A Knife in Search of a Gunfight.

Uncle Volodya says, “When a war breaks out, people say: “It’s too stupid; it can’t last long.” But though a war may well be “too stupid,” that doesn’t prevent its lasting. Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should see if we were not always so much wrapped up in ourselves.”

Sittin’ around the house,
watchin’ the sun trace shadows on the floor;
Searching for signs of life, but there’s nobody home…

Better Than Ezra, from “Good”

“There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life.”

Frank Zappa

I imagine most of you have heard the expression, “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. The meaning is pretty self-evident, but the Free Dictionary helpfully frames its intent: “To come poorly prepared or equipped for some task, goal, competition, or confrontation. Often used in the negative as a forewarning or piece of advice.

You are far more likely to come ill-prepared for some task, goal, competition or confrontation if you are stupid. In recent years many of us have become accustomed to stupidity in our elected and appointed officials, but watching Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly’s performance of her duties is like being chained to the village idiot. To put the situation in the context of the expression above, sending her abroad to represent even the flailing country this one has become is like taking six inches of dental floss to a gunfight. Perhaps while wearing a T-shirt with a bullseye printed on it. It’s asking to be sent home with a red face and ruler-tracks on your bum.

Melanie Joly is the Canadian Sarah Palin; she was a cartwheeling disaster as Heritage Minster. Heritage Minister!! The department’s mandate centers on “fostering and promoting “Canadian identity and values, cultural development, and heritage”. Sounds like a job the average drugstore manager could perform with distinction, especially if he or she had a whole department of more than 1,800 employees to help and advise him or her. But tasked with management of the festivities and ceremony attendant upon the 150th anniversary of Canada Day, Melanie Joly rolled out a train wreck that earned comments like “I have never seen such a poor, chaotic display. Shame on you Ottawa.” And: “Please, (Minister Joly), I beg you to step out of your protective shell and acknowledge what a mess Canada Day was and take some responsibility for it.” And: “Time for you to resign!” The local news of the village she is idiot of – Le Journal de Montreal – said “she sounds like a living answering machine having a nervous breakdown”. No need to wonder any further where the inspiration came from for the Sarah Palin reference. “Joly’s penchant for bafflegab made her a frequent target of cartoonists and humorists in the province — hardly what Trudeau was hoping for when he made Joly his highest-profile Quebec minister.”

Sacked from the stress-magnet job of Heritage Minister, Joly was shuffled downward – not resoundingly kicked from the top step of Parliament, remember, she’s a personal friend of our talking wig-stand Prime Minister – to bring her administrative talents to bear on the minor portfolios of tourism, official languages and la Francophonie.

And then, just when things looked darkest…she vaulted straight to Minister of Foreign Affairs, promoted by her good friend Justin Trudeau in what critics claimed was a reward for her loyalty in the 2021 election which saw the Liberals re-elected, as well as toads raining from the sky and a lightning bolt straight from the finger of Jeebus. And things went rapidly downhill from there.

“My guess is that during that very challenging campaign, she cemented her status as a trustworthy lieutenant,” Mr. Reid said. “When you fall behind during a campaign and then mount a comeback, you see up close who can be counted on. I suspect he saw that in her and decided he wanted that in Foreign Affairs.”

What struck me on reading the reference, though, was a comment she made in describing her vision for the Foreign Affairs responsibility. She was speaking about possible disciplinary action which might be taken against China, but she claimed, “I can tell you, however, that we have no illusions. Our eyes will be wide open.”

And then the Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs, with her eyes wide open, concurred with the United States that the Russians likely blew up their own gas pipeline, all part of Putin’s weaponization of energy.

Asked by CNN anchor Jim Sciutto during a conversation in Washington, hosted by the Atlantic Council, who was behind the damage, Joly did not mention Russia by name but pointed to allies’ assessments that the attacks were deliberate. “At this point we’re still investigating, but obviously we want to make sure that we do things the right way, but we’re not naïve,” she said. “You’re not naïve as to who’s behind it?” Sciutto responded.“As I said, we won’t speculate but at the same time, we want to make sure that — the world needs to understand that this is very important European infrastructure that was sabotaged,” the minister added.

She added no gas was flowing through either pipeline at the time the leaks occurred.

Really? No gas flowing through either pipeline…at the time of the leak? Then how could there be a leak? Leak of what? The very next paragraph confides,

“On Thursday, Swedish officials discovered a fourth leak along the Nord Stream gas pipelines, vital energy links for Europe that have been spewing methane into the Baltic Sea since Monday following two underwater explosions.” Spewing methane. Natural gas is almost completely methane.

And NATO muttonheads were quite happy to pontificate and puff over these ‘deliberate, reckless and irresponsible acts of sabotage’ while they believed the perpetrator would never be identified.

But then, Seymour Hersh – one of the most credible journalists alive – broke a story on how American Navy divers had planted the explosives under cover of a NATO exercise, assisted by Norway, which explosives were later detonated remotely, destroying the pipeline. America had threatened it, had tried to stop its construction through sanctions and international bullying, had shopped proposals to Europe that Europeans buy American ‘molecules of freedom’ instead, and had flatly promised to stop it ever going into operation. Means, motive and opportunity. And yet, when America announced that Russia must have done it itself, Melanie Joly agreed. After all, we’re not naive.

To this moment there has not been any statement of which I am aware in which Melanie Joly recants or expresses doubt in her conviction that Russia blew up its own pipelines.

If only her stupidity were an isolated incident in a wider frame of reason and deliberate weighing of evidence, pondering of the facts. You know – the kind of leadership we were told would become the norm when women were better represented in politics. See any evidence of that? Let me throw a few names out there, see if they ring any inspirational bells: Hillary Clinton. Annalena Baerbock. Ursula Von Der Leyen. Gina Haspel. Avril Haines. Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Chrystia Freeland. Nikki Haley. Useless as a chocolate teapot, the lot. Liz Truss, so thick she’s almost soundproof. Christine Lambrecht; as Germany’s Defense Minister, she admitted she did not understand the Army’s ranking system. During an army training exercise late last year, all 18 Puma Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) involved in the exercise had to be withdrawn owing to breakdowns and technical difficulties.

“Scholz’s judgment has been questioned over his appointment of Lambrecht in the first place. He is under pressure to replace her with another woman, in order to fulfil his pledge to have an equal number of men and women in his cabinet.”

Lambrecht succeeded Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, who was Von Der Leyen’s handpicked successor. All three presided over disaster to one degree or another in the German army during their tenure as Defense Minister. But to hear them talk, you would think they were Jean-Claude van Damme, after learning the airline had lost his luggage halfway through a 14-hour flight. Kramp-Karrenbauer endorsed a first-strike nuclear policy against Russia as a ‘deterrent’. Ursula Von Der Leyen’s swaggering smack-talk would not look out of place in a Super-Bowl locker-room. It is as if all of them are in the practical assessment phase of a course on how to out-belligerent the boys.

Is that the ideal which informed the drive for more women in politics, in positions of higher responsibility, with greater decision-making power on behalf of the nations they serve? A spitting, snarling demon you have to bring into the summit on a choke-chain? Is that the example their male predecessors set for them – that they would not be respected if their rhetoric did not verge on homicidal? I hope that’s the case, because otherwise it is patently obvious there is no such thing as built-in gender suitability, and no evidence at all that choosing women to run things makes war less likely because they are women – no such thing as a ‘gentler sex’.

Right on cue, here comes the Village Idiot, shaking her pom-poms for more war. This is not the time to talk about peace – yes, she actually said that – it is time to ‘arm them’. Who needs fucking brains, when you have guns, you weaklings!!

Undeterred by the whack-a-mole parade of incompetence from feminine foreign Defense Ministers, and goaded by a revolving door of sex scandals in the Canadian Forces, Trudeau appointed Anita Anand Minister of National Defence in 2021. Although I was intrigued to learn she was born not 20 miles from where I grew up – described by some media sources as ‘rural Nova Scotia’ – I was unsurprised to read she has no military experience whatever. She was a lawyer specializing in corporate governance and the regulation of capital markets. Much of her research focused on – you guessed it – diversity. On her appointment to her present role, she stated that her top priorities would be “..tackling sexual misconduct and building a durable culture change in the Canadian Armed Forces.” How’s that working out, do you think?

Well, if you accept that the role of the military in an enlightened democracy is to act as a crucible for progressive thought and social- justice initiatives, it’s going smashingly. Under Anand, military dress regulations have been essentially abandoned; although you still have to wear a uniform, if you’re a guy who ‘identifies’ as a female, you can wear a skirt. Pink hair? Why not – it brings out your eyes. Think I’m making it up? If only. Don’t take my word for it – ask David Harries, former Commanding Officer of the Airborne Regiment, about his recent observations at Royal Military College, the foundry that churns out our next generation of military officers.

Harries leans into his screen with one last story: “I was at RMC yesterday having a meeting with Athletics about rugby issues. God. The new dress rules. There are no dress rules. You can wear what you want. If you are a male, you can wear a RMC skirt if you want. If you want to colour your hair, you can colour your hair. There are no rules on hair anymore. If you want tattoos on your face, you can tattoo your face. This is all in the interest of diversity and human rights. I can tell you what our allies think of this.”

I also have to wonder how much of the hot-button sexual misconduct that unleashed a diversity avalanche actually happened the way it was described. For instance, Major-General Dany Fortin, a high-profile military officer who was placed in charge of the national COVID vaccine rollout, was accused of sexual assault that allegedly occurred more than 30 years ago. As is typical for such incidents in Canada, he was immediately removed from his position – a little quicker than immediate, actually; he was removed from the appointment 5 days before the military police referred an accusation against him of sexual assault to the Quebec prosecution office. General Fortin suggested – prophetically, as it turns out – through his attorney that there was immediate and wide-ranging political interference with due process;

“This application exposes a serious breach of that proper ordering of civilian control that Parliament contemplated in the National Defence Act by political actors outside the chain of command,” he said.

“It is an insidious breach that, if left unchecked, will have serious and negative repercussions for it will signal that a new norm is in place. One that permits political actors to seed the chain of command with members who are not committed to the chain of command.”

I don’t suppose you would be surprised, by this point, to hear that General Fortin’s replacement was a woman, Brigadier-General Krista Brodie. Unfortunately for the narrative, General Fortin was found not guilty in a court of law, which observed that the accuser’s story was inconsistent. It is important to note here that the judge believed the complainant had been sexually assaulted. He was, however, unconvinced – due to the aforementioned inconsistencies in her story – that it was Dany Fortin who had assaulted her, and there was no convincing evidence that he had done so. Unfortunate for Canada’s shambolic political administration, too, as General Fortin is suing the Prime Minister and several top executives for $6 Million. A statement of claim alleges defamation, malfeasance in public office, conspiracy and negligent investigation.

Nor is the current and increasing embrace of wokeist culture for the military confined to such individual examples.

Allyship is defined as an “active, consistent and arduous practice of unlearning and re evaluating, in which a person in a position of privilege and power seeks to operate in solidarity with a marginalized group.” Colour-blindness, or refusing to see race, according to the lexicon, can “foster the systematic denial of racial subordination.” White is a “social colour” that comes with “unearned power, benefits, advantages.”

That’s an example of the package of ‘values’ currently being imposed on the country’s armed forces as a whole under Anand’s leadership. Is it any wonder the military is short thousands of positions, and recruiting is getting increasingly desperate? Who would be interested in joining an organization that tells you from the outset that you are unworthy and should be ashamed of yourself?

If you believe the purpose of military forces is to be prepared to fight in defense of the nation’s security, values or self-determination…don’t look for that sort of commitment here. We’re a little busy getting in touch with our feminine side, walking a mile in the other pronouns’ shoes, and atoning for generations of colonialism. When you get right down to it, gosh-darn it, do we really have the right to make assumptions about the enemy? Maybe some of they/their/them would be okay with just hugging it out.

Saving, in my opinion, the best for last, we have the Toad-Queen of the US Department of State, Victoria Nuland. If you were looking for an example illustrative of some innate characteristic of women which makes them better leaders, administrators, managers and diplomats than their male counterparts…well, this is not it. Nuland proudly stipulated to her country’s investment of $5 Billion into Ukraine to tip it into revolution, was caught on a recording planning the incoming government of Ukraine with the then-Ambassador to Ukraine once that revolution was successfully started, and has consistently argued that the United States must get tougher with a country – Russia – it opposes on purely ideological grounds because it is a geopolitical rival. The US military is supposed by its very nature to be a defensive force protecting the USA, and Russia has done nothing to threaten America.

Anyway, let’s not get too far into the geopolitical weeds; back to Melanie Joly and the pursuit of gender-driven greatness. Melanie Joly was promoted because her mentor, Justin Trudeau, is convinced or allowed himself to be persuaded that the Canadian government – at the very least, actually the initiative extends to industry, the arts and more – must have more women. In Joly’s case, it is demonstrably not based on exhibition of any quality but doglike loyalty. She is not good at her job, although to be fair, there are certain expectations imposed upon occupants of high-responsibility offices, and it is natural to try to create an impression that one is very, very serious about it. The facts speak for themselves – there is nothing ‘innate’ about women, meaning inherited or genetic or whatever, that predisposes them to brilliant leadership.

Yet this fallacy persists. Harvard Business Review insists that the data don’t lie – women are better leaders than men. Although it acknowledges that at the time (2012), 64% of leaders were still men, it claims women ‘scored higher’ in all but one management competency: the ability to develop a strategic perspective.

But the findings were the results of surveys – ‘ratings’ which were supplied by the women’s peers, bosses and performance reports. Nobody had to complete a test or run from point A to Point B, or do anything which can be measured or scored. Yet the contention that the women ‘outscored’ the men rests. Was there any pressure to rate women higher because of their sex then? There certainly is now; there is a political expectation that the leader will appoint an equal number of women to men, and in Canada the ‘diversity’ expectations are higher yet.

I’ve worked with and for women over the years, both in the military and out, who were exceptional leaders; who might have made an excellent Minister of National Defense. In each and every case, it was the force and character of their personality and personal ethics which made them so, not their gender. And there are plenty of such examples now, although I don’t personally know any of them – Tulsi Gabbard. Sahra Wagenknecht. Danielle Smith, who inherited the leadership of the province of Alberta from Jason Kenney. Smith’s positions are controversial, to say the least, and her opposition to the nation’s simpleminded public-health policies on COVID guaranteed her press coverage would be horrible. But her courage and determination to increase Alberta’s autonomy within Canada are inspirational. And she clearly scares the shit out of the current national government, as Alberta is a wealthy province owing to oil and gas revenues, which the Federal government is accustomed to tapping into for equalization payments to less-fortunate provinces. This often has the effect, intentional or otherwise, of compelling those provinces to help keep that government in power.

In a climate in which any resistance to the suggestion that only more and more women decision-makers can save us from the abyss which yawns before us makes one a misogynist, I suppose that will be the label I am awarded. That’s certainly your judgment to make. But I ask you to simply look objectively at the results. Of course not every woman can be expected to instantly reverse the damage caused by decades of mismanagement, and I don’t think anyone realistically expects it to happen that way. But in the case of examples like Clinton, Nuland, Von Der Leyen, Baerbock and even Joly, they used the influence granted to them by their position to plot and scheme and guide policy in precisely the wrong direction. Clinton never saw an international disagreement that did not look to her like sending in the Marines was just the ticket; such relish for pre-emptive warmaking is fortunately given to very few. Baerbock’s stupid intransigence, in concert with her fellow Green-Party lunatic Robert Habeck, has resulted in a substantial decline in living standard for all of the German people except for those who are investors in military production, and defiantly proclaimed that Germany would support Ukraine in its descent into hell – as opposed to negotiating a peace agreement while Ukraine still held about a third more territory than it does now – regardless what the voters thought. Spoken like someone who was appointed to her powerful position rather than elected. Von Der Leyen’s hamfisted fumbling is surpassed only by her grandstanding and belligerence. Joly is gleefully picking a fight with China, and moves in lockstep with American diktat regardless its consequences for Canada. But all were selected because they are women, based on an apprehension that women make great leaders because they are women.

There has never been a time, I submit, where it was more critical that the right person be selected for positions of political influence based on demonstrated merit, ability, experience…pretty much anything other than their gender. The right person for the job might well be a woman, but that will be a distant second to her ability to provide unswerving guidance and leadership that show prompt results, and her willingness to back away from initiatives that either are already not achieving the desired effect, or show near-zero potential for doing so. All the European leaders who backed sanctions against Russia, to the instant and ongoing detriment of their own economies and for the sole purpose of bootlicking to the biggest warmonger on the planet were wrong, wrong, wrong. Men like Josep Borrell and Jens Stoltenberg were likewise so wrong they were living caricatures of rightness – but they were not appointed because they are men. The whole process of choosing leaders started to slide decades ago, and now it is completely out of control as wokeness and gender politics play increasingly influential roles.

“It is a disaster that wisdom forbids you to be satisfied with yourself and always sends you away dissatisfied and fearful, whereas stubbornness and foolhardiness fill their hosts with joy and assurance.”

Michel de Montaigne, from, “The Complete Essays”.


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  1. Increasingly across all Western nations the trend is for new governments, once elected to power, to appoint leaders and cabinet ministers or secretaries on the basis of what they are or represent, instead of any experience or knowledge they might have that is relevant to the position they are appointed to. Hence we have foreign ministers who have no experience in working in another country or dealing with other people in foreign countries. In Germany, the foreign minister’s academic credentials are even in doubt. Then we have defence ministers who have no experience in working in the military even as a high school cadet or as part of a reserve force. Much of this is done to adhere to an agenda and ideology promoting an inauthentic “diversity” and/or based on statistical information taken out of its original context.

    Just because employees in most workplaces rate women leaders higher than male leaders on certain leadership criteria is not in itself a good argument for making women to be leaders in particular environments where a very different kind of leadership not based on nurturing principles or on motivating people may be called for. Most workplace surveys on leadership are really all about how managers can get subordinates to do humdrum work or more such work in the same amount of time and with the same limited resources. While perhaps at lower levels or in particular technical specialities in the armed forces there may be work environments no different from civilian work environments, at the frontline and at higher organisational levels where strategic planning becomes important, you need a different leadership style and the personality to go with it regardless of background or sex or sexual orientation.

    Thanks Mark for another sterling effort and the time you put into it.

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  2. Nice work, Mr Stooge! A splendid debunking of the current tribalism poisoning Western politics. Every tribe needs its myths, lingo, and rules. Espouse them and you’re in. Espouse them more fanatically than everybody else and you climb the ladder. A recipe for, at the highest levels, close-mindedness and resistance to opposing views.


  3. Plenty of thought-provoking material in this essay, Mark. Thanks once more for your work.

    All too often these days “leaders” in the west seem to be adherents of the “Ray Harryhausen School of Management”, imagining themselves as Olympian figures manipulating the fate of the little mortals, as in “Jason and the Argonauts” or “Clash of the Titans.” Seldom do they appear to have any substantial awareness of the impacts which the policies they seek to execute actually have – often predictably so – let alone give a damn for the effects so long as there are no negative consequences for their own careers. It’s pitiful. And affects both male and female “leaders”.

    “Where there is no vision, the people perish. “


  4. Vladimir Putin visits occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol

    Sky News
    6.24M subscribers

    Mar 19, 2023 #russia #ukraine #war
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has made his first visit to Ukrainian territory occupied since last year’s invasion, touring the city of Mariupol in the southeast of the country.

    He made what state media described as a “working trip” to the port city in Donetsk, which was annexed in September last year.


    1. I suppose the western press considers it some sort of victory to describe Mariupol as ‘a Ukrainian city under occupation’. Please yourselves, idiots. Because it is Russian now, and so it will be for the foreseeable future, so get used to using a lot of extra words whenever you refer to it.

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  5. Thank you, Mark, for this excellent analysis of the mess – political, militarily, or in foreign relations – ‘feminist female ‘politicians’ have been and are still creating. The fact that this phenomenon is flourishing in ‘Teh West’, i.e. the top warmongering, top Russia-hating nations cannot be just a coincidence.
    It’s also becoming obvious that these feminist female ‘politicians’ haven’t gained their places thanks to intellectual competence, never mind brilliance, but to their talent of spewing forth faultlessly the phrases given to them by certain string-pullers, multibillionaires all …
    There’s one other strand to this, to the damage these laydees are inflicting, damage which will have far harder consequences on the western economy than the feminist incompetence afflicting the various Armed Forces.
    I’m talking about the bank crashes. It turns out that both the Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse were riddled, at the top level, with woke managers, CEOs of ‘diversity’ and similar stuff. Economic knowledge, commercial probity: these aren’t needed when ignorant people can sit at the top table pushing wokeism. No problem should the bak go down the drain, no problem should the economy crash: these people are ‘the good ones’, and just as yon famous 20th century dictator said before he offed himself in Berlin: the people he led hadn’t been worth his leadership, these wokeists will ecalre that their bank customers, or their soldiers, or their electorate, simply aren’t worth all their hard woke work – son when things go wrong, it’s their fault, not that of yon ‘leaders’ …


    1. Thanks to all of you who received this post so kindly; it is genuinely not my intent to appear anti-woman. I know that’s the woman-hater’s defense – some of my best friends are women/black/gay/whatever. But what I am firmly against is the promotion of individuals based on identity politics, and upon the perception that this or that special-interest group is ‘hot’ right now and that attention to its needs will bring votes.

      So many of our supposed ‘public servants’ are clowns; for me, this was epitomized by Catherine Ashton, paid like an Empress (and received 55% of her salary for an additional three years after finishing her appointment, during which time she was paid more than 130,000 quid a year in return for which no work at all was required)


      but who, in the performance of her official duties, required support to recognize foreign leaders by sight.

      Little wonder why high-ranking public servants are so frequently fooled, despite warnings, by pranksters like Lexus and Vovan, considering they frequently know little or nothing about the foreign leaders who are purportedly calling them up. I was reminded again of how stupid politicians are just yesterday, reading one of the references from this post by Normal American:


      the whole post was well worth reading, the author has a tremendously sarcastic sense of humour, but particularly striking was a quoted reference of the thick-as-a-brick stupidity of Sheila Jackson Lee, Democratic Representative from Texas. Did you know the Constitution of the United States of America is 400 years old? Or that America has landed a man on Mars? Probably not, since the United States itself is not 400 years old and no human has ever landed on Mars. But these are examples of Jackson Lee’s careless, you-know-what-I-meant stupidity.


      And people just like her are running provinces and states and countries.


  6. Things fall apart. The center cannot hold.

    They are Fukuyama’s partners & babies.

    The dream lives on despite the overwhelming evidence that this is just another disuptive period in history between big political, economic and social shifts.

    My disappointment is that if our system was so great in the first place (it’s not) we wouldn’t ‘need’ to enforce all this stuff. Therin lies the lies we tell ourselves.

    Laws that have long been in place have been effectively ignored, aka ‘light touch’ regulation – relying on the good will and good character of those in the positions of power and influence to see them through. Nope. The current diktats, i.e. more rules that prove to be divisive and not effective rather than enforcing what already exists, are a result of that failure.

    The fact is that there is no meritocracy and it never was. Loyalty, clubs and backscratching is what it is all based on.

    For all the current efforts we see stuff like the ‘Young Leaders’ projects (already covered on this blog recently I think?) which in effect trash yet again any effort at building a meritocracy by cherry picking the right kinds of young people with the right kind of background to be put on a fast track, thus skipping past the gathering of practical experience and grinding through which the other 99.999% have to do. Yup, not only does the circle-jerk continue, it looks more representative so we are not supposed to notice that it is still a circle-jerk as it’s much easer sell (PR) the apperance than doing.

    The kabuki theater continues and nothing will change until all these clowns are out of the circus with their fingers out of the pie. I expect we still haven’t reached rock bottom and a few subsequent bounces.

    The fanatacizm of the current sent has only become more extreme (embracing neo-nazis openly for example).

    The only plus is that this is all public and will live on unless we have to be protected and it is memoryholed…

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  7. The hyena circling a dying beast:

    19.03.2023 20:31
    Polish Ambassador to France Rosciszewski: If Kiev loses, Warsaw will join the conflict

    If the Ukraine cannot defend its independence on the battlefield, then Poland will have to become a direct participant in the confrontation with Russia. This was stated on Sunday by the Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emerick Rosciszewski on the LCI TV channel.

    According to him, “in the event of Kiev’s defeat, Warsaw will have no choice but to enter the conflict”.

    The Polish ambassador is convinced that the Ukrainian conflict is a battle for the basic values of the West, which is why ” it is so important to win”.

    Yesterday it became known that a large-scale campaign to attract volunteers to the army service began in Poland, recruiting centers are being opened throughout the country.

    Earlier, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced plans to create the largest land army in the EU.

    Moving in to bite off a hunk of flesh?

    Bite off Galitsia!

    I hope it chokes you!

    It very likely will.

    And fuck off with your “basic values”!


  8. Call me crazy if you must, but an emerging NATO plan to reinforce the alliance’s eastern border with up to 300,000 troops smacks of a certain…lack of confidence in an imminent Ukrainian victory.


    Good luck with that logistics chain, because it’s looking a little shaky. Oh; and Wagner continues to advance on Bakhmut even though they have no ammunition. A Ukrainian soldier wonders if they are on drugs, so the possibility must therefore be taken seriously. The group must be far larger than we thought, though – those human-wave attacks need serious numbers, and a retired American Marine says their life expectancy is only about four hours. Deniability to the left, deniability to the right – nobody could have known what we were printing was wrong, we totally thought it was the truth. Our sources lied to us. I don’t know, some guy.


    When you can no longer deny that they’re winning, suggest it is due to some other-worldly state that cannot be explained using normal parameters. But above all, never say, “We were wrong”, or “I knew better, but I was told to lie.”


  9. A very interesting and compelling piece for those who actually like economics, arguing that the western banking sector is entering another high-risk period for collapse. Something I’d not seen before is the brief dissection of five prior ‘crisis points’ (1971, 1987, 2000, 2008 and 2021) at which the system wobbled, but did not go down, and at which even riskier practices were introduced to stabilize it rather than return to sound economic practice. Take a look at the magnitude of the ‘derivatives bubble’ compared with the USA’s GDP.


    The same article touches on China’s BRI, the development bank and Chinese/Russian maneuvers to isolate themselves from the staggering western financial system. By no means perfect, and the author agrees with many here that the west has reaped dividends from planting neoliberals in the central banking system of both countries, but a sound start governed mostly by natural laws. A good read, perhaps a little ominous if you have very much of your money in investments.



  10. First the opening of a big gob, then the backtracking.

    Baerbock had already done something similar:

    01: 47 20.03.2023 (updated: 05: 44 20.03.2023)
    Poland has denied ambassador’s words about its readiness to enter into a conflict with Russia
    Polish Embassy in France: Ambassador’s words about conflict with Russia misinterpreted

    WARSAW, 20 Mar-RIA Novosti. The Polish Embassy in France has denied the words of its own ambassador about Warsaw’s readiness to become a party to the conflict if Russia when Kiev is defeated.

    Earlier, the Polish Ambassador to Paris, Jan Emerick Rosciszewski, said on the LCI channel that if Ukraine failed to “defend its independence”, Poland would have to get involved in the conflict.

    “In connection with the comments that appear on the subject of Ambassador Rosciszewski’s interview with the French channel LCI on March 18 this year, we should like to draw your attention to the fact that it was interpreted in some media outlets in isolation from the context in which it was given”, the diplomatic mission said.

    According to the diplomatic mission, listening to the entire conversation makes it clear that there is allegedly no promise of Poland’s direct involvement in the conflict, but only a warning about the consequences that would follow Kiev’s loss, in particular the risk of “Russia attacking or being dragged into war by other Central European countries, the Baltic States and Poland”.

    The diplomatic mission added that in other fragments of the conversation with the TV channel, the ambassador “clearly says” that Warsaw is not at war but “will do everything to help the Ukraine defend itself in this conflict”. Furthermore, the embassy criticised “attempts to find sensationalist statements” and considered them as “malicious”.

    Earlier, in a conversation with RIA Novosti, Crimean MP Mikhail Sheremet urged Poland not to play with fire by talking about a potential conflict with Moscow, as to do so was “stupid” and “deadly”. For his part, Council of Federation senator Alexey Pushkov suggested in his Telegram channel that by stating its readiness to go to war with Russia in the Ukraine if Kiev loses, Poland was expressing its hope for the support of the United States, which, in his opinion, has no intention of becoming a party to the conflict.


    1. This is unofficially letting the cat out of the bag.

      It will now be discussed in the Pork Pie News Networks to soften up the u-Ropean public for the inevitable mostly polish ‘Coaltion of the willing’ which of course won’t get involved in any fighting, push for escalation or have ‘limited goals’ which will become unlimited. The room for manoeuver for the west is becoming very narrow and almost down to how to intervene to save face without blowing everything up. Considering the west’s track record…


    2. Ah. So if you intuit from his offering that “Therefore, either Ukraine will defend its independence today, or we will have to enter this conflict. Because our main values, which were the basis of our civilisation and our culture will be threatened. Therefore, we will have no choice but to enter the conflict” that he meant Poland would enter the conflict if Ukraine is unsuccessful at forcing Russia to leave Ukraine on Ukraine’s terms…then you are at fault.

      See, this is in large part what this whole post is about, although the ambassador in this case is not a woman – political figures assuming license to say in public whatever they like, imply whatever commitments and future actions they please, and then blaming the thickos who hear them for misunderstanding their clever words when they are called on it. No Choice But To Enter The Conflict. That’s what he said, and this is not in dispute. This is why foreign leaders use interpreters even if they can converse comfortably in a language that is not their mother tongue – to avoid later accusations that they said something they didn’t mean. Rosciszewski simply got caught up in his own fantasies about the fire-eating Poles and their incredible warrior prowess on the battlefield, and slipped into ‘You don’t want to fuck with us’ mode. And it is certainly not a stretch to say that Poland has been ‘leaning forward’ throughout this conflict, trying various devices to pull the entire alliance along with it pell-mell into glorious war with Russia.

      In its own way, Poland is really just a bigger Baltic republic, and like its brothers the Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians, cannot wait to mix it up in a huge glorious fight in which it would be crushed to a grease smear in the parking lot – all of them fancy themselves the inheritors of the warrior DNA, let me get in there and show you something. There is considerably more to real valor than strutting and boasting, and if it came to a real fight, Rosciszewski would be among the very last to go. And he knows that.

      There must be a way to measure how much of an asshole a person really is, in advance. Otherwise, how are candidates for political office filtered?

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  11. 20 Mar, 08:41 126 735
    Medvedev has threatened a court in The Hague with a hypersonic missile
    Medvedev has threatened to use a hypersonic missile against the International Court in The Hague

    The deputy chairman of the Security Council advised judges to look carefully up to the sky, because “it is quite possible to target Hague courthouse with accuracy with a hypersonic Onyx from a Russian vessel in the North Sea”.

    The consequences of the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin under international law will be “monstrous”, Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has written in his Telegram channel.

    “The consequences for international law will be monstrous. After all, this is the collapse of the foundations, the principles of law, including the postulates of the inevitability of responsibility. Now no one will go to any international bodies; everyone will agree amongst themselves”, he wrote.

    Medvedev said that all decisions by the United Nations and other international bodies “will now be burst asunder”.

    The deputy secretary of the Security Council also noted that “everyone walks under God and missiles” and advised that judges look up carefully at the sky, because “it is quite possible to imagine a point-to-point application of a hypersonic Onyx from the North Sea from a Russian ship on the Hague courthouse”. According to him, the court is only an international institution, “so they will not start a war either: they are afraid”.

    Simoyan of RT beat Dimka to it. The other day she said if they arrested the President, there woud remain only 8 minutes before something happened at the Hague.

    8 minutes is the flight time of a hypersonic missile from Mordor to an EU city, I reckon.

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    1. Same story above up in RT English now:

      20 Mar, 2023 08:47
      Putin arrest warrant shows international law is collapsing – Medvedev
      The order cannot be executed and highlights the deficiencies of the International Criminal Court, the ex-Russian president said

      The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin is a sign of the collapse of the system of international law, Former President Dmitry Medvedev has said.

      Medvedev dismissed the judicial body as “s**tty and wanted by nobody,” citing its poor record of holding high-profile suspects accountable. Even former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who has been wanted by the court since 2005, “spits on the charges, and despite a military coup at home [in 2019], remains unavailable,” the former president, who currently serves as deputy chair of the Russian Security Council, said in a social media post on Monday.

      The biggest demonstration of the ICC’s impotence was its failed attempt to investigate war crimes committed by US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, he stated.

      Washington derailed the court’s probe. John Bolton, the national security adviser under then-President Donald Trump, mused at the time that “for all intents and purposes, the ICC is already dead,” so Washington will allow it to “die on its own.”

      Last week’s decision by the ICC’s Pre-Trial Chamber to go after the leader of another nuclear power that likewise refused to recognize its jurisdiction is obviously just for show, Medvedev said, adding that this will only serve to eradicate whatever trust in international institutions remains.

      Even before the ICC issued its arrest warrant for Putin, international law was undermined by the court’s pro-Western bias, which infringes on the sovereignty of non-Western states, the former president noted. Nations ignore rulings that they perceive as inherently unjust and prefer to make direct agreements between each other, while “stupid decisions of the UN and other structures come apart at the seams.”

      Medvedev added that one could “imagine a situation” in which the building of the ICC in The Hague could be struck by a Russian hypersonic missile. “This court is just a puny international organization, not a NATO nation’s people. They would not dare to start a war over it. No one would even be sorry about it.”

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      1. Medvedev really shouldn’t waste his time talking about this court and discussing what it has and hasn’t done.

        He gives it legitimacy by discussing its “short comings”

        The fact of the matter is that the ICC was established to smear, undermine, and attack Americas enemies.

        Russia is an enemy of the USA.

        They are never going to accuse or put on trial anyone who is part of the western alliance.

        The court is not there for that.

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      2. “Medvedev added that one could “imagine a situation” in which the building of the ICC in The Hague could be struck by a Russian hypersonic missile. “This court is just a puny international organization, not a NATO nation’s people. They would not dare to start a war over it. No one would even be sorry about it.”

        Fortuitous indeed that John Bolton was cited in that example, because Dimka’s outburst is a mere paraphrasing of Bolton’s choler as directed at the UN itself.

        “The Secretariat building in New York has 38 stories,” Bolton said. “If it lost ten stories, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference.”

        A little late now to get excited about political figures in countries with large military forces apparently threatening to damage or destroy international institutions.



    2. See, now, applying the same not-so-fast reasoning as Rosciszewski’s posturing, Dimka did not directly threaten the Hague court with annihilation. He merely pointed out how easy it would be to attack it with a high-precision missile and how far away it was from such potential retribution. He also observed – correctly, in my view – that if international institutions became perceived as simply political tools in the west’s toolbox, used to obtain favourable results in their foreign-policy aspirations, that their perceived value would diminish accordingly and their image as an impartial arbiter would be forever damaged. Such institutions rely on international contributions to pay their executives and administration.

      The United States – or, more accurately, Washington – wants Russia out of all international institutions, and it may well come to that. But it will be sorry in the end, because everyone is able to see through the transparent devices it uses to reinforce its own self-image as The Hyperpower, and once Russia is no longer part of the Great Circle Jerk, it will settle on someone else to bully because that is its nature.

      It is the USA which has established the paradigm that might makes right, and that there is nothing wrong with threatening violence in order to get your own way provided you are satisfied that getting your own way is in the public interest. It should not be surprised if other powers follow the example when all other more-civilized means of negotiation are methodically removed. The success of this method depends on demonstrations that you could make good on your threat if it came to that. Could Russia reduce the Hague courthouse to tumbled bricks with a precision missile attack against which the host country has no defense? Sure could.

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  12. “…atoning for generations of colonialism.”

    But they are still practicing colonialism. Their definition of “independence” is the former colony can have a president who was born in the country and is a citizen of the country provided they still do as they are told by the West. Woe betide them if they try to do what they think is best for their country if it doesn’t correspond to what the “masters” want – they end up like Gaddafi.
    Everything these people say is a transparent lie. The sad thing is how few people can see that.


    1. And this is precisely why the Europeans are mere colonists of the United States, despite the astonishing reverse whereby citizens of European nations already in existence populated and brought into being the United States. Now they are at America’s mercy, having sacrificed their energy independence and made an enemy with a long memory of their former provider, all for molecules of freedom from the country that now has them by the balls. Every single thing Russia has done in war, the United States has done in war, openly and proudly – destruction of the enemy’s infrastructure and power grid was excitedly billed in the example of Iraq as a ‘decapitation strike’, the leading element of ‘Shock and Awe’, and the western public lapped it up; what Graham Hurley described in “The Perfect Soldier” as “the red meat of other people’s suffering”. Russia does not pretend to be taking these actions to enshrine higher principles such as Freedom and Democracy, bumper-sticker slogans the USA uses to camouflage the identical fact that it is taking those actions to win quickly with minimal damage to itself.

      Marry in haste, they say, and repent at leisure. America steamrolled Europe into its present arrangement, and oh, is it ever going to regret it.


  13. “In connection with the comments that appear on the subject of Ambassador Rosciszewski’s interview with the French channel LCI on March 18 this year, we should like to draw your attention to the fact that it was interpreted in some media outlets in isolation from the context in which it was given”, the diplomatic mission said.”

    I think the appropriate word for this statement is “squirming”….


    1. Kind of, isn’t it? It sounds to me like “Surely you realize the ambassador did not actually say what he said.” ‘Taken out of context’ these days is more a reflex than anything else, even more of a cop-out than ‘he misspoke’, because that implies he really did say it, he just shouldn’t have. “Taken out of context” is the more-diplomatic version of “Who you gonna believe – me, or your lyin’ ears?”


  14. Jean Chrétien comes to my mind as the last prime minister of Canada that I remember actually liking. He did not engage in grandiose schemes, he managed Canada without great turmoil, competently rather, and actually kept Canada out of the Iraq fiasco. He sent some troops to Afghanistan, but that was based on Resolution 1386 by the UN.
    He was a political streetfighter, shrewd, and knew to get things done.

    Nostalgia might play a part in remembering him, but during those ten years a regular working stiff could make a decent living in Canada, no major issues seem to disturb the inner peace and most of his cabinet was staffed by people who knew how to run things. There were some scandals, the most serious I guess was Shawinigate. As the Globe’s Jeffrey Simpson writes:

    “Politics for Mr. Chrétien is not about visions or crusades,,long discussions or engaged public debates. As he said in a parallel interview with Radio-Canada, “I’m an extremely flexible man.” Flexible men solve problems, manage files, keep pushing forward one step at a time, tackling one problem after another……Mr. Chrétien fooled his critics, because Canadians didn’t want any new ideas. They had torn themselves apart during the previous two decades over the new ideas of his predecessors”

    I guess we avoided to live in interesting times at that time….

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    1. I share your generally positive take on him. So did the Russian government, who awarded him the Order of Friendship back in 2014. Out of office, he publicly scolded Harper for the direction he was taking Canadian foreign policy–i.e. away from compromise, toward conflict. I just searched for news of any recent public statements of his about Ukraine and found none but a couple of brief quotes when he spoke at some NATO gathering a couple years ago. I’m curious what he would say, if he thought he could speak freely and be listened to.


      1. The making of Harper was his refusal to let Canadian banks deregulate and write their own rules the way their American counterparts were doing, and which led to the mortgage meltdown and financial crisis heralded by the overnight collapse of Bear-Stearns. I have always disliked the Conservatives in general and heartily agree Harper’s belligerence made us no friends except for those to whom belligerence is a necessary part of character, but in national finance and in the circumstances described, his leadership was stellar.


    2. Yes, Chretien made his legacy in the simple act of refusing Canadian participation in ‘The Coalition Of The Willing’ America whipped up to punish the nation that had nothing to do with 9-11 for 9-11. And although it is not widely advertised, we were supposed to pay for that by being specifically excluded from reconstruction contracts after the war was over.

      “Citing security concerns, US officials have announced that only those countries that supported the invasion of Iraq will be allowed to bid on $18.6 billion in reconstruction contracts. The decision enraged Russia, Germany, France, and Canada, who under the decision will be excluded from much of the biggest nation rebuilding effort since the Second World War. Igor Ivanov, the Russian foreign minister, said the decision contradicts President Bush’s claims that Iraqis themselves should make decisions about their resources. France is appealing to the EU to determine if the ban violates international trading rules, and Canada has threatened to withhold further funding for Iraq’s reconstruction. In spite of the international furor, US officials say they have every right to reserve contracts funded by US taxpayers for nations which “contributed blood and treasure to liberate Iraq”.


      Yet one more example, if another is needed, of how the USA ‘leverages’ its power so as to compel obedience. It ended up having negligible effect anyway, as the USA snapped up all the juiciest contracts for its own companies, and angry backlash later forced it to cancel its previous restrictions.

      Interestingly, many analysts who are generally regarded as independent and fair-minded credited the relative prosperity of Canada during that period to Paul Martin, who was Chretien’s Minister of Finance. He did not do so well as Prime Minister himself, but he was a hell of a finance minister. And although Paul Martin got most of the blame for the canceled EH-101 Helicopter contract which cost the country a half-billion just to get out of – and we bought the same helicopter anyway, 10 or so years later – it was Chretien who got elected on a promise to cancel the helicopter contract, because canceling expensive defense contracts is always a vote-getter in Canada, where the people bitch about how much they have to spend on military ‘toys’ and then bitch again when the country is embarrassed by the held-together-with-duct-tape crap its forces have to use in international commitments.

      Whoever was responsible for that period of relative calm – and I tend to think it was a joint contribution of both figures mentioned – it looks like Nirvana compared with the shitstorm we live in now. And as I have often said, a leader who has the sense to listen to good advice merits as much credit, to me, as if he/she had made those decisions himself/herself.

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  15. Oh look!

    Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow on a state visit

    The Lard Eaters are none too pleased, and fall back to mockery . . .

    In Moscow, Xi Jinping has already managed to blurt out in Moscow that China is ready to be, with Russia, a custodian of international law.

    In his words, “the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are reliable partners”, and one can say that the development of their relationship delivers a significant contribution to the progress of the whole world.

    In general, if you were thinking that Comrade Xi would reason with his vassal Pu, then you had been hoping in vain.

    Source: Banderastan News Service


    You mean “Comrade Xi” should reason with the Evil One, advising him, in a comradely fashion of course, to stop the valiant Russian armed forces from beating the living shit out of you fascist Nazi-wannabe scum?


  16. Euractiv: EU ammunition plan for Ukraine runs into third country issues

    EU foreign and defence ministers on Monday (20 March) are expected to sign off on a €2-billion plan to raid their stockpiles and jointly purchase much-needed artillery shells for Ukraine, but some continue to voice doubts over the exclusion of third-country suppliers.

    …“Under both models, it would be impossible to buy products from companies of non-EU countries,” one EU diplomat said.

    “The worry is that if this is written into the model, we will limit ourselves in helping Ukraine,” the same diplomat said…

    …Industry representatives, meanwhile, complained that member states still need to sign the long-term contracts they need to invest in more production lines…

    Hilarious! What’s the phrase I heard at uni? They couldn’t organize a cockup in a brothel!


      1. The best expression used when condemning incompetence was what an especially bad tempered, aged fitter in the underground district where I worked was fond of saying to an apprentice he was lumbered with: “You’d fuck up an iron ball, you would!”


      2. The polite Australian equivalent is not being able to organise the chook raffle (at high school or at the RSL club).

        chook = chicken, especially a live bird


    1. If they manage to make it run successfully, they will have resolved only a part of the problem; Russia does not, of course, try to take down individual artillery shells, but endeavors to destroy the artillery piece they came from, and it has realized sufficient success at this that Ukraine’s artillery capability would not improve noticeably if it had a mountain of shells to fire. Likewise, big ammo dumps in a protected location are a luxury from the past now, and if it can be detected it can be destroyed, so ammo is scattered all over the place in smaller lots and must be accessed surreptitiously so their location does not become known. Logistics vehicles to transport it are becoming fewer and fewer, and likewise have to disguise their movements so as not to betray the location of the artillery piece they are serving. Although the attack capabilities of drones have not really made a huge difference in this conflict, granting an option rather than revolutionizing the conduct of war, their impact on surveillance is huge. No matter what you are doing, if the enemy has a significant drone capability you must assume you are visible, and make your plans accordingly; you can hide underground, but you can’t take the fight to the enemy that way, and drones are generally cheaper than the weapons used to take them down. At the same time they are quiet and low-resolution as targets, and difficult to detect – troops in the field without complex sensors have no way of knowing when they are being watched and targeted. If we don’t manage to incinerate the planet in this particular conflict, drones are going to be a growth stock no army can afford to be without.


  17. Long time no Xi!

    March 20, 12:19 pm
    At Vnukovo airport has landed an airliner, in which Xi Jinping presumably is
    An aircraft carrying Chinese President Xi Jinping has allegedly arrived in Russia, having landed at a Moscow airport. This is evidenced by data from the Flightradar24 service.

    It is worth noting that the board of the Chinese leader headed the top of the most tracked flights in the world. The Boeing 747 Air Chinese aircraft was, at a peak, followed online by more than 100 thousand people.

    In fact, Mr. Xi arrived here at 12:59.

    20.03.2023 13:09
    Xi Jinping arrives in Moscow

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in the Russian capital. The Chinese leader’s state visit is being held at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It will last until March 22.

    The aircraft carrying the China head of state landed at Vnukovo Airport. The landing took place at approximately 12:59. At the aircraft boarding ramp, the Chinese leader was met by a military band that performed the anthems of China and Russia. After that, Xi Jinping held a review of the guard of honour.

    “China and Russia are good neighbours and reliable partners”, Xi Jinping said upon arrival, according to RIA Novosti.

    The Chinese leader noted that relations between the two countries “continue to deepen and expand”. According to him, there is political mutual trust between Beijing and Moscow. He also expressed confidence that the current visit would be fruitful”.

    Mr Putin and Mr. Xi are now in the Kremlin Palace, dining on sweet and sour pork with fried rice, washed down with jasmine green tea.


    1. I continue to maintain the pushing-together of Russia with China was the single biggest tactical mistake Washington ever made in a cavalcade of arrogant mistakes, and it likely will turn out to be the one that finishes Washington as the global bully-boy. The more international issues China and Russia cooperate upon, the more their confidence in their partner will grow and the greater will become their ambitions as a consequence. If there were two countries in the world the west should have gone out of their way to keep apart, that’s them. Together they have the money and the power to carry out global initiatives Washington only pretended to do for the sake of good advertising and increased opportunity, and it is startup help with development and the support to see it through that countries remember.

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  18. Russian Investigative Committee files case against Hague judges

    On March 20, the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the prosecutor and three judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague for “bringing an obviously innocent person to criminal responsibility”. This prosecutor and judges issued lifetime arrest warrants for Putin and Children’s Rights Commissioner Lvova-Belova.

    The UK accuses Prosecutor Karim Ahmad Khan, judges Tomoko Akane, Rosario Salvatore Aitala and Sergio Gerardo Ugalde Godinez of “bringing an obviously innocent person to criminal responsibility when charged with committing a serious crime” ( Part 2 of Article 299 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), as well as “preparing to attack a representative of a foreign state enjoying international protection, with the purpose of complicating international relations” (Part 1 of Article 30, Part 2 of Article 360 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

    According to investigators of the Investigative Committee, in accordance with the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons of 14.12.1973, heads of state enjoy absolute immunity from the jurisdiction of foreign States.

    ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan confirmed in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that the arrest warrant for Putin and Lvova-Belova will remain in effect for the rest of their lives until they are brought to trial.

    Sir Geoffrey Nice KC, the chief prosecutor in the trial of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, said the warrant would change the way foreign leaders view Putin.

    “He will remain a suspect in the crime until he is brought to trial, or handed over to the court and acquitted. This seems extremely unlikely, so he will remain an alleged criminal for the rest of his life,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

    US President Joe Biden and the European Union have said they welcome the ICC decision to issue arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova.

    “As the heads of State and Government of the EU member States stressed on December 15, 2022, the European Union welcomes and encourages further efforts to ensure full accountability for war crimes and other most serious crimes in connection with Russia’s war of aggression against the Ukraine,” the authors of the official EU statement emphasize.


    1. The most likely voices to refute these absurd charges will be those of the children themselves, who will grow up sleeping through the night without having to get up and run to the basement to avoid an artillery barrage from the AFU. It’s not like they were sold into child porn or something; they were merely removed from dangerous conditions and they are still alive and free; in at least some cases their parents must have sent them. It was a ridiculous charge to have settled upon.

      “As the heads of State and Government of the EU member States stressed on December 15, 2022, the European Union welcomes and encourages further efforts to ensure full accountability for war crimes and other most serious crimes in connection with Russia’s war of aggression against the Ukraine,” the authors of the official EU statement emphasize.

      The only part of that text which is not self-congratulatory boilerplate is that which is highlighted – the court has done yeoman service in the past ignoring or excusing the war crimes perpetrated by western actors, and is (as James noted) merely a political instrument to be used against western enemies. The west’s pretense to butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-our-mouths goodness is comical.


      1. Also, the carpet on that staircase leading from the plane’s entrance was not just any old generic ‘red carpet’, it was a very beautiful, plush-looking red carpet with magnificent ornamental borders. Very stylish.


          1. Nay, I reckon the carpets were made in Turkmenistan. Bloody expensive they are, but of magnificent quality, many hand-loomed. My son was dabbling with the idea of importing them in partnership with his born in Moscow best-buddy Islam, who is an ethnic Turkmen, whose uncle in Turkmenistan was going to be part of the deal. By Turkmen law, only Turkmen citizens can participate in carpet exporting businesses. Thats what my son tells me, anyroad. Islam’s uncle was going to send carpets to Islam, who has dual Russian/Turkmen citizenship, and Vova and Islam were after flogging them off here on the Internet.


      2. Syrian President Bashar al Assad had a similar reception on his arrival in Moscow a few days ago for talks with President Vladimir Putin. Putin may not have immediately greeted him – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu came out instead, it appears, though the film could have been edited considerably – but he got a plush red-carpet welcome and was greeted by a military regiment. Pity that the weather didn’t cooperate and the carpets on the ground got wet.


        1. Yes, there is a timely piece up at MoA reviewing the world-changing events currently ongoing, while Washington is ‘fuming’ and ‘desperate’.


          Syria is red-hot these days, apparently; the Wall Street Journal carried a piece entitled “Arab Nations Seek to Bring Syria In From the Cold Amid Broad Middle East Realignment”. Syria is allegedly being asked to comply with a range of requirements in exchange for sanctions relief, but there’s no particular compulsion for Assad to accept unless he is happy that it’s in Syria’s interests (especially considering one condition is that he ‘engage’ with the Syrian opposition, and the sole reason for that is so they could be assisted to overthrow and remove him), and the meeting is at the Arab States’ request. The missus is accompanying him (I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t let her out of my sight, either), and it looks as if she might get quite a bit of travel in during the days to come; they’ve also been invited to Riyadh by King Salman.


          A treacherous bunch, to be sure, and no reason Assad should bear them any love or trust them an inch. Still, they’re singing a different tune than a couple of years ago when they were negotiating through John Kerry to pay for cruise-missile strikes to be delivered against him.


  19. Thicko Greta Thunberg has become an Honorary Doctor of Science at the University of Helsinki

    Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist from Sweden, as well as Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and 28 other figures from around the world were recognized as honorary doctors of Science in various fields by the University of Helsinki. The educational institution announced this on Monday, March 20.

    Greta Thunberg became an Honorary Doctor of the Faculty of Theology. According to University Professor Martti Nissinen, the faculty wants to expand its views on human rights, as well as the state of our planet.

    “By choosing Greta as an honorary doctor, we are saying that we want to be as bold and influential as her,” the Finnish newspaper Helsingin sanomat quotes the professor as saying.

    The Finnish president received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Philosophy.


      1. Like her Eurovision opera singer mum, Greta Thunberg can see climate change carbon emissions in action in the still air. The Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki probably considered this miracle as an important criterion in making her a secular saint.


        1. This may be a momentous announcement equivalent to the snowball that starts an avalanche. It is now a matter of when, not if, Russia abandons SWIFT entirely and it’s trading partners follow suit.

          I noticed also that RT.com linked to an article in which Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia, warned citizens and businesses in his country to consider alternatives to Western payment systems, and even abandon Visa and MasterCard altogether, in case Indonesia is ever subjected to similar sanctions as Russia has been. Other countries in his region should take note of what he said as well, in light of the recent AUKUS deal signed by Australia, Britain and the US.

          As usual, we Aussies are suckers for a terrible deal in which we may never get submarines (or secondhand subs in need of babysitting and expensive maintenance) at an astronomical cost that we’ll be paying for with the loss of social security, healthcare, education and other govt services we take for granted.


          1. Sorry this comment should have been linked to Moscow Exile’s original comment on Russia banning SWIFT for domestic transactions. The expression “it’s partners” should also be “its partners”.


          2. Hopefully just the tip of the iceberg, because I note SWIFT is still operable in Russia for international transactions, which is what it was mostly useful for anyway. As such, the Russian order has more about it of symbolism than substance, although it does effectively screen Russian domestic transactions from NATO snooping. Kicking countries out of SWIFT at the drop of a hat would be a western go-to, if it weren’t so darned useful for Washington to keep an eye on international movement of money, and that’s why they don’t do it.

            The Russian decision will be useful in that it will compel banks to become familiar with the national payment system and to use it much more frequently, so that an eventual transition to an international system outside SWIFT with cooperative countries will be a natural one; an imperative, even. If Russia and China increasingly use a financial-interchange system outside SWIFT, many if not most countries will be compelled to adopt it at least as an option, because few countries have no exposure to Chinese international trade and for many it is their major growth market. Kiss those Chinese potential contracts goodbye forever, Boeing and Airbus – no SWIFT, no instrument for payments. And similarly with so many other western goods which are flogged to China.

            The west is deliberately bringing about a bifurcation it will be unable to reverse, and in my judgment it has passed that point already. Eventually western trade and financial traffic will take place in a parallel universe to China and Russia and their partners, and partners of each will have to choose which track they want to follow. And at somewhere around that point it will no longer be possible to pretend the west’s accumulated debt load doesn’t matter.

            It reminds me of a line from a do-it-yourself Separation Agreement I carried around for some time in the parting of the ways between me and Mrs. Stooge the Second; it read something like, “I understand this is a final settlement, and agree that it adequately provides for my present and anticipated future needs.” Study on it, NATO. It’s where you’re headed.


  20. INTERVIEW: Twenty years on from the war of lies

    George Galloway
    256K subscribers

    12K views 12 hours ago #Iraq
    “INTERVIEW:Twenty years after the Iraq invasion $880bn was stolen and there’s no water or electricity and kids are still starving, says eminent Arab journalist Abdel Bari Atwan


  21. Michael McFaul: “To state the obvious, the goal of sanctions is to end the war,” said Michael McFaul, professor at Stanford University and who has been studying sanctions. “The war has not ended,” he stated. “That means sanctions have not accomplished the goal that we set out.”

    Institute for Strategic Studies: “Often, there are very high expectations of what sanctions can achieve in the short term and against military aggression,” said Maria Shagina, a research fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. “For those who expected sanctions to end the war, that was wishful thinking.”

    Josep Borrell: “The sanctions are a slow-action poison, a little bit like arsenic,” the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, told the European Parliament this month. “It takes time.”

    I’ll tell you what is a slow-acting poison. Josep Borrell.


    Reality: “Western sanctions on Russian and Iranian oil have channelled cheap fuel to Asia and in the process eroded a decades-long trend whereby the continent has paid more for energy than Europe, according to traders, analysts and Refinitiv Eikon data.”

    Gee…you think???


    At a discount of only $15.00 per barrel, a refinery in India processing 200,000 barrels a day would realize annual savings which would exceed $1 Billion.

    Can I get a “ROFL” from some of you RT commenters? Maybe a “Ha, ha!!”?


  22. The “gas station with missiles” must be running out of gas:

    Moscow has signed a contract for the supply of 1,000 electric buses

    [On the side of the bus it reads: Energy supply from batteries on the roof – the electrobus is like an electro-car – manoeuvrable and noiseless — ME]

    Moscow authorities have signed a contract for the supply of 1,000 electric buses in 2023-2024.
    Read more

    This is reported by National News Service with reference to the Telegram channel of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

    The capital is buying modern transport from KAMAZ PJSC. In the near future, it is planned to conclude another contract for 200 electric buses.

    According to Sobyanin, there are currently 1,055 electric buses operating in the city.

    Earlier, Radio 1, with reference to the words of the Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov, reported that in the Moscow region on the route No. 324 Bronnitsy — Kotelniki metro station, buses will be updated.

    The silence of these electrobuses is, in my opinion, of great danger: they really do silently glide up to bus stops and unnattentive persons could easily get knocked down by them. I think they should be installed with a klaxon that sounds off as the approach a bus stop.


    1. Better hope global warming kicks in good style. I heard that during the cold snap here back in December with temperature below freezing for about a week, there were problems keeping the fleet of electric buses charged to complete schedules. Some venerable old models were wheeled out to help.

      Charging isn’t the main issue with these buses, speaking as a regular bus user: driver education is. The rapid acceleration possible generates enormous forces which can throw passengers around and cause injury. And not just for old fogeys like me.


      1. Must be different batteries they use here, then. It was as low as minus 27 °C here the week before Christmas and they were still gliding around, silently and malevolently.


        1. Then again, they have the wrong snow in the UK for the unhindered running of electric trains in the south of England that are powered via conductor rails.


          1. Look you – we also have the wrong kind of snow on the streets ruining all traffic in the UK, and don’t forget the wrong kind of leaves falling on the rails, disrupting rails traffic. Not that it mattered much last autumn thanks to the rail strikes. And I’ve not even mentioned the wrong kind of rain for the drainage systems to cope with. We do have sand sacks though for when places flood, because flooding happen everywhere, all the time.
            See – that’s the glorious, unrivalled ‘Rolls Royce of a civil service’ at work …


      2. That’s a fact – one of our regular captains has a Tesla, and it easily whipped an Audi which was in its sport class. The acceleration possible in electric vehicles is awesome.


  23. Good morning, dear fellow stooges!
    Auntie Beeb – who else! – has published the ‘advice’ the US gave to Mr Xi on the occasion of his visit to President Putin:

    “The White House’s National Security Council spokesman called on Mr Xi to urge his Russian counterpart to withdraw troops from Ukraine.
    John Kirby said seeking a ceasefire would not be enough.
    “We hope that President Xi will press President Putin to cease bombing Ukrainian cities, hospitals and schools, to halt the war crimes and atrocities and to withdraw his troops,” he said.
    “But we are concerned that instead China will reiterate calls for a ceasefire that leaves Russian forces inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory and any ceasefire that does not address the removal of Russian forces from Ukraine would effectively ratify Russia’s illegal conquests.”
    In another development, Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, is making a surprise visit to Ukraine for talks with President Volodymyr Zelensky. He is expected to voice solidarity and support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.
    Japan and China see each other as regional rivals. Since Russia’s war in Ukraine began, Tokyo has provided Kyiv with a mixture of humanitarian, financial and non-lethal military aid.”


    Yeah right … but isn’t it interesting that we’ve not heard much in the western MSM about all this Japanese aid … surely that’s a bit racist, innit?


    1. Kirby is an arsehole.

      Not long ago, he started sobbing and crying when talking about Russian bombing of schools and hospitals in Banderastan.


    2. They’re only bigging up Japan’s support now because China has declared itself – sort of a, ‘see? We have a powerful Asian ally, too’.

      But if it’s still money that makes the world go ’round, like it was when I went to bed last night, America’s Asian ally has the highest debt of any developed nation, currently 263% of its GDP.

      By way of contrast, Russia’s Asian ally had in 2022 by far the world’s largest reserves of international currency, with $3.46 Trillion USD in reserves and foreign-currency liquidity.

      That might be important; you can never tell.


    3. As regards atrocities, gang rape etc. perpetrated by the Orcs, a great rant off Dreizin in a mailing I received from him earlier today:

      Rape! Mass Graves! Keeping Kids Safe!

      It’s funny, that after the hysterias…..

      …..over Russian rape dungeons in the Kiev suburbs…..

      …..and someone raped with a spoon…..

      …..and Russia’s army dispensing Viagra to its soldiers….

      …..and the graves of people who must’ve been, like, executed or something…..

      …..and shooting civilians in the streets…..

      …..atrocities, atrocities!…..

      …..that were investigated and never confirmed…..

      …..by United Nations (UN) professionals on the ground…..

      …..and almost certainly, by the U.S. Government as well…..

      The ONLY thing…..

      …..on which they could “get” Putin…..

      …..(and his Children’s Rights Commissioner lady)

      …..(going completely around the UN)…..

      …..is an International Criminal Court warrant…..

      …..for the crime of evacuating households with children…..

      …..from Donetsk and Lugansk…..

      …..to other parts of Russia…..

      ….so the kids could continue a normal schooling and social routine…..

      …..and not grow up traumatized…..

      …..from all the incoming shells and rockets.

      (Not to mention, many of the towns and villages newly retaken from the Ukraine, are so bombed out, no functioning civil government, no utilities, half the houses don’t have a roof. You really want mothers with babies to live in there???)

      I assume, Putin stands accused…..

      …..of displacing populations…..

      …..contrary to the 1949 Geneva Convention.

      The same thing Israel used to get dunked for…..

      …..when it seizes Arab land…..

      …..for its own settlements.

      (Remember Israel? It’s a country that used to be in the news. As evil as Russia! The Arab-Israeli conflict was “poisoning the world”! We MUST solve it immediately! LOL.)



      Anyone who believed…..

      …..any of the Russian “war crimes” bullshit…..

      …..over the last year-plus…..

      …..is a SUBHUMAN CRETIN…..

      …..who should not be sharing my air…..

      …..on this planet.

      Find another planet, you goddamn idiots!!!

      In the last 20, maybe 25 years…..

      At least, outside of the Congo…..

      The ONLY documented cases of war rape and rape-murder…..

      …..(as well as sexual abuse of prisoners)…..

      …..not involving a terrorist group…..

      …..were those involving U.S. personnel…..

      …..in the Iraq clusterfuck.


      In this context…..

      I’d like to remind readers…..

      …..that Lieutenant Calley…..

      Who ordered his men…..

      …..to kill everyone at My Lai village…..

      Racking up a body count of close to 500…..

      …..of whom around 40% were under-18…..

      Only spent something like SIX years in jail….

      And was a HERO…..

      …..to many, many millions of Americans.

      Well, OK…..

      At least he’s not Stalin!!! LOL.

      The reference to persons being “raped with a spoon” originates from that foul, perverted woman who was ombudsman in Banderastan and even got sacked by the Banderites themselves because of her atrocious, mendacious, vile fabrications.

      Recall, she said that Russian Orc soldiers had inserted spoons into baby girls’ vaginas in order to render them infertile. She labelled such an imagined monstrous action as “rape”. (I thought “rape” meant, legally, insertion of the penis into an unwilling female’s vagina, but no matter.)

      The woman who dreamt up such horrors should be committed to a psychiatric hospital.


  24. Reset to 2023. The Great Tartary

    Today is the day of the spring solstice, and it coincides with the new moon, a rare combination in itself, and in the new position of the sun in the firmament, it is completely epochal. This is not just a moment of cosmic renewal, but the nullification of all actions that go against the Creator.

    The old system will rapidly climb off the globe, like a snake’s skin, so evil intentions and plans without the energy structure that conducts them are not destined to come true. The Earth is now developing a new spectrum, because it is focused on the North Star and has become an element of a different “chemical composition”. Everyone today can notice that the sun rises and sets differently, and so it will be for the next 26,000 years, during which time the Earth itself will become a Star. The straightening of the Earth’s axis is also indicated by a different illumination of the Moon by the Sun, now its rays illuminate the satellite not directly from the side, but more to the bottom. The updated arrangement of celestial bodies also affects the state of the atmosphere, which is noticeable by the quality of the Aurora Borealis and its manifestation in territories that are not typical for it. In its iridescences, rare red spectra are now more and more often noticed.

    Now the influence of the planets of the Solar System on the Earth is different. Gradually, as the Earth is saturated with the energy of stars, it will be neutralized up to absolute values. This can be compared to the influence of bottom rocks on the formation of waves: the deeper the river, the less their influence. In fact, the same thing will happen to the atmosphere: an increase in its thickness will negate the formation of destructive cyclones.

    The Moon’s influence on Earth will also tend to zero. Although this is not a near-term trend, it does not leave a single chance for the final rooting of the spirit-corrupting lunar cult on Earth. Now all magic rituals performed on the Moon will lose their power and scale of manifestation. Experts in this field know how relevant they are to globalists in their service to Satan. So now the spectrum of the Earth dispels the spell of the dark priests, and by the day of the summer solstice, this process will become truly landslide, which will also be facilitated by the new moon (June 18) that is close to it.

    All manifestations of climate change on Earth – in the same piggy bank! Although the elements will subside over time, in the wake of the positive processes of cosmic transformation that are gaining momentum, they will take most of humanity with them, and the rest will be forced to migrate, reconsider the meaning of their existence, and re-evaluate values. At this time, people will experience a catharsis, without which epiphany was impossible. When they are forced to move from their long-ago and seemingly eternal homes, only then will all the false and deceitful things fall away by themselves, and the survivors of the apocalypse will question the meaning of their existence, open their eyes, ears, and hearts to the Knowledge that has come from heaven.

    Everything is already happening!

    And a few words about new movements on the “eastern front” of political processes and the meeting of the leaders of Russia and China.

    I have no illusions, for I know they are not of the Light. So far, this is the reaction of Capital. Let and with other banknotes on the horizon, but only an attempt to change the pole of dominance in the world. What’s in it from the Light? With a change of pole, or “multipolarity”, the social order is not able to change its essence. Yes, it will deal a blow to the hegemony of America and the West, but it will weaken the position of Capital in general everywhere. Do not look for refutations of my statement in the works of eminent experts, because I proceed from the space component, and analysts are not aware of it.

    I also still find it difficult to imagine the interaction of countries, one of which is ruled by a party that is practically in disgrace in another country. Here, perhaps, will come the moment of truth for the Communist Party, which mimicked Russia and China in different ways. The problem of the weakness of the communist ideology, which was not previously explained, will definitely come up. China, in turn, will have its own moment of truth, and this will certainly affect the state of relations between the two countries. Connections of a different nature will arise.

    I have great respect for the Buddhist tradition of Chinese culture. God grant that under the pressure of the capitalist system, it will not be completely lost in China itself! Therefore, this curtsy, alas, is not in favour of a Leader who pursues a policy of digital tyranny of his people. But an ethnic Russian is not at all happy with this “prospect” and will not find understanding if it suddenly turns out that the Leader of Russia has the intention to adopt such an experience of his Friend on the throne.

    The process of rapprochement in the East at the level of the power of money promises only the continuation of the squandering of Russian resources with the formation of their (resources, and money) outflow in the other direction. The ruling elites of Eastern countries also do not ignore the Creator’s sanctions. Chess games on the globe end, and the attempt to find a new face in a new composition is doomed to failure. All countries of the world will have to learn to live in a new spectrum.

    But in the rapprochement of Russia with the countries of the East, there is still a sacred beginning from the point of view of their common Great Past – the Great Tartary. So when the Leaders talk about it openly, then it will be clear that they are from the Light.

    All a load of bollocks?

    Yes, mostly in my opinion.

    But not the last paragraph — apart from the stupid word “sacred”.

    I’ll go see what Woden says — in my “Sacred Grove”.

    But its not “sacred” — that word comes from Latin, sacer, a Christian term.

    I’m not a Christian: Im an Old Believer. So I use the word “holy”, which is from Old English, not Latin, for the gods Woden, Thor, Frea and so on — the gods of my forefathers.

    So I shall go to my “Holy Grove” — “grove” from Old English “graf”, albeit no known cognates in other Germanic tongues.

    Waes hael!


      1. That’s right! The Chartists in the Manchester area in the 1830s and 1840s used to assemble for mass meetings on Kersal Moor between Manchester and Bolton, which place of assembly was labelled as Mons Sacer — the “Sacred Mount” — after a place of the same name in ancient Rome, where the plebs met 500 years before the alleged birth of Christ.

        At Kersal Moor there assembled the “Great Chartist Meeting” of 1838, which led to the son of a cotton mill owner who managed his father’s mill in nearby Salford to call the moor “the Mons Sacer of Manchester”.

        The cotton mill manager in question was a certain Friedrich Engels.


        1. I wonder if Fritz ever showed what he was made of on t’moor? From Wikipedia:

          In the 17th century, the Kersal Moor races were the great event of the year. They usually took place around Whit Week when large numbers of people turned the area into a giant fairground for several days.[3] The moor was also used for nude male races, allowing females to study the form before choosing their mates. Indeed, in the 18th century, Roger Aytoun, known as “Spanking Roger”, later a hero of the Siege of Gibraltar, acquired Hough Hall in Moston, through marriage after such a race.[4] Kersal Moor was also host to one of the great political events of the 19th century, when it was the meeting place for the largest of the Chartist Assemblies attended by at least 30,000 people in September 1838 and again in May 1839″


          1. “I wonder if Fritz ever showed what he was made of on t’moor? From Wikipedia?

            That’s probably Herr Engels in the old print above of Kersal Moor in 1857 —middle left in a bower, probably with his Irish mill hand mistress.

            I know Kersal Moor well: it’s just down the road from my sister’s place in Sunny Salford. Often used to go mooching round there.

            Manchester races originated there before moving to different places, ending up as the Castle Irwell racecourse, Pendleton, Salford. which closed in the ’60s.

            Although the course was referred to as Manchester racecourse, it never was situated in Manchester, but in the City of Salford. The cities of Manchester and Salford are separated by the Irwell just as the cities of Buda and Pest are separated by the Danube, and just as Buda is far older than Pest, Salford is far older than Manchester, which latter only sprung to dominance at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

            The Castle Irwell racecourse remained abandoned until the early ’70s, when Salford University had student halls of residence built on the site of the course: the halls were called “Castle Irwell Student Village”. That place has already long gone, I think. The whole site was taken over by some organization called “Castle Irwell Homes, Salford”, which built loads of houses there.

            Below is a photograph of what the former racecourse site looks like now, I think, because it is over 30 years ago since I lived at my sister’s place, which is near the former racecourse, when I was a postgrad at Manchester Uni:

            Manchester city centre in the distance, River Irwell in the foreground.

            above: Castle Irwell racecourse in 1953.


            1. The photos above may be confusing as they are taken from different angles. On the right bank of the river is the racecourse. Salford is on the right bank, Manchester on the left, and the river meanders greatly as it flows through the cities.


              1. I’m sure that at the source of colour picture above, the photograph has been mistakenly posted as a mirror image — the wrong way around.


                1. Yes, it is. I’ve just flipped it on my PC. The wrong-way-round image was driving me crazy, sending my head into a spin. The city centre is on the wrong side of the photo that I downloaded and posted above.


  25. Hard faced bastards!

    Russian Foreign Ministry rules out participation of four countries in mediation on the Ukraine
    Foreign Ministry: The United States, Britain, France, Germany cannot mediate in the settlement of the conflict in the Ukraine

    MOSCOW, March 21 – RIA Novosti.

    The United States, Great Britain, France and Germany cannot claim the role of neutral mediators in the peace process in the Ukraine, since they are involved in a conflict with Russia, the Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti.

    So they commented on the proposal of the former head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger , to create a contact group on the Ukraine in order to “launch the peace process.” In his opinion, Washington, London, Paris and Berlin should participate in it.

    “Officially, we do not know anything about this initiative. Nevertheless, Ischinger’s idea raises legitimate questions. First of all, because all the four countries mentioned are themselves participants in the conflict with Russia, which continues on the territory of the Ukraine”, the source said. Foreign Ministry, specifying that they learned about the proposal from the press.

    The department noted that these countries supply weapons to the Ukraine and send mercenaries there, supply the Armed Forces of the Ukraine with intelligence and train Ukrainian soldiers. In addition, they have imposed sanctions on Russia, blocked its foreign assets, demanded a tribunal to punish its leadership, and blackmailed its friends into forbidding them from cooperating with Moscow.

    “These countries support Zelensky’s pseudo-peace initiatives, which are ultimatum demands for the surrender of our country, divorced from reality”, the agency’s sources emphasized.

    They also drew attention to the fact that these countries have already discredited themselves when they supported the anti-constitutional coup in Kiev and indulged in the sabotage of the Minsk agreements.

    “With such approaches, the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany cannot claim the role of neutral mediators launching the peace process. They are not interested in resolving the crisis and are doing everything to prolong the confrontation as much as possible”, the Foreign Ministry added.

    Moscow believes that a truly comprehensive, fair and sustainable settlement of the conflict is possible only as a result of the cessation of hostilities and the supply of Western weapons, the recognition of new territorial realities, the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, the confirmation of its neutral and non-bloc status, the lifting of sanctions, the withdrawal of lawsuits against Russia , restoring the status of the Russian language, the rights of national minorities and friendly relations with Russia and other neighbors of the Ukraine.

    “Unfortunately, Western countries that claim to be mediators offer nothing of the kind”, the diplomats concluded.

    Russia has repeatedly stated that it is ready for negotiations with Kiev, although the Ukrainian authorities themselves have imposed a ban on them. At the same time, Western countries constantly talk about the need to continue hostilities and increase the supply of weapons. The Kremlin replied that military assistance would only prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people. According to the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the goals of the special operation will be achieved, its future and success are beyond doubt.


  26. 21 Mar, 2023 13:37
    Russia reacts to Canadian ‘regime change’ policy
    Moscow says it reserves the right to respond to Ottawa’s stated goal of toppling the Russian government

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned Canada’s top diplomat in Moscow to lodge a formal complaint, after the Canadian foreign minister made “inadmissible remarks” earlier this month.

    Melanie Joly told a news conference on March 10 that Ottawa was seeking “potential regime change in Russia.” Members of the cabinet are “seeing potential” for that outcome thanks to their efforts to isolate “the Russian regime” economically, politically and diplomatically, she stated.

    The Canadian charge d’affaires in Moscow, Brian Ebel, was summoned on March 20 and issued with a formal protest over the remarks, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday. Moscow believes the comments to be “inadmissible and at variance with Canada’s obligations under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.”

    Joly’s words were the “latest Russophobic attack” by a Canadian official, which the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed to disavow, the ministry said. It warned of a serious impact on bilateral relations, adding that Moscow reserves the right to “take relevant countermeasures depending on the further steps of the ruling Trudeau regime in the context of its declared course of confrontation with Russia”.

    Joly made the “regime change” remark soon after Ottawa announced the latest round of anti-Russia economic sanctions, which included restrictions on trade in steel and aluminum. She later doubled down on using that term, claiming she always made a distinction “between the regime and the people of a given country.”

    Canada has joined the US in its campaign to cripple the Russian economy through sanctions, which have been ratcheted up since hostilities broke out in Ukraine last year. Moscow considers the measures to be part of a proxy war against it, waged by Western nations.

    Je suis un con stupide


    1. Oh, look! They have little jars of biscuits and peanuts to tide them over until what is doubtless a sumptuous ‘working supper’. You can’t completely dislike someone who likes peanuts.

      Because of eejits like Joly, Canadians who would like to get a Russian visa to visit friends and relatives are unable to obtain one, and are discriminated against because of their nationality. But because English is her second language and she has a fondness for blabbering at length to make herself sound smarter, she beefs up her delivery with tough-sounding threats about the scary things Canada will do.


      1. I believe she used to be a person in charge of “diversity”, which, you must understand, we all have to “embrace”, that particular aspect of “diversity” in which she was actively engaged having been the right to have one’s mother tongue considered “equal” to any other language spoken in the state in which one is a citizen.

        She is, of course, a Frog Canadian.

        Eh bien, Madame — what the fuck do you reckon of the way Orcophones are treated in that land that is a paragon of virtue, where all are equal under the law, no matter what their “ethnicity”, language or religion.

        I’m talking about Banderastan, you stupid fucking bitch!

        Waddya you reckon about the language laws in that noble shithole of a state whose sovereignty you are determined to defend and maintain alongside Uncle Scmo and all his spineless vassals?


  27. AiF

    21.03.2023 17:11
    “A Yankee shot him in the head.” The mercenaries involved in the murder of a prisoner are named

    Jay Blake

    The names of the mercenaries who participated in a battle against four Russian soldiers who escaped from a wrecked BMP-2M near Petropavlovka (Kharkov region) have become known. The attackers have turned out to be foreigners from 6 countries and recruited into the Foreign Legion of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine.

    In September last year, the media reported that mercenaries had knocked out a Russian BMP-2M, which had lost its way, and then they surrounded the vehicle. Our men returned gunfire, and when their ammunition had run out, they were able to get away from the armoured vehicle and fortify themselves inside a brick building. The mercenaries began to storm the house and did so several times, but all their attacks were unsuccessful. Then the Russian fighters were offered peace talks. However, when one of them came out of hiding unarmed with his hands up, he was shot in the head. This is how the “Mash” Telegram channel described what had happened.

    In February 2023, according to the portal, Russian businessman Georgy Zakrevsky offered a reward for the capture of militants from this detachment – from 100 to 500 thousand rubles.

    Cop, homosexual and Eastern European specialist
    This week, the names of the mercenaries from this battle group were made public. Their identities were established thanks to an open-source intelligence investigation by the “Foreign Combatants” portal, which studied videos posted by “soldiers of fortune” on YouTube and their correspondence on military forums.

    In the course of such correspondence, one of the participants in the shootout admitted that an American militant had shot a Russian soldier in the head. At the same time, he confirmed that the terms of surrender had been agreed with the Russian fighters in advance.

    “RJ tried to negotiate with them to surrender in front of the house in 30 minutes. As a result, one comes out with his hands up without a weapon. The leader of the Yankee group immediately shoots him in the head. They understand that they have no way out, they start fighting to the death”,one of the participants in the battle, who came to the Ukraine from Finland, shared his memories.

    Why the Yankees did this, judging by the recollections, even the other mercenaries from this detachment did not understand. We are talking about former American police officer Jay Blake. Before serving in the Foreign Legion of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, he worked as a dog handler in the K-9 Narcotics Unit of the Kansas City Police. Having reached the Ukraine, Blake enlisted in the International Legion. During that battle in Petropavlovka, the mercenary was wounded and went home. What has happened to him since is unknown. After that incident, he stopped communicating with journalists.

    The mercenary who negotiated the terms of surrender was Irishman Rory Mason. According to Foreign Combatants, he was killed by return fire. Mason was interested in Eastern Europe and had studied Russian.

    Rory Mason

    Initially, another American, Marine Joshua Lopez, was suspected of killing the prisoner. Prior to the events in the Ukraine, he had participated in the deployment of NATO forces in the Middle East.

    However, Joshua is more infamous not for his military career, but for his career on the Web. According to Foreign Combatants, Lopez starred in gay porn with an “army-themed” script. The actor in the screenshots is indeed indistinguishable from the portrait of Joshua in his social networks. The mercenary does not hide his LGBT affiliation. It is known that after the events in Petropavlovka, Lopez was wounded and left for the United States. Now he has returned to the Ukraine and, presumably, is located near Artemovsk.

    Joshua Lopez

    The complete list of established fireteam member names looks like this:

    1. Stephen Keith Monroe (USA)

    2. Rory Mason (Ireland)

    3. Janusz Sheremeta (Poland)

    4. Krzysztow Tiefel (Poland)

    5. John King (USA)

    6. Stephen Prislow (South Africa)

    7. Patrick Caldwell (USA)

    8. Harri Vaisanen (Finland)

    9. Jay Blake (USA)

    10. Joshua Lopez (USA)

    11. Ricky Arima (Finland)

    12. Cory Weatherholt Fiddes (USA)

    13. Jericho Magallon (USA)

    14. Topi Huhtala (Finland)

    15. Garion Adams (Great Britain)

    16. Lee Johnson (USA)

    At least three of the militants from this list have already been eliminated. In the media, you can find information about the death of Rory Mason, as well as two Poles – Janusz Sheremet and Krzysztof Tiefel.

    The Foreign Combatants team reports that, based on the facts collected, a statement was prepared for the RF Investigative Committee about the crime committed by Jay Blake and foreign mercenaries in the village. Petropavlovka, Kharkov region.


    Above: another USA arse-bandit fighting for freedom and democracy and in defence of Banderastan sovereignty: “Sarah” Ashton-Cirillo, formerly John Cirillo. This thing seems to have come to the front line specifically to provoke and attract attention. The trans-mercenary often communicates with Western military correspondents, to whom he talks about human rights as he understands them. This pervert has been in the Ukraine for more than a year. It arrived in March 2022 almost immediately after the outbreak of hostilities. Throughout this time, it was engaged in LGBT propaganda.

    At the same time, it made a number of anti-Russian statements. In September 2022, during a speech on television, it called Russians “animals” and “subhuman”.

    Prior to its trip to the Ukraine, Cirillo was not a military “man”, but was engaged in political activism — it participated in street actions against members of the US Republican Party. Cirillo “changed” his sex [I refuse to use the grammatical term “gender — ME] in 2019, leaving behind his wife and child. He still hass a cock and balls though.

    According to Russian military commanders, the mercenary was wounded in March, but did not leave the Ukraine and has remained in the Kharkov region.


    Any kind of person can be amongst the mercenaries
    As military historian Mikhail Polikarpov has explained in a comment to aif.ru, one can often find outcasts amongst foreign mercenaries fighting in the Ukraine:

    “It is very difficult to determine how many mercenaries are fighting on the side of the Ukraine. Some of those who come with a humanitarian mission can retrain on the spot and pick up a an semi-automatic assault rifle. And those who, on the contrary, have their photos taken whilst they are holding weapons, may not be real, but virtual fighters – those who have came for PR in social networks.

    The so-called free shooters are people who may not even have military experience. They go there, fleeing from personal problems and disorder in life. There is not really much sense in their taking part in warfare. The most dangerous category is that of career officers of the Western armed forces, who go to coordinate the actions of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and control high-tech weapons.


  28. Down the hatch, old chum!

    Good job that drunken bastard of a traitor, the criminal Yeltsin, has by now well rotted away in his grave.

    If he were still with us, he would have downed considerably more than one measly, piddling little рюмочка [ryumochka] of vodka!


  29. Cannon fodder.

    “Meat Assault”: full video of the suicide attack by NATO armored vehicles and infantry on the Zaporozhye front (VIDEO) | Russian Spring

    To be taken to Berlin and placed in front of the Banderastan embassy there? — ME

    In a more detailed video, the same unsuccessful attempt by the company tactical group of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine to break through the defences of the 291st regiment with the help of NATO armoured vehicles in the Zaporozhye region can be seen in the video. During the repulse of the attack, part of the armoured group from the American-Dutch M113 / YPR-765 armoured personnel carriers was destroyed.

    More about this in the new report of the military correspondents of the “Russian Spring” from the zone of the military special operation.

    See also: Reflection of the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the trenches on the Zaporozhye front and the arrival of the projectile on ours (VIDEO)



  30. Nevertheless, the Western media (notably that German arsewipe “Bild”) breathlessly announces the imminent launch of a valorous Banderite offensive, presumably because they shouldn’t like to take the Orcs by surprise.

    BERLIN (Sputnik)</Ukraine is preparing to launch a counter offensive in May, focusing on the Lugansk People’s Republic and Zaporozhye region, with the goal to cut off Russia’s land connection to Crimea, German newspaper reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed NATO official.

    According to the NATO source, Russia “fairly” believes that the main Ukrainian offensive will take place in “Lugansk and Zaporozhye regions,” news outlet reported. The goal of the attack is to “destroy the land bridge to Crimea,” the newspaper reported, citing the official.

    The NATO official was confident that the weapons the West has been supplying to Kiev will be used in the counter-offensive as early as May, according to media. NATO and other Western countries are currently supplying Ukraine with about 500 tanks and armored personnel carriers, which will be used in the operation, according to the newspaper.

    Needless to say, the Orcs await with bated breath.


  31. 22.03.2023 – 7:00
    470 million rubles and an invitation to the G7 summit: results of the Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to Kiev | Russkaya Vesna

    The little rat, of course, happily accepted the invitation.

    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during his visit to the Ukraine invited Volodymyr Zelensky to take part in the G7 summit in an online format, the invitation was accepted, Kyodo news agency reported.

    “As a G7 chair country, we are determined to defend the global order. We are preparing to give a clear message at the summit”, the agency quoted Kishida as saying.

    Kishida visited the Ukraine on Tuesday, where he met with Zelensky. Until now, Kishida was the only head of state from among the “Big Seven” who has not yet met with Zelensky in person.

    During his visit to Kiev, the Japanese Prime Minister promised to allocate $ 470 million in gratuitous aid for energy and other humanitarian needs. Japan will also allocate $ 30 million to the Ukraine through the NATO fund for non-lethal equipment. After leaving Ukraine, Kishida returned to Poland, where on Wednesday he will meet with the leadership of the republic.

    In 2023, the Group of Seven presidency passed to Japan. The G7 summit will be held in Hiroshima on May 19-21, 2023.


    1. Maybe give him some tips on how Japan won World War II as well.

      If he’s sensible he’ll be treading carefully.

      Tass: Over 90% of Western companies remain in Russia — Austrian foreign minister

      Some Austrian officials “harbor hopes for a quick conclusion to the war and a return to more normal relations with Russia”

      …Austria’s foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg said in an interview published by Reuters on Wednesday.

      “Let’s get real, 91% of Western companies are still in Russia and doing what is sensible: waiting, containment, ring fencing,” he said.

      Commenting on operations of Raiffeisen Bank in Russia, the minister noted that Austrian companies stick to Austria’s rules and the European Union’s sanctions policy, adding that other Western financial organizations, including Bank of America, remain present in Russia as well…

      Rather than ask when the war will be over (this year most likely in my opinion), I think the real question is whether the west will lift sanctions in any meaningful way.

      Based on previous experience the answer is ‘No’ but it only works out worse for them the longer they go on.

      It will be very hard to admit that they have failed and keeping some sort of sanctions on (that Russia doesn’t mind) is the only way it can claim some sort of victory or moral position.

      I don’t see how Russia will accept symbolic lifting of sanctions by the west and of course it can always increase sanctions against western companies/assets etc. at any time.

      We know the west is Not Agreement Capable (NACkered) in its current form so it will be interesting to see how they squirm around this one or whether it’ll have to wait until new elections everywhere.

      In predictable news, the PPNN will go in to over drive about the upcoming turkish elections and how if the opposition wins it will turn Turkey against Russia, which in turn means it is also the ‘wrong time for peace’ and yet another ‘One more push’ etc. to drag the war out even longer in the hope that Kiev can pull something out of its a*s.


      1. They’ve failed dismally.

        Every day I’m in one of the 4 big supermarkets that are near my house and there are no empty shelves, no shortages of products.

        The biggest of them near me is one of this chain shown below.

        November 2022:

        Russian TYPICAL Supermarket Tour | Perekryoskok Moscow


        It’s Перекрёсток!

        And it’s pronounced pe-re-KRYO- stok cobber!


      2. Every Russian with whom I speak — and I mean every Russian — are of the opinion that sanctions will never end, and they don’t give a flying fuck about it either.

        I don’t as well.


        1. I agree; America got tired of pretending to be even-handed, and given as Washington is to go for the appearance of an easy target and with a technique honed from watching too many movies, went for what it imagined would be tremendously destructive. It was a no-lose proposition, because America has little exposure itself to Russian goods although some critical areas have emerged. But the damage to Europe has been significant. That, too, is typical of Washington – don’t hesitate to take action which might harm your vassals.

          But now the west can’t back down. There will be eventual relaxations based on supplication from industry – the airspace restrictions, for instance, and probably travel – but those can be on Russia’s terms and if the west wants to keep its commerce closed off, so be it.


    2. When they say ‘the Big Seven’ they mean, of course, ‘Big Debt’, those ‘developed countries’ who finance their projects by simply borrowing more and more money they can’t ever pay back. Why not make it the G8 again, and gather poor, hard-used Ukraine to your bosoms as a formal and productive partner? It’s certainly broke enough to qualify, and has demonstrated the approved fiscal policies.


      1. “Borrowing” isn’t really the right word though is it? “Borrowing” implies asking for something you need from someone who has it, on the understanding they might say no. That’s not what they’re doing. They just print and print and print “money” and expect people to accept it at face value even as its value keeps dropping. That’s more accurately described as “stealing”, “theft” or “extortion.”


        1. Yes, that’s correct; although the Fed refers to the process as ‘borrowing’, it is really just the government printing money and ‘lending’ it to itself. Another such laundering technique is ‘quantitative easing’, in which the government prints more money and then uses it to buy its own bonds.

          And they’ve been able to get away with that for so long because the US dollar is generally recognized as the world’s reserve currency, which requires countries to maintain a large stock of US dollars on hand for exchange and trade. It’s also why every time a Saddam Hussein or a Muammar Gaddafi, some president of some oil-rich nation, starts making noises about ceasing the use of the greenback in oil trading, Washington starts up the dictator talk and puts together a coalition to take him out. Both the aforementioned gentlemen argued for less or no use of the dollar in their oil trade, Saddam in favour of the Euro and Gaddafi in favour of developing a gold dinar.


    1. Of course the UK will be all in a sweat to do it now, can’t wait, because Russia has objected to it and it’s so much fun to do what they tell us not to do, aren’t we being irritating? Look at us; look at us making Russia fume!!

      As usual, sources which claim it is just another tool in the toolbox say there is no proof it is a hazard because they like it and want to use it. The medical folk are not so sure, and say that its effects have never been properly studied.



  32. Seymour Hersh has more to say. (Unfortunately I don’t subscribe to his substack, so I can only see some of it, but probably the whole thing will appear for free somewhere soon.) Your phrase for the day is “pulse the system”–that’s apparently CIAspeak for “flood the MSM with a burst of false information”…just in case you didn’t already know that a massive, systematic network of deliberate manipulation was in place to mislead you.


    1. I suspect part of the reason the new cover story is so implausible as to almost be mockery is because it IS mockery – Washington wants the Russians to know it was responsible, after it boasted that it would stop the pipeline and did. The cover story is to provide a fig leaf for Europe, so they can be all like, “Oh, you DIDN’T do it? What a relief, I was worried”.


  33. The inglorious end of a forelock*-warrior of the AFU

    The placard reads: Putin is a prick — la-la la-la la

    Who’s a fucking dead prick now, then?


    And here’s a bunch of shitwitted Banderite pricks doing a spot of mine clearance, one of whom does not cease to take selfies neither before or after an unfortunate incident:

    Divine history of the forelock warriors

    * as sported by wannabe Bandaretard “Cossacks”.


  34. And they have sendt their beloved prince and his endlessly grinning wife to Poland in order to encourage British army contingents engaged in their stirling work there, together with the Polacks, to put the wind up the evil Mongol-Tatar horde of Muscovy.

    22.03.2023 17:02
    Media: Prince William and his wife will pay an unannounced visit to Poland on March 22

    Moscow, March 22 – AIF-Moscow.
    Prince William of Wales and his wife, Kate Middleton, will pay an unannounced visit to Poland.

    The Prince and Princess are scheduled to visit British soldiers stationed in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship. According to unofficial data, a visit to the transit medical center, where wounded soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are located, may also take place.

    The Polish authorities and the British Embassy have not yet confirmed this information.

    Is the deed done or what?

    Totally out of order!

    The heir to the British throne is surely not allowed to dabble in politics: the UK is neither allied to the Ukraine nor at war with Mordor.

    Yeah, he’s been and gone and done it!

    Prince William visits Poland to thank soldiers for ‘all that you’re doing’ in Ukraine
    Prince of Wales told British and Polish troops ‘everyone back home thoroughly supports you’ for ‘defending our shared freedoms’
    22 March 2023 • 5:26pm

    The Prince of Wales shares a joke with troops in the in the Polish city of Rzeszow, around 60 miles from the Ukrainian border

    Prince of Wales told British and Polish troops ‘everyone back home thoroughly supports you’ for ‘defending our shared freedoms’.

    The Prince of Wales has made a surprise visit to Poland to “personally thank” British and Polish soldiers involved in the war in Ukraine for “defending our shared freedoms”.

    Prince William landed in the southeastern city of Rzeszow, around 60 miles from the Ukrainian border, on Wednesday afternoon amid tight security to show his support for the troops responding to the ongoing humanitarian situation.

    He said he was “struck by their passion as well as their shared determination to defend our shared freedoms” in the face of the conflict, telling them: “Everyone back home thoroughly supports you.”

    William added that the joint cooperation of Britain and Poland “in support of the people of Ukraine and their freedom” has strengthened the ties between the two countries.

    The Prince told the British soldiers at an air defence military base: “I just wanted to come here in person to say thank you for all that you’re doing, keeping everyone safe out here and keeping an eye on what’s going on.

    “You’re doing a really important job out here.”

    The Prince spent around 20 minutes chatting to service personnel inside a military tent before being shown a vast array of equipment, including a Polish self-propelled howitzer artillery system that had a British turret.

    The soldiers described how they spent 26 weeks training to use the high-tech surface-to-air Sky Sabre missile defence system, which Britain first delivered to Poland last May before extending the deployment in October.

    🇬🇧🇵🇱 🤝 🇺🇦

    This afternoon I travelled to Poland to meet British and Polish troops, where I heard about their extraordinary work in support of Ukraine.

    My message to them on behalf of all of us, thank you! pic.twitter.com/OYc5gvjnw3

    — The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) March 22, 2023
    Lance Corporal Molly Pettifer, 28, who is two weeks into a six-month tour of Poland, told the Prince about her work training troops in first aid and later revealed that her grandmother’s friend had delivered the royal at birth.

    LCpl Pettifer, from Enfield, north London, said the Prince’s visit was a “big deal” and people were “very excited” he was there.”

    “It was quite special. My nan’s friend delivered him as a baby.”

    The Prince, who was greeted by Poland’s defence minister and deputy prime minister Mariusz Blaszczak, was also given a private confidential briefing on the situation on the Polish Ukrainian border.

    Mariusz Blaszczak, Polish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defence, shows the prince military hardware used by the troops CREDIT: Yui Mok/PA Wire
    Speaking afterwards, William said that he also wanted to pay tribute to the “inspiring humanity of the Polish people” adding: “You have opened your hearts as much as your homes.”

    More than 10 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed the border into Poland since the beginning of the war last February.

    The visit marks the Prince’s first trip to the country since 2017. He said it was “fantastic” to be back, adding that “our nations have strong ties”.

    The visit will be considered an important show of public support for Ukraine as the country marks just over one year since the beginning of the invasion.

    It comes after The Royal Foundation joined forces with Olena Zelenska, Ukraine’s First Lady, to assist her mental health initiative for displaced families now living in the UK.

    The prince said Britain and Poland’s support ‘of the people of Ukraine and their freedom’ has strengthened the ties between the two countries CREDIT: Yui Mok/PA Wire
    In November, the Princess visited a Ukrainian community centre to meet displaced families and both the Prince and Princess met aid workers involved in the humanitarian response and members of the military helping to train Ukrainian troops in Britain.

    The King hosted President Volodymyr Zelensky at Buckingham Palace last month and in a message marking the 12-month anniversary of the beginning of the conflict, commended the people of Ukraine for showing “truly remarkable courage and resilience in the face of such human tragedy”.

    The Prince was later due to visit an accommodation centre in Warsaw, to meet Ukrainians who have fled the war.

    On Thursday, he is due to meet Andrzej Duda, the President of Poland, after laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument dedicated to Polish soldiers who lost their lives in conflict.

    The visit will conclude with a visit to a local food hall to meet Ukrainian refugees and hear about their experiences of settling into life in the neighbouring country.


    1. Freedom and democracy, that’s what it’s all about: defend Banderastan, that paragon of democracy and Western values, against the unprovoked Soviet Russian invasion and Putin’s insanity!


      1. By continuing to develop and enforce economic sanctions designed to help achieve the foreign-policy objectives of the country that said “Fuck the EU!”. While the UK was still part of it.


    1. Bollocks! Can’t get the prat’s Twitter link working.

      His Twitter pages are full of Yukie refugees whining about the Evil Russians.

      I wonder if the Chipmunk Prince has ever thought of visiting the Donbass?


    Mar. 22nd, 2023 at 9:01 PM

    Newsweek: the US Armed Forces are facing a problem — no one wants to join the army

    The US Armed Forces are facing a shortage of people willing to serve in the army, writes Newsweek. According to experts, this may be due to the fact that the requirements for recruits are too high: they are forbidden to have tattoos and use drugs. In addition, some attribute this trend to the fact that young people simply do not want to serve in the army.

    The United States armed Forces are facing difficulties in recruiting new military personnel, writes Newsweek. This can have serious consequences if the United States finds itself in a state of war.

    So, the US Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormut, said that last year the army did not recruit about 15 thousand people. To correct the situation, according to her, $1.2 billion will be allocated for measures to attract military personnel.

    In September, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand warned that by the end of 2022, ” he number of active US Armed Forces will be the minimum since the creation of a fully voluntary army.”

    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in turn, noted: “Countering threats to the global order requires a U.S. military that no one else can surpass.”

    John Ferrari and John Kehm, retired Army major generals, described the problems with conscription as “a serious threat to our national security.” “Calling the shortage of personnel in the army a crisis is like saying that the Titanic had a ‘small’ problem crossing the Atlantic.”

    U.S. Air Force spokeswoman Rose Riley told Newsweek that her department still achieved its recruitment goals last year, but this year they are already lagging behind. She explains this trend by the record low unemployment rate in the United States and the low awareness of Americans about military service. She admits that despite small successes, ” military recruitment will remain a challenge in the long run.”

    In turn, experts who deal with this issue note that when someone says that they have achieved their recruitment goals, they may simply have lowered the bar. Economist Beth Ash, who has been studying this topic for almost 40 years, notes that often the reason for this trend is that only less than a quarter of young Americans can qualify for the military and meet all the requirements. But, according to her, this situation with the selection and standards has been going on for a long time, and recruitment has failed so badly right now.

    She named another factor that many mistakenly blame for the shortage. Of all the young people, only 10% say they would like to serve the country. However, this indicator has been at such a low level for many decades. And, as experience shows, most recruits, it turns out, initially did not want to serve. “This is one of the reasons why recruiting is so difficult: because you have to convince these people with a negative attitude to change their mindset to a positive one and join the armed forces,” Ash said.

    And the main reason – and the Ash expert agrees with Air Force press Secretary Riley – is that “when the civilian economy is strong, it becomes much more difficult for military recruiters to attract the people that the army needs.” “It’s not just that the unemployment rate is very low. We know that fewer young men participate in the labor force. They don’t work or even look for a job.” She sees the reasons as the emerging economy of freelancing and temporary work, the opioid crisis and the decline in production, as well as the change in attitudes to work-life balance that emerged during the pandemic.

    Polls also show that the American public’s confidence in the armed forces, as well as in most major institutions, is low. This is attributed to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, reports of sexual harassment in the army, and racism.

    But the military insists that they are already working on the situation, studying how much the current state of affairs corresponds to the needs of the military in the future. For example, the Air Force recently allowed its military personnel to have tattoos on their arms and neck. The rules regarding the use of cannabis are also changing. Now, if a new recruit tests positive for traces of the drug in his blood, he is now given the opportunity to take the test again. The US armed forces also began to use new marketing mechanisms to attract new recruits.

    However, thanks to the use of unmanned weapons, the army now needs fewer people. And some services like painting ships can be left to civilians.

    So far, the shortage of military personnel is not a serious problem, but if this trend continues for several years, then even the most important units will start to have problems, the expert’s comment leads Newsweek.


    1. Publicity like that does tend to add fuel to the fire that is the rumour that Michelle Obama had originally been born Michael Obama.


    2. RT

      22 Mar, 2023 15:50
      Transgender lawmaker wins ‘Woman of the Year’ award
      Leigh Finke began her role as a US state representative less than three months ago

      Rep. Leigh Finke, DFL-St. Paul grabbed a cookie from members of Moms Demand Action outside the Minnesota Legislature Senate Chamber Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2023 St. Paul, Minn © Getty Images / Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via Getty Images

      Leigh Finke, a transgender former journalist and author who was elected as a state representative late last year, has been chosen as Minnesota’s ‘Woman of the Year’ by the USA Today newspaper. The decision has sparked criticism from some American conservatives.

      Finke – a Democrat who transitioned in 2017 – became Minnesota’s first-ever transgender legislator when she secured 81% of the vote in November’s House of Representatives election in the left-leaning Twin Cities metropolitan area. She assumed office in early January.

      USA Today claimed in its list of female honorees released last Friday, that she is “fighting to build a better future for trans youth.” The publication selected Finke for praise alongside the likes of Michelle Obama, actress Goldie Hawn, and the entire US women’s soccer team.

      Minnesota’s lieutenant governor, Peggy Flanagan, insisted on social media that the award for Finke was “well-deserved,” arguing that she had displayed “tenacity, bravery and leadership” in her role as a rookie lawmaker.

      Finke has pursued legislation to transform Minnesota into a so-called “trans sanctuary state,” while USA Today also wrote of her activism for “transgender and LGBTQ+ rights” as well as Black Lives Matter, which, the paper claims, she has supported “almost her whole life.”

      In a tweet on Sunday referencing the award, Finke wrote: “As an elected [official], I recognize that I just got here. The faith that has been put in my (sic) by my district, by the queer community, and by my colleagues at the capitol has been life-giving.”

      However, several prominent political figures have spoken out against the decision to honor the lawmaker. “What will ever be left for biological females?” former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who served during the Donald Trump administration, asked on Fox News on Tuesday.

      “What does it take for a conservative woman to get on a list like this?” she added.

      Fox News commentator Guy Benson pushed back somewhat, arguing that there are several examples of both biological and transgender women who deserve recognition for various accomplishments, but that Finke should not be among them. Her selection, he said, was little more than a “political statement.”

      “This is about, ‘there’s a culture war, there’s a big controversy around trans issues, so let’s find some and put them on these lists to make a statement,’” Benson claimed.

      In 2022, USA Today nominated transgender Biden administration official Rachel Levine on its ‘Women of the Year’ list.

      RT annoyingly uses “she” when referring to the above freak.

      What’s with this “transgender” shite?

      He’s what used to be called a “cross dresser”.

      He has not changed his sex, the he has changed the gender of the personal pronouns he uses to describe himself: he still has a penis and testicles; he does not menstruate; he cannot bear children.

      As a commenter to RT points out, Finke is “a mentally deficient man, attempting (but failing) to masquerade as a woman”.

      Goodbye USA!


      1. Should be above:

        . . . though he has changed the gender of the personal pronouns he uses to describe himself . . .


      2. The world is profoundly sick. It’s not that such aberrations exist – they always did, and could always be tolerated so long as nobody got hurt; you can’t, for example, indulge a fetish for cannibalism or murder. But now the queer and the weird must be celebrated, put on a pedestal and admired, and if you won’t go along with it willingly you are the worst sort of anti-social personality. And we are all supposed to beam with pride as they avow to fight for more rights for their own narrow group of weirdos. Try being a white man and announcing you will use your office to leverage more rights for white men. The protest community would say that’s not necessary because you already have all of them, and once that was probably true. Not any more, and it seems a funny thing about these ‘human rights’ that you can’t have them without imposing your personal values on everyone else.

        Liked by 1 person

  36. Spring has most definitely sprung!

    Rain during the night and very early this morning, but now at 11:22 msk, a bright blue sky, sunshine, plus 5 °C.

    I see that winter offensive with its “big arrows” didn’t materialize.

    Ah well — looking forward to the Yukietard spring offensive that everyone says is to start any time soon . . .


  37. Lest we forget.

    The Onion: What I Got Right About The Iraq War

    By Dick Cheney

    On the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, it’s important for us as a nation to reflect on that conflict and its consequences. As the vice president of the United States in 2003, I was one of the architects of the project to go after Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. Today, I believe it’s important to offer an honest assessment of my role in the Iraq War. Looking back on it now, I have to say that, wow, I mostly got it right.

    Seriously, the Iraq War went basically as well as I could have hoped….

    It’s hard to read it as satire.


    1. It’s a spoof wanted poster above.

      It says:

      Attention:The wanted man is dangerous!

      Then again, maybe it’s not a spoof.



    2. Isn’t 144 cm something like four-foot-eight? Must be more mockery–he can’t be that short. Childish stuff, of course. Taking seriously foreign leaders with whom we have serious differences is difficult, grown-up, demanding work and we don’t do that anymore, we just yell slogans and wear symbolic colours and scoff at all criticism. Way easier. Why negotiate when you can belittle…in this case apparently literally.


      1. Putin is 5′ 3″, Zelensky —5′ 5.75″.

        Interestingly, nobody in the West takes the piss out of Zelensky’s short stature.


  38. “In the navy I grew up in, hitting anything is bad”.

    He’s talking about the US navy, right?

    Is he serious?


    1. Note how Kirby’s pursed lips theatricals and his piss-taking of the awarding of a medal for bravery to Russian pilots for their downing of a a US drone, the opportunity for him to do this having been given to him by a front-row media whore’s tailored question, allows this spokesman for the Empire of Lies to lay down a smoke screen as to why a USA spy drone was flying with its transponders off some 60 kms from a Crimea headland.


      1. Media whore is right. Why do people think they’re getting objective reporting when they read a headline like “Russia bad, officials say” instead of just “Russia bad!”? I remember in the 80s TV ads normally featured a man facing you square on, holding up a tube of toothpaste or whatever and earnestly telling you it was the best stuff on the market and you should buy it. Then at some point someone had the brilliant idea of pivoting that guy on his chair a bit so he was looking off-camera a few inches, addressing an imaginary interviewer with heartfelt replies to questions like “What do you like about Toothpaste X?” To this day, that’s still the style of many TV ads. It must be deemed by advertisers that at some subliminal level a question-and-answer format, even a patently fake one performed by actors, gets equated by viewers with finding out the truth, digging up the facts. Put your (probably bullshit) assertions into that context and, voila, most people most of the time will think you can’t be totally full of shit…because you’re being “interviewed,” after all…and the present-day press conference was born…scripted answers to scripted questions.


    2. In the navy he grew up in . . . ?

      24.03.2023 07:05
      “Rear rat”. How did John Kirby, who teaches Russians bravery, serve?

      Uniform hysteria seems to be becoming the main style of public speaking by Western officials on issues concerning Russia. This time, John Kirby demonstrated his mastery of a similar way of expressing thoughts and emotions.

      “If this is courage, then they probably have a different understanding of this.”
      The strategic communications coordinator at the White House Security Council was extremely excited to learn that Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu had presented the “Order of Courage” to the pilots of the Su-27 aircraft, Majors Sergei Popov and Vasily Vavilov, who had prevented the violation by an American MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle of the borders of the area of a temporary regime for the use of airspace established for the purpose of conducting the special military operation.

      “I don’t know of any other army in the world, no other air force in the world that would reward a pilot for crashing into a drone. If this is courage, then they probably have a different understanding of it. This is ridiculous. It’s insulting. I have no idea why they gave an award for bravery to someone who, at worst, maliciously put himself and US property at great risk, and at best, he was just an idiot”, Kirby said at a regular briefing.

      Here, of course, we can recall that as recently as December 2022, the head of the Kiev regime, Volodymyr Zelensky, awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine” to pilot Vadim Voroshilov, who lost his aircraft as a result of a meeting with the Geran-2 drone. Whether Zelensky and Voroshilov are idiots, according to Kirby, remains a mystery. It is possible that the official refers in this category only to those who destroy exclusively American military equipment in this category.

      But let’s talk about something else — about what John Kirby knows about courage in general and about its military component in particular.

      Originally from St. Petersburg
      The 60-year-old native of St. Petersburg, Florida, comes from a navy family. True, John himself was not eager for the fleet at first: after having graduated from a Catholic school in St. Petersburg, the young man studied art history at the University of South Florida. He then went on to earn an M.A. in International Relations at Troy University, after which, at the Naval War College, he acquired a specialization, unusual for the Russian ear, an M.A. in national security and strategic studies.

      In 1986, 23-year-old Kirby entered the Navy on board the frigate Aubrey Fitch. By that time, this ship was known for participating in the operation to invade Grenada, as well as in lifting the wreckage of the Space Shuttle Challenger from the ocean. Kirby on this frigate was trained, having received the official specialty “officer of the surface fleet”.

      Without the right to command at sea
      After that, Kirby was sent to serve on the aircraft carrier Forrestal, named after the United States Secretary of Defense, who jumped out of a window shouting: “The Russians are coming!” [He committed suicide when he was at a funny farm — ME]

      The aircraft carrier is known by the nickname Zippo — in honour of the popular cigarette lighter. The fact is that fires at the Forrestal occurred regularly. On July 29, 1967, while bombing attacks against Vietnam were being carried out from an aircraft carrier, another fire broke out on the ship, killing 134 people and more than 160 were injured.

      By the way, that fire started with the aircraft of John McCain, the future American politician and Russophobe, who has something to do with Kirby. But more on that later.

      On the unfortunate Forrestal, Kirby arrived as a public relations officer in the status of a “limited line officer” , which is what they call those specialists who are deprived of the right to exercise command at sea are called in the US navy.

      From office to office
      After Forrestal, Kirby, in the same rank of media officer, served on the staff of the commander of the US 2nd Fleet.

      During this period, he occasionally appeared on board the commander’s ship, but spent more time ashore — he was engaged in the publication of a US Navy magazine and worked as a media officer with the Blue Angels aerobatic squadron, etc.

      Moving from one office to another, John Kirby made it to the post of head of the US Navy Information Department, receiving the rank of Rear Admiral.

      Don’t look for Purple Heart medals in his collection, but Kirby has four Distinguished Service Medals for peacetime achievement.

      Kirby first came to the post of press secretary of the Pentagon under Barack Obama, and now it’s time to remember John McCain.

      Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. I mean it’s amazing.”
      In a 2014 radio interview, McCain said: “That idiot Admiral Kirby was asked yesterday, I think, and he said, ‘John McCain says we’re losing, what do you say to that?’ Boy you gotta run it, you gotta run it Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. I mean, it’s amazing”.

      That is how McCain reacted to a press conference at the Pentagon, where Kirby was asked the question: “What would you say about Senator McCain’s assessment, according to which the Islamic State (an organization banned in the Russian Federation — aif.ru) wins, and the coalition is at the head with the US, no?

      The Pentagon spokesman responded, “Well, I’m not going to… I would just tell you that we believe that… let me put it this way. It will be a long fight. It will be hard. There will be failures. There will be victories and there will be losses… But the situation is changing every day. And so I’m not going to determine who wins today and who loses. It’s… it’s… the strategy is still smart, but you can’t judge the success of a strategy based on a day, a week, or even a few weeks… I mean, I don’t want to talk, but it’s a mixed picture”.

      It seems that McCain was absolutely right in his blah-blah-blah — Kirby never squeezed out anything intelligible. Maybe because McCain was still a combat officer, and not a “bureaucrat” officer?

      The diagnosis was confirmed
      John Kirby’s career, both military and political, is, of course, exclusively a problem for the United States and for him personally.

      But with all certainty we can say that it is not for Kirby to talk about what military courage is. In the Red Army 80 years ago, talkers like him were called “rear rats”.


  39. Three stories about ordinary Ukrainians

    I shall tell you three ordinary stories about Ukrainians. About different Ukrainians. I shall not make any judgement of them: I shall simply tell you about real people who now live in a country that is still called the Ukraine.

    I don’t know these people. It just so happens that I saw this ad on the OLX free classifieds site. Some Ukrainians were selling a thoroughbred bulldog for only 100 hryvnias. In addition, they were throwing in with the sale dog food, dog clothes, dishes, toys, his couch, his collar and leashes. But in fact, these Ukrainians were not just selling their dog: they were betraying their friend. For the fact was that he, their friend, does not understand commands in Russian. Do you know what the problem was? The problem was that these Ukrainians initially raised their dog, seaking to him in Russian. And then they suddenly realized that they were Ukrainians. But they couldn’t turn a dog into a Ukrainian…

    “Recently the family has been communicating exclusively in Ukrainian, so commands in Russian cause discomfort in the house. We even worked with a dog handler, but there was no result. They do not take them to a shelter either”, these Ukrainians write.

    So they decided to get rid of their pet, their friend. What kind of friend is he if he ignores mova?

    The second story is more tragic. This time Ukrainians on Facebook are being persuaded not to leave their fellow countryman in the lurch. Andrei Nasada, 30, from the village of Nehivtsi, Kalush district, Ivano-Frankivsk region, went to fight and defend his country. Five months later his car exploded on an anti-tank mine. Andriy suffered traumatic amputation of both legs above the knees, lost 3 fingers of his right hand, lost one eye and partially the sight of the other eye.

    The homeland the Ukrainian defender was defending refused to pay for the rehabilitation of its defender. So they collected money all over the Ukraine, until the charitable foundation “Renewed Soldiers of the Ukraine” paid for prosthetics in the USA. Thanks to donations, the foundation was able to pay for two bionic prostheses costing $50,000.

    Medics in the US were able to save his eyesight and restore it, improving his vision by up to 90%. As it turned out, American ophthalmologists found a piece of rubber from the exploded car in the eye socket where the other, blown out eye had been located before, which piece of rubber had knocked out the eye and remained in his head. During 9 months of treatment at the Dnepropetrovsk Mechnikov Regional Hospital, Ukrainian medics had failed to notice this foreign object in the soldier’s head.

    It only remains to add that the Ukrainian soldier Nasada had served since 2014 in the 80th Airborne Assault Brigade, killing Russians in Donbass. And he returned to the same brigade after the start of a special military operation. On 18 November 2022, footage of the brutal massacre of Russian prisoners of war appeared on social media. The video was filmed by soldiers of the 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the AFU. Artur Bortnichuk, Nazar Mikhailovsky and Andrey Sokol, who shot the captured Russian soldiers, are also Ukrainians.

    My third story is a very ordinary one and not as tragic as the others. Its hero, Kostya Kornev, a 21-year-old crane driver from Gorlovka, did not lose an arm or a leg in the war, he did not kill anyone. But he received a prison sentence of 14 years in a high-security penal colony. Before that, he spent almost a year in a cell of the Dnepropetrovsk remand prison. A Ukrainian court accused him of high treason. According to the SBU investigators, Kostya had betrayed his homeland by taking pictures of schools and kindergartens, which were occupied by the Ukrainian military. And not just taking pictures, but indicating their coordinates. Of course, to the Russian military – to whom else?

    The guy was detained, understandably, beaten and beaten, and then he had to confess. And although the investigation could not find any evidence, Kostya was convicted anyway. Well, 14 years isn’t much, is it? He is 21 now, and at 35 he will be free. He has his whole life ahead of him!

    All three stories are true, not made up. And all these people lived in the Ukraine. Only the Ukraine is a big country. And Ukrainians are different. Unfortunately, many Russians blame Ukrainians for allowing what happened on the Maidan and at the Trade Union House in Odessa, for allowing Nazis to seize power and do evil. Alas, many do not understand what it is like to live in a concentration camp and why it is impossible to rebel there. Nor do they understand the reasons why this concentration camp was created. While Nazism was dressed up as Ukrainian nationalism: it looked harmless. And then it was too late… Imagine a picture – you are leading your little sister by the hand, and then you let her go, and the idiot runs into the road and gets hit by a dump truck. Whose fault is that? The little girl’s? Or you, the elder sister, who couldn’t keep her eye on her?

    But there’s nothing you can do about it. But for some reason, social media blames only the Ukrainians and continues to widen the gap between Ukrainians and Russians, humiliating “Khohols” with even nastier nicknames and giving them hurtful epithets. Making no distinction between us Ukrainians. Although there are those who have experienced first-hand what Nazism is, it is they who are precisely the most loyal supporters of Russia! Those who have proven their loyalty, including with their lives. And it seems to me that everyone will get what he deserves. The war will end, because wars end sooner or later. The memory remains. And if that memory is all hatred, even a hundred years from now we will all only remember the stories that will prompt us to take up arms again and again …

    Am over-sensitive person if she thinks “Khokol” is a humiliating word. I personally think that the vast majority of them are stupid, biggoted, bumpkins. I’m not talking about most Ukrainians in the East: I’m talking about the Galitsian dregs and those who live in the far West. I once had to put up with their antics fo 3 weeks — in 2004.


    1. Yep, as Yalensis says, the gloves are coming off now some 80 years too late. But there were those who did know about this, but they kept silent. As I’ve said again and again, the bastards never went away, and were continuously — no, have been continuously aided and abetted by the West, because they are against the Russians . . . , the “other”, the common enemy. It was ever thus.


  40. The Frogs are running riot in Froggiereich!

    I hope the wind of revolution blows across the Rhine.

    No such luck . . . Old Fritz is pretty crappy at revolutions. They buggered several up in 1918 around the old German Reich, and the only one before that was way back in 1848, — and another cock-up of course.


    1. As for the British, they’ll just hand in a petition to the Gunga Din of Downing street, then have a mass picnic on Parliament Square or whatever.


        1. <a href="https://rg.ru/2023/03/24/makron-molchit-parizh-v-haose-vo-francii-situaciia-vyhodit-iz-pod-kontrolia-vlastej.html"RG.RU

          French President Emmanuel Macron felt the full force of French anger on Thursday as protesters gathered across the country to demonstrate their opposition to raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. The head of state himself remains silent, the police have stepped up security at the Élysée Palace, and observers say that in France the situation is getting out of control of the authorities, more and more reminiscent of the events that unfolded in the French capital in May 1968 and almost led to mass riots in the country.

          Trade unions claim that 3.5 million people showed up for rallies across the country on March 23, while authorities suggested that the figure was much lower, just under 1.1 million. The figures are almost identical to those of the strongest day of demonstrations, March 7, according to France Info. In Paris, union leaders said a record 800,000 people had taken part in a peaceful march through the city (police gave a figure of 119,000 protesters) to demand that the government abandon fiercely contested changes to pension policies.

          However, the national day of mobilization against the actions of the authorities was overshadowed by outbreaks of violence and vandalism. In the southwestern city of Bordeaux, the front door of the City Hall was set on fire, and in Paris, late-night clashes broke out between police and groups of black-clad protesters who smashed and set fire to cars in quiet city streets.

          In the capital, the official demonstration, which was attended by a large number of representatives of French society of various generations, left the Place de la Bastille in the early afternoon and headed to the Place de l’Opéra along the Grand Boulevards, the main east – west road through the northern part of central Paris.

          French union members carrying flags and banners were surrounded by their stewards to ensure their safety. The crowd was dense and dissatisfied with the government and the president, but the mood was also festive and motivated by a show of solidarity, the Guardian reports. However, closer to 17 hours local time (19 Moscow time), the atmosphere was spoiled by a group of young people called casseurs(“smashers”). Dressed in black and wearing masks, they led the march and destroyed bus stops, billboards, storefronts, the facade of McDonald’s, and newsstands, leaving behind broken glass and piles of burning garbage cans. They also dismantled the cast-iron bars around the trees and smashed the paving stones, which they then threw at the police.

          Interior Minister blames “ultra-leftists”for riots
          The worst clashes took place in the Place de l’Opéra and then in the Place de la Bastille, where police tried to disperse them with tear gas. Part of a woman’s arm was torn off by a tear gas grenade in the city of Rouen, where between 14,800 and 23,000 protesters had gathered, according to police and trade unions. Mass protests were held in Marseille, Lyon, Besançon, Rennes and Arles, as well as in other French cities. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said late on Thursday that most of the 103 people arrested in Paris were “mostly young” and were known members of “ultra-left” groups. During a visit to the French police headquarters, the minister said that 149 policemen and gendarmes had been injured in the previous hours during the marches, AFP reports. “We were able to document that the ultra-left is behind many violent protests, which I don’t want to confuse with peaceful demonstrators. The extreme left will not win”, the French Interior Minister said emphatically. Data on the number of injured protesters were not received.

          EU fucked!

          Germany next?

          No bloody chance!

          Everything must be “in order” there, even when the shit hits the fan.


          1. Well, the western MSM may gloat about Frogs doing what Frogs love to do: rioting, but the reason for these riots will affect other western countries where PMs and ‘Leaders’ love riding roughshod over the will and interests of the common people.
            My ‘rant’ column today is about these riots:
            It’s short, so have a quick gander. There’s also the link to an outstanding albeit long essay on France which you don’t want to miss …

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            1. Vive le France, I say. Here in Canada martial law now awaits citizens who take to the streets. But for the most part we’re like the UK as you describe it in your column–exercising our democratic rights by sitting at home watching TV, growing mildly scandalized by naughty French unrest. We do sometimes gather in crowds, but those are for Superiority Marches, like gay pride parades or climate change protests, which we use to tell ourselves we’re morally better than most countries…they’re closer to group psychotherapy than democracy in action.


    1. “It was gloomy stuff, and the conclusion was even more disturbing — that the U.S. should cut its losses now, with yet another humiliating defeat, letting Russia win, and letting China play peacemaker, because the U.S. would need to regroup and rethink its strategy as it did in the aftermath of the Vietnam War for more critical potential conflicts. The world’s great superpower we are no longer, and that’s Joe Biden’s doing.”

      Ha, ha, ha!! High comedy, but so typical of the airs and graces America grants itself even when it appears to be trying to be humble – ‘letting Russia win’, which it is doing despite efforts by the west which obviously are so great that it is getting alarmed because it cannot keep them up. And ‘letting China play peacemaker’ – oh, thank you, munificent ones!! Nobody is going to accept a ‘peace plan’ tailored by any combination of western countries because any such would be an attempt to craft victory from an obvious defeat. It would look suspiciously like Ukraine’s plan – Russia immediately withdraws all its forces from Ukraine, including all lands it has seized already, and pays Ukraine reparations for war damages and personnel losses. As if. If the United States had been forced into such an agreement in Iraq, it would have broken the Fed.

      That’s the west for you, in a nutshell – still arrogant in defeat. It has learned nothing despite absurd pretenses to reflection and navel-gazing.

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  41. Goodbye and thanks for nothing!

    MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. Over the past year, Russia understood that its decision to quit the Council of Europe was the right thing to do, and will not return to this organization in the future, a senior Russian diplomat has told TASS in an interview.

    Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department of European Cooperation Nikolay Kobrinets said: “The past year proved to us that we had made the right choice [to quit the Council of Europe].”

    “Our ‘divorce’ with Strasbourg is not a whim, it’s a well-thought decision that took a few years to ripe. The Council of Europe of the present day is far from what it used to be back in 1996. Double standards, hypocrisy and Russophobia are its distinctive traits now. Clearly, with the Council of Europe of this kind, our ways have parted,” the Russian diplomat said.

    Kobrinets went on to say that unification principles and democratic ideals, proclaimed by the Council of Europe’s Charter were “sacrificed to bloc interests.” In his words, the West turned the organization into its ideological appendage and used it to “impose its dubious ‘progressivist’ values” on Russia and to put pressure on its government and people.

    “The page has been turned. There is nothing to regret,” the Russian diplomat added.

    He said that Russia was not going to tarnish its 26-year-long history as a Council of Europe member.

    “There were lots of useful things, particularly for the development of the Russian legislation. But this chapter is now closed,” Kobrinets said.

    Russia withdrew from the Council of Europe in March 2022. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, NATO and European Union countries, who abuse their absolute majority in the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CMCE), continue to pursue “a course towards the destruction of the Council of Europe and the common humanitarian and legal space in Europe.” They “persistently turn this organization into an instrument of anti-Russian politics, by refusing to engage in an equal dialogue and rejecting all principles that serve as a foundation for this pan-European structure,” the ministry added.

    Georgia and Azerbaijan are members of the Council of Europe.

    I wonder why?


  42. Have mercy on us all, O Great One!

    24 MAR, 04:26
    EU’s 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions to focus on circumvention and loopholes
    The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, did not specify whether the EU is already working on new restrictions

    BRUSSELS, March 24. /TASS/. The European Union’s next, 11th package of anti-Russian sanctions will be aimed at countering loopholes and circumvention, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters after the first day of the EU summit in Brussels.

    “The 11th package of sanctions will mainly deal with the question of circumvention and how we can go against it,” she said.

    She did not elaborate whether the new package of sanctions was already in the works and gave no timeframes for imposing it.

    The European Union expanded its anti-Russian sanctions after Russia began its special military operation in Ukraine last year. A total of 10 packages of sanctions have been imposed since. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said earlier that no new restrictions were being discussed at that point.

    For the love of god, have mercy!


    1. The EC in Brussels is turning in to the Führer bunker, an alternative reality already exists because the leaders of the Free West wish it to be so. Therefore any information that runs counter to this constructed fantasy is mere Russian propaganda and all the necessary tools are mobilized to sell this AR to western citizens. Just ignore the shortages, the next energy crunch, the rise in bills and inflation. It has nothing to do with Not the War on Russia but is merely incidental, somehow running parallel but influenced in absolutely no way by the decisions of our great leaders. Now hand over your money!

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  43. Aw, isn’t that sweet of them . . . !

    BELGRADE, 24 Mar-RIA Novosti. US Ambassador to Serbia Christopher Hill expressed his condolences to the families of those killed in the 1999 NATO bombing and expressed hope that the Serbs will put aside their grievances for a “better future”.

    In Serbia, March 24 is the anniversary of the NATO bombing, which killed more than 2.5 thousand people, including 87 children, and caused $ 100 billion in damage, and the consequences of the use of depleted uranium are recorded by doctors.

    “I express my personal condolences to the families of those killed during the wars of the 1990s, including the NATO air campaign. I know that the Serbs will never forget this terrible time, and they should not do it, ” the American diplomat wrote on Twitter.

    “The Serbian people will never put aside their grief, but I believe they are strong enough to forget their grievances. The United States ‘ commitment to our partnership with Serbia is unwavering, as is our commitment to diplomacy… Together, we can build a better future that the Serbian people deserve and want for future generations.”


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