Highway to the Danger Zone


Uncle Volodya says, “Confusion is a luxury which only the very, very young can possibly afford and you are not that young anymore.”

Better listen now; said it ain’t no joke
Let your conscience fail you – Just do the stroke
Don’t you take no chances, Keep your eye on top
Do your fancy dances – You can’t stop, you just

Stroke me, stroke me: Give me the business all night long…

Billy Squier, from “The Stroke


“Try again. Fail again. Fail better”.

Samuel Beckett

Cue ominous music.

Ha, ha; sorry to jump the rails before we’ve even got properly started, but that reminds me of the short film, “The Gunfighter“. The part where Sally, the whore, says, “That music seems kinda ominous, don’t it?”, and the younger of the murderin’ Henderson boys replies, “Ominous….what’s that mean?” That film was my introduction to the genre, and I think it set the bar pretty high. Check it out, it’s less than ten minutes of your busy day. This has been a grim year; you need to laugh more.

Anyway, as usual, that’s not what we’re here to talk about. So once again, please, cue ominous music.

The United States Air Force – indeed, the US military as a whole, but today’s highlight is on the Air Force – is in a very bad place.

Remember when it used to be both fun and fashionable to mock the Chinese military? Their funny, stilted marching, their ancient, terrifying (for the crew) submarines, their crappy stolen-technology fighter planes? No more, it seems. The USAF is struggling just to remain at parity with modern Chinese air power.

“Hinote said the Air Force is not having success in war games fought with today’s technology.

“What we’re finding is that in key areas of the competition between China and the United States … we’re pairing. In a few important areas, we’re behind — tonight. This is not a tomorrow problem. This is a today.”

That would be Lieutenant-General Clinton Hinote, DCOS Strategy, Integration and Requirements for the USAF. Empowered to speak for the country on policy, and America’s policy is ever-more focused on confronting China. Pivoting away from Russia as now a mere irritant, the United States feels the chill as the long shadow of China falls over it, and in the knowledge that of the two major powers it has settled upon for enemies, only one can threaten its global economic dominance.


Speaking strictly for myself, I enjoyed a little chuckle over General Hinote’s lament that the United States is failing in war simulations it devises and runs itself, attributing tactics and capabilities to the enemy it often knows next to nothing about, with the added burden of factoring in weapons capabilities which are still on the horizon, such as hypersonics. When the USA was building the National Missile Defense (NMD) system, tests were conducted against a known target with a known launch time and location, a known trajectory and other flight characteristics such as speed and altitude. Technicians would argue that that’s simply the way you do tests; your aim is to collect and compile data which can be studied and interpreted, and testing the ability of the system to actually intercept the target is secondary; a bonus. But strategists will note how infrequently the enemy cooperates by ringing you up or sending you a datasheet to let you know when and from where he plans to attack.

And equipment! my, yes, I can certainly understand his complaints there; it’s amazing how little $56.9 Billion buys these days. Technically, Missile Defeat and Defense falls under the air envelope as well, so that’s another $20.3 Billion, less a paltry $619 Million allocated for sea-based interceptors. Nuclear Modernization included $2.8 Billion for the B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber, which definitely belongs under Air Forces. So what’s that all add up to, Daryana? $79.93 Billion? Yeah, that’s what I got, too; thank you.

Humor | HTKA fórumForgive my impertinence, General, but I could not forbear from noticing that the lead line item under air assets was 79 more of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, AKA ‘the flying anvil’. It’s a supersonic fighter which suffers structural damage when it flies at supersonic speed, and whose pilots sometimes experience loss of control during hard maneuvers, like when you are trying to avoid getting shot out of the sky. That sounds…very serious to me, although it’s true my military experience was all navy.

“But the structural damage that the Navy’s F-35C and the Marine Corps’s F-35B suffer when flying at supersonic speed reportedly is unfixable — and potentially the most serious long-term problem for the stealth fighter…After long periods at speeds faster than Mach one, the F-35B and F-35C suffer damage to their tails. The damage can destroy some of the aircraft’s antennae and also wreck the radar-absorbing coating that helps to keep down the F-35’s signature on enemy sensors.”

Unfixable. That seems…kinda ominous, don’t it? Not ominous enough to dwell any longer upon it, apparently; the F-35 program office closed the matter under the category, “No plan to correct”.

“This issue was closed on Dec. 17, 2019 with no further actions and concurrence from the U.S. services,” the F-35 program office told Defense News. “The [deficiency report] was closed under the category of ‘no plan to correct,’ which is used by the F-35 team when the operator value provided by a complete fix does not justify the estimated cost of that fix…In this case, the solution would require a lengthy development and flight testing of a material coating that can tolerate the flight environment for unlimited time while satisfying the weight and other requirements of a control surface,” the program office continued. “Instead, the issue is being addressed procedurally by imposing a time limit on high-speed flight.”

Sorry; was I laughing out loud? I thought I was using my inside voice. As the article mentions, the J-20 can fly supersonic rings around it. So can the SU-35, but we’re mostly concentrating on Chinese equipment for today. So can the F-16, comes to that, and it has been flying the unfriendly skies since the 1970’s.

The China Problem is moving General Hinote to invest in divestment, you might say – the US military has to get rid of sub-par equipment it can no longer devote money to support. The alternative, spelled out starkly, is to face the reality that defeat is inevitable. Actual airframes and systems that might soon be on the chopping block are not specified, but if the government follows General Hinote’s recommendations, the Air Force will be downsizing from seven fighter fleets to four. We will likely see some padding, so that the four which remain become larger as favourite legacy platforms are shuffled, but it can’t be anything like reducing to four while keeping everything. So the future Air Force will also require fewer pilots.

Is it exclusively a military problem, though, do you think? It’s fun to think so, because then you can get misty-eyed as Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall chokes that “…if the US is going to “win the ‘one fight’ to keep our freedom, it will be because of the success of our Air and Space Forces.”

Come again? China is a direct threat to American freedom? How, exactly? China is not in the slightest interested in menacing America’s freedom to stay on its own side of the world and mind its own business. Threatens the US Navy’s freedom to prance around in the South China Sea, perhaps, which might be why it was not named the American Territorial Waters Sea. No, the way it looks to me is that rather than having to reluctantly respond to a specific Chinese threat, Washington elites and influencers instead decided that China is getting uppity, and does not want to play the role assigned it.

And from that standpoint, China presents a far wider and more complex problem than its military capability. Let’s take a quick look at the economic picture.

The USA is still ahead for GDP, both ranked in US dollars, $20.937 Trillion to $14.723 Trillion (I’m using Trading Economics as a reference). The USA is also slightly ahead in GDP growth rate, using the figures of both governments, at 12.2 percent to 7.9 percent annually. Unemployment rates for the two are near-identical. However, about there the picture begins to diverge.

China’s inflation rate is 0.8% the USA’s is 5.3%; not particularly scary, but a significant difference, especially for a country whose currency is not really backed by anything but imagination.

“If you got a $1,400 check from the federal government earlier this year, or if your company received money to help cover payroll and other expenses, then you received some of the newly minted digital dollars that were created to support our economy. No taxpayers were involved in that process. It was all done using nothing more than a computer keyboard.”

The USA simply credits itself with new money whenever it thinks it needs more. It isn’t backed by gold, obviously, and hasn’t been for some time – but now, it isn’t backed by tax revenues, either. It’s simply magicked out of the air. Considerable economic brainpower has been dedicated to explaining why the United States can keep on doing this as long as it likes, but I’m afraid it was wasted on me; I still don’t get it. If there are no constraints on how much money a government can hump into the system, simply running the presses day and night…why doesn’t everyone do it? Tomorrow – or maybe next week; even fakery takes time to bring about – the GDP of Canada could be $80 Trillion!! It’s just some more zeroes – get with it, government!

China posted a trade surplus of $58.3 Billion last month. The USA posted a $70 Billion deficit. China’s government debt-to-GDP rate is 66.8%. The USA’s is 108%. China continues to dominate global trade, its export component having more than tripled in 20 years.

chart: Rising Share

China surpassed the USA as a recipient of Foreign Direct Investment last year. It even tore the shorts off the USA at the box office. And as General Hitone has candidly informed us, China is at parity with the USA in many military areas, and has passed it in others.

It is important to remember that the current antagonistic relations between the USA and China originate with bellicose American maneuvering and rhetoric. It selected China as an enemy because it became clear to Washington that China could not be contained, and would not do as it was told. The roots of America’s disadvantage lie in the years it indulged in a free-for-all of offshoring, rewarding companies who ‘downsized’, cutting their domestic workforce and moving their operations and sometimes even their headquarters abroad. Manufacturing became hollowed out even as American consumers became accustomed to a wide range of cheap but good-quality manufactured goods from China. Now the US government struggles to reconcile the irreconcilable situation with tariffs and sanctions and fist-shaking. It cannot cut China off from its energy supply, because it lies conveniently next door and is served by pipelines. It cannot browbeat Americans into buying only American-made goods because they are considerably more expensive by comparison, while being of much the same quality. It cannot threaten to pay a visit with its giant military, because the Chinese military is bigger yet. It cannot fiddle global monetary policy against China, because it owes China billions in borrowing. What’s left?

Well…America does have the F-35.


950 thoughts on “Highway to the Danger Zone

  1. Aaron Mate via Antiwar.com: Indicted Clinton lawyer hired CrowdStrike, firm behind dubious Russian hacking claim

    The indictment of Michael Sussmann raises new questions about Russiagate’s foundational Russian hacking allegation. That claim originates with CrowdStrike — a firm hired and overseen by Sussmann.

    All at the link.

    That the FBI didn’t demand direct access to the servers I think tells us all we need to know, not to mention their silence when Crowdstrike et al’s (not mine!) claims were made in public. This may not be ‘active collusion’ in the sense that they sat down together to sabotage the 2016 US presidental elections but more so ‘don’t push too hard’ and keeping quiet when the other side is making stuff up. Unfortunately the institutional rot is already well established, particularly for american citizens.


  2. *Copied from TASS

    Putin-Biden meeting possible this year in ‘one format or another’, says Kremlin

    Dmitry Peskov stressed that the Kremlin would inform about the meeting once the decision on the format and dates would be made

    US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin Mikhail Metzel/TASS
    US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin
    © Mikhail Metzel/TASS
    MOSCOW, October 20. /TASS/. A meeting between Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Joe Biden of the United States is possible in ‘one format or another’ by the end of the year, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

    Speaking at a news conference, Peskov said that Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov and US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland, at their recent meeting, discussed “various options and certain understandings were reached.”

    “We will inform you once they are finalized in terms of a format and dates,” he said.

    Asked whether such meeting was possible this year, Peskov said, “it is realistic in one format or another. We will inform you in advance.”

    Last week, Peskov stated that Ushakov and Nuland reached some understanding “in terms of the prospects for further dialogue at the highest level in the near future.”

    At a Russian Energy Week plenary session on October 14, President Putin mentioned that Nuland, during her visit to Moscow, touched upon the possibility of contacts at the highest level.

    Putin and Biden held a summit in Geneva on June 16. It was their first face-to-face meeting as well as the first Russia-US summit since 2018. The event was proposed by the US side. Putin noted after the summit talks that Moscow and Washington could agree on the rules of behavior in the fields of strategic stability, cyber security and regional conflicts.

    Foreign policy

    ///// These meetings make things worse

    What was gained from the first meeting in Geneva ? More bad will and more sanctions

    There comes a point when it’s best not to talk and freeze relations.


    1. So the Evil Dictator, the Russian Autocrat, the Tyrant etc., etc. is going to meet the dotard who publicly stated that he believed that Vladimir putin is a killer?


    2. You said it. Russia and the United States have nothing to say to each other because they are enemies. They love to blather about ‘dialogue at the highest level’ because it makes everybody feel smart and important, but what would really be the point of a meeting between Putin and Biden? Biden wouldn’t remember it the next day, and the President of the United States is just a figurehead now anyway; his aides and policymakers do all the business of running the country, and he couldn’t really promise or agree to anything. Russia does almost no direct trade with the United States, so there is nothing to be gained from a trade relationship when some aide or other will just preempt it with some juicy insult the next day and it will all turn into sanctions and counter-sanctions. Save all that heartache and just don’t do business with one another, don’t talk to one another, ignore each other.


      1. Perhaps Russia and the USA have learnt to love to hate each other and enjoy the experience, accepting this situation as the natural order of things?

        Shortly after I had married, I recall my wife asking me the meaning of the song lyrics, “I love you I hate you”.

        The words come from Welsh singer Shirley Bassey’s “Never, Never, Never”, still a favourite of Mrs. Exile.

        The words run as follows:

        “I love you, hate you, love you hate you but I want you till the world stops turning!”

        I told Mrs. Exile that the words are a load of bollocks but romantic in a perverted way.

        Nice one, Shirl!


    1. Very interesting article about Turkey trying to insert itself into African countries.

      Reading it I realise there are large gaps in my knowledge about the Ottoman Empire and their role in the slave trade.
      Ottoman Empire was never mentioned much at all except as the small weak empire who the British helped during Crimean war.

      As for Pepe Escobar I always assumed he worked for the Chinese as he has been writing about the belt and road and China for years.


  3. The Bullshitter posted the following Instagram 2 days ago — from a “concentration camp”, remember!

    It’s a collection of his mugshots and a psychological profile of the arsehole-in-chief, made at the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention centre, Moscow, where he was detained following his arrest at Sheremet’evo airport almost immediately after he had made his heroic return to Russia.

    If I escape from prison, these photos will be in every police department in the country.

    It is an “orientation” and “record card” for a criminal.

    Who would have thought that the greatest political admonition of my life would be written there. Next to the “special features”.

    To quote the “psychological profile” (in photo 4 in the enclosed series):

    “Unleashed, free in self-assertion, striving for independence, able to adjust his behaviour depending on changes in external circumstances, expects support and patronage, attention, needs help; he is characterized by a matter-of-fact disposition towards his inability to realize his global plans alone, he needs the masses, and in order to attract people to his side, to convince them to go towards his cherished goal, that he has to talk to them, communicate, be understandable and sincere”.

    This is absolutely brilliantly formulated by prison psychologists. Clear, precise instructions.

    Aleksei Navalny, you need help.

    Your global plans cannot be realized on your own. And in order to get people on your side, to convince them to go after your goal, talk to them., communicate, be natural, understandable and sincere.

    Thank you very much, prison psychologists of the FSIN. An excellent instruction to everyone who strives for a “Beautiful Russia of the Future”.

    Friends, we need each other’s help, because our cherished goal cannot be achieved alone. We must first organize ourselves, and then carry tens of millions of fellow citizens along with us. The best way to do this is to talk to people, to be clear and sincere.

    That is how we will win.

    What gets me is this: how the hell could that piece of shit have got his hands on his mugshots and a prison psychological report???

    In the UK, it is absolutely forbidden to write anything whatsoever that describes prison conditions, fellow inmates and their convictions and prison staff.

    Furthermore, everything that a prisoner sends or receives is censored and only 1 letter a week is allowed a prisoner. And you only get a scrap of paper to write on: no long, bleating missives allowed. Yet this bastard not only posts regularly via social networks: the cnut has not only got his hands on official prison authority documents but also posted them!

    I tell you, if you did that in a UK “open prison” — a “colony” in Russian parlance, but a “concentration camp” in the Bullshitter’s talk — you would find yourself back inside a slammer in a city prison in short shrift and you would probably end up with another 6 months added on to your sentence.


    1. Note: the bastard allegedly got over one quarter of a million likes for the above Instagram.

      Population of Russia — circa 144 million.


    2. Navalny’s whole raison d’etre is to confound and enrage the administration; there is no other purpose to his life, and since that purpose is in line with US destabilization efforts against Russia, the USA pretends to value Navalny as leadership material and groom him as some kind of King in waiting. There is nothing about Navalny that is of any value to the United States other than his ambition to rule the ‘beautiful Russia of the future’, because for somebody who has such clear methodology and philosophy to win, he does fuck-all actual winning. And there doesn’t appear to be any apparent danger that he will start.

      He will probably never see the outside of prison; it amuses the United States to publicly back him and make a hero of him, it amuses Navalny to play the goat and the troublemaker for the United States, and it amuses Russia to keep tacking on sentences as he gets close to release for time served. So everybody’s busy and happy. Not many relationships are so straightforward.


  4. If the mug shots and the psychological profile are genuine — and they appear to be so — Navalny either stole them in the colony or had another con steal them for him, both of which possibilities being unlikely, or one of Navalny’s “concentration camp” prison officers had stolen them — again unlikely in my opinion.

    However, I am quite sure that Navalny did not post the Instagram from the colony, using an iPhone. I am pretty sure that his team, now abroad, posts these Navalny Instagrams. His team and other Western funded operatives, such as Bellingcat, seem to have access to classified information concerning Russian internal security. How else did Bellingcat, for example, get the names of that dynamic duo who allegedly poisoned the Skripals, and how did Team Navalny in Germany, get the Moscow address of another FSB operative, who had been dogging Navalny during his jaunts in Russia?


    1. I don’t know that any of those are proven to be the real thing. If the format of a prisoner information card or whatever they are called is known, then one could be made for him from outside the prison or outside the country – are they really so apprehensive that he might escape? They probably hope he will try so they can shoot him. And Bellingcat comes up with all kinds of GRU Colonels, Chepiga this and that, there is no reason to believe those people even exist and they have never supplied any real proof of anything they say. It’s very curious that the ‘psychological profile’ for Navalny makes him sound like some kind of serious threat to national stability, and that each line has a double meaning that, when Navalny speaks it, makes it sound noble and selfless rather than criminal. I think his followers made up the whole thing.


      1. And another thing: if the Bullshitter wrote (allegedly, maybe fat twat Volkov wrote it or British agent Pevchikh) at the very beginning of the above Instagram “If I escape from prison . . . “, then those words are grounds enough for classifying the bastard as a possible “runner” and for his classification as such, which classification, in fact, had already been done when he was held on remand in Moscow following his glorious return to “Putin’s Russia” after his miraculous cure in Germany: he started blathering on social networks when on remand about the possibility of his escape and got bounced for doing so.


    1. Well, you know they’re just going to keep this up until everyone is vaccinated,. And then it will transpire that an additional duty to society you must shoulder is to keep your vaccination status current – you know, so you always have fresh antibodies and can ‘protect your community’. It will become an ongoing giveaway to the pharmaceutical industry. Why Russia is going along with it, I can’t fathom, as the USA will only accept western vaccines and it is plain that people are never going to be allowed to travel again unless they can show their green card or whatever. So Russia is just funneling money into the pockets of Pfizer and Moderna. Eventually one will buy out the other, and then there’ll just be one vaccine-making giant to the world.


      1. I shall only be vaccinated over my dead body, if that’s the last thing I do!

        And before anyone starts, I once heard an Irishman, an old boozing buddy and workmate of mine, saying something similar, namely: “Over my dead body if that’s the last thing I do!”


  5. Truly retards!

    04: 44 on 21.10.2021 (updated: 14: 57 on 21.10.2021)
    In Kiev, they declared the superiority of Ukraine over Germany
    Adviser to Zelensky’s office Arestovich puts the Ukraine above Germany in terms of military power

    MOSCOW, October 21-RIA Novosti. The Ukraine is fully ready to join NATO, where it would become the fourth most powerful country, Oleksiy Arestovich, a freelance adviser to the head of the Ukrainian presidential office and spokesman for the Kiev delegation to the contact group on the Donbass, said live on air on the “Nash” TV channel. According to him, today the Ukraine is technically “100%” ready to join NATO, but this requires a political decision.

    According to the adviser to Zelensky’s office, among the member countries of the alliance, only “three or four” participants fully meet NATO standards. “What you need to understand is that we are not going to NATO as petitioners with an outstretched hand: we shall add (to the alliance. – Editor’s note) a huge force. Because in addition to the U.S., Turkey and France, we are the fourth strongest military power, at least in the land component”, Arestovich said, without explaining why the Ukraine armed forces are superior to the armies of Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and other European countries.

    At the same time, he added that the admission of the Ukraine to NATO means new opportunities for the alliance.

    NATO leaders at a summit in Brussels in the summer of 2021 supported the right of the Ukraine and Georgia to join the alliance, stated the need to continue reforms, but did not name the dates of the possible entry of these countries into the organization. Last week, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he could not say when this would happen, adding that “it will not happen tomorrow”. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the prospect of the Ukraine joining the alliance “the worst-case scenario”, assuring that in such a case, Russia would take measures “to ensure its own security”.



  6. 08:00 20.10.202
    “Stand up to Russia”: NATO will help the Ukraine kill more people

    U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has visited the front line, reviewing the advanced detachments. There is the question of his visit to three countries of the Black Sea basin-Georgia, the Ukraine and Romania. “What front is passing through Romania?” you may ask. This is the front line of the struggle against Russia.

    This is not a joke or exaggeration, this is exactly the purpose of the Pentagon chief’s trip on his official website: “We confirm and strengthen the sovereignty of countries on the front lines against Russian aggression”. Imagine such a phrase about a visit of the Russian Defence Minister, say, to Cuba or Venezuela if he said: “We are strengthening the front line of defence against American imperialism”. Oh, how many accusations we would hear about the revival of cold War rhetoric. But the Americans and NATO members in general, who have long ago returned the logic and methods of the last century to everyday life, do not even notice that in their anti-Russian escapades they go too far, creating virtual front lines and information trenches between our countries.

    Austin’s visit pleased not only the politicians of these three countries — for those, any visit of an overseas high-ranking figure gives grounds for enthusiastic shouts in style: “Master hasn’t abandoned us!” To a large extent, numerous Western analysts who are engaged in intimidating the “Russian threat” have also become very excited. So, defence experts of the American analytical centre Heritage Foundation released a special report yesterday. about the goals and objectives of the Austin mission, which they called “extremely timely.” The main conclusion of analysts is that the United States should increase its military presence in the Black Sea basin in order to counter Russia, as well as eventually to accept the Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.

    It is especially amusing to watch all these Western experts comment on the visit of the head of the Pentagon to Tbilisi, trying to circumvent internal Georgian political intricacies. It is too difficult to explain to the average person why some US allies are putting Mikhail Saakashvili, once the main ally of the United States, in prison there, and who should be supported in this conflict.

    It is no secret that the former President of Georgia (aka the former governor of the Odessa region) was absolutely sure that crowds of fans would take him to the throne, and the West would support the eternal adventurer in a single burst. However, something went wrong with the fans, and the Western press is extremely cautious about commenting on the events. Thus, the Financial Times newspaper, which previously devoted entire pages to the “great Georgian reformer”, is now trying to present his arrest as a kind of misunderstanding, pointing out with annoyance that “Moscow will benefit from this situation”.

    So the authors of the report from the Heritage Foundation advised Austin to navigate between different poles of Georgian domestic political life. “He would have been wise to move carefully and carefully through the political landscape of Georgia. He should meet not only with government officials, but also with representatives of active civil society and leaders of opposition parties in Georgia”, the experts’ recommendations say.

    Judging by Austin’s schedule of meetings, the Pentagon chief has completely ignored these bits of advice. He happily met with officials representing exclusively the ruling “Georgian Dream” party, the very politicians Saakashvili calls “Putin’s agents”, who follow the Kremlin’s direct instructions. Based on this logic, Washington agrees with the “Russian puppets” to create a united front against Russia.

    Austin did not mention anything (at least not publicly) during his trip to Georgia languishing in the dungeons. Instead, he thanked his Georgian counterpart, Djuansher Burchuladze, a minister whom Saakashvili had accused a few weeks ago of “purposefully destroying the Georgian Armed Forces”. Yes, America’s position on the demands of the Georgian “Democrats” and advice from experts of the Heritage Foundation turned out to be somewhat inconvenient.

    By the way, the same analysts, discussing Austin’s goals and objectives in the Ukraine, for some reason did not propose that the Pentagon chief meet with representatives of local opposition parties by analogy with their “Georgian” recommendations. But the American minister could discuss with interest with the leader of the main opposition force in the Verkhovna Rada Viktor Medvedchuk’s recent idea that President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky exchange that person for someone in Russia is a kind of Ukrainian know-how in relations between the government and its political opponents. It seems that Joe Biden would be curious to hear from the lips of his subordinate about how to deal with representatives of the Republican Party of the United States.

    The officially announced results of Austin’s trip are quite predictable and understandable: he once again assured Georgia and the Ukraine that “the doors of NATO are open for them” (the Americans, of course, do not care what other members of the alliance think about this), and signed new agreements on the supply of American weapons to “front-line” countries. Especially for the arrival of the distinguished guest in the Ukraine, another batch of weapons and ammunition from the United States was urgently delivered.

    Given the anti-Russian nature of the Pentagon chief’s statements, we can conclude that these weapons should be used against Russia in the upcoming big war — after all, he himself says that all this is done “to deter Russian aggression”. Many of our domestic military experts often laugh at such deliveries: they say, what are these “rusty “Javelins or “decommissioned rubber boats” to the Russian army and which turned out to be unnecessary for the Americans!

    In fact, such reasoning often leads us into a logical trap. We all perfectly understand that there is no “Russian aggression”. And accordingly, these weapons are designed not to deter an absent threat, but to kill civilians in the event of another provocation somewhere in South Ossetia or the Donbass. And the more these “rusty” Javelins fall into the hands of adventurers like Saakashvili or Poroshenko, the more people may die.

    For example, in the Ukraine, almost any visit of Western dignitaries is accompanied by a raid on objectives in the Donbass. The current trip is no exception. A day before Austin’s arrival, the armed forces of the Ukraine practically destroyed the Donetsk mechanical plant — observers recorded 12 mine explosions there. A kind of demonstration of capabilities in front of the foreign command, and at the same time there was another request for new supplies of ammunition. Accordingly, when someone in Russia discusses how pointless the outdated American weapons supplied to Kiev are, let them look at the footage of houses destroyed in Donetsk or Luhansk to understand against whom all this will be directed.

    But America, being the main supplier of lethal weapons to the conflict zone in the Donbass, is not alone in this. A few days before Austin’s arrival, the Ukraine Ambassador to Britain, Vadym Prystaiko, happily announced that Kiev and London were at the final stage of an agreement on the purchase of two warships and missile weapons by the Ukraine, as well as that the British would build two naval bases in the Black and Azov Seas. Given the legal status of the Sea of Azov, which is internal to Russia and the Ukraine, the latter fact is a blatant encroachment on the system of our national defense and security. It is for this purpose, according to the same ambassador, that Zelensky intends to visit Britain again at the end of October.

    Our experts sometimes speak just as condescendingly about the prospects for the accession of the Ukraine’ to NATO, which Austin once again outlined in Kiev. No, the Americans and their Western partners are not going to fight for the Ukraine with their own hands, which is why they are trying put together various military blocs against Russia. But let us recall how Vladimir Putin in June called not to treat this prospect as “chatter”, but to really understand such a threat by estimating the flight time of a rocket from Kharkiv to Moscow. And now the press secretary of the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov, has not accidentally recalled that the scenario of the Ukraine accession to NATO “goes beyond the red lines of Russia’s national interests” and will force us to “take active measures to ensure our own security”.

    The West is actively working on this scenario. Former US Special Representative for the Ukraine, Kurt Volker, has already proposed the idea of accepting the Ukraine into NATO, without applying the fifth article of the charter, which is obliged to protect the Ukraine. Approximately the same idea (though with a change in the sixth article) is now going to be discussed in Brussels and at the meeting of defence ministers of the alliance countries, to which Austin is going after a visit to three countries of the Black Sea basin. If this proposal is implemented, it will mean that NATO will refuse to fight for the Ukraine or Georgia, but will receive territories jutting into the underbelly of Russia for its military bases. So, of course, such prospects should not be accepted with a grin.

    The other day, the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” showed a story about Turkish Bayraktar drones, which are already being used on the front line in the Donbass (in this case, the real front line, and not the virtual one). The Kiev military commander enthusiastically informed the audience that each shell of this drone has a price equal to an apartment in Kiev. Ukrainian journalists have not been concerned for a long time about the cost of human lives that may be lost in the event of the combat use of these projectiles,
    Nor does it concern the overseas sponsors of the Ukraine, who are planting new lethal weapons for the slaughter and watching with interest the latest destruction in Donetsk. Judging by the comments of the US Secretary of Defense, he was quite satisfied with the military review: the Ukraine is confidently turning into a combat training ground, Ukrainian citizens into cannon fodder. And the Pentagon does not need anything else on the “Russian-American front”.


      1. The same picture above appeared on a Russian blog here and subtitled: “Zelensky meets King Kong!”

        I was going to post it, but thought better of it, fearing that I be accused of being a racist.

        I’m clearly no racist as I married an Orcess!


        1. Oh, the Yukie coup of 2014 was far worse than the “Tatar Yoke” was — far, far worse. But there was no Russia as such back then, only the Princedom of Muscovy. And in 1240 Kiev had already been razed by Batu Khan and chums, who massacred most of its inhabitants.

          That was the time of “Kievan Rus'”, a term coined by 19th century historians.

          The Horde never touched Novgorod, though.

          Was Novgorod in “Novgorod Rus'” then, I wonder?


          1. Yes, there is a popular quote that stresses the obsession of military planners (who typically are not military themselves) with ‘doing more with less’ to the point that they can do anything with nothing. Military objectives are still a matter of force and firepower, and the application of irresistible advantage to a weak point until it gives way. Technology has offered ways to reduce a little the requirement for overwhelming numbers, but only a little and if you take something with a numerically-inferior force, you cannot hold it against a determined enemy.


          2. When it was announced that the 5th generation F-35-B and C variants would not be able to fly a supersonic speeds due to design flaws, the spin was that the F-35 can fly further at subsonic speed thus what we naively thought was a shortcoming was really an advantage. The Russians must be red-faced stuck with all that obsolete supersonic and hypersonic technology.


      1. If so, why aren’t there more US bases along the Russian border? Why are most US bases bunched up around Mikolayiv? Do the Americans really need a base near Lvov, near the Polish border?

        I suspect most bases are in areas where people most need jobs and local economies need the money.


        1. Yankee Base No. 1 is listed in the above tweet as the Yavorovskiy Military Training Camp “International Peace-Keeping and Security Centre”.

          Its a training camp for Yukietards.


        2. A serviceman of the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, right, trains Ukrainian soldiers during a joint military exercise called “Fearless Guardian 2015” at the military training area in Yavoriv, outside Lvov, the Ukraine, May 12, 2015

          Servicemen of the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team (standing) train members of the Ukrainian National Guard during a joint military exercise called “Fearless Guardian 2015” at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre near the western village of Starychy, the Ukraine, picture taken May 7, 2015.

          A serviceman of the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team centre, trains Ukrainian soldiers during a joint military exercise called “Fearless Guardian 2015” at the military training area in Yavoriv, outside Lvov, the Ukraine, May 12.


          1. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, left, shakes hands with a serviceman of the Ukrainian National Guard during an opening ceremony of joint military exercise “Fearless Guardian 2015” at the International Peacekeeping Security Centre near the village of Starychy, western Ukraine, April 20.


            Here’s the US military training in the Ukraine that’s making Russia really mad
            Thomson Reuters
            May 19, 2015 · 1:00 PM UTC

            Yeah, really, really mad!

            Putin must be shitting himself!


            1. Debaltseve battle of encirclement, 14-20 February, 2015: Ukraine Army tank and victorious ‘Russian-backed terrorists’ ”

              Didn’t the USA trained Yukie armed forces do really well!

              Ukrainian forces withdraw from Debaltseve
              Ukrainian troops have been seen pulling out of Debaltseve as pro-Russian separatists claim hundreds of Ukrainian troops have surrendered. Authorities in Kyiv insist the fighting continues to rage in the besieged town.


              1. Bear in mind, that defeat that the now, according to the funny-man Yukie president “third most powerful army in Europe” suffered, happened before Porky Poroshenko was pictured above visiting the wonderful USA training camp set up for the training of Yukie armed forces. A case of bolting the stable door after …

                But next time they’ll show those pesky Moskaly what’s what!


  7. I saw the flag at half-mast today. Was there a mass shooting in the US? No. a pathetic war criminal died – Colin “anthrax” Fucking Powell.


    1. It’s the central “Ice Palace”, a skating rink — two, as a matter of fact, plus a a basketball area — situated right next door to our house and which is operating as a vaccination centre in co-operation with Polyclinic No. 94.

      I shall not be calling in!


  8. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Tbilisi did not violate the rights of South Ossetians when it bombed them
    2021-10-22, 10: 46: 00

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has rejected South Ossetian residents’ claims of human rights violations committed by the Georgian military during the 2008 military conflict.

    The complaints concerned events that took place on August 8 and 9 in Tskhinvali and its environs “during the five-day international armed conflict”. The applicants referred to the” disproportionate use of force” against civilians by the Georgian army, both in connection with the mass attacks from multiple rocket launchers and the actions of the military who entered Tskhinvali.

    The Court concluded that Georgia was deprived of the ability to exercise power in these areas, and the events that took place there could not, in the judges ‘ opinion, be considered as falling under Georgian jurisdiction solely on the ground that “the territory where the military actions took place was formally Georgian”.

    More than three thousand citizens of South Ossetia immediately after the Georgian attack on the republic in August 2008 filed lawsuits against the Georgian authorities in the ECHR, almost half of them were rejected in previous years.


  9. October 22nd, 11:40
    Germany should not give permission for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and resist Russian “blackmail” with energy prices, German Green Party co-chair Annalena Baerbock said in an interview with Der Spiegel, published by the Funke media group.

    According to the German politician, Russia had “made a purposeful decision not to fill gas storage facilities in Europe”, and the implementation of the project was a mistake of the government.

    “We cannot allow Russia to blackmail us, “Baerbock said, adding that Moscow is playing a” poker game ” and is partly responsible for high gas prices in Europe. “Gas supplies have been significantly reduced”, she said.

    This situation had been “deliberately created” in order to “speed up the launch of Nord Stream 2”, the green leader stressed. Earlier, the German Cabinet of Ministers hadstated that Gazprom fully fulfills its contractual obligations.

    According to Baerbock, granting Nord Stream 2 regulatory approval would be contrary to European rules — Nord Stream 2 AG, which will own and operate the pipeline, is wholly owned by the Russian giant Gazprom, which is contrary to the EU gas directive.

    “As long as it is the same corporation, a business permit cannot be issued”, Baerbock says. The final decision on this issue should be made by the Bundesnetzagentur, the German infrastructure regulator.

    Currently, Baerbock and her Green Party have entered into coalition talks with the German SPD and FDP. Merkel’s previous CDU-led government favoured Nord Stream 2, despite international pressure to shut down the project.

    “The project meets the interests of the German economy and population. It guarantees energy security”, Sergey Nechaev, Russia’s Ambassador to Germany, said earlier in an interview with Berliner Zeitung. According to the diplomat, Nord Stream 2 is “a good deal for everyone”.

    Earlier, the Ambassador of Russia to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, expressed his opinion about the same topic, saying that the ball was “in the court of the German Supervisory authorities”. These authorities have now officially up to 8 January to decide on the certification. The German authority should decide “to do this earlier. It is, of course,better for the end consumer”, said Chizhov.

    Even if the above quotes, there is no evidence of a tough Russian Ultimatum: The message is clearly presented: Moscow wants more pace in the pending certification of the controversial Baltic sea pipeline.

    Currently, the price of gas is to rise in the EU. Politicians and some experts maintain that Russia is to blame for this, that the Russian state monopoly Gazprom is holding back quantities of gas that are available, with the price rise pressurizing a faster commissioning of Nord Stream 2.

    But I thought they did not want Russian gas, that being reliant on such gas would give the Evil Empire leverage over the freedom-loving EU.

    So they don’t want to be politically blackmailed by the Russian “gas weapon”, but those lousy Russian bastards are purposefully holding back gas that they desperately need.

    Take it or leave it, arseholes!


      1. She was brought up in an old, reconstructed farmhouse near Hanover.

        And when she was 16, she attended school in Orlando, Florida, USA.

        Well I never!

        She believes “agricultural subsidies should be oriented towards the common good” and that animal populations and meat production should be “reduced very significantly”.

        I bet if her wishes were implemented, she would not take part in the mass slaughter of farm animals.


    1. It should be noted that Baercock is a co-leader of the green party. The other is Robert Habeck who doesn’t quite seem to be on the same page,* sic how can an agreement be made to increase supplies from Russia (in the current administration) yet still want to cancel NS2? The Greens better grow up fast or they will be in trouble and probably the incoming coalition too. You can guess who’ll be blamed.

      * https://www.rt.com/russia/537759-berlin-gas-supply-from-moscow/

      …“We are dependent on Russia, and Russia is throttling the gas supply,” Habeck said. “Our storage facilities are not full, and the demand is high. The current federal government should talk to Russia quickly so that this changes.”..


      1. When I lived in Germany over 30 years ago, I got sick to the back teeth of the bourgeois dreamers that the “Greens” are, and they were only political gadflies then compared to what they are now.


  10. Lest we forget (the media conveniently has):

    RT: The killing of Gaddafi 10 years ago has resulted in the death of the nation of Libya and the destruction of its people

    …NATO’s bombing of Libya and support for rebels seeking to overthrow Gaddafi had little to do with wanting the country to prosper. Under the guise of ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’, the Western military alliance helped murder one of the Arab world’s most prominent leaders in order to steal Libya’s resources and protect Western hegemony. Later on, as part of Operation Timber Sycamore, the CIA would find additional utility in Gaddafi’s ousting: funnelling Libya’s stockpiles of weapons and ammunition over to Syria to arm Al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups…

    You don’t have to be in any way sympathetic to understand that the destruction of Libya has fundamentally undermined northern Africa and directly contributed to refugee flows, human traffiking etc. to u-Rope, the same ones who moan about taking in people from countries they have f/ked up. Apparently ‘christian’ countries when it is convenient and hands off when it it is inconvenient. The Pork Pie News Networks (PPNN) & the Circle-Jerk Media (CJM) aren’t interested because it isn’t in their interests to hold governments to account.


  11. Asia Times: Biden encircling while engaging Putin

    US suggests new expanded arc of containment against Russian ‘aggression’ amid hints of another Biden-Putin meeting before year end

    by MK Bhadrakumar

    …On Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu alleged that the US military “has stepped up work with the full support of its NATO allies to modernize tactical nuclear weapons and their storage sites in Europe.”

    He noted that “a cause for special concern is the engagement of pilots from the bloc’s non-nuclear member states in the drills to practice employing tactical nuclear weapons. We regard this as a direct violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.” …

    Something yet again the PPNN & CJM are not interesting in reporting except for defense oriented outlets. It’s only a matter of time before the US threatens to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to the newer NATO member states and without doubt one of the threats it will use in discussions with Russia to get its way.


    1. Well! I guess coronavirus and the complete evaporation of civil liberties is not a problem in the USA like it was just a couple of months ago. They appear to be ready to move on, start shoveling money out again, and acting like a world power. Didn’t they just raise their debt ceiling again to a level where it’s pretty much meaningless?

      I thought Russia had receded to where it was just a distraction, and the main enemy was China. Can Biden actually pursue a coherent policy for more than a week?


      1. His administraion prefers having many policies and doing them all badly.

        Vis the ‘leaked’ US concern to the FT about China’s alleged ‘hypersonic missile test,’ it looks to me that having failed to get China to agree to arms talks in any way, means or form, not to mention pressure Russia to drag China in to them, this is the next stage in an already badly thought out process. It is to publicly shame China and big up the ‘threat.’ Even then that I suspect is a cover for their own hypersonic missile tests, sic ‘we have to do it because others are doing it. It’s in response to their behavior. We wouldn’t need to do it if they weren’t so threatening. It can be no coincidence that the leak the FT matches the uptick in American weapons tests. It’s a reverse justification.

        The most important thing for the United States is to be see as ‘Right,’ even if the the reason we are here is because it is a consequence of their behavior, namely ripping up treaties, ignoring the ones they don’t rip up, subverting more or less balanced international organizations (OSCE/OPCW etc.) to do their bidding and expecting everyone else to pretend nothing has changed or to at least shut up. This has clearly failed as de facto US hegemony for a quarter of a century has run out. The PPNN & CJM have been fully compliant in doing their best to ignore the catastrophic consequence of US, western and allied action because the US is doing it for the right reasons.

        That it is failure, upon failure, upon failure is not because the strategy and tools employed are bad and not fit for purpose (because that would me those weilding those tools are bad and unfit for purpose) but it is because others have resisted and are not allowed to resist. Ergo the US has done nothing expressly wrong in consistently trying to bang round objects in to square holes. It’s the square holes’ fault. That means the US and friends can keep on doing the same thing rather than admit reality.

        This brings us back to the Five Stages of Grief and where the US and its allies are on the spectrum. Some, like i-Ran & Saudi Arabia have started talking to each other again which shows that they understand that the previous status quo is untenable. Others such as the Taiwanese leadership haven’t observed the consequences of what happend to other pro-US hamsters, namely the US has come up short after encouraging their hamsters to go tonto. As for the EU they just want to save face and look like they are doing something. Foreign Affairs spokeshole Borrel recently said that the EU fully supports Taiwan against threats from China blah blah blah (sic China’s anger at Lithuania having a Taiwan representation office) but then says the EU also respects ‘One Country Two Systems.’ The EU cannot be seen to be absent from action at least in words.

        Over all, this looks like a fighting retreat, abandoning faliures of policy and action only when there is just about no other option. Much of this can be put down to intertia and in the US the failure of its political system to do what is best for the US and its citizens. Their politicians are more concerned with scoring points against each other (“You are weak”) than doing little more than putting sticking plasters on fundamental problems. The longer it goes on the more likely there will be unaviodable outcomes including supposed unintentional ones like a war ‘by accident’ (again). Fortunately even the most deluded know this would not be and i-Rack 1991 ‘cakewalk’ again but many bodybags back home. That’s one of the things policians fear the most.

        Things fall apart. The center cannot hold.


        1. Having a good war very much relies on being able to print yourself into a frenzy of military-industrial spending. For how much longer is the USA going to be able to convince – or reassure – the world that a US dollar is exchangeable for a dollar’s worth of assets or convertibles? Around the first time its GDP hits $25 Trillion? Because at anything less than $22 Trillion, it’s going backwards.


  12. I really enjoyed this story and review of a book about the Bidens (mostly Hunter Biden). It asks an important question in the title as to whether they are simply corrupt, or are in fact, insane, or both? Because if they are just corrupt, I guess it probably just as not much of a problem as if they are insane and corrupt.

    You have to listen to the audio as the transcript is not available beyond minute 10 unless you pay for a Matt Taibbi Substack subscription, but I also think you might get more audio if you’re a subscriber.


    1. By the way, I’m using a VPN now and I guess I had a strange IP address yesterday, but one of my comments didn’t come through. It was an answer to ME on Navalny where I linked to a twitter post that quoted a retired CIA agent saying that the best way to recruit foreign agents for them was to promise admission to an elite US college to their children.


      1. But I read that comment that you posted, Blatnoi, about a former CIA operative’s statement concerning the persuasive power of education in the USA!

        I’ll check it out above now.


      2. It’s not in the spam filter; not unless you also decided to call yourself “Hairstyles” or “Sex Toys” or “Mystic Dragon Vape”.

        It was here, because I remember reading it and commenting that I hoped Navalny’s hamsters would not see it.


        1. Well, that’s two people who saw it, so it probably got deleted by the software later since it contained a linked it thought was dangerous. But the software is a bit lazy so it probably decided to do so after an hour delay.

          Or… the CIA case officer in charge of this blog logged in and spat out xir’s coffee as he saw that it contained dangerous information revealing their recruiting methods that they can’t allow other to read! Nefarious!


  13. The Joker strikes back!

    Global energy crisis
    22.10.2021, 21:46
    Zelensky offered Gazprom a 50% discount on transit over the contract

    Kiev is ready to give Gazprom a discount on the transit of natural gas to Europe in order to increase the volume of supplies and ease the energy crisis that has arisen in the region. This was stated by President Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with Bloomberg [wall]. According to the Ukrainian president, the proposal concerns gas transit beyond the 40 billion cubic metres set by the contract with the Russian company.

    “The Ukraine is offering these additional opportunities to all potential transiting countries. We would like to see European companies as our clients, but Gazprom also has additional capacities. Taking into account the current tariff, the discount will be, I assume, 50%”, said Mr. Zelensky.

    The Ukrainian president has assured that Kiev guarantees gas transit, as well as special anti-crisis conditions for transit beyond the volumes stipulated under the contract. The Ukrainian president is convinced that if an agreement is not reached right now, Europe’s losses will be huge in the coming winter. According to Mr. Zelensky, rapid coordinated measures can stop the crisis.

    Earlier, Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of the Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov suggested an additional gas transit volume of 55 billion cubic metres of gas to the European Union under “special conditions”.

    Gas prices have risen sharply in Europe over the past two months. As of Friday, October 22, the price for 1 thousand cubic metres at the opening of trading on ICE Futures reached $1,050.

    In imitation of a feature in a TV quiz that took place long ago in the UK, on behalf of the Russian Federation, I should like to present the President of the Ukraine the following task:

    Please rearrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying:



    1. VZGLYAD

      Expert: Russia should not agree to Zelensky’s discount

      “Zelensky has begun to speak to Russia in economic language, and not in the language of political ultimatums. But Russia should not agree to his proposal”, economist Konstantin Simonov has told the VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on a statement of President Vladimir Zelensky, who has offered Russia a 50 percent discount on gas transit through Ukrainian territory.

      “The Ukraine is trying to maintain transit through its territory and wants somehow to get out of the situation, because it realizes that the balance of forces is against it. The main task of the Ukraine is to show that Gazprom does not want artificially to increase gas transit through its territory”, said Konstantin Simonov, Head of the Department of Applied Political Science at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and Director of the National Energy Security Foundation.

      The Ukraine has offered Gazprom a 50% discount on gas transit to Europe in excess of the 40 billion cubic metres set by the contract, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday. “The Ukraine is offering these additional opportunities to all potential transit countries. We would like to see European companies as our clients, but these additional opportunities are also available to Gazprom. Taking into account the current transit tariff, the discount will be, I assume, 50%”, Zelensky said.

      Since the beginning of 2021, the daily volume of gas pumped through the Ukraine has halved, the chairman of the board of Naftohaz Ukrayiny, Yuriy Vitrenko, has said.

      With this statement, the expert stressed, Zelenskyy had actually admitted that the current price of Ukrainian transit is absolutely non-market. “If the Ukraine is ready to reduce by 50%, it means that it has used its position as a monopolist and taken money because of that. This, by the way, is an important argument in favour of building a bypass pipe, because a monopoly leads to inflating a price at least twofold”, Simonov explained.

      Earlier, Russia had laid out a set of arguments for the transit of gas through Nord Stream-2, but not through Ukrainian territory, the interlocutor recalled. The first argument is an economic one — the transit route through Nord Stream-2 is shorter by 1,900 kilometres. “With this argument, it has finally dawned on Kiev that it is possible to talk about providing a discount on transit. Finally, the Ukraine has moved to using some economic arguments and entered into a dialogue. This is good because before the talks, the argument had been reduced to requests that Brussels and Washington forbid Germany to certify Nord Stream-2 and force Gazprom to pump gas through the Ukraine. That is, the entire appeal was exclusively to politics:save us, make them pump gas through our pipeline”, Simonov said.

      Zelensky’s offer of a discount is an answer to Russia’s argument for a shorter transit route for Nord Stream-2, the expert said. However, Kiev has not responded to the other two arguments, which have been repeatedly voiced recently by Russian President Vladimir Putin, including at the Valdai Club meeting held the day before. This is the issue concerning technical condition of the Ukrainian 40-year-old pipe and whether it will withstand additional volumes of transit. “And finally, a new argument — an environmental one, which is absolutely justified from the point of view of modern realities. Putin said that the environmental effect of Nord Stream-2 is many times better than the old pipe through the Ukraine”, the interlocutor recalled.

      Therefore, Russia should not agree to Zelensky’s proposal, because a 50% discount is not enough, says Simonov. The Ukraine, in his opinion, needs to prove that its gas transportation system can cope and that it meets modern environmental requirements. “Nord Stream-2”, as Putin has said, is modern technology and consists of pipes that allow for increased pressure. The movement of gas along the bottom of the Baltic Sea occurs without any emissions. “Gazprom will save more than twice as much on Nord Stream-2 deliveries. Moreover, Gazprom has invested in the new pipeline and is interested in filling it. But Europe is interested in its costs, not Russia’s profits. Although Gazprom has tried to explain that the cost is important, because the final price of gas depends on it”, summed up the expert.


      1. The Kiev Rada

        As a matter of fact, it is a photograph of a late-19th century Russian village mir, the village governing committee, full of sly, conniving peasant manipulators and all men of course, the village elders: just like many present day Yukies who worm themselves into “politics” still seem to be — a load of fawning, shitkicking bumpkin dullards, all out to line their own pockets and easily bought.


      2. Zelensky promises Russia a 50% discount for gas pumping: It’s very cold
        Is this a clever move to delay the launch of Nord Stream-2 or a plot to thieve from the pipe?

        President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has shown wonders of PR and ingenuity. He told Bloomberg that he is ready to give everyone a 50% discount on pumping gas through the Ukraine in excess of the contracted volumes — including Gazprom.

        Everyone, of course, immediately understood that this generous offer was addressed to Gazprom, and no one else. No one else pumps gas through the Ukraine.

        On the other hand, this is, of course, a call to Europe: Look, at a time when there is an energy crisis around and gas prices are already going over $1,000, it is the Ukraine that is ready to make concessions and lose profits just to keep you from freezing! Just please take your gas through our pipe. And in no case should you launch Nord Stream-2, which is already ready to supply gas directly from Russia to Europe, but is very politically harmful. Because then no one will need the Ukrainian pipeline.

        Plus, Zelensky is trying to send a signal to Gazprom through Bloomberg that he is ready for its terms. After all, Russia long ago announced that transit through the Ukraine would continue only if it was economically profitable to do so. It is cheaper and 5.6 times more environmentally friendly to supply gas to Europe via Nord Stream-2 (which is important for Europeans, who are obsessed with “green” ideas).

        Currently, Gazprom pumps 40 billion cubic metres of gas a year through the Ukraine. And it pays Kiev about $2 billion for this.

        Zelensky is not ready to give this 2 billion. But about everything that will be pumped over this volume he is ready to bargain.

        In fact, in addition to PR before Europe and his latest attempt to block the launch of Nord Stream-2, Zelensky probably wants a third thing, namely to do what almost all the Ukrainian authorities did before him: steal Russian gas.

        On the same day, when Zelensky made “generous” statements to Europe and Gazprom, it became known that from November 1, heating tariffs for the population in Kiev are to rise by … the same 50%!

        So it is not far to a third Maidan.

        Winter 2021-22, according to weather forecasts, promises to be cold.

        Gas prices are sky-high.

        Gazprom stubbornly refuses to pump excess gas through Ukraine. Unprofitable.

        Nord Stream-2 is ready for launch.

        What should Kiev do?

        Just promise and promise yet again.

        And then we will either steal gas from the pipeline or say that our promise of a 50% discount was misunderstood…


      3. Putin said that the environmental effect of Nord Stream-2 is many times better than the old pipe through the Ukraine”


        1. That’s right.

          Nord Stream

          Atmospheric pollution caused by the clapped out Yukie GTS includes emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide, not to mention the methane that leaks out from the heap of junk.

          July 22, 2021, 18:30
          Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2

          Gazprom has always approached Nord Stream 2 as an economic project. Its goal is to provide reliable, stable and diversified supplies of gas to the market of the European Union. It also aims to reduce the cost of gas for end consumers via a shorter transportation route that reaches Germany almost 2,000 kilometre ahead of the route traversing the gas transmission system of the Ukraine, as well as to ensure compliance with all current environmental requirements. For instance, СО2 emissions from Nord Stream 2 are 5.6 times lower thanks to, among other things, a reduced number of compressor stations compared to the Ukrainian route

          Alexey Miller, Gazprom

          Putin quoted that lower СО2 emmission figure to the USA interview Gamble the other week, to her who was waving her legs around on stage next to him.


        2. Eh what? Is that an odd statement? That a brand-new undersea pipeline has less deleterious environmental effect than a leaky 30+-year-old above-ground pipeline which has received nearly no maintenance in that time, and whose compressor stations are struggling to maintain 30% efficiency?


      4. Yes, that’s the other side of the argument – Ukraine can afford to make generous offers considering it is someone else’s gas, like offering someone else’s bread which could be carried to Europe’s house in Ukraine’s basket. But if Ukraine, broke as it is, can afford to transit gas for half its usual fee, then it is probably charging too much.

        I realize that Russia is weak and the United States and its partner Ukraine are strong, but even so, I don’t think Russia is going to take them up on their offer. And if Europe starts to make a big stink, then Russia should offer to transit additional volumes through Ukraine’s GTS…just as soon as Europe ponies up the money to fix it up to modern, safe standards.


        1. October 25, 2021, 12:25 pm
          Ukraine Naftogaz has signed an agreement with Moldova on the sale of 700 million cubic metres of gas

          The Moldovan company Energocom has signed an agreement with Ukraine Naftogaz on the possible receipt of up to 700 million cubic meters of gas, the Ukrainian newspaper Ekonomicheskaya Pravda reports, citing a government source.

          It is specified that if necessary, Naftogaz will sell the imported resource, that is, purchased in Europe, at a profit for the company.

          “There can be no talk of gas produced on its own”, the government said.

          The deal took place against the background of the situation on world markets and unpredictable supplies from the Russian Gazprom, the newspaper writes.

          Earlier it became known that had Moldova turned to the Ukraine with a request to provide about 15 million cubic metres of gas amidst a fuel shortage. According to the secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of the Ukraine Alexey Danilov, Kiev is interested in helping the neighbouring country, since one of the Ukrainian regions receives electricity from a common system with it.

          Because of problems with gas supplies in Moldova, a state of emergency has been declared.


          1. It’s kind of funny the way the western media squawked and flapped about Russia ‘weaponizing energy’, and then the west carefully constructed the global framework which would make that possible.


    2. Yes, dear God; Zelensky is actually trying to play the Great Arbiter by offering Europe Russia’s gas. All Russia has to do is transit it through Ukraine’s pipes, and Zelensky will even give them a discount! Cheap at double the price, since what he would stand to gain for his magnanimity would be (1) his generosity should be mirrored by Russia agreeing to give Europe a discount, to save it from a terrible situation, else the world would say that Ukraine made a selfless gesture, and Putin used it to make huge profits off Europe’s helplessness – and Ukraine’s generosity. (2) Afterward Ukraine would be making a big noise that it was Ukraine’s GTS that pulled Europe’s chestnuts out of the fire, and what is the real need for Nord Stream II, anyway? Obviously supplies through Ukraine are adequate even in a terrible emergency, and isn’t Ukraine owed something for its loyalty?

      Ukraine stands to lose nothing by such an offer, which is really too clever for a dolt like Zelensky, while it stands to gain a great deal.


  14. 01: 17, 23.10.2021 (updated: 03: 41 on 23.10.2021)
    Tymoshenko reveals the Ukraine’s “big deception” about gas “not being from Russia”
    Rada DEPUTY Tymoshenko: Kiev is deceiving, when talking about stopping the import of Russian gas

    KIEV, 23 October – RIA Novosti. Batkivshchyna Party leader and Rada Deputy Yulia Tymoshenko has said that the Ukraine had always been using Russian gas and called the situation concerning the purchase of “European” gas “a big hoax.” The channel “Nash” quotes the words of the politician.

    In November 2015, Kiev decided to stop buying the blue fuel from its eastern neighbour. Instead, the Ukraine began pumping into storage facilities reverse flow gas purchased in Europe. The country’s authorities also said they had no plans to resume direct gas supplies from Russia.

    There is no European gas for the Ukraine. When they announced to us in 2014 that the Ukraine would use European gas, let them show me where it is produced in Europe and where we can get it. I now want to inform the country: it was one big hoax

    Tymoshenko said.

    According to her, a fictitious pipe had been laid for pumping, but “the gas was Russian”.


    1. Why now Tymo? Is she sensing a weakness in ‘The Force’ of Zelensky for the reasons set out in the previous article (-50% transit, +50% domestic consumer price). The only interesting thing about her is when she pipes up and has been unusually quiet. Yes, it’s a standard passive opposition tactic to let the leader of a country or party dig his or her own hole, but it is more usual to make regular over political attacks. Maybe she’s a shark.


  15. October 23rd, 10:47
    The main goal of statesmen. Kudrin is starting to get his arse handed to him.
    October 23rd, 10:47

    One of the many enemies within! — ME

    There are two main systemic liberals in Russia. They are Anatoly Chubais and Alexei Kudrin.
    Owing to understandable circumstances, Chubais can no longer aspire to the role of public leader of the syslibs and is unable to entice technocrats to his side.

    That is why for two decades Chubais has remained a non-systemic leader of the syslibs. His influence remains serious.

    With Alexei Kudrin, everything is much more complicated. He remains the public leader of the systemic liberals. Moreover, he is part of the state machine, controlling the Audit Chamber. In many ways, it is Kudrin’s influence that ensures such stable positions for Siluanov [Minister of Finance] and Nabiullina [Central Bank of Russia boss].

    Since 2021, however, Kudrin has begun to be pushed around.

    It is Kudrin, and not Chubais, who is the main target of the state officials. Chubais always remains in the shadows because that is the way the situation is. Chubais’ pro-Western actions are stopped much easier than those of Kudrin. At the same time, both are untouchable figures with, if you will, diplomatic immunity (from the globalists).

    This means that it is necessary to reduce Kudrin’s influence and capabilities. The mainstay of the current head of the Accounts Chamber is the education sector. Over the years, he has managed to acquire an extensive network of “agents” that control many educational institutions. This is not surprising.

    The initial goal of the globalists back in the early ’90s was precisely to gain control over the education sector: their task — to educate loyal managerial cadres.

    To educate them according to pro-Western paradigm. In such a case, there is no need to have direct agents in the country. The actual agent of Western influence is every official who is a follower of the globalist ideology.

    This year, Kudrin’s connection to George Soros’ structures was officially proven.

    This has prevented the emergence in Russia of a new liberal university that Kudrin was preparing to head. Also after such facts were published, Kudrin was deprived of the opportunity to implement new projects in the sphere of education.

    The rector of the Higher School of Economics and Nabiullina’s husband Yaroslav Kuzminov left his post, the cleanup of the RANEPA [ Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration]began, and the rector of SHANINKA [Moscow School for the Social and Economic Science] (who also once received money from Soros’s structures) Sergei Zuev was arrested.

    Nevertheless, we should not get too excited. It is true that Kudrin is losing influence in education, but the latest events show the following picture.

    These are purely our conclusions. Elvira Nabiullina, head of the Central Bank of Russia, acted too boldly (a radical increase in interest rates and compression of the money supply), as well as the Finance Minister Anton Siluanov (withdrawal of 7 trillion rubles from the economy in 2022-2024 by raising the limit of the liquid part of the National Wealth Fund from 7% to 10%).

    There is a stable assumption that the Siluanov-Nabiullina monetarist bloc has fallen under the tutelage of Kudrin. Indeed, by the beginning of the year, the government officials had practically pressed the Ministry of Finance, having cleaned out almost all of Siluanov’s deputies, and also began to look towards the Central Bank. But this peculiar offensive was at least halted.

    Be that as it may, the fight is getting fiercer. And in an open fight the syslibs do not stand a chance. They are used to underhand methods. But now there are fewer and fewer of them.

    Read more at Avrora

    When is there going to be a night of the long knives?

    How long must Chubais and Kudrin be tolerated?

    I have a sneaking suspicion that those two are amongst those “on high” who had been responsible for protecting Navalny over the years.

    Miss Exile, my elder daughter, is a student at RANEPA. Last year, she got an invite to the US Embassy here. No doubt word had been passed on to them that she is a British citizen as well as a Russian one, and fluent in both Russian and English.

    They showed her the library at the embassy (“Fantastic place!” my daughter told me) and told her she could call in any time and use it.

    I told her she was being got at and explained to her the expression “Softly, softly, catchee monkey!”


    Who, I?


    1. Why do these people have “diplomatic immunity”? If Kudrin in on Soros’ payroll he should be charged with treason and thrown in the pokey. What’s anyone going to do about it? On second thoughts, maybe Stalin’s solution would be better – he would have just had them shot.


    2. If TPTB have noticed Miss Moscow Exile, it’s not just because she’s fluent in English and Russian and that she has dual British-Russian citizenship, but also these people see in her another potential Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva or Lyubov Sobol who can burnish Alexei Navalny’s feminist credentials, real or not. I daresay the bad news is, now that they have noticed Elena Denisovna, they are not going to let up. She and you, and Mrs Moscow Exile as well, are going to need to be vigilant, particularly if Elena starts getting all sorts of strange invitations to join clubs at university or people in her classes suddenly start befriending her and suggest she join in their activities to the extent that she ends up neglecting her studies.

      It’s probably time you let Elena see some of the discussions we’ve been having about Navalny here and what other blogs like Moon of Alabama and Dances With Bears have been saying about him, so she has a head start on what to say to people who try to recruit her.

      I know I sound paranoid but these recruiters and their networks will be like a cult, and they and their followers can be fanatics. Universities are ideal places for these cults to take root and thrive. After all, a lot if not most politicians start their careers in politics by joining student branches of political parties at university.


      1. For a good while now my Lena has been tasked with liaising with students from the USA who arrive here on academic-cultural exchanges, of which, surprisingly to some, no doubt, there are very many, and rather unsurprisingly, having read the above “Avrora” translation, RANEPA seems to be very well involved with.

        The US students are always gobsmacked when they meet Lena, she tells me, because, apparently, they find it hard to believe she is not British born-and-bred. I have often heard her chatting to them online. (Lena is studying journalism with English and German.) I also have heard her speaking to her native-speaker English RANEPA tutors online. They all seem to be US citizens. I asked her once if there are any British tutors or Australian ones etc. at RANEPA.

        Nope. Only from the “Land of the Free”.

        Typically RANEPA?


    3. More on Kudrin here

      The security forces have gone after Kudrin. And not only.
      OK, the black crows are not “on their way” yet – but, according to our friend from the Lubyanka, with whom I decided to discuss the case of Rakova, the case of the European University and of the foreign agency “Bard College “will be brought to its logical conclusion: RANEPA and HSE will be cleaned of “influences”, they will go to the Russian State Social University …

      Ex-Deputy Minister of Education Marina Rakova.

      One of the enemies within the education sector.

      Recently, the Tverskoy Court of Moscow arrested Marina Rakova, former Deputy Minister of Education of Russia and former Vice-president of Sberbank. She is accused in a case of embezzlement of 50 million rubles in the execution of two state contracts. Rakova pleads not guilty. Her alleged common-law husband was also under arrest.

      Long knives out!


      1. Dec. 24, 2011. Attending a rally to protest against alleged vote-rigging, from left: Russian former and longest ever serving Financial Minister Alexei Kudrin, now Chairman of the Accounts Chamber, Shagger Nemtsov, brutally slain on Putin’s orders, and the next President of Russia, now illegally imprisoned and suffering indescribable conditions in a concentration camp, again on Putin’s orders.


    4. I find it hard to believe that Nabiullina is a ‘liberal’ considering her very conservative monetary policy, which was in line with the wishes of the government who were very afraid of inflation over the last six years. This was during a time when the vast majority of countries were competing to lower rates as close to zero as possible, or even below.


  16. Moldova, the poorest state in Europe and where there was much glee in the “Western Democracies” the other year when an “anti-Putin” president replaced a “pro-Putin” one, is right up shit creek as a result of the gas crisis.

    The Moldovan Parliament on Friday, October 22, voted to introduce a state of emergency in the country because of the energy crisis — this regime will be valid for 30 days, until November 20. As Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilica, who initiated the appeal to the parliament, said yesterday, Moldova is facing “a serious crisis associated with a sharp increase in gas prices around the world”. She pointed out that the country’s authorities are negotiating with Russia’s Gazprom to reduce fuel prices: “We have been negotiating with Gazprom for two months now, and they are not easy. The price of natural gas has soared. At present, we do not have a final agreement or confidence that it will be reached.”

    According to a source close to the negotiations, the two-day Russian-Moldovan negotiations on gas issues at the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak “ended in vain.” According to the source, the Russian side offered a “fair market price” with an additional 25% discount. The only condition for receiving this discount was the repayment within three years of Moldova’s accumulated debt for gas supplied in the amount of about $700 million (excluding the debt of Pridnestrovie). “However, the Moldovan delegation, referring to the lack of necessary funds, insisted on reducing the price to twofold lower than the market price. In these circumstances, the conclusion of a new long-term gas contract before November 1 is highly doubtful and there are high risks of a complete cessation of Russian gas supplies after this date, ” the source said. No new negotiations are planned until the end of the month.


    Moldova has declared a state of emergency and talked to “Gazprom”, but to no avail.
    Two-day Russian-Moldovan talks on gas have ended inconclusively
    Moldova has declared a state of emergency because of the gas shortage: the country is unable to agree on new terms of the contract with “Gazprom”. RBC has found out why the parties can’t agree and whether Moldova has any alternatives.

    23 Oct, 00:00

    I suppose the dire economic straits in which Moldova finds itself are all Putin’s/Gazprom’s doing.

    Moldova certainly is a shithole now. In Soviet times, it was a boozers’ paradise: a sunny, gentle climate and wine galore.


    1. Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa said that the republic does not recognize the “historical” debt for gas. Therefore, it should not be part of negotiations with Gazprom on further fuel supplies, she said.

      That’s a$700 million debt shes taking about.

      The sum of $700 million is the debt of Moldovagaz JSC to Gazprom, minus the debt of Pridnestrovie to the Moldovan enterprise itself.

      According to open data, the Russian company estimates the amount of receivables of Moldovagaz JSC at more than $7.5 billion. Moreover, the main part of this amount falls on consumers of Pridnestrovie – over $6.8 billion.

      The current increase in the cost of gas for Moldova is caused by oil binding. The fact is that Chisinau now receives Russian fuel, based on the stock exchange quotes of 2008, when its price was at a record high and amounted to $148 per barrel at peak periods.

      Now I wonder whose example as regards debts to Gazprom is being followed?

      Chisinau also intends to create a working group together with Kiev to learn from the Ukrainian experience in gas purchases.

      October 23, 2021, 11:08 am Politics
      “We do not recognize this debt.” Moscow could turn off the gas to Chisinau

      What’s the betting “Putin” won’t turn it off? I think Iknow someone who thinks this won’t happen, because Putin and Russia are soft touches; can’t play hardball, can they?


      1. Anytime any Russian-associated republic gets a ‘fiery new’ leader, the west is in there like a hot fog, stroking them and telling them they are the best thing for democracy and freedom since the midnight ride of Paul Revere. What they are clearly looking for here is another gas story they can use to build on the narrative that Putin is personally holding Europe to ransom with gas imports, weaponizing them to bend the whole of Europe to his evil will. Look – now he’s doing it to Moldova, too. Do something!!!

        The marvel is that these leaders listen, every time, to the siren promises of the west which really offers them nothing much but an attaboy, maybe a couple of million for some grant or other, tell you what – we’ll build you a school!!

        What Russia likely will do is take it to court, as usual, and try to show that it is a legal debt into which Moldova entered with a full understanding of the terms and conditions, and that it is now liable for the payment. Western courts will try to find some way Moldova – the new, independent, democratic Moldova – can wriggle out of it. But if they can’t, Moldova will have to pay it, and subsequent contracts with all western customers will become ever more childlike in their wording to ensure it is clear everyone understood they were committing to paying money for gas and not just agreeing to take and use it for free.

        For the west it is just another day of trying to make the country of choice fight with Russia and to instigate and promote bad feeling. No surprises here, it’s what they do.


      2. Maybe new President Maria Sandu who declared herself essentially neutral but at the same time is clearly pro-western is the genius behind this negotiating strategy?* She has friends in low places.

        * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maia_Sandu

        …In 2010, she graduated from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. From 2010 to 2012, Sandu worked as Adviser to the executive director at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. Sandu speaks Russian, Spanish and English in addition to her native Romanian. ..


      3. Russia will feed Moldova as it will feed Ukraine in the end.

        Russia has this philosophy that no matter how hostile a former USSR country is towards Russia, they should be taken care of. Russia is like a tolerant mother that wants to take care of its badly behaving kids no matter how bad their behavior has become.

        Russia hopes that eventually those lost children will return to the arms of mother Russia. So they have chosen this tactic of not punishing bad behavior.

        I think Russia has chosen the wrong tactic but time will tell.


        1. It’s more nuanced but your main point is essentially right. The nuances include that nations are a conglomerate of influences some of which are deeply rooted and others imposed by force or by expediency. Ukraine is a good example – historical roots will bring the portion east of the Dnieper river back to Russia. The rump can float off into space. Russia is playing the long game and they should win and win in a lasting way.


    2. Which brings the question – considering everyone wants gas and Russia has gas – down to ‘why should I help you?’ You want to shoot off your mouth and talk big – fine. Start splitting firewood. It’ll keep you toasty warm all winter.


  17. Politico: German defense minister warns Europeans: Don’t detach from NATO

    Trying to operate militarily without US is ‘wrong way to go,’ Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer tells POLITICO.

    …“There is a lot of talk about European autonomy, or sovereignty, or — as I prefer to call it — more ability to act from the European Union in security and defense. People are asking why we were not in a position to hold the Kabul airport ourselves,” Kramp-Karrenbauer told POLITICO in an interview in her Berlin office this week, ahead of a meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

    “We have to say quite openly: Without the capabilities of the Americans, we, as Europeans, would not have been able to do that,” she said…

    Wasn’t she supposed to be the successor to Merkel but fluffed it?* Or was that Von der Leyen who ended up in Brussels? Vis my comment about following bad policies above and continuing only until there is no other option, her words fit that perfectly. Doesn’tregret Kramp-Karrenbauer’ll be a shoe-in for Stoltenberg when he retires especially as she’ll need a new job to tied her over while her party leaves power shortly.

    * Yes it woz: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annegret_Kramp-Karrenbauer

    …In April 2021, Kramp-Karrenbauer accused Russia of taking provocative actions with its troop buildup in Crimea and along its western border, while rejecting Russia’s claim that it was responding to a massive NATO-led military exercise called Defender-Europe 21, one of the largest NATO-led military exercises in Europe in decades, which began in March 2021..


    1. Politico is now part of Axel Springer SE.

      Politico Requires Journos Push Pro-Israel Propaganda

      Gerd-Helmut Komossa explained in his book in 2007 how Germany became a US colony for the next 150 years in 1949. (Or else the Morgethau plan!). And how US/CIA has control over everything in Germany including media.

      Now CIA-controlled media in Germany is buing up amerikan media….


  18. Get your vomit bags out:

    Sky Nudes: Christopher Steele: Confessions of a former British spy on Johnson, Putin, Trump, and James Bond

    The MI6-officer-turned-private-spy has talked about debating with Boris Johnson as university students, meeting then Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev while serving as an intelligence officer in Moscow and – possibly – having a cup of tea poured for him by a young Vladimir Putin.

    It was the most curious of “calling cards” – left for a former British spy in his wife’s washbag by suspected Russian agents as the couple holidayed in the Caribbean.

    Christopher Steele said he and Katherine discovered the two, mysterious wedding rings in her bag when they returned to their room at a luxury, high-security hotel after a trip out.

    He believed the message the intruders had intended to send was: “We know where you are. We can get to you. Don’t think you’ll be able to hide from us.”…

    …”I think the vast majority of it’s real and in fact, if you look at the blowtorch that’s been put on it over the last five years, actually as things stand, there’s only one thing in there that’s been comprehensively proven to be untrue.”

    He’s referring to an incorrect date on one of the files…

    Maybe he and Luke Harding should get a room. They both have a casual relationship with reality and they both produce BS4$$$. Curiously no mention of the Moscow ‘Spy Rock’ story

    So what is the point of this softball interview with such a ‘safe pair of hands’? Come in from the cold Rehabilitation after being rinsed for having his pants down? Maybe a job as a ‘security anal-y-st’ at for a TV channel much as they do in the US where many ex-spooks/military/whatever pose as experts who only use their previous careers as ‘experience’ but are really balanced and fair.

    The UK High Court called him a liar last year:


    …Justice Mark Warby of the High Court of England and Wales ruled on Wednesday that Steele’s claim against Fridman and Aven was “inaccurate and misleading.”

    Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, violated British data privacy law as it “failed to take reasonable steps to verify the allegation,” and will now pay £18,000 pounds (around $22,600) in damages to each of the bankers, Warby said…

    … while a major source for the dossier insisted that his words were “misstated or exaggerated.”…

    Oh god, there’s more:
    ABC News: Confronting his critics, Christopher Steele defends controversial dossier in first major interview

    …Steele continues to defend the inclusion of some of the dossier’s more controversial claims, including that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney and self-described fixer, traveled to Prague in 2016 for secret meetings with Russian interlocutors — a claim that Cohen has vehemently denied, and that the FBI later determined not to be true…

    …”I’m prepared to accept that not everything in the dossier is 100% accurate,” Steele said. “I have yet to be convinced that that is one of them.”

    Asked for comment regarding Steele, Cohen sarcastically told ABC News, “I’m pleased to see that my old friend Christopher Steele, a/k/a Austin Powers, has crawled out of the pub long enough to make up a few more stories. I eagerly await his next secret dossier which proves the existence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and that Elvis is still alive.”

    While Steele acknowledged that no corroborating evidence has been found for many of his dossier claims, he argued that very little contradictory evidence exists either — a line of defense that his critics have found problematic…

    It looks like ABC News does a much better job than Sky Nudes on CBS. Not difficult really.


    1. 4 Things We Learned From Christopher Steele’s Hulu Documentary

      The interview consisted of but a handful of interesting tidbits sprinkled throughout the heavily produced profile on Russia hoaxer Christopher Steele.

      …Of course, Steele couldn’t have really taken the lead in the story because he remains in legal jeopardy and subject to potential civil liability. Steele needed to thread a needle: saying enough to create sympathy and shore up a legal defense while ensuring he stayed silent on anything of substance. Stephanopoulos served his purpose.

      President Clinton’s former White House communications director promised the publicity Steele needed and provided a surface of seriousness to sell the story as a true piece of journalism….

      Rest at the link.


  19. “Amid calls to deter Russia militarily, NATO is consistently building up its forces near our borders. The German foreign minister must know quite well how such actions have ended for Germany and Europe previously,” he added

    … Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu commenting on recent NATO deployments near Russia’s border. Yes, the West has a short attention span and even worse memory.


  20. Still expecting a possible delivery of “Freedom Molecules”, Europe?

    Gas market
    25.10.2021, 00:00
    LNG transportation has doubled in price
    Gas rally boosts freight rates

    Freight rates for LNG transportation in October more than doubled compared to September, exceeding $200 thousand per day in the Pacific direction and approaching $140 thousand in the Atlantic. Analysts attribute the jump to high gas prices and a shortage of tankers. At the same time, there is a noticeable price gap in the rates for LNG transportation to Europe and Asia. This has been attributed to higher gas prices in Asia and China’s energy shortage, which makes the region more attractive and leads to increased demand for Pacific vessels.

    Freight rates for LNG tankers more than doubled in October. So, according to the Baltic Exchange, transportation of Australian LNG by tanker with a capacity of 180 thousand cubic metres to Tokyo, which cost $76 thousand per day in October 2020, cost $98 thousand per day on September 28 of this year, on October 5 — already $123 thousand, and on October 19 — $262 thousand per day.

    An increase in freight rates on the spot market is being observed when LNG is delivered not only to the ports of the Pacific Ocean, but also to those of the Atlantic Ocean.

    According to the price agency Spark Commodities, the daily freight rate of a tanker with a capacity of 160 thousand cubic meters for deliveries to the ports of the Pacific Ocean on October 19 was $202.5 thousand per day, to the ports of the Atlantic Ocean — $138.2 thousand per day, which, according to analysts, was the maximum since mid-January 2021.

    According to Vygon Consulting consultant Ivan Timonin, the significant price gap between freight rates for tankers operating on the Atlantic and Pacific routes is due to the situation on the gas market. Against the background of the shortage of energy resources in China, which is served by Pacific tankers, the value of the so-called Asian premium — the difference in the cost of natural gas in Asia and Europe —has significantly increased, the expert explains. Now, according to him, it is $5.7 per MBTU, and on some days it exceeded $10. “This makes the Asia-Pacific region a more attractive destination for gas suppliers, which in turn increases demand for Pacific tankers”, he says.


  21. Russia’s population fell by a million in last 12 months: https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2021/10/11/russia-records-record-12-month-population-decline-a75262

    This is by far the biggest decline since the 1990s.

    There are at least two reasons for what is happening. One is the corona crisis in Russia. About 1,000 Russian citizens die every day due to covid-19 virus.

    The other is that there are a record low number of young females that are in child bearing age in Russia.

    Russian population actually grew from 2009 to 2019 (a ten year period) but it started to fall last year, and now the fall has accelerated very fast.

    There is little that the Russian government can do about this. The only solution is to have Russian women to get more babies and by that way to increase the total fertility rate. But how to do this? Russia has been trying to increase the TFR for years but with little results. It seems that Russian women are just not interested in having babies.


        1. Below:

          The degree of variability of the overall birth rate by region remained in 2020 at approximately the same level as in previous years (inter-regional coefficient of variation TFR for 2020 – 0.19, in 2017-2019 it was at the level of 0.17). Among the federal districts, the most noticeable increase in the birth rate in Last year, it was recorded in the North Caucasus (average growth in the regions of the district was 1.57%) and in the Far East (1.18%), the most noticeable decline-in the North – West (-2.18%), Central (-1.76%) and Volga (-1.63%) districts. In the Southern, Ural, and Siberian districts, there are mid-regional variations.

          Russia Fertility Rate 1950-2021

          Bring back the good ol’ Yeltsin days, when the USA fixed his re-election and wrote his new constitution!


    1. The elderly are the most skeptical of the Sputnik vaccine, and many believe that it is a scheme to cheat them of their pensions. As a result they are dying in huge numbers. San Marino, which has 65% of the population vaccinated and 90% of those with Sputnik V barely had a Delta wave and things are more normal there. Russia is experiencing a surge on top of a surge, which means closures are going to be everywhere again.


        1. I’m not quite sure where this is going; ‘Edward Slavsquat’ is an obvious pseudonym, and the writer is that guy who also had a ridiculous pseudonym (at least I hope it was, and not his real name) when he was a deputy editor at Russia Insider, but I forget now what it was. Anyway, in that capacity he was very pro-Russian and a fierce critic (like Navalny) of the west. But if this is satire, I’m not seeing it, and Marko’s Anti-Empire (where Slavsquat regularly appears) has been on a real tear against Russia lately because it is apparently Oppression Central for vaccination mandates.

          Sputnik V might be perfectly safe and it might be effective, although so far spiraling ‘case numbers’ worldwide suggest anything but a pandemic under control, and so long as the public-health quacks are allowed to use the PCR ‘test’, and numbers are pure conjecture anyway – I think the bottom will fall out of the ‘pandemic’ after end-December, when the PCR ‘test’ must be abandoned as a diagnostic reference, which it never was, due to the high probability of false positives. But all of that is besiude the point where Russia is concerned; it will do little good to force people to get a vaccine which will protect them to what degree we don’t know against a virus that hardly kills anyone anyway, and those mostly the elderly the way flu did before it ‘disappeared’, when that vaccine is not accepted for international travel. And the United States is working hard to ensure it never will be.

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  22. Asia Times: Biden’s Taiwan defense gaffe tempered by realities

    Gas trade deal helps Beijing keep its cool as State Department back-pedals US Presidential bravado

    by MK Bhadrakumar

    …Ironically, even as Biden spoke on Friday, news appeared that a Chinese-Russian joint naval flotilla was displaying “freedom of navigation” by making a circle around Japan and sailing toward the US Navy base in Yokosuka, headquarters of the US Seventh Fleet, from which the US has been making provocative moves in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea.

    There is a taunting message here to the US and Japan, as many key military installations are located on the east side of Japan.

    A Russian Defense Ministry statement said, “The tasks of the joint patrolling were to demonstrate the state flags of Russia and China, maintain peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and also protect facilities of both countries’ maritime economic activity. During the patrol, the group of warships passed through the Tsugaru Strait [to the Western Pacific] for the first time.” ..

    Plenty more at the link.

    I guess that in-part answers a question I posed earlier as to whether Russia & China would start active military deployments much closer to the US and allies in response to continued US & co’s attempted military containment of Moscow & Beijing. I assume such military trips will continue and will ramp up and ramp down depending on how bellicose and what action the usual suspects are saying and conducting. the media will love it: US v. Them. The ‘good old days’ of a Cold War when we knew who was the enemy.


  23. Kramp-Karrenbauer is back again.

    Euractiv : Germans clash over nuclear deterrence against Russia

    German caretaker defence minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that Moscow should be aware NATO is ready to make use of its nuclear deterrent in case of a Russian attack against a member of the Alliance, triggering strong reactions in Germany.

    “We have to make it very clear to Russia that in the end – and that is also the deterrent doctrine – we are prepared to use such means so that it has a deterrent effect beforehand and no one gets the idea, for example, the areas over the Baltic States or in the Black Sea to attack NATO partners,” she told Dlf in an interview.

    “That is the core idea of NATO, this alliance, and it will be adapted to the current behaviour of Russia. In particular, we see violations of the airspace over the Baltic states, but also increasing attacks around the Black Sea,” she added. …

    The headline is of course (and yet again) misleading as the adoption of tabloid excess has become the default in the whole PPNN & CJM.

    There has been little or no debate that I have seen about Germany and nukes other than nothing changes though as the article notes later and as I remember there was talk about not having them any more that went nowhere while the SPD was in a coalition with the CDU-CSU

    Yet again, why now? Is this the usual ‘I can’t say this in my job normally but as I’m soon leaving I’m letting it all out?’ much like former UN Secertary-Generals are much more critical and vocal as they come to the end of their final terms?


    1. Even more odd is why German Eurofighters are not getting B61-12 ‘dial-a-yield’ integration. I don’t even thing the British or any other operator is paying for it, though if you’ve bought the F-35 it is already set to be integrated (like the UK).

      I don’t remember Kramp-Karrenbauer piping up at the time demanding integration and offering to pay for it. Germany won’t buy the F-35 of any flavor but may apparently buy the Boing F-18 which also does not have nuke integration.


      1. I have a feeling that when it comes to nukes, the Americans prefer that they be landbased so that they have an excuse to station an American detachment to mind them, Then they have their own little American base wherever it may be. I suppose they could still do the same in the case of dial-a-yield airborne nukes, but then they would lose control over them when they were in the air, unless an American airman went along as a back-seater. like they did with Iranian pilots in Project Dark Gene.



    2. Oh fuck!

      That means Russia will just have to put its invasion plans for the Baltic States and the Ukraine on the back burner, not to mention the rest of Eastern, Central and Western Europe.

      Drat! And I was so looking forward to seeing Russian tanks rolling along Unter den Linden in Berlin again.


    3. What a crock. Like the old zombie-killer meme, NATO orders Russia not to launch an attack against the Baltic states, and it doesn’t launch an attack against the Baltic states. Ipso-facto, Russia is intimidated by NATO’s power and does as it is told by NATO so long as the power of the military alliance deters it from the aggression – it is inferred – it was dying to let loose. Tune in tomorrow, when NATO orders the leaves to fall from deciduous trees, and they do as ordered. Mighty., mighty NATO.

      Germany’s puny nuclear capability, if exercised in a strike against Russia, would be met by a hammerblow counterstrike that would crush it like a walnut, with practically no warning time to prepare the public. Kramp-Kramperton should think about that – how a gesture to order Russia to come to heel would result in the complete eradication of the German people from the earth, all for a brave show of force to please Washington.

      Russia is not in the least interested in attacking crumbling Europe, which is falling apart in a soup of its own wokeness. But the pretense continues that NATO is some sort of bastion of protection.


  24. The Americans are sending more useless Javlin ATGW to the Ukraine. What were the Nuland talks about again? It looks like the US is milking ‘one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing’ bs to the max considering General Austin’s recent trips and comments. No doubt that this is the usual escalate to scare the opposing side in to a deal that suits us schtick. Too little, too late. As usual. Which yet again makes you wonder what is the point, sic placating the domestic audience first while not doing very much despite all the loud words. Do they think their own people are stupid? Probably.


    1. Ah yes; remember when Ukie armchair warriors and cerebral nationalist analysts like Rutgers prof Alexander Motyl forecast that if Ukraine could just get some Javelins, then you would see the fur fly and the Moskali run for their lives. It was, like, the Dirty Harry 44 Magnum of anti-tank missiles, and the battalions of Moskal active-duty tank troops in Ukraine would be shredded like tissue paper once they had that American silver bullet.

      Well, they got the Javelins, and quick as a flash…fuck-all changed. So new excuses had to be invented.


  25. Hohlstein demands. Quickly!

    The State Department has stated that Russia is the only gas supplier now able to help Europe

    The State Department says the Russian Federation is the only gas supplier that is now capable of significantly helping Europe to overcome the energy crisis.

    “I have no doubt, and this has been confirmed by the IEA (International Energy Agency), that Russia is the only supplier currently capable of having a major impact on European energy security this winter They (the Russians) can increase supplies. They should do it. They should do it quickly They (the Russians) should supply (gas) through the existing pipelines”,said Amos Hochstein, senior adviser to the US State Department.

    At the same time, he expressed the opinion that Moscow should use already existing gas pipelines for such supplies, and not Nord Stream 2, which is being prepared for operation.


    Amos Hohlstein?

    Amos Hohlstein wearing a Ukrainian vyshyvanka.

    What, no “Freedom Molecules” to lend a helping hand?

    Oy vey!


      1. It is too. I checked it. But I transliterated from the Russian blog, which reads:

        Хохлштейн требует. Быстро!

        And that headline I took to be “Hohlstein” in the Latin alphabet.

        Problem is that Cyrillic “x”, which is sometimes pronounced as /kh/ or aspirated in southern Russia and in the Ukraine.

        Google translate for Хохлштейн требует. Быстро! gives “Hohlstein demands. Quickly!” as does “DeeepL Translator”.


        1. I didn’t link the Russian blog on Amos Hochstein:

          Хохлштейн требует. Быстро!

          And again, Хохлштейн would sound more like “Khokhlshteyn” when pronounced by a Muscovite or “Hohlsteyn” by a Ukrainian or someone from, say, Voronezh in Russia.

          On machine translators, Amos Hochstein is given as Амос Хохштейн and in any case, the Russian blogger got his name wrong, adding an “L” to the middle of his name.


          1. Furthermore, the blogger transliterates his name correctly further into the blog as Эймос Хохштейн.

            No “L” in the middle as in at the beginning of the blog, thus: Хохлштейн


  26. Here is the Vyshyvanka Boy again, quoted this time in VZGLYAD:

    The US government can do little to help European countries reduce gas prices, and Washington cannot order companies whom to supply energy to, Amos Hochstein, a senior adviser on energy security at the US State Department, said at an online briefing for foreign journalists.

    “I think the United States is sending significant volumes of liquefied natural gas to the market. The American government does not give instructions to our companies on who to sell to”, he said when asked whether the United States can help overcome the energy crisis in Europe by supplying LNG, reports TASS.

    He added that “from this point of view, the US government can still do a lot that has not yet been done. he United States is already significant, one of the largest exporters to world markets and retains a fairly significant share of the world market”.

    And VZGLYAD spells “Hochstein” in Cyrillic as Хокстин, which reflects better the American way of pronouncing ever-so-helpful Amos’s surname, namely as “Hoksteen”.


    1. More mealy-mouthed justifications for American energy companies being motivated by profits rather than the high-minded principles their politicians extol when ‘standing shoulder to shoulder’ with their allies. It sounds stirring in speeches, but in reality American energy companies would tell their leaders to pound sand if they suggested sending LNG cargoes to Europe rather than to Asia where they will command much higher prices. It’s convenient to blame Russia for the continent’s problems, an d the USA will be right back to tearing Russia a new asshole as soon as LNG prices drop and America wants to sell to Europe again. And it will all go right over Europe’s head, because they are actually quite dimwitted and the notion of European intellectual superiority does not have much credibility outside Europe.


    1. That’s good, that. American resistance seems only to be gathering steam, unlike the spineless Canadians who are sleepwalking into dictatorship as long as they get to one-up the anti-vaxxers with their spiffy QR codes. The BC ‘vaccine pass’ has already become redundant, as Trudeau is in the process of rolling out a federal vaccine passport (which just shows you how long it is expected to remain in effect, since you will have to get annual booster shots to keep it current) which will make it illegal for the unvaccinated to travel outside their own province, eat in a restaurant or attend a live sports event in an arena. Lepers, we are.

      And so we have finally gotten our own propiska system, which was the subject of much snickering and finger-pointing when it was the Soviet Union who had it.


      1. Every second person in Glasgow seems to be wearing a “mask exempt” lanyard or large badge (button) and there’s a general weariness of it all.


        1. Oh, Canadians are weary of it, too. But the government has a major push on, insisting that even though a significant majority of the population is fully vaccinated (in BC it is now 83%, with 89% having had a first shot, thanks to an aggressive clampdown of vaccine mandates and go-for-broke firings of everyone who will not comply), everyone must still wear a mask indoors, and has enjoyed considerable success in blaming it all on the unvaccinated. They’re just conducting mop-up operations now, cleaning up pockets of resistance before end-December, when they must stop using the PCR test, and at which point ‘the tide will turn’. Then any ADE autoimmune disorders which appear from vaccine damage will be blamed on the flu, which is probably why the west is warning of a bad year for a re-energized influenza.

          Of course Trudeau’s stormtroopers (and other governments) are not going to the trouble of setting up massive infrastructure and administration to coordinate the International Vaccine Passport just to let it run for a few months until ‘the pandemic is manageable’ – nope, that’s here to stay. And of course they are not going to recognize natural immunity. Why not? Well, they’ve already let that slip, weeks ago; it’s ‘too hard to track’. You can’t quantify what level of antibody resistance a naturally-immune person has. But it is easy as rolling off a log to send a reminder to Citizen X that he had his last COVID shot in November, and must get a new booster before the end of June or his vaccine passport will be invalid, and he won’t be able to enjoy the ‘freedoms’ his fellow vaccinated brethren do; he is at risk of becoming an unperson. Because all that shit is in a searchable database.

          People in the west used to shake their heads in pity for the citizens of the Soviet Union – and, later, Russia – because they needed a passport to travel in their own country. Jesus, that isn’t freedom!

          But on reflection, there were things about it that they liked, just like not all of Uncle Adolf’s ideas were bad.


          1. In the land of the free, any company with 100+ employees must require employees to be vaccinated or be terminated. The feds use a backdoor trick – saying that unvaccinated employees create an unsafe workplace subject to OSHA fines. To avoid said massive fines, all unvaccinated employees must be terminated. I wonder if those employees would be eligible to collect unemployment benefits (perhaps not).

            Not sure where the 100 employee threshold came from but presumably it will be reduced once we acquiesce to that threshold. I suppose that the ultimate objective is to require vaccination to have a job.

            If the OSHA trick is extended, any group of people could be construed as representing an unsafe environment and subject to legal actions to “protect us”. Stores, theaters, restaurants, etc. would fall in that category. I suppose that the family is at risk from scrutiny by Protective Services – must save the children!


        2. And that bastard Sobyanin here has piled on the pressure:

          October 19, 2021
          Decree of the Mayor of Moscow of October 19, 2021 No. 61-DM “On Amendments to the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow of June 8, 2020 No. 68-DM”

          [№ 68-DM: Mayoral Decree № 68 — ME]

          1. To introduce amendments to Decree No. 68-DM of the Mayor of Moscow of June 8, 2020 “On the stages of removing restrictions imposed in connection with the introduction of a high readiness regime” (as amended by Decrees No. 74-DM of the Mayor of Moscow of June 22, 2020, No. 77-DM of July 9, 2020, No. 89-DM of September 3, 2020 and No. 94-DM of September 29, 2020. No. 89 -DM, September 25, 2020 No. 92-DM, September 29, 2020 No. 93-DM, September 29, 2020 No. 94-DM, October 1, 2020 No. 96-DM, October 6, 2020 No. 97-DM, October 14, 2020 No. 100-DM, October 15, 2020 No. 101-DM, October 28, 2020 No. 103-DM, November 5, 2020 No. 106-DM, November 10, 2020 No. 107-DM, November 13, 2020 No. 109-DM, November 17, 2020 No. 110-DM, November 26, 2020 No. 114-DM, December 2, 2020 No. 116-DM, December 29, 2020 No. 127-DM, January 14, 2021 No. 1-DM, January 21, 2021 No. 3-DM, January 27, 2021 No. 5-DM, February 5, 2021 No. 7-DM, March 5, 2021 No. 13-DM, June 12, 2021 No. 29-DM, June 16, 2021 No. 32-DM, June 18, 2021 No. 33-DM, June 22, 2021 No. 35-DM, June 24, 2021 No. 37-DM, June 25, 2021 No. 38-DM, July 8, 2021 No. 40-DM, July 16, 2021 No. 42-DM, July 30, 2021 No. 45-DM, August 13, 2021 No. 51-DM):

          1.1. Add paragraphs 37-39 to the Decree as follows::

          “37. To establish that from October 25, 2021 to February 25, 2022 inclusive, it is necessary for citizens over the age of 60, as well as citizens with diseases, the list of which is determined by the Moscow City Health Department, not to leave their place of residence (or stay), including residential and garden houses [“dachas” — M|E], except for the following cases:

          – requests for medical assistance and cases of other direct threats to life and health;

          – going to the place (or from the place) of activity (including work), except for citizens transferred to remote work, being on vacation, in relation to whom sick leave has been issued;

          – travelling to the nearest place for the purchasing of goods, works and services, for the purpose of walking pets, taking out waste to the nearest place of accumulation of waste, walking and engaging in physical culture and sports.

          The restrictions set out in this paragraph do not apply to citizens who have had a coronavirus infection and no more than 6 calendar months have passed since the date of their recovery, and citizens who have received the second component of the vaccine or a single – component vaccine against coronavirus infection that has passed state registration in the Russian Federation, provided that information about their vaccination or that they have had a coronavirus infection is contained in the EMIAS [Unified Medical Information and Analytical System — ME] or EGISZ [State Information Systems in the Field of Healthcare of the Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation — ME] (hereinafter referred to as citizens who have had a coronavirus infection or received a vaccine).

          The citizens referred to in this paragraph have the right to issue a disability certificate in the cases, procedure and terms established by the authorized federal government body.

          In short, I am forbidden to travel.

          I wanted to head off to the country this morning: “No way!” says Mrs. Exile: they’re checking out old fogeys on public transport, she says.

          Sobyanin is a decree issuing tosser!

          He’s a bureaucratic cnut as well.


          1. October 25, 2021
            Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 1006n dated 22.10.2021 “On approval of the form of medical documentation” Certificate of preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or medical contraindications to vaccination and (or) a previous illness caused by a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and the “procedure for its management”.

            Registered on 25.10.2021 # 65563

            Published on the official Internet portal of legal information on 25.10.2021.

            Comes into force on November 8, 2021, with the exception of subitem 4 of item 4 of Appendix No. 2 to this order, which comes into force on March 1, 2022.

            In accordance with item 11 of Part 2 of Article 14 of Federal Law No. 323-FZ of November 21, 2011 “On the Protection of Citizens’ Health in the Russian Federation “(Sobranie zakonodatelstva Rossiyskoy Federatsii, 2011, No. 48, Article 6724; 2017, No. 31, Article 4791), item 2 of Article 17 of Federal Law No. 157-FZ of September 17, 1998 “On Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases” (Sobranie Zakonodatelstva Rossiyskoy Federatsii, 1998, No. 38, Article 4736; 2013, No. 48, art. 6165) and subitems 5.2.96 and 5.2.199 of item 5 of the Regulations on the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, approved by Government Resolution No. 608 of June 19, 2012 (Sobranie zakonodatelstva Rossiyskoy Federatsii, 2012, No. 26, Article 3526; 2017, No. 52, Article 8131), I order you to:

            1. Approve:

            form of medical documentation “Certificate of preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or medical contraindications to vaccination and (or) a previous illness caused by a new coronavirus infection( COVID-19)” according to Appendix No. 1;

            procedure for maintaining the medical documentation form “Certificate of preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or medical contraindications to vaccination and (or) a previous illness caused by a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” according to Appendix No. 2.

            2. Certificates containing information about preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and (or) a previous illness caused by a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), formed before the entry into force of this order, are subject to reissue automatically through the Unified Portal of state and Municipal Services (functions) no later than March 1, 2022.

            3. This order comes into force on November 8, 2021, with the exception of subitem 4 of item 4 of Appendix No. 2 to this order, which comes into force on March 1, 2022.

            Minister M. A. Murashko

            1. The medical documentation form “Certificate of preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or medical contraindications to vaccination and / or a previous illness caused by a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” (hereinafter referred to as the certificate) contains information about preventive vaccinations against a new coronavirus infection (COVID – 19) or medical contraindications to vaccination against a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and / or a previous illness caused by a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)….

            Blah, blah, blah with an extra portion of fucking blah.


            1. Bollocks to their vaccination!

              Officially vaccinated people get COVID more often and more severely. Why is everyone being injected forcibly?
              October 26 2021, 13:53

              In the photo above, the notice reads:


              Please register yourself so as to receive information about potential contacts with those who have fallen ill with COVID-19. It is easy to do:

              In Russia, 36,446 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected in a day, according to the Moscow anti-infection task force. The day before, on October 25, there were 37,930 new cases of coronavirus infection.

              In Moscow, the coronavirus was detected in 6,074 people (7,778 the day before). In Moscow suburbs 2,930 new patients with coronavirus were detected and in St. Petersburg – 2,735. Next come the Samara (+1,278) and Nizhny Novgorod (+762) regions. The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic in Russia has reached 8,316,019.

              During the day 1,106 people died in Russia with COVID-19. This is the maximum for the pandemic.

              Eighty-six patients died in Moscow, 72 died in St. Petersburg, and 38 died in the Moscow region. Since the beginning of the pandemic a total of 232,775 COVID patients have died.

              According to official data from Israel, Iceland, Great Britain and other countries, those vaccinated against COVID-19 fall ill more often and more severely than the unvaccinated, but the authorities continue to force everyone to vaccinate, Sergei Kurginyan, leader of the “The Essence of Time” movement, said live on air of the author’s programme “The Meaning of the Game” on the YouTube platform.

              Kurginyan in the “Independent” cited a statement by Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, who is a very big figure in the vaccine transformation of the world. Speaking to a British cross-party parliamentary group on coronavirus, he acknowledged that increasing evidence is showing that vaccinated people can also be infected with the Delta strain, that it is increasingly unlikely that collective immunity to coronavirus will be achieved, meaning that the virus will circulate amongst humans.

              With respect to the coronavirus, we are clear that this strain, the Delta strain, will continue to infect people. And that means that anyone who is not already vaccinated will encounter the virus at some point. In this situation, collective immunity is not possible. That’s an even bigger reason not to create a vaccination programme around it

              Pollard said.

              The political analyst went on to cite an article in the “Times of Israel” of August 8 of this year, which in its turn cited Channel 12 News, which, using data from the Israeli Ministry of Health, reported that 14 Israelis had been infected with COVID-19 one week after revaccination or a third vaccination.

              Are we going to leave out the information from Iceland, too, even though it is completely official? On August 3, 2021, Torell Gudnesson, chief medical officer for Iceland, gives a press conference on the epidemiological situation in Iceland. How much more official could this have been? Gudnesson reports that in Iceland, where the vaccination rate is 71% as of this date, and amongst those over 40 years old, it has exceeded 85%… new anti-epidemic restrictions may have to be introduced, because COVID incidence is growing at an alarming rate and the hospital network will be overwhelmed. At the same time, Iceland’s chief medical officer admits that most of those sick and over 50% of those hospitalized are vaccinated citizens

              Kurginyan cites.

              Similar information came from Israel on the same day. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennet said during a meeting with leaders of the ruling coalition on August 3 that the number of cases of COVID infection was growing rapidly and that the quarantine had to be tightened down again. This is despite the “victorious vaccination” in Israel, which is being held up as an example to the “ignorant” residents of Russia.

              On August 1, the CBS TV programme “Face the Nation” reported that the head of health services in Israel, Sharon Elroy-Price, had said that about 50% of those infected with the new coronavirus in the country had been fully vaccinated people. At the same time, it was previously believed that fully vaccinated people were protected. However, there were more severe cases of coronavirus in Israel amongst vaccinated populations of almost all ages, except the young population. However, there were many more vaccinated than unvaccinated young people who were infected.

              This is information that cannot be withheld, that is objective, that is not chatter about demons being in vaccines, that is not a recommendation to drink a solution of table salt and not to vaccinate. Information that cannot be withheld and that is objective will be absorbed and comprehended by people who retain the ability to comprehend, and there are many more! And what is our home officialdom going to do with it, as well as officialdom in Western countries, where there is even more of this information and it is more accessible?

              Kurginyan stated.

              According to him, any talk about antibodies and other stuff in support of vaccination would look ridiculous in the face of this information, and thinking people, presented with the above statistics, would say that either the powers-that-be want them killed off or certain parties want to enrich themselves at the expense of the health of the general public. Whatever in both cases this is a crime.

              So fuck the “jab”!

              And what a childish, baby-talk phrase “have a jab” is!

              Just a ‘ickle teensy-weensy jab in your arm, diddums! It won’t hurt — much!


              1. Are you ready for your ‘fact-check’ which ‘debunks’ all of Kurginyan’s allegations? It’s the first thing that comes up – thanks to ranking algorithms – if you search for “Iceland most new cases fully vaccinated”.


                Although the ‘fact-checkers’ concede that all the numbers and percentages match official and unbiased sources…it’s not proof!! Why not? Well, because it isn’t!

                “However, although the statistics are accurate, the rates are not proof that the vaccines are ineffective at countering symptomatic disease and in a country with high vaccine uptake, a higher positive case rate among those vaccinated versus unvaccinated is expected.”

                Well, there you go, then – your argument is blown to dust. In a country where most people are vaccinated, it is only reasonable that a high number will get sick. Not proof that the vaccines are not effective, at all. Not proof.

                This is similar to the ‘debunking’ of figures released by the VAERS database and other mortality-tracking government tools – those figures are ‘not proof’ that the dead died from a vaccine-related cause. It could have been something else.

                The stubborn stupidity of this argument is quite wondrous to behold. The ‘fact-checkers’ and their employers rely on a variety of devices to muddy the waters and insist that a high number of fully-vaccinated people getting COVID is not absolute proof that the vaccines are ineffective, when the questions that must be asked and answered are do they work as the manufacturers advertised they would – preventing hospitalization and death – and do their benefits outweigh their risks?


          2. But Russia recognizes natural immunity, albeit only for six months from date of recovery.

            How do they know natural immunity only lasts six months? If you have natural immunity – although in the case of a shifting, mutating virus like influenza, it should more likely be called ‘resistance’ than ‘immunity’ – to the flu, it presumably endures for life; a snippet of what you had is stored in T cells for comparison with future infections, so the body can mount a defense using what worked last time, and a successful defense is also stored, or that is my understanding. Several recent studies have suggested natural immunity is both superior to and more enduring than that achieved through vaccination, which seems to generate teeming masses of antibodies for about as long as it takes for the cheering to subside. A decision that natural immunity has expired in six months is arbitrary and not backed by anything, except perhaps the eternal and perfidious ‘modeling’ that now passes for science.

            Here’s another – the best performance the miracle vaccines promise is that you will be much less likely to be hospitalized or die from coronavirus. It is broadly and openly acknowledged now that it does not offer immunity, and that you can still catch the virus and if you do, carry a viral load which is similar in intensity to that of someone who is unvaccinated. There is therefore no benefit of vaccination over natural immunity, which offers the same. You can still become infected, but you will not likely be very sick, and the overwhelming majority of the affected are not hospitalized and do not die. The quibble seems to be how long natural immunity endures, so the most magnanimous of world leaders – ear-whispered by their public-health Wormtongues – award it six months; weaker than vaccination.

            The latest ‘inducement’ in Kanada is the open attempt by the government to disqualify those who are fired from their jobs, for refusal to be vaccinated, from claiming any unemployment benefits.


            Benefits, I probably don’t have to point out, that working people pay into their whole lives as part of the automatic deductions from their paycheck, while never drawing a dime of those benefits their whole lives. In my case, I collected 2 months of Employment Insurance (EI) over the coronavirus layoffs imposed during The Great Taking-Leave-Of-Senses last year…after paying into Kanada’s unemployment-insurance system for nearly as long as Carla Qualtrough has been alive.

            All goes to validate the controversial findings of the Stanford Experiment, I suppose – if you give most any of the ordinary people power over you, there’s something in them that cannot resist putting the boot in, and rejoicing at your misery.


        3. An old ratbag of a cashier told me to put a mask on yesyterday when I was checking out of the local supermarket. I said to her: “What for? It’s sheer idiocy!”

          She insisted.

          I continued, telling her that a piece of paper covering your mouth and nose is no protection against viral infection.

          The old hag never let off though.

          I always have a few brand new masks in my bag (I walk around with a man-bag, big soft poofter that I have become here, far far away from “stiff upper lip” England), but I always have special masks for such times when dealing with old harridans.

          So I pulled out the vilest, dirtiest, snot smeared mask in my possession, and meticulously attached it to my lug holes.

          She looked at me as if I were a nutter.

          She might be right: I might well be.


          1. “Small victories, Godber. Small victories.”

            (Standard final line – roughly equivalent to “we showed ‘em” – in a successful prisoners’ scheme in the BBC sitcom “Porridge”)


  27. Washington seems to be preparing to exit from Saudi Arabia:


    A former Saudi intelligence official turned regime critic claims that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is trying to kill him due to secrets in his possession, describing the ruler as a “psychopath with no empathy” on CBS.

    Saad Aljabri, a former Saudi minister of state and close aide of ex-crown prince and intelligence boss Mohammed bin Nayef, has been in exile since 2017. He has repeatedly alleged that Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) is plotting to kill him. Aljabri fled Saudi Arabia for Canada after MBS ousted bin Nayef from his position.

    Now, in a particularly explosive interview with CBS’ ‘60 Minutes’ show, Aljabri stepped up his claims against the Saudi kingdom’s de facto ruler. The show introduces Aljabri as having once been “among the best friends America had against terrorism.”

    Saudi Arabia and Iran have been moving toward some sort of accommodation with the murder of Qassem Soleimani being an effort by the US to thwart further progress,. The Afghan debacle likely increased the ongoing loss of US credibility (Syria being the most visible example) thus energizing a change in direction for Saudi Arabia.

    The US is showing signs of abandoning the Middle East inch by inch. The US will be out of Syria in a few years (at most). Europe still has its whores fawning over the US but Europe’s role in will continue a slide into irrelevance. AUKUS + Japan is a short-lived joke. All according to plan hahahahaha…

    Have not given up on the US population – there is growing anger over the direction this country is taking.


    1. In support of the above conjecture:


      The proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran, whether in Lebanon or Yemen, could come to an end in the face of a possible reconciliation between the two rival states. This would have far-reaching positive consequences for the entire region, one which is usually more likely to make headlines with war. But this won’t be thanks to the UN, the US, or the EU, despite their multiple special envoys to the Middle East. It is the regional powers that are taking matters into their own hands, with their latest meeting having taken place in Baghdad in late September.

      Successful diplomacy requires discretion. Relatively unnoticed by the daily press, intermediaries and delegates create new options. Russian diplomacy, which has excellent contacts with all parties, also plays a role here, because their interests converge. China is also a partner at the table. There are similarities with both its major energy supplier Saudi Arabia and Iran, with whom China wants to work closely over a 50-year period as part of a comprehensive strategic partnership.


      1. I find that hard to believe. There are still massive arms contracts to be fulfilled and new ones to be signed.

        What I think is ocurring is that Washington wants Riyadh to stop its genocidal war in Yemen because it makes the Democrats look bad. Riyadh doesn’t like being told what to do even if it is for its own good (sic, it’s burining through money, doesn’t have troops, its mercenaries are nowehere good/enough and there’s its fight with Qatar who is also involved).

        The US did nothing over Jamal Khashoggi’s murder and will do nothing over this guy. It’s embarassment, not much more in my opinion.

        So far KSA has made smallish purchases of Russan military equipment, just enough to signal Washington that ‘other sellers are available.’


        1. Time will tell but a shaky US dollar may in the cards meaning that the KSA needs to start looking out for its own financial interest. If the US starts talking about a genocidal war in Yemen, it’s only as means to put pressure on KSA. Having the US as a key ally does not look so good given Syria and Afghanistan. With Iran now getting support from China, KSA needs to look at the long game which includes making nice with Iran. I don’t know how Israel fits into a partial US withdrawal from the Middle East.



    Kosovo has challenged Russia
    Tuesday, October 26 | Last updated at 07: 44


    The authorities of Kosovo (a partially recognized quasi-state that was separated from Serbia after NATO aggression) have decided that they, too, are a Western state and can join the general game of “expelling Russian diplomats”. Pristina did not have the right to do this, and it does not exist, which Kosovars are not interested in – they have never respected the law. How much closer will this bring the Balkans to a new war?


    1. Mmmmm….that is disappointing. And of course the neoconservatives have again become interested in Kosovo, and have set up a quacking that it must be allowed to join NATO. The NATO appetite for absorbing poor countries which will promptly borrow a lot of money and enslave their populations continues unabated, apparently, and it is tempting to encourage them, considering all the aforementioned countries are likely to remain poor, so that they (a) will not be able to even pay back the borrowed money, (b) will not see it translated to prosperity which might attract investors, and (c) will become a net drain on the west’s finances.

      But let’s say we don’t want that to happen. Might something be done economically? What can you tell us, Magic Economics 8-Ball?

      Again, mmmmm…. Kosovo has run a trade deficit for at least the last decade (run your viewing period out to ten years, if it does not appear that way), and its balance of trade looks like Marilyn Manson’s CAT scan.


      The last few years have seen the dive steepen until the rivets in the wings hum.

      Oooo….look. Its primary trade partner by a significant margin is…Serbia.


      Also, a big investor in Serbia is China. This is to the immense chagrin of the United States and the EU, who figure Serbia should be more grateful that the west gives it money, and label Chinese development partnership as cancerous and counterproductive.


      But China has conspicuously avoided Kosovo in its Balkan investments strategy, and does not recognize its independence.


      So I daresay one day soon Kosovo will wake to find itself encircled by unfriendly neighbours, in whose economic interests it does not appear significant, and among whom it is unable to interest partners. It’s okay to have a big mouth, just as long as you can back it up.


    2. It’s the same ‘independent’ Kosovo* which Albanian PM Edi Rama has very recently declared its ‘citizens’ can use Albanian embassies around the world. While Pristina still refuses to fulfill the basic 2008 conditions the west gave it including the creation of self-administering Serb communities, the west is still encouraging both Albania and Kosovo* to join the EU.

      Clearly Brussels is not too bothered about Greater/extended natural Albania even though no-one in the region wants it. They may be saying something else behind closed doors but that only encourages the hamsters like bright sparks Dua Lipa & Rita Ora publicly supporting greater Albania not so long ago (on social media) and receiving quite a bit of bad publicity and disappointment from fans in response.


      1. Serbia and the independence of Kosovo
        24.10.2021, 22:06
        Kosovo declares war on Russian influence in the Balkans
        Two Russian diplomats expelled from Pristina

        Russia has been drawn into the stand-off between Kosovo and Serbia. The Kosovo authorities declared persona non grata two Russian diplomats from the Kosovo Office of the Russian Embassy in Serbia, explaining that their decision was “to fight the harmful influence of Russia and its satellites in the region”. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the actions of Pristina a provocation and said that they do not “entail consequences for the legal status of Russian diplomatic employees”. Nevertheless, both diplomats left the territory of Kosovo on Saturday. With more details — Kommersant’s correspondent in the Balkans, Gennady Sysoev.

        The declaration of persona non grata for two Russian diplomats from the Pristina Office of the Russian Embassy in Serbia was announced last Friday personally by the President of Kosovo, Viosa Osmani. Explaining this decision as a result of “actions aimed at undermining the national security and constitutional order of Kosovo”, the head of Kosovo made it clear that the decision had been made with the agreement of Pristina’s Western partners. “The Kosovo authorities are fighting the malicious influence of Russia and its satellites in the region, whose goal is to undermine our achievements, as well as those of the United States, NATO and the EU. Therefore, we shall continue to work with our American and European allies to prevent the region from becoming prey to Russia’s destructive ambitions”, Viosa Osmani said.

        When its diplomats are declared persona non grata, Russia usually responds symmetrically. However, this was not possible in this case, since Moscow does not recognize the independence of Kosovo and there are no Kosovo representatives in Russia. On the same day, the Russian Embassy in Serbia responded to the Kosovo authorities: “We do not recognize the independence of Kosovo, no decisions of Pristina have any legal force for us”.

        On Saturday evening, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova outlined Moscow’s position in more detail: “The attack of the administration in Pristina does not entail consequences for the legal status of the mentioned Russian diplomatic employees”. According to her, the diplomats are accredited to the UN Mission in Kosovo and “have nothing to do with the structures of this self-proclaimed ‘state'”.

        Meanwhile, on the same day, a number of Kosovo media outlets reported that Russian diplomats Denis Vengersky and Alexey Krivosheev, who had been declared persona non grata, had left the territory of Kosovo on Saturday. The message was accompanied by several photos of the diplomats: one of them putting things into the boot of a car, the second — the car crossing the Kosovo-Serbian border. According to Kosovar media, Alexey Krivosheev was also expelled from Albania in January, and before that he worked at the Russian Embassy in Skopje (North Macedonia), where he allegedly interacted with opponents of the current pro-Western Prime Minister Zoran Zaev.

        Moreover, some regional experts regarded the departure of Russian diplomats from Pristina at the request of the Kosovo authorities almost as a sign of Moscow’s recognition of Kosovo.

        Late on Saturday, Maria Zakharova in her Telegram channel condemned the “disinformation stuffing”, regarding it as a “new provocation” and rejecting “any insinuations about the alleged change in the Russian position on its non-recognition of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”. At the same time, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that both Russian diplomats had left Kosovo.

        The current diplomatic conflict between Pristina and Moscow is not the first of its kind. In May 2019, the Kosovo Foreign Ministry, on the personal instructions of then Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, declared Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, a Russian diplomat from the UN mission in Kosovo, persona non grata. Prior to that, the diplomat had been arrested by Kosovo special forces during a police operation in northern Kosovo:the police accused him of standing on a barricade built by local Serbs, hindering the operation to combat organized crime. And Ramush Haradinay directly called the Russian diplomat “a spy disguised as a UN employee”.

        Then the Russian Foreign Ministry threatened Pristina, stating that “This precedent will have far-reaching consequences”. So the current story of the de facto expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Kosovo may well continue.

        President of Kosovo Viosa Osmani

        Yeah, Albanians were loyal vassals to the Ottomans, even becoming Muslim, so the Turks must have felt most welcome in that Balkan part of their Ottoman Empire and clearly mixed well with the locals.

        She fevvers a circus Gypsy fortune teller.

        I’m always wary of Albanians. Have been ever since I found out that “”Mother Theresa” was an Albanian.


        1. “The Kosovo authorities are fighting the malicious influence of Russia and its satellites in the region, whose goal is to undermine our achievements, as well as those of the United States, NATO and the EU. Therefore, we shall continue to work with our American and European allies to prevent the region from becoming prey to Russia’s destructive ambitions”.

          Uhhh….what achievements would those be?


  29. ////copied from the Times
    //// is this a sign we in the Uk don’t have enough energy?

    Boris Johnson phone call to Putin hints at a thaw

    There has been tension between the UK and Russia but a phone call beween Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson offers hope of progress
    George Grylls, Political Reporter | Oliver Wright, Policy Editor
    Tuesday October 26 2021, 12.01am, The Times

    Boris Johnson has hinted at a thaw in relations with Russia after his first phone call with Vladimir Putin in a year and a half.
    The prime minister is understood to want to “regularise contact” with Moscow despite concerns about issues including the annexation of Crimea and the Salisbury poisonings of 2018.
    The two leaders spoke about their shared priorities in a phone call yesterday before the Cop26 conference. Putin will not attend the gathering of world leaders next week.

    He has long been dismissive of the threat of climate change, but blamed his decision not to travel to Glasgow on the coronavirus situation in Russia, where record infection rates have resulted in a strict lockdown.
    Putin’s snub comes at a time of strained UK-Russian relations. In August, Britain imposed sanctions on Russian intelligence officers allegedly responsible for the attempted assassination of Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition figure.

    A few weeks later, the Kremlin expelled Sarah Rainsford, a BBC correspondent in Moscow, after her report from Belarus angered supporters of Alexander Lukashenko, an ally of Putin.
    Last month, Britain named the third suspect in the Salisbury poisonings — in which Sergei Skripal, a former Russian agent, his daughter and a police officer became ill and a local woman, Dawn Sturgess, died — as Denis Sergeev, a senior agent in Russian intelligence, prompting scorn from the Kremlin.
    The prime minister said that the relationship with Moscow was “not the one we want” and said there were “significant bilateral issues”. However, he said the two countries had a responsibility to work together because of their “long, shared history”, and the two leaders made tentative progress in a number of areas including the Iran nuclear deal.
    A government source said that Johnson wanted to “regularise contact” with Putin to make further progress. “This is about pragmatic, sensible diplomacy on issues on which we have mutual interest such as climate change and the Iran nuclear deal,” they said.

    The Kremlin released a statement after the call, saying: “The Russian president and the British prime minister exchanged views on the situation in the bilateral relations. They expressed a common opinion that despite the existing problems Moscow and London should establish co-operation in a number of areas.”


    1. Fuck him off, Vova!

      He’s a soft-arse Eton college boy who thinks he’s smarter than you, because you were a Leningrad scruff!


    2. Of course Britain’s relationship with the Kremlin is ‘not the one we want’, because what it wants is for the Russians to kneel and grovel to puny Britain, and obey its directives and to stop acting as if they have any decision-making powers of their own, and to accept Britain’s orders in their place.

      ‘Long shared history’ likewise means diddly in the modern, fast-moving world where a magic vaccine can be invented in two days and administered to the world on Emergency Use Authorization while its clinical trials are still ongoing. Get with the now, Boris, you useless pudgy fuck.

      Just ignoring Britain would be the course I would recommend, not even taking Bore-ya’s phone calls, because Britain is the pulsing venomous heart of global Russophobia. But I imagine the Russian government will take it seriously as they always do, and give it polite consideration just like Charlie Brown with that symbolic football. And if it chooses to help Britain with its gas problems, it will not only receive zero gratitude, it will instead have to counter some new hysterical attack in the British press by the time the darling buds of May are shaking in the Spring breeze.


    3. That would be the UK copying the failed US strategy of ‘compartmentalization,’ sic co-operating on things they like and threatening all sort of consequences for things they don’t like. It. Won’t. Fly. I confidently predict that UK papers will report a ‘Russian threat’ with ‘high confidence’ coming from ‘anonymous government sources.’ Unquestioned of course because journalists know it is above their paygrade to put their necks on the line when it comes to designated foreign enemies. Just don’t call it self-censorship. Western journalists never do that.

      I think Doris’ call is just to show the UK public that is ‘Doing Something’ however useless.


    4. C’mon guys – remember the proverb about not interrupting your enemy when they are screwing up? If Russian foreign policy can be described in one sentence, it is the foregoing.

      Russia will smile and mouth platitudes about finding common ground as they continue their military buildup and establishing long-term relationships were it matters (e.g. China).


  30. Oh look!

    Stevie of the BBC has just heard about poor little moldova and the Big Bad Russkies:

    Moldova: Russia threatens gas supply in Europe’s poorest stat
    By Steve Rosenberg
    BBC News Chisinau, Moldova

    Published 2 hours ago

    Up till now 100% of Moldova’s gas has come from Russia. But the contract to supply it expired at the end of September. Gazprom raised the price and Moldova balked at paying it. In the absence of a new deal, the Russian energy giant reduced supplies, prompting Moldova to declare a 30-day state of emergency. Gazprom accused Moldova of “provoking a crisis” and demanded repayment of a $709m (£514m) debt, which Moldova disputes.

    Why don’t they buy some “Freedom Molecules” off dear old, nice kind old Uncle Sam, Stevie?

    I mean, the munificence and magnanimity of the USA is boundless, ain’t that so Stevie? That’s why the USA capitalist LNG corporations are directing their LNG deliveries to the Far East and not Europe, isn’t it Stevie — because they feel sorry for those poor little impoverished Asiatic folk.


  31. Debt?

    What debt?

    We don’t owe nobody nuttin, I tell ya!

    Those lying Russian SOBs are screwing us, I tell ya!

    Oh Stevie boy, take a look at this if you can. (You are in Moscow, aren’t you? It’s already 07:15 here in Moscow, 27 October, or maybe you are still abed in Londonistan?)

    Have you seen this, below?

    October 25, 2021, 20: 31
    Gazprom is ready to meet Moldova halfway”: Chisinau recognizes debt
    Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister holds emergency talks on gas supplies

    That’s 2 days ago, you wanker!

    Waddya think of that then?

    The Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister has now had the good grace to admit that there is in fact a huge debt owed to those beastly Orcs, who, depraved subhumans that they are, unbelievably still seem ready to do a deal with those poor little Moldovans.

    By the way, Steve, old-fashioned old fart that I am, I think that accruing such a huge debt over the years is not simply mismanagement: it’s outright thievery. But those poor little Moldovans dont seem to think so, nor do their shitwit neighbours in Banderastan, who over many decades have been adept at taking and not paying (read: stealing)..

    Negotiations between the Moldovan government delegation and Gazprom on gas supplies to the republic will continue on Wednesday in St. Petersburg, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova Andrei Spinu said. In turn, Gazprom rejects the political component in the dispute with Chisinau and offers options for resolving the conflict.

    Spynu said that during his visit to St. Petersburg, negotiations are planned, in particular with the head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller. He recalled that last week the Moldovan government delegation had already met in Moscow with Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Elena Burmistrova, General Director of Gazprom Export LLC, and the Minister of Energy, Nikolai Shulginov.

    You say in your BBC piece above, Stevie, that ” Many here suspect that the gas crisis is the Kremlin’s way of expressing its disapproval” — “here”‘ being Moldova.

    So you’re in Chisinau, now, eh?

    Well, you should be up and out of bed then, catching up with the news, shouldn’t you?

    No way does that $709 million debt to Gazprom affect the Russian governments policies towards Moldova, does it Steve?

    Those Russians are really bad bastards, aren’t they?


    1. Yes, poor little Moldova indeed!

      Moldova has for the first time bought gas, bypassing Gazprom
      October 25, 2021, 23: 10

      [Whether Moldova had previously “bought” gas off Gazprom is a moot point, considering that Gazprom claims that it is owed $709 million for gas that Moldova had “bought” off it— ME]

      Moldova has presented Gazprom with three alternative suppliers at once. It has bought the first test alternative gas from Poland, signed an agreement with the Ukraine for the supply of 700 million cubic metres of gas, and Romania promises to find gas for pumping through a new gas pipeline to Moldova. Has Chisinau seriously decided to get rid of Gazprom?

      For the first time, Moldova has purchased gas from an alternative source to Gazprom. The Moldovan company Energocom has signed a contract for the trial purchase of 1 million cubic metres of gas from the Polish company PGNiG. The volume of purchases, of course, is scanty, but the country’s authorities say that the goal is different — to assess the possibility of importing gas from alternative sources. Plus, the country needs gas to balance the low pressure in the natural gas supply system.

      The Ukraine and Romania have previously expressed their readiness to help with gas supplies. Ukraine Naftogaz has signed a framework agreement with Moldova Energocom on the supply of 700 million cubic metres of gas if necessary.

      Romania has announced that it is ready to pump gas to Moldova via the Ungheni – Chisinau gas pipeline, which was put into operation on October 1 and which connects both countries. This gas pipeline can send 6.5 million cubic metres of gas daily (about 200 million cubic metres per month). This volume of gas will be enough to cover the needs of Moldova, but without taking into account Transdniestria, said the director of one of the departments of the Romanian national gas transmission system Transgaz, Elizabeth Gidiu. “We are waiting for the suppliers to indicate the volumes of gas that we can transport to Moldova”, Gediu said.

      Igor Yushkov, an expert at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and the National Energy Security Foundation, believes that Moldova is bluffing and it is unlikely to buy gas from the Ukraine or Romania. This bluff is necessary to strengthen Chisinau’s negotiating position with Russia’s Gazprom. “The Ukraine and Romania are energy-deficient countries themselves, and it will not be easy for them to find and supply gas to Moldova”, the expert says.

      The previous long-term contract between Gazprom and Moldova expired on September 30. However, the parties were unable to agree on a new long-term agreement. Therefore, a new temporary agreement was signed for a period of one month – October. But this is also not enough. Negotiations have reached an impasse. Gazprom is ready to give more time and continue deliveries in November, but from December, Russian gas supplies to Moldova may stop. The next meeting of the parties will take place this week.
      The main stumbling block is the price formula in the contract and the payment of the Moldovan debt for $709 million, together with the late payment penalty. Chisinau gets a big discount on gas and does not want to pay its debts.

      For many years Chisinau has had a unique pricing formula: in summer, the price of gas was linked to the spot price, where prices, as a rule, decreased, and in winter, when gas became more expensive on the spot, for Moldovans, the price of fuel was calculated by the cost of oil. Chisinau claims that it bought gas from Gazprom for an average of $200 per thousand cubic metres under the contract.

      Moldova received such a unique price because the previous leadership of the country was loyal to Russia, says Yushkov. However, now the country is ruled by pro-European politicians, so Gazprom insists on a European gas price formula with a reference to the spot price, regardless of the time of year. At the same time, Gazprom is ready to prescribe in the formula a 15% discount on the price of gas on the spot in Europe, says Yushkov.

      Moldova was able to appreciate all the benefits of buying gas at exchange rates this October, when the contract is no longer valid. Gazprom, apparently, now supplies fuel to Moldova at spot prices. In Chisinau, they say that now gas has to be bought at $790 per thousand cubic metres.

      The problem is that even if Moldova finds scarce gas in the Ukraine, Romania or Poland, it is unlikely to be cheaper than it is on the spot market.

      It is not necessary to count on cheap gas from Romania, the Ukraine or Poland: it is simply impossible. Therefore, I think that this was done by the Moldovan authorities only to strengthen their negotiating positions with Gazprom

      says Igor Yushkov.

      Romania produces its own gas, but not enough. Therefore, the country imports Russian gas. Moreover, Romania is increasing its imports because a fall in its own production. So, for the whole of 2020, it imported less than 1 billion cubic metres of gas, but by the beginning of May 2021, Romania had already bought 1.1 billion cubic metres from Gazprom, which is more than in the whole of last year. Moreover, if earlier Romanian companies received Russian gas via the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline through the Ukraine, then from April 1 all deliveries go only through the Turkish Stream via Bulgaria. And it is precisely the Turkish Stream shipments to Romania that have grown significantly. If Romanian companies continue to buy Russian gas at this rate, they will import a record 3 billion cubic metres of gas from Russia this year. But since Romania does not have a long-term contract with Gazprom, gas costs it more than in other European countries.

      The expert doubts that Romanian companies will decide to sell scarce natural gas to Moldova at a discount to high spot prices. First, they themselves buy Russian gas without a contract, which means that they are guided by the current high spot prices. Secondly, the supplier’s margin and transportation costs will have to be added to this price. Therefore, the cost of gas from Romania for Moldova may be unaffordable.

      The cost of gas from the Ukraine for Chisinau will definitely be higher than if it is bought directly from Gazprom, Yushkov believes. Because the reverse gas imported by the Ukraine from Europe is Russian gas resold by Europeans. That is, its price already includes the margin of European traders and the cost of delivery, plus the margin of Ukrainian Naftogaz and logistics costs will be added.

      Poland is the only country that has a long-term contract with Gazprom, from which it buys up to 10 billion cubic metres of gas per year. And the cost of Gazprom gas in contracts is now significantly lower than on the spot market. Another question is whether Warsaw will resell scarce fuel to Moldova at a low price. This again looks doubtful. Poland resells Russian gas to the Ukraine based on spot prices. Most likely, the same conditions will apply to Moldova.

      Whoever supplies Chisinau with gas, it will be expensive. Gazprom’s advantage is that it definitely has this gas. Secondly – when signing a long-term contract, Chisinau will receive minus 15% of the gas price on the spot.

      According to Yushkov, Moldova currently uses less gas than it consumes, not because Gazprom is not pumping gas, but because Chisinau itself is not buying it. Moldova simply has no money, so they had to introduce a state of emergency in the country, which opens up access to reserve budget money.

      If Moldova does not have the money to buy gas at spot prices from Gazprom, then where will it be found so as to buy fuel from any other supplier? It is no coincidence that in all the stories about the search for alternative suppliers, no one mentioned a single word about the price at which the Ukraine, Romania or Poland are ready to supply fuel to the Moldovans.

      Therefore, Igor Yushkov believes that Chisinau will eventually sign a new contract with Gazprom, the only thing is that it may not be a classic long-term contract for 15 years, but a conditional one-year agreement.

      In his opinion, Gazprom can make big concessions in the negotiations if Moldova agrees to change the gas acceptance point. “So that Russian gas does not come from the north-east, that is, from the territory of the Ukraine, but goes from the south along the Turkish Stream to Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and thence to Moldova. This is the last southern country that receives gas in transit through the Ukraine. Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, that is, almost all the Balkan countries, are supplied through the Turkish Stream, and not through the Ukraine”, says the expert from the National Energy Security Foundation.

      This is probably the reason why the Ukraine is trying to create the appearance of supporting Moldova — so that Chisinau does not refuse to transit gas through Ukrainian territory at least from 2024 (when the transit contract with Gazprom ends).

      The challenge for Gazprom is also to get guarantees of gas supply to Transdniestria from Chisinau when Moldova switches to Turkish Stream. “Now, when gas comes from the Ukraine, it first gets to Transnistria, and only then comes to Moldova. But if you feed it from the south, you need to get some guarantees that they will not isolate Pridnestrovie”, Yushkov explains.


      1. Just look at all the bloody comments I’m sending!

        Easy to see I am under semi-house arrest because of the plague.

        Hark! I hear a bell ringing and a mournful voice calling out: “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!”

        Well, bollocks to this for a game of bureaucratic tyrants! I’ve got to go to the shops to buy some bread and milk and cheese etc.

        Sadly, no Froggie Camembert and Brie to be found in this 3rd-world shithole sanctioned by the freedom loving and “human rights” lovers of the West.

        I mustn’t forget to take with me an especially shitty, snot-smeared and tattered face mask, which I can gleefully don before passing the security guards at the supermarket entrance.

        I think I’ll throw a fake coughing fit whilst inside, just to put the wind up the bastards!


        1. Urra!

          I am not as restricted as I at first thought and Mrs. Exiled had insisted I was:

          <a href="https://russian.rt.com/russia/news/921911-peskov-zapret-poezdki-rossiyane?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop"Peskov said that so far there are no plans to introduce travel bans for Russians on non-working days.
          October 27, 2021, 12:33 pm

          Press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that at the moment Russian authorities do not plan to impose travel bans on Russian citizens on non-working days.

          “Epidemiologists are concerned that many people have chosen to go on trips and to travel… There may be epidemiological consequences after that. But, on the other hand, this (travelling – RT) is not prohibited: no bans concerning this matter have been introduced and there are no plans to introduce any”, he said.

          Thus, he responded to a question about the possibility of closing regional borders.

          Peskov added that closing these borders”is absolutely the last measure”, which “is not welcomed”.

          Earlier it was reported that Rospotrebnadzor recommends not to plan trips and stay at home if possible during non-working days.

          On October 20, Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Dmitry Gorin in a conversation with “Gazeta.Ru” spoke about the introduction of non-working days in the country.

          Off to the dacha then this weekend! I might even stay there a while. Its going to be unseasonably mild during the first week of November they say and no frost. A sunny weekend is forecast this weekend with a high of plus 12C.


          1. Nah, mission aborted. I told her-who-must-be-obeyed that I am off to the dacha this weekend and she told me I still cannot do that, Peskov’s assurances notwithstanding, because as a pestilential unvaccinated old fart I have no QR code to show them at the metro and railway stations, verifying that I have been vaccinated, albeit that Corona vaccination is, as of yet, non-mandatory.


          2. The whole thing is so stupid; it’s like you have to wear a mask in a restaurant while you are standing or if you leave your table to go to the bathroom, but while seated you may remove it and breathe and sneeze to your heart’s content. Does anyone really believe these selective mask-wearing measures are doing anything at all to limit viral spread? It’s only to make you miserable and conscious of the oppressive power of the state; it makes no sense to fight a war on death, any death, when the world is already overpopulated.


      2. I agree with the assessment – it’s all just posturing, making a brave show of decisiveness for the folks at home and putting out feelers which are being watched by European heads of state for where Russia might have a soft spot. If I were leading Russia, I would congratulate Moldova on having developed alternatives for supply, and add, “Guess you’re all right, then. Well, must go; busy day”, and hang up. The next time they called, there would be inconvenience tax and the price would go up just enough to make the point – you cannot afford theatrics.


    2. Ah, the undefinable ‘many’ that journalists love to use which I take to use the clique they speak to.

      Let me have a go:

      Many suspect that the BBC has given up the pretence of practising any kind of balanced journalism when it comes to countries with which the UK has contentious relations.

      I think it was Patrick Robinson who recently highlighted a quote somewhere else that EUv.Disinfo itself practices disinformation by deliberately ignoring context and cherry picking sentences without pre or post amble. To that I say they’ve just copied al-Beeb s’Allah’s reporting methods and that it really is much more common in general in the western press and has been for many years. Fortunately we have the ability to see things in more detail if we can be bothered (most don’t) which is why the metrics for ‘trust in media’ across the west has plummeted, particularly in the US.


    3. I just saw the Rosenturd report on al-Beeb s’Allah. He mentions the debt (not first obviously) but doesn’t mention it is ~$700m in value. Of course. Lies of omission that al-Beeb s’Allah specializes in.

      Remember kids, this is not ‘spreading conspiracy theories’ or ‘fake news.’ It is genuine, professional journalism from one of the world’s most respected state funded news agencies.


  32. Yukietard laugh a minute file!

    First of today’s shitwits’ laughs a minute:

    The Ukraine has proposed that Russia extend the gas transit contract without waiting for the end of the current one. This was stated by the General Director of the “Operator of the GTS of the Ukraine” Sergey Makogon, reports TSN.

    “As for further steps, we strongly suggest that if the American and German sides are interested, the transit contract should be extended now, without waiting for 2024. There is an opportunity”, he said

    According to him, Kiev is ready “even today” to sign an agreement for 10-15 years “with transit volumes of at least 45 billion cubic meters per year”. When asked whether the Russian side refused such an offer, Makogon replied:”Let’s just say it doesn’t answer”.

    Even today???

    You don’t say!

    And you “strongly suggest that if the American and German sides are interested, the transit contract should be extended now”.


    What the fuck has the USA got to do with the transportation of fuel from a supplier in one sovereign state to its customer in another in a free market on a continent situated on the other side of the world?


    Kiev has proposed that Moscow extend the contract for gas transit
    According to Sergei Makogon, Moscow has not yet responded to such proposals
    26 Oct, 22: 39


    1. Prospects for gas transit through the Ukraine are rapidly dwindling

      The Ukraine position on the gas market continues to collapse rapidly. Kiev continues to yell at the whole of Europe that Russia is not stopping the practice of concluding long-term contracts with European countries for the supply of gas via alternative routes.

      Such complaints have intensified amidst growing rumours that after Hungary, Serbia will completely abandon Ukrainian transit. The initiative to conclude such an agreement comes from Belgrade. Such a desire is quite understandable, given the fact that not long ago the price of gas on the European market had reached its maximum.

      At the same time, Gazprom is offering gas several times cheaper under its long-term contracts. No sooner had they come to their senses after Hungary, when Moldova announced its intentions to abandon the brotherly Ukrainian transit.

      Moldova has completed the construction of the Iassy-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline, which has been in progress for about 10 years. The constructed pipeline will allow Chisinau [Кишинев/Chișinău/Chisinau] to receive gas bypassing the gas transportation system of the Ukraine. The Ukrainian media literally threw a tantrum and were very offended by their neighbour.

      Vladimir Zelensky, in his speech, almost turned to personal insults against Maia Sandu of the President of Moldova. What can you expect from a comedian, because politics is far from a stage or a movie where you can grimace and make money on it.

      As EU countries switch to alternative gas routes, the Ukraine not only loses transit revenues, but also loses virtual reverse gas from Europe. After Slovakia has abandoned Ukrainian transit, this source will completely disappear.

      Poland has long been smoldering with hope and expectations for gas from Norway. The Ukraine is faced with an unsolvable dilemma: dog-like loyalty to the United States does not allow them to buy gas directly from Russia, or to be left without gas at all. The peculiarity of the Ukrainian GTS lies in the fact that the main and distribution pipelines are combined into one network, and it must be admitted that the network is rather worn out.

      According to various estimates, the GTS is about 80 percent worn out and there is no money to modernize it. The prospects of using the Ukraine as a transit supplier of gas to Europe are very sad. In simple words, the termination of transit through Ukraine is fraught with the possibility of a complete cessation of gas supply to the “independent”, almost European Ukraine itself.

      As of today, the Ukraine is already starting to run out of gas and winter has not yet begun. The Ukraine can only pray for a warm winter, as the country has never entered a winter period with such low transit figures.

      We can only hope that the Ukrainian Soviet-built nuclear power stations will be able to withstand the coming winter. Against this background, let us remember the main threat to the non-independent country, Nord Stream-2, which is already 50% [???]ready and will be fully technically ready by December. Only certification remains, which is marred by political battles.

      Nord Stream 2 is an economically profitable project for Gazprom, no matter how hysterical the Russophobes are. Russia saves $3 billion for transit, the transport tariff is lower than that of the Ukrainian network, and Gazprom will also pay for transit itself.

      Of course, the new gas transportation system is not only more efficient, but also more reliable and of course cheaper to maintain, as well as the fact that the gas goes directly to Europe, namely to Germany, which of course reduces the risks.

      Let’s wait and see how the Ukraine will cope with the problem of gas supply.

      Why doesn’t America DO something???


      1. For how long have we been saying this? Of course we are not a major source for anything, but the important thing is that the information used for references is in the public domain. The excuse “Nobody could have known this would happen” is not an option, because the information was available to anyone who bothered to look.


        Obviously I was wrong when I suggested none of Europe’s gas would go through Ukraine by 2019 at the latest, but what is being sent now are only token amounts which are barely enough to keep the line functioning, and it would have been no gas at all if Gazprom had not signed a new contract.

        Ukraine has nobody to blame but itself, and I don’t know how its nationalists can still swagger around in public and pretend they are building a mighty new ideological republic, after the misery they have inflicted on their fellow citizens.


    2. What could be the possible gain from such a ridiculous contract, signed whenever? Is it to say, oh, but someone has to fix our pipes first? Because Ukraine itself has acknowledged that it cannot make money on transit volumes less than 60Bcm annually, and the offered minimum falls well short of that. Is it desperation to preserve some influence in Brussels, as a transit country?

      I think we can agree on what it is not, and that is a secure and strong country dealing from a position of certainty in its value as an economic partner, able to offer terms which are to its own benefit but which cannot be negotiated lower or weaker by its proposed partner. Because that is the situation Ukraine was led to believe it would be in by now – dictating to Moscow terms it would more or less have to accept due to the relative weakness of its own position, and the inevitability of dealing with Kiev on its terms if it wanted to continue selling gas to Europe. Kiev expected to be guarding the gate, not begging at it.


  33. Goodbye Merkel!

    At last she has ended her chancellorship.

    She was Chancellor for 15 years and 338 days.

    She was not elected to the post by popular mandate: she was elected by her fellow parliamentarians.

    Funny how such a long tenure as head of government was never criticized in the “Free World”.

    Putin, however, has been President of Russia for 20 years, they say.

    He hasn’t, but that’s what they always say — “they” being the Empire and its vassals’ media.


    1. Oh yeah! And the Evil One was elected by secret ballot by the Russian population at large, which had the right to vote if its members wished to do so , namely Russian citizens who are not in prison or a looney bin and who are over over 18 years of age.

      But Russian elections are bent, aren’t they?

      That’s what “they” always say.


  34. In Luxembourg, EU energy ministers discussed the gas crisis today.
    Nothing concrete was decided at the recent summit, and the European Investment Bank was asked to accelerate investments in green energy. At the same time, they noted that the meeting in Luxembourg will immediately move this work forward.
    26.10.2021, 17:53

    [Green energy! What arseholes they are!]

    The average gas bill for the average European is already 500 euros, and no one can predict what will happen in winter. And today at the meeting, the following figures were announced: the level of storage capacity utilization is 70 percent, and this is significantly lower than in the last 10 years. Gas prices, which have soared fourfold over the past four months, will remain above pre-crisis levels for a long time, European Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said today. EU energy ministers offered their own solutions. Some insisted on a return to nuclear power, others — on joint, centralized gas purchases.

    Sara Aagesen, Spanish Secretary of State for Energy: “Our proposal today is that option procurement contracts can be awarded centrally by the European Union. This can be done in situations where the security of supply is at risk”.

    And this is exactly what the EU summit was supposed to agree on. Now it is clear that we did not agree. No joint purchases. As before, gas contracts, including with Russia, will be concluded by each country independently.

    Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs: “Joint purchases of gas are not easy, it is not the same as joint purchases of a vaccine. Joint purchases of the vaccine were a success, and joint purchases of gas are a geopolitical issue. [Why? Do tell! — ME] I won’t mention all possible partners, but we know that one of the possible partners of joint purchases is Russia. And this is not just a question of the energy market, of course”. [Of course it isn’t! That’s what your Uncle Sam tells you — ME]

    In the end, it all came down to Russia again. And here is a radical turn in judgment. First, European Commissioner for Internal Market Affairs Thierry Breton says that ” Nord Stream 2 is an excellent European investment project. Then the world press, for which until recently Russian gas was a universal evil, changes its position. Bloomberg writes that Nord Stream 2 is not “a Russian conspiracy aimed at luring European buyers into a trap”, but solely a project to redirect the export routes of Russian energy carriers. Atlantico even says today that Russia does not pursue the goal of inflating European prices and simply remains a real reliable gas supplier. And here is the official outcome of today’s meeting.

    Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy: “The EU countries are very different from each other in terms of energy structure, tax policy, and social status. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all solution”.

    In general, in fact, there are no agreements to stabilize the situation in the gas sector. Now everything has been postponed to mid-December, when it will be necessary to sign new gas contracts for 2022. Europe will have to accept the current state of affairs and rely on Russian gas, not American shale. So how to come up with something it’s new and Europe can’t agree on anything.

    Let the invisible hand of the “Free Market” decide?


    1. It simply bears out that the ‘free world’ is ripe for a new form of government which relies on none of the current leaders, who are to a man (or woman) clueless about problem-solving and masters of diplomatic inertia. You could put a big band around all of them and tighten it until their heads popped, and you would not get enough leadership out of the collective whole to moisten a tissue. In fact, you would be better off to summarize the problem and all possible solutions, and offer it to high-school kids as an exercise, who would at least not view it through a filter of whether their decision might affect their potential for re-election or piss off some corporation. The world is spiraling down and down because it is led by idiots.


  35. Bring out your dead?

    27.10.2021 00:03
    Valery Vechorko
    Break the chains. Dr. Vechorko and the Pandemic Chronicles

    Six regions introduced a lockdown ahead of schedule before the start of non-working days announced by the president. Places in some hospitals in the regions are no longer available. At the same time, the peak of the autumn wave has not yet been reached, according to the Ministry of Health. The situation with the incidence of coronavirus is tense.

    Will strict restrictions help to cope with the situation and reduce the load on beds?

    “I am sure that these measures should work and reduce morbidity and mortality,” said Valery Vechorko, chief physician of Hospital No. 15. — The incubation period of the Delta strain is no more than 5 days, which means that in 11 days off, by reducing the intensity of contacts, you can break the chains of diseases and prevent the spread of infection, if you treat these non-working days wisely. Let’s spend less time socializing and visiting public places. Spend this time in the family circle, stay at home or in the country. These measures will help protect the lives and health of the most vulnerable categories of the population.”


    1. Yes, and let’s continue our experiment to see which businesses and sectors of the economy really are indispensable and which we could really do without, or could be replaced by technology like meal kits and Doordash. Let’s see what reduced level of services the people are prepared to put up with. What permanent limits on their freedom are they prepared to accept?


    2. Just got this SMS from Moscow City Hall:

      Dear Muscovites!

      We are very concerned about senior citizens because of the spread of COVID-19.

      Elderly people occupy 60% of beds in covid hospitals, 70% – in intensive care, 80% – on mechanical ventilation. Every 9th COVID-19 patient over 60 years old dies. And among those who did not go to the doctor in a timely manner – every third.

      You can protect yourself by getting vaccinated.

      For vaccination before December 31, you can receive a a health gift or 10 thousand rubles.


      Take care!

      Moscow City Hall

      The health gift is usually a blood pressure measuring device or the like: quite expensive, really. But we already have two — one here, the other in the country.

      My wife is always checking her blood pressure.

      Before I was due to be admitted into hospital last June (cancelled because of the “pandemic”), they made me record my blood pressure every morning and evening for a fortnight.

      My BP is nearly always bang on the norm or below it. When I have taken my BP, Natasha always asks me what it says. (It’s an electronic device.) I usually tell her something like: “It says I died 2 hours ago”.

      She says that is “Black English Humour” and that I am a weirdo.

      “Right on both counts!” I say.

      10,000 rubles is a hundred quid, by the way. A little more, actually.

      I just might have the vaccine before Christmas as 10, 000 rubles is not to be sneezed at.

      I must take care not to sneeze when receiving my gift, though, otherwise they might pack me off to one of their city old codgers’ death houses.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They’re a bunch of lying toerags!

        Nowt in the mos.ru link about a 10,000 ruble handout!

        There is this, though:

        Get vaccinated and win an apartment!
        Citizens of the Russian Federation over the age of 18 who have a Moscow compulsory health insurance policy and have received the first component of the COVID-19 vaccine or have been re-vaccinated (with a single-component vaccine or the first component of a two-component vaccine) can participate in the drawing of one-room apartments in Moscow.

        I don’t want no goddam one-room apartment!

        I want 10,000 rubles so as to get bevvied at Christmas!


        1. They gave 10,000 rubles the other week to her indoors, however, and she’s only just told me after I had read this article:

          TODAY AT 14: 26
          Russians were reminded of the risk of losing 10,000 rubles
          Who is entitled to money from the state?

          Families with school-age children have three days left to apply for a lump sum payment of 10,000 rubles. Applications are not accepted after October 31. This was reported in the department of the Pension Fund of Russia in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

          The payment is due to parents of children aged 6 to 18 years, as well as citizens with disabilities aged 18 to 23 years, if they are continuing to study.

          To receive the payment, you need to submit an application on the portal of public services or in the client service of the Pension Fund of Russia. No documents are required for this, since the FIU requests all the necessary information from other institutions and organizations independently, the publication notes.

          Bloody socialist nightmare!


  36. crAP: WADA says Ukraine routinely violated rules for doping tests

    …The World Anti-Doping Agency said it conducted a two-year investigation that found “convincing and corroborated evidence” that the Ukrainian agency NADC routinely violated standard testing practices.

    WADA said NADC broke the rules by making advanced-notice sample collections, phoning athletes to give them appointments at its offices for doping tests. Such tests are supposed to be conducted during unannounced visits to the athletes.

    “The evidence suggests that NADC would adopt this practice often before important international events and there were times when an entire discipline of the national team was present at the NADC awaiting testing,” said Gunter Younger, director of WADA’s independent Intelligence and Investigations Department….

    More at the link of the Russian plot.

    Will the USA and friends ride to the Ukraine’s rescue and minimise sanctions?


  37. Euractiv: German ministry: Nord Stream 2 not a supply security issue

    …The ministry stated in its findings that, “the certification does not jeopardise the security of gas supply of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union”.

    Ahead of its final judgement, the ministry consulted with neighbouring states. Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary had been offered the opportunity to consult with the ministry, it said in a press release…


    1. Well, then; what’s the problem? Why are prices so high? Simply let the rest of Europe have some of Germany’s gas at cheap prices, if you have so much of it. I must say you are not setting much of an example as a prospective continental gas hub – is that what it’s going to be? We have plenty of gas ourselves, so stop your mewling, other European countries?

      Another example that the present model of government has passed its best-by date, and something new is needed. Setting up these circle-jerks in which every country regardless of national allegiances gets the chance to be a spoiler for other interests is simply a recipe for lengthy meetings of expensive diplomats on full per diem allowances, which go nowhere and decide nothing except that there must be more discussion and dialogue. How long are people going to put up with it?


  38. Admiral Rachel Levine

    An arms race is intensifying between the US and China. Just last week, China unveiled its new “space-based nuclear bombs” that can easily hit any country on the planet. The United States quickly responded to the provocation by introducing the world’s first trans-woman admiral.

    “China, we’ve warned you”, Biden told a Chinese courier who was mistaken for President Xi. “Our transgender admiral is fully armed and ready for action. If you get in our way, we will unleash all the fire and fury of this deadly weapon on you, make no mistake.”

    Military experts say that whilst space-based nuclear weapons are somewhat impressive, they pale in comparison to the staggering power of diversity. “When Rachel Levine becomes an admiral, countries around the world will bow to the terrifying power of our transgender capabilities”, General Milley said. “We must achieve peace by force — the force of inclusivity”.

    Biden insists that no weapons have yet been developed that can surpass Admiral Levin, and that he will gladly accept a preemptive surrender by China.

    Admiral Levin was not available for comment as she was undergoing a prostate exam.

    God bless America — nobody else will!



  39. Its’ all gassed up and ready to go:


    Nord Stream 2 AG’s natural gas pipeline has completed gas-in of its first 27.5-billion cu m/year string. In line with system-design requirements, the string is filled with 177 million cu m of so-called technical gas, reaching a pressure of 103 bar.

    This pressure is sufficient to start gas transportation. But certification from a German regulator is still pending and could take several months.


    1. Could take several months to get certification from a German regulator. But during those several months, of course, it will be Russia’s fault and Putin’s evil machinations that make Europe go short for gas and pay high prices. Not that the Germans are weaponizing certification.


  40. Banderastan last card played in desperation:

    Ukraine claims first-ever use of state-of-the-art Turkish combat drone in country’s Donbass region, violating ceasefire agreement
    27 Oct, 2021 09:01 / Updated 9 hours ago


    Ukronazis used 2 Bayraktar drones against the LDNR: war next?
    October 27, 2021

    This is yet again a desperate attempt by Kiev to force the Russians to openly intervene.

    The Ukies have nothing to lose (they have no energy for the winter, there are protests and riots about this, the country is deindustrialzed and COVID is devastating their crumbling medical capabilities, and Ze is deeply unpopular).

    Russian options include:

    • Best option: let the LDNR deal with this problem with only covert assistance.
    • Use EW systems to destroy or even land these Bayraktars (they did that 15 times in Armenia)
    • Shoot down the Bayraktars, from the ground or from the air

    I do not think that Russia can ignore that, so I expect a Russian response in the very near future.

    Russia will do nothing!

    (Beat you to it, Karl!)


    1. Well, they certainly won’t openly intervene. But drones are typically not very stealthy (although they make a small target), and it should be fairly easy for SAM systems to take them out from the ground. Probably even MANPADS could do it. They just need to know to expect it now.

      However, yes, the motive behind the effort is plain – provoke a Russian reaction, then squeal for help and hope Uncle Sam will take over.


    2. Russia will give the Ukraine unlimited gas supplies at cost and start negotiations (I mean transfer) of Crimea back to Ukraine. What choice does Putin have otherwise than facing the humiliation of those drone taking down the Kremlin and his mega-mansion?


  41. Freedom Molecules from the USA?

    Let the “Putin Regime Molecules” flow!

    3 hours ago
    Putin instructs Gazprom to increase gas storage capacity in Europe”>Putin instructs Gazprom to increase gas storage capacity in Europe

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller to increase the volume of gas stored in Europe after the company completes pumping into underground storage facilities in Russia. He stated this at a meeting on the development of the resource potential of the Yamal gas fields, which statement was broadcast on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

    “Alexey Borisovich (Miller. – Ed.), I ask you after you finish the work on pumping gas into underground storage facilities in Russia, by November 7 or 8, to start planned work on increasing the volume of gas in your UGS facilities in Europe — in Austria and Germany”, the president said.

    According to him, increasing gas volumes in European storage facilities will allow Gazprom to “reliably, consistently, and rhythmically fulfill its contractual obligations to supply European partners with gas in the autumn and winter period, and, amongst other things, will certainly create a more favourable situation in the European energy market as a whole”. Miller, in turn, assured the president that this order will be fulfilled.

    On October 23 “Gazprom” announced the creation of a historically record operational gas reserve in Russian underground storage facilities — 72.6 billion cubic metres. The daily capacity of storage facilities has been brought to an unprecedented level — 847.9 million cubic metres. Gas supply facilities have been prepared to pass the peak load period in late 2021, early 2022, and the company announced that all scheduled maintenance and repair work had been completed. Storage capacity has increased by 4.6 million cubic metres compared to the previous extraction season, which is comparable to the daily gas consumption in winter in the Republics of Karelia and Ingushetia.

    In September, members of the European Parliament called for an investigation into Gazprom’s actions that could have led to higher gas prices in Europe. Prices rose against the background of calm weather, which led to a serious drop in wind generation, the approach of the heating season and uncertainty with the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. In addition, on September 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that fuel is becoming more expensive because of the policy of the European Commission with an emphasis on exchange mechanisms in determining gas prices.

    On September 15, Gazprom said that gas reserves in European underground storage facilities were at their lowest level in many years. As of September 13, the backlog in terms of fullness compared to last year was 22.8 billion cubic metres of gas.

    On October 21, Putin, speaking at the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club, said that Russia was ready to increase gas supplies to Europe. They could start the day after the German regulator issues a permit for pumping gas through the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

    Russia using gas as a weapon!!!


  42. I forgot to post this:

    Flight Global: Indicted 737 Max pilot’s lawyers seek trial delay, judge denies bid to keep documents private

    …“Discovery in this case contains sensitive, proprietary and confidential financial and business information”, release of which “could create a substantial risk of harm” to parties not named in the suit, government lawyers argued.

    O’Conner shot down the request on 20 October.

    “Public confidence [in our judicial system] cannot long be maintained where important judicial decisions are made behind closed doors and then announced in conclusive terms to the public, with the record supporting the court’s decision sealed from public view,” O’Connor’s writes, citing a previous case….

    Definitely not collusion or corruption. Business as usual.


    1. I say don’t do it!

      But Putin always eventually seems to give in to these demands even when he has a strong hand to play (like he has now).

      Maybe Putin acts this way because he is a Christian, I don’t know. But Poland is a sworn enemy of Russia and I would prefer Russia to let them freeze. But it will never happen as long as Putin is in charge.


      1. He’s just a nice guy, Karl. I agree with you; I’m not, and I wouldn’t do it either. I would publicly say that the Poles’ arrogance and Russophobic posturing precluded doing anything to help them, and suggest they approach their beloved ally America with a similar proposal – we fucked up and did not allow for the price of gas maybe rising right across the board because we were already getting it from the cheapest source while shitting on them day and night, such a bargain. Good luck with that. Ask them to send over a few dozen LNG cargoes in exchange for bread and salt or whatever is the traditional Polish welcome treat, because of the love they bear the Polish people.


  43. Independent industrial expert, Candidate of Economic Sciences Leonid Khazanov sees two reasons why Poland is asking Russia to lower gas prices. “First of all, in Poland this year electricity tariffs have significantly increased, which has already caused concern amonstg the population, and at the same time the demand for blue fuel is expanding on the eve of winter against the background of the energy crisis raging in the European Union. Therefore, PGNiC wants to play it safe and try to get natural gas at a discount”, says the expert.

    Another reason is Warsaw’s attempt to capitalize on the energy problems of Moldova, which cannot reach an agreement with Gazprom on a new gas contract and is now forced to ask for fuel from its neighbors. “PGNiC, together with the American-Ukrainian ERU Group, has already agreed with the Moldovan Energocom to ship it 1 million cubic metres of blue fuel, which Moldova may not even have enough to last for a day.

    Be that as it may, all this is evidence of the duplicitous energy policy pursued by the Polish authorities and business circles. On the one hand, PGNiC does not intend to renew the contract with Gazprom for the supply of natural gas from Yamal to the amount of 10 billion cubic metres per year and supports the Baltic Pipe project. Let me remind you that the Polish government has demanded that the European Commission conduct an investigation into Gazprom on charges of fomenting an energy crisis in the European Union. Poland opposes Nord Stream 2. On the other hand, PGNiC is trying to get maximum preferences for itself, although there are no serious reasons for them”, Khazanov emphasizes.

    The Yamal contract, under which Poland would like to receive a discount, expires in 2022. Over the past couple of years, Warsaw has been repeating with enviable regularity that it will not renew the contract.

    According to PGNiC President Piotr Wozniak, Poland loses hundreds of millions of dollars a year because of its gas agreement with Russia. The republic even sued Russia in the Stockholm Arbitration, demanding lower fuel prices but to no avail.

    In January of this year, the chairman of the Board of PGNiG, Jerzy Kweczynski, said that the republic will continue to look for alternative sources of energy imports and abandon Russian gas. The energy concern’s goal is ” complete independence from Russian gas after 2022 and the development of its own production at home and abroad”.

    Warsaw is betting on American gas. According to Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the “Law and Justice” party, it costs Poland less than Russian gas: “The price of gas supplied from the United States, after taking into account all expenses related to its processing and transportation, is almost a third lower than the price of Russian gas imported by Poland”, the Polish Press Agency quotes the politician.

    The American gas in question is LNG (liquefied natural gas), which Poland receives through a terminal in the city of Swinoujscie. Its throughput capacity is 5 billion cubic metres per year, with the possibility of increasing to 7.5 billion.

    Poland has signed two contracts: one for a period of 24 years for the supply of 1.45 million tons of LNG per year, the other for 20 years and 2 million tons per year.

    It is obvious that with the current volume of gas consumption, the capacity of this terminal is not enough — Warsaw is considering the option of building another LNG facility with a capacity of 4 billion cubic metres of gas per year.

    The only problem is that the key market for LNG exporters is not European at all, but Asian — prices are higher there.

    “Qatar ships liquefied natural gas mainly to Asia, mainly to China and Japan. American LNG is again delivered to China ship by ship”, Khazanov says.

    Information sources:



    source: AiF


    1. Yes, and if they got significant supplies cheap, they’d be selling it to the EU at a huge profit and snickering at their own cleverness at the expense of the dumb Russians. I’m sure the slowest person at Gazprom sees the potential for such a jape. Russia owes Poland nothing; they got welcomed with open arms by Europe when they decided to go their own way, and started off debt-free.


  44. Moldova reached a new contract with Gazprom which will deliver gas to Moldova for the next five years. Moldova seems to be quite happy of the new contract so the price that Moldova has to pay must not be that high. Gazprom also has to deliver the gas to Moldova through Ukrainian gas pipelines because there are no alternative routes which also means that Ukraine will collect transit fees for Moldovan gas at least for the next five years.

    Moldova that just recently elected a pro-Western government was facing major energy crisis before Russia saved them. I’m thinking that Gazprom was initially unwilling to sell cheap gas to Moldova but was forced to do so after intervention of the Kremlin.


    1. This reminds me of what happened today in Finland. Finnish president Sauli Niinistö met with Vladimir Putin for the first time in two years.

      One of the things that was discussed was timber trade between Russia and Finland. Finnish forest industry is currently quite dependent on timber imports from Russia because Russian timber is very cheap compared to Finnish timber. Finnish forest owners sell timber with very high price compared to imports from Russia.

      Importing timber from Russia has also been lucrative for Finnish companies because Russia doesn’t require forestry companies to re-plant the forests that they cut. In Finland the companies that cut forests have to do the re-planting that costs a lot of money. So these companies save a lot of money when they go to Russia and just cut the forest, take the timber to Finland and then leave. These companies have been treating Russian Karelia as their colony and basically raping Russian forests for the last 30 years or so.

      But in 2020 the Russian government made a decision that by 2022 Russia will prohibit exporting Russian timber abroad. With this decision the Russian government wanted to help to develop forest industry in Russia. This would also mean big troubles for these Finnish companies. So Russia received a lot of negative publicity because of this.

      Last month Russian government started make preparations for this. The Saimaa canal which connects the Gulf of Finland to Finnish river network is used to transport Russian timber to Finland. It is a cheap and efficient way to transport Russian timber here. The Russian government announced that in a near future transport of timber out of Russia will be prohibited in Saimaa canal. This announcement caused a lot of anger in Finnish press.

      But today – according to the Finnish press – president Putin promised Niinistö that he will talk to Russian officials to have this decision reversed because Putin doesn’t want to see Finnish industry suffer.

      This would great news for my country Finland that can continue to rape Russian forests, but oh man… what a moron this man is! I mean Putin! I don’t know why does he have this very odd, very strange desire to make goodwill gestures to countries that more or less openly detest him and Russia. Does he think he will get something in return? Does he think that these countries will like him more? If so, he is truly in idiot. These gestures are not seen as anything else than stupidity and weakness, and quite rightly so.

      Now let’s see if Russian officials and government are strong enough to resist Putin. I believe that there are many good people in Russian government who have a great desire to develop Russia. I can also imagine that many of them are getting increasingly tired of Putin.


    2. 29.10.2021, 23:19
      Moldova and Gazprom agree to extend supplies

      Gazprom will retain its role as a key gas supplier to Moldova: the company has signed a five-year gas supply contract, which will help prevent a gas crisis in the country. Moscow and Chisinau also agreed on an audit and, probably, subsequent restructuring of Moldova’s historic debt, which was estimated by Gazprom at $709 million. The new contract will come into force on November 1, its volume will amount to 3.3 billion cubic metres per year. The parties have not yet disclosed its details, but, according to Kommersant’s sources, its formula will be hybrid, that is, it will take into account the prices of petroleum products.

      Moscow and Chisinau have agreed to extend the gas supply contract for another five years. Gas supplies under the new contract will begin on November 1, 2021, and its volume, according to Kommersant, will grow to 3.3 billion cubic metres per year. The old long-term gas contract from 2008, under which Moscow supplied Moldova (including Transdniestria) with up to 3 billion cubic metres of gas per year, expired on September 30, but the parties urgently agreed to extend it for another month-until November 1. In October, several bilateral talks were held, this time with Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller and Gazprom Export CEO Elena Burmistrova leading the three-day talks in St. Petersburg. Moldova was represented by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development Andrei Spinu and head of Moldovagaz Vadim Ceban.

      Chisinau and Moscow have reached a basic agreement on the price formula, the audit of the old debt formed by Moldovagaz, and the need for a subsequent dialogue on payments, the Moldovan Infrastructure Ministry said on October 29. Moldova’s debt problem was one of the key obstacles to completing the negotiations. Gazprom estimated it at $709 million, of which the” body ” of the debt is $433 million. During the negotiations, according to Kommersant’s interlocutors, the Russian Federation offered to pay off the “body” to Moldova in three years, and the balance (accumulated delay) — in another two. In return, Gazprom guaranteed Moldova a 25% discount on gas from the market price.

      The previous agreement between the two countries was fully spot-linked to the German NCG hub with a time basis for a month in advance, which, given the current situation on the world natural gas markets, significantly increased the cost of gas for Moldova. So, in October, Gazprom supplies gas to the country for $790 per 1,000 cubic metres, while the volume of deliveries was significantly reduced: 176 million cubic metres (54 million cubic metres for the right bank of Moldova, 122 million for the left bank of the Dniester) instead of the originally requested 250 million cubic meters. The shortfall is explained by the fact that Gazprom did not manage to reserve the necessary capacity via the Ukraine in the required time frame.

      Because of the current situation, the Moldovan Parliament announced the introduction of a state of emergency in connection with the gas crisis until November 20. Moldova, which has no gas storage facilities, has tried to cover the import deficit with gas contained in pipelines, which, in turn, led to a decrease in pressure in the gas pipeline system. Currently, Chisinau buys small quantities of gas to maintain pressure in the pipeline— 1 million cubic metres each at daily auctions – from European suppliers: Polish PGNiG, Dutch Vitol, Ukrainian “Naftogaz”. But the price of these deliveries is probably higher than Gazprom’s, since they are based on the TTF hub, and suppliers usually put profitability in such contracts. In addition, the European Commission announced that it will allocate 60 million euros to Moldova to overcome the gas crisis. It is not specified on what terms and in what period the funds will be provided. At current quotes on spot markets ($942 per 1,000 cubic metres), these funds will be enough to purchase approximately 64 million cubic meters. This is the monthly consumption of the right bank.

      I should dearly like to know what is wrong or ludicrous about the above deal.


      1. Chortle, chortle . . . Stupid Russians! . . . Cant stop laughing at Putin’s weakness . . . Snigger, snigger . . .

        October 29, 2021, 22:55
        Expert evaluates Gazprom’s new contract with Moldova
        Expert Grivach: five-year contract with Moldova protects Gazprom’s interests as a supplier

        MOSCOW, 29 Oct-PRIME. The new contract with Moldova, which has been signed for 5 years, protects the interests of Gazprom as a supplier, Alexey Grivach, Deputy General Director of the National Energy Security Fund, commented to RIA Novosti.

        Gazprom and Moldovagaz on Friday extended the gas supply contract for a period of 5 years, starting from November 1. According to the Russian company, the parties signed a protocol on resolving current issues in the gas sector, and the terms of extending the agreement are mutually beneficial.

        “The five-year contract means protecting Gazprom’s interests as a supplier, and the debts there are so obvious that the Russian company probably does not expect any problems with the audit”, Grivach said.

        The Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development of Moldova stated that the new contract will use the formula proposed by the Moldovan side. At the same time, Moldova and Gazprom reached an agreement in principle on the formula for calculating the price, the audit of Moldovagaz’s debt and the need for subsequent negotiations to establish a calendar settlement plan.

        The expert notes that, like any agreement, the outcome of the negotiations between Gazprom and Moldova was the fruit of a compromise.

        “Russia had a very strong position in these negotiations, but at the same time it was necessary not to abuse this power, as people’s lives were at stake, both in Moldova and in friendly Transdniestria. In addition, Gazprom owns a controlling stake in Moldovagaz ” Grivach concluded.

        Moldovagaz started negotiations with Gazprom on concluding a new three-year contract for the supply of natural gas last summer, but the discussion was not completed for a long time. Until October 1, Moldova purchased “blue fuel” from Gazprom under an agreement that was signed back in 2008, where gas prices were formed depending on oil prices on world markets.

        The main obstacles to reaching a new agreement were disagreements between the parties over a fair price that Moldova wanted to achieve for itself in the new contract, and the debt of Moldovan consumers for previous deliveries, which Gazprom wants to have paid back.

        As a result, on September 30, when the agreement of 2008 expired, Gazprom and Moldovagaz signed a document extending the contract for the supply of Russian gas for one month from October 1, 2021. However, Moldovagaz already reported on October 6 that gas consumption in the republic temporarily exceeds fuel supplies from the Russian Federation. Then, on October 22, the country’s parliament introduced a state of emergency in the republic because of an energy crisis. Negotiations with Gazprom continued all this time, being on the verge of a complete cessation of gas exports from Russia to Moldova from November 1.

        Moscow should have turned off the gas and shown them what’s what!

        Moscow weak! USA stronk!


    3. I don’t expect you will see any gratitude from Moldova. That’s not the western way. Once your nuts are pulled out of the fire, you start speculating aloud how your supplier is cheating you, and probably provoked the whole crisis in the first place so he could cheat you more easily.


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