Doctor Politico, Reliable Journatard.

Uncle Volodya says, “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

“We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.”

Carl Bernstein

Don’t wanna be an American idiot,
One nation controlled by the media;
Information age of hysteria…

Green Day, from “American Idiot

Is there, anywhere in the great trackless expanse of the internet, a pseudo-news site more gratuitously insulting, more deliberately offensive than Politico?

I have to say, the hysterical, grunting, wild-eyed hatred routinely on show there reminds me of La Russophobe in her prime. Its reliance on anyone who will say what it wants to hear reminds me of her sycophantic celebration of the ‘work’ of Paul Goble, deep thinker and self-confessed former CIA spook operating from darkest Taunton, Virginia. Once described by Mark Adomanis – remember him? Lithuanian by descent, referred to Edward Snowden as the worst kind of traitor until outed by a commenter as a former employee himself of Booz Allen Hamilton, the security consultancy which had employed Snowden – as ‘a whore who trawls through the lowest gutter press in Russia such as Novaya Gazeta, translates their articles and passes them off as analysis’. Anyway, the default mode at Politico is ‘unhinged’, while its agenda is as easy to see as a turd in a punchbowl, and about as edifying.

The example I’m most recently acquainted with is this hatchet job on Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Let me say up front that I am not a believer in any of the current magic vaccines, and am not interested in being vaccinated with any of them. However, this nakedly partisan attack is in a class by itself; over-the-top hyperbole that labels everything that comes from Russia a weapon. Let’s take a look.

The piece starts out neutrally enough, mentioning – accurately, enjoy it, because that might be the last time you see it for awhile – that the Russian vaccine was given the stamp of approval by The Lancet, Europe’s leading and most-respected medical journal. I would just point out here, in fairness, that The Lancet is as guilty of political bias as anything in print, and only last year was forced to withdraw its approval of a study which found hydroxychloroquine completely ineffective against the symptoms of coronavirus, and even hazardous to health. It transpired the study relied on a database which was mostly bullshit, and was overseen by a director at Brigham & Women’s Health Hospital which was at that time carrying out a trial of Remdesvir, hydroxychloroquine’s rival and a clear conflict of interest. As if that were not enough, America’s ‘leading infectious disease expert’, Dr. Anthony Fauci – living proof that if you claim every possible position on an issue, you are bound to be right on one of them – also piled on that no randomized, placebo-controlled studies have found hydroxychloroquine to be effective. For the record, it is possible if not probable that hydroxychloroquine’s studied efficacy was due to other factors. That does not change the fact that if Dr. Fauci told me my own name, I would check my driver’s license to make sure he was not lying.

Be that as it may, Politico quickly shifted into its customary sneering derision. It also wants you to know that Moscow ‘humiliated’ EU leader Josep Borrell when all he wanted to do was congratulate Russia on its success. In fact Borrell was in Moscow to talk about the Sputnik V vaccine, with a view to securing some doses for the EU. And if he had confined himself to that subject, he would have been warmly received. Unfortunately, he also wanted to shoot his European mouth off about ‘political dissident’ and ‘opposition leader’ Alexey Navalny, and to convey Europe’s absolute insistence that he be released ‘immediately and unconditionally’, which kind of smothered any possibility of cordiality from that moment on. Kind of like how if Lavrov visited Borrell in his native Spain, and ordered him to release Catalan leader Oriol Junqueras would go over among the Spanish.

“It’s a nightmare,” said German Green Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, an MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee. Likening Russia’s Sputnik strategy to its sports doping scandal, she called it an “urgent matter” that demands the EU’s attention.”

What, you mean Russia’s ‘sports doping scandal’ which saw 28 of 39 convictions overturned on appeal, and Olympic medals which had been ordered stripped from the athletes reinstated? That doping scandal? The one that saw the prosecution’s star witness, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, crash and burn like the Hindenburg? That doping scandal?

“How the Times could provide such minimal coverage of these important April 2018 reasoned CAS decisions on matters on which the Times had extensively reported is inexplicable. By allowing the Russian athletes, for the very first time, to confront their accusers with cross-examination, the CAS was in a position to make startling revelations about Rodchenkov and McLaren. Rodchenkov, for example, admitted that he never personally witnessed any accused Russian athlete committing doping violations themselves, including taking the illegal drug cocktail, giving a clean urine sample out of competition, tampering with a urine sample, or transmitting information to co-conspirators about the coding on the drug sample after it had been given.

Furthermore, several of Rodchenkov’s explanations of events were simply not believable. For example, Rodchenkov had stated that the swapping of urine samples occurred after 1 am, but his own diary entries confirmed his bedtime by midnight each night, with two or three exceptions. When confronted with this contradiction, he made the incredible claim that he had lied to his diary.

Dr. Rodchenkov also could not recall with any degree of accuracy the ingredients in the ‘Duchess Cocktail’ which he claimed to have invented himself, for the purpose of undetectably doping athletes.

All that notwithstanding, you can sort of see why Politico tapped von Cramon for her opinion; it had most likely already apprised itself of her Russophobic credentials from this letter she sent to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, imploring her to slow down any approval process for the Russian vaccine, citing a Russia “unfortunately notorious for politicising and manipulating even medicine and science when it serves a political goal.” No mention at all of the west, chiefly the UK and USA, politicizing sport until the Olympics is just a big rainbow-sparkle state-doping extravaganza in which actual sport comes a far-distant second to politics.

Overall I must say we still wonder why Russia is offering theoretically millions and millions of doses while not sufficiently progressing in vaccinating their own people,” she remarked…This is also a question that I think should be answered.”She underscored that Russia would need to permit inspections of its manufacturing sites and submit all of their data for scrutiny as part of the regulatory approval process

Oh; can you afford to adopt that smarmy tone, Ms. von der Leyen? I don’t think you can, and your frantic ass-covering over EU vaccine shortages bears me out.

“After harsh criticism of European vaccine procurement, von der Leyen said the pharmaceutical industry had simply not been able to keep up with the “groundbreaking pace” of vaccine development. Her agency has since set up a working group to prevent further production problems, due, for example, to shortages in the supply of ingredients.”

Once again, and probably not for the last time, it’s a good thing I am not in charge in Russia; I have no patience at all for the chowderhead inbreeders who make up the EU’s leadership, and I would long since have said, “Know what? You’re right – we’ll keep all our vaccine for ourselves and our direct-marketing clients. Thanks, and no need for further visits.” I might have thrown some sailor-talk in there too. Meanwhile, Seeking Alpha sees the Sputnik vaccine as a likely candidate for most popular vaccine outside the western world.

“Currently, there are about 20 countries that already authorized the Russian vaccine for use, while countless others are lining up, following a glowing review of the vaccine that appeared in the Lancet Journal. While the Russian vaccine will probably never be used in the US and it may only be used in a small number of EU countries, I think that its specific qualities make it a candidate to become the most popular vaccine outside the Western World.

The fact that it is over 90% effective and it is also apparently safe makes it an attractive vaccine compared with many other conventional vaccines, most of which did not achieve an effectiveness rate that is even close to the Russian one. The only two vaccines that are currently in use that also claim an effectiveness rate that is over 90% are the mRNA-based vaccines from Moderna (MRNA)and Pfizer (PFE). The two mRNA vaccines do suffer a major handicap however when it comes to distributing it and administering it in places where the infrastructure meant to keep it at very low temperatures is lacking. Russia’s vaccine can be kept in a household fridge if need be, while the Pfizer vaccine needs to be kept at -70 Celsius. Given its overall advantages, I foresee this vaccine becoming the preferred available choice for literally billions of people around the world.”

Would Russia’s time be well-spent trying to influence the United States, do you think? What about Europe, especially under its current wildly-incompetent leadership? Or would it be better off working with countries who don’t spit on the doorstep when it rings the bell? That’s what I thought, too. Russia and China both have made significant progress in South and Central American relations, while the Trumpian debacle of trying to hammer the Guaido peg into the Venezuela hole is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Europe’s view is “If we’re not your friend, you don’t have any friends”. Washington’s is “I’ll think about your offer while you tell me who is going to be the leader of our gang”. What would you say to two actual people who behaved like that? Would it be two words? Would they be ‘Happy Birthday”? I thought not.

Back to the Politico attack piece, and Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

“Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė is also staking out her opposition to the Russian jab, and has said her country will shun Sputnik even if the EMA approves it. There’s “no doubt” that Russia’s efforts to sell the vaccine to Europe are “yet another geopolitical game,” she warned.”

The Lithuanians have elevated Russophobia to a national obligation; it’s part of being a patriotic Lithuanian. Of which there are now 2.79 million, meaning total citizens and not necessarily ethnic Lithuanians, down from a high of 3.7 million in 1992, which was just about exactly the moment it announced its independence from the USSR. Before that it had seen a steady climb in demographics, so that the population of Lithuania now is about what it was in 1955, maybe a bit less. Freedom is untidy, right? Anyway, imagining once again that I am leader of the Russian Federation, I’d be saying, “Make a note of that, Sergey; no vaccine for Lithuania, I don’t care if they’re injecting mosquito repellent in desperation.” Don’t let your mouth get your face in trouble, Ingrida – at the moment Lithuania has an accumulated 194,051 COVID cases, of whom 3,171 have died. Lithuania currently is experiencing a vaccine shortage and has only the Pfizer vaccine; its hope of achieving herd immunity rests on acquiring millions of doses of the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, the former currently awaiting approval from the EU, and the latter just approved end of last month. The AstraZeneca vaccine achieved only 60% efficacy in trials. Against Sputnik’s 91.6% assessed efficacy. But Lithuanian pride? Priceless.

I see the Sputnik V vaccine being very well received in places like Africa, where a freezer that keeps your vaccines at a comfy -70 Celsius might be a bit hard to come by, like the Pfizer vaccine requires. It’s also much cheaper. I see it doing well in Eastern Europe, once some of the snotty pretenders realize they are going to be at the back of the line for vaccines that the west cannot seem to make fast enough.

I also see this not being a long-term issue, because people around the world are already fed up with the high-handedness of public-health Caligulas, and are not going to take kindly to being told they now need an annual COVID vaccination to cope with an always-mutating virus that just laughs mockingly at herd immunity. Someday, someday soon, a critical mass of people is going to say under its breath, “This far, no further”.

But the sheer prickishness of the leaders of the EU will be remembered, long after COVID has shuffled offstage. The hysteria of the German Greens, former radical liberals gone momentarily respectable simply because the rest of Germany’s government is as dysfunctional as a Marilyn Manson concert. The clumsy defensiveness of Borrell, who didn’t realize he had been insulted until he got home and his barking-mad colleagues told him all about it. The icy condescension of von der Leyen. Uncle Sam, grinning in the wings, ready to bend the EU over and fuck it ’til it cries with its own fancy deep-freeze twice-as-nice-for-twice-the-price vaccines. Remember.

You brought it all on yourselves.

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  1. Mint Press: After Years of Propaganda, American Views of Russia and China Hit Historic Lows

    Both pro- and anti-war voices have stated that the U.S. is on the cusp of entering a second Cold War, and a new Gallup poll suggests that the groundwork for such a conflict has already been laid.

    by Alan Macleod

    A new Gallup poll finds that U.S. public opinion on China and Russia has crashed to all time lows. Only 20% of Americans hold favorable views towards China. This is a remarkable decline, considering that only three years ago, the majority of the country saw the Asian giant in a positive light. The public image of Russia is barely any better, with just 22% of the country viewing the world’s largest nation in favorable terms and 77% holding unfavorable views towards the country….

    The rest at the link.

    And conveniently, has just launched ‘China Direct’ to help its EU readers keep tabs on Chinese nefarious behavior, and run by safe pair of hands ex-BBC World Service/Neuters etc. and ‘right kind’ of Hong Konger.*

    Where as most people would agree that China-EU relations are important and newsworthy, just looking at the reporting on shows exactly that most of the reporting is of a negative slant and thus supports the main thesis of the article I posted abovel the titles of the most recent three pieces being ‘Romania reveals the limits of China’s reach in Europe,’ ‘Critics question China’s right to host Winter Olympics,’ & ‘Pakistan learns the cost of an alliance with China.’



  2. «Власть боится»: почему Украина отказывается от реализации минских соглашений
    Большинство украинцев высказались за выполнение Киевом минских договоренностей
    Иван Половинин
    05.03.2021, 08:40

    “The government is afraid”: why the Ukraine refuses to implement the Minsk agreements.
    Most Ukrainians have spoken in favour of Kiev’s implementation of the Minsk agreements
    Ivan Polovinin
    03/05/2021, 08:40

    Almost half of Ukrainians are in favour of Kiev’s implementation of the Minsk agreements on the Donbass, according to a poll. Moreover, the majority of Ukrainians support the granting of special status to the region and negotiations with the LPR and DPR – the key points of the agreements. However, the Ukrainian government refuses to fully implement the agreements, calling it impossible. According to expert estimates, the Kiev government is simply afraid of a nationalist wave that will sweep them away when the agreements are being implemented.

    More than 45% of Ukrainians are in favour of Kiev’s implementation of the Minsk agreements to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. According to a poll by the Ukrainian Centre for Social Monitoring, 28.7% of respondents are in favour of withdrawing from the negotiation process, and another 26% could not give a clear answer to this question.

    Regarding how to solve the problem of the Donbass, the opinions of the respondents are divided as follows: 32.6% of Ukrainians are in favour of granting the region special status and autonomy within the Ukraine, 27.2% recognize the need to isolate the self-proclaimed republics of the DPR and LPR, and 22.1% demand the continuation of hostilities for the complete restoration of control by the Ukraine over these territories, another 18.1% could not answer this question.

    At the same time, more than 48% of Ukrainians are confident in the need for a dialogue between Kiev and representatives of the DPR and LPR to establish peace in the Donbass, 41.7% of respondents do not see any sense in this, and 10.1% found it difficult to answer.

    As Mikhail Pogrebinsky, director of the Kiev Centre for Political Studies and Conflictology, said in an interview with Gazeta.Ru, all the polls on the Minsk agreements that have been conducted so far have led to the majority speaking in favour of peace.

    Yes, quite!

    So who are the hawks behind this? The Yukiebastard Nazis who still smart over the TOTAL defeat of their swinish heroes, largely as a result of the Red Army “tearing the guts out of the Wehrmacht” (the terminology W.S. Churchill, no lover of the USSR).

    Surely not! After all, such nazis do not exist: they are a figment of evil Russian propaganda, are they not?

    So who is pulling the strings in Kiev?

    Give you one guess . . .


  3. Meanwhile in Britain…


    1. Are we trying to become more diverse to better represent the country we serve?

      2011 UK census

      white 87.2%

      black/African/Caribbean/black British 3%

      Asian/Asian British: Indian 2.3%

      Asian/Asian British: Pakistani 1.9%

      mixed 2%

      other 3.7%

      In the same census, my hometown was 98.6% “White British”.

      My hometown is 200 miles northwest of London.

      However, London is now home to more than 8.6 million people, the highest the city’s population has been since 1939. What’s more, 44% of London now consists of black and ethnic minorities, compared to only 28.9% in 2001. That’s according to the Greater London Authority, which serves the London mayor’s office [via the BBC.Feb 2, 2015]

      See: London has more people than ever—and 44% are ethnic minorities

      No doubt GCHQ thinks it is “hideously white”, as a director of the BBC once describe that august organization:

      Dyke: BBC is hideously white


    2. We all full up wid white mens here. You can apply, just as long as you are realistic about your chances if you are not a woman or an ethnic minority.

      I’m being sarcastic, and the very great majority of GCHQ probably is made up of white men. But it’s just kind of odd that the only group it is permissible to openly discriminate against is white men. Why not advertise yourself as an equal-opportunity employer, with a policy that up to the actual interview the management does not know the gender or ethnicity of the applicant? It is just stupid to hire a Muslim woman with less-suitable employment qualifications solely to pander to her gender and ethnicity, and with the intent of using her as a token. Muslim women with excellent qualifications should be hired, but so should white men. We go round and round on this subject and never seem to learn anything, as the pendulum swings from overt racial discrimination to out-of-control political correctness. It is not okay to discriminate against anyone for any reason – political correctness is analogous to a mega-corporation subcontracting its work to a candidate firm because it is a ‘black’ business, and the corporate heads think they need a break, even though their work is hit-and-miss and their accounting completely unreliable, instead of a firm which has better qualifications. There is racism, and there is pandering, and there doesn’t seem to be anything in between. The person with the best qualifications should get the job, but now if you are a white man and you get the job you have to run the gauntlet of ‘white privilege’ shouters who agree yes, you had the best qualifications….but you only went to the best school because you are a white man, and THAT’s why you got the job.

      Who makes up the donor pool to homes for battered women, affirmative action groups, ethnic empowerment agencies and other non-profits established to give the disadvantaged a leg up? I bet if you check you will find a dominant demographic of white men.

      On the subject of political correctness, here’s an example of the kind of ‘retroactive fairness’ that just makes me shake my head in wonder.

      And what happened?

      Cha-ching! More money for that well-known ethnic/gender minority, Jeff Bezos.

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  4. Daily update from GOV.​UK

    Deteriorating human rights situation in Russia: UK statement

    Deteriorating human rights situation in Russia: UK statement

    Page summary:
    Ambassador Neil Bush speaks about Russian human rights cases and areas of concern at the OSCE Permanent Council.
    Change made:
    First published: 4 March 2021
    Time updated:
    3:41pm, 4 March 2021

    Deteriorating human rights situation in Russia: UK statement
    Ambassador Neil Bush speaks about Russian human rights cases and areas of concern at the OSCE Permanent Council.

    Madam Chair,

    The human rights situation in Russia continues to deteriorate and this is of deep concern. I would like to highlight today four cases and areas.

    Firstly, it is disgraceful that Alexey Navalny, himself the victim of a despicable crime, has been sentenced on arbitrary charges. We have expressed our concern previously here in this forum and also at the Council of Europe, and the UN Human Rights Council, and continue to call for his immediate and unconditional release.

    Secondly, we also reiterate our previous calls for the release of Mr Yuri Dmitriev. We believe Mr Dmitriev’s case is a politically-motivated prosecution, triggered by his work as a historian and representative of the human rights organisation Memorial. Given Mr Dmitriev’s age, health, and the COVID-19 pandemic, there are also strong humanitarian reasons for his release.

    Thirdly, we must also highlight – unfortunately not for the first time – the concerning situation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Russian Federation. The 2017 ruling of the Russian Supreme Court, which rejected the appeal against the decision to categorise Jehovah’s Witnesses as “extremists”, criminalised the peaceful worship of 175,000 Russian citizens and contravened the right to religious freedom that is enshrined in the Russian Constitution, and in multiple OSCE commitments.

    Since that 2017 ruling, we have witnessed an increasing number of detentions, criminal investigations and prosecutions of Jehovah’s Witnesses across Russia, including the arrest and sentencing of Valentina Baranovskaya and Roman Baranovskiy on 24 February, and the sentencing of Aleksandr Ivshin on 10 February. Such cases reinforce the impression of an organised campaign of persecution against Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    And fourthly, 27 February marks the sixth anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, then a leading figure within the Russian opposition. We extend our sincere condolences to Mr Nemtsov’s family and friends, and urge the Russian authorities to bring those responsible to justice, and end the culture of impunity for attacks on political activists, journalists and human rights defenders.

    We remind Russia that as an OSCE participating State, they have freely signed up to a series of commitments in the OSCE’s human dimension which they must uphold.

    . . . it is disgraceful that Alexey Navalny, himself the victim of a despicable crime, has been sentenced on arbitrary charges.?

    In what way were the charges “arbitrary”?

    Was not the Bullshitter found guilty of a crime committed against Yves Rocher?

    Is Yves Rocher dissatisfied with that verdict?

    The party found guilty of charges in the Yves Rocher case was given a suspended sentence.

    Were the terms and conditions of the suspended sentence upheld by the convicted liar and foreign agent Navalny?

    Was the imposition of a custodial sentence as punishment for the convicted party’s breach of parole — repeated breach of parole — “unfair”.

    Must Russia really uphold decisions made by the OSCE?

    In terms of substance, the OSCE changed their focus from political and military aspects of security (the so called “hard security”), to human rights agenda (the so called “soft security”). Attempts of intrusive democratisation became a trademark feature of the modern OSCE, which, in effect, split its member states into “objects” “subjects” of policies.


    The Embassy of the Russian Federation to the United Kingdom of Great britain and Northern Ireland
    5 March 2021
    Moscow: 12:56
    London: 09:56


    And if Russia refuses to do what the OSCE demands, what then? . . .

    Declare war against Russia?

    Hostile action has long been waged against Russia by the “Free World” under the leadership of the USA — since at least 1945.


  5. Continued Israeli airstrikes on Syria are testing Moscow’s patience, Jerusalem would do well not to poke the Russian bear

    Scott Ritter

    …In an official statement last week, the special envoy of the president of Russia to Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, indicated that Moscow was rapidly losing patience with Israel over airstrikes against alleged Iranian targets on Syria soil. “Sooner or later, the cup of patience, including the Syrian government, may be overflowing, and a retaliatory strike will follow, which will accordingly lead to a new round of tension. These attacks must be stopped, they are counterproductive. We hope that the Israeli side will hear our concerns, including concerns about the possible escalation of violence in Syria.”

    The language, though diplomatic, leaves little room for misinterpretation….

    The corollary being that if i-Sreal has been explicitly told that Russia can no longer be taken for granted, then that also figures for the USA too and any clever, clever plans it might be cooking up. When the gloves are off, the gloves are off. All in all it complicates the calculation and increases risks for i-Sreal & the USA if the former kicks off a non-proxy war of choice with i-Ran.

    As much as Washington publicly backs i-Srael, I doubt it would be happy to be dragged in to a conflict and ultimately be expected to save Nut&Yahoo’s skin if he goes full Saakashvili (aka ‘now or never’ moment of insanity).


  6. Biden called off second military target in Syria minutes before strike: report

    …Multiple administration officials told the Journal that prior to the strikes, an aide delivered a warning that a woman and several children were spotted in the courtyard of the second target. Two F-15 Strike Eagles that would drop the bombs were already en route when Biden pulled the order to hit the second site.

    CNN was the first to report that there were last minute concerns that civilians could be nearby the second site, forcing Biden to scrap the target, according to a U.S. official…

    …A confidential message was also sent to Iran after the U.S. airstrike to convey that the Biden administration didn’t want a tit-for-tat response, administration officials said…

    Is there any credible evidence (apart from ‘unnamed officials) at all that this claim is true or is it just more spin to make BigMan(TM) Bi-Dumb look responsible? Rather it makes him look weak in the same way it was leaked that t-Rump wanted symbolic strikes and had warning of i-Ranian counter strikes. What exactly is the point of all this if it is made public? Pure BS.


      1. Washington must hate this:

        SkyNudes: Pope Francis meets with senior Iraqi Shia cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al Sistani

        The two men discussed the issues surrounding Iraq’s Christian minority in a hugely important meeting at the Shia leader’s home.

        According to MoA, the Pentagon now speaks of ‘Shia backed groups’ rather than i-Ranian backed groups, meaningless as it is:

        MoA: On ‘Shia Backed’, ‘Iran Backed’ Nonsense And Other Warmongering Journalism



    8 February 2021

    I happened to talk to Aleksey Navalny and his entourage back in 2012. The thing that struck me then was the stark disparity between his then-image of an opposition blogger-lawyer the actual opportunities he had at his disposal (round-the-clock professional bodyguards on trips around the country, for example). There were other things that suggested that Aleksey was far from working on his own.

    In order to reveal the real Navalny to Russian society, rather than the invented one, millions of people need to be able to look at him and the most visible individuals in his inner circle from different angles, at those who are not so clearly visible but who are carefully moulding him into a “Russian” oppositionist, a “nationalist” “fighter” against corruption, and at those who inspire him and about whom few people know at all.

    Only then will every citizen with a functioning brain, every parent of a schoolboy running around “in the movement” be able to answer the question of what future Navalny and his “international” team are preparing for them and for us ordinary people, or, at least, for themselves.

    Therefore, we shall divide the study into three parts:

    Let’s begin with the first question: Who are the people in Navalny’s Russian entourage who promote him into power and go with him in some numbers?

    We shall continue with the second question: Who are the less visible, second circle of organizers of Navalny’s political career that provide everything the first echelon brigade needs?

    And to conclude this study with an answer to the third question: What do they all want together if they come to power in our country?

    Where your money is, there is your heart
    So, on 29 January 2014, Izvestia published part of Navalny’s correspondence with Alfa Group employee Vladimir Ashurkov (see screenshot)

    This correspondence shows that in 2010 the head of Alfa Group Consortium M. Fridman was ready to support Navalny by any means possible and even invited him to speak at his club “The Colour of Night”. As the same Izvestia later reported, this speech by Navalny at the said club took place in February 2011.

    In the same publication, Sergei Markov, director of the Institute for Political Studies and member of the Public Chamber, added unequivocal information about Fridman’s connection to Navalny, which no one has denied (see screenshot)

    On September 9, 2011, the now famous Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBC – included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the register of NGOs performing the functions of a foreign agent) was established, with accounts opened not just anywhere, but at Alfa Bank, owned by the Alfa Group consortium of Mikhail Fridman, which, as the bank handbook says, “. . does not have a single legal entity, while Alfa Bank itself is controlled through several companies by ABH Holdings S.A., registered in the State of Luxembourg”.

    It is worth adding a few words about the figure of Friedman himself, who, in addition to Russian citizenship, is an Israeli citizen and is very active in Russia in the Bureau of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC), where, along with Yevgenia Albats, Leonid Gozman, Ruslan Greenberg, Pavel Lungin, Andrei Makarevich, Lyudmila Narusova, Nikolai Svanidze and others, work, for example… Former US Ambassador to Austria and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for European and NATO Policy at the US Department of Defence Ronald Lauder (see screenshot)

    To be continued because of the many links. Or should I continue? Is the article not “antisemitic”?

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    1. I should worry!

      Continued from above:

      Tsargrad Video
      [See video on Tsargrad site if you should wish: in Russian, no subtitles.]
      Former Deputy Assistant Minister of Defence for European and NATO Policy and in the governing body of a Russian NGO… Has the Foreign Agents Act been repealed? Or is there an exception for a select few?

      [There’s that “roof” again! — ME]

      Leonid Volkov and Maxim Katz are the next figures worthy of special attention. Katz, like Friedman, has ties to Israel, where he spent his childhood and has stayed in touch with that state until now. Looking at Katz, his multidirectional activity, his methods of PR and political struggle, and the opacity of his sources of income, one is reminded of his kindred characters of the early 20th century, who managed then to organize a “bloodbath” in Russia with millions of victims, stop the development of the country and lead it to a communist deadlock. Add Sverdlov’s glasses in your mind when looking at those faces. Do you really want to see them in power again?

      Anti-Semitic scandal
      Leonid Volkov, who organised protests against the construction of Orthodox churches in Yekaterinburg, took the same “young leaders” course at Yale University in 2018 that Navalny once took (see screenshot)

      Here is how M. Katz and L. Volkov are positioned by some foreign publications, especially the Israeli media (see screenshot)

      Here is a Russian translation of this post:

      “…Jewish campaign workers for Moscow mayoral candidate Aleksey Navalny have denied reports that he praised the Holocaust”.

      As far as I know, he has never made any such statement attributed to him,

      Maxim Katz, deputy campaign director for Navalny in the Moscow mayoral election, told JTA.

      …Katz, a Moscow politician who has lived in Israel for nine years, was responding to reports circulating earlier this month that during a recent reception in the Russian capital, Navalny had raised a glass in order to toast the Holocaust .

      The report appeared on the European Jewish Press news website on Monday.

      Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s campaign director general and also a Jew, said these reports were “false and were part of a smear campaign designed by our rivals to damage Navalny’s image specifically among reform-minded liberals, who constitute a natural support base for us”.

      Navalny, the centre-right blogger and corruption whistleblower turned opposition leader, is considered one of the five strongest rivals to Sergei Sobyanin of the ruling United Russia party and who is considered a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

      Yevgenia Albats, a journalist for the New Times, wrote on Facebook that Navalny never uttered the words attributed to him, adding that “it is vile and disgusting to even suggest it”.

      After reading the lines in The Times of Israel, at first I was surprised – at last at least one of the main Navalniks, Volkov, is not an Israeli citizen and has not even lived in Israel. But that astonishment was replaced with doubts when the official website of the Israeli Interior Ministry, the very one where data on those who have applied for citizenship is also recorded, had this entry in Hebrew.

      Two words in inverted commas in Hebrew, “ליאוניד וולקוב

      “, translated into Russian as “Leonid Volkov”. Just to the left and below it says that 1 file with this name and surname had been found as a result of a search. But for some unknown reason, the file itself had suddenly been removed by someone from the official site of the Israeli government agency. It’s interesting how they arrange everything there, and what’s most important – impossibly transparent. And what service has the ability to remove information from the official site of a government agency in Israel?

      Teacher and mentor
      Navalny, Volkov and many other Young Leadership Fellows share the name of a common teacher, a 95-year-old U.S. citizen, in the upper left-hand corner of their profiles on the official Yale University website. In a place circled by a red oval and underlined by a red line is the name of the person who invented this “fellowship” and with whose money “social activists” from different countries are selected and trained each year.

      The name of the teacher is Maurice Raymond Greenberg. A very famous character in certain circles.

      A brief summary of his business and political activities:

      – 1968 to 2005. – President and CEO of the insurance giant American International Group, Inc (AIG);

      – Chairman and Director, Federal Reserve Bank of New York;

      – founder of the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies;

      – In 1996 he was a member of the Task Force on US Intelligence Reform. Co-author of Making Intelligence Smarter;

      – Nominated for Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA);

      – Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Within the CFR, he chairs The Commission on U.S. Policy toward Russia.

      Shalom, Maurice! [My words, not those of the author of this article — ME]

      According to an informed US source and some others, in 2005 Mr Greenberg was forced to resign as the top executive of the AIG insurance group as a result of an investigation by the New York State Attorney General and criminal charges (fraud).

      He was defended by CFR executives as well as (!) Henry Kissinger himself. Greenberg avoided jail time because of this intervention. AIG itself got away with a $1.64bn fine and imprisonment for the “fall guy”, Greenberg’s subordinate, AIG CEO Christian Milton, who was given 4 (four!) years for embezzling $500m. Unthinkable leniency for the US criminal law!

      Furthermore, during the investigation, numerous offshore schemes were uncovered through which the funds had been embezzled, but Greenberg’s lawyer managed to use his service key to access AIG’s empty office in Bermuda and, ahead of police searches, destroyed 80 boxes of documents.

      This is how law-abiding, honest and generally wonderful American businessmen, through their “fellows”, want to run our country.

      To be continued . . .

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      1. And on and on it goes . . .

        A course for breaking up [states]
        Let us now turn to the content of the Yale Young Leader course itself. And it does deserve some words. This is how the four-month course is described on the university’s official website:

        “…the Yale World Fellows Program is a program aimed at building a network (!) of new world leaders and expanding international understanding.

        Fellows are usually selected early, mid-career, in a variety of sectors – governments, business, media, non-governmental organisations, education, religious organisations, the armed forces and the humanitarian field.

        The program is designed to help fellows broaden their professional and personal horizons and prepare them for leadership roles. The program takes place every fall from mid-August to mid-December.

        The Yale University World Fellowship Program has three main objectives:

        • Broadening the knowledge base and strengthening the leadership skills of a number of promising leaders from around the world.

        • Deepening the international dialogue on the Yale campus, with Fellows acting as catalysts for topics to be communicated.

        • Creating an international network of decision-makers from different disciplines who are connected to Yale University and to each other.

        Some of the criteria for the selection of scholarship candidates are rather unusual:

        • The candidate must not be a citizen of the United States. Although dual-citizens are eligible for selection, preference is given to candidates whose work is concentrated outside the US. (A logical question arises: does Mr Greenberg think that activists and anti-corruption activists have no business in the USA?)

        • Commitment to the cause, involvement in critical issues and making changes at the national or international level;

        • The promise of a future leadership career and tangible contributions.

        The website also informs about the not-so-common features of the correspondence and data processing process. The candidate is notified in advance:

        • Please note that the M. Greenberg World Fellowship Programme application is a fully online process. There are no paper forms or mail to fill in.

        This means that in the case of problems with international law or the health of the scholarship holder involved, no written documents can be presented anywhere. The calculation is correct. Nevertheless, ambitious activists, wishing to become “world leaders” free of charge, are a dime a dozen and dashing around everywhere.

        I was also very impressed by the training period – as long as 4 (four) months! To teach an aspirant fundamental things for “world leadership” in such a time is, of course, simply unrealistic, but to prepare especially reckless “specialists” who are able to sway part of society and provoke civil confrontation in exchange for a future career and “tangible assistance” is quite possible.

        Hence the peculiarities of the “curriculum” of the fellowship program commissioned by Mr Greenberg. For example, the topics of the seminars on global issues are formulated like this:

        • Globalization: New Avatar Of An Ancient Process

        • Grand Strategy

        • Identity

        • Religion and Politics

        • American Exceptionalism and Human Rights

        • Citizenship and Equality

        • International Dimensions of Democratization

        • Transnational Governance

        •Corruption, Democracy, and Development

        • Theories of Leadership

        There are also theme-based courses during each week for trainees interested in learning more about the subjects:

        • Competitive Strategy (School of Management)

        • Human Rights Workshop (Law School)

        • Enhancing Negotiation Skills (School of Management)

        • Nationalism, Ethnicity, and War (Political Science)

        • Issues in Democratic Theory (Political Science)

        • Negotiations (School of Management)

        • Behavioural & Institutional Economics (Economics, School of Management)

        • International Finance (School of Management)

        • Developing Winning Strategies (School of Management)

        • Strategy, Technology, and War (School of Management)

        The teaching staff is also very much in tune with the disciplines. For example, “American Exceptionalism and Human Rights” is not taught by a part-time faculty member but by Oona A. Hathaway, Professor of International Law at Yale University’s Department of Political Science and former State Department Adviser.

        To conclude the study, as mentioned above, here are our thoughts on what the organisers and participants of “Project Navalny” want? What kind of a bright future do they want to ensure for Russian students and schoolchildren if they come to power?

        To complete the picture, let us add to this the active attempts of its supporters in Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk to raise the issue of secession from Moscow and the creation of a kind of “Siberian federation” (see screenshot).

        Why feed Moscow?. . . etc., etc.

        And you thought that after the destruction of the USSR, these “guys” with Israeli-American roots would calm down and allow Russia to develop as a coherent sovereign state?

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      2. AIG CEO Christian Milton, who was given 4 (four!) years for embezzling $500m. Unthinkable leniency for the US criminal law!

        Not at all.

        A Black street drug dealer might get 20 years. Unless the money was embezzed from other oligarchs, a 4 year sentence is actually pretty harsh for a major CEO. He probably was expecting 6 months at a Club Fed.


  8. My ‘for the weekend.’

    Spitfire versus Messerschmitt Bf 109: A comparison of the Spitfire and the Bf 109 in the early years of World War II

    …What isn’t so well known is that this was when the planes undertook independent fighter sweeps. When tasked with as bomber escorts, the need to fly at sub-optimal altitudes and speeds often increased fuel consumption to the point where the 109s were forced to return to France before the bombers had reached their objectives.

    Spitfires tasked to carry out offensive fighter sweeps and raids over Northern France in 1941 faced the same issue. The reason Fighter Command didn’t suffer very heavy losses was that the Luftwaffe was by then fighting over Russia. The few fighters left to defend the western front seldom rose up to meet the RAF’s challenges…

    Every now and then you find snippets of gold in interesting places, like the one above…

    Most books of RAF v. Luftwaffe focus on the Battle of Britain but not so much the following year with the emphasis of Bomber Command’s increasing size of raids on Germany. I don’t recall
    it being so explicitly pointed out as above that Germany’s attack on Russia saved a lot of RAF lives.


  9. Euractiv:

    Lithuanian intelligence claims Russia made a failed attempt last year to carry out an “information attack” on Lithuania, using an impersonator of Yevgeny Prigozhin..

    …an aircraft owned by Prigozhin landed at Vilnius Airport in early 2020…

    …He then proceeded to take a picture in front of the country’s transport ministry, before boarding a flight back to Russia the same day. He arrived again later the same year, taking more pictures in front of Lithuanian institutions before departing to Belarus, EURACTIV’s partner ( ) reported…

    It sounds like the Liths need some lithium! I’m surprised that the thin gruel that is the Lithuanian intelligence services annual report didn’t conclude that basing American nukes on Lithuanian soil was the obvious answer.


    1. Given the subtlety of the attack, it’s not surprising it took the Lithuanians a year to figure out something was up. Well, now that an attack has been verified, they will have to change all those buildings. You can’t be too careful. This should also be incorporated into the Lithuanian Intelligence Manual without delay. Somewhere in Russia there is a Kalibr cruise missile with a picture of the Lithuanian Transport Ministry loaded into it.

      If you would like a photograph of it yourself, without Prighozin in front of it, as a keepsake or something, go here.


      1. While visiting the Wikipedia page of the Lithuanian Ministry of Transport and Communications, don’t forget to squiz at the Ministry’s logo and paper plane, boat and car symbols.

        Hasn’t the FBI also offered a reward to anyone with information on the whereabouts of Yevgeny Prigozhin? Lithuania probably could do with some of that money, it might cover one ministry’s spending for the next financial year.


  10. Sad bastards!

    05 марта 2021 21:42
    Украина попросила США ввести новые санкции против России

    05 March 2021 21:42
    The Ukraine has asked the United States to impose new sanctions against Russia

    The Ukrainian government has asked the administration of US President Joe Biden to impose new sanctions against Russia. This initiative was made by the deputy office of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Yulia Sviridenko.

    According to the Ukrainian politician, it is important for them that Washington join the negotiation process on Donbass in the Normandy and Minsk formats. Kiev is also interested in building up military cooperation with the United States.

    Yulia Sviridenko during a videoconference of the Washington Atlantic Council indicated that they would be grateful for the introduction of a new comprehensive sanctions regime. The Ukraine wants the Nord Stream 2 project to cease to exist, since it is critical for them.

    Earlier, Kiev had already announced its readiness to join NATO, as well as the desire for Washington’s active participation in resolving the conflict in Donbass.


        1. That’s true, you know – if you had a stack of dildos you could use them to start a fire, and if you had a big black one it might make a good truncheon for riot control.


  11. 5 марта 2021, 14:54
    Суд обязал Навального выплатить Пригожину 500 тысяч рублей

    5 March 2021, 14:54 am
    Court orders Navalny to pay Prigozhin 500,000 rubles [$6,800]

    Court partially satisfies businessman’s claim for protection of honour and business reputation

    The Lublinsky court of Moscow has partially satisfied the suit of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin against Aleksey Navalny for the protection of his honour and business reputation. The court ordered the defendant to remove the defamatory information, publish a rebuttal and pay the plaintiff 500,000 rubles. Igor Eliseyev, the plaintiff’s lawyer, told RIA Novosti.

    In October 2020, lawyers of Concord, a company owned by Prigozhin, began filing claims for the protection of honour and dignity against Navalny, Lyubov Sobol, Leonid Volkov, Maxim Shevchenko and Vladimir Milov. The grounds for the appeals were “the publication of insulting and defamatory statements about the businessman”.

    Prigozhin’s lawsuit against Navalny in the Lublinsky court was related to the oppositionist’s publication on the social network Twitter on 22 July 2020. In it, Navalny called the businessman a “thief” who made money “by supplying rotten meat to kindergartens and schools”. The plaintiff demanded that the publication be removed and that the information it contained be refuted. He assessed moral damage in the amount of 5m roubles.

    Earlier, “Moskovsky Shkolnik” had obtained a court ruling to recover 88 million rubles from Navalny, Sobol and FBK (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia). Yevgeny Prigozhin subsequently purchased the debt.

    An amazingly small sum of money to be paid out as damages.

    The Bullshitter liquidated FBK when Prigozhin purchased the debt.


    1. Yes, a spank on the wrist – the Bullshitter’s backers have access to virtually unlimited funds, since when they get near running out they simply print more, and a shade under $7000.00 is chicken feed for them. The question is, for how long are they going to continue covering his debts when they are incurred through him shooting off his mouth in slanderous allegations he cannot prove? His rant obviously did no harm to ‘Putin’s chef’ (what an absurd title, soon to be followed, I suppose, by ‘Putin’s manicurist’ and ‘Putin’s masseuse’ as they just designate various people as secret patrons in the Putin hierarchy). He might argue that it did him some public damage in the form of lost contracts or those held up for further inspections, but what I mean is that there was not an immediate and powerful uprising against Prigozhin for ‘corruption’, and nobody reasonable would label him the loser in the court action even though the damages he was awarded are much less than the amount claimed. What was the amount the ECHR ordered the Russian government to pay Navalny for ‘transgressing upon his human rights’ in that earlier trial? He and his followers went on about that as if it were equivalent to the national debt or something.

      Anyway, my original point was that Lyosha’s western backers may become increasingly reluctant to cover his losses when they’re not getting anything concrete in the way of ‘soft power’ out of their investment; i.e; Lyosha is losing and the people he accuses are not investigated or charged or removed from their positions, without any outcry from the public.


      1. Putin’s chef’ (what an absurd title, soon to be followed, I suppose, by ‘Putin’s manicurist’ and ‘Putin’s masseuse

        My favourite is “a close associate” which sometimes seems to include 90% of the Russian Federation. I just started a collection of these and would appreciate any links anyone here could provide.


    1. Finnish media claims that the population of Russia decreased by more than 100,000 people in January of 2021 alone. If this pace continues the Russian population would decrease by more than 1,2 million this year. How is this possible??? Russia’s population was growing annually just two years ago.


      1. What’s happening in Finland?

        World Freedom Alliance demands an immediate release of Merike Sirelpuu. The Finnish police broke into the home of a woman entrepreneur with “suspicion of a coronavirus”, and forcibly retrieved her from her home to take a COVID-testing in Iisalmi. The shocking arrest happened in the presence of her 11 year old child. At the hospital, Merike Sirelpuu was chained to her bed for a day and locked in a closed ward where she still is.

        In an unprecedented way, the police has released her identity and picture, that media has now spread widely, because of her (according to the police) reluctance to give information on her movement and tracing info. Video and images of the incident and after available here:

        World Freedom Alliance condemns the harsh and unlawful actions taken by the Finnish police, that clearly violates fundamental rights and freedoms, and demands an immediate release of Merike Sirelpuu.

        Above courtesy of a commenter to offGuardian.

        In Finnish:

        Suomen poliisi ja lääkäri suorittavat lääketieteellisen raiskauksen, video

        Finnish police and doctor perform medical rape, video

        Let the umlauts roll!


        1. Dear God! Has Finland gone mad?

          Actually, it’s pretty symptomatic of the rest of the world, where The Novel Coronavirus has acted like a permission slip for authoritarianism – remember the British police taking items out of shopper’s carts because they deemed the items ‘non-essential’?

          That article claims it was only a threat, which was never carried out. Au contraire, mon frere.

          I used to snicker a bit at the suggestion that ‘the people must rise up and take their lives back’, reasoning that these were just crazy outlier incidents and that common sense would prevail; the system would correct itself. But the out-of-control authoritarianism is gaining momentum, if anything. I’m starting to come around.


        1. Not spring here until 27th March, though: calendar spring, yes, but meteorological, no. In fact, it’s heaving it down with snow now and was minus 11 °C when I got up at 06:00.

          Same holds true in Finland, I believe as regards the onset of spring being considered the date when average daily temperature rises above 0 °C, so spring has not yet sprung in the so distraught about Russian mortality Finn’s mind.



    n 2020, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin revealed that the federal government would spend 5 billion rubles ($64.5 million) to fix water supply issues, with regional authorities proposing to build desalination plants. Ukraine has also pledged to try to stop their construction.

    A wide range of US sanctions have been applied to all desalination equipment to Russia for many years; perhaps back to 2014. The relevant technology and products can not conceivable be classified as dual use. Initially, the sanctions were against projects close to Crimea but now seem country wide.

    It should be obvious that the sanctions were applied in coordination with Ukraine’s blocking water importation into Crimea.

    Spain has the most active desalination companies with Israel also a major player. A Chinese firm attempted to purchase Israeli Desalination Engineers (IDE), the largest desalination company in Israel, but it may have been blocked. India is an up and comer as well as China. Singapore is another center. The US has a relatively small presence in mega-scale desalination. I would suspect that Russia can build desalination plants without difficulty except reverse osmosis membranes would likely need to be imported. China is starting manufacture of the required membranes hence could supply same.

    As a rough guess, $40 million could build a 60,000 m3/day facility using Black Sea water. That would supply a city of several hundred thousand people with reasonable water conservation efforts.

    It should be noted that there are comprehensive sanctions regarding supply of desalination equipment to Iran as well.


    1. Russia in late 2019 agreed to extend the gas contract with Ukraine. Russia should have included a clause to the contract that Ukraine must allow a free flow of water to Crimea for the duration of the contract.


      1. At risk of encouraging the troll, contracts involve at least two parties and must achieve

        consensus in idem

        aka voluntary agreement on all points. Party A cannot (in theory) impose conditions on another contracting party. You want me to agree to something I’m not comfortable with? I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

        If Party A has an unassailable position, other parties have to “suck it up” and come to terms. Both re the gas pipelines to the west and the water supply to Crimea, Ukraine believed its position unassailable. It was wrong on both presumptions. And now whines.


        1. Karl is not a troll!

          He feels for Russia and is clearly distraught when he pops up here with, what is for him, it seems, disconcerting news about Russia.

          His source of disconcerting news about Russia in this instance is “The Moscow Times”, where all news about Russia is disconcerting.

          By the way, has our Finnish friend changed his name? I am sure that previously he appeared here as Karlhaushofer: now there is a small number “1” between “Karl” and “haushofer”.

          By the way, a rundown on a Herr Haushofer of note:

          Karl Haushofer

          According to les Frogs:

          Russia sees drastic increase in mortality due to Covid-19 in 2020
          Issued on: 08/02/2021 – 19:24
          Modified: 08/02/2021 – 19:23

          And get this off the Frogs:

          Unlike when the pandemic struck in the spring, the government did not impose a lockdown when the country was hit with a second wave of infections in the fall.

          In the hopes of buttressing a struggling economy officials instead pinned their hopes on the country’s homemade vaccine, Sputnik V, which has been available to the public since December.

          See! The Russian economy is struggling and the Orcs are desperately hoping that their “home made” concoction will help them bale out of impending economic collapse.

          Homemade, eh?

          Like samogon?

          Double, double toil and trouble;
          Fire burn and caldron bubble.

          As a matter of fact, samagon, in my experience, is a pretty decent drop of stuff.


          1. Can be. My Father-in-Law’s mother, Granny Masha (now deceased, God rest her soul) made a lovely dram from jam (hey, that rhymed; I could probably rap as good as any white guy). I was warned not to drink it by the missus and her older sister, but if I let women tell me what to do all the time, where would I be? Not very independent, that’s where.


              1. It’s not without risk; people have been poisoned by bad samagon. I think I mentioned before that when I was younger and played in a rock band, our manager used to make what was called ‘Swish’ by buying used barrels which had held rum and whiskey, and using water to draw out accumulated alcohol from the wood.


                The stuff Carl (our manager, Carl Rose) made was clear and almost tasteless. But after one fair-sized glass, I remembered nothing about the drive home and when I got there I missed the door by a good 8 inches and walked into the frame instead.


      2. Yes, too bad they didn’t think of that. Well, opportunity lost, I guess, because barring a miracle there will not be another one. And if there are not going to be any major flows in the Ukrainian GTS I think they will start to break it up for scrap, all but the sections they need for reverse-flowing Russian gas which goes through the EU’s Virtue Filters and becomes suitable for Ukrainian use as long as they get free money to pay for it. The GTS has not had any significant repairs or maintenance in almost 30 years.


        1. OH, it’s quite likely that they thought of that. My take is that Russia has concluded that no deal with the West that is important to Russia’s survival will be honored. The deal, in fact, would be violated when the point of maximum potential damage has been reached.

          Better for Russia/Crimea to become self-sufficient in water (just as they did in electricity and land access via the Kerch bridge) than to make a deal with the deal-incapable.

          BTW, came across this lovely gem of deep thinking:

          This mission [building the Kerch bridge] is doomed to failure, and not only because of sanctions. Experts warn that even if the bridge now under construction can be finished, its chances of standing for any length of time are small.

          I suppose “small” on a geological scale but a century or two? No problem.


          1. Halya Coynash is a regular columnist for the Kuh-yiv Post, and specializes in slagging everything Russian and making Putin sound like the reincarnation of Caligula. There’s no particular reason she should be taken seriously, which is probably why it appeared in the MAD Magazine of journalism, Newsweek. Oh, wait; she relied on the judgment of Ukrainian engineers! That should count for something. They say the Russians can’t do it, but Ukrainian designs would work even though their pillars would be 50 m high instead of 35. Gosh, that would make the whole construction much more stable in a bed of calcareous ooze, wouldn’t it? But the Ukrainian engineer couldn’t understand why the design incorporated Tuzla Spit, which is solid ground, because it was ‘the most expensive option’. More expensive than just making the only part of the bridge that is over deep water high enough to let shipping through rather than making the whole bridge 50 m above the water, you mean?

            I remember we had a fierce debate on here when the bridge was being constructed, factoring in the Ukrainian argument that it would fall down for sure. I’m pretty confident my position then was that if the collective wishes of Ukrainian politicians could make it fall down, then it certainly would, But apart from that there was every reason to believe it would stand as long as other bridges do, because Russia (a) is experienced in building long bridges spanning considerable distances, which must withstand severe weather, and (b) certainly would have considered the limiting factors which Ukraine was relying on to make the bridge collapse.

            This is not to say Russia has not had its bridge-building disasters. But in those cases it was usually a town project using a local contractor who was probably the mayor’s brother-in-law, that sort of thing. The Crimea bridge was a national-prestige project, and you can bet every potential limitation was carefully examined.


              1. A few months back, YouTubers reported that the Three Gorges dam was swept away by flood waters and millions had died.

                A Google search turns up dozens of articles on the dam’s imminent collapse – many with barely suppressed glee and breathless anticipation of the coming communist catastrophe. No mention that the dam has already saved an incalculable number of lives and property damage not to mention producing up to 22,000 megawatts of clean electrical energy equal to about a zillion windmills.


              2. I’d be willing to bet the entire structure undergoes regular inspections for cracks and suchlike, knowing as they must that the bottom is unstable.

                There’s a wooden walkway, more of a wide wooden bridge, that spans the small lake just behind my house, I’ve posted pictures of it here before. It is called the Blenkinsop Trestle; the trail it is part of is called the Galloping Goose, after the train whose now-unused railbed it follows, although the section in which it appears is the Lochside Trail.


                There is a small ceremonial plaque on the trestle rail which marks the location of the longest piling they drove to hold up the structure, and of course it is just one of many, being distinguished only by its length, which if memory serves was over 80 feet, maybe more. That would have been – originally – to hold the weight of a train and cars which carried only passengers and light freight. The trains themselves are quite an interesting piece of history – they were built as a series of seven types, and they were all called “Galloping Geese”, some say because of their motion, and some because they carried an air horn instead of a whistle, which made a squawking sound. They were all built in the Rio Grande Southern Railroad’s yards in Colorado, and they were designated ‘railcars’ because the engine’s body was modeled on the 1930’s Buick Master Six sedan; they looked more like a schoolbus than a train, albeit a schoolbus with a cowcatcher on the front.


                Our own Galloping Goose on Vancouver Island ran from 1922 to 1931. Those must be durable pilings. Anyway, the point I was making is that the pilings which hold up that modest structure go down at least 40 feet into the ground. You can imagine how deep the bridge pilings for the Crimea Bridge go, and I daresay the engineers just drilled down until they found bedrock. Only Ukie engineers could imagine they would just extend the pilings to a ‘good enough’ depth in soft mud – it would be an invitation for the bridge to sink until it ripped in half.

                I would further imagine the bridge was closed in the circumstances you describe because of wind shear and low visibility, combined conditions which make it extremely likely someone would smash through the guardrails and go over the side, not because they worried the bridge would blow over.


                1. The Confederation bridge from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island closes fairly often in the winter but at last report is still standing.


            1. Halya Coynash and her ilk just keep the propaganda plates spinning – no other purpose – a propaganda maintenance job as it were. I suppose that the PR experts have a schedule of articles that need to be produced and distributed to maintain a certain level of public opinion in the chosen area. It’s just a forever ad campaigns or ,more accurately, the overhead of “democracy” US style.


      3. Jeez, Karl, if business contracts were written the way you imagine Russia should conduct business with Ukraine, nothing would ever get done and we would still be using horses and carriages to get around. Railway engineering companies would never get any work if they insisted that their customers also should build wind turbines. It’s none of Gazprom’s business to tell Naftogaz or Ukrainian government officials how to run Ukrainian domestic affairs.


        1. Actually, that’s the way bills are written in the United States; you write a Highway-Maintenance Bill, and then co-writing Congressfolk slip in ‘line items’ which mandate that if the bill passes, a car-parts factory gets built in their district, that sort of thing. Often the accumulated line items in an important budget bill (which increases the chance of it passing, because it has to) would fill a book on their own.


          1. The second item on my wish list is banning of such portmanteau or (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bills and Acts which lead to government by lobbyists and corrupt legislators. Separate stand-alone customised laws properly debated and revised are needed.

            (The first item is root-and-branch reform of all law relating to Corporations and Limited Liability Partnerships – without it we’re doomed.)


    2. The main point of interest in my post was the apparent coordination of the water blockade by Kiev and the imposition of sanctions on companies to inhibit sale of desalination equipment that could be used in Crimea. Hence, the US is a co-conspirator in this matter. The resulting thunderous MSM silence would be expected.


  13. Российская оппозиция далёкая от народа.

    The Russian opposition is distant from the people.

    Exhibit 1

    Here the other day Ksenia Larina [Ekho Moskvy “columnist”, journalist, graduate of the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, the largest and oldest independent theatrical arts school in Russia; a kreakl of the highest rank — ME] wrote a whole sheet about what surprises her as regards the inhabitants of our country. In short, there are arguments that she does not like the way the people in the provinces react to the imprisonment of Navalny. And then she wonders if this has always been the case or has become so recently.

    I hasten to satisfy her curiosity and all our other opposition. This has always been the case. We are residents of provincial cities and want to eat well and sleep well, to have a refrigerator, a TV and vacation once a year, for example, in Crimea: this is what we live for. We are also interested in our children and simple everyday worries. We shall not worry about some Navalny who is going to spoil our life.

    I have no doubt that listing low-key needs in the form of a refrigerator and a TV can bring a sarcastic smile to someone. Oh, but what about high art? Oh, but what about reasoning about something beautiful. Reasoning? Only I remember how in the ’90s I used to come home, open the refrigerator, and it was empty. Okay. Almost empty. Sometimes there was some butter and a lemon. There were some soup bones in the freezer. And there was a frying pan with potatoes on the stove. Well, there was bread, bread, too.

    There were no sweets. All kinds of cheese and outlandish sausages too. There were also rotten floors in the dorm where I grew up. And bars at the window. Well, there was art. I was lucky with friends who supplied me with cassettes and later with disks. They also gave books and films. Only, sorry for the expression, I also wanted to eat. Natural shyness did not allow me to visit folk so as to eat dinner. And by and large, friends would still have the same fried potatoes.

    I am not complaining about life, I am just describing the world in which I grew up. Another way of life was not familiar to me. And I once promised myself that my children would not live like this. Well, they don’t live like I did. My wish came true. The universe heard me. I see prospects in life, I see that it makes sense to strive for something. And these aspirations will surely be crowned with success. And then well-fed people have appeared and are now going to deprive me of this for the sake of some talk about freedom. These people have never seen an empty refrigerator. Those who absolutely do not know how from hunger an empty stomach sticks to the spine.

    Who are the main liberals in our country? For example, Ksenia Sobchak. A girl who has never needed anything. Will she seriously help the common people? Wants to improve their lives? Well, then let her sell her fur coats and take the money to the poor. There are several million people living below the poverty line in Russia. Let her start with them.

    Actually, who is Ksenia Larina? A Muscovite from a wealthy family. Her dad is a radio host and translator. Her mother is an employee of Vneshtorg [Bank]. She does not know us mere mortals. She has never lived in such conditions as the vast majority of her compatriots do. She doesn’t know our life. She did not work in the market for a penny, did not stand at the cash register for 14 hours like the girls with whom I talked as a student. And she never bought her clothes at a market or travelled in a second-class carriage. She’s going to build up Russia? Well, let her start by asking ordinary people what they want.

    Kreakl Larina pontificating at that radio station

    Aleksey Venediktov loves to talk about life: his father was a submariner, his mother a doctor radiologist. At first glance, an ordinary Moscow family. Well, let’s dig deeper. His grandmother designed the Hotel Ukraine. And his grandfather is an honourary engineer and employee of the Mining Institute. What do you think? Do you think with that pedigree this man ever needed anything? Obviously not. Moscow has always been a separate universe, but these Muscovites take it upon themselves to judge the whole of Russia.

    Chief arsehole at that radio station

    Or Makarevich, for example. He is a Muscovite as well, and like the others, also from a wealthy family. These people are not followed the plough from generation to generation; they have not known hardships: they have never seen any. And they have always lived in luxury. And now they live better than many of my compatriots. That’s why they don’t believe them. They didn’t believe Limonov, who came from the provincial factory outskirts. There is no way they will believe them.

    Grade-A twat Makarevich.

    And before resenting her compatriots, I should advise Ksenia Larina to travel around Russia in a second-class carriage, to go live somewhere in Syzran or Chita, to try get a job there and live on a salary of 20 thousand. And maybe then something will stick in her head. She’ll understand something about the mysterious Russian soul. In the meantime, all these people are so terribly far away from us. And they’re not going to come any closer. For God’s sake, no one’s forcing them to do so, but then one should not be surprised by such a reaction. Accept your people for who they are. And the fact that you do not know them is your problem, not theirs. Moreover, they are not bad people. They are kind, generous and decent. It’s worth getting to know them better.

    That’s all for today. Thank you for your attention and see you again.

    Totally agree mister!

    Note: the writer can hardly be called a Putin fan: he says many here live a piss-poor life. And many provincial places are Shitsville.

    But he has no time for the wealthy Bullshitter and others of like liberast mindset, such as those tossers pictured above.

    Actually, I don’t think Navalny is a liberast: he’s simply on the make — always has been, and he gets paid well by Uncle Sam for sowing disaffection.

    He’s in it for the money: always has been. That’s why they should lock him up for treason. The thought of as couple of decades in nick will make him shut the fuck up with his Instagrams.

    And by the way, I last picked up 19, 000 for my monthly salary. I’ve been paid no more than 22, 000 for over a year now.

    But I still prefer living here than in the UK.


    1. By God, if that doesn’t resonate, the situation is hopeless. The inference is brilliant, and reminded me instantly of Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Nickle and Dimed”, her account of the year or so she spent trying to live on minimum wage in America. Let Sobchak and her privileged ideologue friends live in Arseniev or Kavaliyereva for a year or two on whatever they can earn from whatever jobs they can get, and you might see a vastly different perspective. Unless their heads are wood all the way through. But I think that author correctly diagnosed the phenomenon of being born into a good living, and considering it brings with it a responsibility to do good for the people less privileged. Admirable sentiment, easily misdirected.


      1. A similar thing happened in the ’80s in the UK when some Conservative Party MP Matthew Paris mouthed it off in some newspaper column that unemployment benefit was more than adequate and life as unemployed person was tolerable. So Parris was immediately challenged to try and live one week on the dole in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the northeast of England. To give Parris his due, he put his money where his mouth was, as it were, and took up the challenge — and failed miserably. If I rightly recall, he was skint after only a few days: penniless.

        As it happened, Parris later “came out” and left politics. He writes a lot.

        Parris’s experience as a single unemployed man greatly interested me at the time, because from March 1984 until February 1985, I was a voluntarily unemployed single man who received no benefits of any kind whatsoever, namely I was on strike.

        See: MPs try out ‘cushy’ life of unemployed
        Twice in the 1980s, when Britain was also enduring a recession and being run by a Tory Government, MPs from the party thought they could get by on benefits
        15:13, 8 APR 2013

        Paris lining up for his benefits payout at a post office.

        If Works and Pensions Minister Iain Duncan Smith can be persuaded to follow through on his boast that he could live on £53 a week in benefits, chances are the experiment will take place in Newcastle.

        And if history is anything to go by, he will fail.

        Twice in the 1980s, when Britain was also enduring a recession and being run by a Tory Government which was being criticised for its treatment of the unemployed, MPs from the party thought they could get by on benefits.

        The first was Matthew Parris, who took up the challenge in 1984 for ITV’s World In Action to live for a week on a single man’s unemployment benefit of £26.80 in a Scotswood [Newcastle Shitsville — ME] bedsit and he failed. The experience left a deep impression on Parris, and he later quit as an MP and became a journalist. He repeated the experiment 20 years later.

        In November 1986, Piers Merchant, then Tory MP for Newcastle Central, said he and his family – wife Helen and their two-year-old daughter Alethea – could get by on £60.80, the equivalent to what a family was entitled to if on the dole.

        For the “experiment” they swapped their posh £65,000 four-bedroom Low Fell home for a flat in Pretoria Street, Scotswood, whose normal residents, music students Catherine Whitten, 19, and Andrea Milne, 18, took over the Merchant family home. The students had a whale of a time.

        “There is just no comparison to the house and lifestyle we have left,” said Catherine, who attended Newcastle College of Arts and Technology with Andrea.

        “We plan to use everything we don’t have at home – the colour TV, the Hoover, washing machine, video and microwave oven.”


        1. I remember Parris. He seemed genuinely taken aback by what he was exposed to as the realities of surviving on benefits. Must’ve missed the Merchant episode.


  14. This news from a KP article will no doubt raise the Finn’s depressed mood as regards the situation in Russia:

    For the first time in thirty post-Soviet years, our country has survived a crisis better than the rest of the world! This is the conclusion reached by experts from the Centre for Development Institute of the Higher School of Economics. They issued a bulletin “Comments on the state and business”, in which they summed up the difficult last year for the Russian economy. In their work, experts called last year’s crisis unique. And not only because the world has never seen anything like it. The uniqueness of the 2020 crisis also lies in how easily we have weathered it. Compared to other countries, of course.

    Usually, a global crisis hits our economy harder than the rest of the world. The authors of the study remind: in 2009, which was difficult for the entire planet, the world economy fell by 0.1%, and the Russian one by as much as 7.8%. But at the end of 2020, which became the worst year for the world economy in a hundred years, our indicators look much better. Whilst the planet’s economy collapsed by an average of 3.5%, the Russian economy “only” by 3.1%. Germany’s GDP fell by 5%, France by 8.3%, Spain by 11%, Japan by 4.8% and the USA by 3.5%. So we got off really easily. Why did this happen so? We talked about this with Nikolai Kondrashov, Research Fellow at the Center for Development Institute at the Higher School of Economics

    And the article goes on. Check it out if you wish.


      1. Also, that the US manifested by the Power of Attraction $4- 5 trillion USD otherwise the US economy would make Shitsville look like Shangri la.

        Many have complained that Russian monetary policy was too tight. I partially agree but wonder if said tightness helped them weather this storm.


        1. That’s possible but there would have been no harm for the Central Bank of Russia to have reduced interest rates by a few percentage points as Kirill (when he used to visit KS) advocated, and still keep interest rate changes within a range the Russian economy could tolerate. This not only could have encouraged faster growth with more small business and job growth but also given the Russian economy more resilience to bounce back from the effects of the pandemic.

          Perhaps Nabiullina was concerned that once the CBR relaxed its policy, there would be tremendous pressure from outside to relax the policy even more and drive interest rates down to near zero.


    1. Well, it’s relative; a contraction of more than 3% of GDP is a disaster, and all the more an outrage because it did not need to happen – the public-health snake-oilers keep on shouting about country-code variants which will make you grow scales like a pangolin in their attempts to keep the public scared shitless and therefore compliant, but it is really not very scary at all unless you are old and frail and live in a care home or other congested environment where respiratory viruses spread rapidly, and even for people over 75 – the highest-risk group – the survivability is something like 94% or better. The medical community – and not even all of it – continues to try and conflate infectiousness with fatality and destruction. Yes, everybody gets it; it’s a virus and it’s effective at replicating itself. But being a little bit under the weather for a couple of days should not put anyone’s nose out of joint. The destruction in the economy was awe-inspiring and completely unnecessary, as it did nothing at all to arrest the spread and merely prolonged it. ‘Flattening the curve’ only makes its base widen.


    1. Ha, ha! I like your analysis, and I think you have nailed it – anyone who offers objections is an ignorant fool who is not afraid because he does not grasp the implications. I liked this comment:

      “If you read and think carefully, this man doesn’t actually take a position on the issue. The “centrist” perspective.

      It’s the umpteenth such piece on RT, supposing to take some kind of “contrarian” position, but in reality reinforcing the status quo, generating impotent, directionless antagonism. And it’s deliberate.”

      Wheels within wheels.


    2. As I have been told by my relatives, if you’re not panicking, you’re not taking the pandemic seriously at all.

      All the advice about taking deep breaths to get rid of stress and to adopt a detached state of mind so that you can confront a problem or situation flies out the window when COVID-19 becomes the issue.


  15. This is a brief sketch of the US labour market situation (from

    “After twelve months, the BLS still cannot count the Unemployed. Headline U.3 Unemployment remains deep in non-recovery territory. The BLS acknowledged continuing likely misclassification of some “unemployed” persons as “employed,” in the Household Survey. Where the estimate was an understated “upside limit” of 756,000 persons in February 2021; the January 2021 upside estimate was an understated 849,000 [see No. 1457]. The difference would be a potential headline U.3 of 6.7% instead of today’s headline 6.2%, which was down from 6.3% in January. Fully adjusted for COVID-19 disruptions, U.3 would be around 12%, the highest unemployment rate since before World War II, outside of the Pandemic. Broader February 2021 headline U.6 unemployment [including an increase in short-term discouraged workers and those employed part-time for economic reasons] held a 11.1% for a second month. Including long-term discouraged/ displaced workers, the February 2021 ShadowStats Alternate Measure — moving on top of U.6 – notched higher to 25.8%, from 25.7% in January, down from 26.2% in December 2020. The latest Unemployment Rates have been posted to the ALTERNATE DATA tab (above), with extended coverage pending in Flash Commentary No. 1460.”

    Accepting the official stats for the performance of the US economy requires a larger dollop of suspension of disbelief than the average Hollywood movie does.


    1. From a couple of other (reasonably reliable?) sources, BLS stats were usually more fiction than fact even before the pandemic. Some definitions of “employed” beggared belief. Given the ballsed-up state unemployment systems any official stats are likely a WAG at best.


      1. I would submit, though, that they are no more fictional than official statistics, which often reflect chicanery such as the Bush administration’s blurry definition of ‘manufacturing’.

        Burger-flipping is often cited, not so much because the Bush government decreed that making burgers at a fast-food restaurant is a ‘manufacturing job’ – something it did not actually do, although it is often attributed – but because the US government deliberately fudged the meaning of ‘manufacturing’ so as to make the manufacturing sector (which lost thousands of jobs during Bush’s tenure) appear healthier than it actually was.

        I am similarly skeptical of the official unemployment statistics, which regularly ignore those who are unemployed but who have given up trying to find a job. At a time when the ‘pandemic’ has eliminated hundreds of thousands of jobs in the retail and service industries, it is not difficult to believe unemployment in the USA is higher than during relatively prosperous years.


  16. Канцелярия Главы Российского Императорского Дома Е.И.В. Государыни Великой Княгини Марии Владимировны имеет честь и радость объявить во всеобщее сведение, что бракосочетание сына и наследника Великой Княгини Е.И.В. Великого Князя Георгия Михайловича, и его невесты, Госпожи Виктории Романовны (Ребекки Вирджинии) Беттарини, состоится 1 октября 2021 года в Санкт-Петербурге.

    А.Н. Закатов

    директор Канцелярии Е.И.В.

    Москва, 5 марта 2021 года

    The Chancellery of the Her Imperial Majesty Empress Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, head of the Russian Imperial House, has the honour and pleasure of announcing to the general public that the marriage of the son and heir to the Grand Duchess, His Imperial Majesty Grand Duke George Mikhailovich, and his bride, Mrs. Victoria Romanovna (Rebecca Virginia) Bettarini, will take place on October 1, 2021 in St. Petersburg.

    A.N. Zakatov

    Director of the Office of Her Imperial Majesty
    Moscow, March 5, 2021

    The events that took place in 1917 in the former Russian Empire never happened, it seems.

    To Her Imperial Majesty Empress Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna:

    Can’t come. Dont want to!

    And fuck off with your “Imperial Majesty” crap!

    Moscow Exile



    By the way, stupid woman, that’s a federation of REPUBLICS.


  17. Go and find a real job, you scrounging “aristocratic” parasites!

    Well, she’s not an aristocrat, but she aims to be one, in that she’s going to get wed to that fat fucker.


      1. I believe that there’s a popular US TV programme called “I married a mommas boy”; perhaps when the nuptials have been celebrated, the Romanovs can appear in an Imperial Highnesses (pretenders) Special?


    1. Are you upset because you did not receive an invitation to the blessed event? But I have a very super serious question based on this:

      His Imperial Majesty Grand Duke George Mikhailovich, and his bride, Mrs. Victoria Romanovna (Rebecca Virginia) Bettarini, will take place on October 1, 2021 in St. Petersburg.

      “Mrs” whatever. She is already married? And what is with the multiple names? Is it Rebecca Virginia or Romanovna Bettarini? or What? I want to be sure to properly address her at the wedding. Ohhh, the visions of fish heads and rotting cabbage at the royal banquet….


      1. “Mrs.” is one way, though not an entirely satisfactory one, of translating госпожа, which is a term of respect from pre-1917 for women, usually foreign, the masculine version of госпожа being господин.

        I am sometimes very formally addressed as господин Пеннингтон, but господин really translates as “gentleman” or even “Lord”. It’s a kind of Russian version of Sahib or Bwana. But really, there are no “misters” and “missises” in Russian, just “man”, “woman”, “maiden”, “lad”, “uncle”, “aunty”, “grandfather” and “grandmother”.

        I don’t know why or how the as yet unwed Eyetie bint has got the feminine Romanov patronymic Романовна (its in the genitive case above: “. . . “[of] his bride, Mrs. Victoria Romanovna (Rebecca Virginia) Bettarini) tagged onto her name.

        She changed her name when she became Russian Orthodox, but how the hell she got to be called Romanovna is a mystery to me? Her father’s name wasn’t/isn’t Roman, surely?

        No, it ain’t: it’s Roberto!

        All is revealed here: 2021-01-20 Announcement of the Upcoming Wedding of His Imperial Highness The Heir, Tsesarevich, and Grand Duke George of Russia and Nob. Victoria Romanovna Bettarini.

        The “Nob.” must mean “noble”.

        Georgy Porgy looks a right nobhead though:

        Is he presenting above what is called a “regal look”?

        Chi è l’italiana che sposerà l’ultimo erede degli zar

        Who is the Italian who will marry the last heir of the tsars?
        This is a ten-year-long love story, a sentimental journey made up of small daily steps that is intertwined with a great collective story, tragic and romantic at the same time, which has inspired novels, films, documentaries, television series: that of the Romanoff (the original name, Romanov, was Europeanized after the October Revolution), the dynasty that reigned over Russia from 1613 to 1918. Today, in this story, a young Italian woman enters, Rebecca, the one that the Grand Duke George Mikhailovich, heir to the tsars and future head of the family, will marry “in St. Petersburg in the autumn, health emergency permitting”, as the protagonists say to People in the first interview released after the engagement announcement.

        . . . Rebecca . . . is the daughter of the Italian Ambassador Roberto Bettarini and since childhood, following her father’s duties, she has lived in Paris, Rome, Caracas, Brussels. She returned to Belgium after graduating in political science to work in an Italian defence group. Today, she chairs a consulting firm she founded. She is an accomplished woman of our time.

        So this is a couple born out of love and not dynastic designs. “Rebecca and I have always had a lot of friends in common,’ says George, ‘but it all started at a reception at the French embassy in Brussels about ten years ago. We immediately started chatting about the things we had in common. I had founded a consulting firm some time ago, but at the time we both worked for international companies. It was natural and spontaneous for us to meet: we discovered we had the same values and the same education. A deep friendship was born, which gradually turned into love. Rebecca takes the floor: ‘Yes, it was all very natural. In these years together we have never stood still. We have achieved many of our personal goals, changed jobs, cities and lifestyles several times. But always side by side, until we took the decision to move to Russia.

        And on and on it goes, but no explanation is given as regards her having the patronymic “Romanovna”.

        I wonder if she’ll ever say to His Imperial Highness Fat George: “What’s-a matter you? Hey! Gotta no respect? Ah shaddap-a you face!”?


        1. More of the “Curt Doolittle” look – smug, overbearing, overweight and faintly amused yet impatient by the idiots that surround him. She will look good on the new ruble note after they become the rulers of all the Russias. Is that the Royal Dog between the two of them? The dog does coordinate well with the Mrs dress. Perhaps she has multiple dogs with each dog matched to a particular dress. I’m not picking on her, Hey, she has a right to make a living.


          1. As long as she does not piss her breeks like Doolittle. That could make gatherings – when they are eventually permitted, in about 2023 when people have gotten out of the habit and find it weird to be around other folk – awkward.


        2. Actually, he is a dead ringer for my doctor, who is a Souf African. He was my regular doctor in the Navy, in which service he is pictured here;

          unfortunately not a face-on shot so you can get the real impact. He was a civilian then – like Dr. Bonnie Henry, who also served at CFB Esquimalt and is now the provincial public-health officer, making our lives miserable with her COVID blabberings – and has since gone into private practice, although he remains my doctor for things like the Seafarer’s Medical, which has to be renewed every 2 years.

          He has lost some weight since that picture and the beard has a bit more grey, he is not as fat as His Royal Knobility. But the resemblance is striking.


          1. I think Georgey Porgey and mum Maria make enough impact trying to out-paunch each other so I’m happy seeing just a side shot of the doctor.


  18. Just read something interesting from the Council on Foreign Relations,

    How to Deal with Russia.

    They’ve got Fiona Hill, Steve Sestanovich, and Alexander Vershbow talking about, well, how to deal with Russia. They examine the entrails of previous ‘resets’ and how they fail to restore the US-Russia relationship to what it was in the halcyon days of the ’90s. Of course, it never enters their heads to ask “Why would the Russian government & people want to return to being helpless, bankrupt, & dying off by a million/yr, amid an unstoppable descent into social catastrophe & strategic irrelevance?” No, they just pine for the abject submission of the Yeltsin regime, and continue to dream about getting it back.

    And it’s all Putin’s fault that they don’t have already.

    Their solution is to dial up the pressure, and reach out to the Russian population over the heads of their government.

    Fat chance that has.

    Their skulls must be equal to the radius of their heads.


    1. After reading the first dozen paragraphs, I came away with the distinct impression of what it must be like to walk through a sewer full of putrid ideas and mutual admiration between turds. Sorry for the graphic images but that is the best description of what I read.


    2. I would love to reply to that in depth, but I can’t think of a single thing to say that you haven’t covered in exactly the way I would have done. Their ‘experts’ are indeed shameless – in fact, proud – propagandists who live in a dreamworld of unquestioned American dominance over world affairs, where the world’s population yearns for American leadership. They indeed reflect nostalgically on the golden days when Boris Yeltsin simply handed them the keys and said “Here – you drive”. They indeed wonder stupidly why they can’t get that mojo back, and they indeed try spastically to achieve it by reaching past the Russian leadership to engage the Russian public directly; futile now because most of their NGO’s have been kicked out of the country and have to kibitz from the sidelines. If anything, the status quo should stand as an example to countries like Venezuela on how to western-proof your country.

      I suppose they fantasize about that eventual moment when Putin steps down, is defeated or dies, so that the leadership of the country must change, and for sure that is going to be a watershed moment for Russia in which its future could go either way. You can be sure the west will pull out all the stops to get a pro-western dreamboat like Medvedev in the driver’s seat when Putin is finally gone, but unless he is dead he will remain influential in national and global politics, and in the meantime whatever steps Russia can take to immunize itself against western meddling will be time well-spent. One plus is that the west usually starts ramping up its choice early, so as to give him or her a solid political pedigree before elections. Whoever the west wants as Russia’s leader – obviously not Navalny, who remains useful only as a spoiler and irritant – is unlikely to be a surprise when the time comes.

      Thanks for that great comment.


    3. The woman Fiona Hill, Russian expert and advisor to the great and good of the hegemon, interests me greatly, not least because of her background, which has some parallels with mine:

      Hill was born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, in northern England, the daughter of a coal miner [I was not only a coal miner in the Lancashire coalfield, but a son and grandson of one — ME], Alfred Hill, and a midwife [my mother was a nurse — ME], June Murray. Her father died in 2012; her mother still lives in Bishop Auckland. In the 1960s, as many of the local coal mines were closing, her father wanted to emigrate to find work in the mines of Pennsylvania or West Virginia, but his mother’s poor health required him to stay in England. Her family struggled financially; June sewed clothes for her daughters and at age 13, Fiona began working at odd jobs, including washing cars and working as a waitress at a local hotel.

      She and her sister attended Bishop Barrington School, a local comprehensive school. In 2017, she recalled applying for the University of Oxford: “I applied to Oxford in the ’80s and was invited to an interview. It was like a scene from Billy Elliot [British musical about a boy, Billy Elliot, son of a coal miner, who becomes a poofter ballet dancer rather than working with his dad down the pit: typically bourgeois luvvy fantasy and utter nonsense! — ME], people were making fun of me for my accent and the way I was dressed. It was the most embarrassing, awful experience I had ever had in my life”. [Some fellow countrymen here, whom I have always avoided like the plague, have occasionally tried to mock my accent, but a swift smack in the gob quickly cured them of this impertinence — ME] She then studied history and Russian at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. [I studied German and Russian for 4 years at the Universities of Liverpool, Düsseldorf and Voronezh USSR. I then studied as a postgrad at Manchester University before buggering off to the Evil Empire for good! —ME]. In 1987, she was an exchange student in the Soviet Union [which means that she spent, as did I, 1 academic year in the SU; before my year in the USSR, I had spent 1 academic year fucking around in das Vaterland — ME], where, while interning for NBC News, she witnessed the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. [Here our seemingly parallel tracks diverge: no USA news agency made a job offer to me whilst a student here, which is what happened to Hill: clearly, she was got at either before she headed off for the SU fas a student or whilst she was studying here. Why didn’t they approach me, I wonder? Possibly because I had form, namely I was and still am a convicted criminal, having been imprisoned towards the end of the British miners’ strike 1984-1985 — ME] An American professor [Who exactly? — ME] encouraged Hill to apply for a graduate programme in the United States. On the experience she had gained in the USSR and Russia, in 2003 Hill wrote in her book “The Siberian Curse”: “I noticed that many aspects of British (and, by relation, American) culture were surprisingly, even unexpectedly similar, and that the Russians and the West had a good deal in common. Before long, other aspects of the Soviet and Russian […] mentalities and cultures reared their heads, and these gaps seemed larger and more consuming than any novel or textbook could transmit”. [I believe I know what she’s getting at: the conservative nature of the British and Russian working classes — ME]. Continuing in another passage, she writes, “Whether or not these gaps can be effectively bridged or, at least, mitigated will remain the guiding question for this field of study for decades to come”. Hill seemed to answer this question for herself in 2020, when she cowrote an op-ed in Politico Magazine, along with Jon Huntsman Jr., Robert Legvold, Rose Gottemoeller, and Thomas R. Pickering, wherein they state that, although Russia is and will likely remain greatly disharmonious with Western Europe and North America, it is in the security interests of the United States to seek cooperation where possible. [Smart thinking, Girl Wonder and colleagues! That’s because Russia is capable of turning the USA to radioactive glass — ME]

      At Harvard University, she earned a master’s degree in Russian and modern history in 1991 [whereas I earned my master’s by living in Russia! — ME], and a Ph.D. in history in 1998 under Richard Pipes [Pipes! Another Polish American Russophobe of Jewish extraction — ME], Akira Iriye, and Roman Szporluk [And judging by their family names, her other PH.D. tutors were of the same pedigree as is Pipes — ME.] While at Harvard, she was a Frank Knox Fellow, and met her future husband, Kenneth Keen, at Cabot House. They have a daughter.

      Hill became a U.S. citizen in 2002.Wiki

      As far as I can gather, Hill either took a trip on the Trans-Siberian whilst a student here or after she had returned here following the end of the USSR. I am sure that I read somewhere her claim that she took the trip whilst she was an “exchange student” in the USSR.

      When I read that claim of hers, I began to suspect that she was telling fibs, for when she was a student in the USSR, she would have found it almost impossible to ride the Trans-Siberian, as during that time, Western students residing in Russia were not allowed to travel more than 20 kms from their registered place of residence. I did: I went fishing miles away from the city of Voronezh and way out in the sticks, but I had “gone native”: everybody thought I was a Russian, until I opened my mouth! However, I reckon that there would have been no way when I was student here that I could have ridden from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian. Hill, if I rightly recall, claims she did just that.

      Apparently, Hill used her experiences gained in Russia to write “The Siberian Curse”, jointly written, I may add. She saw here the big picture, as it were, through the windows of the Trans-Siberian. However, her experience in living here must have been very short lived, namely for 1 academic year, as in the ’90s, it seems she hotfooted it off to the “Land of the Free” after having been made a Ph.D course offer that she could not refuse. If she did, in fact, travel across the USSR whilst a student here, I suspect that she was able to do so as she was at the same time “interning for NBC News” and had got clearance to travel further afield because she was “a journalist”.

      You can check out a preview of the above book online here.

      As far as I know, since her exchange student days, Hill has only returned here as part of the entourage of American diplomats: in a news report, I once noticed her at the table with that wanker McFaul when he was meeting President V. V. Putin in the Kremlin.

      Here’s a bloody lengthy article on Hill from that rag “The Guardian”:

      ‘Trump thought I was a secretary’: Fiona Hill on the president, Putin and populism
      She was the White House’s top Russia expert catapulted to fame by Trump’s impeachment. She reflects on her journey from County Durham to Washington
      by Julian Borger in Washington

      I have spent 27 years in this living hell that is “Putin’s Mafia State”. I wonder if I co-write a book telling how it really is here, I’ll get an invite to do a Ph.D in the USA and get a job with the White House diplomatic staff?


  19. Interesting video showing the rise of the Tesla asset bubble:

    Tesla crushes Toyota in market cap but is a mere shadow of Toyota in every other metric. Crazy!

    Tesla market share is shrinking with the introduction of the Ford Mach e and other EVs but it seems all sides are cherry picking data so the Tesla loss can not yet be clearly measured. When the dust settles, Tesla will likely be a mid-range player in the EV market but what happens to it near trillion dollar valuation? How much debt was collateralized with that stock? I don’t know but, apparently, using public stock as loan collateral is mainstream:

    Banks using such volatile “assets” as collateral was surprising to me. Bubble within bubbles.

    And here is a Bloomberg video with an economist forecasting a crash worse than ’29. He notes that he is involved with QuantumScape, a small company (200 employees) which had, at the time of the video’s release, a bigger market cap than GM. Although he is apparently a beneficiary of this bubble, he still views it as insane.


    1. Stock and the awarding of ownership in same is a longstanding way of bestowing wealth and favour outside the public eye; for example, Boeing’s CEO – David Calhoun – deferred his salary and bonuses in an inspirational example of self-sacrifice as the company he heads struggled. However, in that same year he received stock options worth over $21 million, which is a nice little earner no matter how you look at it, especially considering the US government will not allow Boeing to fail.

      The view that a major crash is coming is not an uncommon one at all, and there cannot be many who view the continued zooming higher of the stock market running on high-octane printed money with much other than alarm. The web abounds with explanations, but this one is as good as any:

      “The market is meant to be a super-efficient valuation mechanism but it appears to be broken. In a nutshell, a company the scale of Berkshire Hathaway should not be performing this way. The stock market has lost its ability to value companies and is now a warehouse for cash.”

      That author forecast a 2020 crash in September of the same year, so he must have been pretty sure to float such a risky forecast so late in the year. Obviously it did not happen, but the foundations of the western financial empire did not firm and steady. Instead, they grew shakier, the money-printing continues unabated and the major market players’ appetite for easy cash and dangerous volatility remains undiminished.


      1. Just watched a video claiming that Tesla stock will exceed $10,000/share with a market cap of $9.6 trillion. There will be 10,000,000 Teslas’ on the road by 2030 with each one earning their owner $30,000/year profit as a robo-taxi while they snooze at home (total PROFIT of $300 billion/year). Buy three Teslas’ and retire for life in Florida! Even more, Tesla will be manufacturing 20,000,000 cars/year by then. In twenty years, every man, woman and child will have a Tesla and make $30,000 profit each!

        I expected to find commentary laughing at the absurd numbers and many did,


        1. Well, Mr. Musk is well-known for making wild claims – perhaps it came from him. However, he is enjoying an incredible run of luck and has managed to scramble pretty far up the pile of the world’s richest men simply by making promises and borrowing huge sums of money to invest in himself. And his run of luck is likely to continue as the US Government wants all cars to be electric by a certain date, and so there is pressure on buyers to purchase an electric and get rid of their gas-powered car. And at the present time Tesla is hands-down the coolest of the electrics. Competition is ramping up, though, and somebody is bound to go after the electric sports-car market. People are not going to want to stop driving fast just because gas cars are gone, and settle down and be slow-driving nerds.


          1. The Mustang Mach E is really cool looking, has a more attractive interior with better functionality, has better quality, has a real dealer network and is cheaper due to the Federal rebate. YouTube is full of glowing reviews. Sales data, perhaps cherry-picked, shows the Mach E making big gains against Tesla. I like Tesla but it has chronic quality issues, harsh ride and a spartan interior.

            Tesla is counting on its driving autonomy lead to keep the competiont at bay. That is not a bet I would make,


            1. Most of Tesla’s quality-control woes and complaints about spartan interior appointments are tied to the production clusterfuck surrounding the Model Y. They should have stuck with the Model S, which was and is a truly beautiful and luxurious car. I’d like to have one myself, and I’m pretty far from a Musk booster. I know you have to keep innovating and expanding all the time, but it seems to me every time a car company has decided to try [producing a cheapo model so as to put it with reach of Joe Schmo and his minimum-wage paycheck, it has been a miserable failure. Remember the Porsche 914? How about the 924? I’m sure Porsche would like to forget.

              I agree Tesla is making a mistake by staking its entire reputation on making self-driving technology the standard. It is not ready and if it continues to pursue the same process – a network of cameras in the car and highly-detailed street modeling – it never will be. It is incredibly complicated and while it could be made to work on a test track, even with multiple cars, I cannot see it ever being sufficiently reliable in congested traffic which is an autonomous/real driver mix for traffic safety to ever sign off on it. There are too many things which could go wrong even without someone trying to deliberately mess with it by generating interference computer commands for people ever to be confident they could make it to work without keeping a nervous eye on what’s going on around them, and occasionally snatching at the wheel in panic.


  20. Леонид Волков серый кардинал штаба Навального

    Leonid Volkov: the Grey Cardinal of Navalny’s Staff

    Leonid Volkov was born in November 1980 in Sverdlovsk.

    His father, Mikhail Vladimirovich, held the post of professor and was the chief researcher of the laboratory of “combinatorial algebra” in an institution set up by the Ural State University.

    His mother Susanna Borisovna Kupchik is a Jewish. She worked as a senior lecturer at the Department of Advanced Information Technologies in Education

    After kindergarten, his parents, with the help of useful connections, arranged for their son in a specialized school with in-depth study of foreign languages, but he did not have a talent for German and he was transferred to a physics and mathematics class organized on the basis of a training and research center — under the auspices of Volkov Sr. …

    After defending his diploma, Volkov entered graduate school and was closely engaged in research in the field of electronic document management, rightly believing that such a promising function would become indispensable in the field of public services.

    By the early 2010s, he took up a post in the ruling elite of the JSC Production Company SKB Kontur and got a seat on the board of directors of the company.

    Those who are interested about Leonid Volkov’s personal life know little about it. The man has been twice legally married and is now the father of three children.

    In March 2009, after having become a deputy of the Yekaterinburg City Duma, Volkov began his career as a politician. Over time, unexpectedly for voters and colleagues, Leonid joined the opposition movement Solidarity and met its leader, Boris Nemtsov. He organized rallies in support of Yevgeny Roizman and Yegor Bychkov, both of whom having been accused of a number of criminal offenses.

    After settling in Moscow, he met Anna Biryukova. They got married in 2015. She was his second wife who, after having borne a son, who was named Mark, began to occupy leadership positions in the company of her husband’s associates.

    A specialist in the field of computer technology, he developed methods of “digital protest” and explained to public activists the role of social networks in the so-called peaceful revolutions. This became the basis for the People’s Alliance party established by Leonid and for cooperation with the head of the Opposition Coordination Council Aleksey Navalny.

    The broadcasting of information concerning unauthorized events put Volkov’s freedom at risk — he left Russia in 2019. For some time he travelled around Europe, studying statistics on the growth of members of international radical parties, as well as materials related to politics and economics published by the RBC media holding.

    In mid-2016, information appeared on the Internet about Volkov’s relationship with an employee of Navalny’s headquarters, Ekaterina Patyulina. In an interview with a number of informal Russian TV channels, the woman admitted that Leonid had pursued her everywhere and thereby provoked a scandal with the more fortunate in love affairs Maxim Katz.

    Volkov spends most of his time in Luxembourg, where he lives in a very nice house at 31, Rue Des Pres, L-8265, Mamer, Luxemburg, worth about a million euros.

    Also, Volkov, the “poor” fighter against the regime, works for Next Stop Ventures venture fund, which is a banal offshore company on the Cayman Islands, where it has a registered office on the 3rd floor, Queensgate House, 113 South Church Street, PO Box 10240, George Town , Grand Cayman, KY1-1002. And this office is engaged in blatant theft of Russian military technologies on the orders of the Pentagon and American special services.

    To be continued . . .


    1. Continued from above . . .

      The annual property taxes for Leonid Volkov are 26,250 euros. In rubles at the current exchange rate, this is slightly less than 1.9 million rubles.

      Utility bills are about 200 euros per month for using television, plus the tariff for direct maintenance of the house. When Volkov bought the house, he also paid a lot of taxes and other payments to the Luxembourg treasury — and, judging by the fact that he continues to be the owner of half of the house, he continues to pay them in Luxembourg. “Thus, real estate tax is up to 7.5% of the cadastral value of the object (varies from the type of object). The land tax is 0.7-1% of the cadastral value of the object”, writes Ilya Ukhov.

      And this is for half of the house, since the other half of the house went to his wife as a result of his divorce …

      Navalny’s chief of staff, Leonid Volkov, received $ 60,000 from Khodorkovsky in Estonia when he ran for the Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region and headed the headquarters of the PARNAS party in the elections to the Kostroma Regional Duma. But nowhere, of course, did he mention the money received from Khodorkovsky and, of course, he did not pay any taxes.

      In general, these men make good money on exposure and protests, using our closed-minded youth, and do not live in poverty at all …

      At the same time, Navalny’s supporters and donors consider themselves smart, thinking, able to analyze people.

      In fact, they are fodder for the professional fighters for all good things, such as Leonid Volkov.

      After all, where did the money collected from 2016 to 2018 go to — unknown.

      Navalny’s chief of staff, Leonid Volkov, on January 30, 2020, gave another boring interview to the programme “Tough Talk” with Stephen Saker on the BBC. As always, he called down heavenly punishments against Moscow and poured complaints and insults at the same time. Nothing new. Except for one piquant moment: Leonid got so hot and bothered that in the process of gesturing and scratching his face, he accidentally revealed watch … Oi!!!

      A Rolex Datejust 41 mm Steel and Everose gold — 1,105,664 rubles</b [$15,000]


  21. Did you think vaccinations meant the celebratory doffing of hated facemasks and the repeal of lining up outside the supermarket to be allowed inside? You poor fool.

    “Less coronavirus virus means less chance of spreading it, and if the amount of virus in your body is low enough, the probability of transmitting it may reach almost zero.

    However, researchers don’t yet know where that cutoff is for the coronavirus, and since the vaccines don’t provide 100% protection from infection, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people continue to wear masks and social distance even after they’ve been vaccinated.”

    The public-health community has glimpsed its chance to influence policymaking in a way it never would have dreamed 5 years ago, and it is all due to the coronavirus.

    Being vaccinated does not prevent you from being infected, it only helps keep you from getting sick because of it, and it might reduce the chance of you infecting others. But it is obviously going to be transitory, and the same sector that knew enough to develop a host of vaccines in only a couple of months doesn’t know shit about how to kill it or how long immunity lasts. So just to be safe, plan on getting your annual COVID shot – at around 40 bucks each – right along with your flu shot, as long as you live. Your government will helpfully pre-purchase your shot for you whether you want it or not, along with millions of others, by just transferring funding directly to the Pharma giants.


  22. NYT, the “Newspaper of Record:

    Preparing for Retaliation Against Russia, U.S. Confronts Hacking by China
    The proliferation of cyberattacks by rivals is presenting a challenge to the Biden administration as it seeks to deter intrusions on government and corporate systems.

    WASHINGTON — Just as it plans to begin retaliating against Russia for the large-scale hacking of American government agencies and corporations discovered late last year, the Biden administration faces a new cyberattack that raises the question of whether it will have to strike back at another major adversary: China.

    Taken together, the responses will start to define how President Biden fashions his new administration’s response to escalating cyberconflict and whether he can find a way to impose a steeper penalty on rivals who regularly exploit vulnerabilities in government and corporate defenses to spy, steal information and potentially damage critical components of the nation’s infrastructure.

    The first major move is expected over the next three weeks, officials said, with a series of clandestine actions across Russian networks that are intended to be evident to President Vladimir V. Putin and his intelligence services and military but not to the wider world.

    The officials said the actions would be combined with some kind of economic sanctions — though there are few truly effective sanctions left to impose — and an executive order from Mr. Biden to accelerate the hardening of federal government networks after the Russian hacking, which went undetected for months until it was discovered by a private cybersecurity firm.

    Please don’t! We beg you!


  23. Советник главы МВД Украины заявил о «сильном ударе» Зеленского по России

    Adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine announced Zelensky’s “strong blow” on Russia
    KIEV, March 8, 2021, 06:40 – REGNUM: The closure of opposition channels is “a strong blow and shock” for Russia, said adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine Valeriy Potseluyko on March 7 in an interview with the Obozrevatel TV channel.

    The closure of the 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV channels Kotseluyko called “powerful steps” by President Volodymyr Zelensky and the National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) of the country. The adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister explained that the closure of channels owned by opposition politicians Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak was a blow to the Russian instrument of influence in the Ukraine.

    Please . . . PLEASE!!!

    Don’t do it!

    We beg you!

    Spoken by me on behalf of the Orcish Empire.


    1. Ooooo…devilishly clever. The government is restricting what you’re allowed to hear, with a view toward slowly squeezing the life out of the language more than half of you speak every day…but it’s doing it out of love, to protect you.

      That’d be the same Zelensky who is distrusted by over 50% of his electorate, if polling is representative, and breathing down his neck in terms of trustworthiness is longtime political charlatan and well-known liar who was rolling around in a wheelchair at Maidan trolling for sympathy, and skipping around in four-inch fuck-me-hard stilettos only days later, Yulia Tymoshenko. Truly Ukraine is blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to political integrity.


  24. Of Borscht and Protests: The Female Future of Russia’s Opposition

    Women head nearly half of the Navalny team’s 37 regional headquarters and serve as key drivers of opposition activity in their regions. Some of them admit that their gender often plays to their personal as well as the regional movements’ advantage amid the patriarchal norms governing Russia’s security and political apparatuses.

    “Because we live in such a patriarchal society, I actually feel safer compared to men [in the opposition],” head of Navalny’s St. Petersburg office Irina Fatyanova said. “The possibility that I will be attacked somewhere is much lower because beating up a woman could have a detrimental effect on the regime’s reputation.”

    Though one should not expect the Navalny team’s anti-corruption agenda to pivot to radical feminism now that he has been jailed, some regional offices are already working to support the women’s rights agenda.

    “We’re starting the conversation about women’s rights, the domestic violence law. Of course, the topic is not central [to our work] because we focus more on corruption but, nevertheless,” said Irina Fatyanova from Navalny’s St. Petersburg office.

    It’s interesting to note that St. Petersburg’s pro-Navalny protests were on par, and by some estimates, per capita larger than Moscow’s, and there were violent incidents. Who’s Irina Fatyanova, the head of Navalny’s St. Petersburg headquarter?

    Navalny’s HQ in St. Petersburg Is Managed by an Employee of an NGO Supervised by the Israeli Authorities

    The Bolshevik-funded outlets covering Russia and Ukraine such as Meduza, Moscow Times, and RFE/RL are at work today. Things I read:

    – domestic violence in Russia is out of control

    – harassment in Russia is out of control

    – Ukraine’s March 8 commemoration is “Sovietic” and “outdated”, the harmonious nature of the event should give place to US-style feminist grievances and take aim at the “patriarchy”

    – Russian men earn more than women

    – a Russian 17-year old woman was killed by her lover, the purpose of pushing these stories from a political angle is to enrage women, despite the fact that the overwhelming victims of intentional murder in Russia are male. As sad as these killings are, being female greatly reduces the risk of you being intentionally murdered, yet the Bolshevik press would like Russian women to believe that they are under siege by the dastardly Russian male


    1. To all the women who visit New Kremlin Stooge:

      8 March
      International Woman’s Day

      I’m pretty sure Jen the Australian isn’t the only woman in our midst.

      The illustration shows a little girl, девочка [dyevochka] in Russian, and a woman, женщина [zhyenshchina] in Russian, who is probably the girl’s mother, мать [mat’] in Russian.

      I prefer old Soviet Woman’s Day greetings cards to the more modern ones, because they celebrate womanhood. The more modern cards often show young men presenting flowers to “Barbie Doll” girl-women, sort of competing with the imported Valentine’s Day crap.

      The Russian nouns девочка, женщина and мать are all of the female GENDER.

      A girl, a woman and a mother are all of the female SEX.

      In a Russian dictionary, under девочка, for example, it reads thus:

      Существительное, одушевлённое, женский род: ребёнок женского пола до юношеского возраста.

      Noun, animate, feminine gender: a child of the female sex until adolescence

      Freaks in the USA first appropriated THE GRAMMATICAL TERM “gender” so as to use it when spouting their in their sexual ideology in such jargon terms as “gender issues” and “gender awareness” and “transgender” and so on and so forth.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Translation from that East Slav bumpkin dialect:

            Ukrainian LGBT Soldiers and our Allies
            Yesterday at 19:21

            We are forming a platoon

            We invite LGBT people who are military specialists, as well as LGBT community friendly people, who want to sign a contract with one of the 3CU motorized infantry units. Your identity, as well as the unit, will remain a secret. After combat training, the unit will perform tasks directly on the line of contact. Tasks will require professional skills and intellectual abilities. Before entering the service, each fighter will be interviewed by the commander, then appropriate training will be given state certification. Part of the staff has already been selected. There are still some vacancies. If you would like to sign a contract and try your hand at military affairs, write to us in person. We shall provide all the necessary information and a list of specialties for which you could apply. The main criteria will be your abilities and your desire to develop and have respect for brothers and sisters and the Oath.

            A platoon of Gay Blades to strike fear into the hearts of Donbass coal miners, tractor drivers and assorted “terrorists”!

            How can they fail?


              1. That photo needs to be on the front page and home page of every newspaper and news website on the planet. It says so much.


              2. We hate to leave our loved ones behind. You might say. Out of consideration for the G-rated audience, I left off the apostrophe, in the hope that forbearance might introduce ambiguity.


        1. Possibly one of the most well known Soviet posters and a source of many laughs:

          Many funny memes of the above now!

          Glory to the Heroine Mother!

          The mother of my elder daughter’s girlfriend Masha is one of them, or would have been if she had become a multiple mother in the SU. She has a football team of kids. Well, they’re almost all grown up now and have flown away. They lived across the road from us. I lost count of how many brothers and sisters Masha had.

          Lots of spoof Soviet Posters now though:

          It reads in Latinized Russian:

          Yeslee ty okoncheel shkoly,

          Dabavlyai Bakardee v Koly!

          If you’ve finished school,
          Add Bacardi to your Cola!



      1. For example, a door [дверь — dver] in Russian is a noun, inanimate, female gender. A door has no sex: likewise a street [улица — ulitsa], a river [река — reka], a pine tree [сосна — sosna], a roof [крыша — krysha] and so on.

        A drunkard [пяница — pyanitsa] is also female gender, but the noun is animate and may be a man or a woman, likewise a judge [судья — sudiya].


      2. Thanks, Moscow Exile, for remembering me and all other female KS readers and visitors on International Women’s Day! I hope your wife and daughters had an enjoyable IWD yesterday with you too. 👩‍🏭👩‍🔬👩‍🚒👩‍🚀🕵️‍♀️


      3. Talking about women, and Russian women in particular, news is just out that this ditty (below) is going to be the Russian entry for this years Eurovision Song Contest. It’s called “Russian Woman”:

        Why the hell does she sing partly in English?

        08.03.2021, 21:58
        Manizha выступит от России на «Евровидении»

        Manizha will perform for Russia at Eurovision

        Singer Manizha with her song “Russian woman” will represent Russia at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This has become known following the results of a live viewer vote on Channel One.

        “Eurovision 2021 is due to take place in May 2021 in Rotterdam. The 65th edition will be held under the slogan “Open up”.


        Holy shit! What will the Bullshitter think of this?

        She’s . . . she’s . . . she’s Asiatic, goddamit!

        She’s a bloody Tajik!!!

        Representing Russia!!!!!


        1. Hmmm, her outfit reminds me of what the “women’s lib” /feminists wore in the 1970s. The boiler suit and the wrapped hair. The fashion sought to be unisex.
          Funny how fashions come around again.

          Last years song was catchy. And the presentation was amusing.


              1. All those above pictures of Soviet working women were taken in 1955, 10 years after the end of the Great Patriotic War and when they were striving hard to rebuild the USSR.


        2. Here’s the Yukie Eurovision 2021 entry, “Shum” by electro-disco-folk band Go_A:

          Apparently the song had to be rewritten and performed again because it was originally 4 minutes long and Eurovision rules state songs can’t be longer than 3 minutes. It’s so repetitive, it can afford being lopped another minute’s worth of dicky beat and rhythm loops.


    2. On the other hand, Russia has a higher number of CEOs than do many other countries, which businesswomen are, I am sure, not all that enamoured with the antics of the Bullshitter and his team of freaks.

      One recent study in March by Grant Thornton, an audit, tax and advisory firm, states that Russia is a global leader in terms of gender diversity in senior management. A huge majority of Russian companies – 91 percent – have at least one woman in senior management, a figure that’s higher than in Great Britain (75 percent), France (79 percent) and the U.S. (81 percent).

      That’s not all. Last year, the same study also showed that Russia has the highest proportion of senior positions held by women – 47 percent – followed by Indonesia (46 percent) and Estonia (40 percent).

      GENDER diversity!!!!

      They mean the ratio of female to male employees in businesses.

      Source: How common is it for women to be senior managers in Russia?

      And lest it be forgotten, may I remind “gender issue” freaks, if there are any lurking around, that head Honcho at Bank of Russia is not only a woman, but one of an “ethnic minority” as well, namely a Tatar.

      See also:

      List of female governors in Russia”>List of female governors in Russia

      For those interested in the role of women in Russian politics, access to a pdf file on this “gender issue” is available here:

      Successful Female Politician in Russia 2011-2020: Prospects and Approaches to Image Making Technology

      I should also like to add that my wife is a woman, as is my sister and as indeed was my mother.


      1. I asked the HR department if they had any plans to recognize International Women’s Day. The answer was no. The manager said, (semi-jokingly) that she was not sure if she could even use the term “women”. She is right. New terms are being sought such as “people who menstruate”. The Western World has gone barking mad.


        1. Ha, ha! True, although I well remember congratulating the Commandant of Fleet School’s secretary, a very nice lady I remember very affectionately, on International Women’s Day back when I worked at Fleet School 20 years or so ago. After congratulating her, I inquired innocently, “When is Men’s Day?” Without even hesitating to think, she barked “The other 364!” I am guessing she had heard that question before.

          BC Ferries and their relevant union recognizes International Women’s Day.


      2. All that without quotas being imposed as is the case by certain western ‘liberal democracies’ that were naturally going to achieve equality by 2360. Some of the worst offenders are those who claim to be the opposite (and not just female).

        Language gives it away though, ‘glass ceiling’ ‘glass cliff’ etc. etc.


    3. Shalom, Irina! She is in a fortunate and privileged position to be representing the progressive government of Israel against the Russian ‘regime’. Did you know that women make up 25% of the Knesset in Israel? True story.

      That certainly shows those sexist pricks in the Duma, where women make up only 16% of parliament. Granted, Israel looks a little less progressive when compared with Scandinavian Nirvanas like Norway, where it is 41%, Denmark where it is 40%, and even warmer climes like Djibouti, where it is 26%, Ecuador where it is 39%, or Zimbabwe where it is 32%. Really Israel is slightly behind the European average, although it is higher than in the Beacon Of Democracy, the Shining City On A Hill, where it is 23%.

      Which all boils down to what is your point, Ira? Is there any evidence, any evidence at all to show that having more women in positions of power and influence results in a more benign and prosperous society? Let me just throw some names at you; ready? Hillary Clinton. Madeleine Albright, born a Czech, where the parliamentary representation of women is 23%. Samantha Power. Susan Rice. Donna Brazile, who was so emotional about the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States that she fed her the debate questions in advance because she really, REALLY wanted her to do well. Condoleezza Rice, serial liar and manipulator. Margaret Thatcher, the ‘Iron Lady’, adored by world politicians but loathed by her people, whom she taxed until they screamed. Among these women are every fault observed to the detriment of men, demonstrating once again that genetically, we are all about 75% identical – men and women, black and white, Jew and Muslim. There is nothing about your gender that makes you a better person. Nothing. A hell of a thing to say on Women’s Day, I know, but I just don’t have any time for feminism, the same as I would have no time for a creed which excluded women. There is no place for men in feminism, as it is a movement for the advancement of women and to the exclusion of men. That is not human rights, sisters.


      1. Over 60% of politicians in Rwanda’s lower house (which makes the country’s laws) are women – but Paul Kagame, Washington’s favoured dictator there who sent his own Tutsi people down a blood-spattered drain in the genocides in the mid-1990s by plotting then President Juvénal Habyarimana’s assassination, is still President after 20+ years in power.

        And having so many women in the legislature seems not to have helped most women in Rwanda – especially those women who have not had the education or the other social and economic advantages their sisters in politics have had – much at all.

        Does the high representation of women in parliament in Rwanda translate to meaningful empowerment of women?


  25. Downtown today:

    Moscow flower markets do a roaring trade today:марта+2021+в+москве+программа+youtube
    [subtitles accessible]
    RIzhsky [Riga] Flower Market, named after the Rizhsky Railway Terminus facing it.

    Just take a look at all those bestial Orcs buying flowers for their horrid Orcesses!

    Because of that so-called deadly disease, prices this year have more than doubled.

    They hike the prices terribly for Woman’s Day in any case.

    I payed 540 rubles ($7.24, £5.23) this morning for 3 roses, one each for my wife and daughters.

    The flower seller wrapped my blooms up well because it is bloody cold here for the time of year. The shop where I bought the roses is near my house, but I walked quickly home with them as it was minus 8 °C when I went for them this morning and snowing. It’ll be minus 21 °C on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

    Global warming?

    My (cold) arse!


      1. Oh, look at the opening shot of the above video!

        I do declare, an African working at a a Moscow market!

        But why aren’t those racist Orcs beating the living shit out of the Negro as they are supposed to do?


        1. Africa is a signifiant source of cut fresh flowers, flown in of course.


          …Some 50 percent of Kenya’s flower exports are sold via FloraHolland, and 70-80 percent of Ethiopia’s.

          But being members also means they must commit to sell all of their output via FloraHolland and that can be a handicap when trying to reach Chinese or Indian markets…


          …But in greenhouses from the highlands of Ecuador and Colombia to the shores of Kenya’s Lake Naivasha, growers were already stacking roses in compost heaps…

          …Before the pandemic, 42 of the cargo flights arriving at Aalsmeer each week came from Kenya, whose climate allows roses to grow year-round. The East African nation ships about $1 billion worth of flowers a year, making it Europe’s biggest supplier. That figure represents tenfold growth since the 1990s, as investments in infrastructure made large-scale exports possible. More than 150,000 people now toil on Kenyan flower farms, many of them women. The work is grueling, with long shifts in steamy greenhouses, and laborers earn as little as $70 a month, but it’s a steady paycheck in a country where those can be hard to come by…

          …Top trading partners (import of “Cut flowers and flower buds of a kind suitable for bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, dried, dyed, bleached, impregnated or otherwise prepared.”) of Russia in 2019:

          Belarus with a share of 26% (82 million US$)
          Netherlands with a share of 22% (69 million US$)
          Ecuador with a share of 21% (67 million US$)
          Kenya with a share of 8.17% (25 million US$) ..


          And yes, I did buy the 75% flowers today.

          It’ll be interesting to see what market shifts the COVID-19 thing will fundamentally change. It’s hard to believe that The Netherlands will lose its top positon, but maybe not so much as it is a question of investment and market. I don’t know anything about the Asian market but if it is in line with everything else it will be a growing and then the largest market (if not already).


          1. Huh. I had no idea Africa was such a big flower vendor, although it stands to reason it would be. I’m hopeful the world will go back to something like it was before, although the medicos claim COVID has changed the world forever. Oh, and the techies; Big Tech has made out very well thanks to COVID, and I’m sure they’d like the tech wave to continue and for everyone to do everything online, because it’s so easy to track everything you do and build a customer profile of what you are likely to buy and to pitch products and services to you that will bind you even more tightly to the net.


            1. I wonder if there are any suitable areas in Russia to produce significant quantities for the global fresh cut flower market but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of local production, most of them imported. It may also be better to target the near abroad (Asia) which is a biiig market, particularly Japan. China South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam are the largest regional producers apparently.

              I found an old (2015) article on the Russian flower market:


              The ‘I love to hate Russia’ Netherlands political class is quite happy for significant NL investments in and exports to Russia:


              The Netherlands is still among the top countries in agro food related trade and investment activities in the Russian Federation.

              For the Netherlands Russia is the third important agricultural export market outside the EU, next to USA and China.

              Total agricultural export from The Netherlands to Russia grew 10% in 2017 to over 1 billion euro…


              …According to the spokesman of La Buket, among the countries of origin for cut flowers in Russia are Ecuador, the Netherlands, Kenya, Israel. Ethiopia and Italy.

              However, in recent years the share of imported flowers in the overall structure of La Buket’s range has declined in favour of domestic flowers. This change is mainly due to a notable improvement of the quality of flowers, grown in Russia and the weakening of the rouble in recent years.


              1. In this list of the world’s top cut flower producers, there appear to be two distinct groups with Israel as an outlier:
                1/ European nations with good access to water and temperate climates, and long histories and traditions of commercial agriculture (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands)
                2/ tropical / sub-tropical nations with varied topography => mountain valleys with their own micro-climates featuring plenty of rainfall, a stable range of temperatures and fertile volcanic soils that allow the production of a huge variety of flowers (Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia: note four of these countries are also major cocoa producers and one is a major tea producer).

                In Israel’s case, a long growing season with mild winters and presumably no sudden cold snaps and frosts helps.

                Anyone looking for areas suitable for growing cut flowers in Russia would be looking at areas around the Black Sea and the western Caspian Sea, the lower Volga River region and maybe the foot-hills of the Caucasus region. Perhaps in the future, those parts of the world that want to stop growing opium poppies for the heroin trade could grow cut flowers instead, to transfer farmers’ skills in growing poppies into growing other flowers for decorative purposes, oils and medicinal purposes.


                1. There used to be tea plantations in southern Russian region of Krasnodar.

                  The mystery of Krasnodar tea

                  I remember Krasnodar tea being on sale in the ’90s, especially those packets of it with the matryoshka.

                  Maybe you can still get it at this place in Moscow:

                  The Perlov Tea House

                  Great place!

                  Coffee there as well.

                  A now very small amount of tobacco is grown in southern Russia as well.

                  There is every type of climate in the Russian Federation, save for “tropical”. However, the Sochi area is classed as “subtropical”.


                2. British Columbia, also, which has the longest growing season in Canada, although I believe we sell mostly to the USA. and the rest of Canada.


                  This site is just the island, but on the mainland Vancouver suburbs such as Delta and Langley have huge fields of spring flowers like daffodils. Tulips not so much, I’m not exactly sure how the Netherlands manages that, because tulips exhaust the soil rapidly – sometimes in a single season – and you can’t grow anything else in the same field until it has been fertilized, lain fallow and recovered.

                  The Afghanistan idea is a great one; I wonder why it has not been proposed earlier.


    1. It must be nice living in the semi tropics, -17 when I got up this morning and I live in southern Canada.

      Could you check something for me? A Scottish blogger and all-round sh**-disturber by the name of Craig Murray has been getting mixed reports of being blocked in Russia. I think facebook and maybe twitter have already blocked him briefly . Can you pick him up?


      1. Yes, I commented on his blog about this. Plenty of others resident in Russia, both Orcs and humans like what I am, did as well. I cant understand why he thinks he’s blocked.

        Former British diplomat and Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray is a Scot, though he wasn’t raised in Scotland, but in Norfolk, England. His mother and father were Scots though, from Leith, just down the road from Edinburgh.


        1. I saw Moscow Exile’s comment over at Craig Murray’s blog.

          In some respects Murray is very perceptive but when it comes to Russian and Chinese-related issues, he has a mental fog and repeats what he sees in the mainstream news media.


      2. It’s not so semi-tropical here now!

        When I rose at 04:00 (because I went to bed at 23:00; I seldom sleep longer than 5 hours, which characteristic has not been passed on to my offspring, who are all terrible stay-abeds, as is their mother, but she’s no relative, just my wife), it was minus 24 °C (minus 11.2 °F); it is now, at 11:15, Orc Capital time, minus 20 °C (minus 4 °F).

        Tonight and tomorrow night, there are warnings that the temperature will fall to minus 27/30 °C (minus 16.6/22 °F).

        It is colder now than it was on any day in January.

        Bright sunshine, though, and brilliantly blue sky — just how I love winter days here.

        Problem is, I can’t go for a smoke of my pipe outside. I did so yesterday evening and I was not comfortable. That’s why, I am sure, pipe smoking never quite caught on in Russia, where in winter, you can barely afford time to nip outside for a quick drag on a fag, or more exactly, a papirosa (папироса), which is a sort of sawn-off gasper with a cardboard tube stuck onto to it to act as a “mouthpiece”, presumably so as to make it easier to smoke whilst wearing mits.

        Global warming my cold arse!


        1. If you had viewed the video I posted earlier, you would have learned that the Global Climate Crisis is based on fake science. Therefore, you would have no need to go outside to verify that it is cold.


          1. I did watch the video on fake climate science. I always read every posting here. That’s why I have been stating how bloody cold it is here at the moment.

            I’ve known this to happen before in March and even in April. I recall Moscow being hit hard by a blizzard in April 1998, when my then wife of a mere 5 months and I went for a long weekend at a sanatorium for the May 1st holiday and the tennis courts there were deep under snow.

            However, the spring thaw is usually well under way by now. I used to have a drink on St. Patrick’s Day here, that’s how I recall weather conditions here mid-March. Usually, on 17 March, the snow had mostly thawed away.


  26. Venediktov:

    Опечатка или оскорбление? Венедиктов поздравил Навальную матом

    A typo or an insult? Venediktov congratulated Navalnaya with an obscenity

    The editor-in-chief of “Echo of Moscow” Aleksey Venediktov decided to congratulate Navalny’s wife and daughter on March 8. And congratulated them he did. Somehow, however, he forgot or misspelt Yulia Navalnaya’s name and instead of” Юля” [Yulia], he wrote “Бля” [Blya].

    [Easily done! The Ю and Б keys are adjacent on a Cyrillic keyboard. “Blya” is an expletive used in Russian as frequently as is “fuck” in English. The word uttered is actually блядь, which really means “whore”, said for emphasis or in exasperation or anger, just as one sometimes hears “fucking whore” used in the same way in my mother tongue . . . not that I fucking well use such fucking language! — ME]

    “Fuck and Dasha, happy March 8” – this is how Benediktov congratulated the Navalny women.

    [The Russian original reads “Navalny girls”. I refuse to call Frau Navalnaya a “girl” — ME!}

    Typo and misprint, you might think. However, it is believed that he did this on purpose so as to offend Yulia. The fact is that Venediktov does not approve of Navalny’s political ambitions. And so on International Women’s Day, he decided to poke fun at her.

    Well what can I say! Idiot or bastard? As you know, the liberal environment mainly consists of rotten people, and Venediktov has once again proved this with his congratulations.

    No matter how they relate to Navalny, his wife and his associates, is this really normal behaviour?

    It should be said here that as soon as Navalny was behind bars, many prophesied that Yulia Navalny would “follow the path that Tikhanovskaya had trodden”. (A Belarus 2020 presidential candidate, in that she ran for the presidency in her husband’s place.) Moreover, Tikhanovskaya herself had turned to Yulia with such an appeal.

    Earlier, political scientist Uladzimir Shapovalov said that he did not rule out attempts by the Libschizos to implement the Belarusian scenario and bring about Navalny’s wife playing the role of opposition leader.

    However, not everyone likes these predictions and ideas. And Venediktov is one of them who is opposed to them as well. And since that man has never been seen to be shy about making foul insults to his opponents, “Blya” instead of “Yulia” no longer seems to be a typo.


    1. “The fact is that Venediktov does not approve of Navalny’s political ambitions” should have been: “The fact is that Venediktov does not approve of Navalnaya’s political ambitions”.


  27. ####



  28. The Climate Change Crisis has many of the same propaganda messages as the Covid crisis. Both suggest that the new normal will be a sharply decreased standard of living and forever fear. Note that both crises demand voluntary submission (is that a contradiction?) to business/governmental edicts on what is best for us and anything contrary is pseudo-science or fake news. This guy does a very credible job in demolishing the climate crisis and is no slouch on the science.:


    1. I like this guy, too;

      “The lockdowns themselves – partial and largely benefitting the metropolitan liberal class – were not widely accepted either. From the beginning, libertarian and conservative-leaning people took exception to the draconian powers taken by government (not all of them used by the way) to enforce the lockdowns. By the end of May, groups from both the far-left and the far-right were routinely breaching the lockdown provisions in order to take to the streets in protest. And although the majority of people accepted the measures – largely because they did not want to unknowingly infect vulnerable family, friends or neighbours – the protests suggest a limit beyond which people will begin to break the law.

      Given that the measures required to reverse climate change would be far more draconian, and would have to continue, year after year, for decades; the more appropriate lesson to draw is that people are not going to accept them… not least because the Covid-19 science has proved wildly inaccurate.”

      Neatly rolling the ‘pandemic’ into climate change as well, so you gets yer twofer. I loved the next paragraph as well, because it neatly encapsulates what I believe will come to pass.

      “Going into the pandemic, doctors and public health scientists were among the few groups of officials not to have disgraced themselves in the eyes of the public. In the aftermath, they will be lucky not to find themselves lumped in with bankers, journalists and politicians. This is largely due to their habit of projecting certainty outward while entertaining doubt behind closed doors. On the pandemic at least, the science was far from settled.”

      At least, that’s what I hope will happen, However, if you google “COVID cases dropping”, you will find any number of articles anxious to explain why that is – lockdowns (which worked), masks, social distancing and vaccines. Not a bit of shame.


      1. Another group that should be dragged through the mud is Academia. These alleged selfless searchers for truth have been fully transmuted into rapacious plunderers whose only mission is to seek and obtain governmental and cooperate grant money. And, if the opportunity presents itself, to spin off a company promoted by the very same academic institution with the booty split between the professors and the institutions. It is no surprise at all why bogus science (climate change and Covid in particular) are widely supported by Academia. EVERYTHING IS MONETIZED and truth has zero intrinsic value. Its all about grab the money and run. Yup, the nexus of lies are Climate Change and Covid.


  29. Слова не сходятся с фактами: о чем опять врет Васильева?

    The words do not agree with the facts: what is Vasilyeva lying about again?
    With each new performance of Navalnyite Anastasia Vasilyeva, the number of members of her “trade union” is growing exponentially. It’s just their reality is hard to believe.

    At first it was 2.5 thousand people, but now it is not known where the figure of 5 thousand people came from . Moreover, all these people pay so-called trade union dues to the organization, for which its pseudo-Alliance allegedly exists. However, we all know how much money Vasileva actually uses to carry out her activities.

    According to the data of the Ministry of health for 2018, there are about 550 thousand doctors and 1.2 million health workers in Russia. It turns out that the maximum number of people in the so-called “Alliance” is somewhere 0.14% of the total number of medical staff.

    At the same time, even the figure is very doubtful, since the data of the financial report of the “trade Union” indicate that not a single membership fee was made in 2019. So it turns out that the real members of the “Vasilyeva Alliance” simply do not exist. Even on paper.

    Apparently, Vasilyeva has adopted the “best” qualities from her patron Aleksey Navalny, continuing an endless chain of lie and unsubstantiated accusations of the Russian authorities, supported by fabricated data and artificially inflated views. What can’t you do just to fulfill the task set by Western special services?


    1. At the same time, according to the papers, Navalny aides are ‘perplexed’ that Canada has not rushed to join the EU and USA in imposing ‘new’ sanctions on Russia. With a mad Russia-hater like Chrystia Freeland so high in the government, I daresay it is just a matter of time, but The Two Vladimirs (Ashurkov and Kara-Murza) are impatient – what’s the holdup? After all, Bellingcat has assured the world that the very same shadowy crack FSB/GRU/Whatever team of ruthless poisoner assassins who very nearly did for Navalny were ‘on the trail’ of Kara-Murza, and probably it was them what poisoned him in 2015 and again in 2017, probably with Novichok, because they could have poisoned him with bad cheese and he would be dead quicker than Novichok would kill him; it’s the global laughingstock of poisons, yet the Russians insist on using it every time.

      Anybody who is still fooled by Navalny is so because he or she likes to be fooled; insists on it, in fact. And somehow he’s still ‘the opposition leader’ in the Canadian press although he cannot run for any government office in Russia because he is a convicted criminal. How much blame can be attached to someone who is repeatedly wrong because they don’t listen?


      1. Maybe Chrystia F is wise to be cautious. With her dear Grampy’s background as a Nazi collaborator propagandist, she should not be seen to be too close to someone with a history of toasting the Shoah and calling people from the Caucasus and Central Asia “cockroaches” . If anything, Justin Bieber Turdeau would be the one chomping on the bit to get a selfie with Navalny. I’m sure there’s enough space on Navalny’s knees to seat Turdeau along with Julia, Daria and Zakhar.


        1. I never thought about that, but you know, you’re right. I think she has her eye on being the next Liberal Prime Minister, and if we have learned anything from the last few years, it should be that as soon as you are in the running for a top job, old scandals bubble to the surface. She will not want any mention of Gramps The Nazi, or any inferences which might cause it to become a topic of discussion again.

          Just in the last few weeks, the government’s choice for Chief of the Defense Staff, General Jonathan Vance, was discovered to have had an immoral and possibly coercive relationship with a subordinate, years ago. Yank! He was out. A temporary replacement was named, and some trouble surfaced with him as well.

          The government was so spooked at having anything with a penis running the military that it promoted women into all three top jobs.

          So now the Canadian Armed Forces are essentially run by women, plus the appointment of any new military officers will have to get past an ‘independent panel’ made up of civilians; it’s sort of the kind of military you would get if it had no soldiers or sailors in it, but a balanced mix of men, women, LGBTQ declarers and binaries. The makeup of the military, so that everyone feels welcome and valuable, is more important than combat skills, I guess. As long as you never have to fight.


          1. I was planning to post the link below as a new topic but it addresses your comments.


            It appears to be nihilism at work – tearing down the past, all of it, without any regard of what may be good or bad. Dostoevsky nailed it per the above link. Sure, there will be ideological trappings but fundamentally, it is a rejection of one’s own existence. Nihilism is a product of a society without values – cue the US consumer society, Hollywood, Bernays, and all of the others that ripped the soul out of our population.


  30. Now even Russia is singing the tune that COVID is going to be around forever, and people will have to get regular vaccinations – sorry, it’s ‘jabs’, everyone is saying it, it’s so veddy British and hip and cool – everyone will have to get their ‘jabs’ every year if they want to feel ‘safe’ and ‘protected’.

    Because, you see, we really don’t know anything much about the coronavirus. Beyond the ability to engineer a miracle antidote for it in just a few months using medical technology which has never been tried, that is. Beyond that, we’re as dumb as dirt, I’m afraid.

    Biggest cash grab in the history of the medico-pharmaceutical industry. Like a license to print money. Vaccine producers are the new oil barons.


    1. Speculation from some facts: Covid-19 is an engineered virus developed in a Wuhan lab under the auspice and leadership of the beloved Dr. Fauci. That is the factual part as reported, with ample documentation, on Fox News.

      The speculative part is that these new strains are also engineered to maintain a never-ending pandemic.

      Given the heinous deeds already done, I have little trouble considering this possibility. Could be wrong, I don’t know.


      1. It’s still possible for some things to be coincidence. Apparently a lab in Wuhan was working on a virology project and I believe it was for the WHO. But there was considerable evidence that COVID-19 was first seen in Europe, quite a bit before the outbreak in China; it just was not connected at the time. One of the leading cheerleaders for ‘China made it in a pathogen lab’ was lovable fatboy Mikey Pompeo, and I don’t think you want to be keeping company with him, even by association.

        “Around that time, leading members of then-US President Donald Trump’s administration, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, attempted to link the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the coronavirus, implying it might have escaped — or even been released — from the lab. This claim was angrily rejected by China and rebuked by leading scientists working on the virus. Following an inspection of the lab itself this month, the WHO team largely dismissed it in a press conference as a possible origin of the Wuhan outbreak.”

        Of course when Pompeo & Co. were yammering that China had made it and released it on an unsuspecting world, the western media just tut-tutted and said there wasn’t really any evidence to support that, and the WHO was satisfied that was not what happened. When the Chinese pointed the finger at Fort Detrick, that was ‘disinformation’. As if Fort Detrick makes paint, or strawberry boxes.

        And naturally Newsweek, too full of shit already to make good toilet paper, got around that claim by reporting that it had still come from China – the Chinese just failed to report it until it was circulating in Europe months before there were any cases in China. Masters of coverup, the heathen Chinee.

        Not to mention that other toilet of journalism, featuring floating turd Josh Rogin, which as of only 2 days ago was still trying to stir the pot, or at least to keep it on the boil.

        Where it actually originated is less important than the fact that China – a country where it did tremendous damage, wherever it came from – had largely returned to normal before the end of 2020. No lesson there for the west apparently, where public-health gurus still dither and fret, and where facemasks and lockdowns are still ubiquitous as the west tries to prove it is possible to beat a contagious virus by hiding from it and wiping out the economy. I heard on the radio on the way home, quoting our own Saint Bonnie – who has even written a book, called (what else?) “Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe”, the phrase she cannot get over having invented her own self, and which her noodnik followers recite like a catechism – a report which reinforced that even though the miracle vaccines would stop you from getting sick and prevent your death, they unfortunately cannot guarantee to prevent your catching the virus. So, you know…facemasks and social distancing will have to remain the norm for as far out as we can see right now.

        Boy, howdy; I wish I had invented that vaccine. It will prevent you from dying of a disease that some 98-99% of people already did not die from. It will keep you from being very sick from a disease where the great majority who become ‘infected’ either do not even know it or experience very mild symptoms. It will just not, unfortunately, do what it was supposed to do and prevent infection by the virus so we can stop worrying about it – vaccination just means if you get it, you probably won’t know. Which was the case already. Which was why everyone had to go get tested. So after you get vaccinated, you still have to mask up and avoid other people. Then even if you do get the disease, you might not even know it, and you almost certainly will not die. Conditions that existed before your vaccination, not to put too fine a point on it. $40.00, please. See you in a couple of months for your second shot, just to be sure.

        Sucker. Don’t forget your booster shot next year.


  31. This made me laugh. EU warms to more integration with Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

    It really smacks of desperation.

    Rather than just giving up it’s yet again ‘Do Something’ (however stupid).

    And WTF happend to ‘Good neighborly relations’ that Brussels completely bent out of shape to shoved down Serbia’s throat and mean ‘recognize Kosovo as independent or else?’ Will it not apply to Georgia, Moldova and the Ukraine because they are our kind of people?


    1. The EU will continue trying to inch closer to Russia with the aim of surrounding it completely with enemy territory, because that’s what Uncle Sam wants it to do. And while it might squawk and complain by times about how pushy Washington is, in the end it always does as Washington wants. Because the alternative would mean having a spine.


  32. Euractiv mit Neuters: Snubbing Rosneft, Poland signs deal with ExxonMobil on oil supplies

    Polish oil refiner PKN Orlen has signed a contract with US ExxonMobil under which it will import around 1 million tonnes of crude oil within a year, it said on Tuesday (9 March).

    Polish refineries have been importing most of their crude from Russia via pipelines, but have taken steps to reduce their reliance…

    …The move follows a price row between PKN Orlen and its major Russian Urals oil supplier Rosneft that led to a delay in the signing of a new deal between the companies and the suspension of supplies since February….

    More at the link.

    Woo, an empty pipeline. I’m sure Russia is on the verge of giving in… /sarc


    1. Be my guest, Poland, you simpletons; I’m sure you got a great deal there. Cheaper by a wide margin, was it? What a victory for America, which sells cheap to Poland but continues to import more than 6 million barrels per day. Economics at work. Mind, you, Poland can afford its fits of pique, as it is a favoured child of the EU which started off its association with all its debts cleared. That, too, was the USA’s initiative, and while it was unpopular in some quarters (cough Germany cough), and some said it was the Americans making policy with other people’s money again as they love to do, in the end they did it with smiles on their faces. Because it was The Right Thing To Do.


    1. Make yourself comfortable. And you, too, to Yuri Veniaminovich.

      We will talk about the international scandal with the Iroquois helicopters. Now we will dissect this story and perform vivisection on some of them. Imaginary American managers, Polish cavalry and Huey family will be involved.


      MOVE ONE. Cavalry attack.

      On February 26 of this year, during a working visit to the state-owned enterprise “Odessa Aviation Plant”, the General Director of “Ukroboronprom” Yuriy Gusev, without declaring war, said that by the end of the year, we quote, “this plant will produce Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters.” This is in the title of the press release of the press service of Ukroboronprom. The text itself says otherwise: we are already talking about “launching licensed production of Bell UH-1 Iroquois class helicopters”.


      1. There is no” Bell UH-1 Iroquois class”. Helicopters are simply not classified in this way.

      Classification is based on the jet moment compensation scheme depending on the number of propellers (for example, the same Bell UH-1 Iroquois refers to single-rotor helicopters with a tail rotor), there is a classification by take-off weight (ultralight, light, medium, heavy, superheavy), by purpose (military separately, civilian separately), by engine type, and so on. The “Bell UH-1 Iroquois” class simply doesn’t exist.

      2. The ukroboronprom statement clearly States that Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters will be produced in Odessa. This is either a lie or collecting Museum junk.

      It is the UH-1 Iroquois that no one has been producing for a long time, so it was put on the Assembly line back in 1960. Actually, they still fly (some of them are from the Vietnam war), they are being exploited, they are being improved, but they have long been outdated. Bell Corporation (part of the Textron consortium) produces the Bell UH-1Y Venom model based on the Iroquois. But you can’t call him a Mohawk. He is, after all, “Venom”. There is a technological gap between the Vietnam-era Mohawk and the current Venom, like the 1972 BMW 5 series and the 2017 BMW 5 series. Although, I suspect, the difference between BMWs is better understood in Ukroboronprom than in helicopters.

      3. the press release States that production, I quote, ” today is at the final stage. The first Board must be manufactured… in the summer of 2021.”

      So, in just six months, the company must get a license (and this is not to make pies, it must still be approved by the American authorities), get a conveyor belt, train employees, prepare the workshop, start the conveyor and assemble the first helicopter. For six months. Okay, we’ll get back to that. In the meantime, we have…

      MOVE TWO. Polish winged hussars go on the offensive.

      On March 2, the Polish specialized online publication ZBiAM received a response from the manufacturer of the helicopters mentioned by Ukroboronprom — the American company Bell. The Americans reported with mild surprise that bell did not issue A license for the production of UH-1 Iroquois helicopters to the ukroboronprom concern or any other economic entity in Ukraine.


      The fact that there is a certain dissonance in the statements of the head of “Ukroboronprom” Gusev about “the final stage of licensed production of Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters” and the statement of the license holder, Bell, that they did not grant any licenses to “Ukroboronprom”.

      MOVE THREE. Squadron of Odessa suicide bombers.

      Two days after the publication of the Polish edition of ZBiAM, a strange article appeared on the official website of Ukroboronprom. The main character of it was no longer Mr. Gusev, but the Director of the Odessa aviation plant Vitaly Yukhachov. Moreover, the title of the article looks like “there is Already a roadmap for mastering the production of a medium-class helicopter of the Iroquois type”, and in the picture there is another quote that crosses out the title: “the New helicopter will be a Ukrainian national product”.


      1. The Iroquois type does not exist, just as the Iroquois class previously mentioned by Ukroboronprom does not exist.

      There is a family (not a “class” or “type”, but a family, “family”), which is called the Bell Huey family-after the name of the manufacturing Corporation Bell (part of the Textron consortium) and Huey (not what you thought, but “G’ui”, from the letter “H” in UH-1).

      2. If we are talking about collecting for a license, then it is unlikely that such a helicopter can be called a “Ukrainian National Product”.

      When the Eurocar company builds a Škoda car in Transcarpathia, the “Harm” from this does not become a Ukrainian national product, and “iPhones” assembled in China, for some reason, are not considered a national product of China. Such is life.

      3. the release confirms that ” the company is able to produce a demonstrator helicopter by the Independence Day of the Ukraine.”

      At the same time, the same release says that the roadmap for production has not yet been presented to the management of Ukroboronprom. It looks, to put it mildly, unrealistic.

      4. The article was written in response to criticism, but the main reproach-the lack of a Bell Corporation license-is not debunked.

      According to the license, the release mentions that “in 2017, Ukroboronprom and the American side signed a Memorandum, the subject of which is cooperation in order to organize the production of helicopters on the territory of the Ukraine — in cooperation with partner enterprises… Later, the Odessa aviation plant signed a corresponding general agreement with American partners.” However, neither a Memorandum (usually a document of intent) nor a General agreement can replace either a production license or a production permit issued by the us authorities, which does not exist.

      5. Ending the article feels like an attempt to cover up a scandal.

      The press release ends with an emphatically highlighted thesis: “… the non-disclosure Agreement does not allow any of the parties to disclose the details of existing agreements.” This looks strange against the background of the fact that one of the parties (Ukrainian) has already named the model of the helicopter, the plant where it will be assembled, the date of presentation of the first helicopter (although fantastic), and even demonstrated the workshop where they will be assembled. Or they won’t.

      Let’s look further.

      MOVE FOUR. Operation “Two Odessans”.

      On March 6, Yuri Gusev wrote a post on his Facebook page. The post is actually an epochal one, because, in principle, this post alone could have caused him to be dismissed from his post.


      1. Quote: “After the statement of Bell, a scandal broke out this week over the licensed Assembly of American helicopters at the Odessa Aircraft Factory… Even more surprising is that two days before the statement was published, I personally spoke on the phone with a person who identified himself as an authorized representative of Bell in the Ukraine, and explained all the details.”

      Who explained it to whom? Are you the person who called himself an authorized representative, or the person who called himself an authorized representative, you? Is this even serious? A person who identified himself as the CEO of Ukroboronprom held a conversation with a person who identified himself as an authorized representative of Bell in the Ukraine. The parties came to an agreement that the food in Durka is normal, and the nurses are beautiful.

      2. Quote: “I learned about the project of licensed helicopter production at the Odessa aviation plant together with an American investor company, which has the appropriate license, resources, and desire to make helicopters in Ukraine, from the report of the plant’s Director Vitaly Yukhachov in early January (…) For the Director of the Odessa enterprise, the launch of helicopter production is one of the main KPIs for this year. If he does not fulfill this task and this promise, appropriate personnel decisions will be made.”

      It is worth translating from the Ukrainian Chancellery to the normal Ukrainian language. Mr. Gusev found the last one. This extreme will be the Director of the Odessa Aircraft Factory. If Mr. Gusev cannot invite Zelensky to the presentation of the “Ukrainian national product” on Independence Day, then Gusev will dismiss the Director and say that he set him up. Mr. Gusev does not see and does not admit his guilt in the fact that instead of checking the information, he hung his ears and pasta on the ears of citizens, including Zelensky personally.

      MOVE FIVE. Counterattack of Odessa Aviation.

      Journalists of the Ukrainian business publication The Page contacted, in fact, the Director of the Odessa Aircraft Factory Vitaly Yukhachovim, whom Gusev has already identified as the main “switchman” in this story. And the plant Manager said … pause… that Ukroboronprom has no relations with Bell!

      Quote verbatim: “I do not know who it [Bell] applies to this information. Gusev did not say a word or half a word about her. If you want to get more or less interesting information — I hope to get the appropriate approval from the US company next week.”


      In everything.

      1. Gusev recalled Bell repeatedly. He directly stated that he had communicated with “a person who identified himself as an authorized representative of Bell in the Ukraine.” Why did he do it, if the plant Manager says that Bell is not needed here at all? He didn’t have anyone to talk to? Or is some turtle lying?

      2. “I do not know who puts it [to Bell] on this information” – but I do! This is you and your boss Yuri Gusev. On the website of Ukroboronprom, there are still articles (do not remove them, there is no point, I have already saved the originals) with headlines like “Odessa Aviation Plant will produce Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters”. I’m not the only one who sees the word “Bell” there, am I? Or did Odessa come up with (and you can) a way to produce helicopters under license without a license?

      3. ” I Hope so… next week, get the appropriate approval from the US company” — from WHICH COMPANY? Who but bell can give you a license for bell helicopters? McDonald’s? Warner Bros.? Just Brazzers? What are you all talking about?!

      Move SIX and last FOR today. Space Marines versus cavalry.

      At my request, the head of the RGC of NABU, Mark Savchuk, contacted Bell, and yesterday, after verification, received official responses from the American Corporation. На прямой вопрос “Will Textron or Bell have any representatives working in Ukraine right now?” Bell ответил дословно: “Bell has representatives that support opportunities throughout the world and in target regions but does not have a local office in Ukraine”.

      Translation, vochovid, is not necessary. Bell does not have a representative office in the Ukraine, and accordingly there is no representative office. This means that the head of Ukroboronprom is either lying that he spoke with a representative of the Corporation, or spoke with a prankster, or with an imaginary friend. All three options are a reason for dismissal from the post, and the third also leads to hospitalization.

      Bell also officially confirmed (once again) that “while Bell and Textron Inc. have not licensed Ukroboronprom or any other company in Ukraine to produce the Huey at this time”. Here we are already talking about the entire “Huey family”, that is, “bell” has not licensed any company in the Ukraine to produce not only the UH-1 Iroquois, but in General not a single helicopter from the huge list of its models. And apart from bell itself, no one can do this.


      The head of Ukroboronprom, Yuriy Gusev, is lying when he talks about bell helicopters that will be produced in the Ukraine for Independence Day. Or it will not be helicopters, or Bell ,or not in the Ukraine. He lies, he gets confused in his lies, and gets more and more confused every time, inventing non-existent people, talking to them, signing non-existent treaties, and all this condemning Ukraine as a state to a huge scandal with the United States.

      Perhaps he really promised Zelensky something like That. Was there such a thing, Vladimir Zelensky ?

      Don’t worry, he lied to us all, too. There will be nothing but a scandal. This is already a scandal. This is already an international scandal, and people are writing about it abroad. And you will also be responsible, Mr. President. Surprise!

      The idea of Gusev to hang all the dogs on the Director of the Odessa aircraft factory Vitaly Yukhachov will not solve the situation. Gusev himself spoke and wrote about the production of American helicopters. This was reported by the official website of the State concern “Ukroboronprom”. It was and it continues to be.

      This needs to stop now. This is a disgrace for the Ukraine. This is crazy. Fictional people, phantom helicopters, kilotons of lies, and everything is already in the foreign media. This must be stopped.

      Gusev and all those who helped him lie should be released today, while there is still a chance.

      Yuri Gudimenko


        1. “И жили бы нормально”. У Порошенко заявили, что Украину нужно было разделить еще 30 лет назад.

          “And we would have been living normally”: Poroshenko said that the Ukraine should have been partitioned 30 years ago

          And the bit marked with the Romanian flag is where that criminal former president was born.

          I should be clearer: all former Yukiestan presidents are criminals. The present one is just a pathetic idiot.

          I mean former president Porky.


          1. No, my mistake. The pig was born in Bessarabia at the very southwest, west of Odessa, which was Romanian. The Romanians lost it through playing on the wrong side, 1941-1945, as they did the bit with the Romanian flag.


      1. This custom Banderastani politicians or heads of state-owned corporations have of making announcements that such-n-such factory in Kiev, Odessa, Mikolayiv, wherever will be making such-n-such weapons or other junk on licence from whatever foreign company is designed to pressure the government where the foreign company is domiciled to make good on those announcements. Some governments must have already acquiesced or gone along with the fictions in some way at least, otherwise the Yukies wouldn’t keep on doing this.

        It really does seem as if gangs are ruling Ukraine, claiming areas of turf for themselves and leaving the Zelensky government in the dark.


        1. “Twas ever thus in Yukiestan! I recall reading years ago an article on the Ukraine written by Paul Khlebnikov {I think), Russian edition of Forbes who was murdered here in 2004. The article revealed to Western readers what everyone already knew and knows full well here: Yukies are corrupt operators par excellence Furthermore, though the article didn’t say this, Yukiefilth continuously howl and wail about how corrupt and exploitative the wicked Moskali are and have been throughout the history of their fictive state, so as to divert attention away from their own endless looting of their country that never was.

          Political “parties” were set up in the Ukraine to represent the Rada “interests” of “businessmen”. That porcine twat of a former Yukie president has been a member of almost every “party” in Yukiestan. He was a government “minister” under Dioxin-Face Yushenko, in which office he feathered his own nest, of course.


          1. Again, that’s true of the political class and the oligarchy, just as it was and sometimes is of the same class in Russia; pocket-liners extraordinaire such as Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky and Lebedev. I have no quarrel with the ordinary people of Ukraine except for their childlike and somewhat simpleminded faith that each new leader is going to make everything all right again. And their nationalist element which considers itself on a different level of racial purity, something the entirety of the west once went to war over, but which seems perfectly acceptable now so long as it is directed against the ‘right people’.


      2. A thing of beauty. Oh, and ‘UH’ stands for ‘Utility Helicopter’; ‘Huey’ just happens to start with an ‘H’.

        Any other nation would be embarrassed and ashamed, but this actually seems pretty routine for Ukraine. Remember Poroshenko’s promise that the ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’ would be over not in months, but weeks from his election, and that year’s Independence Day Parade would be held in Sevastopol? He was elected May 25th, 2014, which by my reckoning was just about 7 years ago. The ‘Anti-Terrorist Operation’ is still very much active, although they don’t call it that any more – owing, perhaps, to embarrassment – and all the parades in Sevastopol between 2014 and now have been Victory Day parades.

        Small wonder western countries are not anxious to sink fortunes into investment in Ukraine, when the agency responsible for articulating the national vision vis-a-vis GDP is the Bureau of Making Shit Up (BMSU). It seems fairly plain that Ukrainian politicians really believed all that stuff about Uncle Sam having their back, and believed it to the extent that they could roll him and he would cover for them rather than let them make fools of themselves. They just needed to come up with some wild-ass business plan and ol’ Sam would fill in the blanks.

        People of Ukraine, listen to me. The political situation is the same nearly all over the world. The leaders are full of shit, and unfit for their jobs. But guess what? There are no great leaders on their way up, either. There is nobody better qualified waiting to be ushered in with the next election. There are no prospects other than election after election where the choice is Doughhead A or Doughhead B. Stop voting. You are wasting your time. As long as you keep rushing to the polls on election day, the useless pricks who keep stumbling into office marvel over the country’s ‘vibrant democracy’, but it’s all a sham. And it’ll be kept up as long as you keep showing up to cast your ballot. No problem will be acknowledged as long as the leaders can claim they were ‘given a mandate by the people’.


        1. They’ll invent the mandate, Mark.

          Not voting or (my preference) spoiling your vote will be irrelevant as the new protected species of journalists will just peddle the official line: “highest turnout since records began….”; “unexpectedly elevated voter enthusiasm for…”; “overwhelming majority in favour of…” &c.


          1. Well, that’s fine – they can do it without me. I couldn’t be less interested in who the next Prime Minister is; could be Eminem for all I care. And it would not be possible for journalists to fabricate high turnout if everyone knew nobody showed up. At least not as long as there were traditional polling places, although I suppose they will move to online voting. When that happens, they’ll only have to be careful not to exceed the number of voters in the country, resulting in banana-republic laff riots like so-and-so getting 121% of the vote. Whatever they choose to do – and there’s always a wide-eyed new generation which believes that claptrap about Your Civic Duty and which will get out to ‘vote’ – I shall have a quiet day off. Democracy is a fake.


            1. I don’t vote for nobody here because I am not allowed to, albeit I have lived here for 27 years. I still like living here, though. Not voting and not being able to vote does not affect the quality of my life.


              1. Just as living here and not voting will not affect the quality of mine. So long as they don’t go all Third Reich here and pursue mandatory vaccination, with discrimination as a lever to make the unwilling cooperate. Especially given it does not prevent catching coronavirus, but only mitigates your symptoms. Why should I want that if I don’t have any symptoms?

                The papers yesterday were all agog with the initial rollout of ‘jabs’ in British Columbia, or at least the booking of appointments for same. They contracted Telus, the telecommunications giant, to staff up the booking clinics, and it was a complete hash; they got less than 400 bookings done in the Lower Mainland, because the clerks were ‘overwhelmed’ and many many more people were calling than were in the target group, and some were calling over and over hoping to jam up the lines to ensure the ‘jabs’ wouldn’t be all gone before they got their reservation in. The public-health knobheads were angry, of course, but also jubilant, because – as one announced – it shows that ‘vaccine acceptance has won out over hesitancy’.

                I personally do not think that is the case at all. The people who wanted it – mostly the elderly and some ‘frontline workers’ who are terrified of the COVID – still want it, and since the initial allotment was only supposed to cover about 15,000 people , it was not too hard to overwhelm the system. But another article in the same paper bemoaned the fact that the Canadian system set up to monitor the deliveries, allocations and administration of vaccines cannot read barcodes. The American system – of course – was set up that way, and the authors made a point of mentioning it could track each vial from manufacture through transit to market and to whom it was administered. Canada, as usual, is sucking hind tit and trying to record such information by hand.

                So they have obviously not given up on the notion of a ‘vaccination passport’, or the visualized leverage of not permitting certain ‘privileges’ to those who do not want to be vaccinated. I don’t quite know why this should bother me as it does: all my previous vaccinations – for all manner of exotic fevers and deliriums whilst I was in the Navy, it was known as ‘needle parade’, given whenever you were deployed to certain destinations – are recorded in an immunization booklet. I suppose it’s mostly that nobody ever wondered out loud about prohibiting me from traveling if I could not prove I had been vaccinated against malaria, for example.

                You know what they will say, of course; those diseases are deadly, yes, but they are not infectious in a person-to-person transmission vector. You cannot give someone else malaria. But coronavirus – mercy! it travels like wildfire; you must, must get the jab.

                Which, allegedly, will not prevent you from either contracting it or transmitting it. Doctor Bonnie mentions also in her wonderful book, an excerpt from which was printed in the paper, her concerns over how rapidly the disease spread in community transmission from asymptomastic people, as well as the efficacy of masks in curbing the spread. So far as I am aware, and I know I am just a halfwit, not a famous doctor, neither of those statements is true. The canard about asymptomatic transmission will likely never be resolved, because public fury at having to shuffle about in public in PPE like we were in some biohorror flick when it was never necessary might be uncomfortable for the public-health charlatans. But I’d be interested in knowing. What’s the truth? Some say asymptomatic transmission is a well-known and established hazard. The WHO said it was not, but that organization is chock-a-block with liars and dissemblers and you can’t believe anything they say – they will be right about some things simply by claiming everything. The Chinese were supposed to have conducted a detailed study of contact tracing of asymptomatic positives, and were allegedly unable to discover a single positive case among contacts of asymptomatic positives, in a sampling of almost 10 million people. But the Chinese are known liars, say our politicians. So what is the truth?


        2. ‘Huey’ just happens to start with an ‘H’.

          So does хуй if you transliterate it into the Latin alphabet.

          That Cyrillic letter х is sometimes transliterated into the Latin alphabet as “H/h” or as “Kh/kh”.

          Strange as it may sound, there is no standard system for such transliteration.

          Well, there are, actually, loads of formulated” incompatible “standards”, strange as that sounds, for the Romanization of Russian Cyrillic,none of them having become the accepted standard, which means, of course, that there is no standard.

          For example, take the family name Чайковский:







          to name but a few variants.


  33. Propaganda overdrive.

    Euractiv mit Neuters: ‘Lukashenko. Goldmine’: film alleging Belarusian leader has gilded life gets 3 million views

    A film accusing Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on gilded residences, planes and Rolls-Royce and Maybach cars has gained more than 3 million YouTube views since its release on Monday (8 March).

    The film by the Poland-based opposition news service NEXTA was released as opposition activists gear up for a new round of protests against last year’s reelection of Lukashenko, who has ruled for 27 years and calls himself “the people’s president”….

    …“I want you to understand: I have been working as president for a quarter of a century, and if there were already some billions, as they say, or palaces, I would have already been torn to pieces from all sides,” he said during a factory visit.

    “I did not steal anything from my state, I did not take anything.”…

    There is little doubt that NEXTA is part of a foreign backed and funded regime change operation. I’m sure PiS lead Poland would be more than happy to be at the forefront of a new u-Ropean crisis with the vocal backing of the United States, but the rest of the EU? Many of them like making loud noises themselves but run for the hills the moment they hear from loud noises from somewhere else.

    The question is how far will this go? The traditional start violent attacks and the moment they start getting a kicking scream ‘MASSACRE’ and demand NATO comes and saves them?

    Lukashenko seems to have a firm hand on things though he really has been around a long time, almost as long as the president of Montenegro, but the latter is a western favorite. It makes all the difference.


    1. Yes, there seems little doubt Poland is Santa’s Workshop for Regime Change and the PiSheads are working for the State Department. I wonder at what point Yurrup is going to start to wonder why it took on all these east-European psychos, and why it should consider taking on millions more in Georgia and Ukraine when they all bring their petty ethnic discords with them and expect Brussels to sort it all out to their satisfaction, all while directing favourable business their way and keeping the cheques coming. And when Brussels doesn’t jump quickly enough to suit, they don’t think anything of going direct to Uncle Sam. Yes, please; build a great big fuckoff American base in Poland – we’ll call it Fort Trump. We’ll call it whatever you like, Fort Rainbow, I don’t care – you’re paying for it. And not even an overture to Brussels to see if Yurrup is okay with a foreign military base in its midst that it did not authorize.

      Lukashenko is a master of political dirty tricks, and consequently he probably already knows everything they are likely to try. And really, the ‘Look!! The Dictator is RICH!!’ thing was just done – too soon, regime-change rangers!


  34. Leonardo in talks for aerostructures role on CR929 widebody

    …Asked for clarification regarding its degree of involvement in the Sino-Russian widebody, the Italian company adds: “Talks are ongoing in order to define Leonardo’s participation as a prime supplier in the programme for development, manufacturing, and assembly of aerostructures for the CR929.”..



    1. AIN: New Irkut Management Sends MC-21 into Colder Climes

      …While the Kremlin believes it has caught up with the West on the advanced composite technologies, it feels the need to establish new industrial relationships around the world to speed the development of the MC-21. Meanwhile, evidence of Russia’s shortage of manufacturing capacity to mass-produce airframe parts made using the infusion technology is mounting…

      …Russia intends to award a number of UAE-based companies specializing in composite manufacturing airframe parts for Russian-designed airliners. The Emiratis would make the parts to Russian specifications using Russian or Chinese thread and resin, thus lessening the threat of U.S. sanctions…

      Or elsewhere (near abroad that is more secure and less suceptible to ‘interference’) I would imagine.

      Both Boing and Arbus have parts produced around the world and shipped back in to their completion centers and it works quite well (apart from when it doesn’t). Russia/China could easily do this (as above) until/and it has sufficient domestic capability.


  35. This could be big and represent the rapidly widening gap to the West and closer cooperation to the East.

    Expected to have been constructed by the 2030s, the base marks a revolutionary advance in man’s relationship with the cosmos, establishing a permanent physical presence in space. But there are military implications, too.

    China and Russia’s national space agencies have signed an agreement to create a lunar station, establishing what could be the first-ever structure on the Moon, and sparking a new space race with America.

    I suppose America’s Moon Village be overflowing with tourists by time the Russki’s and their Chinese friends arrive in their riveted tin cans.


    1. I think it’s big, yeah. There’s an ongoing need for some extensive reform at Roscosmos, but this is definitely the right direction for them to take. We’ll see some chatter about a supposed space race, but I don’t believe China or Russia are about to play that game – if the US wants to be first back to the moon, they’re welcome to do so.
      I really think (well, hope) their spiteful little rule forbidding space cooperation with the PRC is about to come back and bite them big time. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese put out some kind of open invitation of the “Come one, come all” variety once they get fairly far along, just to throw that into relief. It’s worth noting that funding for big dollar NASA manned programs is likely to be tricky, based on Artemis so far, so they’ll need to cook up a military argument if they want to be on the gravy train since I don’t think the national prestige one is working.


      1. Rogozin has made much progress but still needs to do a lot of house-cleaning. Russian tech and China’s massive resources combined with a long term committment will define the future of spaceflight. I would imagine that the hypersonic technology developed for missiles will make an appearance in a new generation of launch vehicles. I hope that the TEM megawatt class nuclear reactor/ion engine project will keep to schedule.


  36. KP about the Tajik singer who is to represent Russia in that stupid song competition:

    Развалит ли Манижа Россию? Или мы все рехнулись?

    10 March 2021 16: 37
    Will Manizha destroy Russia? Or are we all crazy?
    The fact that Russia will be represented at the Eurovision song contest by a singer who was born in Dushanbe has caused outrage among a part of our society.

    Here you are sipping your coffee, flipping through the pages of Instagram, and unaware that a black cloud is already hanging over your high-rise building. As you take a bite of your sandwich, the forces of darkness have already revealed their tentacles coming out of the sewers. Watch “Let’s Get Married”, and the enemy is at the gate. Before you know it, Mother Russia will fall because of weapons prepared by the CIA, the European Union and Koshchei the Immortal [Russian folklore god of darkness — ME]. How? What? Caught on? That’s right!

    The fact that the viewers of Channel One have entrusted singer Manizha to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest has blown the brains out of those who most likely have never watched this Eurovision song contest.

    There are many complaints against Manizha. They say the name is incomprehensible. And the truth is, whether the case is “Little Big” or “TaTu” (or even “The Beatles”), everything is clear. Second, the young lady is not Russian by nationality, and that’s half the trouble; she’s not even a representative of the nations we have in this country, she’s from Tajikistan. Yeah, she’s been living in Russia all her life, she sings and speaks Russian, she’s popular here and now. But, if you believe the critics, to be selected for the Eurovision Song Contest you should first pass passport control, so that all points are arranged by a high commission of fighters for blood purity. It wouldn’t hurt to have the shape of the skull measured as well, apparently. In short, about 85 years ago all these methods were in fashion in Germany until the Red Army put their brains in order.

    Manizha has even been called “a torpedo of the future Maidan, which has successfully come off the slipway and is ready to be launched on a ship called ‘Russia'” (from a statement by the “Forty Forty” organisation permitted in Russia). It’s normal, isn’t it? Do you know why Manizha will destroy Russia? Because she has talked about migrants’ rights, tolerates sex minorities and thinks it’s important to fight infringement of women’s rights. How does that threaten Russia? Wouldn’t it be scarier if everyone thought alike and shared the same views?

    You know, you can’t fucking break Russia. So far, no one has succeeded, and it is hardly possible at all. And our strength is that we are all different. And we’ll all live together, not going anywhere. Therefore, we must listen and hear each other. Manizha has been very popular on the Internet for several years. She has millions of fans and a great talent. You may or may not like it, that’s fine. But the fact that this time she will go to the song fun-contest, and not anyone else, is not a problem at all. She’s not the Russian Ambassador to the United States or Germany. She does not represent the official position of the country on any issue. She’s Just a singer!

    Let’s take it easy somehow, shall we? Look at the British, who send who knows who, and the Germans, from whom some misunderstanding is always coming. “Eurovision” has been called a freak show, and that is partly true. But rather it is a contest that encourages you not to clam up, not to close yourself off, to unbutton a few buttons, to joke, to play pranks, sometimes to cry, sometimes to be surprised. It cannot do any damage to Russia. We have not been made weaker by the failure of the band “Prime Minister” there, nor have we been made stronger by Dima Bilan’s victory.[Bilan is a Baltic States Russian — ME]

    Let’s turn off ideology and turn on common sense!

    Yes, you can, of course, put a burqa on men too. Let’s send blue-eyed blondes and women in sundresses and braids to all the competitions. Or we should address the song and dance orchestra of the Ministry of Defence and allocate one soloist a year as Eurovision troopers. All this, of course, should be legalized by a decision of the State Duma and even by nationwide referendum. In this way we shall be able to close the questions of who should be sent to dancing championships, pumpkin-throwing championships, cook-offs and Elvis Presley look-alike contests.

    But, comrades dear ones, are we not being crazy? A banana is sometimes just a banana and a song contest is just a contest. Let’s just send someone bright, popular and talented: Manizha.

    KP is the most popular newspaper in Russia, namely not read by and large by liberasts and Navalnyshites.

    And forget not: KP is “Kremlin controlled” in a land where there is no democracy, no free press, not to mention no freedom of expressing one’s opinion.


    1. Again, about the same topic, this time from Vzglyad, which, according to the “Free World”, is yet another “Kremlin controlled” online Putin propaganda outlet, here presenting the opinion of a journalist who works for the State News Agency RIA Novosti:

      Как «русской женщине» Маниже не врезаться в стену
      Петр Акопов, обозреватель РИА «Новости»

      How “Russian woman” Manizha can avoid crashing into a wall
      Pyotr Akopov, RIA Novosti columnist
      March 10, 2021

      “The Eurovision Song Contest” is once again being fiercely debated, although in recent years many people have already called for forgetting about and giving up on this contest, which promotes a global Anglo-Saxon agenda. [It is not “Anglo-Saxon”! It is the English speaking world order controlled by the hegemon — ME] Moreover, is unclear why this song from Russia has been selected.

      Following a long absence of all kinds of massively-attended spectacles, this year the audience has voted again, and has had an impact; in general, everything was ready for a scandal. The choice was not a disappointing one, but as soon as it was announced that singer Manizha would go to Rotterdam in May, a showdown followed.

      Manizha Sangin is not talentless and it cannot be said that she is completely unknown to anyone: she first became famous at the age of 15, when she performed under the name Ru.Kola almost the same number of years ago as was her age at that time. However, she then disappeared until a new wave of her popularity began to grow in 2017.

      And now Manizha is going from Russia to Eurovision with the song “Russian Woman”. That is to say, a Tajik woman with a Russian passport is going to sing at the European competition about a Russian woman. So a scandal has begun.

      Manizha considers herself to be a somewhat obscure person; it is no coincidence that one of her songs is called “Non-Slavic Woman, Non-Tajik”. She has been living in Russia since she was three, and although she spoke Russian poorly until she was eight, now she sings and thinks in Russian, and says that she is a patriot and adores Russia.

      Manizha comes from a Europeanized and Sovietized Tajik family: her great-grandmother was the first in Tajikistan to remove the burqa, and even now her large, though not very typical oriental family is very important to her (it is no accident that her mother is her producer), but she is still a product of a cosmopolitan time and environment. Some of her ethnically Russian peers in Moscow grew up cosmopolitan in exactly the same way, especially those who, like Manizha, lived in London for several years (and she worked for three years in a European music competition project that went nowhere). So the problem is not about blood.

      The Russian people are capable of absorbing and digesting a representative of any nation, except the categorically unassimilable Chinese. [Sinophobia? — ME] In this sense, Manizha may well be considered a Russian by the Russians themselves, especially if she considers herself to be a Russian.

      [Of course she’s a bloody Russian in the sense that she is a rossiyanka! — ME]

      But what will Manizha sing on behalf of Russia?

      From time immemorial, from night to morning, from night to night
      We are waiting for a ship, we are waiting for a ship very, very much
      We are waiting for a ship, we are waiting for a ship, we are waiting for a ship
      Why wait? I got up and went …
      What’s going on here? Oh beautiful woman
      Are you waiting for a young man? Oh beautiful woman
      You’re over thirty. What’s this then? Where are the children?
      You are generally beautiful, but you should lose some weight
      Put on longer, put on shorter
      Grew up without a father, do what you don’t want to do
      Are you sure you don’t want to? (You don’t want to, but you need to)
      Listen, it’s true, you and I are not part of a herd
      Crows, please, fuck off!

      And also from “Russian Woman”, the chorus, sung in English:

      Every Russian woman needs to know (ha, ha)
      You’re strong enough to crash into a wall

      This is not radical feminism, but a very specific “fight for women’s rights”, a globalist agenda that is now being pushed around the world. And Manizha herself makes no secret of this. Commenting on her victory in the national selection, she said it was “a kind of hymn to a woman’s plight:

      “The song reflects the entire journey that a Russian woman has made over the last couple of centuries: from her peasant share to working in factories, from flying into space to the right to vote in elections and to take part in political life herself”.

      What does this have to do with Russia, with our real problems? Yes, it has everything to do with Russia, just like “the rise of domestic violence”, “xenophobia”, “disenfranchisement of migrants”, “discrimination against sex minorities”, “body positivity”. Manizha talks and sings about all these things — and not only sings about them, but also addresses the “problems” as a social activist.

      Since December last year, Sangin has been a “Goodwill Ambassador” of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Incidentally, the first such ambassador from Russia. Why are Russians not interested in the differences between Tajiks and Kyrgyz, Manizha wonders. Why are migrants’ children powerless? I want them, Manizha says, not to be afraid and to learn because they are the future of this country.

      She also records videos in support of LGBT rights, and sings the song “Mama” as part of her fight against domestic violence — in other words, she works on her entire agenda. And quite sincerely, as it seems to her, not by order, but by the call of her soul.

      No coincidence, i suspect, that her song was chosen as winning entrant for the contest on 8 March, International Woman’s Day, albeit that that day is not celebrated internationally.

      The article gives her family name as “Sangina”, mistakenly, I believe, adding the feminine nominative case ending to the name’s masculine form “Sangin”.

      According to the convoluted Russian grammatical rules for the declination of names, patronymics and family names, a foreign family name is not declined if it is the family name of a woman, but it is declined if it is the family name of a man.

      Hence, my family name Пеннингтон is declined, for example, when the accusative case ending is required, as in:

      Я вижу мистера Пеннингтона — I see Mr. Pennington


      Я вижу миссис Пеннингтон — I see Mrs. Pennington

      According to the Russian web, Manizha’s full name is:

      Манижа Далеровна Сангин (Хамраева)

      that is in the Latin alphabet:

      Manizha Dalerovna Sangin (neé Khamraeva)

      She’s 29 now and seems to have put on some weight in recent years.

      Here she is below, when she was younger and knew her place in a man’s world:

      She’s still wearing silk stockings, though.

      Always ready to please the master of the house, see!


      She’s a bit of all right, I think.


    2. If the US Department of State gets wind of what a political bomb Manizha is – tolerant of sex minorities, supportive of women’s and migrant’s rights – they will be talking about her going straight from Eurovision to President. Too late to talk of politicizing Eurovision – that was done already. Virtually everything public is now political, which is why I don’t watch television or follow very much that is in the public sphere. Except politics, of course.


      1. She is what the Americans would call “woke”

        They certainly would like her – she’s closer to their idea of a liberal.


  37. And as per bloody usual, I forgot to reopen the italicised translation at “This is not radical feminism” and to close tham after “. . . but by the call of her soul”.


    1. I get on fine with Tajiks, who are everywhere in Moscow.

      I’m sure I’d get on fine with her.

      I get on with all kinds — except for Yukietard Western Ukraine Svidomites, that is, and Amazonian headhunters, I suppose.


  38. Whereas on the other hand:

    Холмогоров назвал выбор представителя России на «Евровидении» «плевком в лицо»
    9 марта 2021

    Kholmogorov has called the choice of the Russian representative at Eurovision “a spit in the face”
    9 March 2021

    Publicist and historian Yegor Kholmogorov has called the choice of the singer Manizha Sangin as the representative of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest “a deliberate slap in the face”.

    “It seems that the scandal of the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Russian Woman” by the openly mocking Tajik woman Manizha, who agitates for gays and migrants, will surpass even the Dzerzhinsky topic in terms of scandal. The lyrics are an exemplary Russophobic slur that humiliates Russian women. … The author has no less repulsive songs, such as ‘Non-Slavic Woman'”, Kholmogorov expressed his opinion in Telegram.

    The publicist believes that the choice of Manizha to represent Russia at Eurovision is “a deliberate spit in the face”. “Don’t lie that it is a private person: this is not a private person, but a representative of a national TV company under the national flag. Athletes are not allowed to appear under a Russian flag, yet this person is allowed to do that. For the first time in a long time, millions of people in Russia will consciously want their country to lose. A defeat in a stupid contest, but still”, thinks Kholmogorov.

    Earlier, the singer in a commentary to RIA Novosti said that she wants to show the world that Russia is “generous, open and bright”. The artist indicated that for her the purpose of participating in the competition is the opportunity to talk to the world about what is really important to her. “I am a Tajik, but Russia accepted and raised me. I should like the world to see our country as I know it”, said Manizha.

    After the group “Little Big had refused to represent Russia in the competition, the singer Manizha gained 39.7% in the selection according to the results of the audience vote. She competed with the group “Therr Maitz” and the duo “# 2Mashi”. Manizha will perform the song “Russian Woman” at Eurovision.

    Eurovision 2021 will take place on May 18-22 at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, and will be attended by performers from 41 countries. The competition will be held offline, but the composition of delegations and the number of journalists will be reduced.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The last time the Russian entrant was not criticized and freaked out about was when it was those dear old fat grey-haired ladies who stood absolutely no chance at all of winning, albeit they were quite talented.


    2. So this bloke is a historian and a publicist.

      Well, I know what a historian does. I’m rather fond of history. Studying German and Russian history ran parallel with my German and Russian language studies, and of course, there are good historians and some pretty crappy ones.

      The crappiest historians I’ve ever come across are some Western historians of Russia such as Pipes, Figes, Beevor and, possibly the worst of the bunch, Service. All of them are fellow countrymen, except for Pipes, who is a US Polack. (Figures!)

      But what exactly does a publicist do?

      Shoot shit for someone who pays him to do so?

      What fucking use to society is a publicist FFS?


        1. Well, I’ll be. Miriam Elder. I wondered what ever happened to her. She and Julia Ioffe used to form a sort of moaning Jewish chorus on complaint over everything Eeevul Putin did, but she had sort of disappeared over the last 5 years or so. She used to squall regularly about the dying-out of small towns in Russia, without remarking that population drift to large cities is a global phenomenon and not exclusively a Russian problem, and she was quite the journalistic live wire during the fires outside Moscow while Luzhkov was mayor, but her circuit sort of went dead in the last few years. So has Ioffe, now that I think on it, compared with her earlier strident screeching that she is a ‘Russia expert’; she first modestly blushed at being awarded the title by the mainstream press, but then decided to be resentful when her expertise was perceived as challenged.


            1. Senior Service, whom I once knew very well, was very satisfying:

              Gunboats up the Yangtze! Keeping the yellow Devil at bay!

              Made in Manchester they once were; first made by a firm called J. A. Pattreiouex and that unpronounceable Froggy name still used to be on the pack.

              I never forget that name, because no bugger could say it: they used to say something like “Pattriyux”.

              Similarly, there was a cigarette brand when I was a schoolboy called “Peter Stuyvesant”, which we called “Peter Stew-ee-ves-ant”.


                1. Yes, it reminds me of a navy drinking song we used to sing, called “The North Atlantic Squadron”. No more of such japes now, I am sure, now that we must all be ever sensitive of each others feelings.

                  Service had a much better feel for cadence, and an enviable grasp of language – drinking songs, while fun in their place and time, relied heavily on profanity and there was much repetition. Cadence certainly plays a role, but you don’t need to have much of a vocabulary.


    3. I forgot to point out something above as regards what the historian/publicist said about the Tajik singer, namely that she has performed “no less repulsive songs, such as ‘Non-Slavic Woman’”.

      You missed a bit out there, old fulminating historian/publicist chum: her “no less repulsive song” is actually called “Недославянка, недотаджичка” — “Non- Slavic, Non-Tajik Woman”.

      There are English subtitles to the above clip, but the auto-translation is gibberish.

      Here’s a better translation:

      I hide my wings out of habit
      I’m not a Slavic woman, I’m not a Tadjik woman.
      I live by the Koran within the walls of the church.
      There is one God and his facets are infinite
      I seem to sing that I’m not made of the same cloth
      But I don’t know my place

      Inner, inner, inner, inner
      My inner Padishah
      [Emperor in Persian: Tajik is related to Persian and is not Turkic — ME]
      Doesn’t know, doesn’t know
      Of grammatical cases
      [the case endings on Russian declined nouns —ME]

      He also knows only those languages
      Where the heart is full of love, love
      No matter my status, no matter my skin tone
      The essence of citizens is to be more than a passerby

      In the land of my birth
      I am already a stranger
      And in the land of strangers
      Not yet my own person
      In the land of my birth
      I’m already a stranger
      And in the land of strangers
      Not yet my own person

      In English:

      Who do you think, who do you think you are?
      I’ve been made by Mother Russia and my Tajik papa
      Listen, listen, you Russia, Miss Manizha is mestizo
      And the reason of my freedom is a look without bananas

      One Russia commenter states below the above clip:

      This song affects not only the CIS countries, but all the peoples of Russia, who are losing their national identity or, on the contrary, are putting it at the top of their priorities, not respecting the traditions of others. But apart from that, the music video itself is divine from start to finish. I was lying there with an “oh yes, it’s brilliant” face the whole clip. Manija, you are awesome. You manage to combine unique, funny banter and really topical issues. Few artists these days can do that. You’re unique. I have to be at your concert in February! Love you, don’t stop.

      I’ve told you already and I’ll tell you again: Tajiks are all right in my book:

      Reminds me of when I used to tease my then much younger children, asking them if they were Russian or English. They used to answer “Half-Russian, half-English”.

      So I then used to ask, “Which half is Russian: the top half or the bottom half?”

      They used to get angry about that.


  39. I’m free!

    Мэр Москвы Сергей Собянин отменил обязательный режим самоизоляции для людей старше 65 лет и с хроническими заболеваниями.

    Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has abolished the mandatory self-isolation regime for people over 65 and with chronic diseases.
    According to the mayor, the home mode for this category of citizens will be recommended from March 8, their social cards will be unblocked.

    Sergei Sobyanin: “Indeed, there is such an opportunity — to make a decision on the transfer of self-isolation for those who are 65+, and people suffering from chronic diseases, from mandatory to recommendation mode and unblock social cards.”

    According to Sobyanin, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection has decreased in Moscow by 5 times compared to the peak figures of the end of 2020.

    Thanks a lot you pillock!

    I’m over 65 but am not disease ridden. Sobyanin still wants the likes of me to sit at home all the time though, “home mode” being recommended but not mandatory.

    I’d go to the dacha right now, but it’s too bloody cold. It was minus 23 °C last night and it will be a “milder” minus 17 °C tonight. It will take half a day at least to warm our country house up, say my country neighbours.

    Since last bloody September i’ve been stuck here — since I came back to Moscow from the country.


    1. Can’t you get one of those country neighbours to heat the dacha for you in advance? For payment, naturally. Such an arrangement might extend the dacha season for you. As a teenager I was paid to look after the large greenhouse belonging to an acquaintance of my mother when she was away – opening and closing the vents and watering the plants.


      1. Yes, I was thinking of doing that, but the neighbours who told me it would take half a day to warm up the house said so from their own experience. They had gone to their place to welcome the New Year. They sent us photos and a video clip. When I then told them I was fed up of being under house arrest and was thinking of fleeing to the country as I had done last March, they said: “Don’t”. Then they told me how long it had taken them to get their place warmed up. And 2 days later, they decamped because it was getting even colder. And this past week here has been colder than any time in January.

        There was a very elderly neighbour who lived the year round at her place facing ours, but I think she might have croaked, or her son has finally persuaded her to leave her place in winter. I used to hear him arguing with her in years past about leaving her dacha in winter. The last time I was there in the depths of winter — a flying visit because I had forgotten to empty the rainwater butts when I had left the place the previous October — there was not a soul to be seen and total silence. And I did not even enter the house: I just stayed in the kitchen, turned on the gas stove to get warm, had a cup of tea, and got the next train back to Moscow. Going back to the railway station, I followed my own tracks in the deep snow that i had made coming. There were no others apart from mine. No one had ventured into the territory during the 3 hours or so while I had been there in our kitchen.


        1. Thanks.

          Lars, the Danish guy in the Survival Russia YouTube channel said in his latest video that this has been an exceptionally cold winter.


          1. It’s getting warmer now, though: minus 5 °C at 10:33 Moscow time — and snowing.

            Tomorrow, maximum temperature will be not much above zero, but it will still be snowing. Then by next Wednesday, max and min temperatures will be back to below zero, but at the norm levels and not as low as minus 23 °C, as it has been quite often recently. Spring will arrive in April and the snow will have finally thawed out completely by the end of that month, they say.


    2. Yes, Doctor Bonnie has announced that we may enjoy outdoor gatherings up to a maximum of ten people! The freedom! I feel quite giddy.

      Back when she was chinning about the terrible danger of asymptomatic spread, they actually believed – or thought they believed – that asymptomatic transmission accounted for 80% of infections. That was – if you can imagine it as a basis of medicine – an ‘estimate’. But you are invited to believe the same people who acknowledged before Christmas last year, for fuck’s sake, that the ‘estimate’ was far too high and knocked 80% off it just like that – from 80% down to maybe, MAYBE 20% – managed to cobble together a vaccine which is completely safe and thoroughly tested in only months. This is the crux of my arguments and objections – that we don’t know shit about the coronavirus except where vaccines are concerned; in that field, we have it knocked.

      “Unusually in disease management, a positive test result is the sole criterion for a covid-19 case. Normally, a test is a support for clinical diagnosis, not a substitute. This lack of clinical oversight means we know very little about the proportions of people with positive results who are truly asymptomatic throughout the course of their infection and the proportions who are paucisymptomatic (subclinical), presymptomatic (go on to develop symptoms later), or post-infection (with viral RNA fragments still detectable from an earlier infection).

      Earlier estimates that 80% of infections are asymptomatic were too high and have since been revised down to between 17% and 20% of people with infections.12 Studies estimating this proportion are limited by heterogeneity in case definitions, incomplete symptom assessment, and inadequate retrospective and prospective follow-up of symptoms, however.3 Around 49% of people initially defined as asymptomatic go on to develop symptoms.45

      It’s also unclear to what extent people with no symptoms transmit SARS-CoV-2. The only test for live virus is viral culture. PCR and lateral flow tests do not distinguish live virus. No test of infection or infectiousness is currently available for routine use.678 As things stand, a person who tests positive with any kind of test may or may not have an active infection with live virus, and may or may not be infectious.”

      Normally. Incomplete assessment. Inadequate follow-up. Limited. May or may not be. Search me. Don’t have a fucking clue. If this were a big-game hunt for qualifiers, I’d have limited out and be back at the lodge with a good scotch in my fist by now. The only test for live virus is viral culture….but the test which established the patient is positive for COVID was not based on viral culture. The PCR test was known from the beginning to be unsuited as a clinical diagnostic procedure, the designer of it was specific on the matter…but it is the standard. As soon as the WHO ordered that PCR testing at in excess of 30 cycles was to be stopped, ‘cases’ dropped and continue to fall…but that was due to lockdowns and masking and social-distancing, not because the test was being abused for purpose beyond all recognition.

      So we’re slowly being given back little bits of the freedom which is ours by right…and we’re supposed to weep with gratitude. Meanwhile the newsies yammer on endlessly about what COVID taught us about this and about that, as if it were some kind of blessing. And the planning goes on regarding how we can boost vaccine acceptance to 100% when being vaccinated may not protect you from being infected by the virus, and you’ll for sure need another shot next year and maybe as soon as six months out, because among all the other COVID secrets we have yet to crack is how long the ‘jab’ might give you immunity when they specifically said it is not guaranteed to make you immune at all. Jesus Christ on a pony. Like The Replacements told us, “Everybody knows…that the world is full of stupid people”.

      And that seems fair.


  40. How many of the mental health diagnoses given out are really just people not coping well under capitalism? It’s worth looking into. How many people end up consulting with mental health professionals because they find themselves psychologically unable to keep up with the frenetic corporate pace that’s demanded of them in order to “earn a living”? Or earlier on as children because they are unable to successfully navigate the capitalism boot camp known as school? How many people are given diagnoses, and corresponding bottles of pills, simply because they can’t march to the beat of the capitalist drum?

    The invisible hand of the market does not give a flying F about the well being of the 99% and the remaining 1% of demonic sociopaths. The capitalistic/oligarch/deep state economy has ate its own children one might say. Won’t be long before the insanity reaches a level that can no longer be hidden.

    When I say “insanity” it is not meant as a trash-talk’n putdown. The US is undergoing an irreversible psychological crisis only worsened by denial and truckloads of Dr. Feel-good pills. Has this every happened before in human history? Perhaps in Salem, Massachusetts.


    1. Could be. It’s difficult to say, considering it is just an estimate and based on many factors. I doubt COVID is skewing it much because the high-risk group that most of the deaths come from is already at or beyond life expectancy. But it could reflect a surge in the birth of male children versus female, as females tend to live longer by about 5 years.


    2. Should we be worried?

      Two factors here. You wanted us to know about the cited statistic and that you are concerned that the cited statistic may not be true.


      1. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, as of November 1, 2020, about 146.6 million people live in Russia. Since January 1 of this year, the population has decreased by 381 thousand people. It is worth noting that in the same period last year, the reduction in the number of Russians was 10 times less. If this year the number of citizens decreased by 0.3%, then in January-November 2019 only 0.03%.

        According to experts, the population has been declining over the past 5 years. In particular, the coronavirus pandemic has played a major role in this process this year. In total, more than 50 thousand people have died since the first infection in our country.

        In addition, according to data at the end of 2019, the DAC (total birth rate) was 1,504 children per woman. According to demographic experts, in order for the population to simply not decrease, it is necessary that the DAC should be at least 2.1. If the indicator is less, then the population is not reproduced, but decreases. According to operational data of Rosstat, at the end of October, 1 million 661 thousand people have died since the beginning of the year, and only 1 million 193 thousand citizens were born.

        Statistics such as the age and sex of our citizens are also not unimportant. Every year, the Federal State Statistics Service counts the number of men and women, as well as the number of citizens who belong to a certain age group.


        Демография в России – 2021. Статистика, тенденции, прогнозы
        23 декабря 2020

        Demographics in Russia 2021. Statistics, trends, and forecasts</b.
        December 23, 2020

        Clearly, we're all doomed!

        I don't care, though, because I'm already past my sell-by date.


        1. A Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 2.1 represents the Replacement-Level Fertility: the average number of children per woman needed for each generation to exactly replace itself without needing international immigration. A value below 2.1 will cause the native population to decline

          TFR FINLAND — 1.5


          Should we be worried?

          Personally, I couldn’t care less.


          1. There is always immigration, and I’m pretty sure Canada relies on it for population growth. Russia is traditionally the second-most-popular destination for inward migration.


    3. I have a good friend (but no longer in much contact) who is 2nd generation Finnish – nice guy. I met a young Finnish woman on a long air flight. She was engaging with a good sense of humor. And then there is you.


      1. Yeah, several years before I got wed, I got to know a Finn in a now long defunct “Irish Pub”. He was a decent bloke: liked a drink. So did I then, so I used to meet up with him on Saturday evenings in “Rosy O’Grady’s”, which, as it happens, is the place where I proposed to my wife over a pint of Guinness 2 years later whilst she was taking a sip of a pint of porter for the first time in her life.

        A master of seduction, me!



  41. Neuters: Ukraine intends to nationalise Motor Sich soon -top security official

    …“А decision has been made according to which the Motor Sich enterprise will be returned to the Ukrainian people, will be returned to the ownership of the Ukrainian state in a legal, constitutional way,” said Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s Security and Defence Council…

    …Chinese investors initiated international arbitration threatening Ukraine with several billion-dollar penalties over investments made into the company.

    Danilov said that the state would compensate where private owners had invested any capital in Motor Sich.

    Invest in the Ukraine. Unless the USA tells us that you can’t!

    What the article doesn’t say is that Skyrizon owns 80% of the shares.

    Well we can’t be surprise by this as this has been trailled for a long time. Zelensky waited until Bi-Dumb was elected to see if anything had changed before dropping the axe.


    1. Is that going to make it prosperous? Ha, ha; as if. So the government will nationalize it, ‘return it to the Ukrainian people’…and then what? The USA will twist arms in Europe to make them buy its products? I don’t think so. Maybe Motor Sich will make engines for the new Iroquois helicopter.


  42. Motherboard: Abkhazia Posts Videos of Illegal Bitcoin Mines That Are Causing Power Blackouts

    The tiny, disputed Black Sea territory has hundreds of illegal Bitcoin mining facilities hidden in basements, villages, and shipping containers.

    …In a region estimated to have more than 1 crypto-mining facility for every 400 residents by its own Economy Ministry, this is no small feat.

    Abkhazia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs announced in two YouTube videos this week that it has raided a series of Bitcoin mining operations that were illegally connected to the power grid…

    Not the other high value business that uses a lot of electricity, urban marijuana farms.

    I read somewhere else that bitcoin mining are now being set up next to gas flaring (sic byproduct excess gas that is usually just burned) stations. A creative solution:


    1. We have one crypto miner running in the basement mining Litecoin but paid in Bitcoin. Until recently, at $0.09/kWh electrical cost, it was losing money but was heating a bedroom. The net profitability, estimating the savings in energy from the home heating system worked out to about $30/month. Now, its up to about $60/month. The only way to make a profit is to have a consistent source of electricity under $0.05/kWh or so without amortizaiton of the cost of the miner. Back in the day, an AISC miner would cost $1,800 and make $300/month. Now, they can be bought used for a small fraction of that price. The heating season will soon end and so will the mining operation. This is my wife’s hobby. She did strike it big with bitcoin so I can say nothing nor should I.

      A typical ASIC miner consumes about 1 kW. That picture showed over 100 miners. The heat alone would turn that room into an oven. That much electricity would normally power more than 50 homes on average. If the power is free, that array would net about $10,000/month at the current Bitcoin prices.


  43. Moscow promises retaliation if US places previously banned intermediate-range missiles in Japan, within range of Russia’s border

    …“I would like to stress once again that the deployment of American intermediate-range and short-range ground missiles in various regions of the world, including the Asia-Pacific region, in any configuration, would have an extreme destabilizing effect in terms of international and regional security,” she said, noting that it would likely start a brand new arms race without actually strengthening the security of the US and its allies, and a Russian reaction would “undoubtedly” follow…

    Zakharova also revealed that Moscow is open to “equal and constructive work” to strengthen international security following the end of the INF Treaty…

    And there the other shoe drops.

    The USA’s proposed plan to contain China by ringing it with large quantities of missiles in allied countries did not seem to take in to account Russia’s reaction. Moscow will not accept ‘promises’ from any of the USA’s allies that they cross their hearts and hope to die and will never target Russia just because it happens to be in range of American controlled missiles. This is a clear warning that they will face full push-back and this complicates Washington’s plan not only militarily but also diplomatically for all those involved. If you take all those nations that would be within range of Vladivostok out of the mix, then USA options become more limited and it makes their military equation more complicated. The US is currently beefing up old World War II base islands but they are mostly quite small and far away.


    1. Sounds to me like Russia might want to recommence missile submarine patrols off the American coast. That’s the best way to reduce the reaction time to a missile launch to almost nothing. The first Zircon test launch from a submarine is rumored to be coming up in June.

      Could be anytime, I guess, but ‘not earlier’ than June. Range against ground targets, around 1,500 km. Can you think of some coastal cities of considerable size which are easily within reach from, say, 40 miles to seaward? What do you suppose the time of flight would be of a missile flying Mach 8+ at a ground target 400 km away?

      Pretty short.


        1. I don’t know… they have greatly improved their drive-thru service (dining rooms remain closed and speculation is that they will never reopen due to the cost savings). No special orders, of course.

          Being more inland here, I would think we would have 10 minutes warning but those poor bastards on the coasts would be stuck 4-6 cars away from the food window.


  44. From my latest GOV.UK mailing:

    UN Human Rights Council 46: General Debate on Item 4
    The UK’s Ambassador to the WTO and UN in Geneva, Julian Braithwaite, delivered this statement during the General Debate on Item 4.

    Russia must respect citizens’ human rights, including the right to freedom of expression, right to a fair trial, and freedom from torture. We are deeply concerned by recent legislative changes that further restrict civil society and human rights. It is disgraceful that the poisoning of Alexey Navalny has not been investigated, while he himself has been jailed on arbitrary charges.

    Right to freedom of expression — Assange?

    A fair trial — Assange?

    Freedom from torture — Assange?

    Mr. Braithwaite, would you be so kind as to enlighten me and the rest of the world as regards what particularly concerns you about recent changes in Russian legislation?

    In addition to that, could you also present what evidence you have that your agent had been poisoned.

    If you did that, then perhaps the Russian authorities could start investigating this alleged crime.

    As matters stand so far, the Russian authorities have no evidence that a murder attempt was indeed made against your agent using the most deadly (weapons grade) nerve agent known to mankind.

    And these alleged arbitrary charges made against your agent — why do you describe the charges that he on several occasions was willfully in breach of his parole as regards his conviction for a crime, about which the firm Yves Rocher is quite capable of enlightening you, as “arbitrary”.

    Or better still, old chap . . .


    1. There is no point in ‘investigating’ Navalny’s latest jape – well, I’m sure they are investigating the role of some outside interests. But the west and most notably the USA and UK keep prodding for an ‘investigation’ so that if anything is announced other than ‘Putin did it’, it will be met joyfully with “More lies from Russia!” Why even rise to the bait?


      1. I (don’t) wonder what Navalny thinks about Russia being represented by an ethnic Tadjik at u-RoVision? If only there were journalists who would ask but why would they if the answer tarnishes the prince?


  45. BMPD: Столкновение МиГ-29 с автомобилем на Украине

    Как сообщают украинские СМИ, вечером 10 марта 2021 года на аэродроме Васильков в Киевской области произошло курьезное столкновение буксируемого по аэродрому истребителя МиГ-29 с автомобилем Volkswagen Touran. В результате столкновения истребитель МиГ-29МУ1 (тип 9.13, бортовой номер “08 белый”, заводской номер 2960731239) из состава 40-й бригады тактической авиации Воздушных сил Украины загорелся и почти полностью выгорел….

    Looks like a writeoff to me and will be much cheaper to be scrapped for spare parts.


  46. The Old Goat talks shit again:

    Навальнисты нашли «агента Кремля» – это Венедиктов

    Navalnyites have found a “Kremlin agent” says Venediktov
    On “Ekho Moskvy ” radio station, Aleksey Venediktov has claimed that there was an agent of the Russian secret services amongst the Navalnyites, who allegedly advised the blogger to go to Russia, where he was imprisoned.

    Just like his forebears, the latter-day Hebrew Prophet spouting shite . . .

    Hearing this, the Navalnyites raised a howl and the whole pack attacked Venediktov with their criticism. Foaming at the mouth, they began to shout that he was an “agent of the Kremlin” himself. Funny folk, these libertines: constantly squabbling and suspecting each other of something.

    Navalny is sitting in gaol. The media says nothing about him, and there is nothing to say. So he’s behind bars; he’s locked up. So what happens next? Venediktov needs traffic in his media, so he has witched on his usual mode of sitting on two chairs. Now he’s going after the Navalnyites. But when the owners of FBK give him the “go” command, “Ekho Moskvy” will start promoting the blogger again

    Aleksey Venediktov is a long-time slave of the United States, ready to do whatever he is ordered for the sake of Western grants. He won’t even save his own arse: if he is told to, he will tear it up for the British flag! “Ekho” has long-standing ties with the British BBC, through its subsidiary, the “Independent Broadcasting Foundation”. Together with this shithouse, “Ekho” organises the annual “Together Radio” festivals in the Russian Federation. Venediktov sits on its board of experts — and for good reason: the old man gets his “small share” from the West for his subversive activities.

    In addition, “Ekho” is linked to the US. The US-based “EM-holding” has long been a shareholder of the broadcaster. In 2017, it formally withdrew from the shareholders at the request of the “Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media”, but in reality it is still involved in the life of “Ekho”, serving as a transit point for Western money for Venediktov’s brainchild.

    Financed by the West, “Ekho Moskvy” has been sabotaging the situation in Russia, defaming the police, calling for riots, throwing around slogans and spreading fakes. Navalny and his associates are always glorified on “Ekho”, and participants in illegal actions are actively defended.

    Everyone knows that “Ekho” and the Navalnyites are sheep who rub shoulders at the Western feeding trough and bleat whatever they are told to. It is funny to watch them squabbling amongst themselves as they try to blame one another for the failure of Navalny’s plans. They do not know what to do when left without the leader of the flock, so they behave like aggressive spiders in a jar, trying to devour one another. This is nothing new, though: typical libschiz behaviour.

    By the way, the two bastards below are second-cousins:

    Andrey Makarevich and Aleksey Venediktov are not only Russophobes and anti-Soviet, but also second cousins. Venediktov was also a third cousin of the film director Ivan Dykhovichny, who died in 2009 and is also a Russophobe and anti-Soviet. It is not for nothing that Russia’s richest and most popular radio station “Ekho Moskvy” actively supports and defends Makarevich.

    Source:—bratja-navek.html ©


    1. “Russia’s richest and most popular radio station “Ekho Moskvy”

      How is it possible for Ekho Moskvy to be both anti-Russian and the richest and most popular radio station in Russia at the same time?


    2. Uh huh; a ‘Kremlin agent’ advised Navalny to return to Russia where he was promptly arrested. The Messiah was gibbering about returning to Russia nearly as soon as he ‘regained consciousness’ after ‘coming out of his coma’ – was the Kremlin agent one of his German doctors? Russia announced that if he returned he would be arrested, I’m not sure how long before he favoured everyone with his flight intentions so that they could prepare to nab him, but it was certainly enough in advance for him to change his mind.

      Oh, and; wanted – someone to dress Venediktov every morning so he does not show up at work looking like a blind gay former lumberjack.


  47. Things to kick off in the Ukraine shortly? Some think so: this from the comments on b’s latest at moonofalabama:

    “Bit of a surprise reading this thread and finding my words quoted in b’s section, never expected that. Reward I suppose for the hundreds of hours I have spent online since early 2014 watching in horror and sadness at events unfolding in Ukraine from the safety of central England. I must be on a few databases here.

    Mar man 1

    If Ukraine attacks then Russia has to quickly respond and it will do so very differently to last time as its place in the World is very different now. It is much more confident, as can be seen from Lavrov’s words, much stronger militarily. Almost certainly if it wanted it could be in force at Ukraine’s western borders in a couple of days. But that won’t be their plan. Now they have had a few years with someone else footing the bill they won’t want it back, the West can fund Ukraine thanks, they just want to stop the running sore.

    They should want to achieve two things, first, to scare the shit out of Europe by demonstrating that there is a ‘shock and awe-ski’ lurking in their Military Districts and second, to show that they have no intention of ever using it fully by, having gained a bit of strategic depth, say to the oblast borders, immediately pulling straight back into Russia, generating a sigh of relief across Europe. In Lavrov Russia has the man to exploit that scenario to the full with the mechanism already in place, the Normandy Format.

    As I said in the quote above from Turcopolier, the US are skirting on thin ice here. There is a very real risk that Russia could come out of it with their reputation seriously enhanced around the World. Imagine the effect on Syria and the Arab world.

    In its normal arrogant and aggressive ways it has set itself up in Ukraine without thinking it through. Its strategy of pulling Russia’s tail here is going to explode in its face if not now then later. The only way to prevent it is to move a few thousand US military in and that will just preempt it.

    The only bright side is that Obama’s team, who started it all off, are back in power facing the fan.

    Bluedotterel 3

    The Saker article was written by who is writing this evening that he expects it to blow in the next 48 hours.

    Posted by: JohninMK | Mar 13 2021 22:44 utc | 41”


    1. My take is that a Ukraine brouhaha will be initiated by the US as a hail Mary pass to stop Nord Stream II. The commentator above had good points – one strong bitch-slap by Russia and then pull back. The NATO weapons and military advisors in Ukraine would have the same effectiveness as they did in Georgia. I wonder if the expected push in Syria by the SAA is timed to begin the same time as the Ukraine gambit. Probably not connected but…


    2. Colour me doubtful. If the Ukrainian Army tried it on its own it would be hammered flat like a toad in a tobacco press, and regardless all the puff-talk from nationalist activists and delusional politicians who don’t know which end of a gun the bullet comes out of, Army senior officers would know the counterstrike would come quickly enough that they probably could not even gain ground, much less hold it. Ukraine must be so thoroughly infiltrated that Russia would know almost as soon as the order was given. If Ukraine was being encouraged in this from outside, someone would be moving up troops and equipment to prepare for a supporting role, to prevent Ukraine being overrun. There has been no such movement of which I’m aware. No increased surveillance efforts, no mobilization of logistics and medical vehicles which would follow the army into battle. No establishment of ammo and fuel dumps at fallback positions. No patriotic public speeches by Zik-zik to rally the people around the flag.

      Biden is too busy playing coronavirus warrior and throwing money around to get involved in another grubby war, and he probably would just as soon that ‘Biden’ and ‘Ukraine’ not appear in the same sentence for some considerable time, lest people’s memories awaken.

      On the other hand, both Zelensky and Biden could use a distraction; as this piece from Anti-Empire discusses, it took from the founding of the United States to 2020 for M1 to reach $4 Trillion. It took about a year after that for M1 to go from $4 Trillion to $18 Trillion.

      Like most articles which purport to have discovered something hiding in plain sight, this one might be missing something important; the numbers are just too staggering. But if the author is even half-right, the US money supply, that amount of physical and exchangeable currency in circulation in the country has more than doubled in a single year. If he were to be completely accurate…it has more than quadrupled.

      M1 is defined by Investopedia as; “M1 money is a country’s basic money supply that’s used as a medium of exchange. M1 includes demand deposits and checking accounts, which are the most commonly used exchange mediums through the use of debit cards and ATMs. Of all the components of the money supply, M1 is defined the most narrowly…M1 does not include financial assets, such as savings accounts and bonds. M1 money is the money supply metric most frequently utilized by economists to reference how much money is in circulation in a country.”

      It also points out, “The M1 is no longer used as a guide for monetary policy in the United States due to the lack of correlation between it and other economic variables.”

      I would include that M1 would not be very useful as a guide for monetary policy if your money-printing and stock-market valuation had no basis in reality, either. Almost all the money in excess of the USA’s annual GDP – $20 Trillion in value, although most of it is in assets rather than cash – is borrowed. I’m not sure ‘borrowed’ is even the right word, because what the USA is doing is just printing money as fast as it can, and lending it to itself. You don’t have to be much of an economist to grasp that as the physical amount of currency increases and more of it is simply handed out to people who are not working for it, its actual value diminishes. But the US Stock Market hits record highs nearly every day, even as about a third of American small to medium businesses are shuttered, and it is very likely that many Americans are putting their stimulus checks straight into stocks.

      Let’s look at it another way – according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, a US Government website, the US economy experienced 33.4% growth in the third quarter of 2020, and a further 4.1% growth in the fourth. This more or less completely wiped out almost identical losses in Q1 and Q2.

      Ummm….how is that possible? I mean, it’s technically possible if you printed an annual GDP’s worth of banknotes and then lent them to yourself and then humped them into circulation by handing them out as stimulus checks. But outside that feckless and completely foolhardy behavior that nobody in their right mind would ever do, how is it possible?


      1. The “real” US GDP may be half of claimed figure so a 3-4 trillion dollar direct injection that will be immediately spent on food, rent, debt service, etc. will perk up things. I should check on how GDP is calculated but it is easier just to assert things.

        Where has the new money gone? Assets, assets, assets as in stock market assets – phony money buying over-priced stock plus the Fed purchasing trillions of dollars of bad corporate bonds – for the good of the country, of course.


  48. В Польше сообщили об обмане Украины при покупке российского газа
    07:00 14.03.2021

    In Poland a report about the Ukraine fraudulently buying Russian gas

    MOSCOW, March 14 – RIA Novosti. Andrzej Szczęsnyak, an independent energy expert from Poland, has spoken about the dire consequences for the inhabitants of the Ukraine as a result of the “refusal” of the authorities of gas from Russia, writes Myśl Polska.

    The author of the article drew attention to the cessation of gas supplies to the country in 2015 after Kiev “stopped paying the bills”. This step was perceived in the Ukraine as “political blackmail” and they began “proudly to count the days without Russian gas”.

    It was complete nonsense, since natural gas from Russia to Europe continued to flow in transit through the Ukraine, and the latter took from gas pipelines, taking what they thought necessary for their own needs, which have been becoming more and more modest

    —Szczęsnyak emphasized.

    According to the expert, in order to legalize this system in Kiev, they came up with a “virtual reverse”, as well as the so-called mechanism of “winding back meter”. As noted by the publicist, we are talking about a small pipeline loop at the border control and measuring point, through which gas circulated.

    Szczęsnyak believes that as a result, the Ukrainians have been continuing to receive Russian gas, but at European prices.

    [Steps back in amazement at this stunning revelation!!! — ME]

    All gas imported to the Ukraine has been Russian, but the West skimmed the cream. 25-50 percent of the difference in price was covered by ordinary Ukrainians, who began to pay much more for gas and heating

    — the expert said.

    [Well I never! — ME]

    The Polish expert has come to the conclusion that Western suppliers and their Ukrainian partners have been able to “make excellent money using a simple scheme”.

    What absolute bounders!

    “A threat to the sovereignty of the Ukraine”

    Andriy Kobolev, head of “Naftogaz Ukrainy”, believes that direct gas imports from Russia would jeopardize the sovereignty of the Ukraine, since, he argues, “such agreements are impossible without a political component dictated by the Kremlin”.

    According to him, the purchase of the “blue fuel” from the neighboring country “cannot be a purely commercial operation”. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal is of the same opinion. He stated that the country does not intend to resume gas imports from Russia.

    Refusal of direct purchases

    Since 2015, Kiev has not made direct purchases of Russian gas and is actually buying it from Europe. But since the beginning of September 2020, it has completely switched to buying Russian gas through a virtual reverse, and about half of the transit volumes now immediately remain on the territory of the Ukraine.

    Until 2020, this was hampered by a transit contract with Gazprom: the Ukraine pledged to accept gas at the border with Russia and transfer it back to Gazprom Export at the border with Europe. Therefore, Kiev used a physical reverse from the EU, which led to an increase in the price of “blue fuel”.

    Continuation of gas transit

    Russia and the Ukraine at the end of December 2019 signed a package of agreements on the continuation of gas transit through the Ukraine, including a transit contract for five years, according to which Gazprom guarantees the pumping of 65 billion cubic metres of gas in the first year and 40 billion in the next four. These agreements ensured the continuation of transit from January 1 after the expiration of the previous contract.

    Also, according to the protocol on gas cooperation, Gazprom and Naftogaz may consider direct gas supplies to the Ukraine at a discount from the price of the European hub (NCG), depending on volumes. However, so far no such negotiations have been reported.

    Of course, when countries of the “Free world” make energy deals in their “Free Market” under the leadership of the hegemon, their governments and policy strategists have no say in the terms and conditions of such deals.


    1. Another reason, besides the juicy transit fee for doing sod all, that The Ukraine wishes for Nord Stream II to be stopped. Transit must continue, because you cannot poach gas from an empty pipe. AND Ukraine was being given money by the EU to buy gas, so it was as much theft from the European taxpayers as anyone else. But that’s why the west loves the hand-picked Ukrainian government – thieves understand each other, and they rationalize stealing as free enterprise.


      1. And it should also be pointed out (yet again) that reducing state subsidies for Ukranian consumers is a condition of the Ukraine’s IMF loans. Who needs enemies when you have got friends?


        Ukraine’s interim government says it will raise gas prices for domestic consumers by 50% in an effort to secure an International Monetary Fund (IMF) aid package.


        …The negotiations have been put under increased pressure since the Ukrainian government extended its special obligations for its national oil company Naftogaz in August. This would require it to sell gas to intermediaries at reduced prices, thereby further delaying meeting IMF conditionality under its current loan programme to increase gas prices, according to Ukrainian UA|TV…

        …The current loan programme has already decreased energy consumption in Ukraine by 30 per cent, significantly diminishing living standards across the country, as reported by women’s rights organisations to the UN Human Rights Council in May last year


        Ukraine’s finance minister said on Thursday that the International Monetary Fund was concerned about the government’s plan to regulate household gas prices, although the Fund has not officially commented on the plan…


  49. Further to the linked site above:

    And its [the Old Goat’s station — ME] editor-in-chief and co-owner (18% of the shares) Venediktov has not only stood up to defend his cousin, but compared the singer with … you will not believe … Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekhov. He’s his cousin, after all. [In my opinion, Makarevich is crap: he passes himself off as a jazz musician now — ME] By the way, from the quote it is clear that Venediktov is not completely in accord with what A.S. Pushkin?!

    In general, Pushkin was also a very extremely unpleasant person, I also do not agree with Alexander Sergeevich [Pushkin] on everything. And Lermontov was a super unpleasant person. And what can be attributed to Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekhov — you work that out for yourselves. This does not prevent us from enjoying their books and not to persecute them, although they do not care if we do. Where are those who persecuted them? Let’s remember those who persecuted them. And so it will be with Andrey [Makarevich, his cousin — ME]. Those who persecuted them, will get their own, of course, in the form of historical oblivion, but Andrey will not be forgotten: as regards historical oblivion, Andrey will not be forgotten . . .

    But all the same, I should like to support Andrey and express solidarity with him, advise him to keep himself in control, not to pay attention to these little mongrels who arrange it by order, or for money, or for a desire to get an extra star for a shoulder strap.

    [Presumably, the liberast is upset over criticism of his Banderastan supporting cousin, another “give the Crimea back to the Ukraine” shites. Funny how these russian Jews seem so fond of Yukie Nazis.]

    It is worth noting that the two cousins are not only treated kindly by the authorities, but are also order-bearers. Not totally in favour of A.S. Pushkin, Venediktov has been awarded state awards of the Russian Federation: Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, second Defender of Free Russia (2nd Class). The unforgettable Makarevich has been awarded state awards of the Russian Federation: Order of Merit to the Fatherland, IV degree Order of Honour Medal “Defender of Free Russia” It turns out that we live in the era of two Great Cousins (liberals, Russophobes, anti-Soviet) Makarevich and Venediktov. These two, who are treated kindly by the authorities in every possible way, are constantly fighting it and are unhappy with it.

    Author: Ivan Ushenin

    Of course, it is kreakle libtards who award the orders to fellow kreakles.

    Source:—bratja-navek.html ©


  50. Россия готовится к какому-то новому повороту. Мнение политолога,/ a>
    Russia is preparing for a new turn. Political scientist’s opinion.

    I don’t like it, Carruthers! I don’t like it at all! The natives have stopped drumming their tomtoms.

    Following the gradual disappearance of stories about oppositionist Aleksey Navalny from the pages of the media, there has been a strange lull in the information space. They mostly discuss some minor events that the vast majority of Russians don’t care about. Well, what difference does it make to a resident of the Russian hinterland as regards which monument will be erected on Lubyanka square in Moscow — Dzerzhinskiy or someone else? A much more important question is how to live on a salary with constantly rising prices.

    Having just finished discussing the monument, an unknown singer appeared from somewhere, a certain Manizha, who will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest, a Tajik woman who will sing about Russian women.

    They discuss these events as if there are no more important issues in Russia. And the Russians have accumulated a lot of questions.

    According to some political scientists, all this calm is just not real and a real storm is coming soon. And perhaps Russia is preparing for a new turn. And the President will announce this in his message to the Federal Assembly, which is constantly being postponed.

    Economist Mikhail Khazin, for example, claims that President Putin is ready to announce a left turn.

    And here is what Ilya Grashchenkov, a well-known Russian political scientist, writes in his Telegram channel:

    Information calm before the storm. Every day there is less interesting news, as well as reasons for analysis. There is a feeling that the media outlets are being created artificially by someone, because yesterday everyone was busy choosing a monument for the Lubyanka, and today suddenly there was some kind of hype. Where did the current information agenda go? After all, the population has accumulated a lot of questions about when the virus will be defeated, what is happening with food prices, especially since they will increase:just talking about this before the parliamentary elections is simply not an option.

    The top officials seem to be waiting for the President’s message, but Putin continues to postpone it. It seems that the entire state apparatus is holding its breath, because it itself cannot understand what to expect in the near future.

    However, this pause can only be theatrical. Moreover, this has already happened more than once, when the next “Bruges speech” in the style of Margaret Thatcher was expected from Vladimir Putin’s message, but in the end there was just the usual scolding of the government bureaucracy. officials. It is not just the awaiting of Putin’s speech that has managed to freeze the political agenda: it is clear that Russia is preparing for some kind of new twist that is due to take place before the start of the State Duma election campaign, and, as in the case of the vote on the constitutional amendments, it will be key to the formation of a new social contract with Russian society.

    In recent days, experts have become more likely to talk about strengthening the positions of the “siloviki”, which has led to the dominance of the idea of isolating Russia on the principle of a besieged fortress. However, it is the systemic liberals who are still in power in the country, and they are unlikely to hand over their assets without a fight. In this context, the lull around the “Navalny case” also looks very interesting. It is hardly possible to say that the imprisonment of an oppositionist can completely cancel out protest activity in the country. On the contrary, spring is coming soon — the perfect time for street actions. The onset of a warm season can unfreeze several such activities at once, ranging from federal to regional. For example, in the Khabarovsk territory, elections will also be held this year. In addition, the lack of any knowledge as regards how the West may partake in the upcoming activity, or whether political protest will be superimposed on other forms of protest, and what significance the problems of the periphery, such as the Donbass and Belarus, will have in all of this— all this creates a lot of deferred problems, which they are trying not to talk about yet, clogging the information agenda with white noise. But this cannot go on like this for long, which means that this whole Pandora’s Box will have to be unsealed all at once.

    I don’t like it, Carruthers! It’s too damned quiet out there!


    1. Yes, more angry vituperation from The Kremlin about Navalny, please. Yell at us and order us to stop provoking you, can’t you? Your continued silence is just an effort to pretend Navalny is not very important. We’re on to your little game, oh, yes, we are.


  51. Perhaps these political scientists ought to spend time in the US embassy in Havana where the silence won’t be stressing them – as US diplomats there can attest. It’ll be crickets instead.


    1. One thing that really comes through in that piece is what a tool Rubio is. I’ll never get why he is so popular among the Republicans, and constantly is talked up as leadership material. Well, I guess I do, actually – it’s because he is pugnacious and aggressive and not interested in listening to anything that might change his mind when he has settled upon ‘the right thing to do’. Exactly how the Republicans like their leaders.


      1. “Anyone can go to Baghdad, real men want to go to Tehran” was the chat of the salon strategist class after the fall of the Baath regime. In Rubio’s case, make that “Caracas and Havana”. As long as his arse and family are nowhere near the fighting.


    2. They keep on pushing the lie that the Bullshitter US hireling is a politician and of great political importance in Russia, that he is the “leader of the opposition” enjoying massive popular support here.

      He is anything but!

      A simple check, even of the Western funded “Levada” so-called independent statistical research organization will show this to be the case.

      The Heap of Bullshit Navalny is also labelled as “Putin’s fiercest critic”.

      He is not! There are many others who are just as fiercely critical of the Dark Lord as he, so the superlative may not be applied to him.

      What has earned the Bullshitter the superlative is that he makes shock-and-awe revelations about the president, videos that are financed by the hegemon and its lackeys. And he gets himself arrested. And poisoned too! Let it not be forgotten that Navalny is so critical of Putin that the president ordered his assassination. According to Western media, Putin became insanely angry when the “Putin’s Palace” story hit the headlines after Navalny’s USA financed video on this topic was released.

      I wonder why Putin never became so angry about this issue when it cropped up earlier? And it has done: several times already. Is it because the NS2 endgame had started when the “Palace” video was released, and also when “The Berlin Patient” was swanning around in Germany, having miraculously recovered from poisoning by the deadliest nerve agent known to man?

      There are also fierce critics of the president in the Duma, members of the parliamentary opposition, the Communist Party of Russia. There are even critics within government ministries, e.g. Kudrin.

      And I, a “kremlinbot”, am highly critical of V. V. Putin too, in that he protects certain criminals, or is at least aware that they are apparently protected from prosecution, namely a former Minister of Defence and that supreme shite Chubais and mini-shite Kudrin, to name but three.

      What Navalny does, is that he shouts on the streets. And he shouts shite! And he uses YouTube. Putin does not use social media channels. And every Navalny site hit is taken as indicative of his support.

      But I too watch the Navalny site — and I find it tortuous to do so because he is a Grade-A twat.

      So the gobshite Navalny gets praise off his kiddie army, many of whom, in their criticism of the president, stress that he is old, implying that Pied Piper Navalny is “young” and oh-so-modern, in that he uses the social media.

      It is a shame that Navalny spews his shit out in Russian, otherwise many non-Russians would realize what a bullshitter he is.

      He typically childishly harangues the mob of juveniles and assorted folk who have a beef with the government like this:

      Navalny: Who are we?

      Shitwits: We are the government!

      Navalny: Who are we?

      Shitwits: We are the government!

      [For “government” above, they use the Russian word vlast, which is often translated into English as “power”, so their chant could also be translated as: “We are the power!”]

      And on and on he goes.

      A couple of gems from the gobshite, uttered publicly, are: “I can see there are enough of you here to storm the Kremlin — but not yet! Wait!” and: “There are enough of us to put an end to this government, but wait until I give you the word! When I tell you, go out onto the streets”.

      Though I have quoted Navalny above, I cannot find the exact quotes: it’s what he said in general.

      Well, I can find the exact quotes on the Russian web, of course, but I can’t be arsed, because I loathe the twat.

      Most — and I mean most, namely the vast majority of Russian citizens! — will tell you that Navalny talks crap, that he is a waste of space and that he is a US agent.


      1. You won’t see the Bullshitter entering into debate on TV or in public though!

        He did once, with Sobchak, when he was running for president. She showed him up for waffling bullshitting cunt that he is!

        She asked him about his proposed fiscal policies if he should become president. He faffed around and she tore him into ribbons: he couldn’t tell her, if I rightly recall, what average earnings and pensions were and how he would finance his proposed raising of earnings and pensions.


        1. The older I become, the more I like Dostoevsky! I wasn’t that fond of him 30 years ago.

          «Одна из характерных черт русского либерализма – это страшное презрение к народу. Русскому народу ни за что в мире не простят желания быть самим собою. Все черты народа осмеяны и преданы позору: вера, кротость, подчинение воле Божией. Для либералов русский народ «косная масса, немая и глухая, устроенная к платежу податей и к содержанию интеллигенции».

          “One of the characteristic features of Russian liberalism is its terrible contempt for the people. The Russian people will never be forgiven for wanting to be themselves. All the traits of the people are ridiculed and put to shame: faith, meekness, submission to the will of God. For the liberals, the Russian people are an ‘inert mass, dumb and deaf, arranged to pay taxes and to support the intelligentsia'”.

          It was his religiosity that I didn’t like.

          Слава Одину!

          Waes hael!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Well, the very core of Russian (and Serbian) values that you mentioned are expressed through the Orthodox religion (the values likely preceded the religion). And those meek people kicked the shit out of the best the Western world could throw at them. And I would much prefer to submit to the will of God than to the pronouncements of Dr. Faucci and all of the other shitheads we are told to worship.


            1. The “will of god” is merely the morality of man, which has evolved in humanity since human society began to develop, expressed in a way that is comprehensible to the great majority: namely that there is a father figure elsewhere who watches over us and who ordains our rules and regulations. Morality is not a “divine spark”: it is the result of reasoning when determining necessities.

              I should add though, that I have great respect for the “teachings” of the Orthodox Church, which teachings of course are merely a reflection of the morality of that society in which that church arose.

              The thing that I especially admire about the Orthodox Church is that killing a man is wrong, no matter whom, and that one must beg forgiveness for doing so, even if one is a soldier and that man is an enemy — a Nazi even.

              I always remember what my dad told me very often when I was a boy: “War is murder! Don’t go to war. It is wrong!”

              My father, of course, had “seen the Elephant”, as they said during the US Civil War, and he always wished that he hadn’t.


              1. We are quite close in our thoughts. Of course, God is not a human-like deity sitting on a golden throne in heaven. Christianity was developed by very intelligent and spiritually connected people seeking to express emergent “morality” in terms people of the time could comprehend and accept. The root purpose is to guide us away from narcissism and nihilism which the root cause of pain and failure for all parties. As I like to say, we live in an infinite universe spatially, temporally and in complexity. Whatever we think the universe is now will be considered quaint at some point in the future. I do know that consciousness/awareness permeates every aspect of reality – I just don’t know the rules very well. Christian Orthodoxy has retained more than all of its offshoots the key concepts referred to above.


                1. By the way, last Sunday was the last day of maslenitsa, namely “Forgiveness Sunday”, when by Orthodox tradition one asks people for forgiveness of one’s misdoings.

                  This what they say to each other — the Orcs I mean:

                  «Прости меня. Бог тебя простит, и я прощаю. Прости и ты меня».

                  “Forgive me. God will forgive you, and I forgive. Forgive me too.”


                2. In other words, don’t bear grudges: they cause endless hostility.

                  Note the Statuesque Blonde’s response to a request from a man for forgiveness after he had unwittingly issued what he believed had been fake news about her.

                  Navalny has a grudge against Putin and the “regime” in that he believes that they are both responsible for his not making loadsa lolly as he could have done in the Yeltsin years.


        2. Western regime-changers have grown to attach no real importance to their chosen ‘opposition leaders’ knowing anything, because they are going to be brushed aside if the effort succeeds. You would think that would have been part of Lyosha’s Yale program – you might kind of expect Young Leaders to know a little bit about leading, which – you would think – would include the fundamentals of budgeting, balancing income against expenditure and how government revenue is raised, where it comes from. Lyosha knows nothing because his real importance began and ended with overthrowing Putin. Once achieved, the US Department of State would have moved quickly to install its own picks for ministerial positions, and to cement corporatism as the new yardstick of accomplishment.

          Sobchak is a privileged child of a wealthy family – as it now strikes me Navalny is not, which suggests the west chose him for another reason, knowing his venality and grift and accepting them happily – but she has been around government and politics all her life. While she has an ideologue’s puffy ideas about how to run the country, where everyone is free and gay and occupied with pleasures the livelong day and nobody has to work, she at least understands that money does not just appear from nowhere, that you cannot just print a bunch more and hand it out, and that if you sell off all your industry to private interests you will only do it once because you will never get it back. If you had a blast and spent the money in an orgy of celebration, then it’s gone and ever after the firms will be generating profits for the new owners, not for the government. Unless you, as the government, move to raise taxes so as to make more money for projects or improvements. At which point the corporations which now have the country by the balls will shake their heads in disappointment, and surprise! there will be another revolution, and you will be out of a government job.

          Vision and economics are not Lyosha’s strong suit. He was far more likely chosen for his surpassing vanity and his readiness to accept that he was meant for greatness despite his flaws.


      2. Here’s one of them; knowing The Beeb, probably not translated correctly in the first place.

        “I see enough people here to take the Kremlin and [Government House] right now but we are peaceful people and won’t do that just yet”.

        Replete as usual with the customary numbers games.

        At least 28,000 people turned out in the capital, according to the Russian interior ministry, but rally organisers said the true number was around 120,000.

        Ah, memories. The west thought it had reached another of its near-innumerable ‘moments in Russian history’ when the mob would go crazy and the tyrant would flee, and everyone would get a pony and democracy, and (coincidentally) a new leader who sees things the western way, so that western corporations would take root and grow and flourish and there would be no more nonsense of state-owned assets, so that government actually made decisions affecting the population instead of corporations deciding to donate this much or that much, or nothing.

        As ever, western ‘analysts’ watched carefully for something which might be said or done which could become the catalyst, the symbol. And they chose the white ribbon, and white balloons. Putin carelessly remarked that they reminded him of a condom, and quick as a flash, the revolutionaries embraced the condom – that’s what the Gene Sharp Playbook says to do! Make a joke of it, and you make a joke of the dictator, and the revolution becomes an explosion of joy and amusement and the whole world laughs along. And they tried; they really did. But I guess Russians – those who are not the children of the intelligentsia and the guiding lights of private business, perhaps with a couple of years in a western university under their belts – just don’t have the right sense of humor.


  52. Alexander is often something of an optimist, but in this instance I have to agree with him that the USA’s language on Nord Stream II sounds balked and cheated; sort of “Wish there was something we could do besides bluster and shit the bed, but…there’s really not”.

    Can you guess who’s still watching the whole thing play out with a childlike faith in the invincibility of American might, and expecting it will be halted just before the Russians thread the last bolt? That’s right; it starts with ‘U’, and ends with ‘kraine’.

    In retrospect, the perception of unstoppable American can-do is likely to suffer significantly in the event that Russia and Germany press on to the finish, almost entirely because of American bluster and public overconfidence coupled with the fatuous background cheering from Ukraine in its total faith that America can do whatever it says it will do. And it still could – but I think Washington has weighed up the costs of actual intervention, and concluded they would be too high.


  53. Навальный и Маша Гайдар

    Navalny and Masha Gaidar

    Apparently, love and the fight against corruption are inseparable things in the life of opposition politicians.

    The start of Maria Gaidar’s political activities coincided with the beginning of Navalny’s political career.

    In those years, the couple began to work together to get at the alluring deposits of American grants for the “promotion of democracy”.

    Navalny’s successes were very modest until he met Maria Gaidar and they began a whirlwind romance.

    October 30, 2007. in the Moscow club “Gogol”, Maria Gaidar began to publicly insult the President of the Russian Federation and Russia. Then one of those present got up and reported about the intimate relationship between Gaidar and Navalny.

    In response, Navalny drew his pistol and began shooting at him.

    A fight broke out, the police arrived – and Nikita Belykh got Navalny off the hook. After a six-month trial, the case of Navalny’s attack on Teziev was dropped.

    Soon Belykh became governor of the Kirov region, and Gaidar became the youngest vice-governor of that region. The nimble Gaidar started a love affair with Belykh …

    The triangle of Aleksey Navalny, Maria Gaidar and Nikita Belykh had started back in the capital.

    Navalny and Gaidar worked together at the headquarters of the governor of the Kirov region, Nikita Belykh. Eyewitnesses claim that the couple was inseparable and even intended to purchase a common home in Montenegro. At the same time, his wife and children were waiting for Navalny in Moscow.

    In January 2009, Navalny became a freelance advisor to the newly-made governor of the Kirov region, Nikita Belykh. In 2010, Navalny, having ceased being an adviser to Nikita Belykh, transferred to the Moscow City Bar Association.

    In June 2016, Belykh was detained in a Moscow restaurant whilst accepting a bribe. He does not give any evidence against Navalny and adheres to a neutral and respectful public position towards him. It was only in his personal correspondence that he swore at Navalny, saying that his former colleague “(had stolen) a distillery”.

    Maria Gaidar contributed to Navalny’s acceptance to study at Yale.

    The Yale program exists to educate representatives of the future Russian elite in Washington, those who will soon be able to rule Russia. From this perspective, it seems rather interesting that two developers of the “Balance of Russia” program are sending Alexei Navalny to study in the United States. The first is Guriev, who nominated Navalny to study at Yale, and then invested in the Anti-Corruption Fund created by Navalny. The second is Oleg Tsyvinsky.

    Alexey Navalny studied at Yale University in the second half of 2010 under the Yale World Fellow Program.

    By the way, do the names of certain Yale graduates tell you anything:

    George Herbert Walker Bush is the 41st president of the United States (1989-1993);

    George Walker Bush is the 43rd president of the United States (2001-2009).

    Someone is persistently pushing Navalny to become “the leader of the nation.” And this someone is directly related to the Washington Regional Committee …

    Navalny himself openly admits that Gaidar played a significant role in his “political information courses” at an American university. The blogger also admits that his goal is an active struggle against the current government, and that the American side has borne all the costs of training.

    to be continued . . .


    1. continued . . .

      In 2015, Masha Gaidar left for Odessa, where she was received by Mikhail Saakashvili. The one who is responsible for the death of our peacekeepers in South Ossetia in 2008. The one who gave the order that “Grad” missiles be fired at Tskhinvali. The one whom Maria herself had only recently considered “disgusting”. However, it turned out that he was not so disgusting, since he had promised her a definite place to live and a high post. It turned out that in 2008 she, in her own words, had been “under the influence of propaganda”.

      Odessa social activist Svyatoslav Ogrenchuk accused the team of the Deputy Chairman of the Regional State Administration for Social Protection and Health Maria Gaidar of “incapacity”.

      “The activity of Maria Yegorovna leads to the extinction of the inhabitants of the Odessa region. This activity is criminal. The person is not competent”, Ogrenchuk said, adding that currently there are no social programs for HIV-infected, tuberculosis patients and some other categories of the population.

      Social activists emphasize that during the period of Gaidar’s stay in the leadership of the Odessa region, the death rate among newborns and women in childbirth increased by 2%. They also called the situation with tuberculosis catastrophic: last year 64 children fell ill, and one three-month-old patient died owing to the lack of BCG vaccine.

      Currently, Maria is living in Odessa: she is preparing her dissertation

      Thanks to his studies at Yale, Navalny was able to dramatically climb the career ladder. In this he was helped by new connections found in the United States.

      While working in Kirov, Navalny was not yet going to seriously engage in politics. His business there was about making money.

      He got on his feet there, as it was the first real power resource that fell into his hands, albeit indirectly — through Nikita Belykh and Masha Gaidar ..

      Navalny, who had returned from the “Land of the Free” was targeted by sponsors offering financial support to a promising critic of the legitimate Russian leadership. Of course, payments were made in exchange for certain services.

      The Russian government will not be removed as a result of elections. We call this the “Tunis Scenario”

      Some Russian billionaires pay Navalny not out of their own pockets. And they only transfer help from foreign sympathizers. Others “patronize” in the interests of business, removing competitors from their way with the help of customer ordered “investigations” undertaken by the so-called Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK-) of Aleksei Navalny.

      At the moment, Navalny is serving time near Vladimir …

      And the bastard only got 2.5 years!

      He should have got life — for treason!



    1. Thanks.

      I saw another article, related to international cooperation in design of a lunar landing module.

      The late Dave McGowan whose work on the Apollo Missions (Wagging The Moondoggie) can be found at the would’ve enjoyed this piece.

      Why reinvent the wheel?


    2. Yes, I have heard about it as the neutrino is my favorite particle in the Standard Model. I don’t mean to slight the various leptons and fermions and especially the hardons (oops, hadrons), but the neutrino is so special. Here is another story on the new observatory:

      Neutrinos come in three flavors, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, plus their anti-matter versions, taffy, peppermint and mint . (may need fact-checking). Water is good for detecting one of the flavors.


  54. How strange the Finn has not expressed his Angst over this from 5th March:

    Above posted by an “anti-regime” wanker under: Итоги правления Путина

    The yoke of Putin’s government

    It reads:

    Mortality in Russia has broken a record not seen since the Second World War

    [Note how the blogger uses Western terminology: the vast majority of Russians would say “The Great Patriotic War”.]

    But it seems the blogger is playing around with the dates of set records, for he goes on to quote a statement nade by Rossstat and allegedly published by, but he gives no link and I have searched and can’t find anything on this shocking news, as stated below:

    For the first time since the mass famine of 1947, Rosstat has recorded a 33.9% increase in mortality

    So not since WWII then, which ended on 8 May 1945, but since the 1946 – 1947 Soviet famine?

    And now the same story, but from another source, which is a state news agency, so Putin writes its bulletins and stories, namely from TACC:

    5 МАР, 17:06 Обновлено 17:58
    Смертность в России в январе выросла на 33,9% по сравнению с началом 2020 года
    Число умерших составило 219,8 тыс.

    5 MAR, 17:06 Updated 17:58
    Mortality in Russia in January increased by 33.9% compared to the beginning of 2020
    The number of deaths was 219.8 thousand.

    Eh? What about “since the Second World War” or that “mass famine of 1947”?

    MOSCOW, March 5. / TASS /. The number of deaths in January 2021 amounted to 219.8 thousand, which is 33.9% more than in early 2020. In general, the natural decline in the population of Russia amounted to 113 thousand over the past month, according to Rosstat data published on the agency’s website on Friday.

    According to the data, the natural population decline increased by 67.9 thousand: in January 2020, the population decreased by 45.2 thousand people, and in January 2021 – by 113.1 thousand.

    It is noted that at the same time, infant mortality decreased in January 2021 by 1.3% compared to January 2020. So, in the first month of the year, 538 babies under the age of one year died.

    About 106.6 thousand children were born in Russia in January 2021, which is 10.3% less than in early 2020, according to Rosstat data. Compared to December 2020, when 129.3 thousand children were born in the country, the decrease was 17.6%.

    Earlier, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova reported that mortality in Russia at the end of 2020 increased by 17.9%, with a large share of the increase being deaths from coronavirus.

    Anti-“regime” bloggers!

    Don’t you just love ’em!


    1. Gahhh!! It’s the ‘Russian Cross’!! Death spiral!!!

      Russia went down the tubes the same year as its arch-enemy, the United States;

      “U.S. deaths increase most years, so some annual rise in fatalities is expected. But the 2020 numbers amount to a jump of about 15%, and could go higher once all the deaths from this month are counted…That would mark the largest single-year percentage leap since 1918, when tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers died in World War I and hundreds of thousands of Americans died in a flu pandemic. Deaths rose 46% that year, compared with 1917.

      COVID-19 has killed more than 318,000 Americans and counting. Before it came along, there was reason to be hopeful about U.S. death trends.”

      All is lost – repent, repent, for we shall surely all die!

      I suggest we wait until the numbers settle out. It suits the public-health authorities right now to paint COVID as apocalyptic, death on his pale horse with hell following after, but the public-health authorities will not be calling the tune forever and I suspect not for much longer; people are getting pretty fed up.


      1. It was reported earlier that deaths in Canada attributed to lockdown/unemployment despair (suicide, drug overdoes, some murders) outnumbered Covid-related deaths (perhaps just for younger people, I don’t recall exactly). Yes, the final numbers will be interesting.


  55. “Spring is coming — make way for spring!” — seasonal exacerbations characteristic of the liberals of Russia …

    Scientists have proven that many factors affect the human body, for example: the variability of the weather, changes in the activity of the sun, “jumps” in atmospheric pressure, impatience in anticipation of heat, and much more. On the other hand, electoral oblivion has a particularly destructive effect on the organism of a domestic liberal. These ladies and gentlemen, not receiving proper support from society, in the absence of topics on which they can stomp on with their characteristic pathos, begin to suffer from paranoia, persecution mania and see everyone around them as an agent of the Russian special services. In order not to go completely insane, these “comrades” are forced to independently generate a liberal agenda, calling on odious personalities “smelling of mothballs” to help them. Today we will talk about a number of similar champions of democracy, guardians of a Russia free from the “tyranny” of Putin and his regime …

    Let’s start with the editor-in-chief of the “Ekho Moskvy” radio station, Mr. Venediktov. Recently, this “mouthpiece of liberal propaganda” stunned the public with a statement, according to which the “Berlin patient” Navalny “fell victim to a special operation.” Venediktov suggested that there is an employee of the Russian special services among the oppositionist.

    “Navalny’s entourage is undoubtedly infiltrated by the special services. Someone close to Navalny is an agent of the secret police”, the editor-in-chief of the “Ekho Moskvy” radio station said.

    “We saw the public part when Navalny was warned that the Federal Penitentiary inspectorate (SIN) would open a case. The FSIN said: “We shall put you in prison; we have a case; you violated this and that”, saying don’t come. Others, however, apparently through these agents or manipulated people, were saying: “No, everything will be fine with house arrest, we’ll put people on the streets and they’ll get scared. This was a special operation”, Venediktov explained.

    Continuing to “explore” the corners of consciousness of Russian liberals, let us briefly dwell on the fragment of the program “One” published yesterday on the resource “Ekho Moskvy”. In it, the Russian writer, poet and publicist Mr. Bykov speaks on the theme of the “personality cult” and tyranny, plays on the image of Navalny, comparing the scale of perception of the figure of a Russian blogger in society …

    “… As for the eternal questions about whether a tyrant is growing out of Navalny? No, it isn’t growing. It seems to me that a tyrant usually develops when there is an environment for him, pardon the rhyme, when there is food for this, waiting, a request. Navalny will be the one – and he is very sensitive to this – who will be requested. There is no request for a tyrant now. It is in the heads of several very seriously ill, very unpleasant people who think that if everyone is shot now, everything will immediately be good. But they end up shooting each other. Or the people will shoot them from a cannon, like Dmitry the Pretender. There is no demand for a tyrant in society today. There is no request for a ban, for mass extermination, for a bloody orgy, public executions, an external war — this not being requested, especially after the pandemic, which has saturated even the most bloodthirsty with deaths. It seems to me that Navalny will meet the demand of society, and the demand of society is for normality, for creation, for construction, for friendliness, for empathy. Well, empathy is a very vulgar word. But in any case, to overcome this dark surrealism. Everyone is tired. Tired of acting out a bad play. You know, an actor is told that when you play a good play, you feel good, but after playing a bad one, it’s disgusting to look in the mirror. In today’s Russia, it is disgusting to look in the mirror. We’re playing a bad play. If at least the authors of it believed in something, otherwise they do not believe in anything”.

    Our excursion through the statements of Russian liberals living in their own reality is gaining momentum. This is how the head of Navalny’s network of headquarters, who has been in exile for several years, Leonid Volkov, sees the near future.

    “… With a“ normally organized observation and a well-organized Smart Vote campaign, United Russia will lose in the upcoming elections. For the next six months, we are focusing on elections and Smart Voting, which means investigations in relation to the current deputies” recently people have been willingly going to work in the headquarters of the oppositionist Aleksey Navalny, namely, in connection with this very soon 10 more “headquarters” will be opened in Russian cities. They should appear in Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, Astrakhan, Kirov, Vladimir, Ulan-Ude, Kursk, Chita, Petrozavodsk and Abakan. Let me remind all of you, my dear readers, that by the decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice, Navalny’s FBK is included in the register of NGOs as an organization performing the functions of a foreign agent.

    Finally, let me introduce you to a group of foreign dreamers who, like our liberals, suffer from a bloated Ego and a whole set of complexes.

    The UN Security Council, with the participation of the Ukraine, is going to hold an informal virtual meeting on the Crimea . Its name goes like this: “The Crimea: 7 years of violations of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

    According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the meeting is being convened by members of the Security Council: Great Britain, Estonia, Ireland, Norway, USA and France. “Briefings will be delivered by UN Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights Ilze Brands Karis, Potomac Foundation President Philip Karber and Coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights Maria Tomac”.

    It is reported that the topics of the meeting will be the militarization of the Crimean region, the Black and Azov Seas, the economic and environmental situation on the peninsula, as well as alleged violations of human rights.

    As always, I expect an active discussion from you, frank dialogues, do not hesitate to express your thoughts. I expect constructive criticism from you, but I ask you not to slip into insults in discussions. Your every voice is important and must be heard. Remember silence – acceptance of the current situation.



    1. “Navalny’s entourage is undoubtedly infiltrated by the special services. Someone close to Navalny is an agent of the secret police”.

      He’s actually right about that. Note that he did not say to which country the secret policeman – or woman – belonged.

      Last photo should be captioned, “Ukrainian president Zelensky, demonstrating the difference between a ‘cocked’ hat and a ‘cock’ hat.”

      Whenever I see the name ‘Philip Karber’ (Potomac Foundation President), I am reminded what a shit-disturber he is – co-author of the ‘Clark Karber Report (with co-author Wesley Clark) which pleaded for fellow east-European nations to send their unused Russian-built weaponry such as tanks, artillery pieces and planes to Ukraine to help pitch in with the war effort. I think you know why they wanted Russian-built stuff instead of just fronting them NATO equipment. He popped up again as leader of the ‘Ukrainian delegation’ which provided faked photos of massed Russian armor waiting to cross into Ukraine, and Ukrainian soldiers allegedly slaughtered by regular Russian army units, to the US Senate Armed Services Committee in a bid for America to provide sophisticated weaponry to Ukraine.

      He was also the author of a report on China’s nuclear missile capability which so absurdly exaggerated it that those who knew better pointed out that China did not even have enough plutonium for that many warheads, even if they used it for no other applications – Karber claimed a figure ten times higher than the probable actual Chinese inventory.

      Now here he is again as the US representative in a new effort to misinform the world about the situation in Crimea. It seems the west cannot get enough of being fucked over by Karber.


  56. Navalny as translated from his instagram by the Groaning Man:

    “I have to admit that the Russian prison system was able to surprise me,”

    “I had no idea that it was possible to arrange a real concentration camp 100km from Moscow.”

    The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, Independent and others all use the concentration camp words in their titles.

    It’s a pity he isn’t in that sunny prison camp where Julian Assange is banged up, Belmarsh…


      1. The major plus of him being such a nonsense gobshite is that his quotes are so ridiculous and public that he undermines his own image except to his most wedded hamsters. Considering his right wing proclivities, you would expect him to demand a job as a camp guard…


        1. A concentration camp – how dramatic, not to mention deliberately evocative of the Nazis. He probably just said that reasoning that tons of foreign reporters would rush to the camp to find out and he might get some juicy sound bites and some more publicity. Got to keep that name-brand-recognition mojo workin’.


    1. Why is he allowed access to any social media. In the US, your communications is restricted to inbound calls only, maximum 300 minutes/month and monitored. Access to social media is not allowed.

      Inmates incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons have access to a monitored telephone system which permits them to call approved contacts. Telephones are available in inmate housing units. Each month prisoners are permitted to place up to 300 minutes of telephone calls. While the Warden is permitted to authorize additional minutes if a family emergency is present, he or she rarely does so. In the November and December months the Warden often authorizes an additional 100 minutes to promote family contact.

      Inmates are only permitted to call approved numbers. In order to gain approval, all a prisoner has to do is add the contact, along with telephone number, into their TRULINCS contact list. After approximately 15 minutes the new telephone number will be approved by the system and they can then call the number.

      Telephone privileges can be restricted, suspended, or terminated. Prisoners who engage in misconduct can be sanctioned to the loss of telephone for a specific duration of time. The amount of time depends on the severity of the offense and the resulting sanctions applied by the Unit Discipline Committee or Disciplinary Hearing Officer. If the prisoner engages in serious telephone abuse (e.g., criminal activity, threatening people, etc.), then phone access can be permanently restricted.

      Federal prisoners can not have cell phones or receive inbound calls. Only outbound calls are permitted. As for cell phones, while some prisoners do get their hands on them, this is often a very bad idea because when they are found SIS staffers will run a number search to see which numbers have been called. Then they run the numbers through their computers to identify which prisoners used the cell phone. This results in the prisoners becoming the subject of internal security investigations. All in all, a bad idea.


      1. Totally forbidden when incarcerated in a UK prison to write about other inmates, their offences and convictions, or of prison staff or descriptions of the prison conditions. And when you are being prepared for release, you have to sign a document that you have no complaints.

        They ask you if you have any complaints, you say “No, I haven’t”, then you sign on the dotted line.

        I recall that I was asked 3 times by the chief screw in his office if I had any complaints, and 3 times I said “No”, which was true: I didn’t expect to spend my time in prison enjoying all the comforts of life: the food was fine, because I like cabbage and beetroot and porridge, but I was always hungry.

        Younger, soft-arse, small time city slicker thieves, who thought they were so hard and streetwise, never stopped whining about the food, though. I suppose it was because they were suffering fast-food withdrawal syndrome. And of course, there were no “chips” (French fries) with everything, which is de rigeur amongst British “working class” gourmands. I used to watch them squirm when they were dished out cabbage and beetroot, and asked them if they didn’t want it. On hearing they didn’t, I scoffed the lot.

        If you do make a complaint and sign a document in which your complaint has been stated, and then, following an investigation, they state that your complaint is unfounded, they can take you to court.

        The UK is a free country, remember: you are free to complain, but you are fucked if you do.

        I had the misfortune the other week to start teaching someone here who is clearly a Navalnyite and refers to my Stepmother Russia as “this country”, a 30-something woman who hates Putin, the “regine” and yearns to live in the “Free World”.

        She is an Anglophile and I knew that as soon as she had learnt that I have lived here for 27 years, her circuits would overload. This has happened to others such as her whom I have previously met: when they find out that I am not just slumming it here, but live here permanently and even like the place and the peoples, they get irritable. So, as is always the case with such as her, there ensued repeated questions, asked in great puzzlement, as regards why I live here and why my Russian wife doesn’t wish to live in the UK with me. So, as I always do, I shut such people up by stating that my wife is a patriot, as are our 3 children, as I am, in fact.

        And the reaction is always the same: the smiles go; there is a chilling off of my interlocutor’s attitude towards me. In short, they realize that I am a Kremlin Stooge.

        I think they pity me, in fact.

        Because they are so smart and cool, see, whereas in reality, they are pathetic, immature pampered bourgeois shits.


  57. Euractiv mit Neuters: Unthinkable? EU considers getting a vaccine boost from Russia’s Sputnik

    Publicly, the European Union has dismissed Russia’s global coronavirus vaccine supply campaign as a propaganda stunt by an undesirable regime. But behind the scenes, the bloc is turning to Moscow’s Sputnik V shot, EU diplomatic and official sources told Reuters.

    An EU official who negotiates with vaccine makers on behalf of the bloc told Reuters that EU governments were considering launching talks with Sputnik V developers and it would take requests from four EU states to start the process….

    …“We will fall into the usual divide: ‘it’s Russian it’s bad’ versus ‘well, come on, we need to work together with those people’,” the diplomat said.

    “There are some who will not want to give (Russia) this propaganda victory, and there are others who will be seeing this as an opportunity to actually show that we are cooperating.”

    The two paras above come at the end of the article. Of course.

    F/k EyoU.

    Remember kids, Brussels and member states don’t do Fake News, lie or generally make s/t up because something is RUSSIAN.

    If we are being fair, Brussels is the sum of the parts so it can only really do what the EU’s largest members (cough cough France & Germany) EU27 allow it to do. It was tossed a live hand grenade to take the heat of domestic incompetence and unsurprisingly failed, i.e. the traditional ‘it’s not our fault, it’s Brussels.’

    All politics are local.


    1. Wasn’t this what Josep Borrell went to Moscow for last month, to beg for some of that Sputnik V magic juice after Ursula von der Leyen botched the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccines?


  58. War Erupts Inside the Atlantic Council Over Article Questioning Washington’s Hostile Approach to Moscow

    Almost two dozen Atlantic Council fellows denounced a piece that said US policy towards Russia should not be focused on human rights

    …The article, written by Emma Ashford and Mathew Burrows, says the US should “avoid a human-rights-first approach to Russia.” The authors suggest that the Biden administration should instead “seek to build a less aspirational policy toward Russia, minimize the use of sanctions, and look for incentives that might induce Moscow to take steps in line with US interests.”…

    Long piece at the link

    You have to admit that this is quite funny. It’s the DENIAL bunch of russophobes attacking the ‘NEGOTIATION’ bunch of russophobe experts who propose a ‘solution’ that is a complete non-starter. It is magically expected that Russia will forget about it all for some magic beans, yet some more worthless promises and all just to be in the self-licking western boys club while still being under sanctions. That horse has long since sailed on an airplane!


    1. Yes, it must be amusing for Russian analysts and diplomats to watch the “What can we do to get Russia to like us again so we can fuck them over some more?” Special Olympics. In this scenario, Russia is the pet dog which will always come when you call it no matter how many times you have beaten it in the past, reasoning that this time it might be different, and it might get a piece of meat instead of a cuff.


  59. Leviathan Mobilises for Decisive Battle

    Alastair Crooke
    March 15, 2021

    Globalist forces are being mobilised to win a last battle in the ‘long-war’ – looking to break-through everywhere.

    …Writing in 2014, Gurri foresaw that the Establishment would respond by denouncing all evidence of public discontent, as lies and disinformation. The Establishment would, in Gurri’s telling, be so constrained within their ‘bubble’ that they would be unable to assimilate their loss of monopoly over their own confected ‘reality’. This Establishment denial would be made manifest, he argued, in a delusional, ham-fisted authoritarian manner. …

    …And here, Gurri’s insight is salient: The plan is out of control, and becoming progressively more bizarre. The American unipolar moment is ‘done’. It has created oppositions of various kinds, both abroad and at home..

    Plenty more at the link.

    The plan also needs resources. P*ssing off the rest of the world by demanding they copy us is not a good start.

    Trying to stuff the internet genie back in the bottle (Snowden/Assange etc.) by leveraging finances of corporate media and squeezing out anything below with threats and lies is only backfiring. It’s highly likely that the next inevitable massive data dump will not be edited for national security because it has been shown that working with the corporate media gets you stabbed in the back.

    The plan also needs a passive population to keep its head down and do what is told. So fighting wars abroad for resources that depends on your domestic population you want to follow orders? Nah.

    The alternative, having limited and acheiveable goals is not even considered, more akin to treason (see the article I posted above about the weak as p*ss publication at the Atlantic Council that is roundly attacks by other members).

    Unfortunately it looks like things will get worse and more stupid decisions made before any realistic appraisal is taken, let alone acted on. Or, the USA could just STB (soil the bed) with a ‘if we can’t have it, no-one can.’ The west is taking ‘fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here’ (sic Asia) to psychotic extremes.

    The UK will shortly announce an increase in (submarine) deployable nukes in a chest-beating defense review, Russia being the threat of course as Crimea is one short step from Kew Gardens. Yet they also want to benefit from a trade relationship with China but float their military boats up and down China’s coast like its the Yangtze gunboat days for ‘regional security,’ with other hamsters of course. Do Something. Do anything, however stupid. We don’t need politicians for that!


    1. Rather interesting analysis however the US population, in large part, has been further beaten down if that were possible by the Covid response, the Trump lie-a-thon and crashing living standards. Lotteries, sports betting, the stock market and cannabis are now our main diversions.


      1. We saw evidence of the same with regards to Reddit’s Wallstreetbets quick shorting the hedge funds over GameStop and various opinion posts about why they were still so angry.
        Deep emotional scars that will not be forgotten for a long time. Thin ice for BD-A and the Democrats. Thin. Ice.

        Matt Taibbi’s interview posted by me on Feb 7:*

        TKNews: “This is for you, Dad”: Interview with an Anonymous GameStop Investor

        Raised in a family devastated by bubble economics, one Reddit investor saw GameStop as a way to send a message to “cancerous rent-seekers”


  60. This is precisely such a Russia that is a friendly country for the West and a reliable partner.

    I remember those days vividly.

    So does Navalny.

    He called them “The Glorious Yeltsin Years”, a time when scheming shits such as he could make a fast buck; a time when that drunken bastard Yeltsin stood next to a giggling Clinton outside the Whitehouse, USA; a time of misery for the masses, whilst the economy was being shunted onto the fast track towards Capitalism, unfettered Capitalism: Capitalism, as devised by the Chicago Boys and the likes of Gaidar, whose daughter the Bullshitter ended up shagging, and Chubais, who is still with us, raking it in.


  61. They never stop singing the same old tune:

    A 15-page Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) released on Tuesday purported to review “foreign threats” to the last election, finding that most of the countries Washington has a grudge against – Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba – had acted in various ways to “influence” the outcome of the race.

    Prepared in the waning days of the Donald Trump administration, the report said intelligence officials could find “no indications that any foreign actor attempted to alter any technical aspect of the voting process” in the 2020 race, but nonetheless pointed to suspected “election influence” operations by a number of states. It defined those malicious activities as vaguely as possible – as any effort by a foreign government, or somebody acting on their behalf, to “directly or indirectly” affect any aspect of the election.

    Though the ICA asserts with “high confidence” that President Vladimir Putin personally directed the alleged Russian influence campaign, the document later hedges that stance, noting that he “probably” ordered the operation. At no point does the report cite any evidence, however, invoking the standard classified ‘sources and methods’ rationale common to the intelligence community.


    I wonder if they ever realize how childish they appear?



    Why has Britain declared Russia to be its main enemy?
    British Russophobia has deep roots

    17 March 2021, 08:15

    Text: Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor, Financial University

    “Russia poses the most serious threat to our security”. Such words are contained in the new foreign policy doctrine of Great Britain. What are the real, not declarative, reasons for such a serious assessment by London, and why does the United States not consider Russia an equally large-scale threat?

    On March 16, the world was surprised to learn that the British lion can still roar. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson presented a major report (or, to be more precise, the country’s foreign policy doctrine) entitled “Global Britain in an Age of Competition”.

    The report announced a very aggressive and offensive strategy for the country. Let us remind you that it has left the European Union and has been forced again to chart out its own route in the global political ocean.

    A thousand years on
    Not much space has been devoted in the hundred pages towards doctrine as regards Russia. However, it is Moscow – more precisely, the plans of action against the “terrible and dangerous Russian bear” — that is the central element of the “European” part of the United Kingdom’s foreign policy ambitions. Thus, the doctrine states that “NATO will remain the basis of collective security in our home, Euro-Atlantic region, where Russia poses the most serious threat to our security”.

    Everything is clear with NATO. Unlike a number of European countries, Britain needs the alliance much more than the alliance needs Britain. Following BREXIT, NATO remains almost the only real pan-European institution in the field of foreign policy and security where London plays one of the key roles, if only because of out of all the European armed forces, the British have one of the most powerful and efficient armies. And it is through NATO that Britain can at least partially manage the affairs of continental Europe, directing its development in the direction the needs of London.

    It seems that there should be no questioning of the phrase “Russia is the most serious threat to our security”. This is a standard European mantra that should consolidate the European Union. However, one may still understand this when it is pronounced by the Baltic countries (who considered themselves occupied by the USSR), Poland (from which Moscow took Western Ukraine and Western Belarus) and even Germany, whose capital was taken by Russian troops twice (in 1760 and 1945).

    But why should London be afraid? Where did this talk about the most serious “direct military threat” that Britain faces come from? The last time those who could be considered “Russian agents” who sought to take power in Foggy Albion was about a thousand years ago: Edward the Exile [Edward Ætheling — ME], who lived for almost 18 years at the court of Yaroslav the Wise, arrived in England in 1057 to become heir to the throne, but unexpectedly quickly died. It is only known for certain that it was not from “Novichok” — after all, then there were no British tabloids capable of introducing this idea into the heads of respectable Englishmen.

    It is unlikely that the British remember this. They probably do not remember Khrushchev’s threat to deliver a nuclear strike against Great Britain in the event of the continuation of the last military operation against Egypt (we are talking about the Suez crisis of 1956).

    Into the American wake
    Then why should the British authorities, against the background of real threats — from, for example, Islamic terrorism — deceive the population with myths about “the most serious threat from Russia”?

    Because only such a threat — from a real, militarily powerful power — can become the basis for a sharp increase in the military-political expenditures of the United Kingdom and the full use of NATO to control Europe. The doctrine stipulates that the United Kingdom “shall remain the main European ally in NATO and shall work with allies to contain nuclear, conventional and hybrid threats to our security, especially from Russia”.

    And for this, the British have announced an increase in the nuclear arsenal by almost 40%: up to 260 warheads (which will cost about 10 billion pounds sterling). Yes, but after that the country will still remain in fourth place in the nuclear club (after the United States, Russia and China), but a demonstrative willingness to spend that kind of money on defence will prove to Washington the advisability of further political investments in London as a key military and political ally in Europe.

    In Europe — as well as in the area around Europe, where the notorious Russian threat comes to the aid of the British. The report says that “Russia will be more active in the space of its neighbouring countries” in the Old World. And Britain has announced that it intends to “protect from the Russians” not only Europe itself, but also these countries (not included, recall, in NATO). In Europe — as well as in the area around Europe. And here the notorious Russian threat comes to the aid of the British. The report says that “Russia will be more active in the space of the neighboring countries” of the Old World. And Britain announced that it intends to “protect from the Russians” not only Europe itself, but also these countries (not included, recall, NATO). “We shall support our (NATO — VZGLYAD) neighbours in Eastern Europe, as well as countries outside this region, and help them defend themselves against threats against their government. In particular, we are talking about the Ukraine, where we shall continue to strengthen the armed forces of this country”, says the British report.

    Probably, within the framework of this initiative, London’s assistance to Kiev will not be limited only to investments in the Ukrainian army: the UK will try (at the suggestion of the Ukraine itself, interested in such a step) to get into the Normandy Format and, pushing France and Germany, become part of the process of a peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian issue.

    That is, to replace European interests in this matter (which Paris and Berlin are defending) with genuinely transatlantic ones.

    And these interests differ radically. If Europe is interested in ending or freezing the conflict, then Britain and the United States are geared up to incite it. This is part and parcel of traditional, centuries-old British policy [from 1707, as a matter of fact: earlier, it was English policy that emanated from London — ME] of weakening continental Europe, and the Americans are part of their policy of containing Russia on all fronts.

    The British authorities understand this by having their foreign policy doctrine closely following the wake of the American one, it will be easier and cheaper for them to achieve leadership, at least in the European sphere.

    Where is China?
    However, there is one subtle point here. The foreign policy doctrines of the United States and Great Britain diverge on the issue of the place of Russia and China in their enemies’ ranks.

    The Americans call China their main enemy, whilst in Washington, Russia is positioned as some kind of annoying power capable of ruining the lives of Americans, but at the same time having no ideological, economic, or even political resources to challenge in any way American world order, and which is only being held at a distance because it is not behaving itself well. The British (who previously boasted that, unlike the continental Europeans who had concluded trade agreements with the People’s Republic of China, they are ready to resist Chinese expansion), position Peking in the their foreign policy doctrine as a “systemic competitor” and Russia as the main enemy.

    Yes, as long as this difference does not play a special role (both Moscow and Peking will be held back). However, if Washington finally listens to the advice of smart American political scientists and realizes that it is impossible to simultaneously contain Russia and China, that this simultaneous containment only pushes Moscow towards Peking and strengthens the latter, then the US approach may change. But will Britain be able to accommodate itself to this change?

    Daft question!

    Of course the congenital Westminster US-arse lickers will accommodate themselves to changes in US policy.