It Will Be Easier to Blow Sunshine Up Your Ass When You Can’t Afford Pants.

Uncle Volodya says, “If talking to yourself when alone is a sign of madness, then listening to yourself in front of others is doubly so.”

“…But the fact remains, nevertheless, that you can’t help if they persist in the course of behaviour which originally got them into their trouble. For example, you can’t preserve people from the horrors of war if they won’t give up the pleasures of nationalism. You can’t save them from slumps and depressions so long as they go on thinking exclusively in terms of money and regarding money as the supreme good. You can’t avert revolution and enslavement if they will identify progress with the increase of centralization and prosperity with the intensifying of mass production. You can’t preserve them from their collective madness and suicide if they persist in paying divine honours to ideals which are merely projections of their own personalities – in other words, if they insist on worshiping themselves…”

Aldous Huxley, from “After Many a Summer Dies the Swan”

She likes to play for double or nothin’
tellin’ all the boys she’s hot;
And everybody knows she’s ready
To give it everything that she got:

She’s a roller, a high roller, baby, my, my..

April Wine, from “Roller”.

Yes, she’s a roller; my, my. The problem is, she’s rolling with your money – and if you live in Europe, the standard of living that you and your children can expect down the road depends on her telling you the truth. And I’m afraid the odds are just not on that possibility. Judging by performance to date, like.

In fact, although I’m not a psychologist and don’t even play one on TV, the conclusion I have reluctantly arrived upon is that Ursula Von Der Leyen believes you and all the other European voters are stupid. Oh, the extent of the global lumpenproletariat assumed to be too stupid to reason for itself goes considerably beyond Europe, and it’s causing problems which extend well beyond its shores. But it is Europe which is Ground Zero for her unwavering line of self-stroking bullshit, and it is Europe which will bear its effects, perhaps and conceivably to its ruin.

Did you think that if you could somehow struggle through this winter, the energy crisis would recede and the nightmare would be over? Au contraire, mon ami. But you could be forgiven your optimism, because Von Der Leyen – let’s just call her VDL, as her co-workers are said to do, for simplicity – wants you to think so, although the most elementary reading-between-the-lines analysis should give you that ice-water-down-your-back tickle of unease. Because the title of the article is fairly clear; the energy crisis could worsen next year. But never mind that for now – take a bow, says VDL; you guys were all brilliant with your self-sacrifice, wearing a sweater while you’re doing the supper dishes in cold water, skipping the shower…magnificent. You certainly showed that psychopath up in the Kremlin.

“We have been able to manage, we have been able to withstand the blackmail. We have acted, and we have acted successfully,” von der Leyen said at a press conference in Brussels. She touted Europe’s success in carrying out its plan to reduce Russian gas demand by two-thirds before the end of the year

Considering NATO operatives blew up the twin pipelines carrying most of the supplied Russian gas to Europe in September, I’m not sure ‘blackmail’ is the right word. But keep that fact in mind, because other projections are not so sunny as VDL’s.

The bloc faces a potential gas gap between supply and demand of 27 billion cubic meters in 2023, according to the report. Such a situation could occur if Russia’s gas deliveries drop to zero and if China’s LNG imports rebound following a pandemic-related decline in 2022, the authors explained. “Many of the circumstances that allowed EU countries to fill their storage sites ahead of this winter may well not be repeated in 2023,” Birol said.

‘Such a situation’ IS going to occur; you can pretty much count on it. Russia could not send gas through either leg of the Nord Stream pipelines if it wanted to help such a worthless bunch of cretins as the Europeans are, those pipelines are now just so much scrap metal on the seabed. I think we can agree Russia is not going to send augmented gas supplies through the pipeline network which crosses Ukraine, and pay Ukraine transit fees that will immediately be turned into ammunition supplies to shoot at Russia’s soldiers; besides, the Ukrainian Gas Transit System is in nearly as bad shape as the destroyed Nord Stream lines. So this year, as horrible as it may have seemed to you, Europe got at least some Russian gas for an entire half of the year, and normal supplies for the first couple of months. Next year, it’s zero. Goose egg.

If Europe does not get any Russian gas next year, it is already looking at a deficit of nearly 60 BcM. Fifty-seven, according to the report. The Happy Days Are Here Again cheerleaders claim that the deficit will be partly offset – 30 BcM of it – by Even Greater Economies of consumption, mumble nuclear mumble and yes, even more renewables!!

“A stronger push on energy efficiency, renewables, heat pumps and simple energy saving actions is vital to head off the risk of shortages and further vicious price spikes next year,” he added.

The IEA’s analysis projected that baseline demand for the EU in 2023 would be 395 billion cubic meters, with a baseline supply of 338 billion cubic meters — leaving an initial 57 billion cubic meter supply-demand gap.

That deficit will be partially filled by 30 billion cubic meters worth of expected changes in efficiency, hydroelectric and nuclear operations and the integration of renewables, according to the report.

Was that a little sob I heard? Yes, I’m afraid that despite the icing sugar on top of the layer of shit in that paragraph, some of you must have spotted the ‘nuclear’ – how is greater reliance on nuclear power when you had a cheap and plentiful source of natural gas going to be explained away by Annalena ‘But I’m wearing green panties!’ Baerbock, or that stubble-faced mouthpiece Habeck? – the ‘expected changes in efficiency’, and the frantic repetition of ‘renewables’, which is a word you use when you want to see the pain taken away by magic, like in ‘Harry Potter and the Energy Crisis’.

Let’s assume, for a blissful moment, that those conditions could be made to come about. Nuclear reactors scheduled for decommisioning will have to soldier on yet awhile, and new ones may actually be required; that’s after decades of patient work toward phasing out nuclear power. And yes, after your sacrifices to spite the evil Lord Putin, you’re going to…get to make even more sacrifices! Get used to bundling up to watch the telly – when you’ve saved for months to pay for the electricity, as a special treat to yourselves – because this is not a one-off. It’s a lifestyle change that, unless your income can be made to double, is going to settle in for the long haul. And renewables; yes, Lord God above, renewables; the money pit that keeps on taking. Yes, advances have been made and the percentage of usable energy that can be extracted is rising, but…well, we’ll get to that in a minute. But first, I want to draw your attention back to the projection that even if all these measures succeed beyond the wildest dreams of your leaders…you’re still going to be short 27 BcM.

On the bright side, I read that if you bake a potato in the oven… ahem; I mean, if you wrap it in foil and put it in the fire in the courtyard, then put it in your pocket, it will keep your hands warm for more than an hour! And then when it’s gone cold, you can eat it!

And while you’re fighting the good fight like fucking Bob Cratchit, blowing on your fingers and putting newspaper in your shoes, your leaders will be jetting about like dragonflies, going to meetings, enjoying expensive dinners, and everywhere they go they’ll be warm, warm, because the heat is never turned off on those who are working so hard for you. Remember all the government figures who told you to stay in your house during the ‘pandemic’, and as soon as the microphone was out of their face, hightailed it for the airport to go visit family or relatives? Restraint for thee, but not for me. The Downing Street Christmas Party, where the entertainment was the pitiful public huddled in their homes, masked up and terrified; the entitled pricks who told you to stay put and then scampered off to their second homes.

Well, no use crying over spilt milk, right? How about those renewables!?!

We’re going to take a trip – put it down to expenses, will you, Darya?? – to get an opinion which far exceeds my own knowledge and experience, a trip to beautiful Cardiff in sunny Wales, where the blogger who writes “The Consciousness of Sheep” lives. I don’t think I could over-endorse this resource for matters on energy and economics, especially if you are one of those people like me who are bewildered when they realize how much they’re paying after the guy at the bank explained how they were getting such a smokin’ deal. You can’t be two places at the same time, but numbers apparently can. So, without further ado…

You probably thought I was shitting you a little with that newspaper-in-your-shoes Bob Cratchit thing. And I wish I was, a little. But I’m not.

“More than 2 million of Britain’s most vulnerable households, facing the prospect of out-of-reach prices for gas and electricity, could shiver in silence this winter by disconnecting from the grid without their suppliers knowing, the chief executive of one utility warned.

As a result, there’s likely to be an increase in the number of winter illnesses and deaths among those using traditional prepayment meters, which have no digital connectivity and resemble those used in the 1970s, said Bill Bullen, founder of Utilita Energy. He submitted a ‘red flag’ report to the UK government calling on companies to take several curative measures, including swapping old equipment for smart meters so suppliers can detect when someone has unplugged.

“’Unless the customer has refused a smart meter, there’s no excuse for legacy meters to exist today,’ Bullen said after his company surveyed 750 pay-as-you-go households. ‘Having no choice but to sit at home without heating or light is unacceptable, and our government and the regulator must intervene immediately to stop self-disconnections.’”

The author of the piece says he takes the concern for the poor of the head of an energy company at face value, although I’m sure it occurred to you at about the same time it did to me that he might have an entirely different reason for wanting self-disconnections stopped. Because as the author is at pains to point out, when the weakest incomes at the bottom of the energy graph take the only recourse left to them and drop out, it creates a squeeze on those in the middle who can still barely get by, making their costs higher. You were probably wondering what this has to do with renewables – here you go.

“Notice that Britain’s soon to be decommissioned nuclear power stations are running close to full capacity, and that the interconnectors from Europe are drawing close to maximum power. At the same time, however, the political class’s great hope for the future – wind – is all but absent. And even if the number of wind turbines were doubled, there still wouldn’t be enough wind.”

That’s now. Forgive me for pointing out that it’s not even properly winter yet, and that Europe’s movers and shakers crowed a couple of months ago that it would be a mild winter, and the gas storages are nearly full. Your sacrifices are gratefully acknowledged. Plan to repeat them.

Oh, but it’s not just energy, is it? They keep telling you, gesturing vaguely, that there’s no whole-wheat bread or garlic powder this week because ‘supply-chain issues’. Is that so? Before you answer, check out the chart of the UK’s energy use per-capita in that article, and read this:

“Energy – or at least that part which is available for productive work, exergy – is the primary driver of economic growth and productivity.  In short, the more energy there is to go around, the more goods and services we are able to produce.  This is broadly what was happening in the left-hand side of the chart, as the UK economy completed its post-war transition from coal to oil.  The impact of the 1973 and 1979 oil shocks is easily visible, and explains why the UK economy experienced its stagflationary crises from the mid-1970s through the early 1980s.  The once and done North Sea oil and gas surplus up to 2005 provided the basis for the debt-based boom in the 1990s and early 2000s.  But once the UK became a net importer of energy, and without access to cheap fossil fuels, it has been downhill ever since.”

That’s the UK. Now multiply its problems times The World, and subtract those countries who are net energy providers. Ursula Von Der Leyen and other European toerag political pretenders are jubilant that you’ve secured supplies of LNG from politically-reliable providers. But (a) it’s not enough, nor will it ever be, and (b) Jesus on a pogo stick, look what it costs. Connoisseurs of irony will be struck dumb with admiration upon reading these two succeeding paragraphs:

European natural gas prices slumped as record imports of liquefied natural gas helped to offset a blast of winter weather that’s testing the region’s resilience to the energy crisis. 

LNG imports into northwest Europe have surged in recent weeks as high prices attract shipments. The continent is also seeking to prevent its gas stockpiles from dwindling as demand for heating soars. 

That’s kind of like the bank’s numbers magic – European gas prices are down because suppliers have sent so much LNG, because it fetches such high prices. Huh?? As for politically-reliable providers, if you think the USA will not bend you over the table and screw you until your socks fall down once you have formed a dependence on its product and dare to refuse changes it says it needs to see, well…I just don’t know what to say, except your faith is humbling. During such a future rogering, it might occur to the rogerees that, you know something? Russia never insisted on exchanging political reforms or preferential trade agreements for energy supplies; they were content to leave us pretty much alone so long as we paid on time.

The beautiful dream of a grassy utopia lulled by the music of chirping birds – at least in the summer months – has already been more possible than it is now: natural gas is what’s referred to as a ‘balancing fuel’, versatile enough to make up shortfalls and easily stored when not drawn upon.

“In a nutshell, wind turbines and solar panels generate too much electricity when it is not needed and not enough when it is.  And in the absence of a viable storage mechanism, intermittency has to be balanced with fossil fuel generation which becomes increasingly expensive as the proportion of wind and solar in the electricity mix rises.”

Alas! that such evil days should come upon us! But nobody could have known, right? Somebody – usually a politician – always says that. And it might not always be horseshit. But if you haven’t already died of horseshit poisoning, you might as well know, it is this time.

Way back between 2004 and 2006, when getting off of Russian gas was just sloganeering by high-minded know-nothings and nobody was unduly concerned about prices or supply disruptions, the BBC did a ‘what if?’ series which modeled various then-unimagined (except by the producers, obviously) crises which might confront the UK. The series was called “If…”, and one of the scenarios was…a terrorist attack on the Vyborg terminal of a pipeline which was not even built yet – Nord Stream I.

The programme makers were not clairvoyant, and so could not have foreseen the exact cause – sanctions – of Russian gas supply disruption.  But they were fairly close – the programme begins with a terror attack on the Vyborg terminal of what was then only the proposed Nord Stream One pipeline.  But it was obvious enough to anyone paying attention back in 2004, that policy decisions made since the privatisation of electricity in 1990 had left the UK increasingly vulnerable to disruptions in its supply of gas… and that, in the future, this meant the pan-European supply of gas from Russia.

Central to the crisis anticipated in the programme is the hubris involved in the ideologically-driven attempt to create a competitive quasi-market out of a natural monopoly.  A natural monopoly exists where there is an absence of real competition because consumers have no real ability to choose.  Like railways and water, where we have no choice about whose pipes or tracks we use, we all receive our electricity and gas down the same wires and pipelines.  The quasi-market is created by separating the billing company from the physical grid, the generators and the coal, oil and gas extraction companies.  The billing companies then compete in the quasi-market by attempting to bid down the wholesale price, with the regulator ostensibly acting to maintain competition in order to lower prices, but somehow always allowing the companies to make higher than inflation profits… even during recessions.

Read that last sentence again. Is that still happening, even as people watch the security promised by their government in exchange for the trust implied by their votes slipping out of sight? I’m sorry to tell you that it is. Unless you’re a shareholder in energy companies, in which case you probably would like me to shut up, since you are making out like a bandit.

Dividends from oil firms rose by 75.1 per cent to a record $46.4bn in the the three months through September and pushed up the total figure paid out globally, according to the Global Dividend Index from Janus Henderson. The total dished out to investors rose by seven per cent on a headline basis to $415.9bn. More than 85 per cent of UK firms hiked their payout in the third quarter of the year, the firm found, as UK dividends rose 2.5 per cent on an underlying basis.

Well, that’s just…depressing. Hey, I know what would cheer everyone up! Let’s SING!!! Does everybody know, “White Christmas”? One and two and three…


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  1. Nah, they’re not scared of Orcs! There are hundreds of them in the trees in our courtyard and they’re bloody noisy buggers at times. And there are ravens too. My Vova took some video clips of them last September near his house, which is just around the corner from us. They’re big rascals an’ all, and smart too. Well, Russian ones are . . .

    Yon raven above is that Russian lad’s best buddy!


  2. ‘Tis the end of the world . . . “and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

    Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Dmitry Polyansky has his own theory, however, about why the crows seem to be flocking over or fleeing Kiev:

    Who knows, maybe it’s a feedback for state-sponsored sacrilege of destroying churches and prosecuting priests. — comments Polyansky in reply to a Frog comment about the Kiev crows, which reads thus in English:

    Above Kirev for the third day, huge flocks of crows are flying… Locals don’t remember a phenomenon like this before! In Slavic folk tradition, the crow is a “messenger of evil” and people are confused! #StopZelensky #Peace

    Note the loads of abuse made by Banderites to Polyansky’s tweet, many of which Kiev Stooges appear not to be Yukietards at all: their English is too good.

    Polyansky’s comment, in any case, is idiotic: it’s not blasphemy against Christain sects that has caused the appearance of the crows : they’ve clearly appeared on Woden’s orders.

    Waes hael!


  3. Neuters: US issues license to Trinidad and Tobago to develop Venezuela offshore gas field

    The Biden administration has granted a license to Trinidad and Tobago to develop a major gas field located in Venezuelan territorial waters, US and Trinidad officials said on Tuesday (24 January), marking a further easing of some sanctions on Venezuela.

    ..A senior US official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said “the Maduro regime will not be permitted to receive any cash payments from this project” and all remaining US sanctions would be unchanged and enforced…

    …PDVSA has found reserves of 4.2 trillion cubic feet (TCF) in Dragon, on the Venezuelan side of its maritime border with Trinidad. The project was headed for production over a decade ago, but stalled over lack of capital and partners, as well as sanctions…

    …In November the United States issued a six-month license to Chevron, authorizing it to expand operations in Venezuela and bring oil to the United States…

    Which means easily monitored electronic transfers are ok. The US continues to undermine international law and make it up as they go along in their favor, aka the ‘Rules Based Order’ (Odour?). The US desperately needs oil from Venezuela so it had to compromise. Nothing’s been heard of Chevron’s demand from early last year that the US appropriate Venezuelan assets to Chevron due to non-payment caused by US sanctions.*

    In other news, apparenlty Brazil and Argentina are discussing a common currency. I’m not sure of the benefits as long as the latter keeps on going thorugh economic crises, but a LatAm equivalent of the euro would be a benefit.



  4. The Cradle: Russia, Syria reopen airbase after providing it with AD systems

    Years after recapturing the base from ISIS militants, Syrian and Russian officials hope to use the base to defend against Israeli air force attacks on the country’s north


    Russia’s response to i-Srael’s inability to keep its missiles in its pants. The latter is being squeezed out bit by bit, something it can quietly accept or risk escalation and more damage to relations with Russia which shows the point of ‘always allow your enemy to disengage if it serves your interests,’ something the west does not practice meaningfully


    The Cradle: US allies in Syria boost oil output for Damascus: Report

    Syria faces severe shortages in fuel as a result of US looting of its oilfields and indiscriminate sanctions

    …Although the report states that an increased fuel supply will also make its way to opposition-held areas, it seemingly suggests that larger amounts will reach the Syrian government.

    This comes just a few days after a diplomatic delegation representing the SDF left Damascus on a ‘positive’ note, after three days of negotiations between Kurdish officials and Syrian government representatives…

    Gently does it. Other news from the site tells us that commercial truck traffic between i-Rack & Syria has resumed at least for a few days. Things are moving…


  5. Latest news about the military operation in Ukraine
    25.01.2023, 12:50
    Peskov: Podolyak’s words about strikes on Moscow and Yekaterinburg emphasize the correctness of the path chosen by Russia

    Russian Presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has commented on the words of adviser to the head of the Office of the President of the Ukraine Mikhail Podolyak about the possibility of strikes against Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other major cities. In his opinion, such statements confirm the “correctness of the chosen path” of Russia.

    “Yesterday we recalled the facts of the involvement of the Ukrainian regime, the Kiev regime, in the organization of terrorist acts, including the monstrous terrorist attack made against Dugina, which took place in the Moscow region. It is obvious that the Kiev regime does not disdain anything, this once again confirming the correctness of our chosen path and of our intentions — the intentions to protect ourselves from such a danger”, Dmitry Peskov said at a press call.

    Yesterday, 24 January, Mikhail Podolyak predicted strikes agains major Russian cities. “An internal escalation of the war in the Russian Federation is inevitable. Different targets will be hit. In particular, such cities that are pampered and lazy, like Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, etc., will be affected”, he said in an interview with journalist Michael Nacke* (recognized as a foreign agent). Mr. Podolyak called the strikes “an internal problem of the Russian Federation” and did not specify who might deliver them.

    Last week, Telegram channels posted photos and videos of military equipment and air defence systems allegedly located in various locations in Moscow and the Moscow region. The Kremlin forwarded a request for comment to the Defence Ministry.

    *Michael Sidney Nacke

    Above: Nacke — one of Venediktov’s Ekho Moskvy young protégés.

    Michael Sidney Nacke, born 25 December 1993 in Moscow. He is a Russian blogger, streamer and journalist and author of an eponymous YouTube channel and host of the “Popular Politics” YouTube channel.

    Father: Charles Nacke, citizen of the USA; grandfather-artist; great-grandfather — nuclear physicist. Michael Sidney Nacke’s mother is Russian. According to M. S. Nacke, he was last in the USA when he was 3 years old and he cannot remember anything from his life in American. His knowledge of English is “very average”, and his native language is Russian.

    Nacke attended the Moscow V. I. Vernadsky School No. 1553..

    In 2011-2016 he studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences Higher School of Economics, and graduated as a “Bachelor of Political Science”> His final diploma was devoted to the problem corruption.

    In January 2015, he took part in the student action “Winter School of Anti-Corruption Policy”, organized by “Transparency International”. Later, he completed an internship at the Russian branch of “Transparency International”|.

    In the summer of 2015, he completed a two-month internship at the radio station “Echo of Moscow”. From 2015 until June 2020 he worked at that radio station and conducted political interviews and debates, as well as the programmes “Blog-out”, “Status”, “One”, “What a day”, “Special Opinion”, “U-turn”.

    Since 2019, he has been running a socio-political video blog on YouTube. From April 2019 to January 2023, together with a former colleague at the Ekho Moskvy radio station he has had guests who, at various times, have been Sergey Guriev, Viktor Shenderovich, Alexey Navalny, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Oleg Kashin, Ekaterina Shulman and others.

    On June 12, 2021, it became known that Nacke had left Russia and moved to Georgia. From August to December 2021, together with Sergey Guriev, he was a co-host of the programme “What is to be done?” on the Dozhd TV channel.

    In March 2022, he moved to Vilnius, Lithuania, where he became the host of the “Popular Politics” YouTube channel. On March 16, 2022, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case against Nacke under the article on discrediting the Russian Army (Article 207.3, Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and put him on the wanted list. Nacke is accused in the same criminal case as that with the founder of the “Conflict Intelligence Team”, Ruslan Leviev, with whom he publishes almost daily reports on the progress of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On May 24 , the Basmanny Court of Moscow arrested Michael Nacke in absentia.

    On September 9, 2022, the Russian Ministry of Justice added Nacke to the list of individuals classed as “foreign agents”.


    What a wonderful pedigree!


  6. The excess deaths question is becoming more difficult to ignore. Linking such deaths to mRNA treatments results in censorship. All that is permitted, it seems, is to report on the numbers with allowable discussions around people not taking their meds.

    Troubled by national statistics showing 20% excess deaths per week, UK MPs have demanded an investigation, the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday. Unlike the last time excess deaths reached such levels, during the second Covid-19 wave, few of these deaths could be attributed to the virus.

    Speaking before the House of Commons on Tuesday, Conservative MP Esther McVey skewered Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty for blaming the spike in non-Covid excess deaths on “patients not getting statins or blood pressure medicines during the pandemic,” pointing out that the monthly figures for statin prescriptions had remained constant.

    “Where is the evidence? And if there isn’t one, what is causing these excess deaths?” she asked, demanding the minister “commit to an urgent and thorough investigation of the matter.”

    We know the answer but must not speak it.


    1. Most people who need statins or other blood pressure medication are in older age groups (50s onwards). If excess deaths are occurring in the younger age groups (20s to 40s) then clearly UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty is obfuscating and trying to shift blame onto the victims, and not doing such a great job at that, as national statistics will usually show breakdowns of the information about excess deaths by age groups.


  7. Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Germany

    Comment by Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev on the German government’s decision to supply Ukraine with Leopard 2 tanks

    [linked site in Russian and German]

    On 25 January, 2023, the German government approved the delivery of Leopard 2 heavy battle tanks to the Kiev regime. Other countries that are armed with such equipment have been allowed to re-export it to the Ukraine.

    This extremely dangerous decision brings the conflict to a new level of confrontation and contradicts the statements of German politicians about the unwillingness of Germany to get involved in it.

    Unfortunately, this has been happening again and again. Once again, we are convinced that Germany, like its closest allies, is not interested in a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis, but is determined to permanently escalate it and pump the Kiev regime with more and more deadly weapons. The “red lines” are a thing of the past.

    The choice of Berlin means the final refusal of the Federal Republic of Germany to recognize the historical responsibility to our people for the terrible, timeless crimes of Nazism during the Great Patriotic War and the consignment to oblivion of the difficult path of post-war reconciliation between Russians and Germans. With the approval of the leadership of the FRG, battle tanks with German crosses will again be sent to the “eastern front”, which will inevitably lead to the death of not only Russian soldiers, but also the civilian population.

    Berlin made this decision on the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the blockade of Leningrad, in which hundreds of thousands of Soviet citizens died. This decision destroys the remnants of mutual trust, causes irreparable damage to the already deplorable state of Russian-German relations, and casts doubt on the possibility of their normalization in the foreseeable future.


  8. And get this!

    Word is out that the Yukieshits will have to wait for up to a year before they see their first Abrams Wunderwaffe.

    U.S. officials confirm that the Biden administration is leaning toward sending M1A1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine and that a decision could be announced as early as this week.

    One official said that the U.S. will commit to sending between 30 to 50 tanks to Ukraine under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, which means the U.S. will arrange for the contracting of the tanks with their manufacturer. That could mean the new tanks will not be able to be fielded for quite some time — possibly more than a year.

    President Joe Biden has not made a final decision, but the transfer of Abrams would presumably enable Germany to authorize the transfer of German-made Leopard 2s to Ukraine — which would allow the 12 NATO countries that have Leopard 2s to transfer them to Ukraine, with the most vocal of those countries being Poland.

    Last week, those 12 countries agreed to supply Ukraine with around 100 Leopard 2 tanks once the German government gives its consent, a senior Ukrainian official told ABC News.

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has urged Germany to approve the transfer.


    Meanwhile, the railway flatcars in Germany are no doubt being loaded right now with “Leopards”.

    Fooled again by Uncle Sam, Fritz!


  9. GORKY PARK, MOSCOW, 1930s

    Freedom? We don’t need none of your lousy goddam stinkin’ freedom!

    is forbidden
    for violation FINE 3r.


    1. Three rubles seems a pretty reasonable rental for a patch of grass for the afternoon. Mind you, you’d never see such a sign in Free America. You’d not get far forbidding lying there; how would journalists make a living?


      1. Three rubles was a lot then. It was still a lot when I landed in the Evil Empire in 1988, when, a loaf of bread cost 17 kopecks, if I rightly recall, a Soviet student’s government grant for one semester was about 30 rubles. I remember my having to buy here in that year 3 big Russian dictionaries, the standard ones that an anglophone — what most non-native English speakers now pejoratively like to call an “Anglo-Saxon” — had to buy in the USSR when studying Russian. They cost 3,80 rubles each, namely a Russian-English, English-Russian and Russian-Russian dictionary. Still got them — 3 big Soviet tomes from the Yazyk Publishing House, USSR.


          1. The very same! I have them here next to me in my Russian language bookcase. I was mistaken about their price though: they cost 7 rubles, which was a lot of money then in 1990, in which year I left the USSR on 17 June, returning to the Russian Federation in 1993.

            English-Russian: V. K. Müller, Russky Yazyk, Moscow 1990
            Russian-English: A. I. Smirnitsky, Russky Yazyk, Moscow 1990


  10. 16: 07 25.01.2023 (updated: 18: 16 25.01.2023)
    Germany has announced the delivery time of Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukraine
    German Defence Minister Pistorius: the Ukraine will receive Leopard 2 tanks in three to four months’ time

    BERLIN, January 25-RIA Novosti. Germany will deliver Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev no earlier than in 3-4 months, German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has told reporters.

    On Wednesday, the German government announced that it had decided to transfer German Leopard 2 tanks to the Ukraine. Germany intends to form two tank battalions: at the first stage, a company of 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from the Bundeswehr reserves will be provided. In addition, training of the Ukrainian military in Germany will soon be organized . In addition to 14 tanks and training, Germany’s new aid package for the Ukraine will include logistics, ammunition, and system maintenance.

    “This will not happen in less than 3-4 months”, Pistorius said, commenting on Germany’s supply plans. His communication with the media was broadcast live on the German TV channel Welt.

    Oh hurry, hurry, Orcs!

    You only have a 3-month window at a maximum to defeat the valiant Banderascum.

    After that, the brave Yukietards will wreak havoc with your forces by means of their new, invincible German Wunderwaffe!


    1. Almost worth stalling the war for another three months, just to get an opportunity to pulverize Germany’s gift to Ukraine before the world’s gaze. I daresay the ‘Ukie’ Army could be whittled down quite a bit in the interim.


  11. via naked capitalism.

    Serbia Monitor: Can Serbia survive EU’s economic ultimatum?

    The current EU ultimatum, delivered three days ago, to Serbia and Kosovo, whose exact content is unpublished (at the request of the EU delegation) is the result of more than 20 years of frustrations in the relations between EU and Serbia (and also between EU and Kosovo).

    Much traditional balkan doom and gloom view therein but I would argue that for the EU/US to follow through with threats would cause even more damage and unintended consequences in the region and u-Rope that they would not be able to handle. In essence they’re saying ‘If you (the Serbs) don’t do what we want, we’ll make life miserable for you, regardless of the consequences for the region etc…’ The problem with threats is you have to follow through and face the actual consequences, not hypothetical ones. Serb ‘inat’ is famous and has been deployed serially. Why do they think Serbia will go along with the west this time? Serbia can count on the support of Hungary and also that it is home to quite a few u-Ropean companies that take advantage of Serbian skilled labor and low wages to remain profitable, more so with current events.

    The ‘agreement’ itself is also hosted on the same site.*

    Here’s the key part:

    …Article 7

    Both sides advocate for the achievement of concrete arrangements, in accordance with the relevant instruments of the Council of Europe and using existing European experiences, in order to ensure an appropriate level of self-government for the Serbian community in Kosovo and the possibility of providing services in Kosovo. Kosovo. some specific areas, including the possibility of financial assistance from Serbia and direct channels of communication between the Serbian community and the Government of Kosovo.

    The parties will formalize the status of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and ensure a high level of protection of Serbian religious and cultural heritage, in accordance with existing European models…

    It makes no direct reference to the 2013 EU/UN agreement which Pristina has refuse to implement. It also makes no direct reference to the Community of Serb Municipalities which is referenced therein, i.e. a degree of self-rule. The above article speaks of ‘appropriate level of self-government’ which is clearly appropriate to the EU and Pristina, the latter refusing any as ‘it is against their constitution.’ ‘possibility’ ‘some specific areas’ blah blah blah.

    It is clear that in the face of Albanian obstinacy, the EU has essentially dropped the requirement down to meaningless word filler and expect the Serbs to suck it up. It’s hardly comes as any surprise as it has never been neutral in the process, preferring the ‘boiling the frog slowly’ approach previously and now, ‘Agree mate, or you are going in!’

    Even if Serbia does give in, Pristina will not abide by it and the slow ethnic cleansing along approved u-Ropean lines will continue until Pristina declares that ‘there are not enough Serbs left to make the (non-functioning) agreement worth it.

    Meanwhile the French (Pierre Cauchard) and German (Anke Konrad) ambassadors to Serbia public state on tv that they are not blackmail Serbia. Mincing words.

    It’s the Rules-Based Order Rude de-Based Oders again.

    The West needs some kind of victory somewhere that it can bleat back to itself via the ever complian Pork Pie News Networks, hence the rush to DO SOMETHING!, however monumentally stupid, not to mention time is running out. But they’re only doing it to Serbia as friends.



    1. Add this piece via nc to your ‘Kosovo Not a Precedent HA HA HA’ collection:

      Fletcher Forum: Invoking the Kosovo Precedent: Can we Dismiss the Russian Argument?

      By Dr. Themis Tzimas

      & previously:

      How the Badinter Commission on Yugoslavia laid the roots for Crimea’s secession from Ukraine


    2. et voila (ma cousine):

      Euractiv: Serbian FM hints at possible Russia sanctions

      Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić hinted for the first time on Wednesday that Belgrade might change course and impose sanctions on Russia, one of the key EU demands for Serbia to progress in its EU membership talks.


      France & Germany are more than willing to upend Serbia politically just to score brownie points against Russia. Expect protest on the streets if Belgrade folds.


      1. ‘Ma cousine’ is the feminine context, referring to a female relative. The masculine is ‘mon cousin’.

        This is why I feel no particular pangs if Europe goes under, or is plunged into a major war. It deserves it. Its leaders are the very worst sort of Atlanticist vermin, ready for their people to endure any hardship, make any sacrifice so long as doing so pleases the United States of America and wins its approval. Although the global situation is dire, you cannot help but admire Uncle Sam a little for choosing to move his game pieces just when European countries are led by the most spineless jellyfish imaginable, slobbering with gratitude for a pat on the head from the master who is even as we speak raising his own debt ceiling yet again, although his debt is already unsustainable.

        Canada is exactly the same, completely subordinate to US desires and maneuvers, and aching to cooperate. This is why I say the west deserves to lose. It is more corrupt than a tightly-stuffed sack of corrupt things.


  12. RG.RU

    25.01.2023 20:14
    The United States is to transfer 31 M1 Abrams tanks to the Ukraine.
    This was officially announced by US President Joe Biden on Wednesday in a special address dedicated to the military support of Kiev.

    The United States will transfer 31 M1 Abrams tanks to the Ukraine. This was officially announced by US President Joe Biden on Wednesday in a special address dedicated to the military support of Kiev. Biden, who was backed by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, said that their delivery to the Ukraine will take time, but the Americans will soon begin training and training the crews of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. According to him, Kiev needs tanks for ” counter-offensive operations”. The head of the White House claimed at the same time that all this allegedly does not create an “offensive threat” for Russia.

    This does not create an “offensive threat” for Russia?


    Got you.

    Hear that, you brutal, massed Orcs?

    Rest easy!


    1. Meanwhile, Liver Sausage Scholz has announced that although many German citizens are concerned about such a decision and do not support it, Germany will continue to work to support the Ukraine:

      “We will continue to work in a coordinated manner at the international level so that this support is possible without risks for our country growing in the wrong direction. That is why we are doing this and will continue to do so with our allies. In everything we do, we must always make it clear that we will do everything necessary and possible to support the Ukraine, but at the same time to prevent the conflict from escalating to war between Russia and NATO,” he said.

      He also noted that NATO will not send soldiers and combat aircraft to the Ukraine “neither now nor in the future.” Scholtz has also rejected the possibility of introducing a no-fly zone over the Ukraine and the direct participation of NATO troops.


      “Support Ukraine, prevent a war between Russia and NATO.” Germany decided to supply Leopard tanks
      January 25, 2023, 20: 40


      1. Uh huh. Previously he said Germany would not supply offensive weaponry, but then gave the Ukrainians Germany’s brand-new Air Defense System before the German military even got their hands on it. Oh, but that’s ‘defensive’, innit? If Scholz says Germany will not supply troops and aircraft, he is only offering his ‘coalition partners’ their next target for pressure. I wonder how the European fuckheads will feel in future if Russia makes it a policy to supply any country targeted by Europe with all the defensive weaponry needed to make it impossible for Europe to work its will by threat.


    2. Of course not – the ‘Ukrainians’ will only use them defensively, to protect themselves, and if they are not themselves attacked the tanks will never leave the barn. But what are the chances of that, when you live next door to ‘The Aggressor Nation’. Kind of begs the question what you should call your partner, which keeps on supplying you with weapons so you can stagger to the next battle, although that partner is thousands of miles away.


  13. Remember this, Russians!

    Which countries are ready to supply the Ukraine with tanks? Infographic


    Looking forward to meeting you all in your new toys, Euroscum and Yukonazi retards!


    1. I note that the Sultan of Turkey, Erdogan, isn’t precisely falling over himself, offering a few of his Leos … well, he only has 300, IIRC.


  14. And now she’s gone and done it!

    Smart-arse Baerbock has finally said it!


    25 Jan, 2023 15:42
    Germany ‘at war’ with Russia – FM
    Annalena Baerbock made the admission in a debate with EU colleagues, pushing for the delivery of tanks to Kiev

    I’m dead clever I am!

    Arguing in favor of sending tanks to Kiev, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said EU countries were fighting a war against Russia. US and EU officials have previously gone out of their way to claim they were not a party to the conflict in Ukraine.

    “And therefore I’ve said already in the last days – yes, we have to do more to defend Ukraine. Yes, we have to do more also on tanks,” Baerbock said during a debate at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Tuesday. “But the most important and the crucial part is that we do it together and that we do not do the blame game in Europe, because we are fighting a war against Russia and not against each other.”

    While Chancellor Olaf Scholz has insisted that Germany ought to support Ukraine but avoid direct confrontation with Russia, his coalition partner Baerbock has taken a more hawkish position. According to German media, her Greens Party has been in favor of sending Leopard 2 tanks to Kiev, and eventually managed to pressure Scholz into agreeing. Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht, who was reluctant to send tanks to Ukraine, was pushed to resign.

    This is not the first time Baerbock has made waves with her position on the conflict. She told an EU gathering in Prague last August that she intends to deliver on her promises to Ukraine “no matter what my German voters think.”

    Quoting Baerbock’s words on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the West just keeps admitting that they had been planning the current conflict for years.

    “If we add this to Merkel’s revelations that they were strengthening Ukraine and did not count on the Minsk agreements, then we are talking about a war against Russia that was planned in advance. Don’t say later that we didn’t warn you,” Zakharova insisted.

    Former German chancellor Angela Merkel told German media in early December that the 2014 ceasefire brokered by Berlin and Paris was actually a ploy to “give Ukraine valuable time” for a military build-up. Former French president Francois Hollande has confirmed this, while Ukraine’s leader at that time, Pyotr Poroshenko, openly admitted it as well.

    Russia’s operation in Ukraine was a “forced and last-resort response to preparations for aggression by the US and its satellites,” former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev claimed on Monday.


  15. Then, it was the Yellow Peril”, with St. Michael, the warrior archangel, at the fore, urging reluctant European “liberal democracies” to launch a crusade against the Asiatic Untermenschen.

    An illustration by Hermann Knackfuss on behalf of the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

    Now, “Germania” Baerbock is haranguing Europe to wage ware against the Asiatic subhuman Orcs.

    The Chinese will come next: “Anglo-Saxon” Uncle Sam shall see to that.


    1. PS For those of little faith: angels really do exist! It says so in the bible, and the bible is the word of god — it really is, so who is to say that they don’t?

      And to counter any accusation that I am a “craven coward”, it also says in the Koran that angels exist as well, and the Holy Koran was dictated to Mohammed, may god’s blessings and peace be upon him, by the Archangel Gabriel no less, and the words in the Koran are also the word of god.



    2. Yes, the Yanks must have rubbed their hands with delight when Baerbock was appointed. Habeck as well. Nothing like having foreign leaders who will gut their own countries in order to support your foreign policy objectives; remember ‘Sarko the American’?


    1. Put me down for not agreeing with everything, but one thing we do agree upon is that Russia – usually just referred to as ‘Putin’ – is in no hurry. This does not prevent the west from writing alternately hysterical and goading pieces on how dreadfully and incompetently Russia is losing to the gallant firebrand Ukrainians (and, of course, their glorious ‘foreign legion’) in an attempt to pressure Russia into making a tactical mistake. A different leader than Putin might be annoyed into ‘showing the west’ by hammering Ukraine – and giving NATO an excuse to intervene ‘to protect civilians’ or some such freedomfreedomfreedom poppycock. But it’s pretty hard to argue that the bully is stepping over the line while Russian forces actually engaged are outnumbered. It’s perfectly true that Russia has a large advantage in artillery and armor (which is not going to be offset, by the way, by the arrival – eventually – of western tanks which have to enter Ukraine at a known shipping point) and air dominance, but its infantry in the field rarely outnumbers defenders.

      However, I wonder if anything Russia did now would spur NATO to formally enter the fray. It has given away a lot of its expendables to Ukraine – where they have been…uh…expended – and now would need pretty much whatever it has left for its own treasured power projection. Its logistics would suck, and I would think soldiers of all nations and rank levels would be daunted by the casualties already inflicted on the side which is really losing. Russia genuinely believes everything it said about not being pushed any further, that this is an existential conflict for the country and its people, and consequently there should be no discussion of ‘they’d never go nuke’. If they were being relentlessly pushed back so that the country itself is threatened, they most certainly would and will.

      But as long as they can keep it confined to Ukraine and perhaps even little bits of Europe like Poland and parts of Germany, Russia will win and the west will lose. There’s no hurry; Ukraine is being more thoroughly and completely destroyed every day. Nobody is going to want what is left of it when this is over. Two things that should be remembered are that this still spells victory of a sort for Washington – hundreds of thousands of Slavs have been wiped off the board and it may go to a half-million before it’s over. And two, Russia did everything it could conceivably try to prevent it from happening. Western overreach and ignorance started it, and those things keep it going.


  16. USA “career diplomat” — a woman, of course — takes up position as Ambassador to Mordor.

    Are there really such creatures as USA “diplomats”?

    26 JAN, 04:27
    US new Ambassador Lynne Tracy arrives in Moscow — embassy
    She was approved as US ambassador to Russia by US Senate on December 21, 2022

    MOSCOW, January 26. /TASS/. The United States’ new Ambassador Lynne Tracy has arrived in Moscow, the US embassy to Russia said on Thursday.

    “Welcome back to Russia, Ambassador Tracy,” it wrote on its Telegram channel under her photo at a Moscow airport.

    Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov and the new US envoy to Moscow, Lynne Tracy, held a meeting in Washington on January 24, the Russian embassy reported. Earlier on the same day, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told reporters that talks focusing on problematic aspects within Russian-US relations would continue with Tracy. According to Ryabkov, so far it has not been possible to find common ground on problematic issues in the relations between Moscow and Washington.

    She was approved as US ambassador to Russia by US Senate on December 21, 2022. She is the first woman serving as US ambassador to Russia.

    Tracy is a career diplomat. She has been serving as Washington’s envoy to Armenia since 2019. In late November, she told the Senate hearings that she shared the Washington’s policy on Russia and supported tougher anti-Russian sanctions.


    1. “In late November, she told the Senate hearings that she shared the Washington’s policy on Russia and supported tougher anti-Russian sanctions.”

      That being the case, I don’t know why she is going to the bother of setting up housekeeping in Russia. There’s certainly no common ground there, and it’s kind of a waste of time to try maintaining diplomatic relations with an enemy. I don’t know why either country troubles to keep an embassy in the other country.


  17. And the next move is . . .

    BRUSSELS, January 26. /TASS/. The Western countries are in internal discussions about the possibility of supplying fighter jets to Ukraine, but many fear that such a decision could lead to an escalation of the conflict. As the newspaper Politico said on Thursday, according to a number of Western diplomats and representatives of military circles, Ukraine and the Baltic countries are in favor of this idea.

    “The next natural step would be fighters,” a diplomat from a northern European country said.

    For its part Washington has told Kiev that supplying aircraft is a “no-go, for the moment,” the diplomat quoted above said, but added: “There’s a red line there – but last summer we had a red line on the HIMARS [multiple rocket launchers], and that moved. Then it was battle tanks, and that’s moving.”

    A second diplomatic source from a European power told Politico that “fighters are completely unconceivable today,” but there might be a discussion “in two or three weeks.”

    The newspaper says the debate will likely prove even more contentious than the row over supplying tanks. At the same time, in Europe, multiple officials and diplomats said their governments no longer consider the idea a non-starter, but “fears of escalation remain high.”

    Some officials believe that next month’s discussion at Ramstein will be more focused on thrashing out “a contingency plan, in case jet fighters are urgently needed at some future point, rather than on striking a deal on near-term deliveries.”

    European diplomats agree that the West will first want to exhaust all other options for air support, including more attack drones and possibly long-range missiles, Politico says. Besides, sending aircraft would be a serious logistical undertaking for Ukraine’s allies, the newspaper notes.


    1. Why not? Send western fighters in droves. That would be just the ticket, and when they start getting hooked out of the sky and hundreds of young western pilots come home in a box or not at all, perhaps enough people will question the unswerving commitment to a country that is not even a member of NATO. As things stand now, ‘red lines’ are just a game, and as soon as one falls the warhawks move on to the next and commence tearing it down. Let’s just have another world war and be done with it. We have obviously learned the square root of fuck-all from the two foregoing ones, and it’ll help trim the burgeoning population. But the more it widens, the more populations will pay, so it won’t be just the Slavs.


      1. Anyone like to guess which “northern country”diplomat wants to up the ante by supplying Banderastan with warplanes?

        Hmmm . . . that’s a tough one!

        Hard to say, really.


  18. The stupid shit hath spoken:

    The Kiev Clown, who is no joke, has yet again stated a condition for the ending of the conflict.

    He expressed his opinion on this issue in an interview with Sky News.

    The Banderastan head of the non-state said that military operations would end after Russian troops had withdrawn.

    “I can tell you for sure that if they leave our territory, the war will stop.”

    Source: Sky Shite News UK


  19. January 26, 2023, 12:00 pm

    The Kremlin has responded to Zelensky’s words that he was “not interested” in negotiating with Putin
    Peskov: Zelensky, because of his statements, has ceased to be a possible opponent for Putin himself

    Russian Presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has commented at a briefing on the statement of Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky that he was “not interested” in holding talks with President Vladimir Putin.

    Peskov said that this statement did not require a response.

    “We know with what promises Mr. Zelensky was elected president. He did not solve the problems of the Donbass, he did not fulfill the Minsk agreements, he did not intend to fulfill them. He was preparing for war. He himself has long ceased to be a possible opponent for President Putin”, the Kremlin spokesman stressed.

    Earlier, in an interview with the British edition of Sky News, Zelensky said that after the start of the Russian special military operation in the Ukraine, he was not interested in meetings with Putin.

    In January of this year, Zelensky, speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos via video link, said that he did not understand “with whom and what to talk” about the cessation of hostilities. He doubted that Vladimir Putin was alive and makes decisions.

    Before that, in October last year, he signed a decree banning negotiations with the current president of Russia.

    And he’s getting richer and richer by the day . . .


  20. Hamish de Crouton-Bennet of Gordon was on al-Beeb s’Allah news today telling us that tanks would make the difference for the Ukraine as they could ‘get behind Russian lines and cut off supplies.’ He used to be a tankie so he would know, hypothetically at least…


    1. Where is the jump-off point for these wondrous Yukie armoured thrusts? How do the Yukietard Wunderwaffen get there — by train, I suppose? And the Yukietard kickshits will just mount them there and rumble off towards the Russian positions, which the cowardly Orcs will flee in terror as soon as they see the Leopards?

      Does Hamish de Gobshite-whatever really think the inadequate, brain-dead, pig-lard scoffing Yukie shitwits will have enough training and nous to do just that, the thought of which clearly makes him come in his pants, namely to undertake a Wehrmacht-style panzer division armoured thrust through the enemy lines, thereafter wreaking havok amongst the hapless, goonish Orc rear?

      Does he honestly think there is a vyshyvanka-clad Yukie Manstein amidst the blue-white retards?

      And being a former British army tanker, what the fuck does he know about armoured division tactics?

      British armoured divisions have never done what he says the Ukrainian morons will do with their new German tanks.

      Not for the want of trying though. But they always got stopped in their tracks because their tanks were crap. All of them. Including the American ones.

      Checkout Operation Goodwood in Normandy, 1944. And the Wehrmacht who opposed them were not of the best quality. The best Wehrmacht divisions at the time of Goodwood were getting hammered by the Red Army in Operation Bagration.


    2. Oh, what a crock of shit. ‘Get behind Russian lines’ how, exactly? Are they planning to air-drop them? As we are all well aware, western forces are used to beating up Middle Eastern and African countries with no air forces and little to no air defense. Momentum is building relentlessly toward a large land war in Europe, one in which the USA hopes to merely send over expeditionary forces to keep things ‘sturred up’, and receive no real damage in its homeland. But as Russian figures have warned, this is an existential conflict for Russia, and it is either victory or death, and it has not seriously tapped its combat capability. Zelensky is apparently too stupid to realize that before things flash over into the rest of Europe, his own country and people will be wiped out. Every time the west escalates a little, Ukraine gets pounded harder, and things get a little less polite and a little more rough. If Russia is going to have to start blasting NATO fighters out of the sky whose pilots are ‘vacationing in Ukraine’, it might as well just go hard and level the place, cities and all.


  21. Gazeta.RU
    “It’s a dream come true. And that’s the challenge.” Zelensky, after receiving tanks, announced the need for aircraft supplies

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hassaid that his country, in addition to tanks, is counting on supplies from its Western allies of aircraft, long-range missiles and artillery. Earlier, Kiev received consent to have tanks sent to the Ukrainian army. Advisor to the head of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry, Yuriy Sak, said that now Kiev would insist on the purchase of fourth-generation fighters, such as the American F-16s.

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the allies for their decision to send “modern and much needed” tanks and said that Kiev also needed a supply of aircraft, long-range missiles and increased cooperation with NATO countries in artillery.

    “I spoke today with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. It is also necessary to launch deliveries of long-range missiles for the Ukraine. It is important that we expand our cooperation in artillery, and we should start supplying aircraft to theUkraine. And it’s a dream come true. And this is the task. An important task for all of us”, Zelensky said in a daily address on the Telegram channel.

    Speaking about the supply of tanks, the President of the Ukraine stated the main task was to ensure their efficiency and volume, as well as the speed of the training of crews.

    That the Ukraine would now insist on the purchase of fourth-generation fighters, such as the American F-16, was stated to Reuters by adviser to the head of the country’s defence ministry Yuriy Sak as being a fact.

    “If we get them, the benefits on the battlefield will be huge… This is not just about the F-16: fourth-generation aircraft are what we need”, the adviser noted.

    Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba wrote in a social network, referring to an unnamed “European colleague”, that the European Union is preparing to supply Kiev with F-16s. On January 20, Dutch Foreign Minister Vopke Hoekstra announced the possible dispatch of such fighters to Kiev.

    Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ruled out sending combat aircraft to the Ukraine. The White House did not directly answer the question of whether Washington planned to satisfy Kiev’s request for the supply of fighter jets. John Kirby, Coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, said that Washington was discussing their capabilities with the Ukrainians and developing them “as conditions change”.

    The United Kingdom, which previously had agreed to send Challenger tanks to the Ukraine, nevertheless refuses to transfer Typhoon aircraft there, fearing excessive escalation, wrote “The Telegraph”, citing a source.

    Which tanks the Ukraine will get
    Germany has agreed to provide the Ukraine with 14 Leopard 2 tanks as a “first step”, as well as to allow other countries to start supplying these vehicles. In total, Germany and other allies [sic] of the Ukraine agreed to transfer 112 Leopard tanks to it. These make up two tank battalions.

    In December, the commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, claimed that in order to return to the borders of 24 February, the Ukraine had to receive 300 tanks.

    German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has said that the first German tanks could arrive in the Ukraine within three months. Berlin also plans to organize training of the Ukrainian military in Germany and promised to help the Ukraine with ammunition and maintenance.

    Finland and Poland have announced the transfer of combat vehicles to the Ukraine, while Spain, the Netherlands and Norway have reported that they were considering this possibility. In turn, the UK will supply Ukraine with 14 Challenger 2 tanks, and France is going to supply AMX10-RC light wheeled tanks[sic] in early February and was discussing the transfer of Leclerc heavy tanks to Kiev.

    As follows from a statement of US President Joe Biden, Washington will send to the Ukraine 31 M1 Abrams tanks and eight M88 repair and evacuation armoured vehicles. He said that in the coming weeks, Russian troops would strengthen their offensive operations, so the Armed Forces of the Ukraine are preparing for a counter offensive.

    According to Biden, 31 M1 Abrams tanks are the equivalent of “one Ukrainian tank battalion.”

    “The supplies will help the Ukraine defend its territory, carry out military tasks, and regain control of lost regions, including the Crimea”, the White House said.

    The Russian authorities have repeatedly warned about the negative consequences of sending tanks to the Ukraine. As stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, the transfer of such weapons would not radically change the situation, but it would “add problems” for the Ukraine.

    Hang on though . . . I thought the Banderashites were winning and that the Orcs had run out weapons and the heroic Yukietards were about to launch an offensive so as to get the Crimea back.


    1. Ping! Get tanks, demand fighter jets. Ping! Get fighter jets, demand spacecraft. And so the shopping list continues to grow.

      All these toys are going onto Olena Zelenska’s credit card, no doubt.


      1. As I alluded to earlier, this is all tidily establishing precedent, going on acknowledged and under the world’s gaze. I am sure if, for example, the United States decided gloves off, we’re taking out Maduro by force, they would be upset at being confronted by T-14 Armatas and Su-35’s in Venezuela, ‘lent’ to them by Russia. But is it legal to do that? Apparently.


  22. And no matter what that piece of shit above says during his performances, the real actors are being very busy, according to Helmer:

    David Ignatius (lead image, left) has been a career-long mouthpiece for the US State Department. He has just been called in by the current Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) to convey an urgent new message to President Vladimir Putin, the Security Council, and the General Staff in Moscow.

    For the first time since the special military operation began last year, the war party in Washington is offering terms of concession to Russia’s security objectives explicitly and directly, without the Ukrainians in the way.

    The terms Blinken has told Ignatius to print appeared in the January 25 edition of the Washington Post. The paywall can be avoided by reading on.

    The territorial concessions Blinken is tabling include Crimea, the Donbass, and the Zaporozhe, Kherson “land bridge that connects Crimea and Russia”. West of the Dnieper River, north around Kharkov, and south around Odessa and Nikolaev, Blinken has tabled for the first time US acceptance of “a demilitarized status” for the Ukraine. Also, US agreement to restrict the deployment of HIMARS, US and NATO infantry fighting vehicles, and the Abrams and Leopard tanks to a point in western Ukraine from which they can “manoeuvre…as a deterrent against future Russian attacks.”

    This is an offer for a tradeoff – partition through a demilitarized zone (DMZ) in the east of the Ukraine in exchange for a halt to the planned Russian offensive destroying the fortifications, rail hubs, troop cantonments, and airfields in the west, between the Polish and Romanian borders, Kiev and Lvov, and an outcome Blinken proposes for both sides to call “a just and durable peace that upholds Ukraine’s territorial integrity”.

    Also in the proposed Blinken deal there is the offer of a direct US-Russian agreement on “an eventual postwar military balance”; “no World War III”; and no Ukrainian membership of NATO with “security guarantees similar to NATO’s Article 5.”

    Blinken has also told the Washington Post to announce the US will respect “Putin’s tripwire for nuclear escalation”, and accept the Russian “reserve force includ[ing] strategic bombers, certain precision-guided weapons and, of course, tactical and strategic nuclear weapons.”

    President Putin has offered a hint of the Russian reply he discussed with the Stavka and the Security Council last week.



    1. Meaningless. The US is Non-Agreement Capable. They’ll take negotiation is a sign of weakness. Rinse, Repeat. The Leopard does not change its spots.


    2. Countries need to start ignoring the US election cycle too. It only serves the latter’s interests. If there was such an agreement, both the Democrats & the Republicans would be able to tune it out of their election campaigns (aka make no promises, answer no difficult questions) and then change tune yet again when there is a new Administration and carry on as usual without having to explain to American voters why the US is backing another war.

      Add to that reports in the last day or so that the US want’s to re-industrialize its arms factories and aims to be producing 90,00 artillery rounds a month in a few years and the new B61-12 nukes ready to head for u-Rope. Clearly the Pentagon was asked ‘How long is it going to take to catch up?’, they gave ‘X-years’ in reponse and the current peace proposal is designed to last a little longer than that. Washington really does think the rest of the world is stupid.


    3. Tass reports that the US anounced another round of sanctions against Russia including missile maker Almaz-Antei and is openly threatening Turkiye to stop servicing Russia’s western made airliners (WSJ). Does that sound like a US that want to stop conflict of a dog licking its own bollox because it can? Or is Washington going to claim that its left hand doesn’t know what’s its right hand is doing and both have a life of their own?

      Tass: West will not stop proxy war against Russia after conflict in Ukraine — Security Council

      Nikolay Patrushev is certain that the events in Ukraine are a result of many years of US preparations for a hybrid war against Russia

      …”Progress in the special military operation in Ukraine indicates that the United States and NATO intend to go ahead with efforts to prolong this military conflict and that they have already become participants in it,” he said at a conference on training engineers for the shipbuilding industry and the Navy.

      Patrushev asked everyone to realize that “even with the end of the hot phase of the conflict in Ukraine the Anglo-Saxon world will not stop their proxy war against Russia and its allies.”…

      …”In the 21st century, using the Nazi puppet regime in Kiev, the collective West is waging a campaign against Russia,” Patrushev said. “Today’s events in Ukraine are a result of years-long preparations by the US for a hybrid war against Russia and an attempt to prevent the emergence of a multipolar world.”..


      1. Fuck off with your “Anglo-Saxon World” shit and get an education! Americans are NOT Anglo-Saxon — whatever that means, seeing as it was a term coined by Latin-speaking scribes, monks, in the 9th century, and by British historians in modern Britain after interest had arisen about the fact that English history did not begin in 1066.

        Modern historians prefer the term “Old English” to describe pre-1066 conquest England and the groups of Germanic tribes , the Angles, Saxons, Frisians and Jutes, who called themselves collectively Angelcynn [modern English: “Angle Kin”]

        The term Anglo-Saxon began to be used in the 8th century (in Latin and on the continent) to distinguish “Germanic” groups in Britain from those on the continent (Old Saxony and Anglia in Northern Germany) , , ,

        The Old English ethnonym Angul-Seaxan comes from the Latin Angli-Saxones and became the name of the peoples the English monk Bede called Angli around 730 and the British monk Gildas called Saxones around 530. Anglo-Saxon is a term that was rarely used by Anglo-Saxons themselves. It is likely they identified as ængli, Seaxe or, more probably, a local or tribal name such as Mierce, Cantie, Gewisse, Westseaxe, or Norþanhymbre. After the Viking Age, an Anglo-Scandinavian identity developed in the Danelaw.


        Bede, by the way, was English, whereas Gildas was a Brythonic Celt, what would be called a Welshman now. Interestingly, the Celtic name for the English is based on the word “Saxon”, hence the Scots term “Sassenach”. The majority of the English Germanic groups, however, identified themselves more with the Angles. The North of England was the kingdom of Northumbria [Norþanhymbre], which became Anglo-Norse and was not “Anglo-Saxon”.

        This usage of the term Anglo-Saxon to mean “English-Speaking Nations” or “Societies” really pisses me off, and it saddens me when Russian politicians and diplomats use the term in this way, especially Zakharova, who is a historian by training and should know better.

        Less than one third of the population of the USA is descended from British — that’s English, Irish, Scots and Welsh — colonists and immigrants, and the “Irish” thereof were, prior to the massive influx of Irish immigrants to the USA during and following the Irish Famine of the 1840s, what Americans call “Scots-Irish” and what I would call Protestant Ulstermen. The vast majority of “white European Americans are descended from German immigrants, albeit there was no state called Germany when very many of them left Europe for the USA, only the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”, which was “neither Holy, Roman nor an Empire”, as Voltaire said. Well, being a smart arse Frog, he would have said that, wouldn’t he?

        And, if you speak Froggish, check this out as regards what some present-day Frogs think of the term “Anglo-Saxon”: Par pitié, arrêtez de dire «les Anglo-Saxons», which means in “Anglo-Saxon”: “For Fuck’s Sake Stop Saying “The Anglo-Saxons”, and this translation into English si vous ne parlez pas français.


        1. Interesting. Is it something translators are trained to do? Mark may see a difference living way out in Lotus-Land, (I’m in Ontario) but I don’t remember ever seeing “Anglo–Saxon” used this way. I’d say “English-Speaking” or possibly Anglophone though that is more an interior-Canada term.


    4. Those terms need to be printed in clay and the clay baked in an oven, like Sumerian cuneiform tablets. Printing them in The Washington Post is not sufficient – WaPo could lose that news and pretend it never existed.


    5. Tell them No. In fact, tell them to fuck off first. If the plan was to announce the transfer of tanks and fighter aircraft to Ukraine solely to establish an ersatz ‘position of strength’ from which to dictate terms, send them back a picture of the Reichstag with the Russian tricolor flying out front. Too late, you thick bastards. There was a time to discuss concessions with cool heads, but that time ran out.


    Matthew Parris
    What would ‘winning’ in Ukraine mean?
    From magazine issue:
    28 January 2023

    I awoke in the small hours last week and began worrying about the Ukraine war. A friend had earlier taken me to task over the airy way I’d introduced an argument with the words ‘Once we’ve won the war in Ukraine’ – as though this was a simple matter and just a question of ‘when’. But what does ‘win’ mean? Does the searchlight of our intelligence, backed by what we already know, really illuminate the landscape ahead? Might things come to pass that we just haven’t thought of?

    Even people as old as me remember wars that, though bloody and protracted, were fairly straightforward as narratives, with clear and final objectives and, in story terms, a reasonably clear-cut ending. The second world war is an outstanding example; the Falklands a more minor but equally clear case. We knew what winning meant. Hitler and Galtieri knew what losing meant. Even after the Korean war there was a simple and permanent partition. These were proper endings, followed by a stable state.

    We imagine, I suppose, that the present Ukraine business will turn out like one of those. Crudely, I thought at first that the Russians should just be pulverised, Putin humiliated into personal collapse and all the territory Moscow had stolen returned to Kyiv. After that, I thought, Europe would be at peace again: stabilised, sorted and ready to help rebuild Ukraine.

    But will it be anything like this? Let me throw into the mix of your own thoughts some doubts among mine.

    Everyone is speculating on Putin’s leadership – will he be overthrown? Is his presidency strong enough to survive a peace deal with Ukraine and the West? Might he be replaced by a yet fiercer militarist? Good questions, but there’s another we don’t seem to be addressing: is Volodymyr Zelensky secure? Admittedly, my time spent travelled in Ukraine was short, and it was about 15 years ago, but it left me with a more jaundiced view of that country than one hears in these blue-and-yellow-flag-waving days.

    Ukraine is very populous, very poor and very far from the model of a modern, liberal, democratic western state that we might lazily suppose its people could skip happily towards ‘once the war is won’. Before Zelensky, we saw Ukraine’s political and business culture as hopelessly steeped in corruption, from the top down. Infrastructure and manufacturing (even before the Russian bombardment) were rusty and obsolete, making the country an industrial basket case utterly dependent on its most-favoured status with the old Soviet Union. Look at footage of the Ukrainian steel industry in the Donetsk region and remind yourself what a massive headache West Germany found it to drag East Germany into the modern European economy: talk about ‘levelling up’! Wealthy Germany is still wrestling with the cost, cultural as well as economic. We may one day wonder why we cheered the Ukrainian struggle to keep that Russian-speaking eastern rust belt.

    It’s hard to see how Ukraine could stand up in the winds of free-market competition without a Herculean measure of assistance from the West. With a population exceeding 43 million (larger than Poland’s and not far short of Spain), a great mountain of support over many years will be essential if we’re to fortify democracy there once the Russian prop is withdrawn.

    Western voters may enjoy watching the flashes and bangs of Ukraine’s valiant efforts in self-defence; we may cheer as British-donated weaponry arrives there. But once the pyrotechnics cease and our taxes rise to pay for reconstruction – and if there are more fake stories about Mrs Zelensky going on shopping expeditions to Paris, while rumours about where western money goes once it reaches Kyiv creep into the media – the spirit of unquestioning generosity may flag across the European continent.

    Ukraine’s rapid accession to EU membership is surely for the birds. Free movement, with millions seeking better opportunities, would become a huge headache. One thing we and the EU single market could do to help, though, would be to extend a generous free trade deal to their emerging economy. The US did something similar for Mexico, but it caused fury as the American motor industry began to emigrate. Fasten your seat belts for something similar here as companies switch their manufacturing to low-wage Ukraine.

    And is the country now – or could it fast become – a proper democracy, enjoying the rule of law, an independent judiciary, a professional civil service culture and vigilance over political corruption? Has everything about it changed just because one man, Zelensky, is in charge? You have to be a considerable devotee of the ‘Hero in History’ school to believe that a single individual can do so much. Heroes rarely last. Heroic though I do believe this Ukrainian president to be, his predecessors weren’t, and the political and business culture wasn’t. There was a chronic shortage of good, honest men and women at the top. If Ukraine was a rotten state, then in many ways it still will be, the suffering and sacrifice of its ordinary citizens notwithstanding. All-out war suppresses doubts about the polity whose preservation is being fought for. I don’t believe in transfiguration.

    Let me leave you with a Grimms’ fairy tale no less implausible than today’s Walt Disney version. Imagine. It’s the winter of 2023/24. Putin or his successor inch towards a deal. Whispers of a compromise ceding Crimea to Moscow, or some such, circulate. Kyiv cries ‘Never!’. Biden, Scholz, Macron and perhaps (more quietly) Sunak/Starmer privately urge Zelensky not to make Crimea a deal-breaker. He hesitates, because a new ‘Ukrainian Patriot’ party is emerging on his militaristic right. ‘No surrender!’

    Trapped, Zelensky begs western powers for cover. We want to save him but after nearly two years of war we need these ruinous hostilities to end and believe Ukraine’s people do too. Ordinary Ukrainians, cold and hungry, are desperate for emergency western aid on an ever costlier scale, while Kyiv – where domestic politics is beginning to fracture – clamours for more tanks and missiles to retake Crimea. Western patience grows thinner.

    And we look back on this winter with, yes, almost nostalgia. A time when it all seemed so simple. ‘Winning’, it turns out, was the easy bit.

    Matthew Parris
    Matthew Parris is a columnist for The Spectator and The Times.

    Parris is 4 months younger than I am, born 7 August 1949, a British political writer and broadcaster, formerly a Conservative Member of Parliament, born in South Africa to British parents.

    I recall how in the 1984, when he was an MP and I was still a horny-handed son of toil, a fully signed-up member of the proletariat, he took part in a TV documentary, having been challenged to live in Newcastle-upon-Tyne for a week on £26.80, the then state social security payment set for a single adult by the government that he supported as a Conservative Party member of the House. Parris had earlier mouthed it off in Westminster that one could manage well enough on unemployment benefit. His attempt to live “on the dole” for 1 week in Newcastle, then an area of very high unemployment, ended for Parris embarrassingly quickly when he ran out of money for the electricity meter.

    Parris, though an erudite and highly educated man (by British standards at least), clearly knows sweet fuck all about Russia and the Ukraine, the politics and the histories of Russia and its former historical borderlands. What he has written above clearly reflects the absolute depths of ignorance that this bourgeois fellow countryman of mine has about Russia and the Ukraine — and he’s one of the smarter of my fellow countrymen.

    He’s also a shirt tail lifter of renown. So apart from our being of the same age and having the same citizenship, he and I have little, if anything, in common.


    1. “Fasten your seat belts for something similar here as companies switch their manufacturing to low-wage Ukraine.”

      Uh huh, just as soon as they can bulldoze over the shell craters and rebuild about…oh…I’m going to say 1,800 kilometers of roads and maybe 800 kilometers of railway track. Just about the time a squadron of pigs roars by overhead. I’m not sure he realizes that exploitation works backward to his learned formula in Ukraine – it’s not the rich absentee landlord bankrupting the peasants, it’s his lower and middle management in-country bankrupting him.


  24. US won’t have time to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine by spring — Nuland
    26.01.2023 – 22:12

    The Pentagon does not have the means to transfer American Abrams M1 tanks to Ukrainian troops by the spring of this year.

    This was announced by Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Victoria Nuland during a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate of Congress.

    “Abrams, as you know, is a very complex tank and requires a lot of training. Even though we approved them yesterday, it will take some time to get them to the battlefield. They won’t be there by the spring offensive”, Nuland said.

    Well get your finger out then, you repulsive lazy bitch! Don’t you know your Yukie Nazi friends are being brutally slaughtered by the Orcs?

    Oh, sorry! The Yukies are winning, are they, and the Orcs are suffering defeat after defeat at the hands of the valiant Khokhol heroes?

    The tank in the photo must have been Syria or Iraq bound, judging by its desert camo.

    There are many photos on the web from Middle East sources allegedly showing destroyed by enemy fire Abrams, but the USA official report Operation Desert Storm: Early Performance Assessment of Bradley and Abrams blithely states that 23 Abrams were destroyed or damaged in the Persian Gulf area, but of the nine Abrams destroyed, seven were destroyed because of friendly fire and two were intentionally destroyed in order to prevent their capture after they had become disabled.

    SEVEN destroyed by friendly fire fuck ups!

    And two Abrams were only destroyed after their having become disabled?

    So how had they become disabled?

    Run out of gas?


    1. The US has a whole fleet of transport aircraft, so it can if it wants to, but it doesn’t want to. Why? Imagine pictures of US tanks all stacked up in the lo-land of Po-land and then ‘in training’ with Ukranian soldiers while the UAF continues to be crushed next door. The literal optics of that are much worse than keeping them in the US of A.


  25. If I am not mistaken, the only British tank destroyed with all its crew killed in “Desert Storm” was also destroyed by friendly fire, courtesy of the US air force — better said, the US National Guard or whatever air force, not by the regular fly guys. George “Mission Accomplished” Bush was once one of them National Guard flyers, I believe.


    1. The general, Sir Peter de la Billière, has been reported as refusing to have British forces in front of US troops for this reason. The US still managed to attack UK forces.

      This is standard. The first four Canadian deaths in Afghanistan were due to a US pilot attacking a Canadian unit on a night training exercise.

      It is an old tradition


  26. Bring on your Leopards and Abrams!

    Below: full video of the above “Terminator” action showing dead Ukrainian heroes:

    24 Jan 2023
    Well coordinated work: a Russian tank, covered by a “Terminator” tank support combat vehicle destroys an attacking group of Ukrainian infantry in an armoured personnel carrier.

    ◽️ The advance in a forest of an attacking group is discovered by scouts using unmanned aerial vehicles.

    💥 The Russian crew of the Terminator tank support combat vehicle advances so as to meet the enemy and opens fire against the attackers.

    ↪️ The Russian tank bypasses the flank of the group of enemy soldiers and opens fire on enemy armoured vehicles.

    💪 As a result of the fight, the enemy infantry fighting vehicle and tank are destroyed; Ukrainian army forces suffered losses in personnel and withdrew.

    How about coming over to Banderastan, Baerbock, and give waging war against Russians a try, seeing as you are so in favour of Europe doing so.

    I should like to invite you too, Nuland, to come over to Banderastan and have a ride to the front in one of your wonderful Abrams, but that would be impossible for you to do now . . . .

    . . . . because you wouldn’t be able to get into one one, you loathesome fat slag!


    1. I can’t see the photo of Nuland that I posted above because it is from a Banderastan publication blocked here by the Putin regime.

      Perhaps you stooges in the Free West can see the photographic image that I posted above of the Queen Bitch.

      Anyway, here’s the same photo, in png format:

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        1. From what I’ve seen of them, the whole Kaplan gang is as ugly as sin.

          I shall have to go to my Holy Oak and thank Woden for making me so outstandingly handsome.


            1. Yes , Kagan, not Kaplan.

              The KKK. No guesses what the middle “K” stands for.

              My wires got crossed: I was thinking of “Fanny Kaplan”, really Feiga Haimovna Roytblat or perhaps “Roytman”, a “Ukrainian”: a rather sad revolutionary Jewess, a confused Dostoyevskian type of figure, who was an incompetent revolutionary who had attempted to assassinate Lenin because of, in her opinion, his “betrayal of the revolution”.

              The pathetic “Fanny Kaplan”. What a sad waste of a young life!

              I’ve always felt sorry for her. I’m sure she was mentally disturbed. Nothing surprising about that: in tsarist times, she’d spent 11 years doing hard labour in a Siberian prison colony. She’d been sent there in 1906 after having been arrested for her involvement in a terrorist bomb attack, scheduled to take place in Kiev. The terrorist attack was a failure: the bomb went off accidently. She was only 16 years old when she was arrested and sentenced. Come the bourgeois February Revolution 1917, she was released from the prison camp.

              After taking 3 pistol shots at Lenin on 30 August 1918, she did not make an attempt to flee as quickly as possible from the scene of the crime, but in the confusion, just strolled off down the street and away from the scene. Apparently, some kids followed her and they later put the finger on her. Three days later, she was executed — shot in the back of the head. She was 28 years old when executed. Lenin died 6 years later.

              Kaplan’s execution gave the Bolsheviks the opportunity to reinstate the death penalty, which had been abolished by the Russian Provisional Government in March 1917.

              The person who ordered the execution of Kaplan was Yakov Sverdlov, who only six weeks earlier had ordered the execution of the tsar and his family, the abolishment of the death penalty notwithstanding.

              Sverdlov was one of Kaplan’s tribe.

              Kaplan was member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party and viewed Lenin as a “traitor to the revolution” because he and his Bolsheviks had enacted one-party rule and banned her party.

              Only hours after Kaplan’s failed attempt at assassinating Lenin, an official decree was issued, calling for an all-out struggle against “enemies of the revolution”.

              The “Red Terror” had begun.

              I don’t remember who said it, but I think its true: “Revolutionaries devour their own children!”*

              *Jacques Mallet du Pan, (1749-1800) said it!

              Du Pan was from Geneva. He was a political journalist and propagandist, a Calvinist thinker and Counter-Revolutionary reformer.

              He opposed the extreme positions held by both Revolutionary and Counter-Revolutionary partisans during the French Revolution.

              How right he was!


              1. As a reward, or more properly, as a memorial, Sverdlov had a cruiser class named after him. It was projected to number 40 ships in all, which would have been a monumental effort, but it ran out of steam at 17 units, which is not surprising as new construction ran from 1949 to the mid-1980’s. They were simply overtaken by technology.


                They were beautiful ships, the Soviet Navy’s last all-gun cruisers. Sverdlov herself lasted the entire period of the class, decommissioned in 1989. Among her milestones was representation of the Soviet Union at the Coronation Naval Review at Spithead, UK in June 1953.


                1. And the city in which the Romanovs were murdered was renamed Sverdlovsk, as was the oblast, of which Sverdlovsk was the capital, in honour of him who had given the order to liquidate them.

                  They were murdered in this house, the Ipatiev House:

                  The palisade was erected around it before the Romanovs moved in.

                  The First Secretary of the Party Committee in the Sverdlovsk Oblast Politburo ordered that the Ipatiev House be demolished in 1977. The recently appointed First Secretary at the time was the drunken criminal and traitor Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin.

                  Yeltsin left Sverdlovsk for greater things in Moscow.

                  In 1991, after Yeltsin had fixed the collapse of the USSR, Sverdlovsk reverted to its pre-1917 name, Yekaterinburg, or as that moronic former US Ambassador to Russia and Russian “expert” once publicly called the city, “Yoburg”, having seen the term used on social networks, no doubt thinking it was cool to say that, and not realizing, despite his being a Russian “expert”, that “Yoburg” translates into English as “Fuck-burg”.


            2. The Kagan clan moves into the US State Department.


              SATURDAY, JANUARY 28, 2023
              Ancient Hatreds Run Deep Reflected in a Pathological Hatred of Russia
              Thoughts on our circumstances…

              Link to above source provided by commenter “Tim” on Larry’s blog:

              Tim says
              28 January 2023 at 05:38
              It is made manifestly worse with Victoria Nuland at the US State Department who has personal grudges and a visceral pathological hatred of Russia.


      1. Nuland definitely looks like Jabba the Hut’s wife but Canada’s Chrystia Freeland is even more hideous, physically and politically.


  27. MOSCOW, January 27. /TASS/. Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova urged the German ambassador to Russia on Friday to clarify Berlin’s position on its status in the conflict in Ukraine.

    “The German foreign minister said that her country was fighting jointly with other nations against Russia, while her ministry does not consider their own country to be party to the conflict. Taking into account these contradictory statements, the German ambassador to Russia should clarify them,” the Russian diplomat wrote on her Telegram channel.

    Earlier, Germany’s Foreign Ministry said providing assistance to Kiev did not make Berlin party to the conflict in Ukraine. This was how Germany’s diplomacy commented on a statement by German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who said, addressing the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe earlier this week, that “we are fighting a war against Russia.”

    I wonder if Frau Baerbock will deign to make a clear declaration as regards Germany either not being a party to the hostilities in Bandersastan or whether Germany is, in actual fact, in a state of war against Russia.


    1. And I wonder if Russia will thereupon direct the German Ambassador to Russia to clear out his desk and vacate the premises, pausing to inform his country to prepare to reap the consequences of its obviously-deliberate actions. You might need those Leopards at home, Von Fuckstick. He’s not serving any useful purpose where he is, and is probably gathering intelligence for the enemy. Send him home so they can issue him a helmet and rifle and point the way to the border.

      It’s such a relief that Europe is run by women now – all the predictions of their coolheadedness and preference for diplomacy over war have obviously come to pass. Good thing men are not involved, messing it up. Well, except for Jenzy Stoltenberg, who is sort of a man.


  28. 26 Jan, 2023 22:03
    Nobody told me we’re at war – NATO state’s president
    The US and Germany might be at war with Russia, but that is news to Croatia, said Zoran Milanovic

    Commenting on the German foreign minister’s declaration that Europe is “fighting a war against Russia”, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said on Thursday that this was news to him, and wished Berlin better luck than in WWII.

    Croatia “should in no way help” the Ukraine militarily, Milanovic said while visiting the port city of Split. “Do you want us to enter the war?”

    Framing the Ukraine conflict as one between Washington and Moscow, he reminded reporters that he was criticized for merely echoing the words of Kiev’s defence minister, about the current conflict being a “proxy war” between NATO and Russia.

    Commenting on the German foreign minister’s declaration that Europe is “fighting a war against Russia,” Croatian President Zoran Milanovic said on Thursday that this was news to him, and wished Berlin better luck than in WWII:

    “Now the German foreign minister says we must be united, because I quote, we are at war with Russia. I didn’t know that. Maybe Germany is at war with Russia, but then, good luck, maybe this time it turns out better than 70-odd years ago.”

    The Croatian president was baffled to hear such a claim from the leader of the German Greens, which he said used to be a pacifist party equally against the US and the USSR, and not from Chancellor Olaf Scholz:

    “If we are at war with Russia, then let’s see what we need to do. But we won’t ask Germany for its opinion. Let them figure out who is the actual chancellor over there. I’ve been in politics for a long time, and our country has been through a lot, but I’ve never seen this kind of madness before”.

    When it comes to tanks, “Russian or American, they burn just the same”, Milanovic said, noting that deliveries of armour to the Ukraine – announced by the US and Germany this week – will only prolong the fighting,

    “Those tanks may burn, or they may reach the Crimea, but Croatia will have nothing to do with this”, he insisted. The social-democrat president has frequently clashed with the nationalist parliamentary majority over Croatia’s Ukraine policy. Just last month, Milanovic opposed Zagreb’s participation in the EU programme to train Ukrainian troops, saying it clashed with Croatia’s constitution.

    Unless the US and Russia are holding some kind of talks, the world is “slowly sliding into World War Three”, Milanovic added. “Some people think it has already begun, but I have my reservations”

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  29. Construction in Mariupol

    On the Telegram channel I have found a very interesting link about the construction / restoration of Mariupol. Further from the author: I present you the first selection of new buildings in Russian Mariupol:

    The first construction site that became the highlight of the city is the микрорегион “microregion”: a purpose built housing estate — ME] “Nevsky” with an area of 115 hectares (Oktyabrsky district). Back in the summer, there was an open field here; now, there are 12 ready-made houses for 2,500 people, a sports centre, and a centre for the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The second stage of construction has begun: the construction of nine-story buildings, schools, and a kindergarten.

    At the entrance to the city from the airport (Oktyabrsky district) is located another residential complex, still unnamed. It includes 1 five-story building and 3 nine-story buildings, which are already being fully occupied by residents. 4 more houses are being built.

    Residential area on a street in the Irtysh district , located on the territory of the notorious Cheryomushki microdistrict (Primorsky district) with a large number of ruined houses. Now a housewarming party is taking place in 5 houses; 3 more are completely ready outside (without internal fittings finished), 2 are being completed. And on January 20, the first subscriber was connected to the Phoenix home Internet services. In the final version, the complex will have two five-story and eight nine-story buildings with 833 apartments.

    to be continued . . .


  30. continued from above . . .

    On the central Artyom Street – 4 three-storey houses, external works are fully completed, internal finishing works are coming to an end.

    On Shevchenko Boulevard (metro station Kirovsky) – three similar three-story buildings.

    On Semenenko St. (metro station 23) – three handsome nine-story houses. Degree of readiness – the rest of internal finishing works, supply of communications to be completed.

    to be continued . . .


  31. continued from above . . .

    Residential complex of three houses on Pokryshkina St in the Ilyichevsky district of the city. All external and partially internal works of the first nine-story building have been completed. Sites are being prepared for the construction of two more new buildings.

    In the Primorsky district on Chernomorskaya Street — the first of four nine-story buildings have been built. The built-up area is of 802 m2. In the rest of the area is part of the interior finishing construction materials.

    Two more residential complexes are under construction in the Oktyabrsky district, the degree of completion has reached the stage of construction of the next floors. At the same time, sites are being prepared everywhere (on the site of demolished houses) for laying out new construction sites.

    to be continued . . .


    1. I hope – and am confident – that municipal authorities had the sense to employ local contractors and labour, to promote common purpose and loyalty through work and good wages. Russia is always going to have to deal with Ukrainian nationalism and pocket ‘independence’ movements in the new territories, but with good management and some sensitivity it should be difficult for them to gain popularity.


  32. continued from above . . .

    And when Mariupol has been rebuilt and Putin has been forced to accept Kiev’s terms and Russian forces have vacated Banderastan and the frontier of 24 February 2022 has been restored, and full compensation has been paid by Russia to the Khokhols for its brutal and unprovoked attack against dear, sweet, democratic, “Independent” Ukraine, the completely rebuilt city of Mariupol will be handed over as well.

    Ain’t that so, Assistant Secretary of State Nuland, German Foreign Minister Baerbock, Tory backbencher and waste of kit Johnson etc., etc.?


    1. In order to reap tax revenue from the population, it must have work and wages. Not only are these taxpayers lost to Kuh-yiv, they will be earning higher wages than prevailed under Kuh-yiv’s leadership. Why would anyone in their right mind want to get back to rump Ukraine – if such a state exists when this is over – for half-wages and mountains of state debt? There will be plenty of work for builders and contractors, true, because everything will be wrecked…but who’s going to pay them and why would skilled tradesmen remain there?


      1. What, Cortes? You mean you haven’t seen the above photographs in the British media already?

        No BBC reports on the Orcs rebuilding Mariupol?

        I wonder where the Orcs get the dosh from?

        I mean, the Russian economy is in ruins, innit, and the ruble is rubble.


          1. So what else is noo?

            I’ve noticed that they have long been saying “train station” in the UK and “gotten” and “awesome” and that pubs have become almost extinct, though there are “bars”. Oh yeah! And young British colleagues here (very few now — chickened out) say “on the weekend”. They don’t say “Twosday” though.


    1. They should preserve that as is, as a permanent memorial of his prevarication. Meanwhile, it could serve as a visual aid to Kuh-yiv, to remind them what their city will look like if they keep on courting NATO ‘donations’.


      1. I was thinking that too. Perhaps its too dangerous to be left standing. In fact, i’m sure it is.

        In the middle of Berlin, there is the stump of the tower of a once very large church, built in the 1890s in honour of Kaiser Bill’s granddad, Kaiser Wilhelm I, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche — the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

        The church looked like this in 1900:

        but by 1945, Berlin looked like this:

        All military targets, of course: all civilianshaving been given time to evacuate before the air “raids”, namely relentless, systematic area carpet bombing from massed bomber fleets of the RAF and USAAF..

        Winners don’t commit war crimes.

        They, the Fritzes, decided to leave the stump standing as a memorial of and a warning against war.

        Ah well, that was a long time ago.

        Once more the panzers are rolling eastwards.

        Well, they might be, but I don’t really think so, because regardless of what Frau Baerbock and the scruffy Herr Habeck might do or say, Germans are not stupid.

        Better said, they didn’t seem to be when I was living there — but that was almost 40 years ago.


  33. In the words of that great former British Foreign Minister, who was replaced by the money-grubbing fool Johnson, addressed to Russia: “Go away and shut up!”

    January 27, 2023, 11: 31
    “Unacceptable conditions”. The Federation Council responded to Nuland’s words about easing sanctions
    Senator Dzhabarov said that Nuland’s words about easing sanctions were irritating

    Shut up and fuck off!

    The State Duma and the Federation Council have reacted to the words of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland about the possible easing of sanctions against Russia “in case of serious negotiations on Ukraine”. First Deputy Head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov compared the current situation with the one when the Minsk agreements were concluded. And the head of the relevant State Duma committee, Leonid Slutsky, said that Nuland’s message is unacceptable for Moscow.

    The statement of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland that Washington could ease sanctions against Moscow in “serious negotiations on the Ukraine” with the condition of the withdrawal of Russian troops and the return of territories to Kiev’s control was surprising and irritating. This assessment was made by the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov.

    “Nuland’s statement causes, to put it mildly, surprise and irritation. She, the main architect and scriptwriter of the 2014 Ukrainian Maidan, considers it acceptable to talk about a certain readiness of the United States to ease anti-Russian sanctions and a readiness for negotiations between Russia and the Ukraine, subject to conditions that are unacceptable for Russia in advance”, the senator wrote in hisTelegram channel.

    In his opinion, the current situation is similar to the one when the Minsk agreements had been concluded:

    “When the Donbass militia was successfully moving towards Kiev, Western leaders lured us into the trap of the Minsk agreements and used the slow negotiations in contact groups to strengthen the military potential of the Kiev regime”, he says.

    Dzhabarov believes that “the true purpose of such negotiations is to use time for further militarization of the Kiev regime and the transfer of modern offensive weapons to the Ukraine”.

    What Nuland said
    Nuland said yesterday that the US authorities were ready to consider the possibility of “easing certain sanctions against Russia during serious negotiations on the Ukraine”.

    She stressed that the United States wanted to ensure that Kiev regain control over the territories that had become part of the Russian Federation or were controlled by the Russian military.

    “In the context of the Russian decision to negotiate seriously, to withdraw its forces from the Ukraine and to return the territory, I would, of course, support this and, I believe, Secretary of State Blinken would also support this”, the diplomat said, commenting on the possibility of Washington lifting some restrictions on Moscow.

    In turn, the head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Leonid Slutsky, said that Nuland’s message was unacceptable for Moscow, because “historical decisions cannot be changed into promises about revising restrictions.”

    Senator Dzhabarov Telegram channel

    The Minsk Agreements
    The Minsk agreements were signed in 2014 by the Trilateral Contact Group on the settlement of the situation in the Donbass. It includes representatives of the Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE. The documents were also signed by the then head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko and the head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky.

    On February 12, 2015, a 13-point package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements (“Minsk-2”) was signed. Its adoption came after fighting between the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR militias and the Ukrainian army at that time, which ended with the militia occupying the Debaltseve area.

    Minsk hosted a meeting in the Normandy format (with the participation of the leaders of Russia, the Ukraine, France and Germany , Vladimir Putin, Petro Poroshenko, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel). The document was signed by the same contact group, and the leaders of the four countries supported it with their declaration.


    1. Perhaps Madame Nuland will not remember that, since the Great United States was neither a party to the agreements themselves nor invited to offer its opinion on them. As it turned out, the leaders of the European nations involved could not be relied upon to oversee diplomatic agreements any more honestly than the Great Prevaricator would have done, and chose instead to serve Mammon. Lesson learned, hopefully – merely excluding the Not-Agreement-Capable country from negotiations is not sufficient to prevent its influence through its disciples.

      That said, it would take someone a lot stupider than any current Russian decision-maker is to fall for that, and withdraw unilaterally from established positions so they could be reoccupied by Ukraine and its operators, in exchange for a promise to ‘consider’ relaxing some sanctions of a regimen founded on a lie in the first place; that Russia shot down MH-17 rather than Ukraine, which actually did do it. It is heartening to see Russia reject such terms unreservedly, rather than what would have happened even 5 years ago – a cease-fire while Russia respectfully ‘considered the offer of its partners’. There are no partners of Russia in NATO now, and the sooner the west gets that through its thick head, the sooner it will stop lobbing softballs of stupidity which it expects to be received with awe and excitement by the bumpkins.

      The west should get used to the idea of World War III because, even if it doesn’t happen as a military conflagration, the divides that would ensue are already in place. The logistics and supply-chain issues that are hurting western commerce will likely be solved by alternate processes, but the high prices built on higher base energy prices – which drive all production – are here to stay. Get used to paying much more for food, rent, energy, mobility, everything. Because Russia has ceased to be a major provider of gas to Europe, and that venue will be taken over by the United States – which wanted it so badly it could taste it – and other producers of LNG, although Russia will certainly be well represented among those. Russia’s pipeline gas will service the Asian market, and China’s development will be nurtured by gas prices half what the west pays. When the west loses the Chinese/East-European markets, it will have lost its own opportunities for expansion and continued support of its swaggering, spend-like-there’s-no-tomorrow lifestyle. Greta will be pleased.

      Russia resisted for as long as it could the wilful destruction of the previous model of cooperation, but now that reality is thrust upon it, it is adapting to new realities and there will be no resumption of past roles. Russia is in it to win it, and it will not be diverted with saccharine inducements.


  34. Euractiv: French Ambassador to Burkina Faso recalled amid Macron’s missteps

    French Ambassador to Burkina Faso recalled amid Macron’s missteps

    …“Staying in Koudougou [the country’s third largest city] represented a major risk,” he said about the situation there.

    Burkina Faso has been beset with rampant jihadist insurgency since 2015, with the group now controlling 40% of the country’s territory…

    …“He gave his speech at the University of Ouagadougou in front of students, not at the presidential palace, which could already be perceived negatively,” Gaulme said. According to him, this symbol has been interpreted as a will of the Elysée to bypass the country’s authorities.

    “Not to mention that President Macron unwittingly humiliated President Kaboré by making him look like the air-conditioning attendant,” Gaulme continued.

    Back then, Macron joked about Burkina Faso’s then-president having “gone to fix the air conditioning” after he left the amphitheatre at the University of Ouagadougou…

    More at the link.

    What I find unremarkable in all of the above is the unsurprising faute de memoire in ignoring France’s role in NATO destablizing the whole of north Africa by bombing Libya in 2011 that released huge quantities of weapons in to the region turbocharging extremist islamic terrorism that now plagues the region. But hey, France came and offered to ‘fix it’ so that’s OK and remember kids, these parts of Africa used to be French so that they get a free pass to come and go as they please and also a veto on whom else can come and go. Great powers. History. B*llshit.


  35. Politico: Reporting corruption in a time of war: The Ukrainian journalists’ dilemma

    We face a continual tension between holding the government to account, and not wanting the enemy to undermine us by exploiting bad news.

    You’re not being a normal journalist if you practice self-censorship, just playing a role. The above author does not mention (nor does much of the PPNN remind us) that martial law is in place in the Ukraine and that there are strict restrictions on reporting. Why not? Could it be because it is ‘bad for Ukraine’s image’, that it ‘shows the opposite’ to what is being publicly claimed?

    As we have seen over the last decades, the west and its allies continue to criticize other countries over ‘Freedumb’ while attacking and censoring their own journalist, but mostly by co-opting them under economic pressure quietly via their employers. Fall in to line or else. The Groaning Man reported the other day that the Global Index on Censorship (whatever) now ranks the UK as ‘partially open’, slightly better than the USA.* It’s all meaningless of course and won’t make any difference and as usual will be ignored when it does not suit the west’s purposes.



    1. The occasional story leaks out.

      Unsurprisingly, though, the western media mostly stood by Zelensky and let him pontificate about how the shake-ups proved his government was doing its job to root out corruption, even as its widespread prevalence was hinted at. Also unsurprisingly, Amnesty International was happy to run sympathetic interference for him.

      In a video address Tuesday, Zelenskyy said, “Any internal problems that hinder the state are being cleaned up and will be cleaned up. It is fair, it is necessary for our defense, and it helps our rapprochement with European institutions.”

      Analysts say his message was that corruption won’t be tolerated.

      “It’s very hard to save the country when there’s a lot of corruption,” Andrii Borovyk, the executive director of Transparency International Ukraine, a nonprofit organization that fights corruption, told The Associated Press.

      Zelensky still affects to believe not only that Ukraine will be victorious, but that Europe is waiting anxiously to welcome Ukraine into its embrace. I hope disappointment will not drive him into misuse of drugs or alcohol.


  36. Check out this Telegraph UK crap of 2 January: it actually considers the possible defeat of Yukiestan:

    But the fact is that Ukraine is not on course for outright victory. Quite the contrary, as it stands it cannot eliminate Russian forces and, in fact, is increasingly on the back foot. Zelensky’s reconquest of the country is faltering. With the West dithering on supplying tanks, he does not have sufficient weapons to launch a preemptive strike before Putin escalates in spring.

    For all the weakness of Putin’s military, we are heading for, at best, a catastrophic stalemate, and at worst, a decisive Russian breakthrough.

    Putin is betting on the West’s self-immolation – and he may be right


    1. But of course all that may take place in spite of ‘the weakness of Putin’s military’, and against a filter of disunity among the allies. If they would only put their shoulders to the wheel TOGETHER, victory in Ukraine would be a cakewalk.

      Same as it ever was. If that’s what you really think, step up and fight as a united group, NATO. Special prizes for the first 10 brigades in-theatre.


  37. Neuters: Boeing pleads not guilty to fraud charge in 737 MAX arraignment

    …O’Connor imposed a standard condition that Boeing commit no new crimes but did not rule on other conditions sought by the victims, including a request he name an independent monitor to oversee Boeing’s compliance and disclose publicly as much as possible of the substance of Boeing’s corporate compliance efforts adopted since 2021.

    O’Connor asked the Justice Department to follow up with an answer to his question about whether there were instances of the government pushing back on something Boeing did that “wasn’t up to snuff.”…

    …Naoise Connolly Ryan, who lost her husband in the Ethiopia crash, said she wanted justice for her children who had lost their father. “The deal between Boeing and the Department of Justice is not justice,” she said…

    Unfortunately Pay to go away is still standard accepted practice in the United States well within the means of powerful companies. Prison, the exception. It’s hard to see that change in any substantial or meaningful way. You may have seen the news that US justice is now going after Google & Microsoft after years of abuse and looking the other way, which just happens to coincide with the economy suffering and citizens feeling the economic difference in their pocket. When times are good, we look the other way. When times are bad, we need to find someone ‘guilty.’ A very cynical political act.


  38. Nuland admitted that the sabotage against “Nord Stream” had pleased the United States
    Rossiyskaya Gazeta
    2 hours ago

    The terrorist attack that occurred against the Nord Stream gas pipelines caused joy in the US administration. This statement was made by the Deputy head of the US State Department, Victoria Nuland.

    “Senator Cruz, I, like you and, I think, the entire administration, am very happy to know that Nord Stream 2 is now, as you usually say, a pile of metal on the seabed”, Nuland said.

    A video of her speech in the Senate has been published by Forbes.

    Does Lavrov still refer to the slag as a “partner”, I wonder?

    Is she still forbidden entry into Russia? The ban was lifted a few months ago for a one-off diplomatic visit, I recall, and only the deputy Foreign Minister spoke to her.


    1. Well, as I said before now, if that sort of commerce-raiding is now back in vogue and recognized as a legitimate business strategy to guarantee the appeal of your own product, there is legally nothing to prevent American LNG tankers from being sunk at sea enroute Europe. It does not have to be clearly the work of military intervention, such as by submarine attack – although it would be helpful in that it would require all such tankers to sail with a military escort, which would greatly increase the cost to the end-user of the cargo. They could say ‘it was a Russian submarine’, but proving that would be quite another matter, and Russia would smugly disavow all knowledge just as those who blew up the pipelines affected perplexed innocence. It also could as easily be an explosive device fixed during a port call or at the vessel’s loading port, or a minefield laid ahead of its base course; tankers are all about economy, and steer long legs on the same heading to maximize fuel efficiency. Those who are panting for a new world war would do well to recall that past such conflicts included attacks on commercial and logistics interests as a matter of course.


  39. 2023-01-27 17:35:00

    Déja vu: German tanks will fight again in the Ukraine

    Drawing by Boris Yefimov. “Tiger Tamer”. “A tiger never dares attack a mass of people… As much as he is cruel and bold when it comes to sneaking around and attacking defenseless prey, he is just as cowardly in the face of danger. He always tries to get away from a fight with a person and, seeing that he is being chased, even cowardly runs away…

    …A tiger usually dies even from a slight wound. A shot tiger almost certainly has to die. ” (A. Bram. “Animal Life”)

    So, German tanks will once again fight in the Ukraine against the Russians. These words, which have just now become a fact, make even the Germans themselves shudder nervously and cringe at the feeling of déja vu. They are not at all sure that this is a good idea… And for the inhabitants of Russia, it is quite possible, that the well known song of Vladimir Vysotsky begins to sound in their memory:

    Soldiers of Army Group Centre are marching through the Ukraine.
    And don’t stop,
    And don’t take a rest,
    Our faces are shining,
    Our boots are shining!
    Across the scorched plain —
    Metre by metre —

    And ahead of us everything is blooming —
    Behind us everything is burning.
    No need to think! — we have someone
    who will decide everything for us.
    Be Cheerful — not gloomy
    Let’s go home,
    Blonde Brides
    will be our reward!
    Everything is ahead,
    and now metre by metre …

    Or is it not beginning to sound in the memories of the people, because, as some say, everything in Russia today is completely different to what it was in the Soviet Union of 1941-1944? Or maybe it is not not sounding in the memories of all of them?…

    This is actually the most important and decisive question: how much remains today of what drove the people to defend the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War. Is there enough of it left amongst them so they can defend their country again Because everything depends on this. Time will show…

    But, one way or another, all this involuntarily makes one remember old Soviet cartoons, which are becoming relevant again.

    Drawing by Boris Yefimov. “Broken beasts”. 1943 year. Hitler covers his face with a placard, on which it reads: “This is not me and the tiger is not mine…”

    And these are the remains of predators that we dug up in the Oryol-Kursk salient
    Drawing by Evgeny Vedernikov. 1981

    Kiev, 1971. Vladimir Vysotsky. “Soldiers of Army Group Centre are marching through the Ukraine

    Vysotsky’s song is not about the Red Army marching westwards and driving the invader out. He’s singing about summer 1941, about Army Group Centre [Heeresgruppe Mitte] in Operation Barbarossa, which group marched into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialis Republic at 04:00, 22 June of that year.

    The song describes German soldiers marching through the “scorched” earth territory of Soviet Ukraine. It is a sketch of events and moods in the German army at the very beginning of the Great Patriotic War: ahead of the soldiers who are going on the offensive, “everything is blooming”, and behind them “everything is burning”; the marching soldiers have “shining” faces and “shining boots”; they are expecting a quick victory and a quick return home to their “blonde brides”. Every soldier is healthy and “ready for anything”; they are not supposed to think and reflect about their situation: decisions for everyone are made by the Führer.


    1. So, German tanks will once again fight in the Ukraine against the Russians.

      It should strike a chord of memory, because once again also, Germany is in the grip of zealots every bit as ideologically driven as the Nazis were. It is celebrated now rather than condemned, because the target of the Germans’ zealotry is Russia, but not the western allies. Whoever coined the phrase, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ knew western politics better than most.


      1. I suffered Vysotsky’s crooning for months when living in a Soviet student hostel in a tiny room with two Soviet students. I used to say to them: “What’s this drunkard singing about now?”

        He always sounded drunk to me, and, in fact, he was a drunkard and drink killed him.

        My room mates used to say in reply: “You’ll never understand! You have to have a Russian soul to understand”.

        They often used to play Rosenbaum as well, whose singing I much preferred to that of Vysotsky.


  40. 2023-01-27 17:00

    In Nazi Ukraine, there are even postage stamps with Nazis on them

    Ukraine Post has issued a series of postage stamps dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Galicia SS Division. There is no fascism.

    And there is no Nazism in the Ukraine, because their president is Jewish.

    There is, of course, Brian Rigg, an Israeli citizen who, in his 2002 book “Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers”, described how 150,000 Jews served in the Wehrmacht.

    But it is clear as day that [accusations of there being Nazis in the Ukraine] is all Kremlin propaganda.

    The last snarlings of a cornered beast?


  41. Performance
    2023-01-27 19:05

    Lyonya Volkov and Oleg Novalny [sic] have opened a copy of a detention cell in Berlin

    Thanks guys! You’ve brought tears to my eyes. When I get out, I’ll set off for your museum straightaway!

    Oh look! The statuesque blonde Navalnaya! I wonder who her companion is?

    An installation in the form of a detention centre cell in which Alexei Navalny is imprisoned, has opened in Berlin

    Oleg Navalny [A. Navalny’s criminal brother] and Leonid Volkov made speeches about the meaning of the project. One of the speakers said that after Berlin the installation would be temporarily installed in other countries.

    I see Volkov is still eating well.

    “Mein Russland sitzt im Knast” — My Russia is in jail

    It isn’t your Russia, arseholes!

    You have chosen to be agents of a foreign state.

    I don’t think any of you traitorous bastards now live in Russia — haven’t done so for a good while now.

    You certainly don’t, Volkov, ya fat twat!


    1. Con men — all of them!

      Oleg Navalny is dressed like an archetypal Vatnik whom the Banderite Nazis so despise.

      He fevvers a jailbird an’ all.

      I wonder when Berlin Yukitard scroungers will attack the “cell”. Navalny for them is still a Moskal. And even worse, he ‘s failed the life-or-death question of theirs: “Whose Crimea”, albeit his forebears were mostly Yukitards. His father most definitely is, and Navalny spent most of his childhood in the UkSSR.

      Oh yes! And one of Navalny’s Yukie uncles was a police auxiliary in Nazi occupied Ukraine.

      Well, a man’s got to earn a living somehow . . .


  42. Gazeta.RU

    January 27, 2023, 19: 21
    “We need 300-500 tanks at once.” Zelensky has asked the West to hurry up with supplies
    Zelensky has said that “it will be too late” if M1 Abrams was delivered to Kiev only by August.

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in an interview with Sky News has said that if the American M1 Abrams were to be delivered only by August, it would be too late. According to him, the AFU needs tanks to “catch up” with Russia in terms of the number of this type of weapons and go on offensive operations. In total, according to him, Kiev needs 300-500 tanks. Earlier, the White House Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, John Kirby, said that the Abrams would arrive in the Ukraine in the spring or summer. Yesterday, Politico wrote that Kiev would received the latest modification of the tank-M1A2, but it secret parts would be removed.

    In an interview with Sky News, Zelensky said that the Ukraine needed Western armoured vehicles, including tanks, to create parity between the armed forces of the Ukraine and Russia on the battlefield, since the AFU now had these weapons in short supply, while the Russian Armed Forces had”thousands” of them.

    “In comparison with thousands of tanks in Russia, we have many fewer tanks, APCs, infantry fighting vehicles and so on”, he said.

    According to him, the Ukraine needed a mass, collective supply of tanks, and not an individual transfer by individual countries, otherwise Kiev would find itself in a situation where “we will have to fight in units against thousands of Russian tanks, so we need 300-500 tanks at once”. Ukrainian troops needed tanks, he said, to conduct offensive operations.

    When asked by a journalist if he thought that the arrival of Abrams by August was too late, Zelensky answered in the affirmative.

    “It’s too late. But I do not know the real situation at this moment. When should they arrive, when will America give us Abrams. And I really don’t know when the tanks will arrive from Europe”, said the Ukrainian leader.

    On 25 January, US President Joe Biden announced the delivery of 31 M1 Abrams tanks to the Ukraine to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces during an upcoming counter offensive.

    “It will take many months”
    On 27 January, the White House Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, John Kirby, said that Abrams would not be in the Ukraine for a long time.

    “Leopard tanks will probably arrive there from Germany and European allies in a relatively short time, possibly by then, to help [Ukrainian troops] in the spring and summer. Abrams will need more time, more months, before they are in place”, Kirby said on CNN.

    He also could not confirm that Abrams would be in the Ukraine until the end of 2023.

    “I can’t be exact, we are working through the plans, but it will take many months”, he said in answer to the question whether Abrams would be delivered by the end of this year.

    Yesterday, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that the United States would not have time to deliver Abrams to Kiev before spring.

    Tank without secret armour
    On 26 January, the publication Politico reported, citing three people familiar with the discussion of the tank contract between the United States and the Ukraine, that Kiev would have delivered not the A1 modification, which had been previously reported, but a more advanced M1A2. Sources of the publication noted that the tanks would not have secret elements that “make the latest version deadly”.

    Politico noted that the differences between A1 and A2 related to optics and controls. In particular, the A2 is equipped with a more advanced guidance system and a thermal imager that allows one to fire in all weather conditions. It was also noted that the A2 has a system of communication and coordination between tank units, which allows information to be continuously exchanged.

    Another Politico source noted that US policy prohibited the export of Abrams with secret armour sets that include depleted uranium. According to him, the United States was changing its “uranium” armour to other types before sending off A2 tanks.

    It was also noted that the timing of delivery of tanks to Kiev was questionable, since the General Dynamics enterprise in Ohio was engaged in export training of vehicles, and now the capacity allowed the assembly 12 tanks per month. In this regard, it was noted that the plant was currently engaged in contract deliveries to Taiwan and Poland, and it was difficult to say whether it was possible to postpone them for the sake of the Ukraine.

    The article emphasizes that delivery, among other things, is complicated by the fact that Abrams is difficult to maintain, and it is necessary to train not only tank crews directly, but also technical personnel. In particular, this is due to the peculiarities of the JP-8 jet engine, which, in case of an error during repair and prevention, can lead to an explosion of the unit. Abrams also requires a huge infrastructure, including tracked M88 armoured recovery vehicles for repairs on the battlefield.

    There will be tanks, but there is a caveat
    On 27 January, the Washington Post reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces would face a number of difficulties after having received a “hodgepodge” of British Challenger tanks, European Leopards and American Abrams. They believe that the Ukrainian army would not get an advantage in connection with deliveries, since three different types of tanks had different ammunition, management and maintenance features, and would also be delivered at different times.

    “No single weapon system or platform can change the rules of the game”, said Franz Stefan Gadi, a senior researcher at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies.


    A word in your ear . . . You’re fucked!

    And you’re going to die soon.


    1. Ha, ha!!! And naturally, the brand-new Abrams will be delivered ‘without the secret stuff that makes them deadly’; why give an ally a deadly weapon when he claims he’s getting his ass kicked? He’d only hurt someone with it. More to the point, when you see footage of an Abrams with its turret blown off and surrounded by an asteroid belt of pieces, you won’t say “Gee….I thought those things were tough”. Instead, you’ll nod wisely and say “I’m not surprised. After all, the Americans removed all the stuff that made it deadly”.

      If, as I speculated yesterday, the purpose of this west-wide announcement of the cavalry riding to the rescue is only to strengthen Zelensky’s position for negotiations, so he won’t have to just surrender and accept terms, it will fail. Russia, as I also stated then, has not really made a fist yet and is mostly just slapping Ukraine. If the west wants to hurriedly give Zelensky a new army every morning for the one that was chewed up in the night, still not really a problem for Russia. The west will run out of equipment before Russia will, because the west mostly went out of the artillery business and this has become an artillery war. In America’s case, it has grown to depend on the rapid achievement of air superiority, usually within less than a week, and all the enemy’s subsequent movements being an open book from the air. They’re trying to gain that with drones for Ukraine, but it isn’t working so well thus far, and if they want to use manned aircraft it will widen the war to Europe.

      America said authoritatively, early on, that Ukraine must win. If it is unable to bring about such a solution, then it falls victim to the Haushoffer Doctrine – it will look weeeeaaaak. The more obvious its efforts to tilt the playing field in favour of Ukraine, the worse it looks when those efforts do not yield the desired result.


    2. I recall several stories reported in the MSM that the Ukraine actually had MORE tanks several months into the war than at the beginning from captured tanks abandoned by panic-stricken fleeing Russian soldiers.


  43. So, it turns out that the polish ‘historian’ director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum is a Holocaust revisionist:

    al-Beeb s’Allah: Ukraine war: Auschwitz anniversary marked without Russia

    …its director likened the Ukraine war to the horrors of the Holocaust…

    …At the event on Friday, museum director Piotr Cywinski said Auschwitz was created by Nazi “megalomania” and a “similar sick megalomania” and “similar lust for power” had driven Russia’s destruction of Mariupol and Donetsk.

    Speaking to an audience including camp survivors, he warned that “once again, innocent people are being killed en masse in Europe”.

    “Russia, unable to conquer Ukraine, has decided to destroy it. We see it every day, even as we stand here. And so it is difficult to stand here today.”…

    …Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar has spoken about his regret that Russia has been excluded from the commemoration, warning that “these political games have no place on Holocaust day”.

    He told AFP: “For us, this is clearly a humiliation because we perfectly know and remember the role of the Red [Soviet] Army in the liberation of Auschwitz and in the victory over Nazism.”…

    Yet again those making the claims demean themselves and what they claim to represent each time they whip it out (sic criticism of i-Srael is antisemitism etc.) and are in full Boy who cried wolf mode. The imbeciles are driving the ship at the iceberg. Let ‘civilized’ u-Rope & America embrace Banderites to their bosom fully and continue to celebrate their greatness publicly. Azov world tour anyone?


    1. “Russia, unable to conquer Ukraine, has decided to destroy it. We see it every day, even as we stand here. And so it is difficult to stand here today.”…

      Well, can’t you prevent them from destroying it?? I thought you were winning!! So, Russia is unable to conquer us, instead it’s going to…conquer us? That’s a good one for the history books: America was unable to conquer Japan, and so it destroyed it. But Japan remained unconquered.

      For us, this is clearly a humiliation because we perfectly know and remember the role of the Red [Soviet] Army in the liberation of Auschwitz and in the victory over Nazism.”…

      Not only that, but the current conflict has the west and NATO supporting the Nazis, something it would like to go unnoticed. But more importantly, Russia was also part of the Holocaust itself, and thousands upon thousands of Russian Jews died, some at the hands of Ukrainians. Rather than a humiliation at being excluded, it would be a disgrace for Russia to be included in such a gathering.


  44. Evening Sum’tard: NewsWorld
    Germany ‘sorry’ for leopard jibe at Russia’s foreign minister that upset some Africans

    The tweet and emoji played on Germany’s decision to send some of its advanced Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

    …But an African Union official took offence at what she said was the continent being portrayed as only about wild animals. Ebba Kalondo, the spokeswoman for AU Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat, tweeted back to the German government account questioning if Africa, its people and its wildlife was “just a joke to you?”.

    “Foreign policy is not a joke nor should it be used to score cheap geopolitical points by illustrating an entire Continent with colonial tropes,” Ms Kalondo wrote in a follow-up tweet.

    In a reply the German foreign ministry apologised, saying “point taken & sorry”. It said the tweet wasn’t meant to offend, but rather “to call out the lies that Russia uses to justify its imperialist war of aggression against Ukraine.”…

    But I thought this was just innocent trolling? It seems the German FO has missed out on the whole woke fashion. Hoist one petard.

    Remember kids, being nasty on social media is bad, unless it is for a good reason (i.e. in your favor) and you really didn’t mean it or you are just *#&$ing tone deaf and desperate to get an easy one over on your opponents because you cannot do it any other way!


  45. The OPCW now officially blames Syria for the 2018 Douma gas attack. Claims it was cylinders were droped from SAF helicopters.



      …It noted that the “reasonable grounds” degree of certainty is the standard of proof consistently adopted by international fact-finding bodies and commissions of inquiry that investigate potential violations of international law…

      We already know how the OPCW hierarchy treats its on the ground inspectors if it doesn’t produce what is expected of them. If their (lack) evidence is still ignored then you wonder where else it magically found other evidence (secret?) to support this claim.

      This looks like another bite of the cherry.

      Knowing the US’s standard operating procedures, I expect they will be tempted to take advantage of this in some way in Syria, more so if they can claim some sort of ‘success.’ Maybe some friendly airstrikes or more sanctions, now so that things are finally opening up in the region.


    2. Unsurprising; you could see that’s the way they were going when they expunged the testimony of dissenting opinions from the report. When that unidentified Republican claimed the west ‘makes its own reality’, ne’er a truer word was spoken. It also makes its own history, retroactively. The ‘P’ in their acronym stands for ‘Political’.


        1. It would stand to reason, it being him, since he was the Republicans’ guru and ideological spirit-guide, and the philosophy he espoused was designed to ensure a permanent Republican majority. I imagine he would be delighted to claim it, as would many others, had it not been held up to ridicule as the deranged ramblings of a megalomaniac. Every potential candidate says, “Wasn’t me” when the phrase in question is synonymous with bigheaded overreach.


  46. Jolly good show chaps!

    03: 12, 28 January 2023
    Great Britain is thinking about supplying the Ukraine with fighter jets
    Telegraph: London may give fighter jets to Kiev if Russia withdraws troops from the Ukraine

    The United Kingdom has considered supplying fighter jets to the Ukraine in the event that the Russian military leaves its territory, The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

    The publication clarifies that today the transfer of military aircraft to the Ukraine is not a priority task of the British military command. However, according to sources, this may happen if the Russian army leaves the country’s territory and the Armed Forces of the Ukraine (AFU) needs to protect the borders by patrolling its airspace.

    It is noted that a number of people who are in the leadership of the British army, have declared the insufficient contribution of the Royal Air Force and Navy in support of Kiev, calling for the supply of more types of weapons to the Armed Forces of the Ukraine.

    Earlier, Danish military experts said that the tanks that Western countries plan to supply to Kiev would not help the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. According to experts, if used correctly, the equipment would bring great benefits to the Ukrainian troops, but would be unable to change the situation.

    Little support from His Majesty’s Royal Navy, eh?

    Gunboats along the Dnieper, chaps?


    1. On the sunny side, pretty much any fighter will do; it will only need to remain airborne for about 45 minutes to patrol the whole of Ukraine’s borders, and the pilot will be back in time for elevenses.


  47. January 28 2023, 07:45

    Berl-Lazar doesn’t understand Russian well?
    Why shouldn’t the rabbi demand that his compatriots stop the war in Ukraine?

    President Vladimir Putin met with Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar and President of the Federation of Jewish Communities Alexander Boroda. The meeting was held in the Kremlin and was dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    The Russian President gave a small but important message to the rabbis about how successfully Russia is strengthening the memory of the Holocaust. Recall that “Holocaust” is translated as a burnt offering, meaning a ritual sacrifice. Some interpret the Holocaust in World War II as a terrible but pre-planned event. Moreover, it was planned by those who have been striving for the establishment of a new anti-Christian order throughout the world for centuries.

    The genocide of the Slavic peoples, especially the Russian people, during the Second World War was much larger. But for some reason, the tragedies of the Slavs and other peoples in the world are considered not as important as the sufferings of the Jewish people. Even in Russia, the problems of the Jewish people are already becoming a dominant priority.

    When in Russia the Russian people observed the 100th anniversary of their tragedy — the murder and burnt offering of the Holy Tsar-Martyr Nicholas and the entire Holy Royal Family — all the attention at the state level was not drawn to our Russian catastrophe at all, but to the holding of the football World Cup. And the day before, with state support, a dirty and offensive film about the Russian Tsar and his Family was released on wide screens. [A cinematic portrayal of an affair between the unmarried heir to the Romanov throne and a Polish ballerina — ME]

    Is it possible to imagine such insulting inattention to any tragic events of the Jewish people in our country? Is it possible to imagine such an insult on the eve of the Holocaust?

    At a meeting with President Putin, Berl Lazar stressed: “Today in Russia, Jews feel really comfortable, and thank God for what is really happening in our country today”.

    It is clear that Rabbi Berl Lazar cares about his flock. Kommersant correspondent Andrey Kolesnikov writes in a somewhat ironic article about Putin’s meeting with rabbis: “Russian for the Lubavitcher Hasid Berl Lazar, who was born in Italy, moved to the United States at the age of 15 and has been living in Russia for more than 30 years, is not his native language, and he does not always speak clearly, but this, oddly enough, only makes you listen to him better and, in the end, you understand what he says, which is what you ought to do”. Both the Russian language and the Russian people are not native to the rabbi.

    However, with concern for other peoples, Berl Lazar still appealed to Vladimir Putin to find “peaceful solutions”. “It is clear that when he spoke about “peaceful solutions”, he was referring to the history with the Ukraine”, Kolesnikov writes in his article.

    But it is strange that the influential Rabbi Lazar addresses this question to Putin, and not to influential representatives of his people. Today, Jews not only feel comfortable, they are even stronger than before, they hold the world’s finances in their hands, they own big businesses, and they have enormous political influence. Well, look at who runs the Ukraine! No one is hiding this — Zelensky, Poroshenko, Kolomoisky…

    And who rules Europe and the United States?

    But the United States plays a leading role in what is happening now in the Ukraine. Why shouldn’t Berl Lazar appeal to his compatriots Anthony Blinken, Victoria Nuland, who have made a huge contribution to unleashing the war in the Ukraine? Why not ask old Kissinger, not the best representative of the Jewish people, who for many years has been actively involved in the development of destructive global processes, including the creation of the current “controlled chaos” on Russian soil.

    One could make a call for peace to Trump, whose daughter converted to Judaism, and whose Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, his brother and his whole family have considerable authority in Israel and continue to influence world politics.

    One could demand from the family of the current US President Biden concrete actions to stop the kindling of the flames in the Ukraine. The portal of the global Jewish online centre has described the circle of Biden’s relatives thus: “Included in this circle are Biden’s infamous youngest son Hunter and his last wife, the South African Jewess Melissa Cohen, as well as Biden’s daughter Ashley with her Jewish husband, plastic surgeon Howard Crane”. A lot is already known about the criminal activity of Biden’s son, Hunter, in the Ukraine. They write that the Hunter Biden Foundation even financed military biolaboratories in the Ukraine and the creation of biological weapons. Why shouldn’t Berl Lazar try to influence this scoundrel, even if through an angry appeal to Biden’s Jewish relatives?

    Why shouldn’t Berl Lazar finally demand that the Rothschilds end the war in the Ukraine?

    Who today openly demonstrates that the world already belongs to them? Not just the Rothschilds, of course. And if the world belongs to them, then the war is not without their participation. So save humanity from the growing war and tame your global ambitions.

    At the end of the meeting with President Putin, Berl Lazar said these words: “… we as a Jewish community, I think, not only in Russia, but all over the world, are ready to do everything to find some peaceful solutions, so that people can really live in peace… Perhaps our people understand more than anyone what suffering is, so we are ready to do everything so that there really is only peace in the world, that there is peace and that people live a good life”.

    Well said Berl Lazar, we must work hard for peace and love.

    This is how the chief rabbi of Russia would be able to make a fiery speech to his influential compatriots: a call for peace and love, and to ask them to distribute their estates to the poor and serve faithfully all mankind.

    And it is high time for the Russian people to take care of their fate in order to fulfill their Orthodox mission in the world, given to us by God, and not turn into worthless shit for those who no longer hide their confidence in their superiority and ambitions for world domination.

    Igor A. Romanov, Centre for Church-State Relations “Bereg Rus”, Doctor of Social Sciences

    An antisemitic rant?

    Many would say so, I’m sure..

    However, the author is wrong to say that Blinken et al. are the rabbi’s compatriots. They are indeed “ethnic” Jews, but are they practising Jews, do they practise the Jewish “faith”? And if they do, that still does not make them the rabbi’s compatriots but his co-religionists.


    1. I have to say, though, that Igor A. Romanov certainly seems to be an “extreme” Russian nationalist and devout Orthodox Christian who dislikes Jews, no doubt because he believes that Jews killed his “saviour”, which is rather paradoxical, because without the death of his “saviour” and his resurrection, Igor A. Romanov’s soul, whatever that might be, if it exist at all, would not have been able to be granted “eternal salvation” — on condition that he does on earth what his God commands.

      So really, Igor A. Romanov should be grateful to the Jews — eternally grateful!

      However, his arguments as regards the Jews controlling everything can easily be discounted.

      But firstly, what does he mean by “Jews”?

      He seems to believe that there is a certain Jewish ethnicity and what is more, he also overlaps their “ethnicity” with Judaism. That is why he mistakenly says that Blinken, for example, a New York Jew, and Rabbi Berl Lazar, a “Russian” Jew born in Italy, are “compatriots”.

      And the old story that the Rothschild family controls the world is straight from the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” by way way of the Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda and its chief, Joseph Goebbels.

      I sent I. A. Romanov’s article to my son. He wrote back:

      Crazy topic. Nazi topic. Fanatic topic.

      Maybe somewhere it’s true, but it’s too much — as we say: “Слишком толсто”. [“too thick”, meaning “laying it on too thick” —ME]

      Jews are not the rulers.They are a power, one of several powers. But not fucking every Jew. It’s not a question of a nation: it’s a question of money, and not only Jews have a huge amount of money.

      Forbes’ 100: they are the ones who have influence, and they are not Jews: they are different nationalities.

      Sorry for my spelling, but I guess you understand.

      And for sure, there are plenty of Jewish members of the Russian army fighting right now in the Ukraine, and, of course, plenty of their “compatriots” are Jews and who who are their opponents.

      Least said about the shit who is the president of Banderastan the better.

      And I say again: I know and have worked with plenty of Jews here, and most are as patriotic as . . . well, as I am. And though most of them are dead now, I worked in the Soviet Union with and have fond memories of many old Soviet Jews — mostly old Soviet schoolma’ams when I was visiting village schools in the Voronezh Oblast during my student days — who were extremely patriotic towards the Soviet Union. Those who weren’t, all fucked off to the USA courtesy of the Jackson–Vanik amendment to the Trade Act of 1974, and thank Woden for that! Otherwise we’d have to suffer the likes of Gessen and Co. gobbing it off here all the time.


    2. Jews or not, the war should be brought to an end because it is yet another genocide of Slavs, for the delectation and delight of the west and its ‘Christians’. Nearly all the casualties are Slavs, regardless their declared nationality.


  48. RT

    27 Jan, 2023 22:17
    German FM under fire for ‘war with Russia’ comment
    Opposition politicians say Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is unfit for her job

    German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has faced waves of criticism after saying at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) that Germany is at war with Russia. The comment led opposition politicians to question whether she is fit for the job.

    “A statement by Baerbock that Germany is at war with Russia shows that she is not suited for her job,” MP Sahra Wagenknecht, the former head of the Left Party in the Bundestag, tweeted on Friday. A foreign minister should be a “top diplomat” and “not act like an elephant in a China shop,” she added, accusing Baerbock of “trampling” on Germany’s reputation.

    During the debate on Tuesday, Baerbock said European nations are “fighting a war against Russia” and must do more to defend Ukraine.

    Germany needs a foreign minister who is capable of acting “as a responsible diplomat and not a firebrand” amid the conflict in Europe, said Alice Weidel, the co-chair of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) in the Bundestag, adding that a foreign minister should represent Germany’s interests exclusively.

    Gerhard Papke, a regional lawmaker from North Rhine-Westphalia and president of the German-Hungarian Association, accused Baerbock of being “completely politically insane” for making the statement.

    Left MP Selim Dagdelen demanded that Chancellor Olaf Scholz provide an “immediate” explanation on whether Baerbock has his government’s mandate “for her declaration of war.” He added that the minister is a threat to the security of the German people.

    Neither Baerbock nor Scholz have responded to the criticism so far. The Foreign Ministry stated that Berlin is not a party to the conflict between Kiev and Moscow, in a statement to the tabloid Bild.

    “Supporting Ukraine in exercising its individual right to self-defense… does not make Germany a party to the conflict,” it said, pointing to the UN Charter. The Foreign Ministry added that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is “a war against the European peace and order,” and that this is what Baerbock meant.

    Moscow said that Baerbock’s words only show that the West has been planning this conflict for years.

    Well, Moscow would say that! One mega-inferiority complex, they have in Mordor — always playing the victim and whinging and wining and lying through their teeth an’ all. Sad, really.


    1. 4 hours ago

      The media was angry at Baerbock because of her words about the “war against the Russian Federation”

      Readers of the German newspaper “Die Welt” have criticized in the comments to an article on the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who had declared “war against Russia”.

      I’m a real clever-clogs, I am!

      An Internet user named Ansgar B considers this “absolutely unacceptable”.

      “If she has at least a minimum of responsibility for our country and for Europe, she should resign”, he wrote.

      “In diplomacy, one needs to be able to keep one’s bad language under control. But for this woman, this rule doesn’t work. She speaks first, and then thinks”, commented Holger D.

      “Mr. Scholz, choose which of you two is lying. Either you, who says that we are not at war with Russia — or your woman Minister of Foreign Affairs. Depending on your answer, one of you should resign! ” urged reader Norbert S.

      “What else can you expect from a woman who falsified her own biography and took such a high position without a proper education?” asked Gudrun S.

      On January 24, the German Foreign Minister said during a PACE meeting that European countries are “at war against Russia” and called on EU countries to do more together for Kiev, and not to look for culprits amongst their own. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova , regarded Baerbock’s statement as an admission that the West had planned a war against Russia in advance.


  49. Check out MoA Ukraine – RAND Study Sees Risks In Prolonged War and then read this:


    RAND analysts have called on the US to take four steps to resolve the crisis in the Ukraine
    28 January, 2023, 10:44

    Analysts of the American non-profit organization RAND have listed four steps that the US authorities can take to resolve the Ukraine conflict.

    First, Washington should clarify the details of future aid to Ukraine. Next, it is necessary to make commitments to ensure Ukrainian security.

    Third, the United States must guarantee Ukraine’s neutrality. The last step RAND analysts call the establishment of conditions for easing anti-Russian sanctions.

    Earlier, Russian presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that there are no prospects for reaching a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis right now.


  50. AsiaTimes: Liberal hawks over realist doves in heated Ukraine debate

    Diminished doves coo for negotiated peace while ascendent hawks squawk Putin needs to pay for his rule-busting aggression

    …On the one hand, many realists believe the only way out of the current conflict is a negotiated peace. That involves recognizing, in the words of US political scientist John Mearsheimer, the “taproot of the current crisis is NATO expansion.”…

    …The argument that NATO enlargement caused the Putin regime to attack looks unconvincing. It was not Washington but the states of Eastern Europe, historically fearful of Russian dominance, that clamored for NATO membership….

    In short, it’s not the fault of the person giving the kids guns in any way if they ask for them, even if they go around waving them in someone else’s much larger faces and run back to the seller to ask for help when they get in to trouble for their actions (NATO’s Article 5).

    I’ve been seeing more and more such ‘analyses’ from backwater academics published for distributed for free via spread more and more widely on the internet. It looks to me like another strand of supposedly ‘disinterested parties’ but in reality part of the pro-war PR campaign to keep the public and voters – who have not been asked – amenable to continuing the west’s war against Russia going to a) push back against the views of those who see the world as it is (so called ‘realists’) who’s arguments have been gaining ground publicly in the last few years after almost two decades of ‘Let’s blow this country up because we don’t like it and f*ck the consequences; and b) keep any last shreds of the antiwar movement and what’s remains of political left in a corner.

    These ‘academic analyses/articles’ all follow a very similar methodology of a) are short and therefore easy to digest (public friendly) and thus easier and more likely to be shared (social media friendly); b) never delve much beyond surface questions except almost in brief passing to dismiss or offer simple answers (done and dusted); c) contain and undercurrent of a moral argument to ‘DO SOMETHING’, i.e. continue with the current disastrous course; d) never directly or openly challenge those they criticize (sic Mearshimer et al (not me!)); e) coast on academic credentials to be somehow more important and valuable despite the poor quality of argument, fact cherry picking, false equivocation and sometimes poor writing.

    This stuff is just a PR opinion mop and of such a bad quality there can’t be much of any other reason for it. Did I mention it’s free?


    1. At my previous university, our head of academic development said TheConversation was for writing the most provocative insane thoughts and encouraged us to write articles to get attention. I never wrote one there but did respond to one of the neverending Russophobic articles and got totally stupid replies.


    2. The very justification that eastern European nations ‘clamoured for membership’ is itself rooted in bullshit. Those nations took part in referendums which established the prime motivator among the population was advancement of their living standard and for economic benefits, and responses to the question – paraphrased – ‘how do you feel about plumping down 2% of your GDP every year to buy NATO military equipment so you can contribute to the defense of Empire?’ skewed the results pretty sharply the other way.


  51. Straits Times via Denmark calls for mandatory military service for women

    …The move can help Denmark meet its requirements under its Nato membership.

    It would also be “beneficial” for the military if it had more women employed, Danish Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said in an interview with broadcaster TV2…


    Why? We are not at war with Russia as the German FO helpfully informed us after their boss Annalena Bearcock expressly said so in a speach at the EP.

    There’s even almost no discussion about this in the tame media, so what’s the rush? A nice, juicy future war we can all get equally involved in whether we want to or not?

    It’s one thing to send money digitally to the Ukraine and weapons from military depot to military depot but when out actions start to make a direct impact on the day to day lives of citizens, who have not been asked so how we still pretend that we are ‘not at war’? Only if is not said out loud but OK under the pillow? WtAF?

    Will this become and election issue or disappear until there’s a new government when it will be revived and implemented?

    Can’t let the rubes actually chose.


    1. Again with the blithe assertion that any organization will of a necessity be greatly improved if it has more women in it.

      “It would also be “beneficial” for the military if it had more women employed, Danish Defence Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen said in an interview with broadcaster TV2…”

      Why is that, Mr. E-J? Are women known for being able to carry heavier loads, such as the equipment the infantry must carry with it into battle? Are they historically better shots? Do women have some sort of gender edge as pilots? Of course, some women are extremely good at all these pursuits, but generally speaking, women have less upper-body strength than men, traditionally do not seek out martial pursuits, and armies historically are mostly made up of men. I hate being put in a position that makes me sound like a misogynist, because I’m really not, but it does nobody of any pursuit or either gender any favours to foster the notion that they are admirably suited for military service owing to their estrogen quotient. It is even more duplicitous to suggest that every venue and occupation will be magically improved if it just gets more women.


  52. Another Chihuahua state ambassador told to sling his hook!


    28 Jan, 2023 08:19
    Moscow expels Baltic country ambassador
    Hostile actions have “largely destroyed” bilateral ties, the Russian Foreign Ministry has claimed

    Latvia’s ambassador to Moscow, Maris Riekstins, has been ordered by Russia’s Foreign Ministry to leave the country within two weeks. The Latvian chargé d’affaires in Moscow, Dacija Rutka, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Friday, where she was served with a “strong protest” and informed of the decision.

    Riga said on Monday it was downgrading the level of diplomatic ties, citing Russia’s military operation in the Ukraine and “solidarity” with neighbouring Estonia. Moscow and Tallinn are also mutually expelling ambassadors.

    “We have stressed that the justification of this move by some kind of ‘solidarity’ with other Baltic countries is unacceptable”, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

    “They have ‘solidarity’ only in one thing: total Russophobia and the willingness to initiate hostile steps towards Russia that are being encouraged by the US and other unfriendly countries.”

    The ministry added that relations between Moscow and Riga had already been “largely destroyed” by Latvia’s crackdown on Russian-language media and the “criminal prosecution of our compatriots”.

    This month, Latvian police arrested Marat Kasem, Editor-in-Chief of “Spuntik Lithuania” and a Latvian national, on suspicion of violating sanctions against Moscow. Russian officials dismissed the accusations against Kasem as “far-fetched” and “absurd”.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry also slammed Riga for taking down Soviet-era monuments. Despite the protests by the local Russian community, the Latvian authorities demolished several World War II memorials, including a tall obelisk in the capital erected to commemorate the liberation of the country from the Nazis.

    Estonia demanded this month that Russia drastically cut personnel working at its embassy in Tallinn. Moscow responded on Monday by scaling down bilateral ties to the level of chargés d’affaires, and ordering the Estonian ambassador to return home by February 7. Tallinn, meanwhile, has told the Russian ambassador to do the same.


    1. Yes, boot them all out. And let’s remember, please, that these are all ‘unfriendly countries’, and not bother to start up diplomatic ties with them once again when the wind changes. In the multipolar future there are obviously going to be spheres of influence, not ‘the sole remaining superpower’ ordering everyone about, and there is no reason to entertain the diplomatic representative of an enemy.


  53. Apparently off his own bat, the Tory backbencher flew off to Kiev in order to have a chat with the valiant Yukies and the Criminal Kiev Clown who is their head of state.

    In Kiev he huffed and puffed and affected his usual bemused, affable, somewhat kind-hearted English upper-class idiot behaviour that he has developed over the years and now performs so well.

    But he isn’t an idiot. He has a reason for doing this. In this last instance, he flew off to Banderastan so as to distract attention from scandals over money and litigation in the UK and to project a humanitarian image of his not being afraid of fully supporting the underdog, those dear, sweet, kind Ukraine nationalists (read “nazis”) who are the victims of unprovoked, brutal Russian aggression, and to state on behalf of the UK government and UK population, without having any authority to do so, that the United Kingdom shall stand by the Banderites for as long as it takes; arm them, fund them, and thereby enable them to prolong the war that they, urged on by the USA, provoked.

    As a result of this encouragement of his and of the USA, at whose behest he probably flew off on his surprise visit the land of the Yukieretards, the horrific slaughter of Ukraine “heroes” shall continue to increase almost exponentially. Russians too shall continue to die, but their lives don’t count ‘cos they’re not humans.

    It seems that “Bonking Boris, the fatty toff who would never be fit enough to go to the front, is very fond of swimming in the blood of others: just cross his podgy paws with a bit of silver . . . and he’s yours”.

    I quote above “Ash”, who made that comment on 28 January 2023 at 10:32 on Larry Johnson’s blog


    1. By the way, the Sky Pilot in the welcoming team for the fat twat is, I am sure, Ukrainian Greek Catholic, namely a Holy Joe who practises Eastern Orthodox liturgy but recognizes Frank the Argentinian as the world’s No. 1 Sky Pilot.

      The Ukrainian Greek Catholic church was dreamt up by Polish Jesuits at the end of the 16th century in an attempt to counter the hold that the Eastern Orthodox Church had on retarded peasantry in what is now Wester Ukraine and Western Belorussia.


    Jan. 29th, 2023 at 05:18

    The media wrote a lot about how the former British Prime Minister unexpectedly visited Kiev on January 22, 2023, where he promised Zelensky to “support the Ukraine for as long as it takes”.
    He visited Bucha and Borodyanka, where he called at a church, laid a wreath and said interesting words to the mayor of the city:

    “You will win and expel all the Russians from your country, but we will be here for a long time. And we also want to help you recover”.

    That is, not the Russian [русская] army or Russian [русские] soldiers, or citizens of the Russian Federation [россияне] [in the Russian original, the author uses the terms русские and россияне to differentiate between ethnic Russians and citizens of the Russian Federation, 20% of whom not being ethnic Russians — ME] but specifically Russians [русские]. I think this means precisely a change in the national composition, language and mentality so as to manage more easily a new colony. [I don’t! I think the author has fallen for Johnson’s British “education” bullshit — Oxford and Eton etc., and the fat twat’s general faffing around and bullshitting, therefore mistakenly thinking that he knows the difference between the terms русские and россияне. He doesn’t: Johnson doesn’t know shit from shinola as regards Russia, and when he says “Russians”, he means “Russians” in the insular, uneducated British sense, namely the semi-Asiatic horde of Orcs, the Eastern Subhumans – all of them! — ME]

    In fact England [sic] has destroyed peoples many times over. Now they are destroying the Russians as the fascists did before. Of course, everyone had been talking about this, but this was the first time someone had stated it so clearly.

    Johnson rushed to Bucha and Borodyanka, “which in the West became synonymous with all the atrocities committed as Russian troops advanced towards Kiev in the first phase of the invasion before their having being repulsed”. True, many of the corpses there appeared later than the repulse, but who needs the real truth here?

    Then he wrote an article calling for the Ukraine to be given everything to kill the Russians, up to and including warplanes. Johnson also called the “Normandy format” of the Ukraine talks an imitation of diplomacy.

    to be continued . . .


    1. continued from above . . .

      It is a shame that we have absolutely no coverage of the scandal in which Johnson himself has now become embroiled. The fact is that before he was elected he was in financial difficulties and needed a guarantor for a loan of up to £800,000. And then Mr. Sharp, a former Goldman Sachs banker, introduced Cabinet Secretary Simon Keyes to Canadian multimillionaire businessman Sam Blyth, who is a distant relative of Johnson, and offered to act as his guarantor for the loan. Johnson then offered Sharp the role of BBC chairman candidate in January 2021. And this is an important position. After all, that’s where policies are fashioned.

      It is the BBC that has been broadcasting about all the conflicts of the past decades. And even BBC veteran Jeremy Bowen, who has covered events near Kiev in the way England [sic] wanted, has worked on almost every hotspot before: the Romanian revolution, Chechnya, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, South Africa, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab revolutions, the war in Syria.

      Remember Syria? There the UK and other Commonwealth countries such as Canada sponsored the White Helmets, who provided the media side of both the revolution and the subsequent civil and external conflict. The White Helmets were also visited then by BoJo, who went along on their inspections, encouraging and praising them

      What a coincidence! See how an internal conflict was skilfully fomented and how civilians began to die, civilians who would normally be immensely pitied by others, but not by the likes of Johnson.

      He knows very well that no help given to the Ukraine will succeed, because the main enemy of the Ukraine is themselves [the British — ME] – racists, colonialists and age-old murderers. The Guardian newspaper has written of how looted artifacts stolen from Syria were sold in England [sic]: Looted in Syria – and sold in London: the British antiques shops dealing in artefacts smuggled by Isis

      In fact, the former prime minister is well aware that without the new pumping in of riches from others, his country will not survive. Everything there is terribly bad. There has been no bombing, but people are dying of cold in their apartments, the sick cannot get to the doctors for months, there is no normal work, no housing. Only piracy and new expansion can support the old thieves. They have already stolen from the quite loyal Friedman and Aven [Friedman and Aven, who have resigned from the Board of Directors of Alfa-Bank — ME]. But this is not enough: even the whole of the Ukraine will not be enough. They need Russia. That is when they will all get stinking rich. And for sure he is already sharing the bear’s skin [before he’s killed it], and not just its paws.

      to be continued . . .


      1. Trudeau & Co. will be thrilled – Canada is finally getting noticed internationally! It probably escapes him that it is getting noticed in precisely the wrong context; to wit, as an accomplice of the plunderers and wreckers rather than as the nice guy who was called in as a peacekeeper when the dust settled, because it had an earned reputation for neutrality and even-handedness. All gone, sadly, as it takes its place at the table of thieves and hypocrites, as mendacious as any. And all for Washington’s approval. I hope it was worth it.

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      2. continued from above . . .

        And now for some of what fatty BoJo wrote in an article that he wrote about his latest Ukraine visit. The main thing is that while unleashing a war, he blames others.Apparently, he is sure that the island [the UK — ME] will not be on the receiving end of any artillery/missile bombardment. It looks all so pitiful, almost like the photo of Syrian children after the attacks in Syria, which his White Helmets filmed, and sometimes they themselves staged.

        Conservative Post. Boris Johnson: What the hell is the West waiting for?

        It is good that he remembered the Georgians, because when the UNSO [The Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence: a Ukrainian nationalist organisation that was composed of a political wing and a paramilitary wing — ME] fought for the Georgians, they lost. At the same time, other Ukrainians who had lived in Georgia for centuries were pushed out of it, like many other minorities, but the UNSO did not care about that.

        And very funny about independence. when it is pure colonialism with elements of Nazi cleansing, only not of Ukrainians, but Russians. I hope they pay for everything.


  55. I know it will come as no surprise to anybody here, but the ‘prestigious’ (in the intel world) RAND Corp. produced a study in 2019 for the US Government which concluded that providing lethal aid to Ukraine would increase the risk that Russia would respond militarily, and might even take more of Ukraine. Washington went ahead anyway. No skin off our asses.

    “The geopolitical measures included an option of providing lethal aid to Ukraine. This would create the risk that Russia would respond militarily and eventually take more of Ukraine than the two Donbas republics.”

    Oh, and the deadly attrition of tens of thousands of Ukrainians, well, that was forecast as well.

    “However, such a move might also come at a significant cost to Ukraine and to U.S. prestige and credibility. This could produce disproportionately large Ukrainian casualties, territorial losses, and refugee flows. It might even lead Ukraine into a disadvantageous peace.”

    Nice to see the western intelligence agencies are wrong, as usual. Ukraine is not going to be led into a ‘disadvantageous peace’, as the bigheads offhandedly describe it. Instead, it is going to be obliterated as if it never was. Why? Because overreach is NATO’s middle name, and it will not quit jerking Russia’s chain, through Zelensky, by constantly escalating until Russia removes all rules of engagement and no longer seeks to spare anyone.

    “The U.S., says RAND, can take measures that make a quick end of the war possible. It can press Ukraine to start negotiations and to accept a bad outcome by threatening to stop financing the war. It can encourage Russia to enter into negotiations by offering substantial sanctions relief.”

    Well, the latter objective did not work very well – gosh! Do you think maybe the United States does not actually have as much global influence as it thinks it does, deep in its manipulative little heart? And regardless the fact there is more hair on a banjo than there is trust in American promises in Russia, they likely could not have chosen anyone worse than Nuland to frame the offer.


  56. Kasparov* and Khodorkovsky * have begun to divide Russia
    Jan. 29th, 2023 at 12:29

    Two great thinkers and experts on Russia, Kasparov and Khodorkovsky (*recognized as foreign agents in Russia), have begun to prepare a plan for the structure of our country following the Ukrainian victory over us.

    This plan is outlined by prominent pro-democracy activists in an article published in the American journal “Foreign Affairs”.

    Immediately after the victory of the Ukraine, which the thinkers do not doubt, power in Moscow will pass to a State Council, which will include political emigrants who have returned from Europe and the United States — you have to realize, of course, that this includes these two great thinkers as well.

    Wanker Weinberg

    The State Council will drastically reduce the army and pay reparations to Kiev. Then Russia will be made a parliamentary republic and almost all powers will be transferred to the regions. All parties that supported the special operation in the Ukraine will be liquidated. It is planned to have all patriots declared war criminals.

    But that’s not all. Russia should “hand over pro-Russian territorial formations”, such as Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transdniestria, etc.

    The apotheosis will be lustration for all those who disagree…

    In general, tremble — Kasparov is coming*…

    Nothing as illiberal and intolerant as “liberals” when they get into the driving seat.


    1. If they were Americans talking about America in this way they’d find themselves whisked away in the middle of the night and flown over the Atlantic in the back of a transport plane wearing orange jumpsuits, blind balaclavas and ear defenders. That would be just the start. As they are ‘Russian’, they are instead lauded as heroes.


    2. Typically such blowhards wait until there is an auspicious omen – such as, say, a powerful Ukrainian counteroffensive – before strutting and bragging about how heads will roll when they are in charge. Because, of course, current events indicate that is a possibility. I’m afraid I see no such signs at present. The chances that we will see Martha Stewart come to power in a coup and take over the US presidency are about the same in likelihood as Russia paying war reparations to Kuh-yiv for war damages.

      But that’s just someone’s opinion on a blog, and there’s no reason to imagine anyone really takes it seriously; coincidentally, the missus was telling me just an hour ago on our weekend bike ride about a story which had been sent to her by a Russian friend who is married to a Ukrainian (not unusual at all, my brother-in-law is Ukrainian, and a great guy). In this story, a Russian woman was denied access to the Russian Embassy in Canada…because of a website to which she was subscribed, which was patriotic and pro-Russian. The story was light on detail and more or less all hearsay, and included that the woman allegedly was provided no reasons for refusal in writing. So she was just told, see? And she was not allowed to see anybody to complain. That suggests she was given the push by a security guard or other entry-level official. How would such an individual know anything about a visitor’s reading habits? But this is completely in harmony with modern ‘news reporting’, in which all substantiation is attributed to ‘a high-ranking official familiar with the talks’ or ‘a security professional who cannot be identified because he/she is not authorized to comment’. Just trust me. And Russia is just as susceptible to wild tale-telling and anti-outsider foolishness as anywhere else – a bit more, probably, since the current conflict is framed as existential for the Russian state, in which the country either triumphs over NATO or is defeated and must accept the terms offered by those who hate it.


  57. 29 January, 2023, 11:33
    Scholz: the entire German government is against dragging NATO into the conflict in the Ukraine

    Pay no heed to this idiot woman next to me!

    NATO member states will not be directly involved in the conflict in the Ukraine, and the entire German government shares the view that escalation is unacceptable. This promise was made by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, quoted by TASS.

    “There is no direct participation of any NATO country in this war”, the Chancellor stressed, adding that he would do everything to prevent the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine from turning into a war between Russia and NATO.

    The politician promised not to allow “such an escalation,” noting that everyone in the German government shares this position, including Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

    The representative of the Christian Social Union party in the Bundestag , Alexander Dobrindt, said earlier that Baerbock should correct her words about Europe’s war against Russia, which she said during a speech at the Council of Europe. He explained that the statement of the German Foreign Minister is “a very serious error”, because European countries are not waging war against Russia, but are only supporting “the Ukraine’s right to self-defence”.

    12: 54, 29 January, 2023
    German Chancellor stands up for Foreign Minister after words about war with Russia
    Chancellor Scholz has said that everyone in the German cabinet is against a direct clash between NATO and Russia.

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz defended the country’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock after she had spoken out about the war of European countries against Russia. His words are quoted by the German newspaper Tagesspiegel.

    According to Scholz, all members of the German cabinet are opposed to a direct clash between Russia and NATO, and Baerbock is no exception.

    “There is no war between NATO and Russia. We in the federal government fully agree with this, and the Foreign Minister also thinks so”, the Chancellor assured.

    He also stressed that he would do everything to avoid escalation and prevent the Ukrainian conflict from escalating into a war between NATO and Russia.

    Earlier, Baerbock had announced that the West was at war against Russia, calling for fighting it by supplying the Ukraine with more weapons. Commenting on her words, the German Foreign Ministry stressed that Kiev’s support does not make Germany a party to the the conflict. After that, many politicians demanded Baerbock’s resignation.

    What a load of double-talking shite!

    Arming one of the belligerents but not participating in the conflict?

    Everyone in his cabinet is of this opinion, including Baerbock?

    Does Scholz think everyone is as stupid as he is?


    1. Fortunately, nobody is going to rely on this invertebrate to ‘do everything’ to prevent escalation. Escalation will continue until it is untenable because one side or the other suffers unsustainable losses. No more the possibility that such an eventuality can serve as a useful warning – instead, it’s like the allegory which states that if you tell a man there are three billion two hundred and eighty-seven stars in the sky he will believe you, but if you tell him a bench has been freshly painted, he must touch it to make sure. Ukraine must be destroyed before anyone on that side accepts that there is a risk Ukraine could be destroyed, and that will occur when NATO can no longer prop up the jittering corpse with mercenaries and weekend vacationers. And even then, naturally, NATO will affect that that, too, was all according to plan and that the forced conclusion happened on western terms and according to its will.


  58. The anguished cry of a Navalnyshite:

    2023-01-29 16:01
    Is this Navalny?!

    On the network there can now be seen a terrible photo, which allegedly depicts Navalny NOW. The photo, however, is of very poor quality (reshot from a surveillance camera?), and it is almost impossible to tell who it is in the photo. Maybe it’s a different person, maybe it’s Photoshop.

    However, people are publishing and reposting this terrible image for a reason: the fact is that deep down no one has any doubts that this may well HAPPEN. Because nothing could have prevented it in modern Erefia [Эрефия, pronounced er-ef-ee -ya after the Russian pronunciation of the Cyrillic letters Р (R) and Ф (R):, namely “RFiya”, a term of contempt used by kreakls and such like for the RF, the Russian Federation — ME]. Is there no civilian oversight of conditions in Russian prisons? No, there isn’t. Is the judiciary completely discredited and will never oppose the authorities? Yes, it is. Can foreign public opinion not influence the situation in the Russian Federation in any way? No, it cannot. Is there now chaos in Russian prisons themselves, and are the conditions there terrible? Of course there is and yes they are.

    And Navalny was arrested in mid-January 2021. So, he has been in prison for more than 2 years. In two years, if a person is not allowed to eat properly, or sleep properly, and even loaded with heavy physical work, he can be turned (at least outwardly) into anything.

    And at the same time – for what, in fact, has Navalny been imprisoned: for not dying when they tried to poison him; for returning to Russia, believing that he was not guilty of anything, that he had supporters, that they would not allow all of this to happen? …

    Well, the régime needs at least some victories. With the Ukraine they are not succeeding, but they are hoping that they will at least be able to break Navalny. They have already broken everything else in this country.

    My answer to the question in the heading: I do hope so!

    Does this apparent juvenile who wrote the above really think the majority of Russians give a damn about Navalny?

    And as regards the hard labour that the bullshitting, lying, thieving bastard is burdened with in what know-nothing Westerners love to call a “gulag” is the sewing of police and military uniforms, the trousers thereof, by means of an electric sewing machine.

    See: Russia’s Navalny says he has become a ‘seamstress’ in prison

    No photos of the bastard hard at work, but plenty of spoof photoshops of him sewing.

    And this photo of him below was taken when he was leaving a remand jail after having yet again done 30 days there or whatever for his breach of the terms of one of his many suspended sentences, something he loved doing because he thought he was dead smart and untouchable:

    I think he still got another 8 years to do. He got sent down for 9 years in March 2021.

    How sad for him!


    1. No mention, either, of the myriad suspended sentences he was given for rabble-rousing and stubborn lawbreaking. In fact, his initial jail term was ordered while he was still serving a suspended sentence because he was deemed to have violated its terms, and even in that instance he was ‘spotted’ a full year of time served, reducing his possible sentence.

      The article reports admiringly that the prisoner ‘laughed’ when the sentence was pronounced, and peddled his own investigatory conclusions which led him to believe someone had smeared poison on his underwear on Putin’s direct order. Needless to say, nobody in the west now believes he is a crackpot based on such crackpot behavior. But I bet the fucker is not laughing now.


    2. A poor quality photo in this age of full HD (minimum) resolution is almost a sure sign that either it has been manipulated directly, or it has been chosen above better quality ones that do not serve the purpose. It’s a massive propaganda red flag. There’s an outside chance that it is not but considering the subject matter, not worth putting betting money on by anyone reasonable or ideologically insane.


  59. 29 Jan 2023
    A transgender thing performed at the opening of the European Figure Skating Championships, which is taking place in Finland. Minna-Maria learned to skate a little for this, but still fell and could not get up until the figure skater with the Finnish flag helped.


    Maria Zakharova praised the appearance of a clumsy transgender man at the European Figure Skating Championships. “Previously, such parodies were shown at a the circus”, the diplomat wrote.

    The European Figure Skating Championships were opened by a 50-year-old transgender man. Footage from the opening ceremony was commented on by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

    We are talking about the appearance on the ice of an elderly Finnish transgender man who failed to cope with the first element of the programme and fell to his knees. He couldn’t get up on his own, either. He had to ask for help from his compatriot with the Finnish flag.

    Maria Zakharova commented on the video from the opening of the CHE in her Telegram channel.

    It is worth noting that ordinary people in the West were also not happy with such a performance. They called the incident a national disgrace in Finland.


  60. It was later reported as being a 59-year-old.

    Stunning Performance by 59-Year-Old Trans Figure Skater at Opening Ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championships Goes Viral (Video)
    By Kristinn Taylor
    Published January 28, 2023 at 23:43

    The opening ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championships in Espoo, Finland went viral this week after stunning videos of a 59-year-old man who late in life came out as a gender-neutral trans women’s figure skater were posted of him/her being the featured skater.

    The skater, Minna-Maaria Antikainen, formerly known as Markku-Pekka Antikainen, left the opening ceremony audience speechless with his/her performance.

    Minna-Maaria Antikainen has performed before. Here he/she is skating whilst dressed as a Geisha. Watch at 4:30 for its reaction to the score by the judges.

    59-year-old farmer Markku-Pekka Antikainen took up figure skating at age 50 and is now performing under the female name “Minna-Maaria” at the opening ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championships.

    And now . . .

    Ballet class with women

    Minna-Maaria Antikainen, a lifelong trans person, came out of the closet at the age of 43. (S)he was the chair of the Finnish transvestite association Dreamwear Club in 2009 – 2015. Since 2014 (s)he has been an adult figure skater and an adult ballet dancer. In 2016, (s)he was the first competitor in the unofficial Adult Figure Skating World Championships who performed in female outfit in men’s series. Currently, Minna-Maaria practices figure skating and ballet in several sport clubs and groups six times per week.

    The press release for the opening ceremony of the European Figure Skating Championships made clear that the event was focused on equality and diversity to include people who can’t skate very well in the ceremony.


    1. What a spaz. If it was a brilliant skater, then I would be happy to recognize athletic achievement – in fact, wasn’t that what we were originally supposed to do? See the accomplishment and not the person, all faceless, sexless fellow-occupants of planet earth? Somehow it morphed into a campaign where only men are the oppressors and must be considered low, semi-dangerous animals while those among them who have ‘chosen’ to be women are national treasures, elevated instantly to eccentric-star artistic status.

      If that guy turned in a performance like that as a man he would be laughed off the ice; there are plenty of men who are still very athletic at 59 who could skate rings around him. It’s only because he chose to put on a skirt and make a spectacle of himself, and the reporting is so over the top I often wonder if it is really subtle mockery calculated to make a majority despise sexual deviation, and further divide the conservatives and the wokies who worship the precious.


  61. In the Russian blogosphere now, but not front-page Daily Mail or Washington Post I dare say.

    Mercenaries in Bakhmut/Artemivsk

    There are a lot of them out there. Whereas the wounded are still being taken away, they simply do not have the time to remove the dead. As the nationality of the corpses is easy to identify, the command of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine has ordered that the heads and hands of the dead are cut off – such “trifles” are easier to bury in some pit.

    Members of PMC “Wagner” have found bodies of foreign mercenaries on the territory of Bakhmut/Artemivsk, without hands and heads. The mercenaries had come from Poland and Israel.

    Shalom! An Israeli mercenary.

    Everything had been done in a wild rush, so smartphones were sometimes found in the pockets of a couple of hundred of them, who once were like the jolly Israeli shown above taking a selfie.

    Perhaps now Aaron from Haifa looks like this … No, he was chubby.

    The Ukrainian “warriors of light” are clearly experienced “butchers” — they did their job well: work of high quality, you must agree: they look more like waxworks than corpses.

    You might be asking why they cut off their hands?

    The fact is that all the dead — according to regulations — had had their fingerprints taken and undertaken a DNA analysis.

    Whatever — I hope that after the war, the relatives of the Jewish merry fellow pictured above will be able to come to Donetsk and find out where their admirer of Stepan Bandera is buried.


    Have a nice day and . . .

    Glory to the Ukraine! To the Heroes —Glory!


    1. I should think the corpses’ heads were cut off as well because one of the more common ways of identifying dead soldiers is by checking their teeth and matching the teeth to the dental records held by the armies they were fighting with. Age, health and dietary habits can be determined from the condition of the teeth and checked against information in the person’s dental records. DNA can also be extracted from the teeth, saliva and the insides of the cheeks.


      1. Quite apart from complicating matching of the face with the ID card or other records held by the employing country when there is no head. Really I think I will wait for more confirmation on that story, because it would be nearly as difficult to move around a war zone with a big fuck-off sack of heads and hands, like some bizarre Santa Claus, as it would be to move a whole body. Also, it would be a hell of a lot quicker to just push the bodies into a pile – complete with heads and hands – and throw some fuel on them and burn them, with every bit as effective results at complicating identification. It sounds to me like an attempt to paint the Ukrainians as soulless savages for propaganda purposes. The truth is unnerving enough. This story could be true, but if so it represents an elevated level of stupidity, because the claim is that the field must be abandoned so rapidly that although they had time to take the head and hands, they forgot to check the pockets of the corpse for a cellphone, which could probably provide ID for the whole family, never mind the individual carrying it.

        It’s actually pretty hard to cut off a head, and the bones in the arms are even larger and hard to sever; you can feel for the joints in the wrists and cut there, like removing a leg from a roast chicken, but if you have time for all that you have time to check for a cellphone, or pile them all in a bedroom of the first house you see and lob a mortar bomb into it.

        It sounds like an attempt to pay the Ukies back for their Bucha bullshit.


        1. Yes, I agree. I had doubts about the authenticity of the story when these photos began to pop up in social networks here.

          Talking about disposing bodies, I noted how yesterday, Von der Leyen was going on about the dead bodies witnessed in Bucha, all laid out alongside the road, their hands tied behind them, all brutally murdered by the Orcs. But as far as I am aware, she never saw them: she no doubt saw many photos that the Banderites showed her and heard many lurid tales off them, but she never saw them with her own eyes. What she did see, however, was a pile of black plastic body bags in a field, which guests of honour, such as she, were invited to gaze upon in horror.


  62. Poor Ursula is going to the the Ukraine
    Today, 18: 11

    Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen?

    “There will be no return to dependence on Russian energy sources extracted from the earth’s interior”, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen declared at the CDU board meeting in Düsseldorf. This “green” task should be solved by the modern generation of Germans, she added. She did not just say that this would solve the problem of establishing an eternal dependence on American LNG.
    Ursula went on to add: “President Putin underestimated the ability of Ukrainians to resist and the ability of Europeans to unite. Putin counted on blackmailing us with our dependence on oil, coal and gas from Russia. But these calculations were not justified because of energy supplies from many other countries. The poor thing took the period of mutually beneficial energy cooperation between Germany and Russia as the “era of the Russian conspiracy” and is now trying to treat her hidden psychological trauma in public.

    Ursula von der Leyen is going to visit the Ukraine on February 3. Before the visit, she once again assured Kiev of the unwavering support of the European Union. “We stand on the side of the Ukraine without any questions or conditions. The Ukraine is fighting for our common values and principles of democracy, and therefore the Ukraine must win this war”, Ursula said.

    It is to be expected that at such a high spiritual level, Frau Von der Leyen will begin her visit by going to the Odessa House of Trade Unions, where fighters for European Democracy burned several dozen people alive, and will award the heroes with German iron Crosses. And then the assessment of the MLRS HIMARS strike will be waiting for her, a strike that destroyed on January 28 a hospital in Novoaydar , Luhansk region, along with 14 hospitalized patients. Another 24 people in the hospital (patients and doctors) were injured. The ceremony of awarding Ursula the defenders of democracy will be held in a solemn atmosphere and the host country will probably propose that she put SS tattoos on chosen places on their bodies, as is their custom.

    Chancellor Olaf Scholz was also surprised. He, who having allowed the sending of German tanks to the Ukraine, said: “A war is going on nearby. And I promise you that I shall not allow it to approach our borders. We shall do everything prudently — our entire government as a whole and I, as chancellor, in turn. If you look at the map, it turns out that Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary lie between the Ukraine and Germany. How did Olaf Scholz imagine that “the war is approaching the borders of Germany”? The answer must be sought in the mysteries of psychiatry. The chancellor realized that in the Ukraine “our people are being beaten”. And he is afraid that after the defeat of “ours” it will be the turn of the European “brothers-in-law”, so he is ready to lavish the Ukraine with German tanks.

    What can the world expect from the “denazified” Germany with such a U-turn? Marching storm troopers through the streets of Berlin to the upbeat rhythms of Horst Wessel seems impossible, but . . .


    1. I wonder how her stirring call to greenness was received by the business community? I can tell you it won’t be happy times in the UK, where the Chancellor (I was unaware the UK even had such a position, but I should not be surprised as it is another posh job for some inbreeder from a good family) informed that sector in England that the energy support payments the government doles out are ‘unsustainably expensive’, were never meant to go on indefinitely, and that the government cannot ‘permanently shield businesses from this energy price shock’. In the near future, businesses will have to bear the elevated costs unaided, with predictable effects on the cost of their products.

      Incidentally, mortgage starts in the UK are down to the lowest level in three years in the new year, while the interest rate on new mortgages increased 26 basis points.

      70% of Irish businesses forecast lower profits for the year just past – never good news for business, I would think – while the cost of gas rose 90% year-on-year in 2022, and electricity expenditure was up 60%. The same survey predicted energy costs would be even higher in 2023.

      In Baerbockland, the industrial heartland faces a potential exodus as energy costs become impossible to absorb and remain profitable. Great job, Greenies. Like in Ireland, a minority of businesses will try to soldier on using investment of their nest egg in ‘renewables’, while a majority ups sticks and moves away or struggles until they collapse.


      1. Not only has the UK a chancellor, it has four, maybe more, namely the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and the Chancellor of the High Court.There used to be a Chancellor for Ireland an’ all.

        The chancellor of the Exchequer is a senior minister of the Crown within the Government of the United Kingdom, and head of His Majesty’s Treasury. As one of the four Great Offices of State, the Chancellor is a high-ranking member of the British Cabinet.

        The chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster is the second highest ranking minister in the Cabinet Office, immediately after the Prime Minister.The role includes as part of its duties the administration of the estates and rents of the Duchy of Lancaster. The Duke of Lancaster is always the monarch and called “duke” even if the monarch is a queen. That is why the County of Lancaster is called a “County Palatinate”. Lancashire is my home county, so it makes me dead proud that my home county is Chuck Windsor’s patch as well.

        The Chancellor of the High Court is the head of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales. The Chancery Division specialises in civil disputes, including disputes relating to business, property or land, intellectual property issues, insolvency, bankruptcy, tax and the validity of wills.

        The Lord High Chancellor is the daddy of them all, formerly known as the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, who is the highest-ranking traditional minister among the Great Officers of State in the United Kingdom, nominally outranking the prime minister.

        The lord chancellor is appointed by the sovereign on the advice of the prime minister. Basically, he is the top lawyer in the government, and used to be the top man in the House of Lords and head of the judiciary in England and Wales, thereby having the power to appoint judges. So much for an independent judiciary in the UK — where the judges were appointed by a government minister, as the Lord Chancellor is a member of the Cabinet and, by law, is responsible for the efficient functioning and independence of the courts.

        All this changed about 20 years ago when there was a reshuffling of titles and duties. The present Lord Chancellor is a star russophobic cnut called Dominic Raab, who of East European progeny (figures), His father having fled the Nazi takeover of Czechoslovakia. He Fled to the UK because of the Nazis, and his son loathes the Orcs — ‘cos they were just as bad as the Nazis, worse even, because compared to Stalin, Hitler was a saint . . . yada yada yada.


  63. 2023-01-30 02:01

    It’s too late…Zelensky’s words were regarded as a capitulation…

    FFS! When are these people going to show some style in their way of dress? Apart from the prick on the right, she’s wearing trainers and what looks like a fishing or shooting jacket. All very expensive gear, no doubt, but FFS!

    Twitter users were cheered by Zelenskiy’s words, which were seen as a verbal capitulation. He said in an interview with Sky News that if American Abrams tanks were only handed over to Kiev by August, it would be too late.

    He added that Kiev needed to get weapons as soon as possible and in large quantities: “five, eight, ten tanks do not solve the problem on the battlefield”.

    Just watch the little shit perform!

    One of the Twitter commenters replied that even if Abrams were delivered tomorrow, they would not change anything

    “Very much like capitulating out loud,” said another.

    Another rightly noted that the sooner the vaunted “Abrams” were in the special operation zone, the faster the Russian Armed Forces would destroy them, which would seriously damage the reputation of NATO.

    “Maybe now it’s time to think about a cease-fire and peace talks?” concluded commenters..


    And what can 30 Abrams tanks change?! Even if they showed up at the front tomorrow . . . Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is a battalion of tanks.

    Earlier, the White House said that the delivery of Abrams tanks to the Ukraine would take “many months” and was unlikely to take place until the end of 2023. The Americans intend to supply 31 tanks and 8 BREMS not from the presence of the US Army, especially since they are not in warehouses.

    Abrams tanks are assembled only at the state-owned General Dynamics plant in Lima, Ohio. This plant can produce 12 tanks a month, but the line is currently loaded with orders for new tanks for Taiwan and Poland.

    The Kremlin said that the degree of tension in the situation around the Ukraine was growing because of the West, under pressure from Washington, pumping the Kiev regime with weapons .

    If there were no pressure from Washington, the conflict would have been resolved long ago. Or rather, if there were no US presence in Ukraine, then there would be no conflict . . .


    1. I well remember when Ukrainian expats were gloating over Washington’s decision – allowed itself to be persuaded, you might say – to send the Javelin missile to Ukraine. Such skookum technology was it, it was like comparing an assault rifle to a stick. If only the Ukrainians could get enough of them, why, they’d be marching Putin through Kuh-yiv on a rope leash inside of a month.

      Originally Washington declined to supply the Javelin to Ukraine. But of course it allowed itself to be worn down by Ukrainian yelping and pleading, just as it’s doing now with tanks. And pretty soon, the Javelin was wiping out the Russians beyond the wildest dreams of its senders and its receivers. Out of 300 missiles fired, according to American journalist Jack Murphy and an unnamed US Special Operations official, only 20 failed to destroy a tank – a 93% kill rate!!

      Amazingly, that is almost exactly the projected kill rate – 94% – claimed by its maker, Raytheon. I’m sure that’s a coincidence. Oddly enough, one of the conditions of the original sale to Ukraine was that the missiles could not be used in the conflict, but must be stored in western Ukraine, far from the front lines.

      But the narrative the partners decided to go with was that the Javelin was murderous, terrified the Russians until they wet their pants…but the USA just couldn’t make them fast enough. That was as good an explanation as any for how the Ukrainians could possess the Wonder Weapon, but the Russians remained undeterred and continued to advance. They apparently had millions of tanks, many of which must be remote-controlled, since the initial invasion force was only about 100,000 troops, nowhere near all of which were in tanks.

      Striking a somewhat jarring note, Russian forces claimed to have captured Javelin operators in Mariupol, as well as documents which told a different story about its effectiveness, including – allegedly – a report delivered to Raytheon which announced that according to test results, only 3 of 11 launches against a stationary target scored hits.–why-javelin-was-ineffective-in-ukraine.BJErLYb0c.html

      Of course the Russians are lying – they’re so scared of the Javelin, they will tell any wild story to keep the Ukrainians from getting more of them. But it’s kind of curious, in retrospect, that recent aid packages did not include more Javelins, and now that I mention it, why has the demand been escalated to tanks and fighter planes if the Javelins are doing such a stellar job of wasting the Orcs? The official story is that US production simply cannot keep up with demand.

      Similarly, the Abrams tanks to be donated to Ukraine will not be drawn from existing inventory; they will be built new, for Ukraine. Which will take months, probably not before the end of this year, because they must be made without ‘secret armor’ and other examples of other-worldly technology which might be captured by the Russians, many of whom have never seen flush toilets. Don’t be sidetracked by the apparent lack of sense in these contradictory messages. Ukraine is winning. We have always been at war with Eastasia.


      1. Yeah! Go help punch Putin in the face with every bite of the delicious breakfast cereal!


        But it’s targetted at children — isn’t it?


        1. It’s a parody site, ME. But the tenor of the item is pretty good. The materiel being supplied and the gestures made are equally useless.


  64. The American Conservative

    The Dangers of Ukrainian Revanchism
    Don’t the people of Crimea and Donbas have a right to self-determination?
    Jan 28, 2023
    12:00 PM

    Although the writer urges right through his article that the self-determination is paramount, right at the end he has to throw his little caveat:

    I’m not trying to justify Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or any crimes that they have committed over the last eleven months.

    No, of course you are not! Perish the very thought!

    What are those crimes, by the way?

    And you forgot to place the mandatory “unprovoked” before “invasion of Ukraine”.


  65. The American Conservative

    This Time It’s Different
    Neither we nor our allies are prepared to fight all-out war with Russia, regionally or globally.
    Douglas Macgregor
    Jan 26, 2023
    12:01 PM

    Contrary to early Beltway hopes and expectations, Russia neither collapsed internally nor capitulated to the collective West’s demands for regime change in Moscow. Washington underestimated Russia’s societal cohesion, its latent military potential, and its relative immunity to Western economic sanctions.

    As a result, Washington’s proxy war against Russia is failing. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was unusually candid about the situation in Ukraine when he told the allies in Germany at Ramstein Air Base on January 20, “We have a window of opportunity here, between now and the spring,” admitting, “That’s not a long time.”


    1. It is unseasonably mild here this winter, as it is all over Europe. Temperatures in Moscow are 6 to 7 degrees higher than normal and are more like those we have mid- to late March. The day and night temperature remains below zero, but not by very much. Right now at 12:22 it is minus 3 celsius and snowing. It will get colder next week and with much more snow. But as I always say, people have short memories as regards weather conditions. On 30 January 2014, it was minus 27 °C here and on 30 January 2018 it began snowing and didn’t stop for several days, resulting in the heaviest February snowfall ever recorded in Moscow. Records go back 140 years.


  66. Yay! President Putin threatened to kill BoJo! No, really, here’s the DT’s headline
    “Boris Johnson says Vladimir Putin threatened to kill him ‘with a missile’
    Former prime minister tells documentary how comment was made after he warned Russian president about Ukraine invasion sanctions” (paywalled link: )

    And why, you might well ask, are we being told this now? Because Auntie Beeb is broadcasting a three-part documentary, starting today! And that’s where BoJo said this … here’s the link to the written report in the BBC:

    Oh dear – who knew that Putin has a single missile, so tiny that it can kill a single person …!
    The stupidity demonstrated by the Westminster ‘mighty’ has manifestly got worse than we suspected …


    1. Bore da colliemum! Sut wyt ti?

      Bor-eh dah colliemum! Sit ooet tee?

      Good morning colliemum! How are you?

      I have just posted below this self-same news, and while I was adding more details with links, you, colliemum, posted the above.

      For you: Croeso i Gymru,

      A booklet about learning Welsh in Camarthenshire. It might be of interest to you.

      Best wishes from Moscow.


      1. Iawn, diolch, M.E.!
        It was quite interesting to see that good old Auntie Beeb actually mentioned that they actually couldn’t know what Mr Putin really said … The opinion here amongst us Westminster observes is that BJ is working hard towards a come-back … God forbid. Personally, I think the selfsame MSM which were so very helpful in getting rid of him are now getting buyer’s remorse. After all, once they’ve got Starmer in and, as to be expected, nothing changes, they cannot criticise Labour for those same things which the Tories had to do, like dealing with the economic consequences of yon sanctions …


        1. I agree: the Eton and Oxford educated chump is most definitely trying to present himself as a politician and diplomat of great importance and intellect.

          A Palmerston, or dare I say a Bismarck, is he not.

          All present day politicians and diplomats — Western ones, in any case — are such feeble creatures!

          I think the last European politician of any note was Charles de Gaulle. At least he always had first and foremost in mind the Frogs and Frogland, which figures, and good on him for that! All we have now is arse-licking Atlanticists, and star Atlanticist was Churchill, who really thought New England Yankees would dance along in partnership to Britannia’s imperial tune.

          Britannia was on her way out from the 1840s onwards, but they never realized it at the time of course. She was completely outclassed by 1870, especially after 1871, when the new big kid on the block appeared, namely the Bismarckian Reich.


          1. I dunno if I’d see Britannia going downhill from the 1840s onwards already, although the Crimean war certainly was a blot on the escutcheon. Wellington, had he still bee alive, wouldn’t have countenanced that ‘adventure’, never mind yon ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’!
            Bismarck certainly was a giant, not least thanks to the Prussian Army winning his wars. At least he made clear that Russia was not to be poked and had a good understanding of the treacherous Frogs. Well, Willy Two knew better … and we know how that played out and what and especially who came after.
            Btw – today in 1933 yon erstwhile corporal came to power in Germany …


            1. I’m not talking about imperial adventures and expansion: the empire reached its apogee in the 1920s: I’m talking about the economy.

              From the 1840s onwards industry in the UK stagnated. The manufacturing systems and machinery that had made the UK the “workshop of the world.” were not modernised. The “Dark Satanic Mills” that were built at the beginning of the 19th century, were still in production when I was a a child. The coal mine where I worked was sunk in the mid-19th century. I well remember how a recently graduated mining engineer once told me with a look of apprehension on his face as I was guiding him to the deepest workings that I was working in a museum. By the 1870s, new chemical and electrical industries had appeared in Europe, but coal, iron and steam power were still king in the UK. The alkali works that were set up in my home town in the 1830s used the Leblanc process that was patented in France before the Revolution of 1789. Meanwhile, the aniline chemical industry had been set up in Germany and electro-chemical processes set up elsewhere in Europe, but the outdated. environmentally catastrophic, labour intensive Leblanc process continued in my old part of the world until well into the 20th century. British manufacturers increasingly used hgh precision German, Swiss, USA machine tools. No new machine tool patents from the UK after 1870, everything was still handmade, hand finished by tradesmen who coveted their skills and protected them by means of strong craft unions that operated as did mediaeval guilds. I remember how the most important tools in a fitter’s tool box were his assorted files.

              I advise that you read “The Collapse of British Power: Correlli Barnett” (1972)

              Barnett most of all explored the crumbling and collapse of Britain’s once awesome industrial base. He put this down to a fatal, blind – indeed deluded – reliance on the workings of the free market without any government intervention, encouragement or protection for strategic industries.

              Britain practiced Free Trade from 1860 to 1931 except for the four years of World War I at the very same time its arch rivals Germany, the United States and Imperial Japan applied high industrial and agricultural tariffs and successfully developed their modern industries and rural economies, dramatically raising the standard of living of their peoples in the process.

              The British then, like the Americans today believed in Free Trade as an economic panacea blind to the avalanche of empirical, practical evidence to the contrary.

              Like modern Americans, they laid exaggerated importance on theoretical university education in the humanities and on liberal theories of economics and politics, while their ruling elites were pathetically ignorant of what today are known in the United States as the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

              It is therefore no coincidence that Margaret Thatcher, the only British leader to revive and stabilize her country’s economy and international standing since World War II, had worked professionally as a research scientist in the chemical industry. Thatcher also regarded Barnett as her favorite historian and raised him to the House of Lords as a Life Peer, an almost unprecedented honor for an academic British scholar.

              See: Lord Correlli Barnett and the Collapse of American Power

              I downloaded a free pdf file of Barnett’s book not long ago, but I’ll be damned if I can find it now. If and when I find it, I shall send you the link.


            2. Did you know that the mighty RN Dreadnoughts, better said battlecruisers, that took a hammering at Jutland were armoured with steel produced at the k.u.k. Škoda plant in Bohemia? British steel for years had been of inferior quality, so they had to buy it off the Austrians.

              Did you know that every British artillery shell during WWI had a fuse patented by Krupps?

              That’s right! Alf Krupps the Iron Master of Essen!

              British fuses were crap, it seems.

              Did you know, when Vice Admiral Beatty RN said at Jutland, having seen two of his battle cruisers blow up within minute s of each other: “There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today”, what exactly was wrong with them?

              Firstly, compared with the Kaiserliche Marine, RN warships were of inferior design and secondly, the accuracy of the RN gun laying was much inferior to that of the Kaiser’s sailors, because the Kaiserliche Marine had far better range finders than did the RN, and rangefinders with Zeiss optics.

              And that’s also why HMS Hood, having been sighted by the Kriegsmarine in the Denmark Straits, was promptly blown out of the water by the Bismarck in 1941

              Vorsprung durch Technik?

              Or British is best?


              1. I can’t find where I downloaded Correlli’s book from, but here’s a good article that summarizes quite well what is written in “The Collapse of British Power”:

                Is the US Following the British Empire’s Road to Collapse?

                The predicament which Churchill’s Government faced after the fall of France was unique in English history: a war without an ally against two great powers, probably three; an ill-defended, ill-organized, ill-defined, ill-developed and immensely vulnerable empire; an inadequate industrial machine and insufficient national wealth. Yet only sixty years earlier Britain had been the richest country in the world; she had been ‘the Workshop of the World’. Only twenty-two years earlier she had emerged victorious from the Great War powerful in herself, buttressed by great allies, and with her one great enemy lying smashed in defeat.

                Barnett did not say that! She had long ceased being the workshop of the world by 1870 and post-bellum USA and the newly founded German Reich were soon to rapidly overtake her at an amazingly rapid rate.

                By the end of the nineteenth century, the British elite began to value feeling above calculation or judgement. British sentimentalists abolished slavery, but abolition made the West Indies an economic and cultural backwater. Abolitionism ultimately led to two catastrophic wars elsewhere: one in the United States (1861-1865), the other in South Africa (1899-1902).

                Not true for both cases! True for the USA, but as regards the Boers, it was gold and diamonds that spurred on the British to take over the Boer republics.


                1. . . . one great enemy lying smashed in defeat.

                  Bollocks! Germany was strategically defeated, but her armies marched back into the Fatherland, banners a-flying.

                  Germany was defeated by the RN blockade and not by that infamous stab-in-the-back that a certain Austrian Gefreiter used to rant on about. Fact is that Germany had been defeated in this way since 1916; that’s why the first tentative peace overtures were being made then. And Perfidious Albion continued to impose the naval blockade after the 1918 armistice had come into force and until the Versailles Treaty had been signed in 1919, which continued blockade led to the unnecessary deaths of thousands in Germany, especially of the very young.

                  And of course, Germany’s allies had been worse than useless.: being allied to the Austro-Hungarian empire was like being tied to a dead sheep, and as for the Turks, the Russians were kicking Turkish arse from beginning to end, the end being the February 1917 revolution.

                  And irony of ironies, after the war, Germany was geopolitically stronger than it had been in 1914. The German overseas empire nonsense was over once and for all, so it was goodbye “Kolonialwaren” shops: the eastern frontiers were now open for further expansion, in the sense that there was no longer a Russian or Austro-Hungarian empire to the east and south-east; goodbye German East Africa, German Southwest Africa, Togoland and assorted islands in Oceana and let Drang nach Osten begin, beyond the Eastern Marches, towards the old, mediaeval German Order stamping grounds.

                  I should be German Foreign Minister, not that Green idiot Baerbock!


    2. He’s probably talking about the 18-inch chrome model of the RS-28 Sarmat Putin has on his desk, and Putin threatened to beat him to death with it. I don’t suppose he will bother cutting off his head and hands, because the flabby corpse would be instantly identifiable as BoJo anyway. I mean, he’s either in Ukraine or the cookie aisle at Sainsbury’s. QED.


  67. Johnson the backbencher trying to get noticed again:

    04: 28 30.01.2023 (updated: 10: 27 30.01.2023)
    Boris Johnson has revealed the details of a conversation with Putin before the start of the special operation
    Johnson said that he warned Putin about sanctions before the start of a special operation in the Ukraine.

    MOSCOW, January 30-RIA Novosti. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke in a documentary about a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin before the start of a special military operation in the Ukraine, his words are quoted by the British newspaper “The Telegraph”.
    The article says that Johnson had a “very long, most extraordinary conversation” with the Russian president, in which he threatened Putin with sanctions from the West.

    “He said: ‘Boris, you say that Ukraine is not going to join NATO in the near future. What kind of time period are we talking about?”‘ And I said, ‘Well, it has no plans to join NATO in the foreseeable future. You know this very well'”, Johnson said.

    According to the British politician, in a conversation with Putin, he claimed that conducting a special military operation in the Ukraine would be “a complete disaster.” Johnson also promised that London would support the Kiev authorities.

    Bullshitting bastard! And note how the alleged conversation was not merely an interesting one, but a “most extraordinary” one.

    And what prescience the fat bumbling fool clearly has, in that he warned the Evil One of possible sanctions against Russia from the West. Now there I was thinking that the aged fool of a USA president had already not once warned the Tyrant of “sanctions from hell” that were coming his way if he did not obey.

    The “Telegraph” article referred to above is behind a wall, but here is what I have been able to glean from its trash content and the reason why the useless lump says his conversation with Putin was “most extraordinary”:

    30 January 2023, 12:01
    Boris Johnson says Vladimir Putin threatened to kill him ‘with a missile’
    Former prime minister tells documentary how comment was made after he warned Russian president about Ukraine invasion sanctions

    Boris Johnson has said that Vladimir Putin threatened to kill him with a “missile,” and added it “would only take a minute”.

    Following his visit to Kiev in early February last year, Mr Johnson said he had a “very long, most extraordinary call” with the Russian president.

    After the then prime minister had described the likely sanctions response to a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin replied: “Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a minute”, Mr Johnson recalled.

    The revelations come in a new three-part documentary series titled “Putin vs the West” which is to be shown on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

    The programmes, which start on Monday, chart how the West has struggled for over a decade to deal with Putin as he grew in power on the world stage.

    The series shows how publicly the Russian president maintained that his country had no plans to invade the Ukraine, even as a steady stream of Russian battalions was heading to the border.

    Mr Johnson says that he warned Putin [Why not Mr. Putin? — ME] there would be much tougher Western sanctions if he invaded Ukraine and said Russian aggression would only lead to the West intensifying its support for Ukraine, leading to “more Nato, not less Nato” on Russian borders.

    “He said, ‘Boris, you say that Ukraine is not going to join Nato any time soon. […] What is any time soon?’ and I said ‘Well it’s not going to join Nato for the foreseeable future. You know that perfectly well’”, Mr Johnson said of the crucial phone call with Putin.

    “He sort of threatened me at one point and said, ‘Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile, it would only take a minute’, or something like that’.

    [Or something like that! He threatened to kill you . . . sort of? — ME]

    “I think from the very relaxed tone that he was taking, the sort of air of detachment that he seemed to have, he was just playing along with my attempts to get him to negotiate”, Mr Johnson said.

    Russia claimed Ukrainians would ‘welcome them’
    The programme also details the last-minute attempt by Ben Wallace, the Defence Secretary, to stop Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    Less than two weeks before the Feb 24 attack, Mr Wallace visited Moscow, accompanied by the “Telegraph”.

    Greeted by Russia’s minister of defence Sergei Shoigu, and the head of Russia’s armed forces, General Valery Gerasimov — the latter of whom has since been promoted by Putin to overall commander of the war in Ukraine -—Mr Wallace said that the Russians were adamant the Ukrainians “won’t fight” and that they “will welcome them”.

    “I remember saying to Minister Shoigu ‘they will fight’ and he said, ‘My mother is Ukrainian, they won’t!’” the Defence Secretary said, adding: “He also said he had no intention of invading”.

    “It was the fairly chilling but direct lie of what they were not going to do that I think, to me, confirmed they were going to do it.

    “I remember as we were walking out General Gerasimov said, ‘Never again will we be humiliated. We used to be the fourth army in the world, we’re now number two. It’s now America and us.’ And there in that minute was that sense of potentially why [they were doing this]”, Mr Wallace said.

    In the documentary Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, said he complained to Jens Stoltenberg, Nato’s Secretary-General, that his country was not being taken seriously as a prospective member of the 30-nation alliance.

    “I told him: ‘Jens, I want to join Nato, do you see us in Nato?’ Because nothing would defend our country except for actual membership”, Mr Zelensky said.

    “I said: ‘It’s just unfair and not nice. You don’t see us as equals’. I told him that our army is ready, our society is ready, and I believed that Nato is not ready.

    “If you know that tomorrow Russia will occupy Ukraine, why don’t you give me something today I can stop it with? Or if you can’t give it to me, then stop it yourself.”

    All three episodes of Putin vs the West are available on BBC iPlayer. The first episode airs on BBC Two at 9pm on Monday.

    Oh give me strengh, Great Woden!

    As regards Shoigu’s mother being “Ukrainian”, she was a Ukraine-born Russian, Alexandra Yakovlevna Shoigu (1924–2011), born and bred in the Donbass, in the Lugansk Province coal mining town of Stakhanov, formerly known as Kadiivka before 1937, then from 1937 to 1940 as Sergo, in honour of Sergo Ordzhonikidze, a Bolshevik and Soviet politician from Georgia, and then from 1940 to 1978 the town was again known as Kadiivka until 1978, when it was named after the famous Soviet miner and “Hero of Socialist Labour” Alexey Stakhanov, who started working down the pit there.

    By all accounts, Shoigu’s mother had traumatizing experiences whilst being held under detention by the German occupation forces during the Great Patriotic War:

    The years of the Great Patriotic War remained a terrible memory for her, with the fascist occupation. In order to avoid being transported to Germany as forced labour, the young girl spent long months hiding in the attic. Disaster struck when the Soviet army was already liberating the Donbass; during an attempt to barter things for bread, Alexandra Yakovlevna was arrested with her friends and kept behind barbed wire. Only a brave escape and help of the locals who hid the girls, saved them from certain death.

    See: Funeral of Alexandra Shoigu in Moscow, 14 November 2011

    Shoigu’s mother was as much a Ukrainian as I am!


    1. 13: 11, 30 January 2023
      Peskov called Boris Johnson’s statement about Putin’s missile threat a lie
      Peskov called a lie the statement of ex-British Prime Minister Johnson about Putin’s threat with missiles

      Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly “sort of threatened” him with missiles in a telephone conversation is a lie. This was stated by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, quoted by TASS.

      “What Mr. Johnson said is not true. More precisely, this is a lie”, he commented on the words of the British ex-prime minister about the conversation with Putin on February 2, 2022. According to Peskov, Johnson could have “deliberately lied” when talking about Putin’s alleged personal threats.

      Earlier, Johnson revealed details of his conversation with Putin before the start of the special military operation in the Ukraine. The British politician claims that the Russian leader during a “very long and extremely extraordinary telephone conversation” tried to instill fear in him. “Boris, I don’t want to hurt you, but with a missile, it will only take a minute”, Johnson quoted Putin as allegedly saying.



      Deny, deny, deny — that’s all that whining Russians can do.

      Putin must be fuming!


    2. What an extraordinarily chummy atmosphere prevails at the international-politics level! I mean, they’re all ‘Jens’ and ‘Volodya’ and ‘Boris’ to one another, like they were all down the pub for a pint of a Saturday. I’m sure I mentioned before the irresistible urge to familiarize the formal when writing that caused me to fling the first copy of Tom Clancy’s ‘Patriot Games’ across the room and not finish reading the story until years later. The crossing of the line there was the awakening in hospital of Clancy’s long-running character, Jack Ryan, after having stumbled into a terrorist attack against the Prince and Princess of Wales and screwing it all up for the assassins. When he awakes, the Queen of England is sitting on his bed and calling him ‘Jack’.

      As fucking if. The Queen (RIP) of England would be as likely to play the drum solo from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Moby Dick’ as she would be to address a commoner by his first name as if they wuz old pals. What a ridiculous crock. I can see Vladimir Putin referring to the bulbous toad Johnson as ‘Boris’ just like I can see the likelihood of him eating flaming garbage. But westerners are driven to do it as if it were in their DNA. They can’t help it.

      The whole thing is just a silly Boy’s Own fantasy crafted to make British politicians appear forthright and true, whilst standing ready to fight tigers with their bare hands in defense of their poorest citizens. A bigger load of horseshit could barely be contained inside the rings of Saturn, and the phony pandemic showed anyone who could be bothered to look exactly what British politicians thought of the clods so unfortunate as to be their subjects. I suppose we should expect this sort of pompous self-aggrandizement from the country which is obsessed with celebrities and escapist television, and most especially from the corpulent gasbag whose whole life has been an escapist delusion, but I have to confess that one was still an advance on his customary embarrassing silliness. Even a little more crackers than his account of ‘the guy’ at Porton Down filling him in on the absolute certainty of the Skripals having been poisoned with Novichok, when official statements said nothing of the kind. Why does Britain tolerate the continued presence of this fool in its political milieu? Has it no pride?


      1. As matter of fact, the Russian for “toad” is жаба, pronounced zhaba, so calling Johnson a toad in Russian would be very appropriate as he, like the loathsome Nuland, seems to be metamorphosing into a Jabba-the-Hutt type creature.


        1. I spent a bit of time yesterday looking at Freud, dream dictionaries and symbolism of missiles. From what I understand, Freud probably wouldn’t attribute the associations that you can imagine most imaginary missiles are associated with. But I am not convinced that Johnson and over 300+ MPs in Westminster who constantly reference Putin really achieve what they think they are achieving by their comments. Open to interpretation including amateur psychoanalysis in my case


          1. Spears and arrows had a phallic association in old style poetry . . .

            Bring me my arrows of desire. . . “, as Mr. Blake wrote.

            And I dare say missiles, in the rocket propelled ballistic variety thereof, might also possess phallic symbolism.

            And Johnson is a prick (see: the penetrating point of a needle pricks; “penetration” — get it, nudge-nudge, wink-wink?) though he’s probably not gazed down on his prick for a good while now, what with that paunch that he has carried around with him now for many a year.

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            1. I think they should set up a gigantic couch in Red Square and invite anyone who has issues with Russians to lie down and talk it all out. With some suitable Russian female vamp as psychiatrist overseeing.


              1. I have the very woman in mind who could give such consultations on Red Square . . .

                Dr. Ekaterina Makarova, the best venereologist, urologist, andrologist, sexologist in Moscow — well, that’s what she reckons anyroad — author and host of a popular video blog with 450,000 subscribers:

                She says at 4:11: “Everyone has a need to talk to a sexologist so as to better understand oneself”.


                1. She rather strenuously starts the above clip with: “Friends, I welcome you!“.

                  (Followed by: “Now get your kit off and lie down on the couch?“)


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    1. Damn!!!

      Lavrov’s done gone an’ told ’em good an’ proper now!

      MOSCOW, January 30. /TASS/. The West’s intractability and deceit bolster Russia’s resolve to give priority to the southern and eastern vectors of its foreign policy, according to comments by the nation’s top diplomat, Sergey Lavrov, on the results of Moscow’s diplomacy for 2022 published by the Russian Foreign Ministry on Monday.

      “It has been clear to us for a while that the very existence of Russia as one of the basic systemic elements in the expansive Eurasian space is a problem for our opponents,” the Russian foreign minister noted. “However, history teaches again and again that any attempts to shake Russia’s statehood, to split society, moreover, to infringe on the country’s territorial integrity only facilitate the consolidation of our people, encourage the continued course toward sovereignizing the key spheres of life. Meanwhile, the West’s inability to negotiate and deceitfulness are being confirmed which boosts our resolve to prioritize the development of the southern and eastern vectors of foreign policy,” he added.


    2. Well said. And hopefully among its resolutions in the drive south and east is the prioritization of energy to its allies; after this conflict has stabilized however it will, no energy exports should go to Europe before Russia’s allies have been given first refusal. That presumes, of course, that they are not simply buying it at a discount and selling it on to Europe at huge profits; if that’s the case, Russia should reap such benefits itself. But it should be crystal clear to the perfidious west that there is a price scale for friends, and another for enemies. And Europe is an enemy.


  68. NATO Official Says Alliance Is ‘Ready’ for Direct Confrontation With Russia

    Adm. Rob Bauer Says NATO countries should discuss shifting to a ‘war economy’ to increase weapons production

    Adm. Rob Bauer, the head of NATO’s Military Committee, said that NATO is “ready” ( ) for a direct confrontation with Russia, citing the alliance’s recent efforts to boost its presence in Eastern Europe…

    …Bauer, a Dutch naval officer, also said NATO countries should discuss shifting to a “war economy,” where civilian factories started producing military goods, similar to what the United States did during World War II.

    “We have to increase defense industry production, and there are already more and more talks on the subject at the national level,” Bauer said in an interview with Portuguese TV.

    “This could mean prioritizing certain raw materials, certain production capacities needed for the defense industry rather than the civilian one. Those priorities should be discussed about, partially, a war economy in peacetime,” he added…

    Maybe his planning to send his wife and kids to fight? It might be safer than staying home.

    This is the second ‘military man’ within a week to come out of his closet or third if you count ‘we need compulsory military service for women in Denmark’ story I posted earlier. Either it is part of a public softening up campaign or it is to wake the public up as the media refuses to discuss these months of ‘accidental’ slide in to direct war with Russia preferring to pump up ‘we’re not at war’ bollox verbatim from their masters. I guess we’ll see but so far it has been quite comfortable for the voters to not think about the consequences of our actions apart from the risk of freezing to death, going bankrupt and starving to death. Either way, the civs are in for much more of a pinch but whatever is chosen will make no difference in the short term as the Admiral must know.

    In other news, I’m betting myself on a war by i-Srael against i-Ran this year. The very recent drone strike against i-Ranian nuclear facilities could only have been one source, no doubt with extensive backing of the other. I think the calculation has been made that the sooner the better as no-one can see much further ahead any more before there’s a series of collapses of one kind or another in the near future. Use it or lose it.


    1. Good. I hope the west takes his advice, and shifts priority to the building of weapons. It will hasten the economic collapse, and good fucking luck getting the world to accept a Davos-born, dollar-based and American-controlled digital currency when a significant part of the world would see no benefit and is opposed, while at the same time not needing to do it as it is well-insulated from western-inspired economic shock.


  69. Right and Left To Join in D.C. Protest: ‘Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine’

    February 19, New Anti-Interventionist Coalition To March to White House From Lincoln Memorial.

    On February 19, Washington, DC, will witness a protest against the war in Ukraine that marks a sharp departure from past demonstrations. The lead demand is simple and direct, “Not One More Penny for war in Ukraine.” It is a demand that emphasizes what we in the US can do to end the war, not what others can do. After all, the only government we have the power to influence is our own…

    The warmongering press will be on standby for this. It will be the usual accuastions and the usual claims (a handful of people). Still, it’ll be interesting to see how many turn out. If your vote doesn’t count, your views are ignored, turning out for a demonstration is a very good way of showing it.

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    1. About effing time somebody took to the streets…even though, judging by the theme of the march (“Penny”), all the outrage is apparently directed at the financial cost of the war, not at the criminal, murderous US foreign policy that provoked it and maintains it, the dire risk of nuclear annihilation, the slaughter of civilians in the Donbass, the corruption and racism at the heart of the Kiev regime, etc, etc. Oh well, got to start somewhere. Up here in Conformada, the blue-and-yellow flags still fly and any mention of a major war in progress provokes a murmured “Putin!” and shake of the head, followed by silence or a change of subject.


  70. Euractiv avec afp: Turkey’s opposition pledges to undo Erdogan’s legacy

    Turkey’s opposition vowed on Monday (30 January) to crimp the president’s powers and broadly expand democratic rights if they seize power in the 14 May presidential and parliamentary polls.

    …It made no direct mention of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    “We will maintain relations with the Russian Federation with an understanding that both parties are equal and strengthened by balanced and constructive dialogue at the institutional level,” the programme said.

    Erdoğan’s refusal to join Western sanctions on Moscow has turned Turkey into a key route for Russia to access Western goods and services…

    Disappointing for many who dreamed of Turkiye post-In Sultin’ Erd O’Grand would roll back to pre-2000 reliable American lapdog. You can be sure though that in the liklihood of wining the election it will come under immense pressure by the US to do all sorts of anti-Russian stuff, not to mention a well prepared campaign of traditional Divide-and-Rule to split the government and promote those who are most pro-American. DNA.


    1. What politicians say in their statement of intentions, or their ‘platform’ or whatever, is no barometer at all of their actual plans and intentions, but is merely a placatory statement contrived to win that individual or group the most votes. The objective is to get elected. Once accomplished, the real agenda will be revealed, and examples abound of political groups claiming neutrality or ‘balance’ on an issue, only to drop the mask and reveal a highly partisan outlook once they are safely in office.

      Erdogan is pretty savvy, and has beaten off assaults against him for a long time. It seems odd to be pulling for someone so untrustworthy, except that you can rely on Erdogan to do what is in his own interests – to that extent, he is reliable. I suspect the opposition is made up of people like Baerbock, blabbering the catechism of progress but concealing ideological cancer. Such leadership might consider damage to Turkey worth it if it earned them some ephemeral favour someday from the Great United States.


      1. AiF
        01/30/2023 19:01
        “There is a conflict between Scholz and Baerbock”. Why could the German foreign minister be dismissed?

        German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s administration is closely monitoring the mistakes of Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, the German daily “Bild” has reported. Despite the lack of public criticism, the chancellor’s office is recording everything, a government source said. At the same time, Scholz has had more and more reasons to complain lately.

        For example, at the PACE meeting in Strasbourg on January 24, Baerbock said that European countries “are at war with Russia”. Moscow called on Germany to clarify her words. Scholz personally had to rebut Baerbock, who stressed that Berlin “will not allow such a conflict”. The Bundestag called for Baerbock to be dismissed as foreign minister. “With her unprofessional behaviour, Baerbock is endangering the very existence of Germany”, said Tino Krupalla, head of the Alternative for Germany party.

        Whether there is a conflict between Scholz and Baerbock, and whether the foreign minister could resign, was clarified by Artem Sokolov, a researcher at the Centre for European Studies at the MGIMO [Moscow State Institute of International Relations].

        “Undoubtedly, there is a conflict between Scholz and Baerbock that stems both from the fact that they represent different political parties and from ideological considerations regarding the way German foreign policy should be conducted.

        It is important to understand that there is a significant difference of opinion between the Chancellor and the German Foreign Minister on the latter issue. This is due to both systemic facts and the personality of Frau Baerbock. Baerbock pursues a highly ideological foreign policy course. Russia, according to her perception, is the ideological enemy of Germany. Here can be included the value politics of the Federal Republic of Germany (e.g. the feminization of foreign policy). All of this will be wrapped in a very ideologized shell and portrayed as such in the foreign arena. Scholz, on the other hand, is a Social Democrat who traditionally speaks from a pacifist position. He cannot be called an ideological opponent of Russia, but rather he believes that this approach limits Germany’s ability to build a foreign policy.

        That said, we must understand that Baerbock remains a relatively popular politician, particularly amongst “Green” voters, who accept the black-and-white picture of the world that politicians like Baerbock paint for them.

        In this respect, Scholz cannot simply dismiss the foreign minister for ideological reasons. One has to wait for her mistakes. Especially as she is by no means a perfect politician without weaknesses and regularly gives reasons for there to be talk about her incompetence.


        1. Mr Solokov hasn’t quite grasped the intricacies of both the current German coalition government and of the Green party. One is that, per self-imposed decree, the current German cabinet must have parity between boyz and gurrlz. It’s already broken because they had to replace the guru Defence Minister with a boy – so ‘Plapperlenchen’, i.e. ‘babble-Annalena’ must be kept in place. Moreover, in the Green Party, no top post can be given to a man, they are only permitted ‘vice’-posts. And on top of that they simply do not have candidates which could replace yon Baerbock, not in the Greens, not in the SPD, not in the (yellow) so-called Free Democrats.
          ‘Tis difficult once one’s in bed with the Greens … poor Scholz has nowhere to turn to.


        2. Oh, piffle. Scholz will not dismiss Baerbock because she is a major power in the Greens and his coalition would fall apart if he did. He can still not see further than his own political career, because otherwise he’d have to get a job. He studied labour law and entered politics as a Socialist Youth leader, so good luck finding a high-paying job in either of those, you skinheaded chump. Everything is patience, patience…I have to wait until she makes a big mistake, but we went from “We will not supply tanks to Ukraine” to “We are delighted to supply tanks to Ukraine” in a couple of weeks.


          1. Scholz can dismiss Baerbock only if she actually breaks the law on something or can be indicted on having a conflict of interest over the Ukraine issue, and that in itself would require documented proof. Being qualified in international law (errr … ), Baerbock would not put herself in a position where she can be challenged in a court of law.


  71. The news is thick and fast today. The lo-land of Po-land declares it will spend 4% GDP on weapons, €µ asks Brazil’s Lula to send weapons to the Ukraine (No) & ‘might’ train Ukranian fighter pilots, the German economy contracted sharply Q4 and is on the brink of recession, some British minister has noticed that the British Army is in a ‘parlous state’ (years of cuts anyone?) and other stuff. It looks like the plughole is in sight and its starting to suck even more stuff in. What does the US do when it’s out of time?


  72. In the Ukraine, a proposal to impeach Zelensky
    Soskin, former adviser to Kuchma, has called for Zelensky to be impeached for violating the Constitution
    30 January, 2023, 21: 17

    Oh shit!

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky should be impeached owing to his repeated violations of the country’s Constitution. This was stated on Monday, January 30, by Oleg Soskin, an ex-adviser to the former head of state Leonid Kuchma.

    According to him, Zelensky, in particular violated the fifth article of the Constitution and actually usurped power.

    “Did Zelensky throw the Constitutional Court into disorder? Yes, he has trashed it. Did he illegally remove the head of the Constitutional Court? Yes, illegally, all the judges have admitted this. So why hasn’t this man been reinstated? Why haven’t they started impeachment proceedings against Zelensky for violating the Constitution?” the politician pondered on his YouTube channel.

    Additionally, Soskin pointed to the concealment of information about losses of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine (AFU) at the front and also recalled the media law passed by Zelensky, which allows fines and the closure of any media in the country if officials for some reason do not like their content .

    Amongst other things, Kuchma’s former advisor also accused the current Ukrainian president of violating the rights and freedoms of Ukrainians who are not allowed to travel abroad.

    On the same day, Ukrainian MP Oleksandr Dubinskyy said that the head of the presidential office, Andriy Yermak, was removing “disloyal officials” from the cabinet.

    Earlier in January, The American Conservative columnist Ted Galen Carpenter wrote that the Western media continue to portray the Ukraine as a “freedom-loving democracy”, although in reality the country’s president is increasingly displaying authoritarian behaviour. As Carpenter pointed out, Kiev’s penchant for systematic repression had only increased.

    As an example, the journalist cited the publication of blacklists of domestic and foreign critics and the closure of opposition parties and media outlets. Carpenter also recalled that the West had always turned a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology in the Ukraine.

    The little bastard’s going to be swinging from a Maidan lamp post soon if he’s not careful.

    Get your ticket for Florida booked, funny man!


    1. “As an example, the journalist cited the publication of blacklists of domestic and foreign critics and the closure of opposition parties and media outlets. Carpenter also recalled that the West had always turned a blind eye to the spread of neo-Nazi ideology in the Ukraine.”

      Poor Zelensky. He only thought he was following in the footsteps of his heroes, who also have adopted measures to silence critics and blacklist opposition. But they have so much money!! It’s not fair.

      Cheer up, Wova, or however you spell it so it won’t be like Russian. The west turned a blind eye to lots of things, and it continues that practice so long as it can shine the beam of distraction in people’s eyes so they can’t see. But The Syria Narrative eventually fell apart, and the White Helmets and the ‘bombing of the last hospital in Aleppo’ were eventually held up to ridicule. Doesn’t mean The Official Narrative will change at all; it won’t. But the stubborn filter which prevents the emergence of an alternate narrative cannot hold.

      Too late, anyway, for the world to go back to anything like it was. The west dropped its mask of international community and ‘rules-based order’ for long enough that everyone got a good look at the desiccated mummy-face behind it. The west is not ready to make up – my, no; it will continue its meddling and inveigling for yet awhile, in the hope of catching a break. But waiting to catch a break is not a plan, and the erstwhile plan spun out of its reach some time back. When it does get around to looking for some kind of peace, it is not going to find any extended hands from the Russian side, and whatever it tries to cobble together is not going to stop the destruction of Ukraine.


  73. I wonder when Russia will come around to the idea of agreeing with America that tanking (see what I did there?) the German economy is a suitable goal but for other reasons, namely the only way to permanently get rid of previous/this and next generation neolib/warmongers from German politics for good via the German voters who will eventually understand this as they are literally paying the price for the current governments warmongering and previous governments ‘do nothing’ approaches.


    1. I suspect – and hope – that Russia is going to tank the EU economy in its entirety, and teach such a bitter lesson that nobody will ever forget again that energy is the basis of all commercial activity. You can’t make stuff or ship stuff without cheap energy, and your ability to buy stuff is regulated by how much the makers of stuff have to charge for it so they can still make enough profit to keep on making stuff and paying their employees.

      Once, and not long ago, people would laugh at such a notion – Russia is not influential, it doesn’t even make anything, and such an energy-centric economy will crumple like tissue under targeted sanctions. Except it didn’t: its ability to continue completing infrastructure projects, support its military and wage war were unimpaired, and its leader remained popular with his electorate. Basically nothing happened the way the western planners hoped it would, did it, Karl? And they can’t say they weren’t warned, because risk was baked into the plan years before it kicked off, only the USA just cannot ever let go of the idea of exceptionalism, not really, and has always believed God guides its hand.

      Maybe He does. Maybe He wants it to lose. Ever think of that?


      1. Just yesterday I got a leaflet through the door reassuring me that in the unlikely event of the need for emergency power cuts, a rolling programme of cuts – a rota – will operate as “we’re all in this together.” I suspect that should cuts be required in the UK some of us are likely to be rather more “in it” than others. Meanwhile, our local “champions”, a bunch of woke dullards concern themselves with ensuring that the rights of convicted rapists and stalkers who’ve taken to women’s clothing are respected.


      2. Germany is essentially the EU economy, now more so that the UK is out and its essential support of the euro. It’s the only one that has been running a balanced budged for years as a religion and by choice (until COVID). The plus side of this is that they can borrow a lot and get in to debt, the minus now is that as you pointed out, they are no longer getting essentially a free energy subsidy of Russian gas and it will be much harder to pay back. The damage should be far more political not only domestically, but to those haranguining Germany to pick up their bills and DO MORE because it is their ‘responsibility’, or in Poland’s case ‘war reparations.’

        …The debt brake was suspended in 2020 in order for the country to deal with the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany and is expected to come back into force in 2023…


        1. 31 Jan, 04: 44
          The IMF has predicted growth instead of decline for the Russian economy in 2023

          The IMF predicted the growth of the Russian economy by 0.3% in 2023 instead of a recession

          The IMF estimates that the Russian economy is expected to grow by 0.3% in 2023. In the previous forecast, the fund predicted a fall of 2.3%. In 2024, the country’s GDP will grow by 2.1% — this will be 1% less than projected for the global economy.

          The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has published an updated forecast for the state of the world economy and the economies of individual countries in 2023 and 2024, the forecast for Russia has improved, the document says.

          According to the IMF, last year the country’s GDP contracted by 2.2% (according to the forecast made in October, the decline should have been at the level of 3.4%). This year, the fund predicts Russian GDP growth of 0.3% (according to the previous forecast, a decline of 2.3% was expected), and in 2024-by 2.1%.

          In the US, economic growth last year was 2%, and further decline is expected: in 2023, growth will be at the level of 1.4%, in 2024-by 1%. In China, it was respectively 3%, this year it is expected to reach 5.2%, but next year it will slow down and will be at the level of 4.5%.

          Overall, global economic growth was 3.4% last year. In 2023, the IMF predicts its decline to 2.9%, and in 2024 — weak growth, up to 3.1%. Compared with the October forecast, the results of 2022 were more optimistic by 0.2%; the new forecast for 2023 has improved by the same amount.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. So to sum up, it’s a steady downward trend for the US economy, a steady upward trend for Russia’s and China’s. I don’t get it. They told me Russia was losing. Oh, I know. Putin personally hacked the IMF website and those fake stats are just Russian propaganda. Whew! That was close. I almost faced reality.


  74. January 31 2023, 05:01
    Many people who follow the news remember the statement of the Minister of Defence of the Ukraine Alexey Reznikov made to Russians on December 30, 2022. Anyone interested can easily find this video. But I’m not posting it here, because Reznik talked in it for a while about various topics and about the spread of fakes and discrediting.

    In the video, the minister assured everyone that Russians urgently needed to leave the country, because by January 5 it would be too late: the borders would be closed for men, martial law would be declared, and then the next wave of mobilization would begin.

    And after that, a few, timid citizens even took heed of what he had said and went abroad just in case. But more rational people, who are not so easily divorced from reality, thought: “Well, yes, he cares about our men, yet he catches his own as they’re leaving their homes!”

    January is already ending, and nothing of what the minister announced has happened. I remembered the American expression “epic fail”. The phrase “epic fail” means “fiasco, “”total failure,” or ” epic failure.” I wonder how Ukrainian propaganda justifies this failure? If you know, please tell us in the comments.


  75. US will not supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets — Biden
    Washington will not provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, the White House press pool reports.


    31.01.2023 – 2:00
    The USA will not supply the Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets-Biden | Russian Spring

    US President Joe Biden has said that Washington would not provide the Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, the White House press pool reports.

    “No,” Biden said in response to a question from reporters. Earlier, the Pentagon had stated that the United States did not exclude the possibility of sending F-16s to help Kiev.

    Against the background of the Russian special operation, the United States and its NATO allies are supporting the Kiev regime by sending it weapons that cost tens of billions of dollars. Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian army.

    And the Wunderwaffen Abrams tanks are not going to reach Banderastan for a long time either.

    Hear that Scholz? They’ve gone and made a monkey out of you and your government — which, apparently, is not too hard to do.

    Same goes for you, Von der Leyen, and the rest of your EU shitwit colleagues.

    Fooled y’all!


  76. Suckers galore!

    No doubt many of those above rattled pots and pans at that wanker Johnson’s suggestion on Thursday evenings during the shamdemic 2020 “epidemic” so as to show their support for the heroic health service workers at the front.


    1. See how “human chain” in the shitkicker dialect is людський ланцюг?

      That’s ludzki łańcuch in Polish.

      In Russian, “human chain” is “человеческая цепь”.

      See how “Independent” Banderastan and the “native tongue” of that so-called land is so different from that of the Orcs?

      The Poles were the Yukie shitwits’ overlords for a couple of hundred of years and their ways rubbed off on their pork-lard scoffing serfs.


  77. Keep it up, dimwits! The world is growing tired of your antics . . .31 Jan, 2023 07:49


    Olympic chiefs react to Kiev’s ‘defamation’
    Hurling accusations at the committee won’t lead to a “constructive discussion,” the organization warned

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has denied claims by an aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who accused the sporting body of taking bribes from Russia and “promoting war.” Mikhail Podoliak lashed out at the IOC after it floated the idea of allowing Russian athletes to compete again.

    “The IOC rejects in the strongest possible terms this and other defamatory statements,” a statement quoted by Reuters on Monday said. “They cannot serve as a basis for any constructive discussion.”

    Last week, the IOC announced that it was exploring “a pathway” for athletes from Belarus and Russia to take part in international events under a neutral flag with certain restrictions. In February, it urged organizers of all events not to invite athletes from the two countries, ostensibly to protect the integrity of sports and to show solidarity with Kiev.

    In response, Ukraine’s National Olympic Committee threatened to boycott the 2024 Summer Games in Paris. The proposal was harshly criticized by senior Ukrainian officials, including Zelensky.

    Podoliak called the IOC a “promoter of war, murder & destruction” that takes “pleasure” in watching his country being hurt. He also claimed that the body takes “Russian money” to “platform [Russia] to promote genocide.”

    Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said last week that the IOC wants “to sweep Russian war crimes under the rug” and “trample on the graves of thousands of innocent” Ukrainians.

    Zelensky said he had sent a letter to his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, to put pressure on him.

    “We must be certain that Russia will not be able to use this or any other international sports events to propagandize aggression or its state chauvinism,” he said in a video address on Sunday.

    The Kremlin declined to comment on the IOC’s proposal before formal measures are adopted. International sports has been affected by politics, spokesman Dmitry Peskov observed, adding that even the wording of the IOC’s initiative reflects this.


    1. They must all be high in Kuh-yiv, or else it’s one of those high-school popularity things like The Eagles sang about in “New Kid in Town”, where the erstwhile popular kid is the last to grasp that everyone else has moved on. I would have thought Zelensky especially, being an actor, would have gotten that the western media made him, promoting his cause and turning him into The Churchill Of Our Time, shilling for handouts for his army and paying his government. It can as easily unmake him, and all those embarrassing extravagances and the hyperbolic hero worship will be briskly papered over as if they never were; it will fall to folk like us to compel recall of the west’s gaga love affair with all things Ukrainian.

      In any case, you know my feeling on’t. It is not for the west to bestow or withdraw honours to Russia, and this is just another exploratory feeler to see if Russia is interested in ‘rejoining the world community’ under western supervision. The Olympics long ago became a stewpot for America cookin’ up more medals for America. Just stay out of it, and let them award all the golds to America in June for a winter Olympics. Perhaps next it will be the Tranny Olympics, with rainbow-haired elderly men in tennis skirts being helped over the hurdles by poodle-toting helpers named Ramon or Gabriel. Professional Amateur Sport has turned into yet another western political pissing contest, with the Great Debutante screaming in rage if she doesn’t win everything. There’s no such thing as ‘being honoured just with the opportunity to compete’ – if you don’t win a medal, you’re an embarrassment. Forget them and their tinsel-town world. Russia will never get anywhere in a sphere dominated by western politics. The west richly deserves to be awarded custody of the spoiled child it spawned.


  78. Apparenlty Human ShRights Watch has noticed many months late that the Ukranian army ‘might’ be using illegal anti-personnel mines! Well that’s good enough for me after years of selective and late reporting depending on who is the subject, where to I donate today?

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    1. Yes, they’re actually firing them en masse via missile into Donetsk–petal mines that blow the faces off curious, sniffing dogs in public parks, as well as the feet of anybody unwise enough to step on one of the small, greenish, winged things, which hide well in grass. Stand by Ukraine! Slava Human Rights!


  79. Euractiv: China fumes at new Czech President over Taiwan

    Newly elected Czech president Petr Pavel’s phone call with Taiwanese President Tsai Jing-wen on Monday has caused anger in Beijing as tensions between China and Taiwan simmer over Taipei’s continued assertion of its autonomy on the global stage and an ongoing trade spat.

    …The Czech Republic officially follows a one-China policy and officially recognises only mainland China. However, the Czech government as well as the new president-elect declare its interest in cooperating with Taiwan due to its democratic setup.

    ‘It means whatever we want it to mean’ schtick of the USA.

    Petr Pavel will do far more damage to Czechia than Milos Zeman, but at least he will sing from the same hymn sheet and save Czechia’s political face which is more important than anything else.

    In other news via Euractiv German exports to Russia dropped by 50% last year and imports by 49%. What we know from other sources the last few weeks is that 85% of western companies still operate in Russia. Why is this still allowed? Austria and Hungary have announced they won’t send weapons to the Ukraine…


  80. Blinken is in Egypt to beg it for the Russian arms (my opinion) is has to send to the Ukraine, in return for American arms. The US has tried the same thing in LatAm and come up with nothing of importance, Africa next on its list and probings are already occuring in Asia with the likes of Vietnam and others. Beg, borrow and steal.

    This is how low US ‘diplomacy’ has brought itself to try and dig itself out of its own sh*tpit created as a trap for Russia.

    2023 really looks like the year stuff is going to happen, or not happen. Decisions will ultimately be made. The road stops here.


  81. I thought I posted the following below at 06:00 today, but can’t find it now if I did:

    The war will be over soon. Blinken was in Egypt and Israel, officially on a policy visit. And following his visits, the Egyptian foreign minister President went to Kiev and the Israeli one came here.

    Now I wonder why?

    They’re putting out peace feelers, that’s why, on behalf of the Pindosi, who cannot say they have been beaten in their proxy war, so the USA is trying to negotiate a settlement through 3rd parties, that’s why —for the sake of “humanity”. Remember, Americans are never losers!

    And moves are afoot in Kiev to get that little rat Zelensky impeached.

    The funny man will be swinging from a lamp post on the Maidan soon if he doesn’t book a flight to Florida or wherever.

    Being American retards, both Biden and Blinken do not realize that the USA relationship with Russia is broken. Traditional diplomatic tactics no longer apply. Russia has at long last learnt that “agreements” with the West are absolutely not to be trusted.

    And thanks to Macron and Merkle, Russia has learnt that Minsk I and Minsk II were shams to buy time for the Banderite filth.

    Then you have that stupid woman of a German foreign minister Baerbock, who said that Europe is at war with Russia, and several Polack politicians, who have been talking openly about plundering Russia and breaking it up.

    Would the Russian government really be willing to entertain a deal with such people, with tpeople who make those kind of open threats?

    Pindosi think the Russians will, because nobody believes Pindosi lies as much as Pindosi do themselves.

    They especially believe their own lies that the USA is “the exceptional nation” and that anyone in his right mind wants to be a US citizen and dreams of living in the USA in the obscenely vulgar USA-style and to gorge and guzzle fast-food shite all the time and become Jabba the Hutts each and every one of them and ride around WallMart on their little electric go-carts, the cheeks of their monstrously fat arses drooping over the sides of the vehicle seat.


    1. Went over the top there! Not all US citizens are obese and moronic, and the second most obese nation, I believe, is my own, and there is no shortage of poorly educated, often semi-literate “morons” in the UK, which benighted land since at least 1918, has always closely followed the USA lead: what monkey see, monkey do!

      But I’m just pissed off with USA “exceptionalism” and the “rules-based” globalism” that the USA promotes in the name of “freedom and democracy”, which “rules” can be fundamentally summed up as: “all for the maintenance of USA hegemony”! — Amerika über Alles!


    2. Proven wrong — again!

      31 Jan, 2023 14:39
      Lavrov reveals message from Blinken
      The information contained no “serious proposals,” the Russian foreign minister said

      US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has conveyed a fresh message to Moscow on the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, although the statement offered nothing of value, according to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Russia’s top diplomat made the remarks on Tuesday following talks with his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry.

      While Moscow has been always ready to hear a “serious proposal” from Washington “aimed at resolving the current situation,” the message from Blinken contained no such information, Lavrov stated.

      “Minister [Shoukry] said that he conveyed a certain message from Secretary of State Blinken, who was recently on a visit to Cairo. I can confirm that,” Lavrov said. The Russian diplomat added that the message once again urged Moscow to “stop” and “leave,” and “then everything will be fine.”

      The real goals of the US and the collective West, however, have been articulated much more clearly by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Lavrov continued.

      “In one of his speeches, he said that Russia must lose, Russia must be defeated, and the West cannot allow Ukraine to lose, because then the West will lose. And the whole world will lose,” Lavrov explained, referring to the NATO chief’s comments. “That is, he took it upon himself to speak not only on behalf of three-dozen NATO members, but also on behalf of all other countries of the world, [including] Asia, Africa, and Latin America.”

      Multiple senior US officials have repeatedly urged Moscow to end its military campaign in Ukraine, as well as to cede the former Ukrainian territories which were incorporated into Russia following referendums. US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland signaled last week that doing so might prompt Washington to consider easing anti-Russian sanctions. The proposal, however, was dismissed in Moscow.

      “We still don’t see anything [new] in Madame Nuland’s words. We are absolutely not inclined to exaggerate their importance,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters at the time, adding that the remarks once again showed “the lack of flexibility in the position of the US.”

      Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, citing Kiev’s failure to implement the Minsk agreements, which were designed to give Donetsk and Lugansk special status within the Ukrainian state. The protocols, brokered by Germany and France, were first signed in 2014. Former Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has since admitted that Kiev’s main goal was to use the agreement to buy time and “create powerful armed forces.” The idea was confirmed by then-Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and then-President of France Francois Hollande.


      1. The information contained no “serious proposals,” the Russian foreign minister said

        We need to remember that the USA has not practised diplomacy in decades. Since’ at least thee 1990’s and more likely the 1950’s the US concept of democracy has been do as we ask or see regime change or invasion.

        It may think it is offering Russia something. Think of a gopnik trying to be polite to the Mother Superior of the local convent.


        1. “I have always thought that democracy is the rule of people. But comrade Roosevelt has clearly explained to me that democracy is the rule of American people.” (J.V.Stalin interview to “Pravda”, 14 March 1946).



      2. The real goals of the US and the collective West, however, have been articulated much more clearly by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Lavrov continued.

        “In one of his speeches, he said that Russia must lose, Russia must be defeated, and the West cannot allow Ukraine to lose, because then the West will lose. And the whole world will lose,” Lavrov explained, referring to the NATO chief’s comments.

        Norwegian politician Christian Tybring-Gjedde has nominated Jens Stoltenberg for the Nobel Peace Price.

        Tybring-Gjedde is often called the nazi fish. (Nazifisken).

        Gjedde = Northern pike.


        1. Russia and any countries who wish to ally themselves with it should probably eliminate any associations they have with western honours and awards, because all without exception have become political favours which the west smirkingly bestows on the most undeserving because it can. I don’t think anyone in Russia or in countries associated with it should pay any attention to celebrations of Stoltenberg’s leadership, because at least part of the purpose of such recognition is to irritate those who think he is a dolt. Slowly but surely, western ‘values’ have wrecked everything internationally recognized as an honour.


  82. FT headline: UK companies fail at fastest rate since financial crisis

    I think the obvious solution is to spend more money on weapons and put all the unemployed in the British Army, then be sent to create a Thin Red Line in the Ukraine and dare the Russians to cross on risk of Trident DII ICBM’s being fired at Moscow from 30 year old British SSBN’s. The Polish government will wholehartedly join in with anyone they can drag off the streets. One last HUZZAH! ? The dominoes are starting to fall.


    1. Nay, that would be racist because the unemployed nowadays are generally the lovely ‘refugees’.
      Mind you, they’ve shown their fitness and courage by crossing the Channel in dinghies, and would surely be happy to do something for the courtly which houses them in five-star hotel accommodation, free everything. Surely they’d be happy to form a thin red line to stand against yon orcs!


  83. The real impact of Western sanctions on Russia

    64.8K subscribers

    2,093 views Streamed live 7 hours ago
    The ramifications of Western sanctions for Russia’s economy have not been as drastic as many observers expected. What are the true impacts? And what more can Western countries do to improve the enforcement and efficacy of sanctions?


  84. Up another notch by the defenders of freedom . . .

    01 Feb, 01: 23 70 344
    Reuters has learnt about plans to supply the Ukraine with missiles having a range of 150 kms
    Reuters: The United States will provide Kiev with a $2.2 billion aid package with GLSDB missiles

    GLSDB missiles with a range of 150 kms will be included in a new aid package worth $2.2 billion: the tranche will include other ammunition and weapons. The Russian Foreign Ministry has said that the transfer of longer-range missiles to the Ukraine would make the United States a party to the conflict.

    Later, the agency clarified that GLSDB (Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb) homing missiles were being discussed, the range of which was 150 kms, the development of which having been carried out by the Boeing and Saab Group. The weapon is launched from rocket complexes such as MLRS M270 and HIMARS. See: Reuters : The United States is preparing a $2.2 billion military aid package for Ukraine that for the first time will include longer-range missiles, as well as other ammunition and weapons.

    Since the beginning of the Russian military operation in the Ukraine, the United States has allocated $26.7 billion to Kiev for security assistance. Since June last year, the United States has delivered 20 HIMARS multiple launch rocket launchers and ammunition to Ukrainian forces. For HIMARS, the Ukraine is being supplied GMLRS missiles with a satellite guidance system that can hit targets at ranges of up to 80 km (50 miles).

    These units are also capable of launching much longer-range ATACMS missiles with a range of more than 300 km (200 miles). The US authorities have refused to supply them to the Ukraine, despite the requests of Kiev. “There are certain things that the president [Joe Biden] is not ready to pass on”, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in July. “The Wall Street” Journal reported that the Pentagon had modified the HIMARS supplied to the Ukraine so that they could not be used to launch long-range missiles, even if Kiev received them from third countries.

    On January 19, the NYT reported that the Biden administration was inclined to believe that the Ukrainian military should be able to launch strikes on the territory of Crimea, if this strengthened the position of the Ukraine’ in future negotiations. Washington had initially refused to provide Kiev with weapons that could be used for these purposes, fearing escalation. The Pentagon later said that it would support “the Ukrainians in having their territory returned by any means and any weapons that they use.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously warned the United States against transferring long-range missiles to the Ukraine. “If Washington decides to supply Kiev with longer range missiles, then it will cross a red line and become a direct party to the conflict”, said Maria Zakharova, a ministry spokeswoman. Konstantin Vorontsov, Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control, said that the supply of Western weapons not only delays the end of the conflict, but also “brings the situation closer to the dangerous line of direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO”

    Another step closer to the edge of the abyss in defence of freedom and a rules-based world order.


    1. Another step indeed, and it will be matched with another escalation by Russia, and Ukraine will get pounded that much harder. It is plain now, I think, that Washington is growing increasingly desperate for something that looks like victory, and its latest scrabblings are attempts to strengthen Ukraine’s negotiating position in a conflict where only a couple of months ago, there were going to be no negotiations. Russia was losing, and it only remained for it to realize that, and withdraw in humiliation. By God, you’re good when you can even fool yourself.


  85. RT.RU

    February 1, 2023, 07: 40
    Baldo has reported cases of Ukrainian military defections to Russia
    Acting Governor of the Kherson region Volodymyr Baldo has said that in the Kherson sector of the front line, cases of defections of the Ukrainian military to the Russians were being recorded regularly.
    “This happens regularly, although it is not of a mass nature”, RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

    Baldo noted that the region was in no hurry to publish information about defections of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine to the side of the Russian army, as the Kiev regime was able to subject defectors’ relatives to “repression”.

    On January 20, the chairman of the movement “We are together with Russia”, Vladimir Rogov, said that within one month at least several dozen soldiers of the Ukrainian army had defected to the side of the Russian Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye theatre of operations.

    He also previously reported that in the Zaporozhye region, two Ukrainian officers of the elite special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had come over to the Russian side.


  86. 31 January, 2023 | 21: 32
    Australian TV channel broadcast interrupted owing to a dispute about the Ukraine

    Sky News Australia interrupted a broadcast because of doubts of a victory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that were being expressed on it by host Liz Storer .

    Sky News Australia presenters interrupted the broadcast whilst the conflict in the Ukraine was being discussed with Liz Storer, national director of the lobbying organisation Advance Australia, who was questioning the success of the Ukrainian army.

    “Does anyone see any signs that the Ukraine is winning? And we just keep sending billions. We don’t even know where we are sending the tanks”, Storer said. She added that if it were not for Washington’s intervention, the conflict would already be over by now.

    Making ironic comments, the TV presenters did not support Storer’s position, but despite this, the woman continued to be indignant and critical of the Ukrainian authorities. She stressed that Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky was “a pawn in a bigger man’s game”. “We are not seeing a president who is willing to end this war”, Storer added. After she had said that, the journalists decided to take a break.

    Earlier, French politician and former MEP Florian Filippo called Zelensky’s appeal to Paris that Kiev be provided with Leclerc tanks as soon as possible a “disgraceful masquerade”. He was outraged by a statement made by the Ukrainian president, who urged France to speed up the transfer of the equipment.

    You can see how, just before the end of the clip (2:33) below, Storer glances to her right, having clearly noticed a signal being given to her that she should stop, whereupon, with a smile on her face, she looks at the others seated on her left, one of whom still haranguing her, and says to them: “We have got to go to break”.

    31 Jan 2023
    Sky News host Liz Storer says Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a pawn in a “bigger man’s game” amidst a war that is never-ending.

    “We have a President who is happy to make PR trips to the US, he is happy to pose on the front cover of Vogue, he is happy to receive countless movie stars visiting him and posting on Instagram”, she said.


  87. 4:53:

    So I want to ask those who have created such a situation: “Do you even understand what you have done?

    V. V. Putin, 2015


  88. So why all this infusion of high-tech weaponry? We can sum it up in one word: panic.

    Having declared a de facto war on Russia and openly calling for the removal of Vladimir Putin, the neoconservative pimps of war watch with dread as Ukraine is being pummeled by a relentless Russian war of attrition. Ukraine has suffered nearly 18,000 civilian casualties (6,919 killed and 11,075 injured). It has also seen around 8 percent of its total housing destroyed or damaged and 50 percent of its energy infrastructure directly impacted with frequent power cuts. Ukraine requires at least $3 billion a month in outside support to keep its economy afloat, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director recently said. Nearly 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced — 8 million in Europe and 6 million internally — and up to 18 million people, or 40 percent of Ukraine’s population, will soon require humanitarian assistance. Ukraine’s economy contracted by 35 percent in 2022, and 60 percent of Ukrainians are now poised to live on less than $5.5 a day, according to World Bank estimates. Nine million Ukrainians are without electricity and water in sub-zero temperatures, the Ukrainian president says. According to estimates from the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, 100,000 Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have been killed or injured in the war as of last November.

    Strategic Culture
    31 January 2023,
    Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong


  89. Komsomolskaya Pravda Exclusive:

    31 January, 2023 14:16
    Where has the killer of Daria Dugina hidden herself? The killer’s family have turned their backs against her; the West has never put her on the wanted list
    Expert: “The killer of Darya Dugina returned to Ukraine and is living there with a new passport”.

    Natalia Vovk may be hiding in the Ukraine. Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

    The murder of the 29-year-old daughter of the Russian philosopher Daria Dugina was revealed by the FSB with lightning speed. Almost immediately, the security forces reported that the person responsible for the blowing up of that young woman’s car was a citizen of the Ukraine, a resident of Mariupol, Natalya Vovk, who had arrived in Russia in a grey Mini Cooper a fortnight before the crime, along with her 12-year-old daughter. The woman became Daria’s neighbour in order to keep her under observation. After the explosion, Vovk and her daughter hurriedly left Russia through the Pskov region, heading for Estonia. After that, her trail disappeared. But now the same car has been spotted again in the Ukraine. “KP” found out where the car had been sold and whether this means that Vovk has returned to her country.

    Car in the Kiev region
    Natalia Vovk (divorced husband’s family name: Shaban) is a rather mysterious person. The woman’s parents live in Mariupol. Immediately after the murder, they said that their daughter had worked as an administrator at the Mariupol sports complex “Illichivets”, but at the same time, she was somehow doing her military service. She was made redundant and went to work for the National Guard of the Ukraine. The woman has two children, in addition to her daughter there is an elder son. Shortly before the murder, Vovk had gone to Europe as a refugee. She is said to have lived in France and then she returned to the Ukraine via Poland, after which return, she went to Russia.

    Vovk often changed the licence plates of the car Photo: FSB

    On her social media pages, Vovk did not reveal much about herself: she posted photos of herself in a swimming costume and pictures of cats. Immediately after the murder, she deleted most of her messenger and social media accounts. Natalya’s pictures only remained on her brother’s social network page. They include pictures of her feasting with relatives and friends, as well as photos of Vovk with her daughter.

    According to the FSB, Vovk entered Russia using Donetsk license plates E982XH DPR, in Moscow she drove with Kazakhstan numbers 172AJD02, and she left the Russian Federation using Ukrainian licence numbers AH7771IP. The vehicle that she used was a “Mini Cooper”, Vehicle Identification Number WMWXP5C53K2H95275, which was registered to a Russian woman — a resident of Kaliningrad, who, apparently, did not even know about it. The woman also has a daughter and almost never appears on social networks.

    in Russia, Vovk lived near Dugina Photo: FSB

    The Ukrainian security services are believed to have helped Natalia Vovk with all these manipulations with number plates and car registration.

    Immediately after Vovk had left Russia, her car disappeared. However, KP.RU has managed to trace the history of her number plate changes. The car itself was purchased on June 26, 2021, at which time the Mini Cooper received its first number plate – KA 2561 CK. Later, on 1 July 2021, the number plate was changed to AH 7771 IP, the one which Vovk’s car had when she left Russia.

    According to a sales contract, AI 3957 OK was the last number the car got after the murder. KP.RU has learnt that the buyer of the foreign car was a resident of Bila Tserkva in the Kiev region. The car was registered at the Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s service centre No 3241 in the town of Baryshevka, 3 Polivaya Street.

    Daria Dugina with her fatherPhoto: SOCIAL NETWORKS

    to be continued . . .


  90. continued from above . . .

    Natalia Vovk’s elder son [my error previously, where I translated into English from the Russian “eldest son”; she only has two sons and Danil is the elder of the two — ME] was last seen in the Kiev region before the murder of Daria Dugina. Danil Shaban posted videos from this region on Tiktok. After the hype, he deleted some of his social networks, and made the other part private. As friends of Danil told KP, after the incident, they did not contact him and did not know where he is.

    Natalia’s friends and family also told KP that she had not been in touch with them. Initially, after the murder, the relatives had given interviews, but now they hav decided to cut themselves off from the press.

    “No one knows anything about her, including her brother”I, van Sinyaev, a friend of Natalia’s brother, told KP. “I asked him, and he said the family didn’t want to know anything about her. Her brother doesn’t keep in touch with her, and you can see why. It wasn’t in his best interest after all they’d been through. I had actually been hoping that that whole issue had been buried”.

    Vovk and her family Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS

    According to one version, Vovk could have returned to the Ukraine and was now living there with her son and daughter. Experts believe that this is possible, but suggest not to rush to conclusions.

    “The car is in the Kiev region, but this does not mean that Vovk returned on her own”, explains Sergey Goncharov, president of the Association of veterans of the Alpha anti-terror unit. “Everything was organized by the Anglo-Saxon [FFS!!! Those “Anglo-Saxons” again! — ME] special services and the SBU. This became clear when Vovk left Russia by way of Estonia. No one detained her there, which means that everything had already been well thought out. [Are Finno-Ugric Estonians now “Anglo-Saxon” as well, I wonder? — ME] Now, perhaps, Vovk has returned to the Ukraine, although I should not rush to conclusions. But if this is true, then the first thing is that she is not afraid of anything. And secondly, she has received full security guarantees and is now living under a different name and with sa different passport. In any case, she clearly won’t be giving interviews and shouting everywhere that she’s back. And her car in the Ukraine is clearly not going to be put on the wanted list. Because everything was planned by the intelligence.”

    Former intelligence officer, Major General of the FSB Alexander Mikhailov, in turn, believes that Vovk could hide and live not only in the Ukraine, but in any Western country.

    “She could be hiding anywhere. And we can that she be surrendered to us, but it is quite obvious that no one will hand her over to us, because the West lives by double standards. They formally approved what she did. Although they should have initiated the deportation of Vovk to the Russian Federation themselves. And if they didn’t immediately hand her over, than that means that they are just thoroughly enjoying the whole thing, and no more than that”, said Alexander Mikhailov with certainty.

    The killer Vovk with her brother.

    I don’t quite think he’s her full brother.

    No way! That’s her son, Danil. Her brother fevvers a Moroccan.

    What the above KP article doesnt state is that Vovk has apparently been working under one or another cover for the Ukrainian special services for many years, and from 2010, she often travelled abroad, from Dubai to London, and was engaged in collecting information. And her military ID card indicates that Natalia Vovk was a member of the Azov battalion, recognized as a terrorist and banned in Russia. Her son Danil has also served with Azov.

    See: Daria Dugina’s killer Natalia Vovk in her family circle: new photos

    (above) Taken about 20 years sago, I guess: Vovk’s father with her brother.

    What is curious for me in this whole story is that Vovk dogged Darina Dugina, even lived as her neighbour in Moscow so as to keep her under observation. But surely, Vovk’s mission was to murder Dugin, so why shadow his daughter? And the first reports that I read here of the murder was that the remote controlled bomb that killed Dugina had been placed under Dugin’s car, but contrary to expectations, at the last moment, Dugin decided to be an evening guest of his friends and let his daughter drive his car back to Moscow from the gathering that she and her father had attended in the village of Bolshiye Vyazyomy, situated some 30 miles WSW of Moscow and a place I know well.

    Undeterred, however, the killer decided to detonate the bomb, knowing full well that only Daria Dugina was in the vehicle. Never miss an opportunity to kill a Moskal is Vovk’s motto, I suppose.

    Or perhaps she did not detnate it? Perhaps she had an as yet unknown colleague en route to Moscow, who, on seeing Dugin’s approaching vehicle, detonated the bomb, not knowing that Dugin was not in his car?

    Another thing not mentioned in the KP exclusive is that Vovk took her daughter with her on her Dugin assassination mission, no doubt using the child as cover.

    As a footnote: the family name “Vovk” [Вовк] is most definitely Ukrainian and means “wolf”: Russian for “wolf” is “volk” [волк]. The family name “Vovk” is also common Belarus, Slovenia, and Croatia..

    And in Ukrainian брудна зла повія сука means filthy evil whore bitch.


    1. Embedded at the end of the KP exclusive is an audio file in which Vovk’s mother is talking at 15 to a dozen with a KP journalist about her killer daughter. Throughout she talks in Russian.

      And this is Vovk’s mother, Nadezhzda:

      She does not seem to be the mother of Vovk’s brother shown in the photos above.

      Donetsk News Agency
      24.08.2022 14:06
      Natalia Vovk’s mother says her daughter joined the army for money

      Donetsk, Aug 24 — DAN. Natalia Vovk, a citizen of the Ukraine suspected of murdering Russian journalist and politologist Daria Dugina, joined the military as she needed money, Vovk’s mother Nadezhda told DAN.

      “When she landed a job (with the military) she didn’t tell me anything. I learnt about it later, when she was at hospital, and we talked. Nothing special about her job, she needed money. She told me, ‘Mum, it’s hard on me, this is a man’s job. I would have quitted if it were not for the kids’. She was doing military service, but not with Azov”, Nadezhda says.

      Before that, Natalia was an administrator at the Ilichevets Mariupol football club, but after having been laid off, the mother of two had to find another job.

      “I think she wouldn’t have taken her daughter along, if she was about to do it (the terrorist attack — DAN). I know what kind of mother she is, she would have never let her children be hurt”, the mother of the suspect said.

      Earlier, a source in law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation told the TASS news agency that the perpetrator of the murder could have used her daughter to cover up the crime.

      On August 22, the FSB announced that the murder of Daria Dugina had been solved.

      According to the investigators, it was carried out by Natalia Vovk on orders of the Ukrainian special services. The agency released a CCTV footage showing a woman resembling Vovk driving a Mini Cooper with different number plates, and appearing near Dugina’s house.

      Later, photos of Vovk’s identity card were published, indicating that she served in the military unit 3057, a formation of the National Guard of the Ukraine, which includes the Azov Nazi group (recognized as a terrorist organization in the DPR). Reports emerged that her elder son also served in the Azov, and the Mini Cooper was put up for sale on the Ukrainian Internet, the seller was a person with the initials of Vovk’s son.


  91. NATO is most definitely not participating in the war which for some inexplicable reason was caused by Putin making for some unfathomable reason an unprovoked attack against poor, weak, unaggressive, democratic “Independent Ukraine” that had never wished any malevolence towards anyone:

    1 FEB, 16:27
    NATO’s entire military infrastructure, satellites working against Russia — Kremlin
    According to Dmitry Peskov, such actions create “very peculiar, hostile” conditions for Russia which Moscow cannot help but notice

    MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. Moscow sees that all of NATO’s military infrastructure, even its satellites, are working against Russia for Ukraine’s sake around the clock, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday.

    “We see how NATO’s entire military infrastructure is working against Russia, and we see how NATO’s entire intelligence infrastructure, including reconnaissance aviation, and satellite groupings are working in the interests of Ukraine in a 24/7 mode,” the Kremlin official said.

    According to Peskov, such actions create “very peculiar, hostile” conditions for Russia which Moscow cannot help but notice.

    Typically Russian whining paranoia.

    The world does not covet anything Russian, why should it? It is a semi-Asiatiac local power of no import, a gas station with missiles.


    1. I’ve read most of it, and it is very well done, an excellent expose of the current situation. I particularly enjoyed this paragraph;

      Editorials by Western luminaries deliberately ignore Russia’s red lines, that perpetual motion machine of an always more necessary, harder response against whoever is the object of our foreign anxieties, along with threats for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, that is, to apply greater Western Resolve, have the appearance of a Western Intelligence Agency psychological operation directed at Western audiences so as to prepare them for the inevitable notification of a Russian victory in The Ukraine, more precisely, that military outcome that cannot be hidden. The purpose of this psychological operation is to admit the narrative that we actually would have won, if not for our better selves. That sentimental abstraction, entirely fraudulent, has great appeal as that towering and entirely mythic edifice of Essential Western Goodness remains virtually unassailable. In The West and only in The West.

      It is as likely as not to be the eventual explanation for losing Ukraine, after artificially prolonging the fighting long after Ukraine unaided would have had to surrender and resulting in the cataclysmic destruction of the country – we could have won, but our hands were tied by our democratic nobility and our egalitarian instincts. Of course, it is all bullshit, and America completely bought that it could steamroller to a win because it consistently and stupidly lowballs Russian and Chinese accomplishments and capabilities.

      Incidentally, do you have a link which substantiates Ukraine’s alleged request to European leaders to repatriate Ukrainian military-age men who have already sought refuge in those countries? I couldn’t find anything on it with a simple search.


      1. Well and good.
        Why not sign up Mark? All free.
        If you would be kind enough to list the link on your Blogroll, others may tune in.
        Beyond that sort of thing, it is purely chance events that people come across these essays.
        Les in Melbourne . . .


        1. I have done both; the link should now be visible in the blogroll. And thanks again for some excellent analysis!

          Yes, it’s there; listed alphabetically by its title: “Age of Consequence”.


        1. The above link is full of shit! Have you read the comments?

          Commenter on the pressing of 16-year-olds into military service:

          this is what winning looks like

          and the comments in reply:

          No, but close. Winning looks like spending 2 months to move the front line 500m backward.

          Given how much of a shitshow this whole thing has been from the start, I don’t expect it to go any more smoothly for the Russians, but they’ve been throwing minority and criminal fodder at Ukraine over the winter to wear them down before a fresh offensive in the spring. They’ll probably make headway through sheer attrition at that point, but it won’t be anything approaching a competent military offense.

          [competent military offense = USA style “shock and awe”]

          “they’ve been throwing minority and criminal fodder at Ukraine over the winter”

          What’s the difference with the average russian citizen ?

          Full of shit — and it looks like the site is one favoured by shitstabbers.


  92. Above: black tie optional? Is that the Yukietard foreign minister being welcomed at Buckingham Palace in sweater and sneakers? Is the Kiev Clown so attired as to dash back immediately to the front on his return to Banderastan?

    Noble and righteous Britons free and true, when in raptures over the visit of that little shit from Kiev, think on this below!

    09.02.2023 01:37
    RT: footage of the shooting of a Russian captured soldier by an AFU fighter has appeared

    Shocking footage of the shooting of a captured Russian soldier is being distributed in Telegram channels. This is reported by RT and the Russian Spring portal.

    For ethical reasons, “RG” is not publishing this video nor providing a link to it.

    In the recording, a soldier armed with a submachine gun asks in Ukrainian a captured soldier who is lying in the snow, which unit he is from. When he gets no response, he shoots him.

    Also in the frame there are two more prisoners. From the conversation of the AFU militants, it follows that one of them has a grenade.

    The location and dates of filming are not known.

    This is not the first case of war crimes committed by the Armed Forces of the Ukraine. In November 2022, in Makeyevka (LNR), eleven Russian soldiers who surrendered were shot by soldiers of the 80th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine.

    Subsequently, this unit was defeated. Two of its officers were captured.

    To the heroes — Glory!


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