The Changing Face of Foreign Affairs: the West is in Serious Trouble.

Uncle Volodya says, “”We are forced to fall back on fatalism as an explanation of irrational events. The more we try to explain such events in history reasonably, the more unreasonable and incomprehensible do they become to us.

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run;
There’s still time to change the road you’re on…

Led Zeppelin, from “Stairway to Heaven”

“They were careless people…they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made….”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, from “The Great Gatsby”

    I led off with that snippet from ‘Stairway’ for two reasons – one, a lifelong love of Led Zeppelin. Two, an opportunity for ironic amusement. Because the time to change the road we’re on slid into the rearview mirror along about the time the USA summarily refused all Russia’s demands for security guarantees, in exchange for resumption of the uneasy peace which had prevailed. Although the forces and pressures which set the current military operation in Ukraine in motion had been steadily increasing for some time, years – that was the moment the wheels of inevitability began to pick up speed, until the windows hum with their turning.

The time to change the road we’re on has come and gone, and the world is now committed to whatever will ensue. We’re in the back seat, while our lunatic ‘leaders’ jerk the wheel this way and that. Each day brings new astonishment to stoke our incredulity, from Germany’s Annalena Baerbock’s ringing declaration that Germany will not waver from supporting Ukraine no matter what its voters think, to Liz Truss’s promise that Britain’s support this coming year will at least equal, if not surpass that of the year currently bleeding out. The UK has committed £2.3bn so far this year, so figure on at least another £2bn in 2023. That’s in an environment where inflation has topped 10%, and the Truss government is planning to borrow about $120 Billion for spending on subsidies to cap British energy prices. The inmates have taken over the asylum – who does Truss imagine will be on the hook to repay a borrowed $120 Billion? The taxpayer, of course. For Germany’s part, in July of this year it recorded its first trade deficit since Helmut Kohl was in his penultimate term as Chancellor. An export-based economy, Germany had been posting the highest trade surpluses in the world; 8%, 9% of GDP, or €20 billion a month. German industry is being ruined before its electorate’s horrified eyes – it is the nature of business that when conditions are imposed upon it such that it can be neither productive or profitable, it relocates to where that potential is again within reach. The German Greens, like Baerbock and Robert Habeck, don’t give a fuck – they hate industry anyway; it uses too much energy and generates so much smoke and pollution that it’s hard to see the dear little windmills turning. Don’t forget, in the next day or two, Germany is expected to announce the nationalization of gas-import giant Uniper; this was supposed to cost the German taxpayer €19 Billion, but according to the cost has ballooned to €30 Billion, added to the €100 Million Uniper is losing each and every day in its flailing efforts to replace Russian gas. Along with that bizarre action, Berlin also seized the local unit of ROSNEFT PJSC. In case you were unaware, ‘seized’ means ‘stole’. This invites retaliation and escalation from a country which has no worries at all where its gas is coming from, and has customers eager to buy the volumes Europe resolutely turns its stupid face from. Russia continues to realize record profits from energy sales even as the volumes it sells decline.

“Despite efforts to massively damage Russia’s economy in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine, Moscow’s energy industry appears that it is continuing to boom, with Vladimir Putin’s state-owned gas company Gazprom posting record half-year profits on Tuesday thanks to soaring natural gas prices worldwide.

The company has since announced that it has totally halted gas deliveries to Europe via its major Nord Stream pipeline for what are ostensibly reasons to do with repairs, leaving bigwigs in Europe to sweat over whether the supply will ever be turned back on again.

According to a report by Der Spiegel, Gazprom posted a six-month profit of around 2.5 trillion rubles, roughly equivalent to $41 billion.

This is compared to the company’s previous record annual profit of 2.09 trillion rubles which it posted last year, a much smaller sum especially when the value of the now surging ruble is factored into the equation.”

Two years in a row of record profits, coincidentally two years of concerted NATO efforts to bring the country to ruin, during which it has steadily descended to pretty much every dirty trick in the book. Russians are the same as people everywhere; they see it when people blindly follow prejudice and disinformation to foment hatred against them. Despite this, Putin remains steadily and constantly popular with those he leads. The Conversation has an explanation for that – Putin owns the news media, and it pumps out Putin-love propaganda day and night. As well, people are too scared Putin will come into their room at night and kill them – he does that a lot – to criticize the war.

“Alexander Hill, a professor of military history at the University of Calgary writes that the Russian leader has the support of pretty much all of the country’s news media (unsurprising, as he controls pretty much all of it). So ordinary citizens have been fed a non-stop diet of propaganda since before the invasion was launched. Meanwhile, thanks to oil and gas revenues, the economy is in reasonable shape still. And, Hill asserts, people may just be too scared to admit their opposition to the war.”

I am encouraged to think Americans actually believe Putin is an unstable tyrant who rules with an iron fist, at the very same time that his hold on the public is so sclerotic that criticism from addled dotard Alla Pugacheva is the final straw which will bring his rotten empire crashing down around his pointy ears. The author cheerfully asserts that Pugacheva remains as popular and influential as she ever was, even though she is 73 and her last album was released ten years ago, relying on go-to western-shoe-kisser Stas Belkovsky, and a Russian blogger who writes…Christ, I don’t know if I can get this out….COOKBOOKS! You all remember Stas Belkovsky; you’ll be happy to know he’s still at the National Strategy Institute. They were damned lucky to get him, if you ask me. Strategists like Belkovsky – who predicted in 2007 that Putin would leave politics that year because Russia was too dependent on agricultural imports, the economic outlook for average Russians was deteriorating and Putin wanted to go someplace to enjoy his stolen wealth – don’t grow on trees. Incredibly, he didn’t stop there; Putin, he said, would need a prestigious international apolitical position to insulate him from the fury of Russians when they realized the extent to which they had been duped, and forecast Putin might become head of the International Olympic Committee. Well, he is only 70; still plenty of time for a second career. And in 2021, Russia became a net exporter of agricultural products – way to light a fire under that incompetent bastard, Stas.

Anyway, sorry, I seem to be wandering further and further from the point. So, here we are, in the back seat of the Clown Car, part of the giddy parade of clown cars with our gibbering leaders at the wheel, bucketing down the Highway To Hell. We’ve departed from Comfortable Reality We Once Knew, and are bound for Things Will Never Again Be Like That. Roads have signposts to mark our progress, and I thought it might be fun to cede that role to Foreign Affairs magazine, thereby charting the progress of the military operation in Ukraine through their stories. I had a subscription to Foreign Affairs – I think I wanted to cite something they wrote that I couldn’t get anywhere else – and they still send me notices of their publications. Without further ado…

Let’s spot the Americans about a month, to give them the opportunity to view completed events. The military operation kicked off in late February – although Ukraine’s own operation began much earlier and the USA was surely part of the planning – and March looks like a good place to start. So let’s begin with Liana Fix and Michael Kimmage’s “What if Russia Loses?”. The thinking here is typical of the German Marshall Fund’s prodigies, and it is the employer of both authors. The pervasive ambience is one of smugness; no matter how it comes out, America will benefit, because it always falls to America to manage global affairs. Know why? Because only America is any good at it. Here’s a sample:

“Meanwhile, the sanctions that the United States and European countries have imposed on Russia will result in a separation of Russia from the global economy. Outside investment will fall away. Capital will be much harder to acquire. Technology transfers will dry up. Markets will close to Russia, possibly including the markets for its gas and oil, the sale of which has been crucial to Putin’s modernization of the Russian economy. Business and entrepreneurial talent will flow out of Russia. The long-term effect of these transitions is predictable. As the historian Paul Kennedy argued in The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers, such countries have a tendency to fight the wrong wars, to undertake financial burdens and thus to deprive themselves of economic growth—the lifeblood of a great power. In the improbable event that Russia could subdue Ukraine, it could also ruin itself in the process.”

In German Marshall Land, Ukraine will never, ever submit; instead, even if it is defeated militarily, it will become a wild and intractable acquisition, fighting a constant insurgency to throw off the yoke of Russian rule, because of Zelensky’s ‘pitch perfect’ stoking of Ukrainian nationalism.

As Putin argued compellingly just the other day in an impromptu press conference on the sidelines of the Head of States Council of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the SCO comprises around half of the global population, owns a quarter of the world’s GDP, and is made up of nations whose economies are growing significantly faster than those of the NATO club. But the NATO club is excluding itself from those economies, by choice and for ideology. The conflict centers loosely around Ukraine, but that’s really just a convenient pivot point – what it essentially boils down to is the west, with its big mouth, has maneuvered itself into a position where it cannot back down. It must grit its teeth and continue throwing money at Ukraine, in the hope that just a little more pressure will be the magic that will make Russia crack, but it’s not about a Ukrainian victory – it’s about western pride and the fact that losing would force it to rethink how it feels about itself, its self-appointed role as arbiter of global affairs, the beloved and admired dispenser of wisdom and regulation. Its hate has blinded it to its own behavior over the last couple of years. Meanwhile, I see news that Russia has announced a ‘partial mobilization’, calling up some Army reserves. Even after that, a revision of economic data was announced which forecast less shrinkage than national authorities had forecast, about a third of what the IMF predicted, and a return to growth in 2024. But if I were running a European country, I would have experienced a sinking feeling upon reading the second-to-last paragraph:

“The “redirection” of Russian oil and gas exports toward “neutral countries” will help to support economic activity by 2024-2025, the minister added.”

Europe has made a most uncomfortable bed, and must now lie in it – Russian supplies of cheap oil and gas are not coming back. Build some more windmills, Habeck, you unshaven dolt.

As to Ukraine mounting a fierce insurgency to ensure there is never anything like peace, things might be a bit different when the people no longer have to fear UAF and SBU reprisals. Kherson and some other regions have begun issuing Russian passports, and the Governor of Kherson has received one; there are plans to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation. Many video clips showing lines of people formed to apply have been taken down, and state organs like the BBC make sure to mock the whole process, suggesting only a handful of hardcore traitors have applied for Russian passports. When they won’t let you see for yourself, there’s usually a good reason.

Anyway, let’s move ahead, to April and Frederick Kagan’s “How Not to Invade a Nation”. I’m sure you all remember Fred Kagan; the Kagans – Frederick and Robert – are a big noise in neoconservative ideology, and Robert Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland, the famous Baker of the Maidan, whose generous buns birthed a new Ukraine. So to speak.

Frederick Kagan has himself not spent a day in uniform, although he was a professor of military history at the US Military Academy West Point. His petulant opining often reflects this background – I don’t want to suggest military history is easy, it’s not, but there is sort of not much strategic talent required to forecast the victor in a battle that wrapped up decades or even centuries ago. Spoiler alert – the Germans lose. At the same time, there is a temptation to believe you ‘see things’ others are incapable of grasping in maps which were furnished by your allies, known and demonstrated liars over and over, from a country led by an actor. Let’s take a look.

“The initial Russian objective was to seize Kyiv and other major Ukrainian cities, remove the current Ukrainian government, and impose a new regime beholden to Moscow. Russia’s first and overwhelming objective, then, should have been taking the capital, and a sound campaign plan would have prioritized this aim and subordinated actions elsewhere. The collapse of the Ukrainian government and the destruction of the Ukrainian military forces defending it, after all, would likely have unhinged Ukrainian defenses elsewhere, making the conquest of eastern and southern Ukraine much easier.”

I don’t know why Putin persists in maintaining his own staff to generate military strategy and plans, when he could just outsource it to NATO – “Yo, yo; Freddie K, my man. Listen, I was thinking about laying a beating on Ukraine. Yeah, saucy, you said it. Anyway, how many people will I need, and what should my objectives be?” No matter how many times Russia says it does not want to overthrow and replace the Ukrainian government, there it is right up there on the tote; Objective Number One. I suspect that owes much to the fact that it did not happen, and can therefore be spun as a shocking failure, to a chorus of NATO snickering.

Next up, Dara Massicot with “The Russian Military’s People Problem”. It’s hard for Moscow to win, says Dara, while mistreating its soldiers. A rib-tickler replete with accounts of Russian soldiers stealing everything not nailed down from Ukrainian towns they’ve conquered. Toilets were not specifically mentioned, but the implication hangs heavy in the air that Russian soldiers are so poor that a stolen washing machine humped all the way back from Ukraine might become the focal gathering-point of their village, like some plateau-dwelling Amazon civilization which has never seen such technology.

“With discipline and morale faltering, Russian troops began looting what they could from Ukraine and shipping it back home—including washing machines, frying pans, televisions from Ukrainian schools, and even used mascara. They raided Ukrainian convenience stores for meat, cigarettes, and alcohol. When they ran out of food from markets, they stole it (along with livestock) directly from Ukrainian people. According to intercepted phone calls released by Ukraine’s intelligence services, some Russian soldiers have even eaten dogs.”

I don’t have to tell you where that comes from – yep, the old reliable ‘intercepted phone calls released by Ukraine’s intelligence services’. Hey, Sergey; yes, it’s me, Pavel. Oh, not much going on here, just hiding from the Ukrainian Army behind this big white thing with some sort of burners on top of it. Not a lot to eat here, but I have to say, the dogs are delicious! As if. Same with the accounts of Russian troops being issued field rations which expired ten years ago. At this point, if the Americans and NATO are going to insist on simply printing whatever Ukraine tells them, they are too stupid – not to mention assuming you are, as well – for it to merit further commentary.

We’re going to have to skip ahead a bit faster, because this is running longer than I planned, but the out-and-out foolishness in what is meant to be a prestigious and influential western defense publication has a sick fascination all its own, like driving past a messy road accident. Dara was up again in August; yes, not only was she not sacked for writing such fantasy crap, they even printed more of her stuff, every bit as mendacious.

“But although Russia has had six months to learn from these mistakes, it appears poised to once again commit its depleted forces to an untenable mission: annexing and holding Ukraine’s Donetsk, Kherson, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia Provinces, or oblasts. Holding this territory will require substantial amounts of manpower and armored equipment—particularly given that the regions have contested frontlines and that Russian forces in each experience organized partisan attacks. And Moscow has lost its most advanced equipment, for which it does not have equivalent replacements. The Russian armed forces have also suffered tens of thousands of casualties, including well-trained personnel, and its current strategy for replenishment—recruiting new soldiers from a motley mix of communities and armed groups—will not create a combat effective force. There remains, in short, a mismatch between the Kremlin’s goals for Ukraine and the forces it has to deliver them.”

There might be quite a lot to recently-discussed ‘projection theory’, which holds that whatever the problems are in Ukraine, they are promptly attributed to Russia in the interest of keeping Ukraine staggering along, by feeding its morale and whispering in its bloodied ear that it is soooooo close to winning. Russia, to the very best of my understanding, is nowhere near out of ‘its most advanced equipment’ – it doesn’t need to fire Khinzals at Ukraine all day long when artillery will do. Western magazines love to feature photos of burnt-out tanks with some civilian walking past, and caption it “Ukrainian woman walks past a burnt-out Russian tank”, but in reality Ukrainian tanks look identical to Russian tanks for many models because they were made by the same manufacturer, and all you have to do is photoshop a hazy ‘Z’ on the wreck – presto! a destroyed Russian tank. Nobody knows for certain what Russian casualties are, but according to the Russian defense ministry they are just under 6000, not ‘tens of thousands’, and it is Ukraine rather than Russia which is throwing untrained youths into the front lines; there is no realistic possibility that Russia’s casualties are ten times those of Ukraine, which is the way Zelensky tells it.

One of us is lying. I don’t think it’s me, but time will tell. Meanwhile, the same western analysts who told you Russian forces could roll right over Ukraine and be in Kiev in 72 hours now tell you Russia is screwing up six ways from Sunday and has to resort to putting the paperboy in a uniform and shoving him into the meat grinder.

I had initially planned to dissect a monthly article from Foreign Affairs, right up to the present. But that would result in a post about double its present length, and I don’t want to do that. The urgency I am trying to convey transcends simple mockery of American and NATO strutting and posturing; neither has won a war in decades, unless you count the stunning American victory over Grenada, and the US military was sent down the road in Afghanistan 20 years after it entered, having accomplished nothing significant but wrecking the place a little more than it already was, after spending $2 Trillion and losing nearly 2000 American forces in combat. To put that $2 Trillion in perspective, the 2020 GDP of Afghanistan was $20 Billion. Of course Grampy Biden portrayed the American departure as an awe-inspiring victory: nobody retreats like we do.

“The past 17 days have seen our troops execute the largest airlift in US history, evacuating over 120,000 US citizens, citizens of our allies, and Afghan allies of the United States. They have done it with unmatched courage, professionalism, and resolve,” the President said in the statement. He said he will make an address about Afghanistan to the nation on Tuesday.

The idea that NATO has the chops to be analyzing anyone else’s military conflicts and pointing out where they are fucking up is preposterous. If you approach that position from the perspective that NATO picked an ally before the conflict started and now repeats everything it is told by that ally without ever checking any of its stories, when billions upon billions in donations depend on the perception that the ally is kicking Russian ass and some 70% of that ally’s GDP is still under the direct control of a predatory oligarchy which includes at least its former president, if not the present one, too…well, what’s more preposterous than that? Ludicrous? Would that do it?

The relationship between NATO and Russia has been, historically, like having a slave you love to beat. Your slave does useful work for you, but by God, when you wants to feel like the Massa, ain’t nothing like getting out the whip. And this accrues from the most grotesque and bloated sense of entitlement, delusion writ so large that a talking balloon like Ursula Von Der Leyen is worshipped as a visionary, I…I’m lost for words. How did this world get so stupid so fast?

Now NATO seems to think it is ready to go to war in Europe. Think so? What do you plan to use for gas? Do you have tanks and planes that run on bullshit? Hope you have some big-ass piles of reserve ammunition, too, because ammunition is made in a factory and your factories are shutting down left and right; they use too much energy, and energy is becoming unaffordable in Europe.

A winter of discontent, indeed.

Why, I, in this weak piping time of peace,
Have no delight to pass away the time,
Unless to spy my shadow in the sun
And descant on mine own deformity:
And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to prove a villain
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.



882 thoughts on “The Changing Face of Foreign Affairs: the West is in Serious Trouble.

  1. Here’s one for et Al and PO:

    China’s C-919 gained type certification end-September. At the moment almost 50% of China’s civil-aviation fleet is Boeing and an even larger proportion is western when Airbus is included. But COMAC already has orders for over 800 C-919’s from Chinese and other companies. At under $100 million per aircraft, it should be competitive internationally once it has built up a safety record.


      1. Certainly in the Russian/Chinese market, which includes the only real aviation market with significant growth potential – and perhaps, in the years to come, the Asian market as well. The world is looking more and more like splitting into two spheres of influence with a minimum of interaction.


    1. It may well face the same problem as the Sukhoi SSJ, too many foreign parts and in particular engines. But, sanctioning engines in a massive market that also buys Arbus & Boing is an extremely dumb thing to do because the money is made on the servicing model, the engines sold at cost. Less western engines flying means much less money coming in for the engine makers and would really mess up the business model that has been standard for well over twenty years.

      Is Team USA dumb enough to sanction engines? I hope not but going on past behavior and less and less low-hanging fruit being available, the temptation may be too strong. Counter to that, there has been significant and quite push back from very large western corporations on sanctions. Yes, they have taken part in some sanctioning (on Russia) but to me it looks like yet another case of don’t look at what they have sanctioned, rather look at what they haven’t sanctioned. We’ll see.


  2. Moon of Alabama has a pretty good piece up on the annexation of the four former-Ukrainian regions by Moscow. But before that there was an excellent piece on ‘Prime Minister’ Liz Truss and her financial shenanigans, culminating in an assessment that we may see BoJo back sooner than anyone expected.

    “After two days the British central bank, the Bank of England, had to intervene to prevent a Lehman like crisis that would have killed many British pension funds. The bank, which had just increased its interest rate to tighten money supply, reverted to quantitative easing by buying gilts in the open market. This will further increase the already runaway inflation.

    The lower pound sterling will further increase energy costs. Many British homeowners have mortgages with flexible interest rates. They will get devastated by all of this.”

    Sound like the lead-in to a Robert Ludlum novel? It does, but it’s not.


    1. -delurk-
      Love this blog and have lurked for a long time! Mark, I couldn’t let your use of ‘annexation’ with respect to the perfectly legal ‘cession’, after democratic referenda, of the four ex-Ukrainian Oblasts to Russia pass without comment. Annexation is forced on a territory (eg the Anschluss in 1938)…

      Anyway keep up the great work everyone!



      1. Yes, I gladly accept that criticism; I was reluctant to use the term myself, but at the moment could not think of one more appropriate. However, I will say that this addition to the territory of the Russian Federation has an entirely different character to it than the entirely legal and clearly voluntary secession of Crimea and subsequent return to Russia; Crimea was a gift to Ukraine which had its strategic dimension at the time, or so historians speculate – to inject about 2 million Russians into the Ukrainian population; Khrushchev could therefore argue a proprietary interest afterward, based on ethnicity. While the present-day population of eastern Ukraine remains mixed, I don’t believe ethnic Russians are a majority in either of the newly seceded regions. Also, the two countries are at war, formally recognized to be so, which was not the case when Crimea seceded, although there was a de facto conflict ongoing.

        In this instance, there is an element of necessity and the employment of taking territory as a lesson – Zelensky promised eternal military strife at the border and continuously implored NATO to help him take the fight to Russia itself, and Russia said (figuratively), “All right, then we’ll move the border up a little. Keep it up with your big mouth, and it’ll shift again”. Theoretically, if Zelensky keeps talking fight even though his army is steadily dwindling, and presenting Ukraine as a neverending threat to Russia, Russia will just take the entire state. But I believe Moscow is reluctant to go that far; would not have even taken this step but for Zelensky’s fist-shaking and fervent promises to always be a western-backed threat to Russia.

        Also, while ‘annexation’ has acquired a flavour of compulsion due to media characterization (during which the Anschluss is invariably invoked), by definition it implies no such thing.

        ə-nĕks′, ăn′ĕks″
        transitive verb

        1. To append or attach, especially to a larger or more significant thing.
        2. To incorporate (territory) into an existing political unit such as a country, state, county, or city.
        3. To add or attach, as an attribute, condition, or consequence.

        You could reasonably argue the last amplification, ‘to attach…as a consequence’ implies compulsion, and perhaps it does but it seems clear to me there are many circumstances under which ‘annexation’ is not necessarily a dirty word. The Merriam-Webster dictionary includes Texas as an example sentence: “The US annexed Texas in 1845”. I doubt many Americans would stipulate that America violently seized Texas for its own benefit – no, they freed the Mexican people from an evil dictator.

        And one more thing, just for interest and to stimulate further discussion (because usually by this point I have said “Welcome”; where are my manners? So, welcome!!). On the subject of referenda, someone is apparently lying in a swing-for-the-fences manner, because in the Wikipedia entry for Kherson as of yesterday, it mentioned that a referendum held in Kherson in (I believe) 2014 found that something like 90% voted to remain a part of Ukraine. In a display of how quickly information in Wikipedia can change, that’s gone now. But Russia claims pretty close to exactly that percentage chose by referendum to join Russia. Edited as of today. That’s not mentioned in the edit, but the contention that a Ukrainian-sponsored referendum determined overwhelming loyalty to Ukraine is simply gone.

        And yet one more thing contained in that edit, of which I was completely unaware – during the German occupation (August 1941-March 1944) the Kherson district leadership of the OUN was held by Bogdan Bandera, the not-very-famous-at-all brother of the very-famous Stepan Bandera. I didn’t even know he had a brother.


        1. The German Anschluss WITH Austria was not an annexation OF Austria.

          German for “annexation” is Annexion .

          “Anschluss” means “connection”, a joining together, a coming together, a locking-in.

          Hitler believed that the Germans of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire should be united with the Germans of Greater Germany, the Bismarckian Second Reich 1871-1918 — ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!

          One folk, one Reich, one leader.

          Hitler thought the Austro-Hungarian Empire was a multi-ethnic shithole.

          Multi-ethnic it indeed was: its majority subjects were Slavs and Hungarians, as well as Italians, Romanians and Bosnia-Herzegovinans, Bosnia-Herzegovina having been really and truly annexed by the k u k in 1912 — the Austro-Hungarians just marched in.

          Hitler was pissed off all his young idle life before his becoming a WWI soldier in a Bavarian reserve regiment, over the fact that Bismarck had not included Austrian Germans in the 1871 Greater Germany.

          Bismarck didn’t do that, of course, because there were too many non-German Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Empire subject people and the whole ramshackle k u k was soon going to tumble down.

          Bismarck was right, He was a realist, not a work-shy, Bohemian (not his ethnicity but his attitude) racist ideologue and nationalistic dreamer.

          He was a bit of a dickhead an’ all.


              1. And another thing — when the Austria Anschluss took place, only token German armed forces marched in to a rapturous welcome from Austrian citizens, something which, post-1945, is persistently hushed up, the official Austrian line being that Austria was the first victim of German aggressive expansion.

                It wasn’t! Czechoslovakia holds that dubious honour.

                The September 1938 annexation of the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia was like the Austrian Anschluss of March 1938: the ethnic German Sudetenland Germans wanted to be part of the Third Reich. And after that had happened, then the Germans simply annexed what is now the Czech Republic, where the Germans were certainly most unwelcome.

                The Slovaks, on the other hand, under the leadership of their Catholic Nazi prelate, joined in the Nazi fun, took a bite out of Poland after having attacked it with Germany in September 1939, and then went on to join in “Fall Barbarossa” on 22 June 1941.


                1. Thanks Mark for the welcome.

                  The replies to my interjection are a major part of why I follow this blog! So many erudite responses… It’s heartwarming to find there are still people who enjoy history and a good discussion too.

                  I’m fairly sure that ‘annexation’ has a meaning under International Law that means the territory annexed is done so ‘unlawfully’ whereas the hoops Russia has leapt through specifically invalidates the ‘sovereignty’ section of that law in favour of the ‘self-determination’ section.

                  And hello ME. I always pay heed to your posts living in darkest Mordor as you do (even to the weather reports!). An honorary Orc is a great achievement IMO.

                  I’m not a great writer so I may disappear again for a while, but I’m still here.

                  My partner and I have lived with Border Collie’s for 36 years so a shout out to Colliemum as well – I hope your health improves.



  3. And the big soft-arse bully stamps its feet in frustration:

    01.10.2022 05:28
    The US Treasury has promised to punish “more aggressively” third-party countries for supporting Russia

    The United States is ready to apply sanctions “more aggressively” against third-party countries for supporting Russia. This is stated in a statement published by the US Treasury.

    It follows from it that the United States is ready to use sanctions to “persecute” individuals who provide support to those who are under US sanctions or support “sub-sanctioned activities”, RIA Novosti reports.

    The Ministry of Finance noted that restrictions on structures from third-party countries may follow transactions to provide material support to the Russian Armed Forces or the defence industry sector of the Russian Federation. Washington is also ready to impose sanctions for supporting referenda in the liberated territories and in the Donbass.

    The United States is now engaged in containing Russia, China and Iran, and other countries are next in line. This was announced yesterday by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the signing ceremony of agreements on the entry of new territories into Russia. “I believe that other countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as current partners and allies of the United States, are next in line”, the head of state said. According to him, if the United States does not like something, it also impose sanctions against its allies.


  4. From Andrei’s Reminiscence of the Future, a piece reprinted with permission from Michael Hudson.

    The whole piece is absorbing reading. But one line made me stop reading and look up, while a funny crawling sensation went through my guts like when you almost step off the edge of a drop you didn’t see.

    “Russia has announced that the gas pressure is falling in three of the four pipelines, and the infusion of salt water will irreversibly corrode the pipes.”

    Unless I am reading that wrong, it means three of the four Nord Stream lines are destroyed, from one end to the other, because once salt water gets inside the pipe, corrosion progresses even after the ingress has been shut off. This is similar to the damage salt water does in braided electronic cables, which I saw firsthand in HMCS ALGONQUIN after she experienced a flood caused by incorrect ballasting and a valve that stuck open. Seawater wicks up the cable and the whole thing has to be replaced – once dried out, it will work after a fashion but performance is erratic and labour-intensive to correct.

    So – again proceeding as if that assumption is correct – even if some 11th-hour agreement was reached, it is simply not possible for Russia to supply Europe with any meaningful volumes of gas. So when the dozy Europeans realize America has them right where it wants them, it will already be too late and they are stuck with their grinning, drawling sugar-daddy for the foreseeable future. Or at least until they are bankrupt and all their moneymaking industries have moved to the USA. Although it is difficult to see how the new supercharged USA will maintain trade expansion since it is sanctioning the world’s biggest growth market and threatening to sanction others.

    Meanwhile, Russia has already moved to divert its sales elsewhere, and should be fine. But if the pipelines to Europe are gone, the European energy market is probably gone forever, because there would just not be any sense in rebuilding the lines. Although that will not do any real damage to Russia, at least not as long as energy prices remain high – and how could they not? – Europe is seriously screwed.

    However, there is a good chance I am wrong, as I frequently am, and remaining pressure in the pipes will hold back the water ingress so that only a section needs to be replaced, or perhaps caps can be inserted to limit the damage. Maybe there even are controllable shutoffs, it would certainly make sense to have them given the risk, which would isolate undamaged sections.

    All that notwithstanding, we have certainly stepped out into unknown territory. To the best of my knowledge, depriving an entire continent of its main source of energy by sabotage, and then taking over its supply for yourself, is a level of robber-baron predation which has never before been achieved. Is Europe actually going to bend over and take it?

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    1. I read (perhaps in a MoA comment) that the pipes are lined with a polymer (fancy name for plastic) thus the poster alleged seawater intrusion will not cause corrosion. However, it is unlikely that the lining was intended for such scenarios. Pinhole leaks and delamination are likely exposing random sections of the pipe interior to seawater. If the pipelines are restored to service, its longevity and reliability will be questionable.

      Was talking to a financial type a few days ago with the discussion shifting to world politics. He said that he heard Trump state the Europe was about to fold (probably Germany) on Ukraine. The finance guy added that the destruction of the pipelines was to keep Germany from having that option. The point here is that a lot of Americans (and presumably Europeans) understand what just occurred.


    2. Regarding having valves to isolate sections of the pipeline, that would be surprising if such were installed. The pipes were built to have extremely high integrity with multiple layers of physical protection. Undoubtedly there were sensors to detect any weakening of the pressure integrity. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the pipelines are filled with seawater and are rapidly becoming scrap metal.

      I wonder about the one remaining, apparently intact, pipeline. Was this a botched effort? Did the charges fail to explode or did it explode but not damage the pipeline? I would imagine that the NATO investigation team will quickly determine that the types of explosives, the detonators, the placement were inclusive regarding the perpetrators but Russia was the most likely culprit. Oh, those NATO helicopters circling the area hours before the explosions were just on a routine training exercise.


      1. Well, I certainly do not have to point out to you that isolation valves are common in systems such as firemains, where a breach can be bypassed by closing isolation valves and then rigging a temporary line to shift the flow external to the damaged section. But such isolation valves, obviously, are on the surface and easily accessible. An isolation valve on an undersea pipeline would have to be remotely operated, and I’m not sure how that would work. Also, such valves would have to be regularly tested for maintenance, and if one seized in the closed position it would cut off all flow in the line until repaired at the site. But if remote sensors are envisioned, it would only be a matter of scale to have remotely-operated isolation valves. And in this circumstance they would certainly have proved their worth – prompt operation might have saved miles of pipeline.

        I’m sure nobody with any real sense of reality believes Russia blew up its own pipelines, although it is less clear who did. That it was instigated by the United States is not much of a stretch; as many sources point out, the USA threatened the new lines and promised they would never go into operation, even as it promoted its own resources in increasingly-obnoxious and insistent fashion. You would barely need to consider the ‘Cui Bono?’ question before deciding the single greatest beneficiary of such an incident – by a very wide margin – is the United States. But opinions differ on whether they did it themselves or put a lackey like Poland up to it. I could easily see the latter possibility, maybe even with the stipulation that the guilty-in-reality Poland could blame the United States, which would be insulated enough to divert blame. Sikorski is such a ham that it’s easy to see him overplaying his role.

        Whatever the case, it was unambiguously an act of war, and it remains to be seen what the consequences will be, although they will be immediate for Europe – at least a 40 BcM annual gas deficit, and an aggressive would-be new supplier who could not in a million years make that up in even the medium term. Consequently, gas prices in the stratosphere for as far as the eye can see, and the rapid de-industrialization of Europe.


        1. I should think this Nord Stream I and II sabotage operation had to have been planned with the connivance of several govts and intel agencies, or the factions within them, along with hiring perhaps saboteurs from private companies like Blackwater / Akademi / whatever to do the dirty deed. Responsibility for the sabotage ends up being diffused among so many agencies that no-one ends up being directly responsible. An investigation of the sabotage might turn up evidence pointing in particular directions but any legal action would end up taking years if not decades to examine all the available evidence and the conclusions reached, however well researched, may not please the plaintiffs and the defendants and their supporters.

          A couple of MoA readers (Suzan one of them, I think) referenced an article by Tom Luongo who discusses at length who might have been responsible. He cautions that particular govts should not be blamed and instead refers to factions within govts whose interests clash. Some of these factions benefit from the sabotage and others don’t. All we can do is find and collect the evidence, examine it and draw conclusions based on who benefits … but to try to draw direct connections between the evidence and the beneficiaries may be futile. In the meantime the beneficiaries are off drawing up more plans to distract their targets. What was it that the notorious Karl Rove supposedly said about creating reality and leaving it to historians to make head and tail of?


      2. I find it hard to believe that there are no sealing systems in place. After all, what is the point of having sensors in or along the pipe giving you live information about flows, pressures, temperatures etc. if an anomaly is detected and you cannot do anything about it? I assume there is at least one ‘pig’* available for inspection and maintenance and possibly sealing duties if necessary.

        Nobody has explained, nor have I seen it mentioned that the released gas is the entirety of the pipeline(s) but it may well be. Surely NordStrea partners would have considered catastrophic failure too in the design. Again, not much info (probably for security reasons).


    3. Blinken just said this state of affairs is a “wonderful opportunity” for the EU–sounding like a mafia boss who’s killed a local rival and assumed control of the dead guy’s turf. “Unknown territory” is right–but not, to the US, unwelcome territory, necessarily. They’ll use any modus operandi that works, no matter how ruthless, savage and inhuman, so long as it passes the plausible-deniability test. The only rule of the rules-based order is: don’t get caught. Look at their proxies in Latin America over the last 70-odd years–vicious juntas and right-wing paramilitary death-squads as far as the eye can see. I expect a future full of sabotage, assassinations, banned weapons, torture, you name it. It’s anything-goes time. They have their pretext. Putin is Satan. They don’t have to even pretend to fight fair anymore.


      1. Well, Baerbock was selling the conflict months ago as a ‘wonderful opportunity’ for the western world to break free from the fetters of fossil fuels (alliteration, my soul, how lit’rary!) and leap ahead into the brave new world of green energy. There’s no use going again over the shortcomings of wind and solar power; in limited applications, both work and for boutique displays of environmental consciousness you can pretend to run your business on fresh air. But for energy-intensive applications like industry, there is no current substitute for fossil-fuel-driven power. Gas is infinitely cleaner for the environment than coal, and those are the current options.

        It is perhaps this ‘opportunity’ to which Blinken refers, but I doubt it – he’s a salesman for Team USA, and I expect he is referring to a plan to lock down the European energy market for Molecules Of Freedom, supplied by LNG tanker. Say – there’s an opportunity (speaking of opportunity) for Russia to get even a little; one sunken American LNG tanker would create a release of methane that would have the Thunbergs of the world twitching with their eyes rolled back in their heads. Wouldn’t be difficult – they have no underwater sensors and their hull wash and screw noise at economical speeds would make them deaf as a post from self-radiated noise anyway. Kaboom! Keep it in mind, Mr. Shoigu. Maybe a stick-on mine applied in their last refueling port before they make the trek across the rolling green. Just sayin’. It would certainly make the point that tanker-borne LNG is even more vulnerable to interdiction than a seabed pipeline.

        But strictly speaking, that’s not even necessary. I have said before that it would be good for Europe to have to depend on its transatlantic partner for energy shipments, and I stand by that. Europe is in for a winter of privation and austerity such as it never imagined when it was strutting and beating its chest and promising to do everything necessary to make sure Russia is ‘defeated on the battlefield’. Let America try to alleviate their distress, and fail. Trust me, it can’t compete with pipeline supplies for volume, and there’s no better way for Europe to learn that valuable lesson than to try it. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Well, for individuals I know, perhaps, but as a collective of spineless vassals of Uncle Sam, enjoy having Jack Frost nipping at your nose.


        1. I’d guess that THIS winter approaching is probably survivable for most European Governments. If domestic power is maintained. They already appear to have written off industries. If they struggle through this winter, then they will have to be able to explain their plans for securing supplies for the future.


          1. Think so? Let’s take a ride on the roller coaster! Whee – gas prices down, 6 days ago; Yay!!


            Ohhhh – gas prices up, 4 days ago, Boo Hoo!!


            In the face of European industries relocating to the United States, which pushed Europe into this conflict at virtually zero risk to itself, what is Europe debating? More madcap plans to piss off Russia, of course!! The USA is boogieing in giddy delight at the unbelievable stupidity of the suicidal Europeans, as the ‘Group of Six Simpletons Led By One Self-Interested Puppetmaster’ continues to debate an oil-price cap on the basis of a ludicrous plan that ordering Russia to accept a cut-price offering for its oil which is barely above its production costs will result in Russia meekly continuing to supply oil to the global market, while not making any money. Yes, that is literally The Plan.

            The risks of this new form of economic warfare are immense to the global oil supply. If it fails or Russia retaliates by stopping the export of oil, then energy prices worldwide could skyrocket. U.S. consumers could feel the ramifications in another spike in gasoline prices.

            “I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know exactly what Russia will do here. There are a lot of different options,” Ben Harris, Treasury’s assistant secretary for economic policy, said during a recent Brookings Institution presentation. He added: “The price cap provides an opportunity for a bit of a release valve and the hope that these Russian barrels will find the market, but at a reduced price.”


            Of course, this ‘new form of economic warfare’ they’re backslapping each other over might work, if the United States can bully the whole list of import nations like it can the fucking puddingheads useless enough to be its devoted allies. But at last look India and China were still happily slurping up cheap oil from Russia, leaving plenty of funds left over for development while Europe has nothing in the kitty for basic maintenance of public infrastructure, never mind development of new projects – better hope it doesn’t snow this winter, because there’s nothing extra in the till for snow removal.


            Russian oil income remains higher than it was last year because global prices have stayed above $100 for most of 2022.

            For example, Tatneft, a Russian oil producer, saw profits jump 52% year-over-year for the first half of 2022, the FT reports. And last month, Russia exported more oil compared to any previous August on record, according to the Institute of International Finance.

            The wages of sin is death; what is the wages of abysmal stupidity? Slow death? Jesus Christ, how can people who can presumably read be so stupid?

            I’ll close with a stellar example of that Darwin-awards level of self-extinction; our cute little Foreign Minister, Melanie Joly. Did I say nobody with a minimum of two firing neurons remaining actually believes Russia sabotaged its own pipelines? I spoke too soon.


            Nope, you’re right, Mel – ‘naive’ doesn’t quite cover it.


      2. Blinken was saying how the USA is now No 1 energy provider, making big profits, is now the main gas provider for the UK and EU.

        What a stroke of good fortune for the USA that the NS pipelines were destroyed by persons unknown and that the USA, as always, can manfully step into the breach and magnanimously help those in times of need whilst at the same time promoting freedom and democracy and peace on earth amongst all men!


        1. How much gas has the United States actually shipped to Europe, for all its biggety talk?

          The first such shipment took place in April 2016. Such were the conditions then:

          In Europe, American gas will add to a swell in supply in a crowded market long dominated by Russia. Analysts predict that the arrival of U.S. gas could trigger a price war, leading to lower prices for consumers that could act as a shot in the arm for the struggling European economy.

          “It’s the start of the price war between U.S. LNG and pipeline gas,” said Thierry Bros, an analyst at Société Générale.

          So the market then was ‘crowded’ with producers dominated by Russia. The American venture could lead to a ‘price war’, which would drive prices lower! Is that why America entered the market? To reduce prices for consumers? My God, they’re so GOOD!! Why can’t they do it now, instead of rubbing their hands in unrestrained delight over the incredible profits they are making?? More to the point, why doesn’t Europe inform them it is putting a price cap on their imports, and will pay them their production costs plus a tiny bit more? Or is only Russian gas undesirable?

          The USA began exporting gas only two months before that, but somehow being able to get together enough gas to export a tankerload marked ‘its emergence as a major exporter’! That’s because they’re exceptional, and enter every market as its leader.

          According to Reuters, by June of this year the USA was able to export about 57 BcM of liquefied gas…but only 68% of it went to Europe! What, when your best friends are hurting like that, that’s the best you can do?

          Ah. I should have known.

          The unexpected shift is happening because shippers are willing to pay contractual penalties for failing to deliver to countries like Pakistan and diverting the cargoes to Europe, where the high price covers the fee and profit, analysts said.

          So as long as Europe is in trouble and will pay whatever is asked, America is its friend. But that’s not using energy as a weapon. And America is eager to expand its market share in Europe. That’s not a motive to cripple your enemy’s deliveries? Not ‘nice pipelines; be a shame if something…happened to them’? The USA is up to its ears in motive, and there was just a NATO exercise with American military assets buzzing around all over the place, when the completely-unexplained accident occurred. Does the United States have underwater drones? Sure does; this is only the most recent, brought into service to “address joint warfighting needs with a sense of urgency”. Means, motive and opportunity.

          Interestingly, American natural-gas production is declining just when the entire world is licking it and begging for more gas, more, more!!

          According to the same source, gas production growth in 2021 from the Permian fields and Appalachia – the USA’s main sources of production – was about a fifth what it was in late 2010.

          Producers say they just need more pipeline infrastructure, but there is a curious reluctance on the part of The World’s Largest Gas Producer to invest in improved infrastructure when it appears to have a lock on global supplies. As the same source also highlights, “The largest European economies import about 18.3 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) from Russia. The United States currently can export about 9.8 bcfd as LNG. Several companies are looking to boost exports, but substantial new LNG export capacity is not expected for at least two years.” So running flat out and sending everything it extracts to Europe, the USA can produce a bit more than half of what Europe uses each day. Can Norway make up the shortfall? No, it can’t, and the figure quoted is only what the USA can produce, not necessarily what it can deliver. In 2015 not a single LNG carrier was registered under the US flag, and at that time professional bodies estimated the USA would need 100 ships over the next 30 years. They take about two years each to build. But of course the United States, exceptional as it is, could build 100 in 30 years. I suppose it could, if it doubled the number of shipyards it has and they all worked on nothing else, but the same reference points out that American-built tankers would cost two or three times the current world price to build, and be more expensive to operate. Kind of going out on a limb a bit, unless you are sure you have total control of the market.

          Like you would have if you destroyed your competition’s delivery system. Wake the fuck up, Europe.

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  5. Great rejoicing in the West about this.

    Cue the Finnish troll:

    The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has announced the withdrawal of troops from Krasny Liman

    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has announced the withdrawal of allied troops from the city of Krasny Liman “to more advantageous positions”.

    Despite the losses suffered, having a significant superiority in forces and means, the enemy brought in reserves and continued the offensive in this direction,” the Defense Ministry added.

    The Russian Defence Ministry clarified that more than 200 Kiev military, five tanks and nine infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed by massive fire strikes on the positions of the 66th and 93rd mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine in the Krasnolimansky direction in a day.

    As the Public News Service had reported earlier, units of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine had entered Krasny Liman.



    1. Yes, Moon of Alabama also has several resident concern trolls who claim to be gobsmacked at this latest retreat – that no matter how pro-Russians try to gloss over it, we are now seeing that those who claimed the Russian Army was tired unto death and simply could not keep up the pace any longer were right, and now you will see the Ukrainian pressure-cooker start to boil. And good luck with that.

      I’m not over-keen on continued retreats, either; if for no other reason, because of the pogroms which will take place among helpless civilians once the Ukrainian Army moves into previous Russian positions. But there is not much defending forces can do if the Ukrainians decide to mass their troops at a particular point and accept any losses it takes in order to advance. For whatever reason – probably to distract Ukrainians from the reality that they are losing a big part of their country – Zelensky and his military advisors have decided Krasny Liman is a priority target.

      I am more and more of the opinion that Washington wants a full-on European war against Russia, and is merely using Ukraine to wear Russia down in the same manner as you would use an artillery barrage to soften up the area before sending your troops in. Whether or not that is the case, there is a growing audience that believes both sides – Russia and the west – are all-in on this one and that, as one site put it, this one is for all the marbles. If that’s true, the defeat of Ukraine will merely be a prelude to the next battle, which will be Russia against Europe.

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        1. Yes, I noticed that. If you go to a previous link on his site which is stored on your computer, such as ‘links’, you can still reach it, but you cannot get from there to the main page. It’s not like technical glitches are unknown, but it’s astonishing how often they happen to alternative news sites – you rarely see anything like that for media mouthpieces like the BBC, CNN or AP.


          1. It’s quite easy and normal to have many more sites such as ‘premium’ ones like al-Beeb s’Allah cached on servers geographically nearby, only picking up the changes and more devilishly starving alternate media by not doing so. Remember kids, it is not censorship.

            We already see ‘shadow banning’ that Twatter & the like practice to keep in the good books of the Rules (de-)Based Order where you can see your own stuff but others can’t. There’s a whole bag of tricks to keep the ‘We make our own reality industry’ up front. They’re very creative. Speaking of which there was an article I saw recently (EUObserver? – which likes to do regular ‘investigations’ supported by …. ) sponsored by Mikhail Khodokovsky/Dossier Centre/ one of his cut-out orgs that described him as a Russian Business Baron, not Oligarch mwaaha-hah! So keep an eye fellow Stooges to see if this spreads or not) in the Pork Pie News Networks whenever he pops up.


    1. Apparently, a photograph of German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht, showing her standing next to an armoured vehicle in the Ukraine, has provoked a strong reaction amongst readers of the German newspaper “Die Welt”, writes RIA Novosti.

      The photo was declared to be absurd, in that only Lambrecht and another woman off-picture above are wearing armoured vests and that Lambrecht looks so out of place.

      Full picture in Telegram.


  6. Has PM Liz Truss Wrecked the UK Economy? Featuring Richard Wolff

    54,008 views Sep 29, 2022 Is British prime minister Liz Truss trashing the economy of her country? A tax cut for the rich and little for the poor. The pound sterling has crashed against the dollar and the euro.

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has publicly rebuked the UK government, which is almost unheard of.

    Is the country spinning out of control financially?


    1. Liz Truss went into politics because she likes to be seen as being in charge, but was too stupid to have ever reached supervisory levels in any trade.

      View at

      I especially liked the barb flung by Rob Merrick: “Liz Truss has spoken today to Ukraine’s President about the ongoing crisis. Zelensky promised to provide all the assistance he could.”


  7. Putin has been warning us for years …
    Putin (2013):
    “Without the values embedded in Christianity and other world religions, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values. One must respect every minority’s right to be different, but the rights of the majority must not be put into question.”

    • President Vladimir Putin at the 10th anniversary meeting of Valdai International Discussion Club in the Novgorod Region, September 19, 2013.


      1. and Glory to his wet fart 🙂

        as did Adolf Hitler …
        (from collection of speeches):
        • “The National Government … will maintain and defend the foundations on which the power of our nation rests. It will offer strong protection to Christianity as the very basis of our collective morality.”
        • “I am personally convinced of the great power and deep significance of Christianity, and I won’t allow any other religion to be promoted.”
        • “The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.”
        • “We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls …. We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity… in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.”
        • “We wish to fill our culture once more with the spirit of Christianity – but not only in theory.”
        • “In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and of adders.”

        These demonic parasites also control the pornography industry (as a subset of Hollywood, Netflix et al) and promote the normalisation of paedophilia (through Wikipedia) as well as the global child (and drug) trafficking network, transgenderism and the push for transhumanism as proposed by Yuval Noah HararI, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (of the WHO) et al


        The common enemy is still hiding behind the curtain … 🙂


  8. Moscow, October 2 – AIF.
    Hackers have published the mobile phone numbers of British Prime Minister Liz Truss and 25 other members of the United Kingdom government. This is reported by the British edition of the Daily Mail”.

    This is me, stupid Lizzy, trying to look clever

    According to the source, the personal data of politicians was posted on one of the sites of cybercriminals. The publication does not give its name. It is noted that there are the numbers of Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwazi Kwarteng, Head of the Ministry of Defence Ben Wallace, Foreign Minister James Cleverley, Interior Minister Suella Braverman and other officials. This information can be purchased for £6.49 (about 435 rubles)

    The British government said it had launched an investigation into the incident. According to the government, some of the published information was already outdated. At the same time, journalists claim that they had checked the authenticity of Truss’s number and made sure that it was still used by the prime minister.

    Earlier it was reported that the Russian hacker group RaHDlt had posted publicly available information about more than 1.5 thousand employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Ukraine.

    Anyone think it’s worth forking out £6.49 just for the mischievous thrill of calling Truss on her mobile and telling her what a stupid, pig-ignorant, narcissistic Berkshire Hunt she is?


    1. I didn’t see that story but apparently they were playing Benny Hill on loop outside the Tory parry conference in Birmingham today. The head of young tories has been asked to leave by the Tory mayor for calling Birmingham a dump. So great hope the future. I read in the Kremlin translation of one of the speeches, that the Anglo Saxons have been accused of NS1 and 2 sabotage, so apparently our special minion relationship is still the same.


  9. Curiouser and curiouser . . .

    2 Oct, 2022 14:15
    Nord Stream pipelines can be restored – Moscow
    The process would be time-consuming and costly, according to Russia’s deputy PM

    Unused pipes for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline are stored on the site of the Port of Mukran, September 27, 2022, Lubmin, Germany. © Getty Images / Stefan Sauer/picture alliance

    Russia may be able to fix the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, which were damaged earlier this week, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak said on Sunday.

    “There are technical possibilities to restore the infrastructure, it requires time and appropriate funds. I am sure that appropriate opportunities will be found,” Novak told Russia 1 TV.

    According to the official, however, the first step should be to determine who is behind the incident.

    “As of today, we proceed from the fact that it is necessary, first of all, to figure out who did it, and we are sure that certain countries, which had expressed their positions before, were interested in it. Both the US and Ukraine, as well as Poland at one time said that this infrastructure is not going to work, that they will do everything to make sure of it, so, of course, it is necessary to seriously look into it,” Novak stated.

    Citing German security services, Der Tagesspiegel newspaper earlier reported that the damaged routes could be permanently out of use if they are not repaired quickly, as salt water could cause corrosion.

    The Danish authorities reported leaks on both the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines on Monday after a local pipeline operator noted a loss of pressure following a series of undersea explosions in the area. The Danish Energy Agency reported earlier on Sunday that the pressure on the Nord Stream 1 is stable and the gas leakage is over, while on Saturday, it said the Nord Stream 2 also stopped leaking gas.

    The incident is widely considered to be the result of sabotage. Russia has called it a terrorist attack. While those behind it have not yet been identified, Moscow has blamed the US.

    My stress above.

    Leakage stopped?

    How come?

    As regards salt water damage, I should add that the salinity of the Baltic is quite low. The seawater of the Baltic Sea is classed as low-salinity brackish water. In the surface layers of the Baltic Sea, the average salinity is only seven grams per kilogram of water. By contrast, in the oceans, it is 35 grams per kilogram. There are parts of the Baltic, far away from Bornholm, granted, notably the Gulf of Bothnia, where fresh-water fish thrive. The Baltic’s like the Black Sea only much colder. I’ve paddled in both of them. They’re like big lakes to me.


    1. Well, the leakage of gas could be stopped fairly easily; shut off the pressure at its supply in Russia. That would not mean there is no further ingress of seawater; in fact, the pipe would flood completely once there was no pressure in the line to push it back. And this is more than likely the case – Russia probably shut off the gas almost immediately, because as long as it was still pumping, all that valuable gas was going out into the atmosphere – where it contributes mightily to the greenhouse effect. So now Russia’s gas supply to Europe is down to what goes through the Ukrainian GTS. I’d have to review the contract, but I believe it committed Russia to something like 20 BcM annually. What the hell; let’s look, so I’m not telling you lies.

      Okay, good thing we looked, because it’s actually twice that – 40 BcM per year after the first year (when it was 65 BcM) from 2021 through 2024. But I can’t imagine Russia feels particularly committed to supply that amount considering its enemies will stop at nothing to destroy it.

      Anyway, of course both Nord Stream lines could be repaired. By replacing them, end to end, in their entirety. And the more terrified Europe is, the less eager I would be to do that. At a minimum I would require the EU, as end-user, to pay the entire cost of replacement including the supply of pipelaying vessels, and they could take as long as they liked to do it. Further, I would require the EU to sign and commit to binding security guarantees under whose terms the EU would be responsible for surveillance and integrity of the pipeline. If anything ‘happened’ to it the way it just did, everyone would be clear on what would be required; build it again, at Europe’s expense. Russia should go out of the gas transmission business altogether – user nations should be responsible for delivery of the product from point of transmission to distribution on their own soil.


  10. An interesting take by someone I had never heard of. He seems to know what he’s talking about in general terms, and if this winter turns out like he says it will he is going to look like a genius. Meanwhile, it’s a good dose of smelling-salts for the professional wailers who shriek that all is lost, the Russian Army must now run for its life from the ass-kicking Ukrainians.

    Brand-new site, too. Hmmmm….


    1. Yeah, I came across “Big Serge” quite recently as well — must have been from a link given on some other Putinversteher site, many of which now being full of commenters, criticizing the Russian reversal at Krasniy Liman and repeatedly stating that Putin is talking crap, sitting on his arse in the Kremlin, and his generals are shite and Larry, Andrei Martyanov’s etc. analyses are all wrong, the latter in particular being called a boring, conceited know-it-all, as boring as Mercouris even, who goes on and on repetitively (I tend to agree on that): in short, the commenters — or very likely “concerned trolls”, are mutating into Karls, with their “when are the kid gloves coming off . . . time for shock and awe . . . bomb Kiev back to the stone age” and so on.

      Well get this, wankers!

      Krasniy Liman is virtually a depopulated VILLAGE with a population that was less than 200, 000. It was defended by 500 Donetsk militiamen, who shot down waves of Banderite filth. And then the defenders were ordered to withdraw and the VILLAGE was taken. As “boring know-it-all” Andrei on “Reminiscences of the Future” posits, such minutia as the defence of and retreat from Krasniy Liman do not determine the outcome of the war and serves only as a “PR optic” for the Cretin Clown in Kiev and his vile supporters in Banderastan and Washington.

      A telling point made by a commenter on another site — I forget now which: the photos of Ukraine flags and soldiers proudly bearing them are always “selfies” or official photos of that flag being hoisted on some local administrative building in some ruined hamlet, whereas the photos of soldiers bearing Russian flags in places “occupied by the invaders” show rapturous residents welcoming their liberators from the Kiev filth.


      1. After awhile, I just tune out and stop listening. We’ve discussed before, after some commenter brought it up at MoA, how the war has become a spectator sport, with everyone checking in on their ‘team’ every morning to see how they are doing and what the ‘score’ is today. It continues to be a grotesque tragedy that people are being killed on both sides while the west cheers from its living-rooms, because not all the Ukrainians can be Nazis or sadistic freaks – many are just boys from small villages who never were particularly patriotic or cared much about goings-on outside their region. Under ordinary circumstances the non-radicalized Ukrainians and the Russians would get on fairly well. But now they are being whipped into a ferment of hatred – by people who have never been there, some of whom couldn’t even find it on a map.

        Back during the 8 years Ukraine shelled the Donbas from across what was supposed to be a demilitarized zone, and made occasional raids in attempts to ‘capture’ this cluster of houses or that, Poroshenko brayed that he was fighting the whole Russian Army; that his brave boys were facing battalions of seasoned and trained regulars. And the west believed him, or pretended to. Now the Russians say they are fighting NATO, and nobody believes them. No, it’s just that incredible Ukrainian fighting spirit – just when you think you have them beaten, they rise up righteously from the dust and smite your Russian ass. Or so the boys and girls of Hollywood North – AKA the US State Department – would have you believe.

        In reality, during the Poroshenko years there were very few if any Russian soldiers in eastern Ukraine. Russia fed them just enough support to prevent them from being defeated, while it tried not to poison the well for the Minsk Accords. It was always about hoping the Rule Of Law would prevail, and someone in Europe would remind Ukraine of its responsibilities.

        Well, that’s over and done with now, and the cards are on the table at last. The west means to defeat Russia once and for all, militarily and on the battlefield. But it will do it using the Ukrainians if it does not run out of them first. So now Russia is using just enough forces to prevent Ukraine from winning; if the aim is to demilitarize Ukraine, it makes much more sense to have them send their military east where they can be got at than to chase them all the way to Kuh-yiv, and while the west is roaring its approval and cheering on ‘their boys’, it is not inveigling at the UN because Russia is getting close to the heart of Ukraine. So long as the fighting is going on in the east, NATO is content to cheer from the sidelines and continue funneling in weapons and money. But no troops, except for specialists who run the HIMARS and new weapon systems.

        The great groans whenever Ukraine makes a little advance or charges a new objective are music to the ears of the trolls, who love to stir things up and get in silly flame wars, but there is no real purpose to such reactions. The situation will play out as it is going to, and there is a long way to go yet. Russia is prepared for a long war, and not all those called up as reserves are going to Ukraine – some will replace professional forces in Russia which will be rotated into eastern Ukraine so the Ukrainians are always facing fresh and rested and rearmed forces, while every time Ukraine makes another push, it commits forces who were already deployed somewhere else, concentrating them on a narrow front while they take horrific losses. As other sites point out, NATO has exhausted available stocks of east-European weapons and ammunition with which the Ukrainians are already familiar. Biden promised another 8 HIMARS, but did not mention those 8 systems do not even exist yet except in planning documents; they will have to be built for Ukraine, and are probably at least a year away if not more.

        It looks like NATO’s strategy is to not confront Russia directly until it has been worn down by the Ukrainians. If that is the case, it hardly makes any sense at all for Russia to order a general mobilization and throw everything it has into a massive hammer-blow that will crush Ukraine like a bug. Because then NATO will howl that Russia used disproportionate force against a weakened and reeling opponent, and now it must be held to account. They will forget their raptures as they marveled at how steel-like the Ukrainians are, how fierce and resilient, and they will become instead tired children who were just trying to find their way home, but were eaten by the big, bad wolf.

        Is Ukraine wearing Russia down, really? Not while it’s exchanging ten for one for casualties. And forget all those pictures of row upon row of destroyed Russian armor. It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between Russian and Ukrainian tanks even when they are just-washed and appear side-by-side, never mind burnt and twisted and with a ‘Z’ helpfully photoshopped onto the wreckage. Both sides at the command level know what the real damage is, but pretty much nobody else does, and they’re just guessing.

        It was never much of a decision for the residents of Kherson and Zaporozhye. You don’t see Russians – or at least you didn’t while the two countries were still friends – traveling to Ukraine to work, because the wages in Russia are considerably higher and the average pension is double what Ukrainians get. However, you will notice something funny if you run an exchange-rate calculation, or at least I did. The Ukrainian Hryvna, – which fell off a cliff in 2014/15 and is currently backed by nothing, since Ukraine has no realistic foreign currency reserves, its gold was spirited out of the country and it currently lives from day to day on borrowing – is worth almost double the ruble. According to XE Currency converter – I suggest you run this yourself, because math was never my strong suit – if you give the nice lady at the conversion desk 100 Ukrainian hryvna, she will give you $2.71 USD. If you go out and come back in again and give her 100 rubles, she will give you back $1.72 USD. Bear in mind these rates fluctuate constantly, so you might not get those numbers exactly. But WTF? Even after the west stealing billions of dollars in foreign-currency reserves from Russia, there is no way the Ukrainian currency is worth more on international exchange than Russian. Is the IMF artificially inflating the hryvna?

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  11. So here’s what Lambrecht was in Odessa to announce – the delivery by Germany of four IRIS-T air-defense systems to Ukraine, which she says will take place ‘in days’. Germany itself does not even have it, although they have had the missile since about 2005. It’s a multinational project on which Germany is the dominant partner (46%).

    $147 Million apiece, at a time when Germany is bleeding jobs and thousands of Germans are in the streets protesting the spiraling cost of living an ordinary life.

    Europe is expected to experience an economic contraction of around -2.2 % in 2023, and is headed for a grim recession.

    De-industrialization is a double punch, because the workers who formerly were employed by those industries will be gone or otherwise unable to pay taxes, and Germany will not be able to sustain even pensions before long, never mind improvements. Germany – run by the enviro-fanatic Greens – is now getting a full third of its electricity from coal-fired power plants. And can you imagine a BMW made by General Motors?

    Buckle up, because there is less and less chance every day of keeping this confined to Ukraine. It looks very likely – although once I would have laughed at the idea, and probably did – that there will be a big land war in Europe and it may well widen to become the last World War. And all the while Washington keeps swinging open the door to shovel in more coal.

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    1. I am convinced we are in WW3 – not as conceived during the Cold War but now as the West vs everyone else. The US would like a big conventional war in Europe but Andrei’s point is that the US doesn’t have the army in Europe or the operational skill to fight it – Russia has the advantage and would destroy NATO and sink US aircraft task forces. The best outlook I hope for is that Russia finishes off Ukraine and the US maintains an asset stripping iron grip on Europe while the multipolar order continues its roll-out in the East and South. At least humanity can survive and eventually exhaust and neutralize the West but will the US not accept it and fly the nukes? The ignorance of the average American and its viciously stupid elites nag me with some doubt we will make it through this nightmare.


      1. I spend a few hours per week looking at regional maps to determine the best place to ride out a nuclear war. Unfortunately, I have no idea what would be targeted. Since I am already old, there is no point other than to see what’s next


  12. From a machine translation link on Reminiscences of the Future”, which translation has been brushed up by me:

    12:19 pm: Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

    I had very good teachers in philosophy (perhaps even the best living). And they taught me that the most important skill of a person, which determines, among other things, his survival, well-being and place in the hierarchy (and there are no societies without hierarchies, you can fight in hysterics, trying to prove that this is not so), is the ability to distinguish the important from unimportant; the scale, magnitude, degree of influence on what is happening: what in philosophy is called categorical (from “category” and not from “categorical”) thinking.

    For example, Andrey Martyanov’s main complaint against Rybar is that he doesn’t put a scale on his maps. The result is poor manipulation. For often battles of local importance, caused by an excessive approximation of the scale, are presented as almost as epic battles of the level of Stalingrad.

    If you look at bacteria through a microscope, they also seem to be huge. But in fact, there was not and, most likely, there will not be anything comparable to Stalingrad or the Kursk Bulge in the SMO, for near Stalingrad, the Third Reich at its peak (in the autumn of 1942) had almost a million soldiers, and its total losses for the entire time of the battles exceeded one and a half million. Not to mention the “little things” such as 1,200 Luftwaffe aircraft in that battle arena at the time of the start of the battle. The Saloreich [The Ukraine — ME] has nothing of the kind, and cannot possibly have.

    This is for the miserable “Ukraine” the ongoing “total war”, Ragnarok and Armageddon, because at the end it simply will not exist. And for Russia (with its scale, history and capabilities) — this is an ordinary border operation, as part of a larger confrontation.

    I have already said many times and shall repeat again and again: we are not at war with the Ukraine and not for the Ukraine. We have challenged the global imperialist world-system, and we are fighting for its fundamental reorganization on a more just basis.

    And Syria, and the Ukraine, and a number of other hot spots (including those that did not ignite it are only episodes in this confrontation.

    However, in these episodes there are significant moments. The growth of Russia by four regions is one of such significant moments. The significance of this event is geopolitical.

    Russia has received four regions. Russia has received several million new citizens. The Sea of ​​Azov has become an inland sea of ​​Russia. Russia has received a land corridor to the Crimea.

    Does this matter? It is significant!

    In hysterics, Zelensky, on some ramshackle bedside table, signed an appeal for the accelerated acceptance of the remnants of Ruin into NATO. And NATO immediately rejected this appeal. And in the person of Stoltenberg (NATO Secretary General), and in the person of Baerbock (German Foreign Minister), and in the person of Sullivan (Biden’s national security adviser).

    Is this significant? It is!

    The American resolution at the UN condemning the referenda was not supported by China, India, Brazil and the vast majority of the world’s population.

    Is this significant? It is!

    Again, Putin’s speech, where he challenges the neo-colonial system of the West, is called by foreign analysts and journalists “one of the most important events (at this point, of course, the end of the century is still far away) of the twenty-first century”.

    Plus, there in Africa: France has lost another of its colonies (only Niger remains, the last one).

    Is this significant? Undoubtedly!

    But you do not pay attention to all this, because of “LIIIIIIIIIIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!”

    With appropriate intensity “All is lost! Shoot the General Staff! Zrada! Usi to the Maidan!

    Actually, for the sake of this attempt to block the huge victory of Russia with a small retreat, the neighbourhood of Liman has been densely manured by Yukie patriots over the past two weeks. PR war.

    To listen to some, they should even be given the opportunity to sleep with Cindy Crawford (or whoever is the supermodel there now? I don’t know), they will whine “Why not with Sharon Stone?”

    I had a propagandist going on about the annexation of the regions, and he said, “So what if it’s just four little bits? But giving up Liman is a disaster!”

    One moment, though: “four little bits” with a total area of half of the United Kingdom; “four bits of land” with a population greater than all three Baltic States plus Georgia combined.

    But none of that matters!

    And here is PGT [Urban Rural Settlement, namely a large village — ME] Liman with a pre-war population of 20 thousand people (which maybe in a week will be taken back) — this is a tragedy of universal proportions.


    120 thousand square kilometres is nothing. 20 square kilometers is important. Don’t get it wrong. Kutuzov! [Kutuzov was constantly criticized for his falling back from Buonaparte’s forces in 1812, abandoning swathes of Mother Russia territory to the Frogs. But Kutuzov’s priority was to preserve the Russian army and destroy the enemy’s: a toe-to-toe slogging match is what the Corsican desired — ME].

    Not even one Western propaganda cesspit, not even the Daily Mail or CNN level, has thought of writing something like “The Ukraine has taken Liman, now Russia is definitely dead”. {Doubtless Finnish rags have, though — ME] But 2 out of 3 Russian “patriotic” bloggers are thinking that way: Now we will definitely retreat to the Ural Mountains, no less!

    I just can’t understand it: are they really on our side? Are they rooting for Russia or for that “Beautiful Russia of the future”, which has the white-blue-white flag [flag used both in Russia and abroad by participants of protests against Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine — ME].

    That’s an area 4 times the size of Belgium annexed, and they’re running around with a giant magnifying glass searching for Liman on a map.

    How about a bus load of all the loud-mouthed Liman worriers and sending them off to fight it out there??? After all, that place is much more important than the referenda! We must grab it back immediately, otherwise tomorrow the Yukies will turn up in Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk!

    P.S. I almost forgot. Purely for clarity and understanding of scale:

    a map showing the new territories of Russia (drawn with the left foot, there is no accuracy there). Red dot – Liman.


    1. Correction to translation of «Всё пропало! Расстрелять Генштаб! Зрада! Уси на майдан!».

      “All is lost! Shoot the General Staff! Betrayal! Everyone to the Maidan!”


      1. And here are some photos of some of the defenders of Liman, members of the “Russian army”, who, according to gleeful trolls on social media, fled the field:

        “This is our land. And we must get it back”: After having left Krasny Liman, the fighters occupy a new line of defence
        Fighters on the front line in the Liman area of operations have appealed by way of KP.RU special correspondent Alexander Kots to those who have been mobilized

        These are Don Cossacks — volunteer militiamen.

        The BARS-13 volunteer battalion is taking up new positions and waiting to be replenished.

        Officer of the BARS-13 volunteer battalion with the call sign “Kudesnik”

        Fearsome, sprightly youths, don’t you think so?


          1. Here’s a translation of the above linked KP article written by war correspondent Kots— machine translated for speed and made into real English by me:

            The officer of the volunteer battalion BARS-13 with the call sign “Magician”, as they say here, is here because of his experience. In 1990 he graduated from paratrooper school, got to serve in the Odessa region. From the moment when the Union was cracking at the seams, he began to wander around the inflamed republics, then a unit was withdrawn to Ivanovo. As part of a combined battalion, he fought in Chechnya. And he graduated from the service as head of the airborne training service in the 38th separate communications regiment of the Airborne Forces. My own. I served there in the mid ’90s.

            In May, “Magician” went to “give himself up” at a military registration and enlistment office, but the retired major was told that he was already too old for the army. At the age of 53. In Telegram, he saw an announcement about the recruitment of volunteers for BARS-13, commanded by an experienced battalion commander, Sergei Fomchenkov, and without hesitation he went off to fight.

            “In the first Chechen one, there was mostly shooting. And artillery – only from our side. And here there are rockets, guns – against each other. Infantry – in rare cases, only when we are already entering settlements”, says the “Wizard” when comparing his wars.

            While he and his battalion are digging trenches near Kremennaya in the Lugansk region, his eldest son, a paratrooper, is fighting near Nikolaev, as part of his father’s native 98th Guards Division.

            “Pashok [friendly form of “Paul” — ME], hello!” A major smiles at me for the camera. “Hang on in there, guys!”

            “You are from a dynasty, just like Simonov in “The Son of an Artilleryman”.

            [“Son of an artilleryman” by Konstantin Simonov: 1941 poem]

            “Right! ‘Major Deev had a comrade – Major Petrov’”, he said, immediately recalling the first lines.

            Bars-13 is one of those units that has retreated for a second time. First, from Izyum, where the battalion first stormed Bogorodichne, then stood in the so-called “Sherwood Forest”, one of the hottest of “hot spots”. Then, after withdrawing from the Kharkov region, they held the defense in Drobyshevo, on the right flank of Krasny Liman. It is immediately clear from them that these are ordinary war sloggers upon whom the front has been supported up throughout our history. No show-offs, no excesses in equipment, no bravado.

            “What kind of people are fighting alongside you?” I ask “Wizard”.

            “Ordinary men who are just doing their job. These are the real heroes. When they stood in Drobyshevo under this shelling, when they beat the Poles, Romanians, they were just doing their job. Motivation? To be honest, Sash [friendly form of “Alexander”, Kots’ name —], different. Some came to pay off the mortgage, some for ideological reasons. Some to prove to themselves that they CAN.”

            “I see that you are not discouraged after two failures in a row …”

            “Yes, it has turned out that this time the adversary was stronger, wiser, and more cunning. We left, forgot about it, took into account the experience, mistakes, and now, taking this into account, we are working further on it. That’s all. Despite the fact that I live in the suburbs, this is my land. Yes, this is the Ukraine. I think this is one country, one big Russian people. Just a little foolish. And that’s it.

            One of the commanders of BARS-13, “Lyuber”, was once an entrepreneur, deputy director of a commercial group of enterprises. A man who has made something out of himself and is now quite wealthy. He doesn’t like to talk a lot about himself, he stands up more for his brothers in arms.

            “I want to tell you about this man”, he points to a huge fellow with a gloomy face. “I do not know what award the Motherland will give him, but he has already received the most important award. This is the gratitude of mothers, sisters, children, fathers, brothers of those whom he has saved. Those whom he brought out of Novoselki.

            “My call sign is ‘Cannibal'”, the platoon leader introduces himself innocently. “We were repulsing the fourth attack, mortars, automatic grenade launchers were working on us. Our armoured personnel carrier was burnt, but we held our ground. The order was given to evacuate within an hour. I had to run under fire to gather people. We put the AGL onto the armour and left, firing back. Brought out 24 people.”

            “How long have you been serving?”

            “3 months.”

            “What were you doing before the army?”

            “Worked at a cemetery. Director.”

            “Had you served in the army?”

            “A regular [a “contract soldier” in Russian parlance — ME] with the border troops, then in the marines. But here, of course, everything is different, everything here is real. Life, death, friends. People open up. There’s this adrenaline rush — you have to enjoy it. From the fighting, from the fact that we stay alive.”

            Now the “survivors” after having left Krasny Liman occupy the next line of defence in front of Kremennaya, already in the LPR. A strategic transport artery passes through it. To the North, towards the Svatov, and to the south, towards Rubizhne and Lysichansk. There is a most beautiful pine forest there with porcini mushrooms generously scattered over the light undergrowth. If it were not for the close explosions of shells launched from our former positions, one could forget for a couple of minutes that the enemy was trying to break through further. Sabotage and Reconnaissance groups are already approaching a section of the Kremennaya-Svatovo highway. Kremennaya itself is under fire all day. The locals pack their things and leave towards Lugansk. Military engineers are digging tank ditches and laying minefields — doing something that was not done at Liman.

            A fighter with the call sign “Old Man”, a greybeard, wrinkles of wisdom on his forehead, born in 1961, grumbles about what is troubling him.

            “We don’t have enough air support. There are not enough ODABs (volumetric detonating aerial bombs). Perhaps they should not be used everywhere, but for certain positions, where there is no local population, where there is a forest, they should be let loose. Firstly, this psychological motive is very strong. And fortified strongholds can be opened, and the advance of our forces will be much greater.

            The old one is from Kiev. Served in aviation. Once he worked as a technician on the MiG-17, then he flew on An-26 aircraft as an onboard technician … After the army, he settled in Kharkov. He worked a lot abroad, in Africa. When it became clear how the Maidan had ended, he sent his children to Belgorod and went to Lugansk, to the battalion of Mozgovoy “Ghost”. Since then, he has been fighting.

            “Don’t you get discouraged after a failure?”

            “No, I don’t lose heart”, he says firmly, even challengingly. “But I do not underestimate the enemy. The enemy is strong, experienced. They have been preparing for this for eight years. They are all dug in, concreted. That’s why the use of the ODABs would be justified. And there would be fewer casualties on our part. I believe a man is of the most important value. Especially if you are a military man, especially if you have been in combat for 3-4 months… You need to take care of them. They need support, by all means. The personnel, by the way, are eager to move forward.”

            “We are in such a mood as in Lermontov’s poems”, sums up our open air poet “Lyuber”[The name comes from the city of Lyubertsy in the Moscow region, where the Lyuber movement originated. The Lyubers were engaged in bodybuilding in basements, hand-to-hand combat, boxing, swimming, running, jumping and other sports. They actively promoted a healthy lifestyle. They were at war with hippies, punks, metalheads, etc. A strict system of training and subsequent selection allowed them to develop high combat capability. The movement became famous in the mid-80s and gained wide popularity among some of the youth of the USSR — ME].

            “We retreated in silence for a long time,
            It was annoying, we waited for the battle, the old men grumbled:
            “What about us? for winter apartments?
            Don’t Foreign commanders dare tear their uniforms on Russian bayonets?”

            [Poem “Borodino” by Lermontov — ME]

            “We sense their care when we receive humanitarian aid from our great land; we feel the great country behind us. And this is very important to our soldiers. We know that our mother country remembers us, will not forget us. And we shall overcome these temporary difficulties. Of course we shall.


            At my request, the men who had been in the thick of this conflict turned to the subject of those who would soon arrive at the front.


            “Men, what can I tell you? What’s happening here could be happening in Russia. That’s why you men are being mobilized. So that all this trouble doesn’t come to your streets. First of all, do not despair, do not mourn, the devil is not as frightening as he is made out to be. Believe me, you can beat them and must beat them. You don’t have to be afraid of anything. What they teach you, if they teach you, take it to heart. We are waiting for you like manna from heaven. Here from our side we will coach, teach, so do not worry, all is well here. Relatively, of course, but good. And don’t complain about living conditions now, we read in the press about dirty barracks,and other such things. Listen lads, believe me, there are no barracks here: here is a forest, here is a field, here is mud, here are puddles. So you have to sleep anywhere, however you like, sometimes you don’t even have to eat. But you will always have our shoulders for you to lean on and we will cover your backs.”


            “It must be experienced. You must survive the first attack. Mentally be prepared. We are all ready to move forward. We are retreating now and are worried about this. We need an offensive. We are waiting. Come. People are needed. This is the most important resource. The infantry decides the issue. Do not be afraid. Together we will win.

            I have sen destroyed houses and schools here. It can happen in any of our towns. We are also looking for people with experience. We will adopt combat experience, they will adopt from us, we already know how to do things … We are waiting for the order to attack.”


            “Don’t be afraid, you will become part if our teams, fired-up, trained; we shall help you in everything. Someone still needs to defend their homeland. This is our land. And we didn’t just come here. It is watered with the blood of many generations of our ancestors. And we must get it back. Otherwise, these Bandera fascists will come to us, to our homes. And if you saw what they do…

            I think that Belgorod and Rostov regions understand this very well. And I have seen the attitude of those people. When I recently went to Russia for replenishment, I saw the attitude in these border areas. At any request of a soldier, they are ready to do anything. Their heroes are real; they are not only here. There are heroes across the whole country. Whoever makes weapons for us, whoever grows bread for us, whoever honestly does his work, is a true hero.


            1. Thanks. Plenty of material there for the new, non kreakly generation of film writers and directors to make a smash hit.


  13. If Russia plays the long game (which they do in my opinion), then their high-level military strategy of using Ukrainians to do the fighting is logical and effective if slow in capturing territory. If the liberated territories in Ukraine are to be part of Russia, it is far better for the citizens of those regions to do the fighting and, unfortunately but unavoidably, dying , Their sacrifices will create the sense of loss and the create the heroes leading to victory that will be passed down through the generations cementing their future with Russia.

    Certainly the Russians have had enough of the ungrateful (looking right at much of Ukraine and eastern Europe). The liberated regions in the Ukraine must pay the dues to join Russia. The foregoing may be the single largest factor forming Russia’s strategy in the Ukraine. This is something that the West would never understand. Rather, the West would install the puppet leaders, support corruption as needed and flood the occupied country with American “values” and “culture” to erase traditional values.

    The full Russian military would only be used to take on NATO and only in self-defense. It would be surprising for Russia to occupy NATO countries other than what is required to demilitarize them and to set up conditions that would prevent remilitarization. Otherwise, let them clean up their own mess. Just my rambling opinion.


  14. Official Kremlin translation of Putin’s speech on the accession of the former UkSSR provinces that were once part of the Russian Empire, but given to the newly created Ukraine Soviet Republic by Lenin in 1922.

    And the Kremlin translators from Russian into English need their collective arses kicking because of their pandering to the English grammar “rules” as set by Ukrainian arseholes, namely because of their omitting the definite article before “Ukraine”.

    Also, in the above linked translated into English text, there can be read: “I would like to remind you . . . ”

    In English, that should be: “I should like to remind you . . .”

    When one says that one likes to do something, then one is expressing one’s volition to do it. For that reason, the use of the subjunctive mood of the modal auxiliary verb “will” in “would like” is unnecessary and superfluous, because one’s volition is expressed by the infinitive of “like” modified by the modal verb “will”, which modal verb also expresses one’s willingness to do something, one’s volition. So saying: “I would like to do . . .” is expressing a tautology: “I would like to do . . . ” means: “I should like to like to do . . .”

    “I would go home now if I could” can be restated as: “I should like to go home now if I could”.

    Hence, “I would like to go home now if I could” means: “I should like to like to go home now if I could”


    Speakers of North American and other English vernaculars can’t be arsed about such fine grammatical points though, so I shouldn’t of wasted my time writing the above, but if I wouldn’t of done it, I would of been unhappy.


      1. That means you are hypothetically willing to think so, whereas, when I say “I should think so”, I mean I feel that I am under an obligation to think so — not a moral obligation, just that circumstances oblige me to reach a certain conclusion.

        One day, I shall die.

        I do not say: “I will die one day”: I am not predicting my certain demise or stating my willingness to die some time in the future: I am obliged to die.


  15. Much joy in the West:

    October 3, 14: 25,
    Ministry of Defense OF the Russian Federation: Ukrainian Armed Forces have broken through Russian defences near Zolotaya Balka and Aleksandrovka

    Russian units have occupied a defensive line and are inflicting massive fire damage on the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the ministry said.

    MOSCOW, October 3. /tass/. Superior tank units of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine have managed to penetrate into the depth of the defence of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the area of Zolotoy Balka and Aleksandrovka. This was stated on Monday by the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

    With superior tank units in the direction of Zolotaya Balka, Alexandrovka, the enemy has managed to penetrate into the depth of our defence. Units of the Russian troops have occupied a pre-prepared defensive line and continue to inflict massive fire damage on the enemy

    he said.

    According to Konashenkov, Ukraine losses in this area had amounted to about 130 personnel and 23 units of military equipment.

    Where is the Russian air force?


    1. The Russian air force seemed largely missing at Krasnyi Lyman too… hopefully just a needed break to come back at full strengh – they have been very busy up ’till now.

      I’m not doubting the eventual outcome (those Cossacks above looked ready to return!) but the last few days have certainly been weird from the Russian military context (says an armchair observer!) and cheered the NATOstan-ites as well as taken some of the shine off the post referenda speeches…

      An out and out spat between supporters of Kadyrov and Colonel-General Lapin is unsightly too. All maskirovka maybe…



      1. That’s what I find ridiculous- it’s one thing for the armchair bloggers to argue and criticise

        But kadyrov should know better – attacking a colleague is bad form

        It essentially gives comfort to enemies to see Russia in disarray.

        They need to take any disagreement off line and not in public.

        Those older men pictured above by ME defending Liman have more pride and character than kadyrov is displaying.


        1. Well, I would be confident he said what he is described as saying if I heard him say it. Otherwise, it’s just a paragraph headed “Kadyrov said…”, and it could be anyone’s interpretation. Remember “Israel must be wiped off the map”, and “Ukraine is not a real country”?


          1. Yes, context is important. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was quoting the Ayatollah Khomeini in saying that Israel would eventually pass into history (as nearly all countries do, with the passage of time) and Dubya’s memory of what Putin said to him about Ukraine (or possibly Iraq or some other Middle Eastern country) may not always be watertight.


            1. . . . as nearly all countries do, with the passage of time . . .

              Apart from China.

              I forget now what “China” is in Mandarin, but I once said to a delightful Chinese student of mine, who answered to the name of “Jenny”, that China was the longest lived human civilization. She was very pleased to hear me say that. She was also surprised to learn that I knew that she was “Han”, not “Chinese”. She was from “Black Dragon River” province, that river being the border between Russia and China, known as the Amur in Russian.


              1. The name of China in Mandarin is Zhongguo, meaning “Middle Country”, as in the country in the middle or the centre of the world. The term “Han” refers to most ethnic Chinese, that is, those who speak Mandarin and related languages, use the Chinese script and share the same culture, history and surnames since the Han dynasty (about 2,000 years ago), as opposed to those people who are citizens of the PRC but who are not ethnic Chinese, such as Tibetans, Mongols, Koreans living near North Korea, Uyghurs and several minority groups in southern China near Thailand and Myanmar.


            2. Yes, my point was that everything in modern communications is now weighed for its capability to influence, to compel belief and repetition. A powerful counter to skepticism is the testimony of a credible eyewitness (although when such people see and hear things that are inconvenient, such as the Syrians Russia brought to testify that there was no Russian gas attack in the case of the disheveled kid who appeared on the covers of western magazines, they are ignored or loudly derided), who says “I was there. I heard him say it”. So influencers like Radek Sikorski simply lie – it’s important enough that people believe it that conscience doesn’t come into it, and if you’re caught. simply say you misspoke or your memory was faulty.

              Likewise the testimony of academics, such as scholarly translators of languages English-speakers do not use or understand. Middle-eastern speech, especially official diatribes, can be flowery and complex and frequently have several meanings. A little creative interpretation, and presto! he threatened us.


    2. According to at least some of the people on telegram, weather has been unsuitable for ground attack operations. Also, don’t forget the Russians use artillery much more than air attacks, in general.


  16. I saw an article somewhere today (probably on one of the sites I visit) syndicated from by some ‘professor’ in England who quotes a bunch of Georgians that they will be next because ‘that is what Russia is like.’

    It has no actual content, context or proper background to the 2008 war Saakashiti launched against S. Ossetia (killing Russian peacekeepers at the start of the offensive) let alone nutters like Zviad Gamsakhurida and Georgia’s war of independence against non-pure Georgians (wtf?) who wanted retain some self-rule. Anyway, so nothing new. We’ve seen more and more of these kinds of fluff articles from academics wetting their mass media noses for the first time to give ‘academic’ credence to a particular point of view. I clicked the biography link and it turns out she is not a ‘professor’ but a ‘senior lecturer.’ A British professor is not the same as and American one…


  17. Asia Times: China on course to elude US chip-making equipment bans

    It won’t be easy or economically efficient but is possible – and will cost US semiconductor companies dearly

    …Meanwhile, Chinese lithography equipment maker SMEE is reportedly working on a new ArF immersion lithography tool that could, with multiple patterning, be used to make 7-nm chips.

    Nikon’s NSR-S635E ArF immersion scanner “Provides world-class device patterning and productivity for 5-nm node applications and beyond,” the company has said, revealing new chip-making horizons without EUV.

    If successful, US efforts to stop ASML from shipping DUV lithography tools to China might be the best thing that ever happened to SMEE…

    Dumb & dumber.

    Here’s an AT blast from the past about the historical industrial IP theft by the upstart USA against Global Super Power The British Empire™ (which I think we have already covered on this blog more than once):

    Today’s free trader is yesterday’s IP thief


    1. Both interesting. In the first piece, the author skirted around the fact that the United States bullied its allies into also going along with its stupid 5G network plan, and as a result we will end up participating in a less-capable and more-expensive network which will be subject to at least as much spying – by the United States – as was threatened from the Chinese and probably much more.

      I don’t know what makes smug Americans think they are so much more clever than the Chinese that if the latter are denied American technology and tools, they can never figure out complicated technology on their own. They’re actually pretty smart. But the west prefers to think of them as manual-labour coolies in rice-paper hats, and that they should stay that way.


  18. Musk makes sense:

    Musk posted an outline of his plan on Twitter on Monday, suggesting that Russia “redo elections of annexed regions under UN supervision,” with Moscow withdrawing from these areas if voters choose.

    Crimea would be declared “formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783,” until Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev gifted the peninsula to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954.

    Musk, whose text messages revealed him to be an occasional reader of RT, called Khrushchev’s decision a “mistake.”

    The billionaire then suggested that Ukraine commit to neutrality – as Russia had requested long before it launched its military operation in February – and guarantee the supply of water to Crimea. Ukraine shut down the supply in 2014 after Crimeans overwhelmingly voted to rejoin the Russian Federation. Shortly after the launch of Russia’s operation in Ukraine, the supply was restored.

    “This is highly likely to be the outcome in the end,” Musk commented on his suggestion, adding that it is “just a question of how many people die before then.”


    1. Says the man supplying satellite facilities to the UkroNazis… Musk obviously hasn’t read Maria Zakharova’s stinging critique of the UN and its SecGen after Guterres politically motivated statements on the referenda. There were more than a hundred observers from twenty-eight states monitoring the votes! The fecking United NATOions would just say UkroNazi good, Russia bad.



      1. Yes, the way the west is used to running the game is getting permission to do advance and exit polling, and then if the vote is even close, claiming its poll numbers do not reflect the way the vote came out, and so there was massive vote-rigging. It used that expedient in Georgia and previously in Ukraine to argue that the pro-western candidate was cheated of victory, and managed to parlay it into a colour revolution both times. And unless the UN ‘observers’ are allowed complete freedom, they cry that they are being prevented from seeing what is going on, and that therefore dirty tricks are likely ongoing. Ballot-stuffing! Carousel voting!

        I wrote about international observers at one of the US elections, I don’t remember now which one, just that it was a presidential election. They were told they could not come within 100 ft. of a polling station where voting was taking place, or they would be arrested.


    2. The criticism of Musk are well-founded and I am , FWIW, a Musk doubter in every conceivable way. I just was happy that someone in the West displayed a flicker of awareness. about the Ukraine.

      I feel a similar way about Tucker Carlson – it’s all we got for sanity in the US media.


      1. Yes, Musk is what the media types term an ‘influencer’ in the west; he is rich, so he must be smart. And I’m sure he is; some of his ideas and projects are just huckster scams to suck the money out of investors’ pockets, but he’s obviously already smarter than them, and some of his ideas are brilliant. I don’t buy into the whole SpaceX thing, and the idea of using that outsize flying dildo to transport large numbers of people on a ballistic path to different points on earth is certifiable, but he’s not dumb. I’m happy, too, that he’s not just jumping on the American superiority do-as-I-tell-you bandwagon. But I would have serious misgivings about having the UN run any re-vote, it has shown many times it is an American franchise and not to be trusted.

        It’s also refreshing that he does not need to be convinced the war will only end one way, and that the longer it goes on, the more people will be needlessly killed just so the papers can scream Ukraine is winning every time its forces are headed in Russia’s direction rather than away.


  19. Well here you have if from “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, 3 October 2022, 18:05, as regards who blew up the NS pipelines:

    The explosive material was already installed when the pipeline was being constructed.”

    Former head of the Ukraine gas concern “Naftogaz” Andriy Kobolyev about the mysterious Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeline blasts

    Interview by Cathrin Kahlweit and Bernhard Odehnal

    The truth will out!


    1. They almost got away with it. But they reckoned without Kobolyev and his clever mind. As he doubtless also knows, they also built the Ukrainian GTS, which is now the only remaining link (except for Turkish Stream and Yamal, which the Poles have appropriated) to Europe. But they knew this day would come, and planned for it. And just when Europe, with tears streaming down its cheeks, cries “Ukraine can save us!! Pump 90 BcM through Ukraine”… KABOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! How’d you like that, you jumped-up, Mini-Cooper-drivin’, Gauloise-smokin’, beret-wearin’, Brie-eatin’, sausage-scarfin’ Yorkshire puddinheads?


      1. I’m sure some of those Europeans begging for the natural gas also wear lederhosen and dirndls (well not all the time obviously), eat Schwarzwalderkirschtorte and scarf Bratwurst and doner kebabs. Oh and they smoke Gauloises too.


  20. Like

  21. The game’s afoot, so let’s to it pell-mell!

    Our strong arms be our conscience, swords our law.
    March on, join bravely, let us to’t pell-mell
    If not to heaven, then hand in hand to hell.

    Richard III, Shakespeare

    Note how railway station signs in Russia, even in the boondocks such as is Evdakovo, Voronezh Province, south of the city of Voronezh, a place I know well.


  22. My son is still waiting for his “military ticket”, his military ID with his fitness for duty classification. I reckon he’ll be classed as fit for military service. Even if you have fingers missing off a hand, you are still classified as fit for service here — depends on which fingers are missing. Even if you are blind in one eye, they still say you are fit for military service. A bloke I know has a son who, unfortunately, lost his eyesight in one eye when he was a schoolboy, and he was declared as fit for military service, so this acquaintance told me. He also told me that bureaucrats at Военный комиссариат (военкомат) [voennyi komissariat] — “military enlistment office” — had told him that one-eyed men make better snipers. I’m not sure whether he was just kidding me.

    My Vova has now changed his mind about emigrating to Australia. He’s been doing some research and is now greatly attracted by Vancouver. I said to him: “The city or the island?” I told him the island looks great to me but I don’t know about the city — second biggest island in the Pacific, in fact, but pisses it down with rain there: plenty of forests and mountains, though, and good fishing.

    Vova likes a damp climate in any case. That’s why he would move to the UK, only for the fact that the UK is now a shithole.


  23. RT Russia

    The Russian Ministry of Defence has published a video of an airborne forces’ artillery strike of on an accumulation of equipment of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine
    4 October 2022, 10:04

    The Russian Defence Ministry has shared footage showing a strike by airborne forces against equipment of Ukrainian troops in the zone of the special military operation.

    [enclosed video]

    “The artillery of the Airborne Forces, using quadrocopters, discovered positions of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and destroyed the enemy’s manpower and equipment with a massive fire strike”, the description for the video on the department’s Telegram channel says.

    The Russian Defence Ministry noted that five tanks, six infantry fighting vehicles, 23 armoured fighting vehicles and 11 other vehicles were destroyed as a result of the strike.

    Earlier, the People’s Militia of the LPR showed a video of the training of mobilized military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces before performing combat missions.


  24. “The Times” — so it must be true!

    Putin orders nuclear military train to Ukraine

    Monday October 03 2022, 8.20pm BST

    Wall, of course, but got this below before the wall closed the text in full:

    President Putin is set to demonstrate his willingness to use weapons of mass destruction with a nuclear test on Ukraine’s borders, Nato is believed to have warned its members.

    The Kremlin has been signalling its readiness for a significant escalation as Russia loses ground on the battlefield. Fears over Putin’s earlier hints that he might resort to such tactics heightened yesterday with claims that a train operated by the secretive nuclear division was destined for Ukraine.

    My stress above.

    But the headline categorically states that the Evil One has ordered that a “nuclear military train” be sent to the Ukraine..

    And that’s “journalism”!


    1. They never explain why Russia would want to use nukes on territory which it intends to occupy. Seems a bit counterproductive to me.


    2. October 5, 2022 14:30
      Has Russia sent a nuclear train to the Ukraine? Does one exist at all?
      Military observer KP.RU Viktor Baranets refutes “The Times” report about a “nuclear train”

      Combat railway missile system (BZHRK) 15P961 ‘Molodets’ with an intercontinental ballistic missile (MBL) 15ZH61 (RT-23 UTTH) in the Museum of railway technology

      The British newspaper “The Times” has long “gained notoriety” as an anti-Russian provocateur that executes scrupulous orders from the special services of its country. Now “The Times” has revealed a new sensation: Russia may soon test tactical nuclear weapons near the borders of the Ukraine or in the Black Sea. Moreover: “a train of the secret nuclear division is already heading towards the Ukraine”. The sources of this explosive information, of course, are not specified. Well, let’s just try now to understand this malicious lie.

      1. Russia is a party to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. That document was adopted by the UN in 1996 and ratified by Moscow in the same year. It prohibits any test explosions of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, in space, under water or in any other environment, if such an explosion should cause radioactive fallout outside the territories of the state conducting such an explosion.

      Only a madman can imagine that Russia, already surrounded by sanctions on all sides, would decide to bring on a new wave of them.

      2. Russia has not had a single “nuclear train” for a long time. There were combat railway missile systems (BZHRK). But they were all scrapped under Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Huge intercontinental missiles were placed in their box cars. One would have to be a hopeless dilettante or an unwise provocateur to talk about a whole train in which Russian specialists allegedly carry tactical nuclear ammunition the size of an artillery shell.

      3. The height of insanity is to test tactical nuclear weapons “near the borders of Ukraine or in the Black Sea” if “near the borders with Ukraine” means on the territory of Russia or something, This would also cause considerable destruction, the death of people and animals, fires, radiation, and an environment that would be crippled for many decades.

      And for what? And even more so, you’d have to be crazy (or a “Times” journalist) to set off a nuclear explosion in the Black Sea. This would be dangerous for all the Black Sea states, for ships and, again, for the environment. Contaminated water can cause massive diseases of humans and fish. And at the same time – new sanctions. Turkey could ban the passage of our Black Sea ships through its straits. And most importantly, the main Russian resorts — the Crimea and Sochi — would become unusable. Why should we need such adventures?

      Well, what is the cause of all these nuclear horror stories that Western politicians, the military and the media have begun to amuse themselves with? The same “Times” explains: “In this way, the Kremlin signals its readiness for a significant escalation and indicates a real opportunity to use weapons of mass destruction, as Russia loses ground on the battlefield”.

      Russian presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has already responded to this nonsense: “The Kremlin does not intend to take part in “exercises in nuclear rhetoric”.

      Interestingly, the other day, US Secretary of Defence Lloyd Austin said that “he sees no signals that Putin has decided to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine”. And thank you for that.

      And I should add that “The Times” is a “quality” British rag, read by the bourgeois and upper classes. who are clearly thickos (think Oxford educated Johnson and Truss) if they believe — and many probably do — that the Evil Orcs are ready to carry out test nuclear explosions on the Banderastan borders.

      I daresay that very, very few of said “Times” so-called élite readership read Komsomolskaya Pravda because very, very few can understand Russian, let alone read it. So they get their quality news from a CIA organ called “The Times”.

      I can read and understand it though, and I never went to Eton or Oxford.


  25. The towering hero whom the poison-dwarf Putin is bullying.

    No, not the noisome Norwegian on the right — the latter-day Churchill on the left.


  26. Broken dreams — or the Ukraine is just being used…
    October 4 2022, 13:51

    Zelensky on September 30, 2022, tried to interrupt the media agenda set by the return of Russian lands. He had signed letters of credentials before, but this day it did not go the way he would have liked it to go…

    Zelensky and his associates were waiting for NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to announce an accelerated admission of Kiev to NATO, but the main NATO official gave a very cautious, even cowardly speech – about nothing.

    Stoltenberg’s words that support of Kiev allegedly does not make NATO a party to the conflict in the Ukraine, and his persistent unwillingness to answer questions about an accelerated admission of the Ukraine to NATO, caused disappointment amongst the most Russophobic, Anglo-Saxon [Atlanticist! —] members of the North Atlantic Alliance, namely the Baltic states, as well as Poland, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovakia, Montenegro and the Czech Republic.

    Why aren’t the Americans rushing to accept the Ukraine into NATO?

    Firstly, because they are well aware of the unwillingness of Western European states to fight directly with Russia, including the fear of a nuclear conflict. This position was clearly expressed by Germany’s Permanent representative to the alliance, Rudiger Koenig, who said in an interview with “Der Spiegel” weekly: “The Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Therefore, there are no collective commitments that would mean that we will all help the Ukraine defend itself together. In no case do we want NATO to take an active part in this war”.

    That is, according to him, “a big war may begin, in which 30 states will suddenly be involved”, and therefore the members of the alliance are helping the Ukraine financially and arming it to the best of their ability on an individual basis.

    Secondly, the U.S. simply does not benefit from accession of the Ukraine into NATO, firstly, because that would cause a split in the alliance and, secondly, so that its hands not be tied as regards its relations with Kiev lest Russia wreck any formal requirements and conditions arising in the organization. De facto, the Ukraine is a de-facto member of NATO, but without any clear-cut commitments from the members of the alliance, which suits them just fine. That is why Stoltenberg once again reminded: “Any decision on membership must be made by consensus by all 30 allies”.

    In short, let the Ukrainians kill the Russians and vice versa — NATO members will help weaken Russia from the outside, fueling the conflict in every possible way, and let this happen as long as is possible. That’s their ideal situation.

    That is to say, dear Ukrainian friends, fight with Russia for as long as possible: we are still satisfied with this, and we will not change our rules for the sake of you — ideal cannon fodder that you are — and let the “carrot ” of joining NATO remain in the foggy future.

    The Ukraine is outside NATO and the Germans and the French, and especially the Anglo-Saxons [sic] with their Eastern European reach, can be very useful, constantly testing the strength of Russia. Asked at a press conference whether Western weapons could be used against Russia, Blinken said from the State Department rostrum: “Ukraine has every right to defend its entire territory, protect the people who are on it, and also regain the territory that was illegally taken from them… Our support for Ukraine will continue, and Ukraine can use this assistance throughout the country as it sees fit to defend its territory and, if necessary, to have it returned”.

    At the same time, Blinken is just lying, isn’t he? Targets for high-precision Western weapons firing from the territory of the Ukro-Reich at Russians, including civilians, are consistent with the Americans using a powerful satellite constellation for this purpose. And the Ukraine, of course, does not protect any people.

    For the United States and its European vassals, a Ukraine outside of NATO is even better than in NATO, because in this way it can do more harm to Russia. There is no need to change anything — everything is just fine: the illusion in Kiev need just be maintained that one day the Ukraine will be accepted into NATO, which illusion is what the American vassals in Eastern and Central Europe have been engaged in doing.

    The Ukraine, which is not a de jure member of NATO, is already a de facto member of the alliance —without the formalities and related restrictions. Therefore, the only way for Russia to avoid a NATO threat in the the Ukrainian direction is to eliminate the Ukraine. Any part of present-day Ukraine that does not become Russia will be an eternal springboard of Western aggression against us.

    There is a time for everything.


        1. Their feet must have been bloody cold, at least those of the men and the children in the foreground — no footwear!

          My wife’s great grandparents must have been kulaks or whatever, as we have a studio photograph of them taken at about the same time as the one above — in the 1890s — and her great-grandfather is wearing fine Russian calf-boots, and her great-grandmother, grandfather and his brother, the latter two being about 12- and 14-year-olds, are wearing Western-style shoes. Whatever — her grandfather was an apprenticed cabinet-maker in Petrograd in 1917 and became a Bolshevik.


    1. I am sure we will learn, in the days to come, that it was the favourite apparel store of Russian liberals, just as we learned days after the Russian counter-sanctions went into effect that Russian liberals apparently lived on French and Italian cheese. Who knew? But of course they will not move to the west. Russia is their homeland. They only want it to be more like America.


  27. 4 Oct, 2022 12:41
    Kremlin reacts to Zelensky banning talks with Putin
    Russia is ready to negotiate with the current or future Ukrainian president, Dmitry Peskov says

    I have spoken!

    To resume peace talks with Kiev, Moscow will wait for either a change of stance by the current Ukrainian president or for a new leader, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said. This comes after President Zelensky signed a decree ruling out negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Even before the launch of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in late February, Moscow “was the supporter of the idea of achieving the terms put forward by the Russian side through diplomatic means,” Peskov told journalists on Tuesday.

    Russia is still ready to look for a negotiated solution to the conflict between the neighbors, according to the spokesman. But “it takes two parties to negotiate,” he noted.

    “We’ll now be waiting for the current president to change his stance or for the arrival of the future president of Ukraine, who would change his position in the interests of the Ukrainian people,” Peskov said.

    On Tuesday, Zelensky signed a decree on Ukraine officially rejecting peace talks with Putin. It rubber stamped decisions made by Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, on Friday, just hours after Putin signed agreements on Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics and Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions joining Russia.

    One of the resolutions was: “stating the impossibility of conducting negotiations with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.”

    Zelensky recorded a video address after the meeting claiming that “we [Ukraine] are ready for dialogue with Russia, but with another president of Russia.”

    In his speech on Friday, Putin called upon Ukraine to “cease all hostilities, stop the war it started back in 2014 and return to the negotiating table.”

    However, he made it clear that the decision to unite with Russia, which the people of Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions made during referendums, was not up for discussion. Kiev should treat the “free choice” of the four territories “with respect,” Putin said, adding that it was “the only way for peace.”

    Moscow and Kiev have not sat down at the negotiating table since talks in Istanbul finished in late March. The Russian side, which initially expressed optimism on the peace process, later accused Ukraine of backtracking on all the progress achieved in Türkiye, saying it had lost trust in Kiev’s negotiators.

    In recent months, Ukraine has been either putting forward terms that Moscow deemed ‘unrealistic’ for the resumption of talks, or said that they can only begin after Russia is defeated on the battlefield.

    Since the conflict began Zelensky has on several occasions proposed meeting with Putin face-to-face, in order to find a way to end hostilities. But Moscow insisted that the two leaders should only get together to sign concrete agreements already prepared for them by the negotiating teams.

    From the Clown’s former press secretary, now scribbling for the “Washington Post”:

    Ukraine has always been ready to negotiate. The question is how.
    30 September 2022
    Iuliia Mendel

    By refusing to talk, it seems.


  28. Sad news has come from freezing Britain, which has been shitting on us for centuries: Sofochka has flown back!
    When we were kids, we had a teaser that could be applied to any girl.
    2022-10-04 08:25:00

    When we were kids, we had a teasing rhyme that could be applied to any girl.

    It went like this:

    Irka (Galka, Ninka, etc.) is a fool,
    She got her tail up,
    Flew off,
    And farted.

    A Ukrainian refugee who was abandoned by her British lover left the UK today and has already arrived home.

    Sofia Karkadym, 22, was so broken-hearted after heartless Tony Garnett abandoned her that she gave up her new life here. – writes the Sun.

    But isn’t her life in danger in her home town of Lvov, whence she had to flee in fear of the advancing Orcs?


      1. Would she also not need a special UK visa to visit Lvov as a refugee? I wonder how long she would be able to stay in Ukraine and how many trips back and forth between Britain and Banderastan are allowed.


  29. Arms factory explosion in Bulgaria kills 1, leaves 2 missing
    By Associated Press
    October 4, 2022 at 1:23 p.m. EDT

    Putin’s passport found there?

    In fact, there has been a spate of explosions at similar factories in Bulgaria.

    Arms dealer ‘100% sure’ Russian agents behind blast at Bulgarian depot
    Emilian Gebrev says explosion on Sunday is latest of repeated attacks against him by GRU operatives
    Mon 1 Aug 2022 15.42 BST

    A Bulgarian arms dealer who survived an apparent novichok poisoning in 2015 said he was “100% sure” that Russian operatives were behind an explosion and subsequent fire at one of his depots in the country on Sunday.


    Oh look! Above written by Shaun I-Hate-Dill Walker.

    JUNE 5, 20128:23 PM UPDATED 10 YEARS AGO
    Seven hurt in explosions at Bulgaria arms depot

    Bereta Trading, whose depot spreads across an area of 6,000 square metres, has a permit to store 1,200 tonnes of explosives, according to its website.

    In July 2008 a succession of explosions hit an arms dump storing 1,500 tonnes of obsolete munitions outside Sofia.


    1. Yeah right… A cheap way to get rid of materials that would otherwise be quite expensive to properly dispose. And, you can blame Putin!


  30. Neuters blows Euractiv: Sweden sends diving vessel to probe leaking Nord Stream pipelines

    …blah blah blah blah…

    …Focus has also turned to the security of other gas supply lines. Eni, the biggest importer of Russian gas in Italy, at the weekend said Russia had halted all gas flows through the Tarvisio entry point, though its chief executive on Monday blamed the halt on short-term technical issues.

    The stoppage of flows through the Tarvisio entry point “has absolutely nothing to do with geopolitical factors. It is due to the fact that Gazprom would have to pay a monetary guarantee for the transport of gas from Austria to Italy that was not there before,” Claudio Descalzi said….

    Italy wants Gazprom to pay for Brussel’s sanctions, something that is not in the contract. But somehow it is still Gazprom’s fault. I’ve been wondering about this for a while because no-one explained nothing! Neither intrepid, impartial, intelligent western reporters, nor Gazprom and certainly nothing from Eni or i-Talian politicians. It was weird, a bit like Siemens being very quite on the turbines and refusing to discuss, disclose or otherwise mention any contracts with Gazprom apart from mentioning the latter oil leak that shouldn’t have shut down The Last Turbine.


  31. Any opportunity.

    Kim Dotcom
    In case you wondered why so many people in eastern Ukraine voted to join Russia just watch what the former Ukrainian President said to them before US trained soldiers killed thousands in the Donbass. It’s pretty obvious why they decided to leave, isn’t it?

    Via Mark Sleboda’s twatter feed.

    BTW, I expect that when the Russian army gets properly going in the Ukraine and the UAF is swallowed up along with all its ex-western soliders paid through cut-outs (Blackwater/Academi/whatever), Russia will directly be accused of GENOCIDE.

    Why? Because it has worked well in the past and all the PPNN have parroted it (sic the Serbs – which it seems that many professionals think are only small Russians).

    Then there will be the inevitable ‘DO SOMETHING!’ parroted back by the PPNN in a virtuous (?) circlejerk with w*nktankers and others repeated ad neausam until, well either the end of the world or ‘We’re bored and Ukraine isn’t that important after all.’

    I’m ordering party hats for both occaisions so at least I will be prepared and suitably attired.


    1. MoA especially has been inundated of late with trolls, both the childish ones who always end their mocking comments with “ha ha” or “ROFL”, and the concerned ones, who point out the abject failure of the Russian military and so dearly wish that it were not so. Both Larry “Son of the American Revolution” and Andrei of “Reminiscences of the Future” steadfastly maintain that these so called counter-offensives are pimples, mere pinpricks along the very long front along which Russian forces are spread thinly, and the vast majority of those forces are militiamen; that what the trolls and the Western “experts” are collectively coming in their pants over are merely “minutiae”, Andrei insists: tactical forays that do not determine the outcome of the war. Be that as it may, this constant trolling depresses me. Opening the Yandex news feed, as I do every morning at about 05:00, I get filled with foreboding. The Russian news feeds give it straight, it seems, but then I look at the Western lying filthy propaganda, and it is full of unadulterated malicious glee.


        1. Mr. Macfarlane (above linked post) is on my mailing list, which comments of his he graciously invites readers to share — so I have done.

          The counter-propaganda war goes on!

          Fuck the perverted, immoral, venal bourgeois liberal filth!

          which above is a recent rendition of this:


        2. This piece points out the weakening – despite the exhortations of the usual carnival barkers – of support in Europe for pouring more money and effort into Ukraine. This suggests the ‘Ukraine is winning!!’ shot in the arm is not working, but more to the point, what do they think resolution will look like? Russia can’t supply them with any more gas this winter unless it’s sent through Ukraine’s GTS, because both legs of Nord Stream are out of commission. There’s no real sense in rebuilding the whole pipeline. It’s too late for Europe for any sort of resolution or climbdown on anyone’s part, don’t they get that? They’re completely at the mercy of the Americans and their vaunted Molecules of Freedom.


      1. ME – he who laughs last laughs best. I expect to have a good laugh in the coming months regarding the EU, the Western economy and the MSM not to mention the thousands of butt-hurt trolls.


      2. I made the mistake of watching the BBC. They had Orlando Figes on and a political panel. Clueless. The last guy to speak said that “If Putin uses internationally illegal means of warfare, that might bring China on our side.” Rule no.1 of warfare, don’t believe your own propaganda.


        1. Ha, ha, ha!!! Oh, I needed that laugh today! “That might bring China on our side!!” Some pretty good stuff they’re smoking in BBC-land, if that was a serious proposal. Join the side of a regularly-reaffirmed Sinophobe like the UK, which has fuck-all for energy except the output of dear little windmills, which is a bosom pal – a special relationship, no less – of the country which has done its best to wreck Chinese companies except for those that make cheap junk for Wal-Mart, and is a partner in an alliance that intends to tee up China next for elimination just as soon as it finishes teaching Russia some manners. A country with a woman for Prime Minister who is just about as clueless as a sprat, who swaggers about like she is ready for a street fight because she knows nobody is just going to punch her in the mouth. Yes, I imagine China is trembling with eagerness to sign on to the foundering HMS SHIP OF STATE. Like it’s eager to have a red-hot poker applied to its tongue.

          And what would you need with China, anyway? Aren’t you winning against Russia, humiliating it daily, through your powerful right arm, Ukraine?


          1. Over 400 years of viable coal reserves in the UK that can still be won using present day technology.

            Where I worked at over 1, 000 metres below ground, in the deepest seams* in Europe, was pushing the limits — hot as the hobs of hell!

            At the pit where I worked there were over 35 years of reserves when they put the lid on it in 1985. The 900-metre-deep shafts there had been sunk in 1878. In March 1984, when I was wound up the pit for the last time as it turned out, over 86% of UK electrical power was generated by coal-fire power stations.

            Now they’ve got fuck all in the UK.

            Just sayin’.

            *Arley seam UK — The Arley mine [just for confusion’s sake — in Lancashire, a “mine” is a “seam” and a “pit” is a “mine”!] is the deepest of the seams of the Middle Coal Measures. It outcropped at Red Moss near Blackrod where it was 2 feet (0.61 m) thick, and at Chew Moor, Westhoughton and Daubhill, Bolton. Its average thickness was 3 feet (0.91 m) to 4 feet (1.2 m). It produced excellent quality coal for coking, house and steam coal. The Arley mine was worked throughout the coalfield and around Tyldesley was a hot mine.


            It was 4 foot thick where I worked.


  32. The opening of the above-linked Macfarlane piece, which lead I think especially pertinent:

    While the pro-Russian blogosphere is impatient with the slow pace of the Russian’s non-war “war” – the SMO, [Helmhotz] Smith reiterates an important point that Gonzales Lira has made, that making a war boring for the American public means it drops down their list of priorities, rather like a boring TV services that you stop watching. Same-old; same-old. Once the public loses interest; political value is degraded.

    Nothing that Zelensky does can make this “war” really interesting, despite the best efforts of the Media.

    Well, I’ve got to give the diminutive Kiev freak’s propagandists credit where credit is due: the “Ghost of Kiev” that appeared almost on day 1 of the hostilities was a masterstroke, as was the death of the heroes of Snake island after they had said “Fuck you, Russian warship!”


    1. I presume Macfarlane is an American, as he writes:

      Then, when the referenda in the south were completed, the defenders of Lima redeployed outside the city to a defensive line manned by the 58th Guards and Wagner Group. The UAF “conquered” an empty city. It is good at “winning” against ghosts.


      Liman IS NOT a “city”.

      It’s a town, more of a fucking large VILLAGE in fact!!!!

      Why are nearly all human settlements labelled as “cities” in US English?

      This, dear readers, is Krasny Liman:

      “Liman” means “estuary” or “firth”, which body of water that gives the settlement its name can be seen in the above photo.


        1. Granted, Macfarlane also writes:

          Krasny Liman, a small town of no real strategic importance in and of itself and defended by a few 100 militia.


          1. My limited understanding in the area of city versus village designations includes that a city has its own police force, fire department, etc. while a village relies on a county or regional police force, fire department, etc. Some villages are not incorporated which I believe means that there isn’t a post office, nor locally elected officials, no nothing except a bar and possibly a church.


            1. In Olde England, a city had a Royal Charter — and British cities still have them. The big industrial or, as the case may be, commercial/port cities of Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Hull, Leeds etc. only received their charters at the beginning of the 20th century. Cities have a bishop and a cathedral as well. York, formerly the Viking Jorvik, capital of Northern England, has a cathedral and an ARCHbishop. The only other archbishop (Church of England) in England being the Archbishop of Canterbury. Canterbury is quite a quite small place with a huge cathedral, situated in the county of Kent, south of London.

              York is still a (partly) walled city, as is Chester, but it too is quite a small place, having a much smaller population than my hometown, which is not a city but a festering dump.

              It’s bigger than Krasny Lehman though.


            2. There’s a very small settlement near where I lived on the Lancashire coalfied called “Gin Pit”, “pit” being the Lancashire dialect word for “mine” and “gin” meaning “engine”, namely the pit there had a steam winding system to haul the coal and men up the shafts. It consisted of one pit and about 4 streets. Only 4 streets there now. It was referred to by locals as “The Holy City” because the coal company that ran the dump was owned by a rabid Methodist family who had strictly instructed that no pub be built in the mining village when the shafts were sunk there in the 1850s.

              What a miserable Holy Joe bastards!


  33. After MoA had been down for a couple of days, I have at last had the opportunity to quickly scroll the comments to the latest postings on that site. The MoA comments section is now swamped with observations contributed by trolls.


    1. Yes, I saw that; it’s all like “Russia had a good run and some early successes. But now the Americans are in it, and it’s all downhill for Russia. I feel sorry for all the ethnic Russians in the areas they have taken because they will be slaughtered.”

      Just as if the mere presence of Americans guaranteed victory, as it always has for them. The last war they won was Grenada. I understand the implied pressure for Putin to just open the spigots and smash Ukraine to bits, because on some level you want it to happen just to shut those people up.


  34. Fake, Frogs say!

    Kremlin lies!

    But these fake videos are not of an alleged Boeing Poseidon P-8 attack.

    Twitter posts allege US is behind Nord Stream pipeline ‘sabotage’

    A video circulating on Twitter erroneously suggests that US military bomber jets were seen flying over eastern Germany earlier this week, feeding Russian allegations of US “sabotage” of the Nord Stream pipelines. We tell you more in this edition of Truth or Fake.

    I wish someone would tell her that the plural of “aircraft” is not “aircrafts”.


    1. Of course, it is not unknown that such “fakes” are sometimes fake “fakes”, spread to sow seeds of doubt amongst those who see published alleged evidence of skulduggery, which ‘evidence” is immediately labelled as “fake”.


  35. Doctorow

    Has Vladimir Putin put the fear of God into the Satanic West?
    1 October, 2022

    I insisted that it was much better for nations and statesmen to be feared than to be liked

    I should prefer that the Russian government follow the aphorism of the infamous lunatic Roman Emperor Caligula:

    Oderint dum metuant:

    Let them hate, so long as they fear.

    For hate Russia, they indeed do, and have done so since at least the Great Schism of 1054.


    1. Doctorow concludes his above-linked article as follows:

      The notion that there will be some ‘kiss and make up’ between Russia and the Collective West is now fully discredited. An enemy is an enemy. A clash of civilizations is a clash of civilizations. The most to hope for in the foreseeable [future] is a truce, an end to military hostilities. For this to be achieved, Mr. Putin has to match his tough words with tough deeds and, as I have suggested, swiftly decapitate the civilian and military leadership in Kiev. The leadership of the Collective West will do nothing about it other than bark, while the rest of us will be able to sleep calmly after months of anxiety.

      Many of my students are well-paid professionals, Russian “middle-class” as it were, but most certainly not of the “creative-class” — no Western arse-licking liberals they! — and highly educated, unlike their Western counterparts. And they are patriotic in the noblest meaning of the word: they are most certainly not Pan-Slavic nationalists, indeed two of them are “Central Asiatic”, but they are all rossiyane — Russian citizens. They accept that Russia is hated in the West; they have long accepted this fact; furthermore, they expect this hatred to continue long after the cessation of this proxy war with the West. They also expect sanctions against Russia to continue for another 20 years at least.

      I had a long discussion with them about this yesterday.

      Three of them are army reservist officers, waiting for the call.


  36. $ 31 trillion… a debt that cannot be repaid

    US Treasury: the national debt of the country for the first time in history exceeded 31 trillion dollars
    As of October 3, the United States owed 31 trillion 123 billion 887 million 781 thousand 401 dollars and 34 cents.

    Most debt holders are private individuals, holding over $24 trillion.

    American debt to foreign governments is nearly $7 trillion.

    And corporate debt, a bogus stock market, and so on and so forth.

    For example, Russia’s budget for 2022 is 25 trillion rubles, or at today’s exchange rate, about $400 billion.

    To put it quite simply, the budget of Russia for 77 years.

    Is it possible to repay such debts? Well, if only to give away the whole country for debts and keep for ourselves, let’s say, warm California.


  37. Scraping the barrel?

    “Ukrainians will respond to Putin’s nuclear threats with a mass orgy”:
    The Daily Star writes that the Kremlin has failed to break the citizens of the Ukraine – they are preparing to respond to nuclear blackmail with a sex party of thousands

    “More than 15 thousand Ukrainians are going to take part in a mass sex party on a mountain near Kiev, if the Russian president decides to press the red button. A mass orgy will take place on Mount Shchekavytska, and everyone who comes there will tie ribbons on their hands to indicate their carnal preferences. The organizers claim that “all apartments with a view of Shchekavytska have disappeared from real estate sites for some reason.” Explaining how the plan will boost Ukrainian morale, a local resident told Radio Free Europe: “By the defiance of desperation. Even in the worst case scenario, people will look for something good. This is the mega-optimism of Ukrainians”. Recently, the group split and the separatists are now planning a separate orgy on Deribasyvskaya Street in Odessa. The first persona non grata has also appeared — this is Elon Musk: they simply won’t let him go to the orgy”.



  38. The penny has finally dropped for “finance minister” Habeck?

    German minister criticizes U.S. over ‘astronomical’ natural gas prices

    Germany’s economy minister accused the U.S. and other “friendly” gas supplier states of astronomical prices for their supplies, suggesting they were profiting from the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

    “Some countries, including friendly ones, sometimes achieve astronomical prices [for their gas]. Of course, that brings with it problems that we have to talk about,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck told regional German paper NOZ in an interview published Wednesday which was translated by NBC News. He called for more solidarity from the U.S. when it comes to assisting its energy-pressed allies in Europe.

    “The United States contacted us when oil prices shot up, and the national oil reserves in Europe were tapped as a result. I think such solidarity would also be good for curbing gas prices,” he said.

    CNBC contacted the White House for a response to the comments and is awaiting a reply.

    Habeck, co-leader of Germany’s Green Party, which is a part of Berlin’s coalition government led by center-left Chancellor Olaf Scholz, said the EU should also do more to address the region’s gas crisis, with countries scrambling for alternative supplies which has pressured prices even more, that was brought about by the war in Ukraine and deteriorating relations with Russia.

    Moscow’s state-owned gas giant, Gazprom, has cut supplies to the bloc drastically over the last few months, largely due to international sanctions and a desire to punish Europe — the EU used to import around 45% of its gas supplies from Russia but is seeking to halt all imports — for supporting Kyiv.

    Habeck said the EU “should pool its market power and orchestrate smart and synchronized purchasing behavior by the EU states so that individual EU countries do not outbid each other and drive up world market prices.”

    European market power is “enormous,” it just has to be used, he noted, according to the German news outlet.

    Europe is facing a hard winter with gas shortages predicted across the region. Countries like Germany have been largely dependent on Russian gas supplies for decades with massive energy infrastructure, such as the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, designed to bring gas from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

    While the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline was never even launched, with Germany refusing to certify the pipeline following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, Nord Stream 1 has become a pawn in souring relations between Moscow and Brussels.

    Over the summer, gas supplies via the pipeline stopped and started seemingly at Moscow’s whim, although it invariably cited the need for maintenance and sanctions as a reason for halting supplies. But then supplies came to a halt in September.

    More recently, Russia and Europe’s energy ties have literally been damaged with the Nord Stream pipelines suffering leaks last month under suspicious circumstances.

    Russia denied it had sabotaged the pipelines, with reported underwater explosions damaging the pipes in several places, sending natural gas spewing into the Baltic Sea. The damage prompted an international outcry with the EU vowing a “robust” response to attacks on its energy infrastructure.

    Stupid is as stupid does!

    I too do deny sabotaging the pipelines. Does that mean I also might fall under suspicion for that criminal act?


      1. 5 Oct, 2022 11:19
        Berlin denounces Washington’s ‘astronomical’ profiteering
        “Friendly” gas suppliers, particularly the US, have been charging enormous prices for their exports, German economy minister claims

        Scheißkerl erster Klasse

        The US and other “friendly” gas-supplier states have been profiting from the worsening energy crisis in the EU, Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck said on Wednesday.

        “Some countries, including friendly ones, sometimes achieve astronomical prices [for their gas]. Of course, that brings with it problems that we have to talk about,” Habeck said, in an interview with the regional paper NOZ translated by NBC News. He called for more solidarity from Washington when it comes to assisting its energy-pressed allies in Europe.

        “The United States contacted us when oil prices shot up, and the national oil reserves in Europe were tapped as a result. I think such solidarity would also be good for curbing gas prices,” Habeck suggested.

        According to the minister, the EU “should pool its market power and orchestrate smart and synchronized purchasing behavior … so that individual EU countries do not outbid each other and drive up world market prices.”

        The bloc is facing a tough winter, with gas shortages predicted due to drastically reduced Russian supplies amid Western sanctions and the recent sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

        The US likely stands to gain the most from the destruction of the two undersea pipelines, which were damaged by a series of explosions off the Danish island of Bornholm last week. Washington has for years been trying to convince European leaders to swap Russian gas for its liquefied natural gas, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling the sabotage of the Russian pipelines a “tremendous opportunity.”


        1. Hey, shitwit!

          Who said this:

          “We stand with the Ukraine as long as they need us, no matter what the German voters think.”

          Your Green pal Annelina, wasn’t it?


          1. Freedom never comes cheap, dickhead, and “Freedom Molecules” are now at a premium.

            It’s all Putin’s fault though, innit?


      2. Here’s a tip, Rob; if you are so crazy busy that you can’t take the time to shave – why bother putting on a nice suit and getting dressed up? If your whiskery mug is good enough for the proles who serve you, they’ll quickly get used to you appearing in a spaghetti-stained Lynrd Skynrd T-shirt and track pants. Maybe they’ll even love you for your humility.


    1. “Habeck said the EU “should pool its market power and orchestrate smart and synchronized purchasing behavior by the EU states so that individual EU countries do not outbid each other and drive up world market prices.”

      European market power is “enormous,” it just has to be used, he noted, according to the German news outlet.”

      Are you simple, Habeck? Have you not been paying attention? Try to stay with the tour, if you could. All you need to do, as demonstrated by loads of recent high-level meetings in Brussels, is notify your American suppliers that you are capping prices and will only pay X dollars per whatever unit for Molecules of Freedom from the star-speckled banana. Be firm, now; no wimping out. The Americans respect strength.

      Remember, this is just the leading edge of the panic. It will get much, much worse. Hopefully Putin can rein himself in from extending the hand of friendship and trying to figure out a way to help – what he should be doing is Tweeting a picture of him, Medvedev, Peskov and Miller all simultaneously pointing and laughing.


  39. Now get this, you stupid little fucker, and this is the last time I’m gonna tell you: first, you godda have all NATO member states to agree to the admittance of a new allied member state; second, you godda have undisputed borders; third, you ain’t godda be at war with no one; fourth, your pathetic excuse of a shithole fascist state has to have a functioning democratic political system; fifth, it has to have a market based economy; sixth, there has to be fair treatment of minority populations; seventh, there has to be a commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts; and eighth, it has to have the ability and willingness to make a military contribution to NATO operation. Now fuck off, will ya!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry for asking!

        Zelensky literally breaks into NATO, hysterically begging that “Independent” Ukraine be accepted as an alliance member state. However, Alliance leaders are delaying a final decision.

        The notorious “fast-track bid” for NATO membership was another attempt by the comedian president to show that the West’s relations with Kiev are getting stronger, and the hour is not far off when Russia will definitely be unhappy.

        It is reasonable to assume that Zelensky was promised something with his “fast-track application”. However, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg shrugs his shoulders: “Every democracy in Europe has the right to apply for NATO membership. The entry doors are open. NATO allies have made clear their support for Ukraine. But this decision must be taken by all the states of the bloc”.

        Translating Stoltenberg’s words, this sounds something like: “Old friend, just hold your horses, will you? We will solve everything slowly … ”

        North Macedonia, Finland and Sweden are now in line to join NATO. The last two countries have also recently submitted “fast track applications”. This “crowding in of applicants” will certainly affect Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova; for them, the already not close prospect of becoming members of the North Atlantic Alliance will move even further away.

        Three of America’s Baltic protectorates, as well as Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Montenegro, have spoken in favour of admitting the Ukraine to NATO. Bulgaria has not given a clear answer. As regards the rest, it is still unclear.

        Germany, which from the very beginning of the SMO was not among the active suppliers of weapons to the Ukraine, and has again showed restraint. “The Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Therefore, there are no obligations for collective self-defence”, said the Permanent Representative of the Federal Republic of Germany to the military bloc, Rüdiger Koenig. And he added: “We do not want NATO to take an active part in the hostilities in any case”.

        “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky came up with the worst of his ideas” ,writes American Newsweek. “If NATO agreed with it, then a war would begin that we have never seen before: endless troops, tank armies, a sky streaked with combat aircraft. And this is at best. It is much more likely that after a war between the US/NATO and Russia, there will be little left of humanity. And will China choose sides? Or will she just see a rare opportunity for herself?”

        “Even ardent supporters of the Ukraine do not approve of an accelerated entry, yet they will avoid the issue with streamlined statements and vague wording about the timing”, said Russian political analyst Dmitry Suslov. “There will be statements that NATO supports the Euro-Atlantic ambitions of the Ukraine. The Alliance will reaffirm its promise, made back in 2008, that the Ukraine would become a member of NATO”.

        But is it really necessary for the formation of a NATO fist at the western borders of the Russian Federation to have formal membership of the Ukraine in NATO?

        Recall that back in 2004, President of the Ukraine Leonid Kuchma signed the law “On ratification of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine and the headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Armed Forces of NATO in the Atlantic and the headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Armed Forces of NATO in Europe regarding the provision of support for NATO operations from outside the Ukraine”. This document says that aircraft, helicopters, military and civilian vessels involved in NATO operations will be able to move through the territory of the Ukraine “on the basis of a general permit during an entire operation”.

        The 2004 law is still in effect. And it’s better not to forget about that.

        In June, Vladimir Putin noted that if the Ukraine joins NATO, the flight time of missiles from Kharkov or the Dnieper to Moscow would be 7-10 minutes. And he asked whether this was a red line for Russia or not.

        And really: is it or isn’t it? Where there is a question, there must be an answer.

        “The dictatorship of the United States is based on brute force, on the law of the fist”, the President of the Russian Federation said, speaking on September 30 at the signing ceremony of agreements on the admission of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia and the formation of new subjects of the Russian Federation. “It occurs beautifully wrapped, sometimes without any wrapping at all, but the essence is the same — the law of the fist. Hence the deployment and maintenance of hundreds of military bases in all corners of the world, the expansion of NATO, the attempts to put together new military alliances, such as AUKUS and the like”.

        Retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor says no one wants to fight Russia except Poland and “a few people in Washington”. Maybe. The colonel believes that “if we [the United States] continue in the same spirit, we will see how NATO will simply fall apart”. More frightening, however, is what Newsweek wrote: “After the war between the US / NATO and Russia, there will be little left of humanity”.



        1. Oh come on!!! I must say, this is rather weak sauce from an alliance that was champing at the bit to go to war only a little over two months ago. Before that, really, because when Russia issued its demands for security guarantees which included binding assurance that Ukraine would not join NATO, Washington could scarcely hide its delight at being able to refuse, and to make flowery freedom prose about how the poor in spirit and the weary of care all around the world are welcome to join NATO, it depends on the will of its people, bla, bla, much more in this vein.

          Man up, Stoltenberg, you spineless bowl of mush, and welcome Ukraine, fuzzy and blinking, into the warm glow of NATO fellowship – and gain a whining and spoiled little brother who will make you want to tear your hair out in clumps with his never-ending needs. Don’t you have some use for a rumpy little state which has lost all its sea access and has run all its industries into the ground? Doesn’t it make you feel good to dish out endless tranches of ‘loans’ to help it get on its feet? You were certainly eager enough before.

          The EU is going down, and tying a boulder like Ukraine to its socks will just make it go under faster.


  40. Another walking, talking piece of shit, born in Azerbaijan of an Armenian mother and Jewish father and whom the West loves to listen to:

    Garry Kasparov on the Ukraine war
    “Everyone who still lives in Russia now is part of the war machine”
    Putin’s government will collapse in the spring, believes former world chess champion Garry Kasparov. Here he explains why, what he would have fleeing Russians sign — and how dangerous China is for Russia.
    An interview by Christian Esch and Susanne Koelbl
    05.10.2022, 00.27 hrs

    SPIEGEL: Mr Kasparov, the flag on your lapel is white-blue-white instead of white-blue-red. Is that an imagined Russian flag that you would like to exist?

    Kasparov: The idea of washing the red stripe off the Russian flag came up spontaneously among Russians in exile. After the current events in the Ukraine, we Russians can no longer afford the colour of blood on our flag. But at the same time, these are the colours of the free Republic of Novgorod from the Middle Ages, and that is historically symbolic.

    SPIEGEL: Can you explain that?

    Kasparov: We are witnessing the final showdown of two versions of Russia: the pro-European Russia and the chauvinist Russia that combined Byzantine ideology and the military machinery of the Golden Horde…

    SPIEGEL: …of the feudal Mongol state.

    Kasparov: And perhaps we are seeing the historic opportunity of pro-European Russia taking revenge on imperialist Russia.

    SPIEGEL: Obviously, this war is also your personal reckoning with Kremlin leader Putin. What drives you?

    Kasparov: I have been fighting Mr Putin for twenty years and have always said that his regime is bound to become a fascist threat not only to Russia, not only to its neighbours, but to the whole world. It would have been nice if a few more people had heeded this warning.

    SPIEGEL: Many Russians who are courageously active against Putin find your radical position disturbing, and also because you formulate it comfortably from abroad. You demanded, for example, that those who want to be on the right side of history should pack up now and leave the country.

    Kasparov: It’s war: you’re either on one side of the front or the other. Every Russian citizen, including me, bears collective responsibility for this war, though not a personal one. Russia today is a fascist dictatorship that is committing crimes against humanity as we speak. And everyone who still lives in Russia now is part of this war machine, whether they want to be or not.

    SPIEGEL: Not everyone can leave the country. Countries like Lithuania, where you regularly hold your “Free Russia Forum” with exiled Russians, have closed their borders to Russians.

    Kasparov: You can’t just let people travel back and forth. There was also no German tourism in London in 1941, so I proposed to welcome only those Russians who sign a declaration with three principles: The war is criminal, the Putin regime illegitimate, and the Ukraine indivisible.

    SPIEGEL: You caused outrage among many Russians with this idea — there was talk of a “good-Russian passport”, of dividing your compatriots into right and wrong.

    Kasparov: It’s not about “good” or “bad”. It is important for Ukrainians to see that only those Russians who distance themselves from Putin are allowed into the West. And anyone who signs this declaration is liable to triple punishment under Putin’s laws.

    SPIEGEL: How long will this war last? Putin has just announced a mobilisation to send fresh troops into battle.

    Kasparov: Putin’s military and economic capacity will be exhausted in the spring. By April at the latest, he will run out of ammunition, the economy will not even be able to cover the Russians’ basic needs. That is why Putin is in a hurry now, he is looking for a good starting position for negotiations.

    SPIEGEL: Putin may no longer be able to win, but he can still destroy a lot. He is not isolated.

    Kasparov: It’s well known that dictators don’t like losers, and Putin is about to lose the war. Who else does he have to support him? Iran has other problems right now. China is doing nothing for Putin. Kazakhstan has turned its back. Support is shrinking by the day. Even Serbia has refused to recognise the so-called referenda. Putin is alone.

    SPIEGEL: As a chess player, would you say Putin is a rational strategist?

    Kasparov: Attacking the Ukraine was a huge mistake. But after Putin’s past experiences with the Americans, the French and the Germans, he could reasonably assume that they would let him get away with it. The dictator Putin never played chess, but poker, and he was good at geopolitical poker. He often won with bad cards because his opponents gave in to his bluff. Now he instinctively knows that defeat in this war could cost him his political and physical survival. He will mobilise all his resources. The question is: when will the people around him start looking for an exit strategy for themselves?

    SPIEGEL: What would a defeat mean for Russia?

    Kasparov: We know from Russian history that every military and geopolitical defeat leads to dramatic political changes at home, whether the Crimean War in 1855, the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, the stalemate in World War I or the end of the Cold War in 1989. But this defeat could be the worst of all because it will be very visible. It will be like Germany in 1945.

    SPIEGEL: That is a bold comparison. Germany was occupied and destroyed. That’s not what Russia is threatened with.

    Kasparov: It’s about the feeling of defeat, about the realisation that the Russian empire is dead. And this realisation will come when the Crimea is liberated and the Ukrainian flag flies over the Crimea’s most important port city, Sevastopol.

    SPIEGEL: It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen yet. Why do you think the Russians are not ready to fight when it comes to Crimea?

    Kasparov: The people in Moscow and St. Petersburg are already voting with their feet. They are running away. It’s one thing to see all this on TV, oh, the Crimea, how great. But to die for it? No, thank you.

    SPIEGEL: What will follow the collapse you predict?

    Kasparov: Russia will go through a terrible time. It will take years, if not decades, before the Russians can reconcile with the Ukrainians. The Russian public would certainly not be capable of democracy right away either. But Russia would have no choice but to try to return to Europe, shake off the sanctions and start all over again.

    SPIEGEL: A turn towards the West without an alternative? Isn’t that wishful thinking?

    Kasparov: If we don’t manage to return to Europe, we will become China’s satellite state. Beijing is just waiting for Russia to collapse. Demographically and economically, that is the greatest threat to our existence. Almost half of Russia’s territory is actually China, according to official Chinese historiography.

    SPIEGEL: The last collapse Russia experienced was in 1991 — a traumatic experience of instability and economic misery that Russians have still not got over.

    Kasparov: I trust in the abilities of my comrade-in-arms Mikhail Khodorkovsky to organise things in a very short time once the sanctions are lifted. There are still parts of a functioning market economy in Russia.

    SPIEGEL: After such a long absence, do you still have a feeling for ordinary Russians and what they actually want?

    Kasparov: I don’t claim to have a real feeling for this, but I can analyse the available data. The majority of Russians cared little about this war. About 10 per cent were against it on moral grounds, 30 per cent were for it, and 60 per cent just didn’t care.

    SPIEGEL: The approval of many Russians for Putin is greater than many in the West want to admit.

    Kasparov: As long as he wins! I don’t deny that the majority of Russians would be happy to see the Ukraine subjugated. And of course, morally speaking, it is abhorrent that my compatriots see the Bucha massacre and say: oh, that’s fake. But now Putin is losing, and that means they have to pay the price for the war.

    SPIEGEL: There is no longer an opposition in Russia. But the opposition in exile also seems weak and divided. You and Mikhail Khodorkovsky founded a “Russian Action Committee” in Lithuania in May. But can you claim to speak for the Russians at all?

    Kasparov: Of course we cannot speak for all of Russia. But we hope to politically represent those who have left Russia and signed our declaration against the war. And we hope that among them are those Russian citizens who can provide a new officialdom for the country. Because if the regime collapses one day, tens of thousands of corrupt officials will have to be replaced. And someone with experience will have to come in. I know, I myself have been outside Russia for ten years, Mikhail Khodorkovsky too. You need people who have only recently left the country.

    SPIEGEL: Alexei Navalny’s fled supporters in particular don’t seem to want to work with you. His comrades-in-arms did not attend your exile meeting in Lithuania. Why not? Yet the imprisoned Navalny is certainly the most prominent opposition figure in Russia at the moment.

    Kasparov: Navalny’s people behave more like a sect. They were already not very cooperative within Russia and have so far kept to themselves. I, on the other hand, would like them to say out loud “The Crimea is the Ukraine” without biting their tongues.

    SPIEGEL: Navalny has condemned the annexation of the Crimea as illegal, but rejects an automatic return. He said the Crimea was “not a piece of bread and butter” to be simply passed back and forth. He seems to have a different approach than you.

    Kasparov: Russia can only recover if it accepts the territorial integrity of the Ukraine and Russia’s other neighbours. The other difference we have is: we in the Russian Action Committee think that Russia must stop being an empire. And then if Tatarstan or Chechnya wants to go its own way, that’s fine. I admire Navalny’s heroism, but his personal sacrifice of going to prison was a big mistake in my view. Politically, it is not very smart in a time that calls for all forces to unite. It would be more productive to have Mr. Navalny here and to discuss and talk about cooperation with him.

    SPIEGEL: When you look back on the years of fighting Putin in exile – what have you achieved?

    Kasparov: I’ll be blunt: I’ve been warning about this war for years. If people in Europe and America had listened to me, countless lives would have been saved. And, unlike Navalny, who is ready to swallow the annexation of the Crimea, I said: Crimea is the first place of genocide of Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars.

    SPIEGEL: What role should Germany play in your scenario?

    Kasparov: Germany contributed greatly to Putin’s arrogance. Through Germany’s gas dependence, he believed he could dictate his terms to Europe. Now Germany has a unique chance to reinvent itself, to stand up to the modern reincarnation of the Nazis, who tragically are now in Russia.

    In 1942, the deportation trains went west. Now they are heading east. 2.5 million Ukrainians are being deported from the Ukraine to Russia right now. Germany could lead a coalition to end this genocidal war.

    SPIEGEL: Instead of buying gas from Russia, you now recommend importing energy from Azerbaijan — from a dictatorship that has just attacked Armenia. You know the conflict, after all you yourself have Armenian roots and were born in Azerbaijan. Should we exchange one dictator for another?

    Kasparov: To be clear: I only supported the EU decision to find alternative sources of gas. When you face existential threats, you have to compromise. I will therefore not give up my opposition to the Azerbaijani and Turkish dictators. But now it is a matter of defining the main objective in this war. And I think Putin’s regime is the biggest existential threat to the free world.

    SPIEGEL: Should Russia’s government actually fall – will you then move back to Moscow with your family?

    Kasparov: I myself am not seeking political office in Russia. But I am ready to invest my time, energy and reputation to help Russia return as a member of the civilised world.


    Thus spake the human lump of faeces.

    Totally blown ’em.

    “2.5 million Ukrainians are being deported from the Ukraine to Russia right now.”

    Millions of Ukrainians rumbling eastwards in trains as the Evil Empire seeks to inflict genocide again against those dear folk?

    Khodorkovsky shall be Russia’s saviour?

    Thousands of corrupt Russian “imperial” bureaucrats must be lustrated and replaced?

    Ебаный еврейский сукин сын!

    Garri Kasparov was born in Baku in 1963, the son of a music teacher and a violinist. He learnt chess at the age of five and later became a professional player. In 1985 Kasparov, who is of Armenian-Jewish descent, won the title of World Chess Champion for the first time, defending it until 2000. In 2005 Kasparov ended his sports career and entered Russian politics. In 2013, the opposition politician left his home country. Since then, he has been involved in various organisations against Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin. Kasparov lives with his family in New York and Split. In 2014, he took on Croatian citizenship in addition to Russian citizenship.

    Spiegel says Putin is the “Kremlin boss”, not the democratically elected President of Russia.

    The President of Germany is not democratically elected, nor is the German Chancellor.


    1. Garry Kasparov, the talking turd, and not even a Russian. Wrong about pretty much everything he says – for instance, show me where he warned the world years ago that there would be war between Russia and Ukraine. Chess was good to Kasparov, it made him an international celebrity and allowed him to use that part of his brain which truly is brilliant – but it also corrupted him by making him believe he knows a great deal about everything. For example, “You can’t just let people go back and forth”. Really? What would it be like in Garry Kasparov’s democracy? King Garry?

      Curiously, British ‘Intelligence’ also predicted ‘Putin’ would run out of ammunition in April. But they meant this past April. Obviously they should have listened to Kasparov, who knew he had at least another year’s worth. It probably is time for the end of the world, because human intelligence has deteriorated to pond-life levels.


    2. Here’s my new definition: A ‘Kasparov’ is something you find at the bottom of a barrel after a lot of scraping, sic an undefinable mass that defies further examination..


  41. And there was I thinking he had said that this issue would be decided on the battlefield!

    October 5, 20: 04,
    Borrell has said the EU was ready for a diplomatic solution on the Ukraine

    BRUSSELS, October 5. /tass/. The European Union is ready to seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict in the Ukraine, if circumstances permit. This was stated on Wednesday in his blog by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrel.

    “At the same time, we remain ready to seek a diplomatic solution if circumstances return to do so in a meaningful way”, he wrote.

    According to Borrel, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on the occasion of the accession of four subjects to Russia showed that Moscow had closed the door to dialogue. “Putin’s choice and speech show the extent to which he has closed the door to dialogue, diplomacy and a minimal sense of humanity. He is only leading his country further down the path of war, escalation and isolation. And this is certainly alarming”, the head of EU diplomacy believes.

    Borrell, during a visit to Kiev in early April, for the first time in the history of the European Union, wished that the conflict in the Ukraine would be resolved militarily, and not by diplomatic means. Then he declared that “this war must be won on the battlefield”. The EU leaders did not make statements about the priority of military victory over a political solution to the conflict during the war in Yugoslavia, Libya, or Afghanistan, in which most of the countries of the community participated within the framework of NATO structures. Moreover, such statements were not made during the invasion of Iraq by the US coalition in 2003, which the leading EU states condemned as based on misinformation and false theses about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Baghdad.

    From September 23 to 27, referenda on joining Russia were held in the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, as well as in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions. The overwhelming majority of their residents supported such a step. On September 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the heads of these regions signed agreements on their accession to Russia. On October 4, Putin signed laws on ratification of the treaties on the admission of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to Russia.

    Speaking at the ceremony of accepting four new territories into Russia, Putin, in particular, said that Russia will not live by the “rigged and false rules” imposed by Western countries. According to him, the rules that Western countries were talking about are “a complete deception, double or already triple standard”.


    1. Tell Bore-ell to go fuck himself. What the hell is he thinking? If it’s ramping up the pumps to send more gas through Ukraine, refer to my previous guidance. Maybe Russia could drop some hints that maybe if you rebuild all four legs of Nord Stream I/II, maybe throw in some of that great cheese for our liberals, and when you’re all done, come and tell us; we’ll decide then if we’re in the mood to send anything through it. The Russian papers who publish in English should excoriate Bore-ell and other European leaders for their solemn pronouncements that the war between Ukraine and Russia must be won on the battlefield, and just coincidentally slipping Ukraine money like it was their favourite courtesan.

      Don’t do anything to help Europe, or you will live to regret it, because as soon as things are running smoothly again they will turn on you.


    2. “Putin’s choice and speech show the extent to which he has closed the door to dialogue, diplomacy and a minimal sense of humanity.”

      Uh huh. Like the EU’s exhibition of dialogue, diplomacy and a minimal sense of humanity when it stripped its east-European subjects of armor and artillery to send to Ukraine so the Ukrainians could kill more Russians. Like the diplomacy and minimal sense of humanity showcased by BoJo when he rushed to Kuh-yiv to tell Zelensky not to do any deals, because Uktraine could win militarily and the EU would help it do so.

      The EU deserves everything that is going to happen to it.


  42. Well waddya know!

    October 5, 20: 54,
    updated on October 5, 21: 29
    Investigation of the death of Alexander Dugin’s daughter
    NYT: US intelligence believes that Ukraine is involved in Dugina’s murder

    The publication claims that the United States was not involved in the crime and did not provide any intelligence information or other assistance, and Kiev did not hold any consultations with Washington.

    NEW YORK, October 5. /tass/. US intelligence agencies believe that representatives of the Ukrainian authorities are involved in the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dugina. This was reported on Wednesday by The New York Times.

    The newspaper’s sources did not disclose who from the Ukrainian government authorized the mission, who carried it out, or whether Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky gave his consent to it.

    At the same time, the publication, citing sources, claims that the United States is not involved in the crime and did not provide any intelligence information or other assistance, and Kiev did not hold any consultations with Washington in connection with the murder of Dugina.


  43. Thus spoke OPEC – a 2,000,000 bbl reduction in crude exports effective November despite massive US pressure.

    For the past several days, Biden’s senior-most energy, economic and foreign policy officials were enlisted to lobby their foreign counterparts in Middle Eastern allied countries including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to vote against cutting oil production. Wednesday’s production cut amounts to the largest cut since the beginning of the pandemic and could lead to a dramatic spike in oil prices.

    Some of the draft talking points circulated by the White House to the Treasury Department on Monday that were obtained by CNN framed the prospect of a production cut as a “total disaster” and warned that it could be taken as a “hostile act.”

    “It’s important everyone is aware of just how high the stakes are,” said a US official of what was framed as a broad administration effort that is expected to continue in the lead up to the Wednesday OPEC+ meeting.

    The White House is “having a spasm and panicking,” another US official said, describing this latest administration effort as “taking the gloves off.” According to a White House official, the talking points were being drafted and exchanged by staffers and not approved by White House leadership or used with foreign partners.

    A “total disaster” and a “hostile act” they say. I wonder what they will do to punish KSA? Make it buy more F-35’s?


    1. Yes, I heard about this at work. All those years of self-satisfied smugness in leaning on their Ay-rab friends whenever they wanted to cause a little misery somewhere, and I be go to hell if the White House didn’t teach them something – how to leverage their power when it’s really needed. Gas at the pump is reaching hysterical prices, but the waiting list for getting an electric car is starting to look like buy one now for your child when he graduates, and there are not enough minerals on earth to support complete conversion to electrics. But by God, the Saudis are not going to bail out Uncle this time, and how much have they drawn down the strategic reserve, trying to keep American gasoline prices down? Probably not a good time to be threatening military penalties for all and sundry, unless you have learned how to run tanks and planes on chewing gum or Jell-o Jigglers or something.

      Maybe the Saudis just smell blood in the water.

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    1. This analysis by Big Serge is excellent. He is also giving a veiled indication that and above all why – legality! – ‘something big’ is looming on the horizon. A point Big Serge hasn’t mentioned: Putin first recognised the unilateral independence declarations of the Donbas oblasts before he started the SMO.
      Meanwhile, I am confidently expecting ‘something big’ going to happen by the end of this month, something the current ‘omigawd, Russia is done for’ concern trolls on various sites are desperately trying to hide with their ‘mood music’ that Putin has cracked.

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      1. I agree with you, Colliemum, Serge’s analyses are excellent; I follow him now. (Thanks, ME, for the link, and thanks, Mark, for the first mention of him.) I share your expectations for the future of this war–it’s not fizzling out, it’s heating up. I expect some wrongs to be thoroughly righted by Russia, but I also expect the ugliness to continue to spread well beyond the Ukraine…provocations, punitive measures and countermeasures, illegal acts like the Nordstream attacks, the general destabilizing of global politics in unforeseen ways. “Unprecedented” got used a few times in reports about the Nordstream sabotage; I expect to see it used a lot, in all sorts of new contexts, in the future. (I only realized now your name is not a cryptic bit of Latin phraseology but a reference to pets! My bad. Or I mean mea culpa.)


        1. Now that’s positively the first time ever that my screen-name was seen as ‘cryptic bit of Latin phraseology’ – and I’ve used this name for a dozen years, on various platforms!
          And since you ask – the collie in the av is one of my previous collies, the ‘Big Dog’, the first one to live in this house. He came 27 years ago … what a character!

          (Don’t get me started on collies – one of three subjects I can fill pages and pages with, the others being Welsh Rugby and, of course, the 1st Duke of Wellington.)


          1. I think I was fooled by the “u”—“mum” is “mom” over here. Either that, or I’m an idiot. I’m a hundred pages into a biography of Napoleon right now–so I expect regular mentions of the Duke of Wellington in due course…unless the Napoleonic nemesis wasn’t the first duke… I work with a fan of Welsh rugby, but I can’t say I share his fondness; memories of losing my glasses in scrums as a twelve-year-old and having them trampled into the mud may have something to do with it; but as I age sports of all sorts leave me cold, even the spectacle scheduled for next month in Qatar, as well as our national game, ice-hockey, which my grandson now plays. I do like women’s beach volleyball and watch it faithfully every Olympics but my interest in it is not a matter of the appreciation of athletics, per se. (A footnote. The international league to which our professional teams belong is called the *National* Hockey League, God help us…the Ottawa Senators wear a uniform with a centurion on it, not a senator…Toronto’s team is called the Maple Leafs…that’s “leafs” with an f!…the most famous Canadian hockey commentator is a cretinous blowhard who once nearly topped a national poll as the Greatest Canadian in History…and so on…not a sport I regret having outgrown.)


            1. I warned ya, din’t I! So the following which is nought to do with Russia is all yer own fault! 🙂 Napoleon utterly despised the 1st Duke of Wellington, calling him ‘a mere Sepoy General’. Wellignton – then still Arthur Wellesley and certainly not (yet) a Duke – learned his craft in India, especially the whole issue of logistics. He later said that he always thought one of his best battles was that at Assaye in India where he beat the main force of the Mahrattas which had Prussian instructors and officers, so weren’t just a horde of undisciplined natives. I love the anecdote of Napoleon, having breakfast with his marshalls on the morning of the Battle of Waterloo, when he shouted at them, that they were all afraid of Wellington because he’d beaten them but that he, Napoleon, would beat that Sepoy general and that they’d have dinner in Brussels. Well, it was true: Wellington had beaten those fearsome French marshals during the Peninsular war.

              As for sport, or rather rugby: as ‘honorary Welsh’, I fell in love with rugby when I watched my first International. I was hooked. Alaso, quite a number of top players lived in my neighbourhood, so one could meet them at the butchers, or in the parks, training. One had a chocolate labrador puppy, so we had little chats about puppy training. My then present collies weren’t interested in that little scrap of fur and anyway, collies are racist: they couldn’t care less about any other dog breed and prefer the company of ‘their own’. Seeing a bunch of collies playing together, dashing off down the huge expanse of playing fields in a cloud of collies: aww! Unforgettable!

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              1. Thanks for those Napoleonic anecdotes…which are *sort of* topical inasmuch as they refer to an arrogant, short, boastful warmonger who thought he could defeat Russia. Can’t wait for Zelensky’s Waterloo.


  44. Posted by johnny rotten at Reminiscences of the Future:

    The British Lying Bastard Corporation at its duplicitous best:

    British BBC reporter Jeremy Bowen organized a heroic front-line report. Like he is in a trench somewhere near Irpin, and above him – shells fly. But something went wrong. Or rather, someone.

    Some aunt, walking down the street, saw the hero’s strange gestures and thought: should I help. Well, maybe the heart is bad. The report came out just like that. In general, burned down the whole office.

    I guess johnny rotten is a native Russian speaker because of his use of the term “aunt” to refer to any middle aged woman.

    All women here younger than “aunts” are dyevuchki — girls, chicks etc., and those older than “aunts” are “grandmas”.

    In a similar manner, for a long time now, strangers here have addressed me as “granddad”, which I dislike intensely because I’m not a granddad — not yet.

    There is a very polite term they use though with me, though, but only when I’m wearing my Sunday best and not sitting outside on a bench in my scruffs and smoking a pipe, which is gospodin, and it is only used for foreign men. It is roughly equivalent to “mister” before a name, as in gospodin Moscow Exile or “sir”, as in “Yes sir — may I help you, sir?”

    Before the attempted introduction of a classless, socialist society here in 1917, gospodin [plural gospoda] was used to address politely a male person/s from the ruling classes, the bourgeoisie, and state officials [sort of like Beamter in the German Empire] etc. Addressing a crowd of such respected members of Imperial Russian society, one would say gospoda — “gentlemen”. And then along came tovarishch.

    Nowadays, however, gospodin has made a comeback in post -Soviet Russia, but is used almost exclusively for foreign gentlemen like what I am.

    Mentioning tovarishch, it really gets my goat when smart-arse troll commenters use that term or “comrade” when addressing “useful sympathisers”, “Kremlin stooges” etc. In almost 30 years of living here, I have never once heard the term used. Idiot trolls and others of their ilk who know sweet FA about Russia must think it is de rigeur to address folk here as tovarishch. With similar ignorance, they believe that everyone here reads “Pravda” as well. That ignorant dim-witted Senator McCain certainly thought that was the case.


      1. No its not!

        What you hear your wife saying is “Gospodi” [господи], which means: “Oh Lord!”, as in “Oh Lord God Jesus Christ in heaven and all His Saints!” or “Lordy , Lordy!” as big black-American mama servants in 1930s movies were wont to say. their eyes a-rolling: “Oh lordy lordy Miss Scarlet! You sho wants your cute ass a-spankin’!”

        Боже, Господи! — Oh Lord God!

        And so on:

        Боже!, Господи!,

        Черт возьми! [devil take it]

        О боже!, Господи!, Господи помилуй! [Lord have mercy]

        Боже мой!, Господи!— Oh my Lord God!

        Боже мой!, Господи!, О боже! — Oh my god!


          1. господь means “lord”.

            The soft sign at the end makes all the difference in pronunciation: the “d” at the end is not pronounced as th letter “d” in “dead”, but with a little “yi” sound tagged on.

            господь — nominative singular, as in the subject of a sentence: Господь любит меня — The Lord loves me.

            But the vocative case is thus: Господи! — Oh Lord!

            господь is one of only 2 words regularly used in Russian that has a vocative case ending: the other is the word for “god” — бог.

            Oh God! — Боже!

            Oh my God! — Боже мой!

            The Ukraine shitkicker dialect that they call мова has a vocative case for all nouns, possibly because Yukietards love to whinge so much.


  45. 06.10.2022 14:45
    Russian Defence Ministry: In all directions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been pushed back from Russian troops’ line of defence
    Ivan Petrov
    In all areas of combat operations over the past day, the enemy was pushed back from the line of defense of the Russian troops. This was announced on Thursday at a briefing by the official representative of the Russian Defence Ministry, Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov.

    According to him, as a result of these battles, in total, more than 100 Ukrainian servicemen were eliminated, as well as 6 tanks, 8 armoured combat vehicles and 9 military vehicles.

    The general spoke about one of the failed attempts of the Ukrainian military to conduct an offensive. “On the Kupyansk direction (Kharkiv region — “RG”), the enemy forces of up to three battalion tactical groups tried to resume the offensive on the settlements of Berestovoe, Kislovka and Pershotravnevoe. However, all the attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were repelled by the decisive actions of the Russian troops”, the representative of the Russian Defence Ministry said.

    Konashenkov said that more than 120 Ukrainian servicemen, 5 tanks, 12 armoured combat vehicles and 14 military vehicles were destroyed in this direction.

    I am getting bloody sick of Russians whinging about the conduct of the war. One bastard was at it the other night, the chairperson of the Federation Council, gobbing it off on the Soloviev Show, demanding that the MoD stop keeping citizens in the dark about events at the front. The bastard should be arrested. Maybe he wants a stream of sensational shite coming out of the MoD similar to what Lucy pumps out of Kiev.


  46. RailFreight via nakedcapitalism: Russia-India corridor now goes east, middle and west

    The eastern branch of the International North South Transport Corridor (INSTC) is a fact. Six trains are currently en route overland, from Russia to India via Turkmenistan and Iran. These trains indicate the increased interest in transport by rail from Russia to India, as multiple routes are unfolding on the corridor.

    Meanwhile the rest of the world gets on with creating stuff while we continue to destroy stuff which is all that is left of our skills set.

    I’m reading that South Korea has not only supplied drones to the Ukraine but is also sending its Chiron MANPADS. Is this the same SK that has a US sanctions carve-out on continuing to sell its cars and other products in Russia? Rhetorical question: ARE. THEY. STUPID?


  47. Euractiv mit neuters: Kazakhstan snubs Russian demand to expel Ukrainian ambassador

    Kazakhstan snubs Russian demand to expel Ukrainian ambassador

    …Kazakhstan snubs Russian demand to expel Ukrainian ambassador…

    …Tensions escalated after Ukraine’s ambassador in Astana, Petro Vrublevskiy, said in August in an interview with a local blogger, referring to the war in Ukraine, that “the more Russians we kill now, the fewer of them our children will have to kill”….

    …In early September the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan summoned Vrublevskyi to register objections to his controversial and “inappropriate” remarks, telling him his comments were unacceptable for a country with a large ethnic Russian minority.

    Russia demanded that Kazakhstan expel the diplomat in response, but Astana instead asked Kyiv to replace him….

    …A EU source told EURACTIV in September that Brussels hoped that Kazakhstan would not obey Moscow by expelling the Ukrainian ambassador. The source tried to minimize the incident by saying that the ambassador had quoted a Ukrainian war hero…


    But they still kicked him out for his behavior. He is being expelled. How is that a victory for the Ukraine but a defeat for Putin? Because it didn’t happen immediately?

    As for Brussels making excuses for those that support war crimes, why should we be surprised? Would this ‘EU Official’ have the same response if someone was quoting Hitler? Probably. The idea of subhumans remains in the EU bodypolitik…

    Meanwhile the Von Der Pfizer affair keeps ticking over in Brussels and hasn’t gone away.


  48. Baerbock and Habeck’s dream:

    In one tiny German town, nobody worries about energy bills. The place has been energy self sufficient for a decade.

    No industry there, mind you — it’s just a tiny dormer-hamlet for nearby Berlin. Nobody does shag all there — they just go to bed and get up next morning so as to drive back to work in Berlin. In clean, green, electric cars I hope.

    Wind turbines turn near the village of Feldheim, rear left, near Treuenbrietzen, Germany, Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2022. Located about an hour and a half south of Berlin..


    1. And you only need a grid of giant windmills the size of the town to supply it! Lawdy, de miracle time hab come! I think they might have a spot of trouble finding that much unused land around, say, Toronto or Los Angeles.

      It’s like electric cars. How long does it take to fill up a car’s gas tank? Even if it was dead empty, you’d have a hard time making the pumping last more than three minutes. How long does it take to charge up an electric car? An hour on a ‘fast charger’. You could fill twelve gas-powered cars in the time it takes to charge one electric. What’s it going to be like trying to find an unused charger in California if the governor gets his way and all cars are electric? And how much space are they going to take up, considering a charger station is about the size of a gas pump?


      1. “Range anxiety” is the big obstacle to be overcome, it seems. Perhaps Schwab’s “ you will own nothing and you will be happy” dictum will be seen first in road transport as Hertz, Avis &c own all vehicles and then your credit rating determines how far you’re permitted to travel by car?


      2. Schönes Deutschland!

        Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht,
        Dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht,
        Ich kann nicht mehr die Augen schließen,
        Und meine heißen Tränen fließen.

        Heinrich Heine

        [When I think of Germany at night,
        Am I then brought to sleeplessness,
        No longer can I close my eyes,
        And my hot tears flow.

        If, in my mind’s eye, I see England at night
        Why, wonder I, am I so thinking,
        Then out of bed I jump in fright,
        And my wife asks me: “Have you been drinking?

        Moscow Exile


  49. Zelensky has called on NATO to launch preemptive strikes to prevent Russia from using nuclear weapons
    Today, 19: 37

    Я – кусок гавна.

    NATO must prevent Russia from using nuclear weapons. To do this, the North Atlantic Alliance must launch “pre-emptive strikes so that they know what will happen to them if they use nuclear weapons”.

    This was stated by President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during a speech at the Australian Lowy Institute.

    When asked about the likelihood of Russia’s use of nuclear weapons, Zelensky noted that this is difficult to answer, because, in his opinion, the Russian authorities do not control everything that happens in the Russian Federation.

    “They also don’t control everything that happens on the battlefield — they wanted to capture us in three days. They don’t know what to grab: whether to conquer, or attack, or steal toilet bowls. The fact that they looted, killed, and raped people — the same thing happens in their politics. And the same thing happens in their economy. A very rich state and poor people”, he said.

    The President of the Ukraine believes that “NATO should make it impossible for Russia to use nuclear weapons”. To do this, he suggests launching “pre-emptive strikes so that they know what will happen to them if they use nuclear weapons.”

    “And not vice versa — waiting for Russia’s nuclear strikes, and then saying: “Oh, that’s what you want? Well, take that from us!” Zelensky explained.

    He also called on NATO to reconsider “approaches to the order of application of its pressure.”

    Recall that in late September, Russian President Vladimir Putin in an address to the Russians said that the West had crossed every line in its anti-Russian policy, as well as constant threats against the Russian Federation. According to him, the West had used nuclear blackmail, threatening to use weapons of mass destruction against Russia. The Russian leader reminded the West that Russia is superior to foreign military equipment in a number of respects and warned those trying to blackmail Russia with nuclear weapons that the winds might turn in their direction.


    1. I suspect NATO is getting a little bit tired of being told what it must do by Zelensky, especially after it has been so generous, and in light of the suffering among its own electorates, for Ukraine. But there’s never any use saying “I told you so” to NATO – not even any satisfaction in it any more, really, because it goes right out and makes the same mistakes again.

      Then, too, this is the all-or-nothing play. NATO has staked everything on one roll of the dice, and there will be no going back to the way things were; decades of patient relationship-building and soft-power persuasion are trampled underfoot. The west and Russia will never be any kind of friends again. In Russia’s place, NATO has the peevish and entitled Ukraine, helping itself generously to western goodwill and making it clear it expects it will continue. Good luck with your new friend. You deserve each other. Maybe make Chrystia Freeland their Queen. But I imagine NATO’s unwavering support will stop well short of launching a preemptive nuclear strike.

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      1. I am sure I read somewhere online that Frank Lowy may have had some association with the Irgun during his time in Israel. Lowy then migrated to Australia where he made his fortune in building and owning shopping malls.

        KS readers may also recall that Lowy’s Westfield corporation owned or leased retail space in one of the old World Trade Center buildings on the eve of the attacks in September 2001.


        1. “At the time, along with friends, he decided to enlist in the Palmach, the elite strike force of the pre-state Haganah underground militia. They were sent to fight in Tiberias; Lowy was wounded but returned to the battlefield after a few days – with a bandage on his head. After Tiberias, he and his friends, also foreign-born, continued to Kibbutz Gesher, where they did guard duty. They were subsequently drafted into a volunteer commando unit, and participated in a number of historical battles around the country, including those at Sejera, up north, and the capture of Rafah in the south.”


    2. RT
      7 Oct, 2022 07:58
      Zelensky aide attempts to walk back call for ‘preemptive strike’
      The Ukrainian president didn’t urge NATO to attack Russia with nuclear weapons, he pointed out
      Zelensky aide attempts to walk back call for ‘preemptive strike’

      Pardon me, I certainly had not been snorting coke when I made that statement!

      Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s call for a preemptive NATO strike against Russia should not be interpreted as a request to attack the country, his press secretary has insisted.

      “Colleagues, you have gone a bit too far with your nuclear hysterics and hear ‘nuclear strikes’ where there are none,” Sergey Nikoforov wrote on Facebook on Thursday, responding to widespread alarm over the president’s words.

      The press secretary pledged that Ukraine will never resort to nuclear threats, calling it something only the “terrorist state Russia” would do.

      Moscow has denied that its senior officials were threatening anybody when they described the country’s official nuclear posture, in the context of warning NATO members against attacks on Russia.

      Hours earlier, Zelensky told the Australian Lowy Institute that NATO should carry out preemptive strikes against Russia so that it “knows what to expect” in the event that it uses atomic weapons.

      Such an attack would “eliminate the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons,” the Ukrainian leader claimed. He urged the US and its allies to make a show of force, recalling how he appealed to other nations for preemptive measures against Russia before Moscow sent troops into Ukraine in late February.

      “I once again appeal to the international community, as it was before February 24: preemptive strikes so that they [Russians] know what will happen to them if they use it, and not the other way around,” he said.

      His press secretary also noted that before the hostilities started, “the only measures we talked about were preemptive sanctions”.

      Russian officials have accused Zelensky of trying to provoke a global nuclear war. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova described him as “a monster, whose hands can destroy the planet,” after being pumped with Western weapons.

      The Russian military doctrine allows the use of nuclear weapons in a conventional conflict, if Moscow believes that the existence of the country is under threat. Russian officials have repeatedly warned against escalating the crisis in Ukraine, stating that it could spiral out of control and result in a global nuclear exchange.


  50. Sputnik

    Kremlin Spokesman: World Should Take Note of Zelensky’s Call for Preventive Nuclear Strike on Russia
    10 hours ago (Updated: 10 hours ago)

    During an online conference at Australia’s Lowy Institute, Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky called on NATO to carry out “preventive nuclear strikes” on Russia in order to “deter” Moscow from using nukes. The Russian side has repeatedly stressed that there can be no winner in a nuclear war, and it should never be unleashed.

    Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has urged the entire world to take note of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s call for a preventive nuclear strike on Russia.

    Peskov told Sputnik that Zelensky’s statements about “preventive nuclear strikes” against Russia cannot be ignored by the international community, since they are nothing short of a call to start a World War, which will entail catastrophic repercussions.

    The Kremlin spokesman stressed that the United States and the UK, which “de facto run Kiev,” should bear responsibility for Zelensky’s statements.

    “These are the countries [the US and the UK] that de facto direct [Kiev], manage [its] activities and talk about [their] intentions to defend [Ukraine] to the bitter end. Therefore, they are responsible and should be held accountable for this person’s actions and statements and this regime”, Peskov said.

    Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, for her part, has warned that the West is fomenting a nuclear war, while an “unstable” Zelensky has turned into a “monster.”

    “Every single person on this planet should realise that Zelensky, a puppet and an unstable character who has been pumped with weapons, has turned into a monster, who could be used to destroy the planet,” Zakharova wrote on her Telegram channel.

    Reacting to the Ukrainian president’s remarks, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for a “preemptive craniotomy” on Zelensky:

    “Zelensky announced the need for preventive nuclear strikes on Russia. Psychiatrists should perform a preemptive craniotomy on this idiot before he causes more trouble for his people and everyone else,” he wrote on Telegram.

    Speaking at Australia’s Lowy Institute via video link, Zelensky urged NATO to launch “preemptive strikes” on Russia, instead of “waiting for Russia’s nuclear strikes.”

    “What should NATO do? [It should] eliminate the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons. But what is important, I once again appeal to the international community, as it was before February 24: preemptive strikes [are important] so that they know what will happen to them if [nuclear weapons] are used. It should not be vice versa, as in to wait for Russia’s nuclear strikes,” Zelensky said.


    1. Dima! It is in him that the transformation has been greatest. He was such a meek little milquetoast, but he’s turned into a shit-chucking mini-pugilist. That was a good one about a pre-emptive craniotomy.

      It is always for the western leaders to recognize late what everyone else can see weeks or months earlier, and Zelensky frequently goes off-script now and seems to have taken over writing his material instead of listening and reciting the way he is meant to do. He’s growing embarrassing. NATO does not want to get into any kind of direct fight with Russia (well, except for the Americans, who hope to push Europe into it), never mind a nuclear exchange, because once that started it would be throw everything you have. There won’t be any exploratory ‘pre-emptive’ pricks.


        1. That probably is what he meant, but his way is kind of funnier, because in a lobotomy they remove a part of your brain. Too much brain is certainly not Zelensky’s problem. So perhaps in a craniotomy, they put more in.


  51. KP.RU

    October 6, 2022 22: 00
    Recognition of a US general: “We paid only 66 billion so that Ukrainians would die for US interests in the war with Russia”
    These revelations of the American military leader should be printed out in the form of leaflets and pasted on the forehead of all opponents of the special operation, says well-known publicist Sergey Mardan

    American General Jack Keane on the Fox News channel today honestly admitted: “For just $ 66 billion, we got Ukraine at war with Russia.”

    According to him, the United States has invested about $ 66 billion in the Kiev regime since February of this year, which has helped arm the Ukraine and set up local society for war with Russia. The old soldier said that “investments in Ukraine are very profitable today, because for relatively little money in the interests of the United States, it is not Americans who die in the war with Russia, but Ukrainians.”

    The confessions of the former chief of staff of the US Army are so cynical and frank that they knock out the ground for all pacifists and supporters of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the Ukraine. Questions about who attacked first and why it was necessary, disappear by themselves. You just need to listen carefully to the general’s words:

    “Some Republicans doubt the correctness of our spending today, including on Ukraine. But we have a budget of 6 trillion dollars, and, in fact, it is several hundred billion more. We invested a tiny amount of money in Ukraine – only 66 billion a year. This is 1.1% of the budget. And we get disproportionately large advantages.”

    Jack Keane clearly defines the US goal: “Washington was able to do the main thing: to create a serious rival for Moscow on the borders of Russia, which will prevent the Russian leadership from pursuing a policy of influence in Eastern Europe, especially in the countries of the former USSR… This will deprive them of the opportunity to realize their ambitions under Putin, such as taking back some of the Soviet republics for themselves…. And if this happened, and Russia still took some former republic of the USSR, then NATO would start a war.

    The scale of this war would be much larger than what is happening now. And the risks of nuclear war would be much higher. And the consequences of such a conflict are completely incomprehensible and not obvious to any of the parties. This is what we avoided throughout the Cold War — a conventional war between two nuclear Powers. Therefore, such an investment in the Ukrainians, who are fighting with Russia in the interests of the United States, is very profitable.”

    The general’s revelations should be printed out in the form of leaflets and pasted on the forehead of all those who are against the special operation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Frank but for the $66 billion we got in return record inflation, loss of influence over most of the world, a wrecked Europe with an ultimate loss measured in trillions of dollars and certain strategic defeat in the near future. Yep, quite the bargain.


    07.10.2022, 11:01

    Ukraine-News: Merkel warns against dismissing Putin’s threats as a “bluff”
    Updated from October 6, 10:10 p.m

    Former Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) warns against dismissing threats in the Russian war against the Ukraine as a bluff. The attack on the Ukraine was a “profound turning point”. Merkel said at a ceremony marking the 77th anniversary of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich. And one where “we should all be well advised to take words seriously and deal with them seriously and not classify them as bluffs from the outset”. She again emphasized that a lasting peace in Europe could only come about “with the involvement of Russia”: “As long as we haven’t really managed to do that, the Cold War isn’t really over either”.

    I wonder if she has discussed this with international lawyer and Foreign Minister Baerbock?

    Beyond her remit now, of course, as she is a pensioner , a former Chancellor of Germany.


    1. How sincere can she be, mentioning “a lasting peace,” when she surely knows what US objectives are–nicely spelled out by the loose-lipped General Keane? Must be for the large audience of those who still think, despite the wars of the last 30-odd years, that the West’s intentions everywhere are beneficent and humane.


    1. Ukraine has Likely captured at least . . . tank fleet potentially consists of captured vehicles . . . Russia will likely continue to lose heavy weaponry .


    2. ‘Likely’. I know they call it an intelligence ‘estimate’, which suggests they expect you to guess, but why are their guesses always so fortunate for their objectives? If they and their allies are so clearly superior to the enemy, why do they so consistently lose? More to the immediate point, why is Ukraine hounding Germany for old Leopard tanks if it is awash in T-72’s? They don’t have enough crews left to run over 400 tanks, and the implication is that they have double that.


  53. MoA down again!

    Who does this? I just cannot imagine state security services being responsible. How many people can MoA possibly influence, thereby causing societal changes to occur?


    1. The People are not allowed another reasonable view. The more desperate we get in the west when it becomes even more clear that what we are peddling as ‘news’ is even further from reality (freezing to death/upcoming UAF kebaping/SMEs going bust in large numbers), the more the ‘problem’ will be is sites like MoA and other lesser blogs…. It would fit the western dictum of ‘DO SOMETHING (however stupid).’

      Hi Mark, can you check your spam trap? I’ve put in a linky post about nukes. Thanks!


      1. Found it.

        As it happens, Ukraine, The Movie is having a bad day here today, and was not mentioned in the papers once. However, I read stories elsewhere which wept over the election of a leftist government in Colombia, from the viewpoint of how much pleasure it brought to Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, and hey, speaking of Venezuela, Biden representatives have made repeated trips there over the last couple of months, because Venezuelan oil has once again taken on an important strategic dimension for that falsest of false friends, Uncle Sam.

        A gradual creeping disinterest is the reason for Zelensky’s increasingly-frantic hand-waving for attention. But giddy optimism over Ukraine’s galloping counteroffensive seems to have evaporated, and there were apparently no new brilliant victories to announce today. But the cost of energy continued to go up and up and up. You’re fighting a losing battle there, Zik-Zik. Good thing for you western leaders are so stupid to the bone that they will not consider the folly of their actions until serious damage has been done to their own countries, but the moment of epiphany approaches.


    2. It could just possibly be server or other technical problems, but MoA actually does have quite a reach; so does Reminiscence of the Future. And Helmer not only broke the story of Chrystia Freeland’s Grampie-was-a-Nazi family connections, it even provoked an official response! Which claimed, naturally, that it was Russian disinformation. Dances with Bears is not big on comments, but MoA is lately inundated with pro-American yappers and concern trolls.


  54. The Hill: Fears in Europe grow over Putin nuke threats

    Nuclear experts are warning that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats to deploy a nuclear weapon in Ukraine has put the world at its most dangerous precipice of nuclear confrontation since the Cold War.

    “The nuclear risk, is it as bad as during the Cold War? The answer is yes,” said Alexander Kmentt, director for disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ..

    …Emil Brix, who served as Austria’s ambassador to Russia from 2015 to 2017, said it is important for the international community to state clearly that any nuclear deployment by Putin would be completely unacceptable. ..

    Yet more of accusing Russia of precisely what we are doing, as I have mentioned quite a few times the US ‘upgrading’ of u-Rope based low-yield nuclear gravity bombs with a low ‘dial-a-yield’ stand-off B61 mod 12 that can be fired from any F-35 with minor software changes, not to mention that it is in the US the last few years where the ‘conversation’ about how the US can win the benefits of a ‘limited nuclear war’ are being pushed, whether air-launched or sub launched.*

    I can tell you now, it won’t be long before the US announced the first B61-12s have been deployed to u-Rope to ‘protect it’ against Russian use of nuclear weapons. It’s so transparent it’s like those posers/glitterati who wear glasses with clear lenses because it makes them ‘look more intelligent.’

    Defense Brief: US declassifies B61 nuclear bomb documents ahead of deployment of new B61-12

    …NSA released the documents ahead of the planned deployment of the new B61-12 to Europe, where it is expected to replace the estimated 100 B61 stationed in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey…


    The move, first proposed in the Trump administration’s 2018 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) report, “strengthens deterrence and provides the United States a prompt, more survivable low-yield strategic weapon,” said John Rood, undersecretary of defense for policy, in a Feb.

    …Back in 1991 the US Strategic Air Command had commissioned one such study, which became known as the Reed Report. The final version was toned down, but the leak of a draft gave some indication of the line of thinking. As I wrote then:

    “… it stated the belief that the growing wealth of petro-nations and newly hegemonic powers is available to bullies and crazies, if they gain control, to wreak havoc on world tranquillity. The study itself called for a new nuclear targeting strategy that would include the ability to assemble a Nuclear Expeditionary Force…primarily for use against China or Third World targets.”..

    …At the root of the approach is the belief that small-scale use of very powerful weapons could end a conflict on US terms. It fits with the long-standing NATO policy of flexible response – although that policy envisaged the first step in a nuclear war with the Soviet Union in terms of ‘demonstration shots’, intended not to kill millions but to shock Moscow into holding back from a conventional attack. The ‘Nuclear Operations’ view is much more one of ending a war in a more Trumpian manner…

    …The 23-chapter Guide to Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Great Power Competition ( pdf ) provides an excellent and representative case study for examining this critical messaging. This guide is published by the Louisiana Tech Research Institute, which provides support for the US Air Force Global Strike Command…

    …The guide centers around a new reality—the aggressive development of nuclear arms by Russia and China that is intensifying a new Cold War. Nuclear arms treaties—an important tool for limiting arms races—are brushed aside as functionally pointless since, according to the guide, Russia will cheat and China won’t come to the bargaining table…

    …But in the event of limited nuclear war, the United States has plans in place to “beat” its adversaries. According to the guide, “US strategic nuclear forces might be expected to perform the following functions… endurance throughout the various phases of a protracted (and presumably limited) nuclear war… or establish escalation dominance and nuclear-strategic superiority over any prospective opponent.” …

    Plenty more at the link.


    1. My advice to America in any circumstances in which it is thinking about winning a war – don’t. Just don’t. Because you’re not good at it, haven’t won a war since Grenada, and there are less and less people every day who would be happy if there was a war and you actually won.


  55. Kremlin and the Russian people cut to the quick — I don’t think.

    Needless to say, the poorly educated King knows nothing about the creation of the UkSSR in 1922 and its constituent parts.

    I should suggest he text a similar message to the people of Donetsk, Lugansk and Mariupol and then visit those cities on a book promotion tour, in which he can personally sign his works for delighted customers.

    However, in March, King officially suspended the publication of all his new books in Russia, and also banned the renewal of expired previous rights.

    I’ve never read any King novels, though I am aware of their content, which I consider to be utter shite.


    1. Россия@РоссийскаяФедерация.com

      Русские Стивену Кингу: еб твою мать!

      Shoot this fucking moron!


    2. As a writer of penny dreadfuls, he’s pretty good…not that I’ve read him in 35 years. As a political commentator, he’s an ignorant half-wit–blinded by his own celebrity, speaking on behalf of the “world,” no less…but also carefully cultivating the correct public image to keep the fans happy, the career un-cancelled, and the cash coming in. Margaret Atwood, a brighter writer, recently said “we” are “fighting for democracy” in Ukraine…a self-satisfied fantasy view of the situation, but again she’s either toeing the party line for her career’s sake or so sunk in the self-righteousness of the “progressive” Western intelligentsia”, that independent, dissenting analysis is beyond her. Meanwhile novelists like Thomas Pynchon–a lifelong, unremitting critic of the US government–are largely ignored.


    3. I actually quite like his stuff, and have read nearly everything he ever wrote. He’s a good storyteller. But Americans in general are suckers for a sob story, and as sob stories go it would be tough to beat plucky little Ukraine standing up to the big bully, and the overwhelming grief of decent Ukrainians when they come across the remains of their people horribly tortured to death or butchered, like happened at Bucha. American leaders know perfectly well that all you have to do to get the American public onside with the latest war plan is invent an evil dictator who is ‘killing his own people’ – if someone else’s people are not available or don’t fit the scenario – and remind them that Americans have so much. They could afford to give a little, and at the same time, American courage and decency inspire the world. They’ll be nearly weeping by this point and willing to go along with anything.

      King isn’t stupid, but there are areas in which he’s not particularly curious, and he’s always been – unsurprisingly – pro-American. It’s certainly not his fault if he chooses to believe utter lies which are told him by his own government through his own media. Whatever the case, I doubt Russia and its allies are a big growth market for his literature, and for their part they will be no worse off without it.


  56. al-Beeb s’Allah: Putin’s dream of Russian victory slips away in Ukraine


    Anton Barbashin – UK based – from 2014 to 2018, he was an analyst at the Centre for Polish – Russian Dialogue and Understandingm

    Tatyana Stanovaya – Lives in France since 2010, major Kreakl.

    Here predictable output:

    So add them to al-Beeb’s s’Allah’s cherry picked of ‘people who say stuff we like’ along with the likes of Maria Shagina for the UK’s own reality news company.


  57. 15: 39, 7 October 2022
    The Ministry of Defence announced the loss of 300 Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers in the Nikolaev-Krivoi-Rog direction

    In addition, the Ukraine lost seven tanks, 13 armoured combat vehicles and 17 vehicles. The Russian military also defeated a company tactical group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the village of Pyatikhatka in the Kherson region.

    Russia also repelled all attacks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and foreign mercenaries in the Mykolaiv-Krivoi-Rog direction. The enemy was driven back to their original positions.

    On October 5, the Defence Ministry reported on the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction-they amounted to 230 people per day.

    Too bad!


  58. 7 Oct, 2022 13:24
    EU urged to reopen wallet for Kiev
    The bloc’s top diplomat wants member nations to allocate funds for a new training mission

    When shall we three meet again,
    in Thunder, Lightning, or in Rain?

    When the Hurley-burley’s done,
    when the Battle’s lost and won,
    that will be e’er set of Sun,
    where the place?

    Josep Borrell, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, will urge member states to set aside more funds to cover enhanced military assistance for Ukraine. The top diplomat shared his plan with reporters at an informal EU summit in Prague on Friday.

    “I will ask the leaders to support the proposal for a new tranche for European Peace Facility to continue providing military support to Ukraine, also to the training mission,” Borrell said, as quoted by Reuters.


    1. Fair is foul, and foul is fair:
      Hover through the fog and filthy air

      And foul are those three fuckers!

      For chrissake! Von der Lying Fucker is smaller than the Kiev Poison Dwarf!!!

      Kiev, Banderastan, 8 April 2022

      She must be 4′ 6″ or summat.

      Which proves the rule that good things come in small parcels.


    2. European Peace Facility to continue providing military support to Ukraine?

      Then surely that should be “The European Peace Facility to continue the war”?


    3. Well, losing strategies need to be liberally watered with money, because such an important part in the dawning of how thoroughly fucked you are is the realization of how stupid you have been. If this was a movie, the EU would have learned to shoot its leaders as soon as possible after they were appointed. But this is reality, and Europeans are slow learners. However, an interactive learning opportunity called ‘freeze your nuts off’ is gaining influence, and it shows great promise. I don’t want to do the told-you-so boogie just yet, but I would like to remind everyone that I did say the very best thing for Europe would be for it to rely on America for its energy supplies, and not take any Russian gas. The USA would as usual fail to deliver on its overconfident and poorly-thought-out promises, and that would offer a useful and instructive lesson to any dummies in Europe still having trouble focusing. Of course I did not foresee the destruction of Nord Stream I/II, but that event has only removed most of Europe’s options regarding whether it wants to be part of this learning opportunity or not.

      Borrell is such a dildo that his neck is vertically ribbed and there is an on/off switch on his right side; when he opens his mouth wide you can see the positive pole of a double-A battery. Considering the leader is supposed to embody the finest and most enviable qualities of the people he/she leads, I’d say that ought to make Europeans hang their heads in shame. And not just Europeans.


  59. There is news at Global Research that a back-up Nord Stream II pipeline has not been damaged and could be used to supply gas to Germany. If that is correct, then the sabotage may end up being an own goal for the parties involved. Whoever planned the sabotage and surveyed the area to determine where to place the explosives ultimately did a poor job. Why would you not consider that a project of the level of complexity of Nord Stream I and II would have contingency plans that include a second pipeline?


    1. If accurate, that would be an option the Russian state should not even mention to Germany. Let them lose hope completely and turn on the egotistical fools who lead them, where so much blame actually belongs. If there is a possibility of Germany getting gas from Russia they will demand that Russia honour the terms of its contract, and supply them at least 20 BcM. That might help them get through the winter, and if they do they will be more arrogant than ever.


  60. Liar, liar,
    Your pants are on fire!

    22:24 07.10.2022 (updated: 22:28 07.10.2022)
    Zelensky said that he did not call for nuclear strikes against Russia
    BBC: Zelensky said that he did not call for pre-emptive nuclear strikes against Russia

    Oh shit! What have I gone and said?

    MOSCOW, October 7-RIA Novosti. Vladimir Zelensky claims that he did not call for preemptive nuclear strikes against Russia.

    “I think it’s dangerous to even talk about it. I said that it is necessary to use preventive kicks, not blows”, Zelensky said in an interview with the BBC.

    The TV channel notes that, speaking of “preventive kicks” Zelensky meant sanctions. Zelensky himself said that Russia allegedly interpreted his words “as is convenient for them”.

    “The world can impose a sanctions package in such cases and do everything to force them to leave the nuclear power plant”, he added.

    Earlier, Zelensky, speaking at the Lowy Institute in Australia via video link, said that NATO should launch “preventive” strikes against the Russian Federation, and not ” wait for Russia’s nuclear strikes”. Later, Zelensky’s press secretary Sergey Nikiforov explained that he did not call for the use of nuclear weapons against the Russian Federation, but implied preventive sanctions.

    Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RIA Novosti that such words are nothing more than a call for the start of a world war, and the United States and Great Britain, which actually direct Kiev’s actions, should bear responsibility for this. He also stressed that all countries of the world should pay attention to Zelensky’s words. Zelensky’s statements also caused dissatisfaction at the UN, where in response they were reminded of the unacceptability of even discussing a nuclear conflict.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the Ukraine creates risks associated with the use of weapons of mass destruction, as evidenced by Zelensky’s statement about a “preemptive strike” by NATO against Russia. The minister added that attempts by Zelensky’s secretaries to claim that he had something else in mind are ridiculous, since back in January he announced the Ukraine’s desire to possess nuclear weapons.

    I’m just misunderstood!

    Watch the little shit performing on line at the Lowy below:


    1. Zelensky can tell blatant lies because the western media, directly in collusion with western governments, allows him to get away with it. He gets bolder and bolder because he believes that now he has the routine down. Ukraine makes an official statement, and the west reports it as news without checking anything about it to see if it is true or it merely would be convenient for Ukraine if it was true. Never in the long history of journalism have global news sources been so slavishly subservient to a foreign nation and its aims, probably because the native countries of those news sources are maneuvering for their own goals using Ukraine as an instrument. Disgraceful beyond imagining, and there is no reasion any western news-media source should now be trusted to report accurately on anything. No matter how mundane or inconsequential the subject; if you have an interest, check and verify, because chances are good you are being deliberately lied to.

      So Zelensky is growing accustomed to saying whatever he wants to – in addition, of course, to what is suggested to him – and if it turns out to be too much, too far, he is simply allowed to erase it as if it never happened. He says, “I never said that, or if I did, it wasn’t what I meant”, and the west choruses, “Oh, what a noble man!! He must be loved even more devotedly in his admission of a possible mistake! Of course such a frank and candid person could not wish wholesale destruction such as the awful Russians are suggesting”. No matter what he says, he’s golden; if he says something frightening or irresponsible, it’s either that he never said it and the Russians are spreading propaganda which free people must be prevented from seeing or hearing, or the damage to his stout and honest country has made him overwrought and that’s Russia’s fault, too.

      According to a roundup on my phone, gasoline has hit $6.41 per gallon in California, and California residents have begun to receive government rebate cheques in the mail because gas has gone up an incredible $.95 just in the last two weeks. Gub’ner Gavin Newsome wants to take the whole state – population 40 million – electric by 2030, in terms of vehicles on the road. That’s about two-thirds the population of the UK, and I’m sure you remember that English study which announced that making all cars in the UK electric would exhaust the entire world supply of certain critical minerals used to make batteries. Newsome has also tentatively stepped over the line to ‘windfall taxes’ on energy companies because of the incredible profits they are reaping from citizens’ misery. Of course the government is trusted to do this so it works out to citizens’ benefit; of course. An energy company fronting millions of dollars in political donations will be treated just like ordinary citizens who groan in misery as ever more of their hard-earned income is wrested from them by the taxman, and government oversees it all.

      That’s a roundabout way of saying this situation cannot continue. Nobody has ever gone into major elections with the country in such turmoil and survived; the frantic screeching about Trump The Traitor is testament to the Democrats’ desperation. So how much longer The Exceptional Nation can continue its end-game thrashing must be measured in months. Something has to give, and there is now no time left for subtlety. You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.


  61. RT

    8 Oct, 2022 06:00
    Crimean Bridge damage caused by truck explosion – Russia’s Anti-Terrorism Committee
    The bridge was closed earlier after a fuel tank caught fire

    The bridge that connects the Crimean Peninsula with mainland Russia has been damaged by a truck bombing, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said on Saturday.

    Officials said that the blast, which occurred shortly after 6am local time, caused a partial collapse of the road on the vehicle section. It also triggered a blaze on a freight train on the parallel rail section, with seven fuel tanks catching fire.

    “The arch above the shipping section of the bridge has not been damaged,” the committee added.

    An unverified video appears to show the moment of the blast.

    A video from the scene that was posted on social media appears to show the fuel tank fire and the damage to the road.

    Nikolay Lukashenko, the acting regional transport minister, told reporters that the authorities are considering launching a ferry service.

    The 19-kilometer (11.8 mile) bridge, which runs across the Kerch Strait and connects Crimea with mainland Russia, consists of a railway section and a vehicle section. It became fully operational in 2020.



    1. Well, obviously it has now become okay to attack civilian infrastructure in an attempt to push events in a desired direction. What could that be? What is the west trying to force Putin to choose? Nuke Kuh-yiv?? A targeted precision-weapon strike on Zelensky’s headquarters? Blow up a Ukrainian bridge in reprisal? Because you know only one of those would be referred to as a ‘terrorist attack’. What has been done by Ukraine – or by one of its allies in its behalf- is ‘completely understandable’. Even though they’re winning, mustn’t give any other impression, of course they’re winning – they just want to move matters along decisively, and get to the Russian surrender in a more businesslike fashion.

      Oddly enough, whenever there is an attack like this on Israeli infrastructure, the west reacts with outraged disgust. But in this instance, Zelensky now regularly upgrades Russia from ‘the aggressor nation’ to ‘the terrorist state’, in an attempt to normalize the language right into the United States formally declaring Russia a terrorist state.

      This is about the point where the west should be asking itself what sort of reality it wants to end up with; a major war which will most assuredly result in massive deaths and damage in countries which have declared themselves belligerents regardless whether they are geographically near the field of battle – or a new geopolitical rift with the west supporting a whiny child that is endlessly needy and patently ungrateful, with a legion of hungry mouths that are complaining whenever they are not consuming, but no significant resources of its own. Because no good choices are left.


  62. TASS
    8 OCT, 07:41
    Fuel storage tank on fire on Crimean bridge — authorities

    Navigable arches were not damaged

    SIMFEROPOL, October 8. /TASS/. An object believed to be a fuel storage tank has caught fire on the Crimean Bridge, but the viaduct’s navigable arches sustained no damage, an aide to the head of Crimea, Oleg Kryuchkov, said on Saturday.

    “According to preliminary information, a fuel storage tank is on fire . Navigable arches were not damaged. It is too early to speak about causes and consequences. Work to extinguish the blaze is under way,” Kryuchkov wrote in his Telegram channel.

    Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Taman management of federal highways of Russia’s Federal Road Agecy (Avtodor) told TASS the movement of vehicles across the Crimean Bridge has been suspended due to the incident.

    “Traffic has been temporarily suspended, personnel of the Russian emergencies ministry and the road service are working on the site to contain the blaze,” she said.


  63. Sputnik

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed to create a government commission in connection with the emergency on the Crimean Bridge, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.

    How about a “government commission” as regards taking the gloves off?


  64. Could have been an accident, though.

    Where and who is the truck driver?

    Did he die in the explosion, or did he leg it?

    If the latter, he’ll be caught.


    1. Not an accident. There’s a video of a truck blowing up, clearly loaded with explosives.
      Suicide attack, unless it was remotely driven.


  65. The American Conservative

    Zelensky Taking US To The Nuclear Brink
    He’s a Ukrainian national hero working for his country’s best interest. But it’s not America’s

    At this juncture, the fighting—and in Russia’s case, the recent (likely sham) annexations—is taking place in four far-eastern subregions of Ukraine, and, to a lesser extent, Crimea. Those are the disputed lands that the Biden administration, and “liberal Western democracy” types more broadly, have deemed to be so existentially important to Ukraine and the integrity of “the West” that reconquering them is worth seemingly any military, economic, and humanitarian cost—up to, and very much including, the harrowing specter of open nuclear warfare between NATO and Russia.

    Even worse, when it comes to the disputed lands themselves, reputable Gallup polling from 2014—the year Putin first marched into Crimea—showed that 73.9% of Crimeans thought becoming a part of Russia would improve their lives and their families’ lives (only 5.5% disagreed). As for the various enclaves of the Donbas, such as Luhansk and Donetsk, they are very much divided between ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians; Luhansk, for instance, has a nearly even, 50-50 demographic split.

    Let’s be as clear as possible: The median American citizen does not, and should not, care whether an ethnically divided, strategically unimportant, historically contested Slavic subregion or two in eastern Ukraine ultimately takes orders from Kyiv or Moscow.


  66. ..and give us our daily escalation..

    I have been silent for a while. Because I simply cannot talk with anyone around me, at work or in my circles of friends. It has been made abundantly clear (to the extent everything else is here) that any questioning of the narrative is not tolerated and will be reprimanded.
    So this is venting as much as a post, and I do it here because I think there’s a few likely-minded people that could perhaps understand me.

    I never thought I’d see the day that a pacifist could not express an opinion. War winds are the only way to go apparently, and I only wish they could make the windmills turn, so that at least we won’t have an energy crisis. they only spin the economy, and keep the army in business while the rest of the social state will have to experience cuts.
    I’ve been in this country too long. Long enough to see the people that despised Trump for his intention to build a wall on the border with Mexico cheer for their government intention to build a wall on the border with Russia.
    The EU is all tied into this, and if people are deluded that their nuclear reactors and low dependency from Russian gas will save them for what’s coming I think they are heavily deluded. If Germany sinks then the whole EU sinks, with an inflation rate higher than average it’s only a matter of time and no asymmetrical policies can prevent that (they only sow more division in the union).

    Every day there is a good reason for escalation, and I don’t see anyone doing anything towards peace. Everyday someone’s words are spun to create a non-existing threat, and some other’s are downplayed to hide the threat. Everyday there’s a terrorist attack that rises the heat one notch, and no cooling system to take it down.
    In all this, I (and probably many others) feel powerless as we can’t change things in any way, and we are just flotsam thrown around by waves and rising war tides. The mere consolation of finding people that feel the same way, just not to feel too alone, is out of reach and hard to find even online. But what good does it do?

    I can only sit back and enjoy the ride, but this is not a ride I can enjoy.


  67. It’s a railway “tank car” that exploded, as in American usage. I would say “lorry” for the American “truck”, meaning a road vehicle, and not “railway freight car”, but “railway goods wagon”.

    In the TASS English article and others above, the English term “truck” and “cistern” are used.: I would say “railway bowser”.

    So it is an act of terrorism — better said “war” — against Russia. An explosive device had clearly been set under a railway bowser.

    This is a bowser wagon in my English:


    1. UPDATE from the above:

      It was a road vehicle — a “wagon/lorry” in my vernacular, a “truck” in North American English — that exploded when alongside the train.

      UPDATE: National Anti-Terrorism Committee reports that it was a truck which was detonated on the bridge, the fire of the oil-transporting train IS a consequence, not the reason (in Russian). The bridge is completely covered by video-surveillance, so the identification of the “culprit” was easy.


  68. And it looks to me from the photos as if the explosives carrying road vehicle that was detonated was travelling towards the Crimea from the Krasnodar Region of the RF.

    So there are Banderite terrorist bastards clearly operating in Russia, as the murder of Dugina has already clearly shown.


  69. And up pipes the office of the Kiev Clown:

    Mykhailo Mykhailovych Podolyak is a Banderite politician, journalist and negotiator, serving as the adviser to the president of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. In 2022, he became one of the representatives of Ukraine at Russian-Ukrainian peace negotiations during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    He clearly wasn’t one of the negotiators who had his brains publicly blown out on the street in front of the Supreme Rada by the Banderastan FSB for his having been too soft when negotiating with the Orcs.


  70. Symbolic “victory”

    Good for the “optics”!

    Keeps the funds towards “victory” pouring in from the USA and the EU.

    As regards severing a strategic rail artery to “occupied”Banderastan” — forget it!

    Train loads of war materiel are entering the lost territories of Banderastan from Belgorod, Rostov-on-Don; in the “land bridge” to Kherson, trains are running through Mariupol and Melitopol.


  71. I eagerly await the going out of lights in Yukiestan, the cessation of power supplies — no trains, no Kiev subway, no sewage disposal etc., etc.

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap!


  72. Plenty of ferries to spare, of course, as the completion of the bridge had basically put the Port Kavkaz-Kerch ferry service out of business.


  73. An event of far more serious consequence, for the Banderite filth at least, is that Musk’s Starlink is down.

    Ukrainian forces report Starlink outages during push against Russia
    Some SpaceX devices stopped working when soldiers liberated territory, Kyiv officials say

    Londonistan, YESTERDAY

    Ukrainian troops have reported outages of their Starlink communication devices on the frontline, hindering efforts to liberate territory from Russian forces, according to its officials and soldiers.

    Thousands of Starlink terminals, which are made by Elon Musk-owned SpaceX, were donated by the company, purchased by the US government or crowdfunded by donors to help Ukrainian troops operate drones, receive vital intelligence updates and communicate with each other in areas where there are no other secure networks. The systems which connect a small antenna to a 35-centimetre-high terminal also provide internet for Ukrainian civilians.*

    Some of the outages led to a “catastrophic” loss of communication in recent weeks, said one senior Ukrainian government official with direct knowledge of the issue. Many were reported as soldiers breached the frontline into Russian-controlled territory and some during pitched battles, the official said, speaking under the condition of anonymity.

    They were acute in the south around the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions, but also occurred along the frontline in eastern Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk, the official said.

    All four regions are the focus of an intense Ukrainian counter-offensive and were claimed last month by President Vladimir Putin as part of Russia after referendums staged by Kremlin proxies.

    Another Kyiv official said the connection failures were widespread and prompted panicked calls from soldiers to helplines. Both Ukrainian officials said the problems occurred when soldiers liberated territory from Russia and moved past the frontline.

    The disruptions underline the outsized role of Musk’s communications systems in the battlefield as Ukraine’s counter-offensives in the east and south of the country push the Russians into retreat. The US-based entrepreneur angered Kyiv last weekend when he outlined a ceasefire plan that would result in ceding Ukrainian territory to Russia.

    Roman Sinicyn, a co-ordinator at the Serhiy Prytula Charity, a foundation that donates Starlink systems to the Ukrainian armed forces, said the problem may be occurring because SpaceX was trying to prevent its misuse by Russian forces.

    The blackouts were being experienced in areas so recently regained that their liberations had “not been made public yet”, he said.

    “It is absolutely clear to me that this is being done by representatives of Starlink to prevent the usage of their technology by Russian occupation forces,” Sinicyn said. The Ukrainian military and SpaceX need to co-ordinate more closely, he said.

    Musk and SpaceX did not respond to requests for comment. After this article was first published, Musk said on Twitter: “As for what’s happening on the battlefield, that’s classified.”

    He said “only a small percentage” of the Starlink terminals and services provided to Ukraine were purchased, adding: “This operation has cost SpaceX $80M & will exceed $100M by end of year.”

    Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine’s defence minister, declined to comment. A spokesperson for General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi, commander-in-chief of Ukraine’s armed forces, declined to comment.

    Three soldiers operating on the frontline confirmed their Starlink systems stopped working during battles. Several terminals have not worked in recent days in newly liberated areas near Kharkiv where Ukrainians pushed east towards the Luhansk region, according to one of the soldiers, who is part of a special forces unit fighting in the area.

    But two other Ukrainian military sources said earlier this week that their Starlink systems were functioning in newly-liberated territory east of Izyum and in the southern Kherson region.

    Two western officials said they were aware of outages, but declined to comment further, including on their location.

    Musk gave a boost to Kyiv in the early days of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine by allowing his Starlink satellites to broadcast in the country, helping the army circumvent Moscow’s internet cut-off.

    But this week he triggered outrage among Ukrainians and their allies by suggesting the borders between Russia and Ukraine be decided by new referendums. He also said he recognised the Crimean peninsula that Moscow unilaterally annexed in 2014, and said he believed Russian-speaking areas of eastern Ukraine “prefer Russia”.

    In 2021 Musk spoke via video link at a conference organised by Sergei Kirienko, Putin’s domestic policy chief in charge of Russia’s assimilation of the annexed territories. On Wednesday Musk wrote in a tweet that he had spoken to the Russian president last year.

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov on Thursday declined to comment on Musk’s video meeting with Putin and said he was not aware of Starlink being accessible in Russia.

    Breach of copyright, I know, but FT lawyers can contact me at my Moscow office if they so wish to do so.


    1. MoA strongly suggests with supporting data that Russian electronics warfare is the cause of the Starlink failures.

      At the beginning of the war the Ukrainian military was supplied with thousands of Starlink ground terminals that can connect to the swarms of small Starlink satellites, which were financed by the Pentagon, but managed by Elon Musk’s companies. They allowed for communication between Ukrainian ground units as well as for general command and control of larger operations. Without Starlink the Ukrainian command will depend on cable based field telephone, runners and couriers. All of which are extremely vulnerable in an artillery rich environment.

      Since 2001 Russia developed the Tirada 2 electromagnetic system which can disable ground to satellite traffic in specific areas.

      Russian military in the near future can get into service systems that can disable enemy communication satellites, an informed Interfax interlocutor in the military-industrial complex said 05 January 2018. “One of the projects is Tirada 2. Development work was started back in 2001,” he said. According to him, this complex will be able to disable communication satellites from the ground. “He acts by electronic suppression. This is a multi-million dollar project,” he said. The fact that the Russian Federation is working on the creation of weapons to suppress satellites was announced on November 30 last year by Oleg Achasov, deputy head of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “46 Central Scientific Research Institute”.

      In November 2018, the FSB called the “threat to national security” a project to cover the globe with high-speed satellite Internet.


      1. Utter nonsense! Everyone knows Orcs don’t make anything: they can only copy. Just like Nips and Chinks, who are also subhuman Asiatics, as are Orcs. Only Nips are more subhuman, because they are USA subjects.


      2. Totally not true – Musk and Starlink turned them off to deny their use to the Russians. Ukraine said so.

        Actually, that’s a pretty stupid admission even if it was true, which it probably is not. But if true it would mean your enemy can see what you are seeing, which is worse than you not seeing it at all. If your enemy sees what you see, he can manipulate what you see and arrange very successful deceptions.

        If Russia is jamming Starlink, I wish they would just go ahead and fry the whole network.


  74. Love it!

    MoA, in which there is info a-plenty on Starlite and Orcish electronic warfare capabilities.

    According to MoA, the Banderiteshite filth now have to use landlines and runners at the front.

    Funny that, their hero Gefreiter A. Hitler was a runner at the front during WWI.

    He’s the one with the big tash, bottom left: “No kidding! It was verdammt schrecklich, a runner on the Westfront to be! Often had I beschissene Hosen” — A. Hitler


  75. Coming in fast and furious now on the Russian blogosphere:

    Russians are getting very angry.

    They want retaliatory acts to start.


    1. If Putin were waiting for overwhelming support from the Russian population and support/acceptance from the Global South, he has it now. But, perhaps there are other reasons for not wiping the floor with the Ukrainian military and infrastructure. I wonder if there are back room deals with rogue elements in the Ukraine to negotiate a surrender – pure and idle speculation of course.


      1. Nope, dumb Orcs are so slow witted to do that, what with they never ever having known what power to the people, “democracy”, really means: they’re so servile really. Did you not know that the word “slave” comes from “Slav”? Yes, its true! That’s what they say in social media and comments to blogs. Its really true . . .


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