Hey, Democracy! Why Do You Bother to Vote?

Uncle Volodya says, “The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination.”

“There are no nations, just large corporations
Flying the flag of the day;
From dawn of creation to civilization
Please don’t take my music away..”

From “Joe Fabulous“, by Bad Company

A quote which goes, “If voting actually made any difference, they wouldn’t let you do it” is often attributed – apparently incorrectly – to American humorist and author Mark Twain. Snopes doesn’t know who actually said it, or if anyone ever did, although there are various close versions. For instance, this rant by Robert S. Borden, from the Lowell Sun in 1976:

“Has it ever dawned on the editors that the attitudes of the 70 million projected non-voters may be very consistent with the reality that the concept of voting and electing representatives is basically dishonest and fraudulent? If voting could change anything it would be made illegal! There is no way any politicians can legally represent anyone because he was elected on a secret ballot by a small percentage of voters. He then claims to represent the people who voted against him and even those who wisely chose not to participate in such criminal activity.”

The sentiment was around long before 1976, so he certainly wasn’t the originator. But even without attribution, the notion that voting is just a pointless, slightly pathetic activity which provides the zealous and the patriotic with the illusion that their participation somehow informs and guides national leadership has been around for a long time, and has grown like jimson weed in the fertile ground of government brainlessness. More and more, the electorate is fed up with going dutifully to the polls, only to see another scion of a privileged family up there under the lights giving the clasped-hands victory sign. They see the national leadership forget all his/her promises before the air has even cooled where they were just standing, or within a couple of months when they acknowledge by God, it is going to be tougher than I thought.

Who would ever have imagined Justin Trudeau, poster-boy for quirky LGBTQ issues and social-justice causes – and eye-wateringly incompetent social-hand-grenade at everything else – would morph into an hysterical tyrant, yelling that you don’t have to get vaccinated, but don’t think that if you don’t, you will still be able to get on a plane or a train beside decent folks, and shed your COVID cooties all over them. All right, I might be paraphrasing a little. What he actually said wasIf you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s your choice. But don’t think you can get on a plane or a train beside vaccinated people and put them at risk!

As the author of the linked reference piquantly pointed out – how does your unvaccinated proximity threaten the vaccinated? If you are vaccinated, aren’t you immune?

Perhaps this would be a good place to highlight the CDC’s latest venture into revisionist history; I’m sure everyone recalls their earlier below-the-radar reinvention of ‘herd immunity’ so that the new text made no mention of the possibility it could be acquired through natural infection and recovery – nope, it was the product of vaccination. Well, they’ve done it again; this time, to ‘vaccine’. See if you can spot the difference. Old definition.

Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

New definition.

Vaccine: A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections, but some can be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

Did you spot the difference? Yeah; a vaccine no longer has to confer ‘immunity’, only ‘protection’, which is open to a much greater degree of interpretation. Given it mitigates your symptoms if you do get infected, isn’t that ‘protection’? The brighter among you may have noticed the definitions of ‘vaccination’ and ‘immunization’ have also been modified to remove any reference to ‘immunity’. The buzzword now is ‘protection’.

Talking of the redefining of herd immunity, let’s just take a closer look at that. Because the government keeps holding out the prospect – if only a few more people will roll up their sleeves and take the gene-jab – as if it were a realistic goal. Is it? You tell me. I’ll let math-boy sum it up, because, as Geoffrey Rush said in the character of Cap’n Barbosa of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, there were a lot of big words in there; we’re nobbut ‘umble pirates.

“So, to achieve herd immunity we need to make sure that at least a proportion of $1-1/R_0$ of the population is immune. For an $R_0$ of 2.5, the higher end of the estimates for COVID-19, this means that we need to get at least a proportion of $1-1/2.5=0.6$ of the population immune. This translates to at least 60%…How do we do this? Well, ideally we would do it by vaccinating at least 60% of the population. In the absence of a vaccine, we can hope that this level of immunity will be achieved naturally, by people becoming sick and then immune. But because a lot of people die of COVID-19 we can’t just let the disease wash over the population, confident in the knowledge that more infections mean more immunity. “

Fair warning; the referenced site is sympathetic to herd immunity being achieved through vaccination, although at the time of writing, none was available. It has since become fashionable to pretend this is our goal through vaccinations, and that if some of those crackpot conspiracy-theorist anti-vaxxers would just think of their community for a minute, why, we’d be there.

But we wouldn’t. You don’t have to be a math whiz to see that the 60% figure for immunization is based on the high end of the estimates for COVID-19 – the author said so. What percentage of Canadians is vaccinated? As of the moment when I checked the daily-updated Vaccine Tracker, 67.766%. Oh, but wait – how many Canadians have recovered from COVID? Almost 1.5 million. I imagine some of those recovered individuals went on to get vaccinated, but it also seems reasonable that some did not, preferring to rely on acquired immunity. Probably enough to put the ‘immunized’ population over 70%.

And if you cannot achieve herd immunity with 70%, then you cannot achieve it. Probably all the readers knew that already, because while the vaxx-boosters keep up a steady background hum about how safe the vaccines are, they will admit if pinned down that they do not confer immunity. You can still catch it, and if you do you carry the same viral load as an unvaccinated person, and can spread it with the same facility as the unvaccinated. Herd immunity is just that – a wide-ranging immunity, and a vaccine which does not make you immune is no use at all in that frame of reference. I suppose you could call it ‘herd protection’, and please the clown show at the CDC, but the bottom line is that herd immunity is unattainable, and the British Medical Journal knew it a year ago.

“If confirmed, this hypothesis would have relevant implications for the treatment of COVID-19 and the development of an effective vaccine. The licensing of a vaccine against human coronaviruses has failed thus far, partly because immunised individuals could potentially be at higher risk of ADE sustained by facilitated uptake of viral antigen-antibody complexes by target cells. The approval of a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 may encounter similar obstacles. Likewise, herd immunity would not be a possibility with COVID-19.”

Although political figures and the media repeat with metronomic regularity that we are in a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’, that’s just vaxxer propaganda. Israel’s recent experience demonstrated that not only can you still catch COVID if you are fully vaccinated, the vaccines do not necessarily prevent you being hospitalized, either.

Consider that example. Probably the most-vaccinated nation on the planet at over 85% of the adult population. Yet the EU has taken it off its ‘green list’, and Sweden and Portugal have banned travelers from Israel. Including the fully vaccinated. Why? Because of surging Coronavirus infections. In the most-vaccinated country on earth, not to put too fine a point on it. And about that vaccine promise, that it will protect you from hospitalization and death? The majority of those hospitalized are fully vaccinated.

But that was to be expected, quoth epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina. The more vaccinated people in the population, the more you will hear of the vaccinated getting infected. Thank you, Doctor Obvious. In a country where 100% of the population are alcoholics, you will notice more drunk drivers.

You probably think I am just a sarcastic prick, but seriously – look at this flailing defense of the vaccines by Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. Most of the new cases are among the fully vaccinated. FOX News called the crisis a failure of the vaccines on every level, and claimed the Delta Variant had evaded the vaccine, thus there was no reason to get vaccinated. More about that later, but he’s right – the original strain has more or less disappeared entirely, and new infections are pretty much all-Delta, all the time. The Israeli Prime Minister admitted vaccination was ‘significantly less effective’ than they had first thought. But anyone who suggests the vaccines are anything less than stellar in their designed performance is a gun-jumping alarmist jackass.

Ms. Jetelina’s epidemiological contribution is discussed here in more detail. We always knew, goes the story, that therehttps://assets.nst.com.my/images/articles/26_Pinocchio_1519494974.jpg would be breakthrough infections. Well, yes, we did; as soon as it happened. The vaccines were originally supposed to be some unearthly efficacy rate in the 90th percentile, but it turned out that number is mostly engineered, and they really meant 90-something percent effective at mitigating symptoms. Anyway, returning to Doctor Jetelina – if 100% of the population is vaccinated, and there is transmission, then 100% of the infected will be among the vaccinated. It’ll just be 100% of a smaller number than if only 50% were vaccinated, or 20%, or whatever.

I suppose there’s something to that, in purely mathematical terms. But what does that actually mean for the progress of COVID in a fully-vaccinated population? That breakthrough infections will continue to occur, I suppose. And the more the virus is challenged by a specific spike-protein gene-therapy vaccine, the more likely it will mutate to a form which will evade the vaccine.

That’s obviously not what Israel thinks. Instead, it’s doubling down and ordering the whole adult population over 60 to get a third shot; a booster. Of the same vaccine. Preliminary results? So far (as of August 8th), 14 Israelis who had the third shot, got the ‘heightened protection’, also contracted COVID. Two were hospitalized. So where is that heading? Plainly, the jab does not confer immunity. But we knew that. However, it clearly does not prevent the jabbed from carrying the virus and infecting others. Will this keep happening, a vicious circle of endless jabs and endless infections? No reason that I can see to imagine otherwise.

Especially considering, according to Japanese researchers, that the Delta Variant is only one Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) mutation away from acquiring complete resistance to wild-type (version 1) spike protein vaccines. More alarming by far is the part about “we found that the Delta variant completely escaped from anti-N-terminal domain (NTD) neutralizing antibodies, while increasing responsiveness to anti-NTD infectivity-enhancing antibodies.” An increased responsiveness to infectivity-enhancing antibodies is the foundation of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a flip-flop where your immune system actually works to help the virus to make you sick.

Many sources which discuss ADE claim it is unlikely to occur with the mRNA vaccines, for a variety of allegedly scientific reasons and in comparison with illnesses that are known to be ADE risks, like dengue. But in the next breath they acknowledge that nobody really knows what will happen, because the vaccines are still far from completion of their clinical trials. ‘Clinical trials’ which are the epitome of going-through-the-motions, since they were never serious and were always geared toward getting approval at the earliest possible second; both Pfizer and Moderna ‘unblinded’ their trial participants after only a couple of months and offered to reveal to each whether they had received the placebo or the real shot. Placebo recipients were then offered the vaccine, and all but about 10% took them up on it. As a result, hardly any trials subjects remain who are still relying on natural immunity. Nearly everyone participating in the Pfizer-Moderna clinical trials is already vaccinated with the real vaccine, and essentially no ‘control group’ remains. The outcome of the ‘trials’ is a foregone conclusion – the vaccine is wonderful, cheap at double the price and we would be in a terrible place without it. The FDA has already gone ahead and approved the Pfizer jab, in the fastest approval process in its history, although the trials will not be complete until 2023.

By now, you are probably thinking, we are being gamed. This is not a random series of reactions to a spontaneous event – this is a calculated plan, an agenda. It’s hard to imagine that, in a country or countries where just two years ago, there was a considerable degree of personal freedom, and at least tacit acknowledgement of human rights. Leaders at least pretended to be guided by public will, and by that I mean public will absent the reliance upon scare campaigns and influence operations.

Enter the SPARS Exercise.

The ‘SPARS Pandemic‘ was a 2017 exercise for Public Health Communicators, put on by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

“While engaged with a rigorous simulated health emergency, scenario readers have the opportunity to mentally “rehearse” responses while also weighing the implications of their actions. At the same time, readers have a chance to consider what potential measures implemented in today’s environment might avert comparable communication dilemmas or classes of dilemmas in the future.”

I don’t want to spoil it for you because it is actually quite a riveting read. Just a quick plot summary; sometime between 2025 and 2028 – or perhaps encompassing that entire time period – a respiratory-virus pandemic breaks out. A promising vaccine is quickly developed – Kalocivir – and it is the task of President Archer’s administration and healthcare professionals to convince the public that global vaccination holds out the best hope. Strategies must be developed to counter skeptics and doubters, and messaging to reassure the public as a whole that an experimental vaccine made by a company which refuses legal liability for the use of its product is perfectly safe. Sound familiar?

The self-guided exercise features regular pauses for reflection on existing techniques and possible new inducements, such as;

1) How might federal health authorities avoid people possibly seeing an expedited SPARS vaccine development and testing process as somehow “rushed” and inherently flawed, even though that process still meets the same safety and efficacy standards as any other vaccine?

2) How might federal health authorities respond to critics who propose that liability protection for SPARS vaccine manufacturers jeopardizes individual freedom and wellbeing?

3) Once the vaccine becomes broadly available (see the chapter, “Head of the Line Privileges”), how might public health
communicators implement the “best practices” principle of enabling people to make their own informed decisions about whether to accept the novel SPARS vaccine?

4) What are the potential consequences of health officials overreassuring the public about the potential risks of a novel SPARS vaccine when longterm effects are not yet known?

https://pics.me.me/boy-did-i-call-it-or-whatp-george-orwell-yes-42701976.pngChapters touch on now-familiar themes, such as the vital importance of consistency in messaging between government agencies; for example, if the FDA says one thing and the CDC appears to say something different, confidence in the vaccine suffers. Of course, since this fact-finding effort was sponsored by the gub’mint, official messaging was intended to ‘quell public fear’ rather than spread it; making the public fearful was the role played by ignorant anti-vaxxers. Look, I’m getting close to telling you the whole thing, so just go read it for yourself. Bear in mind, while you’re doing so, that this exercise wrapped up just two years before the outbreak of the current ‘pandemic’.

Just a word here about natural immunity, which is that acquired by contracting an illness and recovering, at which point your body’s immune system stores a genetic snippet of that illness so that it can recognize it if it sees it again, and mount the defense which worked for it this time. The subject is complicated and contentious, with some suggestion that T-cell immunity is capable of recognizing any coronavirus, since they share many common characteristics, and triggering a defensive response. Whatever your belief, there is scientific backing for reports that naturally-acquired immunity is generally superior to vaccine-induced immunity, being both more effective and more durable.

“This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.”

Here, under the twitchy and generally rudderless leadership of Justin Trudeau – whose father, Prime Minister from 1968 to 1984, would turn in his grave if he could see what his entitled son is doing to the country – we have gone from wash your hands to no gatherings outside immediate family to wear a face-nappy everywhere to by God I’ll make you take the jab or know the reason why. The Federal Government is flirting with vaccine mandates, under which you can be dismissed from your employment if you refuse vaccination, and the province in which I live – British Columbia – is poised to effect ‘vaccine passes’ which you will need to show (papers, Comrade?) to be allowed entry to ‘non-essential services’ such as restaurants (both patios and inside), ticketed events such as inside music concerts and movie theatres. That’s not Trudeau’s fault, and I am anxious that he not be blamed for idiocies in which he had no part; the latter was the doing of dropped-on-his-head-as-a-baby congenital genital John Horgan, Premier of British Columbia when he is not too busy playing Klaus Barbie. The aim is obvious, reflected in the gleeful missive by pretend-I’m-funny columnist Jack Knox; “The walls are closing in on the unvaccinated“. As the Irish say; would you ivver think it?

Which brings me to the subject of this post, which is don’t vote. We are on the cusp of a Federal election  that Justin Trudeau thinks he can win, and participating in the charade of voting not only has zero effect on the outcome – when there is nothing to choose from but buffoons, charlatans and clowns, you are guaranteed to get one of the three – it says you are all right with the radical oppression thus far. I don’t really hold out much hope, because a solid majority of Canadians is clearly onside with the leader dictating from the bully pulpit as long as it gets to kick you while you’re down, a display of cowardice I never thought to see from my own countrymen, and which has irrevocably altered my perception of the country where I was born, and served 39 years in its armed forces.

Voting generally does not change anything, because there is a system in ‘democratic’ countries in which children of political families are raised from the cradle to be politicians, which practically guarantees they will have about as much in common with the working man or woman as they have with South African antelope. But voting tells the leaders you are okay with what has transpired to date – at least inasmuch as you still believe you can ‘punish them at the ballot box’ – and might even tolerate more. Let’s face facts; the freedoms that were yours for nothing, less than two years ago, are gone now; as extinct as the Quagga. We are entering the Age of Technocracy kicking and screaming, and there are no freedoms – only privileges bestowed and withdrawn on the whim of the tyrant. Whatever we will have is what we can wrest from our ‘elected’ leaders, and nothing more effectively displays your displeasure than a refusal to do your ‘civic duty’. When there’s a big turnout, even when it reflects fear or fury, the politicians say solemnly, “The people have spoken”. They actually couldn’t give a tin shit what you say, apart from on election day, and it will in no way affect how they pursue their chosen agenda. They play up the issues like the election is a real potboiler, everyone’s on the edge of their seat, and then they all run out to cast their ballots like the simpleton who keeps playing 26 black on the wheel until he has nothing left to lose.

Take us out, Henry David Thoreau:

Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority. There is but little virtue in the action of masses of men.”




353 thoughts on “Hey, Democracy! Why Do You Bother to Vote?

  1. Hi Mark, and thanks – still quietly following your articles and conversations with genuine interest.

    I had only just finished listening to this, so I share for the collective interest and at your leisure.

    • Ivan Ilyin on Democracy and Evil – Matthew Raphael Johnson

    Dr Johnson expresses a lot wisdom about this thing called ‘Democracy’ here and elsewhere.

    You write:
    “They see the national leadership forget all his/her promises before the air has even cooled where they were just standing”
    “an hysterical tyrant, yelling that you don’t have to get vaccinated, but don’t think that if you don’t, you will still be able to get on a plane or a train beside decent folks, and shed your COVID cooties all over them.”

    Here is one more example … his name is Dan Andrews (Premier of Victoria, Australia) – I prefer to refer to him as Dancronicus (or perhaps Danin).

    Dandronicus has just declared that he intends to genocide at least 10 – 20 – 30% of the Australian (Victorian) population. That’s pretty SELFISH if you ask me, excluding people from HIS ‘vaxxed economy’.

    It sounds like these Moloch-grovelling minions have all been given the same script to read.

    I ‘pray’ that karma will truly prevail.


  2. I went to a book talk the other day and the topic of smallpox came up – circa 1767 – and it led to a diatribe about anti-anti-vaxxers. The speaker spoke from an English (historical) perspective but it reminded me of the following.

    It seems that we have Catherine to blame in part:

    From pages 385–388 of “Catherine the Great – Portrait of a Woman” by Robert K. Massie:

    “There was no joking, however, when Catherine confronted one of the most serious diseases afflicting her contemporary world: smallpox. Here, the imperial family had no greater protection than the poorest peasant. The boy emperor Peter II had died of the disease at fifteen. Empress Elizabeth’s Holstein fiancé, Catherine’s uncle, had been carried off on the eve of their marriage. Nor could Catherine forget the suffering and disfigurement of her husband, the future Peter III. She considered herself fortunate in having reached adulthood without contracting the pox, but she knew that this reprieve might not last.”

    “The devastating smallpox experience being inflicted on the Hapsburgs frightened Catherine. In May 1767, Empress Maria Theresa and her daughter-in-law, Maria Josepha, the wife of her son and heir, Joseph II, both contracted smallpox. Five days later, Maria Josepha died; Maria Theresa recovered but was scarred. Her widower son, Joseph II, refused to marry again and had no surviving children. The following October, Maria Theresa’s daughter, also named Maria Josepha, died of smallpox; two other Hapsburg daughters had the disease but survived, with prominent scars. This succession of tragedies convinced Maria Theresa to have her three youngest children inoculated.”

    “Aware of these personal and dynastic tragedies, Catherine worried about the threat of smallpox to Paul as much as to herself. […] They sought to isolate Paul from crowds and from anyone who was or might be afflicted.”


    “The disease came close to Catherine and Paul in the spring of 1768 when Nikita Panin’s fiancée, Countess Anna Sheremeteva, described by a British diplomat as a woman of “uncommon merit, beautiful and immensely rich”, was struck by smallpox. […] Catherine herself was ill on May 14 and better the next morning. […] Two days later she was told that Countess Sheremeteva was dead. […] She spent seven weeks at Tsarskoe Selo, and for the rest of the summer, she and Paul moved between country estates to avoid crowds. “
    “Fear for herself, her son and the nation prompted the empress to investigate a new, controversial method of inoculation that assured permanent immunity: the injection of matter taken from the smallpox pustules of a patient recovering from a mild dose. This medical technique was being used in Britain and in the British North American colonies (Thomas Jefferson was inoculated in 1766) but was shunned in continental Europe as being too dangerous.”

    “Dr Thomas Dimsdale was a Scot and a Quaker whose grandfather had accompanied William Penn to America in 1684. Thomas Dimsdale himself, now fifty-six, had a degree from Edinburgh University and had just published “The Present Method of Inoculating for the Small-Pox”,
    describing his success and claiming to have minimised the risks. His book had gone through four editions in Britain, and Catherine, hearing about it, invited the author to St Petersburg. Dimsdale arrived in Russia at the end of August 1768, bringing with him his son and assistant, Nathaniel. Catherine soon received them privately at dinner.”


    “She told him that she feared smallpox all her life, but now she wished to be inoculated as the best way of overcoming the fears of others about the disease and about inoculation.“
    [After some discussion and nervousness, mainly on Dimsdale’s part], “the empress and the doctor agreed on a date for inoculation: October 12” [1768].

    “Catherine stopped eating meat and drinking wine for ten days before this date and began taking calomel, powder of crab’s claws and a tartar emetic. At nine in the evening on October 12, Dimsdale inoculated Catherine in both arms with smallpox matter taken from a peasant boy named Alexander Markov whom she subsequently ennobled. The next morning, Catherine drove to Tsarskoe Selo for rest and isolation. She felt healthy “except for some slight uneasiness” and exercised outdoors for two or three hours a day. She developed a moderate number of pustules that dried up in a week. Dimsdale pronounced the inoculation a success and three weeks later Catherine resumed her regular schedule. She returned to St Petersburg on November 1, and Paull was inoculated without difficulty the next day. Congratulated by the Senate and eth Legislative Commission, she responded, “My objective was, through my example, to save from death the multitude of my subjects who, not knowing the value of this technique, and frightened of it, were left in danger. “


    “Dimsdale then went on to Moscow and inoculated another fifty people. A Russian translation of his treatise explaining his technique was published in St Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Irkutsk and other cities. By 1780, twenty thousand Russians had been inoculated; by 1800, two million. As a reward for his service, Catherine made Dimsdale a baron of the Russian empire and awarded him ten thousand pounds plus a life annuity of five hundred pounds. In 1781, Dimsdale returned to Russia to inoculate Catherine’s first grandson, Alexander.”


    1. Original smallpox inoculation was performed using matter from cowpox sores; cowpox was a member of the same variola family, but produced a much milder effect in humans. However, deliberate introduction of cowpox matter, the milder infection having run its course, conferred immunity to smallpox because the immune system recognized it and mounted a defense to neutralize and kill it.


      Perhaps the peasant boy referred to in the account you cited had already been inoculated himself, and had a sufficiently mild manifestation that the unvaccinated Catherine could easily beat it. Otherwise I can think only that the procedure as described would have given her smallpox. Dr. Jenner inoculated his original test subjects with cowpox.

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      1. Yes, Mark. I didn’t mean to be disparaging towards Catherine – I just thought this was a topical anecdote. She would have been acting in good faith, and of course in those days, the inoculation [variolation] was entirely empirical and probably did serve merely to induce an immune response to a mild dose of the disease (or related disease). Today, however, I believe that what are called ‘vaccines’ have been militarised as bioweapons, especially since it is still not proven that we are being inoculated against anything. The Virus ™ is just a vehicle on the way to totalitarian control and genocide.

        Dr. David Martin exposes the players and spike protein injection patents since 2002. Interviewed by Reiner Fuellmich.
        Video: The Spike Protein Injection. No Such Thing as a “Delta Variant”. It’s a Fallacy

        Of course it’s not the first time the Canadian and Australian ‘politicians’ were given the same script to read …
        Remember John Howard and Stephen Harper on Iraq? … WORD FOR WORD!!


        1. It’s not ‘vaccine hesitancy’ – Jesus Christ, how many ways are there to say ‘No!”? And why is it so important that everyone on the planet gets vaxxed? We already know coronaviruses mutate constantly, it’s why you have to get a different flu shot every year, for those who get it. Giving in now will only mean a lifetime of getting jabbed for every new infection that blows into town and sufficiently rouses the interest of the Central Vaccination Authority, and the complete surrender of your natural immune system to the ministrations of the pharmaceutical industry. And I think we all know that’s just the thin edge of the wedge; this is a test of how far government power can extend, and if there are no practical limits, then it means unlimited power. What saint could be entrusted with that?

          I would like, however, to see Megan Fox in a nightdress made of Joe Biden’s patience; it has worn thin so many times now that it must be as transparent as plastic wrap.


          Look, it is already clear that the current vaccines are all risk and no benefit. You can argue forever over how risky they actually are – I know lots of people who have been vaxxed and none have displayed any symptoms of ADE yet. But there’s ample reason to believe the results noted in VAERS and the yellow-card system are both downplayed and underestimates. Also, none of the vaccinated have come up against flu season yet, and that’s what I’m waiting for. But even if a tiny minority develop later problems, it’s still a risk and the alleged virus is very close now to mutating itself right out of the vision of the existing vaccines – it won’t even see them, and while it grows less deadly it grows more contagious, so it will always be flaring up somewhere, necessitating more government heavy-handedness and regulation, and more jabs and boosters. I already loathe having to put on a stupid facemask just to go into a grocery store, like I’m playing superhero with my fellow five-year-olds or something, and there’s no sense even living if living means constantly being tuned in to the COVID channel for news of the latest government jab and where you must go to get it or be ostracized from society.

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  3. “In any democracy, ethics, self restraint, tolerance & honesty will always take a second seat to narcissism, avarice, bigotry & persecution, if only because people who play by the rules in any democracy are at a disadvantage to those who easily subvert the rules to their own advantage” -Ronald Thomas West (Ronald’s Maxim)

    It’s been at the top of my page for a few years now. On the ‘vax’ matter, I notice there was not the damnable “I” word that only can deworm horses (according to msm) but somehow many of those medical school graduates keep prescribing it for covid; whaddaya know about that?

    Covid 19

    Good write Mark, even though, this time, I couldn’t find my sense of humor –

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    1. Hello, Ron, and good to hear from you! I assure you the sole reason Ivermectin was not introduced is because the whole thing was starting to run long, and I judged there was not the space to take it in yet another direction. The papers here, like everywhere else in the west, express astonishment that people you once thought were smart try to buy horse medicine to treat COVID when there are safe and effective vaccines available that have already been prepurchased for you. Well, you could expect nothing less, because except for the Ladies Auxiliary Bean Supper and a few very local events, our papers print international news off the wire like everyone else, from AFP and Reuters. But I had secured an excellent reference, citing actual medical professionals, which demonstrates for anyone who is not already a dyed-in-the-wool Covidiot that Ivermectin is all the things Big Pharma is not, and at least one of the things it hates – safe, effective and cheap at about $0.60 a dose.


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  4. Gas transit through Ukraine has sharply decreased
    Sep. 10th, 2021 at 11:35 AM

    In January–August 2021, the transit of natural gas through the gas transportation system (GTS) of Ukraine amounted to about 29.45 billion cubic meters — 15.2% less than in the same period last year (34.8 billion cubic meters).This is reported by the Operator of the GTS of Ukraine (OGTSU).

    OGTSU draws attention to the fact that at the auction on August 16, Gazprom booked only 4% (0.65 million cubic meters/day) of the proposed 15 million cubic meters/day of additional guaranteed transit capacity through the Ukrainian GTS for September. Thus, this month’s transit will be reduced to the minimum stipulated by the contract of 109 million cubic meters / day.

    According to the head of the operator Sergey Makogon, the result of such a transit policy of the Russian monopolist was a record increase in the price of gas in Europe.

    “The Ukraine constantly offers additional transit capacities to supply additional volumes of gas to the EU. However, Gazprom, unfortunately, constantly refuses them. It seems that this behaviour of Gazprom not only encourages further growth of gas prices in the EU, but also sends extremely transparent signals to Europe that additional volumes of gas are possible only through Nord Stream 2”, he said.

    Recall that in 2020, gas transit through the Ukrainian GTS amounted to 55.8 billion cubic meters, which is 37.7% less than in 2019 (89.6 billion cubic meters). At the same time, Gazprom paid $2.11 billion for the entire contracted volume of 65 billion cubic meters.

    A comment to the above, no doubt from a “Moskal”:

    Tell that dumbass rogue [Makogon] that Gazprom is pumping all the contracted volumes on a regular basis and no one is going to find fault with it. But feeding all sorts of insane bastards with over-contracted transit? If anything goes beyond the contract, it will go anywhere, but not via you insane bastards. And don’t forget, you are “at war” with us, “have gotten off our gas needle” and other schizophrenia…

    Rejoice! Be happy!

    You can jump, shout, paint a trashcan or a village toilet in patriotic colours if it makes you feel any better.

    Why do you need our fiercely aggressive and, moreover, harmful and smelly gas anyways?

    “Harmful and smelly gas” refers to a statement made by the Yukietards the other week that Moskal gas is environmentally dangerous and stank.

    Aw c’mon! Give it a rest! I’m only trying my best to obey orders!

    The end is nigh, dickhead!


    1. “According to the head of the operator Sergey Makogon, the result of such a transit policy of the Russian monopolist was a record increase in the price of gas in Europe.”

      Uh huh. Because Moscow transits less gas through Ukraine, Putin is holding Europe to ransom and gas prices have leaped in Europe. Dun’t have nothing to do with a forecast cold winter and depleted storages.


    2. Becoming President of the Ukraine has made him all bitter. I guess he thought that boarding a sinking Titanic while everyone else is trying to get off was a good idea. Zelensky, the Tragi-comic President of the Ukraine. Will he stay on-board when it slips beneath the waves. The American band has just jumped ship and he’s all alone…


      1. I for one will have no pity. He had an early opportunity and plenty of goodwill, upon his election, to make changes and he had indicated in campaigning that he was interested in reaching some level of rapprochement with Russia. Well, as the good book has it,

        No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

        That’s a major problem with the Bible – too literal, too reliant on interpretation. Of course Russia does not represent God and America mammon, and it is perfectly possible to maintain cordial relations with many. But the sentiment fits here, as Zelensky has done more or less the square root of fuck-all to improve or better his country, and still less to make it self-sufficient in any credible way. He appears content for the nation to get by on handouts from the Bigs, and is constantly blatting for more. How can he expect cash from the wealthy ‘democracies’ if he won’t do as they tell him they want him to do? And that is not international relations – it’s serving the master.

        Russia and Ukraine will remain enemies so long as the latter’s president responds to western prodding to keep the fires of enmity hot, and to declare that Ukraine is not interested in partnership on any level. He’s as bad as Poroshenko, except not quite as greedy, as we have observed before now.

        The west is too busy right now developing and exercising unlimited domestic authority over its own citizens to listen to Zelensky’s sermonizing. Perhaps at some future time Washington will reawaken to interest in dabbling in the region, and in making Ukraine and Russia fight for its amusement. But for now they are talking past one another, and I suspect that will outlast Zelensky’s time in the big chair. Perhaps a future leader will be more pragmatic, and if he or she is, their first task is going to be peeling the country away from western influence. Because as soon as Washington sees a reason to dislike him/her, it will be poking its nationalist militias to terrorize the President into submission.


        1. Zelensky gives the impression of being completely out of his depth and not having any control over anything at all. He still wants to be in the limelight and to pose as leader somehow even as everyone can see his strings being pulled and who is / are pulling them. A bit like Justin Trudeau. They both come across as children playing at politics.

          Thanks again for a very detailed post, Mark, on the failures and limits of Western “representative democracy” and of its institutions (the two-party system, the news media as Fourth Estate supposedly holding politicians to account and not acting as their cheerleaders) as exposed by the coronavirus “pandemic” and other previous scares.


            1. That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? And with a digital currency controlled by a central authority, it would be much harder to maintain accurate figures because independent checkers would never be sure of the money supply as a benchmark, and increasingly the government’s figures would have to be accepted.


        2. Yes, it also shows a lack of character which is ironic considering he was a professional comedian. He’s been ‘managed’ and easily blown from pillar to post to keep him from implenting any of his promises. Has he actually given up? It looks like he grasps at any ‘solutions’ that are offered up to him. He’s not a dumb guy so what is the point of remaining President?

          As I say to the few poles I know here, ‘You don’t have to like the Russia for whatever (un/justifiable) reason but you cannot ignore simple geography. It’s in your own interests to get along with your neighbors one way or another or at least not make things worse. All your foreign helpers can walk away at any time, and they will. I think the Balts and others now understand this which is why they stick to anti-Russian rhetoric and build walls along their borders. It’s a recognition that they cannot do anything else and after all their main audience are their own voters, so they just give them nationalist fluff to swallow.


          1. VZGLYAD

            Gazprom will not be able to stop gas transit through the Ukraine owing to the terms and conditions for Nord Stream 2, said Pavel Majewski, Chairman of the Board of the Polish oil and gas company PGNIG.

            If the gas pipeline is used in accordance with European regulations, it will be impossible to fully operate it, because Russia will be forced to supply gas through the Ukraine, Mayevsky has told Ukrinform.

            “This is very important. Ukrainians are our allies in the fight for energy solidarity and its application in the context of the implementation of the Nord Stream 2 project”, he added.

            Recall that Moscow has repeatedly stated its interest in maintaining gas transit through the Ukraine. Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed to German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel the fulfillment of Russian contracts on gas transit through the Ukraine.

            The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, noted that the start of commercial gas exports via Nord Stream 2 depends on the German regulator.

            Earlier it was reported that deliveries via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline are scheduled to begin in early October. On September 6, construction workers laid the last pipe of the second line of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on the sea bed of the Baltic Sea.

            source: В Польше обосновали невозможность России отказаться от транзита газа через Украину

            IIn Poland grounds have been given for the impossibility of Russia to refuse transiting gas via the Ukraine


            1. In the United States they have spoken about the possible blocking of gas transit via the Ukraine
              Advisor Hochstein: US will take action if Moscow blocks gas transit through the Ukraine

              KIEV, September 11-RIA Novosti. Senior Adviser on Energy Security at the State Department Amos Hochstein has threatened Russia with sanctions if it blocks gas transit to Europe via the Ukraine.
              He recalled that this was mentioned in the joint statement of Washington and Berlin. In July, the parties reported that Germany had committed to use all available resources to facilitate the extension of the transit agreement for up to ten years. The current one expires in 2024.

              “The fact that the United States will resort to this will not surprise anyone. In other words, we will do everything we can to ensure that the Germans are prepared for this moment, and that Russia knows that it will have to pay the price for this”, Hochstein said at the YES Brainstorming forum in Kiev.

              Under the current contract “Gazprom guarantees to pump 40 billion cubic meters of fuel per year. Head of the company Alexey Miller said earlier that the Russian side is ready to continue cooperation, based on the economic feasibility and technical condition of the Ukrainian gas transmission system.
              At the same time, the state corporation announced the completion of the construction of “Nord Stream 2” yesterday . This pipeline has been laid along the bed of the Baltic Sea in order to bypass the Ukraine in supplying gas from Russia to Germany. The capacity of the two strands of the Nord Stream gas pipelines is 55 billion cubic metres per year.

              Supported by Washington, which is interested in promoting American LNG to the European market. Kiev has opposed the project.

              Russia must be punished by the USA and its arselickers for its intransigence, eh?

              source: В США высказались о возможной блокировке транзита газа через Украину
              10:32, 11.09.2021 (обновлено: 11:32 11.09.2021)

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              1. Note the wording; if Moscow ‘blocks’ gas transit through the Ukraine. Russia is doing nothing of the sort, and never did. The gas is Moscow’s, and Ukraine is merely a pipe it goes through. When Ukraine was stealing gas and confident Moscow could do nothing about it, Russia simply turned it off. The pipeline was functioning just as before; there simply was nothing in it.

                Hochstein fancies himself a master strategist where the former Soviet Union is concerned; we’ve seen his name before.


            2. As I have pointed out before now, Russia is perfectly willing to be ‘forced’ to supply gas through Ukraine. Just not at volumes which would allow Ukraine to make any money. And how are third-party operators supposed to use the pipeline when they have no access to the supply end? Just reverse-flow it into Ukraine, and transfer it around the country until it has all evaporated through the holes and cracks?

              All along, critics said Nord Stream II was ‘not needed’ based completely on the fact that sufficient volumes could be transited through Ukraine. There was not room on the market for gas additional to Ukraine’s GTS running full out. And that’s true. But that was never the intent. The intent was always to replace those volumes, not supplement them, and it was stated clearly enough that even Ukraine could not pretend it didn’t understand. As it appears now to be trying.


            3. We see this happen over and over with the Poles, the Balts and the Ukrainians – they hug themselves with delight and say to one another, Russia will never be able to do this or that: they must fail. And then when Russia does or does not do as they confidently predicted it would or would not, they look at each other with their mouths in an ‘o’ of surprise. Not at all like the ‘o’ face from Office Space.

              No, the ‘o’ face of the former brotherly republics is more like they just took a long hard suck on something extremely sour. And it must be a little bit sour to see your enemy succeed when you so badly want him to fail. Buckle up, Princesses – you’re going to be making the ‘o’ face a lot in the medium term.


    3. What a noisome piece of festering ordure!

      Zelensky has spoken about the risk of war with Russia
      9 hours ago

      Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy believes that for his country there is a possibility of war with Russia. Thus he answered a question from the moderator of the “YES” Brainstorming forum, which takes place in Kiev.

      “I think there might be. This is a possibility This will be Russia’s biggest mistake: after it there will never again be neighbourliness between Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus”, Zelensky said (quoted by RIA Novosti).

      According to the president, the countries had become enemies because of Moscow’s actions in the media field. He explained that Russia’s information policy is based on showing no respect for the independence of the Ukraine. After that, the attitude of Ukrainians towards Russians “broke down”. “There is no relationship”, Zelensky stressed.

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      1. September 10, 2021, 17: 22
        “The war he dreams of will end his career”
        Parliament’s reaction to Vladimir Zelensky’s words about a full-scale war with Russia

        Volodymyr Zelensky at the YES Brainstorming Forum, September 10, 2021. Office of the President of the Ukraine

        [Note the name of the forum: Yalta European Strategy — not that it was held in Yalta! — ME]

        Russian parliamentarians have criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for his statement about the possibility of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine. According to those politicians interviewed by Gazeta.Ru, such a developml.in Yaltad ent of events is possible only in the event of an attack by the Ukraine against Russia. And they called Zelensky’s statement unacceptable and insane.

        President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky believes that a full-fledged war could begin between his country and Russia. He stated this during the YES Brainstorming forum on September 10, but made a reservation that this would be the “biggest mistake”.

        “After that, the neighborhood of Russia, the Ukraine, and Belarus will never exist”, the Ukrainian leader warned.

        According to Sergey Tsekov, a member of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee, such a war is possible only in one case — if the Ukraine for some reason invades the territory of Russia.

        “I am 100% sure that Russia will not start a war. If the Ukraine invades the territory of the Donbass and tries to have it return it by force, there will be no war between Russia and the Ukraine, but Russia’s support for the residents of the territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics will be very powerful” the parliamentarian said.

        Speaking about Zelensky’s statement itself, Tsekov noted that the top officials of the state should not allow themselves to say such a thing, “especially since these statements are made without any explanations”. He called the Ukrainian president a man who had completely cancelled out the great achievements of the peoples of Russia and the Ukraine.

        “The fact that he allows himself to think of a war between Russia and the Ukraine shows that this is a person who absolutely does not care about everything that has happened before him. This is a person who does not understand the mentality of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples at all. I think if you ask the citizens of the Ukraine whether it will attack Russia, 97% will say “no, it will not attack”, stated the deputy.

        I think the war that he dreams of will put an end to his career, because after that he will have to flee the Ukraine so as to escape the wrath of the Ukrainian people. He is trying to drag the Ukraine into a war with Russia, but it will end very sadly

        said the first deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov.

        He recalled that all Russian political leaders had repeatedly said that Russia had no plans to fight against the Ukraine.

        “Another statement by Zelensky actually smacks very much of some kind of schizophrenic statement. I do not know how he is working things out. Perhaps he has lost touch with reality altogether”, the senator said.

        According to him, the Ukrainian president is trying to draw his country into a war with Russia, but it will end very sadly.

        “Maybe Mr. Zelensky continues to feel like the main character of the “25 quarter”. You could say anything there. But then it is very sad that the Ukraine — such a big European power — is being led by a comedian”, he said.

        During his presidency, Zelensky has not managed to listen to one word of truth about Russian-Ukrainian relations. The deputy chairman of the committee drew attention to State Duma Committee on Ethnic Affairs Ruslan Balbek.

        This is a politician who has made a career out of lying. He came to power with false promises. He makes various statements — false and groundless. And what he is saying now is just another piece of misinformation designed to get into the wallets of Western financiers

        the MP said.

        He doubted that the Ukraine would be given money for such statements, and even more-that someone believes in the possibility of a Russian attack against the Ukraine.

        “Do they consider him a political extortionist in Europe, parasitizing on the topic of Russian-Ukrainian relations? I have no doubt about this”, he stated.

        Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Natalia Poklonskaya is convinced that talking about the possibility of a large-scale war between Russia and the Ukraine is the height of ignorance and madness.

        “I consider President Zelensky a normal person and admit that he is being forced to utter such statements by overseas partners”, she told Gazeta.Ru.

        The MP expressed the opinion that now the countries need to find a compromise in bilateral relations, since the well-being of people living in Russia and Ukraine depends on their normalization.

        “Everyone can start a war, have a fight, enter into a conflict, you don’t need a lot of intelligence. But to establish relations, build constructive relations and get out of the protracted and unnecessary conflict between the parties is a jewelry work in the field of diplomacy and politics,” Poklonskaya said.

        The MP expressed the opinion that now the countries need to find a compromise in bilateral relations, since the well-being of people living in Russia and the Ukraine depends on their normalization.

        “Anyone can start a war, have a fight, enter into a conflict: you don’t need a lot of intelligence to do that. But to establish relations, build constructive relations and get out of the protracted and unnecessary conflict between the parties is a work of art in the field of diplomacy and politics”, Poklonskaya said.

        In her opinion, relations between the two countries should be based on contacts through various negotiations and building a dialogue, and everything else only plays into the hands of third party countries, but not Russia and the Ukraine.

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        1. At the “Yalta European Strategy Forum” . . . held yesterday IN KIEV!

          What a bunch of schizophrenics!


          On Friday, September 10, speaking at the Yalta European Strategy Forum in Kiev, Zelensky admitted the possibility of a war between the two countries: “If there is a powerful escalation on the part of Russia, this is the worst thing that can happen. Unfortunately, there is such a possibility. I believe that this will be the biggest mistake of the Russian Federation, after that there will never be a neighborhood between Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus”.

          At the same time, he accused Moscow of unwillingness to end the conflict in the Donbass.: “Russia does not want to resolve the issue quickly — to end the war. This is my problem, how to get them to talk about de-occupation of our territories”.

          Porky Poroshenko’s old line that the Russian army is occupying the Donbass, I see

          Commenting on the words of the Ukrainian leader, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called them illogical.

          Zelensky’s statements are becoming increasingly detached from reality. Phrases that are not connected by a single piece of logic and do not express any conceptual approach. A superficial fragmentary reaction. A set of aggressive and accusatory words and clichés that are not united by a single thought

          the diplomat wrote in her Telegram channel.

          In turn, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, answering the relevant question, also reacted skeptically to Zelensky’s words, adding that such attacks do not deserve any attention: “My reaction is negative. I see more echoes of KVN here [KVN is a Russian humour TV show that originated in Soviet times. The comedy programme has been condemned as “a political tool of the Kremlin”. This was the conclusion reached by researchers at the NATO Strategic Communications Center StratCom. According to StratCom, KVN in Russia is a successful commercial product, which owes its popularity not least to the special “close relationship ” between the Kremlin and the permanent host of the programme, Alexander Maslyakov. NATO researchers have claimed that “a series of obvious facts” confirms a strong connection between the Kremlin and Maslyakov. This includes financing the construction of the “Planeta KVN” concert hall, supporting participants in KVN competitions abroad, and “the presence of high-ranking politicians, including Putin and Medvedev, at performances— ME]. It may be necessary to win the hearts of our voters in this way, but it is sad if there is no other way left”.

          It is worth noting that recently Vladimir Zelensky has repeatedly made provocative statements against Russia and Russian-speaking residents of eastern Ukraine. So, in early August, the president said that residents of the Donbass who consider themselves Russians should leave the country and go to the Russian Federation.

          “I believe that if you are living today on the territory of the temporarily occupied Donbass and think: “Our cause is just — we go to Russia, we are Russians”, then it is a big mistake to remain in the Donbass. This will never be Russian territory. It’s like the wall in Germany was. In any case, people and history will seize the moment, and the wall will collapse”, the Ukrainian leader said in an interview with the “Dom” TV channel.

          [The fool knows no history! — ME]

          At the same time, he again placed the responsibility for ending the conflict in the Donbass personally on Vladimir Putin.

          “I believe (and the President of the Russian Federation knows my opinion) that today 90% of success in the issue of the return of Donbass, the de-occupation of our territories depends on one person. And you definitely need to know that he lives with this knowledge. And people in the Donbass should understand this. We should not live under any illusions”, Zelensky has said.

          According to him, Kiev allegedly had taken measures to de-escalate the situation in the region. Here Zelensky cited the example of the decision to open checkpoints on the demarcation line, but at the same time he accused Moscow of not working with them.

          Soon, the Ukrainian leader made another attack on Moscow, inviting the Russian side to take part in the work of the “Crimean Platform”.

          “If it is so interested in this platform, then we invite the Russian Federation to join the “Crimean Platform” to jointly work out ways to de-occupy Crimea and correct its historical and tragic mistake”, Zelensky said.

          In addition, the President of the Ukraine is not abandoning attempts to force Ukraine entry into NATO, arguing that membership in the alliance is supposedly the only effective way to end the conflict in the Donbass. In particular, he stated this in April during a telephone conversation with UN Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

          “We are striving to reform our army and defence sector, but reforms alone will not stop Russia. NATO is the only way to end the war in the Donbass. The map will be a real signal for the Russian Federation”, Zelensky was quoted as saying by his press service.

          Meanwhile, despite the provocative rhetoric, Zelensky occasionally talks about a possible meeting with Vladimir Putin. Both the president and representatives of his administration have repeatedly spoken out about the likely topics of future negotiations. The Russian Federation, in turn, notes the readiness of the Russian leader for such a summit, but Moscow does not see mutual political will from Kiev. Dmitry Peskov said on September 5 that the Ukrainian side insists on including the topic of the Crimea in the agenda of a possible meeting.

          “It is not that they were stalling — the thing is, for us, the topic of the Crimea just does not exist. They keep telling us in the office of the president of the Ukraine, Zelensky wants to discuss the Crimea. The Crimea from what point of view? Clearly not from the point of view that it is a region of the Russian Federation. And it cannot be an item on the negotiating agenda in that regard. That is why so far there has been no progress in this matter — we are still working on it”, Peskov said live on air of the Rossiya 1 TV channel.

          In turn, at the Yalta European Strategy Forum, after having announced a possible full-scale war with Russia, Zelensky once again stated his expectations for a “substantive ” meeting with Putin.

          “I am more interested in whether we can really meet in a substantive way, not declaratively … and we really do need to meet in more detailed way than that which took place at the first meeting of the Normandy format …”, 112 Ukraine TV channel quotes him as saying.

          Zelensky’s latest rhetoric is viewed with skepticism in Ukraine political circles. An RT source from the presidential “Servant of the People” party believes that loud provocative statements once again indicate that the Ukrainian leader has no political experience.

          “It is impossible to imagine that the president of any European country would seriously be talking about a possible war with a neighbour. I think that Western partners are not even amused after yet another such statement

          the politician says.

          An RT source in the “Batkivshchyna” party notes that the Ukrainian leader is very impressed with various public events and especially forums, which become a suitable platform for making provocative statements.

          “The President likes to take part in large-scale events and invite foreigners to them. At the same time, at them he makes very strange statements that have nothing to do with reality. But in any case, it is easier than doing real things”, the MP said.

          In turn, a Ukraine cabinet RT interlocutor noted that Zelensky, apparently, did not draw any conclusions for himself from the recent events in Afghanistan, where the Americans abandoned their local allies to their fate.

          “What can the Ukraine rely on? On the concerns expressed by Washington or on the $60 million that the Americans have promised to provide to the country? If I were Zelensky, I should find a veteran of World War II and ask him what a full-scale war means”, the speaker stressed.

          According to a number of political analysts, the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass could play into the hands of the Zelensky administration, since in this way it would be possible to divert the attention of Ukrainians from the accumulated internal problems that the president and his team are not able to solve

          For Zelensky, war would be a way out of the current situation, because then there would be no need to deal with saving the Ukrainian economy, solving social problems and other issues

          political scientist and economist Alexander Dudchak explained in a conversation with RT.

          Meanwhile, according to him, by making provocative statements, the President of the Ukraine is trying to strengthen his political positions in the absence of real results.

          “For the past seven years, the Kiev authorities have been declaring that there is an external enemy, which, in their opinion and in order to justify all their failures, they are effectively fighting. Zelensky is only continuing this rhetoric with the aim of shifting responsibility for the lack of progress in resolving the conflict in the Donbass. In general, the current Ukrainian authorities are not able to implement the Minsk Agreements or carry out effective reforms, so they are trying to justify their existence in this way”, Dudchak says.

          Nikita Danyuk, Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the RUDN University, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, also sees an internal political background in the words of the Ukrainian president. In addition, in an interview with RT, the analyst stressed that support for the Ukraine from the West is melting, so it is important for Zelensky to show that Kiev is allegedly left alone with “Russian aggression” and is almost the last outpost of defence of the West and Western values.

          “This, of course, is a signal that it is necessary to support the Ukraine more: financially, diplomatically, informationally, and, of course, with the help of arms supplies”, Danyuk stated.

          Oleg Nemensky, a leading researcher at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, called Zelensky’s statement “banal propaganda” that contributes to the process of the militarization of Ukrainian society, but fundamentally does not affect anything.

          In reality, it is unlikely that some Ukrainian politicians want such a scenario to become reality. It only benefits them to talk about a possible war against Russia, whilst believing that in the present situation there is no danger of the Ukraine being defeated during the course of military operations.

          Nemensky concluded.


          Breaking away from reality: Why Zelensky said a full-scale war against Russia was possible
          September 11, 2021, 01: 23

          Simple answer to above RT headline question: Because he is a little shit!

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  5. Thanks for that wonderful article, Mark.

    Martin Luther could, of course, kick off the Reformation by nailing his theses to the church door. Publication of unconventional views seems much easier today but in truth is far more readily suppressed and it is to your immense credit that you have taken the time and trouble to make this piece available to us. I will be encouraging “real life” friends to read this article and hope others who frequent this site will do so as well. It deserves as wide a readership as possible.

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    1. Thanks, Cortes; that’s very kind. I was just out getting a haircut, and I noticed another consequence of the ‘pandemic’ – increasingly, operations are no longer accepting cash. Because COVID. Government, or more properly, globalist elites like Klaus Schwab have long wanted to move to a cashless society, and it suits government down to the ground because you can’t just go withdraw all your cash and disappear. Every time you use your credit or debit card, you’re back on the radar and they know where you are and what you’re doing. Schwab wants to move to a digital currency, which will give central authority even more power over you. Mouth off, and no more income, or a fine which is just minused from your account with no recourse.

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  6. Well. Just when I thought there was no more ‘lower’ for them to sink to. Quebec virologist Benoit Barbeau advance-blames eventual mutations of the virus, until it escapes the current vaccines’ capabilities, on the unvaccinated.

    “Benoit Barbeau, a virologist in the department of biological sciences at the Université du Québec à Montréal, said getting the maximum number of people vaccinated is the only way to stop the spread and mutation of the virus.

    “It’s obvious that you need to have this vaccine coverage so that at least, first of all, the goal will be to minimize the impact on the health of individuals who are infected, especially the older people… but also to minimize or to reduce the likelihood of transmission,” he said.

    Barbeau said one of his biggest fears is that the virus will evolve and mutate within the unvaccinated population and reach a point where even those who are vaccinated could be affected by new and more highly transmissible variants.

    “The more it’s transmitted, the more it infects people, the more it changes,” he said. “That’s the way it mutates.”


    You would think a virologist – if he even is one, and CBC didn’t just tag that onto his name to make him more believable – would know that viral mutations occur when the virus’s ability to spread is challenged by an intervention, like a vaccine. It mutates to avoid the vaccine, not to seek out the unvaccinated, whom it could already infect in its basic configuration. Cue Deutches Willy, with their own pet virologist, to ‘debunk’ the claim that vaccines are forcing the virus to mutate. Nope; it’s all the fault of the unvaccinated.

    “Virologist Friedemann Weber from Justus Liebig University in the western German city of Giessen told DW that it was not the vaccinated who gave rise to new escape mutations and variants, but the unvaccinated: “It was infected people who provided a breeding ground for the new variant and immune escape of the virus.”

    A glance at India, Brazil, and South Africa shows this, he said. According to Weber, this is where the mutations that are now widespread arose and where the percentage of people vaccinated was very low.

    The coronavirus was widespread in all three countries at the time the mutations presumably occurred. This provides ideal conditions for new mutations, said Weber, because the virus uses the weakened immune system in many infected people to adapt better and bypass the immune system.”


    So presumably, if 100% of the earth’s population were vaccinated using Pfizer and Moderna’s miracle jabs, the virus would be stopped dead in its tracks, because there would be no more unvaccinated, correct? Ergo, no more mutations!

    Increasingly, ‘fact checks’ are initiated for no more reason than to head off claims by the dirty unvaccinated and reshape the narrative. Nerd wars.

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    1. As virologists, Barbeau and Weber should have some passing familiarity with Darwin’s theory of natural selection which underpins evolution: organisms evolve in response to changes in their environment. Those changes include artificially induced changes such as vaccines that only target part of the organism’s genome and not the whole genome. The SARS-COV-2 virus is said to have a complex genome (with the implication that it mutates slowly) so a vaccine targeting the whole genome that offers life-long immunity should theoretically be possible. Instead we have vaccines that only target part of the virus’s outer coating, not even the virus itself. Darwin’s theory predicts the virus will evolve in a way so that the targeted genes in the coating will mutate into forms that resist the vaccine more effectively or even be discarded.

      Incidentally Brazil, India and South Africa are countries where some of the early trials testing the vaccines were carried out.


      1. The widespread and indiscriminate use of antibiotics were creating “super bugs” per the big-brain doctors through acceleration of natural selection. The recommendation was to use such drugs only if there is a compelling need for patient recovery.


        “What the public should know is that the more antibiotics you’ve taken, the higher your superbug risk,” says Eric Biondi, MD, who runs a program to decrease unnecessary antibiotic use

        Odd that such a basic understanding of the ecology of bugs and viruses is forgotten when it coves to Covid.


        1. The above logic is dependent on vaccinated people carrying a viral load that is fought by antibodies from the vaccine. If the claims are true that vaccinated people can transmit Covid then that viral load will be preferential selected to have resistance to Covid. Hence the analogy with antibiotics would be valid.


    1. And get this:

      10 SEP, 19:18
      Russian mass media outlets are denied accreditation at Sept 11 ceremonies
      The 9/11 Memorial Museum’s press office explained that there had been too many requests, while the number of seats was limited, although the blank form of the accreditation request said that one mass media outlet can delegate up two staffers

      NEW YORK, September 10. /TASS/. TASS <correspondents have been denied accreditation at ceremonies to be held at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York.

      A questionnaire to be filled by applicants for attending the ceremony had been distributed by the US Department of State back in the middle of August. A reply had been promised by September 9. Three TASS correspondents who applied for accreditation have been denied permission to attend.

      The ceremony's organizers – the museum's press office – explained that there had been too many requests, while the number of seats was limited. The blank form of the accreditation request said that one mass media outlet can delegate up two staffers.

      The Russian news agency RIA Novosti earlier said its correspondents had been denied permission to attend, too. No other Russian mass media in New York have been able to confirm to TASS they had been granted accreditation. Other journalists, too, have been asking questions about the rules mass media had to abide by at the memorial ceremony. For instance, the chief of the New York bureau of Mexico's TV broadcaster Noticieros Televisia, Ariel Muchachos, wondered why it was not allowed to shoot video footage at the ceremony. It was announced that only the official video would be released to approved recipients. The same rule applies to photographs. Only official images will be distributed.

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  7. 11: 15, 11 September 2021
    The head of “Naftogaz” has described a way to block “Nord Stream-2” after its launch
    The head of “Naftogaz” Vitrenko has spoken about the possibility of blocking the operation of “Nord Stream-2”

    Yukietard Vitrenko

    It is possible to block the operation of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline even after its construction has been completed, if the United States imposes the necessary sanctions. About this on the YES Brainstorming forum in Kiev. This was stated by the head of Naftogaz of the Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, RIA Novosti reports.

    “If the US government imposes sanctions, we believe that European companies will not buy gas through this pipeline, so it will not operate”, said the top manager, describing the blocking method.

    On Friday, September 10, the Nord Stream 2 construction operator Nord Stream 2 AG announced the completion of pipe laying. During the final stage of construction, sections of the second line running from the coast of Germany and from the waters of Denmark were connected.

    The next stage will be the commissioning and certification of the gas pipeline. Officials are talking about the possibility of starting deliveries before the end of the year. A Bloomberg source has not ruled out that pumping will begin on October 1, but the head of the Bundestag Committee on Economics and Energy, Klaus Ernst, believes that it will be very difficult to meet these deadlines.

    The main problem remains the volume of pumping along the route. Gazprom has failed to remove Nord Stream 2 from the scope of the updated gas directive of the European Union. As a result, at the moment the company can expect to fill only half of the pipe. German officials believe that the only way to bring pumping to 100 percent will be to sell Nord Stream 2 AG to a third party.

    Clutching at straws as does a drowning man?


    1. The head of Naftogaz has accused Russia of restricting gas supply routes and increasing gas prices. “We already feel the difficulty of the situation. Because of Russia’s deliberate, I should say, acts of aggression in the gas industry, gas prices in Europe have increased seven times (Mr. Vitrenko did not specify for what period. – Kommersant). It has reduced supplies to Europe, and continues to block access by third parties to the Ukrainian gas pipeline — European companies that would like to buy gas at the Ukrainian border, and Central Asian exporters to Europe”, he said. It should be noted that in the month to September 10, gas prices in Europe according to the Dutch TTF index have increased from $550 per 1 thousand cubic metres to a record $700.

      source: Глава «Нафтогаза» призвал США к санкциям против Nord Stream 2 AG
      11.09.2021, 12:25

      The head of “Naftogaz” has called upon the United States to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG

      Russia using gas as a weapon!!!


    2. He has a poor understanding of the English term, “Take one for the team”, obviously, and believes that when Washington implies that Ukraine and the United States are ‘on the same side’, it means Ukraine can call on the United States to accept financial risk against itself and its business community by threatening Europe on Ukraine’s behalf. That’s not how it works, I’m afraid. If you are on a ‘team’ with the United States, then the United States is always the Captain, and any decisions to accept risk to make a point will be made by Washington. And its decision will always be that the subordinate members are the ones who will take one for the team. When the United States evaluates that there is no chance of achieving success with the current roster of subordinate teams despite their willingness to take one for the team, they are asked to report to the coach’s office to turn in their playbook. And suddenly, no more team.


  8. Once again … trying to get in on the act and taking control:

    Nuland has said the United States is ready to join the Normandy talks
    September 10, 2021, 22: 38
    US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland has said that the American side is ready to join negotiations on the Ukraine in the Normandy format or another format. This was reported by UNIAN.

    Fuck off, slag!

    According to Nuland, during the US presidency of Barack Obama, she, along with other American officials, participated in a “parallel process” that took place simultaneously with the “Normandy talks”.

    According to her, Washington supported the goals and aspirations that had been discussed by Kiev and Moscow.

    Nuland also does not believe that “all those efforts have shifted much recently”.

    “I think we have told Ukraine, Russia and the Europeans that we are ready to resume engagement in some way — either within the Normandy format or again as parallel support — if and as when the parties see a way through, with which we can be helpful”, said the deputy U.S. Secretary of State said.

    Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said that the Ukrainian authorities are working to prepare a new summit in the Normandy format.

    What? She only thinks that they have been told of the USA’s willingness to offer a helpful hand by getting its feet under the table?

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    1. There is no need for Russia to pay any further attention to the ‘Normandy format’, since the subject of the Minsk Agreements is dead and buried. Ukraine does not feel itself obligated in the slightest to do anything toward a peace process, and instead keeps making childish noises about war. In such an instance, Ukraine would be annihilated before it could even scream for help. But Zelensky – being a comedian – has no real grasp of that and likes to think everything is like the movies.

      The USA does dearly love to be involved in direct negotiations with the Russians, in which it can generally act like an ass and fulfill the role of spoiler to ensure nothing concrete comes from it. Russia already has a good reason to not pay any further attention to futile circle-jerks of Ukraine and European cheerleaders who are disinterested in holding it to account, and that would go double for any talks in which its old enemy is a presence. There’s quite enough futility in international affairs as it is.


      1. Indeed. For quite a while now Russia has been openly stating that the USA is incapable of conforming to agreements. Lavrov has stated that publicly. In the language of the common man, deals, agreements, contracts, accords, treaties, alliances etc. that the United States government signs are not worth the paper they are written on.

        Of course, all agreements can and may be broken and often are, but the USA, it seems, habitually does this, out of arrogance, no doubt; out its feeling of uniqueness, indispensability; because of it’s special nature in the world of mankind.

        I think this has something to do with the fact that very many of the early British colonists of North America were religious freaks, so common in 17th century England — and Scotland and Wales and Ireland as well — who thought that they were god’s chosen people treading the path of righteousness under the guidance of Providence, to use their archaic fevered jargon, and the term “god”, whatever that may mean.

        Wæs þu hæl!


  9. I read on RT.com that Biden finally called Xi after attempts to establish ‘low-level contacts’ with China completely failed. But this is at least the second failure, preceeded by US Climate ‘Ambassador’ Kerry’s failed trip to China where he was snubbed and also met lower-level officials (I think I read this on AsiaTimes.com).

    The US’ whole strategy of co-operating with China and Russia on issues where they can agree but also somehow firewalling that while slapping both in the face and making threats on the other hand was always deluded in the extreme. Russia said clearly from the beginning that ‘nothing is off the table’ for Russia in response to threats and sanctions from the US even if they have agreements elsewhere.

    So has this corner been turned? I’m not so sure. After such a humiliating withdrawl from Afghanistan the US machine will be tempted by ‘easy victories’ somewhere else. We all know how previous ‘easy victories’ ultimately turned out. The US is a publicly wounded beast and that makes it more dangerous than before, not to mention that any action however stupid will have the almost fooull support of the Republican party, not to mention there are still psycho’s in the Biden Administration who only know to continue the same course and double down. If Biden is seen to go weak at the knees they’ll come for him and hope to continue the project fully re-energized under Harris. But as I see it time is also running out as the chickens are coming home to roost with all sorts of domestic challenges which have been left to fester for far too long. This Covid bollox has only made the situation clear to the deniers that corruption, incompetence and general stupidity have severly damaged the US.

    I’ll sign off this post with this article showing how can do grass-roots Americans yet again have to do stuff by themselves because corporate America doesn’t give a f/k about them and does the best to stiff them. $$$$

    Motherboard: New Data Says More Communities Built Their Own Broadband Because of COVID

    Covid accelerated a trend driven by U.S. frustration at terrible telecom monopolies and government inaction.

    Plenty at the link.


    1. Just a quick thought regarding the need for an “easy victory” to shift attention to whatever degree possible for the Afghanistan debacle. The “righteous” drone strike that did not kill a terrorist nor destroyed a bomb-ladened vehicle but did kill an aid worker and numerous children may have been a rushed PR stunt.

      It is easy to imagine orders coming on down from Lloyd Austin to DO SOMETHING to show our competence and command of the situation. Wait! let’s use our high-tech over-the-horizon capability to show the world you don’t EVER mess with the US.

      The only surprise about this story is that the NYT chose to cover it. I suppose it could be a message that you don’t MESS with the NYT.


      A new investigation claims that a US drone strike in Kabul did not take out a dangerous terrorist driving a car bomb, but an innocent Afghan aid worker employed by an American NGO, and the children who came to greet him.


      1. Another cluster-f_ck was the response by US troops after the suicide bombing. About 170 people were killed; perhaps 25 to 30 by the bomber and the balance by US troops firing into the crowd.

        The Saker posted a video (no longer available) made by US Marines stationed presumably at the Kabul airport. The video (again, their own work) showed a vile, disgusting, filthy, undisciplined, drunk/drugged bunch of social misfits armed with weapons of every sort. Would they enjoy firing their weapons into a crowd of afghan civilians in “retaliation” or to “teach a lesson”? Why yes, they would.

        When I read stories about solders volunteering to do multiple tours of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan, I don’t think “hero” or “patriot”. I think sociopaths robbing, killing and raping. Not all may do all of the foregoing but as a group they do. There may be a decent human in there somewhere but the peer pressure to join in the fun must be enormous. Just my opinion.


  10. My thought on 911 is that controlled demolition was used to bring down the three WTC buildings. WTC 7 was clearly brought down by such. My pet theory is that the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was meant to target WTC 7. Since it crashed, plot organizers had the problem of what do with a building rigged for demolition. They had to bring it down least their handiwork be discovered by inspectors and engineers doing a mandatory safety assessment of the structure. I am willing to sell the movie rights.


    1. At first when I saw your pet theory I was like: wow, that is so obvious, why didn’t I see that before?

      Then I looked at the route UA93 took on that day.

      Unless the flight crew, the passengers and the hijackers were fighting to control the plane, in which case I’d expect the route to look more wobbly, UA93 looked as if it was definitely travelling to Washington DC.

      BTW one of the tenants in WTC7 at that time was the CIA which shared the 25th floor with the IRS and the Department of Defense.


      1. Agreed that the flight path was not suggestive of a NYC return but the greater mystery (if WTC was destroyed by demolition charges) is how the plotters were going to justify destruction of WTC 7 unless it was to be a target. Multiple reasons can be given for the flight path including your suggestion of an onboard struggle or a snafu by the plotters,

        There are a plethora of mysteries for 911 including the Pentagon attack, per the official narrative, was by a hijacked plane yet debris did not include components that would survive a crash such as landing gear forgings. I doubt that the hijackers were even flying the planes given that airline pilots indicated the maneuvers would required a skill level that they themselves did not possess. I won’t try to list the numerous and significant inconsistencies in the official tale.


        1. If a passenger jet was supposed to have hit WTC7, that plane was likely to be an Air Canada jet bound for New York City on 11 September 2001. The plane was grounded when news of the attacks on the WTC buildings and the Pentagon spread. Three days later, on 14 September 2001, a tall passenger who boarded the jet at Pearson International Airport in Toronto spotted plastic knives in the overhead luggage compartments and raised the alarm.

          Here is a link to an old Globe and Mail article about the same incident in which the boxcutter knives were found while passengers were boarding the jet for a flight to Calgary, and the discovery that the plane had been scheduled to fly from Toronto to New York three days earlier.


          1. Interesting indeed. Of all the inconsistencies in the official 911 narrative and the various alternate theories of what brought down WTC 7, the plane that apparently went missing is the most intriguing of all.


  11. Zapad 2021: A Threat to NATO’s Eastern Flank?
    Streamed live on Sep 10, 2021

    1.03K subscribers

    What are the stated and assumed real goals of the exercise?
    What is Russia signalling through the Zapad drills and what do they tell us about the state of the Russian Armed Forces?


    1. Zapad 2021 and the Future of Russia’s Force Presence in Belarus
      Streamed live on Jun 15, 2021

      Center for Strategic & International Studies
      157K subscribers

      In September, Russia and Belarus will conduct their quadrennial exercise, “Zapad-2021,” which is designed to demonstrate the readiness and capabilities of Russia’s Western Military District and its military integration with Belarus. This exercise is being closely monitored following Russia’s recent mobilization of an estimated 100,000 troops along Ukraine’s border and within Crimea which caused the U.S. European Command to raise its awareness level to a “potential imminent crisis.” Although there was a de-escalation of tensions following the Kremlin’s announcement on April 22nd that it would largely withdraw these forces, substantial military equipment remained behind for use during Zapad. This exercise will also be important to observe the potentially permanent shifts in Russia’s military deployments and posture in Belarus following the flawed 2020 Belarusian elections, the Lukashenko regime’s repressive tactics, and the recent air high-jacking of a civilian airline to arrest a Belarusian blogger. What can we expect from Zapad-2021? What will the pre-exercises show us? How will Russia’s recent military mobilization and pre-position equipment near Ukraine’s border impact the exercise and what will it tell us about Russia’s future capabilities and intent? Finally, what are the potential “red flags” the United States and NATO should watch for?

      Please join CSIS for a discussion on the upcoming “Zapad-2021” exercise with Lieutenant General (Ret.) Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies, CEPA, and Michael Kofman, Senior Research Scientist in the Russia Studies Program, CNA. Heather A. Conley, senior vice president for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic and director of the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program will moderate.

      This event was funded by the Russia Strategic Initiative U.S. European Command, Stuttgart Germany Opinions, arguments, viewpoints, and conclusions expressed in this work do not represent those of RSI, U.S. EUCOM, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. Government. This event is cleared for public release.


      1. Unless Russia will leave a glaring weakness on its border with Ukraine and allow attackers to spill into Russia proper – in which case NATO would chuckle with triumph at its foolishness – NATO grinds its teeth that Russia is a threat. If Russia wanted to take the hollowed-out shell next to it, full of poor people and a handful of fabulously-wealthy oligarchs and nuthouse militias and nationalist dreamers, it could have done so without breaking a sweat on pretty much any week you care to name.

        In any NATO country, obvious military preparedness to defend one’s borders would garner respect, even awe. If it’s Russia, then just having the capacity to be aggressive is being aggressive.


    2. Zapad 2021: Implications for Defense & Military Mobility in Europe
      Premiered Aug 5, 2021

      1.44K subscribers

      In September, Russia and Belarus will begin the massive “Zapad 2021” strategic military exercises. The drills, staged every four years, will combine thousands of troops from Russia and Belarus to stress test their mobility, readiness, and interoperability. Following Russia’s major military build-up near Ukraine’s border and civil unrest in Belarus, what should the West expect from these exercises? What will they signal about Russian capabilities and intentions?

      To preview and contextualize the Zapad exercises, an expert panel will unpack the exercises’ implications for NATO’s own mobility and broader defense and deterrence efforts in Europe.


      1. After the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan, NATO should study the Russian military. Perhaps they would learn something but likely not.


        1. General Ben Hodges the former head of US Army Europe, now CEPA think tanker has repeatedly praised Russia’s ability to move men and materiel over vast distances in short time frames. Russia’s mobility and logistics are far better than NATO in Europe.


    3. Putin Watches Zapad-2021 Exercise
      Sep 13, 2021

      The Kremlin Stories
      8.81K subscribers

      On Monday, Vladimir Putin arrived in the Nizhny Novgorod region to observe the main stage of the Zapad-2021 Russian-Belarusian joint strategic drills at the Mulino testing ground.
      During the main stage of the exercises, Russian army units, jointly with military contingents from Armenia, Belarus, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia will drill joint actions to repel an enemy offensive, to conduct flexible defense, to deliver targeted fire attack and crush the enemy.

      The drills are held on a vast territory spanning from the Baltic coastline in the westernmost Kaliningrad region to firing ranges in the Voronezh and Nizhny Novgorod regions in central European Russia.
      The exercises involve about 200,000 troops, more than 80 warplanes and helicopters, up to 760 combat vehicles, including 290 tanks, more than 240 missile systems and mortars, and up to 15 warships. Of them, 12,800 troops, including up to 2,500 Russian servicemen, more than 30 warplanes and helicopters, up to 350 combat vehicles, including 140 tanks and up to 110 missile systems will be involved in the drills on Belarus’ territory.

      150 international observers are monitoring the progress of the maneuvers.

      At the exercise, Putin was shown combat robots in action. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu briefed the head of state on this new type of military hardware.

      Uran-9 and Nerekhta reconnaissance and fire support robots were used for the first time within regular forces formations during the staging of practical actions of forces.


  12. I’ve never voted actually. I was thinking about registering to vote, but never came close to seriously thinking about it. Something about it… I really don’t think it made a difference if I was not involved in politics who won. The elections were never decided by one vote and I knew some very stupid people who voted, so I didn’t want to sink to their level or something. I don’t know… Also if you vote you’re registered with the voting commission, depending on the country, they can find you for jury duty or some other distasteful procedure based on that.

    When I was in university in Canada, my girlfriend was going voting in the Canadian elections and I asked her why she was bothering, and she said angrily that if you don’t vote (like me), then you don’t have a right to complain when the government does something that I don’t like. I said that the government is supposed to represent everyone, even the people who didn’t vote for them, so I would get the right to complain and maybe I didn’t feel like spending enough time informing myself about the platforms, so I left the choice up to my fellow citizens, but part of democracy meant participation in other ways, such as complaining even if you didn’t vote. She didn’t really have an answer for that, but didn’t agree with my by her annoyed demeanor. She then went and voted, but I don’t remember if her team got into power that particular time.


    1. That’s about the most common trope there is about voting – if you don’t vote you have no right to complain. So I should make my choice of the list of hopeless and entitled candidates, none of whom I feel would do an effective job, just so that I could thereby earn the right to point out what a hopeless job they were doing after I helped vote them in?

      A handful of people not voting makes no difference, and political parties often try to suppress the vote for their opponent in strategic districts this way by releasing something damaging about him/her which will make his/her voters stay home on election day. It will only be noticed that people have given up on the ‘democratic process’ when they can only drag about 10% of the electorate out to vote. A vicious struggle for the office does not signal disgust with the ruling party to politicians – no, that’s a ‘vibrant and healthy democracy’.


  13. By the way, did you see this Latvian army exercise in the middle of Riga video? Practicing for the Russian invasion. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I lived in Israel. This is messed up.


    1. I see … if I were the enemy, I could make a clean getaway by pretending to be a university student riding on a scooter or a pensioner on a Segway and ride right through the shooters trying to shoot up at the windows with the sunlight behind the building streaming down onto their eyes.

      You’d think they would clear the streets first of people and cars or practice in a mock-up replica of Riga city streets.


        1. Latvia: one in four of the 2 million population is Russian. Most Latvian Russians live in the cities of Rīga, Daugavpils and Rezekne.


  14. Sergei Sobyanin mayor of Moscow
    15:40, 13 September 2021

    In Moscow, an Indian summer is warm, good, such good comfortable weather, but everything is changing rapidly. From tomorrow, a sharp cold snap is already underway, so we have made the decision from today to launch heat in all social and cultural facilities and the residential sector.

    source: В Москве начался отопительный сезон

    The heating season has begun in Moscow

    Do you hear that, Yukietards, European arseholes?

    The “Beast from the East”* might be heading your way!

    Time to turn your gas on or up!

    *A British media meme, used whenever cold weather arrives in the miserable, soggy UK. You know, inclement weather is caused by the Orcs or maybe Putin personally.


      1. An hour ago
        Gas prices in Europe for the first time in history exceeded $770 per thousand cubic metres

        The price of October gas futures at the Dutch gas hub TTF has for the first time in history exceeded $770 per thousand cubic metres and reached $772.5 per 1 thousand cubic metres, or 63.205 euros per MWh, According to data from the ICE exchange.

        The day before, the price of gas in Europe broke several records at once and as a result, by the end of September 13, it had reached $760.4 per 1000 cubic metres.m. Before that, on September 9, the price of gas in Europe had for the first time in history exceeded $700 per 1000 cubic metres. Since the end of August, its price has increased by about 20 euros per MWh.

        On September 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that gas prices in Europe were growing at a record pace owing to the European Commission’s policy of focusing on exchange mechanisms in determining gas prices. In mid-August “Gazprom had decided not to book additional capacity for transit through the Ukraine. GTS Operator of the Ukraine had offered transit capacities for September in the amount of up to 15 million cubic metres at the auction. m per day. However, the Russian company booked only 4.3% of the proposed capacity — 0.65 million cubic metres per day, or 19.5 million cubic metres in total for the whole of September.

        Early August “Gazprom” also did not book additional transit capacities of the Yamal — Europe gas pipeline through Poland for the fourth quarter, as well as for the first three quarters of 2022 on a quarterly basis. Finally, in the same month, an accident occurred at a gas plant in Novy Urengoy, which caused fuel pumping through a gas pipeline to the EU to fall significantly, as well as the filling rate of European underground gas storage facilities on the eve of the heating season. This had also led to a record increase in electricity prices in Europe, as the lack of gas had been superimposed on the downtime of wind farms because of persistent windless weather.

        As you sow, so shall you reap, Greenies!


        1. Britain’s last coal power stations to be paid huge sums to keep lights on
          Plants called on to supply electricity amid fall in wind generation and surge in price of gas

          Tough shit Guadianista liberal-lovies!

          But hold awhile! Just take a look at this from the same rag:

          Experts condemn plan to install thousands of gas boilers across UK
          Experts say effective subsidies for new gas boilers run contrary to government targets on cutting greenhouse gas emissions

          Energy bill-payers will be asked to subsidise the installation of tens of thousands of new gas boilers across the UK under government plans, at a time when experts say gas boilers should be urgently phased out.

          Experts said it was baffling that ministers should be promoting the installation of new fossil fuel boilers, instead of low-carbon dioxide alternatives such as heat pumps.

          “Heat pumps”?

          Read on:

          A heat pump, in simple terms, acts like a reverse fridge by extracting energy or warmth from the outside air, the ground or nearby water, and concentrating the heat before transferring it inside…

          The RHI pays out £6,000 in quarterly instalments over a seven-year period to help defray the costs of heat pumps. Ministers are reported to be considering replacing it with a £400m boiler scrappage scheme, which would offer £7,000 grants.

          Heat pumps are already popular, but the cost is many times the price of a gas boiler, starting at £6,000 for an air source pump; for a ground source pump the price could climb from £10,000. And many homes need extensive insulation work before they can be installed.

          Plug into your nearest active UK volcano, eh, or geyser?


          1. Meanwhile, back in the “Indispensable Nation”:

            2:21 am, September 14, 2021
            In the USA, they have spoken about a Russian ploy with “Nord Stream-2”
            NI: Russia’s ploy with Nord Stream 2 will lead to an energy crisis in the EU because of the USA

            Columnist Nicholas Grozdev, in an article for the National Interest (NI), has said that the United States cannot ignore the so-called Russian “ploy” of Russia of playing a “gas game” for the Nord Stream 2 project.

            He believes that an energy crisis may begin in the EU, caused by Washington, and this will probably play into the hands of Moscow. The author of the article noted that now Russia is exporting through the Ukraine exactly as much gas as provided by its agreement with Germany.

            [Well spotted. Boy Wonder! — ME]

            “Russia hopes that concerns about the lack of gas reserves in Europe will force it to certify Nord Stream 2 (which has already been completed) and put it into operation”, Grozdev said.

            The publicist also suggested that the United States has entered into an agreement with Germany over the gas pipeline, because “in the name of transatlantic solidarity” they can ask their European partners to agree to economic losses as part of joint action against China. In his opinion, the bottom line was that the damage to European economies caused by US actions against the pipeline could negate attempts to demand additional sacrifices in the fight against China.

            Earlier, former US special envoy for the Ukraine Kurt Volcker said that Washington and Berlin are ready to take action against Moscow if it uses Nord Stream 2 as a weapon against Europe and the Ukraine.

            It’s that old take-one-for-the-team line again, “in the name of transatlantic solidarity”.


          2. ‘Experts’?

            This is turning into a panic, and in panic conditions, people will pay anything. That dry sussuration is the satisfied rubbing-together of palms in the European energy-retail business. Let’s recall whose idea it was to re-introduce speculation through trading hubs and middlemen rather than long-term direct-sales contracts. Hint: it wasn’t Russia. Let’s also recall that the stated purpose of this industrial adjustment was so ‘the customer’ had more control over pricing and could negotiate to get the lowest price from a diverse pool of suppliers on the trading floor. I’m curious – how’s that working out for you?


          3. Heat pumps work “great”, for a while. My landlord invested in one 10 years ago and cost of heating was reduced by almost 40% – – – for a while.

            The heat pump was expensive and died after 9 years and had to be replaced.

            Over time cost of heating would have been almost the same as without the pump.

            It also sometimes when it very cold makes a lot of noise.


        2. Of course in such circumstances, Europe has no need whatsoever of a shiny new gas pipeline; in fact, increasing security of supply rather than pumping more through a whistling network of scabrous Soviet-era pipes smacks of weaponization of resources! Europe must keep a stiff upper lip, and increase the efficiency of its present fuels by mixing them with bark or dandelions or something – anything rather than say “I was wrong”.

          If you are Putin, or Gazprom, you only need to sit back and watch the scampering and squealing.


        3. Not just the Greenies:

          Euractiv: Poland free of Gazprom gas

          On the eve of the inauguration of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline bringing Russian gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea, the Polish government’s plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, has confirmed that Poland will become independent of Russian gas supplies from 2023.

          …The Baltic Pipe is a gas pipeline project connecting the Norwegian gas fields with Denmark and Poland. Once operational, the gas transportation capacity will be 10 billion cubic meters per annum. Naimski explained that the delays in construction were linked with certain environmental questions “which were now solved by our Danish partners”…

          …At the European market level, the imported gas from Russia and Norway is mixed up and traded as such. “Then it has no significance from the security perspective.”

          Like the ‘grey’ gas that u-Kraine gets indirectly from Russia via other countries at a markup?


  15. 20: 07 11.09.2021 (updated: 23: 42 11.09.2021)

    Germany names three obstacles to launching Nord Stream 2
    Wirtschaftswoche names three obstacles to the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

    MOSCOW, September 11 — RIA Novosti:A journalist of the German newspaper “Wirtschaftswoche”, Florian Giusgen, has listed three obstacles to the launch “Nord Stream 2”.

    In his opinion, the laying of the pipeline, coupled with record prices for the “blue fuel”, is a victory for Moscow in the “gas chessgame”, but up to now there are obstacles to the start of the pipeline operation, noted the author of the article.

    “The first is the so-called certification process. It must be conducted by a Federal Network Agency. The agency reports to the Ministry of Economy”, the article says.

    The essence of certification is to eliminate risks to the security of supply in Germany and Europe as a whole, explained Giusgen.

    The second difficulty is the EU Gas Directive, which requires separating the gas supply from its operational use. The directive regulations state that the pipeline must either be partially filled by an alternative supplier, or its section in the EU must belong to a third-party company. Gazprom intends to legally challenge this, and the case may last until next year.

    “It is unlikely that they will stop commissioning, especially since the Russian oil company “Rosneft is already being discussed as another gas supplier so as to at least formally meet EU requirements”, the reporter added.

    The third obstacle is the Green party and its position in the upcoming Bundestag elections.

    “They categorically reject the pipeline, as do many experts: for example, from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, who simply consider Nord Stream 2 superfluous for gas supplies” the article explains.

    So if there is such an abundance of gas, why the present sky-high price?

    The Greens are, of course, not-in-my-backyard libtards who want to live in a world of wind generators and solar panels etc.

    Well take a look at this, will you?

    From that very same “Wirtschaftswoche” mentioned above — only today’s issue:

    Kohle löst Windkraft als wichtigste Quelle für Stromerzeugung ab

    Coal is replacing wind power as the main source of electricity generation
    September 13, 2021

    The share of renewable energies in German electricity production fell in the first half of the year. On the other hand, more coal is being burnt again.

    Coal, as an energy source for electricity production, ousted wind power from first place again in the first half of 2021. According to calculations by the Federal Statistical Office, more than half (56 percent) of the total amount of electricity generated in Germany of 258.9 billion kilowatt hours came from conventional sources such as coal, natural gas or nuclear energy during this period.

    That was a good fifth (20.9 percent) more than a year earlier, as the Wiesbaden authority announced on Monday. In contrast, the share of renewable energies such as wind, solar energy and biogas fell by 11.7 percent to 44 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

    Because of the lack of wind in spring, the proportion of wind energy has fallen by a good fifth (21 percent) compared to the same period in the previous year, the statisticians explained. As a result, the share of wind power in the amount fed into the grid fell from 29.1 percent to 22.1 percent. The feed-in of 57.1 billion kilowatt hours of wind power was the lowest value for the first half of the year since 2018.

    According to the Federal Office, the gap was filled primarily by higher electricity generation from coal-fired power plants, which are politically controversial. With 70.2 billion kilowatt hours, they contributed a good third (35.5 percent) more than a year earlier. Coal made up 27.1 percent of the amount of electricity fed into the grid in the first six months, after 20.8 percent a year earlier.

    After coal and wind power, natural gas was the third most important energy source for electricity production in Germany in the first half of the current year, with a share of 14.4 percent, just ahead of nuclear energy (12.4 percent).

    Climate activists call for a faster phasing out of coal phase

    The burning of fossil fuels such as coal is increasingly controversial because of climate change. According to current legislation, Germany is to completely abandon coal-fired power by 2038 at the latest. Climate activists are calling for an earlier phase-out in view of what they see as a need for greater reductions in climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2).

    So they can all sit around their dried cow dung fires in their huts, over which clean, green fires hang their cooking pots.


    1. The first translation above should have been italicized from “In his opinion, the laying of the pipeline, coupled with record prices for the “blue fuel”, is a victory for Moscow . . . ” to “. . . who simply consider Nord Stream 2 superfluous for gas supplies” the article explains”.


    2. The Greens’ not-so-hidden-agenda is to support technology that can not sustain our present standard of living. Windmills and solar are perfect examples of such Trojan horses. An economy based on this technology will experience an inevitable downward spiral as the cost and complexity of manufacturing and maintaining the energy infrastructure can be not be sustained. The Greens know this but do not wish to frighten us with the cold and gloomy reality until its too late to reverse the downward trend. Fortunately, Russia and China are not buying it.


    3. Experience keeps a hard school, but fools will learn at no other. It will be interesting to see if there is any public appetite for gas prices that are as much as a college education while factions in the German government try to wring concessions from their gas supplier. Good luck with that.


      1. I don’t have the link, but an article stated that UK windmills produced a peak of 170,000 megawatts of power on one day and then months later produced only 400 megawatts with the variation due to the degree of windiness. That variation presents challenges to grid stability that can only be met by having “conventional” power plants (coal or oil fired) on hot standby. Politicians apparently are convinced that their decrees can change engineering limits. Perhaps they believe they are full of good intentions but that still makes them idiots.


  16. Sputnik V does well against Big Pharma vaccines. And it does not need super cold storage, has a long shelf life, less prone to have side-effects, based on well-understood principles, low cost, etc. etc. etc.


    A team of researchers from Argentina analyzed the data of people who self-registered on the online vaccination system of the Buenos Aires Province between December 29, 2020 and March 21, 2021. Overall, they looked at nearly 416,000 people who received a first dose of Sputnik V, including around 40,400 people aged 60-79, who were compared to 39,000 unvaccinated Argentinians.

    The research showed that the vaccine was 78.6% effective at preventing Covid-19 infections, 87.6% effective at reducing hospitalizations and 84.8% effective at preventing deaths of people aged 60-79. The vaccine’s efficacy was consistent across all other groups, the team said.

    For comparison, the scientists summarized eight different studies on the Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca/Oxford, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines that included people who received one dose. The reported effectiveness of these four vaccines in preventing symptomatic infection, hospitalizations and deaths ranged from 51-76%, 66.9-91% and 85-91% respectively, they concluded.


  17. FYI, yet again a Russian Soyuz (via Franco-Russian Starsem) will be launching 34 small OneWeb satellites from Baikonur for the British government which will also provide services to French security services. The satellites are powered by Fakel (Russian) ion engines.

    The Brits the Russophobia, but also like the low and competitive prices… which explains why Her Majesty’s Royal Navy was careful in its most recent (self-)pleasure cruise in China’s backyard. The UK likes flying the flag but more so $$$.


  18. Britain can ‘live with the virus’, says Johnson as NHS and schools face winter of Covid strain

    Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson doing the pursed-lips pose so much practised by his predecessor “Just-Call-Me-Dave” Cameron.

    It signifies, I suppose, that he is a purposeful, no-nonsense Old Etonian, as was Cameron, who has the reins of government firmly held in his pampered paws.

    What a tosser! Just listen to him blathering on in the video insert in the above-linked article.


    1. The above buffoon’s mother sadly passed away yesterday.

      My commiserations, old boy — and I really mean that!

      Take a look at the photograph below, taken in 1972, of Boris and his siblings with their mother and father:

      Now which one is Boris, I wonder?


  19. I voted yesterday. (For the communist party (Rødt)).

    Usually my vote does not count, since the party always comes under the electoral threshold of 4%.

    This election was different.

    Rødt got 4.7% of the votes and 8 people at the new Storting.

    In some election districts they got almost 10% of the votes, and in Oslo 8.3%


    1. В Норвегии на парламентских выборах победила левая оппозиция

      September 14, 2021, 06: 13
      In Norway, the left-wing opposition has won the parliamentary elections

      Parliamentary elections have been held in Norway. The final vote count is still underway. But it is already clear that victory has been won by the left-wing Workers’ Party led by Jonas Gara Stere, writes “Interfax”.

      At the moment, 97% of the votes have been counted.

      Current Prime Minister of Norway Erne Solberg has conceded the defeat of the Conservative Party, which has been in power for eight years. Conservatives have already congratulated the left on its victory.

      Five opposition parties are expected to take 104 of the 169 seats in parliament. The Workers’ Party holds 88 seats. Norwegian media emphasize that this is enough to control a conservative coalition.

      Erik the Red is back?


      1. “But it is already clear that victory has been won by the left-wing Workers’ Party led by Jonas Gara Stere, writes “Interfax”.”

        The “left-wing Workers’ Party” is not left-wing. They were 100 years ago.

        And Jonas Gahr Støre is a war criminal for the bombing of Libya, and support of moderate headchoppers in Syria.


    1. This kills me though: they’re bringing in mothballed coal-fired power stations on line because of the shortfall and expense of gas in the UK.

      They closed all the deep coal mines in the UK over 30 years ago.

      Next to the mine where I worked there was a power station and the coal from the pit went straight there on a huge conveyor belt.

      So where does much of the coal come from to charge the de-mothballed coal-fired UK power stations?

      Give you one guess!

      It passes my dacha several times a day, Latvia bound, thence by ship to foreign ports, heading from the Kuzbas coalfield.


  20. Euractiv mit Neuters: Deal allowing Russian mercenaries into Mali is close – sources

    Paris has begun a diplomatic drive to prevent the military junta in Mali enacting the deal, which would permit Russian private military contractors, the Wagner Group, to operate in the former French colony, the sources said….

    …Reuters could not confirm independently how many mercenaries could be involved, how much they would be compensated, or establish the exact objective of any deal involving Russian mercenaries would be for Mali’s military junta…

    …A spokesperson for the leader of Mali’s junta, which took power in a military coup in August 2020, said he had no information about such a deal.

    “These are rumours. Officials don’t comment on rumours,” said the spokesperson, Baba Cisse, who declined further comment…


    France to Mali: “We respect your independence. But…

    Can’t allow military competence to creep in to u-Rope’s back yard in case it is a success. So will Paris threaten sanctions? Are they that stupid? Probably.

    The French military has run away but a ‘non-approved’ group would be worse?

    Maybe France can blow up its hypocritical relations over Mali with Russia in the process too and boost anti-French sentiment on the continent as well…


    1. …Reuters could not confirm independently how many mercenaries could be involved, how much they would be compensated, or establish the exact objective of any deal involving Russian mercenaries…

      Or their names, addresses, telephone numbers and political affiliation. Reuters wants a lot for a free lunch.


    1. The BBC’s running a special about it too:


      And there’s a piece from Rosenturd about how the ‘legitimate’ opposition is being frozen out of election. Of course he does not explain that ‘foreign agent’ tag is applied to people and organizations that take funding from abroad or even that this labelling does not actually ban them. Nor does he inform his readers that those running for government are not allowed to hold bank accounts abroad or any significant holdings, which much of the lovely opposition do in one way or another. When it comes to lies of ommission, you really are learning from the best.



  21. And on and on the Yukietards go . . .

    08: 23, 13 September 2021
    The Ukraine has put forward demands in case of the “abuse” of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline
    Head of Zelensky’s office: It is necessary to consolidate steps in case of abuse of Nord Stream

    The Ukraine has put forward demands in case of the “abuse” by Russia of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, demanding that international guarantees be fixed on paper. This was stated by the head of the Office of the President of the Ukraine.Andrey Ermak at the YES Brainstorming conference in Kiev: he was quoted by RIA Novosti.

    According to Yermak, Russia has already started using Nord Stream as a “weapon” against the Ukraine.

    “And during the meeting with the Federal Chancellor Merkel, and during President Zelensky’s visit to Washington, we did hear, especially from the American side, about concrete steps that will be taken if the “H-hour”comes. But we still expect that this will be put on paper”, Yermak said.

    Give us money for nothing!

    No forthcoming transit money means abuse!


    1. The EU is like a yuppie who adjusts his lifestyle upward every time he gets a pay raise, so that he never has any extra disposable income. Whatever level of gas the EU receives, it seems to use although it claims the most optimistic self-discipline. The EU cannot force Russia to transit extra volumes of gas across Ukraine just to help out its buddies because it is the kind of stupidly-inefficient process it would never use itself, and it puts a portion of the European energy supply needlessly at risk. They will caper and jabber, but they will not really do anything.


  22. The Ukraine threatens to leave Europe without gas if the GTS does not operate at full capacity

    “If the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is completed, we will still fight over how it will operate…,” Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters during a visit to Washington. When asked if there were any sanctions against the Russian Federation, Zelensky answered in the affirmative.

    The project is already fully completed, and the German regulator said it would make a decision on the Nord Stream 2 AG application for certification as an independent operator no later than January 8. The Kiev authorities have changed their rhetoric and “in defence of their interests” have decided to resort to threats.

    If Nord Stream 2 is launched and supplies via the Ukrainian route are too low, Kiev will have to completely reorient its gas transmission system to domestic needs.

    This was stated by the Minister of Energy of the Ukraine Herman Galushchenko during a conversation with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany Andreas Feicht, according to the official portal of the Ministry.

    According to Galushchenko, in this case, many European countries would face fuel shortages, and a reliable, flexible and independent route to Europe would be blocked. “This will give Russia even more leverage over geopolitics”, the Ukrainian minister stressed.

    Galushchenko also reminded that the Ukrainian gas transportation system remains the only route for Russian gas supplies to Europe that is “not controlled by Russia”. It is significantly underutilized — currently about 70% of the system is not used.

    Because you bastard retards don’t pay and thieve to boot!


    1. Are they suggesting that they will refuse to sign a gas contract with Russia that is sufficient in capacity unless they get to choose the actual price of the gas (clue: below global market rates/subisdy for oligarchs like rather quite ‘Gas Princess’ Yulia Timoshenko ‘I’m waiting for mu moment’)? It looks like they are getting in their excuses beforehand.

      I don’t know if Kiev reads the news, but left of center SPD candidate for ‘next Merkel’ Scholtz has also won the second debate between candidates hansomely. Partners for the SDP are Der Linke and other lefties. What’s that I can smell in the air? Is it humble pie? Even if by some outside chance the CDU does get its candidate as Chancellor, it’s hard to see the difference.

      And of course I refer to my earlier euractiv/neuters news post that the lo-land of Po-land is very excited about buying direct Baltic Pipe gas from Norway which may be mixed with Russian gas… And the other source for u-Rope, Turk Stream/Balkan Stream… When the music’s over turn out the lights….


    2. That’s not a threat; if transit volumes remain low, Kuh-yiv will have to reorient its gas system to exclusively-domestic use because it cannot afford to maintain the system without any money coming in, and large sections of it have already been isolated or cannibalized to keep other sections running. The whole thing is likely to collapse completely within 5 years if someone does not spend some serious money on it, and what would be the rationale for that without high volumes of gas transiting through it? If the Ukies are not very careful they are going to be moving their domestic gas around the country in trucks, never mind international transit.


        1. Is that what they think is leverage? That they won’t grant an import license until mid-winter when their reserve storages are empty and gas costs a king’s ransom? Do they propose to extend the possibility that they allowed the pipeline to be built and connected to the European grid, but they just will not ever use it unless Russia agrees to pay Ukraine transit fees for gas that goes through Nord Stream II, or something?

          Listen, Russia is probably already recouping any potential loss due to the price of gas that arrives in Europe by other means, like the previous pipelines with the exception of the Ukrainian one. Don’t you get it? Russia can continue to pump low volumes through Ukraine, too low for Ukraine to make any money, and the price difference compensates Russia for lower volumes without compensating Ukraine, which gets paid by cubic meters volume, not hub prices.

          Let’s see if I can think of a worse way, a less-promising set of circumstances, for Europe to strong-arm Russia into letting it have its own way. Hmmmm….

          Nope. Can’t do it.


      1. Ukraine pointed out the obvious – if there is a gas shortage in Europe, there will be no more “reverse flow” to Ukraine. The unspoken threat is that Ukraine will steal the gas bought by other western countries.


  23. RT

    EU red tape prevents Russia from boosting NS2 gas supplies to Europe – Lavrov
    4 minutes ago


    Despite the completion of Nord Stream 2, Europe should not expect the Russian pipeline to start deliveries this year due to bureaucracy within the EU, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned on Wednesday.

    Now the process of obtaining the necessary permits from the German regulator is underway. The process is not fast. The beginning of 2022 has been indicated

    Lavrov told the press.

    Experts say this could be the reason behind the current surge in gas prices, which have been smashing records for several days now. According to the press secretary of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), Fita Wolf, Nord Stream 2’s certification may take several months, a prospect which practically forces market participants to raise prices.

    To add to the problem, the pipeline’s main adversaries, Ukraine and the United States, have both vowed to complicate the certification procedure.

    According to Lavrov, there will be many roadblocks before certification is finally granted.

    All in the interests of freedom and democracy and in defence of Europe from Russian aggression — not to mention giving succour to Galitsian Nazis.


    1. Never read the book or watched the movie but Gore probably got a lot of the science wrong. The man was a politician, not a climate scientist. Plus science has advanced since whenever the movie came out.

      Galileo was almost totally wrong in his theoretical work —it really was shitty–but he was correct that we have a heliocentric system. But then Kepler had more or less already given the theoretical arguments for this.

      Paul A. Nuttall sounds like a science illiterate who has never read an IPCC report or even noticed that Miami is flooding regularly, the US Navy is in a panic about ocean levels, , large parts of Siberia, Western Canada, and Australia are/were in flames this year and bits of the Arctic shoreline are falling into the sea. We (Canada) IIRC lost a small village last (2020) summer. Oops, forgot Turkey, Greece & Sardinia.


      1. Many factors are in play. Per the link below, the average sea level has risen about 3 inches in the past 30 years. Very interestingly to me, local sea levels are influenced by gravitational fields. For example, as the ice mass in Greenland melts, one may expect that sea level will increase. in that area However, it decreases as the ice mass is reduced hence the local gravitational pull weakens but with sea levels rising thousands of miles away.


        My specific interest regarding climate change is the role of CO2 as the argument for the rapid phase out of fossil fuel combustion is posited on the assumption further increases in CO2 will drive global warming. Surprisingly, that is not the case at all. Atmospheric physicists state that CO2 has essentially reached the saturation point in terms of further contributions to global warming. Even a doubling of CO2 will have a negligible impact.

        Another surprising finding is that the CO2 level is a lagging indicator of global warming per paleo-climate studies. The increases noted were due to increased biosphere activity as a result of warming trends caused by other factors.

        Solar physicists have weighed in with evidence that to whatever degree of global warming there is, variability in solar activity may account for much of the observed warming.

        There may be indeed significant climate variability but not to be confused with global warming. Cherry picking that data can lead to all sorts of erroneous conclusions. For example, the worsening droughts in the Western US and often linked to global warming however such droughts have occurred in the past several millennia.

        The drive to eliminate fossil fuel combustion as a way to save the planet is simply not supported by the facts. Perhaps deforestation or other man-made activities have a role. those factors must be better understood before going off half-cocked.

        Eliminating fossil fuels and adoption of wind and solar mean a sharply reduced standard of living for the the developed world (excepting the wealthy elites of course), and the possibility of catastrophic loss of life for everyone else. The double whammy of Covid and global warming, both based on cherry picked data, obscures a hidden agenda to dial back our expectations and to accept a bleak future. Such a future is highly likely for the Western world but because our A-hole elites wrecking the economy for their personal enrichment.


        1. Well, I’m out in the sticks again, where the temperature now at 08:47 is plus 4 Celsius. I’m sitting in the kitchen in front of the stove. About 15 minutes ago I drew water from the well to wash my breakfast dishes and now my hands are freezing.

          This is the life! Just like back in the USSR!

          Still have electricity though. The generator turbines are powered by steam raised by using natural gas, but we have kerosene lamps as a standby. The nearest power station is some 96 kms away in Moscow.

          And we are surrounded by a pine forest. There are plenty of them here in this godforsaken land. Nobody will miss one or two pine trees, I’m sure, if I need time wood for the stove.

          I don’t need to fell them anyway: there’s plenty of pine and birch lying around here.

          And there’s no sign of a flooding threat here either.


          1. Typo

            need some wood for the stove

            A typo on my part triggered the pain-in-the-arse spellchecker to change the misspelt word into some a word that made no sense in context.


          2. I was going to advise not to burn pine but according to the internet, pine makes good firewood. Smells nice as well. A pine tree was damaged by high winds a few weeks back (we lost power for a few days but many around us lost power for over a week). It became hung up on other trees so removal will be tricky but there will a lot of wood to burn once it’s down. May try trimming some of the lower branches and see what happens.


            1. That happened here last year. There was a humdinger of a summer storm and a pine tree brought down the power line to our settlement. The linesman were very prompt in fixing it, but no power came on. It turned out that the same storm had brought down a swathe of trees in this region of the Moscow Province and I guess a substation had blown. There was no power for 3 days. I suppose that’s what one should expect to happen in a 3rd-world shit hole as is Russia.


            2. Obviously smoke is a major factor in air pollution, and the amount of smoke generated increases in direct proportion to the amount of moisture remaining in the wood. Dry, seasoned firewood generates very little smoke, certainly no more than burning coal. Fireplaces, though, are generally the most inefficient heating method going. Fireplaces with a blower insert and wood stoves are far superior.


              1. Oh, the woodsheds here are all now well stocked. Some like hand splitting logs into billets — my neighbour does — but most have it delivered.

                Keep the home fires burning, tovarishchi!


        2. The final goal of solar and wind power should not be direct power generation. You want to use solar power to split water to produce H2. The hydrogen can be combined with CO2 captured from air to form methanol. The methanol can be subsequently turned into higher liquid fuels that have a lot of energy density and that you can burn anywhere you want and at whatever time you want so that you’re not limited by weather. That’s three processes and only the last one can be done fairly painlessly. There are solutions of course for the first two, and there are companies selling small plants doing all three things to remote communities.

          But it’s still pretty expensive and will likely be always more expensive than just digging up fossil fuels. Still, it would be nice to have a solution ready to go for when fossil fuels are starting to decrease or if somebody bans them or something. Plus, the amount of new chemistry for completely different applications, discovered as a side effect of working on these problems, is huge.


        3. I should mention that I was banned from Ecosophia for the heresy of delinking CO2 from anthropomorphic climate warming and saying the the Holodomor was not worse (if it even happened as describe by Western sources) than whatever Hitler did.

          I learned a valuable lesson there. Despite the high sounding rhetoric John Michael Greer will protect his flock and his source of adulation from inconvenient facts and contrarian opinions. He is a smart guy but I guess he has a livelihood to protect. The same goes for the Saker but, in his case, it’s his ego that must be protected.


    1. Hey we have to look out for Russian aggression. I heard Russian on the street here in 2019. They were only pretending to be tourists checking out the Saturday market. The teenagers were a nice touch.


  24. Meanwhile, off the coast of Merry England Her Majesty’s Royal Navy has escorted a Russian navy “spy ship” away from UK territorial waters as she headed east through the Channel — not that the Russian vessel had entered British waters, of course, unlike an RN vessel that had recently and most purposefully entered Russian territorial waters off the Crimea.

    Russian spy ship is in English Channel: Naval intelligence vessel that can ‘cut undersea internet cables’ sails through shipping lane near British coast
    13 September 2021.



    1. And that Ruski spy ship can carry nuclear weapons! In fact, is likely carrying the Tsar bomba! These nuclear provocations must not go unanswered.


  25. Here they are — some of the pack of participants at the “Crimean Platform” with the joker centre:

    At the get together, a declaration was signed by representatives of the following states:

    The Ukraine, the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, all EU member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia), Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey, New Zealand and Australia.

    Participants of the “Crimea Platform” summit have colluded to pursue in their countries people who had something to do with the reunification of the peninsula with Russia, said Alexander Molokhov, head of the working group on international legal issues at the Crimean Permanent Mission.

    “According to the information we have, on the sidelines of the ‘Crimean Platform,’ representatives of the Baltic States, the Czech Republic, Poland and Scandinavians have really worked together in order that they start pursuing those Russians who took part in the events of the ‘Crimean Spring,’ which marked the reunification of the peninsula with Russia”, Molokhov said, as reported by RIA Novosti .

    According to him, the reason for their pursuance was their inclusion in lists published on the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”.

    On September 12, Russian citizen Alexander Franchetti was detained at the Prague airport on an international warrant issued by the Ukraine. His involvement in the events of the “Crimean spring” is cited as the reason for his detention, because of which Kiev had already requested Prague to extradite the Russian. On September 14, a court in the Czech Republic arrested the Russian. Moscow has sent requests to the Czech Republic to establish all the circumstances of Franchetti’s detention.

    source: Стало известно о сговоре участников «Крымской платформы»

    Collusion of participants of the “Crimean Platform” has become known
    15 September 2021, 08:18


      1. Of course they would have, for they are the righteous ones, following the lead of that most righteous and indispensable of nations and meting out due punishment to the unrighteous.

        It’s good to be good!

        Not only good, but impeccable!


  26. Belarus’ “hybrid war” against Poland and the EU
    Sep 13, 2021

    Cross-border Talks
    26 subscribers

    In the summer of 2021 – an year after the start of the protests against president Lukashenko in Belarus, Malgorzata Kulbacewska-Figat discusses the humanitarian and geopolitical aspects of the news crisis on the northern border of the EU – the migrant one. For weeks migrants from the Middle East have been reaching three EU countries – Lithuania, Latvia and Poand via Belarus. What is the role of Belarus and Russia in that? How does Poland and the EU react? What is Malgorzata’s prognosis about the development of the crisis?

    The answers are in the second segment of the fourth episode of Cross-Border Talks.


  27. Европарламент утвердил доклад с призывом пересмотреть отношения с Россией
    16 сентября 2021, 11:00

    European Parliament approves report calling for reconsideration of relations with Russia
    September 16, 2021, 11:00 am

    The European Parliament has approved a report by Lithuanian MP Andrius Kubilius calling on the EU authorities to reconsider relations with Russia, TASS reports with reference to the results of voting at the plenary session in Strasbourg.

    It is reported that the document was supported by 494 parliamentarians, 103 opposed, and 72 abstained.

    It refers to a recommendation to “review the EU policy towards Russia” and “develop a comprehensive strategy” in relation to Moscow.

    In particular, the author of the initiative believes that Brussels should “counteract the security threat” and “fight Russian interference in the affairs of the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries”.

    He also calls for conducting a “selective dialogue” with the Kremlin and supporting a “democratic society.”

    The EP decisions are advisory in nature.

    Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the once-developed architecture of relations with Europe had now been destroyed by Brussels, which had increasingly resorted to unilateral sanctions in circumvention of UN Security Council decisions.

    Nothing put hot air comes from that place. It would better that it be connected to a heat pump in order to allay the costs of heating the building.

    And “democracy”?

    The EU commission in Brussels is democratic?

    Who elects the EU commissioners?

    commissioner = комиссар (commisar)

    They are appointed by their respective governments.

    Here’s a former British EU commissioner, who made a mint whilst in Brussels:

    Former Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock — former European Union Commissioner, grade-A tosser and hot-air specialist. Now Lord Kinnock. So “raise the scarlet banner high” in the House of Lords, eh, Neil?

    In Brussels, the former Labour leader was responsible for transport and then became a vice-president with responsibility for administrative reform.

    By the time he left in 2004 Lord Kinnock was earning £163,453 a year alongside a housing allowance and an entertainment budget. He received a payment of nearly £273,000 on leaving office. He has an EU pension thought to be worth more than £60,000 per year alongside the pension he receives for more than 25 years’…



    1. Even then, 26% of parliamentarians did not vote for it.

      Yes hot air, but also lack of imagination. It is little more than copying the failed US/Western strategy of thinking they can firewall issues so that subject they can agree upon with Russia will not be affected by subjects and behavior they disagree with Russia.

      It’s just like the EP to jump on to a failed strategy which is also a safe and lazy option, but then again qute a few MEP’s are little more than second-hand politicians seatwarming abroad until they can get back in to government back home, some prefer the easier life of Brussels & Strasbourg and others are actually dedicated to u-Rope. It’s certainly better than getting a real job.


    2. The EU’s relationship to the yappy Balts, who are always looking for a big brother to beat up Russia because they hate it, can be likened to the EU’s oh-so-special relationship with its master, the United States of America. I suppose there is a difference in the sense that the USA is big and powerful (although less so every year) and the Baltics are small and weak in great disproportion to their big mouth, but in both cases the EU can be counted on to make decisions against its better interests because it wants to appear as some great global arbiter or something. What’s that saying about never interrupting your enemy when he is making a mistake? The EU could not organize an attack against Russia consisting of five grannies pushing shopping carts – there would be a cacophonous argument over which nations should be represented by the five grannies, and everyone would want veto power over the rules of engagement and it would turn into the usual EU clusterfuck. Nothing the EU bandar-log ‘decide’ upon will be of any serious consequence to Russia because they can’t get gas anywhere else and virtually everything the EU formerly sold to Russia has either been replaced by alternative suppliers or domestic producers, or continues to be sold in defiance of its blowhard sanctions. If this huge commonwealth of nations wishes to be dictated to by Lithuania in pursuit of its ethnic hatreds, then by all means proceed.


  28. What a bloody shower!

    Украина назвала условие для сертификации «Северного потока-2»

    15: 25, 15 September 2021
    The Ukraine has named a condition for certification of Nord Stream 2
    The head of “Naftogaz” Vitrenko urged to expand the issue of certification of “Nord Stream-2”

    In the process of certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, an equal, non-discriminatory access for European companies to all possible gas supply routes must be a prerequisite. This was stated by the head of “Naftogaz of the Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko during negotiations with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Economy of Germany, Andreas Feicht, RIA Novosti reports.

    According to him, then there will be fair competition, which Germany and the United States has insisted on in their agreements. From a practical point of view, this means that European companies will be allowed to buy gas at the Russia / Ukraine border.

    Vitrenko stressed that such a development of events is what gas buyers themselves want, so that they can choose the most profitable method of purchase — through Russian export gas pipelines or through the Ukrainian gas transmission system. The head of Naftogaz noted that only this will ensure compliance with European legislation.

    Who the hell do these shitwit retards think they are?


    1. Isn’t that what Russia wants? Their gas would be purchased at the Russian/Ukrainian border with transit fees and lost/stolen gas a matter between Naftogaz and the purchaser. Is it not a free fall to bankruptcy for Naftogaz?


  29. Has the empire decided to withdraw from the borderlands and consolidate their defensive positions? Will Europe be left to the tender mercies of Russia and China (not sarcasm in case anyone wonders)? Has it dawned on NATO that they stand little chance in a military confrontation with Russia? Does NS II mark a sea change despite the anger and denials by the usual parties?

    Has Iran/Russia/China successfully dealt with the US/Israel hegemony in the Middle East triggering the Saudi apparent displeasure with the US? Will the US exit Iraq and Syria soon?

    Is the rapid militarization of Australia (always a reliable partner in war and war crimes) another example of the consolidation of resources? The submarine switcheroo gave the finger to France/Europe and indicates the ongoing move the point of military confrontation from Europe to China.

    Is the Empire moving towards a war footing with China? Can they afford to wait any longer before they are without options? Is the Empire cutting its losses, shedding excess inventory, downsizing and regrouping?

    Just random lunchtime thoughts.


  30. Russian Aviation: Russia and Kazakhstan signed agreement on construction of Soyuz-5 launch complex

    …Kazakhstan is responsible for creating the ground infrastructure by upgrading the Zenit-M rocket complex while Russia develops Soyuz-5 and Soyuz-6 carrier rockets that will be launched from there. The first launch is scheduled for late 2023. The launching complex will be named the Nazarbayev’s Start.

    Good news then. They’ve clearly patched up their differences which as I recall Khazakstan was rumbling about $$$ for using Baikonour a few years back and Russia was saying that they have alternatives and then proceeded to invest in Vostochny sp etc.

    In other news, S-500s online:

    First batch of Russian-made S-500 system enters service

    And also on the site flights from Kazan to Sharm-El-Sheik are on the go, a general increase in international flights and S7 airlines building up its MRO capacity (APUs, CFM jet engines, aircraft overhauls etc.).


    1. BMPD: Президент Татарстана Рустам Минниханов станет председателем совета директоров ПАО «Туполев» / President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov will become the chairman of the board of directors of Tupolev PJSC

      …«Конечно, похоже на церемониальную историю», — отметил в беседе с «БИЗНЕС Online» эксперт российского совета по международным делам Андрей Фролов и напомнил, как в 2018 году экс-губернатора Санкт Петербурга Георгия Полтавченко почти сразу после отставки сначала избрали членом СД Объединенной судостроительной корпорации, а через неделю назначили председателем. «Нет, я не намекаю на то, что и Минниханова уберут с нынешней должности», — оговаривается эксперт. ..

      … At the end of May, Chemezov removed Anatoly Serdyukov, who had been appointed just a year ago, from his post as chairman of the KLA SD and became the head of this body himself. ..

      More at the link.

      Keeping everyone onboard (‘scuse the pun)! Plus Serdyukov fired after a year or so in the post. The end of his loyalty krysha or just shuffled off into retirement after his string of embarrasments to the Russian government?


    2. There seems to be redundant capability between the Soyuz 5 and the Angara. Its good to have two launch vehicles to ensure space access if one has a failure with the subsequent grounding for many months. But, let’s get one off the ground ASAP.


  31. How democratic are Russian elections? – BBC News
    Sep 15, 2021

    BBC News
    10.8M subscribers

    In Russia, ahead of this week’s parliamentary and local elections, many opposition candidates have been prevented from running, and some even forced to flee.

    The authorities insist the vote will be free and fair and deny claims it will be rigged in favour of the ruling party United Russia.


    1. Funny how they are called “opposition candidates” but not mentioned that they are calling for the overthrow of the government. In the US, we would call them traitors who would find themselves in jail right quick.


    2. By “opposition candidates” who are forced to flee, does the BBC mean the likes of Volkov and Sobol?

      Firstly, nobody has forced those two to flee: they left of their own volition.

      I sincerely doubt that those two and others of their ilk could raise enough popular support to be listed as a political candidate. One has to do that, by law: gather enough signatures in the constituency one wishes to represent, which signatures and addresses have to be presented before an election commission.

      The last time Sobol did that, many of the signatures were claimed to have been falsified, some of them of dead people.

      Sobol, by the way, was included in the “Leadership” category by the BBC on its 2019 list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world. She truly is a wonderful woman in the lights of the British state broadcaster. Whatever — she’s a shit lawyer!

      On 3 August 2021, she was convicted of COVID-19 restrictions violations and sentenced to one year and a half of parole-like restrictions. She had a restriction order placed on her movements: nothing painful, no incarceration etc., she just had to stay at home between certain set hours. She had been calling out the Navalnyshite kiddies to demonstrate, in breach of assembly restriction imposed because of the “epidemic”.

      Sobol then announced that she had divorced her husband and on the same day, Russian media outlets reported that she had fucked off out of Russia, having taken a flight from Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport to Turkey. Since then, there has been a deafening silence about the gobshite.


            1. I’ve not voted because I am not allowed to.


              Not only resident here for 27 years and a tax payer to boot, I have also sired three strapping Orcs, my small contribution to help prevent the Russian demographic death spiral.

              Well, three Orc half-breeds, actually.

              My Orcess spouse will vote today though.


              1. If I were allowed to vote, though, I would vote for “United Russia”, as would any dyed-in-the-wool Kremlin Stooge such as I.


                1. The usual shite from the Moscow Times weekly news round-up, which I receive on Fridays:

                  Despite its lowest approval ratings in years over a slump in real incomes and living standards, the ruling, pro-Kremlin United Russia party is expected to maintain its supermajority for another five years following a wide-reaching crackdown on the opposition.

                  But an initiative by jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny to rally supporters behind the most viable non-United Russia candidates — most of whom are from the Communist Party — could turn the tide in many races.

                  According to Levada, Putin’s August rating was 61% — the largest in the world for any head of government.


                  According to “Statista”, United Russia had a rating of 30% in August. The parliamentary opposition party, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, had a rating of 15% and the next most supported parliamentary party, the Liberal Democratic Party, 10%.


                  Dream on, Moscow Times!


                2. My, how those Liberasts and Navalnyshites will howl and squeal if the CPRF really did become the party of government as a result of “smart voting”!


              2. And my two half-Orc progeny who are already over 18. In fact, they have just gone to the local polling station, a school across the road, where, no doubt, ballot stuffing and carousel voting reign supreme — according to Western commentators.


              3. Can’t you just get Russian citizenship now pretty painlessly with the dual citizenship law from last year? The American running the ‘Between two Worlds’ blog recently got his. He has been there ~5 years and his Russian is worse than yours.


                1. I can easily get Russian citizenship as I have lived in Russia continuously for 27 years. Furthermore, having a Russian spouse speeds things up here. No immigrant quota, set each year, applies, for example, to immigrants with a Russian spouse.

                  The first stage in getting citizenship is getting a full residence permit, which allows you to live here for 5 years and is extendable by 5 years every 5 years.

                  Before you get a full permit, you have to get a temporary one, valid for 3 years, and when its validity ends, you have to leave here, or apply for another temporary permit 6 months before its time is up.

                  But what most do is, having had a temporary permit for 1 year, they then apply for a full permit, the processing of which takes a full year and the whole thing is a bureaucratic nightmare. Most who get a full permit do so so as to apply for full citizenship after having resided here for 5 years.

                  The changes in the law as regards easing the process for acquiring citizenship are, if I am not mistaken, chiefly for the benefit of citizens of former Soviet republics.

                  You say this American who runs the :”Between Two Worlds” blog has a command of Russian worse than mine is?

                  When have you heard me speaking Russian?

                  When have you compared his Russian with mine?

                  I have this afternoon returned from the sticks, where I had spent the past couple of days. Since leaving Moscow for the country the other day until my return to my flat in central Moscow 2 hours ago, I have spoken nothing but Russian, mostly with my dacha territory neighbours. No Russian citizen this weekend has said to me that I speak shit Russian or expressed incomprehension as regards what I said to them.


                2. The only “extras” that I shall get after having been granted Russian citizenship are the right to vote and to participate in political actions, join a political party, start a political party, stand as a candidate for a political position etc.

                  As regards all the other rights of Russian citizens, I already have them, as I have a full residency permit in the Russian Federation for a foreign citizen: I can start a business anywhere — in fact, I am now classed as an “Individual Entrepreneur” as is that twat Navalny, and therefore pay 6% income tax; I can employ people; I have a social card because I am the father of 3 or more children; I get “free” medical treatment in state medical institutions; I have a national insurance number; I can come and go into and out of the RF: I need no visa; etc., etc.

                  There are no restrictions imposed upon me that are not imposed upon Russian citizens, apart from the right to vote etc. that I have already mentioned.

                  So why go the whole hog and become a citizen? I dont want to vote for anyone: I cant be arsed in doing so. And I dont want to start a political party.

                  I remember how many years ago in the early ’90s of the last century, dimwit fellow countrymen and some US citizens, all colleagues in the same organization, were toying with the idea of getting a Вид на Жительство [vid na zhitel’stvo] — a full residency permit for a foreign citizen, but the dimwits believed that having been granted a ВНЖ, they might be drafted for military service.

                  These colleagues were all considering applying for a ВНЖ because they were planning to wed a Russian citizen. So I said to them: “So you want to have a Russian wife and live and work in Moscow, but if the enemy were at the gates, you would not be willing to defend Moscow and your loved ones?”

                  So I got the usual reply to a question with a question tactic: “Why, would you?”

                  And I told them that if it were now December 1941 and I were living with my Russian wife in Moscow, I certainly would not hesitate to help defend Moscow and my wife and her kinfolk.

                  Their response was: “Are you crazy?”

                  One of them in particular was a Bible puncher: I am not, but I can quote chunks of it: its the way I was brung up, see. So I threw at him:

                  And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God

                  Ruth 1:16, KIng James Version

                  Or to put those thoughts into modern idiomatic vernacular:

                  As you make your bed, so must you lie on it.


                3. By the way, my son gets wed next Saturday. At the wedding, I shall be giving a speech, at the end of the speech, I shall raise a toast to the bride and groom.

                  I shall not be speechifying in English, because none of the guests would understand me if I did so — apart from my wife and three children.

                  My wife and I and our two daughters will be the only guests on the groom’s side: all the rest will be my son’s in-laws and one my future daughter-in-law Anastasia.

                  За здоровье и счастье жениха и невесты Владимира и Анастасии!


                4. Congratulations to the bride and groom!! Although my own wedding- speaking only of the last one, here – was a humble affair conducted in a language of which I understood not a word, having to be gently prompted by the bride as to when to say “Da”, it ushered in a period of such contentment as I can still scarcely believe. I wish the soon-to-be-newlyweds the same wonder and happiness.


                5. By the way, to get a residence permit — stage 1, that is: a 3-year temporary one — you now have to pass a Russian language test. This rule was introduced 4 or 5 years ago, I think. The test is quite difficult, I think. It certainly would be for most Europeans, but most who apply for such permits are from former Soviet “Stan”-republics, so they usually have some knowledge of Russian, depending on their age.

                  For some reason or other, if you are over 65, you are exempt from the language test.

                  There is also an obligatory test on knowledge of Russia, its constitution, its legislature, its history.


                6. I meant, your Russian is way better than his is, since I read all his posts and he is always talking about how he’s learning and can’t understand normal speed conversation and vernacular. People have to slow down for him to catch it. While you’re always here translating things and relating anecdotes of conversations, so I don’t need to hear you speak Russian to make that conclusion.

                  I remember your story of the permit running out and having to leave the country for a while. I think it’s always good to have citizenship to avoid things like that or changes in rules in the future. I’m a little slow on that myself. I’ve been eligible to get permanent residency in my current country for a while, but keep putting it off. Need to get that. I will never be able to get citizenship under the current rules, so they can still kick me out if I commit murder or something, even with a residence permit.

                  I’m pretty sure I’ll pass the Russian language test. It’s one of my best languages since I speak it all the time at home, so that I don’t even remember most of the grammar rules anymore. Maybe in ten years if the rest of the world falls apart and Russia has good salaries for jobs in my field…


                7. @ ME: I can understand your not having Russian citizenship if you still have reason to visit the UK from time to time to see relatives or are receiving a pension from the government (it’s some compensation for the time you spent in prison back in the 1980s) as you are still technically a loyal subject of Mrs Betty Windsor. Also if you decide to visit the relatives in Queensland and surprise them with your Orc descendants, having a British passport might be easier than having a Russian passport to get through customs.


                8. @Jen: Yes, I have one sister in the UK who is 1 year and 1 day younger than I am, namely she is an old fogey like me. Sadly, her husband, an old school friend of mine, whom I had known since I was 12, and who had remained my friend whilst he was my brother-in-law, died at the end of March. I was unable to go to the funeral because of this damned “epidemic”.

                  My nearest relatives have nearly all croaked. I have nephews and nieces from my sister’s marriage, and from them, great-nephews and nieces, whom I have never met.

                  If I became a Russian citizen, the bastards at UK immigration would take great delight in denying me entry to my mother country, I am sure.

                  Already many years ago and several years before I got wed, I returned to the UK for a couple of weeks, and at Manchester airport (there used to be direct Moscow-Manchester flights then), I was asked why I was living in Russia. I dearly wished to tell them to mind their own fucking business, but simply replied: “Because I like living there”, which response they didn’t like, judging by the look I received off them that sort of said: “Fucking smartarse!”


                9. @ Jen: and yes, I have long thought I should make the effort to look up my second and third cousins in Australia. My first cousins, children of my father’s eldest sister, all died long ago. They bred like bloody rabbits out there! Bonney is the family name: there must be bloody zillions of them in Australia now.

                  My son and daughter (the elder two of my children, whom most think are twins because there is only a year and 4 months between them and they look very alike) often mithered me to go to Australia. I tell them that they can now go off their own bat, seeing as they are both over 18 and have British passports.


                10. ME: I thought the law in Russia now says you can have dual citizenship. That’s why the American guy got his citizenship since he didn’t want to give up his American passport. Then when you go back to the UK, you don’t have to use your UK passport and don’t have to tell them that you have another citizenship. I also don’t want to give up my citizenship for family reasons.

                  MC: Broadly defined, I’m a chemist and I do basic research in academia (impossible to do this in a company). I’ll tell you more when I meet up with you during that Vancouver conference in 2023. 😉 Just need to get a vaccine and get my vax passport ready…


                11. @Blatnoi:

                  re. dual citizenship

                  When my first two children were born, having received their British passports at the British consulate here, I was told not to show them when passing through passport control in Russia, as the goons a might try to take them off me because my children were Russian citizens and, as dual British-Russian citizenship does not exist, they might consider their passports as illegal documents.

                  In fact, at the time I had an Irish colleague who was married to a Russian, who was the father of her child, and she told me that when she was first taking her baby back to Ireland so as to show it to her parents, they took the child’s Irish passport off her at Sheremet’evo.

                  However, on receiving here my youngest child’s British passport in 2008, I asked an official at the consulate if the same tomfoolery still applied to my not showing her passport to immigration officials here as I had been informed had applied to my elder children’s passports when I received them. The consulate bureaucrat told me that all that nonsense had ended since the time when my 2 eldest had received their British passports some 8 years previously.

                  Nevertheless, since then, I have always felt that this business as regards my children’s citizenships is somewhat a grey area.

                  Whenever we go abroad, both their passports are shown, and I also show my passport and my full residence permit.

                  No problems so far, apart from that time in 2015, when passing through passport control at Larnaca airport in Cyprus on my return to Russia with my family, I was asked for my visa to enter Russia. I have none, of course, and showed them my full residency permit. They did not know what it was at the desk, presumably because everything in it is in Russian, and they called for the boss immigration officer. He did not speak any Russian, but I persuaded him that I needed no Russian visa because I was in possession of a residence permit. He somewhat reluctantly let me pass through the control point and board the aircraft.

                  And I have just checked with the GOV.UK website and found this:

                  Dual citizenship

                  Dual citizenship (also known as dual nationality) is allowed in the UK. This means you can be a British citizen and also a citizen of other countries.

                  You do not need to apply for dual citizenship. You can apply for foreign citizenship and keep your British citizenship.

                  It pisses me off as regards that British policy of regarding citizenship and nationality as being one and the same thing. It is not! I am a British citizen and I am English. And I am most certainly not a “Brit” — a term that I loathe!

                  So it seems that for me there is just no point in my applying for Russian citizenship!

                  Well, there is just one advantage to my having Russian citizenship: I could apply for a Russian pension.

                  I receive a British state pension and a miner’s pension. If I apply for a Russian pension, I should have to become a Russian citizen and then declare these British sources of income. Following my rule of never divulging to bureaucrats more than is absolutely necessary, I have not applied for Russian citizenship simply in order to receive a Russian pension.

                  However, the validity of my social card, granted me, remember, because I am a multi-child father, expires when my younger daughter is 16 years of age. So in 3 years, I might just apply for Russian citizenship.

                  On the other hand, in 3 years time, I might well be brown bread!

                  PS: Why do you call yourself блатной? Just asking as I am a criminal myself!



                12. The ‘blatnoi’ thing is just a nickname. I was looking for a pseudonym about ten years ago on some forum, and it wasn’t picked and sounded unusual. I’m an upstanding citizen so nobody would be able to guess who I am from it. Then it kind of stuck through different forums and websites. I now use it automatically as it makes it easier to remember my user names. However, I have seen some others use it recently. Perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea…

                  I was always afraid of the cops and try to go out of my way not to talk to them. So perhaps there is something to it, if I had to do life over again. Also I chose it because I was once into the Russian music genre behind it. I don’t know if you know Arkadiy Sevirniy, but perhaps the oldest example is from Utesov.

                  I don’t really listen to that music, or much Russian music anymore actually.


                13. @ BLATNOI

                  I first hit Russian popular music “of the criminal genre” when a student in the USSR and sharing a student hostel room not much larger than a UK prison cell with 2 Russian lads, who regularly played Vysotsky. Of course, when I first heard his warblings, I hadn’t a clue who he was, and I asked them who this drunkard was whose songs they played over and over on an ancient Soviet cassette deck.

                  Eventually, I got used to Vysotsky’s agonized dirges, sort of, but I could never get a clear understanding of his lyrics, which was full of criminal argot, mostly. And my Russian room mates said that one had to have a “Russian soul” to appreciate him.

                  They always say that to Europeans and North Americans.

                  Bollocks! I appreciated Russian women when I first set eyes on them, and also very quickly got into downing vodka Russian style.

                  A Vysotsky dirge about life in a Siberian prison colony:

                  How many faiths and forests have been felled, how much grief and trails have been experienced,
                  How on my left breast – Stalin’s profile, and on the right – Marinka in full-face.
                  How many times have I rested in hell for my faith!


                14. Visotskiy doesn’t really do the ‘blatnoi’ genre I thought. I never really got into him actually. Both Visotskiy and Severniy might have died before I was born actually, but I’m not too sure. The language is very obscure, but it’s a great way to learn new words if you can find the written text. Utesov has a great song called ‘S odesskogo kichmana’ which has been covered maybe a 1000 times, even by a Japanese singer who spend some time living in Russia to learn the language in order to do covers like that. I prefer songs like this by Visotskiy actually:

                  After a while though, I just gave up on all that old stuff and found that I enjoy something that was also probably before my time, but a lot closer, and where I can understand a lot of the words. Egor Letov, who died about ten years ago I think. This is probably his most famous song in the punk rock genre, and somebody helpfully gives the lyrics in the comments. Probably Russia today is not as depressing as the place that inspired some of his best songs in the 90s and 00s so I don’t know if somebody like Letov could exist today. Then again… Nirvana existed in the 90s in Washington State, which was the peak of prosperity of America, so who knows.


                15. Excellent point about Nirvana, and the attraction of angst even during times of prosperity. Some people just like to feel that they are living through hard times, and maybe it seems that way to them. Also, income inequality in America (and in much of the world, really) is such that ‘prosperity’ is a relative term and frequently accrues mainly to corporate interests and the rich while the lot of the middle class remains largely unchanged.

                  If you want to talk about a Soviet artist whose career has passed into legend because he died young with his potential largely unrealized, you’d have to go pretty hard to beat Viktor Tsoi and Kino.


            2. Two massive US corps have a voting app from a convicted felon on offer. SOUNDS FINE TO ME. Can Yandex do the same in the next US elections?


    1. I’ve seen three of Zvyagintsev’s films – “Elena”, “Leviathan” and “Loveless” – and they were not all that good. Zvyagintsev seems to want his cake and eat it: he’s become the darling of the Hollywood film set through making films about greedy, grasping working people who think nothing of abandoning their children or letting others die or go to jail in a Russia obsessed with capitalist values. On the one hand he wants to be part of the Western liberal set and on the other hand he makes films that condemns the very values of the set he depends on for his money. Moreover his films imply that the materialistic society portrayed in his films can be blamed on Putin’s leadership.


  32. UK Deputy Ambassador Deirdre Brown condemns human rights violations by Russia in illegally annexed Crimea, including the recent detention of 5 Crimean Tatars.

    Thank you Chair. The UK remains deeply concerned by human rights violations Russia continues to commit in illegally annexed Crimea.

    The UK condemns the detention of the 5 Crimean Tatars – Eldar Odamanov, Aziz Akhtemov, Asan Akhtemov, Shevket Useinov and Deputy Head of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, Nariman Dzhelal – on 3 and 4 September, following raids on their homes. We are particularly concerned by reports that Mr Dzhelal has been subject to psychological pressure, held with a sack over his head and detained in solitary confinement with insufficient space.

    We are appalled by Russia’s targeting of the Crimean Tatar community, with a recent surge of house searches, arrests and sentencings. It is unacceptable that Russia continues to target ethnic and religious minorities and those who oppose its illegal annexation. At least 118 Ukrainian political prisoners remain in detention in Crimea and Russia.

    We join international partners in calling on Russia to immediately release these five individuals and all Ukrainian political prisoners held in Crimea and Russia, and to grant access to international human rights monitoring missions. No one should be imprisoned for their political beliefs.

    I take this opportunity to reiterate the UK’s unwavering support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, including its territorial waters. We do not and will not recognise Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Crimea is Ukraine.

    Thank you Chair.

    Published 16 September 2021

    And may I take this opportunity to tell you, madam, to go and take a running jump.


    1. I don’t remember her name coming up when her good friends in the special relationship were holding Iraqis with sacks over their heads, making them stand on a box for hours in the belief they would be electrocuted if they stepped off, painting them with shit and making them form human pyramids while naked. I guess it was all consensual.


    1. Hopefully they are only letting on the desired meeting is ‘likely to happen’ just so they can announce at the last moment that they have ‘changed their minds’ after she already has her suitcase packed. After the endless litany of accusations and fabrications leveled by the United States I cannot believe the Russian government would consent to meet with any US diplomat.


  33. A couple of links that I thought readers here would find topical and inciteful

    • US “De-listed” Anti-China ETIM Terror Org BACK from the Dead – Brian Berletic
    (Brian has previously used the pen name Tony Cartalucci – “conspiracy blogger!!”)

    • Afghanistan’s Silk Road Heritage and a New Hope for Southwest Asia – Matthew Ehret



    1. “We apologise, and we will endeavour to learn from this horrible mistake.”

      Translation, “Bluh bluh bluh bluh…..bluh bluh bluh.” I don’t know why they can’t just come out and say it – it’s fun to waste people with drones. Grand Theft Auto with a hard-on. The US Army has been all about this from day one, from shooting up desert weddings – remember “Bad people have celebrations, too”? – to blasting following cars because they came too close to a US Army vehicle, and made the occupants nervous. And every time they say, “We learned so much from this; it was a tragic mistake, but it won’t happen again, our procedures are much better now.”


      1. And no apology for panic shooting dead many civilians after the suicide bombing a the airport. Just airbrushed by the media and ignored by America and its allies… I’m sure the rest of the world is not surprised in the slightest about the massive hypocrisy.


  34. Vis the Australia nuke sub deal, why am I surprised a) that Aus politicians are that stupid; b) that it is happening (many, many buts to this). Martynov says it is no biggie but I disagree. He says its only a platform and will only have crappy American weapons when they are eventually fielded in a decade or so. I say that that it is about infrastructure, sic the US has upgraded Andersen AFB in the Northern Terriories to take B-1b/B2/B-52 whatevers and all of them can carry nukes so the clear plan is that Australia will base US nukes there at some point in future.

    As I’ve posted before, Guam has been heavily upgraded for SSNB support etc. This is what they want to do with Australia, a Forward Operating Base.

    As for the subs themselves, yes they may be not so important but the facitilies to take them will be long ready before, and if they are for Aus nuke subs then they certainly can take, re-arm whatever UK & US nuke subs. Also Aus nuke subs make no sense without nuclear armament so I would expect either US nukes abord controlled by American officers or Aus token sailors onboard US/UK subs.

    The genius part about it is that Aus will pay for it! I don’t know even if they can and it will without a doubt cause domestic problems. As for China I’m sure they saw this coming but should remain calm. I don’t see how they can maintain significant contracts with Australia if the profits are only going to be plowed back in to weapons to be used against China. No doubt they will get their iron ore and other elements that Austrialia sells them in significant quantity somewhere else as soon as they can manage it.

    Australia has just publicly shot itself in three feet. The pair it currently has and the third as a result of radiation mutation!

    All this without mentioning p/s off other neighbors and spreading nuclera proliferation, something that the US and friends say they are desperate to stop, say in the Middle East. Apparently yet again there are one set of rules for us, and another for the dirty foreigners that we don’t like.

    That’s my strictly amateur take, what say you Mark?


    1. M of A had a unique take – Australia is more afraid of the US than China.

      As Caitlin Johnstone summarizes:

      “Now some people say there’s an alternative: you can go with China,” said Mearsheimer. “Right you have a choice here: you can go with China rather the United States. There’s two things I’ll say about that. Number one, if you go with China you want to understand you are our enemy. You are then deciding to become an enemy of the United States. Because again, we’re talking about an intense security competition.”

      “You’re either with us or against us,” he continued. “And if you’re trading extensively with China, and you’re friendly with China, you’re undermining the United States in this security competition. You’re feeding the beast, from our perspective. And that is not going to make us happy. And when we are not happy you do not want to underestimate how nasty we can be. Just ask Fidel Castro.”

      Nervous laughter from the Australian think tank audience punctuated Mearsheimer’s more incendiary observations. The CIA is known to have made numerous attempts to assassinate Castro.

      So there you have it. Australia is not aligned with the US to protect itself from China. Australia is aligned with the US to protect itself from the US.

      Joe Biden may have forgotten the name of the Australian Prime Minister. But Scott Morrison knows who he is expected to work for. In 1975 the U.S. and the UK launched a coup against the Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam who was moving his country towards independence. Few in the U.S. will remember that but Australian politicians do. Their country has since always done as it was told to do.

      It makes sense. Why would Australia declare itself the enemy of its lifeline to prosperity? I suspect that B is correct – the US made a deal that Australia could not refuse. And the great unraveling of the Empire continues as evidenced by this desperation play and the attendant alienation of continental Europe. Inventory reduction and liquidation of political assets, it would seem.


      1. I saw that but what kind of ally threatens another one to doing their bidding and what kind of political class lets itself fold to pressure like that? I think the US had this planned all along (sic previous argument) and the only thing that changed was the timing was moved up and a different means of enforcement employed. If you are going to contain China then you need the means to do so and in part that is beefing up Australia (as if the Chinese didn’t notice in the last few years).

        The good news is that the US has effectively declared NATO dead as it prefers to spend money containing China. It understands it cannot do both but will no doubt continue to tread water in u-Rope. The opportunity is here now in u-Rope to stop deployment of upgraded nukes, though I think with Germany’s SPD & De Linke ahead in the polls that will be more likely than ever.

        I also seem to recall that a few years ago France had missile sales sabotaged because the Americans didn’t want the sale to go through and sanctioned US made parts on French cruise missiles (which were used because they were cheaper). France then designed and integrated its own parts.



        1. On reflection, the deal will be cancelled because it is unaffordable, but basing and support infrastructure will probably go ahead in one form or another.


        2. We have general elections scheduled next year (to take place on or before 21 May 2022) and Scotty From Marketing currently does not have much that distinguishes his tenure so far as Prime Minister. He is seen as the Prime Minister who was AWOL during the 2019 / 2020 bushfires that hit New South Wales and Victoria; who failed to establish a proper national quarantine system for incoming travellers with COVID-19, allowing the virus to escape into the community; who mismanaged the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines across the nation even as State Premiers were falling over each other in giving vent to their inner tyrant telling everyone to get vaccinated with … whatever; and for having no climate-change action policy or program for Australia.

          Not that we should be surprised since even before he became Prime Minister, Moronison was never able to hold a senior management position for much longer than two years for lack of transparency and breaching procurement guidelines.

          His Wikipedia entry includes this juicy piece of info:

          … In 2004, Morrison left the NSW Liberal Party post to become the inaugural managing director of Tourism Australia, which had been established by the Howard Government. His appointment was controversial due to its openly political nature … He signed an initial three-year contract … Morrison approved and defended the contentious “So where the bloody hell are you?” advertising campaign featuring Lara Bingle. His contract was terminated in July 2006, which at the time was attributed to conflict with tourism minister Fran Bailey over the government’s plans to further integrate the agency into the Australian Public Service … He had been awarded a pay rise by the Remuneration Tribunal three weeks before his sacking. A 2019 investigation by The Saturday Paper suggested Morrison was sacked due to concerns that Tourism Australia was not following government procurement guidelines for three contracts relating to the “So where the bloody hell are you?” campaign, with a total value of $184 million. A 2008 report from the Auditor-General found that “information had been kept from the board, procurement guidelines breached and private companies engaged before paperwork was signed and without appropriate value-for-money assessments”. It was suggested that M&C Saatchi, which had previously worked with Morrison on the “100% Pure” campaign in New Zealand, received favourable treatment in the tendering process …


    2. I think that’s probably a pretty solid assessment, and the news suggests you are well ahead of the curve. For instance, back in May, the China/Australia relationship was already thought to be at rock bottom – couldn’t get worse, “Successive Australian trade ministers have been unable to secure a phone call with Chinese counterparts since diplomatic tensions worsened in 2020,” Reuters said.


      So back in May, China was already motivated to punish Australia, and the best way to do this is through trade and economic measures. Quoth the analysts, “But the patterns of China’s punishments indicate that it is carefully limiting retaliation to measures that it can afford. The cutoff of the strategic dialogue mechanism has grabbed headlines, but talk is relatively cheap compared with the potential economic impact of China’s trade curbs.

      China accounted for 35 percent of Australia’s merchandise exports in March, Argus Media said, as demand continued to support supplies of liquid natural gas (LNG) and iron ore to the Chinese market. Analysts suggest Australia will continue to be China’s indispensable source of those commodities, although Beijing’s anger over policy differences may spare little else. In the wake of the strategic dialogue suspension, industry sources “mostly dismissed” the risk that China would retaliate against Australia’s LNG trade, Argus said.

      “Surely, China can’t do without Australian LNG in this market,” the news service quoted one Europe-based trader as saying. “That would be nearly impossible,” the insider said. Australia supplied 43.4 percent of China’s LNG imports last year and 44.5 percent of its intake in March, Argus reported. In April, China’s LNG imports of over 3 million metric tons (mmt) hit a record high, Reuters said Friday, citing Chinese customs data.

      Such large volumes are unlikely to be replaced by other suppliers, and major cuts could incur higher costs.”

      Well, surprise.


      “The price of iron ore, Australia’s biggest export, has continued to plunge as top customer China steps up moves to cut its steel output and reduce carbon emissions for the third straight month. After hitting a record-breaking $US230 a tonne in May, the key steel-making material has had its value slashed in half and is now trading below $US110 a tonne, hammering the share prices of the ASX-listed mining heavyweights BHP, Rio Tinto and Fortescue…“The correction in iron ore prices has played out faster than expected,” analyst Lachlan Shaw said. “We expect the iron ore market to swing into surplus in the second half of 2021, prices to fall below $US100 a tonne over the next few months, before averaging $US89 a tonne in calendar year 2022”…Iron ore has experienced a stunning rally for the past 12 months, underpinned by an aggressive infrastructure-focused building blitz in China, which fuelled enormous demand for steel at the same time as drawn-out supply disruptions dragged on iron ore mines in Brazil. The boom delivered huge profits and bumper dividends across all three Australian mining giants, and helped bolster Australia’s finances during the depths of the COVID-19 crisis. In 2020, iron ore accounted for $120 billion in export earnings – the first of any Australian export to top the $100 billion mark.”

      How many times are we going to have to reiterate this – think capability, not intention. It’s not ‘would they do it?’, it’s ‘could they do it?’. If the answer is yes, assume they would.

      But surely things are better on the LNG front, right? After all, China can’t do without Australian imports of LNG – the analysts with big foreheads told us they couldn’t.


      Apparently they can. It’s worth noting that the referenced article far precedes Australia’s latest bolshie move, but already imports of Australian LNG were declining markedly.

      “Australian LNG revenue has halved since this time last year and fell by $1 billion in July alone, according to energy advisory firm EnergyQuest. The EnergyQuest report also claims as much as 20 petajoules of LNG was unsold at the Gladstone refineries. Its monthly report on the sector said 21 Australian LNG cargoes loaded during July were anchored offshore or were steaming slowly awaiting final destination orders during July, after 33 were delayed in June and 41 were seen to be delayed during May.”

      Morrison is a tit, and he may have just made a terrible mistake. Apparently he was not paying attention when the USA betrayed its Vietnamese allies, its Iraqi allies, its Afghan allies, and fucked over France once already with the MISTRAL deal. I guess it’s kind of like a middle-aged man whose younger girlfriend dumped her boyfriend to be with him. Yeah, she dumped HIM, but she would never dump ME.

      Brazil is actually the world’s largest producer by volume, although Australia is close behind.


      Vale struck a deal with China at around the same time things were turning nasty between China and Australia, a joint-venture project which would double Brazil’s iron ore exports to China.


      Australia has the world’s largest known deposits of crude ore, but that is not of much consequence if they can’t sell it in their largest market. As of 2020, Brazil had known reserves of 34 Billion metric tons (mt), but Russia also has reserves of 25 Billion mt. Australia’s bold move might just jack up the price of iron ore even as they cannot sell it. The best of both worlds, for Russia.


      Know another place that has the largest untapped iron ore deposits in Asia? Afghanistan.


      Maybe the Chinese will help Afghanistan to build a steel mill. It’s not like nobody else has thought of it. And China is already making ‘all the right moves’ in Afghanistan, according to Markets Insider:



      1. Seems like China has been preparing for a possible break in economic relations with Australia for many years as evidenced by their ramping up iron ore supply and shipping agreements with Brazil and coal exports from Russia.

        Perhaps the US struck when it did before China can gain full diversity of supply. If Australia were to commit economic suicide at the behest of the US by stopping all iron ore shipments, it would hurt China for a few years but with no lasting damage while Australia will have kangaroos hopping down main street.


        1. I wouldn’t credit Washington with such precision – more likely, it just decided the time to confront China and put it in its place is now, and expected Australia as a loyal puppet ally to go along with its plans. And it certainly is not a question of Australia ‘stopping’ iron ore shipments; it would be glad to sell China as much as it wants to buy. China has simply decided it would rather buy from other suppliers that are not directly aiding the United States in its aim to limit China’s rise.

          Australia is in a particularly bad spot because the jaw-dropping incompetence of the Morrison government has resulted in an economic crisis that certainly did not need the sudden removal of some of its most profitable exports; the sale of iron ore to China was the first Australian enterprise in its history to break $100 Billion in sales in a single year. Australia’s Zero-COVID policy was baffling in its stupidity; COVID is a globally-circulated virus, and Australia would have to first eliminate all cases on its soil, and then close its borders to all travel from within and without. Travelers leaving would have to not return, and nobody from outside could be allowed in. In such a target-rich environment, in which nobody had had COVID, an infected arrival would cause it to spread explosively because there would be initially no recovered sufferers and no natural immunity.

          This is the judgment of the opposition, and consequently it can be expected to savage Morrison. However, I saw little in it that was unfair.



      2. Thanks Mark.

        I saw this after I posted:

        Politico: EU-Australia trade deal runs aground over submarine furor

        France says pursuing negotiations is now ‘unthinkable.’


        Now that’s a side-order of f/ked fries to boot! The Rabbit hole has come a knockin’.

        I’d completely forgoten about the EU-Australia free trade deal. Aus plays a bad hand even more badly than an amateur (quelle surprise). I’m thinking of water going down a plughole.


  35. Give us money!

    ”Compensatory mechanisms”: how Kiev is trying to get guarantees of preserving the transit of Russian gas
    September 16, 2021

    The Ukraine is ready to sign a new contract for the transit of Russian gas, subject to maintaining the current pumping volumes and securing them in long-term agreements with European companies. This was stated by the head of NJSC “Naftogaz” Yuriy Vitrenko following a meeting with representatives of the German authorities. Earlier, the Kiev leadership had repeatedly emphasized that it was dissatisfied with the deal between Washington and Berlin, according to which the United States had admitted that sanctions pressure would not stop the implementation of Nord Stream 2. In turn, Germany should make efforts to conclude a ten-year contract for the transit of Russian gas through the Ukrainian GTS. According to experts, the German-American agreement does not give Kiev any guarantees, while the Ukraine cannot change the situation.

    Following a meeting with representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany, the executive director of NJSC Naftogaz, Yuriy Vitrenko, announced Kiev’s readiness to extend the fuel transit agreement with Gazprom. The main condition of the Ukrainian side is the fixation in long-term contracts of the volumes of pumping, which now go from the Russian Federation to the EU.

    “The volumes that are now going through the Ukraine should be transferred to contracts with European companies for the long term. Thus, we must get guarantees that transit through the Ukraine will be preserved”, Vitrenko said during a press briefing.

    As reported on the website of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers, on September 14, the Minister of Energy of the Ukraine Herman Galushchenko met with the Secretary of State of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany Andreas Feicht.

    The main topic of the talks was the situation around Nord Stream 2, the construction of which was finally completed on September 10. The Ukraine calls the pipeline Moscow’s “geopolitical weapon” and speaks of the need to impose US sanctions on the pipeline.

    In talks with his German counterpart, Galuschenko called NS-2 “the main risk” for the energy stability of Europe and the security of them Ukraine. According to him, the redistribution of transit gas flows supposedly would create a shortage of blue fuel “in a number of European countries”.

    Galushchenko said that the EU could lose a “reliable, flexible and independent route” in the form of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS). According to the official, “this will give Russia even more leverage”.



      1. Ukes are threatening to stop gas transits if they can not make a profit. They want EU to cover the shortfalls, cover costs of repairs and ensure a fat profit in the name of energy diversity. The EU may have no choice politically but to play along. Russia can sit back and enjoy the buffoonery.


        1. They – the EU – brought it entirely upon themselves, with their portentous pomposity about the-Ukrainians-are-our-brothers and Ukraine-is-Europe. They happily went along with whatever quacking they did not actually originate themselves. The only sad part is that the UK ducked out in time to escape being stuck with the bill, because the English were the biggest quackers of all. The plan all along was that the west would creatively wreck Ukraine so as to instigate a political dynamic shift, and Russia would be left to pay for it – have to, don’t they? It’s their transit country to Europe, innit!

          If you should ever happen to be looking for someone to design a comprehensive Machiavellian global-strategy game, here’s a tip – don’t pick Europe, the UK or the USA.


          1. True, the Uke’s played the role assigned to them by the EU. Heck, they even believed their role was real. Not sure but I think that it’s called “method acting”. No Oscar though as “Ukraine, The Movie” is a box office flop – bad acting, unbelievable characters, pointless plot, the bad guy gets away stealing Crimea, etc. No sequel expected.


    1. Galushchenko said that the EU could lose a “reliable, flexible and independent route” in the form of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS). According to the official, “this will give Russia even more leverage”.

      I don’t have the faintest idea of Ukraine’s pipeline layout. Does it have another source of supply that could replace Russian natural gas?


      1. Reverse flow gas, which is Gazprom gas sold back to them from Western Europe, and, according to Saakashvili, their own reserves.


        1. So in effect NO gas if Gazprom turns off the tap. Thanks, that was what I thought. These guys are starting to make a US Republican governor look smart.


      2. Gas Transmission System Operator of the Ukraine

        At the beginning of 2021, Gazprom in line with the terms of the transit contract, reduced the volume of gas transported via Ukrainian GTS from 180-185 million cubic meters per day to some 124 million cubic meters per day. Such booking level was maintained for the past five months. However, at the auction on August 16, Gazprom booked for September only 4% (0.65 million cubic meters per day) out of the proposed 15 million cubic meters per day of additional guaranteed transit capacity through the Ukrainian gas transportation system. That is, the volume of gas transportation through the territory of Ukraine in September will decrease even more – to 109 million cubic meters per day – the minimum amount provided for by the existing transit agreement until 2025.

        According to Sergiy Makohon, General Director of Gas TSO of Ukraine, the record rise of gas prices at European gas hubs was the consequence of such a transit policy, according to which the volume of transportation in 2021 decreased from 65 to 40 billion cubic meters. In particular, on September 1, the price of October gas futures on the European stock exchange reached $ 650 per thousand cubic meters. The price of gas in Europe has almost tripled over the year.

        “Ukraine constantly offers additional transit capacity to supply additional volumes of gas to the EU. However, Gazprom, unfortunately, constantly refuses them. It seems that by acting this way Gazprom not only encourages further growth of gas prices in the EU, but also sends very transparent signals to Europe that additional gas volumes are only possible via Nord Stream-2,” says the Director of the GTSOU.

        Ukraine imported about 567 million cubic meters of gas from EU in August
        In August, the volume of gas transported from the EU to Ukraine amounted to about 567 million cubic meters, and this is the highest figure in 2021. Exports together with re-export of gas from Ukraine to the European countries in August amounted to more than 76 million cubic meters. In total 1.7 billion cubic meters of gas was imported this year, while exports and re-exports amounted to 886 million cubic meters.

        Compared to July 2021, the import of natural gas in August increased by 68 million cubic meters. The increase was mainly due to the gas supplies from Poland, with rising almost fivefold (in July – 7 mln cubic meters and in August – about 35 mln cubic meters). However, Hungary remains the main destination within gas imports – 87% of the total volume. In terms of gas exports, including re-exports, the figure increased by 22 mln cubic meters compared to July, due to gas supplies to Hungary.

        In addition, in August there was pilot gas supply via the Trans-Balkan gas corridor. Thus, a total of 2.272 thousand cubic meters of gas was imported from Romania in August. Now the testing of this direction is underway.

        It should be reminded that in August 2020 Gas TSO of Ukraine for the first time carried out reverse transportation of gas via trans-Balkan gas corridor – from Greece through GTS of Bulgaria and Romania to Ukraine, which demonstrated the technical capacity of this route and subsequently its perspectives.

        “We continue to work on the development of natural gas transportation routes within the Trans-Balkan route to increase the import capacity. This will contribute to better cooperation with our international partners and to diversification of gas supply sources,” said Sergiy Makogon, General Director of GTSOU. “Under such conditions, Gas TSO of Ukraine, as an efficient company, which has never breached the terms and conditions of gas supply and has established itself as a reliable partner, can become a guarantor of energy security in the entire Eastern European region.”

        The imported gas from Europe is Russian gas that the Yukies said they didn’t want, that they needed to get off the Russian “gas needle”, needed to cease their dependence on Russian energy and become truly independent from the “Agressor State”.

        On April 15, 2020, the Ukraine hit Russian coal with 65% tariff in effort to reduce its energy dependence on the Evil Empire.

        On February 1, 2021, the Ukraine resumed electricity imports from Russia

        In January 2021, Ukrainian companies also resumed commercial imports of electrical power from Belarus.

        Who’s playing silly buggers?




        Now dont forget, the Ukraine is at war with Russia!

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        1. Gazprom to cut transit through Poland
          The company has booked only a third of its capacity for October
          20.09,.2021, 17: 19

          Gazprom has once again refused to book additional transit capacity through the Ukraine, this time in October — the last month when gas is usually pumped into underground storage facilities before the onset of winter. The monopoly also bought only about a third — 30.75 million cubic metres – of the transit capacity offered for auction on the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline. With this news, gas prices in Europe soared to about $950 per thousand cubic metres.

          As for the Ukraine, Gazprom was offered to book 9.8 million cubic metres per day at the entry point Sudzha on the Russian-Ukrainian border and another 5.2 million cubic metres of gas per day at the Sokhranovka entry point. At the same time, Gazprom booked about 109 million cubic metres per day for long-term bookings (40 billion cubic metres per year) in 2021.The results of capacity booking auctions are directly reflected in the price level on the spot market.

          As a result of the refusal to book Ukrainian capacities, the price of the October TTF futures on the ICE Futures exchange reached €74.96 per MWh, or about $950 per thousand cubic metres, in the afternoon, but then the price level stabilized at just above $900.This roughly corresponds to the levels of mid-August, while in recent days pumping through the Yamal-Europe pipeline has been approaching 80 million cubic metres per day. However, Gazprom still has the opportunity to purchase additional capacity in October at daily auctions.

          The results of capacity booking auctions are directly reflected in the price level on the spot market.

          As a result of the refusal to book Ukrainian capacities, the price of the October TTF futures on the ICE Futures exchange reached €74.96 per MWh, or about $950 per thousand cubic meters, in the afternoon, but then the price level stabilized at just above $900.

          Market participants fear an energy crisis in Europe in the event of a cold winter due to insufficient gas supplies.

          According to AGSI+, the level of filling of European gas storage facilities as of September 20 has reached only 71.74%. Selection from them can begin as early as mid-October

          Oh do hurry with delivery of your freedom molecules Uncle Sam!


        2. On the one hand …

          In Daily Mail headline:

          . . . How Russian-inflated gas prices . . .

          on the other hand, below the above headlined article:

          Rising natural gas prices, an energy network ‘not fit for purpose’ and a shortage of lorry drivers are creating a ‘perfect storm’ to cripple the UK, experts warned today.

          The price of wholesale gas has surged by 250% since the beginning of the year and added 70% just since August as demand increases while the economy opens up, according to figures from Oil & Gas UK.

          Amid fears of soaring domestic bills and a ‘three-day working week’, five small energy suppliers have already gone bust, and there are warnings more will follow unless taxpayers stump up billions.

          A cocktail of other factors are also at play, including gas supplies drying up from Russia, high demand in Asia, wind turbines not spinning due to still weather conditions and North Sea platforms closing for maintenance that was paused during the pandemic.

          My stress.

          And further down:

          The rise in gas prices has been blamed on a number of factors, including a cold winter which left stocks depleted, high demand for liquefied natural gas from Asia and a reduction in supplies from Russia.

          Lower solar and wind output is another factor driving up prices. The UK and Europe has phased out coal plants in recent years, while less windy weather in recent weeks has lowered their contribution to the grid, driving up gas demand.

          Mr Cleverly said the shortage was due to the pandemic, and told Good Morning Britain: ‘Because the global economy is kind of waking up from this hiatus imposed upon us by Covid, we’re suddenly seeing a surge in demand and therefore surging gas prices that has affected all kinds of parts of the economy, it has had an impact on food production and we are looking to ensure that we protect those food suppliers.’

          However Emma Pinchbeck, head of Energy UK, a trade association for the energy industry, told Times Radio the issue could not be blamed on one factor.

          My stress.

          Russian article below:

          “This is capitalism, baby!”: The British have been outraged by the statements of European politicians about Gazprom’s manipulations
          Netizens noted that the UK Government is holding back the development of its own energy resources.

          September 19, 11:14 am

          Readers of the British newspaper “The Telegraph” were angered by statements by European politicians about market manipulation by Gazprom in order to weaken the economy. For example, commentators called the accusations against the Russian company “another attack of hysteria”, since Russia is not to blame for the shortage of energy resources in Great Britain and the European Union.

          “In Britain, another fit of hysteria about nasty foreigners who do everything to our detriment. Calm down. Ask those cute Frenchmen to send us food packages as a Christmas present. You will see what will happen”, wrote one of the newspaper’s readers. . .

          In addition, readers agreed that Russian actions in the gas market were justified and not related to manipulation. They noted that energy is a commodity and is sold and bought at market prices. And the Russian Federation had no reason to subsidize other governments, especially hostile ones.

          “Why the hell wouldn’t Russia raise gas prices if there’s a demand? This is capitalism, baby! No one here sells to anyone cheaper than the market. We are not idiots!” — wrote one commenter.

          Recall that a group of about 40 members of the European Parliament sent a letter to the European Commission calling for an investigation into Gazprom’s actions in terms of EU antitrust rules in connection with the rise in gas prices in Europe to a record level. The MPs accused Gazprom of “market manipulation and blackmail”. The Russian company responded to the demand of Brussels to investigate the reasons for the rise in gas prices.


      3. Here it is in a nutshell, with entry and exit points designated by coloured arrows.

        Gas enters Ukraine from Russia and from Belarus, but Russia exercises a considerable degree of influence over the Belarusian pipeline as well. The reverse-flow branch lines were all created between 2012 and 2014.


        The ‘History of Gas Consumption and Production’ graph at this site is instructive; although Ukraine is said to have enough proven reserves to supply its own needs for about 35 years, historically its consumption has always been far above its domestic production, and it produces about the same volumes today as it did in the early 1990’s.


        UK’s North Sea oil is about played out. Norway’s production has entered an irreversible decline, and analysis of production figures expects the volumes to be nearly halved by 2025. The Netherlands has capped production from its Groningen field because fracking induces earthquakes. The planned Nabucco pipeline from Azerbaijan, which was supposed to free Europe from the Russian gas yoke, never had so much as a foot built, although the Europeans quarreled and held meetings with expensive free lunches over it for years.


        Russia will run dry someday. But that day is not today.


  36. 18 Sep, 09: 29 923
    In Moscow, the turnout on the first day of the election exceeded 23%
    Taking into account online voting, the turnout in the State Duma elections in Moscow at 08:00 Moscow time on September 18 exceeded 23%, Alexey Venediktov, head of the Public Headquarters for Election Observation in the capital, told reporters.

    “And the [overall] turnout in Moscow is 23.07%,” Venediktov said (quoted by TASS).

    According to him, 6.98% of people voted by paper ballots, which is 534 thousand people. 1.271 million people voted online.

    The head of the Public Headquarters for Election Observation clarified that about 120 thousand voters from those who submitted the application voted at home.

    Earlier, the Central Election Commission reported that in Moscow, the turnout for electronic voting in the State Duma elections was 58.1%. Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Nikolai Bulaev said on the afternoon of September 17 that the turnout in electronic voting in six regions other than Moscow reached 48%. By 17:00 Moscow time, the turnout for remote electronic voting in the country exceeded 60%.

    The CEC also reported DDoS attacks on the electronic voting system on the first day of the election. According to the Central Election Commission, hacker attacks were conducted mostly from the United States and Germany, and they were repelled. The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has instructed that an investigation be conducted.

    Lists of 14 parties, including 3,8 thousand candidates, have been registered in the State Duma elections. 2,000 party candidates and ten self-nominated candidates were registered in single-mandate districts. On average, 17 people apply for one mandate in party lists, and nine candidates in single — mandate districts.


  37. It gets better with every day that
    goes by . . .

    На Украине назвали способ “победить” “Северный поток — 2”
    18 сентября 2021

    In the Ukraine, they have claimed they have a way to “defeat” Nord Stream 2
    September 18, 2021


    MOSCOW, September 18 – RIA Novosti. Deputy Energy Minister of the Ukraine Olena Zerkal, in an article for European Pravda, has stated the risk of being left without gas transit and suggested a way to defeat Gazprom and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

    According to the official, the Ukraine now needs to rebuild its gas transportation system in case the Russian concern stops transit through the country and Kiev has to buy fuel from Europe.

    At the same time, Zerkal complained about Germany’s behaviour, since Berlin is allegedly ignoring this “threat”.

    The deputy minister called the gas situation serious, but at the same time said that the Ukraine had a way out.

    “The first is to protect consumers from possible transit stops,”she wrote.

    [What? Does she mean when the Yukie thieving bastards start syphoning gas off —ME]

    To do this, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient volume of gas in storage during the heating season, and also to include the Ukraine in the “risk group” together with Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

    “Risk Groups” are a mechanism specially developed in Europe to prevent crisis situations with the availability of gas”, she explained.

    Zerkal claims that the inclusion of the Ukraine in this mechanism will equalize its status with Germany, which should protect Kiev.

    The official also called for uniting with other countries to prove that Gazprom is allegedly abusing its monopoly on gas supplies and depriving it of this opportunity.

    “And here it is important to make Nord Stream 2 meet all the requirements of the EU’s third energy package”, she explained.

    Zerkal added that in order to preserve the transit of gas through the Ukraine, it is necessary that all pipelines from Russia to Europe comply with the EU third energy package. According to her, this will allow various suppliers and traders to compete.

    “This battle continues, and a common victory is possible”, she summed up.

    The third energy package applies to gas pipelines built after 2019, leading from third countries to the EU. The law seeks to separate gas producers and pipeline operators that supply fuel, and to provide third-party gas sellers with access to a pipeline they did not build.

    Construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which connects Russia and Germany along the Baltic seabed, was completed last week. The capacity of two lines of the pipeline amounted to 55 billion cubic metres per year and the project is planned to be put into operation by the end of the year.

    The project is actively opposed by the Ukraine, fearing loss of income from transit, the United States, interested in promoting its LNG, and a number of countries in Eastern Europe. Washington has several times imposed sanctions on companies involved in the project, and as a result, construction slowed down by almost a year. At the same time, Germany and Austria actively supported the project.

    Moscow has repeatedly explained that Nord Stream 2 is a commercial project. Russia is ready to continue pumping fuel through the Ukraine, but this depends on many factors, including the volume of future European purchases.

    Rebuild the Yukie GTS! Great idea!

    How long will it take to get it up and running as normal?

    Who’s going to pay?

    Oh right! Uncle Sam will.

    And your Polish and Baltic States pals?


    Got you!

    Thick shit kicking bastards!


    1. “The third energy package applies to gas pipelines built after 2019, leading from third countries to the EU. The law seeks to separate gas producers and pipeline operators that supply fuel, and to provide third-party gas sellers with access to a pipeline they did not build.”

      The ‘law’ is intended to protect speculation, and the thick layer of investor fat that accumulates around the joint where long-term direct-sales contracts used to be before the west forced everything over to hub trading. So that speculators could make money buying futures low and selling them high even though they never have physical possession of them and don’t actually own anything.

      Refresh my memory – why, again, should Ukraine be made a member in good standing of the Risk Group for the EU? Because it doesn’t actually have any gas itself, you know. And the reason Gazprom has a monopoly is because that is a natural consequence when a bunch of countries need something that only one country has lots of, so cheap to produce for that country that it can undercut anyone’s prices and still make a profit. Europe’s argument seems to be that Russia should sell it at cost, or something, because they’re brothers, innit? We’re mates!

      Ukraine was told I don’t know how many times that its GTS was falling to bits and needed a lot of money to be spent on it. A combination of the common sense of a partying rabbit and no money to spare for infrastructure saw the warnings blithely ignored. Chickens, welcome to Roost.


  38. Against a background of record gas prices, Zelensky’s criticism of Russian gas is recalled
    September 19, 2021

    The Ukraine is the only state in Europe that has refused a long-term contract for Russian gas, said former Minister of Economy of the country Viktor Suslov.

    Suslov said that Kiev has to buy gas at market prices because of the lack of professionalism of the authorities. He recalled the statements of the President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, that “Russian gas is the dirtiest in the world”. The former minister believes that the Ukraine “could have been fine if it had not been for the gross mistakes in gas policy that Zelensky has continued to make”.

    According to Suslov, the Ukraine “has become come unstuck” and its government and the leadership of Naftogaz are to blame, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the “First Independent”.

    Recall that the price of gas in Europe during an auction on Friday returned to a level above $800 per thousand cubic metres after falling to $730 the day before. At its peak, it reached almost $970 per 1,000 cubic metres. 43 MEPs decided to blame Gazprom for the current situation.
    Zelensky, at a meeting with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Grenholm, had called Russian gas “the dirtiest in the world”. Grenholm herself also made similar claims. These attacks were denied by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who previously headed the Ministry of Energy.

    Zelensky, at a meeting with US Energy Secretary Jennifer Grenholm, called Russian gas “the dirtiest in the world.” Grenholm herself also made similar claims. These attacks were denied by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak, who previously headed the Ministry of Energy.



    1. Jenny Granholn was the despised governor of Michigan. She served her master well during the Covid brouhaha but not well enough for the VP spot plus having the wrong ethnicity. However, a high profile cabinet position was an ample reward with potential for greater things.


    2. I think Suslov is letting the EU off too easily, although that might be part of a strategy to gradually decouple it from Ukraine owing to its continuous expensive foolishness. But the EU gives Ukraine money to buy gas – where’s the incentive, for Ukraine, to be a wise and thrifty consumer?

      Where is Zelensky’s evidence for Russian gas being the dirtiest in the world? A lot of nations whose infrastructure is…ummm…considerably more advanced than Ukraine’s use it without complaint or, as far as I know, additional filtering. Does he mean the presence of nitrogen? Recall that the ‘huge ocean of gas’ upon which Poland was supposed to float contained so much nitrogen that it would not even ignite. Or is he being daringly philosophical, and implying that the sheer level of corruption in Russia makes its gas smell like coercion when it burns? “Mommy – it smells like evil!!”

      Back in two-nought-nineteen, Ukraine was optimistic that good things were about to happen, and it was going to produce so much gas itself that it did not need any from anywhere else; Fatty Groysman said so.

      “We have many opportunities to become energy independent. We are starting to launch a very complex and closed system – access to Ukrainian subsoil assets. I believe that in the next five years, this will give us the opportunity not to buy gas but to extract it in Ukraine,” Groysman said.”


      So complex, apparently, that it is invisible, and its effects have passed unremarked.

      Even-fatter Poroshenko claimed that Ukraine had reduced its gas consumption by 3.5 bCM annually between 2017 and 2018, and that was the way to do it – to show Russia that Ukrainians could live without gas altogether. Or something like that; I confess his explanation did not make a lot of sense to me. But there could be a lot of things missing from his reasoning, and one of them might have been the deterioration in the Ukrainian standard of living. Whatever the case, the article was at some pains to explain that while Ukraine supposedly used only 10.5 bCM of gas in 2018, it buys nearly five times that amount from Gazprom regardless of its consumption, and at ‘inflated prices’ to boot. If true, whose fault would that be? Russia’s, for holding Ukraine to a contract it signed?

      But now that things are on hub prices and speculators can make money even though they don’t own any gas, things are ever so much better, and prices have come way down. Ha, ha. Sorry; I tried to say that without laughing, I really did.

      Politico, as much of a galloping cavalcade of shit it is, at least points out that Ukraine has had insupportable debt imposed upon it in the form of ‘loans’ granted when it had about as much collateral as it has sense; the aim likely was, as it has so often been with the western model, to buy the country by enslaving it.


      Now that has demonstrably succeeded – and is being regarded with acute buyer’s remorse.


      1. Gas must meet a certain standard of purity and caloric value before being placed in the pipeline. It’s very easy to monitor gas quality. Could not find articles concerning the purity of Russian natural gas but several stated that Russia blasted runways in the permafrost and deepened shipping channels for 1,000 foot LNG tankers to endanger seals and whales all to bring gas to Boston. To me, it sounded like impressive engineering and logistics.



  39. More EU arseholery:

    About 40 deputies of the European Parliament have sent to letter calling on the European Commission to launch an investigation against Gazprom because of therecord increase in gas prices.

    An economist has spoken about the dangerous consequences of a Gazprom trial for Europe:
    Economist Korenev has said that in the event of a court case with Gazprom, the EU may be left without gas

    17 September 2021

    Suing Gazprom is useless and even dangerous from the point of view of consequences, since the company operates exclusively within the framework of laws imposed by Europe itself. Moreover, if the allies refuse to compromise, they will have to overpay several times for the purchase of gas from alternative suppliers. In addition, EU countries may be left without gas altogether. About this in a conversation with “Lenta.ru” stated economist Alexey Korenev.

    Politicians from Poland and the Baltic states are asking to investigate the actions of the company, which have allegedly led to a sharp rise in the cost of gas, from the point of view of EU antitrust rules.

    The exchange price of natural gas at the auction on September 15 soared above $900 per thousand cubic metres, later the price began to decline. On September 16, it was $749 per thousand cubic metres.

    A buyer’s market has become a seller’s market

    Korenev noted that if the EU continues its policy, the countries may be left without gas altogether. He drew attention to the fact that the jump in prices had occurred only in the European Union: in the rest of the world, the cost of energy carriers is much lower.

    “At first, they ordered Gazprom to supply no more than 50 percent, giving the rest of the volume to alternative suppliers. However, it is not clear where these suppliers should have come from, because there are no tie-ins to Nord Stream 2”, the economist reminded. “Then, when prices were still low, wanting to save money and “to bug” Russia, they abandoned long-term contracts with stable prices in favour of exchange-traded contracts, which are extremely volatile. Moreover, Gazprom even sued in this regard, but lost. And then there was just a combination of negative factors: the United States was not able to supply LNG owing to domestic problems; demand increased sharply thanks to China; and prices went up”.

    At the moment, European gas storage facilities are filled to 70 percent.This volume will be enough only in the event of a very mild winter. Realizing this, the EU announced an auction for additional gas supplies, but Gazprom bought only a very small part, which, according to Korenev, will also not cover the needs of the countries.

    “The problem is that Gazprom could have bought the rights to all supplies, but it is not obliged to do so. It only acts within the framework of the conditions imposed by the Europeans, and there is nothing to pick on here, even if you really want to. Besides, it has a lot of other contracts now: all the surpluses go to other buyers, to China for example. In the first eight months, we practically broke the supply record, so Gazprom is certainly not greedy and does not hold anything back, but simply sells to those who buy on the basis of agreements that Europe itself had insisted on”, the expert explained.

    The economist is sure that it is useless to sue Gazprom, because truth is on its side: it fulfills all its obligations. According to Korenev, the Europeans themselves understand this, and the statement was made by populist politicians trying to earn points in this way.

    If the allies do not make concessions, do not try to find a compromise, they will either urgently have to ask for gas from Gazprom on their knees, or buy LNG from the Americans, who, because of the high demand, will definitely break prices. Well, or they will go by export, buying from other countries that have been supplied by Russia.

    Economist Alexey Korenev

    Previously, according to the expert, gas was cheap and buyers could dictate their terms. But now the buyer’s market has turned into a seller’s market, which does not violate anything, but simply acts within the agreed conditions.

    Head of Gazprom Alexey Miller said on September 17 that the spot price of gas in Europe can again break records. He noted that the European gas industry is lagging behind in the pace of gas injection into storage facilities. Miller believes that the region “will enter the winter with a deficit”. He added that Gazprom’s competitive advantage is its ability to dramatically increase production.

    Poles and Balts acting like the stupid cnuts that they are, together with willing arsehole allies in the rest of the EU.


    1. My own heating for the winter is assured, so I can afford to laugh, but really – even if you give the EU every possible break and benefit of the doubt, they have successfully accomplished such a monumental act of self-fuckery as will surely go down in the history books, and mocking laughter is entirely justified. Lots of people tried to warn them – not least of all Russia – but they just kept jabbering but Nabucco, but Azerbaijan, but Polish shale gas in bountiful abundance, but the enormous Sha Deniz field… and now, look where we are. And who is to blame for stupid people acting stupidly? Well, Russia, naturally.

      Europe, with the prompting of its American puppeteers, insisted on dropping long-term contracts in favour of speculative hub prices; that was supposed to usher in competitiveness, which would in turn enable the diverse buyers to hold their sole supplier’s feet to the fire, and force it to drop its prices. The interest of wealthy investors in the new arrangement should have been a clue where cluelessness reigned – do rich people habitually gravitate to financial arrangements where the customer is in charge of prices, and has all manner of leverage to bring them down to where it is comfortable buying? If so, it is news to me, and I would be interested in seeing some examples.

      Russia resisted, which straightaway provoked jubilation in Europe; we’ve got those drunken bastards where we want them now, by God! Just listen to them squeal! If anything, the perception that it was sticking it to Russia – Europe’s consuming passion – caused it to throw caution to the winds. Many of us know to our sorrow that all-consuming passion and catastrophe go together like peas and carrots, to invoke the market wisdom of Forrest Gump.

      It is perfectly consistent with European liberalism and populism that it should blame others for its own stupidity. It is equally predictable that it will learn nothing from having had its fingers burned.


  40. September 18, 2021, 15: 25
    No time for Greta: Europe goes back to coal
    EU’ green agenda shattered by high gas prices

    The last two days of the last working week were marked by strong volatility in gas futures prices in Europe. So, for September 15, they sank by more than $200, and the next day they initially recovered, but eventually returned to their previous level — $807.7 per thousand cubic metres. “Gazeta.Ru” tells whether gas prices will fall further and how the current record prices threaten Europe’s “green” plans.

    As is often the case with any type of asset — raw materials, securities or cryptocurrencies – the rapid growth in natural gas prices in Europe, which lasted all summer, was interrupted. Prices at the Dutch TTF hub, which almost broke the record mark of $1 thousand per thousand cubic metres, went down and fell by almost 20% in two days. Now the main question is whether it was a correction before the next price surge or the beginning of a steady downward trend.

    In an interview with ” Gazeta.Ru ” leading expert National Energy Security Foundation and lecturer at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Stanislav Mitrakhovich explained that

    the main reason for the turbulence in the European market at the end of this week is the end of preventive maintenance work in the Norwegian gas industry. But the impact of this event will ultimately be very limited

    — so the expert believes.

    “This led to lower prices, as additional capacities appeared on the market. But the persistence of supply problems from Gazprom via Nord Stream 2, despite Gazprom’s increased transit via Yamal-2 through Poland, and the approach of winter with insufficiently filled storage facilities in Europe, still do not allow prices to go down steadily”, Mitrakhovich said.

    According to the European Commission, natural gas reserves in Europe are now 20 percentage points below the average level over the past 10 years — 71% against 92%. Few people believe that such a backlog will be significantly reduced before the start of the heating season.

    According to Mitrakhovich, two most likely scenarios should be considered in the near future. First, local authorities will be forced to certify Nord Stream 2 faster than the four months stipulated by the current legislation. In this case, prices will gradually decline because of positive market expectations.

    Otherwise, if the certification of the new gas pipeline is delayed, prices will continue to rise. And there is such a possibility: as was reported the day before,

    a group of 40 deputies from Poland and the Baltic States inThe European Parliament appealed toThe European Commission with a demand to conduct an antitrust investigation against Gazprom. The initiators of the appeal consider it the main culprit of the current fuel situation in Europe.

    The chaos is not permanent

    Mitrakhovich expects that the market will continue to be volatile in the near future, but since fundamentally current gas prices in Europe cannot be considered justified, in the future this “bubble” will begin to deflate and prices will gradually return to normal.

    Artem Deev, head of the analytical department at AMarkets agrees with him. He expects that the volatility will continue, but its amplitude will gradually decrease.

    “Most likely, natural gas quotes on the spot market will be at the level of $700-800 per thousand cubic metres for a long time”, the expert told “Gazeta.Ru”.

    Vadim Merkulov, Director of the Analytical Department at Freedom Finance, in turn predicts a continuation of the correction in gas futures quotes. As the expert explains, this must be due to the fact that

    gas consumption in the second half of September and early October is at local annual lows, as the demand for electricity decreases owing to the absence of the need to cool premises.

    [I do not understand the reasoning of this statement: does he mean a fall in demand because of there is no need to use air-conditioning? — ME]

    Therefore, Merkulov believes that in the absence of climate anomalies (for example, an earlier cold snap), we can expect a further decline in quotations, followed by an increase during the active phase of the heating season in November-March.

    [It is certainly unseasonably cool here, where temperatures are those that one expects in late October, and it is going to be like this right through into October, and then the first frosts and snowfalls will begin — ME]

    Green hopes crumble

    The current energy problems in Europe have actually put an end to the idea of a fast and comfortable energy transition, which implies the rejection of “dirty” fossil fuels.

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) is already predicting the second-largest increase in harmful air emissions in the world in 2021, linking this to the fact that Europe has reverted to using coal because of shortages and too high electricity prices.

    Stanislav Mitrakhovich from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation notes that in addition to increasing coal consumption, Germany has also beenforced to use its dirtiest variety — lignite. And this problem is not limited to countries of the European Union, but also its closest neighbours. For example,

    in the Megawatt valley area of the UK, where all coal-fired power plants used to be concentrated, the country has been forced to speed up the opening of the last two remaining stations, allocating sizeable subsidies for this.

    Mitrakhovich believes that at least this fact clearly highlights the inconsistency of the energy reality with the actively promoted “green” policies.


    1. [I do not understand the reasoning of this statement: does he mean a fall in demand because of there is no need to use air-conditioning? — ME]

      Yes, that’s what he means – that brief hiatus during which natural temperatures outside are comfortable so that just having a couple of windows open is enough; the end of the hot weather, but before you have to button up everything and start heating the place.

      Acting green feels great, but thus far there are not really any cost-effective ‘green’ technologies. Wind energy is great as long as you have a steady breeze to rely upon, but countries that smirk about how green they are are aghast when the wind drops off, and you cannot rely upon it. Ditto solar; it seems to me that improvements in storing energy when wind and sun are cooperative would pay dividends. But so far it remains true that energy returned on energy invested still sees ‘green’ energies as not very efficient. Europe is among the world’s worst offenders for faffing about with green technologies to the point it is openly planning to rely on nothing else, and then collapsing in tears when the beautiful dream is proved unachievable. Learn to manage expectations, Yurrup.

      But of course it is not Europe’s fault – pure intentions must translate to pure motives, or something, because again it is Russia’s fault that it has lots of gas and Europe does not. The Norwegian contribution will again prove a blip on the radar, since its production is in irreconcilable decline and it has no swing-production capability at all; it’s already doing its best.

      If you don’t like the shitty air quality in the city, move away from it, for Christ’s sake – there has been a decades-long gravitation to large cities and small towns are dying out everywhere. What did anyone think would happen? That we would burn magic?


      1. They often say here that now is the coldest time of the year in houses because the communal area central heating has not yet been turned on. This is usually done towards the end of October, depending on mean temperatures over several days. However, the temperatures here now are what one usually expects towards the end of October, so last week, Moscow City authority announced that the area heating supplies of hot water will be turned on. Now plus 5C in Moscow at 07:05 Moscow time.


  41. Rosenturd of the BBC 1 hour ago:

    Russia election: Opposition complaints on final day of voting

    Russia’s marathon election is nearing the end. But even before the first ballots were cast, it didn’t look like a fair election…

    The authorities dismiss accusations of widespread fraud. The head of Russia’s election commission said the criticism was part of “a planned, deliberate campaign, well financed from abroad”.

    It’s a sign of things to come. This is how Moscow will react to any international criticism of the election: by pointing a finger at the West and claiming it’s all part of a foreign conspiracy to discredit Russia.

    Its about time he got the Rainsford treatment.

    He is not reporting events objectively!


      1. As I’ve commented many times before, when Mrs. Exile was a student back in the USSR, she worked at polling stations at election times and she tells me there’s no way this rigging of votes can take place that Western propagandists write about when elections take place here. She told me how she remembers sitting up once all night doing three recounts because of a contested result. There was a difference in single figures between the votes cast for 2 candidates. Both candidates were CPSU members, of course.

        And Tony Blair is a socialist?


  42. The commies are doing well while Yabloko comes in under 1%.


    With just over a quarter of ballots counted, United Russia was on around 44.2%, according to preliminary results announced by the Central Election Commission. The grouping, which is openly backed by President Vladimir Putin, is followed by the KPRF on 22.3% and the far-right LDPR on 8.5%. ‘New People’, a center-right faction contesting its first election has so far polled at 6.6%, with the leftists of Fair Russia on 7.3%.Liberal, Western-leaning Yabloko is below 1%. Russia’s hybrid system, involving both ‘first past the post’ and proportional representation makes it difficult to predict how these results might be translated into parliamentary seats.

    Organizers also said that the turnout at the election had reached 45.15% as of 6pm Moscow time.

    Putin will tilt his policies to address the issues raised by the commies. That would be a sign of a real democracy. Flirtation with the West and Western values are coming to an end. All good.


    1. I just heard a CBC report from Briar Stewart, the Moscow correspondent for CBC News. It makes the BBC seem reasoned and balanced. I am beginning to wonder if she is reporting from Moscow Ontario Canada rather than the one in the RF.


        1. Of course there is, well, was a Moscow, Ontario. I was there about 1995. A gas station/general store and 1/2 dozen houses. It’s just north of the metropolis of Napanee

          Quick list of capital cities in Ontario.
          ## Capitals in Ontario
          – Delhi
          – Moscow
          – Paris
          – London
          – Ottawa
          – Dublin
          – Warsaw
          – Kingston
          I probably am missing some.


    2. I guess that’s what they call you in Russia when you have no visible means of support – jailed Kremlin critic. Before that he was a ‘blogger’, which to my mind is not a field of employment. Yet he lives well, with a large apartment, a family with two children, and for awhile there he had an ‘official’ car and driver.

      I wonder where his money comes from? Perhaps he has a lot of advertisers on his blog.


  43. Gas prices LIVE: Britons face soaring energy bills and empty shelves – gas prices up 70%
    BRITONS face soaring energy costs, empty shelves and a possible billion pound taxpayer funded bailout as whole price gas prices in the UK increase by 70 percent.

    10:25, Mon, Sep 20, 2021 | UPDATED: 10:30, Mon, Sep 20, 2021

    Vladimir Putin has been accused of sending gas prices rocketing in a deliberate move to leave British supermarket shelves empty. Soaring natural gas prices has resulted in the food sector warning of “chaos” as supplies dwindle. Russia’s state-owned Gazprom supplier has been accused by 40 MEPs of carrying out “deliberate market manipulation” to shoot gas prices to record levels.

    Gazprom has recently reduced its gas production for no discernable reason and has refused to pump gas through existing pipelines.

    My stress: an out and out lie!

    The MEPs suspect Mr Putin is manipulating the market in a bid to pressure Europe to agree to a faster launch of its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

    So gazprom exports gas to the UK?


    1. My stress: an out and out lie!

      Well, not quite!

      Gazprom says its gas supplies meet contractual obligations.

      20.09.2021 13:47
      Gazprom will not increase gas supplies to Europe via the Ukraine in October

      Gazprom has again failed to book additional capacities of the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) for gas transit to Europe in October. This is reported by RIA Novosti, with reference to the auction data.

      On another export route – the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline passing through Poland – the Russian company has booked pumping 31.3 million cubic metres per day out of the proposed 89.1 million cubic metres for October.

      After the announcement of the auction results, gas prices in Europe under spot contracts (fast delivery) started to grow and rose to almost $900 per thousand cubic metres.

      Under the current contract with the Ukraine, concluded in 2019, Gazprom must pump at least 40 billion cubic metres of gas annually through the Ukrainian GTS in 2021-2024. Additional transit volumes are paid separately at a higher rate. The Russian company has not reserved additional Ukrainian transit capacity since May this year, despite the shortage of gas in Europe and record prices for it. Gazprom fulfills all its contractual obligations to its European partners, but is in no hurry to increase its supply in the market.

      Its called the free market, innit?

      You know, a feature of capitalism.

      And the West is so pleased that the KPRF has increased its share of votes in the Duma elections.

      It’s what the West’s poster boy has urged that the oppressed Russians do: vote Communist!


    2. I must confess I admire Mr. Putin’s ability to think several moves ahead. Who else would have made the connection between the availability of cheap gas and ‘chaos in the food sector’? I hope he’s going to write a book, like Lao Tzu, on his strategery of diabolicry, before he dies.

      As you have passionately pointed out, Russia is not reducing its gas production in any measurable way, and has agreed to pump the contracted amount which was agreed upon in the historic gas agreement signed with Ukraine in the last fading moments of 2019. See? Says it right up front.

      Under the deal, the minimum volumes will be 65 billion cubic metres (bcm) /year in 2020 and 40bcm/year between 2021-2024.


      The keen will note that it reads ‘minimum volumes’. Correct, and nobody could reasonably fault Russia for sticking to the contract terms considering the venom and bile hurled its way daily by the British. However, the truly keen would have read on, and noted it is the responsibility of Naftogaz to book additional capacity – have they tried to do that?

      An agreement between Ukraine’s incumbent Naftogaz and Gazprom spelling out the conditions and volumes of transit for the next five years. Under the agreement Naftogaz will in fact book capacity for Gazprom and shoulder transit-related risks.

      This is a ‘ship or pay’ contract, “a provision in gas contracts whereby a buyer agrees to pay for contracted transport capacity regardless of actually transported volumes.” Russia is the seller. Who is the buyer? The EU? Naftogaz? Has anyone actually investigated the increase of transport capacity? Russia just says it is sticking to the contract. But the contract says it is the responsibility of the buyer to negotiate additional volumes.

      It seems pretty evident to me that nobody in the buyer’s seats really understood the contract that well when it was signed – the comedian Zelensky (might as well call him what he’s good at, which would rule out ‘president’), for instance, claimed Ukraine would ‘rake in more than $7 Billion’ over 5 years, but Ukraine only really made money the first year. After that, minimum volumes were too low for it to make a profit, according to its own analysts.

      Cutting to the chase, Russia is reviled when it pumps a lot of gas – it is ‘using its monopoly unfairly’ to price the competition (???) out of the market. When it does not pump a lot of gas, it is reviled for artificially creating shortages so as to invoke chaos. All the while, it is sticking to the terms of its contract. Who’s absent from the screaming and the rending of garments? Turkey and Southeast Europe, which are served by Turkstream, with 31.5 bCM capacity.

      The source speculates that ‘Putin’ is doing this to force a more rapid certification of Nord Stream II, with which process the Poles and Balts hope to interfere to the very best of their ability, and Brussels is likely content to let them meddle in the hope that Gazprom will yield more control to Europe. Although I cannot forbear to comment that the present calamity does not argue in its favour where management is concerned. However, that’s just one interpretation. It would be equally fair for ‘Putin’ to argue that Europe is deliberately fabricating a crisis in order to force Russia to transit more gas through Ukraine, thus fattening its coffers and providing fuel (see what I did there?) for the argument that Nord Stream II is superfluous to requirements.


  44. Daily Mail:

    The prospect of Christmas without turkeys and families shivering in their badly insulated homes is hardly an alluring one.

    But with Russia playing hardball with natural gas supplies to Europe and the power links between France and Britain temporarily disabled by fire, it finally should be dawning on our politicians that as worthy is Britain’s dash to be the G7’s greenest economy may be, our current system of energy supply is woefully ill-equipped to cope with the transformation.

    Russia “playing hardball with natural gas supplies”???

    The rise in gas prices has been attributed to a range of factors, including a cold winter which left stocks depleted, high demand for liquefied natural gas from Asia and a reduction in supplies from Russia.


  45. Thus spake the wise one:

    September 20, 2021, 04: 33
    Saakashvili said that “Nord Stream-2” can be useful to the Ukraine

    Former President of Georgia, Head of the Executive Committee of the National Reform Council, Mikhail Saakashvili, has said that in the long term, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline can be useful for Kiev. This is reported by Energetyka24.

    Saakashvili noted that in the short term, the Russian pipeline is a “very dangerous thing” for the Ukraine, since in the event of an “attack” by Russia in the spring of next year, Western countries will be less willing to support Kiev.

    “In the long run, the gas pipeline can bring benefits to the Ukraine. The Ukraine has enough of its own gas… This (completion of the gas pipeline) is good, because the Ukrainians will produce their own gas. Ukrainians will learn to save it”, Saakashvili said.

    He noted that Kiev could benefit from “this short-term major diplomatic geopolitical catastrophe”.

    Earlier, Saakashvili said that he had found an alternative for the Ukraine after the launch of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to him, after the construction of the gas pipeline is completed, the Ukrainian authorities need to start developing their own resources, in particular “green” hydrogen.


    1. I’m confused. Ukraine will produce its own gas…but it needs to start developing green hydrogen? And both, or either of these proposals is leveraged by its possession of thousands of kilometers of clapped-out pipelines?

      One of the things I love about Saakashvili – well, it’s the only thing, now that I come to think of it – is his predictability. You can always tell what he has read recently by his loopy free-association on the subject. He reads a couple of pages on something, or has a conversation with an academic, and poof! he’s an expert. The west enables him in his pseudoacademic preening by marveling at his ‘energy’, his ‘dynamism’; his ‘great scope of interests’. What he really is is a grifter with a modest but significant talent for telling other ‘leaders’ what they like to hear, and mixing in enough buzzwords and trigger phrases to make him sound like he’s been studying the subject all his life. He’s a gish-galloper to the manor born.

      You can make green hydrogen using present fossil-fuels technology; it’s just electrolysis – passing an electric current through water to separate its molecules. But at present the EROEI – energy returned on energy invested, a term Anatoly Karlin used to be fond of quoting except he actually understood it, unlike Saakashvili – is prohibitive because the process employed to get a bit of ‘clean’ energy uses a lot of ‘dirty’ energy to produce it. The creation of energy is only labeled sustainable when it takes less of other forms of energy to produce it than the volume generated (a dream fuel) or it can be developed using exclusively ‘green’ technologies, so that its creation does not damage the environment. An example would be using the electricity obtained from wind or solar power to run the equipment used in the electrolysis process, creating ‘green’ hydrogen which can be used as a fuel.

      Interestingly, the most passionate advocates for green hydrogen argue that now is not the time to dedicate precious green-energy assets to its production. The machinery is expensive and the process at present is inefficient; diverting green-energy assets now to make green hydrogen would result in terrible optics – Rumpelstiltskin spinning a freightcar of straw into a lump of gold the size of a pea. The Greenies are too engaged with selling renewables as economically viable to waste them on what would be dubbed another tree-hugger nutbar project.


      “Jess Cowell, a campaigner with Friends of the Earth Scotland, is opposed to any use of blue hydrogen, saying that it simply allows fossil fuel companies to stay in business and keep emitting. There may be a future for green hydrogen, Cowell said, but now is not the time to invest in it.

      “You run the risk of diverting existing renewable capacity to green hydrogen generation, and right now, that’s an incredibly inefficient process,” Cowell told CNN.”

      Others say the technology will be greatly improved by, say, 2050. Which is the tried and true technique of kicking the can so far down the road that it goes out of sight, and nobody really knows what’s over the hill. Green hydrogen might be viable and plentiful, or the government might have been taken over by AI vacuum cleaners and we might all be slaves to their suckular policies.


      1. If the intention is to replace natural gas (mostly methane) with hydrogen, it will have horrible economics. As discussed sometime ago, hydrogen will likely damage pipes via hydrogen embrittlement. Compressors will need to be replaced to handle the much lower density hydrogen. Combustion equipment will need to be replaced. In short, the entire gas distribution and consumption equipment would need replacement.

        As noted, production of green hydrogen consumes far more energy than recoverable from the hydrogen so generated. Electrolysis is wasteful of highly valuable electricity. The lowest cost hydrogen uses natural gas as a feed stock so why go through the expenses and energy losses of the conversion – just use the natural gas.

        If hydrogen is viewed as a way to store energy from highly variable renewable sources, again, its terribly inefficient. Use of pump-storage is much more efficient way to capture energy from variable sources and recover as needed.

        As with renewables, the hidden agenda is to induce society to commit to a dead-end technology that will result in a general collapse of our society and a sharp reduction in population as the elites consolidate their grip on humanity. The global warming misdirection, the Covid brouhaha and the renewable energy boondoggle all advance that agenda. As long as Russia and China give it no more than lip service, the world should be safe I hope.


                1. Well, obviously not now – it passed into the history bin along with ‘cool’, ‘neato’, ‘slick’ and ‘gnarly’. ‘It’s a gas’ is from the era of racoon coats and bathtub gin.


                2. Dear God. Was Keith Richards ever that young? And Charlie Watts still has dark hair. Mick Taylor always looked over-awed to be part of such a big established band; they used to laugh that he was chained by the ankle to the bass drum, because he rarely moved more than two feet away from it.


  46. The headline from The New York Times celebrates “Russian Election Shows Declining Support for Putin’s Party”; The Guardian states: “Pro-Putin party wins elections despite declining support”; The Times reads “Putin’s party romps to victory in ‘most corrupt election yet'”. In a tight-rope act of rhetoric, the media coverage reveals the usual paradoxical claims that Russia is an absolute dictatorship, while simultaneously celebrating the Kremlin being handed tough results at the ballot box.



    1. What has happened in Russian elections since the fall of the Soviet Union, or at least from since Putin first appeared in politics? The Communists have come second, the LDPR third. What happened this time? The Communists came second, the LDPR third.

      If the Communists won, the west would be happy? There would be a moment of shocked silence, and then the keyboards would be chattering away in Washington and New York as America started excoriating Zyuganov for being a dictator. The USA would bitch about Russia unless it were just like the United States, and in that case it would want to run it.

      I read over the Communists’ platform on the occasion of the last election, and it actually seemed quite progressive to me, not at all unreasonable.


  47. Regarding Australia’s new submarine purchase, have people seen this? My appologies if it has been posted and I missed it. Australia’s Defence Policy Explained . Trigger warning, put down all liquids.

    OT but is John Helmer’s site under attack again or am I just doing something wrong. I have not been able to reach the “Dancing with Bears” site since Friday.


    1. Maybe it’s your search term; it’s “Dances with Bears”. I tried it just now and it came up all right. Might be something local.

      The Australia sub purchase has indeed been brought up, from its political standpoints and from an international perspective. But I have not seen this reference, and will read it with great pleasure.

      As has also been discussed, China is outwardly calm about the slap in the face, but is already working to sever such economic relationships as it can do without. Australian iron ore has already been halved in share and export value, and about 30% of its LNG cargoes have been turned away or canceled before they depart. It looks to me like China is going to be at some pains to teach Australia a lesson, and it will get zero sympathy from France.


      1. It’s been down for me for a long time (Error 521). I figured that it had been blocked by our Cyber Dictators because it is soooooooooo dangerous.


        1. Thanks, though I would add that much of the stuff (disregarding AUKUS bollox) has been out in in public for years in one way or another going back to Bill Clinton’s time (as Pepe Escobar writes in his latest screed) of shifting US interests to a growing economic Asia-Pacific which also means the US military , so the plans were in place for a long time but adjusted for ‘events’ along the way. They really have been very public about it so no-one needs to be a genius to recognize the trajectory. Whether it gets there and whether we all get killed in the process etc. etc. is historical soothsaying, something much more fun! 😉


      1. Guinea may be a good long term strategy but It may take many years to become a major exporter of iron ore. Here is good info on who’s who in iron ore production.


        China is by far the biggest producer of iron ore with about 55% greater output than Australia.

        1 China 1,380,000
        2 Australia 824,000
        3 Brazil 428,000
        4 India 129,000
        5 Russia 112,000
        6 Ukraine 68,000
        7 South Africa 80,000
        8 United States 43,000
        9 Canada 39,000
        10 Sweden 37,000

        Russia is way up there as well and the Ukraine as well. What region is the Ukraine has the ore?

        China imports (2019) about 620 million tons/year from Australia, 220 million tons from Brazil and and 170 million tons from everyone else. China will have a tough time cutting off all iron ore from Australia. Of course, Australia will have a far tougher time. As my father was wont to say, Australia has shit in its own mess kit.

        The greatest potential for China is to ramp up internal production. A 50% increase would replace all Australian imports. A more realistic solution is to increase imports from everyone other than Australia, increase internal production as fast as possible and maximize recycling.


  48. Al’s Jizz Error via Antiwar.com: France to work with India to promote ‘truly multilateral’ order

    Foreign ministers of two countries agree to deepen strategic partnership as they discuss developments in the Indo-Pacific and Afghanistan.

    Yet again, does not France understand that the United States is the primary country that other countries, whether Australia or India are hitched to? Even in the SCO, India is acting as the US’s spoiler in recent talks on Afghanistan and the region. India is being pulled in two directions but hasn’t given in to American threats on Russian weapons because it knows without it the USA has SFA.



    1. Much will hinge on who is a doer and who is a talker. If Russia and China get in early and begin putting some serious money into reconstruction and local investment, the government will look favourably on their presence. The USA and India will likely focus on bringing down the government by declaring it ‘illegitimate’ and badgering their allies to recognize some dressed-up oppositionist as the real leader, as Washington has done over and over. America will work on the UN, to get it to make life hard for the Taliban and tie it in knots with a bunch of human-rights accusations so that it is too busy defending itself to govern, so that the population grows restless and resentful. It’s the roadmap to regime-change, innit?

      The west does not learn much from its failures, always resolving ‘it’ll work this time’, but it is unforgivable for the west’s declared foes to learn nothing from them, either. Russia and China should have already devised a template for economic domination and international partnerships so that the west cannot parachute members onto company boards and gain influence. Afghans have heard it all in terms of airy rhetoric about freedom and democracy, and their support will go to whoever can first deliver prosperity, or something like it.


  49. I just watched a BBC tv news report about the ‘gas shortage’ crisis. The reporter mentioned Russia right at the beginning as one of the causes, accused by others and then followed on with quite a few more reasons (Norwegian gas field maintenace, demand picking up after COVID-19, Asian high prices etc. etc. Who needs news when you willingly shoe-in government talking points however stupid?


  50. The Gazprom refusal to increase pumping gas through the Ukraine is an economic issue, not a political one. It is profitable for the company to sell less energy, but at higher prices. In 2024, the gas directive ends, and Russia will switch from using this country to other supply routes. Such an opinion about the gas future for Kiev has been expressed in a conversation with ” Lenta.Ru” by economist Alexey Korenev.

    The auction for additional transit capacities in the Ukrainian gas transmission system (GTS) did not take place. Gazprom refused to buy back the proposed volume for October 2021 in the form of 9.8 million cubic metres of gas per day.

    At the same time, Gazprom has reserved a part of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline capacity for October — 31.3 million cubic metres of gas out of the proposed 89.1 million, according to the GSA platform data. The gas pipeline passes through Belarus and Poland.

    Punishment for arrogance
    Korenev reminded that Gazprom pumps gas through the Ukraine and Poland exactly in the volume that was initially requested by the European Commission. The proposed auctions for additional volumes only grant the company the right to supply, which it has decided not to use.

    “We may or may not use this right. This is not a commitment. That is, the Europeans themselves insisted on reduced supply volumes, fearing a Russian monopoly, and now they are trying to find workarounds. But Gazprom has not thrown out energy carriers, they are sold at favourable prices to China and Southeast Asia. Of course, I do not rule out that Gazprom used the mistake and arrogance of the EU to maintain high gas prices. There are crazy profits coming in right now, so what’s the point of giving them up? In addition, the company must fulfill its obligations for other supplies”, the economist believes.

    Korenev suggested that when making a decision to increase gas pumping through the Ukraine, the company’s specialists had made calculations and found out that it would be more profitable to sell less energy carriers, but at higher prices, than more, but at lower prices.

    “This is a question of mathematics. If we increase the volume of supplies, then, of course, prices will go down. In this case, it is better to hold the gas or sell it to other buyers. In any case, it will not be lost or spoiled, so the benefits are obvious. Now Gazprom is just trying to balance itself in such a way as to maximize profits”, Korenev explained.

    He added that the refusal of additional transfers through the Ukraine was an exclusively economic decision that had nothing to do with politics. Moreover, as soon as the EU gas directive ends, Russia will in principle switch to other supply routes.

    “Until 2024, we must not reduce the volume of pumping”, the economist reminded. “We are fulfilling this commitment and are not going to change anything. This, again, was not our initiative — the directive was adopted by the EU and the Ukraine: everyone shook hands, so what is happening now is a problem exclusively for these countries, but not ours. The Ukraine’ gas transmission system is completely worn out; it needs to be repaired, so soon the country will start asking for money again. This is unprofitable and uninteresting for us, so starting from 2024, Russia will switch to other supply routes as much as possible.”

    On September 10, head of Gazprom Alexey Miller announced the completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Two lines of the project run from Russia to Europe along the bottom of the Baltic Sea, each with a length of 1,224 kilometres and a gas pipeline capacity of 55 billion cubic metres per year. Kiev fears that Moscow will reduce gas transit through the Ukraine, which will cause the Ukrainian budget to lose billions of dollars.

    And apart from that — Fuck the Yukie and EU bastards!

    A economist has spoken about the gas future of the Ukraine
    17: 20, 20 September 2021


    1. To maximize profits…could there be a more western capitalist principle? When western elites are doing it, it’s just sound business – good show, chaps. When the enemy is doing it, he’s gunning for a monopoly and weaponizing his marketable resources. How Washington would crow if it were realizing ‘crazy profits’ from its LNG cargoes! Making money is the greatest reward of the capitalist system, and the only altruistic argument for restraint I have ever heard from an American oligarch was that from Warren Buffet, when he argued that his cleaning lady paid more tax than Berkshire Hathaway – proportionate to their respective income – and there was no way that could be fair.

      If the Russians slipped below the minimums they contracted to provide, the west – and the Ukrainian wanna-be’s – would be on them like Rush Limbaugh on a baked ham. So it is clear to all that they are sticking to the terms of the contract. Therefore requested overages (and this clears up the question of whether Naftogaz prompted Gazprom for additional volumes; apparently they did) are favours…solicited by declared and proud-of-it enemies of the Russian state.

      And it is important to note here that it could have gone either way. It could have been a mild winter, and might still be. Europe could have tightened its belt a bit earlier, and ensured its storage bunkers were full, going in. Naftogaz could have sought additional volumes earlier, before Europe and the British started shrieking about terrible shortages, and driving the price into the stratosphere. And it is once again time to remind everyone that Russia favoured long-term take-or-pay contracts rather than open-market hub pricing which causes speculators to unconsciously salivate when they hear the word ‘shortage’ over the wires. Because all you gotta have as a speculator is access to capital. You don’t need to own any gas – you can but futures and sit on them until the price goes out of sight, and then sell. There still also remains the question of whether some of this is put-on, the pathos in pictures of young lovers huddled around the radiator, families picking at their gruel by candlelight, to pressure Russia to pump additional volumes through Ukraine so the addled Ukies can make a profit. Because otherwise they’ll be begging for money from the EU. Again.

      The only thing Russia must be careful to do is to avoid the appearance of gloating at the discomfiture of its enemies, who well and truly landed themselves in the mess they are in.

      The solution is relatively straightforward – early, prompt and complete certification of Nord Stream II. It should be just a formality, anyway, since it follows the same route and specifications of the already-certified Nord Stream. But Brussels hoped to dawdle, and wring concessions. The Poles and the Balts held out hope certification might take years, during which time they could continue to extract transit fees and complain that their own gas prices are too high, so as to arouse the interest of the Russophobes in Brussels. So far as I am aware, no volumes are booked for Nord Stream II, and it could alleviate the crisis in less time than it takes to say it.


  51. Tej jesieni aż strach włączyć grzejniki
    Ceny gazu zarówno na Towarowej Giełdzie Energii, jak i na innych rynkach biją historyczne rekordy. I taniej już pewnie nie będzie.
    20.09.2021 14:54

    It’s scary to turn on the heaters this autumn
    Gas prices both on the Polish Power Exchange and on other markets are breaking historical records. And it probably won’t be getting any cheaper.

    In the Polish article above, it states:

    Jak podkreśla dziennik „Financial Times”, Rosjanie – najważniejszy dostawca na europejskim rynku – nie próbują nawet łagodzić kryzysu cenowego, zwiększając dostawy. Analitycy sugerują, że to może być też sposób wymuszenia na Europie ostatecznej zgody na uruchomienie Nord Stream 2.

    As emphasized by the “Financial Times”, the Russians – the most important supplier on the European market – are not even trying to mitigate the price crisis by increasing supplies. Analysts suggest that this could also be a way to force Europe’s final approval to launch Nord Stream 2.

    Tough shit!

    Keep on reading the FT, Polacks!


    1. …Analysts suggest that this could also be a way to force Europe’s final approval to launch Nord Stream 2.

      Clearly yes, it could be. So you see the solution to the problem! Now Europeans know where the blame truly lies – with those who are stalling on certification, hoping to bargain for greater control over infrastructure toward which they spent not a penny nor a drop of sweat.


  52. Another load of Yukietard shite:

    The Ukraine is ready to provide additional capacity for gas transit to the EU in order to resolve the “price crisis”. This was stated by the head of the company “GTS Operator of the Ukraine” Sergey Makogon.

    According to him, a lot of money hasbeen invested in the repair of the country’s GTS infrastructure, maintenance and training of personnel.

    “Therefore, the Ukrainian GTS is reliable and safe, and we are ready to provide additional gas pumping capacity in excess of Nord Stream 2. That is, we can meet the current needs of Europe with the existing capacities in the Ukraine, without the Russian gas pipeline”, Makogon is quoted as saying on the company website.

    He said that the Ukrainian GTS is ready to transport almost twice as much gas as the Nord Stream — 1 and Nord Stream — 2 gas pipelines. According to him, the annual capacity of the Ukrainian GTS is 146 billion cubic metres of gas.

    September 20, 2021, 19: 21
    The Ukraine says it is ready to resolve the gas crisis in Europe


    1. Bringing the Ukrainian GTS back up to like-new condition – at which time it would still not have passed Europe’s fussy regulations – would cost more than all the money gifted and ‘lent’ to Ukraine since The Glorious Maidan. And you can be sure that if you were an auditor you would discover a great deal more of that has gravitated to the pockets of Ukraine’s wealthy oligarchy than ever was spent on pipeline maintenance.

      Ukraine is desperate, and hopes to bait Europe into hasty approval of an ‘interim’ solution which it can then maneuver into a longer-term arrangement. Europe plainly would like a solution which benefits both itself and Ukraine, if it can be arranged so that it does not cost Europe too much more. Because if the Ukrainians cannot squeeze cash from Russia, their need for cash will not disappear, and they will be looking for it from other sources.


  53. September 21, 2021, 07:26
    In the Ukraine, Zelensky has been called an “idiot” because of gas prices

    Слава Ідіоту!

    Former Rada deputy Evgeny Muraev believes that the President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was responsible for high gas prices for the country’s population. He made the corresponding statement on the air of the NASH TV channel, the recording is posted on YouTube.

    “I don’t want to call the idiots in power idiots and really say how it will end”, the former parliamentarian said.

    According to him, the increase in gas prices had been influenced by the fact that currently Ukrainian gas storage facilities are half empty. Murayev explained that by the end of this year, the country needed to pump about 10 billion cubic metres of blue fuel.

    The politician also noted that the price of gas had already exceeded $800.

    “And you can ask Naftogaz, Zelensky and Shmygal a question: “What were they thinking of? Why shall we now buy at a price that will bring our entire industry and population to their knees?” he continued.

    Muraev recalled that Moscow had proposed that a direct contract for the purchase of gas at $175 per thousand cubic metres be concluded with Kiev, but the Ukrainian side had refused. According to his calculations, the Ukraine would now have to overpay by $6 billion in order to replenish its gas reserves.

    On September 20, the price of gas in Europe had reached $908 per thousand cubic metres.

    Earlier, the head of Naftogaz of the the Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko , said that Kiev had bought gas at an inflated price “to ensure the country’s energy security”.


    1. “Muraev recalled that Moscow had proposed that a direct contract for the purchase of gas at $175 per thousand cubic metres be concluded with Kiev, but the Ukrainian side had refused. According to his calculations, the Ukraine would now have to overpay by $6 billion in order to replenish its gas reserves.”

      No, no; thank YOU, and what a pleasure doing business with you! We’ll just call that the $2.9 Billion your pals in Stockholm ordered us to pay you – yes, I remember how that made you jump up and down – plus interest, shall we? Say; western investors must loooooovve you guys. They get rich off your stubbornness, chuckle-headed inability to plan beyond breakfast time, and eventual misery…and they don’t even own any gas!


    1. Does anyone think Russia will cough up?

      And what does a court of “human rights” have to do with an alleged homicide?

      Had to laugh at a reader’s comment to the above-linked Daily Mail article, namely you’d get more compy after a successful whiplash claim.


      1. Erdogan: Turkey does not recognize the Crimea becoming part of Russia
        September 21, 2021


        The Turkish authorities continue to support the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking to the participants of the 76th UN General Assembly.

        In October 2020, Mr. Erdogan, following talks with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky in Istanbul, had said that Turkey did not and would never recognize the “illegal annexation of Crimea”.

        “We attach great importance to the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Ukraine, including the Crimea, the annexation of which we do not recognize”, the Turkish president said at the UN (quoted by “Anadolu”).

        Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement stating that Ankara “continues to support the territorial integrity of the Ukraine and does not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea”. In this regard, the elections in Crimea “have no legal force” for Turkey, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

        The statement of the Turkish Foreign Ministry on non-recognition of the elections to the State Duma in the Crimea would negatively affect the relations between the two countries, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova reacted.

        Later, the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Russia hoped that Turkey would change its position on the recognition of the Crimea.

        The Crimea became part of Russia following a referendum in March 2014. The Ukraine still considers the Crimea to be its temporarily occupied territory.

        Erdogan trying to play the clever cnut, just as Lukashenko used to like doing.


        1. Of course, most, if not all of the southern half of what was the UkSSR was the happy hunting grounds of the Crimea Tatar Khanate, the so called Wild Field, and that khanate was the satrap of the Porte.

          Erdogan thinks he’s a latter-day Ottoman Sultan and wishes to restore former Ottoman spheres of influence such the Crimea to Turkish control, not to mention territories that were lost to the former Ottoman Empire according to the post-WWI British and French Sykes-Picot agreement that resulted in the carving up of Ottoman domains in the Middle East.

          It’s a wonder that Sultan Erdogan hasn’t got his eyes on Egypt and the rest of North Africa.

          Funny how Erdogan ignores the fact that the “International Community” has never recognized the Turkish annexation of a large chunk of Cyprus.


        2. Who cares? So long as Turkey remains a reliable customer for Russian gas, Erdogan can blather as much as he likes. Nobody was in the habit of referring to Turkey as a ‘Russian ally’, to the best of my knowledge, and there is not much danger of a Turkish attack to restore Crimea to Ukrainian control. Comes to that, there is not much chance of a NATO attack to restore Crimea to Ukrainian control. The west has had a taste of how expensive it is to be Ukraine’s Big Buddy, and I see no evidence that it likes it much; in fact, several observers have commented on ‘Ukraine fatigue’. I suppose NATO might be interested if it thought it could get that naval base on the Black Sea, but it would have to fight a fierce battle for it and there is small likelihood of it winning, certainly not without terrific losses, and defeat would be a far more likely outcome given the difference in logistics chains; Russia would fight from Russia. Likewise, there is zero chance of Ukraine doing it on its own. So it’s just noise. If NATO – including Turkey – wants to refuse recognition of reality, that is not going to make it less real. Just as long as it does not get so delusional that it thinks Crimea is still Ukraine. And that is not likely.

          Erdogan failed the NATO test when he refused to give up his S-400’s and buy the Patriot system instead. Now he will never be truly trusted, no matter how many shows of loyalty he offers.


    2. That will surely make Russia relent, and increase the volumes of gas pumped across Ukraine. Do a bruvver a good turn, what? If it were me, I would respond with an announcement that I was shutting down my end of Yamal for two weeks for a short-term maintenance requirement.


    1. Why not say Turkeys view is irrelevant.

      The people of Crimea have made their wishes clear

      That Turkey needs to get out of Syria and recognise its territorial integrity

      What nonsense about hoping Turkey would change its mind.

      Peskov sometimes should shut up – he is very “flat footed” for a spokesperson


  54. The Ottomans lost the Crimea in 1783. They still want it back. They thought they were in with a chance of doing so in 1853, but lost out. And again, they threw in their lot with the Central Powers in 1914, hoping to get back former territories lost to the Russian Empire, but missed out again.

    Sad bastards!


  55. Boris the Buffoon doesn’t blame Russia!

    Johnson Calls Gas Price Surge ‘Temporary’ U.K. Problem
    20 September 2021, 01:39 GMT+3

    U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the unprecedented surge in natural gas prices is a “temporary” problem caused by the global economy bouncing back after the pandemic, arguing a “phenomenal demand for gas” in Asia has affected U.K. supplies.

    On the current supply-chain squeeze, it is fundamentally caused by the global economy coming to life again: the guy ropes are pinging off Gulliver and it’s standing up, and it’s going to take a while, as it were, for the circulation to adjust

    says the oaf.

    “Guy ropes”?

    I thought Gulliver was a man, not a tent pole or antenna.

    Whatever. Just shows you how dumb Boris is: everyone knows it’s the Russians wot done it!

    Hang on, though!

    Boris is a Russian name, innit?

    I don’t know no one called Boris, except for Boris Karloff, and he always played baddies as well.


  56. From Oilprice.com’s newsletter email:

    Gazprom Ups Spending Plans on Windfall Profits. Boosted by larger-than-anticipated profits on the back of runaway gas prices in Europe, Russia’s gas giant Gazprom (MCX:GAZP) revised its 2021 upstream capex by more than $5 billion as it moves to speed up the construction of its pipeline network feeding into Power of Siberia.”

    Gazprom has jacked its planned capital expenditure on projects for this year by more than $5 Billion (160.866 Billion rubles)…and simultaneously lowered its planned borrowing by 2.76 Billion rubles, which new plan will “provide for a full coverage of the Company’s liabilities without a deficit.” Here’s their source:


    Not too shabby for a country whose economy is in tatters thanks to western sanctions. Note also that the increased work is going to piping networks supporting the Power of Siberia pipeline. To China. Likely the branch pipeline accessing the Kovyktinskoye field.


    Spasibo, Yurrup.

    Also, the draft Russian budget for 2022 “foresees an 8% year-on-year increase in national oil production, rising to 560 million tons (equivalent to 11.2 million b/d) next year. Similarly, oil exports are set to rise to 230 million tons.”


    1. Oh come on! One should not forget what a regular RT troll using many pseudonyms constantly points out, namely that the Russian economy is smaller than that of Italy.

      He always adds “ha ha” when gleefully reminding other RT commenters of this.


      1. It is, ranked by GDP. So is Canada. That hardly bothers me, although both countries are huge compared with Italy. But look at the debt burden Italy bears; it’s been over 100% of GDP since the mid-2000’s, possibly before, and currently stands at a bizarre 155.8% of GDP. Such debt levels are not only unsustainable – they’re irrecoverable.


        Russia’s debt is tiny by comparison; looks like maybe 17.5%, but they don’t have any actual figures for 2020 yet, I guess, these records always lag a bit. It was 14.6% in 2019.


        One country, despite its economy being smaller by GDP, is solvent. The other is basically owned by the European Central Bank.

        The United States claims to be the world number one economy, ranked by GDP. But it, too, owes more than 100% of GDP in federal debt. Ronald Reagan said deficits don’t matter. But he had dementia. People who are not demented know that there is no way to spin high levels of indebtedness as some kind of global leadership banner. Especially now, when western countries are willing to unite under sanctions to try to topple your economy. Countries with very low debt levels and very large military forces have pretty much nothing to worry about. The United States has only one of those. Russia has both.


        1. GDP ratings are financial fantasies. The only measure of an economy is its ability to manufacture physical product with adjustments for quality and effectiveness. The Russian manufacturing base is comparable to the US and its high tech sector as evidenced by its military technology is leading the US. Could all of Italy’s economic power create a single nuclear sub comparable to the Yasen class or an aircraft like the Su-57 or the civilian nuclear power technology of Rasatom? No.


          1. Yes, that’s a fair point, regarding Russia’s much more highly-developed tech sector. Mind you, the Russian girls will tell you Russia can’t make shoes for shit compared with Italy, and there’s nothing in Russia’s auto stable that can touch this:

            Different strengths, takes all kinds to make a world. Italy does have quite good shipyards at Fincatieri, a major shipbuilder with yards in 20 countries and employing nearly 20,000 people. Italy builds sleek and menacing warship designs, like the LUPO class, and the MAESTRALE class after it. They’re old now, but I remember their breathtaking lines. There are many things the Italians do well. But I will remember your comparisons with Russia’s military tech for the next time some Russophobe starts chuckling over ‘size of the economy’.

            To me, national solvency is key because it means being able to take controversial and even confrontational decisions without undue fear of coercion and leverage. It’s true that in the modern financial world, if the USA gets too deeply in debt and can’t borrow, it simply ‘marks up the account on the computer’ and adds a dozen zeroes or so to its spending money. But that’s not real money, and everybody knows it. It’s just smoke and mirrors, and whether you owe squillions to foreigners or just to the national pension funds of your own country, somebody owns that debt and that somebody could call it in at any time. It’s vulnerability; weakness.

            Also often forgotten is that western economies are subject to all manner of pumping-up and support and shell games, moving money around, all of which Russia is denied. It has to pay with real cash on the barrelhead, the while the west is doing its level best to crash its economy. And failing. Something Russia might bear in mind when the Europeans are squalling for more gas so the prices will come down. On that subject, Bryan Adams is instructive.

            “Take me back, won’t you,
            take me back, won’t you;
            I’ll change my ways.
            Take me back, won’t you,
            take me back, won’t you:
            I’m not the same…”


            1. I always buy Russian footwear. I can’t wear Eyetie shoes. I’m bloody sure Italians only have 4 toes!

              And I don’t drive: never have done, don’t want to!

              Motor cars do not interest me in the least.

              I like highspeed, state-of-the-art trains though.

              And rotten cabbage and old fishhead soup.


              1. It’s true that the styles in men’s footwear are often baffling, and the last time I was in Russia the height of style in men’s footwear (probably Italian, or at least so labeled) featured long, tapering toes that made men’s feet look half again as long as they actually were. But I am given to understand – I own only one pair of Italian shoes, and they are no more or less comfortable than the others – that they are the last word in comfort. And even when they’re not, it doesn’t seem to matter to women. I remember accompanying the missus – back when that status was still just a plan rather than a done deal – to her favourite shoe store in Vladivostok. We spent a lot of time there, and if it made her happy it made me happy, kind of on the installment plan; later, she would make me happy. She bought a pair of Italian shoes, put them on straightaway and wore them home, although she was hobbling by the time we got there. They were good quality, but new shoes are hard on the feet and have to break in a bit.

                I admire real craftsmanship and an eye for beauty in any product, and Ferrari is a splendid example of both. My neighbour has one, an old one that he drives probably once a year, and it’s true Italian sports cars can be temperamental. But it feels like spoiling yourself just to sit in one – the buttery leather and the driver’s side that feels like the cockpit of a fighter plane. That new Russian car, starts with an ‘A’. that is used as Mr. Putin’s personal limo – that’s a beautiful car, too, but in a different class altogether. I don’t doubt Russia could build a stunning roadster, but like Russian shoes for women, there just doesn’t seem to be any domestic appetite for it.


                1. Mediterranean countries have the climate for chic stuff that can be worn confidently expecting it won’t leave you looking like a drowning rat in two minutes flat. Good luck swanning around Ireland or Scotland with the old Belmondo/Delon/Mastroianni coat slung over the shoulders look (works for De Neuve and Loren as well) *. Same thing for motors. I had a couple of Citroen 2CVs and they were fun and great on the 3 dry days of the year. Starting them in wet weather was a pain. Ideal for dry climates. (The missus pointed out years ago that car paint colour is tailored to the light conditions of the intended market and imports can look totally garish elsewhere: her favourite examples were the old (1980s) Skodas which had unusual shades).

                  * Antonio Manzini’s rogue cop Rocco Schiavone, relegated to the Alpine hell of Aosta from Rome, refuses to wear anything but Clark’s desert boots for the first couple of months until the need to adapt overcomes his desire to look cool.


                2. Shoe sizes across the world are not standard and among other things reflect the fact that different populations, even in the same continent or country, have different builds and the size of their hands and feet differ correspondingly. People in southern European nations tend to be more slightly built than northern Europeans and their hand and feet sizes are smaller and narrower.

                  Plus the different shoe size standards you see across Western countries probably haven’t changed much since they were first established decades ago when people were shorter, probably had less dense bone or were more slightly built, because of diet and lifestyle. People go barefoot more than they used to and that probably has some bearing on shoe size especially if children go barefoot more now (because of increased leisure time) than they used to do, and go barefoot on hard surfaces rather than soft surfaces or a variety of surfaces.

                  Because Australia imports nearly all its shoes, most shoes sold here come in at least three size standards: US, British and EU. Shoes made in South Korea adhere to a standard used only in that country as far as I know.

                  Here’s a handy reference chart to convert the different shoe sizes used in East Asia, Europe and North America for men and women.


                3. My feet are very wide and I have a very high instep. When I lived in Germany, I had no problems in getting a good shoe fit. Same here: they make broad-fitting shoes, and in the UK, but Italians are twinkle-toes, I think.


  57. RuAvation: Roscosmos to deploy GLONASS monitoring stations in five countries

    …”In the near future another six non-request measuring stations are to be placed abroad: two in Brazil (Belem and Colorado de Oeste), one in China (Shanghai), one in Indonesia (Bukittinggi, West Sumatra), one in India (Bangalore) and one in Angola (Luanda),” the corporation said.

    Negotiations with foreign partners have been held and on-site reconnaissance work carried out and contracts are being coordinated at the moment.

    “All contracts for deploying and operating the equipment were signed with Brazil back in 2020. All permissions to take the equipment out of Russia were obtained, too,” the corporation said.

    But Russia doesn’t make anything said O’Bomber!


  58. It’s curious that S. Korea is not part of the Quad (or Quint). Japan and S. Korea have their differences which appear to be sufficient to prevent an alignment with the US/Japan anti-China policy.

    India is a pretend super power pumped up by US flattery. If India come to its senses, it will resume a non-aligned status. Australia is already the biggest loser to be followed by Japan if they don’t bail out.


    1. Why did Britain need a new defendant in the Skripal case?
      September 21, 2021, 22: 30

      London on Tuesday again recalled the incident with the alleged Novichok poisoning of defector Sergei Skripal and his daughter. They said that Petrov and Boshirov were assisted in this operation by a third GRU agent. However, no evidence of this was presented again. Britain’s decision to revive the old scandal has several domestic and foreign policy goals at once, experts say.

      “As you know, we have managed to identify another suspect in the Salisbury poisoning case”, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday. – This man’s name is Denis Sergeev. I just want to say that, in our opinion, all the suspects should be extradited and brought to justice.”

      Up to this point, “all suspects” meant two people whose names have been around for exactly three years: Alexander Petrov (aka Alexander Mishkin) and Ruslan Boshirov (aka Anatoly Chepiga), whom London calls GRU agents and perpetrators of the attempt on the former employee of the same special service, defector Sergei Skripal. But on Tuesday, Scotland Yard showed the world a third person involved: Denis Sergeev (aka Sergey Fedotov).

      In a press release, the British police said that the staff of the counter-terrorism department of Scotland Yard had “sufficient evidence” of the guilt of Sergeev-Fedotov. British detectives have filed charges on four counts: conspiracy to murder, attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm, and carrying and using chemical weapons. The police issued an arrest warrant for the third suspect, after which Prime Minister Johnson demanded that Moscow hand over all of them at once.

      According to investigators, Sergeev allegedly arrived in the UK on March 2, 2018, four hours before the arrival of Petrov and Boshirov. In the hotel where he stayed, they found no traces of the Novichok nerve agent (which, according to the British side, was used to poison Skripal and his daughter Yulia). But, according to Scotland Yard, there is evidence that “suggests that Sergeev repeatedly met Petrov and Boshirov in central London” over the weekend. He flew out of the UK on March 4, and later on the same day, the Skripals were poisoned in the city of Salisbury, according to British law enforcement officers.

      Scotland Yard claims that ” evidence has been found suggesting that Petrov, Boshirov and Fedotov (Sergeyev) have previously worked together for the GRU as part of operations outside of Russia”. But, as the head of the UK Police department for combating crime and terrorism, Nick Price, admitted, an arrest warrant, coupled with a request submitted to Interpol, is unlikely to have any effect – after all, the Russian Constitution does not allow the extradition of citizens of the country.

      The Russian Embassy in London also reminded the British authorities about this. At the same time, as stated in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow is still ready to cooperate with Britain through law enforcement agencies in the case of the incident in Salisbury. As for the factual side of the case, the Russian Embassy was skeptical about Scotland Yard’s statement.

      “An attempt to present information about the arrival and departure of a certain person from the territory of the United Kingdom on certain days of March 2018 as a ‘newly discovered circumstance’ looks ridiculous”, TASS quoted diplomats as saying.

      The fact is that the British side, like three years ago, did not bother to present convincing evidence of Moscow’s involvement in this incident. Last year, the Russian Embassy in the UK said that the public had not received any relevant evidence.

      Moreover, London left unanswered more than 80 diplomatic notes that relate to several outright oddities and inconsistencies in the Skripal case.

      It should be noted that reports about a certain “GRU agent Sergeyev ” appeared long before the official statements of Scotland Yard and Prime Minister Johnson – in the publications of The London Telegraph and other English publications. It was claimed that the “third person involved in the Skripal case” did not leave the UK.

      Also in 2019, Bulgaria named Sergeyev amongst those involved in the poisoning of arms magnate Emelyan Gebrev. But neither then nor now did the world see any solid evidence.

      But simultaneously with the resuscitation of the Skripal case, the West has decided to recall another long-standing case – the death of a former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko. On Tuesday, a Strasbourg court declared Moscow “responsible” for the poisoning of the former intelligence officer with polonium-210.

      “The Skripal case was copied from the Litvinenko case. This is another reason to discredit our country in the eyes of the world community and nothing more”, said State Duma deputy Andrey Lugovoy, whom the British side tried to bring as a defendant in the Litvinenko case. But, the interlocutor noted, English detectives forget their own classics-namely, the principle from which Sherlock Holmes proceeded. The Russian MP reminded:

      You can’t theorize before the facts come out. Inevitably, you start to adjust the facts to fit your theory.

      “Where are the facts, evidence, and any documented information?” Lugovoy asks: “Any accusation should be based on concrete facts, and not on speculation and reasoning. The Russian justice system did not receive a response to its requests, as well as the opportunity to meet and receive testimony from Sergei Skripal himself… The Skripal case, like the Litvinenko case, is actively investigated only in media reports”.

      “The British are talking about the use of a chemical warfare agent against Skripal, after a single application of which many people can die. However, the fugitive employee of the Russian special services survived”, Senator Konstantin Dolgov, a former emissary of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Human Rights said in a comment to the newspaper VZGLYAD on the main oddity.

      “In the report of the European Parliament, which was prepared in the case of poisoning in Salisbury, the entire evidence base was based on references that lead to something unclear”, said Andrey Klimov, a member of the Federation Council International Affairs Committee. “If you think about it, why in principle would Russia need to kill former agents? This is complete insanity”, the source is convinced. “The only thing it looks like is the plots of Hollywood films, where they make up a lot of fictions about Russia”.

      Outwardly, the spectacular story of the Skripal poisoning looks “like a poorly written children’s fairy tale”, Dolgov said. Senator Klimov also points out the “Hollywood” nature of the Salisbury poisoning story. “Remember the feature film ‘Red Sparrow’ about Russian intelligence officers? It was released shortly before the British played a comedy about the poisoning of their own agent Sergei Skripal”, the senator noted.

      The fact that three years later Prime Minister Johnson decided to update this story again is connected with the internal problems of Britain, political analyst and publicist Vladimir Kornilov believes.

      “There is a very difficult situation in connection with the ruin of gas and energy operators. People are afraid of a very hard winter. The population is being intimidated by the fact that Christmas will not be celebrated properly”, the source said. The British press, according to the source, blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for all of this.

      Since they decided to write off empty shelves in stores to Putin, it’s time to remember the Skripal case.

      As the problems in Britain grow, the number of murderers in that case will grow”, Kornilov is convinced. The political scientist believes that the British press will also use the recognition of Russia by the ECHR as “responsible” for Litvinenko’s death in the general noise, so that everyone will forget about what is happening on the shores of Albion.

      Senator Dolgov sees a foreign policy background in what is happening. The parliamentarian called the incident a continuation of the Russophobic line and “a breakdown of our strength.” The latest manifestation of this line, he considered the recent attempts to enter the British destroyer “Defender” into the territorial waters of Russia near the Crimea.

      According to Dolgov, the appearance of a third person involved “fits into the pattern of attempts to discredit the parliamentary elections that were successfully held in Russia. The West failed to disrupt the elections, despite active attempts to interfere. And what we are now hearing from the European Union, which is calling into question the legitimacy of our elections, are attempts to wave their fists when it is too late. This is a belch from the success of our electoral campaign and from the high support of United Russia”, the senator suggested.

      Dolgov also did not rule out that this next round in the Skripal case has been caused by London’s desire to switch attention from the scandal around France, which lost a multi – billion dollar contract for the production of submarines for Australia, which concluded a military alliance with the UK and the United States: AUKUS. “This is an attempt to consolidate Western countries, including the French, who are very tense because of the story with AUKUS. But it is unlikely that London will be able to influence the French, because we are talking about lost billions”, Dolgov summed up.

      A similar position is shared by Klimov, who also points out a possible transatlantic order. “This is due to the fact that in May, the US State Department again set a goal – to defame Russia. At that time, it was planned to link this to the parliamentary elections, but the elections were successful. The wave of intervention has been drowned out”, the senator said.

      Nevertheless, the senator believes, the instruction remained in force. “Therefore, now Russophobic forces in the West are trying to discredit our country using old material. Please note: on the same day, the European Court of Human Rights tried to “revive” another old story – the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko”


  59. As an aside, I have just started reading ‘Return to Moscow’ by Tony Kevin. I want to commend it and wondered if anyone had read it and wished to offer any thoughts.

    “This book is dedicated to the unique resilience and courage of the Russian people, who have triumphed over unimaginable cruelties at the hands of both invaders and their own past rulers, to create a society that is today worthy of admiration; to the beauties of Russia’s landscape, history and culture; and to the grace of Russia’s women who continue to inspire, me, in life as in art.”
    … Tony Kevin

    After the first 50 pages I am finding it a thoroughly agreeable and informative read.

    I stumbled across Tony incidentally (via Caitlin Johnstone I recall) and I found him so genuine that I was compelled to buy his book.


    • Interview with Tony Kevin on Russia’s History and Relations with Australia

    • Tony Kevin Return To Moscow Talk Mar 29 2017


  60. Another Brexit benefit gone? PM accepts deal with UK not priority for US


    So let’s get this straight, the UK was supposed to sign a free trade deal with the US withing a year or two fo BREXIT. Now it says it won’t, probably because the US is asking for everything and the kitchen sink to be up for grabs. This news comes a few days after the UK, US and Australia make a stupid and unworkable military deal between each other to contain China support ‘freedumb and dumbocracy in the Asia Pacific region’ which will most probably leave both Australia and the UK shafted, taking a ‘Big One’ for Team America World Police.

    It looks to me that by not giving in to the US, the UK is now in an even weaker position with China which it continues to believe it is clever enought to trade and make big profits off but at the same time be part of the anti-China gang.

    In short, no UK-US deal suddently gives China more economic leverage against the UK, something which they no doubt have noticed. Any bets fellow Kremlin Stooges when and by what means (economic I assume) revenge will be served on the UK? I would think threatening to pull out of the UK NPP contracts might be a start even though China was already pushed in to a minority stake, but it would be symbolic.

    I also note elsewhere that the US Navy was recently ‘monitoring’ a bunch of Chinese military ships near Alaska or something. Could China’s response to more America nearer its shores be more People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) near America’s shores? Regular enough missions would tie up USN and other resources that would otherwise be sent across the ocean. China plays it’s own game..


  61. ####

    I’d completely forgotten about this as no-one, least of all the fawning western corporate media, has memoryholed it and I don’t read much Russian media (coz my russian is ****).

    That Maria Buratina lady was also a gun crazy lass, no.


    …Butina then set up a private furniture company, travelling widely abroad and remaining politically active with the youth wing of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. And yet she attracted praise from opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who spoke of her as a “decent person”.

    Promoting gun rights was clearly a deep passion – she founded a group called the Right to Bear Arms and called for the sale of short-barrelled firearms to civilians to be made legal. ;;;

    Note how al-Beeb s’Allah doesn’t mention their common love of shooting stuff but cleverly bookends the unnamed fact?


    1. The Western media has missed out on the fact, though, that the Perm killer is not a “Russian” (русский) but a “Russian citizen” (россиянин), judging by his name at least — not that most Western pundits on matters Russian are, in my opinion, aware of the difference.

      Navalny, if he were not incarcerated at the moment but able to shoot his gob off in public, might well have made a point about that, he being a (now) closet “Russia for the Russians” nationalist.


  62. Russians are not ready to pay a heavy price for the Kremlin’s political crimes
    Sep 19, 2021

    New Geopolitics Research Network
    35 subscribers

    Igor Levchenko (NGRN, Head of the Strategic Modeling Section) had talked to Russian opposition politician, publicist, economist and energy expert Vladimir Milov during the 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz, Poland.

    – Russian society is not ready to hold responsibility for Kremlin’s crimes. Russians don’t understand necessity to «pay a bill» for the better future of their country.

    – Unfortunately, the majority of Russians receive information from television so far. As a consequence, the Russian mass consciousness is brainwashed by the state television.

    – The Rus