The Near-Global Collapse of Critical Thinking

Uncle Volodya says, “When an honest man speaks, he says only what he believes to be true; and for the liar, it is correspondingly indispensable that he considers his statements to be false. For the bullshitter, however, all these bets are off: he is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false.”

“Every ounce of my cynicism is supported by historical precedent.”

– Glen Cook, Shadow Games

“The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it.”

– George Bernard Shaw

I’m lazy. But vanity constrains me from admitting that, so I call it ‘busy’. However I choose to label it, I haven’t written anything new in a long time. It’s not writer’s block, because I had a couple of topics in mind; if I had to blame it on anything, I’d blame it on the comments section. We don’t really have any rules here, or not many (there are a couple of people who can’t comment, but that’s because they cannot be trusted to not instantly return to old habits as soon as they are allowed), and things routinely drift off-topic to whatever is going on at the time. Current events; yes, that’s the term I was looking for. So when new things are happening, we tend to discuss them in the comments section, instead of my writing a new post dedicated specifically to that issue. It’s the primary cause, I’m afraid, of important comments you would like to be able to locate because they contain hard-to-find sources or just the information you need to settle an argument, because they are not linked by subject. Obviously I prefer the unregulated format, or I wouldn’t use it, but it does have its disadvantages.

Anyway, the silver lining that comes with being late to discuss a particular current event is that you get to talk about the filtered version, after the ferment has settled down and often new facts have presented. So it is with the teapot tempest of Alexei Navalny, vaulted to international fame virtually overnight by becoming the latest victim poisoned by nefarious Soviet-era deadly nerve agents that, in their known application, have a success rate of 16.67%. A funny statistic has emerged from the absurd times we are living in – a viral infection, the ‘novel coronavirus’, more commonly called COVID-19, has the world shivering with terror like frogs in a glass cage with a big snake, even though its Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) compares with the annual influenza bouts we have lived with all our years. Yet an engineered nerve agent reputed to be ten times as deadly as the most toxic poison the west could come up with – one which, I might add, has a known survivor list among the exposed of zero point zero – has never killed the individual it was intended to kill, and managed to incidentally slay one innocent bystander who was also an alcoholic and drug abuser. As John Lennon remarked in “Nobody Told Me”; strange days indeed. Most peculiar, Mama.

I meant to do a post on Navalny – more correctly, my patience with the ridiculous statements made about his latest adventure finally evaporated – after reading this amazingly cheeky tapestry of fabrication; “The Kremlin, predictably, says it didn’t poison Alexey Navalny. So what can the West do?”

I looked it up so as to have an electronic link, so readers could get the full effect. But I initially saw it in the newspaper, the Canadian Globe & Mail (British Columbia edition), in which it was headlined a little differently – “Why nobody has power to make Kremlin come clean on poisoning”. So far as I can make out on initial examination, the body of the article is unchanged. Both pieces – well, the same piece with two different headlines – are by Mark MacKinnon, who is The Globe & Mail‘s senior international correspondent, based in London, UK. He’s quite highly-regarded by his employers, is a seven-time winner of the National Newspaper Awards (for creativity, perhaps, although they don’t say), and the author of…”The New Cold War: Revolutions, Rigged Elections and Pipeline Politics“. Gee, that sounds like it might be about a particular country; let’s have a dekko at the writeup.

“When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the Soviet Union collapsed two years later, liberal democracy was supposed to fill the void left by Soviet Communism. Poland and Czechoslovakia made the best of reforms, but the citizens of the “Evil Empire” itself saw little of the promised freedom, and more of the same old despots and corruption. Recently, a second wave of reforms — Serbia in 2000, Georgia in 2003, and Ukraine in 2004, as well as Kyrgyzstan’s regime change in 2005 — have proven almost as monumental as those in Berlin and Moscow. The people of the Eastern bloc, aided in no small part by Western money and advice, are again rising up and demanding an end to autocracy. And once more, the Kremlin is battling the White House every step of the way. Mark MacKinnon spent these years working in Moscow, and his view of the story and access to those involved remains unparalleled. With The New Cold War, he reveals the links between these democratic revolutions — and George Soros, the idealistic American billionaire behind them — in a major investigation into the forces that are quietly reshaping the post-Soviet world.”

Because western-imposed liberal democracy has been such a star-speckled success in so many places – Libya. Iraq, Venezuela…anyway, the above author information is offered to sort of set the tone for the type of worldview you might expect. And to introduce a premonition, before you even read his material, that Mark MacKinnon just might be exactly the sort of guy who would smirk with revulsion at the mention of Putin’s name, and have a big ol’ man-crush on Alexei Navalny. I’m not implying anything untoward, here; Mr. MacKinnon is a realist. An ideologue, yes, but a realist.

And as with others of his ideological type, I marvel that he apparently sees some sort of inspirational leader in Navalny. I’m cautiously optimistic, of course, because until international busybodies have a vote in Russian elections – as they have in other places, except it’s called ‘regime change’ – there is about as much chance of Alexei Navalny being elected to a position of influence by a broad Russian vote as there is of you dying from coronavirus. Which you have about a 99.6% chance of surviving, if you should get it. Anyway, I’m optimistic, as I have suggested many times before, because for so long as western liberal meddlers choose to put all their eggs in the Navalny basket, for that long leaders elected by Russian votes will rule more or less unmolested. You could as likely persuade Russians to dress up as Obama on Hallowe’en (well, first you would have to persuade them to celebrate it, which The Moscow Times almost reduced itself to tears trying to bring about) as you could to persuade them to vote for Navalny. And this latest escapade, which – perversely – has put him in the western hall of political fame has probably actually cost him votes in Russia, which is remarkable considering he already was about as popular as vomit air-freshener.

Mr. MacKinnon starts off his excoriation of the Kremlin, and his apparent poignant appeal for someone to rid us of this troublesome autocratic dictator, with some lighthearted snark about how predictable it is that the Kremlin would deny poisoning Alexei Navalny. Uh huh; of course they would. Real men would immediately own up – yeah, I poisoned that motherfucker. Teach him to talk smack about me. What are you gonna do about it? You might be repulsed by the implicit evil there, but at least you could respect Putin for telling the truth.

Let’s look at it a little differently. Suppose I said “Mark MacKinnon is a wife-beater”. For the record, I don’t even know if he is married. Or straight. But that’s beside the point, which is that to the best of my knowledge, it is not true. Doesn’t matter. Predictably, he would deny it. Now suppose I repeated that allegation regularly for twenty years. Might I be able to say, wearily, “the only predictable thing about MacKinnon’s latest wife-beating incident is his denial of having had anything to do with it”? I think I could. But denying it is exactly the predictable occurrence if he had not done it.

How about we take a quick recap of some of the things Russia has been accused of just in the last few years. A state-sponsored doping program for its Olympic athletes, in which they were fed performance-enhancing cocktails that powered them all the way to the podium. The special investigatory body put together to look into it, headed by Canadian Richard McLaren, claimed there was so much proof that it was embarrassing. When we got down to where the rubber meets the road, said investigatory body could not prove fuck-all, their star witness fell apart in testimony, and 28 Russian athletes had their Olympic bans reversed while 7 medals were reinstated. The Nation recapped it thus;

“How the Times could provide such minimal coverage of these important April 2018 reasoned CAS decisions on matters on which the Times had extensively reported is inexplicable. By allowing the Russian athletes, for the very first time, to confront their accusers with cross-examination, the CAS was in a position to make startling revelations about Rodchenkov and McLaren. Rodchenkov, for example, admitted that he never personally witnessed any accused Russian athlete committing doping violations themselves, including taking the illegal drug cocktail, giving a clean urine sample out of competition, tampering with a urine sample, or transmitting information to co-conspirators about the coding on the drug sample after it had been given.

Furthermore, several of Rodchenkov’s explanations of events were simply not believable. For example, Rodchenkov had stated that the swapping of urine samples occurred after 1 am, but his own diary entries confirmed his bedtime by midnight each night, with two or three exceptions. When confronted with this contradiction, he made the incredible claim that he had lied to his diary.”

Were the Russians guilty? Apparently not. What is the appropriate response when you are accused of something but did not do it? Denial? Damn straight. But there’s another key takeaway in there – the testimonial hearing in which the athletes and their representatives dismantled Rodchenkov’s self-important blathering was the very first time they had been able to confront their accuser. Uncorroborated denials are easy to brush off, which would seem to summarize Mr, MacKinnon’s style.

One more. Russia was accused by the United States – whose allies quickly picked it up as one more example of the reprehensible Russian conduct that just makes you shake your head in helpless wonder – of paying the Taliban in Afghanistan a bounty to kill American soldiers.

For starters, it would not be difficult to imagine the US Army as being so loathed in Afghanistan – considering American military operations have devastated the country for 19 years now – that jihadis in Afghanistan would be happy to kill them for free; might even pay for the opportunity, if they had any money. Some might say well, if not for the democracy-promotion efforts of America, the Taliban might still be in charge! Yeah, ha, ha; funny story about that. President Trump announced this past Spring that it was time to turn over law and order in Afghanistan to…the Taliban.

He said US troops had been killing terrorists in Afghanistan “by the thousands” and now it was “time for someone else to do that work and it will be the Taliban and it could be surrounding countries”.

Personally, I think it’s a hell of a cheek of the Taliban to accept money from the Russians to kill Americans who just cut them such an exceptional deal – you would think they would be so happy that they would dance into the streets with their arms full of flowers and candy. Oh, wait – different democracy-promotion operation.

And I’d just like to point out to anyone who is forming the opinion that I am a sarcastic prick that the main piece of ‘evidence’ on which the Americans based the assessment that a mysterious Russian GRU (military intelligence) unit was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers was the discovery of ‘a large amount of American cash from a raid on a Taliban outpost’.

Jesus, God of our fathers – please tell me they had more than that. Quite apart from the patent rudeness of carrying out a raid on the ‘outposts’ of your new Afghanistan caretakers, the US dollar is the most common and widely-circulated currency in the world. Instead of leaping to the conclusion that it had to have come from the Russians – whose currency was still the ruble the last time I looked – why was the King Arthur Flour Company not immediately a suspect? After all, sourdough baking has lunged to a quivering peak during ‘COVID times’ (as I heard one imbecile describe the  peyote cartoon we are all living); King Arthur offers a very popular sourdough starter, and the Afghans are great bakers. Maybe they were saving up to buy a couple of truckloads, give the people something to raise their morale! Get it? ‘Raise’ their morale? It’s not funny if I have to explain it. But it makes as much sense as assuming the Russians want to accelerate the killing of American forces just as they are arranging terms for a pullout, which would surely make them stay longer.

Well, let’s get back to Mr. MacKinnon’s story, before we wander too far off the path. But I hope that addresses the issue of the Kremlin denying western accusations. Deny is what you do when you really had nothing to do with whatever it was you are being accused of, instead of ‘manning up’ and saying “Yeah; it was me”. Gaddafi did that, in the hope of making peace with the Americans, and look where it got him. And America is not put off by lack of evidence – obviously.

So we’re back where Russia might be believed today, if the past 20 years had never happened. At that, I would suggest he’s casting too wide a net; the USA and Russia were getting along fairly well between the time the Harvard Boys were invited in to remake Russia in 1991, and the presidential candidacy of American Idiot and Venture Capitalist Mitt Romney, during which candidacy he identified Russia – for no apparent reason than that it sometimes caused headaches for the United States at the UN – as the USA’s Number One Geopolitical Enemy. That was in 2012, which was only 8 years ago, and in fact the great majority of western accusations against Russia have taken place since 2014 and the US State Department’s successful second run at taking over Ukraine to Make It Safe For Democracy. It’s pretty hard to restore your ‘credibility’ when the international press whose language is foreign to your own continues to insist it has mountains of evidence that you are lying, but cannot reveal any of it because of national security. On the occasions it does publish some of its substantiation, the alternate-narrative element of the public is so scathing in its scorn – as happened when the British tried going public with their Skripals Case – that the storytellers are sent back to the drawing-board to make up something different. Otherwise they might have to explain why a poison so virulent that Sergei Skripal’s house had to have its roof removed because Novichok was daubed on the front doorknob, but the same poison failed to kill not only the Skripals times two, Detective Nick Bailey, Charles Rowley and now Navalny. The Skripals came into direct contact with it while the family’s roof did not, unless they had a sixteen-foot diameter doorknob, and Navalny actually drank it. So the story goes. I don’t think ‘absurd’ is too strong a word.

Russia, we hear, denied that its soldiers were in Crimea before Russia ‘annexed’ the territory in 2014. Where? Russia was permitted by international agreement to base sufficient forces at Sevastopol to easily take the region away from a Ukrainian Army so useless that initial attempts to stop the unraveling were made by civilian militias. Oh, and my favourite; Russia denied shooting down MH-17 “even after the anti-aircraft system involved in the attack was detected leaving Russia then returning short one missile.” Is that a fact? Well, no; it’s not. That accusation was made by Bellingcat, the brain trust of former underwear-company accountant Eliot Higgins, and there was never any ‘detection’ of any such anti-air system “leaving Russia and returning short one missile”. Bellingcat offered a potential route such a system might have taken to and from a launch site, in an animation, which was itself never substantiated by evidence – a route which took the system many vulnerable kilometers out of its way on the alleged return – and the photograph that made the cover of Paris Match is so obviously a Photoshop mosaic. And the inclusion of Ukraine, who was automatically a suspect considering the incident occurred in Ukrainian airspace, in the investigation to establish Russian guilt, together with its unsupervised access to the collected evidence, renders the whole issue farcical.

“And on it went. The official RIA Novosti newswire quoted chemical-weapon experts who said that had Novichok been used, Mr. Navalny would already be dead. It’s a line Russian state media have used before, after Mr. Skripal and his daughter survived the 2018 attack, but one they dropped after 44-year-old Dawn Sturgess died after coming into contact with an unused vial of Novichok in a Salisbury park three months later.”

Is that what happened, Mr. seven-times-recipient-of-the-National-Newspapers-Award? Dawn Sturgess was given the perfume bottle as a gift from her boyfriend, Charles Rowley, at his home in Amesbury, 8 miles from Salisbury. She allegedly ‘immediately sprayed some on her wrists and rubbed them together’ according to Rowley.

“Charlie Rowley claimed his partner, mother-of-three Dawn Sturgess, fell ill within 15 minutes of spraying the bottle, which he said he had found, on to her wrists at his home in Amesbury, Wiltshire.”

Couldn’t ask for much more of an eyewitness than Rowley – he’s kind of at the center of the story, albeit he is a heroin addict himself, according to a previously-cited reference. He claims that within 15 minutes she was stricken, claimed to have a headache, and disappeared to the bathroom, where he found her fully clothed and lying in the bath, ‘in a very ill state’.

Hand Mouse Cursor Clicks The Bullshit Button. Pointer Push Press.. Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 96927935.That’s funny; according to Sky News, she was not so ill that she could not admit herself to hospital, which she is alleged to have done at 11 AM on Saturday, after being poisoned with a nerve agent ten times as deadly as VX, exposure to which nobody has survived.

“During their trip to Salisbury on Friday, the pair visited a number of shops during the afternoon and evening with their friend Sam Hobson.

The following day, Ms Sturgess admitted herself to hospital at 11am. Mr Hobson, 29, and Mr Rowley went on to visit a number of places in the town centre.”

Mr. Rowley, the poor man who ‘lost so much’, was so affected by his beloved’s condition that he and his friend Sam Hobson went on – after she admitted herself to hospital – to see the sights of downtown Amesbury. We know they were in Amesbury because one of the locations they visited, Boots the Chemist in Amesbury, was soon thereafter closed by police as part of the investigation.

Perhaps they were looking around for the hospital. Because there isn’t one in Amesbury. The closest is in Salisbury, 8 miles away, and the next-closest is in Andover, even further. So the poor woman, having passed out in a very ill state after spraying a deadly nerve agent directly on her skin, somehow roused herself for the 8-mile drive to Salisbury and then proceeded with the admittance process, while the cretins in Emergency let the two who had dropped her off head back to Amesbury for some window-shopping. The alternative is that they were not even with her, and she drove herself. Say, do you know what one of the symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning is? Blurred vision due to excessive watering of the eyes.

The ‘only predictable part of the drama’, to borrow from Mr. MacKinnon’s introduction, is that Ms. Sturgess did not “die after coming into contact with an unused vial of Novichok in a Salisbury park”, or anything close to it. Sloppy, or loyal? Which is it?

Anyway, back to Navalny; for some reason I seem to be incapable of staying on his dramatic story. So, ‘predictably’, there are some pretty big holes in his story. For one, he was supposedly – initially – exposed to a near-unimaginably-toxic nerve agent which he drank in tea at the airport, prior to departure. Then the same Novichok which laid out Dawn Sturgess within 15 minutes did not affect Lyosha until 40 minutes after the plane took off. Team Navalny and its backers have attempted to explain that away by suggesting this was a specially-engineered ‘slow-acting’ Novichok.

What use would a slow-acting military-grade nerve agent be? Want to give the enemy a fair chance before killing him stone dead? And while we’re on the subject: note to the GRU, or the FSB or whoever – stop engineering Novichok to be slow-acting just to attack Navalny, and impervious to rain (like no other nerve agent ever, the immediate countermeasure is to flush the area with water and take atropine) to attack Sergei Skripal, and WORK ON MAKING IT KILL PEOPLE!!! Jesus Christ, do I have to think of everything myself?

So, obviously, the tea narrative was not going to work. Enter The Water Bottle Of Death. Allegedly, the GRU or FSB, or maybe Putin himself poisoned a water bottle and left it in Navalny’s hotel room in Tomsk, where there were always people in and out and they had no clue whether it would kill Navalny or someone else. Maybe that’s why they engineered it to be slow-acting and non-fatal. Then, after Navalny checked out and headed to the airport, where he hung around for at least long enough to drink a cup of tea before his flight was called, and then after takeoff and 40 minutes into the flight, suddenly, Lyosha is poisoned!! He begins to roar and scream with pain, and members of his entourage immediately go to get a lawyer to accompany them, and go to Navalny’s hotel, and – wonder of wonders – not only has it not been cleaned, it is still completely undisturbed!! Fucking hotel service in Tomsk, unbelievable, I hope they don’t pay them much.

So, what do we deduce from that? Not only did Navalny show no ill effects after being poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent for approximately an hour – rolling back the moment of his poisoning to his drinking tea in the airport before his flight was called – he survived it for significantly longer than that, because in the end the tea was just tea. He did not take the Water Bottle Of Death with him, instead leaving it in his hotel room, so he must have drunk from it before he left the room. How long was that? How far was his hotel from the airport? Well, let’s see – he stayed at the Xander (four stars, not too shabby), which is 24 km from the Bogashevo Airport. I feel safe in suggesting Navalny survived direct contact with a military-grade nerve agent for at least two hours before he even showed any symptoms, and perhaps for considerably longer than that. Which sounds quite a bit like the Skripal saga, in which they were poisoned by their front doorknob – the approximately sixteen-foot-diameter one which reaches to the roof, it’s a two-level home – but still managed to drive to the town center, feed the duckies in the park and then go on to a restaurant and finish dinner, before throwing a poison wobbler on a nearby bench outside. Where they happened to be discovered by the senior medical officer in the British Army. Quite by chance, she was just passing by.

So contact with the American VX agent means near-instantaneous death, but contact with a substance ten times more toxic means nothing at all for at least an hour and perhaps twice that, then an unpleasant bout of coma, then presto! 90% recovery of mental faculties – admittedly, not a high threshold for Navalny – and maybe 50% recovery of physical capability, with a cautiously-optimistic prognosis of a full recovery. Lawdy Jeebus; a miracle!

Back to MacKinnon’s story for a moment. “His transfer to Berlin’s specialist Charité hospital was delayed for 24 crucial hours while Russian officials floated wildly different versions of what might have happened to him.” Actually, they did no such thing; the doctors in Omsk are acknowledged to have probably saved his life, there actually was something wrong with him. They stabilized him for transport rather than immediately saying “Here you go, Krauts, it’s your show”, so his transfer was delayed for a not-at-all-excessive 24 hours, and it was the Germans who ‘floated wildly different versions of what might have happened to him’, initially claiming he had been poisoned with a cholinesterase inhibitor, and only changing the story to Novichok after the Water Bottle Of Death was delivered to Berlin by Navalny’s wife. And unless Lyosha had a water bottle secretly hidden on his person, they did not establish nerve-agent poisoning from his samples, either, unless the German doctors are incredibly incompetent. It would be pretty hard for a skilled medical technician to confuse a cholinesterase inhibitor with a nerve agent, and the doctors in Berlin initially had no clue what was wrong with him. They became confident after the water bottle was delivered.

Navalny’s aide is shown delivering his tea to him at the airport. No gloves, no Personal Protective Equipment whatsoever. But Lyosha was already crawling with Novicok – he must have been poisoned in his room. Was the hotel closed? The airport? Was the plane impounded and destroyed? Why is Navalny’s aide still alive, and not just waking up from a coma?

And now I am afraid I have some questions about Chain of Custody of important evidence in a criminal investigation. Because according to the timeline of the ‘Navalny poisoning’, Team Navalny back on the ground in Tomsk did not announce the discovery of a poisoned water bottle from his hotel room until September 17th – two days after the fact. Right up until then, Navalny’s ‘press agent’ stuck with the story that he was poisoned with tea at the airport. What kind of four-star hotel does not clean the room of a guest who has checked out for two days afterward? Alternatively, what kind of political team allows a narrative to persist that their leader was poisoned with tea at the airport for two whole days before they clue the world in that they have discovered important evidence to the contrary? So far as we know, nobody had analyzed the alleged traces on the bottle while it was still in Russia – the Germans allegedly established it was Novichok. Or else Team Navalny already knew, but didn’t bother to tell anyone, just assuming everyone who handled it would take deadly-nerve-agent precautions. Who else might have been inside that hotel room in two days? According to the NewsTimes, an Instagram post by Navalny claimed members of his ‘team’ tossed his hotel room looking for evidence only an hour after he collapsed, which is pretty impressive considering they had no real reason at that point to suspect a crime had been committed; he probably had just reached the hospital in Omsk by that point, if even that, and there had been no announcement as to his condition, But they waited until September 17th to announce they had discovered a bottle contaminated with Novichok? nearly a month later? Excuse me – some state-sponsored nerve agent – the bottle had not been tested yet.

According to the certifiable inbreeders in the European Parliament, Novichok and its family of poisons can only be made in state-owned military laboratories, and there is no way civilians could have gotten hold of it.

“MEPs have called for sanctions against Russia, saying on September 17, “The poison used, belonging to the ‘Novichok group’, can only be developed in state-owned military laboratories and cannot be acquired by private individuals, which strongly implies that Russian authorities were behind the attack.”

Huh. That’s odd. Because Alistair Hay – a toxicologist at the University of Leeds, a leading expert in the toxic properties of chemical warfare agents and a member of the British government’s advisory group on chemical warfare – assessed that it could be made by “any competent chemist”. I’m pretty sure they’re not all in the military, and obviously they do not need to be Russian. The principal developmental engineer of Novichok, Vil Marzayanov, published a book which contained the formula, and which sells on Amazon for less than 30 bucks. But what does Hay know, right?

“The Kremlin’s latest denials should and will fall flat with Western governments. It was already clear that Mr. Putin’s inner circle had ample reasons to wish Mr. Navalny harm. (The Kremlin’s feelings about the anti-corruption campaigner have long been obvious. Mr. Putin has repeatedly refused to use Mr. Navalny’s name, even when asked direct questions about him. On Thursday, Mr. Peskov continued that practice, referring only to “the Berlin patient.”)

Ha, ha!! Oh, my God. It is clear that the Kremlin has ample reasons to wish Mr. Navalny harm, because they don’t talk about him. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. That’s some award-winning journalism right there.

I think we’re done here; what is supposed to be a straightforward tale of the unrepentant state poisoning of a political opponent is in fact so confusing and contradictory that I cannot make any sense of it. I suspect even closer examination of it is only going to reveal further inconsistencies.

“The notion of carefully wrought bullshit involves, then, a certain inner strain. Thoughtful attention to detail requires discipline and objectivity. It entails accepting standards and limitations that forbid the indulgence of impulse or whim. It is this selflessness that, in connection with bullshit, strikes us as inapposite. But in fact it is not out of the question at all. The realms of advertising and of public relations, and the nowadays closely related realm of politics, are replete with instances of bullshit so unmitigated that they can serve among the most indisputable and classic paradigms of the concept. And in these realms there are exquisitely sophisticated craftsmen who – with the help of advanced and demanding techniques of market research, of public opinion polling, of psychological testing, and so forth – dedicate themselves tirelessly to getting every word and image they produce exactly right.”

Harry G. Frankfurt, from “On Bullshit“.

How many of you would describe the western media as “exquisitely sophisticated craftsmen who dedicate themselves tirelessly to getting every word and image they produce exactly right”? Count me out. They’re not even good at it. Fortunately for them, critical thinking is at an all-time low.

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  1. TASS: Putin, new Japanese PM discuss cooperation in creating coronavirus vaccine

    The leaders agreed to maintain contacts at the top level as the epidemiological situation stabilizes

    …”Prospects of cooperation in healthcare, including creation of coronavirus vaccines, were discussed,” the Kremlin press service reported…

    …”Mutual intention was reaffirmed to keep up efforts to advance the whole set of Russian-Japanese relations in the best interest of the two nations and Asia Pacific in general,” the Russian leader’s press service noted…

    Suga’s not messing around!


    1. I remember the incident; the ESTONIA disaster is well-known in marine circles. I believe she was taken into seas she was never constructed to handle – she was a passenger and vehicle ferry with an upward-opening visor bow door for loading, and the bow door opened in heavy seas. Other accounts suggest the weather was bad but not abnormal, and point out that all scheduled passenger ferry sailings in the area were proceeding as normal.

      When the SPIRIT class go to Poland for refits and are taken out of the protected waters of the Salish Sea, the bow doors are welded so they cannot open, or so I have been told.


    2. Similar thing happened in 1987 to the “Herald of Free Enterprise” just out of Zeebrugge Dover bound: bow doors left open.


      1. It’s always easy to be wise after the fact, and many of the sea disasters we study make us ask, puzzled, “Why did they do it this way?” In one of the worst fires at sea, which resulted in loss of the ship and huge loss of life, the discoverers caught it while it was still manageable and bent heroic efforts to extinguish it, but failed to RAISE THE ALARM because they were too busy at their task.


        1. Thanks.

          A relative in the Fire Service here has a fairly scathing attitude towards the “Monday morning quarterbacks”, borne out of experience of being at the sharp end of ill-considered criticism.

          “They weren’t fucking there” is the usual starting point of his filleting of armchair experts.

          In my opinion the Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths Inquiries conducted under Scots Law are generally comprehensive and scrupulously accurate in the narrative of incidents examined and the potential lessons to be drawn.


  2. Latest item of interest spammed to me by the Moscow Times:

    Dear reader,

    I’m Anna Savchenko and I’m the Photo Editor at Moscow Times. Samantha already introduced me in her earlier message. I grew up near the city of Rostov-on-Don in southern Russia before moving to Moscow. It’s a car drive of more than 12 hours.

    Like the rest of The MT Newsroom, I’ve been working from home to stay safe from the coronavirus. Here’s a look at a new normal day in my life as The MT’s photo editor:

    A day in the life of photo editor Anna Savchenko
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    12-1 p.m. : Eat lunch, sunbathe on my balcony hammock
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    7 p.m. : Practice my Hang drum — it’s a circular, steel instrument that sits on your lap and soundsimilar to a steelpan
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    Journalism can be busy and stressful — so I like to spend my free time on things that help me recharge after a long day. 🙂

    Photo Galleries

    For now I only want to point your attention to our Photo Galleries. Frequently we publish the work of talented international photographers to illustrate a topic that can better be illustrated by visuals instead of just words. Like the honest portraits of Russia’s Transgender People shot by Amsterdam based photographer Jasper Groen.

    The next message will be the last one in this cycle of four “Welcome” e-mails.
    Samantha takes over again and she will give you some useful tips how to keep independent journalism alive.

    It was a pleasure writing you!

    Anna Savchenko
    Photo Editor


  3. Turkey apparently shot down an Armenian SU-25 fighter jet in Armenian air space.

    If true this should put great pressure to Russia to respond as Armenia is a member of CSTO. But Russia will likely do nothing to punish Turkey again.


    1. The problem for Russia is that is has set a bad precedent before not responding in a tit-for-tat fashion when attacked. You are attacked you should always answer in a tit-for-tat, or an eye-for-an-eye fashion. If someone hits you then immediately hit him back twice as hard. That is the only way to gather respect and fear in this world.

      The only reason why Turkey dares to shoot down a fighter jet of a CSTO member in its airspace is because it does not fear and respect Russia.


      1. You must be joking. Russia nearly destroyed the Turkey economy not so long ago after one of their aircraft was shot down. Your tit-for-tat strategy stops working after the 6th grade. The consequences of a real fight are too dire unless there is a real threat to something important.

        Your first error above was conflating a purported attack on Armenia with an attack on Russia.

        If Turkey did indeed shot down the plane, it will be up to Armenia to take action. A few well-placed Iskander missiles (which Armenia has) will provide more than equal pay back, if that is what Armenia wants. Why would/should Russian intervene, unless they are morons following moronic advise.


        1. What is the purpose of the CSTO?

          From its Wikipedia page:

          “aggression against one signatory would be perceived as an aggression against all.”

          According to this an aggression against Armenia is an aggression against Russia. Since Russia is the main member and beneficiary of the CSTO then it would be up to Russia to respond against a military aggression and against an act of war, which Turkey just did against Armenia.


          1. I believe that the dispute is over territory. Per a Sputnik, Adzerbajan has a fairly strong claim although the majority of the population are Armenian. If the confrontation expands to include Armenia proper, there will be more aggressive efforts to stop the fighting. Until, then its a dispute over territory that is not recognized as part of Armenia. Does that help?


            1. It’s the famous ‘Why be a minority in your country when I can be a majority in mine.’ vis Yugoslavia.

              The international media have been astoundingly dishonest about the background to this.

              Politico said it was down to Stalin and then fast forwards to the end of the USSR, nothing about the anti-Armenian pogroms in Baku in 1988 and elsewhere. I would say that it was shocking but the quality of long standing media outlets is so poor, how can anyone be surprised?


              1. But Erdogan is so blatant in his challenges that it is plain he fancies Turkey to be Russia’s equal on the world stage, and dares to poke it even as he takes actions that result in greater power and influence for Turkey. He needs a hard kick in the ass to remind him where his provocative actions are taking him. The west is unhappy with Turkey’s cozying-up to Russsia, but is doubtless delighted when he behaves like this.


      1. Turkey, which have no written defense agreement with Azerbaijan, has said and done more for Azerbaijan than Russia, which has a written defense agreement with Armenia, has said and done for Armenia.

        Good for Turkey and Azerbaijan.


      2. But then again, Russia is in a hard place here.

        If Russia responds militarily against Turkey then Turkey will close the Bosphorus straight for Russia which will put Russia in a difficult position in Syria and Libya.

        Turkey could also close the South Stream project.

        So Armenia (and the CSTO) will probably have to be sacrificed.

        The only thing Russia will do is to ban Turkish tomatoes again. I bet this will really collapse Turkish economy 🙂


        1. Karl,

          Maybe Armenia could call it’s new friends in NATO and in the EU

          Please read the following it is a quote from an article over a Moon of Alabama.

          “…….. . Although a long-standing Russian partner, Armenia has also developed ties with the West: It provides troops to NATO-led operations in Afghanistan and is a member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace, and it also recently agreed to strengthen its political ties with the EU. The United States might try to encourage Armenia to move fully into the NATO orbit. If the United States were to succeed in this policy, then Russia might be forced to withdraw from its army base at Gyumri and an army and air base near Yerevan (currently leased until 2044), and divert even more resources to its Southern Military District. “

          Armenia after its colour revolution started to act in an anti -Russian way

          Yet Russia is supposed to feel obliged to help Armenia?

          What for? they have shown that they are going in another direction

          And I think both Azerbaijan and Turkey looked at Armenia’s behaviour to Russia and are taking full advantage of a weakened alliance.


          1. You make some good points. If Armenia has politically distanced itself from Russia and approached the West and the NATO then it makes no sense for Russia to offer help without strings attached. But Russia cannot let Turkey/Azerbaijan overrun Armenia either, or let Azerbaijan grab Nagarno-Karabakh, because it would strengthen Turkish position too much in the Caucasus region.


          2. Last I looked, reported that Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan conferred with the Russian President in a phone conversation, during which Putin advised Pashinyan to stop escalating military action where possible. It was Pashinyan who contacted Putin.

            Russia’s Putin tells Armenian PM Pashinyan that all military action in disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region should be halted

            Moscow reacts to Nagorno-Karabakh flare up: Vows to carry on mediation efforts, urges Armenia & Azerbaijan to cease fighting

            While it is true that Armenia’s leaders have been critical of Moscow at times in the past, and they do work with the EU and NATO, that is their prerogative as leaders of an independent nation looking out for its own interests. That Russia appears not to notice or take any action against Armenia having ties with the EU or with NATO is not a sign of a weakening alliance between the two nations. Moscow can’t force Yerevan to act in the interests of Moscow and not its own. It would be more typical of a declining imperial bully like the US to expect every one of its allies to subordinate its own national interests to those of Washington.

            BTW the quotation comes from a RAND Corporation article that Moon of Alabama linked to but does not necessarily endorse. MoA’s position is that Russia will stay on the sidelines unless and until core Armenian territory is attacked (with civilian casualties likely). MoA also notes that Turkey’s economy is in a bad way with the value of the Turkish lira plummeting on world currency markets and that President Erdogan is egging on President Aliyev in Baku as a way of deflecting Turkish public attention away from the Turkish economy’s woes.

            Russia doesn’t need to stop importing Turkish tomatoes to crash the Turkish economy because Erdogan is already doing a great job of it himself.


            1. I seem to recall the west devoted considerable pick-and-shovel freedom and democracy blabbering to getting Pashinyan into his present position. They must have thought he was one of the reforms gang, and would make a useful asset later.


        2. Yes, you are plainly having the time of your life and yukking it up again like you do whenever something difficult happens to put Russia in a bad position – plainly, you are a real friend of Russia, and only motivated by concern. Keep on laughing and making jokes. Perhaps Russia should drop a bunker-buster on your house – would that be a martial enough reaction for you?


    2. They should – they should smack down a Turkish aircraft without warning and at the first available opportunity. Russia is trying to stabilize the situation and calm things down, while Turkey is openly backing Azerbaijan’s military operation. A hard slap now could break the cycle, but it seems plain Erdogan will get away with whatever he is allowed to.


  4. US intel referred Clinton campaign to FBI, alleging it concocted Russia collusion story

    US intelligence believed Clinton plot to ‘stir up a scandal’ was a ‘means of distracting the public from her use of a private mail server.’

    …”In late July 2016, U.S. intelligence agencies obtained insight into Russian intelligence analysis alleging that U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians’ hacking of the Democratic National Committee,” Ratcliffe wrote Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham. “The IC does not know the accuracy of this allegation or the extent to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect exaggeration or fabrication…

    The chronology of events supports something like this. It seems to me t that when it was evident that t-Rump might win the election, the Dems prepared the ground for a ‘poison pill’ to leave behind. Ultimately this is what O-Bomber signed off when t-Rump won. What this does tell us is that the Dems have become as well verse in the black arts of political sabotage at least as well as what the Reps have done since the 1990s and onwards.

    This is the basis of the current undeclared civil war in America. It was driven from the top down by corrupt elites who never imagined that it would gain traction below ground as globalization would cement the West’s Fukuyamiyan superioritiy in to the foreseeable future. Then there was 9/11, 2008 and a further self-made quagmire in more sensless Do Something interventions around the world.


    1. The funny thing here is now the Repubs are trying to spin it that Putin was actually trying to hurt t-Rump! What’s thre phrase, a day late and a dollar short?


  5. It almost doesn’t matter whether Turkey shot down the Armenian Su-25, rather that Armenia has publicly stated it. This is about crossing the Rubicon. For all the chest-beating and rah rah rah from In’Sultin’ Erd O’Grand & Aliyev, both states have denied it happened. Here we clearly see the gulf between broadcast to self-and actual potential consequences of such an action.

    Add to that Armenia has been open (not necessarily transparent) about its losses. Theres been nothing from Azerbaidjan except American Vietnam war style ‘body counts’ of Armenians.

    It looks to me that Armenia are upping the ante to the max. and Azerbaidjan is left wanting by its response which makes no sense if its claims of victories/whatever are anywhere near true.

    What I really want to know is what if any assistance, apart from words, the US is providing and comparatively Russia. One or them is clearly in a much better position than the other. There’s really not much to go on as we know Russia does not broadcast and it certainly would not be in the current ‘pro-EU’ Armenian administrations interest either. Yet again, we are only left to ask what hasn’t been said & done.

    As far as I can see, Armenia is keeping most of its powder dry. The threat of ‘other measures’ is currently more useful (and doesn’t entail the same risks) than actually enacting them. Maybe Putin will invite €µ to cover Aliyev’s humilition as Sarkozy was for Sakaashiti’s? Now that would be funny, but we must not get ahead of ourselves..

    Strategically, each time In’Sultin’ Erd O’Grand backs stunts like these, he exposes himself further to trouble at home. For Russia, not being fully NATO onside is evidently quite useful however distasteful his behavior is, but he may well be undoing himself and putting Turkey squarely back in to the western camp overall but retaining its nationalist Big Boy streak.


  6. BMPD: Директор Центра анализа стратегий и технологий о ситуации в Нагорном Карабахе

    Осеннее военное обострение в Нагорном Карабахе для многих стало совершенной неожиданностью. Но специалисты, которые следят за военно-политической обстановкой в Закавказье, подобное развитие событий давно предсказывали. В частности, эксперты Центра анализа стратегий и технологий (ЦАСТ) еще два года назад спрогнозировали обострение ситуации в Карабахе. В их книге «В ожидании бури: Южный Кавказ» даны оценки, которые, судя по всему, подтверждаются сегодня, пишет Сергей Вальченко в материале для сайта…

    More at the link.

    This looks like a reasonable analysis. If you are lazy like I am, use and online translator.

    I don’t see how Armenia can accept the loss of critical territory even if the Azeri operations are ‘limited.’ According to the interview, Azerbiajan is repeating the tactics of 2018 which is a big NO NO according to Tsun Tzu. I would be surprises is Armenia hasn’t already planned for this. The big fly in this ointment is Yerevan which may delay or limit a response and listen to its ‘western partners.’ That would cement Azeri successes and damage the ‘Pro-EU’ government. One reasonable strategy would be to actually encourage Azeri ‘successes’ as tehy would be tempted to go further than their limited goals and draw the forces in to a pre-prepared ‘cauldron’, aka kiling zone as occured previously in the Donbass and wrap up the Azeri army and gain ground. There’s the risk that it wouldn’t work either, yet again Tsun Tzu do not fight the next war as you fough the last …


  7. Путь самурая
    8 September

    The Path of the Samurai


    If Navalny didn’t exist, he should have to be invented. The Kremlin should cradle such an opposition activist in its arms, blow the dust off him, patronize him in every possible way, and give him bonuses for major public holidays. Therefore, this version about the poisoning of the “famous blogger” by the special services is ridiculous and absurd.

    Long star-striped ears clearly protrude from behind this poisoning scenario. For his function as a destroyer of the foundations of the government has not been fulfilled by Comrade Navalny, who is on an American Department of State salary , and, quite frankly, has not had any prospects at all of doing so. He has turned out to be much too much one of the “intelligentsia”, too soft and too weak.

    I have already written about this: Is it easy to be an oppositionist in Russia?

    In order to go into confrontation against the Russian government, you need to be an ideological fatalist without family and friends, a man with nothing to lose. There is only one path that one must follow in order to do this: the way of the real samurai. Well, Alexey Navalny does not seem to be marked out for such a role. He wanted to take a bite at the government whilst looking beautiful and noble, and also not to splash any blood on anyone.

    Only a very, very naive and narrow-minded person can count on a bloodless game of politics. And don’t blame Russia. In the end, it was not our president who was shot in Dallas.

    And one more thing: you can never under any circumstances whatsoever take money from the enemy — not for a good cause, not for food, not for saving lives — because there is no such thing as an “enemy of our government”, but there is the concept of “enemy of our Motherland”. They do not need Putin’s scalp; they do not need his dead body lying in the yard. They need us all to die in poverty and chaos. Bad for us and let it be even worse! If you want to follow the path of the samurai, then eat dirt and lose friends; die, but don’t take one penny off the enemy.

    As a result of the under-poisoning of the oppositionist, it is quite obvious who has benefited from this — the United States State Department. The collapse of Russia did not really suit them, so at least spoil international relations. And by whose hands did this false “Novichok” get into the mortal flesh of its victim? This is another point to consider. You never know who the Judas is amongst your supposed friends, where power and money betray everything.

    In their native land, in the Russian hinterland, the special services would have had enough imagination, means and mean spiritedness to send Navalny efficiently and with certainty to damnation, be it with a group of passengers in crashed aeroplane or a derailed train, or swallowed up by the hell of sump hole beneath a small Russian town or by an earthquakes of a local scale with hundreds of victims. But why bury him? He is such a convenient character in near-political games.

    Written by a Russian in Russia and not by a Russian emigré in Moskva-na-Temse, for example, or by a “Russian expert”, usually one of the tribe that fled the Russian Empire/Soviet Union and who earns his/her bread by pouring endless Russophobic filth into the Western MSM.

    Navalny is hated by the vast majority of Russians because he is a traitor: he is in the pay of the enemy.

    Likewise is the much beloved in the West Gorbachev loathed by most Russians


    1. I very much agree – the Kremlin loves Navalny, or should, because he is completely ineffective as an ‘opposition leader’. He has no power base inside the country, and is supported by foreigners who make no secret of desiring Russia’s downfall – his election could only come about under such conditions of fakery that it could not be hidden. He has a little crowd of ideological zealots who think everything American is wonderful, which follows him around with stars in its eyes but has no voting clout, many of them probably not being old enough to vote yet. To the best of my recollection he has never offered a political platform, affecting to be afraid the Kremlin will steal his ideas. If he has any good ones as to how social problems could e effectively solved, a real patriot would voice them and be proud if they were adopted. But you don’t get Lyosha’s ideas unless you vote him into a position of power first. Anyone should be cautious of such an arrangement.


      1. As I have pointed out earlier, there have been no protests whatsoever anywhere in Russia over what has been presented in the West and by the pitifully few Navalnyites here as a cowardly and evil attack using a diabolical chemical weapon against a man so beloved by the russian nation, the “leader of the opposition”, who will lead them into the welcome arms of the world community and the heady heights of freedom and democracy.

        Compare this non-reaction to the “assassination” attempt against an American hireling, with the reaction to the arrest of the governor of Khabarovsk, Sergei Furgal.

        I have no doubts whatsoever that Furgal and his clan in the Far East are corrupt, as are, in my opinion, most regional governors anywhere in the world, who, if they are smart, keep the mob happy whilst frequently keeping themselves happy and living to the manner they believe they deserve by frequently dipping into the cash box.

        I digress, but I well remember a leader of regional government in the Northeast of England, a certain T. Dan Smith, leader of Newcastle City Council, who kicked off running a painting and decorating firm that got some juicy contracts with said council, thereby making him a mint (they called him “One-Coat Smith”). He went on and on, becoming a local politician — and he became very popular with the mob because he was a good manipulator, showman, one of the lads, had the good of the public at heart etc. In the end, T. Dan Smith became known as “Mr. Newcastle”. And he was indeed a “man of the people”, in that he was the son of a local coal miner. Anyway, he got involved in clearing the shithole slums of Newcastle and redeveloping the city city centre, which pleased those who lived in the slums there but often made some artistic luvvies criticize him for causing the destruction of some historic buildings. And old T. Dan’s ambitions grew and grew and he got involved with a corrupt architect and in the end, everything went bottom up. He got sent down for 6 years on corruption charges. And the press had a field day over this, not least because T. Dan in the hungry ’30s in industrially depressed Newcastle had been a communist who eventually ended up driving a Jaguar with the private plate “DAN 68”, educating his children privately and purchasing a pied-à-terre in St James’s, London.

        But guess what? Despite all the shit thrown at him by the journalist packs that came from London and by the Parliamentary Labour Party in that cess pit called Westminster, despite the fact that he was clearly corrupt, most people in Newcastle thought that by and large, rightly or wrongly, T. Dan had done a good job in Newcastle and for the ordinary Tynesider.

        In my opinion, it’s the same with the folk way out East in Khabarovsk and their relationship towards Furgal: they know Furgal is “bent” — they’re not dumb! — but they nevertheless believe that he has done qiute a good job managing the province, whilst feathering his own nest, of course, …AND, most importantly, Furgal is not a traitor to Mother Russia! He is not clearly a lackey, a hireling of the US Department of State, he is not a member of Khodorkovsky’s filth team, he is not an enemy of Russia as is “Putin’s Fiercest Critic” Navalny!

        Hence no demonstrations in support of the American agent who has been the “victim” of a Kremlin assassination attempt, which failed, of course, but massive demonstrations over a considerable period of time in support of the corrupt Furgal, who is not a traitor to his motherland.


        1. Put that way, an excellent point with an easily-grasped contrast. Garden-variety thieves are easily understood, because public service for skivvy wages whilst managing generous amounts which often are poorly accounted-for is not in mankind’s nature. We recognize the potential nest-featherer in ourselves.


  8. Sarah Rainsford of the BBC sees change ahead:

    Russian cleaner sweeps to power in surprise village vote
    By Sarah Rainsford
    BBC News, Moscow
    Published12 hours ago

    The former incumbent was a certain Loktev:

    Some have suggested the result was a protest against Mr Loktev’s United Russia party, which has been slumping in polls across the country. In Kostroma, where Povalikhino is located, the party won just 32% of the vote for the regional parliament.

    Elsewhere, a strategy of smart voting pushed by opposition politician Alexei Navalny – backing the candidate most likely to defeat United Russia – brought some new faces into politics.

    Putin is finished!


    1. Rainsford of the BBC:

      Some have suggested the result was a protest against Mr Loktev’s United Russia party, which has been slumping in polls across the country. In Kostroma, where Povalikhino is located, the party won just 32% of the vote for the regional parliament.

      Elsewhere, a strategy of smart voting pushed by opposition politician Alexei Navalny – backing the candidate most likely to defeat United Russia – brought some new faces into politics.

      The WSJ, however, states:

      After Navalny Poisoning, Putin’s Loyalists Win Big in Russian Elections
      Regional contests were seen as test of whether opposition could gain ground from Putin supporters

      But, but Rainsford has said that …


      1. She’s like those US freelance tv cameramen who rush to crime scenes to get the first footage which they can then flog to the 24h news networks. The BBC’s obsession with searching for ‘The First Crack (TM)’ is more than a little ghoulish*, but then again they have to justify the license fee and journalist’s jobs. They’ve got loans to pay too!

        * Or ‘goulash’ when reporting on Viktor Orban.


    2. Yes, it’s all over now. The reformers are at the gates. The usual shite, Navalny’s Smart Voting is causing a huge upheaval which will see the country kneel to America and beg for guidance and reform. I can’t wait. Such excitement.


  9. First Il-114-300 commences engine tests ahead of maiden flight

    …The twin-engined aircraft has undergone low-power runs of its Klimov TV7-117ST-01 powerplant, developed by United Engine Corporation…

    …these modern systems – most of which have been designed by Russian suppliers – represent the “innovative component”…


    Good luck in replacing the Antonov 26 series, even though it is high-winged austere operations oriented.


    1. I am always encouraged to see new Russian designs powered by Russian aviation engines, because every Russian design which does not use American engines is a plane the Americans cannot ground with their ever-increasing sanctions. Russia must move toward a state in which it is not dependent on the west for anything, because Washington can easily bully or cajole its allies into bringing whatever sanctions it cannot levy itself.

      Being independent of the west does not imply no purchases of western goods. The Russian people should be able to buy whatever they want from anywhere they want, if it is available, and there is no reason anything should not be. But as soon as the west sees you becoming reliant on a product in a situation whereby you cannot get it anywhere else and it is either operationally critical or popular enough that Washington thinks snatching it away might cause widespread discontent, it will do it. Even supposing it was toilet paper, it would do it – Washington has no low limit where childishness is concerned.

      Becoming self-reliant in a technology or engineering subset often leads to exports down the road, once your product acquires a reputation for reliability, although the possibility exists that Washington would impose sanctions against its allies to prevent them from buying a Russian engine. Sanctions are kind of like a fiat currency, which only has value so long as those who use it continue to have faith that it has value and is worth something. America’s fiat for sanctions is to convince other nations that they will lose their access to the American market if they do not cooperate. Would they really do it? As long as allies think they would, they will tend to obey them. I would suggest America’s allies examine in detail their own purchases of American goods, from the standpoint of how much cutting off their own market to the USA would hurt, before being cowed by American threats. But I am not a commerce lawyer.


      1. Equally Russian designers and manufacturers need to cultivate as wide a range of clients as possible for their designs or products. Supplying to one major buyer and designing all or most of your product range to suit that buyer’s specifications puts sellers in a similar dangerous situation where the buyer (especially if the buyer is a government) can sanction them by refusing to buy their products.


  10. This news just in:

    US embassy officials are presumably working with local police to determine how a group of Donbass militants managed to sprint all the way to Kiev to find the woman, identify her as a US embassy employee, beat her up and then race all the way back to Donetsk or Lugansk without being noticed.

    All dumpster bins to be searched for the incriminating murder weapon. Presume that a Nina Ricci perfume bottle with cracks on one side or a plastic mineral-water bottle with a big dent in its side will be found.


    1. I’m sure Bell End Cat is on the case already. My guess is that they will be passed ‘intel’ to launder and come to the conclusion that they arrived in a BUK disguised as as a Lada 1200L which they able to track because no-one in Free Ukraine (TM) drives them any more, ergo it must have come from the Donbass.

      Also expect satellite pics with hig-viz lines tracing their route and some low-rez photos of them parked at a service station on the Donbass side high-fiving themselves on a ‘job well done, now in military fatigues with one of them clutching the Prada handbag of the departed…


  11. And piling it on thick now:

    Politician Alexei Navalny has said in an interview with the German magazine “Der Spiegel” that Russian President Vladimir Putin had been behind his alleged poisoning. According to him, he has no other versions. The Kremlin had earlier wished the oppositionist a speedy recovery. In Russia, a pre-investigation check is underway on the fact of a possible poisoning: a criminal case has not yet been initiated.

    “I claim that Putin was behind this crime, I have no other versions of the crime”, the magazine quoted Mr. Navalny. The full text of the interview with him will be released later.

    Alexey Navalny also announced that he was going to return to Russia. “My task now is to remain a guy who is not afraid. And I’m not afraid!” he said.

    Well bully for you, you cnut!

    Navalny “claims”?

    Where’s the fucking evidence to support your claim, US-hireling arsehole?

    source: Навальный считает, что за его отравлением стоит Путин

    Navalny believes Putin is behind his poisoning
    01.10.2020, 08:22

    Source “Vedomosti”, hence the Bullshitter is referred to as a “politician”.


    1. Should have been italicized from Politician Alexei Navalny … to … I’m not afraid!” he said.

      I tell you what though — I am very much afraid that should I chance upon that arsehole in Moscow, I shall drop the bastard forthwith.

      I’m fighting fit at the moment because although they keep on telling me that I am coronavirus positive and that I have pneumonia, the grim reaper clearly awaiteth me not!

      My temperature is normal, as is my normally low blood pressure and heart rate, and I am still 6′ 2′ tall and weigh in at 205 pounds.

      I think I’ll start going to a gym.

      Mrs. Exile is coming home soon. She told me that the new coronavirus unit where she has been holed up these past few weeks is understaffed and overwhelmed with patients.


      1. Hope you dont take ride along my local metro line, arsehole.

        His at present being educated at Stanford (allegedly free of charge, mind you!) daughter is clearly impressed by United states dimwit popular “culture” in that she has her tongue stuck out of her gob as does the vulgar Miley Cyrus, who seems rather fond of simulating fornicatory gyrations on stage.


          1. I like your typos. I wear stripes to make me look taller (or is that thinner?) even though I am strictly average. Maybe I should try platforms? 😉


    2. When he gets back here, Navalny should be hauled up before the Investigative Committee for his having made that statement in Germany and asked to explain why he believes that the president of Russia had ordered his murder with “weapons grade Novichok”.


      1. The Bullshitter-in-Chief US operative in Russia said in the “Der Spiegel” interview: “I should not give Putin the gift of not returning to Russia”.

        Quite the contrary, in fact, arsehole: your planned return here IS, in fact, a gift to the government, and if I were the government, I should make good use of it, in that you would be put on trial here for wilfully, whilst in the service of a foreign power, defaming the Russian head of state and participating in a deception intending to denigrate the Russian state and to cause a deterioration in its relationships with foreign partners.

        If I were a Russian judge and the Bullshitter were found guilty of such charges in my court, I would send the bastard down for at least 15 years.


        1. Merely announcing the opening of a case against Navalny may force Berlin’s hand in all this, one way or another. If it won’t hand over the evidence, then a massive fine for Navalny and it looks bad. If Berlin gives him poitical asylum instead of providing its ‘evidence’, it also looks bad. Of course it could always just hand over the ‘evidence’, but why should it if it hasn’t so far? Navalny likes being the PR gineau pig, so this should be right up his street.


    3. At last!

      Pulling no punches as regards one’s “partners”” activities:

      Navalny ‘is working with CIA’: Kremlin makes explosive allegation after opposition figure blames Putin for alleged poisoning
      1 Oct, 2020 10:44 / Updated 52 minutes ago

      Western intelligence agencies – in particular, agents from the American CIA – are working with Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny, Vladimir Putin’s spokesman alleged on Thursday.

      “Probably, it is not the patient [Navalny] who [is working] for the Western special services, but that [it is the Western intelligence services who [are working} with him – this would be more correct [to say]”, Dmitry Peskov explained. “I can even be specific: these days, specialists from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America are working with him”.

      Will the USA deny this accusation, as is so often the wont, according to “the Bastion of Freedom and Democracy”, of “The Kremlin”?


      1. Alexei Navalny
        on the poison attack,
        Putin’s guilt and the Germans

        “You feel no pain, but you know you are dying.”

        So how come he was howling and screaming on the aircraft deck like the soft cunt he is ?

        According to the “Der Spiegel” interview, he simply walked out of the aircraft toilet, went up to the stewardess and said to her, “I have been poisoned”. He then lay on the deck and went into his howling performance.

        You can see this on a video taken by a fellow passengers.


          1. Got it!

            Get an earful of this shite:

            Navalny: It was a wonderful day. I’m on my way home, with a strenuous and successful business trip behind me. We shot videos for the regional election campaign, and everything had gone according to plan. I’m sitting comfortably in my seat and I’m looking forward to a quiet flight during which I can watch a series. Once I get back to Moscow, I am looking forward to recording my weekly YouTube show and then spending the weekend with my family. I feel good, as I did at the airport. And then… it’s hard to describe because there is nothing to compare it with. Organophosphorus compounds attack your nervous system like a DDos attack attacks the computer – it’s an overload that breaks you. You can no longer concentrate. I can feel that something is wrong. I break out in a cold sweat. I ask Kira beside me for a tissue. Then I say to her: Speak to me. I need to hear a voice – something’s wrong with me. She looks at me like I’m crazy and starts talking.

            DER SPIEGEL:What happened then?

            Navalny: I don’t understand what is happening to me. The stewardesses come by with the trolley. I first want to ask them for water, but I then say: No, let me by, I’m going to the toilet. I wash myself with cold water, sit down and wait and then wash myself again. And then I think: If I don’t get out now, I’ll never get out. The most important feeling was: You are feeling no pain, but you know you’re dying. And I mean, right now, yet nothing hurts. I leave the toilet, turn to the stewardess – and instead of asking for help, I say, to my own surprise: “I’ve been poisoned. I’m dying.” And then I lay down on the ground in front of her to die. She’s the last thing I see – a face that looks at me with slight astonishment and a light smile. She says: “Poisoned?” and by that she probably means I have been served with chicken that was off.

            And the last thing I hear, already on the floor is: Do you have heart problems? But my heart doesn’t hurt. Nothing hurts. All I know is that I am dying. Then I hear voices growing ever quieter, and a woman calling: “Don’t leave us! Don’t leave us!” Then it’s over. I know I’m dead. Only later would it turn out that I was wrong.

            DER SPIEGEL: There’s a video shot by a passenger in which your screams can be heard on the aeroplane. It sounds horrible, almost like the cries of an animal.

            Navalny: I’ve watched it – it’s circulating on the internet under the title: “Navalny screaming in pain”. But it wasn’t pain. It was something else, worse. Pain makes you feel like you’re alive. But in this case, you sense: This is the end.


            1. That’s from the English edition. I still cant get hold of ther full German interview.

              Whats bugging me is that in the English translation, the term “steward” is used throughout. I’m sure in the German, the word “stewardess” [die Stewardess] is used, but the “woke” German-English translator has used “steward” because “stewardess” is “sexist”.

              In fact, for the truly “woke”, “both “steward” and “stewardess” are “sexist”. The “correct” term is “flight attendant”.

              Personally, I think stewardesses are aircraft waitresses.

              But I am far from “woke”.



              1. It was a a stewardess whom the liar approached on leaving the toilet. I clearly recall reading an interview published in a Tomsk newspaper, an interview with a young woman who was a fellow passenger of the bullshitter and who had witnessed all that had happened on board the flight.

                On boarding, she found she was seated near the bastard and had asked him for permission to make a selfie with him. And she was seated aft and watched the bastard go into the toilet then come out and starting his howling performance. And she said his performance was so frightening that the stewardess panicked and started screaming herself for help. And this young woman passenger filmed it all. Others passengers did as well.

                The sound of a Navalny dying from weapons grade nerve agent poisoning.

                afterwards, whilst waiting for their flight to Moscow to continue, according to what this interviewed in Tomsk passenger said, several passengers were pissed off with Navalny and the delay he had caused because they thought he was a junkie who’d had a bad fix in the toilet.


            2. Key statement in the original “Der Spiegel” interview, the majority of which is still behind a wall:

              SPIEGEL: Als Sie das Bewusstsein verloren, waren Sie ein russischer Oppositioneller. Als Sie aus dem Koma aufgewacht sind, waren Sie eine Figur der Weltpolitik. Kanzlerin Merkel hat Sie am Krankenbett besucht. Worüber haben Sie geredet?

              SPIEGEL: When you lost consciousness, you were a member of the Russian opposition. When you woke up from a coma, you were a figure in world politics. Chancellor Merkel visited you at the bedside. What did you talk about?

              A star is born!!!!!!!!


            3. “Pain makes you feel like you’re alive. But in this case, you sense: This is the end.”

              Wow. Lyosha is deep, quite a philosopher. He has re-defined the symptoms of nerve-agent poisoning. All the people who have previously been victims of it, and whose bodies have been contorted in a rictus of agony, were obviously just faking it for the camera.

              However, it looks like there is no shortage of people stupid enough to hang on his every word. Tell us more, Lyosha!


            4. And then I lay down on the ground in front of her to die.

              I did not write that!!!!!!!

              That is stupid American spellchecker shite!

              Or a dumb-arse German translator’s variant of English . (It is from the English edition of “Der Spiegel” – “English” being the North American variant thereof.)

              In my English, the above should be:

              And then I lie down on the ground in front of her to die.

              to lie down: lie/lies down – lay down -has/had lain down

              to lie (to be in a position): lie/lies – lay – has/had lain

              to lay (to place into a position): lay/lays – laid – have/has laid

              I have noticed over very many years how many speakers of North American English use “to lay” rather than “to lie” and as a result, say, for example, “the lay of the land” instead of “the lie of the land”, because they cannot talk proper English like what I can.

              Basically, I couldn’t care less – or should that be “I could care less”.

              So why am I writing this?

              I shall have to lay lie down and ease my aching head …



              1. I have noticed over very many years – that should be above.

                I must rest because I am all excited!

                The boss is coming home today, I think.


                1. No she’s bloody not!

                  Four bloody times already she’s told me today that she’s coming home and then said she isn’t.

                  Bloody Russian incompetents!

                  They won’t let her home until they have her final COVID-19 test results.

                  They told her they had them and then didn’t have them.

                  It seems they had difficulties getting her name right, which baffles the knobheads because it is as follows:

                  Лапшина-Пеннингтон, Наталья Владимировна

                  which sort of bamboozles them because of that double-barrelled family name that she affects, not least in that half of it is an ancient and noble Anglo-Saxon one.

                  Tomorrow, she now says.


          2. BBC shite:

            Alexei Navalny blames Vladimir Putin for poisoning him
            Published 22 minutes ago

            Saint Aleksei the Resurrected

            Asked why the Russian president would target him, Mr Navalny spoke of recent unrest in the far eastern province of Khabarovsk.

            “The Kremlin realises that it must take extreme measures to prevent a ‘Belarus situation'”, the opposition leader said, in reference to weeks of mass anti-government protests there following a disputed election.

            “The system is fighting for its survival and we’ve just felt the consequences.”


            1. The Beagle journalist was interviewed on the BBC world news channel. It is interesting the words he used, such as “Navalny says.” When the BBC anchor asked the journalist what Navalny said about when he was poisoned, which I understood to mean “where does Navalny say he was poisoned?”, the journalist just quoted what Navalny said about feeling strange and going to the aircraft toilet, splashing water on his face blah blah blah. Also that “Navalny cannot see anyone else other than Putin who would sanction it” but not why?


              1. This is what the “respected” German news journal “Der Spiegel” writes as a precursor to the Navalny interview:

                Angela Merkel setzte sich für seine Ausreise nach Deutschland ein. Weil er mit einem Stoff vergiftet wurde, der praktisch nur aus staatlichen russischen Laboren stammen kann, wird weltweit die Frage nach der persönlichen Verantwortung von Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin gestellt. Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass ein russischer Oppositioneller getötet werden sollte – aber das erste Mal, dass die Umstände so stark auf den Kreml deuten. Der dementiert jede Beteiligung.

                Angela Merkel campaigned for his departure to Germany. Because he was poisoned with a substance that can practically only come from Russian state laboratories. The question of the personal responsibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin is being raised around the world. This is not the first time that a Russian opposition member is supposed to have been killed – but it is the first time that circumstances point so strongly to the Kremlin. The Kremlin denies any involvement.

                Out and out misinformation or downright lies:

                a substance that can practically only come from Russian state laboratories:

                it is the first time that circumstances point so strongly to the Kremlin

                Wasn’t the polonium isotope that killed Litvinenko supposedly only produced in Russia?

                Didn’t the Litvinenko “polonium trial”, as Harding so loved to point out, “lead directly to the Kremlin”?

                Wasn’t the “Novichok” allegedly used in Salisbury from Russia – and only possibly from there?

                Didn’t the Salisbury “Novichok” trail lead directly to Russia?

                Haven’t we all been here before – several times already?

                According to “Der Spiegel” we haven’t!


                1. Russia is right when it says it is wasting its time trying to make the west like it. As long as the west includes the United States and the UK, that is never going to happen, and Russia will forever be the chosen whipping boy for western distraction and misdirection. Just cut the supply of anything Russia has that the west needs, and I certainly hope Russia has learned to never partner again with any company that goes along with this. China as well. Denied the Chinese growth market, a lot of western companies would have to downsize or go under.


              1. He is a classic sociopath. As such, he fits right in with Western values and leadership.

                The global struggle may be mostly about psychology – Western narcissism versus acceptance of life and getting along (surely, there must be a term for the foregoing).

                Until Russians learn to be narcissists, they will always be regarded as the enemy.


      2. Навальный решил подать в суд на Пескова
        Ранее Дмитрий Песков заявил, что у Кремля есть информация» о том, что с Навальным работают специалисты ЦРУ. Навальный потребовал представить доказательства

        01 Oct, 15:51 101 082
        Navalny has decided to sue Peskov
        Earlier Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has information “that CIA specialists are working with Navalny. Navalny has demanded that evidence be provided

        Nail the bastard!!!!!!

        FBK founder Alexei Navalny has announced in his blog that he shall sue Vladimir Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov. Earlier, the presidential press secretary said that the Kremlin has information that CIA specialists are presently working with Navalny.

        “Therefore, firstly, I am filing a lawsuit against Peskov. And secondly, I demand the publication of evidence and facts indicating ‘working with CIA specialists’. Show it directly on TV, in prime time”, Navalny said.

        RBC has sent the request to Dmitry Peskov.

        On October 1, Peskov announced that there was information about CIA specialists working with Navalny. Commenting on the statement by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, who called the situation with Navalny’s poisoning “orchestrated” by Western intelligence services, the Kremlin spokesman said: “I can even say specifically – specialists from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America are presently working with him”.

        Navalny called these words “ridiculous accusations”.

        The oppositionist became ill during the flight from Tomsk to Moscow on August 20. The liner urgently sat down in Omsk, where the politician was hospitalized. Two days later he was transported to Berlin, to the Charité clinic.

        How about this for evidence – from 2015:

        Navalny meeting with US diplomats at the Dudki restaurant in Kostroma

        How many of those “diplomats” were CIA operatives?


        1. The bastard demands that Peskov provide evidence for his accusation, whereas the two-faced twat accuses Putin of attempting to murder him and provides no supporting evidence for this accusation, apart from the fact, of course, that 99.5% of Finns believe this to be the case.


        2. Well, might as well have some fun, I guess – it’s gone too far to stop it now. All the advantages are Navalny’s; he shoots off his mouth, and the foreign press swoons at his wisdom and bravery. Russia will not win anything in this kind of contest, and everything it says and does now in this matter just results in more publicity for Navalny. It could never provide evidence that would convince anyone in Europe, and the more it tries to defend itself, the more Navalny is loving it. But of course nobody will listen to me, so learn the way all the most lasting lessons are learned – by bitter experience. The only prudent course of action is to stop talking about it, stop feeding the press frenzy and stop making Navalny a seven-day wonder. Just say, indifferently, “Believe what you like”. And then stop answering the phone. You would think this was the first time the western press ever gave Russia the shitty end of the stick, the way they’re being played for sensation. Just stop talking to the west completely, on anything except the driest business. Stop denying, because your denials are only being interpreted as confession. Just say, “Believe what you like. I don’t care”. Take a vacation from the UN, or spend sessions tweeting out cat pictures like Lyosha does when he is in court. And stop being drawn by demands for an investigation. Just say, “Why should we investigate? Is he dead? Well, then, investigate what? How useless our poisons are?”


  12. МИД РФ ответил на заявление Германии в ООН по Навальному

    Russian Foreign Ministry responded to Germany’s statement to the UN on Navalny

    MOSCOW, September 30, 2020, 20:31 – REGNUM The anti-Russian statement of the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on the “Navalny case” is considered provocative in Moscow, the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on September 30.

    Commenting on Maas’s statement at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted that Moscow perceived it “as a continuation of Berlin’s openly hostile anti-Russian line on the so-called poisoning of Navalny”.

    Moscow believes that Berlin is thus trying to “shift the responsibility for its unwillingness to cooperate with us on this matter on others and is hiding behind the backs of allies and international structures”.

    The Russian side draws attention to the fact that this is being done simultaneously with Berlin ignoring three requests from the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office in the “Navalny case”. On the medical line of investigation, a similar picture has been observed.

    “We remind you that it is often asserted in the West that it is impossible to deal with Russia in the same way, that is, to conduct ‘business as usual’”, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.

    Moscow pointed out that if it is “impossible to deal with” anyone, it is the West — Germany, as well as its NATO and EU allies. As long as the West does not stop fraud and provocations, it will be so.

    As a reminder, Maas announced at the UN on September 29 that Navalny had been “poisoned”:

    “Such a case cannot remain without consequences. This is why the EU has reserved the right to impose sanctions. And we are grateful to our partners around the world for their unequivocal support.”

    And no evidence proffered by Maas to support this most serious accusation made against Russia in the (virtual) most hallowed halls of the UN.

    The deutscher Arschloch said the following:

    This is not the first time that we have been confronted by a violation of an existential principle of international cooperation, namely the banning of chemical weapons.

    A violation of this – as we have been able to prove together with our partners in the poisoning of Alexei Navalny – is a problem for the entire international community.

    I call on Russia to do more to investigate this case. A case such as this must have consequences. The EU therefore reserves the right to impose sanctions.

    And we’re grateful to our partners around the world for their unequivocal support.

    Source: Auswärtigtes Amt Deutschlands [Fritz Foreign Office]

    Speech of Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas at the 75th General Assembly of the United Nations

    Herzliche Grüsse aus Berlin von einem typischen deutschen Arschloch!


        1. Bloody spellchecker changed “Maas” to “Mass”!

          “Maas” is the name of the river that the Frogs call the “Meuse” and on which the Dutch city of Maastricht stands.

          Been there, done it, by the way.

          I used to go for forays into the Netherlands when I lived in the Vaterland because the miserable Fritzes wouldn’t sell my favourite British black shag, but the Dutchies do.

          The Dutch have their own “black shag” [“zware shag” — “zware” cognate with English “swarthy” and the German “schwarz”] as well.

          They flog it at a tobacconist’s round the corner from here, but I’ve jacked smoking in again for another year: ’tis but a summer pastime for me and it’s not so comfortable puffing a pipe on a park bench when its minus 10C or whatever here.


    1. Yet again, is what they say matched by what they do? No. Maas is an aaashole and bigging himself up as Frau Merkel is retiring, which as we all know politicians take as an opportunity to be less diplomatic than usual.


    2. Russia should blame its own naivety when it handed Navalny to Germany. Even pro-Kremlin analyst Alexander Mercouris said in the Duran Youtube channel that Russia got played badly there and it was a bad judgement from Russia’s part to let Navalny to be transported to Germany.


      1. Yes, it seems that this supposed Russian error has most definitely cut you to the quick and has resulted in your apparent distraught state concerning this matter.


      2. Karl,

        All citizens have the right to request going abroad for treatment. Russia is not the Soviet Union.

        Russia had nothing to hide. They have their own information about what has occurred.

        It’s Germany that is hiding the results of the so-called tests.

        Germany chose to take an anti Russian stance and use whatever happened in a political way. Making accusations without proof.

        Navalny by joining with the Germans against his own countries government looks like a traitor.

        Only his most devoted fans and some countries in the EU will be happy with this game.


        1. Oh, you’re wasting your time – he’s just trying to provoke a furious response, where he lays down a couple of provocative lines, and you write a whole choleric paragraph. Russia could not butter a slice of bread properly according to Karl. Everything it does is imbecilic fumbling, while the USA reaches into every barrel of shit and pulls out roses and money.


    3. “We remind you that it is often asserted in the West that it is impossible to deal with Russia in the same way, that is, to conduct ‘business as usual’”, the Russian Foreign Ministry noted.

      Moscow pointed out that if it is “impossible to deal with” anyone, it is the West — Germany, as well as its NATO and EU allies. As long as the West does not stop fraud and provocations, it will be so.

      The US State Department probably rolls around on the rug and hugs itself with delight when it hears slanging like this – this is exactly the sort of reaction it sought to provoke. I might have to take back what I sometimes say about them being stupid, because they evidently know human nature better than I thought. They want Russian and Germany to fight, and they are fighting. The USA wants Nord Stream II stopped, and if this keeps up it will only be a matter of time before tempers boil over and that is exactly what will happen. The construction will be stopped, the line will be capped indefinitely, and partners will drift away in search of less hopeless investments. Once it’s only a ‘Kremlin project’ and all the foreign partners have backed out in disgust, that’ll be the end of it, and Uncle Sam will swoop in on his white charger that farts LNG, and save the day. The country that started the whole thing with its tuppenny provocation will reap the rewards.

      Truth to tell. I’m getting tired of the whole thing. If people actually are so predictable and easily manipulated that the Americans can play the Germans like violins, then their big-brain European reputation as deep thinkers and a cut above the average American clod is totally undeserved. One more time, Germany, I dare you. Do it. Order the Russians and their partners to stop construction of the pipeline, that you don’t need it or want it, and there must be consequences for poisoning Navalny. I promise you, if you do, your mothers will regret the day they ever heard the name ‘Navalny’, and German business leaders will band together themselves to have him hit. It will cost Germany and Europe so much money, you can’t even imagine it, and on top of all that it will be betrothed to Uncle Sam and his molecules of freedom, which will promptly be leveraged to ensure Washington picks the European leaders who want to be assured of a plentiful supply of gas.

      Do it, you weak sisters! You don’t have the stones – you’re all talk. Do it! Stop talking about it, and step off the edge.


  13. Russia’s foreign policy enters new China-aligned phase

    Moscow is redefining its relations with Germany, Europe and the wider world in sight of its alliance with Beijing

    by MK Bhadrakumar

    …Lavrov summed up Russia’s deep disenchantment with its European partners in the following words:

    “In principle, the geopolitical response over these years consisted of recognizing that our Western partners were unreliable, including, unfortunately, members of the European Union. We had many far-reaching plans, and there are documents setting forth the path to developing relations with the EU in the energy sector and high technology, and stepping up economic cooperation in general.

    “We share a single geopolitical space. Considering our shared geography, logistics, and infrastructure across the Eurasian continent, we benefit from a substantial comparative advantage.

    “It would certainly be a grave mistake for us and the European Union, as well as other countries in this space, including the SCO, the EAEU, and ASEAN, which is also nearby, not to use our comparative geopolitical and geo-economic advantages in an increasingly competitive world. Unfortunately, the European Union sacrificed its geo-economic and strategic interests for the sake of its momentary desire to match the United States in what they refer to as ‘punishing Russia.’

    “We [Russia] have grown used to this. We now understand that we need a safety net in all our future plans related to reviving the full partnership with the European Union. This means that we need to proceed in a way that if the EU sticks to its negative, destructive positions, we would not depend on its whims and could provide for our development on our own while working with those who are ready to cooperate with us in an equal and mutually respectful manner.” …

    More at the link.


  14. ЕС ввел санкции против участников строительства Крымского моста

    EU has imposed sanctions against participants in the construction of the Crimea bridge</b.
    1st October 2020

    Source: EUR-Lexa

    Council Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1367 of 1 October 2020 implementing Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine


    of 1 October 2020

    implementing Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine


    Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,

    Having regard to Council Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 of 17 March 2014 concerning restrictive measures in respect of actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine (1), and in particular Article 14(1) thereof,

    Having regard to the proposal of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,



    On 17 March 2014, the Council adopted Regulation (EU) No 269/2014.


    On 23 December 2019, the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, announced the opening of a railway bridge over the Kerch Strait, which marked the implementation of the broader project of connecting the railway infrastructures of the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula and those of Russia.


    The Union does not recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation. The construction of the bridge and railway tracks connecting it to the pre‐existing transport infrastructure aims at consolidating the Russian Federation’s control over the illegally annexed Crimea and Sevastopol and further isolating the peninsula from Ukraine.


    The Council considers that four entities and two individuals should be added to the list of persons, entities and bodies subject to restrictive measures as set out in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 for their role in designing, building or using the railway infrastructure linking Russia and the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula.


    Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 269/2014 should therefore be amended accordingly,


    Article 1

    The persons and entities listed in the Annex to this Regulation shall be added to the list set out in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 269/2014.

    Article 2

    This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

    This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.

    Done at Brussels, 1 October 2020.

    For the Council

    The President
    M. ROTH

    EU Sanctions have been imposed against:

    Alexander Nikolaevich GANOV (Александр Николаевич ГАНОВ)

    General director of the JSC TC Grand Service Express, which operates railway service between Russia and the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. Therefore, he supports the consolidation of the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula into the Russian Federation, which in turn further undermines the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.


    Leonid Kronidovich RYZHENKIN (Леонид Кронидович РЫЖЕНЬКИН)

    Deputy general director for infrastructure projects at Stroigazmontazh (SGM) who since 2015 had supervised the construction of the bridge over the Kerch Strait (including the railway part of the bridge) connecting Russia and the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. Therefore, he supports the consolidation of the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula into the Russian Federation, which in turn further undermines the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.


    The sanctioned legal entities are the Joint-stock company “Lenpromtransproyekt” (АО «Ленпромтранспроект»):

    Joint-stock company Lenpromtransproyekt participated in the project of connecting the railway infrastructures of the illegally annexed Crimea and Russia by designing the railway approaches to the bridge over the Kerch Strait and acting as architectural supervisor during construction of the bridge connecting Russia and the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. Therefore, it supports the consolidation of the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula into the Russian Federation, which in turn further undermines the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

    and railway companies and an insurance company.


    And all to help Bandera Nazis who are pissed off because their side got its collective arses tanned by the USSR.


    1. “connecting it to the pre-existing transport infrastructure” is comedy gold. The pre-existing transport infrastructure might have coped with a couple of Hispano Suiza jalopies preceded by a man carrying a red flag.


    2. Yes, the Europeans liked it much better when the Banderites could cut the population off from electricity, water, food and fuel. What champions of human rights. Europe deserves to freeze in the dark, or to pay top dollar for American gas. Mark my words – we are driving toward another world war.


  15. Russia’s foreign partners refuse to supply radio electronic systems for Russian aircraft

    Russia’s foreign partners refuse to supply radio electronic systems for Russian aircraft, department director of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Shpak told reporters on Wednesday.

    “Our foreign partners supplying ready systems for our airplanes, publicly or privately, informed our aircraft producers that they will not continue relations with our aircraft manufacturers either under existing contracts or under new contracts. Actually, without announcement of sanctions, they said they would not supply [radio electronic] systems anymore,” Shpak said.

    Foreign countries attempt to stop Russian civil aviation industry in such way, the official said.

    Subsequent restrictions may cover microelectronics, he added.

    Bye bye titanium (sic Boing/Arbus), GE etc.? I don’t see how Russia cannot respond to this. The Rubicon has been crossed. The US (as it most certainly behind this) is trying to do a Huawei to Russia.

    In other news: Russian airlines’ traffic reaches 63.4 per cent of 2019 level in August

    Low-cost carrier Pobeda boasts double-digit growth amidst the turbulent market


      1. Does Russia already have domestic equivalents? I’m sure it does, but… Maybe they should just hold up shipment, swine flu or some other bs excuse….


    1. I agree, Drop the gloves. Stop worrying that nice people might get hurt.

      And besides; Russia is perfectly capable of producing its own electronics, or buying them from someone else or through third parties. Once again, it is just urging Russia further down the road to total independence and further alliance with China. Anytime the west feels like it could take on a Sino-Russian alliance and emerge victorious, try it. It’ll be a mistake, but sometimes you have to make mistakes to learn when you think you know everything.


  16. In the liberast rag “Kommersant” this morning, we have:

    «Алексей Навальный громко напомнил о себе»
    01.10.2020, 19:38

    Aleksei Navalny loudly reminds everyone about himself

    The article goes on and on about who has accused whom of what:

    Alexei Navalny has refused to consider himself a CIA agent. The opposition leader [typically libtard press description of the Bullshitter — ME]] said he would sue the president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, for the relevant charges. On Thursday, the Russian politician published an interview with “Der Spiegel” magazine, where he accused the Russian leadership of his poisoning. In response, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin called him a Western henchman and a scoundrel, and later the presidential press secretary accused him of having links with the CIA. Dmitry Dize, political observer for “Kommersant on FM“, believes that Navalny is playing to raise his status as opposition leader.

    [Embedded link to FM radio broadcast if you want to practise your Russian.]

    Deeper in the body of the text, however, there appears the following:

    Тем не менее, самый простой способ избежать подобных обвинений — это предъявить доказательства, что его никто не травил или хотя бы расследовать факт такой странной неожиданной болезни по крайней мере с виду достаточно здорового человека. Именно этого добивается от России и так называемый цивилизованный Запад. Собственно, во многом от позиции последнего и зависит дальнейшее развитие событий. До сего момента партнеры были настроены жестко.

    Nevertheless, the easiest way to avoid such accusations is to present evidence that no one has persecuted him, or at least to investigate the fact that a seemingly healthy enough person suffered such a strange, unexpected sickness. This is precisely what the so-called civilized West is seeking from Russia. Actually, the further development of events largely depends on the position of the latter. Until now, our partners have been tough.

    Our partners have been tough?


    Have not the Russian authorities all along been prepared to present the evidence arrived at in Tomsk that that piece of filth presented in the West as “the leader of the opposition” had not been poisoned???

    Has not a preliminary investigation in Tomsk into the possibility of foul play having been involved in Navalny’s seizure on board an Omsk – Moscow flight drawn a blank in this respect???

    Is not the commentator who wrote the above aware of these facts?

    Or does Russian co-operation with Western demands mean that Russia confess its “guilt”?


    1. Apparently, the founder of the “Fund for the struggle Against Corruption”, which no longer exists, did not present any arguments to support his accusation that the Evil One had ordered his poisoning, which alleged assassination attempt was, lest any forget, yet another stupendous cock-up on the part of Russian agents, something that is, perhaps, of no surprise to a large number of Finns and others of their ilk.

      Navalny also announced his plans to return to Russia.

      And it turns out that he was talking for 2 bloody hours to the “Der Spiegel” journalists!

      “My job now is to remain a guy who is not afraid. And I’m not afraid!” he told them.

      Live on air on Sputnik Radio, political scientist and author of the “Политджойстик” [Politjoystick] Telegram channel Marat Bashirov has commented on Navalny’s statements.

      [Bashirov is a Tatar, by the way, and not a professional Tatar such as as that bastard that lives in the USA, who is some Tatar “International Tatar Mejli” person and who claims to have invented “Novichok”.]

      “It is obvious that something has happened to Aleksey’s brain, because this statement is not just stupid, it demonstrates that he is falling into a completely critical oppositional plane, the same as, for example, Mr. Kasparov or Khodorkovsky — a mistake for him personally if he is going to engage in politics in Russia”, said Bashirov.

      In other words, the bullshitter is moving from being a blogger to being a political opponent of Putin and the government.

      Navalny is a shit politician.

      He hasn’t a clue: he’s a demogogue.

      Furthermore, his chief appeal seems to be towards schoolkids and other such juveniles and assorted soft-arse members of the bourgeoisie.

      I live with ordinary Russian scruffs in central Moscow. They think Navalny is a wanker. As I’ve always said: he’s a spiv, a Jack-the-Lad, always on the make.

      I remember when Sobchak took him to task on a TV interview as regards his policies: she ran rings around him: he had no idea about economics.


      1. As I’ve always said: he’s a spiv, a Jack-the-Lad, always on the make.

        And most important of all for your ordinary Ivan: the bastard is a traitor!


          1. We are about the same age and virtually identical in height and weight. I do like outside work, especially if it involves some physical demands. Can’t stand going to the gym. Besides, work muscles are better than gym muscles.

            Not that I want to catch the bug but it does not scare me either. Here at work, some people are in fear (still). Perhaps, they are afraid of spreading the bug to elderly parents, I don’t know. Others have no fear at all. The HR department is quite active in maintaining government recommendations out of concern over potential company liability if someone were to catch the bug as well as the need to quarantine anyone who contacted that person at work for 14 days.


    1. Bravo. If anyone will shake it off and then say publicly, “This was not much worse than the flu, why is everyone freaking out?”, it will be Trump. I will be surprised if we hear he is in IC on a ventilator and at death’s very door, as was the case with BoJo. And Trump is the elder, by 18 years.

      Of course the presidential physicians will flutter about and want to take every action of an excess of caution. But Trump is about as diplomatic as a…well, I can’t even think of a comparison, but not very, and if anyone will say he was not really very ill, it will be him.


      1. Just to be paranoid on Trump’s behalf, someone around him could make sure he gets really sick with something nasty. Any denial by Trump that the illness was not Covid-19 would, course, result in nothing but derision.


    1. Yes, this marks the end of tolerance for Navalny. It also may mean that he will not be permitted to return to Russia. Perhaps his CIA handlers concluded Navalny was no longer of any value whatsoever as an agitator inside of Russia. His new role will be an an exiled human rights activist who narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by Putin. Likewise, those in Russia who deal with such folks decided it was time to pull the plug thus revealing his CIA connections.

      As said many time here as of late, Russian leadership may have concluded that there are not enough sanity left in Western leadership to justify further efforts to normalize relationships.

      It’s all about psychology/pathology of Western leadership.


      1. I tell you what is pissing off many here: the ingratitude of the bastard and his acolytes towards the Tomsk medics.


        1. 2 октября 2020
          «Жив и ругается — значит, сделали все, что нужно»
          Что российские врачи думают о конфликте Навального с омскими медиками

          October 2, 2020
          “Alive and shouting his mouth off — this means they did everything that was necessary”
          What Russian doctors think about Navalny’s conflict with the Omsk doctors

          Whilst in Germany, where he was taken to be treated for poisoning, Alexei Navalny has compared the head physician of the hospital in Omsk, where he was urgently hospitalized in August, with “secret agents who kill people”. He also believes that the doctors hid the truth about his diagnosis from the media. What do the colleagues of Omsk doctors think about the correspondence conflict with Navalny – “”.

          “I had to bandage a man who had just fired a shot at us.”

          Alexander Myasnikov, chief physician of the Moscow City M.E. Zhadkevich Clinical Hospital and TV presenter:

          “In the news: ‘Alexei Navalny believes that the Omsk doctors wanted him dead’.

          Listen, you – if we had wanted that to happen, you would have died on the first day!

          I shall not ask stupid questions like ‘Do you have a conscience?!’ or ‘Are you ***** [out of your fucking mind]?!’ – as it is quite clear that the answer to the first question is ‘No’ and to the second – ‘Yes’.

          But I want to express my indignation and disgust and have the right to do so. A day earlier, this person accused the President of Russia of “poisoning” him. Now he is accusing the doctors who saved his life. Then he will return to our country and breathe the same air as us. Yes, this is probably all according to the law and right – he is a Russian citizen. But from our side, this is no longer tolerance, but some cowardly forgiveness! And shouldn’t a Russian citizen be held accountable by law for libel and insults?!

          I once experience a situation in Africa when I had to bandage a man who had just shot at us. I didn’t hate him. But for him – I feel hatred.”

          “Doctors have the right to demand a public apology”
          National Association of Honored Doctors of Russia:

          The National Association of Distinguished Doctors of the Russian Federation believes that the accusations of Mr. Navalny against Omsk doctors, published in a number of German media outlets, where he says that they are “worse than secret agents who kill people,” are blasphemous, unacceptable and should not remain unanswered.

          In the whole story with Mr. Navalny and in the way it is developing, we see only a dirty political game. His statements in the media, as if written in advance, clearly do not pursue the goal of improving relations between the international community and Russia. He can be compared to a wolf who has thrown off a sheep’s skin, since it has become quite obvious that this person, who calls himself a citizen of our country, does not care for its interests and the interests of his compatriots.

          Let us not even talk about the moral side of this story, when he insults the people who literally saved his life. Recall that for two days the best doctors of the Omsk emergency hospital No. 1 fought for the life of Mr. Navalny, to which hospital had been brought from the airport after an emergency landing. If it were not for the professionalism of the Omsk doctors, Navalny would hardly be giving interviews now.

          Let us also recall that in the Omsk hospital the patient underwent many studies, analyses, and all of them were presented to German doctors who highly appreciated the professionalism of their Russian colleagues.

          The entire medical community is outraged and considers it unacceptable to offend doctors who save lives.

          We also believe that the Omsk doctors have the right to demand a public apology from Navalny. If doctors in Omsk Emergency Clinical Hospital No.1 and chief doctor Alexander Murakhovsky file a class action lawsuit against Navalny for his completely unfounded accusations, the National Association of Distinguished Doctors will support them.”

          “In the Omsk hospital he was not allowed to die”
          Leonid Roshal, President of the National Medical Chamber

          “If I am the chief physician and three laboratories give me a result that they have found nothing, then I am a murderer?

          I think Navalny’s phrase ‘In my opinion, the chief doctor of the Omsk hospital is worse than the secret service agents who kill people’ in relation to the doctors of the Omsk hospital is offensive. In reality, in the Omsk hospital, he was not allowed to die, which is undoubtedly to the merit of the chief doctor. In the Omsk hospital, Navalny was skillfully brought to a transportable state, which allowed the German team not to have to rush the take off and the flight to be put back by 10 hours while the pilots slept.”

          “For two days, in a very difficult psychological situation, they saved the patient’s life.”
          An open letter from the Omsk medical community:

          We are aware that sometimes negative comments are appropriate and constructive. However, the sharp reaction of the liberal public to the actions of the Omsk doctors in the rescue of Alexei Navalny goes beyond all the boundaries of ethics and common sense.

          Today it is impossible to deny the fact that it is thanks to the professionalism of Omsk medical specialists that Navalny survived.

          Within 16 minutes after having received a message from the aircraft, an ambulance arrived at the airport. Within 17 minutes the patient was taken out of the plane on a stretcher, then taken to the medical centre of emergency hospital №1 in Omsk. For 44 hours, doctors fought for his life. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

          Usually, in such cases, relatives, friends, relatives of the patient express gratitude to the doctors. We are now witnessing that. Alexei Navalny’s supporters are trying in every possible way to denigrate those who saved his life. People without medical education are making diagnoses, talking about treatment, and manipulating information. At the same time, none of them witnessed his condition and is not familiar with the focused professional knowledge as regards analyzing the results of analyses and examinations. In fact, we are being faced with such a phenomenon as a “political” diagnosis, which has nothing to do with medicine.

          These people are more interested in the bathroom in the admission department, which is currently being renovated, rather than an objective assessment of the facts about the patient’s well-being. And they were obtained thanks to the modern equipment that this medical center is equipped with.

          [The Navalnyites that mobbed the Omsk hospital, demanding that an immediate diagnosis be declared, namely that the bastard had drunk poisoned tea, began to criticize the apparent dilapidated state of the toilets at the hospital, paying scant attention to the fact that said toilets were undergoing reconstruction and renovation — ME]

          For any doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath, a patient is, first of all, a person who needs help, regardless of his political views and religious beliefs. A real doctor is always out of politics. However, now the people who have kept Navalny alive are being drawn into the political process. They are being threatened with reprisals and insulting labels are being attached to them. We believe that such an attitude towards doctors who have honestly and professionally performed their duty is unacceptable. Such attempts are a truly political diagnosis for all those who try to do so.

          The medical community of Omsk has reacted extremely negatively to the words of the former patient of emergency hospital No. 1 Alexei Navalny, who in fact accused the hospital doctors of not providing him with adequate medical care.

          Statement of the Omsk regional branch of the trade union of health workers of the Russian Federation:

          “Only medical compassion and understanding that the patient not so long ago experienced a difficult period in his life, stop us in the harshest assessments of what has been said and from taking procedural actions. The insult has been inflicted not only on the doctors of a single hospital, but also on the entire Omsk medical profession.

          Undoubtedly, the Navalny case has turned out to be an extraordinary one, but this is not a unique event, unique, not the most difficult and not the most interesting case with which the doctors of the Omsk emergency hospital No. 1 of have had to work.

          Every year, more than 60 thousand patients turn up at this hospital for medical help; more than 30 thousand of them undergo inpatient treatment; 98 percent of the total number have been emergency cases.

          Despite the hype surrounding Navalny, despite the constant interference in the work of people who have nothing to do with medicine, the doctors have coped.

          The fact that Mr. Navalny is rapidly returning to an active life today speaks precisely of the fact that his life was saved in Omsk.

          Of course, Alexei Navalny still has to rethink what happened, as well as adjust his habits, become more attentive to his health. In our opinion, the main thing on this path is to maintain a sound mind and to soberly assess the realities of life and remain human”.

          “If the Omsk hospital had not worked, now Navalny would not be alive now.”
          Anatoly Domnikov, Chairman of the Moscow Regional Organization of the Trade Union of Health Workers of Russia:

          In general, the doctors have not yet stooped so low as to discuss any of Navalny’s words. I personally have a very negative attitude to this – to speak out this way about the organization that saved you in this way! If the Omsk hospital had not worked at the first stage the way it did, Navalny would not be here now, logically. And he still dares to make such comments to the head physician – divides people, thanks some, others he does not, and so on.

          And instead of being basically grateful for being pulled out from the other side, he gives thanks with such black ingratitude? This is just not the done thing!

          “Everything else is politics”
          Dmitry Belyakov, chairman of the independent trade union of ambulance workers “”:

          My personal opinion is this: since Navalny is alive and shouting his mouth off, then the doctors have done everything they needed to. Everything else is politics.

          Do not ascribe any desires to doctors. Doctors could not tell journalists Navalny’s diagnosis, as there is a medical secrecy. They said what they could say.

          From my many years of experience, I noticed that, as a rule, those patients who have not needed an ambulance, or others who trying to make some profit from their experience, are the ones who complain.


          1. Keep it coming, gobshite:

            Навальный: «На мой взгляд, главный врач больницы в Омске хуже, чем тайные агенты, которые убивают людей. По крайней мере, для них убийство — профессия. А он все знает, но рассказывает миру что-то нарушения обмена веществ или что я выпил много самогона. Люди, которые называют себя врачами и готовы ждать, пока я умру — ненавижу ли я их? Наверное. Хочется ли мне взять в руки меч и отрубить им всем головы? Нет. Я за верховенство закона. Этих людей нужно судить справедливым судом».

            Navalny: “In my opinion, the chief doctor of the Omsk hospital is worse than secret agents who kill people. At least for them, killing is a profession. And he knows everything, but he tells the world something about metabolic disorders or that I drank a lot of moonshine. People who call themselves doctors and are willing to wait until I die — do I hate them? Probably. Do I want to take a sword in my hands and chop off their heads? No. I am for the rule of law. These people need to be judged by a fair court “.

            Only one cure for him: a pill. a lead pill —in the nape of the neck.

            That’s the way to do it! Just as you imagine in your febrile brain things are done here.

            Word of advice, arsehole — forget about coming back to Russia. Someone will rub you out, for sure, and it wont be a “special agent” of the type that haunts your perverse mind.


            1. Not that I condone violence, but a bucket of shite regularly poured over your head in public à la Latynina wouldn’t go amiss.


          2. Bravo!!! The idiot just could not rein himself in, and he went too far as idiots often do. In just a handful of sentences, he has assured not only that any welcome he might have expected in Russia is withdrawn, but that liberals in Russia had best keep their mouths shut about his case if they know what is good for them. Because he is so full of himself that he probably has come to believe there was an assassination attempt against him by the entire Russian state – he is that important – Lyosha overstepped and wrote himself a ticket for a life in exile, while ensuring at the same time that few would dare to defend him who remain in Russia. Team Navalny is no more.

            He will doubtless continue to agitate from beyond the borders, as Khodorkovsky and Kasparov do, but he will have even less of a following in Russia than they do. Be vigilant now for a new liberal leader to appear within Russia, because Navalny has rendered himself useless in that capacity at a single stroke.


            1. Navalny is putting himself in a position where the only value he will have to his controllers is as a murder victim. Alive and outside Russia, with a lavish lifestyle that is costing someone (not Navalny) lots of money, Navalny is looking more and more a financial liability.

              The poisoning narrative has played out its part and probably been found lacking, in that it has not had expected results. Navalny had better start looking over his shoulder – but in Washington’s direction, not Moscow’s.


              1. RT
                Only 11% of Russians fully believe opposition figure Navalny was poisoned, just 8% blame government for August incident – survey
                2nd October, 2020 19:34 GMT


                That is according to Levada, whose methodology I am often suspicious of.

                I find it hard to believe that 11% of the population believe he was poisoned, which, of course, is not factual: according to the Levada analysis of data acquired, 11% of those asked a particular question concerning the alleged cause of Navalny’s apparent sickness believe that he had been poisoned.


                1. Well, you see, we’re talking about Russia. Not Finland or some of the big EU countries, where 90% of people believe Navalny was poisoned. With the deadliest nerve agent known to man, that failed to kill 5 out of 6 poisoned with it.


                2. It is a bit difficult ho figure out exactly what that 11% means if 18% of respondents never heard of him. Given that some people will say anything the 11% is probably lower than the number of people who believe in alien kidnappings.


          3. Lyosha has devolved to a reflexive oppositionist, like Kasparov and Khodorkovsky: opposition figures – not politicians, none of them leads a political party, or could get elected lifeguard in a car wash – who oppose every decision, initiative or proclamation by the reigning government. Everything it does is bad. But that’s simply not possible, because if it were true or anything like true, that country would be in chaos and disorder and economic rout. Rather than that being the case, it is relatively peaceful – in fact, it looks like Sweet Valley High compared with the United States – and its economy continues to register the lowest debt in the G20 by a significant margin. At the lowest extreme of the scale, Russia has 58% of the debt load of its closest rival in fiscal responsibility, Saudi Arabia. Comparing it in another field with its enemy, the USA, the latter is struggling with a debt load 107% of its GDP. Russia’s is 14%.


            Naturally, Alexei Kudrin tries to mitigate that success by claiming the low Russian debt is really not all that great, because Russian debt is more expensive than any others. And I’m glad that Kudrin caused himself to be brought up, because with all his faults, Kudrin is much closer to what was once, in the dim ages when I was a lad, referred to in politics as the ‘loyal opposition’ – the party that lost the election, but which still had as a responsibility to help the elected government run the country. It could disagree with government policy, but when it did it was expected to substantiate how that policy was reckless or counterproductive, and suggest improvements.

            Kudrin even has a point – Russian debt is more expensive in that the country cannot borrow for nudge-nudge-wink-wink rates such as the USA enables for its buddies and lackeys, and the venues and countries from which it can borrow are rigorously policed by the US Department of State, in search of those who can be intimidated or shamed out of lending to Russia. And being moved from the giddy heights of Minister of Finance to whatever in hell it is he does now, Chief Auditor and Head of the Complaints Department or whatever, he still takes it seriously and tries to do a good job of it. Not a fucking grifter layabout like Navalny, although the two were previously acquainted and even appeared on the same stage a time or two moaning about Putin and United Russia.

            Kudrin could not get elected dogcatcher, either, and has no measurable popularity. However, he can still live in Russia and doubtless even has friends who value his company and his conversation despite his dissident views. Perhaps he even believes his liberal ideas would build a better Russia if he were allowed to implement them. I don’t see him as deliberately exploiting the country for his own gain, as Navalny has always done.

            I’m not turning into a Kudrin fan; far from it. I’m just contrasting him with Navalny, who comes out substantially worse from the comparison.


  17. FT: Alex Younger: ‘The Russians did not create the things that divide us — we did that’

    The outgoing MI6 head tells Roula Khalaf about new global threats — and why we still need ‘garage shed’ spycraft

    …Relations with Russia he likens to a “boiling frog”, with Britain and its allies only gradually discovering how far the Kremlin is willing to provoke mischief. His own analysis is that Vladimir Putin’s government is threatened by the quality of western democratic institutions and alliances and sets out to disrupt them as a matter of policy. Yet he seems unimpressed with the result. “…The Russians did not create the things that divide us — we did that. They are adept, albeit in a rather crass manner, at exacerbating those things and I believe that we should prevent that.”…

    98% fluff. 2% hilarious. Quite snobby. As usual, no one should be surprised that nothing is given away. If he believes the stuff he’s spouted, then he’s as delusional as everyone else. As for the FT, many questions not asked, therefore not answered. Maybe that it the point. This is Younger’s party hat retirement interview gold watch.


    1. This is the kind of stuff Younger takes pride in as it is not as ‘crass’ as Russian media… Why Is the British Press Sexing Up Stories on Hezbollah, Iran and China?


      This is considered ‘quality journalism.’ It’s nothing new to us. The goal seems to be to inundate readers with a steady flow of stories that if even they appear to be dodgy, poorly sourced or don’t make sense, there’s so many of them that there must be something in it.

      I think Younger in the preceeding article is admiting that Russian backed media is no longer such a poor cousin to the gold standard British backed media. Younger doesn’t like healthy competition. Ergo point out can calling bs rather than pointing in to home produced bs.


    2. “His own analysis is that Vladimir Putin’s government is threatened by the quality of western democratic institutions and alliances and sets out to disrupt them as a matter of policy.”

      Yes, I’m sure the quality of western democratic institutions keeps Putin up at night.

      The truly hilarious part is that the author could recognize the widespread and accelerating collapse of western democratic institutions and still manage to get the responsibility for that collapse completely wrong – according to him, it is falling apart because society’s elites have been marginalized and the public is simply too oafish and incompetent to grasp something so complicated as the management of a country.

      “Democracy is hard work. And as society’s “elites”—experts and public figures who help those around them navigate the heavy responsibilities that come with self-rule—have increasingly been sidelined, citizens have proved ill equipped cognitively and emotionally to run a well-functioning democracy. As a consequence, the center has collapsed and millions of frustrated and angst-filled voters have turned in desperation to right-wing populists.”


  18. OPCW: Investigation Into Two Alleged Syria Chemical Attacks Inconclusive

    The organization has been facing an internal crisis over an alleged 2018 chemical attack in Douma, Syria

    The international chemical weapons watchdog said on Friday that two investigations into alleged attacks in Syria could not establish whether or not chemicals were used. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) released Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) reports on two alleged attacks, one in Saraqib, Syria, on August 1, 2016, and one in Aleppo, Syria, on November 24, 2018….

    So the nobbling of he OPCW in to an organization that exclusively server the purposes of western foreign policy appears to have been averted. For now. I can imagine as the article states that it ..has been quietly facing an internal crisis.. Is there any international organization that is immune to risk of being burnt to the ground if it doesn’t toe certain lines? There can’t be too many left.


    1. What???!!! I thought the evidence was inarguable, a slam-dunk, absolutely no doubt. Mountains of it. Now it turns out there were certainly mountains of something, But it wasn’t evidence. Because you rarely see ‘inconclusive’ and ‘no doubt’ in the same sentence, unless it is to show how not-alike they are.


      1. Well even amongst media circles ‘inconclusive’ is now synonymous with ‘could be’, or ‘there’s no smoke without fire.’ So much cake has been eaten that they’ll be classed as obese and be at risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms.


  19. In other news, In’Sultin’ Erd O’Grand has just implied that Jerusalem is a Turkish city, the Pentaon will continue to buy F-35 parts from Turkey in to 2022 and Armenia has withdrawn its Ambassador to i-Sreal which has been arming Azerbaidjan (what? they’ve only just noticed after years of i-Srael selling Harpy family of suicide drones etc.).

    Rock bottom? Not yet.



    Опубликованы данные о связях Навального с Госдепом
    2 октября 2020
    СМИ обнародовали информацию, указывающие на то, что «Фонд борьбы с коррупцией» и блогер Алексей Навальный могли контактировать с НКО и спецслужбами государств Запада – как для инспирирования протестных настроений, так и для оказания давления на бизнес-структуры России.

    Data published on Navalny’s ties with the State Department
    October 2, 2020
    The media has released information indicating that the Anti-Corruption Fund and blogger Alexei Navalny was able to contact NGOs and special services of Western states – both to inspire protest sentiments and to put pressure on Russian business structures.


    1. From above linked Vzglyad article:

      The fact that the FBK and Navalny are in close contact with the CIA, MI6 and various funds, as well as receiving money through various channels to promote “democracy” in Russia, has been repeatedly written about earlier. Thus, associate professor of the RANEPA* Sergei Karnaukhov and a member of the Public Chamber Ilya Remeslo spoke about the contacts of the head of the FBK with Western NGOs, representatives of the State Department and special services to destabilize the situation in Russia and form a protest agenda, reports the Federal News Agency.

      For example, in his 2016 investigation, Remeslo indicated that Navalny had contact with foreign funds interested in protests in Russia back in 2007. Then the blogger, together with a member of the “Union of Right Forces” party and the leader of the “We” movement, Maria Gaidar, organized the “Political Debates” project. Later published data revealed that the project was funded by the “National Endowment for the United States” (NED funded through USAID and controlled by the CIA, deemed as undesirable non-commercial operations). Navalny received at least $ 23,000 from the fund for his project. This contact was not an isolated case, the newspaper notes.

      The material indicates that Navalny “took the vector of cooperation with the political institutions of the United States and their intelligence services”. Sergey Karnaukhov, who is familiar with Navalny from his work in the Kirov region, said that the blogger worked with Gaidar for a long time and together with her in 2010 met with an employee of the US Embassy in Moscow, Stephen Nix, who at that time oversaw the “School of the Municipal Deputy” in Kirov. According to Karnaukhov, the embassy had then come up with the idea of making Navalny a “professional oppositionist”, and as a result he was sent to study at Yale University under the Yale World Fellow Leadership Program. The media have repeatedly written that under this program, the United States is training controlled revolutionaries. After training, according to the publication, Navalny “became one of the generators of protest moods in the period from 2011 to 2013, when the so-called “Bolotnaya rallies” were held in Moscow.

      Simultaneously with the protests in 2011, the Anti-Corruption Fund was created, which later became a financial hub for receiving funds from Western curators. After 2013, Navalny’s contacts with representatives of the CIA and the US State Department were repeatedly recorded, the newspaper recalls.

      For example, in 2015, as part of the election campaign of the PARNAS party in Kostroma, Navalny in Moscow met with the First Secretary of the US Embassy, ​​State Department employee Bradford Bell. He is affiliated with the “International Foundation for Election Systems” (IFES), an American non-profit organization dedicated to exporting “democracy” to countries around the world.

      Navalny’s contact with the US State Department and the CIA was also recorded in the summer of 2019 during the election campaign for the Moscow City Duma. It is indicated that the summer protests and FBK work on them were overseen by the head of the security service of the American embassy in Russia, Stephen Sexton.

      After the end of the 2019 summer campaign, Navalny flew abroad several times. During Navalny’s trip to Riga in February 2020, he was seen in the company of US diplomats, who met the blogger in a car with American diplomatic corps numbers. According to the latest information, Navalny is also at the moment in contact with the special services of Western countries whilst undergoing rehabilitation in Germany after having been discharged from the clinic. They are creating an image for the blogger and working out a line of behaviour for him to work on as regards the current “Novichok” situation.

      There has also been published data on possible contacts of the head of the FBK with British intelligence. This is indicated by two circumstances: firstly, the executive director of the Anti-Corruption Fund Vladimir Ashurkov ensured the establishment of contact with the financier, the founder of the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund, William Browder. According to media reports, Browder, convicted in absentia in Russia, is a double agent working in the interests of two special services – the US CIA and MI6 of Great Britain.

      In 2018, the group of hackers “Anonymous” published reports from which it became known that Great Britain could be involved in destabilizing the situation in Russia. London, through the “Integrity Initiative” project for interference in foreign affairs, controlled by the Foreign Ministry, could transfer money to both Browder and FBK executive director Vladimir Ashurkov. The publication suggests that the money was subsequently sent to the FBK.

      In addition, the Federal News Agency article provides information about FBK contacts with the NED Foundation. According to RT, the NED fund allocated $ 240,000 to support FBK in 2016 alone. As the authors of the publication suggest, it is more likely that a significant part of the funds went to Nvalny’s FBK.

      FBK can also receive money, including bitcoins, through Leonid Volkov’s project “The Society for the Defence of the Internet” (OZI), which is probably in collaboration with the “Digital Defenders Partnership” (DDP, USA). OIE may also be associated with an organization called the “Ranking Digital Rights Network / SRDRN”, which is funded by the MacArthur Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Soros Open Society Foundation. According to the “Freelance Bureau’ news agency, the funding goes unofficially through bitcoin platforms to hide the sources of the funds.

      Earlier, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov spoke about the work of US CIA specialists with Navalny during the blogger’s treatment in Berlin and that this was not the first time this happened. Peskov also called the blogger’s statements that he was allegedly poisoned by order of the head of the Russian state as offensive, baseless and inadmissible. These statements, Peskov explained, were also made at the request of foreign special services.

      *The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

      You were saying, gobshite — you know, about providing evidence that you are a foreign agent?


      1. Navalny’s Moscow flat was visited by Moscow bailiffs last week as a result of a legal action made against him by Prigozhin, one of whose businesses, “Moskovskiy Shkolnik”, Navalny’s Youtube channel had slandered. In short, Navalny has no Moscow address at the moment, although Prigozhin has kindly offered him permission to sleep in the corridor that leads to his now seized under court order flat.

        However, having arrived in Moscow, as he has said he fully intends to do, I should imagine that Navalny shall be despatched forthwith to here:

        Welcome to Lefortovo Prison, arsehole!


          1. Pastel shades look good against an otherwise snow-covered landscape. Plus over time as buildings age, pastel shades are less likely to get that patchy look when parts of a building that are more exposed to sunlight get that bleached look compared to other parts that still retain their original colour. If anything makes a building look old and tired and ready for the wrecker’s ball, it is having a patchy-looking colour where parts look faded out and other parts still have their original colour. Such a building needs more repainting than a pastel-coloured one would.


        1. If he’s lucky, maybe he will get a top bunk! I always liked the top bunk. Usually it has more headroom, so when you sit up at night you do not smack your head on the bottom of your bunkmate’s bed. Little practicalities like that might take on increased importance in his future. However, put me down for doubting he will ever return.


  21. «Это же очевидно»: Познер указал Навальному на неувязку

    “It’s just obvious”: Pozner has pointed out to Navalny his discrepancy
    October 2, 2020

    Journalist Vladimir Pozner has commented on Alexei Navalny’s statements to the German publication “Der Spiegel” that he was poisoned on the personal instructions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and that Omsk doctors were not going to let him go to Germany for treatment and were waiting for him to die.

    Navalny may fall into a coma again

    According to Posner, “political opportunist” Navalny “is squeezing everything he can out of the current situation”.

    The journalist called the opposition’s statements strange and stressed that if the Russian government had had any intention of killing Navalny, then it would have done so and would not have allowed him to fly to Berlin.

    “After all, if they had wanted to kill him, it would have been easy to do it in the hospital, it would have been easy not to let him go to Germany, that is obvious”, Pozner wrote on his website Pozneronline.

    The journalist suggested that the oppositionist’s statements were aimed at a Western audience.


  22. Navalny has just shot his big gob off far too much.

    I really do not think he is all that bright and has let himself be overwhelmed by the flattery and adulation he has perceived in Germany, not least as regards the “private” visit by Merkel and the rantings of Masse before the UN.


    1. Done it again!!!!!


      And I checked it, but the arsehole of an american spellchecker changed it again.

      Verdammtes Arschloch einer amerikanischen Rechtschreibprüfung!


  23. This

    has a distinct whiff of the week-old mackerel about it. The editor of a local rag immolates herself in front of the regional police HQ and blames the Russian State, despite not being under investigation personally. Tangentially linked to people possibly involved with illegal NGO activities, perhaps, but from the report nothing obvious to hint at a convincing motive for such drastic, suicidal action. On the other hand, less jaundiced eyes than my own may have no difficulty in considering this as yet another example of the brutality of the “regime.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. al-Beeb s’Allah: Russian editor dies after setting herself on fire

      ….”This news was a real blow for me, I knew her,” said Natalia Gryaznevich, an aide to exiled Open Russia founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky. “I know she was harassed, detained, fined all the time. She was a very active woman,” she told BBC Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford../

      There you have it, well buried and not expanded by the world’s greatest media organization. Khordo-f/king-kovsky! He cannot keep his dirty, amoral and evil fingers out of Russia, and he gets a free pass by the western media, despite being found guilty of defrauding the Russian state of tens (surely hundreds) of millions of rubles and not contested by the European Court of Human Rights. We won’t mention all the other stuff he has done and his MENATEP group that ran rampant in Russia. He was without doubt one of the dirtiest oligarchs in Yeltsin’s Russia.

      Others have aid that Berezovsky was completely amoral. Evil would be the correct word. Still, as we see with Armenia today, ‘values’ that the West claims to hold are…fluid, especially when it comes to strategic interest or as a tool against an enemy…


  24. Навальный получил неожиданную «ответку» Кремля после обвинения в адрес Путина
    Опубликовано 1 окт. ‘20 21:35

    Navalny has received an unexpected response from the Kremlin after having accused Putin
    Published on Oct 1. ‘20 21:35

    Having barely recovered from treatment in Germany, opposition leader Alexei Navalny said that the president of the Russian Federation was personally to blame for his poisoning. There came an immediate response.

    Accusing Putin of poisoning his beloved self, Navalny publicly declared: “I’m not afraid of him”. This was in addition to the fact that earlier the oppositionist had declared his desire to return to Russia in the near future.

    And perhaps it might be worth his being afraid. This poor fellow Navalny should study the whole list of sentences that Russian citizens have received only in the last year for having contacts with foreign intelligence services, for espionage in favour of other states and the sale of classified materials abroad.

    If you want to know what we are here for, just take heed of press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, who has replied to Navalny’s accusation: “It is not the patient Navalny who is cooperating with Western special services, but they who are cooperating with him. We have information that experienced CIA specialists have been working closely with him”.

    Why do “007 agents” need Navalny? Obviously, to work together against Russia. At the same time, Peskov added that this interaction of Western special services with Navalny had been recorded earlier.

    But for the time being, they have not laid a finger on him: they have observed him, analyzed his actions, watched him closely, but they have not fingered him yet — until the “politician” had crossed the line. At first, the poisoned oppositionist became the mouthpiece of the European Union in unfounded accusations against Moscow. Now he himself has said what should not have been said. So the Kremlin deciphered what he said and actually called him a CIA agent.

    Well, what did Aleksei Anatolyevich want? After such a “show” with poisoning and after similar accusations against our leadership, he no longer has to count on a warm welcome at home. And if the Kremlin also has concrete facts concerning his “espionage” activities, then why should not the oppositionist, after his spell in a ward in a German clinic, be moved to a Lefortovo cell?

    Of course, the oppositionist himself took offence at being labelled as a “CIA spy”. And he even threatened Peskov with a legal action, demanding from the Kremlin evidence of his cooperation with the American secret service.

    Only at the same time the politician himself forgot something. First of all, his attack on Putin was absolutely unfounded. As Dmitry Peskov explained, “We believe that such accusations against the President of Russia are absolutely groundless and inadmissible; moreover, we consider a number of these statements absolutely insulting and, therefore, unacceptable”.

    In general, while Mr. Navalny is completing his treatment in Berlin, there are many articles for him from the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, about which an investigator may inform him in cosy silence. And this will no longer be a matter of politics: it will simply about criminal activities.


  25. Well, it finally got me. The coronavirus… After two parents felt sick and tested positive, the kindergarten will be closed all next week at least. This will be like back during the spring lockdown but worse because this time I have more children and a lot more work I was planning to finish in October.

    If you see me posting any messages in this or any Russia related forums it means my will is weak or I probably actually caught coronavirus and am too sick to do real work. Please keep me in your thoughts. I’m afraid I might not make it.


    1. Courage. The very great majority of those infected overcome it, and recover. Although I’m sure there is nothing pleasant about it, you should not have to worry about getting it again. Follow a healthy diet and get plenty of rest.


  26. О вреде виски с пивом и Марии Певчих
    Цирк с конями – Алексей Навальный превращается в международного гуру
    20th September 2020

    On the dangers of whiskey with beer and Maria Pevchikh
    A circus with horses – Alexey Navalny turns into an international guru

    After all, the SIS [State Intelligence Service, UK] employs drinking people who never miss a day without a glass of whiskey and a couple of pints of beer. For spies, this is a must. Alcoholic vapours warm up the imagination and give birth to incredibly interesting combinations, but sometimes the enthusiasm for intoxicants fails.

    Recall at the very least the Skripal case. It started off very well, with great fanfare and incredible noise. All the British sewage was pumped out to Russia, and the sewage team was run by Prime Minister Theresa May herself. However, there was a flaw in the script: no one in that free country saw the Novichok poison; the special services did not show it to anyone, which smelled like a hoax. In short, it was necessary to prove that the poison really exists.

    And so a British unemployed man named Charlie Rowley finds on a lawn a box of expensive perfume thrown away by someone, and picks it up. Then he gives the perfume to his beloved, also an unemployed person, Dawn Sturges. She, of course, opens the box, sprinkles the perfume onto herself and dies. British doctors diagnose that she had been poisoned by Novichok. The world community calmly sighs: no, the guys from the SIS did not come up with this poison. Here it is, if you please: take a look at it and admire!

    The bottle, of course, was thrown onto the lawn by the Russian poisoners of the Skripals. Frivolous and irresponsible villains! There would be burying of the bottle in a field or throwing it into a swamp: they threw it onto a lawn. Everything is logical, for they are Russians! However, whiskey and beer prevented the James Bonds from thinking about a simple thing: why would the poisoners need a spare bottle of the deadly potion? After all, it seems that the Skripals got poisoned by touching a doorknob. And for this, one drop of poison or a tiny capsule was enough. If the Russian poisoners really had an excess of poison and they threw it out onto a lawn, then it would be a microcapsule that no bum would see. And it was necessary that the box of “Nina Ricci” should invitingly present itself on the lawn and attract the eyes of the poorest (Don Sturges), that is, the most worthless subjects of Her Majesty.

    What’s the miscalculation of the beer and whiskey lovers? The fact that the contents of the found bottle could have poisoned the entire city of Salisbury and its environs if it was a weapon of mass destruction, which they are trying to classify the substance that appears under the name “Novichok”, a name invented in the West. It seems that the poison in the box was very far from a WMD in its characteristics and “Novichok” was not appropriate for use with such a bottle in any way. That is why a royal court[Not quite! The Russian writer is getting somewhat carried away: he should have written “coroner’s court” — ME] did an unprecedented deed – it did not accept that the unfortunate Dawn Sturges was a victim of the Russians.

    Time passed, and all of this was almost forgotten, when suddenly there once again appears the circus with horses. Only now in a new attraction with Alexei Navalny, and the main character is the charming Maria Pevchikh, who actually lives in London, though she often pops up in Russia.

    The wave of rumours about Maria’s inexplicable functions in FBK and her mystical role during a trip to Tomsk were so powerful that the organizers of the show decided to invite her to an interview with the BBC Russian Service in order to knock down some suspicions. And what happened? Pevchikh vaguely explained the history of her appearance at the FBK and showed helplessness in describing her achievements as the head of the investigation department of this NGO. And why she, being the head of the investigation department, flew to Tomsk “to shoot at big targets”, that is, to work as an operator, is generally incomprehensible. However, as they say, life is richer than our ideas about how everything should be.

    Any logic begins to elude the story of Maria Pevchikh from the moment she learnt that Navalny was hospitalized in Omsk.

    “… We had breakfast downstairs in a restaurant, right at the hotel. The infamous Xander Hotel. My colleague Zhora has a strange hobby – he is very fond of aeroplanes.

    BBC: So he was just tracking on “FlightRadar” the flight of the aircraft in which Aleksei was flying?

    MP: Yes, without any reason. He just does it. He tracks my aeroplanes, Aleksei’s — in general, any. He was doing exactly that, when he noticed that the aircraft had landed in Omsk, and wrote some funny text message to Kira [Yarmysh] like: “Well, guys, how is Omsk?” Suspecting, apparently, that something had broken down, some kind of emergency landing sensor had been triggered, as happens from time to time. Kira did not answer for a while, and then wrote that Aleksei had become sick on the plane, that he had lost consciousness …

    BBC: You immediately rushed to Aleksei’s hotel room. How was this decision made?

    MP: Such a decision did not even have to be made – it was absolutely obvious, and this is the only thing that we could do in that situation. There is Aleksei, a healthy person whom we also had observed the previous few days in Novosibirsk and Tomsk. And there is a very unpleasant video from the plane, where you can see only the seats and hear his screaming. There was no need to explain any further. Healthy people do not go into a coma just like that; he does not have diabetes; he does not have any diseases that could have led to this. It was clear to us that something was seriously wrong. And naturally, this is Russia. Poisoning here is, to my great dismay, almost the norm. It has happened to some people twice. And if we are talking about poisoning, then it means that this could have left traces.

    Let us just consider this nonsense: Pevchikh rushed to Navalny’s room, because poisoning in Russia is “almost the norm”? Why did she do this without waiting for a doctors’ opinion? Followed by instructors who abuse whiskey and beer?

    MP: It’s not that they let us in super easy, but at the same time we didn’t break through cordons or anything like that. We explained the situation – and got in. The hotel administrator was with us. For some time they did not let us in, we arranged a small guard in front of the room so that no one was allowed in there – they literally put a chair in an empty corridor and sat there in turns. As a result, we went in, it was all quite ordinary, we did not discuss: now we will open the door, you will go there, and I will go there, and so on. No. We just went in. We were thinking of taking gloves and now, because of coronavirus, everyone always has them at hand. They opened the door and began to shoot everything that fell into the frame.

    Here Maria is just lying. They did not just arrive there so as to enty an empty hotel room, but to come to rent an empty number, but in order to do a forensic examination and seize material evidence. And this is where the riddles appear.

    BBc: So you collected everything that could potentially have had some value?

    MP: Yes, what a person had been able to touch.

    Then why was only an empty plastic bottle seized? Why did the shrewd Maria Pevchikh not seize the most indisputable piece of evidence – the glasses that Navalny had touched? And the story about the bottle is exotic: you still need to figure out how the poison ended up on it; This is not a glass that Navalny had touched with his lips. However, let us leave it on the conscience of those who mixed whiskey with beer when developing the operation. After all, if experts from three special laboratories in Germany, France and Sweden found “Novichok” in Navalny’s samples, then why was a bottle with traces of poison thrown into the game? Is it for greater persuasiveness, like the perfume for Dawn Sturge in the Skripal case? One thread runs throughout this tale and, most importantly, it is that of the personality of the poisoner. And whatever one may say, charming Maria Pevchikh is most suitable for this role. FBK employees are silent about who Navalny spent the night with or saw in private before leaving the hotel. This is exactly what the Tomsk transport police wanted to interview Maria about, but, apparently, this didn’t come about, and it is at this point that suspicions thicken.

    In the meantime, there is one more question for the British James Bond: if you say, gentlemen, that the case again concerns poison from the Novichok group, then why did Dawn Sturges plunge into a coma 15 minutes after spraying herself with the perfume, whereas Navalny did not do so until 3 yours had passed? Was he in your after-school group?

    However, on the whole, everything went as well as possible. Maria Pevchikh performed the obligatory exercise of meeting with the press, and now her interview will be cited as the primary source by everyone who wants to ask her questions. And Aleksei Navalny turns into an international guru, whoe one touch threatens thunder, lightning the flow of sewage.

    A pint and a wee ‘un!

    Sunday lunchtimes in my salad days!

    In Russia, they drink “yorsh” [“stickleback”] — beer with a vodka thrown into it.

    I used to knock back yorsh here as well, before I got wed.

    Happy days?


    1. Some Navalny gems:

      DER SPIEGEL: You have many enemies. Who do you think is behind your poisoning?

      Navalny: I assert that Putin was behind the crime, and I have no other explanation for what happened. I’m not saying this out of self-flattery, but based on the facts. The most important fact is Novichok. The order to use or produce it can only come from two men – the head of the FSB or the head of SWR, the foreign intelligence service.

      DER SPIEGEL: But if Putin is behind it, why did he let you out of the country?

      Navalny: I think they were determined not to let me leave the country, so they declared publicly that I was not fit to be transported. They were waiting for me to die. But thanks to the support for me and thanks to the efforts of my wife, the whole thing threatened to turn into a kind of online reality show called: “Navalny Dies in Omsk.” And an enormous amount of people, to whom I am very grateful, said: We don’t want to watch that show. It’s important to Putin’s people that they don’t give their opponent martyr status, that they don’t give him – whether dead or alive – any political capital. If I had died in Omsk or suffered permanent harm there, it clearly would have been their responsibility.

      DER SPIEGEL: Putin is known for dividing his opponents into two categories: “enemies” and “traitors.” All means are permitted against traitors, a group to which ex-agent Skripal belonged. You, though, are in the “enemies” category. So, why did they use Novichok?

      Navalny: If someone had told me a month and a half ago that I would be poisoned with Novichok, I would have laughed at them. After all, we know how Putin fights the opposition. We have 20 years of experience. You can be arrested, beaten up, sprayed with disinfectants or shot on a bridge like Boris Nemtsov. But chemical warfare agents were considered the domain of the intelligence services.

      DER SPIEGEL: You were poisoned during a trip to Siberia for the regional elections or, more precisely, to prepare for your “smart voting” strategy, the aim of which is to throw the Kremlin party United Russia out of local parliaments across the country by helping protest voters find the most promising opponent by way of an app. This strategy has had mixed success. “Smart voting” worked well in Tomsk, less so in Novosibirsk.

      Navalny: The elections showed how political reality had changed. A candidate for election in a major Russian city is listed on the ballot as “Coordinator of the Navalny Staff” and he gets 50 percent of the vote against Tomsk’s most important oligarch. In Novosibirsk, our candidate got 45 percent. Tomsk was a victory and Novosibirsk was a success, even if some mandates were stolen from us.

      DER SPIEGEL: The clothes were taken after you were admitted to the hospital in Omsk and they were never returned.

      Navalny: I have no doubt that my clothes have been simmering in a large tank of bleach for a month! So that the traces are removed (laughs). If it hadn’t been for this chain of fortunate circumstances – the pilots making an emergency landing in Omsk, with the ambulance already waiting at the Omsk airport, and the fact that I was given atropine within an hour and a half – I would have died. The plan was smart: I would have taken off, died in flight and wound up in a morgue in Omsk or Moscow. And then nobody would have found Novichok, because morgues don’t have mass spectrometers. Besides, they could have waited a bit before performing the analysis. I would have just been a suspicious death.

      DER SPIEGEL: You could have died in the hotel.

      Navalny: Some people suspect that the plan was to have me die in my sleep. Honestly, though, after going through the poisoning, I think I would have woken up. It would have been an amusing sight for the hotel security cameras: Me crawling across the hallway in my underwear with these symptoms. I guarantee that with these symptoms, I would have used the last of my strength to crawl out. Having me die in that hotel would have been a risky plan. The staff still could have called the ambulance.

      DER SPIEGEL: What is your explanation for the fact that nobody else was harmed by the poison? Others were injured in Salisbury, in Britain, where former agent Sergei Skripal was poisoned.

      Navalny: I think they learned their lessons from the Skripal case when 48 people were contaminated and one woman died. That’s why you can’t apply the poison to an object such as the sink or the shower, which I might not even use. Or to my mobile phone, which I might have given Kira – in which case, instead of one suspicious death, you would have had two. Like I said: I’m just speculating here. Obviously we’re looking at a more sophisticated means, and it was applied to an object that only I touch.

      DER SPIEGEL: What about the traces you left on the water bottle?

      Navalny: They were harmless. It was a minimal amount of poison. Anyone could have touched it without suffering any harm.

      The man is an egoistical idiot.

      Hardly anyone gives a flying fuck about him here, least of all the head of state.

      Well, maybe not: perhaps Putin might get worried if Navalny were replaced by some other Western poster boy, for no other could possibly be as open to ridicule as is the Bullshitter.


      1. Eh, 48 people were ‘contaminated’ during the Skripal incident? Really? With bs perhaps? Is this another redefinition of a word in english in to something completely different? Again?


  27. Skripal rerun:

    Moscow: Berlin Refuses Consular Access to Navalny Despite 4th Legal Aid Request
    11:20 GMT 03.10.2020

    The German Foreign Ministry has refused to grant the Russian Embassy in Berlin consular access to Alexei Navalny, who is currently staying in Germany after having been discharged from the Charité hospital, where he had been treated for suspected nerve agent poisoning, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

    The Russian Foreign Ministry added that Russian prosecutors had already sent a fourth request for legal aid to Berlin on 24 September, noting that the previous ones remained unanswered.

    “We still insist on receiving a response to these appeals”, the statement said.

    Moscow underlined it remained ready to an open, fair and fact-based dialogue, calling on the “instigators of the provocation campaign to demonize Russia and disrupt bilateral ties” to “come to their senses”.

    “A paradoxical proposition was voiced [by German politicians] about the alleged lack of readiness in Russia for dialogue with Germany within the framework of existing specialised bilateral mechanisms. We consider such statements as nothing more than a blatant lie”, the statement read.

    German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas earlier in the day told German news portal t-online that if Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny was confirmed to have been poisoned at Moscow’s behest, then there is no way around sanctions for Russia.

    Interesting blog comment Навальный уже не вернется в Россию.

    Navalny is not going to return to Russia:

    And how amazing was [Navalny’s] “poisoning”, which was also just an excellent move and, most importantly, timely. This allowed him not to run out into the open, but to break out onto an international level, which promises him a comfortable life in Europe. With Navalny’s help, Europe has got the political leverage it needed against Putin, which they will try to use for years. There was a reason for new sanctions, the closure of Nord Stream 2 and the maintenance of political points from European politicians.

    Aleksei skilfully and painlessly “fled” for himself without being considered a coward amongst his gang. Now he is doing everything not to return to Russia. His statements about Putin will obviously lead to the initiation of a libel case; his statements about Omsk doctors will cause hatred towards him amongst all citizens of Russia, even among those who simply have not paid any attention to Navalny. Navalny is deliberately creating an environment in which he may not return to Russia, citing “political persecution”.

    As a result of this whole fable, Aleksei is the most competent person amongst the traitors of our country and he clearly knows what he is doing. He will not return to Russia, although some are looking forward to this. Now Navalny will play a role according to the Venezuelan and Belarusian scenarios.</i.


    1. The above matches some of my ramblings – the job posting for “human- rights-activist-who-barely-escaped-assassination-by-Putin” has now been filled by Navalny. He was recently terminated from the position of chief-hamster-wrangler due to poor performance. He will receive a generous relocation allowance including for his family and close associates.


  28. The consensus among the independent commentators is that Trump’s virus infection was fortuitous (if not planned). It will give him a victory in the election they say, Here is one example of the commentary:

    But returning to Trump, we may set all of the above apart, when recognizing genius. For such I rate his having made himself recognized as Covid-19 positive (along with his wife). Even if he (and supposedly she) are asymptomatic and apparently in good health.

    For, by doing so, he may avoid the traps inherent in the patently pitiful debates. He will equally avoid the violent (BLM, Antifa) predicted outbreaks associated with his public presence, and maybe even direct terrorist assaults.

    Furthermore, he will be able to wage his electoral campaign from the White House, maybe in front of the fireplace (FD Roosevelt style). While his enemies will be inherently prevented from criticism of the venue and the reason thereof.

    After all they vehemently maligned him for having been ‘soft’ on Covid. Therefore they cannot certainly expect him to violate the quarantine, risking to infect all he comes in contact with. And by appearing in TV in good health, he may actually and factually counterbalance the apocalyptic narratives of the mainstream media and associates.

    Furthermore, his enemies cannot even utter the suspicion that he is simulating the malady. For if the suspicion arose that the ‘swabs’ can be a tool for manipulation, liable to yield unreliable or even purposely inaccurate answers, the whole construct would begin to creak.

    Hence Trump, for once, has defeated his enemies by using their very tools.

    My initial thoughts were that Trump’s election chances would be reduced but the above analysis (and other similar analyses) make a convincing argument to the contrary.


    1. We’ll see. It is certainly an election for him to lose considering the Dems chose Biden of all people. Yes, this directs the narrative and thus the useless American media in his favor even if they are criticizing him about it because it also makes them look mean, unchristian and uncharitable. I expect his election team will milk it for all it’s worth both defensively and offensively. It turns out that this election is actually becoming interesting…


  29. Это не фейк, и не стеб, а чистая правда. Теперь наши западные партнеры именуют Навального не иначе, как «оппозиционфюрер». Вот скрин с официальной твиттер-странички “Шпигеля”:

    This is not a fake; this is not banter, but the truth. Now our Western partners refer to Navalny as the “Opposition Führer”. Here is a screenshot from Der Spiegel’s official Twitter page:

    For the first time following his poisoning has the Russian Opposition Führer spoken about his near-death experience, Putin’s guilt and Merkel’s sickbed visit. Read the whole interview exclusively in “Der Spiegel”

    “When one speaks with Merkel, one understands why she has stood so long at the very peak in Germany. I thanked her for her action, and she said: ‘I only did what was my duty’.”

    source: Twitter/ a>

    Don’t forget this filth, Russia — oder «Dreck», wie man auf Deutsch sagt!


    1. One day Opposition Leader, the next day the President of Russia as recognised by Der Spiegel. Navalny, Svetlana Tsikhanovskaya and Juan Guaido all forming their own little alternate reality club.


      1. It’s funny their using the word “Führer” because for very many post-WWII years, the word was tabu in Germany, they preferring to use the synonym “Leiter” (cognate with the English “leader”). However, it was hard not to use “Führer”, all the time because that word it is used in many compound nouns, such as, for example, “Stadtführer”, meaning “town guide”, so gradually, the use of “Führer” for someone who leads has come back into common use.

        And now Bullshitter-in-Chief Navalny is “Oppositionsführer “!

        I should prefer to call him “Oppositionswichser”.


        1. Wouldn’t ‘wurst’ be more appropriate? After all Navalny has much in common with a sausage. A) he’s malleable; b) his contains all sorts of crap; c) he looks like one; d) he can be a bit spicy; e) he also looks like a knob… etc.

          Thus, I DECLARE Alexei Navalny an Oppositionswurst!


  30. Club Orlov has an intriguing analysis of the Navalny thing but behind a pay wall.

    The gist is Navalny was used as pawn in an effort to force Russia to disavow support for Lukashenko to open the door for that female Juan Guido chick. Russia said nyet.

    Lots of things happen with a steady escalation of threats to unleash the Navalny bomb starting with the “discovery of cholinesterase inhibitor” to rattle Russia. Russia did not blink. Navalny was then hustled off to a military hospital where Novichok is “discovered”.

    Russia mobilized a military group just in case there was a military intervention by democracy-lovers from the West. Mission accomplished in that regard – no efforts were made.

    The Minsk protests eventually fizzed. So now what to do? Of course, the US wants NS II stopped so the Navalny pawn is used to push that agenda forward. German industrial leaders are furious but told to stand down. To be clear, NS II was always in play but Belarus was the main objective.

    Russia has called the bluff. In one or two years, NS II will be uncapped and used to full capacity. That is the plan but Russia may not play along

    The foregoing leaves out of supporting materials and nuances of strategy. The main thesis that the Navalny thing was about Belarus was a new twist and with a higher degree of plausibility than just being about NS II.


  31. About Navalny in brief:

    “Enough with feeding the Caucasus! Separate the Caucasus from Russia.”

    “I’m for gay and lesbian propaganda for teenagers.”

    “I want an Orange Revolution as in Tunis.”

    “I’m against corruption: excepting me – that’s allowed.”

    “I’m a patriot, and that’s why I love America.”


  32. Russia’s radars track spy 52 planes and 9 foreign drones near borders over past week

    Russia’s radars over the past week tracked 61 foreign aircraft near the country’s borders, the Russian Defense Ministry said in the daily Krasnaya Zvezda.

    As follows from the published infographic illustrations, 52 spy planes and nine foreign drones were conducting reconnaissance near Russia’s borders. All flights were monitored by Russian radars. No violations of Russia’s airspace were permitted.

    This is what NATO has ultimately come to, droping its pants and waving its private parts up and down Russia’s borders. Or is it dropping its pands and mooning Russia? The latter would be more apt as the reason is little more than being an a/shole.


  33. A trio from RT: Ex-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko hospitalized with Covid-19, diagnosed with serious ‘bilateral pneumonia’ infection


    Putin did it? ‘It’s gone’: RT crew witnesses municipal building turned to rubble by Azerbaijani shelling of disputed Nagorno-Karabakh (VIDEO)


    Whithter the howls of outrage by the western (m)ass Media, Amnesty, HRW, Berlin, Paris, London, Washingotn? Well, both sides should de-escalate.

    “Shot through the heart
    And you’re to blame!
    You give love a bad name
    (Bad name)
    I play my part and you play your game”

    President Armen Sarkissian

    & Blame Kadyrov? Chechen boss asks Navalny why he wasn’t accused of poisoning, instead of ‘ridiculous’ accusation against Putin


    1. 1) Rather rich for Mrs Porky Pig to criticise the Zelensky govt for not spending enough on Ukrainian hospitals and healthcare. How does she think Ukraine has sunk so low since Feb 2014? Maybe she should demand that Porky be flown to Charite Hospital as well.

      2) So the Azeris are targeting Stepanakert’s infrastructure? Where did they get that idea from? Who would benefit from an economically as well as ethnically cleansed Nagorno-Karabakh? Which President in that part of the world has cronies in the construction industry?

      3) Kadyrov has become very good at trolling but he’d better take care not to lay into Navalny too thickly as Navalny’s controllers certainly have him in their sights too. Chechnya is not far from the action in Nagorno-Karabakh.


  34. crAP via Canada forms own probe into Iran downing of Ukraine plane

    …“This is yet another step to uncover the truth, hold the Iranian regime to account and seek justice for the families of the victims. We will spare no efforts on behalf of the families of the victims to obtain justice and closure,” Champagne said in a statement provided to the AP…

    So, i-Ran has wholly admitted responsibility for shooting it down, despite it occurring during a period of US Maximum Pressure (TM) where the USAF was flying many more military aircraft along i-Ran’s borders in what could have been a prelude to an all out attack.

    Now compare that to the Ukraine’s reponse to MH17 where it doesn’t take responsibilty for keeping the air corridors open over the south east because in doing so it would have to admit that its legal fig-leaf named ‘anti-terrorist’ operation is in fact a civil war and it would not be eligible for western cash (IMF loans/whatever).


  35. More details on the Russia nuclear-electric space tug.

    Previous articles mentioned a 1 megawatt output (electrical) from the reactor. The electrical output could be used, in addition to powering the ion engine, for high powered radars and communications devices. Would love to see this thing in space hauling a hundred tons somewhere interesting.


      1. Another video below with additional content showing major full-scale components. It is unclear if these are engineering test pieces or flight hardware. One source indicates a launch in 2030 while another indicates a mission to Jupiter in 2030. I hope that it will be much sooner. Some sources indicate a 200 kW electrical output while other say 1,000 kW output. Either way, it’s a huge advancement in space technology. It would make the SpaceX “Starship” into a piece of obsolete steam punk junk for interplanetary travel.


    1. A good recap of Russian’s military efforts in Syria:

      Per Shoigu:
      “As a result of air raids and cruise missile strikes, 133,542 terrorist facilities were destroyed, including 400 illegal oil refineries and 4,100 refuelers. A total of 865 terrorist warlords and over 133,000 militants were killed, including 4,500 militants from the Russian Federation and CIS countries,” Shoigu said.

      “Those armed formations had ideologically dedicated members with decent military training, who pitted themselves against the rest of the world. In fact, they can be described as the world’s first army of terrorists – well-organized and close-knit, with proper training and good weaponry,” Shoigu added.

      A well-organized army of terrorists – interesting! The US certainly had some high hopes for that project. Too bad all those terrorist got blow’d up.


  36. Here’s a Russian article on the latest “freedom and democracy” martyr under Putin’s tyranny,:

    Критика «путинской власти» и поддержка оппозиции. Кем была главред KozaPress Ирина Славина, устроившая самосожжение
    2 октября 2020

    Critic of “Putin’s government” and supporter of the opposition. Who was the editor-in-chief of KozaPress, Irina Slavina, who staged self-immolation?
    October 2, 2020

    Social networks suggest that the journalist was driven to suicide by regular harassment and pressure from the security forces.

    On October 2, the editor-in-chief of the KozaPress publication, Irina Slavina (real name Murakhtaeva), set herself on fire at the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Nizhny Novgorod – her life could not be saved. The day before, the journalist reported about her apartment having been searched in connection with the “Open Russia” case, and, before her self-immolation, she had written that the Russian Federation was to blame for her death.

    Slavina actively spoke out against the “Putin regime”, supported the opposition and regularly published news in KozaPress about electoral fraud and the corruption of local officials. With her activities, she attracted the attention of Centre “E” (the department that is engaged in the fight against extremism) and the police. The trade union of journalists and opposition politicians believe that Slavina was “driven to suicide” by the Russian authorities.

    Slavina set herself on fire at the Ministry of Internal Affairs building after searches having been made related to the “undesirable organization” called “Open Russia”

    Early in the morning of October 1, searches were carried out in Slavina’s apartment – 10 people, including two attesting witnesses, took part in them. They were conducted as regards the criminal case [link to a Koza.Press article — ME] of Mikhail Ioselevich, a Nizhny Novgorod businessman and leader of the Nizhny Novgorod Pastafarians [my stress — ME] (a parody religion) – he is accused of “carrying out the activities of an undesirable organization on the territory of Russia”.

    [In Russia “Rastafarianism” is considered to be a load of bollocks, which, it is, in my humble opinion. See: RASTAS, RUSSIANS AND HERB. Hail Woden! — ME]

    According to investigators, on September 2 and 3 in the “Temple of the Flying Pasta Monster” in Nizhny Novgorod, owned by Iolesevich, lectures were held for the election of observers from the “Yabloko” party, Slavina wrote. Investigators believe that the organizers of the lectures were “Open Russia”. Lectures held in the “Temple” before the elections in September had already been interrupted twice by the police and employees of the Centre “E”. Then the security forces allegedly reacted to an anonymous statement from a Nizhny Novgorod citizen who claimed that the event was organized by “Open Russia”.

    Open Russia is a Russian public organization founded by the politician Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In 2017, the organization was declared by the Prosecutor General’s Office to be “undesirable in Russia”. According to the prosecutor general, the activities of “Open Russia” pose a threat to the constitutional order and security of the country.

    During the search, the journalist was asked that she “voluntarily hand over brochures and leaflets”about “Open Russia”, but she “does not and cannot have them”, Slavina said. Then the security forces “methodically” searched her apartment for five hours and took away equipment – “all digital media, not only my phone, but also my husband’s, our child’s laptop and my laptop”. The journalist was not given a list of the confiscated items.

    In addition to the search undertaken in Slavina’s appartment, a search was also carried out at the apartment of the Deputy Chairman of the Nizhny Novgorod regional branch of the “Yabloko” party, at the apartment of Aleksei Sadomovsky, at the apartment of the former coordinator of Navalny’s headquarters in Nizhny Novgorod, Dmitry Silivonchik, at the apartment of the coordinator of Navalny’s Nizhny Novgorod headquarters, Roman Tregubov, and at the apartments of civil activists Yuri Shaposhnikov and Mikhail Borodin. Equipment, personal belongings and documents were also seized.

    After the search, Slavina published a post on Facebook: “If they hadn’t paid me a visit, then all that time I could have fucking well been doing something else — isn’t that so? Now I realize that all was not in vain”. She thanked everyone for the support, signing off: “The Captain’s Daughter”. The next publication appeared on the journalist’s social network on October 2.

    I ask that the Russian Federation be blamed for my death.

    Irina Slavnina, editor-in0chief of the publication “KozaPress

    [“koza” means “goat”, by the way — ME]

    Ten minutes after having posted the above Facebook entry, Slavina chained herself to a bench near the building of the Nizhny Novgorod Ministry of Internal Affairs and set fire to her clothes. A passer-by tried to put out the fire with his jacket, but the journalist pushed him away, and the flames spread very quickly.

    Slavina had been fined several times for publishing and participating in demonstrations. She openly criticized “Putin’s power” and supported the opposition

    Slavina began working as a journalist for the newspaper “Nizhegorodskaya Pravda” in 2003, but in 2010 the founders of the publication began to put pressure on the editors. “It’s no secret for anyone that censorship is total in the Nizhniy Novgorod region”, the journalist noted. Because of heroppositional views, she moved to several publications, and in 2016 she founded “KozaPress”.

    According to Slavina, she was the only editor of the publication, which existed on donations from readers. “There were no [ordered materials] in ‘Koz’, and there will not be, as long as I am at the helm. All commercial materials are published strictly as required by law. This immediately turns advertisers away. Everyone wants to manipulate public opinion. It robs me of income. You can’t live on donations”, said the editor-in-chief of the publication.

    The journalist published the social and political news of Nizhny Novgorod, analyses and personal opinion. At about 6 pm on October 2, the publication’s website stopped working.

    “No censorship. Without a pointer “from above”. About Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region. Opinions are published in the “Fifth Column” section.” — description of “KozaPress” on its website

    In addition to her work on the publication, Slavina was engaged in activist activities, for which she repeatedly attracted the attention of Centre “E”. In March 2019, she was fined 20 thousand rubles for participating in an unauthorized march in memory of the murdered politician Boris Nemtsov. The police said then hat the punishment was not related to her professional activities.

    In October of the same year, the journalist was censured under administrative law as regards to what she had posted on Facebook. She had proposed that the regional district Shakhunya be renamed as “Shakhnakhuynya” [“Go and get fucked”, sort of: a play on “na khuy”, meaning “get fucked” or “fuck off” — ME] after a memorial plaque with a portrait of Joseph Stalin had been hung on one of the houses there. Slavina was fined 70 thousand rubles for disrespect towards the authorities.

    “This means that I am doing everything right, since the size of my fines is growing. I just think that where I am not doing things right, then there is no criminal case made against me”, Slavina commented as regards that fine.

    Once again, the editor-in-chief of KozaPress was fined 65 thousand rubles in July 2020 in case concerning fake coronavirus news. The judge found that the news about the first case of Covid-19 in the city of Kstovo as deliberately unreliable and “threatened to harm life”. The journalist appealed against the decision, as “there is news written later that the infection with the coronavirus of the head of the Sambo Academy in Kstovo and his family was confirmed”.

    “I have no doubt that this is another shameful court decision – the system’s revenge for my publications. And although the amount of the fine is murderous for me, my understanding that the rest of the world is with me gives me strength. I will not Give Up.”

    Slavina noted that she had recently participated in protests against the “predatory and punitive improvement” of the Nizhny Novgorod park “Switzerland”. According to the journalist, “absolutely crazy money” was allocated for the project, which the local authorities can allegedly spend “on the sly” on communications for future commercial development.

    According to investigators, the protests against the expensive improvement were financed by “Open Russia”, but this is not the case, said the editor-in-chief of “KozaPress”. “As a journalist, I cannot ignore these events and wrote about it. Moreover, I twice got into [the human chain in the park] myself, because what is happening cannot but affect me as a resident of Nizhny Novgorod and a citizen”, Slavina said.

    The journalist supported Aleksei Navalny, calling him “the pride of Russia” and Putin – “shameful”. Slavina considered “Putin’s power” to bethat of a “usurper”, for whose sake the police had been “turned into a tsarist secret police”. The journalist stated that if necessary, she would go out to single pickets and rallies.

    During the elections in the Nizhny Novgorod region on September 13, Slavina wrote in her publication and on her Facebook page about alleged fraud and anomalies. “The usurpers have changed their tactics. After all, why bother with stuffing ballots into portable ballot boxes, when you can just draw the necessary votes at the so-called early voting”, the journalist commented as regards home voting.

    The journalist repeatedly noted that she feared police prosecution for her publications. For example, on September 27, she wrote that she had photographed a cartoon in which Vladimir Putin appeared as a homosexual. “I wonder if this post will be an excuse for taking action against me, namely that I saw this cartoon, photographed it, distributed it and now I am describing it”, Slavina reflected.

    Friends of the journalist called her principled and courageous. “She was just a very free and passionate person. To be like that in Russia, as we can see, is mortally dangerous. The local security officials did not get off Irina’s bac ”said Natalya Gryaznevich, press secretary of “Open Russia”.

    [Ha! “Gryaz” means “dirt” in Russian! “Gryaznevich” … “Dirty Bitch”? — ME]


    1. In part;

      “Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so…

      …Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

      The precious thing – if only she could have made it to freedom!


      1. Unfortunately there are still plenty of kreakl fools who think freedom to do whatever they want is absolute, regardless of consequence. These are the same people that have in the past publicly bewailed one person one vote, because if the average person cannot vote the right way then it is a wasted vote. These kreakls are the West’s most ideologic weapons. They are fanatics. I count Slanvina as one of those because what she did was fanatical.


        1. She likely conflated her failure to achieve whatever magical life she wished she had with government repression.. The West provides the psychological pretext for such feelings to develop. It’s a dirty game played by the West.


          1. The part played by liberal agitators within Russia should not be underrated, though. Activist twits convince the weak and directionless that they are becoming a major influence, turning heads and changing minds, and that more sacrifice will surely result in them becoming a household name. It’s the same pitch those scams use to lure you with honeyed phrases that you could be a great songwriter, or author or whatever, based on a small sample you submitted. You just need their professional management. Those who crave recognition, who would literally die for it, are taken in, and the same liberal agitators who used them become the Greek Chorus of grotesque grief when they thunder in on afterburner.


            1. Nicely said. Yes, that is so true – sort of a “Dare to be Great!” come-on that sucked in a lot of wannabes back in the 70’s and 80’s, It was a pyramid scheme selling lessons on how to be GREAT! Confidence! Swagger! Act like you are rich and you will be RICH!

              Spoiler – the creator of Dare to be Great was worth $300 million but was busted, lost everything and ended up in jail. Unlike today’s crooks and thieves, his humble beginnings did to afford him the connections to avoid prosecution.

              Many evangelical churches sell the “abundance” shtick – God wants you to be rich – it’s a sign of his love and approval.

              The Russia opposition may have aspect of a pyramid scheme – get in early and land those plum positions after Putin’s fall – back to the future.


              1. And it is a dirty game played by everybody – it’s just that the west is known for playing it all over the world, through its local-language intermediaries. I don’t doubt Russia has its agitators in other Slavic-language countries, but its influence in the west is limited and that seems to be by choice. That’s why Maria Butina was such a sensation, and Anna Chapman – real, glamorous SPIES right here in your own home town! But both seemed to be developing mostly business intelligence, and were unquestionably not trying to overthrow the national government of the USA.


            2. «Эхо Москвы» предложило оценить американских политиков в качестве «руководителей» России
              Радиостанция «Эхо Москвы» регулярно публикует на своем сайте сомнительные голосования, в которых предлагается оценить американских политиков в роли «руководителей» РФ.

              “Echo of Moscow” has proposed that American politicians be evaluated as “leaders” of Russia
              The radio station “Echo of Moscow” regularly publishes dubious votes on its website, in which it is proposed that American politicians be evaluated in the role of “leaders” of the Russian Federation.

              Editor-in-Chief of “Ech of Moscow”, liberast and Western arse-licker Venediktov

              In fact, such ballot stuffing [namely publishing the alleged results of “Echo of Moscow” readers’/listeners’ votes —ME] demonstrates the bias of Aleksei Venediktov’s “Echo” media publications, which unambiguously hint at his interest in handing over the reins of Russian government to the United States.

              According to TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, he does not visit the “Echo” website, since there is no way of finding anything intelligible there. Moreover, only people with the absence of any thought processes could become the authors of such a piece.

              “It’s like in the Bible — it would really be much better not to attend a gathering of the unworthy”, Solovyov is convinced. {Don’t know what Solovyov is referring to in the Bible, which is in itself a load of bollocks! — ME]

              This is due to the fact that anti-Russian materials regularly appear on the radio station website, which are aimed at discrediting the Russian government. Along the way, “Echo” freely offers an alternative in the form of Western “leaders”, which may well be considered an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian state.

              Solovyov noted that Venediktov has enough “connections” that allow him to find sponsors for the anti-Russian activities of his media without any difficulty. We can only hope that this information dump will finally be closed.

              And Venediktov told to get the fuck out of here as well and go live with his erstwhile compatriots Gessen et al.


              1. It would be a mistake to assume the Russian government is staffed with entirely competent people and consists exclusively of those who put the interests of their fellow Russians ahead of their own; of those who selflessly propose measures which will increase the standard of living rather than tipping off their friends in private enterprise that a big contract is about to be let, in which they might find interesting opportunities. The Russian government is essentially not that much different from the US government. The major difference is that American politicians work exclusively for the enrichment and benefit – such as is exclusive to themselves – of Americans, while the Russian system works for the advancement of Russians. Any ‘American leaders’ tapped to work in Russia and show the hapless Russians how a real democracy works would immediately get down to business working the interests of their native land. And it isn’t Russia. You could expect such a system to advance the trade interests of American corporations, and for sure some Russians would make a lot of money – the oligarchs the American system would employ to keep the Russian population in line. A Russian government run by American leaders could expect to attract about as many real altruists committed to building a better world for everybody as that system does in America. Another difference is that there would be an extra layer of translators and enablers, as few American leaders speak Russian. Nobody in their right mind would ever suggest the transplanting of Russian political leaders into the American system, because the trope has been well and truly constructed that the Russian system is not ‘democratic’, while the American system is. Neither, of course, is true.

                Venediktov is more interested in shocking everyone than he is in providing any real humanitarian content, and is more of a hedonist than he is anything else, including a Russian. His program and ideas attract the bored and the bitter, who just want to see something happen, confident they themselves could ride it out and emerge on top. The social component that would sacrifice itself if the nation would benefit is largely gone from every civilized country.

                Venediktov would never go to live in America, because he wouldn’t be controversial there unless he started espousing socialist ideals. I think we all know how likely that would be.

                Apparently many have forgotten already that the experiment of importing western leadership to Russia was tried, or as good as, in the 90’s. My own memories of it are that it did not go well, and those memories are supported by statistics.


                Sound familiar?

                “Boris describes how immensely privileged the top echelon of Soviet society was in comparison to the rest of the population. But compared to top politicians and industrial leaders in the West, they were still poor. Not even members of the politburo were dressed in anything but Russian-made clothes and shoes, and when they went on vacation, they had to make do with the party villas by the Black Sea. They were infinitely better than the simple dachas of the ordinary Soviet citizen, but hardly the exclusive spas in Monaco or the Caribbean Islands frequented by the world’s elite. That door was closed to the top dogs of the biggest nation on earth.

                But when Gorbachev started to reform Soviet society, the younger members of the elite got a whiff of more heavenly climes.
                “An interesting phenomenon”, says Boris, “is that those who became the foremost representatives and functionaries of neoliberalism in Russia, often are children of the top bureaucrats of the Soviet era. They are second generation top dogs. Through their fathers, they have good contacts in the former party hierarchy, they are often educated in the West, and they very much wish to be accepted as part of the world’s elite.”

                And it’s still true, for the most part – often the ardent supporters of Russian neoliberalism are the children of the nation’s elite, while those who condemn them are the poor clods who eat their oladi without sour cream.

                It was my privilege to see Boris Kagarlitsky in person once – he gave a short talk at the University of Victoria a couple of years ago.


                1. Venediktov would never go to live in America, because he wouldn’t be controversial there unless he started espousing socialist ideals. I think we all know how likely that would be.

                  I don’t know, he’s a touchy-feely groper sort of person who likes the company of much younger women. He’d get along fine with Biden, I reckon.


  37. Social networks suggest that Slavina was driven to suicide. The investigatory Committee denies this

    After the death of Slavina, the Trade Union of Journalists and Media Workers published an open letter in which it announced the systematic pressure and persecution of “KozaPress” by the authorities. The journalists demanded an investigation into the death of a colleague: “Our organization is confident that there are clear signs [of driving her to suicide] as regards what happened.”

    Navalny spoke about Slavina’s self-immolation. He called the persecution of the journalist by the police “driving her to suicide”, for which not only the “siloviki” should be held accountable, but also “those in the Kremlin who gave them orders”.

    [Orders from the Kremlin again? The man is like a fucking stuck record! — ME]

    A crime for which not only the “siloviki” of Nizhny Novgorod, who staged a months-long unceasing harassment of the opposition in the city (yesterday, searches and interrogations took place at many, including the coordinator of our headquarters) must answer for. Those in the Kremlin who gave them orders must also answer.

    – navalny (@Alexey Navalny)

    Social media users also suggest that Slavina was driven to suicide by persecution because of her active civic position and repeated statements against the government.

    Terrible. Nizhny Novgorod journalist Irina Slavina set herself on fire outside the Ministry of Internal Affairs after a search in her apartment on the case of participation in an “undesirable organization”. She died on the spot. All these cop entertainment and mask shows are not toys at all. Power really breaks the psyche of people.

    – IlyaYashin (@ Ilya Yashin)

    This is not the first time the state tried to squeeze Slavina out of public activities – there were already monstrous fines for her articles …

    And still it does not fit in my head: she was strong, cheerful and professional.

    Great grief. Compassion for family and friends.

    – leonidvolkov (@Leonid Volkov)

    And on and on it goes: the same old faces making the same old Tweets.

    I wonder what the majority of Nizhni-Novgoroders thought of her?

    The Nizhny Novgorod Investigative Committee said that Slavina’s death was not related to the recent searches. Law enforcers also ordered that a posthumous psychiatric examination be made of the woman to “establish her mental state”. “There are no grounds for reports that the death of the deceased is connected with the searches conducted on the eve of her death. She was a witness and was neither a suspect nor one of the accused”, the IC added.

    Can’t be arsed doing any more about this headbanger.


    1. В смерти Славиной, которая себя сожгла, винить надо не Российскую Федерацию, а российскую либеральную пропаганду

      The Russian Federation is not to be blamed for the death of Slavina, who burnt herself to death, but Russian liberal propaganda.
      2 days ago

      Roman Yuryevich has now written on Facebook correct and harsh words, although his thesis is somewhat controversial:

      “Actually, the Russian Federation is not to be blamed the terrible death of Slavina, who burnt herself to death, but Russian liberal propaganda”.

      All these [media outlets such as] Radio Liberty, Echo of Moscow, the Dozhd TV channel, Snob, Novaya Gazeta and Meduza, which for years have incited hatred for Russia, for everything Russian, [are to be blamed, namely] those who do not recognize any Russian national interests, except [the need to] repent before the progressive world and transfer criticism of the state apparatus to defile the country and the people as a whole.

      Once upon a time there was a kind, but impressionable and mentally unbalanced “auntie” [mocking term in Russian for any dumb woman who is not really one’s aunt — sort of like “broad” in US English — ME] in Nizhny Novgorod, who ran a website concerning the news and problems of her city, but having been filled by liberal, bilious propaganda about terrible imperialistic Russia with its barbaric slave people, she firmly believed that she was living in a concentration camp where there was no future. her and her children.

      The Russian liberal media serves up a mirror image of Huxley [sic], in whose “1984” dystopia, people live in filth and shit and are given drugs to make them believe they are living happily and well.

      Present day Russia, with all its problems, is, in general, a normal country to live in, a country where you can work well, earn money, relax and freely express your opinion. A country where, whilst on the one hand, there are shoals that one must be aware of and fight against, it is on the other hand fortunately free from Western left-liberal garbage such as BLM, diversity, rights for juveniles and kindergarten fairy tales about the love of a princess for a frog prince …

      But the liberal media [doles out] pills made of shit and filth, which lead their readers to realize that they are not sitting on veranda at Patriarch Ponds [affluent district of central Moscow — ME] with glasses of Aperol and eating Eggs Benedict, but drinking gruel and, surrounded by guards,
      cutting down the forest in Kolyma.

      So with Slavina, this picture was superimposed on the peculiarities of her psyche. Yes, and sometimes there in her posts could be sometimes seen her need for treatment: a call to go rally on a square for the return of the Crimea to the Ukraine, accompanied by the songs of “Okean Elzy”[Ukrainian rock band], or for the denial of Victory [1944-1945], or to applaud the aircrash in which Dr. Lisa perished, as a vengeful reaction for Russian actions in Syria and the Donbass.

      And, finally, obsessive thoughts about self-immolation, which she wrote about a year ago.

      Of course, I am in every possible way for freedom of speech, but we need some kind of law “On Russophobia” in order to filter the stream of slop that comes from the liberal media and bloggers and which is poured onto our country and people

      For, as the great Mikhail Zadornov once said, “You can and should criticize the state: you should not find fault with your homeland.”


      1. Good stuff. This tormented soul was exploited (knowingly or otherwise) by Russian liberals who slavishly follow the lead of their Western benefactors. I suppose that, in the West, such people seek UFOs to take them to paradise planets because of their unfaltering beliefs in such things. Perhaps it’s just a form of escapism from a life they do not wish they had.

        Given the forgoing, their is no benefit to engage in discussion/arguments about their ideologies.


        1. The Russian state is responsible for her burning herself to death in protest against the infamy and oppressive nature of the Putin regime, thereby depriving her child and her husband of a loving mother and a devoted wife.

          Yes, quite.


          1. Libtard blog today:

            Ирина, прости.
            6 окт, 2020 в 14:42
            Мы говорим Нет пенсионному геноциду и чудовищным преступлениям путинщины.

            В Нижнем Новгороде в Доме ученых состоялась церемония прощания с главредом местного независимого издания Ириной Славиной, совершившей акт самосожжения перед зданием ФСБ.

            Проститься с Ириной пришли несколько сотен человек.

            Irina, I’m sorry.
            Oct 6, 2020 at 14:42

            We say No to pensioner genocide andthe heinous crimes of Putinism.


            In Nizhny Novgorod, in the House of Scientists, a farewell ceremony was held for the chief editor of the local independent publication Irina Slavina, who committed an act of self-immolation in front of the FSB building.

            Several hundred people came to say goodbye to Irina.

            Nizhny Novgorod population: 1,258,000.


              1. Doubtless she saw herself in the vanguard of a pure and glorious throng. You can’t say she didn’t lead from the front – she did, but that position made it impossible for her to see there was nobody following. Instead, her erstwhile ‘friends’ are exploiting her death and riding her to faux-outrage heaven.


              1. Gosh, I’ve forgotten her name, Lidia Akundzheva or something like that. I never really took much notice of her theatrics. Funny how we have not heard from her lately apologising and begging forgiveness on behalf of the Omsk hospital doctors for overlooking Navalny’s poisoning even after testing all his blood samples and finding nothing.


      2. I disagree somewhat – ‘filtration’ as described will immediately be leaped upon in the western press as ‘pro-government censorship’. It makes no difference that such a filter is plainly operational in the west, so that even controversial material on the coronavirus is removed from the internet because it is heresy to deny the mainstream narrative. The filter of the Russian public is equally-plainly operational in Russia, so that those who bleat about how good it is everywhere but in Russia receive the contempt they deserve. How many Russian liberals have lived on a minimum-wage salary in the United States for, say, a year? Of course life is fucking great there for some people – but what are the chances you will be among them? As the author cited suggests, doubtless the complainers in Russia would fall silent if they were among the rich in Russia, where life is likely pretty swell also.


  38. Walker today in the Facts-Are-Sacred Guardian:

    He cheated death, but can Navalny ever break Putin’s grip on Russia?
    Shaun Walker in Tomsk 1 hour ago

    Aside from novichok, perhaps the biggest problem for any politician in Russia now is apathy, and the feeling that sociologists call “learned helplessness” – a decision based on experience that attempts to change things are pointless.

    Yeah, right, Walker: as Pevchikh told the BBC, poisoning political opponents is so commonplace in Russia!

    Navalny appears to be well on the road to recovery now and says he plans to return to Russia. He still has relatively low political ratings, though approval of his activities has risen from 9% to 20% over the past year, according to a poll last week, though he is seen as enough of a threat to be kept off the ballot by authorities, and even subjected to a poison attack, despite them simultaneously denigrating him as irrelevant.

    And then there’s his criminal record, which, according to the constitution, prevents him from standing for public office — but let’s not talk about that, eh?

    The most remarkable story from the recent elections came from the village of Povalikhino, about 300 miles from Moscow. The local United Russia chief asked Marina Udgodskaya, a cleaner working in the building, to run against him. She was meant to be a token candidate, to give the race an air of competition, and did not campaign. She won 62% of the vote and will now take up office.

    Jumping Jehosophat!!!!

    A village situated some 300 miles way out in the sticks from Moscow, you say?????

    Putin last seen boarding a private aeroplane with all his swag, outward bound for one of his palaces, no doubt?


      1. It looks like Marina Udgodskaya will be able to achieve overnight popularity by proposing bold infrastructure improvements. I wonder what kind of tax base the place has. I suppose she could always ask for money from Moscow to build a Sportsplex, and then get Shaun the Dill to write a scathing critique of how The Kremlin cut her liberalizing reforms off at the knees when the requisition is refused.


  39. Another signal failure on the part of Navalny’s ophthalmologist and bogus doctors’ union leader:

    Попытка Васильевой устроить день открытых дверей провалилась
    Сегодня, 16:01

    Vasilyeva’s attempt to arrange an open day was a flop
    Today, 16:01

    Swindler Anastasia Vasilyeva, who calls herself the attending physician of blogger Aleksei Navalny, decided to organize an open day for St. Petersburg doctors. Nothing good came of this idea.


    The small conference room of the “Aglaya Hotel & Courtyard” did not have even two dozen people. At the same time, the majority of those who came turned out to be journalists of liberal information arsewipes. Real health workers could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

    At the beginning of the event, Vasilyeva advertised the activities of her pseudo-trade union. Navalny’s therapist endlessly talked about her charitable exploits. What was happening obviously did not arouse the interest of those present.

    Vasilieva tried to convince doctors to write as many complaints as possible and record violations by the leadership of medical institutions. She also asked guests to contact her pseudo-trade union for any reason.

    In conclusion, the blogger’s attending physician tried somehow to rehabilitate herself after her rather weak speech, giving the guests badges, brochures and notebooks.


  40. Apparently Russia is now heading the United Nations Security Council. Don’t expect much to happen. But that may well be more than good enough, soaking up time critical political plays in to oblivion:

    Financial Tribune: Russia: Snapback No Longer on UNSC Agenda

    Russia has assumed the October presidency of the United Nations Security Council amid heightened tensions between the US and other council members over the Iranian issue


        1. Jailbreak: Kyrgyzstani protesters free ex-president Atambayev, imprisoned for corruption
          5 Oct, 2020 23:14 / Updated 3 hours ago

          Independent Kyrgyzstan, free from the yoke of Soviet/Russian oppression!

          As it happens, Moscow is swarming with Kyrgyz and Tajik etc. immigrants.

          They must like it here.

          I get on well with them, though. I get on well with anybody, I do. I’m daft like that.

          Nearly all the janitors and yard/street sweepers here are Tajiks and Kyrgyz etc. At the hospital from which my wife was recently discharged, all the ancillary workers are such immigrants.

          Its those English immigrants that the Moskali should be on the look-out for!


    1. Ahh…sunny Spain, which once arrested William ‘Bill’ Browder on an INTERPOL warrant, but quickly succumbed to American outrage and pressure and turned him loose. I forget now what the eventual reason was which was offered; it seems to me it was something about whatever he was accused of having done was not a crime in Spain.

      Apparently tax evasion enjoys no such immunity.


      1. When I studied Tax Law, received wisdom was that no sovereign State would act as tax official or gatherer on behalf of any other country. Things must have changed.

        I seem to recall McAfee threatening a huge data dump of materials embarrassing to the US in the event of his being arrested or incapacitated. Could be fun time ahead if his “dead man’s switch” is activated. Public comments attributed to him recently have mainly been about Epstein.


    1. Uh huh. Russia is commanded to provide an explanation for a crime which cannot be proven to have occurred. It is just supposed to believe the west has the evidence, although such a claim is contradicted by the Russian evidence which it has offered to share, and which the west claims to have but will not furnish. I’d say that effort honestly earns a Go Fuck Yourself.

      I propose that be an award, like the Oscars or the Golden Globes. It can be a GFY, and be affectionately referred to as a ‘Giffy’.


    2. From yesterday.

      Neuters via Chemical weapons watchdog ready to assist Russia in Navalny case

      …The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said it had received a request from Moscow on Oct. 1 for help in the case of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, and was seeking clarification on what type of assistance Russia wanted…

      …The OPCW said in a statement on Monday its “Technical Secretariat is ready to provide the requested expertise and that a team of experts could be deployed on short notice.”…

      So, we already know that Germany didn’t immediately go to the OPCW, probably because it would have had to share its claims of ‘evidence’ will all members, i.e. including Russia, which put in a request to force their hand.


  41. UK Court Decision on Venezuela Gold Deals Blow to Regime Change Efforts

    A UK court ruled that the administration of Boris Johnson’s position that Juan Guaidó is the legitimate ruler of Venezuela is far from equivocal, paving the way for over $1 billion of the country’s gold to be released.


    To quote the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, ’tis only a flesh wound! I expect the UK and friends to claim. They certainly won’t be giving up.


    1. This will only make the regime-change monkeys more aggressive in their methods; whatever level they are working at, they consider it moderate and proportional. Any setback is a spur to be more forthright and direct. The western champions – the USA and UK together in the Special Relationship of Global Management – cannot be seen to lose, especially to a tinpot South-American ‘dictator’. Getting a bloody nose and having to back away would only encourage restlessness among vassals who are even now barely held in check.

      As well, apropos of nothing, the sentence, “A UK court ruled that the administration of Boris Johnson’s position that Juan Guaidó is the legitimate ruler of Venezuela is far from equivocal, paving the way for over $1 billion of the country’s gold to be released” just might be the most awkward example in the English language I have ever seen. Was the object to make those who understand English poorly believe they do not understand it at all? Holy Jeebus.


      1. I am a native English speaker and I still do not get it. The entire article reads like a not very good translation. Perhaps Mr. Macleod is a native Gaelic speaker?

        It is an interesting decision.


  42. Ukraine’s Zelenskiy to Russia and Belarus: ‘Listen to the people’

    Ahead of visit to meet EU leaders in Brussels, Ukraine’s comedian-turned-president reiterates commitment to peace process.

    ….Zelenskiy leads a country at war, and in the interview he said he will arrive to meet with EU leaders on Tuesday, bearing a request and an offer…

    ….In the interview, Zelenskiy reiterated his commitment to the Minsk II peace process, but also his firm view that local elections cannot be held in the embattled areas of eastern Ukraine — as demanded by Russian President Putin — until Ukraine regains full control of its external borders.

    Without control of the border, he said it would be impossible to hold a free and fair election and for international election observers to verify the process. “…

    … But his failure to end the war as promised during his election campaign has led to a sharp decline in support to roughly half of the 73 percent who voted for him, according to recent polls….

    …”Minsk was signed,” Zelenskiy said. “Am I personally satisfied with the format of Minsk, the sequence of points in Minsk and the wording of some points that have been signed? Personally, I am not completely.” But he added, “That this is the only format in which we work today is true.”…

    A slip of the tongue surely? Isn’t it an anti-terrorist operation because if it was a civil war (which it is), Ukraine would not be able to draw international loans?

    As for being ‘committed’ to Minsk II but saying an election which is a requisite of the agreement is ‘impossible’, is he declaring himself half-pregnant? The ‘well I didn’t sign anything it was a previous government’ schtick just means you cannot trust anything he puts to paper or any agreement made. His failure to do what he said he would has put him in the same position as many French Presidents, up s/t creek without a paddle. Idiot.


    1. I am sure the no-elections-until-we-regain-control-of-the-border thing is an immovable point upon which he has been warned by the United States not to yield. It simply means there will never be internationally-approved elections in the DNR and LPR, but that does not mean there cannot be elections. The USA wants to see the border yielded to Ukraine so it can get some of its ‘friendship trains’ and its wide boys in there to ‘pacify’ the population, and the likely purpose of that is to get some pro-Ukraine candidates ‘elected’ so as to restore the region to Kiev’s control without having to get rough and go in there and take it. That’s not the preferred choice because it would cost lives, maybe even bring the Ukrainian Army up against the Russian Army (Russia would surely not let them get rolled over without trying to blunt the assault), whereas if an ‘internationally-approved election’ put the region back under Kiev’s control, Russia would not have a thing to say about it. Ukraine and its western partners just want an election on their terms so that they can meddle in it and steer it to the desired result.

      Zelensky is a disappointing boob, a place-holder who is safe for the west until it can get another Poroshenko in there. If an election were held today he could probably get re-elected, but not by the previous giddy margin, he’d have to work for it, and whatever campaign promises he made would now be wearily nodded at as the pie-in-the-sky bullshit it is. And I doubt Yulia Tymoshenko has given up her dream of being president.


      1. Do you think he might be making it all up – sort of like an inveterate attention-seeking bullshitter does?

        Just a thought, mind you.


      2. Totally. “Howling in agony” in fact, although that was just an impression by the incredibly impressionable BBC reporter upon viewing the video clip. However, eyewitness Pavel Lebedev claimed to have heard (I guess that would make him an earwitness) Mr. Navalny “screaming in pain”.

        Alternatively, perhaps he screams and howls every time the onset of chills causes him to believe he is going to die.

        It seems to be very important to someone that Navalny is able to return to Russia. Or perhaps I am being unjust, and the poor family just wants to go home to where everything is shitty and underperforming and wasteful and corrupt, instead of remaining in the warm and welcoming bosom of Germany, which would doubtless be honoured to give him and his lovely family a home and him a job.


    1. Very good story, Navalny should try writing graphic novels.

      The inter-governmental Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed that Mr Navalny, 44, was poisoned with a Novichok-type nerve agent.

      Interesting interpretation.
      John Helmer’s reading of the OPCW 1-page summary report is that the OPCW said no such thing. From my amateur point of view, I think John is correct.


      1. Ho hum. The media will continue to pretend it has conclusive evidence, and the headline-readers of the world will continue to believe, just as they believe coronavirus is spread through ‘droplet transmission’, and that a non-medical cloth mask will at least ‘help’ to prevent it. Even though no science has ever been shown to prove such an assumption, authorities will claim to be ‘following the science’, and those who need to believe the government is doing something to ‘keep them safe’ will believe. If you have to sell a product, even if that product is only credibility, first create a need.

        Helmer is the best I’ve ever seen at discrediting the media’s egregious manipulations, but the Canadian media still reports that allegations Chrystia Freeland’s grandfather was a Nazi sympathizer are ‘Russian disinformation’ even though Helmer offered compelling evidence that Gramps ran a pro-Nazi newspaper for the Nazis.


  43. Meanwhile, the government of the USA satrap known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland continues with its issuing of momentous and pompous demands to the Russian government:

    UK says ‘we haven’t yet attributed’ Navalny’s alleged poisoning to Kremlin, but Moscow must ‘ANSWER’
    October 6th, 2020; 18:14 GMT

    Yes, you wicked people MUST answer!!!

    Well here a demand to the UK government from non-systemic Kremlin spokesman Moscow Exile: reveal the whereabouts of Russian citizen Yulia Skripal and allow diplomats from the Russian Embassy to the Court of St. James access to her.


    1. “We haven’t yet attributed” what happened to anti-corruption activist Navalny “to the FSB [Russia’s Federal Security Service] or the Russian state, but I think there is an incredibly strong case for Moscow to answer,” Raab told a parliamentary committee, on Tuesday.

      Judging from the above statement made Raab, I think there’s an incredibly strong case for believing that he is a typically bloviating Westminster wanker.


    2. Oh, goodness!!! Please don’t attribute Navalny’s ‘alleged poisoning’ (confirmed by labs in Germany, France and Switzerland and affirmed by the OPCW, but still only ‘alleged’ to prevent hurt feelings) to ‘the Kremlin’!! We’ll do anything you want in order to avoid that, ‘deed we will!

      The UK should go away, and it should shut up.


    1. Yes, I saw that; very sad. I always thought some of his reputation was hype and he had a big ego, but most stars do, I guess, and he was certainly a major influence on the international guitar community – he probably inspired a lot of today’s great players to pick up the guitar. And Van Halen came along at a time when music was kind of drifting and there was a need for the focus to be pulled back onto rock. He had that crunchy overdriven sound I love, and some of their songs are very good. I think my favourites are probably “Why Can’t This Be Love?” and “Finish What You Started”, both from the Sammy Hagar period.


  44. Shooting his gob off yet again, in an interview with leading German arsewipe “Bild”, Navalny calls former German chancellor Schröder an “errand boy” of the Russian President and states that Putin pays him.

    Keep it coming, gobshite!

    Alexei Navalny: Ex-German Chancellor Schröder an ‘errand boy’ for Putin
    Alexei Navalny asked how a former German chancellor went from leading Europe’s most important country to serving as Putin’s errand boy. Gerhard Schröder had said there were no “hard facts” in the Russian’s poisoning.


      1. Euractiv mit Neuters: Navalny demands EU crackdown on oligarchs close to Kremlin

        …“Sanctions against the whole country don’t work. The most important thing is to impose entry bans on profiteers of the regime and freeze their assets,” Navalny told top-selling German daily Bild.

        “They embezzle money, steal billions and at the weekend they fly to Berlin or London, buy expensive apartments and sit in cafes,” he said.

        He singled out Valery Gergiev, chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic as a target for sanctions, saying he was a supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin…

        …Navalny also criticised former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, a friend of Putin and lobbyist for Russian energy firms, calling him “an errand boy for Putin who protects murderers”…

        Navalny seems to be unaware that western politicians often spend time at the property of ‘private donors’/businessmen etc. Now he is claiming sanctions against not those who he thinks ‘poisioned’ him, but anyone linked to Putin. What he wants is illegal, extra-judicial. He’s really lost his nut. A few stiff legal letters will will tighten the noose!


        1. As I recall, Schröder is shit hot on matters legal (he’s a lawyer in any case) and takes no lip off mouth merchants such as Navalny and arsewipes such as — nay, especially such as — “Bild”, which is really rock bottom as regards gutter journalism in das Vaterland (curiously, I still have a soft spot for Germany: had some good Fritz pals there): “Bild” is as bad as the UK’s “super, soar away Sun” in my opinion.

          Schröder’s private life when he was Chancellor was, well — was his private life, and he had no truck with journalists who started poking their noses into it and he bounced them in the courts if they dared do so.

          Schröder must like getting married, because to date, he has got wed 5 times already. I remember how once, when he was between marriages, he was shacked up with another Frau, and if any journalists dare mention this fact, he used to come down on them like a ton of Scheiße, so to speak. I also recall him suing for defamation, in that it was alleged that he dyed his hair.

          He’s still going strong in the marriage stakes, Here’s the latest Frau Schröder, whom he got wed to in 2018:

          Frau Schröder-Kim So-yeon.

          He must like Korean noodles.

          They married in Seoul. She was born there, but moved to Germany in 1994, where she studied. Previously, she had been married to a Korean surgeon. Schröder’s 76, but she’s no kid either, despite her appearance: she’s 52.

          I’m saying nothing, because old Gerhard might read this and get annoyed and have a shitty legal letter sent me.

          Anyway, I can’t really say anything about the Schröders’ age difference, because I also married a woman, a Russian dyevushka really, who is much younger than I am, because I’m fond of pancakes and sour cream.



    1. But Navalny is not an errand-boy for the US Department of State – mercy, no.

      I’m pretty sure that is someone else’s choice of words, and Navalny is just the remote-controlled mouth chosen to utter them. The USA strongly desires that Schroder be discredited because of his support for Nord Stream II. Never mind – Putin’s fiercest critic will get his chance to destroy Schroder in court. Schroder has announced that he is suing Bild for the remarks, and Navalny will most certainly be a material witness. Should be interesting, with the bill for Navalny’s lawyers probably being picked up by the west, and Schroder’s by ‘the Kremlin’. Navalny will get an excellent opportunity to present his evidence for his (meaning the State Department’s) assessment of Schroder’s true role.


      1. Schröder not only supports NS2, he’s been Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee of NS2 since 2006, for which position he is doubtless paid a tidy remuneration.

        Wiki, with its usual anti-Russian bias, shown by my stress at the end:

        On 24 October 2005, just a few weeks before Schröder stepped down as Chancellor, the German government guaranteed to cover 1 billion euros of the Nord Stream project cost, should Gazprom default on a loan. However, this guarantee had never been used. Soon after [having stepped] down as chancellor, Schröder accepted Gazprom’s nomination for the post of the head of the shareholders’ committee of Nord Stream AG, raising questions about a potential conflict of interest.

        German opposition parties expressed concern over the issue, as did the governments of countries over whose territory gas is currently pumped. In an editorial entitled “Gerhard Schroeder’s Sellout”, the American newspaper “The Washington Post” also expressed sharp criticism, reflecting widening international ramifications of Schröder’s new post. Democrat Tom Lantos, chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs, likened Schröder to a “political prostitute” for his recent behaviour. In January 2009, the ‘Wall Street Journal” reported that Schröder would join the board of the oil company TNK-BP, a joint venture between oil major BP and Russian partners.

        In 2016, Schröder switched to become manager of Nord Stream 2, an expansion of the original pipeline in which Gazprom is sole shareholder.

        In 2017, Russia nominated Schröder to also serve as an independent director of the board of its biggest oil producer Rosneft. At the time, Rosneft was under Western sanctions over Russia’s role in the Ukraine crisis. Schröder told “Blick” [a Swiss rag — ME ] that he would be paid about $350,000 annually for the part-time post. His decision caused an outcry in Germany and abroad, especially in a climate of fear about any potential Russian interference in the 2017 German elections. German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized her predecessor, saying “I do not think what Mr Schröder is doing is okay”.

        Merkel’s quoted above comment about Schröder was made to “Bild”, natürlich.

        Here is Reuters on Mutti Merkel’s criticism of her predecessor’s Russian connection:

        Merkel hits out at predecessor in Russia row before election
        AUGUST 21, 2017


  45. «Путин одержим идеей таинственных отравлений». Навальный с женой дали интервью Дудю

    “Putin is obsessed with the idea of mysteriously poisoning”: Navalny and his wife have given an interview to Dud
    6 October 2020

    This is the truth, I tell you! i am not bullshitting!

    The founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Aleksei Navalny has given his first video interview after his poisoning to Russian video blogger and journalist [and arsehole — ME] Yuri Dud, who spoke with the oppositionist and his wife Yulia.

    According to [Navalny’s] estimates, the treatment at the Berlin clinic “Charité” should cost him about “€ 60,000 or € 70,000” (the German hospital has not yet issued the final bill). At the same time, Navalny admitted that he does not have such a “huge amount of money”, so the treatment will be “built up” by people who will later give their names, the oppositionist promised. The € 75,000 flight from Omsk to Berlin, Navalny recalled, was paid for by businessman Boris Zimin, who is his main source of finance.

    Navalny talked about how he felt before his hospitalization, repeating what he had already told the German edition of “Der Spiegel”: “You are not in pain, but your life is going away”, he said. A cold sweat began, according to him, after the first 20 minutes of the flight. Navalny expressed confidence that the FSB or SVR officers who acted “at the direction of Vladimir Putin” were responsible for what happened to him. “Can I buy Novichok in a supermarket? Can I buy and dissolve it in a laboratory? No, this is a binary chemical weapon”, the oppositionist said, stressing that this substance must have been used. “Then there are Putin’s personal lies, fantastic in scale, that I had been pretending and had taken poison myself”, added Navalny. There is no megalomania in this version, he believes. “If a publicly available murder weapon had been used, then there could be many reasons for this. We [at FBK] have upset, insulted and offended a lot of people. But the tool is a big pointer. The FSB lieutenant general cannot just call someone or other and use Novichok”, Navalny said.

    “Putin”, he is sure, is personally extremely obsessed with the crazy idea of ​​mysteriously poisoning. He really likes the idea that he is commanding an army of such ninja-assassins, such dudes, such secret ninja assassins who terrify everyone”. According to the oppositionist, such methods are considered by the Kremlin “as a mechanism of influence, and this, by the way, works”. “Maybe the main goal was not to kill me, but to make some people feel terror. And I understand that to some extent they have achieved this goal”, Navalny suggested. Navalny found it difficult to answer the question about when he was going to return to Russia, noting that the recovery process could possibly take another two months. At the same time, the oppositionist ruled out the scenario in which he will no longer return to Russia.

    RIA Novosti:

    Точка в истории с берлинским пациентом
    5 октября 2020

    Key points in the Berlin patient’s story
    October 5, 2020

    The text of the [“Der Spiegel”] interview is replete with the most serious accusations, as well as threats to many Russian persons. From the Russian president to the doctors in Omsk who saved his life, whom Navalny intends to prosecute as the most deliberate and worst of vermin.

    But such a statement: “We will call the whole of Russia to account!” (and to criminal account at that) can only be taken seriously only in a case when the applicant: a) is in his right mind and of sound memory; b) and he is who claims to be, namely that he speaks in the presence of a notary and attesting witnesses.

    As regards both of these conditions, the situation is not really, so to say, satisfactory.

    On point “a”, it should be noted that withdrawal from a medically induced coma is not instantaneous. This is not about withdrawal from the effects of a hypothetical “Novichok”, which either was or was not [used to poison Navalny], but about the drugs that doctors inject into a patient to keep him in a coma. And a patient does not leave [such an induced comatose state] at once. I say this from a tragic personal experience. Nobody poisoned me, but I was put into a coma because of a severe case of pneumonia, and my full, clear consciousness did not return immediately. Delirium and reality got in the way, which would have prevented me from seriously considering any important statements that I made, if at that time such statements had been forthcoming.

    Point “b” is connected with the fact that no one has the authentic text [namely a transcription of what Navalny actually said in Russian] of the testimony — neither the supporters nor the opponents of A. A. Navalny. All that is available is a text in German, which Navalny does not speak, and its translation into Russian.

    This is a point I made way above: the original German text is still behind a “Der Spiegel” wall. I have only seen a small part of it. The English translation of the text has Navalny talking about a “steward” on board the aircraft, whom he told, after having left the toilet, that he had been poisoned. However, a Russian eyewitness, in an interview with a Tomsk newspaper, clearly stated that the bullshitter approached a stewardess in the aircraft, who started panicking when Navalny launched into his rolling on the deck and screaming charade, a performance that took place during a period when, according to Navalny’s “Der Spiegel” and Dud interviews, he felt no pain, but was aware that his life was ebbing away.

    Navalny’s account of events is full of anomalies and contradictions, because he is letting his gob go into overdrive whilst he is the centre of attraction, surrounded by those who believe every one of his mendacious statements.

    So Navalny gave his “Der Spiegel” interview in Russian; his Russian was translated into German, then into English for the International edition of “Der Spiegel”, and from the English translation in “Der Spiegel” we have re-translations back into Russian, which are grist to the Navalnyite mill back in the Empire of Evil.

    This explains the origin of a number of phrases belonging to the category “they don’t say it like that in Russian”, such as: “Моя работа сейчас — оставаться парнем, который не боится”, which has been back-translated into Russian from the German “Meine Aufgabe ist jetzt, der Typ zu bleiben, der keine Angst hat”, which latter is a German translation of what Navalny said in Russian during his “Der Spiegel” interview: in the English translation of the original German translation of what Navalny said, this phrase is given as: “My job now is to be the guy who is not afraid”. [Note the wrong usage of the definite article: it should be “a guy”!]

    If we were talking about an interview with a pop star, such a reverse translation would be okay … such an interview would have no political or criminal legal significance: broadcast it with the help of Google translator.

    But statements made with such a murderous note require more authenticity. And the absence of a record (audio, or rather video) or its concealment is somehow confusing …


    1. Should have been “centre of attention” above, not “centre of attraction”.

      Navalny is not an attractive person, in my opinion, but a malevolently lying criminal.

      That crazy bitch “La Russophobe” used to think he was drop-dead gorgeous, though.


    2. All stuff he can no doubt clear up in his response to the Schroder lawsuit. Navalny is a cream puff, and he will melt like a marshmallow as soon as he is asked to substantiate his statements with evidence which proves his allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Things did not go so well for the FBI in its “Russian hacking” case, I think you’ll recall, although they too claimed to have so much evidence it was embarrassing. It occurs to me that this may provide a legal venue in which to demand hard evidence of the presence of Novichok in Navalny’s samples, which no western authority offers any sign of being eager to provide. In this it is much like many of the west’s accusations, for which it claims to have no end of substantiation.

      But if the lawsuit even goes forward and gets to court, the respondents will most likely be at great pains to limit the questioning to only accusations against Schroder.


  46. The Hagues Navalny statement:

    Click to access s-1906-2020%28e%29.pdf

    October 2020



    1. The Government of Germany, in a communication tothe OPCW Director-General on 4September2020, requested technical assistance from the OPCW Technical Secretariat (hereinafter “the Secretariat”) under subparagraph 38(e) of Article VIII of the Chemical Weapons Convention (hereinafter the “Convention”) in relation to the suspected poisoning of a Russian citizen, Mr Alexei Navalny, on 20 August 2020 in the Russian Federation. The German authorities informed the OPCW that Mr Navalny was being treated in a hospital in Berlin, Germany. The Director-General decided to dispatch a team to Germany for a technical assistance visit (TAV).

    2. The TAV team deployed to Germany on 5 September 2020 and was briefed by the German authorities on the same day. The team was informed that the mission was restricted to the collection of biomedical samples from Mr Navalny. No other information was shared by the German authorities.

    3. On6 September 2020, the TAV team visited the Charité Hospital in Berlin. Inthe hospital’s intensive care unit, the TAV team members confirmed Mr Navalny’s identity against a photo-identification document presented to the team by the German authorities. In line with OPCW procedures, blood and urine sampling was conducted by the hospital staff under the direct supervision and continuous visual observation of the team members. The samples were maintained under OPCW chain of custody and transported to the OPCW Laboratory.

    4. Upon receipt of a request from Germany on 11 September 2020, the OPCW Laboratory sent the samples to two laboratories designated by the Director-General for the analysis of biomedical samples.

    5. The results of the analysis of biomedical samples conducted by the OPCW designated laboratories demonstrate that Mr Navalny was exposed to a toxic chemical acting as a cholinesterase inhibitor. The biomarkers of the cholinesterase inhibitor found in MrNavalny’s blood and urine samples have similar structural characteristics tothe toxic chemicals belonging to schedules 1.A.14 and 1.A.15, whichwere added to theAnnex on Chemicals tothe Conventionatthe Twenty-FourthSession of the Conference of the States Parties in November 2019. This cholinesterase inhibitor is not listed in the Annex on Chemicals tothe Convention.

    6. The biomarkers identified are contained in the classified report of the Secretariat.



    A report issued by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), dated on October 6, has failed to identify the poison weapon which Alexei Navalny and his supporters claim was used to attack him in a Tomsk hotel on August 20. …

    The rest at the link.

    As you have no doubt read the OPCW statement, there is clear blue water between what the press and others claim to what has been legally presented. Quelle surprise. Again.


      1. Neuters via Chemical weapons body confirms nerve agent Novichok in Navalny’s blood

        Blood samples taken from Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny confirmed the presence of a nerve agent from the banned Novichok family, the global chemical weapons watchdog said on Tuesday….

        Well who needs journalists to do their job when it’s already been decided what the conclusion is? Read in stuff that isn’t there is called speculation but this infortainment piece does it in droves. Are they illiterate or really don’t give a f/k?


    1. What curious timing. Only a week or so ago I posted news that the lo-land of Po-land will unusually get the go ahead from Brussels in the face of anti-competition concerns over ‘merger’ of its sole refiner Lotos in Gdansk by PKN-Orlen.

      Ah, yes, here we go:


      Warsaw has funny ideas about what it considers anti-competitive.


    2. Maybe Russia can just unforgive previous debt write offs to Po-land over the decades and off-set them (inflation & interest) against this current claim? As no-one bothers to follow the rules, why not?


  48. More Navalny interview gems, this time from a BBC Russia Service interview in Berlin:

    “Привет, это Навальный”
    Андрей Козенко, Ольга Просвирова, Би-би-си, Берлин, 6.10.2020

    “Hi, this is Navalny!”
    Andrey Kozenko, Olga Prosvirova, BBC, Berlin, 6.10.2020

    [That’s how he starts his YouTube bullshit clips.]

    BBC: In an interview with Spiegel, you named Putin as personally guilty for your poisoning. So you come to an independent court, and they will tell you: list, point by point, Alexey, on what grounds you think that this is so?

    A.N.: By the time I appear in an excellent independent court, the case should already have been investigated, and a preventive measure has chosen for the participants in the crime. They cannot be anything else but a special group of assassins who are capable of using this “Novichok”. If you were given it and told: “Go kill someone, you wouldn’t be able to kill anyone, only yourself. Even a professional chemist would kill himself.

    [Pity there was no bullshit meter for this interview! — ME ]

    Now I have my own analytical judgment, which is based on the fact that (a) this is an inaccessible substance, the very possession of which is a violation of all international norms; (b) such a substance can only be possessed by the special services, whose leaders are directly subordinate to Putin. All our understanding of how the country is arranged, which has developed over the past 20 years, tells us that these special services will easily kill anyone, but for the murder you need direct approval from Putin.

    It follows that obviously the entire Omsk cover-up operation was sanctioned at the highest level, otherwise [Mikhail] Murashko would not have personally send a group of specialists there. With what fright the Minister of Health created a commission and sent it to Omsk! With what fright the doctors did not allow the patient for whom an aircraft had already arrived to be transfered. In general, medicine does not recogonize such a thing as a “non-transportable patient”. And any special aircraft is better equipped than any other hospital. Certainly better than that Omsk hospital.

    And, finally, there is Putin and his statements that I poisoned myself, cooked-up “Novichok”. All these facts definitely point to him. I am not afraid and am not going to say: well, I believe that this was done with the sanction of the country’s top leadership, we need to figure it out … No one, except Putin, could have given an order to [FSB head Alexander] Bortnikov, [SVR head Sergei] Naryshkin and .. whoever is heading the GRU … (the head of this department is Igor Kostyukov – BBC). This should be the subject of an investigation.

    BBC: But these same people said that your poisoning is not profitable for Russia. In general – this is a personal judgment – there was a feeling that the Kremlin, on the contrary, was protecting you from truly serious incidents. You were immediately released, despite the actual sentence in the Kirovles case. You were instantly given a passport and you were able to fly to Spain when brilliant green antiseptic dye was poured in your face, and there was a risk that you could go blind.

    AN: There is no conspiracy answer to this question.

    From the inside, I see all this is not at all the way you described. We have been under unprecedented pressure over the past two years. Criminal cases were opened against all of them. They put pressure on us as much as they could, but we still acted effectively under these conditions. After all, the political situation has changed a lot: Minsk, Khabarovsk. Putin personally participates in these stories and sees from the figures that his ratings are falling, while mine are growing. And other opposition politicians are also growing.

    [Bullshitting bastard!!!! — ME]

    They can see that the most popular politician in the Khabarovsk Territory is [former Governor Sergei] Furgal. And the second most popular is me (Navalny’s team came to such data, having conducted their own opinion poll, the results of which were not made public, the BBC cannot confirm these words). And the most hated in the region are Putin and [the presidential envoy for the Far East, Yuri Trutnev. This thing changes the attitude towards everything.

    Let’s recall “Kirovles”. I shall repeat this again, and this is not some kind of coquetry: they let me go because people went out into the street. Social networks are also monitored there [in the presidential administration], and if they see that a verdict has been passed, and ten thousand people wrote on Facebook: “Fuck it!” ….

    They are cunning, they don’t want to increase my rating, they don’t want any sympathy for me. When someone went too far at some level, and they splashed green paint at me, it became clear that now I would be without an eye or with a thorn in my eye, everyone would regret and sympathize. I should be an example of what mayhem they can arrange.

    I should not like to become popular at the cost of losing an eye, but they also understand this, and therefore they gave me a passport. I was not given it illegally anyway – it’s bullshit that probationers cannot travel abroad. They can and do, just in Russia they are not given a passport. And so there is no prohibition. That’s why I got mine.

    Now the frenzy of all these people has led to a radicalization of their positions: like, we do not want to kill him, but we have to do something with him. And Tomsk is a large city, Novosibirsk is the third largest in the country, and we caused them great pain there through “smart voting”. If you think that Putin is only sitting and thinking about Trump – no, this is not so. He is thinking: I cannot lose in Novosibirsk and Tomsk – against the background of what is happening in Khabarovsk. Otherwise, in city after city, I shall lose the State Duma .elections or their results will have to be falsified on such a scale that it is not clear what consequences this will lead to …

    BBC: Do you already know when you will return to Russia?

    A.N.: It’s hard to say. We still need to do a number of tests for the activity of the nervous system, the procedures are underway. I will not undertake to predict now.

    BBC: Your colleagues in Russia are under exactly the same pressure as you. But if Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron talk about you, then the coordinators in the regions of Russia can hardly boast of the same.

    AN: An important question, actually. You’re a celebrity, you even get paid for the plane. And when a regional activist speaks out against a local oligarch or governor, he is almost in danger. It takes even more courage than mine.

    We are defending ourselves, we have created a network of headquarters. We have sufficient media capabilities to protect a person, not even necessarily a member of our headquarters.

    BBC: And yet: do you sincerely underestimate the risks of return? Or are you deliberately walking on thin ice?…

    A.H.: There is certainly a danger that I might be lisolated. Actually, this has happened to me many times. Now for about a month there was no communication with me even through lawyers! But during my absence, there were three investigations, and in one of them, the best known one which concerned Kazan, I managed to take minimal part. FBK operates: everyone knows their business. My liquidation won’t change anything. Only on the air there will be no one to say: “Hi! This is Navalny.”

    What an egotistical bullshitting piece of shit of a US agent!


  49. I do not share Sheikh Imran Hosein’s theological beliefs but he is absolutely insightful and truthful when it comes to geopolitical affairs. I have never been disappointed by his integrity.

    Azerbaijan – Armenia War! – Sheikh Imran Hosein

    (This is not the first time he has ripped the Dönmeh Erdogan and the Zionist terrorist stronghold currently occupying Palestine apart.)


      1. As an addendum, I saw reference to this in today’s National Post. The Declaration was mentioned, and the qualifications and educational background of the originators was also brought up, but the most weight was given to General Practitioners ridiculing epidemiologists and virologists as cranks and crackpots – as most ‘COVID deniers’ are termed – and going on about how incredibly foolish this course of action would be if we were so crazy as to take it. Much better to follow reasonable and temperate government guidelines and have varying lockdowns until we are all back to wearing animal skins and living in caves and raiding our neighbours for slaves. Frightening stories of long-term lung damage effects of COVID also persist, in which healthy young people (40’s and 50’s) who have beaten the disease (in the sense that they have not died) find themselves months later unable to climb a flight of stairs without having to stop and rest and wheeze for breath.


    1. I am impressed. One seldom reads such crap. Pity Peter Andrews seems to not know any science.

      He certainly does not understand the concept of “herd immunity”

      The “experts” quoted may have good points.

      On the other hand, I believe the Plague of Justinian lasted roughly from 545 AD to 750 AD. It took a long time for “herd immunity” to kick in. Oh and the Black Plague seemed to last in England from the middle of 1346 til the Fire of London in 1666.


      1. Well, the criticism in the National Post is that the originators of the declaration ‘offered no scientific evidence for their conclusions’. Yet the fucking twits we are supposed to be listening to continue to claim they are ‘following the science’ when they tell us masking and social distancing help to suppress an airborne viral infection. There is no proof of that, and no clinical study has ever concluded cloth masks do anything at all to safeguard wearers from anything but large droplets of sputum, like what is coughed up by people who should be at home in bed. There is no evidence at all that paper or cloth masks do anything to guard against tiny-particle transmission by asymptomatic carriers who do not even know they are infected, and we could keep the virus going for years by starving it of victims and then dealing with sporadic outbreaks among a population that never reaches herd immunity. Not an edition of the local Times-Colonist goes by without someone in the Letters to the Editor pleading for the authorities to make masking mandatory in all public interior spaces, because they have had a choleric set-to at the grocery store with someone who refuses to wear a mask. Is this to be our lives? Skulking about in the streets masked like it’s fucking Armageddon?


      2. The issue with plague is that rodents are major vectors for the disease and in some parts of the world, the plague can’t be eliminated if the the rodents that carry the disease happen to be important to the ecosystem. It is better then if people are encouraged to keep away from wilderness areas where the disease is endemic among the animals there.

        The Plague of Justinian was an early outbreak of bubonic plague and it is possible that plague outbreaks came about as consequences of rodent population cycles in urban areas. When rodent populations rose, the fleas carrying plague bacteria stayed with the animals, but if for some reason rodent populations crashed, the fleas might jump to other warm-blooded animals living or co-existing with humans in crowded and often unsanitary conditions. “Herd immunity” or the lack thereof may not really be needed to explain recurrent outbreaks of bubonic plague in the past when prevailing social conditions favourng the life cycle of plague bacteria exist.


        1. The conflation of the ‘novel coronavirus’ with the plague and similar non-viral illnesses is hardly accidental; as I have pointed out before now, the research which concluded that binding one’s mouth and nose with a linen cloth to prevent the transmission of infection via ‘droplets’ dates to the early 1900’s, and the discoveries of German physician Carl Flugge with respect to tuberculosis.

          Although the description of how tuberculosis is spread is similar to the assessed transmission of COVID-19, tuberculosis is not a viral infection. Other included information clarifies that tuberculosis is not transmitted by shaking ungloved hands, sharing food or drink, or even sharing a toothbrush (Jeebus, who does that?) or kissing, while all of those are purported to be viable transmission options for COVID-19.

          Additionally, viral particles are often orders of magnitude smaller than the ‘droplets’ which are assessed to transmit tuberculosis infection. A simple linen cloth was at least partially effective at mitigating the latter.


  50. Foreign Policy

    Article by

    Maria Snegovaya is a fellow at the Center for European Policy Analysis.
    Denis Volkov is a deputy director at the Levada Center in Moscow.
    Stepan Goncharov is a senior research fellow for the Levada Center.


    “What It Would Take for Russia’s Millennials to Topple Putin“

    …….Younger Russians are dissatisfied with the regime but are generally apolitical. Here’s how to change that.

    //// Does Russia have an equivalent organisation to Levada in the USA plotting regime change ?

    /// opinion polls are used to shape opinion In the case of Levada to look for weak areas to exploit


    1. And when it would not likely result in the desired conclusion to employ a direct question – “Do you believe/not believe the Russian President ids leading Russia in the right direction”, they employ ‘focus groups’ whose composition is predisposed to arrive at the correct opinion ‘on behalf of the public’.


  51. Found a possible new entry for the KS Blogroll: Saradzhyan

    Not much info on the blogsite unfortunately but there have been some recent articles and opinions on Russian policy towards Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh that are worth a look, even if we don’t agree with them.


  52. Клоун в пачке. Как западные политики реагируют на “Навальниаду”
    Доцент Финансового университета Геворг Мирзаян — о том, как политики всего мира воспринимают обвинения Навального.
    7 октября 2020, 15:37

    The joker in the pack. How Western politicians have reacted to the “Navalniad”.
    Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor of the Financial University, on how politicians around the world perceive Navalny’s accusations.

    7 October 2020, 15:37

    [I love the Russian play on the word “Iliad” in the labelling of Navalny’s fantastical “Odyssey” — ME]

    The poisoning of an opposition blogger continues to be in the spotlight of the world press. Journalists, experts and simply activists have been discussing both Navalny’s recent interview with “Der Spiegel” and the future of the Russian oppositionist himself. It is clear that most of the articles and comments follow the Western guidelines, built on the principle that “whatever happens, Putin and Russia are to blame”. However, those experts who have not thrown their minds into the garbage can of the consumer society and put national interests above supranational hysteria are very skeptical about the unfolding “Navalniad”. At best, it is criticized, and at worst, simply made fun of.

    Take, for example, the empty, naive propagandistic conversation between Aleksei Navalny and a “Der Spiegel” journalist. “This could have been a very interesting interview with a person who had found himself in such a dramatic situation if Alexei Navalny had not started making these terrible accusations against Russian President Vladimir Putin. After these words, my impressions of the interview changed very quickly”, writes the President of the International BRICS Forum, Purnima Anand: “Unfortunately, Aleksei Navalny has shown the whole world that he does not want a real investigation”.

    Indeed, one of the weakest points of Navalny’s interview (with “Der Spiegel” and with Dud [the latter being the sports journalist and YouTube vlogger Yuri Dud — ME]) is the thesis that the politician [He is NOT a politician!!! — ME] was poisoned “personally by Vladimir Putin”. Not once, in any place, does the “appointed Führer of the Russian opposition” explain the reasoning of the president. This is not even understood in those countries where the leaders are not used to standing on ceremony with their political rivals. “It’s ridiculous to think that the president of Russia would hound Aleksei Navalny. Why would he do that? Because Aleksei is a dangerous rival? Of course not”, says Algerian parliamentary deputy Ayub Sharaiti. Aleksei Navalny is a dangerous rival for Putin only in the fantasies of members of his political sect.

    The reality is demonstrated by the results of the elections (as Finnish human rights activist JJohan Bäckman correctly noted, “his party activists won only seven out of tens of thousands of seats in the last municipal elections”) [Can’t be a pal then of the resident Finnish troll and one of the 99.5% of Finns who allegedly believe that Putin poisoned the Bullshitter — ME], as well as in opinion polls. For example, experts from the Levada Centre assess Navalny’s popularity very modestly. How can one talk about “Putin’s dangerous rival” when only 10% of those who have heard of Navalny treat him with respect? “He is unimportant and represents a small part of the opposition. Why would the Russian government want to poison Navalny. He is not even a serious threat”, says Vice-President of the Flemish Parliament Philip Dewinter. “The only thing that is clear is that Navalny is very popular in Western Europe and has become a symbol”.

    Actually, this is the whole point. Navalny has become a symbol that always needs to be pumped up with meaning. First of all, for the intra-European consumers, because it has to be explained to them that it is “non-handshakeable” European politicians who have brought the EU to a state of chaos and half-life and that this is the fault of the “evil Russian leader” who, within the framework of such a policy, must be constantly demonized.

    “Putin is to be blamed for everything that happens in Russia. We need no evidence: we just need as loud accusations as are possible in as many newspapers and publications as possible. Vladimir Putin should be the permanent defendant”, says the head of the Romanian socio-political NGO “Vostok Group” Vlad-Alexander Krisan. It was this “defendant” who “stooped” to the point of poisoning his leading oppositionist in front of an honest European public. After this, can there be any doubt that an evil and wicked Putin is interfering in European affairs, provoking European separatism, poisoning the Skripal’s cat and painting graffiti on the walls of the houses of honourable burghers and the bourgeois?

    However, its external use is of no less importance for Navalny’s foreign curators. There are interesting two-sides to this policy: first, these curators will convince the European and American public that the oppositionist is the hope for creating a democratic Russia, and then, relying on their own public opinion, they will force the Kremlin and Russians to accept Aleksei Navalny in this very status. The question is, will it work? Judging by the Kremlin’s reaction, the Russian government feels somewhat offended by this primitive behaviour that is being played out in front of them. “The Berlin Opera could not have done a better production. A drama in three acts. The allegedly poisoned Navalny is transported to Berlin, despite the coronavirus crisis and travel restrictions, for treatment at the Charité … Then the German government refuses any cooperation with the Russian government as regards investigating the alleged poisoning. And finally, the Russian government is accused of the poisoning and asked to put an end to Nord Stream 2. The question is: how stupid do “Spiegel” journalists really think the Kremlin is? “, writes Gunnar Norbert Lindemann [German politician — ME].

    “Navalny, who has never won the support of more than a handful of supporters on the streets of Moscow [nor anywhere else! — ME], is now desperately trying to take advantage of the 15 minutes of fame that the West has given him in yet another pathetic attempt to influence Russian politics. But in the end, we know very well that the ‘oppositionist’ from Russia is nothing more than a puppet like Juan Guaido in Venezuela”, says Enrique Dominguez, Executive Director of the International BRICS Forum of Municipalities. But do the Russians realize this? Will they be persuaded to accept this promoted image of “Opposition Führer”? Having seen enough of their own populist politicians, some Western experts urge Russians not to experiment with such leaders.

    “A martyr who must save today’s Russia? God save Russia from this man!” writes the Secretary General of the Austrian Suvorov Institute Patrick Poppel. After all, as Purnima Anand has rightly noted: “Aleksei Navalny, claiming that he is a replacement for Vladimir Putin, is working against his country” because he “is creating a new stage of confrontation between Russia and the West. He is using this situation, his possible health problems and alleged poisoning in order to get even closer to the Western security services, by his hype and his accusing the Russian government of all mortal sins in order to destabilize the situation in Russia!” Deputy of Belgrade City Assembly Draginja Vlk echoes.

    Some commentators have argued that senseless European attempts to harm Russia through the Navalny case will hit Europe and European national interests. And for some reason, these are mainly politicians who do not belong to the mainstream European parties. For example, representatives of Bulgaria, whose government is now regretting the fact that at one time it followed the EU lead and abandoned the most important project for the country, the South Stream project. Now Bulgarians are looking with horror at how, because of Navalny, “Nord Stream 2” could suffer, which was supposed to remove the dependence of South-Eastern Europe on Ukrainian transit.

    “The Navalny case cannot be politicized, let alone used as an excuse to end geostrategic projects that bring economic benefits to Europe”, warns Lubomir Gancheva, vice chairman of the “Alternative to Bulgarian Revival” political party. “It all smells like a set-up by transatlantic lobbyists and US lobbyists. Only they would benefit from this. They want to sell gas from the US, which is 30% more expensive, to Germany and prevent Russian gas supplies, which have been reliable for decades”, explains member of the Berlin Chamber of Deputies (Landtag) Gunnar Norbert Lindemann.

    Others argue that this campaign launched against Russia threatens not only European gas projects, but also world security, firstly in global governance issues. “This is an excellent example of Western policy aimed at undermining the polycentric world order”, said Milton Valente, a member of the Central Committee of the Frelimo Party of Mozambique. “We are witnessing an elaborate operation, an important part of which is a fake-news related campaign against Russia and Europe in order to bring about a new Cold War in Europe and the world. Such cases only contribute to the disintegration of the system of international relations and must be thoroughly investigated.”

    And secondly, in terms of combating the spread of the coronavirus: “At a time when the profit-seeking market is ready to deprive our people of a cure for the coronavirus pandemic, we are paying attention to the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, which has distributed the world’s first [coronavirus] vaccine, Sputnik V, free of charge to various peoples of our continent, especially those who are resisting the criminal blockade of the United States, the most brutal in history, in Cuba, as well as in Nicaragua and Venezuela … We condemn the media campaign to interfere with the promotion of the Russian vaccine”, former Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales has stated in exasperation.

    However, it cannot be ruled out that the goal of the West has not so much been to fool the Russians but, banally, to save its agent. “Not long before he was ‘poisoned’, he closed his fund, was left without money, and a court ordered him to pay huge compensation for his fake news. In Russia, being in debt does not allow one to travel abroad, so Navalny was ‘poisoned’ and ‘evacuated’ (illegally) to Germany. The world has not seen one single piece of evidence as regards a chemical attack, but instead a huge number of unsubstantiated accusations. However, lies swirl around this whole issue, and it is obvious that the idea of ​​returning to Russia can also be categorized as a lie, because there only debts and zero popularity await him”, says Johan Bäckman.


    1. Its a liberast photoshop, actually. it reads: “We are ready to die in order to help Putin”.

      Liberasts claim Putin has a policy of “pensioner genocide”.

      What a pathetic shower of bastards they are!

      Liberasts, I mean.


    2. To celebrate, the s/tshow papers are all reporting that Vladimir Putin’s lover who gave birth to twins last year has vanished! Say, how is Merkel’s husband? Or is it chalk & oranges to the tabloid media and ‘professional’ russophobe industry?


    1. Porky Pig’s condition must be at a level where he needs oxygen therapy. It doesn’t sound bad … I mean, good at all.


  53. Vinyard the Saker: Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks and answers to questions during the meeting with members of the Association of European Businesses in Russia, Moscow, October 5, 2020


    Apparently foreign businessmen want the Baring Vostok case resolved (I assume in Calvey’s favor) as it ‘worries’ foreign investors:

    Tass: Calvey, other defendants in $40 mln embezzlement case to stay detained until mid-November



    Tass: Putin says US harbors ‘bipartisan consensus’ to contain Russia

    The Russian president said that the intentions voiced earlier by US President Donald Trump were definitely not implemented in full

    …”However, the intentions voiced earlier by [US President Donald] Trump were definitely not implemented in full,” Putin said, adding that the failure to fulfill the earlier pronounced aims “is largely due to a certain bipartisan consensus on the need to contain Russia and curb the development of our country.”

    “On top of it all, this position is an all-encompassing one to contain [Russia] in all areas of its development,” he continued. “As far as we understand, it definitely serves as a restraint device for the current US administration.”..

    ..”Yes, indeed, we have managed to achieve a lot in the sphere of bilateral relations and I must highlight this in particular,” the Russian leader continued. “I am not going to list all of the positive steps taken in the development of Russian-American relations now, but they certainly do exist.”…

    …”Nevertheless, the majority of various restrictions and limitations [against Russia] were introduced under the Trump Administration,” Putin noted. “A total of 46 decisions were made either in regard to the introduction of new sanctions or on the expansion of the previously introduced sanctions.”…

    Maybe it is time to drop treating any US Administration as different from another. The USA is ever more not agreement capable. How is it GE can improve its business presence in Russia while the US presses u-Rope for more sanctions? Or is that the point? Letting t-Rump drive the wedge further until u-Rope cracks? After all it is u-Rope that has much more to lose. In that sense, both Russia and America want u-Rope to get off the f/king fence for once.


  54. Former German chancellor Schroeder to sue tabloid Bild over Navalny accusation that he receives ‘shadow money’ from Putin

    …Posting on his LinkedIn page, Schroeder explained that he would be taking Bild to court after Navalny claimed that he takes “shadow payments” from Russian President Vladimir Putin, without presenting any evidence. The anti-corruption activist admitted that he has no concrete proof, but said he has “no doubt.” By circulating unproven hearsay, the former chancellor believes that Bild violated his rights, and therefore feels “compelled to take legal action against the publisher.”…

    Well that didnt’ take long. Pass the popcorn.

    Going after Der Beagle is the right move though and kicking them where it hurts.


    1. Frau Schröder — the latest Korean one — has also launched a very critical attack against “Bild” and the Russian gobshite for claiming that her old man gets pay-offs off Putin.

      This is what Navalny said about the former chancellor:

      «Герхард Шредер получает деньги от Путина. Но если он сейчас пытается отрицать это отравление, это действительно очень разочаровывает. Мне это тоже очень сложно понять. В конце концов, он бывший канцлер самой могущественной страны Европы. Теперь Шредер — мальчик на побегушках Путина, который защищает убийц.»

      “Gerhard Schröder receives money from Putin. And if he is now trying to deny this poisoning, it is really very disappointing. This is also very difficult for me to understand. He is, after all, the former chancellor of the most powerful country in Europe. Now Schröder is Putin’s errand boy who protects murderers”.

      Schröder could not help but react to such slander.

      “I understand the difficult situation in which Navalny finds himself. His statements in an interview with “Bild” about alleged ‘hidden fees’ are incorrect. He himself says that he has no evidence for his claims. However, BILD-Zeitung and have circulated these statements”, Schröder has written.

      Note Schröder’s diplomacy: he wrote of how he understands “the difficult situation in which Navalny finds himself” and not that the Washington hired Navalny is paid to lie constantly about Russia and its government.

      It will be interesting to see who will defend the Bullshitter, what foreign structures will leap to his aid.
      The” Opposition Führer” with his acolyte Kira Yarmysh in Berlin.

      He’s fucking blown ’em, I’m sure.


      1. Lyosha and Kira. What a cute pair!

        She is the hysterical bitch who started storming around the Tomsk hospital demanding an immediate diagnosis of her führer’s sickness, whilst screaming out to all and sundry that his tea had been poisoned. Somehow, she seems to have forgotten that it was she who handed the gobshite a paper cup of tea at Omsk airport. It’s on CCTV.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. She is the hysterical bitch who started storming around the OMSK hospital!

          The bullshitting bastard was flying from Tomsk to Moscow, but his flight had to land at Omsk because he was rolling around and screaming on the aircraft deck, suffering unbearable pain and crying “Beluga!” — although he now says he wasn’t in pain, but nevertheless knew that his life was fast ebbing away.

          Send the bastard down if he comes back! Enough of his mendacious nonsense!


          1. Так кто же он Леша Навальный?

            So who is this Lyosha Navalny?
            2 October

            Here is, in my opinion, the attitude of most Russians towards that shyster Navalny, as expressed in a letter written by a regular Russian in response to the above-linked blog on the Russian blogosphere about the lying arsehole of a conman in the employ of the USA:

            Navalny a fighter against corruption? Don’t make me laugh! Where is there at least one FACT concerning the corruption that he has revealed? Just rumours and gossip! So this just shows how the newly-minted rich live. So what? Except for unsubstantiated accusations and their address, there is nothing else! Where are the legal actions incited by him on the basis of the materials collected and forwarded by him to law enforcement agencies? It’s all just blah, blah, blah. Where are the official and documented actions to confirm this struggle of his? All his activities are based on self-promotion and are supported by poorly educated young people who want to live the same way as the persons whom they expose, but at the same time do nothing about this or try to achieve this with a minimum of effort! Take away and divide? We already went through this in 1917!

            The blog comment to which the above reply is directed reads as follows:

            Opening the Internet, every day you come across postings about Navalny. But who is he? An ordinary blogger who makes money through his blog. But when you blog on ordinary topics, you don’t make much money, so bloggers who are able to do so jump around from one topic to another.

            There are some interesting blogs. Take Dmitry Komarov: what he blogs is interesting, informative. And there’s Anastasia Volochkova’s blog, for example, with her toing and froing from one thread to another, likewise Olga Buzova. I agree, they have millions of subscribers, but who are these subscribers? It seems to me that a normal, serious person would not subscribe to such blogs.

            And Aleksei Navalny has found his topic. He got to the point where he realized he could make some dough, which for him meant first and foremost digging up and making public revealing information about “the powers that be”, which is a very topical issue of our time.

            In Russia, neither rulers nor the rich have ever been loved. That is why there is such a negative attitude towards them even now. Against the background of the current impoverishment of ordinary people, any information about accumulated, let alone advertised, wealth amassed through their “back-breakingly hard work” is very acutely perceived.

            I do not in any way justify or defend our nouveau riche, but there is another question: why should one position oneself as a fighter against the current government? It is no secret that the West supports him. And the West has supported him as long as he has meant anything to the West. They positioned him as an oppositionist, a fighter against the regime.

            In my opinion, the Russian authorities have treated him as a small-time trickster who is unable to do much harm. Wouldn’t they have taken some sort of legal action against him if he had really meant anything?

            The West has decided to declare that he is a victim. It is ready to present any speculation or fake news in order to spite Russia.

            Against this backdrop, it seems to me that everything we say and write about Navalny works to improve his rating. He is just not worth it.

            Remember the story (Who taught us it?) about 1905, about Father Gapon the priest-provocateur? That’s how Navalny appears now, as a provocateur who leads young people, who as of yet have no opinion of their own, in order that they break the administrative and criminal law. A crowd is unpredictable, and in it there will certainly be those who call for disorder. And as a result of this, there are arrests, trials, and then a fight for “innocent victims” and so on and so forth. And these may be our children or grandchildren, whom the state has left to fend for themselves. You can make anything you want out of these immature souls. And there are such “good uncles” who make use of this. [The term “uncle” here being Russian idiomatic usage, a term of respect for any unknown elder, but not elderly, man, the latter being respectfully referred to as “granddad” — ME]

            I am expressing my personal opinion without imposing it on anyone.

            Good health to you all and have a nice day.

            Clearly not written by a shitwit kreakl, nor by any self-exiled, oh so smart intelligyents, such as the highly educated, privileged, wealthy and multi-lingual “internationalist” Leonid Bershidsky, who fled the “regime” and and now lives in splendid, though not impecunious, isolation in Berlin.


            1. And of course, the person who wrote the above-linked blog and that person whose response to it I have quoted above, are most certainly “нерукопожатный” [unhandshakable] and, therefore, not representative of the types who have confabs in Moscow Starbucks establishments or expensive cafés or wherever with Moscow correspondents Shaun Walker, Oliver Carroll, Sarah Rainsford, Steven Rosenberg or “investigative journalists” from the “Moscow Times”: only the opinions of “handshakable” types is considered “good copy” by these seekers of truth and dutifully reported by them in the free and wonderful liberal mass media of the West.


            2. He’s right about a couple of things; one, Lyosha has hit the big time as far as publicity goes – as the author suggests, you can hardly pick up a paper these days without seeing Navalny’s smirking face, or warm family portraits humanizing him and his lovely family. Publicity, and lots of it, which has licked one of Navalny’s long-suffered problems – name recognition. For a long time the western media complained – in a kind of whiny way, in my opinion – that Putin would not say Navalny’s name publicly, even though Navalny was the most talked-about opposition figure in Russia. That last part was a lie, of course, but put that aside for now. The reaction was mostly, so what? Putin never mentions the guy who comes around my neighbourhood offering rain-gutter cleaning and window washing, and he and Navalny are on pretty much an equal level for me – vaguely familiar, but nobody I really know. Should I? Besides, American politicians rarely mention their political opposition except in the most disparaging terms – John Kerry ‘looks French’; Nancy Pelosi is ‘Crazy Nancy’. Is that what the western press is looking for? If Putin makes fun of Navalny, does that somehow validate his status as a politician? Might as well say he is, because he doesn’t do anything else that looks like earning a living, although I wouldn’t say there was much about that label to recommend it.

              Anyway, most everybody who reads knows who Navalny is now, and if they didn’t before, that is kind of an advantage, since the western press can now present his credentials as if he just appeared a month or two ago – which, for many people, he did. Easy-peasy now to introduce him as a Solzhenitsyn-like martyr to the bloody system of state oppression, a kind of Russianized Joe-the-Plumber Everyman who has had it up to here with the state’s liberties against his freedom and its reluctance to permit democracy. All horseshit, of course; pretty much everything in the news except local reporting that you can get in your car and go check for yourself is these days.

              Another thing to which he alluded, and which was pointed out here before by other sources, is that most of his followers are the relatively well-to-do progeny of the intelligentsya and their liberal-agitator cousins, the class which has always felt – resentfully – that it should be running the country instead of that prick Putin.

              Meanwhile, I have it from my Russian relatives in the Russian Far East and in St Petersburg that Putin remains as popular as ever, and that the party he heads is in no danger of being threatened by any other, much less whatever party Navalny tries to cobble together remotely and run from afar as a political exile.

              Every toad must have his day as King of the Garden. Navalny is now relatively popular in the west, and fairly well-known in a vague sort of way – he is admirably set up to be a regime-change figure, from a western standpoint, which is half the battle, as we learned from the unrelenting deification of the hapless Juan Guaido. But something else Navalny and Guaido have in common is that both are despised in their own country by their own electorate, which would not give either a mandate to run a recycling station, if asked.

              Which, when you think about it, is kind of funny – if either Venezuela or Russia were the kind of oppressed country the west portrays, where the people have no will of their own and the state makes all their decisions, running a regime-change switcheroo should be about as difficult as selling an assault rifle to a Republican. Instead, such attempts are routinely repulsed by popular resistance.

              In these unsettled times, we must take our amusement where we find it.


      2. Schroeder’s Wife Slams Bild For ‘Baiting’. Slander After Navalny’s Interview
        Thu 08th October 2020 | 08:25 PM

        [No umlauts on Pakistani keyboards, I see!]

        “The baiting of my husband by the Bild newspaper offends me. I am from South Korea. We have achieved democracy and the rule of law there. Germany is my second homeland with a real democracy, which means that people can hold different views and express them openly in public.

        But what the Springer media corporation [Axel Springer SE, digital publishing house which Bild newspaper] has done with my husband has nothing to do with democracy and freedom of opinion, but rather with slander and baiting,” Soyeon Schroeder-Kim wrote on Instagram on Thursday.

        She added that she was “outraged, but also upset that this is possible.” The politician’s wife also expressed regret that other media outlets, which she used to respect, had distributed the content of the interview.


      1. He can’t be as disrespectful in court as he was in hi s home country. Petr Pavlensky discovered this. Since he burned down the door at the Bank of France, he leaked nudes of a French politician, stabbed a few people at a party, and went into hiding.

        What surprises will the Germans be in for with Navalny?


  55. Lukashenko is really in trouble now. Bulgaria has withdrawn its ambassador from Byelorus! This of course has nothing to do with the imploding domestic political situation for Borissov…


  56. Censored Russian Filmmaker Speaks Out Against ‘European Magnitsky Act’ as Yet Another Western Hit-Job Against Moscow

    Award-winning Russian filmmaker and investigative journalist Andrei Nekrasov has petitioned the EU Commission president to consider evidence that challenges the official EU narrative into the 2009 death of Sergei Magnitsky, the tax advisor who worked for Hermitage Fund chief Bill Browder. What has been the EU response thus far to the request? Nothing but a cacophony of crickets….

    There’s a reason we don’t hear about Nekrasov in the western press. He converted on the road to Damascus and is not a message to be heard. But that’s nothing new to us.

    Though the ‘evidence’ of Navalny being poisioned by Putin or anyone in authority is as weak as piss, that is not the point. I think that strategically the EU realizes that its options for continuing the six month roll over punishment sanctions against Russia over Crimea (because Russia had the gall to not let Brussels walk off with Kiev in to a rainbow sunset regardless of the latters odious behavior to its own citizens) were reaching their limits. Six years and no results. Unless you count several hundred billions of euros of lost trade with Russia as a ‘result.’ Russia hasn’t caved. What the EU needs is a) a political figleaf to keep sanctions rolling over; b) what it thinks is ‘leverage,’ aka a ‘hand in the game.’ It has no other idea of what else to do. Or more precisely, at a communal EU level is has rejected all other options. Again. It’s like a stuck record.

    On the back of this, the USA and friends are still trying to break i-Ran and nothing has worked either. Sailing an aircraft carrier up the Persian Gulf (Carry on Up the Gulf!) is yet another attempt to kick off a war against i-Ran and destroy it which they then think will allow a ‘re-balancing of the region’ in the US and friends favor. I still think a war with i-Ran is very much still on the books, but every day it doesn’t happen and especially after the Presidential Erection, the odds will get longer.

    2020 really is a year of Hail Marys before the domestic quicksands gather pace…


  57. This story is one part hope and one part fear:

    Researchers may have discovered a safe new way to manage blood sugar non-invasively. Exposing diabetic mice to a combination of static electric and magnetic fields for a few hours per day normalizes blood sugar and insulin resistance. The unexpected and surprising discovery raises the possibility of using electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as a remote control to manage type 2 diabetes.

    he initial finding was pure serendipity. Sunny Huang, Carter’s co-lead author and an MD/PhD student interested in metabolism and diabetes, needed to practice taking blood from mice and measuring blood sugar levels. Carter offered to let her borrow some of the mice he was using to study the effect of EMFs on brain and behavior in the animals.

    “It was really odd because normally these animals have high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes, but all of the animals exposed to EMFs showed normal blood sugar levels,” Huang says. “I told Calvin, ‘There’s something weird going on here.'”

    The finding that these mice had normal blood sugar levels after EMF exposure was doubly strange because the mice had a genetic modification which made them diabetic.

    There is little doubt that the researchers have uncovered something of potentially huge medical benefits and opening many new modes of therapies for many conditions. Yet, the confirmation that magnetic fields of relatively low power can profoundly affect important metabolic functions is reason for concern. We are immersed in a complex and varying man-made electromagnetic fields ranging from 60 Hz to billions of Hz. Thinking about 5G.

    The claim that such fields are harmless is based on the assumption that only ionizing radiation can be damaging (UV light and higher). Yet, per the article, these very low energy fields can cause resonance in biological molecules that change their properties. Next time you hold a cell phone next to your braine to make a call…..

    It did not go unnoticed that one of the researchers was engaged in studying the effects of EM radiation on behavior of mice. The university in question is hardly a leader in such research so one must wonder what the leading researchers are doing (likely in the employ of organizations with roots deep in the CIA.)

    I hope that the good will out weigh the bad.


    1. Unbelievable!*

      It makes me think of ongoing research in to Alzheimer’s light therapy where they use 40Hz lights as treatment. Apparently there is already ‘evidence’ that this helps to reduce the plaque on the brain that leads to it. Despite there being no completed large scale study, you can already buy such lamps.

      I think there is much hype around the dangers of 5G and every now and then I see ‘stop 5-G’ signs in people’s front windows. I am a bit wary of higher powered devices that are required in much larger numbers because of its crappy range because this means many more devices in close proximity to the body. I would rather have less and more efficient lower powered devices but 5G is a profit religion and the ‘next best thing’ that we all must have. It will also be very useful to the surveillance state putting their eyes and ears in just about every corner that they have so far not been able to reach. Guess who pays? Us again.

      This caught my eye: Some Fish Can Regenerate Their Eyes. Turns Out, Mammals Have Those Genes Too



  58. Drat! Navalny has not been awarded the Nobel Peace Laureate 2020!

    Must be Putin’s doing.

    Нобелевская Премия 2020, 09 октября, 12:02 Обновлено 12:48
    Нобелевскую премию мира получила Всемирная продовольственная программа

    Премию присудили за “усилия в борьбе с голодом, за вклад в достижение мира в зонах конфликтов и за деятельность в качестве ведущей силы в действиях по предотвращению использования голода как орудия войны и конфликтов”

    NOBEL PRIZE 2020, 9 OCT, 12:02 Updated 12:48
    Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the World Food Programme
    The prize was awarded for “efforts in fighting hunger, for contributing to peace in conflict zones and for acting as a leading force in the action to prevent hunger from being used as a weapon of war and conflict”

    I wonder what action the World Food Programme is taking against the Ukraine government as regards the latter’s attempt to cause hunger in the Crimea by cutting off the water supply to the peninsula, which lack of irrigation water is intended to cause crop failure, hunger and an uprising by the disaffected Crimea population against its occupying Moskal overlords?

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    1. World Food Programme now in US-UK target sights for politicisation. Cue efforts to force the WFP to condemn President Assad in Syria for denying food aid to headchoppers in Idlib province. Any organisation awarded a Nobel Peace Prize from now on should consider refusing it.