Doctor Politico, Reliable Journatard.

Uncle Volodya says, “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

“We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.”

Carl Bernstein

Don’t wanna be an American idiot,
One nation controlled by the media;
Information age of hysteria…

Green Day, from “American Idiot

Is there, anywhere in the great trackless expanse of the internet, a pseudo-news site more gratuitously insulting, more deliberately offensive than Politico?

I have to say, the hysterical, grunting, wild-eyed hatred routinely on show there reminds me of La Russophobe in her prime. Its reliance on anyone who will say what it wants to hear reminds me of her sycophantic celebration of the ‘work’ of Paul Goble, deep thinker and self-confessed former CIA spook operating from darkest Taunton, Virginia. Once described by Mark Adomanis – remember him? Lithuanian by descent, referred to Edward Snowden as the worst kind of traitor until outed by a commenter as a former employee himself of Booz Allen Hamilton, the security consultancy which had employed Snowden – as ‘a whore who trawls through the lowest gutter press in Russia such as Novaya Gazeta, translates their articles and passes them off as analysis’. Anyway, the default mode at Politico is ‘unhinged’, while its agenda is as easy to see as a turd in a punchbowl, and about as edifying.

The example I’m most recently acquainted with is this hatchet job on Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Let me say up front that I am not a believer in any of the current magic vaccines, and am not interested in being vaccinated with any of them. However, this nakedly partisan attack is in a class by itself; over-the-top hyperbole that labels everything that comes from Russia a weapon. Let’s take a look.

The piece starts out neutrally enough, mentioning – accurately, enjoy it, because that might be the last time you see it for awhile – that the Russian vaccine was given the stamp of approval by The Lancet, Europe’s leading and most-respected medical journal. I would just point out here, in fairness, that The Lancet is as guilty of political bias as anything in print, and only last year was forced to withdraw its approval of a study which found hydroxychloroquine completely ineffective against the symptoms of coronavirus, and even hazardous to health. It transpired the study relied on a database which was mostly bullshit, and was overseen by a director at Brigham & Women’s Health Hospital which was at that time carrying out a trial of Remdesvir, hydroxychloroquine’s rival and a clear conflict of interest. As if that were not enough, America’s ‘leading infectious disease expert’, Dr. Anthony Fauci – living proof that if you claim every possible position on an issue, you are bound to be right on one of them – also piled on that no randomized, placebo-controlled studies have found hydroxychloroquine to be effective. For the record, it is possible if not probable that hydroxychloroquine’s studied efficacy was due to other factors. That does not change the fact that if Dr. Fauci told me my own name, I would check my driver’s license to make sure he was not lying.

Be that as it may, Politico quickly shifted into its customary sneering derision. It also wants you to know that Moscow ‘humiliated’ EU leader Josep Borrell when all he wanted to do was congratulate Russia on its success. In fact Borrell was in Moscow to talk about the Sputnik V vaccine, with a view to securing some doses for the EU. And if he had confined himself to that subject, he would have been warmly received. Unfortunately, he also wanted to shoot his European mouth off about ‘political dissident’ and ‘opposition leader’ Alexey Navalny, and to convey Europe’s absolute insistence that he be released ‘immediately and unconditionally’, which kind of smothered any possibility of cordiality from that moment on. Kind of like how if Lavrov visited Borrell in his native Spain, and ordered him to release Catalan leader Oriol Junqueras would go over among the Spanish.

“It’s a nightmare,” said German Green Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, an MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee. Likening Russia’s Sputnik strategy to its sports doping scandal, she called it an “urgent matter” that demands the EU’s attention.”

What, you mean Russia’s ‘sports doping scandal’ which saw 28 of 39 convictions overturned on appeal, and Olympic medals which had been ordered stripped from the athletes reinstated? That doping scandal? The one that saw the prosecution’s star witness, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, crash and burn like the Hindenburg? That doping scandal?

“How the Times could provide such minimal coverage of these important April 2018 reasoned CAS decisions on matters on which the Times had extensively reported is inexplicable. By allowing the Russian athletes, for the very first time, to confront their accusers with cross-examination, the CAS was in a position to make startling revelations about Rodchenkov and McLaren. Rodchenkov, for example, admitted that he never personally witnessed any accused Russian athlete committing doping violations themselves, including taking the illegal drug cocktail, giving a clean urine sample out of competition, tampering with a urine sample, or transmitting information to co-conspirators about the coding on the drug sample after it had been given.

Furthermore, several of Rodchenkov’s explanations of events were simply not believable. For example, Rodchenkov had stated that the swapping of urine samples occurred after 1 am, but his own diary entries confirmed his bedtime by midnight each night, with two or three exceptions. When confronted with this contradiction, he made the incredible claim that he had lied to his diary.

Dr. Rodchenkov also could not recall with any degree of accuracy the ingredients in the ‘Duchess Cocktail’ which he claimed to have invented himself, for the purpose of undetectably doping athletes.

All that notwithstanding, you can sort of see why Politico tapped von Cramon for her opinion; it had most likely already apprised itself of her Russophobic credentials from this letter she sent to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, imploring her to slow down any approval process for the Russian vaccine, citing a Russia “unfortunately notorious for politicising and manipulating even medicine and science when it serves a political goal.” No mention at all of the west, chiefly the UK and USA, politicizing sport until the Olympics is just a big rainbow-sparkle state-doping extravaganza in which actual sport comes a far-distant second to politics.

Overall I must say we still wonder why Russia is offering theoretically millions and millions of doses while not sufficiently progressing in vaccinating their own people,” she remarked…This is also a question that I think should be answered.”She underscored that Russia would need to permit inspections of its manufacturing sites and submit all of their data for scrutiny as part of the regulatory approval process

Oh; can you afford to adopt that smarmy tone, Ms. von der Leyen? I don’t think you can, and your frantic ass-covering over EU vaccine shortages bears me out.

“After harsh criticism of European vaccine procurement, von der Leyen said the pharmaceutical industry had simply not been able to keep up with the “groundbreaking pace” of vaccine development. Her agency has since set up a working group to prevent further production problems, due, for example, to shortages in the supply of ingredients.”

Once again, and probably not for the last time, it’s a good thing I am not in charge in Russia; I have no patience at all for the chowderhead inbreeders who make up the EU’s leadership, and I would long since have said, “Know what? You’re right – we’ll keep all our vaccine for ourselves and our direct-marketing clients. Thanks, and no need for further visits.” I might have thrown some sailor-talk in there too. Meanwhile, Seeking Alpha sees the Sputnik vaccine as a likely candidate for most popular vaccine outside the western world.

“Currently, there are about 20 countries that already authorized the Russian vaccine for use, while countless others are lining up, following a glowing review of the vaccine that appeared in the Lancet Journal. While the Russian vaccine will probably never be used in the US and it may only be used in a small number of EU countries, I think that its specific qualities make it a candidate to become the most popular vaccine outside the Western World.

The fact that it is over 90% effective and it is also apparently safe makes it an attractive vaccine compared with many other conventional vaccines, most of which did not achieve an effectiveness rate that is even close to the Russian one. The only two vaccines that are currently in use that also claim an effectiveness rate that is over 90% are the mRNA-based vaccines from Moderna (MRNA)and Pfizer (PFE). The two mRNA vaccines do suffer a major handicap however when it comes to distributing it and administering it in places where the infrastructure meant to keep it at very low temperatures is lacking. Russia’s vaccine can be kept in a household fridge if need be, while the Pfizer vaccine needs to be kept at -70 Celsius. Given its overall advantages, I foresee this vaccine becoming the preferred available choice for literally billions of people around the world.”

Would Russia’s time be well-spent trying to influence the United States, do you think? What about Europe, especially under its current wildly-incompetent leadership? Or would it be better off working with countries who don’t spit on the doorstep when it rings the bell? That’s what I thought, too. Russia and China both have made significant progress in South and Central American relations, while the Trumpian debacle of trying to hammer the Guaido peg into the Venezuela hole is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Europe’s view is “If we’re not your friend, you don’t have any friends”. Washington’s is “I’ll think about your offer while you tell me who is going to be the leader of our gang”. What would you say to two actual people who behaved like that? Would it be two words? Would they be ‘Happy Birthday”? I thought not.

Back to the Politico attack piece, and Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

“Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė is also staking out her opposition to the Russian jab, and has said her country will shun Sputnik even if the EMA approves it. There’s “no doubt” that Russia’s efforts to sell the vaccine to Europe are “yet another geopolitical game,” she warned.”

The Lithuanians have elevated Russophobia to a national obligation; it’s part of being a patriotic Lithuanian. Of which there are now 2.79 million, meaning total citizens and not necessarily ethnic Lithuanians, down from a high of 3.7 million in 1992, which was just about exactly the moment it announced its independence from the USSR. Before that it had seen a steady climb in demographics, so that the population of Lithuania now is about what it was in 1955, maybe a bit less. Freedom is untidy, right? Anyway, imagining once again that I am leader of the Russian Federation, I’d be saying, “Make a note of that, Sergey; no vaccine for Lithuania, I don’t care if they’re injecting mosquito repellent in desperation.” Don’t let your mouth get your face in trouble, Ingrida – at the moment Lithuania has an accumulated 194,051 COVID cases, of whom 3,171 have died. Lithuania currently is experiencing a vaccine shortage and has only the Pfizer vaccine; its hope of achieving herd immunity rests on acquiring millions of doses of the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, the former currently awaiting approval from the EU, and the latter just approved end of last month. The AstraZeneca vaccine achieved only 60% efficacy in trials. Against Sputnik’s 91.6% assessed efficacy. But Lithuanian pride? Priceless.

I see the Sputnik V vaccine being very well received in places like Africa, where a freezer that keeps your vaccines at a comfy -70 Celsius might be a bit hard to come by, like the Pfizer vaccine requires. It’s also much cheaper. I see it doing well in Eastern Europe, once some of the snotty pretenders realize they are going to be at the back of the line for vaccines that the west cannot seem to make fast enough.

I also see this not being a long-term issue, because people around the world are already fed up with the high-handedness of public-health Caligulas, and are not going to take kindly to being told they now need an annual COVID vaccination to cope with an always-mutating virus that just laughs mockingly at herd immunity. Someday, someday soon, a critical mass of people is going to say under its breath, “This far, no further”.

But the sheer prickishness of the leaders of the EU will be remembered, long after COVID has shuffled offstage. The hysteria of the German Greens, former radical liberals gone momentarily respectable simply because the rest of Germany’s government is as dysfunctional as a Marilyn Manson concert. The clumsy defensiveness of Borrell, who didn’t realize he had been insulted until he got home and his barking-mad colleagues told him all about it. The icy condescension of von der Leyen. Uncle Sam, grinning in the wings, ready to bend the EU over and fuck it ’til it cries with its own fancy deep-freeze twice-as-nice-for-twice-the-price vaccines. Remember.

You brought it all on yourselves.

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  1. Peter Robinson of ‘Uncommon Knowledge’ hosts former actor Laurence Fox, who is running for Mayor of London on a campaign entitled “Your London. Your Freedom. Reclaim it.” Mr. Fox appeared on a popular high-end talk show in Britain called “Question Time”, where his opinion was emphatically not welcome.

    An audience member who Mr. Fox claims turned out to be a BBC plant informed him that he was not entitled to an opinion. The by-now familiar Twitter Storm ensued, and he was – as he charmingly puts it – ‘excommunicated from The Church Of Woke”. He has since started a political party, and the whole idea sounds very interesting and compelling, especially as what the public health Nazis are selling as the ‘third wave’ of coronavirus is now upon us, and they are prescribing the only reaction they know – more restrictions, more masking and PPE, more distancing.

    Hard as it may be to believe or accept, we really do appear to be on the cusp of a global revolution, where no recourse is left but broad civil disobedience and the unceremonious chucking-out of politicians who support this ridiculous farce. For so long as we continue to obey and buy all that guff about all being in this together and do it for your community, we’re just going to have wave after wave of ‘new cases’, and now that we are told ‘the jab’ will not necessarily prevent you from being ‘infected’, it is just going to be All Pandemic All The Time, a desperate and neverending war by the white forces of public health against a pandemic that never sleeps, and only closes its eyes to lull the populace into a false sense of security. Here in beleaguered BC, Doktor Bonnie claimed cautiously just a couple of weeks ago that we should see some restrictions eased by July 1st. In the last couple of days ‘new cases’ have surged to where they were in January, and all the restaurants have been closed again, take-out service only. Get used to liking your home, because there’s really nowhere else to go. And this is the future – it is plain that it is never going to stop until people stiff-arm them out of the way and say “Enough!”

    Past time for the rise of people like Laurence Fox.

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    1. That was great, Mark – my wife is a fan of ‘Lewis’ and Sgt Hathaway.

      Laurence Fox has his heart and mind in the right place … BUT …

      The drunkard, warmonger Churchill destroyed the ‘British-East-India Empire’ on behalf of his handlers – preserving his legacy is a two-edged sword – and ‘COVID’ is merely a vehicle to introduce full spectrum totalitarianism – he should stop treading on eggshells, excommunicated or not.

      The Hoover Institution …


      Did he just use the word “Commissar”?


      1. BUT he does make the point that statues are part of our history, and history does not belong to us. Churchill’s more negative traits are well-known, but his part in history is secure. That doesn’t mean he was necessarily a good leader – in fact there was considerable collusion to make him look like one – but he was the leader at the time. Fox does make the point that recognizing someone’s statue does not imply endorsement of all that person’s policies. There has been a tremendous rush of cancel-culture removals of statues here, including that of Sir John A. MacDonald, because he was allegedly mean to the natives and they now cannot bear to see his face. Even Christopher Columbus, for Christ’s sake.

        Okay, he was a shitty navigator, and was convinced America was China. But removal of all Columbus statues seems a bit extreme. Oh, right; he was cruel to the Taino. Ever heard of them? Neither has spellchecker. I have a question – when the dust has settled – who are our heroes going to be. Who can we all agree deserves a statue? Fifty Cent? Tom Hanks?

        The Hoover Institute is the sponsor of the program which interviewed Fox, who does acknowledge that his interlocutor is American.

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        1. Just wait until people find out that the saintly Mohandas Gandhi used to insist on sleeping naked or near-naked next to his grand-daughters in the belief that this would stop him from having impure thoughts. You can actually look up this information. People who knew the Mahatma personally were horrified and some tried to dissuade him from continuing with this sleazy custom. I wonder how many statues of him would be left or how many charities, memorials, buildings and annual awards around the world would have to be renamed.


  2. Sticking for a moment with the stand-up-to-’em theme, the ever-ridiculous ‘Doctor’ Fauci now suggests that children should wear masks outside. The non-medical cloth face mask is becoming an item without which the responsible world citizen is improperly dressed.

    “Amid this tepid yet growing pushback from the US political and medical communities, you would think that Anthony Fauci would practice some moderation, perhaps even ease up on his draconian proposals. In fact, just the opposite is happening. Over the weekend, in an interview on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation’, Fauci said that children, who have shown a remarkable natural ability to fight off Covid, should wear masks around each other – even outdoors in the fresh air.

    “When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks when they’re interacting with groups or multiple households,” he said.”

    Is there never going to be an end to this? The blubberers won the battle for a public-health order to wear masks in all public indoor spaces, because anything less was killing grandma. Now they want you to wear them outside in the open air, too, and many people here already do – you see the occasional dipshit driving in a car all by himself with a facemask on. Or perhaps those people have just become so accustomed to them as part of normal outside-the-home wear that they barely notice they have it on. I’ve occasionally gotten all the way back to the car after grocery shopping – which is the most exciting thing left to do in North America, although it’s pretty much the only thing left to do – before realizing I still have it on, which must indicate I was distracted by something, because I normally claw it off my face as if it were a giant spider as soon as I’m out the door.

    What’s next? Non-medical cloth facemask sleepwear? I don’t know how much people are supposed to take.


    1. Book that longed-for holiday in the Spanish sun NOW!

      Battle royal developing around mask-wearing on the beach and by the pool between the hardcore brigade of “wear ‘em at all times” and the namby pamby softies who will grant you the right to “rip it off” in the water and playing volleyball. Must be worn on the towel and sunbed, however.

      Hold me back!


        1. Mention of “non-medical cloth facemask sleepwear” triggered the thought that somewhere out in the wide blue yonder, some folks by now might actually have a fetish for face nappies. One Google search led to another and before I knew it, here I was on

          This piece of news I found along the way was a bit disturbing though:
          Adult Baby Struggles To Find Work As Employers Don’t Like Him Wearing Diapers

          The interviewers probably had visions of having to provide a change room at work with a change table big and long enough to accommodate the fellow’s size, and paying for a nappy cleaning service as part of his employee entitlements. No wonder they turned him down.


          1. Most chilling phrase in the entire article? “The ABDL community”. Western values demand that we embrace the weird and repugnant, and strive to normalize ever-more-bizarre behavior, rewarding its activists with column inches and guest appearances so they can exult, “Look how weird I am! Worship me!!”

            Exploiting wedge issues and dubious tastes has long been a western-government strategy for getting about its business without too much interference from the electorate, which is busy fighting values wars with itself over meaningless nuttery and deviation.


  3. As always, Patrick Armstrong’s writing is comfort food for the brain.

    “In their minds the USA has to move far away from its borders to defend itself; they cannot comprehend that other powers see Americans at their borders as aggression. The mighty USA is the blameless victim of other countries’ suspicions. Anyone who dares suggest trying something else is de-platformed, scorned and calumniated – we must keep failing because we cannot succeed. It’s repeated by all the West’s rulers: the walking dead.”



  4. “Rose-tinted glasses flew off me”: interview with ex-employee of Navalny’s headquarters
    A former employee of Navalny’s headquarters has spoken about her work.

    At the age of 16, Alena Narvskaya campaigned for Lyubov Sobol, and at 17, as an employee of the election headquarters of Aleksey Navalny, she was already involved in coordinating volunteers. In an interview, she has told how her work was went and how her attitude to opposition projects had changed.

    — Why did you want to tell us about your work at the Navalny headquarters?

    – After a story with Navalny’s Moscow headquarters, I left politics for a long time because of resentment and disappointment, but recently I have begun to take an interest in this again. Recently, I turned on one of Leonid Volkov’s YouTube streams, and it seemed to me a very entertaining picture when Leonid sits in a well-equipped studio with the latest MacBook, broadcasts live, where there is footage from the streets of Russian cities with detentions of people, completely green teenagers, and he says that they are good fellows and it is necessary to continue and that the “free Russia of the future” is not far off. Next to him sits the sleek Zhdanov, who also praises the protests and gives his assent to Volkov. This contrast made me feel very negative. This picture, it seems to me, should bring to reason every sane person who next time wants to come out under the auspices of Aleksei Navalny. What Volkov and co., who have fled abroad, are doing now, is humiliating those people whom they are calling on to take part in protests. Why has Volkov still, even while in another country, not gone out into the street, has not held a rally? Why has he never gone out to the consulate with a poster? They always sat on the sidelines. It’s just that now all this sounds especially hypocritical when they broadcast from another country and urge people to take an active part in the political life of Russia and take to the streets.

    — How and when did you decide to enter politics?

    — I first got into FBK (the organization is included in the list of foreign agents by the Ministry of Justice) when Lyuba Sobol announced on social networks that she was recruiting volunteers for her 2016 election campaign. I was 16 years old at the time, still at high school. After a meeting at the “Anti-Corruption Fund”, after having filled out a questionnaire, we started campaigning in certain areas of Moscow. But we were not trained to communicate with people: there was no training or preparation for such events: everything we did took place “in the field”. We held meetings with residents in their courtyards. At these meetings, Lyuba looked like a person who was uncomfortable and did not know how to communicate with her supporters. She wasn’t able to hold a simple dialogue with people, to be on the same wavelength with them. All her performances looked as if she had learned a poem and was standing on a chair reciting it. Residents at such a meeting realized that they were not listening to a person who was confident in the future, but just another representative of the opposition who was trying to collect votes. One of the main tasks in our work was to collect as much personal data as possible.

    No one warned us that we were collecting data to support an unregistered candidate. I didn’t understand this at all. I wanted to help Lyuba, “because she is good, because she fights for the truth”. And I didn’t really understand at that time this matter of registration until it turned out that The Yabloko party wasn’t ready to support it. We lasted about two or two and a half months. Lyuba never explained why she curtailed the campaign.

    — Did you ever enter into an employment contract? And how did they pay your salary?

    — There was a certain agreement that I should undertake to conduct street campaigning, and my duties were outlined in the abstract. On paper, everything looked beautiful, but, in fact, I went to parks and courtyards, where I asked people how they were living and what problems they had with housing and communal services. Money was transferred to my account. the amount was minimal. If I’m not mistaken, it was a private transfer of funds from an individual.

    — What did you do after stopping that campaign?

    — I tried to find on the Internet, in social networks communities, associations, supporters of Navalny, where I could go. At that time, the “Progress Party” had a youth wing, and I attended a couple of meetings, but I didn’t see any solid arguments or any specific actions. Then, a year later, I was contacted by Nikolai Kasyan, whom I knew from the youth wing of the “Progress Party”, and was offered a job in the campaign headquarters of Aleksey Navalny. So I became an employee at his headquarters, where I worked for six months.

    At that time, I believed in Aleksey and that he was doing the right thing. When I was 17, having left school and running straight from headquarters for my own graduation, I felt like we were doing the kindest thing. I was guided by the belief that I was engaged in an important mission to save Russia. This unreservedness and infantileness at first obscured everything. Including common sense. It was profitable and convenient for those who hired me.

    — But you still left the Navalny project. Why?

    — I was struck by the fact that we were fighting against what we were like. For example, we fought against nepotism. Aleksey talks all the time about officials, about whole family clans in power, but, in fact, the same thing happened at Navalny’s headquarters. His closest friends were his right-hand men, and their opinions were an unspoken rule of existence at headquarters, which had to be followed implicitly. There was a fairly clear hierarchy in the headquarters, and our opinion was not taken into account. Internal squabbles, intrigues-all this did not correspond to the ideals for which we fought.

    There was a lot of intrigue, distrust, suspicion. You come to work every day, try hard, but you are constantly met with negativity, dissatisfaction and reproaches that you are not doing enough.

    — “What reproaches?”

    – Volkov was constantly dissatisfied with our work and statistics. We had to constantly smile and make sure to put a beautiful picture on Twitter so that the main staff could make re-posts, so that they could have material about the work that they could pass off as their own. We only heard from Volkov what we should do, and he did not give any words of support during his rare visits to the headquarters. But if you are a girl who can become a beautiful addition to the picture on Twitter, you should definitely have a picture taken with him and smile happily from the fact that you are standing next to Leonid Volkov. Such pressure for the sake of the beautiful Russia of the future went against what we were fighting for.

    Volkov lives in his own world, where in 2018 tens of thousands of volunteers came out to campaign for Navalny. He was terrified of facing reality, and I think this is due to his rare visits to the headquarters – he could not see that the headquarters were empty. Either he was terrified of Aleksey, or he was afraid of the discrepancy between reality and the one that he had created. I think it is impossible to deviate from the previously planned result in his worldview.

    — And what did you call intrigues earlier?

    — For example, we had Dmitry Volov, who, as it turned out over time, was a snitch, Ivan Zhdanov. He tried to keep an eye on us, to find out what we were doing and not only during working hours.

    Neither public nor internal criticism was allowed. Dissatisfaction with those who led us was not accepted. I couldn’t imagine telling anyone what was really going on at headquarters.

    For the first few months, I closed in on myself. I had a big grudge against Aleksey and his team. They called me a traitor when they found out that I went to an event with Ksenia Sobchak. I was interested to hear about her campaign, I wasn’t a supporter of it. Later, during a conversation with friends, I found out that there was talk that I had left the headquarters because I had been offered a job with Sobchak.

    We were lured and attracted by the idea of saving Russia, although it was necessary to save us from those who ruled this sect. I was going to study abroad, and one of the reasons I ended up staying in Russia was because of my job with Aleksey Navalny and the idea of saving Russia. Once I was in a broken emotional state, and in my heart I said that I should probably rather leave than work in such conditions. This was heard by Anya Litvinenko, who was very offended by me and told me to think about what I had said. And I didn’t criticize anyone, I just spoke out emotionally. But even this hurt Anya Litvinenko, who at that time was the most loyal employee at headquarters. I can’t imagine what Leonid Volkov would have said if he had heard me.

    — Can you remember what your working day was like at the headquarters? Normal or particularly stressful?

    — When we had barely 50 people all over Moscow on yet another campaign day, and then we would turn on Volkov’s stream or read his Twitter feed, where he would say a very different number of people, a much higher number. We saw this discrepancy between his words and our reality every day. It was the order of the day, it was a lie that we lived and worked every day. And even now, I’m sure he sits down and draws his own dots.

    — Can you tell us about your work during protest rallies? How was it organized and coordinated?

    — When we came to the headquarters on the morning of 12 June 2017, we hoped to go to the rally and be with the people we had prepared for it, but we were told not to even dream about it. I almost cried with resentment, because the rally had been agreed. Then we were instructed to stay at the headquarters and send all the people who came to Tverskaya.

    We were told that there weren’t enough lawyers as it was, and that if we got caught, there would be no one to help us.

    I remember the shame I felt when I moderated a general chat room. We asked people to write about problems and detentions in private messages or in special detainee help groups, but some such messages slipped through. We deleted them so as not to cause panic to others. To the volunteers who wrote me private messages, I didn’t know what to reply, I answered in general terms. I didn’t know how to help them.

    — Do you remember Aleksey Navalny’s promise to seek compensation in the ECHR for each fined rally participant to an amount of 10 thousand euros? What can you say about the result?

    — Yes, then a lot of people responded. This bravado was certainly aimed at getting as many people as possible to take to the streets. We wanted a lot from people, but in return these people, especially young people, did not receive anything, including basic safety recommendations.

    We needed their unconditional willingness to go out in the rain and snow. We needed them to devote themselves according to the ideas we were promoting. At the time, I didn’t realize how radical this was and how much it contradicted good ideas.

    — Can you tell us about the working conditions at Navalny’s headquarters? Was there an employment contract?

    — A civil law contract was signed with me, and I was paid from the fund “Fifth Season”. The salary was 30 thousand rubles. At first, basic human conditions were met: for example, we had two consecutive weekends, on Saturday and Sunday. But as autumn approached and the campaign was in full swing, we still had one floating day off. One could fall on a Monday and the other on the following Sunday, and we worked for 12 consecutive days. We started working at 10 am and were supposed to finish at 20.18, but often we had to stay late until 22.00 or 23.00.

    — Did they pay your salary on time?

    — There were delays in salary every month for at least for a week. When we asked why they were being held up, we were told that the headquarters didn’t have enough money, there were fewer and fewer money transfers, people were losing interest in the campaign, and we needed to work harder. Although my colleagues and I guessed that FBK employees received their salaries on time. We were also outraged when we found out that employees of the Anti-Corruption Foundation had a normalized schedule and worked in comfortable conditions, and not like us — one day at the headquarters, the next on the street. But we didn’t even try to defend our rights, because we realized that this was a deliberately failed idea, even though we worked hard. For example, I came to the headquarters even when I was ill, because I was afraid of losing the respect of my colleagues. Being under constant stress and under the gun of the” big brother ” FBK, I was afraid to disappoint them.

    As a staff member, I was often asked by volunteers what we actually did, how we were paid, and what Aleksey earned, and I didn’t get an answer to any of these questions. This information was hidden even from me, a person who was inside the team. If there had been nothing to hide, we would have been told everything as it was.

    — How actively did ordinary employees and volunteers communicate and interact with Navalny’s famous associates: Lyubov Sobol, Ilya Yashin, Vladimir Milov, Ruslan Shaveddinov, who worked at the headquarters?

    — Visits of FBK representatives to the headquarters have always caused a stir. We prepared for them as if for a meeting with a high-ranking official. We didn’t have the feeling that a friend or colleague was coming. When Lyuba Sobol came to the headquarters, she asked for a separate entrance. She was ready to meet with supporters or volunteers, to hold a seminar, but she was not ready to go through the same entrance through which we entered the headquarters every day. I think she was afraid of physical contact, she always avoided people.

    At the only meeting that Yashin attended at Navalny’s headquarters, where there were a lot of young volunteers and agitators, he behaved arrogantly. Yashin believed that everyone should have prostrated themselves and listened to “the great follower of deeds, Boris Yefimych”. Yashin is an eternal laughing stock, a cry-baby who remembers better times: he is not of asny value either as a politician or as a person. He is an appendage of the modern opposition machine.

    Milov creates the image of a very educated person with a bias towards economics around his person. At the same time, during one of our meetings at the headquarters, which he led, one of the volunteers, deeply versed in economic issues, dared to argue with Milov. Faced with a valid opinion and unable to hold a dialogue with the volunteer, Milov began to get hysterical, he floundered and did not find a way to answer. In this regard, the meeting ended rather quickly. Whether Milov is really an expert and a person who understands his business, and not just another talking mouth of Navalny, is a big question.
    Ruslan Shaveddinov rose from the bottom to his position. He owes this in many ways to Kira Yarmysh.

    — How do you feel about Aleksey Navalny now?

    — I’m annoyed by his infantilism. I was completely outraged when I found out that he was broadcasting live on “Twitch”, which, in my opinion, does not correspond to the image of a serious politician at all. Because there are certain things that a person should not do as a presidential candidate. You can’t broadcast an idiotic game if you’re going to be the next President of Russia. I think that the main problem of Aleksey Navalny is the people he has gathered around him. People in Navalny’s inner circle, especially Leonid Volkov, are doing everything they can to prevent Him from succeeding.

    I only talked to him once, when we had a photo shoot for brochures. He seemed to me a very confused person who does not know where to go, and he needs support, a right hand. He chose Leonid Volkov to be his right hand man, but this is a very bad choice. Volkov only pushes away supporters and all adequate people. I think he’s involved in some very unpleasant and not very honest things.

    As the coordinator, who was the face of the headquarters, I had to somehow avoid the volunteers ‘ questions about Navalny himself, because there were no answers to them. We didn’t have a clear answer as to why there was no programme. There were various excuses: “Aleksey is working on it”, “the team is working on it”. The volunteers were at a loss.

    — How do you assess the recent steps taken by the FBK management? What do you think about Smart voting?

    — “Smart voting” is a betrayal of one’s principles. This is a choice that is convenient to make when something goes wrong. Aleksey had a certain position; he urged people to act in a certain way, but it didn’t work, so everyone switched sides and started following the “smart voting” approach. I think this is wrong, it should not be so – people are being made a fool of, they are being called on in every possible way to take some actions, actions, to make a choice in the name of the sect. I don’t like this attempt at manipulation, to force me, as a potential supporter, to do something. I’m a free person. I don’t like what’s happening in the country, but I don’t want to vote for someone I don’t like. I didn’t see enough motivation in the words of Aleksey and his team, why I should do this. It seems to me that the only goal of all this is not the result, but to encourage people to take actions that are convenient and profitable for them at a certain moment.

    — If you now met yourself as a seventeen-year-old, would you dissuade yourself from working at Navalny’s headquarters?

    — I don’t think so. It was a very difficult experience, but I am grateful for it, because I saw how things really stand in the opposition kitchen. My rose-tinted spectacles fell off, and I understood how the main opposition machine in Russia works and what people are behind it.

    — And if tomorrow you were offered a job as a volunteer campaigner for FBK, would you do it?

    — I wonder if something has changed there over the years, but I don’t think that Lyubov Sobol has become more humane or that Volkov has changed his big boss attitude, so I will never find myself in such a situation again.

    Navalny’s money-making scam.!

    Not the first.


    1. Interesting. But of course Navalny’s headquarters will cry that she is a Kremlin plant, and dredge up some provenance which claims she is General So-And-So of the FSB’s daughter, something like that. I was particularly interested in her description of Yashin as a spoiled crybaby, because that’s exactly how he comes across. Not difficult to see how he hooked up with Sobchak for awhile – like calls to like.

      All these young people sing the same song, even after the blinkers are off – I don’t like what’s happening in this country. Really? What. specifically, do you not like? Who, in your estimation, is to blame for it?


  5. Ex-lawyer of FBK has commented on a statement of a former employee of Navalny’s headquarters
    March 31, 2021, 17: 32

    Former lawyer and former head of the Moscow headquarters of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK)* Vitaly Serukanov has commented on the statements of Alena Narvskaya, a former employee of the headquarters of Aleksey Navalny, about how her attitude to opposition projects has changed and why she decided to leave.

    Ex-lawyer of FBK commented on the statement of a former employee of Navalny’s headquarters

    Alena is a very young girl. Progressive. From the first wave of the very “Navalny youth” who came to Navalny’s sticky speeches about the beautiful Russia of the future with their eyes wide closed. Already back in 2016, she worked for Sobol

    Serukanov wrote in his Telegram channel.

    According to him, people like Narva were “the first pioneers”.

    He also said that for six months he worked together with Narvskaya during the “Navalny presidential campaign”.

    She worked like hell, without an employment contract, without holidays or normal days off. Many times she broke the law thinking it was a good thing, sacrificed her education, forgot about her own opinion… In the end she was simply thrown out

    Serukanov wrote.

    According to him, “they have already started to destroy” Narvskaya; she is “already being massively insulted in the networks” and threatened.

    “The Navalny sect is not used to having dialogues with dissenters. It doesn’t work like that there”, he said.

    Serukanov added that “Beautiful Russia boo-boo-boo” will talk to Alyona Narvskaya live on air on 31 March at 9pm. She will talk about how children were used in Navalny’s headquarters, the price they had to pay for it and who the “real Sobol” is.

    Earlier, Alena Narvskaya, an ex-employee of Aleksey Navalny’s headquarters, said in an interview with that she had left politics for a long time following her tales of resentment and frustration in Navalny’s Moscow headquarters.

    According to her, it was a very difficult experience.

    * Following a decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated 09.10.2019, the Anti-Corruption Foundation is included in the register of NGOs performing the functions of a foreign agent.


  6. More on ex-Syria ambassador Robert Ford:

    the Libertarian Institute via How Ambassador Robert Ford Attempted to Whitewash the CIA’s Dirty War on Syria

    …Ford’s claims, that Syria’s protest movement unanimously demanded a liberal democratic government, that FSA groups were moderate, that U.S. officials refused to provide them weapons, and that this refusal led to the rise of al-Qaeda in Syria, are all false, however…

    …he Free Syrian Army (FSA) was not moderate. It was dominated by Salafist militias from the beginning. Salafist militias, including Kata’ib al-Farouq, Liwa al-Islam, Saqour al-Sham, and Liwa al-Tawhid formed the backbone of the FSA.3 These groups were not fighting for democracy or a secular state. Instead, they sought to use violence to establish a fundamentalist religious state…

    A lot more at the link.

    Re-writing history. America wot dun nuffing wrong. As per usual. Or more specifically (if we are being ‘legal’) the denial of intent, something which international criminal courts are good at claiming but find very hard to prove (and in the case of the ICTY, inferred intent as they had no actual evidence such as documents or clear communications).


    1. …inferred intent as they had no actual evidence such as documents or clear communications…

      Why do you think the CIA destroys evidence even after it has been specifically ordered not to do so? And then afterward says “Oh, whoops! Was I not supposed to do that?” And receives no punishment whatsoever?

      Jose Rodriquez, Puerto Rican former Director of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) of the CIA, was identified as the official who ordered the destruction of the evidence. Where is he now – in jail, I suppose? Why, no; no, he’s not. He wrote a book, “Hard Measures”, which came out in 2012 and details his views of the fight against al Qaeda – who, it should escape nobody, were the USA’s allies in Syria – and currently works as Senior Vice President at Edge Consulting, yet another lobby group/think tank in Washington, owned by IBM.


      1. Honeybadger USA don’t care!

        I posit the cutting edge theory (which I calle Hunybajerness) that the USA is a honeybadger. It’s an allegory, aka al-e-gory (VP to B. Clinton in case anyone forgot).*

        * Yes, I have been drinking.


  7. My son caught Covid about 2 weeks ago and was sick for about 2-3 days. Then my wife and her mother caught it. Surprisingly, her mother who is 94 years old, recovered in 3-4 days. My first symptoms appeared 6 days ago. Covid is a different – not the worst flu but its fatigue is persistent. No one went to the doctor nor did anything different other than sleeping a lot more.


    1. Are you sure it was COVID? Was anyone tested? Pretty much all the influenza viruses have similar effects. I thought I may have had it way back in late November of 2019, long before it was even supposed to be in North America, simply because it was the worst chest cold of my life, like breathing in powdered glass. But I only missed one day of work and there was only one other case on board; I can’t say if I caught it from him or vice-versa. Whatever, it was more than 4 months before the first ‘case’ appeared on the Island. But I have never been tested.


      1. That was our assumption at first. In my case, my sense of taste and smell largely disappeared beginning a few days ago which suggested it was Covid. Will be tested tomorrow or the day after to confirm. My mother-in-law’s quick recovery suggested that it was not Covid. Will find out in a few days.


        1. I believe there have been some cases reported of people aged 100+ years surviving COVID-19. I’m sure one of these cases was from Spain which for a time was posting a mortality rate from COVID-19 almost equal to France and Italy and which imposed one of the harshest lockdowns anywhwre in the world on its public lasting some 3 months (I think) last year. Even for people aged 80+ years in most Western nations the survival rate is at least 85%. And most of those people who do die from COVID-19 have been nursing home residents.

          I do not think we can rule out the possibility that the conditions in which nursing home residents often have to live in in Western nations may be a major factor in their vulnerability. The state of nursing homes in Sweden for example, the factory-style business model on which they are run, and the ease with which nursing home staff have spread the disease from one facility to another and to refugee and immigrant communities in that country – because most nursing home staff are drawn from those communities, they are desperate for work and nursing homes in Sweden don’t pay well so staff work several shifts a day at different places – is the sad context in which Sweden’s high COVID-19 mortality figures have occurred. The majority of Swedish dead were aged 80+ years and I think something like 80% of COVID-19 deaths took place in metropolitan Stockholm.


          1. Many nursing home residents may be just waiting to die. If they were home with their families, they may have a greater desire to live and to fight off illnesses such as Covid-19.


      2. Yup, it was Covid per test results today. Other than serious coughing jags, all symptoms have ended. The doctor was impressed that my 94-year old mother-in-law recovered quickly but such things happen fairly often.


    1. I was interested to see that the contractor apparently knows an unidentified submarine passed very close to Fortuna’s anchors – how does he know that? Fortuna herself has no sonar or sensor suite that we’re aware of, and as far as I am aware there is no Russian military presence, although that will likely change very soon if the Poles keep messing around. Does Russia have a seabed array in that area? Did the Danes inform them of the nearby presence of a submarine? Unlikely, and Russia would certainly not mention it if they knew it was their own.

      As of September 2020, Poland had only 3 submarines; one Soviet-era Kilo class diesel boat and two ex-Norwegian Kobben class. They are soon to acquire two newish Södermanland class boats from Sweden, but I don’t believe they have them yet. Even if they did, it would take a well-trained crew and a pretty nervy commander to be driving around in such a shallow sea so close to known anchor cables.




        There’s a pic of a small surfaced submarine (if kosher) sporting a square sail at the link which would make it diesel/electric. The USA, UK don’t have any and Canada has Upholders/’Victoria class’ (serviceable?). That leaves u-Ro subs. But, if we are looking for dick moves (aka ‘motive’), then a Po-lish Kilo would fit the bill and the fact that it is surfaced means it is supposed to be seen ‘we are watching you’ home propaganda wanking.


        1. Ahhh…it was on the surface. Well, that answers a few questions. And yes, the porthole shot showing the silhouette definitely looks like a Kilo. The Kobben is eliminated, as its sail slants forward on the leading edge.


  8. April 1, 2021 18: 45
    How Navalny manages to run his blog from prison
    Why the blogger has gone on a hunger strike

    Blogger Aleksey Navalny, who is serving a 2.5-year sentence (for fraud) in a penal colony in the town of Pokrov, Vladimir region, began complaining of back and leg pain. And then he went on a hunger strike because his doctor was not allowed to see him.

    At the same time, doctors were called to him, a blood test and MRI were performed, anti-inflammatory medicine was prescribed (Ibuprofen) and given to him. But he insistently demands his doctor from Moscow.

    “When I visited Navalny in the Moscow pre-trial detention centre, he did not express any health problems to me. He may have had some kind of exacerbation caused by spring vitamin deficiency”, suggested in a conversation with “KP” State Secretary of the Public monitoring Commission (PMC) Alexey Melnikov.

    Further, members of the PMC for the Vladimir region had already worked with Navalny. And the Deputy head of this PMC, Vladimir Grigoryan, has already accused Alexey of simulation.

    “Navalny pretends more than he’s sick”, Grigoryan said.

    In response, Navalny called the PMC “a bunch of crooks and liars.”

    Then Vyacheslav Kulikov, a member of the PMC of the Vladimir region, told the media that during a visit to Navalny, he asked to bring the painkiller Diclofenac or something more powerful instead of the allowed Ibuprofen. They explained to him that it was illegal, as convicts can make drugs out of it.

    But no one can prohibit Navalny from writing letters from the zone. And with their help, he runs his blog on Instagram.

    “He writes a letter by hand. An employee of the penal colony checks the contents of the email. If there is prohibited information, he can shade it, if not, then transfer it to a lawyer or send it via the Federal Penitentiary Service-letter server to the email address specified by the convict”, Melnikov explained to KP.

    These letters, apparently, get to Navalny’s headquarters, and already there they are used for His blog on behalf of Alexey himself.

    Put the bastard in solitary and give him a bucket to crap and piss in, deprive him of all writing materials and fuck the ECHR!

    He’s taking the piss. And it can be proved that he is doing so by giving him a full medical. Then, when it is shown that there is fuck all wrong with the USA agent, he can be banged in solitary for arsing around.


  9. Maria Butina and an RT film crew called in on the Bullshitter’s colony today.

    The nasty nature of the gobshite is revealed in how he described the visit on his Telegram channel (the poseur writes of himself in the 3rd person, sort of like Caesar did in his “Gallic Wars”):

    All prisoners on hunger strike are supposed to be weighed. Navalny was also weighed. According to the documents he came to the colony 93 kg, now he is 85 kg. That is down by 8 kg even before the hunger strike.

    He considers this weight loss to be primarily due to the fact that he is not allowed to sleep and is woken up eight times a night. They still will not let him see a doctor, there is no diagnosis in his medical book and no doctor’s report. Instead he is offered treatment with nicotinic acid.

    Instead of a doctor, a cheesy propagandist from the RT channel, Butina, arrived today, accompanied by video cameras. Shouting that this is the best and most comfortable prison. Navalny lectured her for 15 minutes in front of a line of prisoners, calling her a parasite and a servant of the government of thieves.

    After that, Butina went to record interviews with activists who would tell her how good everything was. They will be able to dish up these lies in their report.

    Do you think the faecal material known as Navalny is aware of what Butina suffered in his favourite country? And if he does not, do you think he thinks he is suffering worse in this country, as Liberast filth always refer to Russia, than she did in the “Home of the Free”?

    Washington Post:
    30 minutes ago

    Maria Butina, Russian agent who infiltrated NRA, visits Navalny in jail, with video cameras in tow
    April 1, 2021 at 8:27 p.m. GMT+3

    MOSCOW — Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, on a hunger strike after being denied medical care, has been hoping for a visit from a doctor. Instead he got a less welcome visitor Thursday: Maria Butina, the Russian agent convicted and jailed for infiltrating political organizations in the United States without registering with authorities.

    According to a post by Navalny’s team on his Twitter account, Butina was reporting for the Kremlin-funded RT television network, formerly Russia Today.

    Navalny is in Penal Colony No. 2, near Vladimir, 112 miles east of Moscow, where he says guards wake him up eight times a night and have punished him for numerous infractions. Among them: getting up 10 minutes early, wearing a T-shirt to meet his lawyer, declining to watch a video lecture and refusing to do morning exercises.

    “Instead of a doctor, Butina, a wretched propagandist from RT channel, arrived today accompanied by video cameras,” said a post Thursday on Navalny’s Twitter account. She was “shouting that this is the best and most comfortable prison.”

    The account said Navalny lectured her for 15 minutes in front of the other prisoners, calling her “a parasite and a servant of thieves.”

    Posts on Navalny’s social media are made in his name by members of his team since he has no access to the Internet.

    Discipline in Penal Colony No. 2 is enforced by prisoners called “activists” who cooperate with prison authorities and report infractions, often in return for privileges or reduced sentences.

    According to Navalny’s Twitter feed, Butina concluded her visit by interviewing “activists who told her how good everything is.”

    Navalny survived an August assassination attempt with a chemical weapon, an attack that the U.S. State Department blamed on Russian security agencies. He was jailed when he flew back to Russia in January after treatment in Germany.

    The 2 ½-year sentence was for breaching parole conditions in a 2014 fraud case, partly because he failed to report to authorities while being treated in Germany.

    Navalny, suffering severe back pain, requested access to a doctor and painkilling injections. He says he is beginning to lose feeling in both legs.

    Butina’s case came to light amid a scandal over Russian efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    She was arrested in 2018 and sentenced to 18 months in prison in the United States in April 2019. She pleaded guilty to conspiring with a senior Russian official to infiltrate the National Rifle Association and other groups without registering with the U.S. Justice Department as a foreign agent. She was released and deported in October 2019.

    U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan of the District of Columbia said her effort to penetrate conservative U.S. political circles without disclosing she was working as an agent for the Kremlin were “dangerous” and “a threat to our democracy”.

    The bastard is NOT being denied medical care!

    What is being denied him is a doctor of his choice.

    In other words, he is being denied a special privilege.


    1. As fast as his hamsters get it, the Washington Post gets it – do you think they are monitoring Navalny’s social media?

      Interesting that Doctor Navalny interprets his weight loss to being woken 8 times during the night – what does he need a doctor for? To confirm his own learned diagnosis? Perhaps if he could stop his starship ravings and his threats to fight at a time and place of his choosing, they would lighten up on him a little. So far, he is acting like a guest who found dirty towels in the bathroom.

      Butina did more than 67 days in solitary. By the time Navalny equals that benchmark, he should be dead of malnutrition. With any luck.

      Navalny continues to be a big star in the west, like he was part of the cast of Santa Barbara or Mel Gibson’s understudy or something. But as we often reiterate here, the assembled population of the west does not have a vote in Russian elections. Navalny could only come to power in Russia as the result of a violent coup. And he does not have anything like enough support to stage a takeover of Okunovo, never mind Moscow. How Navalny is perceived by the west, whose media amps him as if he were the latest rock star, is completely irrelevant. Russia is supposed to be turning away from the west, not worrying about its phony ‘concerns’ and crocodile tears. It should stop talking about Navalny, because talking about him and printing news stories about him – while it inspires repugnance and disgust in Russians – only encourages the egotist to more dramatic shenanigans.


  10. An RT film crew with Maria Butina arrived at the colony where Navalny is imprisoned

    A film crew with RT employee Maria Butina came to correctional colony No. 2 in Pokrov, where Aleksey Navalny is imprisoned, the politician’s Twitter account has reported.

    “Instead of a doctor, Butina, a poor propagandist from the RT channel, arrived today accompanied by video cameras. She shouted that this was the best and most convenient prison”, the politician’s associates said, adding that” Navalny lectured her for 15 minutes in front of the line of prisoners”.

    According to his supporters, after her arrival, Butina also recorded interviews with activists (apparently, they meant activists amongst prisoners — author’s note).

    For its part, “Mediazona” drew attention to the fact that the day before, on 31 March, Butina wrote in her Telegraph channel that Navalny had gone on hunger strike in order that sanctions be strengthened. “But when all’s said and done, Lyosha, are you a man or not?! ‘m tired of hiswhining. He is in one of the best colonies in Russia”, she wrote.

    On March 31, the politician went on a hunger strike in the penal colony. The reason for this was that, despite his health problems, they have not invited a doctor and not given him medication. In addition, Navalny noted that “instead of medical care, I am tortured with sleep deprivation”.

    The press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Vladimir region, in turn, said that Navalny receives all the necessary medical care “in accordance with his current medical indications”. The Federal Penitentiary Service also denies that IK-2 employees interfere with the oppositionist’s sleep.


  11. Reminiscence of the Future… : Why Would Ben Hodges Lie.

    …Ben Hodges’ needle, however, is not in the egg–it is deep in his ass and there is nothing secret about it, since it reveals Ben Hodges’ most important and domineering complex–complex of inferiority…

    More at the link.

    If you don’t laugh…

    Paper tiger. Emperor with no clothes etc. etc. Yes, the USA can still STP (s/t the planet) at a moments notice, but less that it’s options look to be blowing a badly tuned trumpet. Why bother? No PR is bad PR? If you don’t use it, you lose it? A/hole inertia? Maybe the increase in human longetivity just leaves a/holes in important positions for far too long…


  12. St Alexey was not, of course, the only or even the first target of the Novichok Assassination Bureau (by direct command of Sauron himself). By some quirk of fate Briton Dawn Sturgess succumbed to the deadliest substance in the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. And now the wheels of British Justice are turning. Fortunately we have Mr Helmer and his team to point out the various absurdities involved:


    1. Won’t matter. The British know the verdict will never be overturned on appeal no matter how ridiculous it is, even after the judge referring to the ‘death of Navalny’ when he is very much alive, at least for the moment. If you say ‘Russia did it’ in British courts, you are golden, and need never fear contradiction.


  13. Oh shit!!! . . .

    02.04.2021, 01:18
    The Ministry of defense of Ukraine announced guarantees of US support in the conflict with Russia

    US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced Washington’s readiness to support Kiev in the event of a conflict with Moscow. This was reported by the Ministry of Defence of the Ukraine following talks between the defence ministers of the two countries.

    “The us Secretary of Defense stressed that in the event of an escalation of Russian aggression, the United States will not leave the Ukraine alone and will not allow the implementation of the aggressive aspirations of the Russian Federation towards the Ukraine” the Ukrainian Defence Ministry said in a statement. It is also noted that Mr. Austin expressed readiness to support the Ukraine in the conditions of ” Russian aggression in the Donbass and the Crimea”.

    Following the talks, the United States noted that Mr. Austin condemned “the escalation of aggressive and provocative actions of Russia in Eastern Ukraine.” “He also reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to building the capacity of Ukrainian forces to better defend against Russian aggression”, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters. His words are quoted on the website of the US Department of defense. Mr. Kirby noted that the United States has provided more than $2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since 2015.

    Your game is up “Vlad”!

    Nobody can withstand the might of the Empire!


    1. ‘Support’ Ukraine how? With hundreds of thousands of troops and aircraft and armor, the whole shebang? I doubt it, since Ukraine is not a member of NATO, and there is no excuse to invoke R2P doctrine. Russia is not going to attack Ukraine, but if Ukraine launches an attack like Washington seems to be trying to persuade it to do, it will get stomped on hard. If Ukraine wants to see fresh photos of roasted corpses in burned-out tanks like the ones those charlatans showed the Senate Armed Services Committee a couple of years ago, it is going about it the right way. Russia is not asleep.

      A lunge into Russia proper would be the kiss of death for Ukraine. Crimea is part of Russia. The Donbass is not, but I don’t think Russia would allow them to be overrun. It probably would supply just enough help to keep the dissident provinces from losing, although I think it would be unlikely to pursue Ukrainian forces once they had been thrown back. But an actual attack on Russian territory would be a different story, and despite all its swagger and blather, America could not get there in time to help.


    2. The Ukraine announced this publicly, not the US. If the US is such a badass partner looking to go toe-to-toe with Vlad, why so coy?


      1. I now see elsewhere by US officials saying that the the US supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

        That’s older boilerplate and does not support Ukranian claims that they’ll be backed by the US whatever they do.


        1. It does, however, suggest the USA will generate a reaction, perhaps push some of its European ‘partners’ into the fray, if Ukraine decides to take that fatal step to ‘repatriate’ Crimea.


      2. Ukraine has a history of blabbing things its American ‘partners’ would rather be kept on the down-low. I don’t know if the Ukies imagine that invoking the shadow of Uncle Sam frightens Russia, but for whatever reason, it’s obviously too good to keep to themselves.

        They would do well to remember that Georgia had American ‘support’ as well; American instructors who marveled at the fierceness and spirit of their Georgian pupils, they just couldn’t wait to get to grips with the evil Moskal. Afterward, shaken, when they were trying to pick up the pieces and it was crystal clear that only a general recall had stopped the Russian forces from snapping at their heels all the way to Tbilisi, they mumbled ‘No way were these guys ready for combat’. Really? And whose fucking fault was that? The evil Russians, for not letting them win? Or their lazy-ass overconfident instructors for pushing them into the ring?

        Russia is all done playing diplogames where sovereignty is concerned, and an incursion b y Ukrainian forces into Crimea would be slammed hard with decisive force. Russia assumes if you swagger and shout about war, you mean it, with all that entails, so it is no good blubbering later and pretending it was just big talk. Ukraine has never been rebuilt from the devastation wreaked by the previous war, which has never really ended, even as Ukraine’s living standard continues to slide in the wrong direction. If Ukraine thinks more war is the answer to its problems – with the very real possibility it could start something which flares into a major international conflict in which it is the front line – it is making a big mistake.


        1. This seems to be yet another attempt to manufacture an incident to justify somehow shutting down NordStream II, and that is why it is supporting the Ukraine in its build up of forces along the contact line. The fact that the US and friends need to provoke a reaction shows that the rest of u-Rope (sic France/German and a handful of others) are not onboard and thus it is to force their hand, one way or the other. They of course could tell Zelensky unequivocally that he is on his own if he tries to pull anything. Whether they do this publicly or more likely privately, or possibly not at all is anybody’s guess. The US isn’t worried what kind of mess it makes or leaves behind coz Honeybadger USA don’t care!… Even if it kills American troops in the process. The measures are becoming increasingly desperate. If Zelensky wants to join the Sakaasvili Tie Club then there’s not much stopping him.


          1. I always wondered whether the Russians made a mistake in 2008 letting Saakashvili walk away unscathed. OK, he ended up looking like an idiot, but he’s still around causing trouble. If people like him thought their necks would be on the chopping block it might make them think twice before doing anything stupid.


            1. True enough, and if he had ever gotten anywhere near the combat zone, an opportunity might have arisen to rub him out. But he stayed safely in Tbilisi. There was that one comical video of him fleeing during an outdoor interview because an aircraft flew over and he thought the Russians had come for him; the bodyguards attempted to cover him with their briefcases and portfolios in a maudlin display of loyalty, as if they thought something that would not even stop a bullet would stop a bomb.

              But like a lot of politicians, Saakashvili became much braver in the way he remembered events later, like Hillary ‘sniper fire’ Clinton. It was just lucky for the Russians that Saakashvili was taken by surprise, or he would have really rubbed their noses in the dirt.

              There was another funny video, of Saakashvili training with an urban-combat team in Ukraine during his brief tenure as mayor of Odessa or whatever ridiculous honorary title they gave him. He’s rolling off the back of a pickup truck with a machine pistol in his hand, and it looks for all the world like they’re unloading a beached whale; you can almost see the bed of the truck spring upward as it is freed of his quaking bulk , and he hits the dirt like a sack of cooked oatmeal. He reckoned he was a real fighting man, but he was the only one.


            2. That’s a good question to ask. He’s an idiot, and a (serially) discredited one at that except for the Hail Mary crowd. If you err on the ‘Devil you know’ side of the argument, then yes I think it was the right decision. Speaking of which, I read an ‘opinion’ that it was only Sarkozy that stopped Russia from taking the whole of Georgia! Selective memory indeed. Bone thrown, dog collects.

              As for Navalny, you could say the same is true. The difference is that maybe Russia underestimated that however much of a fool and jester he is, the West is still extremely capable and effective at mobilizing public and private western pressure on behalf of such a stain. But, it was to be expected. The west struck it rich with the ‘Poisoning’ meme. They milked Litvinenko and there has been a steady drip drip to keep the Goebblesque meme going in the media and by government with anything at the biggest stretch.

              The long game is that Navalny is a domestic nobody despite all the foreign support so strategically Russia has already won that a long time ago. It just looks bad, but that is nothing Russia can do much about considering the west still mostly retains full spectrum b/s in the global media. He will eventually follow P*sy Rot, Femen, Kremlin ball stapler guy etc. either in a western prison or on the luvvy circuit to be rolled out (like an old spy who has defected decades ago and has nothing else to offer – (Oleg Gordievsky)) from time to time.

              The irony is that these Freedumb idiots are feted abroad is putting in to effect censorship (by ‘liberals’) and introducing strong anti-protest laws, but Russia pointing this out as we know is ‘propaganda.’ I am glad that Russia has taken off the PR gloves though. When the game changes it’s time to change too.


  14. Bloomberg assesses Russia’s economic recovery
    03: 06 03.04.2021 (updated: 04: 52 03.04.2021)

    MOSCOW, 3 APR-RIA Novosti. The Russian economy is recovering from the coronavirus recession amid the decision of the authorities not to re-introduce a nationwide quarantine, Bloomberg States.
    As the Agency notes, the Russian economy suffered significantly less than the economies of many other countries because of much milder restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
    However, there were problems with inflation, which was triggered by rising world food prices and the subsequent weakening of the ruble. This prompted the Bank of Russia last month to raise its key interest rate for the first time since 2018, with the aim of further growth, the Agency reminds.

    Here’s the Bloomberg article referred to above:

    Russian Economy Rebounding From Covid Slump After Lockdown
    By Anna Andrianova
    April 1, 2021, 7:00 PM GMT+3 Updated on April 2, 2021, 10:07 AM GMT+3

    This calls for more sanctions, surely!


    1. Well, I imagine if you asked a few Muscovites, you might get a different impression of how ‘much milder’ the Russian restrictions were. Personally, I thought Russia pandered to the coronavirus nearly as badly as western countries, and it was really only Sweden and Belarus that didn’t do much of anything differently. For our part, we are still mired deeply in restrictions, and the public-health witch doctors are yelling their heads off because of a record spike in ‘new cases’ in British Columbia. This morning there was an altercation aboard the SPIRIT OF VANCOUVER ISLAND with some anti-mask protesters, and the ship had to turn back to Victoria, making it 40 minutes behind schedule for the next few hours. The incident of course made it quickly to social media, where the enlightened citizenry poured scorn and hatred on the disruptors for not ‘following the science’, and wept figurative tears for the ‘poor ferry workers’ who are ‘on the front lines’ and in terrible danger – surely they should be considered essential workers, and go to the head of the line for vaccination! Perfect. You’d almost think BC Ferries arranged the provocation itself, it worked out so well for them. The company lobbied hard for consideration as ‘front-line workers’ (the term still makes me laugh, as if we were all in the trenches or something, until you remember the public-health nutjobs do consider themselves to be locked in mortal combat with an implacable foe, and they’ll burn the whole country down before they will lose), but the government did not buy the initial claim.


      1. The restrictions here have been minimal for a long time now. The wearing of masks and gloves in public places is demanded, but people walk close by each other and one can travel freely now.

        Unfortunately, my brother-in-law died on 29th March. I am unable to attend his funeral in the UK because of BoJo’s regime and the funeral is to be held on the 13th April!. This long delay is, for some reason or other, because of the shamdemic.

        Furthermore, the number of mourners who may attend the funeral is strictly limited and they will have to keep the approved distance from each other.


        1. Part of the distressing thing about current events is that parties which in usual circumstances could have derived some benefit from a deceased’s goods being distributed – local and national charities, especially – cannot accept donations. My sister-in-law lost her mother to cancer many years ago. When her dad died in January, as well as the awful restrictive funeral arrangements, she was very upset by not being able to have the hospice which had cared for her mother be able to uplift and resell the contents of the dad’s home. A great deal of good stuff had to be taken to the tip instead of benefiting the charity and some future purchaser.


          1. Thanks for that – it’s something I would never have thought of. A recent article I read cast the current state of affairs as ‘life versus living’, in which one camp – currently prevailing – struggles to protect against any death whatsoever, while the other allows that dying is our natural endpoint and that some people will have to die, but the rest should be entitled to enjoy the lives they have while they are here. The public-health Nazis seem to envision an austere, germless and joyless existence of being constantly on guard against outside effects, so that nobody will die until every means of preserving their life has been exhausted. But that will mean an effort in which we all must participate, by giving up everything that made life worth living so the old folks can live to be 100.


        2. That is very sad to read. If you can’t attend the funeral, will you be able to watch it on Zoom or some other video conference database? Most likely you won’t be the only relative unable to enter the UK.


        3. I am afraid we are being set up for the masks and social-distancing over the long term. I don’t think that is going away. And if it’s not, then life as we knew it really is over, because the restaurant industry has already been strangled in favour of kitchens and delivery services. Public events will never be the same if the audience has to maintain a polite distance from others and we all stand or sit in our little family pods. Instead of defunding the police for being mean to minorities, we ought to be defunding public health for ruining the world. I hope Fauci dies of something agonizing.


  15. Liar!!

    Dirty, filthy, traitorous lying bastard!!!

    2 April 2021 17: 33
    In the colony, Navalny does not limp and walks around with a mug and his hands in his trouser pockets
    In the Vladimir region penal colony, the well-known blogger and oppositionist requires special treatment and is somehow strangely “suffering” from the oppression of the regime”/i>

    Journalists and human rights activists have at last seen how this well known man Aleksey Navalny really lives in a penal colony. The fact is that in his blog there was disturbing news: the oppositionist in the colony was in a bad way: his back and leg hurt, and he is “tortured with insomnia” and “is not provide the necessary medical care”. So he goes on a hunger strike!


    [Navalny is a soft-as-shite bourgeois wanker who has had an easy life in which he has never done a stroke, lived well and cheated and lied because he thinks he is so smart and most others are idiots. His life has been one big scam. He goes around with a permanent smirk directed at the rest of the world because he thinks he’s so fucking smart — ME]

    I guess it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Journalist, politician and human rights activist Maria Butina, who served time in a US prison on wrongful convictions and knows well how to put a “jailbird” under pressure, went to the colony where Navalny is serving his sentence.

    The following are quotes from Butina’s Telegraph feed:

    [The full text of Butina’s Telegram feed mentioned above:

    Taking into account that Navalny actually does what he wants all day long, lying on his bunk like a lord whilst other prisoners have to mop the floor for him, getting up when he wants so as to have a cup of tea or coffee, stretching his legs and snearing at the prison administration, Lyuba Sobol’s comment urging that such people be locked up in a punishment cell is very relevant. The Federal Penitentiary Service should take note: people are asking for and even demanding compliance with prison rules… — ME]

    On seeing me in the unit, Navalny immediately rushed over to insult me. At the same time, I can say that Navalny goes around absolutely normally. He himself stated that there is no Diclofenac (a means for pain relief, – ed) he doesn’t need it.

    This seemed strange against the background of statements in the press that the opposition leader is “very ill” and that he urgently needs special doctors and medicines, and not those that are provided in the colony.

    He looks normal, he doesn’t look like a person who is not allowed to sleep, I can judge this after my time in prison in the United States

    States Butina.

    Maria asked the other prisoners about their sleep patterns. Here is what they said, and here are the conclusions made by Butina:

    No one has been “woken up hourly for control purposes”. Wake-ups at night have turned out to be routine rounds. Wardens in all prisons around the world do so.

    Do they treat Navalny in any special way? Other prisoners believe that this is true:

    The inmates told me that they were not satisfied with the behaviour of Navalney, who “lies on his bed all day like a gentleman” and who “does not clean up after himself”.

    I looked around the colony carefully. It is almost exemplary in comparison with what I have seen — more like a pioneer camp

    Butina continues.

    Other journalists have also assessed the conditions of the blogger’s stay in the Pokrov penal colony in the Vladimir region. In particular, in video clips, you can see that Navalny is walking around the barracks between the beds with a mug, not limping at all. And in a conversation with a prison employee, he casually keeps his hands in his pockets. He responds to the employee’s comment in his own boorish manner, explaining that laws that are for everyone else had not been written for him.

    The rest of the prisoners suggest that Navalny is “playing up his status as a thief”.

    From the videos, it can be concluded that the oppositionist is not in any physical or moral pain. His invaluable health as the great “anti-corruption oppositionist” is not threatened in any way. Despite his defiant behaviour, the light of democracy is not facing solitary confinement. He obviously thinks that because of his complaints the press, his admirers in the ranks of the opposition and, of course, the West will stand up for him. Well, while he is waiting for help, he will enduring the “torments” and “torture” while drinking tea and walking around the area with his hands in his pockets…


    1. That black prison garb that the Bullshitter is wearing translates as “gown” from the Russian. It is what he claims he only wears when forced to to stand outside on parade in the morning in the yard, poor soul.


      1. When I was in prison, we were given tea in the evening at 19:00. It was brought to the cell door in a bucket and each of the cell inmates, 3 in all, dipped their mug into the bucket to get their tea, which was bloody awful stuff. I certainly did not stroll around, tea mug in hand, as does that bastard in the above photograph.


          1. Further to the above from RT:

            Convicts have refuted the words of Navalny about his not being allowed to sleep in the colony

            RT journalists have visited IK-2 in the Vladimir region, where Aleksey Navalny is serving his sentence. Fellow inmates of the blogger have told the whole truth about the prisoner.

            Prisoner Aleksey Navalny, who is serving a sentence in a general regime colony, calls his imprisonment “torture” and claims that he does not receive necessary medical care. Whether this is really the case, the RT film crew tried to find out .

            The journalists talked to both Navalny and his fellow prisoners. It turned out that the blogger refuses to work, and all the prisoner’s complaints about not being allowed to sleep and not being treated have turned out to be “fairy tales”.

            Navalny has flatly refused any type of work, including cleaning the premises of his squad, explaining his reason for not working as his “poor health”. According to the prisoner, his leg and back allegedly hurt. However, during the interview, it turned out that the prisoner had been examined by a paramedic. The medic said that the convict receives medical care in full and even had an MRI scan. She assured that Navalny is completely healthy.

            Fellow inmates of the disgruntled prisoner denied the report that he is allegedly woken up every hour with a flashlight being shone in his face. According to one of the prisoners, employees of the institution are simply obliged to check those prisoners who are marked “prone to escape”. Such is Navalny, but no one wakes him up, said one of Navalny’s fellow convicts. To help prisoners sleep better, they can even use earplugs and a sleep mask, he added.

            The prisoner also said that Navalny has a place of honour by a window. He denied the blogger’s claims about torture in prison. According to one prisoner, Navalny has recently been lying on his bed, for which the scandalous prisoner is not liked in his squad. He called the blogger arrogant, but noted that he treats him calmly.


              1. God, how I loathe that bastard!

                When I was transferred from an “open prison”, a “colony” in Russian, to Brixton Prison in London, which transfer entailed a 200-mile journey, I was handcuffed, and from HMP Brixton to the Court of Criminal Appeal on the Strand in central London, I was shackled to 2 other prisoners. I was not classified as a potential “runner”.


            1. Navalny:
              If you missed yesterday Maria Pevchikh’s wonderful thread about the vile propagandist Butina, out of whom the authorities are trying to make the main human rights defender, be sure to read it.


              I thought, what’s the point of blaspheming Butina and calling her names, let me give you a thorough and detailed account of who she is, where she came from and what she’s been up to. MegaTrade about the most ridiculous pseudo-spy and her crazy handler Senator Torshin. Ready-made script. For a comedy.

              I wonder if Pevchikh wishes to give us all a laugh about her bookshop “business” in London and elsewhere and about her father’s business in Russia?

              In 2008 she graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Sociology. According to Russian sources, during her studies at Moscow State University, she already had strong pro-British views, and was publicly declaring her goal to get a British citizenship. Later she graduated from the elite London School of Economics and Political Science. She has been living in Great Britain for a long time, and at the age of 22 she served as an assistant to one of the members of the British Parliament.

              At the moment, she is in business, owning a chain of bookstores in the UK and Australia. Her exact level of income is unknown, but there was enough money for an apartment overlooking the Tower of London in the elite complex The Circle on Queen Elizabeth Street.

              Her father, Konstantin Pevchikh, owns a research company and a biological laboratory. LLC “Fotisse” was registered at the end of July this year. There is no information on the scope of the organization. NIOBIS LLC has been developing projects for growing viruses and biological cells for ten years.

              Maria Pevchikh has extensive business and political ties, including with Chichvarkin and Khodorkovsky. These both persons are widely known for their active anti-Russian position, involvement and funding of various anti-government campaigns in Russia and apparent ties with Western, mostly British, special services.

              Navalny and Pevchikh have known each other for at least the last 10 years. Since 2010, at the request of Ashurkov, she has been providing information support to the oppositionist, providing information about the assets of high-ranking Russians in the UK for investigations.

              Such data cannot be found in the public domain, and therefore there is reason to believe that Maria is cooperating with the European intelligence services and MI6.

              The woman visits Russia two or three times a year, and secretly contacts Navalny. She herself does not take joint photos and videos, and hides her presence on the Internet through a VPN. During her visit to Russia, she practically does not leave Navalny, maintaining contact.

              She also has a long-term relationship with Ashurkov: in 2013, she organized negotiations in Moscow between ex-Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt and adviser to the President of Lithuania on foreign policy issues Renaldas Vaisbrodas with Navalny and Ashurkov.

              This is confirmed by a photo published by Nation News of Navalny and her.

              She was reportedly constantly by Navalny’s side during his visit to Novosibirsk and Tomsk. She, however, didn’t board the aeroplane.



                1. What a creep. The others are standing by their bunks in the usual position for an inspection, but Navalny is wandering around as if he were a reporter assigned to cover the event, or the supervisor discreetly watching the performance of his subordinate. I can’t believe he is getting away with this absurd display of disrespect – bear him to the floor and cuff him and let him sit on a stool in solitary for a couple of days with nothing to eat but cabbage leaves, and see if that has any effect on his personal discipline. Why are the authorities coddling him like this? Is he actually special? They seem to be excelling at awarding him every appearance of a respected opposition politician although he is just a petty crook. Get it together, Russia. You either believe it or you don’t.

                  Perhaps the objective is to make him so hated by the other prisoners for his airs and graces that they will beat him up or kill him.


            2. Always the victim. Poor Lyosha. I’m certainly undergoing a revelation here on Russian prisons – how is it possible that Navalny refuses to work, regardless his condition, which is obviously not so bad that he can’t stroll around with his hands in his pockets? Do you actually have the option of refusal in prison? Dear God; Russia is soft as puppy shit. I assure you one does not have any such option in Canadian prisons. And you don’t even get paid for it any more! Wicked, wicked Stephen Harper – did you know he ate children?


              In Canada, anyway – which I once foolishly thought was far superior to America – the emphasis is meant to be on ‘correction’, which is why the prison system is referred to as the Department of Corrections. Enterprises within the prison are set up to as closely as possible parallel business operations outside the prison system, and the intent is always to release prisoners at the end of their sentence with as little shock as practical upon rejoining civilian life, hopefully with a skill that will enable them to get a job. And in almost all cases, you will be getting out; the court can only award you one life sentence, and life is 25 years, after which time you may apply for parole.


              The notorious murderess Karla Homolka is free, has been since 2005, after helping her bonkers husband Paul Bernardo rape and murder her own younger sister, as well as two more young girls before they were caught. Her lawyer withheld evidence which helped strengthen the conviction against her husband in exchange for a reduced sentence for her, a triumph in a field which is often lower in morals than the criminals it serves. On release, Homolka – who has changed her name several times since – was not even placed on a registry of known sex offenders. But she had to work while she was in prison, and no pictures of her strolling around with a mug of tea, chatting with guards like they were old friends, have emerged.



  16. From “Komsomolskaya Pravda”;

    Navalny has forgotten which leg hurts

    A member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Maria Butina, in an interview with Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, red her impressions of the Pokrovsk colony where Aleksey Navalny is being held. According to her, there are no “horrors” as described by the blogger in the institution, the prisoners are treated politely, but strictly.

    “It is clear that this is not a sanatorium, but it resembles a children’s camp of the ’80s. There is a balanced diet.

    Navalny’s detention regime does not differ in any way from other prisoners. He is in a detachment”, said Butina on air.

    “He has access to all the necessary and acceptable resources in prison: to the gym, the library; he has the opportunity to go to the dining room, walk down the street, go out into the courtyard, use the cultural centre, watch TV and do absolutely everything the same as the other prisoners are doing”, she said.

    Maria noted that in the colony the situation is repeated that Navalny had when he as at liberty, when he committed numerous violations of his conditional sentence.

    “He has had 20 reprimands (for bickering, for example), but you need to understand that a prison is not a sanatorium. There is a regime. For this, any prisoner should have been sent to the punishment cell several times”, Butina noted.

    Navalny regularly complains about his health, but does not follow the orders of the doctors who visit him. And this may turn out sideways for Aleksey Anatolyevich. Citing malaise, he does not fulfill the duties that all prisoners have, because of this, discontent is growing in the unit.

    “Navalny lies like a master on his mattress (by the way, a new one, because the old one did not suit him because of his alleged back pain). Naturally, this is not acceptable in places of deprivation of liberty. And other prisoners have questions why they should scrub the floor for him out of turn. From the point of view of the prison population, I understand them. This is a hostel. Everyone has responsibilities, but he does not fulfill them”, said Maria.

    Fellow inmates of the “hostel” do not understand what the blogger is suffering from. He certainly does not look like a patient, notes Maria Butina.

    “In a conversation with me, he forgot which of his legs hurt and therefore said ‘both’. He stands calmly and yells at me for 20 minutes, he calmly walks around the detachment. This does not cause him any difficulty. He doesn’t limp. His condition is quite satisfactory”, said the social activist.

    As for Navalny’s statements that he is not allowed to sleep, this is also a lie, Butina said.

    “I am making such a statement because I have communicated with him – with a person who, allegedly, had not been allowed to sleep for several days. He couldn’t have had such calm, normal, coherent speech, he does not lose the logic of reasoning, he does not have red eyes. Of course, I am not a doctor to define in detail, but he gives the impression of a perfectly normal healthy person.”

    As for the conditions for other prisoners in IK-2 in Pokrov, as Maria Butina notes, they are not intimidated, they look normal, they communicate calmly with people.

    “Everything is always clear from the sight of the prisoners themselves. Nobody tortures anyone there. As a person who has been in prison, I can look in the eyes and understand whether a person is intimidated or not, ”says Butina, who spent nearly a year and a half in prison in the United States on false charges. – Of the 800 people for whom IK-2 in Pokrov is designed, 300 are kept there. They have no restrictions on moving around the barracks. Nobody puts them in handcuffs. Nutrition is balanced. Products are not past their date of expiry. We checked everything”.

    Maria Butina also explained the reason for her visit to the Pokrovsky colony. It was not the libels that Navalny wrote from there that brought her there, but his attitude towards the Public Supervisory Commission staff. They visited the prisoner at his own request, he talked to them, and a few minutes later a post appeared on his behalf with insults and humiliation against human rights defenders. It remains to be seen what appears on social networks after this visit.


    1. Life in the colony for Navalny sounds like hell. /not

      Cornelis Vreeswijk – Brev från Kolonien (Lyrics)

      (Swedish version of: Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (A Letter from Camp)).

      Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh (Camp Granada Song) with Lyrics Sing-Along, Allan Sherman, 1963, updated


      1. The Bullshitter’s version of “Hallo Muddah, Hello Faddah”:

        Hello muddah, hallo faddah,
        Here I am in Kah-Zet lager,
        Camp is very entertaining,
        And they say I’ll have some fun
        When my back stops aching!

        Lyuba Sobol, you’re so noble,
        Leonid Volkov, you’re a jerk-off,
        Lyuba’s still here in this country,
        But Volkov’s fucked off to Lithuania,
        For he’s a cunt, see!

        Set me free, oh please, you hamsters, set me free!
        I wanna be back home, you see,
        Where my bit miner works for me
        And get US handouts sent to me!

        [Kah-Zet lager: in German KZlager for Konzentratsionlager, namely “concentration camp”.]


        1. «Всё время лжёт и ведёт себя как наглая обезьяна» — о поведении Навального в колонии (ВИДЕО)

          “Always lying and acting like a cheeky monkey” – about Navalny’s behaviour in prison (VIDEO)

          Well known translator and video blogger Dmitry Puchkov (“Goblin”) in his IZOLENTA live stream about Aleksey Navalny’s behaviour in a penal colony:

          He’s lying. He lies all the time. His task is to lie.

          If they come and check on him at night, say, why wake him up? Let’s open our job descriptions and read how we should check runaways. Do they have to be woken up or do they have to record the fact that he’s under the blankets? Why wake him up? The light in the cell and the room should be on, yes. It’s a place of detention.

          So he’s lying about being woken up every hour. That’s a lie. And everything else is a lie.

          He’s acting like a typical “denialist”. And what the administration is doing about this is completely incomprehensible. It’s obvious that this citizen is in a privileged position. No disciplinary action is being taken against him.

          He is as arrogant as a monkey. And he behaves like an arrogant monkey. And the administration does nothing.

          I don’t know if you will be able to watch the video that is in the linked article and which I have also attached above.

          I don’t think YouTube likes it and it is behaving strangely.

          English (of sorts) subtitles available.

          Oh yeah! Just noticed: the video is jerky because it’s livestream!

          So most of you, except Jen and Tron an UK Stooges, are all still abed, so may not be able to watch it after you have risen from your slumbers.


          1. And he’s not in a cell. That’s what they keep writing in the Russian originals. He’s in a dorm with a load of other inmates. It’s like a barracks where Navalny strolls around sipping tea. Nobody could do that in UK open prison!

            It is exactly the same style in a UK open prison. In fact, where I was, was a former RAF camp.

            The screws lock each barrack hut up at night at 21:00, but it’s only a symbolic locking up. It’s not too difficult to get out after lock-up and some did when I was doing time.

            They used to go under the fence to buy booze and tobacco at the neighbouring village.

            If you got caught doing so, though, you were back in closed prison pronto.

            And sometimes they used to do searches after lock-up for contraband. At night. Torture?

            I remember once when they found a whole cheese, a whole wheel of cheese, that some knobhead had nicked from the camp kitchen.

            Of course, it was noticed right away that it had gone missing, but the screws waited until it was night time until they launched a search for it.

            It wasn’t stolen because of hunger, by the way: it was stolen so as to make money off other cons.


            1. Ha, ha! I remember an event which occurred aboard HMCS SAGUENAY, when we were alongside in Newfiejohn (St. Johns, Newfoundland). I recall it only because of the odd juxtaposition of ‘cheese’ and ‘prison’.

              The duty communications rating – there’s always one aboard in foreign ports, called the Duty Radioman, to receive and send vital communications – grew bored with staying aboard with only radios for company. He was a Slav, as well, as I live and breathe; his family name was Dugandzic, and he hailed from what was at that time still Yugoslavia. Anyway, he left the radio shack and went below to his mess, where he changed into civilian clothes (violation, violation) and went ashore (violation) where he purchased a case of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill (violation) and brought it back aboard (violation). He had still, amazingly, not been caught for any of these crimes against service discipline. He then availed himself of a companion, Billy Ferguson, who was a boatswain (with a security clearance of rumor, in the most top-secret space on the ship; violation, I need hardly mention) One or both made a raid on the wardroom pantry, nearby on the same deck, and stole a wheel of cheese. Wine and cheese – that’s how the toffs party, innit? They both became very drunk and glutted on cheese, whereupon they began to break off pieces and throw them at one another. At one point, Seaman Ferguson’s stomach rebelled, and he vomited into a bag which, unfortunately, had no bottom to it. He lost consciousness shortly after. Andy (Andy Dugandzic, probably Andrej or something like that) was made of sterner stuff, but he knew he could not go on much longer, so repaired to his bunk – still in civilian clothing – for a recuperative nap.

              Thus it was that the Officer of the Day – who happened to be the Communications Officer – found the door to the CCR (Communications Control Room) unlocked, and upon stepping inside, found no Duty Radioman present, only an unconscious Bosun who had no security clearance to be there, bits of cheese and vomit everywhere and ample evidence of uncontrolled drunkenness. The Duty Radioman was located in his bunk, fast asleep, and promptly taken into custody.

              So Andy went for a holiday at Canadian Forces Detention Barracks (CFDB) Edmonton. I understand he was a model prisoner, quickly discerning the error of his ways, possessor of the shiniest boot-polish can in the unit (you not only had to maintain parade-level footwear at all times ready for inspection, you even had to polish the lid of the tin, which could not be dirty). He leaped enthusiastically to attention every time a member of the staff passed by the front of his cell in the approved display of respect, and addressed each member always as ‘Staff’ in every response to a question (“How are you today, Prisoner?” “Very well, Staff!!”) I would like to say he went forth and sinned no more, but that would be a lie. However, I don’t think he ever did anything afterward which rated being sent to Edmonton.

              I don’t know what ever happened to him. Billy Ferguson is probably dead; he was a chronic alcoholic then when he was probably in his early 20’s, with a liver like a dead aardvark. From the steel town of Hamilton, Ontario, home to both Dofasco and Stelco, I think both now defunct. But he was a funny guy and a great shipmate, and I suppose you can’t ask for much more. I remember him with great affection regardless his faults.

              Editorial update: I checked, and CFDB Edmonton still exists, although a recent article claims it is now more often empty than not, although it costs taxpayers $2 Million a year to maintain.


              Stelco in Hamilton still exists, but it went bankrupt in 2007 and, like so many other Canadian assets, was bought up by the Americans; it was called – ironically, I suppose – US Steel Canada until it was sold again to Bedrock Industries (not the one where the Flintstones live) and became a publicly-traded corporation.


              Dofasco likewise still exists in some form, but it likewise is no longer Canadian; it is “a standalone subsidiary of ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest integrated steel producer”. ArcelorMittal is a multinational headquartered in Luxembourg, but majority owned by the former Mittal of India.


              So in a real sense, Hamilton is still a steel town and it’s still located in Canada. But it isn’t a Canadian steel town, as it was for a hundred years.


          2. I am growing to believe the administration has been advised to let Navalny continue acting the goat for his own entertainment in the belief it will turn the entirety of the prison population against him. That’s what happened with Tolokonnokova and her posturing and hunger strike and show-offery. The last thing they would need would be a prison uprising or riot with Navalny as its leader. That’s very unlikely if the other prisoners despise him. The Great Leader, who cannot even get convicts to follow him.

            It could easily go the other way – they could arrange for another prisoner to beat the shit out of him, and then instead of punishing that prisoner, release him early. But that’s the sort of message that would make the western press howl all day long. There’s not much they can do with a Navalny who swaggers about like he owns the place, and who is hated by all his fellow prisoners.


    2. TYPO!

      The first sentence above should read:

      A member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, Maria Butina, in an interview with Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda, SHARED her impressions of the Pokrovska colony where Aleksey Navalny is being held.

      On the The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation [Общественная палата Российской Федерации ОП РФ] from the Russian Wiki:

      The Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation (unofficial abbreviation: the Civic Chamber) is an advisory body in the Russian Federation that was created in 2005. Members of the Public Chamber are not paid for their activities. However, the Public Chamber itself is publicly funded and participates in public procurement on an equal basis with federal authorities.

      So Miss Butina was at the US agent’s “concentration camp” in an official capacity and not simply shouting shit from the sidelines AND from abroad, as are the gobshite propagandists Volkov and Pevchikh, which latter, I am very sure, is controlled, or, indeed, employed, by the British “Secret Intelligence Service” (SIS/MI6).

      Better said, using “Britspeak”, I think it “highly likely” that she is an MI6 spook.

      Further from the Russian Wiki on the Civic Chamber RF:

      In Russia, the Civic Chamber at the federal level was created by an order of the President of the Russian Federation in 1994 and was called the “Civic Chamber under the President of the Russian Federation”. In 1996, by a decree of President B. N. Yeltsin, the Civic Chamber was transformed into the Political Consultative Council under the President of the Russian Federation, in 2000, by a decree of President V. V. Putin, this body was abolished.

      The present “Civic Chamber” was formed in 2005 and began operating in January 2006 . The Civic Chamber is elected every three years (until 2012 – every two years).

      And when Miss Butina arrived at Navalny’s place of incarceration, the gobshite, as is his wont, started to harangue the woman in front of other convicts present, which behaviour, I am sure, was looked askance by the Bullshitter’s fellow prison inmates, but because he is a stupid cunt so full of himself, he no doubt thought that his performance before Miss Butina would have been aplauded by his fellow cons. However, that piece of ordure’s fellow guests at the colony are not soft-arse bourgeois juveniles who think the sun rises out of Navalny’s shitter, as are a large number of those who support unabashedly “Putin’s leading opponent”.

      Sorry about being rather faecal in my language above, but mention of Navalny’s name brings to mind strong images of shit.


      1. He can get up to his antics as much as he likes, but he should do so with the realization that the Russian prison system does not take in smart-arses and release them the same smart-arses at the end of their short term. The aim is to make you see the error of your ways, and a Navalny who behaves as if he is special is a Navalny who is going to be in there a long time.

        It is fairly obvious that they are never going to make a productive Russian citizen of Navalny, so I don’t know why they don’t just boot him out of the country, let him go be an American as he seems to consider himself. Say, that’d be funny – if they offered to exchange him for a Russian prisoner somewhere, and the west turned them down. They’re kind of in a position where they cannot, after all the weeping and gnashing of teeth in the press about the plight of noble Navalny, and the imposition of the special ‘Navalny sanctions’.


        1. Yeah, the Russians could offer to exchange Navalny for … the Skripals. Let’s see if the West will accept the offer. If not, Navalny will be crushed.


          1. That’s a hell of an idea, because it would force the British to demur that the Skripals are not held in the UK against their will, and do not wish to return to Russia. That would beg the question why nobody can locate or contact them. After that, the Russians could proceed to offer Navalny in trade for the lowest-importance asset they are confident the west would refuse to trade, driving home the point that while the west moans and writhes about Navalny’s plight, it is not interested in taking any real steps to resolve it. Navalny in a Russian prison is of far more propaganda value than Navalny free in the west as a non-paying guest.


  17. German Defence Minister has explained high military spending by the actions of Russia
    15:47 04/03/2021 (updated: 04:45 04/03/2021)

    BERLIN, April 3 – RIA Novosti. German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in an interview with the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland media group stated that Germany’s need to invest in security is allegedly due to, among other things, Russia’s actions.

    The official noted that high expenditures on armaments are important for Germany itself, and it was never a question of, for example, “providing a service to the United States”.

    [Perish the very thought!]

    “We must take care of our own security. Challenges are growing – with new technologies, in the form of hybrid threats, but also at the regional level, for example, taking into account Russia’s behaviour”, the minister said.

    [Take note! Russian “behaviour”, as though Russia were some recalcitrant child. The USA is then, I suppose, “Little Miss Goody Two Shoes”.]

    The “hybrid threat” is the biggest, she said. Germany, Kramp-Karrenbauer argues, is particularly often “at the centre of attacks that could be linked to Russia”.

    [“Could be linked” she says? And her evidence for this suspicion of hers? And “hybrid attacks”? A wonderful buzzword (“buzzphrase” really) bandied around by talking heads and “experts”. Such a vague amorphous concept! I could say, for example, that Microsoft Spellchecker is a hybrid attack against my behaviour, in that it tries to make me step in line and spell “centre” as “center”. Are Twitter and Hollywood and Instagram part of the USA’s hybrid-warfare armoury as well? And the promotion of “gender issues”?Could be! Note: I wrote “could”, in this context the subjunctive mood of the modal auxiliary verb “can”. I am not writing that it is!]

    Earlier, NATO had accused Russia of “aggressive behaviour” and declared the need to restrain Moscow’s actions. The Foreign Ministry said that Moscow would take into account the mood of the alliance in its foreign policy and military planning. The Kremlin noted that Russia does not threaten anyone, but will not disregard actions that are potentially dangerous to its interests.
    The West has repeatedly accused Moscow of interfering in internal affairs and of making cyber attacks. Russia has denied all such accusations, stating that Western countries did not present any evidence for them.


    1. What about the hybrid attack that makes you wear a facemask in the street, assuring you it is for your own safety and the safety of others and crying that you should follow the science? If you actually did follow the science you would refuse to wear one, and cite the numerous studies by real scientists which conclude they are of little or no use against an airborne virus.


  18. About the Bullshitter again:

    Butina and Vyshinsky in Navalny’s colony: the client is healthier than all of us.

    Public figures Maria Butina and Kirill Vyshinsky have visited several colonies in the Vladimir region. They also visited IK-2, where Aleksey Navalny is serving his sentence.

    It may be necessary to explain who these people are and why they should be trusted.

    Maria Butina photo from the Internet.

    Maria Butina: on July 16, 2018 she was arrested in the USA. She was accused of promoting Russian interests in the United States without registering as a “foreign agent”.

    On December 13, 2018, it became known that Butina had agreed to a deal with the prosecution. In court, she stated that she partially admitted to the charges. In her words, in America she acted under the leadership of a Russian official, which, according to the US code, is incriminatory as conspiracy and a violation of the laws on foreign agents.

    In exchange for a partial confession of guilt, Butina’s sentence was shortened. The sentencing was postponed until the spring of 2019. The court sentenced Maria to 18 months in prison, followed by deportation.

    On October 25, 2019, Maria was released and returned to Moscow a day later. Already in Russia, she has spoken about the treatment and torture applied to her in an American prison.

    Valery Butin’s father has said that his daughter’s prison diet lacked a sufficient amount of vitamins and meat. During her time behind bars, the Russian woman lost 20 kg. After her release, her weight was 40 kg with a height of 170 cm.

    Kirill Vyshinsky. photo from the Internet

    Kirill Vyshinsky: Spent 1 year and 3 months in a Ukrainian prison.

    Kirill Vyshinsky was charged with high treason, distribution of materials calling for a violent change and overthrow of the constitutional order, a seizure of state power by a prior conspiracy of a group of persons, the distribution of materials calling for deliberate actions in order to change the borders of the territory and the state border of the Ukraine in violation of public order, established by the Constitution of the Ukraine, combined with the incitement of national enmity and hatred, to the humiliation of national honour and dignity, and the acquisition and storage of firearms. The maximum punishment under these articles provides for up to 15 years in prison.

    On September 7, 2019, Vyshinsky was released as part of an exchange between Russia and the Ukraine under the “35 to 35” scheme. Currently, he lives and works in Moscow.

    These people are unbiased and “know a lot about foreign prisons”. They have something to compare a Russian prison with.

    This is how it went.

    Navalny reluctantly greeted the guests whilst lying down on his bed. Navalny immediately forbade that he be filmed. He complained about his health, but got out of bed anyway: he staged an “impromptu meeting”, during which he constantly insulted those who had come to help.

    But through his lawyers a lot of complaints have come in. Basically about his health: his back allegedly hurts, his leg is incapacitated, and he needs to be examined immediately by a specific, personal doctor.

    I didn’t get the impression that Navalny needed the help of a doctor, because at first, when we just looked at each other, he said that he could not get up. After that, he got up quite normally, walked around and yelled at me for 20 minutes. He had no difficulty standing on both legs and his back was not hurting at that moment. He has complained about a lack of books, but nobody has forbidden him to go to the library. There is a huge library: go and see. In his speech, he constantly lied

    says Maria Butina …

    He has a selective system for receiving help if help is needed, but I do not know who these people are and he hasn’t been brought any money. And there is his constant lying. His whole life is a lie.

    Also presented by Butina are videos taken of Navalny and his prison squad:

    Navalny is constantly on the move, takes long strides widely, and does not limp – no hints of any illness. And this is understandable: in the colony his condition is monitored as if he were a VIP patient at a private clinic. He was taken to the regional hospital for an MRI; the mattress on his bed was replaced with a stiffer one and they are even looking for a yoga mat.

    He doesn’t look like someone who’s starving, you know. He looks like a normal, healthy man who whines all the time. That’s the impression I got

    says a member of the Civic Chamber member Maria Butina.

    Videos from prison, lameness and a sore back are abruptly gone, he walks around drinking coffee.

    Description of video

    You need to drink tea and coffee behind bars in a strictly designated place and at a certain time. But even these simple rules Navalny refuses to comply with. Here is another illustrative scene: the convict is, one might say, toddling along to get some boiling water. His afternoon tea is interrupted by an employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service. The reaction to his remark is nervous with picturesque gestures. Then a sudden change of mood – one hand in his pocket, in the other other hand – a mug. As if this were an office and a conversation not with the overseer, but with a subordinate.

    The blogger’s doctors did not find anything serious – only two small spinal ruptures. Such a diagnosis is not uncommon. But how convenient – there is a reason for his not working. Navalny even refuses to sweep around his own bed.

    As it turned out, he has been a regular customer at the prison shop. His last purchase cost him 1,500 roubles.

    He bought some canned goods, mackerel in oil, that I remembered exactly, sweets and coffee. He also bought some more coffee

    the salesgirl recalls.

    Its not exactly McDonald’s, but there is a choice.

    And Navalny also complains on his personal blog that he is practically being tortured, that they keep waking up at night every hour to check if he is where he should be.

    He doesn’t at all look like someone who’s been tortured by sleep deprivation for a month now. I know, because for a month I was really in conditions where they woke me up every 15 minutes and demanded I answer to the prison officer that I was awake. The kept on demanding that I responded to their flashlight

    notes Maria Butina.

    And here is what happens in Russia. A video recorder is a compulsory attribute of every officer. A loud announcement about the start of an inspection is only heard coming from outside. The loudest sound indoors is the ticking of the wall clock. Navalny has a mask over his eyes and earplugs in his ears. The blogger does not react to the inspector in any way. The video camera, though, has night mode on and there is an infrared flashlight that is undetectable by the eye. And if one is fast asleep, it is really not difficult to confuse how and how often they check.

    That’s pretty much it, it’s not a prison, it’s a holiday home. He doesn’t work, buys his own snacks, has a personal mattress, has been taken to the doctors, has earplugs and a sleeping mask, doesn’t follow his regime.

    He was prescribed Diclofenac. Now he does not want to take Diclofenac, because he says his blood pressure rises. You see, this is his way of trying to get attention

    noted Butina.

    And, of course, no health problems. He did not want to talk to the inspectors, although he had asked for an conversation with them.

    Meanwhile, the other prisoners immediately agreed to having a frank conversation with the social workers , but did not voice any complaints.

    None of those I talked to – and I specifically asked the colony staff to step back – told me that they were being pressured, humiliated, insulted there, although they had the opportunity to do so

    stressed Committee for Human Rights member Kirill Vyshinsky.

    During his two weeks behind bars, Navalny has managed to earn several reprimands at once. But attempts to behave as if he were on the outside, being boorish towards everyone around him, and disregarding those around him will only lead to one thing. He certainly cannot count on parole now because of the penalties.

    All in all, this has been very unpleasant to read and watch. This not-so-poisoned waste of space is rolling in prison like a pig in shit It is impossible to expect that he be impaled or strangled in his sleep and he won’t rot in pain. That’s a totalitarian regime for you!

    PS: To make it clear to everyone why I wrote this. The article is 100% commissioned and paid for personally by Leonid Volkov, Lyubov Sobol and Maria Pevchikh. The amount has not been disclosed. Let them rejoice and “dance” to Olga Buzova (or to whomever they are allowed) that their Lyoshenka is such a hero in prison.

    [For those who may not “do irony”, the last paragraph above is Russian irony as expressed by the blogger — ME]


    1. Just read this letter to a Russian blogger who thinks the Bullshitter may be attacked in the colony:

      That bastard’s safe there and he knows it (apparently his lawyers have taught him this).

      First of all, the colony in which “Tits” now finds himself is intended for “first timers” serving a short sentence, for convicts who are generally ready to show themselves to be law-abiding and who wish to get out on PAROLE. And for PAROLE, you need to have a normal personal file, thanks, and no violations of the regime.

      No one in his right mind would agree to cut Navalny, because for the performer it would mean being sent down for murder in a strict regime and for a long time. They wouldn’t even slap him the face.

      Secondly, the prison administration should deal with Navalny’s behaviour and his showing-off. But if it does not fulfill its duties and does not apply the prescribed penalties and punishments to him , then it is necessary to ask why.

      So someone is protecting him there.



    2. Daily Mail, UK:

      Video: Video showing Alexei Navalny walking around in jail airs online as Kremlin-backed RT channel sends former spy to film him in prison in a bid to expose his ‘lies’ about needing medical attention.

      Butina was a “spy”?

      Convicted in the USA as an “unregistered foreign agent” having been arrested by the FBI and charged with acting as an agent of the Russian Federation “without prior notification to the Attorney General”.

      Convicted for being a Russian citizen more like, after having been set up in the Land of the Free.

      The Daily Mail article states:

      The propaganda outlet said: “Views of the video from the penal colony – and conversations with informed interlocutors – convince us that Alexei Navalny is not a sick sufferer for the democratic faith, but an impudent simulator who also managed to pick up the habits of thieves”.

      The article also states that “Navalny is seen in a vast cell which Life says currently houses 16 inmates, and has many empty bunk beds”.

      I suppose the “journalist” who wrote the above has never seen a prison cell.

      Below is a photograph of a cell at Her Majesty’s Prison Manchester, England, and identical to the one where I did some time: 3 cons per cell.

      In the above photo there are 3 bunks. Maybe the 3rd inmate took the photo, as the bottom right bunk is in use because its pillow, blanket and bedsheets are “blocked” as per regulations. They have to be blocked as soon as you rise at 07:00.

      Manchester prison opened in the late 1880s. The cells were designed to accommodate one inmate.

      I wonder how the Bullshitter would feel if he were banged up in such a cell with only 30 minutes exercise each day and a shower once a week?

      The “propaganda outlet” is, according to that horrendous rag, RT.


        1. The above Russian blog refers to this RT Telegram channel source:

, в комментариях набег навальнят и граждан в кастрюльках.

          RT in Russian✔
          Sergey “Zergulio” Kolyasnikov @SergeyKolyasnikov specially for @rt_russian

          Maria Butina’s visit to Navalny prompted a veritable barrage of disgusting attacks on her by the opposition public. Two things surprised me personally: the synchronicity and the unprecedented intensity of the hatred. Too much negativity, even given the uncomfortable debunking of the story about his legs falling off.

          But all questions fell away after flicking through the press of our “Western partners”. The Washington Post was especially delightful, with a huge article, whose main message: “Aleksey Navalny, who went on hunger strike after having been denied medical treatment, had hoped for a doctor’s visit. Instead, he received a less-than-desirable visitor on Thursday – Maria Butina, a Russian agent convicted and gaoled for conspiring to infiltrate political organisations in the United States. Butina was reporting for the Kremlin-funded television network RT, formerly “Russia Today”.

          There is more. According to the paper, Maria communicated exclusively with “activists” collaborating with the administration. And impressionable readers are told heatedly how Navalny is punished for various petty things like refusing to get up on time and do physical exercises, as well as his being woken up eight times a night. It ends with descriptions of the back pains and weakened legs of the “near-fatal nerve agent poisoning” survivor Alyosha, as well as the insults that Navalny shouted at Maria.

          The fiercest propaganda from the Cold War pales before this stuffy WP libel, every paragraph of which could be considered a crib sheet received by Russian oppositionists, so literally similar are the contents of their statements and those of the article.

          But if you think that this is the only article in an American daily newspaper about the Navalny story, you should not, because we have been immediately presented with several stories with headlines such as “Even in prison Navalny knows how to piss off his rival Putin” and “Putin’s opponent Navalny has described prison life with grim humour”.

          What conclusions can be drawn from the above, especially since Navalny’s activities in the interests of the US and Europe are no longer a secret? At the very least, take note of the personalities who have slung mud at Maria Butina, because it is now clear from which centre they receive the commands they so diligently carry out.


  19. Yulia Latynina and Anastasia Vasilyeva have threatened to rally outside the colony where Aleksey is being held

    Yulia Latynina and Anastasia Vasilyeva have threatened to hold rallies outside the colony where Aleksey is imprisoned.

    Lyokha, we’re coming!

    [It pisses me off when that bastard is referred to by his first name, even by those such as this blogger, who clearly is not one of the Bullshitter’s hamsters. However, doing this is a result of the Russian naming convention and the fact that there is no titular description in Russian for a man or woman as “Mister”, “Missus” or “Miss”. In Russian, one just says “man”, “woman”, “girl” or “boy” when referring to a stranger, e.g. “Man, is that your hat on the table?” or “Girl, have you any Cognac in this shop?” or “Woman, you have dropped your purse!” Russians use the full monty of name, patronymic and family name when speaking officially or with deference, e.g. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Still speaking formally, but less bureaucratically and again with deference, one uses just the name and patronymic. Less formally, one then uses the first name. Very quickly one begins to address people by their first names in Russia, though that does not mean that they are your pals: when speaking in a friendly way to someone who is a friend, family member etc., one uses a host of diminutives, such as “Vova”, “Volodya” etc. for Vladimir. But it still jars me when I see that lying traitorous bastard Navalny referred to by his first name, as above. When I was much younger, one would just say “Mr. Navalny” when referring neutrally to that bastard, and now, if Navalny were in the UK, he would simply be referred to as I have just done, namely as “Navalny” because no deference is given to a convicted criminal and is still not: no prison officer addressed me by my first name when I was an imprisoned convict. In fact, I remember when amateur sportsmen in the UK were referred to as “Mr. Smith”, for example, or “John Smith”. However, if Mr. Smith became a professional sportsman, he was then simply referred to as “Smith” because he was “in trade” I suppose. How vulgar! If I rightly recall, the “Daily Telegraph” in the UK was doing this well into the 1960s — ME]

    Of course, it is none of my business, but perhaps Latynina should take more care of her personal life instead of daydreaming about her Berlin patient. What could be better than having a family of her own, children and grandchildren? I should also like to ask Albats whether all of this, this endless vilification of Russia, this support for a convicted fraudster, were worth the price of a family life.

    [Sexist! Sexist! But some bloggers who dislike these non-systemic oppositionists occasionally point out that some of the most outspoken women amongst them are childless It has also been noted by bloggers of like mind that Merkel and that disaster of a British prime minister May are also childless. Is a childless woman less of a woman than one who has borne children? I do not really think so, but a childless woman such as is Latynina most certainly has more time to pontificate on Ekho Moskvy and talk shite and arse around than does a women with a family to take care of — ME]

    OK, I’m being a bit lyrical, but I just always feel sorry for them as human beings.

    This week, an event comparable only to a volcanic eruption occurred. First Vasilyeva, she is Lyosha’s personal doctor [Here, a diminutive of Aleksey is used, but in a piss-taking ironical way because the blogger is not Navalny’s pal! — ME] (Well what did you expect? The unemployed blogger can afford one!) announced that if doctors are not allowed to see him, then she will hold a rally outside the colony. And yes, not just doctors from the district clinic, but from the Charité clinic itself, from that German clinic!

    Can you just imagine that? I have been working all my life. I pay my taxes. But it would never occur to me to demand foreign doctors, and medicine in Kazan is at an unbelievable level. But here is a man who has been tried twice and has never worked and who is now serving his sentence. He needs German doctors because he does not trust his Russian doctors!

    I should like to ask if any convict can put forward such whims, and if so, would everyone then run around him like bloody fools, paying so much attention to someone who is undeserving of it?

    And less than one year has gone by and now Latynina herself has joined in with Vassilieva’s demands. Well, the “regime” had better hold on tightly. She is back in action and galloping along: she is a philologist, after all, not a rocket scientist! [I think the writer has the same attitude towards philology as does Yalensis, who once on this site expressed his opinion that philology is to linguistics as is astrology to astronomy! — ME]. So, Yulechka [Again, another diminutive, but used this time mockingly — ME] has promised that thousands of medics will go out to the colony. Strange that she has not said that a million will turn up there. And these same medics have signed a petition demanding the release of Lyokha. [Diminutive of Aleksey again: more twee and, therefore, in context, that much more mocking — ME]

    Everything that is done by our liberal opposition immediately turns into a circus. Just look at the Coordination Council, when at the first meeting they had such a fight with each other that they could not even agree on a constitution.

    It is the same with these thousands of medics. Again we are surprised that it is not a million. So we take a closer look at them and it turns out that amongst their numbers there are no medics: so Aleksei Vorobiev from St. Petersburg works as a chief accountant, Tatiana Olegovna works as a lawyer, Aleks Shevchenko is an economist; there are even actresses, such as Anna Eduardovna. All the professions except medics.

    Moreover, we know very well how they get signatures, how they operate; we know that they have been signed up somewhere or other: remember how Lyuba Sobol had gathered voters’ signatures in a cemetery?

    And now, these fictitious medics, led by Vassilieva and Latynina, will march in columns towards the area where the convict Lekha is incarcerated. With such support, who needs enemies!

    The happy ones are the ones who come home and embrace their spouses and children — that is true happiness. Well, others have a way of chasing mirages and hating everything for the fact that their personal life has not worked out.

    All the best to you! Give a “like” and subscribe!


    1. Well, to be fair, there are some more obvious and compelling reasons that Latynina is childless other than her ambition and dedication to pulling the rug from under Putin.

      I’m glad to see such progressive Russia-loathers come out in public support of Navalny; it will affirm his status as a worthless liberal panderer and foreign agent for ordinary Russians. I imagine he will continue to pretend, once he’s out, that the reason he cannot be president is that the deck is stacked against him by the eeevil Kremlin, but in reality his already-feeble support probably has largely evaporated.


    2. The BBC says that Vasilyeva is an “international celebrity” now.

      See: Alexei Navalny: The women fighting against Russian corruption
      14 February

      [Published on that bogus February “holiday”, that money making day in the West for publicly adulating one’s female partner, whereas in Russia we have “Women’s Day”, which celebrates the role of women in society. I suppose the BBC thought a “woman’s” theme should be pushed on 14 February as regards a story on that piece of shit now serving time in a “concentration camp”.]

      Anastasia Vasilyeva
      This doctor’s defiant spirit made her an international celebrity this month when a clip of her piano-playing went viral on social media. She played Beethoven’s Für Elise while police were searching her flat.

      Note how the official police search of that woman’s home is described as a “raid”.

      And some stupid bastard comments to the above Tweet:

      “Class act. Putin will be defeated.”

      Yeah, right.

      Written by someone who knows fuck all about life here and the attitude of Russians towards the President, Navalny and that pampered rich bitch above who is tinkling away at the piano.


      1. Interesting that saying something ‘went viral’ is still a compliment on its popularity.

        I’d be inclined to note that the BBC – and, really, all the western media outlets – go gaga over any Russian dissident or Russian who is willing to publicly disparage his or her homeland; they ‘go viral’, and are an instant overnight ‘celebrity’. Therefore the label of ‘celebrity’ for Russians held up to admiration by the west might as well be an automatic label of ‘traitor’ in Russia. The west is still cruising on the illusion that it is secretly admired and envied by ordinary Russians. But that’s largely not true any more, and the west – especially the United States and Britain – is the enemy which is trying by dishonest and fabricated means to bring about economic ruin in Russia. Everything bad that happens in the west is immediately blamed on Russia. Consequently, those in Russia who carry a torch for the west and western ways are regarded with suspicion and dislike rather than tolerance, and distrusted rather than given a free pass.

        Vasilyeva and Latynina and all the Sisters Of Navalny crowd are not going to bring about political change in Russia, and while the west makes goo-goo eyes at them and sings their praises, that is no longer an endorsement which compels any respect in Russia.


  20. RT reporter embarrasses UN special rapporteurs during press conference on Navalny case

    Embedded video in English.

    The woman who responds to the RT reporter is not embarrassed whatsoever: she just harps on about Navalny’s right to life being violated, his right not to be tortured being violated, his right to free speech being violated and his right to take part in politics being violated, which response, of course, begs the question that his life has indeed been violated, that he is tortured in prison, and that he is not allowed to express his opinion.

    As regards his right to stand for election, that has not been violated at all: by Russian law, he cannot stand for election as he is a convicted felon.

    Of course, if this were pointed out to the woman, then she would no doubt respond that he was convicted because his right to a fair trial had been violated.

    No way of winning an argument with such people: Navalny good; Putin/Russia bad!


  21. Comment from a Russian to the above RT story:

    There was no awkward situation. Certainly not, and it is normal for them to support a nationalist and an anti-Semite if it is in their interests. But the woman killed by security guards during the storming of the Capitol, who was a veteran of the US air force, well her right to life was apparently not violated, unlike Navalny,who is not only alive, but also feels healthy from chemical weapons of mass destruction.


    1. Two comments to the Levada story:

      Trust Levada as you trust USA Today polls… I suspect that of the alleged 29% who said the 2.5 year jail sentence was unfair, 27% thought it should have been a lot more severe. That would fit with Navalchok 2% popularity.

      Levada is an NGO. Enough said.

      Levada’s sampling technique is like going to a homosexuals’ club here and doing a survey on attitudes in Russia towards banning public parades of those who have pride in the fact that they are homosexuals.


  22. More showboating from an oppositionist shit:

    Sobol was removed from a courtroom because of her refusal to switch off her camera
    15:11 04/05/2021
    [A camea in court! Not allowed in the UK. Exactly what kind of bloody regime is this Russia??? — ME]

    Shame on you! The Bullshitter never wore a mask in court!

    MOSCOW, April 5 – RIA Novosti. A magistrate of the Novokosino court district in Moscow had the lawyer Lyubov Sobol of the recognised as an agent of a foreign country “Anti-Corruption Foundation” removed from the courtroom after a long argument with the defendant, who had refused to interrupt shooting a video, reports an RIA Novosti correspondent from the Perovsky District Court in Moscow where an internal court session on a case of illegal house invasion is taking place.

    After the prosecutor had read out the indictment, judge Inna Shelobodina drew attention to the fact that Sobol was filming and asked her to remove the video camera which was mounted on a tripod.
    “The court ruled that the filming may lead to a violation of the family secrets of the victims, in this regard, the petition for the filming of Lyubov Eduardovna should be refused”, Shelobodina said.

    However, Sobol was not going to obey, and, with three breaks, there took place more than two hours of bickering between her and the judge. As a result, the prosecutor asked that Sobol be prosecuted for violations under Part 1 of Article 17.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation (failure to comply with a legal order from a judge to terminate actions that violate the rules established in court).

    The charge was drawn up, after which the court decided to remove her from the courtroom. “Considering that Lyubov Sobol does not obey the legal requirements of the presiding judge, the court has decided to remove Lyubov Eduardovna from the trial before the end of the debate”, Shelobodina said.
    Accompanied by the bailiff, Sobol left the courtroom, finally announcing that she was refusing the services of her lawyer Vladimir Voronin.

    The Investigatory Committee believes that on December 21 last year, Sobol, in the company of several people, repeatedly tried to get into the apartment of an elderly Muscovite, illegally using the uniform of Rospotrebnadzor [public health} employees. She managed to get into the entrance of the house, misleading a courier, and then into the apartment of the pensioner. According to the defence, the case is connected with the illegal entry into the apartment of an alleged FSB officer who is allegedly related to an incident with Navalny.

    In addition, Sobol is being held as regards another criminal case: inciting people to violate sanitary rules at an uncoordinated rally in Moscow. According to the investigation, because of the calls of Sobol and those of other defendants, people, including those infected with COVID-19, came to the uncoordinated rally on January 23, “creating the threat of a mass disease.”

    Both articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provide for up to two years in prison.

    *Non-profit organization acting as a foreign agent.


    1. Lock her up! Someone must have advised her and the rest of Team Navalny’s hamsters and hamster-enablers that if they push the envelope of civil disobedience they will not be held accountable. We saw the same egregious disrespect during Navalny’s trial in the Kirovles embezzlement affair, during which Navalny busied himself answering emails on his laptop and tweeting out cat pictures, although he was allegedly representing himself. Similarly, Tymoshenko made a farce of her Ukrainian trial, speaking out of turn in court and sending mocking cartoons portraying the judge as a monkey. This behavior would not be tolerated beyond its first appearance in a western court, yet the Russian perpetrators profess to adore and worship the ‘rule of law’ and complain endlessly that Russia does not have it.

      A preamble needs to be read out in court when the trial of one of these bozos comes up, to the effect that grandstanding and overt displays of disrespect will not be tolerated, that the perpetrator in such instances as may occur will be immediately removed from the court and returned to custody, and the trial will continue in their absence.


  23. Another day, another ailment:

    The Vladimir Federal penitentiary service announced the transfer of Navalny To a medical unit with acute respiratory infections
    April 5, 2021, 21: 04

    The Vladimir Department of the Federal penitentiary service has announced the transfer of blogger Aleksey Navalny, who is being held in correctional colony No. 2 in the Vladimir region, to a medical and sanitary unit. This is due to the fact that the convict during a routine medical examination revealed signs of a respiratory disease, including high fever.

    [A routine medical examination??? What sort of “bloody regime” is this? — ME]

    “In this regard, all the necessary tests were taken from him, including a test for coronavirus infection. The convict was transferred to a medical and sanitary unit, where he is under the supervision of medical workers. The institution carries out planned sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, disinfection of all premises, quartz treatment and ventilation, “the Federal Penitentiary Service said in its response to an “Izvestia” request.

    Meanwhile, an “Izvestia” source has denied information about an outbreak of tuberculosis in the colony. According to him, if someone in Navalny’s entourage had really got sick, then the entire squad would have been quarantined.

    Earlier on April 5, a post was published on Navalny’s Instagram claiming that three people from The blogger’s squad had recently been hospitalized with tuberculosis. This, according to his calculations, is 20% of the prison inmates. Navalny himself, according to the report, has a bad cough and a temperature of 38.1 °C.

    On February 2, the Simonovsky court of the capital decided to cancel Navalny’s suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case and replace it with 3.5 years in a general regime penal colony. The decision was made because of numerous violations of the blogger’s probationary period.

    Navalny is serving his sentence in correctional colony No. 2 in the Vladimir region. He has repeatedly complained about a lack of medical care and sleep disorders: allegedly, as a prisoner marked “prone to escape”, he is woken up every hour. On March 31, the blogger went on a hunger strike.

    Meanwhile, at the end of March, the Federal Penitentiary Service denied these accusations made by Navalny. They noted that medical workers had examined the prisoner after his health complaints and assessed his condition as satisfactory. They also reported that Navalny had been reprimanded for constant violations related to the refusal of the convicted person to comply with a number of mandatory requirements , such as wearing the established form of clothing or observing the daily routine.

    In addition, REN TV has a video from an observation camera made after lights-out. What is recorded on the record is at odds with the blogger’s words about the alleged violation of his sleep regime by the colony employees. The video shows how an employee with a fixed video camera, making an evening round of prisoners marked “prone to escape”, approaches so as not to wake the prisoner. Navalny at this moment is asleep, not noticing the check: he has earplugs in his ears, and a sleep mask on his face.

    RBC reports that Navalny has complained of the food in the colony.

    According to the Bullshitter, prisoners are forced to eat ” glue-type porridge and frozen potatoes”.

    What! No lobster?

    Forced to eat?

    If you don’t like it, dont eat it, you soft twat!

    Anyroad, I thought that the lying bastard was on a hunger strike.


    1. What? The Iron Man who shook off Novichok poisoning, ill at every turn of the hourglass with some pedestrian disease or other, like colds and fever?

      I have the solution, and I must say I am a little disappointed the Russian prison system has not thought of it without my prompting – put him in an induced coma. Not only did it work a treat last time, it was hailed as the sort of enlightened medicine which never would have occurred to the troglodyte Russians. Knock him out for a couple of weeks, feed him through a tube and exercise his mighty limbs via physiotherapy. We will be spared his endless squawking like an offended seabird, because not even his cult followers would be able to pass off their own proselytizing as the Word Of The Messiah when he is known to be unconscious. The knockout treatment should be re-administered upon every new appearance of illness which cannot be established by the prison medics.

      If the western media begins to scream that some fresh hellish torture has been unleashed on their favourite finger-puppet, Russia could adopt the mien of injured innocence, and point out that when the Charite Hospital did it, it was hailed as the last word in mercy.

      I’m sure I need not point out that any country whose prisons offered security, free clothes AND yummy delicious appetizing food would quickly find itself with incarceration rates approaching or even surpassing those of the Beacon Of Freedom, although I doubt that is the reason in that instance. And look at that – I’d be right.

      As an aside, Aramark used to have some kind of contract with the naval base in Esquimalt, British Columbia. During the couple of years I worked at main gate security (because I did not have a security clearance to work in my trade – you know, that relationship-with-a-Russian-spy thing), I used to regularly issue temporary passes to their representative, a very attractive woman whose visits I looked forward to. I never questioned what services Aramark provided to the Canadian Navy or its administrative support.


  24. Hey; remember when Trump blew off the JCPOA agreement, and Europe begged Washington to reconsider and even announced it would continue to work the agreement without the United States? Remember how the Trumpers boogied in the streets in ecstasy at how America was getting out the big stick?

    Oh, but.

    “April 5 sees the signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – the Iran nuclear deal – meet in Vienna.

    Washington is now trying to re-join and revive the JCPOA, but Tehran wants to see US sanctions lifted before any return to the negotiating table – a position restated by Zarif on April 4 in a phone call with UK foreign minister Dominic Rabb.”


  25. And on and on the lying bastard goes:

    Yesterday: we watched reports on all TV channels that I was sitting in the best colony with ideal conditions and food, like in a restaurant.

    Today: already a third person from my squad has recently been hospitalized with tuberculosis. There are 15 people in the detachment: that is to say, 20% of this number are sick. This is much higher than an epidemiological threshold. And what is happening about this? Do you think emergency ambulance sirens are blaring? That’s right: no one cares. The bosses are only worried about the question of how to hide the statistics.

    So, as in the meme:

    Boy: Wears a mask to protect himself from the coronavirus.

    Man: asleep in the next bed with a coughing tuberculosis.

    Such is our “ideal, exemplary colony”. Every prisoner prays to God not to be sent here
    [Really? How does he know that? — ME}, for in here there are unsanitary conditions, tuberculosis, a lack of medicines. Looking at the nightmare plates, in which they put the gruel, I am generally surprised that there is no Ebola virus here.

    When a third person was taken away with tuberculosis, we went to read about “disease prevention” on the information notice board, where there is something about this disease.

    They write that you need to raise the immune system with good nutrition and high protein foods.

    At first, everyone, of course, laughed at me, and then at themselves. After all, the meat from our food has been stolen back in Moscow. [How does he know this? — ME]. Cooking Oil and vegetables have been stolen in Vladimir. [How does he know? Because he is such a skilled investigator of corrupt practices? He can sniff out corruption everywhere? Or simply because he is a hired whinger? — ME] And right here, in Pokrova, the last crumbs have already been taken home, leaving the prisoners with glue-like porridge and frozen potatoes. Go strengthen your immunity!

    So the answer about all these reports is simple: there is not a single word of truth in them. Not in big things, not in small things.

    And I invite the correspondents of Putin’s channels to spend the night in our “ideal prison”, where on a neighbouring bed there is a coughing convict.

    Yes, that’s right – at least, there is such a one right next to me. I am quoting the official data from my temperature measurement taken today: “Navalny A. A.: severe cough, temperature 38.1”.

    But there is also a bright side: they say “they knock out a wedge with a wedge”. If I have tubercolosis, then maybe it will banish back pain and numbness in my legs. That would be a good thing.

    Strengthen your immunity 😉

    I continue my hunger strike, of course.

    [For fuck’s sake!!!! And he is fighting against suspected tuberculosis infection, he says!!! Hey, Bullshitter! Fuck off will you . . . and die! — ME]

    I have a legally guaranteed right to invite a specialist doctor at my own expense.

    [No you haven’t, you cnut! — ME]

    I will not give up, and prison doctors can be trusted just as much as state TV.

    So Navalny sleeping in a barrack hut with other men has caught a cold. Sound the alarm!!!!

    There follow replies to the above drivel, at first not complimentary thus:

    Boy, vodka for me!

    [That’s what the Statuesque Blonde said to a steward on boarding the aeroplane in Berlin that was to fly her and her gobshite husband back to the Evil Empire, quoting a final line from the film “Brother 2”: “Boy, give me a vodka! [We’re going home]”.

    He’s whining again, his leg was not incapacitated,so he’s started up with something else. In order to be clean and tidy, you have to do it yourself, but as we understand, he waits for others to clean up for him. He thinks he is a king, and he does not have any porcelain plates either.

    My heart bleeds 😢21st century. Medicines in short supply😣😣😣😣

    [Who said medicine is in short supply at IK-2? Medicines in short supply, you say? In THIS country, unlike in the West of course? — ME]

    Freedom for Aleksey Navalny ❤️

    Sit down and stop yapping, bitch. Should I bring you food in gaol? Fucking arsehole.



    This is all so terrible everything 😢

    Hold on Aleksey 🙏🏼


    If every one of these hundreds of thousands who liked this post had sent an urgent telegram to the Federal Penitentiary Administration, the situation would have been different. Address: 14 Zhitnaya Street, Moscow, 119991, Kalashnikov Alexander Petrovich. MR. KALASHNIKOV, PURSUANT TO FEDERAL LAW NO. 323, ARTICLE 26, PARAGRAPH 3, I DEMAND THAT A CIVILIAN SPECIALIST BE ADMITTED TO PENAL COLONY NO. 2 IN POKROVA TO SEE MR. ALEKSEy ANATOLIEVICH NAVALNY.

    Which ones of the above comments were written by juveniles, do you think?

    Not written, as a matter of fact: simply silly “emoticons”. Fucking illiterates!

    By the way, as regards the smartarse who suggests that the Federal Law be read out to the prison inspectorate: here is paragraph 3 of Federal Law 323, Article 26:

    3. При невозможности оказания медицинской помощи в учреждениях уголовно-исполнительной системы лица, заключенные под стражу или отбывающие наказание в виде лишения свободы, имеют право на оказание медицинской помощи в медицинских организациях государственной системы здравоохранения и муниципальной системы здравоохранения, а также на приглашение для проведения консультаций врачей-специалистов указанных медицинских организаций в порядке, установленном Правительством Российской Федерации, за счет бюджетных ассигнований федерального бюджета, предусмотренных на эти цели федеральному органу исполнительной власти, осуществляющему правоприменительные функции, функции по контролю и надзору в сфере исполнения уголовных наказаний в отношении осужденных.

    3. Where it is impossible to provide medical assistance in institutions of the penal system, persons imprisoned or serving a sentence of imprisonment shall have the right to medical assistance in medical organisations of the state health care system and the municipal health care system, as well as to be invited to consult specialists of the said medical organisations in the manner prescribed by the Russian Federation Government, from budgetary allocations from the federal budget allocated for this purpose to the federal executive body responsible for law enforcement and for monitoring and supervising the enforcement of criminal penalties against convicted offenders.

    Key phrase:

    Where it is impossible to provide medical assistance in institutions of the penal system . . . .

    So it is impossible to provide Iron Man Navalny with treatment at IK-2?

    And treatment for WHAT — this time???


    1. Not “Pokrova” but “Pokrov”!

      Novaya Gazeta, of course, now reports that RT has misled people by saying that Navalny does not clean up around him and lets others do it for him.

      According to NG, each dormitory has a team allocated to cleaning up the place.

      I still think that does not mean that everyone else in the dorm can just lie around, as Navalny seems to do, or stroll around sipping tea whenever he wants, as Navalny does.

      Furthermore, NG gleefully reports that RT had inadvertently exposed a violation in the “concentration camp”, in that it reported that a con told them that “even 70-year-old grandfathers sweep up”.

      NG says that according to the law, nobody after retirement age is to be allocated work in prison.

      So from that, NG. jumps to the conclusion that the “activists” (prisoner trustees) whom RT and Butlna interviewed, are forcing old men to work on orderly duties.

      Such is the hell that exists in the “bloody regime”.

      I would give you a link to the NG article but I can’t be arsed because I’m sitting outside in the sunshine and posting this by my iPhone.


      1. But it is working the way his team set it up to work – although he is in prison and theoretically silent, more people are talking about Navalny every day than are talking about national defense. This is the Bullshitter’s breakthrough; ‘poisoning’ was the charm, and now they are all working away energetically to be sure ‘Navalny’ is the name on everyone’s lips. Nobody will be allowed to forget about Navalny, so get used to hearing a daily synopsis of his health and wellbeing for the next two years, because you will. And maybe the day will come when a maddened Russian state decides to let him run for president after all, even though he is an ex-con, just so he could decisively lose and get him off the front pages once and for all. And that would be a mistake. But that is the intent of the constant chatter about Navalny – to force the state to give him another chance.


    2. I believe today it is tuberculosis, and there are hints that he has already chosen Ebola for tomorrow. I was going to suggest perhaps rickets will make a global reappearance, but I quickly learned it was never really completely gone, and like good old tuberculosis, is now strengthening again.

      Perhaps we should start a ‘What Disease Will Lyosha Have Today?” raffle. Proceeds to charity, of course, by mail or via PayPal at


        1. I was leaning toward Beaver Fever, with the cause from the second group listed in “Who gets Giardiasis?” I have to confess I giggled and maybe even drooled on myself a little at the thought of Lyokha with chronic diarrhea for a month. My, yes; good times; would you like fries with that?

          But you’re probably right – a contest called ‘What Disease Will Lyosha Have Today?” would be boring if he had the some disease every day for a month, and unscrupulous contestants would probably catch on after a couple of days, with the result that they would win the prize over and over.


  26. Both reports [NTV and RT] are based on the account of the visit to the colony of Maria Butina, a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, employed at Russia Today.

    The key idea of ​​the materials: Navalny behaves insolently, refuses to clean up, constantly complains.

    In a report from IK-2, Butina tries to shame Navalny, saying that if he does not clean the premises, then other convicts do it for him …

    A member of the Public Chamber of Russia, setting off to inspect the colonies, could, of course, read the normative documents governing the life of convicts. At least the Internal Regulations (IRR).

    Then at least Butina would have learnt that the convicts are not obliged to clean up and wash the floors in the barracks.

    Article 165 of the regulations, for example, stipulates that the cleaning of premises “one by one, according to the schedule” is carried out exclusively in “cells of a punishment cell …

    But the premises, which are officially called hostels and unofficially “barracks”, should be cleaned by convicts who are officially employed by “room cleaners”. They receive for this work a salary not less than the minimum wage in the region in which the correctional institution is located. In the Vladimir region it is 12 792 rubles. For these purposes, money is allocated from the budget.

    From the reports of Russia Today and NTV it follows only that Alexei Navalny knows the laws and internal regulations …



    1. Right!

      Got you, “Novaya Gazeta”!

      So Navalny does not have to keep his dormitory living area in the “concentration camp” clean and tidy and his existence there really is an inhumane living hell!!!


      1. He’d have to work harder if he was at home. And make no mistake, Novaya Gazeta knows it is on to a winner, and will capitalize on the Lyokha phenomenon to increase its pitiful circulation.


    2. I see. So if Navalny has crumbs remaining on his plate from his latest glue-like snack, he can just tip them onto the floor, and some zek will be along directly to clean it up? Pretty cushy deal, Russian prisons – I don’t know why he wants to get out.

      As I said, get used to it, because as long as he is in prison it is going to be all Lyosha all the time. It might be best to just kill him. because his team of hamsters is never going to shut up about him now that he has achieved major-celebrity status; they worked for this for unrewarding years of nothing. Sooner or later the state is going to have to do something about it, whether he has a tragic accident or is freed in triumph and immediately kicked out of the country, to run his presidential campaign from the standpoint of a non-citizen in fortress America.


  27. Aleksey has had visitors

    Well, what is happening at the colony, guys? Doctors stood around the perimeter and shouted “Freedom to Navalny!” or not? I’m just on a business trip all day today. Can’t pick up the radio transmissions here, so I have missed everything — both the medical uprising and the court session with Sobol.

    Well, about the trial it’s clear enough — Merkel is no match for Lubaschka [Sobol]: she was fooling around, arguing with the judge and making a mess of things. These guys are so predictable that all their actions can be calculated ten steps ahead. They are so boring.

    First, Lyuba will scream, then she will get sick, then she will starve, then she will become pregnant and a universal howl will begin about an unfortunate child who will be born in dungeons. Then she will have a miscarriage due to nervousness and hunger strikes. Everything as usual. Putin will be to blame for everything.

    I miss Novodvorskaya [I bloody don’t! — ME], honestly. She was a decent woman after all, wouldn’t you agree?

    As for Navalny, I wonder when he will finally realise that the Charité is not here, Merkel will not come to a secret meeting, and no one will dance the butterfly polka around him. He has not yet understood this simple truth. Maybe he is just a fool.

    It is strange that he has not already been pummeled by nervous convicts who do not like to be scrutinised. And Aleksey cannot shine when there is no audience – like Buzova [Russian prima-donna-ish media “celebrity” and singer — ME], he is used to living life in the spotlights and in full view of the cameras. Except he does not sing — not yet, anyway.

    Buzova also did not sing either — at first. When Yulka [The Statuesque Blonde — ME] leaves, he will start to shout.

    Unlike Sobol, no mask in court.

    Has Lyosha uncovered any corrupt scheme in the colony yet? You know, “The tiger in the zoo doesn’t get enough meat!” Has the boss retired or is he still holding out? Revolutionaries are such squabbling people: they are just something else! They are practically useless, but their screaming is ear-shattering.

    Yesterday (or the day before yesterday, I have already become so confused) he yelled at Maria Butina and called her all sorts of foul words because she had come to look at him and ask what the citizen is complaining about. Vyshinsky also came — he had been in prison in the Ukraine and he is interested in making comparisons.

    Nothing like, he says. Navalny is lying on his bed. It is clean and bright, there is a church on the territory (when Sobol is sent down, she will be able to go to church calmly and without restrictions and ask God to enlighten her and guide her onto the right path!), And there are not even bars on the windows.

    And rightly so — where to run there? Barbed wire and angry dogs are everywhere. And Lyosha already has problems with the codpiece area, why aggravate it? At this rate, his wife will stop worrying about him and will not “seek his release in Germany”, as they wrote in “Ekho Moskvy”.

    I wonder how it is possible to achieve in Germany that a prisoner be released in Russia? They are strange in the opposition, all with left-hand threads. One minute they are singing, the next they are shouting, the next they are hysterical, the next they are going to Germany. What is the point?

    In general, as I understand it, the doctors’ protest did not take place. Everyone is silent about this and there are no photos on the Web of medical workers who, on a sudden impulse, have consolidated themselves around the colony.

    Has our man been cured? Is his leg no longer incapacitated?

    God’s handiwork — cannot be anything else.


    1. And don’t forget, Nalvany’s personal doctor said that “thousands” were being organized to gather at IK-2.

      And not a word from the liberastic media and liberasts that no such thing took place.


  28. However, “Radio Liberty” (full name: “Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty” [RFE/RL]) reports today that:

    At the colony where Navalny is being held, security measures have been strengthened


    Police are strengthening security measures at IK No. 2 in Pokrov, Vladimir region, where supporters of Aleksey Navalny, including doctors from the “Alliance of doctors” trade Union, are planning to hold a rally today demanding that the imprisoned politician receive qualified medical care.

    So where are the “thousands” then, “Radio Liberty”?

    Since December 2017, in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation “on mass information”, “Radio Liberty” and a number of its regional subsidiary projects have been included by the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation in the list of foreign mass media that perform the functions of a foreign agent.

    So fuck off out of Russia with your American “liberty”, which is not worth a pinch of shit!


    1. Where’s the photograph gone?

      Oh, I see why it didn’t appear above: on the bum link, there is an “L” at the beginning of it..

      Bloody typo yet again.

      Anyway, that’s the concentration camp of Navalny’s lurid liar’s imagination that is situated 60 kms ENE of Moscow city centre.


      1. Hurrah! They’ve arrived!

        Today 13: 09
        “Allow it!”
        “Alliance of doctors” has arrived to IK-2 “Pokrov” and demands to be allowed to see Navalny

        Head of the “Doctors ‘ Alliance”* Anastasia Vasilyeva and about two dozen activists arrived at IK-2 Pokrov, where politician Aleksey Navalny is serving his sentence. As the correspondent of reports, Vasilyeva began to communicate with representatives of the Federal Penitentiary Service, demanding that she be allowed to see Navalny, while activists chanted “Allow It”. The security forces, who had also arrived at the penal colony, demanded that the media representatives leave the protected area near the colony.

        Came at least 980 people short!

        Who the fuck does she think she is?

        Nobody can simply demand entrance to a prison anywhere so as to have a talk with an inmate.

        And if you venture near a prison perimeter, you get bounced — anywhere.

        She turned up in a party dress and an Astrakhan coat an’ all!

        Fucking posing nonentity of a bourgeois bitch!

        Get the fuck out of here!


        1. No mask? What kind of doctor is she? Doesn’t she know every human is a festering vat of germs seeking to spread and infect and kill??

          I’m curious why they keep referring to Navalny as ‘the politician’. Is it because he is interested in politics? Hey, look at me! I’m a porn star! And I’m a racecar driver! Why not? I like cars. I suppose they are at a loss what to call Lyokha – once in awhile they refer to him as ‘a lawyer’, although that is not quite glamorous enough, especially since his background is in real estate rather than criminal law. However, the fact remains that Navalny is neither head nor member of any political party, and cannot by law run for public office because he is a convicted felon. So in what manner is he a politician? I suppose they reason, well, Lyokha is not really a criminal! Which makes about as much sense as suggesting he is the Director of the Black Cultural Association of Russia. To any critics, they say, oh, but Lyokha is not really white.


          1. I’m curious why they keep referring to Navalny as ‘the politician’.

            Because it’s all part of the libmedia tactic to cod on that he is a politician.

            KP and other media outlets not so enamoured with the arsehole simply call him a “blogger”, even an “unemployed blogger”.

            At one point in one of the libtard articles that I have linked above, the journalist even gives him the Russian titular word that is often translated (wrongly) into English as “mister”, the word in question really meaning “gentleman” — sort of.


            1. You see this in Russian:

              Г-н Смит

              which is in full:

              Господин Смит

              Gospodin Smith

              but the word “gospodin” originally meant “lord”. Not used amongst Russians since 1917 and is now mostly only used when addressing foreign men.

              I am sometimes addressed as “Gospodin”!

              I guess it’s sort of like how some Irishmen used to address their mostly English landlords and, therefore, anyone in authority as “your honour”, which, no doubt, pleased their landlords, but I think their Irish tenants were really taking the Mickey.


              1. Is there not the same or a very similar word in Russian which is an expostulation of surprise? The missus regularly says ‘Gospodin!’ when the context appears to mean, “Oh, my God!” or “Are you shitting me?”

                I always believed it meant ‘Citizen’ in the context you have described.


                1. “Is there not the same or a very similar word in Russian which is an expostulation of surprise?”

                  That’s “Господи!” — “Oh Lord!” , the vocative of господь (lord), meaning “Our Lord” (Jesus Christ).

                  “Citizen” is гражданин (man), гражданка (woman).


                2. You see господин is a diminutive of господь. Saying господин to a man is not like saying “Lord” in English with a capital “L”, which “Lord” is an aristocrat and”Lord” is his title: it’s like saying “squire” to a man, which is a bit dated now in the UK, but you still occasionally hear it, e.g. “Yes squire, how can I help you?” on a market. In other words, you are addressing a man as though he were one of the “gentry”.


        1. I think the one at the front is a young woman an’ all: eyes look like they have make-up around them and the stance is a bit girly, legs tightly together sort of.

          Might be a pretty boy though.

          Nah! It’s a young woman. Just blown up the photo.


  29. I wish I were doing bird there!

    If I were, I’d flop that bastard right away! And I reckon I could — the work-shy, soft pampered get!

    Doing so would make an old man very happy, and bollocks to my getting about 6 months extra time for doing so.

    Excuse me while I go and get my medication.


    1. The Guardian has a story about the great statesman being gravely ill in the prison hospital (headline); I neither clicked nor linked.

      Since he’s so fond of the limelight, it’d be nice to stick him into a severe lockdown unit for a couple of days and leak to one of the hamsters that he succumbed to his injuries “at the hands of the wardens”; wait for the outrage to be fanned and then invite international TV to meet their hero…risen from the dead and now happy to conform to colony regulations on pain of extension for each day of non-compliance.

      Rule of Law (c)


  30. Well, she got what she was looking for, cupid stunt:

    06.04.2021, 15:16
    Navalny’s personal doctor was detained near the penal colony in Pokrov

    The head of the “Alliance of Doctors” (acting as a foreign agent in Russia), Anastasia Vasilyeva, the personal doctor of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, was detained near the IK — 2 penal colony in the town of Pokrov, Vladimir region, where the politician is serving time. The doctors ‘ trade Union is holding a protest action near the colony, the Kommersant correspondent reports. The protesters demand that Navalny be provided with medical assistance.

    According to the Avtozak Live Telegram channel, two other representatives of the “Alliance of Doctors”, Dmitry Nizovtsev, a correspondent for the Navalny Headquarters channel, Matthew Chance, a CNN anchor, and an unnamed Belsat TV correspondent, were also detained. MBH media reports that the coordinator of Navalny’s Kemerovo headquarters, Ksenia Pakhomova, was also detained.

    A Kommersant correspondent reports that a police officer had asked the crowd to disperse and warned about possible detentions. In total, there were about 30 people near the colony, more than half of them were journalists. Now the journalists and activists have moved away from the colony, as the police had demanded.

    My stress.

    Fact: if you venture within 50 yards of one of Her Majesty’s Prisons, you’ll get a warning, and if you pay no heed to such a warning, you will get lifted.


      1. The floozies are from the Ukraine (the majority I daresay), Belorussia and Russia.

        Nice easy way to earn money.

        Pity they’ll get sent down for peeling their gear off.

        Shameless hussies!


        1. The Yukietard diplomat says 11 of the women were from the Ukraine.

          Rossiya24 says there were 12 women participating.

          40 people arrested in total.

          Don’t know about you lot, but I count 18 pairs of legs above and 14 arses.

          Some of the women are hidden almost totally by their companions and 2, I think, have their backs to the balcony rail.


          1. I counted 15 arses and 17 pair of legs.

            The majority of the time when Western media speak of “Russian” models or practitioners of the oldest profession; they are in fact Ukrainian or Moldovan.

            Russia’s economy despite the sanctions imposed by the West has grown, albeit incrementally and not at the levels prior to Crimea’s readmission into Russia and the Ukraine crisis. Russia unlike Ukraine isn’t exporting its fillies across the planet because of the dire economic situation at home.

            When it comes to this service sector, Ukrainians have firm grip of the market especially in Moscow so I have been told by a reliable source.


          2. I was not moved by the display to any sort of mathematical challenge. I saw a lot of things I liked, and counting just…went right out of my head, somehow. I prefer to approach from the Italian rally-driver perspective – just lean back, and mind the curves.


          3. Several comments:
            – probably the Marina Dubai region
            – they should have claimed to be Femem or whatever protesting Navalny’s persecution


        2. I think my deck would hold about six. Chosen at random, so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. I’d like to think the law is a little looser here, but you never know these days – the threat of venereal disease might get the public-health Nazis in a ferment.


  31. Meet the radlib academics using woke post-modernism to defend imperialism
    Apr 6, 2021

    Moderate Rebels
    23.9K subscribers

    Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are joined by Aaron Maté to discuss the radlibs in academia who pretend to be radical but use anti-materialist post-modern philosophy and neoliberal identity politics to defend Western imperialism, from Ecuador to Syria, China to Venezuela. We also make fun of Bernard-Henri Lévy, who has never seen a US war he didn’t love.


    1. I feel kind of guilty making fun of Bernard Henri-Levy, although I love it so that I cannot stop. But really; as I have mentioned before – to have once been so beautiful…

      and to live to look like the love child of Jimmy Page and an alligator purse…

      must be the unkindest cut of all. Or perhaps it could be expressed, “He had his moment in the sun – but it transpired that he should have stayed out of the sun.” Trop gauche?


      1. Bernard Henri Levy’s fellow frog (froggette?) Brigitte Bardot had her moment in the sun or with the sun too:

        … but she should have limited her sun exposure to 15 minutes or whatever the doctors or Andy Warhol recommended.


        1. Yes, there is something to be said for the world portrayed in ‘Logan’s Run’. Who knows? We may get to see something like it, or some of us might.

          The photo reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor – in the end, all she had left were those arresting violet eyes. Maybe they were coloured contacts, I don’t know, they were such an unusual colour. Chocolate in Bardot’s case, but they haven’t changed in her old face. Still stunning.

          But if I had to choose one of them to keep in a cage, and poke them with a sharp stick every morning on my way to my 04:30 shift on the Mayne Queen, it’d still be…Bernard Henri-Levy.


      2. Should’ve let le Gloupier (Belgian enfant terrible Noel Godin) and his merry band of entarteurs apply a bit more cream:


        1. That bastard gives philosophy a bad name because he ain’t no philosopher but a posing wretch.

          C’est «poseur» en français.

          Sie haben Recht, Herr Exile! Dieser sogenannte französische Philosoph ist ein Arschloch!


  32. Liar, liar! Your pants are on fire!

    More than a month old, but . . .

    Navalny’s lies about Finland and Finnish veterans
    4 March

    This article is not political and is solely based on my opinion and my logical reasoning based on official facts.

    Today I shall tell you how I caught Navalny lying in one of his videos. Now many fans of Navalny will start writing in the comments that “the article is custom-made”, “the author is lying all the time”. But I found evidence that I was right. So check it out first, and then we shall talk in the comments.

    Since all links will be provided, anyone can see for themselves within one minute.

    You can read and simultaneously perform the actions described in this article.

    So what is this about? Navalny posted a video on his official Youtube channel on 17.06.2020 “The German Wehrmacht or our veterans”. You can easily find this video on YouTube by its title . If you are too lazy to look, then the summary is as follows: Navalny compares the pensions of Russian veterans of the Patriotic War and the pensions of veterans in other countries.

    In the fourth minute of the video, namely at 3.21, Navalny says that in Finland, veterans receive a pension in the equivalent of 160 thousand rubles.

    I have lived in Finland for 14 years, and hearing such nonsense from Navalny, I almost fell out of my chair.

    For 14 years, I already know what is what in this country. Finnish veterans are among the poorest people in Finland, as they have the lowest pension in the country.

    Of course, I initially knew that Navalny was lying, but I decided to check it out.

    So on 17.06.2020, the Euro exchange rate was 78.38 rubles/Euro. We divide 160 thousand rubles by 78.38 and get that the pension that Navalny “assigned” to Finnish military pensioners is 2041 euros.

    By the way, Aleksey did not mention that you need to pay taxes on the Finnish pension and it will be less. Well, let’s leave his pranks, and without them there will be something to tell.

    So the next step is to go to the official website of the Finnish Union of War Veterans Sotaveteraanit.

    To do this, click on this link

    If you are afraid to click on this link, then you can go to the site yourself manually and make sure that this site is well-known, and not created just yesterday. To do this, open and in the search, we insert the phrase Sotaveteraani eläke, which means “war veteran’s pension ” in Russian. And open the second link, as in the picture

    So, on the Sotaveteraanit website, we scroll down a little, and immediately after the diagram we are interested in this paragraph.

    I shall translate it into Russian. However, if you are in doubt about the translation, you can use the built-in automatic site translator or copy this paragraph yourself and translate it, for example, in Yandex. Translate or Google Translate. To do this, type in Yandex in the search for the word “Translator” and insert the text.

    So the translation:

    Half of war veterans receive extremely low pensions. The income of veterans consists of a minimum guaranteed pension and a front-line allowance, and all together amounts to 962.59 euros per month. The minimum pension of a veteran’s spouse is 837.59 euros. The minimum pension amount for a veteran and his spouse combined is 1,800 euros per month. Single veterans are in an extremely difficult situation, but such couples also need support.

    In fact, this is information for 2018 and it is outdated. I have a trustworthy channel, so I tell you honestly. I dug around and found some new information on another site. But the Union of War Veterans website is an official source, so I used it for your understanding as I searched for official information .

    According to updated information, in 2020 there were fewer veterans, so the front-line allowance was increased and now a veteran receives 1184.73 euros.

    Yes, you may think that 1184.73 euros is a lot, but it is very expensive to live in Finland. Prices are very different from Russian ones, especially for housing and utilities, transport, services, etc. For example, I have a housing and utilities service of 450 euros or 40.5 thousand rubles.

    The official poverty rate in Finland is anything below 1,229 euros.

    In fact, half of Finnish veterans live below the poverty level. And somehow not everything is as rosy as Navalny praised In his fabulous video.

    So, to sum up, we have the following:

    Navalny “assigned” a pension of 2041 euros to Finnish veterans. And the Finnish Union of War Veterans claims that half of Finnish veterans receive a minimum pension plus front-line soldiers. A total of 1184.73 euros. Yes, and it turns out that this is below the level of poverty. Someone is obviously blatantly lying. I still have more faith in the Finnish Union of War Veterans than in any Navalny. Whom do you believe?

    Please give a like! Write comments and subscribe to the channel!


    Elena Dikareva
    1 month
    And Lyosha basically lies like a gray gelding!!! About everything!!!!

    Andrew T.
    1 month
    What have you written here? What right have you to spit on thr Holy One? Lyosha said they live wealthily, so they live wealthily!

    Andrey Afanasyev
    1 month
    Thank You, Interesting!


    1. The idiom “to lie like a grey gelding” is a new one to me!

      I have just checked it out in a Russian dictionary:

      The history of this expression has several versions. According to one of the versions there was in the tsarist army at the turn of the 18-19 centuries in St. Petersburg a nobleman, an officer with the surname von Sievers-Mehring. He was either a German or a Swede by birth. It was believed that he was an excellent storyteller, but he always liked to embellish, his stories with outright lies. Listening to his “fables” every day, fellow officers began to often use the phrase “lies like Sievers-Mehring”. Well, the soldiers of this regiment changed this expression into the Russian – “he lies like a grey gelding” . . .

      A Russian version of Baron von Munchausen, it seems.

      “Sievers-Mehring” must have sounded to the Orcs like “сивый мерин” [sivy merin]— “a grey gelding”.

      The dictionary continues:

      But this version, unfortunately, does not have documentary evidence about whether such an officer existed or whether he told tales to colleagues.

      It then goes on to say:

      Most likely, “grey gelding” refers to an old, grey-haired, decrepit man, who, having no such masculine strength, still continues to boast, wanting to remain at the centre of attention, especially that of women. There was even an old Slavic superstition, namely if one dreamt of a grey horse, then one should expect to be told lies the following day. It seems that talkers of venerable age were compared to grey geldings and mares, although the version with officer von Sievers-Mehring sounds more original.

      Nobody here has ever called me a “grey gelding, though: an “old goat”, yes, but never a “grey gelding”.


  33. Ukraine redux: war, Russophobia and Pipelineistan

    The deep state/NATO combo’s using Kiev to start a war to bury Nord Stream 2 and German-Russian relations

    by Pepe Escobar

    Ukraine and Russia may be on the brink of war – with dire consequences for the whole of Eurasia. Let’s cut to the chase, and plunge head-on into the fog of war.

    On March 24, Ukrainian President Zelensky, for all practical purposes, signed a declaration of war against Russia, via decree No. 117/2021…

    Has it occured to anyone in the west that if for whatever reason NordStream II is not completed, Russia may well just dismantle part of the pipeline heading towards the Ukranian border and rely on NordStream I and Turkstream? That would concentrate the minds of the u-Ropeans. If they chose to pay exhorbitant LNG prices to the US then they can do it with eyes wide open, or stop dicking around. There seems to be this assumption that no NSII = continued Ukraine transit. We’ll have Kiev suing Moscow for breach of contract backed by Brussels and Moscow and partners suing Berlin for breach of contract. It’ll be great!


    1. Russia also publicly stated that it will not accept the introduction of any new missles that upset the u-Ropean balance (sic Intermediate Forces Treaty – INF). Is this a reference to the modernized B61-12 ‘dial-a-yield stand-off nuke’ designed to be carried by any F-35 via software update?

      The first weapon ‘modernized’ has recently completed testing in the United States so the rest will follow, to replace the 150 odd nukes already based in u-Rope, something which u-Ropean politicians and media have been noticably quiet about with the odd exceptions every now and then.

      So far u-Rope has stuck to its famous sitting-on-the-fence game, but it looks like Russia won’t let this go. The US is upping the ante because they think they can get something out of Russia.

      So it’s a Twofer: a) Kill NSII; b) Make Russia look like a threat (by massively lying/exaggerating) to self-justify continued NATO existence and easy re-introduction of essentially new US nuclear weapons systems to u-Rope.

      It might even be a Threefer as an extra benefit, i.e. if it splits old u-Rope (Fr/De) from new u-Rope and kill the EU. Divide and rule (even if it is only ashes).


      1. Tass: Russia ready for any scenario around Open Skies Treaty, says diplomat

        As the Defense News weekly claimed on Wednesday, Washington believes that its rejoining of the Open Skies Treaty would send the “wrong message” to Russia

        …Any scenario won’t come as a surprise for us. We are ready for everything,” Gavrilov said….

        …As the Defense News weekly claimed on Wednesday, Washington believes that its rejoining of the Open Skies Treaty would send the “wrong message” to Russia. The media outlet noted that the US administration outlined this position in a diplomatic memo sent to international partners…

        The Bi-Dumb Administration is pulling out all the stops which lends support to the argument that the US strategy under t-Rump was not wrong, just incompetent and can be done the better by BD-A. Conclusion? Rock bottom not yet reached.

        Further to my earlier post above, any sponsored crisis in the east Ukraine may well come with a sponsored crisis in northern Syria, now that in-Sultin’ Erd’ O’Grand is now leaning back towards the west. The BD-A are reported to have been in contact and want Turkey back in the oven fold. I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that part of that would be for Ankara to show its loyalty to Washington by stirring stuff up in a coordinated manner, designed to split Russian resources (political and military) for the reasons I set out above. Erd O’Grand isn’t that stupid but he’ll be tempted depending on what the US offers which is hard to imagine will be anything of substance.

        The whole Bosphorous new canal bypass shows that he is looking for any kind of leverage, aka wiggleroom but none of this comes in the short term and after numerous violations against Russia (ambassador Andrei Karlov assassination, Su-24 shoot down) he is on a very short leash.

        The potential for things to go sideways this year I think is quite high. Hopefully it won’t, but it probably will by designed accident (events rapidly falling out of control).


        1. Duh! Erd O’Grand having had 10 retired Admirals for writing a public letter that digging a canal between the Med & the Black Sea is strategic dickishness as it would undermine the sanctity of the Montreux Rock Festival. Something to do about Smoke on the Water…


        2. If anything goes sideways this year, the only mitigating factor will be that Russia is expecting it, knows – as Putin pointed out – that the USA is ‘not agreement-capable’, and has had ample opportunity to observe the west’s collective perfidy. Any move to start something will be stomped on, hard, as an effort to both stop it and dissuade from continuing it, where once Russia might have taken the high road and tried to negotiate, avoid bloodshed, whatever. If a price in blood must be paid, Russia is as ready as it will ever be to pay it, and to extract its own toll.

          Where would Erdogan be then, one wonders? Like Ukraine, Turkey would be rolled over quickly, but surely it would be expected to fight for NATO? Such thoughts must keep Erdy awake at night, because he certainly couldn’t fight for Russia. But he is now dependent on Russia for the energy supplies he needs for Turkish expansion. It’s true you get bigger – wider, anyway – if you are stamped flat, but you could not properly call that ‘expansion’.

          If there is to be another war, every participant must know to the marrow of his bones going in that it will not just be a quick skirmish, and surrender. And those attacking Russia would have to know their capitals are within reach of Russian missiles, and that Russia is well aware of the attraction for the west in fighting a spirited war in Ukraine and the region which would give the troops a taste of combat, yet not touch the homeland. That no longer applies, and few if any European cities are well-defended against cruise-missile attack – why would they be? They’re used to dishing it out, not taking it. Remember – don’t think ‘would they?’ Think ‘could they?’ And the answer to that is yes, they could. Kalibr cruise missiles could reach pretty much anywhere on the planet now, because those that would not make it all the way from Russian launch sites could come from offshore submarines, or from aircraft. Everyone must wear iron underpants, because nobody is out of reach of a kick in the balls.

          The American public has grown accustomed to easy American victories against countries who are vastly outclassed as military powers. In the instance we are talking about, casualties would be heavy, they might include civilians far, far from the battlefield, and when American forces attacked, the counterattack would come instantly and be pressed with determination and massive firepower, geared to stop the advance, reverse it and follow in pursuit, inflicting punishment, rather than simply trying to stop the advance. The American military knows on an academic level that this is the way to win, but is it prepared to face the level of violence it is accustomed to dispensing? Is the American audience prepared to face, perhaps, losing as many soldiers in a single battle as it lost in all the years it was in Iraq, or Afghanistan? Is it prepared for World-War-level shit-flinging? I would have to say no. Because both World Wars were a virtual piece of cake for Americans who stayed behind in America. There’s no reason to believe – based on ‘could they?’ – that the American homeland would be safe in a war today, certainly not against an opponent armed at least as well as its enemies, armed also with the knowledge that its enemies seek its extermination, and therefore there is no way to go but forward.

          Last, but not least, the wild card we always consider, but the west seems never to do – China. If Russia were attacked, would China sit idly by and claim neutrality? Again, I would have to say no. And no combination of western assets could overcome both Russia and China. Knowing that in these circumstances the west would not be able to stop a war once it started, only idiots would start one – that’s the whole point of deterrence. Is there nothing left in Washington but idiots? I find it hard to believe. There might be nothing but idiots in the political arena – that’s not even difficult to imagine. But those idiots take counsel from military leaders. Would those military leaders recommend going ahead? I don’t think so – they have to think of the civilian population they could not protect from a hail of missiles on their home ground.

          I think if Washington has thought this through at all, it aims for a regional war in which Ukraine would be the front line, and it could guilt its European allies into sending some assets to help. That way, in its mind, there would be no reason to strike America, and Yurrup would take the hammer-blow like always.

          But Russia surely knows enough to communicate that things would not shake out like that.


    2. They don’t even need to do that; simply shut off the valves at the Russian side, and there will be no pressure in the line. Ukraine’s declaration is an acknowledgement that this is inevitable, because what state would simultaneously be at war with another, and pump resources which bring the state with which is at war significant revenue across its own territory? I am amazed that Europe is not having a shitfit, because Zelensky cannot be serious about war with Russia and still intend to continue transit as usual. Even if he were, the lines are exposed and will be one of the first casualties of hostile action. By rights the price of gas in Yurrup ought to be going through the ozone layer – is it?



      1. True, but my point it that it would make great tv and much more effective than just saying the taps have been turned off. As for u-Rope (Fr/De), we don’t know what they think or have said to Zelensky because they have not made it public, for a reason. It’s quite possible they have read him the riot act. The balts, Poland etc. can whine publicly, but if you ask them to hand over cold hard cash to Zelensky they’ll suddenly find their pockets empty.


  34. Let him look for the Lavrov Palace for the time being”: how the Japanese comment on Navalny’s whims and hunger strike in prison

    A man has gone to gaol. He has been not unreasonably sent down, but for violating the laws of the Russian Federation. And it would seem that after some time Navalny’s name should be mentioned in the media less and less often. But no, Navalny is still well-known.

    Sometimes he complains about his health and the doctors, and now he’s on a hunger strike. And all for what? In order to attract the attention of the world community to his person.

    And of course, the world community is paying attention to this. So, in particular, in Japan, criticism has simply broken out not in the direction of the Russian authorities, but in the direction of Navalny himself, since he is in prison and at the same time has access to the Internet, social networks, etc., which is generally difficult to imagine in any other country in the world if a person is in prison.

    And here’s how the Japanese react to how Navalny is serving his sentence:

    “Does he choose his own doctor in prison?? Well, well! And they bring him everything to prison! And he uses the Internet without restrictions?!!! This is hard to imagine in any other prison.”

    “This is amazing! Tortured and weakened prisoner Navalny freely uses social media and communicates freely with the world… And that’s why he’s on a hunger strike! Amazing!”

    But Navalny, even under such almost luxurious conditions, continues to be capricious and issue ultimatums.

    “Terribly spoilt Navalny — he reminds me of a terribly spoilt child.”

    Well, since Navalny now has a lot of free time, one of the Japanese commentators suggested that he look… well, for example, the Palace of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:

    “Maybe now he should look for the Lavrov’s Palace? Navalny doesn’t say anything about Lavrov!”

    Of course, jokes are jokes, but the Japanese for the most part are wondering how much attention is being focused on this man who had been able not to return to Russia and remain somewhere in Germany and France and live in freedom. But at the same time, the Japanese are sure that if Navalny went to prison in any other country in the world, he would not have such a sweet life.

    As for how long Navalny will stay in prison, the Japanese joke that with the signing of a bill that allows Putin to once again be re-elected as President of Russia, Navalny should not get out of prison all that soon:

    “Putin is going to be in office until the age of 83. How long will Navalny be in prison?”

    Well, in Japan the complaints of Navalny, his whims and hunger strike are generally not well understood, because, well, Aleksey has no reason for this. But he draws attention to himself without any reason.


  35. Tass: Russian, South Korean defense officials agree to expand cooperation

    29 Mar, 11:06

    A spokesperson for the South Korean Defense Ministry said that during the meeting, the sides signed an agreement aimed to activate bilateral cooperation in the defense sphere, also agreeing to expand regular exchanges at the team level

    No sanctions (yet) from Planet U.S.A.?

    Nothing obvious in the western press about Russia and Myanmar expanding defense ties because that would draw attention to the west’s weak ass response to current events over there, as Myanmar is considered important to the west considering its geographic location… sharing a border with China… Words v. deeds.


  36. crAP reports that Ne-Valny has double herniated discs in his back. More precisely ‘lawyer Olga Mikhailova’ claims on ‘Dohzd TV’ that ‘doctors have found…’


    1. Not the kind of injury which was caused by, or developed since being imprisoned, considering he has actually been there such a short time – although I know it already seems like forever because of his constant caterwauling. If he experienced damage to his back while he was a free man, he should have thought, is this going to be a problem for me if I am jailed for breaking the law? If you have cancer when you are indicted and convicted, does the prison system object, saying, we cannot in good conscience incarcerate this lawbreaker, because he is ill? Hardly. Her Majesty’s prison system let Irish prisoners starve themselves to death, with a ‘what ho; jolly good!’ from the Prime Minister. I fail to see just why Navalny should receive an outpouring of sympathy and a get-out-of-jail-free card. Besides, when your back hurts, just slip away on your spaceship and forget about it. It didn’t appear to bother him before he became a guest of the prison system, and he was forever sitting on airplanes for hours, jetting here and jetting there.


  37. Liberasts going frantic as they hammer the Russian blogosphere with shite like this:

    Свободу Навальному!
    Апрель, 7, 2021 (18:15)
    Вот так должен выглядеть настоящий президент России.

    Freedom to Navalny!
    This is how a real president of Russia should look like.

    502853_original.jpg (1073×1283)

    Errr … excuse my asking, but what exactly are the policies that he offers, both domestic and foreign, his fiscal policies etc.

    Just wondering . . .


    1. Shit!

      Link got clipped somehow.


      Свободу Навальному!
      Апрель, 7, 2021 (18:15)
      Вот так должен выглядеть настоящий президент России.

      Freedom to Navalny!
      This is how a real president of Russia should look like.

      Errr . . . excuse my asking, but what exactly are the policies that he offers, both domestic and foreign, his fiscal policies etc.

      Just wondering . . .


      1. Look very pleased with themselves. Must have just been to the bank to check their accounts and are now heading off for a travel agent’s.

        Nice no-work work if you can get it!

        Apply US Embassy, Moscow and if successful, enroll for a regime-change agent’s course at Yale.


        1. That photo of the blissfully happy Navalnys strolling around comes from here:

          In the article, it reads that Navalnaya, “the wife of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny, who is currently undergoing treatment in Germany, publicly supported her husband by posting a touching post on Instagram. In a new message, Yulia expressed the hope that Aleksey will soon recover”:

          Aleksey will definitely recover, and we shall again laugh at him and whine with the whole family that we don’t want to be photographed for his Instagram a thousand times a day

          and of those who she believes tried to poison her gobshite husband, she writes:

          [They] will stay with their Novichok, snacking on their Raffael chocolates. And they will always have to live with this, no matter how many years they stand with a candle at Easter in Church

          Wonder why she mentions Raffael chocolate? Is eating Raffael chocolate a characteristic of those “thieves and swindlers” against whom her husband and his USA funded “anti-corruption” organization fight manfully?

          I hope your Raffael chocs choke you, you bastards!

          On vacation again! Thank you once again for your donations

          Now here’s a thing!

          That “Woman” internet magazine is read by a broad spectrum of society here, of women’s society that is, and is not up market: it’s what your regular Natasha reads, unlike “Snob” for example.

          Here’s the latest edition of the Russian Woman

          See what I mean?

          And here are the “top comments” from those who read the above article about the Statuesque Blonde:

          21: 24 03.09.20
          What kind of well-known opposition leader is this? This is a blogger and a talking head from the Internet, who is interested in 5 percent of the population. The rest of us look deeply purple at him and his family

          21: 20 03.09.20
          I used to think that Navalny’s bots are fiction, but I realized from the comments on this site that this is reality. Their boss has disgraced himself, the vast majority of them are laughing at him, so they’ve been making a big fuss. And on this and other women’s sites they write the same thing. Navalny is the same as the people in power. His daughter is studying abroad, he is living off online fees, and he doesn’t pay taxes on his income. And this person is fighting corruption? 🙂

          21: 01 03.09.20
          Yulia Navalnaya does not work, of course, but dresses in expensive clothes and regularly travels. Sure, she will worry that the source of her wealth will die – she will have to live with that. Why doesn’t this broad work? Anyone know?

          20: 19 03.09.20
          A most interesting thought has been expressed by one of the commentators – if a person you knew became ill, would the first thing you thought of be poisoning? I have experienced several such cases of illness and 2 deaths. However, my first thought was of a heart attack. Why did Yarmash, or whoever it was, report in the very first seconds that it was poisoning?

          Light in the window
          19: 28 03.09.20
          He just needs to drink less.

          19: 17 03.09.20
          German medics did not know how to find poisonous substances, even after quite a long while. Only the military from the Bundeswehr or from the Salisbury production facility know. Only they do not show the paperwork to anyone and say “very likely”.

          19: 02 03.09.20
          Why was he sent to Germany in the first place?? And “Novichok” has not yet been proven, and the wife is already making accusations. Another political step against Russia!! And who is this Navalny?? A trouble making blogger… 😢 😢

          18: 54 03.09.20
          Men, ask yourself, what can you do in an aeroplane toilet for 20 minutes alone? You can’t drink the water in there. Navalny refused to drink in the aircraft (BBC Russian service)

          18: 46 03.09.20
          Talking head Kira Yarmysh was sitting next to him and she wasn’t harmed. She could have sprayed his clothes. And she was the first person on board the aeroplane to claim that he had been poisoned …

          18: 43 03.09.20
          For those who missed the comments about atropine – it is used not only for suspected poisoning , but also as a supportive agent: it causes activation of the heart muscle, accelerates the heart rate, and stimulates the respiratory centre. In Omsk, they immediately began to give it. Was that enough against Novichok? And what did the Germans invent?

          I’ve scrolled through loads of comments to the article. All similar to the above.

          In fact, the above are listed by “Woman” as “top” responses. The very first response was:

          11: 36 05.09.20
          I don’t believe in the poisoning story. Navalny is a pocket oppositionist, the Kremlin needed him, there should be an opposition in a democratic state, but only nominally, so they did not want to change the way things were. If they had wanted to get rid of him, they would have done it long ago and for sure. But they did not get shut of him. To do so would have been ridiculously simple. And what kind of Novichok is this that no one gets poisoned by?

          But the loudest noises coming out of Russia — better said, that the Western media or its hirelings report as coming out of Russia — would not for a moment suggest to those who neither live in Russia nor know anything about Russia that the American hireling gobshite Navalny is not exactly “flavour of the month” here. Never has been either. Witness that cnut Vasilyeva yesterday with her “thousand” protesters. A handful turned up! Most present were journalists as well, including CNN.

          That CNN creep should have been on the first flight back to the USA yesterday. He had no authorization to be there. Nor had other Western journalists there yesterday. They fucked off that chief loathsome twat Harding at the Guardian for that reason several years ago. Why didn’t they do same with those foreign journalists yesterday?

          Oh right! I forgot: journalists are a protected species now, just as are men who dress up like women and assorted sodomists.


    1. Well we don’t know what the original question or questions were about, whether they referred to the US government only or to US people or US culture or aspects of US culture. One can be positive about American people and places, and some aspects like literature, music and art, but negative about US politics and politicians. Plus younger people, especially people at college or university, are likely to have contacts with individuals in the US through social media or some activity related to their studies or interests (like sports or playing video games online with overseas gamers) and the nature of these contacts will influence their opinion, as opposed to older individuals who don’t use social media or online sites so much.


    2. That’s pretty easy to achieve, really, and we’ve discussed it here before now. Levada, being partly funded by the west, knows how to skew polls if there’s something in it for them. One way, the most common, is to oversample from a demographic you know is positive toward the agency you want to flatter. There are plenty of young Russian liberals in St Petersburg and Moscow who think the sun originates in America’s arsehole, and starts its daily orbit after emerging from it. Just make sure you ask mostly those kids, while holding that the sampling was done randomly.

      Another is to conduct the poll as a ‘focus group’; in this method, the group debates various tenets such as how society regards this or that. It is easy to import a ‘ringer’ ; a dominant personality with strong beliefs who influences the group opinion and discourages dissenters from speaking up. Then you apply spin to the question – for example, “Would you say you would have a positive or a negative view of America, if you knew that positive exchanges were the most likely path to peace?” Few in such a group would claim a negative attitude after it was pointed out this would most likely lead to war. Although the vote of a focus group is collective, it is recorded as number of individual votes – 100 in the focus group, 100 votes for a positive attitude toward America.

      Yet another is to aggregate all the votes which offered any hint of what you were looking for under a single heading: Would you say your attitude toward America was positive or negative? Age 18-24 group: 30% ‘Very Positive’ + 42% ‘somewhat positive’ = 72% positive!

      I don’t for a second believe in a nearly-half feeling of overall positivity toward America among Russians of all ages after the USA personally fucked them over at the OIympics several series running, imposed economic sanctions which make their lives harder and reduce their overall buying power even in their own country (by driving the value of their currency down), pressures its allies to join in its baiting and lies about them on a daily basis – it would be as likely as a nearly-half approval rating for Putin in New York. However, the USA believes polls that tell it what it likes to hear, and doubtless this will tell Washington that it is on the right track with its soft-power efforts in Russia and its support for Navalny. So it will continue both. Que sera, sera.

      You, of course, are free to believe whatever you like. You must know some Russians; why don’t you do your own polling?


    3. Not in my experience, and I’m not looking in from the outside, nor am I looking at the statistics proffered from the inside and directed at the outside by an organisation registered on the inside as a “foreign agent”.


    4. They like McDonald’s shite, so they are dumb, yes.

      Having said that though, my children go to other eateries here and avoid McDonald’s like the plague. In fact there is a new baker’s here on the main street, where they bake on site and it’s a cake and bun and tart shop as well. Its a Russian start-up and they are selling cakes like … well, like hot cakes, and you can sit down there and drink tea or coffee. Nice place! (By the way, I love Russian pastries.) It’s a “Кондитерская” in Russian, “Konditerei” in German. In English? “Cake Shop” perhaps? Not really: it’s an eatery as well: nice Russian sandwiches on sale there as well, and pancakes, of course, Russians being pancake freaks. Anyway, it smells great when I walk past the place, and it’s never not empty.

      Two of my children are in the 18-24 age group.

      They like some — maybe many — things about the USA. They most certainly do not hate the USA or US citizens.

      My daughter often liaises with US students here. The university where she is studying runs educational exchange programmes with some US colleges. I’ve seen some of the US students whom my daughter has associated with: my daughter has shot videos of them. They are normal, happy young American men and women, multi-ethnic etc. They always think she is British. Well she is, legally — and Russian.

      My son, who is often yapping online and playing PC games (often all bloody night!), tells me that it is European players who occasionally give him shit about his being Russian and not US players. He tells me that the European shitwits who shout shit about Russia and Russians are mostly schoolkids. He soon sorts them out though because he is quite capable of fucking them off in good vulgar English, which leaves the Russophobe Euro-arseholes at a loss because their English isn’t nearly as good as his is.

      Interestingly, he regularly plays online games against Ukrainians and he tells me that he has never had any hassle off them as regards his being Russian.

      Blood thicker than water, it seems.

      SHIt! it’s snowing again!

      Over and out.


    1. I’m surprised that the authorities didn’t originally evacuate all the people living in the villages still subject to the litter-picking ban and all the buildings and open spaces in those villages fumigated ten times over, burned to a crisp and the ashes then purified with holy water blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

      At least in those villages, if the smell is bad, then you know the litter is Novichok-free; if the litter smells like fragrant perfume on the other hand …


      1. That’s a rare gift you have, Jen: taking an absurd situation and embellishing it – like James Patrick Page expanding on a riff.

        Superb! Many thanks.


    2. Ha, ha! That is hilarious!! Although not, really, because those little English villages are often strikingly beautiful, and it is a shame for them to be awash in crisps bags and sweet wrappers. But it is exemplary, I think, of the jerkoffs in the British government that they would enforce such stupid orders and still call the substance a ‘nerve agent’, when nerve agents are engineered to be non-persistent and to be neutralized by sunlight and water. I’m sure there has been plenty of one or the other in Britain since the incident.

      I am reminded of a recent debate at OffGuardian, in which the discussion revolved around pointing out to governments how totalitarian and fascist they are becoming, based on the premise that they have to use ‘tough love’ to protect the public from a deadly plague. It was posited that we should call the police every time an abandoned disposable facemask is discovered in a public place – it should be treated as a biohazard, surely, as it could be crawling with COVID germs. And you know, that’s right; nobody thinks anything of it, those blue cloth masks with earloops are lying around everywhere. I pick them up regularly on the car decks of the ferries and put them in the garbage. But if the authorities were really taking the threat of COVID seriously instead of exaggerating the shit out of it in an attempt to scare all the blue-hairs to death (that used to mean ‘old people’), a team in Tyveks would have to come and remove the discarded mask in a biohazard container, complete with chain-of-custody reports and tags, and transport it to a facility where it could be destroyed without risk to the public.

      But the authorities are well aware they are just another stupid and meaningless prop in the great farce.


  38. Here’s a funny one – Ukraine refuses to ever again go to Minsk for further discussion of the Minsk Accords, because it does not consider Belarus ‘democratic’.

    Of course it has nothing to do with Ukraine being totally disinterested in implementing any of its responsibilities under the accords. Although if they could convince the participants to hold future meetings in a Holiday Inn in Cleveland, the Americans would probably come and they would be on Ukraine’s side, and maybe they would bring pizza!

    Pathetic. Zelensky is pathetic, an even worse leader than Poroshenko, although not quite such a venal thief as Poroshenko was. But he has literally and figuratively pissed all over any hope Ukrainians might have held that he would bring some sort of closure, and has thrown himself into his latest role as Washington’s puppet.


  39. Keep piling on the pressure!


    Navalny: Jailed Putin critic ‘losing sensation in legs and hands’
    3 hours ago

    The health of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny is deteriorating and he is beginning to lose sensation in his legs and hands, his lawyer says.

    Vadim Kobzev said Navalny, who is in a penal colony serving a sentence for embezzlement, had been diagnosed with two spinal hernias.

    Last week, Navalny started a hunger strike to demand proper treatment for acute back and leg pain.

    The White House said reports that his health was worsening were disturbing.

    Mr Kobzev, who visited Navalny on Wednesday, said on Twitter (in Russian): “Alexei is walking himself. He feels pain while walking. It is very concerning that the illness is clearly progressing in terms of losing sensation in his legs, palms and wrists.”

    What an absolutely shocking deterioration in that poor, tortured man’s health!

    Why, only 5 days’ ago, he was strolling around sipping tea and giving lip to a prison officer and at night he was photographed tucked up cosily in bed, wearing an eye mask and earplugs lest his sleep be disturbed.

    What could have caused such a drastic reversal in the state of his health?

    Novichok again . . . in his tea or on his underpants again?

    Those foul Russian swine!!!


    1. Oh dear, if Dr Anastasia Vaselinova is not allowed to attend Navalny, he will quickly lose all sensation in the rest of his body and he will soon look like this:


  40. The Ukraine closes ports and begins military exercises in the Black Sea
    04/08/2021 – 13:12

    The mighty Yukie black Sea Fleet — Look On And Tremble, Ye Moskaly!

    In this regard, on Thursday, the work of the six largest Black Sea ports of “The Independent” Ukraine [No longer occupied by Moskaly, see!] is been restricted

    As reported in the dispatch service of the Administration of the Seaports of the Ukraine, the pilotage of ships in the ports of Kherson, Chornomorsk, Odessa, Yuzhny (Odessa region), Nikolaev and Olvia (Nikolaev) is limited.

    When the restrictions will be lifted is not reported


  41. Seems that some Navalnyites are none too pleased with the Statuesque Blonde:

    Vassilieva décolletée outside the colony. Where’s the wife?
    2 days ago

    Why did ophthalmologist Anastasia Vasilyeva come straight from house arrest in a ball gown to Navalny’s penal colony, and not his wife? Where is his wife? Once every 10 days she remembers her husband on Instagram. She has been seen somewhere in Germany again. His daughter has not written anything at all since February. What is going on?

    We are adults, most of us have husbands and wives and we know very well how we would behave if our spouses were really, without trial, sent down in front of the whole world. We have seen many examples of how wives behave when their husbands are arrested. From Olga Romanova to Tikhanovskaya. And here there is some nonsense, neither in the courts, nor in the colony, nor at the detention centre.

    Was it really to no purpose then that “Tsargarad” said that it would post photos showing Navalny cheating on his wife unless Yulia Navalnaya made a promise “not to become Tikhanovskaya”. Did everyone miss that ultimatum? No such photograph has been posted by “Tsargrad” and everyone has forgotten about this. The most observant laughed out: “What a bluff!”

    And has no one thought that Yulia Navalnaya might just have accepted that ultimatum? Where is she, why isn’t she here? And why isn’t her daughter sticking up for her father?

    You can say what you want, but this is not normal. And most of all it looks like a break up. The wife and the daughter are resentful. If we take it for granted that Yulia Navalny’s father worked for the KGB, it will become even clearer why he was turned in.

    I repeat: you can make up whatever you want, but if his wife is not in court or at the penal colony and her picture is not shown every day by the media fluttering around the gates of the colony zone, this means that she does not need her husband. The rest is all bullshit.

    So who came to the colony then? Not his wife. Perhaps his wife is in Germany guarding the bitcoins. Or what?

    So what would make a loving wife limit her presence to an Instagram post once every 10 days? Do grown-up people have a clue? I can’t imagine my husband sitting around, I don’t know where, posting an Instagram post once every 10 days and a décolletée woman running around outside the colony. It’s basically embarrassing and plays right into our : “What are people going to say?” mentality.

    The comments made me laugh (remember, these are comments made by RUSSIANS, whom the Western liar media portray as being mostly for that Bullshitting bastard):

    Hobi Hobi
    2 days
    I’m sorry…I don’t really follow the events with N. Are there always that many people with TV cameras at the gates of the colony, or did they come with that lwoman in the white gown? She’s funny…

    Irina Chernova
    2 days
    Hobi, an outfit for walking around backwoods dirt roads in April somehow too optimistically chosen

    6 hours
    Hobi, They’re all funny, just like from a circus. And the main Clown sits and plays the patient, as before he played the poisoned one. And their fans are clowns: they Shine flashlights in the sky..

    6 hours
    Irina, White and red – just a reference to the symbol of the rebellion in Belarus. The analogy just suggests itself.

    2 days
    What a scary one she is. What is she fighting for, his cock?

    2 days.
    It’s not just his wife’s aloofness that surprises me, but also his parents’ aloofness. They don’t seem to be really aged: normal pensioners in their seventies or a little more. But they remain silent.

    Boris Kornilov
    1 day
    I used to think that professional liberals are registered on the basis of ethnicity (some are God-chosen). But there is more and more evidence that they are selected for medical reasons-they are all mentally ill without exception.

    Novodvorskaya, Gozman, Sobol, Kasparov, Venik – the list goes on…

    Hobi Hobi
    20 hours
    Well, in short, everything fell into place. She went with this crowd to the colony as an independent doctor with the demand that she be immediately allowed her to see N.’s body for medical treatment/check up, as he has a cough and cramps in his legs…Undoubtedly, this is a case when an ophthalmologist is urgently needed)

    9 o’clock
    Lyosha doesn’t look at women after having been poisoned by his underpants!

    And at long last, a true Navalnyshite enters the forum:

    6 hours
    To the woman who wrote this: I remind you that your Constitution has also been redrawn , and prices in your stores are rising every day, corruption is on every corner, and they have not learnt how to construct roads. And it’s certainly not Navalny, nor his wife, nor Vasilyeva and her white dress who are to blame for this.

    You, the corrupt scribblers and those who pay for your articles are to blame for this.

    It’s a shame what people will say about you.


    1. Of course, it has not occured to the Navalnyshite scribbler that the price increases are partly due to sanctions directed against Russia and Russian businesses, the imposition of which sanctions having been demanded and thereupon lauded by Navalny.

      Oh, silly me! It was the annexation of the Crimea that triggered of the sanctions. All Putin’s doing!

      Hang on though . . . isnt the Bullshitter for the “annexation”.


      1. Navalny’s “talent” is to create protest actions around himself. And, where has his spouse disappeared to?

        Whereas Aleksey Navalny’s leg is incapacitated, his back hurts and he is forced to go on a hunger strike because of this, his wife has flown off to Germany.

        Yes, she certainly tried to help her husband by writing a letter to the President. However, you will agree that this action was done for the public, and not for real help, because the response of the presidential administration to everyone (apparently except Yulia) was clear in advance.

        Around Aleksey, a movement has now begun again. Now the protesters have gathered near his place of residence with the demand that doctors be allowed to see him, which is very strange, because where he is now there are specialists. However, Navalny is from a special caste, and his doctors should be different, and not like everyone else’s.

        The doctors are simply selfless. They came with the demand that they be allowed to see the “patient”, all this, of course, in front of reporters’ cameras, including foreign journalists.

        Nine people were detained for violating public order during the “festivities”. Of the 45 people who came to support their guru, 30 were bloggers and journalists. The statistics of the contingent at the protests in support of Navalny does not change.

        What is Aleksey’s “best friend” Leonid Volkov doing in the meantime? Nestled somewhere in Europe, he is calling for flags to be placed on a map showing coming protest locations and writing tirelessly in support of Navalny and condemning “the Putin regime”. The flags are not all that clear either. At first, they sharply increased on the map, apparently because of simple cheating, then the organizers realized that cheating is cheating, but they promised to take to the streets when the number of people who have left their votes on this site is 500 thousand. And what will that number of people be if the real people who have left their votes on that site are too few? Anyway, now there is a small increase to create a real picture.

        Aleksey Navalny apparently thinks that he has arrived at a resort, where they should fulfill all his demands at a click of his fingers. Now he is making new complaints about a possible infection with tuberculosis. There wasn’t even any Novichok around.



    First published Strategic Culture Foundation

    The US intelligence community published a report on 10 March, widely reported in the US free speech news media, on foreign interference in the US election (how many oxymorons so far?). The report establishes a new level of idiocy on the long-running “Russiagate” nonsense…

    …but Matt Taibbi has and eviscerates it here; he’s read far enough to have mined this gem “Judgments are not intended to imply that we have proof that shows something to be a fact”….

    Lying is also a national business strategy, especially when not toeing the lie gets you blacklisted (not at all like in the old days)!

    More importantly, there are no consequences to individuals or organizations that lie, but the consequences are on a national level (the worst being war).


  43. The Grey Zone: Questions about BBC producer’s ties to UK intelligence follow ‘Mayday’ White Helmets whitewash

    The BBC’s Chloe Hadjimatheou produced a podcast serial designed to rehabilitate the White Helmets’ late, scandal-stained founder, while blaming critics for his demise. Was she a channel for a wider British intelligence operation?

    White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier falling to his death from the top floor of his Istanbul home in uncertain circumstances in November 2019 created a myriad of extremely serious problems for a great many powerful people….

    The BBC stopped doing serious foreign journalism back in the 1990s and let themselves go in places like the former Yugoslavia. After all, who was going to hold them to account? The irony is that few private news organizations did much better reporting..


    1. Mmm…poor le Mesurier; so noble, such an inspiring leader…just no good with the money, sadly. He looked around him and saw that everyone he knew had three houses and chucked money around like they were baling it, and thought…why not me? So really it is the fault of the rich, for tempting him where he was weak. Yeah, sure – I buy that.


  44. ####

    U.S. targets Chinese Uighur militants as well as Taliban fighters in Afghanistan

    The camps in remote Badakhshan province supported the Taliban and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement — set up by members of China’s minority Uighur community.

    Feb. 8, 2018, 4:49 PM CET

    Terrorists yesterday. Freedom fighters today. And the PPNN go along with the narrative again, and again and againg and again ad nauseam.


  45. Lying Is Their Business: U.S. Propaganda Against China – The Steve Bannon Connection

    Christopher Black
    April 7, 2021

    The dark web of American propaganda is made up of many facets, some of them official government propaganda agencies, as well as the private media controlled by people with the same thinking or by direct influence from the intelligence agencies.

    In late January 2021, NATO think tank, The Atlantic Council, published a paper termed, The Longer Telegram, which sets out a proposed strategy for the United States to achieve domination of the world, a strategy which focuses on China as the main obstacle to that domination, with Russia now considered an “irritant.” It is the fantasy of megalomaniacs who sit in dark rooms dreaming of world power and achieving it using any means necessary, including world war…

    I always have time for CB. He’s done sterling work vis Yugo and ever since, willing unlike many, many others to stick his head out and call BS on whatever the current new trend that only works in the favor of one direction, whether it is ‘international law’ or ‘human rights.’


    Christopher Black’s Wikipedia page was removed on 18 June 2019 after a 2-1 vote in favour of removal….

    Don’t forget ‘Anatomy of War Crimes Trials’ linked in the piece above:


    1. Is the purpose of this perhaps to convince the population that trying to get at the truth is futile, because there are so many layers of lies and trickery? Virtually everyone in politics above the municipal level is revealed to be a liar and manipulator, and yet there are many empty cells, and those which are not are full of petty thieves and clumsy murderers. Nobody in politics – barring the occasional symbolic sacrifice – ever goes to jail: refresh my memory. Is lying still a sin? Or is it now just something everyone does, while deploring its necessity?


      1. Rather I would say that it is about the ‘right result,’ i.e. trying to continue and extend the West’s imaginative dominance even if it means fitting innocent people up on ficticious and made up lawfare crimes and letting useful war criminals go.

        That’s exactly what they did with Operation Paperclip after World War II. It is well known that the US employed lots of Nazis to fight the Communists (over there) and it turns out unsurprisingly that the British did it too, except the latter makes embarassing stuff like this secret by standard (Yes Minister!). Nazis are only bad when they arenot under our control:

        Huber case: Nazi police chief in Vienna spied for West Germany


        The Nazi Next Door

        In a dusty attic in the Yorkshire hills sits the life’s work of John Kingston, a man who spent decades investigating whether his own stepfather, Stanislaw Chrzanowski, was, in fact, a Nazi war criminal….


          1. There’s a certain attraction, I guess, in having someone whose standard is “There’s nothing I won’t do” working for you. And often they are not troubled by who is their paymaster – not ideologically, anyway – so long as it allows them to do what they like.


  46. Japan suspends payment for F-15JSI program, to review program

    …The United States had pushed the price up by another $2.1 billion for the entire program, citing diminishing spare parts as the reason…

    A) increase tensions in the region; b) offer upgrades for a resonable price; c) increase significantly price of upgrades.

    Boing doing what it does best, gouging customers to make up for crap engineering elsewhere (737MAX). Tokyo is not buying it.


    1. It looks like part of this is because Japan is not buying new but upgrading to a standard of pre- F-15EX of which the USAF has decided to buy 144 of instead of upgrading old F-15s (after Qatar paid for the development costs of the very similar F-15QA – 72 on order). On reflection, this is Boing bouncing Japan to buy the new one, in which case will Japan buy direct or incur extra costs by having MHI build the local version? Boing looking out for itself as usual.


  47. Latest news from the concentration camp:

    Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who is over a week into a hunger strike, has said prison guards have tried to break his resolve by frying chicken in front of him.

    There is growing international concern at the failing health of the Kremlin critic who is forgoing food to force the prison in the Vladimir region outside Moscow to give him proper medical care amid his complaints of acute pain in his back and legs.

    4/8/21 AT 10:19 AM EDT


    1. Yes, yes; of course they did. Dragged the stove to the foot of his bunk, they did. Or did they just make a fire on the wooden floor? Perhaps they brought him to the kitchen and tied him to a post, from ankles to chin, and then fried chicken in front of him. No story too ridiculous for his gerbil army, who are under orders to come up with a new Navalny story every day, in the hopes that the fury of westerners in their agony and pity will reach critical mass, and the western armies will swoop in and free him. Or perhaps the order comes from Washington, so that a cascading stream of Navalny atrocities and outrages will motivate the jingoist American organs of government to order additional sanctions against Russia.

      Well, eventually the only thing left to Lyosha to substantiate his cliffhanger tales will be to actually die.

      What is most likely is that Navalny could smell chicken cooking, and since the universe pivots around Navalny, the cruel and sadistic guards were doing it deliberately to torment him. If they really cared about his wellbeing as a star celebrity prisoner, they would cook the prison meals on the other side of the village, and make them smell less like food.


      1. 14:49 6 April 2021 / Updated:15:33 06 April 2021
        Colonel of the Federal Penitentiary Service explained why the “Alliance of Doctors” was not allowed to see Navalny

        A Colonel of the Federal Penitentiary Service has congratulated the participants of the action near the walls of IK-2 in Pokrov on their having had good weather

        Participants in an unauthorized action near the walls of correctional colony No. 2 in the Vladimir region, who came to “rescue” Navalny, can only count on hype and a walk in the fresh air. Their action will not lead to other results.

        This opinion was expressed in an interview with FAN by a retired colonel of the internal service, veteran of the FSIN Vasily Makyenko.

        “The weather is good today. They will breathe the fresh air, work for their 30 pieces of silver and return without having received a welcome there. But they will have created hype: they will have once again drawn attention to Navalny, so that he will not be forgotten”, Makyenko explained.

        Those who chaotically chant in front of the checkpoint of the correctional institution the slogan “Let me in”, of course, do not expect that they will really be allowed inside, the agency’s interlocutor is convinced.

        There is a law “On institutions and bodies executing criminal punishments in the form of imprisonment” (Law of the Russian Federation №5473-I. – FAN’s commentary. Iit lists those persons who do not hold positions in the institution andwho are freely admitted to the institutions of the penitentiary system. These are the President of the Russian Federation, the Commissioner for Human Rights, deputies and so on. The decision on the admission of other persons is taken by the head of the institution

        explained the veteran of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

        According to Makyenko, the likelihood that the leadership of IK-2 will prefer the qualified specialists of the medical and sanitary unit to the representatives of the so-called “Alliance of Doctors” chanting slogans under the leadership of a former ophthalmologist is close to zero.

        This person is very delicate, so, of course, they are looking after him very carefully. By the way, medical workers in medical and sanitary units in penitentiary institutions, like doctors in ordinary medical institutions, undergo regular retraining. Medical units are licensed on a general basis. At the same time, they are directly subordinate to the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia; that is to say, they are not subordinate either to the heads of the colonies, or to the regional departments of the Federal Penitentiary Service

        added the retired colonel of the Ministry of the Interior.

        The FAN interlocutor drew attention to the fact that a restricted area is located along the perimeter of the colony.

        Certain types of events, rallies and so on are prohibited on this territory. It will qualify as an unsanctioned meeting

        Makyenko added.

        The very fact that Aleksey Navalny linked the rise in temperature with tuberculosis, according to the colonel, is easy to explain.

        He is a nervous, suspicious person. He has found himself in an unusual situation

        said the veteran of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

        According to Makyenko, even if we hypothetically admit the fact that Navalny has tuberculosis, then there are no grounds for concern for the patient’s health. Prison doctors are good at diagnosing and treating tuberculosis: cases of this disease in institutions of the penal system in Russia are encountered in the same way as elsewhere when a person is confronted with a causative agent of the disease against a background of stress or weakened immunity.

        Let us remind you that on April 6 the association calling itself the “Alliance of Doctors” organized a rally near the walls of IK-2, where Aleksei Navalny is serving his sentence. The reason for this rally were the statements of the prisoner about an alleged outbreak of tuberculosis in his unit and his poor health. The participants chanted “Let us in!” in front of the checkpoint, constantly crossing the boundaries of the security zone, and tried to get an appointment with the head or deputy of the colony, without having had any preliminary agreements to do so.

        An hour after the start of the rally, its organizer, Anastasia Vasilyeva, told reporters that she was leaving because “she had to be home at eight”, but they “did not intend to retreat” and would come “until they were allowed in”. At the same time, communicating with journalists, worried about the health of Navalny Vasilyev urged him to continue the hunger strike.

        However, the head of the so-called “Alliance of Doctors” continued to stay there and was subsequently detained.

        The founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund, recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation, Aleksey Navalny is serving time for the Yves Rocher case: he must spend two years and eight months in a colony. His suspended sentence was replaced with a real one because of his numerous violations of the terms of serving his sentence. At the moment he is in IK-2 in Pokrov. On March 31, the prisoner went on a hunger strike. This event coincided with the withdrawal of more than a million rubles from the bitcoin wallet of Navalny’s headquarters.

        Earlier, the chief infectious disease specialist in Moscow explained why Navalny’s tuberculosis had been invented.

        Author: Anna Klimenko


  48. Neuters: Merkel Demanded Putin Reduce Russian Troops Around Ukraine: German Statement

    …”Among other things, the conversation was about the strengthened Russian military presence in the environs of East Ukraine,” the statement read. “The Chancellor demanded that this build-up be unwound in order to de-escalate the situation.”..

    Trans: Retiring long term Chancellor of Germany doesn’t want a conflict while she’s still in the job – if this is an accurate report.


    1. Vinyard the Saker: Telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

      Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Angela Merkel.

      April 8, 2021

      The two leaders had a detailed discussion on a number of topical international matters.

      While exchanging opinions on ways of resolving the intra-Ukrainian crisis, the Russian President and the German Chancellor voiced concern in connection with the escalation of tensions in southeastern Ukraine. Vladimir Putin drew attention to the provocative actions of Kiev which is now deliberately aggravating the situation along the line of contact. The parties noted the need for the Kiev authorities to implement earlier agreements without fail, in particular those aimed at the launch of direct dialogue with Donetsk and Lugansk and at legally formalising the special status of Donbass.

      They urged the parties to the conflict to display restraint and to invigorate the negotiating process in order to fully implement the 2015 Minsk Package of Measures as the only legal foundation for a peace settlement. They reaffirmed their commitment to further close coordination of Russian and German efforts, including within the Normandy Format, between political advisers and foreign ministers.

      Mr Putin and Ms Merkel continued to exchange opinions on the subject of Syria and noted the high priority of tasks to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria. The Russian party underscored the unacceptability of politicising issues as regards the provision of foreign assistance to the people of Syria, the restoration of the socioeconomic infrastructure and the return of refugees.

      While discussing the situation in Libya, both leaders praised the establishment of interim national institutions of state authority in the country. They voiced readiness to help normalise the domestic situation and to facilitate Libya’s peaceful development. They agreed to continue coordinating their efforts in this direction.

      The two leaders touched upon the situation in the Balkans and noted the importance of further well-coordinated steps to ensure stability and inter-ethnic accord, including with due consideration for the decisions of the Steering Committee of the Council to fulfil the 1995 General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or the Dayton Agreement.

      In connection with the interest displayed by the Federal Chancellor, the situation regarding Alexei Navalny was touched upon.

      At Vladimir Putin’s initiative, certain matters regarding the activities of foreign media outlets and NGOs in both countries were reviewed.

      It was agreed to maintain close working contacts through various channels.

      So unsurprisingly the PPNN cherry picks bits from the call in the continued tabloidization of all news. Just pack up and go home if you cannot be bothered with basic journalism of any quality.


    2. Excuse me, Chancellor Merkel; a question, if I may. Where, exactly, do you mean when you say “in the environs of East Ukraine?” Yes, but I mean, what country are we talking about here? Are there any of the aforementioned Russian military forces actually in East Ukraine? No? Well, then, where are they? In Russia?

      Gosh! What is the Russian Army doing there? They’re up to something, for sure. The effrontery! Do they expect the world to sit still for that, moving around military forces inside their own borders? I mean, who DOES that? The aggressive, that’s who.

      More to the point, how is moving Russian military forces around in Russia a gauntlet thrown down that Ukraine cannot abide? After it has declared its official intention to restore Crimea – a legal part of Russia by choice of its inhabitants – to Ukrainian control? So Russia must reduce its military forces in the area to the point it would not be able to respond in the event of a threatened Ukrainian attack? Who teaches military tactics in Germany? And what are you going to say when Ukraine strikes and tries to roll up the Donbass before Russia can respond? That nobody could have known this would happen?


  49. Forbes (Rus)

    Chicken for Navalny: why what is happening with the oppositionist is perceived as a “new normal”
    Andrey Kolesnikov
    Forbes Contributor

    Mmm! So finger lickin’ good!

    The episode [alleged episode, you arsehole! — ME] with fried chicken, which is testing the resilience of Aleksei Navalny, who went on a hunger strike, really says a lot about the inescapable properties of the Russian government. At the same time, propaganda is becoming a more and more rabid and psychological defence mechanisms block any bad information that takes the layman out of his comfort zone, says Andrey Kolesnikov, head of the Russian Domestic Policy and Political Institutions programme at the Carnegie Moscow Centre.

    Navalny himself has said from the colony that representatives of the political system — from top to bottom — “sincerely do not believe that, choosing between ideas and a chicken, someone will choose ideas”. [Yeah, Navalny knows about such morale dilemmas, see, for he is the Messiah come to guide us to a “beautiful Russia” — ME] This is a very subtle observation [No it’s fucking not! It’s about as supple as a rolled steel girder — ME]: Russian bosses at all times really did not believe and do not believe in the very possibility of human behaviour based on principles and morality [Really? What makes you make that assertion, oh all knowing one? — ME], but they believe that someone is definitely behind the scenes and that someone pays.

    In March 1945, SMERSH (abbreviated from “Death to spies!” – the name of a number of independent counterintelligence organizations in the Soviet Union during World War II. – Forbes) arrested Raoul Wallenberg (a Swedish diplomat who saved Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust. – Forbes) as a spy who helped Himmler (Heinrich Himmler is one of the main figures of the Third Reich, the Nazi Party and the Reichsfuehrer SS – Forbes) [Fucking hell! Forbes clearly thinks that its readers know sweet FA! On the other hand, maybe they do — I mean that the Forbes readers are uneducated wankers — ME} to conduct separate negotiations with the Americans. When one of the interrogated Germans testified that the first secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Budapest “helped the persecuted people, especially Jews, so that they would not be caught by the Gestapo or the Nilazsysts”* [Nylaszists, members of the “Crossed Arrows” party (Hungarian: Nyilaskeresztes párt) Hungarian Nazis. Forbes clearly thinks its USA readers know who the Nylazsists were — ME], this statement “aroused Homeric laughter from all present” Smershevites. Well, a person cannot voluntarily help someone, risking his life, someone is behind this: is it possible “to name the amount Wallenberg received from Himmler for his activities”? When it was finally revealed that Wallenberg was not a spy, he was simply killed in the inner prison of the Lubyanka — as a romantic righteous man, he was of no value to Stalin. [Nice tale. Now state why what you believe to be the facts of the matter are indeed so — ME]

    The average layman also thinks so: literally in a year and a half, the number of Levada Centre respondents (the organization is recognized as a foreign agent) [because it fucking well is, you twat! — ME] has grown significantly, believing that protesters go to rallies because they are paid for it [You mean like when you and your fellow morally upstanding liberasts state that all those who take part in the “Immortal Regiment” marches receive payment for doing so? — ME] : in 2019 there were 11%, in February 2021 — already 28%. Almost half of the respondents are convinced that, for example, the meaning of laws on foreign agents is to protect Russia from the influence of the West. For such people, Navalny is a “sent Cossack”, “lives on the means of the West”, a “spy.” Just like Wallenberg. 55% of the respondents did not trust the information about the poisoning of the main Russian opposition leader. [How strange that so many did not believe that the arsehole had been poisoned with the most deadly nerve agent known to man! — ME]

    Psychological defence mechanisms work here, blocking any bad information that takes the layman out of his comfort zone: that is why the attitude towards Navalny after the protests and the film about “Putin’s Palace” worsened, not improved. He is annoying, and therefore an indifferent conformist, receiving negative news about Navalny and from Navalny, becomes an aggressive conformist. It is not surprising that almost half of the respondents consider the court’s verdict against Aleksei fair [And you don’t, clearly, so those who do are all wrong, mentally unbalanced, freaks etc. ? —ME], and a quarter is evasively finding it difficult to answer. There is no difference here from the psychological mechanics of Stalin’s time: “they don’t imprison us for no reason”. And even more so the average man in the street, a mass person, does not believe that what is happening with Navalny is at least to some extent related to him — the bell always tolls not for him, but for whoever is either to blame or “sticks out”.

    The broad masses will not wait for the most recognizable Russian opposition politician [who is a political nonentity, but no matter — ME] outside the prison gates and will not take to the streets to protest in their millions for the reason that Navalny is being deliberately and prudently mocked in the camp. For the reflective part of society [Right! As for the rest, they are not reflective but dullards, in fact, unlike you and your ilk who are never mistaken? — ME], the “Berlin patient” has undoubtedly become not only a political, but also a moral authority. For those who sit on the fence, those who form a stable adaptive majority, he is neither a hero nor a victim of the regime, but a person who violates political peace and fragile psychological balance. [That’s right! He’s just an annoying oh-so-precious smug twat — ME] These people do not necessarily support Putin, but not only do they not support Navalny, they are irritated by his activity and his courageous behaviour, in which one does not want to believe. They would rather believe Maria Butina and TV than Navalny and his sympathizers.[Courageous, you hear, and he doesn’t get paid for it! — ME]

    Forget Navalny
    In a political sense, it would seem that the authorities’ behaviour towards Navalny is poorly explicable. Instead of maximally marginalizing information about the inmate in the Vladimir zone, calming public opinion and defocusing the attention focused on Aleksei, they create more and more informational reasons. And Navalny remains the front-line provider of scandalous news about Russia around the world. [Agreed, for once, you arsehole of a think-tank “expert” — ME]

    And here the question arises about the hierarchy and logistics in political decision-making. It turns out that there is no single information policy. This means that the head of the colony, slipping sweets and chickens to Navalny [Allegedly! You are again just repeating what the liar has said — ME], acts independently, only trying to guess what the Kremlin and the Lubyanka would like from him, or he does not receive commands from the highest level. After all, is it really possible that the Kremlin and the Lubyanka are still trying to draw the attention of the whole world to the problem of the “figurehead”?

    The pulling [There you go again, you cunt! Alleged pulling . . . — ME] of Russian troops towards the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine might, at first glance, distract attention from the Navalny issue. However, the result is that Russia is the purveyor of a double dose of negativity — potential war and open mockery of the opposition leader burns to the ground the reputation of a regime that, judging by the news [Whose news? — ME], is a threat to the outside world and to Russian society alike. [Russia the aggressor, eh? — ME]

    If the aim was to “forget Navalny”, the exact opposite effect has been achieved. Or, conversely, the Kremlin’s aim was to focus attention on the subject of the former “Berlin patient”. But why? To continue teasing the West and irritating the “home” audience? However, from the point of view of public relations there are no positive effects. The conclusion is that we are simply overestimating the ability of the authorities to manage a difficult situation in the media sense.

    Making Kafka come true
    Sociologist Lev Gudkov calls what happens to public opinion and mass perception of reality in general “downward adaptation”. The standard of living and income drops by one more notch — nothing, after a while it is perceived by the consumer as a “new normal”. Propaganda becomes more and more rabid, the news goes beyond what could have been imagined a few years ago — nothing, it is now perceived as routine and also as the “new normal”.

    There is a consumerist downward adaptation and then there is a moral one. To what degree of amorality — assessments in ethical rather than political categories are appropriate here — would the state have to stoop to for us to seriously discuss the question of whether the authorities would want to kill the undead Navalny or simply torture him, taking revenge for the fact that he did not die and returned to Russia. [All arguments based on the assertion that the state attempted to murder the bastard and failed to do so, and not for the first time either. The state also failed with its most lethal chemical agent known to man in its assassination attempt against that traitorous mercenary shit Skripal, this “expert” no doubt believes.. The vile Orcs got a hit with an alky dead-beat though! — ME]

    If this is the “new normal”, it is more typical of a dystopia. The story of the chicken for Navalny shows that we are already inside a dystopian fantasy that has become fiction.

    *Bengt Youngfeldt. Raoul Wallenberg. The Vanished Hero of World War II. M., CORPUS, 2015, p. 572

    Lord preserve us all from think-tank experts!


    1. How long will Navalny’s hunger strike last? How long will those evil Orc swine fry chicken next to Navalny’s bunk?

      These are the burning questions of today — and not only for the Putin Regime, but for the whole of the Free World!


      1. The reference to sweets in the latest breathless bulletins from the prisoner of note at Konzentratsionlager IK-2 Pokrov refer to said prisoner’s allegation that sweets had been found in the pockets of his prison gear after he had announced the start of his hunger strike.

        Navalny claims that they had been planted on him by the screws so as to make it appear that his hunger strike was not serious.

        When Butina visited IK-2, she noted that Navalny spent money in the prison shop on canned products, tea, coffee and sweets to the tune of 1,200 rubles.

        Butina is a noted liar, of course, and one simply cannot trust her, whereas whatever Navalny says is always truthful, for he is the truthful one, the Messiah, come to redeem us all and lead us along the path of righteousness and onwards to a “Beautiful Russia”! . . .

        As regards the money Navalny spent in the shop when Butina was in the KZ-lager:

        In the UK, in a “colony”, an “open prison”, one can never earn more than a pittance set by the administration. When I was in a British “concentration camp” I was paid about £2.50 a week. Everybody was, and in coin. That amount was calculated to be enough for prisoners to buy 2 ounces of rolling tobacco and a box of matches and the occasional pack of rolling paper. If you did not smoke but wanted to treat yourself, you could buy plain biscuits, that’s all.

        The trick of the prison establishment was that amongst the coin paid to the cons, there was always one that never appeared, e.g. a 5-pence piece. Whichever denomination was missing varied month by month and from prison to prison. They did this in order to catch prisoners who were receiving money on visits, which is streng verboten in a British KZ-lager.

        The amount that Butina reported Navalny as spending on one day at the prison shop when she visited IK-2 is equivalent to £21.

        Such are the conditions in a KZ-lager of the Bloody Regime!


            1. Corned dog, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and beetroot, mostly, and spotted dick. Not all together, of course.

              The food was OK, but I was always hungry. Lost weight there.

              I can’t recall ever being served up chicken when a guest of Her Majesty.

              Dead unlucky, me! If I had been born 100 years earlier, I would have become an Aussie.


              1. I recall one miserable bastard of a screw who believed that all cons were undeserving of anything and who liked to tell me that it cost the government £400 a week to keep me locked up. So one day I answered back: “So why don’t you start economising and let me go?”

                He wasn’t pleased. Thought I was being a smart-arse.


    2. Significant, though, from the standpoint that instead of arguing futilely that Navalny is popular in Russia when it is clear he is not, the liberals have elected to wail that he SHOULD be popular, if only the poor Russian people were not bombarded with state propaganda so that they confuse the brave a selfless Navalny who wants to lead them to a Beautiful Russia with a sneaking scoundrel who wants to sell them out to an avaricious and power-mad America.

      Meanwhile they continue bombarding the Russian people with escalating propaganda of gulag torture for Navalny, where The Chicken Torture and his failing health after being locked up only a few days are assumed to be true despite film of him strolling around the barracks with a mug of tea, apparently able to drink and talk without gibbering in agony.


      1. The next stage of the torture programme will be to highlight the way the prison authorities fail to enforce a ban on fellow prisoners talking about food.

        “If it’s Tuesday it must be lamb curry.”
        “I’ll stick with the chicken. There’s bigger portions these days.”

        (From the bed of a starving prisoner of conscience) “Mummy! I want my mummy!”


  50. US Says Rejoining Open Skies Would Send ‘Wrong Message’ to Russia

    As a candidate, Biden slammed Trump’s decision to withdraw from the treaty

    …In a State Department memo dated March 31st that was obtained by Defense News, the Biden administration said it is “frankly concerned that agreeing to rejoin a treaty that Russia continues to violate would send the wrong message to Russia and undermine our position on the broader arms control agenda.” It’s not clear how the State Department claims Russia “continues to violate” a treaty that it withdrew from…

    How dumb is Bi-Dumb. We’ll find out soon, especially as BDA is trialling a reponse to the alleged SolarWinds hack by Russia, aka a standard intelligence gathering op.


  51. And another circus act that went on in town the other day:

    How Lyubov Sobol decided to stage a circus in court
    2 days ago

    A camera is not forbidden in the Constitution

    Lyubov Sobol was persecuted by the regime again yesterday. We roll our eyes and whisper. It turns out you can’t break into someone else’s home without permission while pushing away the landlady.

    What’s going on, folks? Can’t Lubka break into someone’s house, film everything on her camera and in response to your outrage, say that you are a Vatnik and have sold out. I have no words, it makes me shake, especially because Sobol is a lawyer, she knows better what may and what may not be allowed.

    By the way, you can tell what kind of lawyer she is by her actions. After she had broken into a flat, she sat in a car and admitted on stream that she had broken into the dwelling without permission. Luba might as well have lost her passport there. That’s the kind of people who are going to build the Russia of the future!

    And our heroine found herself in court, and as usual a farce began. During the trial, Sobol turned on her camera and pointed it at the judge and then at the victims. One question, at what point can the defendants bring a camera into the courtroom? Maybe they should film their videos there too.

    The judge reprimanded Luba, but she was rude in response. I’ll give you the whole dialogue:

    Sobol: On what grounds are you forbidding me to film?

    Judge: The court also reminds you…

    Sobol: There is no constitutional prohibition… the proceedings must be conducted in public and in the open…

    Judge: I’m admonishing you…

    Sobol: We have journalists not allowed into one court and journalists with cameras into another.

    The judge repeats the request to turn off the camera and says that Sobol is not allowed to film.,/i>

    <b.Sobol: I did not ask to have a criminal case against me. According to the Constitution, I have the right to an open and public trial. On what grounds have you forbidden it?

    Judge: First of all, you don't ask questions to the court…

    Sobol: You don't question the court! The court interprets the Constitution any way it wants. I don't think it's okay to reset time limits…

    Judge: If you interrupt the presiding judge…

    Sobol: The judge must give reasons for her decision. All citizens must abide by the law, the Constitution. says that all sessions are public and open.

    Judge: You're being reprimanded for disorderly conduct.

    Sobol: Great. My right to an open meeting is guaranteed by the Constitution, I'm a citizen.

    The judge asks the bailiffs to intervene. Two large men in uniform approach Sobol, she takes the camera in her hands and presses it against her.

    Bailiff: Turn off the camera.

    Sobol: introduce yourselves! Who are you?

    Bailiff: Turn off the camera. You shall be removed from the room.

    Sobol: You don’t make the decision for me to be removed.

    Bailiff: Turn off the camera.

    Sobol: I have a right to an open meeting!

    Curtain, Luba stays with the camera!

    I don’t understand what’s going on. Why is someone allowed to make a circus in court? Especially if it had been a different citizen, like Vasya the locksmith instead of Sobol, he would have been sentenced for contempt of court. And citizen Vasya, by the way, has been working all his life, paying taxes, unlike unemployed Sobol.

    Some might say, this is humane, like in the West. Yeah, guys, that’s right, only in reverse. In the cradle of democracy, I am not talking about the Ukraine now, just the U.S. There, the maximum term for contempt of court was 14 years, moreover, for one yawn you can get a year in jail, as happened in Chicago. The blogger who was only broadcasting in an American courtroom also got a year in prison, with an obligation to write a letter of repentance that he understood everything and repented, and Akhedzhakova helped him out.

    I think I do not need to tell you what would happen in China if you insult the judge there.

    The courts are the highest organ of state power! And such contemptuous, careless behaviour on the part of Sobol, must be stopped immediately! Just imagine how many young people saw it — it was a farce, and what lessons they will learn from it.

    How did the trial end? —With nothing! Sobol went on filming everyone and in the end she was simply removed from the courtroom and the hearing was postponed. Next time, I wonder what Lyuba will do, maybe she’ll show up with a drone and use it to film, and again nothing will be done about it.


  52. Belarus opposition splits as leaders form new parties

    Months of demonstrations haven’t succeeded in removing Alexander Lukashenko from power.

    ….“We are building a multi-party system in which the citizens of Belarus will have a real choice among political parties,” Latushko said in an online video message.

    His move comes a week after another opposition leader, Viktor Babariko — currently in jail in Belarus — announced the formation of his own party…

    …But two people close to the presidium said that contacts between Tikhanovskaya and Latushko have dwindled….



  53. Biden looks to appoint special envoy to kill Russia-Germany energy pipeline

    The administration is vetting Amos Hochstein to negotiate the thorny geopolitics surrounding Nord Stream 2.

    …Amos Hochstein, who served as the special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs under President Barack Obama…

    …Hochstein, who stepped down from the supervisory board of the Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz late last year, declined to comment….

    …While it is not yet clear what the envoy’s exact mandate and parameters would be, the role would at least initially be focused on managing delicate negotiations over how to impede the pipeline without alienating a key U.S. ally in Berlin…

    So the US sees Germany as a lobster? It’s a different method to provide the same conclusion.

    Thinking further on the US promoted ‘new’ crisis in the Ukraine, what are the bets that it will deliberately try to expand it to Byelorus, Moldova, Black Sea region (plus Syria/Turkey if possible) etc. in an all or nothing strategy?:

    NATO Prepares for ‘Real-World Fight’ With Russia in Baltic


  54. Ukraine redux: war, Russophobia and Pipelineistan

    The deep state/NATO combo’s using Kiev to start a war to bury Nord Stream 2 and German-Russian relations

    by Pepe Escobar April 7, 2021

    ….On March 24, Ukrainian President Zelensky, for all practical purposes, signed a declaration of war against Russia, via decree No. 117/2021. *

    The decree establishes that retaking Crimea from Russia is now Kiev’s official policy. That’s exactly what prompted an array of Ukrainian battle tanks to be shipped east on flatbed rail cars, following the saturation of the Ukrainian army by the US with military equipment including unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare systems, anti-tank systems and man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS….

    Zelensky’s decree is nowhere to be seen in western reporting. Quelle surprise.

    * (machine translation)”


    Про рішення Ради національної безпеки і оборони України від 11 березня 2021 року «Про Стратегію деокупації та реінтеграції тимчасово окупованої території Автономної Республіки Крим та міста Севастополя»
    On the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of March 11, 2021

    Відповідно до статті 107 Конституції України постановляю:
    In accordance with Article 107 of the Constitution of Ukraine, I decree:

    1. Увести в дію рішення Ради національної безпеки і оборони України від 11 березня 2021 року «Про Стратегію деокупації та реінтеграції тимчасово окупованої території Автономної Республіки Крим та міста Севастополя» (додається).
    1. To put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of March 11, 2021 ‘On the Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol’ (attached).

    2. Затвердити Стратегію деокупації та реінтеграції тимчасово окупованої території Автономної Республіки Крим та міста Севастополя (додається).
    2. To approve the Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol (attached).

    3. Контроль за виконанням рішення Ради національної безпеки і оборони України, введеного в дію цим Указом, покласти на Секретаря Ради національної безпеки і оборони України.
    3. Control over the implementation of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, enacted by this Decree, shall be vested in the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

    4. Цей Указ набирає чинності з дня його опублікування.
    4. This Decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

    Президент України В.ЗЕЛЕНСЬКИЙ
    24 березня 2021 року
    President of Ukraine V.ZELENSKY
    March 24, 2021

    If I put “decree No. 117/2021” (or other relevant search combinations) in to gugl news I get about 6 results, none from established western media. It’s just blank.

    Oliver Carrol over at the Independent reports (in a piece that is not completely s/t) that Kiev thinks Russia is bluffing. The real question that is not asked is “What are the consequences if they are not?”

    Zelensky set the ball rolling with sanctions, bannings, more military to the front on the advice of whom?

    Yet again the United States is happy to use u-Rope as its battle ground because it will not suffer the immediate consequences in its estimation. But, if as the Russian side says ‘decision centers will be hit’ includes the SBU in Kiev for example, there are plenty of Americans inside…


  55. Gilbert Doctorow: Time for von der Leyen to go, time for the EU to reclaim common sense

    Going back to the appointment of Ursula von der Leyen a couple of years ago, it was hard to understand the enthusiastic support from French President Emmanuel Macron that spelled her successful candidacy….

    The rest at the link.

    Sic ideology ahead of all else. What is the EU (Brussels) for if it willingly fails in such a basic service to its member citizens? I suppose it is the logical consequence of ever expanding union. Indigestion, diarrhea and vomiting. It looks like France is imploding too (upcoming prez elections) etc.


  56. Euractiv: Protocol scandal symbolises the state of EU-Turkey relations, EU lawmaker says

    We shouldn’t place ‘Sofa-gate’ into the epicentre of a plenary debate in the European Parliament, but rather discuss how to rebuild relations with Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who no longer has a commitment toward a European future, a leading MEP told EURACTIV.

    According to MEP Sergey Lagodinsky (Greens, Germany), who spoke to EURACTIV, the EU leadership’s Ankara visit had become the latest example of bungled EU foreign policy efforts….

    More at the link.

    That’s quite sensible for a Green.

    Except for the fact that Germany has publicly said that the EU is a Christian community of countries which means it doesn’t see Turkey as joining. Therefore what is the point of the ‘carrot and stick’ approach if it is never allowed to join? The accession process, to all reasonable understanding, has been forever preserved in aspic. Turkey is no longer a minnow but a growing, dysfunctional (who isn’t?) power that will not take second string.

    As for the whole ‘Sofagate’ thing, it shows us how much more important the u-Ropean Parliament considers appearance over getting things done, like social media it is vastly out of propotion to reality. It’s not fiddling while Rome burns but it is shaky ground for their legitimacy in the eyes of u-Ropean citizens.


  57. Russia ‘would really not want’ Cold War 2.0

    The Triple Yoda, Nikolai Patrushev, hopes cooler heads can avoid sanctions such as the SWIFT ‘nuclear option’

    by Pepe Escobar

    …Amid current ice-cold US-Russia relations – plunged into their worst state since the end of the Cold War – Triple Yoda, discreet, diplomatic and always sharp as a dagger, remains a soothing voice of reason, as demonstrated in a stunning interview by Kommersant daily…

    More highlights at the link.

    Patrushev explicity says that “We have good reason to believe that this is the case.” when asked if he thinks the US is developing biological weapons in their BioLabs set up on Russia and China’s borders.


  58. Navalny not diagnosed with coronavirus
    April 6, 2021, 19: 10

    An analysis taken from Aleksey Navalny the day before did not show the presence of coronavirus. In addition, according to the results of a full examination, experts concluded that the blogger also does not have tuberculosis. This was announced on Tuesday, April 7, by a source from Izvestia.

    According to the source, the temperature of Navalny, who is currently serving a sentence in correctional colony No. 2 in the Vladimir region, dropped to 37 degrees, and his preliminary diagnosis is Acute Respiratory Viral Infection. The prisoner continues to be under the supervision of doctors, while he refuses to take medication.

    On the previous day, the Vladimir Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service reported that Navalny had been transferred to a medical and sanitary unit because of the presence of signs of a respiratory illness, and, in particular, his high temperature.

    On the same day, a post was published on Navalny’s Instagram claiming that three people from the blogger’s squad had recently been hospitalized with tuberculosis. The source of Izvestia denied information about the outbreak of this disease in the colony.

    13: 40 April 8, 2021
    Serukanov has told what next the “experienced simulator” Navalny will complain about

    Doctors did not find tuberculosis in convict Alexei Navalny, Izvestia reported, citing a source. Later this information was confirmed by the oppositionist’s lawyers. Former FBK employee (recognized as a foreign agent) Vitaly Serukanov noted that imitation of Navalny’s illness had been a “home project” for the foundation’s employees.

    Aleksey Navalny announced an outbreak of tuberculosis among several members of his detachment at IK-2 in Pokrov. The information was actively exaggerated in the media, but was not confirmed. It was fueled in every possible way by FBK employees and organizations associated with the fund.

    For example, the head of the “Alliance of Doctors” (recognized as a foreign agent) Anastasia Vasilyeva on Tuesday, April 6, in the daytime tried to conduct a “rescue operation” at the walls of the colony, having arrived there with several employees of the organization. The administration of the secure facility did not let them inside following her making a written statement on the bonnet of a car.

    On Wednesday, April 7, Izvestia reported on the results of a test for Navalny’s tuberculosis and coronavirus infection. As it became known, the convict does not have both diseases, and a slight increase in temperature may be associated with a cold. Later, the opposition’s lawyers confirmed this information to the media.

    Former FBK lawyer Vitaly Serukanov, in a conversation with FAN, commented on the reasons why Navalny had announced the “outbreak” of tuberculosis in the colony. He noted that the words of the oppositionist indicated a “home project” of the members of the foundation, part of a planned series of provocations.

    I know it was such a home project. Even when Navalny was put in jail, they conspired, including those of his team who are most close to him, that when Navalny went to jail, the circus would begin. One day his leg will hurt, the next day his back, the next day his backside, he will get tuberculosis and so on. We shall be watching this circus for a few months. Soon he will lose his memory, he will not recognize himself, his mind will go blank, some other syndrome will develop. It’s all homemade stuff, all technology — they know exactly what they are doing. Navalny is a skilled enough faker, and it wouldn’t take much for him to get away with it

    Serukanov said.

    Navalny’s “rescue” action was accompanied by active support in the media. At the same time, almost a thousand real doctors spoke out for the provision of medical assistance to the convict, who signed an open letter in defence of the oppositionist. However, none of them came to the walls of IK-2, and the event was held with the participation of several employees of the FBK and the Alliance of Doctors, as well as loyal journalists and bloggers.

    Author: Sergey Vorobushkin;-i:

    And of course, nothing in the Western media about Navalny NOT having TB after all.



    But all for a good cause, don’t you see — for freedom and democracy and a “Beautiful Russia”

    I mean, who could be against those ideals?

    Well I for one: “freedom” for them means anarchy, and their democracy is a bullshitting sham, always has been.

    And Russia is already beautiful, although there are some not so beautiful people here, such as the liar and charlatan and foreign agent Navalny, an idle, work-shy grifter who is ever on the lookout for easy money.


    1. That’ll get the Berlin Patient off the UK front pages for about 6 months!

      I remember when news of Diana Spencer’s death broke as I was waiting to board a flight to the Evil Empire early in the morning from Heathrow. I recall thinking: “Thank Christ I’m flying away in an hour! There’ll be endless wailing over her death”. And there was.


    2. He’s not from Edinburgh though: he’s ethnically a Dane/German of the Glücksburg clan (not MacGlücksburg! Full aristocratic house name: Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg) whose grandfather was offered the Greek throne. He kicked his Greek citizenship into touch so as to become an officer in the British Royal Navy.

      Some used to call him Phil the Greek, but neither of his parents were Greek. His mother hailed from a German gang of aristos, the Battenbergs.

      Don’t know about the Battenbergs, but Battenberg cake is tasty, though. Wrapped up in marzipan it is.


  59. Crooks from the opposition should be slapped in the face: following the example of Sobol, the state should display the limits of what is permissible

    The ongoing trial today of Lyubov Sobol, an associate of convicted blogger Aleksey Navalny, for unlawful entry into someone’s home is notable above all for the fact that the example of the FBK lawyer clearly shows that those who have become impudent with permissiveness and lack of proper response to outright offences have now become insolent. The case of Sobol, who broke into the flat of strangers and accused them of being involved in “poisoning” (fake in fact) Navalny, is characterized by the fact that she was so confident of her impunity that she was recording the entire process on camera.

    In fact, it is quite difficult to deny the fact of violation of Article 139 of the Criminal Code of Russia, which describes criminal intrusion into a dwelling against the will of its owner and with the use of violence or the threat of violence. In the social networks there were a lot of videos circulated in which one can clearly see and hear Sobol pushing the resident of the flat, having previously tricked her way into the entrance together with a pizza deliveryman.

    The court had to remove her from the courtroom because she had openly mocked the participants of the trial and made unauthorised video recordings, for which she was eventually removed from the courtroom. Article 139 provides for a maximum penalty of up to 2 years imprisonment, or various fines or compulsory labour. Apparently realizing that she is unlikely to get more than 2 years in prison, Lyubov Sobol decided to drag the whole circus with the video and the scandal into the court. And here, in fact, is where to point out the reason for such behaviour, which cannot be explained by rational ones.

    The fact is that both the whole set of myths about Navalny’s “sore leg” in prison, Sobol’s behaviour in court and the completely unacceptable illegal moves to form an asset of influence in the country’s regions are based on one key ideology-meme, the essence of which is that the oppositionists themselves have instilled into themselves and their audience the idea that the Russian authorities are totally dependent on certain “assets” abroad. By touting for years the alleged possession of villas, penthouses or castles on the Côte d’Azur, they have convinced themselves that, on a call from Washington and Brussels, Russian government agencies will go out on a limb and run to do the bidding of their foreign “masters”.

    The arrogance of the Russian liberal pseudo-opposition is directly proportional to their hopes for “Western help” and their sense of being able to break the law. This is instantly followed by an appeal to the “world community” which results in banal attempts to seize and redistribute power, mimicking a struggle for “freedom of speech”. At the same time, Sobol is trying to put herself forward as the leader of the whole structure of Navalny’s headquarters in the absence of the main actors in the FBK’s current agenda and directly in Russia. However, there is a sense that Navalny’s con men are unlikely to succeed in destabilizing the political process and influencing the outcome of the election on the eve of the election campaign. Observations reveal a lack of widespread public interest in them and a lack of meaningful support in society.


  60. Yukietard news announces:

    Arriving next week, Black Sea

    USS Donald Cook

    USS Roosevelt

    Until 4 May.

    Amerika stronk!

    Meanwhile, elsewhere on the planet:

    Seaman Zachery Douglas, of Dansville, N.Y., scans the Taiwan Strait from the bridge of the guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin on Aug. 18, 2020.

    A distinct danger of Coronavirus infection on the bridge of a destroyer in the Taiwan Strait it seems!



  61. This defender of democracy has been in the news before:

    Apr. 9th, 2021 at 7:19

    The United States has long provided moral and material support to the Ukraine in defending its territorial integrity in the face of possible ” aggression from the East”. Washington is particularly concerned about the deployment of Russian troops to the Crimea. So, as part of getting acquainted with the current situation in the Donbass, the military attachée of the American Embassy in Kiev, Colonel Brittany Stewart, arrived there.

    Piquancy is added to the situation by the fact that during the woman’s visit, the Chevron of the 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade of the Ukraine Armed Forces (“The Black Cossacks” Brigade) with a skull, decorated with the motto “Ukraine or Death”, was put onto her uniform. A Ukrainian flag is placed at the top of the Chevron. Such a distinctive sign was assigned to the combat unit in 2019. From 1918 until into the 1920s, the “Chernoshlychniki” conducted active military operations against the Red Army, as well as against the White Guards.

    Continued below . . .


    1. Continued . . .

      A delegation of US military personnel visited the graves of Ukrainian nationalist battalions killed in battles with the militia and paid tribute to their “exploits” in the Donbas during the “defense of democracy” by laying flowers.

      The us military talked with its Ukrainian colleagues about the situation developing on the line of confrontation and was convinced of the presence of “Russian occupation units”on the LDNR side. Stewart expressed Washington’s concern about the current state of affairs and assured Kiev of the understanding and support of the United States military Department.

      I bet she did, the cupid sick stunt.

      That should be the” 72nd Independent Mechanised Brigade” above.


      1. Here she is performing well on “Defender of Banderastan Day” in October 2020:

        On Defender of the Ukraine Day, the United States salutes the brave individuals protecting Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

        We congratulate all the heroes fighting for the sovereignty and independence of the Ukraine.

        We wish courage, fortitude and resilience to all those brave men and women.

        Glory to the Ukraine!
        Glory to the Heroes!

        I love you all!!!


        1. Early May – Lieutenant Mud won’t be able to save Russia this time,

          Better than 50/50 odds Ukraine will make a move. 100% that LDNR forces, with sufficient air cover’ logistics and intelligence could push back Ukonazie back to the Dnieper. However, it is doubtful if they could pacify the region given the degree of local Nazi support to be expected.

          Push ’em back to the Dnieper and then consolidate a new, defensible, line of contact. The citizens would likely opt for separation from Ukraine although I guess it would not be an overwhelming majority as in Crimea but enough.

          NS II will not be completed. Gas transfer via Ukraine will cease.

          Just speculation

          The Saker has numerous open threads on the subject, If the Saker were not such a pompous ass, I would better enjoy his commentary.


          1. I don’t see it happening. I know Ukraine wants to do it; Zelensky has been offered all kinds of American support, and there was probably plenty of implication that there would be lots of money in it for Ukraine if it were successful. As others have pointed out, America is prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian.

            However, Russia has for its own part made it crystal-clear that it will not sit idly by and let it happen, that it is not going to withdraw any troops and that if Ukraine opens the door, Russia will kick it off the hinges and the advance may prove impossible to break off, once started. It could result in nothing less than the annihilation of Ukraine as a country, and its absorption by Russia.

            “A senior Kremlin official said on Thursday that Moscow could under certain circumstances be forced to defend its citizens in Donbass and that major hostilities could mark the beginning of the end of Ukraine as a country.”


            This time Moscow will probably not stop, but will drive straight on to Kuh-yiv, and I imagine that after all the warnings it has issued, it would probably be deaf to screams for a cease-fire once a military advance began. The USA would look awfully stupid if it poked and prodded, and the result of its instigation was that next week Russia woke up bigger by the size of Ukraine. And there are plenty of Ukrainians who would be glad.


          2. If the Saker were not such a pompous ass, I would better enjoy his commentary.

            Hear! Hear!

            Turcopoiler used to be good but it went of the rails quite some time ago and is more or less unreadable.

            I’m wavering in my Ukraine prediction. Yes, Zelensky is deliberately stirring up s/t for domestic political reasons, but he might as well be a child with a box of matches in an old ammunition dump. The margin for error is quite large and as we know (from history/everything) it really doesn’t take much to set off a conflagration that is beyond anyone’s control. Accidentallyonpurpose of course!

            As for the silent Fr/De, I read that is their diplomatic message to Kiev that if they kick anything off, Zelensky is on his own. This makes sense, particularly for the French who are the first to beat their chest like a gorilla when ti comes to foreign affairs, something Germany is not allowed to do because it lost World War II. Speaking of which, that is why the Neuter’s cherry picked report of the Merkel-Putin call where she told him to back off was widely reported…


        2. The USA only carries out stunts like that to wind up Russia. It’s all of a piece with renaming the street the Russian Embassy is on after a ‘famous’ dissident. I’m surprised their ‘show the flag’ Navy destroyer in the Black Sea is not flying the rainbow gay flag – you know how Putin hates and fears homosexuals. Invariably offered in the media, for the delectation of Americans, preceded by “Moscow is fuming over xxx” Just trolling. If America wants to advertise itself as an ally of the Nazi-worshipers, who should be embarrassed? Russia? Hardly. It’s all to insult Russia and get a rise out of, so the Americans can chortle over their cleverness with their Ukrainian buddies. If there is no response there will be no satisfaction.


          1. @ et al and Mark

            MoA had a good post on the topic:


            From the above link, Andrei Martyanov is quoted:

            [T]o convince those 447 million EU’s residents that they need America’s protection and weapons, America needs Russia to get into the war in Ukraine and if it will end up with utter destruction, and it will if Russia really decides so, of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and, likely, Ukrainian statehood, so be it.

            Americans never really cared how many aborigines die, as long as it works for the US bottom line. Or, if one may, a condition of American condition, which is deteriorating steadily because not only the United States increasingly has very little of substance, that is of high value added, to sell to the world, but forming economic and military monster of Eurasia removes the United States from its, grossly exaggerated to start with, self-proclaimed status of global hegemon to the status of, at best, one of the few big shots on the planet.

            At worst, the United States is removed from Eurasia as a viable competitor and is relegated to a status of a regional power —still powerful relative to its continental neighbors but not having a shot at this second number of 4.67 billion [Asians]. This is a big chunk of population and customers. Now imagine if the United States loses EU. Suddenly 4.67 billion become 4.67 billion + 447 million = 5.117 billion, it is 65% of Earth’s population. It is a huge majority of world’s population and, most importantly, population much of which can pay for goods, unlike it is the case with gigantic population of Africa. Moreover, this population is concentrated within a single continental mass which is insulated from the United States by two oceans.

            The United States cannot allow this consolidation of the market to happen and the loss of Europe, Washington’s thinking goes, is tantamount to capitulation. So, the United States must hold on to EU, or whatever it will become once EU inevitably collapses, and NATO remains the only tool to drive European weaklings into submission. Making Russia obliterate Ukrainian Armed Forces is a perfect way to scare Europeans into abandoning any attempts to economically compete with the United States and deny them access to Russia’s energy.

            A war initiated by Ukraine (likely focused on creating maximum civilian casualties) would serve the US well to drive the final nail in the coffin of Russia/EU cooperation at any level. The US gets its LNG market and the ECB must print trillions of Euros to sustain US imports. As pointed out above, this strategy simply buys the US another 5 to 10 years before the world recognizes that the US is a movie set masquerading as a nation.


            1. Thanks PO, I saw both.

              Yes, America operates its STB (Soil The Bed) strategy quite effectively abroad.

              But that depends on both America’s hamsters and the enemy playing the same game. Which they don’t.

              I think one or both of the guys who you reference point out that Russia doesn’t have to invade anything. They have enough airpower of one kind or another to salami Ukie forces, which I believe in the old days was called ‘combined forces’ (aka real war, not the 1990s+ NATO video game war) and seen to be very effective in Syria with Russia providing top cover to a very effective ground force.

              I have to add that one of my bug-bears that commenters come out with is that Turkish drones in the “Azerbaidjan/N-K war were very effective.” But of course that is only part of the equation. The sentence should read in full, ‘Azerbaidjan/N-K war were very effective in the absence of effective resistance. Drones are after all only tools. They don’t carry counter-measures. The war was lost by Yerevan the moment it turned its back on Russia and listened to western politicos and military advisers who advised it in to dumping static dug in defenses for mobile warfare. Easy pickings. And Yerevan did not come to N-K’s aid, no doubt because those same allied countries wouldn’t give diplomatic cover. It’s almost as if the west prefers Azerbaidjan over Yerevan…

              Going back to the Ukaine, Russia is also too smart to lump them all in together, even in the bandarstan lands as they recognize that while there are very nasty people in positions of power, most people just go along with it as the means of least resistance rather than being active supporters or giving a s/t. Don’t put your head above the parapet. Showing your self to be strategically reasonable is seen as a sign of weakness in the west for some reason, unlike the east.


      1. Yeah, I thought it looked strange as well.

        She hasn’t a fucking clue what МІФ means in Yukie: what she rabbits away in that YouTube clip above, she has just learnt off by heart.

        МІФ means “myth”.

        Of course, it would not need a superb intellect to fathom that out, but I somehow don’t think she’s all that bright.

        Maybe “Міф” was just the nickname of the “hero” represented on the memorial. These “punishment battalion” shites like giving themselves nicknames.


        1. Yep, “Myth” was the “callsign” of this cnut:

          Memorial to the legendary “Myth” has installed in the Donetsk region

          A memorial to a Hero of the Ukraine, Opera singer Vasyl Slipak (call sign “Myth”), who died with the ATO, has been installed near the village of Mironovsky, Bakhmut district (pictured).

          The monument was erected on the command of the military unit together with the artist-volunteer Oleg Ganzha with the assistance of volunteers Oleg Khripun and Alexander Gavrilyuk, reports the press service of the Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky 30th Independent Mechanized Brigade.

          Vasyl Slipak performed in the most prestigious concert halls of the Ukraine and the world. And when the fighting started in the East of our country, he could not stay away.

          On June 26, 2016, Russian armed groups attempted to attack the village of Luhanske from occupied Debaltseve. The Ukrainian defenders successfully repelled the terrorist attack and launched a counter-offensive, pushing the enemy back from two fortified positions on the heights near the village of Logvinove. Vasily Slipak was killed in battle by an enemy sniper’s bullet. A Knight of the Order “For Courage” of the first degree, Hero of the Ukraine, he forever wrote his name in the annals of the struggle of the Ukrainian people for freedom and independence.

          Photo from a Facebook page of the Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky 30th Independent Mechanized Brigade.

          How sad.


        2. It’s all just overt and ostentatious reverence for a ‘fighter against Moscow’, just to make sure Russia gets the point that the United States considers it an enemy and is ‘actively forming coalitions against it’ with those it considers to share the same aim. A half-hour after leaving the site, Colonel Brittany will have forgotten his name, it’s just for show. But if Russia does anything that impedes the USA’s progress toward getting what it wants, there will be a great squealing set up that America is just trying to spread freedom and democracy, and anyone or anything that gets in its way is evil. Same old song and dance. Yawn. Russia could achieve the same degree of provocation by putting up a monument to that Iranian General and having military officers ostentatiously salute it every time they walk past. America is saying, “Anyone who wants to kill Russians deserves my respect”. Russia could easily do the same, but it’s pretty childish and I would expect better from them, it’s really schoolyard-level provocation. Maybe the USA reasons that Ukraine does not get subtlety.


          1. If only there was space to add an ‘L’ between the i & the f, in which case he really did get in but not in the way he expected. Laughs all around! 😉


  62. “Provocation, not help to citizens”: why the Alliance of doctors is accused of covert political activity
    April 6, 2021, 15: 38

    As RT has found out, the “Alliance of Doctors”* trade Union [literal translation of the Russian word профсоюз. but in English, one would say “Professional association” because the sham organization is not a trade one — ME], created in 2018 ostensibly to protect the rights of medical workers, actually purchased personal protective equipment for doctors at inflated prices. Experts believe that the beneficiaries of such transactions used the proceeds to finance hidden political activities. The head of the trade Union is directly accused of illegal political campaigning: Anastasia Vasilyeva is soon to appear in court for inciting people to go to rallies during restrictive measures owing to the threat of the spread of coronavirus. In addition, Vasilyeva and her colleagues in the Alliance have committed more than a dozen administrative offences related to the risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection.

    RT has become aware that the young organization “Alliance of Doctors”, an “independent trade union”, which has been operating since August 2018 and proclaiming that its main task is to help the medical community, has provided doctors with respirators and dressing gowns, having purchased them at inflated prices. This can be seen from the trade Union’s report for June-September 2020, published on the organization’s website.

    In particular, the column “expenses for personal protective equipment” indicates respirators of protection class FFP3 and FFP2. They were bought for 358 and 258 rubles, respectively. This is significantly higher than average prices, according to an analysis of several popular sites selling workwear and protective masks for June-September 2020.

    According to archived copies of these sites saved on the “Wayback Machine” portal, the cost of domestic FFP2 respirators ranged from 25 to 60 rubles apiece for wholesale purchases. Similar respirators of foreign production were sold for 190 rubles. In the autumn of 2020, a higher protection class — FFP3-cost from 130 rubles apiece for small wholesale purchases.

    Similarly, unscrupulous organizations, including foreign agents, receive funds to carry out political activities, according to Kirill Kabanov, Chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee.

    “They could enter one amount in the report, and in fact pay another, much smaller amount”, the head of the NAC believes. “Purchases at inflated prices are a very large layer of violations on the part of unscrupulous organizations that work with grants and donations. Including foreign ones. In this way, they receive unaccounted-for funds, which they can use for further political activities”.

    Recall that on March 3, 2021, the Ministry of justice recognized the “Alliance of Doctors” as a foreign agent. According to the Agency, citizens from Singapore, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, the Czech Republic, Belarus and the Ukraine have donated money to the trade Union

    Disappointing diagnosis
    The activity of the “Alliance of Doctors” is really difficult to call exclusively trade Union, although at first it looked like such.

    “To take people to the streets, especially to mass actions, is a mockery”, had Anastasia Vasilyeva earlier announced, refusing to participate in rallies about additional payments to doctors in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

    For Freedom and Democracy?

    That was last September. But already in January of this year, Vasilyeva called on her Twitter followers to go to unauthorized rallies in support of Aleksey Navalny.

    After the rallies on January 23, 2021, it was these calls that formed the basis of the criminal case made against the head of the “Alliance of Doctors” on violations of sanitary and epidemiological standards. On February 4, the investigative Committee charged her with incitement to commit this crime (part 4 of article 33, part 1 of article 236 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation).

    Vasilyeva’s lawyer Dmitry Dzhulay told RIA Novosti at the time that his client “does not admit guilt and considers the accusation nonsense”.

    Vasilyeva, along with other defendants in The case (“Pussy Riot” member Maria Alyokhina, Navalny’s Moscow chief of staff Oleg Stepanov, Lyubov Sobol, and the opposition leader’s brother Oleg Navalny), is currently under house arrest awaiting trial. [No longer under house arrest now, which was lifted yesterday — ME]

    However, as RT has found out, the “Alliance of Doctors” and Vasilyeva herself have repeatedly been convicted of violating the restrictive measures in force in the country, although until now, these have not been criminal offences but administrative ones.

    Quarantine measures
    In April 2020, the “Alliance of Doctors” announced a fundraising campaign for masks, gowns and respirators for medical professionals. The trade union transferred personal protective equipment to regional hospitals. On one of the first “humanitarian” trips on April 2, 2020, Vasilyeva and several trade union representatives were detained on the M11 highway in the Novgorod region.

    Anastasia Vasilyeva was then charged with two articles of the administrative Code: “Failure to Comply with the rules of conduct in high-alert mode” (article 20.6.1) and “Disobedience to the legal requirements of police officers” (article 19.3).

    As the Okulovka city court of the Novgorod region ruled in June last year, Vasilyeva “had no right and objective reasons” to be in this region, violating the provisions of the Governor’s decree on establishing and observing quarantine measures. The head of the trade union was fined 5 thousand rubles.

    Similar decisions were made with respect to eight other “Alliance” volunteers. Among them were Natalia Kolosova, regional leader of the “Alliance of Doctors” for the Moscow region, and Vyacheslav Gimadi, head of the legal Department of the Navalny anti-corruption foundation.

    The latter has already been involved in an investigation by RT about how FBK is engaged in commercial activities. In particular, it was mentioned that, being the general director of two commercial firms, he could not register the Navalny.LIVE channel on them as a media outlet, since Roskomnadzor “had reasonable suspicions that the sole founder of the media had dual citizenship”.

    Vasilyeva received two more administrative fines for resisting getting out of her Honda, and then refusing to go to the police station in Okulovka. [She went into actress mode when arrested and started fake hysterics, screaming that she was a mother and how dare they handle her in such a fashion. She was surrounded by photojournalists, of course. She put on a wonderful performance! — ME]

    Panic virus
    At the same time, in April 2020, the head of the regional division of the “Alliance of Doctors”, Kazimir Budunov, was convicted by the Makhachkala district court of “non-compliance with the rules when introducing a high-alert mode” in case of an emergency threat. The court found him guilty under the same article 20.6.1 of the administrative Code, as Budunov left his place of residence during self-isolation. The trade unionist then got off with a warning.

    A month later, in may, an administrative case was opened against the head of the “Alliance of Doctors” in Sochi, Yulia Volkova. In her Twitter account, posted a video announcing the lack of masks and protective equipment and hinted that doctors could become a source of infection for patients. After that, Volkova’s colleagues at the hospital wrote a statement to the chief physician, in which they reported that Volkova “destabilizes the situation” and “sows panic among the population”.

    Law enforcement agencies accused Volkova of abusing freedom of the media (part 9 of article 13.15 of the administrative code), but then the case was closed, and the trade unionist removed the controversial post from the social network.

    Earlier, in February 2020, Volkova was fined 20 thousand rubles by the court for holding an unauthorized rally in front of the city administration building, although another place for holding the rally was agreed with the local authorities.

    In November 2020, in the same Okulovka, a fine of 50 thousand rubles was received by a court decision by a member of the “Alliance of Doctors”, head of the surgical department of a local hospital Yuri Korovin. Administrative proceedings were initiated against him under article 6.3 of the administrative Code for violating sanitary rules. As the court found, during the pandemic Korovin was in the workplace without a mask, when he received the regional manager of the trade Union, who brought medical supplies and household appliances to the hospital.

    Politicians in white coats
    People who advocate for the rights of doctors and in general for the health of citizens themselves systematically violate sanitary and epidemiological requirements, experts interviewed by RT note.

    Meetings, actions and strikes are legal methods of trade union struggle, recalled Mikhail Shmakov, a member of the State Council of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR). But in the context of a pandemic, according to him, it is necessary to observe the restrictions imposed on mass events.

    “Anti-epidemic measures must be implemented. I especially don’t understand why the doctors themselves violate these conditions”, says the head of the FNPR.

    The actions of the” Alliance”, continues Shmakov, are explained by political tasks.

    “They are moving in the direction of completely different interests. This is not a trade union in its classic form. It is a political organization with political goals. They have simply packaged their activities in the form of a trade union”, Shmakov said. “We don’t believe in words, we believe in deeds. This trade union often takes credit for the achievements and solutions to issues that have already been resolved by the Russian Federation Health Trade Union”.

    Vitaly Borodin, head of the Federal Project on Security and Anti-Corruption, former Deputy Head of Solnechnogorsk district, agrees with this opinion.

    It seems that each of these administrative cases is a small matter. But together they demonstrate the attitude of this trade union to the safety of citizens during the pandemic

    says Borodin.

    In his opinion, the actions of the trade union are more show than good. As an example, he cited a story from Solnechnogorsk. The “Alliance of Doctors” arrived there on April 21, 2020, ostensibly to transfer protective equipment to representatives of the city tuberculosis hospital.

    However, the hospital management would not officially accept PPE of unknown manufacture. The entire shipment was dumped in the flat of one of the hospital staff members privately. However, the “Alliance of Doctors” reported the delivery on its Instagram.

    The “Alliance of Doctors” arrived in Solnechnogorsk in 12 cars and”violated all security measures and coronavirus restrictions”, Borodin told RT.

    “What they were trying to achieve is unclear”, says the expert. “Perhaps this is a planned action, not aimed at real assistance to citizens. Representatives of the “Alliance” have always tried by their actions to provoke the authorities into a conflict”.

    The Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region then called the incident in Solnechnogorsk “an unsuccessful attempt to account for the funds spent, which are collected from concerned citizens”.

    * The “Alliance of Doctors” was included in the register of NGOs performing the functions of a foreign agent by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated 03.03.2021.

    * * The Anti-Corruption Foundation is included in the register of NGOs performing the functions of a foreign agent by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated 09.10.2019.


    1. Page 44 of “Global trends” (see above):

      National debt levels have risen in almost every country since the 2007-08 global financial crisis and are likely to continue to face upward pressure through at least 2040. Strong borrowing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, rising old-age dependency burdens in most of the largest economies, and increased
      demands on governments to spur economic growth as well as respond to other global challenges have all contributed to the debt levels. National debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratios were higher in 2019 than in 2008 in almost 90 percent of advanced economies, including the United States and Japan, and leapt upward in 2020 because of the pandemic and government responses. Average debt ratios in
      emerging markets in 2019 were comparable to those that prevailed during the debt crisis wave of the mid-1980s and 1990s. In 2019, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) assessed that approximately two-fifths of low-income developing countries were at high risk of, or in, debt distress. During the next few decades, the economic costs of aging will strain public finances in all G20 economies, unless difficult
      decisions are made to reduce benefits or raise taxes. Reducing national debt ratios during the next
      20 years is likely to be even more challenging than during the decade that followed the financial crisis. The cost of providing healthcare and pensions in most of the largest economies, as well as paying for other social programs, will remain a drag on discretionary spending without major productivity gains
      or a reduction in the cost of these services. Slow economic growth in some economies could reduce tax revenues and impair governments’ ability to reduce spending because of the need to invest in economic recovery and infrastructure or respond to the effects of climate change.

      According to “Global Trends”, national debt as a percentage of GDP was less than 25% in 2007 in what were the territories of the USSR, and in the Covid-year of 2020 it still remains less than 25% of GDP in those former territories, except for Yukiestan, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Turkmenistan.

      Amerika — stronk!

      Russia — weak!


      1. Canada was evidently reluctant to accept its role as a western country, and take on unmanageable levels of debt through out-of-control money-printing and general mockery of anything that looked like fiscal prudence. But the western alliance at last found a real Canadian leader who would be One Of The Boys.


  63. From her who knows everything about everything:

    The issue of war has not yet been resolved
    Under what conditions is it likely to occur? Explains Yulia Latynina

    11: 54, April 10, 2021

    An echelon of Russian military equipment is being transported to the Ukrainian border. Video frame, April 2021

    Russia is moving troops to the border with the Ukraine. Their concentration in the region, “the Conflict Intelligence Team points out”, is already threatening, and they are still moving, the railways are clogged. The Ukrainian generals counted 24 battalion tactical groups, i.e. about 20 thousand people (which is not enough for a full-fledged invasion), but the equipment and manpower continue to be drawn together, and moreover they are transferring them not to the self-proclaimed “LPR” – “DPR”, but to the Crimea and directly to the border with the Ukraine.

    Three large amphibious assault ships of the Baltic fleet passed through the English Channel, heading South. TV propagandists froth when they tell about a child killed by Ukrainian fascists with the help of a drone (the circumstances of the death are not reliably established). And the statements of Russian officials that we, of course, are not going to fight, but if the Ukrofashists attack, we will fightback, do not inspire optimism.

    It has been a common practice since the Soviet era that we never attack, but only fight back.

    Theoretically, the war with Ukraine can develop in two scenarios.

    The first: the official entry of troops into Donetsk and Luhansk and the annexation of these territories on the model of the Crimea.

    This scenario is almost unbelievable, because Donetsk and Lugansk are much more profitable for Moscow in the status in which they exist today — as a cancer in the body of the Ukraine. This status is fixed by the Minsk agreements, which are most beneficial for Russia, and such a crossbow at the cost of new sanctions is an irrational thing. In addition, for such an operation, it is not necessary to transfer tanks to the Crimea and lead ships through the English Channel.

    The second option is a new attempt to bring the idea of New Russia, this time not by pseudoarthrosis, and by conventional military invasion, of course, appropriately furnished (bloody Yukies began to kill Russians in Odessa, etc.) A tank strike from Belgorod through Kharkov in the direction of Zaporizhia to encircle the left-bank Ukrainian groups in the Donbass, complemented by a deep strategic blow to the rear — a landing between Mykolaiv and Odessa in order to cut off the Ukraine from the sea.

    Such a scenario is likely, especially when you consider that the Kremlin seems to be planning that the West will try to stop the fighting at all costs, as it already did in Georgia in 2008 and in the Ukraine in 2014.

    In this case, the war will be short-lived. Macron (the most likely candidate for mediation) will return home in triumph, explaining that he saved the Ukraine from Russia,

    and the Kremlin, rather than munching, will digest the coastal strip from Mariupol to Kherson (or as much as it is able to).

    This will allow it to please the hearts of citizens with a small victorious war, as well as completely solve all the unpleasant problems associated with the impoverishment of the country, the epidemic, corruption and Navalny at the expense of popular enthusiasm.

    As for the sanctions that are so frightening: “Oh, Oh, how can they start a war, they will disconnect us from SWIFT!”, then here

    I am forced to disappoint you: the Kremlin needs sanctions, moreover, they are necessary as a way to explain the reason for the impoverishment of the nation.

    The old model of the relationship between the government and the plebs, which was formed during the period of high oil prices, when the budget flowed like a sieve, filling Swiss banks, but also the population was hit in the moustache, is exhausted. There is no money for the people. We don’t have enough money for yachts. Under these conditions, the Kremlin will reset social obligations in favour of yachts for socially close people and in favour of the Rosgvardiya. A pension of 14 thousand rubles. not so long ago, there was $500, and you could live on it. Now it’s $200. If it becomes 100 or 50, it will be quite easy for the budget.

    And do not think that the people will not be able to bear impoverishment. The one who has bread thinks about freedom, and the one who has no bread thinks about bread. Citizens who earn money vote for an autocrat worse than their comrades who receive handouts. The thing about beggarly handouts is that you have to be beggars to enjoy them. The trick is just to explain to the plebs why they are impoverished, and the war is the perfect explanation. It’s the damned West. These are all because of its sanctions.

    I must admit that I never thought that the Kremlin was capable of engaging in a real war. Until now, it has always preferred hybrid wars, that is, those in which the actual fighting is only a pretext for the war that is going on on the TV screen, and they can be fought by the forces of “miners” and “tractor drivers”. That is, if anybody happens to be there.

    The fact is that a real little victorious war has the unfortunate property that it can be lost, as Minister Plehve once found out. And a lost war is absolutely disastrous for a politician. And it does not add lustre to the dictator.

    Moreover, even if the war is not lost, but turns into a protracted conflict, the enthusiasm of the masses will begin to fall as the number of funerals increases.

    A short-term patriotic rush will be replaced by a severe backlash, especially as the “United Russia” nuclear electorate will be the ones receiving the funerals in the Russian context.

    Hybrid warfare has the advantage over real warfare in that it can never be lost. And if there are corpses in the course of it, then most of them are mercenaries, for whom no one with any sense will cry.

    But I strongly suspect that the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, during which the technically superior Azerbaijani army staged a short and bloody rout, made a great impression on the Kremlin and made it overestimate many things.

    In short, I believe that the Kremlin will decide to go to war if four conditions are met:

    • The war will be short-lived.

    • It will be as hybrid as possible.

    • It will allow the social obligations of the state to be reset .

    • It will strengthen the government and solve all problems with the opposition.

    What can prevent a war from being started?

    War can be averted if the United States and Europe firmly make two things clear to Russia. First, the war will end with the delegitimization of Russian power. Not by disabling SWIFT, not by cancelling Nord stream: it will end with the West ceasing to see Putin as the only alternative ruler of Russia, with all the temptations that follow for the Russian elite.

    And second, if Russia is given to understand that the West will protect the Ukraine, and not seek to stop the war at all costs. That there will be no new Minsk agreements. No Macron getting wet at the Victory Parade without an umbrella. War will mean war. Not the sanctions that impoverishment is so smart to write off. Not negotiations: Hooray, let’s talk about Kharkiv instead of Navalny! Not the Solovyovs on the screen, who will talk about babies crucified by Ukrofashists. And it will mean military assistance to the Ukrainian army, a meat grinder at the front and funerals coming to the nuclear electorate.

    Then there is a chance to avoid war.

    Every day we tell you about what is happening in Russia and the world. Our journalists are not afraid to extract the truth in order to show it to you.

    In a country where the authorities constantly want to ban something, including telling the truth, there should be publications that continue to engage in real journalism.

    Your support will help us, Novaya Gazeta, continue to be such a publication. Make your contribution to the independence of journalism in Russia right now.

    Hurrah for Marshal Latynina!

    What she doesn’t know about anything is not worth knowing!

    Fucking traitorous slag!

    Time for another bucket of shit in her face methinks!


    1. Yulichka badly covets a role as a commentator on military affairs, like retired General Wesley Clark, and fancies herself quite a tactician. In fact, she is really just Pavel Felgenhauer with tits. They share an annoying technique of trying to cover every possibility, so that they can be at least partly right no matter what happens. Felgenhauer’s star rose ascendant for a brief time when he ‘correctly predicted’ the 2008 conflict with Georgia. Those who thought he was psychic forgot that he also predicted Georgia would win, predicted that it might not happen until 2010 and predicted that it might not happen at all.

      Yulia returns to a treasured personal theme here – the poor should not be allowed to vote. Her theory is that Putin could be voted out if only he didn’t starve the people so, then promise them bread right around election time. Apparently it has never occurred to the opposition figures she favours to promise them more bread, or maybe bread and smoked fish. Putin gets to call the shots only because he has the secret recipe for bread, which he jealously guards. Certainly made a believer out of Vickie Nuland, who used the advice to conquer the Maidan and win the hearts of the Ukrainians with just a couple of big sacks of dinner rolls, so maybe there is something to it after all.

      Yulia’s military chops are achieved by starting from a conclusion – Russia will most likely go to war with Ukraine – and then work backward looking for signs and portents which support that conclusion, or appear to. The 247th Tank Guards just got a new Commanding Officer; that must mean the previous one did not want to fight the Ukrainians, and was sacked for his disloyalty and replaced with a Putin crony. That sort of thing. I don’t even know if there is a 247th Tank Guards, I just made it up as an example. But she’s done this before, croaking about war and citing military appointments to support her reasoning. Like every big country with a large military, Russia seeks to build a large pool of trained officers with command experience, and Commanding Officers are regularly rotated out and replaced – what dolt would keep the same Generals in charge for decades, never training any of their subordinates? On the first day of the war the enemy would only need to kill about 25 Generals and the entire Army would collapse. But I’m sure you get my meaning – she sees omens everywhere that her prediction is coming true, most of them ordinary events with simple explanations.

      Probably I am unwise to challenge the analysis of such a masterful strategist, but I am going to go out on a limb and say it will not happen, and the more discussion of it that takes place, the less likely it is to occur. It is now abundantly clear to Russia that Ukraine is making plans to attack it, it is alerted so any value of surprise is lost, it has had time to build up its forces for retaliation against any attack. It has taken advantage of that opportunity, and a sufficient element has accumulated that Ukraine would not be able to cross the border or achieve any penetration whatsoever, and would probably lose a majority of the attacking force to air attack in the counterstrike. Ukraine could strike the DNR/LPR instead, but the Russian military would be right next door, and the DNR/LPR are already part of Ukraine, albeit reluctant, The bone of contention here is Crimea, and that is part of Russia.

      Ukraine is ranked 25th among the world’s military nations by Global Firepower. Russia is 2nd.

      Russia outnumbers Ukraine in active-service personnel by five to one. The Ukrainian air force has been reduced by years of attrition to a handful of operational airframes. Russia has over 700 fighters and interceptors. Tanks? 13,000 against 2,430. Artillery pieces? 6,540 against 785. The numbers might vary a little depending on the site you use for comparison, but it is clear that Ukraine is vastly outmatched. Without surprise, it is asking people to sacrifice themselves for nothing substantial. The entire military strength of Russia could be brought to bear, if necessary, because it is right next door and has no logistics problem. Help for Ukraine is far away, and so far sounds mostly rhetorical. Ukraine could not prevail, could not even advance, so that battle would be joined with the Ukrainian forces not even out of Ukraine, and there is every probability they would be quickly driven back and in headlong retreat, with the fleeing forces subject to horrific attrition from air power. How far would they be pursued? Well, you tell me. Russia allowed Sarkozy to dissuade it from pursuing the fleeing Georgians all the way to Tbilisi. Would it be so approachable now, after years of sanctions and insult from Europe? I have to say I doubt it, and after considerable effort to warn Ukraine against taking that step and Ukraine’s pompous pronouncements and swaggering, Russia could throw them all the way back to Kiev, probably would, and there is not anything Europe or America could do about it. The Ukrainian military would not be a fighting force again for a decade at least.

      Only a lunatic would try it. Is Zelensky a lunatic? Probably not, He’s probably already regretting his military visits garbed in that stupid flak jacket, which makes him look like a waffle with legs.


      1. Professor Robinson posted a comment on RT the other day about this escalation and how Russia is portrayed as having the unbelievable temerity to deploy its forces near the Yukiestan border.

        As usual, dolts and trolls commented on the article, one in particular harping on about no one being able to criticize the Evil One here, that there is no freedom of expression, of the press in the Evil Empire, and that is why the Russians blissfully walk into a confrontation, believing all the shite pumped out to them in the Kremlin controlled media.

        He asked if there was any newspaper that dared to criticize the powers that be in Mordor; demanded that evidence of the existence of such be presented.

        So I posted that Latynina article above from “Novaya Gazeta”. asking the troll if he could read Russian, then if so, suggested that he read it.

        I got a thumbs down — one last time I looked. I reckon someone must have thought that by my posting of Latynina’s drivel, I was supportive of her.

        The troll responded further to others, who had started telling him vulgarly that he was clueless about Russia, that Putin had Politkovskaya murdered because he did not like her criticism.

        I should add that the comments made to RT and Sputnik are often unbelievably stupid. It’s all Anglo-Zionists this and Anglo-Zionists that.


      2. I took an instant dislike to Latynina several years ago whilst watching her interview on TV here an academic about Soviet history. The topic of the interview was the accusations made by the Baltic States and Poland that the Second World War in Europe did not end for them until Soviet forces had withdrawn from their territories.

        So the historian, a serious, mild mannered, quiet, bespectacled man gave very carefully worded replies to these accusations. Latynina’s response was simply to indulge in bouts of Homeric laughter. She did not counter the historian’s arguments, just guffawed — on an on.

        The mild-mannered man ignored her boorish behaviour, regularly paused until she had ended yet another bout of her belly-laughter, then continued.

        She’s a cnut.


  64. InfoBRICS: Kissinger Warns Washington to Accept New Global System or Face a Pre-WWI Geopolitical Situation

    …In a Chatham House webinar with former British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt last Thursday, 97-year-old Kissinger called on the U.S. to create a balance with existing global forces, adding “if you imagine that the world commits itself to an endless competition based on the dominance of whoever is superior at the moment, then a breakdown of the order is inevitable. And the consequences of a breakdown would be catastrophic.”

    The veteran diplomat urged the U.S. to understand that not every issue has “final solutions” and warned “if we don’t get to an understanding with China on that point, then we will be in a pre-World War One-type situation in which there are perennial conflicts that get solved on an immediate basis but one of them gets out of control at some point.”…

    Even a genocidal mass murdering maniac can be right once or twice in a lifetime!


  65. 20: 51 April 9, 2021
    Who will be the next to escape from the sinking FBK ship?

    Associates of convicted blogger Aleksy Navalny are gradually fleeing to Europe, fleeing from criminal prosecution for their crimes.

    Key media personalities of FBK (recognized as a foreign agent), except for the founder of the Foundation Aleksey Navalny, who is serving a sentence, and several of his closest associates, continue to incite Russians to participate in illegal actions while outside the Russian Federation. They chose to leave the country to avoid responsibility for numerous offences, including financial fraud. At the same time, having settled comfortably abroad, inspired by a sense of their own impunity, they expose their own supporters and colleagues to attack.

    Who has fled abroad?

    Executive Director of FBK Vladimir Ashurkov left for Europe in April 2014 after having been put on the Federal wanted list on fraud charges. He was held for a case of embezzlement of funds collected during the election campaign of Navalny for mayor of Moscow in 2013. In 2015, he was granted political asylum in the UK. Despite the flight and his very obvious reluctance to return to his homeland, this does not stop him thinking about himself. So, in January of this year, he appealed to the US President with a request to impose sanctions on a number of Russian politicians and businessmen who, in his opinion, are involved in the “persecution” of the founder of the Fund.

    Nominee Director of FBK Ivan Zhdanov in January 2021 urgently went to Germany through the territory of Belarus. He is involved in several criminal cases at once, including a case of laundering money obtained by criminal means. Not so long ago, apparently, he moved to the Baltic States, from where his fugitive associates are now conducting subversive activities.

    The head of Navalny’s network of headquarters (a structural division of the foreign agent FBK) put on the Federal and interstate wanted list in the CIS Leonid Volkov, against whom the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation opened a criminal case on January 28, 2021, under part 2 of article 151.2 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (inducing minors to commit illegal actions), is hiding from responsibility in Lithuania. This is evidenced by the transmissions of “Navalny LIVE”, which have been released since February of this year. In videos on his YouTube channel, he continues to cover the opposition agenda and calls on Russians to support the campaign for Navalny’s release.

    In addition to Volkov, Maria Pevchikh, the head of the FBK Investigation Department has also made various statements in the same Studio in the Baltic States. A number of media outlets have reported that she lives permanently in London and rarely comes to Russia, despite the fact that in Zelenograd she has an elderly grandmother, Valentina Vasilyevna. The identity of the mysterious companion of Aleksey Navalny became known to the general public only in 2020. The ” anti-corruption Fund” (inoagent) for some reason carefully concealed it, probably owing tothe fact that she could be a link with Western curators.

    To be continued . . .


    1. Georgy Alburov is not wanted — unlike most of his colleagues. He is only a witness in the “sanitary case” — a series of criminal cases initiated for violating sanitary and epidemiological standards during unauthorized actions in Moscow on January 23, 2021. Nevertheless, the FBK employee has left the country and is transmitting on the airwaves along with the rest of Navalny’s associates hiding in Europe.

      FBK project Manager Ruslan Shaveddinov, who has evaded military service, has also appeared on the stream from Lithuania. The background and table are the same as in the February “Navalny LIVE” broadcasts with other Fund functionaries. There is no information in open sources confirming his departure from Russia. Apparently, he followed in the footsteps of his runaway colleagues and quietly left the country. However, he is no stranger to hiding abroad while opposition supporters take part in illegal street actions. In August 2019, the 25-year-old activist was already holed up in Riga with Volkov and Kira Yarmysh under the pretext of participating in the Foundation’s Boris Nemtsov Conference.

      The wife of the founder of FBK, Yulia Navalnaya, flew to Germany in March and has never visited her husband in the correctional colony (IK-2) in the Vladimir region, where he is serving his sentence.

      Who remains in the Russian Federation?

      The founder of the anti-corruption Foundation, Aleksey Navalny, will not be able to join his associates hiding in Lithuania for the next few years. The blogger returned to Russia after having been “poisoned” on January 17, 2021. Upon arrival, he was detained for multiple violations of the suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case, according to which he was required to report to the penitentiary Inspectorate on certain days. On February 2, 2021, the Simonovsky Metropolitan court decided to replace the suspended sentence with 3.5 years in a General regime penal colony, taking into account house arrest.

      Lyubov Sobol the FBK lawyer has not left Russia yet. In February of this year she was charged under the ” sanitary case “(article 236 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation) and in the case of entering a dwelling (part 2 of article 139 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation). In April, the Moscow city court placed the activist under house arrest for her instigating certain actions and for inciting violations of sanitary norms at an unauthorized rally on January 23. It is prohibited for her to leave her place of residence [her house arrest was lifted yesterday. Krysha? — ME] between 20:00 and 06:00, as well as a prohibition on contacting persons involved in this criminal proceeding who are acting as witnesses, victims, accused parties or suspects; to use mail, Telegraph, Internet and telephone communication in circumstances related to the investigation. It is obvious that she does not plan to run abroad in the near future, as she expects to receive a mandate as a State Duma Deputy in the autumn elections.

      To be continued . . .


      1. Also, the head of the head of the “Alliance of Doctors” (recognized as a foreign agent) still remains in the country.) Anastasia Vasilyeva and Navalny’s press Secretary Kira Yarmysh, are accused in the “sanitary case”. The first, like Sobol, was put under house arrest, but for an illegal action near the colony in Pokrov, where the founder of FBK is incarcerated. The court may reconsider its decision against the violator.

        Vladimir Milov has not run away to the Baltic States or Germany, and he feels quite well in Russia, because no one is looking for him or prosecuting him. This closest associate of Aleksey Navalny has not yet been noted for serious offences. At the same time, in recent months, he has not shown such activity on the Network as have his colleagues who have fled to Europe.

        Who is going to be next?
        The list of FBK employees who have gone under the sponsorship wing of the EU may soon be replenished. And it will definitely not be the founder and main inspirer of the Foundation, since he still has to serve two and a half years in a penal colony. Sobol is unlikely to abandon her ambitious plans before the end of the parliamentary elections, and Vasilyeva , having actually taken her place, is fueling the protest movement with slogans for the release of Navalny. Vladimir Milov could have left the country a long time ago, but did not do so, since he is not a person involved in criminal cases.

        Of all the most infamous associates of the convicted blogger, only Kira Yarmysh remains, who will be under house arrest until June 23. It is she who is most likely the next to escape to Europe, where her beloved Ruslan Shaveddinov is already waiting for her. As the number of FBK employees who have gone abroad increases, the degree of their criticism of the current government is likely to increase.

        Author: Olga Sokolova


  66. There is a large billboard behind our facility that faces one of the busiest interstate highways in the US. Previous messages were for a Toledo Casino, a Cannabis shop, a public service message about using the correct size auto child’s seat, etc.

    The new image is an extreme closeup of a black person’s face (eyes and nose) staring out over the expressway. The face is youthful. No words, no other graphics. One would assume that it is part of a national ad campaign but promoting what? A black Big Brother?


  67. Euroshites begging their master to beat big, bad Russia:

    03: 11, 11 April 2021
    Europe calls on US to tighten sanctions against Russia

    Head of the leading factionEuropean Parliament — “European people’s party” (EPP) — Manfred Weber called on the United States, together with Europe, to tighten sanctions against Russia, writes TASS.

    He called for tougher restrictions in the event of an escalation of the situation in Eastern Ukraine. Weber claims that Moscow allegedly “continues the course of dangerous provocations”, and “the strengthening of the military presence around the East of Ukraine is a test of the West”, Weber said.

    The head of the faction stressed that freezing the accounts of oligarchs or disconnecting Russia from SWIFT should become real options in the event of an escalation.

    In March, the European Union extended individual sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine for another six months. Sanctions against those who are considered responsible for “undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine” apply to 177 citizens and 48 legal entities. This means freezing their foreign accounts and blocking access to various EU economic resources.

    The EU Council recalls that it does not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia. Sanctions on this issue against the Russians were introduced in March 2014.

    These sanctions will never be lifted, in my opinion. I simply cannot imagine the USA and Europe saying “Oh all right then, keep your Crimea!” The Ukraine government will certainly never say that. So its going to be a state of permanent “hybrid war” — Atlantica against slitty-eyed, non-European, barbarian Orcasia —1984 and all that. The regular hate-fests directed by Big Brother in the Great Hegemony against the permanent enemy have been a feature of life now since the “End of History” appeared in 1992.


    1. I agree the sanctions are likely permanent, but that does not matter much because they are no longer really significant – everyone involved has adjusted to them and now it is just reality. Russia continues large energy exports to Europe because they cannot get it anywhere else, and the Poles have to sell their apples to Europe. No French cheese for the St Petersburg liberals, quelle dommage!

      Firmer sanctions are a safe petition because everyone but the Americans knows they are not doing anything.


  68. US needs Turkey for its al-Qaeda and ISIS links

    Turkey’s manipulation of ‘Islamist terrorists’ as geopolitical tools in Syria will come in handy for US-led regime change in Afghanistan

    by MK Bhadrakumar

    Exactly a decade after the United States sought a pioneering role for Turkey by launching the regime change project in Syria, it has solicited help from Ankara for another political transition in the Greater Middle East – in Afghanistan.

    Analogies never hold 100% in politics or diplomacy but the similarities are striking…

    Plenty more at the link including a reminder of Turkey & the US’s crucial role in backing violent jihadism in Syria, for freedumb of course!

    HTS will be backed by the US until one of its members is tied to a terrorist attack in the United States. The free, independent and fearless US corporate media will conveniently ignore this support of many years.


  69. Ukraine pouts that Russia is ruining a perfectly good Ukrainian invasion to liberate Crimea and return it to Ukraine’s loving arms. Anyone with a shred of culture would let Ukraine win, pretend to be surprised by its assault and quickly sue for peace on Ukraine’s terms. But the Moskals, of course, are pigs and know nothing of manners.

    “The liberation of the temporarily occupied territories by force will inevitably lead to the death of a large number of civilians and losses among the military, which is unacceptable for Ukraine. Being devoted to universal human values and norms of international humanitarian law, our state puts the lives of its citizens in the first place,” the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.”

    Translation – we could easily liberate the temporarily occupied territories if we chose. The problem is, Ukrainians would get hurt, and some might even be killed, and that’s not what we’re about. We are a compassionate military, that invades sovereign states only with the full approval of international law and under conditions in which only enemy forces are hurt or killed. If it appears that the chosen enemy will not comply with our procedures, then we must reluctantly withdraw, But don’t think it is because we couldn’t do it. Because we totally could. Or because we are scared. Because we totally are not.


    1. The irony here is that Russia acted in exactly the manner Ukraine claimed it would have; even to the point that Crimea was temporarily occupied (by Kiev) and liberated with minimal force.


      1. Two deaths during the “annexation”, one from each side, both by a single sniper shot. Not known who shot whom. Out of the darkness came each shot, assailants not identified.

        Both victims had a joint funeral in the same church, therefore both were Russian Eastern Orthodox Christians (I somehow don’t think they were Crimean Tatars), both Crimeans, both groups of grieving relatives were side by side in the same church.

        And, under the guidance of their mentors, the Galitsian filth in Kiev filth looked on from afar, making hay with the “International Community” about “Russian aggression” as the sun shone.

        Meanwhile, as regards Crimeans only voting for re-unification with Russia “at the point of a Kalashnikov”, as that wanker Call-Me-Dave David Cameron said in the “Mother of Parliaments”, when the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea within the Ukraine, then home base for both the Russian and Ukrainian Black Sea fleets, seceded from Yukiestan, about 75% of the Ukrainian fleet personnel in the peninsula “defected” to the Orcs — under the point of a Kalashnikov, I presume.

        Naval chief Denis Berezovsky did defect, along with several of his commanders, and was later made deputy chief of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

        Many in the ranks followed suit. At one Ukrainian signals unit, service personnel were watching Russian television when President Vladimir Putin appeared on the screen.

        “To my surprise, they all stood up,” said Svyatoslav Veltynsky, an engineer at the unit. “They had been waiting for this.” The majority of the unit defected to the Russian side.

        The above from:

        Why Ukrainian forces gave up Crimea without a fight – and NATO is alert

        Of course, according to Reuters, it all happened because for years it had been meticulously planned by those sneaky Orcs, who, remember, are also mind-numbingly stupid at the best of times. However, as that chief-wanker at NATO and lump of Norwegian wood Jens Stoltenberg is quoted as saying in the above linked article:

        We always have to be vigilant. We always have to develop our intelligence tools and to be able to see any attempts to try to undermine the loyalty of our forces.

        Yes, quite, Jens!

        Now fuck off, will you?


        1. Check out RL/RFE below on the 75% defection of the Ukrainian Black Sea fleet personnel to the Orcs and how those brave Yukies are now rebuilding their fleet:

          When Russia seized the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, Ukraine’s navy lost nearly all of its ships and most of its sailors quit or defected. Now, with help from its allies, Ukraine is slowly getting its sea legs back. This is the story of those who remained loyal to Ukraine and were forced to choose between family and country when they left Crimea. But, as they rebuild their lives and their nation’s fleet, rough waters lie ahead with Russia flexing its maritime muscle on the Black Sea.

          Ukraine’s Navy: A Tale Of Betrayal, Loyalty, And Revival
          April 27, 2020 11:47 GMT

          How sad!


      2. I didn’t see that, but you are completely right. And their excuse would be, well, we had it before you. I wish they would say that, because that, coincidentally, would also be Russia’s justification. In the end, someone might have to just ask the Crimeans what they preferred. Oh, wait; that’s already been done. But it was declared ‘unacceptable’ by the Beacon of Freedom.


  70. Neuters via India protests U.S. Navy’s transit through its exclusive economic zone

    …However, the former Chief of India’s Naval Staff Arun Prakash questioned why the U.S. announced the operation in the waters of an apparent ally.

    “For the 7th Fleet to carry out FoN missions in Indian EEZ in violation of our domestic law is bad enough. But publicising it?” he wrote on Twitter on Friday…

    Which part or the ‘agreement’ didn’t India understand when it signed up as buddies with the USA? The US is always the star, allies have a status as fans.

    Still, it’s a warning to Washington to not take India for granted. Give the USA an inch and it will take a mile…


    1. And only a day after conducting exercises with Indian naval units. Short memory, or making sure to set a certain tone?

      Of course, an ADIZ such as those which push US and UK ‘airspace’ far beyond their actual limits, and will buy you an escort by a fighter if you come inside without a detailed report on who you are and why you are there, is not an ‘excessive claim’. Because they’re special, and one of therm is exceptional.


      1. Did Delhi just yield the Indian Ocean to the US?

        Last week’s US Navy freedom of navigation operation showed it regards India’s EEZ as part of a ‘global commons’ where US will act as it deems fit

        by MK Bhadrakumar

        …Make no mistake, what happened is the military equivalent of the great American diplomat-scholar George Kennan’s written comment about the oil reserves in the Persian Gulf. They were “our resources,” he wrote, integral to America’s prosperity, and therefore the US should take control of them. (Which it did, of course.) …

        …Simply put, the US regards India’s EEZ as part of “global commons” where it will exercise its (perceived) prerogative to act in its supreme national interests, as it deems fit. The “defining partnership of the 21st century” with India will not inhibit Washington from pursuit of American interests…

        Plenty more at the link.

        US allies sit in the back, and rarer so in the passenger seat. Buy our weapons and STFU.


  71. A British look at Navalny’s hunger strike.

    British Open Democracy journalist Tatiana Dvornikova (who must also be of English descent*) has written an article about how Navalny’s hunger strike destroys the symbolic boundary between the Russian prison system and the outside world. How did she manage to see in a pseudo-hunger strike the lofty aspirations of a liberal poet’s soul? Read the article.

    And only recently I was in Germany, free as a bird!

    In the article, the author tries to convince us that hunger strikes in the Russian Federation began under Putin, and he is to blame for everything. And, of course, only innocent people are on hunger strike.

    For example, in 2019 Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov conducted a 145-day hunger strike – one of the longest in history – to free all Ukrainian political prisoners. In 2016, Ukrainian military pilot [sic] Nadiya Savchenko went on hunger strike for more than three months with a short break.

    Well, everyone has seen the prison photos showing how they “starved” themselves in a harsh Russian prison.

    Sentsov shows no signs of exhaustion . . .

    Doesn’t look like an Auschwitz prisoner. Looks as though he’s It can be seen somehow mildly starving, taking food when hungry.

    Separate short-term hunger strikes have accompanied high-profile political cases of the last decade: defendants in the Network and New Greatness case, bogies Sergei Udaltsov and Sergei Krivov, Pussy Riot participants Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina, and ex-head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky were on hunger strike. The list goes on.

    [I cannot find the above quoted text in the English original —ME]

    Well, when terrorists, murderers and members of Pussy Riot starve and for whom you cannot find a normal definition, this, of course, tells us about the inhumanity of the Putin regime and the innocence of the victims. A guilty person will not starve.

    Some put forward large-scale demands — for example, the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners. Others used the hunger strike as a tool to protest prison conditions — often close to torture. Thanks to the publicity of the political prisoner and public pressure, the information agenda shifted in favour of the convict, and the authorities suffered serious reputational losses both within the country and abroad.

    Well, yes, they had got used to a luxurious apartment, good food, admiration of those around them, and then to a colony, live according toa schedule, work, eat in a canteen. It’s just torture. And to starve, demanding that all Ukrainians be released? And then you will die of hunger? And the authorities, like, suffered reputational losses? Who did?

    Alexei Navalny, who has gone on hunger strike demanding quality treatment, at first glance is fighting against specific measures of the prison administration and for his own well-being in prison. But his protest, watched by many not only in Russia but also abroad, threatens to escalate into a large-scale and protracted struggle — including for the improvement of detention conditions for all convicts.

    [It seems that the blogger is not using these quotation blocks to quote directly from the article, but to stress a point that Dvornikova is making in it — ME]

    And at second glance, I see that he is fighting for his fame and for nothing more. He doesn’t care about the conditions of the rest. Navalny is only insulted by the sweets, which the insidious head of the colony throws into his pockets. This is not a protest, this is an action. He could not even clearly explain the requirements at the beginning.

    In general, social ties and mutual assistance between prisoners remain the main mechanism for a successful detention in custody — and often a means of survival. Thus, prisoners share food and the usual prison goods — tea and cigarettes — with those who are deprived of them. The presence of a “common fund”, the exchange of goods and services become part of the informal prison life and make it possible to bypass the strict prohibitions that are spelled out in the rules.

    Here, the author of the article, Tatyana, went to the full extent of her imagination. Tatyana, what is the common fund in a general regime colony? Should we share tea and cigarettes with Navalny? Or nothing, that all this is bought in the prison shop? Unimpeded?

    If only i could eat lobster now!

    What are the strict prohibitions there? Have you seen the video shots of him there? My dorm in a pioneer camp was less comfortable. Suffering? An innocent victim of the regime?

    Moreover, staff often encourage such relationships themselves, while benefiting in concrete ways – for example, by earning money by sneaking phones, drugs and other ‘prohibition’ into pre-trial detention facilities and colonies; and by taking it away when necessary and promoting themselves to fight prison crime.

    I wonder what that was for in the article? To defame the Federal Penitentiary Service? Or was Navalny in urgent need of a dose?

    Navalny’s situation may indeed seem paradoxical: he exposes himself to hunger, whilst demanding an improvement in his physical condition.

    Well, I personally understand his selfishness. Everyone wants to live in a special position, and Navalny has been striving for this all his life. It is not clear what the author sees as paradoxical in this? That Navalny is not selfless? This is why saints don’t get into politics.

    But today, Navalny is denying the Federal Penitentiary Service the most important thing, namely to normalise the current situation in places of detention. By his own example, he demonstrates the inadequacy of the measures applied and obviously calls into question the entire departmental policy. By refusing to work, not buttoning his top button, and starving himself, he is doing what many prisoners cannot: he is not consenting.

    That’s why Navalny is doing it, I wrote above. I don’t know where in the United Kingdom they have put all the decent journalists. Maybe they have all been secretly repressed? Only a lunatic would write such nonsense seriously.

    Navalny’s fellow inmates report that he is not hungry but eats food from the prison shop. Of course, this information is unpleasant for his supporters to hear, because the bright image of the leader diminishes, so in the West such information does not pass even as speculation.

    It is also very interesting that when Bout’s wife was reporting on torture and health problems of her husband, our liberals were laughing with joy, but there was no reaction in the West. And when Navalny complained about his leg pain, that information went so far as to get Merkel and Macron interested. It’s a strange kind of selectivity, don’t you think?

    In the same way the British article expresses just a touching concern for Navalny. At the same time, all the scare stories, rumours and truths about the colonies are piled up, with no reference to where Aleksei is serving time. But at the same time they express concern for the health of a citizen of a foreign country who has nothing to do with the UK. One would like to ask, is everything all right in your country? Is Navalny the last unsolved problem in the world? Don’t you have anything else to do?

    This is the Evil Hamster with you. Thanks for reading the article. Comments, likes and opinions are welcome. Read on, look forward to more articles.

    For me, here is the main piece of shite Dvornikova has written:

    Thanks to this publicity, Navalny – whom the authorities tried to poison — has become the main object of observation of the entire country.

    and this:

    But now the opposition politician is drawing attention to the powerlessness that all Russian prisoners experience . . .

    All prisoners?

    Murderers, rapists, paederasts included?

    * She is not British:

    Tatiana Dvornikova

    Enough fucking well said!

    McDonald’s wouldn’t even employ her, so:

    Areas of interest:
    sociology of power and gender studies;
    prison and post-prison adaptation;
    social disqualification;
    urban studies;
    Northern Caucasus.
    Editor of the openDemocracy Russia.

    Graduated with honours from Russian State University for the Humanities in 2013, performed fieldwork on urban regimes in the cities of the Moscow region. Graduated from the MA program at the French University College, Moscow, with a thesis in sociology dedicated to informal norms and rules in Russia’s female penal colonies.

    Graduate of the MA program at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in Paris.

    Recipient of the scholarship from the Government of France for continued research, studied processes of post-carceral adaptation.

    Combines academic work with work as a journalist and editor. Numerous publications in Russian and international media. Recipient of prizes in Russian and international journalism.

    A Frogophile feminist sociologist no less!

    Almost as impeccable as a black lesbian single transgender parent.

    Her family name means “yard sweeper” by the way.


  72. From “Angry Hamster”, the blogger who wrote the above on Dvornikova (“daughter of a yard sweeper” to be exact):

    I read an interview with Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s chief of staff in exile. My impressions of the article.
    2 days ago

    Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s chief of staff, fled Russia in 2019. From Vilnius (the refuge of many” fighters ” against the regime), he continues the Navalny case. He gave an interview to the British edition of the Spectator [is there any other edition? — ME], from which it becomes clear that there is no opposition in the Kremlin. Why? Lets check the article out:

    Ran away from Russia, campaigning in Vilnius.

    [What is the bone-idle fat slob’s source of income, I wonder —ME]

    The beginning of the article is enchanting:

    Although Aleksey Navalny is in prison, the Russian opposition continues to fight against Vladimir Putin, who has ruled the Kremlin for a quarter of a century.

    Putin is still some way off a quarter of a century [in power} , but in an article about him in the West you can even write 30 years because no one knows how to count there anyway. A savage part of the world.

    The daunting task of replacing Putin with an opposition candidate is complicated by the fact that key opposition figures are now behind bars or in exile. Top aides to the Russian opposition leader Vladimir Ashurkov and Leonid Volkov have fled to London and Vilnius, respectively, while Navalny himself is serving a three-year prison sentence for far-fetched economic crimes.

    In a purely democratic sense, Volkov talks about replacing Putin with an opposition figure. The other option will probably be perceived by the curators as a failure. By the way, the phrase about far-fetched economic crimes sounds beautiful. And democratically so. Why challenge the verdict of the court and prove your innocence? It is enough to declare the crimes as being far-fetched. Interestingly, in a democratic United States for such a statement in the press about the court’s decision, what problems could you have?

    Nevertheless, Navalny’s inner circle continues to plan the overthrow of Putin from outside Russia. They believe they now have the support they need. Volkov says the first stage is mass protests. Navalny’s movement has already brought thousands of people into the streets since January, rallying and protesting openly. But now the opposition’s aim is to bring a million people out to protest marches. And all of them, in one voice at least, must demand the release of their leader.

    Megalomania in all its glory. In January quite a few people took to the streets in relation to the Russian population. And now, how could there suddenly be a million? No, they can write a billion in their claims, but to gather together an have them demand the release of Lyosha … I just don’t know how you could do that. For that, you’d have to campaign not only in Vilnius or London.

    “This is more than just a call to release Navalny. Our message is this: if you are dissatisfied with Putin for any reason — be it economic, political, or environmental-join us. Because if you have a small group, you will be dispersed and no one will hear you. Even if you are not a Navalny supporter, still join us so that we can rid the country of Putin. And then we’ll figure it out. We believe that a demonstration involving a million people is possible.”

    This call for action is just a bomb. If you are pursuing your own goals, drop them: you won’t succeed. Let’s all chase ours together. However, after the victory, we will not help you with your goals, but Navalny will be released and Putin overthrown. It sounds exactly like that to me. Especially life-affirming is the phrase: And then we’ll figure it out. Then there will be nothing to understand. The service rendered is already worthless.

    It is very clear that Putin’s political strategy is to stay in the Kremlin, and, of course, he does not want to leave. But we are fighting not only against Putin personally. We hope to achieve some kind of split in the ranks of the elite. We want some of his cronies, henchmen and supporters to rethink their personal strategy, turning against their patron. This is the most appropriate strategy for possible change. Maybe at some point his main supporters will see a huge tsunami of protests and realize that this is the best way out,” Volkov believes.

    Here you can immediately see that in the fall semester of 2018, Leonid Volkov completed a six-month training course at Yale University under the Maurice R. Greenberg “World Fellows Program”. This is the program of new “Guaidos” to replace elected presidents. However, judging by the wording, it looks like it is being taught by some backyard punk or Volkov never completed it. Writing about the president’s close supporters with the words “friends”, an adequate politician would not do so.

    And the whole “strategy” of these revolutionaries is aimed at splitting the ranks of the elite… Guys, what can you offer them in return? What they don’t have now? And again, it is unclear where the tsunami of protests will come from. No, dreams are great, but it didn’t work with Lukashenka, why should it work with Putin? Or do they not rewrite manuals so quickly?

    In part, the plan to split the regime from within is based on the fact that the West will hunt for Putin’s money and that of his inner circle. The West should look for his money. If you want leverage over Putin, if you want to push him into the abyss, you need to hunt for his money. It’s the only thing that can really hurt him.

    How long have they spent searching for Putin’s money in the West?

    Why he needs it there, no one can explain, but they are searching for it. However, soon the West will no longer be considered a safe deposit for money, and it will be drawn to the East. But it’s not the first time the West has shot itself in the foot, so keep on searching, guys and look better…maybe you’ll find a couple of groundnuts.

    “The most important lesson we have learnt from our investigation is not that he has such a magnificent and posh property by the sea. What we saw there is like an opportunity to read his thoughts, to see how he ticks. This is a man who has ruled the country for 20 years. During this time, he could have fulfilled any of his dreams. But obviously, his only dream is to have a big house with a huge amount of gold and rooms with red satin. He must have visited Versailles as a tourist, and it impressed him. He really thinks about his personal wealth.”

    The logic of the yard punks is rushing out of Volkov more and more. Transfer your dreams of money at any cost to others, this is the principle of our oppositionists. Putin has been credited with houses, palaces, yachts, bills abroad and in Russia without asking the question: why would a person who does not get out of the Kremlin need all this? Despite the fact that even to an imbecile it has long been clear that Putin prefers to relax in the wilderness, not in luxury.

    Volkov believes that Putin is probably one of the richest people in the world, despite his relatively modest presidential salary. Like many oligarchs, a significant part of his fortune must be kept abroad in offshore companies.

    Here again, you can see Volkov’s point. Guys, just because you have crawled up into a position of power for venal purposes, this does not mean that everyone is the same as you are. Putin doesn’t have any wealth. So get over it. Accept the fact that not everyone is a thief.

    “London has created an ideal environment for illegal Russian money. All leading institutions and agencies are involved in this process… Many Russians with close ties to Putin have joined British businesses, settled into the British public scene, and gained recognition for their wealth.”

    Are you suggesting that London will not seek out Putin’s money? Maybe it won’t. Or maybe it already has done and has given up on this unpromising pursuit. And no one will take money away from Putin’s notorious associates, otherwise there would be no money left in London.

    “Russia has always been an important European country and power —” explains Volkov. “Surveys show that Russians are very positive about open and free trade with Europe. They would also be happy to become EU citizens in the future. We do not see any serious obstacles on this path: the EU is open to us, although it is obvious that much will have to be rebuilt and created before that happens.”

    t’s hard to even comment on this delirium of inflamed consciousness, but I’ll try. Open and free trade with the EU, is this a type of Ukrainian association? When goods will flood into our market without duties, and into the EU strictly according to quotas? Joining the European Energy Package? Selling gas and oil on their terms? Is this the price of European support for Navalny and Volkov? Well, then we will remember the ’90s with nostalgia.

    In fact, fighting corruption is our philosophy, because corruption is the foundation of the entirety of Putin’s Russia.

    And Navalny is in jail for economic crimes. For embezzlement. But as soon as he becomes president, he will immediately change his jump shoes. He will become honest, principled, smart, far-sighted, and even beautiful. See here. Does anyone really believe that?

    It is impossible to describe Putin with words and concepts that are familiar to the British audience — the Russian elite is not worthy of such comparisons. For example, is Putin a liberal? Well, yes. We have a fixed, flat income tax, which is what any libertarian dreams of. Or maybe Putin has left-wing views? Definitely, yes: we have free health care and education, people do not pay for their studies at universities, some diseases are treated free of charge, and so on. Or maybe Putin is a nationalist? Of course, after all, he annexed the Crimea; he talks a lot about” protecting the Russian people”, he tries to spread Russian cultural influence everywhere. It turns out that Navalny and Putin are outside the political spectrum. Western notions of left-and right-wing divisions do not apply to Russian politics today.

    Here Volkov honestly listed the reasons for which Putin is respected and chosen. And he correctly said that Putin as a serious politician is out of the general spectrum. But it is unclear why he includes Navalny, who is understood by the West to be an ordinary corrupt liberal.

    “Navalny essentially wants to break this system by restoring political institutions such as independent courts, fair elections, and a free media. These are the main institutions that prevent corruption. If there is an independent court, if there are free elections, then corruption, of course, will still continue for some time. But it can no longer last long, because it will be destroyed.”

    I wonder if Navalnyites generally live in the real world or only in their own virtual one? Neither the courts nor elections cancel corruption. We see that in the West it is worse than in our country. But Volkov’s holy faith in the holy West is simply touching.

    “So,” continues Volkov, “we are talking about Navalny’s political course as a desire to build an ordinary European country. The tools that determine whether your country is on the right or on the left include the courts, the media, and elections. There is no such thing in Russia. Russian citizens cannot discuss whether they need a more liberal or more conservative economy. Our policy is to give them such tools: they shall decide for themselves, and everything will go as it should”.

    Well the best thing to say about the media as an independent entity is the fact that Assange is in prison for the truth. And no one is screaming about it in the West. Everything is fine. And Volkov’s ramblings about citizens deciding what kind of economy we need show that Volkov has no understanding of economics whatsoever.

    Putin has created many open wounds on the world map during his 20 years in power. Transdniestria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine. And that’s not all. Belarus may be next. And of course, there is Syria. Whenever Putin experiences problems with his rating in Russia, he tries to win it back through some foreign political adventure, usually with the use of military force.

    Here Volkov conveys the position of his European masters. Transnistria is Moldova’s fault and misfortune, Russia simply did not allow the genocide to be carried out there. Abkhazia honestly won its independence from Nazi Georgia. South Ossetia was saved from a massacre. The Crimea took advantage of the highest form of democracy, a referendum, which really annoys Western “democracies”. We are in Syria at the invitation of that country’s government, but the “Democrats” from the United States are not. And Donbass and Luhansk are 200% Ukraine’s fault.

    The article shows that the cowardly, runaway Volkov is just a run-of-the-mill agent of the West, poorly versed in politics and economics. However, he does not need these abilities.. If Navalny comes to power, experts will come from the West — or our Sobchak types will do the job. Volkov is ready to destroy the country for the sake of his ambitions and is ready to lie to any politician who does not agree with him.

    You have had the Angry Hamster with you. Thank you for reading this article. I shall be pleased to read comments and receive likes. Write your opinion. Read and wait for new articles.


    1. That guy is GOOD; I wish he wrote in English.

      I would just add a small point about his contention that you could not get away with referring to a western court verdict against western economic crimes as ‘far-fetched’. You probably would attract some sort of ire from the legal community, but the salient point there is that the west really does not consider Navalny’s defrauding of Yves Rocher – and, to some extent, the trucking company, to whom they paid the least amount they could negotiate – as a crime at all. The ECHR said as much, that it was difficult to discern his activities from the normal course of doing business. Translation, everyone in the west rips everyone else off to the extent the victim will put up with it.

      The important subtext there, though, is that small-time grifters like Navalny very seldom get away with schemes like that in the west. Petty crime in the west is mostly violent, like robberies. Wise-guys without a patron in the west get squished by the next Mr. Big one level up. Navalny would not have gotten away with his scheme in the west because, upon learning of it, Yves Rocher or whatever company it was would have had a word in the right ear, and suddenly Navalny and his brother would have gotten the shit beat out of them and the money taken away. Lesson learned.


  73. Volkov is a sewer rat (sorry sewer rats for being so offensive!):

    Leonid Volkov as a mirror of the cowardice and betrayal of Navalny’s entourage
    1 April

    The reaction of Leonid Volkov, one of the closest associates of blogger Aleksey Navalny, who is serving a sentence in a penal colony, to reports in anonymous Telegram channels that he is going to return to Russia on a Berlin – St. Petersburg flight today, is extremely revealing. It is important to note in this regard that the telegrammers emphasized in their message the fact that Volkov’s planned return to Russia is primarily due to the fact that he was going to take a more active part in the release of his boss from prison. Naturally, the news announced on April 1 turned out to be an ordinary April Fool’s prank – nevertheless, the reaction of the opposition party and Leonid Volkov himself to it deserves special attention, as it reveals the nature of relationships in this environment and shows what all the public exhortations of liberals and loud screams in the spirit of “one for all and all for one” are really worth.

    The case of Volkov, who has been hiding abroad for several years in a row, shows the level of separation from reality among opposition leaders and their unwillingness to share with their colleagues the full burden of the “struggle against the regime”. Volkov made a separate reservation about the fact that he and Navalny allegedly discussed in advance the management of the FBK network and headquarters and they decided that Volkov should remain at large to coordinate activities. However, if we analyze the situation from a moral and ethical point of view, then when Volkov is safe in the Baltic States, all his calls to go to uncoordinated and illegal protest actions are at least a mockery of the life and fate of FBK activists and sympathizers inside Russia. It is quite easy to encourage people to go out to street actions while being safe and receiving multimillion-dollar grants under the guise of donations.

    IIn principle, after having read read an interview published the day before with Alena Narvskaya, a former activist in Navalny’s Moscow headquarters, any questions about the morality and ethics of opposition figures fall completely off the table. Volkov is described there as a man who is hovering in some utterly exorbitant empire, and focusing on unrealistic figures for the number of events at the campaign headquarters. Understanding this, it must be said that the upcoming protests that Volkov has announced in some kind of “new format” are almost the only and last thread that can keep the whole network afloat.

    It is obvious that the main role of the FBK as a “drain tank” for compromising material from various intra-elite groups is finally dying out. It also becoming toxic to work with Navalny’s structures for any more or less adequate person, since they are tightly mired in collaboration with Western special services and work against the national interests of the country. By refusing to come to Russia and being hysterical about the criminal cases brought against him, Volkov exposes his own fears — fear