Gaslighting the World; America in the Hurricane’s Eye.

Uncle Volodya says, “I have three precious things which I hold fast and prize. The first is gentleness; the second is frugality; the third is humility, which keeps me from putting myself before others. Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal; avoid putting yourself before others and you can become a leader among men.”

Young traveler
The path you seek is in the heart you deny;
Go look there
You might be surprised at the treasure you find.
I remember being your age and completely blind;
Your compass is broken and it points to the sky
You’re always gonna wake in the hurricane’s eye

Jesse Roper, from “The Hurricane’s Eye”

Before we get started, a shout-out to local boy Jesse Roper for kicking things off; although he’s from just down the road, not 20 minutes drive from here, I have never seen him perform live. But that’s a deficit I plan to rectify.

I figured that since ‘gaslighting’ is a relatively new term, and although I already had a general idea what it meant from context,  it would be best to look it up. I was surprised to learn the concept of ‘gaslighting‘ has been around since 1938.

“a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s belief.”

In America’s case, gaslighting – like charity – begins at home, and the full force of US government efforts to convince the skeptical that America is more powerful and influential than ever, is still kicking ass and taking names, is felt by Americans.

Don’t be deceived by the headline in the referenced piece; “Adapting to American Decline”.  You might get the impression that it is written from the standpoint of humility; that the author, recognizing America’s deteriorating standing in the world, seeks accommodation with it and is ready to listen to the advice of nations that were relatively far down the road of civilization when there was nothing much in America but beavers, trees and Indians. Not a bit of it.

Instead, the author refers to America’s allies as ‘adolescents’ only a couple of paragraphs after offering – reasonably – that treating allies like reckless teenagers is not the way to hold on to global leadership. Here’s the latter;

“Rather than treating allies like reckless teenagers who can’t be trusted without Uncle Sam’s constant supervision, or feckless weaklings that will jump at the chance to capitulate to rapacious neighbors, Washington should empower mature, like-minded states to deal with local challenges before they become regional or global crises.”

Washington should empower them, please note; there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell they could do it without assistance, of course. Nobody in the world could get off their dead ass without American show-how.

Here’s the former;

“Given their own domestic spending priorities and continued uncertainty about whether the United States will recommit to the old model, most American allies are likely to take a wait-and-see attitude. A gentle nudge might be needed to move them from comfortable adolescence to empowered adulthood.”

There’s that I’m-the-grownup-here tone again – America should provide the ‘gentle nudge’ required to turn global adolescents into functioning adults, although naturally they can never hope to have Washington’s maturity and good judgment. Tell me; what’s the difference between teenagers and adolescents? Well, apparently one label is insulting and patronizing and unlikely to win you much cooperation if used, while the other is just a reality that everyone should accept – the United States is an adult, and its allies lack its depth of experience and wisdom.

If you are not an American, that sort of talk might make you want to say something very rude. It certainly did me. In fact, people passing in the street inquired who was screaming, “Go fuck yourself!!” out the window, accompanied by the sounds of tearing clothing and smashing crockery. But let’s take a deep breath, and take a look at it.  Donald Trump, variously referred to as “That #@&%ing Trump”, “Tangerine Jesus”, and “The Talking Yam”, was elected to his country’s highest office on a promise to Make America Great Again, a slogan now so recognizable it is employed using only its initials, MAGA. His contract is coming up for renewal – how has he done so far?

The author – Christopher Preble of the Cato Institute, one of the many think tanks sprinkled about America mostly to give bitter conservative introvert bigheads a job (the baby always needs new shoes) and to imbue Americans with an abiding sense of their own humble greatness – is quite candid that the USA’s share of global output was around 50% at the end of World War II. It had shrunk to less than half that by 1985, is about 15% today and is projected to be around 13% by 2023. At the same time, the USA’s defense budget has averaged $561 Billion annually since 2001, and the Trump administration intends to increase that to $757 Billion a year by 2023. So by that magic year, the USA’s share of global output will be a third what it was at the end of the Second World War, while its defense spending will rise from around 5% of GDP at that time to more than twice that at around 14%. The US national debt has ballooned to $22 Trillion and climbing, and the largely-meaningless ‘debt ceiling’ has just been raised again. As the author of that piece points out, if spending cannot be controlled, no amount of economic growth can reduce the debt.

Is America great again? Depends what you mean by ‘great’. If you mean “a great big financial liability which realizes much of its spending money from asset-stripping and dedicates it to making the top 1% of Americans ever-more-wealthy”, then yes. It’s so great you can hardly believe it. Some demographics have improved – unemployment is down to its lowest level since the beginning of the millennium. Advances have been made in prison reform, and union representation in countries outside the USA (this means Mexico). Donald Trump promised to donate his salary, and he has done that, to a variety of causes. But, as the writer of that reference opines, even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile. Hugo Chavez reduced the poverty rate in his country by 20% in a single year, the last full year he was president of Venezuela. That was pretty great, but it didn’t even make the papers in Exceptional America, instead relegated to the navel-gazing records of the World Bank. Better not look for American Greatness in that sphere – while the American poverty rate declined for three straight years between 2014 and 2017 (as you’re aware, statistics lag, often until anything scary in them can be minimized or pass without notice), but at a total rate of 2.4%. Which is, when taken year-by-year, not statistically significant.

Let’s get back to the Times piece for a minute.

“The proliferation of various technologies — from crude explosives to advanced robotics — has made it easier for even relatively small and weak countries and nonstate actors to challenge the big and powerful United States. These days any truly determined country, even a very poor one like North Korea, can develop nuclear weapons to deter attacks.”

Image result for John Bolton memeI should point out here that ‘challenge’ as the writer uses it apparently means ‘fend off a busybody country determined to reshape its political landscape to one more to its own liking, often with implicit commercial advantages for America that make it quite excited about the changes.’ Neoconservative freakshow John Bolton was quite upfront that the United States would like very much for its energy companies to take over production of Venezuelan oil, and what a banquet it would be for American and international investors. Let’s keep in mind also that the American idea of a democratic transfer of power these days is to call up the leader and order him to step down or else, and select his replacement. Ol’ John had that covered, too – the situation in Venezuela was so urgent that these radical steps just had to be done…to protect the people.

Do you think the Venezuelan government wishes it had nuclear weapons now? I think it might. Would it be fair to say the USA’s blundering social engineering and self-interested political maneuvering are fostering a desire in non-aligned nations for a nuclear deterrent? I think it might.

Difficult as it is to imagine, the solution proposed by Mr. Preble is that if you want American global leadership – and you do, the very notion that you don’t is too ridiculous to contemplate – then…you’ll have to help pay for it.

Let’s take a look, for a second, on how the United States is positioned to lead the world. Have you ever seen that great rant Jeff Daniels does in response to the question, “Why is America the Greatest Country in the World“? He kicks off his statistics section with, “We’re seventh in literacy…”. Ha, ha; if only; you can tell that’s just Hollywood. According to the World Atlas, the United States of America is 125th in literacy, at 86%, behind countries like Botswana, Libya, Myanmar, Panama and Trinidad. Far, far behind the Russian Federation, at a statistical 100%, in 21st place. In the 2013 OECD rankings in Reading, Science and Mathematics, the United States placed below the OECD average in every category. China, target of American sneers for its alleged human-rights abuses, predatory business practices and disrespect for the rule of law, placed first in every category. I doubt there has been an epidemic of stupidity there since. The USA’s funding for The Arts has remained static at $148 million for some time; but it spent over $245 billion – with a ‘b’ – bailing out banks and financial institutions. In a 2016 ranking of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates, the USA was neck-and-neck with the Russian Federation (despite having more than twice the population) and so far behind China that its taillights were just twinkles in its imagination. Yet in the average American mind, they are still mostly bicycle-riding coolies in conical straw hats. Global leader? In anything? Please.

According to the Legatum Institute, an independent educational-charity think tank based in England, the USA ranked 11th in countries with the best government. Mind you, that was in 2017, before The Trumpkin’s social skilz had time to be truly felt. World governments were assessed with emphasis on the quality of governance – state of the public health-care system, educational programs, attention to levels of air and water pollution, freedom of speech, responsible exercise of self-defense, priority given to innovation, and economic stability. The category that torpedoed American chances – responsible exercise of self-defense – sort of jumps out at you there: you would be hard-pressed to name a war in the last 40 years that the United States has not either led or has been an enthusiastic participant. In this century alone, the United States has been involved in war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northwest Pakistan, Somalia, Libya, Uganda, Syria and Yemen, where a US naval blockade in support of Saudi efforts to prevent arms from Iran from reaching Houthi rebels conveniently adds to Yemeni misery by interdicting shipping. During the Iran-Iraq war, the USA sold weapons to both sides. In Libya, the US-led coalition functioned as the de facto rebel air force, launching air strikes on the directions of flip-flop tribesmen on the ground. That culminated in the grisly murder of Gaddafi, and hasta-la-vista to the most progressive and secular country in Africa, in favour of fundamentalist religious nutjobs and a complete social collapse. Libya once again – to western shame, if it had anything like a conscience – features open slave markets in which West Africans are sold into servitude. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) describes modern-day Libya as ‘a vale of tears’. The United States, aided and abetted by ‘Sarko the American’, the Americophilic President of France, wrecked the most progressive and tolerant society in Africa – only one of the objectives George W. Bush’s administration identified for ruin.

Say – if you aspire to be the leader of the world, shouldn’t you at least pay lip service to international law? Like Maxwell in ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’, the USA paints testimonial pictures of violations of international law when it is describing the ‘annexation’ of Crimea by the Russian Federation (not at all like the NATO creation of an independent Kosovo, oh, no), but completely ignores international law when embarking on another of its madcap military adventures to rain misery on the local population. In Syria, the United States first invited itself in – because the human-rights situation was so tragic, of course, that it could not wait for approval from the stodgy UN – and then began supplying the rebel opposition with arms, money and training.

Let’s recap. Going back for a moment to the Legatum Institute’s criteria for good governance, from the viewpoint of the USA’s assumption that nobody else is fit to lead the world. State of the public health-care system – according to the agency which regularly ranks health care across developed countries, that of the USA is the worst and has been for 20 years. Educational programs? Can’t be too good, if the USA is 125 in literacy and below the OECD average is all assessed categories of the PISA test. Attention to environmental stewardship? Although individual states have some excellent programs and pursue responsible co-existence with admirable zeal, on a national level…well, just read the first line of this New York Times piece;

“In just two years, President Trump has unleashed a regulatory rollback, lobbied for and cheered on by industry, with little parallel in the past half-century.”

Freedom of speech? Sure, if it’s defending it somewhere else because it likes the rhetoric of some dissident who is insulting the government of a nation targeted for regime change. Otherwise, not so much. Zealots have seized control of the First Amendment and co-opted it to their design; free speech is challenged daily by activists, on the grounds that it is ‘racist’. If you speak out against the deliberate and planned exclusion of white people from a public event, for example, based solely on their skin colour, you may be attacked.

“In an even more sensational confrontation, campus authorities at Evergreen State College refused to protect biology professor Bret Weinstein from physical threat by angry student activists after Weinstein, a self-avowed progressive in politics, questioned the wisdom of a day of racial “absence” that excluded white students from the Evergreen campus. In a foreshadowing of Rouse’s Constitution Day rationalization, the Evergreen activists insisted that Weinstein’s questioning violated the norms of Evergreen’s culture. “He has incited white supremacists and he has validated white supremacists and Nazis in our community and in the nation. And I don’t think that should be protected by free speech,” said one student in a Vice News interview on the protest.”

For the first time, a majority of American students surveyed believed the First Amendment does not protect free speech, and 20% of respondents maintained it acceptable to inflict physical harm on those deemed to have made “offensive and hurtful statements.”

We’ve already covered responsible use of the self-defense proviso; the United States routinely abuses it as an excuse to go to war against a country whose government it has already failed to topple by other means, and then proclaims wide-eyed innocence and avers it must be excused because its aims were noble. The best example is, of course, the Second Gulf War against Iraq, in which the US Secretary of Defense famously claimed to know exactly where the Weapons of Mass Destruction which were America’s cassus belli were located: “We know where they are. They’re in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.” Which is as similar a phrasing  of “They could be anywhere on planet earth, but almost certainly not underwater” as I’ve ever seen. The US government later – eventually – admitted it had made up the claim. But that’s not an outlier. The USA regularly introduces a panicky scenario it knows full well is highly unlikely, presenting it instead as a virtual certainty to justify rapid action which will result in the momentum it seeks. Occasionally it results in farce which would be sidesplitting in less-destructive circumstances, such as the claim that Saddam Hussein was issuing crates of Viagra to his troops, so that they could maintain constant erections and rape more women. Completely unabashed, the US Ambassador to the United Nations tried to resurrect it in her drive to get a coalition together to wipe out Gaddafi and destroy Libya, an effort which was ultimately a wild success.Energy Efficient Windows

Any US claims to economic stability – the stock market is roaring like a chained tiger, unemployment is at near-record lows – must be balanced against the fact that the country owes its entire GDP plus a considerable amount in accumulated debt. And growing, if the source is reliable, at 36% faster than the US economy.

Look, we can bat this over the net a few more times, but I don’t see the point. Where I am going with it is probably abundantly clear – America’s claim to global leadership is based entirely on its perceived entitlement to the position by virtue of its exceptionalism. That’s it. What it brings to the table are its bloated military, which it is apparently willing to contract out as a mercenary force against anyone who ‘challenges’ it – and who will promptly be named ‘evildoers’ – and its stranglehold on international banking which enables it to sanction the shit out of anyone who defies its orders. A worse candidate to lead the world could hardly be imagined, and nations who support such a bid should be laughed out of the room for their naivete and willful stupidity. If the world actually needs a leader, it should spell out its terms; must be responsible, compassionate, fiscally solvent and financially conservative. Ten demerits each for pugnacity, lying, and advancing self-interest over the common good. Extra consideration potential for verifiable empathy, inspiration and advancement of cooperation over truculent use of force.

The Exceptional Nation would not even make the short list.





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  1. From mockery of Zelenskiy as an out-of-his-depth comedian – he played a president on TV, my dears; can you imagine??!! – to worship of him as a rival to Putin.

    And all in, what? Four months? They’ll be talking him up as a possible US presidential candidate before you know it, and proposing the Constitution be amended to allow Ukrainians to run for US President.


    1. Water reuse is gaining traction in various countries. Singapore extracts up to 35% of its water needs from waste water and other countries are expanding water reuse. For example, water reuse is expanding in California.

      Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) is the hot area now in water treatment. This means that every drop of water is extracted from a waste stream leaving only solids for disposal or reuse in some other process.

      The Middle East is the largest market for desalination systems. The first article mentioned Israel but much greater capacity is in KSA. For cultural/religious reasons, water reuse is not generally accepted in that region; at least for human consumption.

      Statistics on water use can be misleading as vast amounts are used in once-through power plant cooling systems and such use is often considered as “consumed” when, in fact, the water is returned to the same source, just a little warmer.

      The real issue is safe drinking water for the developing world. Here, the problems are relatively easy to solve if only relatively modest amounts of money were to be allocated.

      While on the topic on water, I will rant about the deplorable state of western Lake Erie. I witnessed the green mass of algae-laden water slowly approaching shore a several week ago here on the western shore of Lake Erie. Up to the point, the water was fairly clean. The problem is gross mismanagement of farm field runoff, pig farms and chicken ranches. The nutrient load washing into the Maumee River causes massive algae blooms (free floating cellular and mats of seaweed). It happens every year and has reached the point that, on one occasion, the city of Toledo was forced to ban human water consumption for several days- something like 300,000 people were affected.

      The photo below shows the Detroit River (left/west side of picture) valiantly pushing back the green menace.


    2. Better filtration would be a good place to start. A classmate brought a microfilter he uses for camping to “Show and Tell” in my French class a few years ago, and he said you could make drinkable water out of swamp water with it. It’d be slow, though. But that would just be a matter of scale. The problem is there are too many people. If they could drink swamp water, pretty soon there would be no Everglades. The world has too many people.


      1. No more Everglades means all those giant Burmese pythons that have replaced alligators as apex predators need to go somewhere. Probably a golf course right in the middle of a major tournament during the high point of the professional playing and touring season.


        1. Absolute silence, please, ladies and gentlemen….Woods steps up to the tee, and prepares to address the ball….it looks like he’s chosen a three wood – ha, ha, see what I did there? Woods? Wood? Anyway, he’s…HOLY SHIT!!! A GIANT SNAKE JUST SLITHERED OUT OF THE POND AND ATE HIM!!!


            1. Yeah, that’s a sport where it’s tough to be a chick magnet, what with being dressed in pink pants with a lime-green shirt and a yellow ball cap. I read a hypothesis somewhere that golf attire is made by blind people in dark rooms. But I suppose the macho quotient doesn’t matter when you have as much money as some PGA pros make. Money is an aphrodisiac all on its own.


              1. About the only thing Le Carre was accurate on was the tendency of golfers to promote each other. They’re worse than the masons.


              2. Tiger Woods must have been a chick magnet once – he was once married to a blonde Swedish chick (Elin Nordegren). Pity he (or rather his celebrity status) was a little too magnetic to other ladies.


                1. Well, Tiger Woods is, or was, unarguably handsome, fit and athletic. It probably did not hurt much that he was a millionaire, but he likely could have made it on his own merit. I’m just suggesting that sometimes a powerful net worth can motivate the ladies to overlook a man’s eye-candy deficiencies. I suppose it’s true of women as well, but there are few enough female millionaires and they are sufficiently dispersed that the stereotype of the male gold-digger is not really a thing.


              3. I knew a young woman who made it a career objective to meet and possibly develop a “relationship” with professional golfers. She would do this by being a volunteer for PGA tour events. Another young woman wanted to sell pharmaceuticals in order to meet doctors.

                Both professions involve a fair percentage of nerdy types with money. Some type of game theory at work I suppose.


  2. So, the USS Porter entered the Black Sea today (Thurs 8/8), while thanking its corporate sponsor GENERAL DYNAMICS.
    The American chest-thumping propaganda piece fails to mention one tiny detail that was brought up in the Russian version of the story:
    According to the Russian press, the Porter “is completely under the control of the Russian “guard ship” (Сторожевой корабль not sure how to translate that into English), which is not only escorting but “fully controlling” the American boat.

    Not sure how to read that; I am guessing that a Russian captain had to take over temporarily, maybe to navigate the shallow straits and under the Bridge?


      1. Российский сторожевой корабль «Сметливый» взял на прицел американский эсминец
        8 августа 2019, 23:00
        Russian patrol vessel “Smertlivy” gets American destroyer in her sights

        The US Navy destroyer “Porter” has entered the southern Black Sea. However, she did not have to travel long alone. Soon, the Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol ship “Smetlivy” [“Shrewd” — ME] noticed the “guest” and kept the destroyer in her sights. Such escorting is carried out in accordance with international law and was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defence, TsarGrad reports.

        At the same time, the US Sixth Fleet had already reported that the destroyer “Porter” had entered the Black Sea to support American allies and ensure “regional stability.” It should be added that [the US navy vessel] is armed with guided missiles and that we are already seeing the sixth visit of American ships to the Black Sea in 2019.

        Last month, the destroyer “Carney” visited these waters and participated in the “Sea Breeze” exercises with the Ukraine.

        Earlier today, it became known that a United States of America destroyer, equipped with guided missile weapons, was heading for the Black Sea.

        Recall that on January 20, the network published photos of USS Donald Cook, taken at the moment when she was passing through the Bosphorus Strait to the Black Sea.

        A day earlier it was reported that the forces of the Russian Federation Black Sea Fleet had begun to monitor the actions of the USS destroyer “Donald Cook”, which on Saturday, January 19, had entered the Black Sea.


        1. Thanks, ME. I misread that earlier piece that said the Porter was literally “under complete control” of the Smetlivy. Being literal minded, as programmers are wont to be, I took that to mean that the Porter was being steered by a Russian captain, or being towed by the Smetlivy.
          I see now that what they actually meant was something like, “We have the situation under control!”


      2. It’s just another warship; the “USS DONALD DUCK” was also an Arleigh Burke. They are just there to show the flag and irritate Russia. They are zero threat to Russia, and not much to Donbas. It’s all about making a statement; “We support Ukraine”. Whoopity doo. Putin is not going to tear down the bridge and give back Crimea.


    1. Probably a pilot. In restricted waterways it is common for foreign ships to take a pilot aboard who knows the local waters, especially when there are shifting sandbars and unknown shallows where a ship might otherwise run aground and be stuck there, embarrassed. Yes, the pilot would be in charge and the bridge crew would obey his orders. The pilot is a civilian, though, not military.


        1. The pilot is only taken aboard in waters which are unfamiliar to the crew of the visiting ship, whether commercial or military. His control of the ship prevails only until it has arrived safely at the dock. A pilot would not be used in wartime because you are not going to sail right into the enemy’s harbour. You don’t need a pilot in the open sea because you have charts, and those are deemed to be enough. In restricted waterways where the ship is at extra risk because its maneuvering room is limited, experiences heavy marine traffic and where unknown hazards such as sandbars and reefs are present, a local pilot who is familiar with all these dangers is used to pilot the ship to its destination. A pilot is also customarily used in foreign harbours, mostly because of the increased level of marine traffic and the pilot being less likely to be distracted by it.

          To be clearer, the legitimate Captain in command of the PORTER would have sailed it all the way from the United States – or wherever it was operating at the time it received orders – to the entrance of the Bosporus. There a Bosporus pilot would have boarded, usually by pilot boat and up a ladder which is lowered from the upper deck of the warship (so you have to be in good shape, it’s a long climb, straight up). He would have piloted the ship through the Bosporus to the Black Sea. The PORTER’s regular commanding officer would then have taken the ship to the entrance to the Sea of Azov, where another pilot with detailed knowledge of the waterway would have taken over for the pilotage through that section.


          1. Cool! I remember a scene from reading Moby Dick, where Captain Ahab has to climb onboard another whaling vessel to meet with the other Captain.
            However, due to his peg leg he can’t climb up the ladder, so they have to hoist him up on a pulley.
            Presumably that would not happen with the Bosphorus or Azov captain, but you never know.


            1. They do actually have a rig which is known as a bosun’s chair, which is made of rope and consists of two loops which go under your butt, and you sit down in it as you are hoisted up by crewmen. I read they were thinking of using that to lend an extra yo-heave-ho maritime flavour to a visit by Poroshenko to the HETMAN SACHADACHINIY, but it had to be abandoned when the captain realized he only had 240 men in the crew.

              The knot is commonly called a double bowline, or a bowline on a bight, seen here in the last of the offered intermediate level knots.


              As the accompanying text points out, this is used only for a short-term job, because it would not be very comfortable. A variety of modern bosun’s chairs are available for sailing (because you frequently have to go up the mast), including everything from something that looks like a nylon diaper to various harnesses, actual plastic chairs and so on. In a pinch, you could use a real chair and just run the loops under it. But most include some sort of spreader bar and seat because those two loops are going to hurt after a minute or so.


            1. I think western ships, including military vessels, still insist on being able to transit to Mariupol, which remains Ukrainian ever since the Ukies crushed a rebellion there in the nascent days of the upheaval following the Glorious Maidan and the foolish notification by the giddy kangaroo government that it would remove the official status enjoyed by the Russian language. Mariupol is kind of a show city for Ukraine, because it remains a fairly busy seaport and the Ukies constantly claim Russia wants to seize it. Its marine traffic allows them to bitch 24/7 about the restrictions brought about by the new bridge and Russia’s claim to both sides of the strait at its entrance.


              1. Mariupol also has the distinction of having the highest ethnic Greek population in Yukiestan, formerly the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, formerly the Russian Empire

                The Greeks came there on the invitation of Russian Empress Ekaterina II after the territory of what is now southern Ukraine was ceded to the Russian Empire by the Ottoman Empire following the defeat of the latter by the former in 1783.

                Other then Christian subject people’s of the “Terrible Turks” , most notably Serbs, then flooded into what was called “New Russia”.

                The Ukraine also has a seaboard on the Sea of Azov, as indeed does Russia, namely the Krasnodar region to the east and the eastern coast of the Crimea peninsula to the west.


    1. Typical Serbs; no BS, to the point and no pandering to PC correctness to win points with the West. Serbia has been through too much and paid a far too high price to put up with Western games.

      Of course, my idiot cousin is an exception:)

      Thanks for posting, Yalensis


  3. A fairly good overall if simplified explanation on how the Soviet Union stopped the Nazi blitzkrieg is linked below. Other techniques, not mentioned in the video, include wide scale use of autonomous fighting units that hugged the Nazi lines. The German mentality apparently could not deal with such new/clever strategies.


    1. That IS a really good piece; the author has apparently done some serious research and has come up with excellent substantiation for any conjectures. That and some other similar pieces suggest Russia is well-prepared for Washington’s typical regime-change ploys, and is ready to counter them as soon as they appear. As I’ve pointed out before, Russia does not attempt to reciprocate by stirring up race riots, for example, in inner-city communities in the USA. That’s why the election-meddling charge by Washington is so absurd – Russia never reacts that way to American provocations.

      I’m sure Russia and China talk, and that Russia has offered its opinions and advice on the ‘spontaneous grassroots demonstrations’ in Hong Kong. I totally did not tie Huntsman’s resignation to the failure of the ‘Moscow riots’ (who came up with that label?) to gain any traction. Of course the police-records searches and the enforcement of draft procedures will be yammered about in the west as the actions of a police state, but I doubt Russia cares very much what the western media says at this point.


    2. According to the New Military doctrine, adopted in 2010 and revised in 2014, any anti-government revolt or a putsch is considered to be equal to a ground invasion of Russia. Any ground invasion of Russia will guaranteed a retaliatory strike against the adversaries, their command centers, and main objects of infrastructure. This is from the publicly available part of the military doctrine, so its already set up down the chain of command in the classified part of the doctrine. If an elected government is toppled, no new government would be able to cancel this order or to order troops to stand down.

      That’s why the military politely muscled in on the traditional law enforcement turf and showed up where they have never seen before, at the pro-American agents provocateurs riots. This is a signal to all of us that now on, all anti-government activities are nothing but stages of enemy’s invasion. That’s why the military showed up, magically.

      That is great news. Russia realized years ago thats the color revolutions were to be treated as an invasion by a foreign power. Very good. And, that orders from an elected toppled government can not be cancelled by a new, unelected, government. Smart. This seem like a near-perfect strategy to end the color revolution shtick.


      1. As long as it is not used to stifle genuine home-grown dissent, which does actually happen from time to time and whose issues deserve to be responsibly addressed. That’s why Washington loves astroturfed fake protests in other countries – because they so closely mirror genuine citizen discontent, which the government has a sworn responsibility to consider instead of just sending in the goon squad to crush it. If such a protest is curtailed by the authorities, whether it was real or fabricated, the western media can have a field day dissecting Russia’s heavy-handed repression. Additionally, Russian repudiations are most often in Russian, which westerners don’t speak or read, so they are usually not ever heard and the western narrative prevails,, even if Russia has good and verifiable evidence that the ‘protest’ was all a setup.


  4. @Jen

    Thanx for being KS scholar enough to acknowledge that my proposed “Operation Wikinger Süden”-a lightning thrust through the Caucasus to Tehran bypassing Stalingrad-would have been a brilliant move by the Wehrmacht in 1942.

    Your military strategy acumen is plainly first rate, as is mine…
    Keep up the good work!!!



    1. Yeah, it would have been like a stroll in the park to bypass Stalingrad and it’s hinterland (read: Russia and its huge reserves of manpower and equipment), heading for the mountainous Caucasus and, having traversed that region, thrusting onwards towards Tehran, thereby stretching the invader’s already overstretched lines of communication from the Vaterland to breaking point.

      And those dumb Russian Commies would have just stood by and watched the Wehrmacht do this.

      Fact is, the Germans had already shot their bolt by late Fall 1941: Blitzkrieg or not, no soviet capitulation by the USSR, no annihilation of Soviet armed forces on the ground.

      The Wehrmacht generals thought that they had wiped out the Red Army, but the bastards kept on coming back for more!

      Must have been those NKVD troops that scared them shitless and made them attack in waves with only one weapon between 3 men, etc.


  5. There’s a pretty interesting video in one of the Twitter feeds linked from the Saker’s piece on the ‘Moscow riots’ (I can’t stop snickering at that). It’s called “Adam vs. The Man”, and appears to show US Park Police (who knew there even was any such thing? Is there?) arresting demonstrators in some public venue. The demonstrators – if that’s what they are – protest that they are not actually doing anything disruptive. If anyone has seen an expanded version so we could get a little context, please post it; I’d be interested.

    P.S.; I be go to hell if the Park Police is not only a real thing, but one of the oldest uniformed federal law enforcement agencies in the United States. It functions as a full-service law enforcement agency.

    Does the Russian Police State have park police?

    Never mind; you have to do quite a bit of scrolling through her Twitter feed to find it. Here’s better coverage of the same event; it apparently features RT’s Adm Kokesh, and he and some others were allegedly dancing at the Jefferson Memorial.

    The same Freedom Lovers, I’d like to point out, who cheered the occupation of Chistye Prudi (Clean Ponds) park in Moscow by ‘dissidents’ led by the Georgian author Boris Akunin, in 2012. Police action against them was heresy, because Russia is a police state that stomps on freedom. The free-thinking citizens engaged in yet another western-backed ‘protest action’ liked to go on ‘strolls’, in which a large group would walk together down public streets, disrupting traffic and hoping to get attention.


  6. Article in VZGLIAD about massive blackout affecting London and many swathes of Great Britain (including Scotland). By the way, still another Americanism that has found its way into the Russian language: блэкаут (“blackout”). Apparently there is no suitable Russian word that could be used – LOL!

    Anyhow, many amusing comments from Russian readers:

    “Tomorrow they will start blaming Russia.”

    “Our work is difficult and dangerous,” Petrov and Boshirov sang softly, as they sawed away at the thickest cable…

    “I seem to recall the Brits once threatened to shut off Russian electricity.”

    “The Anglo-Saxons cannot sleep at night knowing that Skripal’s cat is still at large.”

    “Greetings from Venezuela!”


    1. The word in the UK is now “outage” according to the Guardian, which is totally not an organ of the NED, oh no.

      My guess is that it’s a way of finding out the identity of people who take pleasure in the discomfiture in the “Home Counties.”


      1. I know, it bugs me, does that word: often when I see it in the UK media, I misread it as “outrage” and when I read something like “Huge Outage in Manchester!” I wonder what upset everyone.

        What was wrong with “power cut” or “blackout”, though I have experienced in my time the occasional blackouts and memory loss, which had nothing to do with local power supply failures.


      1. Bloody smart arse of a bastard of a spellchecker!

        I’m sick of not noticing it has changed what I have written!

        WAES HAEL !!!!


  7. Schmuck that I was I enjoyed the Akunin novels until quite late on. Must’ve read 5/6 before the penny dropped.

    The killer was the third division version of The Master and Margarita.


    1. I’ve never read any of his stuff, although the missus was a big fan. And it would not matter to her that he was a big protester against Putin, and consequently a western stooge; she’s not very political. If I liked his work – which I might, I don’t know – I would probably not care that he is a western liberal. If he did a good job entertaining me, fine. I think generally that celebrities, especially actors, are not very well-positioned to know very much about the world beyond what they learn from TV, and that they frequently champion causes for extra attention.

      Russian liberals often make me laugh to myself, with their lofty proclamations of how free and easy the west is and how great it would be if Russia would learn some lessons from it. That’s not to say Russia knows everything or is perfect, but the view liberals hold of western life and society is so utopian it is comical, it bears no resemblance to reality. Life is sweet and carefree if you have inherited wealth or you made a killing on the market, but most everybody else is a wage slave who will work until he dies, or the company kicks him out because he has reached mandatory retirement age. Concepts like The American Dream absolutely rely on the conviction of John Q. Public that It Could Be Him. Of course it could, but it is extremely unlikely, about as probable as winning a huge fortune on the Powerball lottery. But that’s not how it’s sold – instead, it’s work hard, be honest, and keep on believing. By and by it’s time for you to die, and you’re no further ahead except now you have a family. That’s certainly a reward (in most cases), but wealth on the carefree level is out of reach for the very great majority of us.


      1. Akunin is a Gruzian, anyway.

        Russian Wiki:

        Борис Акунин (настоящее имя Григорий Шалвович Чхартишвили груз. გრიგორი შალვას ძე ჩხარტიშვილი; род. 20 мая 1956 года, Зестафони, Грузинская ССР, СССР

        Boris Akunin, real name Grigoriy Shalvovich Chkhartishvii, Gruzian: გრიგორი შალვას ძე ჩხარტიშვილი, born 20 May, 1956, Zestsfoni, Gruzia SSR, USSR

        One of Sackofshit’s tribe.


    2. For somewhat the same reason, I could never bring myself to read the actual “Master and Margarita”, despite a couple of attempts. It’s probably just a prejudice, knowing how Bulgakov and his works are lionized by Westies. As soon as I see something even halfway kreakle, I toss the book aside.
      For “modern” Russian literature, I tend to prefer the Soviet classics.


        1. From Soviet classics, one of my personal favorites is Konstantin Fedin, “Goroda I gody” (“Cities and Years”), that really good epic, with well-drawn characters.
          I also like “Chapaev”, it’s harsh and bouncy, with a modern structure.
          Mostly, of course, I prefer 18th and 19th century Russian literature, but if it has to be 20th century, then definitely from the Soviet period. The writing was just better, and the characters more authentic.


  8. A little insight into USA meddling in Russian politics, which meddling, of course, never occurs and any Kremlin accusation thereof is just bare-faced propaganda.

    Yesterday evening, I was working at VTB (Vneshtorgbank – “Foreign Trade Bank) – ВТБ (Внешторгбанк) – in Federation Tower, situated in the business park “Moscow City”. VTB is operated by the Bank of Russia. There, I got into conversation with an investment analyst and erstwhile Soviet physicist about the never ending allegations of “Russian meddling” in USA politics.

    My interlocutor told me that no mention is ever made in the USA about the monies flown over in a Boeing from Washington DC to support the Yeltsin government during that aforementioned drunken bastard’s fixed election campaign at a time when his public support had bombed.

    That this money transfer took place was no urban myth, he told me. “It really did happen”, he said. “How do I know?” he asked: “Because the transfer was done here”, he said, “by VTB. I saw it done”.


    1. That’s possible, although I think it’s more likely that phenomenon in which people convince themselves they actually saw or participated in momentous events which took place while they lived in the country where it happened – like Woodstock, the real one, not that commercialized imitation years later. If everyone who said they were at Woodstock actually was there, you couldn’t get them all in New York State, never mind at Yazgur’s Farm.

      With that in mind, he might have been talking about money transfers made from the Republic National Bank of the USA (owner Edmond Safra) to the Russian mob, in a colossal money-laundering scheme in which everyone benefited but the Russian government. Of course it is always possible some of that money made its way to Yeltsin’s re-election campaign, but as I recall it he had a dream team of oligarchs – including Boris Berzovsky – bankrolling him, and he barely even campaigned; his re-election was assured.

      That story was broken by Robert Friedman in a story for the New Yorker called “The Money Plane”. We discussed it here eons ago, on the old blog.


      1. Regarding the tendency of a lot of people to falsely claim that they were at Woodstock or fought in Vietnam or whatever, do you think they say that just to elevate their importance or have they come to really believe those claims? Other, more easily dismissed, examples are those who sincerely believe that they were abducted by space aliens or suffered a childhood trauma that was extremely unlikely to have occurred.

        IIRC, studies were conducted in which otherwise normal adults were easily convinced that they had, for example, became lost in a large shopping mall when they were 5 years old; police were called but everything worked out OK. Presumably, these false memories formed from an amalgam of related true memories. Here is what Wikipedia has on the topic:

        I suspect that formation of false memories is a key part of sophisticated propaganda or in the engineering of hysteria. Not to pick on any such example as being special but the “Me Too” movement seems rife with false memories.


        1. I think that in the case of Woodstock, it was such a cool and life-changing event, it was so well-publicized and documented that anyone born after it was over could easily tell you what band went on when and what they played, and security was so loose that anyone could have been there and the overall number of attendees was only a guess all combine to compel anyone who is approximately the right age to say in certain circumstances that they were there. Not necessarily to elevate their importance – although that might happen in some cases, such as an argument over the meaning of a particular classic song – but to claim a kinship with the lucky ones who actually were there. Full disclosure; I was not there. I was 13 at the time, and probably a little too young to travel that distance alone and be in that kind of company. I was probably just discovering ‘my own’ music then; my first record of my very own was Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Willie and the Poorboys” (released, coincidentally enough, in 1969, the year Woodstock took place), and I am still a big fan of CCR. Later I graduated to Grand Funk Railroad and then Deep Purple, and then on to just rock in general, but before that I was happy enough with my parents records, and they gravitated to Dean Martin, Roger Miller and Johnny Cash.

          I saw the recent film in which Johnny Cash was played by Joaquin Phoenix, and had to re-appraise what a rebel he really was for his time. Once I discovered my own interests, I tended to be very dismissive of musicians from the previous era, and consider them hopeless one-note hacks. Johnny Cash was really quite innovative, and his music struck a wild and restless note in what was mostly a twangy gospel-influenced country music sound. He was quite a complicated person, as well, getting off to a very bad start as a petty criminal and always seeking his father’s attention and approval.


          1. Although he did not write this song, Johnny Cash’s rendition is very moving and personal. The video places the song in context, a brutally honest self-assessment of his life. It should give everyone pause.


  9. An accident involving some seemingly radical new rocket fuel killed five technicians:

    The Rosatom engineering and technical team was working on the ”isotope power source” for a propulsion system on Thursday, when the accident happened.

    “As a result of the accident at the military firing range in Arkhangelsk region during liquid reactive propulsion system tests, five employees of the state corporation Rosatom were killed,” the company said. Three military and civilian specialists remain in serious condition, but their injuries are “not life-threatening,” a source in the regional emergency services said.

    Loss of life was unfortunate. I am sure that lessons were learned. Can’t help but be curious what was being tested; perhaps related to the nuclear powered cruise missile or other ultra-high powered nuclear systems.


    1. One accident involving the loss of experts (the recent submarine case) is understandable. Two in such proximity makes me suspicious. Accidents do happen, of course.


      1. The technical failures seems unrelated (a fire in a non-nuclear section of a sub vs a nuclear powered jet/rocket of some sort). On the other hand, Russian advanced tech has been sabotaged in recent years especially in the space technology sector.


    1. Oh, I don’t know – it might be necessary at some future point to stir up public opinion against them, using the identity politics/wedge issues techniques the US government has perfected. Americans are all about feelings now, and anything that hurts somebody’s feelings must be removed from the public view.

      Special interest groups like the gays, although the gays are not part of this story at all, pretend to only want acceptance like everyone else, but their activists are always pushing for more rights which accrue to their special interest, be it gender or race or whatever. Such groups constantly seek more government attention for their own causes and the legalizing of policies which allow them greater freedom while restricting it for everybody else.

      I’d like to say such a ridiculous thing could not happen here, but it could and did – a statue formerly located outside City Hall in downtown Victoria of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, was removed from its plinth and placed in storage as a gesture of ‘reconciliation’, which is a hot buzzword in Canadian west coast politics these days. Some of the native community complained about the statue and requested its removal because Macdonald was a proponent of native residential schools, which were a disaster for native culture; children were taken from their parents and installed in residential schools to learn modern ways and language, and their traditional ceremonies were outlawed. Children who lived at the schools were routinely abused by their teachers, most of whom were nuns and Christian brothers. It was indeed a sad chapter in Canadian history, although it is doubtful if Macdonald should be singled out for it.

      Much of this was the brainchild of Victoria mayor Lisa Helps, who always has a wet finger raised to the political breezes. She has spent millions to build bike lanes downtown; wildly popular with cyclists, considerably less so with drivers. She claimed to have talked over the removal of the statue with some ‘reconciliation council’, but there was zero public input until after the statue was gone; it kind of took everyone by surprise.

      It is indeed unfortunate that many natives had dreadful experiences at residential schools. But I have to wonder where the natives would be now if they had simply been left alone in peace to live according to their traditional ways, and carried on in that manner living next to a developing white community, so that they were still dancing around shaking gourds full of pebbles during the emergence of the motorcar, and television. They complain that the white man stole their land, which of course he did, but I find it also difficult to believe there would now be upward of 35 million natives in Canada had their civilization remained static.

      I’m not justifying residential schools, which were every bit as bad as they say. But is that all we remember of the nation’s first Prime Minister? That he pissed off the natives? Once again, one group has to bend all the way over so another group, much smaller, can get its way. And that’s how identity politics works, and a marvelous tool it is when you want to put over something you know will be unpopular – just stir the people up with some other special-interest issue, and they’ll barely even notice.


      1. Of the very little I know about Canadian First Nations peoples, I think very few of these groups had static cultures.

        The peoples living in eastern Canada in the 17th and 18th centuries learned very quickly that French settlers wanted furs so whenever they saw French people or met them, they always had a supply of furs on hand to sell for guns or ammunition or whatever else the Europeans had that they wanted.

        Natives living in the prairie regions acquired horses and guns by the early 18th century so they could go buffalo-hunting full-time and the peoples living along the coasts of Alaska and British Columbia managed to get metal knives so they could carve more thunderbird totem poles and statues.

        The issue the natives had was that their lands were coveted by state and federal governments, and they were seen as fair game for forced conversion to Christianity (which would also have the effect of destroying their traditions and cultures, since their histories, traditions and values are tied up in their native religions and beliefs). If they’d been left alone or allowed to exist alongside non-native cultures, the Canadian natives would have continued owning and managing their lands communally; they would have adopted European-style farming and stock-raising, and other aspects of European culture like Western medicine if they thought these were complementary with their cultures.

        Don’t forget also that diseases like smallpox, measles and even the common cold and influenza took their toll on people (especially on the very young and the very old who are usually the ones who educate children in their traditions and histories) and addiction to alcohol has also been a problem in First Nations communities in North America and Australia.


        1. Yes, I suppose all those things are either true or likely to be true. The addiction to alcohol is genetic – natives cannot metabolize alcohol as Caucasians and other races can, and consequently drunkenness and hangover are much more pronounced in them than in others. I should say this statement is hotly disputed, with some sites claiming it is nonsense while others claim to have scientific proof, and cite the chromosome pairs which are affected. I believe it is broadly accurate, although there are exceptions, and being native does not mean doomed to be an alcoholic; most native races produced alcoholic drinks of their own, made from corn or honey, and while they would usually be weak by modern standards, their purpose was most likely as an intoxicant.

          If native communities living undisturbed alongside white communities had gradually evolved to more European customs and intermarriage had blurred the lines, that would have been all to the good and less damaging, obviously, as some native tribes were completely wiped out, like the Beothuk of eastern Canada. But for some groups, conflict would have been inevitable as plains ‘Indians’ claimed enormous ranges far in excess of what their population would suggest, because they were nomadic and followed the herds.

          For sure it is a complicated subject, with theories hotly contested and much emotion on the part of those who were disenfranchised and/or abused in residential schools. I have seen maps in a division of City Hall which detail native land claims on Vancouver Island according to their clans, and native land claims encompass 110% of the island, because some claims overlap. There is not a square inch of Vancouver Island which is not ‘Indian land’, according to claims. Obviously that situation cannot persist, because non-natives would all either have to leave or pay a tribute, while if they did leave, there would be so few natives left that you might walk all day and not see anyone, in any places they did not congregate in groups. In some cases – most, to be fair – all that is wanted is that civil ceremonies held on ancestral native land, such as school graduations, festivals and the like, acknowledge that they take place on the ancestral lands of the Tsar’lip or the Kowut’Zun people, and customarily there is no objection to doing that. Whether that constitutes legal recognition, though, is debatable.


          1. @ Mark




            As to whether the redskins -aka injuns**-are genetically disposed to booze ….Well you may not want to go down that road , since one fork in it leads to Russian men and vodka:

            …..and another leads to Dublin (Boston) pubs and whiskey!!!

            Click to access 738-0695604.pdf

            ** also my native american indigenous brothers and sisters….well sorta!


            1. I did not actually say they were genetically disposed to booze – I said they are genetically indisposed to metabolize it away. Thus, if that theory is correct, it remains in their systems longer and has a more profound effect. It is most likely true that unscrupulous traders made use of this in trading hard liquor to natives in exchange for goods worth much more. If the genetic allegation is correct, natives have a far greater reason to avoid hard liquor than many other races.


          2. I remember a BBC Science programme from around 2004/5 which featured physical experiments carried out involving graduate students from different countries at one of the major London centres, perhaps Imperial College.

            One of the most memorable was having the students drink half pints of beer; the East Asians became flushed after the first round and even the keenest of them dropped out after three or maybe four rounds. Meanwhile the NW European and African students continued merrily on. The Asians who could take the 3 or 4 half pints were pretty pissed when they dropped out. I’d imagine that First Nation people would share much of the genetic background of East Asians.

            Until seeing the experiment I’d been sceptical about the tales told by a colleague who’d worked in Nagasaki in the late 1960s about how his Japanese co-workers used to marvel at his capacity for the bevvy. Although from Greenock (where they can shift drink) he was a moderate drinker.


            1. The genetics of First Nations peoples in the Americas are rather more complicated: even Y-chromosome DNA studies alone suggest they form 3 distinct migratory groups (Inuit-Aleut, speakers of Na-Dene languages, and then everyone else who arrived in the Americas as part of the first wave of migrants) so making assumptions about their ability to metabolise alcohol based on studies that involve East Asians is risky. This implies also that any genetic studies done on Athapaskan-speaking people like Navaho, Apache and First Nations peoples in subarctic Canada will have limited applicability for other First Nations groups. Genetically they are much more different than they appear on literal first sight.


              1. That fits in with linguistics analysis. First Nations peoples speak a bewildering array of languages, of various seemingly unrelated language families. It’s almost as if completely random people just swarmed into the Americas (initially). Anthropologists don’t even know who arrived first, or in what patterns they spread South (and then apparently North again) – oi! One wishes they had been more organized and orderly in their migrations…


                1. The glaciers over Asia and North America didn’t help much, going backwards and forwards and screwing up all the mammoth and woolly rhino migration routes.

                  There was also a scenic route that some First Nations peoples followed along the coasts of Alaska and British Columbia down into California. People could have also expanded from California into the rest of North American and down into Mexico and then the rest of South America.

                  Some First Nations peoples of the Northwest Coast culture complex (western coast of North America from Alaska panhandle down to northern California) have cultural similarities and even some physical anthropological similarities with Jomon peoples living in Japan about 10,000 years ago. The skulls and facial features of Jomon people and these First Nations groups (as exemplified by the skull of the famous Kennewick Man) actually resemble those of modern Europeans.

                  The Jomons were eventually swamped by people arriving from Korea and China about 1,500 years ago who brought rice cultivation and who became the ancestors of most modern Japanese. All more reason not to assume that First Nations peoples in the Americas are genetically similar to modern East Asians (who themselves are relatively recent migrants in their “core” areas of China, Japan and Korea compared to First Nations folks).



                2. I remember reading that the Kennewick man could be the ancestor of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Or perhaps even Picard himself, having travelled back in time and then becoming his own ancestor!


            2. According to this source – which, admittedly, does not on its face seem very scientific although it quotes a lot of science – the genetic makeup of Asians is entirely different although it yields similar results where alcohol is concerned.


              “Unlike the American Indians the Chinese and Japanese produce a lot of ADH. 85% of their population produces unusual high activities of this enzyme. Where Caucasians score less than 21%, African Americans less than 10% and Native Americans as well as Asian Indians 0%. These numbers and further explanation can be found in the book Casarett & Doull’s Toxicology: The basic Science of Poison by Curtis D. Klaassen.

              Now don’t jump to any conclusions that Asians are great drinkers. Because the metabolizing isn’t quite done yet. The acetaldehyde that originated after the first step still isn’t the acetic acid and water it’s supposed to be. This process is caused by another enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH 2). Now about half of the Chinese and Japanese (Koreans way less by the way) lack the normal amount of this second enzyme. The result is that in many cases the acetaldehyde builds up very fast when Asians start drinking. First of all because of the big amount of ADH and second because of the lack of ALDH 2. This is very unfortunate since acetaldehyde makes you way more sick than ethanol itself. This genetic disadvantage is the reason that a lot of Asians can’t hold their liquor. A clear sign of a high acetaldehyde-level is that the face turns extremely red.


      2. Considering that John Macdonald was a significant figure in Canadian history and was prime minister for a long time, I’d be surprised if there had been no controversy attached to him. But to whitewash him out of Canadian history because of his role in helping to establish an institution that destroyed indigenous cultures and tore families apart actually is a form of cultural impoverishment and abuse of history. He and others who established the residential schools will end up forgotten but the trauma the schools created and perpetuated remains. The trauma can only be dealt with by remembering the people who established the schools, why they did such a thing, what the schools were supposed to achieve, and knowing something of the culture and the values that prevailed at the time, to understand why apparently well-meaning people believed separating indigenous children from their families was for the youngsters’ benefit.

        Teaching history properly means treating a nation’s dark past as well as its most iconic moments, and acknowledging that significant figures, even heroes did things that by our standards and beliefs were questionable. But how else would we know if a nation has made any progress or improved life for its citizens if we know nothing of its less heroic deeds or shun knowing them altogether? How would we know if genocide is happening if we don’t learn from past instances of genocide because some groups would prefer we ignore the perpetrators’ existence?


        1. Well said, and completely accurate, to my mind. Further, while John A. Macdonald might well have been the architect of the residential-schools policy, it was the sexual predations and abuse inflicted by the staffs of those schools which caused the greatest outrage. I have no idea if any of those people were ever punished for their crimes. In addition to their cruelties, they were pedophiles.


    2. Those murals are fantastic, I can’t believe they are actually planning to vandalize them.
      American kids need to know their own history, it’s the only thing that can wake them up from this stupor inside the Matrix…


      1. Look how outrageous the statements attributed to the Taliban appear if transposed to this issue and attributed to Americans:

        I say ‘attributed’ because I frankly doubt the Taliban’s Minister of Culture and Information actually said “It is easier to destroy than to build” to western reporters – it has the flavour of a made-up statement designed to incite fury in readers, or a clumsy or deliberate mis-translation such as the statement attributed to Ahmadinejad that Israel ‘must be wiped off the map’.

        The Taliban’s destruction of artifacts supposedly aroused ‘world outrage’. I don’t see how this is different. But look for the authorities to move quickly here; the battle is clearly going against the special-interest group which wants the murals removed because they hurt their feelings, and it is always easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.


          1. Not yet, but if history is any yardstick, the elements who want them destroyed will intensify their campaign in the realization that public opinion is not on their side. This will be an effort to get the decision-making over the hump before too many dissenting voices can be heard. Bear in mind, most of those who want them destroyed are vocal activists, while most of those who want them preserved are ordinary people with other things to distract them, content mostly to mutter and grumble on social media.

            For the moment, a proposal to simply cover them up is under consideration.

            Those who demand they be removed favour shock tactics like shouting “Genocide!!” at protests and pointing to the crowd. I find it hard to believe they will be satisfied with a removable cover like a curtain, so that those who wish can view them. Their position is that the murals are hateful and racist, and they will not be satisfied until they are irrecoverably destroyed. Those activists claim that children are damaged and humiliated by having to walk by them every day, as they extend the length of the hallway.

            I’d bet you could replace them with bible verses or school policies, and at the end of the year there would not be five students in five hundred who could tell you what they said. It’s simply that some race activists have got a bee in their bonnet and are determined to test their power. Also, bearing in mind the maxim that it is easier to obtain forgiveness than permission, this would be the moment in the movie when some bugshit activist gains access to the school and defaces the murals himself. Spray paint would not do it; that’s pretty easy to remove now without damaging the surface underneath. Some caustic substance like paint stripper would be more likely.


    1. Don’t know where the above clip was shot. I’ll ask Denis Denisovich Exile: it was he who sent it me.

      I suspect that it was shot way down south somewhere in the Volga delta, or perhaps on the banks of the Don in the Rostov-on-Don area, close to that river’s estuary into the Sea of Azov.

      I think it is the Don. I lived near the Don in Voronezh province, and barges loaded with dredged river sand constantly forge upriver against the fast flowing Don current.


    2. The guy taking the shower is the same guy in the cab of the truck. He leaves it in park, unsupervised, leaves it with the shovel up in the air, and stands under a shovel that could crush him like a bug.

      I could name about 10 safety violations there…


    1. Goddamn!!!

      I’m using my iPhone at the dacha to post these comments, hence the texting cockups.

      And that damned spellchecker just tried to change “cockups” to “cockpits”!


    1. 30,000+ comments on the Yahoo site on the above story. All that I read suggested he was murdered before he could testify. Everybody knows:


  10. Voice of America shouts out: “Thousands gather in Moscow to Protest Opposition Clampdown!”

    What I picked up scanning reports on today’s sanctioned rally at Prospekt Akademika Sakharova:

    The usual route: Pushkin Square then along the Garden Ring to the concrete canyon of Prodpekt Ak. Sakharova.

    No notable disorder, apart from a fight between some protesters caused by a group carrying a Yukie flag.

    Official attendance: 20, 000

    NGO estimates: 50,000

    And interestingly, according to a survey carried out by some statistic gathering organisation, 40% of the protesters were Muscovites, the rest from out of town or provincial cities.

    And the election about which they are protesting is for the Moscow City Duma.

    Sample interviews used in the survey: 1,500 rally participants.

    And the population of Moscow?

    Who knows?

    14 million now, I reckon.

    Over to you, Voice of Home of the Brave and Land of the Free …

    [Can’t be arsed providing links because of earlier cock-ups pasting links using my iPhone because I am out in the sticks right now.]



    Charlotte Ruse • 6 hours ago • edited
    “CIA asset Richard Engel appeared on Bill Maher last night. Engel, who usually limits his propaganda to comments about
    the wars in the Middle East departed from his usual spiel and seized the opportunity to warmonger against Russia. Evidently according to Engel, all racial discord in the US can be attributed to Russian plots manipulating and radicalizing African Americans.”

    Yeah….us darkies just sit around waiting for this jew bastard to enlighten us as to who is influencing our pea brains.

    BTW Maher-another jew-has been a long time racist :



    Charlotte Ruse • 6 hours ago • edited
    “CIA asset Richard Engel appeared on Bill Maher last night. Engel, who usually limits his propaganda to comments about
    the wars in the Middle East departed from his usual spiel and seized the opportunity to warmonger against Russia. Evidently according to Engel, all racial discord in the US can be attributed to Russian plots manipulating and radicalizing African Americans.”

    Yeah….us darkies just sit around waiting for this jew bastard to enlighten us as to who is influencing or pea brains.

    BTW Maher-another jew-has been a long time racist :


  13. “India’s ruling elite, including much of the ostensible parliamentary opposition, has rallied behind the BJP’s constitutional coup, even while conceding it is a “high-risk gamble.”

    This is a global tendency. Everywhere, crisis-ridden and frightened ruling elites are turning to military conflict and extra-constitutional measures to deal with intractable political and geo-strategic problems.

    Imran Khan, Pakistan’s right-wing Islamist populist prime minister, outlined a chilling scenario Tuesday of a rapid descent into “a war till we shed the last drop of blood,” including through the use of nuclear weapons. Such a war would inevitably develop into a global conflict.”


  14. Getting lost in the woods is the basis of so many folk tales and here’s a short video about two youngsters collecting mushrooms:

    Given the relative flatness of the land, good orientation skills are indispensable.


    1. The biggest danger to the youngsters would have been the risk of hypothermia as day passes into night with the possibility of temperatures falling very suddenly in the evening. They must have been well rugged up when they first set out. Being teenage boys helps as well – keeping active and energetic would help keep their core body temperatures up.


    2. Deciding to cut through the forest was the major mistake, as it so often is. If they had stuck with the logging trail and remembered which way they turned at the fork, it would have been much easier to retrace their steps. Mind you, stories of being lost in the woods are replete with protestations that the lost person had only taken a couple of steps off the path, and could still see it. Don’t leave the path, unless there are two or more of you and one stays on the path and you can still see or at least hear that person.

      Stephen King’s “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” was a pretty good story of how easily you can get lost, and how quickly, by simply going behind a bush to take a pee. You only have to guess wrong the first time.

      That story also highlighted the fallacy that if you can find a stream or river, it will lead you out. Quite a few streams and rivers end in expansive wetlands. If you can find a road, though, it will definitely lead you somewhere – a road and a river have that in common; they will keep you from aimlessly wandering and keep you going more or less consistently in the same direction.


      1. The Blair Witch Project included the premise of a group of young people hopeless lost in the woods somewhere in Maryland. The movie budget was $60,000 and grossed nearly $250,000,000 per Wikipedia.

        This is a true story of a woman lost for 17 days in a Hawaiian forest:

        Eller told the Times that she had intended to go on a short trail walk. She went off the path at one point to rest, and when she resumed hiking, she got turned around.

        “I wanted to go back the way I’d come, but my gut was leading me another way – and I have a very strong gut instinct,” Eller said. “So, I said, my car is this way and I’m just going to keep going until I reach it.”

        She said she kept trying to get back to her car but wound up going deeper into the jungle.


  15. This source addresses the breaking rumor – and that’s all it is at this point – that cameras in the jail where Epstein was being held ‘malfunctioned’ the night of his death. Only one person is suggesting that at the moment, and that’s the person who started it. But there are other questions. Epstein claimed he was attacked, and that’s where the marks on his neck came from which were alleged to have been a first suicide attempt. Guards were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes, but did not do so the night of his death. The official narrative claims he hanged himself – with what?

    The story has inspired a frenzy of speculation, but that just helps muddy the waters and makes it harder to find out any facts. The sad truth is, like with so many other shady things, we may never find out, because all the speculation aids a cover-up. But it is definitely suspicious considering he could have gotten a lot of very influential people in big trouble.


    1. Too early to say what actually happened to Jeffrey Epstein, whether he killed himself or someone (or some people) killed him, but the timing of his death, coming hard on the heels of the release of some 2,000 pages of court documents implicating two former Democratic Party politicians in his network, suggests foul play aimed at diverting or distracting the focus away from nailing other significant politicians and individuals and/or putting pressure on witnesses to withdraw testimonies. The possibility is strong that Epstein was one cog in a huge blackmail operation that he personally benefited from (how did he come into so much wealth all of a sudden as an ordinary trader doing boutique investment trading work for a few select billionaire clients at a time when billionaires were few during the 1980s?) but which could punish him severely if he became careless and arrogant. There are rumours flying around that he was working for Mossad and the sex-trafficking of young teenage girls was part of the blackmail operation arranged with that organisation.


      1. Brilliant!! And then just pick a bunch of people in the US government and business. Make up the business list based on who has assets in Russia and allied countries which could be frozen.


      2. Oh dear … that might mean Satanyahu won’t be able to gatecrash any more Victory Day parades in Moscow. That will upset Putin … not.


  16. The The Independent, again firing a full broadside of Russophobic crap today

    Moscow protests: More than 300 anti-Putin demonstrators arrested in Russia
    Up to 60,000 people take to streets to demand free elections

    9 hours ago

    Tens of thousands of people defied a crackdown by Russian authorities to stage what is believed to be the country’s biggest political protest for eight years.

    Demonstrators shouted “down with the tsar!” and waved the national flag as they took to the streets of Moscow to demand free elections to the city legislature.

    The rally took place a week after more than 1,000 protesters were detained amid violent confrontations with riot police in the capital.

    Up to 60,000 people took part in the officially-sanctioned demonstration, according to monitoring groups, while police put the turnout at 20,000.

    At the end of the rally hundreds of young people surged towards the presidential administration building while chanting ”Putin is a thief”.

    Note: “At the end of the rally …”

    As one commentator points out:

    “… in this present news report, the fact that protesters were only arrested because they engaged in unauthorised protests, which continued after the main authorised rally had ended, is not mentioned, thereby distorting this report … ”

    And then there follows the usual shite off those who contribute nothing apart from name calling alleged “Russian trolls”, such as the person, part of whose comment is quoted above”

    “Of course Comrade. Whatever you say. Just don’t send me to Siberia again….”

    “Vladimir, I hope you’re not paying these clowns much for their rubbish comments.”

    And the Independent article linked above, whose authorship the rag does not give, though it is stated that the article has “Additional reporting by Reuters”, closes with this damning indictment of the Evil One:

    The 66-year-old former KGB intelligence officer, whose fourth term in office runs until 2024, has so far avoided commenting on the unrest.

    Are they referring to the democratically elected by direct popular mandate by means of a secret ballot President of Russia, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin?

    And they were demanding “free elections”?

    Are there no “free elections” in Russia then?

    In fact, what they were demanding was that knobheads whom they favour should be allowed to stand in the Moscow City Duma an election (even though they think it not “free”?) after their having been barred from participating as a result of their not presenting enough signatures off Muscovites so as to enable them become candidates for election to the Moscow Duma. And they didn’t get enough signatures because they are barely supported by Muscovites, apart from the Rubberduckians and other assorted freaks.

    Oh look! A Kreakl shouting in protest

    And guaranteed to be released after a couple of hours in the local Bridewell.

    Poor thing!

    Punk lives on!

    Lost his rubber duck?

    Don’t worry, suckers! Lyosha will come to your rescue


    1. It’s all so tiresome. The west constantly pushes the narrative that these kids who are not old enough to vote are demanding free elections, which suggests (1) that the west is not really a serious organization, or (2) a significant proportion of its readers is stupid, and simply believes whatever it is told by its own reporters.

      Apparently it is only Russia which is not allowed to have rules for elections, and anyone should be able to run for office if they wake up that morning inspired to be a public servant. To hell with support thresholds – let’s have free elections, comrades, with ballots of a thousand, five thousand candidates! Voters, of course, will make a responsible choice and will know the platforms and campaign promises of each candidate. They’d better, because they’re paying for each of those candidates to run; everyone has to have access to public money to campaign. That’s the way it’s done in free democracies, see, where the liberal world order prevails!

      You don’t need to be much of a critical thinker to spot the nonsense of this, every time. Russia conducts advance polling, like every other large country with a democratic vote. The question is not complicated – who are you going to vote for in the upcoming election? The answer, likewise, is not complicated – I’m going to vote for (name of candidate), I’d rather not say, or I haven’t decided. In such advance polls for presidential elections, the party led by Putin and Medvedev usually gets around 70% of the decided vote. When the actual vote takes place, the party led by Putin and Medvedev wins with just about exactly the vote predicted by the advance polls. Surprise!!

      The best the west can do is say that voters polled in the advance polls are afraid to say anything other than that they are voting for Putin, because they will be killed. Uh huh; one election goes sideways, 50% or so of the population killed – I guess we better not have any more elections, comrades; there are not so many of us left! If Putin lost, he wouldn’t be in much of a position to kill anyone, would he? It’s hard to imagine such a timid lot as the Russians could hold out against the might of the Wehrmacht for nearly three years under siege.

      The west continues to be farcical in its clumsy attempts to regime-change Putin out of office, but it is bothersome that it seeds insurrection in the group least experienced in a life of responsibility and community, a group that is groomed to think of itself as the center of the universe. But I suppose the children of the intelligentsia could be expected to number around 20,000 in Moscow.


    2. Some great photo ops there. The camera guy must be a few feet away from the brutal riot police yet seems untouched. Rather a high level of tolerance for assholes I would say.


    3. «Люди всегда были и всегда будут глупенькими жертвами обмана и самообмана в политике, пока они не научатся за любыми нравственными, религиозными, политическими, социальными фразами, заявлениями, обещаниями разыскивать интересы тех или иных классов».
      Владимир Ильич Ленин

      Люди всегда будут глупенькими жертвами обмана, пока за любыми вскукареками Навального, Соболь, Яшина, Гудкова или Доброхотова не будут видеть интересы Михаила Ходорковского и его западных хозяев.

      “People have always been the foolish victims of deception and self-deception in politics, and they always will be, until they have learnt to seek out the interests of some class or other behind all moral, religious, political and social phrases, declarations and promises.”
      Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

      People will always be the stupid victims of deceit until they see the interests of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his Western masters behind the crowings of Navalny, Sobol, Yashin, Gudkov or Dobrokhotov.



  17. МИД Украины выразил протест из-за поездки Путина в Крым
    09:38, 11 августа 2019

    The Ukraine Foreign Ministry Has Voiced Its Protest Over Putin’s Visit To The Crimea

    “Министерство иностранных дел Украины выражает решительный протест в связи с очередным несогласованным с украинской стороной посещением 10 августа 2019 года президентом Российской Федерации Владимиром Путиным временно оккупированных территорий Украины — Автономной Республики Крым и города Севастополь”, — говорится в заявлении, опубликованном на сайте ведомства.

    “The Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its strong protest in connection with the next visit by the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to the temporarily occupied territories of the Ukraine, the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, on August 10, 2019.”
    Yukie FM departmental website.

    Cupid stunts!


    1. Hey Klimkin! Why not take a ride down there and tell him to fuck off?

      You can speak Russian, can’t you, seeing as your from Kursk?


      1. If you’re planning to do that, why not pick up a pair of pants that fit your stubby legs? It looks kind of funny when they’re rolled up two or three times, like you’re wearing daddy’s clothes when you’re ten.


          1. Perfect. There’s just enough cuff to let down if he ever hits the growth spurt he has been awaiting since he was 17. Plus, leather – trendy, and warm in winter when you don’t have any gas.


            1. Notice also the button-up flap in case he is unfamiliar with using zippers or velcro fasteners and needs someone to help keep the nappy in.


  18. Russian press is reporting that the Syrian army has taken the city of Al-Khubait, considered the “gateway to Idlib”.
    An-Nusra was delivered a military defeat, and their fighters (the ones still left alive) are fleeing to Han-Sheikhun.
    Main part of the battle happened on Friday. Syrian army experienced significant losses, 10 dead, 21 wounded. After which the jihadists went on the offensive. But then the Syrian army were able to push them back again and take Al-Khubait.

    As Idlib gets ready to fall, psychologically prepare for Westie press to go into a frenzy about Syrian “atrocities” and the like, in their desperate attempt to salvage as many terrorists as they can…


    1. During the Winter Olympics he went to Moscow (why? the Olympics are thataway!), connected to public wifi, download some adware, and breathlessly reported that if you go to Russia the Kremlin WILL hack your phone. He is one of the most dishonest pieces of garbage in “journalism.”


    2. Ha, ha!! I have to see that; an actual Russian plan to transport African-Americans to training camps to teach them sabotage techniques. Holy Jesus. American media has lost whatever tenuous grip it ever had on reality – this is like a comic book. Nice try to score a twofer – to once again implicate Russia in America’s troubles, and discredit the Nigra vote. Unbelievable. I wonder what black America thinks of this shit.


      1. To be expected, Marco Rubio is blaming Russian “bots” for tricking Americans to suspect something suspicious about Epstein’s “suicide”.

        Those bots were going crazy. Yahoo had 30,000+ comments within hours of the news with the vast majority (from a relatively random sample) indicating Epstein was either murdered or was allowed/induced to commit suicide.

        Slightly tangent, Attorney General Barr will lead an investigation into Epstein’s death. This story should displace Russiagate as the MSM’s project but with NYT and the aforementioned Rubio trying to link it to the Russians (will Putin’s passport be found int the cell?) their stories will achieve a new level of convolution and contrivance. Trump may go on the attack big time if Barr turns out something juicy.


        1. Marco Rubio is a painful one-trick pony who sees the hand of Russian Bots in every bit of social commentary he doesn’t like – honest, God-fearing patriotic Americans would never question the word of their government as expressed through its government-controlled media, so anyone who does must be a Russian Bot.

          Hmmm….a playboy Russian oligarch investment banker with sordid connections to the Russian government past and present – maybe up to the President himself – is found to have run prostitution rings of underage girls for wealthy and connected patrons whose tastes run to the illegally young. He is charged and incarcerated, but just before he is to go on trial, he is found dead in his cell, an apparent suicide, even though Russian guards were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes, and did not. He had complained of being attacked a couple of weeks prior to his death, but nothing much was done and he was taken off suicide watch.

          What do you think the western media would make of that? Would they discourage speculation, and say to wait for the investigation to be complete? Would they call anyone who questioned the official government line a bot? Or would Congress even now be debating a bill for the Jeffrey Epsteinov Act, with more sanctions, and would the media be firing off angry demands for Russia to ‘come clean’ and admit its rottenness, and quote political figures on their soapboxes?


      2. The blueprint plan of sending African American people to a training camp somewhere in Africa to learn Color Revolution regime-change methods … er, “sabotage” techniques and “combat prep” looks oddly familiar.

        Makes you wonder who wrote this particular dodgy dossier for the London-based Dossier Center. There must be a whole truckload of desperate cash-starved university students being trained to write such rubbish for peanuts on zero-hours contracts. Mikhail Khodorkovsky is not getting much bang for his bucks: he should be demanding higher pay and better working conditions for the students.


  19. Yesterday morning, 11 August, 2019, Moskva:

    The Russian president congratulated on TV the Islamic faithful and fellow citizens of Russia on their great feast day.

    11 AUG, 10:57
    Putin congratulates the Muslims of Russia on the Eid al-Adha Islamic holiday
    The Russian president highlighted the great contribution of Muslim organizations in developing fruitful cooperation with state and public institutions

    No articles this morning in the Western shite media about this event in “racist” Russia.

    My Tatar neighbours yesterday seemed not to be in any particularly celebratory mood yesterday, though.

    Must be Commies!


    1. Perhaps exhausted? Can’t be easy fasting during long summer days. I remember working with a young woman who fainted a few times. My sister worked with a surgeon who had to take leave from theatre rotas scheduled for the afternoon.


        1. Well, it’s a simple gesture of self-denial in homage to a higher power, to acknowledge much bigger sacrifices made by the deity. It’s a lot less damaging than, say, scourging or other self-mutilation. I could live without bacon for a day or two.

          Forgive me, bacon; I didn’t mean it.


          1. What they could do (and as Jen pointed out there are so many exceptions allowed) is just ask people to abstain from the one thing they like the most, for a couple of days.
            For you it would be bacon or snausages, for another it might be chocolate, for example.


            1. Well, I actually only eat bacon maybe once a week anyway. I usually make breakfast on Sundays, pancakes and bacon and sausages, but that’s only if I am not working a morning, which I sometimes am. What I really would miss would be chocolate milk, to tell the truth. I have rediscovered a taste for it, and I almost always have a big glass when I get home from work.


      1. It’s not Ramadan: they don’t fast for Eid al-Adha: they eat for 3 days after ritually slaughtering rams and lambs. It’s eats all round, because they must share the grub with friends relatives and the needy and even non-believers.

        I remember some of the faithful slaughtering and butchering a ram in the students’ hostel where I was living in 1989. Never gave me nowt, though, the tight sods, and I’m rather partial to mutton and lamb – was weaned on it.

        They don’t fast on Ramadan, really – not in my opinion: they only fast during daylight hours, and they have loads of loopholes as regards observing the fast.

        They eat before sunrise and after sunset during Ramadan.


        1. I hear that in some Muslim countries (particularly the rich oil sheikhdom ones), the custom now is to fast during daylight hours and then pig out on loads of food in restaurant and hotel all-you-can-eat-type buffets come sundown. I don’t think that’s really the intention behind Ramadan (it’s supposed to be a period of reflection and self-restraint).

          The loads of loopholes are for the benefit of weaker or vulnerable members of society, for whom fasting could be unhealthy or dangerous, or people whose work requires them to eat regularly and in small amounts to maintain their fitness for their jobs: the elderly, the sick and those recovering from illness, pregnant women, lactating mothers, menstruating women, small children, diabetics, people travelling for more than five days and soldiers fighting wars.


          1. A former colleague of mine who worked in Saudi Arabia told me he used to see Arab fat cats cruising around in their Range Rovers and feasting within during Ramadan. They just cruised to and fro so as to eat during daylight hours at Ramadan. You see, they were exempt from fasting because they were “travelling”.

            Not exactly following the spirit of Allah’s instructions to Mohammad, but following the letter of God’s law as passed on from the Almighty to the Prophet through the Archangel Gabriel.

            Yeah, right!

            No such crap from Asgard: eat drink and be merry in Valhalla, that’s old Woden’s promise, and none of this shagging a different gang of heavenly maidens every night!

            I bet they play darts and dominoes in Valhalla an’ all!


  20. Criminal (alleged) gets pelted with eggs whilst leaving GBR [Государственного бюро расследований — State Investigation Bureau], Kiev, today, 12 August, 2019:

    Keep on smiling, you cnut!


      1. I should imagine, given that he has just spent a lot of time in the Maldives, that those eggs would have stuck to his suntanned skin and fried themselves automatically.


    1. And pile it on thick, Porky!

      Bring your pampered, educated in the UK daughters along as well!

      В Киеве к зданию ГБР пришли дети Порошенко с плакатами в поддержку отца

      In Kiev, Poroshenko’s children came to the GBR building with posters in support of their father

      KIEV, August 12, 2019 1:07 p.m. – REGNUM

      His children with posters in support of their father came to the building of the State Bureau of Investigation (GBR) in Kiev, where an interrogation of former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was taking place, reports

      It was noted that by the walls of the GBR were Poroshenko’s daughters, Alexandra and Yevgyeniya, and son Mikhail. In addition, along with the politician’s children, came some of Poroshenko’s supporters.

      It was also reported that next to the supporters of the ex-president was a group of protesters who were shouting: “Shame on Poroshenko!”

      As REGNUM reported earlier, former combatants in the nationalist regiment Azov (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) promised to have ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko imprisoned for embezzlement in the state-owned company Ukroboronprom.

      We should remind readers that earlier the GBR said that on August 12, Poroshenko had been summoned for questioning over the case of the purchase of the TV channel “Direct”, whose owner he allegedly is.

      He is rich, so he will not steal


    2. How are the mighty fallen! I honestly don’t think anything much will happen to him – the west will protect him from real harm, as ‘their’ first president of Ukraine. It is inconceivable that the first president of Ukraine elected by a real and fair vote, none of that neo-Soviet ballot-stuffing-carousel-voting shit, could turn out to be a common and venal crook, interested only in enriching himself rather than the elevation of the Ukrainian people to where they can breathe free air.



    “The term “American Exceptionalism ” is useful because it reveals the method and purpose behind the constant lies that white America tells to justify its barbaric, racist behavior. It is a polity of deflection, projection and wholesale invention, in which the mass corporate media are the most adept practitioners. The contradiction baked into the polity – the absurd proposition that the United States, founded by slave owners and Native American genocidaires, is a citadel of human freedom – is compounded by the racist behemoth’s superpower status. Thus, it tells super-lies, on a worldwide scale. Yet all the while, it’s more volatile, white male denizens fester in a murderous funk of escalating resentment, feeling daily diminished by the growing presence of darker peoples in a White Man’s Country. They see 2044 , the year the U.S. Census Bureau predicts Anglo whites will become a minority of the population, as a racial End Time, and are willing to risk their own lives – and take the lives of many others — to forestall the racial-lingual eclipse.

    “America’s more volatile, white male denizens fester in a murderous funk of escalating resentment.”

    According to the Anti-Defamation League, the New York Times’ favorite source on white terror, “Nearly 75 percent of the extremist murders committed in the United States over the past decade were carried out by people espousing white supremacist ideology such as the ‘great replacement.” But that’s surely nothing new. White settler states are created through massive racial violence and sustained by maintaining a white monopoly on violence. Violence is a virtue in America, where white criminals become folk heroes but uppity Blacks are national security threats.

    The corporate media, most Democrats and even lots of Republicans are finally using the term “terrorism” to describe the armed white supremacist movement. The latest atrocities have compelled even Donald Trump to condemn “racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.” However, U.S. police agencies, including the FBI, are incapable of mounting an effective offensive against their soul mates in the armed white right.That’s not the kind of enemy they signed up to subdue.”


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