The Smile on the Face of the Dragon.

Uncle Volodya says, “Whole nations are transported, exterminated, their name to be forgotten, except in the annual festival of their conquerors, when sycophants call the names of the vanquished countries to the remembrance of the victors.”

There was a young lady of Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
With the lady inside,
And the smile on the face of the tiger.

Attributed to William Monkhouse

The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

Genghis Khan

 The thrill of controlling a large, powerful and potentially dangerous animal is undeniable; to make it your servant and compel it to do your bidding is satisfying balm to the ego. How much more satisfying again it must be to control an entire country, and to bend the collective work and product of its people to your power and enrichment. America has long manipulated great-power politics to its own benefit, and the pleasure of doing so seems to be enhanced when the victim is helpless to resist. At least that’s the way it is consistently portrayed in the government-managed western media, for the enjoyment of the cheering assholes in the international bleachers.

Well, as another parable has it, riding the tiger is the easy part. The hard part is getting off. This is helpfully explained as “Once you have taken this path, there is no way back.”

The west – led, as usual, by The Exceptional Nation – climbed aboard the tiger in 2014, when it decided to initiate and support a coup in Ukraine and turn it into a heavily-armed foil to Russia. Admittedly the second part came later, but perhaps as early as 2015, when the Minsk II Agreements – with the ulterior motive for the west being the arming and strengthening of Ukraine until its army was powerful enough to not only take back the Donbas republics and Crimea by force, but powerful enough to drive Russia back over its borders if it dared to intervene – were signed. As I just suggested, the west took no serious note of the agreement’s provisions beyond opportunities to nag Russia that it was not holding to its responsibilities (although Russia is not mentioned in the accords at all), because the intent was to use the agreement to stall for time while Ukraine’s striking power was built up. Consequently when the time came to set The Great Game in motion once more, Russia massed troops on the border with Ukraine as a visible deterrent – we see what you’re doing, and if you try it, you’ll be sorry. It failed to deter President Zelensky, who ordered an artillery bombardment of the border regions of the Donbas Republics to soften up resistance prior to an armored and infantry attack…and now quite a few people are sorry. Just before the Russian military operation began, the state published a list of demands for the well-known supporters of chaos. The requirements were:

  1. An end to NATO military activity in eastern Europe, including Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia;
  2. No expansion of NATO membership, particularly to Ukraine;
  3. No intermediate or shorter-range missiles deployed close enough to hit the territory of the other side;
  4. No military exercises of more than one military brigade in an agreed border zone;
  5. An agreement that parties do not consider each other as adversaries and will resolve disputes peacefully; and,
  6. Neither Russia nor the United States can deploy nuclear weapons outside their national territories.

The referenced article was published well in advance of any formal reply from NATO, but Deutsche Welle was already confident the west would blow Russia off contemptuously. Why? Because riding the tiger is fun.

“Russia has released a series of security demands to NATO, including a veto on the alliance’s expansion. It is calling for an immediate dialogue, but NATO members aren’t likely to acquiesce to Moscow’s wish list.”

And the west did reject Russia’s demands, stingingly and entirely, because its combined coalition groupthink informed it that Russia would not bother with a warning unless it was weak, and knew it. Strong countries do not offer an opportunity to reconsider your options. They kick ass. And as many of us learned only recently, courtesy of Moon of Alabama, the pretense that nobody could have known what might happen will not be available this time. Because the influential RAND Corporation think tank warned the US government of potential consequences of each of its actions as far back as the Spring of 2019, all of which it took anyway. No longer content to simply ride the tiger, America began to hammer its ribs with its heels, and of course its simpleminded vassals loudly chorused approval.

But now the situation increasingly looks as if the ride is over, and the time to get off the tiger draws near. And that’s going to be a problem. Because the world cannot simply go back to the way it was; not in the lifetime of anyone reading this today. NATO’s cascading, compounding duplicity has finally overpowered Russia’s attempts at understanding it and cutting it some slack, and clearly the attempt to stir revolution in the Russian breast failed about as conclusively as the parameters of failure allow. The Russian people continue, as of last month, to support their leader’s decisions at a rating of 81%. The slow but inexorable squeezing of Ukraine is unlikely to relax, and tanks from the west are more likely to provoke an escalation than a climbdown – let’s recall that the Russian operation began with the declared intent of minimizing casualties, offering the opportunity to surrender, and confine the scope to military targets. An accelerated frequency and magnitude of cruise-missile attacks resulted from a Ukraine-linked attack on the Crimea bridge, and the action ratcheted up to pounding energy infrastructure and utilities following the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines. If western-donated tanks actually make it to Ukraine in time to see combat, they are likely to see a rapid and destructive response, and the risk that the whole thing will spin out of control and flash over to a major war in Europe will increase proportionally. It’s too dangerous to get off the tiger right now, but staying on is getting increasingly untenable; there has been some crazy talk about giving Ukraine fighter jets, too, but that’s just whistling past the graveyard, and it is becoming clearer to an ever-wider audience that NATO has poured so much weaponry into Ukraine that its own fighting stocks are imperiled.

A particularly uncomfortable position to be in, considering that Russia was never really the target, not in Uncle Sam’s view. Russia was only a speed bump on the road to confronting…China.

But what if…oh, what if the solution was to climb up onto an even bigger tiger?

I don’t like saying, “I told you so”; well, actually, that’s a lie – I do like saying it. But I don’t like quoting my own writing to do it, it feels conceited. Nonetheless, the warning that the west is sleepwalking into a conflict with China (and more recently, an alliance of China and Russia) has been a frequent theme in past posts. For example, this one, from more than 3 years ago.

So as most ordinary thinkers could have told you would happen, America’s hold-my-beer-and-watch-this hillbilly moves to split Russia and China apart have succeeded in driving them closer together; the world’s manufacturing and commercial giant and a major energy producer – a great mix, unless you are the enemy. The rest of the world is kind of watching America with its pants around its ankles, wondering what it will do next. It failed to wreck the Russian economy, failed to depose and replace Bashar al-Assad in Syria, failed to depose and replace Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, and it will fail to prevent a Sino-Russian axis which will reshape global trade to its own advantage at the expense of America. Because whenever it has an opportunity to seize upon a lucid moment, to turn away from its destructive course, it chooses instead to bullshit itself some more. To whisper what it wishes were true into its own ear.

I just noted, in re-reading it, a moment which the times have rendered into contemporary comedy – the cited article mentions Netherlands high-functioning twit Mark Rutte as polling only 10% voter approval in his own country in 2018. You remember Rutte; the inspiring leader who threw the question of Ukraine’s accession to an EU-Ukraine Association Agreement – which  would liberalize trade – open to referendum…and then ignored the results because he and other European leaders did not like them. Now the European Commission is grappling with complaints from member states that the influx of Ukrainian grain is bankrupting its farmers. Poland floated the idea of using the Crisis Reserve, a €450 million fund for emergencies, to compensate European farmers in affected countries. The Netherlands voted against it.

Guess whose name is being shopped around as a replacement for Stoltenberg as NATO Secretary-General? Mark Rutte. Don’t worry, though; the most likely outcome is that Stoltenberg will stay on. Ummm….that’s supposed to be good news. But how could a serial roadapple like Rutte even have made the A-list? I know, right? I used to wonder, too, what they were smoking in  Europe, but it turned out to be bad for my blood pressure, so I try not to think about it now.

Anyway, please forgive the digression. We were talking about America girding its loins to take on China, after bleeding money and armament to Ukraine in a proxy war against Russia – a process whose acceleration suggests Washington believes it is being clever rather than stepping on another rake.

Is Washington concerned, at all, about the cementing of a pact between Russia and China based on their mutual dislike of America acting like the drunk guy dancing by himself at a nightclub, so that nobody wants to be serious about anything anymore? Might be, a little.

For instance, the caption of the lead photo reads, “In this handout photo taken from video released by the Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Dec. 22, 2022, Chinese warships take part in joint naval drills with Russia in the East China Sea. The exercise showcases increasingly close defense ties between the two countries as they both face tensions with the United States.” Russia and China now regularly conduct large-scale joint military exercises. But significantly, in wargaming scenarios the United States writes itself and has an ally or an American national play the enemy, exercises in which the notional enemy often behaves as past observation of these military exercises suggests they would be very unlikely to do…the USA still frequently loses. In situations in which it has complete control over whether or not it wins, not to put too fine a point on it.

The CSIS exercise was run 24 times. “In most scenarios, the United States/Taiwan/Japan defeated a conventional amphibious invasion by China and maintained an autonomous Taiwan.”

But all parties in the war game suffered high losses. “Victory is therefore not enough. The United States needs to strengthen deterrence immediately.” The report recommended measures to improve U.S. capabilities:

“Increase the arsenal of long-range anti-ship cruise missiles. Bombers capable of launching standoff, anti-ship ordnance offer the fastest way to defeat the invasion with the least amount of U.S. losses. Procuring such missiles and upgrading existing missiles with this anti-ship capability needs to be the top procurement priority.”

But the ‘conventional amphibious invasion’ codicil seems to have been inserted just to imply China could not win unless it advanced beyond conventional assault. Wasn’t it only two years ago that the USAF’s Deputy Chief of Staff warned that in key areas of air-combat competition, America is breaking a sweat achieving parity with the Chinese Air Force? In other areas, it’s behind them. Now. US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall claimed his priorities are “China, China and China”. With good reason – the People’s Liberation Army (PLA, all disciplines are subordinate to the army, resulting in the odd-sounding ‘People’s Liberation Army Navy’, the PLAN) now has the largest aviation forces in the Indo-Pacific and the largest conventional missile capability in the world, and is actively fielding hypersonic missiles. Kendall also noted that the rapid pace of Chinese military modernization has resulted in China acquiring a first-strike capability with its long-range nuclear forces.

Would this be a bad time to mention that NATO has yet to defeat Russia through its cunning plan of throwing Ukraine at it? I mean, Russia was supposed to be the easy part. And maybe this might not be the best time to bring up that the United States was the principal influence in forcing Russia and China together, into what has become a truly daunting military alliance comprised of two of the top three nuclear-weapons powers. But it was. Just sayin’.

In such an imagined amphibious assault, China would take advantage of an amphibious assault force it began to define and build only two years ago, yet it has already launched its first two assault carriers, a third is probably completed construction – given that building them is taking the Chinese only about 6 months – and the usual experts speculate they could have a Marine-Corps equivalent to rival that of the United States by 2025. They already have around 30,000 marines. Such a force would be self-contained, able to operate autonomously from the other arms of the Chinese military, leaving them free to act in support. So we might as well go ahead and point out that they’re right there, on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. The United States is more than 7,000 miles from the Taiwan Strait, while the attacking force would be maybe a tenth of that. And while Russia’s amphibious fleet is assessed as ‘far smaller than that of the USA’ – just in case it decided to help its ally – it is also assessed as ‘formidable’.

Russia’s amphibious assault capability, while far smaller than that of the United States, is formidable. The Russian navy boasts dozens of amphibious assault ships of different sizes, and well-equipped naval infantry brigades that are considered among the Russian military’s elite formations. Russia’s naval infantry force fields five brigades plus additional battalions, which are organized similarly to motorized rifle units and are operationally subordinated to fleet commanders. In theory, Russian forces could mount brigade-sized landings with tanks and armored vehicles, supported by land-based fixed-wing and rotary-wing aviation.

Would they do that? Ah, ah – we don’t think like that, and people who do wind up being surprised more often than they need to be. The cornerstone of strategic planning is “Think capabilities, not intentions”. We’ve had plenty of examples of how stunned western military analysts are on the planning and warfighting philosophies of non-aligned nations. Don’t ask “Would they?”, ask “Could they?”. If the answer is Yes, assume they would.

And that’s what Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu thinks, too. Or so he said in 2015.

The bilateral defense relationship primarily manifests itself across three broad areas of engagement; high-level military contacts, military-technical cooperation, and joint military exercises. Of the three categories, exercises are arguably the most important. In 2015, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said as much: “The most important issue of the Russian-Chinese military cooperation are the joint military exercises.” Joint military exercises contribute to China and Russia’s security partnership in three ways, according to the Congressional testimony of Richard Weiss in 2019. First, they help Beijing and Moscow’s armed forces improve their tactical and operational capabilities and increase their interoperability, enhancing their ability to conduct joint operations. Second, the exercises serve a mutual reassurance function, affirming China and Russia’s “commitment to military cooperation as an important dimension of their evolving relationship.” Third, joint military exercises signal to third parties—particularly the United States—China and Russia’s strong commitment to each other’s security interests.

I’m…ahhh….trying to be delicate about this, but…such a Sino-Russian lunge across the Taiwan Strait – admittedly a farfetched possibility, since there is every likelihood China and Taiwan will be unified as the result of a peaceful process – would be countered by a nation whose foremost military thinkers believe a full-on amphibious assault is something that will ‘never happen again’ after the D-Day landings. Just how effective an opposition would they really be, regardless of their tough talk? And although Taiwan’s external defenders make much of its indigenous people, descended from Pacific islanders, they actually make up not more than 3% of the population. The rest are as Chinese as the Year of the Dragon.

Okay, so I think we can safely dispense with further discussion of the American military conquest of China. After all, they haven’t beaten Russia yet, so China is still a ways down the road. But say; cancha just roon their ‘conomy? You know, like you did to Russia. With sanctions. You remember.

Well, about that. Just before we get back to China, I feel I should point out that the IMF now forecasts growth for the Russian economy this year – reversing its earlier prediction – and even suggests Russian economic growth could outstrip that of the United States within two years. I would normally laugh at anything from Newsweek, whose reporters apparently get much of their inspiration from airplane-model glue. But in this instance they are merely quoting an IMF report, which appears to be genuine.

So, on the prospects of Washington waving its mighty hand, and wasting China’s economy…look, I’m not an economist. But I’m going to go ahead and say no. Because, you see, China’s annual trade surplus with the United States – which is already announcing its opening moves to roon their ‘conomy – actually widened 1.8% in 2022, to $404 Billion, with a ‘B’.

Last year’s exports to the United States edged up 1% over 2021 to $581.8 billion despite tariff hikes by President Joe Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, that still are in place on many goods. Chinese imports of American goods declined 1% to $177.6 billion.

China’s global trade surplus in 2021 was the highest ever for any economy. 2022’s was a 29.7% expansion. China is buying oil and gas from Russia, not from the world economy, and Russia has lots of it – which it sells to China at a discount. Last year, China even resold cargoes of imported American LNG to Europe at a substantial profit. But with the Chinese economy poised to rev up again to an astonishing 5% growth this year, next winter will likely be lesson time again for Europe, which is still mewling about ‘renewables’ and buying gas from Algeria and Norway, and of course from the USA – its partner in Freedom and Democracy. When the frost is on the pumpkin once again, China will be uniquely poised to decide – or perhaps ‘influence’ would be a better word – gas prices in Europe. Unless Baerbockian thinking has triumphed, and there is a windmill in every front yard and a photovoltaic panel on every flat surface.

Which brings us, through the delightfully mocking stylings of Patrick Lawrence, to the yawning difference between What We Are Supposed To Think Is Happening and What Is Happening. I mean, you could argue there is often a pretty large gap between political rhetoric and the reality of political actions; western politicians routinely preach inclusiveness and harmony, and then act to divide and conquer until we have grown to expect such a performance. But in the Sino-Russian summit just concluded last month – which received pretty much zero coverage in the west, for reasons I imagine will quickly become obvious – presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are arguing for nothing less than a new world order. The Chinese head of state had this message; you can judge for yourself whether it bodes ill for the current claimants to Running The Global Show.

China stands ready to join hands with Russia and all other progressive forces around the world who oppose hegemony and power politics, to reject any unilateralism, protectionism and bullying, firmly safeguard the sovereignty, security and development interests of the two countries and uphold international fairness and justice. The two sides need to maintain close coordination and collaboration in international affairs, uphold the authority of the United Nations and the status of international law, stand for true multilateralism, and fulfill their responsibilities as major countries and lead by example on such issues as protecting global food and energy security.

The Russian head of state was no less contemptuous toward the erstwhile pretenders to global leadership, and their selective reliance on ‘international law’.

The outgoing year has brought great and dramatic changes to our country and to the world. It was filled with uncertainty, anxiety and worry…. For years, Western elites hypocritically assured us of their peaceful intentions… But… the West lied to us about peace while preparing for aggression, and to cynically use Ukraine and its people as a means to weaken and divide Russia. We have never allowed anyone to do this and we will not allow it now.

In summary: the proxy war, which was deliberately fomented, initiated and supported as a means of weakening Russia preparatory to powerful new measures to contain China, has instead substantially weakened and divided its western backers, and brought the European economy to the brink of collapse. There is no improvement on that forecast for this year, and instead warnings to prepare for more fiscal gyrations next winter. The western coalition, united in collaboration to keep Ukraine fighting until the entire country is razed to the ground, is demonstrably incapable of prevailing over Russia alone, never mind Russia backed by China’s almost-double-the-size-of-the-US’s army, its nearly 6000 tanks and a defense budget that leaped by 6.8% in 2022 after a decade of steady increases. I know the USA’s white paper claimed the PLA’s ground forces “are either using obsolete equipment or cannot effectively field modern weapons without better equipment or training”; but they made similar dismissive noises about the Russians even when their propaganda was more sophisticated than “Russia is recruiting its mercenaries from prisons and they are climbing over the bodies of their own dead to advance”. Yet advancing they appear to be. Chinsauce about taking China to the woodshed economically is just laughable look-over-here posturing and distraction as the western economy implodes with unsustainable debt and out-of-control subsidies that would never have been required if there were not lunatics minding the shop.

Mr. Lawrence’s closing paragraph struck such a responsive chord for me that I think I will use it to take us out.

Do you think the cultivation of ignorance in this fashion is a sign of a society’s health—a restorative, a source of strength? Or is it the opposite, one cause among many of the palpable decline in our public discourse, the tearing of our social fabric, the rampant confusion among us, the absence of purpose with which so many of us must live?


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  1. The enemy that was and often still is within . . .

    12 March 2023 16:56
    Will the stars who fled Russia be left without money? Why Brezhneva, Loboda and others should forget about Russian mansions
    Lawyer Igor Mogilny told KP.RU why it is difficult for celebrities from unfriendly countries to sell their expensive real estate

    41-year-old Vera Brezhneva, a citizen of the Ukraine

    Three performance artists with Ukrainian citizenship have offered for sale their mansions in the Moscow Region. [Large country houses and huge, luxurious country mansions here are, curiously enough, called by realtors and their wealthy owners “kottedzhi” (коттеджи — “cottages”), no doubt because the English term is considered to give a touch of “class” to said property — ME]. Real estate market experts say that it is now difficult to sell élite real estate at a profit – the number of offers now significantly exceeds demand. And in the case of sellers from unfriendly countries, the sale of such property is even more difficult. Popular entertainment stars from the Ukraine have been earning big money in Russia for years. They deposited their earnings into accounts in foreign banks, and invested part of it into luxury real estate in Moscow and the Moscow suburbs. Now, these stars want to get rid of their housing in Russia.

    Who is selling what?
    Composer and singer Artem Umrihin, 37, is known as the founder and producer of the group Artik & Asti. Umrihin has Ukrainian citizenship; his wife Ramina has Israeli and EU citizenship, and their children are US and EU citizens. Umrihin and his family now live in the UAE and continue to record and release songs. The female half of Artik & Asti, the lead singer, earns money (performing) in Russia. Umrihin does not speak out on political topics.

    Composer and singer Artem Umrihin, 37, founder and producer of Artik & Asti, and his wife Ramina.

    Artem Umrikhin had been living with his wife, son and daughter in the suburbs of Moscow in recent years – the house is in an élite village on the New Riga Highway. [The “millionaires’ row” of Moscow as it were — ME] The musician bought the 700-square-metre house at a great discount, as the sellers were in urgent need of money. Umrikhin paid 31 million roubles, and added a little more to its renovation.. Now he wants to sell the house for 50 million roubles. The interior of the house is decorated in classical style, but the furniture is not new – it belonged the previous owners.

    Vera Brezhneva, 41, is a citizen of the Ukraine. She has been earning millions in Russia for more than a decade from “zakazniks” [wealthy hosts of private parties — ME] and other commercial gigs, as well as having major advertising contracts. Her husband (59-year-old composer Konstantin Meladze, a Ukrainian citizen [with a Georgian family name! — ME]) gave Brezhneva a mansion in the luxury village of “Millennium Park” near Moscow. Here they lived until spring 2022. The house is located 19 kms from the Moscow Ring Road, the area of the cottage is 700 square metres, 36 hectares. On the ground floor are a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a guest bedroom, a Turkish bath, two bathrooms and garages; on the first floor there are three bedrooms, a dressing room; on the third floor there is an attic with a lounge. There have been unsuccessful attempts to rent out the house, and now, through a real estate agency, it has been put up for sale for 299 million rubles.

    Vera Brezhneva (real name Vera Kiperman) [You don’t say! — ME]

    Brezhneva (real name Vera Kiperman) has repeatedly spread fakes about the SMO. A year ago, the singer moved to Italy, where her family has a home. Vera Brezhneva now lives with her husband Konstantin Meladze and younger daughter in a villa near Lake Garda at the southern foot of the Alps. The villa is valued at 800 thousand Euros. They also have a flat in an Italian resort town.

    Svetlana Loboda, 40, is a citizen of Malta and the Ukraine. Now Loboda and her daughters live in Latvia. From time to time she spreads fakes about the SMO. Prior to that, Loboda had lived and worked in Russia for about four years, building a career that was the most successful of all her fellow Ukrainian singers. The star has flats in Dubai, Riga and a house in Jurmala, Latvia. The singer has the most expensive property in Russia – an apartment and a house.

    Svetlana Loboda, 40, is a citizen of Malta and the Ukraine.

    Loboda’s 1,400 square metre mansion on a 1 hectare plot is located on a fenced-off estate on the New Riga Highway in the Moscow Region. Through a real estate agency, the house is being offered for a rent of 1 million roubles a month; it is also being offered for sale for 630 million roubles. Nobody has been found yet who wishes to rent or buy the property. On the territory there is a garden with 300 trees and a pond, a servants’ house and a guest house. The mansion has three floors: a hall, a living room, five bedrooms, a kitchen, two dining rooms, a swimming pool, dressing rooms, a billiard room, a library, a gym and a bar.

    How are they selling their property?
    Loboda, Brezhneva and Umrikhin do not have Russian citizenship. Lawyer Igor Mogilny explained to KP.RU the peculiarities as regards the conveyancing of Russian real estate owned by performing artists who are citizens of unfriendly countries:

    KPThe Presidential Decree No. 81 of March 1, 2022 imposed restrictions on persons associated with foreign countries, which persons commit unfriendly acts against Russian legal entities and individuals. We are talking about persons who have the citizenship of an unfriendly state and who are not citizens of Russia. This decree is about prohibiting citizens of unfriendly states from making real estate deals that lead to the registration of ownership rights. However, according to Presidential Decree No. 254 of May 4, 2022, citizens of unfriendly countries were allowed to purchase and sell real estate.

    Lawyer I. Mogilny But there is a mandatory condition for transactions: the money for the real estate being sold goes into a special “S” account. What is a special “S” account? It is a rouble account that a non-resident (a citizen of a hostile country) can open in a Russian authorised bank. Funds can only be debited from an “S” account in the following situations: payment of taxes and duties to the Russian budget; transfers for the purchase of federal loan bonds placed by the Russian Ministry of Finance at auctions; transfers to non-resident current accounts in Russian currency with special permission; transfers to “S” bank accounts; payment of commissions to the authorised bank servicing the account. Thus, to withdraw cash from an “S”-type account and transfer it to your current account, it is necessary to obtain special permission, but the procedure for obtaining such permission is not defined — this is the main risk.

    KPSo what you are saying is that if these artists sell real estate in Russia, they will be able to receive payment in a special “C” account. Or by “black cash” [black cash: illegal cash not reflected in financial documents and therefore non-taxable —ME]

    Lawyer — How to sell real estate whilst abroad? Draw up a notarial power of attorney, have it apostilled – and then a trusted person will execute the transaction.

    KP — If this property is registered in the name of a legal entity (rather than an individual), then the authorisation of a special commission will be required for the transaction.

    Lawyer — I do not see any risks for a Russian citizen when buying property from a person from a foreign country.

    Conclusions: The stars claim that they have not made a gift of their Russian houses to anyone. They are being sold by authorized persons. There is little chance of getting rid of these houses without huge discounts, since there is an overabundance of profitable offers on the suburban élite real estate market. If a deal goes through, then a citizen of an unfriendly country may have difficulty withdrawing money outside of Russia. This requires a special permit – whilst the procedure for obtaining it is not defined.

    Ooh, I’ve just had an idea!

    How about confiscating all such property?

    You know, like the Exceptional Nation confiscates all assets and monies that belong to its perceived enemies.

    I wonder why no one here has thought of that?


  2. From Yukietard blogger vitaviktoria on “Live Journal” — she posts tons of similar shite:

    March 13 2023, 11:17

    Wagner is recruiting patients from neuropsychiatric dispensaries and has opened recruitment centers in schools

    Having come into conflict with the Ministry of Defence and been denied the further possibility of recruiting prisoners, the head of the Wagner PMC Evgeny Prigozhin has switched to the psychiatric hospitals, schoolchildren and children from sports clubs.

    Part of the recruitment centres of the Wagner PMC, which Yevgeny Prigozhin’s army of mercenaries has opened across the country, are located in schools and sports clubs, where children study and train.

    An announcement that now one need not have a certificate from a psychiatrist and narcologist, as well as a fluorogram in order to join “Wagner” has been posted in one of the PMC groups in the social networks. Information about a willingness to recruit people who have been treated in a psychoneurologic dispensary has been confirmed by PMC recruiters.

    A correspondent of “The Moscow Times”, pretending to be a volunteer, contacted the Wagner hotline and reported that he was being treated at a psycho-neurological dispensary for a nervous breakdown. In response, a formal instruction with the requirements for recruits was sent to the “volunteer” and he was requested to make a self-assessment of his suitability for recruitment. “Read the instructions. If everything is fine, we shall be waiting for you”, wrote the PMC recruiter.

    According to the instructions, the PMC does not accept people “suffering from serious illnesses, preventing the execution of tasks, suffering from drug addiction, as well as those with hepatitis B, C. However, no certificates are required, and, according to the same instructions, no serious medical examination is performed upon arrival at the site: only a rapid blood test and urine test for drugs are taken.

    Recruiters explain the drastic reduction in requirements for new recruits on the VKontakte blog as “to remove unnecessary bureaucracy”.

    “Wagner is experiencing a ‘personnel shortage’: in February, recruitment of mercenaries in prisons and prison camps was suspended. Now the recruitment of prisoners for the war in the Ukraine is being carried out exclusively by the Ministry of Defence.

    According to American intelligence, by December the number of Wagner fighters had reached 50 thousand, of whom only 10 thousand were professional mercenaries, and 40 thousand were former convicts recruited by Prigozhin.

    Since the start of the war, Wagner has lost more than 30,000 fighters in the Ukraine, including 9,000 killed, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, citing intelligence reports.

    He said that more than 4,000 deaths had occurred in December, when Wagner units were thrown into the storming of Bakhmut. Of those killed, 90 per cent were former prisoners, Kirby said.


    1. Come to the cabaret my friends, come to the cabaret!

      Statuesque Blonde Yulia Navalnaya and Daria I-get-a-full-student-grant-at-Stanford-University Navalnaya and Zahar Navalny putting on a good show for jailbird spouse/father.

      I wonder why Navalny’s son was given an Arabic name.


      1. Up on TASS now:

        MOSCOW, March 13. /TASS/. Awarding an Oscar to the Navalny documentary may be “an element of politicisation,” Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

        “I cannot judge the documentary’s qualities because I haven’t seen it,” he noted. “However, even though I haven’t seen it, I dare say that there is an element of politicisation of the issue. Hollywood sometimes does not hesitate to politicize its work, so such things happen. Still, I shouldn’t talk about the cinematic merits of the film,” Peskov told reporters, when asked how the Kremlin assessed the fact that Daniel Roher’s film about Russian blogger Alexey Navalny had won the Oscar for best documentary feature.

        The 95th Academy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles on March 12. Everything Everywhere All at Once took the Oscar for best picture and best director. The ceremony took place without coronavirus restrictions for the first time since 2020.

        Edited by me because the staff TASS translator apparently doesn’t know the difference between “wouldn’t do” and “shouldnt do”.

        What Peskov actually said was:

        Я не могу судить о качествах этой ленты, потому что я ее не смотрел. Поэтому было бы нелогично что-то говорить. Но смею предположить, что здесь есть определенный элемент политизации темы. Голливуд тоже не гнушается иногда политизации тем в своей работе, такое бывает, но говорить о кинематографических достоинствах не могу, ибо с ней не знаком

        which translates as:

        I cannot judge the qualities of this film because I have not seen it. So it would be illogical to say anything. But I dare to suggest that there is an element of politicisation here. Hollywood does not shy away from politicising themes in its work sometimes: this happens, but I cannot speak about the cinematic merits of the film because I am not familiar with it.

        Hurrah for Navalny!

        As you can see from the Kremlin photo above, spring has still not sprung here, but they’re up to their knees in mud in Banderastan now.

        When, starting last November, Colonel Macgregor was going on and on about the winter offensive that was soon to kick off in Saloland as soon as the ground had hardened, I wanted to shout out at him: “There ain’t gonna be a cold winter there this year, colonel — don’t you check the weather reports and forecasts?”

        They’ve only had a sprinkling of snow there this winter and minimum temperatures of around minus 10 °C at the very lowest and only for very short periods of time at that.


        1. Zakhar is a Biblical name, it’s a form of the name Zechariah (Hebrew: “God remembers”). The Arabic equivalent is Zakariya.

          You may be thinking of the Arabic name Zahar which, depending on its context or pronunciation, can mean “shine”, “bloom” or “a seller of flowers”, and can be used for both boys and girls.


          1. I may be thinking of the name Zahar?

            I am thinking of the name Zahar, because that is Navalny’s son’s name.

            I know that Zahar is an Arabic name.

            That’s why I wondered above why Navalny’s son has an Arabic name.

            Meet Zahar Navalny.

            Захар Навальный

            For some reason or other, the Russian site immediately above does not give the boy’s patronymic.

            Navalny’s son’s full name, by law, in Russian — if Navalny’s son is indeed a Russian citizen, which I am sure he is, and also that his birth was registered here — is:

            Захар Алексеевич Навальный


            1. Giving his son an Arabic and presumably Muslim name seems inconsistent with what we know of Alexei Navalny’s past attitudes towards Muslims from the Caucasus. It makes more sense if the boy’s name is Zakhar, meaning Zachary / Zakariya / Zechariah.

              We don’t assume that Maria Zakharova must have an Arabic or Muslim ancestor because of her surname, do we?


              1. His name is Захар in Cyrillic.

                Check out the Russian web. The boy’s name is Захар.

                The name is pronounced in Southern Russia and Banderastan as /zahar/.

                In Muscovite and standard Russian pronunciation, the Cyrillic letter х is pronounced as is ch in the Scots word loch.

                The standard Russian pronunciation of the Cyrillic letter х is usually transliterated into Latin alphabet as kh and is pronounced slightly gutturally.

                Слева направо: Дарья, Юлия и Захар Навальные и Дэниел Роэр (Фото: Carlos Barria / Reuters)


                Russian WikiDictionary

                Short friendly, form for “Zachary” in Russian.

                However, when one writes one’s name in full, one does not use the intimate, friendly form of one’s given name.

                One does not write, for example, Вова Владимирович Путин.

                I cannot find anywhere on the Russian web where Navalny’s son’s name, if it is Zachary, is given in full as Захари.


                1. However, I too find it highly unlikely that Navalny has given his son an Arabic name. That is why I pondered about the name above.


                2. In the Russian below the above photo, the friendly diminutive for Daria is not used: she is not labelled as ДашаDasha.


            2. He’s quite a handsome lad, looks a lot like his sister – both of whom apparently owe more of their appearance to their mother than to their father.

              But he will probably grow up to be another entitled intelligentsia twat, imbued with a tremendous sense of self-importance, because it would require a herculean effort to not respond to all the western stroking and coddling. All of which the Americans imagine is ‘infuriating Russia’ and making Putin ‘steam with anger’.

              As I often say, I am a big fan of Navalny because he seems to have secured a privileged place in western esteem far out of proportion to his worth.


              1. He looks older than his 13 years. I double checked sources for reports of the Oscars ceremony to make sure that the young man was indeed Navalny’s son “Zak”, as one might say in English.

                If I rightly recall, Ringo Starr called one of his children “Zak” — only the short form, mind you: not Zacharia.

                Yes, Zak Richard Starkey, who is now 57 coming on 58 this September.


      2. No Zelensky rant but I knew the Academy would find some way to kick Russia in the nuts. For the eleven people who still tune in to the Oscars, it must’ve been so satisfying.


        1. “We’d like to express our thanks and love for Vladimir Putin, without whose support we would never have been here tonight…”


        2. Never mind – if Canada had an equivalent of the Oscars, the winning documentary would not even be in any recognizable language, but would probably be presented in Nuu Chah Nulth or Micmaq or some indigenous language maybe 150 living people can speak and understand, and awarded by a pink-haired transsexual with 30 pronouns and they/their/them’s own special flag.

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      3. Live Journal blog:

        Apassion for Navalny. A scandalous Oscar

        The documentary “Navalny” has won the Oscar for “Best Documentary Feature Film”.

        This has already caused a lot of frustration on the part of the offended Salomites, who were not allowed to hype at the Oscars 2023: the film “Navalny” bypassed the Ukrainian documentary about Lysichansk. [Documentary about orphanage children “scarred by the Russian invasion” — ME]

        An unbearable howl has already risen in the Svidomite part of the Internet. This is how just one ordinary Russian prisoner can cause an uproar in the Ukrainian public.

        The presentation of an Oscar for the film about Navalnyhas infuriated the Office of the President of the Ukraine.

        In general, the reaction was predictable: “Navalny’s orc movie won an Oscar and Zelensky was not even allowed to make a speech there!”

        For a better understanding of the moral and ideological state of the Ukraine, it is highly advisable to see the film “A Prayer of Hetman Mazepa”. It was made with public money before the first Maidan. Mazepa (protagonist) runs around with Kochubei’s severed head [Kochubei was a statesman of the Cossack Hetmanate and of Crimean Tatar descent. His tenure was characterized by Pro-Moscow policies and was cut short by his execution on Hetman Ivan Mazepa’s orders — ME], the masturbation by Kochubei’s widow with that very severed head, the Baturin massacre (the authenticity of which is generally disputed), same-sex contact on a tomb, Mazepa climbing out of the tomb, corpses, corpses, corpses and more corpses. Probably not all, but a very significant part of the Ukrainian population has long been purposefully prepared for a kind of political necrophilia, to make it easier for them to accept the role of cannon fodder in the interests of those who have carried out this preparation in the future.

        A review of the above mentioned Svidomite cinematic masterpiece by Variety:

        “A Prayer for Hetman Mazepa” unfolds during an interesting era in the history of Eastern Europe when Russia, under Peter the Great (Vacleslav Dovzhenko), and Sweden, under King Charles XII (Nikita Dzygurda), struggled for power; the Ukraine was the pawn in the middle.

        In 1709, Ivan Mazepa, Hetman of the Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire, signed a pact with the Swedish king promising to support Sweden in its war against Russia provided that the Ukraine was given its independence. For a brief period this independence was, indeed, granted, but then Russia defeated Sweden at the Battle of Poltava, and the Ukraine became part of the Russian Empire again and, eventually, of the Soviet Union. [Funny that, seeing as the Ukraine as a state only came into existence in 1922. There was a “Little Russia” then, though. And the rest of what became part of the UkSSR was then Polish-Lithuanian territory on the right bank of the Dnieper, but no matter . . . ME}

        Despite the obvious resources at his disposal, Ilyenko has chosen not to tell this story in any kind of coherent way, instead opting for an extremely stylized approach reminiscent, at its best, of Paradzhanov and at its worst (which is most of the time) characterized by an almost amateurish disregard for audience sensibilities.

        The story is not told chronologically, but in bits and pieces through the feverish dreams of Mazepa, who sees himself at three periods of his life. Settings are deliberately artificial, and a lengthy battle sequence in the middle of the film uses copious amounts of obviously fake blood and plaster corpses.

        The freewheeling camera, operated by the director himself, never stays still for a moment, sweeping over the characters and action in dizzying fashion. The color grading varies wildly almost from shot to shot, from a very washed-out look to more normal color shadings.

        The acting is all over the place as well, with most of the cast encouraged to overplay to an annoying extent. There’s a lot of declamatory speechifying and shouting over the din, all of it rather badly post-synchronized. Nudity abounds, and a climactic orgy sequence, which again seems to have no apparent purpose, is endlessly long.

        Yes, well . . . . only to be expected really.


        1. Hey, Navalny!

          Seen this?

          13 Mar, 16: 57
          In 2022, for the first time, no one escaped from penal colonies and pre-trial detention centers in Russia</ a<
          Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service Gostev: in 2022, for the first time, no one escaped from colonies and pre-trial detention centers in Russia

          What Westerners call a “gulag”; what Russians call a “colony”; What Navalny calls “home” for another 5 years or so — ME

          For the first time in modern history, not a single person escaped from correctional colonies and pre-trial detention centres in Russia in 2022. This was announced by the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) Arkady Gostev at the board meeting of the department on the results of work for the previous year.

          “For the first time in the modern history of the penitentiary system, thanks to the coordinated actions of the personnel, escapes from the protection of convicts and persons in custody have not been accomplished”, Gostev said.

          Gostev added that as a result of the actions taken by the service, the number of crimes committed in institutions of the penitentiary system has decreased by almost 28%. He clarified that one of the main tasks of the Federal Penitentiary Service is to ensure a good level of security and law and order in these institutions.

          At the end of August 2022, two convicts escaped from IK-38 in the city of Berezniki in the Perm Region. The police and corrections officers apprehended them. As the press service of the main directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Perm Region has clarified, the convicts shall be convicted again, they shall be given another term of custody: as per article 313 of the Criminal Code, up to eight years in prison.

          In 2019, the Federal Penitentiary Service reported that 140 escapes from protection were committed in 1994, 25 in 2000, 11 in 2010, eight in 2015, and five in 2016. In 2017, two escapes were recorded, and in 2018, one escape was allowed. Over 25 years, the number of escapes of prisoners from Russian pre-trial detention centre and colonies has decreased by 140 times, the press service of the department emphasized.

          140 in 1994. Hardly surprising in what was the Wild East then, the drunken, debauched, criminal times of the USA’s favourite “First President of Russia”. Must have been dead easy to do a runner then if you had the readies. At the time, I recall being told by someone in a nefarious “Irish” bar in Moscow that I used to frequent — only to have a wet, mid you, of Liffey Water — which was full of ex-pats and drop-dead gorgeous Russian girls, 90% of whom being on the game, that the going rate for bumping anyone off in Moscow was 200 USA bucks. And you could hire one of the girls for the night for as little as $80. Only what I was told, bear in mind. Anyroad, all that boozing Guinness in Irish bars stopped after I had got wed, so devoted had I become to my permanent Russian girlfriend.


        2. Oh dear … Alexei Navalny might end up on Mitrovorets’s kill list for stealing the Best Documentary Oscar. All the more reason to keep him in jail.


    2. Perhaps the Film Star will be given an extra piece of weevily bread with his gruel, in recognition of his stardom, and be permitted to sleep in for 15 minutes tomorrow morning before commencing his work sewing mailbags, or whatever it is he does.

      Inconvenient bad press about the White Helmets plus the time elapsed since their ‘heroism’ conspired against them, but it has become the fashion to recognize a ‘dissident’, so ‘Navalny’ was a shoo-in. I continue to celebrate his elevation right along with all the dumb westerners who think he will one day replace the Russian leader. As long as they are wasting their money and time in adulation of Navalny, a potential serious challenger remains unrecognized.


  3. Xi Jinping is going to have an online meeting with the Kiev Clown.

    What can they discuss?

    The little Rat will make demands of course.


    1. There were comments today by Premier Li that the “USA and China must work together” blah blah blah. It looks fairly clear to me that China is setting out its stall as offering cooperation knowing that Washington and its hamster will rejected/ignore/dismiss/whatever them, but it’ll all be public record. “We asked. You said ‘No.'” All this on the back of China engineering a rapprochement with i-Ran & KSA. China means business and if you need help, Beijing is available to lend a hand.


    2. At least President Xi can say he tried to talk sense into President Ze. The other most noteworthy aspect of the meeting is sure to be its length: no more than the time it takes for the Weasel to start on his shopping list of demands and things he wants from China and for Xi to cut him off, That should be less than two minutes.


      1. I guess they will use translators because firstly, I don’t think President Xi speaks either English or Russian, the Kiev Clown’s mother tongue, nor, I believe, according to protocol should President Xi speak in a foreign language at such a meeting. I recall how Baerbock spoke in German when she was on an official visit to the White House and Baerbock can, of course, speak English.

        The Kiev Clown speaks English after a fashion. I also have it on good authority that his Ukrainian is not so shit hot either. Nor was his presidential predecessor’s.


        1. It is traditional if not actual protocol that foreign leaders use interpreters unless they share the same mother tongue, such as Bojo and Biden do, albeit not exactly the same English. This is done, I am told, to prevent suggestions afterward that this or that passage was misunderstood by one leader or the other, or is being misrepresented or taken out of context by the media reporting on it.

          Zelensky speaks English about as well as most Ukrainian immigrants do here; I work with several daily, and their English is good, if heavily accented. In official speeches Zelensky is plainly reading from a teleprompter or cue cards, several words he routinely uses are plainly not familiar to him because of his pronunciation. But for all of that his vocabulary and grasp of a foreign language are impressive. Vladimir Putin obviously has some grasp of English as well, it is clear he understands it and is able to respond to it in English, but he mostly sticks to the diplomatic protocol of using interpreters.

          One thing I find surprising is how harsh and grating Zelensky’s voice is when he speaks English. It might be because he is exhausted and because it is an effort for him, but in his performances in Russian as an entertainer his voice was pleasant and modulated.


          1. President Ze may be smoking some harsh stuff as well which could explain the raspy tone of voice. Do people still smoke crack these days?


      2. I doubt Ukraine will demand munitions or any kind of materiel support from China, and it would certainly not be forthcoming if Zelensky did ask. Money, too, is likely not on the table. I think Zelensky, at the nudging of his international backers, will ask China to try to broker an agreement whereby the fighting will cease but Ukraine will get to keep as much territory as possible. And it’s a tailor-made solution for Washington, because if Ukraine turns out to have to concede substantial territory, Washington can snarl that Ukraine was betrayed by China, which was of course in the Kremlin’s pocket the whole time – America would never have done it that way. And nobody will remember the west’s back was against the wall and it had basically no more gifts it could give Ukraine that would make a bit of difference. Remaining western equipment would be too complicated for Ukraine to learn to use in the short time remaining, and if it underperformed against Russia it would invite mockery and less western arms sales. The remaining option is for NATO to enter the war openly and in force, which would automatically trigger a corresponding Chinese intervention, and that would be disastrous for NATO. So the only sensible option is some kind of deal.

        Consequently, this meeting could be tremendously important.


    3. Well, well; that must be owed to the prodding of Canada’s world-renowned Foreign Minister, Jolly Melanie, who was only the other day pressing her Chinese counterpart for that very thing.

      The idea, I guess, is for China and Ukraine to get cosy so’s the Evil One knows they are real friends, like, behind his back so he had best give up hope of being supported by China when he runs out of bullets tomorrow. Or something. Anyway, doubtless the Americans have given devoted vassal Joly her marching orders and she will be reading from a Nuland script. The west has apparently realized its own attempts at ‘leverage’ have come to naught, and now it will be down to the hated yellow-peril enemy it generally regards with contempt to do it a solid and help them out.

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  4. Nude Scientist: A massive power transformer shortage is wreaking havoc in the US

    A nationwide shortage of power grid transformers is causing delays across the US for everything from infrastructure for electric vehicles to new homes.

    Those fancy new chip plants that the US government require substantial amounts of electricity (one headline said 1 plant needs the equivalent that would power 1 million homes) and clean water, not to mention sand and getting power from A to B is becoming increasingly difficult after decades of underinvestment.

    Fintech/Cryptocurrency/weapons/bs etc. is OK. Why make such low value items as transformers and who needs electricity anyway?


      1. Certainly not impossible; that “Till The Last Ukrainian” documentary included numerous references to European leaders giving assistance to Ukraine to the extent their own voters suffered for it in dilapidated infrastructure, etc…


        1. If true and not just our idle speculation, they are certainly not compatible without some juryrigging/adaptation as one of you mentioned before the different electrical system used. Maybe some American corporation thus was given an over-priced contract to make them work over there. It would be The American Way™


  5. PPNN: Moldova, protest bad. Kremlin backed plots. All means necessary to supress.
    Georgia, protest good. Western backed/funded ‘NGO’s aka foreign interference absolutely fair.

    That both are happening at the same time gives a good comparison of how our media fails to be impartial and do its job.

    It also shows us that for want of being able to do anything else, the west it trying to do anything to destabilize anywhere around Russia regardless of the consequences to the locals if it may damage Moscow. Desperate throwing sh*t at the walls to see if it will stick stuff.

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    1. And that if you publicly protest in favour of more western influence and regulation, you are a hero on the side of freedom and democracy, but if you are so deluded as to not aspire to that goal, you are a hoodlum who should be held up as an example of loyalty to evil.


  6. From the comments on the current open Ukraine thread at moonofalabama:

    “| Mar 13 2023 20:59 utc | 16

    This from the Donbass Devushka TG is funny enough to be worth posting:

    “USA has enough banks left for 2-3 weeks”
    Posted by: LightYearsFromHome | Mar 13 2023 21:10 utc | 17″

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    1. Ha, ha!! That IS funny!! And perhaps an unconscious thread of truth can be discerned in it – while it is plainly lighthearted mockery, it serves to highlight that Russia is far stronger than the west imagined it would be at supporting high-intensity military campaigns due to apparently-completely-unobserved (on the part of ‘western intelligence’) investment in low-tech artillery and logistics supply and training, while the west (as usual, although nobody wants to say it) poured everything it had into protecting its wealthy investor class. While there is plainly no danger the USA will run out of banks (although the value of the monetary empire they support is certainly eroding), the west IS running out of ammunition because it would never have to fight that kind of war again.

      Although the first signs of panic are beginning to emerge, things are not going to get better for the west until some settlement of the ongoing conflict and possibly some time after that, because America plainly cannot supply Europe with plenty of economical energy; it is passing curious, innit, that as soon as the Nord Stream pipelines were taken out and even before that, radical elements in European politics were crying out that Europe did not need cheap fossil energy anyway, it must go GREEN!!! How fortunate, since American LNG is neither plentiful or cheap. Anyway, as our friend at The Consciousness of Sheep pointed out from darkest Wales so long ago, EVERYTHING depends on the cost of energy; even if it’s made ten miles from where you sit, the cost of getting it from there to you by truck has tripled, and additional costs must go on to the retail price, or the maker sees no profit and must fold up. It is finally being acknowledged widely that European industry is relocating out of Europe and often to the United States – rewarded rather than punished for its perfidy – because manufacturing is energy-intensive and (a) windmills and hope can’t cover it, and (b) companies cannot continue to operate and remain profitable under the current circumstances. Europe bought into the molecules-of-freedom nonsense, and its punishment for being so fucking stupid is to see its industries departing for the very country that brought about its discomfiture.


  7. The Cradle: Iran, Pakistan sign electrical exchange agreement

    The agreement entails an increase in the volume of the electricity trade between the two countries by 200 megawatts

    …Tehran’s energy minister also disclosed that “measures such as connecting Iran’s electricity grid to Turkiye, Russia, and other neighboring countries have been taken or are being taken…

    Russia has also been working on Pakistan besides China. Yet more undoing of western sponsored isolation of i-Ran and a futher integration of countries in Eurasia and protection from interference.


    1. I saw the US comment that AUKUS is ‘not a threat to China’ because the proposed nuclear submarines deal (3 USN Virgina class ones followed by British designed ones) are only nuclear powered and not nuclear armed. No need for context such as the massive building up of Tindal AFB in the Northern Territories to take B-2, B1-b bombers etc. etc., the buying of long range missiles, F-35s etc. by Australia so it can strike much further in to the pacific region.

      Un-mentioned by the PPNN ‘in context’ of this story is stuff already known and published in public, i.e.’non-nuclear’ (weapons) submarines can easily fire nuclear armed cruise missiles and F-35s are also capable of nuclear delivery with a mere software switch. Just don’t mention it!

      It also looks to me that the current UK government is trying to lock in an future UK government (i.e. Labor) in to whatever crazy plans TEAM USA has for the region. Labor’s defense policy avoids any commitments to the ‘indo-pacific’ theater.

      Speaking of splits.

      Politico: Biden splits EU’s top ranks over China


      Brussels cannot realistically go against the Council of Ministers (sic EU FMs) so it has picked a fight over foreign policy with the countries that fund it. The advantage here is that if EU member states are split about going High Noon with the USA over China, failed bureacrats like von der Leyen cannot go along with it either in any meaningful sense apart from ‘in spirit. That way the ‘EU’ can avoid some of the inevitable disasterous consequences that following such a policy would entail. If sensible people in the EU can play for time in the hope that domestic US issues finally become unavoidable to les nouveaux génocidaires who run US foreign policy.

      For once, not a sh*t slef-butthole licking article by Politico.


      1. Neuters headline: Australia says offered China briefing over nuclear submarine deal

        Remember kids, it’s the same Trust Us! script the west and NATO gave to Russia. There’s nothing to worry about. This looks like a combination ‘aren’t we magnanimous’ to the world stage and publically gaslight China for its ‘paranoia’, and probably most most importantly to australian citizens who are in the direct firing line (sic nuclear target). Vote for us and we are not doing anything at all that means there’s a greater chance you and your families will become nuclear toast. Remember this Albanese administration is ‘less beligerent’ than the previous Morrison one! Like the USA, when it comes to certain policies it doesn’t matter who is running the country.

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  8. The Yellow media over here has had its ‘experts’ interpret the recent meeting of Kadyrov with Putin at the Kremlin, notably that ‘he may have been suffering from a poisioning’ as his face was puffed, his eyes yellowish, had problems reading the prompter, ‘nervous behavior’ etc. etc. More likely the western media is self-poisioned with Russophobia & Sinophobia and they love it. The only interesting comment is that Kadyrov’s son was in tow, regardless of whether this is a claimed ‘handover of power’ as speculated, even though his son is only 18 and it makes no sense. Rather you would want someone battlehardened and respected for what they have done. The PPNN needs its fun, however pathetic.


    1. The pundits and analysts claim to see all manner of ‘telltale behavior’ and ‘body language’ in the public appearances of foreign leaders, as if they were all profilers in detective TV. But it most always comes to nothing.


  9. March 14, 2023 18: 29
    The West is beginning to recognize the defeat of the Ukraine: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are drained of blood and are on the verge of disaster

    Pickup truck with Ukrainian soldiers at the front near Artemovsk (Bakhmut).

    The situation with manpower shortages in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, which European media has begun to trumpet this March at the suggestion of Ukrainian commanders of the middle and lower levels, has been discussed on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda with a military observer, retired colonel Viktor Litovkin.

    — Has the Armed Forces of the Ukraine manpower really been depleted?

    — The problem in the Ukrainian army is complex. There has not just been a shortage of fighters – there is an acute shortage of trained personnel. But this is only part of the big problem. During the year of hostilities, trained soldiers and sergeants of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine have already been knocked out, basically.

    — But they had waves of mobilizations, didn’t they?

    — Gone. And Kiev has nowhere to draw trained soldiers from.

    — What about foreign training camps and courses?

    — Reports that 10 thousand have been trained in Britain, 30 thousand in the EU countries, two pilots trained in the USA and 10 will soon be ready – this is all information for the duped people.

    — And in actual fact?

    — Well, we don’t know how many Ukrainians are actually being trained in Poland, Germany, and the UK. How much money has been spent and allocated for this task down to the last pound and euro has been reported, but whether these people have been trained, if at all, is unknown.

    — What is known?

    — We have facts from prisoners who were trained in Britain and who say that they were taught little, except how to shoot from a prone position and walk in formation.

    — And then they were just sent to front?

    — We have already witnessed such a scenario many times: the registration and enlistment office workers stop ambulances, grab guys on the street, bundle them into cars, take them to assembly points, and from there, without preparation, off to the front with them.

    — Such people not only do not know how to fight, but they also do not want to fight?

    — No, they don’t. Moreover, many people in the Ukraine, despite thirty years of brainwashing, have a growing feeling that they are fighting not for their native Ukraine, but for America and for NATO. Yes, the Minister of Defence of the Ukraine himself has said that “we are doing the menial work here for NATO”. It is clear that this has nothing to do with the interests of the Ukraine.

    — Do people just want to save their lives?

    — Yes, because even if the conflict ends tomorrow, you still want want to survive each and every day.

    — Perhaps publications in the Western media about the shortage of personnel in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are appearing so as to divert attention – but everything is fine there, really?

    — I don’t think it’s good there. The Russian army is moving forward in various directions. And prisoners are talking about dozens of corpses that remain in the trenches, which no one moves; about people who are thrown like cannon fodder towards the front line, without proper training. This is not about articles that are published in the West: this is about reality that’s happening on earth. I think there is a lot that is true in what they write. Moreover, today they have no reason to support the Ukraine. They see that all the aid has been wasted

    — All for nought?

    — Right! And it’s time now to prepare the population of Europe and the United States for the fact that the Ukraine is going to lose. This has to be done gradually, step by step.

    — Why’s that?

    — Because everyone is tired of throwing their money and weapons at Kiev, as if into a black hole. It is clear that the Ukraine cannot defeat Russia, a nuclear power. And they need to cool this situation down, to show that they did their best to help the Ukraine, but weren’t able to do any more..


      1. Not only that but it wouldn’t take much to tip that pick-up over in the wrong direction and all five soldiers fall out and go MIA in a big trench.


    1. The really sad thing – beyond the thousands of dead Ukrainians and Russians, Slavs all who mostly did nothing to deserve their deaths – is that the great vampire who instigated it all entirely for its own ‘interests’ will never be punished for it. In fact, it is being rewarded with exorbitant profits for its oil and gas after blowing up Europe’s source of cheap energy, and with the relocation of European businesses to America because they can no longer operate at a profit in Europe, whereupon they become American taxpayers. If there really was a God the way the holy rollers portray him in their religious comic books, would he seriously put up with that, or would he bury that country under a hail of toads or some other pestilence?

      It’s coming, though; bank failures have started in the USA and there are warnings there will be more. Even the vaunted Bank of America has been warned to ‘brace for impact’.

      As discussed days back, Germany’s living standard fell by more than 4% year-over-year thanks to Baerbock’s generous hand on the purse-strings. How much people will put up with is open to debate, but I think it’s safe to say many among the ordinary-slob worker-bee class notice that sacrifices for Ukraine which seemed noble with purpose in the beginning are actually making donor nations crumble, and some of the most discerning have probably thought big-picture to where the cheap energy is never coming back – we’ll just be expected to pay more and more for an ever-decreasing supply. Because the Nord Stream pipelines are destroyed. They might be repairable, but I’m damned if I can see why Russia would want to do something like that for the cowards who were ready to smear their own faces with shit and go to economic war for Uncle Sam. Russia should stay well away from Europe so that the suction of its sinking does not take nearby nations with it.

      Grampy Biden has riled up the activists by folding to the demands of Big Oil, and opened up the Alaska reserves for drilling as America seeks to make good on its promises of having abundant energy to save the world.

      The rotation of the huge whirlpool is picking up speed.


      1. The knobhead who posted this in MoA yesterday certainly believes there is a “god” and even believes he knows what “god” thinks and plans, because it’s all there in “Holy Scripture”, see, which is “God’s word” writ large, so it must be true:

        As you can see, these military actions are prolonged and it doesn’t look like a coincidence. What is Heaven’s plan? In the Book of Daniel, God announces: “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back.” (Daniel 11:29) And that, in this context, means that Russian garrisons will return to where they were previously stationed. And this applies not only to Ukraine. These military actions will expand to other countries. The EU and NATO will break up. Many countries of the former Eastern block will return to a military alliance with Russia.

        Let me remind the context: “And both these kings [Great Britain and Russia. (In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”)], their hearts (will be) to do mischief, and at one table (they) will speak a lie; but (they) will not succeed [neither of them will be victorious over the other before the appointed time]. Indeed yet (the) completion to (the) appointed time.” (Daniel 11:27) And this indicates that here we have a long jump from antiquity to nineteenth/twentieth century, to the period immediately before “the Lord’s Day”. (Revelation 1:10)

        And what was supposed to happen in this period of time (before “the Lord’s Day”)? “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that after the previous victories Hitler will attack the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [Soviet Union introduced state atheism]; and will act; and go back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. The troops from the Soviet military bases returned to their country].” (Daniel 11:28)

        What will happen at the beginning of “the Lord’s Day”? “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back.” (Daniel 11:29a)

        Posted by: Ewiak Ryszard | Mar 14 2023 16:12 utc | 97

        I should point out that this bears no relation whatsoever to what Woden told me when he and I last had a private chat near my Holy Oak, situated in a Sacred Grove on my country estate.

        By the way: spring has sprung, so I shall soon be there again, I hope.

        Plus 2 °C here now and bright sunshine. Warmer in Moscow now than in miserable, gloomy Manchester, where it was minus 2 °C last night.

        And only yesterday morning it was belting it down with snow here:

        MOSCOW, March 14. /TASS/. There can be no talk about a peace process if Ukraine ignores new realities and the latest developments, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday.


  10. Good grief – how horrible! A poor innocent US drone on a ‘routine flight’ over the Black Sea was callously forced to ‘land in the water’ by some dastardly orc jets!
    This ‘breaking news’ from a US source just landed in my inbox:
    “A Russian military plane collided with a U.S. drone in international airspace over the Black Sea on Tuesday, prompting U.S. forces to land the unmanned aircraft in international waters.
    U.S. European Command confirmed that a Russian Su-27 aircraft struck the propeller of a U.S. MQ-9 drone, which was on a routine mission in international airspace when two Russian jets attempted to intercept it.“Several times before the collision, the Su-27s dumped fuel on and flew in front of the MQ-9 in a reckless, environmentally unsound and unprofessional manner. This incident demonstrates a lack of competence in addition to being unsafe and unprofessional,” a spokesman for the U.S. European Command said in a statement.
    The Russian jets’ recklessness almost caused one of the fighter jets to crash, the statement added.”

    Are the US military now finally through the bottom of the barrel they have been scraping so diligently when ‘reporting’ on Russian military affairs?


    1. Along with the alleged Kinzal strike on an 80m deep NATO command bunker in western u-Kraine, this shows Russia can easily escalate whenever it likes. Unlike us, Russia talks by doing where we talk a lot and do much less.

      I’m surprise that this has not happened earlier. China upset an USN P-8A spyplane a couple of months ago while it was carrying out an ‘innocent mission in international airspace’ (aka close to China), a Chinese jet dumping chaff packages in front of it that were then ingested by the P-8s engines potentially causing catastrophic damage.

      None of these military flights are ‘innocent passage’ which is supposed to be part of United Nations law, but then we’ve seen the American Navy and friends claim to be following international law while sailing thousands of miles away up someone else’s coast.

      Drones are of course unnmanned so whatever squealing, hyperventiliating and threats that will inevitably be made, no-one westerner was put in danger apart from a few princesses in military fatigues and the pantomime show in Washington D.C.. The MQ-9 was certainly ‘on mission’ in the Black Sea collecting data that may be used by the Ukrainian military so is part of the conflict, ergo ‘Goodbye Vienna.’

      The US has much bigger drones like the RQ-4s that cost hundreds of millions of dollars that fly ‘in international airspace over the Black Sea’ but they don’t show up on the flight tracking apps any more. Those would be prime targets to be switched ‘off-line.’


      1. It’s the wording of the US statement which had me in stitches, e.g. this one:
        “Several times before the collision, the Su-27s dumped fuel on and flew in front of the MQ-9 in a reckless, environmentally unsound and unprofessional manner. This incident demonstrates a lack of competence in addition to being unsafe and unprofessional, […]”
        Isn’t war generally ‘environmentally unsound’? Anyway, shortly after I received this message, “Simplicius” addressed it in his latest Strep, with some very interesting historical references:


      2. ❗️ Russian MoD’s latest statements on the US MQ-9 drone incident:

        ▪️ On the morning of March 14, in the area of the Crimean peninsula, an American UAV flight was recorded in the direction of Russia’s border;

        ▪️ The drone flight was carried out with the transponders turned off in violation of the boundaries of the area of the regime for the use of airspace;

        ▪️ As a result of sharp maneuvering, the US drone went into uncontrolled flight with a loss of altitude and collided with the water;

        ▪️ Russian fighters did not use airborne weapons, did not come into contact with the US drone, but returned safely to the airfield.

        Don’t forget now! Orcs are congenital all liars.


        1. By the way, writing “Orcs” above reminded me that I read somewhere today that the Banderites are trying to make the mocking term Хохол, transliterated into the Latin alphabet as Khokhol but pronounced as /hohol/, meaning “top knot” as sported by some Salo-scoffers, as offensive as is the “N-word” and that it should be judged in like way as is the “N-word”, namely that its use be deemed as criminal.

          Nothing new about Banderites being enraged by Khokhol:

          “Khokhol” vs “Nigger”: what offends you more-educational program for Facebook
          08 july 2015 18: 28

          After that [above], disputes broke out on the Web about what really is an insult, and maybe it is worth banning offensive epithets that are released against Russians.

          The main difference between these words is that the Khokhol does not give a negative assessment to the bearer of this nickname, Trofimova believes.

          “The word Khokhol does not have a negative connotation, it simply denoted people living in the territory of Little Russia (The Ukraine). Just to designate people who lived in that territory”, explained the professor. It was in this capacity that Alexander Pushkin used the word in his poems.

          According to Trofimova, “these words are of a different order.” “Nigger” belongs to a base, crude vocabulary. It indicates the colour of the skin of the one to whom the word is addressed, and emphasizes racial grouping. “This word has a negative appraisal and therefore its use is not desirable”.

          The word “Moskal”, which in Ukraine denotes citizens of Russia, also does not, according to Trofimova, have a negative connotation. But the epithet “Rusnya” is a completely different matter. In the first case, this is the name of the soldiers of the Moscow Tsar, which eventually spread to the civilian population of Russia. In the case of “Rusnya”, the suffix “-nya-”, derogatory for the Russian language, speaks for itself, which gives the word an offensive and derogatory connotation.

          Commenting on the possibility of banning any words, Galina Nikolaevna pointed out that, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the context in which it is used. “After all, even the most harmless expressions can have an offensive and threatening context”, the expert concluded. According to her, in general, it is stupid to put bans on any words, it is correct to consider the legal connotation of statements.

          Facebook’s policy, according to experts, is fundamentally wrong in this case. It turns out that humour, or something else more harmless, can fall under the ban, and something really radical and illegal can go unpunished.

          I prefer to call Banderites F*cking Cnuts, as a matter of fact.


          1. Germany: “Hohol” is the new “Nigger”
            Oleg Vechiy (arctus) wrote,
            2023-03-15 10:10:00

            A lecture in Germany on how Russians oppress Ukrainians and why it’s bad to say the word “Hohol”.

            Ukrainian BLM. The only difference is that the so far, habit of falling on one’s knees is stronger amongst the “Hohols”.

            Transliterated from «хохол» in the German lecture as “Hohol” after the south-Russian / Ukrainian fashion, whereas in standard Russian, “Хохол” is pronounced as [xɐˈxoɫ] — listen here.

            Note the slight gutturalization of the first syllable. Yukies have a more pronounced “hah” way off saying it.


            Clearly, mova is NOT a Russian dialect!


            1. And Russian is not a dialect of Ukrainian either. Old Russian is closer to Modern Russian than it is to the Polish-Latvian-Slav creole that is mova in the far West of Banderastan.


          1. A) “Orcs are congenitally all liars”.
            B) All Western politicians lie as soon as they open their mouths.
            C) Therefore, all western politicians are orcs … of the non-Russian species, obviously.


  11. 4.03.2023 – 17:45
    The Commander-in-Chief’s Headquarters Has decided to hold on to Bakhmut
    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday, March 14, held a meeting of the Supreme Commander’s Headquarters, during which all members of the headquarters spoke in favour of continuing the defence of Bakhmut (Artemovsk).

    Hail to the Chief!

    This is reported by the press service of the Office of the President of the Ukraine.

    Members of the General Staff at the meeting heard reports of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and the commanders of the armed forces groups on the current situation at the front.

    “After reviewing the course of the defence operation in the Bakhmut direction, all members of the HQ expressed a common position on the further retention and protection of the town of Bakhmut”, the Office of the President said in a statement.

    The meeting also discussed the pace and volume of equipment and weapons coming from Ukraine partners and their distribution by troop grouping.

    He’ll soon be swinging in the wind.


    1. Maybe so; his stubbornness on this point certainly gives him the necessary degree of separation from his western advisors that they could conceivably claim he has lost the bubble and they will no longer be responsible for the course of events. He certainly looks like he’s coming apart.


  12. 14.03.2023 15:01
    In Switzerland, Ukrainian refugees will be deprived of their private cars

    One year after having arrived in Switzerland, everyone living on social assistance must have their property re-evaluated. This rule also applies to refugees from the Ukraine. In the cantons, it is assumed that the majority of registered cars exceed the property allowance, a portal reports.

    “Cars are subject to sale if their value exceeds the amount of the property allowance for the corresponding household size”, the Swiss Conference on Social Assistance website says. This amounts to several thousand francs, depending on the canton.

    If the refugees do not comply with the request to sell the car, its value is estimated and included in the calculation of social benefits.

    The cantons are currently implementing these rules. The Lucerne Asylum Office has also introduced a tax deduction system. The canton expects to resolve the issue within a month. Depending on how much the sale of a car will bring, social assistance is stopped for a certain period of time.

    Currently, 141 Ukrainian refugees who own a car are registered in Lucerne. According to a government report, 132 of them received social assistance in February.

    How can they be justified in doing this to those dear impoverished victims of Putin’s unprovoked attack against the Ukraine?


    00:00, 15-mar-2023

    Help Ukrainians

    Yes, it was immediately clear that everything would come to this. Only before it was all in standby mode, but now it has come. It’s not just incredible fatigue from refugees from the Ukraine that has set in, but everything has degenerated into irritation that can no longer be contained. So every day there is information that – here and there – Ukrainian refugees are being insulted.

    But first, just look at the results of the latest Ukrosupport poll.

    It was held not by anyone, but by the well-known magazine The Economist.

    USA. There, polls are always conducted taking into account party affiliation. Among Republicans, approval of Ukrainian support has fallen from 68 to 39%, among Democrats – from 83 to 74.

    An important point: Those who are FOR – mean purely humanitarian assistance!

    In the UK, Yukie support has fallen from 45 to 35 percent, in France – from 25 to 20, in Germany – from 40 to 30.

    But the worst case is undoubtedly in East Germany. It’s not just people against Ukrainian refugees, they are expelling them with all their might! Not the government, but the people themselves. The local population of East Germany.

    The Burgers are tired of the declining standard of living and blame the current conflict for it. And they take out their attitudes – on the “settlers”.

    Go back to where you have come from!

    So lately there has been a stream of complaints from the “guests” of Germany about the “terrible attitude”. Yukie asylum seekers talk about constant insults and attacks. And this is happening all over the country. But especially in the eastern part. And worst of all – in Saxony, where they are being treated as trash.

    Social networks are filled with examples, there are a lot of them. Irina, who lives in Meissen (near Dresden), told the MDR portal how an elderly man “yelled” at her while she was parking.

    He was indignant that my car was too expensive. And he demanded that I sell it and send money to my Motherland and leave them alone. And this is not the first time. I have seen that many Germans are angry with us.

    Alina Kukina, who lives in Radebeul, complained about the attitude of the locals:

    – I’m afraid to say a word on the street, in a store, anywhere. Immediately they begin to find fault, humiliate. My car has been damaged several times, all sorts of bad words were scratched on it.

    As for cars with “bad” numbers – a separate conversation. It’s best to keep them in the garage. The police regularly record cases of tyre punctures. This happens especially often in the cities of Meissen and Bischofswerda.

    The attitude towards the demonstrations of the guests has also changed. If earlier the locals applauded and even threw flowers, now they shout at us …

    The other day they showed a video of a typically unpleasant event. A elderly Frau began to tell an unattractive woman what they got with their help.

    — Why should we help you?

    — We need this for our defence!

    – Your defence! So what are you doing here then?

    And elections in Germany are just around the corner. And how many votes, for example, will our Sahra Wagenknecht (the leader of the “For Peace” movement) win under these conditions, if she is allowed to create her own party. It is clear what’s going to happen. You don’t need to be a psychics to see what’s going to happen.


  14. From the comments on moonofalabama re control of drones:

    First, how is a Reaper (and other large UAS – Unmanned Air Systems) designed and controlled?

    Many here think a “pilot” is commanding with a jot stick, like an extended video game. That is not the case. UAS’s fly by way point. The controller sets a series of way points that the UAS follows by using inertial navigation and GPS.

    Why is this? As UAS got larger, their range became greater. The larger the range, the larger the time lag between ground controller input and aircraft response. This was the huge drawback for early attempts at UAS.
    So a ground controller could not have made a sudden action that caused an uncontrolled dive, etc.

    Second. UAS have really shitty situational awareness. Their function is to scan ground territory, not the airspace around them. The UAS and ground controller would not have any idea that they were in front of, next to, or even below another aircraft unless that was provided by an external source, like an AWACS or JSTARS. So unless the other aircraft flew UNDER the UAS, it wouldn’t report it to the ground controller. So an adversary can easily knock one around with a combination of air stream disruption or exhaust impact.

    Third. Duration vs maneuverability. UAS designed for long term flight have very efficient aerodynamics and engines. But that is tuned for steady flight with no hard maneuvers. As such, they are sitting ducks for any generation jet fighter.

    Fourth. Survival. Modern large UAS have survival modes. If signal from ground station disappears (jamming, terrain, etc) the software places it into a safe mode with a stable flight. If there is a time out on signal re-implementation, then there is a return to home function. If GPS is lost (or jammed) then inertial nav along with baro altimeter allow it to function in a degraded mode. Even a loss of GPS and ground station signal, it will still fly back to an area near home base.

    So, barring any EW effects on the flight computer system, there are only a few way to bring a UAS down.
    a. Weapons impact – stated as not used here.
    b. engine failure – possible if fuel was added into jet engine, causing a fire or an engine stall.
    c. disruptive aerodynamics – exhaust blast – possible, but maybe only for short moments
    d. other impacts – I go with this one. A wing tip to wing tip “quick flip” would do it. As the UAS fly slow compared to a jet. lining up the tips would be easy. Getting a foot away or so, then a quick roll maneuver (by the jet) would provide an opposite roll to the UAS, faster than the flight control computer could handle, and not having the best control surfaces, would be unable to get out of. Once rolled 90 degrees, all the aerodynamics are messed up, and it goes into a dive. Since the ground controller doesn’t have joy stick control, they would rely on on board software to fight the dive.

    The statement that the US “forced the UAS to crash” makes little sense. That means giving it a waypoint that is the ground or water. That also goes against terrain impact protections built into the software. However, there may be a “crash at all costs” routine designed to maximize damage in the event of engine stall and failure to restart. This would protect capture of the onboard systems.

    Posted by: BroncoBilly | Mar 15 2023 3:20 utc | 320″


    1. Spitfire about to flip the wing of a V1 in order to knock the gyroscope off balance and stop the flying bomb from reaching the target; London.

      Tally ho, chaps!


  15. RT Russian

    Independent: life of Russians has hardly changed in a year of sanctions
    March 15, 2023, 07: 54

    The Russian economy is doing much better than expected, despite Western sanctions, and the lives of ordinary Russians have hardly changed in a year, an Independent journalist has said.

    “There is no mass unemployment, falling currency, queues in front of failed banks. The range in supermarkets has changed little, international brands are still available or their place has been taken by local analogues”, the article says.

    The Russians interviewed by the author of the article said that they did not feel any noticeable changes.

    They also noted that Russia had faced more difficult times.

    In February, Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko said that he was impressed with the results of the Russian economy against the background of pressure exerted on Russia.

    Psyching up John Bull for throwing in the towel?

    The British rag’s article:

    Russia’s economy holds up, but growing challenges test Putin
    Russia has weathered sweeping Western economic sanctions better than many expected
    1 day ago

    The rider in the headline: “but growing challenges test Putin”, is expanded upon thus:

    But with restrictions finally tightening on the Kremlin’s chief moneymaker — oil — the months ahead will be an even tougher test of President Vladimir Putin’s fortress economy.

    Economists say sanctions on Russian fossil fuels only now taking full effect — such as a price cap on oil — should eat into earnings that fund the military’s attacks on Ukraine. Some analysts predict signs of trouble — strained government finances or a sinking currency — could emerge in the coming months.

    the above immediately countered by:

    But other economists say the Kremlin has significant reserves of money that haven’t been hit by sanctions, while links to new trade partners in Asia have quickly taken shape. They say Russia isn’t likely to run out of money this year but instead will face a slow slide into years of economic stagnation.

    “It will have enough money under any kind of reasonable scenario,” Chris Weafer, CEO and Russian economy analyst at the consulting firm Macro-Advisory, said in a recent online discussion held by bne IntelliNews.

    Russia will keep bringing in oil income, even at lower prices, so “there is no pressure on the Kremlin today to end this conflict because of economic pressures,” he said.

    As the economy teeters between sanctions and resilience, what everyday Russians can buy has stayed remarkably the same.

    Take heart, Britons true! Be not dismayed!

    Come what may, never forget that you are the “good guys”: you are on the “right side of history”, you are for truth and justice and freedom —and Big Macs, Coca-Cola and Starbucks.


  16. Here is a credible analysis put together by TaoofAnarchy (PhiQuyenChinh’s Newsletter)
    • Can You Connect The Dots? – TaoofAnarchy
    The link is to Bitchute which is either delayed or censored
    However, the video is mirrored here on Rumble.
    It features a segment from Brother Nathanael
    • The Jews Behind SVB’s Collapse – Brother Nathanael
    Any thoughts?


  17. Speaking of orcs congenital liars … this is no better illustrated and thoroughly documented than by Arthur Ponsonby in “Falsehood of War-Time” (1928)
    One source:

    Click to access Ponsonby_Falsehoods%20in%20wartime%20%281929%29.pdf

    This booklet exposes the falsehoods used not just during war time but to condition the masses to accept if not desire war as part of the preparation for war. Written in 1928, it clearly focuses on World War I, but as you read, it is quite evidently applicable to all wars since, especially World War II. The reader will gain the tools and insights to see through the warmongering and falsehoods that are taking place in real time before our very eyes involving Ukraine, Russia and now directed at China, as it was to destroy Germany during both World Wars.


    “Facts must be distorted, relevant circumstances concealed and a picture presented which by its crude colouring ill persuade the ignorant people that their Government is blameless, their cause is righteous, and that the indisputable wickedness of the enemy has been proved beyond question.“

    “Departments have to be created to see to the psychological side. People must never be allowed to become despondent; so victories must be exaggerated and defeats, if not concealed, at any rate minimized, and the stimulus of indignation, horror, and hatred must be assiduously and continuously pumped into the public mind by means of propaganda.

    “… the injection of the poison of hatred into men’s minds by means of falsehood is a greater evil in wartime than the actual loss of life. The defilement of the human soul is worse than the destruction of the human body.

    Related item …
    John Coleman’s “The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations”.

    “Funding [for the Tavistock/Wellington House project] was provided by the British royal family, and later by the Rothschilds to whom Lord Northcliffe was related through marriage

    Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe (“Lord Northcliffe”) was at the helm of “The Times” when it was at its most warmongering potency.

    Related link
    • Children With Their Hands Chopped Off by Joseph Goebbels

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  18. Politico: Turkey’s anti-Erdoğan opposition vows a reset on EU and NATO

    Top opposition adviser also pledges the release of two top Erdoğan opponents: Selahattin Demirtaş and Osman Kavala.

    Turkey’s opposition is confident it can unfreeze European Union accession talks and will end Ankara’s veto on NATO membership for Sweden and Finland, if it beats President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the hotly contested upcoming elections….


    Oh dear! The opposition doesn’t want to understand that u-Rope is a Christian Club and does not want a large Moslem country in it… unless (never) it toes the line and does everything demanded of it. It would be treated like all other Candidate Countries, a long list of legal demands based on the acquis communautaire and another unofficial list of voluntary actions that would ‘help’ Turkiye to join. Eventually.

    If we are being generous, this is just setting out a maximalist stall that will sound good to Brussels and rabid u-Rophiles and mostly will not happen. Any change from In-Sultin’ Erd O’Grand will certainly see the pendulum swing back towards ‘The West’ but to what degree based on Turkiye’s much larger and stronger(!) economy, it’s vision for the region etc. I see it hard to reconcile nationalist Big State interests with the role it would be expected to play as faithful vassal to Team USA. You can bet the moment the Opposition might win, there will be direct demands for Ankara to do this or that. I don’t like Erd O’Grand, but kissing someone else’s butt is not good policy or will work out well for Turkish citizens, whatever their leaders dream of.


    1. Probably the Turkish opposition understands that as well as anyone else, but hopes to enlist NATO aid in throwing out Erdogan with the employment of its usual tickle trunk of dirty tricks and NGO leverage by promising things will go back to the way they were – with Turkey keeping Russia firmly at bay and agitating to be admitted to the EU even though it knows that is unlikely. Politicians don’t care what seems likely or unlikely NOW, they just want to take the reins.


  19. The Cradle: Canada arms KSA for cheap oil, dismisses ‘problematic’ war crimes: Report

    Saudi Arabia remains the second largest importer of Canadian weapons after the US

    An analysis drafted by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs – known as Global Affairs Canada (GAC) – justifies multi-billion dollar arms sales to Saudi Arabia as a way to secure access to affordable oil for western countries, according to documents obtained by The Breach ( )…

    …The internal analysis fails to mention the destruction Riyadh has caused in the Arab world’s poorest nation using western weapons. In 2021, the UN estimated that the Saudi-led coalition had killed 377,000 people in Yemen, directly or by pushing millions to the brink of famine…

    …Ottawa’s analysis of their relationship with Riyadh stands in stark contrast with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s previous claims that he would like to cancel a $10.8 billion arms deal…

    …Despite this claim, Trudeau chose to renegotiate the arms deal rather than cancel it and lifted a freeze on weapons exports to the kingdom…

    Oh Justin! Oh Canada! Human Rights? Nah. Like much of the west they talk the big game but sell $$$ to the usual supects. LOOK OVER THERE! CAT!

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  20. Richard Wolff on the Collapsing Banks

    Letters and Politics
    15.2K subscribers

    Mar 14, 2023
    Guest: Richard Wolff is a professor of economics and host of the program economic update and you can find his work at


  21. Shoigu has hasd a telephone chat with Raytheon’s man in the Pentagon Austin, who passes himself off as the United States Secretary of Defense.

    Now guess who called whom so as to have a nice little chat over the blower?


    1. 20: 58 15.03.2023(updated: 23: 03 15.03.2023)
      Shoigu has held telephone talks with the head of the Pentagon
      Shoigu has held talks with the head of the Pentagon Austin at the initiative of the American side

      MOSCOW, 15 Mar-RIA Novosti. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has spoken on the phone with the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin, the Russian Defence Ministry has said.
      It is specified that the conversation took place at the initiative of Washington.

      “The main focus was on the exchange of views on the causes and consequences of the incident with the crash of an unmanned aerial vehicle of the United States on March 14 in the Black Sea”, the Defence Ministry said.

      Shoigu stressed that the cause of the incident was the failure of the United States to comply with the declared flight restriction zone established in connection with the special military operation. In addition, he pointed to the strengthening of Washington’s intelligence activities against Moscow’s interests. According to Shoigu, the flights of American drones off the coast of the Crimea are provocative in nature, which creates prerequisites for an escalation of the situation in the Black Sea zone.

      The Defence Ministry noted that Moscow was not interested in such a development of events, but it will continue to respond proportionately to such steps. Nevertheless, the Ministry stressed that the largest nuclear powers should act as responsibly as possible, including maintaining military communication channels for discussing any crisis situations.

      Austin, in turn, told his Russian counterpart that the United States would continue to fly over international waters. After the conversation, the head of the Pentagon said at a press conference that great powers should set an example of transparency and sociability. He reiterated that the United States will fly wherever international law allows it, and called on Russian military aviation to act ” safely and professionally”.

      Earlier, the Defence Ministry had reported that on the morning of March 14, an American MQ-9 drone with its transponders turned off violated the borders of the area of temporary use of airspace over the Black Sea. According to the agency, the drone was moving towards the Russian border in the Crimea, and Russian fighter jets took to the air to identify the intruder.

      Owing to its sharp manoeuvring, the drone went into an uncontrolled flight with a loss of altitude and fell into the sea. The Russian fighters did not come into contact with the MQ-9, did not use onboard weapons and safely returned to the home airfield, the Defence Ministry stressed.

      So fuck off with your lectures on “professionalism” and “transparency” and ““sociability”, for fuck’s sake!

      Highly “sociable” of you to give a call, you pathetically ignorant, poorly educated, hypocritical, uncultured bastards, who have create dan “Anti-Russia” state that borders on Russia and is run by your Nazi placemen, which malicious geopolitics is all part of your frantic attempts to maintain your world hegemony.


      1. And when you get there, Austin, you can just go an’ fuck off again!

        Or, to use the wonderful, mellifluous tongue tha Pushkin once spoke:

        Съебись блядь!


  22. Bear in mind, closet arse-bandit Lindsey Graham has not been transparent in his hysteric utterances concerning USA aggression:

    16 MAR, 05:44
    Attack on Russian plane in neutral airspace to be seen as declaration of war — diplomat
    Russia continues to maintain contacts, including through the Defense Ministry, to prevent unintentional incidents, Anatoly Antonov said

    WASHINGTON, March 16. /TASS/. A deliberate attack on a Russian aircraft in neutral airspace would be an open declaration of war against the largest nuclear power, Moscow is not seeking confrontation, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said on Wednesday.

    “Some lawmakers’ calls go far beyond common sense,” he said, commenting on US Senator Lindsey Graham’s (from South Karolina) [sic] threats to shoot down Russian planes approaching US aircraft in international airspace.

    “The Russian Ministry of Defense has explained in detail the reasons and course of actions of Russian pilots during yesterday’s incident over the Black Sea. I repeat, for those who have not gathered themselves to look at the situation objectively: our fighters did not come into contact with the American UAV,” he said, commenting on the loss of a MQ-9 American drone. “Russia did everything possible to prevent this kind of incident – it informed the international community in good time about the boundaries of the temporary airspace regime established for the special military operation.”

    “Of course, it is a shame for the Pentagon to lose expensive piece of equipment. But in this case, the US military should redirect accusations of unprofessional actions back to themselves,” he noted.

    “As for the aforementioned senator, this is by no means the first attempt by the notorious lawmaker to provoke a dangerous escalation in the US-Russian relations. A year ago he urged our citizens to make an assassination attempt on the president of Russia. Does Senator Graham really believe that a direct military clash with Russia is in the interests of the voters who entrusted him with their lives and livelihood?” the Russian ambassador noted.

    “A deliberate attack on a Russian aircraft in neutral airspace is not just a crime under international law, but an open declaration of war against the largest nuclear power. An armed conflict between Russia and the United States would be radically different from the proxy war the Americans are waging remotely against us in Ukraine,” Antonov warned. “Is the Capitol willing to put American citizens and the international community at risk of a full-scale nuclear war? Give us an answer, distinguished Senator!”

    “It is not the Russian pilots who should be called out, but American politicians who are inciting the start of an apocalyptic conflict. We do not seek a conflict with a nuclear power. We continue to maintain contacts, including through the Defense Ministry, to prevent unintentional incidents. I wish US politicians had the same attitude toward relations with Russia,” the Russian diplomat stressed.

    According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Russian airspace control systems detected an American MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle flying near the Crimean Peninsula on Tuesday. The drone flew with its transponders turned off, violating a temporary boundary established for the special military operation, communicated to all users of international airspace, and published in accordance with international standards.

    Russia’s top brass added that as a result of sharp maneuvering, the drone went into uncontrolled flight before losing altitude and crashing into the Black Sea. The ministry stressed that Russian fighter jets had not used on-board weapons, nor had they come into contact with the unmanned aerial vehicle, and returned safely to their home airfield.

    According to the US European Command, one of the two Russian Su-27 warplanes hit the drone’s propeller to make it crash into the Black Sea.

    MQ-9 Reaper is a modular reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle engineered by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. It is equipped with a turboprop engine and can develop a speed of more than 400 kilometer per hour. The maximal flight duration is 24 hours. The drone is capable of carrying air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, and laser-guided bombs.


    1. That should have been above:

      Bear in mind, closet arse-bandit Lindsey Graham has been transparent in his hysteric utterances concerning USA aggression.


    1. From the above-linked “Politico” article:

      And upwards of 100,000 Ukrainian forces have died in the year-long war, U.S. officials estimate, including the most experienced soldiers.

      USA all the way!

      A good investment into the Ukraine so as to build a there an anti-Russia “democracy”, Nuland?


      1. Lots of good stuff in there; Russia – which the unimpeachable ‘British intelligence’ told the world was going to run out of ammunition any moment, certainly in no more than a week – enjoys “…huge advantages in artillery ammunition and is not letting up.” Got that, UK Center For Snobby Big-Brains? Lots of ammunition, no sign – repeat, no sign – of running out.

        Washington ‘feels Bakhmut is of no strategic importance’ because it is preparing the media ground for its loss by Ukraine. As Zelensky correctly suggests, once Russia is past Bakhmut the Ukrainian military has little to no freedom of maneuver left before it is pushed completely out of the contested regions. Once that is achieved, we will have to see if Russia stops there and begins to fortify the border.

        Comically, ‘Pentagon leaders’ are supposedly ‘careful to not tell Kuh-yiv how to fight the war’, when in fact the USA is constantly coaching and meddling, while its pet fool Boris Johnson shut down the peace talks that might have saved hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives.

        “While U.S. officials are careful not to appear to tell Kyiv how to fight the war, Pentagon leaders said Wednesday that the equipment and training being provided will enable Ukraine to win the war — where and when it chooses to do so.”

        Ukraine is not going to win the war, at all; if anything like a win is going to be pulled off, other allies will have to directly assist, because Ukraine simply doesn’t have enough Ukrainians left, when you consider what demographics represent children too young to fight, mothers of those children and the elderly of both sexes who are too old and/or infirm to fight. The prime demographic for the Ukrainian Army – young, fit, motivated men – has been burned up.

        And guess what? Washington, London and Brussels do not care. At all. Lives expended in a worthy cause – ‘weakening’ Russia. Lesson there, other countries among Washington’s ‘allies’. Uncle Sam will not hesitate to throw you against its enemies and render you a completely non-viable state in order to further its own ends. That’s point A. Point B is that it is not even good at it, and there is every chance you will be consumed in the fog of war for no reason at all, as any imagined goals might well not be achieved and the opposite effect prevail.


  23. Alertnate News from a week ago:

    al-Beeb s’Allah: Ukraine war: Why Bakhmut matters for Russia and Ukraine


    Just about everything claimed in this ‘article’ is back to front. Cherry picking from the same view of sources: Check! Repeating unsubstantiated claims without source to actual data: Check!a
    Considering that certain ‘services’ have been quietly removing embarassing materials from the internet (wikileaks US cables), you wonder what else will be digitally memoryholed once our attentions are turned elsewhere. Remember kids, It’s not censorship. It’s for you own good. Now eat your greens!


  24. al-Beeb s’Allah: Russian spy network accused of sabotage arrested in Poland

    A group of foreign citizens have been arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia, two Polish government officials have told the BBC.

    Radio station RMF FM reported that Polish security services had broken up a spy network working for Russia.

    Six people were detained on suspicion of having installed secret cameras to film transport infrastructure used to deliver aid to Ukraine, it reported…

    …According to the radio station, the group had installed dozens of cameras beside railway junctions and important transport routes in Poland’s Podkarpackie province, which borders Ukraine, it said.

    Some of them were found close to a small regional airport that has been converted into an international logistics hub delivering military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

    Military and cargo aircraft from the US and across Europe regularly fly in and out of the Rzeszow-Jasionka airport, where American troops can be seen beside their Humvees, to deliver supplies to waiting trucks that make the 100km (62 mile) journey to the Ukrainian border.

    The site is considered so sensitive, Washington has deployed US Patriot air defence systems to protect the airfield…

    …Poland’s Interior Minister, Mariusz Kaminski, who is responsible for the Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) – and whose officers reportedly made the arrests – is due to speak to the media about the RMF FM report on Thursday morning…

    It’s really in trouble if it is relying on Patriots.

    Curiously this story is not being trumpeted by Warsaw but somehow via a local radio station. You would think that with an official media blackout imposed by the government in Poland near the border with the Ukraine that the radio station will be dragged in to court very quickly. We’ll see.

    On the one hand it is specific, but on the other hit is very limited on details, so it is either a leak or a bit naughty.,79cfc278

    … — The Internal Security Agency detained nine suspects of collaboration with the Russian services. Six of them have been arrested, he said. All detainees are foreigners coming from across the eastern border. Proceedings are still pending against three more detainees.

    Members of this criminal group led i.a. monitoring of railway routes. They especially watched transports with weapons. ‘Cameras and GPS transmitters, which were to be placed on aid transports for Ukraine, were secured,’ said Kamiński and emphasized that thanks to the actions of the services, a diversion aimed at destabilizing Polish-Ukrainian relations was prevented…

    A false flag to get NATO officially involved in the Ukraine and send tanks over the border? Most likely. Worth keeping an eye on this.


    1. No evidence of ‘sabotage’ will be credibly provided because it doesn’t make sense. Either you already have the information and then you send in sabotage groups (why take the risk?), or your gather the data first and hit the stuff as soon as it is over the border. There is absolutly no benefit to Russia to attack anything in the lo-land of Po-land unless it strikes first.

      In all, the plan for the Polish army to get ‘involved’ in the Ukraine with allies is one step closer. Kiev will formally ‘invite’ it in. What line across the Ukraine such a force would hope to enforce is the question. Ideally I would think it would retain some coastline on the Black Sea (sic 101st – Gen John Lubas) & the 82nd Airborne rushing to Odessa to prevent a takeover.


      1. Maybe, but I suspect it is not as easy as that, and that a non-NATO country cannot simply ‘invite’ a NATO country to take part in battle in its behalf without the agreement of other NATO members; after all, it could imply all of NATO being dragged in under Article 5, and Russia’s missiles can reach all the NATO members.

        Tagging freight shipments so they can be hit later once out of Poland isn’t really ‘sabotage’, though, is it? If the Poles are already actively fighting in Ukraine and killing Russians, I can’t see that it would be a crime for Russians who legally enter Poland to designate rail shipments for destruction once they have entered Ukraine – particularly if the railcars contain only cargo and not personnel.


    2. Quite possibly real: it would be very much in Russia’s interests if something like laser tags which could be read by weapons directors could be placed on railway carriages transporting weapons to Ukraine. It’s not too likely they would be unloaded and swapped out for domestic ones, and very probably the same railway cars would trundle on into Ukraine where they could be swatted. If Russia was not considering this I would be very much surprised, and the Poles have to be super-twitchy about the security of weapons being transported to Ukraine, as there is no longer an ever-flowing tap of aid and in fact there never was. The west is getting down to where shipments destroyed without ever making it into combat really hurt the bottom line.

      Seems to me, though, that being suspected of ‘collaboration with the Russian services’ suggests you are a domestic national rather than a Russian yourself – it’s a bit awkward to imply Russians are ‘collaborators with Russia’. You think? It sounds to me as though these people were actually Poles or Ukrainians, working for Mordor.


  25. Axios: Scoop: Israel approves export licenses for anti-drone systems for Ukraine

    …The licenses were approved for two Israeli companies — Elbit and Rafael — that develop anti-drone systems, Israeli and Ukrainian officials said…

    …What they’re saying: Israeli officials claim the approval of the export licenses is not a shift in policy because the systems are defensive in nature and do not use any live fire that can kill Russian soldiers…

    …Between the lines: A senior Israeli official told Axios one of the reasons Israel approved the licenses was to possibly see how the defense systems perform against Iranian drones.

    They could have done this before but they didn’t. For some reason the Dumbos in Tel Aviv think they can now, i.e. play Washington’s salami slicing game with no consequences. There will be. I wonder what Moscow will come up with.

    In other news France & the UK have pulled out of the INSTEX mechanizm for i-Ran following Germany, banging in (by accident) yet more nails in to the moribund UN JCPOA deal, and one step close to war started by i-Srael against i-Ran this year (again by accident) with full allied backing. We got to get us some victories!


  26. Another one for the record:

    In an open letter to President Clinton in June 1997, 50 former US senators, cabinet secretaries, ambassadors & foreign policy specialists said the effort to expand NATO is a policy error of historic importance because for Russia it would bring into question the entire post-Cold War settlement.

    The actual letter:

    June 26, 1997

    Dear Mr. President,

    We, the undersigned, believe that the current U.S.led effort to expand NATO, the focus of the recent Helsinki and Paris Summits, is a policy error of historic proportions. We believe that NATO expansion will decrease allied security and unsettle European stability for the following reasons:

    In Russia, NATO expansion, which continues to be opposed across the entire political spectrum, will strengthen the nondemocratic opposition, undercut those who favor reform and cooperation with the West, bring the Russians to question the entire post-Cold War settlement, and galvanize resistance in the Duma to the START II and III treaties. In Europe, NATO expansion will draw a new line of division between the “ins” and the “outs,” foster instability, and ultimately diminish the sense of security of those countries which are not included;

    In NATO, expansion, which the Alliance has indicated is open-ended, will inevitably degrade NATO’s ability to carry out its primary mission and will involve U.S. security guarantees to countries with serious border and national minority problems, and unevenly developed systems of democratic government;

    In the U.S., NATO expansion will trigger an extended debate over its indeterminate, but certainly high, cost and will call into question the U.S. commitment to the Alliance, traditionally and rightly regarded as a centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy.

    Because of these serious objections, and in the absence of any reason for rapid decision, we strongly urge that the NATO expansion process be suspended while alternative actions are pursued. These include:

    opening the economic and political doors of the European Union to Central and Eastern Europe;

    developing an enhanced Partnership for Peace program;

    supporting a cooperative NATO-Russian relationship; and

    continuing the arms reduction and transparency process, particularly with respect to nuclear weapons and materials, the major threat to U.S. security, and with respect to conventional military forces in Europe.

    Russia does not now pose a threat to its western neighbors and the nations of Central and Eastern Europe are not in danger. For this reason, and the others cited above, we believe that NATO expansion is neither necessary nor desirable and that this ill-conceived policy can and should be put on hold.


    George Bunn
    Robert Bowei
    Bill Bradley
    David Calleo
    Richard T. Davies
    Jonathan Dean
    Paul Doty
    Susan Eisenhower
    David M. Evans
    David Fischer
    Raymond Garthoff
    Morton H. Halperin
    Owen Harries
    Gary Hart
    Arthur Hartman
    Mark Hatfield
    John P. Holdren
    Townsend Hoopes
    Gordon Humphrey
    Fred Ikle
    Bennettt Johnston
    Carl Kaysen
    Spurgeon Keeny
    James Leonar
    Edward Luttwak
    Michael Mandelbaum
    Jack F. Matlock Jr.
    C. Willian Maynes
    Richard McCormack
    David McGiffert
    Robert McNamara
    Jack Mendelsohn
    Philip Merrill
    Paul H. Nitze
    Sam Nunn
    Herbert S. Okun
    W.K.H. Panofsky
    Christian Patte
    Richard Pipes
    Robert E. Pursley
    George Rathjens
    Stanley Resor
    John Rhinelander
    John J. Shanahan
    Marshall Shulman
    John Steinbruner
    Stansfield Turner
    Richard Viets
    Paul Warnke
    James D. Watkins

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    1. I wonder how long a list of sane, sensible foreign policy advisers one could assemble today. I can think of Jack Matlock, ambassador to the USSR way back when…and, uh, that’s about it.


  27. Pentagon publishes video of drone loss over the Black Sea

    Clearly showing what liars the USA authorities are when, in their earlier statement, they said that the Evil Orcs had damaged the drone propeller, which drone was peacefully flying in international airspace, gathering information of Orcish military deployments, which information would be passed on to Yukie Nazis so as to enable them to kill Orcish troops.


        1. Russia has the tools to retrieve something from 900 metres, I assume. I wonder if Austin will ask for its prompt return. They asked Iran to return a crashed drone years back, if I recall. I wonder if that downed drone was the basis of current Iranian models.


      1. Some bloggers are saying that at the end of the clip, one of the drone propeller blades can be seen to be bent.

        I can’t see a bent blade — don’t know about the rest of you Putin apologists.


        1. Stand corrected! There is a bent blade after a second fighter has flown past. I missed the end of the clip, thinking it ended when the visuals went awry, but the drone camera began to work again and you can see a bent blade.

          Thanks to an MoB barfly for pointing this out. See below:

          00:00: [Start of video] A Russian Su-27 approaches to the rear of the U.S. Air Force MQ-9.
          00:05: A Russian Su-27 begins to release fuel as it passes.
          00:09 A Russian Su-27 passes over the U.S. Air Force MQ-9 while releasing fuel. As the Su-27 passes over the top of the MQ-9, it also disrupts the video transmission.
          00:11: The propeller of the U.S. Air Force MQ-9 can be seen and remains undamaged.
          00:22: A Russian Su-27 begins a second approach toward the MQ-9.
          00:27: A Russian Su-27 begins to release fuel on the approach toward the
          MQ-9. The Su-27 proceeds to pass even closer.
          00:29: A Russian Su-27 collides with the MQ-9 and the MQ-9’s camera feed is lost for approximately 60 seconds.
          00:39: The MQ-9’s camera feed has returned to working order. At this time the propeller can be seen again and one of the props can be seen damaged.
          00:42: [End of video]

          Video link


        2. I see a bent blade and–worse–the Russian pilot, if you look closely, is actually PUTIN HIMSELF!!! Could it be he’s waging this war singlehanded? Is “Putin’s War” a literal description of events? He could be far more powerful and evil than we ever imagined. I await Lindsey Graham’s next shrill screed to get the full picture.


    1. The BBC displays the same doctored I mean damning footage. Is this the necessary Maine/Tonkin/WMD-style pretext for more direct US involvement? Lindsey Graham is always entertaining when he invokes Ronald Reagan as a Great Example of US leadership. Apparently President Alzheimers would be shooting down Russian jets right now and asking questions later…from the White House bunker, presumably.


      1. Mrs. Reagan, not being as non compos mentis as was her husband, used to be Mr. Reagan’s skilful prompter:

        I think Diaper Joe’s wife does the same sometimes:


  28. Via John Helmer of Dances with Bears: Nordstream Sabotage – Mortymer´s Hyphotesis

    WHAT HAPPENED AROUND 26-09-2022? – The Timeline

    Quite a long read.

    Don’t forget early on to click on through to the link on the ‘chalfont’ dock for RN Astute class submarines for an interesting read of how docks for special forces work – also looks very unstealthy even if ‘treated.’

    The timeline reminds us that back at the end of last september Russia ‘accidentally’ fired off an AAM when a British SIGNIT RC-135 was flying in the Black Sea near Crimea. Did behavior change after this, sic more drone flights?


  29. UK government flight KRH646 operated by Titian Airways is arriving in about an hour at Tiblisi, having flown from Chisinau. Carrying UK FM James Cleverly it will be bringing Milk & Honey™ but more likely a stiff talking to about how western sponsored NGOs and their local hamsters should be allowed to have free rein and overthrow the government if necessary. What would these countries do without such help? 😉


  30. Kiev…is becoming notorious as a sex tourism mecca in Europe….However, the real issue lies on growing child prostitution and human trafficking…In fact, the rise of sex tourism led the growing industry of child prostitution and child pornography…human trafficking is another problem…Regardless of many harms done to prostituted Ukrainian women and children in Kiev, johns go unpunished aside from paying a nominal fine. One advocate mentions that the law enforcement is unlikely to enforce harsh penalties against prostitutes and johns because prostitution is controlled by organized criminals who have tight connection to political elites…whether what the advocate says is true or not, Ukraine, and perhaps the rest of the Europe, may already be going down the hill. According to one report by the U.S. National Institute of Health, with 60,000 prostitutes in the city, HIV epidemic in Ukraine is the highest among European countries.

    Source: Business and Human Rights Centre
    18 Aug 2010

    Those two sisters above appear not much older than 18 years of age.

    Слава Україні! Українським повіям — Слава!

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  31. Kremlin propaganda!

    No Nazis in the Baltics or Banerastan!

    16.03.2023 17:37
    Parade of SS Legionnaires in Riga

    Every year, on March 16, Riga hosts a parade of SS legionnaires and their supporters. It publicly displays Nazi awards and symbols, and this event is condemned by many countries around the world, including Russia. This year, Ukrainian refugees were also invited to take part. The movement of the column, in which yellow and blue flags appeared, was accompanied by police officers.

    Baltnews portal reported that during the annual march of SS legionnaires, Andrei Pagor, a member of the Jelgava City Duma from the Russian Union of Latvia, who was standing in a single picket, was detained while carrying an anti-fascist poster.

    Watch the SS Legionnaires ‘ March in Riga in the photo below


    1. Too young to have served in the SS, but clearly wishes he had had the opportunity to do so. Really happy faced wanna-be-a-Nazi woman alongside.

      I think they are Banderites. If they are, why isn’t the one carrying the child at the front?

      How she wishes she could have been ein Deutsches Mädel!

      And a sky-pilot leads the Nazis.


      1. Maybe they can set up EU approved concentration camps for people with the wrong opinions? That would be inline with the west’s current strategy of COUNTERING RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION! and going after anyone who is not 100% onboard with the current narrative. Where’s the clappy hands icon when you need one?


        1. Well, we would have to have a freedom-and-democracy-type name for them, and not even ‘re-education camps’, either, because that’s just one of the consequences of being so God-darned GOOD. When you are GOOD like us, you often find you have already used words you’d like to use, but in a negative context, and ‘re-education camp’ and all similar terms have already been portrayed in a decidedly negative light while we were tuning up on China for using them to break the gentle minds of the Uyghurs.


      2. The Riga sky-pilot leading his happy band of brothers and sisters is a Lutheran, by the way, that branch of Protestantism being the number one god-cult in that country, owing to Latvia being under the influence of Northern German States and Sweden. No.2 religion there is Roman Catholicism because of the proximity of Polacks to Latvia. And number 3 religion on Latvia is Russian Orthodox. It goes without saying both why that is and why no Orthodox sky-pilot is walking ecumenically with the Lutheran Holy Joe.


  32. Further Russian “Nazi” propaganda directed art those sweet Banderites:

    16.03.2023 12:25
    An exemplary Ukrainian woman. Widow of Nazi “Chikatilo” sells former possessions of the dead

    Vladimir Zelensky presents an order to Alina Mikhailova.

    Over the past decade, the Ukraine has experienced a large-scale breakdown of the norms of morality and ethics. Things that were previously unacceptable were not just considered as normal, but also as progressive.

    “Independent” Ukraine’s New Ethics
    At the same time that Euromaidan declared its desire to become part of the EU, its activists subjected its “enemies” to public humiliation. For the amusement of the crowd, people were led around the square with the inscription “slave” on their foreheads.

    But that was just the beginning. The limits of what was acceptable to those who were declared enemies of the new order were rapidly shifting. The mass murder of people in the Odessa House of Trade Unions opened a new era in the history of the Ukraine. From that moment on, a new order was established, according to which any crimes committed against persons declared “enemies of the Ukraine” were not actually subject to punishment.

    Starting in 2022, Ukrainian society has reached a new level of hatred. Any violence against Russians has been legitimized. TV screens and billboards openly called for reprisals not only against military personnel, but also against women and children.

    The institution of extra-judicial executions of “traitors” was de facto approved personally by Vladimir Zelensky. Citizens of Independence Square savoured not only reports about the murders of “Russian accomplices”, but also videos of torture and murder.

    At the same time, not a single person has been convicted of such crimes has been brought to justice by the Kiev regime.

    Cohabitant ceremony
    Moreover, the Ukrainian regime has, in fact, decriminalized looting, which is carried out not only by unknown military personnel of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, but also by public figures.

    Yesterday it became known that Vladimir Zelensky had awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnitsky III degree to Alina Mikhailova. At the same time, the head of the Kiev regime expressed his condolences to the awardee in connection with the loss of her loved one.

    The close person, or more precisely, Mikhailova’s cohabitant, was the well-known Ukrainian Nazi Dmitry Kotsyubailo, nicknamed Chikatilo, who had been liquidated near Artemivsk. Chikatilo, who once claimed that he fed tame wolves “the bones of Russian-speaking children”, was personally escorted by the Ukrainian president, who brought along Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin with him.

    Kotsyubaylo fully shared the views of her late boyfriend and cohabitant.

    Dmitry Kotsyubailo

    “A good Russian is a dead Russian”
    A native of Dnepropetrovsk, who studied at the Kiev Taras Shevchenko University, she joined the Euromaidan movement. After the coup in Kiev, Mikhailova joined the punitive battalions that went to pacify the Donbass. In Dnepropetrovsk. She opened a branch of the volunteer charity organization “Army SOS” to support the army with equipment, food and clothing. Since 2015, Mykhailova has worked directly in the ranks of Ukrainian formations, presenting herself as a military medic.

    Subsequently, she became part of the medical formation “Hospitallers”, belonging to the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. This armed structure was created by Dmitry Yarosh after his leaving the “Right Sector “(an organization banned on the territory of the Russian Federation-approx.

    In 2017, Mikhailova became the cohabitant of Dmitry Kotsyubailo. Changes in her personal life also led to changes in her activities — the woman was retrained to be a drone.

    In order to understand the views of Chikatilo’s cohabitant, it is enough to quote one of her statements made long before the start of the SMO: “As they say, a good Russian is a dead Russian. I agree with that expression”.

    Kiev MP
    Alina Mikhaylova often appeared in the Ukrainian media, where she was portrayed as an example of the “new free Ukrainian woman”. With this image, in 2020, she became a deputy of the “Golos” party in Kiev City Council, where she promotes the dismantling of “ideologically incorrect monuments”, and also fights against “illegal construction”. According to informed sources in Kiev, “illegal construction” is the Mykhailova’s little earner — in fact, she is engaged in lobbying the interests of some developers against others and receiving money for this activity.

    With the beginning of the SMO, Mikhailova again often began to appear on the front line, but she did not forget about her activities as a deputy. And this Nazi now has a new way of making money.

    Auction of “trophies”: a sincere confession of a criminal offence
    On her social media pages, Mikhailova holds auctions where she sells items that are claimed to have been taken from Russian soldiers.

    For example, on September 12, 2022, Mikhailova put up for auction “Trophy Watches of a Russian serviceman taken during the battles for Balakleya”.

    The woman did not disdain the sale of camouflage suits, as well as underwear taken from Russian soldiers. It is not known for certain whether Mikhailova sold items taken from prisoners, or removed them from the dead.

    This deputy of the Kiev City Council claimed that money raised in this way goes to the needs of her division.

    Article 356.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides for punishment for looting, depending on the circumstances of the commission of a criminal act, in the form of imprisonment for a term of 6 to 15 years.

    The Criminal Code of the Ukraine has a similar article, 432, which defines looting as the theft on the battlefield of items in the possession of dead or wounded people, as well as the use of tragic circumstances or hostilities for one’s own gain by robbing people. The article provides for up to 10 years in prison for such actions.

    But in reality, instead of handcuffing the looter Mikhaylova, the head of the Kiev regime presents her with an order. Thus not only legitimising such filth, but also elevating it to the rank of valour.


    1. The choice of “Chikatilo” as Kotsyubailo’s nickname surely indicates something of Kotsyubailo’s sadistic nature. The original Andrei Chikatilo was a serial rapist / murderer who raped and killed over 50 women and children in the Rostov oblast of the USSR between 1978 and 1990. He was executed for his crimes in 1994.


      1. Yeah, I remember that case well. I was already resident here when the bastard was shot. He was a Ukrainian, by the way. He ended up getting a Soviet teacher’s diploma from some pedagogical institute and began teaching in the Rostov province — you know, the one that shitwit Truss said Her Majesty’s government would never recognize as being Russian. The murdering rapist then began butchering schoolgirls. Eventually he was caught, underwent a rapid trial, found guilty — I’m sure he pleaded guilty to all charges— and was executed forthwith. Clearly a Russian “show trial”.


  33. This year (or possibly next) for me marks the west era of its chickens coming home to roasted roost starting in earnest.

    I suppose you could argue last year was the real beginning as u-Rope has insisted on self-suiciding their economies for the benefit of the USA, but taken together this year we can already see the wheels coming off Washington too politically (China-iRan+KSA deal/Africa-LatAM telling Team USA to f/k off), structurally (yet another toxic derailment in OH and no visit by Bi-Dumb, not to mention the USA electricity grid creaking a the seams), god/weather-wise (’nuff said) and other things. In short, you don’t need snow for things to snowball.


  34. Why 3 US banks collapsed in 1 week: Economist Michael Hudson explains

    Geopolitical Economy Report
    55K subscribers

    Mar 14, 2023

    Economist Michael Hudson analyzes the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate, and Signature Bank, explaining the similarities to the 2008 financial crash. He also addresses the US government bailout (which it isn’t calling a bailout), the role of the Federal Reserve and Treasury, the factor of cryptocurrency, and the danger of derivatives.


  35. Professor Richard Wolff: Silicon Valley Bank Bailout Crisis NOT Definitely Contained

    Status Coup News
    140K subscribers

    Premiered Mar 15, 2023

    Jordan Chariton interviews Professor Richard Wolff about the Silicon Valley Bank bailout and on potential financial contagion affecting the rest of the U.S. banking system. Status Coup’s SUPPORT Status Coup’s ON-THE-GROUND and investigative reporting on the stories the corporate media COVERS UP:


  36. NYT

    Ukraine Burns Through Ammunition in Bakhmut, Putting Future Fights at Risk
    The military is using thousands of artillery shells a day as it tries to hold the eastern city, which could jeopardize a planned springtime campaign.
    March 16, 2023

    The Ukrainian military is firing thousands of artillery shells a day as it tries to hold the eastern city of Bakhmut, a pace that American and European officials say is unsustainable and could jeopardize a planned springtime campaign that they hope will prove decisive.

    The bombardment has been so intense that the Pentagon raised concerns with Kyiv recently after several days of nonstop artillery firing, two U.S. officials said, highlighting the tension between Ukraine’s decision to defend Bakhmut at all costs and its hopes for retaking territory in the spring. One of those officials said the Americans warned Ukraine against wasting ammunition at a key time.

    With so much riding on a Ukrainian counteroffensive, the United States and Britain are preparing to ship thousands of NATO and Soviet-type artillery rounds and rockets to help shore up supplies for a coming Ukrainian offensive.

    But a senior American defense official described that as a “last-ditch effort” because Ukraine’s allies do not have enough ammunition to keep up with Ukraine’s pace and their stocks are critically low. Western manufacturers are ramping up production, but it will take many months for new supplies to begin meeting demand.

    FFS! — a planned springtime campaign that they hope will prove decisive.!!!

    Who are you kidding???

    The Great American public? The Yukietards?

    Old Abe Lincoln once sagely said that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Bear in mind, I don’t think that the population of the USA in the 1860s was as mindblowingly dumb as it seemingly is now.

    The Yukies, on the othe hand, have always been shitwit, shitkicking bumpkins.

    And get his from the above: [Kiev’s] troops are likely to have one meaningful opportunity this year to go on the offensive, push back Russian forces and retake land that was occupied after the invasion began last year.

    Oh fuck off, will ya?

    From the above NYT article:
    A photo of a screen showing Ukrainian military drone footage of Bakhmut in January. Bakhmut is a small city, but it provides road access farther east and has become symbolically important for both sides. Credit…Nicole Tung for The New York Times

    Yeah, Bakhmut is a “small city”. In other words, it’s a bloody town!

    Bakhmut population in 2022: 71,000

    The shithole where I was dragged up has a population of 102,000. it is called a “town”: more exactly — a “ghost-town” full of zombies.



  37. At last! Vladimir Denisovich Exile, a Russian citizen who also has the great honour to be a British citizen by birth, received his “Army Ticket” yesterday, his Military ID, which all Russian males between 18 and 27 years of age must possess. As he said to me: he is now free. He can seek employment anywhere, for one thing: without a “ticket”, no employer may employ you — legally.

    He has been classed as fit for military service with “restrictions”. I asked him what the restrictions are. He doesn’t know. He can travel around now because he has his ticket, which resembles a passport. He can also get an International Orc passport, something he didn’t do when he was 18. I told him to get it done — NOW! When he has his foreign passport, he can bugger off.

    I suggested that he might like to bugger off to Ireland if necessary. In fact, he could evren become an Irish citizen because one of his great-grandmas was born in Ireland.

    Which reminds me: today is St. Patrick’s Day. Somehow, I don’t think there’ll be a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Moscow this year. I may be wrong, but displays of Western wannabeism are now in decline here, I should imagine.


    1. Nope, seems there are still some Paddy-wannabes in Moscow this year:

      Где отметить День святого Патрика в Москве 2023: вечеринки в пабах, танцы и фолк-фестиваль

      Where to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Moscow 2023: pub parties, dancing and folk festival

      Which Hibernian fun includes:

      The Russian bagpipe orchestra Moscow & District Pipe Band will perform in front of the audience. Artists will play ancient Celtic melodies. In addition, you will hear the performance of rock hits on the bagpipes.

      Hey mister! Them’s not Irish pipes as yer playin’ and that’s a Scots kilt as yer wearin’!

      Mrs. Exile went to watch a concert of the above pipe band a couple of weeks ago. She sent me some clips. They’re good. They play Russian rock on squeaking, howling, squawking Scots bagpipes. They have drummers as well.

      Bloody awful racket!

      This is an Irish Army (Defence force they call it) band on O’Connell Street, Dublin, outside the Post Office there:



      1. I have distant memories of briefly watching the St. Patrick’s parade down the New Bat (Novi Arbat) and I thought it was weird then and I still think it is weird now. I did have a Guiness though.


    2. Displays of western ceremonies and celebrations might not be in vogue in Moscow, but despite the filth and abuse and disrespect heaped upon Russia daily by the squealing west, guess who is expected to intervene to save the west from the ongoing slide in oil prices, which menaces American profiteering from its criminal acts? That’s right – Russia and Saudi Arabia.

      “The oil price crash appeared to have been halted on Thursday after the Swiss central bank stepped in to save Credit Suisse and the energy ministers of Russia and Saudi Arabia met to signal a willingness to intervene if the collapse continued. On Friday morning, however, prices headed lower once again. “

      Not, I feel constrained to point out, The World’s Largest Energy Producer, which turns out to have been…a bit hyperbolic. Additionally, China is stepping up its LNG purchases to the tune of 9% month-on-month on prices which have slid for four straight months – not to belabor the point, but America needs high gas prices in order to continue its plundering after having removed its rival from the board with a blatant act of industrial sabotage, and which is the direct cause of Europe’s misery, the food supply crisis and to a wider extent, supply-chain complications. Venezuela, which was supposed to have been strangled until it accepted Guaido as its progressive new leader, is instead still very much under Maduro’s control and is looking at reactivating the 224-km Antonio Ricaurte gas pipeline to sell some 25 MMCf/day of Venezuelan gas to Colombia. Iraq and Kurdistan are eying a deal which would give the latter more freedom to trade its oil provided its revenues are deposited in an account under federal government supervision.

      Meanwhile, bank tremors and defaults continue to threaten the west. Canada’s pending east-coast LNG deal with Spain collapsed in the reality of prohibitive transportation costs. It sort of looks like the west’s chosen old enemies are getting their shit together while the west itself wallows desperately in flopsweat.

      What a pity.


  38. Well waddya know!

    Western Ukraine is the leader in the number of people who have avoided mobilization
    17.03.2023 – 08:26

    Western Ukraine is in the leading position as regards the number of men who have run away from mobilization. The top 3 include Volyn, Lvvv and Ternopil regions.

    Thanks to the “Shlyakh”* system, which makes it possible to leave the Ukraine in order to perform volunteer or humanitarian tasks, 9,373 men of conscription age have not return to the Ukraine during martial law, which is 11.1% of the total number of those who exercised the right to leave.

    It is worth noting that these statistics cover the period from February 24 to December 31, 2022, so the final number is even higher.

    So the Volyn region, bordering Poland and Belarus, is in the lead, with 21,108 persons subject to military service released and 1,375 men not returned.

    The second place is taken by the Lvov region, which released 31,558 men and 1,036 have not returned, while the third place is taken by the Ternopil region (14,036 men who left the region and 964 men who migrated to Europe).

    A total of 96,400 men of conscription age were entered into the “Shlyakh” system in 2022. They were allowed to leave the Ukraine with the mandatory condition to return.

    Note that these statistics refer only to those who left through the system “Shlyakh”; it does not include data on those who escaped from the war in the boots of cars or using the privileges of their fathers who are Rada deputies.

    *14.07.2022-18: 40
    <In the Ukraine, the scheme of men travelling abroad under the guise of volunteers or drivers through the "Shlyakh" system is gaining momentum.

    Recall: this system is supervised by Ukrtransbezpeka, it includes data from charitable organizations and carrier companies, which in turn can submit their own lists of "field" volunteers and drivers. They are used for reconciliation at the border, and those who are included in the list are freely released abroad.

    But, as practice shows,not only real volunteers and truckers get into the "Shlyakh".

    Social networks are full of ads about "legal exit through the Shlyakh system", where everyone is offered to register for a sum of 1-2 thousand dollars. Moreover, because of the competition in this market, the price tags have even started to drop.

    For example, in one of the Telegram channels they announce an "action" — the cost of registration of departure has decreased from 2 thousand dollars to 1.7 thousand.


    Svidomites fucking off from Galitsia, which is the “essence of the Ukraine”, according to Porky Poroshenko.


  39. Banderites having a field day with the above.

    It says: Another “antifascist” who came to to “denazify” the Ukraine.

    Apparently, the freak in the picture is a PoW, a jailbird who was with Wagner.

    He has tattooed on him an epaulette with a swastika.

    The swastika does not necessarily mean he is a Nazi. On the contrary, in Russian criminal tattoo symbolism, the epaulette signifies a rank within the “Thieves In Law”: known ranks were captains, lieutenants and colonels; the swastika — that he is against the Soviet government.

    Nazi symbols can mean that an inmate has fascist sympathies, but more usually they are inked as a protest towards the prison or camp administration. During the Soviet period, the authorities removed these tattoos by force.

    See: Decoding Russian criminal tattoos – in pictures

    Wagner is worthy of extreme criticism for recruiting such a thing that serves only as grist to the Banderite propaganda mill.


      1. Not anxious to try proving Putin was responsible for the grisly murders in Bucha? I can’t imagine why not. After all, it was what the Americans like to call ‘a slam-dunk’, wasn’t it?


        1. Of all the possible “war crimes” the ICC could have based its arrest warrant against Putin on, the court uses the charge of kidnapping and deporting children to Russia. The puppet masters behind the ICC must be so desperate over the situation in Ukraine, to stoop so low and risk making themselves look stupid.


          1. I am intrigued that it kind of implies they don’t have anything worse that they think stands a chance of successful prosecution. What about Bucha? What about MH-17? What about the ballistic missile attack on Kramatorsk that killed over 50 people? What about the deliberate use of S-300 missiles in the completely-fictitious ground-attack mode to attack civilian apartment buildings? All these were blamed on Putin. Can’t make any of them stick? Afraid to test them in court, where the accused is entitled to an evidence-based defense? Even with the capability to simply ignore your own rules, and make up new ones, you’re afraid?


            1. ‘Tis a bit odd indeed, isn’t it! But it’s such a beautiful deflection, aimed at the ‘World Press’ where anything with ‘children’ in the headline is deemed to be a winner – and what could be better, short of declaring that Mr Putin eats babies, than producing a judicial weepy about ‘he robs the poor, innocent Ukraine of their future, their children’!


          2. I believe that the chief prosecutor or whatever he is called at the ICC is British.

            Yes, he is — just checked.

            And when writing the first line of this comment, I almost wrote: “I believe that the chief prosecutor or whatever he is called at the ICC is a fellow countryman of mine”, but suddenly I had second thoughts about writing that, because that land where I was born almost 74 years ago is no longer the land that I knew and there are many “at the top” whom I can longer consider as my “fellow country”, albeit legally, as regards citizenship, they are.

            And so I checked on who the ICC chief prosecutor is and lo and behold:

            The current Prosecutor is Mr. Karim Khan KC from the United Kingdom

            In case any of you Putin apologists should not know what KC means, it means King’s Counsel, namely a top rank lawyer who wears a wig and represents the accused or a plaintiff in court.

            In the ICC, the above-mentioned Karim Khan KC holds the Office of the Prosecutor.

            The Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) is an independent organ of the Court. It is responsible for examining situations under the jurisdiction of the Court where genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and aggression appear to have been committed, and carrying out investigations and prosecutions against the individuals who are allegedly most responsible for those crimes. It is for the first time in history that an international Prosecutor has been given the mandate, by an ever-growing number of States, to independently and impartiality select situations for investigation where atrocity crimes are or have been committed on their territories or by their nationals. Like the judges of the Court, the Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor are elected by the ASP for a non-renewable mandate of nine years.

            Allahu Akbar!

            Karim Ahmad Khan, born in Edinburgh in 1970.

            In 2022, Khan stated about the war in Ukraine “We have reasonable grounds to believe that crimes within the jurisdiction of the court are being committed”. After almost a year since Khan formally opened an investigation into possible war crimes committed in Ukraine, he began issuing arrest warrants for a handful of Russians suspected of being implicated in the abduction of Ukrainian children, including President Vladimir Putin.


            This is the year when I shall apply for Russian citizenship. I have had enough of this shite from the UK. I no longer wish to have any association with that place.


            1. And again, the above photograph does not appear at my end, though it may appear at yours, dear readers.

              Here he is again, I hope


                1. Does anyone here think that Karim Ahmad Khan KC, who holds the Office of Prosecutor at the ICC, is acting impartially in prosecuting the Russian Head of State or is he, perhaps, acting in the interests of the British state?

                  No, impossible! What a silly presumption.


                2. Khan Acting ‘in the interest of the British state’ – you ‘aving a larf, or what? Mind you, there’s GCHQ and MI6, so I suppose they have ‘interests’ …


                3. What do you think of this, Karim Ahmad Khan KC?

                  18 MAR, 01:40
                  From 2014 to the start of military operation 4,374 residents killed in Donbass — Ombudsman
                  On Friday, the UN Security Council voted on Friday against the speech of the DPR Ombudsman at a meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine

                  MOSCOW, March 18. /TASS/. Ukraine’s aggression in Donbas resulted in the death of 4,374 residents from July 2014 to February 24, 2022, and nearly 8,000 were injured. Such data Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Daria Morozova cites in her report to the UN Security Council.

                  “From the beginning of the conflict and as of February 24, 2022, as a result of armed aggression by Ukraine on the territory of the DPR, 4,374 people, including 91 children, have been killed,” according to the document published on the Ombudsman’s website on Saturday. “Almost 8,000 civilians received injuries of various degrees of severity, including 323 children, at least 27 of them acquired a disability.”

                  On Friday, the UN Security Council voted on Friday against the speech of the DPR Ombudsman at a meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. Four countries (Russia, Brazil, Ghana and China) spoke in support of Morozova’s speech during the procedural vote, eight (Albania, the UK, Malta, USA, France, Switzerland, Ecuador and Japan) opposed. Three countries (Gabon, Mozambique, UAE) abstained.

                  I tell you, in my typically vulgar English, what I think:

                  It fucking stinks!


                4. However, that sage of the West, the Emperor of the World, thinks Karim Ahmad Khan KC is doing a wonderful job:

                  18 MAR, 04:44
                  Biden calls ICC warrant against Putin ‘justified’
                  On Friday, the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova

                  WASHINGTON, March 18. /TASS/. US President Joe Biden said on Friday that he considers the decision of the pre-trial chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague to issue a warrant for the arrest of Russian President Vladimir Putin justified. But the United States does not recognize the decision of this court, he added. Biden was talking to reporters on the South Lawn of the White House before flying to Delaware. His words are quoted by the White House press corps.

                  When asked about the ICC’s decision on Putin, Biden said, “Well, I think it’s justified. But the question is, it’s not recognized internationally by us, either. But I think it makes a very strong point.”

                  When asked to comment on the coming meeting in Moscow between Russian leader and Chinese President Xi Jinping next week Biden said: “Well, we’ll see when that meeting takes place.”

                  On Friday, the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Children’s Rights Commissioner Maria Lvova-Belova. The court’s statement said they could be responsible “for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation.”

                  Commenting on this decision, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that Moscow does not recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC. In turn, the Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the decisions of the ICC have no meaning for Russia, possible arrest warrants are legally void.

                  The ICC was created by the 1998 Rome Statute. It is not part of the UN and is accountable to countries that have ratified the statute. Countries not party to the statute include Russia (signed but not ratified), the United States (signed but later withdrew), and China (did not sign the statute). In 2016, Putin signed a decree under which Russia would not become a member of the ICC. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, this court “did not justify the hopes rested on it and did not become a truly independent body of international justice.”.

                  Well, I think it’s justified. But the question is, it’s not recognized internationally by us, either. But I think it makes a very strong point.

                  Stunning logic from Diaper Joe!


                5. See how strong a point he would think it was if a warrant were issued for Hunter Biden. Of course the warrant was issued after the idea was run by Washington, but Grampy has to pretend it is a big surprise. Then again, it might be, to him, since he can’t remember past 15 minutes ago. I suppose they think this will curb Putin’s globetrotting ways.


                6. Good morning colliemum!

                  How are things in Wales this beautiful spring day?

                  Well, it’s beautiful here, but cold: minus °8 C, but bright sunshine when I got up at 06:00 Moscow time, as is my wont. Minus 3 °C as I write at 10:27 msk. Unfortunately, this means a slow thaw here as daytime maximum here is only going to be plus 1 °C this afternoon, which means I shall very likely only set off for my country estate sometime in April, as there will still be plenty of snow on the ground there until mid-April at least.

                  I was thinking of you this morning, because when I was browsing the Russian web earlier today, I found this:

                  Поющее, звенящее деревце (1957) Das singende, klingende Bäumchen, советский дубляж

                  “The Singing, Ringing Tree” (1957): Das singende, klingende Bäumchen, Soviet dubbing

                  Do you remember that made in the GDR children’s film?

                  I remember watching it on TV in the early ’60s in the UK. It was dubbed into English, of course. I really liked it.


                7. Bore da, M.E.!
                  It’s indeed ‘spring-like’ here in Kairdiff: grey, drizzle, no sun for days – but 8 deg C, or 49F. I know in my aching bones and joints that ‘cold’, i.e. the dry cold which you experience in Russia is far better than the damp cold we’re exposed to.
                  No, I’ve never seen that little film – not because it was ‘made in DDR’, but because we didn’t have a telly until the late 1960s. In any case, I’m telly-less and don’t miss the crap at all.
                  In ‘Nature Notes’: I’m now under observation. It’s not just the blackbirds which spy on me and then bully me into providing them with bird food. A couple of jackdaws have joined in. They sit right next to the house in my little apple tree, watching … hoping …


                8. As regards my nature notes: I have not long since come back from the local supermarket and everywhere there are rooks — around our house is a rookery — and they’re getting bloody cheeky now that spring has sprung. They’re clever buggers and very noisy. They’re on the prowl for food and are strolling on top of the snow drifts and I know what they’re after because I often observe them when sitting outside puffing my pipe: they’re waiting for the grandma cat lovers in our house to put trays of food, of leftovers, for the cats that live under the house. The cats are all big rascals because of their getting regular meals off these kindhearted elderly ladies. But they’ve got to get out quickly from under the house for their food, because the ravens have already gathered for first grabs.


                9. Corvids – that’s ravens, crows, rooks, jackdaws and magpies – are extremely intelligent and inventive. Personally, I totally love ravens because they’re also very playful. There was an old report of ravens sliding down a snowy hill in Wales which I cannot find now. They slid down, flew to the top and slid down again … and of course, their aerial acrobatics are simply breathtaking.
                  There’s a brilliant book, published some time ago, which is also a document about how to do proper field zoology: “Ravens in Winter”, by Bernhard Heinrich. He was a professor in Vermont, USA and has written other books about ravens, but that one is simply the best.
                  It’s not by accident that Woden choose two ravens to accompany him!


                10. I reckon crows and ravens are smarter than dogs in some respects. A dog that is eating from roadkill at the side of the road will wince or cower every time a car passes at speed. Crows don’t even look up.


                11. Karim Ahmad Khan is not a normal “orthodox” Muslim – he is an Ahmadi.

                  Who are the Ahmadi?


                  Ahmadi are essentially an ethno-religious sect that was created by the British Raj. They were very loyal to the British Raj and British interests in the sub-continent.

                  Khan’s brother was jailed for sexually assaulting a boy.

                  Imran Ahmad Khan: MP guilty of sex assault on 15-year-old boy



              1. A Scots lawyer who thinks he can, in a jurisprudential sense, sweep away Russia’s leader like a Mongol invader? Lots of luck, Angus Khan!


              2. Imran Nasir Ahmad Khan, brother of Karim Ahmad Khan is a former British Conservative Party politician and convicted sex offender who served as Member of Parliament for Wakefield from the 2019 general election until 2022.

                Imran Nasir Ahmad Khan was part of a panel advising on grooming gangs and contributed to a paper called “Group-based child sexual exploitation characteristics of offending” while police were investigating him for child sexual abuse.

                Imran Nasir Ahmad Khan was jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of sexually abusing an underage boy.

                On February 23, 2023, Imran Ahmad Khan was released from prison after serving only nine months of his 18-month sentence on charges of paedophilia.

                On March 17, three weeks after the release of his paedophile brother from prison, Karim Ahmad Khan in the International Court of Justice issued an “arrest warrant” not only for Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also for Maria Lvova-Belova, Commissioner for Children’s Rights in Russia, a person who protects children from such as the prosecutor’s brother.


    1. But Putin doesn’t play cricket!

      Yet more DO SOMETHING! however stupid and counter-productive from an enfeebled west using its last dregs of influence to pull strings in international organizations where it still has its own officials willing do to their it bidding, until they retire on a fat pension and become media experts/consultants.

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      1. I’m surprised the ICC hasn’t weighed in on the unjust imprisonment of Julian Asange, that exposer of US war crimes. No, I’m not.


    2. Like

    3. Ukraine War: Putin visits Crimea on anniversary of annexation

      Sky News
      6.24M subscribers

      Mar 18, 2023

      President Putin appeared to be in a buoyant mood in Crimea despite the International Criminal Court issuing a warrant for his arrest.


  40. Strangely quiet on the ‘Russan sabotage group’ in Poland. al-Beeb s’Allah reports this as ‘Polish clams claims’, but it happens to coincide with a visit to Warsaw by CIA director William ‘Hart’ Burns. Yet more PR management


  41. Euractiv mit Neuters: Moldovan parliament rules: the national language is Romanian

    Moldova’s parliament on Thursday (16 March) approved a law on referring to the national language as Romanian in all legislative texts and the constitution, despite opposition from a pro-Moscow communist party.

    …Moldova’s governing PAS party proposed the draft law to bring the constitution into line with a constitutional court ruling in 2013 that the declaration of independence takes precedence over the constitution.

    Some Moldovans see the potential change as righting what they regard as a wrong done when the Soviet Union sought to impose the notion of a Moldovan language written in Cyrillic to reinforce the Moldovan identity…

    ‘Pro-western’ President/PM & parliament casually throwing more fuel on to political fires with the full support of the west. What could possibly go wrong? It’s almost as if they want to forment further crisis in the hope of asking for ‘help’ from the usual suspects. Well no one will be responsible for setting of this time bomb as it was all by accident. Again.

    Identity politics is good, unless you have the wrong identity! One rule for some, another for others. A very u-Ropean attitude!


  42. Russia does not recognise the ICC, so get fucked ICC.

    And guess what — the World Policeman and guardian of the “rules based’ international community, namely the USA, does not recognise the ICC either.

    Now why is that, I wonder?

    That the Orcs by their very nature do not recognise “rules based order” and the jurisdiction of the ICC is no surprise whatsoever, but the refusal of the USA to recognise the authority of said court is somewhat curious, is it not, unless the USA considers itself to be above “International Law”, whatever that may be?

    I shall have to find out what the esteemed “International Lawyer” and Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany has to say about this.


    1. Besides not accepting any ICC ruling against itself, the US also evades the laws of numerous countries when these are brought to bear against American military personnel stationed in said countries. SOFAs, or status of forces agreements, allow American servicemen charged with crimes to be tried via special US military tribunals rather than in the courts of the country in which the crime took place. Given that the US maintains 850-plus bases in dozens of countries, this is no small matter. I was in the Philippines in ’07 and the front-page news was that the Philippine courts had convicted a US Marine of rape and sentenced him to years in a Philippine prison, contrary to the SOFA. The US instantly threatened to cancel various funding, military and otherwise, to the country, and the rapist was turned over to a US tribunal, which issued a “reprimand” before releasing him. Exceptional rules for the Exceptional nation.


      1. Many nations prefer to try their military members in a national format, so as to be able to assure the folks back home that Andy or Joe was fairly tried and sentenced. And in some countries, depending on the crime, service members might be put to death.

        I remember an incident when the ship in which I was serving was in Vietnam – only time I’ve ever been there, in fact, and it was a longtime dream of mine. Anyway, one of the officers got likkered up in a hotel bar downtown; I think some of his wardroom companions were guests of the hotel. There were a few westerners there as well, not military, and the subject of this incident grabbed a female civilian guest roughly by the breast. He was pretty gooned, although that’s not an excuse. His brother officers hauled him off and put him into a cab, and sent him back to the ship. Perhaps he had fancied his chances, I couldn’t say, but by the time he returned to the ship he was in a right old pet. I got it all from my buddy Stevie Graham, who was Petty Officer of the Day on the duty watch. When this individual stumbled aboard, the first thing his eyes lit upon was a large wreath on a stand, which had been presented to us on arrival by the Vietnam-Canada Friendship Society. He grabbed it and heaved it overboard into the river. A crewman fished it out, but it would have been better to just let it go – the recovered memento was muddy and dilapidated and looking pretty sorry for itself when the Captain saw it.

        A package of charges, including public intoxication and the always-accompanying ‘act to the prejudice of good order and discipline’ was prepared, but the Captain could not both lay the charge and hear the case, and the charge was laid by Command. So a Vice-Admiral (this guy) was flown out to Hawaii to meet the ship on arrival, and this Lieutenant was weighed off by court-martial, open to the crew and held in the Junior Ranks mess, as the audience was expected to be substantial. He was found guilty, of course, because he WAS guilty and the only circumstance mitigating in his favour was being completely drunk, which only suggested that if he were again to reach such a state, he would behave similarly. I can’t even recall the punishment awarded beyond the to-be-expected confinement to ship for the remainder of the deployment, which was two-thirds over anyway. But it was the end of his career. Punishments for officers frequently feature forfeiture of years of seniority in rank, which is a kind of death by inches; you can never catch up with your former classmates and will never be promoted in a service where Lieutenant is the workhorse rank – ten pay incentives, to compensate for the difficulty in reaching the next rank – and fiercely competitive.

        Granted, a capital crime such as rape or murder is much more serious and might merit the death penalty in many countries. Shortly before my ship visited Okinawa for what was the first time for me, at least one and according to rumor others from the resident US military were charged with rape of an Okinawan girl. The natives – who mostly are not Japanese – maintained a love-hate relationship with the American military presence, and the mood was incendiary; we were advised to be extremely cautious downtown, as one western military guy in civilian clothes looks much like another. I don’t recall what ever came of the incident but I do remember the USA stood on the SOFA agreement and refused to let the case be heard by civil courts. But to be fair to the Americans, in such cases and where guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is present, military courts’ punishment is often very severe, depending on how eagerly the locals are looking for justice.



    The Songmi Massacre or Mi Lai Massacre

    Sending Kherson children to Artek is the most comical war crime that the Hague Court has ever initiated.

    Yesterday, by the way, it was 55 years since the massacre of Vietnamese peasants in Songmi by soldiers of the 23rd Infantry Division of the US Army.

    In total, 504 civilians were killed, including 210 children: 50-up to three years old, 69-from four to seven years old, 91-from eight to twelve years old. Many victims were tortured before being killed, and women were gang-raped.

    The Hague Court was already there, but did not show any interest in this event. The investigation was conducted by the US Army authorities, only one soldier was found guilty – Lieutenant Kelly, who served three years under house arrest.


  44. For those of you who are not sure what Artek is, a reminder in this video made by Graham Phillips as a rejoinder to the shite about that place by pain-in-the-arse BBC Russia correspondent Rainsford, who was eventually told to get the fuck out of Russia. Pity her former colleague here Rosenberg has still not been told the same.


  45. Hmm… the ICC arrest warrant effectively means no negotiations.

    If there was ever any possibility of any negotiations.

    We have had years of the demonisation of Putin and this arrest warrant is the end result.

    How will this war end now?


  46. To this man and his sex-doll Emily has been born a baby boy. He looks just like his dad.

    Fuck off decadent, depraved, free and liberal West!


  47. The Empire is not pleased!


    Banned From Russian Airspace, U.S. Airlines Look to Restrict Competitors
    Because of the war in Ukraine, U.S. carriers have to take the long way on flights to and from Asia, giving an advantage to foreign rivals flying the same routes.

    WASHINGTON — Unable to fly through Russian airspace because of the war in Ukraine, U.S. airlines are stepping up a lobbying campaign on Capitol Hill and at the White House to address what they say is a growing problem: They are losing business to foreign competitors who can take passengers between the United States and Asia faster and more cheaply. . .

    Foreign airlines using Russian airspace on flights to and from the U.S. are gaining a significant competitive advantage over U.S. carriers in major markets, including China and India,” the presentation, dated February, said. “This situation is directly to the benefit of foreign airlines and at the expense of the United States as a whole, with fewer connections to key markets, fewer high paying airline jobs” and a dent in the overall economy.

    Well tough shit, as they say in impolite circles.


    1. It’s not ‘because of the war in Ukraine’ that American airlines cannot fly over Russia, and plenty of other airlines obviously do, in perfect safety. It is reciprocal action for Washington’s ban on Russia air carriers.

      According to a considerably-more-cheerful Grampie Biden than you might find in Washington these days, this action would “further isolate Russia, and add an additional squeeze on their economy”. Do you think Grampie knows anything about economics? I mean, other than a pound of butter was 12 cents when he was a lad? Russia’s airspace closure was clearly a response rather than an initiative.

      But western media continues to report the tough times its airlines are having ‘because of the war in Ukraine’.


  48. NTV the best: How propaganda works in the Ukraine

    Western propaganda actively drives Ukrainians to the front. They are motivated to go to the trenches by stories about serving shoulder to shoulder with beautiful Ukrainian women, stories about teenagers who are ready to die in battle, and about the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russian fighters who allegedly sleep in dirt, eat in dirt and drink from puddles.

    Above linked clip in Russian, of course, but for those who have little or no knowledge of Russian the message is clear.

    American “journalists are something else! See how the


    1. Oops!

      Pushed “send” too early. I did not finish the last sentence above. I wanted to write:

      American “journalists are something else! See how the “journalist from 01:13 piles on the emotion and body language when describing how teenagers are willing to go to the front and die there in defence of the shithole that is Banderastan.


  49. RT

    17 Mar, 2023 23:48
    Germany exposes Ukraine asylum scam
    Kiev has offered Russian deserters sanctuary in Germany, apparently without asking Berlin

    The German government has contradicted Ukrainian military and intelligence services’ attempts to entice Russian soldiers to desert and surrender with promises of asylum in European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. This week, Berlin has confirmed that no such program exists.

    Ukraine is “playing a very cynical game with Russian soldiers who are considering deserting,” the German outlet NachDenkSeiten noted on Friday, pointing to a letter Bundestag member Andrej Hunko (Die Linke) sent to the Interior Ministry about the promises made by Kiev, and the response he received.

    “Is it true that Russian deserters have the opportunity to apply for asylum in Germany through the Ukrainian state project ‘I Want to Live,’ and what other similar or comparable programs is the federal government aware of, through which Russian deserters in Ukrainian captivity can apply for asylum in EU member states, including Germany?” Hunko asked in his letter, sent on Wednesday.

    “No. The federal government is also not aware of any other similar or comparable programs as related to your question,” Mahmut Ozdemir, the parliamentary secretary for the Interior Ministry, responded.

    The project Hunko mentioned is run by the Ukrainian coordination center for prisoners of war, with the cooperation of the Defense Ministry and intelligence services. The program’s spokesman, Vitaly Matvienko, told the US-funded broadcaster Current Time last October that Russians who surrender “can apply for asylum in Germany and the Netherlands,” whose governments have “previously said that they are ready to accept such prisoners of war.”

    Kiev’s offer “has obviously turned out to be a fake,” Hunko told NDS, but added that the idea itself makes sense, and that Die Linke wants Berlin to set up an actual asylum program for war objectors – from Russia and Ukraine alike.

    Ozdemir’s response does not just mean that the Ukrainian government has been less than honest, however. It also casts doubt on the public pronouncements of his own ministry from September last year, after Moscow announced a partial call-up of reservists.

    On September 23, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser offered political asylum to “anyone who courageously opposes Putin’s regime” – as quoted by her spokesman, Maximilian Kall – while government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit said that Germany wants a “viable solution” for the anticipated influx of Russian deserters. Justice Minister Marco Buschmann tweeted that “anyone who hates [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s path and loves liberal democracy is warmly welcomed in Germany.”

    How many – if any – Russians actually tried to avail themselves of this offer, or the Ukrainian program, remains unclear.


  50. My god! This is awful! Poor bastards!

    What do the likes of Nuland, Sullivan, Blinken, Price, Austin, Milley etc. — not to mention Biden, because he can’t think — think of this below.

    From A Son of the American Revolution:

    There also is the canard that Russian soldiers are incompetent and the Ukrainians are masterful warriors. More nonsense. Watch the following video. You will see a Russian soldier, Alexander Maltsev, creep up on the bottom of the screen on a well defended Ukrainian trench. He is outnumbered at least six to one. Also pay close attention to the Ukrainian soldiers. They are clearly poorly trained and undisciplined. Look at them firing their riles using the old “pray and spray” method — i.e., hold the rifle above your head, do not aim and empty your clip. Maltsev, by contrast, does it right. He aims and makes accurate shots, killing at least two of the Ukrainian troops and taking the rest as captive.

    Bang, bang! You’re dead!

    It’s not a game.


  51. And the censors have attempted to make the above clip inaccessible, but you can still watch it if you try.

    Now I wonder why the censors don’t like it?

    You can also see the clip here on RUTUBE

    “And if he is cut of Russian cloth, in the field he is a warrior!” [Russian saying — ME]. The video shows the heroic feat carried by private Aleksandr Viktorovich Maltsev, born on 26.04.1975. Called up for mobilization on 14.10.22, he was sent to the 20th Combined Arms, 144th Guards Motorized Rifle Division, 488th Motorized Rifle Regiment. Aleksandr became a soldier in the assault detachment of the 488th Motorized Rifle Regiment. On March 10, he was able to single-handedly capture an enemy trench, eliminating three soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and capturing two of them. Look carefully: he could have easily finished off those who had surrendered, but the soldier spared those who had raised their hands. Unfortunately, during the ongoing fighting, on March 13, Private Maltsev died a valorous death. Now documents are being prepared for the submission of Private Maltsev A.V. to be awarded the title of “Hero of Russia” posthumously. Being a warrior is to live forever! Svatove–Kreminna front!!!

    As RT Russian reports:

    “For me, he is still alive”: relatives of a fighter from the Krasnodar Territory have spoken about his exploits and death
    17, 2023, 21:12

    Aleksandr Viktorovich Maltsev

    “And if he is cut of Russian cloth, in the field he is a warrior!” is the caption of a video taken from a drone on the Svatove–Kreminna front on March 10. As is specified, the footage shows a soldier of the 488th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 144th Guards Rifle Division of the 20th Combined Arms Army, Private Aleksandr Maltsev, capturing an enemy trench. He eliminated three of the AFU fighters and took two prisoners.

    The video went viral online on 16 March. However, by that time, Aleksandr had been killed in action three days earlier. He was 47 years old.

    Maltsev was born and raised in the town of Labinsk, Krasnodar Territory. He served in Chechnya, where he was awarded the medal “For Valour”. He was twice married: his first marriage left him with a daughter Daria. His mother, Nina Konstantinovna, and younger brother, Sergei, still live in Labinsk.

    “We found out about Sasha’s death from the Internet. Mum is in a serious condition, this is very difficult for all of us to accept. The last time we saw each other was in autumn of last year. And there was very little contact by phone”, Sergei told RT.

    Sergei remembers Aleksandr as a “fair-minded elder brother”. His real passion was sport. Together with his brother they played football, playing professionally for the district and city teams. “Sasha was always aware of what was going on in both football and hockey”, his younger brother recalls.

    Aleksandr Maltsev with singer Aleksandr Rosenbaum

    Maltsev has left many friends in his hometown. Gennady, Aleksandr’s best friend, grew up with him in the same block and played with him in the same football team.

    “Sashka had always stood up for fairness ever since his since childhood and was always the first to come to the rescue. At the same time he was positive and friendly. My children are in shock now – they loved him very much and he used to carry them in his arms. At the enterprise where Sashka worked, the whole staff is in mourning. He was just a man with a capital “J”, a good worker, a good father. He loved his daughter very much. When she came back from Moscow, I saw how he felt about her, how he was worried and happy for her”, Gennady told RT.

    In Labinsk, Aleksandr met his second wife, Oksana. The couple lived in St Petersburg for 12 years and divorced in 2022, but he maintained with her a friendly relationship.

    “At the beginning of last March, I left St. Petersburg and Sasha stayed there”, said Oksana. “We sold our shared flat, and he used part of the proceeds to buy himself a room in a communal apartment”.

    RT does not say in the article, but I guess the above photograph shows Aleksandr Maltsev’s marriage to his second wife, Oksana — ME.

    Maltsev was called up as part of the partial mobilization in September, his former wife continued [Note: Maltsev was a reservist and obviously with combat experience, yet the Western media constantly peddles the lie that Putin is sending conscripts to their deaths, which is, in fact, what that swinish piece of filth in Kiev is doing — ME]: “Sasha said at the very beginning of the special operation: ‘If they call me up, I shall go to defend my homeland’. He had served with the border troops, so as part of the partial mobilization, he was called up first, because he had already been in hot spots and gone through all of this sort of thing before. My husband [She still refers to him as her husband: strange! — ME] never went into hiding, he was registered at the military enlistment office, but since we often changed our place of residence, the summons came to the old address. A neighbour from the previous apartment brought it, and Sasha himself went to the military enlistment office. He left at the end of September”, she said.

    According to Oksana, when her former husband left for the SMO zone, he asked of her only one thing: “If something happens, help my daughter to arrange an apartment for herself”. It was as if he felt something was going to happen.

    Oksana did not have time to go to St. Petersburg and see Aleksandr off: “It makes me sad, of course” .He was accompanied by his childhood friend from Labinsk, Sergei, with whom they played football all their lives. A week after the departure, Sergei was also mobilized and is now at the front.

    According to Oksana, the fact that Aleksandr Maltsev went to storm an enemy trench alone was typical of him.

    “Sasha was such a person in life: apart from take his time with the military into consideration, he never took care of himself at work as well: he always worried more about the business at hand. He would come home from work and say: ‘Oh, my eyes are hurting from welding’, and I used to tell him: ‘Sasha, you need to take more care of yourself’. He was one of those who was ready to give his last shirt, but he himself needed to be forced to have medical treatment, to take pills, to make sure that he got better from a sickness. He never took his own needs into consideration: everything he did was for others”, she recalled.

    “The last time Sasha and I talked was early in February. On my birthday, he sent an SMS with warm congratulations. And the day before, I talked for a long time with my mother – they always had a very good relationship. It is also a big loss for her. Honestly, I still can’t get all of this into my head; it still seems to me that all this is not true and this is some kind of mistake, this cannot be. It seems to me that I won’t be able to believe this has happened even at the funeral. For me, he is still alive”, said Oksana.

    Now documents are being prepared for posthumously awarding private Alexander Viktorovich Maltsev the title of “Hero of Russia”.

    A typically barbaric, subhuman Orc!

    And he never had time to take a Banderite toilet bowl back to the Krasnodar Territory of Russia.


  52. About Nazism, Bandera members, Waffen SS legions…

    The fact that the desire of the Majority of “civilized” countries to destroy Russia was repeated at the end of the 20th century and continues to this day is largely to blame for the pernicious and criminal policy of the USSR authorities after the victory over the Hitler coalition.

    Despite the Nuremberg Tribunal, a huge number of fascists not only escaped punishment, but were also welcomed and caressed in the United States, Canada, and many other countries.

    BUT the most incomprehensible and disgusting thing is that the policy of the USSR leadership was to hush up the crimes of Hitler’s accomplices, both from the republics of the USSR and from the countries of the Socialist Republics. For the sake of “friendship”, in this “Commonwealth” of Soviet Republics and “Friendly Socialist Republics” there remained unpunished almost all the crimes of all our “brothers” in the USSR and Socialist Republics.The history of the Great Patriotic War was rewritten and falsified, and many documents were classified. Criminals were portrayed as associates and even heroes.

    This means that the crimes went unpunished and a LESSON was not learnt.

    At the same time, immediately after the Great Victory, huge assistance in materials and resources went from the USSR to the countries of Eastern Europe for the restoration of that which had been destroyed and for construction. And in Russia itself, there was no help for victorious soldiers, war invalids and their families.

    And after THAT, we’re still surprised that History has repeated itself??? And that ONCE AGAIN the world satanic Russophobic group of enemies has rallied in an effort to destroy Russia. AND ALL Of THIS is NATURAL – something that was not destroyed, was not condemned, has awakened; the TRUTH was replaced by a lie. And now the real aggressors – neo-Nazi terrorists – are posing as fighters for freedom and democracy, while Russia is accused of aggression, genocide and of endless crimes. It is argued that a lie is the truth, and the real TRUTH is a lie.

    I should very much like to hope that Russia will not repeat such criminal mistakes again.

    Finishing the series “German Nazism, Ukrainian Nazism”, I thought it would be a long time before I would return to this topic, if at all. But here’s a small news item and… I understand that Nazism and Banderaism will be come back to again and again.

    And the small note is that Poland is going to mint commemorative coins, on which the sights of Lvov will be depicted. Apparently, Poland is hoping for division of the Ukraine. They are getting ready.

    But the Poles have forgotten whom they are dealing with and what a huge number of victims the Banderites have left behind, and in how the political games that the Polish government had decided to play up to the end of the thirties of the last century turned out for the country. This, of course, is not our business, but that of the Poles. And if they are so eager to step on that old rake again, who can stop them? Nobody.

    But we must be reminded what Banderaism is, even if not for their sake, but for ours. And not only be reminded about Banderaism.

    Today, it is no secret that there has been a resurgence of Nazism in the Ukraine. Neo-Nazism and fascism have raised their heads high and are once again marching freely across Europe. Well, Russia, as in the old days, is fighting this evil alone. No one is on our side, because a significant number of European countries are once again supporting the Nazis.

    Germany, before attacking the USSR, concluded an alliance that was called “Anti-Comintern”, an alliance of what were called the Axis countries – “Berlin, Rome, Tokyo”. Subsequently, the following states joined this union – Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Finland, Spain and the infamous creation of Hitler – the so-called State of Croatia.

    The list of countries allied to Hitler clearly points to the current European Union, with the exception of the United Kingdom of Great Britain [As usual, always referred to in this article as “England” — ME]. But now, although the UK is not in the EU, it is on the side of Nazi Ukraine and regularly supplies the UAF with intelligence, weapons, equipment and “volunteers”.

    Currently, the countries of Europe and the United States are acting in concert and cautiously, apparently bearing in mind that there is a lot to be gained from Russia. And during the Great Patriotic War, Hungary lost to Hitler a 200-thousand-man army (three corps) and a tank division. Romania lost a total of 18 divisions: ten infantry divisions, four Guards divisions, three mountain divisions, and one tank division. The Italian 8th Army numbered 227,000 soldiers. The 373rd Walloon Regiment was formed in Belgium, and the 250th Volunteer Infantry Division was formed in Spain. The motorized division “Viking”, consisting of volunteers from Scandinavian countries, reached the Caucasus, and then the Finnish army, which had the highest level of combat capability. Well, about the Mannerheim army, which closed the ring of the siege of Leningrad, you need to remember these were Finns.

    At the time of the collapse of the USSR, I was an adult. I had ten years of Soviet experience, so I remember well both the strengths and weaknesses of the late socialism. And I think one of the weak points was that in the USSR it was customary to keep silent about the crimes committed by Hitler’s allies against our people. It is clear that they were silent for the sake of the brotherhood and unity of all peoples and nationalities, but … this silence was to the detriment of the Soviet people.

    The crimes of the Baltic republics of the former USSR and the Nazis from Western Ukraine began to be openly discussed early during the first decade of this century. In the USSR, this was mentioned in history classes, but just in passing, as something not essential, not important. But what the members of the OUN UPA did during the Second World War, animals would never have done either. No animal can do such a thing, only a human.

    Bandera members are really inhuman scum and moral freaks. There is no other way to call them. They killed everywhere: Communists, Gypsies, Jews, Tatars, Belarusians, Russians, Poles – all of them. And all this for the sake of a “free and independent Ukraine”.

    Soldiers of the executioner Stepan Bandera killed at least 120 thousand Poles in a few months. The murders were carried out according to a previously developed plan. In just six days, 300 actions were held in 100 villages. The victims of these actions numbered 12,000 people.

    “We are not interested in numbers, we are not talking about tens or hundreds of thousands, but about all the Poles to the very last – from the old ones to children” – these are the words of Nikolai Lebed, Bandera’s deputy.

    There are testimonies of chance survivors of the Bandera massacre:

    “I entered the house and saw my uncles pinned to the floor with bayonets. Aunt Galya and her children were lying dead under an apple tree. The youngest was in her arms. All of them had had their skulls smashed in. Aunt Sabina was completely naked. And her skull was smashed and her eight-month-old twins were lying dead on her breast.”

    “Bandera members attacked the village, broke into the church and killed people during prayer. Small children were thrown into the well, and those who were a little older were thrown into the basement and killed. One Bandera member, holding a child in his arms by the legs, swayed and hit the child’s head against the wall. My mother screamed, and they bayoneted her.”

    “Bandera members came to our yard, grabbed my father and cut off his head with an axe, and my sister was pierced with a stake. My mother died of a heart attack, it was all in front of her eyes.”

    A high-ranking German officer wrote that although he had survived two wars, he had not seen such atrocities.

    Probably, many of you have seen the monument “Galician wreaths” – a group of small children hanging from a tree, on a barbed wire. It was in the village of Lozova, in the Ternopil region – the village street was “decorated” with such “wreaths”. Above the children were nailed signs with the inscription in Ukrainian and Polish – “The way to an independent Ukraine”.

    A monument to the victims of the Volyn massacre stands in Poland. On the pedestal of the monument is written: “If I forget this, may heaven forget me”.

    Monument to Bandera members “who died in the battle with the Red NKVD soldiers” in early March 1945.

    Well, apparently the time has come when the heavens should forget about the modern Polish political establishment.

    I said that Bandera members killed everyone. Babi Yar in the western part of Kiev is a ravine where the bodies of more than 200,000 Russians, Jews, Communists, and Gypsies are buried. The genocide was carried out by Bandera together with the Germans. And this is not the only place of execution in Kiev. Syretsky concentration camp “devoured” about 25 thousand people. It was in this camp that four Dynamo Kiev football players, participants of the “death match”, were shot in 1943.

    For reference: In 1942, in occupied Kiev, the Germans decided that their government was strong, the army was victorious, there were only a few days left before the defeat of the Communists and it was time to establish a peaceful life. Cafes were opened in the city, theatres and cinemas were opened, citizens began to walk in parks together: in general, life was improving. And the Germans wanted to revive sporting events. Football players who happened to be in the city when it was occupied were allowed to train. And then the Germans wanted to hold a real football match.

    According to eyewitnesses, there was a series of matches – eight or ten of them. Soviet football players did not lose a single match. The last game was played on August 16, 1942. It was this game that was called the “death match”. Yes, then the team consisting of Soviet football players won again, although it had been suggested to the footballers that they should throw the game. But once again, the victory was ours. After the match, everyone went home. They were arrested on August 18 and sent to the Syretsky camp. Four of the entire team were killed or shot: Trusevich, Klimenko, Kuzmenko, and Korotkikh. The other members of the team were still alive.

    Looking today at what Bandera members did, and they left a lot of evidence – they photographed their victims: torn apart, with broken limbs and slashed stomachs… They also did this with children and took pictures – boys of three and two years old and a five-year-old girl. And they also captured the now no longer existing Khatyn in a photo. Seeing all this,one comes to realize that they were simply distraught by all the continuously spilt blood. The “Punishers”, those who organized genocide, were not normal: madmen, maniacs, whatever you want to call them, but they were no longer human.
    And today Lvov and the whole of western Ukraine have once again become a hotbed of fascism. Both Bandera, Shukhevych, and Lebed are declared national heroes, and monuments are erected to them.

    But this horror was not only in the Ukraine.

    During the war, the same thing happened in the Baltic republics. And today, Nazi detachments are once again marching through the Ukraine and the Baltic States. It seems that after becoming EU member states, the Balts set themselves the goal of returning as soon as possible to that state of numbing brutality that they had in the early forties of the last century.

    How did it happen that in these small countries such people came to power with this inhumanity at the forefront? Some of them lose their humanity for the sake of money, while others have it written down in their genes.

    Estonian fascists took a direct part in the Second World War on the side of Hitler.

    In April 2007, the monument to the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn was dismantled and moved to the soldiers ‘ cemetery. And then already in Estonia they began to talk about how both the Bronze Soldier was put in the right place, and the border with Russia should be moved “to the right place”. In other words, Estonia has territorial claims against Russia.

    In Lithuania, on Independence Day, neo-Nazis march through Vilnius and freely shout Nazi slogans. The famous memorial complex to the victims of fascism was transformed by Lithuania into a complex dedicated to the victims of communism. But during the Second World War, Lithuanian fascists killed more than 220,000 Jews, and even today the Jewish municipality of Lithuania is fighting with the media against the anti-Semitism that is simply raging in the republic.

    By the way, every year in Latvia a Nazi march is organized in honour of the anniversary of the creation of the Latvian SS legions.

    The fact that the Nazis took children from Russia to Germany is known, but not so long ago the label of secrecy was removed from documents indicating that Russian children were taken out of Russia and Belarus by Latvian detachments. And in general, the Latvians were noted for their atrocities, even when compared to those of the Banderites. To this day, there are still places on the borders of Russia and Belarus with Latvia where people do not settle.

    These places are considered “bad” because here the Nazis not only killed people, but also hunted Russians. They raided villages, killed and burnt the elderly and sick, and took the rest alive. Later, the living envied the dead.

    They were transported to the Salaspils concentration camp 18 kilometers from Riga, where, according to various sources, more than half a million people were murdered. There was no mercy for the children, either. They were examined for the effects of various poisons, murdered with clubs to save ammunition, and according to eyewitnesses all these crimes were committed with the accompaniment of laughter and giggles. The list of crimes didn’t end there.

    Small children who were not yet seven years old and who looked like Aryans were literally drained of blood – children’s blood was used to treat German soldiers. Older children were sold to farmers – farms always need hands. The work was hard, the food was poor, and when a child died of starvation and exhaustion, the owners went and bought a new batch of small slaves. All this continued for several years, until the Soviet troops liberated the territories.

    Today in Latvia they say that these people fought against the Soviet occupation, for their Homeland, freedom and independence. And the Salaspils concentration camp changed its name and became a correctional institution. This was the last straw, and international anti-fascist organizations raised a wave of indignation, demanding that historical facts be restored. Latvia surrendered under the pressure of the international community and returned everything to how it was during the war. However, apparently to console themselves, the Latvians erected a monument to the fallen German soldiers, across the road from the camp. And the children – sinless martyrs-are guarded by the executioners.

    By the way, in modern Latvia, children deported to Salaspils from Russia and Belarus had the status of politically repressed, and, believe it or not, their executioners have the same status. Victims and torturers have equal rights to numerous social benefits – isn’t this a democracy?

    Let’s go back to the events in the Ukraine.

    The fact that the West was preparing a springboard from the Ukraine for an attack against Russia is no secret to anyone. In the light of the revelations of Merkel and Hollande, this became obvious. But you need to understand what the run up towards this involved.

    The first stage was the orange Maidan in 2004. When Yushchenko came to power, the Russian language was excluded from school curricula, then the general history of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, especially the one that concerns the victory in World War II. In schools, Hitler’s work was studied with a slight touch of negativity, and students were asked to find 68 reasons to justify and defend Adolf Hitler. In order to “feel” the spirit of the “Führer”, students at school had to use the Nazi greeting.

    At the same time as the reform of school education, there was an aggressive campaign to blame Russia for “Holodomor”. The famine of 1932-33, which was experienced by all Soviet peoples, was called the ” genocide of the Ukrainian people”. Then even Solzhenitsyn [my stress: Solzhenitsyn is most definitely strongly disliked by many Russians (and me) — ME] was indignant, he said: “those who started this action are deliberately speculating on the bones of the affected peasants”.

    Then there was more. The Russian language was banned, nationalist organizations became a secret power in the country, and finally the Maidan broke out and a coup was carried out. All this happened with the tacit approval of European countries and the United States. What all this has come to, we are now watching first hand. Russia is conducting a special military operation on demilitarization and denazification on the territory of the Ukraine.

    And here’s what I’m getting at: Poland, or rather some political forces in Poland, are really eager to annex Western Ukraine. And, of course, it is not for me to speculate about what Russia will do with this territory. As our military and political leadership decides, so it will be. I’m talking about something else.

    Polish politicians can, for the sake of their own ambitions and for the sake of the United States, forget what happened during the war. Moreover, Poland does not want to be responsible for the Jewish pogroms that the Poles have already committed. Memory is such that forgetfulness is sometimes understandable. But people, Poles, generations that grew up with the memory of the nightmare created by Bandera – they will not be able to forget.

    Even now, when the country is flooded with refugees, they still remember.


    1. But the western media likes to report that when Russia claims it is surrounded by countries which wish it ill, it is just being dramatic. Further evidence of a permanent rift in geopolitical alignments. I hope Europe has advanced considerably in green technologies – otherwise, it is going to be burning dried cowshit to keep itself warm. I…ahhh….don’t think that would work on an industrial scale, so perhaps Europe will go back to its agrarian days of happy peasants and tenant farms.

      Still, the Soviet policy of letting bygones be bygones had a good chance of working, were it not for the usual western meddling and tinkering, and encouragement of nationalist movements in order to further American goals.


      1. I wholeheartedly agree with the Russian blogger who posted on Yandex “Dzen” a series of articles about Banderites, Nazis and the whole damned shitshow in what is now Western (Independent) Ukraine, because he wrote about something that I had personally discovered here over 30 years ago, the existence of which the “West”, as well as the USSR, for their own reasons, had actually denied, namely that ethno-nationalism (and in the case of the fictitious nation state of “Ukraine”, a “nation” that has never exited) in its most violent, racist manifestation, had never faded away after the vanquishing of the Nazis in Eastern Europe; had not died but in fact had remained alive and well. And, as claimed by the author of the above article, a translation of which I have posted above, the survival of Nazi ideology in the Baltics and West Ukraine was aided and abetted by the very fact that the Soviet Union officially pretended that there was no such problem in the UkSSR, and the Baltic Soviet Republics.

        I have mentioned several times on here over the past few years that when I was living in the USSR, in Voronezh, my then girlfriend told me that she had once been very been fond of visiting the Baltic States. Remember, at that time, those states provided Soviet citizens with the only opportunity of getting an inkling, a blurred reflection as it were, of how life was in the “Free West”. It was for that reason that many of the Soviet nomenklatura and retired senior military officers had either holiday homes in the Baltics or permanent residence there. And so my former girlfriend used to regularly go on jaunts to the Baltics whenever she could afford to do so, and then pretend to her impressionable folks back home that she had been to and experienced “The West”, albeit a Soviet “Ersatz” West. And there in Estonia she discovered the Nazis.

        One day, she told me in hushed tones — and I’m not exagerrating: she whispered to me her secrets in her kitchen as though she feared the walls had ears — that she had attended Nazi gatherings in the Estonian forested hinterland. She had a kind of morbid fascination for these Estonian vermin, because she thought they were immensely brave in cocking a secretive snook at the mighty Soviet Union.

        Needless to say, she was young and very naive. At the time of these visits to Estonia, she was only 17 or 18 years old. At first I thought she was fantasizing, exagerrating, but she insisted that she was telling me the truth: “They wear Nazi uniforms”, she told me, and “Sieg Heil”. She was talking about the mid-1980s.

        And as the author of the above article has rightly claimed, the USSR, in the interests of maintaining the fiction that citizens of “Brotherly Nations” and “Friendly Socialist Countries” bore no ill will to the RSFSR, aka “Russia”, willfully covered up the fact that indeed a sizable number of them did and their malevolence had, in fact, existed since at least 1939, when they had welcomed Nazi ideology with open arms. Hardly surprising, really. One should remember that the chief Nazi “ideologist” was a Baltic German. There were and still are a lot of them about.

        And so fast forward to 2014. When at long last and over half a century too late, the inheritor state of the Soviet Union declared that Nazis were behind the USA/EU Putsch that had occured in Kiev, Russia was mocked by the West and declared to be suffering from paranoia.

        As I have said before: when former colleagues of mine from the USA and UK, who all did a bunk when the shit hit the fan, mockingly asked me, after my having repeated the government’s claims that Nazis were in control of what was to become Banderastan, “So where did all these ‘Nazis’ suddenly come from?” I used to reply: “They never came from anywhere: they never went away!”


  53. Low Pay Britain: The Truth About Your Job | Dispatches | Channel 4 Documentaries

    Channel 4 Documentaries
    332K subscribers

    Mar 14, 2023 #4Docs #All4
    As Britain emerges from lockdown and Brexit, Dispatches examines the future of work, wages and safety, and the emerging gig economy of brands like Amazon and Deliveroo.


  54. Go to hell “Liberal” West!

    Many will remember this actress.
    And this is her son, who decided that he was a daughter.
    Jamie’s father and grandfather of this misunderstanding, the famous actor Tony Curtis (who comes from an orthodox Jewish family) is now turning in his grave with shame.

    The Russian blogger then adds that Tony Curtis played the lead role with Marilyn Monroe in the movie ‘Only Girls in Jazz’ “ .

    [Russian title of the movie “Some Like It Hot” — ME]

    There were 3 lead roles: Monroe, Lemmon and Curtis. Jack lemon played Jerry/”Daphne” and Tony Curtis played Joe/”Josephine”.

    The Russian blogger adds this clip below, perhaps mistakenly thinking that the man dressed as a woman is Curtis. It wasn’t Curtis, it was Lemmon playing “Jerry”, pretending he was “Daphne”.


    “Some Like It Hot” is a regular favourite on Russian TV.

    It is good, though.

    Released in 1959. That was when they made good movies in Hollywood.

    I always thought it was shot long before that. Possibly because it is in black-and-white. Apparently, Monro wanted it shot in colour: she had a contract stating that all her movies be in colour. The director, Billy Wilder, insisted it be shot in B&W because colour tests of Lemmon and Curtis when they were dressed up as women and were heavily made-up gave their faces a greenish tinge.



    1. Pretty much the same thing happened with Nigerian-born British star Sade Adu – I love her voice, here she is doing “Your Love Is King” at LiveAid in ’85

      – her daughter decided she wanted to be a man. She supported the ‘transition’; I guess a parent has the choice of going along with it or losing their child forever, especially now when the state is eager to provide children with all the programs necessary for them to become the opposite gender, and in some countries the state awards itself the decision-making over the parent.


  55. Banderites and Russian Vlasovites are busy-busy now, suggesting that the Evil One did not visit the Crimea yesterday, but perhaps his double:

    What’s wrong with Putin’s hair?

    In Sevastopol, there suddenly appeared a man who does not quite look like Putin. [Not true, arsehole: the President’s visit was well-planned, unlike the sudden appearance of assorted twats in Kiev — ME]. But everyone around him clearly thought he was Putin. Stands to reason: they were told it was Putin.

    You can see in the photo that there is clearly something wrong with his hair. It is especially evident in the video. It is difficult to comment adequately on what they saw. Obviously, this is not a video montage and not a light effect. There are only two explanations for what is seen. Either it is some funny dude who looks like Putin, or it is Putin himself after some experiments with his hair colouring. Either way it’s funny.

    And now the wanker of a blogger goes into overdrive:

    The political significance of the phenomenon is quite interesting. Never before has there been such a blatant screw-up. Either the entourage has absolutely no control over the whims of the insane host, who is allowing himself any image liberties. Or they deliberately ridicule him, realising that in doing so they destroy his image and make him a laughing stock. There is no difference whether it is the real Putin or his look-alike. Either way it is destructive to President Putin.

    What amazing powers of deduction this shitwit of a blogger has!

    And his premise that the ‘host” is insane is indisputable!


    1. ‘Never before has there been such a blatant screw-up’; oh, really?

      Let me know when the Kremlin is altering the transcripts of official Putin speeches to make it look like he didn’t blatantly screw up.

      They used to make fun of Obama as ‘President Teleprompter’, and in fact all modern US presidents and probably most speechifying politicians use some kind of aid to prevent themselves from forgetting key facts. But Biden has to rely 100% and all the time on a teleprompter, and will until his pudding brain fails him completely and he cannot read. Because his gaffes regularly appear as soon as he goes off-script and begins to ‘wing it’. Like when he claimed 120 million Americans – about a third of the total population of the United States – had already died from the Coronavirus. Maybe he was seeing too many zeroes.


  56. 05: 15, 19 March 2023
    German minister vows to arrest Putin if he visits Germany
    The head of the German Ministry of Justice Buschmann has announced his intention to arrest Putin in the event of his visit to the country

    German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann has promised to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin if he visits Germany. He spoke about his intention in an interview with Die Zeit.

    Buschmann noted that he would comply with the requirements of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to” arrest “Putin if “he sets foot on German territory”. According to him, Berlin would be obliged to comply with the court’s decision.

    “The ICC will quickly contact Interpol and demand enforcement. Then Germany will be obliged to arrest President Putin and hand him over to the ICC if he enters the territory of Germany”, the German official assured.

    Germany is included in the list of member states of the ICC and should arrest wanted persons and transfer them to The Hague, the article says.

    Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the decision of the ICC, which issued a warrant for the “arrest” of Putin. Scholz said that the ICC is an institution dedicated to investigating war crimes. The politician noted that “no one can be above the law”.

    And take a dekko at this that I’ve just found in the above-linked issue of “Die Zeit”:

    That noisiest of Baltic chihuahuas yip-yapping again:

    Vera Sprothen
    Estonia calls Russian military tactics backward

    Estonian Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur has called for more heavy arms aid to the Ukraine to counter the Russians’ “World War II mentality”. In an interview with the Kyiv Independent, he spoke about the nature of the Russian war.

    What we can see on the battlefield is that the Russian army hasn’t changed in 100 years.

    Hanno Pevkur, Estonian Defence Minister

    Estonia Defence Minister Hanno Pevkur — with Captain Wallace, His Majesty’s Secretary of tate behind him. Looks like a really experienced politician, does Hanno.

    Russian soldiers “used the same tactics, namely unimaginable atrocities and war crimes” during World War I and World War II. Pevkur spoke of the rape and the murder of civilians.

    “Whatever we imagined the new war to be, some sort of high-tech war, it’s not”, Pevkur said. “It’s still a heavy artillery battle”.

    Accordingly, the Ukraine continues to need ammunition for heavy artillery. In addition, Ukrainian soldiers would have to be trained to use such weapons. Estonia is one of the closest allies. of the Ukraine. The country has granted the Ukraine military aid of around 370 million euros, the equivalent of one percent of Estonia’s economic output.

    Errr . . . pardon me, Hanno, but wasn’t WWI an artillery war?

    So was WWII, if I am not mistaken: better said “The Great Patriotic War 1941-1945”.

    Nice tune, innit?


    1. Should have been below the Estonian Shithouse’s photo above:

      . . . with Captain Wallace, His Majesty’s Secretary of State for Defence behind him.


    2. Poor Ukrainians! They were prepared for a high-tech war, using frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams on their heads, but because the Russians used artillery the Ukrainians had to grudgingly do the same. Is that the way of it? Explain to me, then, why if the Ukrainians had some sort of wonder weapon that would obliterate the Russian defenses, they didn’t use it. Nobody ordered the Ukrainians to use artillery just because Russia is using artillery – if Russia was using longbows, would the Ukrainians throw away their guns? Both armies are using artillery because it works well in a land war to both destroy cover in towns and cities and drive entrenched forces out. And the west can’t keep up. That’s the main reason they are contemptuous of artillery – because artillery is kicking their ass.

      How lucky we are to have a great military nation like Estonia to show other countries the errors in their tactics.


  57. Bloody failure of an attack: burnt NATO equipment littered the fields on the Zaporozhye front
    20 March 2023, 01:29

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces have failed in another attack attempt on the Zaporizhia front.

    Recall that this afternoon, armoured groups of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine attempted to break through the front along the Orekhov – Tokmak highway near Novodanilovka and came under heavy fire, corrected by army UAVs.

    Our forces had already crushed yet another armoured group in the course of 3 days at the same place.

    Today, at least five armoured vehicles and up to three infantry platoons of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine were destroyed by the fire of the Russian army.

    Below — the killing fields:

    I intensely dislike the stirring, rhythmic background music that is played in the above clip. It’s of a genre that accompanies childish “shooter” or “adventure-quest” PC games. This is not a game!

    I wonder what the gobshite Estonian Minister of Defence thinks of the above? I see no evidence of Russian armed forces “fighting a war as they have always done these past hundred years”, as he said recently, namely murdering civilians and raping multitudes of women — and children, according to the perverted, twisted, obscene, mendacious statements of the forner Banderastan ombudsman, who also added in her perversion that Russian soldiers were also raping baby girls, infants. Clearly a woman sick in the mind.

    Note the shell – cratered fields in the clip above. Looks like an artillery war to me, though I should add that I have absolutely no military experience whatsoever.

    Clearly the Russian artillery — who are contract soldiers and reservists, not “conscripts” — are very busy.

    I suppose Russian contract infantrymen, reservists, Chechen units, Wagner PMC personnel (rapacious convicts all) and LPR and DPR militia units take it easy, enjoying R & R in “occupied Ukrainian villages”, where they rape and murder women of all ages (and boys and men too, according to the former Ukraine ombudsman — let’s not be non-inclusive here!), not forgetting baby girl victims, of course, whilst barrage after barrage meted out by Russian artillery rains down upon hapless Ukraine idiots.


    1. And further to Orcish R & R, don’t forget that no other than the Kiev Clown’s sourpuss wife has said that Orc troops are issued with viagra so as to help them on their rape expeditions. Just shows how little she knows about human physiology and pharmaceuticals. She also once said in an interview that Orcs’ partners allowed them to do as they will if they must with Banderite womanhood, only forbad them to recount their adventures on their return to Mordor.


      1. If I rightly recall, Sourpuss Zelenskaya said that during an interview whilst on a shopping trip in “Gay Paree”.


  58. By the way, Chief Stooge, thank very much for your latest publication, the contents of which warmed the cockles of my heart.

    It seems that you’re a man after that old Calvinist John Knox’s mind as regards this “monstrous regimen of women” as am I, albeit I am certainly no Calvinist nor an apologist for that cantankerous old Edinburgh bigot.

    I should add, in case some are unaware of this, that “regimen” above is no typo: what Kox wrote was “reigimen, with the archaic meaning of “rule”, not “regiment”, as one often sees.

    As one bible-quoting Holy Joe on MoA, I think, recently wrote:

    As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
    Isaiah 3:12

    Woden has the same point of view as well.

    He told me.

    Eat your hearts out Greta Thunberg and Annalena Baerbock!


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