compound future tense forms in their verbs. This means that verbs in the present tense, and especially verbs in the present tense that also have a progressive aspect, requiring the use of the auxiliary verb “to be” with the main verb in its present participle, can also be used to express future tense, especially if qualified by words like “tomorrow” or “soon”, as in “I am arriving tomorrow”.

              But in the construction “… a new President will be being groomed …”, where the object of an action has become the subject of a topic, a modal auxiliary verb expressing the future takes on a stative verb “to be” in both its infinitive form and its present participle. For me the expression seems redundant though for some folks it may be natural and not at all awkward. You either have the verb in its infinitive form or in its participle form but not both.

              It sounds clearer and smoother to say “… a new President is to be groomed …” or “… a new President will soon be groomed …” if for some reason the expression has to be in passive voice, perhaps because the folks grooming the new President cannot be mentioned or are not known to the reporter. If the expression has to be in future progressive aspect, then saying “… a new President will be in the process of being groomed …” seems the clearest to me, though it does sound more formal and cumbersome, and takes up more spaces in a limited field if it is being typed into a template.


              1. Morgen fahre ich nach Deutschland. Am Donnerstag komme ich zurück.


                Tomorrow travel I to Germany. On Thursday come I back.

                Auf Englisch:

                I go to Germany tomorrow: I come back on Thursday.

                Or (no continuous aspect in German):

                I’m going to Germany tomorrow and coming back on Thursday.


              2. Not a future tense!!!

                A present tense with a future meaning in context:

                I do it tomorrow.
                (present tense, simple form)

                I am doing it tomorrow.
                (present tense, continuous aspect)

                When I have done it tomorrow, I will tell you.
                (present tense, perfect aspect, simple form; modal auxiliary verb “will” indicating speaker’s intention/promise NOW at the moment of his utterance to fulfill an action, expressed by the simple infinitive without the preposition “to”)

                When I have been doing it for an hour, I will tell you.
                (present tense, perfect aspect, progressive form; modal auxiliary verb “will” indicating speaker’s intention/promise NOW at the moment of his utterance to fulfill an action, expressed by the simple infinitive without the preposition “to”)

                In French and Russian there are future tenses:

                aller —to go

                je vais — I go/am going (no continuous aspect in French present tense)

                j’irai — I shall go (declined future tense)

                There is also a “going to” future form in French :

                Je vais aller — I am going to go.

                In Russian:

                Я иду — I go/am going (on foot: no continuous aspect in present tense)

                Я пойду — I shall go (future tense declined throughout}

                я иду — I go/am going
                ты идешь — thou goest/art going
                он идет — he goes/is going
                она идет — she goes/is going
                оно идет — it goes/is going

                мы идем — we go/are going
                вы идете — you go/are going
                они идут — they go/are going

                я пойду — I shall go
                ты пойдешь — thou wilt go
                он пойдет — he will go
                она пойдет — she will go
                оно пойдет — it will go

                мы пойдем — we shall go
                вы пойдете — you will go
                они пойдут — they will go

                There is also a “going to go future” in Russian, which uses the verb собираться followed by the infinitive of the planned action:

                Я собираюсь идти

                literally: I am gathering myself to go.


        5. As Mark says, the construction is awkward even if it is technically grammatical. Saying the new President “is being groomed” or “will soon be groomed” would be clearer than saying she “will be being groomed”. Journalists are supposed to be in the business of relaying news or information in a clear and straightforward manner whenever possible. The context in which an expression appears, who is saying it, what the purpose is, and what meaning is intended, is important.


  50. I love it when stuff like this happens.

    According to the video which accompanies the article, Toobin not only ‘showed his penis’, he was ‘masturbating’. On a Zoom call, when he thought nobody could see him. I am not ready to deal with the apparent fact that political strategy so arouses him, he is compelled to spank his monkey.

    I guess we can put his career down as another COVID death.


      1. One of my all-time favourite cartoons was a drawing of a man wearing a leather mask and no pants, sitting on the edge of his bed. He has a hand-puppet on each hand, and they are facing each other and talking in pantomime; the caption says “Curses! One of us must wrestle the demon to its death!”


  51. What will happen to Trump voters now I wonder?

    They are viewed with such disdain by the democrats there is unlikely to be a coming together of people who hold such different views.

    Reminds me so much of Brexit voters and the inability and unwillingness of the elites here to understand why the vote for Brexit happened.

    Biden is known to be against Brexit as Obama was – so it will be interesting to see whether the Conservatives are pressured to stay or renegotiate with Europe,

    Betraying voters causes irreparable damage, the Labour Party lost seats because it said it would not honour the referendum.

    Will the conservatives stay the course?


    1. Biden is against whatever the teleprompter says. He won’t be with us for long. There is some confusion on my part how the new VP is selected after Harris ascends to her destiny. Is it the Speaker of the House (Pelosi) or a replacement picked by Harris (more accurately, her handlers).


    2. Trump voters pretty uniformly view themselves as salt-of-the-earth blue-collar types, and the Democrats as sneering elites and holier-than-thou pricks. Most analysts on the subject of American politics seem to be in agreement that the country grows more deeply divided with each election, and it cannot keep doing so without either a violent internal confrontation or a separation, or both. The Democrats doubtless remember George ‘Dubya’ Bush and his claim to be ‘a uniter, not a divider’ at the very same time his Chief of Strategery, Karl Rove, was proudly and publicly working toward what he called the “Permanent Republican Majority”, so if the Republicans are squealing now, it is only because a taste of their own medicine burns going down. But the Democrats should hav e learned that becoming the enemy is not a recipe for anything but further division.

      All the media is calling the election for Biden, but so far it is just because he is so close, and because they want him to win. They are – apparently deliberately – taking exactly the route that Trump said would make him dig in and fight, and the major networks already treat him with open contempt, cutting away from a live speech at the White House in which he claimed the election was being stolen from him with comments like “just lies on top of lies”. Just as the Democrats did not forget Bush’s sly maneuvering, the Republicans will not forget this mutiny by the mainstream press, and there is less than zero chance of the two parties coming together ‘for the good of the country’, although the Democrats will plead for that if Biden is given the official nod. Anything that cannot be rammed through with an absolute majority is going to die on the floor.


  52. I remember all the crocodile tears about the mayor of Sochi’s decision to cull the stray dogs before the Olympics.

    Now, Denmark plans to slaughter 17 MILLION animals to curb the spread of a virus that is already being spread by humans, and there’s hardly a peep. As with all things, it is worth asking, what would they say if this happened in Russia? Undoubtedly it would be a major scandal.



  53. Yer what?

    So what happened then?

    I know plenty of schoolchildren and not a few adults here who do not know what happened in Petrograd on 27th October (Old Style) / 7th November (New Style) 1917.

    November 7th was a public holiday here until 1990.

    Now they celebrate 6th November as “People’s Unity day” or “National Unity Day” or simply “Unity Day”.

    Very many here do not even know what the 6th November state holiday is called

    So who is rewriting history?

    Better said, ignoring history?


  54. Раскрыты подробности пребывания Навального в Германии 6 ноября 2020, 18:35

    Details of Navalny’s stay in Germany revealed
    6 November 2020, 18:35

    Blogger Aleksei Navalny was guarded by seven police officers and four people in civilian clothes after leaving a clinic in Germany during an interview with CBS. This and other details of Navalny’s stay in Germany are reflected in the REN TV material.

    “Only the federal criminal police can do this. This is at a level comparable to that of the US, which is roughly the FBI. This is a highly organised, highly paid structure”, explained Alexander Sosnovsky, editor-in-chief of the German magazine World Economy.

    Journalists from Focus Online followed the blogger undergoing rehabilitation in the Ibach commune in southeastern Germany, near the border with Switzerland and France. The population of Ibach consists of 391 inhabitants, but this place is considered a favourite for the rest of the Germans. Now there are special vehicles and police on duty. Despite security measures, local residents know where Navalny is staying.

    “Drive 2–3 km uphill, to Ibach. In the centre, near the city hall, you will see the police are there”, said one of them.

    Judging by the publications on Russian on social networks, he feels fine, whether In a local restaurant or on the shore of a lake, from where Navalny himself has posted the photo. They say that the blogger arrived there not only with his family, but also with eight guards.

    The fact is that Navalny is under the protection of the German police, “Izvestia” was told by a German politician, a member of parliament from the AFD party Gunnar Linderman, but he failed to find out how much it is costing to protect the blogger.

    “In general, it is amazing that he was brought here for treatment during coronavirus. The Berlin Senate answered me that he had a tourist visa. Officially, he is here as a private person and is under the protection of the German police. I wanted to know the cost of this protection, but the Berlin Senate could not give the figures”, the politician explained.

    At the same time, the blogger is in no hurry to return to Russia. Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky suggests that Navalny has good reasons for this.

    On December 30, 2014, Navalny was sentenced to 3.5 years on probation for embezzlement of Yves Rocher Vostok and of the Multidisciplinary Processing Company with a probation period of five years, that is, just until the end of 2020. Already on June 15, 2020, a criminal case was opened against Navalny for defamation of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. If the proceedings had been completed this year, it is likely that the blogger would have received a custodial sentence, but because of his receiving treatment at a German clinic, the court suspended the case.

    “His suspended sentence ends on December 31. So from January 1, no longer being under a suspended sentence, it will not be possible replace it with a custodial one”, Agranovsky said.

    Earlier that day, it became known that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia had received from Germany a response to enquiries regarding blogger Aleksei Navalny, which contained a request to provide additional information on the situation, but Germany did not answer any of the questions raised by the Russian side.

    The government of the Federal Republic of Germany stated that the Russian was allegedly poisoned with a chemical warfare agent from the Novichok group. But there was no evidence of this, and Moscow’s requests to Berlin have been ignored.

    Navalny became ill on August 20 during a Tomsk-Moscow flight. The aeroplane urgently landed in Omsk, the patient was hospitalized. Doctors stabilized his condition, after which the blogger was taken for treatment to the Berlin clinic “Charité”. There, doctors announced that they had found signs of poisoning with a substance from a group of cholinesterase inhibitors. At the same time, the analyses taken in Omsk had shown no indication of such substances.

    What a farce!


    1. Same story, different source:

      В деле Навального нашлось пять неразрешимых загадок

      Five unsolvable riddles have been found in the Navalny case

      Загадочный какой))
      Mysterious — how?

      Almost three months after the emergency landing in Omsk of an aeroplane with the unconscious Aleksei Navalny on board, many questions in this case remain unanswered. The information is hidden both by the German authorities, even in response to official enquiries from Moscow, and by the participants in this story and their entourage. What is the role of foreign intelligence agencies in the Navalny’ case, who flew into Germany after he had, and what is preventing the blogger from returning to Russia?

      Question 1: Why isn’t Navalny returning to Russia?

      Aleksei Navalny’s in-patient treatment at the Charité Clinic in Berlin ended in late September. After a month of therapy, the doctors stated that they believed it was possible for the patient to recover fully . Shortly after his discharge, Navalny, only recently “fatally poisoned”, gave an interview for about three hours to another blogger, Yuri Dudu, promising to return to his home country. But he did not specify how long he was going to stay in Germany.

      As of early November, Navalny is still living under guard in the resort town of Ibach near the German-Swiss border. German political scientist of Russian origin Alexander Sosnovsky has stated in his Telegram Channel the approximate sum of the Navalny family’s living in the Ibach house — at least 4,400 euros or about 400,000 rubles per month. Sosnovsky doubted that living in one of the most expensive resorts in the Black Forest is being paid for by ex-oligarch Evgeny Chichvarkin — this businessman has debts in the millions, said the expert. The sponsor of the Ibach house remains a mystery, but even more questions arise from Navalny’s unwillingness to keep his promise and return to Russia.

      Lawyer Shota Gorgadze has given his version: the blogger is taking his time, as in Russia there is being investigated Navalny’s insulting of a veteran and this against the background of an expiring conditional sentence in another case, the lawyer has suggested.

      Back in summer, following the story about insulting a veteran, the Moscow head of the Investigative Committee initiated a case under the article “Slander”. However, in August, the court suspended the proceedings. Gorgadze has also pointed out that in 2014, in the case of the theft of funds from Yves Rocher, Navalny had been given a suspended sentence with a probation period of five years. Because of violations as regards this probationary period, it was extended and will end this December.

      According to Gorgadze, “from 1 January 2021, Aleksei Navalny, despite the criminal convictions already made against him, as well as the recently initiated new criminal case as regards his insulting of a veteran, will be clean before Russian Themis and after that, he may start again from scratch”.

      статуя Фемиды, находящаяся над центральным входом в ВС РФ
      the statue of Themis located above the central entrance of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

      Lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky had previously put forward a similar version of the case. “By a strange coincidence”, if he is absent from Russia by the end of this year, for procedural reasons Navalny’s criminal prosecution will cease. He will be be clean before the law from 1 January 2021… That really is a lucky break for him! So we are expecting him to arrive in Russia after the New Year and not before”, says Agranovsky with certainty.

      Question 2: Have Western special services been involved?

      On Friday, Sergei Naryshkin, Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), made a statement according to which Russian intelligence had data on the preparation of a deliberate provocation amongst the Russian opposition.

      “About a year ago we received information, which is verified and reliable, about the fact that on the territory of NATO countries — I shall say immediately say that this was not Germany – a meeting was held with the participation of representatives of intelligence services. There they discussed how to support and revive the protest movement in Russia, which had become quite stagnant and was approaching zero”, said the head of SVR in an interview with RIA “Novosti”.

      Naryshkin noted that according to operational data, one of the options discussed was a so-called sacred victim. The head of the Russian special service added that it was not known whether SVR has designated a specific “victim”, “but, unfortunately, our Western opponents use this tool from time to time. Just as they used it in the former Yugoslavia and in the Ukraine”. Intelligence has no confirmed evidence of the involvement of Western special services in the situation with Navalny, said Naryshkin.

      Question 3: Why did Navalny really feel ill?

      According to the version that is now being actively promoted in the West and voiced by Navalny himself, his wife and his entourage, the blogger had been a victim of chemical warfare agents from the the “Novichok” family. (According to its developers, this agent is 100% lethal). But this version contradicts what Yulia Navalnaya herself had said.

      The Transport Department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Siberian Federal District has reported: the blogger’s wife told Russian doctors that he might have felt ill because of his dieting aimed at weight loss. Navalny “restricted himself to eating, for 3-5 days he was worried about discomfort after a meal, his diet was irregular”, according to the agency’s website.

      It has been noted that Russian doctors, based on the results of chemical and toxicological studies, found in Navalny an exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. The Interior Ministry stressed that “the diagnosis of” poisoning “based on the results of clinical, anamnestic and chemical-toxicological studies has not been confirmed”.

      Professor of the Financial University under the Russian Government, Oleg Matveychev, is inclined to agree with the statements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “When Mr. Navalny ended up in the clinic in a coma and his life hung in the balance, his wife Yulia was forced to inform doctors about her husband’s illnesses. In particular, she said that he was being treated for pancreatitis. It is known that with such a diagnosis, one should not consume alcohol or spicy foods. However, in Tomsk, as is already known, Navalny both drank and ordered food in Chinese restaurants. It is no wonder that his pancreatitis could have worsened”, the source told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

      As Matveychev has explained, the same diagnosis is indicated by the treatment prescribed to him, in particular, the dose of atropine, with which pancreatitis is treated. “Another piece of evidence hqs turned out to be fro, Dr. Kai-Uwe Eckardt from the Charité clinic, whom Navalny later publicly thanked for saving his life. This doctor is by no means a toxicologist, but a metabolic specialist. He treats pancreatitis and diabetes, ”said Matveychev.

      Question # 4: What did Western laboratories find in the analyses?

      On September 2, the German government submitted as a confirmed fact that Navalny had been exposed to a poisonous substance from the Novichok group. In Berlin, they referred to the data from toxicologists at the Federal Republic of Germany Ministry of Defence, and not only from them — it was argued that laboratories in France and Sweden had allegedly oame to conclusions about the poisoning by Novichok.

      However, a few months later, European authorities and experts have not released data confirming their version, which they have presented as indisputable. In early October, the technical secretariat of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) announced: two certified laboratories found in Navalny’s analyses “cholinesterase inhibitor biomarkers”, similar to certain toxic chemicals. it was requested that the statement be taken at its word.

      “On October 16, with the permission of Berlin, a report was circulated through the OPCW, from which all chemical formulae that could help clarify the biochemical nature of the “poisoning” of A. Navalny had been carefully deleted”, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said in a statement. It was indicated that the censorship of the OPCW report had been carried out at the request of the German side. “There are quite justified questions — what are our German counterparties hiding, and what are they afraid of being made public?” The Foreign Ministry noted.

      The fact of the presence of “cholinesterase inhibitor biomarkers” mentioned in the OPCW report does not prove anything by itself either. Even in the first days after Navalny’s hospitalization, Russian doctors considered the hypothesis of the blogger’s poisoning with cholinesterase inhibitors as implausible. Symptoms do not correspond to signs of this type of poisoning, said the head of the Department of Toxicology, Extreme and Diving Medicine at the Mechnikov University, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Viktor Shilov.

      The same fact has been noted in an interview with the VZGLYAD newspaper by the chief anaesthesiologist-resuscitator of the Ministry of Health, Professor Igor Molchanov: in his opinion, in the hospital in Omsk, the patient had no noticeable clinical manifestations characteristic of such a poisoning.

      Question number 5: What kind of people accompanied Navalny and who flew in after him?

      Another episode in the story of the poisoning of Navalny, which his team is in no hurry to reveal — who accompanied the blogger during the flight from Omsk. In addition to his wife, there was another woman with Navalny — Maria Pevchikh. It was she who allegedly took awy a bottle with traces of poison on it from a hotel room in a Tomsk hotel to Germany and she also accompanied Navalny on his trip to Siberia.

      Formally, Pevchikh is an employee of the Investigation Department of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), but FBK director Ivan Zhdanov admitted that he “does not know this girl”. Pevchikh has spoken about the fact that many journalists know her, and Navalny spoke about this in an interview with Dudu. However, it remained unclear exactly which journalists know Pevchikh. Vitaly Serukanov, a former lawyer at FBK, calls the “well-known investigator” a “grey mouse”, and suggests that she is “a liaison agent between Navalny and foreign clients”. Pevchikh now in London.

      At the same time, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has stated that former employees of FBK Vladlen Los, Maria Pevchikhand Georgy Alburov, who were with Navalny in Tomsk, have evaded appearing before the investigators, which “indicates a well-planned provocation”.

      A mysterious person was also amongst the doctors who came from Germany to Omsk for Navalny, journalist Maxim Kononenko has noted. Florian Penz is mentioned on the website of the University Hospital of Heidelberg, “but is referred to as a ghost, like a shadow” — no photo, no title, no biography, no job search sites. Penz’s Facebook account has been closed, and he does not appear in the photo as a doctor. “He seems to have changed jobs several times and nowhere is there any trace of his stay”. Penz is a rather mysterious figure, “like Maria Pevchikh, our favourite one: it seems that she is here — but then she is nowhere to be found”, concludes Kononenko.

      “It is already known that when these people flew to Omsk, they immediately looked at Navalny’s condition, checked how he was being treated, made sure that everything was fine, and went to bed”, recalls Matveychev. “And then, when it was already possible to fly away with the patient, they hesitated for several hours, waiting for Maria Pevchikh to come from Novosibirsk so as to take her with them.”

      According to the expert, the people who arrived from Germany probably had reasoned that Pevchikh was about to fall into the hands of the FSB and would give testimony on a lie detector, and crack up like a weak woman. “It seems that at that moment it was not so much Navalny who was important, but Pevchikh, who had to be urgently taken out of the country. That is why absolutely “leftist” people were attached to Navalny in a German aircraft under the guise of paramedics — most likely, employees of foreign special services who were waiting for the Pevchikh on the aeroplane. They had to get their agent out”, the source has suggested.

      My apologies, where apologies may be needed, for the surfeit of verbs above that appear in the passive voice.


      1. Of course, Kreakl channel Dozhd reports the statuesque blonde as saying that she said no such thing as the Ministry of the interior says she did say when being interviewed by the omsk hospital doctors:

        «Не верьте ни одному слову». Юлия Навальная ответила на заявление МВД о причинах госпитализации мужа

        “Don’t believe a single word!” Yulia Navalnaya has responded to the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the reasons for her husband’s hospitalization
        6 November, 19:52

        View this post on Instagram

        Когда кажется, что Путин и его слуги врут по-максимуму, они всегда могут удивить тем, что станут врать ещё больше. Не знаю уже, плакать или смеяться. Весь день читаю «новости» о том, что я объяснила кому собственного мужа «диетами». Представляете, диетами. Еще и панкреатит придумали. А чего же не сообщили сразу: жена Навального рассказала о том, что причина комы мужа в прошлогоднем ударе сковородкой по голове? В общем, не верьте ни одному слову. Эти мерзавцы сначала пытались убить человека, а теперь извиваются, как ужи, пытаясь уйти от ответственности. «Жена Навального назвала причину недомогания». Недомогание?! Мой муж три недели в коме был, а они называют это недомоганием. Неудивительно, что негодяя Мураховского, главврача той самой омской больницы, сейчас, по сообщениям местных СМИ, собеседуют в Москве на должность главы министерства здравоохранения региона. Ложь, мошенничество и воровство должны быть вознаграждены в путинской России.

        A post shared by @ yulia_navalnaya on

        When it seems that Putin and his servants are lying to the maximum, they can always surprise, in that they will lie even more. I no longer know whether to laugh or to cry. All day long I have been reading “news” about what I had explained to somebody, that my own husband had been “dieting”. Just imagine that — dieting! They also invented pancreatitis. And why was it not immediately reported that Navalny’s wife had said that the reason for her husband’s coma was last year’s blow to the head with a frying pan? In general, do not believe a single word. These scoundrels at first tried to kill a man, and now they wriggle like snakes, trying to evade responsibility.

        “Navalny’s wife has named the cause of the ailment.”

        Ailment?! My husband was in a coma for three weeks, and they call it an ailment!

        It is not surprising that the scoundrel Murakhovsky, the head physician of that very Omsk hospital, is now, according to local media reports, interviewed in Moscow for the post of head of the regional health ministry. Lies, fraud and theft must be rewarded in Putin’s Russia.

        My stress above!

        The coma was medically induced!!!

        The coma was not the result of his poisoning: it was a preventative measure.

        The lying bastard codded on losing consciousness during his wriggling and writhing and howling performance on board the aircraft — you know, at that time during which he later stated that he had suffered no pain after his realizing he had been poisoned.


      2. As usual, Lyosha’s most prominent enemy is his own big, fat mouth. He has claimed on many occasions “I am not afraid”, and indicated that he cannot wait to return to Russia to continue his personal jihad against Putin until the latter is driven from office. He is plainly completely recovered, and it does not seem likely he continues to remain in Germany at some other authority’s expense for health reasons. And he’s not afraid. And he’s a Russian citizen, not German. What am I missing here?


    2. The escort of heavies everywhere he goes is just to provide a subtle public reminder of (a) how important he is to the west, (b) how hated he is by the Russian government, and (c) how dangerous his present situation is even though he is a friendly country. The Russians, dahling, will stop at nothing to get him.

      I’m of two minds if the Russian state actually wants him back. He was damned useful for a time as the ‘opposition leader’ who could reach into a barrel of tits and come up with a rock, he was that unlucky; or at least his constant protestations of being the people’s champion were never supported by evidence – like, say, votes. But it’s true the time was coming around when he wouild have to get sent down for a hard stretch, because rumours were starting to swirl that he actually worked for the Russian government as a make-believe opposition leader so a better one would not emerge. I would guess that was the rationale for his seemingly-charmed life, although I doubt there was any such formal arrangement.

      On the other hand, the Russian state probably chafes at his continued freedom and its own constant bombardment with made-up ‘facts’ that make it look bad, based on its supposed attempt to kill that useless waster.

      On the other other hand, if the goal of supporting and financing Lyosha for all these years truly is regime change in Russia and the overthrow of the Putin government, that goal is no closer to being achieved today than it was when Lyosha was still in short pants and playing with the chickens. Figuratively speaking, since Putin was not President then, and in fact, the west having its way was actually a lot more likely then. Anyway, suffice it to say Lyosha has not become a Russian martyr in his own country, beloved by all and the object of yearning for leadership. If he returned to Russia and – assuming he was not immediately jailed – started up his political blathering again, he might find he has even less support than when he abruptly departed upon German angel wings. So it might be amusing to have him around again, still a floundering failure. But probably not, and meanwhile he is living the high life at the expense of exiled oligarchs and western organizations.

      He would do well, though, to remember Litvinenko and Berzovsky, and what appears to ‘happen’ to ‘dissidents’ when they get greedy and suggest they might blab if their stipend is not secure, or get a yearning for the old sod, or are for any reason perceived by their managers as more a risk than an asset.


  55. US Removes Uyghur Muslim Group From Terror List

    The US removed the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) from its list of terrorist organizations on October 20th, a move that was made public on Thursday. The ETIM is a Uyghur Muslim group that was designated as a terrorist organization due to its suspected links to al-Qaeda in 2002…

    …A State Department official told Radio Free Asia that the group was removed from the terror list because, “for more than a decade, there has been no credible evidence that ETIM continues to exist.”

    Notably, in February 2018, the US launched airstrikes in Afghanistan’s remote Badakhshan, which is close to the border of Tajikistan and Xinjiang. Military officials said they targeted members of the Taliban and the ETIM.

    The Washington Post reported on the US airstrike on the ETIM in 2018. ..

    …Since 2013, thousands of Uyghur fighters from the TIP have been fighting alongside al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria. Today, Uyghurs are embedded in Syria’s Idlib province, aligned with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the al-Qaeda affiliate that controls most of the province.

    Remember, not terrorists now because the United States says so. They must be useful then. And being off the list will no doubt act as an effective recruitment drive. Free-Dumb!


    1. Not to mention the American funding which will be freed up by their no longer being a terrorist organization, although some creativity will be required to fund an organization which is purported to not exist. It’s all the same to Assad, I’m sure, and the longer the USA keeps throwing flip-flop extremists against his army, the longer the Russian military presence will be required and the more normalized it will become. Washington fancies itself a master of the long game, which is all the funnier for how badly it sucks at it.


  56. Germany to Join Australian Military in Indo-Pacific to Counter China

    Australia joined the US, Japan, and India in drills this year in show of force aimed at Beijing

    …“China has its own ideas about individual freedoms, human rights, our Western idea of democracy,” she said. Kramp-Karrenbauer also called China’s global infrastructure project, the Belt and Road Initiative, a “challenge we have to react to.”…

    So it’s easier for Germany to send a figleaf to the other side of the world and poke China in the eye than re-arm at home and scare the s/t out of neigboring lo-land of Po-land and other EU states? It looks like the post-Merkel era will be all over the place. Either way, it looks like lots of short-sighted decisions will be made because no-one threatens Germany (apart from the US) and China wouldn’t dare retaliate against German poking. What a bunch of dummkopfs!


    1. • Australia getting burned by its anti-China policies – Ken Moak – Asia Times

      “Australia has discovered that being a self-appointed US “deputy sheriff” comes with a high price.
      China is Oz’s largest trade partner, and its biggest source of international students and tourists, after all.”

      [Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find a good writer that has not fallen for and feeds into the COVID alternative reality hoax.]
      “Mishandling of the pandemic has resulted in second or third waves of the outbreak, forcing governments to impose stringent lockdown measures such as shutting down businesses for longer periods.”

      “Against this backdrop, Australia should not be surprised at being burned, because its anti-China politicians, pundits and media played with fire. It is time for “adults” in Australia to push back against the anti-China crowd that is the main culprit responsible for burning the country.”

      PS. ‘Germany’ [i.e. the German regime] has been a vassal state to Zionist Israel since 1945.


      1. Here you go … Robert Barwick, Australian Citizens’ Party Research Director, interviews Jerry Grey, a British-Australian citizen resident in China for several years, on what he has observed in Xinjiang region:

        – Is China committing genocide against Uyghur Muslims? Interview with Jerry Grey

        Significantly the two discuss senior high schools and colleges in the region including boarding facilities for students from remote areas, and that these buildings have been misinterpreted (perhaps deliberately though the interview does not say) by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute as concentration camps.


    2. Make no mistake, the OBOR initiative scares the bejesus out of western corporatists – you can sort of tell from their constant efforts to discredit it. They are not interested in making money out of it themselves by participating or even just investing in it, because the western model of global dominance has evolved to the sanctions hammer, and you can’t use it if you’re talking something you don’t own lock, stock and barrel. If they can’t own it and have the capability to selectively deny it to an enemy, they don’t want it and would prefer that it not happen. The closer you look at the distribution of western foreign aid and capital joint ventures, the less munificent they seem and the more strategic.


  57. Al-Jizz-Error via ‘We don’t matter’: Rohingya deprived of vote in Myanmar elections

    Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims, who have taken shelter in Bangladesh, lament their exclusion from the polls.

    …When Myanmar holds on Sunday its second democratic election after decades of military rule, Yusuf will be among hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim Rohingya deprived of a vote – leading the United Nations to warn that the polls will not be free or fair…

    …More than 730,000 Rohingya fled an army crackdown in 2017 that the UN said had “genocidal intent”, joining other refugees who escaped earlier ethnic violence in cramped camps in Bangladesh, one of Asia’s poorest countries…

    Well that’s a painful sentence. Why doesn’t the report used the world ‘ethnic cleansing’? It can’t be any clearer as they quote the UN itself. It either is, or it isn’t but here there is eqivocation. But, as we know from the break up of Yugoslavia, only official civilian ‘vicitims’ are ethnically
    cleansed from the right side, but when happens to civilians from the ‘wrong side,’ they only ‘fled.’

    Yet again, effective silence from the west (and its media hamsters) that seeks to have Burma as a strategic ally against China because it shares a border. Human rights my ass.

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    1. Testify, brother. Myanmar has been a member in good standing of the WTO since 1995, and another notch on the west’s gun although actual trade with it is minimal. While it must not be made obvious, many western alliances are based on strategic considerations rather than any actual shared values.


    2. Here again. The dying dream of Myanmar democracy

      Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD is expected to win Sunday’s election but post-poll prospects for good governance and reform are bleak

      …Critics accuse her of allowing widespread abuse of minority Rohingyas. Many Rohingya villages were burned down during a military crackdown in 2016 and 2017. Over 900,000 Rohingya — including more than 400,000 children — fled to Bangladesh and a large number of Rohingya refugees are dispersed across Southeast Asia…

      You can’t row back from ‘ethinic cleansing,’ but ‘fleeing’ is a different story.


  58. 12:10, 6 ноября 2020
    МВД рассказало о жалобах Навального из-за диеты

    12:10, 6 November 2020
    The Ministry of Internal Affairs has spoken about Navalny’s symptoms having been caused by his diet

    The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has said that Aleksei Navalny’s malaise could have been caused by his diet, not by poisoning. This has been stated in a notification made by he transport department of the Siberian Federal District Ministry of Internal Affairs.

    During their investigation, the police found that the oppositionist’s wife had told the Omsk doctors that Navalny had had restricted his eating and that for three to five days after his having eaten he had felt felt discomfort and that his diet had been irregular. She suggested that the reason for her husband’s indisposition could have been a diet aimed at losing weight.

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs indicated that the Omsk doctors had made a final diagnosis of the oppositionist on the basis of their investigations, namely a violation of carbohydrate metabolism and exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.

    “A diagnosis of” poisoning ” based on the results of clinical, anamnestic and chemical-toxicological studies had not been confirmed”, the release notes.

    Earlier on November 6, the Interior Ministry called the Navalny incident “a well-planned provocation”. The police came to this conclusion in connection with the actions of the people who accompanied the oppositionist on his trip to Tomsk. Vladlen Los, Maria Pevchikh and Georgy Alburov seized three plastic water bottles from Navalny’s hotel room immediately after the announcement of his hospitalization. These people are evading the appearance of the investigator, the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted.

    Navalny’s health sharply deteriorated on the morning of August 20 during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow: the aeroplane made an emergency landing in Omsk. On August 22, the oppositionist was taken to a Berlin clinic. German experts said that traces of a substance from the Novichok group had been found in his body. At the same time, Russian doctors had not find any poisons in Navalny’s body.

    Why did he think he needed to go on a diet?

    Who ate all the pies — and lobster?


    1. Eating all those lobsters and shellfish filled to the gills with chemicals and microplastics is sure to have put helluva load of xenoestrogens in Navalny’s body which explains the feminising effects like the man-boobs.


    1. Expect more war. Except better war. His FP team is a War Crime of personalities (like a ‘Murder’ of crows). Do Something (TM)! Intervene for Humanitarian Reasons (TM)!

      I’m not sad that t-Rump is probably out. I’m not happy that Bi-Dumb is probably in. For us non-Americans there may be a new layer of veneer and kissy-kissy PR for tv, but underneath it all the US demands will be much the same. Is this rock bottom yet? I hope so for the average American and it should be, but I suspect it isn’t. It’s hard to see the Democrats delivering domestically.


    2. Yes, I saw that. He’s going to take the country in a new direction. I suppose there probably are people in the United States who believe it.

      I notice they have called it for Biden based on his having won the popular vote thus far, when not all the votes have been counted, so I guess they have decided to abandon the electoral college model. That’s probably for the best, and I have always thought it was a retarded system that obviously does nothing to take voting power away from the most populous states, but you’d think they would have told someone before the election. The electors, for example, who apparently no longer have jobs.

      Gag along with me at Joe’s piety;

      “Biden, in a statement, said he was humbled by the victory and it was time for the battered nation to set aside its differences.

      “It’s time for America to unite. And to heal,” he said.

      “With the campaign over, it’s time to put the anger and the harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation,” Biden said. “There’s nothing we can’t do if we do it together.”

      Biden was on track to win the national popular vote by more than 4 million, a margin that could grow as ballots continue to be counted.”

      Oh, I see – so it’s time to put aside all that rhetoric about baskets of deplorables and the hicks who vote Trump – shucks, I was jes’ funnin’. Don’t take offense, and now it’s time for everybody to get behind Team Joe and go onward as if the fantastic deficits we have run up did not exist! All together, now; “Happy days…are here again, the skies above…are clear again…”

      I have news for you, Joe. It is the perception of half the electorate that you stole the election and your occupation of the office is just that – an illegitimate occupation. All those “Not My President” declarations you and your fellow Democrats chuckled along with during Trump’s tenure will now be aimed at you; see how you like it. The precedent has already been set, with the explicit consent of the Democratic party, to speak publicly of the President as if he were just some other lying fuck who had tried to put one over on the people, and they’re not having it. As I mentioned before, an absolutely unprecedented show of disrespect for the office had ntional media anchors cut away from Trump’s speech at the White House, accompanied by pundits’ public remarks that it was ‘lies on top of lies’ and ‘he’s just lying’. What, if I may ask, makes anyone think the country is going to just settle down now and return to worshipful respect just because they’re calling Biden the President today.

      Buckle up, Mister Preznit. See if they’re dancing in the streets of New York, high-fiving with strangers and banging on pots amid honking horns, a month from now.

      Joe Biden – the second President to be elected by the national news media. Only the first time it didn’t work.


      1. I would imagine Biden is very happy, They probably told him it was his birthday,

        Biden gaffs will increase exponentially assuming that he has press conferences (wait, with Covid-19 and all, lets ditch that anachronism). Can hardly wait for him to meet his European partners. They will need a lot of Botox injections to keep a straight face.

        The dem-state certainly has a plan to dispose of sleepy Joe. Perhaps he will be martyred by a crazed deplorable. That would avoid uncomfortable questions why such a deeply dysfunctional person was selected to be president. He would be transformed from a a moron to a visionary, no, brilliant! leader cut down in his prime. My guess- within 12 months.


    3. I suppose the MSM need to preempt and pressure the Electoral College to all but anoint Sleepy Joe before Dec 8 when Sleepy becomes Deep Creepy Comatose Sleepy.


  59. Ha, ha!! Marko, you kill me.

    Some pretty funny Photoshops. Not to mention how funny it is that the actions of the Democrats and their tame media are so egregious that they force us to defend Trump’s rights in this bizarre piece of performance art. Trump is an idiot and maybe even a criminal, but his national role has been overshadowed by the criminal monolith of the Democratic cabal.

    Well, never mind. It’s a long game, right? When the violence has subsided and whatever remains of America has picked up the pieces, and Joe the Hair-Sniffer has gone to his heavenly reward, perhaps we can look forward to the candidacy of his cocaine-addict slick-talking-button-man son, Hunter. It appears there is not really any ceiling – just the perception of one. As long as there’s enough of an electorate that still cheers when the President-Elect says “I didn’t mean all that stuff I said before – we’re all friends now; the time for healing has come. Uh…again” to keep the notion of ‘democracy’ alive.


  60. Андрей Соколов. Кто их «крышует»?

    Andrey Sokolov. Who is “roofing” them?

    [roofing: from the Russian criminal slang meaning of “roof”, namely “protection” as in a criminal protection racket; the above headline could therefore be translated as “Who is giving them protection?” — ME]

    Well-known political scientist Sergei Mikheev, whilst on air during the “Russia 1” TV channel talk show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”, made a loud statement, pointing out that detractors of Russian history and the Russian people have patrons in the Russian government itself.

    “Those who, constantly live on air quite openly throw mud at the memory of the Great Patriotic War have just been mentioned here: a well-known radio station and all of its heroes, all of whom are top people, the offspring of high-ranking Soviet leaders, who have lived well and taken good care of themselves … and most importantly, they clearly have “protection”, he said

    Sergei Mikheev noted that these people have been slinging mud at all periods of Russian history for decades, insulting its heroes and people, claiming that we have a “wrong” and bad country with a terrible history, in which there has been no bright spot. To do this with impunity for many tens of years, according to Mikheev, without powerful patrons at the top, is impossible.

    “These people”, continued the political scientist in his emotional speech, “have ‘protection’, and this ‘protection’ is in the government. Who exactly it is, and why they are doing it, I do not know, but it exists. When people with extremist appeals go on the air throughout the country, and no one notices, there can be no other thoughts. They have government “protection” and live on this money [that they earn from their broadcasts] “.

    According to the political scientist, you can gather together as much as you like and discuss various important and necessary initiatives to strengthen statehood, but at the same time there will be a whole body of people who will be professionally dealing with the exact opposite. And you can be indignant as much as you like at the fact that collectively the West offends us, when absolutely the same is being done in Russia itself, with the permission of and under the protection of the government.

    Other participants in the television discussion actively supported him. “We have different historical positions within the country”, Vladimir Soloviev confirmed. And the general director of Mosfilm, Karen Shakhnazarov, who often acts as an active political scientist, explained this split in society by the fact that it was already divided into opposing classes and called our bourgeois elite “comprador”, which is “ready to surrender the country”. According to him, this is exactly what such an élite did in France during the Second World War, when she meekly surrendered her republic to Hitler.

    Participants in the discussion, who were extremely indignant about the treacherous behaviour of the inner fifth column, which, in the now unfolding fierce information war of the West waged against Russia, brazenly stands on the side of the enemies of our country, did not openly name those who patronize these traitors. And Mikheev himself only hinted at “one radio station”, although everyone knows that “Ekho Moskvy” was being talked about, the subversive role of which [radio station has already been written about by“The Century” more than once. And its patrons are also all known — they sit, for example, in the state-owned company Gazprom, which finances this informational mouthpiece of the fifth column. But why is this happening?

    Whose are you, Gazprom?

    This company is the largest in Russia. The share of “Gazprom” in the world gas reserves is 16%, in Russian — 71%. Gazprom accounts for 12% of the global and 68% of Russian gas production, and is ranked seventeenth in the list of the largest energy companies according to S&P Global Platts. The company also owns the world’s largest gas transmission system, the length of which is 175.2 thousand kilometres. In short, Gazprom is our everything. And many are convinced that this is a purely state-owned company that ensures the well-being of Russia at the expense of the untold wealth of Russian mineral resources, which “belong to the people.” This is true, but, alas, only partially. The real owners of the company’s shares are in fact:

    Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management — 38.37%;
    JSC Rosneftegaz * — 10.97%;
    JSC Rosgazifikatsiya * — 0.89%;
    ADR holders — 25.20%;
    Other registered persons — 24.57%.

    Russian companies are marked with asterisks in this list.

    Thus, together with the State Property Agency, the Russian Federation owns 50.23% of the shares of Gazprom. This is a controlling stake, but who are “ADR holders”? The acronym stands for American Depositary Receipt. These “receipts” are freely tradable on foreign stock markets and are issued by the American depositary bank “,a href=””>The Bank of New York Mellon“.

    In fact, it turns out that not only Russia makes money on Gazprom, but also . . . the United States, that very same country which nowadays publicly calls us an enemy! What are the results of this original profit sharing? Whereas in 2007 Gazprom’s capitalisation was almost 331 billion dollars, in 2017 it was only 53.4 billion. So should we be surprised that Gazprom is financing “Ekho Moskvy”? After all, there is a powerful lobby in its management, for which the interests of an entirely different state are more important. It turns out that Shakhnazarov is right, saying that after the robbery of the 1990s, we have a class of Comprador bourgeoisie, which has completely different interests than the vast majority of the Russian population. This class has huge financial resources, through which it actively supports that media which hold pro-Western positions.

    Chameleons in the corridors of power

    Moreover, this comprador class has its influential representatives in the bodies of political power. It is not customary to name their names publicly, but sometimes they still surface in the media in connection with all kinds of scandals. For example, the name of former minister Mikhail Abyzov, who was arrested on charges of large-scale embezzlement, surfaced recently, or the name of the head of Sberbank, German Gref, who was sharply criticized by Nikita Mikhalkov in his publicistic programme “Besogon” (“Who has our state in his pocket”) for his propaganda in Russia about the theories of “digital slavery” by American billionaire Bill Gates.

    As for the Russian media, in an article dedicated to the dismissal of Deputy Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin, who for 8 years oversaw the media and the Internet in the Russian government, “The Century” has already written about who supervises those in government. When, after his dismissal, his work began to be discussed in the press, it turned out that over the years Volin had consistently and publicly adhered to a rather original approach to journalism and the media, believing that the press was just one type of business. He refused to recognize moral and ethical guidelines in the media, explaining that in this “business, as well as in PR, all means are good if they bring results”. And the profession of a journalist, according to this curator of the Russian media, is no different from the work done by someone one who “makes stools”.

    Why then be surprised that many of our media, including those financed from state sources, are engaged in undermining the foundations of our state, are openly Russophobic, or openly disseminate the views of Russia’s opponents?

    The same bewildered questions may be presented to the curators of our culture. Here is just one, but a typical example: at the end of last year, the International Cultural Forum was held in St. Petersburg, which was presented as the country’s main cultural event; in its section on literature, the main attention was paid to the notorious Dmitry Bykov, who called Hitler a “liberator”, and to Elena Chizhova, who lives in Switzerland, and Mikhail Weller, who recently announced that “Soviet generals were stupid bastards … If Zhukov had been shot right at the very beginning, then that would have made more sense … “.

    That is to say, preference at the Forum was clearly given to the most inveterate of Russophobes. The writers of the St. Petersburg branch of the Writers’ Union of Russia, authors of books of patriotic content, were not invited to it at all. But they did not forget to invite to the forum, for example, the head of the Russophobic “Ekho Moskvy” Alexei Venediktov, who was bashfully named in the programme as a “media manager”. Who was responsible for this? The forum was organized by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of Russia …

    Elena Yampolskaya, Head of the Culture Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, was present at the discussion in the above-mentioned talk show with Solovyov. On this show, she said the right things and spoke from a patriotic point of view. But it is known that just recently it was Yampolskaya who had actively lobbied for the inclusion in the Public Council of this Committee a scandalous showman from St. Petersburg, Sergei Shnurov, infamous for his obscene poems that have cynically denigrated the government and the president, and for often jumping onto the stage in his birthday suit.

    “Better a joke and a curiosity than your caveman’s seriousness!” answered this deputy, who speaks with pathos today about patriotism, to those who were indignant that the State Duma had suddenly provided patronage to this scandalous showman. But at one time it was Elena Yampolskaya who declared that it was necessary to change the “cultural elite of the country”: “We must announce a new cultural appeal. I realized this when some cultural figures supported “Pussy Riot”. We need to call people from the regions and orient them correctly, and then make new stars out of them”. And what is she doing now, having been given authority? Changing Pussy Riot for Shnurovye?

    Therefore, not only those who openly take pro-Western positions are dangerous, but also those who shout alone from their own soapbox, patronizing, in fact, those who corrupt young people and undermine the foundations of state authority in Russia.

    As for our comprador bourgeoisie, one of the most ardent enemies of Russia, Zbigniew Brzezinski, once said: “Russia can have as many nuclear suitcases and nuclear buttons as it wants, but since $500 billion of the Russian élite lies in our banks, you still have to figure out whether this is your élite or is it already ours? I cannot see a single situation in which Russia will use its nuclear potential”. Therefore, if the reformatting of our élite does not happen, if the government is not completely cleared of this poisonous legacy of the ’90s and of the current crafty chameleons, then this could have the most unpredictable consequences for Russia. An example of this is what is happening today in the Ukraine and Belarus, where a generation has grown up, processed by Soros’s textbooks and the propaganda of the pro-Western media.

    Yay! You tell ’em how it is, mister!!!!!


    1. It’s said that we love the ones we do, at least as much as we love them for their appearance and intellect and other personal characteristics, for how they make us feel about ourselves when we are with them. So it is with those who shape and promote our culture; we feel a strong bond with those who tell us something positive about who we are as a people. Americans do not want to hear that theirs is a land of dimwits, obesity and rampant corporate robbery – they want to hear that America is a place where a man’s word is still his bond, a land of limitless opportunity and boundless generosity. And the sheer weight of public belief is often enough to make a country more the way the people think it is, because they actively promote those values in their daily lives.

      There probably are differing views of the Great Patriotic War, and I’d like to see any war which was ever fought presented as one in which unfailingly correct decision-making by political figures and the military brass resulted not only in victory, but the absolute minimum of casualties on one’s own side to the complete satisfaction of future arms-length accounting. Ha. As if. But where it becomes insidious and partisan is in the questioning of the very basis of the conflict; whether the Soviet Union should have become involved or just made a deal, whether the massive loss of life was necessary, preventable or worth it. Russians generally prefer to believe all other alternatives were either unworkable or unworthy, and to focus instead on the courage of the people in the face of such fearful odds and such relentless hate. For what it’s worth, that’s what I believe, too, and I would go further – it’s never really stopped. The only period in which the Soviet Union and its successor, the Russian Federation, was ever regarded benignly by the west was the period in which the west believed it was going to oversee the orderly breakup and dismantling of it, and its conversion to another engine of western corporate profit complete with legions of wage slaves who announced that they had never had it so good.


  61. Al-Jizz Error via France ‘to reduce troop presence’ in Sahel

    Paris to withdraw several hundred troops to make way for stronger European presence in conflict-hit region, sources say.


    Just don’t mention the (Libyan) war, nudge nudge, wink wink! The one that happend by ‘accident’ when u-Rope tripped over its shoelaces and accidentally killed Ghadaffi.


      1. It’s a kreakl collage, obviously because it follows the kreakl meme that Putin has been president since 2000 and that Medvedev never really was president, so he is always conveniently forgotten.


  62. Gosh!

    World War III looms up amongst the consequences of the lockout

    The economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has made the prospect of a third world war “at risk,” said Britain’s most senior military commander. General Sir Nick Carter, Chief of Defence Staff, made the comment when Sky News asked ahead of Remembrance Sunday [today, 8 november — ME] whether he feared the global economic crisis caused by the coronavirus could lead to war.

    He said on the Sophy Ridge programme on Sunday:

    “There are fears that the growth of regional conflicts that are playing out around the world could ramp up into full-blown war, mirroring the run up to the two world wars in the 20th century, when a series of alliances between countries led to many years of bloodshed.

    With the world being a very uncertain and anxious place during the pandemic, there is a chance that you might see escalation lead to miscalculations. We have to remember that history might not repeat itself but it has a rhythm and if you look back at the last century, before both world wars, I think it was unarguable that there was escalation which led to the miscalculation which ultimately led to war at a scale we would hopefully never see again”

    When asked if he was talking about a “real threat” of a third world war, he replied:
    “I say this is a risk and we must be aware of these risks.”

    Then Carter was on the BBC One Andrew Marr programme and he asked people not to leave home and gather to celebrate Remembrance Sunday, but rather that they stand in silence at their doorsteps at 11am.

    When asked about there not being a Cenotaph march, he said:

    “It is especially difficult for our veterans who like to get together, share memories and ‘walk around’. It will be hard for them”.

    A smug-looking Carter in full pomp. Is he a Trump clone, I wonder


    1. For the Generals, all roads lead to war. Were it not so and did they not present the situation in such terms, people might speculate out loud, “Then what do we need Generals for?” And he probably fancies prancing about in broadcloth and brocade much more than saying “Would you like fries with that?” 2,013 times a day. The fact is, military combat skills are generally not transferable; if you are not a technician or engineer of some description, more or less the only avenue of civilian employment is as a consultant to one of the companies who build military equipment for the government, such as Raytheon or General Dynamics or Lockheed-Martin. And there are 500 applicants for every one of those jobs, although it’s true very senior military officers are often selected, because of their perceived political influence and connections.


  63. Oh shit! Now Estonia is backing the Bullshitter. Time to throw in the towel, Putin.

    The Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany said that the transfer of personal data of opposition leader Alexei Navalny can be considered only when an official investigation of this incident is opened in the Russian Federation.

    The department noted that the response of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation to investigate the situation with Navalny was received today and is being dealt with, RIA Novosti reports.

    A representative of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Germany noted that Russia had not provided Germany with all the data with requests for legal assistance after the oppositionist had been hospitalized.

    It was noted that all four Russian requests had been forwarded to the Berlin state justice authorities, where they were being processed, and this redirection did not mean the approval of the request.

    Earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that Russia had not received substantive answers from Germany, Sweden and France to any of the 24 questions raised regarding the situation with Navalny.

    Meanwhile, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu, speaking with opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who is currently in Germany, noted the need for an international investigation into his poisoning and said that sanctions against Russia should be extended

    My stress.

    Tremble, Russia!



    1. As far as Germany is concerned, the official response should read, “Call me when you’re ready to get out of the sandbox, you fucking childish retard”, since Germany is insisting an official Russian investigation be opened to look into…well, I’m not exactly sure what they’re supposed to be looking into, since all the evidence of a crime having been committed is held by Germany, which refuses to share any of it until an official government investigation is opened in Russia, and the loop just never closes. It’s like if Russia said, “I have a Mrs. Kravitz here, from Bonn; she says she was ripped off by Fielendanke Grocery Store when they charged her double for bratwurst. I’ve got her transaction receipt right here”, and Germany said, “Fine; send us the receipt or a certified copy, and we’ll look into it”, and Russia replied, “Nothing doing, Krautie; fire the manager of the grocery store first; then we’ll send you the evidence of why he needed to be fired”.

      As to Estonia, Russia should just send one of those constantly-repeating GIF action clips of Putin yawning, over and over. Maybe with a caption that says “Whatever”. Wrapped in a government document which cancels all contracts for electrical/electronic parts and equipment exported by Estonia to Russia, which is their single largest category. Russia comes in at almost exactly half, by percentage, of what Estonia exports (all exports) to its largest trading partner, which is Finland at about 16%. Russia is the destination for about 8.5%. Just switching its electrical/electronics imports to buying from China instead would probably be much cheaper, at approximately the same quality, and send an unmistakable message.


    1. You! Yes, you, American voter whom I don’t know and have never seen before. Keep your face still for a moment, because I choose you to play half of the parody in which I pretend to recognize someone in the crowd who is an old friend, exemplifying American values. He’s not poor – God, no! I don’t actually know any poor folk and certainly do not shop where they do. But he’s not rich, either; he’s just a really good sort, the kind of guy you, you know, imagine yourself going to have a beer with.

      I barely even recognize half my family now, and I see them almost every day. But this finger-pointing thing is kind of a political leitmotif you pick up during a lifetime in politics, one of those things like bringing your family onstage to celebrate your victory with you, as if you sit around the dinner table with them and make national policy in a folksy kind of way that doesn’t hurt anybody, but instead benefits everybody to more or less the same degree. Kind of like idealized socialism, although of course we don’t call it that. These gestures and pantomimes are the salt and pepper of public relations; they humanize us and, more than any other single quality, foster the American belief that anybody can be anything if they only believe and try hard enough – that it could be them up here on this stage, pointing at an old friend and thinking, thank God we were born in this wonderful place at this wonderful time, pregnant with potential and possibility and opportunity.

      Sorry…what were we talking about, again?


    1. “You ought to get you some of that, Hunter. Perk your lazy ass right up, because if you don’t start generating some DRIVE, if you know what I’m sayin’ you are not going to make it as a naval officer.”


  64. Via Moon of Alabama.*

    Caitlin Johnston: US Murder Machine Now Under Competent Management

    …And make no mistake, murdering people is what the Biden administration will be doing. This will in fact be the only president in recent memory who actually campaigned on being more interventionist and attacking his opponent for not being hawkish enough. Trump ran on a platform of scaling back US interventionism, as did Obama, as did even Bush, but Biden did the opposite. He is beginning from a much more hawkish position than he predecessors right off the bat…

    I hope not, but I suspect so. The US under a democrat warmonger extraordinaire steps back in to the Denial from the Five Stages of Grief. I wonder which f/ktarded scenario they are looking to impose their will first. As for ‘ending the war in Yemen,’ even the Saudis have already been looking to get out of that clusterf/k, but I’m sure Joe will take the credit and weapons sales will continue unabated. Big bucks for no f/ks.


  65. Ha, ha, ha!!! Our old friends, Diebold Voting Systems. Long time no see, boys!

    Here’s a little blast from the past, nearly 15 years ago now. A Princeton computer science professor and a couple of his graduate students demonstrated how someone with the necessary skills who could gain unsupervised access to a Diebold voting machine for less than 10 minutes could upload software which could change votes to those for a desired candidate and delete itself at the end of the voting day so that the altered tally remained but no trace of the alien software’s presence.


  66. Y’all are going to have to be patient with me. I went to write a new post, and suddenly all that’s available is WordPress’s new whizbang Block Editor, which I absolutely fucking hate – it’s confusing and clumsy to use and seems more focused on spreading your words through the entire global web of social media than anything else.

    When I wrote a couple of posts ago, it was available, except then they called it the Gutenberg Editor. They popped it up as the default, because of course they want you to use it. But it was still reasonably easy to get back to the Classic Editor.

    And it still is, I guess, if you want to shell out almost 400 bucks a year for the ‘Business Class’ WordPress experience, because the classic editor is locked up safe and sound now in ‘Plugins’, which – you guessed it – are only available to paying customers. And they only plan to support it for maybe another year anyway. Even if I had money growing in my pocket so that I had an endless harvest, it would be hard to justify spending that just to get away from the latest technology and escape back to an editor the Cool Kidz say is too primitive for words, although I liked it because I understood it.

    Just to add a little spice to what is becoming the typical cash-grabby WordPress approach, I clicked on ‘Upgrade to Business’ active link, reasoning that if it was only a couple bucks, it might be worth it to get the Classic Editor back. There are only two choices; one year at $490-something, and two years at $600-something, what a deal! The program automatically selects one year, and now I get a recurring banner across the top of my screen telling me ‘your cart is awaiting payment’. Perfect. Thanks, WordPress – for two cents I’d start over at some other blogging platform.

    Anyway, the upshot is I’m going to have to learn to use the Block Editor, because they don’t like giving away anything for free any more when they can maneuver you into paying. So hang in there; it’s going to take some experimenting and some time.


    1. Another tactic to adopt is that you ask for donations — off us, your devoted fellow stooges.

      How long have I been typing away to “The Kremlin Stooge” / “The new Kremlin Stooge”?

      I don’t know — 4 years? Maybe even 5?

      It has given me a lot of pleasure in doing so, not to mention the reading of the ‘Kremlin Stooge” head articles and the comments off fellow stooges.


    2. What a PIFA.

      …This might seem strange at first, but it’s much better adapted to multimedia content, like this blog post, which is full of images and GIFs. Instead of placing images awkwardly into your text, you have blocks neatly separating images and paragraphs…

      Reinventing the wheel. Again. As much as I like computers, I also get p’d off having to learn new ways to do the same thing over and over again.

      What you could do is first write your post in a text editor like Notepad2/Notepad++/* (or something that has autosave which you should set to a minute or so). When done, just pasted it in two Wordp*ss and make pretty if you can be bothered.



      1. There are comments here long enough to be posts in themselves and we could start a new comments thread from one of those posts.


        1. True, but a blog that never updates does not last long. I’m just resistant to change and from the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school. I hate the new editor because I don’t understand it and because it is maximized for purposes which do not interest me at all, such as instantly distributing your work to the multitude of social-media networks and driving traffic to your site, which is presumably a moneymaker. But so far it is really not a deal-breaker, and its ‘blocks’ structure includes a ‘classic block’ which is almost exactly like the old one – you simply have to edit only the block you are working on. I suppose in theory you could write your entire post in a single block, but I’m still learning. We’ll see how the first post comes out; it looks all right in preview, but there’s no media in it yet, just text.


  67. Deutsche Arschlöcher!

    Wer es gut meint mit Russland, muss dessen Modernisierung fordern
    Veröffentlicht am 30.08.2020
    Von Stephan-Götz Richter

    Those who mean well for Russia must demand its modernization.

    Es ist kein Zeichen westlicher Arroganz, die Rückständigkeit des Landes beim Namen zu nennen. Wem das Schicksal der russischen Bevölkerung wirklich am Herzen liegt, muss auf eine Liberalisierung des Staates drängen.

    It is not a sign of Western arrogance to state the name of a backward country. Those who really care about the fate of the Russian people must press for state liberalization.

    Yes, old Fritz really cares about old Ivan’s fate!

    The “modernization partnership” that Germany has been pursuing with Russia since 2008 had good intentions. It was not only so as to lead to more rule of law and a more effective fight against corruption there. Above all, it was to arm Russia indirectly for its fateful battle with the post-fossil age.

    This requires what the Putinists are trying to prevent — the formation of a stronger civil society as a basis for an orientation towards an internationally competitive service society.

    After all, there is much more to a society’s survival than having oil and gas reserves. In this respect, Russia shares a crucial challenge with Saudi Arabia. Both countries basically have to reinvent themselves.

    In view of these very challenging circumstances for the Russians, there can therefore be no doubt about the fundamental justification for German political and economic commitment to reform in Russia. In principle, this is in the interest of both nations, but primarily of the Russians themselves.

    What is in considerable doubt, however, is Russian sincerity. Beyond occasional lip service, little is done to seriously pursue a modernization and transformation process such as the partnership of 2008.

    However, what happens with fine regularity are outrageous crimes directed by the Russian authorities and directed against the life or health of opposition politicians and journalists. These inhuman activities are accompanied by press releases which — like the recent attack on Alexander [sic] Navalny — are oozing with cynicism and are also extremely flimsy.

    The bullshitting bastard’s name is Alexei, not Alexander, you pompous, smart-arse German arsehole!!!!

    What is most astonishing, however, is the passivity with which large sections of the Russian population accept all this contempt for humanity and cynicism. Would anyone have ever thought that Belarus would turn out to be a haven of democratic spirit and peaceful civil resistance?

    The shame this brings on the Russians is abysmal. Although there is a small stratum of freedom-minded people there, the great masses remain in a tsarist-communist-putinist rut.

    To put it bluntly: for all the grotesque tendency of official Russia to engage in criminal activity, Mohammed bin Salman, the notoriously bloodthirsty and no less cynical Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, seems to be much more seriously interested in modernising his country’s economy than does Putin and Co.

    Meanwhile, the world perceives the creativity that exists in the Russian IT sector, which a decade ago was often highly praised, today mainly via troll farms and hackers. The only “talent” of official Russia and its technological as well as propagandistic auxiliary forces obviously consists in destructive action and the undermining of the social and political order of other countries.

    Anyone looking at the current situation in Russia from a German perspective must actually admit to himself — even if his name is Platzeck [Matthias Platzeck, German politician and “Putin apologist” —ME] or Schröder — that Russian society under Putin has become anything but more liberal. Instead of opening up towards Europe, Russia has committed itself to the Chinese path of strict political and social control through an IT-based surveillance state.

    This raises the increasingly obvious question of whether Russia is still culturally part of Europe at all. Neither the regime nor the oligarchs and their mafia-like structures can be called “civilized”.

    Anyone in Germany who nevertheless hopes that Russia could bring about a turnaround in the country’s internal development must not shirk from an elementary insight: since the collapse of the Soviet Union at the latest, the oppositional, democratic and civil rights-oriented vein of the country’s population has been withering away more and more.

    A decisive factor in this is that a large part of the critically-minded human capital no longer resides in the country. Since the mid-1970s, the urban Jewish professional elites in particular have taken advantage of all opportunities to emigrate, especially to the United States and Israel. This has benefited the USA in particular, but has led to further structural atrophy in today’s Russia.

    In view of these facts, we Germans are making ourselves increasingly ridiculous with our armies of Russia-understanders. Constantly warning against the emergence of “escalation spirals” and constantly advertising the knotting or resumption of any threads of conversation as if they had made any substantial difference, is degenerating more and more into a form of ritual insanity.

    It is high time for a clear address. For we Germans certainly have what it takes, from our own experience, to contribute to a seriously undertaken modernisation of Russia.

    In the interest of the Russian people — and thus in contrast to the country’s selfish, neo-feudally corrupt elites — those who see themselves as friends of Russia should not gloss over anything and call a spade a spade when it comes to economic reform.

    Anyone who argues in this way with a view to a constructive German role is immediately met with a wave of indignation from the camp of Russophiles amongst us. “Who are we, then, to be so arrogant towards the Russians?” is a quick comment. And: “The Russians, who beat us so devastatingly in the Second World War, are rightly a proud people who do not wait to be lectured by the Germans on economic matters.

    Which raises a simple question: Who else — if not us — should take over this reality-based initiative? Especially since the Russians are clearly not in a position to do what is necessary on their own.

    There is not even a trace of the courage and willingness to learn from that which Peter the Great demonstrated in his learning journey to Europe in 1697-98 in order to modernize the country. On the Russian side, the abundance of oil and natural gas continues to lead to a fatal, increasingly short-sighted form of belief in their own superiority.

    But is it really arrogant of us to give advice to the Russians? What is often constructed as a killer argument backfires on closer inspection. For the underlying thesis that Russia does not have to — or rather should not — listen to anybody only results in its continued self-isolation or sinking into political-economic nihilism.

    Of course, it is not a question of lecturing the Russians. But what we Germans can say in Russia in a completely credible way is, first of all, that we are very well versed in the systematic development of a diversified economy. This also applies to extreme situations such as total destruction through war or hyperinflation.

    And secondly, we can vividly demonstrate the economic and social fact that openness in exchange with other countries and the willingness to accept good ideas from afar are the essential foundations of our own prosperity.

    Presenting these thoughts and at the same time pointing out the many aberrations and inconsistencies in the pursuit of Russia’s supposed modernisation is not an act of arrogance, but an act of well-understood friendship.

    The need to make this attempt, even if it now seems more like Don Quixote’s fight against the windmill sails, is important for another reason. It is precisely because we Germans regularly duck out of NATO and the West on more explosive military issues, that it is worthwhile to pursue a policy on the German side that modernizes Russia economically and socially and is capable of leading it on a more conciliatory foreign policy course. Why should the Russians not be able to free themselves from the subservient spirit? Why should they be condemned to rely on the potential for suffering of their own people?

    If we Germans continue to take a reflexive, understanding course in our dealings with Moscow and are not prepared to call a spade a spade, we shall share the responsibility for Russia’s continued stagnation, if not its continuing decline. Having the courage to contradict is actually the only relevant act of friendship that counts.

    The alternative is unacceptable. We Germans, in particular, should not stand by silently while the Russian leadership, when it comes to