The Ceaseless Lies of Eva Bartlett; or, The Partisan Scrubbing of Western Consciousness.

Uncle Volodya says, “The question is whether privileged elites should dominate mass-communication, and should use this power as they tell us they must, namely, to impose necessary illusions, manipulate and deceive the stupid majority, and remove them from the public arena.”

“Popular culture is a place where pity is called compassion, flattery is called love, propaganda is called knowledge, tension is called peace, gossip is called news, and auto-tune is called singing.”

Criss Jami, from “Killosophy”

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

Noam Chomsky, from “Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda”

I don’t think you would get anywhere by arguing that living in a democracy means your leaders always tell you the truth – and let you and your fellow voters decide, based on that truth, whether you want to go further down the road under their leadership or come to a parting of the ways, and go forward without them. There is no written promise that leaders will not lie, just as there is no statement of ethics which forbids a free press from lying to its readers, whether deliberately or because it was itself deceived by liars.

Nonetheless, the obvious repugnance and disgust expressed by generations of western journalists for the manipulative propaganda of Nazi poster-boy Goebbels and the overly-motivational exhortations of the Communist Soviet Union’s five-year planners strongly suggested the west at all levels disapproves of lying in order to manipulate public perception.

Can we agree, then, that western philosophy – by which I mean the propounded creed of NATO and various western temporary and semi-permanent alliances over the years since the Second World War – encourages a belief that the creation and dissemination of propaganda is wrong? That western journalism strives for an impression that propagandists are also liars, and that an informed populace can handle the truth?

That’s pretty much what I thought.

I was reminded of the western appetite for being hoodwinked recently in a comment by regular reader Julius Skoolafish, celebrating the bring-the-mountain-to Mohammed journalism of Eva Bartlett. Like a few other courageous women in the profession – Abby Martin, Lizzie Phelan, Vanessa Beely – Bartlett frequently goes to trouble spots for lengthy periods and reports on events there. There’s no particular reason to assume everything she says is true, any more than you would believe total honesty of everyone you don’t know. However, her interpretation is often very different from mainstream narratives. And the curious thing is,  the mainstream narrative hardly varies at all; cruel dictator, killing his own people, who are crying out for freedom from his crushing oppression, western obligation to bring freedom and democracy. Check, check, and check. And that narrative has been verifiably demonstrated to be utter horseshit, time and time again. Iraq is only the best example, because the events are fairly fresh in the collective consciousness, the barefaced lying by western leaders – chiefly those of the United States and the UK – was so over the top, and the reckoning was paid solely by the victims of the operation. Not one western leader was penalized in any way, and British leader Tony Blair was elevated to a jet-about-the-world envoy, smiling his bland assurances of western benevolence for generous paychecks. The neoconservative manipulators caught red-handed lying and lying and lying some more were just folded into future governments, where there is no reason to imagine their story-spinning did not continue.

But if you google up the Wikipedia entry on Eva Bartlett, you get this:

Eva Karene Bartlett is a Canadian activist and blogger who is known for promoting conspiracy theories about Syria. She writes op-eds for the television network RT. Bartlett describes herself as an “independent writer and rights activist.” Critics contend that her advocacy amounts to support for the Assad regime, and she has promoted the falsehood that the White Helmets stage rescues and “recycle” children in its videos.

So much calculated venom in such a short bio. Known for promoting conspiracy theories. Writes for RT, which is a common synonym these days for ‘known liar’. Supports the ‘Assad regime’. Tells porkie-pie lies about those nice White Helmets, almost always pictured digging groaning, barely-alive victims out of shattered concrete rubble, their honest, broad features sombre with anguish and sorrow at the ceaseless inhumanity of man toward his fellows.

What a wicked, wicked woman.

Another curiosity of propaganda and its marketing is that certain people and agencies can seemingly get away with it forever, based on the principle that people believe statements which make them feel good about themselves when good things are done in their names. Taking the White Helmets as an example, those conspiracy-theorist liars at the state-funded British Broadcasting Corporation themselves remarked upon a supposed rescue operation conducted in Syria in November of 2016 by the famous White Helmets, in which they appeared in a selfie with their supposed rescued victim in what was apparently a subsequent shot; far from crushed by the jagged rubble, he appeared in perfect health.

The video itself is quite a clumsy effort, but it is a feature of propaganda that when you are telling people that their tax dollars and donations are supporting magnificent examples of selfless courage in far-off lands where the leader of the fuzzie-wuzzies is murdering his own, they don’t require much convincing. We see the two brave White Helmets – not a speck of dust blemishing their spotless uniforms – pausing to get everything just right before the actual extrication process begins. The victim, covered with concrete dust, remains passive until some unseen director apparently says, “aaaannnd…Action!”, at which moment he begins to thrash and shout with pain and panic. The noble White Helmets work away silently as if unmoved by the danger of their situation and the pitiful struggles of the victim. Which appears to be the case, in fact, as he appears in a photo with them taken apparently moments later – since he is wearing the same clothes and is still covered with concrete dust (give you silicosis, that) – but miraculously whole and apparently relaxed.

@RussiaConnects twitter comment

That’ll be one for his actor portfolio. It’s eerie, the way rubble-pinned victims calm down immediately after rescue by the White Helmets. Perhaps they’re magic.

On that occasion, even the doyen of western citizen-journalist fakery, Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, was moved to comment that this was just not on, chaps, not on at all, and it only lent credibility to western useful-idiot conspiracy theorists (like Bartlett, presumably) when such distressingly clumsy fakes were exposed. For their part, the White Helmets were quick to apologize – sorry, Guv, we don’t know what we wuz thinking. The leadership of the White Helmets was definitely not involved, and in fact didn’t even know about it, we was just carryin’ on, like.

This might be a good place to comment on that White Helmets leader and co-founder; former British Army intelligence officer James le Mesurier. Because he was found dead in the street outside his home in Istanbul, apparently having fallen from his balcony in the wee small hours of the morning. If so, he must have made a mighty effort to fly to the opposite rooftop, because his body was discovered across the street from his balcony. But British investigators assure us everything was on the level; he died due to bursting of a blood vessel in his aorta, possibly due to stress because he owed rather a large amount of money – they even have video of him falling, thanks to a conveniently-placed security camera.

Anyway, back to Eva Bartlett and her mendacious lies about the honest White Helmets ‘recycling’ child actors and using them over and over in fabricated ‘rescues’ or for post-disaster clips that move western potential donors to bitter tears and getting out their wallets. This was conclusively and decisively debunked by that western paragon to truth in journalism, The Guardian.

Why, anyone can see these three images do not depict the same child – she’s…she’s wearing different clothes, for one thing! And this, this is the clincher, so embarrassing for Bartlett, really: she’s wearing the same bracelet…but it’s on the opposite arm!! Yes, she apparently missed that, the silly cow. And her hair is different! In one picture, it’s all messed up and sticking everywhere, but in the photo of her lying on a bed or cot, it’s smoothed down and curly! And pictures show her nearly buried by heavy rubble! That’d be almost impossible to stage!

“Someone would have had to have buried a screaming child up to their chest in rubble and carefully assembled a large amount of heavy wreckage around and on top of her – an extraordinary logistical challenge and an extraordinary collective act of child abuse.”

Perhaps in Britain assembling a large amount of wreckage around and on top of a person so they appear to be in mortal danger but are in fact not hurt at all is an extraordinary logistical challenge; air strikes on British cities are sort of rare. But many Syrian cities have been almost razed to the ground, and great chunks of concrete are lying around in the most ubiquitous fashion.

Similar and classic is the fake of the ‘chemical attack’ at Douma in the spring of 2018. An actor at the center of the production, 11-year-old Hassan Diab, claimed he was hustled into the hospital and sprayed with water in an apparent fabricated ‘decontamination’, but there had never been anything wrong with him. His father claimed the same – that radicals in Douma had staged the video and that there had not been any chemical attack. Hospital staff, ditto. No symptoms of chemical attack displayed by any of the ‘victims’, and the props still in place at the hospital for anyone who wanted to look. The western response? A ‘despicable’ put-up job by the Russians, to attempt to justify their presence in Syria where they were invited by its democratically-elected leader, whereas the western forces just invited themselves in and worked under the radar as much as they could to support the fundamentalist radical ‘rebels’. Where the ‘last hospital in Aleppo’ was bombed by the Russians so many times, but always raised itself from the ashes so it could be bombed again.

Even the ridiculous filming of the man first shown roaring in agony only to be seen in a selfie with his ‘rescuers’ moments later was excused by the western press; France 24 claimed the depiction was never meant to portray an actual rescue. No, it was just the White Helmets doing their version of the popular ‘Mannequin Challenge’, to raise awareness about the horrific conditions in Syria. The White Helmets were sorry to have given propagandists the opportunity to portray their genuine and selfless efforts as fake, but you just can’t predict what low-lifes some people can be.

“Some people have alleged that this footage shows a rescue being staged. But here’s the truth of the matter: Yes, it was made by the White Helmets. Yes, it was staged. However, the White Helmets were transparent about their intentions because this is a rather awkward example of the Mannequin Challenge.

The idea behind the challenge, which was started by high schoolers in the United States, is to show a scene frozen for several seconds before leaping into action again.”

Well, that’s believable, surely? Much more believable than the actual victims of chemical attacks in Douma being flown to the Hague to testify they had never been involved in any chemical attack, and the whole show a fabrication by radical ‘rebels’, in another despicable head-fake by the Russians. God only knows what those poor people were promised in exchange for their lies – maybe a lakeside palace next to Putin’s.

The absurdity of the excuses offered boggles the mind. The fact that allegedly-fake videos by the White Helmets are ‘widely shared’ is proof that they are harmless, and that certain people are just determined to beat up on the White Helmets. Video of an alleged former White Helmet confessing that their disaster rescues are staged is a fake because you can tell from the way his eyes move that he is reading from a script. The testimony of the President of France’s Emergency Firefighters and First Responders International that rescued children often bear no trace of dust or dirt after having been ‘rescued’ from rubble is batted aside in favour of the word of some anonymous yob who is nevertheless credited as an ‘expert’ in urban search and rescue, who claims;

“The fact that the children aren’t covered with dust doesn’t prove that this video has been staged. It’s possible that the children were in a pocket of air, which wasn’t filled with dust or smoke.”

Fucking incredible. The fact that children rescued from an environment swirling with dust and dirt emerge clean as if they just stepped out of J.C. Penney’s display window might also indicate they had just been beamed in from the holodeck of the Starship ENTERPRISE. It’s just as believable as their having been trapped in a pocket in which there was plenty of air but no dust, as if explosions and building collapses miraculously preserve occupants of such pockets from dirt. And the word of the president of a renowned urban-extraction organization is summarily dismissed as twaddle, Not because it is,  but because it did not support the desired conclusion. Children who appear in other respects identical must be different children because they are wearing different clothes, and the fact that they are pictured carried by different men just means they were being handed down a human chain, like a bucket brigade. I can describe the whole environment in which the knee-jerk exculpatory western media operates in just two words, and the first is ‘Wilful’ and the second is ‘Ignorance’.

The same media which pours scorn on any suggestion that the White Helmets are a bunch of PR fakes employed for the dual purposes of raising money for the Syrian opposition and justifying a western intervention is perfectly willing to accept that Russia altered the results of the 2016 Presidential Election in the United States by way of less than $100,000.00 in Facebook ads and social-media posts while the candidates’ expenditure of Billions was to no avail, even after documentary evidence proved the FBI conspired to suborn testimony and entrap witnesses. It really, unfortunately, portrays westerners as beyond gullible – almost childlike – in their apparent willing ingestion of crude propaganda. Meanwhile, the reference material we rely upon to make our respective cases is ideologically purged on a daily basis so that its narrative reflects a western society which is honest and good, and in which elements among the people who shout “No – this is wrong! It’s all a lie!” are lunatics and droolers and mendacious fabricators who want to subvert the west in its ongoing do-gooding. Disgraceful, and only the more so because we willingly participate in the ridiculous charade with our hearts and conversation and wallets.

“We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.”

B. W. Powe, from “Towards a Canada of Light”


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  1. Keep on trying, EU!


    French, Swedish labs confirm Navalny poisoned with Novichok

    Specialist laboratories in France and Sweden have independently confirmed findings that Russian dissident Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a chemical agent from the Novichok group, the German government has said.

    Now how about testing the samples of Navalny’s blood and tissue that were used in Omsk?

    Chain of possession of samples?

    Something added to samples between Omsk and Berlin?

    No samples from Russia have been tested in Europe, samples that were tested in Omsk by US manufactured, state of the art spectroscopy apparatus.

    Furthermore, Navalny had been in the Charité clinic for a week before it was announced that he had been poisoned by so-called Novichok, and only then after his test samples had been sent from Berlin to the Bundeswehr laboratory in Munich, which declared that “Novichok” had. been found.

    And during that long wait for the German findings, total silence from the Navalnyites, who, when Navalny was in the Omsk hospital, were howling and screaming for an immediate statement from doctors there about what had “poisoned” their heroic leader.


    1. All this is being done with the objective of driving a wedge between Russia and Germany. And it is succeeding, from the tone set by Lavrov.

      I do not doubt the French and Swedish found Novichok or whatever the stuff is in Navalny’s blood sample; they were meant to find it. That’s quite a different thing from finding Navalny was poisoned with it. They have probably tested the bottle, and a blood sample given to them. But if Navalny was actually poisoned with a deadly nerve agent, he should be dead instead of up and about and feeling peckish.


      1. “The testimony of the President of France’s Emergency Firefighters and First Responders International that rescued children often bear no trace of dust or dirt after having been ‘rescued’ from rubble is batted aside”

        Not computing. ‘Often’ or ‘Rarely’?


    2. I suppose we’ll never know what these specialist labs in France and Sweden are, we’ll just have to take the German government’s word that it sent samples of Navalny’s blood to these and possibly other labs to test.

      I would not be surprised if the Spiez laboratory that tested samples of the Skripals’ blood in 2018 had not been asked to test Navalny’s blood samples ‘cos as any fule knows, that place’s computers are chock full of Russian hackers nosing around all their databases, and Russian spies are everywhere in the building, hiding in the ceilings and cupboards and beneath the floorboards … they might even be hiding in the kitchen rubbish bins or the incinerator …


  2. And no news whatsoever about the whereabouts of the mysterious Pevchik, long-time resident of Moskva-na-Temse, who refused an interview with the police in Omsk and flew off with Navalny in a private aeroplane to Berlin, then vanished.

    Following Pevchik’s disappearance, the statuesque wife then handed in a plastic bottle from which her husband had allegedly been drinking, which bottle had traces of “Novichok”, as allegedly had his clothes and skin.

    Do I smell a rat?


  3. Navalny drank something shitty in the Tomsk-Moscow aircraft toilet, then he performed his dramatics outside the toilet for all to behold, and the “Novichok” contaminated bottle was given to Navalnaya by Pevchikh en route to Berlin.


    1. It will be interesting to learn full details of the chain of transmission of the “deadly-ish” bottle from its last handling by an agent of the Russian state onwards. If the bottle is to play the central role demanded by the “martyr”’s present narrative, then the transfer of custody thereof has to be evident and indisputable. Moreover, the transmission of the bottle to German hands needs to have a rational explanation including such minor issues as why the Russian authorities didn’t seize it as evidence or confiscate it at the security checkpoints?


      1. The fundamental thing about this false flag is that the Doctors in Omsk saved Navalnys life.

        They treated him and ensured that he lived,

        So the samples the Russian doctors took and their analysis to find a cure for Navlany are the most important factor in all this

        They found no evidence of poisoning.

        German doctors who came to Omsk acknowledged this at the time and discussions were held.

        Germany did not play any part in saving his life they just brought him out of the induced coma.

        Whatever happened in that Clinic and after wards is all unclear and lacks transparency.

        PS. France and Sweden can only say the samples they were given had “poison”.


        1. Very many people die every day of poisoning. On death certificates one often sees the term “septicaemia” as cause of death.

          That’s what it said on my father’s death certificate.

          Septicaemia is commonly called “blood poisoning”.

          My unfortunate father was not poisoned by anyone: his body poisoned him. He had cancer.

          And this what the the Germans etc. at first said: they found poison in body.

          This has been taken as his having been poisoned by one someone using a poison and this poison is “Novichok”.

          Macron has said today that somebody had attempted to murder Navalny.

          Because he was a “threat” to the “Kremlin Party” and Putin in particular?

          Macron and the BBC, CNN, Fox News etc. should take a look at the Russian election results now being announced.


        2. That’s a lot of piss taken from Navalny. a) Can he manage without it?; b) will anyone notice?; c) will it be the original ingrediants of Navalny Aid?


        1. I think it’s actually called “Chain of Custody”, and refers to the traceability of every time a piece of evidence was handled by a different person, how it was sealed against tampering, and so forth.


          1. “Custody” is a loaded, legal term which the supporters of the “martyr” should be wary of using, Mark.

            If the bottle was suspected by one or more of Navalny’s companions when still in Russian territory of having contained a toxic substance then it ought to have been transmitted to the custody of the appropriate Russian authorities. Reasonable safeguards such as video recording the handover could be taken. Thereafter a “chain of custody” of potential evidence can follow to provide a Court – those pesky places that the shit-smearers would run a mile from – to assess (test, prove if you prefer) the quality of the evidence and the reliability of the chain of custody thereof.

            The allegations of poisoning have been enabled by the deliberate withholding of “evidence” from the Russian investigators. Those who did not cooperate with the Russian authorities have been given so many free passes on the basis of their being plucky Scooby Doo style kids that I half-expect VVP to mumble about “getting away with it except for those pesky kids”. The cartoonish level of the entire affair and the contempt this narrative displays towards media consumers in “The West” is dangerous. When all are held to the same standards progress will be made.

            To revert to the “chain of custody” briefly: let’s hold the feet of the plucky kids to the fire of legal process and find out the truth about the “magic bottle” and its amazing journey to the West. I read recently that in the aftermath of the fall of the Shah in 1979 many very prosperous Iranians relocated to California. Among those were Zoroastrians who had time enough and plenty to find digs for themselves and then to finalise the new home for the Holy Fire which arrived by sea months later. Perhaps the Navalnyites have a similar story to account for the miraculous appearance of The Bottle in Germany.

            Rant over.


    2. CAUTION!

      From the Orc Blogosphere, so it will be fake, unlike squeaky clean Western MSM and its open sources:

      Pevchikh attracted attention by the fact that she had flown to Russia from Great Britain for Navalny’s “tour”, and as soon as the blogger was poisoned, she immediately left the country on the same flight that took Alexey to Germany.

      By the way, even the blogger’s wife was not allowed on board that flight, yet Pevchikh was allowed to do so.

      She was with him all the way.

      According to statements made by German doctors, the poison was found on Navalny’s underwear and on the neck of a bottle. Maybe you are still just thinking about this bottle, but only a few had access to Alexey’s underwear, apart from people who were staying with him: Pevchikh, for example.

      She organized Navalny’s meetings with politicians from other countries to discuss the assistance that the West is ready to provide the blogger with, provided him with exclusive information and could even play the role of Alexey’s “curator” from the West.

      As soon as Navalny began to lose popularity, the West could well have decided to take extreme measures and make a “holy sacrifice” out of Alexey.

      He was taken out of a coma. It seems as though he remembers something and can speak, without suffering any consequences. But will he return to Russia? Or will we never see him again? Good question.

      But one thing is clear for sure, if he returns to the country — it will already be a completely different story and a completely different game.


      Кажется,в «деле Навального» появился подозреваемый | Политические заметки | Яндекс Дзен

      It seems that a suspect has appeared in the “Navalny case” | Political Notes | Yandex Zen

      Funny family name is “Pevchikh“: it could be translated as “Little Singer”.

      A Westminster Siren, perhaps?


    3. See my comment below:

      Navalnaya wasn’t allowed to fly to Berlin with her husband but Pevchikh was!!!

      Having arrived in Berlin, Pevchikh immediately vanished.

      And Navalnaya then turned up with the bottle.

      Why had it not been seized by the Russian or German authorities together with all of Navalny’s personal effects?

      Was the bottle passed on in Berlin to the statuesque wife by Pevchick?

      And whither the bottle and it’s contents — Porton Down perchance?


    1. In short, Lavrov has demanded that the Germans present evidence for their accusations.

      There is none so far.

      They have evidence they insist — “undeniable results from the Bundeswehr — but they won’t show the data that the Bundeswehr states has given “undeniable” confirmation that Navalny was poisoned with something that the Western MSM and governments call “Novichok”.


      1. I mean, there is a difference between data and the interpretation thereof.

        The Germans persistently refuse to present the data that they allege to have, but present an interpretation of said data as given by the Bundeswehr laboratory.

        The ancients interpreted the data of the heavens that they had in the belief that the earth was the centre of all things and later, this interpretation was based on the belief in what is written in “Holy Scripture”, which they believed was the word of something they called “god”, which had created the All.

        The Western interpretation of the data that they say they have concerning analyses of Navalny’s medical tests taken in Germany is based on the belief that the Russians are wont to use something that the West calls “Novichok” in order to eliminate “dissidents” in the Russian “regime” and journalists and “leaders of the opposition” there in “Putin’s Mafia State” who dare to criticize the Russian “tyrant”.


  4. Not “whither” but “whence”!

    I meant to write: “And whither Pevchich and whence the bottle — Porton Down perchance?”


  5. Media Lens via The Canary*: You Say What You Like, Because They Like What You Say’

    …Parenti then goes on to quote Nicholas Johnson ( ), former commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, who said that there are four stages that journalists typically go through in their career:

    ‘In the early stage, you’re a young crusader and you write an exposé story about the powers that be, and you bring it to your editor and the editor says: “No, kill it. We can’t touch that. Too hot.”

    ‘Stage two: You get an idea for the story, but you don’t write it and you check with the editor first and he says: “No, won’t fly. No, I think the old man won’t like it. Don’t do that, he has a lot of friends in there and that might get messy.”

    ‘Stage three: You get an idea for the story and you yourself dismiss it as silly.

    ‘Stage four: You no longer get the idea for that kind of an exposé story.

    ‘And I would add a stage five: You then appear on panels, with media critics like me, and you get very angry and indignant when we say that there are biases in the media and you’re not as free and independent as you think.’

    Perhaps when the BBC’s John Simpson finally retires, or Channel 4’s Jon Snow, or ITV’s Mark Austin, or any of the other big beasts in the media jungle, they’ll be brave and honest enough to make similar cogent observations about journalism….

    A lot more at the link.

    I just came across this even though it is from May 2013. Very succinct points especially as I regularly mention the west’s five stages of grief and guesstimate where it is currently at. As The Canary piece notes: …As Chomsky noted, he didn’t think journalists like Marr “self-censor”. But that:

    if you believed something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting…

    Though to be honest I know a few journalists and they do privately rail against the reporting of their own employers, ergo self-censorship = self-preservation and future channels of advancement. They generally believe that they cannot change anything in a meaningful way. This explains why quite a few quit the business to do something completely different but often keep a toe in with a blog or infrequent item on current affairs/whatever.



  6. Continuing the Pevchikh saga, I saw on Russian TV yesterday a presser in Berlin, during which a journalist asked spokesman for Merkel’s government Seibert about that woman of mystery.

    Seibert just repeated that he knew nothing about such a woman. He was pressed further, told that she had left Russia on board the same aircraft as Navalny had, arrived with him in Berlin, and vanished.

    Seibert was asked how come a Russian national was allowed entry into Germany without appropriate documentation, especially during this CORONA-19 crisis. Seibert repeatedly acted stumm.


      1. Huh. Where’s that famous ‘pressure from the streets’ from Navalny’s hamsters to find out? Or is nobody interested in hearing any possibility but ‘Putin dunnit’? Not a peep from the Navalny entourage, none of whom appear to be curious about the mysterious Masha.

        Apparently you are just supposed to take Germany’s word that There Is Nothing To See Here. Just like they suddenly gained an immovable certainty that Navalny was poisoned with a new version of Novichok which acts totally differently from that which poisoned the Skripals, yet still bears the state seal of the Russian Federation and could not have been employed without the Head Of State’s approval. After three days or so of testing and suggesting he was poisoned with something, but it might have been a cholinesterase inhibitor of some kind.


  7. Russian librag Vedomosti reports NYT:

    NYT сообщила о планах Навального вернуться в Россию
    15 сентября 2020

    NYT has announced Navalney’s to return to Russia
    15 September 2020

    Founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexei Navalny, who is undergoing treatment in Germany, has discussed his poisoning with the German prosecutor and announced that he plans to return to Russia, The New York Times has reported, citing a source in the German security forces.

    According to the source, Navalny is fully aware of his condition, of what happened and where he is. In a conversation with the prosecutor, he refused that his case be jointly investigated by Germany and Russia. Navalny said he planned to return to Russia immediately after his recovery and continue his mission, the newspaper notes.

    Mission accomplished.

    I notice that the Navalny fake story has gone off the radar in the Western MSM.

    Now there just remain the lies and innuendos fixed in the minds of the sheeple.

    Only an investigation by the Germans.

    No investigation by the Russians.

    Germans and “the whole world”, to quote Pompeo, know the truth: Russians simply deny the truth, and the more they deny, the more truthful the accusations appear.

    And the elephant in the room:

    Why isn’t the poisoned by “Novichok” bullshitting bastard of a US agent dead?

    And the answer given by the Germans, that is ironic in the extreme: because Russian doctors saved his life in Omsk.

    Other elephants lurking in the shadows:

    Why hadn’t everyone who had been in contact with the piece of shit, including fellow passengers on the Tomsk-Moscow flight died?

    Where were the hazmat-suit-wearing specialists that should have detoxified the aeroplane on board of which the Bullshitter threw a wobbler?

    So many elephants, all ignored.

    Total fabrication.

    When the liar returns here, how about arresting him for breach of his bail conditions?

    Not technically but absolutely legally he was not allowed to leave the country.

    How about arresting him for perverting the course of justice? You can get life for doing that in the UK!

    He refuses to allow the Russian state to investigate his case but he and his controllers and supporters maintain that the Russian state attempted to murder him with the most deadly nerve agent known to man — but it didn’t work.


    1. Jesus has Risen!

      And on the plus side he can sell expensive ‘blessed’ trinkets to his hamsters help subsidize his interesting lifestyle. Think holy relics, think Medjigorje, Lourdes etc.


  8. A long read:


    Навальный, “Новичок” и “белая коробка”
    13 сентября 2020

    Navalny, “Novichok” and the “White Box”
    13 September 2020

    Why is not a single Berlin doctor ready to personally confirm the announced poisoning of Navalny?

    A Russian patient is recovering in the “White Box” of the Charité hospital. During the three weeks of Navalny’s stay within these walls, no one shouted at the doctors that they were murderers, no one demanded from them hourly reports on the patient’s state of health. At the beginning of the week, the hospital’s press service informs the press that the personal guest of the Federal Chancellor has been withdrawn from an artificial coma and is reacting to other people. A couple of days later, “Spiegel“ magazine publishes encouraging information: “More progress has been made. If his health continues to improve, Navalny will begin to receive more visitors”. According to “Bellingcat“ and “Der Spiegel”, Navalny can already speak and can probably recall the events that happened before he lost consciousness on an aeroplane flying from Tomsk to Moscow.

    In general, the latest Charité press releases are in clear contradiction to the horror that the German press had been gathering all week. The already poisoned underpants have been forgotten, the newspaper “Die Zeit” returns the reader to a famous photograph: morning in a café at the Tomsk airport, a passenger for the flight to Moscow flight peers into a cup that he has raised in order to drink out of it. In it,, according to a “Die “ source, is not just a chemical warfare agent from the “Novichok” group: in there is a “Novichok” on steroids.

    “Before this assassination attempt, the world did not know about this poison, which is said to be even more deadly and dangerous than all known substances from the Novichok group. Scientists found corresponding traces on the Navalny’s hands and on the neck of a bottle from which he had drunk. This “modified Novichok” allegedly acts more slowly than previous versions. The Germans assume that one of the FSB agents monitoring Navalny, or an undercover agent, added drops of poison to his tea or applied a substance to the surface of a cup. Navalny was supposed to die on board the aircraft”, writes “Die Zeit“.

    Everything is just fine and dandy here: for example, about agents who had to perform the necessary manipulations with a super-poison in a crowded place. A remarkable and suddenly appeared bottle — no bottle was seen in Omsk at all. The story goes on about the fact that, apart from tea, Navalny did not drink anything. It turns out that those accompanying the blogger took the bottle out of the plane, hid it, and then transported it to Germany and handed it to Bundeswehr chemists Concealing evidence is pure criminality. But the most interesting thing is the super-“Novichok”.

    After the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury (let us recount the usual version of events that happened there), about 50 more people sought medical help. Houses were taken apart, pets were destroyed. But here no one except Navalny was hurt: neither the people at Tomsk airport, nor the fellow travellers with whom he, having the terrible poison in his hands, took a selfie on a bus, nor the passengers on board the aircraft, and he also touched things there. Symptoms of poisoning should have appeared amongst the passengers, but they did not. This should raise questions from the authors of the serious newspaper “Die Zeit”, but it does not. A weapon of mass destruction by any reasoning, but the longer the German press examines the Navalny case, the more mediaeval and grotesque it becomes. And it works — you can see it even from the reaction of quite moderate politicians.

    Already a week and a half ago, Merkel announced the results of a toxicological examination, allegedly carried out in a secret laboratory of the Bundeswehr (yes, Navalny was poisoned), opponents of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline have intensified their onslaught against the federal government in order to stop the construction, they say, this is the only way to punish Russia. At the head of the column are the party leaders of the Greens and those associates of Merkel who are friendly with Washington and have plans for higher party or administrative posts after the Chancellor leaves.

    These voices were at least heard. In an evening talk show on ZDF, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas made it clear that the shutdown of Nord Stream 2 could be one response.

    “We cannot say that since the sanctions do not work, then there is no need to introduce any. Sometimes we have to put up with the risk of the consequences, thereby saying that we do not want to live in a world without rules”, Maas said.

    Now Herr Maas, along with many members of the government and administration and the Chancellor, lives in a world of very strange rules. Merkel’s press secretary Seibert reiterated that Germany will interact with Russia exclusively at the site of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), where all the documents allegedly have already been sent.

    The OPCW Technical Secretariat informed our permanent representative, Alexander Shulgin, that Berlin had only sent a notification about Navalny’s poisoning, a sheet of A4 paper, but there is still nothing that the experts could work on. But the Germans had to formulate a response to the proposal of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office on exchange of information: any information about the state of Navalny can be transferred to Russia only with his permission.

    This was the case in 2004. The Charité clinic then diagnosed the presidential candidate of the Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko with dioxin poisoning — no one ever saw documentary evidence. Yushchenko then for 4 years, while he was of interest he was to the public, promised to show everything, but he never did.

    This trick can be repeated again, the main thing is to find the answer to an urgent task: to inflate the level of confrontation between Russia and Germany, and therefore the entire West, in order to force the Russian authorities to be as cautious as possible in their domestic and foreign policy, for example, in the Belarusian direction.

    However, the fact that Nord Stream 2, for which the German federal government was ready to support unto death, suddenly became an instrument of blackmail — admit the poisoning, otherwise we can close it down — openly outraged German business and regional elites.

    “It seems that the verdict has already been given — there are demands that construction of the pipeline be stopped. I strongly oppose such measures”, said Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of Saxony.

    “We have had absolutely trusting cooperation with Russia in the energy sector for 50 years. And even in the most difficult political times, which were probably even more difficult during the Cold War, we managed to maintain this trust”, emphasized Michael Harms, executive director of Eastern Committee of the German economy.

    Even a true transatlantist, the president of the Munich Security Conference Wolfgang Ischinger, stood up for Nord Stream 2 (and Denmark had joined the renewed US incitement against it the day before).

    Political games will not pass themselves of as force majeure. Investors will go to the German government for their money. Here you need to think ten times, because along with the demands of multibillion-dollar compensation, there will definitely be asked unpleasant questions about the reasons that made the German authorities abandon a project that was profitable to all sides. So you can go to Navalny’s analyses. In a normal court, bureaucratic excuses will not work. And, by the way, in Germany there are politician-lawyers who can professionally draw up a claim and conduct a case.

    “I want to investigate this. One of the developers of Novichok is in the US. It is known that many special services have this poison. Of course, the Russian have it as well, but if Putin did it, then why give Navalny to Germany? So that we can establish all this here? A crime must have some logic”, says Bundestag deputy Gregor Gizi.

    The logic that we now see is somehow not German. One gets the impression that the compassion and humanism of the German politician, brought up on the lessons of the past, are now being tried out by smart and cynical people who know how to competently fabricate, substitute and cover their tracks. And not too far away, we already had Britain.

    At the end of May 2003, the BBC released material that Prime Minister Blair and his cabinet had made a decision to enter the war in Iraq based on falsified intelligence. The person who passed on this information to reporters was David Kelly, a leading chemical weapons specialist at the British Department of Defence. His speech at the parliamentary hearings threatened the prime minister, the military and the secret services with big problems, Hiwever, on July 18, 2003, Kelly was found dead in the woods near his home. Suicide, the investigation stated, but in 2007, a group of parliamentarians conducted an unofficial investigation — there were no legal consequences, but now all British people know that Kelly was murdered in cold blood.

    In 2015, Blair was forced to admit that he lied to citizens about Iraq, and escaped trial only because no one wanted to get involved with it. Nevertheless, Blair has gone down in history with this lie. And history is important to remember in order to do it right. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calls on the Germans to leave emotions and turn on their brains.

    “I hope that these absurd actions will be stopped and Germany, at least for the sake of the reputation of German punctuality, will fulfill its obligations under the agreement with the Russian Federation. Moreover, they are demanding an investigation from us, but it turns out that all those who accompanied Navalny are slowly moving to Germany too. this is very unpleasant and leads to serious thoughts. Therefore, it is in the interests of our German colleagues to protect their reputation and provide all the necessary information that would somehow shed light on their so far absolutely unfounded accusations”, Lavrov said.

    Another proposal has gone from Moscow to Berlin: to send a Russian investigation team to Germany in order to jointly study the circumstances of the case, the victim of which is a Russian citizen. So far, there is no reason to believe that Berlin will respond with consent.

    Some German politicians and almost all the SMS likes to moralize against Russia, periodically recalling the Stalinist repressions and the GULAG. But now Germany itself behaves like an investigator during interrogation in the dungeons of the NKVD. Confession is the queen of proof.*

    Yeah, we got a confession in the end!

    That’s all the bastards demand of Russia: Confess and then we’ll be pals.

    *Признание — царица доказательств

    “Confession is the Queen of proof.”

    From Latin: Сonfessio regina probationum est)

    Roman legal principle of criminal procedural law.

    Слава России!


    1. There are undeniable advantages to accusations for which no substantiation is offered – as we saw with the Skripals, you can await public comment, identify where you went wrong from scornful rejections of the narrative, and then modify it so that it makes more sense. In this case, people wonder why such a potent nerve agent did not fell Navalny instantly like a poleaxed ox, before he ever left the terminal, instead of 40 minutes or so into the flight. Ahhh…but this, we later learn, was a specially-modified Novichok, engineered to be slow-acting. Just what you want in a nerve agent. Hint – no, it isn’t. Just like you don’t want it specially engineered to be ‘persistent’, like that chemical-warfare expert tit for Bellingcat claimed was the reason the poison daubed on Skripal’s doorknob did not wash away in the rain and was still deadly weeks afterward. You want a nerve agent to quickly and efficiently kill enemy troops caught in the open and unprotected, and then as quickly degrade and disperse so your own forces can move in and occupy the objective. The last thing you want is it hanging about for weeks, or being ‘slow-acting’ so those troops can come in and wax your ass and then later fall down dead. One of the first casualties of these silly stories must be that the agent is ‘military grade’. The military would say, if you want to use that useless shite, spread it yourself – we want nothing to do with it.


  9. US Commander: Intel Still Hasn’t Corroborated Russia Bounty Story

    After a detailed review, no links were found to verify the claim that Russia offered the Taliban bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan

    …Gen. Frank McKenzie, commander of US CENTCOM, spoke with NBC News about the matter. “It just has not been proved to a level of certainty that satisfies me,” McKenzie said. “We continue to look for that evidence. I just haven’t seen it yet.”..

    But is the Pope catholic?

    The Dems hate Russia, the Reps hate China. Nothing new.


    1. It reads:

      navalny Hi, this is Navalny. I miss you all 😍. I still can hardly do anything, but yesterday I was able to breathe on my own all day. Generally myself. I did not use any outside help, not even the simplest valve in my throat. I liked it very much. An amazing, underestimated by many thing. Would totally recommend.

      What, no tracheotomy scar?

      Why aren’t you dead, you wanker?

      Thinking about thanking the Omsk doctors who “saved your life“ after you had taken a dose of salts in the aircraft shithouse?


    2. I take it that the kiddie Navalnyites in the above Instagram are all Russian citizens and part of the Bullshitter’s entourage that turned up in Berlin, hot on the heels of their comatose hero.

      So how did they get the documentation that enabled them to leave the Mafia State and enter Germany, the coronavirus shamdemic notwithstanding?

      Are they all guests of Frau Kanzelerin Merkel?


      1. Yes, they are his children. Navalnaya clearly got permission for their son to travel to Germany. His daughter has flown in from the USA.

        However, the question still remains as regards those Navalnyites who rolled up in Germany following their leader’s private flight there: how did they get the appropriate documentation to do so at such short notice, not to mention Pevchikh, who flew with the comatose Navalny to Berlin — and then vanished?.

        Seibert was asked about this and said he knew nothing about her.


        1. Ah, yes; that’s a good point. I just assumed the hamsters were blathering from a distance, as in Russia. I did not realize some of them had turned up in Germany, except for the mysterious Masha.

          I hope Germany offers residency to the Navalnys, and that they accept. Russia can’t really refuse to let him back in, he’s a citizen. But as long as he is there he will cause trouble, and he’ll be recharged with all the PR he has received from this latest caper.

          But it is suggested that Russia is bargaining for his return; the story also expands on Lavrov’s recent statements, and introduces a villain in the woodpile I would not have personally suspected: Poland.


          1. I recall Lavrov querying the other day Pevchikh’s presence in Germany, her refusal to be interviewed by investigators in Omsk and how come she managed to fly to Germany with Navalny? He also said that other supporters of Navalny had also turned up in Germany.

            I lay a pound to a pinch of shit that Pevchikh is a British agent.


            1. There were live video updates on RT Russia shot outside Charité. It was pointed out that those Navalnyites that had gathered there after Navalny had been admitted to the “White Box” had been told by the German security to bugger off, which they did.

              It was observed how the Navalnyites behaviour in Berlin outside the Charité was in marked contrast to how they behaved both outside and inside the Omsk hospital where Navalny lay and where they had accosted the hospital staff, demanding an immediate statement on Navalny’s condition and confirmation that he had been poisoned.


    3. Note how the monitor in the Navalny Instagram above has been censored.

      It’s because, they say, it displays personal data about Putin’s intended Novichok victim, such as body temperature, pulse, blood pressure etc.

      Wouldn’t like the world to know that there is nothing wrong with him, would they?


      Эксперт объяснил ретушь прикроватного экрана на фото Навального
      15 сентября 2020

      An expert has explained the retouching of the bedside monitor in the Navalny photo
      15 September 2020


        1. Comment to the above C/Z article:

          anymouse • 8 hours ago

          Looking good for almost a corpse.

          COVID-19, a flu virus, is a deadly killer, and Novichok, a deadly nerve agent, is not a killer.


  10. Independent via America’s war on terror that followed 9/11 has displaced 37 million people – this is the true cause of Europe’s refugee crisis

    The waves of refugees and immigrants seeking safety that has acted like a poison on EU politics will go on until such wars are ended

    Patrick Cockburn

    Desperate refugees crammed into cockle-shell boats landing on the shingle beaches of the south Kent coast are easily portrayed as invaders. Anti-immigrant demonstrators were exploiting such fears last weekend as they blockaded the main highway into Dover Port in order “to protect Britain’s borders”. Meanwhile, the home secretary, Priti Patel, blames the French for not doing enough to stop the flow of refugees across the Channel…

    He doesn’t go far back enough. He should include the civil war in Bosnia and the break up of Yugoslavia. In both cases the west have acted as ‘facilitators.’ In the former Warren Christopher told Islamicist Leader in Bosnia Alija Izetbegovic that he didn’t have to sign the UN backed Cutileiro Plan if he didn’t want to and that the US would have his back. So Izetbegovic didn’t because he wanted to achieve his dream of being the father of the first moslem state in the west. For two and a half years the west provided weapons and intel by various means to the Bosnian moslem army, initially through Croatia and then by direct USAF airdrops. In the latter case, the French tore up the 1975 Helsinki Final Act that says a country can only be broken up by the agreement of its parties, by setting up their Badinter Commission figleaf to say ‘well its ok, really.*’ That preceded and laid the ground work for the Serbia carve up in 1999 which the west then had the gall to say ‘Does not set a precedent.’

    Germany and Austria also gave Croatia their full backing so there was no need/pressure for it to negotiate or have to provide guarantees to their minorities and not go to war.

    The west kept the war going because they wanted the ‘right result’ which was 100,000 deaths later and the Dayton Agreement that was also worse than the UN Cutileiro plan. On the plus side, new u-Ropean countries got to dump their soviet weapons for cash in hand instead of having to pay for dismantlement and started a new trend in difficult to trace ‘arms recycling’ that the US would go on to use to supply other ‘terrorist rebel groups’ elsewhere.

    That was the first big shift of refugees but it wasn’t so bad because most ex-Yugoslavs are white and easier to hide/blend in.



    1. Ahhh…but who decides when and where secession is ‘appropriate’?

      “The critical statement is Opinion 2, issued in response to the question: ‘Does the Serbian population in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as one of the constituent peoples of Yugoslavia, have the right to self-determination?’ The Commission substituted the term ‘communities’ for ‘peoples’ and assigned to such communities rights within existing states, recognising ‘that within one State, various ethnic, religious or linguistic communities might exist’ and stated that all such communities have the right to see their respective identities recognised and to benefit from ‘all the human rights and fundamental freedoms recognised in international law, including, where appropriate, the right to choose their national identity’.” (emphasis mine)

      It seems to me very apparent the west agrees that it is the ultimate arbiter of law – where an act of secession would confer a strategic advantage upon the western alliance, weaken its enemies or otherwise further its objectives, it is just and appropriate. Where it might provide such advantages or desirable conditions to a chosen enemy, it is no such thing, and an affront to international law – which is itself plainly not truly international, as it is observed or ignored at the western alliance’s convenience.


  11. South African Intel Source Denies Report of Iranian Plot to Kill US Ambassador

    Politico reported on Sunday that Iran was weighing a plot to kill the US ambassador to South Africa in retaliation for the killing of Gen. Soleimani

    After a dubiously sourced report from Politico claimed Iran is considering assassinating the US ambassador to South Africa, an intelligence source told the South African newspaper Daily Maverick that the plot was “not likely to be real.”

    The source told the Maverick that while they take every threat seriously, there “appears to be, from our perspective, no discernible threat.” The source said that the “associations made are not sustainable on any level.”…

    As previously posted, the UK Ministry of Defence and other UK organs are refusing to respond to the Daily Maverick (UK) questions because it has been covering British military naughtiness in various places and even though it employs very well established defense journalists who still repeat some tropes (particularly about Russia).*

    Anyways, it looks like now that i-Srael has gone so extremist that it is comfortable to share a bed with the gulf states, currently preparing for a war on i-Ran, and hence the seeding of these ‘news stories’ with even less credibility of Saddam’s WMDs. What this does tell us is that ‘another quick war’ is the baby in the rottweiler’s mouth. They cannot let go, even it t-Rump dumped psycho kitten Bolt.On.




    …British and other international toxicological experts say that without technical reporting by the laboratory of the spectrometric composition of the chemical, and without identifying the compound by the international naming protocol there is no evidence at all;..

    …the US Army had recently manufactured its own Novichok types: “A230, A232 and A234…A232 has a CAS number of 2308498-31-7. A230 and A234 have no known CAS numbers.”…

    A lot more at the link.


    1. I reckon Khordokovsky has a hand in this. He has the same moral compass as dead Berezovsky. None. And he has refused to stick to agreements (keep out of politics). If the British or someone else get fingered for this cunning plan, would they serve him up on a silver platter? Almost certainly so.


      1. We certainly did well to focus on Maria Pevchikh as soon as we discovered that in addition to being the one who evaded questioning by Russian authorities by flying out to Germany, she also had British residency. She certainly has become a “person of interest” and could well be the major individual in the plot to incapacitate Navalny and use him to pressure Germany over NSII and Russia over the Belarus unrest.


          1. It is still unknown whether Pevchikh is a British citizen. I think she is and probably must be, in fact, for if she is only a visa holder or an applicant for UK citizenship, she could be told by the Home Office to go take a hike if it is proven that she was instrumental in the poisoning plot.

            When Berezovsky got cocky in the UK after a judge there had prevented his being forced to leave Misty Albion because Berzovsky had persuaded him that were he to return to Mordor, he would face an unfair trial and his life would be in danger — the erstwhile “Godfather of the Kremlin” had arrived in the with a 6-month visitor’s visa — he started bragging to the “Guardian” that he was organizing with his chums still in the Evil Empire the overthrow of the tyrant Putin. The Home Secretary at the time was none other than “Jack” Straw — another odious pile of ordure — who promptly summonsed Berezovsky to the Home Office for an official bollocking. He was told that if, while resident in the UK, he continued to engage himself with the overthrow of a foreign head of state, he was out.

            Be that as it may, I am quite sure he was working with British state security, as was his once favoured acolyte Litvinenko.

            Litvinenko was poisoned. Berezovsky committed suicide — they say.


  13. Россия задала ЕС девять вопросов об обвинениях в ситуации с Навальным

    Постоянное представительство России при Евросоюзе указало на ключевые нестыковки в версии об отравлении Алексея Навального
    15 сентября 2020

    Russia has asked the EU nine questions about accusations in the situation with Navalny

    The Permanent Representative of Russia to the European Union has pointed out the key inconsistencies in the version about the poisoning of Alexei Navalny
    15 September 2020

    In the eighth question, Russian diplomats drew attention to a bottle of water, on which, according to Germany, traces of poison had been found: “Not a single surveillance camera recorded how Navalny drank from a similar bottle at the Tomsk airport [before departure]. from this bottle earlier or on board the plane, how did this bottle get to Berlin? “

    Ask Pevchikh!

    Only she is now probably undergoing debriefing in London at UK Secret Intelligence Services HQ, 85 Albert Embankment.


  14. I could not believe my eyes:

    US President Donald Trump has claimed he wanted to “take out” Syrian President Bashar Assad in 2017 but was deterred by then-Defense Secretary James Mattis – after previously denying an assassination was even discussed.

    Why is he saying this now? He positioned himself as wanting to disengage from Iraq. Is this bombast related to the “peace” accords with the UAE and Bahrain? It is certainly moronic.


      1. Trump will likely win. If not, it will be a Harris/Clinton administration if this article is correct:

        Many believe Harris is a cutout for Hillary Clinton. Did anyone really think Hillary would just fade away? She’s the puppet master lurking in the background, running the campaign, and using cognitively challenged Biden as a friendly mask to hide the true ugliness beneath.

        As many bad things the US did, it generally had continuity and consistency in its leadership. Now, it’s just a playground for the narcissists and sociopaths.


  15. Navalny, if indeed he was close to death, must now realize he was set up by one of his own benefactors. What would be his next move? Going back to Russia would make the most sense as the Russians may actually protect him from another show-assassination and he would have freedom to prance around to his heart’s content.


    1. I don’t believe he was ever ‘close to death’, rather that he was an active part of the deception. He is a grifting idiot who puffs up like a toad upon being flattered. He could never win power in Russia legitimately, as he is mostly a figure of contempt in Russia save for the perennially-discontented children of the liberal elite and the few Americaphiles who don’t know enough to keep their heads down. I believe he played his role by taking something that would nauseate him but not seriously hurt him, rolling about and screaming, and that the introduction of the phony ‘poison bottle’ was with his full knowledge. I wish Russia would just disown him and tell the Germans they can have him.

      However, I could be wrong. We will know from the tone of his remarks when he feels he is strong enough to once again assume his president-in-waiting role, and starts spouting off about what happened to him. He is the most likely candidate to be selected to get the water-bottle narrative back on track, so if he comes out with an explanation for how he drank from the bottle somewhere there were no surveillance cameras, and noticed a sketchy-looking guy in a leather jacket and a “Vote For Putin!” T-shirt standing nearby just before he drank, it will be a pretty good indication that he is as full of shit as ever.


      1. There was considerable risk involved in the deception. I doubt that Navalny went into the deception willingly. There was a very real risk that he could have suffered some brain damage going into the first coma and that’s sure to compromise his health in the long term in other ways.

        More likely it seems a lot of the deception was planned behind Navalny’s back and people were waiting for an opportunity to carry it out. It may have been planned years ago for someone else and then switched to Navalny once he was in the Omsk hospital. Julia Navalnaya may have been pushed into demanding that Navalny be transferred to Berlin and while the Omsk hospital doctors were stabilising him for the transfer, the deception then started going into action in Germany.


        1. Lavrov smelt a rat several days ago — last week, I’m sure — when he stated that suspicions had been aroused by one of Navalny’s gang refusing to answer investigators’ questions in Omsk and then scarpering off to Germany.

          I’m quite sure the FSB already knew of Pevchikh’s comings and goings between London and Moscow (over 60 flights there and back I read somewhere) and her activities with the Navalny organization.

          Perhaps they allowed Navalny to leave for Germany — with Pevchikh flying out with him, I may add — because they knew what was afoot and would later expose the Germans for liars, or if not that, then for their falling to a sucker punch off the British secret service.

          They certainly allowed Pevchikh to leave Russia: she didn’t sneak on board Navalny’s private flight.

          Just Pevchikh, note, not Navalnaya, who is not a British agent, I’m sure.


        2. Certainly possible – as I say, we will know more from his blabber once he starts giving interviews, which he lives to do. His tone will have changed considerably if he believes his erstwhile chums in politics intended to martyr him. Otherwise I read his expressed desire to return at once to Russia as simply remaining in character – the selfless hero risking all for freedom and democracy.

          I wonder how he will thank the doctors in Omsk for saving his life, as it is generally acknowledged they did. He cannot go into transports of admiration for their professional skills, because they claimed to have found no trace of poisoning in his samples. He faces the choice, then, of simply passing over it without mention, or accusing the people who saved his life of ‘being part of the machine’. Doing either will certainly not increase his popularity in Russia. And it makes no difference at all how popular he is in the west – something the west seemingly cannot be taught.


  16. ‘Lukashenko is not the legitimate president of UKRAINE’: EU Foreign Minister confuses Belarus leader’s country

    …“Lukashenko is not the legitimate president of Ukraine,” Borell proclaimed, while addressing the European Parliament on Monday. ‘For us,’ he added. Well, not only for them, since Lukashenko never claimed to be the leader of that particular country.

    “Sorry, Belarus,” Borell apologized, with a wide smile, when he realized his mistake. “We don’t recognize Lukashenko as the legitimate president of Belarus,” he clarified, to avoid any further confusion..

    The EU is also looking at ‘naming and shaming’ Russia over human rights while some of the EU’s own member states are supporting genocide in Yemen. There’s certainly plenty of quid pro quo going back decades if Russia wants to blacklist EU ex/politicians…


    1. Yes, the EU is tentatively exploring a Guaido operation of its own, and ‘recognizing’ Tikohonovskaya as the real leader of Belarus. They may have been panicked into it by the very real possibility of a unification deal between Russia and Belarus – that way, they could claim any such agreement had no legal weight, as the ‘real president’ did not sign it. Lithuania was excited to be the first.

      The Balts are always happy to lead with their chins when they believe their big brothers have their backs. But I don’t think it will gain broad acceptance – that is, unless the EU is completely tone-deaf, because it is so manifestly like Operation Mister Smiley in Venezuela that the equivalency is inescapable, and that has turned into a major embarrassment for Washington. That, and signing on en masse to such a ditzy jape would more than likely only harden resolve on the part of Lukashenko. He’s already had nearly every regime-change template run on him, and has flummoxed them all, so when they can’t win ‘fairly’ (at least according to their definition of fairness) they’re just going to drop all pretenses and declare their preferred candidate the winner, after refusing to observe the election so they could later say it was rigged. All of which looks suspiciously like putting your hands over your eyes and imagining you are invisible. But childishness is often mistaken for courage in Europe.

      However, all this has the effect of imposing further divisions between Europe and Russia, which makes Washington a winner. Unless there is a broad European revolt by the European business community – which should realize that dividing Russia and Europe is only making Europe safe for American trade, while having little practical effect on Russia – then Washington just needs to keep its mouth shut, and clean up.


  17. Die Zeit сообщила о предложении США от ФРГ по «Северному потоку — 2»
    RT на русском, 16 сентября 2020

    Die Zeit announced the proposal of the USA from Germany for the “Nord Stream – 2
    RT in Russian, September 16, 2020

    The German government has offered the United States a deal in exchange for Washington’s waiver of sanctions against Nord Stream 2.

    This is reported by the newspaper Die Zeit, citing sources

    It is noted that Berlin has expressed its readiness to invest up to € 1 billion in the construction of two terminals in Germany for receiving liquefied natural gas from the United States.

    “In response, the United States will allow the unhindered completion and operation of Nord Stream 2”, TASS quotes the text of a letter from German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, which was sent on August 7 to the head of the US Treasury, Stephen Mnuchin.

    In early August, US senators sent a letter to the operator of the German port of Sassnitz calling for an end to work to support the construction of Nord Stream 2.


      1. The USA won’t like the offer. Zero-Win for them — always.

        Americans have to be winners — expect to be winners: it’s their birthright and what made America great. To be a loser is un-American.

        In my experience, the worst thing ever for many US citizens is to be accused of being a “loser”.


        1. Very true about the term “loser” being a harsh insult for Americans. The “loser” tag starts to be applied to kids in early grade school and only intensifies from that point. The glorification of success (defined by the level of conspicuous consumption) further sharpens the divide between losers and winners. Our “feel-good” stories are often about individuals who were able to transform themselves from “losers” to “winners”. American culture is one-dimensional in that way.


      2. Building an LNG terminal is one thing, buying US LNG is another thing. In addition, I believe that Russia could provide LNG to Germany as well and likely at a substantially lower price.

        The US may settle for this gesture as it does hold the door open, however slightly, for future developments to be leveraged by the US to force Germany to reduce or stop gas purchases from Russia. Having the terminal in place could make a future change in suppliers more feasible and faster but nevertheless representing an economic disaster for Germany. Lets call it step 1 in Plan B.


          1. On the other hand any diplomatic/economic success plays well in this presidential erection year. So a) is it worth it?; b) can they reverse the decision the day after? I assume they can have their cake and eat it as Brussels is mostly spineless. Borrell can squeal about Russia, but that’s because he can do f/k all about the USA’s behavior, being spokeshole and all…


            1. That’s what people seem not to get – the decision would not ever be ‘reversible’ once Nord Stream II is complete. That pipeline quad alone can carry all of Europe’s gas supply that it receives from Russia. None through Ukraine, not a whiff, if that is Moscow’s will, although the Russians have agreed to transit token amounts, which the Ukrainians say are not enough to make the system’s continued operation viable – without the large volumes they are accustomed to handling, they will have to progressively begin shutting down, bypassing and dismantling sections they can no longer afford to maintain.

              So long as the pipeline’s future remains in doubt, Uncle Sam can sell the philosophical possibility of supplying Europe with large volumes of cheap LNG via tankers, made desirable – although it will cost a little more, no getting around that – for political reasons. Once Nord Stream II is complete, the reality of a reliable supply of cheap pipeline gas would have to be countered with a concrete offer from the USA; this many cubic meters times this many Euros. Any housewife can do a cost-benefit analysis at that level. Do you want to pay more for American gas just because it comes from America? Well, let me think about it – what are the benefits? Well, it comes from America! What, you mean, that’s it? There would be no possibility the Americans would use their status as a major energy supplier as leverage to bring about economic or political changes in Europe that they desired, would there? Well…I can’t guarantee that.

              You know what? I’m okay with Russian gas, thanks just the same. Maybe I’ll use the money I save to buy a Ford – how’s that?


              1. Suga will replace Abe as Japanese PM. He’s seen as a safe pair of hands. While I don’t expect anything to change between Russia and Japan, sometimes it is time. Let’s come back in year (sic Russia-Japan oil/gas pipeline) and take the temperature of the waters again.


    1. Pathetic. After declaring forcefully that American extraterritorial sanctions are illegal – which, technically, they are, only America has a right to threaten to limit European trade in America if it wishes; although that, too is illegal under WTO rules – Germany is now cowering and trying to ‘make a deal’. With Trump, in case anyone missed that, whose ‘Art of the Deal’ consists of destroying the opponent until he is happy to have escaped with his life, and will never publicly complain about a ‘deal’ which came out very much to his disadvantage. Put another way, offering America a ‘deal’ only highlights that you believe you are in a weak position, are looking for mercy, and are ripe for the plucking. Germany was already planning to build the heaviest concentration of LNG terminals in Europe; a far better strategy would have been to threaten to cancel them all if Uncle Sam did not back off. The Americans are certainly smart enough to figure out – in about 2.5 seconds – that more LNG terminals means diddly when Russia can also supply LNG far cheaper than the USA because it has teensy transport costs by comparison, being much closer. Two more LNG terminals buys America precisely zero advantage, but the willingness to ‘deal’ reveals vulnerability. The only American response to rolling on your back to expose your belly is to step on your head.

      I swear, it is hard to recognize Germany as the country which once frightened the world.

      A Trump counter-offer might be a commitment from Germany to buy X amount of American LNG at a locked-in price, said amount to be sufficient that extra Nord Stream capacity would not be utilized. It depends on whether the Americans really think they can actually stop Nord Stream II, because even that would ultimately be a loser strategy. Unless a term far into the future were specified, the Americans know that once the pipeline is finished, their product is no longer competitive and cannot ever be unless it is unprofitable to themselves. They could satisfy themselves with gutting the Germans for a year or two (if they accepted), but it would be short-term satisfaction at best. Might be enough to win Trump the election, though.

      But if Washington thinks it can actually halt Nord Stream II – with the understanding that the Russians would probably give up after such a stinging second rebuke – then the sky is the limit, and they will scornfully reject any other solution. The one who stands to get hurt the most is Europe. But I don’t think they realize it.


  18. It’s reported that TikTok’s owners ByteDance ultimately rejected Microsoft bid because it had called TikTok a ‘threat’ and that p*ssed off the big boss. Microsoft also retains the Pentagon’s JEDI (cloud connected bollox that will go t*ts up on day one of war) after Oracle complained that it was ‘not fair’ and the review process disagreed. Well MS, when you fight with pigs, you get dirty!


  19. A small yet blatant example of real-time censorship:

    Gingrich made the error of publicly reminding viewers that George Soros lavishly funded the election of “liberal” DAs in large US cities in which said cities are also experiencing civil unrest/riots. The two female commentators assumed a blank face and stated that George Soros must not be brought into the conversation. They were both shaken. They certainly got the memo with instructions that Soros is off-limits but will need to work on their game to better redirect the conservation to other topics.


    1. I think it is a mistake to focus on Soros by name as it is a guaranteed opening to be accused of antisemitism (which even means just being critical of i-Sraeli state policy/politicians etc.). Rather the mega rich ‘philanthropists’ who often work hand in glove with the state (particularly abroad) itself to advance certain interests, privately of course.


    1. Perhaps this explains Shaun Walker’s morbid aversion to dill, which those damned Orcs, he maintains, add it to every one of their barbarous dishes and insist on giving him it, even when he tells then “No dill!”


    2. “You can’t scare a hedgehog with a naked butt.”

      It always makes me laugh when such retards pretend to go up against a Russian. Remember former Australian PM Abbot threatening to ‘shirtfront Putin. Abbot the Weasel. Now BREXIT negotiator! Like an upgrade to Club Class.

      Tony Abbott shirtfronting Vladimir Putin? The US put their money on Putin


      1. At least when Tony Abbott is away overseas, we Australians can breathe a sigh of relief. Whatever he touches turns into smouldering dust. It must say something about the dire incompetence of BoJo’s govt that it considers Abbott a capable negotiator.


  20. Oh look! The Navalnyites have shown a video, shot in Tomsk, of Navalny drinking from the allegedly poisoned water bottle that earlier nobody had seen or made mention of before it turned up in Berlin and was sent to the Bundeswehr lab.

    Recall that his loud-mouth spokeswoman had from the very start insisted that Navalny had been poisoned by laced-with-poison tea that he had drunk at Tomsk airport.

    Change of story line — as persistently happened in the Skripal fake.

    Video Showing Water Bottle That ‘Poisoned’ Alexei Navalny Shared by His Team
    17 September, 2020: 10:17


    1. That Sputnik headline should read, I think, “shared with his team”.

      And if that is the case, why didn’t his team also start howling and screaming and rolling around on the deck some time later on board the Tomsk-Moscow flight?



      Соратники Навального сообщили, что забрали бутылки из номера в Томске
      17.09.2020 | 10:57

      Navalny’s companions have reported that they took bottles from a hotel room in Tomsk

      Alexei Navalny’s companions have said that a bottle of mineral water, on which German experts had allegedly found traces of poison from the Novichok group, had been brought from a hotel room in Tomsk.

      On an Instagram, they have posted a video in which, according to them, an hour after news of Navalny’s deteriorating condition, they examine the room and seize all the items which he had been able to touch.

      On August 20, the aeroplane in which Navalny was flying urgently landed in Omsk, from where the blogger was taken to hospital. On August 21, doctors announced that the main diagnosis was metabolic disorders.

      At the moment, Navalny is in Germany, where he has been taken out of an artificial coma. German doctors announced that he had been poisoned with substances from the Novichok group, but did not provide any relevant evidence.

      So why didn’t the Navalny hamsters, who dutifully sought out the poison bottle and most certainly handled it, throw wobblers as did Navalny when performing what he thought were the effects of nerve agent poisoning?

      And whom did the hamsters hand the bottle to — Navalnaya or Pevchikh? And who handled the bottle after its arrival in Berlin and before the obliging Bundeswehr said it had been dosed with the most lethal nerve agent (weapons grade) known to man?

      Why isn’t there a trail of stiffs from Tomsk to Berlin and beyond?

      Who’s going to believe this shite?

      “Why, the whole world knows it’s true!” will Imperial Plenipotentiary Pompeus Fattus Arsus surely say.


      1. One of the developers of Novichok, Leonid Rink, commented on reports that a bottle in the Tomsk hotel where Alexei Navalny had stayed could [have been] Novichok [contaminated].

        “This is a situation where no one would have been allowed to touch the bottle — you would have died if you had done so. If this had really been the case, then there would have basically been a deceased person, and everyone who had carried this bottle without gloves and protection would also have died”, he told RIA Novosti.

        Ah, but . . . Rink is forgetting that it was a special, delayed action Novichok made to take effect on “Putin’s Fiercest Critic” when he was on board the Tomsk-Moscow flight.

        Rink’s an old Soviet has-been and knows nothing about the latest developments in diabolical weaponry that issues forth from secret Orc laboratories.

        Эксперт прокомментировал сообщения о бутылке с «Новичком»

        Expert comments on statements about the bottle with “Novichok”


        1. Maybe the cunning developers have produced a Novichok variant safe to those who have sinned but fatal (or liable, at least, to provoke a severe tummy upset, occasionally) to the purest of heart?


          1. I like this idea of the special edition of Novichok with the delayed kick. Maybe we could call it Brawndo and speculate that the poison only goes into action when it does because the added electrolytes take time to work to release the poison.



          Alexei Navalny’s team immediately after his departure from Tomsk airport, went to the hotel room in that city where he had spent the night, and packed all the items (including water bottles) so as to deliver them for analysis (of course, not in Russia). A video about this was posted on the oppositionist’s Instagram.

          Everything in this story is beautiful. Navalny’s supporters were collecting “evidence” on a case that had not yet happened — but it was already supposed to have happened? Together with them, there went a lawyer to the hotel — he was also at the ready. But why were none of the “trackers” hurt if on the “evidence”, as is said, they found traces of the “Novichok” military poison? And how did the “people of Navalny” end up in a room where cleaning up should have been done after the guest’s departure? There are other questions as well. Some of them “KP” asked FSB reserve general Alexander Mikhailov….


        3. And the person shown handling the bottle is wearing gloves – they made sure to show that. But as others have pointed out, this was well before anyone knew ‘an attempt had been made on the Opposition Leader’s life’. What, all Lyosha’s shit was still in his hotel room, towels on the floor, the next day, after he checked out? Pretty crappy service in those Russian hotels. He didn’t even leave Russia for several days, and the first suggestions he had been poisoned came from his ‘press agent’, who claimed he had been poisoned with tea at the airport.

          Skripals II.


  21. Consortium News: ASSANGE HEARING DAY SEVEN— Ellsberg and Goetz Refute Informants Were Harmed and That Assange Was First to Release Their Names

    Court is adjourned for Wednesday in the extradition hearing of Julian Assange. Consortium News watched the proceedings and filed this report on the testimony of Daniel Ellsberg and John Goetz.

    …Ellsberg testified that he rejected the notion that had grown up in mainstream media of Good Ellsberg, Bad Assange. He said in fact Assange had, unlike himself, redacted names, withheld 15,000 sensitive documents, and had asked the Pentagon and State Department for help in making further redactions. But both had refused to help him. Ellsberg speculated that it was done so that the government could later prosecute him for revealing names, which is what it is doing now.

    Lewis retorted, “So it’s all the governments’ fault then.”

    “Yes, they bear a heavy responsibility,” Ellsberg responded.

    He said the government was being “highly cynical” in suddenly feigning concern for the informants when they did not try to help when Assange approached them. ..

    A lot more at the link.

    The Groaning Man’s latest on Assange is a Neuters piece. Of course it is not interested despite being up to its neck in subversion and the substantial fact that Luke Harding and David Leigh
    should be in the dock for publishing the password to the cables. You can bet that this passed by lawyers and UK gov, which would tell us that they also signed on to the Hanging Assange for publishing names strategy. Why aren’t they being called to testify? Or have they refused?

    Pathetic coverage by the state captured Groaning Man:


  22. Just got an email from the Moscow Times. Below are some extracts from that missive:

    Hello reader,
    I’m writing you this message because soon The Moscow Times will be changing newsletter service. You probably won’t notice much while it’s a not very complicated technical process. I also want to take the opportunity to introduce myself and The Moscow Times to you. We haven’t done that before.

    This is the first out of four “welcome” emails. We want you to know who we are and how you can support our mission — to produce high-quality, independent journalism about the largest country on earth.

    My name is Samantha Berkhead, a U.S. native and a Muscovite since 2019

    What an amazingly gifted child!

    A Muscovite, born only last year in Moscow and now a journalist for the Moscow Times!

    I work as the News Editor for The Moscow Times and I also write features about women’s issues, culture and many other topics. A selection can be found on our website.

    There’s a photograph of Miss Berkhead: she looks to be in her early 30s.

    From Muck Rack:

    Originally from Rochester, N.Y., she graduated from St. Bonaventure University in December 2013 with a degree in journalism and mass communication. During college, she studied abroad at Ulster University in Northern Ireland and served as editor-in-chief of the Bona Venture, covering local environmental issues and campus diversity initiatives.

    She then continues with a dubious claim:

    Did you know The Moscow Times is Russia’s only fully independent English-language media outlet?

    No I didn’t, Miss Berkhead, I was really unaware of that fact!

    She then closes with:

    We produce breaking news, exclusive features, videos and more for our readers around the world.

    I hope you enjoy the work we do and find it useful! By the way: if you want to receive more personalized messages, feel free to update your profile. Click on this link or the red banner below 👇.

    In my next message I will introduce my colleagues at The Moscow Times newsroom, so you have a better understanding whose words you are actually reading.

    Wishing you a pleasant day!

    Samantha Berkhead
    News Editor

    How sweet!


  23. Навального выдвинули на Нобелевскую премию мира

    Navalny nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

    Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Sergei Yerofeyev, a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, has spoken about this.

    According to Yerofeyev, Navalny has been nominated for the prize by “a number of professors from recognized universities who deal with Russia”. He did not give specific names, but noted that there are “great people” amongst the scientists who have nominated Navalny.

    A professor of any university in the world can nominate a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize: there are no specific requirements for a candidate. In addition, members of national governments and parliaments, heads of state and some other categories of persons can nominate candidates.

    The oppositionist will have to fight for the main prize of the planet with venerable rivals.

    This is, first of all, US President Donald Trump, who was nominated by Christian Tubring-Jedde, a member of the Norwegian parliament from the far-right Libertarian Progress Party. As the MP said in an interview with Fox News, Donald Trump should be awarded for his role in concluding an agreement on the full normalization of relations between Israel and the UAE.

    And why not? O’Bummer was awarded the peace prize, wasn’t he?

    Same story in Yukie news:

    Navalny nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Navalny nominated for Nobel Peace Prize – Kyiv Post


    1. I wonder how the Kiev Post evaluates Navalny’s position on the Crimea?

      The status of the Crimea is a problem that a new democratic Russia will inherit from its former government. The Russian position on this problem will be determined by the recognition of the right of the citizens of the Crimea to determine their own destinyNavalny 20!8


    2. I say give it to him. Let him join the prestigious ranks of Obama, the OPCW, the EU.

      I also propose starting a Nobel War Prize, to be awarded to whatever individual or organization is responsible for the highest body count in a given year. Although that may be redundant, considering that it would probably be given to the same people as the Peace Prize.


    3. Ha, ha!! And it all descends into farce, again. Navalny has arrived – he has gone global, beyond his wildest dreams. The nothing from Wherever He Is From who could not even break 5% in presidential election polling is now a major star, glittering in the western firmament. As Saint Lily Tomlin once remarked, no matter how cynical you get, you can never keep up.

      All the west is going to be able to get out of this is the satisfaction of showing its ass to the neo-Soviets, the way it does when it re-names the street the Russian Embassy is – or was – located on after some prominent Russian dissident. Beavis and Butthead level, at best.


  24. FYI, the lo-land of Po-land is charging Smolensk air traffic controllers for the deliberate crashing of the Presidential Tu-154.

    The other half tells me that President Duda’s LOT flight from Zielona Gora to Warsaw on July 2 was completely illegal, i.e. the co-pilot did not have the correct license to fly the plane (in case of pilot incapacitation) and without authorization from air traffic control (supposed to clse at 22:00 but took off at 22:12) but that the flight still went ahead. Since Smolensk, the military role has been dissolved for a civilian role, but it doesn’t make a difference if morons are in charge.

    Samolot z prezydentem wystartował bez kontroli lotów. Piloci zostali uziemieni

    …Według “Gazety Wyborczej”, która o incydencie w Poznaniu napisała pierwsza, pasażerowie samolotu “niecierpliwili się i naciskali na kapitana”. “Wieżyczko, jak to czasowo jest, bo tu z tyłu nas pytają najważniejsi pasażerowie, co się dzieje” – cytuje “GW” słowa kapitana skierowane do wieży. “Wszyscy zdają sobie sprawę z sytuacji, tak więc wszyscy robią, co mogą” – odpowiedział na to kontroler. Pilot rzucił: “Wiem, ja rozumiem, no z tyłu nas też naciskają, dlatego pytam, żeby ewentualnie rzucić hasłem jakimś”.

    According to Gazeta Wyborcza, which wrote about the incident in Poznań first, the passengers of the plane ‘got impatient and put pressure on the captain’. ‘Turret, how is it in time, because the most important passengers ask us what is going on behind us’ – quotes ‘GW’ from the captain’s words to the tower. ‘Everyone is aware of the situation, so everyone does what they can,’ the controller replied. The pilot said: ‘I know, I understand, they are also pressing us from behind, so I ask if we could throw a slogan’…

    So very much like Smolensk where the pilots were pressured to land by very important people save this was taking-off rather than landing and the weather was better.


    1. The Chief of the Polish Air Force was allegedly in the cockpit at the time. the controllers at Smolensk told the pilot the ceiling was well below limits and to divert to another airfield. Instead, the pilot communicated with another Polish aircraft already on the ground at Smolensk, carrying journalists. That pilot gave the TU-154 pilot the ‘well, we got down’, and said that he should certainly give it a try. I did a detailed post on it – although many of the links may be broken now as it was so long ago – when it was news.


      1. From what I remember reading about the Smolensk crash, it wiped out all the heads of Poland’s armed forces, the two most senior executives of Poland’s central bank and the President and his wife. About 100 important people in total (I think) died in the crash. Lech Kaczynski might have been in the cockpit as well; in the earlier incident in the Caucasus region in 2008, he threatened to sack the pilot the next time he (the pilot) disobeyed his (Kaczynski’s) orders. The pilot flying the plane to Smolensk was the same pilot who flew the plane in Armenia or Georgia earlier.

        I bet some people in Poland secretly wish Kaczynski’s twin brother Jaroslaw had been on the plane as well.


        1. I’ll bet. Kaczynski decided to go on a whim, because the official presence was supposed to have been covered by Donald Tusk – who, if I recall correctly, was already there. Kaczynski might have thought to make a spectacle of it (and if so, he was prescient far beyond the usual), and it really speaks to his ability as a leader who could get his shit together at short notice that he was able to assemble so many bigwigs at such short notice. A cynic might even suspect he had planned it far earlier and had clued them all in under the radar, reasoning that taking the Russians by surprise would be fun. Whatever the case, it had no clearance as an official visit, Kaczynski was not invited, and Russia was not expecting the official party or the presidential plane.

          In the fog, the pilot wandered to one side of the runway, where there was a deep ravine. Consequently, his altimeter told him he had quite a bit more available altitude beneath him than he actually did, because it was pinging off the bottom of a fold in the earth that was bound to run out sooner or later. Consequently, the “Fuuuccckk!” which is the last audio on the black box recorder except for the sound of the nose and wings hitting trees.

          The Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS) was not fooled, and kept exhorting the cabin crew, “Pull Up!”, but the repeated warning became annoying and someone switched it off.


    2. Is Putin planning to fly to New York for the UN speech? One must wonder if this is not part of a bigger plan for sabotaging that flight. NATO tends to accuse Russia of doing something right before they do it themselves.


  25. 18 сентября 2020 07:55
    Посольство РФ потребовало от США разъяснений по поводу репортажа NBC

    18 September 2020 07:55
    The Russian Embassy has demanded clarification from the United States about an NBC report

    The Russian Embassy in Washington has demanded an explanation from the US authorities about an NBC TV report, which mentions US support for “Ukrainian units” in the Crimea.

    This has been reported in social networks on the official page of the diplomatic mission.

    In American journalists’ material, it was said that the United States was arming certain groups that were acting against Russian forces in the Crimea.

    The point that the embassy is emphasizing is that Washington is supporting the activities of terrorists in Russia. Diplomats admit that the channel may be wrong, but demand that the United States clarify whether they are involved in organizing terrorist attacks against the residents of Crimea.

    Ukrainian units fighting Russian occupying forces in the Crimea?

    For the liberation of Crimeans living under the yoke of post-Soviet Russian imperialism?



    Liked by 1 person

      1. Eighteen years after the Crimea Khanate had been ceded by the Ottoman Empire to the Russian Empire in 1783, the United States of America began to wage war against Tunis, Algiers, and Tripoli for the same reason that had been a principle motivator for the Russian Empire waging war against the Crimea Tatar Khanate.

        I wonder if present day Russia, the Ukraine and Poland could make a claim against Turkey as regards compensation for the enslavement of hundreds of thousands of Slavs over the course of some 400 years?

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      2. “Year after year, Tatar horsemen rode north out of their Crimean stronghold across the grazing lands of the Ukrainian steppe and, in small bands or large armies, swooped down on Cossack settlements or Russian towns to ravage and plunder. In 1662 Tatars captured the town of Putivl and carried off all the 20,000 inhabitants into slavery. By the end of the seventeenth century Russian slaves thronged Ottoman slave markets. Russian men were seen chained to oars of galleys in every harbor in the eastern Mediterranean; young Russian boys made a welcome gift from the Crimean Khan to the Sultan. So numerous, in fact, were the Russian slaves in the East that it was asked mockingly whether any inhabitants still remained in Russia.”

        From “Peter the Great: His Life and World” by Robert K Massie


  26. Oh what a surprise!

    Кудрин назвал прогноз Минэкономразвития по росту ВВП оптимистичным
    09:02 18.09.2020 (обновлено: 10:21 18.09.2020)

    Kudrin has called the forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development for GDP growth optimistic
    09:02 18.09.2020 (updated: 10:21 18.09.2020)

    MOSCOW, September 18 – RIA Novosti. The forecasts of the Ministry of Economic Development for a 2022-2023 growth in the Russian economy of above 3% look very optimistic. Such rates “still need to be earned”, said the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin.

    He noted that back in June forecasts of the IMF and the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy had assumed a reduction in Russian GDP by the end of 2020 of 6.5-7%, but now the estimates are improving. “Now the forecast is much more optimistic. The Ministry of Economic Development estimates a possible drop of 3.9%. Estimates of the Accounts Chamber are in the range of 4-5%”, Kudrin wrote in an article for RBC.

    “But from next year and onwards for three years, the Ministry of Economic Development expects annual growth rates of above 3%, which looks very optimistic. If the rebound effect works in 2021, then we do not see any grounds for the same forecast for 2022–2023. Growth rates must still be earned”, added Kudrin.

    In an updated macro forecast, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade has improved expectations for a decline in Russia’s GDP in 2020 to 3.9% from 4.8%. In 2021, the ministry predicts a 3.3% economic growth and in 2022, a 3.4% growth, and a 3% growth in 2023.

    Hey, Kudrin!


  27. On Navalny, a Russian blogger writes:

    That’s it! This is a farewell article. A real goodbye to the topic. More precisely, parting with Navalny as a topic. His political role has been played to the end. And even lethal doses of Novichok have not caused a mass movement. Furgal’s arrest caused an explosion of civil consciousness in Khabarovsk. The poisoning of Navalny, sending him abroad, the discovery of Novichok, official accusations from Germany did not cause any rally, no procession, no movement. No excitement in civic consciousness has occurred and will never happen.


  28. «3 лжи, которыми умело оперирует Запад»: во французском издании разоблачили операцию «Навальный — Новичок»
    23 часа назад

    “3 lies that the West skillfully uses”: a French publication has exposed the operation “Navalny – Novichok”
    23 hours ago

    Bullshit baffles brains?

    What is happening now after the incident with Alexei Navalny? The West is talking about all kinds of sanctions against Russia, about punishments that Russia should incur for the poisoning of a Russian oppositionist. But how has this come about, they ask themselves in the French publication AgoraVox, because what is being carried out in the West in the form of Operation Navalny – Novichok can be called exclusively a lie. And to confirm that all this is not true, French expert Laurent Courtois names three lies that the West is manipulating in the Navalny case.

    First lie: for some reason, the West considers Navalny to be Putin’s main opponent
    Yes exactly. In the West, Navalny is called the
    MAINopponent of Putin. Meanwhile, the rating of this person has grown specifically only for the West, but not for Russia. If you look closely at the numbers, the French author notes, according to a survey conducted in Russia in December 2019, we can conclude that two out of three Russians do not know who Navalny is and what he does in general.
    If we talk about how many Russians approve of his occupation, then this is only 9%. Yes, now, of course, more Russians have learnt about Navalny, but all this has happened for a known reason.

    As for the fact that Navalny is allegedly supported by Russian youth, we can refer to another survey. It was conducted amongst respondents under 25 in April 2020, and according to this poll, only 2% of respondents said that Navalny inspires them. No more!

    If we continue further, then there will be approximately the same figures. That is, the French expert concludes that Navalny should not be called Putin’s main opponent, since this is not at all the case. And now Navalny is only a “minor character” of Russian politics, whose popularity is growing, if only for the West, but not for Russia.

    The second lie: “Novichok” is considered exclusively to be a Russian poison, but “Novichok” is also produced in the USA And here’s what is curious. Well, let’s say Navalny was poisoned with Novichok. So, is Russia immediately to blame? The fact is that the inventor of “Novichok” is from Russia. But for example, if you do not go into long details, the Soviet chemist Vil Sultanovich Mirzayanov became an informant back in 1991 and would continue his activities in the United States in the chemical laboratory of Princeton University. That is to say, this person sought refuge in the United States. Well, this fact means one thing — “Novichok” began to be produced in the USA too. And this is not a secret to anyone.

    Further more, does this mean that the only producers of Novichok are Russia and the United States? Of course not, the French expert notes. Since 1992, other countries, for example, Iran, the Czech Republic and even the Germany herself, are capable of producing Novichok.

    So, when speaking about the fact that Navalny was poisoned by Novichok, one must understand who is the producer of that poison, and not unfoundedly accuse Russia. But laboratories refuse to disclose the details of their analyses to the rest of the world. And this is already a serious concern. But in reality, accusations are pouring out towards Russia.

    The third lie: for some reason, people will not believe that if a person swallows, for example, 125 tablets of cyanide, he will survive, yet they believe that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok and has almost recovered within 3 weeks.

    The biggest paradox lies in this plan. After all, “Novichok” need not even be swallowed, but simply received in the form of a contact with the hands, and then a person will develop serious poisoning.
    As for the lethal effect, it develops very quickly. And if you analyze the timeline leading to Navalny’s admittance to an Omsk hospital after his possible poisoning , then at least 3 hours had passed. And it is simply impossible to have survive during this period — at least not from”Novichok” poisoning.

    If Navalny had swallowed the poison, then it is generally difficult to imagine how he could have survived. And most importantly, how could he have recovered so quickly? Indeed, in the composition of “Novichok” there are substances that block consciousness, i.e. after swallowing it, Navalny would have been in a vegetative state. However, he is quickly recovering. And the French author, referring to more qualified specialists, notes that Navalny’s poisoning is more similar to the use of a substance from the Karbofos group, but not to Novichok.

    There are no miracles. But the West is already presenting three “miracles” where people have survived “Novichok”: father and daughter Skripals and now Navalny …

    But all this is a lie, since there was no poisoning of Navalny by Novichok. But the West continues to skillfully operate and manipulate these three falsehoods in order to put pressure on Russia by conducting the special operation “Navalny – Novichok” ..


  29. Bad news.

    My wife was admitted to hospital yesterday.


    She’s at the Vorokhobov Hospital No. 67.

    She says it is spotlessly clean, the food is good and her 2-patient cubicle has an en suite toilet with all mod cons — with shower and soap, towels shampoo etc.

    I and the rest of the gang have to remain in isolation for 3 weeks.


    1. Wishing Mrs ME well and hoping she will recover with no problems.

      Main issue for you is how to cope with your sprogs during the self-isolation while she’s away and not laying down the law.


    2. Wishing her a speedy recovery and you and family a pleasant isolation. Was the hospital special-built for Covid patients?


      1. From Hospital 67 site:

        The building has been equipped in the shortest possible time.

        Vorokhobov City Clinical Hospital No. 67 opened a department for patients with suspected coronavirus. 330 beds, including 20 beds in the intensive care unit, were placed in sector A of the would-be perinatal centre. The number of beds will be increased to 500, if needed.

        ‘Today, we are opening a building with an area of 50,000 sq m. It will be the most advanced perinatal centre of Hospital No.67 in the future, but now we are temporarily repurposing it to treat coronavirus patients”, Sergei Sobyanin said.


    3. I’m sorry to hear that, although I am less confident about the accuracy of the tests. But it’s possible, I suppose, and the recovery rate for normally-healthy people is very high. Courage, and have a care for your own health, you old codger.


    4. My best wishes for your Master. But does hospital no. 67 have internet? If not, then you really do live in a hell-hole country! 😉


          1. My wife is in a 2-patient room like this.

            The new Covid-19 building is to the top left of the general view of the hospital at the beginning of the above clip.


  30. Steven Cohen has died

    Stephen F. Cohen, the leading American Russia expert of his generation and a celebrated historian of Russia and the Soviet Union, who became a vocal critic of Washington’s “new Cold War” with Moscow, has died at the age of 81.

    I mostly agreed with his views regarding Russia. He genuinely cared about the people and, within the boundaries allowed by his position, took a pro-Russian/USSR stand. He also spoke out on the behalf of Serbs during the NATO bombing.


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