Complete Gas Shutoff – Terrible! Resumption of Deliveries – Even Terribler.

Uncle Volodya says, “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.”

Energy can be directed;
I’m turning it up, I’m turning it down…

From “Switchin’ to Glide” by The Kings

“The most dangerous irony is, people are angry with others because of their own incompetence.”

Amit Kalantri, from  Wealth of Words

I came by the reference I want to talk about in this post through a roundabout and somewhat bizarre path. More than a decade ago, a friend implored me to join LinkedIn so that I could add an endorsement to his professional qualifications. I did both, but my LinkedIn account has lain more or less dormant since then. If you’re not familiar with LinkedIn, it has some things in common with Facebook, and they are mostly the reasons I have avoided Facebook. Both send you a non-stop stream of clickbait: “Mark Chapman, you appeared in 4 searches this week!” so that you will be overcome with curiosity as to who could be looking for you, and down the rabbit-hole you go for hours and hours. Both use algorithms and things you have written or read to match you with people who might be acquaintances, and try to get you to build a network of friends and contacts that the program uses to link you to other networks, and so on and so on.

Which is how I keep getting notifications that Edward Lucas has posted something. Yes, that Edward Lucas, the talking spittoon, Estonia’s first digital citizen, fighting cock of the Baltic Republics and noted Russophobe, onetime compiler of birdcage carpeting at The Economist.

The foregoing considered, it will not surprise you, then, that I would be as likely to eat soup made from boiling turnips and Boris Johnson’s bicycle seat as I would be to pay attention to further gobbling from Lucasville. Normally I just alternate between my LinkedIn messages and the ‘delete’ button. This time the message said “Edward Lucas has shared a link”, and although I could not care less if he shared a bathtub with Satan, something in the tagline made me pause: “Edward Lucas, prospective political candidate for….”

You have got to be shitting me. But no! It’s true. Edward Lucas, as addled as a pithed frog, is dipping a toe in the turbulent waters of national politics – as a Liberal Democrat, no less.

Let’s take a look.

“Hello, I’ve finally reached the point of no return. Democracy is in danger. We need to save it.

I’ve tried journalism, writing books, thinktanks, punditry and advising governments. None of it has worked. We are being cheated and lied to at home. Our enemies are menacing abroad.”

Well, he started out far more honestly than most politicians do, although I would suggest he went past the point of no return several stops back. But it can only be a gift for political dissembling that resulted in the phrase “None of it has worked” when the truth would have looked more like “I sucked at all of them”. Perhaps he is destined for politics.

We could probably go on like this for quite some time; it’s been a while since I got going on the subject of Edward Lucas, and I’d forgotten how much I like it. But to tell the truth, I also checked out the post he linked, and it is the subject of today’s discussion.

As you’re all aware, Russia ordered its western gas customers to pay for the commodity in rubles, to Gazprombank in Russia so that the funds would be safe in Russia from western ‘confiscation’ The reason for this was the theft of approximately $300 billion from Russian accounts in western banks, which had served to receive payments by western gas customers. By seizing these funds, western countries announced that they were helping themselves to Russian gas for free, while the blatant theft served as warning that if Russia continued to supply contracted volumes of gas, its western customers would consider it a gift, since payments could be confiscated at any time. The order to pay in rubles, or to make other arrangements for gas deliveries, was effective at the beginning of April this year.

There was a great show of unified resistance, and Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša announced huffily that ‘nobody in Europe’ would pay for gas in rubles. That proved to be one of those predictions like “telephones will never be taken seriously as a means of communication” by the President of Western Union in 1876, or the official rejection of The Beatles by Decca Records in 1962: “The Beatles have no future in show business. We don’t like your boys’ sound. Groups are out. Four-piece groups with guitars, particularly, are finished.” Within a month of the directive, nine EU member states had opened ruble accounts with Gazprombank and four of them had already commenced payment in rubles. Poland and Bulgaria vehemently and loudly refused – in Poland’s case, likely because it believes itself a natural leader and that if it hung tough, everybody would follow: I’m afraid it is forever getting that wrong. Poland and Bulgaria had their gas supply cut off, and became dependents of the Union. Just a few days ago, Latvia’s supply was also shut off, making the naughty-corner occupants Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark, all of whom refused to comply with the ruble-account requirement. Additionally, delivery to Germany’s Shell Energy Europe was terminated. Latvia replied, “So what? Who cares?” and told anyone who would listen that it had already planned to cease all imports of Russian gas as of January 1st, 2023. How they plan to do that must still be a closely-guarded Latvian state secret, since Latvia’s dependency on Russian gas in 2021 was 92%; probably they meant “the EU will give us free gas”. Eastern European countries frequently attribute magical powers to the EU major states which are second only to those of Gandalf.

In mid-July, Russia declared force majeure on its contracted gas supplies, due to the refusal to return a critical gas turbine which had been sent to Canada for scheduled maintenance, whereupon Canada refused to return it, citing sanctions. Gas supply was reduced to 40% of contracted volumes, and after the scheduled maintenance on Nord Stream I was completed, reduced to 20%. Force Majeure is a mechanism employed in “those uncontrollable events (such as war, labor stoppages, or extreme weather) that are not the fault of any party and that make it difficult or impossible to carry out normal business. A company may insert a force majeure clause into a contract to absolve itself from liability in the event it cannot fulfill the terms of a contract (or if attempting to do so will result in loss or damage of goods) for reasons beyond its control.” Russia’s reason for the declaration apparently is that the turbine has still not been returned, although Canada reversed its decision and claimed the turbine had been returned to Germany for shipping onward. Natural-gas prices in Europe have risen 450% year-on-year.

Anyway, that’s background, although necessary background, and brings us to the topic of discussion; Aura Sabadus’s “Russia’s European Gas Endgame May Hurt Even More than a Total Curtailment”. Because Putin is so evil that it would be better to eat grass and sticks and cover your bodies with animal skins, you’ll only have to do it for a decade or so, and then green alternatives will shoot up through the sludge and beckon the way to endless self-renewing free-energy utopia.

I’m sorry about that; there’s just something about the article that makes it difficult for me to talk about it without being sarcastic. Let’s take a look at it, and I promise I’ll try really, really hard. Just before we do, I want to run a quick summary once again, because the author is going to try to convince you that Russia is inherently an unreliable supplier of natural gas, and Ursula von der Leyen is accurate in her caterwauling that Putin is ‘weaponizing’ gas supplies so as to force the EU into prostitution, or something. Russia supplied not a whiff less than the contracted amount throughout its dealings with the EU – including back when they had long-term contracts – except for two occasions, both initiated by Ukraine stealing gas from the pipeline that crossed its territory, and for which transit it was being well-reimbursed. It is worth highlighting here that on those occasions Ukraine was also stealing from the EU by robbing from its supplies, because you would never know it from the vociferous defense of Ukraine’s integrity by EU members. Russia then commenced an ambitious pipeline project – South Stream – which would bypass Ukraine and remove an habitual troublemaker. Washington and Brussels were having none of it; Ukraine’s right to steal from Russia must be protected, and the two leaned on EU member states to refuse crossing rights until Bulgaria’s al dente spine gave way, and that was the end of South Stream. Nord Stream II is another alternative to Ukrainian transit, but Washington doesn’t like it, so that was stopped as well, days after its construction was completed. Europe gets somewhere around 40% of its gas from Russia, and cannot replace that volume through any combination of suppliers. The new gas-transit contract Russia signed with Ukraine, brokered with celebration and relief by Germany and the European Commission of which Von der Leyen is now head, specified minimum volumes of 65 BCm in 2020 and 40 BCm each year thereafter until the end of 2024. The reference was authored by none other than Aura Sabadus, the author of the article we’re going to discuss. Therefore the EU anticipated at the time either that its gas needs were going to be less by 2024 than they were in 2020, or it was going to be able to arrange alternate suppliers. Following the destruction of MH-17, which was clearly not initiated by Russia, the EU nonetheless participated in sanctions against Russia, through which Russia continued to supply gas to countries who declared it an enemy. Since the beginning of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine EU countries have proudly and openly supplied weapons and money to Ukraine, while the UK’s Boris Johnson shuttled back and forth to Ukraine pressuring its president to prevent him from negotiating a peace while Ukraine was in a reasonable negotiating position and still had most of its military. Then there was the incident with the confiscated turbine. What I want to establish here is a substantiated pattern of constant obstruction by the west, making its squealing now about ‘unreliable Russia’ a travesty. All right; ready?

“For more than a year, its state-owned producer, Gazprom, has been reducing supplies to European consumers, helping to lift gas prices to record levels and sparking fears of a looming energy crisis with dire social and political consequences.”

Bzzzzzt!!! Lie. Up until Canada and its string-pullers decided to try a fast play with the turbine, Russia supplied the contracted volume to the letter. Europe wanted more gas, and used the fact that it was not getting as much as it wanted to argue that Russia was stiffing it. Comes to that, so far as I am aware the contract specified minimum annual volumes; there is nothing that prevents Russia from supplying nothing for six months and then doubling its monthly volume for the remaining six months, and although that would not make much sense, it would certainly fuck over the markets worse than Russia is currently blamed for doing.

And because I know it’s going to come up, let’s deal with it now – yes, Russia is raking in the money because of high prices, so much that it is making more money than it would have done by supplying more gas to bring the prices down, and it even has more gas it can sell to India and China while Europe is squealing in pain. So what? Know who else is making record profits? European energy companies. So much so that BoJo’s government – when he was still mismanaging the UK – proposed a ‘windfall tax’, but then exempted ‘power generators’ while oil companies sulked and resolved to dial back their investments.

“Gazprom’s behaviour so far suggests that it is intent on inflicting maximum pain while scoring maximum gain, and the best way to do so is to maintain uncertainty by supplying gas at the lowest possible levels.”

I suppose there are any number of possible interpretations, but I would submit a perfectly reasonable one is “Gazprom’s behaviour so far suggests that it is determined to nip outlaw behavior like Canada’s in the bud; otherwise its options shrink to sending additional turbines for contracted maintenance as they come due and having those confiscated as well, or  operating the equipment past its allowable hours and when it breaks, buy a new one because the warranty has been voided by irresponsible behavior on the part of the operator.”

Besides, what is the purpose of the EU’s sanctions against Russia, if not an expression of intent to inflict maximum pain while scoring maximum gain?

“This creates the impression that Russia is still abiding by its contractual terms but leaves European buyers unable to form a longer-term strategy.”

Ah. So if the contract says ‘pump at least 40 BCm per year’ and Russia does not pump more even though it could, it is ‘creating the impression that it is sticking to the contract’, and it is not Europe’s fault that it brokered a contract which specified 40 BCm even though Europe should have known it would use much more and had no clue where that might be obtained. Because what drives Europe crazy is that Russia’s gas stores are squeaking with strain, they can’t hold any more, and it could easily sell more to Europe and stabilize prices. And in latter years it could always be coaxed to do so, even though Europe always treated Russia like the idiot who you let come out for a beer with you and the guys only because you know you will have someone to make fun of all night long.

Well, things have changed. Russia has written Europe off as a partner, and it’s pretty farcical to see Europe playing the ‘Well, I never; after all I’ve done for you’ card. Europe has long maintained the smug attitude that Russia needs to sell its gas to Europe more than Europe needs to buy gas from Russia. Well, is that true, or not? And if it is, why don’t you just tap one of your many alternative suppliers, instead of shredding your petticoats and watching prices rise? Oh, right; Azerbaijan, I almost forgot. Still run by the Aliev family, whose patriarch and Azerbaijan’s president, Ilham Aliev, was voted Most Corrupt Person Of The Year for 2012 by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). I still remember Europe’s master plan for the Nabucco pipeline, which was going to bring so much gas to Europe from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz field that Europeans could at last tell Russia what they thought of it. There were meetings and more meetings, plans and all the administrative fluff that Europe loves so much that lasted for years of entertainment, but not a meter of the pipeline was ever built. Just as well, too, as the volumes Europe was bragging about getting from it exceeded the capacity of the Shah Deniz field. But Europe is amazingly forgiving with some acquaintances; who does it turn to, when it’s having a problem with Russia that involves juggling energy partnership and being a declared enemy of Russia? Azerbaijan, of course. Good thing the same guy is still president as during the Nabucco years; you won’t have to change your email headers or update your Rolodex. I can’t see what could go wrong, it’s sure to be a big success.

The same selectivity is on show for Sabadus’s contemptuous dismissal of Russia’s ‘excuses’ that its turbine maintenance process is being interfered with.

“Experts said the pipeline could operate without the turbine and that the excuse was just another act of Russian blackmail.

At the same time, the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada urged Ottawa not to return the turbine, while the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator, GTSOU, insisted Gazprom could offset the shortfall by ramping up supplies via its own system, whose shipping capacity is bigger than that of Nord Stream 1.

Despite the pressure, Canada’s minister of natural resources said on 10 July that the turbine would be returned to Germany to support ‘Europe’s ability to access reliable and affordable energy’.”

Of course there are several backup turbines. The trouble with switching out an operating turbine and replacing it with a backup is that now the backup is an operating turbine, and eventually it will come due for maintenance once it passes a predetermined number of operating hours, and then you’ll have to send that one off for maintenance, to a country which has already established a policy of impounding them and not returning them. See where I’m going with this? Eventually you will run out of backups, which are there to support pipeline operations in an emergency. As the old saying goes, lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part, and there is no reason Russia should run down all its system redundancy to support comfort for its enemies. But look at that paragraph again. “…the Ukrainian gas transmission system operator, GTSOU, insisted Gazprom could offset the shortfall by ramping up supplies via its own system, whose shipping capacity is bigger than that of Nord Stream 1.” So Ukraine’s solution was to increase pumping through its own system? On which, coincidentally, it would receive higher transit fees? The same country that already provoked the only two gas shutdowns to Europe, because it was stealing gas from the pipeline? The same operator who earlier declared force majeure as an excuse for shutting down a transfer station and offering to reroute the flow through an interconnector under Ukrainian control?

“Only a month earlier, Gazprom had reduced the transit via Ukraine to 40% of contractual volumes, taking advantage of a decision by the country’s grid operator, GTSOU, to declare force majeure at one of the compressor stations in the east of the country.

The operator stopped the transit via the eastern Sokhranivka entry point amid suspicions that Russian occupants were stealing transit gas, offering instead to reroute the inflows via another interconnector under Ukrainian control. Gazprom not only ignored the proposal but also diminished the amount of gas that was supposed to enter via this point.”

So….a Ukrainian declaration of force majeure is above suspicion…but when Russia invokes it, it’s just a pathetic excuse? The same Naftogaz and GTSOU that welcomed a decision by the German gas regulator to include them in the certification process for Nord Stream II, thus ensuring it will never be certified for operation because to do so will make transit across Ukraine completely redundant? The perceptive will have noted that article is also by Aura Sabadus, and may see a pattern emerging. The Nord Stream II pipeline uses all-Russian turbines in its pumping stations, and would not need to return any to foreign and hostile nations for maintenance. Europe is allegedly desperate for gas. But it will not certify the Nord Stream II pipeline for operation. And Ukraine, Russia’s sworn enemy – or at least the Ukrainian government is – gets a veto? Is it too much of a jump for people to make a connection that Ukraine is preventing any resolution of Europe’s gas problems?

Second-largest U.S. exporter Freeport LNG’s Texas plant continues shut since an explosion in early June and its partial restart is not expected until October, curtailing the U.S. export capacity, even amid buoyant demand in Europe.

Fancy that. Did you see any articles by Aura Sabadus – or anyone else in the west – which suggested the explosion at the USA’s Freeport LNG plant was a little too convenient, and would cynically raise gas prices in Europe? I didn’t.

Here it is, in a nutshell. No matter how Europe turns the histrionics and the hair-pulling up to 12, Russia is not going to make any special efforts to help out a union which seizes its gas revenues until they are placed out of reach, then refuses to entertain any monetary compensation which does not grant it complete freedom to steal further at its whim, which proudly supplies weapons to help Ukraine kill its people, which colludes with its enemy to prevent a peace deal so that the fighting must go on and on, and refuses to certify a completed pipeline which could alleviate all its problems because it prefers that its gas supplies transit a war zone.

“Russia’s political manoeuvring has helped to create so much volatility on markets that it has been impossible to predict price movements from one day to another, let alone to plan for the weeks and months ahead.

Its tactics have so far paid off, but may backfire in the long term if Europe proves brave enough to pull the plug on its addiction to Russian gas.”

If you could do that, you would have done it years ago, and you know it. But go ahead; set up deals with the United States and Azerbaijan for all your future supplies, and really put your heads together and brainstorm about how to make electricity from dandelions and wind. Good luck with that. India and China will be happy to get your previous supplies of gas, and they’ll pay a lot less than you will. Still, you might spare a thought now for what kind of endorsement your behavior is advertising to future suppliers. Because you’re kind of an asshole.

“And I was wondering how to depart without self-loathing or sadness, or with as little as possible, when a kind of immense sigh all around me announced it was not I who was departing, but the flock.”

Samuel Beckett, from “Molloy”

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    Zaluzhny Pushes Zelensky Out of Power: The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Kicks Out “Team Ze”
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    Got the link from a comment in MoA a few minutes ago:

    Shit Happens!

    Zaluzhny Pushes Zelensky Out of Power: The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Kicks Out “Team Ze” 8 mins ago
    NEW – August 16, 2022
    Signals of an imminent military coup were sent from Ukraine
    I would not be surprised. Apparently, the fall of the ‘impregnable’ Peski has triggered what looks like a coup in the making.

    Posted by: Barofsky | Aug 16 2022 17:40 utc | 14



    06: 37, 17 August 2022
    The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine stated the difficult situation of the Ukrainian army

    The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine Zaluzhny ha announced the difficult situation of the Ukrainian army because of Russian artillery.

    Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny stated the difficult situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

    According to him, the Russian army is increasing the intensity of its artillery attacks, and the positions of the Ukrainian military are being hit 700-800 times a day. At the same time, he added,The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use from 40 to 60 thousand shells daily.

    On 16 August, the Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu pointed out that the losses of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine and the Ukraine Home Defence forces [similar to the British Territorial Army, amateur and part time soldiers; the Nazis had a similar Volkswehr” , a national defence force of citizens consisting of youths, pensioners and invalids — ME] are huge, but the real figures given by the Kiev leadership are hidden from the public. According to the Minister, the role of Kiev in the Western tactics of warfare “is reduced to the supply of manpower as a consumable material”.


    1. GAZETA.RU

      Ukrainian media has reported on the possible resignation of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine Zaluzhny
      Zelensky wants to replace Zaluzhny with Syrsky as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine

      17 August,

      Rumoursc about the possible resignation of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny are actively spreading in the Ukrainian media. This has drawn the attention of the publication “Strana”.

      The planned personnel changes in particular were reported by the Ukrainian edition of Telegraph, citing its own sources in the Office of the President.

      “The President proposes that Zaluzhny become Minister of Defence and Syrsky (Commander of the Ground Forces) be appointed in his place. But Zaluzhny does not really like this idea. And what to do with Reznikov is also unclear. There were ideas to make him (Reznikov) prime minister, the Americans supported him. He himself was not averse to becoming the Minister of Justice, but Maluska suits the president”, said one of the Telegraph’s sources.

      It is noted that behind the decision to appoint Zaluzhny as Minister of Defence is the desire to remove him from direct influence on the army, since by law the Minister of Defence in Ukraine must be a civilian. Thus, Zaluzhny will have to leave the army if he is appointed to the ministry.

      According to the Telegraph sources, there is no conflict between the president and the commander-in-chief, but there is “a kind of jealousy”.

      “It is not about ratings. Zelensky and Zaluzhny communicate normally, but, as they say, victory must have only one father”, one of the people’s deputies told Telegraph.

      The further fate of Valery Zaluzhny was also written about by the RBC-Ukraine publication, whose source also granted the possibility of a transition from the military to the post of Minister of Defense.

      “Of course, not everyone likes Zaluzhny’s popularity. Sooner or later, this may develop into some kind of decision, but so far there are no conscious and thoughtful plans to transfer him somewhere else. There may be such decisions, but they have not yet matured within the team”, said one of the sources of RBC-Ukraine.

      Earlier, Valery Zaluzhny spoke about the difficult situation amongst the country’s troops.

      The end is nigh?



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    Germany may take this step because of the ongoing drought and a fall in the water level of the Rhine, which is hindering shipping and the supply of coal to German power plants, Kovanda notes.

    “This greatly increases the likelihood that in the autumn or winter Germany will find itself in an even more difficult situation, and it may have to go as far as rationing electrical energy or the shameful launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline”, the expert said.

    Possible difficulties for Germany would play into the hands of Russia, he believes.

    According to him, accusations of a sharp increase in electricity prices having been caused by Russia are not true, since, first of all, this had been the result of the “fatal failure” of the promoted energy policy known as “energy transition”.

    The chief economist at Trinity Bank also stressed that this policy had exacerbated Germany’s dependence on gas from Russia.

    Earlier, journalist Nikolaus Blom, in an article for the news journal Der Spiegel, called on the German government to launch Nord Stream 2. According to the observer, the refusal to use this Russian pipeline was causing problems for Berlin, and its launch, on the contrary, would “frustrate Putin’s plans”.

    Putin’s plans, of course, having been to cause a reduction of gas supplies to Europe, thereby bringing about a huge hike in gas prices, resulting in Russia raking in more far money for its exported gas than it did when everything was hunky-dory with Europe, which huge increase in profits the Evil One is spending on financing his long-planned war against dear little, sweet little Banderastan as part of his plan to recover lost territories of the Russian Empire/Soviet Union . . .


    1. Here’s the “Der Spiegel” article referred to above:

      Gas crisis Let’s turn the barbecue over and open Nord Stream 2

      The federal government is keeping one pipeline closed whilst pleading with Putin for more to flow through the other. This is unworthy, contradictory and only useful to the Kremlin.

      Who is really still in favour of opening Nord Stream 2? Gerhard Schröder and Vladimir Putin are, of course. Of course, Chrupalla and his stablemates on the stupid political fringe of the republic: they would most of all like to lick Putin’s boots right now. [The journalist is referring to Tino Chrupalla, Bundestag deputy, member of the AfD Party (Alternative for Germany) —ME] and It’s all pretty transparent and it doesn’t really matter, does it?

      I am afraid not. Namely, what happens if this coming winter is a harsh one and gas eventually runs out and Vladimir Putin says one morning: “Nord Stream 1, unfortunately, is now completely broken, but you can have gas from Nord Stream 2”?


      I’ll tell you what’ll happen: you’ll fucking well freeze, Arschloch, that’s what’ll happen!


      1. And that won’t be the least of it: your industries will collapse, there will be high inflation, prices will rise greatly, there will be food shortages and poverty.

        So I should get your wind turbines a-spinning and the USA “freedom molecules” flowing, if I were you.

        And you can sit around your dried-cow-dung fueled open fires, over which you can get your ersatz coffee fashioned from acorns boiling, as you had to do by the time Germany was totally fucked in Jahr Null 1945.


        1. Let me fix that last statement …

          “Sorry mate, we gotta keep the pretzels for Scholz, Habeck, Baerbock and the rest of their mob. Especially the big ones!”

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  8. The latest thoughts of Lucy:


    Arestovich has criticized Ukrainians because of their hatred towards Russians
    17 August, 2022

    Telegram channel “Politics of the Country”

    Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the office of the President of the Ukraine, has criticized Ukrainians for hating Russians. This was reported in Arestovich’s Telegram channel.

    According to the adviser to the Ukrainian head of state, “the weak choose the simplest solutions”.

    “It’s hard to understand the nuances: it’s easier to hate and deny everyone. This is the solution of a mollusc. Your weakness is the thousands lost at the fronts, internal and external, Belarusians and Russians, from ordinary fighters to specialists and millionaires”, Arestovich wrote.

    According to Arestovich, “the smart solution is to seek allies: the fool repels friends”.

    Interpret that above as you will.


    1. Aleksey Arestovich should meet Irina Farion one day if he hasn’t already. They’d get on like a house on fire … provided they’re not actually in a house when they do meet.


  9. LENTA.Ru

    In Energodar, two employees of the Zaporozhya NPP who had been directing the fire of Ukraine artillery have been detained
    August 17, 2022

    In Energodar, two spotters for the Ukraine artillery who were working at the Zaporozhya Nuclear Power Plant have been detained. This was reported in the Telegram channel of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the region.

    The department said in a statement that the detainees tried to justify themselves by saying that they were not interested in politics. “For international terrorism (aiming artillery at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant – “”) they now face ten years to life,” the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized.

    Earlier it had become known that Ukrainian troops were striking at the vulnerable points of the plant, in particular, at its cooling system. At the same time, it is emphasized that a malfunction of the latter could turn a nuclear power plant reactor into a “real nuclear bomb”.

    Their hatred of Orcs hath no bounds!

    It’s all because of holodomor, see.


  10. And those saboteurs in the Crimea yesterday were successful because they look like — nay, are indistinguishable from — Orcs, and speak Russian, very likely as a first language, as do Orcs.

    But forget not, looks are deceiving!

    Those saboteurs are Ukrainians, the inheritors of “Kiev Rus’”, pure Slavs who are superior to all other Slavs and lesser breeds, most especially that degenerate, uncivilized, deracinated Tatar-Mongol-Finno-Ugric~Slav creole breed that enslaved the Ukrainian “nation”, stole the historic name of the Ukrainian ancestral homeland as well as their lands, enslaved them and then attempted to eradicate them by orchestrated famine.

    Glory to the Ukraine! To the Heroes— Glory!

    Sieg heil!

    Götterdämmerung here we come!


      1. Some of the top Banderite shits in Yukiestan are ethnic Russians, but from what I can gather, their shit-kicker dialect that they like to call “mova” is not their strongest feature.

        The criminal and accomplished actress Timoshenko once admitted that she only began to learn Russian when she was 30-something, when she she decided to become a “politician”.

        Yarosh of the Right Sector is Russian born and couldn’t speak “mova” at the time of the “Revolution of Dignity”.

        Fat twat criminal Poroshenko regularly used to drop grammatical bollocks when spouting it off in “mova”. He’s neither a Yukie nor an Orc: his antecedents were Romanian Four-by-Twos. .


        1. That’s true of Tymoshenko, or at least I have read it before in other references, although I’m sure you mean ‘began to learn Ukrainian’. Her native language is Russian, and one of her parents an ethnic Russian; she only learned Ukrainian when she entered politics, and began to cultivate an anti-Russian public profile. Who knows what she really believes, as politicians’ actual beliefs – if they have any – are irrelevant.


          1. Yes, typo: she began seriously to learn Ukrainian when she was in her 30s, but she must have learnt some at school in her home city of Dnepropetrovsk. It’s highly debatable what her father’s ethnicity was. Some say he was from Latvia or some other Chihuahua republic. In any case, he may not have been Russian.


              1. I just checked Tymoshenko’s Wikipedia entry which says that her father Volodymyr Hryhian’s Soviet passport lists him as being Latvian. Hryhian does not look like a Latvian name though- it looks like a Ukrainian pronunciation of what could be an Armenian name (because of the “-ian” suffix which is common in Armenian surnames and is equivalent to “-ov” in Russian surnames).

                Tymoshenko’s paternal grandfather (the father of Volodymyr Hryhian) had Kapitelman as his surname.


                1. Tymoshenko’s Wikipedia entry says that when she was still very small, Daddy Hryhian buggered off somewhere leaving her and Mummy Hryhian stranded. Mum later remarried and Julia took her mother’s new married surname (ITelegin) as her surname.

                  What a capital chap (not!) Dad Hryhian was.


  11. Russian boozers suffering horrendously because of sanctions!

    The supermarket Lenta is the nearest to our Moscow hovel. It took over from the Austrian firm Billa, which buggered off.


      1. I say so too! I miss Russian Standard. I have an empty bottle of it positioned nostalgically on a bookshelf. Have you tried Baikal? I have seven bottles of it because I bought a boxful a year before my government imposed their imbecilic sanctions plan without my consent. Made with the water of the world’s largest (and cleanest) body of fresh water, larger than all the Great Lakes of North America combined. I have hopes of visiting Lake Baikal for myself before I die. Faint ones, it’s true.


        1. Yeah, I too dearly wish to visit Baikal. I was thinking of going this summer, but it’s too late to do so now. Maybe this winter. The ice on its pristine waters is like crystal they say.

          I have never tried Baikal vodka, though. Never seen it even — but I don’t especially keep my eyes open for brands now.

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    1. It looks suspiciously like another of Ursula von der Loopy’s psy-op campaigns, like ‘We should buy lots of Putin’s gas so that he cannot use it against us as a weapon to raise prices!’. Make Russian booze cheaper so all the drunks will be too loaded to fight, and maybe when others see what fun they are having, more Russians will become alcoholics.

      I was thinking on the way home in the car – I do that sometimes – and I remembered the American insistence that Netrebko denounce Putin as a price for being allowed to continue entertaining American audiences. It occurred to me that western companies still operating in Russia ought to be offered the same terms; publicly denounce your country’s leader, or pack up the shop and get out.


    1. Life in the sticks:

      Decent video on the impact of sanctions on the inhabitants of a small country town, with one startling segment featuring a local entrepreneur (at around the 18 minute mark). Emphasis on the self sufficiency of most people.


  12. So all the excited talk about the Clown and Erdogan an Guterres meeting in Lvov — remember, that’s the beating heart of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire “Kronland Galitsien”, namely Galitsia, which, in Poroshenko’s words, is the vey “essence” of the Ukraine; in other words, it it is the foetid sump of “Ukrainian nationalism” and its manufactured there by the Austrian Habsburg Empire “mova” as well as that “religion”, the “Greek Uniate Church”, manufactured by the Holy Roman Catholic in Rome — has come to this: a charade.


    Zelensky says negotiations with Russia will happen only after the withdrawal of its troops from the territory of the Ukraine
    August 18, 2022

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has stated the condition under which it is possible to resume negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, this policy quoted by RIA Novosti.

    According to the Ukrainian leader, in order to resume the negotiation process, Russia must withdraw its troops from the territories of the Ukraine that are controlled by it.

    “In order to start peace talks, Russia must first leave the occupied territories”, the Ukrainian leader said after a meeting with Turkish President Taip Erdogan and UN Secretary General António Guterres in Lvov.

    Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Andrei Rudenko, in an interview with, said that the chances of resuming negotiations had been reduced.

    According to him, Kiev continues to say that they would be ready to negotiate only after they “recapture” the Crimea and Donbass, and this had reduced the chances of the resumption of negations to zero.

    After the start of the Russian special military operation in the Ukraine, several face-to-face rounds of talks between contact groups took place. Representatives of Moscow and Kiev have repeatedly met in Belarus, and the last meeting of the delegations was held in Istanbul on March 29. Before that, talks had also been held between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Ukraine, Sergey Lavrov and Dmitry Kuleba. In July, Kuleba said that Kiev would negotiate with Moscow only after Russia’s defeat on the battlefield. Other conditions for the Ukraine, he believes, are unacceptable.

    One should think that Kiev, in stating this ludicrous condition for entering peace negotiations with Russia, is that it is laying down its terms from a position of strength.

    It’s “position of strength”, it believes, is, of course, that “America is with us”, as is the EU and the “world community”.

    What a delusionary world the “Exceptional Nation” and its lickspittles have created for themselves

    The whole Lvov meeting is just a pantomime, and a very amateur performance at that, written and directed by Blinken & Co. in the “Shining City on the hill”.


    1. By “Russia must first leave the occupied territories” the Clown/Washington includes, of course, the Crimea, despite the fact that Moscow has repeatedly stated that the “return” of the Crimea to the former territory of the UkSSR is non-negotiable., to which former Soviet Republic the administration of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea had been transferred by the USSR in 1954, which republic was then annexed by the Ukraine in 1991 against the wishes of the population of said autonomous republic.


    2. Then I guess ‘negotiations’ can be held after Ukraine’s defeat on the battlefield, which will imply the defeat of its backers as well, although it’s difficult to see what the point of ‘negotiations’ would be then. Pretty much the same as Zelensky’s proposal, I guess, and he would do well to remember it – a defeated nation has no negotiating room or leverage, and must accept such settlements as are dictated to it. Presumably before we reach that juncture, everyone in Ukraine of fighting age will have been killed or incapacitated.


        1. Apparently, the meeting in Lvov between Erdogan, Gutarres and the Clown-in-a-T-Shirt lasted 40 minutes.

          That’s a long time spent on discussing Washington’s non-negotiable position as voiced by its puppet Elensky.


          1. And a radiation plume from a destroyed by the Banderite artillery bombardment Zaporozhya NPP will drift over south-East Ukraine and perhaps over some EU NATO and wannabe NATO states and, I dare say, over Turkey and parts of Russia as well.

            But forget not, democracy and the defence of democracy always has a price.

            Give me Liberty or irradiation!


        2. When you wear neutral earthtones and no tie you are invisible to media pundits, so they do not notice how short you are and make important stature jokes like they do with Putin.


  13. And the other day, a senior RAF officer resigned because of the British air force newly introduced policy of only at present recruiting “non-whites” and women.

    Tremble, Orcs!

    Tremble in unadulterated fear!

    I’m not saying that “black” folk or women need not make good air force personnel, but surely the priorities are askew?



    German craftsmen have demanded that Scholz lift sanctions against Russia
    August 19, 2022

    Die Welt: German artisans have demanded that Scholz lift sanctions against Russia

    German craftsmen and industrialists have called upon German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to lift sanctions imposed upon Russia in order to save the country’s economy. This was reported on August 19 by the newspaperDie Welt.

    According to the publication, the trade association of the German district of Halle-Saalekreis in Saxony-Anhalt wrote a sharp letter to Scholz with the corresponding demand.

    We, as craftsmen, know from many conversations with our clients that the vast majority of them are unwilling to sacrifice their hard-earned standard of living for the Ukraine. Do you want to be the chancellor who brought Germany to ruin? Do you really want to sacrifice your country

    the newspaper quoted an excerpt from the letter.

    Representatives of the trade association stressed that the fall in living standards, even for the middle class, would lead to a sharp decline in purchasing power. And this would be followed by the ruin of their employers.



  15. Does anyone have a sensible calm analysis of what is actually happening at the nuclear plant.


    1. The Dutch bursting of the dykes ploy to prevent the Nazis seizing the Netherlands?

      One big problem: whereas one can remove floodwaters, one cannot drain radioactive contamination far and wide so easily, contamination that would spread wherever the wind blew.

      But hey! The game’s worth the candle, isn’t it?

      Glory to the Ukraine! To the Heroes — Glory!

      The Banderites must not be allowed to lose!

      Because the whole world knows, this is not a war waged by Russia against dear little, sweet little, democratic “Independent Ukraine”, but a war waged by the USA against Russia, a war of “Democracy” against “Authoritanarism”, innit?

      And the USA never loses, must never be seen to lose, because America is a winner and all the rest are “losers”.


  16. “Russia appears to have lost half of the capability of its Black Sea Fleet combat aircraft due to mysterious explosions on the occupied Crimean Peninsula earlier this month that already demonstrate new vulnerabilities in what Moscow previously considered safe havens.”

    Uhhh….appears to who?

    Oh; a western official. Okay, now I feel a whole lot more confident.

    A Western official told Reuters on Friday of the new assessment of combat jets belonging to the fleet, following widely reported blasts on Aug. 9 at the Saky air base near Novofedorivka on the western shore of the peninsula Russia first annexed in 2014.

    So not only is the destruction of 9 warplanes at the Saki airbase by ‘elite Ukrainian commandos’ now ‘confirmed’ to sufficient satisfaction that every report now states it as a fact…they only had 18 planes there, because they’ve lost 50% of what they had in Crimea!

    Learn intelligence reporting for fun and profit; no experience or special skills necessary. Ability to rapidly copy information from Ukrainian officials an asset.


    1. Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula in 1783.

      It was ceded to the Russian Empire by the Ottoman Empire after the former had kicked the latter’s arse, something that the Russian Empire was in the habit of doing for 200 years or so.

      “The Crimea is ours!” howl the Banderites.

      And it is, of course, in their fantasy world, that world of “created reality”, created by propagandists, nationalists, racists etc.

      Nothing new about this : “The Chosen People”. “The Exceptional Nation”, “Das Herrenvolk”.

      Fucking morons!



    Truss has changed her position on Putin’s visit to the G20 summit in Indonesia
    British Foreign Secretary Truss says Russia has no right to participate in the G20 summit
    August 19, 2022

    British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said that Russia should not participate in the G20 summit in Indonesia., reports Reuters.

    According to Truss, “Russia has no moral right to sit in the G20” while the special military operation of the Russian Federation continues in the Ukraine.

    The Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomed Indonesia’s desire to discuss the developments in the Ukraine and the fact that it could be represented at the G20 summit by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Earlier, Bloomberg wrote that Liz Truss had confirmed her intention to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit.

    The agency notes that Truss had said this after the message of Indonesian leader Joko Widodo that Putin intended to attend the G20 summit.

    Prior to this, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov had stated that the Russian side was continuing to participate in the preparations for the G20 summit, but the programme of bilateral meetings had not yet been worked out.

    Lecture on “moral right” by grandstanding stupid cnut.


    1. Was the UK in attendance at any G-summits while British soldiers were killing Iraqis for the crime of attracting the wrath of the United States? Was America? Both have since acknowledged that Iraq had no WMD’s, and the UK went deeper into iniquity with its now-famous ‘dodgy dossier’ plagiarized from a graduate student, which Blair used to argue Iraq could be ready to deploy Weapons of Mass Destruction in as little as 45 minutes – knowing that was false. The UK claiming to be the arbiter of ‘moral right’ is grotesque. Were it not for the influence of its bully big brother and the ‘special relationship’ between global murderers, the UK would rightfully be a pariah at international events.

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      1. What “moral right” have US forces to be stationed now in Syria?

        What happened to R2R?

        The USA had R2R in Serbia?

        But Russia has no R2R as regards 8 years of bombardment of the Donbass by Banderastan.


          1. I thought it’s Right to Respond — R2R — as mouthed off all the time by that horror comic USA ambassador to the UN whom the former dickhead of a Banderastan foreign minister used to be fond of pawing.


              1. Got my wires crossed!

                R2R — “Right to Reply” —“was a British television series shown on Channel 4 from 1982 until 2001, which allowed viewers to voice their complaints or concerns about TV programmes. It featured reports, usually presented by a viewer, and interviews with the programme-makers concerned”.


                Used to watch it way back, before I went into exile some 30 years ago.

                Remembering R2R from long ago but forgetting the more recent R2P may possibly be a consequence of Alzheimer’s, I fear.



  18. Whoa! Look at that spike at 4:00 PM today.

    Gas has broken through the €250.00 threshold, and briefly touched €265. Wait until the snow starts to fall. The cause of that jump was probably the announcement that Nord Stream will stop pumping again while another turbine is serviced, this one for maintenance which can be performed by the users, and which would not likely have resulted in an interruption if the company had several spare turbines. Germany is reduced to begging Russia to take the one which is still in Germany.


    1. “This, if anything, is the lesson other countries should draw from Spain’s stingy way of overpromising and underdelivering. When a costly foreign war combines with a pro-Ukraine tilt of public opinion, politicians will once again prove they’re made of the same stuff as us other humans. They will surf the wave of public outrage at Russia’s aggression, but when push comes to shove, they may not have enough of an incentive to actually pay the costs of action.”

      What about the notion of “You have to help me, because I’m good”? Previously, the only nation who could pull that off was Israel. Have we entered an age when global support in war is predicated on personal dislike, with sanctions levied against the one most disliked? The MH-17 matter, ridiculous as the process is, is still before the courts, yet Russia has endured sanctions against it since 2015. None of the allegations against Russia has been proven, and while it most definitely did attack Ukraine there was a lengthy prelude of trying to get Ukraine held to its commitments plus a lengthy period of warnings to the west about expanding NATO further to include Ukraine. Both were ignored, although if either had been observed there almost certainly would have been no war.


  19. Ukrainian shitwittery:


    20 Aug, 2022 00:41
    Ukraine calls Germany ‘addict’ then offers hit

    Even as Kiev’s Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba condemned the German “addiction” to Russian gas on Friday, the Ukrainian transit operator said it was willing to carry all the Russian energy Berlin might need, for a fee. The conflicting communications from Kiev came after a senior Bundestag official called for the opening of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and as Gazprom informed the EU that Nord Stream 1 would shut down for maintenance at the end of August.

    “Calls by some German politicians to launch NS2 for a little while and close it later are totally irrational”,Kuleba tweeted out on Friday, in English. “This resembles drug addiction, when a person says ‘Just one last time!’ without realizing the devastating consequences of each ‘last time.’ Addiction to Russian gas kills!”

    Unlike the Banderite addiction to dancing to Washington’s tune, arsehole!


    1. Money for nothing!

      Since 1991, the bastards had been milking Russia of a tidy sum for transit of gas through a pipeline constructed by the USSR that has hardly been maintained by the corrupt toe-rags, who had also been regularly this stealing gas from the pipeline.

      The “Gas Princess” Tymoshenko made a killing on this gas business, which the most corrupt prime minister ever, her pal from her home city of Dnepropetrovsk, Pavlo Lazarenko, Handed over to her for a tidy sum and who ended up as an international fugitive and was finally imprisoned in the USA, having been convicted there for extortion, money laundering, and wire fraud. It is estimated that he stole about $200 million from the Yukie government.

      And in addition to the corrupt thieving bastards’ gas scam, they never cease rattling their begging bowl.

      We stand by Ukraine?


    2. If the west actually embarks on a commitment to ‘renewables’, it will mark the end of its dominance in commerce and trade because it is not possible, presently or in the foreseeable future, to generate the levels of energy necessary to supply both business and residential needs. Maybe it should increase its commitment to Ukraine – it will need someone to blame.



    Have Western Sanctions Against Russia Failed?
    19 August, 2022

    As the Ukraine War enters its seventh month, a growing number of policymakers, experts, and officials are expressing concerns that Western sanctions against Russia have failed to achieve their intended effect.

    Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban claimed in a speech last month that the European Union’s sanctions strategy against Russia has failed. “A new strategy is needed which should focus on peace talks and drafting a good peace proposal … instead of winning the war,” he said. Orban said the West’s strategy was built on four pillars—that Ukraine can win a war against Russia with NATO backing, that sanctions will hurt Russia more than Europe, that the rest of the world will support Western punitive measures against Russia, and that sanctions will critically weaken Russia. “We are sitting in a car that has a puncture in all four tires. It is absolutely clear that the war cannot be won in this way,” Orban said.

    Short answer to question in NI headline:



  21. France surprised by the absence of a deficit in Russia against the backdrop of sanctions
    August 20, 2022

    France Info: Store shelves in Russia are crammed with groceries despite Western sanctions

    Since the beginning of the Russian special operation in the Ukraine, economic sanctions have been repeatedly imposed against Russia, but the shelves of Russian supermarkets are crammed with food. This was reported on June 18 by the French TV channel France Info.

    As the journalists recalled, many international companies had left Russia, but this has not yet brought visible negative consequences for the country.

    The assortment of goods in Moscow supermarkets can be compared with Western stores, the journalists noted.

    “Customers can easily find French products or bottles of wine from Europe”, the report says.

    Despite sanctions, there was no shortage of goods. There were goods that had disappeared from the shelves, but they had quickly been replaced, buyers told the TV channel.

    In early August, Polish farmers warned fellow citizens of an impending milk shortage because of high energy costs and restrictions on energy and gas supplies. Previously, the French had been warned about a possible shortage of milk.

    In July, it was reported that skyrocketing prices for animal feed and electricity could lead to a shortage of dairy products in the UK.

    In the same month, the French bought up all the stocks of mustard because of the risk of a shortage of the product. Stocks of this product, calculated up to December, have disappeared from the shelves of E.Leclerc stores.

    Western countries stepped up sanctions pressure on Moscow in response to a special operation to protect the civilian population of Donbass, which began on February 24 against the backdrop of the situation in the region escalating in mid-February.

    In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the refusal of a number of Western countries from normal cooperation with Russia, as well as from part of Russian energy resources, had already hit Europe and the United States. According to him, prices are rising everywhere and inflation was breaking all records.



    1. Let me help you a little with translation of that article – when it says France was ‘surprised’, the subtext is ‘surprised AND disappointed’ to learn that sanctions have not brought Russia to ruin. In fact, it would not be going too far – at least, I don’t think so – to say Russia’s experience and the class it has shown in the face of screeching schoolyard taunts from the western idiocracy have been an inspiration to everyone who was ever bossed around by someone they assessed was a worthless tit. Have you ever wanted to say to such a person, “No, I’m not doing that. And while I’m in the process of not doing that, how about you roll it and shove it up your old Hershey highway as far as it will go, and then spin on it until you black out from centrifugal force?”

      The French, at least the French government, are gutless as a pilchard; the only thing they have going for them right now is that Olaf Scholz’s Germany makes the French look like lions for courage and Descartes for imagination. But all of Europe, ‘united’ by sanctions, is fooling itself if it thinks its example is inspiring. And it deserves what is happening to it – in fact, it has been a long time coming, its comeuppance is long overdue. Perhaps this time its paint-chip-eating, drooling ignorance has gone on long enough for ordinary Russians to internalize that Europe wishes them harm, and has always done, because they will not kneel in the dirt and let Europe put its foot on their head. Europe and the United States, and its parasitic colonies of non-European dolts and ignoramuses are not friends of Russia and will not ever be. Don’t spare a moment to feel bad about taking advantage of their stupidity.

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  22. Pushilin: Dugin’s daughter has died in a car explosion in the Moscow region
    August 21, 2022
    RIA Novosti

    The head of the DPR Pushilin: 30-year-old daughter of Dugin Daria has died in a car explosion in the Moscow suburbs

    The daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin, Daria, has died in a car explosion in the Moscow region, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin has stated.

    Earlier, a law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that a car had caught fire on the Mozhaisk highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, and operational services arrived at the scene.

    Pushilin blamed the incident on “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime”, who, according to him, wanted to eliminate Alexander Dugin himself. “Blessed memory to Daria, she was a real Russian woman, the head of the DPR wrote in his Telegram channel.

    Only conjecture off Pushilin. i have often travelled along that highway to my country estate, and frightful wrecks on it are two-a-penny.

    However, Dugin is not popular in Banderastan — the Evil One’s “favourite philosopher” see.

    Truth be told, in that shithole on the borders, anybody who is not a true Eastern Slav inheritor of the culture and traditions of “Kievan Rus’”, and most especially those fake Eastern Slavs, the Mongol-Tatar-Finno-Ugric Moskali from Moskovia, who stole the name of Rus’ and bastardized the Banderashites’ mova are to be despised.

    Footnote on mova and modern Russian: standard Russian is closer to the written language that was spoken by the inhabitants of “Kiev Rus’” than is mova.

    No such place, by the way, as “Kiev Rus’”: invented by dickhead 19th century Russian historiographers.

    16:13 11.04.2022
    Dugin: the new world order will be formed as a result of a special operation in the Ukraine

    <bPhilosopher Dugin: as a result of the special operation in the Ukraine, a new world order will emerge

    ANKARA, April 11 – RIA Novosti. Russia’s special operation in the Ukraine is a challenge to the unipolar world, as a result of which a new world order will be established, Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin believes.

    “The Russian army is currently fighting against sovereign powers that are imposing a unipolar world. We cannot lose this war. Otherwise, the whole world will turn into one big conflagration”, Turkiye Gazetesi has quoted Dugin as saying.

    According to the philosopher, a new world order will be established based on the results of the special operation.

    “Our Ukrainian move is a challenge to the unipolar world order, that is oriented towards the US and NATO. NATO countries have chosen the Ukraine as a base to launch a strike, and if there had been no Russian military intervention on February 24, attacks on Russia would have started from Ukrainian territory”, he said.

    Dugin explained the partial stagnation in the field and the withdrawal of troops from Kiev and its environs as a “temporary situation”.

    “The withdrawal of troops, seen at many points, was a purely tactical move. At present, large-scale revisions have been carried out in the army, including ones of command. When the army has completed its preparations, the Donbass will be totally cleared first … Control over a certain part of the Donbass or the Ukraine is not a victory for Russia “Our soldiers will not return home until targets across the country have been destroyed and security has been established, or until Zelenskiy surrenders”, he said.

    Russia launched a military operation in the Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin stated that its goal was “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years”. For this, according to him, it is planned to carry out the “demilitarization and denazification of the Ukraine”, to bring to justice all war criminals responsible for “bloody crimes against civilians” in the Donbass.

    According to the Russian Ministry of Defence the Armed Forces were only striking at the military infrastructure and Ukrainian troops and, as of March 25, they had completed the main tasks of the first stage — they have significantly reduced the combat potential of the Ukraine. The main goal in the Russian military department has been named as the liberation of Donbass.

    Dugin is not a military man. His April 11th prediction has not come to fruition; over two-thirds of the former Donetsk administrative region of Banderastan is still under Kiev control: the front lies only about 20 miles — perhaps less — from Donetsk city centre.

    Dugin talks like Mercouris as regards matters military. In March, Mercouris was going on and on about the “Donetsk cauldron” having been sealed by Russian forces.

    There still is no “cauldron” there, no battle of encirclement.

    Mercouris used to rant on and on about “cauldrons” being the Russian way of fighting, thereby displaying his military ignorance, which I should add, he openly admits.

    He should take a look at the German Kesselschlachten [cauldron battles] that took place around Kiev and Minsk 1941.


    1. I agree that more investigation and evidence is needed before blaming it on Ukrainians. Car bombs most often explode when the occupants enter the vehicle, and trigger them by opening or closing the doors or activating the vehicle’s ignition. It would be unusual for such a bomb to go off while the targets were driving on a stretch of highway unless it was set on a timer; that, too, is rare as the instigators want to know they have killed their target. Still, it is not unknown for a trap to be laid on a stretch of road; when I was in Vladivostok in 2007 there was such an attempt on the lives of a businessman and his son; I heard it, as we were living not far from where it occurred. I can’t recall if it was successful or not, but I don’t think so.

      Also, Ukraine is cultivating an image of its ‘partisans’ being able to strike ‘deep behind enemy lines’, and the western press is playing it up in its usual lapdog manner; I’ve already spoken of the ‘conventional wisdom’ that a sabotage attack at a Crimean airbase resulted in the destruction of nine warplanes. ‘Elite Ukrainian commandos’ were credited, although if it actually was sabotage it was more likely carried out by some mechanic or worker with Ukrainian sympathies, but President T-Shirt is playing it up to the hilt, smirking and dropping hints that he knew all about it and it was totally a Ukrainian covert op. It suits Ukraine to claim every incident of violence or trouble in Russia as having been wrought by invisible ‘Ukrainian commandos’ who strike without warning and fade away like smoke. It’s the very essence of terrorism, bringing about a belief in the enemy’s uncanny ability to hit targets with complete impunity and escape without any chance of accountability. I’m surprised that Pushilin is enabling this sort of mystique. But then, he never was much of a leader; the republics’ most dynamic and colourful leaders have all been assassinated.

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      1. I’m surprised that an anguished comment from the distraught Finn did not pop up here the other day about a “drone attack” against Black Sea Fleet HQ in Sevastopol.

        I have seen videos of the “attack” on the Telegram channel. The cunning Banderites’ drone can seen puttering around in the sky above the fleet HQ. It gets downed by small arms fire by the sound of it, then hits the roof parapet of the building. Minor structural damage. No casualties.

        Someone from the Hero City — the mayor of Sevastopol, I think states — that this is what the Yukietards are reduced to doing: sending a toy plane to fly over the city.

        It looked like a toy plane too.

        All just continuously to niggle the Crimeans, the vast majority of whom voted — under the point of a Kalishnikov, of course — to leave Banderstan and return to Mother Russia.

        And he asked what had happened to the much vaunted Yukie Kherson campaign to liberate “occupied territory”.

        But the Clown in the drab-green sweat shirt spouts off on cue about the victorious assault against the Orc Black Sea Fleet HQ.


        1. Second time, I believe, I read you commenting something about this. Is there a Finn usually commenting here? I don’t remember reading any comment that sounded like from a Finn..


            1. Well, no.
              I’m asking out of genuine curiosity.
              I read a lot of comments on Finnish social media and MSM so I’m double checking myself if I couldn’t spot something similar here.


          1. Right on cue; Karl Haushofer is a Finn who pretty much only appears after an event which can be spun as a disaster for Russia, a watershed moment that marks the turning of the tide toward Russian defeat. He’s a fairly regular reader – at least, I get several daily visits from Finland – but he generally remains silent in the background unless there are perceived bad news for Russia.

            He used to pretend fraternal feelings for Russia – although usually expressed in the wake of a perceived disaster, sure hope they are able to weather this latest blow sort of thing, and a subdued frustration that it did not stand up for itself more, but increasingly he has ‘come out’ as a fan of Democracy By Conquest and the creeping spread of ‘American Values’. Nothing showcased this like his monotonous complaining that Russia was too docile and was just letting Ukraine piss on its back…but when Russia moved into Ukraine in February, it was ‘shocking’ and ‘over the top’.

            Now whenever there is some pinprick incident, or even one that causes no damage, such as Ukraine’s ‘drone attack’ on the roof of a Black Sea Fleet building in Crimea (given the probable effective range of which, was probably flown from somewhere inside Crimea), Russia must immediately nuke Kiev to the ground or be perceived by a scoffing world as ‘weak’. Beating the shit out of everything in one’s path is admirable as long as one is American or European, and seeking out trouble situations in which to meddle far from home is exemplary foreign policy.


            1. Thanks for the explanation Trond and Mark, much obliged.

              Having spent so many years in Finland I would have not been able to guess. Those comments are quite far off the average (and not so average Finn). Don’t get me wrong, I totally buy it that the user is Finnish, I’m just saying that he’s very very atypical. Well, except for the “Russia weak” part, that is a common theme in the Finnish hubris. The fraternal sentiment is definitely a pretense, and one that is easy to see through.
              That said, he’s certainly an atypical commenter for this blog which does not contribute constructively to the discussion. I, for one, am really glad that people in charge are not in that kind of mindset.

              Maybe not even NATO thinks Russia is weak, or they would have made bolder moves instead of saber rattling. Actually all the bravado and threats made NATO allies sound weak themselves so far, as nothing they’ve done has changed the course of events.
              I have enough skin in the game to think that the current situation is a disaster, but I’m not blind to the real danger of it getting even worse within the next year. However, sometimes you need to go through all the stages of grief before you get to the other side, and maybe this ordeal is something that the world could learn from.


              1. Fennovoima,

                You could try talking to Karl Haushofer here in Finnish or Swedish and see how far you get or if he even replies to you.


  23. My heart bleeds!

    L’Indépendant: Ukrainian refugees began to leave Spain because of hunger and poverty
    August 21, 2022

    Ukrainian refugees who had arrived in Spain have begun to leave the country and return to their homeland because of their economic problems. This is reported by the newspaper L’Indépendant.

    According to the publication, about 125 thousand Ukrainians arrived in Spain, and although adaptation could be a “difficult task” for them, so many of them prefer to return home. “This is due to low wages and the cost of living, which, according to them, is too high”, the article notes. So, in Granada, about 100 Ukrainian families are planning to return to their homeland for economic reasons.

    “They are starving. The administration appears to be oblivious to the plight of these refugee families”, says the Padrina Foundation, which is helping more than 1,800 families. The publication also cites the words of 42-year-old Ukrainian Yuri Blazhenets, who is now forced to “flee from inflation and poverty in Spain” because, according to him, he works “only to pay for housing and food”.

    Earlier it was reported that some British families who hosted Ukrainian refugees had turned to the government with a request that they be given more money. They demanded that their allowance be doubled from £350 to £700 ($420 to $840) per month.

    Back to Banderastan then, where you can again jump up and down, merrily chanting “Moskali to the knife!”

    Begging bowl not working so well then in Spain?

    Only earning enough to pay the rent and buy food?

    I recall living like that in the UK.

    I got my wages on a Friday and was skint by Tuesday.

    We used to call Tuesday “bally ann day”.

    There are some old Lancashire phrases that have never died out. ‘For example ‘bally ann’ means a meal put together from whatever was left available as in: “It’s a bally ann meal today.” I dug up this contribution from an old Whalley’s World column.

    From “belly-hang” day according to some.

    To others, the expression comes from “banyan”, a Hindu vegetarian.

    I don’t buy that explanation.

    Another explanation is that “bally ann” or “ballyann” comes from “bubble and squeak”, which dish consists of boiled spuds and cabbage.


    1. The boiled potatoes are then fried up in a frying pan to make “bubble and s squeak” because it bubbles and squeaks as it fries.


  24. I saw an article here yesterday — lost the source — saying that Lucy’s going to get the old heave-ho.

    If true, it must be because he told his fellow retards not to hate the Orcs.


  25. In the Crimea, intensification of military provocations by Kiev with the approval of the United States predicted
    21 August, 2022
    RIA Novosti

    The permanent representative of the Crimea, Muradov, has predicted an intensification of provocations by Kiev and Washington

    The United States plans to legalize a build-up of provocations by Ukrainian nationalists in the Crimea, said Georgy Muradov, Permanent Representative of the Republic under the President of Russia and Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimea government.

    Kiev plans to hold online a second international summit of the so-called “Crimea Platform” on 23 August Dozens of countries and international organizations will take part in it. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has confirmed his participation.

    [Albeit that neither the Ukraine nor the Crimea, which is an autonomous republic of the Russian Federation, are member states of NATO — ME]

    Washington and Kiev are counting on the creation of a new point of escalation in the war between NATO and Russia. That is why the bloc’s Secretary General Stoltenberg is actively driving his wards with a NATO whip to a meeting of the so-called international platform for the de-occupation of the Crimea

    Muradov told RIA Novosti.

    The permanent representative did not rule out that at the meeting of the platform, Washington would try to legalize and give the go-ahead to Ukrainian nationalists to intensify anti-Crimean military provocations with the use of NATO weapons, hiding behind the fact that the countries of the alliance do not recognize the Crimea as part of Russia. “Therefore, it is hardly not worth ignoring this action, conducted by the Americans. It will obviously give rise to a certain frontier, the ends already having been set”, Muradov added.

    The Ukraine, he believes, had finally decided to set itself ablaze in the furnace of the conflict between NATO and Russia, for which “the leaders of the Kiev regime will receive a generous payment and a worthy refuge after the completion of the disposal of the failed Ukraine state”.

    Western strategists expect that this plan of theirs will inevitably lead to such an escalation of the conflict that it will be impossible to adhere to the previously limited format of the Russian special operation. It is obvious that the West has set itself the goal of transforming the Ukrainian conflict into a new, larger phase, which is a continuation of the Washington strategy of the “wearing down and exhausting of “Russia”

    Muradov said.

    At the same time, the permanent representative said that the NATO plan to defeat Russia in the Ukraine by further pumping Kiev with more and more deadly weapons, by supplying thousands of foreign instructors and mercenaries, and by providing means of aerospace support was non-viable.

    “This is the same stupid and catastrophic miscalculation of the West as are the anti-Russian economic sanctions. Our opponents do not take into account that the over-pumped Ukrainian “ball” will simply burst loudly as it stumbles upon a Russian needle, which Moscow has not yet brought out of its arsenals. And direct involvement by the the NATO bloc in the conflict is a direct route to a nuclear catastrophe in which there will be no winners, at least not amongst the parties in conflict”, Muradov stressed.

    In addition, the permanent representative noted that it was becoming clearer to the Europeans that Washington, in pursuing its Ukraine policy, is also ready to sacrifice them.

    “Therefore, it is difficult to drive them to attend a meeting of the “platform” in person: it is much easier to have the participants’ play their roles online on a screen, saying that everyone supports everything.

    As for the Crimeans, it is nothing new for them to continue their age-old struggle for the right to be with Russia, to be themselves, to preserve their thousand-year history and the memory of their ancestors, which no one will be able to dismantle”, the Permanent Representative concluded.

    The Kiev regime has recently stepped up its attempts to stage provocations in the Crimea. In particular, on Saturday morning, air defence shot down a Ukrainian drone that was trying to attack the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol and which fell onto the roof of the building and caught fire.

    The Crimea became a Russian region after a referendum held there in March 2014, in which 96.77% of voters in the Republic of the Crimea and 95.6% in Sevastopol supported joining Russia. The Ukraine still considers the Crimea its own, but a temporarily occupied territory. The Russian leadership has repeatedly stated that the inhabitants of the Crimea democratically, in full accordance with international law and the UN Charter, voted for reunification with Russia. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the issue of Crimea is “finally closed”.

    Hyperbole: not a 1,000-year-old history for present-day Crimeans.

    The Crimea became part of the Russian Empire following its victory against the Ottoman Turks in 1783. Up to that year, the peninsula had been the territory of the slave-trading Crimea Khanate, a. Tatar satrap of the Porte. And the Tatars had been there for about 300 years before the Crimea was annexed by Russia.

    And before that, Goths, Greeks, Scythians etc. had settled there.

    The present day population,however has long been predominantly ethnic Russian.

    Don’t I just know it!

    Crimeans get very upset if you call them “Ukrainian”. And I’m speaking from personal experience in this matter, which happened long before the “Revolution of Dignity” took place in 2014.

    In fact, the vast majority of Crimeans were totally pissed off with Khruschev’s transference in 1954 of the administration of the autonomous republic from the R.S.F.S.R. to the UkSSR.


    1. n 1783, violating the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca (which had guaranteed non-interference of both Russia and the Ottoman Empire in the affairs of the Crimean Khanate), the Russian Empire annexed the khanate. Among the European powers, only France came out with an open protest against this act, because of a longstanding Franco-Ottoman alliance . . , which alliance was formed thanks to the Realpolitik of Cardinal Richelieu: a “Prince” of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, who scandalously set up the alliance between the primary Roman Catholic state in Europe with the Islamic Ottomans, the “Terrible Turks” — and they were pretty terrible too!

      In 1783, Grigorii Potomkin defeated the Ottomans in what is now southern Banderastan and its presently occupied by the Orcs territories.

      The Crimea was annexed by the Russian Empire and later ceded to the Orcs by the Ottoman sultan, because if he hadn’t done so, he would have got his arse kicked again.

      The Russians wanted to establish a naval base in the Crimea, which they immediately set about doing, following the annexation of the peninsula.

      They also founded the cities of Ekaterinoslav — Dnepropavlosk in the USSR, now Banderite Dnipro — and Odessa, both cities still being predominately Russian speaking, the latter having (or had until the Nazi invasion during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945) a large Jewish population.

      The first known Turkic peoples appeared in the Crimea in the 6th century, during the conquest of the Crimea by The Turkic Kaganate . . .

      The Crimean Tatar state [existed] from 1441 to 1783, the longest-lived of the Turkic khanates that succeeded the empire of the Golden Horde.

      The multi-ethnic population of the Crimea then consisted mainly of those who lived in the steppe and foothills of the Peninsula Kipchaks (Cumans), Crimean Greeks, Crimean Goths, Alans, and Armenians, who lived mainly in cities and mountain villages. The Crimean nobility was mostly of both Kipchak and Horde origin . . .

      There are legends that in the 14th century, the Crimea was repeatedly ravaged by the army of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Grand Duke of Lithuania Olgerd broke the Tatar army in 1363 . . .


      Check out in the above source — and plenty of others — if you wish and try and find mention of the Ukraine and Ukrainians.

      <Крым — наш! — “The Crimea is ours!” — as Nuland’s “Yats” was fond of saying in the Kiev supreme Rada.


    2. It is as I said; the “amazingly, Ukraine is winning the war” meme is no longer sustainable, and there is a noticeable transition to “Russians are not safe anywhere from the blue-and-yellow shadow of Ukrainian death”. You would almost think NATO is hoping for a massive attack which will flatten everything in Ukraine and kill every man, woman and child remaining. Certainly what it does NOT want is a Russian victory followed by the election of a reconciliation-minded leader. So get ready for every noise in Russia, every clean sheet that blows off the line into the dirt, every barking watchdog to be blamed on “Ukrainian partisans’, ‘Ukrainian patriots’ (because, remember, Russia is host to the world’s largest Ukrainian diaspora) or ‘elite Ukrainian commandos’, all of which are an excuse to continue feeding them money and weapons even though it is dawning on even the dullest that there is not going to be a miraculous Ukrainian victory. You can drag a partisan harassment campaign out, literally, forever. And a plain subsidiary objective is to make Russia suspicious of its domestic Ukrainian population, perhaps to hassle them so that more of them will move back to Ukraine and fight for it.

      Hopefully what we will see more of is dramatic and decisive ruin visited upon transfer points for western weaponry, such as the incident in which a cruise missile was flown right into the railway tunnel between Poland and Ukraine. Surrounding countries must learn that it is not safe to be a smuggling point for western toys and troublemaking.


      1. The last Ukrainian nationalist partisan campaign of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army against “Russia”, namely the former USSR, dragged on until, ironically, almost the time when Khrushchev illegally handed over the administration of the Autonomous Crimean Republic of the RSFSR to the UkSSR in 1954.

        Chief Ukrainian nationalist shit Bandera only received his just deserts in Munich in 1959, when he was assassinated by a KGB agent, poor thing.


  26. This assassination of Dugin’s daughter is one of the reasons that I started to emotionally detach myself from Russia already a few years ago. It is not worth to tie myself emotionally into a something that brings nothing more than constant disappointment and feeling of anger and helplessness. If Russia – a supposed nuclear superpower – cannot help itself then why should I care about what happens to Russia?

    Russia is not a serious country. If Russia was a serious country this assassination would have never happened. They (Ukraine and the NATO) would not have dared to even try it.

    Over the years Russia has shown that it never retaliates when attacked. The Ukraine/West knows that it can target Russians inside Russia (even in Moscow) with absolutely no fear of themselves being attacked.

    I’m not asking Russia to be the aggressor, but it should retaliate when attacked. Lack of retaliation only invites more aggression.

    Did I say Russia is not a serious country? Well, I’ll say it again. According to this Russian citizens who get caught in Russia for sending money to Ukrainian military only get a warning:

    If Russia was a serious country it would punish its citizens for helping the enemy during wartime. Eastern European countries imprisons their citizens who show public support for Russia.

    But, this is not a war for the Kremlin but a “special military operation”. How is that going? Isn’t Ukraine still shelling downtown Donetsk after six months of war?

    If Russia was a serious country it would have started the war with a massive bombing campaign of Kiev where all the important decision making centers would have been taken out in the first few hours. But instead we got this idiotic “polite war” where Russia sent it troops deep into enemy territory without air support to get slaughtered. It is true that Russia has learned from this and is not doing that anymore, but the fact that Russia thought that it would not face resistance in Ukraine is a further proof of the total incompetence of the Kremlin.

    Russia is just too weak and not organized both internally and externally.

    Fully expect Dugina’s murder to go unpunished.


    1. So you know she was assassinated?

      Please be so grateful as to give details to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the Orc version of the CIA.


      1. Is that the evidence of the assassination that you wish to present?

        Social networks — what an absolutely reliable source of valid information!


    2. A woman has been killed
      And your first action is to roll out the tired old “Russia is weak”

      Most people would commiserate with her family, not lurk on social media to read how glad some people are that this woman has died.

      If as reported it was a bomb- then this is terrorism, which should be condemned.


      1. “And your first action is to roll out the tired old “Russia is weak””
        Russia is weak. If Russia was not weak this act of terrorism would not have happened.

        “If as reported it was a bomb- then this is terrorism, which should be condemned.”
        Here’s the problem. Condemnation is all that will follow from this, nothing more.


        1. Karl the Mouth – the very seat of Imperial Washington reeks of crime. Per Google:

          With a crime rate of 46 per one thousand residents, Washington has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 22.

          The foregoing is the annual rate. Over a ten year period, the chances of being a victim of crime is over 20% (with a few unfortunate individual will be victimized multiple times).

          How can this happen in a city that is devoted to glorification of Imperial Washington? Can’t something be done? If a city dedicated to the glory of the Imperium, why can’t it be crime-free rather than a city controlled by crime?

          BTW, I do enjoy your trolling as a form of light entertainment.


    3. You knew a few years ago that Dugin’s daughter was going to be assassinated, and said nothing? Holy fuck.

      I frankly doubt it was an assassination at all, probably a road accident. The police said a car was ‘on fire’ and this was quickly spun as an ‘explosion’. It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest ‘elite Ukrainian commandos’ are present that close to Moscow in sufficient strength to carry out long-term surveillance to learn Dugina’s movements and plans and then to place a roadside bomb that would blow up only Dugina and not some other mook who happened to be driving by (suggesting her car was probably being tracked by a bug or watched by air surveillance), and then disappear without anyone being apprehended or even suspected. And the Russians could have and still could whack Zelensky and the building he is in at any point in this operation.

      We are supposed to believe you would respect Russia if it snapped about it like a wolf in a trap at everyone who came near, while simultaneously funding and fighting influence operations abroad which would benefit only Russians. Yet you screamed like a girl when Russian forces moved into Ukraine; I can easily display your horrified reaction if you have forgotten. I’m not buying it.


    4. In short, Karl, you decided not to support Russia anymore because the Russians are not behaving in the way you want or expect them to behave. It seems that in your worldview, Russia should be coming down like a sledgehammer on everyone and everything that might be connected in some small way with an incident like Daria Dugina’s death, tragic though it is. If Russia were to react the way you expect, we would already be in a major world war – but I suspect such a war may be what you secretly hope for because it might “justify” what other beliefs and ideas you hold about Russia or human beings generally.

      That Russians are actually behaving like adults, thinking critically and conducting a proper forensic investigation into the cause of D Dugina’s death, might be upsetting your worldview because that worldview is based on assumptions about Russia and Russians that are false. By implication, this is upsetting for you as a Finnish citizen, because if your worldview is based on a false premise then the possibility arises that Finland could have pursued an alternative path (eg being part of the Eurasian Union) that would have allowed the Finns to co-exist and even prosper with Russia as a partner.


  27. Ukraine using bioweapons against Russian soldiers in Donbass:

    Quote from the article:
    “Moscow plans to send laboratory tests from the soldiers to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).”

    This is why I lost hope for Russia already after 2014. Instead of retaliation Russia asks investigationfrom a western organization.

    These kremlins cannot be helped. No matter how many times they are fooled, betrayed and screwed their behavior never changes.

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    1. Oh, please. You never had ‘hope for Russia’, and have always been a Washington fanboy. Washington has the Big Stick, it cracks the whip and gets things done and orders the world to its liking. And that’s what you admire. There is no place in your estimation for a country that minds its own business and doesn’t mind not being talked about for long stretches.


    Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened a murder case following the death of Daria Dugina
    21 August, 2022

    Investigators have opened a criminal case as regards the blowing up the car of journalist and political scientist Darya Dugina. This was reported on August 21 by the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

    “In the Moscow region, a criminal case has been opened as regards the murder of a woman in a generally dangerous way”, reads the IC announcement.

    At the same time, it was noted that, according to the investigation, on August 20, at about 21:00 Moscow time, near the village of Bolshiye Vyazemy in the Moscow region, an explosive device went off in a Toyota Land Cruiser while it was proceeding along a highway, after which explosion a fire started.

    It was also specified that the woman driving the vehicle died on the spot and her identity has been established: — journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina.

    “Currently, criminologists and investigators of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Moscow Region, with the participation of colleagues from the Main Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and explosives specialists, are continuing to inspect the scene. Based on the results of the examination, a number of examinations shall be implemented, including forensic, explosives, and molecular genetics”, message says and adds that the investigation is working on all possible versions of this crime.

    As reported by news agency REGNUM, earlier the poet and translator Igor Karaulov said that philosopher Alexander Dugin’s car, in which his daughter, journalist and political scientist Daria Dugin was blown up, was in front of his in a small highway services car park and not in a public place. .

    link — not social media!

    “Just give me the facts, ma’am, just the facts.”


    1. I don’t know which would be worse for Russia’s sake: that this was an act of Ukrainian/Western secret services or an internal Russian power struggle.

      The first option means that Ukraine/the West has means to target the Russian elite and their children just outside of the Kremlin walls. It also means that Ukraine/the West thinks that it can target Russian civilians in Moscow without retribution from Russia. Given the recent history I wouldn’t blame them for being this bold and arrogant. Russia has shown little willingness or ability to retaliate against foreign (especially western) countries.

      The second option means that there are internal forces in Russia willing and capable to go after the elite of the country. Who are they?


      1. Why do you think that the murder might well have been orchestrated and directed by the Russians themselves?

        Do you really believe that one explanation for the apparent murder is that the Orcs could have dreamt up such a cowardly assassination so as to have the blame for it laid on the Banderite USA. lackeys?

        Why, that’s almost like saying that the noble Ukrainians had MH17 diverted and shot down over the Donbass so that the Orcs be blamed for it!

        What a preposterous theory!

        By the way, your cliché “just outside the Kremlin walls” was widely used to describe the site of Nemtsov’s murder.

        And indeed, Nemtsov was in fact murdered just outside the Kremlin walls — about 100 yards from the walls, I should say — that’s about 92 metres for foreigners.

        The unfortunate Dugina was apparently murdered at Bolshiye Vyazemy [Большие Вяземы —“Greater Elms”], pronounced as /balshee-ye vyazyomy/ as the “e” after the”z” is stressed so as to give the sound “yo”, is situated exactly half-way between my Moscow town house and my country estate, a distance of some 26 miles or 42 kms. as the crow flies.

        Not quite “just outside the Kremlin walls”.

        When travelling by train to my summer retreat, the station at the nearby village of Malenkiye Vyazemy[Маленкиуе Vyazemy — “Lesser Elms”], pronounced as /malenk-ee-ye vyazyomy/, is the half-way house as it were on the railway journey to my dacha territory.

        That stressed Cyrillic letter “e” is sometimes given a diacritic thus: ё, but not in standard Russian orthography, and pronounced as “yo” is commonly heard in the expression Еб твою мать, which roughly translates, though far from literally, as: Fuck off!


        1. That should have been Маленкие Вязёмы above — getting my Cyrillic and Latin alphabet wires crossed.


    NOT from social networks:

    Zakharova has commented on the murder of Daria Dugina near Moscow.
    21 August, 2022

    The possible involvement of the Kiev regime in the murder of journalist and political scientist Darya Dugina in the Moscow region has been commented upon by the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova in her telegram channel.

    “If a … [Kiev] trace is confirmed”, and this version of the event has been voiced by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin, and it has to be verified by the competent authorities, “then we should talk about the policy of state terrorism as implemented by the Kiev regime”, she said in her post.

    Zakharova also noted that over the past years, a sufficient number of such facts have accumulated — from political calls for violence to the leadership and the participation of state structures in Kyiv in crimes.

    As REGNUM has reported, earlier the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has instructed that the criminal case on the murder of journalist and political scientist Daria Dugina be transferred to the Main Investigation Department of the department.


    Meanwhile, certain parties in the free and democratic West clamour that Russia be designated as a “terrorists state”.

    Don’t look here — look over there!!!

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  30. And as regards alleged Russian weakness and incompetence being derided on here by a certain party, in that Russia is allegedly open to assassination attacks “not far from the Kremlin walls”, such alleged attacks in Russia cannot be half as bad as hijacked aircraft flying into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, New York, and the Pentagon, Virginia, which latter is not all that far from the White House and the Capitol, Washington D.C. — about 11 miles in fact — and is a damned site closer to the seat of US government than is Bolshiye Vyazemy in the Moscow Region to the Kremlin.

    Amerika — stronk!

    And how many hundreds of thousands of innocents in Iraq and the Middle East have been murdered by the USA following the 9/11 attack in order to show how “stronk” the USA is?

    And the present ongoing attrition of Yukie lives is only an exercise to show how “stronk” the USA is in the face of adversity.

    Remember, suckers, America stands by you!

    These colors don’t run!

    USA all the way — to the bank, for the US military industrial complex at least.

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  31. Deutschland — schwach!

    Wartung ab Ende August
    Russland unterbricht Gaslieferungen durch Nord Stream 1 für drei Tage

    Vom 31. August bis 2. September soll kein Gas durch Nord Stream 1 mehr fließen: Gazprom hat eine Abschaltung der Pipeline angekündigt – und begründet sie mit »routinemäßigen Wartungsarbeiten«.
    19.08.2022, 18.24 Uhr

    Maintenance from the end of August
    Russia suspends gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 for three days

    From August 31 to September 2, no more gas will flow through Nord Stream 1: Gazprom has announced that the pipeline will be shut down — and justifies this with “routine maintenance work”.
    08/19/2022, 18:24

    Russian gas exporter Gazprom has announced a three-day maintenance shutdown on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The reason is “a series of routine maintenance work”. According to the company’s statement, no gas will flow to Europe from August 31 to September 2.

    The only functioning turbine at the Portovaya compressor station has to be checked and overhauled during the three days, the announcement said. This should be done in cooperation with specialists from Siemens Energy. Gazprom announced that if there were no technical errors, gas transport could be resumed at a rate of 33 million cubic metres per day. However, this only corresponds to around 20 percent of the actual capacity of the pipeline.

    Gas supplies from Russia have been sharply reduced since June. At that time, Gazprom reduced in stage 1 the flow through Nord Stream 1 to 67 million cubic metres per day, which corresponds to 40 percent of the capacity. In mid-July, the company shut down the pipeline for ten days for annual routine maintenance, resumed deliveries at the same rate for a few days, but then cut gas flow back to around 20 percent of capacity in late July. At this level, deliveries are now to be resumed after the three-day break.

    The Russian gas company blames technical reasons for the gas flow reduction, but the federal government considers this to be a pretense. A turbine that was serviced in Canada is currently at Siemens Energy in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Germany had previously asked the government in Ottawa for an exception to the sanctions against Moscow. But when the unit was back in Germany, Gazprom showed no hurry to install it and spoke of missing papers. At the beginning of August, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) visited the plant and said the turbine could be delivered to Russia at any time.

    Der Spiegel

    Gasprom needn’t justify anything to you spineless fuckers occupied by the USA in Europe!

    Europa — schwach: Russland — stark!


  32. ”And what did you expect?” The Germans have panicked because of the news about the Nord Stream
    21 August, 2022
    RIA Novosti

    Spiegel readers have gone into panic because of the news about the imminent suspension of Nord Stream

    Readers of the German magazine Spiegel have reacted sharply to the news that gas transportation via Nord Stream will be suspended from August 31 to September 2 owing to scheduled maintenance.

    Many feared that deliveries might then drop or stop altogether, and some noted that the sanctions against Russia have come back like a boomerang.

    “As long as the gas flows through the old pipeline, everything is in order. If there is less or no gas at all, there will be a commotion. But it is generally impossible to get gas through the new pipeline. Is this state of affairs still rationally justified?” asked Kgen.

    “What did you expect if we impose sanctions against Russia and supply weapons to the Ukraine?” DruckPause noted.

    “Apparently, no one could have imagined that our sanctions could provoke counter-sanctions? After all, electricity comes from a socket, and gas always comes from a gas pipe”, Colnago emphasized.

    “The customer has angered the supplier and is now left with nothing”, says Tester.

    “The crisis that we have brought upon ourselves. Of course, no one wants to admit it, why should we?” complained Heiko-Pp4bQ1eng.

    “Our federal chancellor needs to go take a look at the turbine again. Maybe even pet it and talk to it gently. Then everything will be better”, Antiaktion mocked.

    “I think we are living in bad times. We should be afraid both for ourselves and for our children”, wrote Caroline_5728.

    “If you start an economic war, you will have to face its consequences. Our ‘far-sighted’ politicians clearly did not take this into account. The great philosopher Merkel taught us to always think from the end”, the readers summed up.

    Europe is on the brink of a severe fuel shortage as Russia’s main gas pipeline, Nord Stream, is operating at only 20 percent of its total capacity. Gazprom explained this by routine maintenance and a delay in returning Siemens turbines from repair, which turbines had been used at the gas compressor units (GCU) of the Portovaya compressor station (CS). Now the pressurization of the pipeline is provided by only one of the five turbines.

    A particular difficulty arose with the return of one of the turbines from Canada, which country had imposed sanctions on Gazprom. Local authorities issued a permit for its export only on July 10, but did not take into account the terms of the contract in it and delivered the engine to Germany, and not to Russia. For its further transportation, permissions from the authorities of the European Union and the UK were required.

    Just shut it all off!

    Let them sit and watch their wind generators spinning as they freeze their arses off and go hungry.

    This is what the bastards made no secret of wanting to do to Russia, of impoverishing the people, wrecking the economy and making them go hungry.

    The Nightmare Nineties in Russia were planned in the West.

    Fuck them all off!


      1. What arrant nonsense!

        What utter poppycock!

        Total balderdash!

        Is this a seriously, intelligently founded proposition?


      2. I see … because Russia (weak, weak) is not delivering free gas to Europe, then by that very fact Europe is in no danger of freezing over winter and all Der Spiegel’s readers and the business association of producers of craft products in Saxony Anhalt alarmed at German sanctions against Russia and who fear for their immediate future and that of Germany should just shut up.


        1. A reduced or curtailed supply of natural gas is but one of their problems: from the most recent edition of Seeking Alpha…

          “What do factory shutdowns in China, shipping delays in Europe and reduced agricultural output in the U.S. have to do with each other? They are all being caused by severe droughts impacting the world’s largest economies. Researchers say the dry spells are partly because of seasonal weather patterns like La Niña, but are also related to consequences of land degradation and climate change.

          Snapshot: The Chinese province of Sichuan just announced it would extend industrial power cuts and activate its highest emergency response, impacting a number of global manufacturers like Apple (AAPL), Foxconn (OTCPK:FXCOF), Toyota (TM) and Volkswagen (OTCPK:VWAGY). The vital Yangtze, the longest river in Asia, reached its lowest level on record for August, affecting supply of hydropower and causing widespread shortages. Tesla (TSLA) has even asked the government to help ensure its suppliers have a sufficient amount of electricity, with over a dozen of them currently not able to manufacture at full capacity.

          Over in Europe, cargo ships have had to reduce their loads due to critically low levels of the Rhine. The waterway is usually occupied with vessels transporting raw materials to power plants and factories, and Italy has even declared a state of emergency along its important Po River. Separately, agricultural forecasters in the U.S. now expect farmers to lose more than 40% of the cotton crop, while many acres of farmland are being left unplanted because of water shortages. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has announced that states like Arizona and Nevada will have to cut their water allocations by up to 21% next year because of the increasing megadrought in the Southwest.

          Go deeper: The situation could drive up energy prices as hydro and nuclear power are reduced given the lower levels of water (that cannot sufficiently cool reactors). Higher transport costs and supply chain snarls could also raise food prices, adding to inflationary forces and squeezing a global trade system that was already under pressure from the coronavirus pandemic.”

          Russia will be just fine this winter, with plentiful energy and a diverse climate, but Europe is going to have one of the worst winters on record if it does not get access to plentiful natural gas. Coal that must be shipped by river barge is a non-starter because of extreme drought and ‘renewables’ are their usual precious boutique showpiece with a tiny portion of the market. It is not simply a matter of ‘ramping them up’. In fact, if there actually was plenty of cheap energy to be had from harnessing the sun or the wind, businesses would have signed on to it long ago; the solar cell is certainly not new, nor is wind power which is even older. Everybody knows you can make the sun and the wind generate usable electricity – whoopity doo. Business knows you can’t do it on a profitable scale, because renewables are expensive.


    1. Regime change in Western Europe can improve the prospects for Western Europe. But Russia will insist on denazification and demilitarization as a precondition for normalizing relationships. Russia is holding all the cards and going for a long-term solution.


  33. Least we forget:

    The foregoing is a delightfully written article on the Covid clown show/debacle/greed fest.

    In the event anyone has a few weeks of spare time (from the source above), here is a partial list of articles (just 1,250) on the adverse effects of the Covid mRNA non-vaccines.

    The Covid fiasco alone could end Western hegemony but, leaving nothing to chance, fate has has provided many other means to ensure such with the Western sanctions against Russia being the proverbial final spike in the Western coffin. It did not have to be that way but Western populations are too lazy, fearful, smug or uninformed to take action.

    The collapse will be uneven and some areas will fare better than others. In the US, the flyover states may be a little better off. The southern states may survive due to energy revenue keeping the economies afloat. Globally, Russia will be the big winner with its advanced and largely self-contained technical economy, resilient and well-educated population and vast natural resources.


  34. Alexander Mercouris posits that the main goal of the Western strategy is to delay the military collapse of the Ukraine until after the US midterm elections. Surrender is inevitable but the US still has some ability to influence the timing of that defeat.


    1. That is entirely plausible, Biden and the Democrats can’t afford another “Afghanistan” debacle before the Mid-Terms. If the US can delay Ukraine’s defeat to after the Mid-Terms i.e. 2023. There will be enough time for Ukraine to be forgotten and not be an issue for the next US presidential elections in 2024.


  35. And it’s full steam ahead for the great Banderastan offensive against the Russian aggressor!

    A tractor has blown up in the border area of ​​the Kursk region
    21 August, 2022
    RIA Novosti

    A tractor blew up in the border area of ​​the Kursk region, no one was injured,

    The tractor was blown up in the border Sudzhansky district of the Kursk region, presumably on unexploded ordnance, the governor of the region Roman Starovoit said on his Telegram channel.

    In the Sudzha region, presumably on unexploded ordnance, a tractor was blown up. Fortunately, the tractor driver was not injured. This happened three kilometres from the border with the Ukraine, when a field was being cultivated for winter rapeseed”, Starovoit said.

    The Sudzhansky district is one of the six border regions of the Kursk region. Kursk region in the west and southwest borders on the Sumy region of the Ukraine.

    A dud Yukietard shell lobbed into a Russian rural area.

    To the Heroes — Glory!


  36. RIA.RU
    Ukrainian conscripts told why they flee to Russia
    21 August, 2022

    Ukrainian conscripts say they pay thousands of dollars to flee to Russia

    Young people from different regions of the Ukraine who have managed to safely reach Melitopol told RIA Novosti how they find carriers who take them to Russia for several thousand dollars — in this way, men of military age flee from mobilization in the hope of reuniting with their families who had previously left the Ukraine.

    “I left because I didn’t want to be mobilized. I didn’t want to join the army. I went to Russia because there’s no way of going directly to Europe. All men of draft age are subject to mobilization and they are not allowed to leave the country. I found people who closed their eyes for money to the fact that I was liable for military service, and they got me out. My entire journey cost 2.5 thousand dollars. I handed the money over at a Ukraine Security Service checkpoint. Now I am in Melitopol”, said Alexander Tridub, 28, a native of Kharkov.

    Conscripts in Zaporozhya were helped to flee to Russian-controlled territory
    According to one man, he and several other men who had fled from mobilization in a similar way were detained at a checkpoint by Russian security forces. After clarifying the circumstances, he, like the others, plans to travel to Russia and then get to one of the European countries, where he had sent his family four months ago.

    “The Ukraine has given me nothing, so there is no reason to die for it. Many people think so. Nobody sees any prospects for staying and they want to leave, but it is very difficult. To raise money, I had to go into debt so as to leave the country and be away from the war”, he added.

    Answering a question about the attitude of the Russian military, the young man stressed that no one had tortured or beaten him. “Now they are checking the information I had given them and promised that tomorrow I would be able to go further”, he said.

    Dmitry Taranukha from Zaporozhya in turn said that he had found the carrier via the Internet through an ad, had agreed to pay two thousand dollars in the hope of reuniting with his wife and child in Poland in the near future. “I collected money for a long time. But I want to go to my family. That’s why I evaded mobilization. I don’t want to fight, I don’t understand politics, I haven’t served in the army, I’m 36 years old and I just want to live peacefully with my family”, he explained.

    On the day of his departure, he arrived at a meeting point with the carrier, where there was a bus with 16 men and four women sitting in it. When they reached the checkpoint, a man approached him and asked for $600 for crossing the border.

    According to the news agency informant, the person who took the money from him was an employee of the Ukraine Security Service or some other law enforcement agency, as he freely moved around the checkpoint territory. It was possible to move in towards Vasilyevka after about half an hour, during which time the Ukrainian military had finished forming a column of 50 vehicles.

    According to Dmitry, at the checkpoint in Vasilyevka, after he had left the territory controlled by Ukraine, he turned to the Russian military and said that he wanted to leave the country and he needed help.

    “They agreed to help me so that I could go to my family. There were no aggressive actions made against me. Family is the most important thing, it must be valued and everything must be done to be with it. No one should fight with anyone”, he added.


  37. In memory of Daria Dugina

    9,208 views Streamed live 18 hours ago May god rest her soul.

    “Sooner or later the endless spectacle is over. Then we will take revenge; mercilessly.”


        1. Bad news for Katchanovski, whoever he is: nobody here is running around here scared shitless as regards this Yukieshite “escalation”.

          When’s the Banderastan offensive going to begin which is to throw out the invader, by the way?


          1. Katchanovski lives here, in Canada, in Ottawa where he is a political scientist at the University of Ottawa. I believe it was he who compiled the most comprehensive account of Maidan events, sequencing them and showing connections and relationships and conclusively disproving (if you believe him) the government’s official account of ‘grassroots uprising’ and all the silly ‘heavenly hundred’ bullshit. If I also recall correctly, his was the only account which mentioned that the Kiev government even had the trees around the square which had been hit by bullets cut down, in one of the most sweeping evidence-removal operations of modern events. Anything which could be used to show direction or angle of fire was removed. There is now no proof anywhere of a regime-change operation, and the world has little choice but to accept Ukraine’s explanation of the way things evolved.


      1. If you go one down on Katchanovski’s feed he reports some outfit calling itself the “National Republican Army” claims responsibility (which is easy to do whether you did it or not) in reprisal for the killing of Azov prisoners at the prison in Donbas. Which the Ukies also did. Ideal – murder some people and then kill someone else as ‘payback’ for their killing.

        “Ex-opposition member of Russian parliament, who lives in exile in #Ukraine, relays admission by “National Republican Army” of assassination of #Dugin daughter in revenge for killing of POWs from Neo-Nazi-led Azov in separatist prison in #Donbas & plan to assassinate both of them.”

        Again, it seems likely to me the aim is to prevent any reconciliation between Ukrainians and Russians and to even stir up feeling against Ukrainians who live outside Ukraine, because they might be partisans.


        1. That’s the problem Roskomnadzor — The Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media — the fiendish Orc control agency that won’t allow me to use honest, democratic, Western social network forums, where truth and light and freedom and justice abound.

          So I don’t.

          And I can’t, unless I use a VPN. But I won’t.


  38. LENTA.RU

    Before the special operation, Chancellor Scholz had promised Putin that the Ukraine would not join NATO for another 30 years.
    22 August, 2022

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that before the special operation in the Ukraine, he had assured Russian President Vladimir Putin that there was no threat to the country from NATO — Die Welt newspaper writes.

    He noted that he had discussed with the Russian politician the issue of the Ukraine entry into the North Atlantic Alliance. Scholz hadpromised Putin that “this will not happen in the next 30 years”.

    As the Chancellor specified, the alliance had never threatened Russian security. According to him, NATO and the United States had responded positively to the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to start talking about arms control again. He believed that there had been no reasons for the aggravation of the situation in the Ukraine.

    Scholz and Putin
    Under what circumstances had Scholz discussed Ukraine NATO membership with Putin is not reported. As the German politician clarified, he was negotiating with the Russian president “like many others”. According to him, “there was complete clarity” on the issue of Ukraine accession to NATO.

    Prior to the start of the special operation in Ukraine, Scholz had spoken with Putin on December 21, 2021. On February 15, 2022, he arrived in Moscow to discuss the Ukrainian crisis.

    29 June
    NATO member countries at the summit in Madrid adopted a new strategic concept in which they officially recognized Russia as the greatest threat to the security of the North Atlantic Alliance

    On February 14, the German Chancellor spoke in Kiev with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Then he said that the issue of Ukraine’ membership in NATO was not on the agenda, so the fact that Moscow had made this issue a subject of great discussion seemed strange to him.

    Ukraine plans
    In July, Zelensky announced the immutability of Ukraine plans to join NATO. He believed that this would be the best guarantee for security.

    Zelensky also welcomed the NATO’ agreement to accept Sweden and Finland into its ranks. According to him, the same decision regarding the Ukraine would have prevented the conflict and would have relieved the West of the need to provide large-scale assistance to Kiev.

    Zelensky stated the main condition for refusing to join NATO — the West must give Ukrainians security guarantees. They must be legally binding.

    Ukraine NATO membership had been on the country’s domestic agenda ever since Kiev had declared independence from Moscow. After the events of 2014, when power changed in the Ukraine during mass protests, the new leaders of the state chose a course of rapprochement with the North Atlantic Alliance.

    After the start of the Russian special operation, Zelensky sharply criticized the actions of NATO. The Ukrainian president questioned the ability of the alliance to protect even the member countries of the organization.

    Moscow’s position
    In turn, Moscow opposed the expansion of NATO and Ukraine entry into the alliance. Russian President Vladimir Putin called Kiev a NATO tool to contain Russia.
    He urged Ukraine to abandon its aspirations to join NATO.

    Searching for exit ramp?


  39. Britannia wakes from her slumbers!

    British military urged to prepare loved ones for a possible war with Russia
    22 August, 2022

    Warrant Officer Carney urged the British military to prepare for a possible war with Russia

    British military personnel should warn their families that they could be sent to war with Russia, warrant officer Paul Carney said in the official magazine of the British Army “Soldier”.

    I ask that you discuss with them a possible deployment right now

    the warrant officer said.

    Carney also urged military personnel to find the phone numbers of welfare departments and priests.

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, earlier, when answering a question about the possibility of preparing for a “war” with Russia, said he did not think that “it would come to that”. Johnson argued that NATO countries were only helping the Ukraine so that it could defend itself.

    Russia had previously sent a note to NATO countries because of the supply of weapons to the Ukraine. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that any cargo that contains weapons for the Ukraine would become a legitimate target for Russia. The Foreign Ministry stated that NATO countries were “playing with fire” by supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

    Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that pumping the Ukraine with weapons from the West did not contribute to the success of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations and would have a negative effect.

    Since February 24, Russia has been conducting a military special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Vladimir Putin stated its task as “the protection of people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years”. According to the president, the ultimate goal of the operation is the liberation of the Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee the security of Russia itself.

    The Russian army, together with the forces of the DPR and LPR, have completely liberated the Lugansk People’s Republic and a significant part of Donetsk, including Volnovakha, Mariupol and Svyatogorsk.

    Carney or Karno?

    Fred Karno was a pre-WWI British musical hall performer, a comedian.

    A British Tommy’s WWI song went as follows:

    We are Fred Karno’s Amy,
    The Ragtime Infantry.
    We cannot shoot, we cannot fight
    What fucking use are we?
    And when we get to Berlin,
    We’ll hear the Kaiser say:
    “Hoch, hoch! Mein Gott,
    What a fucking awful lot,
    Are the Ragtime Infantry!”

    The ditty was sung to the melody of the Church of England hymn “The Church’s One Foundation”, written in 1866, which goes:

    The church’s one foundation
    is Jesus Christ, her Lord;
    she is his new creation
    by water and the Word:
    from heav’n he came and sought her
    to be his holy bride;
    with his own blood he bought her,
    and for her life he died.


    1. Uh huh. A Warrant Officer – a non-commissioned member one rank above Sergeant in a country where Commanders and Colonels are the coffee gofers at Headquarters, laying down national policy. Only a nation obsessed with silly media gossip the way Britain is would take anything like this seriously. If there actually is another World War, quite a few countries’ military leaders who are yammering about battle and getting to grips with the enemy are in reality not even going to get within sight of the enemy; a nuclear exchange will devastate many of the world’s nations before their armed forces even leave their own borders. Anyone who is even talking about war when the world faces so many terrible problems – brought about by leaders’ foolishness – is a fool.


  40. Daria Platonova (Dugina)

    PRILEPIN Zakhar
    Last night, a car carrying Daria Platonova, the daughter of philosopher Alexander Gelyevich Dugin, was blown up on Mozhaiskoe Highway. An explosive device had been placed under the car, which literally threw the car off the highway. The car was smashed so that even the licence plates could not be found.

    It is worth explaining a few things. Dasha spent the whole day at the festival “Tradition” on the Zakharovo estate in the Moscow region. We saw her several times during the day, she was inspired and somehow surprisingly beautiful. The festival “Tradition” was invented by us eight years ago. And this date is not accidental. All these years, it has united us, in fact, those same people for whom the Donbass is their own, and this is a personal pain.

    From the very first festival, when there was no Z, of course, it was the assembly point for all of us: for those who sing, work, and serve in the Donbass; for those who have shared this tragedy from the very beginning. And then it also became a family festival. Both participants and guests began to come and come to it — together with their children. Alexander Gelyevich Dugin was a regular guest and friend of ours. And Dasha was always with him.

    Last night, he was supposed to get into the car with his daughter, but quite randomly got into another car. Last night from the festival, from the same common parking lot, left the following: the co-organizer of the festival, a long-time friend of the Donbass and its militia commanders Eduard Boyakov together with his whole family; our friend and brother all these years Alexey Django Poddubny with his family; our friend and brother Dmitry Revyakin with his family and team; violinist Peter Lundstrom with my family. Also there had been there and left the same place a little earlier, at the same time or a little later: military commander and musician Akim Apachev, military commander and poet Anna Dolgareva, poet from Donetsk Anna Revyakina, friend of the Donbass and artist Sergey Puskepalis, friend of the Donbass artist Sergey Makhovikov, the group “St. John’s Wort”, and many of our and their own relatives in the Donbass. There were fighters, militia members, Donetsk and Luhansk reservists. And there were a huge number of children.

    There, everyone’s cars were parked nearby, and everyone was driving home in a general traffic jam.

    Dasha left a few minutes ahead of the general flow.

    These inhumans who did this — they had been there; their faces are on the video recorders; they were there pushing, shoving, waiting. They were preparing. This crime has names, surnames, customers, and we know who they are and where they are. We all know this, the whole country. And this, finally, must be understood and felt by the whole country.

    There are no words to express our sympathy and condolences to Alexander Dugin.

    Dasha was 30 years old. It’s unbearable.


  41. Further to the Finn’s reference to shit-for-brains delight on social networks over Dugina’s murder, this Mark Sloboda comment in MoA today:

    Mark Sleboda @MarkSleboda1 – 9:11 UTC · Aug 21, 2022
    The attempted assassination of Dugin which instead resulted in the killing of his daughter, was part of the increasingly demented propaganda and infowar of a desperate and crumbling U.S. proxy Putsch regime in Kiev in lieu of success on the battlefield of which it is incapable.

    The killing of “Putin’s brain” who “inspired” the Russian intervention in the Ukrainian civil conflict would be celebrated by Kiev regime propagandists as a “victory”. It does not matter in the slightest that none of it is true.

    It doesn’t matter that in reality Dugin has never met or spoken to Putin. It doesn’t matter that his unique ideas had zero influence in the Kremlin and little to none in the rest of Russian society. In doesn’t matter that to the contrary the Kremlin got Dugin fired from Moscow State University and banned him from government media because of his strident views on the Putsch in Ukraine at a time when the Kremlin was pushing the Minsk accords to resolve the civil conflict there.

    The truth doesn’t matter because Dugin has been blown up as a caricature bogeyman in the minds of the West and Putsch-controlled Ukraine. And his assassination would thus still serve as a propaganda victory, in spite of it’s complete divorce from reality.

    In this, the Western media which caricatured and inflated Dugin and the Western governments which nonsensically sanctioned him are fully complicit in the murder of Darya Dugina, his daughter.

    Some folks in Kiev and London will have to pay a high price for this ugly deed.

    Dugin was fired from his academic post after his having urged “Kill, kill, kill!”, his exhortation directed at the arsonists who burnt alive pro-Moscow protesters in the trade Union House at Odessa.


    1. Again from the above linked MoA comments, with reference to Dugin’s “Kill,kill, kill!” outburst:

      You will have a hard time avoiding all the state run or at least state+twitter sanctioned war monger twatters that call the death of his daughter “karma” for him having demanded to “kill, kill, kill all Ukrainians”.

      This is a lie. The clip that is usually featured with it is 7 seconds long and ripped out of context, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they go even further and change it. He doesn’t mention Ukrainians in that sentence. Ukrainians are, however, mentioned repeatedly in the context that they deliberately cut out. Things he said include:

      >Ukrainians are a great Slavonic people

      >Dugin points out his own family has Ukrainian origins and comes from Poltava

      >He specifically talks about the Kievan regime in the context of the Odessa massacre.

      >He considers the criminals and the junta a stain on his own blood. These are the people he wants the talks to end with, and whom he very emotionally demands to “kill, kill, kill”. Anyone who’s seen the footage of the Odessa massacre will have a hard time to disagree.

      >He wants that the Ukrainians themselves rise up against the regime.

      Jumping up for joy on Twitter!

      “Bellingcat” joins in the praise!

      The world is with the assassins of Dugina!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. There was brief talk in one of the MoA comments forums that Daria Dugina had investigated and found dirt on Bellingcrap and current Bellingcrap head Hristo Gruzev in particular which she was intending to make public in the near future. Certainly Bellingcrap was among the first to hit Twitter as soon as news of her death started to spread.


  42. And it turns out that Dugina was on the Banderite bastards’ mirotvorets hit list, as is her father.

    And for those who are unaware what Mirotvorets is — the word means “peacemaker” — it is a Bandaretard Kiev-based website and NGO that publishes a running list, sometimes with personal information, of people who are considered by its authors to be “enemies of the Ukraine”,

    I should be on the list, if only for using the definite article before “Ukraine”.


  43. I am starting to wonder whether whoever planned and carried out the bombing attack that killed Daria Dugina / Platonova (and which might have been intended for her father or possibly for both of them) might have been part of the festival that they both attended.


  44. Komsomolskaya Pravda

    21 August 2022 20: 59
    What was Daria Dugina killed for? Who benefits from the massacre of the daughter of the ideologist of the “Russian World” Alexander Dugin
    Who organized the murder of the Russian philosopher’s daughter, who was actually targeted by the criminals, and why was Daria Dugina killed – we answer five main questions

    Hand on heart, many of our readers comments about Daria Dugina and her philosopher father were first heard only after her gruesome murder. When crime bosses, politicians or entrepreneurs are killed, ordinary people understand why this could happen. But here we have a really murky forest.

    Alexander Dugin, who was most likely the target, is a thinker with a capital letter “T”. His daughter was a philosopher and political scientist. Neither she nor her father have had any special payments, nor have they had any administrative authorities. They hadn’t been inside the Kremlin offices. Why was it necessary to blow up (!) the car? Why were the Ukrainian special services immediately suspected?

    About her personal life, despite the noticeable media popularity of recent times, of the deceased Daria Dugina we know very little. She was born in December 1992 into the family of philosophers Alexander Dugin and Natalia Melentyeva.

    After school, she (who could have doubted this would happen) entered the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. In 2015, she completed her post-graduate studies with a dissertation on “Interpretation of Plato’s Political Philosophy in the Commentaries of Proclus Diadochus”. In general, if you look specifically at the woman’s scientific works, they are mostly about ancient philosophy.

    But in the last year or two, Dugina actively began to enter political science. On the Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in the morning, together with Sergei Mardan, she discussed the political and public agenda. At the last Army 2022 forum, Daria made a presentation on network wars. And thanks to her excellent knowledge of French, she commented on the policies of Macron and the Elysée Palace.

    And separately, she, like her father, talked a lot on the Internet about the future of the Russian world.

    “They could have become stars. Dasha often accompanied her father, she loved and understood him”, said on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda family friend, director and producer Eduard Boyakov.

    The woman made enough controversial statements. She approved of Taliban policy, offered to clear Moscow of migrants and conduct a special operation within Russian society. In July, the UK added Daria to its sanctions list for spreading disinformation.

    Alexander Gelievich has more than enough academic awards: he is a candidate of philosophical sciences, doctor of political and sociological sciences, the leader of the International Eurasian Movement.

    But the main value of a philosopher is not in his awards and titles, but in his ideas. Dugin is the author of the “Fourth Political Theory”. In his opinion, this should be the next stage after liberalism, Marxism and fascism.

    The fourth political theory tells about the multipolarity of the world. Different civilizations will exist on their own unique principles. There will be Chinese, Islamic, Indian and other civilizations. And the current special operation in the Ukraine is Russia’s desire to protect its Russian world from Anglo-Saxon and Franco-German cultures.

    Dugin believes that in the future there will be a Eurasian superpower. Russia shall have to integrate the former Soviet republics into the new Eurasian Union.

    Since 2014 he has been on the EU sanctions list, and since 2015, on the US sanctions list. American political commentator and conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck in his YouTube channel called our thinker “the most dangerous person on the planet”.

    The fact that the Ukrainian special services might be involved in Daria’s murder was brought up almost immediately.

    “The terrorists of the Ukrainian regime, trying to eliminate Alexander Dugin, blew up his daughter…” – the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin wrote in Telegram.

    “If a Ukrainian footprint is confirmed – and this version was voiced by the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin – it should be checked by the competent authorities, and then we shall need to talk about the policy of state terrorism implemented by the Kiev regime. There are plenty of facts accumulated over the years: from political calls for violence to the leadership and participation of state structures of the Ukraine in crimes”, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said and requested that the results of the investigation be waited for.

    Political scientist, Director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov on Radio KP (97.2 FM) said that the frequent attacks on the Crimea, sabotage and now the attack on Alexander Dugin are links in the same chain. The task of their organizers is to show NATO that the Ukrainian army can harm Russia and then scrounge even more weapons from the West.

    “Zelensky had announced an offensive on Kherson. But he knows that nothing is working out there. Now they are showing their strength in this way”, explains Markov.

    These acts of sabotage are happening right now for one reason: August 24 is Ukraine Independence Day, and Zelensky is trying to provoke a reaction from Russia.

    “They hope that we will strike at the centre of Kiev – at the parade, thereby showing “monstrous barbarism” in front of the whole world”, Markov said.

    Markov also put forward a version that the explosion of the car where the philosopher Alexander Dugin was supposed to travel in was an attempt by the British to cause a quarrel between Russia and Turkey, which was masterfully executed by the Ukrainian special services.

    Publicist Yegor Kholmogorov on KP Radio is also inclined to believe that the West may be behind the crime:

    “Alexander Gelyevich formulated, not only and not so much for Russia, but for the whole world, a holistic anti-globalist, anti-American, anti-liberal ideology. That is, an ideology that is equally suitable for China, for Argentina, for Iran, for some African countries, etc., for anyone who does not want to dance to the Washington tune. And, of course, this ideology will spread very actively around the world. Since it is already clear that the world is getting itself out of the control of the United States, including ideological control, and of course it was then very important for these forces to destroy the person who would create an alternative agenda”.

    “Who acted as performers, in general, is also completely clear and transparent. Because it was done in such a stiff, but in its own way, very effective style, This was visible in the Donbass, when Motorola was killed, when Givi was killed. But it’s just that they probably wouldn’t have been smart enough to start with this type of figure, but someone smarter in their real decision centre decided to hit our decision centres. But you need to understand that in order for these decisions to be made, you first need someone to come up with them, formulate them, and voice them. And, of course, Dugin was one of those people”, Kholmogorov said.

    Member of the Council on Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bohdan Bezpalko also grants that there is a Ukrainian footprint:

    “Of course, we don’t know exactly whether the Ukrainian side committed this murder, on its order, or its perpetrators. But the fact that Podolyak (Mykhailo, a Ukrainian political strategist — Ed.) refuses authorship of this crime is understandable”.

    According to the expert, if the Ukraine is suspected of political assassinations, then in the future it may lose military support. The West will stop transferring weapons, because they will eventually be used for attacks on peaceful targets.

    “I am absolutely sure that this was an attempt to kill Alexander Gelyevich Dugin, as a result of which, by such an amazing, almost mystical coincidence, his daughter Dasha died instead of him”, Kholmogorov told KP.RU. “I think that she was really such a star hope of our political science, our international political science, our conservative philosophy. We have been left without her, but in fact it has turned out that she has been made into a sacrifice for her father, whom, understandably, they wanted to destroy.

    Co-host of Daria Dugina on Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio Sergey Mardan explained why Alexander Dugin and his family had become the target of criminals.

    “Dugin is the author of “Russkiy Mir” [“The Russian World” —ME] . At first, this term was ridiculed for 8 years, and then they tried to kill its creator. Russian life over the past 30 years has been an intellectual desert. If we look at Russia, at Russian culture, then here, by and large, there is nothing and no one even to stop to look at: everything is over. And here on this vacant lot stands the sole figure of Dugin. Why am I talking about him? Because with philosophy everything begins; with an idea everything begins; with a concept everything begins. And this idea of the Russian world, after all, began to crystallize neatly, imperceptibly, precisely in 2014, when the Crimea became part of Russia again.


  45. This is just a brief ‘drive-by’ posting (sorry, additional health issues are making my life harder as usual), in regard to the murder of Mr Dugin’s daughter.
    Firstly, there’s the horrible, disgraceful report in the Telegraph – paywalled – where the headline is sufficient and sufficiently despicable to make any further reading superfluous:
    “Russia blames Kyiv for killing daughter of ‘Putin’s Rasputin’, but the truth may be closer to home – Car bomb attack in Moscow most likely to be a false flag attack to whip up public support and escalate war against Ukraine”
    [link, if you must (paywalled): ]
    A likely story, innit! There is however a report in the German ‘Die Welt’ – also paywalled – where we read in the summary (machine translated.):
    “A hitherto unknown national resistance group commits to the killing of Alexander Dugin’s daughter in Russia. The group calls for armed partisan struggle with the aim of overthrowing the Putin regime. As her voice speaks ex-Duma deputy Ilya Ponomaryov. He was the only one to vote against the annexation of Crimea.”
    [link, also :paywalled ]
    And then they present a video in that concoction, in Russian, which allegedly is a ‘confession’. All you Russian speakers might decide if it is or ain’t:


    1. Ponomarev has been since 2015 a permanent resident of Kiev.

      He and his media outlets came to the attention of the Western news media following the murder Darya Dugina.

      Ponomarev personally read a statement claiming responsibility for the attack from a hitherto-unknown group calling itself National Republican Army (NRA) (Russian: Национальная республиканская армия [НРА]).

      Yea The statement condemned both Dugina and her father.

      He also joined Yukietard defence forces, stating he was not fighting against Russia but against Putin, “Putinism” and “Russian fascism”.


      1. Already discredited as the perpetrators have been identified as Ukrainian operatives per a posting below.

        A commentator on the MoA alleged that Dugin had murdered his own daughter as she had fallen in love with a Ukrainian freedom fighter or something. It will likely be mentioned in the coverage by the MSM.


  46. Negotiating from a position of strength again!


    Zelensky has named the “red line”, beyond which Kiev will not enter into negotiations with Moscow
    22 August, 2022

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has threatened Russia with a “red line”, beyond which Kiev would refuse peace talks. This he stated in a video message on the Telegram channel.

    According to the Ukrainian leader, a trial of Ukrainian servicemen who participated in the hostilities in Mariupol should soon take place. Zelensky specified that Kiev’s reaction to this would be unequivocal. This may be a “red line” in the matter of negotiations.

    “If our people are brought to this stage in violation of all agreements, all international rules, if there are abuses, this will be the line beyond which no negotiations are possible. Russia will cut itself off from negotiations. There will be no more conversations. Our state will have said everything”, Zelensky warned.

    Earlier, Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov spoke about the murders of children by members of the Azov Regiment (a terrorist organization banned in Russia). According to the head of the Russian department, members of a Ukrainian formation tortured and killed civilians, including young children, deliberately attacked civilian facilities, mined and planted explosives in public places.

    Members of Azov surrendered in large numbers to the allied forces in Mariupol on May 17, leaving the territory of the Azovstal plant unconditionally. Then about 300 fighters of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine (AFU) left the territory of the plant.

    Tell him to button it!

    Tell him that after his dolts have surrendered, he’ll be next up for the high jump — better said, “short drop”.


    1. What ‘agreements’ and ‘international rules’ is he talking about? Criminals from other countries must not be put on trial? I have a hard time believing Russia ever entered into any such agreement and it is most certainly not an international rule, although the west is very fond of screaming about disregard for international law without citing any specific statute or law. For instance, the secession of Crimea is often cited by the west as a blatant violation of international law, although there was a great deal more about it of legality than the partition of the former Yugoslavia and the ‘independence’ of Kosovo. When invited to cite the section of international law violated, defenders of The Western Way sneer, “Ever heard of the Budapest Memorandum?” in a fashion which suggests it is a document of international law – which it is not – and ignore that it was signed under the assumption that conditions no longer present would prevail. It certainly never envisioned Ukrainian independence in circumstances where it is coaxed to join a hostile western alliance as an enemy of Russia, and it would take quite a special retard in the Russian presidency to adhere to it under those conditions.

      There are plenty of witnesses in Mariupol and the region to Azov’s criminal activities and even war crimes, some of which were touched on recently by Amnesty International, to a chorus of hisses and fury from Ukraine and its western string-pullers.


  47. Hey, Geriatric Joe, Blinken, Price, Sullivan!

    You got any more “sanctions from hell” in line?

    11:36 22.08.2022
    Gas prices in Europe have exceeded $3,000 per thousand cubic metres.

    Gas prices in Europe for the first time since March have exceeded three thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters

    MOSCOW, August 22 – RIA Novosti. Gas prices on the European market for the first time since the beginning of March broke the bar of three thousand dollars per thousand cubic meters, according to the London ICE exchange.

    At the opening of trading, September futures (on the index of the largest European hub TTF) jumped to $2,800, traded at $2,921 by 11:07 Moscow time, and 12 minutes later reached $3,022.4, adding 19 percent to the settlement price of the previous trading day ( $2538.8).

    Gas quotes have been primarily affected by Gazprom’s statement that from August 31 to September 2, the Nord Stream gas pipeline would be stopped for scheduled maintenance of the only working gas pumping unit at the Portovaya compressor station.

    The European gas market has been experiencing significant fluctuations for more than a year now. Experts attributed the rise in prices to limited supply from major suppliers, low occupancy of underground storage facilities and high demand for liquefied natural gas in Asia.
    In addition, after the start of the military special operation in the Ukraine, the export of Russian gas has significantly decreased: supplies through the Nord Stream and through the Ukrainian gas transportation system have significantly decreased, and the Yamal-Europe pipeline has completely stopped. This has yet another rise in prices, and on March 7, gas prices set a historical record – $3,892 per thousand cubic meters.

    Now Europe continues to be under pressure because of the ongoing tension with Russian exports. The situation has also been influenced by the heat established in the region, owing to which the generation of electricity by alternative sources has been reduced.

    What, hot weather, no wind, no wind generators spinning?

    Call Baerbock now!

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  48. CNN shite:

    A grim winter will test Europe’s support for Ukraine like never before

    Updated 0857 GMT (1657 HKT) August 22, 2022

    Full of crap, such as the following:

    ”There is growing concern in some quarters that if Ukraine appears to be losing ground to Russia this may accelerate calls for a negotiated settlement. Zelensky must continue to work his PR magic and promote the message that Ukraine is still making progress, fighting hard and needs weapons,” Theresa Fallon, director at the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies, tells CNN.

    Appears to be losing ground?

    “As soon as people sense that [Kyiv] is on the losing side they may start to ask why do we continue to supply costly weapons to Ukraine at a time of economic stress. Why are we throwing good money after bad,” she says.

    This will be critical, she points out, as many key allies also go through turbulent political periods at home. Italy will hold an election, the United Kingdom will have a new prime minister and the United States will hold mid-term elections that may determine the rest of President Joe Biden’s first term in office.

    “As domestic political issues start to dominate, citizens might ask why are we helping Ukraine instead of building infrastructure,” Fallon adds.

    For all that the West can reasonably pat itself on the back for its initial response to the crisis, things are about to get a hell of a lot harder. Most officials acknowledge that no one has a clue on how this conflict ends. And while most would like to see Ukraine achieve its goals of standing up to Putin and forcing him out of their country, their true resolve has yet to be fully tested.
    And the miserable truth is that should the time come, a negotiated peace involving Putin might not feel as much of a worry to countries that don’t share a frontier with Russia and, bluntly, don’t see Moscow as the sole cause of such an existential crisis.

    Don’t let Tinker Bell die!

    All together now, say after me over and over: “I believe in fairies! I believe in fairies!”


  49. Did not take long a crack the Dugin murder case:

    Ukraine’s special services are behind the murder of Daria Dugina, and the perpetrator of the crime is Natalya Vovk, a Ukrainian national, the Federal Security Service (Russian acronym FSB) has concluded.
    “It has been established that the crime was prepared and committed by the Ukrainian special services. The perpetrator is Natalya Pavlovna Vovk, a citizen of Ukraine born in 1979, who arrived in Russia on July 23, 2022 together with her daughter…,” the domestic security agency said in a statement Monday.

    Russia should and will ask for cooperation from Western countries (which will likely be refused) in bringing the murderer and her enablers to justice. . They will likely make a military strike(s) on assets of the Ukrainian special services. And this cowardly act of terrorism will further strengthen Russia’s resolve to end Nazism and terrorism emanating from the West.


    1. The perpetrator of Dugina’s murder has been put on the international wanted list…

      The alleged killer.

      Ukrainian citizen Natalia Vovk, who is the [alleged — ME] perpetrator of the murder of political scientist and journalist Daria Dugina in the Moscow region, shall be put on the wanted list for the purpose of subsequent extradition to Russia, law enforcement agencies reported.

      “Natalia Pavlovna Vovk, a citizen of Ukraine who went into hiding in Estonia after the execution of the murder of Daria Dugina, shall be put on the wanted list for the purpose of extradition”, law enforcement officials told TASS.

      Earlier, the FSB reported that the murder of Dugina had been prepared by the Ukrainian special services, the performer is a citizen of the Ukraine Natalia Vovk, who has hidden in Estonia.

      It is specified that in order to organize the murder of Dugina and obtain information about her lifestyle, Vovk and her daughter rented an apartment in Moscow in the house where the journalist lived.

      They watched Dugina from a Mini Cooper car. At the same time, when entering Russia, the licence numbers of the Donetsk People’s Republic were used-E982XN DPR, in Moscow – Kazakhstan numbers 172AJD02, and when leaving – the Ukrainian AH7771IP.

      Recall that in the evening of August 20, an explosive device went off in a Toyota Land Cruiser car moving near the village of Bolshye Vyazemy in the Moscow region, after which the car caught fire. It was established that the explosive device was placed under the bottom of the car on the driver’s side. Daria Dugina, who was driving the jeep, died on the spot. A criminal case has been opened on the fact of the girl’s murder (paragraph ” e ” of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), it shall be investigated by the central office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. According to investigators, Dugina’s murder was planned and ordered.

      Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that if the version about the “Ukrainian trace” in the case of Dugina’s murder is confirmed by the competent authorities, then we can talk about the policy of state terrorism. from Kiev. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities claim non-involvement in Dugina’s murder. The father of the deceased, political scientist Alexander Dugin, in turn, spoke about the threats that he and his daughter had received from the Ukraine.

      To the Heroine —Glory?


        1. Is that a tattoo of cannabis that she is sporting on her right calf?

          Quite appropriate for an assassin.

          Kadyrov’s chaps regularly report that the Banderite filth are usually sky high when they are taken prisoner.


          1. Would Russia be justified in “taking her out” as the US is prone to say rather than to use the word “assassinate”? Given that the SMO will achieve its goals in the next few months, perhaps such an act would not adversely affect “negotiations” which will be little more than a formal surrender.

            Military strikes against Ukraine “special services” would be appropriate.


            1. Do you think Estonia will be asked to extradite her?

              Or will she be considered as inviolable as she works for the “good guys”, for freedom and democracy and the rule of law?

              And she used her daughter as a cover whilst she was perpetrating her noble deed.


              1. If Estonia does not extradite her, Russia should proceed with demolishing all Ukrainian “special service” facilities and impose sanctions on Estonia (although further attacks on its Russian population could be expected).

                The MSM may declare it’s a frame-up and simultaneously claim thatthe victim was part of Putin’s maligned plans so the heroine was a fighter for freedom. I suspect a movie by Netflix or HBO is already in the making.


              2. If Estonia does not extradite Natalia Vovk for questioning, the country exposes itself to accusations of protecting criminals and terrorists (and even being an accessory or participant in Daria Dugina’s murder) and Russia may have grounds for sanctioning the Estonian govt and its agencies. Perhaps someone should remind Tallinn of who its main trade partner is and who supplies much of its energy needs.


                1. thanks Jen. I am familiar with switched reluctance motor. As noted in the linked articles, it does not require strong permanent magnets to work. It does require a variable frequency drive configured to produce an appropriate rotating magnetic field to engage the toothed steel rotor. If the motor load exceeds the torque rating, the motor loses synchronization with the rotating magnetic field resulting in a sharp drop off in torque. Never heard of saliency but then again I have never heard of a lot of things (obviously an assumption but a reasonable one). Induction motors are by far the most common type with ideal characteristics but lose a point or two in efficiency frome the induced current needed to magnetize the rotor. Hope the kid succeeds.


                2. They should cut their gas off altogether. Germany as well. Let the bastards freeze. If they complain they don’t have any gas, tell them to fart into the pipe.


          2. I imagine this is another attempt at misdirection, to send all and sundry off chasing their tails in search of an imaginary assassin. Whoever actually did it should be quietly caught and noisily killed in the most drawn-out and miserable way, all out of the public eye and completely unacknowledged except for the persons abruptly disappearing.


  50. Funny how the doltish Russian security services could quickly uncover the alleged killer yet could not poison anyone with the most deadly nerve agents known to man, apart from a drunkard in England, and sent two idiot agents on a “wet job” to the UK, to Winchester, under the ludicrous cover that they were tourists interested in visiting a Gothic English cathedral, not to mention the polonium trail that led back from London to the Kremlin, as Harding was found of saying, following the assassination of that loser Litvinenko.


  51. What a loving mother! Took her 12-year-old daughter as a companion when she went on her “wet job”. Mustn’t have had no one to look after her when she was on a business trip in Russia.

    The perpetrator is a citizen of the Ukraine Vovk Natalya Pavlovna, born in 1979, who arrived in Russia on July 23, 2022, together with her daughter Shaban Sofia Mikhailovna, born in 2010,” the FSB has said.

    The department said that on the day of the murder, Vovk and Shaban were at the Tradition literary and musical festival together with Dugina. After a controlled explosion of the car, Vovk, together with her daughter, left on August 21 through the Pskov region to Estonia.


  52. Going completely off-topic, here’s an article of interest to Patient Observer and other engineering people:

    This 17-Year-Old Designed a Motor That Could Potentially Transform the Electric Car Industry

    “Robert Sansone’s research could pave the way for the sustainable manufacturing of electric vehicles that do not require rare-earth magnets …”

    More information about Robert Sansone’s engine motor design that won him a major science / engineering award and USD$75,000 in prize money at this link.



    In the Zaporozhyaregion, Vovk has been advised to “immediately” apply for asylum in Russia
    23 August, 2022

    Member of the Council of the Zaporozhya region, Rogov, has advised Vovk to immediately apply for asylum in Russia

    Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhya region, has said that Ukrainian citizen Natalya Vovk, suspected of the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dugina, should seek asylum at the Russian embassy in Estonia.

    “The only chance for Natalia Vovk of staying alive is to immediately run to the Russian embassy in Estonia and seek asylum there. Then she will face trial remain alive” Rogov wrote in his Telegram channel.

    According to him, if Vovkhad no time to do this, then “her SBU [СБУ: Ukraine Security Service — ME] bosses or their Anglo-Saxon masters” will get rid of her, as a dangerous witness.

    Political scientist and journalist Daria Dugina died on Saturday evening in a car explosion on the Mozhaisk highway in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

    The Russian Federal Security Service said on Monday that Ukrainian special services were behind the murder of Dugina, and the perpetrator was Ukrainian citizen Natalya Vovk, who had arrived in Russia with her daughter on July 23. According to the FSB, after a controlled explosion of the car, the perpetrator of the murder and her daughter left for Estonia through the Pskov region.

    This “Anglo-Saxon” crap pisses me off!

    I am English and I feel no relationship to the members of that cess pit that controls USA policies, many of whom seeming to bear a grudge against Russia and Russians as a result of their having had Jewish forebears who had emigrated from the Russian Empire to the Land of the Free.

    In fact, the majority of USA citizens who are descendants of European immigrants have forebears who emigrated from what is now called Germany.

    As regards the political “leadership” of my “motherland”, I should hardly say that they are “Anglo-Saxon”. And the head of state of the UK, if she were a normal citizen who had taken her husband’s family name, would be called Frau Glücksberg, her maiden name having been Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.


  54. From today’s MoA:

    1) The Euro closes at below $1 US Dollar for the first time since 2002.

    2) Electricity in Germany hits 700 €/MWh for delivery in August 2023. This 14 times the pre-crisis price. The total cost for Europe in inflationary pressure is almost 2 trillion Euros. (650 €/MWh in extra cost times 2776 TWh per year)

    Waddya reckon to that Scholz, Baerbock, Habeck?


    1. Again from the above-linked MoA comments:

      “Odd… if a Ukrainian citizen with known Azov affiliations was living in a recently rented apartment next to a high profile citizen, you would think the FSB would be monitoring their activity 24/7.
      Posted by: Opport Knocks | Aug 22 2022 15:07 utc | 5

      You’re presuming Dugin is a “high profile citizen”.

      All credible journalists who report about Russia say that Dugin was a fringe nutjob who gulled foreign news agencies with a totally unsubstantiated CV. Or, in other words: he spoke 30 languages and in each one claimed he had ties to the Kremlin even though he had no such ties.

      Dugin’s reputation has been entirely fantasized by the foreign press–the same press that persuaded this deluded Nazi bitch to blow up his entirely innocent daughter.

      Damned right!

      Just look at how the filth Western press describes Dugin!

      The Telegraph in the UK even calls him “Putin’s Rasputin” FFS!

      The West knows sweet FA about Russia, Russians and Russian history!

      Rah-rah, Rasputin,
      Lover of the Russian Queen!

      Load of bollocks!

      And she was not the queen, she was the Tsaritsa, not the “Tsarina”, which later term is yet another example of Western ignorance in all matters Russian.


  55. As you sow, so shall you reap — arseholes!

    The US Embassy has urged Americans to leave the Ukraine
    23 August, 2022

    The US Embassy in Kiev has called on American citizens to leave the Ukraine.

    “The U.S. Embassy encourages U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine using available means of ground transportation if it is safe to do so”, the embassy website has said in a release.

    Politico has suggested that the US is not talking about all its military assistance to Kiev.

    According to the release, this measure was taken in connection with the allegedly probable threat of Russian strikes “on civilian infrastructure and government institutions of Ukraine in the coming days”

    Note: civilian infrastructures.

    The allegedly murdered by a member of of the Banderastan security force, Dugin’s. daughter, was, I presume, not considered by the US embassy in Kiev to have been a civilian. Only Orcs stoop so low as to target civilians.


  56. For you know who:

    Why there will be no hits on “decision-making centres”

    Well, the FSB has unearthed the details of the assassination attempt on Dugin: the organizer of the attack is the Khokhol SBU [Banderastan Security Service], and the one who blew up Dugina is Khokhol scum with a pumped up with silicone fucking gob, a member of the Armed forces of the Ukraine Azov gang — her fucking face is in the picture.

    Well, I don’t know about other people, but I had no doubts that the attack was organized by the Ukrainians.

    And then, of course, the calls for the long-promised strikes against the Khokhol “decision-making centres” have erupted with renewed vigor — BUT WHEN?

    I’m afraid to disappoint many, but from my point of view, there is not going to be a “retaliatory strike” as it is understood and eagerly awaited by the masses (destruction of the government quarter of Kiev, strikes on other cities of Khokholostan, etc.) and there will not be one, because that is the road to nowhere.

    Well, we will fuck up the centre of Kiev (Dnipropetrovsk, Lvov, Kharkov, etc.) — and so what? And after more terrorist attacks and sabotage, what about fucking up the residential areas, killing the Ukrainians by the thousands?

    Nah, I don’t feel sorry for them, but that doesn’t solve anything such idiotic “revenge attacks” won’t stop the Khokhol terror, because the decisions on actions are made by some, whilst others will die as a result of “revenge attacks”.

    In addition, this will make Putin look like a complete arsehole, eating the children of the Khokhls alive — not in front of “Western public opinion”, which no one gives a shit about, but in the eyes of sober-minded citizens of the Russian Federation.

    In general, that is not our way.

    But to revive the glorious traditions of Merkader [NKVD assassin of Trotsky — ME] and Sudoplatov [long serving Soviet espionage chief — ME] is the logical and correct answer. Individual terror against the established Khokhol criminals will yield very good results.

    For example, the elimination of this lip-smacking whore-bitch who blew up Dugina would be an excellent illustration {signal} of what awaits them as potential perpetrators of terrorist attacks. And, of course, attention should be paid to those who planned the action — I don’t think it would be difficult to identify the shits.

    Besides, it’s high time to destroy the Elensky Clown’s cocaine gang, and Dugina’s murder is a perfect pretext — the fact that the scum have fled to Lvov will not save them: it only takes will, political will.

    Well, these are, of course, the particulars. The global task is the total defeat of Khokholostan, accompanied by the physical destruction of as many Ukro-Nazis as possible, and that way in the given conditions of SMO-sleuthing is not quick.

    But there is a quite effective and low-cost option to speed up the process considerably it is the complete destruction of the energy system of Khokhlostan, which is exactly the path that should have been taken 3 months ago. It doesn’t even require destroying thermal electric power stations and other generating facilities — it is enough just to destroy the biggest power hubs (stations/substations/transformer stations/distribution stations) and thereby reduce the rest of Khokholostan to hell on earth in just a couple of weeks.

    Some people might not realize what a total blackout is like on a national scale, but it really is Hell!

    The collapse of Khokholostan into a total blackout hell, of course, will not stop the terrorist attacks for one moment, but it will bring the total defeat of Khokholostan much closer, and in blackout conditions the scum will have many fewer opportunities, time and resources to prepare for terrorist and subversive acts.

    But, this requires political will. Do our leaders have it? The question, of course, is rhetorical, so: let us live longer and see more…

    Well, it is time for all of us, especially our intelligence services, to realize that the country is engaged in a war, an SMO, a hard, brutal and bloody one. It is necessary for our services to start working properly, in accordance with the current political moment — how could they have fucked things up with this Nazi bitch, whose data were available in all databases? Fucking hell!

    Well we all need to step up our vigilance.



    1. I wonder what reasoning lies behind comparing the price of a “Russian oligarch’s yacht” with the price of “1 HIMARS system”? What argument is the shitwit putting forward — that they both come cheap at the price?

      Given the choice and unlikely possibility that I had such sums of money to spare, I know which of those two items I should prefer to buy.


    2. Srsly? This character thinks that 50 HIMARS will win the war? Man, he’s either as crooked as a snake or dumb as a box of rocks – or maybe both. Yeah, I think I’ll go with both.
      Also, just curious, where is 404 going to get USD 200 million? They being somewhere way beyond broke.
      Bizarro world.



    Aug 23, 2022 Please Support The Channel by clicking here:

    RUSSIA IS HEADING FOR ECONOMIC OBLIVION according to YALE Chief Executive Leadership Institute (Yale CELI) Review of the Impact of the Sanctions on the Russian Economy. The IN DEPTH REPORT claims the damage done to Russia is far worse than officially reported and that the economy has problems are UNSOLVABLE. In this video I share the details of the findings, analyze the Report and provide my views on whether I agree with the findings. Is Russia HEADING FOR OBLIVION?

    0:00 Intro
    2:07 YALE PAPER
    3:53 EXPORTS
    5:11 NATURAL GAS
    12:27 PIVOT TO EAST
    13:06 OIL EXPORTS
    16:12 IMPORTS
    17:09 CHINA
    18:09 SUPPLY CHAIN
    18:35 RETAIL SALES
    18:51 OUTFLOWS
    19:25 GDP

    Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy

    The report uses “triangulation” for all its stats and data.


    1. The true impact of sanctions on Russia | DW Business Special

      Aug 5, 2022 As Europeans suffer high energy costs and the prospect of a rough winter, some have begun to ask if Western sanctions against Russia were in fact an own goal. On the face of it, Russia’s economy is not going through the meltdown once predicted and Moscow continues to make billions from selling its oil and gas to the world. However, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and his team at Yale School of Management say the narrative that Russia is riding out the sanctions is false. Their own research suggests Russia’s economy is suffering much more severely than widely reported. In this DW Business Special we discuss his findings.


    2. I have just been browsing that report. It is difficult to know if one should laugh hysterically or weep.

      Anyone who can come up with such wining text as:
      The economy of Russia during the Soviet era was largely and authentically autarkic – even though its trade grew from 10% of GDP in the 1950s to about 25% of GDP in the 1980s, this trade was largely done with its Comecon satellites through highly unequal, politicized trade deals designed to advance the interests of the Soviet Union rather
      than the Russian economy.

      Apparently the authors missed the point that Russia was a major constituent part of the USSR.

      On the other hand, his [Putin’s] erstwhile trade partners will be able to easily line up replacement sources much easier than Putin can line up replacement buyers for gas. Europe has already become an open playing field for other LNG producers such as Qatar, the United States and Australia which can come in and fill the void at great national profit,

      Must have missed Biden begging Venezuela, Iran, etc., for oil or most of Europe begging anybody & everybody for gas.

      IIRC, Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism mentioned somewhere that some of the data sources looked just a bit dodgy and Margarita Lyutova writing in Meduza has expressed some doubts about the study. A commendable effort

      As Lyutova points out:
      SSRN is intended to be a platform for academic articles, but the Yale report falls short of academic standards. For one thing, it’s missing a list of references, an appendix with data used by the authors, and a methods section, which would allow other researchers to assess its validity.

      I have not finished reading the report but let us say that I am not greatly impressed.


    3. I have been having a quick look at the first links in that piece of dross and so far they are referencing a bunch of Western news sources and, shall we say, creatively interpreting them.

      Just the lack of a reference list is damning. One article from the WSJ says “Updated July 17, 2022 9:22 am ET” . I have no idea if the authors of this paper consulted it before or after the update.

      A random check on a link led me to a blog by Timothy Ash dated Jul 4 (presumably 2022) Since I have no idea of who Timothy Ash is or his expertise, I have no reason to trust anything he says.

      Part of his intro does not encourage me.
      Well I guess the obvious answer is because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but also before that, the annexation of Crimea, and the first Russian military intervention in Donbas back in 2014. We can add here a whole string of Russian malign actions though, from cyberattacks, interference in Western elections, sabotage (explosions in the Czech Republic on ammo dumps), murder abroad (Salisbury, Litvinenko, et al) including let’s not forget repeated chemical/nuclear terrorism in attacks in Salisbury, Litvenenko and then Navalny.

      Over all, a few minutes checking links (in lieu of proper references) says to me that the paper is crap. The authors could even be right but it reads as a really badly written piece of propaganda or more likely wishful thinking. It is a really bad paper.

      Most readers will never visit the links just as most readers of academic papers do not really check the references cited. Tossing in a lot of references that make no sense helps pad a weak paper.


  58. August 23rd, 2022, 07:03 pm
    Dugin is accused of murdering his daughter

    Today I was sent a link to a completely wild, disgusting and, for me, absolutely immoral story from a so-called “Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation [SVO] General”, who reported the following about the cause of Daria Dugina’s death, assuring that his “assumptions” are “information with details about Daria’s death, the authenticity of which does not cause use any doubts whatsoever”.

    See what the bastard wrote:

    Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! On the evening of August 20, Daria Dugina, the daughter of the ideologist of “Russian fascism”, Alexander Dugin, was killed. We have information with details about Daria’s death, the authenticity of which does not cause us not cause use any doubts whatsoever. Moreover, we are sure that for many of those who know Alexander Dugin personally, our material will only confirm the assumptions.

    About a month ago, Alexander Dugin had a face-to-face conversation with his good friend, an FSB general, and this conversation with the general was recorded. During the conversation, Dugin laments the “wrong path” chosen by the Russian leadership in conducting the special military operation, insufficient measures taken, Putin’s lack of determination to “wage a real, big war until the enemy is completely defeated” etc. Dugin began by saying that ideology without the author’s willingness to make great sacrifices is only utopic. Dugin said he had thought a lot about why this is so, what is holding Putin back from “decisive action” and how it can be corrected. Alexander went on to describe an incident that happened to him during a walk: walking through the streets and thinking about how to help the president “save the country from falling into the abyss” and how to give Putin an impulse to rethink the situation and encourage him to take decisive action. Dugin saw a black-and-white kitten that was sitting on a fence in someone’s yard, and when it saw Alexander, it went along the fence towards him, waving his paw, and then it “disappeared”. After having walked on literally another one hundred and fifty metres, he saw a very similar kitten, only it was dead. And then, according to Dugin, he realized that this was a “sign of fate”. A person is worthless if he is not ready to sacrifice the most precious thing that he has for the sake of the triumph of his ideas.

    Dugin himself offered to sacrifice his daughter, which caused confusion on the part of the person with whom he was talking. But Alexander spoke quite vividly and convincingly. It was he who personally told the general that Putin also has daughters, and the death of his (Dugin’s) daughter at the hands of “Western special services”, he would take as a personal tragedy and grief, and at that moment there would be a turning point in his creation. Presumably, Putin must understand that the enemy sees weakness, that the enemy will stop at nothing and the next might be the president’s daughters, so the enemy must be destroyed on the battlefield and victory seized. The recording of the conversation was transmitted directly to the secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, after which the above-mentioned general was summoned to him. A few days later another conversation took place between the general and Dugin, which was already being recorded by the FSB, and in this conversation Dugin confirmed his proposal and determination without question.

    The general suggested that Alexander should perform in a fake operation, that he organise an alleged murder of Dugin’s daughter and in reality remove Daria from the operation by replacing her “dead body” with the disfigured corpse of an unrecognisable woman. However, Dugin firmly rejected this suggestion, saying that if the truth were revealed it would be a disaster for everyone. Alexander was subsequently contacted at least two more times and he confirmed his resolve. The assassination attempt was prepared by the FSB and took two weeks. The date was not chosen randomly and the event was indeed already presented to Putin as revenge meted out to “Navalny’s Western handlers for his failed poisoning”, which is nonsense, but it did have a very impressive effect on the president. Dugin himself knew neither the details of the assassination attempt nor the timing, it was a kind of “surprise” for him. We shall see what the consequences of this high-profile murder will be in the near future. But such sacrifices are usually in vain, Dugin’s empathy for the president is greatly overestimated.

    As far as I’m concerned, this is the most monstrous throw-in I’ve seen in years.

    Surprise, fake and post-truth all rolled into one in their most extreme expression.

    And I shall continue to believe so until this pseudo-general’s assertion is proven true.

    In general, one should have to be questioned and imprisoned for such immoral throw-ins.

    Dugin, of course, is an ambiguous historical character.

    But the time is also extremely ambiguous.

    But to accuse him of planning the murder of his daughter, as a sacrificial victim of the SVO, is pure Bandera shtick.

    To say nothing of the fact that this post also accuses the FSB, which allegedly organized the murder in order to shift the blame then onto “innocent” Azov terrorists.

    By the way, that this is a blatant lie can be seen at least by the fact that, according to this so-called “general of the SVR” (what an impostor, however), when planning the murder of Daria Dugina and knowing in advance who the FSB would accuse as a figurehead of the murder, our specialists then didn’t bother to arrest this Vovk woman with her daughter in order to knock out a confession from her in advance, but they let her go to Estonia. And she would have given it easily under the threat of torture and the painful death of her daughter.

    After all, if such thugs work in the FSB, capable of killing innocent people, then why don’t they torture a little girl in front of her mother?

    After all, it has already been recently stated here that the Russians are worse than Orcs.

    As you can see, this impostor general clearly did not think carefully about his fake.

    However, what meanness must be possessed in order to accuse not only the inconsolable father, but also our Russian special services of such a thing?

    Catch the bastard.

    It seems to me that after this, this is a matter of honour for both the FSB and the SVO, whom this false general has discredited.

    Thanks to Alexander Savvin for the tip-off


    1. This is simply an example of the most unscrupulous taking a tragic incident and trying to extract the most value in rage and grief from it. It is the opposite of those who say, “I’m sorry for your loss”; even if they don’t really feel any sorrow, they are observing the conventions of humanity. Can those who say openly “I exult in your loss”, or “I have evidence that you killed the one you said you loved” really be considered human?

      All of western society went completely off the rails sometime around the beginning of 2020, and perhaps it is a good time for humanity to be wiped out and a fresh start, maybe even for this planet to cease to exist as a life-support mechanism as it seems to be getting played out in its ability to support our numbers. As friends have pointed out, in March our new (Canadian) laws regulating ‘disinformation’ and the quaint concept of freedom of speech go into effect, and it looks like it is now our turn to play the Communists of political novels, and to have what we see and hear and think pre-washed by government and to be constantly under observation and surveillance so our behaviors can be corrected and modified for the common good. I expect most western countries who are not there already to follow suit, since there is nothing government enjoys so much as authority and regulatory power over its helpless citizens. Rules which, I need hardly mention, can be ignored with impunity by those in power.



    Zelensky has rejected the possibility of dialogue with Russia and promised to have the Crimea returned
    August 23, 2022

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the Crimean Platform summit has made a number of harsh statements. He has promised to have the Crimea returned under [Banderastan] control, dismissed the possibility of “freezing” the front line and accused Moscow of never thinking about dialogue with Kiev.

    “We shall have the Crimea back by any means that we consider correct, without consultation with other countries”, Volodymyr Zelensky said at the Crimean Platform summit (cited by Strana.UA). According to him, the return of the Crimea under the control of the Ukraine is “the resuscitation of the world legal order”.

    Zelensky added that they Ukraine would not agree to freeze the front line in order to “calm down Russia”. In his opinion, Russia “does not think about dialogue and has never thought about it”.If other countries make it clear that they are tired of the conflict, the world will be in great danger, he said.

    Volodymyr Zelensky also said that the Russian army had tried to disconnect the Zaporozhya nuclear power plant from the Ukrainian energy system, but they had failed to do so. He demanded that the territory of the nuclear power plant be released.


    If you don’t watch out, you’re gonna die soon, you shit!

    You’re gonna get bumped off by fellow Yukietards.


  60. Former US intelligence officer says NATO has greatly weakened itself by supplying weapons to the Ukraine

    Former US intelligence officer Ritter: Russia has been victorious against weapons in the Ukraine and demilitarized NATO
    23 August, 2022

    Former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter has said on the YouTube channel of political scientist Glenn Deezen that NATO had greatly weakened itself by supplying weapons to the Ukraine.

    According to the former US intelligence officer, the North Atlantic Alliance was unable to quickly restore defence capability owing to the provision of military assistance to the Ukraine. At the same time, NATO support had not helped the Ukraine, and Western weapons were being simply destroyed. Some countries of the alliance had stopped deliveries of weapons to the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, as they risked being at a “zero level of equipment”.

    Ritter recalled that the alliance would not be able to quickly restore its previous level of Defence capability because of its industrial base, which needed significant modernization.

    “Russia has won against the arsenal of the Ukraine, which was at the disposal of the second largest army of Europe even before the start of NATO deliveries, and then destroyed everything that the alliance had transferred to Kiev, thereby completely gutting its stocks In fact, Moscow had successfully demilitarized the alliance”, Ritter said.

    Earlier, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on the countries of the alliance to help the Ukraine more and faster.


      1. Not my error!

        “Deezen” is the transliteration from Cyrillic into the Latin alphabet that my Russian source used.

        I didn’t notice that error.

        Russians literally from Latin as well, e.g. фак ю.


        1. That’s what I thought. If I am correct it is a Dutch name to begin with.

          Here in Canada we had a bit of a dust-up over the name of the current President of the Russian Federation. Путин in English is transliterated as Putin. In French it is Poutine. However Canada a poutine is also a local delicacy of french fries (chips to you benighted Anglais), cheese curds and gravy. (Some people prefer grated mozzarella).

          фак ю?

          I do read simple Russian Cyrillic. It was very usefull in reading street signs in Athens.


          1. Trouble is, wannabe a Westerner Russkies, usually ad men, like to use English words and expressions transliterated into Cyrillic and when I see such concoctions, my brain jams because I don’t recognise the English meaning hidden by the Cyrillic, if you see what I mean.

            For example:


            which is “town house”.

            But the best one yet that I have seen is:


            which is “jobseeker”, but джобсикер [pronounced dzhobseeker sounds vulgar in Russian because that “yob” sound, written as еб in Cyrillic, means “fucked”.


            1. And there is a perfectly good Russian term that means “town house”, namely городской дом, but for Western wannabes, таун-хаус sounds кул, whereas the Russian for “cool” is круто, but круто is so yesterday!


  61. Видео с подозреваемой в убийстве Дарьи Дугиной

    Aug 22, 2022 ФСБ показала кадры, на которых, как утверждается, снята гражданка Украины Наталья Вовк. По версии ФСБ, именно она взорвала автомобиль с Дарьей Дугиной — дочерью философа и политолога Александра Дугина. Как заявили в ФСБ, Вовк прибыла в Россию с дочерью, а после убийства Дугиной вместе с ребенком уехала в Эстонию. Киев отрицает причастность к преступлению.


  62. Соловьеву и Симоньян приготовиться. Кто ликвидирует пропагандистов в России? Илья Пономарев

    Aug 23, 2022


    1. Is Ponomarev serious?

      .Кто ликвидирует пропагандистов в России? — Who is liquidating propagandists in Russia?

      Hmm . . . that’s a tough one! Now let me get my thinking cap on.

      Ponomarev is a major “anti-regime” — meaning anti-Russia — propagandist, a former Duma deputy, based in Kiev since 2015 and claims that he has applied for Banderastan citizenship. He joined the Banderastan territorial defence force not to fight against Russia, he says, but against Putin, “Putinism” and “Russian Fascism”, about which I commented above a couple of days ago.


      1. Although it has gone down the memory hole now and nobody speaks of it but that cesspool ‘Interpreter Mag’, Ponomarev was paid $750,000.00 from the funding for Skolkovo for delivering a couple of lectures; nice work if you can get it. Oddly enough, when they howl about corruption in Russia, payola for Ponomarev is never one of the cases cited; as far as the liberals are concerned, he’s worth every penny.


    1. Her father?


      Yeah, must have been Putin — so as to make this Banderites look wicked.

      And they’re not!

      They’re really, really nice people!

      They are.



  63. Dugin targeted as US-Ukraine shadow wars expand

    11,308 views Streamed live 3 hours ago Analyst Mark Sleboda joins The Grayzone to discuss the assassination of the daughter of Alexander Dugin, the radical ideology of the Russian academic and agitator, and the reality of his influence on the Kremlin. Aaron Mate will also join to cover the FBI’s raid on Trump’s residence and new calls from British state operatives to censor The Grayzone.


    1. Dugin is of no importance in Russia. His views are those who exist only on the extreme fringe of Russian nationalistic-traditionalist tendencies. Very few here knew of him before the murder of his daughter. He is, however, in the eyes of Western propagandists, a a high-profile, key public figures, advisor to the Evil One, whom he has very likely never met, with access to the Kremlin corridors of political power because his views coincide with the Western “narrative” about a reactionary, imperialistic Russia. As was Solzhenitsyn, Dugin is of far more import in the West than he is in Russia.

      My wife is Russian. Born and raised in the USSR, she is highly educated. She is also very patriotic, though not a “nationalist”. She often weeps over what is happening in the Ukraine as she has many friends in and fond memories of the Ukraine — to be exact, of the Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic.

      It was I who informed her the other day that Dugin’s daughter had been murdered by a car-bomb whilst driving through Bolshiye Vyazyomy, a place that she and I know well.

      “Who’s Dugin?” she asked me.


      1. Apparently, if you are interested in political philosophy he is a “Name” in the field in Russia. Of course, there is no evidence that Putin has ever met him let alone read any of his works. Probably students in political science have read him so he may affect the thinking of some people in the Russian Gov’t.

        a href=”″> The philosophers behind Putin


              1. From “The Philosophers Behind Putin”:

                A developing narrative about why Putin invaded Ukraine is that his thinking was influenced by fascist Russian philosophers. But that account is both reductive and lacking in evidence. Alexander Dugin, the man who’s been called the brains behind Putin, has no direct connection to the Kremlin, and his overall influence is hugely exaggerated.

                The idea that Dugin is “Putin’s Brain,” is far-fetched.

                My stress.


                1. Far fetched or not, that is why the Banderastan State Security thought Dugin should die, but they murdered his daughter, apparently by mistake— or was it a mistake? Apparently they must have known that Dugin’s daughter had at the lat minute decided to drive Dugin’s booby-trapped car, but they still remotely detonated the explosive device within it.

                  Banderastan, of course, considers itself be part of that “global community” in which “the rule of law” prevails.


                2. I saw a report here that the FSB had said that the device that killed Dugina had been remotely detonated.


                3. Such detonators are almost without exception short-range, and usually line-of-sight, so that the initiator can see the vehicle he or she is blowing up. So the device had to be planted in the vehicle, probably during the event both attended, then there would have had to be two-way communication between those who placed the device and the assassin who set if off, and finally the signal which detonated the explosives.

                  Remember Locard’s Principle – every contact leaves a trace.


        1. The Prof in Ottawa, he who who once ran and then scuttled the good ship “Irrussianility”, having been cut to the quick by the brutal Russian attack against dear little, sweet little, peace-loving, non-aggressive Banderastan, once did an interview with Dugin:

          SEPTEMBER 13, 2017

          The captain of the doomed ship “Irrussianilty” also wrote this

          Russia’s Emergence as an International Conservative Power

          Russia’s Emergence as an International Conservative Power
          Russian Conservatism: An Ideology or a Natural Attitude?
          Paul F. Robinson
          Paul F. Robinson
          Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Ottawa, Canada.

          Scopus AuthorID: 57205126860
          Tel: +44 (613) 562 5800 ext 4174
          Address: 120 University, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6N5, Canada
          DOI: 10.31278/1810-6374-2020-18-1-10-37


          1. Professor Robinson is greatly interested in the Russia paths to “democracy” and in those who will bring it about, the Russian bourgeois, which includes/included such shining “liberal” lights as Chubais, Kudrin, Gaidar, Sobchak father and daughter, the “creative class” etc. who fawn over all things Western, and he is therefore interested in such persons whom they see as opposed to their “progressive” beliefs, in particular their enfant terrible Dugin and the “far right” in general, hence his interest in Dugin.

            For the vast majority of Russians, however, those whom the liberasts consider быдло, Dugin et al. are of no consequence whatsoever.

            Consider this Irussianality article:

            FEBRUARY 13, 2021 PAULR



            1. I have never known of a Western journalist interviewing or reporting on members of the great majority here. I well remember how Harding was fond of interviewing members of the bourgeois here in restaurants, because the garbage that he wrote was often interspersed with comments on the food that he was devouring.

              His colleague Shawn Walker, who noticeably inflated when he was in Russia, used to make comments about the food he was given here as well — usually about dill, which he can’t abide.

              I often wanted to write to that twat Harding and ask him if he should like to come round to my housing block and interview my neighbours.

              A good job I didn’t. If I had done and he had come, he would probably have got a snack in his stupid gob for his troubles.


          2. Russia’s Emergence as an International Conservative Power is rather an interesting article. I love the lines: , “A conservative in a free market liberal democracy will be a free market liberal democrat; but a conservative in a communist society will be a communist” & “A second problem is that, as Paul Grenier points out, there is no single Russian conservatism. ” which sounds good to me. Bob Altemeyer presents some evidence of tho first statement in his book The Authoritarians

            Robinson has an interesting three article series on Russian liberalism which he argues is very different from classical Western liberalism.

            BTW, he has a new article out at Canadian Dimension Putin’s ‘ally’—a case of misreporting


            1. A “liberal” and “conservative” in a Russian context are not the same as they are in the “free world”. The Russian party of the opposition in the State Duma is conservative — the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.


              1. EXactly. Someone translated/adapted Bob Altemeyer’s questionaire into Russian and used it in the USSR. Communist Party members scored very highly on the scale. Then, a few years later some idiot US political scientist explained that the questionaire did not work because the CP members could not be right-wing authoritarians showing that she completely understood Altemayer’s work.

                BTW, “right-wing authoritarian” is a misnomer but Bob inherited the term and now it’s too late to change it.


        2. I believe Putin did once confess to have admired or been moved to reflection by something Dugin had written, which – given the western media appetite for hysterical hyperbole – saw him immediately spun as Putin’s philosophical guru, consulted before every major decision. Pretty much nothing Putin says is ever reported at face value; if he said “My ass itches”, he’d be reported to have prostate cancer before that sun went down. But Dugin is too strident and angry – difficult to imagine what his tone will be like now – for the Kremlin, which prefers a more balanced approach in foreign affairs. Dugin probably influenced those whose views his writing affirmed, as is the case with most of us who gravitate to news that supports what we believe, but he could not be reasonably said to influence official decision-making as a whole, or even close.

          Speaking of gravitating to news that affirms what you believe, the Canadian ‘government’ under Trudeau is all over that.

          Only the stuff Russia says is ‘disinformation’, you know. Like blaming international sanctions for food shortages and supply-chain boondoggles, when everyone knows it is all down to Russia’s war in Ukraine, through or over which all the world’s goods pass.

          “Appearing via videolink from Toronto alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who is in the midst of a three-day visit to Canada, Trudeau accused Russia of falsely blaming western sanctions for escalating food prices and shortages around the world.

          While Russian officials have blamed the sanctions imposed in response to its invasion of Ukraine for the food crisis, Canada and its allies say Moscow is responsible for having disrupted critical Ukrainian food production and exports.

          “I want to repeat yet again, that there are no sanctions on food. When the Russian regime blames sanctions for the food crisis around the world, they’re engaging in disinformation,” Trudeau said.”

          Yes, of course there are no sanctions on food. Just on everything that transports it, you fucking retard, so why don’t you get a specialist team going that can teach carrots to walk, or fly? Christ on a pony – is this the best we could do?


          1. I believe Putin did once confess to have admired or been moved to reflection by something Dugin had written

            If Paul Robinson is correct it was Ivan Ilyin not Dugin. Apparently Putin has one of Ilyin’s books on his book case! I have a book on how to use a bread machine (title available on request) but I have no intention of buying a bread-maker.

            Everything that Robinson and Mark Sleboda, in the video that Warren linked earlier, say suggests that Dugin is a pretty marginal figure in policy terms.

            Trudeau accused Russia of falsely blaming western sanctions for escalating food prices and shortages around the world.
            It is good to see our PM maintaining his perfect record on international affairs. Did Freeland draft the speech?


            1. I have a coy of Mein Kampf at my dacha library. In fact, I have three copies: one in German, another in Russian, and a third in English.

              Interestingly, in the free and wonderful West, in very many countries there one is not allowed to read Hitler’’s turgid and nonsensical prose but one may in that authoritarian country where 27 million, give or take the odd million, died as a result of that bastard Hitler’s rantings.

              To balance things out as regards my choice of reading, I have here in my possession God’s very word as recorded by man, namely the Holy Bible — again, in English, German and Russian: the English one is the King James Version, the language of which I find far better than that in new, improved modern English versions thereof; the German Bible is Lutheran; the Russian Bible is Russian Orthodox, of course.

              Oh yes! And I have an English translation of the Koran — the very word of Allah as dictated to Mohammad, who was illiterate at the time (how did he remember everything that was said to him?) by the Archangel Gabriel himself (herself, itself?)

              And it goes without saying, I think, that I have copies of the works of Marx, Lenin, Plato,Hume, Berkeley, Kant etc.

              I wonder how Western shite journalists would judge who influences my thoughts, were such lying filth to pay me a visit in the mansard floor of our dacha, where my library is situated?

              I should add that I read other stuff besides that crap listed above.


              1. a copy of — FFS!

                My eyesight is failing, unfortunately, and if my eyes don’t bugger up what i key into my iPhone, than that idiot spellchecker does.

                I’m writing this just before sunrise in our dimly lit dacha kitchen at 05:12. MSK.


                1. G’Morning, M.E.! ‘Tis still night here – sunrise at 6.13 BST – and I’m on my first coffee so am not (yet, if ever) capable of producing clear, well thought-out arguments but shall only say this: the British clown’s visit to the Kiev one was so stomach-turning that I don’t dare opening the papers for fear of being violently sick …

                  Must have more coffee …


                2. It’s 17 C here at the moment, but the wonderful Met Office – they now have a ‘weather sociologist’! – predicts sunshine from late morning and temperatures to about 22 C. Well, it was wall-to-wall grey and on/off drizzle the last few days, so I’m not complaining. And for once it looks as if it won’t rain over the Bank Holiday weekend … will wonders never cease …


                3. Yep – that’s what the fab British Press is serving up. My ‘go-to’ place first thing in the morning is always that BBC compilation of the dead-tree-press front pages (link That raises my blood pressure faster than the first mug of coffee …

                  On Thu, 25 Aug 2022 at 08:25, The New Kremlin Stooge <> wrote:

                  moscowexile commented: “For your further delectation: > >” >


                4. I agree with John Kane: Boris Johnson is supposed to be a caretaker Prime Minister and cannot start new policies, propose new legislation or make and sign new agreements that he cannot continue once Sunak or Truss replaces him and which either one would have to commit to. Johnson certainly should not have visited Ukraine if the purpose was to promise more money, equipment including ammunition and tanks, and military training.


  64. Happy birthday Banderastan from your Uncle Sam!

    AP: U.S. to announce aid package for Kiev by Ukraine Independence Day

    The United States intends to announce a three billion dollar military aid package to Kiev by Ukraine’ Independence Day, which is celebrated in the country on 24 August, reports Associated Press.

    The US is to announce a three billion dollar military aid package to Ukraine in connection its with Independence Day.

    Earlier, Life said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would receive from the USA long-range shells for Excalibur howitzers. It was specified that they were not included in the next tranche of military assistance that Washington will send to the Ukraine.


    Aw, isn’t that sweet of Uncle Sam!

    Keep on sending your chumps to the meat grinder, Elensky! Keep on spouting on about the return of the Crimea, of no negations with the Orcs because they won’t negotiate or because they won’t return to the 2014 status quo pro 24 February, or because they refuse to talk about “ your” Crimea. In other words, keep on mouthing it off that hostilities will not end until Uncle Sam tells you they will — and prepare for a bullet in your stupid brains.


  65. One stupid shit:

    23 Aug, 2022 22:06
    UK PM hopeful ‘ready’ to use nukes
    Liz Truss said she was prepared to unleash nuclear destruction during Conservative leadership debate

    RT really should get a decent proof reader!

    Is she really prepared to detonate a nuclear device during a Conservative leadership debate?


    1. US, Europe View Possible Prime Ministership of UK’s Liz Truss With Skepticism, Reports Say

      “… [Two] senior officials noted [Truss’s] “impulsiveness,” saying that her rash statements and actions may increase tensions on the world stage, according to the media outlet [Politico] …”

      Prepared to use Trident nuclear weapons because using them is an important duty of a British Prime Minister … rather like former US State Secretary Madeleine Albright’s outburst: “What’s the point of having this superb military machine you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?”


      1. Does the stupid cow not understand the meaning of “nuclear deterrent”?

        Such a deterrent is intended to deter a nuclear weapon attack by an enemy.

        One does not say that a nuclear deterrent may, might, could be used if one’s state is attacked by another nuclear power with nuclear weapons: the whole point of a deterrent is that it most certainly will be used in response to a nuclear attack, otherwise, it would not be a deterrent.

        The stupid bitch is just stating the obvious, playing once again her Margaret Thatcher “Iron Lady” role so as to make the Conservative Party faithful come in their collective pants.


    1. The really frightening thing is that a lot of Western brass & politicians really seem to believe the Ukrainian crap. I mean, all you have to know that Russia basically destroyed the Ukrainian air force and navy on day one of the “Special Military Operation” (cough) to get the idea that Ukraine is in a very deep hole, that is “has lost”. But you still see people saying that the Russians were beaten back at Kiev and Kharkov!

      I keep thinking that Andrei Martyanov is exaggerating the ignorance of US senior military officers and then have to revise my thinking at each new idiocy.


  66. “Journalist-Diplomat” Samantha Power’s erstwhile admirer waxes lyrical:

    Klimkin: Recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, the US will seize and appropriate Russia’s assets
    24 August, 2022

    Former Ukraine Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin has revealed a US plan to steal and embezzle Russian assets. He shared his forecast on air on Public TV channel.

    According to the ex-minister, the United States may declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” in order to steal Moscow’s frozen assets and transfer money to Kiev.
    Such a move would allow the US and the West to “criminalize” Russian assets, making it easier to steal them, Klimkin said.

    “If there is a decision that the “country is a terrorist”, imagine how much easier it will be for national courts to decide on those assets that are frozen in the United States — decisions of American courts, Dutch, respectively, and German”, the former diplomat said.

    He stressed that if every Western country declared Russia a “terrorist country”, then this would make it ten times easier for the Ukraine and its allies to steal Moscow’s assets. Klimkin called such a move by Washington “mega-important” for Kiev.

    Earlier, the ex-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, the former head of the ruling Servant of the People party, Dmitry Razumkov, proposed that stealing start of Russian gas from transit pipelines passing through the territory of the Ukraine. He assured that Kiev would be able to independently sell the confiscated gas to the same buyers that Russia has and direct the proceeds to the needs of the Ukrainian army.


    1. According to the ex-minister, the United States may declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” in order to steal Moscow’s frozen assets and transfer money to Kiev.

      Given the way the USA has stolen Afghanistan’s money, there was little hope that the USA would return it anyway.


      1. Klimkin is a wretched little gnome who makes up beautiful dreams for Ukraine – such as that it will be gifted with $700 Billion is stolen funds; better yet, stolen from Russia! – but there’s not really any reason at present to believe anything of the kind is going to happen. Afghanistan is indeed an example, but there’s nothing much in Afghanistan but walnuts and yogurt and hate. It’s easy to steal from them because there is nothing they can do about it. I don’t think Russia is in the same category, and in fact simply freezing the funds may already have been enough to ensure continuing reprisals.


        1. Oh, I agree but I really do think that the USA has no intention of returning the Russian funds. I suspect Freeland is in agreement. They are in some fantasy world. They really have not grasped that it is not 1997 and the Russian Federation of 2022 is not Yeltsin’s RF. See some of Patrick Armstrong’s posts on this.


        2. Even more wretched in that the rat is an ethnic Russian, born in the RSFSR and brought up in the UkSSR. His mother tongue is Russian, but he is a Banderite, or must pretend that he is, in that officially Bandera is the founding father of the non-country and Austro-Hungarian Imperial project “Ukraine”.


  67. For your delectation I recommend looking at this morning’s online front-page of the DT which ain’t paywalled:
    Note the fabulous floral display to ‘honour’ the Kiev regime. I suspect Mrs BoJo had her fine hand in this – and it’s perhaps the last photo op for her hubby in front of ukrie colours before he leaves in a few day’s time.
    Me, I feel sick and angry because of the shameless, tactless decoration for something which is causing us galloping inflation and energy shortages.


    1. I agree, where I live there are long queues at food banks.
      People no longer have money to feed themselves – I walked past a long queue yesterday.

      Winter isn’t even here yet – and the predicted increase in energy hasn’t even hit.

      It’s going to get worse it’s actually very scary where will this all lead.


      1. G’Morning, James – yes, it’s going to become horrific and anyone who still believes that the Westminster politicians of any rosette-colour will be able to ‘help’ should be prohibited from voting.
        Oh – British Gas allegedly will ‘help’ by foregoing 10% of their profit … now ain’t that luvverly! I’m feeling warm already and it isn’t even winter yet …


  68. Six months after invading Ukraine, Russia is feeling the pressure
    CBC News

    As the full-on invasion hits the six-month mark, Maloney [Sean Maloney, a professor of history at the Royal Military College and a specialist on Russia]said, it’s become clear that the war has been “disastrous” for Russia in ways the West is only beginning to wrap its head around.

    They have been beaten back from Kyiv and Kharkiv and fought to a stalemate in Donbas. Ukrainian general staff estimate Russia has suffered upwards of 40,000 combat deaths.

    If this is an honest opinion the Canadian Forces are in even worse shape than I thought. I guess we can hope he is just lying under orders.

    I thought the retired Colonel who taught at RMC had a better grasp of reality when he said in a CBC interview, back in March, that Zelensky had lost and would need to negotiate. I have not seen anything of him since. Strange.


    1. I just read an ‘international affairs’ piece yesterday in the awful Times-Colonist which postulated that Russia has lost 70,000 soldiers, although it lumps the wounded in with the dead. By the Associated Press – all TC articles on Ukraine are lifted straight off the American wire except for local feelgood pieces about citizens who have turned over their house to Ukrainian refugees or some other ecstasy of martyrdom – it supposedly draws on US analysts for its figures. Here’s the same story on Yahoo:

      So Ukraine stipulates to have lost 9000 of its iron men and cyborgs, while the Russians are helpfully cited to have lost nearly ten times as many by the nice folks in American Defense. In a battle which is acknowledged to be a remote artillery poundfest in which the rounds leave Russian guns miles away where the Russians are in little danger, and arrive by the trainload in churned Ukrainian positions where men crack up because of the ceaseless roar and shaking.

      “Monday’s announcement of the scope of Ukraine’s military dead stands in contrast to Russia’s military, which last gave an update on March 25 when it said 1,351 Russian troops were killed during the first month of fighting. U.S. military officials estimated two weeks ago that Russia has lost between 70,000 to 80,000 soldiers, both killed and wounded in action.”

      Considering the original Russian assault force was only supposed to be about 100,000 troops, that sounds like a pretty terrible return on investment. Or would be if there was any truth to it at all. Written by Hanna Arhirova, who you will not likely be surprised to learn is based in Ukraine.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, what they want to see to affirm Russia’s ‘superpower status’ is a hammerblow of massive and broad-based destruction, and they continue to bait Russia to crush the helpless Ukrainians in order to preserve Putin’s vanity. If you are confident it is no longer a real ‘superpower’, why don’t you attack it? You obviously don’t like what it’s doing – make it stop. Come on, superpower Japan!


      1. Actually, it was the superpower Japan rag just regurgitating word for word a Bloomberg article.

        I thought good whores swallowed it all and didn’t spit it all out.


        1. See Paul Robinson’s most recent article in
          Canadian Dimension

          As a description of how even prestigious media organizations work, it’s very revealing. Research indicates that the vast majority of English-language media stories are taken, almost word for word, from just two sources: a handful of press agencies (primarily AP), and government or corporate press releases. The existence of a large number of media outlets might lead us to believe that we are getting a wide variety of takes on world events. In reality, no matter what we read or watch, we mostly get the same few stories told in exactly the same way. This is especially true of foreign affairs, as the number of Westerners working as foreign correspondents is extremely small.


  69. Guriev: Effect Of Sanctions Is Delayed | On Oil, Gas, Putin, China And America ENG SUB

    Aug 24, 2022

    The impact of sanctions on the Russian economy, the role of China and the example of Venezuela, the price cap on oil and the recession of the world economy, refugees from Ukraine and the position of Poland. These are the topics I discussed with the economist Sergey Guriev in the new interview for Varlamov Talks.


  70. Boris Johnson makes surprise visit to Kyiv on Ukrainian independence day

    1,260 views Aug 24, 2022 Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made a surprise visit to President Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine on the countries independence day.

    Mr Johnson has urged the British public to shoulder higher tax bills as the Ukrainian people ‘pay with blood’.


    1. My, yes; what a loyal friend to Ukraine Johnson has been – strong-arming it into rejecting peace negotiations before it lost a third of the country and had nothing left to negotiate with, propping up an unpopular leader who appears to have been chosen solely because he was an actor (of course he wore his ‘trademark’ army t-shirt while Boris the Toad was dressed in a suit – although, to be fair, nobody wants to see Boris dressed in a t-shirt).

      And that poll was taken before the actual combat even started, when the Russians were massed on the border but the Kremlin was hopeful a show of force would deter the lunge Zelensky made to recapture the Donbas. There was a brief moment when things might have returned to their former uneasy state, but the die is cast now and much of what was Ukraine will never be again, becoming instead some third-state conglomerate overseen and guaranteed by Russia.


    1. She’s got quite an armful of territories there that are not actually Ukraine anymore.

      Reminds me of the frequent assurances of political high-rollers who claimed Putin had said Ukraine is ‘not a real country’, including Radek Sikorski, who claimed to have been present when he said it. If Putin actually had done, he would have been a prophet.


  71. The Guardian: US authorities have neglected the advice of the head of the CIA on the Ukraine for years
    24 August, 2022

    Since 2008, the United States authorities have ignored the advice of the then U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Bill Burns, who now heads the CIA. This is reported by The Guardian newspaper.

    The publication notes that at the NATO summit in 2008, the topic of Ukraine entry into the alliance began to be discussed. In a secret cable to the White House, Burns wrote that the move was “the brightest of all red lines for the Russian elite”, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    “In more than two and a half years of my conversations with key Russian players, from slackers in the dark recesses of the Kremlin to Putin’s harshest liberal critics, I have yet to find anyone who sees the Ukraine in NATO as nothing more than a direct challenge to Russia’s interests”, the politician said.

    It is noted that successive administrations have ignored this warning, and “Putin reacted”.

    Colonel Douglas McGregor, a former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense, said earlier that US assistance to Kyiv would not prevent Russia from achieving its goals.


    The Guardian article referred to above:

    After six months of bloody and terrible war, what exactly does Putin want from Ukraine?
    Russia is trying to demonstrate that Nato is powerless to stop it. Whether it succeeds depends on the west’s political will as energy prices soar
    Mon 22 Aug 2022 11.42

    Full of classic memes such as:

    At first it was said that he was unhinged – “a lunatic”, in the words of the defence secretary, Ben Wallace. Putin was pictured lecturing his defence chiefs, cowering at the other end of a 6-metre long table.

    Cowering I tell you!!!

    Then western officials argued that Putin was terrified at the prospect of a democratic Ukraine on Russia’s border, which would threaten the basis of his power by showing Russians that they too could live differently.


    Live differently? As in they did and still do in the poorest and most corrupt country in Europe?

    And then there comes the worn out and untrue, badly translated from Russian cliché:

    Given that Putin once called the collapse of the Soviet Union “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century”, that may seem to make sense. , which is surprisingly followed by what he then said, which is seldom quoted in the West:

    But he also said: “Anyone who does not regret [its] destruction has no heart; anyone who wants to see it recreated has no brain”.

    But then back to fantasy land:

    . . . the Russian military is already hard-pressed to achieve even modest successes in Ukraine. . .

    Then comes:

    He has been fixated on Ukraine since long before he came to power. As early as 1994, when he was the deputy mayor of St Petersburg, he expressed outrage that Crimea had been joined to Ukraine. “Russia won Crimea from the Turks!” he told a French diplomat that year, referring to Russia’s defeat of the Ottoman empire in the 18th century.

    OUTRAGE I tell you!!!

    But it was the possibility, raised at a Nato summit in 2008, that Ukraine should become a fully-fledged member of the western alliance that turned his attitude toxic.


    And there is an addendum by chief Guardian shit Harding, in which he is bumming for money.


    1. The amazing thing is that most Western sources seem to interpret Putin in some twisted Freudian fashion. I suppose it is nice to see the Kremlinologists find a new job. To paraphrase Galbraith, God invented Kremlinologists to make astrologers look good.

      No one seems to believe that Putin is telling the straight truth. As far as I can see if he says something he means it.

      He does not “signal” things like the US Fed or the Bank of Canada. What he says is what he means. Western, especially US politicians, do not seem to understand that Putin’s statements are not negotiation positions but policy statements.


    2. >>Then western officials argued that Putin was terrified at the prospect of a democratic Ukraine on Russia’s border, which would threaten the basis of his power by showing Russians that they too could live differently.

      Russians already know that – they already had a taste of the West’s munificence back in the 90’s, and nearly choked to death on it.


      1. I was in the Ukraine in 2004, 2007, and 2011. There was poverty everywhere and the place was a ramshackle shithole. I travelled there each time by train and Yukie Railways were a sight to behold: clapped out locos and decrepit rolling stock. My two elder children went there in 2011 in a Yukie Railways children’s train: my wife and my youngest and I followed on in an Evil Empire Railways train. We saw our two eldest off from the Kievskiy Terminus here. I had been on board the Yukie rust heap to say goodbye to Vova and Lena: air conditioning fucked, toilets stank, windows wouldn’t open or close. .


      2. Russians seem to have longer memories than westerners – it must be something in the water. Despite the crashing and destructive failure of any regime-change effort you care to name which was instigated by Leader Of The Free World Washington, it is never difficult to summon free-worlder support for another one. You just need to invoke the magic words; Freedom and Democracy. Sprinkle in a little dictator-killing-his-own-people, season it liberally with climate change and bake at 350 for 30 minutes, et voila!!


  72. PM Boris Johnson & President Zelenskyy walk around Kyiv on Ukrainian Independence Day

    898 views Aug 24, 2022 Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Zelenskyy walk around Kyiv on Independence Day of Ukraine.

    In Kyiv today, the Prime Minister outlined the UK’s next major package of support for Ukraine, including unmanned surveillance and anti-tank loitering munitions.

    This package will improve Ukraine’s long-range surveillance and defensive targeting ability.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course, with the UK economy in the same sort of robust, vital shape as BJ himself, British taxpayers won’t mind a bit giving away piles of cash they don’t really need for other things.


  73. ‘Russia is not going to lose this war’, former British Army chief says

    22,575 views Aug 24, 2022 “The military commanders have got to advise, Look, Mr. President, we have done as much as we can, but we really can’t throw the Russians out.”

    Former British Army chief Lord Richard Dannatt tells #TimesRadio that President Zelensky should ‘start negotiating’ with Russia as ‘Russia is not going to lose this war.’


    1. Thé arseholes who still hold their posts in the pathetically small British armed forces toe the official line, whereas those who are retired do not. Perhaps, they believe in judgement from on high for their mendacity and are setting the record straight before they croak, for I should imaginé that they are almost believers of some sort or other.


  74. I enjoy Alexandr Mercouris videos although they are quite long. Set the playback speed to 1.5 – saves time and is still very understandable. 1.75 works as well but harder to follow at times. Give it a try.


  75. RT
    24 Aug, 2022 21:44
    Canada to return turbines for Russian gas
    Ottawa shrugs off Ukrainian objections to say it will send Nord Stream 1 components back to Gazprom

    Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said on Wednesday that her government will ship the five turbines from Montreal back to Germany, despite demands from ethnic Ukrainians and Kiev’s ambassador in Ottawa to hold onto them.

    Who’s the Kiev ambassador to Canada — Freeland?


    1. Because they are afraid – or their Washington masters are – that in the interim German business will persuade Scholz to cave in and certify Nord Stream II, which uses all domestically-manufactured pumps and turbines.


    2. So that is why Stolz was in Canada. It was clear that the ostensible reason was nonsense.

      I had not realised we had more than that one turbine. He must have been desperate.


      1. That is the instant advantage of Nord Stream II – its pumps are all domestically manufactured and serviced by domestic companies. All or most of the pumps used in Nord Stream I are, I believe, manufactured by Siemens and rotation to maintenance by the manufacturer is mandated after X number of operating hours as a condition of warranty. Most likely some bright spark in Washington thought of using their location in the west as leverage in the sanctions war, and holding onto them, and the orders to compliant Canada were sent. Whatever the case, it backfired spectacularly, and is now being used by Russia as a justification for reducing the volumes transited through the line. None of those conditions would prevail in Nord Stream II were operational.


        1. I suspect that some of reduced volume may be the Russians turning the screws on the EU a bit but given the Soviet and Russian spotless records in fulfilling gas contracts it really looks like the EU has shot itself in the foot with a machine gun for the Nth time.
          Alexander Mercouris at the Duran has been lamenting the abysmal standard of Western leadership but I think he has been too kind. I cannot think of any governments in Europe this bad since the English (UK?) Gov’t in the early 1700’s left Eugene of Savoy and the Holey Roman Empire dangling in the wind.


    1. It’s good to see the Guardian has such a clear grasp of the realities.
      Ukraine is already anxious about humanitarian issues because there is no gas heating available for apartment blocks in Donetsk province

      I do not see the problem. It will all be DPR territory probably by the end of September.

      Both sides are struggling for momentum and increasingly appear combat-exhausted….
      Ukraine would like to retake Kherson, on the west of the Dnieper river,….

      Should not be a problem. That Russian offensive aimed at Nikolaev is just a Russian disinformation effort.

      Who is writing this stuff? I doubt that they can afford Harry Turtledove and L. Sprague de Camp died 20 or so years ago.


      1. Who is writing this stuff?

        One of them always appears at the foot of the Ukraine features in that rag, begging for money . . .

        Yes, the one and only . . .


  76. Pope Francis was wrong to express regret for the death of Russian journalist and political figure Darya Dugina, Ukraine’s envoy to the Vatican has said. The diplomat claimed the woman was not an innocent victim, and her murder was orchestrated by “Russians.”</i?



    1. That Yukie shitwit should know better, especially if he is a Greek-Uniate “believer”!

      Doesn’t he know that the Holy Father in Rome is infallible?

      Well, in matters of dogma, anyroad.


  77. Time to head off back to Moskva soon!

    It’s going to be 31C here right up to and including 31 August, and then on the next day, the first day of autumn, the temperature is going to plummet to 11C.


    1. Sounds like my part of Canada. As soon as we turn the calendar the weather changes. I can remember water-skiing on the first of Sept and needing a jacket by the fifth.


  78. And as usual, always a photo of “Kate and “Wills” on the front page — because they’re our special friends.

    Well, not mine, but yours in the UK.

    But more to the point, waddya gonna do about this Truss?

    Nuke the bastards! It’s them Russians wot’s caused this!


  79. Hello Mark et al – been appreciating your articles and conversations – not always agreeing in every detail (respectfully)

    • Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives a speech in Ukraine

    … and from the past ,,,

    • “Russia always lets you down” Boris Johnson

    • Boris Johnson praising the [Islamic] terrorists (ISIS) and providing £65 million!

    (Boris Johnson #1 patron of White Helmets/ISIS – now being imported to Ukraine)

    • Boris Johnson – … and I’m Proud Of It!


  80. Ukraine’s Growing Dependency on Terrorism w/ Mark Sleboda

    Aug 25, 2022 An up-tick of sabotage and terrorism from Ukraine comes as Kiev’s forces fail to make any gains on the battlefield.

    International relations and security expert Mark Sleboda breaks down the context the recent assassination of Darya Dugina took place within, what it means for both Ukraine and Russia now and in the near future, and what’s to follow.


  81. Energoatom has announced the complete disconnection of the Zaporozhya Nuclear Power plant [ZNPP] from the power grid for the first time in its history
    August 25, 2022

    For the first time in its history, the Zaporozhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) has been completely disconnected from the power grid. The Ukrainian state company Energoatom reports this on its Facebook page (the social network is banned in Russia; it belongs to the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

    The company said that because of fires at the ash dumps of the ZNPP, located next to the nuclear power plant, the fourth and last ZNPP power transmission line with the Ukrainian energy system had been twice disconnected. They noted that the remaining three lines had been damaged during earlier shelling

    Energoatom clarified that as a result, two operating power units of the nuclear power plant had been disconnected from the network, adding that at present, the NPP’s own needs for electricity were provided through a power line with the Zaporozhya thermal power station.

    Earlier, the head of the administration of Energodar, Alexander Volga, reported that after a blackout in the Zaporozhya region, security systems had worked at the ZNPP.

    “A reconnection has been made. Emergency services immediately went to the place”, he said.


    Well, not to worry — it’s what the Yukietards wanted: as they sit in the darkness, they can now whinge and wail to the West even more about the Evil Russians.

    Hey, hang on though! Isn’t this what that twat Poroshenko said he was going to do to folk in the Donbass — make them sit in cellars in the dark “ Because that — THAT — is how we’re going to win this war!”


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