Goodbye, Science – Hello, Modeling!

Uncle Volodya says, “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

“You see, there is one very good thing about mankind; the mediocre masses make very few demands of the mediocrities of a higher order, submitting stupidly and cheerfully to their guidance”

Alfred de Vigny, from “Stello”

“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.”

Ziad K. Abdelnour, from “Economic Warfare: Secrets of Wealth Creation in the Age of Welfare Politics”

I’d like to think the readers of this blog always knew this is the way it would turn out. The ‘Pandemic’, I mean. The narrative was just too clumsy, so blunt, so jackboots I’m-out-of-reasons-so-do-it-because-it’s-an-order. First, as we all remember, it was just two weeks to ‘flatten the curve’, and the public-health authorities would like you to wear a facemask, but you should understand there is really no evidence that they do anything to stop the spread of infection. Just to comfort you, like. Then masks absolutely worked, there was no end of proof; in fact, wear two! To be perfectly clear, the CDC did not ever order the population to wear two masks, or even recommend such a practice. It merely offered guidance in a manner which suggested only idiots don’t care about ‘being safe’.

Research released Wednesday from the CDC found that wearing a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask “substantially improved source control and reduced wearer exposure” to the viral particles that cause COVID-19. It marked the first time the CDC has released guidance on the most effective ways to wear masks, NBC News reported…“That’s all (the CDC is) saying,”

[Fauci} added. “One mask at least, but if you want to really be sure, get a tighter fit with a second mask.”

The ‘viral particles that cause COVID-19’. But before, it spread through ‘droplets’, and masks were effective at stopping them even though Fauci privately confided in email traffic that it spread through particles which are too small to be deterred by non-medical cloth masks. Besides, everybody had to wear a mask because of ‘asymptomatic spread’, which the CDC acknowledged publicly was not a real threat, but if something was not done the anti-maskers would never wear one, and they’d get a break, and public-health momentum would falter.

And on and on we went, full-tilt down Bullshit Boulevard. The PCR test was the ‘gold standard’, even though the guy who invented it was quite clear that it was not a test. I’d like to just let it go at that, but I can’t; the ubiquitous ‘fact-checkers’ employed directly by the pushers of the narrative claim that Kary Mullis ‘never said PCR testing couldn’t be used for testing for any diseases‘. Before we go any further, because I am prone to distraction – when you’re picking out the lampposts to swing the public-health quacks from, be sure to save some for the fact-checkers. Here’s what they said:

“He did invent PCR, which is a process used to test whether someone currently has Covid-19…He didn’t say PCR testing couldn’t be used for testing for any diseases, as some social media posts claim. Confusion dseems to have arisen from quotes of his in a 1996 article about HIV and AIDS. In this, neither the author of the article, nor Dr Mullis said PCR testing does not work or only identifies the DNA or RNA of the person being tested.”

A word here about the emergence of these ‘fact-checkers’; this is an insidious new tool used by corporate interests or others to discredit points of view which oppose The Narrative. There seem to be two primary modes of attack; argue that the person named is not the one who said what was claimed (rather than that it was never said at all), or in cases where the fact-checkers want to argue it was never said at all, pursue the point that the person claimed did not say those exact words, verbatim. Refinements on these themes include “we could find no evidence that this is true”, which could mean something so simple as ‘we didn’t look very hard”.

Anyway, in the instance we are examining, the ‘fact-checkers’ led off with the admission – which was not in dispute – that Kary Mullis did invent the PCR process…and followed it immediately with the contention that it is a process used to test whether someone currently has COVID-19. Is that a lie? Technically, no. Medical personnel did use it to test whether a person currently had COVID-19. It was just never designed for that purpose, and when used, does not yield reliable diagnosis of COVID-19. If you’re okay with unreliable results just as long as the process errs in favour of false positives, it works like a charm.

“50% is the same as random chance. In other words, this 99% specificity test can do no better than a coin flip when declaring a positive result. So screening in this scenario is not warranted because data that is no better than a coin flip is not data — it’s random chance.

However, the situation is much worse than this because neither PCR nor antigen tests are close to a 99% specificity level in practice, for various reasons (Braunstein et al. 2021). Lee 2020 performed a lab analysis of the CDC PCR test accuracy, which was widely used in the first months of the pandemic, and found it had a 70% specificity (i.e. 30% false positives) and 80% sensitivity (20% false negatives). This is because of faulty designs built in to the test from the beginning, as various news accounts from the Washington Post, NPR and ProPublica have since revealed.

This level of inaccuracy matches the CDC’s own internal report that found 33% false results when its PCR test was released in late February 2020, as reported on by National Public Radio (Temple-Raston 2020).
Intuitively, and in an emergency situation, we may think that a 70-80% accuracy rate is far from perfect but may still be “good enough.”

To be clear, this scenario describes the outcome when broad-based screening of a largely asymptomatic population is carried out, which is a stupid idea from the start – why would you get tested for a disease if you have no symptoms of it? And why would you believe a test that says you have it when you have no symptoms? In a population where infection has an overall low background rate, a majority of positive results are likely to be false positives. But with COVID, for the first time, positive test results were added to the database as ‘new cases’, and the higher the numbers climbed, the more panicky people got, and the more of them rushed out to get tested whether they had symptoms or not.

Anyway, back to the fascinating tale of Kary Mullis And The Fact-Checkers.  If we must quote him word-for-word, then let’s do that. Here’s one – “Tony Fauci does not mind going on television, in front of the people that pay his salary, and lie directly into the camera.” You can spin and fact-check that all you like, but it sounded very negative to me, and I heard him say it. Here’s another: “If you could amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there’s just very few molecules that you don’t have a single one of in your body.” The PCR process is an augmentor which amplifies a single fragment of DNA until you can measure what is in it, but at high cycle levels the observer is likely to find material that was previously undetectable because it was present at such insignificant volume. Most people are likely to have fragments of dead virus in them, or minor virus fragments other than COVID. The PCR itself does not ‘detect’ viruses; that is up to the interpreter.

Which brings us to the usual rebuttal these days – a composite that says “Kary Mullis had one moment of brilliance when he developed the gold standard for COVID testing, a discovery he shared with others but for which he took all the credit. Apart from that he was a loon who dabbled in psychedelic drugs and thought he could talk with the dead, and who harbored any number of oddball beliefs. Oh; and he is a climate-change denier.” As the internet meme goes, “Follow the Science. But be sure to not listen to the guy who developed mRNA, or the guy who invented the PCR test”.

Be that as it may; I don’t want to get deep in the weeds on the subject of masks or PCR ‘tests’. What I wanted to talk about is the exit strategy for ‘the pandemic’, in which the miraculous vaccines will be covered with glory, and governments and the public-health quacks perfectly justified in having acted as they did. And what do we have to thank for it? Science?

Of course not. Beyond science lies…modeling.

A little background on modeling. It was modeling that got us into this mess in the first place; “Professor Lockdown” Neil Ferguson’s Imperial College model, which warned Boris Johnson that unless strict lockdown measures were adopted immediately, half a million Britons would die. He forecast 2 million dead in the USA. These apocalyptic figures came from a model, a computer program which works like a complex calculator; assuming these conditions (input value ‘x’), what effect will they have in, say, one year (value ‘y’)? In the Imperial College model, assumed replication rates of the virus were used to forecast numbers of deaths which would result in various scenarios, such as whether or not social distancing was observed, whether the public ‘locked down’ and stayed at home, and so forth. To say that it did not work very well is an understatement on the order of saying Stephen Hawking was quite smart, or that Elton John is sort of gay.

But the key here, for me, is ‘assumed’. The model, like models usually do, used arbitrary values born of assumptions to make its forecasts. And assumptions are not science. When very well-educated individuals who are well-versed in their field make predictions the result is often quite close to the forecast, certainly more so than when predictions are made by bumpkins and idiots. Predictions are what we think, what we assume will happen, based on a variety of variables, each of which might dramatically affect the outcome. Science is what we know will happen, because we did it until we proved it, and can thereafter reproduce it using the same conditions and get the same result.

The Imperial College model worked on assumptions. But it was far worse than that. It is one thing to plug 1.6% as your R0 value for communicability, and get something like 72,506 deaths over 8 months, although you must use assumptions for the virus’s mortality rate as well, and get the same result the next time using the same values. But the Imperial College model built by Neil Ferguson got widely different results running it twice in a row using exactly the same inputs. Different results depending on what type of computer you ran it on. Different results depending on what colour shirt the programmer was wearing. All right, I made that last one up, although I bet it was never tried.

Firstly, the computer model. The source code behind the Ferguson model has finally been made available to the public via the GitHub website. Mark E Jeftovic, in his Axis of Easy website, says: ‘A code review has been undertaken by an anonymous ex-Google software engineer here, who tells us the GitHub repository code has been heavily massaged by Microsoft engineers, and others, in an effort to whip the code into shape to safely expose it to the public. Alas, they seem to have failed and numerous flaws and bugs from the original software persist in the released version. Requests for the unedited version of the original code behind the model have gone unanswered.’

Jeftovic believes the most worrisome outcome of the model review is that the code produces ‘non-deterministic outputs’. This means that owing to bugs, the code can produce very different results given identical inputs, making the code unsuitable for scientific purposes. Jeftovic says the documentation provided wants the reader to accept that given a ‘starting seed’, the model will always produce the same results. ‘Investigation reveals the truth: the code produces critically different results, even for identical starting seeds and parameters.’

Buddy, that ain’t science. Science is friction creates heat. Science is water expands as it freezes. We know these things because we can prove them reliably, over and over, getting the same results. Modeling which tells us the safe number for a ‘gathering’ is 15 is not science, the six feet of separation mandated for ‘social distancing’ is itself based on science from 100 years ago, when Karl Flügge was in his heyday and the disease was tuberculosis. Modeling that tells us if the reproductivity rate for viral replication is ‘assumed to be’ this, then hospitals will be overwhelmed with new cases in two weeks is not science. It is sensible to consider precautions. It is not sensible to make all of society take precautions, in advance, based on the worst-case scenario from your model. And pretty much all the public-health decision-making nowadays is based on modeling. Where has that gotten us already? A timely reminder.

Just over one year ago, the epidemiology modeling of Neil Ferguson and Imperial College played a preeminent role in shutting down most of the world. The exaggerated forecasts of this modeling team are now impossible to downplay or deny, and extend to almost every country on earth. Indeed, they may well constitute one of the greatest scientific failures in modern human history.

Chart: US Covid-19 deaths, with and without vaccines
Yes, that’s right; a ‘model’ which proposes that a million lives were saved, in the United States alone, by the vaccines.

“The Commonwealth study wasn’t peer-reviewed, but it builds on a methodology that was. In a paper published this month in the journal JAMA Network Open, several of the same researchers estimated that Covid-19 vaccines averted more than 240,000 deaths between December 12, 2020, and June 30, 2021, before the worst of the delta variant ignited in the US.

In that same six-month window, vaccines were estimated to have prevented 1.1 million hospitalizations and halted 14 million infections, showing that more than 338 million doses had a powerful effect. “It was larger than we would’ve expected,” said coauthor Meagan Fitzpatrick, an infectious disease modeler at the University of Maryland.”

In instances in which the Keepers Of The Narrative wish to discredit a study, they simply announce coldly that it has not been peer-reviewed. Nothing to see here; move along. In this case they cannot get around the lack of peer reviewing, but frame it as merely a formality since the methodology has been proven sound as a dollar.

Consider. Many, perhaps most of the people who ‘died of COVID’ were at an age which closely approximates the age of…well, death.  Life expectancy in the United States is 81 years for women, 77 for men. The actual effectiveness of the vaccines is hotly debated, but nobody will ever know with the degree of certainty that constitutes ‘data’, because both major manufacturers vaccinated nearly all their control group within a couple of months of the commencement of trials which were supposed to span years, and are still ongoing. So modeling was conducted on the effectiveness of vaccines whose actual effectiveness is unknown and still undergoing trials, based on how many people actually died of COVID when that number is demonstrably overestimated; public health does not even know the incidence figure, because everyone who tested positive was a ‘new case’, using a ‘test’ which is virtually guaranteed to ‘find’ a virus if you just turn the cyclic rate higher.

“Public health epidemiology is the science of counting to prevent disease and promote health. We count the number of new cases of a particular disease; this is the incidence. Then we count how much a disease has spread in a population; this is the prevalence.

When it comes to COVID-19, counting has been a challenge. Despite all the news articles and reports, we know very little about the incidence or prevalence of this new disease. Projections are based on models, and this uncertainty breeds fear.”

No shit? Really? So ‘modelers’ know very little about either the prevalence or incidence of COVID-19, while the age range that gets it most is far less likely to die from it, and people are now being urged to not get tested if they do not have symptoms whereas before everyone was encouraged to get tested because most ‘new cases’ were asymptomatic? Wow – it’s astounding how those modelers could estimate that the vaccines have saved a million lives.

I’d like to close with another quote, this time by Umberto Eco, from “Foucault’s Pendulum”.

“Not that the incredulous person doesn’t believe in anything. It’s just that he doesn’t believe in everything… He is nearsighted and methodical, avoiding wide horizons. If two things don’t fit, but you believe both of them, thinking that somewhere, hidden, there must be a third thing that connects them, that’s credulity.”

1,674 thoughts on “Goodbye, Science – Hello, Modeling!

  1. Unnamed sources, but according to TASS, there’s going to be a another meeting this morning between representatives of the Ukraine and Russian governments.


    1. Confirmed:

      09: 24 28 February 2022 / Krasnaya Vesna news agency
      Political scientist confirmed the entry of the Ukrainian delegation to talks in Belarus

      The fact of the Ukrainian delegation’s entry to Belarus was confirmed by Belarusian political analyst Yuri Voskresensky, who is close to the co-organizers of the talks, RIA Novosti reported on February 28.

      “They have entered Belarusian territory and are heading to the venue of negotiations on the bank of the Pripyat River,” said Voskresensky. He noted that the exact location of the meeting was not disclosed for security reasons.

      The political scientist noted that the start time of negotiations may be postponed. “There is information that the Ukrainian delegation will want to get some sleep after the road trip. It is possible that the time of negotiations will shift, ” he stressed.

      The main thing is that the negotiations take place, said Voskresensky.

      Recall that on February 27, Kiev agreed to hold negotiations on the ongoing operation to demilitarize Ukraine.

      That they are indeed talking is at least a sign of hope.

      I am under great stress about all of this, not least because I am worried about my boy’s safety, as is my wife, who keeps urging me to have him fly off somewhere, using his British passport.

      I tell her that he will not be drafted. On the other hand, though, they are dragging boys off buses in Banderastan, they say, if they look the right age to fight.

      My heart bleeds for those lads – both sides – who are trying to kill each other. Not, I may add, for the fascist filth over there.

      I mean that – the bleeding heart bit. I am not spouting shite in expressing sympathy, unlike certain persons like to do.

      As regards my British passport: I’m seriously considering wiping my arse on it after I have applied for Russian citizenship and got it in the not too distant future.

      I no longer wish to be associated with the land of my birth.


  2. Much typing has been expended in theorizing what provided the ‘trigger’ for the Russian recognition of the republics, followed by the rapid advance into the DNR/LPR and thence onward to the current operation to disarm/de-Nazify Ukraine. But this explanation rings true – and I didn’t even hear it when it was originally broadcast. Thanks for the link to this site, to I think it was Jen who provided it.

    “Since 2019, Zelensky has shown himself to be an incompetent and unreliable puppet, making unpredictable announcements, contradicting his US paymasters, but it was his announcement at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday 19th February 2022 that sealed his and his country’s fate. Russia has publicly stated and restated her security red-lines in Ukraine and its near-abroad for nearly fifteen years now – the Ukraine must be neutral (e.g., not in NATO) and not be used as a launchpad for an attack on Russia. That included a ban on the placement of both tactical and strategic weapons systems on Ukrainian territory. Since the 2014 revolution, Ukraine has declared Russia an aggressor and enemy nation, sought entry into NATO, and has become a storehouse for tactical and strategic weapons systems, waiting for the opportunity to attack Russia. Russia’s complaints have fallen on deaf ears in the west, but there is nothing wrong with Russian hearing. When the Soviet Union was dissolved, Russia took possession of the Soviet nuclear arsenal and the non-Russian independent nations agreed to abide by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by not seeking nuclear weapons. So, when Zelensky announced at Munich that Ukraine would revoke its commitment to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and would reconstitute its nuclear weapons program, the Z-Day clock began ticking down in Moscow.”


      1. Ha, ha!! Yes, it reminded me of the ‘Blackadder’ episode from the first series, in which he is gleefully recounting his kills in the war to his brother; as the brother reels off names, he recalls each one – “yes, yes, throat slash”, or whatever. When the brother mentions a particular Duke, he describes the method of his death, to which the brother replies drily, “Yes, I killed him myself at one point.”


        1. A little; he does have an unnaturally kidney-bean-shaped head. But Schwab’s resemblance to the Grinch is enhanced by his sad-face drooping jowls, which make him look a little like an earless basset hound. He has a perpetual frown which he may have cultivated because a serious mien is highly-regarded in a banker. Grinny people are probable embezzlers – what the fuck do you have to be happy about if you are a banker and you’re not stealing?


    1. Same for banning RT et al (not me!). It really is low hanging fruit stuff to avoid getting in to the heavy and still look STRONK!

      I can’t reach Helmer’s site from here in u-Rope even though I briefly could for a couple of days a short time back. I have to find re-postings with permission elsewhere. Annoying.


    2. Alexander Mercouris has an excellent video on US/Western sanctions on Russia. In short, the US has dragged the Western world into a maximal financial attack on Russia. If it fails which he believes it will, Russia will be free of further such attacks with severe and irreversible damage to the US position as the global financial leader. China would then assume that role over a period of time.

      Basically, it’s all or nothing for the US in this first-strike financial nuclear attack.


      1. He said several times today that the attack against the Bank of Russia is, in fact, illegal as it is the state bank of a sovereign state — illegal, that is, when the party under attack and the attacker are not in a state of war with each other.

        And as regards a state of war, has not Banderastan repeatedly being stating these past 8 years that it is at war with Russia?

        So when, in a state of war, is the invasion of one of the warring parties by the other illegal?

        The USSR invaded the German Reich in 1945. Perhaps an insight into the mysterious canyons of a Banderite’s mind and his reasoning from its depths might be revealed by what that bastard Yatsenyuk stated publically to the Germans a few years ago, namely that as regards the “annexation and occupation” of the Crimea, they, the Germans already knew full well what it was like to be invaded by the Russians.


      2. Karl says piffle to Mercouris, he knows nothing and the Axis of Balalaikas has come to grief by listening to him. But Karl has gone dormant again until the Next Terrible Thing happens to Russia. I’m probably just a fool, but I agree with Mercouris, at least so far that this is go-for-your-gun time for the USA, and it’s all or nothing. Mind you, there is a school of thought which argues the intent is to so cataclysmically fuck the global economy that the Wise Ones will chuckle ruefully and say that the financial situation for the current global currency situation, vis-a-vis debt, is untenable. Therefore, the time to move to a digital currency is upon us. A digital currency would give Big Government the ‘tools’ (they love the image conjured by toolboxes, cuz it evokes hard work) to track and expose money-laundering, and that’s the way they’d sell it. But it would also give the state unprecedented surveillance and intervention powers over your money, as all digital currency would leave a digital fingerprint for those equipped to track and follow it. Hey; this guy spends a lot of his money on a subscription to gay porn – I wonder if his wife knows? And of course it would be possible to totally separate you from your money if you got too mouthy or otherwise caused problems for the government. Nothing like the Freedom Convoy could ever happen again; those guys would be out of gas and out of money in the time it took to reach however far a full tank in an 18-wheeler would carry you.


      3. This is indeed showdown time, and a very different financial world is going to emerge from the conflict. Russia and China likely will extensively de-dollarize and Russia may minimize its exposure to the Euro as well. But however it comes out, the Shwabbians are pressing hard for the new alignments to take up a digital currency, and to me that means only more and more state surveillance and control.

        I agree with Alexander that it is difficult to understand why Ukraine continues to listen to the USA and take orders from it, if it is indeed the Americans who are moving the mouths of the Ukrainian ‘peace talks’ delegation and dictating where and when they will meet Russia and what their positions will be. Zelensky was indeed a virtual mirror of Saakashvili when the latter learned that America was not going to send in the marines to back him up after he started hostilities against Russia, and now Zelensky is going through a near-identical pattern of desperate phone calls and bitter realizations. But it did not stop Saakashvili from going right back to licking American boots, and it may well not deter Zelensky, either.


      1. I tell you something, after seeing that message, Chechens will not simply request that they be deployed in Banderastan, they will demand that they be deployed there! They don’t take such insults lightly. Not to do so would be deeply shameful to them. And that happens, you will see “Azov” heads on display. That’s the way they do things, unfortunately.


        1. I’m not a bloodthirsty person but whenever actual, real-life Nazis are ‘in play’ then I see red. So I hope the Chechens will wade in, no mercy, and if there are Azov heads-on-spikes, so be it. It’s not as if those Nazis wouldn’t themselves do it to Chechens.


        2. In fact, I do believe that Chechen units are deployed at Mariupol.

          I shall tell you a little tale that happened to me whilst the Second Chechen War was raging. I may have already recounted this story on the old thread, but . . .

          It was a Friday evening and I was having a beer after having finished work. I then worked near to the MoD. There was a bloke next me at the bar who had an unzipped windcheater on, beneath which he was wearing an army officer’s uniform. He looked fed up and began to talk to me. It seemed clear to me that he just wanted to talk to anyone, so I let him go on, but after a couple of minutes of his talking, I interrupted him to excuse myself, informing him that I was not saying much because I was a foreigner and did not quite fully comprehend what he was saying.

          “Oh”, he said, “Where are you from, then?”

          I told him. And then said, “Well, I’m a foreigner as well. Russian is not my mother tongue”.

          So I asked him where he was from, and he said, “Guess!”

          So I said, “The Ukraine?’




          In the end, I said, “I give up.”

          And he said, “I’m a Chechen. I’m from Chechnya.”

          And I knew why he was unhappy.

          He was an OK sort of bloke, though. I felt sorry for him.


        1. Thanks – how could I not! I did (and do) have changes in work etc during the intervening years which prevented me from spending time here and indeed online general, but at times like these … how could I not if I wanted to keep hold of my sanity!


    1. Did you notice the preamble? It violated Twitter’s rules prohibiting hate speech, but it was just so inspiring – not to mention ‘in the public interest’ that it was left accessible. From the same people who groan with suffering over the plight of the Muslim Uyghurs in China. It’s fun to hate; you just need to understand the rules. There’s Russia, and the unvaccinated. Everyone else is Precious.

      It will kind of be a shame if it was posted by someone who was not actually a member of Azov, because those guys are for the high jump that ends in the dark. It must be an interesting philosophical puzzle to reason that you must fight to the death, because that is foretold whether you fight or not.


    1. Some smart-arse, know nothing commenter wrote that they should go back home and fight for their own country, Chechnya, not realizing, I suppose, that Chechnya is constituent republic of Russia.


  3. Well, another day in which Biden hopes to ‘degrade’ Russia’s economy! The German ‘Die Welt’ reported that Japan, to ‘support the EU’, has allowed LPG tankers to turn away from japan and go to Europe. After all, the poor Europeans now need gas.
    An interesting snippet was hidden in one of the Sunday articles in that paper (can’t find the link): the big chemical producers have pointed out that they need natural Russian gas for the production of fertilisers, that LPG is too impure to use it.
    No fertilisers – no good harvests. And of course we’ll not accept/import Russian wheat, will we!


  4. The Torygraph (now become woke and green) has this interesting piece of news:

    “Panic has broken out in Russia as the rouble plunged to record lows with people concerned about their savings. Russians waited in long queues outside ATMs on Sunday, worried that the new Western sanctions over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine will trigger cash shortages and disrupt payments. “A bank run has already started in Russia over the weekend … and inflation will immediately spike massively, and the Russian banking system is likely to be in trouble,” said Jeffrey Halley, Asia-based senior market analyst at OANDA.
    Russians posted screenshots of their banking apps on social media , offering to buy the dollar for 120-130 roubles. It comes as Russia’s central bank announced today it was raising its key interest rate to 20 per cent from 9.5 per cent as the West pummelled the country with sanctions. The Russian rouble has plunged in value to historic lows after world powers imposed fresh, harsher sanctions. The Moscow Stock Exchange will be closed all day on Monday.”
    Paywalled link:

    Fantastic, innit like, how the Biden Sanctions already work without anything actually yet put in place. Again, some twitter ‘news’ are used to push the narrative that things are bad, really bad, in Putin’s Empire, in order to make Uk readers feel good.


    1. I’ve just come back from the local supermarket and passed 2 banks on my way there, one being Sberbank, the National Savings Bank, in which, I guess, the vast majority of Russians have accounts, as do my wife and elder children, and the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank. I too have a Sberbank account: I get my salary paid into it. I saw no evidence of panic amongst the shoppers, nor did I see long lines at the bank ATMs.


        1. ATMs can only hold so much cash (for obvious reasons of physical size and capacity) that any runs on them would last maybe a couple of hours, if not less, if no physical cash deposits into them are being made. Beyond that, if people were desperate enough and had the tools, they’d either break into the ATMs or the buildings where the ATMs are located.


          1. Just so – and having ‘a bank run’ in the night? Huh? never mind: it was a beautifully crafted propaganda story – and that was the main thing.
            Unlike the newspapers of old which, once used in the bottoms of budgie cages or as wrappers for fish ‘n chips or as handy firefighters and thus all that stuff was forgotten the next day, the internet never forgets.


  5. I have a question for fellow Stooges. I read in the news that ther has just been a referendum in Byelorus on modifying the constitution, for & against. Nowhere have I been able to find what the modification of the consitution was about. Do any of you know?

    I can still access RT but in the last couple of days I get DDoS protection by DDoS-GUARD before I’m let in…


  6. Asia Times: Russia’s strategy to destroy Ukraine army going to plan

    European intelligence sources tell Asia Times Moscow sucessfully deploying ‘time-honored’ encirclement tactic to hem in Ukrainian forces

    …“The Russians are in no hurry,” a European military intelligence analyst wrote in a text message. “They will engage and drive the Ukrainians into several pockets. Then they will ask them to talk or kill them. It’s a time-honored tactic.”…

    …Instead, the Russian Army is fighting a war of position, with the aim of cutting off Ukraine’s best units from resupply and forcing a negotiated settlement on Moscow’s terms…

    In english and contrary to all the current unnamed officials that Russia has become ‘bogged down’ in the Ukraine.


    1. Ah, I just saw James beat me to it by a margin! Still it is against the run of current western military propaganda that makes it interesting for me. Now that it is ‘out there’ I wonder if it will be picked up elsewhere depending on how things go over the next few days or so.


  7. Oh my aching sides! ‘Russian owned energy firm supplies at least 11 NHS Trusts’ – it’s a paywalled report, so i only got the title, link here:

    But – they only paid £4m, which is utterly, totally peanuts in the huge (£165bn) budget of the NHS. Still … let patients ‘sacrifice for Ukraine’, innit like, by shivering in their unmade beds.


  8. Present “talks”:

    The Ukraine demands that all Russian troops be withdrawn from the Ukraine INCLUDING the separatist areas and the Crimea.


      1. CNN was all agog today with speculation from Marco Rubio – yes, Mister one-liner, “Obama knows EXACTLY what he’s doing!” – that Putin is undergoing some kind of nervous breakdown, that his decision-making is increasingly erratic and he may be just one step away from toys in the attic.

        I’m sure that’s what they’d like to believe, but ‘Doctor’ Rubio’s degrees are in Law and Political Science, and so far as I can make out he has no training or experience in medicine, psychiatry or psychology. Knows just about as much as you do about Putin’s mental state, although remote diagnosis of it from things he says and does remains a popular pastime among those for whom hope is a plan. Here’s a fine example, and you can’t go wrong these days by including input from a black woman – take it away, Mrs. Bush!


      1. Third round just started, Been going on for almost 4 hours now – originally scheduled to start at midday, but only started at 15:00.

        In view of the fact that the Clown said before today’s meeting had started that he did not believe any results would be forthcoming, what then, I wonder, have they been talking about?


        1. As do I, since Ukraine’s starting position is that Russia must withdraw all military forces from Ukraine, including those in the eastern regions and Crimea – de-facto recognizing those areas as part of Ukraine.


  9. The Clown has signed an application for membership of the EU.


    Hurrah! If the idiots there such as Von der Leyen push for EU membership of Banderastan, then the EU will pick up the tab for supporting the most impoverished wreck of a state in Europe.

    I wouldn’t put it past them to accept that shithole as a member state.

    If they do accept Yukiestan as an EU member, then it’ll be lace panties for all in the Ukraine.

    Some of the girls there may even get a pair.


    1. A few of the zealots may bite, but the more sober heads of Europe, the Shwabbians and the economic gurus, will recoil with horror at the thought of taking on such a huge liability. And obviously Zelensky – who is not panicking at all, since his invincible Ukrainian guardsmen are throwing back the sniveling Russians on every front – did not explore the topic by phone first rather than blurting it out. He is going to get a surprise, although I wonder if by this point it will really be a surprise, when he realizes how much of his ‘allies’ bluster was just tough talk with nothing behind it.


  10. Talks for today over; to begin again tomorrow:

    19: 37, 28 February 2022
    The venue for the next round of talks between Russia and Ukraine has been announced
    Medinsky said that the next round of negotiations will be held on the border of Poland and Belarus.

    The next round of Russian-Ukrainian talks will be held on the Polish-Belarusian border. This was stated by the head of the Russian delegation, presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, RIA Novosti reports.


      1. Reached “certain decisions” they said.

        I fail to see what there is that is negotiable . . .

        Maybe: if you accept a cease fire now and lay down your weapons, we wont object to your joining the EU.


        1. Or: if you order a ceasefire and lay down your arms now, we won’t destroy your southeastern forces in one humdinger of a Kesselschlag.


          1. Looks like the builders turned up to discuss the extension.

            Who are these guys – what can they decide?

            Is this just a game both are playing?


      2. You know what, I reckon they must be jabbering away with each other in the forbidden tongue and not mova because I’ve heard no mention of demands for translators.

        She used to do that — Tymoshenko: demanded a Russian/Yukie translator, refused to talk in the melodious tones that Pushkin used, despite the fact that, on her own admittance, she only started to learn Ukrainian when she was in her early 30s — you know, after she had decided to become a “politician”.


  11. You’ll love this:
    “The head of MI6, who includes his preferred pronouns in his Twitter bio, faced backlash for suggesting that a large part of the war in Ukraine was about “LGBT+ rights.”
    Yes, really.
    Richard Moore (he/him), leader of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, made the comments in a Twitter thread.”
    You can read more here:


    1. Yeah, I heard that this afternoon.

      I didn’t hear that there was a backlash though.

      These idealists live in a fantasy world. Like the “Greens” do with their idyllic dreams of rustic communities and home made bread and jams and preserves etc.

      Come to think of it, that’s how I live in the country here in summer.

      Got a real well an’ all.

      And a Russian peasant serving wench who makes all the home made stuff — Mrs. Exile.


      1. Unless you’re also only using these transport bikes instead of a car you can’t be green!

        I do wonder though how all those NATO ‘Forces’ which are meant to scare Putin will find life when faced with actual soldiers who don’t give the proverbial about LBT)there west of the alphabet, or ‘diversity’ or ‘green issues’ …

        I recall some article, must’ve been about a year or so ago, how ‘Rheinmetall’ was developing a tank run on electricity, with some solar panels added. One can imagine how that sort of thing would be doing right now, never mind how useful they’d be actually invading Russia …


        1. I don’t drive. Don’t know how to. Never had a motor car. We have bicycles in the country. Wouldn’t use them in Moscow, though. Travel on foot or by electric trains in the metro or on the surface, electric tramcars or electric buses. Oh yes, and I sometimes use skis in winter – cross country skis.

          I’m a proper little Greenie, me — but I’m not!

          I bet Baerbock has, since her having become FM for Germany, already left a bigger carbon footprint than I have during my whole life, and I’m already past three-score years and ten.


          1. Annalena has had a larger CO2 footprint even before she became FM for Germany, as have her many green colleagues. After all, being green means one can preach after to the masses while guzzling fine vintage wines … They’re all alike, the greatest of those greenies is of course the wifey of our PM. Her fingerprints are all over that ‘Net Zero’ policy of his.
            Has anyone heart from greta yet? I mean, war must be terrible for reducing CO2 …


            1. Oh yeah, Greta! Forgot about her. Last seen in Glasgow, outside that Global Warming beanfeast or whatever, where she hadn’t been invited to speak, so she got herself surrounded by a gang of juveniles, so that photos of her would like as if she were surrounded by a huge throng, and started haranguing all and sundry for destroying the world and her future. And she used naughty words as well.


  12. Zelensky has announced his demands before these talks

    Withdrawal of Russian troops from Crimea and Ukraine

    Sorry but why are Russia allowing these pointless meetings to be spun for zelensky PR.


    1. I think there was talk afoot of having UN peacekeepers in Banderastan.

      Peacekeepers —and they’ll still have their Nazis hanging around making their little “Punishment” forays.


    1. And a knobhead commenter to an RT article today penned this shite:

      you fascist bastards committed genocide in Charkow today – YOU have launched a grad missle attack on a city. Hundreds are dead. All recorded. Everyone has seen it, thanks to Annonymous Russian public will shortly also HAVE to watch it. You fascist bastards are over

      A whole ethnic group of humans exterminated by a single missile strike!

      Eat your hearts out Nazis!!!

      Not written by a native speaker of English: probably by a Russian speaker.

      The comment was to an article on libtard Moscow protesters against the war.

      Note the use of the much overused by knobheads term “genocide”, so often wrongly applied, as is the term “fascist”.

      I once remember a stupid girl screaming at my Russian teacher in the UK because she had been given a low exam mark by her. My teacher, who hailed from Odessa and was a teenager there when the invaders arrived in 1941, very calmly replied to that stupid student: “My dear, you simply do not understand the meaning of that word which you have just used to describe me!”

      My teacher was called Mariana Vladimirovna, and she once told me that she still could not forget the stench of hundreds of rotting corpses in a field in Odessa, the unburied remains of humans, mostly Jews, machine gunned to death by fascists.

      The Ukraine has been bombarding the separatist areas for 8 years.

      According to UN figures, from 2018 to 2021, 81.4% of civil casualties in the Donbass occurred in “terrorist” territory and 16.3% were in Banderastan territory.


      No. That dumb bastard Scholtz thought it risible of Putin to suggest that it was.

      War crime — most certainly.

      Genocide is only perpetrated by “the other side” is it not?

      The “hackactivist collective” — the mispelt above “Anonymous” — has taken it upon itself to censor RT —which is fascist, innit, sort of?


  13. Has the MoD finally woken up and at last decided to release information about military actions in order to counter that released by the Banderites, with which social networks are now awash, making certain persons to come in their pants?

    Combat action of helicopters of the RF Armed Forces during the special operation
    Feb 28, 2022

    The video shows Russian attack helicopters Mi-28NM, Ka-52 and Mi-35, as well as transport and assault Mi-8AMTSh.

    The Defence Ministry showed recordings from the screen of a weapons operator, the launch and flight of air — to-surface guided missiles, as well as the destruction of enemy equipment and objects, including one building that looks like a warehouse.

    At the end of the video, the wreckage of destroyed Ukrainian military equipment is shown, including the hull, presumably, of a “Gvozdika” the self-propelled gun.

    As the official representative of the Ministry of Defence, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said at a briefing, in total, during the special operation, tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces has hit six columns of armoured vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Ukraine, destroyed 311 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 42 aircraft and helicopters, including on the ground, 51 multiple launch rocket systems, 147 artillery pieces and mortars, and 263 special vehicles.


      1. Judo and taekwondo wouldn’t be Putin’s style at present – ninjutsu is more his style!

        (Sorry, I couldn’t find any better pictures of Putin as ninja.)


    1. Thanks, or: diolch yn fawr!
      I highly recommend wearing a leek on one’s lapel rather than a daffodil: leeks are good for one’s health and one needs that protection when wading into the swamp that are the MSM.


  14. Looks like all comments blocked on RT. Presume RT has done this because the whole comments sections yesterday had become awash with a gamut of obscene, insulting, hysterical, childish, inaccurate and downright mendacious comments.

    I often get the impression that many of such comments are written by semi-literate schoolchildren, who have spent most of their cognitive years playing PC games and texting messages on cell phones. I don’t think they have been, really: much of the questionable English that abounds in them is probably because they have been written by none-native speakers of English. However, I think that the majority of the comments have clearly been written by shitwit, redneck, uneducated, illiterate Pindos and those fellow countrymen of mine whom I find the most abhorrent amongst a generally abhorrent mob: those who believe that “British is best” and that the stultified sump that my native country has become has a “Global role” to play.


  15. ‘Old Zacky’ speaks:

    “NATO’s experiments and the deafening silence of the Western public – these are the reasons behind the humanitarian and political disaster in Europe. An end was to be put to this, since the West refused to conduct any negotiations whatsoever and welcomed aggressive statements and direct threats of Kiev puppets towards Russia…These are millions of people, who were losing their loved ones every day, living in basements to flee the shelling. Where were all these countries and their public during these eight years that the war continued, and how did they condemn the killing of at least 13,000 people throughout these years?”

    I still reckon she would be a good choice to succeed Putin. She knows how to talk the talk – notice that she shellacks Banderastan without ever insulting the Ukrainian people, always awarding the blame to the Ukrainian government and foreign meddlers.


  16. Shell is out of JV’s too and so is Statoil Equinor and the Norgie state investment fund. This is good for Russia.

    The Italian artists are demanding that Valery Gergiev makes ‘a statement’ on the Ukraine. Neither he nor the Maryinsky have responded. He is being cancelled by the dutch and others already. If you are not with us, your are against us. Very Nazi/NATO. I don’t know how they think they’ll excuse this cheap russophobia in future. We were emotional won’t cut it.




    Yes, we forget that Byelorus was also a signitary to the Budapest Memorandum. As much as Zelensky can squeal about the Ukraine getting nukes, then it will have to deal with Byelorussian nukes on its border too, and that’s without even addressing any threats by the US to deploy their nukes further east.

    The more calm, rational and cool minds look at it (certainly not now, but in future), neutrality is the only option for the Ukraine, for u-Rope and for Russia.

    The consequences of the last few years will be long lasting. All those calling for Germany to step up will not far in to the future be calling for Germany to step down. I don’t see how it can whomever is in charge. We’ve seen the chaos the eastern states are willing to fuel while Germany remained cautious and to the detriment of the EU as a whole. If that’s not a warning I don’t know what else is.


    1. Modern Ukraine under the nationalists is not interested in being a lowly partner – it wants to be a decider, a shaper of worlds, and all the money the west pours into it is no more than its due as far as they are concerned. The west wants Russia gone, and Ukraine is the warrior nation that will get it done, but it is not going to accept just partnership in exchange. Neutrality is for sissies.


  18. Middle East Eye: Russia-Ukraine war: Western media criticised for racist ‘blonde hair blue eyes’ coverage of invasion

    Major news outlets have aired racist views – often using comparisons with the Middle East – since the invasion began

    …“They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking,” wrote journalist and former Conservative politician Daniel Hannan in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper on Saturday.

    “Ukraine is a European country. Its people watch Netflix and have Instagram accounts, vote in free elections and read uncensored newspapers. War is no longer something visited upon impoverished and remote populations. It can happen to anyone.”

    Prominent social media users have been quick to point out the racist tropes in this and other coverage…

    No sh*t Sherlock and it’s nothing new. Just look at the break up of Yugoslavia. It counted a) because it was ‘in Europe’ even if it was far away, and b) they look like us.

    A few years ago I had someone tell me that they refuse to go to Russia because of its stance on homosexuality. That same person has no problems going to Dubai and similar. Liberal hypocrisy is de rigeur and widespread. They have no problem looking the other way when it is convenient for them.


  19. The Ukronazis murdered Roman Brodsky, an i-Sraeli citzen when he was travelling in a convoy to Moldova. They claim they mistook him for a ‘Russian supporting Chechen.’ The family blames ‘Putin.’


  20. Middle East Eye via Russia-Ukraine war: Turkey warns countries not to pass warships through straits

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would use authority from Montreux Convention to prevent escalation of conflict

    …He said Turkey would not compromise from its commitments to its alliances, including Nato, but that it could also not turn back on “national interests” in its region.

    “Turkey has strictly fulfilled its responsibilities within the framework of the institutions and alliances with which it is involved, especially the United Nations, Nato, and the European Union.”…

    That’s not what Zelensky asked. The Russian advantage is locked in.


      1. The situation appears to be rather different elsewhere. The assessment of “Tidewater”, commenting on the Colonel Lang piece

        seems rather level-headed, judging that there’s little enthusiasm for the “struggle” against Sauron’s hordes among the menfolk of southern towns. He believes it’ll be a new “Cherkasy Pocket” for the Ukrainian forces.


      2. Staged photo-op. Less impressive than most American versions after a big basketball victory or loss.


      3. Do you not get it, Karl? Or are you just stubbornly resolved to not get it? I suspect the latter, since nothing pleases you – first Russia is weak because it just lets Ukraine wipe its feet on its back, and then when all hell breaks loose, oh noes! innocent pipples is getting hurt!!

        Russia. does. not. want. to. occupy. Ukraine. The country will be handed back to its rulers once it has had its offensive capability and its Nazis removed, and it signs a pledge to not immediately start building up war materials again through ‘gifts’ from the west. Neutral, and non-Nazi. Not Russian. It’s not difficult to understand, if you try. But you’re not trying.


  21. I’m just waiting for the devastating news that Russia has been thrown out of the International Cricket Council. That will surely be the last straw and Putin will give up & retire.


  22. I highly recommend investment in a good machine translator. The German online paper ‘Die Welt’ has a livestream which brings hair-raising news. For example, the Russian conductor Gergijev has now been kicked out of his job in Munich, just as he’s been kicked out of his job at La Scala, Milan.
    Far more hilarious is the news that Ukraine wants to order u-boats and corvettes from Germany – never mind that the german Navy hasn’t got any modern ones of their own.
    The list of ‘sanctions’ is a never-ending indictment of cowards trying to preempt their state’s demands. ‘Countenance’ is more important than people’s lives: all 140 employees of Nordstream2 have now been sacked … yeh, “we” all need to make sacrifices, innit …



      1. So will Bundesrepublik Deutschland in the not too distant future, I hope, after its having been transformed into a de-industrialized “Green” utopia.


      2. Why am I not surprised! it’s what Biden wanted, isn’t it …
        Btw, in a concerted action, all four employees of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder quit their jobs with him. He’s of course one of the builders of Nordstream2,


      3. I suspect that’d be the perfect short-term solution, from the western point of view – some western buyer could snap it up, and then Gazprom would no longer have nothing to do with the ownership. Foxed the Russians, by God!! Got them to spring for building the pipeline, then got it for pennies on the dollar!!

        But Gazprom would still own the gas in it, there is no obligation to ship anything through it without a contract, and there is no longer a pressing need for the European gas market from Russia’s point of view, although it’s nice to have and still very lucrative.

        This is a history-making period that will shape the course of the future over at least the medium term. And it’s unfair to completely blame Washington, although it is Washington’s manipulations that have brought us to where we are. The very greatest part of the blame must go to Europe, which is so spineless that it simply will not stand up for its own interests, harming its own economy again and again for Washington’s benefit, refusing to press Ukraine to honour its international agreements even when Washington was not involved in the negotiations, and now the incredible team of Sholz and Baerbock merely showcases that it is futile for Russia to maintain any ties to Europe. Let it go. Years if not decades of careful and painstaking work go out the window with the election of an idiot.


    1. Once again, Europe screams and writhes and smears shit on its own face, as Washington beams with benediction. Do they suppose that if Nord Stream II is discontinued at this late stage, and broken up and decommissioned, that a new gas transit contract will be signed to transit gas across Ukraine, making Ukrainians fat, rich and happy, and Russia will just grumble and go along with it? I am incredulous at how quickly and easily Germany folded up. Now it just lies on the bathroom floor, blubbering, “Please, please don’t hit me any more”.

      Best to have learned that now, rather than after it gained a serious interest in Russian gas exports, although as long as the gas comes from Russia, it still has leverage. But Europe is cutting its own throat, and all over the Ukrainians! Does it imagine they will weep with gratitude? Just wait until the Ukrainian oligarchy gets loose in European business.


  23. 13: 54 01.03.2022 (updated: 14: 01 01.03.2022)
    Polish President explains why he is not sending aircraft to the Ukraine
    President Duda: Warsaw is not sending aircraft to Kiev because the Ukraine is not a member of NATO

    WARSAW, March 1 – RIA Novosti. Poland is not a party to the conflict in the Ukraine and is not sending its aircraft there, Polish President Andrzej Duda said after having met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

    As reported on a Facebook page of the Ukrainian Navy, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia will send 70 MiG-29 and Su-25 combat aircraft to the Ukraine. And on February 27, the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, said that the EU intends to provide, amongst other things, combat aircraft as part of the declared military assistance to the Ukraine.

    “We are not sending (to the Ukraine – ed.) our aircraft, otherwise it would mean the inclusion of NATO in the conflict. NATO is not a party to the conflict. Our aircraft are not currently flying in the Ukraine”, Duda said.

    And if they were and if they had taken off from bases outside the Ukraine, then those bases would be legally open to attack by the Russian air force, and if that happened, the shit would really hit the NAto fan.


    1. Amazing isn’t it? How long have they been stirring up trouble? When it all hits the fan they’re “not a party to the conflict”


    2. Failed PR or misdirection?

      Euractiv: Poland ‘key’ in Western weapons supplies to Ukraine

      As Poland becomes a logistical hub for weapons supplies into Ukraine, Hungary said it would not allow lethal weapons to transit its territory.

      …Poland has offered to work as a logistical hub to transfer military equipment and help channel them into the western part of Ukraine not yet occupied by Russian forces.

      However, some media reports in Poland over the past days raised the alarm about Russia trying to cut off Ukraine from its border with Poland to effectively stop weapons transfers…


  24. The EU is looking at the political and legal sides of banning Russian state media.

    I’m confused. Didn’t they just agree to ban them?

    Please sit down for dinner
    -When will it be ready?
    I haven’t cooked it yet.



        1. Well, we do. Everyone except me, anyway – my wife, daughter and mother-in-law. And now they can’t get First Channel. Because, you know, it might be filled with disinformation. At some point the government just decided the people were too stupid to tell disinformation for themselves, so what they see and hear must be filtered first so that it is government-approved. For the common good, of course, which has become the rallying-cry of western civilization.


          1. You don’t count. You’re a putinbot married to a Russian.

            However, I never watch TV here.

            I do so miss the fair, balanced, objective transmissions of the BBC, which are, of course, not government controlled — I really do.


          2. This is a page straight out of the Covid playbook – for two years anyone who questioned the wisdom of the lockdown policy, whether it was a proportionate response or who drew attention to the huge collateral damage caused by lockdowns was denounced as a ‘granny-killer’ and censored. Highly qualified epidemiologists and virologists who questioned the prevailing narrative were smeared as swivel-eyed loons and censored. Anyone questioning vaccine efficacy and safety was denounced and censored. Every effort was made to suppress dissent; you had to seek it to find it. And most people don’t.

            It’s the same here – no-one holds a gun against Joe Public’s head and forces him/her/all genders in between/ to watch RT or any other alternative media. People watch it because they want to hear a different point of view or want to know more about the Russian arguments for the actions in Ukraine. Trying to suppress RT has nothing to do with the Russian government and everything to do with limiting the choices of European citizens. It’s yet another example of the totalitarian mindset gripping western elites.


            1. Since you mention covid, Fern, we’ve just published a report from New Zealand where the anti-covid protest, the ‘freedom village at the NZ Parliament in Wellington has been brutally broken up:
              Needless to say – I know this ‘correspondent’ personally. Also needless to say that Saint Jacinda used the same expression, namely that the protesters were ‘misinformed’ as TPTB are now using as ‘reason’ for suppressing Russian media and banning them from the pristine western interwebs.
              And then the MSM editors go and change what they’d published previously because it doesn’t fir the narrative TPTB are pushing …


              1. Colliemum, nice to espeak with you again. Thanks for the link – very interesting. One good thing about the Covid ‘era’ is that it has stripped away the veneers and exposed the totalitarians. I have been genuinely shocked by the actions of European governments (including my own) in the way they have sought to create a new unter-menschen class, those who are anything other than triple-jabbed. The amount of time and effort put into planning ever more ways to make miserable their own citizens’ lives – the sheer viciousness of it all; the eagerness of much of the so-called liberal commentariat to get behind plans to inflict as much punishment as possible on the vaccine reluctant.

                Now we have pictures of British soldiers training Ukrainians openly wearing the Wolfsengel – Europe really is ripe for a revival of nazism.


                1. So many of my friends and acquaintances are disgusted and in despair about the state of the country, the MSM and especially about the masses of brainwashed people. As for our military training bona-fide Nazis – you couldn’t make it up … and this at a time when anyone daring to offer a divergent point of view is labelled ‘Nazi’ …
                  The two covid years were the prelude to this utterly un-British behaviour – I’m not exempting the Scots whose leaders are and were even worse that the English, nor the Welsh whose tinpot dictator Mark Drakeford has just travelled to Brussels to ‘investigate’ how wales can ‘help’ with Ukrainian refugees. wales has no money it’s tiny with just below 4m inhabitants, with education and health services more akin to Romania than the former British empire … as for Welsh media … the less said the better.
                  (Even the rugby has deteriorated …).
                  And of course today it’s raining …


      1. Just shows how serious they are about The Shunning this time around. There must remain in the Free World no trace that Russia even exists. I wonder if it will be removed from maps, with just a blank space and the words, “Here, there be dragons”. If you’re going to lose your mind, might as well say goodbye to it completely.


  25. March 01, 2022, 14: 35
    Johnson has said that NATO could not provide a no-fly zone over the Ukraine
    British Prime Minister Johnson: ensuring a no-fly zone overthe Ukraine would lead to a clash with the Russian Federation

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that NATO could not provide a no-fly zone over the Ukraine, as this would lead to a direct clash with Russia. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

    According to the politician, if such a decision were made, it would be very difficult to predict the consequences.

    Johnson stressed that Britain did not intend to solve the problem by using military force, as this would lead to a reassessment of ways to ensure security in Europe.

    The day before, the head of the Ministry of Transport of Great Britain Grant Shapps appealed to the heads of ports of the country with a request that access to ships that fly the Russian flag not be granted.

    Earlier, Prime Minister Johnson said that the goal pursued by the West, imposing sanctions against Russia, is to overthrow the Russian authorities.

    would lead to a direct clash with Russia

    You don’t say!

    it would be very difficult to predict the consequences

    You, sir, if I may be so bold to say, most certainly suffer from a lack of imagination!


  26. 1 MAR, 14: 31 | Updated 14:45
    Zelensky’s office has said that the application for Ukraine’s membership in the EU has been accepted
    The President of the Ukraine is scheduled to deliver a video message to the European deputies on Tuesday


    Lace pantie imports in abundance!

    Waddya think of that, Ursula?

    How much do you think accepting that bankrupt state as part of the team is going to set the EU back every year?

    Just a ballpark figure will do.


    1. Sultan Erdogan will be really pleased – they’ve been banging away on the EU door for yonks and always get the elbow, chiefly because of the Greeks, I guess.

      On 26 June 2018, the EU’s General Affairs Council stated that “Turkey has been moving further away from the European Union. Turkey’s accession negotiations have therefore effectively come to a standstill and no further chapters can be considered for opening or closing and no further work towards the modernisation of the EU-Turkey Customs Union is foreseen

      Officially, the EU is not all that happy with the Terrible Turks’ attitude towards “human rights” issues.

      On the other hand, the Kiev Nazis’ human rights record is impeccable, ain’t that the truth!



    2. Just like that, huh? Same-day service.

      I hope it’s true. In its current economic situation – debt at 90.7% of GDP –

      Europe would have to be stone-cold crazy to accept a new member with the debt load Ukraine is holding.

      Ukrainian debt has increased by more than 10 times what it was in 2008. Push the chart out to its max value to see the carnage in all its awfulness. Although all the figures are from the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, so you might be seeing awfulness’s best side. Because according to that same Ministry of Finance, Ukraine’s government debt-to-GDP ratio is only a little over 60%. In a nation whose balance of trade with the EU has barely changed at all since 2011, a nation that stays alive on foreign loans.

      In fact, all that has actually happened is that Zelensky has signed a membership application, and begged the EU to ‘show us that you really stand with us’. But since the coronavirus failed to drag the world into Schwab’s technotopia, perhaps utter economic disintegration will do it – what did they offer Ukraine to sign the EU Association Agreement? Something like $600 Million? It could spray $600 million behind its ear now and not even notice a difference in smell.


  27. Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of the Economy, has pledged that his country will “wage a total economic and financial war on Russia,” outlining how Europe will seek to punish Moscow and President Vladimir Putin over the invasion of Ukraine.

    Speaking to Franceinfo on Tuesday, the government minister was clear that sanctions will be “applied” to individuals and entities until “Vladimir Putin returns to better intentions in Ukraine.”

    Stating that “488 personalities” have been added to the list of individuals currently under European sanctions over the conflict, Le Maire says France will “target the heart of the Russian system,” including Putin and oligarchs, making clear that the “Russian people will also pay the consequences.”

    Merci beaucoup, you Frog shit!

    France threatens to ‘cause the collapse of the Russian economy’

    France threatens to ‘cause the collapse of the Russian economy’


    1. Above RT link under DDOS attack.

      Happening ever more frequently now.

      Free world, free speech, second amendment?



      1. I can still get the text, but the photos for any of the articles aren’t available any longer.
        ‘Free Speech’, innit – but only the ‘free speech’ we permit you to access.


        1. Washington will be so pleasantly surprised by this fiery rhetoric from a cheese-eating surrender monkey. Shame France was still in curl-up-and-hold-your-testicles mode when Uncle Sam was beating the shit out of Iraq – they could have used some good cheese and the occasional blowjob.


    2. Monsieur Le Maire has clones in almost all European countries – in the main, the self-same people who have spent the last few months planning ever more spiteful actions to punish their own citizens who are reluctant to get jabbed or boosted. The German minister who talked gleefully of Russian granddaughters unable to send money to Russian grandmothers; the threat to make the Russian people ‘pay the price’ – just like the no-vaccine punishments, it’s the viciousness and cruelty that’s the point. These people are beyond vile.


    1. Forgive me being a bit flippant here, but when I see the bodies in this phot all I can say is: thank God you lot are ‘of the other persuasion’ because not one of your bods is making me drool and think of bed – to the contrary …!


      1. I’m sure if you look closely enough – not that you’d want to! – you can see the faint scars where the scalpel had to cut so the surgeon could put in the silicon pectorals.


    1. Yeah, that’s good, innit? And ‘The Ghost of Keeev’ has shot down his 15th Russian plane in only a week, catapulting him to the top of the historical fighter-ace pile! No matter which side you’re on, you have to admire an incredible achievement like that. It’s almost as if it were a dream.


      1. A Bandera Biggles no less!

        First appeared in “The White Fokker”, only the “Ghost of Kyiv’s” f*ckers were Russian Sukhois.

        I shall have to stop my bad language because there are more ladies present!


        1. And Ozzie ladies swear like troopers!

          Well those whom I have been acquainted with did.

          My apologies Jen if that sweeping statement of mine about Australian women does not apply to you.


  28. The Cradle: Follow the money: how Russia will bypass western economic warfare

    The US and EU are over-reaching on Russian sanctions. The end result could be the de-dollarization of the global economy and massive commodity shortages worldwide.

    By Pepe Escobar
    March 01 2022


    1. Yes, that’s a good piece, too. It reflects our previous discussions; that while Washingtonians will be boogieing in the hallways, delirious with success, they have captured a European market that currently owes over 90% of every dollar it earns to debt, and which was until recently reliant on Russian energy. I can’t believe Russia would be so gullible as to help it up again after such a kick in the nuts as it is about to experience, and shoot it sweetheart energy deals to minimize its losses. Let it go down the bowl.


  29. I can still pull up the RT website, so i did, and this is what I found:
    “Ukraine wants its foreign debt written off – Country owes international financial organizations over $57 billion”
    Nice one (not) – add some more to ‘the pain’ which “we”, according to BoJO, must all share because we’re ‘standing shoulder to shoulder with Nazis who’re good because they’re our Nazis’.



    1. Uh huh; debt writeoffs are regarded far differently when it is westernn countries who own most of the debt. American envoys enjoyed considerable success in the past imploring Russia to write off debt for former Soviet countries, which it did, but western businessmen who are holding the owesies now will see it in a vastly different light, and I’m sure nobody will seriously approach Russia even though it is Ukraine’s largest foreign investor.

      But Russia and the west have totally different views on debt forgiveness and restructuring. When Russia recognizes, philosophically, that debt is realistically unpayable owing to the economic strictures experienced by the debtor, it is likely to forgive the debt in favour of trade considerations or development which will benefit its hearts-and-minds initiatives, such as in African countries with high levels of mostly-Soviet-era debt.

      In the case of Mozambique, Russian debt forgiveness channeled money that was intended for debt payments into free school meals for 150,000 schoolchildren over 5 years. The heartless bastards.

      However, the western view is that debt obligations translate to leverage, and that it is easier to affect political change and restructuring in countries who are ashamed to argue with you because they owe you money. Doubtless that would be spun to suggest the leverage is used to reverse corruption in the courts system, let’s say, like Joe Biden’s jubilation over having gotten the Ukrainian prosecutor-general fired. Okay, well, maybe that wasn’t the best example. But I’m sure you can think of examples in which western persuasion resulted in a new president.

      In many cases, as the above article argues, debt forgiveness would actually cost the USA very little because the debts are irrecoverable anyway – they are earning a trickle from making the country keep up with interest payments, but it is racking the economy and the country cannot climb out of the hole. But debt forgiveness is not a preferred American diplomatic tool. That’s not to say the country is not generous – it very much is. But it is reluctant to let go of leverage it might one day want to use.

      It is pretty comical to hear coming from Ukraine, though, since anyone who could add and subtract could see it was getting in deeper and deeper, while its characteristic response to a worsening financial picture was to squall for more money. At the same time, the government must have observed that western coaxing using vastly-improved trade for a lure was high-octane bullshit, as illustrated by the balance-of-trade graph I posted earlier. The only thing funnier is that the west deliberately rewrote its lending rules so it could continue letting Ukraine get in deeper, although the rule as it stood forbade further lending to a debtor who is already in a default position.


      1. Well hang on there Mark. Maybe not so fast.

        The west has dabbled (is that a word)/dangled/fished/wanktanked about ‘oudious debt’ I assume for its favorites but it seems to have fallen off the radar at least for recent times and of course not if you own money to the western world but other. It doesn’t help the Ukraine tho’.


        1. Dear me, yes, ‘pon my soul, I had completely forgotten the “Odious Debt” loophole. Unfortunately, its chief proponent – Anna Gelpern – had a limited understanding of the law, although her enthusiasm could not be discounted as a force of its own. This legal blogger argues the instrument is shaky at best as an escape clause, and the Ukrainians might want to read this in case the plan is to charge ahead without thinking (as it usually is) and haughtily inform its creditors that they can just whistle for their money.

          For me, the highlight of the post was the suggestion that the Ukrainians ‘never saw’ the $3 Billion that Russia lent to Ukraine; that Yanukovych simply stole it when he fled the country. So Yanukovych, in not much more than the clothes he stood up in, got away with 2,999 times as much money as would weigh 22 pounds and stand over 3 feet high if it were in $100.00 notes. The proceeds of one of the most closely-watched loans in history. Man, I can’t WAIT for these guys to be part of the EU!


    2. What RT has had to do is change its comments server from WordPress. New system now. WordPress must have pulled the plug on RT.

      Will New Kremlin Stooge come under attack, I wonder, seeing that it is full of Putinversteher [literally: Putin-understander] as those odious Germans (not all, but I think the majority, for sure) like to say?

      The only ray of light here that might exempt this site from its being zapped by the powers of righteousness are the sage and censorious comments from a person who hails from the land of lakes.


      1. MOSCOW 20: 44, march 1, 2022
        Sobyanin has said that attempts to organize riots on the streets of Moscow will be stopped

        Moscow. March 1. INTERFAX – The Moscow authorities have said that attempts to organize street riots in the city will be stopped.

        “I ask you not to succumb to the calls of provocateurs. (…) All attempts to organize street riots will be consistently stopped”, the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, wrote in his blog.

        He said that “provocateurs’ calls” are aimed at “undermining the city’s governance and creating an atmosphere of chaos, which we have recently observed in Kazakhstan”.

        The Mayor of Moscow said that all city programmes will be implemented, and the development of the metropolis will continue. He also indicated that the Moscow authorities intend to ensure the normal functioning of the capital and the protection of Muscovites.


    1. That shit Venediktov is whinging like hell now.

      According to Venediktov, the editorial staff of the radio station categorically disagrees with the representation of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which led to the disconnection of Ekho Moskvy from the air and the blocking of the site. “The claims contained in the submission are not supported by any examples, any evidence, are unfounded and offensive to journalists and citizens of Russia”, he said.


  30. FOM: The level of confidence of Russians in Vladimir Putin rose to 71% in a week
    March 1, 2022, 20: 05

    According to a poll by the Public Opinion Foundation, the level of trust of Russian citizens in President Vladimir Putin has increased from 60% to 71%.

    So, a few days after the recognition of the independence of the DPR and LPR – February 24 – 71% of respondents said they rather trust Putin. And before the recognition of the republics – on February 20 – this opinion was shared by 60%.

    The number of those who rather do not trust the head of state has decreased during this time from 29% to 18%..


    1. Probably disinformation; how could the Russians support such a savage? And if they do, then it excuses the west for imposing collective punishment to hurt them all.


  31. “Europe will have to stop talking to Russia in the language of ultimatums.” Experts on the critical dependence of the EU on Russian supplies

    Ursula von der Leyen quite successfully destroyed the defence capability of the Bundeswehr in the recent past, and now she has seriously taken up dealing with European industry. We wish her every success.

    The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who has long been one of the main “hawks” of European politics, warned citizens of the EU yesterday that they would not have the easiest of times “because of the EU’s desire to be in solidarity with the Ukraine”. The Crimean sanctions have already cost the Europeans $200 billion. The current “Iron Curtain 2.0”, which is emerging at an unprecedented speed right before our eyes, threatens even greater losses. Their main burden will fall on Europe. And this despite the fact that the main actor of the current events is overseas and not only will not lose anything, but will noticeably gain. The United States has played an almost win-win game and will certainly cover all its modest investments in the Ukraine at the expense of European concerns that have lost markets and stable and relatively cheap energy sources. I shall not be surprised if they also sell Russian gas to Europeans, making a loophole in their formidable sanctions acts.

    The wave of sanctions that have hit Russia now seem terrible. In fact, we have woken up in a new world. But while European politicians seem to be competing with each other in their desire to poke the “raging Russian bear” with the sanctions club, world economic experts are expressing growing concern, predicting nothing less than the collapse of European industry. This is not only about the notorious notion to “cut off the gas”. There are dozens of areas in which Russia could hurt the EU very much. Experts from the global research group Wood Mackenzie argue that a conflict of such intensity between Europe and Russia could not last too long, because otherwise the energy and chemical enterprises of the EU would finally lose its competition to Asian and American producers:

    “This will have long-term implications for commodities, energy policy and energy transition. The world’s dependence on Russia for some commodities cannot be overestimated – from gas, coal, oil, iron ore, aluminium, platinum group metals and zinc to copper, lead, petrochemicals and fertilizers. Many major international oil and gas companies, utilities and mining companies have been investing in Russia”.

    It must be said that Wood Mackenzie is one of the most authoritative expert firms on the planet in the field of energy. Based on its data, long-term planning of the entire energy policy of the West is being built. And it is painting sad prospects for Europe. Experts say that Russian gas today provides more than a third of European consumption, and this deficit cannot be covered either in the short or long term. And the main thing is not even heat in houses, but industry:

    If the EU imposes sanctions today that stop the flow of Russian gas, it can survive this winter, but will have huge problems accumulating gas reserves for next winter. Prices will rise. Industry will collapse. Inflation will spiral. We believe that the European energy crisis will trigger a global recession.

    The situation with coal is even worse. European metallurgical enterprises are critically dependent on Russian coal and are tuned specifically to our brands. Experts say that “this will lead to a price shock in world coal markets and a shortage of coal in Europe. Russian coal accounts for approximately 30% of European metallurgical coal imports and more than 60% of European thermal coal imports”. In this article, you can find the whole alignment, and many will be surprised by how much Europe depends on a number of materials that can only be bought from Russia. Europeans have not only an enthusiasm for shooting themselves in their feet as regards their industry, but are also recklessly trying to hack them off. Let me remind you that the Wood Mackenzie expert group is not some small-time consultancy, but one of the largest of research organizations, headquartered in 25 major countries. All this gives some optimism about when the present hysteria ends and there then begins the time when they realise that the darkest of times have begun, and the European top brass will stop speaking in ultimatums. And the wait for this to happen will not be long, as they are facing a death sentence.


  32. One thing that occurs to me is that the planning and action of Russia’s special operation to de-nazify the Ukraine certainly won’t give away any juicy full war secrets. A pedestrian military convoy – which I think is in part designed to be psychological – and other behavior shows they’ve been very careful. Western intel ‘leaked’ to the PPNN now say the huge convoy heading towards Kiev is mostly made up of ‘support vehicles.’ Can’t see inside them though….


    1. Incinerators, natch!

      The Russian army always uses them behind the lines to frazzle their fallen.

      Everybody knows that!

      Little do they know, however, that these incinerators are of a special design so as to roast Yukonazis, coz they don’t burn so well, they being so full of shit..


  33. Klitschko has banned the sale of booze in the “Mother of Russian Cities”.

    Knobheads tanked up and toting assault rifles in a besieged city do not make a good cocktail mix.


  34. We had guests over for lunch the other day and discussion inevitably turned to the Ukraine situation. They expressed shock and whatever. I commented “Imagine if this had been the Americans.” I added afterwards that us westerners are snobby about other foreigner’s getting emotional about history, but when it comes close to home, we do to. Then I followed on with saying “Remember the outrage over Princes William and Harry dressing up in Nazi uniforms?” Pause. “Well in the Ukriane they dress up too but they are adults and have a lot of guns….”


  35. Interesting: some ‘writing heads’ in the Uk are now warning that everything could become really ghastly, especially in Kiev. After all, didn’t the bad rusks just bomb a TV tower – and five people died?
    More and more do I get the impression that the Western armchair generals – politicians hacks, ‘intelligence experts’ are aghast that there wasn’t a ‘shock-and-awe’ preparation such as during the Gulf War, as they predicted, and that blood isn’t running in streams all over the place. So instead of photos like those from e.g. Falludhja they must now count every single demolished building they can find , fake or not: no matter, in order to sustain their narrative of Putin = butcher so that those sanctions can be justified.


    1. According to Moon of Alabama it was an ‘electricity substation that feeds the studios and media centers around the TV-tower of Kiev.’ Welcome back btw!


      1. & this:


        Of course NATO can recall its glory days of 1999 when it bombed Belgrade TV tower and also the Chinese embassy. The second ‘by accident’ because of ‘old maps….’


      2. Thanks, Et Al – at a time like the current one this is the one place to go to specially since i cannot bear to do more than skim the dreadful UK MSM for my work, and thus have, for a change, some time available.


        1. Me and the 75% are not watching the tv news. She reads polish news, I have my usual multiple sources in addition to daily BBC to know the official line and gugl nudes for a western spread.

          The one comfort I take in ‘our’ western dominance of ‘news’ is that ultimately it is meaningless, like reality tv. A short term balm for well, people who can’t be bothered to look elsewhere despite the host of other sources even in english.

          On the plus side we’re going cultural genocide on any Russia, even those like Gergiev who refuse to make a public statement but is known to be a Putin supporter. I don’t see how further down the line how the artsy critics can possibly excuse themselves apart from that they are prone to emotional outbursts of a dramatic nature.

          Strange times indeed. A bit scary. Not boring. Real history(™)


          1. Strange indeed and certainly not boring.
            I’ve often wished I’d find that one Chinese who cursed us to ‘live uninteresting times’ … so i could wring his neck.


            1. But it is funny. Or is that just me?

              I like the one “May your wishes be granted.” 😉

              I assume that is on the basis that if the average person suddenly discovers a genie or whatever they would blow the opportunity. Or if we looke at more contemporary times, stories of lotto/whatever winners who after they have lost it all sell their story to tabloids and say “Money didn’t buy me happiness.


              1. It’s somewhat funny and that makes it so powerful. A funnier one is a Yiddish ‘curse’: May all your teeth fall out except one – for toothache’. Now that is genius!


    2. I recall when the USA targetted the TV centre in Belgrade. No ifs and buts and maybes about who was responsible!

      Serb TV station was legitimate target, says Blair
      Sat 24 Apr 1999 03.20 BST

      Nato leaders yesterday scrambled to justify the bombing of Serbia’s state television station in an attack which killed a number of civilian workers and marked a further widening in the scope of targets now considered legitimate.

      The attack on the building in the centre of Belgrade – which contradicted an apparent assurance by Nato this month that only transmitters would be hit – was condemned by international journalists’ organisations, representing both employers and unions.

      Reporters at the scene said they saw the almost decapitated body of one man dangling from the rubble, and the body of a make-up artist. Another man was trapped between two concrete blocks. Doctors amputated his legs at the site but he later died.

      The state-run news agency Tanjug said about 150 people were inside the building at the time of the attack. The minister without portfolio, Goran Matic, said that in addition to 10 dead and 18 wounded, at least 20 people were feared buried in the rubble.

      Tony Blair, in Washington for Nato’s 50th anniversary summit, insisted that bombing television stations was ‘entirely justified’ since they were part of the ‘apparatus of dictatorship and power of Milosevic’. He added: ‘The responsibility for every single part of this action lies with the man who has engaged in this policy of ethnic cleansing and must be stopped.’

      At a heated press briefing at the Ministry of Defence, Clare Short, the international development secretary, said: ‘This is a war, this is a serious conflict, untold horrors are being done. The propaganda machine is prolonging the war and it’s a legitimate target.’

      Admiral Sir Ian Garnett, chief of joint operations at the ministry of defence, said Mr Milosevic’s ‘propaganda machine consists of transmitters but also the studios from which the information is transmitted. That makes it part of the overall military structure. Both elements have to be attacked.’

      Attack by the Exceptional Nation.

      Nothing to see here!

      Move along now . . .


      1. Serbia – that’s not just so last week, that’s soo last century! The kiddies who now allegedly run our country can’t even remember back to last Thursday, so why would they recall Belgrade in 1999 …


        1. Objection, m’lord! That would have appleid to the old Great Britain, with their then excellent and excellently educated diplomats, civl servants and politicians.
          It does not apply to the current crop, as the ‘performance’s of Johnson, Ms Truss, that Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and the heads of MI6 and the chief security service have shown.
          The only group for which I still have respect are the Royal Marines and their SBS. Ok, throw in the SAS. But the erst? Heh, they couldn’t intimidate a granny, never mind a Russian granny …


          1. You’ve missed out the best yet: ex-fireplace salesman and Minister of Defence, Gavin “You-Silly-Boy” Williamson, who instructed Russia “to go way and shut up”.

            There is a theory doing the rounds that maintains that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has numpties appointed to ministerial posts so as to make him look smart in comparison with them.


  36. The west may win the media war, but the future? It doesn’t look like it:


  37. ####

    It’s good news that they’re not very bright. a) Here’s the target; b) the conclusion.


    1. Whoo HOO!!! Roland Oliphant thought, for some reason, that I might find that video ‘disturbing’. And now the Russians are ‘shelling residential areas’! The horror!! I guess Rollie slept through Fallujah.

      “…The ambulance was clearly marked. It had “AMBULANCE” written in English across the front, a blue flashing light. It had a siren wailing. As we were driving through the American-held part of town, a shot was fired at the ambulance. We stopped and waited, thinking it was just a warning shot and we’ll be able to move in a minute. And they just opened fire on the ambulance. Countless people were being killed in Fallujah. Lots of people were burying bodies in their homes because they couldn’t take them anywhere. Whole families were living in houses that were bombed. The Pentagon actually issued a statement saying I was lying about our ambulance being shot at. What they say is that, if ambulances are shot, it’s because ambulances get used to transport guns and fighters and they get fired on from ambulances. There’s not actually a single documented case. They haven’t given a single example of when it happened…”

      I remember the Israelis whacking a Palestinian ambulance with an airstrike. They claimed it was carrying a surface-to-air missile in the back. I can see where the confusion arose, because it turned out to have been a stretcher, and nobody would expect to find one of those in an ambulance.


    2. The voice-over to the clip above showing the missile strike against the Kharkov administration building is full of obscenities and in Russian and directed at Russians.

      What happened to the language law in Banderastan?


  38. Via Mark Sleboda’s twitter feed:


    ‘Good’ moslems or ‘bad’ moslems? Must ask Washington, London, Paris & Berlin?

    People go on about Moscow’s clever over-all strategy and tactics in Syria, but after the second Chechen war very serious efforts were made with Chechnya to the tune of very big money lavished there. You don’t have to like Kadyrov (the PPNN don’t, whatever) but it’s better to have them on your side than against you. It’s almost as if Russia is the ‘New Rome’ not in the religious sense so much but that if you are in the Russia club everyone gets the benefits. As ME beats on about, Rossyanin & Russin and how the Russian political classes long address by preference their citizens, unlike crypto-fascists and western favorites like wideboy Navalny.


    1. Note the St. George ribbon touted by the “Muslim fanatic” above.

      A red-rag to brain-dead Nazis in Banderastan.


  39. I suppose it was just a matter of time…Ladies and Gentlemen, I present “The Improbable Rise and Endless Heroism of Volodymir Zelensky”.

    Someone should do a survey among Azov Battalion to see how many rate his leadership as an example of ‘endless heroism’.

    Ironically, the author credits him with having ‘gained control of the narrative’ even as his boosters are censoring the shit out of the narrative to ensure it is purified for Zelensky and Ukraine.

    Pretty interesting account of his roots, though, so it’s not a total waste of blinks.


      1. Watch the video under this description. I would be seriously shitting my pants.

        “Meanwhile in Russia, Chechen servicemen are preparing for departure to Ukraine. It is reported that Ramzan Kadyrov mobilized about ten thousand fighters. They should be reportedly deployed in the southern Ukraine. Chechen servicemen have recently participated in the large military exercise in Crimea.”


  40. RT constantly under DOS attack now. Comments section down again, though they were swamped with shit pumped out from the West and Yukies and Polacks and Scandinavian and Finnish commenters last time I looked.


  41. Comments back up on RT, but consist of more deletions than anything else, which is giving rise to shrieking accusations off some:

    Look on amount of deleted comments. RT knows that Russia is agresor. But working now as Gebels propagandists for nazi Germany!!!

    Written, I am quite sure, by a Russian speaker because “Gebels” is a direct transliteration (almost) of the Russian for Goebbels, which Russians pronounce as “Gyobbels” and write in Cyrilic as Геббельс [Gebbels].

    And “look on” is a direct translation of how Russians say “look at” in Russian.

    On the other hand, the comment above may simply have been written by a semi-literate native-English speaking person who just can’t spell properly and believes that the Western media reports only facts and truths.


  42. I have just taught one of my students for the last time. She works for Diageo, the London based booze firm, the major export of which to here being Johnny Walker. Diageo (Moscow) was informed yesterday that no more exports from the UK are forthcoming.

    Diageo (Moscow) is now in the process of shutting down shop, as it expects a drastic drop in sales because of inflation, the cessation of its whisky supply notwithstanding. “Bailey’s Irish Cream” is another of Diageo’s big sellers here as well.

    No skin off the Russkies’ nose! I’ve drunk home-made whisky here and also when here was the USSR. It’s OK. And like I always used to say, once you get the first few down during a session, they all taste the same. It’s the hangovers that are different.


  43. # Khersonnash. Kherson is under full control
    March 2nd, 13:28

    “Russian units of the armed forces have taken full control of the regional centre of Kherson. Civil infrastructure, public life support facilities, and public transport are operating on a daily basis. The city is not experiencing any shortage of food and basic necessities”, Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said at a briefing.

    Another step towards defeating the Nazis has been taken. Next in line is the serial setting up of encirclements, which are already slowly coming to fruition.


      1. What bother negotiating an agreement?

        What is a piece of paper going to achieve?

        This is what I don’t understand

        Ukraine signed Minsk 1 and 2 and despite UN approval did not implement it – and no pressure was exerted on them to do so.

        In the current climate – why would Ukraine implement anything ?

        The same clowns will be supported by the USA and the EU not to progress anything

        What leverage does Russia have?
        Is the leverage going to be the take over of East Ukraine?


      1. Pelosi has just seen how her shares keep going up up and up.

        FT: Nancy Pelosi U-turn on stock trading by US lawmakers adds to push to ban practice

        House Speaker changes course as support grows to restrict buying and selling of equities by members and staff

        What does ‘restrict’ mean. Plenty of loopholes no doubt and what of those who already have signifcant holding of shares?


  44. Apparently the Kiev TV tower is the same as the Babi Yar memorial. Echoes of ‘Serbia concentration camps’ spring to mind…


  45. Euractiv mit Neuters: Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy, fires employees

    The Swiss-based company which built the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany is has filed for insolvency, a local official confirmed to Swiss radio broadcaster SRF on Tuesday (1 March). The move is seen as an attempts to settle claims ahead of a US sanction deadline for other entities to stop dealings with it.


    Oh, no! What will Russia Germany do?


    1. You know what Washington will do. Dance. You can hear the champagne corks popping from here. The only thing sweeter than forcing the Russians to stop building their pipeline is getting it canceled after it was completely built.

      I doubt German investors are as happy with Scholz. They lost a bundle, plus Germany will now be faced with importing expensive American LNG. But maybe the solution will be found in Frau Baerbock’s Great Windmill Project. There goes your ass, Europe. Russia will not try to build any more pipelines, so what you see is what you get. And I don’t think there are going to be any more transit contracts for Ukraine. Not when Russia can send gas through Turkish Stream and Yamal and the price due to the scarcity of supply will make it like liquid gold. Don’t pretend you weren’t warned.


  46. Euractiv mit Neuters: What happened to Russia’s Air Force? US officials, experts stumped

    Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, US intelligence had predicted a blistering assault by Moscow that would quickly mobilize the vast Russian air power that its military assembled in order to dominate Ukraine’s skies.

    …“They’re not necessarily willing to take high risks with their own aircraft and their own pilots,” a senior US defense official said, speaking on condition of anonymity…

    …Russian Aerospace Forces “leadership may be reluctant to commit the bulk of their potential striking power against Ukrainian troops before political approval is granted to employ unguided munitions to bombard Ukrainian-held urban areas.”

    — Alex Ward (@alexbward) February 28, 2022…

    …“There’s a lot of stuff they’re doing that’s perplexing,” said Rob Lee, a Russian military specialist at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

    He thought the beginning of the war would be “maximum use of force.”…

    Much projection for self-erection and claims therein. No evidence provided of course. ‘Trust us.’ = No clue.

    Other conclusion. The Russian military isn’t the American military.

    The importance of good strategy? Keep the enemy guessing. Duh!


    1. Sad, innit, when the damn Rusks just won’t do as the brave, clever US ‘experts’ predicted and expected them to do …
      More and more do I get the feeling that the USA< NATO and Western politicians and their MSM poodles were looking forward to three weeks of 'shock 'n awe' , just as they remember from the Gulf war.
      And now there's nothing like that … how dare Putin upset their clever little applecarts!


    2. It’s probably because air-launched weapons were not designed with minimization of civilian casualties in mind. Russian aircraft are instead being used to ensure there are no Ukrainian combat aircraft airborne (except for “The Ghost of Keeev”, of course), and they don’t need many planes for that considering Ukraine’s air force was mostly destroyed on the ground, what there was of it.

      But I’m sure the west will carry on with its tales of Russia bombing and sundering city centres and apartment buildings in its bloodthirsty quest to kill as many innocent Ukrainians as possible.


  47. Euractiv: Russian plane with nuclear fuel landed in Slovakia

    A plane carrying fuel for two Slovak nuclear power plants landed in Slovakia on Tuesday despite the country’s airspace being closed to Russian planes. The economy ministry confirmed that an aircraft of the Volga Dnepr company had carried nuclear fuel.

    …The plane travelled to Slovakia via Belarus and Poland – which has also closed its airspace to Russian planes. The economy ministry explained that there are exemptions to the ban for nuclear fuel and humanitarian aid…

    In other news:

    Euractiv: Le Maire backtracks after talking of ‘economic and financial war’ against Russia

    French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, a key figure in implementing sanctions against Russia, caused an outcry after saying France and the EU would “wage a total economic and financial war on Russia”. Later in the day, he backtracked on his “inappropriate” remarks.

    His political future is done.

    And what may prove to be the final nail in Putin’s coffin:

    Euractiv: Bulgarians no longer like Putin

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s popularity in Bulgaria has dropped significantly in just four days, a survey published Tuesday by the sociological agency Alpha Research shows.

    Always the short game in Bulgaria.


    1. Something to keep in mind next time that big Jessie Borrisov stops by in Moscow and grizzles with gratitude for Moscow not hating on Bulgarians for stopping South Stream, instead agreeing to work with them on future energy projects. All Russia can do is press ahead, and fuck everybody.


  48. I’m more and more convinced that the ‘convoy to Kiev’ is a decoy/misdirection. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have military utility and cannot defend itself to a degree.

    The more I think about it the key goal is to secure Donbass & Luhansk oblasts and take out the scum. Kiev and the rest folding I would put in the ‘nice to have’ bucket.

    This is again the difference between Russia and US. We plan to win everything which leads to complete failure to follow up and maintain (ergo Ag exit). Russia starts with limited key goals and everything else is extra, but prepared to take any advantage of weakness/whatever.


    1. Or maybe I know nothing! 😉 I’m a skeptic so I am naturally nervous of thinking things will turn out as planned.


      1. In war everything is uncertain and variable, intertwined with psychological forces and effects, and the product of a continuous interaction of opposites.



  49. Euractiv: Ukraine war is ‘birth of geopolitical Europe’, EU top diplomat says

    The European Union must significantly increase its capacity to deter wars, its foreign policy chief Josep Borrell told EU lawmakers on Tuesday (1 March), addressing the second ‘taboo’ in a few days, after the bloc approved supplying arms to Ukraine.


    So something not entirely stupid from Borrell though the reasons are stupid, the conclusion is about right. Finally an EU army that the USA has long been set against though now would allow the US to ‘concentrate on China.’

    And in that it will be much more resistant to Washington’s demands. I don’t see why Russia would have a problem like that. It’s u-Rope’s own weakness & fence sitting that has in part got us where we are today. Also such a strategic nature means accepting the consequences of its own actions locally and not making excuses.

    And then there is the delivery. Words to actions.

    So far Germany says it is going to increase its defense spending over the next few years by €100b, but missing is that its forces are already in a parlous state, and I suppose more importantly where will the money go? I have little doubt that the bulk will be spent in u-Rope rather than America.


    1. And even more importantly, where’s the money going to come from? Germans are going to be paying historical high prices for gas and the country can no longer ‘pay itself’ by being a gas transit hub. It’s just another customer now for a rapidly-shrinking supply, which is going to fall off a cliff when the Ukrainian transit contract runs out, and quite possibly before then. Increasing taxes on citizens who are paying much higher utility costs is a recipe for a tar-and-feathers wardrobe.

      I hope Russia screws Europe so hard, that it makes it go beyond apologies to weeping despair. Because it is long overdue for the kind of lesson that only being scared out of your wits for your future can teach. Gas already blew through its historic price ceiling, but the spineless Europeans will want to keep sanctions on for a long time to show how resolute and tough they are, so gas prices will stay sky-high for a considerable time and if Russia shuts off the gas to its enemies there will not be enough to be had at any price. The Americans will be overjoyed because they will reap crazy money off the Europeans after ass-raping them into cutting off their own gas supply, but their profits will be limited to how much they can deliver, and it will not be anything like enough.

      I think this is going to be an historic realignment – Europe will drop its plans for a European army, because in the end it is a debating club that cannot agree on anything, and because the United States does not want Europe to do that and even when it shrieks, Europe always does as America tells it. Europe will become increasingly a colony and protectorate of the United States, but it will gradually become less prosperous because US and international investors will siphon off their profits rather than reinvesting them.


  50. Tass headlines today:

    Roscosmos demands UK government’s exit from OneWeb shareholders for satellite launch

    Putin’s Ukraine border comments don’t apply to other former Soviet countries, says Kremlin

    Bank of Russia halts transfers by non-residents from certain states to foreign accounts

    Preparations for Russia-Africa summit well underway, says foreign ministry

    Russian, Indian top security brass discuss bilateral cooperation

    Moscow ready for sanctions but surprised that they affected athletes, media — top diplomat

    Russia will not let Ukraine obtain nuclear weapons — Lavrov

    Severstal strikes back at sanctions crusade, halts deliveries to EU

    I’m about half-way through the Escobar video above. Highly recommended.


  51. Euractiv: EU rolls out new sanctions banning RT and Sputnik

    The EU has imposed economic sanctions on Russian state-controlled media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik for what officials describe as their “essential and instrumental” role in bringing aggression towards Ukraine and destabilising neighbouring countries.

    The sanctions, effective as of Wednesday (2 March), are directed towards six legal entities: Sputnik and five RT branches (RT English; RT UK; RT Germany; RT France; and RT Spanish).

    Under the measures, the broadcasting and distribution of content produced by these outlets – via any means of transmission, including cable, satellite and internet platforms, amongst others – will be prohibited within the EU. …

    …EU officials described the sanctions as “nuanced” in that they are targeted towards institutions as legal bodies, meaning that their journalists will not themselves be directly impacted and can continue working. However, the material they produce will not be able to be disseminated within the bloc…


    ‘Nuanced’ & ‘temporary.’

    Arbeit mach frei!

    There can only be one narrative. Ours.


  52. Emergency statement of the official representative of the DPR
    March 2nd, 13:14

    According to the operational information received in the city of Mariupol, on the territory of the Azov-Steel plant, the commander of a separate special purpose detachment “Azov” of 12 armored vehicles of the National Guard of Ukraine is preparing for a mass provocation with the death of civilians.

    For this purpose, civilians are brought to the territory of the Azov-Steel plant, which is placed in mined workshops and office premises. Military equipment is placed in the yard of the enterprise. In the event of a breakthrough in the defense of the city of Mariupol by units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the nationalists plan to blow up the buildings of the plant, with further accusing the Russian side of destroying civilians and civilian infrastructure with artillery fire.

    More than 60 civilians, of whom more than half are women and children, are being forcibly detained in the basement and premises of school No. 34 at 17 Gastelo Street. All civilians who tried to leave the city through the provided humanitarian corridors are forcibly brought to the school.

    According to information from teachers of the Azov State Technical University, located at 7 Universitetskaya Street, militants from the Azov division started mining the building, as well as the approaches to it with controlled explosive devices.


    1. If they think that will keep the Chechens at bay, they are very much mistaken, and it will likely mean they will die a more grisly death close-up rather than just being annihilated with artillery. I’ve read in other sources that some kind of mass-murder provocation is being planned in Mariupol.


  53. Comment from MoA:

    BWM stops production, same for Porsche and VW due to missing small parts from Ukraine. Gas price hits record high. If BMW, VW and Porsche stop production, all small parts suppliers will reduces their production as well. The car industry is Germany’s backbone.

    If you live in Germany, brace yourself.

    Posted by: Arne Hartmann | Mar 2 2022 14:58 utc


    1. My favorite bats/t comments the last few days have been:

      1) BoJo’s ‘Russia gonna turn Kiev in to Grozny’ – I assume this means the 1990s, and not the rebuilt city as it stands now;

      2) the ‘kill list’ (wot? A Russian version of the Mitrovets kill list website that has been running in the Ukraine for the last few years with little western comment?)with the strategically important Klitschko brothers and Zelensky – the latter has just survived an assassination plot but the attackers were ‘eliminated’;

      3) Babi Yar memorial blown up as apparently it is also a TV tower (the memorial is next door);

      4) The Toilet Graf headline saying Luckyshenko has given away Russian secret invasion map!

      Do any of my fellow Stooges have their own favorite bats/t stories to share?


        1. At a guess, the slash is doing service for hi. An alternate phrasing might be bat[family blog] stories.


          1. Oh, right!

            How dumb of me.

            Probably because “batshit” is not a common term for me – not in British English anyway.

            It may well be a common term in the UK now though, but I’m really out of touch with “back home”. Only briefly visited the UK 5 times over the past 25 years or so.


            1. Thing is, I have no way of sourcing dumb statements about Russia/Russians/the present hostilities, as I have completely stopped looking at Western news sources. They had already long been bugging me and I am simply no longer interested in their blatant lies and endless propaganda. And it has always been so: looking at it it, you do not simply another point of view, you get absolute distortions of events. I finally reached breaking point when the shamdemic began.


      1. Russia doesn’t have to turn Kiev into Grozny. The Nazis and marauders issued with guns are currently doing their best to do that (and to Kharkov too).


  54. 17: 36 02.03.2022 (updated: 18: 10 02.03.2022)
    <a href=""Landmines banned by the Ottawa Convention have been found in the liberated areas of the LPR

    PEREDELSKOE (LNR), 2 Mar-RIA Novosti. LPR troops have found in the liberated areas landmines prohibited by the Ottawa Convention , a representative of the republic’s army has told RIA Novosti.

    Fragmentation landmines – anti-personnel mines that scatter fragments of steel all around where they have been laid – were found at an abandoned Ukrainian army position. They are weapons of indiscriminate action. When such a mine is detonated, its warhead springs up to a height of about 0.8 metres and those who are near its emplacement are hit with 2,400 pieces of steel.

    The Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines was signed in Ottawa in 1997. The Ukraine ratified the document in 2005.

    Nice Nazis!


  55. From an italian newspaper. Translation: Candidate for the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine, as he cured the world of Covid in 48 hours.


  56. First official Russian casualty figures given:

    Losses of Ukrainian servicemen and nationalists since the beginning of the special operation of Russian troops have amounted to 2,870 people, the Russian Armed Forces – 498, said the official representative of the Russian Defence Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

    “Among nationalists and law enforcement officers, Ukrainian losses are: more than 2,870 killed and about 3,700 wounded. Only according to confirmed data, the number of captured servicemen of the law enforcement agencies of the Ukraine is 572 people”, the general told reporters.

    “Unfortunately, there have been losses amongst our comrades participating in the special military operation. 498 Russian servicemen have been killed in the line of duty. The families of the victims are provided with all possible assistance. 1,597 of our comrades have been wounded”, Konashenkov added.


    1. So that’s how Russia is losing the fight against the brave ‘n intrepid Ukries!
      If the Iron Duke were the general for the Russian troops and the Ukries were the frogs, he’d found this ‘butcher’s bill’ quite acceptable.


      1. And btw, I can’t open the link because, safari informs me, “the server is not responding”. Yeah, that’s how t’interwebz can hide their blocking of Russian websites … elegant, innit … not their fault …


      2. Well, I really do think that the figures given should probably be increased by a certain factor, but by how big a factor I really couldn’t even try to guess.

        And I’ve just recalled a bats/t statement that I read in the Western media a couple of days ago: 5,000 Russians had already been killed.

        Of course, the s/ttiest of bats/t statements to date must be that concerning the “Grey Ghost” of the Kiev skies.


        1. Just opened RT after another DOS attack. The above figures are up in an article there now, and the trolls attack endlessly, e.g. 7000 russian dead in Ukraine, Putin has killed 2000 civilians so far, 5000. . . and on and on, and very, very many comments deleted.


          1. Interestingly, another article concerning the closing down of Ekho Moskvy and Dozhd TV has hardly attracted any censure, nor have many comments been deleted. In fact, most comments praise the move.

            It’s almost as if the rabid anti-Putin commentators know little of or care about these two blocked media outlets.


    2. The recently much renowned US Intelligence services would be producing satellite imagery suggestive of packed-out field hospitals, if these numbers of “thousands killed” had any connection with the truth. These numbers roughly tally the with the ratio of killed vs injured ofRussians being treated in hospital according to multiple russian news sources


  57. I’m always interested in the nuances of language, in how reporters phrase their sentences to ‘frame the narrative’. Here’s a direct quote from the emaile’d ‘newsletter’ i get from the Speccie (no link, sorry):

    “More than 2,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed so far in the conflict, the country’s emergency services said. The Russian government claimed 498 of its troops have died.”

    So: the Ukrainian emergency services have said’, implying that this number is factual. Compare with: “The Russian government claimed …”, implying that this can’t be true, it’s ‘only’ a claim and we don’t need to belie the Russian government.

    Easy, isn’t it – and very subliminal.


  58. Follow up on the ‘destroyed memorial to Babi Yar’


  59. Republican wunderkind Marco Rubio the Toy Cuban and Chuck Grassley have sponsored a new bill to add further sanctions on Russia, going even more all-in. It will be called the Halting Enrichment of Russian Oligarchs and Industry Allies of Moscow’s Schemes to Leverage its Abject Villainy Abroad Act – yes, that’s right; HEROIAM SLAVA. America is going to use a Nazi slogan to title its bill, in another burst of childishness like the one that caused it to rename the street on which the Russian Embassy was located Andrei Sakharov Street.

    I look forward to Russia sponsoring the renaming of Bolshoy Deviatinsky Pereulok, where the US Embassy is located, Bubba Clinton Blowing His Load in Congressional Aides’ Hair Street, or Moist Cigar Lane. Or even The Appalachian Trail, The latter is more subtle, but still funny.


  60. OK, it’s official – the West has lost its collective mind. The headline ‘Russian cats sanctioned’ caught my eye and I assumed it was a spoof. Apparently not – this from the French International Feline Federation:-

    “The FIFe Executive Board is shocked and horrified that the army of the Russian Federation invaded the Republic of Ukraine and started a war. Many innocent people died, many more are wounded and hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are forced to flee their homes to save their lives. We can all witness the destruction and chaos caused by this unprecedented act of aggression.
    On top of that our Ukrainian fellow feline fanciers are desperately trying to take care of their cats and other animals in these trying circumstances. We are extremely happy that many members of FIFe clubs bordering Ukraine, such as Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, are lending a helping hand to their Ukrainian breeder friends.

    The Board of FIFe feels it cannot just witness these atrocities and do nothing, so it decided that as of 01.03.2022:
    ● No cat bred in Russia may be imported and registered in any FIFe pedigree book outside Russia, regardless of, which organization issued its pedigree.
    ● No cat belonging to exhibitors living in Russia may be entered at any FIFe show outside Russia, regardless of, which organization these exhibitors hold their membership in.
    These restrictions are valid until 31.05.2022 and will be reviewed as and when necessary.”

    It’s a hard job being a satirist nowadays.


  61. Banderite shitwits

    US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has rejected any plan to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine following pleas from officials in Kiev, saying it would inevitably kick off a hot conflict between nuclear powers.

    Speaking to NBC’s Lester Holt for an interview aired on Wednesday, the Pentagon head agreed that a no-fly zone (NFZ) is a “non-starter” – a statement in line with the president’s pledge that American troops would not directly intervene in the conflict.

    President Biden’s been clear that US troops won’t fight Russia in Ukraine, and if you establish a no-fly zone, certainly in order to enforce that no-fly zone, you’ll have to engage Russian aircraft. And again, that would put us at war with Russia,

    Austin said.

    They just can’t get it through their thick skulls:

    You’re on your own!

    So go sing praises to your “heroes”!


    1. They don’t want to fight a nuclear power – too destabilizing, it could flash into war with serious consequences for the planet. But they’re okay with Ukraine threatening to become a nuclear power as long as it scares Russia into doing nothing.


  62. March 2, 2022 16: 03
    When will the operation in Ukraine end, how many prisoners are killed in it, and whether conscripts are fighting: Viktor Baranets answers
    Retired Colonel, military observer Viktor Baranets-when the operation in Ukraine will end and other important issues

    1. What was the main reason for the military special operation in he Ukraine?

    – There were three reasons: the preparation of the armed forces of the Ukraine for an attack on the DPR and LPR, Zelensky’s statement on revising the Ukraine’s non-nuclear status, and the West’s refusal to negotiate with Russia on security guarantees and the refusal of Ukraine’s admission to NATO.

    2. The military operation began immediately after Putin had signed a decree on it. So the operation was prepared in advance?

    – Yes, it was. You can’t prepare such a large-scale operation in an hour or even three hours. For it was necessary first to obtain intelligence about the military facilities of theUkraine (and NATO bases in the Ukraine), which needed to be hit first, and in such a way that civilian objects not suffer from this. With filigree precision. All this work took time.

    3. Are conscripts fighting in our units in the Ukraine?

    – No. Orders issued by the Russian Defence Minister and Chief of the General Staff categorically prohibit conscripts from engaging in combat operations. In the battle formations of our troops there are only officers and contract soldiers. These are people who have been serving for 3-4 years or even 5-10 years.

    Today, the Russian Armed Forces have almost 500 thousand contract soldiers and sergeants, and one tenth of them are involved in this special operation – about 50 thousand of them. So there is no need to involve in the fighting boys who have came to the army on conscription for 12 months. No.

    4. Ukrainian media report thousands of “killed ” Russian soldiers. Is this true?

    – That’s bullshit! A salvo of information warfare against Russia. The Russian Defence Ministry does not hide the fact that there are dead and wounded on our side. But not in such unthinkable quantities. Why aren’t the exact numbers mentioned? This is because during combat operations, data on losses is a military secret. The US military had been fighting in Afghanistan for 10 years, yet data on US personnel losses have not yet been disclosed.

    If the Ukrainian data on such a number of Russians killed were true, all roads from the front would be clogged with ambulances. And dozens of hospitals would be packed with the wounded.

    And the US space intelligence satellites wouldn’t have missed it. And “fun” that the West would have had about this would have been total. But they don’t see a massive deployment of field hospitals. Even on the Ukrainian sites there are no photos of such hospitals.

    5. How many Ukrainian and Russian soldiers have been captured and how are they being treated?

    – Accurate data is unlikely to appear soon. We can only speak roughly: there are already more than 1,000 captured Ukrainian soldiers, and several dozen Russians. Moreover, Ukrainians often surrender in whole units of 50 – 100 people. There is no such thing happening on our part.

    Ukrainians mock Russian prisoners, keep them in bestial conditions, do not feed them, and force them to shout “Glory to the Ukraine” on a video camera.

    We have a completely different attitude. You have seen how the Russians treated the Ukrainian Marines captured on Zmeiny Island. They were politely delivered to Sevastopol, fed, were given parole on condition that they would no longer take up arms and were taken to the border with the Ukraine. However, once back home, some Ukrainian soldiers began to lie about “Russian atrocities”.

    6. Ukrainian and Western websites flash images of burnt columns of Russian armoured vehicles. What’s about that?

    – There are no “burnt columns ” of armoured vehicles. There are several shots of our armoured vehicles burning.

    Yes, the Ukrainians managed to knock out and ignite several IFVs or APCs. After that, they were not too lazy to drag these burning armoured vehicles closer together so asto make a “good photo”, write a tactical sign “Z” on them and call journalists to come and see. Staged videos are a banal trick of misinformers.

    7. Some Ukrainian media outlets report that the “Muscovites” have only 3-4 days’ worth of missiles, ammunition and fuel left. Is that so?

    – This is a lie and most likely, refers to the Ukrainian army. Many of its groups are already surrounded, and their supply routes for ammunition and fuel have been cut off. Every day the shortage of this materiel is becoming more acute. And we must not forget that our missile strikes have disabled many Ukrainian weapon and oil depots. Soon they will have nothing to shoot with, and the tanks of combat vehicles will be empty.

    As for the Russian army, even before the start of the operation, all the logistics of the transfer were thoroughly calculated. We have a lot of experience in this regard. Think of the operation in Syria. Thousands of kilometres away. our military was given everything they needed for long-term combat. Operations of this level are prepared by the General Staff and the rear for several months. Everything has been finally worked out to a fine margin.

    8. What is the difference between the tactics of the Russian army and those of NATO?

    – Anyone who has watched the US army take cities (for example, in Iraq) knows that the Americans first “iron out” a city. If the enemy has resisted, their positions in the city are turned into “piles of rubble”. According to the principle “the more you bomb, the more alive soldiers you have”.

    We have a completely different tactic: to protect cities from destruction, not to hit residential buildings, schools, or hospitals… The task is not to embitter the local population, not to make them an enemy as well. Therefore, Russian troops do not use mortars to attack cities.

    9. Why did our sappers blow up the North Crimea Canal dam?

    – This is a preventive measure for the benefit of the Crimea. Now we can manage the water supply to the peninsula. Otherwise, a “water diversion” and a “flood” could occur.

    10. What can the uncontrolled distribution of weapons to the population mean for Ukrainians?

    – Such a criminal decision carries “universal” troubles. First, the black market for weapons has been dramatically saturated. As the Kiev websites write: “I sell AK-47 and 500 rounds of ammunition for it. Cheap”.

    Secondly, thousands of guns have already fallen into the hands of criminals. Attacks on banks, shops, and ordinary citizens began. We already have a Makhnovshchina. [The Makhnovshchina, also known as Makhnovia or the Free Territory, was an attempt to form a stateless anarchist society in parts of the Ukraine during the Russian Revolution of 1917–1923 — ME]

    11. When will the special operation end?

    – Today we have no Nostradamus or Baba Vanga [Vangeliya Pandeva Gushterova, commonly known as Baba Vanga, was a Bulgarian mystic – ME] in the world who could answer this question accurately.

    Too many factors affect the course of the operation.

    Kiev is dragging out negotiations, taking time to regroup its forces and waiting for military assistance from the United States and NATO. If such aid goes through Poland or Romania, we will still have high-precision “Kalibers” to break up the caravans of weapons. After all, the main task of the operation is the demilitarization of the Ukraine.

    But the operation could have ended even tomorrow if Zelensky had ordered the Ukrainian army to cease fire, announced the formation of a government of popular confidence, and announced his resignation. Perhaps this would have been the best way out, Well then, the Russians might have to accept the surrender of the Ukraine not in Kiev, but in Karlshorst, Germany, where Marshal Zhukov accepted the unconditional surrender of fascist Germany…


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