The Smile on the Face of the Dragon.

Uncle Volodya says, “Whole nations are transported, exterminated, their name to be forgotten, except in the annual festival of their conquerors, when sycophants call the names of the vanquished countries to the remembrance of the victors.”

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

Attributed to William Monkhouse

The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

Genghis Khan

 The thrill of controlling a large, powerful and potentially dangerous animal is undeniable; to make it your servant and compel it to do your bidding is satisfying balm to the ego. How much more satisfying again it must be to control an entire country, and to bend the collective work and product of its people to your power and enrichment. America has long manipulated great-power politics to its own benefit, and the pleasure of doing so seems to be enhanced when the victim is helpless to resist. At least that’s the way it is consistently portrayed in the government-managed western media, for the enjoyment of the cheering assholes in the international bleachers.

Well, as another parable has it, riding the tiger is the easy part. The hard part is getting off. This is helpfully explained as “Once you have taken this path, there is no way back.”

The west – led, as usual, by The Exceptional Nation – climbed aboard the tiger in 2014, when it decided to initiate and support a coup in Ukraine and turn it into a heavily-armed foil to Russia. Admittedly the second part came later, but perhaps as early as 2015, when the Minsk II Agreements – with the ulterior motive for the west being the arming and strengthening of Ukraine until its army was powerful enough to not only take back the Donbas republics and Crimea by force, but powerful enough to drive Russia back over its borders if it dared to intervene – were signed. As I just suggested, the west took no serious note of the agreement’s provisions beyond opportunities to nag Russia that it was not holding to its responsibilities (although Russia is not mentioned in the accords at all), because the intent was to use the agreement to stall for time while Ukraine’s striking power was built up. Consequently when the time came to set The Great Game in motion once more, Russia massed troops on the border with Ukraine as a visible deterrent – we see what you’re doing, and if you try it, you’ll be sorry. It failed to deter President Zelensky, who ordered an artillery bombardment of the border regions of the Donbas Republics to soften up resistance prior to an armored and infantry attack…and now quite a few people are sorry. Just before the Russian military operation began, the state published a list of demands for the well-known supporters of chaos. The requirements were:

  1. An end to NATO military activity in eastern Europe, including Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia;
  2. No expansion of NATO membership, particularly to Ukraine;
  3. No intermediate or shorter-range missiles deployed close enough to hit the territory of the other side;
  4. No military exercises of more than one military brigade in an agreed border zone;
  5. An agreement that parties do not consider each other as adversaries and will resolve disputes peacefully; and,
  6. Neither Russia nor the United States can deploy nuclear weapons outside their national territories.

The referenced article was published well in advance of any formal reply from NATO, but Deutsche Welle was already confident the west would blow Russia off contemptuously. Why? Because riding the tiger is fun.

“Russia has released a series of security demands to NATO, including a veto on the alliance’s expansion. It is calling for an immediate dialogue, but NATO members aren’t likely to acquiesce to Moscow’s wish list.”

And the west did reject Russia’s demands, stingingly and entirely, because its combined coalition groupthink informed it that Russia would not bother with a warning unless it was weak, and knew it. Strong countries do not offer an opportunity to reconsider your options. They kick ass. And as many of us learned only recently, courtesy of Moon of Alabama, the pretense that nobody could have known what might happen will not be available this time. Because the influential RAND Corporation think tank warned the US government of potential consequences of each of its actions as far back as the Spring of 2019, all of which it took anyway. No longer content to simply ride the tiger, America began to hammer its ribs with its heels, and of course its simpleminded vassals loudly chorused approval.

But now the situation increasingly looks as if the ride is over, and the time to get off the tiger draws near. And that’s going to be a problem. Because the world cannot simply go back to the way it was; not in the lifetime of anyone reading this today. NATO’s cascading, compounding duplicity has finally overpowered Russia’s attempts at understanding it and cutting it some slack, and clearly the attempt to stir revolution in the Russian breast failed about as conclusively as the parameters of failure allow. The Russian people continue, as of last month, to support their leader’s decisions at a rating of 81%. The slow but inexorable squeezing of Ukraine is unlikely to relax, and tanks from the west are more likely to provoke an escalation than a climbdown – let’s recall that the Russian operation began with the declared intent of minimizing casualties, offering the opportunity to surrender, and confine the scope to military targets. An accelerated frequency and magnitude of cruise-missile attacks resulted from a Ukraine-linked attack on the Crimea bridge, and the action ratcheted up to pounding energy infrastructure and utilities following the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. If western-donated tanks actually make it to Ukraine in time to see combat, they are likely to see a rapid and destructive response, and the risk that the whole thing will spin out of control and flash over to a major war in Europe will increase proportionally. It’s too dangerous to get off the tiger right now, but staying on is getting increasingly untenable; there has been some crazy talk about giving Ukraine fighter jets, too, but that’s just whistling past the graveyard, and it is becoming clearer to an ever-wider audience that NATO has poured so much weaponry into Ukraine that its own fighting stocks are imperiled.

A particularly uncomfortable position to be in, considering that Russia was never really the target, not in Uncle Sam’s view. Russia was only a speed bump on the road to confronting…China.

But what if…oh, what if the solution was to climb up onto an even bigger tiger?

I don’t like saying, “I told you so”; well, actually, that’s a lie – I do like saying it. But I don’t like quoting my own writing to do it, it feels conceited. Nonetheless, the warning that the west is sleepwalking into a conflict with China (and more recently, an alliance of China and Russia) has been a frequent theme in past posts. For example, this one, from more than 3 years ago.

So as most ordinary thinkers could have told you would happen, America’s hold-my-beer-and-watch-this hillbilly moves to split Russia and China apart have succeeded in driving them closer together; the world’s manufacturing and commercial giant and a major energy producer – a great mix, unless you are the enemy. The rest of the world is kind of watching America with its pants around its ankles, wondering what it will do next. It failed to wreck the Russian economy, failed to depose and replace Bashar al-Assad in Syria, failed to depose and replace Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and it will fail to prevent a Sino-Russian axis which will reshape global trade to its own advantage at the expense of America. Because whenever it has an opportunity to seize upon a lucid moment, to turn away from its destructive course, it chooses instead to bullshit itself some more. To whisper what it wishes were true into its own ear.

I just noted, in re-reading it, a moment which the times have rendered into contemporary comedy – the cited article mentions Netherlands high-functioning twit Mark Rutte as polling only 10% voter approval in his own country in 2018. You remember Rutte; the inspiring leader who threw the question of Ukraine’s accession to an EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – which  would liberalize trade – open to referendum…and then ignored the results because he and other European leaders did not like them. Now the European Commission is grappling with complaints from member states that the influx of Ukrainian grain is bankrupting its farmers. Poland floated the idea of using the Crisis Reserve, a €450 million fund for emergencies, to compensate European farmers in affected countries. The Netherlands voted against it.

Guess whose name is being shopped around as a replacement for Stoltenberg as NATO Secretary-General? Mark Rutte. Don’t worry, though; the most likely outcome is that Stoltenberg will stay on. Ummm….that’s supposed to be good news. But how could a serial roadapple like Rutte even have made the A-list? I know, right? I used to wonder, too, what they were smoking in  Europe, but it turned out to be bad for my blood pressure, so I try not to think about it now.

Anyway, please forgive the digression. We were talking about America girding its loins to take on China, after bleeding money and armament to Ukraine in a proxy war against Russia – a process whose acceleration suggests Washington believes it is being clever rather than stepping on another rake.

Is Washington concerned, at all, about the cementing of a pact between Russia and China based on their mutual dislike of America acting like the drunk guy dancing by himself at a nightclub, so that nobody wants to be serious about anything anymore? Might be, a little.

For instance, the caption of the lead photo reads, “In this handout photo taken from video released by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Dec. 22, 2022, Chinese warships take part in joint naval drills with Russia in the East China Sea. The exercise showcases increasingly close defense ties between the two countries as they both face tensions with the United States.” Russia and China now regularly conduct large-scale joint military exercises. But significantly, in wargaming scenarios the United States writes itself and has an ally or an American national play the enemy, exercises in which the notional enemy often behaves as past observation of these military exercises suggests they would be very unlikely to do…the USA still frequently loses. In situations in which it has complete control over whether or not it wins, not to put too fine a point on it.

The CSIS exercise was run 24 times. “In most scenarios, the United States/Taiwan/Japan defeated a conventional amphibious invasion by China and maintained an autonomous Taiwan.”

But all parties in the war game suffered high losses. “Victory is therefore not enough. The United States needs to strengthen deterrence immediately.” The report recommended measures to improve U.S. capabilities:

“Increase the arsenal of long-range anti-ship cruise missiles. Bombers capable of launching standoff, anti-ship ordnance offer the fastest way to defeat the invasion with the least amount of U.S. losses. Procuring such missiles and upgrading existing missiles with this anti-ship capability needs to be the top procurement priority.”

But the ‘conventional amphibious invasion’ codicil seems to have been inserted just to imply China could not win unless it advanced beyond conventional assault. Wasn’t it only two years ago that the USAF’s Deputy Chief of Staff warned that in key areas of air-combat competition, America is breaking a sweat achieving parity with the Chinese Air Force? In other areas, it’s behind them. Now. US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall claimed his priorities are “China, China and China”. With good reason – the People’s Liberation Army (PLA, all disciplines are subordinate to the army, resulting in the odd-sounding ‘People’s Liberation Army Navy’, the PLAN) now has the largest aviation forces in the Indo-Pacific and the largest conventional missile capability in the world, and is actively fielding hypersonic missiles. Kendall also noted that the rapid pace of Chinese military modernization has resulted in China acquiring a first-strike capability with its long-range nuclear forces.

Would this be a bad time to mention that NATO has yet to defeat Russia through its cunning plan of throwing Ukraine at it? I mean, Russia was supposed to be the easy part. And maybe this might not be the best time to bring up that the United States was the principal influence in forcing Russia and China together, into what has become a truly daunting military alliance comprised of two of the top three nuclear-weapons powers. But it was. Just sayin’.

In such an imagined amphibious assault, China would take advantage of an amphibious assault force it began to define and build only two years ago, yet it has already launched its first two assault carriers, a third is probably completed construction – given that building them is taking the Chinese only about 6 months – and the usual experts speculate they could have a Marine-Corps equivalent to rival that of the United States by 2025. They already have around 30,000 marines. Such a force would be self-contained, able to operate autonomously from the other arms of the Chinese military, leaving them free to act in support. So we might as well go ahead and point out that they’re right there, on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. The United States is more than 7,000 miles from the Taiwan Strait, while the attacking force would be maybe a tenth of that. And while Russia’s amphibious fleet is assessed as ‘far smaller than that of the USA’ – just in case it decided to help its ally – it is also assessed as ‘formidable’.

Russia’s amphibious assault capability, while far smaller than that of the United States, is formidable. The Russian navy boasts dozens of amphibious assault ships of different sizes, and well-equipped naval infantry brigades that are considered among the Russian military’s elite formations. Russia’s naval infantry force fields five brigades plus additional battalions, which are organized similarly to motorized rifle units and are operationally subordinated to fleet commanders. In theory, Russian forces could mount brigade-sized landings with tanks and armored vehicles, supported by land-based fixed-wing and rotary-wing aviation.

Would they do that? Ah, ah – we don’t think like that, and people who do wind up being surprised more often than they need to be. The cornerstone of strategic planning is “Think capabilities, not intentions”. We’ve had plenty of examples of how stunned western military analysts are on the planning and warfighting philosophies of non-aligned nations. Don’t ask “Would they?”, ask “Could they?”. If the answer is Yes, assume they would.

And that’s what Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu thinks, too. Or so he said in 2015.

The bilateral defense relationship primarily manifests itself across three broad areas of engagement; high-level military contacts, military-technical cooperation, and joint military exercises. Of the three categories, exercises are arguably the most important. In 2015, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said as much: “The most important issue of the Russian-Chinese military cooperation are the joint military exercises.” Joint military exercises contribute to China and Russia’s security partnership in three ways, according to the Congressional testimony of Richard Weiss in 2019. First, they help Beijing and Moscow’s armed forces improve their tactical and operational capabilities and increase their interoperability, enhancing their ability to conduct joint operations. Second, the exercises serve a mutual reassurance function, affirming China and Russia’s “commitment to military cooperation as an important dimension of their evolving relationship.” Third, joint military exercises signal to third parties—particularly the United States—China and Russia’s strong commitment to each other’s security interests.

I’m…ahhh….trying to be delicate about this, but…such a Sino-Russian lunge across the Taiwan Strait – admittedly a farfetched possibility, since there is every likelihood China and Taiwan will be unified as the result of a peaceful process – would be countered by a nation whose foremost military thinkers believe a full-on amphibious assault is something that will ‘never happen again’ after the D-Day landings. Just how effective an opposition would they really be, regardless of their tough talk? And although Taiwan’s external defenders make much of its indigenous people, descended from Pacific islanders, they actually make up not more than 3% of the population. The rest are as Chinese as the Year of the Dragon.

Okay, so I think we can safely dispense with further discussion of the American military conquest of China. After all, they haven’t beaten Russia yet, so China is still a ways down the road. But say; cancha just roon their ‘conomy? You know, like you did to Russia. With sanctions. You remember.

Well, about that. Just before we get back to China, I feel I should point out that the IMF now forecasts growth for the Russian economy this year – reversing its earlier prediction – and even suggests Russian economic growth could outstrip that of the United States within two years. I would normally laugh at anything from Newsweek, whose reporters apparently get much of their inspiration from airplane-model glue. But in this instance they are merely quoting an IMF report, which appears to be genuine.

So, on the prospects of Washington waving its mighty hand, and wasting China’s economy…look, I’m not an economist. But I’m going to go ahead and say no. Because, you see, China’s annual trade surplus with the United States – which is already announcing its opening moves to roon their ‘conomy – actually widened 1.8% in 2022, to $404 Billion, with a ‘B’.

Last year’s exports to the United States edged up 1% over 2021 to $581.8 billion despite tariff hikes by President Joe Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, that still are in place on many goods. Chinese imports of American goods declined 1% to $177.6 billion.

China’s global trade surplus in 2021 was the highest ever for any economy. 2022’s was a 29.7% expansion. China is buying oil and gas from Russia, not from the world economy, and Russia has lots of it – which it sells to China at a discount. Last year, China even resold cargoes of imported American LNG to Europe at a substantial profit. But with the Chinese economy poised to rev up again to an astonishing 5% growth this year, next winter will likely be lesson time again for Europe, which is still mewling about ‘renewables’ and buying gas from Algeria and Norway, and of course from the USA – its partner in Freedom and Democracy. When the frost is on the pumpkin once again, China will be uniquely poised to decide – or perhaps ‘influence’ would be a better word – gas prices in Europe. Unless Baerbockian thinking has triumphed, and there is a windmill in every front yard and a photovoltaic panel on every flat surface.

Which brings us, through the delightfully mocking stylings of Patrick Lawrence, to the yawning difference between What We Are Supposed To Think Is Happening and What Is Happening. I mean, you could argue there is often a pretty large gap between political rhetoric and the reality of political actions; western politicians routinely preach inclusiveness and harmony, and then act to divide and conquer until we have grown to expect such a performance. But in the Sino-Russian summit just concluded last month – which received pretty much zero coverage in the west, for reasons I imagine will quickly become obvious – presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are arguing for nothing less than a new world order. The Chinese head of state had this message; you can judge for yourself whether it bodes ill for the current claimants to Running The Global Show.

China stands ready to join hands with Russia and all other progressive forces around the world who oppose hegemony and power politics, to reject any unilateralism, protectionism and bullying, firmly safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of the two countries and uphold international fairness and justice. The two sides need to maintain close coordination and collaboration in international affairs, uphold the authority of the United Nations and the status of international law, stand for true multilateralism, and fulfill their responsibilities as major countries and lead by example on such issues as protecting global food and energy security.

The Russian head of state was no less contemptuous toward the erstwhile pretenders to global leadership, and their selective reliance on ‘international law’.

The outgoing year has brought great and dramatic changes to our country and to the world. It was filled with uncertainty, anxiety and worry…. For years, Western elites hypocritically assured us of their peaceful intentions… But… the West lied to us about peace while preparing for aggression, and to cynically use Ukraine and its people as a means to weaken and divide Russia. We have never allowed anyone to do this and we will not allow it now.

In summary: the proxy war, which was deliberately fomented, initiated and supported as a means of weakening Russia preparatory to powerful new measures to contain China, has instead substantially weakened and divided its western backers, and brought the European economy to the brink of collapse. There is no improvement on that forecast for this year, and instead warnings to prepare for more fiscal gyrations next winter. The western coalition, united in collaboration to keep Ukraine fighting until the entire country is razed to the ground, is demonstrably incapable of prevailing over Russia alone, never mind Russia backed by China’s almost-double-the-size-of-the-US’s army, its nearly 6000 tanks and a defense budget that leaped by 6.8% in 2022 after a decade of steady increases. I know the USA’s white paper claimed the PLA’s ground forces “are either using obsolete equipment or cannot effectively field modern weapons without better equipment or training”; but they made similar dismissive noises about the Russians even when their propaganda was more sophisticated than “Russia is recruiting its mercenaries from prisons and they are climbing over the bodies of their own dead to advance”. Yet advancing they appear to be. Chinsauce about taking China to the woodshed economically is just laughable look-over-here posturing and distraction as the western economy implodes with unsustainable debt and out-of-control subsidies that would never have been required if there were not lunatics minding the shop.

Mr. Lawrence’s closing paragraph struck such a responsive chord for me that I think I will use it to take us out.

Do you think the cultivation of ignorance in this fashion is a sign of a society’s health—a restorative, a source of strength? Or is it the opposite, one cause among many of the palpable decline in our public discourse, the tearing of our social fabric, the rampant confusion among us, the absence of purpose with which so many of us must live?


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    1. Indeed you did, and very well said. And they wonder that people are bitter, when they can look earnestly into your face and lie to you. Like most on our side of the fence, I never held out any serious hope that the Minsk Agreements would come to anything useful for purpose, especially after Poroshenko became increasingly confident about ignoring them when he was comfortable that the money tap would not be turned off. But the bland declaration, “We only used them to buy time for Ukraine to get armed up” was still a surprise to me. As it was in some quarters, I think, to Russia, which had come to be very cynical about the bombastics of the USA, but thought Germany was a friend. When revelation comes before destruction, it must always be called luck no matter what it feels like.

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  1. I saw in that linked Politico article that UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace was also in the running to replace Jens Stoltenberg. The B-list of possible candidates includes Ursula von der Leyen if she gets tired of being EU Commission President.

    NATO really is scraping the bottom of a barrel at the bottom of a very long and very dry well.

    Thanks for another very detailed article!


    1. Thanks, Jen! Yes, and I noticed the proposal of Chrystia Freeland was no myth, as well – but her chances rate ‘unlikely’ because we Canadians do not spend enough on defense. However, the notion does have its supporters, because ‘it’s time for a woman’. After the example displayed by Von Der Leyen. The west has completely lost its bearings, and is just thrashing around for magic.


  2. Thanks Mark.

    It’s the beginning of the end of the road. No amount of PR fluffing will cover it up. While the west struggles with companies going bust at a rate not seen since the 2008 financial crisis (as the FT tells us of the UK), other countries need only remain stable or continue growth to move further ahead and our economic power permanently diminished.

    This whole party is the result of the sons and daughters of neocons who wet their fingers post 1989 and apply the same methodology regardless of cause, effect and reality, and are now nolonger cub politicians, military/whatever but in leading positions of so-called power in the west. They are the Blessed Fukuyamians, chosen to spread neowestern utopia across the world whether it wants it or not. The longer they remain , the more painful it will be for all of us in the west. Tools of soft power have evaporated and all that is left is the ultimate sanction, nuclear weapons. Who uses them? The Exceptional. For all the talk about ‘nuclear threats’ by Russia etc., if you were to go on empirical evidence and place your money in a betting shop it would have to be USA! USA! USA! All day long.

    Either way, major changes are on the way can considering the swell of public unhappiness, somerthing better change:

    …Something’s happening and it’s happening right now
    You’re too blind to see it
    Something’s happening and it’s happening right now
    Ain’t got time to wait…


  3. NBC News via Mark Ames: U.S. arms left in Afghanistan are turning up in a different conflict

    Since falling into the hands of the Taliban, some of the weapons have been seized from militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir in what experts say could be just the start of their global journey.

    I wonder if any will turn up in the US considering that it already is awash with weapons.


    1. The Stingers are a blast from the past which almost mirror the giveaways of the Javelins today. The accounting for those is basically non-existent, and there have been several reports of their being sold to third parties with no chain of custody.

      Of course the west suggests that’s all lies and Russian disinformation – the Russians are so scared of the Javelin, they will make up any story to prevent any more of them from being transferred to Ukraine.

      And so it was with the Stinger. America, giddy with war promotion, gave hundreds of Stingers to bin Laden and his merry men when they were America’s go-to guys to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. But then the hangover arrived, and cooler heads began to wonder if some would eventually show up in attacks against American aircraft. So the USA instituted a buyback program to purchase the missiles it had already donated to the radical flipflops. The remaining ones never accounted for made America nervous until the propellant for all of them was well past its expiry date.

      Actually, I was thinking of that just today – when Washington had a hard-on for Iran and petitioned Russia through the UN to suspend delivery of the S-300 anti-air missile system the Iranians had contracted for, Russia agreed and the deal was held up although the missiles were ready for delivery. Putin lifted the suspension upon announcement of the western nuclear deal with Iran. But the west asked that weapons Iran had contracted for not be delivered, and Russia complied. That’s after Reagan gave bin Laden and the mujaheddin hundreds of Stingers to use against Russians, and on several occasions since the west has supplied significant quantities of weapons to whoever is fighting Russia, including Islamic fundamentalists it used to round up and force to register in the USA.


      1. The 1996 TWA 800 crash after takeoff in to the Atlantic springs to mind but I agree that’s it’s far, far more likely an accident (chafed electrical cable insulation sparked fuel vapour in the empty central fuel tank – which is why nitrogen inerting systems are used), but witnesses claim to have seen a streak of light upwards. Consdiering the conditions, it was night, off coast etc. so very poor observation quality not to mention the brain fills in parts that are not necessarily there, let alone someone in a boat with a stinger in very moist conditions that would certainly affect IR system waiting for the right plane is very hard to believe, but not impossible.


  4. Desperate stuff!

    Euractiv mit neuters: US says Russia violating New START nuclear arms control treaty

    The United States on Tuesday (31 January) accused Russia of violating the New START Treaty, the last major pillar of post-Cold War nuclear arms control between the two countries, saying Moscow was refusing to allow inspection activities on its territory.

    …“Russia’s refusal to facilitate inspection activities prevents the United States from exercising important rights under the treaty and threatens the viability of US-Russian nuclear arms control,” a State Department spokesperson said in emailed comments.

    Russian ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying that “arms control cannot be isolated from geopolitical realities” and Russia saw it as inappropriate to invite the US military to its strategic facilities at the moment.

    Antonov said Russia would nevertheless stick to other New START terms and limitations.

    Leaders of national security committees in the US Senate, which must approve treaties, said Moscow’s failure to comply would affect future arms pacts.

    “But to be very clear, compliance with New START treaty obligations will be critical to Senate consideration of any future strategic arms control treaty with Moscow,” Democratic Senators Bob Menendez, Jack Reed and Mark Warner said in a statement…

    …On Monday, Russia told the United States that the treaty could expire in 2026 without a replacement because it said Washington was trying to inflict “strategic defeat” on Moscow in Ukraine.

    Asked if Moscow could envisage there being no nuclear arms control treaty after 2026, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the RIA state new agency: “This is quite a possible scenario.”..

    If the US is ‘keen’ to keep treaties in place, then how does threatening any future ones support the idea that the US is ‘keen.’ It’s like a dog chasing its own tail.

    This is all because Russia won’t accept compartmentalization which only benefits the US, i.e. it is Russia’s fault that we cannot do whatever the actual F we want without fear of consequences.

    This can also be read as a PR media softening up of the public for when the US announces it is ‘pulling out of…’ whatever because ‘we had no choice.’


  5. I will try to make this doomsday discussion a little lighter, at the risk of profane it: my 5 cents to the discussion is, NATO does not understand the depths of Russian society not only from a historical point of view but also from a cultural one and what exactly motivates men to fight. It seems easier for Russian men to go to the front and live a soldier’s life just because their wives are Russian – I have had a personal experience with Russian women, and fully agree with the author of this article: russian-women/


    1. Caleb Jones’ experience kind of reminds me of those people who say “Everyone I know agrees Russian women are horrible”. I remember having such a conversation with a Russian woman in Florida, some years ago, in which she said everyone she knows says Russians are mostly alcoholics and the problem is much worse than Russia admits. I said, how many people do you know? I bet it’s less than 200 – people you really know, like can tell me their names and something about them personally. Most people would not get anywhere near 200. But most would also admit 200 is a pretty small sample. In Caleb’s case, it’s 6.

      I know some Russians, and some Ukrainians and a few Poles. None of those I know is an alcoholic. Most of the Russians I know are women, because they’re my wife’s friends. I would not say any of them are bitchy, overly materialistic, greedy or impatient. But that’s just my personal experience. I dated a few women, and married three. I would not say any of them were bitchy, although at least one of them was a little unstable, and I learned something about myself from each of them, usually something unfavourable that I took steps to eliminate or improve. Maybe I’m just a lucky guy, and Caleb Jones did me the tremendous favour of being a bitch magnet and attracting all the women who would have given me a negative impression. While we’re on that subject, I’m not sure what women look for in a man, but Caleb sounds like a bit of a dick and if I were a girl, I would probably not date him. Thanks, Caleb.


  6. And apart from NATO not being involved in the hostilities in the Ukraine, Macron’s decision to send warplanes to Banderastan in no way escalates the serious of the circumstances there. Sending warplanes to the Banderites is only a contribution by France towards the Yukonazis, in the hope that such an act will help them achieve victory against the Aggressor State — but France is not a participant in the war, caused by an unprovoked attacked by the wicked Putin against free, democratic, peace-loving “Independent Ukraine”.


    1 FEB, 18:07
    Diplomat slams Macron’s words on jet deliveries to Kiev not leading to escalation ‘absurd’
    Maria Zakharova stressed that Russia strongly condemned “the increasingly aggressive and bellicose rhetoric of Western officials, who have not been shy about making loud statements on the Ukrainian conflict lately”

    MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement that the possible delivery of military aircraft to Ukraine will not lead to an escalation is absurd, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing on Wednesday.

    “We’ve paid attention to the words of French President [Emmanuel] Macron, who, responding to a question about the possible supply of aircraft to Ukraine, said: ‘Nothing is forbidden in principle, provided that it will be useful, in particular, for the Ukrainian armed forces, will not lead to an escalation of the conflict and strikes on Russian territory, will not weaken the defense capability of France itself.’ Forgive me, but it’s some kind of absurdity,” Zakharova said, “Sorry, but Paris’ readiness to supply Kiev with fighter jets was confirmed by the French Defense Minister [Sebastien Lecornu] who visited Ukraine on January 28.”

    “Is the French president really sure that supplying the Kiev regime with arms, heavy weapons and aircraft for combat operations will not escalate the situation? I refuse to believe that a grown man can have such logic,” the diplomat added, “Such statements only increase the already irrepressible appetite of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s regime, which, by shelling hospitals and massacring civilians, has clearly demonstrated that Western military injections – how did Mr. Macron put it? – will not lead to an escalation of the conflict. Well, of course, they ‘give’ peace. Obviously these planes are going to be used to drop cookies and candy, right? I have a different feeling.”

    The diplomat stressed that Russia strongly condemned “the increasingly aggressive and bellicose rhetoric of Western officials, who have not been shy about making loud statements on the Ukrainian conflict lately.” “I understand them. They feel the deadlock of their own position and the lack of arguments to explain to their own citizens what they have done, in particular to the European continent. Hence the tearing and shouting, trying to find some kind of explanation for what they are doing,” she added.

    That’s a TASS translation above of what Zakharova said. I have not seen her actual words. Some of her translated into English words sound awkward to me.

    For example, as regards supplying the Ukraine with weapons, she is reported to have said ironically: “Well, of course, they ‘give’ peace”. I think what she said would have been better translated as: “Well, of course, they ‘bring’ peace/’contribute’ towards peace”, and where she is reported as having said: “I refuse to believe that a grown man can have such logic”, I think would have been better expressed in English as: “I refuse to believe that a grown man could be in possession of such reasoning”. And perhaps “tearing and shouting” would have better been translated as “frantic shouting”.

    And of course, I would have written: “Obviously these planes are going to be used to drop biscuits and sweets, aren’t they?” rather than: “Obviously these planes are going to be used to drop cookies and candy, right?”


    1. I think this is a) France giving the US a little poke in the eye; b) distraction for €µ vis-a-vis the pension reform cuts protest; c) buffing up France’s u-Ropean ‘credentials.’ It’s all very easy to say when it is so far away. I expect ambassadors to be pulled from at least one major western country this year. I’m in full soothsaying mode this year!


    2. Well, if it all contributes to peace as they say, then the west will not mind Russia and/or China pumping their own ‘peacemaking’ weapons into whatever country the benevolent democracies next decide to bring to heel. Because it’s, you know, ruled by a dictator who is killing his own people. Fly your recon aircraft over its border, and get an S-400 enema. Sail an admonitory warship along its coast, and wear a C-802 through the foc’sle. Roll a tank in to teach the jigaboos a lesson, and watch it eat a Kornet, and paint the desert with its crew. All in the name of peaceful self-defense and non-escalation, of course. Try to understand.


  7. Apparently the ‘anti-corruption’ drive in the Ukraine has gone after Kolomoisky & Avakov among others. The motive looks to me that the west is looking post-Zelensky and thus removing anyone of import who can block the sale of family silver to pay back the west for its support.


  8. Looks like the shit’s hit the fan in Banderastan: on Uncle Sam’s orders, no doubt, there is a “lustration” taking place, but not the naming and shaming and even worse of Moskal sympathisers, but of corrupt, criminal filth, whose activities have been public knowledge for years, but who have nevertheless been untouchable because they were Uncle sam’s bastards in Banderastan.

    01.02.2023 – 16:22
    When to expect searches when a whole country collapses? — Zakharova about what is happening in the Ukraine

    Oh shit!

    The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, has commented on today’s searches at [the residences/offices] of a number of odious Ukrainian figures.

    “The [house of] former-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, was searched in connection with the helicopter crash in Brovary, and Kolomoisky in connection with [allegations of] of corruption.

    And when will the Ukrainian “élite” be searched in connection with the collapse of the whole of the Ukraine and its subsequent looting?” Zakharova asked rhetorically in her Telegram channel.

    Authorities search former Ukrainian interior minister’s residence: Report
    Former Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov said his home was searched by security officials on Wednesday as part of an investigation into a purchase of Airbus helicopters, the Ukrainska Pravda media outlet reported.

    An Airbus helicopter crashed on January 18, killing 14 people including Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyi and other top ministry officials.

    The State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) did not immediately reply to a request for comment about the Ukrainska Pravda report.

    Wed, February 1, 2023 at 4:17 PM GMT+3
    SBU searches oligarch Kolomoisky’s residence over misappropriation of $1 billion

    “New Voice of the Ukraine” NV’s sister outlet “Ukrainska Pravda” reported on Feb. 1, citing its sources in law enforcement, that a search of the residence of Kolomoisky, the former owner of PrivatBank, the Ukraine’s biggest bank, now state-owned, was underway.

    Unofficially, one of the law enforcement agencies confirmed to “NV Business” that the ESBU [Economic Security Bureau of the Ukraine] was indeed conducting investigative actions against Ihor Kolomoisky.

    According to “Ukrainska Pravda”, the case concerns the alleged embezzlement of oil products worth UAH 40 billion ($1.09 billion) and customs duty evasion “of astronomical amounts”.

    Ukrnafta and Ukrtatnafta, along with a number of other strategic enterprises, were nationalized on Nov. 7, 2022.

    The decision to nationalize the companies was carried out on the basis of an order issued by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy according to martial law.

    The shares of the companies were placed at the disposal of the Ministry of Defence of the Ukraine for the period of martial law.

    On Nov. 11, Serhiy Koretskyi was appointed CEO of Ukranafta.

    Prior to that, the company’s operational management was carried out by the so-called Privat business group associated with Kolomoisky.

    Read the original article in “The New Voice of the Ukraine

    I can’t read it here because, it being a Banderastan rag, it’s blocked by the Evil Regime here.

    Give me freedom, Putin, you power-hungry megalomaniac!


    1. I do not trust him. How come he was arrested and interrogated by the SBU and then, after there having been no news of him for quite a while and many then fearing that he was dead, he suddenly reappeared? And what does he do in Kharkov? How does he earn a living? How come he can be so openly critical of the fascist regime and still transmit his opinions? Very strange! And he also has a strange past. Many on MoA think he’s a fraud.


  9. And now the Western media is having fun over an American vegan who was arrested here on Red Square today for walking a calf there whilst protesting that “animals are not food”.

    Daily Mail UK

    DayAmerican vegan activist, 34, who once kept a pig called Jixy Pixy in a tiny UK flat is now arrested in Moscow’s Red Square for taking her pet calf called Doctor for a walk there
    • Alicia Day, 34, was fined 20,000 roubles ($285) for ‘resisting police’
    • According to the case file, she shouted ‘animals are not food’ in Red Square

    Another illiterate UK journalist!

    Just look at the headline!. There should be a comma and space between “Day” and “American”. And One walks on Red Square. And why does a UK rag convert rubles to US dollars?

    The Sun UK

    UDDER MADNESS Vegan activist who kept farm pig in London flat arrested in Moscow for walking cow called ‘Dr Calf’ on Red Square

    The “Sun” thinks a calf is a cow. And of course, there is the silly British tradition of punning in headlines.

    Daily Beast

    American Woman Busted Walking Calf in Russia’s Red Square

    Oh, now I see: Americans say “in” Red Square. And they say “on the weekend” whereas I say “at the weekend”. and when I say to them: “I’ll see you in a fortnight”, they say: “Pardon me?”

    And last but not least, that rag “The Moscow Times”:

    American Animal Rights Activist Jailed for Walking Cow on Red Square

    Oh, it’s “on” Red Square now.

    MT says she’s a Chinese national, a native of New York and has been living here for a long time. . . . but now she’s in jail!!!

    Dey describes herself as a “Chinese national who’s been living long-term in Russia” on the Russian social network VKontakte.

    I think that by “Chinese national” she means “ethnic Chinese”.

    Funny that the “Sun” didn’t describe her as being a “sirree iriot”.

    Of course the “Sun” didnt, ‘cos that’s racist, innit?

    And the “Sun” never uses outrageous pejoratives when reporting anything about Russia and the Russians, ain’t that so?

    Below, Miss Day with piggy friend:

    So sorry! Sweet and sour pork only coming up in a couple of hours

    That Moscow Times pic above of Miss Day won’t show for me here, which means that unbeknown to me, the Regime has put the kaibosh on MT.

    I am grief stricken!


    1. The calf that Miss Day had with her on Red Square is now in an animal care centre. According to Gazeta.RU, officials there have said that the animal was not in a good condition and they wondered what exactly the vegan had been feeding it.

      A charge was made against the woman for “violating the established procedure for holding a meeting, rally, demonstration, procession or picketing”, she was threatened with administrative arrest for up to 15 days, a fine or compulsory work.

      According to RIA Novosti, after the detention of the owner, the calf was taken to an animal rehabilitation centre.

      It soon became clear that the disturber of the peace was 34-year-old vegan activist Alicia Day, well-known in the West. A woman originally from New York, she stopped eating meat at the age of 12.

      According to the Shot Telegram channel, Alicia has recently been living in Reutov, Moscow suburban town. The woman rescues animals that are threatened with slaughter – she buys them, and then lives with them and walks with them everywhere. In particular, in 2021 she lived in the Ukrainian Dnepropetrovsk with a calf and a piglet in a rented apartment, and in autumn of 2022 she travelled around Poland with a ram, even paraded it in the center of Warsaw.

      Dey told Izvestia that she did not plan to organize an action in Moscow: she simply wanted to “show the calf Red Square”.

      Day clarified that she bought the calf through Avito [a Russian classified advertisements website — ME], fearing that other buyers would eat it. To have the calf delivered to her place in Reutov, Alicia hired a driver who transports livestock..

      In the Tverskoy Court of Moscow, Dey’s arguments were not believed. “A US citizen who is a vegetarian and an animal rights activist walked around Red Square near the monument of medieval architecture “Lobnoye mesto” [a 13-metre-long stone platform situated on Red Square in Moscow in front of Saint Basil’s — often wrongly believed to be the mediaeval place of execution: it wasn’t — ME] using a calf as visual agitation and shouting the slogan “Animals are not food!” the judge read out to the court.

      The American objected: “I didn’t shout: I just walked” with my pet. Then she intended to “take it to a stall in Kirov”, where her cow “already lives”.

      “I was hoping they would become friends, but I wanted him to look at his country first”, Day said, adding that her new pet is called Doctor Calf.

      According to Telegram channel 112, the woman was fined 20,000 rubles for an unauthorized demonstration, and she pleaded guilty. In her animal shelter, in addition to the calf that she walked on Red Square, she has seven piglets and two more calves.

      Where does she find the money and time to buy livestock, feed them and travel around eastern Europe with them, not to mention her previously living in London, where she lived with a rescued pig?


      1. The irony is that this woman “rescues” livestock animals but keeps them in a crowded (and probably unhealthy) environment herself with few or even no companions of their own species, and moreover exposes them to situations where they are likely to become stressed just to draw attention to herself. If she were genuinely interested in animal welfare, she would already be working in or operating an animal shelter, not parading animals in places that are noisy and potentially stressful and dangerous for them.


    1. I like how Bradleys are called “tanks” by some media sources.

      What a waste of time and money, apart from the waste of human lives, namely of those who will die as soon as these useless vehicles get hit by Orcish artillery.

      Speaking of the “heroes” (Glory to them!):

      02 February 2023, 05: 16
      RIA Novosti: British-trained Ukrainian soldiers surrendered after 20 minutes of the first battle

      Captured Ukrainian soldier Artem Kovalenko has told RIA Novosti about a group of UK-trained soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine that had surrendered after 20 minutes of their first battle in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

      He said that he was called to the front on a summons from the military enlistment office. In June, he was sent to a training centre for Ukrainian troops in Zhytomyr, and seven days later he and other soldiers were sent to Britain for three weeks for training.

      After completing the course, a group of Ukrainian soldiers, in which Kovalenko was, returned to the Ukraine for combat coordination. Then they went to Svyatogorsk, where they first lived at a camp site, and then moved to their positions.

      “Our task was to hold the defence. We were captured on December 1, we were bypassed and our positions were stormed. After Twenty minutes of fighting, we gave up”, Kovalenko added.

      Earlier it was reported that the Marines of the 40th brigade captured a group of AFU fighters near Ugledar.

      I hope the newspaper is not suggesting that the men who surrendered are cowards. They were just being realistic. And if they had retreated, I’m sure they were aware of the fact that in their rear, their “nationalist” enforcers, for whose regime they had been forced to defend from the Aggressor State, would have dealt with them “harshly”.

      “Ugledar”, by the way, means in Russian “gift of coal”, just as “Soledar” means “gift of salt”.

      That part of Russia is very much like my old home patch, geologically speaking. My home town is on a coalfield, which was until the late 1980s scattered with coal mines, mining villages nd settlements, just as in the Donbass, and about 30 miles south of the Lancashire coalfield is a saltfield, which had salt mines as at Soledar — in fact, I think there is still a deep one working there, but the salt is now mostly pumped up to the surface by forcing hot water down pipes into the salt deposits below ground.


    2. The US is fond of sanctioning anything Russian/enemy they condiser ‘Dual-Use’ i.e. can be use for military activities/benefit, so I note the ARC Integrity is a civilian transporter which because of its cargo can similarly be designated ‘Dual-use’ with all the similar consequences… If you go back far enough and I think all of us remember (and noted before on this blog), the US in its build-up to the gulf war used all sorts of civilian craft to transport military equipment, including most airlines who are under duty, ‘voluntarily & cooperative’ (under contract) to provide support when called upon (Civil Reserve Air Fleet), most recently activated to fly US and other forces out of Afghanistan.*



  10. A marvellous essay, Mark, enjoyable and thought-provoking. It always makes me feel privileged to read your work. Thank you once again.

    A long time ago, in a different life, I was stunned by the vehemence with which an Iranian refugee spoke about the perfidy of Britain in the era of the Persian Constitutional Convention of 1905 or thereabouts. People remember the perceived misdeeds of leading powers and harbour grudges related thereto for a loooong while. And if they get the chance they’ll not need much encouragement to stick it to “the man” when he’s on the way down. Especially if their small contribution furthers in some modest ways the interest of the up-and-coming power or powers. When even small countries like Croatia have political figures who start questioning the sacred narrative and the media report such questioning, the leading power definitely seems to have its jacket on a shaky peg. Small countries, even those the big guys think ought to be good and grateful and do just as they’re expected to do, have agendas of their own. Part of which includes recognition as early as possible which way the wind is blowing. Interesting times ahead.


  11. I second cortes’ comment about Mark’s essay.

    I don’t like saying, “I told you so”; well, actually, that’s a lie – I do like saying it. But I don’t like quoting my own writing to do it, it feels conceited.

    Unlike Andrei Martyanov, who frequently writes: “I am on record as saying . . . .”, which apparently pisses many off.

    It doesn’t me, by the way.


    1. Are we to guess which parts of this image of Vicky Nuland have been Photoshopped and distorted with regard to increasing the length of the arms and legs?


      1. Her stock official photo from when she began with the US Department of State appears to be the best she looked while in government life, and she was actually fairly attractive. But she seems to have given up the battle to keep the blubber off, and it’s hard to discipline yourself when you love to eat and your metabolism is slowing. The photo of her as a human sewer pipe with arms and feet appears to be an accurate reflection of what she looks like now.


        1. Part of Vicky the Hutt’s life story has often intrigued me and I have tried to verify it but only found tid bits of information about it. Some say she worked in the Soviet Atlantic fishing fleet when she was much younger and her experience when working in that fleet strengthened her already strong dislike of Orcs. I recall that the fleet consisted of trawlers and a mother ship, where the catch delivered to her by the trawlers was processed. Many of the crew on board the mother ship were women. A pal of mine once worked in Reykjavik, and he told me that when the mother ship called in there, it was a wild old time in town.

          Now here’s what intrigues me: how did a US citizen land a job with the Soviet fishing fleet? Does Vicky the Hut speak Russian? She is of Ukraine-Jewish descent and graduated in 1983 in Russian literature, political science, and history. So she could probably have a discussion with you about Russian writers, but can she speak Russian, and I mean fluently enough so as to work and live with Russians as a crew member in a floating fish-packing plant? I think not.


    2. That’s a waste of space, maybe there’s a smaller version somewhere? The link gives it as NYT 2012 august 8th, so only a decade out of date.


      1. It certainly is a waste of space: I was shocked and horrified when saw how big it had turned out. I had no idea it would be so big and unfortunately, there is no way for me to delete the photo of that horror.


  12. As I have often said about the patriotism of many Russian Jews with whom I have become acquainted:

    02 February 2023, 11:28
    The son of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Jewish Autonomous Region has posthumously received the title Hero of Russia

    Andrey Kovtun, the son of the deputy chairman of the government of the Jewish Autonomous Region, has been posthumously awarded the title “Hero of Russia” for his participation in the military operation in the Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports.

    It is reported that Kovtun covered a reconnaissance group with his infantry fighting vehicle, ensuring its evacuation. The ambushed soldiers were able to escape from being under fire, but Kovtun himself received shrapnel wounds in the fight, from which he died.

    Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he would sign a decree awarding the title “Hero of Russia” to Generals Alexander Lapin and Esedulla Abachev, under whose leadership the Russian military have closed the ring around Lisichansk.

    The President added that he would sign the decree today.

    The Head of state also proposed that all the military personnel who have distinguished themselves during the fighting in the Luhansk theatre be presented with awards.

    He noted that the units that had took part in the “liberation ” of the LPR should rest and increase their combat capabilities.

    At the same time, Putin stressed that the “East” and “West” groups were obliged to carry out their tasks according to the previous plan.

    The endlessly whining Gessens of this world would, no doubt, consider Kovtun a non-Jew, I suppose.

    Twenty-five year-old Senior Lieutenant Andrey Kovtun was killed on August 10 in the area of a special operation

    During the battle, the senior lieutenant received multiple shrapnel wounds in the torso and died. For his courage and heroism, he was awarded the “Order of Courage” and the Medal “For Bravery”. For this feat, Andrey Kovtun can be safely called a “Hero of Russia.”



  13. 02.02.2023 00:10
    Attack of the clowns. How comedians and showmen came to power in the Ukraine

    20 years ago, Kvartal 95 Studio was created on the basis of the KVN team – a comedy platform where the President of the Ukraine and a significant part of his assistants grew up.

    At one point, three dozen people from the comic world were in key positions in the country’s leadership. However, over time, Zelensky began to realize that his bet on “clowns” does not work. And they began to fly out of their offices.

    “AiF” has studied who of the key figures who have still remained in the entourage of the the Ukrainian president, and who have not.

    V Serhiy Shefir, Adviser to the President of Ukraine. Director and co-founder of Studio Kvartal-95
    One of Zelensky’s main supporters. As students, Sergey Shefir and his brother Boris wrote jokes for the KVN team “Zaporozhye-Kryvyi Rih-Transit”. Later they became producers of the TV series “Matchmakers”and” Servant of the People”. The brothers at one time invited Zelensky to KVN. In Moscow, the future president and his adviser lived in the same apartment. It was on S. Shefira that Zelensky transferred his share in the”Quarter”.

    V Andrey Ermak, Head of the Presidential Office (OP). Producer of Studio Kvartal-95.
    In the 1990s, the man who now appeals to the NATO Secretary General with a demand to influence Berlin made money on legal services and security. In 2011, he began producing Studio Kvartal-95. Among Ukrainian political scientists, there is a popular version that he was the main “solver” of the current president during the elections and negotiated behind the scenes with competitors. It is believed that Yermak instilled in Zelensky the “values of Maidan”, although initially he relied on the Russian-speaking voter.

    V Yuriy Kostyuk, Zelensky’s adviser and speechwriter. Screenwriter of Studio Kvartal-95.
    The author of jokes for the TV series “Servant of the People” writes speeches for the Ukrainian leader. At one time, he was deputy head of the President’s Office. In 2020, he actively commented on the process of disengagement of troops in the Donbass. Apparently unsuccessfull.y Soon Zelensky dismissed his friend from this post, leaving him as an adviser and speechwriter.

    V Mykhailo Fedorov, Head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Ukraine. Owner of the agency that developed the concert activities of Studio Kvartal-95.
    Fedorov helped former KVN members led by Zelensky to arrange tours. During the presidential campaign, he was responsible for Internet promotion. Today, as a minister, he sees nothing wrong in supervising hackers, calls them a “digital army” and gravely reports on cyber attacks on the Russian RuTube.

    V Yuriy Koryavchenkov, Deputy of the Ukraine from the Servant of the People party. Actor of Studio Kvartal-95.
    One of the most prominent “Kvartal” artists, who is known for curating the programme “Big Construction Site” (infrastructure improvement). To a lucrative position he attached his brother Sergey, who owns a business for the extraction of granite, gravel, sand and limestone. As a result, S. Koryavchenkov’s company sold gravel under state orders for UAH 2 billion.

    V Ruslan Stefanchuk, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. A KVN actor.
    In his youth, Stefanchuk played in the Khmelnitsky team “Three Fat Men”, which helped him get acquainted with Zelensky, and then go to the Rada on the list of”Servants of the People”. In 2021, the Parliament elected him as its speaker.

    X Kirill Tymoshenko, former deputy head of the Presidential Office. He managed the TV production company GoodMedia.
    Tymoshenko’s company made campaign videos for Zelensky. Recently, he admitted that he drove an SUV that General Motors handed over to take refugees out of the war zone, and barefacedly said: “These cars are unarmoured. I don’t see the point in transferring them to the front.” Tymoshenko, who oversaw large projects (such as the Big Construction Programme), was often suspected of corruption. As a result of a major purge of the state apparatus on January 24, he was the first to be dismissed by Zelensky.

    X Alexey Arestovich, former freelance adviser to the President’s Office. Actor.
    In the 1990s and 2000s, he worked in the theatre, appeared in commercials and films. His comedic talent was fully revealed already as an adviser to Zelensky. In March 2022, he said that “The Ukraine will never surrender Mariupol” and Russia “has already run out of missiles”.

    X Ivan Bakanov, former head of the Security Service of the Ukraine. Head of Studio Kvartal-95.
    As a child, he lived in the same block where Zelensky lived, using the same entrance. After the election, he was appointed, but in July 2022, he was dismissed. Sources in the President’s Office admitted that in the first weeks of the SVO they could not understand where Bakanov was. According to one version, the day before the start of the fighting, he left for Europe in a minibus full of money.
    The “V” is the Russian symbol for what I call a “tick mark”:


  14. The Ukranians are accusing Facebook/Matter Mutter of censoring Ukranian propaganda news in favor of Russian propaganda news. This boy cries wolf PR strategy of Kiev’s is producing ever diminishing returns and it looks like rapidly wearing out its welcome in some parts. Mutter has gone public explaining in explaining its moderation systems but I suspect that it will be just more grist to Kiev’s PR mill.

    In other news, the Uke’s claim that Russia has 500,000 troops ready to go. No doubt the rather large exaggeration is to prepare the ground for ‘We had no choice but to fall back/surrender/lick our soles/whatever).’ I’m surprised we’ve not yet had direct threats from the US and chihuahuas in the hopes of holding off the upcoming assault, but maybe for once they have learned a lesson and as we have seen switched to proclaiming what great support they are providing Kiev since the meeting at Ramstein. As for the anti-corruption sweep, it’s almost certain that part of that is targeted for effect at GOP congressmen/senators who have been asking where all the money has gone and are demanding an audit.


    1. I think Russia will proceed with whatever its plans are without regard for western attempts to change its course, as if they never happened. Washington’s silly offer was batted aside contemptuously, but I dare to hope even a reasonable offer – such as ‘Yer can keep the territories, but stop fighting and withdraw to your new lines’ – would be likewise rudely rejected. There is no sense in entering into agreement with the west which require actions made on faith, because its word is worthless and the first 400 attempts are likely to be probes for weakness and stalling techniques with the aim of helping Ukraine retrench and recover. Russia seems to be in a good position to keep grinding away until Ukraine asks, “What solution would you accept?”

      It is worth remembering that this has been the case for a long time, while the western media continued to present a false image of Ukraine kicking Russian ass and laying plans for ‘counteroffensives’ which had a real chance of reversing momentum. The faith of those who were confident it was all a lie is being rewarded, and it will be interesting to watch the attempts to explain the discrepancy.


      1. I expect, no, I PREDICT (I’m in soothsayer mode) the West to put together a ‘coalition of the willing’ to send in some sort of token force and warn that if Russian forces approach it will be war.

        As if it isn’t already. The useless ‘impartial’ Fourth Ford Estate media still refuses to point out the obvious to western voters because they have not been given the green light to do so from their political and economic masters.

        I thne next PREDICT that the Russian response will be to ignore it and blow right past without engaging unless fired up, leaving it up to the west to fire the first shot, something they have spent almost a year trying to provoke Russia in to reacting angrily to whatever dumb*ss idea pops in to their minds when they are propping up the bar in the evening spitballing ideas to get one over on Moscow. There’s plenty of drama left to come this year, like one of those intermiable French tv shows where there are twists and turns and each episode ends on a cliff hanger.

        If the west insists on Suicide by Russia I don’t see much stopping them as they are doing so well already!


        1. I’ll add to that I expect the core will be the Polish forces as they are closest and have the most tanks with a Brit, a Frog etc. to show their ‘international make-up’ and a starring role for recently promoted Brig. Gen John Lubas of the 101st Airborne (split between Romania & Poland) as he has heritage in south east Poland and looks the part. I’m sure there will be a sprinkling of cameo roles from old soldiers that the public already knows to show a link to past ‘successes’ blah blah blah. The PPNN will have pre-recorded segments of military stuff that they can pump out on demand interspersed with a ‘live’ feed if necesary. It’s going to be a PARTY! /Soothsayer Mode.


          1. I agree with you, or at least that is where we are think it is headed right now and I don’t see anyone trying to change course (now or in the future).

            The coalition of the willing is already formed, to be fair, and had more than one meeting during last year. They are of course NATO countries (or perspective NATO countries).
            Russia will engage them on its own terms (how, where and when it suits). Just like now the pretense of ‘non-belligerents’ is useful and held by both sides, there might be a time when that doesn’t hold true anymore for one of the two sides, and that side is most likely to be Russia.

            War is never inevitable, but it becomes so when you “escalate to de-escalate”. Probably the dumbest policy I’ve ever heard of.

            I am a pacifist, and I spent so much time being afraid and stressed about it, and it didn’t make me feel good. I was always hoping that something (e.g. energy or inflation crisis shock) would be able to wake the West up from this sleepwalking, but that’s very unlikely to happen.
            An uncanny twist is that by accepting that it is not a possibility but a certainty I feel actually more calm despite it being a terrible prospect for someone like me.


            1. Being a pacifist and antiwar is unfashionable and in recent times its like being a member of a Unicorn Club. If you are not with us, then you are against us.


                1. I know.

                  I’ve been called a Kremlin stooge more times than I could count, just for voicing the opinion that this war could have been avoided entirely, and not by sending more weapons earlier.

                  I suppose that when you are a Russophobe anyone looks like a Kremlin stooge.


  15. Ho Lee Diver… and tigers…

    Russia should train some of their leopards and tigers to hunt for ukronazis.

    Panther Luna is finally in the forest 😸🌲


  16. Will this be the final debunking of Russiagate? I’d like to think so – after all, actual proof is available with high-level endorsements. But I’m afraid I believe that the western media is satisfied its target audience is too stupid to make out when it is lying, and that audience remains large enough to make it worthwhile. Also, America has done rueful and remorseful before, and just as quickly disavowed it when a new opportunity presented itself.

    It’ll make interesting reading for Ms. Zakharova, though.


  17. The head of the CIA offered Russia and the Ukraine a plan: territories in exchange for peace

    Olaf Scholz peddled off his turnaround as regards tanks as a well-considered decision – but in fact he was probably caught off guard
    Hints from German foreign policy experts shake the image of a far-sighted strategist in the Chancellor’s Office. The head of government’s decision to send Leopard 2s to the Ukraine seems to have been made hectically and without consultation with coalition partners.

    Biden in January sent CIA chief Burns to Kiev with a proposal to give Russia 20% of Ukraine territory in exchange for a cessation of hostilities, — Neue Zürcher Zeitung, citing two sources in German government circles.

    Burns allegedly made the same offer to Moscow, but both sides rejected it – and so Biden allegedly decided to concede to Scholz and approved supplies of Abrams tanks to the Ukraine – after which the supply of Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukraine was approved by the Federal Republic of Germany.

    The conflict between Russia and the Ukraine is entering a new phase and therefore the US is updating its strategy on the issue, says Hopkins University professor and Bloomberg columnist Hal Brands.

    “Escalation for de-escalation” is a nifty diplomatic formula, he noted. The US goal is an independent and strong Ukraine, and that goal, in his view, does not necessarily require the return of the Crimea and Donbass to Kiev control.

    CIA Director William Burns said that the next six months would be critical in the conflict in the Ukraine. In the CIA chief’s opinion, Russia is betting on the “political fatigue” of the West during the war in the Ukraine.

    Obviously out of the question that Russia will be victorious in the field, just that she might “win” by default.

    As that dotard Borrell, who passes himself as a diplomat, rightly said: this dispute will be won on the battlefield and not by the USA/NATO/EU saying: “Oh all right then, this has become boring — you win!”


    1. That’s nice of them to allow Russia to keep the bits its already got. With an offer like this, what’s not to like if you are brain dead? As usual, much more of what isn’t said is far more important as it leaves NATO still near to Russia, re-arming expensively, still sanctions etc. etc. Bullsh*t in a bag.

      It even looks like it is designed to be rejected and Washington can then say “Oh, well, I know we promised no war and no nukes, but they’re making us. We really don’t want to.”


    1. ‘Worse than even Russia’. As if the Russian economy is doing so terribly that being below its productivity is a death sentence.

      “The grim forecast put Britain even behind Russia, which has been hit with sanctions after its invasion of Ukraine. While Conservative MPs have been sceptical towards any doom, it has raised questions as to whether sanctions are hurting the Kremlin as much as desired.”

      Did you spot the operative phrase? “…which has been hit with sanctions…”. Russia, of course, and not Britain. If the British Russophobes could stand a little salt rubbed into their open wounds, the British economy under that spoiled rich bastard Rishi Rich is underperforming the economy of a country all of NATO and friends are trying to ruin with sanctions. One wonders what the cost of fish and chips would be in the Yew Kay if all their trade partners were trying to fuck them over rather than support them.

      It gets worse, I’m afraid.

      “The IMF has said Russian output will expand 0.3 per cent in this year and 2.1 per cent next year, defying earlier predictions. Russia has been tipped as an emerging economy as it continues to trade with other countries and their predicted downtown has not been as severe as they feared. A spokesman from the fund said: “At the current oil price cap level of the G7, Russian crude oil export volumes are not expected to be significantly affected, with Russian trade continuing to be redirected from sanctioning to non-sanctioning countries.”

      So the price of food and other consumer staples around the world is going crazy because of energy cost explosions in manufacturing, production, storage, transport and retail, and the idiot Europeans double down with a price cap which ensures they will only be sold oil and gas at the highest prices, while their former cheap supplier sells its resources to other countries which pay well enough for its economy to continue recovery and expansion. It’s like hitting yourself on the knees with a tack hammer to spite your neighbour who is not even home, but vacationing in Barbados. Is Greta Thunberg Finance Secretary of the UK now or something? Any adults left in Europe?

      “Meanwhile, the UK, similarly to the EU countries, is still fighting off raging inflation,” she added. “As these countries face the biggest fall in living standards on record, the lowering of gas prices may not be fully reflected in the purchasing power of households.”

      The biggest fall in living standards on record. Like, ever. What do you say to leaders who were warned this would happen, then it happened exactly as predicted, and their plan for remedying the situation is to hold fast and guarantee things will get worse?

      George Carlin really was a philosopher. He said, “Think of how stupid the average person is. Then realize that half of them are stupider than that.” Too bad he died before he could become King over the ruined west.


      1. Wanna know what the best part is? The next package of sanctions will include nuclear fuel.

        They already cut off coal, oil and gas, so it seems logic that they would try to cut the other remaining energy source. Those West countries that were least hit by inflation relied on nuclear fuel, which they still bought from Russia, with sad faces no doubt.

        On the world stage I think Russia provides somewhere just below of 30% of nuclear fuel. But for some EU countries we’re talking around 50%. Weaning from the “bad drug dealer” Russia isn’t going to be painless or cheap.


        1. But think of the people who are inspired and made happy by this turning away! I mean, there’s Klaus Schwab, and…and Greta Thunberg, and….well, pretty much Klaus Schwab and Greta Thunberg.

          Kudos to Europe for remaining unafraid as the USA re-orders its future – such simple trust is humbling. Or maybe they’re too stupid to make judgments based on past performance because they didn’t know, or don’t recall. Because the ebb and flow of commercial arrangements which are based upon supply and demand are not a snap-your-fingers-easy thing to reestablish, once terminated. Your former supply goes somewhere else, and it is then up to that customer if there’s any left for you, if you decide you need some. I confess to amazement that Europe ever went along with it in the first place, since it was guaranteed to hurt, and so far no ‘freedom dividends’ from shifting loyalties to America as energy supplier have emerged.


          1. See, that’s where a rational mind risks wandering off.

            Because these policies are so counterproductive, damaging of national and social interests, and now evidently not effective for their publicized purpose, one starts to wonder if the people enacting them have their nations’ best interest at heart.

            I am not going to take an off ramp to the wildest conspiracy theories now, but it must be more than evident to anyone by now that they are just executing US orders. Are really most EU citizens ok with that? It looks this way, at least for now.


  18. The Gathering of the Euroshites in Banderastan

    2 Feb, 2023 22:23
    EU ‘dress code’ for Ukraine trip revealed – Politico
    Officials were told to wear suits so President Zelensky’s military look could take centre stage

    Hail the Great Leader!

    Preparations for the EU-Ukraine “summit” in Kiev that began on Thursday included an instruction to travellers from Brussels mandarins to avoid wearing anything that could distract from the green-and-camouflage ensemble favoured by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

    Sent by the European Commission’s Secretariat General last week, the note mandated “usual business attire” and said anything “green, khaki or too bright” should be avoided, according to Politico. The outlet described the instructions as an “apparent attempt to reserve the military look for the hosts”, and Zelensky in particular.

    There was no official explanation to that effect, but unnamed “EU diplomats” who spoke to Politico said it was “in line with expectations” to “stay consistent with the political message”.

    The note also mentioned that officials of protocol would “intervene when necessary” during any photo ops, to make sure the pictures supported the message the EU wished to convey.

    That message is that Brussels supports the government in Kiev – though not enough to grant it membership and any privileges that might result.

    Zelensky formally filed Kiev’s EU candidacy application last February, just days after the conflict with Russia had escalated. Brussels granted the Ukraine candidate status in June, starting the clock on a process that usually takes years and even decades.

    “I believe that the Ukraine deserves to start negotiations on EU membership this year”, Zelensky told EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday.

    So far, the EU has agreed to fast-track the receipt of the Ukraine application. The bloc has also funded the Kiev government with billions of euros in grants and loans, and a programme to train Ukrainian troops across several member states. However, Brussels has been unwilling to set aside its normal criteria for membership, which Kiev is currently unable to meet.

    Proofread and necessary changes made by me because sometimes RT crappy English pisses me off.


    1. Oh, oh, PLEASE accept Ukraine for membership in the EU!!! Just now, with sky-high prices and shitty wages that don’t buy half what they did only a year ago, and leaving the grocery store stiff with fright that you’re going to have to start growing your own food or stop eating, exactly what the EU needs is a new member who is both a net debtor to the nth power and a spoiled brat who makes it clear that it expects instant respect and neverending donations. Accept Ukraine into the EU and the whole boat will sink like a stone, with Von Der Leyen frantically jerking at the starter cord as Baerbock tries to angle the solar panels just right so the pumps will kick in.


  19. Sputnik

    EU Leaders Set to Pour Cold Water on Zelensky’s Dream of Joining Brussels Bloc
    2 hours ago (Updated: 54 minutes ago)

    The pair of cnuts are writing their “wishes” on a Yukie rag, according to “Sputnik” — ME

    Former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych’s turn-away from closer ties with the European Union (EU) precipitated the 2014 Euromaidan coup — backed by Washington and Brussels — which in turn sparked the civil war that led ultimately to the current conflict.

    European Union leaders are set to dampen Ukraine’s hopes of fast-track membership of the bloc while its conflict with Russia continues.

    EU officials gathered for a summit in Kiev on Friday to lay out Ukraine’s future relationship with the Brussels-based bloc, which has become synonymous with US-dominated military alliance NATO.

    British media reported on Friday that Charles Michel, president of the European Council made up of leaders of the 27 member states, will discreetly inform Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that his repeated demand for an express ride to EU membership cannot be met.

    “I believe that Ukraine deserves to start negotiations on EU membership this year,” Zelensky told reporters on Thursday after talks with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. “Only together a strong Ukraine and a strong European Union can protect the life we value.”

    Members of the EU contribute to its large funds, but can also apply for grants for local projects. The poorer nations tend to get more back than they pay in — although even Ireland has become a net contributor since the UK left the bloc.

    The EU has already funnelled billions to Kiev in loans and handouts, including arms supplies ironically paid for out of the European Peace Facility fund.

    Brussels requires new applicants to meet a set of conditions known as the ‘Copenhagen criteria’. They include a “stable democracy and the rule of law” with respect and protection for minorities, a “functioning market economy” and acceptance of all EU laws and regulations along with adopted the euro common currency. Members are also expected to keep their public deficit below three per cent and their debt-to-GDP ratio below 60 per cent.

    However, since the 2014 Euromaidan coup — backed by the US and EU — Ukraine has banned several opposition political parties, closed down media critical of the regime and attacked the rights of the large Russian-speaking minority. More recently, Kiev has begun forcibly closing Russian Orthodox churches which follow the Moscow patriarchate, and been accused of persecuting ethnic Hungarians in the south-western Transcarpathian region.

    Since the start of the Russian de-Nazification operation in February 2022, Zelensky’s government has also become dependent on western aid and loans to simply pay the salaries of state employees. The loss of control over the industrialised east of the country has left Ukraine increasingly dependent on the agricultural sector for export income.

    Comforting the Patient
    Russian National Security Council deputy president Dmitry Medvedev highlighted Ukraine’s economic woes in a Telegram post on Friday.

    He said the Ukrainian wheat and maize harvests in 2022 had yielded just over half the produce of the 2021 crop, and that the country’s GDP fell by a third last year.

    “Yesterday, a green patient from the terminal ward was visited by an aunt-gynaecologist,” Medvedev wrote in a play on Zelensky’s name, from the word for green, adding that von der Leyen played the role of “the chief European doctor.”

    The pair “discussed the rapid and fabulous recovery of the economy of Little Russia [a historical name for Ukraine] in the EU. Well, this is, of course, a lie.”


    1. The pair “discussed the rapid and fabulous recovery of the economy of Little Russia

      Well the reconstruction in Mariopol and the new water canals to Donetsk alone must be helping. Oh, they meant the Kiev economy?


    2. Oh, I don’t know – look at all the times Europe was forecast to shut Zelensky down, and he got up on stage and pounded the podium and demanded tanks, and they gave him tanks, as if the EU is shit-scared of him or something. They just want to make it look like they stand up to him, but in the end they come away dazed and mumbling, “What can we do? He’s defending Europe! We must give him what he wants”. This will play out to the end, when Ukraine is in ruins. And then they’ll blame Russia and not their stupid selves.


  20. Yukietard blog:

    Ukraine-EU Summit. The European Union will allocate a billion euros to Ukraine for reconstruction, Kiev wants to start negotiations on joining the EU in 2023
    February 3, 17: 45

    Charles Michel, Vladimir Zelensky and Ursula von der Leyen during the EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev, February 3, 2023 (Photo:Press Service of the President of Ukraine)

    On Friday, February 3, an important EU-Ukraine summit is being held in Kiev, where Ukraine will participate for the first time as a candidate for EU membership.

    A broad delegation of the European Union is represented from official Brussels. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Head of EU Diplomacy Josep Borrell and 15 European commissioners arrived in Kyiv yesterday to participate in a joint government meeting with the Cabinet of Ministers. Today, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, also arrived in the capital of Ukraine.

    Although the previous EU-Ukraine summit was also held in the Ukrainian capital (in October 2021), on the eve of the anniversary of the Russian invasion, it was decided to hold a new summit not in Brussels-as required by the order – but in Kiev.

    Ukraine has high hopes for this summit, hoping to hear from the EU confirmation of progress on the path of European integration and more concrete prospects for membership in the European Union. “The key issue on the agenda should be the prospect of an early start of the negotiation process on joining the European Union after Ukraine fulfills all the recommendations of the European Commission and receives a positive assessment,” Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba explained.

    The blogger is just reporting what a Banderastan news portal “New Voice” writes.

    The blog ends with a joint statement by Vladimir Zelensky, Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen on the results of the summit:

    What can we expect from the EU — Ukraine summit?
    President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his address on January 31 that following the summit, he expects “news for Ukraine” — in particular, decisions of ” partners in the EU that will correspond to the achieved level of interaction between our institutions and the EU and our progress.”

    Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ihor Zhovkva assured that “important decisions”will be made at the summit. According to the announcements of Zhovkva and Kuleba, the main topics of the summit may be::

    Ukraine’s further progress on the path of negotiations on membership in the European Union;
    update of the plan for integration of certain sectors of the Ukrainian economy into the single European market;

    the issue of extending the agreement on the liberalization of road transport between Ukraine and the EU and trade liberalization;

    the idea of unified roaming for Ukraine and the European Union;
    post-war reconstruction of Ukraine;

    further defence, financial and political support to Ukraine in its defense against Russian invasion;

    the implementation of Vladimir Zelensky’s “formula for peace”, as well as bringing Russia to justice for its crimes.

    the implementation of Vladimir Zelensky’s “formula for peace”, as well as bringing Russia to justice for its crimes.

    At the same time, a few days before the summit, the publication Politico, with reference to the draft communique of the summit, wrote that representatives of the European Union may not justify their hopes for Ukraine’s rapid accession in the next two years. The draft document allegedly only states that Ukraine will be accepted into the EU after all the conditions of the European Commission are met.

    EU leaders at the June 23, 2022 summit supported granting EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova. Then Vladimir Zelensky said that this is a historic moment in relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

    Christ on a bike!

    Vladimir Zelensky’s “formula for peace”!!!


    1. By all means, go ahead – accept The Ukraine into the European Union without delay. I think they’d be a great fit for one another. Oh, don’t forget; you guys are paying for the gas, right?


  21. Someone’s noticed that Greece has 800 Panzers Leopard tanks and is not sending any to the Ukraine. Despite being in the USA’s pocket and becoming even more right wing in the last few years, it appears that there are some things even Greece is not (yet) prepared to do and the US has been quiet about it too.


    1. Greece may be an allowable exception as the country it most fears currently as a potential invader or source of trouble is Turkey. Turkey is not exactly playing in its expected subservient NATO role at present.


      1. That makes perfect sense. The US can employ discretion when it wants, it is just that they often don’t chose or careto, i.e. ON/OFF (no slider).

        Something popped up about Greece in the news recently which if I recall correctly, it wants to enforce the 12 mile/20km territorial (water) limit that when applied to some of its islands would in effect take in bits of Turkey. Whether this is a response to something In Sultin’ Erd O’Grand is up to or has said or a provokative lateral poke by Athens I do not know nor have I seen explained. I would assume that it is part of Washington’s multiple pressure points it is exercising on Turkiye because it can, not because it thinks it has a reasonable chance of forcing Ankara to do its bidding.

        Speaking of which there was something about F-16s & F-35 in the news. I assume Erd O’Grand is trying some sort of behind the scenes negotiations which Washington is similiarly tight-lipped about.


  22. Euractiv acev afp: Poland expects 40 nations to oppose Russian athletes at Olympics

    Polish Sports Minister Kamil Bortniczuk on Thursday (2 February) said he expected several dozen nations to come out against the inclusion of athletes from Russia and Belarus in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

    …Bortniczuk also mentioned the United States, although the White House on Thursday said it would back allowing Russian and Belarusian athletes to compete as neutrals…

    So punishing France to punish Russia & Byelorussia is going to work well… Are these hypothetical nations going to ban their own competitiors from going and losing 4 years of training, promotion etc.? No. So what’s the point? To try and get more and tank the whole Paris 2024 Olympics? It’s more DO SOMETHING! however stupid. Maybe those nations that don’t want to take part will let their sportspeople compete under a neutral flag to show that they are not officially representing their nation… and join Russian & Byelorussian olympians!


  23. The blogger who posted this below is a Russian citizen, I guess, in that he is from the town of Lermontov, situated way down south in the foothills of the Caucasus, to the east of Sochi and over the mountains, almost in Dagestan — and he should check up on some facts!

    February 4 2023, 06:26
    Thank God I’m an atheist.

    In Russia, extreme forms of dementia, masochism and inferiority complex are called spirituality

    The photograph above was taken at a well known event in western Banderastan at a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, i.e. with Orthodox ritual but enslaved to the Vatican, where Yukietards do, in fact, approach the church on their knees — on a certain feast day, I think. I forget the name of the place.

    And the blogger should take a look at this below:

    Fatima, Portugal, where the “believers” show their reverance to a place where, allegedly, the “mother of god” appeared before shepherd children during WWI in 1916/1917 and gave them warnings about an oncoming second European war and about the salvation of Russia — during these appearances of “the mother of god”, the February 1917 revolution took place in Russia: “Our Lady of Fatima” was clearly up to date about facts occurring far, far away from Portugal even though the impoverished shepherd children with whom she allegedly conversed were not.

    All a load of bollocks.

    Hail Woden!


  24. And here’s a rant with much quoting from “scripture” from a Russian blogger about wicked things happening in Russia and Banderastan:

    What and how do Russians and Ukrainians dishonour God?
    February 4 2023, 01:09

    Question: How is God blasphemed? What does He Who holds all honor and power demand? Who is the giver of all holy things?

    Answer: God says through the prophet, “Woe! for your sake my name is blasphemed among the nations” (Isaiah 52:5). So this threat also applies to those who profane the image of God.

    In the image and likeness of God, God created us; every Christian is bound to observe himself, and to keep and honour the image of God in Himself, and to sanctify it by good works, so that he may say: “Hallowed be Thy name in me, O Lord! Do you see how God is glorified by good deeds? But just as He is glorified by good deeds, so, on the contrary, He is blasphemed and dishonored by evil deeds. Infidels and pagans, looking at Christians and seeing that they, like pagans and infidels, spend their time in eating and drinking, playing and jumping with harps and tympanums, pipes, and faces, then argue that these are senseless Christians who violate the law and commandments of Christ, and in blasphemy they say to Christianity”What Christ delivered up and commanded them, they also keep, for they cannot transgress the words and commandments of their Master.” (Matthew 5: 16).

    And on and on and on . . .

    But take a look at this below, which the religious ranter above gives as an example of the decline in religious standards in the Eastern Orthodox Church:

    Eat you hearts out “Pussy Riot”!

    And the photo above was taken in a Banderite Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

    In a Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church there was held a “performance” with girl-devils in front of the altar
    31 January 2023, 17:17

    A video from the Ilyinsky Church of the UGCC in the village of Petrikov near Ternopil has been published on the Web, where young men and women staged a theatrical performance, during which the altar sanctuary was used as a utility room. The video was posted on Facebook by human rights activist Victoria Kokhanovskaya.

    Young actors, including in the role of evil spirits, enter and exit the altar sanctuary, as well as bring in and take out props.

    God must have been very annoyed about all of that!

    Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.
    Romans 12:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

    So you can all take that as a warning if you know what’s good for you.



  25. Condemned to the dustbin of military history?

    Into Davy Jones’s locker she sank.

    The Brazilian Navy has sunk the decommissioned aircraft carrier “Sao Paulo” 220 nautical miles off its coast.
    Today, 07: 31

    The Brazilian Navy has said that it had sunk the aircraft carrier “Sao Paulo”, which had recently been drifting in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Recall that Brazil, after the decommissioning of this warship, sold it to a Turkish company, which was going to cut it up. However, the Turkish authorities revoked permission to have the vessel scrapped in a Turkish breaker’s yard, pointing out that the aircraft carrier had “toxic stuffing”, which is extremely dangerous and expensive to dispose of. It turned out that they were talking about asbestos, the exact mass of which on board the former French aircraft carrier “Foch”, as the carrier was called before the Brazilians bought her, being unknown. After that, it was decided to sink the ship in the Atlantic Ocean.

    The site of the sinking of the vessel is located about 220 nautical miles (more than 400 km) east of the coast of the state of Pernambuco.

    Previously, as already reported by Military Review, the Brazilian military had said that “the sinking of the aircraft carrier will not cause damage to marine flora and fauna”. This statement was later criticized by the Brazilians themselves, saying that “if there had been no threat, then the Brazilian Navy could have sunk her right near Copacabana beach”.

    Press Service of the Brazilian Navy:

    The aircraft carrier with a displacement of more than 30 thousand tons was scuttled in compliance with the necessary technical requirements and safety measures to avoid logistical, environmental and economic losses for the Brazilian state.

    So far, there is no data on exactly what method the sinking of a ship of such an impressive size was carried out.


  26. Grand theft in the “global rules-based order” of things:

    04.02.2023 07:33
    CNN: US transfers confiscated Russian assets to Ukraine for the first time

    The United States has handed over to the Ukraine about $ 5.4 million confiscated from Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev. This is reported by CNN, referring to a statement of US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

    “I have authorized the first-ever transfer of confiscated assets of the Russian Federation for use in Ukraine”, Garland announced, speaking at the US Department of Justice in the presence of his Ukrainian counterpart Andrey Kostin.

    In response, Kostin thanked the United States for “decisive measures and support”, assuring that the Ukrainian people will not forget this, reports TASS.

    Plans to transfer assets of Russian businesses to the Ukraine discredit the US financial system. This was previously stated at the Russian Embassy in Washington. The diplomatic mission stressed that the White House does not disdain to persuade Themis* to serve its own narrow-market interests.

    The Ukraine wants the transfer of assets that have fallen under Western sanctions. In particular, owing to restrictions, approximately $300 billion of Russia’s foreign currency reserves have been frozen. Russian companies whose offices are located in unfriendly states also have problems.

    *Themis: ancient Greek goddess and personification of justice, divine order, fairness, law, and custom.


    1. Confiscate the remaining-in-country assets of some American company in Russia. I’m sure there are a few. That’ll inspire a rush for the exits, and their market share will never return.

      Yes, I’m sure ‘the Ukrainian people’ – or whatever oligarch pockets it – will not forget. Most beggars long remember where they got free money.


      1. There are still some big uns operating here. I know, I teach their employees. Cargill immediately springs to mind. And there’s Fleetcor.


    2. Euractiv: Ukraine reconstruction: Progress in coordination and use of Russian assets

      There is progress in the use of Russian assets to fund reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, and donor countries have established a structure to better coordinate financial assistance, Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis said during the EU executive’s visit to Kyiv.

      …Based in Brussels and with an office in Kyiv, the reconstruction platform also has a secretariat, in which G7 countries and multilateral financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the European Investment Bank are represented.

      “This shows our commitment to various sources of financing,” the Commission’s Executive Vice-President Dombrovskis said on Thursday in Kyiv. “It’s clear that donors and the private sector will need to contribute on a global scale.”..

      Remember kids, this is EU Rule of Law gold standard that it tells the rest of the world about. Trust us!

      The west undermines capitalism all by itself and will face the consequences. However they may try to dress up such thef with new terms and definitions via lawfare it won’t fool anyone.

      Even then and when you look at the detail, the $300b is the attention grabbing headline figure, but from above it looks like they want the IMF involved as a control mechanizm on Kiev (coz they don’t trust it) and they’re preparing for a much smaller level of theft of Russian assets that they think they can get away with (“Well, it’s only a little bit so it doesn’t count” argument that alcoholics use too).

      Like openly breaking international law with the recognition of Kosovo (though it actually happened almost a decade earlier with Croatzia & Bosnia), it will be said that ‘This is not a precedent.’ That only works if it is believed and you don’t do it again. The problem here is both of those, probably more so the latter that the west will do it again. We can assume that if this does go ahead Russia itself will launch ‘lawfare’ in each country taking part which no doubt will drag on and cause much trouble in each legal system, not to mention it will all be out in public which will not be advantegous to those countries involved. It’s a clusterf*ck in the making.


      1. Just mimic their plundering – nationalize and confiscate the assets of western corporate interests operating in Russia and give the money publicly to Iran to build drones. They aren’t going to be allowed by their parent nations to do business in Russia anyway – when they’re found out, they are shamed into withdrawing. Don’t wait until they have a chance to bail; confiscate their assets and distribute the funds realized to Iran and Venezuela, and to Syria for postwar reconstruction. Who’s going to say it’s a violation of international law, after the west boasts of doing it?


    3. If you happened to be someone from just about any country in the world that the USA might suddenly take a dislike to, how fast would you be getting all your assets out of the USA’s reach?

      I think I just heard a couple of sonic booms!

      This type of thing may help explain why Saudi Arabia seems so interested in SA-China deals in yuan.

      Yves Smith, over at Naked Capitalism, has been saying that she expects it to take decades for the US$ to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, citing the UK£ to US$ transition but I do not think she ever imagined anything this mad.

      Whom the gods would destroy….


  27. Sputnik

    EU-Ukraine Summit: ‘Vassal’ Europe is on Dangerous Track of Military Escalation, Analysts Warn
    14 hours ago (Updated: 13 hours ago)

    The 24th EU-Ukraine summit kicked off on February 3. A path to Ukraine accession to the EU, the response of the bloc to the Russian special military operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify the country, and the global food crisis are on the summit’ agenda.

    The EU-Ukraine summit comes on the heels of Berlin and Washington announcements to send their main battle tanks to Kiev, as well as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz pledging to continue arming the Ukraine until Russia is defeated. Will the EU-Ukraine summit raise the stakes even further?

    “Yes, that’s to be expected. The Kiev regime is constantly brazenly demanding new weapon systems”, Dr. Christian Blex, an AfD delegate in the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia, told Sputnik. “Unfortunately, in the past, the transatlantic elites in the EU were only too willing to give in to these demands. They are therefore certainly willing to prolong the bloodshed by supplying more weapons.”

    Remarkably, Scholz had long been reluctant to deliver German-made Leopard 2s to Kiev, but finally succumbed to pressure from his NATO allies, allegedly after the Biden administration had promised to send Abrams M1 to the Eastern European conflict zone too.

    To complicate matters further, the forthcoming deployment of German main battle tanks to the former Ukrainian territories which voluntarily joined Russia evokes strong memories of Nazi Germany’s 1941 invasion of the USSR. During a speech at a February 2 concert commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that Russia was once again threatened with German tanks. “Unbelievable, but it is a fact: we are once again being threatened with German tanks – Leopards – that have crosses [painted] on their sides,” he stated.

    While the summit was meant to be dedicated to the issue of peace, it is actually a summit where the EU is pursuing the US agenda to prolong the war, according to Tiberio Graziani, chairman at Vision & Global Trends. If Brussels really wanted to push ahead with the peaceful solution of the conflict it should adopt a neutral position in the first place, argued the scholar.

    “The shipments of arms, as well as, at this particular moment, the potential accession of Ukraine to the union show that Brussels is not willing to play a proactive role in finding a solution that can satisfy the two contenders, Kiev and Moscow,” he told Sputnik.

    Sending Combat Aircraft to Kiev Means Further Escalation

    Meanwhile, Kiev is urging the West to provide it with fighter jets and other combat aircraft, something that the US has refused to do – so far.

    Blex believes that “that would be a new level of escalation on the way to gradually driving the states of the EU into war against the Russian Federation against the will of the citizens”.

    “In my opinion, it’s unlikely that the Biden administration will authorize the supply of old McDonnell Douglas F-15s, the same ones used by Turkey, the cost of which varies from $31 to $43 million each”, Dr. Marco Marsili, researcher at Cà Foscari University of Venice, associate fellow at the Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis and former public official and election observer for the OSCE/ODIHR, told Sputnik. “For the same reason, I do not believe that the EU will pass the supply of Eurofighter Typhoons, which cost about €63 million; the loss of an aircraft of this price would be difficult to justify to the taxpayers. I think the supply of intermediate-range ballistic missiles is more likely.”

    Earlier, Florian Philippot, the leader of the French Patriots Party and former MEP, warned that supplying combat aircraft to Kiev would be “the shortest way to the third World War”. The comment came as French President Emmanuel Macron remarked on Monday that France didn’t rule out sending jets to the Ukraine.

    It should also be borne in mind that the aircraft are unlikely to be flown by the Ukrainian military. Training on the new types of aircraft would take far too long. It is to be expected that with these aircraft EU crews would also be ‘delivered’.

    Dr. Christian Blex
    AfD delegate, state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia

    Even though many European countries are hesitating to pledge fighter jets to Kiev, their “no” is a temporary one, according to Guy Mettan, a Swiss politician and journalist and former executive director of the Geneva Press Club and author of the book “Creating Russophobia: From the Great Religious Schism to Anti-Putin Hysteria”.

    “It’s just a matter of time, in order to reassure and prepare western public opinions to new escalations of the war”, Mettan told Sputnik. “As soon as public opinions have been heated enough, new shipments of offensive and more lethal weapons will be delivered (…)The goal of NATO, i.e. the EU and the US, is to support the Ukraine at any expense, until the surrender of Russia or whatever the consequences might be. The hidden ultimate goal is to provoke Russia to make a false move, such as a nuclear strike, in order to win the information war and to cut Russia off from its allies on the international scene.”

    Europeans Want to Live in Peace

    There is no doubt that the probable escalation does not correspond to the interests of European citizens, let alone any EU indirect participation in the the Ukraine conflict, according to Sputnik interviewees.

    “The transatlantic élites within the EU are completely unwilling to represent the interests of their citizens” ,said Blex. “They dutifully and obediently obey the interests of their Big Brother. The announced delivery of main battle tanks shows very clearly that the German government, especially Frau Baerbock, has sunk to the level of vassals of the US.”

    EU member states are continuing to step up their military commitments despite protests and strikes over rising energy crisis and economic slump largely caused by a blowback from unprecedented anti-Russia sanctions.

    “Europeans have lost all their historical background”, explained Mettan. “Their new generation of leaders – except German Chancelier Scholz and Hungarian Viktor Orban – didn’t know about the Second World War and even the Cold War. They are all in their 40s, from Italy to Finland, from France to Latvia, from the UK to Canada and Denmark, and they all think a war can be won without any cost to them. They are also counting on propaganda to convince their citizens that the economic downs, inflation, energy costs, and industrial collapse could be only attributed to Russia.”

    However, there has been no substantial anti-war movement in Europe so far capable of forcing EU leaders to halt the further militarization of Kiev, the observers pointed out. According to Mettan, after the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with two years of lockdowns, people had lost their capacity to protest.

    “The strategic thinking prevailing during the Cold War as well as the capacity to analyze international relations in terms of propaganda and power games has disappeared. It will take a long time before these capacities are restored”, he suggested.

    In addition, the western mainstream media remained a big problem, especially in Germany, according to Blex. He lamented the fact that the press had degenerated into mere government propaganda instead of being critical and the watchdogs of Berlin actions. To make matters worse, alternative and Russian media had either been silenced or subjected to outright bans, according to him.

    “Without critical media, many ordinary people find it difficult to understand the actual context. The increasing obstruction of critical media by the EU clearly shows how seriously the EU élites take the situation”, warned the AfD parliamentary delegate.

    “It is manipulation of European citizens by spreading a narrative supported by political leaders and the mainstream media”, echoed Marsili. “Social media censorship, the ban on Russian media, such as Sputnik, deprives the European audience of plurality of information. In addition, discordant voices, i.e. criticisms of the official narrative, are excluded from televised debate. It’s a propaganda campaign that works on people’s subconscious; a strategy that is termed with the portmanteau ‘cognitive warfare’.”

    The “war drums” project spearheaded by the EU élites had become a convenient distraction from emerging economic problems in the EU, according to Blex. They were using the Ukraine conflict to hide the ideologically-caused economic problems from the population, he noted, referring to their constant mantra: “It’s not up to us, the Russians are to blame!” Still, above all, ordinary Europeans want to live in peace, concluded the German lawmaker.


  28. MOSCOW, February 3. /TASS/. The RT DE Productions company announced it’s ceasing its work in Germany, the RT in Russian Telegram channel reported on Friday.

    “The Berlin-based production company RT DE Productions has announced today it’s ceasing its journalistic activities. The company supplied news content to the website and television channel RT DE, which broadcasts from Moscow in German, providing an alternative point of view on events to millions of viewers,” the statement reads.

    It said that since its launch in Germany, RT DE Productions faced pressure from the government and news media, which tried to limit its journalistic activities.

    RT DE lost its broadcasting license on December 22, 2021 by decision of a German media regulator. Before then, the media agency Berlin-Brandenburg on December 17 initiated an investigation into the Russian network on suspicion of violating broadcasting rules in Germany. According to the agency, RT doesn’t have the license for that. According to RT DE, which cited the European convention on transboundary television, the license that it obtained in Serbia gives the company the right to broadcast in 33 European countries. A German media supervision commission on February 2, 2022 upheld the ban for the RT DE television channel to broadcast in German in Germany due to its lack of license.

    Same happened in Frogland last week.

    European values, see.


  29. I read yesterday about how the new US ambassador to Hungary was told by the Hungarian Foreign Minister either to shut up or fuck off and not to interfere in Hungarian policies.

    Foreign Minister Demands US Ambassador to Show More Respect

    “Political leaders in the government of Hungary often speak of promoting peace, but — from condemning sanctions to embracing Russian ‘cease-fire’ proposals — they continue to push policies endorsed by Putin”, US Ambassador David Pressman told Politico earlier this week.

    It is irrelevant, absolutely irrelevant, what he or any other ambassador thinks about the internal political processes in Hungary, because it has nothing to do with him

    Hungarian FM.

    As regards Pressman, commenter Arctic_Fox wrote 9 hours ago on Reminiscence of the Future:

    As a long-time reader of Smoothie, I know always to look up the background of people he names, esp when they are involved in making US foreign policy. Such at this Biden appointee David Pressman, current US Amb to Hungary. Quick search and here’s how Boston Globe sets the stage:
    “David Pressman, a gay human rights lawyer, knew he was in for a rough time even before he arrived in Hungary with his husband and two children to take up a new job in September as the United States’ ambassador to Europe’s self-declared citadel of traditional Christian values and friend of the Kremlin.”
    See:… (warning, paywall; but you might get one free look.)
    I’d say, “You Gotte Be Kidding Me.” But I know better. More on Pressman from other sources: Gay. Jewish. Brown University — easily the dumbest of the Ivy League colleges. NYU Law School — a high priced diploma mill that mostly cranks out ambulance chasers for the New York City market. Clerked for Supreme Court of Rwanda, doing “human rights” investigations (cuz there’s just no work to be had in that field in USA). Worked at Southern Poverty Law Center, a fundraising scam for self-loathing US liberals. And then worked for… sitting down? … Madeleine Albright.
    Hardly needs saying — but I’ll say it — that he never served in any military or intel capacity. Never worked as a “real” lawyer, just a government meddler. Doesn’t speak Hungarian. No background in Hungary; not its culture, language, history. No apparent sense of general history, neither European nor especially Hungarian in context of its position in the region. Definitely no sense of military history such as WWI or WWII, let alone Cold War.
    All in all, this ditz* is simply one of those self-styled world-improvers. Goes around, looking down his nose and passing his knee-jerk, paranoid judgment on lesser people, if not entire nations. A total nobody. Yet he holds the lofty title of “Ambassador.” He is being groomed for many more decades of govt paychecks under Democrat administrations in America.

    Does the Department of State do this on purpose, I wonder — perish the very thought?

    The former homosexual US ambassador to Germany was also a roaring success — I don’t think.

    Funnily enough, the German government tolerated for a very long time that loathsome twat of a Ukraine ambassador, Melnyk.

    *ditz: had to check that word out: never heard it before. I should say that in the King’s English it means “dickhead”.


    1. As commenter s marsh rightly comments to the above:

      This is murican diplomacy in essence. Exactly opposite of diplomacy. A diplomats [sic] job is to improve the relation between the home and host countries. eol [“eol”?] turns it on its head. Their diplomat is a satrap and an agent provocateur. He comes with a brief to meddle in the internal affairs of the host. His job is to create chaos by exploiting the social fracture lines. There might be a rare exception some where [sic] in the [sic] remote corner of this world, but going by the norm their diplomat is no diplomat.


    2. I have never heard it used as a noun nor applied to a male. “Ditzy Blonde” is an expression you would probably hear in some US dialects back in the 1960, or 1970sbut it would not be “dickhead” as much as “scatterbrained”, incompetent, and prone to do nutty things. The lovely French-Canadian term “Une Pepsi” has much the same meaning. The old Pepsi bottles were empty from the neck up.

      The meaning may have evolved.

      The US State Department seems to waver between highly professional long-term diplomats and crazy political appointees. IIRC, the one that Trump appointed to Ottawa merited the term “Ditzy Blonde” though I cannot remember her hair colour.

      As seems traditional, her first interview on the CBC was supposed to be very low key, no attack dog questions from the interviewer, etc. With the interviewer doing her best not to make the new ambassador look like an idiot, the ambassador succeeded


      1. Why are all the cars going in one direction only? Is there some sort of event? I see you’re still suffering with snow cover. Here in Kairdiff it’s mild-ish and overcast – no rain, no sun, no wind – but snowdrops are out, MY bluebells are about 4 inches above ground already, and the first buds are appearing on the roses.

        In half an hour their WAL v IRE Six Nations match kicks off. It’ll be interesting because the Welsh Rugby Union has forbidden choirs and people to sing one of the famous welsh rugby songs, Tom Jones’ ancient hit ‘Delilah’ … because, after nearly half a century, it might incite some men to knife their laydees. We’ll see if the Welsh rugby fans will keep silent …


        1. Btw, here’s an old rendition from the time before we had yon Millennium stadium:

          I’ll let you know what happened today …


          1. And they can’t sing “The Green, Green Grass of Home” either, I suppose, because Mr. Jones sings:

            Then I awake and look around me
            At four grey walls that surround me
            And I realize, yes, I was only dreaming
            For there’s a guard and there’s a sad, old padre
            On and on, we’ll walk at daybreak
            Again, I’ll touch the green, green grass of home

            You certainly were dreaming old lad! You’re about to have your neck stretched.

            Well, not Tom Jones, but the character he’s singing about, a murderer.

            There were loads of songs about murderers and as a kid, I could never understand why.

            I well remember Lonnie Dnegan singing:

            Hang down your head Tom Dooley,
            Hang down your head and cry,
            Hang down your head Tom Dooley,
            Poor boy, you’re bound to die.

            Light years ago!


            1. There are quite a few famous songs about murderers and serial killers. “Mack the Knife” (song about a serial killer) comes to mind. Paul McCartney wrote “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, a song about a maniac who goes around donging people dead with the eponymous implement, in the style of an upbeat children’s song. Talking Heads had a hit with “Psycho Killer” in the late 1970s. Tom Jones, in addition to “The Green, Green Grass of Home”, also recorded “Delilah”, a song about a man who kills his girlfriend because she is unfaithful to him.

              The song “Frankie and Johnny” which has been covered by numerous artists is based on an actual murder case. Even songs like Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” (Copacabana being the New York club, not the suburb in Rio de Janeiro) and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” pivot around murders and their consequences (despair and madness in “Copacabana”, the death penalty in “Bohemian Rhapsody”).


              1. Well, the Welsh did sing ‘Delilah’, only our dearly beloved Auntie B saw fit to tone down the sound so people watching on telly couldn’t hear it.
                They had already toned down the sound for the Welsh National Anthem – it sounded castrated to me. It was noticeable because the roof was on over the stadium and as we fans know from earlier matches – the Anthem is sung so fervently that there’s been danger of the roof taking off. Here’s a video from ten years ago – warning: it is LOUD!


                1. That was demolished in the 1990s and this new millennium stadium was built in its place, with yon roof that can be opened or closed, seating for over 70,000 people. It was inaugurated in June 1999 … with a win by the Welsh over the Springboks. Here’s a reminiscence by Al Beeb:
                  It has a nice photo of Garin Jenkins, the hooker. He was a miner, from Ynysybwl, and used to go straight from his Saturday shift to the match … before the game became ‘professional’. Welsh rugby players even at the top level generally were miners and foundry workers, with some farmers and firemen. There’s a lovely video of the Scarlets, about the day in 1972 when they beat the All Blacks which documents the profession of those famous rugby players:

                  Since it’s Sunday afternoon, it’s worth spending the scant hour watching it – trust me!
                  The grounds of the Cardiff RFC, right next to it in the shadow of that stadium, still exist and are used for all the club games. Flooding of the pitch close to the Taff is included …


                2. Last time I was in Cardiff was in 1985. I’d been up in Cwm Rhonda and went from there to Cardiff Central Station so as to get a train back to Manchester.


                3. I played once against Cardiff RFC on that Cardiff ground next to the Arms Park. Must have been during the ’74-’75 season. That was when you were still back in the Fatherland before you ended up in the “Land of My Fathers”, aka Cymru.


                4. Beautiful wordplay there, M.E.! And at time I hadn’t had the faintest inkling of rugby or of ending up in Cymru, never mind becoming a fervent Welsh rugby fan …


              2. You left out “The Wild Colonial Boy”, which was one of my party pieces, in which Jack Dugan, the “Wild Colonial Boy”, who, I am sure you will remember, having shot Judge McEvoy, was later set upon by three state troopers, Kelly, Davies and Fitzroy.

                Duggan shot Kelly, who “fell upon the ground”, but then a bullet fired from the pistol of Fitzroy “pierced his proud young heart”, and “that was how they captured him, the ‘Wild Colonial Boy'”.

                I only sing Russian now, mostly, but for my rendition of “The Wild Colonial Boy”, I’ll have a pint, while your asking, and not one of them diddly “schooners” as you sup from in NSW.


                1. Good lord! We hosted Llanelli once when they were in Canada in the late 1970’s I knew they were a top club but not that good.


                2. They’re still pretty damn good, but it’s all modernised now. The famous Strayed Parc has gone, even the ironing goalposts, one with the famous sosban on it, have gone.
                  ‘Sosban fach’ is of course the Scarlets’ rugby song …

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                3. Star club was Llanelli in my youth. Don’t know about now.

                  The great “fly half” (where I come from, a “fly half” is called a “stand off”) Barry John played for Llannelli before moving to the Cardiff RFC.

                  No sound in the second clip. Don’t know why.


                4. Ah – all those names … In the Scarlet team beating the All Blacks Phil Bennett played instead of Barry John … not a bad ‘replacement’, as it turned out.


                5. I hung my boots up when I was 27 as well. I was no Barry John, of course: I was a bloody great oaf of a tight-head prop. Nevertheless, my old club coach and various committee men often came round to where I lived, trying to persuade me to start playing again. But I had suddenly grown tired of playing. Don’t know why. It was partly because of my work, I suppose: I was one those coal miners who used to come up the pit and go training twice a week or even playing under floodlights during a working week and only about 4 hours after my day shift underground had ended.


                6. Playing that much, after hard physical work, must have an effect on the body, and in pre-professional days players didn’t get all the advice about nutrition nor the physio treatment they’d get nowadays event club level. And as prop – well, you’d have your boy on the line, especially in yon days where rucks were, ahem, more like a blood sport and the scrum was dark arts not to be talked about. Oh – and no ‘blood replacements’ and such stuff, and never mind going into the warm changing rooms during the break. So yes, it would be tiring after so many years..


                7. Yeah, at half-time we stood around on the pitch, got a talking to off the coach, the “magic sponge” off the trainer, a slice of orange, and a quick gargle of water, and then it was the second half. And it was usually heaving it down with rain.


                8. Just so – and so it was even at the 6N matches – I saw it with me own eyes, I did. And yeah, it was rain, mud, sometimes snow – but mud in any case. And cold, especially if one was watching. Still …

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              3. Styx’s ‘Renegade’, Charlie Daniels’ “Billy the Kid” – the latter was instrumental in weaning me away from electric-guitar music (although there is electric guitar in it), with its lyrical artistry.

                “There’s a lathered sorrel stallion runnin’ through the Joshua trees,
                and a young man in the saddle with his coattails in the breeze;
                He’s got a six-gun on his right hip, and a rifle at his knee
                and he’s dealin’ in a game that he can’t win…”

                Bonnie & Clyde, Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sherriff”, and so many more.

                Although the Charlie Daniels Band is largely unremembered today, their western look and their mixing of traditional and electric instruments and slightly hard-edged country sound paved the way for the early success of bands like ZZ Top.


          1. Isn’t that strange! I’ve checked out loads of photos and there is always much less traffic or no coming the other way along that embankment, the Kremlin Embankment, on the lanes furthest from the Kremlin walls and sometime there is no traffic at all on both sides of the road, but most often loads of traffic only on the right-hand side lanes nearest the walls.

            I wonder why?

            Must be the traffic cops’ doing.

            Below, a clip from 5 May, 2015, taken on the opposite embankment to the Kremlin, the Sofiyskaya Embankment, on the right bank of the Moscow River:

            The bridge is Bolshoy Moskvoretskiy Bridge [Большой Москворецкий мост], which some idiots like to call “Nemtsov Bridge”.


        2. Perhaps the traffic management is like that in …Panama. I was amazed to see the rush hour traffic being converted into one way to maximise flow into the capital (AM) and out (PM). That was around 20 years ago.. I suppose the person who explained that could have been pulling my leg, but it seemed very rational to me.


          1. Yes, I think that is the case here in Mordor. I don’t drive and don’t notice these things in Moscow, where I almost always use the metro. However, I do now recall that when travelling by taxi to my Soviet hovel with my wife from the Kievsky railway terminus, which is situated upriver from our house on the right bank of the river, the taxi was sometimes directed by traffic signals to drive along the right bank embankment towards the Taganskiy district, which is situated on the left bank and where our house is, or sometimes along the left bank embankment.


          2. Ina much smaller way we used to have something like that here in Kairdiff. It was regulated by overhead traffic lights.
            Nowadays traffic is constricted and slowed down to 20mph everywhere in Wales, thanks to the Labour tinpot dictators in both the Senedd and the local council which wastes money on cycle lanes which nobody uses but makes driving cars even more of a misery.


          3. Yes, I have seen other examples where there were, say, five lanes of traffic and the center lane would be into the city in the morning and out of the city at night. The prospect seemed terrifying to me (I never drove in such a situation) because if you were not from that city you might not realize it and be involved in a head-on collision. China had an infamous stretch of highway which was, if I remember correctly, around 300 miles in which the center of three lanes was a passing lane for both directions of traffic flow. There were quite a few fatalities.


            1. The Kremlin Embankment this morning, left bank of the Moscow River, looking in the opposite direction to that in the pictures above — and no traffic either sde of the road! Must be the traffic cops’ doing.

              Temperatures have only been a few degrees below zero celsius this past week, hence the river is not frozen over, but it’s becoming colder again; now snowing at 21:43, and it’ll be snowing all day tomorrow and on Tuesday and on Wednesday. After that, high pressure, blue skies, bright sunshine, minus 8 °C; in short: fine winter weather.



            2. I have seen other examples where there were, say, five lanes of traffic and the center lane would be into the city in the morning and out of the city at night

              Bienvue à Montréal in the 1970s Absolutely terrifying to the kid in the passenger seat.


    1. Peak hour traffic in Sydney can look like that Moscow photo scene especially if there are lane closures on a major road caused by an accident far up ahead.

      Indeed, if you enlarge the photo, there does seem to be something going on under the bridge but the lights in the foreground obscure a lot of the activity.


  30. Sorry – I’m late to the party … there were and are some intriguing domestic issues happening in Blighty just now …
    Anyway: thanks, Mark, for this outstanding analysis, especially the point about Russia being ‘just a blip’ for yon USofA on their way to locking horns with China.
    It just so happened that I received a rather devastating analysis regarding the ‘military capacity’ of said USofA in my email inbox – you can read it here:
    The same, with knobs on, would of course apply to any ‘conflict’ with China over Taiwan.
    Can we say the USofA are ‘all hat but no cattle’? Or ‘fur coat but no knickers’? I think we can! And that applies to the much vaunted NATO as well.


    1. Or “all mouth and no trousers”.

      In case some are not familiar with the above expression:

      Wiktionary offers the following etymology: “mouth, meaning ‘insolence’ or ‘an insolent person’ and trousers, meaning ‘a pushy sexual bravado’. The phrase originated in northern England”.

      The definition is “superficial, engaging in empty, boastful talk, but not of real substance”.


    2. From the Shryver article linked above:

      It would turn into the most humiliating military debacle in American and European history, and the Russians would sing songs about it for centuries to come.

      That can’t be bad. I mean singing songs. Russian songs are wonderful!

      They’ve got quite a few wartime songs that are still going strong since the last debacle, such as:


      1. Watch Katyusha right to the end!

        On the “Sacred War” clip, there is a strange map of the RF: much of Western Russia is not there, no Sea of Azov, no Crimea, no Caspian Sea, but what is, I presume, an Aral Sea, which is much too big . . .

        Of course, the clip must have been made before 2014 — the Crimea and LPR and LDR had not seceded from Neonazistan then.


    3. I imagine the dreamers of The Exceptional Nation visualize churning out cookie-cutter tanks and artillery the way Rosie the Riveter churned out Victory Ships, which were basic prefab hulls that could be assembled rapidly and fostered the image of America The Industrial Dynamo. And it was, then, no two ways about it. But the cost of rapid industrialization today, with the eye-watering price of producing steel on a wartime footing, is yet another casualty of the energy wars; an America which dedicated all its energy resources to producing war materials would have no energy left to export to Europeans, whom it convinced to abandon cheap energy in favour of Molecules of Freedom from Uncle Sugar.

      The time it would take to design a basic no-frills tank and put together an assembly line to make tons of them – or any other similar make-millions-of-’em war materiel – would be prohibitive even if the energy costs to do so were not. The M1 Abrams runs on jet fuel and is chock-full of complex electronics; weapons systems of all types have been getting steadily more complicated, which is why they require intensive training to operate. The stamped-out Victory Ships are things of the past now, and America outsourced its manufacturing to countries with cheap labour in order to maximize corporate profits.

      Goodness! What a dilemma!


      1. An acquaintance of mine, now long dead, was a motor mechanic, who, together with colleagues, had found a Sherman tank in a scrapyard and they had over many years painstakingly rebuilt it. He and his mates used to take it to shows. I had a ride around in it once, in the builder’s yard where they had it parked up. I recall that on its manufacturer’s plate, it stated that it had been constructed at the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1943.

        I should imagine that the Montreal Locomotive Works long ago bit the dust.


        1. The basement of the Canadian War Museum – ‘internationally-renowned symbolic architecture’ is code for ‘extraordinarily ugly building’ – is full of near-mint-condition tanks and other military vehicles. They have at least one Sherman, and I was struck by how small it is, and the runty little gun on it. The advantage of the tank in early wars must have been the fact that you could not penetrate its shell with small arms and it was too agile to hit with artillery, because otherwise it looked quite a bit like driving around in a garbage can roughly the size of a speedboat. Modern tanks are behemoths with heavy armor and a main gun the same size as medium artillery.

          Montreal Locomotive Works, although located in Canada, was American-owned, by American Locomotive. They built less than 200 Shermans, so the one your friend had was quite a collector’s item.

          A useful reminder there, though, of the current discussion regarding the west’s industrial readiness to begin a long-war industrial production binge; in the 1940’s there were nearly a dozen factories producing just the Sherman, and they built between them over 50,000 tanks at rough count.

          As this whimsical comparison highlights, the Sherman was smaller (although wider) than a modern Ford-F-150 pickup truck.


          1. Not a bad museum but suffers from the general malaise of new museums: Turn up the lights! I do not want to walk through some weird semi-dark world looking at whatever!

            The old museum, cramped and limited as it was (and claustrophobia was a worry) was a lot better. One could “feel” the exhibit. The new style leaves the visitor completely isolated.


      2. A man walks his dogs in front of a partially destroyed blast furnace at a former British steel mill near Redcar, United Kingdom, January 30, 2023.
        Phil Noble/Reuters

        Ready for an “industrial war” UK?


        1. Absolutely not – whatever gave you that idea! The RAF is in turmoil because they desire to be ‘diverse’, with ‘moar wimmin jet pilots’ . Sadly, wimmin don’t want to fly because the helmets are too heavy and big. So “we” need extra helmets for them …
          As for the RN, the sailors are now even incapable of properly looking after their drinking water. One frigate had to go home to Devonport because said water was contaminated, with people becoming ill, one even having to be hospitalised. Yon aircraft carrier ‘Prince of Wales’ is still in port.
          As for the Army … poor things.
          And as for workers: huh. Government is now campaigning for those over-50s who’ve stopped working and gone on early retirement to come back and join said workforce. Not that anyone who can afford such early retirement was ever or will ever be found working on the shop floor, so no riveters, be they ever so diverse, to be found there. No, these must be civil serpents of whom there are lots and lots and lots …


          1. At the same time as it has decreed the de-criminalizing of small own-use-only amounts of hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin – not ‘legalizing’, mind, it only means you won’t have a criminal record and they will still be confiscated if you are caught – British Columbia is throwing the door wide open for work-from-home.

            In national terms, Liberal MP Terry Beech invited readers to imagine if they had to work, but would rather see their kids.


            Cruel, cruel employers!! Why, it’s absolutely draconian that bosses want you to come to the factory when you could just as easy make widgets at home in your underwear, with a couple fingers of Scotch just out of sight of the camera. These are the same eejits who think there’s nothing wrong with having an open microphone in their house all day and all night which is picking up everything they say and allows an informed approximation of whatever they are doing if it makes a sound, except they call it ‘Alexa’.



            The rationale of decriminalizing hard drugs so as to address an opioid crisis which has killed thousands (way more than COVID in this province even if you use the government’s loosey-goosey method of making any death which could possibly have been a COVID death a verified COVID death) seems quite a bit like the Bank Of Canada’s constant hiking of interest rates to ‘combat inflation’ by making borrowing unaffordable. Clever, though, because it only penalizes borrowers, and not the banks, which still make their nut from those who already borrowed but see their mortgages achieving escape velocity.

            I would hazard an opinion that never at any time in recorded history has the developed world seen such a wide-flung community of irrational and destructive morons in charge of national leaderships. Perhaps it really is the end of the world as we know it. If so, it will be a comfort as we go down to know there are still a few small islands of free will, although for us they are (officially) the enemy.


          2. with ‘moar wimmin jet pilots’ . Sadly, wimmin don’t want to fly because the helmets are too heavy and big. So “we” need extra helmets for them …

            Oh for F** sake. If the military cannot do something as design a helmet that works for a woman then it is a totally incompetent military assuming it expected women pilots.

            If you design a tank that can only be staffed by people smaller than 50kg and 130 cm in height then should the NBA basketball players complain assuming they were getting conscripted into the tank corps?


        2. I’m sure the relevant ministers in Russia are well aware of this:
          “Recent procurement controversies within the MoD include the beleaguered £5.5 billion Ajax programme, which the Commons public accounts committee described as being “flawed from the outset. It said that the department had “once again made fundamental mistakes” in planning and managing a major equipment programme.

          Meanwhile, a report last year by the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, which evaluates the Government’s major spending plans, found that out of 52 projects under way at the MoD, worth £194.7 billion, only three were given a green rating which suggested “successful delivery appears highly likely”.

          Let’s just add that the MoD civil serpents have a ‘vibrant’ LBT-and-the-rest of the alphabet group which even ‘celebrated’ last year, taking time off work.
          And that’s only the ‘news’ permitted to be leaked to the government propaganda arm, the Westminster press …


    4. A good 10 years ago the US military were warning of the loss of industries and skilled workforce to build or even maintain their weapons systems It has just gotten worse.

      Then there is the tendency to go for the “best” i.e most high tech and then fall down on the actual implementation. The USS Gerald Ford and the F-35 fiascoes are good examples.


  31. February 4 2023, 13:54

    Self-colonization of serfs
    Polish language will become mandatory for Ukrainians

    The Warsaw metro has been decorated with rather peculiar posters calling on Poles to become tank soldiers in the Polish Army in order to defend historical Polish lands — in the Ukraine. To be defended from whom is not specified, but I think this is not difficult to guess.

    Strictly speaking, the participation of Polish military personnel in combat operations against Russia is well known and not just in Poland. This has long been an open secret. Our soldiers say that they have to deal not only with an international rabble of mercenaries, but also with mono-ethnic Polish formations, whose fighters do not consider it necessary to change into Ukrainian uniforms, but fight in Polish ones, and Polish Army “dog tags” of the are found on their bodies.

    To this we can add that almost all the armour and artillery that comes to the Nazis from Poland, comes complete with Polish tank and gun crews. Although, of course, they are considered “volunteers”, in reality they are active military personnel. However, despite their good payments, there are fewer and fewer people willing to go to fight in the Ukraine.

    Heavy losses of the Polish military and rumours that they are not being taken prisoner are having their effect. Crews of the “Leopard 2” tanks transferred to Banderastan have categorically refused to go to the Ukraine and were even ready to resign from the armed forces. That is why it was decided to recruit crews in such a blatant way. It is noteworthy that patriotic themes are used to motivate volunteers, namely the return of “native Polish territories”.

    In the meantime, this is nothing but a direct attack on the territorial integrity of the country that Warsaw is allegedly defending, but in reality Poland is waiting for the right moment to snatch a tasty morsel from the Ukraine body in accordance with its hyena habits — not in a fair and open fight, mind you, but by waiting for the victim to weaken. However, all such talk is just lyrical.

    Of course, these posters are also seen by Ukrainians, a very large number of whom being in Poland and who travel by the Warsaw metro. But, apparently, Warsaw is convinced that the Ukraine cannot wait for the return of its “original owners” — Polish aristocrats. This is also supported by the surprising frankness with which Nazi officials announce the inevitable “integration” with Poland.

    So, the Nazi Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said that from now on, knowledge of the Polish language would become mandatory for Ukrainians, since this was a necessary condition for moving into Europe, which necessity should be enshrined in law.

    “Joining forces with the Poles is the key to sustainable development and security. Education and language are the main tools from which such integration begins. We should take concrete actions to integrate into the European space, and the Ukrainian side should develop a strategy for passing Polish language exams. And if it is necessary to implement changes in the legislation for this, then this process needs to be started today”, Vereshchuk says.

    Recall that back in July 2022, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the special status of Poles in the Ukraine, according to which they are granted the same rights and freedoms as Ukrainians. But now a new law is being prepared — on a mandatory knowledge of the Polish language for citizens of “Independent” Ukraine. Maybe we don’t have to start learning right now, do we? Can’t we just start talking with lots of “psh” sounds? [To “pshekat”, in Russian, a term used to mock the way Polish sounds to Russian and Ukrainian ears — ME]

    One of the historical reasons for the emergence of the Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN – banned in Russia) was the forcible Polonisation of the inhabitants of Ukrainian lands seized by Poland during the collapse of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires. This programme was preceded by the “pacification” of the Ukrainian population of Galicia and Volhynia, involving mass floggings and the equally mass rape of Ukrainian women by Polish soldiers, policemen and “osadniks” (colonists). [Check out Timothy Snyder on this in his atrocious “Bloodlands”, only it was the Evil Soviets and their equally evil alter ego Nazis who were the guilty party always in his version of events: in fact, the Communists were by far the more evil party because they killed many more than did the Nazis, right? — ME]

    It can be seen that “Polonisation” is now beginning not only before the occupation and annexation of Ukrainian lands by Poland, but also by the forces of the “serfs” themselves. By the way, it cannot be ruled out that both the posters and Vereshchuk’s speech are a kind of combat intelligence in order to track the reaction of Ukrainians and assess the hypothetical possibility of their resistance to the “Hyena of Europe”.

    Boris Jerelievsky


    1. But of course they are too fucking good to learn Russian – if you want to be called ‘Misha’, child, you must move to Russia. They cannot even bear to hear it spoken, it hurts their noble ears. However, they can’t wait to lick the Poles’ boots. Yes, Pan; right away, Pan. Western Ukraine deserves to be absorbed and enslaved by Poland, perhaps it would teach them something about the debt of loyalty which must be paid to the conqueror by the conquered. Probably not, though – they would be so overwhelmed to be part of ‘wonderful Yurrup’ that they would bear any indignity and call it friendship.


      1. By the way. it is significant that on the map above that appears behind of Duda is marked the city of Łuck — Polish name in Polish orthography, pronounced “Wutsk” by Poles and known as “Lutsk” in English.

        Lutsk is situated on the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine. It is the administrative centre of the Volyn Oblast (province) and the administrative centre of the surrounding Lutsk Raion (district) within the oblast. It is a historical, political, cultural and religious center of Volyn. You know, that’s the place where the Banderites had a whale of a time butchering, mutilating and torturing Polish peasants !943-1945.

        The Volyn Massacre was clearly an attempt at genocide committed by Ukrainian nationalists against the Polish minority then living in the areas of eastern, pre-war Poland and occupied by the Third Reich since 1939. The crime resulted in the deaths of some 100,000 Poles.

        When the Poles come back, there’ll be no more of this in Lvov:


  32. 04 Feb, 13: 20
    The French Foreign Ministry has explained Macron’s calls to Putin with Zelensky’s requests
    French Foreign Ministry spokesman Legendre: Macron calls Putin at Zelensky’s request

    The talks are being held in coordination with Paris’ allies in order to maintain a channel for dialogue with Russia, a French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said. In particular, thanks to Macron’s call to Putin, IAEA observers were sent to the Nuclear Power Plant.

    French President Emmanuel Macron calls Russian President Vladimir Putin mainly at the request of Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre has said in an interview with RTVI.

    In particular, at the request of the Ukrainian side, Macron discussed with Putin the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Energodar. Legendre noted that Western countries were concerned about the situation at the nuclear power plant, and it was thanks to these calls that observers from the IAEA had been sent to the station.

    According to Legendre, France initiated telephone conversations with Russia in coordination with Paris’ allies, this having been necessary to maintain a channel for dialogue. “Why is he [Macron] doing this? We can clearly see that today we are talking about weapons, and the time for negotiations has not yet come. But there will come a time when, given the support that we provide to the Ukraine on the ground, the Ukrainians will decide that the time has come for negotiations in order to achieve the return of their territorial integrity and sovereignty”, the representative of the Foreign Ministry said.

    Legendre pointed out at the same time that such calls cannot be considered negotiations, as at the moment Russia, in her opinion, “has not shown any desire” to conduct a dialogue.

    According to the Kremlin’s website, since the beginning of the Russian military operation in the Ukraine, Macron has spoken with Putin 14 times by phone. Last June, the French leader said that he had spent “one hundred hours” of conversations with the Russian president since the winter. The last such conversation was reported in the Kremlin on September 11.

    What a load of bollocks!

    Legendre says Russia “has not shown any desire” to conduct a dialogue?

    If my memory doesn’t fail me, was it not the Kiev Clown who way back said that all negotiations were off until Putin had been replaced?

    And hasn’t it been the Kiev mantra for a long time that there will be no negotiations until Russia had withdrawn completely from the territory of the former Banderastan and the Crimea had been returned to the loving bosom of the Yukonazi filth?


    1. Almost. You forgot the part where Russia agrees to pay reparations to Ukraine for battle damage. All of which was caused by Russia, of course – in my local paper, stories about Ukraine are routinely accompanied by a photo showing ‘Apartment building destroyed by Russian missile in Kramatorsk’ or ‘Weeping relatives of brothers killed by Russian bomb in Kharkiv’. Of course when the Russians are bored with shelling civilian areas in Kuh-yiv in a failed attempt to force proud Ukrainians to submit, they shell the eastern regions they entered the war to defend.


  33. American Greatness

    Wunderwaffen Won’t Save Ukraine
    There is still the prospect for diplomacy and negotiation to resolve the war in Ukraine. But nothing about Biden or his administration suggests either the wisdom or restraint to take such a course.
    By Christopher Roach, January 29, 2023

    In the summer of 1944, the Soviet Army destroyed Germany’s Army Group Center with a massive counteroffensive. The simultaneous invasion of France by allied forces and the continuation of the American thrust through Italy put additional pressure on Germany, which was forced to fight on three fronts.

    Throughout the war, the Germans undeniably had more sophisticated and superior weapons, including their Panther and Tiger tanks. They also developed jet fighters, as well as the first cruise and ballistic missiles. In addition to these technical advantages, the German Wehrmacht had an innovative and decentralized system of tactics and maintained rigorous training for officers through the end of the war.

    Even so, in spite of such qualitative superiority, by 1944 it was obvious Germany was going to lose. Israeli historian Omer Bartov goes further and argues that Germany was destined to lose the war from the moment it invaded the Soviet Union. Germany’s chief disadvantage was the size, or rather lack of size, of its population and economy, compared to the combined might and numbers of the British, American, and Soviet empires.

    The simultaneous invasion of France by allied forces and the continuation of the American thrust through Italy . . .

    American historical perspective!

    The British 8th Army was also in Italy as well as the forces of the “Free French”.

    The 8th Army started its long trek into Europe in 1940, in Alexandria, Egypt, and ended up via Libya, Tunisia and Sicily, at the cessation of hostilities in 1945 in the Po valley, Italy.

    Campaigning in Italy was no cakewalk, despite the drunkard Churchill going on and on about “the soft underbelly of Europe”. Perhaps Churchill was unaware of the mountainous nature of Italy, of the Apennine range of mountains that extend about 750 miles along the length of the Italian peninsula.

    On the Western Front of World War II, Italy was the most costly campaign in terms of casualties suffered by infantry forces of both sides during bitter fighting around defensive lines set up by the extremely skilled German general Kesselring along the Winter Line, around the Anzio beachhead and the Gothic Line.

    As an aside, the Italian campaign was marked by the mass rape of Italian women by North African colonial forces of the “Free French”, but nobody seems to mention that in most “histories” of WWII.


    1. And in the above “American Greatness” article, there is repeated, as is often elsewhere in a similar tone again and again and again:

      . . . not appreciating the repeated nuclear threats from Russia, the West may unintentionally cross a red line, setting off a chain reaction that could lead to Armageddon itself . . .

      omitting, of course, the Russian pre-conditions for using its nuclear capability, namely a first-strike by an enemy or the survival of the nation if faced with its extinction.

      Russia is threatening nobody with first-strike use of nuclear weapons: Russia will only use nuclear weapons if nuclear weapons are used against Russia.

      That the USA considers first-strike as an option is not unimaginable.


    2. What is not pointed out is that when Speer was put in charge of military production he did a sterling job and there were large increases… which didn’t do anything as energy supplies to Nazi Germany (from Romania and elsewher) had more or less disappeared because of bombing & recovery of territory. Their tanks were empty in all senses. Without energy, nothing moves. Some things don’t change.


      1. s. Without energy, nothing moves.
        Hay & oats are energy foods.

        The German Army had more horses in service than in 1940.


    3. the continuation of the American thrust through Italy
      Clearly explains why the Canadian s managed to have Xmas in Ortona.


  34. 5 February, 01:16
    BERLIN, February 5. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin did not threaten “either me or Germany” during telephone talks, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

    “No, Putin did not threaten either me or Germany,” Scholz said. “Absolutely different points of view” of the current situation in Ukraine are traced very clearly in telephone conversations with the Russian leader, the German Chancellor noted.

    “Germany will keep a cool head and continue weighing in all the decisions in the future,” Scholz noted, referring to the issue of tanks supplies to Kiev. “All the other things would be careless and extremely dangerous,” the Chancellor said. “The consensus is in place in this regard,” he added, answering the question whether there had been an agreement with the Ukrainian president that the Western weapons would be used on the territory of Ukraine only.

    So, if Russia is not threatening Germany, why is Germany helping Banderastan wage war against Russia?

    Ein Scheißkerl schüttelt den Kopf?

    Point of principle, eh?


    1. Same story now up in RT:

      5 Feb, 2023 02:26
      Putin did not threaten Germany – Scholz
      German tanks are also not a threat to “Russian territory,” the chancellor has said

      FILE PHOTO: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stands next to a Leopard 2 main battle tank at the Bundeswehr army training center in Ostenholz, October 17, 2022 © David Hecker / Getty Images

      Chancellor Olaf Scholz has claimed that a “consensus” was reached with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Kiev will not use Western weapons, including German Leopard tanks, to stage attacks on Russian territory. The West, however, still considers Crimea and four other new Russian regions to be parts of Ukraine.

      In an interview with the Bild am Sonntag newspaper published on Saturday night, Chancellor Scholz once again placed all of the blame for the conflict on Moscow, arguing that Russia’s “unprovoked aggression” justified the collective West’s intervention with military aid to protect the “European peace order.”

      “Together with our allies, we are giving battle tanks to Ukraine so that they can defend themselves,” Scholz argued. He added that Berlin “carefully weighed every arms shipment, closely coordinating… first and foremost with America.”

      Scholz pledged 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine from the Bundeswehr’s own stocks last month, after the US promised to send some of its own M1 Abrams tanks sometime later this year. In the interview, the German leader dismissed any concerns about his country’s weaponry once again being used against Russian soldiers as “abstruse historical comparisons.”

      At a ceremony marking the 80th anniversary of victory at the Battle of Stalingrad on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was “unbelievable but true – we are once again threatened with German Leopard tanks, with crosses on their hull. And once again seeking to battle Russia in Ukraine with the help of Hitler’s followers, the Banderites.”

      “Those seeking to defeat Russia on the battlefield apparently do not realize that a modern war with Russia would be entirely different for them,” he added, promising a response that goes beyond armored vehicles.

      “No, Putin didn’t threaten me or Germany,” Scholz said regarding phone conversations with the Russian leader when the interviewer brought up recent claims by ex-UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Kremlin stated that Johnson had either deliberately lied about a “missile threat” or simply did not understand what Putin was talking about.

      When asked if there is any kind of agreement with President Vladimir Zelensky that Western weapons will only be used on Ukrainian territory, Scholz said there is a “consensus.” He did not elaborate on whether there is a consensus regarding which territories are considered Ukrainian.

      The US has also reportedly provided military aid to Ukraine on condition that it will not be used to strike targets in Russia. However, American officials have said this restriction does not apply to Crimea and other new Russian territories, and has repeatedly stated that Kiev is free to pick its own targets.

      Crimea and the city of Sevastopol joined Russia in 2014 following a referendum. The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, did the same last year. Kiev has dismissed the referendums as a “sham.”

      On Wednesday, Putin tasked the military with “eliminating any possibility” of Ukrainian strikes against Russia. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clarified that this includes the territories that Ukraine still considers to be its own, saying that Moscow will “push back” the Ukrainian troops to a range at which they will not be a threat, and that “the longer range the weapons supplied to the Kiev regime have, the further the troops will need to be moved.”


    2. I remember when The Liver Sausage thought that supplying tanks would be careless and extremely dangerous. He’s not stupid, just spineless, and he allows himself to be persuaded in decisions which are going to have far-reaching and generational effects because he can’t abide pressure and hectoring. Plenty of modern executives have the same dislike, but they have the sense to send a hardheaded aide in their place with instructions to tell the petitioners that there is but a single interpretation of ‘No’.

      So, if Russia is not threatening Germany, why is Germany helping Banderastan wage war against Russia?

      That’s a fairly easy one; the Global Master has directed that Russia cannot win, and all its vassals will be weighed for future worth by their willingness to contribute to that end. America invented lobbying and is still the best at haranguing targets into getting onboard a deal which is certain to damage their interests. The Americans like to think of it as ‘can-do’ and charisma, while at least some of the rest of the world sees it as relentless nagging and a refusal to be embarrassed by one’s behavior.

      Russia is going to win, unless the war widens further and goes nuclear. In that event, as I suggested before, China will probably take a hand and there will be no ‘winner’. But even if this is not the case and the war stops because Ukraine cannot fight any more, Ukraine is going to be irrecoverably destroyed and probably partitioned away.


  35. Is the use of a $334m F-22 (if you include R&D costs – per lifecycle) to shoot down the Chinese weather balloon a good use of US military resources? Yes/No.

    Best of all the Chinese response that they reserve the right to do the same to overflying US equipment.

    Anyone who has a passing interest knows that the US carries out extensive SIGNIT/ELINT/Reconnaissance/whatever flights/ship patrols around China, Russia and others.

    If you look at one of the flight tracker apps you can see scandinavian and other spy planes race-tracking around the Baltic, NATO AWACS/tankers/whatever over eastern Poland, Romania etc., RQ4B drones over the Black Sea, not to mention those aircraft that are not ‘skwaking’ making them invisible to publicly accessible information. But that’s for Ru&Cn’s own good.

    In other news, ‘aircraft cruiser’ Kuznetsov will leave its dry dock in a week or so, cue and exicted PPNN once it goes for a trip.


    1. Yes, that ‘killer balloon’ thing had ‘manufactured crisis’ written all over it, so that Blinky could cancel a trip to China which more than likely would have concluded with him coming home early with zero cooperation achieved.


    2. A Chinese weather balloon? How quaint, how so 19th century!

      The USA at first tried to dismiss the infamous U-2 spy-plane affair by saying that Soviet accusations of US spying in Soviet airspace were typically paranoid Soviet nonsense, that the stupid Orcs had mistakenly a civilian weather research aircraft operated by NASA and had somehow gone astray for a US air force Lockheed U-2.


      1. Typo above. Should have read:

        … that the stupid Orcs had mistakenly identified a civilian weather research aircraft operated by NASA and had somehow gone astray for a US air force Lockheed U-2.


  36. For me, the sad thing about the above is that Zakharova in her criticism of German policy is forced to say “German” when talking about Leopard tanks supplied to the Ukronazis and the people who are responsible for this decision..

    Both in Soviet times and now, in school books, history books and newspaper and learned articles, when the topic was/is the Great Patriotic War, Russians always wrote/write and spoke/speak of Fascists, Nazis and Hitlerites. I long ago told my old workmate about this, and I don’t think he believed me, for when he arrived in Moscow 3 years ago with his wife, having taken a cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow along the St. Petersburg – Moscow Canal and the Volga, almost the very first thing thing he said to me was: “You were right — they always say ‘Nazis’ and ‘Fascists’!” When in St. Petersburg, he and his wife had been on an excursion dedicated to “The Blockade”, as Russians call the Siege of Leningrad.

    And now Zakharova is forced to criticize vehemently and emotionally both the German government and nation for military actions taken against Russia by means of the German, USA/NATO/EU proxy Banderastan. Such are the rewards for licking USA arse! And this arse-licking of the USA by Western Europe will not be forgotten by the Russians; it will not be glossed over by saying “The EU” or “EU Commissioners” were responsible for this policy.

    By the way, the ship by which my friend voyaged from St. Petersburg to Moscow, had been built in the GDR. My friend was invited to the bridge by the captain and also been shown around the engine room, so he got all the technical info about the vessel, which was launched in the 1980s.

    Pity about the English subtitles above: several errors therein.


      1. I think she was taking the gloves off: no more blaming a political party with an ideology founded on “racist theory”; no more blaming the Nazis, the fascists, the “Hitlerites” for seizing control of and brainwashing the German nation as a whole; no more attempts to exonerate very many Germans — socialists, liberals, communists, Catholics, Lutherans — who found the Nazi party to be intolerable and who consequently suffered in silence since the 1933 onset of the Nazi tyranny. Those who remained silent underwent what was termed “Innere Emigration”. The attitude of those who chose that path of silence was memorably described by Pastor Niemöller:

        First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a socialist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

        However, in the Russian Foreign Ministry at least, it seems that it is time now to call a spade a spade and Maria Zakharova talks about the Germans, German tanks, and German “Iron Crosses”, by which latter term she mistakenly describes the German “Balkenkreuz” symbol on Leopard tank hulls, which cross was first used by Imperial German armed forces 1916–1918 and later became the emblem of the Wehrmacht; it was then reintroduced in 1956 as the Bundeswehr emblem. Furthermore, when allocating guilt for German action to the “Germans”, she could now, in fact more accurately say ‘”the majority of Germans”, in that last time I checked, more than 60% of German citizens support the German coalition government actions in arming Banderastan — but not fighting there, of course, in the Ukraine, the Borderland, the former Nazi “Lebensraum”.

        I should add that second only to my intense Russophilia, I was previously, and still am, but to a lesser degree now, a Germanophile. I had warm and loving experiences when living in Germany and had every intention of settling there. I often think that the first victims of Nazism were the Germans themselves. The Nazis wilfully brought down upon Germany a Götterdämmerung. Why and how the Nazi party managed to take control of the German body politic is a long story, but I often think that a similar thing could have happened in the UK in the early ’30s, when folk were getting fed up of the apparent uselessness of “democracy”, when a “national government” had to be formed, when there was mass unemployment, when my father was brought up in poverty and was always hungry, as a contemporary of his once confided to me after my father’s death in 1970.

        Other countries experimented with fascism, which started in post-WWI Italy: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Spain, Portugal, the Baltic states were all fascist to a greater or lesser degree, but fascism was leavened in Germany with racism, which “Aryan” racism is by no means unique to Germany: one need only scratch the surface in the UK, in England in particular, to detect the conviction that the “English race” is superior to all others. Churchill certainly believed that to be the case. And what is the claim to be “an exceptional nation” nothing less than extreme national arrogance, a conceited belief in one’s national superiority in comparison with other “lesser” nations?


        1. I think so, too – for better or worse, Germany has cast itself as an existential enemy of Russia, and there will be far-reaching consequences which will outlive us. The United States lusted after status as Europe’s principle energy provider, and when we laughed at the absurd improbability of that ever happening, we reckoned without the absolute lawlessness which would later prevail and result in unthinkable acts of sabotage like the deliberate destruction of Nord Stream. The pipelines across Ukraine are going to be gonzo as well, leaving only Yamal – which the Russians no longer use since it is a rent-gathering instrument for Poland – and Turkish Stream. So the USA has realized its dream of exerting near-absolute political control over Europe as its essential energy provider. Perhaps it will achieve greater efficiencies in future, but at present it is incapable of supplying previous volumes for any price, which is guaranteed to result in shortages, de-industrialization and fierce competition for existing supplies.

          What will happen to Germany’s formerly-enviable industrial capability, its world-class car manufacturing, I couldn’t say. But it will be a tragedy if it all gravitates to the US in search of cheap energy, not least because the serial criminal will be rewarded for its activity rather than punished.

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  37. 20:33 05.02.2023
    Ex-Pentagon adviser: in the US, Zaluzhny secretly voiced Ukraine losses
    Colonel McGregor: Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine Zaluzhny secretly informed the United States about the loss of 257 thousand people

    MOSCOW, February 5-RIA Novosti. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, during a visit to the United States secretly told American military leaders how many people the Ukraine had lost since the beginning of the conflict. This was stated by former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor. A recording of the officer’s interview was published on the blog on YouTube

    “When General Zaluzhny was in the United States, he met with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and with General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to sources, he secretly informed them that the Ukraine had lost 257,000 people since the beginning of the fighting”, the colonel said.

    Earlier, McGregor said that owing to the lack of mobilization resources, Kiev has to take emergency measures and take into the army teenagers aged from 13 years and incapacitated people. At the same time, the officer highly appreciated the training of the Russian army personnel and the responsible approach to performing combat tasks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Excellent link, ME, thanks! McGregor is astute and convincing. Rubbishes the idea that Russia’s military is overrated and in trouble. Quite the opposite. A steady pulverizing of a now disintegrating Ukrainian army. It’s the beginning of the end for NATO’s proxy war. Is it reasonable to expect a shrug and thorough washing of the hands by the US in the near future? They’ve done it a half-dozen times in two decades, walking out of warzones in which they’ve failed to achieve what they publicly boasted about achieving–if it was that big a deal to them, that big a dent to national prestige, they wouldn’t keep doing it. We’ll find out as early as the next few months–but I think the “as long as it takes” talk will turn out to be more empty American bluster. Bluster being their primary export these days.


  38. 06 February 2023, 00: 19
    Walla: the Ukraine has demanded that Israel issue a $500 million loan and condemn Russia’s actions

    Kiev, on the eve of the expected visit of Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen to the Ukraine, has demanded that the Israeli side publicly condemn the actions of Russia and issue a large loan. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Walla portal.

    According to the source, the Ukraine sent Israel a list of demands, including a request for $500 million, as well as that Israel make a public and clear statement condemning the Russian special operation.

    Kiev also expects that Israel will support the “peace plan” of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. In addition, the Ukrainian side expects that Jerusalem will help with the treatment of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians wounded and injured as a result of the fighting.

    According to a Ukrainian source, Kiev believes that “the degree of responsiveness during Cohen’s visit will indicate the sincerity of Israel’s intentions”.

    A few days ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he would study the possibility of supplying weapons to the Ukraine, taking into account national interests.

    The whole world must give to Kiev!


  39. 05.02.2023 18:21
    The EU-Ukraine summit has once again failed to bring Kiev closer to EU membership

    President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and President of the European Council Charles Michel once again visited Kiev.

    The trip was timed to coincide with the 24th EU-Ukraine summit, which turned out to be perhaps the most meaningless since the first one, in 1997, and similar to the seven previous ones held after the coup in the Ukraine. High-ranking European bureaucrats symbolically stroked Zelensky’s unwashed head and noted Kiev’s “efforts” on the path of European integration. An important caveat: this was about “efforts”, and not about “results” that were mentioned in the final communiqué. Translated from the diplomatic language, this means that in Brussels the prospects for rapprochement with the Ukraine are assessed as “Grade C”. Probably, this is how kind teachers at a correctional school praise the most “special” students, the teachers being fully aware of the futility of their efforts to have such students warrant such praise.

    Of course, some ritual phrases were uttered in front of journalists, and in abundance. “The Ukraine is the EU, the EU is the Ukraine. The European Union is with you today and will be with you and your people tomorrow”. In turn, Von der Leyen literally named the day when the Ukraine was urgently granted candidate status. This happened on 23 June last year.

    What Zelensky didn’t get from the summit was concrete promises about EU membership.

    Beyond the rhetorical curtsies, they again talked about the intensification of the fight against corruption, as well as the traffic in drugs, weapons and human trafficking. This, however, was discussed five, seven, ten years ago at similar events, and steps for further economic colonization of the Ukraine were also discussed in the same way. In exchange for new “efforts”, Zelensky demanded new packages of sanctions against Russia and, in particular, Rosatom, new arms supplies and other support. In Brussels, they know perfectly well that this character can do nothing but beg, and they are actively playing on this, continuing to pit him against Russia. However, Zelensky is now asking the European Union for something that quite recently the Ukraine had in abundance — electricity supplies.

    What Zelenskiy did not get from the summit were concrete promises of EU membership, which some in Kiev seriously hoped to get before the end of the year. The Brussels guests did not utter a word either about the timing or the specific prospects for such membership, rhetorically flowing around the topic like a cruise missile over uneven terrain. Even in the United States, they noticed a reluctance to make Zelensky an equal in practice, which the New York Times wrote about. The EU is muting the talk of membership and has refused to give the reward that Zelensky has demanded.

    The results of the summit were also summed up in the Russian Foreign Ministry: “All participants in the Kiev gathering on February 3 this year will be severely disappointed. They will also have to answer to their own population, at the expense of which this bloody geopolitical game, started by the West [and which is to continue down] ‘to the last Ukrainian’, is financed.


  40. Well waddya know! Another change of seats at the top . . .

    Black tie optional?

    KIEV, February 5. /TASS/. Alexey Reznikov is vacating the office of Ukraine’s defense minister to be succeeded by military intelligence chief Kirill Budanov, David Arakhamia, leader of the Servant of the People pro-presidential faction, said on Sunday.

    According to Arakhamia, Reznikov will be appointed minister of Ukraine’s strategic industries to replace Pavel Ryabikin. “Alexey Reznikov will be transferred to the position of minister of strategic industries to strengthen military-industrial cooperation,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. “Major General Kirill Budanov will be appointed defense minister, which is absolutely logical for the wartime.”

    Rumors about Reznikov’s possible resignation surfaced amid the scandal around the defense ministry, which followed the publication of a journalist investigation of food procurements to the army at inflated prices. The scandal forced Deputy Defense Minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov and deputy director of the ministry’s state procurement department Bogdan Khmelnitsky to tender resignation. They were charged with corruption and hindering the activities of the Ukrainian army.

    And in Kiev, Michel and Von der Leyen were talking crap about the most corrupt country in Europe becoming a member of the EU.


  41. A prime example of Kreakl filth:

    Veronika Borisovna Belotserkovskaya is a Russian journalist, media manager, blogger, TV presenter, publisher and entrepreneur, and authoress of popular cookery books. She has also been a publisher at and also owns a culinary school in southern France, in which country she lives.

    She was born on 25 June 1970 in Odessa into the family of an engineer and a Russian language teacher. She attended the Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology, where she was a student on the “Higher Course for Scriptwriters and Film Directors”.

    Prior to 2003, Belotserkovskaya had been involved in television advertising and was co-owner and general director of “Trend St. Petersburg”. She owned the Moscow and Saint Petersburg versions of “Time Out” before selling them to “C-Media” in 2014. A video version of the Veronika Belotserkovskaya’s recipes was released on the Domashny TV channel. In 2014, Belotserkovskaya starred in an ironic video clip of the Leningrad song “Patriotka”.

    Belotserkovskaya was first married to artist Yan Antonyshev with whom she had a son. Her second husband was businessman Boris Belotserkovsky.They had two sons before they divorced in 2017. Belotserkovskaya currently lives in the south of France.

    Last month, Belotserkovskaya was accused of spreading fakes about the Russian army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia declared Belotserkovskaya to be a wanted person. She was living then and still lives now abroad.

    Kreakl truth-seeker Belotserkovskaya

    On her personal page in one of the social networks, Belotserkovskaya had posted three posts concerning the course of the special military operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Ukraine. These posts were dedicated to the bombing of a maternity hospital in Mariupol and the killing of civilians in Bucha.

    The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation did not confirm the accuracy of the data given by Belotserkovskaya about the events in Mariupol and Bucha, which made it possible for the security forces to initiate cases against citizens who shared links in social networks regarding the course of the actions of the security forces.

    News today:

    16: 04 03.02.2023 (updated: 16: 58 03.02.2023)
    Blogger Belotserkovskaya* asked to give nine years for fakes about the army
    The prosecutor’s office has demanded that blogger Belotserkovskaya be sentenced to nine years in a penal colony

    Belotserkovskaya at the 29th Kinotavr Film Festival opening, Sochi, 2 June 2018.

    MOSCOW, February 3-RIA Novosti. The prosecutor has asked that blogger Veronika Belotserkovskaya be sentenced in absentia to nine years in a penal colony for spreading fakes about the armed forces, a RIA Novosti correspondent has reported from the courtroom.

    “I ask you to find her guilty under Article 207.3 and impose a sentence of nine years in a general régime penal colony”, said state prosecutor Gulchehra Ibragimova.

    Additionally, Belotserkovskaya has been banned from managing Internet resources for five years after her release.

    I bet that’s really put the wind up Belotserkovskaya! She must be scared shitless now at her South of France squat.

    Note the name of the prosecutor: probably an Uzbek and very likely a Muslim.

    What’s wrong with this country? I thought it was full of nationalistic Orc racists.

    If she were a Yukietard criticising the noble and heroic Yukie military, they would have despatched an SBU killer to bump her off, as they attempted to do so with Dugin, but blew up his daughter as a second-best option instead.


  42. Pompeo

    He lost 90 pounds, he says, so as to have a run at the presidency.

    He also wrote an autobiography of sorts that came out at the end of last month:

    Although he has clearly lost a lot of weight, he clearly has not lost his ability to lie through his teeth.

    Comments from certain parties as regards statements Pompeo has made in his book:

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu delicately stated: “In diplomatic language, there are lies, exaggerations and double standards in these statements. There are a number of statements that do not correspond to reality.

    Even more interesting details emerge when Mike Pompeo describes the “Iraqi” pages of his working biography. The former secretary of state in the book talks about how he made generous financial offers to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in 2017, demanding that he refuse to cooperate with Tehran, but he ignored this call.

    Everything would be fine, but both the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and Haider Al-Abadi’s Nasr party coalition issued an official statement that what was written in the book was a lie. And now drumroll: Baghdad said: Mike Pompeo did not visit Iraq in 2017, did not meet with Al-Abadi, and all the words that Pompeo attributes to the former prime minister are fiction.

    Source: commenter johnny rotten at Reminiscence of the Future

    johnny rotten concludes his comment thus —

    The other day we celebrated the infamous 20th anniversary of the Powell test tube. Now non-existent conversations with the Iraqi leadership have been added. It worked out exceptionally.


    1. Mike Pompeo loses 90 pounds, recalls this as ‘a lifetime struggle’
      Date 1/8/2022 4:36:41 AM

      Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he’s been working out and eating healthier since leaving the Trump administration. He lost 90 pounds in 6 months as a result of his healthy lifestyle changes. Throughout 2021, people noticed Pompeo looking significantly slimmer. Former Secretary of State and Kansas Congressman could run for President in 2024.

      Losing weight has been a“lifetime struggle” for Pompeo, but it has become extremely complicated since his election to Congress in 2010. He explained to the Post that his weight loss journey truly began in June 2021, when he stepped on the scale and comprehended he was moving towards 300 pounds.“Today is the day,” Pompeo recalls telling his wife Susan. Then, Pompeo said,“I started exercising, not every day, but nearly every day, and eating right, and the weight just started to come off.”

      There was no trainer, there was no dietitian
      Operating in government, particularly in a prime responsibility like secretary of state, Mike Pompeo said, encompassed lengthy workdays and travel days fuelled by a lot of food, particularly cheeseburgers.“I tried to get down there five, six times a week and stay at it for a half-hour or so. And that was nothing scientific. There was no trainer, there was no dietitian. It was just me,” Pompeo told the Post .

      “You can ask anybody on my team, they knew exactly what I was going to do: cheeseburger from room service. I went back to the room and kept working, and ate my cheeseburgers. That was my pattern of life,” he said about his routine during the days when he was traveling abroad.“When you work and eat, you just keep working and you just keep eating,” Pompeo claimed that his weight loss was accomplished without the use of fad diets, expensive personal training , or strenuous workout regimens.


      1. Bloody bollocks!

        My first posted photos of the amazingly shrinking lying bastard Pompeo have now appeared.

        I blame Putin’s censorship.

        He watches everything — I mean everything! — deep down in his Kremlin bunker.


      2. He’s a liar. Losing 90 pounds in 6 months – that’s a bit over 4 pounds a week and deemed to be extremely unhealthy – without ‘fad’ or other diets, nutritionists, personal trainers, exercise? Not on your nelly! Not at his age. Mind you, staying off cheeseburgers and probably alcohol might have some effect, but not that much.
        A lying politician- that’s all.


      3. What a bullshitter. He probably had surgery. According to dieticians and clinicians – who I used to believe relied on science – 1 to 2 pounds per week is a safe rate of weight loss, which would make it possible for Pompeo to lose a maximum of about 50 pounds over 6 months.

        He claims to have lost nearly twice that, just by having faith and exercising quite often, though not every day. And ‘headed for 300 pounds’? Fool, please. I’m pretty sure 300 pounds was in the rearview mirror, not on the horizon.


      4. He’s likely to have had a gastric band put around his stomach to reduce how much he eats at each meal along with advice to exercise and keep his weight down. He’s likely to have had freedumb fries and fizzy drinks with his cheeseburgers in the past, and cutting down on the fries and drinking coffee instead of the sodas helps with some weight loss.

        To “… we lied, we cheated, we stole …” must be added “… we make up stories when it suits …”.


    2. I wonder how he lost all that weight? Certainly wasn’t working, because it is quite clear he desires nothing more strenuous than politics for employment. Perhaps imaginary workouts can take off pounds. And so the wheel of idiocy comes ’round once again, and the battle lines are drawn for a Clash Of The Blockheads in which the eventual victor cannot but be a moron, for nothing but morons entered. Something else which is clear is that no matter how many times politicians are caught lying, there is no remorse and the tactic is never abandoned, because there’s always enough of a demographic that believes the lies and casts its vote accordingly.

      Well, if he’s successful, he’ll be just in time for war with China.

      No matter how much damage and destruction it causes, it just does not seem possible to get American leaders to stop thinking with an organ evolved for digestion. George Dubya was another well-known believer in his gut as a guide for international conflict, and that certainly worked out well. It should also escape no one that all the while the chattering press goes on labeling Russia ‘The Aggressor Country’, the United States remains always at war with someone or planning its next war.


    3. Speaking of Johnny Rotten (and the commenter called Johnny Rotten has been told of this news too on Andrei Martyanov’s blog), I heard that John Lydon and Public Image Ltd failed in their bid to represent Ireland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.


      1. In Liverpool is it?

        So it is!

        How surprising.

        I take it, judging by the above logo, there will be no Russian Orc entry.


        1. I think there is an implied subtext that Ukraine won it, as it wins every contest in Europe, and various European cities will host it on its behalf because Ukraine is too broke and dangerous. So long as this kid-gloves-for-Ukraine environment persists, Europeans will continue to be amazed at the tremendous reservoir of talent at everything which existed right under their noses all those years, without them ever knowing.


          1. Ukraine did win last year’s Eurovision Song Contest and would normally host the contest this year. Due to the ongoing conflict, the runner-up country gets to host instead.


            1. Yes, I remember, but I thought at the time that another country had been chosen to host it; of course they were honoured to have to shut down their city and build a bunch of facilities and spend billions on security, all for Ukraine’s benefit. And I suppose in this instance as well, Zelensky and some chosen toadies will parachute in after all the hard work has been done, and welcome Europe as if it was all Ukraine’s doing.


    4. I guess when a retired Secretary of State proudly entitles his memoirs “Never Give an Inch” it’s safe to conclude the spirit of diplomacy has been dead in the US for some time and we can look forward to nothing but more belligerent obstinacy from those US officials responsible for the country’s international relations. Bullying confrontation on all fronts, even to the point of nuclear war. I bet the subtitle’s “And Always Take a Mile.” Because any other attitude just wouldn’t be American. Jack Matlock ought to review this book. He’d have some tips for Mike and Anthony.


      1. But I guess it makes good electoral sense, if you’re running for Prez, to make your appeal as ‘broad’ as possible. Plumpeo, recovering fattie, sending out affirmative you-can-too vibes to fat Americans…ie. most of them. The Onion or somebody should spoof it: ‘Pompeo Adopts “Sanctions Diet” to Shed Pounds.’ Ex-diplomat said he simply ate as if he were living in a Middle Eastern or Latin American country on which the US had imposed sanctions, over the years. ‘I ate one meal a day–usually tree-bark soup, which is just boiled water, twigs and expired milk-powder. Grubs or spiders for a treat.’


  43. Unsere liebste Außenministerin …

    zu gut, um es nicht zu teilen …

    Our dearest woman Foreign Minister …

    “Everyone wants to have sex with me.”

    “No, Annalena . . .

    *Fuck Baerbock* has quite a different meaning!”

    too good not to share …



  44. Politico: EU to launch platform to fight Russian, Chinese disinformation

    Josep Borrell warns of ‘new wave’ of fabricated images, videos and deceptive websites.

    …Borrell also warned of a “new wave” of disinformation of fabricated images, videos and websites posing as media outlets spreading “five times the speed of light across social networks and messaging services.”..

    How about ‘Five times the speed of shite’ as the laws of physics and common sense don’t apply to Brussles?

    Sure, I know that english is not Borrell’s first language and he is being figurative, but if we are talking about disinformation, surely those who claim to be fighting it should lead by example? Ah, but ‘the rules’ of any kind don’t apply to ‘The Exceptionals.’

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    1. ANOTHER one?? How many fightin’ keyboarder agencies does that make now which are tasked with monitoring the intertubes for jarring messages which inhibit the piping of sunshine up your ass? And that’s supplemental to all the zealots who do it for free. Is it possible for the west to more completely become the utterly-subordinate-to-the-state Soviet Union it idealized as a mythical enemy in our youth? I never realized the simplest way to fight an influence is to completely embrace it yourself.

      But of course it’s all for your own protection. Because your leaders care for you so very much. They don’t want you to suffer the agony of making important decisions.


  45. 7 February, 2023, 20:12

    War is peace, freedom is slavery…

    “The banning of the Russian mass media is a fight for freedom of speech”— the new principles of the European Union.

    The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that banning a number of Russian media outlets in Europe was a fight for freedom of speech. It is not known whether the European official has read George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, but he quoted almost verbatim famous lines from it: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is power”. This is not the first time that Western politicians have expressed similar thoughts. Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called supplying weapons to Kiev “the only way to peace”. I should like to advise Western politicians to read other, kinder and brighter books, especially considering that the peace and prosperity of people in one third of the world depends on their actions. ✅ Subscribe to the “War on Fakes” to prevent yourself from being fooled.

    Borrell: EU helps media outlets recognized as foreign agents in Russia, because they “tell the truth”
    7 February, 2023, 14: 26

    The European Union actively supports media outlets that are recognized as foreign agents in Russia, because they “tell the truth”, says the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell.

    Mentally deficient Spanish excuse for a diplomat

    He made this statement during a conference “on combating disinformation”.

    “We are actively helping them: we stand on the side of Russian independent media, human rights defenders and civil society”, TASS quoted Borrell as having said.

    He added that “this is not just rhetoric”.

    “I can’t disclose the details, but believe me, we are the ones who support them in a practical way. I can’t say exactly how, because I should do them a disservice”, the diplomat admitted.

    He also said that the European authorities, by banning the work of Russian media, were not attacking freedom of speech, but “protecting it”.

    Is this dotard for real?

    What a wally!

    Freedom of speech?

    In the EU?

    Number of arrests for social media posts in Russia and the UK

    Police arresting nine people a day in fight against web trolls
    Thursday October 12 2017, 12.01am BST, The Times

    Nine people a day are being arrested for posting allegedly offensive messages online as police step up their campaign to combat social media hate speech.

    More than 3,300 people were detained and questioned last year over so-called trolling on social media and other online forums, a rise of nearly 50 per cent in two years, according to figures obtained by The Times.

    About half of the investigations were dropped before prosecutions were brought, however, leading to criticism from civil liberties campaigners that the authorities are over-policing the internet and threatening free speech.

    Arrests are expected to rise after Amber Rudd, the home secretary, last week announced a national police hub to crack down on hateful material online. Freedom of information requests have revealed that 3,395 people across 29 forces were arrested last year under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, which makes it illegal to intentionally cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another person with online posts.

    It is a rise of nearly 50 per cent since 2014, when there were 2,315 arrests, and an increase of 23 per cent since 2015 when there were 2,755 arrests…

    Jodie Ginsberg, chief executive of Index on Censorship, a free speech campaign group, accused police of unnecessarily hunting internet trolls. She said: “These figures bear out what we have been saying: that police are wasting more and more time investigating people for comments online that are offensive but not criminal.

    Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group, said the Crown Prosecution Service emphasised section 127 was to be used only in extreme circumstances. But the problem is that even grossly offensive language is not something you should normally be prosecuted for…


    1. Banning or severly controlling the other sides media is one of the first actions you do when you plan to go to war. Apparently this has not ocurred to the Pork Pie News Networks, but I suppose like a cow going to market they follow whomever is pulling their ring…


  46. IN-DEPTH: Chinese-Russian History with Mark Sleboda & Carl Zha

    The New Atlas
    213K subscribers

    8 views Feb 7, 2023

    Historian and podcaster Carl Zha and international relations and security expert Mark Sleboda join the New Atlas again, this time to talk about Russian-Chinese history and whether or not there is any historical basis for the West’s current desire to see a new “Sino-Soviet” split.


  47. 05: 32, 8 February, 2023

    Biden called Russia’s special operation a “test for the ages” for the United States

    Biden called the special military operation a test for the ages and promised support for the Ukraine.

    US President Joe Biden , in his annual address to Congress, called the Russian special operation “a test for the ages” for the United States and the whole world. His speech was broadcast on the White House YouTube channel.

    “It has become a test for America, a test for the world”, the politician said.

    During his speech, Biden also addressed the Ambassador of the Ukraine, Oksana Markarova, who was present at the event as an honorary guest. The American leader promised to support Kiev for as long as necessary.

    Earlier, analyst Brooke Sample explained Biden’s fear of sending US troops to the front line. According to her, Washington is now helping Kiev out of fear of a protracted conflict of attrition, which will test international relations. At the same time, it is noted that earlier the United States had provided support to the Ukrainian side out of fear of a “Russian nuclear escalation”.

    A fear of that which the USA would do if it were in the same position that Washington perceives Russia is in, namely at the very least a stalemate, if not actually losing?

    Projection again — if we, the Righteous Nation guided by the Hand of Providence towards its Manifest Destiny, were Russia, this is what we would do, therefore the likelihood of Russia using tactical nuclear weapons is very real, because that’s what God would want us to do?

    God bless America!

    And don’t you goddam atheists go forget now: without God, there would be no morality in human actions!

    04:21 08.02.2023

    “They are desperate”: ex-Pentagon adviser predicts end of Kiev regime
    Pentagon adviser McGregor: the end of the Kiev regime, but the United States does not want to admit it

    MOSCOW, February 8-RIA Novosti. The Kiev regime is so desperate that it is recruiting children for the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, but the United States will not admit this, former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, said in an interview with the “Judging Freedom” YouTube channel.

    “”A lot of evidence of the real mobilization situation is being published by a huge number of Ukrainians. There are photographs of Ukrainian soldiers who, at a glance, are 15-16 years old . There is no doubt that this is happening … The population is mainly male, I was told, because a lot of old people and women and children have left the country. However, the men who have remained are not all able (to go to the front. – ed.): some are too old, some of them are children, and they (the régime — ed.) in desperation are using these groups of people. This régime is coming to an end. In fact”, said the colonel.

    McGregor suggested that none of the American politicians who “make at least some decisions” recognized this fact of the collapse of the Ukrainian régime, since this issue was being successfully hushed up.

    The above McGregor quote may not be the exact words that he said, as it is a translation from a Russian newspaper of what he said, and as everyone knows, Russian newspapers are full of fake news.

    The linked in the above article “Judging Freedom” clip is below, in which one may hear the actual words that McGregor uttered.


    1. The Judge begins the above clip by mistakenly saying that Yahoo and other “news” sources in the West report that in the last 24 hours, 10,030 Russian soldiers have been killed. Then he corrects himself by saying “1,030” dead, adding that there must be something in it, because all the news aggregators report the same — which is curious logic coming from the Judge.

      There has been no such news reported here, neither by individual news sources nor by aggregators.

      Perhaps I am being naive in believing what the Kremlin controlled press in this authoritarian state publishes or, as in this case, that if news published in the free and truthful West is not published here in Mordor, then the West is lying?


      1. The colonel comes out with (17:26) “I think a better comparison [with Hitler] would be someone like Stalin — you know, the man that murdered sixteen times the number of people that Hitler had ever encountered”.

        I am quite sure that Hitler actually encountered very few of the people who were murdered by his party members: he certainly knew Röhm and many of the Brownshirt gang whom he had bumped off in one night, but as regards the millions of other victims of the Nazi régime . . .

        Where does McGregor get his figures from as regards deaths caused by Stalin?

        I have seen USSR demographic statistics that take into account the deaths caused by pre-war and post-war famine, not to mention the millions of deaths that occurred during the “Great Patriotic War”, and having seen such statistics, one is forced to ask: Where did the forebears of the present population of Russia come from?

        Certainly not through procreation. Even during the very last days of the Soviet Union, which I experienced, one child per family was the normal order of things.

        Immigration? Spontaneous generation perhaps?


        1. I saw a video today about Ukraina by Clayton Morris.

          Something BIG is happening in Ukraine and NATO is scared | Redacted with Clayton Morris

          He seems to distrust american propaganda…


          At 29:40 into the video he mentiones the genocide in Rwanda and Bill Clintons regret that he did not stop the genocide !!!

          USA started the war and the genocide!!!

          I have never heard Clinton regretting his coutrys role in starting and supporting the death squads…

          Clinton loves the the brutal genocidal dictator Paul Kagame that USA installed as lifetime dictator…

          I guess Clayton Morris also gets his news from Hollywood.

          The film Hotel Rwanda totally rewrote the history about what happend, and it was nominated for 3 Oscars.



      2. The Ukrainians’ kill rate is improving; I seem to recall Zelensky, in the early stages of the conflict, announcing gravely that 12,000 Russian soldiers had been killed in that week. How could they be getting better even as the army more and more consists of whoever they can find to hustle into a uniform? Ah; but we must remember that the Free Syrian Army was all cooks and bus drivers and librarians and mechanics, but they were kicking The Regime’s ass six ways from Sunday. The world loves a good love-lifts-us-up-where-we-belong story.


    2. I see that Biden is plagued by typos as much as our much-loved Moscow Exile; of course what he meant was “A test for the apes”.

      So very typical of the USA, really; it’s America in a nutshell. Embark blithely on a great adventure, flushed with confidence in victory, burning with eagerness to dispense advice and too arrogant to follow it. Stall and lie for a little while in the hope that initial momentum can be recovered and the worsening situation passed over as temporary inconvenience. Eventually, when the situation begins to fall apart as more sensible people suggested it would, declare it a test for the ages in which all the world must pitch in to support an American victory. If successful, prance and puff about American can-do and exceptionalism.

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  48. Part of the article “Government by Panic” [wall, free trial period offered] by Matt Taibi, to which McDonald refers in the above clip:

    A mysterious balloon, a camera-ready Schumer, a mighty F-22, and a vigilant Blinken

    “This is completely an isolated and accidental incident caused by force majeure, but the U.S. still hyped up the incident on purpose and even used force to attack.” — Chinese foreign minister Mao Ning

    Empires can’t be ruled without belief. Without confidence in official words, subjects will lack direction, becoming “lost at sea,” as Revolt of the Public author Martin Gurri put it. They’ll support Brexit, Catalan independence, Trump; they’ll wear yellow vests, throw away masks, even refuse the shot. When you tell them Beto O’Rourke is Robert Kennedy, they vote as if he were Ralph Nader.

    Now take a hypothetical. Say you’re a member of the American political establishment after the 2016 election of Donald Trump. You’re staring at four years as part of a government-in-exile and need a new message to solve your belief problem. What’s your answer?

    My hypothesis is such people never bothered to find one. Instead, they declared a state of emergency.

    What emergency? Doesn’t matter. Russian interference was a good startup disaster, but you can keep changing them. The important thing is the pattern. One, declare a crisis. Two, spread panic. Three, take emergency measures. If you do this over and over, you end up with permanent crisis, permanent panic, permanent emergency rule. So long as new crises keep evoking unconscious fear and anxiety, the legitimacy of the political establishment is continuously justified.

    An episode that took place over the weekend speaks directly to our leaders’ new dependence on government-by-panic. A Chinese balloon of unknown etiology drifted into American airspace, and wigs flipped from coast to coast. The episode ended in Kubrickian spoof, with one unsmiling official after another lining up to declare victory over a balloon. And nobody thought it was odd.


  49. 9 February 2023, 09:32
    Polish Prime Minister urges Zelensky to give land to Western Ukraine
    Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has addressed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with a hint that he should transfer part of the Ukraine to him.

    At the same time, the Polish Prime Minister assured that such a decision was “temporary” and necessary in the current situation. Morawiecki said that by transferring Western Ukraine so as it be under the protectorate of Poland, Zelensky would be protecting these territories from the Russian Federation.

    The Prime Minister said that Moscow was not going to “attack” a country protected by NATO membership.

    “The western regions of the Ukraine will be safe if they temporarily fall under the protectorate of the Polish state”, Morawiecki said.

    Earlier, the Polish authorities actively denied Russian intelligence reports that the country planned to annex Western Ukraine. Moreover, Morawiecki became enraged and advised former Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski to “watch your language” after he had publicly hinted at Warsaw’s desire to appropriate part of Ukrainian lands.

    It is worth noting that the Russian foreign intelligence service has repeatedly warned about Poland’s intrusive intentions towards the Ukraine. According to SVR [Sluzhba vneshney razvedki Rossiyskoy Federatsii: Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation — ME] Director Sergei Naryshkin, Warsaw wass working on scenarios concerning an actual dismemberment of the neighbouring state and that the Polish authorities were confident that the USA and the UK would support the plan to partition the Ukraine.

    Polish national anthem, first verse translated into English:

    Poland has not yet perished,
    So long as we still live.
    What the foreign force has taken from us,
    We shall with sabre retrieve.

    By “Poland” they mean the “Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” [Królestwo Polskie i Wielkie Księstwo Litewskie], meaning this below, before the partitions of Poland in 1772, 1793 and 1795:

    Banderastan national anthem, first verse translated into English:

    The glory and freedom of the Ukraine has not yet perished
    Luck will still smile on us brother-Ukrainians.
    Our enemies will die, as the dew does in the sunshine,
    and we, too, brothers, we’ll live happily in our land.

    We’ll not spare either our souls or bodies to get freedom
    and we’ll prove that we brothers are of Cossacks.

    By the way, Cossacks are not a “nation” and there were never Cossacks in Galicia.

    The first Cossacks crossed the Dnieper rapids eastwards so as to escape Polish overlordship.

    In 1654, the “Zaporozhian Cossacks” [“Zaporozhian” meaning “Beyond-the-Rapids”] accepted the protection of the Russian Tsar, something that they had requested of him. This was the “Pereyaslav Agreement”, which idiot Khrushchev commemorated in 1954 by illegally returning the Crimea to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

    The Zaporozhian rapids were an impediment to navigation and the site of important portages. In 1932, the rapids were flooded to become part of the reservoir of the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, hence the nearby city of Zaporozhye (Запорожье): Yukietards call it in their shitwit dialect “Zaporizhzhia” (Запоріжжя).


    1. Let them have it, say I. His reasoning is sound – Russia would be most unlikely to attack western Ukraine if it were protected by Article 5 and under NATO’s umbrella. Would it be, though, if it were so clearly known that Morawiecki was simply ‘holding it for a friend’ and it was not actually and legally a part of Poland? I suspect not, but that, too, might be Morawieckian stratagery, whereby he would say, “Sorry; it looks like we will have to actually own it for that to work. But we can look at giving it back later”. Anyway, it probably does not matter much to Russia in the long run, although it would bring Poland closer. And Poland is feisty and spoiling for a fight with Russia because it is too stupid to see the example right under its long nose, and furthermore fancies that NATO would rush to its defense if it started something. In such an event, the slow, grinding conflict which tragically maximizes Ukrainian battlefield losses would be replaced by a vicious hammerstroke which would blow Poland’s sneakers off its feet. No need to play patty-cake and give the Poles every chance to surrender – they sold out to NATO years ago.

      But the Ukies would be delighted to be absorbed by a rich NATO country like Poland, and would serve their new masters in contented gratitude. And something is going to have to be done with the remaining rump Ukraine; it will be too poor and empty to ever stand independently again. What a feather in The Actor’s cap.


    1. FFS!

      First question posed to McGregor:

      “Who is it that really wants this war between NATO and Vladimir Putin?”

      The personification of evil?


  50. Zombified Ukraine is not ready for negotiations, and the West is ripe — political scientists

    The idea of negotiations with Kiev as of today is an absolute failure. This was stated by political analyst Ruslan Balbek, assessing in an interview with the words of former Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych about a Korean type settlement of the conflict. At the same time, the West is quite ready for negotiations, points out Vadim Koziulin, a candidate of political sciences and professor at the Academy of Military Sciences.

    According to Balbek, Arestovich is trying to gain political capital for himself with the help of loud statements. The specialist noted that without Washington’s approval there would be no dialogue, no security guarantees and no economic miracle. At the same time he stressed: The US is not interested in negotiations right now, they are satisfied with the current situation in the Ukraine.

    “The fact that the Ukraine is lowering the political stakes is Arestovych’s personal wish, saying that it is not up to Europe anymore: it is enough to be like South Korea is”, Balbek stressed.

    He added that it was pointless to negotiate with Kiev, as no one was going to provide Russia with security guarantees.

    “There is no topic, no subject, no desire for negotiations — neither for us nor for them. The zombified Ukrainian society still believes in the defeat of Russia. As they say, the Ukraine is not ripe yet for important conversations”, the political scientist concluded.

    Vadym Kozyulin believes that Americans are now irritated by several things: corruption, Hunter Biden and big spending on aid to the Ukraine. The expert stressed that the Ukraine was not a priority problem for the USA. Washington’s main focus is on China and the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, the countries of the collective West would soon be ready to find a compromise against the background of Russia’s economic and military stability. In addition, Europe and the US are losing faith in a victory of the Ukrainian army, according to Koziulin.

    “A loss in the Ukraine will not be a big loss for Washington. Prolonging the conflict carries more costs than negotiations with the Russian Federation”, Kozyulin points out.

    In his opinion, the US Republican Party’s proposal to hand over Ukrainian territories to Russia in exchange for an early end to the conflict might be an acceptable basis for starting negotiations. However, but only a basis.

    “We should not forget that the voiced goals of the SMO were: denazification, Ukraine non-alignedness, demilitarization, and removal of issues concerning the Russian language and culture”, the expert stressed.

    As EADaily has reported, the day before, Oleksiy Arestovych suggested a scenario whereby “two Koreas” in the Ukraine. He believes that after the conflict is over, the West may create a semblance of South Korea in the remaining part of the country with the necessary guarantees.


    1. It’s a little sad, that this is now the best he can hope for. After cocky pronouncements of stunning victory upon stunning victory over a rabble of demoralized prison-camp zeks fighting for a pardon, advancing over the piled and strewn bodies of their own dead, running out of missiles, out of fighting spirit, out of hope. And now, paradoxically, Ukraine’s hope is that the enemy it spat upon, reviled and told the most absurd lies about to a panting pack of western reporters will ease up on it and let it keep a reduced protectorate regulated by the foreign overlords who got it into such trouble in the first place, and then kept it there while it lost everything.


  51. I read that the Poles are championing the idea of a new high speed rail link Kiev, Lvov, Warsaw. It makes sense if western Ukraine becomes part of Poland…


  52. Euractiv: Baltics, Poland make push on use of Russia’s frozen assets ahead of EU summit

    Poland and the Baltic states are expected to push EU leaders to accelerate work on the use of frozen assets to support Ukraine’s reconstruction, according to a joint letter seen by EURACTIV.

    …The EU’s Council’s Legal Service last month told member states diplomats that such plans would be legally feasible, as long as the assets aren’t expropriated and certain conditions are met.

    Such conditions would include a termination date, a focus on liquid assets and clarity that the principal and interest would be returned to Russia at some point, people familiar with the matter said, speaking on the condition of anonymity…


    So the EU’s own legal service says ‘NO WAY JOSÉ’ and the pols are still flogging this dead horse? As there neither no legal definion of ‘as some point’ in the future it doesn’t even pass the smell test. This has been obvious to anyone that knows private property is off limits in capitalist societies, more so the west but I guess the longevity of this is yet more ‘DO SOMETHING!’ bloviating to cover weakness and lack of options.


  53. Vis the US+EU’s new ultimatum to Serbia, maybe the latter should take both to the ICC, arguing that it is illegal ‘Collective Punishment’ by the west and would amount to a crime against humanity if followed through.


  54. Tass: International team suspends investigation into MH17 plane crash

    According to Digna van Boetzelaer, “the evidence is at the moment not concrete enough to lead to new prosecutions”

    The Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has decided to suspend its investigation into the 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash in Ukraine for lack of evidence, Dutch prosecutor Digna van Boetzelaer announced on Wednesday.

    “The investigation has now reached its limit. All leads have been exhausted,” she said at a press conference in The Hague.

    According to her, “the evidence is at the moment not concrete enough to lead to new prosecutions.”


    But we were told it was a slam-dunk!

    In current news multiple headlines tell us that ‘Putin provided Missile parts’ but only one says ‘strong indications’ which as we know is a very strong legal term plucked out of their backsides because they have nothing else. Much of the PPNN is spinning what’s left furiously.


    1. Ummm….wouldn’t this be an appropriate moment to introduce those American satellite snaps that showed the launch of the missile and where it came from? Or was John Kerry simply making that up?

      Sorry; what I meant to say was, “Is John Kerry a lying bag of shit?” But even a cursory viewing of this video suggests his defense will be “I was misled by social media”. Which is as good as a reporter, as far as the west is concerned. It deserves to lose.


    1. So, the perpetrator is unsurprising even if the details are great reading. More important for me is the key question: why now?, as in why has this leaked now or whomever has briefed Hersh and I assume he has multiple sources came to him within the last few weeks to share it.

      Could it be because they might be afraid that the US is dragging u-Rope in to open war as the margins shrink and every promise by the Bid-Dumb Adminstration or ‘not supplying [X]’ have been dumped not long after such statements?

      Is this a sign of push-back by those who realise staying silent is no longer an option if the consequence is becoming quite dead, by accident or otherwise? And I wonder if other revelations may follow this.

      It’ll be interesting to see how the PPNN handle this (or don’t). I assume it will be reported somewhere but down the ranking of news items.

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      1. Pardon me! 😉

        It must be pure luck that the MH17 ‘nuthin’ here’ news comes the same day as ‘USA! USA! We Blew Up NordStream Hey! Hey! Hey!’ revelations..

        As for the failed 4th string that was not blown up, has anyone explained why not (failed device) if such a device must have been recovered, the information must have been supressed, i.e. the Germans probably know already but hid it from the German public. Well that’s a lunatic’s dirty protest right there, right now. Will serious questions be asked?


        1. German Axel Springer owned Politico still hasn’t reported the Hersh news. Waiting for instructions, it’s fearless reporters? It looks like the PPNN are busy directing their energies at the MH17 canard and trying to salvage something, anything out of its failure. Google News is having trouble finding the Hersh story and Euractiv too. Maybe their internet is too slow?


          1. never mind google – this article is already being handed around the old-fashioned way, posting the link via private email. I’ve already received it twice in the last hour.


    2. BOOM!!! Finally, the bombshell I’ve been waiting for. One of the last remaining investigative journalists doing fine work. The Germans will issue their own report full of deepfake photos of a smirking Putin in scuba gear in midBaltic with hacksaw and hand grenade, a Chinese spy balloon hovering approvingly in the background.
      Can’t wait to see the fallout from this. Will the MSM be able to maintain radio silence or will they eventually have to generate an almighty amount of spin to explain how, although this was a blatant act of war, it actually wasn’t? And then there’s Russia’s reaction. It won’t be in the form of spin.


  55. War to the last Ukrainian: the country is coming to its end

    Soft cnuts!

    For a year now, the Kiev regime has demonstrated its determination to fight to the last Ukrainian.

    At the moment there is no reliable data on AFU losses, attempts to make even estimates of losses (manpower, economy, infrastructure) are strictly suppressed by the the Ukrainian special services.

    Obviously, regardless of when and how the SMO ends, the strategy of total war will have lasting consequences for Ukrainians (the southwestern branch of the Russian people).

    To assess the implications of this strategy for Ukrainian demography, we turn to a forecast made in March 2022 by the Scottish University of St Andrews.

    The strong side of this study is the availability of scientific methodology, the weak side is the use of official data of the Kiev regime, which is interested in embellishing the reality.

    What is the prognosis based on?
    The demographers estimated the population as being 42 million at the beginning of 2022, which is in line with official Kiev data.

    Number of births per woman — 1.15 children (one of the lowest rates in the world). The reason for the low birth rate is extreme poverty, uncertainty about the future of Ukrainian families living in a post-industrial society.

    What scenarios were considered by Scottish scientists?
    The study builds four scenarios for the development of the demographic situation in the Ukraine. The first two have already lost their relevance, since they assumed that the war would be quick. The third and fourth provide that the war will be long and will cost 5,000 dead soldiers, 1,500 civilians and 5 million emigrants.

    The difference in the scenarios is that according to the third (so-called positive) scenario, the Ukraine will win and 90% of the migrants will return; according to the fourth one, it will lose and 90% of the migrants will remain in Europe.

    Since the vast majority of migrants are women of childbearing age with children, after the end of the war they will be joined by men who are now not allowed abroad by the Kiev regime.

    The departure of millions of women of childbearing age with their children abroad, under the condition of one of the lowest birth rates in the world, buries any prospects for population recovery.

    What are the demographic prospects of an independent Ukraine?
    According to the third scenario, the population of the Ukraine over the next 18 years will decrease by 17.5% (7.4 million), and according to the fourth — by 33% (14 million). The third scenario is comparable to the results of the Second World War for the Ukraine, whilst the fourth scenario is far higher.

    Recall that the Ukrainian SSR turned out to be one of the most affected territories in Europe. But the reduction of the population in absolute terms pales in its consequences before the change in the age structure of the population. Three diagrams from a study by the Scottish university without further ado demonstrate the catastrophic decline and aging of the South Russian ethnic group (Ukrainians).

    What changes should be made to the study?
    Firstly, the population of the Ukraine at the beginning of 2022 was not 42.5 million people, but 37.3 (data from the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine D. Dubilet as of December 2019). For 2 years, taking into account covid, negative natural and migration growth, the population has decreased by several hundred thousand people (up to 37 million).

    As of January 24, 2023, almost 8 million Ukrainian refugees have been registered in Europe, 5 million of them receiving benefit from various temporary support programmes.

    With each month of the war, an increasing part of the refugees naturalize in new countries and cease to associate their future as being with the Ukraine.

    Another 2.8 million refugees entered Russia. Which part of them remained, which returned to the new regions of the Russian Federation, to the Ukraine, or went to Europe is unknown. At least 1 million former citizens of the Ukraine joined Russia along with the new regions.

    The energy sector of the Ukraine has been destroyed. In many regions there is no electricity for 12 hours a day. It will take years to recover! A young economically active family can endure such a lifestyle for only a short time, then, most likely, it will decide to leave for a place where they don’t shoot, there is work, light and heat. There will be no such places in the Ukraine next year…

    About 100 thousand men able to father children have already died (approximate data based on statements by Shoigu and Ursula von der Leyen). The war will not end in the next 12 months, so it can be assumed that at least 100,000 more men will be killed.

    While the deaths of 5,000 fertile men predicted by demographers did not contribute significantly to depopulation, the deaths of 4-5% of men of active age cannot be without consequences.

    What are the real demographic prospects for the Ukraine?
    To date, the demographic losses of the Ukraine have amounted to about 10 million people. How many migrants will return after the war, and how many citizens will leave when the border opens for men, is impossible to say, but the estimates from the University of St. Andrews could be called overly optimistic.

    If no extraordinary measures are taken, such as expulsion of Ukrainian migrants to the Ukraine or organization of migration from Asia and Africa, the Ukraine population could drop below 25 million people by 2040, and half of them would be people of retirement and pre-retirement age.

    One need only look at three diagrams from the St. Andrews University study to draw an unequivocal conclusion: Ukrainian nationalism is a terrible enemy of the Ukrainian (South Russian) people, it destroys the population more effectively than wars and famine.

    Ukrainian-style decommunisation has resulted in depopulation, de-industrialisation and mass demobilisation of the Ukrainian population, who have proven unable to see that “svidomism” and “self-determination” threaten the very existence of the Ukrainian people.

    Only there is no such thing as the “Ukrainian people”. Ukrainians are Eastern Slavs as are Russians. The “Ukrainian nation” was invented by the Habsburg Empire.

    In 1922, the USSR drew boundaries that marked an administrative division called Ukrainian SSR.

    There was never such a thing as a state known as “Ukraine”, as Ukrainians who prescribe their own rules of English grammar like to have the territory of the former UkSSR called in English, until 1991. “Ukraine” then immediately became an American colony. (I recall how the Ukraine at that time became swamped with Baptists, Mormons etc., as did parts of Mordor). The concept of a Ukraine nation, a notion held by “ethnic Ukrainian” nationalists, has only existed since the 1880s. As a “nation state” entity, the Ukraine has only existed for 31 years.

    When the USSR was being formed in 1922-24, Lenin transferred areas that had been New Russia/Little Russia east of the Dneipr and in the south — Kharkov, Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson (on both sides of the Dneipr) and Odessa on the Black Sea littoral.

    Ceding the industrialised Donbass to Soviet Ukraine helped the Russian-speaking industrial proletariat serve as a counterweight to the peasant, shitkicking, pig-lard scoffing, bumpkin-dialect speaking, vyshyvanka wearing nationalists of Western Ukraine, who had yearnings to be imperial subjects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, thereby distancing themselves, with k.u.k. urging, from the rule of the tsar and the Eastern Orthodox faith.

    In 1939 in Molotov-Ribbentrop (and then again in 1945 after the Soviet victory in WW II) Eastern Galicia, Transcarpathia, and Volhynia in the far west were transferred from Poland to the Ukraine by Stalin.

    In 1954, the Crimea was transferred from the RSFSR to the Ukrainian SSR by Khrushchev.

    So each of the first three Soviet leaders added to the extent of the territory of the UkSSR.

    Furthermore, Kkrushchev illegaly gave the Crimea to the UkSSR.

    As a commenter to MoA wrote the other week:

    The truth is that, without the successive sponsorship of the Nazis and their successors in the US Empire (the Canadians in particular) the entirely artificial flowering of a nationalism without a nation, a nationalism defined entirely by anti-communism, the Bandera cult would have died generations ago. In fact it seems to have been doing so in the Ukraine itself, Its reintroduction having been accompanied by enormous bribes and foreign organised terrorists.


  56. The Clown of Keeef [ukrie pronunciation] has visited the UK, with honeyed ‘demands’:
    “Volodymyr Zelensky urged Britain to provide Ukraine with fighter jets, as he made an impassioned speech to MPs in Westminster.
    “Thank you in advance for all your British planes,” the Ukrainian president told MPs, implying that he expects London to sign off on exports in future.
    Mr Zelensky also paid tribute to King Charles, noting his RAF background and saying: “The King was an Air Force pilot, and in Ukraine every air force pilot is a king.”

    According to the comment posters below the line, “we” would be happy to hand over anything we have, “because: Putin!!”, and never mind reducing the defence capabilities of the Realm. It seems adoring yon clown and fulfilling his wishes is an infectious disease and quite catching at that.


    1. And they claim that comedy is dead:
      Luke Harding
      Luke Harding
      Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s powerful speech to both Houses of Parliament contained one standout line:

      In Britain, the King is an air force pilot. In Ukraine today, every air force pilot is a king.
      Zelenskiy personally came up with the sentence, as he sat closeted with his closest advisers before his historic trip to London, the Guardian understands”

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      1. Oh, it gets better! Here’s the UK’s home-grown clown, BoJo – you couldn’t make it up. See the headline in the DM:
        “Boris Johnson urges UK to offer ALL its fighter jets and tanks to Ukraine: Ex-PM says the ‘best use’ for military kit is battling Russia after Zelensky issues plea in emotional speech to MPs and peers – but No10 warns training pilots could take YEARS”
        Unlike the comment posters at the DT, the ‘lower class’ readers of the DM are appalled and call for BJ to go and join the fight instead, or even better; become the PM of the Ukraine …


  57. I mistakenly posted the following in the previous thread, because I followed the last postings made during the night made by John Kane, not noticing that those postings of his had not been made to this latest thread.

    Above: black tie optional? Is that the Yukietard foreign minister being welcomed at Buckingham Palace in sweater and sneakers? Is the Kiev Clown so attired as to dash back immediately to the front on his return to Banderastan?

    Noble and righteous Britons free and true, when in raptures over the visit of that little shit from Kiev, think on this below!

    09.02.2023 01:37
    RT: footage of the shooting of a Russian captured soldier by an AFU fighter has appeared

    Shocking footage of the shooting of a captured Russian soldier is being distributed in Telegram channels. This is reported by RT and the Russian Spring portal.

    For ethical reasons, “RG” is not publishing this video nor providing a link to it.

    In the recording, a soldier armed with a submachine gun asks in Ukrainian a captured soldier who is lying in the snow, which unit he is from. When he gets no response, he shoots him.

    Also in the frame there are two more prisoners. From the conversation of the AFU militants, it follows that one of them has a grenade.

    The location and dates of filming are not known.

    This is not the first case of war crimes committed by the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. In November 2022, in Makeyevka (LNR), eleven Russian soldiers who surrendered were shot by soldiers of the 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine.

    Subsequently, this unit was defeated. Two of its officers were captured.

    To the heroes — Glory!


  58. Posted in Russian by a blogger, whose avatar shows him on Red Square, holding a piece of paper on which is written “Hands off the Ukraine!”>

    Ukraine and Great Britain will go all the way to our common victory together — Volodymyr Zelensky
    February 8th, 18:52
    The Ukraine and Great Britain will go all the way to our common victory together — Volodymyr Zelensky after talks with Rishi Sunak

    The Ukraine and the United Kingdom are becoming true allies, as stated in a Declaration of Unity signed today. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky during a meeting with media representatives following talks with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak at the Bovington Camp military base.

    As the Head of State noted, negotiations with the head of the British government began in London with defence issues. This topic was also discussed in the speech of the President of the Ukraine to the British parliamentarians. The visit to the United Kingdom also ends with defence issues — at the military base where Ukrainian soldiers are being trained.

    “We have a strong defence package from the UK. We have agreed on a large number of armoured vehicles, the supply of long-range weapons and agreed to start training Ukrainian pilots. I believe that this is our clear signal — to the Ukraine and the UK — that we are not only going together, but will go all of this difficult way to our common victory”, Volodymyr Zelensky said.

    The Head of State stressed that this visit to the United Kingdom had been extremely productive.
    “I thank Prime Minister Sunak for understanding our needs, for his very good advice and for making decisions that will help Ukrainian soldiers become even stronger. I thank His Majesty the King for today’s meeting and for our conversation. I thank all the members of the British Parliament who made it very clear during my address that Britain will never betray its brave spirit. And I thank everyone and everyone in the United Kingdom who was on the streets of London today — we all saw it — with Ukrainian flags and who paid attention to our visit”, Volodymyr Zelensky said.

    As the President emphasized, it is now clearly visible that the Ukraine and the United Kingdom are becoming real allies.

    “We have signed a Declaration of Unity with the Prime Minister, a document that sets out the principles of our cooperation and mutual support. Allied cooperation and mutual support. This is a new level of relations”, the Head of State said.

    Also, according to him, the parties noted the achieved level of cooperation in the field of security, sanctions, political and economic cooperation and determined how the positions of the two states would continue to strengthen. In addition, interaction on international platforms was discussed.

    “I want to thank you personally, Rishi, and the whole of Britain for your willingness to work with us to fully implement the Ukrainian formula for peace. And it is from here that I want to say to all our soldiers, every Ukrainian soldier, sergeant, officer and general: the state does and will do everything to ensure that our defenders on the front line have maximum opportunities. The maximum that the advanced countries of the world have today. The Ukraine will be among those who have everything necessary to protect our people and our independence”, Volodymyr Zelensky stressed.

    For his part, Rishi Sunak noted that it was a great privilege for him to be in this place with the President of the Ukraine.

    “The path of Britain and the Ukraine is clearly marked when 10 thousand soldiers are already training here in Britain. And there will be even more. Thousands of fighters are now learning how to operate Challenger tanks, and they are confident that they will soon be able to prove themselves on the battlefield in the Ukraine”, the British Prime Minister stressed.

    According to him, today’s visit of the Ukrainian Head of State to the United Kingdom once again underlined the close friendly relations between the two countries.

    “We will always stay close to you. We know the Ukrainian spirit and desire to overcome tyranny. That is why we train and train Ukrainian troops so that they can fight back”, the head of the British government said.

    Rishi Sunak also stressed that the UK is accelerating the supply of various types of weapons to the Ukraine.

    “In particular, when we talk about Challenger tanks — they are needed next month to protect the Ukraine”, he said.

    The Prime Minister stressed that the Declaration of Unity had been signed to consolidate long-term cooperation between the two countries.

    On the eve of the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, Russia should see that its aggression has only strengthened the cooperation of democratic countries and persuaded them to move faster in providing assistance to the Ukraine, he said.

    The Ukrainian formula for peace?

    And what might that be?

    Training Ukrainian idiots to show their mettle on the Ukrainian battlefield and die there?

    Brave talk from a millionaire London Hindu banker who knows fuck all about war.

    Cooperation of democratic countries in providing assistance to democratic Ukraine?

    And with the above linked blog are posted the following wonderful photographs of the Kiev Shit’s visit to Little Britain, new “ally” of Banderastan:

    Staring meaningfully into each other’s eyes. The Kiev Clown addresses the British PM by his first name, it seems. Next thing, he’ll be jokingly calling him Gunga Din?

    The Kiev Clown meeting his glorious troops in training. Some of the “heroes” look decidedly overweight and not too young.

    What a motley crew of Yukietard “heroes”! And a millionaire banker of a PM with a permanently fixed grin.


    1. The great military leader and defender of democracy handing out gongs to suckers. Note the actor’s manful visage that he has suitably adopted for the occasion.

      And manfully the hired actor strides forth, slightly ahead of his accompanying party, the ever grinning banker chattering away.

      See ya, suckers1


      1. I notice in honour of the martial solemnity, ‘Rishi’ (I guess we can all call him that) is sporting a puffa vest and pseudo-jump-boots. Except his look like they were handmade from the hide of some endangered species.

        Perhaps he, too, is aching to get stuck in to the Orcs.


    2. I’d be careful; the only place Ukraine is going is down, and if the UK is determined to go with it, it will as well. Zelensky is overcome with brotherly emotion for the British because Britain is giving him everything he asks for, even if it strips the cupboard bare at home – who wouldn’t love such an idiot friend? And what a feather in England’s cap – to be recognized by a bankrupt nation whose population (and earning power) has entered an irrecoverable power dive, but just wants you to give and give and give.

      But The Clown’s message is clear – if you don’t turn out your pockets when he extends the begging bowl, if you don’t give the Ukrainian flag equal display with your own national flag, why, you’re ‘betraying your brave spirit’. I wonder if this situation is ever going to actually stabilize, and not flash into a major European land war, because if it does stabilize, are any leaders ever going to acknowledge how they were huckstered into the poorhouse by a smooth-talking actor in phony combat fatigues? You didn’t have to be a psychologist to see it coming; how many times did Zelensky, as well as his predecessor in the office, claim to be heroically defending Europe and its ‘values’ against a rampaging Red horde, long before there was any evidence of Russian troops in Ukraine? By God, when it actually started, everyone knew it, and the initial force was only about 85,000 strong. Poroshenko regularly claimed there were several times that many active-duty Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine, yet nobody ever saw any of them and the AFU shelled the east for 8 years without any serious pushback. How can those two realities coexist? What were the hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers doing? Earning their sewing badges and holding balalaika concerts?


  59. ‘We haven’t got any f***ing jets to give’: Doubts over how Rishi Sunak could help Ukraine with air power

    Some in the Government remain sceptical about the idea of sending air power to Ukraine, which will cost hundreds of millions of pounds and may take months if not years

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak during his visit to RAF Coningsby in Linconshire (Photo: Joe Giddens/PA)

    February 8, 2023 8:08 pm (Updated 9:35 pm)
    The UK is weighing up whether to send fighter jets to Ukraine in a move that would pile pressure on other Western countries to step up their military support for Kyiv.

    On a visit to Britain on Wednesday, Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelensky requested “wings for freedom”, arguing that donations of planes would help Ukraine defeat Russia and restore its legal borders.

    Rishi Sunak has asked the Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, to examine whether the RAF can spare Typhoon fighters in the coming months. Ukrainian pilots will soon come to Britain for training on the Nato-standard jets, although it is currently unclear when they will be fully qualified to fly them.

    Speaking at a press conference in Dorset on Wednesday evening, the Prime Minister said that the possibility of sending combat aircraft was “part of the conversation” and added that “nothing is off the table”.

    Mr Zelensky said: “This day has become very fruitful and I’m grateful to the Prime Minister for understanding our needs and for his helpful advice.” The President also suggested that Ukrainian pilots could be trained in a matter of months, rather than the three to five years previously claimed by the UK Government.

    Government insiders acknowledge that it may not be possible to send jets in time to make a difference to the current war but i understands that one motivation is to bolster Ukraine’s military capabilities for the long term so that Russia and other potential aggressors never again try to capture its territory.

    Mr Sunak also hopes that by becoming the first major Western power to despatch fighter aircraft to Ukraine, the UK may encourage other allies such as the US and Germany to follow suit.

    “Impact of numbers is an important aspect of this,” a source close to the Prime Minister said. Another insider added: “We were among the first to say we would send Challengers (tanks) and others followed us.”

    But some in the Government remain sceptical about the idea. One Cabinet minister told i: “We haven’t got any f***ing jets to give!”

    Joe Biden has so far ruled out sending US F-16 jets but some of his allies are pushing for a change of heart. A Washington source said: “There’s nothing firm yet, but mood is certainly shifting towards providing F-16s to Ukraine. The generals are beginning to push talk about it more, and if we can provide tanks along with many allies, then there’s a growing argument that we can provide jets. They are just another piece of kit after all.”

    The Russian Embassy in the UK hit out at Mr Sunak’s announcement, saying that jet deliveries would have “military and political consequences for the entire European continent”.

    How many jets could the UK send to Ukraine?

    It is unclear and would depend on talks with the Ukrainian military and other allies. The RAF has more than 130 Typhoon fighters, of which around 30 are currently due to be decommissioned in 2025, even though they will have around half of their notional maximum flying time left, potentially making them the top candidates to be sent to the front line.

    When could this happen?

    Not for several months at least. One of the major issues is the need to train Ukraine’s pilots to fly British jets, which will take months or even years. It is also unlikely that the UK would act without the support of other key allies such as the US and Germany, which have ruled out sending their own jets – for now. If Ukraine did receive Western jets it would also need other infrastructure such as ground support to enable its air force to use them properly.

    What difference could the jets make to Ukraine’s war efforts?

    Kyiv’s troops have largely matched the Russians on the ground, and their ability to deploy deadly missiles is growing. But Moscow is still winning the air war, preventing Ukraine from pushing its army far back from the current front lines; a squadron of fighter jets could tip the balance.

    How much would this cost the UK?

    Almost certainly hundreds of millions of pounds, although it is difficult to put an exact price tag on it.

    Kyiv’s”troops have largely matched the Russians on the ground. . .

    Just casually thrown into the article without any reason being given why this assertion is true.


    1. Why not send them some nukes? After all, they’re ‘just another piece of kit’, aren’t they? And I’m sure the Ukrainians would only use them to defend themselves. Apparently as soon as The Clown asks for anything, one of the European chowderheads will go for it it and then dare the others to match it, and mock them if they don’t. And going bankrupt or touching off an international conflagration is pretty small potatoes against mockery, after all.

      I daresay Russia was resigned that ‘nothing was off the table’ before it decided to go ahead with this, so showing them the British stiff upper lip is unlikely to inspire a retreat. Sunak is just grooving on playing the Man Of Action. The moment he realizes what ‘nothing is off the table’ really means and what Britain’s constant ratcheting-upward really is leading to, he’ll suddenly discover he has urgent business elsewhere.


  60. Oh look! Sunak has also donned an action-man outfit of sorts, with big boots, sweater, tight pants — though he does wear a white shirt, not a sweaty sweat-shirt as does the Kiev Clown.

    Rishi Sunak says ‘nothing off the table’ after Volodymyr Zelensky asks for jets
    Mr Sunak said the decision to send Typhoon jets had to be made in conjunction with other allies

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the UK was leaving nothing “off the table” in its arms support for Ukraine as he inched closer to confirming he would send jets.

    At a press conference held alongside President Volodymyr Zelensky at a military base in Dorset, Mr Sunak, who has ordered the Defence Secretary to investigate what plans the UK could provide, said the decision to send Typhoon jets had to be made in conjunction with other allies.

    He said: “There is a supply chain around such sophisticated aircraft.

    “Those are conversations that the president and I are having and making sure we understand all the supply chain needs that go alongside aircraft like that – making sure they can be used and used safely, kept safely. So we are having that conversation.

    “And it is also a conversation we are having with our allies because, particularly some of the aircraft we have, are done through joint treaties with multiple other countries – I think we have seen that with previous bits of kit that others have had to give.

    “For aircraft, that is something we are also involved in because, as I said, we have other allies involved in the provision of those bits of equipment.

    “And as the president said, he is on his way to Europe after this to pick up this conversation with our partners and allies over there.”

    The Ukrainian President said his visit to the UK had been “very fruitful” and thanked Mr Sunak and the UK for the support.

    Mr Zelensky said: “When it comes to Typhoons, not everything depends just on the decision of Great Britain.

    “I will be working in that direction because this is how we have been able to change many things.

    “We are intensifying our diplomacy and I do believe within a day we will be able to meet with a dozen EU leaders and then we will go back home.

    “All of these conversations, they have to take place quickly.”

    He suggested he believed Ukrainian pilots could be trained up to fly the jets within months – not the years usually required.

    Mr Sunak said it usually takes three years to train pilots to fly fast jets, but President Zelensky hinted they could get Ukrainian pilots ready within six months.

    Asked in a press conference what would happen if he did not receive jets, Mr Zelensky said: “If we don’t get these fighter jets or longer-range missiles… without the weapons that we are discussing now, there would be stagnation which will not bring to anything good.”

    Mr Sunak also pushed back against the suggestion UK support for Ukraine was lagging behind requests.

    He said “we have continually led actually in the UK with the provision of equipment to Ukraine”.

    And he added it was “totally wrong” to suggest any reticence from the UK government with regard to providing arms.

    It comes after President Zelensky made an impassioned plea to the UK government for fighter jets to be provided to his forces during a speech to Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

    He asked the UK and other allied nations to provide him with “wings for freedom”, before giving a pilot’s helmet to Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle which read: “We have freedom; give us wings to protect it”.

    “Leaving British Parliament two years ago, I thanked you for delicious English tea,” he said.

    “And I will be leaving the Parliament today thanking all of you in advance for powerful English planes.”

    Shortly after Zelensky’s address, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who staunchly supported Ukraine’s fight against Russia during his time in Downing Street, issued a statement urging the government to supply tanks.

    “‘It is time to give the Ukrainians the extra equipment they need to defeat Putin and to restore peace to Ukraine. That means longer-range missiles and artillery. It means more tanks. It means planes,” Johnson said.

    “We have more than 100 Typhoon jets. We have more than 100 Challenger 2 tanks. The best single use for any of these items is to deploy them now for the protection of the Ukrainians – not least because that is how we guarantee our own long-term security.”

    The UK has already pledged a considerable amount of military equipment to Ukraine, including 14 Challenger 2 tanks and 30 large artillery guns last month.

    Several other nations have recently pledged to send additional military equipment, including the US and Germany, which is promising to send 14 Leopard 2 tanks and has given the go-ahead to other European nations to ship their Leopard 2s.


    1. “Asked in a press conference what would happen if he did not receive jets, Mr Zelensky said: “If we don’t get these fighter jets or longer-range missiles… without the weapons that we are discussing now, there would be stagnation which will not bring to anything good.”

      So the tanks he hasn’t even got yet are not enough – he needs an entire western-provided army and air force, doesn’t expect to pay for any of it, and the only reason he hasn’t asked them to donate aircraft carriers and frigates to protect them is that he wouldn’t be able to get them into the Black Sea. I suppose that’ll be next – if you don’t strike down the Montreux Convention and give us a modern navy, you’re betraying Ukraine and you love Putin.


      1. Is all this begging and apparently receiving being done on Uncle Sam’s orders in order to create an “off-ramp”, as in: “We gave them everything” but it was not enough, and the brave Ukraine, faced with overwhelming odds, has had to negotiate a cease-fire”.

        Overwhelming odds, bear in mind, consisting off “minorities” and criminals — see one of my previous posts referring to comments to a linked site.


  61. At last!

    Told to sling her hook!

    Forgive me, dear Russians!

    08.02.2023 18:38
    The curtain closes. Why performances with Akhedzhakova were taken out of the repertoire

    Liya Akhedzhakova

    Performances with the participation of actress Lia Akhedzhakova have been removed from the repertoire of the Sovremennik Theatre. This was stated to journalists by Akhedzhakova herself, who holds the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

    “I sit and cry”

    “There is an order: these performances have already been replaced. I was warned by the director that, at the request of some angry people who have been writing letters to him, I would no longer be in the repertoire, and the Department of Culture has confirmed that I should be removed from the repertoire of the theatre. I sit and cry. I understand everything: I know who is writing [these letters], who is organizing it, but nothing can be done, Akhedzhakova is quoted as having said by the [literary and artistic monthly magazine] “Rise”. “I asked Eva Merkacheva, as a member of the Presidential Council for Human Rights, to ask the Department of Culture, to what extent is this their idea? Or did the director ask for it? Who is the author of this idea — to remove me in my almost 50th year of service to Sovremennik, to remove me from the stage of this wonderful theatre, which I am now worthy of?”

    “Tickets Still Valid”
    Earlier, the scandalous play “First Bread” had disappeared from the theatre’s repertoire, in which the heroine Akhedzhakova cursed at the graves of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. After that, Sovremennik had one production left with the participation of Akhedzhakova — “The Gin Game”.

    This well known [ two-person, two-act] play by Donald Lee Coburn was first staged by Galina Volchek in 2013 at Sovremennik, the roles having been given to Akhedzhakova and Valentin Gaft. After the death of Gaft, Vasily Bochkarev became a new actor in “The Game of Gin”.

    An announcement appeared on the official page of the Sovremennik Theatre on the social network: “The play “The Gin Game”, scheduled for February 13 and 28, as well as March 29, will not take place. Instead, the performance “Three Comrades” will be shown on February 13, the performance “Papa” on February 28, and the performance “Intuition” on March 29. Tickets purchased for “The Game of Gin” are still valid”.

    “Why doesn’t the army protect against the Constitution?”

    Political scandals have been associated with Akhedzhakova for many years.

    On the night of October 4, 1993, when blood was shed at the walls of [the] Ostankino [television tower], when the bombardment by tanks of the parliament building was being prepared by forces loyal to President Yeltsin, Akhedzhakova said the following on television: “What kind of damned Constitution is this?! After all, according to this Constitution, people have been imprisoned… And where is our army?! Why doesn’t it protect us from this damn Constitution? And they also tell me that it’s legitimate, it’s illegitimate… But you tell me, was it legitimate to put healthy smart people in madhouses?!

    [The revolt took place against Yeltsin when that drunken traitorous bastard and friends announced the implementation of a new constitution. There was bloodshed. With USA help, Yeltsin was re-elected in a fixed ballot as President and the new constitution adopted. The new constitution ws written with the help of American advisors — ME]

    This boundless devotion to Boris Nikolaevich [Yeltsin] played a role: the very next year Lia Akhedzhakova was awarded the title of “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”. But, on the other hand, that night’s speech showed that the artist had very distant ideas about democracy, the Constitution, the law. She continued to be loved as an actress, but her passages on social and political topics were perceived as the statements of a freak.

    So when Akhedzhakova joined the anti-Putin protests in 2011, it was simply taken note of.

    Support everything that is against Russia

    But her open hostility to the “Crimean Spring” began to seriously irritate not only the authorities, but ordinary people as well. When Akhedzhakova began to repent for the Malaysian Boeing, calling the DPR militias “terrorists”, that was the final straw.

    It seems that the artist just does not care at all what to support — the terrorist Sentsov, the protests in Belarus, Saakashvili, Navalny — just to express her disgust for the people, without whom her career would never have taken place.

    But in 2022, Akhedzhakova expressed her support for the Ukrainian Nazis. True, she hastened to refute the rumours that she was helping with money for the purchase of weapons — after all, there was already talk of such actions falling under the articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

    However, the artist regularly continued to throw mud at Russia.

    “I’m tired of the imaginary greatness of Russia”, Akhedzhakova wrote on social networks. “I want to go to the Ukraine after her victory. And now the Ukrainians, in fact, are working on two fronts: they are defending their country, and they are forcing the Putin regime to run out of steam and weaken.”

    “The reaction of the Russian society”

    The artist is in trouble. Her trips with non-repertory performances more and more often ended in cancellations because of protests from local initiative groups. Akhedzhakova’s like-minded people, such as Ksenia Sobchak, complained that the actress was not being allowed to express her position.

    To which journalist Andrei Medvedev replied in his Telegram channel: “The problem with Akhedzhakova is that she sincerely supports our opponent. That’s just the whole point. As we know, in democratic countries, in such situations, the reactions of the authorities and society are quite predictable. And people to whom all this was normal are now suddenly outraged by the reaction of Russian society to Akhedzhakova’s performance.

    The liberal beau monde, which for three decades has parasitized the people, whilst simultaneously despising them, is very reluctant to admit that times have changed. Those who do realise this, go abroad hissing with hatred. True, there they are mostly in demand only by those who have “left”, but they have nothing else to offer.

    Liya Akhedzhakova herself insists that she is welcomed in the Ukraine with open arms. True, she is in no hurry to go there.

    And the ironic thing is that now the People’s Artist of Russia is trying to get influential fans of her talent to put pressure on officials to have her returned to the Sovremennik stage.

    Fuck her off out of it for good!

    She’ll be dead soon, anyroad, stupid old cow!

    Russophobes, forgive us!


  62. Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like today’s delirious front pages on that Ukrie PM’s visit. The only equally sickening adulation was decades ago, at the death of yon ‘People’s Princess’.
    Shamelessly blowing my own trumpet, here’s my take in this morning’s column/daily rant:

    There’s also the link to a rather good cartoon which you might like to check out.


        1. Got it, but the maroon letters are barely distinguishable from the rest of the text: that’s why I missed it.

          And in any case, the link doesn’t work for those with Mordor IP addresses.


          1. Awww …. never mind, having thought about it, the cartoon is probably more interesting for Brits because it mentions the ongoing Westminster ‘saga’ of the bully that is the current minister of the Ministry for Justice …


              1. Oh yes – he’s a terrible bully because some of his staff were shaking and crying because he apparently demanded that certain standards were being adhered to.
                Oh – and he threw three cherry tomatoes from his lichen salad into a brown paper bag in a very aggressive manner, the sound of which upset some of his staff … those people are heroes, I tellsya, heroes like yon ukrie soldiers!


    1. Great piece, Viv. I wouldn’t be too quick to credit the Mirror’s courage, though – look how they phrased it:

      “Did Biden give the order to destroy Putin’s Nord Stream pipeline after Ukraine invasion? Bombshell report claims Navy divers carried out mission to kill Russia’s gas stranglehold on Europe in audacious mission overseen by president”

      So although the act is sort-of recognized as kind-of illegal, they were actually doing Europe a solid by ‘killing Russia’s gas stranglehold on Europe’. Naturally America does not now have a ‘gas stranglehold’ on Europe, or anything like it, even though Exxon’s profits for 2022 were an embarrassing record $55 Billion. The US gub’mint pretended to be outraged and disgusted, and were by-God ‘going to get to the bottom of this price-gouging’ of the innocent American pipple, but behind closed doors they rub their hands in delighted anticipation of the campaign contributions they will reap from US energy companies who want to retain government favour.

      You know – like they do in Orcland.

      Yes, indeedy; Gazprom also raked in record profits. Which sort of begs the question of the extent to which Captain America ‘saved Yurrup’ from the perils and pitfalls of cheap gas, since Gazprom seems to be doing okay without the European market and even blew the doors off Chevron, beating their profit haul by more than $5 Billion.


  63. You just couldn’t make this up! While Zelensky is on his begging tour, the German paper ‘Die Welt’ reports:
    “Tesla boss Elon Musk’s US satellite Internet service Starlink is taking steps to prevent Ukraine from using the drone control system in the war. The supply of the network was “never intended to be used as a weapon,” said Gwynne Shotwell, president and COO of the manufacturer SpaceX, on Wednesday.
    According to the treaty, Starlink is only intended for humanitarian purposes, such as the provision of broadband Internet for hospitals, banks and families affected by the Russian invasion. “We know that the military uses Starlink for communication, and that’s fine. But it was never our intention that it would be used for offensive purposes.”
    In a later conversation with reporters, Shotwell referred to reports that the Ukrainian military had used the Starlink service to control drones. “There are things we can do to limit these possibilities,” she said. She did not provide details of the measures. Ukraine has used drones in the past to find enemy positions and drop bombs.”
    Paywalled link in German:

    I’m still laughing …


  64. Interesting take in RT comments on the Hershey Nord Stream story:

    I call bullshit !!! The Yanks don’t have the guts to take military action against Russia China NK or Iran (or anyone that will hit back) I see it this way ….. The British did the deed ,and were found out because of the crass stupidity of The truss sending Blinken an open text on a f—— i Phone after it was done. Since then the US have watched to see if any retaliatory action was taken against the UK (it was …. Truss was sacked and the UK paid Russia $5bn) The US are now claiming credit for the act as a way of gaining favour with the meat-head right wing voters It’s as simple as that I suppose thousands of people like me calling the US gutless s—stirrers every day, might also have something to do with it


    1. He just makes shit up and is too full of himself and his western celebrity moment to bother checking to see if his puffery is true. Why bother? The whole world loves them some Zelensky. Look for his ‘action figure’ (dolls for boys) out this summer.

      Jason Feinberg is FCTRY’s creative director. He called Zelenskyy “the unlikely hero.”

      “He’s the perfect leader for this moment… He has this real strength that comes across, but it’s humble and he sort of represents the opposite of everything that we’ve come to associate with politics.”

      Ha, ha, ha!! Jeebus, yes, the man is the very breath of humility – ‘if you don’t give me tanks AND fighter aircraft, you hate Ukraine and love Putin!’

      Don’t Bogart whatever it is you’re smoking, Jason – pass it around. I was actually being sarcastic when I first suggested the Zelensky action figure, but for once I decided to check first to see if there really is one. Sure enough…

      But he’s late to the leader party; Putin has already had an action figure for ages.

      Even one with him and his famous steed.

      Not nearly such loving attention to detail in the latter example, though, which looks quite a bit like a drug addict riding a hairy pig.


  65. “Russia’s defeat has become both a Polish and a European reason for existence,” – Polish PM Morawiecki

    Ride ’em cowboys, in to the valley of death.

    Charge of the Shitebrigade?

    Or just more of what is said in public is the opposite of what is expressed in private?


  66. Like it was never published. Seymour Hersh’s expose is nowhere to be seen today. Quelle surprise. It looks like the UK & u-Rope have joined in the US’s ability to make its own reality, but I suppose that Zelensky’s visit had to remain at the top and not be knocked off by a mere act of economic terrorism by allies!


    1. Too right – the visit of yon ‘hero’ had to knock off every other news item off the front pages.
      However, the DM did report it, with the expected caveat:
      There was even a report in the German ‘Die Welt’ – paywalled and machine translator needed:
      The title is ‘Teh Message’: The US refute this report as Moscow calls Biden a terrorist … that’s how ‘unbiased’ reporting works.


  67. Theme song for the west (thanks 10cc!):

    We’re not at war, so don’t forget it
    It’s just a silly phase we’re going through (again!)…


  68. Gathering of EU shits to welcome their Kiev King Shit hero to Brussels:

    And a big whoo-hoo for the actor-hero!

    And the same old same old as the they clap like seals in their standing ovation:

    Courtesy Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe sponsored by the USA that has enslaved Europe.

    And Banderastan is not an EU member.

    And the chief honcho of the USA satrap that is the EU is a former minister of the USA Colony of Germany..


    1. I did notice that one gentleman in that second video link – the one with the pinky-red tie – did not clap for the clown prez and kept a straight face throughout the whole time other politicians clapped for Zelensky. That gentleman was Hungarian President Viktor Orban.


  69. Declassfied UK: Why is Venezuela’s gold still frozen in the Bank of England?

    Four years ago, the UK government recognised Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president. He’s now gone, but the Bank of England is still holding some of the country’s key assets.

    …Guaidó and his representatives never managed to get their hands on the gold.

    In the most recent hearing, in October 2022, judge Justice Cockerill granted the Maduro board permission to appeal, declaring that the issues at stake were “effectively unprecedented”, and that “the consequences of the decision have the potential to affect all the citizens of Venezuela”…

    This is were lawfare can go catastrophically wrong. So far we have only been told about the upsides of the wests descent in to lawfare for want of any soft power instruments or other short of war and it has been sold as some sort of unicorn wizard’s wand.

    If I’m making a point, UK law is valued as trusted and balanced by foreigners, particularly companies who are worried about legal issues back home. That is why quite a few Russians and companies have their legal stuff done in the UK or the Netherlands (as well as the the ability to dodge taxes).

    If UK lawfare shows that UK courts and judges are not trustworthy, balanced and reliable that is significant business lost. In short the descent in to lawfare is yet another western exercise in self-sanctioning and ultimately losing much more in the medium to long term. I think we’ve covered this before more than once but it is always good to have a reminder.


  70. via Rosneft CEO: The Price Of Russia’s Flagship Oil Will Now Be Set By Asia

    The price of Russia’s flagship Urals oil blend is no longer set by Europe but by Asia, which has become the largest market for the commodity, Rosneft’s chief executive Igor Sechin said at the India Energy Week.

    “If Russian oil does not enter the European market, then there is no reference price. Reference prices will be formed where oil volumes actually go,” Sechin said, as quoted by Reuters.

    “As it’s scripted in Ecclesiastes: what is crooked cannot be straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted,” he added…

    Go East! Maybe thanks are in order to the West for encouraging Russia to speed up its primary economic transition to Asia. Yes, it was happening anyway but a little encouragement goes a long way.

    I notice on the same page the headline that ‘Venezuela suspends oil exports’


  71. Interesting comment in MoA about the cokehead clown’s visit to the UK;

    I’m not all sure that such a thing will be advisable; certainly, in the long run. The piano-playing president is not, I think? on a full-scale state- visit. The reason I say, is because the King is supposed to remain above domestic politics, and this gets perilously close. The British MSM message on the Ukraine is monolithic: dissent is not allowed nor an alternative narrative permitted. But on scratching the surface, there are mixed opinions (see websites like order-order, for example)

    It is clear that suggestions like giving away all the RAF’s planes are unhinged, and yet accepted as the ‘right thing’ to do. At that point it becomes (internally) political, hence my reservations about the King’s involvement. Charles is not Christian X of Denmark, and President Putin is, emphatically, not Hitler.
    Not good optics, at all.

    Don’t know why there is a reference to Christian X of Denmark, apart from the fact that Chuck Windsor’s “family” name is the same as that of the aforesaid Danish king, from whose clan Charles III’s father stems, namely Glücksburg and in full: Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg.

    In other words, King Charles III of the United Kingdom is a patrilineal member of cadet branch of the House of Glücksburg.


    1. Christian X was King of Denmark from 1912 to 1947 so he survived two major wars. He was imprisoned by the Germans from 1943 to 1945.

      From Encyclopaedia Britannica:

      “… During World War II, after the German occupation of Denmark began in 1940, Christian rode frequently on horseback through the streets of Copenhagen, showing that he had not abandoned his claim to national sovereignty. He rejected the Nazi demand for anti-Jewish legislation in September 1942 but was forced in May 1943 to condemn Danish sabotage of munitions works and railways. His speech against the occupation forces in August 1943, after fighting had broken out between the Germans and Danish resistance fighters, led to his imprisonment until the end of the war …”

      The point of the comment in comparing Charles III with Christian X is that there is a difference between the two men: a vertebral column.


      1. And it seems that in no way was the UK head of state obliged to receive the valiant Yukie cokehead shit at Buckingham Palace, but he had been “urged” to do so, and by acquiescing, the idiot was partaking in politics, which he most definitely is not allowed to do so “constitutionally”, regardless of the fact that there is no codified UK constitution.

        The UK constitution exists, they say, in leading statutes, conventions, judicial decisions, and treaties. Examples of constitutional statutes include the Bill of Rights 1689, Acts of Union 1707 and 1800, Act of Settlement 1701, Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949, Human Rights Act 1998, Scotland Act, Northern Ireland Act and Government of Wales Act 1998.

        Examples of conventions include that the monarch act on ministerial advice; that the Prime Minister sit in the House of Commons; that the King appoint as Prime Minister the person most likely to command the confidence of the House of Commons. These and other conventions have themselves been codified in documents such as the Cabinet Manual.


        Note above: “ . . that the monarch act on ministerial advice.

        So who advised that Chump Chuck give an audience in his London palace to the Kiev Clown?

        Here’s a constitutional quirk of the UK: the monarch must not be a Roman Catholic nor be married to one.

        Can, according to the “constitution”, a UK monarch have a Catholic Prime Minister?

        Who knows? There never has been one in over 300 years.

        War criminal Blair has a Catholic wife and Catholic children, and he too is now a Catholic, but he only converted to Catholicism after he had left office.

        Obviously he got nagged into it. That’s what happens if you have a Scouse Catholic wife.

        A UK monarch can clearly have a Hindu first minister though, and a UK monarch had a Jewish one long, long ago.

        And another UK constitutional pause for thought: the latest, I believe, change in the UK constitution was that the first born child of the monarch is heir to the the throne, whether the child be a boy or a girl.

        Before that change, it was “boys first”.

        That means that William, Prince of Wales, will be the next monarch when Charley croaks. William has three children: George, Charlotte and Louis. So, according to the most recent change in the UK constitution, Charlotte is now 3rd in line to the throne and not her kid brother Louis.


  72. RG.RU

    09.02.2023 16:40
    “Farewell benefit before oblivion”: how Zelensky flew to the best houses in Europe
    The two-day informal EU summit in Brussels, where the President of the Ukraine and comedian Volodymyr Zelensky arrived from London and Paris, is in a mood reminiscent of a last tour, a farewell benefit before oblivion. Not all the EU heads of state who had gathered for the presentation were happy to see him, and some offered to talk about something other than Ukraine and the list of demands of the little man in the green sweater.

    The cokehead listens attentively to EU bullshit

    Zelensky flew to the capital of the European Union together with French President Macron on board his aircraft, and at the opening press conference he looked clearly out of shape: red eyes, a wandering look, tragic facial expressions. Given this grey-green mood at the highlight of the summit, the organizers shielded it from questions from journalists.

    Zelensky had something to get tired of — not every artist can give three concerts a day at the best concert venues in Europe, and with different numbers, but consisting of a meagre set of words: “aircraft”, “missiles”, “sanctions”, “membership”, ” give”, “quickly”.

    He actively began hinting about aircraft back in London, speaking to British parliamentarians. According to the tradition set by his predecessor Poroshenko, Zelensky prepared for this reprise and he arrived with his props. Not with a torn flag or a piece of a bus, but with the helmet of some “outstanding Ukrainian pilot”. Perhaps the apocryphal “Ghost of Kiev” had worn it, and this added to the pathos of his speech: “We have freedom: give us wings to protect it”, Zelensky said in his “pidgin English” and probably shed a tear inwardly. But the impression was smeared with laughter from the stalls such as one hears when members of the audience are saying to each other “I bet you he’ll say this” or “I bet you he’ll say that”.

    The general impression was that the capital of the empire had been visited by another aboriginal curiosity. Indeed, few colonial kings and emperors had been seen over the centuries at Westminster — in their burquas, loincloths, feathers and barefoot. Crumpled chinos trousers and a sweat-smelling green raglan cardigan with a trident from the same fashion range, only time-adjusted. Who knows, maybe Zelenski had requested a dinner jacket from the host country to be on par with white people, like the monarch himself, but he was advised to be natural, that is — as a native.

    It is also noteworthy that after Zelensky’s flight to Paris, the Minister of Defence of the Kingdom, Ben Wallace, politely refused Zelensky’s request for aircraft: “First, it must be recognized that this is not an urgent situation”. But Ukrainian pilots would begin to be trained in the spring. This has already been promised by Prime Minister Sunak.

    Zelensky also asked for aircraft in Paris from Macron and Scholz, since they so often say that “that Russia must not win”. “The sooner our pilots receive planes, the sooner peace will return to Europe”, he said at a press conference before dinner. Here he had already changed the green raglan to a black one, but a jacket and tie was still considered to be uncalled for.

    And again, after the strong manly hugs had cooled down somewhat in Brussels, Macron turned down the supply of fighter jets. “We have to look at what is achievable in the short term”, he said. Although the temptation must have been great — way back he had already tried to to palm off to Poroshenko Rafales and Mirages at two prices. Belgium also unequivocally refused to supply aircraft when Zelensky was still boarding his aeroplane in Brussels.

    But credit must be given to his stubbornness, and in Brussels a demand for EU membership was added to that for aircraft, a tacit rejection of which Zelenski had already received in Kiev at the recent Ukraine-EU summit. True, here the collective host was no longer so unanimously welcoming. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, for example, found Zelensky’s visit to Paris before Brussels and, by extension, his subsequent presence at the general summit inappropriate. “I believe that our strength lies in our unity. Sometimes, indulging in internal public opinion harms the cause, and I think this is just such a case”, she said, putting Macron and Zelensky on the spot. For his part, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer regarded the Ukraine as a secondary issue and suggested that everyone focus on more important things — the problem of uncontrolled migration. Hungary also had its say: Budapest’s ratification of Ukraine accession to the EU iwasout of the question until Kiev stops discriminating against national minorities.

    Zelensky’s speech in the European Parliament, too, was not original or long: “Glory to the Ukraine”, “we are fighting shoulder to shoulder”, “the guarantee of pan-European values is our victory”, “so give,” and so on down the list.

    At home in his Kiev bunker he awaits the liberation of Artemivsk aka Bakhmut by Russian fighters, the savage hunting of men in camouflage for men in civilian clothes, inner intrigues and smiling nastily, as if he had learnt something from the Americans, whilst the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny still hadn’t. At least he felt at ease again at the centre of the European circus ring.


    1. Zelensky has admitted to a lack of intentions to implement the Minsk agreements

      Ukrainian President Zelensky says he has no intentions to implement the Minsk agreements

      The Ukraine initially did not plan to implement the Minsk agreements, but used them mainly for the exchange of prisoners of war. This was admitted by the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with Der Spiegel magazine.

      “As for Minsk as a whole, I said [to the French president] Emmanuel Macron and [former German Chancellor] Angela Merkel: we will not be able to implement it like this”, he said about his lack of intentions to implement the provisions of the document. Zelensky added that he said the same thing to Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2019 during a meeting in the Normandy format.

      Earlier, Zelensky said that the Minsk agreements signed in 2015 were a concession to Russia and could not resolve the conflict. “The issue of the Crimea was not included in [the agreements]. And when I asked the Europeans when we were going to raise this issue, they said not here and not now… I’ve never been able to talk about the Crimea in Normandy. This was a real problem”, the politician said.

      Ukrainian President Zelensky says he has no intentions to implement the Minsk agreements?

      Is there not a typo there? Should that not be “had” no intentions? And if not, how can the Kiev Clown consider now whether the Minsk agreement be implemented when that agreement, having been “agreed” upon by all parties, namely that the separatist Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Banderastan be integrated with a degree of autonomy within that dystopic neo-Nazi shithole, when both separatist areas are now part of Russia as a result of a referendum taken by the inhabitants of the separatist regions?

      What is that term that American “democrats” love to spout?

      Ah yes, now I remember: “We the people”.

      Furthermore, was the little rodent party to the Minsk agreements? I think not. It was Porky Poroshenko who was Banderastan president when the agreements were made.

      And even further furthermore if you will . . . the sweatshirt clad little bastard was elected on a “peace ticket” in a landslide victory, and having been elected, the funny man did a u-turn in his policies. Either he was threatened by the Yukie nazi-ionalists or Uncle Sam told him to sabotage the agreement — or both. And he did as he was told. If he had been a man of principle, he would have resigned. I wonder why he didn’t?

      Dumb question: he has no principles and the opportunities to amass loadsa lolly were too great to miss.

      Minsk agreements?

      That train already sailed long ago.

      So what the fuck hasd the little shit brought the topic up for?

      Oh, I know! it’s to say that the whole idea of the agreement was the Evil One’s and as such, was impossible to accept, because in essence it was a dastardly plan to weaken the “statehood” of “Independent Ukraine”, thereby allowing Russian expansion westwards and eventually leading towards the rebirth of the Soviet Union.

      The SOVIET UNION I tells ya!!!!

      Goddam Commies!!!


      1. These days, it has become fashionable to claim – like those who said nobody from the west ever promised that NATO would not expand eastward – that Zelensky never said he would implement the Minsk Agreements if elected. But he did.—zelensky-declared-readiness-to-fulfill-the-minsk-agreements-.r1bxw14aer.html

        “We need to talk with them all the time. We constantly talk to them. We send signals. We say that we are all Ukrainians, we are all the same with them. We are ready to do everything that is written in the Minsk agreements. You know perfectly well that neither my team nor I – we did not sign this “Minsk”, but we are ready to go through the points of fulfillment of all the Minsk agreements so that we finally have peace, ”he said.

        He used all his skills as an actor to weave a portrait of honest sincerity and devout pursuit of peace, but he probably knew from the outset that to grant the eastern republics autonomy was to lose them sooner or later, along with their resources and taxpayers. Now he and his western pals are proud to say that nobody ever intended to comply with their provisions, that it was all a delicious scam to fool bumpkin Putin while Ukraine rearmed and built fortifications right under his nose. It’s not very often you find western leaders admitting to lying openly because they just felt like it was the right thing to do, but there it is.


    2. Sholz must be wearing his Chinchilla boxers; he certainly looks tickled by something. Cue Talking Heads with “Wild Life””

      I’m wearing
      fur pyjamas;
      I ride a
      hot potato…
      It’s tickling
      my fancy –
      speak up,
      I can’t hear you…

      Here’s The Wailing Souls’ version, from “Cool Runnings”, which I actually like a little better than the original.


      1. Video unavailable
        This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.

        What the fuck is SME?

        And it’s not “my country”!

        I’m here under duress!

        I’m here in exile, goddammit!

        I’m English I tell you!

        I wanna go home to Merry England and lead there a full life within a civilized nation, read the “Sun”, watch the BBC, talk about fucking football all the time and drink warm beer that mostly tastes of
        rat piss — not that I have ever imbibed such a rodent’s urine.


  73. The Times:

    Ukraine prepared to use British missiles to strike Crimea
    We are defending against the most anti-European force of the modern world, says Zelensky

    10 Feb, 03: 40 31 711
    The Times has reported on the readiness of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine for strikes against the Crimea with British missiles
    Times: Ukrainian military ready to use British missiles in strikes against the Crimea.

    London is discussing the possibility of transferring Harpoon missiles with a range of 240 km and Storm Shadow missiles with a range of up to 400 km to Kiev. Moscow has warned of its readiness to use all types of weapons in the event of an attack against the Crimea

    If the UK agrees to transfer long-range missiles to the Ukraine, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be ready to use them to attack targets in the Crimea, The Times reports, citing sources in the Ukrainian defence sector.

    The publication recalls the words of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky that Western weapons of longer range will allow the Armed Forces of the Ukraine to attack objects “in the depths of the occupied territories”. The Ukraine and Western countries do not recognize the referendum that resulted in Russia’s annexation of the Crimea in the spring of 2014. The Russian authorities call the issue of territorial ownership of the peninsula closed. President Vladimir Putin said that the conditions for the return of Crimea to the Ukraine “do not exist and cannot exist”.

    On 8 February, the day of Zelenskiy’s visit to the UK, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak proposed sending longer-range weapons to the Ukraine to undermine Russian ability to strike infrastructure and “ease pressure on the front line”. According to the Times, the authorities are discussing whether the package will include Harpoon anti-ship missiles with a range of 240 km, as well as Storm Shadow surface-to-air cruise missiles (a range of about 400 km).

    Try it Rishi.

    See what happens.


    1. I’m glad they saw fit to finally mention that the Harpoon is an anti-ship missile. Because it is. In use close to coastal areas it is very susceptible to ‘land capture’, which is to say it loses lock on the target because of the proximity to land, which confuses the seeker. It is not a land-attack missile any more than the S-300 is. But the ignorant see the word ‘missile’, and nod wisely to one another. What, pray, will be the target in Crimea of British Harpoons? Ships alongside the docks? Good luck with that. The Harpoon is meant to be targeted at the one solid feature on a featureless background – a ship on the sea. The later models fly to preset waypoints, and the seeker comes on late to minimize reaction time. The seeker would have a hard time seeing a ship if it was berthed alongside in the dockyard, and attacking ships at sea is asking for a hammering in retaliation, since the navy is not contributing significantly to the present conflict (unless some of the cruise missiles are being launched from the Black Sea, which they could quite possibly be). The Harpoon is American, and end-user agreements likely apply, although that is a mere formality as the Americans would happily give Britain permission to send all their Harpoons to Ukraine. Because then Britain will buy more, and the price is always going up. Supplying munitions to Ukraine is like a savings bond for the American arms industry.

      Sorry, but all I could think of when you said “Try it, Rishi. See what happens” was the scene in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ when Kip reminds Napoleon that he is training to be a cage fighter, and invites Napoleon to try and hit him.


      1. This is what a Harpoon is likely to hit t the Sevastopol harbour entrance:

        It’s the monument to wooden warships that the Orcs scuttled across the harbour entrance during the Crimea War so as to form a barrage there.

        The harbour is long and narrow:

        And a Harpoon would have to streak between those two moles at the harbour entrance.


          1. I’m pretty sure that very many, if not most, of the personnel of the Ukrainian Navy based in Sevastopol, when given the choice by the Evil Orcs who had “invaded” the Crimea, chose to go over to the forces of evil and those who did not wish to join the Orcs were escorted to the Crimea-Banderastan border and told there to fuck off out of it.

            A case in point: following the capture on 22 March 2014 by the Orcs of the only submarine of the Ukrainian Navy, the built in St.Petersburg Foxtrot-class diesel-electric “Zaporizhzhia”, half of the Ukrainian 78-man crew of the boat went over to the evil Orcs whilst the rest, including the captain of the boat, buggered off to Banderastan.

            From Wiki:

            On 22 March 2014, it was reported that the submarine had been seized by Russian forces following the compliance of its commanding officer to surrender the boat. The Zaporizhzhia was then placed under Russian Black Sea Fleet control,after Ukrainian symbols had been removed from the vessel. Half of the crew of the boat continued to serve in the Russian Navy.

            Then, on 29 March 2014, the Black Sea Fleet was reported to have refused to add the submarine to its numbers on the grounds that it was obsolete and suffered from a number of technical problems. The Russian Navy then offered to return Zaporizhzhia to the Ukraine to either continue its service or to be recycled as scrap-metal. It was reported the submarine would be transferred from Streletskaya Bay to Yuzhnaya Bay, Sevastopol, where the Russian submarine division is based. The Russian Navy then announced that the submarine would be returned to Ukrainian Navy in mid-May. A part of the Ukrainian Navy was then returned to the Ukraine but not the submarine, apparently because of a Banderite refusal to renew a ceasefire in the Donbass on 1 July 2014.


  74. MoA has some corrections for Hersh, and they seem well-thought-out and probably correct to me. And I was also jarred by the Hersh plaudits for Sweden and its ‘skilz’ at detecting Russian submarines, since at least the last two times it has claimed such detections it has been made embarrassingly clear there was never anything there and their collection of ‘facts’ turned out to be scoff-worthy.

    The Liz Truss “It’s done” tweet, though, remains bothersome if it were the Yanks wot dunnit, unless she was just trying to grab some reflected credit for Britannia.


    1. Very interesting post Mark, bringing a lot of threads together. I have no clue what is going to happen but I did see a post somewhere saying the US is expected to default in February. And the stealing of reserves and using for whatever they like is not going to improve the dollar’s longevity I guess.
      Forgive me if this sounds too obvious but I’ve been wondering about Baerbock and the pipeline. When Andreas Malm wrote his blowing up a pipeline book, I think it’s possible that German Greens, Swedes, Norwegians and whomever moved in similar circles. So whether it is US/UK/Poland/Norway doing some of the doing, just wondering what Baerbock was arranging – a kind of inside job with some external assistance. Maybe that was why the German foreign intelligence is saying they have found no evidence of foreign involvement. Maybe it’s partially true. Or maybe not


  75. G’morning, fellow stooges! After yesterday’s delirious Z celebrations, the UK Defence Sec was pouring cold water over the mood:
    “Ukraine is unlikely to receive British fighter jets until after the war with Russia is over, the Defence Secretary has said. Ben Wallace was hoping to calm speculation over the issue after President Zelensky finished his speech in London on Wednesday by saying “thank you in advance for powerful English planes”.
    Speaking at a joint UK-Italy ministerial press conference in Rome, Mr Wallace was quick to underline that although the UK will be the first nation to start training Ukrainian pilots on Nato-standard aircraft, “Britain hasn’t said it is necessarily going to send fighter jets to Ukraine”.
    Any battlefield impact of the moves would likely be “post-conflict”, he said.
    “What it has said is we’re going to start training to improve the resilience of Ukraine, probably post-conflict, which is no different from what we were doing in 2015 where Britain, Sweden, Canada, America were training the Ukrainians to form their defence,” Mr Wallace said.
    The Defence Secretary was keen to establish political wiggle room after Rishi Sunak gave a warm reception to Mr Zelensky’s request for “wings” to protect his country’s freedom.”
    Paywalled link:
    Oh dear. Oh poor Mr Z! But note that “we” have done such training since 2015 … what happened to those trained pilots?


    1. It’s called “optics” now — ’twas all nobbut an exercise in “optics”.

      “Optics” is one those idiomatic USA business jargon buzzwords, which word I previously and only until very recently associated with light and lenses.

      Optics characterizes a situation in which a person or organization worries about the public perception of a decision more than the substance of the decision itself.

      In other words: it’s bullshit.


    2. Certainly powerful incentive for Russia to just crush it all from border to border – Wallace comes right out and says any remnant of Ukraine will be furnished with weapons and training and money, and in another couple of decades will be thrown at Russia again. Might as well get the jump on the threat.


  76. Oh – and there was a lovely little puff piece for the RAF in The Times, explaining surreptitiously why “we” can’t afford to hand over our few planes to Mr Z. The headline says it all, reading the whole thing is unnecessary:
    “On board with the RAF as allied fighter jets rehearse for war with China. High over the Nevada desert, fighter pilots are practising how to defend Taiwan”
    Paywalled link:

    Didn’t an ancient Field Marshall, a certain Montgomery, have some warnings not just about not getting into a war with Russia but also about China? Hm …
    Sorry, Mr Z – you’re no longer important. It’s gonna be about China now.


    1. Yeah, Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC, DL (but most definitely not LGBT), when a member of the House of Lords, stated in a speech made on 30 May 1962:

      I wrote above “most definitely not LGBT” because he also once said in a speech delivered in the House of Lords, 24 May 1965, during the 2nd reading of the Sexual Offences Bill:

      “I have heard some say…[homosexual] practices are allowed in France and in other NATO countries. We are not French, and we are not other nationals. We are British, thank God!”

      So there!



      1. He’d have the whole LBTWhatevah crowd on his case had he said this today. I wonder when the first zealots demand he be removed from textbooks and history lessons. I’m sure someone could find some connection to slavery if they dig deeply enough …


        1. As a matter of fact, colliemum, Bernard Montgomery was, to a certain degree, similar to your military hero Wellington, in that both he and the Iron Duke had an Irish connection: Wellington was Anglo-Irish and Montgomery — Scots-Irish. Montgomery’s forebears were from the Scottish Lowland Clan Montgomery that had migrated from Wales to Scotland in the 12th century.

          Clan Montgomery’s original Welsh patch was in Montgomeryshire, but the clan had nothing to do with the Anglo-Norman lords of Montgomeryshire, the first of whom having been Roger de Montgomerie, the 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, Count de Montgomerie, who derived his own surname from lands in Calvados, Normandy, where the town Sainte-Foy-de-Montgommery is situated.

          There is also a Welsh town called Montgomery, the county town of the historic Welsh county of Montgomeryshire, which county, as a result of county reorganization, is now the northern part of county Powys. I know Montgomery quite well, for as a lad, I used to go on fishing trips to the nearby River Severn: that part of Wales is only about 75 miles from my old patch.

          Historically, Powys was a 6th century Welsh kingdom before those frightfully wicked Angles and Saxons and Frisians and Jutes rolled up uninvited in the 7th century and they just wouldn’t bugger off back to Bremerhaven or Schleswig-Holstein, where. they had come from.


          1. I sat on my hands, trying my best not to mention the 1st Duke of W whose opinion about Frogs is well known! I also am fairly certain that at Montgomery’s time Wellington’s military campaigns and battles were still studied. I base that on my having read (forgot the title now, I am getting old …) a book by a tank officer in the British Army, giving drubbings to the Italians and to Rommel who clearly knew how to apply Wellington’s way of reading and using the landscape.
            Still, we can keep on loathing the Frogs, it’s expected …


            1. I studied the Peninsular War in detail years ago. There’s a 7-volume scholarly and unbiased history of the war published from 1907 until 1930 by Sir Charles Oman, A History of the Peninsular War and quite a few modern histories of it too. I have read a few, but I have not ploughed through Oman’s masterpiece. [Thinks: if I can get hold of/download all 7 volumes, then that’ll be a little light reading for me this summer at the dacha!]

              I first got interested about the war because of this:

              The Wellington Monument, Liverpool: sometimes called the Waterloo Monument.

              And as a lad, I read the names of the battles on the pediment of the column:

              Where’s Salamanca and Vitoria?

              Must be on the other side.

              Front panel, Wellington to the right on his steed Copenhagen.

              Anyway, having gazed upon this monument on the occasions when I visited Liverpool (the monument is situated very close to the Liverpool Lime Street railway terminus, my point of arrival in the seaport from the Lancashire hinterland), I realized that I had never heard or read about these battles or of when and where they had taken place. So I found out.

              I reckon most folk now neither know or care about the Peninsular war.

              The latest history, I think:

              Published 2003

              For centuries Spain had been the most feared and predatory power in Europe – it had the largest empire and one of the world’s great navies to defend it. Nothing could have prepared the Spanish for the devastating implosion of 1805-14. Trafalgar destroyed its navy and the country degenerated into a brutalized shambles with French and British armies marching across it at will. The result was a war which killed over a million Spaniards and ended its empire. This book is the first in a generation to come to terms with this spectacular and terrible conflict, immortalised by Goya and the arena in which Wellington and his redcoats carved out one of the greatest episodes in British military history.

              Charles Esdaile is Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Liverpool and the author of THE WARS OF NAPOLEON.

              See: Peninsular War: A New History


              1. The Peninsular war is indeed fascinating, and not just because of the battles. I did come across that book you quote but found it a bit long-winded.
                There’s a formidable two-volume Biography of Wellington which came out in 2015 … well, that date does give a hint as for why. The author is Rory Muir, here’s the site:
                You can access the ‘commentary’ which are an enlargement on the footnotes of the two volumes. He’s by no means a hagiographer, which makes the volumes truly interesting. There are also accounts of Wellington’s time in India where he basically ‘learned’ how to move armies and win battles. That’s why Napoleon, who despised him and belittled him by calling him ‘that Sepoy General’, underestimated him so profoundly, with the result we all know (and no, don’t go on about Bluecher – the 1st D of W definitely had a Plan B!)
                Other, earlier biographies aside which are good reads if one’s a wellington fangirl, there’s a truly fascinating part in this book by John Keegan: “The Mask of Command: A Study of Generalship” ,with an excellent analysis about Wellington’s generalship.
                Me, I’m fascinated how he kept ‘The Lines of Torres Vedras’ such a secret. Today, everybody would text, email and leak, about this and W.’s failure as general. Then, everybody wrote letters back home about just that, which were handed round in Parliament and printed in The Times … good old gossiping classes then and now: nothing has changed.
                Oh – and the 1st Duke of W definitely was a bully – he even had grown men, a Spanish general for example, cry in the hall after a ‘meeting’ …
                Still, in that famous portrait which once was on the old five-pound notes he does look rather dishy, sigh …:

                That was painted after Waterloo … he was a few months younger than Napoleon.


                1. The first 1-volume history of the war that I read was written by a certain Michael Glover, if I rightly recall.

                  Yes! That’s the man!

                  The Peninsular War, 1807-1814

                  But it was a hardback that I read — way back in the 1980s I think it must have been.


                2. He looks like Tony Hadley, the singer from Spandau Ballet.

                  Then, not now, obviously. Tony Hadley has aged well, but he has definitely aged. My British missus had a real thing for him back when Spandau Ballet was in its heyday.


  77. 10.02.2023 00:36
    Bloomberg: The European Union cannot transfer assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to the Ukraine, because it does not know where they are
    The EU legal Service does not yet know where most of the “frozen” assets of the Central Bank of Russia are located, which Brussels officials have decided to transfer to to the Ukraine, Bloomberg writes. The total amount is estimated at $258 billion, and only $36.4 billion has been located.

    “Lawyers estimate that about $258 billion may be discovered, based on the information that the Bank of Russia provided in [early] 2022 in a report on its gold and foreign exchange reserves”, TASS reports. “To date, EU countries have discovered and reported the location of $36.4 billion of the frozen assets of the Central Bank of Russia.”


  78. By the way, Banderastan is getting stonked again by those wicked Orcs.

    10 Feb, 2023 10:42
    Missile strikes reported across the Ukraine
    An air-raid alert was declared in all parts of the country

    Ukrainian officials and media have reported a series of Russian drone and missile attacks targeting the country’s critical infrastructure. Several barrages reportedly caused power outages and disrupted train services.

    The attacks are said to have started early on Friday morning, and air-raid warnings have since been activated all over the country. The Ukrainian Air Force command claimed they intercepted five kamikaze drones and five sea-launched Kalibr missiles.

    Valery Zaluzhny, the commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, claimed that two Kalibr missiles fired from the Black Sea had crossed the airspace of Romania and Moldova. Moldova’s defense ministry reported detecting a missile flying over its territory towards Ukraine, condemning the violation, but would not immediately blame Russia. However, its foreign ministry attributed the action to Moscow and said it would urgently summon the Russian ambassador.

    The Russian Defense Ministry has so far not commented on the strikes.

    Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s energy operator, stated that several high-voltage sites around the country had been hit. Emergency shutdowns are being implented [sic] to preempt possible damage to the power grid from overload, it reported.

    Railway operator Ukrzaliznytsia said the power cuts had forced several trains to be delayed, with some electric locomotives being replaced by backup diesel engines.

    The administration of Kiev Region reported air-defense action and urged people to stay in shelters. According to Vitaly Klitschko, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital, missile debris damaged a car and the roof of a building.

    In Kharkov, several strikes hit industrial and infrastructure objects, according to Igor Terekhov, the head of the region. He warned that residents may experience blackouts and water shortages.

    The Russian military has been targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure, which it considers essential for the country’s military capabilities, since October last year. Moscow stepped up pressure after it accused Kiev of using “terrorist tactics” and targeting Russian infrastructure, including the Crimean Bridge. Russian investigators said Ukrainian military intelligence had masterminded the bomb attack on the strategic crossing.

    The degradation of Ukraine’s energy system has forced the introduction of rolling blackouts.

    What’s this I see? Orc missiles had crossed the airspace of Romania and Moldova.!

    Well, waddya gonna do about it, you snivelling Romanian/Moldovian wretches?

    Thought about ceasing your delivery of weapons to the Yukonazis?

    Oh, you’re not participating in the war, just “helping out”?



    1. Hey, you in the faux combat gear!

      Yeah, you — the Kiev funny man!

      Thinking of making another begging victory speech — you know, like that drunken bastard Churchill, whom you are so much like, they say, used to give to the Yanks along the lines: “Give us the tools and we’ll finish the job” — to your whoopeeing/hoorahing/clapping-like-seals-in-a-standing-ovation pals at the EU in Brussels or at that Palace of Fools, Westminster?

      Wings for victory did you say in London?

      The only wings you’ll need, arsehole, are wings on your back so as to get the fuck out of Banderastan pretty soon!


      1. Euractiv: Russia acting to destabilise Moldova: Chisinau

        Moldova’s intelligence service said Thursday (9 February) that Russia was acting to destabilise the ex-Soviet country, following comments by Ukraine’s president that Kyiv had intercepted a plan by Moscow.

        “SIS confirms that, both from the information presented by our Ukrainian partner and also from our operative activities, subversive activities with the aim of undermining the Republic of Moldova, of destabilisation and violating the public order were identified,” Moldova’s Intelligence and Security Service said in a statement.

        Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressing an EU summit earlier Thursday, told EU heads of government that Kyiv had “intercepted the plan for the destruction of Moldova by Russian intelligence”…

        MY TURN! MY TURN! Yes, it’s time for the Cameo Kids. Anyone who feels left out of the children’s story as presented by western governments and their almost wholly compliant PPNN all get a go for their 15 minutes of fame, however small they are. I strongly suspect that Moscow wants to Steal Chisinau’s democracy and hide it under a street dog named Desire.


    2. Romania says it has detected no such overflight. As usual the first words out of Kiev are calculated lies. Maybe this is the cue for a false flag in the near future for NATO to threaten to intervene? It’s been a while since the last false flag so maybe it is now ‘time’ for a hail mary ‘DO SOMETHING!’ however stupid. After all, they have to get polish tanks in to western Ukraine somehow and protect their property it from the Orcs.


      1. I really am a proper Kremlin Stooge and am ahead of the curve!

        Tass: Russian diplomat says West is searching for excuses to step up involvement in Ukraine

        “Of 30 NATO member countries, 27 provide military support to the regime of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky,” Maksim Buyakevich said

        Maksim Buyakevich, a deputy permanent representative of Russia at the OSCE, has said the West is looking for contrived excuses to get more involved in the situation in Ukraine, according to a copy of his speech at a meeting of the OSCE permanent council that was posted on the Foreign Ministry’s website on Friday.

        “There’s a search for contrived excuses to maintain the current level of escalation and have a deeper military involvement of NATO in the situation in Ukraine, test the limits of Russia’s tolerance with respect to direct threats to the security of our country, which Western countries are creating on the territory of Ukraine,” he said in the speech delivered on February 9.

        “We are emphasizing this: Some countries of the North Atlantic Treaty alliance are sending tanks to those who publicly declare the goal of obliterating Russia as a country, produce munitions on their territory and provide them to Ukraine. And against this backdrop, they falsely and hypocritically state that they are not involved in the conflict. Of 30 NATO member countries, 27 provide military support to the regime of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky,” Buyakevich said.

        Remember kids, we are not at war with Russia. Fighter jets (aka multirole aircraft) are considered ‘offensive weapons’ according to €µ and cannot be given to Zelensky, but tanks etc. etc. are not. At one point you start slicing your salami so finely that it becomes invisible. Yes, it helps a lot that your media compliantly goes along with your lies, but… diminishing returns, innit? When you start lying to yourself you are already on the path to defeat.


        1. And also remember, kids, that we of the noble North Atlantic Treaty Alliance only sanction those governments that we do not approve of, because, you see, we have taken it upon ourselves to judge others on behalf of the rest of the world, and our sanctions are only directed against politicians and tyrants and corrupt “oligarchs” who cause so much suffering in this world, and most certainly not against the citizens of such states that we disapprove of. And that’s why, you see, we noble NATO states, under the leadership of the Exceptional Nation, are not providing aid to Syria following the catastrophic earthquake there, as a result of which thousands have perished.

          Because to do so would breach the sanctions regime imposed by us, the great and the good.

          Sanctions are not directed against the people!


  79. Euractiv: Austria slides back into dependence on Russian gas

    Imports of Russian gas into Austria are approaching market shares last reached during pre-war times, as Gazprom is once again delivering the total contracted amounts, while deliveries from Germany and Italy are dropping.

    …“We are temporarily back at 100% [gas deliveries from Gazprom] at the moment, but have also seen values at 30% and below in the past,” explained Reinhard Florey, CFO at Austrian energy major OMV…

    …“We are not out of the woods yet,” she said, adding that saving gas would ensure storages are full for the coming winter.

    On Thursday, Austria’s gas storage facilities were 74.87% full.

    So easy! This one made me laugh too:

    Euractiv: Czech energy giant ČEZ sues Gazprom for not delivering enough gas

    Energy company ČEZ initiated an arbitration case against Russia’s Gazprom for delivering less natural gas supplies than initially promised in 2022, for which it is seeking to recover €42 million in damages.

    The arbitration is to the case will be settled by a three-member arbitral tribunal sitting in Geneva, ČEZ informed. There is a chance ČEZ could be awarded with compensation if it proves Gazprom did not comply with the contract, according to Czech experts..

    ‘if’? WTF ‘if’? Did CEZ pay for this gas in roubles or not? A brief search threw up only this:

    …The Czech Republic’s ČEZ: “We made the payment in euros in accordance with the recommendation of the European Commission. We will not comment on the details,” a ČEZ spokesperson said May 20…


  80. Tass: Khabarovsk Region’s ex-governor sentenced to 22 years in jail, TASS reports from courtroom

    The court dismissed charges of unlawful acquisition of weapons from the sentences of Furgal and Andrey Karepov due to expiration of the statute of limitations

    …Andrey Karepov, a former aide to the ex-governor, received a 21-year prison sentence; Andrei Paley, a Khabarovsk entrepreneur, was sentenced to 17 years in prison for killing Furgal’s rivals; while Marat Kadyrov, a former security inspector at Mendeleevo Airport in Yuzhno-Kurilsk, saw some leniency from the jury, receiving 9.5 years in prison. The court announced only the introductory and operative parts of the judgement.


    I’d forgotten about him. I think we posted about the case at the time. If I recall correctly he was a ‘popular’ governor of Khabarovsk and what excited the illiterati, kremlin watchers, regime change pornographers and others was that he was an ‘independent’ politicians (i.e. not in United Russia, – LDPR means that too apparently even though that is Zhirinovksi’s outfit) and they were hoping that he would ‘provide the crack in Putin’s armor’ or something like that. Well, as the west like ‘colorful’ Russian characters (aka gangsters, wideboys, thieves and murderers) who are not Putin, it looks like this one has been a very naughty boy and has be done for it.

    …His party, the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democrat Party of Russia, is usually seen as loyal to the Kremlin.

    But correspondents say Mr Furgal’s victory was seen as a blow to United Russia’s grip on power in the regions, and he is a popular figure in the far east.


      1. Errr . . . .no!

        11 FEB, 05:31
        Poll reveals level of Russian public’s confidence in Putin
        According to VTsIOM, it is 78%

        MOSCOW, February 11. /TASS/. The proportion of Russian citizens’ confidence in President Vladimir Putin stood at 78%, according to the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center that published the results of a survey conducted from January 30 to February 5 among 1,600 respondents aged over 18.

        “When asked about trust in Putin, 78% of respondents answered positively (-1.2% over the week), the approval rate of the Russian president’s work dropped by 0.7% and stood at 75%,” the pollsters noted.

        Positive assessment figures for the Prime Minister and the Russian government stood at 53% (-0.5%) and 49.9% (-0.9%), respectively,” the report stressed. Mikhail Mishustin was trusted by 61.5% of respondents (-1% over the week).

        Those surveyed also expressed their confidence in the heads of various parliamentary factions. Russia’s Communist Party (CPRF) leader Gennady Zyuganov was trusted by 33.1% of respondents (+2%), Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia – For Truth, received 29.3% (-2.7%), the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Leonid Slutsky got 15.2% (-2%), and the leader of The New People party Alexey Nechaev procured 7.2% (-0.6%).

        The poll also revealed that the level of support for the United Russia party stood at 37.7% (-0.7%), with the CPRF supported by 10.9% (+0.7%). The LDPR got 8.9% (+0.9%), A Just Russia – For Truth was supported by 5.2% (-0.8% over the week), and The New People party’s figures came to 4.5% (+0.1%).

        Well maybe just a little crack — the Evil One’s popularity fell by 1.2% over this week.


          1. Right, comrade!

            I had to say that because there’s some bastard of a troll, one of those who usually begins or ends his comments with “hahahaha ROFL”, who always addresses everyone as “comrade”.


            As I have said on here many times before, in 30 years of living cheek by jowl with Orcs in Mordor, only once have I heard “tovarishch” spoken in conversation when addressing someone, and then it was only said in ironic jest.


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