Still Crazy, After All These Years – Western Analysis Continues to Get Russia Wrong
Uncle Volodya says; “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead.”

A world that sends you reeling from decimated dreams
Your misery and hate will kill us all
So paint it black and take it back
Let’s shout it loud and clear
Defiant to the end we hear the call…

My Chemical Romance, from, “Welcome to the Black Parade”.

Reading a recent comment which detailed the inexplicable and yawning gulf between the media-hyped love affair the west pursues with ‘poison victim’ Alexey Navalny, and his clownlike public image in Russia, it struck me that the situation is a microcosm of the larger deliberate misunderstanding with which western analysts regard Russia.

We’ve been over the credibility aspects before, in which the Anglosphere stubbornly maintains that Navalny was poisoned – most likely at Vladimir Putin’s direct order – with the most toxic and deadly nerve agent the world has ever seen, but will not share its proof with Russia. Navalny miraculously did not die, and now is feeling fine as frog hair and ready for the next stage in his job-free life. He is most likely going to be a long-term guest of the west – returning to Russia is not a viable option, as he is regarded as a criminal there – enjoying a comfortable lifestyle with his family which arises from his perceived status as ‘Putin’s fiercest critic’, and an important Russian opposition politician.

What immediately follows is a translation by Moscow Exile of this RIA Novosti article.

VTsIOM: Rating of Russians’ confidence in Navalny – 3%

A poll conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) has shown an almost complete lack of confidence amongst Russians in the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, non-profit foreign agent) Aleksey Navalny. The low rating is an indication of a failed media campaign to increase the popularity of the oppositionist with the participation of the West.

VTsIOM has published opinion poll data, relevant at the end of November 2020, as regards the measurement of the level of trust in the Russian public towards political figures and oppositionists. As part of the survey, it was established to whom the citizens of the Russian Federation would entrust the solution of important state issues. FBK founder Aleksey Navalny was included in the list of figures, the attitude towards whom sociologists were trying to find out. The poll showed that only 3% of Russians trust the oppositionist and are ready to entrust him with solving important state issues.

Personally, I am opposed to ongoing discussion of Navalny’s affairs, as continued mention of him only keeps him in the news and increases his exposure. However, I think it is fairly clear – if you believe this poll – that Navalny is not really taken seriously in Russia, and has no realistic chance of legitimately attaining any political role in that country. His name recognition may have greatly increased, but his forecast influence on national politics – should he be able to run for a political office – has not budged in ten years.

And therein lies the enigma. The western media persists in portraying Navalny as a political firebrand with a significant audience eager to hear his powerful message. He cannot be an object of mockery – an insignificant boob regarded by many Russians as a foreign agent of the western regime-changers. Therefore…the poll must be rigged!

Those in the west who are seriously committed to regime change in Russia should, by rights, be depressed at this – the overthrowing of Putin and his replacement by a progressive western-friendly liberal, who will deal the country away for a handful of magic beans, does not stand much chance so long as the dullwitted western public-at-large is determined to see a d’Artagnan in a doughhead. Not a bit of it – western think-tankers and analysts are among the most intoxicated optimists when it comes to seeing imminent collapse in Russia’s future, followed by a renaissance under an enlightened leader who will welcome western advice in building a dream country that will anchor a relationship in which freedom and democracy prevail. And, just incidentally, make western investors even more wealthy, even as it removes the next-to-last adversary on America’s must-go list. Western political and media investment in Navalny continues unabated.

Examples abound of this determined tunnel vision, a sort of self-medicated ecstasy in which judgment steps aside to permit fantasy to take the wheel. It hasn’t been that long since America’s ‘Russian athletes are brimming with performance-enhancing drugs’ campaign ran out of momentum, wobbled and collapsed in ignominy as reinstated medals , which had been stripped owing to accusations led by the USA, returned Russia to the head of the medals count. At the start of its run at Russia, the western investigatory commission claimed it had so much evidence of a state-sponsored Russian doping program it was…well, gosh darn it, it was embarrassing. Star-witness ‘whistleblower’ Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov, former head of the Russian anti-doping program, electrified the prosecution with his confident claims of proof beyond any doubt…and then disintegrated, during testimony, in a pants-wetting supernova of contradictory claims and unsubstantiated blather.

More recently, the entire underpinning of America’s Magnitsky Act collapsed like a house of cards when Bill Browder’s tax-fraud case against the Russian state was completely discredited after a nine-year investigation, and probably will be dropped for lack of evidence. Browder used tales of breathtaking financial impropriety as alleged motive for the death of his ‘tax lawyer’ – actually an accountant – Sergey Magnitsky, in a Russian prison. According to Browder’s story, Magnitsky was murdered to shut him up, so he could not tell what he knew about a Russian scheme to steal millions from investment taxes. The Swiss investigators found no evidence at all to support such claims, casting well-deserved doubt on the entire story Browder used to sell the discriminatory Magnitsky Act to the American government.

Western press consistently portrays Russia as floundering, flailing, thrashing to remain afloat against the brutal counterweight of sanctions which drag it down to the deeps. Yet its foreign cash reserves have returned to the peak they reached immediately before the global financial crisis of 2008/09, at nearly $600 Billion.

Russia Foreign Exchange Reserves

The government income ratio distributed to cash reserves has remained metronomic at 8% since 2019, and reflects the highest level achieved since that same global financial crisis in 2008/09.

Russia Cash Reserve Ratio

This is not a picture of a country struggling under a brutal dictatorship led by a thieving oligarch who salts away more billions of his country’s hard-earned money every year in secret accounts abroad which nobody can find any trace of. But the figures come from the Central Bank of Russia…so they’re probably made-up. As is, no doubt, the handling of government debt as a percentage of GDP since Satan’s Imp seized power in Russia in 1999.

Russia Government Debt to GDP

If only a popular people’s champion like Alexey Navalny could gather the reins of power into his steadfast hands. Then you’d see some progress that would make you blink.

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    1. So does Jacob Appel, Director of Ethics Education in Psychiatry – if you can believe that – in his clarion call for compulsory vaccination. First they said you had to wear a mask because it would protect others from droplets of your sputum from coughing and sneezing – or singing, mustn’t forget that – but that still seemed a fairly small and well-defined group, the obviously sick. Even the Great Oracle Of Medical Wisdom, Dr, Fauci, said in no uncertain terms that there was no reason for healthy people to be wearing masks. But then suddenly there was a reason – asymptomatic transmission. And then that was shot down by numerous studies which demonstrated that asymptomatic transmission was almost unknown. So they made up a new category: presymptomatic. It’s obvious they were going to keep going until everyone wore masks. And now we all do.

      So, how to achieve the same stunning success with the vaccines? Simples. As Appel explains – if you won’t take the vaccine, you can’t be part of our world.

      I hope nobody is fooled into thinking you just get the jab once and you’re done. The backstory is being painstakingly built – follow the science!! – that COVID is going to be around in some form or other forever, a constant, unblinking threat. And your ‘immunity’ bestowed by your vaccination is going to be finite. So if you give in this time, count on getting at least an annual shot, if not more frequent than that.

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      1. First, it was perpetual war on terror, now it’s perpetual fear and suspicion in our own towns and cities. Our national capital is now a barbed wire fortress a.k.a the Blue Zone on the Potomac as dubbed by Pepe Escobar. The evil of our leaders has no limit.


  1. A wishy-washy Russian Web comment off a libtard:

    Возвратившийся Навальный

    The Returned Navalny
    January 20th, 14:31
    The return of Alexei Navalny to Russia to meet previously promised trials and prison terms, evokes many emotions. Professional fighters against Navalny are enjoying their days of triumph, and supporters do not hide their admiration for his courage and willingness to organize and participate in protests. The rest of the active population groups experience the situation in different ways, but mostly trying to calm themselves down, to justify their indifference and unwillingness to risk their usual way of life for the sake of a ghostly opportunity to change something for the better.</I

    Professional fighters against Navalny?

    courage and willingness to organize and participate in protests?

    Unsanctioned, illegal protests!!!

    Anyone can participate in protests within the limits of the law. It’s the same in in the “Free World”.

    indifference and unwillingness to risk their usual way of life for the sake of a ghostly opportunity to change something for the better!!!

    A <b ghostly opportunity to make things better???

    I think Olga is quite young — certainly not old enough to remember the USSR and the Glorious Yeltsin Years.

    She thinks her life is shit and could be bettered, apparently, but the oldies are indifferent and don’t want to improve their abysmal lives and standard of living and enjoy their lives to the full as they do in, . . . in America!


  2. Voronezh yesterday:

    His placard reads: Nuremberg for Puter!

    He was arrested.

    I wonder where the thousands of other like minded Voronezh supporters of Navalny were?

    Insulting the government and president online is an administrative offence in Russia, whereby those who show “blatant disrespect” for the state, the government, the Russian flag, or the constitution can be fined up to 100,000 rubles ($1,550). The law was intended to put a block on fake news.

    I don’t know what the law is as regards that brave man’s arrest was.

    I suppose if I walked around in the UK wth a placard stating that Johnson is a Nazi the cops would do sweet FA about the matter.

    They’d arrest me for not wearing a mask though.


    1. Should be Nuremberg for Putler!

      A play on “Hitler”, see.

      How smart!

      Christ knows why I’m not hitting these keys correctly.

      Eyesight must be failing.

      It is actually. Need new glasses.


        1. Well, actually, it was difficult to translate directly the phrase into English because of the use of the dative case in Russian.

          The noun “Nuremberg” is in the nominative case, but the noun “Putler” is in the dative case as it has the masculine singular noun dative ending “-y”, hence “Putlery”.

          So literally, “Putlery Nuremberg” means “To Putler a Nuremberg” — no articles, neither definite nor indefinite. in Russian.

          So the phrase sort of means: “A Nuremberg trial for Putler”.

          In Russian, Тебе будешь мороженое? [tebye budyesh morozhenoye] — literally: “To thee will be ice cream?” means “Wilt thou have an ice cream?” or “Dost thou want an ice cream?” and usually you don’t need to say “to thee” but simply: Будешь мороженое?

          To say “you”, one uses the polite pronoun вы [vy] and the dative вам [vam], but the verb declination must change thus:

          Вам будете мороженое? [vam budyetye morozhenoye]

          Likewise, Будешь чай? [budyesh chai] / Вам будете чай? [vam budyetye chai] means “Do you want (a cup of) tea?”, but translated directly word for word into English, Будешь чай? / Будете чай? means “Wilt thou tea?” / “Will you tea?”

          Piece of piss is Russian, ain’t it?


          1. Should be “willst thou” above!

            Always typos!

            And I have long been far from “home”.

            Thirty years ago, I spoke such archaic English with family and friends in my old dialect, which I guess is all but dead now.

            However, when I took my then new bride back to my old haunts in 1997, they were still talking “broad” in the Miners’ Welfare, where I was greeted with such expressions as:

            “Nay then! How ar’t doin’? Dos’t want a drink? And is this thi wahf? What ar’t havin’ love?”

            [Nay then? How art thou doing? Dost thou want a drink? And is this thy wife? What art thou having, love?”]

            But those who addressed me and my wife in that way, were all of my generation and older. Nowadays, when I hear yong British citizens talking on video clips, their dialects often sound alien to me, especially those who come from London and the southeast. . I don’t think there are any Cockneys any more.

            The past is another country.


          2. Yes, I figured it was not what I suggested, I was just having a little fun with it. I was always similarly puzzled by the common reply to “Kak u vas dyela?”, as a greeting, meaning “How are you” being “u nas korosho” (I am typing phonetically here, obviously) because the latter literally means “We are good” or ” it is good at ours” when the respondent is usually only one person.


  3. A Navalnyite cries out:

    Alexey Navalny is the number 1 politician in Russia. At least for now.

    The political field has been scorched to nothing by Putin’s henchmen.

    The head of the criminal organization “Ozero” could not kill Navalny, now he has been imprisoned for a long time.

    The film by Alexei Navalny and his associates “Palace for Putin” (released yesterday) has received 24 million views per day and still arouses the curiosity of the whole world. Another million viewers watch it every hour.

    The film makes it clear that Putin was originally a criminal-thief, a petty figure who, with the help of the patronage of influential persons, has climbed to the top of the political Olympus, along the way helping his patrons with enrichment.

    The criminal Putin has turned Russia into a resource that is served by the grandiose BROTHEL</B, which stands on the Black Sea coast next to Gelendzhik.

    He HAS built himself a whole PRINCIPALITY with vineyards and underground communications, where there is nothing.

    He is truly the richest man in the world. And his only BUSINESS is the robbery of Russia.

    It is clear why he decided to kill Navalny. Navalny is a destabilizing factor for him.

    The only person who really opposes him.

    The only person who can lead people to the streets against the tyranny of the bandit authorities and their leader.

    iI thought schools opened at last 2 days ago.

    The child who wrote thee above must be playing wag.


    1. Fucked up the formatting again!

      Really do need new glasses.

      So there you have it: Putin, the richest man in the world, holds sway over the biggest country in the world from a whorehouse!

      Definitely some dumb kid wrote the above.

      Or a moron.

      Or a moronic kid.


    2. Ummm…if Navalny is the only person who really opposes him…what makes him think he will be able to get all those people who don’t oppose Putin into the streets to oppose him? And why would Putin change his robbing, plundering ways if the only one who opposes him is Navalny? Wouldn’t he be more likely to say, fuck off, Navalny – run back to Germany, you big soft tit-rack? Do I have to think of everything myself?


  4. Навальный выдвинул первое требование в СИЗО.
    20 января 2021 в 20:16

    Navalny has put forward his first demand in the pre-trial detention centre.
    20 January at 20:16

    Blogger Alexei Navalny, imprisoned in Moscow SIZO No.1, demanded on January 20 that no one but his lawyers be brought to him. He wrote a corresponding statement from his isolation cell.

    “I ask you not to allow visitors to visit me on January 20, 21, except for my lawyers”, Navalny wrote in a statement published by the Mash project. The blogger made it clear that he does not want to see journalists.

    Следственный изолятор (СИЗО) — “Investigatory Isolator” (SIZO): pretrial detention centre.

    And here is a copy of Navalny’s written demand:

    He has made mistakes in what he wrote:

    Прошу вас 20.01.21 посетителей ко мне не допускать, за исключение моих защитников (адвоктов)

    He should have written исключением and адвокатов.

    Granted, Russian grammar is complex, but Navalny is an educated man, is he not, an advocate no less?

    As a commenter to the above linked article has noted:

    Он еще и с ошибками пишет, и это показатель его реальных умственных способностей.

    He also writes with errors, and this is an indication of his real mental abilities.

    Bear in mind, the commenter made a mistake as well, in that he wrote спсобностей and not способностей, but that often happens whenever a “Grammar Nazi” points out a grammatical error made by someone.

    Must be a grammar demon in the universe whose task is to fuck such corrective comments up!

    (I hope there are no bloody grammar mistakes in this comment!)


    1. Ha, ha! Lyosha didn’t write that, what a transparent Putler ploy! Putin and the FSB wrote that, so as to deter journalists from visiting Navalny and carrying his powerful story to the world. Do you really think we are that stupid, Vladimir Vladimirovich? And penning those grammar errors so as to make Navalny appear stupid and clodlike was a nice touch.


  5. China tightens strategic control of rare earths

    Watchdog releases draft rule which covers management of rare-earth production, investment management and supervision

    China moved to tighten control over the rare-earth metals industry in what some experts see as its latest response to the ongoing trade war with the US…

    …A new Chinese law introduced in December will restrict exports of controlled items,..

    …stipulates that China will impose restrictions or bans on exports of military and nuclear products, as well as other goods, to protect the national interest and security….

    So America’s rather loose interpretation of ‘dual-use’ (i.e. civilian stuff that can have military applications – (a sharpened spoon please)) can work quite effectively against the United States.

    What is interesting is that unlike the US under t-Rump imposing blanket bank, China uses a sliding scale which it adjusts at will. Much more subtle and also much easier to change if required.


  6. The United States European colony known as the German Federal Republic has raised the ire of the Prosecutor General of Russia:

    Генпрокуратура назвала ответы Германии по Навальному малоинформативными
    18 января 2021

    The Prosecutor General’s Office has stated that Germany’s responses as regards Navalny were uninformative
    January 18, 2021

    The answers received by Russia from the German Ministry of Justice as regards the events concerning blogger Alexei Navalny are uninformative and do not contain answers to questions. This was announced on Monday, January 18, at the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation.

    “The Russian requests included requests for more than 15 procedural actions, of which, based on the content of the materials, only two were actually executed: interviews were conducted between Navalny and his wife. They are not very informative and do not contain answers to the questions posed”, the ministry said.

    They clarified that requests for interrogation of Navalny’s doctors were not satisfied; they refused to provide copies of medical documents, medical history, copies of forensic medical examinations, toxicological and other laboratory studies; and refused to provide Navalny’s biomaterials for comparative studies.

    “The German side carried out a toxicological study of objects – bottles, on which traces of the nerve-paralytic poisonous substance Novichok were allegedly found. At the same time, the German side did not provide any specific conclusions based on the results of the examinations, offering to take everything at their word [prima facie — ME]”, the Prosecutor General’s Office said.

    In addition, the questioning of Maria Pevchikh was denied, and a request for information regarding the e-mail address from which messages were sent about the planting of bombs amongst the Omsk social infrastructure was not fulfilled.

    “All of the above suggests that the FRG approached the execution of Russian requests formally, in fact, without providing anything that could shed light on the situation with the alleged poisoning”, the Prosecutor General’s Office concluded.

    The representatives of the department emphasized that in the behavior of Germany “there is a direct intention of foreign colleagues to hide the true circumstances of the incident in order to continue the unfounded accusations” against Russia.

    So why the fuck call them “colleagues”?

    This is enemy action, Russia!

    YOU, Russia, are their enemy!!!!!

    THEY are your sworn enemies!

    They make no secret about that! They have openly declared that as fact on numerous occasions.

    And they never call you “colleagues”.


    1. 23.01 people all over Russia will take to the streets. There are quite a few Russians living outside of Russia now, and their support is important to people inside the country.
      Ihave taken part in actions many times and seen how the ambassadors reacted nervously to this. After all, their job is to prove to the whole world that Putin the mode is actually white and fluffy.

      I call on all those who now live outside of Russia to gather on Saturday in front of the Russian embassies and express their position. People in Russia run the risk of going out on the street with freedom. You only need to spend a few hours of your time …
      Maxim Mironov

      Jan 18
      ..If you are going to organize an action in your city – write in replay and links to tweets / events on Facebook. The more cities participate, the better.
      In Buenos Aires, a rally against judicial arbitrariness and for freedom for Navalny will take place on Saturday at 11 am.</i?
      Address: Rodríguez Peña 1741 …

      The soft arse Russian bourgeois in balmy foreign climes urging protest against the Putin regime.

      They love Mother Russia so much that they choose not to live there.


      1. Nay, I got it, at least, and now it’s winging its way around the world to certain characters of my acquaintance, one of whom just had to email yesterday to inform me that he had been glued to the screen watching a video about Putin ‘s Palace.

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  7. the Independnet: France won’t apologise for Algeria colonisation

    French President Emmanuel Macron’s office says Macron wants to take further steps to reckon with France’s colonial-era wrongs in Algeria but is not considering an official apology

    …France will “pursue and broaden” the opening of its archives on the war as work is under way to allow the release of classified secret documents, Macron’s office added.

    Amid other actions, Macron wants to honor Gisele Halimi, a French feminist who supported Algeria’s independence and denounced the use of torture by the French military during the war…

    …In his report, Stora noted that the “excesses of a culture of repentance” don’t particularly help with facing the past.

    “I don’t know if a speech of official apology will be enough to appease wounded memories,” he said. “In my opinion, it is above all important to improve knowledge of what the colonial system was, its daily reality and its ideological goals and how some in Algeria and France have resisted this system of domination.”

    Algeria’s President Abdelmadjid Tebboune said last year that his country was awaiting an official apology for France’s colonial occupation…

    France, leading by hypocrisy example…

    Still €µ will screech about human rights of other countries while his own country collects no official data on the treatment of its own citizens.

    I also wonder how many current original EU member states would have been allowed to join the club under current ‘rules’ that require them to face their past and war crimes? Very few. Luxembourg?

    No doubt lawyers have told €µ that any official apology would open France up to financial claims from tortured Algerians, much as the UK gov was when it pretended it didn’t hire locals to kill and torture Kenyans during the Mau Mau uprising and war of Kenyan independence. In that case the UK govs dossiers listing this behavior were found in a skip outside a governement office that was being sold off and then magically other documents were found in various other government archives. UK gov was found guilty at the Supreme Court..


    1. Get hold of Trudeau – he can show you how it’s done, and in French, as well! He’s a dab hand at it, working his face into an expression of anguished remorse or shock, as if he had woken to find he actually did the reprehensible deed himself. He could probably carve out a lucrative line in official apologies even after he’s no longer Prime Minister.


  8. New Eastern Outlook: Joe Biden’s “Asia Pivot 2.0” is Already Here

    The Joe Biden administration has already made its intentions clear about reversing, through a series of executive orders, some of the policies of the Trump administration. The new regime is well poised to reverse the over-all course of the previous regime. …

    …The return to “Asia Pivot” or the arrival of “Asia Pivot 2.0” also fits well into Joe Biden’s political rhetoric about reviving America’s [lost] place in the global political order. The “Asia Pivot 2.0”, however, differs from the previous “Asia Pivot” with respect to the weightage it gives to using economic means to counter China in the Asia-Pacific…

    It’s still deluded.

    The United States Navy can be very large and full of shiny toys, but it can’t hold ground. That is the lesson of the last 30 years. The US can blow stuff up very well but the day, days months and years after? The US therefore still relies on hamsters allies who share borders with China or are local to Take One For the Team (TM), i.e. die in number for America. In return they only get to buy over priced American weapons, nice trips to Washington and supposedly favorable trade deals. What else does it have to offer but platitudes? ‘They’ of course are not the ones who will be putting their lives on the line, but safe in their ivory towers.

    I suppose the question is, how many neighbors of China are sufficiently deluded to go along with the US? Apart from Australian which seems intent on hitting rock bottom and bouncing a few times first? I assume most know which side their bread is buttered but will still hedge their bets at least for public image reasons.

    The Bi-Dumb ‘strategy’ for Asia is just less struggling, but it is still in the quicksand.


  9. My younger daughter came home from school about an hour ago. She and her pals are always glued to Tik-Tok. She asked me who Navalny was. “Why?” I asked. She told me Tik-Tok is being swamped with messages urging folk to attend mass meetings to demand the Bullshitter’s release from the remand centre and that all charges made against him be dropped.


      1. This is terrible – targeting children and teenagers is beyond the pale.

        Navalny deserves prison for this alone

        What if these children turn up and end up hurt in some way?

        It’s irresponsible and this type of activity needs to be shutdown. Navalnys whole enterprise needs to be shut down


        1. I think complaints have been made:

          Roskomnadzor Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Mediahas already sent notifications to social networks about a summons to draw up protocols on administrative offences provided for in Article 13.41 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Internet sites will be held administratively liable in connection with the dissemination of information prohibited by law and aimed at attracting minors to participate in unauthorized mass (public) events.

          In turn, the chairman of the Association of Organizations for the Protection of the Family and mother of many children, Maria Filina, has appealed parents on her Facebook page, advising them to pay attention to the outings that their children take part in.

          Will adults ignore this event?


    1. YouTube comments are likewise being spammed with calls to attend the protests on Jan 23. Also noticed them in some politicized instagrams.

      There seems to be a plan in motion. Navalny returns just days before the Democratic Party takes full control of the government. For good measure, even though he had already recovered, he decided to miss his parole hearing only by a few days, knowing what to expect when he arrived in Russia. And to add to all this, the PUTIN’S PALACE disinformation video is released for maximum effect. Navalny’s sponsors are also coordinating with their agents in Belarus, where these spams and date are also being promoted, perhaps they are praying for a domino effect.

      The traitor obviously has been given instructions while in Germany. To quote Anatoly Karlin:

      Navalny didn’t pass through Berlin Airport on his way to Moscow.

      Sealed train in 1917, sealed airplane in 2021.

      Plus ça change.

      The plot appears solid enough: Putin tried to kill me! Putin is stealing your taxes for his personal enrichment! Having failed to kill me, and after exposing the tyrant, they will persecute me! Don’t you feel enraged, my fellow Russians?

      His video is being promoted by YouTube algorithm as well, while nationalist and cnservative voices, such as the Tsargrad TV channel, are being banned left and right. Russia needs to ditch these American companies, because they are brainwashing its youth with moronic woke ideologies and making anti-government sentiment trendy.


  10. By the way, superstitious buggers here have told me that today is special: it’s the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century.

    “From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us.”


    1. Just wait until its 21:21 tonight. If you go silent on the blog, I will know that there are only hours remaining for us in America.


  11. Meanwhile in Ukraine:

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation says it is necessary to create an Internet security regulator. It is planned that the new body will be engaged in the formation of the relevant policy and implement it, said the representative of the Ministry of Digital Affairs Gulsana Mamediyeva, Ukrainian News Agency writes.

    Recent rumors about the transference of modern hardware from the West for censoring the Ukrainian internet appears to be real. Needless to say, these will be used against Russian and pro-Russian resources.


  12. Things we already knew but is still nice to see confirmed:

    A recent article in the Telegraph is one of the first in a mainstream outlet to even suggest a challenge to the official coronavirus narrative. These days, that narrative claims that the ‘second wave’ is actually deadlier than the first. (Recently, some Branch Covidians have been claiming a ‘third wave’, but there is not yet a united front on that.)

    The basic reasoning of the article is sound, even if it is long overdue. It laments how every day, the media solemnly reports the latest figures on Covid deaths. Presenting this figure in isolation results in graphs such as this one, which does indeed seem to show that we are at the height of a second, worse phase of a pandemic. But, like any statistics, daily death numbers are meaningless without context, which the media rarely provides.

    They do not provide context because, if they did, the public might see a graph such as this one, from the Telegraph article. It quite clearly shows the spring spike in overall mortality, which was caused by Covid (plus lockdowns). After that ends in summer, we see… nothing. Overall mortality ever since, even through this winter, hovers at around the five-year average. And overall mortality, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, is the only true way to know whether you are in a pandemic or not – all other figures can easily be fiddled.

    The article gives further evidence that once the mortality and infectiousness of Covid on the elderly population was understood and acted upon, its impact on pubic health became background noise.


    1. That Telegraph plot referenced in the RT piece is so shitty the designer should be fired. The numbers may be accurate but it is a gutter-press piece of crap design-wise.

      For what may be a more useful look, let’s see what the official figures from Public Health England say.

      Excess mortality in England, week ending 08 January 2021

      Figure 1 All Persons is rather fascinating.
      We even have a smidgen fewer than expected deaths in part of June, July and a goodly part of August. Fewer workplace and road deaths?

      Note that you have to scroll left and right. Weird, I don’t think that I have ever seen that before but I suppose they wanted the resolution.

      Figure 2. With 76,220 excess deaths and 82,180 with Covid-19 mentioned it looks like the death rate from other causes (again fewer workplace and road deaths?) has dropped a bit and Covid-19 is “taking up the slack*.

      Poking around in the detailed Age X Sex plots is fascinating. Particularly striking are the 0–14 Males and Females. Are we seeing a reduction due to reduced travel in the Spring?

      @ Patient Observer
      …once the mortality and infectiousness of Covid on the elderly population was understood and acted upon, its impact on pubic health became background noise.

      If you look at the Age Group X Sex plots for the 75–84 and the 85+ groups for both sexes, this seems very true for Spring but not so much for Autumn. They are still have a heavy effect but nowhere near what they had in the Spring.

      Overall verdict, Peter Andrews is mainly bullshittng and damn well should have fact-checked those Telegram figures.

      If you would like to see some interesting patterns in the USA broken down in more detail have a look at Kiern Healy’s plots Summarizing excess mortality in the United States this year so far

      Some of those small multiples seem to suggest a broken US health system but I may be reading too much into some of them.

      A favourite quote of mine

      One of the things I have learned from reading secondary sources on historical cooking is that you should never trust a secondary source that does not include the primary, since you have no way of knowing what liberties the author may have taken in his “interpretation” of the recipe. David Friedman


      1. First, thank you for acknowledging the observation that the impact on the elderly has been significantly reduced over the course of the epidemic.

        The chart you presented shows essentially parallel lines from May 15 onward showing that the excess deaths were essential zero with a slight increase starting in November. This type of charts exaggerate the impact of trends, if not properly understood, hence has become a favorite of the Covid panic promoters.

        How many deaths were related to the lock down and other Covid measures? Delayed/cancelled medical procedures, suicides, severe depression leading to early death, drug overdoses, violence resulting in fatalities and other similar factors all contribute to excess deaths.

        I am not convinced, if that is what you are arguing, of an overwhelming impact of Covid on overall mortality rates once the elderly population started to receive a modicum of the required protection.


        1. As I believe I pointed out before, the overall deaths in Canada over 2020 – according to Statista – were perfectly in line with projections based on average annual increases, and the difference in 2015 over 2014 was actually higher, with no alarm that I recall.


          1. Sorry Mark but who is Statistica?

            A quick grab from the StatCan site, dated 2020-12-24 says:

            From January to October 2020, there were an estimated 241,257 deaths in Canada, representing an excess of 10,090 deaths above and beyond what would have been expected if there was no pandemic. In comparison, for the same period, there were 228,058 deaths in 2018 and 226,994 in 2019.

            Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January to October 2020

            To be honest I had expected it to be higher but if the statisticians/etc/etc at StatCan feel it is worthy of mention I tend to take heed. Last I heard StatCan was among the very best in the world.


            1. From the link in your post:

              From mid-May to mid-October, an estimated 7,172 deaths were reported among Canadians aged 0 to 44, an excess of 1,385 deaths. Males accounted for 81% of these excess deaths.

              This pattern was seen particularly in Alberta and British Columbia, which were the only provinces with evidence of excess mortality among this age group. Alberta accounted for 298 excess deaths for males under the age of 45, while British Columbia accounted for 260.

              Excess deaths among this age group cannot be attributed directly to COVID-19 alone. From March until the end of October, there were fewer than 50 deaths attributed to COVID-19 among Canadians under the age of 45. However, beyond COVID-19 itself, increases in mortality could also be due to indirect consequences related to measures put in place to address the pandemic, such as missed or delayed medical interventions and other possible changes in behaviour such as increased substance use. For example, in British Columbia, the Chief Coroner’s Office has reported increases in deaths due to overdoses since the start of the pandemic.

              Interesting, no? Fewer than 50 deaths attributed to Covid in the age group in question but the excess deaths were 1,385. These deaths, per the above, were believed linked to the measure taken in response to Covid. Again, the damage done by Covid to the majority of the population was minimal but the adverse impact of the measures taken were significant on the health and safety of said population. The economic damage and resulting misery, not to mention lost of freedoms, were immense and, in my opinion, entirely unnecessary.


            2. Statista. They are a German market-research and database company, named Best Database by Library Journal in 2014 and bought by the Ströer Media advertising group in 2019.


              I can’t see where they got their information without being a member, which I’m not. Here’s the data to which I refer.


              I notice the reference you cited says ‘estimated’. Well, I’m no mathematician, but I think I can compile a simple average here; give me a minute while I resort to the calculator on my phone…

              Okay; I recorded the increase in deaths year-on-year, when there was an increase; there were four years when there was a decrease. The total from all the increases is 95,230. Now I take four away from the total number of records, because in those years there was a decrease, albeit slight. That gives me 95,230 divided by 17, which yields an average increase of 5,601 deaths per year.

              However, the average increase in deaths has grown significantly over the last 6 years; averaging these gives us an average annual increase of 8,555 deaths per year. The stated deaths for 2020 reflects an increase of 12,850 over 2019, which is higher than the average, but nonetheless right on the trend line, while a higher jump in annual deaths – 13,110 – was recorded between 2014/2015 without any official or media alarm that I can recall.

              However, I note that Statista’s record of overall deaths in Canada is significantly higher than those cited by Statscan. For example, for 2019 Statscan reports a total number of deaths of 284,082 while Statista claims 287,460. Still, the rising trend is evident in both sources, with a rise in annual deaths of 19,749 deaths annually between 2015 and 2019, according to Statscan.



              1. The chart below (if it displays) shows a huge natural population increase in Canada (i.e. population increase not including migration) from after WW II to around 1960. These folks (I am in that age group) are ending their natural lives in the later part of the last decade and the beginning of this decade. a year-on-year increase in the death rate, with or without Covid, can be expected and will continue to occur for many more years.

                This is an obvious expectation but I have not seen such mentioned in the dire discussion about the surge in deaths. In other words there, nothing to see here. Granted, there was a spike early on in the pandemics that was almost entirely confined to the elderly. In my opinion, it took far too long for the medical authority to take the necessary actions to protect that group.

                Here in the States, we had Governor Cuomo ORDERING nursing homes to take in infected patients resulting in many thousands of deaths. I believe that he has been nominated for an Oscar for his performance; perhaps as portraying Dr. Mengele.



                1. Interesting; thanks for posting that. And the ‘projected’ section of the chart forecasts a steady decline, which cannot occur without people dying. Such declines in the populations of many major powers are forestalled by relaxing immigration policies and offering increased incentives.


        2. First, thank you for acknowledging the observation that the impact on the elderly has been significantly reduced over the course of the epidemic.

          ??, acknowledge? It was obvious though I am not sure if it is because the population is so much smaller or vastly improved means of care.

          an overwhelming impact of Covid on overall mortality rates once the elderly population started to receive a modicum of the required protection.

          Well I am not say an overwhelming impact but if you are referring to Figure 2, there seems to be more than a hint.

          elderly population started to receive a modicum of the required protection.
          I hope this is true but see my comment above.

          The chart you presented shows essentially parallel lines from May 15 onward

          I am sorry but I do not know what plot you are referring to.


          1. The chart in question was in your first link, Figure 2. Let me know if you still have trouble finding it. It was the only line chart in the link.

            IRC, you asserted in an earlier posting that Covid had so decimated the elderly that OF COURSE the number of fatalities must decrease, Actually, the fraction of elderly who died with some linkage to Covid (however tenuous) was a very small fraction of the elderly population. If not you, then someone else made that ridiculous assertion.

            So, why the reduction in the elderly fatality rate? Improved care and better isolation would be likely answers. Or, do you have another explanation?


  13. Christopher Steele’s declassified FBI interview: Playing up fake sources and juggling spying jobs

    Newly declassified papers dismantle what little remains of Christopher Steele’s credibility, and raise more questions as to why his infamous dossier consumed the media’s attention, and imaginations, for much of Trump’s presidency.

    On the morning of January 20, it was announced former US president Donald Trump had ordered the declassification of a binder full of previously unreleased documents pertaining to the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane probe into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia….

    The rest at the link.

    Any reflection at all by the US Fake Stream media? None. Job is done. Move on.


    1. “… and raise more questions as to why his infamous dossier consumed the media’s attention, and imaginations, for much of Trump’s presidency.”

      Ah ha ha ha hahahahaha!!! Well, it might raise more questions in an age in which the media is not a wholly-owned subsidiary of the government or of one of the two political parties which shares governing duties with the other party. Steele’s ‘dossier’, which – considering it was a complete fabrication – could have been put together by an indifferently-schooled but imaginative Grade-9 student in about 6 hours of diligent application, preoccupied the media because the media was told to make a big story out of it, to take it seriously and to shout down any ‘revisionists’ who might cast aspersions at its provenance.

      The media is beholden to government, and feels like it is doing its job when it reports stories the government tells it to report. There are no real journalists left anymore; the few who are inquisitive and like to dig for dirt on their own are employed full-time digging dirt on the opposition party in the country in which they are employed. ‘Reporters’ are no more than whores who bend over for whoever is their master. And it’s no different in Canada, in case you thought I was dissing the United States. In Canada, as well, the national leader is always either a liberal or a conservative with the liberals mirroring the US Democrats and the conservatives the Republicans. Occasionally the leader of an individual province in Canada is a member of the New Democrats, but to the best of my knowledge the NDP has never run the country. The Canadian media dutifully runs stories which square up beautifully to American thinking and reporting, and most of our wire-service stories are from either Reuters or the Associated Press. There is one based in Canada – the Canadian Press – but it would be interesting, sometime somebody has a couple of weeks of free time, to total up how much exposure Canadians get to American news versus domestic stories.

      If you take just the bogus story on Russian state-sponsored doping at the Sochi Olympics as an example, Canadian news did not differ in any significant capacity from American reporting, which was a blizzard of highly-prejudicial boola-boola-Go-USA self-serving bullshit. At the time I wrote directly to the Canadian Minister for Sport, Carla Qualtrough, and I know her office received it because I got a vapid form-letter reply. I laid out the case for inaccurate and emotional reporting for her, complete with references including the quiet but emphatic rebuttals from Berlinger, who claimed their sample bottles – once sealed – could not be opened without breaking the cap. ‘Professor’ Richard McLaren claimed to have mountains of evidence of Russian cheating, and partisans in the USA and UK backed him with howls of outrage. And the Canadian government howled along with them. like the useless sacks of talking pigshit they were and are, because they are basically a gallery of noddy-heads to the US government. And in the end they were all wrong, in the sense that they were the polar opposite of right, and their mountains of evidence vanished like snow on a hot day as Russia athletes who had been stripped of their medals had them returned with no apparent shame or apology – in fact, the walking chancre that calls itself Travis Tygart continued to maintain that the operation of a state-sponsored doping program in Russia had been proven, while western sports organizations continued to insist Russia could not be accepted back into global sports until its government had ‘accepted the conclusions of the McLaren Report’ long after it was clear ‘Professor” McLaren had nothing in his pockets but his dick. A couple of cabinet shuffles moved Qualtrough to minister of employment, workforce development and disability inclusion, where she is today.

      Whoo! I need to take a little break; I’m getting kind of angry.


      1. With my apologies to the deceased giant Nilsson (and fans):

        Media bought a coconut, bought a fake crime,
        Politicos had a sip and they drank it all time,

        You put no crime in the coconut, you drank ’em bot’ up
        Put no crime in the coconut, you drank ’em bot’ up
        Put no crime in the coconut, you drank ’em bot’up
        Put no crime in the coconut, you call your doctor, woke ‘I’m up

        Said “doctor, ain’t there nothing’ I can take?”
        I said, “doctor, to relieve this bullshit fake”
        I said “doctor, ain’t there nothin’ I can take?’
        I said, “doctor, to relieve this bullshit fake”…


      2. to the best of my knowledge the NDP has never run the country.

        Well not officially but there were a lot of ex-Saskatchewan people in the Civil Service 1950–1980. Remember “Yes minister”?

        Re the Sochi fiasco don’t forget Dick Pound.


        1. Oh, I remember Dick Pound vividly. At the time the cases of the Russian athletes were being heard by the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Dick Pound was simultaneously a member of the McLaren Investigation team and an honorary board member of the CAS.







  15. The Navalnyite fantasy world

    Запятая невозврата

    Point of no return

    Sad really.

    More to be pitied than despised.

    No, on second thoughts: even more reason for them to e despised, if that be possible!


        1. Exposed by Helmer and the handful of truly investigative reporters of his ilk, but do those venerated “reporters” of the “Free West” report such information? Do you think Carroll of the Independent will report this or Rosenberg and Rainsford of the BBC or the NYT or the WP etc., etc?


          1. Of course not, because ‘reporting’ might more accurately be termed ‘broadcasting’ or ‘circulating’. Reporters no longer uncover something and then follow wherever it leads, telling you all the while what they have discovered and can prove and letting you decide what it may mean – media influence is too important to waste on groping around when, if you control it, you can decide what it will ‘find’ and be an ‘agent of change’. I need hardly mention such an ‘agent of change’ can also decide what the media will ignore. I can illustrate with an example, in fact.


            People who spend most of their waking hours on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are as easy to influence as young children, and can be sent chasing off after the latest outrage easily without pausing to ask themselves if it seems real or logical, and will continue to believe it long after it has been demonstrated to be false. It would be interesting to analyze (and as soon as I use that word, it means ‘time’, which so few have anymore) the age demographics of social-media junkies in the west and in Russia. I am betting you would find the western demographic encompasses adults as well as youth much more than in Russia, which might be a determinant factor in the ease of spreading tropes and disinformation through children in Russia.

            Those who followed the emergence of OTPOR and other influence operations masterminded by the USA will recall an overarching theme was ‘make your enemy an object of ridicule’, and once that is achieved, little he or she says after that will be taken seriously by anyone. Hence cartoons like the giant, weary-but-unbending, ‘I bring peace’ Navalny restraining the dangling, tiny Putin with his high heels and man-boobs are influence operations designed to make Putin appear ridiculous, and to make Navalny’s relative youth appear to be an advantage where his complete lack of management experience would be anything but. In fact, Navalny is the designated Russian Juan Guaido – an illustrative comparison since the determination and good sense of Nicolas Maduro and his government resulted in the complete failure of that operation. It can be done, but as it unfolded in Venezuela, I would counsel the Putin government to stick doggedly to prosecuting Navalny for garden-variety provable offenses and resist the urge to incarcerate him for something dramatic like treason. His backers would love that, as it would set the stage for The Martyrdom Of Navalny and offer the chance to continue saturating the media with all-Lyosha-all-the-time.


      1. By the way, do you see the toilet brush that the charicature of a miniscule Putin holds in the big cartoon above? That’s the latest symbol of ridicule that the Navalny think-tank, I suppose, or its MI6, CIA advisors, have instructed be directed at President Putin.

        Earlier, the symbol of ridicule carried at unsanctioned rallies by the Bullshitter’s devotees was a toy yellow-plastic duckling. That wizard-wheeze sprang up as a result of a shock-horror Team Navalny video about “Dima” Medvedev and his huge country house in Italy (shades of the “Putin Palace” ploy), which has a lake in its grounds and a duckhouse by it for the ornamental species that paddle around there.

        I have no idea whatsoever why being fond of ducks and having a duckpond should seem so ridiculous to the Navalnyshites: as a matter of fact, I think ducks are very interesting fowl, both to eat and to observe. And although I think Medvedev is a wanker, Navalny is many orders of magnitude a greater wanker than he is, I fail to see the point of waving little rubber ducks around at Navalny’s “rallies”.

        If you look at some of yesterday’s Navalny Show press photos, when “millions” paraded around Russia in support of a foreign agent, you may spot in them some of the stupid twats that participated, waving bog brushes.

        The symbolism, of course, is that Putin is a piece of shit that should be removed from the toilet bowl, but does this mean that they think Russia is, metaphorically speaking, a toilet bowl?


  16. IL-114-300 continued flight test program

    …“The Il-114-300 turboprop aircraft is an extremely demanded aircraft in Russia because it is comfortable, reliable and capable of landing even on poorly prepared airfields. This aircraft will become the basic element for the development of direct interregional traffic. Our task is to bring this aircraft to the market as soon as possible. The first flight of the aircraft took place in December of 2020, today the Il-114-300 took off for the second time. During the flight, we have checked the stability and controllability of the aircraft, the operability of systems and equipment, in particular, the power plant, the digital flight and navigation complex, the radio communication system, and so on. All systems worked fine”, said Anatoly Serdyukov, Industrial Director of the Rostec Aviation Cluster…

    Video at the link.


    1. BMPD: На фрегат «Адмирал Головко» погружены газотурбинные агрегаты и редукторы российского производства


      Russian made gas turbines and gearboxes loaded onboard. Despite the Ukraine losing this market, it looks like Turkey is more than willing to fill the gap.


    2. I was enjoying it until I got to ‘Anatoly Serdyukov’. The single biggest living monument to corruption in Russia, caught red-handed robbing left and right, and slid away on his Teflon ass to another lucrative job where he is doubtless still robbing and nest-feathering to beat the band. I was extremely disappointed to see his clear-cut criminality handled that way, because it lent credence to the allegations by Putin’s critics that he slides sweetheart deals to his oligarch buddies and they are all in a great big robbery scheme together.

      Now that I think on it…why hasn’t Navalny brought up Sedyulkov’s case as a clear example of Putin’s corruption? He could hammer on the Serdyukov miscarriage of justice night and day and Putin would not have a leg to stand on, because it was wrong, wrong, wrong and the ‘punishment’ so clearly an example of political favouritism.

      According to the Daily Fail:

      “Alexei Navalny, an influential anti-corruption blogger and opposition politician, wrote a post in which he said Serdyukov had broken one of Putin’s most cherished unspoken rules that ‘you must honour your family’.”

      Ummm….WTF? Navalny seems to lend credence to the ridiculous theory that Serdyukov’s real crime was cheating on his wife, whose father is a friend of Putin. And where is there any substantiation for Navalny’s vow that the concept ‘honour your family’ is ‘one of Putin’s most cherished unspoken rules’ if he never spoke it? Did he perhaps write it on a cocktail napkin and slip it to Navalny? Fuck off, today. Serdyukov was caught in any number of fraudulent financial schemes as well as outright barefaced theft. Yes, a woman was involved, as is almost always the case, but that’s a personal crime which is not really recognized by the state as criminal at all in most circumstances. Theft and fraud are huge by comparison. Navalny could boogie on Serdyukov’s naked criminality for weeks on end without the Kremlin having any legitimate comeback.

      So, why didn’t he?


  17. The “so-called” Yves Rocher case

    That’s how the “free press”, libtards and Navalnyshites always refer to the fraud case that resulted in the brothers Navalny being convicted.

    I repeat, if it is a “so-called” case, namely it didn’t happen, wasn’t, was a sham, a lie, a stinking plot dreamt up by the Evil One to denigrate that most noble of creatures Bullshitter Navalny, then what really happened re. the Navalnys and Yves Rocher? And what has Yves Rocher have to say about it all?

    The Navalny morons repeatedly howl that the ECHR found that Navalny had been set up, that the trial was politically motivated, and that this was indeed the case, Navalny’s hamsters repeatedly point out, is revealed by the fact that the Gobshite-in-Chief was paid compensation by the Russian government for infringement of his “human rights”.

    So what the fuck really happened?

    See the links below:

    RFE/RL : Human Rights Court Says Navalny Unfairly Convicted In ‘Yves Rocher Case’
    17 October 2017

    At the top:

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny and his brother Oleg were unfairly convicted of financial crimes at trial in the so-called Yves Rocher case in 2014.

    but then:

    The ECHR declined to examine whether the case was politically motivated, although three judges said that it should have done so.

    And then, right at the bottom:

    The ECHR ruled in 2016 that the trial of Navalny and co-defendant Pyotr Ofitserov in the Kirovles case was unfair, saying that they were convicted of actions “indistinguishable from regular commercial activity.”

    Following that ruling, the Russian Supreme Court threw out the 2013 convictions and ordered a retrial, which ended in February with the same verdicts and the same suspended sentences of five years for Navalny and four for Ofitserov.

    Unfair procedure seems to have been the breach of the bastard’s human rights, it seems —but I’m no legal expert.

    TASS, 17 October 2017:

    Strasbourg Court finds no political motives in Yves Rocher theft case against Navalny
    At the same time the Russian Justice Ministry does not agree with the ECHR’s position on procedural violations in bringing the Navalny brothers to criminal liability

    The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has found no political persecution in the Yves Rocher embezzlement case against brothers Alexei and Oleg Navalny, the press office of Russia’s Justice Ministry said on Tuesday.

    The Justice Ministry thus commented on the ECHR’s judgment on the complaint by the Navalny brothers about their criminal persecution in the Yves Rocher Vostok case for committing fraudulent actions.

    And here’s the breach of procedure bit:

    Following the results of examining the complaint by the Navalny brothers, the ECHR has considerably reduced the claimed sums of compensation for moral damage, judicial expenses and costs, and also fully denied compensation for payments they made under a civil lawsuit, the Justice Ministry said.

    At the same time, the Justice Ministry does not agree with the ECHR’s position on procedural violations in bringing the Navalny brothers to criminal liability and applying the norms of Russian criminal and civil law.

    And here are details of the case and verdict:

    On December 30, 2014, Moscow’s Zamoskvoretsky Court found the Navalny brothers guilty of embezzling Yves Rocher funds and sentenced Alexei Navalny to a suspended sentence of 3 years and 6 months, while Oleg Navalny was sentenced to 3 years 6 months in a general-security colony.

    The court also ordered the Navalny brothers to pay over 4 million rubles ($65,000) in compensation under a lawsuit filed by Multiprofile Processing Company recognized as an affected party under the embezzlement case, and also fined each brother 500,000 rubles ($8,300).

    The Moscow City Court later upheld the verdict and relieved Alexei Navalny of the additional punishment in the form of the 500,000-ruble fine due to procedural violations. In late 2015, Alexei Navalny repaid all the liabilities both for himself and his brother.

    I wonder who coughed up the dosh for the Navalnys?

    And again, does Yves Rocher say that they, the dynamic duo, the Navalny spivs, did not, in fact, embezzle the firm, that such an accusation is an out and out lie dreamt up in the fevered brain of the Evil One?

    Finally, a full run-through of the case and its consequences by the Russian legal site RAPSI:

    Opposition activist Navalny gets 3.5-year suspended sentence in Yves Rocher case

    To be continued because of multiple links in this posting …


  18. In the above linked RAPSI there is the following:

    European Parliament slams Russian courts for Navalny brothers’ verdict

    That’s Navalny’s elder brother Oleg above. Somehow, I dont think he’s the Bullshitter’s full brother. I may be wrong. According to Web sources he is.

    3:58 15/01/2015
    MOSCOW, January 15 (RAPSI) – The European Parliament has accused Russia of using the judicial system as a political tool and said that the verdict for the Navalny brothers has political motives, Interfax reports on Thursday.

    In late December, Moscow’s Zamoskvoretsky District Court gave Alexei Navalny a 3.5-year suspended sentence. His brother Oleg was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. The Navalny brothers were convicted for embezzling 26 million rubles ($735,500) from cosmetics company Yves Rocher Vostok and 4 million rubles ($113,170) from the Multidisciplinary Processing Company by way of a fraud scheme.

    The European Parliament called for the Russian judicial and legal authorities to ensure that the trial of the Navalny case, as well as the investigation and trial of other opposition activists, comply with internationally recognized standards.

    My stress! Nothing about a wrongful conviction.

    And the rest is a harangue against the Evil Empire and its policies and how it really is beyon d the pale as regards all that is good and right in the world …

    European Parliament members note a general deterioration of the human rights situation in Russia over the past year, restricted freedom of speech and assembly, and passing of laws that contradict democratic norms and violate human rights.

    They call for the top EU diplomats to urgently present a comprehensive strategy regarding Russia in order to support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of European states and also support democratic principles, respect for human rights, and supremacy of law in Russia.

    The parliament members also call on the European Commission and the EU foreign policy officials to increase financial aid for Russian civil society through the European instruments of assisting democracy and for the protection of human rights, as well as to increase funding of human rights organizations.

    And last but not least, the verdict:

    Alexei Navalny, an opposition politician and head of the Party of Progress who came in second in the 2013 Moscow mayoral election, was given a five-year suspended sentence for the embezzlement of funds from the Kirovles timber company.

    Not an “opposition politician”, but a foreign-agent vlogger!

    So was the conviction wrongful?

    They had a retrial, remember, because of criticism from those Strasbourg arseholes and the conviction was held.

    It has been commented here over the past few days that if Navalny were a US citizen and did what he does here, he would get 100 years in prison in the Land of the Free.


  19. My wife came home from work yesterday and was bloody annoyed. Apparently, the children in her class (12-year-olds) had asked her who she was for — Putin or Navalny.

    She replied “Putin”.


    Why? Navalny’s a great guy! Putin is an old man, has been president too long and has a big palace that he has built with all the money which he has stolen.

    The Bullshitter’s kiddie army at its most belligerent and getting keyed up by Tik-Tok and other social media shite to protest on Sunday against “the regime”.


    1. This Navalny-Kiddie wail that Putin is “old”, whereas the Bullshitter is “young” and has a beautiful wife and family has become more audible recently.

      I should imagine that many of them dream of living in “The Land of the Free”, where all is so wondrous.

      I wonder how old they think touchy-feely Joe is?


  20. And my 12-year-old daughter went to school this morning and promptly returned.


    And schools only opened on Monday: they did not open on September 1st 2020, the first day of the present academic year.

    One of her classmates was diagnosed yesterday as having been infected with that dread virus.

    And my social card is still blocked!

    It will only be unblocked 14 days after my having had an injection against that same virus.

    That bastard of a mayor Sobyanin said the blocking would be lifted on 21st of this month if I rightly recall.

    Many pensioners have been complaining that the Moscow mayor is denying their rights by preventing them from using their social cards to travel free of charge.

    It looked like he was bending, but now he says the blocking remains.


    HEAR ME!


    1. At this particular juncture it would serve the government well in preventing Navalny’s kiddie army from the latest planned act of obeisance to their noble and disenfranchised hero.

      Young people regard such ‘protest actions’ merely as a challenge to their ability to bring it off against the wishes of authority, to rebel, to get noticed – and give no thought at all to the down-the-road effect on their country of an outcome such as Navalny actually becoming president.


  21. Rounding up the filth!

    21 янв, 22:22 154 219
    Пресс-секретаря Навального и Албурова задержали вслед за Соболь
    Киру Ярмыш задержали в собственной квартире, а Георгия Албурова на Ленинградском вокзале. Соратники Навального призывали выходить на митинги с требованием освободить оппозиционера

    Navalny’s Press secretary and Alburov detained following Sobol’s detention
    Kira Yarmysh has been detained in her own apartment, and Georgy Alburov at the Leningradsky railway station. Navalny’s associates are being urged to go to rallies demanding the release of the oppositionist

    Yarmysh, the hysterical bitch who started screaming and shouting at the Omsk hospital where her god had been taken, running around the place claiming that the Bullshitter’s tea had been poisoned when he was in Tomsk and demanding that that the doctors there immediately make a diagnosis, apparently to show what she was claiming was true. No apologies for calling her a bitch: I’m sick of these shites. Why doesn’t she and the rest of them fuck off to the USA?

    Oppositionist Alexei Navalny’s press secretary, Kira Yarmysh, has been detained in her apartment by police officers. She announced this on Twitter. “They took me to a police station. My lawyer was not allowed to go with me in the car”, Yarmysh wrote.

    An investigator of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK, recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent) Georgy Alburov also reported about his arrest. He clarified that he had been detained at the Leningradsky railway station.

    Recall that Alburov was at first presented for several years as chief of the Bullshitter’s investigatory department. When the shit hit the fan last August and enquiries were being made about Pevchikh’s doings, at first everybody at FBK made out they hadn’t a clue about who the MI6 agent Pevchikh was, but then it turned out and was admitted that she ran the investigations into corruption show at FBK HQ and Alburov was just a front man, probably because they didn’t want their investigatory department to be associated with a resident of London who had made as many as 11 trips between Londonistan and Mordor. Pevchikh had been, in reality, the one who had been feeding investigatory directives to the FBK about activities suspected as being corrupt, which directives originate beyond any shadow of doubt from her Majesty’s Not-So Secret Services based in this pile situated across the Thames from the Westminster Fun House that features as its main star BoJo the Clown:

    The Ministry of Truth, London

    Earlier on Thursday, January 21, Lyubov Sobol and FBK lawyer Vladlen Los were detained. Sobol’s lawyer Vladimir Voronin told RBC that, according to law enforcement officials, she was detained for calling for unauthorized rallies. The head of the legal department of FBK, Vyacheslav Gimadi, told RBC that Los had been banned from being in Russia on 25 January. He explained that the lawyer is a citizen of Belarus, the entry ban will last until November 27, 2023.

    On Facebook, Sobol said that she had been held in a police department for more than 5 hours and that a lawyer had not been allowed to see her for more than 4 hours. A charge was drawn up against Sobol under part 8 of article 20.2 of the Administrative Code: repeated violation of the rules for holding mass actions (the article provides for arrest for up to 30 days or a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles).

    “But the fact is that part 8 of Article 20.2 could not have been given to me according to the law, because there is a clear rule: a violation is considered repeated if it is committed within a year after the execution of a court decision that came into legal force”, Sobol said.

    And I’ve just been listening to the 1 0’clock news on the radio here and they (the regime) is looking closely at the Navalnyshites’ urging of stupid kids to take part in the coming planned protests by using social networking. And there are also statements being made as regards the mendacity concerning “Putin’s Palace”.

    Sad thing is, though, that warm air from the Atlantic is to hit Western Russia this weekend and there will be a sudden rise in temperature from those double-figure below zero Celsius ones that we have been recently experiencing (minus 23C when the Bullshitter landed) to plus 2 and 3 Celsius on Saturday and Sunday. There will be wet snow and then that which I hate most: ice-rain. Temperatures will then revert to the seasonal norm next Wednesday with daily snowfalls.

    Sad for me, because I prefer much lower winter temperatures. However, ice-rain will be just the job to cool down those juvenile cnuts who intend to be at the Sunday Gobshite show. I look forward to seeing them in ice-glazed clothes as they shiver and shout “Freedom to Navalny!”


    1. Where’s Nashi when you need it? The Russian government sometimes is slow to react. Street support must be proactive. Pulling its resources, a pro-government counter-protest group, like the antifa scum that pops up anytime the right goes to a public space, can be created without much difficulty. Of course it wouldn’t subscribe to antifa ideology, quite the opposite, it must be patriotic.

      I won’t say Navalny is winning in the streets because his support is in the low digits, but the other side is simply absent, so the impression, however wrong, is that he’s prevailing. He’s creating a picture.


      1. … and the picture may be attractive to other young people who want to be part of something, just because it’s trendy. This can become a long-term problem.


        1. I agree with this comment.
          After what happened in Belarus with an uprising driven by social media Telegram.

          It seems the authorities are very slow and heavy footed to combat this nonsense on social media.

          China has the right idea about preserving their own social media space from outside political interference.

          Arresting children is not a good look.

          Better that it does not get to that situation in the first place.

          Heavy and I mean heavy fines on parents – should ensure that they monitor what their children are exposed to.

          And finally these traitors need to exposed and serve prison sentences

          I can’t understand why they are tolerated.

          In the UK there’s is no way a Navslny would be tolerated – they would be marginalised and put in prison. Look at the racist Tommy Robinson or the NF and BNP. In the end they have no place in public sphere .

          Exploiting children via social media is just wrong.

          Adults make their own choices but young immature minds being exploited is evil.


      2. This is simply a full-court press to build momentum. American-sponsored regime-change movements rely heavily on momentum created when people are simply reacting out of an excess of emotion, without thinking too much about what they might get years down the road if their combined efforts meet with success. You can probably expect an inching-up of Navalny’s support this time around, because plenty of people in Russia are fed up with the government over the coronavirus ‘crisis’ and simply want a change, and because now nearly everyone knows who Navalny is.

        As you alluded to earlier, it is pretty hard to imagine Navalny docilely returned to Russia knowing he was going to go to jail for considerably longer than his accustomed two-week sleepovers. He must have had it whispered in his ear that it is part of a very important coordinated campaign and that he is not going to have to serve any serious time at all, because powerful forces have his back.

        I doubt it will unfold that way, and if it doesn’t, I wonder if perhaps a year or two of porridge might cause Navalny to turn over a new leaf? He must know considerable secrets the Russian government would love to expose.


  22. Further to that palace:

    Apparently the “investigatory film” received over 20 million views in less than 24 hours from the date of its release. (According to the 2pm radio news right now: 55 million views to date.) Since that time, no one has spoken out much, except for Dmitry Peskov, who vehemently urges that folk not donate to Navalny’s investigations. At the end of the film, apparently, the Navalny begging bowl is rattled. However, I get the feeling that most are basically non committal about this situation, because this is an old investigation in a new wrapper and presented just before Sunday’s “Bullshitter Show” (which is nowhere near as good as “The Bullwinkle Show” used to be!) And did Team Navalny (and CIA, BND and MI6) show anything new? Yes, they did! This time there were new photos of “Putin’s palace”.

    For a long time now — not least because it is an old, old story — many have known about this pile and have drawn some conclusions about who owns the place. In the “shocking revelation”, the names of businessmen and billionaires flash across the screen, but Navalny does not even get close. I wrote above who and what companies are listed as owners of the place, which is designated to be a hotel complex. However, because of sanctions and the economic recession, the whole thing has gone belly up and is just sitting there, locked up and secured, because there is a lot of expensive stuff inside.

    From the whole film, we learn that offshore companies were created and through them funds in the form of charity for the construction of this mansion were replenished, and many financial institutes were tied up with this, from Rosneft, Bank Rossiya and ending with Transneft. The schemes were simple and the name Mikhail Ivanovich appears everywhere. Navalny and eyewitnesses suggest that this is how Vladimir Putin identifies himself in a hidden field.

    But there is no evidence other than phone calls.

    Yes, the building is huge. Not only has it an area of 17 thousand square metres 2,300 square yards), but it also sits on a territory of 7 hectares (7 acres). On the territory there is a church, an ice palace, a strip club — well, there’s a pole-dancing pole there, which means there a strip club inside and, naturally, facilities for “sexual services” — and it wouldn’t be a real palace, of course, without having an underground tunnel. But where does its stated cost of 100 billion rubles come from?

    Navalny & Co. has not only considered construction costs, but also the cost of interior decorations. There is even one sofa that cost 800 thousand rubles, according to Team Navalny. And what can one say about the casino, which is prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation apart from “Down with the tyrant!“?


  23. My, how smart Navalnyites are!

    Putin can’t do anything about TikTok and teens

    [Because of the time mark, below probably posted in the Ukraine as it is now 15:59 in Moscow.]

    22 янв, 2021 в 16:59
    Путин ничего не сможет поделать с TikTok и подростками

    Various tags in support of the politician Alexei Navalny have gained hundreds of millions of views and tens of millions of publications.

    [Hundreds of milions!!!!!]

    Modern Gavroches [Gavroche: an urchin in “Les Miserables”, a kid who joins the revolutionaries. Clearly a well-read artistic type, a kreakl, who made this blog comment — ME] can bring down the Putin vertical and save Russia.

    “Of everything I’ve seen over the past week, the most optimistic are the tiktoks of schoolchildren who remove portraits of Putin from the classroom walls. Because it is completely incomprehensible how to defend against this. You can let the grown-ups have Solovyov and the lawyers Klishas and the journalists can have Peshkov: you can shut them up, cover up matters, laugh things off. Schoolchildren know nothing about Article 46 of the Criminal Executive Code, but they have already looked about the palace in Gelendzhik”, lawyer Ilya Novikov writes in his column in “The Insider”.

    After Navalny had been arrested for 30 days, he called on his supporters to take to the streets. [So his supporters are minors?] Navalny’s headquarters announced the holding of rallies on Saturday, January 23, in dozens of Russian cities, including Moscow. In response, the authorities traditionally warned that the actions were not coordinated and that going to them would be regarded as a violation of the law.


    This is a long standing habit of theirs?

    Of course, “lawyer” Ilya Novikov does not recognize this law as regards the legal necessity of having to obtain permission off the authorities in a city centre in order to hold a march / demonstration / rally / assembly.

    I mean, only in the tyranny that is Russia does one have to obtain such permission, whereas in the Free West …


    1. Several times above I have referred to the Bullshitter Show taking place on Sunday: the fun starts tomorrow, Saturday, 23rd January.

      Every bloody day here seems the same now to me because of my being under permanent house arrest because of that country hick Sobyanin.

      He ain’t even Russian!

      He’s a goddam version of a North America “Injun”!

      All them Siberian tribes piss in the same bucket or puff at the same pipe as them American “Redskins” do!

      Or whatever.

      I’ll have to go wash out my racist mouth now.

      Or take a knee to Native Americans.

      Why does nobody do that, I wonder?

      I mean say sorry to Sitting Bull and his pals’ folks?



    1. Damn right they are! They are openly crowing about the presence of minors in the Navalny demos. At first this presence was used as a criticism, but in a world that elevates a know-nothing Swedish kid to the heady heights of of being an “authority” on environmental issues, having barely educated pubescent juveniles supporting ones “cause” is seen as being a distinct advantage.

      I mean, its their future Navalny and his serious backers are fighting for — isn’t it?


      1. Same thing was done long ago in the US. Childhood experiences that shapes world views are largely provided by Big Media. Russia should pay close attention to what allowing direct intervention by Big Media has done to our society. It’s too late for us but not so for Russia.


        1. In the US it was a combination of Big Media and the universities, in both cases the young generation was radicalized by a certain demographic group.

          In Russia these institutions are relatively safe, in good hands you can say.

          You’re correct that in the US this brainwashing of the youth was done long ago. From a 1933 letter by the author H.P. Lovecraft:

          Virtually all the great department stores of New York (except Wanamaker’s) are solidly Jewish even when they deceptively retain the names of earlier Aryan owners; & a clear majority of the large shops of other sorts are, as well. These Semitic merchants are clannish & touchy to the very limit, & will arrange to withdraw all their advertising at once whenever a newspaper displeases them. And, as Mencken has pointed out, their grounds of displeasure are limitless. They even resent the frequent use of the word “Jew” in the news, so that papers speak of “East Side agitators”, “Bronx merchants”, “Russian immigrants” &c. Let any N.Y. paper try to refer to these people in the frank, impartial, objective way a Providence or Pittsburgh or Richmond paper would, & the whole pack of synagogue-hounds is after it—calling down the vengeance of heaven, withdrawing advertising, & cancelling subscriptions—the latter a big item in a town where 1/3 of the population is Semitic in origin & feelings. The result is, that not a paper in New York dares to call its soul its own in dealing with the Jew & with social & political questions affecting them. The whole press is absolutely enslaved in that direction, so that on the whole length & breadth of the city it is impossible to secure any public American utterance—any frank expression of the typical mind & opinions of the actual American people—on a fairly wide & potentially important range of topics. Only by reading the outside press & the national magazines can New Yorkers get any idea of how Americans feel regarding such things as Nazism, the Palestine question (in which, by every decent standard, the Arabs are dead right & both England & the Jews intolerably wrong), the American immigration policy, & so on. This is what I mean by Jewish control, & I’m damned if it doesn’t make me see red—in a city which was once a part of the real American fabric, & which still exerts a disproportionately large influence on that fabric through its psychologically impressive size & its dominance both in finance & in various opinion-forming channels (drama, publishing, criticism, &c.). Gawd knows I have no wish to injure any race under the sun, but I do think that something ought to be done to free American expression from the control of any element which seeks to curtail it, distort it, or remodel it in any direction other than its natural course. ––from a letter written November 8, 1933.

          That was in 1933. By the 50s, the situation with the media was even more hopeless. As for universities, leading humanities and anthropology departments started being captured by them earlier, a process that accelerated in the 30s when many fled Europe, and by the end of WWII the situation was bleak, although there was still many traditional American professors. Nevertheless, they reached a critical mass and the outcome was the turbulent 50s and 60s.

          The result today is the death of British-derived liberalism and its replacement with Bolshevism. Biden recently signed an Executive Order that brings back critical race theory – which Trump sought to block – to the government, affirming its institutionalization. Fringe doctrines espoused by radical Jewish communists are now the law of the land.


          1. Wow I have seldom read such a great anti-Jewish rant. Did Henry Ford commission it or was Lovecraft auditioning for a consulting job in Germany?

            Oh by the way, you are an a-historical idiot.


        1. 1st: I’ve been fired from the police . . . I’m for Lyosha

          2nd: My uncle works in the police. He says he must protect the people and not kill them. He wants to quit soon

          3rd: I’ve already written a notification about dismissal

          4th: The only tt [tiktok?] about the meeting,


            1. 2nd: My uncle works in the police. He says he must protect the people and not kill them. He wants to quit soon

              Does the person who sent the above Telegram comment mean that his/her uncle fears that he will be ordered to shoot citizens or that shooting of citizens by the cops in Russia is commonplace?

              I have lived in Mordor for 28 years and I cannot recall offhand when, during my residence here, a citizen has been shot dead by a cop because he has been ordered to stop by the police or ran away from the police, or fell under suspicion of being a felon etc., though I recall how, on many occasions, the police have gunned down terrorist bastards, mostly in the Caucasus republics of the Russian Federation.


      2. Russian youth is no more stupid or naive than youth anywhere, and the Russian government is far from incompetent. I suspect you know that very well, and are just trying to get a rise. The western media loves to run photos or clips of kiddies being arrested, dragged off howling by burly coppers – remember this?

        Child arrested by brutal police for reciting Hamlet without Putin’s permission! There would be little the western regime-changers would like better than Russian policemen wading into a crowd of rock-throwing teenieboppers, wielding their truncheons with the regime’s heavy hand; it plays directly to the theme of Evul Putin Repressing Dissent, even children who only want to ask him endless questions about why he is so mean. Maybe – if we’re lucky – things will get out of hand and someone’s child will be killed or permanently disabled or disfigured, and then the western media will have a martyr to bang on about forever and a day.

        There is not going to be a revolution, Karl. It’s just the western regime-changers, probing for weakness and looking for allies they can use as vehicles to spread discontent. They’ve lost all their tame NGO’s, and now they need new mules to spread the narcotic message of ‘democracy and freedom’. Russia already has democracy and freedom, a working model that does not include pandering to LGBTQ concerns and fruitbasket activists. As I suggested before, kids respond to a challenge to stage a noisy rally just to see if they can do it – they don’t spare any thought for what might be the political consequences down the road, and are not given to long-game reasoning.

        I despair to think what kind of leader you would be, Karl – every provocation, every psyop probe, it’d be “Roll the tanks!! Get some infantry on the streets, and tell the police to bust some heads! Fuck with me, will you? I’ll show you!!” Anything else is weeeeaaakkk. You would fall right into the western media’s lap like a ripe plum, and they could basically just cue up a constant “Riot in Karlland” tape and roll it whenever they dangled the bait in front of you.


    2. The end is nigh!

      Minors will storm the Kremlin and set up a provisional government anytime now!

      I think the protests will be rather modest, in part because of the weather, in part because of fear, and in part because the parents will talk their children out of it, but my observation of the social media landspace is that young people in Russia – not everyone, but those who are politicized – are indeed siding with Navalny against the government.

      The majority of kids and young teens don’t really care about politics, as is easily observed online. They enjoy listening to music, watching TV series, playing video game, sharing memes, hanging out with friends, stuff like that, only a minority is strongly concerned with politics to bother with it.

      The protests will be manageable, but the government is losing the PR war I’m afraid, and this most certainly will bring medium- and long-term problems to Putin & Co.

      One interesting fact about the West is how popular vloggers (i.e. video producers) are co-opted. If they talk x, “sponsors” pay them y, all can be talked in the background, and they can be subtle in attacking Navalny or casting doubt on his character without defending the government, for example. It is EXTREMELY important to have many ‘influencers’ on your side, while being subtle about it, speaking as if it’s their opinions and not the government’s. Does Russia even have a budget for said purpose? Contact SHOULD NOT be direct, instead, as is the case in the West, all assorted organizations and groups are used as a front for such endeavors.

      I know because I follow a popular military-related YouTube channel, it used to be neutral, but the vlogger, now popular and with over a million subscribers, started talking like a NATO propagandist. There are other examples as well, non-military related.

      Outside of the internet sphere – which is more “democratic” in this influence aspect – you have Hollywood, which is like a gigantic influencer where the popular folks know exactly what to say and what not to say to stay relevant.

      BTW, after 2016, nationalists who discussed pertinent topics were censored en masse from social media, and video content which existed for years were also deleted. The internet from the late 90s to 2016 was basically uncensored, almost anything went (I say 2016 because it’s when Trump won and things went downhill really fast, but you can debate the exact date).

      PS: I find Peskov a very weak character, am I alone?


      1. I agree that this is unlikely to succeed. And I don’t think Navalny and his Western handlers believe that this will lead to a revolution.

        But instead their goal is to sow chaos in Russia. They hope that the protests will turn into violent ones. Maybe they will manage to plant a few snipers on roof tops like they did in Kiev. They want to see blood and use naive and gullible youth for their sick schemes. This way the Russian government will be discredited and more sanctions will be put on Russia, and they hope more Russians will turn against their government.

        What is worst that I don’t have much trust that the Russian government knows how to handle this. Too much incompetence there, whereas Russia’s enemies are way more ruthless and evil. Russia did too many mistakes handling this whole Navalny thing from the start.


        1. Mmmm…maybe instead of letting Navalny go to Germany, they should have just tied him up and shot him on First Channel. Anything less is weak and incompetent.

          What should they have done, Karl? Give me a gameplan, and I’ll blow holes in it.


      2. No, you are most certainly not alone, and furthermore, Peskov persistently, it seems, leaves himself wide open to criticism from “oppositionists” because of his marital relationships.

        This is all grist to the mill, of course, for happy family man Navalny, who has a devoted wife and well behaved, adoring children.

        See how the Navalny Team works, no doubt guided to its target by Western Intelligence:

        In July 2015, Peskov became engaged to the Olympic Champion ice dancer Tatiana Navka, with whom he has a daughter. [In the West, such an illegitimate child is called a “love child”] They married on 1 August 2015, after Peskov had finalized a divorce with his second wife. [A skirt-chaser and fornicator, see!] During the wedding, Peskov was photographed wearing an exclusive US$670,000 Richard Mille watch, greater than Peskov’s declared income for all his years of service as a state employee. When this fact was discovered, this caused a media reaction, and Peskov replied that Navka had paid for the watch.

        Russian anti corruption crusader Aleksei Navalny then said on 17 August 2015 that Peskov had recently vacationed with his new wife off the coast of the Italian island of Sardinia on a 350,000-euro-per-week yacht called the “Maltese Falcon”. [It’s not a yacht: it’s a full-rigged ship!] Navalny cited data from yacht-tracking websites and social-media posts as evidence partially corroborating his source’s claims, though he presented no direct proof that Peskov had set foot on the vessel. [My stress.]

        Source: wiki

        Surely a man in such a position as Peskov has should be more prudent? Did he not realise that every move he makes is observed and reported back to Team Navalny? And if he wants to shag around and live it up, he should find another job and sever all association with the Russian head of state.

        The “Maltese Falcon” under full sail.

        I dont think there are any topmen on board for any of those masts!

        In fact, I know there are not, nor are there any sailors who scale the ratlines so as to set or furl sails, because there are no ratlines, there is no standing rigging at all, and the running rigging is operated automatically and mechanically.

        And I bet a computer tells the vessel when to tack or to wear when the desired heading of the ship is fed into it.

        Must be as easy as pie sailing that ship.


        1. What is this Russian-liberal fascination with expensive watches? Is it any different for Navalny – whose native-American circumstantial birth name would surely have been Alexey Many Vacations if he were born into that culture – jetting off here, there and everywhere when he doesn’t even have a steady job, and merely shills for donations which he claims fund anti-corruption activities? Pictures of him chowing down on lobsters at Fisherman’s Wharf or some such comfortable American destination, and his expanding girth suggest he lives well, but he doesn’t work. What’s up with that, and why do people accept his word when he criticizes others for how much easy money they spend?

          Peskov is a twit, and Putin could do a lot better for a spokesman, but he is entitled to a private life and serving the president does not make him a public possession who must live a life of monastic self-denial. Presumably it pays better than stealing the copper pipes from construction projects and selling them for scrap metal, so people should just mind their own business before their own neighbours start demanding to see their grocery receipts.


      3. Peskov, Lavrov, Zakharova, Medvedev and platform shoes Putin are all weak, that’s why they have to lie, bluff, propagate, kidnap, torture and bribe people. Moskovia’s Potemkin character will never change as long as the KGB fascist continues to steal from his people and invade his neighbors.

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        1. According to that highly credentialed author Luke Harding (“Mafia State”) Russians are bad because they always speak in ominous, menacing voices.

          Just listen to the monster – those poor kids!

          • “I work so that you could be happy” – Putin to a young couple in public Q&A

          Back on topic …
          • CIA-Supported Navalny Falsely Accuses Putin of Poisoning Him – Stephen Lendman

          Back off topic …
          • Robbie Williams | Party Like A Russian


          1. Interesting to see a Moscow exile use correct Ukrainian language. Well, at least you know where the home of all Rus are; Kyiv. Everything has gotten worse, dirtier, more crime and no water since the Putler criminals moved into Crimea.

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                1. Come on, now – there’s no call for that; we’re actually not so different, you and I. I’m not Russian, but I defend the Russian cause. You’re not Ukrainian, but you appear to defend the Ukrainian cause. I think we can be civil so long as you are prepared to argue facts rather than emotions. What part of that made you so upset – it couldn’t have been the suggestion that cutting people off from their water supply is a violation of international law, because I have already established that. Was it the allegation that Ukraine was responsible for shutting off the water? Let’s just substantiate that, as well.


                  And look at that – all Crimea has to do to get water back is hang its head, admit it was wrong and ask to be readmitted to Happyland. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the authors are clear that the water can be turned back on at any time, and so clearly the measure is intended to be coercive and is not out of operational necessity because, for example, good and loyal Ukrainians don’t have enough water. Therefore illegal as can be.

                  “The new dam has a valve which can be opened at any time. When the Crimea returns to Ukraine, water will once again fill the 300 km of the North Crimean canal.”

                  But wait! there’s more – Ukraine also blew up the electrical supply into Crimea.


                  Almost done: Ukraine also blocked food supplies entering Crimea.


                  And the Crimeans still did not submit, and ask to return to Ukrainian management! You know, it’s sort of sounding like Russia did not have all that much work to do to persuade Crimea to leave.

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                2. Fine, pull your uninvited Moskali “vacationers” and little green men out of Moldova, South Ossettia, Abkhazia, Transdnistria, eastern Donbas and Crimea, then we can talk.


  24. Correction:

    One interesting fact about the West is how popular vloggers (i.e. video producers) are co-opted. Russia can do likewise: if vloggers talk x, “sponsors” pay them y, all can be combined in the background, and they can be subtle in attacking Navalny or casting doubt on his character without defending the government, for example.

    It’s also important that said vloggers are not politics-related, or at least not only about politics, so it appears more organic, “just Russians giving their honest opinions”.


  25. I must concur, and I don’t say this lightly:


    1. Social media of all forms has damaged the US population if damage is defined as no longer able to accept one’s own lot in life. And, the bastards knew it would be damaging – anything for a buck, dominance and control.


  26. Бунт малолеток

    Juvenile Riot

    Suffer little children? …

    What a tosser!

    As a “mass revolt” of TikTok users in Russia is scheduled for tomorrow in support of the successful incarceration of Lyosha Navalny, the “Sorosites” (followers of Soros), social networks, Western special services, “Baidenites” and other characters well known inTHE Ukraine are again in the spotlight…

    In fact, everything is both simple and fucking complicated at the same time. The global writers always use the same algorithms and know-how. Their know-how lies in the strategic and tactical implementation of standard schemes that have proven effective over two decades of use around the world. Starting with Yugoslavia, Georgia, and ending with the Ukraine and Belarus.

    The Russian Federation uses a mix of Yanukovich’s Mezhyhirya residence, where he lived when he was Prime Minister and then President of Ukraine with the theme of the “sacred victim” (Navalny) and the asset of the most moronic segment of social networks, TikTok. The first two components of the scenario are well known. The third part is a relative novelty.

    The film by “Navalny’s team” about “Putin’s imperial palace” in Gelendzhik is a remake of the “journalistic investigation” by Ukrainian “Sorosites” about the “bloody dictator’s country residence”, 2009-2010 vintage….

    This theme was chosen as the basis for a large-scale campaign to discredit Yanukovich, which ended with his flight to Rostov and the transformation of Mezhyhirya into one of the symbols of the “revolution of dignity”. As recently as last year, the Maidan took tours there. I do not know how things are now. Basically everything has been looted. But that’s of no importance.

    The scheme is the same. We have “Yanukovich’s residence”, you have “Putin’s palace”. It’s a simple scenario, like a corner of a house. Simple and even one could say absolutely stupid messages, which operate at the level of subconsciousness: “They are surrounding themselves with unimaginable luxury, while we are forced to eat frozen potatoes”. The theme worked perfectly inthe Ukraine. For all the years of Yanukovych’s short presidency, the journalists from the U.S. State Department’s “Ukrainska Pravda” were poisoning it with this “Mezhyhirya story. This is no longer journalism, but the purest technology. For years the subject has been “developing.” Almost all future “Maidan” activists became associated with the place. Tanya Chernovol, who was totally whacked out, climbed the fence and fr a long time had to run from the brutal guards, which event led to huge hype on her Facebook. Sergei Leshchenko filmed the “dictator’s” residence from Pashinsky’s boat. The same one that brought sniper rifles to the centre of Kiev. Leshchenko, with grants from the U.S. Embassy, founded an entire “journalistic school” that searched for Yanukovych’s golden toilet bowl. Our strategic partners invested enormous sums of money into the Mezhyhirya topic. In my opinion, they could have built two residences with it. And there would have been some money left over for “Putin’s palace”.

    Therefore, I watch with sadness the bewilderment of my Russian colleagues – where did Navalny’s film get 52 million views ?! How so?! But like this. The tyrant’s house algorithm always works. It doesn’t even matter whether the “tyrant” has a palace or not. The format was tested in the the Ukraine. In general, we are a testing ground for the advanced technologies of the United States for conducting coups. There are ideal conditions here for them. At first glance, everything is extremely primitive. After all, Navalny has already done a similar project for Medvedev’s dacha. Now it’s all about the “palace”. And each time this primitive ploy has achieved its goal. Americans are not limited for time. They can stretch a topic for years, even decades. And in the end, get the desired result: the brutalized crowd smashes “Mezhyhirya”, as well as other houses of “the henchmen of the regime.” Top topic during the “revolution of dignity”. For example, everything was taken out from the dacha of the Prosecutor General Pshonka, including toilets and tiles. But on the other hand, they used the territory and exits to the Kiev Sea “in a businesslike manner.” Incomprehensible activists still use the piers built by Pshonka to launch the boats of numerous tourists ….

    The “Emperor’s Palace” in the Russian Federation has already become an integral part of the “colour revolution” scenario. A move calculated for many years (perhaps decades). Time and money don’t matter at all to them in this destruction game.

    The next indispensable element of the script is the “sacred sacrifice”. Everything seems simple, but in fact, there are many nuances. Lyosha was very creatively prepared for this role. First he was “poisoned” with “Novichok”, then he was brought out of his “lethal state”, “treated” in the legendary “Charité” clinic, and five months later sent back to his homeland after his contact with the poisoned underpants. They made a show out of it, in the course of which bwell prepared snippets of information were thrown in. A very large, complex and multi-pronged operation to introduce a deadly information virus into Russia.

    They are also masters in “sacred sacrifices”. Trained on us. The experiments began twenty years ago, in 2000. The first such victim was the little-known parliamentary journalist Giorgi Gongadze. His decapitated corpse became a “style icon”. Then there were many attempts to repeat the success. Starting from the “cut off Bulatov ear”, the smashed up face of that same Tanya Chornovol, and ending with an absolute “masterpiece” – the shooting of the “Heavenly Hundred”. Moreover, an ideological legend had been prepared in advance. It is a “hundred” because there were “hundreds” and “centurions” on the Maidan. They have no moral brakes. At all.

    The difficulty lies in the fact that the script is known, but its development is overgrown with unexpected moves. It is like a self-developing destructive system that exists in a favourable information environment, that is, in social networks. The latter have become the main instrument of real digital expansion. Navalny may be a “sacred victim”. It may be a prelude to a more massive “sacrifice”. Or a symbolic “martyr” (“conserved victim”). Systematic work is underway at the state level to implement this scenario. You can see the results of this work in the example of the Ukraine.

    Now about TikTok. We can congratulate the Russians on the fact that they have significantly lowered the age threshold for carriers of the “information virus”. Therefore, it was the most moronic social network in the world that has come out on top, where you don’t even need to be able to write and formulate your thoughts. Clean video and emotional voice acting. I think the future belongs to this form of information presentation. Yes, you yourself can understand this by following the evolution of that very same Facebook. At first, large texts were still in demand there. But up to five thousand characters with spaces. Then came the time for photos with a little explanation. Then the cats came. Then a bootable video. Often no text at all. It is logical that the TikTok network had got into a powerful upward trend and was taken away by the Americans from the Chinese for its great potential. Now it works in Russia. This is a new detail in “Operation Youth Riot”.

    In fact, there is a war going on for the consciousness of the most vulnerable (for natural reasons) part of Russian society. Incidentally, this is also part of the strategic plan of our “partners”. In the Ukraine, the Ministry of Education has been at the mercy of the “Sorosites” for two decades, and this gigantic work to mortify the population is now massively bearing fruit. Literally before our eyes, history, culture, language, religion are changing … Everything that seemed absolutely unshakable.

    Therefore, “youth riots” are organized with an eye to the future. The result should be a generation that will “bury the empire.” I don’t want to preach. Just understand: the chance to wake up in a “new country” is very great. And you should at least know what to prepare yourself for.


    1. KP

      Highly motivated young people who fought against a “regime”:

      Этот кадр сделан в 2014 году. Школьницы разливают коктейль Молотова у Дома профсоюзов в Одессе.

      This frame was taken in 2014. Schoolgirls pour a Molotov cocktail outside the House of Trade Unions in Odessa.

      Фото из окрестностей Одесского Дома Профсоюзов, где 2 мая 2014 года были заживо сожжены и забиты 48 человек. На фото юные одесситы разливают по бутылкам бензин, которым скоро будут жечь людей.
      Фото: СОЦСЕТИ

      Photo from the vicinity of the Odessa House of Trade Unions, where on May 2, 2014, 48 people were burnt and killed. In the photo, young Odessa residents are bottling gasoline, which will soon burn people.
      Photo: SOCIALNET

      Девушка изготавливает коктейли Молотова, Киев, 2014 год.

      A girl makes Molotov cocktails, Kiev, 2014.

      Киев, 2014 год.

      Kiev, 2014.


      1. An irate libtard writes:




        Tomorrow, on January 23, unauthorized actions in support of Navalny are to begin in Russia. Why the hell, by the way, should they be sanctioned? Or are the frightened Indians already accustomed to the “concepts” of the reservation? But the government, which has been completely cut short, is clearly frightened, though feigning indifference. After all, the bulk of Navalny’s electorate is the youth. And this is the very protest bomb that has been laid for the future and is capable of detonating this power. Peskov, Sobyanin and the TFR are blatantly talking crap about “involving minors.” You might think that these “minors” do not have unemployed dads or mothers, sick grandparents, or they do not see how the bastard from “Bentleys” and “Mercedes” is fattening. And they don’t want to be silent.

        Written by a school kid, I suspect, or someone not long out of school.


  27. A libtard blogs:

    The immediate reason why more than 50 million people watched the video posted three days ago by Alexei Navalny and millions of people across Russia are gathering tomorrow for rallies in support of Navalny is, of course, the attempt on his life in August and the investigation into this attempt. Many people who might disagree with Aleksey’s platform consider it more important that state bodies cannot be used to organize the murder. Moreover, a person who has returned from abroad should not be imprisoned – in general, people should not be imprisoned for political activity. The story of Navalny, which until 2020 was the story of an opposition politician, today is felt by a huge number of people as a “story about themselves.” Now “Freedom to Navalny!” – not about abstract “freedom”, but the feeling of millions of people who had not previously participated in any political activity.

    Oh right!

    Got you!

    There was most definitely a murder attempt made by the state against the Bullshitter and anyone returning from abroad should not be arrested.

    Right! Got you!

    So when Dr. Crippen returned from Canada to the UK, he should not have been arrested?

    He was arrested, however, and later hanged for murder.

    Oh, I see! Navalny hadn’t been under suspicion of murder and been on the run as Crippen had been, nor is he a convicted criminal who has broken his conditions for being given a suspended sentence, is he?

    And he hasn’t embezzled anyone, has he?

    Nor is he under suspicion of defrauding his supporters, is he?

    He was just returning from abroad when he was apprehended, wasn’t he?

    How awful!


    1. Since when is ’50 million views’ on youtube = 50 million separate views by Russian youngsters?

      I’m calling total b/s on this.

      It could mean anything. Bots, supporters from outside Russia and certain services bumping up the figures via different IPs. This would be a cakewalk for the 77th Brigade of the British Army.

      This is not evidence but rather the appearance of evidence, in much the same way that Christopher Steel’s ‘Dossier’ on t-Rump was evidence. There is far to little to go on and I suspect that it would not stand up to scrutiny even if anyone was bothered and gugl shared the data (and could be trusted).

      It is yet again a psyop to get the number trending in foreign press that can then be reimported back in to Russia as proof, as foreigners are clearly more trustworth and check stuff and Russia doesn’t.

      The fact that Russia is warning against it is obviously proof, rather than a much more logical that there is a COVID epidemic and masses of people on the streets is banned just about everywhere. Or maybe that is the point. An ill thought out plan To try and get the hamsters out and infected and a hope to swamp the Russian health system which can then be squarely blamed on corruption. The organisers will of course take no responsibility (when things go wrong) at all and are looking for a win/win scenario which as we know is standard operating procedure. So, if people don’t turn out or it is in poor numbers then they are clearly being politically supressed by the ‘heavy hand of the Kremlin.’ If they do turn out then it will cause damage to the Russian state which is personal damage to Putin. It really is a very American s/t the bed strategy. Congratulations! That’s the theory as I see it. In practice, we’ll see…


      1. I am one of those 50m. Clicked on something and there it was. I am not Russian and not a minor but can I still show up for the protest, please please?


        1. As you are not a Russian, I think you have to detain yourself! To the shed! To the Bathroom! To the cupboard under the stairs! At least until you have watched Putin’s live year end 2020 Q&A 50 times! 😉

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      2. I’m skeptical that it is an attempt to infect masses of youngsters and swamp the Russian health system, only because the youth demographic is the least susceptible to it and most often is asymptomatic even if infected. Not very likely to carry it home to Mom and Dad, either, as asymptomatic transmission is rated the weakest driver of the ‘pandemic’.


        1. This COVID virus seems to be making a comeback here, though. As I wrote yesterday, my 12-year-old Sasha came straight back home from school the other morning because her school had been closed: one of her classmates had been diagnosed on the previous day as having been infected with COVID.

          And yesterday morning, the mother of a 12-year-old girl whom I teach English and German on Saturday mornings cancelled today’s lesson. The girl’s younger sister had gone down with COVID and her school had consequently been closed. So that’s two local schools that I know of have that have been closed because of a COVID infection.


          1. That’s disturbing – to hear that people have accepted this grand hoax. You prompted this video which shares my sentiments – how easily have people become so compliant and docile ?? !!!

            Rebecca (aka ‘Blonde in the Belly of the Beast’) had gone off on extended maternity leave for the past year and I just stumbled across her latest video, an interview with Felix Rex (aka Black Pigeon Speaks} on the topic ”Society & the Future of the West”.

            • Black Pigeon Speaks on “Society & the Future of the West”


            1. If you go to her channel, this is the third of three latest videos – each an hour long. The other two:

              • Blonde talks to Dave Cullen (“Computing Forever”) on “Compliance, Faith and the Path Forward”
              (J**tube just took Computing Forever down apparently but you can still watch child rape videos)

              • Blonde talks to “Legalman”


        2. I’m just being super cynical. What we do know is that the Nav-alny movement is not interested in consequences because whatever happens, deliberate or not, is not their fault. It cannot be. Ever! They have an absolutionist mindset and are perfectly willing to ‘crack a few eggs’ if it gets them the result they want. After all they look down on the rest of the population as brainwashed stooges who probably shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless it is a vote for the right politician. God help Russia if they are ever in charge because they’ll be screaming ‘who let the water out?!’ as they circle the drain they have previously and gloriously unplugged themselves.


  28. «По результатам проверки обращений»: СК возбудил уголовное дело о вовлечении несовершеннолетних в незаконные митинги
    22 января 2021, 23:18

    “Based on the results of the verification of appeals”: Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the involvement of minors in illegal rallies
    22 January 2021, 23:18

    The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case on the dissemination of calls on minors on social networks to participate in unauthorized rallies on January 23.

    This decision was made based on the results of an audit of numerous appeals from various associations of parents of Russian schoolchildren posted in the media, the department specified.

    The IC recalled that restrictive measures are in place in Moscow and other Russian regions to stop the spread of coronavirus infection, and mass events in a pandemic create a real threat of illness for those gathered, and therefore the authorities refused to hold rallies.

    “Despite this, Navalny’s supporters post publications on the Internet, social networks TikTok, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on the YouTube service, in which they urge minors to participate in unauthorized rallies in Moscow and other cities of Russia on January 23 “, was noted by the Investigative Committee.

    Based on the factuality of these violations, a case was initiated under nn. “A, c” part 2 of Art. 151.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on the involvement of minors in the commission of unlawful acts, knowingly posing a danger to their lives, through information and telecommunication networks.

    Recall that on January 17, blogger Alexei Navalny flew to Russia from Germany, where he was receiving treatment, and was detained at the Sheremetyevo airport. The FSIN said that the reason for the detention was Navalny’s repeated violations of the probationary period assigned to him in the case of embezzlement of funds from the Yves Rocher company: until December 29, 2020, he had to appear twice a month for registration with the FSIN authorities. In this regard, on January 18, the Khimki city court imprisoned Navalny for 30 days. After that, Navalny himself and his supporters began to spread statements calling for illegal rallies in support of him, using for this, among other things, social networks popular among teenagers.

    As a result, Roskomnadzor has announced that it would fine Internet sites that allow the involvement of minors in illegal activities. Appeals to children were revealed in TikTok, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, RIA Novosti was clarified in the press service of the department.

    The Prosecutor General’s Office issued has repeated warnings to the heads of Internet companies. The official representative of the supervisory agency, Andrei Ivanov, warned citizens that calls for participation in illegal actions are an administrative offence and may result in punishment, and provocations and attempts at violent actions are qualified under the article of the Criminal Code on mass riots.

    The Kremlin responded to calls to participate in unsanctioned rallies, recalling the need to comply with the law, as well as responsibility for such activities.

    “There can be only one position: in favour of the unconditional need to comply with the law and the inadmissibility of organizing illegal actions, all the more provoking the participation of young people and children in these actions”, said the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

    Speaking about the participation in certain actions of students of Russian universities, Peskov emphasized that this is “their own business”, but drew attention to the fact that the leadership of universities has the right, at its discretion, to respond to cases of student participation in illegal actions.

    In turn, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin called illegal actions unacceptable.

    “And even more unacceptable and cynical are the attempts of mass involvement of minors in this action. I very much ask the parents to pay attention to this and not put their children at risk to please the provocateurs”, the mayor urged.


    1. В СИЗО у Навального начались проблемы со зрением
      22 Января, 18:32, 2021 г

      Navalny has started having eyesight problems in remand prison
      22 January, 18:32, 2021

      During his stay in the pre-trial detention center, Alexei Navalny has begun to have eyesight problems. His lawyer Olga Mikhailova told the German edition of DW about this on Friday.

      “At the moment, he does not need specialized medical assistance. The only thing is that he is starting to have eyesight problems. Therefore, we will strive to have hm examined by an ophthalmologist, ”Mikhailova said in response to a journalist’s question about whether the politician needs medical assistance.

      An ophthalmologist?

      Call in Anastasiya Vasilyeva!

      Somebody need me?

      So Lyosha’s going blind?

      See! I told you he was a wanker!


    2. Why so coy? As we recently learned from the ‘Capitol riots’ in the Beacon Of Freedom And Hope, those who participate in unauthorized protest demonstrations are domestic terrorists, and if they are politicians as the Bullshitter styles himself, they are invited to resign or be fired.


  29. Here’s my For the Weekend:

    GQ: Jimmy Page on the true story behind ‘Stairway To Heaven’

    Jimmy Page: the defining figure of a thousand heavy metal tropes, pioneer of stage and studio and the visionary who conjured rock’s greatest ever album sequence. What’s more, he’s been his own archivist since the day he first picked up a guitar. From the creation of Led Zeppelin’s modern mythology to the true story of ‘Stairway To Heaven’, here, in his own words, is the undisputed lord of the riffs

    All at the link.


    1. I saw the film documentary “It Might Get Loud” over 10 years ago and from what I remember, Jimmy Page took the film crew on a tour around Headley Grange, the country house where “Led Zeppelin IV” was recorded. The rooms were spacious with high ceilings, making for good acoustics. It was Page’s habit to place several microphones at various distances away from John Bonham’s drum-kit so that when Bonham started hitting the skins, as many as possible of the sounds that bounced up to the ceilings and back down were captured by the microphones, and the maximum possible capture of these sound vibrations by all these microphones explains the massive cavernous, almost three-dimensional sound of the drums on songs like “Stairway to Heaven” and “When the Levee Breaks”.

      In the film documentary also, you get a glimpse of Page’s massive vinyl record collection. He didn’t just collect masses of music recordings going back to the 1950s; he collected (he may still collect) paintings and other artwork as well. He also used to collect a lot of Aleister Crowley’s writings and paintings when he was young but I am not sure if he still has much Crowleyana; he used to own Crowley’s old residence Boleskine House near Loch Ness (he didn’t actually live there but rented it out instead) and sold that property some time in the 1990s.

      Page is also something of a keen student of 19th-century Victorian Gothic revival architecture, especially the work of William Burges and Edward Lutyens. He has owned and lived in residences designed by these architects.

      J W Rowling used to pick Page’s brains on witchcraft while writing the Harry Potter series of books.

      It is true that Page appeared on a BBC TV production with a skiffle band at the age of 14 years in 1958. The program was part of an ongoing TV series focusing on child prodigies. Of all the precocious kids who appeared in that series, only two became famous: Page and the Australian classical guitarist John Williams.


  30. 11:00 Moscow time/ 17:48 Khabarovsk time

    The gathering of the “millions” has begun!

    Recall, a libtard arsehole blogger here posed yesterday (see my post above) that today “millions” will protest in support of the Bullshitter.

    Well, the first of the “millions” has long gathered and gone in the Russian Far East:

    IN RUSSIA 08:25, 23 January 2021

    A rally in support of Navalny and Furgal has been held in Khabarovsk

    There is an update from 08:53 → Actions in support of Navalny are being held in the Far East
    Moscow. January 23. INTERFAX.RU – An unauthorized rally in support of the arrested ex-governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Sergei Furgal and politician Alexei Navalny is taking place in Khabarovsk on Saturday.

    According to a report on the website of the Khabarovsk mayor’s office, about 250 people took part in the action. The local Internet portal writes that 200-300 people have gathered on Lenin Square.

    During the action, several of its participants were detained. The police have not yet reported the number of detainees. According to DVhab’s estimates, at least ten people were taken to the paddy wagons.

    At 14:48 local time (7:48 Moscow time), the Khabarovsk portal reported that “the rally had practically come to naught“.

    [My stresses above — ME]

    Navalny’s headquarters in the regions called for actions to be held on January 23 in support of the arrested politician. No city has approved such an action. The Prosecutor General’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs warned about responsibility for participating in rallies. In a number of cities, Navalny’s comrades-in-arms began to be detained and arrested several days before the action.

    In Khabarovsk, in addition to Navalny, who was detained at Sheremetyevo on his return from Germany, where he was undergoing treatment and rehabilitation, protesters also spoke out in support of Furgal. Rallies demanding the release of the ex-governor continued in Khabarovsk on Saturdays for almost six months.

    How interesting! Those who support the “Fund for the Struggle Against Corruption” have been protesting about the arrest of an allegedly corrupt regional governor as well as the arrest of their guru.

    How many millions, I wonder, will have gathered throughout Russia by the end of this day in support of that gobshite Navalny?

    For the regime, the end is nigh!!!


      1. It’s tyranny!!!!

        Moscow today:

        40 nabbed before the show even started!

        23 янв, 12:48 118 998
        В Москве начались задержания на акции протеста в поддержку Навального
        По оценке корреспондента РБК, еще до времени, на которое намечен старт акции, на Пушкинской площади задержали около 40 человек

        Jan 23, 12:48 118 998
        Arrests have begun began in Moscow at protests in support of Navalny
        According to the RBC correspondent, about 40 people had been detained on Pushkinskaya Square even before the start of the action was scheduled


        1. An estimated 4,000 at the Moscow turnout.

          The dumbass who wrote that “millions” would protest today throughout Russia does not realize that there are a thousand thousands in 1 million, but I suppose he has millions of friends who agree with his estimated turnout.


            1. Kiddies gather in Ekaterinburg:

              Navalny’s Yekaterinburg headquarters announced on Saturday, January 23, a major march in support of Alexei Navalny and against political repression. Despite the fact that on Saturday up to 30 degrees of frost is expected, and the regional authorities did not approve the procession, more than 3.1 thousand users have already marked the event on the VKontakte social network, and another one and a half thousand answered “possibly”, on Facebook on As of Friday morning, just over 550 participants were interested in the event.

              Creeping ever closer to the “millions”!


              1. Clever! Kids are too young to detain so keep ’em coming. It is analogous to drug dealers using kids to transport drugs.


  31. Jeff J Brown is across the situation involving Meng Wanzhou. I have watched a couple of previous videos on this topic on his channel. FYI here.

    • Huawei CFO Meng Landed in Canada, Perry Mason Isn’t Her Lawyer Nor in His Mythical Rule of Law


  32. It is an unfortunate fact of human psychology that people can be made to believe any lie–anything at all–so long as it is repeated often enough. Acceptance generally works as an S-curve, so by the time the lie seems to be gaining momentum, it’s already too late to stop it. Consider the model of how alternative gender identities rapidly gained acceptance and are now beyond criticism.


  33. I was invited to offer a review and feedback comment on a book.

    It begins …


    With Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its intervention in the Donbass, fears proved to be justified […]that Russia would use the new Russian-speaking minorities for expansionist policies, at least for severely meddling in neighbouring states’ internal affairs.

    Looks good so far …

    M.E. perhaps you could do the review – you have so much more tact and grace than me … 😊

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      1. LOL
        Mike King describes it very well in “The War Against Putin” with these statistics:

        “The Battle of Crimea” – OR – “The Immaculate Invasion”

        • Killed in Action: 0
        • Injured: 0
        • Taken Prisoner: 0
        • Shots fired: 0
        • Snowballs thrown: 0
        • Russian Troops invading Crimea: 0

        Should I mention the snowballs?


      2. The Bloody Question:

        Whose Crimea?

        Чей Крым?

        For those Stooges not knowing what the “Bloody Question” is, it was the question asked of English Roman Catholic priests apprehended during the reign of Elizabeth I of England, namely which side would they take if a foreign prince invaded England on the orders of the Pope with the intent to remove the Queen from her throne. If they replied that they would support Elizabeth, their credibility as a priest would have gone; if the answered that they would support the Pope, they were guilty of treason and condemned to a horrendous execution.

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        1. 1783: Treaty of Paris, according to which the 13 former British Empire colonies situated on the eastern seaboard of the North American continent were recognized as being a sovereign federal state known as “The United States of America”. Note that from that time until 1861, the USA WERE a federal state. After the conclusion in 1865 of a bloody civil war between those previously United States, the United States IS!

          1783: the former Ottoman satrap, the Crimea Khanate, the sovereignty over which had been ceded to the Russian Empire by the Ottoman Empire following the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca that ended the Russo-Turkish War of 1768–74, was annexed by the Russian Empire, becoming the Taurida Oblast of that empire.

          Already by 1783, much of the Black Sea seaboard and its hinterland of what was the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, created by the USSR in 1922, had already been ceded by the Ottoman Empire to the Russian Empire in 1774, following the former’s defeat by the latter in the Russo-Turkish War of 1768–1774.

          The former Ottoman territories ceded in 1774 to the Russian Empire were then renamed “New Russia”.

          Previously, those territories were known by Eastern Slavs as “The Wild Field”, a happy hunting ground for Crimean Tatar slavers who had made annual forays there and often even further into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for over 200 years, harvesting Slavic peoples and any others that they could lay their hands to be sold at the slave markets of Istanbul.

          In “New Russia” and the Crimea, the cities of Odessa, Ekaterinoslav and Sevastopol were founded by the Russian Empire.

          Ekaterinoslav was intended to be the administrative centre of New Russia, the “third capital” of the Russian Empire after Sankt-Peterburg and Moscow.

          In 1925, Ekaterinoslav was renamed Dnepropetrovsk and in recent years the city acquired its present name Dnipro.

          Слава Україні?

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            1. On that theme – a passage that has stuck with me …

              “Year after year, Tatar horsemen rode north out of their Crimean stronghold across the grazing lands of the Ukrainian steppe and, in small bands or large armies, swooped down on Cossack settlements or Russian towns to ravage and plunder. In 1662 Tatars captured the town of Putivl and carried off all the 20,000 inhabitants into slavery. By the end of the seventeenth century Russian slaves thronged Ottoman slave markets. Russian men were seen chained to oars of galleys in every harbor in the eastern Mediterranean; young Russian boys made a welcome gift from the Crimean Khan to the Sultan. So numerous, in fact, were the Russian slaves in the East that it was asked mockingly whether any inhabitants still remained in Russia.”

              That passage comes from “Peter the Great: His Life and World” by Robert K Massie. Massie noted:

              “It was not the Turks whom Sophia and Golitsyn were asked to attack, but their vassals, the Crimean Tatars. Russian fear of these Moslem descendants of the Mongols was deep-rooted.”

              The Sophia he refers to here is Sophia Alekseyevna, who ruled as regent of Russia from 1682 to 1689 until Peter I (Peter the Great) came of age.


          1. Слава Україні?

            Certainly, it needs all the good wishes it can get. Where did Ukrainian get that ї and the і? They look weird.


    1. What ‘new Russian-speaking minorities’? Was this book a joint effort by Trauma Rehabilitation and Mental Health? Crimea – say it with me – Crimea has always been majority-ethnic-Russian. Well, at least since the entirety of the 20th century. The 1926 census reported Russians at 42.2%, and the next-most-numerous groups – Tatars and Ukrainians – at 25.1% and 10.6% respectively. By 1989 the Tatars were down to 1.6% while the Ukrainians had swelled to 25.8% – and I don’t want to hear any nonsense about Russian repression of the Tatars because Ukraine was still in charge of the whole show in 1989 – but the Russian ‘minority’ was 67%.

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    2. You could just call the book a figment of the author’s imagination and leave it at that. The review would still get published. Challenging the “annexation” narrative might send the review down a black hole.

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  34. Knobhead police colonel performs well for Navalnyshites and journalists:

    The police, even in Moscow, have turned out to be completely unprepared for working in an open information space, and they behave remarkably incompetently. Even colonels make completely trainee mistakes. It seems to them that Russia is a sovereign country, free to do whatever it pleases within its borders.

    But those days are now long gone. Now everyone lives amongst people, depending on each other. And Russia will no longer be able to dismiss the world. The world may be afraid of this and wish to protect itself. It is no coincidence that Navalny behaves so impudently. He knows what and when he can afford to do something. And the police are living in the past, and this is what the result is: a full police colonel, under a hail of cameras, is holding onto a 12-year-old schoolboy, who poses absolutely no threat to public order, and drags him into a police car. What for? On what grounds?
    He just doesn’t know how to work

    The child is without parental supervision, in a public place, and present during a period of mass illegal actions. He’s just supposed to be escorted away, which in my time was to a place called the “the police children’s room”. Everything being done is correct.

    Only such “correct ones” who perform such “correct behaviour” should be, at best, transferred to another.

    Because now it’s not the ’80s, and even less the ’50s. It’s already the third decade of the twenty-first century and the colonel is still derailing all the trains!

    Soviet joke:

    – Grandma, are there Germans in the villages?

    – What are you going on about, dear? The war ended forty years ago!

    – Really? I’m still derailing the trains …

    Comrade Citizen Colonel has forgotten where and under what circumstances he is. And, as a result, here’s how his actions are viewed in social networks:

    And such is the face Putin’s Russia: a fat piece of shit drags away a child as though he were a criminal

    [Above photo guaranteed to appear now all over the “Free World” — ME]

    And, alas, they are also right.

    These are riots. They need to be correctly, lawfully and effectively suppressed and not according to how some ignoramus might think this should be done.

    Such action as shown above is absolutely inappropriate now. And it is absolutely unnecessary…

    In general, so far Russia is living by the principle of “we wanted the best, but it has turned out as always”.
    But then we should not be surprised that people like Navalny are fleeing to Russia, not from it.

    We wanted the best, but it turned out as always” is what that dickhead apparatchik Chernomyrdin once said:

    Мы хотели как лучше, а получилось, как всегда.


  35. Hey! Who wants to be creeped out? From Club Orlov:

    I meant this is a futuristic, mock-horror antiutopian thought experiment. But this is not, apparently, how Microsoft understood it; it took it as a call to action! This just in:

    Microsoft has been granted a patent that would allow the company to make a chatbot using the personal information of deceased people.

    The patent describes creating a bot based on the “images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages,” and more personal information.

    Please read the post for full context.


    1. Presumably the resulting chatbot would have full voting rights in the United States of America, thus ensuring the enduring wish of persons who were lifelong Democrats that their ability to vote should survive their physical death.


  36. Provocation! [video enclosed]

    Watch as the shits lob bottles at OMON.

    Are you asking what the unauthorized protest demonstrations in the center of Moscow on January 23 really are about? Everything here is classic. Everything that I have seen in different years in different countries. That is, there is a large crowd of protesters, but, as a rule, these are such beautifully minded young people with iPhones, who take pictures, take selfies, and shout, supporting the general chorus. And there is a radical core not far from where the riot police are stationed, they try to provoke the riot police, snowballs and bottles fly at the riot police. The OMON is trying to break into the crowd to pull the most violent ones out of it. But they don’t always succeed, because this radical nucleus gets into a clutch, as we have seen in Ukraine or Belorussia, and does not allow the riot police to attack. Moreover, they counterattack.

    I should not say that there are street fights, but there are clashes between the radical core of the protesters and the riot police. That is, the clashes are very real, these protesters, or rather – provocateurs, really just attack the riot police in droves, whilst from behind they are pressed on by those very fine young people who just do not understand what is happening. They give in to the general mood, the general rage, and, of course, this can lead to great misfortune.

    But it must be said that the riot police act tough, but within the limits of decorum, that is, this is not the Belarusian beatings that took place in August in the first three days after the elections. Yes, truncheons are used, but their use is justified, because the riot policemen are really being attacked and have to defend themselves. They do not use weapons with rubber bullets. That is, everything is exclusively within the limits of self-defence with truncheons. Some groups of OMON simply parade through the crowd and if someone tries to provoke them, they pull them out and take to the police station.

    Peaceful demonstration?

    Indeed, there are a lot of children on the square: they don’t get into the first lines where there are clashes, but they are here nonetheless. They don’t really know what’s going on in general and what people stand for, but I talked to a few young people – 13-14, 17 years old – they are not familiar with politics absolutely, but they are interested in the movement itself, they are interested in confronting the system, the OMON, that is; it’s such a teenage challenge. They have no idea what the challenge is, but the children like it.

    I haven’t seen any minors being detained. As a rule, only the violent ones are detained. I saw a woman being detained: she was very aggressive, but they didn’t take her to the paddy wagon, they let her go. And she continued her insults towards the law enforcers…

    Oh look! Kreakles! And kids.


  37. Our Man in Moscow, Rosenberg:

    One woman in the crowd told me she decided to take part in the protest because “Russia has been turned into a prison camp,” and to support the country’s most prominent opposition figure, who is behind bars.

    Oh, right! So that’s how it is, Steve.

    Russia’s interior ministry said 4,000 had turned up in Moscow, but opposition sources and reporters on the ground say it was in the tens of thousands.

    Well pointed out, Steve!



    1. I just saw Tabloi Steve’s report for Al-Beeb s’Allah. I couldn’t tell if he was out of breath to make his news report seem more urgent or whether his blood oxygen levels were dropping in relation to onset COVID-19 symptoms. The report closed with a low-video shot of a few people at a protest in the far east. I almost can’t wait for ‘igh Brow Rainsford’s report. I’m sure it’ll be meaty (in a rotten retreaded well past the sell-by date cliché stylee).


  38. Fat George in Russia — AGAIN!!!

    Чин обручения Великого князя Георгия с невестой пройдёт в Костроме
    Сейчас на своей странице в Facebook Великий князь Георгий сообщил, что “в воскресенье мы с @rebecca_bettarini будем в Костроме. Это место откуда пошел род Романовых, и именно здесь пройдёт чин нашего обручения”.

    The engagement ceremony of Grand Duke George with his bride will take place in Kostroma
    Now on his Facebook page, Grand Duke Georgy said that “on Sunday, @rebecca_bettarini and I will be in Kostroma. This is where the Romanov family came from, and this is where the rank of our betrothal will take place”


    1. He talks Spanish well an all, ‘cos that’s what they speak where he was brung up, in Madrid.

      However, when he came over here with his “Grand Duchess” mother for the reinterment of the last of the Romanov royal family in St. Petersburg, he had to do a quick course in Russian so as to say in the tongue of Pushkin: “Hello, I’m George. Kiss my arse. Goodbye”.

      Note, however, that on the sleeve of his jacket above, the hard-face bastard sports the Russian nationalist flag.

      My Vova has a better claim to the throne than that German-Georgian twat!

      Well, maybe not — but Vova speaks Russian and English a damned sight better than Fat George does!


  39. The thing that is saddening about the demonstrations today is that it shows how easily led these young people are / real lack of sense and critical thinking.

    This generation live on social media, which feeds them information and they just absorb it.

    The fact that one of these demonstrators dressed up like the Shaman in America capital hill incident – just shows the thought process of this person.

    Does he think this is a game?

    Well – we shall see what happens next week and the week after

    The police should be better prepared / I read that 40 have been injured.

    And the participants need to feel the consequences of their actions

    Navalny and his crowd need to sit in prison for a long time.


    1. It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if a parent brings a complaint against Navalny/Sobol. Even without that ‘incitment’ is still a chargeable offense. It looks like Navalny actually wants a custodial sentence, either that or he thinks he is the messiah.


      1. I know I would if my child showed up at one of those rallies and I started to get stick for it from the local authorities. On the one hand the educators are all gaga over electronic media and how children are encouraged to become involved with and to master computer technology, but on the other parents are expected to hold down a job AND police their children’s computer use as well so they are not exposed to insidious and persuasive social media. I don’t have time for that, and I certainly don’t want to give the government carte blanche to regulate content because that will inevitably lead to ;political manipulation. So where does that leave parents?

        Perhaps some government regulation, but all removed or blocked material must be reviewed by a citizens panel, with examples available which justify the removal of the content. But even that would be ultimately hopeless, as the citizens panels would be seeded with activists who would insist that LGBTQ content and other such provocative material be reinstated. Basically, society is on a downward spiral and it’s every family for itself.


    2. Young people rarely have well-developed critical thinking.That skills generally develops by trial and error mixed in with painful experiences.

      Whatever you see in Russia regarding naive youth is a minuscule example of what is rampant in the US.


    3. Perhaps while the guards are busy on the home-shopping network and the surveillance cameras outside his cell are down for maintenance, Navalny will hang himself with his bedsheet. I’ve heard of that happening.


      1. Just nail his scrotum to the paving in Red Square and call it an Art Installation. Great homage to previous cultural events lionised in “the West.” No extra charge for the audio. Call it something snappy like “Bagram Voice.”

        I’ll stop now.


    1. Far too few cops and not being aggressive enough. Clearly instructed to act with restraint.

      I have seen the Frog Republican Guard in action: they come in swinging. And in Russia, no water cannon. They use them all over Europe though, except for the UK.


      1. A high pressure spray of cold water in cold air should separate the men from the boys right quick.

        Were the children used as Human Shields? That’s how I see it.

        Russia cops are apparently somewhat more civilized than their western counterparts.


          1. 23.01.2021 12:56
            Анна Кузнецова: Теперь я знаю все о человеческой подлости

            23.01.2021 12:56
            Anna Kuznetsova: Now I know all about human meanness
            [video embedded]
            “These people are trying to hide behind the backs of our children. For me, this is beyond understanding,” said children’s ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, commenting on the calls to participate in rallies that are being made to schoolchildren and students.

            “Now I know everything about human meanness. Vladivostok. Children stand in a living chain. From behind their backs, adults throw traffic cones at the riot police and hide again. Who are these people? Are they people?” she wrote on her Facebook page.

            “I share the outrage of parents over the intrusive attempts to drag our children into illegal actions. As a children’s rights ombudsman and mother of seven, I share that concern”,she said.

            Only parents are responsible for their children’s lives and health, and if anything happens to them, they alone will be responsible, Anna Kuznetsova is convinced. “The agitators will not bear any responsibility. They know this very well”, she stressed.

            According to the ombudsman, appeals to children to break the law should be suppressed, and parents should protect children from manipulation.

            “Why have children become the target audience of agitators?” asks Kuznetsova. And she answers: “Maybe no adults have been found or they no longer believe in such appeals. Our task is to protect our children and most parents are united by this idea.

            For a woman who has borne 7 children, she has certainly kept her figure well.

            The Navalnyshites say they had not recruited youngsters, but this video allegedly shows exhortations on the net to juveniles that they join the protests in support of the great man:


            1. No, the video shows complaints from parents about children being urged to protest.

              As I said the other day, my Sasha told me that on Tik-Tok there were messages about going to the rallies.

              When I told my wife about this, she already knew of it, saying it had been going on for a long while. And then she told me how one of her classes had started showing their disagreement with her as regards her opinion of Putin and the gobshite Navalny.


  40. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs response to hard faced USA comment on today’s events in Russia:

    We looked up what U.S. Embassy Moscow said on January 6 during the rallies in Washington D.C. and the storming of the Capitol. Oddly enough, you didn’t write anything. You never encouraged people to stick to peaceful protests, and you did not condemn the killing of five people and over 100 arrests.

    But on January 8, Ambassador John Sullivan called the events “a criminal assault”: “The violent and criminal assault on the US Capitol is a grave reminder of how important it is to value and safeguard the essential elements of our republic that are enshrined in our Constitution, including the right to vote and the freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly. Rule by a violent mob is not, and has never been, a part of our constitutional system.”

    The entire planet saw your government turn a peaceful protest into a violent one, when the police opened fire on the demonstrators. (When will you take responsibility for the numerous assaults by the US police on Russian journalists who were covering the 2020 protests in the United States? )

    And later the US government described the actions of peaceful American protesters as “an assault on democracy.”

    Hypocrisy is an instrument of American democracy which has become especially dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    ☝️ See to your own problems and stop interfering in domestics affairs of other countries.


    1. The Russian authorities are arresting peaceful protesters and journalists. This appears to be a concerted campaign to suppress freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. Repressive actions against civil society, independent media, and political opposition have continued in 🇷🇺 in recent years.

      Your comment has been noted.

      Now be so kind as to fuck off!


      1. The next natural move would be to notify the Ambassador that the US Embassy in Russia is closing in 72 hours, be so kind as to remove all personal belongings by that time and arrange for transport out of the country. I can’t imagine what use Russia has for a US Embassy. Of course Washington would close the Russian Embassy in the USA, but so what?


  41. Courtesy Радио Свобода [Radio Freedom]:

    Germans, or Russians in Germany?

    The latter, I think, for their placard reads: “Our Russia is in jail”.

    So why in English?

    Who is the message directed at?

    Why don’t you go back home and do something about this, arseholes — or should that be Arschlöcher?


  42. Самые маленькие задержанные на акции в Москве дети вернулись с мамой домой
    сегодня в 19:16 | Обновлено сегодня в 19:21

    The youngest children detained at the action in Moscow returned home with their mothers
    today at 19:16 | Updated today at 19:21

    RIAMO – January 23. Two boys aged 9 and 12 who were detained during an unsanctioned rally in central Moscow have returned home with their mothers, said Anna Kuznetsova, the Russian president’s commissioner for children’s rights.

    About 15 children were detained at an unsanctioned rally in Moscow on Saturday.

    “Now the youngest detainees in the capital, boys aged 9 and 12, have gone home with their mothers to the Moscow region. Fortunately, they were not hurt when the crowd of protesters started moving”, Kuznetsova wrote on her Instagram account.

    She added that the children had been waiting for their mothers at the police station. They had absolutely no idea that they could have been in danger.

    “I wish there were nothing left, not even bad memories, and the situation had served as a lesson to both them and the parents. Children have no place at illegal rallies, and there should be no place for them in children’s lives”, Kuznetsova concluded.

    According to the capital city HQ of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, about 4 thousand people had taken part in an unsanctioned action in the centre of the capital.


  43. Navalny on a dacha territory with his brother Oleg.

    Yeah, they look alike here.

    Oleg did 3.5 years inside for the Yves Rocher embezzlement, whereas the blogger got a suspended sentence.

    i wonder why?


  44. Washington intensifies its pressure on Europe to abandon Nord Stream II. Of course Washington is resolute and determined, not ‘desperate’, because that word is reserved for Russia.

    Still not enough to force the project’s cancellation, although it will be interesting to see Europe’s reaction if Washington is successful at scaring all western insurance companies away from certifying the completed pipeline – would Europe accept insurance from a non-western company which does no business with the United States?

    Every time the whole Nord Stream thing starts to get boring and pedestrian, the United States has some new convulsion in its, yes, desperate attempts to stop it which motivates me to speculate on what would be the result if it is successful. What if Russia throws up its hands and says, fuck it, we’re done? It will have cost international partners billions in losses, and will have clearly demonstrated to Europe that the United States will not hesitate to shut off its energy supply so that America itself can have a go at replacing it. More subtle but still evident will be the strange dichotomy whereby the USA always yells about fair competition and leveling the playing field, but is plainly maneuvering for a position whereby it will have complete control over Europe’s energy supplies, and can thereby use fear and favour to manipulate its politics.

    More importantly, as I feel I have to occasionally reiterate because some people do not seem to get it, abandonment of the Nord Stream II project would not necessarily and not even likely mean a resumption of heavy transit volumes through Ukraine. Russia is well aware that committing to such an arrangement would still mean ceding control of gas transit to Europe to the United States, because the United States controls Ukraine. Washington constantly cites loss of revenue to Ukraine as a major reason for its meddling, but the likely outcome of an abandonment of Nord Stream II would be greatly reduced energy supply from Russia to Europe – Russia would have to rely on other existing pipelines, and the Ukrainian GTS is in such a decrepit state that it probably could not handle being fully pressurized, and requires more or less complete replacement. Russia would hardly be likely to invest in such a project so that it could become a US-controlled pipeline.

    The most likely result, then, of such a triumphant American coup would be Europe’s energy supply being cut by as much as a quarter of its Russian total, worst-case, while America could not make up the difference and neither could any other potential supplier. BoJo keeps blatting on about renewables, but renewables are nowhere near ready to make up such a shortfall, anywhere in Europe. The 6% or so of European energy needs that renewables now comprise has not replaced any energy imports at all, but has simply been added on in the form of increased consumption.

    Given that even the EC has accepted that Nord Stream II cannot and should not be stopped, I cannot imagine how an 11th-hour abandonment would contribute to US-European relations, and if I were Russia in such an event, I would cut Poland off completely from energy exports in reprisal for its constant yappy hysterics about stopping the project. Let Radek Sikorski’s LNG terminals take over Poland’s energy needs. Poles’ new energy bills would soon enough wake them up.


    1. It goes to show how pointless US elections are for anyone outside America. Every time a new president is elected they (people/media/asshats) wipe the slate clean of past sins and allow themselves to start from scratch again. For us it’s the same s/t.

      Vis BDA, I can’t honestly expect to hear much difference, but if it serious about ‘re-engaging with u-Rope’ (whatever that means), it must surely know that it is the actions that count. So, I’m willing to give it a bit of time to see if there is actually any change.

      Meanwhile, War, Glorious War! u-Ropean hamsters have come out batting for Back to the Future (sic Paradise Lost) beating a lost horse after it has bolted from the stable: German Greens go nuclear over call to renew NATO vows

      Party members hit out at paper calling for Berlin to work toward ‘deployable military’ to boost ties with the US.

      …A high-profile group of German and American academics and strategic advisers delivered the NATO call in a more than 8,000-word paper titled “More Ambition, Please!,” urging Berlin to seize the moment presented by the change in administration in Washington.

      “The erosion of transatlantic relations is a strategic crisis for Germany,” the signatories argue in a prelude to specific policy recommendations for transatlantic cooperation on everything from climate change to trade. “Without this alliance, a stable and united Europe cannot be sustained, and neither can the international order be renewed.”..

      There’s rarely a decent article on but stuff does pop up with the odd interesting bits, one which writes: …Commenting on Twitter, Snowden compared Navalny’s arrest to “the case against Assange and the war on whistleblowers.”….*

      He’s f/king serious? Assange and Navalny passengers in the same boat? Maybe there’s something in the water? Navalny is not the f/king messiah.

      That article is the scribblings of one ‘Vijai Maheshwari’ which I note in the last year or so have been picked up by the western press more and more, no doubt because he is a) not western (therefore more credible); b) lives in Moscow; c) appeals to western fantasies so that his ‘opinion’ articles are considered more as fact. Or, maybe like others (Mark Galeotti for example), he’s tailored his content for an audience who is more than prepared to lap it up and cheer them on?

      And one last piece from quotes her as saying “I find these extraterritorial sanctions to be a measure that is not OK from my point of view.” among other quotes.** What is of interest here is that she adds her ‘pov’ as if that is somehow disassociated from being the Chancellor of Germany. Odd.




  45. Навальный обманул школьников старым приемом из Twitter
    22 января 2021

    Navalny deceived schoolchildren with an old trick from Twitter
    January 22, 2021

    “Involvement of minors in illegal actions” – this is how the Investigative Committee has interpreted the calls of Navalny’s supporters to schoolchildren that they participate in illegal rallies. The blogger’s activists began calling schoolchildren to their actions back in 2017. But since then, the technologies of the opposition’s influence on the minds of adolescents have changed.

    The Investigative Committee of Russia on Friday opened a criminal case, the reason for which was active campaigning for participation in Saturday’s unauthorized actions in support of blogger Alexei Navalny. “In a difficult epidemiological situation and current restrictions, the holding of mass events involving a large number of people creates a real threat of disease for them”, said Svetlana Petrenko, a representative of the committee.

    Despite this danger, Navalny’s supporters have been posting on social networks TikTok, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on YouTube calls to participate in rallies in Moscow and in other Russian cities, Petrenko added, and these calls are mainly addressed to minors …

    Three of Navalny’s associates have already been brought to justice for the campaign. A court gave Kira Yarmysh for nine days detention, Georgy Alburov – 10 days, and lawyer Lyubov Sobol will have to pay a fine of 250 thousand rubles. In the middle of this week, Roskomnadzor demanded that social networks suppress calls to participate in rallies in support of Navalny. The Prosecutor General’s Office, in turn, insisted on a complete restriction of access to portals that publish such appeals.

    Observers note that this time the non-systemic opposition relied on schoolchildren, and not only on high school students, but also on younger children. As journalist Alexander Zhirnov admitted, his 13-year-old daughter “bombarded me with questions about who Navalny was, why he needed to be protected, and why take the SIM card out of the phone when going to the rally on January 23”. “The caring“ stormy petrels of the revolution ”not only actively are driving our children to the rally, but also instruct them in detail on how to better prepare”, Zhirnov writes. According to him, various manipulations are used in appeals on social networks to put pressure on the fragile psyche of adolescents.

    “Dear moms and dads, if you love your offspring, look at what they are now reading on their mobile phones. Give them an interesting task for the weekend, go skiing together, to the skating rink, to the cinema, read books”, the journalist advised.

    Igor Ashmanov, CEO of Ashmanov & Partners, explained that this TikTok, although having been developed by the Chinese, has now become global and almost “totally works on American servers.” In the USA, “practically all of their team is there”. “There is a suspicion that, in spite of the fact that this is a Chinese service, ‘wildcats’ have been planted there who have pulled off this procedure”, Ashmanov told VZGLYAD. “The operation with these clips includes children at junior high. It’s a ‘tweeter’ technique: promoting hashtags and trending”, the expert said. He welcomed the fact that TikTok had begun to remove propaganda videos at the request of Roskomnadzor. But if Moscow does not build a systematic agreement with Beijing, the situation could repeat itself.

    “Russia may well ask the Chinese owners of TikTok: “Guys, do not permit those that contain calls for unauthorized rallies and violence in Russia, and especially do not allow those aimed at minors. This is an absolutely clear model for the Chinese. I do not think that there will be strong resistance in Beijing”, Ashmanov concluded.

    On Friday, Roskomnadzor reported that the moderators of VKontakte and YouTube had removed about 50% of illegal information from the entire volume found. The TikTok app had removed 38% of this data, and Instagram – 17%.

    Professor of the Financial University under the Russian government, Oleg Matveychev, describes the manipulations with which adolescents are lured:

    “There are messages on children’s threads warning that “if Navalny is imprisoned, then 13 countries will declare war on Russia, and you will all perish”.

    Lies are also spread about the fact that the ECHR will pay all detainees 10 thousand US dollars. ” Matveychev recalled that as a result of one of the past actions, the detainees did not receive any payments, contrary to Navalny’s promises, but many were expelled from colleges. “These unfortunate children are simply being deceived and that’s it”, he complained.

    The political scientist recalled that Navalny had also managed to lure out the so-called “school kids” in the spring of 2017 and in the fall of 2018 for the previous illegal actions in Moscow. “Since then, the methods of Navalny’s supporters have not changed, they use the same tools – social networks. Only the social networks themselves have changed, because then there was no TikTok. As for the organizers of the actions, they have clearly become bolder. The lie is now more shameless”, the expert says.

    According to him, teenagers who do not understand politics follow the blogger. “Navalny is not a leader at all, but just a talking head that voices texts written somewhere abroad in English. He has essentially become an accomplice of foreign special services working against Russia”, the expert said.

    Matveychev does not exclude that Saturday demonstrations will eventually turn into a provocation and end with acts of hooliganism. “The parents, whose children have been affected, are especially outraged. Children are involved in politics. Adults do not want to follow Navalny, everyone understands that he has essentially become a spy”, the political scientist said.

    Ombudsman for the rights of the child in the capital Olga Yaroslavskaya is sure that the use of children for political purposes is a demonstration of the weakness of the organizers of the actions, who are unable to mobilize adult supporters. “I respect the right of every person to express themselves freely, but I know the law and the essence of protest technologies. And manipulation technologies. This is always bad, but when they are applied to children, it is unacceptable”, the Ombudsman wrote on Facebook.


  46. О митинге за Навального в Москве. По-моему это окончательный крах. Размышления и прогнозы.

    As regards the rally for Navalny in Moscow: in my opinion, this is the final collapse. Reflections and forecasts.

    As for me – well, that’s it. A peak event of incredible proportions and incredible power turned into a stunning zilch.

    Because in Moscow, 40 thousand people came to this very event, according to the most incredible estimates from Reuters. According to the police – 4 thousand. Well, I think there were 10 thousand, maybe 15. And the police just counted adults. 🙂

    Ten to fifteen thousand people in Moscow.

    In general, reality again confirmed my thoughts.

    Despite this fantastic story of poisoning by a Novichok, and crowds of FSB doctors, who for years have been persecuting him and had repeatedly poisoned him, despite this strange and delusional story, Navalny did not at all acquire the status of a holy great martyr and by no means increased the flock.

    In real life the number of people who support him has decreased.

    I even wrote about this, by the way, in this article a month ago. And apparently I was right: reality has won and confirmed it. That’s it, the Navalny show is over.
    The 14-year-old kid whom the fat police colonel dragged away (see above). A woman cries out: “Dont touch that child!” Such motherly concern!

    I think that in subsequent polls, even from Levada, his ratings will fall. And the presidential one too. Because – well, because of everything.

    And, by the way, about the hits on YouTube. How much enthusiasm there was about this on the Internet – Victory, they say: a video was released on YouTube and 50 million people watched it, and there was such wonder over this popular and massive support.

    And the reality is 10 thousand turned up for the whole of Moscow.

    Where are all those 60 million who watched the Navalny video and, on this occasion, were raised to the ranks of his followers, colonels and maybe even adepts? But no.

    And again, of course, the minors. For me personally, this is disgusting: this very fact. Really.

    But they are also trying to reason – they say, they are the future, and then, when they grow up, then wow!

    In fact, when they grow up, that is, when they have a job, a family and so on – they will no longer go “wow” for Navalny, because they will have grown up. There are things that are good when sitting on a mother’s lap, after all, and then, if you get off her lap, you become more of your own person, and many of your preferences and tastes change.

    Say what you like – but this matter was all so really straight forward. And leaflets were given out and invitations were sent, and social networks entered from everywhere with calls to immediately watch a movie and follow Navalny.

    Well, here we are. According to the most optimistic estimates, there are 40 thousand people who attended the rally in Moscow.

    The revolution did not work out again, about which I congratulate everyone.


      1. My impression is that this is a do or die push for the Navalny gambit. If it fails, which it will, the Navalny project will be wound down.


        1. If it is, then you can count on some fresh-faced replacement being pushed into the ring. “Can’t” is not part of the American vocabulary, and it will keep trying. But I don’t think Russia will have to hold Washington off for much longer; America’s problems have gone well past a situation it can deal with by simply raising the debt ceiling and borrowing more.

          The ‘debt ceiling’ is actually an instrument allowing the federal government to borrow money to pay bills it has already run up, to the point that if it does not borrow money it will be unable to meet its existing debts without doing what no American government ever does willingly – raise taxes. As you all well know, succeeding US governments have done the opposite, running up more and more debt while cutting taxes and borrowing more money to cover the shortfall. It’s such a beautiful win/win, putting more and more American dollars into circulation while keeping interest rates at rock bottom.

          Since 1960, the US government has raised the debt ceiling 78 times; it has never been lowered. If you are fond of jokes, at the end of the First World War the US debt ceiling was about $43 Billion. To put that in context, by 2008 that amount would keep the Iraq War going for less than 4 months.

          The current debt ceiling is more than $20 Trillion, with a “T”. To some people, that might not seem like a lot of money, but I can remember when you could ride into town, buy yourself a new pair of boots, have a woman and a steak dinner with all the trimmings, and still have change from $20 Trillion.

          The US national debt is already well in excess of 100% of GDP, in an environment in which the sustainable debt limit for developed countries is reckoned to be around 77% of GDP. America has already passed the point at which it can continue to service its debt on its existing revenue without either raising taxes or cutting salaries, and the only other option left to it is to keep increasing its borrowing limit and borrowing more money. The only real question is how much longer the rest of the world will continue to let that charade go on.

          Be patient, Russia.


          1. Many YouTube experts suggest that the new trillions are being absorbed in the stock market and other bubbles hence the soaring valuations while minimizing inflation in the remainder of the economy. Also, as long as the dollar is the top reserve currency and the world’s overall economy is growing, the dollars will be absorbed there in.

            But, when the bubble pops, it will be total economic catastrophe. I can’t help but think that is why Russia is building a huge financial reserve and staying out of serious debt.

            The US economy seems to be taking another dive per the latest job data. But, while looking for a reference for what I had read on the topic, this came up:


            It’s a lengthy piece on the need for a universal basic income (UBI). This may be a Soros scheme or it may be something intended to actually help people. UBI automatically conjures pictures of socialism but it ain’t socialism unless the people own the factories, the banks, media, Hollywood, etc. (for the record, I prefer a form of socialism).

            A UBI in which corporations own everything makes the population wage slaves, likely doped up with whatever neural stimulation it take to keep them from lifting their gaze to see who/what is enslaving them. Something like that. Ramble over.


            1. A UBI retains the use of existing currency, but assures that no new oligarchs will be born to challenge the dominance of the super-rich. To my mind it is a much more likely scenario than a cashless society, because what difference would it make then how rich you are?


    1. Maybe the best description of Navanly is that of a man-child, i.e. he’s never grown up.

      Why get a 9 to 5 job when you can grift and claim persecution when you have been caught, Every. Single. Time?

      I’ve even got a jingle for him: From scam to scam, Navalny is your Man!

      And I could continue:

      From out of the fire and into the pan,
      His b/s shines bright long in to the night,
      Much to many a western politico’s delight!

      Or, and inspired by the last time I was in the UK and had the misfortune of watching late night tv, Have you had an accident at work our outside your home? You may be able to claim compensation. Call Navalny-4-U now and find out if you are eligible for a pay out!*

      * Terms and Conditions apply (sic 50% of any pay out will be deducted by us for nice holidays for our families, home improvements and other ‘expenses.’)



    2. That’s all very well for a domestic audience, but the west recognizes no failure but Russian failure, and this will be spun as a massive, world-changing event bla bla bla powerful repudiation of Putinism bla bla bla authorities shaken and demoralized bla bla bla; you know the drill. Western abandonment of regime-change efforts against Russia will require nothing less than (a) the successful installation of a western-oriented liberal reformer as president of Russia, or (b) complete American collapse. Until one of those happens, the western media will continue to run with figures supplied to it by the activists, and tout each event as a major game-changer and devastating blow to Putin.

      All the more reason Russia should just stop talking to America altogether. Don’t bother trying to shame it with sardonic tweets or refer with disappointment to ‘our western colleagues’. Just stop talking. Unsuccessful regime-change attempts are spun as powerful body-blows to the state, the mad and the dissolute and the spoiled alike are spun as noble and self-sacrificing dissidents and all actions taken by the state are spun as desperate and frantic scrambling, no matter what Russia says or does. If the west has gone all-in for fiction, at least make them make it up themselves. By all means inform the domestic audience what’s going on and cite such evidence in support as you have found, but time spent on trying to reason with the west might just as well be spent in painting watercolours of frogs, or writing show tunes for the glockenspiel.


      1. I feel the same way but Russia has not given up on the world excluding the 5-eyes. Keep the moral high ground, keep a strong military and take care of the people by steady improvement in the qualify of life. Eventually, the West will collapse and Russia + China will stay intact.


  47. Now the whinging starts:

    Human rights activists have reported that more than 1 thousand people were detained at rallies in Moscow.

    By 9:30 p.m., 1,045 people had been detained. Earlier, the PMC reported that more than 600 people had been detained in the capital city. The protests in Moscow began on Pushkin Square and then moved on to Tsvetnoy Boulevard and the Garden Ring after clashes with law enforcement officers.

    Some even went to the remand prison where their hero is being held. Did they think they could spring him?


    Video enclosed showing cops getting their own back in the dark as they round up the revolutionaries who want a better Russia,


    1. That rotund buffoon Bykov was on the radio saying words like: “Oh, there were mostly adults at the rally. It’s not true that the were very many juveniles there”.

      Those knobheads in above clip enclosed in an RBK article look like juveniles to me — mostly.

      They chant and jeer and throw snowballs. And when the cops get nearer than 100 metres, they squeal and run.

      I believe Bykov got his collar felt. He was giving an interview from a cop shop, I think.

      What a strange tyranny this Mordor is! interviews given in a police station, indeed, by persons charged!


      1. And the statuesque blonde got lifted as well. She sent an instagram from the Paddy Wagon. She apologised for it being a bad quality Instagram because the lighting was so poor in the wagon.

        Poor dear!

        I tell you, it’s hell here!


    2. Transport the lot of them straight to the airport and put them on a plane for wonderful America. One-way fare. I’m sure they could all get jobs working for the American media.


  48. The West must be loving the sight of it. Seeing young Russians attacking against Russian state. If this is the future of Russian then the West will not have to destroy Russia itself. Russians will do it for them.


    1. Keep on trolling.

      Personally, I think that it’s quite healthy. Most of the kids will get their heads out of their asses when they grow up. In the meantime, let them play. That is not to say the Russian government should allow social media to be used in such a manner but it is hardly an emergency, say, like it is in the US with all that censorship going on.


    2. Only you Karl would be happy about this.

      But you (deliberately) forget one major thing – the vast majority of kids and young people stayed away!!!

      You can’t tar all Russian youth because of the actions of a few.

      I live in the UK and in 2011 for 4 days running we had riots in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol.

      It made headlines around the world as it came out of nowhere.

      Young people rioting, looting and attacking the police – look it up!!!

      Theresa May was the minister in charge at the time and David Cameron had to return from his holiday to take care of an escalating situation.

      He did it through tough policing and strong sentences on the young people.

      At no time during these riots did anyone say that the youth in the UK are doomed!!!!

      But you also go so far as to say that Russia is doomed!!!

      I will say that one of the things I didn’t like about Cameron response Is that some young people got criminal records which will be hard to come back from.

      And that’s my concern about kids getting caught up in these protests / riots they can do things which can impact their life forever.

      That’s my concern – adults exploiting kids and facing no consequences


  49. Anthony Fauci, March 2020: “Right now, there’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better, and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection people think that it is“.

    Anthony Fauci, January 2021: “When you have a variant that’s really very, very different in the sense of it’s more contagious, it tells you to do two things: One, double down on the public health measures that we’ve been talking about all the time. But also another important thing, the easiest way to evade this negative effect of these new isolates is… when the vaccine becomes available, people should get vaccinated—boy, if ever there was a clarion call for people to put aside vaccine hesitancy. If we can get the overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated, we’d be in very good shape and could beat even the mutant.”

    Cha-CHING!! So much more money in my WHO bank account, I still can’t believe it, and pharma stocks are like owning gold.

    Anthony Fauci, living proof that you can be a lying dildo every day that your asshole points downward, and still get stinking rich in America. Don’t shovel earth over that American Dream just yet, boys – say, what time does the Ferrari dealership close? ‘Science’ that reversed the public-health thinking on mask-wearing between March 2020 and January 2021? Zero. The Danish randomized clinical trial which actually proved the opposite – that the difference in infections between those who wore masks and those who did not was within the margin of error – was actually spun to argue for even more mask-wearing, and the New York Times even put it out there that Influential People double up and wear two masks. But there was no ‘science’ revealed which proved masks do anything at all to protect you from an airborne aerosol-particulate respiratory virus. Fauci’s argument simply did an unsubstantiated one-eighty.


  50. For M.E. (I enjoyed your winter scenes – delightful memories as I spent a few years in Edmonton.)

    Meanwhile a little way over to the east …

    • Pyongyang in Snow 2021

    • Let New Year’s snow fall – Moranbong Band


    1. For M.E. (I enjoyed your winter scenes – delightful memories as I spent a few years in Edmonton.)


      Which winter scenes? I don’t recall posting any winter scenes.

      Oh, perhaps you mean some railway clips that I sent last week?

      Oh yeah! aND I think I posted some weather reports.

      For your ADDITIONAL delight:

      After yesterday’s events in Moscow, behind those grim walls in the black heart of Mordor there hides below a table the tyrant all a-trembling!.

      Video (below) of three days ago, since when warm air from the Atlantic has moved the Siberian air back east and it is going to be just above freezing for 3 or 4 days, then back to below freezing for the rest of the winter with above average snowfall and slightly above normal temperatures (about minus 6C/21F):

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That was it!! I could not remember the keyword to hook onto. Thanks.

        I recall _ 5 to 0 (°C) miserable and damp, 0 to -5 precipitation (snow) as the moisture freezes as in your video, -5 to -12/-15 very pleasant (sunny, dry – shirt sleeves – ski, snowman, play in the park with kids) -15 to -20/-25) – cover up, -25 &below pretty nasty. I have been outside in -40 – fully covered of course.


        1. Minus 34C is the coldest I have experienced here in Moscow, the last time as recently as Orthodox Christmas 2017.

          In December 1997, the year I got wed on November 12th, it was also minus 30-something celsius in December.

          There’s a very slow thaw on at the moment and the snow drifts will decrease by a few centimetres, but soon it will start snowing wet snow — on Monday, I think — and then there’ll be “real” dry snow and thereafter there’ll more than the average snowfall for February, when the forecasts say there’ll be snowfall every day.

          I haven’t much faith in long range forecasts, however: after a 3-days, things don’t often go quite as they are predicted to do so.

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    2. А снег, а снег, идет: спасибо снег тебе!
      [a snyeg, a snyeg, eedyot: snaseebo snyeg tebye]

      And it is snowing, and it is snowing: thank you snow!

      Looks like near my house, but does it look like Edmonton?

      Love the song!

      А снег идет, а снег идет,
      И все вокруг чего-то ждет.
      Под этот снег, под тихий снег,
      Хочу сказать при всех.

      Мой самый главный человек,
      Взгляни со мной на этот снег –
      Он чист, как то, о чем молчу,
      О чем сказать хочу.

      Кто мне любовь мою принес?
      Наверно, добрый Дед Мороз.
      Когда в окно с тобой смотрю,
      Я снег благодарю.

      А снег идет, а снег идет,
      И все мерцает и плывет.
      За то, что ты в моей судьбе,
      Спасибо, снег, тебе.

      And it’s snowing, and it’s snowing,
      And everyone around is waiting for something.
      Under this snow, under this silent snow,
      I want to say in front of everyone.

      My most important man,
      Take a look at this snow with me.
      It’s as pure as what I’m silent about,
      What I want to say.

      Who brought me my love?
      Probably kid Grandfather Frost.
      When I look out of the window with you,
      I thank you, snow.

      And it’s snowing, and it’s snowing,
      And everything is shimmering and floating.
      For being in my destiny,
      Thank you, snow.

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  51. When, as is my wont, I opened this site first thing this morning, there emanated from it a foul stench — you know, like when you detect a whiff of dog shit in your apartment and you search around to find out why and then you discover that on one of your shoes on the shoe rack in the outside corridor, there is some dog shit smeared on its sole.

    Having just completed scrolling down from where I left off last night so as to read the overnight comments, I can now say that I found some dogshit in the midst of the comments.


    1. I thought about it for awhile and decided to allow it, for the sake of free expression and all. I don’t know anything about the originator save from what appears obvious, but it seems on the face of it to be pretty straightforward, and clearly we don’t all feel the same on every subject. It might be interesting to hear such viewpoints defended, and thus far it does not look like the work of a manipulator who wants to enter solely to divert all attention to himself/herself. We’ll see. I still get applications from Matt from time to time, and if you read them you would swear he had seen the light and civil discourse was his guiding principle, while he would be the first to concede an argument over upon provision of reasonable substantiation.


    2. It’s likely from a Ukrainian or someone with a Ukrainian background as the Svidomite term “Moskovia” is used for “Russia”. It might be from someone from North America as well, because of the USA spelling, but then again, what appears here in English may have been machine translated from that Slav dialect that passes as the Ukrainian tongue, as machine translators usually have United States English as default.

      Anyway, I replied in “Ukrainian”.


  52. Reports coming in that the Western media is whooping it up because of a video clip showing a St. Petersburg cop kick a woman protester there yesterday in her stomach:

    23 янв, 20:16 104 069
    МВД проверит видео с ударившим женщину в живот силовиком в Петербурге

    Jan 23, 20:16
    The Ministry of Internal Affairs will check the video of a security officer who kicked a woman in the stomach in St. Petersburg

    [video enclosed]

    In St. Petersburg, police are going to check a video in which a riot policeman kicked a woman in the stomach during an uncoordinated protest. The head of the information department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city Vyacheslav Stepchenko has informed RBC about this.

    “We are Studying this video”, he said.

    The incident took place near Vosstaniya Square, where protesters were detained. In the video published by Fontanka, a woman approaches the policemen who are leading away an arrested person, and asks why they have arrested him. At that moment, one of the policemen kicks the woman in the stomach, shouting: “Get off the road!”

    According to the Telegram channel Baza, the victim hit her head on the asphalt in the fall. Doctors discovered that she had a concussion, a closed craniocerebral injury, and a hematoma in the occiput. [That means she cracked the back of her head on the asphalt and suffered bruising around the point of impact, the jarring of her brain by the impact causing her lights to go out, but her brain tissue remained enclosed by her skull — Dr. Moscow Exile] Doctors assess the woman’s condition as moderate. At the same time, “Fontanka” writes that it is too early to talk about the above injuries – the woman was taken to the N.V. Dzhanilidze, the doctors are just preparing to examine her.

    Yeah, well … Just heard the news on the radio: she quickly regained consciousness and is out of hospital, having suffered no serious injuries.

    But clearly, she will now be elevated to a heroine in the Bullshitter’s Hall of Fame.

    The cop who assaulted her is a dickhead thug.

    Typical of cops in Russia, but nowhere else.


    1. Poor form by that officer, he ought to have come back afterwards and stomped on her head until it burst like a watermelon.


      1. Why? This woman did nothing to threaten the police. Yes, she is misguided and naive to support these protesters, but she did not deserve to be kicked like that for expressing her opinion.

        It is actions like this that play right into Russia’s enemies hands. This is what Russia’s enemies want to see. Violence and chaos right in the center of Moscow.

        Those thugs who violently attack policemen deserve brutal punishment, but this was too much.


        1. Based on viewing many videos of police violence in the US, I would say that the Russian cop’s action was within acceptable range.

          The woman came striding quickly and directly toward the police as they were escorting a detainee. What were her intentions? True, she posed no threat but she was interfering with law enforcement which, in the US, will land you in jail not to mention a blast of pepper spray and a jolt by the ever popular Taser.

          The woman obviously had no experience with police nor what could happen at a demonstrations. Here, in the US, we have far more street smarts – stay away from the police or expect the aforementioned pepper spray and Taser experience.

          Show this video in America and only the coastal liberals would be upset. The MSM will feign outrage of course.

          The police murder over 1,000 Americans every year. Russians don’ know what they are missing.


          1. Russian police should not degrade itself to the level of American police. It is obvious that this little old woman did not pose any danger to the police. It was a dickhead action from the policeman and hopefully he is punished.

            And moreover, action of this police just gave more propaganda material to the Western press. Was it worth it?


            1. Russia and Russians should not act to appease Western media. Besides, there is nothing that they can do that would gain approval short of total and abject capitulation. Certainly, you should know that (you do, but you just can’t stop trolling – it’s a compulsion apparently).


            2. This is Yevgenia Albats, Editor of The New Times and burning liberal who frequently demands to be arrested by Russian police. Does she look like much of a threat? I bet you could take her in a fair fight.


        2. The time has come – past due, I would say – for Russia to stop acting in any capacity with what the west will think of it as its guide. You often make the same point; why does Russia keep hoping for western approval, like some weak subordinate? Even when relations between Russia and the west were much better than they are now, the United States and the UK always treated it as if it were some shitkicker peasant who was only allowed into the club because of the rich opportunity afforded to pick on it, while it would put up with any amount of abuse because it wanted so badly to belong.

          Who cares what the west thinks? Procedure in western countries is similar to identical – if someone is being arrested and you want to trail along, demanding an explanation of why they are being arrested, you will be lucky if you get told once politely to shove off. After that. you can expect to be arrested yourself. When you are part of a demonstration that police have been ordered to manage and control, it is a little unrealistic to expect officers to drop what they are doing and give any citizen who demands it a walk-through of departmental procedure. If you are impeding what the police are doing in any way and they tell you to move or stop what you are doing, they usually will only tell you once.

          Russia must abandon consideration of potential western disapproval in state planning, because that disapproval is always a given unless Russia is choosing something the west has already told it it wants them to do, and if no incident meriting western disapproval conveniently presents itself, the west or its agents are perfectly happy to manufacture one. Stop worrying about it.


    2. According to US Department of Justice records, 43% of American police officers surveyed agreed with the statement, “Always following the rules is not compatible with the need to get their job done.” In cases of altercations which result in a fatality in the United States, the indictment rate for police officers is 1%. It is 89% higher for citizens.

      That should not be construed as instantly spinning up a diversion to take attention off the cops in Russia, and if someone was actually caught using unnecessary violence, he or she should suffer the consequences. However, I am reminded of past protest actions in Russia and of actors seeded among the protesters who were there to drive the narrative, such as that precious young thing who arrived with a chunk of pavement in her backpack, threw it at a police officer and hit him, but whose pictures of her being dragged off by two policemen with her scarf askew over her eyes made the papers around the world. She turned out to be the daughter of some privileged twat in St Petersburg if I recall correctly, likely some businessman who would stand to see his income take a big jump if Russia became a ‘market democracy’ like the USA is. Likewise those ‘protesters’ who, when accosted, throw themselves to the ground and begin to thrash and scream as if being beaten, all captured by the videophones of eager amateur journalists and fellow ‘demonstrators. And I would be remiss if I forgot to mention Editor of the New Times Yevgenia Albats, who was wont to approach the police during a protest and demand to be arrested; street cred, you know.

      We have seen several instances in which children or others whose appearance of docility or vulnerability stand in stark contrast to the heavily-protected police in their riot gear in apparent setups calculated to be documented and used to inspire global outrage. And it would be no solution to simply kick all the western journalists out, if that were achievable, because many such documentary videos come from Russian activists who have been trained in their craft by western NGO’s.

      The best resource at present is similar documentary records, photographic and video, by the state of all such demonstrations and public actions; in the past, such police records have exposed the aforementioned professional protester and rock-thrower (Irina something, I think, I don’t recall her name) as well as a young male activist who dressed as a woman and set up a terrible squalling when dragged off by the cops. Portrayals of helplessness and innocence are often deliberate, as are attempts by ‘bystanders’ to intervene in arrests. A good rule of thumb for a setup is how quickly the global press swings into a coordinated portrayal of the incident. Almost as if they were waiting for it.


    3. The Russian cop offers apologies to the woman (he would never make it in US law enforcement).

      The woman, later identified as 54-year-old Margarita Yudina, was rushed to hospital from the scene after hitting her head on the pavement. Russian media reported that the medics described her condition as “serious” as she sustained a concussion and a head trauma.

      On Sunday, Margarita was already feeling well enough to accept visitors, with one of them being the very cop who delivered her the blow.

      He came to the woman’s ward with a bunch of flowers and delivered “deepest and sincere apologies.”

      The officer explained that several minutes before the incident somebody in the crowd sprayed gas in his face and he couldn’t properly see what was going on due to his helmet’s visor being all misty.

      “I swear to you that it’s a shocking situation for me. When I learnt what had happened it became a personal tragedy,” he explained.

      The apology was accepted. The woman told the officer that he shouldn’t worry and that things can sometimes happen under the influence of “adrenaline.”


      1. Apologies to a terrorist, certainly an encouraging sign for the future of the country.

        Evidently nothing less than Barbarossa 2.0 will get it through Russians’ thick heads that westoids* and their sympathisers are genocidal savages who deserve death and hell.

        *Fine, not all of them – Just 99.99%**.

        **This would mean, for example, that there are 32,000 good Americans. Even that is optimistic.


      1. The highlighted blue text above is often called a “link”. Click on that text and it will take you to Yalensis’s blog. It’s really easy,.


          1. At length, sick with longing for those glittering sunset streets and cryptical hill lanes among ancient tiled roofs, nor able sleeping or waking to drive them from his mind, Yalensis resolved to go with bold entreaty whither no man had gone before, and dare the icy deserts through the dark to where unknown Kadath, veiled in cloud and crowned with unimagined stars, holds secret and nocturnal the onyx castle of the Great Ones.

            (shamelessly plagiarized)


    1. That’s a good piece, well-researched and well-defended. Yalensis excels at packing a lot of thought-provoking analysis and information into a relatively-short post. And he has a wicked editorial sense of humor.


  53. “А чего они снежками бросаются?”: Как беспощадный русский протест обошелся без белорусской жестокости
    Все были уверены – страшный ОМОН обязан “пожрать детей”. А он не съел даже журналистов. Об увиденном рассказывает спецкор “КП” Владимир Ворсобин

    “Why are they throwing snowballs?”: How the merciless Russian protest managed without Belarusian cruelty
    Everyone was convinced that the terrible
    OMON was obliged to “devour children”, but it didn’t even eat the journalists. Special correspondent of “KP” Vladimir Vorsobin tells about what he saw

    Pushkin Square, Moscow, 23rd January 2021: there were very few children at the rally.

    Most of those who turned out for Navalny were 20- to 25-year-old students


      1. Compare Putin’s diabolical police state with BoJo the Clown’s circus state:

        Women on exercise trip ‘surrounded by police’
        BBC News
        8 January

        Jessica Allen (left) and Eliza Moore are now sticking to walks nearer their homes

        Two women have described how they were surrounded by police, read their rights and fined £200 each after driving five miles to take a walk.

        The women were also told the hot drinks they had brought along were not allowed as they were “classed as a picnic”.

        Guidance for the current lockdown says people can travel for exercise as long as it is in their “local area”.

        The police force involved, Derbyshire Police, said driving for exercise was “not in the spirit” of lockdown.


        1. “The BBC contacted the Cabinet Office, Home Office, College of Policing and National Police Chiefs’ Council to ask for clarification over what they define as “local area” in relation to exercise. None could clarify this.

          However, the College of Policing said: “In overall terms police officers across England and Wales will be using their discretion and professional judgement about whether or not someone has a reasonable excuse for travelling for exercise and being outside the place where they are living.”

          It should be obvious to all that two women who appear in all respects healthy – in Ms. Allen’s case, very healthy – walking in a country setting in the open air are a superspreader bomb waiting to go off. The whole world is hysterical over COVID, but Britain is so far past hysterical that it needs to be sedated.


  54. Захарова рассказала о телефонном звонке от «задержанного на Пушкинской» с просьбой о помощи
    23 января 2021, 14:43

    Zakharova told about the phone call from the “detainee at Pushkinskaya” asking for help
    January 23, 2021, 14:43

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova spoke about a call she received from a man who was “detained at Pushkinskaya Street,” where an unsanctioned rally was taking place.

    Hard hearted Hannah?

    In a telephone conversation described by the diplomat, the caller stated that he had been “illegally detained.

    “Call. “Maria, help me.” – “Who are you?” – You helped me once.” – “What has happened?” – “I have been illegally detained.” – “Where?” – “At Pushkinskaya.” – “What were you doing there?” – “I was on business.” – “To an unsanctioned rally?” – “Well, it was… I had gone out on business.” – “What can I do to help?” – “Get me released.” – “They’ll sort things out and then they’ll let you go.” – “Do something.” – “A favour?” – “Tell them to respect my rights.” – “To have your rights respected, you should not break the law”, Zakharova wrote on Facebook.

    Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs had stated that every case of provocative actions at illegal rallies would be investigated.

    In addition, the Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case on the fact of the distribution on social networks of appeals to minors to participate in illegal rallies on January 23. A criminal case was also opened in the Novosibirsk region.


  55. Radio Freedom:

    В Курске майор полиции выступил в поддержку Навального и его семьи

    In Kursk, a police major has spoken out in support of Navalny and his family

    But first, Radio Freedom leads with a shock horror photo of a brutal arrest in St. Petersburg:

    And then, the police major:

    Police Major Ruslan Agibalov, who recorded a video in support of opposition activist Alexei Navalny, hasbeen dismissed from the Interior Ministry in Kursk. This was reported by RBC with reference to the regional department of the Interior Ministry.

    The video, recorded by Agibalov, was noticed by the Baza publication.

    “I, major of the Kursk police Ruslan Evgenievich Agibalov, should like to address with words of support Alexei Anatolyevich Navalny and his family”.

    The policeman asked that his speech not be considered as a call for participation in the rally.

    Most of all, Ruslan Agibalov fears for the country in which his children will grow up and who may be deprived of their freedom or lives for disagreeing with the current government and expressing their dissatisfaction with it.

    “I am also afraid that when my children grow up, they will ask me the question:” Dad, what have you done so that we can live in a free and prosperous country. And I shall have nothing to answer them with. ”

    Major Ruslan Agibalov asked the police leadership to treat his act “with understanding”

    One small problem however!

    TikTok blogger Yegor Romanov, who took part in a fake flash mob with pseudo-cops, has apologized for his act.

    In a video posted on TikTok, Romanov, calling himself a so-called law enforcement officer, states that he is “going over to the side” of blogger Alexei Navalny.

    As Romanov explained, the video was recorded “in a fit of emotion.”

    “I served in the army in 2018, from there I still have my uniform. On January 20, in a fit of emotions and not thinking about the consequences, I posted a video in this form. After that, I received a lot of messages from pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and current employees in my personal messages. I wanted to address them. With this video, I did not want to cause offense or humiliation. I sincerely want to apologize to you all. In the future, I shall not commit any such actions”, the blogger said.

    Videos in support of the detained blogger Alexei Navalny began to circulate on the Internet. Most often, teenagers have been encouraged to participate in uncoordinated actions. They have been recruited using the popular social networks: VKontakte, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    The day before, on January 21, the hashtag #ChildrenVnePolitiki was launched on the Internet in order to ensure the safety of minors in connection with calls to go to unauthorized actions.

    By taking part in unauthorized activities, children expose themselves to the risk of being involved in riots, delinquency and crime. Minors can be traumatized by people in crowds. In addition, for participation in illegal actions, a fine from 10 thousand to 20 thousand rubles or compulsory work for a period of 100 hours, or arrest for up to 15 days is applicable.

    The Russian Interior Ministry recalled that they will bring citizens to administrative responsibility for calls to participate in unsanctioned rallies. Police officers prepare to police illegal actions on 23 January.

    The Prosecutor General’s Office demanded to restrict access to websites that publish calls for teenagers to take part in illegal actions on the coming Saturday.

    Earlier, on January 20, Roskomnadzor demanded that TikTok and VKontakte remove calls for minors to participate in protests.


    Nice one, Radio Arsehole!


  56. No, I was WRONG!

    Police Major Ruslan Agibalov is real and really made a video about his support for Navalny and his concerns for is children’s futures in this shithole of a country.

    Yegor Romanov took off a cop having the same feelings.

    Other media reports state that Agibalov has been dismissed from the police service.



    And in the above article there is this photo of Agibalov:

    which for me does not look like this image of Agibalov used by RF and is a still from his Navalny supporting video:

    These two photos below from the linked above stories in RF and Izvestia looked to me to be of the same person:



    Radio Freedom is still Radio Arsehole though!


    1. Getting sacked – now how is he going to look after his family?

      If that was his primary concern – he should have planned his exit.


  57. — You’ve been with Navalny at a meeting again.

    —I thought it was a meeting with a YouTube blogger. I was promised 10 thousand for taking a ride in a paddy wagon.

    A spoof on “Low Marks Again”, a 1952 painting by Fyodor Pavlovich Reshetnikov. Copies of the work appeared in the Soviet school curriculum as a topic for writing an essay. The painting was, therefore, well known to the Soviet public. I think it is still well known to many here, apart from those little horrors who are always glued to their smart phones and are being dumbed down in the process whilst watching TikTok etc.


    January 24, 2021

    They’ve been marching shoulder to shoulder with liberasts and nationalists since day 1. In those days of the “Marches of Millions”, the processions were marked by a sea of red flags.

    The only truly, class-war communist amongst the “opposition” groups was and still is, I guess, Udaltsov. And I’ve said this here many times before: he did his full time without remission for what he believes. And he hates Navalny and the rest of the liberal bourgeois shite in all its multifarious shades as only a truly class conscious communist could.


  59. Matt Taibbi: The Echo Chamber Era

    Trust in media is down, but if journalists don’t listen to critics anyway, why should they care?

    …Sullivan was a lot closer to the truth when she warned of being seduced by the return of a Biden administration that closely reflects “our values,” which she described as being like the world as represented in West Wing: celebrating “multiculturalism, a belief in the principles of liberal democracy, and a kind of wonky idealism.”

    West Wing was General Hospital for rich white liberals, a seven-season love letter to the enlightened attitudes of the Bobo-in-Paradise demographic. If that’s the self-image of the national press, it’s no wonder they make people want to vomit…

    Plenty more at the link.

    How long will the BD-A honeymoon last? I expect that he will get the benefit of the doubt over and over again for every f/k up he does. It’s hardly something new as that’s what Doris Johnson has except with the backdrop of BREXIT rather than freedumb from ‘t-Rumpania.’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a powerful piece; sad, but true. But with government patronage, major American media outlets no longer worry much about collapse because their audience feels it has been failed or done a disservice. Significantly, it no longer worries about challengers, either, because they will be labeled ‘fake news’, and shut down.


  60. This City Journal article looks back at the incredible devotion of the New York Times to one story:

    From the link CJ link above (which is a long read):*
    …The August 2016 article marked the point of no return in the spiritual journey of the New York Times from newspaper of record to Vatican of liberal political furor…

    * if you have a short attention span!


    1. And another direct hit – you are on fire!

      “The old media had needed happy customers. The goal of post-journalism, according to Mir, is to “produce angry citizens.” The August 2016 article marked the point of no return in the spiritual journey of the New York Times from newspaper of record to Vatican of liberal political furor.”

      If this is accurate – and it feels right – the surviving major outlets examined how they might return to profitability, and consciously and cold-bloodedly chose disunity promotion as a vehicle. And, just to keep everyone guessing, they would occasionally wail despairingly that “the country is more polarized than ever”. Mission accomplished. A lyric by The Eagles is entirely appropriate, from “Hollywood Waltz””

      Springtime and the lady is grieving
      The lovers just stand there with nothing to say
      They got what they wanted
      They’re packing and leaving
      To look for another to love the same way.


        1. What on earth makes you think he is dangerous?

          Politically dangerous?

          The numbers that heeded his call to demonstrate, the doubtless inflated figure given by the libtards, represents 0.25% of the population of Moscow.

          By most analyses, this latest Gobshite effort has been a flop.


            1. By whose reckoning did “tens of thousands” of people around Russia protest against Navalny’s arrest? Surely by now you know not to believe in the Western MSM because you would know that the media deliberately inflates figures. Some of these “tens of thousands” are also bots on social media platforms. These bots may also be doing the rounds of social media platforms in the online equivalent of carousel voting and inflating the numbers.


    1. Ummm….Karl…the Communists are the official opposition. Their best chance of forming the government lies with the destruction of the present government. Are you with me so far? Good. Now, if you can, imagine you are an ambitious communist politician. This loopy guy appears, claiming the government is a bunch of shits who are trying to kill him. While he stands zero chance of being elected himself – can’t even run for office, in fact, he’s a convicted felon – he can do yeoman service to the opposition by marshaling international support against the serving Russian government, which you would like very much to replace.

      Hmmmm….what to do. Should you, to the extent your own behavior does not appear treasonous, support his more inflammatory claims to have tapped a deep wellspring of public discontent? Or should you step up and express your party’s loyalty to your rivals, and pan his mercurial agitating as counterproductive and groundless?

      Well, which do you think is likely to bring you more votes?


  61. Реальный протест Навального оказался слабее виртуального
    23 января 2021

    Navalny’s real protest was weaker than the virtual one
    23 January 2021

    Saturday’s unsanctioned rallies in support of Alexei Navalny did not meet the organizers’ hopes. This was especially noticeable in Moscow, where about four thousand people took to the streets. Attempts to provoke the police into violent clashes also failed, although only in the capital dozens of police officers were injured. Another failure, observers say, was the futile effort to draw minors into the rallies en masse.
    On Saturday, rallies in several Russian cities were held in support of the blogger Alexei Navalny, who is in jail for violating his probation. But from the very first rallies, which began in the Far East, it became clear that the organizers’ expectations were not met, despite the active agitation via social networks. The rally of about 250 people in Khabarovsk was peaceful and, as noted by Andrey Kochenov, chairman of the Council of Fathers, without the presence of children.

    In other cities there was also little activity. In Magadan there were about 70 people, in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky – 50, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – about 30 people, and in scattered groups. In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, about 100 people demonstrated. In Vladivostok, 300 people took to the streets, of whom around 200 were minors.

    In Krasnoyarsk, a young man, wrapped in a white-red-white flag, was spotted amongst the protesters. These colours have become the symbol of the Belarusian opposition. Belarusian opposition Telegram channels also actively covered the course of unauthorized actions in support of Navalny.

    Social media users, fearful that teenagers lured to the protests were in danger, launched the online hashtag #DetiVnePolitiki in the hope of stopping mass calls for minors to take to the streets and protest. Children’s ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova said children in Vladivostok were used as human chains to clash with riot police.

    “Now I know all about human meanness. Vladivostok. Children are standing in a human chain. From behind their backs, adults throw traffic cones at the riot police and hide again. Who are these people? Are they people?”

    — wondered Kuznetsova.

    Maxim Grigoriev, president of the Foundation for the Study of Democracy, called taking children into custody by the police not only a violation of the law, but also “a rare lowlife [activity].

    The focus of attention was on Moscow, a city of 20 million people, where in previous years there have been numerous protests that have led to clashes with the police. According to the Moscow police department, this time about four thousand people turned out on Pushkin Square and Tverskaya Street.

    Interior Ministry spokeswoman Irina Volk warned that each provocative action would be given a legal assessment. Nevertheless, some participants in the uncoordinated rally in Pushkin Square made attempts to attack the police, rip off their equipment and inflict injuries. At one point, a group of people began blocking traffic. As noted in the Moscow Department of Transportation, traffic on some highways in the centre of the city was obstructed because of the accumulation of people.

    Law enforcement officers detained for violations only those who behaved aggressively, held placards or had their faces completely covered with balaclavas. When the riot police attempted to clear the square, the protesters started to fight back.

    The most high-profile incident in Moscow was an attack on a car with a flashing light: its driver’s eye was gouged out. The law enforcement authorities said that 39 employees were injured as a result, the injuries were not serious: broken noses, bruises and contusions. A source in medical circles reported 42 injured, no one hospitalized. The Investigative Committee has already started an investigation into the use of violence against law enforcers.

    At the same time there were no obstacles for passers-by and peaceful citizens. Moreover, in the crowds of people the police handed out masks, and in front of the City Hall they even poured tea and treated people with biscuits. Alexander Brod, a member of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, noted the correct behaviour of the police and recalled how police officers behave in similar situations in France, Germany, and the US. The police in those countries “start using water cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas without any warning”.

    The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has been actively monitoring the protests, prompting the Russian Foreign Ministry to urge its U.S. counterparts to attend to their own problems and not interfere in other countries’ affairs. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the U.S. Embassy’s publication of the locations of the illegal actions, stating that “our American colleagues will have to explain themselves in Smolensk Square”.

    Russian observers, on the other hand, stress the fact that they had managed to prevent mass participation of minors in unauthorized actions. “There are certainly teenagers, but they are few in number, and according to the videos that I receive, police officers conduct preventive conversations and children go home. I have not yet seen active forceful action against young people,” Sergei Rybalchenko, chairman of the OP RF Commission on Demography and Family Protection, told RIA Novosti. Viktor Potumsky, director of political analysis at the Institute of Social Marketing (INSOMAR), also notes that “thank God, the presence of children was not a mass phenomenon”.

    Nikita Danyuk, first deputy director of the PFUR Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasting and a member of the Public Chamber, says that the organizers were aiming to get as many minors as possible onto the streets. “This technology has been tested and is quite effective, although it is absolutely disgusting and cynical in terms of political calculation,” said the expert”.

    According to him, in the absence of experience, as well as the basic skills of political culture, young people in any society become victims of information manipulation. “Calls to participate in today’s actions had spread in social networks a few days before the rally. The most obvious example is TikTok, VKontakte and all kinds of Telegram channels, where the reach was in the hundreds of millions”, the expert is sure.

    Danyuk stressed that the manipulators use young people as a human shield, “with the help of which they can cover themselves from the representatives of law enforcement and carry out a large number of provocations”. The organizers were also counting on the fact that if the police begin to act harshly against young protesters, it will raise the “silent majority” who will want to stand up for their children. “But the police acted as correctly and discreetly as possible, very loyal. Detentions were targeted, mainly to stop the actions of provocateurs”, said the political analyst.

    Pavel Danilin, director of the Center for Political Analysis, described the failure of the pro-Navalny rally as not only expected, but also logical. “There are fewer and fewer supporters of Navalny.

    Had it not been for the story about his alleged poisoning, he would have deflated to almost nothing. But even that story did not lead to an exponential increase in popularity, at least to the level of 2017″

    — Danilin wrote on Facebook.

    The political scientist is also glad that “children didn’t show up”. “I don’t know if they turned out to be smarter than the 20-30-year-olds who did come to the rally, but the important thing is that, in fact, if we look more closely, we see that there aren’t very many young people either. And if we look even more closely, we see many familiar faces from liberal rallies”, said the expert, adding that “those who have been going to all such rallies for two decades came”.

    Andrei Manoilo, a member of the Scientific Council of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, agrees that for Moscow the number of protesters was quite small: “In terms of numbers, fewer people came than in previous years, than in the same year of 2019. The interlocutor attributed this to people’s reluctance to go “to work for Navalny, who is building his scandalous career this way”. “The core percentage of Navalny’s supporters is small. There are a lot of random people who came just to gawk. More and more people realize that they are being banally used, in that attempts are being made to involve them in protests against the government” said the expert.

    Manoilo welcomed the fact that police officers handed out masks and hot tea on Tverskaya Street.

    “The tactic is very correct. If you respond with aggression to aggression, it will generate more aggression. And when the police say that their job is to ensure the safety of protesters, it breaks with boilerplate programmes.

    This approach is unexpected for many of those who have been preliminarily and emotionally pumped for the fact that everyone will be detained”, said the interlocutor.

    As for the use of social networks to call for participation in rallies, Manoilo pointed to the miscalculation of the organizers, but warned that the mobilization through social networks is “a very effective and dangerous thing. Therefore, we should not relax. But the main reason for the low number of actions in reality has to do with the fact that people didn’t want to stand up for Navalny, because he’s a scandalous character and very narcissistic. The way Navalny brought all of the non-systemic opposition together could only have been done by a member of the secret police”, said Manoilo.

    You were saying about Navalny being dangerous? . . .


    1. I bet Team Navalny is counting protesting Sergei Furgal supporters in Khabarovsk region as his own. That should help bump up the numbers.

      The other thing that makes me laugh about the Pork Pie News Networks is how they never fail to write that Russians turn out to protest when it is -XX degrees, i.e. they are so angry that rather than stay in doors they are risking life and limb to protest against a corrupt regime. That Russians are actually used to -XX degrees and it certainly doesn’t put them off going out and doing normal stuff is simply not entertained by the PPNN. I’ve myself have been out at around -30c in the day time when I was in Russia (a looooong time ago) and it was perfectly fine. No biggie. I was also out well past 3am a few times for a walk. Again, no biggie. That’s what proper coats and shoes are for!


      1. I worked with a Russian woman here about 20 years ago, who had worked for 1 year in Leek, Staffordshire. One day, when it was heaving it down with snow here, she looked out of the window and said, “You know, when I was working in Leek, it snowed one morning and . . . ”

        I interrupted her and said: “And nobody came to work?”

        “Yes, that’s right!” she said, “And do you know what? It was only about a couple of millimetres and in a few hours, it had all gone!”

        “Yeah, I know”, I said.

        She had a car when she was in the UK, by the way, and had driven to work that morning in Leek when it snowed. She could not understand what problems there had been facing those who were phoning in, saying that they couldn’t drive to work because of the snow.

        I added, though, that this skiving off work when it snowed in the UK never happened when I was a kid.

        Since the 1990s, they’ve become real soft arses in the UK. I see it and hear it from young fellow countrymen who arrive here for about 6 months’ work teaching.

        As pointed out above by ET AL, the UK newsmedia never fails to write that Russians have turned out to protest, as they did on Saturday (less than 0.2% of the Moscow population when all’s said and done, mind you, but knobheads provoking the police in Russia always makes good copy) when it’s way below zero degrees — you know, when the temperature really is “Arctic” as the British media likes to say whenever it snows in the UK.

        In other words, the “reporters” are making out that the protesters are so angry with the government that rather than staying indoors when it is so cold, they would rather put their health and comfort in danger in order to protest against “the regime”.

        And again, as rightly pointed out by ET AL, it may come as a huge surprise to UK journalists that Russians are actually used to such low temperatures and that Russians actually like “real Russian winters”, and are bloody miserable, as I am as well, when there is an unusually warm winter (“warm” meaning like a British winter). This attitude that Russians have as regards winter here is simply not entertained or comprehended by the British “news” media.

        “Arctic” temperatures certainly don’t put Russians off from going out and about their daily business: they still go to work and go shopping and go for walks and take their dogs and kids out to the parks etc. in sub zero conditions.

        As they say here, it’s not cold weather that causes problems, it’s wearing the wrong clothes that does that.

        It’s snowing in the UK now, by the way in my old neck of the woods. Former associates of mine keep on emailing me about this:


        1. “As they say here, it’s not cold weather that causes problems, it’s wearing the wrong clothes that does that.”

          A life-lesson well known to anyone anywhere who works outdoors. Like in construction, as I did for almost a year before my present job. For British Columbia it’s more often The Wet than The Cold, but the maxim that you should dress for the weather if you want to be comfortable holds true.


        2. Plenty of softies around these days, I agree. Hence the love-in for Tierney of Arsenal (ex Celtic) when playing in the snow a couple of weeks ago:

          It’s definitely a matter of becoming accustomed to the reality of cold, damp conditions. Some kids still go about in flimsy clothes and seem hardened to the cold. Locals, of course. Recent arrivals have been geared up for Ice Station Zebra since mid-September.


          1. Schoolkids place a higher premium on being cool than on comfort. The uniform for boys my daughter’s age here is basketball shorts and a hoodie, and they still go to school like that even though it’s winter. British Columbia is tropical compared with Moscow, but it’s still way too cold for that getup. You see a few adult males as well who wear shorts year-round; I used to run across this Asian-looking guy (which means he could be anything from a Tatar to a coastal native-Canadian) locally, always walking to or from the grocery store which is about a mile and a half from my house. He wore shorts all year, a sweatshirt and a ushanka-style hat with ear flaps. Same garb in summer, including the hat.


            1. For many years now, I have noticed that in the depths of winter many young girls and women don’t wear any kind of headwear and only place a scarf loosely over the heads when it is snowing so that their hair does not get spoilt. It’s not “cool” it seems, to wear fur hats! It’s fine if their ears get frostbite though?

              And yet, when I lived in the Moscow suburbs long before I got wed and travelled every day into Moscow on a suburban electric train, at my terminus station, Yaroslavsky Terminus, I used to notice in winter wondrous winter wear, especially hats, that passengers arriving in Moscow from Siberia wore.

              Yaroslavsky is one of the termini for the Trans-Siberian train. The Siberian women, young and elderly, that I often saw those days arriving in the capital, then seemed to have a preference for wearing huge fur hats. I think the size of their hats reflected their status. And young men from Siberia at that time were fond of wearing wolfskin hats. I always wanted one!

              If such animal skins used for clothing were to be seen by many Westerners now, they would go into fainting fits.

              I need a new winter hat and told my wife that for my home furlong in my adopted land, I want to splash out on a huge wolfskin hat. She said she knows where to buy one. So soon I shall be doing my Grizzly Adams impersonations.

              I say “Grizzly Adams” because I am driving Mrs. Exile to distraction at present by my not trimming my facial hair. She hates it when I look like Dyed Moroz, as I do now.

              A big ‘un like that one above, but that’s Siberian racoon, I think.

              Somehow, I do not think Natalya Vladimirovna will walk out with me if I wore such a hat as above.


              1. I’m quite taken with that one in the upper photo; lovely. But you have to have the face for it – the young man wearing it could wear a cardboard box on his head and look wonderful. I don’t have the face for it, and wear glasses as well. It would just look knobby. But it looks so warm. It seldom gets cold enough here to need any such measures, and when it does I have my BC Ferries tuque.


                1. Nay, its an “ushanka” with the ear flaps tied up. It’s for men and women if the latter are not Western wannabes who think it “uncool” to wear Russian winter headwear.

                  flaps up

                  flaps down

                  Both above the same as my previous two: racoon fur.

                  Is this bloke above the one whom Chief Stooge sees in Victoria shopping winter or summer in an ushanka?


                2. I posted two flaps-up photos above by mistake.

                  A Russian woman who isn’t ashamed of wearing a Russian hat.

                  They make specially stylised hats for women, though, if they should prefer such a hat instead of a standard ushanka.


          2. I bet you played in sleet and snow when you were younger, CORTES — I certainly did. At school there was no skiving off if it was snowing or pissing it down with icy rain: it was off to the changing rooms and onto the pitches.

            Where I lived, we played rugby of course, and I played Rugby until I was 27.

            Below: one of my contemporaries who was born a couple of miles from where I lived:

            Frank Cotton, England prop forward, mud-bath international, South Africa.

            I used think of that picture when I got so pissed off a few years ago couple of years ago seeing photos of that dickhead Wayne Rooney running around pitch wearing gloves.


            1. Indeed.

              Plus short trousers until final year of primary school. Murder in winter as the cuff?/hem? slapping against your legs in rain and snow was agony. And outside to play during intervals and lunch, whatever the weather.


              1. Yeah, and wearing wellies all day when you were still in short pants and the wellies used to rub your calves raw. Well they did mine because I was a “bonny” lad, as they said in my neck of the woods, where “bonny” meant “pleasingly plump”.


              2. Luxury, mate – you had TROUSERS! When I were lad, we only had rags what we made from the skins of rats we killed and ate. We would tie rags to weselves with baling wire so freezing wind didna blow them off.


                1. Bailing wire?

                  BAILING WIRE????

                  You were lucky, lad!

                  We never had no bailing wire! There was nowt made o’ metal near us ‘ole in ground where us and me 29 brothers and sisters and me dad and mam lived. Me dad ‘ad us all scavengin’ fer metal before crack o’ dawn as he used ter weigh in once a wik. Why, fer tyin’ up, stuff we used plaited tendons outa chickens’ claws as we pulled aht wi’ us teeth. Well, them of us as ‘ad any teeth did.


  62. Grotesque and chilling – makes ‘The Terminator’ look like ‘Masha and the Bear’. I couldn’t watch anymore after 17:20, or I would have been overcome by despair.

    If it dawns on you partway through that ‘The Useless Class’ means you, you’re not alone. In the bright future of AI, in which humans no longer drive because (a) they don’t own cars anymore, and (b) their nerves cannot take sharing the roads with super-smart vehicles which drive at high speeds while passing within centimeters of one another (because they are talking to one another in instantaneous-exchange computer language, naturally) it appears that tomorrow’s leaders assume you can build all that intelligence…and still control it.


      1. Mmm….kind of sounds like “A World Made By Hand, Book IV”, which I guess is not too surprising. I personally don’t think either of these visions is going to prevail, because the technology is nowhere near there yet for the former and I dare to hope people would not stand for the latter. I worked all my life to get where I am, and I’m certainly not rich but I’m comfortable and I don’t see why I should give that up to accept a rudimentary-needs dole from a government I loathe. I expect there are a lot of others who feel the same. It’s been a long time since there was an actual no-bullshit anti-government insurrection in the west, but I have a feeling we’re getting close to it, and the USA would be the obvious wild card there, because there are so many guns in private hands.

        People want this fake-o crisis to be over so they can go back to restaurants and pubs and socialize, not because they’re itchin’ to go over to the neighbours and help shoe their horse or have a quiltin’ bee. Nor do they want to have a light lunch of synthetic squid in their eco-pod with a Virtual Elon Musk and Lucretia Borgia (exciting, but safe because they’re not real). I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel confident I speak for many. When even human-size field mouse Preston Manning is stomping in the government’s shit, it’s the Canadian equivalent of rolling up your sleeves and spitting on the other guy’s shoes.

        That’s not to say the US economy is not imploding – it is, and it will have consequences. For the moment, Sleepy Joe is going to try to spend his way out of this crisis as if he’s using real money. But that remains an act of global faith, and you might have noticed the United States is not too popular right now.


        1. The described total collapse, if it happens, would not be by anyone’s choice. Rather, it would be a reverse industrial revolution in which the most complex technologies begin to fail. The first technologies would be stuff like the internet and advanced cellular technology. Once that occurs the financial system will falter and collapse. Cash would not be enough to keep business moving. Barter would be a basis of trade. The collapse would progress to some new equilibrium would be reached. One smart pundit suggested 1950’s technology as manual skills can largely sustain such.

          What would trigger the hig-tech failures? Perhaps a collapsing work force unable to maintain the technology or perhaps poorly developed but critically important software, something.

          One thing for sure, the promised glittering utopia is a bullshit lie. Sure, we may own nothing but we will not be happy.

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  63. The BBC claims that the Russian government is trying to “downplay” the enormity of Saturday’s demonstrations:

    Russia Navalny protests: Kremlin hits out at West as it downplays rallies

    Yes indeed: in Moscow, the protesting Navalnyites represented less than 0.2% of the city’s population.

    I suppose the 99. 98% of the population that decided not to participate in the unsanctioned demonstration called by the Bullshitter were too scared shitless of the “regime” to do so.


    1. By the way, remember that posting I made a few days ago as regards the Navalnyite hysteric in Vologda, who made calls for a massive libtard protest there in support of the Bullshitter, which exhortations were accompanied by scenes of NKVD executions taken from a Russian film and dire forecasts that there would be a reversion to the Stalin Terror if the monster Putin were not overthrown?

      I made the following suggestion:

      How about a sweep on who gets the nearest estimate on the turnout at Vologda?

      I’ll kick off with 200.

      whereupon JAMES LAKE replied

      Some young people are just so stupid. I bet on 1000.

      And the winner is …. JAMES LAKE!

      День протеста: как в Вологде прошла акция в поддержку политика Алексея Навального

      Protest day: how the rally was held in Vologda in support of politician Alexei Navalny

      On January 23, a rally took place in Vologda in support of the arrested politician Alexei Navalny. First, the protesters spoke at a rally in Hyde Park on Vorovskogo Street, and then they walked in a column through the city streets, eventually stopping at Revolution Square. The organizers estimate the number of people participating in the action at a thousand people.

      The Navalnyites marching around Vologda — 50 minutes if you care to watch!

      The speakers at the meeting — 1 hour and 22 minutes if you wish to watch it all.

      The 1,000 people whom the speakers were addressing.

      I’m not afraid — Well bully for you!

      Come to think of it, I think my forecast was nearer to the mark.

      1,000 people above?



      1. Oh, and the population of Vologda is around 306,000.

        So if 1,000 turned up for the Bullshitter Show, that means only 0.3% of the population felt arsed to do so.

        More there did in Moscow, mind you — 0.1% more.

        The rest of the Vologdians were too terrifed to turn up, I suppose.

        Or it was too cold for them to do so.


      2. Even if you stipulated that the organizers – who have every reason to exaggerate their success – were ruthlessly accurate and there actually were 1000 people present or even more…how many people here right now feel like they have something to bitch about? Completely satisfied with your life in every respect, are you? Or do you think the government needs to be taken by the ear and dragged behind the cowshed for a good telling-off. I know I do – you can see Trudeau, smiling in such friendly affability as is his habit from behind his folksy salt-and-pepper beard and terming the ‘pandemic’ as an ‘opportunity’ for ‘a reset’, a chance to ‘build back better’ in the very best Klaus Schwab fashion. But do I wish for another country – one which happens to lie right next door, in my case – to send professional organizers and investors to overthrow his government and replace it with one of their choosing, one which will respect their interests before my own. Umm…no, thanks.

        The deliberate impression is that everyone who comes out to ‘Navalny’s protests’ supports Navalny and the notion that he should run the country instead. I doubt very much that is the case.


  64. Freedom for Navalny!

    Snowballs were flying.

    Fireworks were flying.

    Barriers and garbage were flying.

    It came to using kicks and fists.

    Even those lying on the ground were beaten.

    And the driver of a car with a blinker had an eye gouged out.

    About 40 law officers suffered injuries.

    OMOH retaliated with severity

    but within the bounds of decency,

    Because several hundreds of children were taking part in the unsanctioned event

    “No … well, I don’t know … well it’s sort of purely logical if you take a look.”

    By the way, over 70 of those arrested were handed over to their parents.

    A fairly large number of basically peaceful protesters

    who, apart from their shouting and banners, aren’t especially asserting anything on their part,

    but in the background there is definitely a radical hard core

    that is now trying to provoke the forces of law and order.

    There is a definite group of people

    that has linked arms and is trying to shove OMON away from the positions that they have positioned themselves in.

    That is to say, they are bringing about a confrontation in the centre of Moscow.

    OMOH is trying to contain this group of people,

    whilst this group of people pushes back as those behind press them forwards,

    namely there is definitely taking place a serious confrontation with the police

    such as has for a long time not been seen.

    There are also injured amongst the protesters

    but OMON is helping them

    and the Republic Guard gives them tea and distributes masks

    and searches for children who have got lost in the crowd.

    “Asya, 9 years old, pink coat, light-green hat, long plait, white ribbon?”

    “Yes. Yes, yes!”

    Overall, the illegal meeting looks extremely disorganized.

    “Well, one has to say it is an extremely disorganized protest

    and those who are near me now and who were in columns are saying: “What are we standing around here for?”

    They’re throwing snowballs at OMON.

    Sometimes OMOH chases them; sometimes they chase OMON.

    “They made us stand in one place

    and this stamping around at one place tells us that this protest is totally disorganized

    and now on me, on my shoulders, are pressing down ‘the thoughts of the oppositionists’.

    They are scratching the back of their heads and thinking: ‘What do we do now?'”

    And what’s with the teenagers? What did they come for?

    many of them were simply interested in the “movement”

    “I just came to see what was going on.”

    “And you’re really 14, aren’t you?”


    “And from your position, is there anything that you wish to express — yes or no?’

    “Well no”

    “You just came to look and to take pictures …”

    But youngsters would like to move around.

    Youngsters would like to celebrate the holidays.

    Of the 60 comments so far on YouTube, most say the clip is shite and KP is just giving the government line.

    Kids watch YouTube.

    They don’t read KP.

    I guess comments to the KP article whence this video came, voice a different opinion.

    KP source


    1. Like riding a bicycle – if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling. Must maintain the impression of progress. And as we have often discussed, Russia needs to be lucky every time; the west only needs to be lucky once.


    2. I’m surprised the next episode hasn’t been scheduled for Friday (Jan 29) and all Fridays from then on to be School Strike Fridays in support of Navalny.


      1. Don’t give them any ideas. The Canadian papers are full of once-removed (from our American friends via Associated Press and Reuters) jubilation that Putin has finally been trapped into using Navalny’s name. That, obviously, is the beginning of the end for him, and Navalny will just never look back now as his popularity catapults him into the lead. Some of the articles deploring the rough stuff used against peaceful protesters in Russia were on the same page as choleric diatribes against the violent animals who assaulted the Capitol, sacred symbol of American democracy. Apparently hundreds more have been arrested as the busy bees in American law enforcement track down who they are.

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  65. “Despite the present freezing temperatures in European Russia, Novatek has been delivering LNG cargoes to Asia in the depths of winter and without ice-breaker support using the northern sea route (NSR), it reported January 18. “

    “Meanwhile, congestion at the Panama Canal has caused recent delays of more than a week for LNG tankers trying to cross to Asia, forcing some ships from the U.S. to use the longer route around Africa. The shortage of tankers has boosted shipping rates to the highest in two years. That could be contributing as much as $2 per million Btu to the cost of LNG in Asia, according to Citigroup.”

    Nations with ice-capable LNG tankers? Mmmm….pretty limited, really.

    American response? Predictable as sunrise.

    If you can’t build it yourself or where someone else having it is a disadvantage for your own industry, sanction it to death. Washington is a one-trick pony.


    1. In Russian oil, not LNG news:

      Financial Crimes: Trafigura puts €1.5bn of own cash on line to cement Rosneft ties

      …But for Trafigura, becoming Rosneft’s go-to commodity trader has a more concrete expense: €1.5bn of its own cash, injected into a €7.3bn deal for a 10 per cent stake in a gargantuan Arctic oil project…

      …“The US has always avoided directly sanctioning Rosneft’s oil exports because of the disruption it could cause in global energy markets,” Mr Hungerford said. “But the direction of travel suggests that stricter sanctions in the future are possible.”…

      Those willing to take risks (FY USA/EU!) get the chance to reap the rewards.

      I know it is tempting to say Russia should be done with the west, but that is a) an emotional response; and b) therefore strategically not a good idea.

      Russia should not be the one to initiate the cutting of ties.

      It is much smarter to let the West to go first because it allows Russia the upper hand when they come crawling back. Also encouraging foreign/western risk takers is a good way of showing those companies who cut ties out of fear that action could be taken against them by whatever western governments, are seriously out of pocket. Despite all that, no western government has managed to force global companies like GE/IBM/BP etc. to cut ties with Russia. Some have managed the threat by setting up Russian localisation of products (GE) to help isolate any impact from actual sanctions. Others are safe because the risk of self-inflicted loss on sensitive western sectors such as aerospace would be very disruptive. As the article above pointed out the US has so far been reluctant to upset oil trade exchange market by going after Rosneft in any substantial way. Well the west pushed for ‘Globalisation’ and this is one of the consequences of closer trade…


      1. I fully realize that telling the west to stuff it is an emotional response, but I am an emotional person and too impatient to wait for things to take their course and the west to eventually – perhaps after I am dead – realize it made a serious mistake. I want it to know now, while the connection is still obvious to even the most witless dullard that THIS resulted from THAT. It’s the same thing with these stupid face masks – I want it publicly acknowledged that they did no good whatsoever and that public-health Napoleons only endorsed them because it gave the old people a sense of security and the virtue-signaling do-gooders something to preach about. But it will never happen while I live – face-masks will become a part of ‘pandemic’ lore as a lifesaving measure and when the authorities need them to keep a restless public under control and off the politicians’ backs, they’ll be invoked again, science be damned.

        The public has an attention span measured in minutes, and if you don’t make cause and effect inescapable, the spinners will take over and rewrite a narrative which most will never question.



    White House Calls for Immediate Release of Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny

    White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki condemns the crackdown on Russians protesting the arrest of Russian Opposition figure Alexei Navalny and calls for his immediate and unconditional release. She declines to say if and when President Biden plans to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin as he continues to make calls to foreign leaders.


    1. Whoopty-doo. Russia calls for immediate and unconditional release of all those jailed in the ‘Capitol Riot’, when people were merely expressing their democratic displeasure with the lack of respect and attention given Trump’s complaints that Biden’s late-breaking windfall of ‘votes’ looked a bit suspicious.

      Russian opposition leader; ha – you wish.


  67. Breaking Down Russia’s Alexey Navalny with Mark Sleboda | Jan. 25, 2021
    1,077 views•Streamed live 92 minutes ago





    The Convo Couch
    35.2K subscribers
    Breaking Down Russia’s Alexey Navalny with Mark Sleboda | Jan. 25, 2021


  68. Biden and Xi fire hot first salvos over Taiwan

    China provocatively pierces Taiwan’s air space soon after Biden invites its de facto US ambassador to his inauguration ceremony

    …Taiwan’s Defense Ministry claimed that the Chinese squadron consisted of six J-10 fighters, four J-16s, two SU-30s, a Y-8 reconnaissance aircraft and two Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, and that it issued radio warnings and deployed air defense missile systems in response…

    …Adding military muscle to diplomatic rhetoric, the US Indo-Pacific Command announced on Saturday that the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier group would conduct “routine operations” in the South China Sea, including maritime strike exercises and tactical training between surface and air units..


    I posted this because we have been around this bush quite a few times on this blog. And ADIZ is not the same as the sacrosanct ‘territorial waters,’ but a nation state’s (please correct me if I’m not accurate Mark!) self-defined air border where it will send its aircraft up to identify ‘others.’ The territorial limit is 12 nauticle miles/20km, an Exclusive Economic Zone is 200 nm, and an ADIZ usually matches the EEZ (unless your are close to another state where it causes problems – Greece/Turkey).

    Article like these are a bugbear (pain in the a**) because it muddies the water between soveign, international & EEZ. Even then, it is the US who is conductin Free-dumb of Navigation Operaions (FONOPS) which yet again (if you look at the actual legal text) include the words ‘innocent passage.’ This is something that is entirely absent from the United States Navy dickswing far from home as part of America’s containment of China / aka ‘fight them over there rather than over here’ paranoia / we are Masters of the Univers for-evaaaaa! If you consider the Chinese are being dicks, they’re not being dicks in isolation! Two dicks in the same boat if you will (or is that aircraft)?! 😉

    Yet again, this is just one example that show that whomever is voted in as a new president of the United States, little changes for the rest of the world and particularly those at the sharp end of the US’ stick. It is continuity in foreign policy Or as the Who sang ‘Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.’ I suspect BD-A is going to lean the hard way. Being less diplomatically confrontational in public with China but maintaining the same military behavior is not going to fool anyone though maybe the media might wander off and report on some other bollox instead.


    1. That’s correct; the ADIZ is a self-declared zone within which the nation-state would like you to report in and advise it who you are and what you are doing there, but you are under no real obligation to do so other than their expectation. It is different from sovereign airspace and obviously covers that and much more. It flatters the nation-state if you take its dick-swinging seriously.


  69. Good to see Eva K Bartlett contributing first hand to the awareness …

    With commentary

    “Navalny is a criminal […], and the West is propping him up (ala Guaido in Venezuela) & lauding a fake poisoning story in order to again attempt to foment unrest in Russia. On January 23, I went by metro to the site of the pro-Navalny protest planned for Moscow, in Pushkinskaya Square, arriving two hours before the 2 pm protest time, and standing roughly five hours in the cold until police had slowly cleared the square.”


  70. Надеюсь власти понимают, что предательство силовиков = предательство страны и кровь?

    I hope the authorities understand that the betrayal of the security forces = the betrayal of the country and blood?

    Слава Україні? Героям слава?

    It is not clear who came up with the idea of making the riot police in St. Petersburg apologize to a “victim” during the riots, but this idea is more than completely idiotic.

    Let’s start off with the fact that the woman tried to prevent an arrest. Let me remind you once again — an arrest during a mass riot. In any country in the world, such an attempt to prevent an arrest would mean the arrest or injury to that person trying to impede a police officer from carrying out his duty, a blow with a baton on the spine and gas for sure. In Russia — apologies.

    For the sake of a clearer understanding, in 2012, the notorious Bozhena Rynska [From Russian Wiki: “. . . the main sex symbol of the Russian opposition and a socialite” FFS!!! — ME] called for tracking down, hanging and burning police officers and even putting out their eyes with an awl. She called on friends and readers to organize a “punitive squad”, the militants of which would “track down the special forces officers so as “beat or maim” them or pour “gasoline on their backs and set them on fire”.

    And now there are already demands that the name of the law enforcement officer be given. State Duma Deputy Khinshtein, urged on by the squeals of deputy Yashin, demands that the officer be charged with criminal responsibility. The “victim” herself, whose terrible suffering was described by the liberal media, was discharged the very next day and is bursting with the heat of protest:

    Margarita Yudina, who was beaten by a police officer, called for the initiation of a criminal case against him. 54-year-old Margarita Yudina was hospitalized, she spent the night in hospital. The next day, the police officer who hit her and the head of the department for the organization of public order protection and interaction with the executive authorities of St. Petersburg, Sergey Muzyka, apologized to her. Yudina said that she forgives them and has no complaints against them. “Now I think I should have said that when all the political prisoners are released and Alexei Navalny is released, then I will forgive them”

    — the woman sa