Doctor Politico, Reliable Journatard.

Uncle Volodya says, “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

“We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.”

Carl Bernstein

Don’t wanna be an American idiot,
One nation controlled by the media;
Information age of hysteria…

Green Day, from “American Idiot

Is there, anywhere in the great trackless expanse of the internet, a pseudo-news site more gratuitously insulting, more deliberately offensive than Politico?

I have to say, the hysterical, grunting, wild-eyed hatred routinely on show there reminds me of La Russophobe in her prime. Its reliance on anyone who will say what it wants to hear reminds me of her sycophantic celebration of the ‘work’ of Paul Goble, deep thinker and self-confessed former CIA spook operating from darkest Taunton, Virginia. Once described by Mark Adomanis – remember him? Lithuanian by descent, referred to Edward Snowden as the worst kind of traitor until outed by a commenter as a former employee himself of Booz Allen Hamilton, the security consultancy which had employed Snowden – as ‘a whore who trawls through the lowest gutter press in Russia such as Novaya Gazeta, translates their articles and passes them off as analysis’. Anyway, the default mode at Politico is ‘unhinged’, while its agenda is as easy to see as a turd in a punchbowl, and about as edifying.

The example I’m most recently acquainted with is this hatchet job on Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine. Let me say up front that I am not a believer in any of the current magic vaccines, and am not interested in being vaccinated with any of them. However, this nakedly partisan attack is in a class by itself; over-the-top hyperbole that labels everything that comes from Russia a weapon. Let’s take a look.

The piece starts out neutrally enough, mentioning – accurately, enjoy it, because that might be the last time you see it for awhile – that the Russian vaccine was given the stamp of approval by The Lancet, Europe’s leading and most-respected medical journal. I would just point out here, in fairness, that The Lancet is as guilty of political bias as anything in print, and only last year was forced to withdraw its approval of a study which found hydroxychloroquine completely ineffective against the symptoms of coronavirus, and even hazardous to health. It transpired the study relied on a database which was mostly bullshit, and was overseen by a director at Brigham & Women’s Health Hospital which was at that time carrying out a trial of Remdesvir, hydroxychloroquine’s rival and a clear conflict of interest. As if that were not enough, America’s ‘leading infectious disease expert’, Dr. Anthony Fauci – living proof that if you claim every possible position on an issue, you are bound to be right on one of them – also piled on that no randomized, placebo-controlled studies have found hydroxychloroquine to be effective. For the record, it is possible if not probable that hydroxychloroquine’s studied efficacy was due to other factors. That does not change the fact that if Dr. Fauci told me my own name, I would check my driver’s license to make sure he was not lying.

Be that as it may, Politico quickly shifted into its customary sneering derision. It also wants you to know that Moscow ‘humiliated’ EU leader Josep Borrell when all he wanted to do was congratulate Russia on its success. In fact Borrell was in Moscow to talk about the Sputnik V vaccine, with a view to securing some doses for the EU. And if he had confined himself to that subject, he would have been warmly received. Unfortunately, he also wanted to shoot his European mouth off about ‘political dissident’ and ‘opposition leader’ Alexey Navalny, and to convey Europe’s absolute insistence that he be released ‘immediately and unconditionally’, which kind of smothered any possibility of cordiality from that moment on. Kind of like how if Lavrov visited Borrell in his native Spain, and ordered him to release Catalan leader Oriol Junqueras would go over among the Spanish.

“It’s a nightmare,” said German Green Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, an MEP who sits on the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee. Likening Russia’s Sputnik strategy to its sports doping scandal, she called it an “urgent matter” that demands the EU’s attention.”

What, you mean Russia’s ‘sports doping scandal’ which saw 28 of 39 convictions overturned on appeal, and Olympic medals which had been ordered stripped from the athletes reinstated? That doping scandal? The one that saw the prosecution’s star witness, Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, crash and burn like the Hindenburg? That doping scandal?

“How the Times could provide such minimal coverage of these important April 2018 reasoned CAS decisions on matters on which the Times had extensively reported is inexplicable. By allowing the Russian athletes, for the very first time, to confront their accusers with cross-examination, the CAS was in a position to make startling revelations about Rodchenkov and McLaren. Rodchenkov, for example, admitted that he never personally witnessed any accused Russian athlete committing doping violations themselves, including taking the illegal drug cocktail, giving a clean urine sample out of competition, tampering with a urine sample, or transmitting information to co-conspirators about the coding on the drug sample after it had been given.

Furthermore, several of Rodchenkov’s explanations of events were simply not believable. For example, Rodchenkov had stated that the swapping of urine samples occurred after 1 am, but his own diary entries confirmed his bedtime by midnight each night, with two or three exceptions. When confronted with this contradiction, he made the incredible claim that he had lied to his diary.

Dr. Rodchenkov also could not recall with any degree of accuracy the ingredients in the ‘Duchess Cocktail’ which he claimed to have invented himself, for the purpose of undetectably doping athletes.

All that notwithstanding, you can sort of see why Politico tapped von Cramon for her opinion; it had most likely already apprised itself of her Russophobic credentials from this letter she sent to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, imploring her to slow down any approval process for the Russian vaccine, citing a Russia “unfortunately notorious for politicising and manipulating even medicine and science when it serves a political goal.” No mention at all of the west, chiefly the UK and USA, politicizing sport until the Olympics is just a big rainbow-sparkle state-doping extravaganza in which actual sport comes a far-distant second to politics.

Overall I must say we still wonder why Russia is offering theoretically millions and millions of doses while not sufficiently progressing in vaccinating their own people,” she remarked…This is also a question that I think should be answered.”She underscored that Russia would need to permit inspections of its manufacturing sites and submit all of their data for scrutiny as part of the regulatory approval process

Oh; can you afford to adopt that smarmy tone, Ms. von der Leyen? I don’t think you can, and your frantic ass-covering over EU vaccine shortages bears me out.

“After harsh criticism of European vaccine procurement, von der Leyen said the pharmaceutical industry had simply not been able to keep up with the “groundbreaking pace” of vaccine development. Her agency has since set up a working group to prevent further production problems, due, for example, to shortages in the supply of ingredients.”

Once again, and probably not for the last time, it’s a good thing I am not in charge in Russia; I have no patience at all for the chowderhead inbreeders who make up the EU’s leadership, and I would long since have said, “Know what? You’re right – we’ll keep all our vaccine for ourselves and our direct-marketing clients. Thanks, and no need for further visits.” I might have thrown some sailor-talk in there too. Meanwhile, Seeking Alpha sees the Sputnik vaccine as a likely candidate for most popular vaccine outside the western world.

“Currently, there are about 20 countries that already authorized the Russian vaccine for use, while countless others are lining up, following a glowing review of the vaccine that appeared in the Lancet Journal. While the Russian vaccine will probably never be used in the US and it may only be used in a small number of EU countries, I think that its specific qualities make it a candidate to become the most popular vaccine outside the Western World.

The fact that it is over 90% effective and it is also apparently safe makes it an attractive vaccine compared with many other conventional vaccines, most of which did not achieve an effectiveness rate that is even close to the Russian one. The only two vaccines that are currently in use that also claim an effectiveness rate that is over 90% are the mRNA-based vaccines from Moderna (MRNA)and Pfizer (PFE). The two mRNA vaccines do suffer a major handicap however when it comes to distributing it and administering it in places where the infrastructure meant to keep it at very low temperatures is lacking. Russia’s vaccine can be kept in a household fridge if need be, while the Pfizer vaccine needs to be kept at -70 Celsius. Given its overall advantages, I foresee this vaccine becoming the preferred available choice for literally billions of people around the world.”

Would Russia’s time be well-spent trying to influence the United States, do you think? What about Europe, especially under its current wildly-incompetent leadership? Or would it be better off working with countries who don’t spit on the doorstep when it rings the bell? That’s what I thought, too. Russia and China both have made significant progress in South and Central American relations, while the Trumpian debacle of trying to hammer the Guaido peg into the Venezuela hole is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Europe’s view is “If we’re not your friend, you don’t have any friends”. Washington’s is “I’ll think about your offer while you tell me who is going to be the leader of our gang”. What would you say to two actual people who behaved like that? Would it be two words? Would they be ‘Happy Birthday”? I thought not.

Back to the Politico attack piece, and Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

“Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė is also staking out her opposition to the Russian jab, and has said her country will shun Sputnik even if the EMA approves it. There’s “no doubt” that Russia’s efforts to sell the vaccine to Europe are “yet another geopolitical game,” she warned.”

The Lithuanians have elevated Russophobia to a national obligation; it’s part of being a patriotic Lithuanian. Of which there are now 2.79 million, meaning total citizens and not necessarily ethnic Lithuanians, down from a high of 3.7 million in 1992, which was just about exactly the moment it announced its independence from the USSR. Before that it had seen a steady climb in demographics, so that the population of Lithuania now is about what it was in 1955, maybe a bit less. Freedom is untidy, right? Anyway, imagining once again that I am leader of the Russian Federation, I’d be saying, “Make a note of that, Sergey; no vaccine for Lithuania, I don’t care if they’re injecting mosquito repellent in desperation.” Don’t let your mouth get your face in trouble, Ingrida – at the moment Lithuania has an accumulated 194,051 COVID cases, of whom 3,171 have died. Lithuania currently is experiencing a vaccine shortage and has only the Pfizer vaccine; its hope of achieving herd immunity rests on acquiring millions of doses of the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, the former currently awaiting approval from the EU, and the latter just approved end of last month. The AstraZeneca vaccine achieved only 60% efficacy in trials. Against Sputnik’s 91.6% assessed efficacy. But Lithuanian pride? Priceless.

I see the Sputnik V vaccine being very well received in places like Africa, where a freezer that keeps your vaccines at a comfy -70 Celsius might be a bit hard to come by, like the Pfizer vaccine requires. It’s also much cheaper. I see it doing well in Eastern Europe, once some of the snotty pretenders realize they are going to be at the back of the line for vaccines that the west cannot seem to make fast enough.

I also see this not being a long-term issue, because people around the world are already fed up with the high-handedness of public-health Caligulas, and are not going to take kindly to being told they now need an annual COVID vaccination to cope with an always-mutating virus that just laughs mockingly at herd immunity. Someday, someday soon, a critical mass of people is going to say under its breath, “This far, no further”.

But the sheer prickishness of the leaders of the EU will be remembered, long after COVID has shuffled offstage. The hysteria of the German Greens, former radical liberals gone momentarily respectable simply because the rest of Germany’s government is as dysfunctional as a Marilyn Manson concert. The clumsy defensiveness of Borrell, who didn’t realize he had been insulted until he got home and his barking-mad colleagues told him all about it. The icy condescension of von der Leyen. Uncle Sam, grinning in the wings, ready to bend the EU over and fuck it ’til it cries with its own fancy deep-freeze twice-as-nice-for-twice-the-price vaccines. Remember.

You brought it all on yourselves.

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  1. Thanks Mark.

    I agree that patience with the “just a little longer” and “forever” brigades is running out. And the first political party which loudly calls for the end to lockdown and masking will reap the rewards, if actual real votes are counted rather than the convenient Dominion/postal ones.

    The bus drivers who were keen to enforce masking requirements to board are now not interested in attracting disputes and relaxed about people taking their own sweet time to mask up (it’s probably a well-known fact that it’s not contagious for the first couple of minutes) or wearing no mask at all: I witnessed a young guy (20-24 years) in full football kit haring up to a bus at a stop and getting on, saying that

    “I’m exempt [from the masking] – COPD”

    before bounding upstairs. When he got off he raced away good style and the bus passengers laughed.

    I’ll never vote for any of this bunch of Dementor politicians ever again. Accepting that the virus exists is one thing – acceptance of the crooked, incredible narrative peddled by chancers and mountebanks like the arseholes Fauci and Ferguson etc and their political equivalent is quite another.


    1. Thanks, Cortes; I agree, and as I have said before now, I will never vote for anyone again. That’s what you do in a democracy, and this ain’t it. Some people will – the ones who see themselves as indomitable stiff-upper-lip types who can withstand anything, to whom this whole episode was a test of their courage. Those are the ones most likely to say “They took away your rights? Oh, you poor dear!” But that was a line in the sand for me, and now I am no longer a citizen whose opinion and individuality are respected. I’m just another tax-extraction node, furnishing money so they can build a statue to the latest Sachem or Courageous Woman or whatever, to replace the ones of all the skeevy white guys in frock coats that were deemed no longer suitable for public viewing.


  2. Shock horrors!!!!

    Shameful Shagger’s shrine dishonoured!!!

    Мы помним

    We remember
    20 February 2021
    Big Moskvoretsky bridge

    The police have fenced off the murder scene.

    Fresh flowers at the scene of the murder of Boris Nemtsov. Two bouquets.
    2,185th day of the Nemtsov Bridge.

    Yashin and I went to Nemtsov Most, brought flowers. You can’t kill memory, no matter how hard you try. We are here. We remember.

    Yesterday some kind of disorder began on the Nemtsov Bridge. The police fenced off the place of death, dismantled the memorial, and the volunteers were detained and taken to the nearest police station. An unnamed sergeant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told people that “now it is forbidden to lay flowers here”.

    It all seemed extremely strange.

    For five years now, nothing like this has happened on the bridge. People calmly left flowers, icons and portraits of Boris; volunteers were on duty peacefully, police watched from the side and did not interfere.
    It is clear that the first thought that occurred to us was preparation for February 27th. On the anniversary of the death, many people plan to come to the bridge and leave flowers here. Police activity looks like an attempt to stop these plans and intimidate citizens.

    An hour ago, Vladimir Kara-Murza and I decided to check this version. We arrived at the bridge with flowers. We were met by a police squad. We talked politely, the police stepped aside, we left flowers at the scene of the murder and quietly left. After about half an hour, all the detained volunteers were released from the police station without their having been charged (they even apologized to some of them).

    My understanding of the situation is as follows:

    An attempt by the security forces to prohibit people from laying flowers on the bridge is an initiative of some police chief. It looks like an inept provocation aimed at creating a conflict.

    We are not fond of provocation.

    You are WHAT???

    Not fond of provocation?

    Now get this, dumbasses: you are being told to fuck off — forever!

    The party’s over!

    Get to fuck out of here!

    I want to refresh the memory of the police authorities with a statement from Putin on April 16, 2015. I quote: “As for flowers, I do not understand what the restrictions are connected with and do not welcome them. I think that there is nothing terrible here. What is it if people come and put an icon or flowers? If it doesn’t bother anyone, I don’t see any problem here. “

    And now, for the attention of the police bosses, one question: have you decided to go against Putin? I suggest you get back to your senses?

    Well, I urge all people who cherish the memory of Boris Nemtsov not to be afraid of anything. There is no offence in placing flowers at the site of a person’s death.

    This is the sacred right of citizens; it is unacceptable to limit it.

    Sacred right????

    Go find something useful to do with your bourgeois liberast lives — like emigrate!


    1. I’m afraid I agree with Putin; it’s basically harmless and as long as they don’t get in anyone’s way or chant political slogans – making it a demonstration – then what’s the problem? In fact, when Putin dies I’m going to re-name Beacon Hill Park “Putin Park”, and stand at the road entrance with a hockey stick and wearing a goalie mask, and guard it. I figure he’ll live at least another ten years, and that’s about as long as I plan to work, so I’ll have plenty of free time. Perhaps I will wear a Chelyabinsk White Bears jersey as well, or the Novorossiyan flag. I plan to be unapologetically crazy when I’m old.


        1. I suppose I should, because she and I share a conviction that we will be able to control our mental state right up until the final synapse fires. That may well not be the case, and there are plenty of old people who are crazy as batshit and pathetically bewildered by it, as though they don’t understand what’s happening to them. Neither Ms. Joseph or I want to be one of them. There’s a great gulf between eccentric and mad. I plan to be the former. I am aklready relishing the someday conversation I will have with the plod at the entrance to Putin Park, about putting away the hockey stick because it might be used as a weapon.

          Let me get this straight, sonny – you’re afraid of an old man with a hockey stick? Of course I have pants on – what do you take me for?


      1. I dont care. Those two above who are whinging about the desecration of Shagger’s Shrine are amongst two of the biggest liberast wankers in Moscow and anything that they are against, I am for!


        1. Ilya Yashin was one of Shagger Nemtsov’s big buddies and one of the members of the “Russian Opposition Coordination Council”, that assembly which one of its very brief members, hard-man communist Udaltsov, called a “Council of Wankers”.

          Another member of that council of wankers was Saint Aleksey the Martyr of the Gulag, as was Sobchack (not yet even beatified), who had a relationship with Yashin, but she kicked him into touch, which just shows you how much of a tosser he is if the “socialite” oppositionist Ksenia gave him the old heave-ho — for a film director, as it happens (kreakles of a feather flock together), whom she pretty quickly divorced. She’s now married to another kreakle film director.

          Vladimir Kara-Murza is a real piece of work! Often labelled as the protégé of the late and not much lamented Shagger Nemtsov (go ask the Orcs in Nizhny Novgorod Province what they think of their former, Yeltsin Era governor Saint Boris the Martyr and Shagger), he is vice-chairman of “Open Russia”, an NGO founded by piece-of-shit-in-exile, Saint Mikhail of the Gulag Khodorkovsky.

          The function of “Open Russia” is — wait for it, wait for it! — the promotion civil society and democracy in Russia.

          I rest my case.


          1. Yes, Sobchak and Yashin were a pair of lovebirds with a common domicile back when the police busted her for having an inordinate amount of cash lying about the place, all in envelopes – the very ‘cash-stuffed envelopes’ the media like to invoke whenever they pontificate about Putin on the take. It didn’t last long; their mutual-admiration phase, I mean.


          2. Mention of Shagger and his policies and it last night having been the coldest February night since 1956 [minus 32 in some parts of Moscow province], here’s a little gem off Boris the Shagger, lover of the people, especially nubile women:

            “All our salaries and pensions are burning up in the boilers of municipal heating stations”.

            That’s what First Deputy Prime Minister Boris Y. (Shagger) Nemtsov complained about shortly before he was named to that post by permanently pissed-up President Boris N. Yeltsin.



            1. The initial “Y” for “Borya’s” patronymic I just made up: it stands for Уёбок [pron. uyobok], meaning “fucker”.


        2. Yes, they are wet ends, to be sure, permanently outraged and sorrowful. I meant that it is no reflection on what a great man Nemtsov was if a handful of misfits choose to treasure his memory just because in their minds, he was on the right side. Who knows if they even feel that way, or whether they observe rites to Nemtsov only because they perceive he was an irritant to Putin, and that by worshiping him they are being irritating as well.


          1. But it’s a bridge and a public footpath where they scatter their flowers, icons and trinkets, goddammit, and not a “Wailing Wall” for Nemtsov devotees!

            Why don’t they go to his grave with their flowers?

            Probably because they don’t know where it is but chiefly, because its not a provocation laying flowers there.

            That reminds me! That’s another place where I’ll have to go to take a leak.


            1. Reminds me of the couplet written to commemorate the late and very much unlamented Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh – by Lord Byron, no less:

              “Posterity will ne’er survey
              a nobler grave than this;
              Here lie the bones of Castlereagh –
              stop, traveler, and piss.

              I daresay you could do something with Russian which might even rhyme, as a fitting tribute to the former can-do Governor of Nizh-Nog.


              1. Никогда не оценит потомство
                более благородную могилу, чем эта;
                Здесь лежат ублюдка кости –
                Остановись, путник, и пописай!

                Tried to make it rhyme, but Russian being a heavily inflected language, poetry in the tongue of Pushkin is often dominated by metre. However, being inflected, Russian has the advantage that one can jiggle the words about in a sentence as much as one pleases, hence the above reads word for word thus:

                Never not will survey posterity
                More noble grave than this;
                Here lie of a bastard bones –
                Stop, traveller, and piss!

                And the sound of the Russian words at the end of each line are as follows:

                /a/, /a/, /i:/; /ai/

                that is something like:

                a, a, ee, eye


                1. Direct translation is a fool’s game, and translating poetry is an abomination. But the sense of it can maybe be carried over.
                  My pitiful attempt:

                  “Кому-то не будет известно,
                  чьи кости святые лежат:
                  Немцовин гроба тут место!
                  Сюда же положено ссать.”



              2. I would not recommend pissing on Castlereagh’s grave in the north transept of westminster abbey. Bit too public what!


                1. I guess it would depend on how much contempt you felt for Castlereagh. It would be a risk, certainly, but the first to do it would probably get away clean. Advantage of surprise, innit.


    2. I’m surprised that spot hasn’t become a favorite for Doggers. After all what more fitting way to pay tribute to Boris ‘serial shagger of someone who is not his wife’ Nemtsov?

      Vis Volkov, someone should put it around that he is a KGB honeypot…* He’s teriffically good at attracting dung beatles…

      *Well FSB, but you cannot say FSB without saying KGB in the erudite western professional journalist class…


  3. Thanks Mark for another very detailed post so soon after the previous one!

    My understanding of the embarrassment Lancet got itself into is that the information underpinning the study Lancet had printed was owned by a company, Surgisphere, of which one of the authors of the study was a co-founder and director. I smell a case of conflict of interest. In addition the amount of information was apparently too much for Surgisphere to handle and store properly; the company did not have enough staff, money or storage resources. Of the people on Surgisphere’s payroll, one was a science fiction writer and another was an “adult-content model” (sounds like a porn star).

    The issue with HCQ and Ivermectin is that to be effective, they have to be taken with zinc, Vitamins C and D, and one other drug, usually azithromycin or doxycycline. They also have to be taken as soon as the person knows s/he has tested positive for COVID-19; they cannot be given to hospitalised patients, as they were in the Lancet study.


    1. Thanks for that detailed explanation, Jen!

      Say, speaking – as you were earlier – about Meduza and Kevin Rothrock, I ran across this gem from Anatoly Karlin at Unz, suggesting Kevin is a US State Department asset.

      On a very small scale, maybe, at least judging from the evidence presented, but it would have to be said that he does have his contacts. And the conversation went on a bit long without any suggestion of disavowal; I remember I was contacted once by Al Jazeera for an interview, and it’s certainly not an outlet I would generally support. Curiously enough, they asked if I knew someone else who might do it, and I suggested Anatoly and he accepted.

      Ah, those were the carefree days; we all knew each other through our online personas – Anatoly at Sublime Oblivion, Kevin at A Good Treaty (which reminds me that at the time, he went by a pseudonym and actually his day job was at the American Enterprise Institute), Jesse Heath at the Russia Monitor, Eugene Ivanov – and I like to think we were all friendly with one another to a degree. And look how we’ve all ended up. Undercurrents in all of us which were doubtless there from the start sent us in different directions.


  4. Back in the US … back in the US … back in the USSR!

    Guess who’s back!

    Yulia Navalnaya returned to Russia on Monday, February 22. The wife of a Russian oppositionist and blogger was spotted at one of the Moscow airports, Telegram channel 112 reports.

    Yulia Navalnaya left Russia on February 10 for Germany. At the same time, neither her lawyer nor Aleksey Navalny’s lawyer could confirm the fact of her departure.

    We will remind, Yulia in January, together with her husband, returned from Germany, where the Russian blogger was after his having been in intensive care.

    Read on http://WWW.KP.RU:


    1. Idiot commentators are now saying Putin is shitting himself because of her return.

      She should be arrested like the rest who have been arrested for organizing unsanctioned demos and urging snotty-nosed kids to take part.


      1. Yes, clear the decks, Yulia is back to take up the fight of the common man. Putin must be terrified, Navalnys coming at him from every side. Well, technically she’s a Navalnaya, but the point stands, I think. He may as well just give up, because by the time Yulia has played out, the young ‘un will be back from Stanford or Hah-vahd or wherever she is, full of the zeal of youth and burning with justice. Putin is finished.

        Sorry. I tried to keep a straight face. I really did.


  5. And lets us not forget that Ursual von der Leyen failed at being Germany’s Defense minister and was shipped of to u-Rope, where a lot of u-Ropean failures go because they either cannot hack it at home or their party is not in power.

    Politico, yet another anti-Russian cesspool of opinion masquerading as journalism.

    In other news, similar crap from Bulgarian Euractiv editor Georgy Gotev who positively spits venom about Russia. Unfortunately Euractiv is also descending in to a cesspool of opinion and tabloidization but I suppose it has to go where the money is:

    Euractiv: The Brief, powered by APPLIA – Russian roulette

    By Georgi Gotev

    …The Kremlin has for many years conducted a policy, at a high economic cost to the impoverished Russian people, of denigrating the EU as a non-entity, undermining the EU under all sorts of hybrid schemes, and preparing the ground for things to come.

    What are the things to come?

    Kremlinology is an inexact science practiced by the West ever since the Cold War, and it is no more successful today than it was before. Having some knowledge of the Russians, I can only offer my educated guess…

    ….The Kremlin has for many years conducted a policy, at a high economic cost to the impoverished Russian people, of denigrating the EU as a non-entity, undermining the EU under all sorts of hybrid schemes, and preparing the ground for things to come.

    What are the things to come?

    Kremlinology is an inexact science practiced by the West ever since the Cold War, and it is no more successful today than it was before. Having some knowledge of the Russians, I can only offer my educated guess….

    More deluded rubbish at the link.

    Georgi Gotev, putting the ‘ass’ in to ‘asshole.’ He offers his ‘educated guess’ but that really is like putting crap on top of crap.

    I also ‘have some knowleded of Russian’ (as do quite a lot of other people) but even I can’t pull stuff out of my ass a bizarre as Gotev.

    Apart from that in the roundup above there is an article exposing the EU wasting €440 million on useless gas pipelines…


  6. The other thing was all the whining and complaining that ‘Russia wot use vaccine diplomacy’ and in the last few days we’ve heard how the West will donate any unused vaccine to poor countries. Isn’t that ‘vaccine diplomacy’? I guess the vaccine can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ depending on whom it comes from…


    1. Here’s yer vaccine diplomacy, and it doesn’t even have to be international.

      “Congress has broad powers. With its ability to regulate interstate commerce, for example, it may be able to ban unvaccinated people from traveling on airplanes. Or, it might use its spending power to push states to enact certain policies by making them a condition for receiving federal funds. After all, the states do, in fact, have the power to require citizens to receive vaccinations under some circumstances. In the 1905 Jacobson case, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that, because of the states’ interest in protecting public health, the vaccine requirements in question did not violate personal liberty. All states require that children be vaccinated for school — and those requirements have been consistently upheld.

      Congress has also stepped into the vaccination fray through the Public Health Service Act (PHSA), which grants the federal government the power to prevent the spread of disease, such as through quarantine. One way the PHSA helps prevent outbreaks is by offering states and localities grants to improve vaccination rates through subsidies, education and outreach.”

      And just remember, the example cited in the Jacobson case was 1905; I think those vaccines are probably proven to do no harm by now, whether anybody likes them or not. Pfizer’s third-stage clinical trials for its Bio-Ntech vaccine are scheduled to complete January 2023, and everybody who takes it today is part of the clinical trial.

      I have been told the company for which I work has already approached the union to feel them out on whether they would make a fuss if the company directed that all employees must be vaccinated against COVID-19. I have not heard what the response was.

      Moreover, it seems at least implied that the complainers do not actually understand what ‘vaccine diplomacy’ means, and are confusing it with ‘coercive national policies’. Russia and China so far show no sign of forcing their vaccines on Europe – in Russia’s case, it merely applied to have its vaccine EMA-certified. You would think that would be largely a formality if The Lancet said it was safe to use and had an efficacy rate in excess of 90%.

      However, as none other than The Graun points out, wealthy western countries have pre-purchased nearly all the supplies of western vaccines, and now supply-line delays are starting to bind. Russia and China are direct-marketing vaccines to countries who got shouldered out of line, and theirs is either cheap or sometimes free. Review the meaning of the word ‘diplomacy’. And it is plain the west – chiefly, as usual, the USA and UK, but increasingly the addled EU leadership in Brussels – do not like it one bit.

      “Vaccine procurement is symbolic of Serbia’s foreign policy strategy,” said Vuk Vuksanovic, a researcher at the London School of Economics and the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy. “Balance and pit the west against non-western powers like Russia and China, to see from which side you will score a better bargain.”

      Conspicuously missing so far from the fray of overseas deals and donations have been western governments, which are consumed with vaccinating their own populations first and have preferred to channel vaccine aid into multilateral schemes such as Covax, the sharing mechanism that will start by supplying about 3% of the most vulnerable people in middle- and lower-income countries over the next six months.

      By then, countries such as the UK, US and Canada expect to be on their way to herd immunity, along with a clutch of other wealthy countries that have bought up most of the supply of western vaccines that will be produced in 2021. The divide is a diplomatic opportunity, and some foreign capitals are taking it.”

      The same article points out that while the Russian and Chinese governments are directly negotiating with potential customers, western leaders ‘have preferred to let pharmaceutical companies take the spotlight, and largely allowed them to decide where vaccines go and in what quantities. With the exception of AstraZeneca, most have supplied the bulk of their doses so far to the highest bidders.’ Ding, ding, ding!!! What’s the obvious motive here? That’s right, Junior Entrepreneurs – profit!!! The invisible hand of the Market, innit?

      Someone should start a list of how many times the west is shown an opportunity to extend the hand of friendship, and takes out its dick instead.


    1. MOA cites the Moscow Times in describing how the Russian production capacity has ramped up since December, and that source cites a Russian ‘cultural preference for foreign medicines’ along with having perhaps the most vaccine-skeptical population in the world as factors which make Russians reject Sputnik V themselves.

      For once, this is true, or at least in my admittedly-limited experience. As I believe I mentioned before, my niece and her husband are both medical professionals in St. Petersburg; he’s a doctor with his own clinic, and she’s a pharmacist. Both have indicated they will wait to get vaccinated for availability of a western vaccine, and have indicated they don’t trust Sputnik V.

      It’s just one of those things you could bang your head against forever; both are highly-intelligent people, but they just have this funny blind spot. However, I think it is exacerbated by a constant stream of western sewage poured over Russia daily. Western agencies have assessed that Sputnik V is safe and effective. That’s not likely to move the vaccine skeptics, and I sympathize, being one myself. But I think it has an effect on those who are constantly educated that their country does not, and cannot make anything which is any good.


      1. Also news about Sputnik V being made available in Russia at a price that poor countries can afford to buy may be delivered in a way that implies the vaccine is cheap (as in cheap ‘n’ nasty) in its production as well as in its marketing and distribution. Perhaps if Sputnik V had been made available through a few select pharmacies in wealthy parts of Moscow and St Petersburg, marketed as a premium product and sold at a price that gives the impression that it’s a special version of the vaccine yet remains competitive with foreign alternatives, then the public may be more enthusiastic about getting the vaccine. I’m not sure though if the marketing strategy can be changed right now and quickly: changing the public perception about the vaccine is as much a matter of picking the right time to do this before constant repetition of older messages and narratives about Sputnik V entrenches them too much and people’s minds become too hard to change.


        1. I don’t think there is much Russia can do to change national views of Sputnik, since some Russians are attracted to branding and feel like they haven’t gotten the good stuff unless it’s Italian even if it looks the same – my missus wouldn’t buy shoes made in Russia (or anywhere in Asia, for that matter) if she was wearing them to a funeral; she had her favourite shoe store in Vladivostok and it featured Italian designs, or that’s what the labels said. Here she is a lot less of a shoe snob.

          I think the Sputnik vaccine will prove far more valuable as a diplomatic tool, especially as Russians are broadly skeptical of vaccines anyway. This is an excellent opportunity for Russia to strengthen its influence in Africa. Bear in mind, I expect it to be a one-off; once herd immunity is achieved and the majority of people develop a resistance to this new virus, I expect it to be no more a long-term preoccupation than the common cold or flu. They say it’s always going to be with us now, but if that’s so we must learn to live with it, and that does not include – for me – wearing stupid facemasks forever, having to sit six feet apart in a bar or restaurant, and having to get an annual COVID jab. I’m sure the latter is what Big Pharma would like – it’s invested a lot in COVID, after all, and is going to be expecting more than just a single big payday – but I believe there are still enough vaccine skeptics to resist what will doubtless be heavy pressure to get vaccinated, and keep on getting vaccinated again, regular as clockwork.


          1. Don’t forget also that it would be just like The Moscow Times to paint the general public in Russia as being reluctant to accept being vaccinated with Sputnik V. The article cited by MoA does not say who polled the general public and where, to get the results from which The Moscow Times concluded that Russians in general are suspicious of Sputnik V.

            From The Moscow Times source:

            Russian distrust
            Whatever the possible production bottlenecks, export supplies are likely to be stoked by Russians’ reluctance to receive Sputnik V.

            International and domestic polling consistently indicates that the country’s population remains among the world’s most vaccine-skeptical, with only 30% of Russians saying they believe most of their compatriots would be willing to receive a scientifically proven and widely available Covid-19 vaccine — one of the lowest rates in the world.

            Widespread suspicion of the speed at which Sputnik V was approved, alongside a deep-rooted cultural preference for foreign-made medicines among many Russians have led to suppressed demand for the world’s first Covid jab in its homeland.

            Though the Russian government hopes to vaccinate sixty percent of the population by the end of 2021, few observers believe this to be a realistic goal. President Vladimir Putin himself has yet to have the vaccine, and there has been no large-scale state-run PR campaign to sell the jab to citizens.

            While estimates vary widely, some analysts suggest that as few as twenty to thirty million Russians might ultimately receive Sputnik V, leaving a glut of excess doses for the international market.

            “Russia will only be able to vaccinate 70% of the population, perhaps 80% if it is made compulsory,” said Shakhnazarov …

            I think if the same unnamed polling organisations polled people in other parts of the world with the same questions, mutatis mutandis for other vaccines, they would find similar levels of suspicion at the speed at which these other vaccines have been made and trialled, and then rolled out as “emergency measures”, and unwillingness to take the vaccines.

            There have been online reports that US military families are among those Americans most reluctant to take up COVID-19 vaccinations; not surprising when you consider their experiences with past vaccines for other diseases and the side effects some of them suffered.

            Also I would think 70% of the population being vaccinated seems a good percentage given that children under the age of 18 years don’t really need it, and there will always be segments of the population who will be allergic to the vaccines or suffer from adverse reactions to them. Overproduction of the Sputnik V vaccine, indeed most vaccines, should not be an issue: there will always be some spoilage due to logistics and storage failures and those who do take the vaccines are meant to take two shots anyway.


            1. Yes, there was a fun interactive model you could run, put out by NPR, on herd immunity the other day and what percentage of vaccination you needed to achieve it. I was initially going to mention it because it did not allow for it being achieved naturally, but on closer examination it did, although it was only cursory and the model was clearly an encouragement for widespread vaccination.


          2. For over 25 years I have bought this brand of shoe for both me and my children:

            PARIS COMMUNE
            Moscow Shoe Factory

            No complaints whatsoever. My wife often buys that brand as well. The children’s footwear is excellent, in my opinion.

            Paris Commune Website

            Paris Commune Official Online Internet Shop

            You can buy very expensive British Clarks shoes here in Moscow. I used to do that when I first began to live here because they have a wide fitting. I have problems with footwear because I have big, wide feet. I must be part-Hobbit. However, long ago, I noticed that my “British” Clarks shoes were all made in India. Nothing against Indians, mind you, but I’m sure Clarks Indian suppliers and indirect employees are ripped off by Clarks.

            Paris Commune shoes, on the other hand, are made in Mordor by Orc helots.


        2. The few folks in UAE and India that I have discussed vaccines have a preference for Sputnik V; not a strong preference but nevertheless, all other things being equal, would opt for Sputnik V. A tiny sample but at least it’s not filtered through US media.

          Regarding the preference of Russian medical personnel for western medicine, that speaks to the power of western social engineering/propaganda/public relations to insert memes into our minds, memes we mistaken for beliefs derived from our own thinking and experience.

          It’s really not that hard to do. Just need time, consistent messaging, analysis of “campaign results” and a pervasive medium to deliver the message. For me, the tip-off of an inserted meme is a contraction between the meme and other trusted sources of information. Example: the US stands for peace and freedom yet it has the largest military, invades other countries and supports brutal regimes. Absolutely obvious contradictions yet a majority of Americans believe the peace and freedom meme. It’s just psychology.

          The thing is that Russia has learned how the West works. Navalny was gamed by Russia to reveal what a vacuous twit he always was. That explains why they set him free time and again to allow him to fully exhibit his crazed mind.


    1. In the Dutch incident, the plane was only at 1,400 ft, yet falling blade parts went through automobile roofs. That’s scary.

      It might result in all those fan blades being changed out, since that’s the only engine series that uses the hollow fan blades; we’ll have to wait and see what the investigation concludes. But P&W is a longtime and well-established engine manufacturer, and it will survive; overall, its reliability figures are excellent, and it is wise enough to establish maintenance facilities and parts chains around the world so that there is no percentage in it for anyone if the company fails.

      “This year, the company announced that four new facilities would join the GTF MRO network: Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation (Ameco) Beijing, MTU Maintenance Zhuhai, OGMA in Portugal and China Airlines in Taiwan. Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL) was announced as a provider of maintenance services in support of GTF operators in India and the surrounding region. Additionally, two network facilities completed their first engine overhauls: Delta TechOps in the U.S. and EME AERO in Poland.

      In 2020, the company also welcomed new customers to the growing GTF family. These included Aegean Airlines, China Express Airlines, Middle East Airlines and SWISS, which each took delivery of their first GTF-powered A320neo family aircraft, while Air Canada entered service with its first A220 aircraft and Juneyao Air began operations with its first A320neo aircraft.”


      1. What is odd that P&W didn’t send out an advisory after they discontinued the hollow blades (something RollsRoyce mastered) that they should be replaced after XXX hours/flight cycles/years. But what we do know is that the FAA (sic Boing) was not fit for purpose and relied on outside techincal experts from the companies they were supposed to be checking and this question has already been raised.

        Apart from that, I like P&W and that they took a risk with their heavier ‘geared fan’ GTF family to boost efficiency and reduce emissions rather than milk old skool spooled turbofans for the gains. It also gives them real experience of the gearing which will be the basis of next generation huge bladed Ultrafan engines with 20%+ efficiency gains.


  7. Comment by Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU Vladimir Chizhov for “Die Welt”


    What would you say about prospects of Russia – EU relations in the light of current developments?

    The potential of Russia – EU relations is in fact enormous, albeit largely untapped. All the more illogical and strikingly politicised are the decisions by our partners in the EU, who over the past few years have consistently hindered their development under far-fetched pretexts. This included accusing Russia in 2014 of allegedly illegal actions in Crimea, which were a reaction by the local population to the coup d’état in Ukraine instigated or at least supported by the US and a number of EU member states. Then there were a so-called “Russian invasion” of Donbass, MH17 tragedy, a series of bizarre and mostly non-fatal incidents involving some of not quite bona fide individuals, that were publicly portrayed as attempts on their lives – ostensibly by representatives of the Russian authorities. Time and again, the accusers did not bother to provide evidence or even intelligible versions to explain growing piles of inconsistencies.

    At the same time, being a reliable and responsible partner, Russia does not slam the door in return. We did not freeze any cooperation track, consistently and calmly suggested promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and discussing any contentious issues in a respectful and open manner. We are sure that it is of equal interest both to the supranational institutions of the European Union and its member states. As soon as they find the strength and political will to step down from the pedestal of their imagined exceptionalism and return to pragmatic and equal cooperation, Russia – EU relations will certainly flourish again.

    What could the potential sanctions mean?

    I am not going to speculate whether our partners will go for another round of illegitimate unilateral restrictive measures against my country (it is incorrect to call these measures “sanctions”, as sanctions are the exclusive prerogative of the UN Security Council). When and if that happens, we will be ready to respond. In any case, the Russian side will base its actions on facts and analysis rather than assumptions and emotions.


  8. A public holiday here today.

    Unofficially “Men’s Day” as the women have already long had their official day on March 8.

    And a “manly” frost say the daft newspapers, as it was minus 27C [minus 16.6F] this morning out in the sticks where our dacha is and minus 24C [minus 11.2F ] in central Moscow where our flat is.

    Now at 11:49 — minus 22C [minus 7.6F] and a bright sunny day, just as I like it in winter.


    1. No lockdown here, though, just daft mask and glove rules and urging the elderly to sit at home. All the boozers and cafes in Moscow were opened weeks ago, and then they’d only been closed between 11 pm and 6 am. Schools open and close though with alacrity if some kid suddenly gets infected with the “killer” virus.

      I had to go downtown in January to get my national insurance policy renewed. My freebie card is blocked so I bought a metro ticket. No problem. I’d not been in the metro since I came back from the country in September. It was packed. Everyone wearing masks, though, which certainly wasn’t the case last September.


  9. Стало известно о выходе 18 европейских компаний из «Северного потока – 2»
    23 февраля 2021

    The withdrawal of 18 European companies from Nord Stream 2 has been announced
    23 February 2021

    At least 18 European companies have pulled out of the Nord Stream-2 project because of threats of US sanctions, German media have reported, citing a State Department report to the US Congress.
    German concerns Bilfinger SE and Munich Re Syndicate are among those who have abandoned the project, TASS quoted the German publication Der Tagesspiegel as saying.

    On Tuesday, a subsidiary of the German reinsurance company Munich RE said it was terminating its services to insure the construction of Nord Stream-2 because of possible U.S. sanctions.

    As a reminder, the US State Department has listed the Russian vessel Fortuna and its owner, KVT-Rus, on the list for possible sanctions on Nord Stream 2, which has been submitted to Congress, against which other restrictions already exist from the administration of former President Donald Trump.

    Prior to that, reports had emerged about secret negotiations between Germany and the US on Nord Stream-2, according to which Berlin had offered to buy US LNG in exchange for the completion of the Russian pipeline. The VZGLYAD newspaper investigated what was behind the “dirty deal”, the existence of which was denied by Germany.

    Take down their names!

    Dont forget them!


    1. Cowards. If the USA is successful at this, the technique will be a new tool in the toolbox for whenever a commercial project comes up which challenges US dominance or even just a competing American company.


  10. Tough shit, arsehole!

    23.02.2021, 22:55
    Amnesty International лишила Навального статуса узника совести

    23.02.2021, 22:55
    Amnesty International has stripped Navalny of his status as a prisoner of conscience

    Human rights organization Amnesty International has recalled its decision to recognize Aleksey Navalny as a prisoner of conscience for statements made in the mid-2000s, journalist Aaron Mathé reported on Twitter, citing a screenshot of the organization’s letter.

    In the letter, they say that Amnesty International “no longer considers Aleksey Navalny a prisoner of conscience because he advocated violence and discrimination, and he has not retracted those statements. Alexander Artemiev, Amnesty International media manager for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, confirmed this information, according to Mediazone.

    “Yes, we will no longer use the phrase “prisoner of conscience” in reference to him, because our legal and political department, having studied Navalny’s statements in the mid-2000s, has concluded that they rise to the level of hate speech. Nevertheless, our call for his immediate release still stands, since he is being prosecuted solely for political reasons”, said Mr. Artemyev.

    Errr . . . as a matter of fact, Mr. Artemyev, I think you should consult Yves Rocher as regards the crime that the Bullshitter was convicted of and then got off lightly, only to repeatedly breach the conditions of his parole.


    1. AI obviously don’t think Navalny’s treatment of Ignat Artyemenko in his original video and in the courtroom might be examples of hate speech.


  11. Neuters via Armenia seeks bigger Russian military presence on its territory

    …“The question of expanding and bolstering the Russian military base on the territory of Armenia has always been on the agenda,” Armenian Defence Minister Vagharshak Harutyunyan told Russia’s RIA news agency in an interview published on Monday.

    “The Armenian side has always been interested in this.”

    Harutyunyan did not say whether there were any concrete plans for a potential expansion.

    Armenian opposition politicians have called for the creation of a second Russian base in Armenia’s southern Syunik region, wedged between Azerbaijan and the Azeri exclave of Nakhchivan….


      1. That’s not any way to speak in front of ladies; no wonder they have their eyes modestly downcast. But he looks a rough sort. I suppose that’s the next president of Armenia, is it?


  12. Well he would, wouldn’t he ? . . .

    Глава Microsoft заявил о причастности разведки России к масштабной кибератаке

    The Microsoft chief has said that Russian intelligence was involved in a large-scale cyberattack

    The president of the American corporation Microsoft, Brad Smith, said that Russian intelligence was allegedly involved in a large-scale cyberattack launched in March 2020 against U.S. government agencies and private companies using the Orion software of SolarWinds. His words are quoted by TASS.

    At this stage, we have solid evidence that points to Russian intelligence, and no indication that would lead to anyone else“, Smith said at a hearing before the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

    For his part, Kevin Mandia, head of the U.S. computer security company FireEye, said the tools used in the hack were not like those used by China, the DPRK or Iran.

    They are most similar to what Russia uses”, Mandia stressed. It was a big operation, he said, involving many people and taking a long time to prepare. It was possible to carry out such an operation only at the state level“, the expert assured.

    In December 2020, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [self-confessed CIA liar! — ME] said that Russia had been involved in large-scale cyberattacks on the systems of U.S. government agencies and “governments around the world”.

    On December 14, Reuters reported that Russian hackers allegedly attacked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and gained access to the agency’s internal communications. However, the attack was not noticed until almost a year later – about nine months later. The attack was part of a campaign that also hacked the systems of the U.S. Treasury Department and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. Moscow rejects accusations of hacking attacks on U.S. agencies and considers them unfounded.

    My stress.

    Well known clichés, but no evidence!

    Well, yes, “solid evidence” they say they have, but they can’t show it . State security, see.

    It’s that “highly likely Russia must have done it” syndrome again.


    1. Mmmm….yes. While they have in their inventory specially-developed software tools which were purpose-written to generate software attacks which would be portrayed to have originated in China, Russia or Iran. But they just built them for fun – never intending that they should actually be used. Just wanted to know if it could be done, like.

      Funny that they never mention losing or having compromised any data in these ceaseless attacks. Shouldn’t the company apologize to all its clients and set them up with new accounts? Or these all cyberattacks which don’t compromise any American data, like that poison what don’t kill nobody?


  13. al-Beeb s’Allah: Genocide trade bill row: Peers back new amendment in Lords debate

    …The government got the backing of MPs – despite a Tory rebellion – to give select committees a greater role in examining allegations of genocide.

    But Lord Alton wants claims looked at by people with judicial experience. ..

    What a tangled web UKGov weaves!

    They declare China a competitor, effectively ban Huawei from the gsm network and send warships to the South China seas, but the government doesn’t want judges or anyone else to oblige the UK to stop trade with any country deemed to be committing ‘genocide.’

    Cake and eat it?

    Much worse than that, the UK is discussing this while it has backed Saudi Arabia and others with arms, people, supplies, intel support in what could be far more reliably called ‘genocide’ in Yemen which resulted in over 100,000 cases of Cholera, the use of food as a weapon (clearly banned by UN conventions) and ergo the UK is legally complicit in all of this. But it’s yet another case of look over there, not over here.

    Even the Canadian parliament has declared ‘genocide’ over chinese Uighers.*

    I suppose what we can take from this apart from outrage at such hypocrisy is that it is yet more evidence that the west’s soft power to ‘influence world affairs to its liking’ has been stripped like a iron fist without a velvet glove. Even the exposed fist is not much to look at which is why such public declarations are chosen. There’s nothing else they can do. The party is over.



    1. The Grey Zone: US State Department accusation of China ‘genocide’ relied on data abuse and baseless claims by far-right ideologue

      The Trump and Biden administrations have relied on the work of a right-wing religious extremist, Adrian Zenz, for their “genocide” accusation against China. A close review of Zenz’s research reveals flagrant data abuse and outright falsehoods.

      Plenty at the link.

      Also Moon of Alabama* has covered the ‘witness testimonies’ that become more extreme and detailed (invented) once the witness has moved to the US or Europe, contradicting themsleves or simply making stuff to please their new masters.



    2. What you can probably take from the Canadian vote is that the Conservatives and though a slightly lesser degree the New Democrats want to embarrass the Liberals. I get the impression that the PM is not great on foreign affairs and may have mucked up again but he may not have been able to do much when in a minority situation.


  14. This is how a helicopter, whose flight cost in Europe is over 1000 euros per hour, pours de-icing agent on the blades of “ENVIRONMENTALLY GREAT” wind generators…

    So it turns out that AVIATION FUEL, or the very same hydrocarbons that “CANNOT BE BURNT”, are now being burnt, so that “green energy” can show its convenience, reliability and superiority?

    Well, we in Russia are waiting for the thaw right now in the last days of February 2021.

    Minus 16C and snowing right now, at 14:36 Moscow time.



  15. Certain members of the Tribe are upset about Amnesty International not recognizing the Bullshitter as being a “prisoner of conscience”:

    And McFaul adds his twopenn’orth:

    Oi vey! What a surprise. Accusations of anti-semitism, even if Navalny isn’t a Four-by-Two!


  16. Like

    1. The drunkard Albats asks above:

      And why was Navalny in the court aquarium in handcuffs? Lawyer Mikhailova: I also asked his conoy escorts this and they told me that there was an internal instruction that they had to keep him handcuffed at the verdict.

      Because he is escape prone.

      He was deemed escape prone after his shooting off his big fat, hired by the USA gobshite gob whilst being held on remand.

      Fuck off, will ya Albats, you drunken old slag!


      1. Navalny to Seddon:

        I want decent education, so people get the same pay for the same job as in a decent European country”.

        Well you’ve had (allegedly) a decent education, haven’t you, Lyosha?

        So what’s your decent job, then? What do you do for a living?

        Oh, that’s right! You’re an IP, same as I am: an “individual entrepreneur”, which status indicates a special taxation band really, whereas for the vast majority of Orcs, income tax is at a standard rate, much higher than yours or mine is, ain’t that so, Lyosha?

        So you, Lyosha, pay 6% on your earnings, same as I do, don’t you?

        But the question is, Bullshitter, what is the source of your earnings; what goods or service do you provide in return for your earnings, your shekels?

        I say “shekels” because the Antisemitic AI has deemed you unworthy of their attention.

        That’s what Albats and Applebaum and the rest of their tribe seem to think.


        1. No, he’s saying he wants decent education, implying he hasn’t had any so far even though he spent a few months at Yale University on scholarship in 2010. The rest of the sentence proves he is in need of proper education because the topic of people getting the same pay for the same work has nothing to do with the main clause [his lack of education].



          1. Yale!!?? Well, there you have it – small wonder the poor yokel wants for a decent education if Yale is the best he could do. Wasn’t George Dubya a Yalie?

            We must watch the fair Ms. Navalnaya (and she looks as if she will be a beauty) to see if her undeniably top-hole Stanford education has her walking straight into a great job like aerospace engineer, thus proving his theory, or if she will be a do-nothing political tumor like dear old Dad.


    2. What the drunkard is saying, I think, is that in view of the fact that AI is Antisemitic, it is hardly surprising that such a despicable organization hasd done the dirty on Navalny


  17. Can this be serious?

    I keep thinking about the gospel story of Navalny with his magical resurrection, his voluntary surrender to justice, and now his biblical preaching of truth and compassion (“miserable Russia”)

    And after that last word, his foolishness with salt, gherkins and ice cream in a prison cell becomes clearer — it’s not a joke on the judge, it’s the genre of parable.

    It was a good speech by Navalny today. Among other things, he is smart. Sincerely and straightforwardly leaning on the authority of Scripture and gaining many allies in thinking Russians and major politicians in the EU, Britain and the US.

    It is a long game. Patience and courage.

    It is just beginning.

    Like Christ before Pilate, he sharply changes the register and shows the pointlessness of the trial as such, the ridiculousness of the claims of authority, speaking not to Caesar, but to eternity. And most importantly, he tells us the words that Christ often repeated to his disciples and that John Paul II said when he flew to Poland in 1979, immediately after his election as pope: Do not be afraid!

    This evangelical turn of events is unexpected, overwhelming, and utterly unconquerable; it gives our stuffy timelessness a historical dimension.

    Putin, you wanted to talk to Gandhi? Try talking to Navalny.

    An appropriate term for the above, I should imagine is:



    1. Link above to Roizman’s Tweet doesn’t work.

      Here’s the shite he tweeted:

      Liked by 1 person

    2. That’s it, hamsters! Don’t give up on Lyosha! Even though he may be casted into the jug for lo, these many days, despair not! For he is always with you. When he emerges to once more walk among men, and the stone is rolled away, I say unto you that he will have taken to the gherkin trade to a degree so remarkable that gherkins salted by his loving hands will make strong men to weep. And they will say, what do we fear, seeing that the King of the Gherkins walks with us? And the answer will come in a mighty shout! We fear nothing!

      I may have misjudged Navalny’s fans and followers – they are even stupider than I thought. They still think he is going to rise up and smite the Kremlin, until not one stone lies upon another. Faithful, like dogs. Only dumber.


  18. From the addled brain of a Navalnyite:

    Навальный продолжает шагать по пути Нельсона Манделы
    Feb. 24th, 2021 at 6:34 PM

    Navalny continues to walk the path of Nelson Mandela

    Amnesty International has reversed its own decision to grant Navalny “prisoner of conscience” status. This incident provides yet another parallel between the Russian opposition leader and the most famous political prisoner in history, Nelson Mandela.

    The fact is that Amnesty had a similar story with the latter. The South African anti-apartheid fighter was also deprived of this status, and also for the same reason – somewhere in his speeches he allegedly endorsed political violence. And then, as time went by, Amnesty gave Mandela honourary titles, awards, and ceremonies in his honour.

    Navalny continues to walk the path of his great predecessor. This is not good news for the Kremlin.

    Yeah, they must be shitting their pants in there now.


  19. Rainsford of the BBC keeps on mentioning, of course, that AI refusing to grant Navalny the status of “prisoner of conscience” is, allegedly, the result of “Kremlin propaganda”:

    n Russia itself, state media and officials have ratcheted up their portrayal of Navalny as a stooge of the West: an enemy agent working to destabilise the country.

    In what Navalny claims was a crude attempt to tarnish his image, he was also found guilty this month of defaming a war-hero. Extensive coverage of that case on state TV and social media has likened him to a neo-Nazi.

    A second notorious video from the early 2000s shows Navalny dressed as a dentist, interspersed with images of immigrant workers, calling for the removal of “everything that bothers us”, like rotten teeth.

    And how’s this for playing with pseudo statistics:

    But in a phone-in poll to the editorially independent Russian radio station Ekho Moskvy, just 1 in 5 listeners supported Amnesty International’s decision to delist Navalny.

    Which is like saying that in a poll of Moscow homosexual bars and clubs, just 1 in 5 of persons interviewed supported the Moscow City authority ban on parades “celebrating” homosexuality.


    Amnesty strips Alexei Navalny of ‘prisoner of conscience’ status
    By Sarah Rainsford
    BBC News, Moscow
    Published 6 hours ago

    Bit slow off the mark there, Rainsford!

    Been in bed all day, have you?


    1. I saw that ME. Leave her alone. She’s got bills to pay and people to keep happy! 😉 I’m sure she sincerely believes what she writes as it has become second habit (hand) to trot out the ‘attack the messager, not the message.’ It’s what any self-respecting journalist who thinks of their pension would do! /sarc


  20. Vinyard the Saker: The art of being a spectacularly misguided oracle

    By Pepe Escobar with permission and first posted at Asia Times

    The late Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski for some time dispensed wisdom as an oracle of US foreign policy, side by side with the perennial Henry Kissinger – who, in vast swathes of the Global South, is regarded as nothing but a war criminal.

    Brzezinski never achieved the same notoriety. At best he claimed bragging rights for giving the USSR its own Vietnam in Afghanistan – by facilitating the internationalization of Jihad Inc., with all its dire, subsequent consequences…

    The rest at the link.


  21. Via RT:

    The proper interpretation is that the US military has acknowledged that F-35 has poor performance, poor reliability and extreme cost with little hope for improvement. And here is the telling quote:

    “I [Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Brown, “Charlie Brown!]]want to moderate how much we’re using those aircraft,” he said. “You don’t drive your Ferrari to work every day, you only drive it on Sundays. This is our ‘high end’ [fighter], we want to make sure we don’t use it all for the low-end fight … We don’t want to burn up capability now and wish we had it later.”

    The analogy that the F-35 is like a Ferrari that should only be driven on Sundays does not speak well of its ability to enter and sustain itself in battle. What a silly statement. The Pentagon solution is to develop clean-sheet 4+ generation fighter. I wonder what our “allies” will think when they were forced/bribed to buy this POS.

    Presumably, the new fighter, if developed, would be a relatively light weight specialized in air superiority with limited ground attack capability; something like the Mig-29. The F-35 program will continue to ensure the ongoing transfer wealth from American taxpayers and foreign vassals. I would not be surprised if the new fighter performs reasonably well although very likely will be over budget and years behind schedule.

    It will be a difficult climb down for the bestest fighter plane in the world. The Russian military must be having a good chuckle.


    1. He’s also wrong – according to western Canadian Damon Fryer, who runs Daily Driven Exotics (DDE), regular folk (at least those who can afford an exotic sports car like a Ferrari in the first place) actually do drive them everyday. I see their cars fairly frequently on Route 1 (the ferry between Vancouver and Victoria), including the blue-white dazzle-painted Lamborghini Huracan pictured about halfway down.

      Everything I read in there suggests Brown is rushing toward repeating all the mistakes with the F-35, blabbering about a ‘clean sheet design’. That sounds to me as if they are going to do a TacAir study, come up with a scroll-size wish list of things it will have to do, and then try and design one airframe that will do them all. Hello!! Didn’t you just do that? And look at the flying toilet you came up with.


      1. I had the impression that Brown was envisioning something like an F-16 but with better electronics and possibly better aerodynamic performance. Plus, they intend to develop a 6th generation fighter (what ever that is) to do what the F-35 was intended to do. But, yes, the 4+ will become a gold-plated turkey for the MIC to feast upon.


        1. They’ve had a success with the SAAB designed ‘Boeing T-7A Redhawk’ , ‘digital’ from the beginning. But a training jet to a war fighter facing serious opposition is an entirely different kettle of lobsters.

 First USAF Boeing T-7A advanced trainer enters production
          Saab partnered with Boeing on the development and production of the T-7A. The company provides the aft fuselage of the jet. The first production aircraft aft section is being built in Sweden and is expected to arrive in St. Louis within about a month.

          Boing had no hope of winning the trainer replacement competition as it is top heavy and has no experience, so it ‘chose’ SAAB because is much nimbler in production and design (sic the proven JAS Gripen), but Boing provided the cash and access to the USA.


        2. It’s also fairly clear that rather than being punished for designing such a crap aircraft – or at least for not saying “it can’t be done the way you want to do it”, and trying anyway, the traditional pocketers of sweet, sweet taxpayer cash are going to be rewarded with another contract to repeat the previous process.


      2. You only have to Google words like “Lamborghini”, “crash” and “Sydney” to discover that accidents involving Lamborghinis are a fairly regular occurrence in Sydney.

        Driver destroys his $390,000 Lamborghini after skidding out of control and slamming through the brick fence of a home and into a tree

        Lamborghini crash in [Sydney suburb] Wetherill Park kills driver

        Lamborghini & taxi collide in {Sydney city suburb] Pyrmont after costly car accident

        Australian man crashes $400,000 Lamborghini Diablo on busy road
        (This news was reported in a New Zealand newspaper which explains cute expressions like “the ditch”, meaning the Tasman Sea.)

        Lamborghini Gallardo hits a taxi and t-bones another in Sydney crash Pictures, Photos, Wallpapers.

        And here’s a Ferrari driver dropping by – or into, rather – a local jewellery store.

        General Charles Brown should come down here to see regular folks driving expensive Italian cars.


  22. In defence of “Freedom and Democracy” and “our” way of of life and everything “we” stand for — worth dying for?

    25.02.2021, 06:23
    Глава Европейского командования США считает Россию угрозой существованию США и союзников

    25.02.2021, 06:23
    The head of the US European Command considers Russia a threat to the existence of the United States and its allies

    General Tod Walters, head of the European Command of the US Armed Forces, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied NATO Forces in Europe, believes that Russia poses a constant threat to the existence of the United States and its allies. In his opinion, a victory for Washington guarantees that competition between the superpowers does not develop into a global war.

    “Despite international condemnation and lingering economic sanctions, Russia is conducting destabilizing and malicious actions in the world, while many actions are taking place close to home (meaning “Europe” — Kommersant) … Russia remains a constant threat to the US and our European allies”, said Mr. Walters at the Air Force Association Forum, quoted by the Pentagon press service.

    The head of the European Command of the US Armed Forces believes that Russia “seeks to preserve the sphere of influence of the Soviet era by holding or using force to coerce neighbouring now sovereign former Soviet states”. Also, Mr. Walters accused Russia and China of militarizing the Arctic region.

    On February 20, the Munich conference was held, to which for the first time since 1995 no official representatives of Russia were invited. US President Joe Biden said at the conference that the United States would not let Europe stand alone when suffering threats from China and Russia. German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the need to develop a common strategy for relations with Russia. Only French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in favour of a dialogue with Moscow.

    Although a US Air Force general, having first stated his military rank, Kommersant then proceeds to refer to the bellicose fighter for US freedumb and dermocracy as “Mr. Walters” in the article. Is that rag taking the piss out of Walters, I wonder.

    I am wary of WWII US Air Force generals. I associate them with the mass murderer LeMay and his RAF counterpart Harris.


    1. Russia remains an enduring existential threat to the United States and our European allies

      — General Tod Walters, head of the European Command of the US Armed Forces, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied NATO Forces in Europe


      So the very existence of the “Exceptional Nation” is under Orcish threat?


      1. I think in the context he is using it, national security, he means the very existence of Russia constitutes a threat to the United States. Therefore, in order that the United States feel truly secure, Russia cannot exist. When they say ‘existential threat’, they mean so long as it exists, it is a threat.


  23. Georgia crisis tests Western push to check Russian influence

    The arrest of an opposition leader is raising concerns about creeping Russian influence in the country.

    Only six days ago, Georgia was drawing praise for pressing pause on a controversial police raid to capture the country’s top opposition leader. …

    International observer groups gave qualified verdicts, with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) concluding that the vote had been “competitive and, overall, fundamental freedoms were respected,” but also noting there had been “pervasive allegations of pressure on voters.” …

    The paragraph above about the election being kosher is the 18th in the article. This is one of the reasons western media is so full of s/t as they load most of their pieces with opinion and fake news but reserve a paragraph for something factual that clearly says the opposite, i.e. burying facts with b/s.

    The bigger story here is that the West has sponsored non-stop encouleur revolutions along the lines of not accepting election results regardless and this has created a ‘natural’ right of selected class of politics and politicians to run the country regardless of one person one vote democracy.

    This whole article couches ‘STOP RUSSIA AT ANY COST’ rather than the disruptors illegally undermining the democracy they supposedly support. Apparently political responsibility is one required to be one side.

    In other news, Venezuela is expelling the EU ambassador from its country in response to new EU sanctions.


    1. Russia is going to have to do a complete reset of its allies, and it’s going to have to let the EU go. Current EU leaders are toadies to the Americans, and it doesn’t matter what the people think, although most of them are anti-Russian, too. The pipeline must still be finished and Russia should continue to sell them gas, although I am getting to where I would not be too sad if that deal fell apart, too; the Europeans deserve to have a gas panic and to see the prices go up a thousandfold as they struggle to get along on what little they can get. Because NATO is the enemy, and the EU will never break with serving American interests, even at its own expense.

      Good for Venezuela, for fucking off the EU ambassador. Perhaps there should be a Russian military base there as well. You can be sure they will never stop trying to overthrow Maduro.


  24. О-о-о! Как сумасшедшая русская лесбиянка вынудила Амнести отказаться от Навального

    Uh-oh! How a crazy Russian lesbian forced Amnesty to abandon Navalny

    This is so wonderful that I simply have no comment.

    So, Aleksey, did your lazy bastard Polaks help help you?

    P.S. Her last name is Dubovitskaya, daughter of an oligarch, and it looks like she did.

    And from the embedded above link to the rag Novaya Gazeta and a Latynina article therein:

    Права — они только для кого надо права
    Как некая Катя Казбек отменила Навального, а «международная общественность» ее поддержала

    Rights are only necessary for those who need rights
    How a certain Katya Kazbek cancelled Navalny, and the “international community” supported her

    Amnesty International has refused to consider Navalny a prisoner of conscience. The reason was hate speech. Aleksey Navalny, as it turned out, was engaged in hate speech, and Amnesty found out about it from a coordinated campaign, one of the main persons of which was a certain Katya Kazbek, who worked incessantly to expose Navalny as a “nationalist and racist”.

    The story is instructive.

    Because, first of all, Katya Kazbek is a cautionary character. She writes about feminism and LGBT, admires Stalin and Mao, laments in her columns on RT that the unsuspecting Belarusian proletariat is being used by anti-communist forces for colour revolutions, and for the past decade has regularly (for example, here and here) reported that she is writing her first novel – about homosexual relationships. Judging by the way things are going, the young debutante’s brilliant text will be finished in the next half century. There is no novel yet, but the “young genius” already has a literary agent.

    Many , many links in Latynina’s article, so I shall have to post this translation and the embedded links in a series, otherwise, it will go down the black hole, awaiting inspection . . .


  25. continued . . .

    She studied creative writing at Oxford and Columbia University, lives in a swanky apartment in New York, and, according to her own Twitter, is one of the cofounders of the online art magazine Supamodu. The universities Katya has graduated from are what she calls joyless imperialist institutions.

    From Katya’s old “LiveJournal” it appears that her last name is Dubovitskaya, and that “Kazbek” is a pseudonym, taken because the last name is unreadable in America. Katya is the daughter of multimillionaire Yuri Dubovitsky [kindly revealed by “The Insider! — ME], the founder of the “White Wind” chain of computer stores.

    Sometimes the girl speaks not only on the RT website, but also, for example, at a certain Grayzone, which exposes the American imperialists who are preparing an invasion of Bolivarian Venezuela, and the nefarious Bellingcat, taking money from bloody British imperialism to “weaken Russia. Grayzone also bravely fights the American oligarchy responsible for the coronavirus and the capitalist West’s disinformation campaign against China.

    Going great guns here is Latynina, who is an expert on everything!

    To be continued . . .


    1. The Grayzone Project has done some excellent reporting but Ben Norton & Co should do better than talk to Katya Kazbek on Navalny being demoted by Amnesty International in the sainted hierarchy of outsider activists. The GZ people should be going after his record as an embezzler and hypocrite. Navalny’s history and his recent association with Bellingcat suggest ties with US and UK intel. This is what should concern them now.

      By interviewing Kazbek, GZ are setting themselves up for ridicule. Kazbek sounds like an oddball character: she comes from a rich family but is a self-declared Stalinist / Maoist.


  26. continued . . .

    Against this backdrop, Katya Kazbek’s story in Greyzone about the “little-known blogger” Navalny, who is unpopular in Russia but “was awarded a scholarship from Yale’s World Fellows program, whose graduates are directly associated with the Maidan,” and who, as Katya complains, does not care about proletariat and LGBT rights, seems perfectly organic.

    A heartbreaking combination of phrases from dreary pro-Kremlin methodology books and total schizophrenia.

    [Clearly, Latynina, who is most definitely not schizo, thinks Navalny is extremely popular in Russia and would be immediately elected by his loving people as president if only he were allowed to stand for election and were not continuously set up in political trials — ME]

    Katya selflessly fights with the Western oligarchy for the rights of the oppressed classes, as well as recently for the right of “Putin’s palace” to be called an apartment hotel. In general, Navalny’s film touched the millionaire heiress, a fan of Stalin and Mao, to the quick, breaking out into a whole novel in tweets about the malicious propagandist Navalny, who passes off the old story about the Gelendzhik apartment hotel as a presidential residence.

    [See, Latynina KNOWS that it is Putin’s Palace; no doubt about Navalny’s claim whatsoever: she knows everything because she is an expert — ME]

    You may ask, how does her selfless struggle in defence of an apartment hotel combine with her concern for the oppressed proletariat? Very simply. That dirty PR man Navalny is supposedly a friend of the oligarch Khodorkovsky, read Domenico Losurdo’s The Class Struggle.

    [What a truly ridiculous thing to say, namely that Navalny is a friend of that nice Mr. Khodorkovsky! —ME]

    Katya’s creativity – when she’s not condemning the Belarusian anti-communists and fighting for the palace against oligarch henchman Navalny – looks something like this. [this and several previous links not working — ME]

    “Dear humanity, I have read a lot on the Internet. You seem to be made up of drunken Wilhelm Tells, who will never be William Burroughs. I, Katya Dubovitskaya Kazbek, [ … ], steady pulse, regular breathing, am categorically against all these people who like to rip everyone off […]. Dear humanity, you are, of course, a rare piece of shit en masse, and my expectations that concern you, I admit, are flimsy, but I do not lose hope.”

    So no one would have suspected the existence of Katya Kazbek, if not for her selfless struggle for the abolition of Navalny.

    Because the campaign she is running is strictly in keeping with the canons of the current political culture. In much the same way, for example, a conservative citizen vigilantly discovered racism in the packaging of products from Trader Joe’s. The petition of the concerned citizen only got as many as 1,700 votes on the website, but the NYT made front-page news about it.

    And that’s how it is. The fact that Amnesty International has paid attention to the efforts of Katya Kazbek was no coincidence. Katya Kazbek – heiress of millions, Stalinist, author of a long-written novel about the cultivation of homosexual feelings – turned out to be the brightest representative of this organization’s reference group.

    Amnesty International, if you remember, are the same people who took jihadist Moazzam Begg, who trained in bin Laden’s camps, all over Europe to tell horror stories about Guantanamo, exactly in accordance with the methodology of al-Qaeda, banned in Russia and around the world. When Gita Sahgal’s own staffer suggested that it was wrong to support jihadists, she was kicked out, and Amnesty Executive Director Claudio Cordone said that jihad, if done in self-defense, was not against human rights.

    He did not even know, and obviously did not want to know, that Bin Laden had proclaimed the Twin Towers bombing as a defensive jihad. And that “defensive jihad” is as identifying a phrase for al-Qaeda as “dictatorship of the proletariat” was for Lenin.

    Amnesty is a bloated international pseudo-bureaucracy that is not elected by anyone, fights the “bloody Israeli war machine” [My stress. See! There you have it! ANTISEMITES!!!! — ME] and has self-proclaimed itself as the benchmark in the fight for human rights. Like the Roman Church in its day, happily combining completely opaque finances with claims to the status of absolute moral authority.

    And yes:

    For Amnesty International, Katya Kazbek’s opinion is really important. Katya Kazbek, I repeat, is its reference group: Navalny, however, is not.

    He hasn’t fought against Western imperialism, he hasn’t defend transgender rights, he has nothing to do with the BLM – what the hell kind of prisoner of conscience is he?

    What is there to say . . . let Amnesty choose Katya Kazbek and Muazzam Begg. What affect does it have?

    And I love this footnote to Latynina’s article:

    We do honest journalism
    together with you

    Every day we tell you about what is happening in Russia and the world. Our journalists are not afraid to get the truth in order to show it to you.

    In a country where the authorities constantly want to ban something, including banning the truth, there must be publications that continue to do real journalism.

    Your support will help us, Novaya Gazeta, to continue to be such a publication. Make your contribution to independent journalism in Russia right now.

    Whom do I send my money to?

    How much do you need?

    Can I pay with my British debit card?

    I truly want to help you in your quest for truth!


    1. More Katya and Alexey Sahknin, discussing how Navalny is regarded by ordinary Russian citizens rather than the agog and woke citizens of western just-let-me-help countries.

      Neither have much good to say about him; Sakhnin mentions an interview – with which I was not familiar – in which he alleges Navalny expressed admiration for the policies of Yegor Gaidar, who was of course one of the principle Russian architects of the ‘controversial’ Shock Therapy measures which were supposed to drag Russia into market economics and instead enabled the plundering of state assets by the oligarchs. Without getting into detail on Shock Therapy’s catastrophic wrecking of the Soviet economy and the despair and hopelessness which resulted and only the appearance of Putin arrested, it speaks volumes about the enduring western fascination with Navalny and its stubborn refusal to portray him as anything other than a great thinker and much-admired dissident. There is nothing Washington’s think tankers would like better than another chance like Shock Therapy gave them, and they would be sure to finish the job this time. They will never get it with a conventionally-elected President Navalny , but of course they would not hesitate to wash him into office on the tide of violent regime change such as took place with the Glorious Maidan in Kuh-yiv.


  27. Farewell, martyr for freedom!

    “We were told that Navalny had left the pre-trial detention centre, but they have refused to tell us in what direction. We expect that when he arrives, his relatives will be informed of his whereabouts”, lawyer Olga Mikhailova told TASS.



    1. And on and on goes the litany from the Western “free press” and Russian liberasts that the Navalny conviction occured at the end of a “political trial”

      Why do not these truth seeking journalists of the “Free West”, not to mention that most august of institutions the ECHR, consult this:

      Press Release, Rocher Group, January 21st, 2021

      Alexei Navalny’s return to Russia and his arrest have generated a great deal of
      international media interest. Groupe Rocher has been named and questioned several
      times in this case. As a totally apolitical company, Groupe Rocher is not involved, in any
      form, in any political debate and does not wish to comment on this case, which
      exclusively concerns Russian justice and Alexei Navalny.

      For the record, the “Oleg and Alexei Navalny – Yves Rocher Vostok” case goes back to
      2012 for a commercial case on which the usual procedures for defending the
      company’s interests were applied. A judgement was handed down on 30 December
      2014, confirmed by the Moscow Court of Appeal in 2015 and the Russian Supreme
      Court in 2018. The “Oleg and Alexei Navalny – Yves Rocher Vostok” case is therefore
      closed. Furthermore, since 2018, an investigation is underway at the Vannes Tribunal
      de Grande Instance following a complaint lodged in France by the Navalny brothers.
      As such, Groupe Rocher cannot comment on the ongoing investigation.

      Maybe Putin owns Yves Rocher and set the whole thing up, because Navalny is the greatest threat to the continuation of his tyrannical rule?

      Putin is, after all, the richest man in the world, isn’t he, so it’s possible that he does, isn’t it?


  28. And the Bullshitter has been awarded a prize for courage!

    The USA operative has been awarded the annual prize of the Geneva Forum for Human Rights and Democracy — the Courage Prize.

    All Glory to the Gobshite!

    For his exceptional courage and defence of Human Rights, Mr. Navalny has been chosen as an inspiration to the world.

    of the Geneva Forum for Human Rights

    A libtard blogger writes of the above thus:

    Aleksey Navalny has been awarded a prize for courage. Why not Putin?

    “We hope” says the notice published on the politician’s website, “that Mr. Navalny will soon be released and receive an award”. If Navalny should remain in prison, then a member of his family, for example, his daughter, has been invited to receive the award for him.

    It is clear that he will NOT be released. Russia, or rather one person, has brought upon himself the enmity of the whole world for the sake of revenge against just one person. Obviously, that is not an easy thing to do. Obviously, this is worthy of awards.

    The Geneva Forum for Human Rights and Democracy is an annual summit held on the eve of the main meeting of the UN Human Rights Council. The summit was organized by over 20 international human rights organizations. The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the most acute problems concerning the observance of human rights in the world. The summit has been held since 2009.
    The Courage Prize has been awarded since 2014. In 2018, Vladimir Kara-Murza became its laureate.

    So we, in Russia, have our own Nelson Mandella. History shows that such heroes are remembered and honored by generations.

    Kara-Murza is, of course, that piece of liberast shit whom I mentioned above and he is vice-chairman of “Open Russia”, an NGO founded by another piece of shit, now “in exile”, the “humanitarian” and criminal Saint Mikhail of the Gulag Khodorkovsky.

    The function of “Open Russia” is, of course, “the promotion civil society and democracy in Russia”.

    The “emnity of the whole word”, eh?

    I’m sure most of these Navalneyite bloggers who write such crap as I have translated above are juveniles, or if not juveniles, then soft-arse bourgeois twats who have the intellectual capacities of a quite dimwitted 12-year-old.


    1. What has Navalny done to further the cause of human rights?

      Let him out for the ceremony, Putin, you meanie! Let him accept the award – it’ll look lovely in his cell, on a little niche above his tub of salted gherkins. Every day he can polish it with an old sock, and dream of his eventual release to wild acclaim.


  29. Sky News acts largely as a platform for the UK defence and foreign ministries, research finds

    By Mark Curtis• 1 February 2021

    Declassified UK’s analysis of the written outputs of three of Sky News’ principal foreign affairs journalists has found that the media outlet acts largely to amplify the views of the British Ministry of Defence and Foreign Office, while rarely offering critical, independent analysis.

    A study by Declassified, covering 203 articles written by Deborah Haynes, Alistair Bunkall and Dominic Waghorn, has found that Sky routinely amplifies the views of the UK government in its military and foreign policies and provides almost no serious attempts to independently scrutinise or criticise them.

    The research, which has analysed all articles by the three correspondents that could be found from November 2019 to November 2020, found that the primary focus of Sky’s critical reporting has overwhelmingly been countries presented by British officials as enemies of the UK – Russia, China and Iran – as well as the US under Donald Trump…

    I’m not really sure what the surprise is. When it comes to notional security the rules are different for journalists, tread with care, i.e. ‘if you want any information from the security services don’t p/them off.

    I’m not surprise to see Deborah Haynes name as her reporting was classic boiler plate. She used to work at The Times (quelle surprise)! As is said in Britland, she knows which side of her bread is buttered. There’s always a future job as NATO spokesperson as former BBC defense correspondents have done…


    1. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, I see.

      I thought he’d retired. However, he’s just a retired admiral: he’s still performing as a front man — this time for the Pentagon. Last seen performing for the State Department.

      What a whacky duo he and Psaki now make — she as Press Secretary for the White House and he for the mightiest war machine the world has ever known, allegedly.


    2. Caitlin Johnson on the above, as quoted in a comment to the RT article:

      So we are being told that the United States launched an airstrike on Syria, a nation it invaded and is illegally occupying, because of attacks on “US locations” in Iraq, another nation the US invaded and is illegally occupying. This attack is justified on the basis that the Iraqi fighters were “Iranian-linked”, a claim that is both entirely without evidence and irrelevant to the justification of deadly military force. And this is somehow being framed in mainstream news publications as a defensive operation. This is Defense Department stenography. The US military is an invading force in both Syria and Iraq; it is impossible for its actions in either of those countries to be defensive. It is always necessarily the aggressor. It’s the people trying to eject them who are acting defensively. The deaths of US troops and contractors in those countries can only be blamed on the powerful people who sent them there.


    3. The ‘First Blooding’ of a new President of the United States. Quite the rite of passage. Amerika STRONK! Bi-Dumb looks set to follow US tradition in doing everything wrong first before doing something eventually right (i.e. by accident). Depressing.


      1. The dying monster thrashes about – all within striking range should have a care. All purely symbolic – you thought we might go away, but we won’t, and whatever we struck was ‘facilties of Iranian-backed militias’. Our intelligence says so, and it is never wrong.


  30. UN, 24 Feb – RIA Novosti. Dmitry Polyansky, Russia’s first deputy ambassador to the UN, criticized his German counterpart, Christoph Heusgen, who had spoken about the “violation” of human rights in the Crimea.

    On Tuesday, the UN General Assembly hosted a meeting dedicated to the “situation in the temporarily occupied territories of the Ukraine.” A number of Western delegations called on Russia to comply with the Minsk agreements, although Russia is not a party to them.

    German Permanent Representative Christoph Heusgen expressed concern over the fate of the Crimean Tatars, who, according to him, are being oppressed on the peninsula.

    “I am asking the representative of Russia why Russia does not provide access to independent missions, observers, so that they can check the situation with human rights in Crimea”, the diplomat asked.

    In response, Polyansky reproached his German colleague for being ” picturesquely contrite”.

    “Ask your compatriots, including those from the Bundestag, who regularly visit the Crimea. By the way, both we and the Crimeans have personally invited you to the Crimea. Maybe you’re just holding back and hinting that we should buy you a ticket? So tell me directly, why blacken the situation there?”, said the deputy permanent representative.

    As the Russian diplomat noted, “it is much easier to spread fables about the horrors in the allegedly occupied Crimea, while finding out the truth and making sure of the falsity of these fabrications is easier than ever”.

    According to him, every year about a million Ukrainians, who still take their vacations in the Crimea, leave a positive feedback on social networks.

    “By the way, if today it is justified to talk about any occupation, it is about the occupation of a normal Ukraine by the Maidan Ukraine, which was an open, friendly country for us with common values ​​and ideals. The Maidan madness and geopolitical considerations of our Western colleagues turned it into the fiefdom of nationalist and anti-Russia “, stressed Polyansky.



    1. provide access to independent missions

      What does that mean? What is the definition of ‘independent’? Is that anyone who is not Russia? Or maybe its a plea for freebie holidays for u-Ropean lawmakers to soak up the sunshine and get sum?


    1. Note the different track gauges.

      The Russian 5-foot gauge was chosen so as to make it difficult for European armies to invade the Russian Empire, as standard European guage is 4 foot 8 and a half inches. The first railway here, however, the tsar’s private line as it were from Tsarskoe Tselo to St. Petersburg was 6 foot guage.

      But there are different gauges all over the world and in Europe. In Spain there is a “broad gauge” so as to originally stymie the Portugues, who also have a broad gauge. And there are different gauges in Australia and South Africa. And Irish guage is 5 foot 3 inches.


  31. Russische Verräterin?

    Артемий Лебедев опубликовал удостоверение Юлии Навальной с немецким гражданством
    26 февраля 2021, 13:11

    Artemy Lebedev has published Yulia Navalnaya’s ID with German citizenship
    26 February 2021, 13:11

    Thinking of Mother Russia, Frau Nawalnaja?

    Blogger and designer Artemy Lebedev published on his Telegram page a photo of the identity card of the wife of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Yulia, with German citizenship.

    “It turns out that Yulia Navalnaya has German citizenship. Fantastic!” he wrote.

    The document was issued in 2019. There is no confirmation of authenticity at the moment.

    In German orthography, her family name, name and patronymic are written thus:


    No feminine gender ending on her family name, but, strangely enough, a feminine ending on her patronymic!

    Recall that in early February, Yulia Navalnaya left Moscow. German media then reported that the oppositionist’s wife had arrived at Frankfurt-am-Main airport for a visit, the purpose of which remained a mystery. The journalists suggested that the trip was private. She later returned to the Russian capital.

    Meanwhile, Aleksey Navalny, whose suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case was changed to a real one, has been transported from the Matrosskaya Tishina pre-trial detention centre in Moscow. The lawyers representing the interests of the opposition politician were not told to which particular correctional institution their client has been sent.

    Appeal to the ECHR you useless twats!

    Which reminds me: chief useless twat defence lawyer Fagin seems to have gone out business — no sign of him with the Bullshitter legal entourage.

    When Fagin was defending some, though not all, of Tolokonnikova’s gang, he acquired, they say, not only the rights of the “Pussy Riot” story for his film director wife, but also the right to sell “Pussy Riot” memorabilia. Later, when Tolokonnikova’s slimy git of an ex-husband tried to cash in on the “Pussy Riot” name, his wife made it clear that it was not his property but that of the “feminist punk band cooperative” or whatever shite title they like to give to their fake artistry.

    The one member of Tolokonnikova’s gang who got let off, in that she didn’t do time, was the one whom Fagin didn’t defend. In fact, during the trial, she told Fagin to go take a hike and got herself another lawyer.

    Verzilov mincing along Tverskaya Street next to his then artist-philosopher wife, whom he shagged in public. Ars gratia artis?

    What a tosser!


    1. 20.11.2029 – ergo if it is ten years valid, dates frm 20.11.2019, applied for a month or more earlier? Offered by Germany or requested? An escape route or insurance? etc.


  32. 39 минут назад
    Зеленский подписал указ о мерах по «деоккупации» Крыма

    39 minutes ago
    Zelensky signed a decree on measures to “de-occupy” the Crimea

    President of the Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed a decree on measures to “de-occupy” the Crimea.

    “Today I signed a decree on certain measures aimed at the de-occupation and reintegration of the Crimean peninsula”, Zelenskiy said in a statement posted on his official website. The President instructed the government to organize and launch the “Crimean Platform”, as well as to prepare measures to protect the rights of Crimean residents, develop and support the Crimean Tatar language and culture.

    Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba said that Kiev is working to make the topic of the Crimea “hellish” for Russia. To achieve this goal, a negotiating platform will be created to coordinate international efforts aimed at returning the Crimea to the Ukraine. He later said that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry would ask the European Union to impose new sanctions against Russia, allegedly because of human rights violations in the Crimea.

    The Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014. This was preceded by a referendum on the status of the peninsula, as a result of which the overwhelming majority of the region’s residents voted for a transition to Russian jurisdiction. The annexation of the Crimea to Russia is not recognized by the United States, the European Union and most of the UN member states.

    You and whose army, funny man?

    And we’re still waiting for that Yukietard victory march in Simferopol and the Yukie flag flying at Sevastopol, as long ago promised by your corrupt predecessor Porky the Pig.


    1. If only it were that easy, eh, ZikZik? I would just sign a decree that all women must find me attractive – or pretend to – or that the Royal Bank of Canada must pay me an annual stipend of 25% of their profits. Notice, though, that his plan requires the ‘international community’ to do all the heavy lifting for him, with ever more and more sanctions until Russia screams “enough!!” and hands Crimea back to a cheering Kuh-yiv. I see a couple of problems with the tactic, though; for one, the international community must be getting pretty close to asking ‘what’s in it for us?’. And a big part of Ukraine’s supposed ‘international community’ is Yurrup. They’ve pretty much sanctioned everything they can, except for Russian energy exports. Is Ukraine asking Yurrup to cut itself off from Russian gas and oil so they will be persuaded to give Crimea back to Ukraine? What would Yurrup get out of that? A warm feeling for having made so many Ukrainians happy, including all the broody expats? Doubtless that will be a great comfort when they turn on the stove to make dinner and nothing happens. Assuming, of course, that American LNG is not quite ready to start supplying Yurrup with about 45% of the gas it buys annually.

      ‘Sanctions’ is getting to be a word that doesn’t mean much, at least in terms of leverage, and one day soon the west will wake to find there’s nothing left to sanction, but Russia is still doing okay. Which will mean all leverage is gone, with little to no prospect of trade relations between Yurrup and Russia ever returning to anything like they were, because Yurrup’s Russian markets have been replaced by other suppliers, yet the goal of forcing Russia to ‘change its behavior’ was not achieved.

      What happens then, hmmmm?

      I would expect that long before that day arrives, Yurrup will be getting just a little bit peevish at Zelensky and his decrees and his expectations that Yurrup will always be eager to sacrifice more for Ukraine.

      In fact, if I were Russia, every time Zelensky pulled another dick move like this one, I would abandon a significant Ukrainian investment. It would not take too long for even a thudfuck like him to make the connection between dick moves and falling FDI.



    by John Helmer, Moscow

    Last week in a Moscow court, Michael Bloomberg’s (lead image, right) organisation of New York City did something it has never done before. It admitted it has been publishing lies about Russia. It also paid a penalty of Rb12,600 ($170.25).

    Bloomberg even promised that in future its reporting on Russia will “be guided in its work by recognised editorial standards of truthfulness, accuracy and objectivity of published information in accordance with its internal code of journalistic standards and ethics [and] best practices in the news industry.”

    What Bloomberg was promising not to do was to print fabrications about Russia fed in secret to its reporters by agents of the US Government….

    Plenty more at the link.

    It’s hard to find any news of it in english but this turned up via a search (nothing via gugl) and reads like a machine translation:

    Bloomberg admitted a mistake in a dispute with Rosneft


    1. “Bloomberg even promised that in future its reporting on Russia will “be guided in its work by recognised editorial standards of truthfulness, accuracy and objectivity of published information in accordance with its internal code of journalistic standards and ethics [and] best practices in the news industry.”

      Why would it start that now? Won’t people be confused?


  34. It’s the North Korean government that is using human engines, as revealed in the photograph, showing Russian diplomats crossing the frontier from N. Korea to S. Korea.

    The Russian Federation state railway system employs railway locomotives such as this:

    I think the Russian railway system is excellent. Much better than the totally useless British railway system that fell victim to denationalization and operates on franchises, apart from those parts of the old system that are costly to operate, such as track maintenance, which the state operates, of course, not private enterprise.


    1. The above was supposed to have been immediately below this John Kane comment:

      My lord, clearly the Russian Federation’s economy is in terrible shape if they are using human engines!!!


  35. Russian media outlets linked to British state conjure up false story blaming RT for Amnesty’s downgrading of Navalny’s status

    After leaked documents, reported on by RT, exposed how both Meduza and MediaZona received illicit support from the UK government, the pair fired back with a vicious, and obviously fake, news story – and Western media fell for it.

    On February 23, Grayzone News journalist Aaron Maté revealed on Twitter that Amnesty International had rescinded jailed Russian activist Alexey Navalny’s “prisoner of conscience” characterization, on the basis he previously “advocated violence and discrimination and has not retracted such statements.” …

    More at the link.

    al-Beeb’s story by Rainsford remains uncorrected…


  36. Although not directly mentioned in that link, ole Kevin Rothrock must have been wrathfully rocked at the exposure of’s connections to its “investors” or one of them at least.


  37. One item of . . .

    Интересненькие новостишки 27.02.2021

    Interesting News 27.02.2021

    Main news Western media:

    US, German and Latvian ambassadors have laid flowers at the place of Boris Nemtsov’s murder.

    Head of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow John Sullivan laid flowers at the place of death of politician Boris Nemtsov on Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge.

    The ambassadors of Germany and Lithuania also participated in the mourning ceremony on the anniversary of the murder of the politician, deputy of Yaroslavl regional Duma.

    Spontaneous actions in memory of the murder victim began in Russian cities on February 27.

    Boris Nemtsov was shot in front of the Kremlin walls exactly six years ago. His family and associates have stated that only the low-ranking perpetrators of the crime have been punished, whilst those who ordered it are still at large.

    “Spontaneous” actions?

    Oh do fuck off will ya?


    See, they want the real killer, not those tried and convicted for the murder, sort of like they want the real owner of the Gelendzhik “palace” and not the actual legal owner.

    And we all know who the real killer and owner is, don’t we kiddies? And we’re gonna scream and shout until he owns up, so there!

    Meanwhile, hardly anyone here gives a flying fuck about Shagger.


    1. That mask won’t hide your identity, Kara-Murza, agent of the USA, vice-chairman of Khodorkovsky’s NGO “Open Russia”.

      In mid 2017 Open Russia was designated as an undesirable organisation by the office of the Prosecutor General of Russia, effectively banning its activities in Russia. So what does Kara-Murza do for a living in Russia?

      Kara-Murza was awarded the Civil Courage Prize in 2018. Same as what the Bullshitter has just got.

      What has Kara-Murza done that is courageous?

      Now don’t you go call me a Tatar!

      In fact, he is descended from a Tatar aristocrat warlord who became a Christian and served Muscovy.

      Treason runs in the family, it seems.


      1. Oh yeah, and his family name means “Black Lord” in Tatar.

        Funny that: in the Red Corner, “The Black Lord”, Vladimir Vladimirovich Kara-Murza; in the Blue Corner, “The Dark Lord”, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin!

        PS Nowt against Tatars, me: I have very good neighbours in the country who are Tatar. They live in central Moscow, and my wife and younger daughter have often been their guests many times there because the Tatar neighbours’ granddaughter is my Sasha’s pal.


    2. Ha, ha!! You see? As soon as there is any indication that a practice ‘bothers the Kremlin’ – such as the clearing-off of the handful of bouquets and the couple of ‘volunteers’ who ‘guard’ the sacred place of Nemtsov’s death…then the United States and its lackeys must rush to participate, and to encourage the behavior. It is plainly spoiling for a fight, and no opportunity to be provocative is too insignificant. So John Sullivan shows up, with a brigade of journalists and photographers, to make a statement – don’t let Vladimir Putin push you around.

      The opportunities for psychological warfare are rich here – what should follow? Should a presidential order to not empty any of the street garbage cans be announced, and would it result in the envoys of Washington, Germany and Lithuania showing up in maintenance onesies to defiantly empty them, as a poignant cry for freedom? Maybe the bridge should officially be renamed “Guy who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants bridge” – that’s a favourite American dodge, and it would serve to remind Shagger’s grieving family of the precise circumstances of his untimely end, nipping across the bridge with his latest in a parade of young conquests for some late-night passion, whilst the dutiful wife who is currently so torn up about the official disrespect of her stalwart paramour sat alone at home.

      The United States government would send a high-ranking representative to attend the funeral of a noted and despised pedophile if it thought doing so would annoy the Russian government. It truly has no shame, and lives only for gratuitous provocative behavior. I’m just surprised Justin Trudeau wasn’t there, too, perhaps wearing an ill-fitting and shoddy suit such as he imagines ‘people of the Soviet Union’ regularly appear in so that he can show he’s done his homework.


  38. Hundreds . . . nay, thousands! Nay, nay and nay again! I say unto ye hundreds of thousands must have gathered on Bolshoi Moskvoretskiy Bridge Nemtsov Bridge today so as to express their grief on “Nemtsov Day”, 27th February, that day 6 years ago when Putin had Shagger Nemtsov shot in the back.

    They even raised Pushkin from the dead so as he could joinn in the grief of millions . . . nay, hundreds of millions!


  39. Though some in the prime of their lives seem to have liked that train wreck of a politician, one even apparently having brought along his child for a bit of indoctrination.

    And she above must remember Borya really well!

    Shagger with escort agency employee Anastasia Ogneva whilst on vacation in Dubai (2012). Presumably, the Mrs. Nemtsova of the time was back home with the kids.

    Here’s lookin’ at ya, Borya!


    1. It’s just a public sign of submission to government that has decided to let the public-health nurses run the country their way until people won’t put up with it any longer. And most populations are so spineless that could last years.


      1. Don’t drink from that!!! It’s got Novichok on it!

        In fact, you have to wonder when the attempt to kill Ashurkov with Novichok will happen. After all, he’;s a known agent of a foreign power who works for the UK against his own country.


    1. You have to laugh. Only a few years ago, the west was going to ‘spring a trap’, and capture all the lolly hidden in Cyprus by dirty Russian oligarchs who were buddies of Putin, and possibly even the billions stolen by Putin himself from the Russian people. They netted pretty much fuck-all, wrecked Cyprus as a tax haven…and now are using it themselves to wash money gifted to Russian liberal criminals for their propaganda campaigns. And, just incidentally, so they can enjoy very comfortable lifestyles without working.

      Every criminal in Russia must have London in mind as Escape Plan A if they are ever caught – they only need to squeal “I’m against Putin! He’s oppressing me because of my political views!” and Mother England will gather them into her comforting embrace.


  40. Anyone want to send letters of support to the gobshite Bullshitter?

    His new address has now been released:

    Deputy Chairman of the Russian National Union, lawyer Ivan Mironov spoke about Penal Colony No. 2 in Pokrov, Vladimir Region, where, according to sources, oppositionist Alexei Navalny was transferred.

    Mironov noted that this colony is “red”. This is the name of those colonies where the administration of the institution keeps order and where all the rules are strictly observed.

    See: Адвокат раскрыл особенности колонии Навального

    Not far from Moscow.

    Why didn’t they send the boorish bastard to Eastern Siberia?

    Penal Colony No. 2 is only about 60 miles east of Moscow.

    Oh look! There’s even a church there for “Believer” Navalny.

    And training for con rehabilitation provided!

    Prisoners have been trained in high demand skills
    Photo by the press service of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Vladimir Region.

    Prisoners of the Pokrovskaya general regime colony No. 2 have successfully passed vocational training exams, reports the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Vladimir Region. 68 convicts were trained in the specialties of “painter”, “machine operator of woodworking machines” and “seamstress”. From tomorrow, 60 more convicts will sit on the training bench. According to the leadership of the colony, these specialties will allow prisoners to quickly find work after being released.

    She in the photo looks like a nice humane training officer!

    Maybe Lyosha can finally learn something there that he can put to good use earning an honest ruble when he comes out.

    What a bunch of friendly looking chaps! I’m sure Lyosha will get on like a house on fire with fellow inmates such as those playful rascals pictured above having a little fun at colony No.2.


    The autumn sportsday for inmates of prison No.2 in Pokrov has come to close


    1. Or maybe Lyosha can enlighten them al by saying that their incarceration is simply a state of mind and that they should look upon their sojourn at the colony as though they were in a space capsule voyaging to Mars? . . .


      1. I’m sure he will have them eating out of his hand in a week, and they will all become dedicated liberal activists who want to live and work in ‘Lyosha’s Russia’. In a month he will have enough of them to take the Kremlin – but they won’t; not just yet.


  41. And if Lyosha gets banged up in a slammer there, the Believer can rest assured that some Orthodox Sky Pilot will pop in to give him succour. And should he change faith and become an “Allahu akbar!” devotee, from the above photograph I can see that there is mufti on hand at colony No.2 as well.



    1. Not a lot to complain about, really, is there? Like the prisoner in Jack London’s “The Star Rover”, Lyosha will have to seek refuge in his imagination, because a short-term crisis is going to be, How To Keep Lyosha’s Life Interesting? It can’t be “Tuesday. Would you believe it? Porridge again!!!” But he is going to have to parcel out his charisma over at least 3.5 years, and it is quite possible some other years might soon join them.


      1. How to keep Lyosha’s life interesting?

        Hmmm . . . that’s a tough one.


        I know . . . How about a hunger strike?

        And then there’s always the Bullshitter’s deutsche Frau to fall back on so as to attract comment from the “International Community” about the nefarious treatment of honest, truth seeking “lawyer” Navalny.

        In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if Frau Julija Abrosimowa Nawalny (sic) were to suffer a series of physical attacks, such as her dousing with green antiseptic lotion by a Putin supporting maniac . . . no, on second thoughts, that’s been done too many times with her martyr husband.

        Shit, maybe?

        A bucket of shit chucked at her by some Kremlin lapdog?

        Nah. Not hurled at the Statuesque Blonde! That’d be over the top. Worked against Horror Comic Latynina, but I don’t think that Frau Nawalny, whose image has appeared on fashion magazine covers, wouldbe considered a worthy recipient of a bucket of shit in her face.

        Anyway, such fantasies are unnecessary, though they give me a certain pleasure. Schadenfreude is such a wicked thing! I say that they are unnecessary, for I’m quite certain that the pampered bourgeois twat of a conman Navalny will soon have an “accident” in nick and he’ll be put in solitary for his own protection.

        Same happened to those “artistes” of the “punk feminist rock band” when they were in a colony, and one much further from Moscow than is Lyosha’s present correctional institute.


        1. Well, you might be on to something with the hunger strike, because I suspect The Incarceration Of Lyosha is going to be all about martyrdom and passive resistance. When you are imprisoned they traditionally take away pretty much all your means of making a stir, and harming oneself is about all that’s left as a statement. Much will depend on how much journalistic access is allowed to the prisoner – they might have to rely on grimy notes – perhaps written in the prisoner’s blood!! – smuggled out by relatives (read, “Written by western agencies”). But if the west really is committed to Lyosha as its champion, then it will become a western project to keep him in the news somehow. And any attempt to cut off access to him completely will be a story of its own. We’ll have to see how it goes. I think the Frau Nawalnaya thing is just setting her up as a cutout to maintain traffic between Lyosha and the west; they can’t deny her visits so long as Lyosha is not a dangerous and violent offender. The custodians will have to watch carefully for how Lyosha is getting his poignant story out through his missus. But maybe there will be no surreptitious exchange of grubby notes; it’s entirely possible that a tearful Frau Nawalnaya will simply do an interview with western reporters post-visit, and someone else will just seamlessly write Lyosha’s tale of noble stoicism in the face of Orcish repression for her.


          1. She is no longer a Frau.


            See below: apology off Lebedev who published her “German ID”.

            She’s back to being plain old гражданка России Навальная, Йюлия Абросимова.

            However, as regards keeping the bullshitter on the front page, I wonder if it has occurred to him of late that seeing as he’s going to be out of circulation for some 2 and a half years, he may now probably be more use to his curators dead than alive.


            1. Well, we always think that, but the west must have something special in mind for Lyosha down the road, because they never abandon him even when he’s talking out his ass like he’s having a wobbler, in court and elsewhere, flying through the cosmos in his spacecraft which is a prison cell. I don’t think anymore that they’re going to bump him off; they seem to have a bright future in mind for him.


  42. Aunty Biden Says US Will ‘Never’ Accept Russia’s Annexation of Crimea

    Statement released around the seventh anniversary of the annexation

    ..“The United States continues to stand with Ukraine and its allies and partners today, as it has from the beginning of this conflict,” Biden said. “The United States does not and will never recognize Russia’s purported annexation of the peninsula, and we will stand with Ukraine against Russia’s aggressive acts.”..

    ‘Purported’? A qualiflier? WtAF? Diplomatic wiggle room? I wonder if Zel’s advisors had to look the word up and found the definition to say ‘Purported: it might mean something else in future if we change our mind or just stop lying.’

    Still, quite interesting that the USA wot make its own reality would even bother to put such a word in an official statement. Then again, maybe Bi-Dumb doesn’t know what it means.


    1. Biden (no, his handler) suggests that the annexation never actually occurred. They could have said “illegal annexation” but that would have granted that it was a fait accompli; mustn’t let reality creep into the narrative.

      Anyway, I much prefer the term “legal and necessary ascension”.


      1. I wonder what Biden’s opinion is as regards the illegally annexed in 1974 by Turkey territory of Cyprus that has since then gone by the name of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and is not “recognized” as such by any state, apart from Turkey?

        In 1983 the Turkish Cypriot assembly declared independence of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Immediately upon this declaration Britain convened a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to condemn the declaration as “legally invalid”. United Nations Security Council Resolution 541 (1983) considered the “attempt to create the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is invalid, and will contribute to a worsening of the situation in Cyprus”. It went on to state that it “considers the declaration referred to above as legally invalid and calls for its withdrawal”.

        On 22 July 2010, United Nations’ International Court of Justice decided that “International law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence”. In response to this non-legally-binding direction, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said it “has nothing to do with any other cases in the world” including Cyprus, whereas some researchers stated the decision of ICJ provided the Turkish Cypriots an option to be used. — <a href=""Wiki


        1. Well, you know – western peacekeepers have been a feature in Cyprus for nearly 60 years. Their mission, ostensibly, is to “contribute to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and to facilitate a return to normal conditions.” Part of that ‘return to normal conditions’ is ‘an amicable diplomatic solution to the Cyprus dispute’. I imagine that diplomatic solution is always a balancing act involving how the west wants it to play out and how that amicable solution can be used as its beloved ‘leverage’ to obtain concessions from Turkey and Greece. But the idea that the west could not impose a military solution in 57 years is pretty much a non-starter. It obviously suits the west to keep things as they are.


          1. My nephew was there with United Nations forces. Patrolling the “peace line” up in the mountains he was. With Ghurkas. Got a UN gong for his efforts. Said he has never done so much shagging in his life as when he was in sunny Cyprus.

            And then they sent him to Suffield, Alberta, where he talked to prairie dogs all day, week in, week out, in the middle of nowhere.

            British MoD joke, I guess, posting him from Cyprus to there.

            From the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say.


    2. I don’t see any conflict there. The USA will never accept Russia’s ‘annexation’ of Crimea, and Russia does not care what the USA will never accept. Meanwhile, Crimea will go on being a part of Russia, albeit unaccepted by the United States. That probably will not cause too many sleepless nights in Crimea, so I guess no real harm done. Have a paddy, by all means, Uncle Sam. Nobody cares.

      Here’s a blast from the past for you, Sleepy Joe – even in the heat of the moment, the USA stepped carefully back from the go line.

      “The prime minister, heading for talks at the White House and United Nations, told parliament in Kiev he wanted the United States and Britain, as guarantors of a 1994 treaty that saw Ukraine give up its Soviet nuclear weapons, to intervene both diplomatically and militarily to fend off Russian “aggression”.

      But despite NATO reconnaissance aircraft patrolling the Polish and Romanian borders and U.S. naval forces preparing for exercises in the Black Sea, Western powers have made clear that, as when ex-Soviet Georgia lost territory in fighting in 2008, they have no appetite for risking turning the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War into a military conflict with Moscow.

      Diplomacy seemed restricted to a war of words. The U.S. and Russian foreign ministers did speak by telephone. But the U.S. State Department said Moscow’s position offered no room for negotiation and the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning U.S. financial aid to the “illegitimate regime” in Kiev, which it calls ultra-nationalists with “Nazi” links.”

      There you have it; the Ukrainian junta invited NATO to go to war on its behalf, and Uncle Sam said, “I personally would love to, but I have to stay home and do my homework that night”. Washington tried to guilt Moscow into ‘negotiating’, and Moscow said, “Bite me”, and got away with it. And the more I’m-fixin’-to-kick-your-ass the talk has gotten since then, the less ready the USA actually is to do it and the more militarily costly the equation looks for the west.



    FAKE NEWS. Hackers or leakers (“We are Anonymous”) have released documents (1, 2, 3, 4) showing that a lot of “trusted news sources” are actually outlets for London-directed propaganda. All under sanctimonious claims of “democracy-promotion” or countering “disinformation”. (Apparently, “disinformation” is most dangerous when it’s true:…

    All the rest at the link.


    1. There’s a piece PaRo reference in the SITREP above that I would change slightly, “Robert Kagan Diagnosed America’s Biggest Problem: Americans Who Don’t Want To Runm the World“.


    2. And vis the link to insulting war veterans (UK – Tom Moore/Ru – Ignat Artemenko):

      Drunk Latvian jailed for urinating on the Cenotaph in Central London

      23:27, 2 NOV 2015

      …Fisers also admitted outraging public decency and being drunk two days later. He was jailed at Westminster magistrates court and told to pay £260 costs…



      But remember kids, Russia is different!


  44. Huge article!

    BBC pulling out all the stops:

    Lead on front page BBC News

    A man who tried to help Syria – but who was crushed by disinfo


    Mayday: How the White Helmets and James Le Mesurier got pulled into a deadly battle for truth
    18 hours ago

    The British man behind the Syrian civil defence group, the White Helmets, found himself at the centre of a battle to control the narrative of the Syrian war. Russian and Syrian propagandists accused his teams of faking evidence of atrocities – and convinced some in the West. The battle for truth formed a backdrop to James Le Mesurier’s sudden death in Istanbul in November 2019.

    With the setting sun reflecting in the water and the lights of Istanbul twinkling on the horizon, the wedding guests sat around lantern-lit tables: diplomats from several countries, military officers, journalists and activists who had flown in from around the world to see James Le Mesurier get married.

    A dashing former army officer in his 40s, Le Mesurier had made his name as the co-founder of the White Helmets – the group of several thousand young Syrian men and women who pulled survivors and bodies from the rubble of bombed-out buildings in rebel-held areas of the war-ravaged country.

    The woman he was marrying, Emma Winberg, once worked for the UK Foreign Office but had latterly been helping him manage the White Helmets. She was his third wife.

    Here’s that child again!

    There’s footage of little Omran, being carried by a White Helmet and put into the back of an ambulance. He’s tiny and monochrome – covered head to toe in brick dust like a little grey ghost. He sits there, expressionless, utterly dazed.

    No mention of the follow up to the Omran tale and what he and his father said about his “rescue”.

    Father of Aleppo boy reveals truth behind image of ‘Boy in the Ambulance’

    Omran’s father, Mohamad Kheir Daqneesh, told CGTN reporter that the Syrian opposition had exaggerated his son’s injuries.

    “He only sustained minor injuries. I was injured as well, and it was my blood on his head,” explained Daqneesh. “I refused to cooperate with them (Syrian opposition), then they said Omran died via their media. They are not to be trusted.”

    The father said that he was urged to succumb to the narrative that the Syrian government was responsible for bombing his neighborhood, and some journalists even offered him 10,000 US dollars to decry President Bashar al-Assad, which he refused.

    While reviewing the footage from last August, you may find the two White Helmets’ actions disturbingly abnormal. The Syrian Civil Defense is a self-appointed, all Syrian, volunteer force of rescue workers who call themselves the White Helmets.

    Funny how BBC woman in Syria journalist Chloe Hadjimatheou hasn’t heard about what the boy’s father has said about the White Helmet “rescue”.

    BBC – MI6 mouthpiece, organ of disinformation.

    And remember, folks, the BBC is independent of government and state agency control.


    1. If you can’t attack the message, attack the messenger.


      Marr: “How can you know I’m self-censoring?”
      Chomsky: “I’m not saying you’re self-censoring. I’m sure you believe everything you say. But what I’m saying is if you believed something different you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting.”

      As Mr. Punch would say “That’s the way to do it!


      1. “The picture was first spotted as it circulated on Twitter, the social networking site, on Sunday, apparently sourced from activists in Syria, triggering our process for checking user-generated content.”

        Uh huh. Your process for checking user-generated content, oh, sure; I remember. It’s “Boot up computer. Copy social-media information. Check to make sure it did not come from Russian or Chinese sources, or that lying sack of shit Jeremy Corbyn. If no to all above, inject into news stream.” Especially when it was Syrian activists whose propaganda was so bad you could just tell they were lying; never mind, it’ll probably circulate for a few hours before independent fact-checkers force it to be taken down. You can push a lot of minds in a few hours, and then it’s just a mealy-mouth apology later.


    2. Chloe Hadjimatheou had to admit in a tedious series of email correspondence with Vanessa Beeley – tedious from CH’s side – that she had not been to Syria legally since 2011 when the war began. So no way can CH be considered to have been “on the ground” in Syria. Beeley posted their exchanges online: they are a gruelling read, not least because CH appears to be such a numb-nut looking for “stories” and isn’t the least bit interested in fact. CH also had a lengthy correspondence with Paul Keague of the Syrian Working Group on Propaganda (a group he founded with Timothy Hayward and some other UK academics) and that can be found online too. I must warn though that is also hard-going. CH surely had a directive from her bosses to smear Beeley and other dissenters.

      The exchanges were part of CH’s research for a radio series about John Le Mesurier’s life and work.


      1. A few corrections: “Keague” should be “McKeigue” and his organisation is the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media.


      2. James Le Mesurier, Shirley?

        “You silly girl! Take that woman’s name, Sgt Wilson!”

        (Couldn’t resist, Jen: apologies!!!)

        Apologies to those who are unfamiliar with the Dads’ Army BBC series.


        1. Of course! James Le Mesurier it is. Thx for the correction.

          I’m actually not familiar with the old “Dad’s Army” TV series so I didn’t know of the actor John Le Mesurier before posting the original comment.


    3. Well, you knew the west was going to try to rehabilitate le Mesurier sooner or later, after the initial heat died down. The White Helmets are too important to ongoing and future propaganda efforts. In fact, the ‘election’ of Biden probably signals a renewal of the American meddling in Syria; that was always a pet project of the Democrats, and Billary will have their fingers in it again now that the White House is free once more.

      Le Mesurier was trying to help Syria – yes, of course he was. Trying to help Syria reach the state the west planned for it, which is out of Qatar’s way and helping with a gas pipeline to Europe, and helping Syria get a compliant new leader who will let Syria ‘become a prosperous western-leaning market democracy’. Oh, and kick out the Russians. Who were most definitely not ‘helping Syria’ do anything except keep the leader they elected.

      It is very important for NATO that its meddling be framed as ‘helping’, or ‘aid’ or ‘rescue’, something like that, something that will let its electors relax and smile that even though it was a bit rough in places, it was all for the best and they did The Right Thing. Nothing contributes to that feeling of satisfaction like good propaganda.


  45. В Швейцарии после вакцинации от COVID-19 умерли 16 человек
    БЕРН, 27 февраля 2021, 01:50 — REGNUM По меньшей мере 16 человек умерли в Швейцарии после прививки от коронавирусной инфекции. Об этом 26 февраля сообщается на сайте правительства страны.

    In Switzerland, 16 people died after vaccination against COVID-19

    BERN, 27 February 2021, 01:50 – REGNUM At least 16 people have died in Switzerland after their having been vaccinated against coronavirus infection. This was reported on February 26 on the website of the country’s government.


    1. Yes, there’s a blog site I keep seeing posted in comments at OffGuardian whenever a COVID story comes up, which is quite frequent. The blog owner ostensibly tracks these records of deaths and ‘adverse events/reactions’ to vaccination.

      I didn’t spend much time on it, but, well…let’s see here. Okay, the source used is apparently VAERS, which is an acronym (I suspect you knew that) for the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, which seems to be a real thing, managed by the CDC.

      Again according to the blog owner, the VAERS data for January 29th, 2021 revealed a ratio from a dataset of 11,249 cases in which the vaccination was ‘COVID-19’ of;

      Death – 4.45%
      Permanent Disability – 1.39%
      Emergency Room/Doctor – 21.56%
      Life Threatening – 3.4%

      That’s against a positive ratio of;

      Recovered – 38.15%

      The explanation at the bottom points out that because there are multiple injections (2), some individual cases are in more than one category, as you would be if you walked away from your first shot in the pink of health, and died after the second. So the numbers will obviously not add up to 100%, and it seems to me the methodology would be complicated to check and verify.

      All things considered, though, if the information offered is both accurate and representative, a death rate of 4.45% is considerably worse than the death rate of the disease itself.


      1. If that death rate is accurate, that is nothing less than medical mass murder. What are the causes of death? Allergic reaction? Covid-19? Presumably, the 11,240 vaccinations were among the most vulnerable to Covid-19 thus likely already in a weakened state. But, the number suggest that over 400 were killed by the vaccine from that relatively small group. Seems to be a grossly under-reported story.

        I bet that these deaths were truly associated with the vaccine; unlike Covid-19 deaths that could be the result of a traffic accident if the victim had previously tested positive.


        1. What dissenting voices keep highlighting about the vaccines is that all of them are experimental – none has completed third-stage clinical trials, and complete trial processes take years. All that have been approved thus far have been authorized on an emergency-use basis. The mRNA vaccines are supposed to generate the spike protein of the virus, and then once they have done their work, just disappear into your cellular makeup without causing any further effect. But what if that’s not what happens?

          I suspect that many who died, whatever the actual number is, were the same people who were dying of COVID – elderly people with co-morbidities, the very people the vaccine was supposed to protect. Old and ill subjects cannot tolerate much of a shock to their systems, whatever it is. But the numbers – if, again, they are accurate – suggest they would have been better off taking their chances with the disease.

          You’d have to follow the reports for awhile and build up a picture of what the actual adverse rate looked like – for my part, I was alarmed by the percentage of vaccinations which resulted in a visit to the emergency room. But if the source actually is the CDC, it sounds legitimate. The only mitigating factor might be the way the information is interpreted. But it’s hard to argue with Death; that’s pretty final, considering that while one individual might contribute to several different representative groups, you can only die once.

          Another report I saw, I think it was at OffGuardian, speculated that the sharp drop in ‘new cases’ worldwide coincides almost exactly from the date the WHO provided further guidance on the PCR test, suggesting it was probably possible to get a positive test out of a chunk of firewood if you cycled it enough times. Cycle rates higher than 30 were resulting in huge numbers of false positives. Since then, as mentioned, ‘new cases’ have fallen off dramatically.

          No matter how you look at it, the entire COVID episode has been a chronicle of incompetence, pettiness, pretensions to ‘science’ that have no substance and the usual pigheaded self-importance seen when any specialist group is granted nearly unlimited power to legislate. The politicians are to blame, of course, as they nearly always are, but public health has taken a hit to its trustworthiness and credibility that will take a decade to wear off. The whole mask thing was bullshit from the starting gun, and there is absolutely no science which holds that non-medical cloth masks are effective a preventing the transmission of an airborne respiratory virus. But the real outrage was the invocation of ‘asymptomatic’ and ‘presymptomatic’ transmission as the basis for making healthy people wear face masks in all public spaces. If it transpires that those are disproven, which they should be as there is no evidence to support them and a great deal of data contradicts them, there should be a bloody purge of public-health officials and political zealots. I devoutly hope so.


  46. Another well known corrupt liberast twat at noon yesterday at you-know where:

    Behind the mask:

    Mikhail Kasyanov, First Deputy Prime Minister in 2000 and Minister of Finance

    In 2010, he co-founded the coalition “For Russia without Lawlessness and Corruption” in the shape of “The People’s Freedom Party For Russia without Lawlessness and Corruption” and became one of the leaders of “The People’s Freedom Party”.

    Allegations that Kasyanov took a two percent commission in exchange for ignoring bribes and illegal business ventures whilst he was working at the Ministry of Finance between 1993 and 1999 were made in the “state-controlled” Russian media which branded him as “Misha 2 percent” . In an article by Peter J. Stavrakis entitled “Russia’s evolution as a predatory state” (part of a compilation entitled “Russia’s uncertain economic future”, written for the United States Congress Joint Economic Committee), the allegations are described as credible. A Spiegel article from 2007 notes that Kasyanov insists that his only earnings as a public servant was his government salary and he was only involved in private business venture for “one year” since leaving the post of prime minister. The same article also claims that Kasyanov purchased the state-owned dacha of former Communist Party of the Soviet Union ideologue Mikhail Suslov which was worth several million euros.

    On 11 July 2005, the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor started to investigate the privatization of two houses formerly owned by the government. According to allegations first made by the journalist and State Duma member Aleksandr Hinshtein, two luxury government houses had been put up for sale in 2003 by a Kasyanov decree. According to the court verdict of 16 March 2007, he was to return a house and pay 108,135,000 rubles in damages to the government for using the property illegally (approx. USD 4,150,000 or €3,130,000). In 2007, Kasyanov was still planning to appealWiki

    And, together with the “Black Lord” Kara-Murza, a Misha is a former big buddy of Shagger Nemtsov.

    Kasyanov also fancies himself as a bit of a ladies-man as well.

    As recounted previously, he was filmed in flagrante delicto with a floozy PARNAS party pal of his who is British-Russian or whatever and into making loadsa lolly [Warning! Not family viewing]:

    Kasyanov in flagrante delicto


    1. By the way, Nemtsov fans, any of you remember this?

      That fucking lecherous Old Goat Venediktov is always hanging around potential movers and shakers.

      No show without Punch!

      And Shagger says above:

      . . . sorry, but I think Russia should of course elect a new president, and this president should be honest and physically strong and courageous and responsible. I am convinced from what I hear that the president should be Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and as long as he is not hindered by well known people from becoming president, I am convinced that he will have every chance of being elected. In any case, I’m going to support him . . .

      I can’t quite catch what the foul Old Goat buts in saying at the end.


      1. Ah, but at first the liberal element around the world thought Putin was ‘a man they could do business with’; in other words, they thought he might be like them, inveterate and ceaseless ‘reformers’, and that he might be anxious to follow the west’s suggestions in the hope that Russia might be like the west, sharing its ‘values’ and being a ‘responsible member of the world community’. It was only when they realized Putin aimed to restore Russian pride and build on past accomplishments rather than simply taking its marching orders from Washington that they decided they hated him – you will recall that even Browder was an admirer for a time. Doubtless Shagger was caught in the same monstrous deception.


      2. The West was on a roll – first Gorbachev, then Yeltsin and then a nobody Putin looked like more of the same. As often said here, as strong, energetic and intelligent Putin was, his success was possible due to the support of the military, the church and the population. That would make him a unique world leader.


        1. That, and the deal he struck with the oligarchs almost immediately upon assuming his office – stay out of politics, and you can keep your loot. Fuck with me, and you’ll have it confiscated by the state. Only Khodorkovsky disobeyed, and grew increasingly cocky about funding opposition figures and flirting with the west. Some rumors even suggested he was thinking of going into politics himself, but I always figured that was just talk. Khodorkovsky lived for making more money and growing more powerful, and it would have been much harder to do that and remain the kind of straight-arrow politician the west pretends it likes. He would be in a much better position to rob the place blind if he only controlled the government, without actually being part of it.

          Whatever the case, his cockiness got the better of him, and he overstepped.


          1. I have mentioned this before, I know, but Russians are fastidiously clean as regards the bringing of dirt into an abode from outside. I first noticed this here when I set foot in the USSR.

            Russians always remove their footwear when entering a dwelling, by the threshold of which there are always carpet slippers provided for visitors.

            At the thresholds there are always mats for removing dirt and/or snow from one’s footwear as well. In addition, and especially at this time of year, when, during increasingly more daylight hours for the rest of March (which is a winter month in Russia: officially, meteorological spring starts on March 27th this year, when the average daily temperature will pass through 0 °C ), the streets are full of slush, which then freezes after sunset, only to thaw out the next afternoon (e.g. now at 10:30 the temperature is minus 2 °C, this afternoon it will be plus 1 °C and after sunset it will be minus 7 °C), there are always folded floorcloths at the thresholds, which have to be regularly wrung out.

            And in summer, there is the dust to contend with. I have always felt that Russia is a very dusty place in summer, when it doesn’t rain at least every other day as it usually does in my part of England.

            And Russians, having removed their footwear, always wash their hands after they have entered a flat etc. Russians always wash their hands as soon as possible if they have handled money as well.

            In living quarters, Russian women always wear a house coat above their peignoir or whatever you want to call their underclothes (“chemise” maybe?), and men usually wear “track suits” indoors: they do not walk around their homes wearing street clothes.

            As I have mentioned before, Russians used to be amazed when they first watched US movies, soft Hollywood propaganda, showing extremely wealthy “normal” US citizens, usually in California, clomping around their beautiful homes with their boots on.

            My first Russian girl friend’s mother once, way back in 1992, when observing this habit, sighed wistfully to me: “Oy, America must be such a clean country! They never have to take their boots off indoors!”

            I still don’t know whether her comment was made in all seriousness.


            1. I should add, however, that when one has guests in Russia, the hostess puts on her best gear and the host does not walk around in his track suit or indoors camo-gear. However, I used often to amuse Mrs. Exile whenever we were playing host, in that I used to wear a jacket and tie, which she thought was somewhat over the top. So when she started off, telling me that I should not wear my jacket at the table and that the wearing of a tie was uncalled for, and kept on asking me why I should be so attired, I always replied: “I dress for dinner this way, Madam, because I am English!”


            2. East Asian and Middle Eastern cultures are similarly fastidious: everyone must check their street shoes at the door. Guests are usually offered house slippers to wear.


  47. And quick as a flash, self-appointed “human rights” observers have descended upon Colony No.1 to report how their herro is being treated there.

    Khodorkovsky’s “Open Media” reports:

    28.02.2021 10:27
    «Никого не били». Правозащитник рассказал о встрече Навального во владимирской колонии

    “They didn’t beat anyone.” A human rights activist has spoken about how Navalny was met in the Vladimir colony

    [Thank God for that! Not a finger laid on the lying bullshitting bastard!]

    My heart bleeds for you, Lyosha: it really does!

    Opposition activist Alexei Navalny and other inmates who were transported with him to the Pokrovsky prison No. 2 in the Vladimir region were not beaten upon arrival. Ruslan Vakhapov, a member of the “Sitting Russia” fund in Yaroslavl, told Open Media, citing inmates in this prison.

    According to the human rights activist, prisoners in IK-2 [Prison Colony-2] were surprised by the fact that at the “reception” of the newly arrived inmates on 27 February, the colony staff conducted themselves strictly according to the internal regulations and did not beat anyone. Usually inmates arriving at IK-2 could be beaten on the way out of the truck on their way to the search. “Reception” without beatings was a novelty for those who have long been serving their sentences there, but other inmates are still not thrilled about their future proximity to a famous politician.

    [Sources for these alleged beatings? — ME]

    “Zeks” [Russian slang: “cons” — ME] are scared of the unknown. Everyone there is not happy about Navalny’s appearance. Their life in prison had just got better, and now they might ‘tighten the screws’ “, Ruslan Vakhapov explained in a conversation with Open Media.

    [Well, he would tell “Open Media” that, wouldn’t he? — ME]

    Now Navalny is in quarantine for at least a week, after which he will be transferred to one of the detachments. Vakhapov also confirmed that in Pokrovsky IK-2, the so-called “actives” — prisoners who cooperate with the administration — have a great influence in the colony. [You don’t say! It was such “actives” who told Tolokonnikova and her pal Alyokhina to stop rocking the boat, whereupon the “feminist punk rockers” both ended up in solitary. Alyokhina, I recall, was in the habit of not getting up at roll call because was too tired — ME]

    The Vladimir Colony
    Yesterday, Yaroslavl-based news portal Yarnovosti reported that Navalny would serve his sentence in a Vladimir penal colony, citing a source in the Federal Penitentiary Service. Later, this was confirmed by a TASS source. The Russian Federal Penitentiary Service has not yet officially announced where the opposition activist is being held.

    Nor do they know where Navalny and his closest associates are located. Thus, Leonid Volkov, head of the regional network of the opposition leader’s headquarters, told Open Media that the Federal Penitentiary Service had chosen to communicate by “roads” [prison mail]. “We should like to receive official information: not by ‘roads,’ not by ‘mail,’ but by exercising Navalny’s legal rights: that his relatives and lawyers be officially notified [of where he will be sentenced]. It is strange that the Federal Penitentiary Service has chosen to communicate with the outside world by ‘roads'”, Volkov said.

    Konstantin Kotov, a defendant in the “Moscow case,” had previously served his sentence in the Pokrovsky-2 penal colony.

    What is known about Correctional Facility No. 2, where Aleksey Navalny was sent: a former inmate and a lawyer has told Open Media.

    It became known on February 25 that Navalny had been transferred from the Matrosskaya Tishina colony [Not so! Matrosskaya Tishina is a SIZO, a remand prison — ME] in Moscow, where he had been held for more than a month after his arrest in the capital. Navalny’s lawyer Vadim Kobzev said: “The Federal Penitentiary Service did not disclose exactly where they had taken the opposition activist. He told Open Media, “We are most likely to find out where the FBK founder will be serving his sentence when he gets there and has had an opportunity to get in touch with his family.

    The information provided by a former inmate of IK-2 and a lawyer runs thus:

    The Yaroslavl news portal Yarnovosti reported that politician Aleksey Navalny would serve his sentence in Penal Colony 2 in the Vladimir region, citing a source in the Federal Penitentiary Service. This was later confirmed by a TASS source.

    “It’s a very regimented colony, red [subordinate to Federal Penitentiary Service officials] to “reddish”, where everything is aimed at making a person feel completely dependent on the administration, with virtually no free time”, Konstantin Kotov’s lawyer Maria Eismont told “Open Media”. Kotov had served his sentence in IK-2. In September 2019, Moscow’s Tverskoi court sentenced him to four years in prison under the “Dada Law” (for administrative violations at rallies), but after Putin had instructed that the sentence be reviewed [How very untyrannical! — ME], the Moscow City Court did so and reduced Kotov’s sentence to a year and a half in prison.

    “Only one or two people from among those convicted were allowed to communicate with Kotov during that year. It was always difficult for a lawyer to get there, in no colony have I ever waited for 5-6 hours to be allowed in, nowhere except at Pokrovsky. Everything there is done to isolate political prisoners”, Eismont explains. [The political prisoner she is referring to is a person who was running riot in central Moscow during an unsanctioned rally — ME]

    According to her data, the head of the colony Alexander Mukhanov has not long held this position. “In 2019 he was in charge, but I know from numerous conversations [With whom? — ME] that under the previous chief, people were brutally beaten, literally beaten, and physically abused. Under Mukhanov, as I understand it, such terrible physical violence has stopped.

    “I spent a little less than a year and a half in that colony, I was released on December 16, 2020”, adds Kotov himself. “Initially you find yourself in the so-called quarantine unit; in this colony, it is used to suppress a person: they throw you out onto the parade ground in any weather; you learn the greeting; you have to introduce yourself at the sight of the colony officer as convict so-and-so, year of birth, the beginning of your sentence, the end of your sentence. In fact, you spend the whole day learning the salute at the parade ground”.

    How shocking!

    Number, sentence , family name, name were the order of presenting oneself to a prison officer when I did time.

    I do not recall any of the prison officers referring to me as “Dennis”.

    In fact, a con could only speak when spoken to and in any conversation that ensued, a convict addressed a prison officer as “sir”, though some old hands addressed POs as “boss”.

    I once followed suit and got reprimanded for doing so.


  48. And the self-appointed “human rights” commentators are coming in thick and fast now on the Russian web about the horrors that await traitor Navalny in his new place of residence:

    Пытать не будут, в спортзал не пустят: подробности отсидки Навального
    28-фев, 14:57

    There won’t be any torture, he won’t be allowed into the gym: details of Navalny’s imprisonment

    A large well-appointed territory, a beautiful church, sports grounds with a field for mini-football, tournaments and tennis tables… Correctional Facility No.2 makes the most favourable impression. Behind the high fence, “decorated” with barbed wire, the place is fantastically clean. The square was scrubbed and the floor was as shiny as in any other house. The convicts are trim, their collars are buttoned up and they walk in formation. But, as those who have already been released assure me, this is a facade behind which terrible things are hiding.

    “Vladimir human rights activists often visited the penal colony when I was there”, says Dmitri Demushkin. “And every time it was a bad day. Why? Because from the morning we were lined up on the parade ground, with ‘activists’ running around shouting, ‘God forbid anyone who should complain. You’re dead if you do”. Some human rights activists came by and asked: “How are you doing? We’d all say, “Ho-ro-sho!” [Well] “Anybody want to see me in person?” “No!” And I stood in that formation and wondered: “What kind of human rights activists were they, that they were satisfied with such an answer?” The chairman of the Human Rights Commission was a veteran of the prison system and he knew very well what was going on there. So there was no point in complaining. Real human rights activists would have understood from the indicators what was going on. In a year and a half we didn’t have a single visit from anybody, from not one convicted person. Can you imagine that? And there are 700-800 people there. During all that time, one of the convicts wanted to talk with representatives of the Federal Penitentiary inspectorate. So they taught him a lesson, as a result of which he crawled on his knees to his detachment and was unable to speak for a long time. Meetings with lawyers were only through glass and in the presence of an employee. Once a lawyer tried to give me a cassation statement, an officer tore it up in front of my eyes as soon as she had left. The task of the administration was solely to turn a person into an animal so that he did not sleep enough, did not eat enough, did everything on the run, and lost his sense of reality. And I saw people who turned into biorobots, did not understand anything except commands. I am sure that after they had been released, they continued to walk for many years with their hands behind their backs and their heads down. As I was told, all these conditions of detention were created as an experiment, which was invented by a certain general of the special services.

    It should be noted that all this happened under another boss – Alexander Zotov, about whom there is a bad reputation. An admirer of Stalin and Dzerzhinsky, he maintained maximum rigidity on the verge of unnecessary brutality.

    Now the head of the colony is Alexander Mukhanov (as they say, not bloodthirsty), Vasily Konakov has become his deputy for security (as they say, he does not like lawlessness). So things are much better.

    The very “acceptance” (meeting of a new stage) has changed. Now everything is happening exclusively culturally, everyone is addressed as “you” [formal respectful address in Russian — vy, vas, vash; the informal address is ty, tebye, tvoi — thou/thee/thine — used for friends and children and family members , and also for talking “down” from a position of authority to serfs, workers, dickheads etc. — ME], and they do not beat prisoners.

    What do they generally say about the colony? That it is exemplary. No one has mobile phones there.

    “Money doesn’t solve anything there”, says one of the convicts. “When I was there, bankers washed floors for months. They could not buy anything and could not agree on anything”.

    Aleksey Navalny, who has a “stripe” (registered as prone to escape), will most likely be placed in the SUK – a sector of enhanced control. Those who are there are deprived of much of what others are entitled to. They cannot work in the industrial zone, do not visit the club, sports grounds, etc. They always walk in formation and only along the route “barrack – canteen – barrack”.

    “No one will either beat or torture Navalny”, Demushkin is sure. “But the very conditions can shake him. So, most likely, no one will talk to him. Such silence has a detrimental effect on the psyche. There may be problems with letters. For me personally, they rarely ever reached me. I myself could not write much: I was given 15 minutes a week for this activity, so it took three weeks for one letter.

    And yet, many convicts at Correctional Facility No. 2 are looking forward to the new prisoner, because they believe that with him the conditions of detention will become more humane. Surely he will be allowed to live in a regular squad after the quarantine period, which means that he will be able to take part in competitions and sports days, which are often held here. Lectures on the topic of positive psychology are also awaiting him – another strong point of Correctional Facility No. 2.

    Yeah, he’ll be a bundle of laughs with the other cons when he comes out of quarantine! They’ll hang onto every bullshitting word he utters.

    Poor old Alksey!

    What degradation he has to suffer as a a result of “taking on Putin”.

    That’s how Carroll of the “Independent” describes the traitorous bullshitting conman: “The person who dared to stand up to Putin”:

    The man who took on Putin: Who is Alexei Navalny?
    Who is Alexei Navalny, and how did he become a thorn in the side of the Russian elite? What is the driving force behind this anti-corruption blogger turned guerrilla politician? The Independent’s Moscow correspondent Oliver Carroll explains.

    Thank you so much, Mr. Carroll, for enlightening us all!


  49. Designer and blogger Artemy Lebedev apologized to Yulia Navalnaya for publishing a fake document. The day before, in his telegram channel, he said that the oppositionist’s wife had a German identity card.

    “Dear Julia Navalnaya! Publicly I apologize for posting a fake. You ended up in this story because you chose the path of publicity, and I do not make allowances for public characters. You got on my radar solely as the wife of a man with whom I have had public debates online and offline for many years. Though I am a troll, but a man of honor. Publishing fakes, distorting facts, populist bullshit are not my polemical methods, ”Lebedev wrote.

    According to him, he usually checks all the facts, but in this case he hurried with the publication without checking the authenticity.

    Navalnaya did not accept Lebedev’s apology.

    That’s big of her!

    Must be after damages.


    27 февраля 2021, 16:21
    Лебедев извинился перед Навальной за публикацию фейкового документа


  50. Per the video below, Russia is operating a powerful radar and electronics intelligence/warfare base in Cuba. The video offers speculation that the crashes of an F-22 and F-35 within days of each other in the general area may be linked to this installation. Could be – spoofing the GPS signals was one offered explanation.

    The video channel provides interesting stories on Russian weapons with some but not excessive speculation.


    1. Well, the radar they keep showing looks like some bizarre photoshop; in the location it is shown it would not even be trainable because it is surrounded by buildings. I don’t know what the use would be of a gigantic trainable dish antenna that could not train or elevate. Huge dish antennas like that are usually surveillance – it kind of made me laugh when the narrator described them as being able to ‘control’ the entire east coast of the United States just because they could probably see a good portion of it. It sounds a bit crackpotty. Russia does indeed have a cracking EW capability, and they most likely can spoof GPS signals. But that in itself would not cause a modern aircraft to crash; fooling it as to where it is location-wise has no effect that I am aware of on its altitude, and you kind of have to affect a plane’s altitude to make it crash. I don’t think any serious analysts in the USA think so either, because using electronic deception to cause an aircraft to crash is as much an act of war as if you shot it down. If the USA really thought Russians operating out of an EW facility in Cuba had crashed two multi-million dollar fighters in a week, there’d be a lot more in the way of reaction that putting out a rumor that Russia did it. It sounds much more like the usual knee-jerk “Russia did it” that the Americans now cannot stop themselves from doing because it has become a habit.

      You might be able to capture a plane’s altimeter signal and rebroadcast it to the receiver in a way that made it believe it was a lot higher or a lot lower than it actually was, but you’d have to be directly underneath it to do that because the altimeter radiates straight down. You might be able to force a system crash of its entire computerized flight-control system, but all of them can be flown manually in that event and pilots regularly practice manual control modes in the event of catastrophic system failure.


      1. I would cut some slack on the imagery as YouTube videos need to have something, anything, that vaguely resembles whatever is being discussed. The few articles on Russian military bases in Cuba suggest that such is under discussion but no signs of bases being established. Regardless, it is odd that two 5th generation fighters (if the F-35 is still regarded as 5th generation), flying from the same base crash within days of each other. The financial loss was estimated at $250 million.


        1. Were the pilots killed as well, or did they punch out? I think both aircraft are single-seaters. The pilots should be able to provide some detail as to what they experienced. It is odd for two such crashes to occur so close together, but the United States has passive electronic warfare equipment as well, and it is almost inconceivable that a signal powerful enough to have come all the way from Cuba and snatched two of the military’s most-sophisticated fighter jets out of the sky near Florida was not intercepted by American equipment. What is it – some sort of highly-directional death ray? My money is still on coincidence. Electronic warfare equipment is separated into two classes; Electronic Support Measures (ESM), which is your passive kit which tracks, analyses and records electronic radar signals both friendly and enemy, and Electronic Counter-Measures (ECM), which is the active side and includes jammers and deceptive repeaters.

          Anything which interfered with American systems must have been active, which is to say transmitted, and anything which was transmitted ought to have been seen by American ESM gear. A deceptive repeater works by capturing a transmitted radar signal and transmitting it back to the receiver – which is just a mirror of how it normally works – only either boosting it or attenuating it. Boosting it makes the radar interpret that the target is much closer than it actually is, or much bigger, because it augments the radar echo. Attenuating it before it is received makes the transmitter interpret it as being further away than it actually is, or a smaller and weaker target.

          Communications jammers work by making radio traffic on a given channel unreadable owing to interference, which often appears as ‘white noise’ or static. Lots of other effects, such as stepped tones, can be used to make it impossible to communicate on the network, as long as you can receive the channel yourself and transmit on it. I fondly remember comm-jamming exercises we used to do where our communications jamming equipment was just a radio receiver like everyone else in the fleet had, and somebody’s kid’s plastic Power Ranger doll. It had a switch on its back that you could use to select various superhero noises, like that “Peew, Peew!!! noise space guns make as well as other electronic noises. When we wanted to jam someone, we would just key the microphone while they were talking and hold it up to the Power Ranger’s speaker. Please don’t tell the taxpayers. But there is much more sophisticated equipment, including search-and-lock jammers which will scan a designated frequency band and generate a jamming signal on any frequency they detect communications traffic. The real raison d’etre for jammers is for use against missile or gun fire-control radars, to send the homing signal false targeting information to make it miss. Something like that would throw a sensitive and complex flight-control system for a loop, but it would also generate a powerful radio signal that passive gear would quickly detect and analyze for type and characteristics, as well as the bearing from which the signal originated.


          1. Both pilots ejected and survived but not much else has been released from what I have seen. The idea of mirroring a radar signal back to the receiver to produce a false return reminded me of a clever way the Soviets used over-the-horizon radar. If I understood it correctly, each radar chirp actually encoded a random binary number. Thus, each reflection could be tagged to each transmission. Western experts had assumed that the chirps were inconsistent because of inferior Russian technology rather than embedding a tag. Sounded pretty impressive to me.

            If the software of the planes can be wirelessly updated then a signal could open a portal for a hack attack against the software. This would be highly unlikely so, yeah, it is most likely a coincidence but hinting at operational/maintenance/training deficiencies at that airbase.


            1. Or the encoded chirps could be a way to sort out multiple reflections that may occur with over-the-horizon radars. Just speculation.


  51. Last-minute efforts to stop Nord Stream II reach a crescendo.

    The first reference alludes to some unspecified accord reached between Germany and the United States. No further details are given. I would think if Germany had agreed to scrap the project, Washington would have almost immediately leaked it, so that the American papers and networks could do a victory boogie. Biden would not waste such a monumental opportunity to achieve something Trump could not.

    The second is a somewhat screechy piece by the Foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Poland, both of whose countries have important financial interests in seeing the Nord Stream II project stopped. I would encourage all Europeans to read it carefully, because it is into the hands of an hysterical pair of crackheads such as these that you would be putting Europe’s energy supplies if Germany backed down on Nord Stream II. The article is a direct appeal to Biden to make Germany do just that. It reconstitutes all the old canards – Russia is an unreliable energy partner, they shut off your gas twice before and they’ll do it again, whine, blubber, cry.

    The last is a re-hash of the second, as only celebrity-mad Britain could do it. The only purpose seems to be to help their anguished screaming reach a wider audience.

    In my personal opinion, Germany will stay the course and go through with the construction no matter how it is threatened or browbeaten, for several reasons. For one, this is a major election year in Germany, and anti-Americanism is as strong in Germany as it ever has been, thanks to Trump’s bullying. There’s not enough time for Biden to try sweet talk, and plenty of Germans want to see a firmer line taken against US meddling. For another, Merkel has held firm to a commitment to get rid of nuclear power in Germany, and gas is going to play an increasing role. But the third is the most compelling reason – Germany can retain every bit of its leverage and bargaining power, and even increase it, by doing nothing , and simply letting the pipeline be completed. Germany still controls the point at which the pipeline comes ashore, and can regulate the ebb and flow at its pleasure up to a point – contracts will probably limit it to an extent, but if the entire sales process is based on hub pricing, Germany will have tremendous influence. If Washington wants to diddle with Europe’s gas supply and panic the Yurrupeans into buying more American LNG, it needs to stay on good terms with Germany, and I can think of no quicker way to screw that up than by pushing it around.


  52. February 25, 2021
    Getting Serious About Russia
    The future of U.S.-Russia relations is largely America’s choice. If the United States cannot settle for anything short of unquestioned hegemony, Russia will indubitably prove a serious impediment, prepared to challenge it.


    1 марта 2021 11:27
    The National Interest: Россия Путина не будет выпрашивать подачек у Запада
    Москва считает для себя унизительным повторять опыт Михаила Горбачева

    March 1, 2021 11:27 am
    The National Interest: Putin’s Russia Will Not Be Begging for Handouts from the West
    Moscow considers it humiliating to repeat Mikhail Gorbachev’s experience.

    Dmitri Simes, a well known American political scientist and CEO of The National Interest magazine, has published an article with the eloquent title “Taking Russia Seriously. He says that if the United States insists on unchallenged hegemony in U.S.-Russian relations, Russia will definitely not stand for it and will defy such a policy.

    [My, what a deep and insightful conclusion to have arrived at! — ME]

    “Putin’s government, which has reformed the army, believes that Washington is pursuing a hostile policy aimed at undermining its international positions and domestic stability. However, the determination to confront America is coupled with Russia’s desire for a more constructive relationship, even partnership, with the United States — at least as long as it meets Moscow’s own interests,” the expert notes.

    Yes, the capabilities of today’s Russia cannot be compared to those of the USSR. The economic difficulties, lack of reliable allies, and demographic problems are evident. “As an economic power, Russia is clearly not in the same league as the U.S. and China, but its capabilities cannot be discounted”, Simes warns. “While Russia is known for its over-reliance on energy exports, its many achievements in military technology, space, cyber capabilities and, most recently, in the creation of an anti-vaccine demonstrate that it is a developed country. Not to mention its recognized culture and highly educated workforce.

    [Yeah, roll out the clichés: Russia is near bankrupt, is isolated, is facing a demographic crisis, whereas in the USA, everything is coming up roses! He has not said that Russia makes nothing. So O’Bummer’s patronizing ignorant shite is now no longer accepted as factual? That the USA, in comparison with Russia, is, generally speaking, uncultured and uneducated, remains, however, a universally accepted truth —ME]

    The author of the article reminds us that by one essential criterion, Russia remains the most important country on the planet for the United States: “It is the only nation capable of physically destroying the United States”.

    So what policy toward Moscow should Washington adopt under President Biden? Simes believes that since the end of the Cold War, “the U.S., deceived by the illusory perception of a new unipolar American era, has too often dealt with Russia with prosecutorial zeal”. But the continuation of such pressure is likely to provoke a furious reaction from Moscow.

    [Only “likely? And I take it that Fuckyouyama’s “The End of History” is now considered as the garbage that it has always been? — ME]

    That leaves such a technique as the use of sanctions, which Symes considers a “useful tool. But he also has to admit that times have changed. “Moscow cannot be expected to make serious concessions in the empty hope that the West will reciprocate later. This scenario is similar to what happened in the Gorbachev era. To insist today that Moscow should repeat what many Russians consider a failed and humiliating approach would be to confuse wishful thinking with possibility”, concludes the US political analyst. He also said that Russian military doctrine allows first use of nuclear weapons if the survival of the state and the Armed Forces is at stake.

    Useful tools are supposed to work!

    To insist today that Moscow should repeat what many Russians consider a failed and humiliating approach would be to confuse wishful thinking with possibility.

    And such insistence is the result of believing your own USA bullshit, Mr. Simes.


    — What’s the difference between a Russian reading “Pravda” and an American reading the New York Times”?

    — The Russian knows he’s reading bullshit.

    By the way, Traitor Gorbachev is 90 tomorrow.


    1. Whither policy under Biden is a rhetorical question, as the direction of American foreign policy for the remainder of America’s existence is already decided. It is caught in its own sticky web of finger-pointing falsehoods in which Russia is the origin of all the world’s evil – how is any American government supposed to sell the notion of cooperating with such nefarious scum to its people? Nope, the die is cast, and the United States and Russia are on an ideological collision course in which both claim to be good and decent entities committed to global peace, but only one is telling the truth.

      I guess Simes and all the other ‘realist’ writers must have attended the Ronald Reagan School of Economics, in which Deficits Don’t Matter. Because whenever the USA’s economic might is showcased, its debt is never mentioned, but more than 100% of its income is accounted for by debt; a clearly unsustainable state. Maybe there are fewer Lamborghinis in Russia on the easy-monthly-installments plan, but Russia could pay all its bills and still have a pretty good pile of change left over. I guess when you are Ruler Of The World, your debtors are hesitant about asking for their money back.


    2. “As the historian Howard Zinn has said: Our greatest problem is civil obedience. Zinn tried to change the story but few have heeded his advice. The American story is the embrace of endless war and violence, often justified under the alibi of “the lesser of two evils,” as if lesser evil were not evil. Such evil is always presented as reasonable, the center between two extremes.”


  53. In todays Russian blogoshere from a friendly neighbourhood liberast on that former Berlin Patient:

    Диктатура вблизи: кто подставил Навального
    Mar. 1st, 2021 at 7:20 PM

    Dictatorship close up: who framed Navalny
    Mar. 1st, 2021 at 7:20 PM

    Aren’t they so beautiful and noble and kind?

    The imprisonment of Aleksey Navalny and his transfer to “torture” colony number two, where, according to many reviews, a person not only serves time, but is also subjected to systematic humiliation and mockery, is, of course, above all, Putin’s personal revenge. Revenge for the unsuccessful attempt on his life revealed by Navalny. And personal revenge for a film about a palace in Gelendzhik and a toilet brush.

    The motive of personal revenge plays a huge role in Russian politics today. But this is not some kind of dislocation and misunderstanding: this is a systemic characteristic of dictatorships, where the dignity of a country is usually replaced by the dignity of a dictator. And fear and apprehension have been declared a real form of patriotism. In this case, personal revenge is a factor in Russia’s rapid transit to fairly rabid forms of dictatorship filled with a very real repressive texture.

    Navalny’s transfer to a torture colony was not only a consequence of insufficiently broad protest against his arrest and the inability of his associates to find forms for the wave of indignation that took place: it was also the result of the diplomatically disgraceful mission of Josep Borrell and the EU as a whole, which literally acknowledged their inability to turn human rights issues into a diplomatic and international factor.

    The point here is not that they necessarily had to defend human rights in Russia. And the fact is that, having publicly announced their intention to take this path, they did not have the determination to back it up with anything. And as a result, they played along with Putin, allowing him to feel like a complete winner, not only in relation to the protesters, but also to attempts at external pressure. In response to the threat of sanctions, Putin threatened the EU with more serious sanctions (withdrawal from European structures), and his threats had an effect — unlike European ones.

    Well, there is one more force at hand — the Russian elite, in the broadest sense of the word. And above all, not the political class, but the specialist managers who “do their job.” The political dynamics are arranged in such a way that their position does not often become a public factor, but it is very important, because it is a kind of link between the political class and “ordinary citizens”. It is these professional elites who demonstrate to the layman examples of opportunism or resistance and opposition. And this is their important instructive role.

    Despite the fact that these elites are characterized by a “technocratic” arrogance in relation to political activism, in reality they are a kind of “lubricant” in the mechanism of authoritarian degradation. These elites in Russia, perhaps, today are even more socially helpless than the activists, and are predominantly engaged in cutting off the phalanges of their fingers one by one with heavy duty scissors.

    Kirill Rogov

    Рогов, Кирилл Юрьевич — Russian Wiki.

    Kiril Rogov:

    Kirill Rogov is a senior research fellow at the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, a member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, and a member of the supervisory board of the Liberal Mission Foundation (Moscow).

    Originally a specialist in Russian intellectual and cultural history of the 18th and 19th centuries, Rogov started his career as a journalist in the late 1990s. In the 2000s, he was co-founder and editor-in-chief of the news and opinion portal “Polit.Ru” – one of the first Russian on-line media. He was a columnist for the leading business daily Vedomosti, and later deputy editor-in-chief at Kommersant daily, another leading Russian newspaper.

    Since 2007, Rogov has held positions at the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy, the leading Russian think-tank in economics, and at the Academy for the National Economy and Public Policy. In 2010-2011, he was an academic secretary and a member of the editorial committee of the working group on economic growth that formulated the Government Strategy Until 2020 (Strategy-2020). His recent articles published in Russia and abroad are focused on problems of current political development and the post-Soviet history of Russia. He is a columnist for Vedomosti, Forbes–Russia, and Novaya Gazeta.

    In short, Rogov is a first class tosser, a liberast wanker of the highest order.

    The Gaidar institute FFS!!!!


  54. Msg to Moscow Exile: Craig Murray has a recent post on his blog in which he says among other things that his blog is blocked in Russia. I know you have occasionally visited his blog and posted there so if you can be bothered, you can pop over to the blog and drop a small comment. There is a little thread in the comments forum of commenters saying they are posting from Russia and demonstrating his blog is not blocked there!


      1. Bugged me to read, though, on Murray’s site a comment from someone here, a fellow exile as it were, who opined that it would be more to the point to address the situation in Russia, where many earn less than £250 a month, yet the price of goods in shops is the same a in the UK.

        I suspect that the person who wrote that is living here on a UK pegged salary and shops in “elite” sky-high prices shops, where one can buy those goods that kreakles would kill for and where exiled fellow countrymen who are daft enough to purchase English bottled ale, for example, at London prices do so.

        I wanted to counter his claim about prices, by citing numerous examples, and not only as regards food prices, but also about the cost of transport and services, and also to mention an article that I read in a newspaper here last week concerning the complaints of farmers who can’t hire labourers to pick spuds for 20,000 rubles (£200).

        The monthly minimum wage in Russia as of January 1, 2021 amounted to 12,792 Russian rubles, or approximately 172 U.S. dollars. In the capital Moscow, it was set at 20,589 Russian rubles, or over 277 U.S. dollars, namely £200.

        Bear in mind, though, I live off rotten fish heads and old cabbage soup.


        1. And my salary IS shite and has been so for almost a year now since this shamdemic began, when I was hit with an almost 50% pay cut. I’m lucky now if I pick up 25, 000 a month. My wife earns far, far more than I do, teaching English at a Russian state secondary school.


  55. Fake? Is it or is it not? . . .

    1 марта 202115:04

    Полиция ФРГ подтвердила подлинность попавшего в Сеть немецкого паспорта Юлии Навальной

    March 1, 202115: 04
    German police confirmed the authenticity of Yulia Navalnaya’s German passport that got into the Network

    The German police have found in their database information that Julia Navalnaya had German citizenship. This is reported by FAN, referring to the words of the host of the programme “Voice of Germany” Sergei Filbert.

    Filbert noted that he carefully examined the photo of the passport, which had recently appeared on the Web, and at first considered it a fake, but after that he decided to run the document number number through the German police base, using his connections.

    As a result, he managed to find out that this passport was indeed registered to Yulia Navalnaya.

    In his opinion, the next step should be a request to Germany from the Russian Foreign Ministry in order to confirm this information at the official level and explain the grounds on which the document was issued, and the Russian side was not notified about this.

    Earlier, FAN journalists sent a corresponding request to the German embassy, but they refused to comment on the presence or absence of citizenship, saying that the passport photo is fake.

    В Германии не ответили на вопрос о гражданстве Навальной
    16:53 01.03.2021

    Germany has not answered a question about Navalnaya’s citizenship
    16:53 01.03.2021
    BERLIN, March 1 – RIA Novosti. German ministries and agencies may not comment on information regarding the presence or absence of German citizenship or residence permits for Yulia Navalova, because this kind of information is covered by personal data protection laws, according to official replies received by RIA Novosti over the past three days.

    “We do not comment on individual cases”, the German Interior Ministry told RIA Novosti in response to a corresponding request. An Interior Ministry spokesman confirmed the same at a briefing.

    The Migration Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) explained to RIA Novosti that naturalization agencies in Germany deal with issues of granting citizenship, including German missions abroad, city and county administrations.

    These “responsible agencies, owing to protection of personal data, do not provide certificates on individual cases of naturalization procedures”, the agency said.

    Earlier, the German Foreign Ministry told RIA Novosti that the photo of Yulia Navalnaya’s German ID card circulated on social networks had been falsified. However, the agency did not respond to RIA Novosti’s question as to whether this meant that Yulia Navalova had neither German citizenship nor a residence permit in Germany.

    Юлии Навальной приписали гражданство ФРГ: Берлин ловко увернулся от объяснений
    1 марта 2021

    Julia Navalny was accredited with German citizenship: Berlin cleverly dodged explanations
    1 March 2021.

    <i.Yulia Navalnaya may well be a German citizen. This is evidenced by circumstantial evidence: for example, that the wife of the imprisoned blogger Aleksey Navalny can move freely between Russia and Germany under closed borders. Berlin diplomats are still coyly avoiding a direct answer to the question of whether Navalnaya has German citizenship and, if so, why Berlin has not notified Moscow. The photos of Navalnaya's German passport in Berlin were clearly described as fake.

    The German Embassy in Russia declined to deny that Navalnaya holds German citizenship. What is more, as PolitRussia editor-in-chief Ruslan Ostashko and journalist Sergei Filberg discovered, the German police database has the ID number of the passport that is visible in the photo. This was reported by RIA "FAN": the agency conducted its own investigation to get to the truth.

    "I looked at this passport very carefully. You can, of course, say that it's a fake. But we have now run it through the database. A person at the police database has run this passport number through for us and this number is indeed registered to Yulia Navalny", said Filberg.

    Of course, it is possible that the passport belongs to a full namesake of the blogger's wife Aleksey Navalny. German diplomats were asked a question that left no room for ambiguity: does a document with a certain ID really belong to a certain Yulia Navalova? The diplomats were able to evade the answer: Instead of discussing the merits of the question, they referred to the fact that a fake photo of Yulia Navalova's German passport was circulating on the Internet. The answer to the question by correspondent regarding the passport ID and Navalnaya's name was elegantly hushed up in Berlin.

    A source in the German special services had earlier confirmed that Yulia Navalnaya had German citizenship. Thus, the German Foreign Ministry's statement was questioned.

    Previously, a document stating that the wife of Russian blogger Aleksey Navalny had German citizenship was made public on the Internet. However, the German Foreign Ministry denied the information, calling the document a forgery.

    However, the source of political technologist Vladislav Rogimov, who used to be a high-ranking member of the Stasi intelligence service of the GDR, on the contrary, has confirmed the authenticity of the document.


    1. It speaks volumes about her character that, when the journalist who originally broadcast the photo of her card was convinced it is a fake and apologized, she replied “I do not forgive you”. If deception it is, she is deliberately allowing it to stand.


  56. According to this source – easily confirmed or refuted, I should imagine, although I have not checked – the worldwide excess mortality rate in 2020 was 177,387 less than that of 2019; and, moreover, 47,910 fewer than the average increase from 2015 to 2020.

    Caution should be exercised here, as the figures are tricky – human deaths have been increasing annually at a fairly predictable rate. The author is saying that the increase in annual deaths is lower than the average, not necessarily that there were fewer deaths overall. Similarly, it is a smaller number in ‘excess’ deaths he is citing, not fewer deaths overall. The point he is trying to make is that if there were almost 2 million ‘COVID deaths’ worldwide in 2020…where do they show up in the totals? The postulate starts with the assumption that many ‘COVID deaths’ were deaths attributed to COVID which were from other causes, and I don’t think there is much argument there because we have all seen actual recorded government direction to prioritize COVID as a cause of death.

    I don’t buy all the conclusions, some of which are that we are living a power grab by the world elite led by Klaus Schwab and the WEF. It’s perfectly true that he is nutty as a fruitcake and his vision of a new technocratic world order should terrify all non-lunatics, but I still can’t believe all the world leaders would just blindly go along in concert. However, there’s no denying the numbers are hoaxy as hell. Or that the longer this goes on, the more we are being coaxed to bear with it just a little longer – okay, cases are down, deaths are down…but there are these scary new variants!! Boo!!!


  57. A fascinating essay at Fort Russ, penned by fellow Canuck Matthew Ehret. The essence is that while the USA earnestly believes not only that it runs the world, but that it should because that is its manifest destiny…that’s because that’s what the British want them to think. Rhodes scholars discerned early that the UK did not have the power or economic base to continue dominating the world indefinitely, and to enlarge upon both its options and its global influence, it needed a large and wealthy partner, who could be permitted to believe that its foreign-policy and economic maneuvers and ideas were its own.

    Enter the hayseed Americans, with more money than sense and an awestruck admiration for the sophisticated and cultured British. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – Boris Johnson, idiot-at-large, could reach into a barrel of pistols and come out with a doorknob. Bear with me – here’s a teaser:

    “The name of the British Imperial game has always been “balance of power”. Manipulate society as a single closed system by monopolizing resources, and then manage the diminishing rates of return by creating conflict between potential allies. This process can be seen clearly today behind the conflicts manipulated in the South China Sea between China and Philippines, the Diaoyu-Senkaku Islands between China and Japan, wars for oil in the Middle East and the new tension being created in the Arctic. The opposing, typically “American System of Political Economy” has always disobeyed this game of “balancing a fixed system” by introducing creative change.

    The American System on the other hand, has traditionally located its point of emphasis primarily upon creating new resources, through inventions and discoveries, rather than simply looting, consuming, and distributing what already exists. This system formulated by Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Quincy Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt proved that more energy could always be produced than was consumed IF discoveries and inventions were cultivated in a creatively developing society, shaped by concrete national intentions and bold visionary goals to increase the powers of production of society. The American System is thus understood as an open-system founded upon win-win cooperation while the British System is based on a closed-system worldview under a win-lose operating system where the elite managing nations from above dictate the wars, and diminishing rates of returns to a depopulated society.”

    Really good stuff, and an important part for Canada! Huzza!!


    1. First paragraph was spot on. The British invasion began before the Beatles. After WW II, the highly Useful Idiot Truman help to complete the transfer of the Anglo Empire to the US. It still took a few more decades for the old time US industrialists to shuffle off.

      However, the American System relied on appropriation of land and vast natural resources to fuel its growth – sort of a colonial empire without the overhead and costs associated with long ocean voyages. I suspect ANY form of expansionistic government and culture would have flourished. Like many lottery winners, the US felt itself special and selected by god.

      D. Orlov had a recent post about post-war America and why it will never be great again.


  58. Caitlin Johnstone channels Janis Joplin; as the cataclysmically stoned blues shouter from Texas once told us, “It’s all the same fucking day, man.”

    Caitlin shines a light on the news, and what’s it all about? People with wealth and power scheming to increase their wealth and power. Day in, day out – the metrics change a little, but the message never really varies.

    It’s the exact same news story playing out over and over and over again, day after day after day. Alarm clock goes off at six AM, Sonny and Cher sing “I Got You Babe”, and Bill Murray wakes up to Groundhog Day once again.

    “Well it looks like Jibby Jorpson is set to be the new leader, somehow staving off an early challenge from the popular socialist candidate,” reports the news man. “In other news, the ostensibly left-wing party will be unable to help the working class due to bliff blaff bloffa reasons, a dangerous dictator in a crucial geostrategic region urgently needs to be removed from power because widdle diddle doodad, and coming up: do we need more internet censorship to prevent wakka dakka dingdong?”

    Next morning. Alarm clock. “I Got You Babe”, Bill Murray, Groundhog Day again.

    “Well it looks like Miggy Morpson is set to be the the new leader, somehow staving off an early challenge from the popular socialist candidate,” reports the news man. “In other news, the ostensibly left-wing party will be unable to help the working class due to wing wang wappa reasons, a dangerous dictator in a crucial geostrategic region urgently needs to be removed from power because kooka kakka keeka, and coming up: do we need more internet censorship to prevent yope yap yimmy?”

    That girl sho’ nuff do make me laugh. Which I shouldn’t, I suppose, since the situation is most definitely not funny. But she just has a way with words, lawd, lawd. Testify, girlfriend;

    “You don’t have a 50-fight career against 50 different opponents who you fought for 10 rounds each, you have a one-fight career against a single opponent who you’ve been fighting for 500 rounds.”


  59. More depressing truthiness about the miracle vaccines – their makers admit they do not know if their products prevent you from being infected by COVID. They admit that in trials with primates, vaccinated primates still contracted COVID; their symptoms were just less severe. And hydroxychloroquine can do that. Both Pfizer and Moderna tested few elderly people, as I’ve mentioned before, and they now recommend shots be administered in a healthcare setting where you can be resuscitated if you punch out after getting the shot.

    The narrative continues to unravel.


    1. 02.03.2021, 05:27
      Глава «Нафтогаза» заявил о готовности Украины к строительству «Северного потока-2»

      03/02/2021 05:27
      The head of Naftogaz has announced the readiness of the Ukraine for the construction of Nord Stream-2

      The head of Naftogaz, Andrey Kobolev, has said that the Ukraine had prepared for the completion of Nord Stream-2. He believes that now the fight against the project has been relatively successful and the chances of stopping it are good, including and thanks to the assistance of the United States.

      “We have prepared for this scenario. If you look at the indicators of this summer, thanks to our underground storage facilities and due to full integration into the European gas transportation system, we will have a balance of energy resources and receive them at a fair price, ”Mr. Kobolev told Ukrainian Week.

      According to the head of Naftogaz, the commissioning of Nord Stream-2 threatens the loss of Ukraine transit revenues as well as the loss of the “security factor”. He believes that there will be no shortage of fuel in the country.

      Mr. Kobolev noted that in the electricity market, the Ukraine is dependent on imports from Belarus. “If tomorrow, for some reason, supplies from there stop, then the country may expect rolling blackouts”, said the head of Naftogaz.

      The Nord Stream 2 project involves the construction of a gas pipeline from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany. The operator of the project is Nord Stream-2 AG, the only shareholder of this company is Gazprom. The construction of Nord Stream-2 was suspended in December 2019 because of US sanctions. The pipe-laying continued after a year.

      Double talk!

      With the help of good ol’ Uncle Sam, the Ukraine has been “relatively successful” in its opposition to the opening of the pipeline.

      On the other hand, despite this “relative success”, the Ukraine is prepared for the completion of NS2.

      “Relatively successful” sounds a bit like “relatively pregnant” to me!

      And the supplies of gas that the Yukietards have bunkered in preparation for the opening of NS2, against the construction of which they have achieved “relative” success, where does that come from?

      Oh yes! It’s reverse-flow gas!

      From Russia to Slovakia and bought back at a higher price than what the stupid cnuts would have paid Russia if they had not become totally independent of all things Orcish, apart from the fact that Rasha is still the demented twats’ biggest trading partner.


      1. Ukraine has shown itself in many ways to be a near-term thinker in geopolitics; your gas storages are full now, but how long will that last? Where did you get the money to top them up? Did you happen to notice you have gone from a major gas exporter – albeit it was someone else’s gas – to a major gas importer? A major gas importer who is dependent on the kindness of strangers for its energy? Did you…ummm…think at all about how much less useful you will be as a strategic partner once European energy supplies go around you rather than through you, and you cannot affect their flow? You boast that you are fully integrated into the European gas transmission system, but that is only as a consumer where once you were a supplier.

        It’s a little sad, in a way, to see how Ukraine licks Uncle Sam’s hand with doglike devotion, fully committed and in confidence that the free help will just go on and on – didn’t Washington say it stood shoulder to shoulder with its Ukrainian brothers? No good to tell it that was heavily influenced by its strategic usefulness, or to point out how abruptly Uncle Sam has abandoned ‘allies’ in the past when they were no longer useful but continued to be expensive.

        “Piglet was so excited at the idea of being Useful that he forgot to be frightened any more, and when Rabbit went on to say that Kangas were only Fierce during the winter months, being at other times of an Affectionate Disposition, he could hardly sit still, he was so eager to begin being useful at once.”

        A. A. Milne, “Winnie the Pooh”


  60. Euractiv: Tusk: Don’t be naive with Russian and Chinese jabs

    Polish President Andrzej Duda held a phone call on Monday with Chinese President Xi Jinping to discuss the possibility of cooperating on vaccines. However, the call prompted a reaction from Poland’s former prime minister Donald Tusk, the current chief of the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP), who called on Poles and Europeans not to be “naive” about the intentions of Moscow and Beijing.

    “I warn against such a naive approach to these very cynical players. I am talking about the Chinese and Russian authorities. And above all, I would warn the Polish authorities, and also other European countries, against buying and trying to vaccinate their citizens with a vaccine that has not been tested,” Tusk said…

    It’s a special day when a ‘liberal’ ex-Polish Prime Minister outbigots an ‘illberal’ right-wing Polish government! I’m sure Tusk has already been vaccinated while others have to wait because he thinks so.


    1. There’s something so solid and reliable about Donald Tusk, shilling for his American pals – you just feel that he is American to the marrow of his bones, and will always energetically defend American interests. It looked for awhile as if broad vaccine acceptance was going to happen, but it’s looking less that way every day,. and both Pfizer and Moderna are American vaccines. Astra-Zeneca is European, reportedly less effective, and some European countries have capped it at 55 years old for patients owing to adverse reactions in the elderly. But that’s true of Pfizer and Moderna as well.

      The window on cleaning up selling COVID vaccines looks to be closing, and Tusk just wants to protect the European market for Uncle Sam. No doubt he will be richly rewarded with a Presidential Medal of Freedom and perhaps a lucrative envoy posting when he dodders offstage to retirement.

      What is he talking about, Russian and Chinese vaccines have ‘not been tested’? They’ve had the same trials process as all the rest, and Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines are both being delivered under Emergency Use Authorizations. That’s a lie!! screams Reuters Fact Check. People who claim the trials process for vaccines was never completed are Agents Of Disinformation, and their rubbish must be scrubbed from public view.

      See? Told you so. “Pfizer’s phase three clinical trial began in late July 2020 and the results were published in December 2020 (here). The trial enrolled 46,331 participants at 153 sites around the world in Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa and the United States, according to Pfizer’s website (here).

      Oooooo….careful wording; “results were published”, not “trial was completed”. It clearly says, in the ‘here’ reference cited above which linked to the publishing of the trial report, “Based on a data cut-off date of October 9, 2020, 37,706 participants had a median of at least two months of safety data available after dose 2 and contributed to the main safety dataset…All trial participants will continue to be monitored to assess long-term protection and safety for an additional two years after their second dose…Data from this study, including longer term safety, comprehensive information on duration of protection, efficacy against asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection, and safety and immunogenicity in adolescents 12 to 15 years of age will be gathered in the months ahead…The ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial of BNT162b2, which is based on BioNTech’s proprietary mRNA technology, has enrolled more than 44,000 participants, the vast majority of whom have received their second dose.”

      So Pfizer’s Phase Three clinical trial began in July 2020, and they went ahead and published a report in December…but the trials are still ongoing, and all participants will be monitored to assess long-term protection and safety for a further two years. Two years that have not happened yet, not to put too fine a point on it. What happens if aspects of the vaccine are determined to be unsafe during this period, but millions have already been dosed with it? Well, nothing will happen to Pfizer, obviously, because they are indemnified against lawsuits. Because, you know, it was just so gosh-darn urgent, we couldn’t wait.


  61. It’s sanctions time again!

    02 марта 2021 16:57
    США ввели антироссийские санкции вслед за ЕС

    02 March 2021 16:57
    US imposes anti-Russian sanctions following EU

    The US has imposed sanctions against Russia over the poisoning of Aleksey Navalny. The decision came almost immediately after the European Union had imposed similar measures. However, the blacklist of Russian officials is almost twice as long as the European one. It also includes Russian organisations.

    The US administration is promising further sanctions against Russia. For Washington, relations with Russia are a challenge we are ready for, the White House stressed. That said, the United States wants a predictable and stable relationship with Russia. But it is not seeking a reset in relations with Russia, nor is it seeking an escalation.

    The U.S. has imposed sanctions because of the “Navalny situation” on seven officials, whilst only four high-ranking Russian officials were subject to European sanctions.

    In addition, Washington has imposed export restrictions on 14 institutions: nine companies are Russian, three from Germany and one from Switzerland. Another figure on the US sanctions list is a state-run research institute.

    “They are all involved in activities contrary to US national security and foreign policy interests”, a White House official said.

    The lists of individuals and organisations targeted by the new US sanctions have not yet been released. But Washington has previously stated that they are similar to the European ones.

    Russia’s response will be based on the principle of reciprocity, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has promised the EU and the US. The European Union’s decision to approve further restrictive measures did not come as a surprise to Moscow, Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko added. At the same time, Grushko stressed that such actions are a dead end, which destroys bilateral relations and is not in the interests of the European countries themselves.

    Double-talk again, like that of their Yukie monkeys who mimic them:

    . . . the United States wants a predictable and stable relationship with Russia. But it is not seeking a reset in relations with Russia, nor is it seeking an escalation.

    Here are a couple of non-reciprocal responses for Russia to consider:

    tell the US ambassador to fuck off back to the Land of the Free — you know, he who was paying homage the other day at Shagger Nemtsov’s shrine;

    close down ALL NGOs.

    Oh and another thing: as regards continuous claims by some that the Bullshitter’s trial and imprisonment were political, in that it had been decided that his “roof” be removed, which apparent “roof” had previously been used to protect him against actions being taken as regards his numerous earlier breeches of parole, his government protection having been caused by the Russian state bending over backwards so as not to have “political trial” thrown in its face, why bother any longer about not irritating the United States, Human Rights tossers etc., etc?

    Go the whole hog, I say! Get the bastard out of the “torture” colony and put him on trial for treason, then, his having been guilty of all charges, which surely he will be, bang him up for 30 years and more, as they would have done in the USA if the boot had been on the other foot.

    And having done that, tell the USA that the Russian state is neither seeking a reset in relations with the Exceptional Nation, nor is it seeking an escalation in such relations.


    1. Yes, that would be a pretty instructive gesture of defiance, and it would certainly wipe the smile off of Navalny’s face that is bound to appear when he hears word that ‘Navalny sanctions’ have been applied. ‘Cause he’s a short-term thinker. too – must be the Ukie in him. Good luck running for office in Russia when you get out of the jug, Lyosha; I hope you’re not allergic to rotten vegetables and eggs.

      What I would announce immediately, though, would be a comprehensive review of western companies operating in Russia, and hint that at least some of them were going to be ordered to close down their operations and leave. In 2016, there were over 3000 American companies operating in Russia.

      That list is probably a little dated now, considering the downward spiral in relations that has occurred since 2016. But I invite you all to choose 5 favourites, and then check to see if they are still operating in Russia. I get to go first, and I pick

      1. Apple. Still operational in Russia; as of April 2020 they were still advertising for some pretty good management jobs, including Country Manager, Advertising Platforms.

      Get the fuck out, Apple.

      2. Boeing. Still operating, although I doubt they are selling much.

      Hit the bricks, Boeing.

      3. Cargill. Still operating, been in Russia for 30 years. Advertise themselves as “an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services.”

      Russia is quite capable of fulfilling all those functions without American help. Beat it, Cargill.

      4. Coca Cola. Still very much operating, although not truly American any more. I know, right? Such an American icon. But all the Russian plants were acquired in 2001 by Europe’s largest bottler, the Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC). Doesn’t really matter, though, and in a way it’d be kind of a twofer; booting out an iconic symbol of The American Dream, and giving Europe an advance kick in the pants just to let them know Russia was completely serious about breaking with the EU. Obviously that encouraged rather than checked Uncle Sam, who wants Europe as only his own bestest friend.

      Get in the wind, Coca-Cola.

      5. Google. One of the Kings of American cyberdominance, able to leap tall buildings and sway elections with a single bound, co-created by Russian Sergey Brin, who only stepped down as President (of Alphabet, Google’s parent company) in 2019. Of course the Wiki describes him as an ‘American’ computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur, because ‘Russian’ and ‘success’ cannot be used in the same sentence. Still very much operational, advertising for jobs in Moscow.

      I like your approach, Google. Now, let’s see your departure.

      Probably great fun to practice with the European companies, too. Might be a good idea to stay away from German companies for the moment, though – some of the companies Uncle Joe sanctioned were German, and that’s bound to draw an angry reaction.


      1. I am absolutely serious in my suggesting that Navalny be tried for treason.

        I am not alone with this thought.

        Обращение в ФСБ и АП. Алексей Навальный, государственная измена.
        Mar. 3rd, 2021 at 12:34

        Appeal to the FSB and the Presidential Administration: Alexey Navalny, high treason.
        Mar. 3rd, 2021 at 12:34

        criminal, felon, swindler, repeat offender, traitor


        From the media, I have learnt that on November 27, 2020, Aleksei Navalny, speaking remotely at a meeting of the International Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, asked for anti-Russian sanctions.


        On January 18, 2021, Vladimir Ashurkov, executive director of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (currently hiding in the UK), published a part of a sanctions list on Facebook. According to Ashurkov, this list was compiled and given to him by Navalny for transfer to Western governments.

        Link to Ashurkov’s post:

        On March 2, 2021, the head of European Union diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced that new restrictive measures against Russia had been introduced at the suggestion of blogger Aleksey Navalny.


        I ask you to check the actions of Aleksey Navalny for possible violations of Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “High treason”:

        High treason, i.e. espionage, committed by a citizen of the Russian Federation, a disclosure to a foreign state, international or foreign organisation or their representatives of information constituting a state secret, which has been entrusted to him or which has become known to him in the course of his service, work, studies or in other cases provided for by Russian Federation law, or the PROVIDING of financial, material and technical, consultancy or other ASSISTANCE to a FOREIGN STATE, international or FOREIGN ORGANIZATION organisation, or their representatives in activities directed against the security of the Russian Federation, shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term from twelve to twenty years . . .

        Please report the results of the audit within the time limit established by law. (20210303105529) (ID = 8057013)

        In my opinion, Navalny should receive a minimum of 12 years in prison for high treason. After the open confession of Josep Borrel, what is there to talk about at all? If you agree with me, send the same appeal from yourself.

        Written by a real Russian patriot and not a perverted nationalist swindler and grifter in the hire of an aggressor, warmongering state and most certainly not written by a Russian citizen, a USA lickspittle who dreams of making a “better future” for a Russia reshaped in the image of the “Exceptional Nation”.


        1. Formatting bollocksed again!

          I wanted it to appear thus:

          High treason, i.e. espionage, committed by a citizen of the Russian Federation, a disclosure to a foreign state, international or foreign organisation or their representatives of information constituting a state secret, which has been entrusted to him or which has become known to him in the course of his service, work, studies or in other cases provided for by Russian Federation law, or the PROVIDING of financial, material and technical, consultancy or other ASSISTANCE to a FOREIGN STATE, international or FOREIGN ORGANIZATION organisation, or their representatives in activities directed against the security of the Russian Federation, shall be punishable by imprisonment for a term from twelve to twenty years . . .

          How I wish there were a preview function with WordPress!

          Here goes!

          Posting now …


          1. When I remove the italics so that the words/phrases in capitals appear as block letters only, the instruction to remove italicization for those words/phrases in capitals also removes the instruction at the start of the text to have block letters throughout.

            But as I often say, but very often ignore:

            If at first you don’t succeed . . . fuck it!


            1. When I am correcting errors like that – because, as I mentioned, I can edit ’til the cows come home – I usually strip off all the coding altogether, remembering as best I can what was supposed to be bolded and what italicized, and save it unmodified. Then I do a two-step process, first italicizing and saving, then bolding (if used) and saving. Obviously you can’t do that, and sometimes it just goes south for no apparent reason. And then you do have to say fuck it.

              An error that crops up from time to time in my own formatting is where I have copied two or more paragraphs which I want to inject as highlights. In one of the blocks, it will appear with no space between two of the paragraphs. I open it for editing, and it looks normal, with no error. I inject an extra space between paragraphs, and when the change is saved it comes out the same, with no space.

              I could probably open it in html and identify the problem if I was better at coding, but I’m not and it just isn’t that important.


          2. You just have to take your time; I suspect when you speak about Navalny, you tend to get a little worked up. If you like, you can just write instructions at the end for how you would like it to appear, and I will format it and delete the instructions. Not that I know any more than you, but I have unlimited edits. In the example above you have introduced italics by using the ‘close italics’ coding and placed the ‘open italics’ coding at the end, I think you used an ‘open bold’ without closing it, and so on. But all of those are catchable if you proofread and think “Does this make sense?”. Granted, there have been occasions when you have done everything correctly and it just glitches out for some unidentifiable reason, but in this instance the coding was all buggered up.


        2. Duh. Navalny has been caught numerous times hobnobbing with US State Department officials in a private setting, and remember Maria Butina was branded a Russian spy simply because the US Intelligence Services assessed she was ‘trying’ to build a network of contacts of influential people. Navalny was sent to school to learn effective ways to agitate against his government, paid for by a foreign state. Foreign media wail daily about his plight, locked away in the gulag. His ‘anti-corruption’ organization has been declared an agent of a foreign government. The admission by the hapless fool Borrell is just the cherry atop the whole stinking cake. Never mind punishing him harder: I would hang him at the city gates, and put his head on a pike – let Reuters cream its jeans over that! I would personally send the Daily Beast pictures of him being squeezed in a tobacco press until his eyes bulged. I would offer translators to make sure they got the level of atrocity just right, and write the headlines myself; “What The Fuck Are You Going To Do About It?”


    2. Anyway, I saw a comment earlier today on another site (can’t remember which now) which said that rumour is now rife amongst legal eagles here that the other cases being made against Navalny and his sidekicks as regards defrauding dickhead subscribers to the Bullshitter’s “fund” are going splendidly well, insomuch that he will soon be away from the “torture colony” and in court once again, where he will face having another 7 years and more tagged onto his present sentence — to run non-concurrently.

      See you in 2031, gobshite!


  62. Interesting video on the Iranian missile strike on the US base in Iraq via RT:

    The precision of the strikes was impressive to me. However, the apparent speed of the missiles seemed relatively slow; more like a cruise missile than a ballistic missile. In any event, the strike delivered a very effective message with no fatalities and a warning of what would happen if Iran wanted to inflict real military damage.


    1. See the self-serving CBS report* covering this recently, the narration and cherry picked voices including dubious claims that the US had little warning (sic “we waited until Iran had downloaded the latest satellite maps from commerical providers before we moved stuff.”

      We know that other sources say i-Ran gave the USA plenty of time,** i.e. the same way that the USA told Syria that it wanted to conduct ‘sympbolic strikes’ and allowed the Syrians to get out of the way).

      Also from the CBS video was the very strange decision by the commander to keep some troops at the air base even though they claim they knew that i-Ranian missiles would be accurate as seen in the CBS transcript:* Either he was kept out of the loop or deliberately put US soldiers in harms way that could have escalated. Nuts!

      “Frank McKenzie: Their missiles are accurate.

      David Martin: Did that surprise you?

      Frank McKenzie: We knew it, but to see it. They fired those missiles to significant range. And they hit pretty much where they wanted to hit.”

      Step 1: America has to stop lying to itself.




      1. “The U.S. airstrike against Iranian-backed militias Thursday night was the latest chapter in the poisonous relationship with Iran President Biden inherited from the Trump administration.”

        Ahh ha ha ha!!! The media does not even do you the courtesy of pretending to deceive you any longer, it just lies right in your face and tells you, “This is the story now, buddy”. You are supposed to believe Biden was always a dove on Iran, it was Trump who ruined everything with his hardball. It is perfectly true that Biden nitpicked from the sidelines throughout the Trump administration’s dealings with Iran, moaning that Trump was going about it all wrong. Incredible to hear a Democrat criticizing a Republican president, innit? That’s actually his job while the Democrats are in opposition – to criticize everything the Republicans do and imply he would have done it not only differently, but better.

        Besides which, nobody really knows what Sleepy Joe’s position is on Iran; in response to direct questions he nods, but apparently that is just a spastic jerk which is meaningless.!

        The Biden administration is torn between talking tough and preaching engagement, which is a direct result of extreme polarization in the electorate, which is in turn the result of duplicitous messaging in an attempt to sway the vote. Trump’s remaining base considers the collapse of relations between the United States and…well, pick just about anybody, really, but we were talking about Iran, a net gain for the USA, so Biden must pretend to not be backing down, but talking tough led nowhere. Iran toughened up in response and said it was not interested in discussing anything with the United States without seeing some concrete action first, probably a wise policy considering the United States cannot be trusted to keep any agreement it enters into as soon as it becomes inconvenient to its desires.

        Official rhetoric has Washington dealing with everyone ‘from a position of strength’, but the reality is that it is confused and disorganized and incoherent, and if it actually uses its mighty military in a big way it will be out of desperation rather than clear thinking. It is too late for clear thinking to achieve anything substantial anyway, even if some should accidentally surface.


  63. A new twist: American journalists have unearthed who Navalny is
    Toasts the Holocaust, an adherent of the execution of the authorities, an aggressor and a real wolf in sheep’s clothing — Western media has begun to read Navalny’s statements on the Internet and, to put it mildly, were shocked.

    March 1, 2021 11:24 pm

    The “Greanville Post”, an American online publication of the left, has published an article “Navalny: a wolf in human rights clothing? The reason for the keen interest in Aleksey Navalny was the award of the Courage Prize of the Geneva Forum for Human Rights and Democracy, which will be presented in June this year. This was preceded by the decision of the international organization Amnesty International (AI), which has deprived Navalny of the status of a “prisoner of conscience”. The legal and political department of AI explained this with the statements of the oppositionist, which date back to the mid-2000s. Then the organization assigned his ideas the level of hate speech, since earlier Navalny had advocated “violence and discrimination and at the moment he has not given up such statements”.

    Can it be considered that a person has ceased to be a racist, homophobe, chauvinist, neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, if he does not openly profess such views for some time? Most Americans will say no. There should be minimal evidence that a person has realized: xenophobia leads to the destruction of society, pushing it into the fire of civil confrontation and lawlessness. If this is true for America, it must be true for any other country

    so begins Caleb Mopin’s article.

    A series of scandals did not leave thinking people in the West indifferent, and the author of the note posed the question: On what basis is a person who has not renounced nationalist ideas extolled by the Western establishment? He decided to analyze in more detail the views of the Russian oppositionist and gave several examples.

    In 2009, during a live broadcast on the Ekho Moskvy radio station, Navalny recognized nationalism as the defining point of his ideology, confirming literally that he could be called a neo-Nazi. In the same year, he called the Jews “dudes in fox hats, lapserdaks, prayer shawls and the other trimmings”, and the Arab as dirty. Four years later, the Israeli newspaper “Jerusalem Post” reported that at a party in the editorial office of “The New Times”, the Russian oppositionist pronounced the rhymed slogan “First toast to the Holocaust!” [pyervy tost za holokost]

    In addition, Aleksey Navalny has openly declared his support for the “Russian March” nationalist event many times, and also attended it in 2007-2011. After several years, he wrote on his personal blog: “I still support the Russian March as an idea and as an event, I am ready to help with information or in some other way, but I myself cannot participate in a new situation”. Therefore, the author of the article about the Russian oppositionist returns to the main thesis of his article: “Silence is still no denial”.

    But nationalism is not Navalny’s only drawback. Caleb Mopin gives an example of his xenophobia. The oppositionist prefers to call women heifers. From this, according to Navalny, he is deterred only by the need to fight for the voices of feminists.

    and there is Navalny’s proposal how to crack down on judges: “You can do without unnecessary sentiment: shoot them!” and the preference for a forceful scenario in addition to everything caused the the journalist to ask: Why does the West support this extremist?

    Still not knowing what kind of tragedy such an approach would result in in America, Navalny in 2020 announced the need to immediately overthrow the government in Russia by force: ‘Such a government must be overthrown right now, quite possibly even by force’

    the American journalist recalls navalny saying..

    Political analyst Marat Bashirov believes that this interest in itself suggests that the Western media have become interested in who Navalny really is, how much he corresponds to the status of a liberal oppositionist, which has been awarded to him by the Western media and politicians.

    Apparently, someone decided to analyze in detail how true the assessment given by the West is. This is, of course, an amusing fact, that is, not all American press has been bought. If you look at how he started his political career, how he went to the “Russian Marches”, what he wrote on the Internet, all this will give a fairly unambiguous picture. It will become clear that he does not have much of his own beliefs and ideas. There are many more attempts to sell some populist and nationalist ideas to the electorate

    Bashirov said.

    According to lawyer Ilya Remeslo, Navalny adhered to such views not only out of a desire to gather supporters, but also because of his subjective views, which can be described as pro-Nazi.

    The views of Aleksey Navalny have not changed much. In my “Telegram” channel, I published a letter asking Navalny to stop reposting neo-Nazi agitation, which was sent to the deputy chairman of ParNaS Konstantin Merzlikin. It is dated 2016, that is, only five years have passed since then. I don’t think that something has changed over this past time, that these are some troubles from the past

    explained Remeslo.

    It is worth noting that Navalny, having not been the author of the thoughts that he has expounded, easily mimics the agenda that has been proposed to him. The objective problem of ethnic nationalism in Russia in the 2000s created the nationalist Navalny, whilst present day demand has forced him to become a fighter against corruption, State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fedorov has suggested.

    What they say to him, he does: he works like that. He builds his rhetoric as an artist, plays out a role for the benefit of a group of people that has been selected according to research. Note that this role that he plays never strays away from a set format, never says something extra. If you pay attention, you can find that he has a rather narrow outlook: he never goes beyond the events outside the agenda. In this he reminds one of Zelensky, who also played a role: people chose him and were ultimately disappointed. And now, apparently, the role of a victim is destined for him, from which role, in the end, you need to get something in return. He is now fuel for further protests, the beneficiaries of which will now be other people

    said Evgeny Fedorov.

    If you delve into the Aleksey Navalny’s old “Live Journal” postings, you can find there a fairly large amount of openly Nazi rhetoric, as well as everyday hatred of other people on a national basis. Thus, Navalny deftly noted that “Yids” can be “warmed up with sequins.”

    There is nothing surprising in this: sooner or later it would have surfaced, including foreign journalists learning about it. Not all the media out there work under duress. It is clear that the central publications pursue politics within the framework of the ideological mainstream, but other, less dependent ones, try to adhere to the canons of real journalism and study open sources. It is not necessary, like Bellingcat, to invent fantastic stories: the skills necessary for seeking out information are adequate enough. After a while, they will be able to find out that he is not only a nationalist, but also a swindler

    said political analyst Alexey Martynov.

    Note that Alexei Navalny was the recipient of a sudden upsurge in popularity in August last year after he had fallen into a coma and was taken from Russia to a hospital in Germany for treatment. And after he had recovered, he said that he had been poisoned with the Novichok chemical warfare agent. This was confirmed by a German clinic, which refused to present any evidence of this.

    source: Новый поворот: американские журналисты раскопали, кто такой Навальный


  64. Texas breaks ranks and flips the bird to Fauci and the CDC.

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has lifted many of the Covid-19 restrictions in his state, permitting businesses to operate at 100-percent capacity starting March 10 and repealing the requirement for people to wear face coverings.

    Abbott delivered the “exciting news” during a speech to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, informing the assembled small business and community leaders that the mask mandate – in place since July – was no more.

    “We must now do more to restore livelihoods and normalcy for Texans by opening Texas 100 percent,” Abbott said in a statement on Tuesday – Texas’ Independence Day. “Make no mistake, Covid-19 has not disappeared, but it is clear from the recoveries, vaccinations, reduced hospitalizations, and safe practices that Texans are using that state mandates are no longer needed.”

    Mississippi is following Texas’s lead. This throws a wrench in the Covid narrative.


      1. Biden probably sees the whole vaccine plan slipping through his fingers – if states open up and there is not an immediate blizzard of COVID, where’s the incentive to get vaccinated? Let someone else do it. The world has been led to believe there can be no return to anything like normalcy without mass vaccination. A few impetuous governors look likely to tip that narrative on its head. Florida might follow, except that it has basically ignored national public-health screeching for some time now, while de Santis is being talked up as a possible Republican candidate for President.

        If there is a stable return to wide-open business in some states without any apparent ill effects, the backlash against the public-health killjoys and lockdowns is not likely to be long in coming.


        1. The contrast between Michigan and Ohio could not be greater when it comes to Covid measures. Michigan and the wicked bitch Gretchen continues with harsh lockdowns while across the border, restaurants and bars are flourishing; something like East and West Berlin.


    1. Yes, I read on Anti-Empire where the British police have claimed the distancing requirements have become “unenforceable”.

      Texas needs to announce some good news – a distraction is imperative. Brazos Electric, the state’s largest and oldest electric-power cooperative, has filed for bankruptcy protection and others look likely to follow.


  65. Urgent! America in hysterics! The cold winter has suddenly sobered up the EU and opened its eyes!
    2 March 2021

    English subtitles available.

    Problems, of course, with some of the speech translations.

    In the subtitles it reads, for example, “wet gas” for “liquefied gas” in Russian.

    Towards the end, the subtitles read “theses” for the Russian ТЭС — Thermal Power Station (Тепловая электростанция)


  66. In line with a previous discussion regarding whether deaths caused by – or at least associated with – the new vaccines and vaccination are higher than the risk of dying from COVID, Israel’s Health Ministry reports the death rate among the elderly is about 40 times higher than the risk of dying from the disease itself.

    “In the past weeks, Israel’s government made headlines when they adopted a “green pass” system, allowing people who have been injected to receive a green code, which then grants them entry into places such as entertainment and leisure facilities.

    As the country reopens after a two-month lockdown, the green pass would be given only to those who had been injected, not to people who tested negative for the virus. The proposed benefits include access to “non-essential” businesses as well as not being required to self-isolate if identified as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, and not having to self-isolate after a return from what the government calls a “red location.”

    Despite there being no proof that these experimental vaccines actually prevent transmission of the virus, Israel’s minister for health, Yuli Edelstein, said upon the release of the vaccine “passport” that “(g)etting vaccinated is a moral duty. It is part of our mutual responsibility.” He went further, declaring, “Whoever does not get vaccinated will be left behind.”


    1. Moscow City authorities keep on texting me about getting injected. I ignore their requests. I can still use public transport, but I have to buy a ticket as my social card is blocked because I am over 65 and have not been vaccinated. What hyprocrisy! And I have to wear a mask on public transport and in shops, which annoys me greatly.

      I think I shall take a page out of that South African woman’s book and wrap a pair of underpants around my face.


      1. Right on cue (with the news of state-level rebellions and returning to business-as-usual blessed by state governors), Biden announces the completion of vaccination in the USA by end-May, bringing the ‘goal’ forward by two entire months. By that time the US government assesses it will have been able to vaccinate the entire adult population. Quick, before they figure out it isn’t necessary!

        This miracle will be accomplished by a gift of $270 Million to Merck, to help them ramp up to ‘wartime production’ of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which only received FDA Emergency Use Approval this past weekend. Mustn’t lose control of the narrative, which will ever afterward reflect that it was the government’s heroic vaccine program which stopped COVID in its tracks in the USA.


    2. Ah, the good old Children’s Health Defense organization. Robert F Kennedy Jr’s well-known, even notorious, antivax organization.

      I would take anything they say with a pinch of salt. They will tell you that vaccines—any vaccine— will cause everything from Autism to Alzheimer’s.

      They, led by RFK Jr, were part of the anti-vax brigade trying to stop people from being vaccinated during the Samoan measles outbreak that killed at least 70 people in late 2019 or early 2020.

      For some understandable but unfortunate reasons, Samoan vaccination rates had fallen drastically and there was a very deadly outbreak. See Lessons from the tragic measles outbreak in Samoa for a few details on the outbreak.


  67. From a libtard blog:

    Да есть ли предел чекистской мерзости и глумлению???
    2021-03-03 13:50:00

    Is there a limit to KGB abomination and mockery???


    In 2018, Penitential Colony No.2 in Pokrov, where Navalny has been sent to, undertook a contract to supply the Federal Penitentiary Service with men’s underwear.

    What astounding investigative journalism by Deutsche Welle!

    And what a fucking whinge off a libtard!


    1. I don’t think I would be alone in diagnosing that, if accurate, as the Russian government doing irony. It is purpose-designed to be ferreted out by the media, and it would be no fun if they missed it because then the government would have to leak it. No real fear of them missing it, though – every large western outlet will now have a ‘Task Force Navalny’ whose job is to monitor, to the degree it is possible, every breath he draws and report it for the edification of the huge western fan base the dissident martyr enjoys.


  68. Where’s the linked picture gone to?

    Story also splashed in the filth Meduza:

    Навального отправили в колонию, которая поставляла трусы для нужд ФСИН

    and in the shitty “The Insider”, as reported by DW.

    Try as I might, I cannot find in the DW Russian site that Twitter (I think) image that does not appear above and which a whinging Navalnyite creep has posted.

    So they make underpants at Navalny’s new residence? So fucking what???


    1. So they make underpants at Navalny’s new residence? So fucking what???

      He gets to make a pair for the next FSB novachek underpants attack? Maybe he can advise on a better design? He has experience.

      This is delicious!


    2. At least next time Navalny meets Eliot Higgins of Bellingcrap, they’ll be able to swap notes on making and marketing Novichok-proof underwear.


      1. Bringing both ends of the professional underwear spectrum together. Manufacturing and testing, together under the same roof; a marriage made in heaven. I think Eliot Higgins was in ladies undies, though; I’m not sure if Navalny would be down with that. Second Floor; ladies lingerie….oh, good morning, Mr. Navalny. Going…down?


  69. Hi Mark,

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen this yet but it will make you more upset with Canadians than ever. That’s how I feel. I haven’t been in any shops or other public buildings since November when the mask mandate began. I haven’t had a haircut since last April and don’t shave as much now but my wife likes it. I’ve never worn a mask and my two daughters haven’t either. My wife has to sometimes though. None of us have any fear of Covid at all. We wouldn’t even think about it but when we go outside nobody will let us forget about it. We’ve seen people wearing masks when hiking on Seymour and Grouse Mountains. I saw a real estate listing for a small house on 160 acres in the Peace Region for $379,900. That’s where I want to move to now.



    1. Thanks for posting that; the link is broken, but at least you can back out to the paper itself and then find the story in the index.

      Mob mentality – it imbues the ‘actors’ with a sense of righteousness that permits them to do things they would never normally do. It is anathema in Canada to lay hands on a stranger if they are not visibly breaking the law, people know very well it is assault, and the mask mandate is not law; it’s a public-health order. I suppose if I stretch my understanding and generosity to their limits, I could try to imagine that these Canadian Tire employees are frustrated and angry and depressed themselves, and looking for an outlet to direct it against. But mostly I just shake my head at the manner in which the public image of Canadians was deconstructed and destroyed, to me, in just a few months.

      If I were that guy, and if I had the money to do it, I would sue Canadian Tire until they didn’t have two cents left to rub together, plus civil lawsuits against every employee who touched me. And that goes double for everyone who was fined by government authorities for hosting ‘gatherings’, if it is revealed – as I believe it will be – that non-medical cloth masks were completely useless at preventing infection and were merely a placebo pushed by public-health authorities to make a panicked public believe they were taking decisive action, backed up by exhortations to trust the science they knew to be non-existent.

      It occurs again to me that we live quite close to one another; if you don’t move right away, perhaps we could meet up for coffee sometime after this nonsense is over. I’m not in Vancouver that often, but occasionally and I’m sure I could persuade the missus to make a shopping excursion without much difficulty.


  70. Euractiv: Slovak government faces collapse amid Sputnik purchase

    …Chair of the Za Ľudí (For the People) party, Veronika Remišová publicly expressed her disagreement with Matovič’s presence and press conference at the delivery of Russian vaccines brought on board the military plane Spartan.

    “Not only me, but several members of our party are disgusted and disappointed,” said Remišová, adding that it was “absolutely inappropriate and undignified.”

    The party “needs to discuss” the situation in the coalition and “make a fundamental decision” whether to leave or stay in the government, she said…

    Hopefully the voters won’t forget or forgive this, even if at some point in the future such people claim they ‘misspoke’ or whatever.


      1. It rings a bell or it could be a false memory (for me). There’s plenty of incompetence to go around. I think Belgium threw out millions of stored masks it already had because they were stored in poor conditions at military facilities. Of course they didn’t test them before they were binned.


        1. IIRC Ontario did the same before they realised how difficult the stuff were going to be to replace. Obvious some things will have a real expiry date but some of the stuff was likely the equivalent of our “Best by” dates on food. It is not expired, storage time may have hurt the quality a bit.


        2. Oh, yeah; there’s plenty of incompetence to go around. I think, though, that much of the confusion in the population arises from the fact that doctors are telling them ‘the science’ says that face masks protect against respiratory viruses. ‘The science’ here is that respiratory viruses are spread by ‘droplets’, exhaled when you talk, laugh or sing, and has continued to evolve to claim that masks stop these droplets ‘before they can dissolve into tiny particles which float in the air’ (aka aerosols). The trouble with this approach is that much of what you exhale – if you are infected and symptomatic – is already aerosols. Viruses are incredibly efficient at replicating themselves, and a virus which spread by big droplets which would fall to the floor or ground a foot or two from your face if you weren’t wearing a mask would not be very efficient; it would be child’s play to stop.

          But being told by a doctor that masks work and that science supports that is confusing. You can’t say, “That guy (or girl) doesn’t know what he/she’s talking about” – he or she is a doctor, and presumably knows a lot more about it than you do. Our own Saint Bonnie Henry is a trained and recognized epidemiologist, although her degree is in the dynamics of epidemics rather than virology. But some overlap is inferred. She must know what she’s saying when she endorses masking, and uses her clout as the provincial Public-Health Officer to make her suggestions orders. Right?

          Well, here’s a doctor who probably knows just as much. Dr. Russell Blaylock “is a nationally recognized board-certified neurosurgeon, health practitioner, author, and lecturer. He attended the Louisiana State University School of Medicine and completed his internship and neurological residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. For 26 years, practiced neurosurgery in addition to having a nutritional practice.” He says that wearing a mask if you are not sick may be detrimental to your health, and that healthy people should not wear a mask.

          And, see, there’s the lie I can’t forgive, right there. Asymptomatic transmission is either a thing, or it’s not. And it is the entire underpinning of mandatory masking – people cannot be trusted to assess when they are sick and when they are not, and even if they don’t know whether they are sick or not, they can still spread the virus, so everybody’s gotta mask up. Doctors who advocate for mandatory masking are in a much better position to know if asymptomatic transmission is supported by evidence or not than you or I. And reputable doctors say it’s not. But public-health officials pretend it is, because nobody would support mandatory masking for healthy people without that spectre.

          The ‘you gotta listen to us’ side is supported by the likes of Dr. Falsie, head of the WHO and – as the papers never tire of reminding us – America’s top expert on viral illnesses. He must have gone to the Pavel Felgenhauer College of Issue Positioning, which states that if you at various times lay claim to every possible position on a given issue, you will always be able to claim, “I was right!” At different times Fauci has claimed you don’t need to wear a mask if you’re not sick, you need to wear a mask no matter what, it just is common sense to wear two masks at the same time if you want serious protection, and there is no evidence to demonstrate that wearing two masks provides any more protection than one. His figures are tremendously misleading – here, he says flat-out that the Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of COVID-19 may be equitable to that of a bad seasonal influenza.

          “If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.”

          He then claimed COVID-19 has a mortality rate ten times higher than the seasonal flu. He’s sort of saying the same thing, because he referred to a particularly bad flu season in the NEJM, and the annual influenza season results in a mortality rate of about 0.1%. So ten times that would be 1.0%; still not very terrifying and certainly not an impetus to mandatory masking and lockdowns. But in both cases he should have been citing the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), and he was not.

          View at


  71. Псевдопрофсоюз — иностранный агент
    2021-03-03 20:49:00

    Pseudo-trade union — foreign agent

    “On March 3, the register of non-profit organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent included the” Alliance of Doctors” [AD] interregional trade union of health workers, headed by AE Vasilyeva”, the Ministry of Justice of Russia said in a statement. The department notes that during the verification measures “the facts of repeated receipt of foreign funding, as well as the implementation of political activity, were established in relation to the organization”.

    The pseudo-trade union “Alliance of Doctors” was established in August 2018 at the initiative of Aleksey Navalny within the framework of a new manual received from the curators (an attempt to create the union “Trade Union of Navalny”). The group uses the office of another foreign agent — FBK, where it shoots propaganda videos, and indicated his address when searching for employees. The AD website proudly proclaims that the “Alliance” has “42 branches nationwide”. Well, yes, of course … The funniest thing from the organization website: “Our union is completely independent. We are not subordinate to any parties or political force”.

    AD is chaired by blonde Anastasia Vasilyeva, Navalny’s personal ophthalmologist. Also, evil tongues call her one of the blogger’s mistresses.

    This right madam was born in Moscow, in 2006. She graduated from the I. M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, specializing in “general medicine”, worked as an assistant at the Likhoday Centre for Restorative Therapy for Soldiers-Internationalists, successfully married the son of an FSB general, worked as an assistant in the Department of Eye Diseases at the Research Institute of Eye Diseases (her mother, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nadezhda Makashova, also worked there), briefly checked in at the private clinic “Chaika”. In the spring of 2018, she quit her job to pursue a protest career. In an interview with “Radio Liberty” she complained about her allegedly poor financial situation, which turned out to be an out and out lie. Anastasia lives the high life, likes to drive a foreign car (almost 60 fines in 2019), lives in an elite cottage community “NIL” (“Science, Art, Literature”), built in the 1930s for the creative elite. It’s a nice, multi-million dollar house on the Novorizhskoye Highway, next door to the real estate of Alexander Shirvindt and his family…

    These people are our mentors and leaders? — ME

    “I have a lot of presentation experience. I know how to get information to people”, declares the woman leader. The activities of the “Alliance of Doctors” boil down to numerous provocations and the dissemination of fakes. For this, in November 2020, Anastasia Vasilyeva received the “Woman of the Year” award from the Russian-language version of the American “Glamour” magazine (along with the odious United Russia deputy Oksana Pushkina, liberal political scientist Catherine Shulman, four actresses from the prostitute series “Chicks” and the stand-up comedian with bipolar disorder Yulia Akhmedova).

    REGNUM news agency: “A number of violations can be seen in the organization’s activities, all of which lead to the organization having been recognized as a foreign agent in accordance with the Federal Law “On nonprofit organizations” of June 19, 2015, and included in the register of nonprofit organizations that perform the functions of a foreign agent. “The organization engages in political activities involving minors, with funds for its functioning coming from abroad”, the source points out. The organization led by Anastasia Vasilyeva has regularly provoked scandals by disrupting the work of medical institutions in Moscow and Vologda, as well as by spreading deliberately false information about the work of hospitals. According to media reports, Anastasia Vasilyeva actively opposed the holding of the “Immortal Regiment” rallies and the voting on constitutional amendments, arguing that this was due to the coronavirus danger. However, at the same time, she actively encouraged citizens to participate in mass unsanctioned protests, and is a defendant in a criminal case on charges of violating sanitary and epidemiological norms. According to the media, there is also reason to believe that Anastasia Vasilyeva may be involved in the embezzlement of about 2 million rubles through the purchase of personal protective equipment for Russian hospitals at inflated prices with funds collected in the form of donations”.

    Blok portal: “It is worth noting that Vasilyeva’s organization has a huge number of scandals on its books. “The ‘Alliance of Doctors’ has repeatedly been accused of spreading fakes, financial fraud, and provocations. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Vassilieva herself repeatedly broke the regime of self-isolation. She toured medical institutions in different cities, thereby preventing real doctors from working. The blogger’s personal eye doctor illegally entered hospitals, where she behaved in an openly boorish manner, almost attacking doctors with her fists. Doctors urged Vasilyeva not to interfere with their work and not to distract them from saving lives with her provocations. We remind you that at the moment the head of the pseudo-union “Alliance of Doctors” is a defendant in a criminal case for violating sanitary and epidemiological conditions at an illegal action in support of Navalny in Moscow”.


    1. Yulia Navalnaya and Anastasia Vasilyeva:

      What a hard-faced slag!

      A lying, rich, pampered, money-grubbing bitch, who wants to make Russia a brighter, better place for us all.

      Just my opinion, mind you.

      She might believe the shit that she peddles and is really a lovely lady, but somehow, I don’t think so.


    2. The activities of the “Alliance of Doctors” boil down to numerous provocations and the dissemination of fakes. For this, in November 2020, Anastasia Vasilyeva received the “Woman of the Year” award from the Russian-language version of the American “Glamour” magazine (along with the odious United Russia deputy Oksana Pushkina, liberal political scientist Catherine Shulman, four actresses from the prostitute series “Chicks” and the stand-up comedian with bipolar disorder Yulia Akhmedova).

      Isn’t it strange that the Western media and entertainment industry in general promote sickos and their acts? And I mean literal sickos. I strongly believe that psychiatric disorders can be induced and it has been induced to a significant degree. Think of Pussy Riot and its behavior in the cathedral, and how it was embraced by the West, but widely repudiated in Russia? It’s as if in the West, they deliberately poison people’s minds with divisive bullshit that normal people otherwise wouldn’t even think about. You end up with a very divided electorate, and it seems atomization artfully induced by gender, race (facilitated by mass immigration), sexual orientation, etc, favors certain powerful minorities who fear an unified, homogeneous demographic bloc. Atomized societies are too divided and weak to go after their predatory behavior. They also seem to love “democracy”, as long as their sickos are having their way. Hence the attacks on Hungary and Poland by their press and army of NGOs.

      Regarding the Glamour magazine, the British editor, according to herself:

      I’m British born, I’m of Iranian heritage, but my religion is Jewish – I’m the granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor.

      Needless to say, you have to be of a certain ethnicity or political persuasion to have any chance with these foreign (primarily American and British) outlets operating in your country.

      The “Chicks” series is an attack on religion and men in the best tradition of the Jewish-derived Franfurt School and its offshoot, the New Left:

      Chicks is a women-driven dramedy, with a local flavour and a very fresh visual style. The story is about four corner girls from a small town in Russia who decide to change their lives entirely, and to open their own fitness club. The first couple of episodes are quite funny, while we follow the girls trying to open a business without any necessary skills. But the longer we watch it, the more we understand how difficult it is to be an uneducated woman in a small town, and how desperate they are. The show is raising problems of a very traditional and religious society, gender maltreatment and social inequality.

      Women, you are victims! Men maltreat you! You’re discriminated against! Unite against the patriarchy! Democracy now! Let us rich international Jews handpick the representatives you can vote and control what you see and read! I promise that by forming an alliance with homosexuals, minorities, and all social outcasts, you will beat the dastardly white male!

      And of course, it’s broadcast by Netflix. The good thing is:

      Netflix now has a 4% share of the Russian streaming video market with about 140,000 subscribers in the country, according to research by IAA TelecomDaily. … “The price of Netflix’s subscription is too high for the Russian market; it’s two or even three times more than the subscription fee of the main competitors.

      Is “Chicks” shown anywhere other than in Netflix? I didn’t find an answer to this.

      On July 16, streaming service will release the final, eighth, episode of Eduard Hovhannisyan’s series “Chiki”, which became the most successful for the platform: the first four episodes were watched by 3.5 million people. Also in the days after the premiere “Chiki” became the show most mentioned on the Runet. This result is logical: “Chiki” is really a world-class project, which has very few peers in the Russian serial industry. Particularly pleasant is the fact that the series turned out to be so popular, which corresponds to Western trends and from the point of view of the problems touched upon in it, which are very non-standard for Russian cinema.

      Yes, the New Left’s Critical Theory is mostly absent in Russia, at least for now. Chiki, by the way, is the work of an ethnic Armenian, Eduard Oganesyan. He’s doing his best to bring intersectional feminism to Russia.

      The series balances all the time between serious social cinema, which many people mistakenly consider to be maliciously anti-patriotic, and romantic-melodramatic cinema, without slipping into any of the extremes.

      It’s good that Russians can still recognise enemy propaganda and call it out when they see it:

      Interestingly, in “Chicks”, contrary to the traditions of Russian classical literature, girls of easy virtue finally get a chance and the right to a happy personal life.

      Prostitution is virtuous and your path to success, the message parents everywhere are eager to teach their teenage kids.

      And at the same time, “Chiki” turns out to be even thinner than some foreign projects, where, for example, sometimes they unnecessarily demonize men. Yes, in “Chicks” there is enough so-called toxic masculinity, but there is also a lot of masculine tenderness, spiritual generosity, and gender ambiguity in it. It is impossible not to mention the revolutionary for Russia line of the son of Jeanne (Daniil Kuznets), who loves to wear his mother’s makeup and try on her outfits. Zhanna does not scold the boy and only asks to tell her when he will decide on his orientation (spoiler: he still prefers girls).

      Toxic masculinity, gender ambiguity, boy who wears mother’s makeup and clothes. Sounds like your average Hollywood product.


        1. It’s all better now. And it won an award!

          We’re (NETLFIX] deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork that we used for Mignonnes/Cuties. It was not OK, nor was it representative of this French film which won an award at Sundance. We’ve now updated the pictures and description.


  72. Can we call American foreign policy under Bi-Dumb which is no different that that under t-Rump, Bi-Rump? Even the most recent airstrikes on Syria by BD-A look like t-Rump’s airstrokes (sic appearance of strong military action) PR stunts to prove Amerika STRONK!

    My real fear is that Bi-Dumb will be encouraged at some point in the very near future to not back down on some b/s and bring the world to the brink of war (ba), after which being retired resigning due to ‘ill health’ (good) only for Kamaro Harris to take over. I just feel that 2021 will be an extraordinarily dangerous year. I hope I’m wrong.


    1. Et Al’s fear of what Bi-Dementia may do may be realised much sooner than later.

      Blackout: White House curbs press, public access as Biden struggles with public demands of job

      Biden struggles with public demands of presidency

      The rollback of public access comes amid the first six weeks of the Biden administration during which Biden himself has, at times, seemed to struggle with the rigorous schedule and public appearances demanded of modern U.S. presidents.

      A CNN report last month stated that the president regularly returns to his private residence at 7:00 p.m. each day and is “more of an early-to-bed type” than both Obama and Trump. Biden has thus far failed to host a single West Wing news conference, though the White House hosts daily news briefings.

      The president became well-known over the course of his presidential campaign for having difficulties speaking publicly, so much so that the New York Times in 2019 ran a feature report on his struggles to give public addresses. A fifty-year veteran of Washington politics, Biden has logged hundreds and hundreds of hours of public speaking, where he has been known to make gaffes on occasion, such as his remark in 2007 that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean.”

      His latest struggles, meanwhile, often appear less gaffe-like and more fundamental, such as at a recent Pentagon appearance when he struggled with teleprompter-fed words such as “Tuskegee,” “because of,” “defeated” and “dishonor.”…

      The President appears to be deteriorating very fast and being President with all the demands and stresses of the position, even without all the current domestic and foreign policy issues and problems, and the Satanyahus probably calling at all hours of the day to tell him how to run things for their benefit, is hastening that deterioration.


      1. Even without his mental difficulties it is well known that he is a happy bomber, but for me in this context it is primarily that t-Rump poorly executed America’s foreign policy rather than it is just wrong and a failure, sic the Dems can make it work, sic escalation and everyone else will back down, sic back to the future. So his problems also present opportunities to move on, though probably after everyone has had to change their shorts first…


        1. It is a form of a palace coup – select a leader with a deteriorating mental state and then take over all functions normally performed by said leader. They knew exactly what they were doing.

          Kamala knows her role like a good whore should know while enjoying the adulation generated by the MSM marketing machine. I am sure that they are smug and smirking – they pulled it off!


  73. Our old friend Yalensis provides an excellent sketch of

    in the prisons colony. The emphasis on rehabilitation is interesting. Somewhat of a risk to the dynamic true leader of the Russian people is the use of collective punishment for transgressions by members of the squadrons into which are organised. I can’t see the violent prisoners being content to happily accept sanctions imposed due to antics of “Billy Big Balls.”


  74. Ha, ha!!! Livin’ La Vida Navalny, Nicolas ‘Sarko the American’ Sarkozy is sentenced to three years in prison, for corruption. He got a one-year probationary sentence, though, and I’m not quite sure what that means, but I think it means if he is not charged and convicted of corruption again in a different incident within one year, his jail time goes away, bye-bye, jail time.

    In the same section – Press Review – Pashinyan is in deep doodoo in Armenia and toying with the idea of snap elections to prevent being run out of office. How quickly life turned sour for the Great Democrat. I suppose that’s Putin’s fault.


  75. The Groaning Man: Kremlin agents targeting Russians in UK, MI5 warns

    The Daily Fail: Boyfriend of Salisbury poisoning victim Yulia Skripal vanished after attack, friend claims

    Toilet Barf: We can’t stop another Salisbury-style attack, says MI5

    The Milker: Mystery of Salisbury Novichok victim’s vanished boyfriend amid ‘honey trap’ claims

    This of course comes a day after the US/UK & EU imposed more (very careful) sanctions on Russia.

    The thing about having a great seam of propaganda is that you can put it on the stove and heat it up whenever you like.


  76. Euractiv: How to solve the Nord Stream 2 dilemma

    If Gazprom could be persuaded to increase gas transit revenues for Ukraine, that would give the Biden administration a reason not to impose sanctions to block Nord Stream 2’s completion and ammunition to fend off criticism from those who want the pipeline to remain unfinished, writes Steven Pifer.

    Steven Pifer is a Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin and former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

    Bolted. Horse. Door. Already. + Hilarious. Oh, and don’t mention SouthStream (memoryholed).


    1. Hey, I know! Why doesn’t Russia just sign an agreement to give Kiev $10 Billion a year, forever? Would that do the trick, do you think? Save all this shilly-shallying with rusting and decrepit pipelines that are leaking gas everywhere, wasting a resource and causing a hazard! After all, the aim of all the American ‘pressure’ is to get Russia to pay Ukraine SOMETHING, so the USA can be satisfied that its reputation as a Fixer is intact. Ukraine can use that money to, oh, I don’t know, erase the Russian language, buy some new American toys for the Army and Air Force so they can dance around on their side of the border and dare the Moskali to step across the line. Whatever the fruitcake-of-the-month in Kiev wants to spend it on.

      How about no? The USA never negotiates until it is losing: when it is winning, or thinks it is, it imposes. It negotiates when all of its throwing its toys out of the pram have failed. It knows now that it can only slow the project down, it can’t stop it, and explicitly acknowledges that pushing too hard will mean a fight with Merkel, so it is aware that Germany has no intention of giving it up while she lives. Perhaps that’s the plan – they’re stalling, waiting for Merkel to die and hoping some wall-eyed Green will take her place.

      Memo to Kuh-yiv: the sanctions don’t have enough Joe-mentum to get it done. The project will be completed, and you will get the opportunity to test the validity of all your strutting and whooping about your gas storage being full to bursting with good European gas that came from Russia. Ration it, if you have any sense, because the free ride is about to come to an end.


      1. The USA has just announced it is giving Ukraine $125m more in ‘military aid’ for this year. Considering how over priced its stuff is, I’d be curious to know what, though I suspect it may be those patrol vessels it bought and no longer wants. Ah, found the link:

        BMPD: Новый пакет американской военной помощи Украине

        …Пакет военной помощи, как заявлено, «включает возможности для повышения летальности, управления, контроля и ситуационной осведомленности путем предоставления дополнительных контрбатарейных РЛС и оборудования тактической связи, предоставления спутниковых снимков и их анализа, а также оборудования для обеспечения медицинской помощи и процедур боевой эвакуации и двух сторожевых катеров типа Mk VI»…

        Oooh, two Mark VI patrol boats!

        Other interesting stuff at the link including the design of modular transport/hospital ships for the Russian Navy.


  77. Russian Aviation: US will make exceptions for exports to Russia within government space cooperation

    …This reported by TASS.

    However, the document notes that the US will restrict commercial space cooperation with Russia. “Exports in support of commercial space cooperation, however, will be restricted following a six-month transition period,” the statement reads. The document notes that Russia will be included on the list of countries “subject to a policy of denial for exports of defense articles and defense services, with certain exceptions for exports to Russia in support of government space cooperation.”

    Blinken stressed that the new US restrictions “will expand existing sanctions first imposed on Russia after its 2018 chemical weapon attack against Sergei Skripal in the United Kingdom, three years ago this week.” …

    The US has given itself six months to find alternatives?

    As we know, almost anything can be classified as having a military application (‘dual use’) so the US gives itself (quelle surprise) extraordinary latitude on what it can sanction. Russia has said its responses will be reciprocal, but at some point the salami is so sliced that there’s only the inedible bit left at the end…



    …according to Russian sources interviewed in Moscow this week, it is clear that the GAVI-COVAX operation is aimed at boosting the AstraZenca and Pfizer vaccines over Sputnik V for political and commercial gain. The Russians are therefore negotiating their vaccine sales bilaterally; if there is price discounting or other concessions, the terms remain secret; the reporters of the Financial Times don’t know them…

    …The cost of one dose of the Sputnik V vaccine for international markets will be less than $10. Sputnik V is a two dose vaccine…

    As usual, a lot more detail at the link.

    Also, as I’m sure my fellow stooges here have noticed, the language in the media has changed from ‘outrage’ that Russia is using ‘vaccine diplomacy’ to ‘we help too’ and everyone is in it…


    1. Ha, ha!! Canada has put $190 Million into the COVAX subsidy program, and we can’t even get enough vaccine for ourselves! Both Pfizer and Moderna told us to just chill out and be quiet, probably because Israel was the priority (because it will pay double because it is itself subsidized by the United States and gets billions in grant money and foreign aid every year), and the Troodledoo government had to dip into the supply meant for poor countries, or the bossman was likely to be chucked out on his ear by angry voters (well, we like to call them ‘voters’, but it’s really just a word). A huge squabble over vaccines that do not even guarantee to protect you against COVID, only to mitigate the symptoms, when the virus is 99% survivable and if it doesn’t kill you, you will have natural immunity. And round and round the big wheel goes.

      Hungary and Slovakia have both gone ahead with Chinese/Russian vaccines although the EMA has continued to stall on approving them, and the Hungarian government blamed its political opposition for frightening people away from the Chinese and Russian vaccines while talking up the benefits of the western vaccines, as you could expect from opposition parties which were set up by western agencies to promote western interests over national ones.


  79. “A pebble thrown at Angela Merkel”: Alexander Mercouris discusses the sanctions newly imposed upon Russia and Germany by the EU and the USA, which have been contemptuously dismissed by The Washington Examiner and other sources as ineffective. Alex points out as well that several of the sanctioned individuals remain on the sanctions list from before, some since last October, and the west is simply re-imposing sanctions which were never repealed in a completely-meaningless pantomime of reaction. Following the sanctions announcement, the ruble actually strengthened when the market observed that the new sanctions would not amount to anything.

    Wait until the Bullshitter gets his next augmentation to his camping trip.


    1. US government temporarily suspends tariffs in shift to resolve Airbus-Boeing spat

      …Both sides have since jointly decided to implement a four-month suspension – effective from 4 March – to “ease the burden on industry”, the two governments state, adding that the intention is to take a “bold” step towards resolving the dispute.

      “This will allow time to focus on negotiating a balanced settlement to the disputes, and begin seriously addressing the challenges posed by new entrants to the civil aviation market from non-market economies, such as China,” they add…

      Yet more admission that t-Rump’s ‘maximum leverage’ has failed. Washington needs a compliant u-Rope onside for its fantasy football/soccer team which is not possible if Washinton won’t pass the ball, which puts the u-Ropeans (sic Germany) in a stronger position.


      1. First, I would not characterize any disagreement which has endured unremittingly for 17 years as a ‘spat’. But Washington will be mollified by the fact that Yurrup blinked first, which lets them believe they are still the Big Dog. But it won’t be long before there is another falling-out, because the USA cannot tolerate a relationship in which it does not get to be the boss. It’s just that old the-world-needs-American-leadership thing.

        It’s kind of amusing the way they say ‘non-market economy’ as if they were speaking about someone not quite good enough to get into the club. The invisible hand of the market is still going great guns for the wealthy, because it is totally detached from economic reality, but it isn’t doing so great for all the middle-class types who have lost their jobs. China’s economy seems to be doing pretty well. Whatever the case, the fact that it makes airplanes is now acknowledged by the major western powers – acknowledged, moreover, as someone who might one day constitute a threat requiring a united front. That’s quite a big step up from being ignored.


    2. Maria Zakharova yesterday during a lengthy interview with a KP journalist:

      On sanctions and the isolation of Russia
      This is an amazing mythologeme: “The West is isolating us”. We have four cardinal points. If, on the one hand, they want to isolate, this does not mean that everyone is isolating. In modern conditions, this is impossible to do. In their polemics, they have consistently and controversially been talking about isolation for six years. All the time, I want to say to them: “Get hold of a globe and take a look at that country which is the Russian Federation. How will you do this?” In addition to those of the European Union and the collective West, there are more than 200 countries. This number includes some that are amongst the most developed, including China, which has overtaken the United States in many economic parameters, and that is exactly why they want to punish China with sanctions: not because of human rights; not because of the situation with the opposition, but in order to restrain the development of this or that region of the world. This is a policy of containment.

      source: Мария Захарова: Если ты просишь для своей страны сделать хуже — это предательство
      Официальный представитель МИД — об антироссийских санкциях и личной жизни
      5 марта 2021 0:57

      Maria Zakharova: If you ask to make things worse for your country, this is a betrayal.
      Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on anti-Russian sanctions and her personal life

      As regards the “betrayal” in the above headline, she said:

      If those who organize illegal protest actions urge, on the one hand, people to take to the streets, and on the other hand, they write to the British Foreign Secretary to impose sanctions on our country, then what does one call such people? Well, I don’t know: in my worldview, such people were always called traitors. This is not a legal assessment, but a moral one. If you are asking that things for your country are made worse, how else should they be called?

      These people whom Mrs. Zakharova believes are traitors to their motherland are always, in my opinion, recognized by the way they refer to the land of their birth and the way they spit out this term of reference, namely “this country!”

      In the interview, she talks of several other things, including her love of dancing.

      Maria — “Old Hag”, according to the Venezuelan — Zakharova tripping the light fantastic.

      Well I think she’s a cracker!

      I must be old.


    1. This is more plausible IMO:

      I read this week on Colonel Cassad’s Telegram that Russia will launch an alternative to Youtube and Twiter this year, I think it should not be a government-led initiative, not openly anyway. The US gives the impression that it’s a country where anyone can succeed without government assistance or intervention, and this very belief is in itself part of its appeal (soft power).


      1. The SpaceX Starlink internet satellite constellation must have a dual use as military communications in the event of war with an adversary capable of neutralizing military communication satellites.

        The Starship is purposed suitable for point-to-point suborbital transport. However, it has proven to be flying grain silo with a habit of exploding. Yeah, the Mars colonization spiel could be a smoke screen for its true application a a military transport. Yet, these space blimps would be easy pickings for S-400s. This one, I have doubts.


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