See Russia Starting Any New Wars? Thanks, Washington.

Uncle Volodya says, “This is my doctrine: Give every other human being every right you claim for yourself.”

…hitched a ride on a monkey’s back;
headed west into the black,
I’m goin’ to dizz knee land

DaDa, from “Dizz Knee Land”

There’s a certain temptation, for me at least, to view an entire people as stupid and self-centered just because their leaders so uniformly are, and I confess I struggle with it. I know Ukrainians are not stupid, know it to be a fact, as I know several personally who are well-informed, sophisticated, pragmatic and bright people; given the size of my sample pool – which I will call Ukrainians I Personally Know – they are as intelligent and perceptive as any other group. My data pool is not large, admittedly, but it’s hard to believe the smart ones I know are all that exist.

However, what are we to make of the alleged contention of Yehor Bozhok (the contortions Ukrainians go through to make sure their names do not sound Russian always crack me up, in this instance resulting in one that sounds quite a bit like the pessimistic donkey from “Winnie the Pooh”) that the world has the sanctions imposed against Russia by Washington and Brussels to thank for peace? For the reality that forces of the Russian Federation are not currently rampaging through the seas, fields and cities of the Free World?

The gospel according to Yehor (Head of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service, the SZRU) is that the west’s economic sanctions – leaning heavy on the word ‘economic’, because that is what they are – are negatively impacting President Vladimir Putin’s ability to wage war around the world, including in Ukraine. It is assumed that’s what he wants to do, more than anything, and that only the sanctions (and the might of the Ukrainian Army, of course, Geroyim Slava) hold him back.

I know, I know; I should stop reading – never mind highlighting – articles from Newsweek, which is to the last outposts of serious journalism what the Fiat 500 is to street racing. It’s a newsmagazine with no real news, instead a spinner of the news so that what’s going on in the world sounds more like what Americans wish and hope is going on in the world. Where America is still top dog, and all other nations envy it for its freedom, wealth and power. The reality is quite a bit more like this cartoon, which originally appeared in The Economist:

Image result for economist cartoon democracy downhill

Anyway, the chief reason I am offering to discuss an article which originates in Newsweek is that even Newsweek cannot substantiate Yehor’s allegations, and notes in those instances that it has nothing much to go on besides his word that what he says is a fact.

The first fact he offers is that the western-imposed sanctions have cost the Russian budget “around $173 Billion” in the four years between 2014 and 2018. He says that the estimate is based on Russia’s own calculations, but does not cite where he found it. That might be helpful, as it might well have come from Novaya Gazeta, where Russia is always on the razor edge of complete collapse.  Newsweek duly notes that other sources have provided lower estimates, that other analysts suggest Bozhok’s estimates are likely inflated for political purposes and the difficulty determining the loss from sanctions within the overall fall in revenues from falling oil prices. Very often western analysts simply combine all figures for reduced revenues, including debt payout and the ‘capital flight’ that occurs from foreign investments, and optimistically conclude sanctions are wreaking havoc.

They’re certainly not to anyone’s benefit, but according to a special report compiled for the UN, Europe’s losses are almost double Russia’s. Idriss Jazairy figured Europe lost $100 Billion – $3.2 Billion a month over the first three years the sanctions were in effect – to $55 Billion out of the Russian economy over the same period.

Take note that nobody disputes his figures, because UN Watch – a Geneva-based watchdog – immediately pilloried Jazairy, announcing that the Russian Federation had paid him $50,000.00  in 2016 for his mandate. UN Watch said it found it ‘incredible’ that the report suggested the Russian government was a victim of human rights violations, had a brief spastic episode over the fact that Jazairy had compiled an entire report on the Russian dispute with Ukraine without mentioning the words “occupied territory”, and noted bitterly that as members of the UN Security Council, countries like Venezuela, Cuba and China had “been able to influence the appointment of experts friendly to their regimes.”

Now, you could probably do a whole post all on its own about how the western heavyweights like the United States and the bigger players in the EU have been able to influence the appointments of various players friendly to their regimes.  US President Donald Trump just got through appointing US Treasury Department official David Malpass to head the World Bank; Malpass is the former chief economist of Bear Stearns, the investment bank which went from outwardly healthy to practically insolvent in 72 hours and touched off the global financial crisis. One of his first official actions upon taking up his appointment – which the World Bank Board will approve, as it dares not oppose the United States – will be to rein in lending to China. Why should they be able to borrow money from the World Bank? They’re a wealthy country with access to other capital markets.

Maybe this would be a good place to interject that the United States owes China $1.138 Trillion, with a “T”, and that it lent the USA money when nobody else would. The United States of America and the regime which runs it are the world’s most indebted, by a wide margin.

Be that as it may, the points of Jazairy’s report which are not disputed are the losses suffered by Europe, and those by the Russian Federation; UN Watch gets its knickers in a twist over language, and the unconscionable suggestion that Russia is a victim of human-rights violations. Which, of course, it is – the purpose of western sanctions was to make life harder for ordinary Russians so that they would blame and turn against Putin, and throw him out. That certainly worked a treat, didn’t it?

But let’s take a look at the effectiveness of economic sanctions toward curtailing Russia’s ability to wage war. In the 5 years ending 2017, Russia took delivery from its armament companies of 80 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s), 102 submarine ballistic missiles (SLBM’s), 3 Borei Class ballistic-missile submarines, 3,237 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, over 1000 aircraft and helicopters, 150 vessels, 6 submarines and 12 Bal and Bastion coastal missile complexes. Air Defense Forces continue to receive the S-400 Triumf missile complexes ahead of schedule. While the wild fluctuations in the price of oil definitely have an effect on defense spending, the Russian defense budget is poorly understood by the west and erroneous figures reporting massive reductions continue to circulate, because they are what the west is happy to believe. The next time someone wins a war by believing what makes them happy will also be the first time. Meanwhile, and most importantly to this particular discussion, defense spending in 2018 had nothing whatever to do with sanctions beyond minor difficulties acquiring some western parts. Some western outlets rejoiced at this, as if nobody else makes flat screens.

Throughout 2018, although Russia indeed did not start any new wars, it successfully thwarted the world’s biggest military power in its regional ambitions to regime-change Bashar al-Assad out of the Syrian presidency, and turned back its proxy forces – ISIS – with only a minimal air component of never more than 40 planes. Obviously the Syrian ground forces, the SAA, deserve a great deal of the credit, but it was Russia’s entry which changed the dynamic and sent ISIS from advancing into retreat. Significantly, Russia did not enter the decidedly one-sided conflict until its military participation was invited by the democratically-elected leader of the sovereign nation, the only country other than Iran which was legally a combatant under international law. The continued American military presence in Syria remains unsolicited, unwelcome and illegal.

Russia is a member of the Normandy Four format tasked with resolving the conflict in Ukraine; significantly, the United States was not invited. It promptly appointed a special envoy, and muscled its way to the discussion table anyway – exactly the sort of behavior which would not be tolerated if it had been exercised by Russia. The point herein is that Russia increasingly plays a major role in great-power politics, rather than being put back in its box by economic sanctions. In point of fact, the sanctions have touched off a renaissance in Russian domestic food production; domestic pork production increased by 74.4% between 2014 and 2017, a market share which previously belonged to Canada and the EU. Domestic fish and seafood catches went up 61.4% – a large part of that market share once belonged to Norway. Poultry up 60%, again the EU lost out, and this time the USA, to the tune of nearly 40% of the market. Fruit and vegetables increased domestically by 36.2% and 53.9% – sorry, Poland and the Netherlands. Don’t you get it? Sanctions are not only grossly ineffective for their stated purpose, they are helping Russia increase its strength and self-reliance, and they are hurting Europe by costing it market share that will in all probability not return in the foreseeable future. Russia has learned that its ‘behavior’ will never be ‘satisfactory’ no matter what it does, and so western opinion no longer plays a significant part in its decision-making or its alliances.

Ukrainians like Yehor have learned an entirely different lesson – so long as they shout “Boo!!! Hiss!!!” every time Washington mentions Russia, they can count on staying in the news, and the money will keep rolling in without having to actually do anything to earn it.

Ordinarily, I would say western diplomacy needs a little work, but it’s way past too late for that.





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  1. The competition just won’t seem the same without those retards!

    Ukraine pulls out of Eurovision Song Contest 2019
    59 minutes ago

    Faced with the prospect of more bands pulling out of the process, broadcaster UA:PBC decided to leave the contest altogether.

    “The song contest is an opportunity for every country to announce itself in the international arena, and for each performer to act as an ambassador,” it said in a statement.

    “But the national selection 2019 revealed… a systemic problem in Ukraine’s music industry: The connection of artists to the territory of the aggressor state.

    “For some parts society, this fact is acceptable. In others, it causes indignation and rejection.”

    Yes, I bet they’re proper vexed about this in Galitsia.


    1. I bet the organisers of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv are upset that the Banderites won’t be bringing their torchlight parades to their fair city.


      1. The one is every bit as political as the other, and catering to Israel is no less political than the Banderites and their perennial grievances. Might as well hold the next one in the Maldives; I hear they do a good breakfast, although it’s pricey.


  2. So let’s see…India who permitted a handful of Brits to plant their Raj boots firmly in India’s ass for two hundred years or so are gonna take on China as a result of bitch slapping instigation by the USA.
    Oh…I see… the USA will put boots on the ground to back up India after Chinese divsions barrel through Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet to occupy NE India …right??? Surely the mustachioed fuckhead will be standing tall, shoulder to shoulder with Modi at the forefront of the of the New Delhi defensive positions.

    “The Pakistani government and elite are seeking to cast themselves as victims of Indian aggression. But they are no less responsible than New Delhi for the reactionary strategic conflict that has riven South Asia since the 1947 communal partition of the subcontinent into an expressly Muslim Pakistan and a predominantly Hindu India, and which today threatens to culminate in a nuclear holocaust. Especially cynical is Islamabad’s attempt to portray itself as the protector of the Kashmiri people. Pakistan has run roughshod over the rights of the Kahsmiris in Azad, or Pakistan-held Kashmir, and it has manipulated the popular opposition in Jammu and Kashmir, using its political influence and logistical muscle to promote anti-working class Islamist militia groups.
    The Indo-Pakistan conflict is rooted in Partition, but it has been enormously exacerbated by the predatory actions of Washington. Determined to use India as a frontline state in its military-strategic offensive with China, successive administrations, Democrat and Republican alike, have showered strategic favours on India, while blithely ignoring Islamabad’s warnings that its actions have overturned the regional balance of power.

    So as to further cement the Indo-US “global strategic partnership,” US National Security Adviser John Bolton gave the Modi government a green light to strike Pakistan. Less than 24 hours after the Pulwama attack and after hurried consultations with his Indian counterpart, Ajit Doyal, Bolton declared that Washington supports “India’s right to self-defense against cross-border terrorism.” Except for the name of the country, Bolton’s words were exactly those that US governments have for decades used to bless Israeli attacks on the Palestinians.

    Fear of the burgeoning Indo-US alliance—which now includes a US right to use Indian military bases for refuelling and resupply—has led China and Pakistan to forge ever-closer strategic ties. Consequently the Indo-Pakistani and US-China conflicts have become enmeshed. A war between India and Pakistan would from the get-go risk drawing in the world’s great powers and igniting a global conflagration.”


    1. It’s curious that wherever there is a hotspot with the potential to touch off a global conflagration, there the USA is with its support for one side, egging them on to greater conflict. I’m sure that except for the possibility of the planet we live on being annihilated, there are few things Washington would like better than war between India and China. These are two great powers whose development Washington wishes to control, and both are promising markets for Russian arms; in the case of India, Washington would quite like to replace Russia as a supplier, and so make a long-term client of the country.

      Ken Livingstone did not have it quite right – it was not George W. Bush who was the greatest threat to life on this planet, it was and is the United States government and the corporate cabal who controls and manipulates it.


  3. An excellent wsws article:

    “In its latest issue, Jacobin magazine, affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, is dedicated to promoting the election campaign of Democrat Bernie Sanders. The magazine spells out “A Plan to Win Socialism in America,” which it describes as little more than profit-sharing, via a “share levy on profitable companies to build up union-controlled funds.”

    Jacobin fails to make clear how this “socialism” would be substantially different from the current arrangement at US automakers, whose retiree health-care insurance pools are run as slush funds for the corporatist UAW, and which give workers piddling profit-sharing checks once a year after ruthlessly exploiting them.

    What none of these self-styled reformers address is how, in the face of a ruthless and reactionary ruling elite, even these extremely modest proposals are to be carried out. If the Federal Reserve cannot raise rates—in defense of the long-term interests of capitalism—and the courts ride roughshod over existing anti-trust laws, it is not difficult to imagine the furious backlash to even the most limited effort to increase taxes on the rich.

    Every serious struggle of the working class against capitalism poses the necessity for the full expropriation of the financial oligarchy and the source of their power: the exploitation of human beings through capitalist property relations.”

    For stooges who have a particular interest in things of an economic nature as (somewhat) viewed through the luens of marxist/socialist /communist political theory. The comment of Kalen is though provoking:

    Kalen • 3 hours ago
    Capitalist propaganda made sure long before Orwell was born that word expropriation induces Pavlov reaction of revulsion among people as its meaning was corrupted, in fact reversed and applied as misleading characterization of central element of socialist/communist agenda.

    Mantra of threat of expropriation by communists of sacrosanct, god-given or “earned” by hard work “wealth” from individual “owners” of property (also means of production) was driving propaganda lie of counterrevolutionary efforts well before Marx and applied already to Reformation Peasants Rebelion of early XVI century.

    The major point was: who wants to “give” away for free his own property?

    Of course in general terms nobody wants to give away what they “own” even Marx, with personal items exception, did not to want give away what he “owned” realizing instead that in fact he and we all do not individually “own”anything at all, as everything material and spiritual comes from community commons “owned” or rather more appropriately stating, collectively equitably shared among community.

    If so what expropriation of individual property means is returning it to commons while propertiation hailed by capitalism as wealth creating is in fact expropriation of commons.

    I had to use such a logical contortion to explain material reality only because the term individual even common “property” is a fictional construct and does not exists in nature.

    When we eliminate it everything becomes clear as nobody is hurt when central point of socialist agenda is implemented namely returning of land and means of productions back to commons (not state) where they always belonged all along, in soon coming aftermath this sorry episode of …misguided dead end modern civilization.

    Imagine Sanders, AOC campaign “Return what you do not own” instead of being accused of driving expropriation politics which in fact they have no intention of following.

    Of course none of them in bourgeois-liberal political spectrum even ISO, DSA and most Stalinist parties may be with exception of some Maoists all over the globe want to acknowledge that devastating to their ideological direction material reality Marx and others like Luxemburg saw and instead they want to live in Pollyannish illusion of propertied socialism (owned by state or individuals).

    This is the line, the line of rejection of illusion and recognition of reality that property does not exists that is the line where real socialism starts and pseudo leftists run away from.

    Just to leave those socialism and Marx haters who desecrated his grave, something to chew on is that the same analysis can be applied to other than general property (including slaves) concept within institution of capitalism namely to concept of institution marriage and modular family as it is a social product of ancient and modern capitalism, a derivative of property transaction embedded into capitalist legal framework via incorporating Church into state power structure.

    Many who identify themselves as leftist would not cross that line either as being socialist means being brave, not reckless and inconsiderate but simply brave, like Marx, or Lenin or Luxemburg or Trotsky to name few greatest facing assassinations, rejections and hatred even after death by others whose sensibilities have been arrested by capitalism and their working class conscientiousness falsified toward bourgeois liberalism pushed as socialism, national socialism.
    Are you revolutionary socialist and it is a bridge too far for you?”


    1. Bernie Sanders will ultimately disappoint everyone who sees a socialist in him, if ever he wins power. Look at his voting record. He is just the same as all the other Democrats, who are themselves just like all the Republicans. The illusion of political choice in America is just that – an illusion, and there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the parties on issues of foreign policy. It probably matters a great deal to Americans that there are differences on domestic issues, such as immigration and health care. But those don’t matter at all to other countries, and all they see is America’s gathering nuttiness and fascination with shit-disturbing all around the globe.


  4. @JEN;

    If you were referring to what I referenced as authority for facts on the Blagoveshchensk massacre..I lost track of what I was reading when I just happened to come across a reference to the massacre and colloquy by Russian officials who were exchanging views on how Russia should insulate herself against a ‘yellow peril’ threat in eastern Russia and Manchuria . If I can find it..I’ll post it.


    1. I have seen some articles on the Blagoveshchensk massacre and seen the context in which the drownings were forced on the people living in the area. The people massacred were a mix of Chinese, Manchus, Mongolians and others, and the Cossacks who carried out the drownings (on orders from the Tsarist government) were themselves of mixed Russian, Mongolian and Turkic (Tatar, Kipchak) origins.

      The whole area in the Russian Far East at the time was prize territory not just for the Russians and the Manchu government in China (it was part of the original Manchu homeland as well) but for Japan who only gave up military designs on the area after August 1939 after they had their arses handed to them by the Soviets and the Mongolians at Khalkhin Gol then.


      1. Wow!!! :

        “If tomorrow Morocco were to declare war on France, or India on Britain, or Persia or China on Russia, and so on, those would be ‘just’ and ‘defensive’ wars, irrespective of who attacked first; any socialist would wish the oppressed, dependent and unequal states victory over the oppressor, slave-holding and predatory ‘great’ powers.” (Lenin)

        I guess one definition of a visionary would be one who can write that which becomes history before it comes to pass. I guess we can imagine where Lenin would stand on the Venezuela situation.


        1. Lenin’s paternal grandmother was of Kalmyk descent and the Kalmyks themselves were survivors of a 1750s genocide carried out by the Manchu imperial government in China against the Dzungarian state (Mongol-speaking, Buddhist in religion) in the area that is now part of northwest Xinjiang province in NW China. The Manchus used mostly Manchu, Mongolian and Turkic (Uyghur, Kazakh) soldiers against the Dzungarian army. After Dzungaria was destroyed and the survivors driven out, the Manchus resettled the area with Uyghur, Chinese and Kazakh settlers.

          Of course, this means that the Uyghurs are no more “native” to that part of Xinjiang province than the Chinese themselves.


          1. Lenin’s hostility to Great Russian chauvinism was very consistent… right up until the time of the Russian Revolution.
            After that, he softened up somewhat towards ethnic Russians, seeing that they were not necessarily synonymous with the Romanov dynasty, LOL.


      2. “-the Don River was considered the boundary of Asia since Antiquity. This would put almost all of Russia squarely in Asia It seems that primarily under Peter I, in Russia, who attempted to impose Westernization from top-down, was the border moved to east of the Urals. Vasily Tatishchev seems to be one of the officials most involved.

        – From Russian Orientalism, the Russian peasantry themselves replaced the Circassians of the “Asian Other” (David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye, p. 74), in the view of the Russian elite. Pushkin was raised not speaking Russian, but French, as Russian was seen as a backward Asiatic language. The nobility imported French speakers (and sometimes Swedes pretending to be French) to teach the language to their children.

        – The origins of Russia: The Sarmatians and Scythians, an Iranian equestrian tribes were the dominant group in East Ukraine and Southern Russia, up to about the 4th century AD. The Bulgars were a Turkic ethnic group, and the Huns are associated with a group called the Xiongnu who migrated from North of China. The Mongols ruled Russia for two and half centuries.”

        – The Nazi version of the Kamikazes was named the Leonidas Brigade, after the Spartan king. They were intended for use primarily against the USSR. The Nazis in their plans clearly viewed the USSR as an Asiatic region. The battle of Thermopylae has been used as a rallying by Western Fascists and Imperialists (Nazis, Frank Miller-type Islamophobes) against Asia and the East. The actual battle itself seems a lot less in those terms. Persia itself was based upon feudal property relations, using freemen as labor, while Greece was slave states. Thus Persia was the more historically and economically progressive. Yet when Alexander conquered Asia, he is given the term “the Great”, while the Persians conquering Greece are viewed as savage, subhuman barbarian hordes.”

        For those unacquainted with Mr. Miller’s Nazi street creds:

        Warning..It sounds legit but I think the author may be drifting in and out of ‘alternate history’ themes!!


        1. You can go on naming the nomadic steppe tribes of over a millenia ago until the cows come home, but the fact remains that out of the over 186 ethnic groups in present day Russia, 80.9% of the population of Russia consists of Eastern Slavs known as Russians.

          The next biggest ethnic group in Russia is the Turkic Tatars, who make up 3.9% of the population of Russia.

          80.9% Slavs as compared with 3.9% Tatars.

          Yet Western racists insist that Russians are not “real” Europeans but a hotch potch of Asiatic tribes.

          Come to Russia: open your eyes; look around you.


          1. Oh yes, and if you add to the ethnic Russian population of Russia the 1.4% of the population of Russia that consists of Ukrainians and the 0.38% that consists of Belorussians, both of which groups are Eastern Slavs and not a different “race”, then the population of Russia is 82.68% European Slav.


  5. OK….Young Turks are fullashit.,….
    (just read the comments)
    This is like some of Bana’s kin havin’ a banquet!!!!


  6. В Конгрессе США захотели узнать о доходах и имуществе Путина

    U.S. Congress wants to know about Putin’s income and assets
    It is assumed that information about Putin’s income will help protect democracy in the United States

    WASHINGTON, February 28, 2019, 02:27 — REGNUM members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, Val Demings and Elise Stefanik, have introduced a bill demanding that the intelligence services provide information on the income and property of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, reports the ABC channel .

    According to ABC, the bill called “The Vladimir Putin Transparency Act” has been proposed by these members of the Intelligence Committee. The bill is related to the alleged ambitions of Russia to undermine American democracy. It is assumed that information about Putin’s income will help defend democracy in the United States.

    Also in January, the U.S. Senate introduced a bill on protection against “Kremlin aggression”. The bill also contained a request that the intelligence community provide data on the assets and income of the Russian leader.




    1. What a breathtaking example of stupidity. They can’t even get reliable data on their own current president’s income, and a significant element of the American electorate will never be satisfied with the proof provided that the previous president was not born in Kenya. America’s obsession with Putin is getting creepy, in a distinctly disturbing, mentally-unstable way. Especially considering you can tell them anything, so long as you say their own intelligence services have a ‘high confidence’ that it is true, and they will believe it – witches flying around the rotunda on brooms, no problem. How did it turn out that such a nation of crackpots is also the custodian of a huge nuclear arsenal?

      I imagine both Putin and Russia will refrain from reacting, except to chuckle with amusement at such foolishness. But it will be interesting to see what they come up with; remember, Gennady Timchenko threatened to sue The Economist for saying in print that Putin was a ghost owner of Gunvor Energy, which Timchenko in fact co-owned with Swedish billionaire Torbjörn Törnqvist, and The Economist backed down and issued an apology. Presumably the American intelligence services will find eager sources in ‘Kremlin insider’ fatboy blabbermouths Stas Belkovsky and Gleb Pavlovsky, both of whom can yarn on all day long about the oozing evil of Putin and the unimaginable billions he has salted away. But they will have no proof whatsoever, as except for a few luxurious perks like fancy wristwatches and a mohair workout suit, Putin lives what is to all appearances a somewhat austere and totally non-indulgent lifestyle, and gives no sign of being stinking rich. The ‘palaces’ attributed to him all belong to the state, although he has the use of them owing to his office as president. So what will Russia do if the US intelligence services report some fantastic sum, but decline to offer any proof which might be quickly refuted? Sue them for defamation?

      Let’s get it on the record – never before has such a self-important busybody republic existed, so full of itself and absorbed with its omnipotent airs. The less a truly democratic global presence and trusted world citizen it becomes, the louder it screeches about its own greatness and exceptionalism. Wow. Embarrassing. And I didn’t think that was still possible. Shows how much I know.


      1. Russia should respond tit for tat: for everything the Americans publish (be it true or lies), the Russian press should publish major dirt on American politicians and lawmakers.


        1. American culture is devoid of shame or decency – what ‘dirt’ could you possibly throw at them? Being caught with a dead girl is survivable, as Edward Kennedy demonstrated, and being caught with a live boy is now a bonus. Joe Biden stole a speech from Neil Kinnock and can’t appear in public without groping somebody, and he’s frequently floated as a presidential candidate.

          About the only thing that does rouse indignation anymore is having met a Russian once, and even that’s excusable as long as you profess to hate them like the plague now. Beyond posting old yearbook photos of American politicians in blackface I don’t know what you could possibly hope to shame these creatures with.


          1. What if you caught a politician in the act (and posted on youtube), as he was punching out and mugging a 90-year-old grandma? While dressed like an SS storm trooper but in blackface? And while doing jazz-hands and singing “Mammy!” And also simultaneously fucking a dead rat?

            Would that do the trick?
            (It could be arranged…)


    2. I’m not the only one here who thinks this is like, weird, right? Right?

      Forget “Putin Derangement Syndrome”, it’s gotta be pretty deep into fetish territory now. I can only imagine they would also like to know where he takes his lunch breaks and what he thinks about in the shower too. Perhaps they fantasize about what sweet nothings the Russian head of state whispers into his pillows before falling asleep.

      Joke’s on them: Putin does not sleep, he waits.


      1. No, you’re obviously not the only one who thinks this is weird. Washington’s persistent preoccupation with Putin is indeed in fetish territory now; he has become the bogeyman, the witch who brings damaging storms down on American heads, causes crops to fail and cows to give sour milk. I would not be at all surprised to see the House come up with a bill proposing he be tried for witchcraft.

        The only explanation I can offer – except mass craziness brought on by too much junk food – is a propaganda machine which has slipped its governor, and cannot stop churning out ever-more-outrageous claims. The extremes generated on Venezuela are similar in nature – Maduro is the ultimate evil, to the point that no option exists but his immediate overthrow, without which all Venezuelans are doomed to early deaths.


        1. Especially as it was what the Panama papers already tried to do, and failed miserably. In thousands and thousands of published documents, there wasn’t anything even remotely belonging to Putin. It only reinforced that there was no “fortune” to find.


    3. Someone probably ought to tell Demings and Stefanik that their bill is the 100,000,001st bill to be put to Congress demanding that all 17 intel agencies in the US pull out all the stops to find Putin’s hidden $40 billion fortune, even if they have to lose a few agents on a one-way trip into the heart of the Sun or down the Puerto Rico Trench in search of his assets.


      1. Stefanik and other representative may want some investment tips from Putin:

        Average net worth of a US House of Representative decreased from $900 to $200K over the past few years (if “open secrets” is to be believed). The rep’s “inside information” must be garbage -same as their other info from the top economists and intelligence agencies.

        Or perhaps they have millions of bucks waiting for them when they leave office.


  7. And another thing ….

    Whilst there was without doubt a vast Russian Empire (Rossiiskaya Imperiya, to be exact: “Rossiskaya” does not mean “ethnic Russian”), which expanded further eastwards from the 16th century on, and no doubt many of the administrators in the far-flung reaches of that vast empire felt themselves “superior” to those indigenous peoples of Siberia and Central Asia who became the Tsar’s subjects, it should not be forgotten that the eastern tribes and peoples under the leadership of the Tatar Khan long before that had swept Westwards from their eastern homelands in the 13th century, destroying, murdering, raping and plundering on their way and demanding tribute from those whom they had subjugated.

    They stopped their Westward invasion where Poland and Hungary are now located.

    The first foray that the Mongols made into Rus’ resulted in the crushing defeat of a coalition of several Rus’ principalities, including Kiev and Galich, and the Cumans. They were under the joint command of Mstislav the Bold and Mstislav III of Kiev. The battle was fought on May 31, 1223 on the banks of the Kalka River in present-day Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, and ended in a decisive Mongol victory.

    The battle was a very costly defeat for the Rus’ princes, with some historians claiming that the Slavs and their allies lost 50,000 men, while the Mongol losses were minimal. All the engaged coalition forces were caught with their backs to the river, and thus had no feasible line of retreat.

    At Mongol general Subutai’s victory feast following the battle of Kalka, the captured Rus’ nobles and princes were laid in rows on the field and wooden planks were placed over them. The Rus’ generals and princes were then slowly crushed to death as their victors feasted on top of them.

    The Mongols went back east, but they were to return.

    The Mongols, supported by the Tatars, began their full-blown invasion of Rus’ in November 1237 having overrun Volga Bulgaria the previous year. The army was led by Batu Khan, grandson of Gengis Khan. In Gengis Khan’s will Batu was left all land west of the Volga, all he had to do was conquer it.

    The first city to bear the brunt of the Mongols was Ryazan. Prince Yuri Igorievich of Ryazan was given the choice of submitting or being annihilated. Yuri though opted for resistance and sent a request for help from Grand Prince Yuri II of Vladimir. Vladimir responded by sending an army led by his own son Vsevolod.

    Ryazan held out just six days; once it fell, no quarter was given. The city was completely destroyed and all its civilians were slaughtered. Prince Yuri was killed during the defence. Old Ryazan was never rebuilt; the modern day Russian city of Ryazan, which was at the time of the invasion known as Pereslavl-Ryazansk, is a different city situated some 30 miles north of Old Ryazan.

    The Defence of Ryazan. Part of a Diorama’ by Efim Deshalyt

    The Ryazan townspeople repelled the first Mongol attacks. The Mongols then used catapults to destroy the city fortifications. On December 21, Batu Khan’s troops stormed the walls, plundered Ryazan, killed Prince Yuriy and his wife, executed nearly all of the city’s inhabitants, and burned the city to the ground.

    The population of Ryazan in XIII century is hard to estimate. Archaeological excavations on the site of Old Ryazan in 1915 and 1979, uncovered 97 severed heads on the site of the former church, and 143 bodies in several mass graves, all of whom having met violent deaths during the sack of the city.

    The army from Vladimir met the Mongols outside Kolomna in January 1238. Although Kyulkhan, a son of Gengis Khan, fell at the battle, the Mongols were again victorious and Vsevolod Yurievich had no choice but to flee back to Vladimir. The Mongols proceeded to burn down Kolomna.

    From Kolomna, the Mongols headed to Moscow, then just a small settlement. Moscow fell in five days and Vladimir Yurievich, another son of Yuri II who was charged with defending the city, was taken prisoner. By now Yuri II realized the scale of the challenge ahead of him and left Vladimir to raise an army that would be able to halt the Mongols, nominating the River Sit as the gathering point for troops.

    The Mongols arrived at the walls of Vladimir at the beginning of February 1238. The defence of the capital had been left to the city commander and Yuri’s sons Vsevolod and Mstislav. Outside the walls the Mongols executed Vsevolod and Mstislav’s brother Vladimir who had been captured when Moscow fell.

    During the subsequent siege part of the Mongol invasion force separated and sacked Suzdal. Vladimir fell after four days, the royal family barricaded themselves in the Dormition Cathedral, but all were slaughtered.

    From Vladimir the Mongol army split into two to subdue the rest of the Vladimir Grand Principality. In all 14 cities were sacked: Suzdal, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yuriev-Polsky, Starodub-on-Klyazma, Tver, Gorodets, Kostroma, Galich, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Uglich, Kashin, Ksnyatin and Dmitrov. It was the part of the Mongol force led by the commander Burundai which finally met with the Rus forces gathered by Yuri II.

    The battle between the two armies took place in the beginning of March 1238 near to the River Sit, and although the Rus troops were able to somewhat weaken the Mongols, they were ultimately defeated. Yuri II fell in the battle, along with his nephew Prince Vsevolod Konstantinovich of Yaroslavl.

    In the meantime the main part of the Mongol army had entered the Novgorod Republic and sacked Torzhok. After Torzhok the army was once again reunited and it looked as if Novgorod would be next, however instead the Mongols retreated back towards the steppe whence they had come. It is not known for sure why the Mongols overlooked the rich and significant city of Novgorod: one theory is that they were too weakened after months of campaigning and by the Battle of the River Sit.

    In the spring of 1238, the Asiatics returned to Rus’. And they did again in the following year.

    Murom, Gorodets, Nizhny Novgorod and Gorokhovets were sacked before the army took Pereyaslavl and Chernigov. Finally in spring 1240 Kiev and then Galicia fell to the Mongols.

    From Galicia the Mongols went on to invade Poland, Hungary and the Balkans and to threaten central Europe. The Mongol’s campaign to reach the Atlantic ended only when news of the death of Great Khan Ögedei reached Batu in 1241 and Batu was forced to return to Karakorum for the election of a new great khan.

    With the exception of Novgorod, Smolensk and Polotsk, every major Rus city had fallen to the Mongols. The age of the Mongol-Tatar Yoke had begun.

    It lasted for more than 300 years until, finally, the Golden Horde Khanate capital Kazan fell to the forces of Ivan IV of Moscow in 1552, who declared himself to be “Tsar of All the Russias”.

    However, the die had already been cast as regards the resurgance of Rus’, when, in 1476, Ivan IV’s grandfather, Ivan III, Grand Prince of Moscow, had refused to pay tribute to the Khan and began “the gathering of Russian lands”.

    A better term would be the “regathering” of the Russian lands.

    In 1480 the Khan organized a military campaign against Muscovy. Throughout that autumn, the Muscovy and Tatar hosts confronted each other on opposite sides of the Ugra River. Then on 11 November 1480, the Tatars retreated whence they had come.

    As you sow, so shall you reap!


    1. Yes, a great history lesson and it places events in a proper context regarding Russian behavior as they expanded eastwards. I suspect a “Western” mentality would have slaughtered all of the descendants of Khan empire. No, a Western mentality would slaughter ANY non-Western population regardless of preceding history. Russians and Orthodox Slavs, in general, are forgiving as we see to this very day.


      1. My dacha neighbours are Tatars and you could not find any better. My little girl was at her Tatar friend’s birthday party last week. I’ve worked with Tatars who are believers and those who are secular; likewise some Buryats whom I have worked with. Buryat believers are Buddhists, by the way.

        There are no equivalents of U.S. “Indian” reservations in Russia, nor were there any in the Russian Empire.

        A case in point as regards the multi-ethnicity of Russia

        Russian Defence Minister Shoigu with his daughter Ksenia.


      2. Well, to be fair, Ivan IV’s victorious army put the majority of the Kazan population to the sword when the city fell to his forces in 1552 and for the rest of the 16th century, Tatars were forbidden to live in the city, which became Russified. There was official discrimination against Tatars but it lessened as the years passed.

        By the 19th century, Tatars had cornered the market in St.Petersburg and Moscow in the restaurant trade — as waiters. And I reckon most railway porters at the raiway termini in Moscow are Tatars as well.


      3. I don’t think Russians are even necessarily “forgiving”, I think it’s something else. and I don’t believe that this has much, if anything, to do with Christianity. The Russian mentality is fundamentally different from the European mentality.
        Europeans see “others” as sub-humans. Russians simply see people as people. Whether friends or enemies. If enemies, then they are killed in battle, but once the battle is over, they start getting married.

        I always point to the Russian national poem “The Tale of Igor’s Host” as the prime example of this attitude. Prince Igor and the Cumans are fighting to the death. Igor loses. The Cumans take him captive. The Cuman Khan marries his daughter to Igor’s son. See, Russians and Cumans have the same attitude here: We fight, and then we get married. That’s the difference. (And the Cumans are not Christian.)
        That’s why it would have been impossible for Russia to have Jim Crow laws like in the U.S., which forbid people of different ethnic groups to get married.


        1. And P.S., speaking of racism, I had to get this post off my chest , because I am really worried about certain Russian pundits being infected by American ALT-Rightie type racism.
          I truly believe that biological racism is alien to the Russian mentality, and yet certain individuals are becoming infected, as the American cultural influence spreads.
          Not that this particular incident involves actual racism, but it still bothers me that the Russian pundits are starting to use American vocabulary, such as “white people”, and that sort of thing.
          I personally believe these Catholic “Covington” boys are little shits who needed a cultural slap-down. It’s just too bad that those delivering the spanking are barking mad themselves. But such is the American political scene….


          1. P.S. – an etymological note. The American term “white cracker” had nothing to do with actual crackers or any other type of foodstuff. It originated in slave times. The “cracker” was the hired hand who “cracked the whip” and beat the slaves. It’s all there in that Bible of Slavery, namely Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. There you can read how slave-owners who were too squeamish (or too lazy) to whip their own slaves, could outsource the punishment to official businesses run by local “crackers” who would strip the skin off human backs, for a fee.


            1. The etymology of cracker is probably nonsense. A good starting point for understanding the use of cracker in states originally settled by the “Scots-Irish” ( in today’s parlance Ulster Scots) would be the Wikipedia entry on “craic”; I have a book chez Mrs C by a writer from GA making that very argument, that “cracker” was and is the archetypal carnaptious, disputatious rural type who would argue with God Almighty.
              A gauche youngster doesn’t and didn’t deserve to be vilified after being abused by an old attention seeker and useless media and I hope the Covington kid is hugely successful in the litigation. On a literary note, what happened was a good illustration of the “pecking party” memorably described by Kesey in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.”


                1. I’ve been acquainted with a few folk from Norn Iron (from both sides of “the divide”) and they’re united by one thing: they’re crackers. If the Irish have “the gift of the gab” [gob = mouth] then those from the Six Counties have it squared.

                  “They could argue a black man white” as my mother used to put it.


                2. Yeah, my old dad used to laugh about the Irish term “blarney”, which, he said, would be termed “baloney” if used by other folk.

                  And I should add that my father was half-Irish, my grandmother being from County Cork, where Blarney is situated.


              1. I also hope that Covington kid takes the Washington Post, CNN and the other MSM to the cleaners. Punitive damages should be at least $500 million to get the MSM’s attention. Perhaps jail time as well for Bill Maher. He could do his shtick from a jail cell – won’t have the pandering audience though.


          2. chrome-distiller://2da84462-bf0b-483e-9267-5dbafcc893f8/?time=582908981&

            From your article linked above: “Russia never had a problem with race or caste slavery ”
            Well not according to some of the links posted supra in the colloquy between myself and Jen on Russians and Chinese in far eastern Russia around the time of the Boxer Rebellion.


            1. Not sure that’s quite the same thing. Nonetheless, Russian history was mostly about class war. The serfs who worked the latifundia were not of a different ethnic or racial group than their masters.
              After the hardening of the so-called “second serfdom” around the time of Catherine the Great, serfs were legally pretty much like slaves in the U.S.. But, again, of the same ethnic group as the masters, so that created a different dynamic.

              As for that Chinese stuff in the Far East, I need to read up on it, was not aware of much of that history, thanks for the discussion.


              1. I shall repeat:

                When one draws a parallel between Russian “serfdom” and the similar but better known contemporaneous institution of Negro slavery in the USA, it would be no exaggeration to say that the legal and social positions of Russian and United States Negro slaves were remarkably similar: both were chattels; both could be bought and sold — if need be separately from their families; neither enjoyed any legal, political or civil rights; neither could own property, though in practice both sometimes did; the offspring of both were slaves in perpetuity; in both cases, a free person entering into marriage with a slave automatically became a slave.

                There were divergences, of course, that often blind observers to the basic identity of both “institutions”: Negro slaves were outside society, whereas Russian slaves were regarded in some weird fashion as subjects of the emperor, even though they took no oath of loyalty: they were liable to military service, which in reality meant their expropriation by the state for a term of 25 years — and they paid taxes.

                The most obvious difference, of course, was the colour of their skins: a Russian slave was the same colour as his owner.

                However, in one vital and surprising respect, a Negro slave in the USA was superior to that of his Russian counterpart: under Russian legal theory and practice, a slaveholder (pomeshchik) was not accountable for murdering a slave. In contrast to this, after the American Revolution all slave states in the USA passed laws imposing the death penalty for the murder of a slave.

                There is a strange silence in Russian letters and literature, apart from some of the works of Radishchev, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Turgenev and Goncharov, about the condition of slavery in Russia, a condition which 90-odd percent of Russian “citizens” endured: in the golden age of Russian literature there were written marvellous books about the intelligentsia, the clergy, the petty officials, the merchants and the aristocrats, but precious little was written about the peasants and as regards detailed descriptions of a Russian slave’s life we know next to nothing, whereas we have at our disposal a mountain of records and descriptions concerning the life of a Negro slave in the USA.

                And there’s the rub! For Negro slaves in the USA never made up more than a fifth of the total population of the USA; on the eve of the war between the states, Negroes constituted only one-eighth of the USA population. In Russia, however, at he height of the bondage of Russian peasants, more than nine-tenths of the population were enslaved.

                It has often been remarked that Negro slavery in the USA warped that country’s historical development and created the gravest of social problems , many of which still remaining unsolved to this day. With much more justice, might this not be said of Russia, where slavery was general, lasted at least as long and where it came to an end almost simultaneously with that of the Negro in the USA?

                ! often think about this sobering fact when traipsing around Moscow all day: over 90% of the folk here that ride with me on the metro, trams, commuter trains etc., had great-great-great grandpas and grandmas who were slaves! My wife’s forebears certainly must have been.


      1. Its merely a peek into the mind of a monster. He should get together with Hilary in the spirit of bipartisanship – they have so much in common.


        1. Romania is quick to jump ship. The execution on Christmas day was to show their new masters just how subservient they can be.


    1. Admit him into Venezuela
      Arrest him
      Ceaucescu style show trial
      Sentence to be carried out forthwith
      Then offer to exchange him for Assange and the gold the Brits stole.


      1. Guaido has zero value to the West other than as a propaganda prop. Better he dies a martyr even it takes a little “help” – nudge nudge wink wink.


        1. Quite a few people here and at MoA have predicted a bad demise for Juan Guaido in a “false flag”-styled attack to be blamed on Venezuela or a more mundane Nemtsov-type hit – we’d probably be disappointed if he manages to survive to a ripe old age and a peaceful end.


          1. I don’t think so; look at all the time Navalny has been around, and although they have not quite gotten around to announcing him as the new president of Russia (that’d be funny, but it would be wise to note the differences and why the west thought it would work in Venezuela), he is still rated as the ‘opposition leader’ although he is not even really a politician, has no party and only engages in politics when prodded by the west. But he has not been sacrificed in a blaze of glory. No reason for Guaido to be, either. If Maduro was going to rub him out, he would have already done so, and instead seems to be proceeding deliberately toward legal action for treason or something like that.

            Guaido very much alive is a useful reminder of the failed coup, and perhaps the west would like to get rid of him for that reason, but their capacity for taking decisive action in Venezuela seems to be a little short of what they thought it was.


            1. Navalny has no chance to lead a revolution in Russia but he is a useful biting insect. His death would not advance the Western objective one micron (going metric here). So, keeping him around has value to the West.

              Guaido has an expiration date. His value is diminishing at an exponential rate. Soon, he will need to be written out of the script. Killing him off would seem the most obvious, but, not the only choice. Much depends if the US in planning an imminent military invasion, If they are, they will need Guaido, otherwise, he may be more useful dead as part of a longer-term propaganda operation.


    1. This time. But the west hasn’t given up by any stretch of the imagination, and a useful function of the failed attempt has been to expose Canada’s involvement – they were a little bit prematurely congratulatory. I’m sure they will keep up the pressure, while looking for new tricks to suborn the military and police. Life will still be hard for Venezuelans as the US government tries to starve them into submission. The country needs help from outside, and a good first step would be foreign investment and assistance in building and staffing refineries in Venezuela so they don’t have to ship their oil to the United States for refining. The country needs to revitalize its domestic agricultural and food-production industries, and become less dependent upon imports, very much like the Russian experience. It will also have the effect of disempowering oligarchs like Mendoza and Polar.

      Maduro has bought himself more time, but Captain America will keep squeezing Venezuela, and that has the same chance of success it has always had – the exceptionalists just got a little impatient and tried to go straight to the bottom line.


      1. I was expecting that if a Western invasion of Venezuela were to go ahead, that Brazil and Colombia would decline to commit troops, the US would be overstretched, and Canada would take the lead in organising an invasion force.

        But I have just heard that Justin Bieber Turdeau is facing calls to resign after former federal attorney-general Jody Wilson-Raybould testified that she’d been pressured to drop bribery charges against SNC-Lavalin by government officials (of whom some were from the Prime Minister’s Office) wanting her to apply deferred prosecution (by which SNC-Lavalin would merely pay a fine). The charges against SNC-Lavalin involve former company executives making illegal donations to the Liberal Party from 2004 to 2011. SNC-Lavalin also paid huge bribes to Libyan govt officials to secure contracts in Libya and has been shut out of contracts by the World Bank for corrupt practices in Bangladesh.

        The company has its head office in Quebec (which the Liberal Party needs to hold to win the general election in October this year) and employs some 3,400 people in the province.

        If JWR’s allegations that Turdeau pressured her, directly or indirectly, then he could be charged with obstructing the course of justice. Deferred prosecution itself is recent legislation introduced by the Turdeau government and SNC-Lavalin had lobbied for it.

        Looks like Canada will be too busy dealing with the Turdeau govt’s own corruption instead of Maduro.

        The silver lining is that Chrystia Freeland has said she supports JBT 100%, although with her record of telling the truth one can never be too sure and she might not be willing to go down with him if he has to resign.


        1. That will teach me a lesson; I just lost a very lengthily-developed comment because I was typing too fast, and accidentally hit the wrong combination of keys. Therefore, this one will evolve in the form of saves and updates.

          Yes, he’s in serious trouble. Wilson-Raybould was one of his big success stories, the first aboriginal woman to be appointed Justice Minister. She’s also a lawyer, and kept detailed records of who said what to her when. After the SNC-Lavalin affair broke and following her obviously-unsatisfactory performance in refusing to keep things on the down-low so they would be allowed to settle out of court and probably just pay a fine, she was removed from her position in a cabinet shuffle, and given Veterans Affairs.

          She pissed off Veterans with her obvious discontent with her new portfolio, as if it is unworthy of her talents, and there is a substantial question why she did not immediately resign as soon as she was pressured to do something she obviously knew was at least unethical if not illegal. But otherwise she seems to have all her ducks in a row, and it is going to be very difficult for the Trudeau government to attack her position.

          They’re not too busy to proceed with the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, though, I see.

          This is not necessarily the end of the line, and is just a hearing, not a trial. Nonetheless, it moves the decision into ministerial territory, and the higher you go in the Canadian government, the more people you meet who like to lick the US government’s shoes, and would no more tell it “No” than they would come to work with no pants on. More ominously, the Canadian Justice Department claims to have thoroughly reviewed the US charges, and consider them satisfactorily supported to proceed.

          Extremely curious timing, as there was just a story in today’s National Post which mostly scoffed at the American inveigling against Huawei, referring to it as ‘exaggerated’, and even having the temerity to point out the USA has actually done what it accuses China of doing, while China has not been caught – ever – inserting ‘backdoors’ in any of its software. The USA built backdoors into equipment made by Cisco Systems, and then shipped it around the world, which is why China banned it.

          Predictably, after London declined to ban Huawei outright, saying the risk could be ‘managed’ – a terrific blow to the American argument – other countries with less backbone, Canada among them, claim to have been of the same mind.

          Curiously, as well, the original reference points out that the charges against Meng, which the Minister deems substantial enough to proceed with the extradition hearing, relate to matters which are not offenses in Canada. That struck a chord with me, because I remember that when William Browder was detained in Spain on a Russian Interpol warrant, the official reason Spain gave for letting him go was that the matters on which he was ordered held were not crimes in Spain.

          Unofficially, as revealed by Browder himself, the Interpol General Secretary in Lyon advised the Spanish government not to honour the Russian warrant. Yet when the EU demands that Russia release Khodorkovsky, or Navalny or whatever prominent ‘Kremlin critic’ is in jail at the moment, they expect Russia to jump right the fuck to it.


    1. Absolutely. I like that her contention the west intended to use the aid trucks as a wedge to start an intervention is described as a ‘far-left conspiracy’; in fact I heard it said that the trucks which were burned contained wire and materials for making barriers, among their foodstuffs. You will not hear it in any western publications, but according to a Colombian news source, the reports are accurate.

      It also answers the question of where Guaido is now – not holed up in the US Embassy in Venezuela, but in Bogota, still trying to overthrow the government of his own country from there, although I daresay he spends much of his time in the US Embassy in Bogota. At present he cannot return to Venezuela, and it seems to me a talented child could make out a case for treason – he openly colluded with a foreign government to overthrow the elected government of his own country. Try that in the USA, and see if they think it is treason.

      So much of US meddling operations in foreign countries depends on momentum – getting something going and then constantly accelerating, action piling on top of action with no time to think, until when the dust settles, the US aim has been achieved and any reservations are drowned out by a burst of cheering and flag-waving – a triumphant parade featuring the victors, as everyone is invited to join in celebrating the latest bold step in the democratic adventure. But if there is a pause in which people have time to think, many of them think “there’s something not right about this”.

      One more thing – the western governments encouraged the Venezuelan opposition to boycott the election, because they knew very well they were unlikely to make any gains. They then used that as an excuse to call the elections illegitimate, and that as an excuse to declare Guaido the rightful ruler since the elected president came to power through a sham election. Neat trick – you’ll want to watch for that one, because it is likely to appear again in some guise or other. The opposition was not shut out of the election; it chose not to participate. New elections have to be held within 30 days, so let’s see if the opposition tries the same trick again, afraid to face Maduro.

      All the Venezuelan people who are quoted in the western press, usually just a first name and age (Rosa, 32, says she can’t go on under Maduro, can’t feed her children), have the perfect right to vote against him. If not enough people do so to prevent him from winning, then surprise!! that’s how democracy works. Any time not liking the results of an election is reason to declare it illegitimate and appoint someone else, let me know; there’s quite a few western leaders who could be looking for new jobs before next week’s out.


    2. Yes, she is impressing many people with her courage but not the Washington Party (I no longer distinguish between Democrats and Republicans as there is no meaningful difference on issues that matter).


    1. But it was the Moskali who caused the epidemic by trolling social network sites with false information as regards the efficacy of vaccination against measles.

      Russian-backed attempts to sabotage Ukraine’s economic, political, and health developments have left the country fighting a measles outbreak and continuing a bloody, undeclared war. The situation is emblematic of increasing tension between the ideologies of President Vladimir Putin and countries of the pro-democratic, neoliberal west.
      The measles outbreak—affecting other countries including Serbia, Georgia, Greece, and Italy—has hit Ukraine hardest, with the country’s 23 000 cases accounting for more than half the European regional total. Kremlin-supported social media accounts spreading discredited theories about the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine, combined with shortages and underfunding, have been blamed for the outbreak. Research published on Aug 23 concluded Russian trolls promoted discord and, masquerading as legitimate users, created a false impression that arguments for and against vaccination were equipoised. The result has been an erosion of public consensus on the value of vaccine programmes. The precipitous fall in vaccination level began after 2008, when 95% of eligible children in Ukraine received their second (and final) recommended dose of the MMR vaccine. By 2016, the rate was 31%, among the lowest in the world. Although now rising again, the latest 85% measles vaccination rate recorded by WHO remains below that needed for herd immunity. Records in 2016 show poor vaccination rates for other diseases: only 19% of children received the third recommended dose of the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine and 56% received the third recommended dose of oral polio vaccine. Hepatitis B vaccination was low, with coverage with hepatitis B birth-dose and third-dose vaccines at 37% and 26%, respectively. WHO estimates between 3% and 5% of the Ukraine’s 45 million population has been infected with hepatitis C. Ukraine bears the second largest HIV epidemic in eastern Europe and central Asia.

      The above was printed in the much respected “The Lancet”. Who wrote it, I know not — but I can hazard a guess.

      It begins with the outrageous statement that “Russia” is resposible for the epidemic, specifically, the”ideology” of the Russian president is the cause of the epidemic.

      No proof given: no data: sweet fuck all. Just an assertion that “Pyutin” is responsible.


      1. You know, it’s a shame Ukrainians are so gullible, and believe Russia’s lies without checking any other sources of information – don’t they know how to use The Microsoft and The Google? Not to mention gullible Americans, who also fell for it.

        Oh, and the Australians, who were so gobsmacked by Russia’s campaign to discredit vaccinations that being a ‘vaccine skeptic’ is now punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

        Mind you, the ‘anti-vaxxers’ in those instances are reportedly Australian nurses and midwives – but I daresay they. too, were taken in by clever Russian trolls posing as legitimate users on social media.

        Some of you will probably be asking “At what point, for the love of Christ, are people expected to take responsibility for their own decisions, instead of hiding behind the feebleminded excuse that they were tricked by the Russians?” For my part, I am convinced that Russia is going to take over the world, because Russian trolls are so much smarter than the public in any country you care to name. With a few cat pictures and a sprinkling of Black Lives Matter stories, many of them generated after the American election was actually over, the Russians tricked the American electoral college into making Donald Trump president of the United States instead of Mrs. Clinton, but in such a way that more of the public actually voted for Clinton than for Trump. And the electoral college is supposed to be made up of America’s leaders. Brilliant, you must admit.

        Watch out for the Kremlin campaign against photography – because having your picture taken steals your soul – due to open in The Ukraine this summer. Then there will not even be a photographic record of all the Ukrainians who died from measles, conniption fits, brain fever and the fantods, as the Kremlin wipes them out with their own gullibility. Survival of the fittest, baby.


      2. The fiendish Russians push propaganda for BOTH sides of a topic creating psychological infinite loops resulting in a state of confusion and depression that (waving hands excitedly) cause a dislike for Hilary Clinton!… It is so OBVIOUS!

        Its its its , , , homeopathic propaganda! A vanishingly small amount of Kremlin mis-information, diluted to undetectable levels in the ocean of MSM fact-based news results in total mind control of gullible Americans. Psycho-surgery is urgently needed to remove the scarred neurons – it just takes an ice pic and an outpatient procedure – problem solved PERMANENTLY!


    1. Remarkably little damage suffered by such cylinders dropped from on high.

      Likewise th Byk missile, which was also remarkably found near intact where the aeroplane it allegedly downed eventually crashed and broke up.


      1. Well, parts of it were. Actually found in the wreckage, if I recall correctly. So it must have been an experimental Buk invented by Putin, since all other missiles associated with the system are triggered by a proximity fuse, and blow themselves to pieces without ever touching the aircraft, except for fragments from the warhead.


    2. “dropped from up high” – gosh, the technical terminology scientists use makes their reports difficult to follow. Naturally only Assad possessed the capability to drop something from up high, so it must have been him.

      I also note the report says some guy who was not from the hospital ran in shouting “Chemical! Chemical!”, whereupon others started grabbing people and washing them, and that the alleged victims did not present as victims of a chemical attack.

      But I daresay the press will conclude this is irrefutable proof that a chemical attack occurred in Douma and that Assad – backed by the Russians – was responsible.


  8. World’s number one bridge player suspended after failing drugs test

    Drugs were ‘not performance enhancing’, says president of Norwegian Bridge Federation
    9 hours ago

    The world’s number one bridge player has been suspended after failing a drugs test.

    Geir Helgemo, a Norwegian who represents Monaco in bridge events, tested positive for synthetic testosterone and female fertility drug clomifene at a World Bride Series in Orlando in September.

    Mr Helgemo was suspended by the World Bridge Foundation (WBF) after accepting he had breached anti-doping rules.

    All his titles, medals and points from the 2018 World Bridge Series have also been revoked.

    His suspension runs until 20 November.

    Western values again?

    Wonder how that amazingly muscled Norwegian woman cross country skier is getting on, despite her suffering from chronic asthma?


    1. In other news, for those who believe that doping in card game tournaments is not a frequent practice:

      It was recently revealed that Pushkin’s hero, Herman (“The Queen of Spades”) had been doping like there was no tomorrow, while preparing for his Faro tournament.
      Herman’s excessive testosterone levels drove him to attempted rape of the elderly Countess, and to lots of other erratic behavior. His doping cocktail also included an element which caused visual impairment. Which is the reason why he mistook a Queen of Spades for an Ace, and lost the championship game. WADA subsequently banned him from future tournaments.


  9. First anniversary.

    Full replay.

    But this time the TRUTH can be told!!!

    The Novichok files: It was a year ago this week – but only now can the full chilling truth of the Salisbury poisoning be told in minute by minute detail… by those who lived through it

    This is exactly what happened last March……

    Friday, March 2, 2018

    Two Russians who have just arrived on an Aeroflot flight from Moscow pass through Gatwick Airport security. The names on their passports are Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

    But their real names are Dr Alexander Mishkin and Colonel Anatoliy Chepiga. Both 39, they are experienced agents in Skripal’s old agency, the GRU and Mishkin has been decorated by President Putin himself as a ‘hero of Russia’.

    In their luggage is a fake Nina Ricci ‘Premier Jour’ perfume bottle containing the deadly nerve agent Novichok, which means ‘the newcomer’. The bottle has been especially designed to avoid detection from airport security. The two men catch a train to Victoria Station in London.

    I just cannot read any more!


    1. Ha, ha, ha!!! The article must have been entitled “I’m an Idiot. Read On”. A perfume bottle can be especially designed to avoid detection by airport security – part of whose job is to search luggage for perfume bottles – simply by gluing an outsize crude plastic spray attachment to the top of it: good to know. And if you wrap your .357 Magnum in flypaper, it’ll sail straight through with nobody the wiser. Jesus Christ.


  10. 28 Feb: USS Donald Duck meets Russian navy frigate Admiral Essen in the Bosporus: both vessesls were heading for the Mediterranean.

    The Donald Duck had been in the Black Sea since February 19, and visited Odessa, where fat twat Poroshenko thanked the US navy for its support of freedom and democracy in Banderastan, that place where its nationals are not allowed to sing in an international jamboree if they don’t toe the party line.

    Опубликованы кадры встречи российского фрегата с американским эсминцем

    Photo shots published of the meeting of a Russian frigate and an American destroyer


  11. Ka-ching!!! Porky rings up another 50-million-euro ‘gift’ from the EU that will go straight into the pockets of corrupt officials, while they maybe build a kilometer or so of barbed-wire fence that costs less than a thousand dollars.

    Brussels apparently does not get it that when it agrees to amorphous ‘support’ projects which do not even identify objects to be built or verifiable changes, they are simply asking to be stolen from. Naturally Porky claims “Oh, we’re going to do so many activities with this money”, and naturally the EU takes him at his word.


    1. I would say 50/50. 50% to internal Ukrainian corruption and 50% will be allocated to EU companies for security systems worth, say, $5 million. So, the corruption works out to about 90% as a first order approximation – about par for the course.


  12. Red Alert!! Nobody will ever know the true winner (cough * Petro Poroshenko * cough) of the Ukrainian elections in 2019, because the Russians are already preparing fake exit-poll results, so that not even those who vote will be able to remember who they voted for. The situation probably cannot be stabilized until the reigning government reviews the results and supplies the ballots it says were properly counted. Better just play it safe, and leave Poroshenko as president forever.

    Please note, the fake exit-poll meddling is in addition to other Russian meddling efforts which will take place at polling stations during the vote. It is literally not possible to hold an actual democratic election any more, Putin has ruined everything. Democracy is dead. Voting as a means of selecting a national leader is over.


    1. This is so confusing – Porko has single digit support last I heard so it would be expected that exit polls would show a similar result. But, if the exit polls are consistent with Porko’s opinion polls then it must be a sign of Russian meddling! Geez, I would have thought it would be the other way around – an inconsistently high exit poll result would only be consistent with pro-Porko rating swindle. Shows how little I know about these matters.


      1. Exit polling is tremendously important, and in previous colour revolutions the west always tried to get control of exit polling; often it was invited to do so by the target country, since it was felt by the government that the imprimatur of western observers would help reassure nervous westerners that the elections were fair and democratic. They apparently did not realize that all the west needs to tip over your victory is exit-poll results which are dramatically different from the way the vote was counted – for example, Yanukovych wins with 39% of the vote, but the exit polls, in which those just leaving the polling station are asked who they voted for, say his opponent got way more votes than he did. Bingo – the election is a big fraud – campers, set up your tents on the Maidan, we’re not going anywhere until this grievous wrong has been redressed. Thanks, Berezovsky, for the tents and the hot soup. But nobody really knows what the actual exit-poll results were, so the western observers can basically say anything they want, and the western press will immediately run with it.

        Porky knows this very well, so he is trying to de-legitimize the vote in advance, knowing he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning himself. If Zelenskiy wins, he’ll be a Russian pawn put in place by Putin, and consequently will have to make the most belligerent statements against Russia and swear that he sleeps with a life-size blow-up doll of Bandera so as not to be thought ‘soft’ on the Kremlin.

        The west was not invited to do exit polls in Russia, but in each of Putin’s wins as well as that of Medvedev, the vote was consistent with pre-election polling in which decided voters announced who they intended to vote for. Nonetheless, there is always a great boil of noise afterward about ballot-stuffing and carousel voting, even by those who like to use the term but don’t know what it means.


          1. I have often wondered which news agency Matt works for.

            If he really did not know what carousel voting was, he should have contacted Yulia Latynina, she ‘d have told him; she’s the carousel voting specialist: she can spot voters being bused in at a 1,000 paces. During elections, she drives around Moscow sussing them out, trailing them, writing reports on her findings in Novaya Gazeta or on the Ekho Moskvy site or ranting on about them in her talk show there.

            I wonder what she’s doing now?

            I heard she had emigrated.

            She still sends in copy for the aforementioned news media, though.


            1. Matt Lee works for AP, the Associated Press.

              I remember with affection the old Anatoly Karlin, who could not endure western hypocrisy without pointing it out with highly-enjoyable sarcasm. In the instance I’m thinking of, it was the ‘huge protest’ (organizers claimed 120,000, police said around 29,000, objective analysis put it at about 80,000) in Sakharov St. where the ‘fiery’ Alexey Navalny said he saw ‘enough people to take the Kremlin’. The answering roar must have terribly tempted him to try it, but he didn’t. Anyway, there was a photo of that protest, taken from overhead – I can’t find it now – which showed a large block of city buses drawn up side-to-side; transport for the protesters. They were ‘bused in’. When you’re going to attend a western-backed demonstration, of course, you’re just ‘proceeding in an environmentally-conscious manner to a responsible protest action’. When you are part of a factory crew and the company lays on a bus to take everyone to the polls, you’re ‘bused in for carousel voting’, and the bus takes the entire contingent to multiple polling places where they vote again and again. Or so Latynina says, although all she ever shows to back up her assertions is a photo of a bus with people on it. But the western press is perfectly happy to accept her word that they are seeing another sad example of the perversion of democracy in Russia.

              So there you have it, as usual – western exceptionalism goes global. When we do it (‘we’ being the children of the Limousine Liberals), we’re just using a socially-responsible method of getting to a place where we can make our voices heard and hold the authorities accountable. When they do it, they’re cheating democracy and imposing an oligarchical system on us.

              I have seen lots of photos of people on buses, and am perfectly happy to accept that they all came from the same workplace – that makes perfect sense to me, and I see nothing ominous in it. I have never seen any evidence that such people vote multiple times as a group, and must therefore conclude that ‘carousel voting’ is a buzzword dreamed up by western analysts in concert with sympathetic Russian liberal enablers.


    2. Okay. If voting in a ballot booth is no longer an option, then we must revert to the old time tradition of selecting our leaders according to a song contest… oh wait!


  13. The Duran
    Published on 1 Mar 2019
    The Duran – News in Review – Episode 185.

    The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the Munich Security Conference, and Angela Merkel’s stunning defiance of Mike Pence, after the United States Vice President urged Germany to cease its economic activities with Russia and China, starting with Nord Stream 2 and the deepening energy links to Russia.

    See: Merkel Draws the Line Against Trump


  14. Ahhh..yes..nothing like the handiwork of the shitstains,morons ,leprechauns, cnts and cckskkers in the USA State Department over the last few decades that COUL:D have fostered fundamental sanity in international relations…but did not do so:

    “A nuclear catastrophe in the making?
    No one should underestimate the danger of what would be the first-ever war between nuclear-armed states. Since the 2001-2002 war crisis, which saw a million Indian troops deployed on the Pakistan border for nine months, both countries have developed hair-trigger strategies, with a dynamic impelling rapid escalation. In response to India’s Cold Start strategy, which calls for the rapid mobilization of Indian forces for a multi-front invasion of Pakistan, Islamabad has deployed tactical or battlefield nuclear weapons. India has, in return, signaled that any use by Pakistan of tactical nuclear weapons will break the “strategic threshold,” freeing India from its “no first use” nuclear-weapon pledge, and be met with strategic nuclear retaliation.

    All this would play out in a relatively small, densely populated area. The center of Lahore, Pakistan’s second largest city with a population in excess of 11 million, lies little more than 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from the Indian border. The distance from New Delhi to Islamabad is significantly less than that between Berlin and Paris or New York and Detroit and would be travelled by a nuclear-armed missile in a matter of minutes.

    A nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would not only kill tens of millions in South Asia. A 2008 simulation conducted by scientists who in the 1980s alerted the world to the threat of “nuclear winter” determined that the detonation of a hundred Hiroshima-scale nuclear weapons in an Indo-Pakistani war would, due to the destruction of large cities, inject so much smoke and ash into the upper atmosphere as to trigger a global agricultural collapse. This, they predicted, would lead to a billion deaths in the months that followed South Asia’s “limited” nuclear war.”


    1. Can’t find the link but Bill Maher said an Indo-Pakistani war would be “entertaining” or “amusing” or something like that. That guy has become untethered from his brain.


    1. God, that Trish Regan is a moron on steroids. But, it was very heartening to see Russia stepping up with aid. Certainly, the physical aid is important to Venezuela but, more important, is the knowledge that they are not facing the US alone – cautiously optimistic that Venezuela can survive the assault.


    2. Soooo many bullshit moments, my head is reeling. “The ones who are the aggressors here are the RUSSIANS, the United States supports a peaceful transition of power”. Yes, to the leader it picked for the country, in a process about as far from democracy as an egg is from an eggplant. “Russia might not have the same good sweet deals, there would be a more competitive landscape, and they don’t like that”. Trish, baby – your National Security Advisor is on record as publicly stating it would make a big difference to the US economy if the USA could invest in and produce Venezuela’s oil. It already has complete control of the refining end – if it were also investing in it and producing it…what would be left for the Venezuelans?

      It is important to Americans that they always are doing the right thing, the just thing, the altruistic thing, and that nothing so smutty as American profit and financial gain come into it. It is for this reason they are fed such self-serving pablum daily by their news media.


    3. At 3:50 minutes in, did I just hear the “brunette” on the left threaten to murder Maduro’s family, if he doesn’t comply with her demands?

      She sounds like a Mafia chick: “Nice family you got there, Maduro, would be a pity of something was to happen to them…”


    1. But why should someone as wealthy and well known as Robert Kraft visit a massage parlor in a strip mall? He could have top whores from around the world flown in to his penthouse . For god’s sake, he could have gone to that private Caribbean Island where the insiders go for illicit sex with whomever/whatever they could imagine. Something is weirder than average here.


      1. I think it’s the thrill of the chase that appeals, plus knowing that you did something illegal (either secretly or in full view) and got away with it. Having whores flown to your place wouldn’t have the same appeal.


        1. Well, I suppose being a Peeping Tom could his next adventure. Nevertheless, it still makes little sense from a psychological aspect. Some say he was somehow set up as a lot of NFL owners are tired of his team winning the Superbowl every other year and wanted to take him down a notch or two.

          I suspect that most super rich, if not perverts from a young age, end up being perverted – the power of money and a highly developed market offering perversion is just too much to resist for most humans. That is a major reason why capitalism or free markets or whatever you want to call a system that encourages accumulation of vast amounts of wealth is…(drum roll) perverted.


  15. Again, the only defense needed by a cop in killing a suspect was “I thought my life was in danger” regardless if that were actually the case. In the particular instance, I do think the cops may have thought such but they were apparently trigger happy and reacted to a “flash of light” or glint off some something metallic. They thought it was a muzzle blast. Really? They offered confusing statements as well – the suspect advanced on them in a shooting stance but refused to show his hands. What kind of shooting stance would that be?

    I don’t think it was cold blooded murder in this case – just manslaughter. They ought to be charged accordingly and kicked off the force. But no, everything is OK, nothing to see. Besides, it would have a chilling effect on police everywhere if they were fearful of being charged every time they killed someone. I mean, like, who would want to be a cop?–abc-news-topstories.html


    1. I note that in this instance, though, the deceased was committing a crime; a series of them, in fact. Nothing he needed to be killed for, certainly, but a case removed from all the other black men who have been shot with their cell phone in their hand, or nothing at all, while the cops who decided to ‘question’ them ( sometimes for nothing more than walking on the sidewalk in a mostly-white neighbourhood) had no apparent reason to be bothering them. Police intervention was certainly called for here, although it is hard to believe it could not have been carried out without any real violence at all. The list of people who actually decided to go for their gun when ordered to put their hands up by police who already have their weapons out must be a short one.

      Police in America seem uniformly convinced that black men they detain will try to kill them. I wonder why? Have a lot of police officers been shot to death by black men? I bet the list of black men killed by police is a lot longer.


      1. To partially address the question of how many police are killed by felonious acts (shot, run over, etc.) versus how many they have killed by shooting (not counting fatalities from crashes during police chases), its roughly 65 to 1,000+. or better than a 15 to 1 kill ratio. 31% of the civilian victims were black.

        In Britain and Japan, there were a few civilians killed by police last year. China had 4 (US rate was 1,500 times higher per capita). Could not find info on Russia. Philippines was way higher than the US rate apparently due to the drug war and terrorists may be included in that data as well.


  16. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ….

    Matthew Lee is an Associated Press correspondent at the State Department .


    1. What gets me about Nauert when she makes her oh-so-cutting comments concerning RT, namely that a journalist that works for a state-run organization is by definition not a real journalist, is biased, follows state directives etc. and is not a defender of freedom and democracy and all that is wholesome in Pax Americana, is that Nauert herself is employed by a state-run organization herself.

      But then the State Department of the U.S.A. is, by definition, on the side of righteousness.


      1. I look at it differently. Why would a journalist working for a FOR PROFIT corporation have more integrity than one working for a public institution? It would clearly be the inverse.

        And corporate news organizations share a common agenda of generating wealth for their owners but more importantly, INFLUENCE over the market. Since wealth and influence are as intimately intertwined as two worms humping, there is ZERO chance that their news about anything important would be unbiased.


  17. Keeping the kettle boiling ….

    The son of Dawn Sturges, who died in 2018 as a result of poisoning in Amesbury, has written to Russian President Vladimir Putin an open letter in which he asks him to help in the investigation.

    “I’m desperate. Putin is the only person that can make it so that justice will prevail. I need his help to pay tribute to my mum. I’m counting on it”, Evan Hope told the British tabloid “The Mirror”. The publication presents the full text of the message:

    “It’s been almost a year since my mother, Dawn, was killed by Novichok in Salisbury, and my pain, like the pain of my family members, does not pass. The British police believe that at least two Russian citizens are responsible for her death, but it seems that they are under the protection of your state. I’m asking you as a person, to allow our officers to question these people about the murder of my mother. She at least deserves somejustice.”

    Mr. Hope told the publication that the UK government has not provided any support for his family. “I feel betrayed by the government”, he said. He stated that it endorsed the support of Sergei and Yulia Sripal, who was poisoned by the same substance. “But my family has had no such support, and we are the ones who have lost our mother. She was an innocent victim, but we have never heard from Theresa May nor the government — no phone call, no letter, nor anything else”, he said.

    Unsubstanttiated allegations taken as gospel.

    Wonder who put Evan up to writing to “Pyutin”?

    See: Сын погибшей от «Новичка» британки написал письмо Владимиру Путину


    1. The actual words of Ewan Hope that he wrote in his letter to the Dark Lord, whose state is protecting the killers, as quoted from the Daily Mirror:

      Dear Vladimir Putin,

      It is almost a year since my mother Dawn was killed by novichok in Salisbury and the pain never goes away for me or my family.

      The British police believe at least two Russian citizens were responsible for her death but it appears they are being protected by your state.

      I am appealing to you as a human being to allow our officers to question these men about my mother’s murder.

      The least she deserves is justice.

      Ewan Hope

      But was she murdered, and if so, was the agent of her demise “Novichok”?

      Hope told the Mirror:

      Putin needs to give up these killers so my family can finally get justice.

      He needs to show he’s capable of showing some humanity to our family. I would ask him to imagine how he would feel if he was in my shoes.

      We’ve lost our mum and all we want is justice. He should be able to understand that.

      I am desperate. Mr Putin is the only man who can make sure justice prevails. I need his help to do right I by my mum. I am counting on him.

      I fear we’ll never get justice for Mum and I feel betrayed and let down by the Government. I know they’ve supported the Skripals and I’m glad because I have sympathy for them and what they’ve been through.

      But my family haven’t had that support and we’re the ones who have lost our mum. She was an innocent victim, but we’ve never heard anything from Theresa May or the Government – not a phone call, a letter, or anything. We haven’t even heard from our MP. We just find out things on the news the same as everyone else.

      I feel the Government just wants to move on, but we can’t because we haven’t got justice for Mum. Until we do, we can’t get closure.

      Give up the killers?

      So he knows of their guilt already?

      The article mentions 20-year-old Ewan Hope’s two siblings, brother Aidan, 22, and sister Grace, 12.

      Sturges was cremated very shortly following her death caused by unnatural circumstances.

      Well, nobody can really say what caused her death … because they popped her corpse pretty damned quickly into a crematorium furnace.

      Dawn Sturges’ ashes are apparently now in a wicker box at Ewan’s grandparents’ home, surrounded by photos, candles and a white cuddly toy she had as a child.

      Ewan hope is quoted as saying: “I would like to scatter the ashes at a place I can go to and have vivid memories of Mum and feel close to her.

      I talk to her and whenever I make big decisions I hear her voice in my head telling me what to do”.

      Funny how he misses her so.

      He and his brother and sister were taken into care by the authorities because she was an alcoholic down and out.

      Caroline Sturgess, Dawn Sturges’ mother, told that other noteable British rag “The Sun” that her 44-year-old her daughter was not being given the same care as the Skripals because she was a “nobody alcoholic”.

      Caroline’s friend told “The Sun” that Dawn had switched from being a popular pupil at Durrington school in Wiltshire to a homeless alcoholic due to post-natal depression when her son Aidan was born.

      Her personality changed. She became like a zombie.

      She didn’t care about anything and just let everything go.

      She started smoking weed and over the course of time she turned to harder drugs.

      From “The Sun”:

      Dawn was living in a homeless hostel 300 yards from the Zizzi restaurant where MI6 mole Sergei and daughter Yulia ate before they collapsed.

      Initially it was assumed the pair had fallen victim to a bad batch of heroin currently circulating in Wiltshire.

      After it was confirmed as Novichok, CCTV was released of Dawn buying alcohol from her local cornershop just hours before she fell ill on June 30.

      One of the last times that Dawn Sturgess was seen was when she was buying alcohol on the Friday before her death

      Funny how they get these CCTV stills taken all over Salisbury, but not a one of the Russian killers smearing the Skripal house door handle with the deadly nerve agent that only the Russians make and can kill zillions and to which there is no known antidote.

      Good job the Chief Nursing oficer of the British Army was close at hand to attend to the poisoned Skripals!


      1. Zakharova is already girding her loins for the 1st anniversary (tomorrow) of the diabolical nerve agent attack by Pyutin’s agents that took place in Salisbury on March 4, 2018.

        If only I could help gird her loins!


      2. “Caroline’s friend told “The Sun” that Dawn had switched from being a popular pupil at Durrington school in Wiltshire to a homeless alcoholic due to post-natal depression when her son Aidan was born.
        Her personality changed. She became like a zombie.”

        So… it’s really all Aidan’s fault….


      3. It’s clearly very wrong for members of the British establishment to exploit members of Dawn Sturges’s family in this way. What they should get help in pressing for is a proper non-politicised investigation into what exactly happened to her.


      1. The relative clause “who died in 2018 as a result of poisoning in Amesbury” should not have had commas separating it from the main clause “The son of Dawn Sturges has written to Russian President Vladimir Putin an open letter in which he asks him to help in the investigation“, in that it is a defining relative clause whose antecedent is “Dawn Sturges” and not the subject of the main clause, “Ewan Hope”.

        As a result of mistakenly placing commas before and after the relative clause in question, that clause is a non-defining relative clause, adding, in parentheses as it were, additional information about the subject of the main clause.

        Ewan Hope is alive: his mother, who was Dawn Sturges, is the woman who died of unnatural causes in Amesbury last year. (Two relative clauses in the preceding sentence, each having “who” as its relative pronoun, the first relative clause being non-defining and having “mother” as its antecedent, the second being defining, having “woman” as its antecedent.)

        Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

        Perhaps I have lived too long here: all relative clauses, be they defining or non-defining, are separated by commas in Russian.

        It is ironic that almost every week I have to point out to Russians the very different English punctiation rules as regards relative clauses, an English grammar topic that Russians often find hard to grasp.

        Wrong usage of commas in contracts drawn up in English can sometimes have unforeseen and very costly results.

        See: The Comma That Costs 1 Million Dollars (Canadian)

        And the NYT got the offending comma wrong in one republished version of the original article, which had to be corrected!

        See also: How 1 Missing Comma Just Cost This Company $5 Million (but Did Make Its Employees $5 Million Richer)

        I often ask Russians what information is given about the subject (the passengers) in the following two sentences, which are, apart from their punctuation, identical:

        The passengers who could speak Russian had few problems at immigration control.

        The passengers, who could speak Russian, had few problems at immigration control.

        In each instance, how many passengers had few problems?

        Some of them or all of them?


        1. Are your impressive grammatical skills typical of English folks of your generation? Us Americans (see what I did?) can hardly put two words together without screwing up a grammatical rule.


          1. I should imagine such grammatical knowledge of their mother tongue is displayed only by members of my own generation, and certainly not by all of them.

            For some reason, the teaching of English grammar at school in England ceased in the early ’70s, several years after I had left school.

            I say “English” schools because the Scottish education system is different to the English one, so I cannot really say what happened 50 years ago North of the Border.

            The results of this decision by members of academia in England — and it was on their advice that the government decided to end the teaching of English grammar in secondary schools — soon became apparent: after 20 years or so, reports came flooding in from higher education institutes of the inability of first-year undergraduates to write coherent essays for their degree course work.

            I too experienced this ineptitude when, as a 38-year-old, I undertook German and Russian studies at an English university: my fellow students were at a loss to understand the meaning of grammatical terminology. And now there are, believe it or not, English grammar textbooks published for teachers of English.

            Because I am much older than my native speaker English teacher colleagues, I am often their source of English grammar knowledge. I recall how one former young colleague, a 20-something from Liverpool, once asked me to give her an example of passive gerund usage. (She’d been asked to do this by a Russian student, but did not know what a passive gerund was.) So I said to her: “Being asked grammar questions by teachers of English often surprises me”.

            She didn’t get it.


            1. That is sad, even I got it. I suspect modern youth culture in which poor grammar is celebrated as a sign of freedom has a role. And, parents as well as teachers may simply be lazier nowadays – going with the flow.

              A reduction in the precision of language usage would seem to make it easier to confuse and mislead individuals but that is just speculation on m part.


              1. You’re in good company, PO – George Orwell’s raison d’être was largely exactly this – that the quality of language affects the quality of thought. The truly original insight he gave in ‘1984’ was the creation of Newspeak – the new language which would banish heretical thought since the words would no longer exist with which to express such thoughts.

                I often despair listening to young people talk – I sometimes feel I’m witnessing the cutting edge of linguistic development where variations on ‘f**k me’ are taking the place of nouns, adverbs, adjectives and all other parts of speech. Many young folk seem unable to string a coherent sentence together let alone marshall an argument or critically examine the arguments of others.


                1. When I briefly worked in construction, there was a guy in our gang whose profanity was poetry – a creative stream of lurid yet sonorous and highly communicative adjectives, gerunds, verbs and nouns. As you indicated, kids today are stunted in the use of profanity:)

                  The creators of social feedback loops have succeeded in draining the mental energy required for thinking. Thank you Face Book.


              1. Moscow Exile can correct my grammar if need be, but I think in German Red Riding Hood would have asked: “Hast du meine Grossemutter gefressen?”

                The joke wouldn’t work in Russia, because “grandmother” would be either in the accusative or vocative case, as need be, so no comma required!


              2. Well, I saw a film once that included the line. It had mostly a wah-wah guitar soundtrack, and the plot was…well….pretty improbable. I don’t think it could have done very well in theatres.


          1. A panda walks into a bar and orders a sandwich. After eating the sandwich, the panda pulls out a gun and shoots the bartender. As the animal is walking out through the door, the manager asks “Why’d you shoot my bartender?”

            The panda tosses the manager a dictionary. “Hey dude, I’m a panda! Look up the word ‘panda’ in the dictionary!”

            As the panda departs, the manager thumbs through the dictionary and sees the entry on ‘panda’: “A bear-like animal that eats, shoots and leaves.”


        2. I knew he wasn’t dead; I was just being sarcastic. They’re English, for fuck’s sake – you’d think they would be able to speak their own language. Or write it, more properly.


  18. В Лондоне поставили пьесу Шендеровича “Увидеть Солсбери”. Герои – два гея, спасающие мир

    In London staged a Shenderovich play “To See Salisbury”. The heroes are two gay men who want to save the world

    The theatrical production company StageRC has announced the premiere of a play by the writer Viktor Shenderovich “To see Salisbury”, which will be held in late March in London.

    The comedy is built on the fact that Boshirov and Petrov are really two gays who went to England to see the cathedral. At the end of the play, an apocalypse takes place.

    Shenderovich himself also spoke about his new work. “The play ‘To See Salisbury’ began with my bold assumption that these people (Petrov and Boshirov) were telling the truth. This is a couple who love each other, and, keeping it secret from their families, just went off to London. One of them, in addition to loving his partner, also loves Gothic architecture. And I have assumed that this is true. And this assumption seemed to me so touching”, said the writer.

    The company website informs that the premiere performances in Russian and English will be held on March 30 and 31.

    The play, balancing between the Theatre of the Absurd and farce, ends on the verge of apocalypse — the insane Dementia Petrovna being ready to start a nuclear war.



      In the Panama Papers as shareholder of Apostrof ltd. Bahamas!

      If you click on the holding, you see that Gagarin, Maxim signed the same time as her and Yuri Kozhukov on 17-MAR-2011, CLS Consultants based in Moscow are an intermediary.

      So, let me get this straight, Ms. Ioannesyan is painting Russia as Another character is always in the shadows, following our heroes: Mother Russia. She is old, blind, misanthropic, paranoid and ready to start a nuclear war. The play, mixing theatre of the absurd and farce, end on the verge of apocalypse. Will our heroes discover their true identities in time?*, yet she sees fit to profit from off-shoring? Surely she is part of the problem, or just trying to make a decent wage and keep her hard earned keep away from the muny grubbing thieves in Moscow? Odd.



  19. Russian girls! I love ’em!!!!!

    Boxing Day (quite literally), 2016: somwhere in Russia.

    Lining up one evening to buy booze in a local store.

    The girl says to the man whom she wades into: “You dog! Have you gone totally out of your fucking mind?”

    For some reason, after she has stopped punching him and also given him a kick in the balls, he says, “Yes, finally”.

    So she about turns and floors him.

    And even then, while he’s lying on the deck, he says it again.

    Never a dull moment here.

    Apparently took place at Gus’-Khrustal’niy, a glass manufacturing town, hence its name, which is way out in the boondocks east of Moscow and south of Vladimir.


    1. The drunk feller she defended shakes her hand in gratitude. Notice that two other guys come from around the corner and take the bully’s place in the queue.

      Darren Till who posted that video is a mixed martial arts practitioner. Wonder if he’ll offer the woman a place in his training camp?

      A few of his followers have fallen in love with her.


      1. She knows how to throw a punch. Not very many women do; they swing from way behind their shoulder and you can see it coming a mile away and block it. But she knows how to punch, and it had some sauce on it, too. It took him off his pins. She apparently works in the store, and it is a tremendous credit to her that she takes action right away; the man right in front of the two in the line murmurs a few protests and kind of feebly plucks at the bully, but she went straight for the throat, and she was quick enough that he never even got his hands up. Inspiring, and very courageous.

        Of course, women should not get the idea from it that they can just go around punching men in the face and they will be victorious as this woman was. A lot of men are in considerably better shape, not half-drunk and probably have few scruples about punching a woman, and they could be seriously hurt. It’s never a good idea to go straight to physical violence. But that situation seemed to call for it, and she is a real spitfire.


  20. The Real News Network
    Published on 1 Mar 2019
    Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is supporting Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise, who has lost all legitimacy, if he ever had any, and at the same time it is in the forefront in opposing Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, who had a more legitimate election and has more supporters, says Yves Engler


    1. Here’s a pretty good piece on Venezuela, focused on why the military sticks with Maduro and how Guaido misjudged its loyalty.

      It closes with a recommendation that some other entity than the United States take over mediation, and try to work out a solution which would culminate in ‘free elections’ (the west is obsessed with the idea that Maduro stole the last election, or at least is committed to that narrative). But I’m pretty confident that Condition Number One for such ‘free’ elections would be that Maduro must not stand as a candidate – the west fears a win that could not be called illegitimate.

      Interestingly, the piece also discusses that Guaido is merely a smiley face for some of the most radical figures in Venezuelan politics, fierce liberals who would hand control of the nation’s energy industry to the conqueror. Also, it explains how the wealthy make a bit extra on the side by re-selling state-subsidized commodities in neighbouring countries at a significant markup.


  21. For people who like water fowl, I saw this article in Yandex, about the Russian grey goose. It’s an amazing bird with very sharp teeth, and the male has a corkscrew phallus.

    The captains are funny.
    Photo #1: “That feeling when you just got home from work…”
    Photo #2: “I came here to eat grass and bite your finger. As you can see, I already finished eating the grass..”
    Photo #3 (this one is really scary and ugly): “Teeth lining the beak. Teeth lining the tongue. What’s the best way to greet a goose?”
    Photo #4: “Look, Marusya, the hunters shot Vaska. Shall we take his spot?”
    Photo #5 (they explain that Yandex won’t let them show the actual corkscrew phallus, so they draw in a cartoon phallus to show its approximate size when erect): “Don’t consider this to be absurd. This is absolutely true, if you don’t believe us, then key it into the search engine…”
    Photo #6 (and the result of that phallus): “Which of these is the ugly duckling?”
    Photo #7: “Get out of my lake, I’m calling the police!”
    Photo #8: “Respect the grey geese, don’t intrude on their comfort zone.”


    1. All birds actually don’t have teeth – hence the saying “as scarce as hen’s teeth” – but some bird species like penguins for example have serrated edges along and just inside their bills and on their tongues to grip food and force it down one way. This is why people should be careful touching little blue penguins aka fairy penguins around their heads (better still, don’t touch them at all).

      Gang rape seems to have been always common among duck and goose species which explains why the females’ reproductive systems are as complex as they are.


        1. Yes, but only 3% of birds have a penis: the rest do not. Of the rest, both cocks and hens only have a cloaca.

          A cockless cock just gives vagina-less hen “cloacal kiss”.

          Often, if you blink, you’ll miss it.

          I used to keep racing pigeons. Watched them shagging many times. The cock “treads” the hen in a trice.


  22. Maslenitsa (from the word “maslo” , meaning “[edible] oil” or “butter”) starts in Russia today — Shrovetide, which lasts a week., during which not only the Orthodox faithful in Russia have one last fling before the “Great Fast” (Lent) begins, leading up to Easter.

    Nevertheless, the events of Maslenitsa are based on pagan ritual and belief.

    According to the Church, one may only eat dairy food, eggs and fish during this week.

    In the first three days pancakes are eaten and spring cleaning done. On Thursday, all household work should stop and on Sunday, “Forgiveness Sunday”, the tradition is to ask each other forgiveness for wrongs inflicted.

    The main symbol of Maslenitsa are pancakes, symbolizing the warmth of the sun and the coming spring, although it is certainly not spring weather at the moment — minus 8C and snowing.

    This year the festival “Moscow Maslenitsa” will be held at 23 sites, where every day there will be concerts and pancakes. Free concerts and performances can be seen on Manezhnaya square, Revolution Square and Tverskaya Square and various other sites around the city.

    At VDNKH visitors can attend traditional Shrovetide fair, where pancakes made of buckwheat, wheat, oat or chestnut flour with different fillings, for example, with Kamchatka crab, duck and lingonberry jam will be on offer.

    Above: miserable Russians, who never smile, glumly celebrating Maslenitsa.


      1. We’ve just exited, they tell me, the coldest February on record since 1944 for this region. We had quite a lot of snow, and it wreaked havoc since the Island sent all its snow-removal equipment – the big stuff, plows and salt trucks – to the mainland years ago. Too expensive to maintain it considering it almost never got any use. It was that dense, moist snow, too, not powder that can be just blown aside, so it did considerable damage to trees and bushes, and cost me a day’s work as I could not get my car out in the morning. The road on which I live was not plowed out until the very end as the equipment which was brought into service was employed full-time keeping the highways and main arteries open, but a few high-clearance vehicles carved a path, so daily it was a white-knuckle full-throttle charge to bash through the churned-up snow to reach my neighbour’s driveway. I live on a little hill, so my own driveway was impossible without a good deal of shoveling.

        Amazingly, in mid-January we could still wash the car in just a T-shirt (although when I do, some nosy neighbour or other always puts their head out and shouts “Hey!! Get back inside and put some pants on!!”), and even as the massive dump of snow began, several of the cherry trees were beginning to bloom.

        Anyway, now it’s still very cold for here and for this time of year – the ‘Arctic vortex’ or some such – but it is slowly relenting and the buds are starting to swell again. There’s a little bit of snow left in dirty piles, but we don’t look like getting any more this year. I’m sure in summer we will be gasping in the three-months non-stop sunshine (the last couple of years it has left brown patches in the cedars for lack of water) and wishing for a cool breeze. Our climate is definitely changing. Once we routinely still got quite a bit of rain in summer, while it rained nearly all the time in spring and fall. Summers were warm but not especially hot, and winters were mild. These days, we’ve had heavy snow for a month two years out of four, and in summer it’s like a brass bowl over your head for nearly three solid months. I imagine if it keeps up, some foliage and vegetation types will begin to die out, as they cannot go three months without water.


      2. Lovely images of pancakes, honey and black tea but where did the idea of serving pancakes with bacon, eggs and a hash brown come from?


          1. The bacon has to be smoked and then served draped over the pancakes (American-style ones) drizzled with a little maple syrup.


          2. I was watching Moscow Exile’s video and I saw a picture of American-styled flapjacks with a dab of butter, scrambled egg, fried bacon and a hash brown.


        1. Never understood that concept of eating a stack of pancakes.
          I mean, maybe one pancake, or even two, for sure.
          But a whole stack? I mean, isn’t that, like, 100,000 calories??


          1. Well, a short stack at International House of Pancakes (I take the ‘International’ to mean they are sort of the UN of pancakes) is three pancakes. And they’re not really that big; perhaps the size of your palm. Most people can easily eat three. A full stack is five, and that’s a full meal. I make my own from scratch every Sunday that I don’t work, and I usually eat six. Bleached white flour is not all that good for you, so a third of a cup of my mix is whole-wheat (to one cup white flour), and I cut the sugar back to a tablespoon of brown sugar from the quarter-cup specified by the person who gave me the recipe. They’re probably not low-cal, but once a week won’t kill you.


  23. I see Preznit Guano is back in Venezuela. He has apparently been advised to lose the tie, so that he looks more like a poor pesano, or at least like he was working hard the whole time he was gone.

    He was allegedly greeted by a ‘huge crowd of supporters’. That’s pretty meaningless in the age of rent-a-mob. Especially considering he supposedly kept his travel details ‘under wraps’, the crafty political craftsman, so we are left to believe a huge crowd of supporters just hung out at the airport and waited for him to come back…someday.

    But his EU and American buddies all knew when he was coming back. Because that’s who he works for. And Venezuelans would do well to remember it. The west is strangling Venezuela until it gives up Maduro, and accepts rule by Guaido, so that Guaido will let them in on the treasure. It is detestable, and the west – and most especially the Great Bloodsucker, the United States – would scream its head off if any non-aligned country tried anything even remotely like it. The Venezuelans’ problems can be alleviated in less than a week, by the USA removing its sanctions against the country (which has done nothing at all to America, merely having wealth that America wants to seize for its own benefit) and allowing its oil to once again be sold on the open market.

    Once again, if Maduro survives this attempt, immediate attention must be devoted to building refineries in Venezuela or a safe country, and sharply reducing the national dependence on imports.


  24. Maduro has ordered that the European branch of state-owned oil company PDVSA be moved from Lisbon, Portugal to Moscow.

    The Venezuelan Vice-President offered tart criticism of Europe’s toadyism, noting that the UK had ‘decided to pocket Venezuelan gold through the Bank of England’. The UK seized gold deposits in London which belong to Venezuela, at US prompting, and will make them available only to Guaido. For its part, the USA will only allow Guaido to sell the nation’s oil.

    Pay attention, because if America gets away with this gambit, it can do it anywhere. Huddle with the opposition, have it agree to boycott elections. Announce that the results of the election are illegitimate, because the opposition was disenfranchised. Pick a new leader, who will enable western strategic and economic goals, and recognize him/her as the true leader. Seize national assets abroad and impose sanctions against the country to bring hardship to its people, and starve them into compliance. Simple. Risible. Reprehensible, and worse than any stereotypical excesses of dictatorship the west loves to weep about when it perceives someone else is doing it, the sort of grotesque abuse of power that starts and fuels world war.


  25. It’s just another manic monday
    Let the Bernie bitch slapping resume:

    “Revolutions, fundamentally, involve the transfer of political power from one class to another. However, Sanders does not call for the revolutionary overthrow of the capitalists. Instead, the septuagenarian will give speeches and the citadels of the ruling elite will presumably crumble like the walls of Jericho.
    Does Sanders really believe that in America, the heart of world reaction, the world’s most ruthless capitalist oligarchy will simply give way to this “political revolution” and hand over trillions of dollars in social benefits to the working class, without a shot fired?

    No, he does not. And therein lies his dishonesty. In New York, Sanders invoked his own biography, declaring, “I know where I came from.” By rights, he should have acknowledged where he has ended up: from humble beginnings, he has become an expert in demagogy and a purveyor of illusions.

    Sanders appeals to the deeply-felt sentiments of hundreds of millions of workers and young people. He works to channel these sentiments into a political program that cannot achieve anything he promises.

    In 2016, Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, who had been repeatedly exposed as a Wall Street stooge, betraying the aspirations of his supporters and setting the stage for the fascistic Donald Trump to become president.

    Once again, as he begins his campaign for the presidential nomination in 2020, Sanders is attempting to divert all political opposition into the blind alley of the Democratic Party, even as this party itself opposes him and has no intention of implementing anything he proposes.”


    1. Very well-written, and completely accurate. There is virtually no difference – as others have pointed out – between the Republicans and the Democrats on international issues, and they have effectively merged to become The Washington Party. The Washington Party has no intention of implementing any landscape that a typical Sander supporter would recognize. Sanders probably knows full well that none of the wondrous baubles he holds out to the public are real – but even if he doesn’t, and naively believes he could bring into being a more socialist system in America, he could not and the corporatists would stop him cold.


  26. On the first anniversary of the Skripal poisoning incident in Salisbury, this interesting news arrived like the UK government’s worst nightmare: Evan Hope, the son of Dawn Sturgess, has written a letter to the Russian President asking for assistance in investigating the people who were supposed to have put Novichok on the front door of the Skripals’ residence; and Russian diplomats in London have expressed interest in meeting him and giving him a copy of a report that outlines the Russian position on the entire matter and presents questions that the UK govt still refuses to answer.


    1. Yes, someone drew our attention to Mr. Hope’s letter to Putin earlier. Well played, Russia – rather than just stonewalling him, I think it is refreshing that they offer to discuss what the Russian investigation has learned with him at his convenience. It makes the British government look like a bunch of dicks with something to hide.

      The bit about his pleading for Putin to allow the two suspects to be questioned by British intelligence sounds as if the UK government itself put him up to it, knowing Putin would refuse if he answered at all. But the rest of it does not, and the quick Russian response is a surprise.


      1. Of course, I did see Moscow Exile’s earlier comment, now that you mention it.

        I am not surprised though that Evan Hope wrote the letter to Putin the way he did, because he and his family would have initially believed the official UK govt narrative and only after the dismissive treatment the Sturgess relatives and Hope and his siblings received after the mother’s death, along with the quick and sympathetic Russian embassy response, might they start to suspect that perhaps the story they’ve been told is less than the truth.


  27. Just finished posting the third and final part of my review of the Met Opera “La Fille du Régiment”
    Russian lit students might be interested in my comparison of Marie’s story with a story told by Nadezhda Durova in her autobiography of the Napoleonic campaign “The Cavalry Maiden”.
    Donizetti’s opera is set in Napoleonic times, but the Met production inexplicably re-stages it in WWI times. One of my pet peeves: Don’t change the eras! Grrrr!


    1. If you are looking for something new to do, maybe the ‘defection’ of Svitlana Driuk will interest you. She supposedly is an east Ukrainian from Donetsk, and a battlefield commander – a ‘warlord’, if you can imagine – who defected to Kuh-yiv and is now spilling her guts about the real massive Russian regular military presence in east Ukraine, as well as Putin’s plan to destabilize Ukraine further. Because he told her, I suppose. It just reeks to me of a Ukie propaganda op.


  28. Oh, my; dear Anna. Anna Nemtsova must be dizzy from all that spinning for the Daily Beast. The reason Ukrainians are lining up behind a comedian with no real political experience is because of their weariness with the politics of….are you ready for it? PAUL MANAFORT!!!

    I’m not kidding.

    Zelenskiy’s campaign recently discovered a bugging device installed at their offices, obviously so someone could listen in, hoping for a choice piece of dirt which could be exposed at just the right time. The most likely perpetrator is, of course, the SBU. But the remark from Zelenskiy’s campaign manager even gets in a reference to Manafort. Dirty politics in Ukraine – allegedly – goes by the name of “The Manafort Textbook”.

    Just as if Ukraine fairly sweated integrity before Manafort came along. It couldn’t be the dog-pile politics of Tymoshenko and Poroshenko; no, my, no.


  29. Well, well – look at that; Meng Wanzhou is suing Canada, through her lawyers, of course. Her counsel alleges she was illegally searched and her electronic devices confiscated and also searched, three hours before she was ever actually arrested. Sounds pretty illegal to me. But what would you expect from a country that jumps every time the United States tells it to?–sector.html


  30. What if Trump hired Israel to build the wall? If anyone objects they can be called anti-Semites. If Congress doesn’t fund it he can throw his opponents in jail for falling afoul of the anti-BDS legislation. He can’t lose this.


  31. Yukietards up in arms about this:

    Google says that for all users who are in Russia, Russian occupied Ukrainian Crimea will now be shown. “We have corrected a mistake, because of which a small part of Google map users saw the wrong information”, quote Russian news agencies on March 5 a Google press service statement in Russia. Earlier, the Chairman of the Russian State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, requested that a representative of Google be invited to the lower house of the duma so that he “be informed of the Russian position on the inadmissibility of dsignating the Crimea as Ukraine territory”. In his opinion therefore, Google had violated Russian law. Russian opposition journalist Andrei Malgin, who lives in Italy, said that in his country, as in the whole world, except for Russia, the occupied Peninsula is still designated as Ukrainian territory.

    Malgin receives fulsome praise from the likes of Dmitry Bykov, who has stated that Malgin is one of the best Russian journalists and editors, and Yulia Latynina, who has writen that he “is one of the best bloggers of the Russian ‘LiveJournal'”. And the late but not lamented freak Valeria Novodvorskaya argued that “Andrei Malgin is worthy of the highest honour and the greatest respect”. Oh yes, and that troubadour of the liberal elite, the king of the Kreakli, Andrei Makarevich, thinks Malgin is shit hot as well.

    You know, the same old gang of filth.


  32. Brace yourselves for the usual, pompous bloviating off British officialdom, especially the blathering of that British bumpkin of a boy defence minister, as news breaks of the cruising through the ENGLISH Channeel of a Russian Navy flotilla, consisting of the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, accompanied by the multifunctional logistics vessel “Elbrus”, the salvage tug “Nikolay Chiker” and the tanker “Kama”.

    See how those rust tubs always need a tug escort?

    Guffaw, guffaw, haw, haw!!!

    Russian Rust Tub “Admiral Gorshkov”, commissioned July 2018.

    Come you Jolly Jack Tars!

    Don’t take this insult lying down!


  33. Latest Yukie condensed milk packaging:

    A dairy plant in the Chernihiv region has produced condensed milk, on the packaging of which have been used photographs of the wives of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. About this on his page in Facebook has written Edward Dolinsky, head of the “Ukrainian Jewish Committee”.

    The dairy plant has released a batch of condensed milk called “Milk of Outstanding Women” [I kid you not! — ME] and for the packaging design there have been used photos of Yaroslava Bandera — wife of the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) Stepan Bandera, Natalia Berezina-Shukhevych — the wife of a member of the OUN, Roman Shukhevych, Oleksandra Skoropadska — wife of the Hetman of all Ukraine Pavlo Skoropadsky and Vera Kotsyubinskaya — wife of Ukrainian writer Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky.

    Give us a suck of yer tits, ladies! I believe your lactation is wondrously sweet!


  34. My post today : Russian pranksters Vovan-Lexus punked Elliott Abrams over the phone. They phoned him, pretending to be President of Switzerland, and informing him about Venezuelan accounts in Swiss banks. Also accounts of sanctioned individuals such as Ksenia Sobchak and Dmitry Bykov!

    Abrams fell hook line and sinker, sent the list to Congress and demanded that the accounts be frozen in the Swiss bank of Limpopo. What an ignorant fool!
    In tomorrow’s continuation, I will translate more details from the telephone transcript.


      1. Very interesting indeed. Around minute 17, the pranksters indicated that they (the bank) will be transferring funds from Maduro’s inner circle to Guiado and his inner circle to Abram’s delight ($400 million or so according to the pranksters).

        Now I wonder, what is Abram’s cut? Pompeo? Bolton? I would imagine that these looting operations pay their enablers generously. My guess, is $10-$20 million each, if successful. Just a feeling.

        No doubt the confidentiality obligations of the “bank” were massively violated by the pranksters but Abrams acted like it was normal and peachy to be privy to such information.

        The pranksters were masterful in setting non-obvious traps for Abrams. Abrams appears to be a man of average intelligence and less than average awareness.

        BTW, how could anyone confuse the prankster’s accents for German or whatever they speak in Switzerland?


        1. The accent thing is key. Ignorant Americans are not expected to speak any languages other than Creole English; but surely they can be expected to distinguish between a Russian and a German accent?

          Speaking of languages, did you notice Abrams slightly disdainful tone when he informed “Ueli” that his boy Guaido “only speaks Spanish”, and so an interpreter would be needed? I wonder if Abrams expects to hire Guaido to trim his lawn after the putsch fails. He will start introducing him as “my Mexican landscaper” – LOL!


          1. Guaido is said to have been part of a group of five Venezuelan university student activists selected by a US agency to go to Belgrade to be trained by OTPOR in Color-Revolution tactics in 2005. If that’s true, then he must have known some English. He also studied at George Washington University in Washington DC so he would have needed to know some English to enrol and just basically know his way around the campus.


      1. Vladimir Kuznetsov is my brother-in-law. Not the same one, obviously, I imagine it is one of the most common names in Russia. Also, he is a Ukrainian by birth. My brother-in-law, I mean; not Vovan.


      2. After I had already posted my piece, I saw some more stuff online about the Baidilda fund. Aparently it is an actual, real fund owned by a Russian fund manager. Vovan-Lexus say they just picked it randomly because it is owned by a Russian. Normally they would make up a name, like Limpopo Funds LLC. This prank was more serious-minded than some of their earlier ones, because they kept it going longer and didn’t suddenly bring in the “gay” theme at the end!


  35. McClatctchy DC via Russian oil imports surge in US as Venezuela’s slow to a trickle

    …But Farnsworth warns that the administration has a limited window of time to take full advantage of the opportunity that the sanctions present. The longer Maduro is able to remain in power amid the sanctions, the more likely it is that Caracas will be able to find alternative buyers of its heavy crude oil…

    …In just another example of how Venezuela is collaborating with Russia on energy, Venezuela’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced Friday that PDVSA would move its European headquarters to Moscow from Lisbon, according to Russian press accounts…

    Plenty more at the link.

    As usual, the most negative interpretation of events rather a far more likely, Russia helping those who want to help themselves and that some sort of swap arrangement is in place to help insulate Venezuela from US sanctions which is supported by PDVSA’s HQ moving to Moscow rather than by biased and idle speculation. Dtards.


  36. Russian ship with ‘vomit-inducing weapon’ spotted off UK coast
    Filin 5P-42 believed to cause ‘dizziness, nausea and feelings of disorientation’
    16 minutes ago

    A Royal Navy warship has been scrambled to follow a Russian vessel believed to be carrying a “vomit inducing” weapon as it sails close to UK territorial waters.

    HMS Defender was deployed at weekend to keep watch on the frigate Admiral Gorshkov and three auxiliary ships.

    A Navy spokesman said: “Portsmouth-based Defender is monitoring the Russian task group and keeping track of their activity in areas of national interest.”

    The Russian group comprises the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, tug Nicolay Chiker, supply ship Elbrus and tanker Kama.

    The Gorshkov is reportedly fitted with Russia’s Filin 5P-42 device – a “visual optical interference” weapon which can cause “dizziness, nausea and feelings of disorientation”.

    It is aimed at disabling the capabilities of enemy soldiers and can make them want to vomit, according to Russian state media.

    Mark Lancaster, armed forces minister, said: “The Royal Navy is always standing ready to defend the UK. We will continue to work with our allies to shadow Russian ships passing through international waters close to our shores, to ensure the Russian navy follows the correct protocol on its journey.”

    HMS Defender left Newcastle on Saturday to head north east of Scotland to meet the Russian task group in time for the ships to pass the UK coastline on Tuesday.

    It will continue to shadow the ships as they pass through the English Channel.

    Commander Richard Hewitt, the commanding officer of HMS Defender, said: “The security of the seas around our coastline remains crucial to our national interests.

    “Escorting the Admiral Gorshkov has demonstrated the Royal Navy’s enduring commitment to protecting our home waters and readiness to undertake such tasking whenever it’s required.”

    A Royal Navy warship has been scrambled?

    Chocks away, tally-ho and all that. chaps, eh, what?

    Feckin eedjuts!


    1. The weaker and more corrupt an organization is, the more sanctimonious it becomes. Its the 4th law of thermodynamics.


  37. RT America
    Published on 5 Mar 2019
    Google Maps suddenly shows a broken line separating Crimea from Russia — a subtle acknowledgment, much to the consternation of NATO, that Crimea is indeed part of Russia and not of Ukraine. Former naval intelligence officer John Jordan joins to weigh in. Naval intelligence officer John Jordan joins Rick Sanchez to weigh in.


  38. OMG…God -to the extent that there is one-Bless WSWS…..

    “The allegations of Robson and Safechuck cannot be doubted or even scrutinized, because that would throw the entire #MeToo witch-hunt into question.

    Billionaire Oprah Winfrey, who utters another banality every time she opens her mouth, is the spiritual-financial leader of this movement and the New York Times is its intellectual “backbone.”

    The Times’ Maureen Dowd, one of the moral pillars of our time, penned a disgusting column denouncing Michael Jackson on February 16, “The King of Pop—and Perversion.” This is from the newspaper that speaks for New York City’s super-rich and has promoted every bloody crime of American imperialism for the past two decades.”

    It takes WSWS to talk about these GD opportunistic shitstains – e.g. Oprah ,Gayle-the way they need to be talked about!!!! LOL!!!

    I was no big fan of Michael from when he sang the title song to Ben to when he died…but the man is dead..he isn’t here to defend himself….you nasty fat fuckin’ cow(s)….Jesus God….STFU!!!!!!

    “Michael Jackson has been dead for nearly a decade. Now he is being excoriated, trampled upon once more—for what? The whole business has degenerated into a squalid pursuit of money and career advancement. We condemn it.”

    SPOT the F ON!!!!! Bravo…Bravo1111111


    1. Harvey Weinstein helped make Oprah Winfrey the billionaire she is. Ungrateful bitch I would say.

      Someone in Hollywood tried to launch the meme “They all knew…” but, for some reason, it never caught on. Here are media stars back-filling their positions:

      Either they are lying sacks of shit or what Harvey done was so ordinary as not to raise an eyebrow. Probably both.


  39. Double Whammy:

    The US trade deficit reached a 10-year high of $621 billion in 2018, and the goods trade deficit with China in particular surged 11.6 percent to a record high of $419.2 billion last year, according to a Wednesday press release by the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis.

    ​In addition, the US Treasury Department announced Tuesday that the US budget deficit for the first four months of fiscal year 2019 totaled $310.3 billion, marking a 77 percent increase compared to the same period a year ago.

    A trillion dollar trade deficit is in sight! A trillion dollar budget deficit, however, is becoming the norm – an amazing accomplishment for an economy allegedly in the midst of an economic boom.

    IIRC, Kirill indicated that imported goods add to the GDP through the difference between the imported cost and the sales price. One could imagine a $500+ billion kick to the GDP from that delta.


    1. Well, well – ‘magine that! Trump’s noogying of China to make them pull back on their unfair trade practices, and coincidentally revitalize American domestic manufacturing, is working a treat, isn’t it? Medals of Freedom all ’round!


  40. Медведев порекомендовал американскому дипломату почитать учебники

    Medvedev has recommended that an American diplomat read some textbooks

    LUXEMBOURG, 7 Mar. – RIA Novosti. Dmitry Medvedev recommended that a US diplomat study some textbooks on international law.

    Earlier, the US embassy in Luxembourg, where the Russian prime minister had arrived on a visit, called on the authorities of that country to take a tough stance on the Crimean issue. According to the American diplomatic mission, “Now is the ideal time and place for Luxembourg to strongly urge Russia to change its policy and leave the Crimea”.

    “If he is in a diplomatic position, such a person need get hold of the simplest textbook on international public law and start learning its basics, including the concept of state sovereignty”, Medvedev commented at a press conference following the Russia-Luxembourg talks.

    The head of government recalled that “state sovereignty is the supremacy of state power within a country and the independence of state power outside it”.

    Also, the head of the Russian Cabinet of Ministers expressed the hope that the American diplomat “would take all of this in”, but at the same time doubted that this would happen.

    Luxembourg’s head of government, Xavier Bettel, for his part, said that it was important for Russia and the European Union to find a way out of the current crisis in their relationship, from which crisis neither side would have anything to gain.

    “We need to communicate more, talk more with one another I remain a supporter of a political dialogue with Russia”, he added.

    The Prime Minister of Luxembourg also noted that security on the the European continent cannot be ensured without Russia. “Disarmament is the only way to maintain peace”, he stressed.
    In addition, Bettel called on Moscow and Washington to return to a dialogue in order to avoid an arms race as a result of the suspension of the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles.

    Typically European pussy reaction!

    Soft bastard!

    Sanction the commie bastards!

    Make them mend their ways!

    Hurt them!

    That’s the only way to deal with these evil Russians and their regime!

    Find out where Pootn’s money is and seize it!


    1. I’ve never found Medvedev a particularly inspiring character; more a kind of office drone. But he’s quite right in this case – Washington has grown accustomed to throwing the phrase “international law” around without any real understanding of what it means. Or, more likely, with so little respect for it that they consider it bendable to their exceptional will. It is completely illegal under international law, for example, to simply declare a democratically-elected leader illegitimate without solid proof, and even more so to pick his replacement from another country without the people of the target country having any say in the matter at all. The USA would just scoff if any other country attempted to do the same to it – if Russia, for example, declared Trump illegitimate and then copped to a lot of collusion between them leading up to the election. Trumps enemies would have an orgasm of delight – but they would stop well short of letting Russia choose his replacement. In fact, that’s what they’re so up in arms about, or pretending they are – the idea that a foreign country had input to who was elected president.

      Unfortunately, the American understanding of international law has devolved to “A quality that should be strictly observed so long as it does not conflict with American interests. Should that happen, a scheme must be devised whereby it can be safely ignored, but someone else is blamed”.


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