New Management Wanted: Ukraine Cannot Seem to Stop Delighting Putin.

Uncle Volodya says “As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

Those who have been following, since its inception, the western attempt to turn Ukraine into a remote-controlled weapon against Russia have probably noticed a curious phenomenon. Whenever Ukraine falls short of western expectations for it, or fails to act as the west directed it to act, it is said to be making Putin happy. Kind of like how your mother used to tell you, when you were a small child, that the bogeyman would get you if you didn’t stop getting out of bed, or asked for just one more drink of water so you could stay up a little longer. Visions of Putin’s smirking face are called up to rebut Ukraine’s consistent failure to let go of an oligarch-dominated political system and magically achieve prosperity, while having nothing to do with its former largest trading partner – Russia – and not bothering Europe by horning in on its subsidies in an attempt to sell more goods to it. For its part, the United States insists on running Ukraine, appointing a special envoy – Kurt Volker – to preserve its feeling of international importance after it was pointedly left out of the Normandy Format; Meddlers R Us; we don’t need no steenking invitations.

A glance over trade statistics suggests this was a wise choice for the Exceptional Nation – the year before the Glorious Maidan, Revolution of Dignity, the USA did around $3 Billion worth of trade with Ukraine, selling it $1.92 Billion worth of goods and services, and buying $1.03 Billion worth of goods and services from it, posting an American trade surplus of $888 Million. Last year the USA did around $4 Billion worth of trade with Ukraine, selling it $2.46 Billion in goods and services, and buying $1.35 Billion worth of goods and services from it, handsomely increasing the American trade surplus to $1.13 Billion. Considering Ukraine is impoverished and living on handouts, while the per-capita GDP has fallen by more than 6% despite the country having lost about 3 million people (Ukraine’s population today is almost exactly what it was in 1960), that’s quite an achievement.

Per-Capita GDP 2009-2018

Ukraine GDP per capita PPP

Population of Ukraine 2009-2018

Ukraine Population

Ukraine, and indeed the world, cannot seem to stop dancing to Putin’s tune – the puppet-master pulls the strings, and we all jerk and stumble as he wills. If nothing else brings home to you how genuinely fucked-up the world is, consider for a moment that the best excuse world leaders have for not being able to direct global affairs to their liking is that Putin – leader of what is supposed to be the most isolated and friendless country in the universe – prevents them from having their way, and laughs at their discomfiture.

In that spirit, we’re going to take a look at Justin Lynch’s “Ukraine’s Election Is a Mess—and That’s Exactly What Putin Wants”, for Foreign Policy magazine.

Before we get started – unusually, I suppose – we’re going to assume it is nonsense based on common sense. As we’ve often mentioned before in various conversations, Ukrainian and Russian are mutually intelligible languages. What leader in his right mind wants an unstable, never-far-from-imploding impoverished state right on his doorstep, considering his own state is a likely destination for fleeing refugees, economic or otherwise? Russia was already home to the world’s biggest Ukrainian diaspora, and the dizzying circles Ukraine has made of the toilet bowl since early 2014 have increased Russia’s population of Ukrainians by more than a million. Russians are not idiots, and they keep electing Putin by a wide majority. He can’t be completely clueless, and even though the west portrays him as sustained only by purest evil, there’s no reason to imagine continued instability in Ukraine pleases him except that it is probably fun to watch the west step on its dick again and again, after all its bragging that it will show everyone how it’s done. Ukraine as a western project is a thundering failure, and the west owns every bit of that failure. But Moscow would much prefer it reach some level of stability, although of course it would not like it a bit if a Ukraine relentlessly hostile to Russia became a NATO member.

That was Washington’s plan, at first; together with its European allies, it was going to make a prosperous market vassal of Ukraine, and push the NATO envelope right into Russia’s face. The thing is, Washington does not seem to get how badly it stinks at nation-building, because it always tries to make a new nation that is a great opportunity for American investors, without any of the rest of the framework. What’s the sense of plowing American know-how, money and effort into building a prosperous state, if other people are going to benefit? Freedom isn’t free, you know.

So, after already concluding that the basic premise of his article is codswallop, let’s take a look at what he actually said. I took that step already because I know you are not going to reach a different conclusion; the article is an interesting example of how bias causes us to find various concepts believable, simply because we like to believe them, and so they appear truthful to us without any further evidence that this is the case. I’ll explain why that’s interesting as we go along. Ready? Let’s look.

Mr. Lynch opens with a protest, in Kiev – westerners simply will not spell it ‘Kyiv’, as the Ukrainians want everyone to do, because Ukraine is a western work-in-progress, and they will damned well spell it the way they like. The protest seems to consist mostly of fake demonstrators who were paid to attend; Mr. Lynch can tell, because they look disinterested and disengaged, ‘as if they had taken sleeping pills before the march’, and because they ‘insinuated’ (that’s what you say when nobody actually said that, but you believe it anyway) that they were being paid to attend. His suspicions are confirmed when a man driving a small black car yells out his window that the protest is a fake.

Just as an aside here, the United States considers itself the global expert on manipulating opposition movements and influencing the masses, mostly by showing them what they want to see and playing upon their biases and prejudice, by intuiting what they want to believe, and providing them with incentives to go on believing. But here’s a thought – what if pretty much everyone is capable of using those tactics, and elements in Ukraine are trolling the United States, for their own reasons?

Mr. Lynch does not offer any substantiation for his allegations that he witnessed a ‘fake protest’, presumably one sponsored by a Poroshenko rival, to discredit the President. But he clearly believes that to be the case; perhaps because the unidentified man who affirmed for him that the protest was a fake was driving a small black car. Certainly hard to argue with a sign like that. What other evidence does he have? The man who fingers the protest as a fake is not named, and there is no indication in the article that Mr. Lynch spoke with him further, or at all. He just drove by, and yelled out the window that the protest is a fake, presumably in English, unless Mr. Lynch had an interpreter handy. And the protesters just look like they were paid. Or sleepy.

Let me ask you this – in eastern-European elections, how many times have you seen that guy pop up, the one who always approaches a western reporter, accidentally, and asks him where he goes to get paid for attending the demonstration, or voting for candidate A, or whatever? Doesn’t it happen pretty much every time? It certainly is featured in at least one western report on pretty much every such election or protest in which the west has a considerable investment in the election or demonstration being a fraud. Now ask yourself this – knowing how western reporters stand out at such events, and knowing in advance what the west wants to believe: how hard would it be to discredit a perfectly legitimate event by just sidling up to the reporter and saying, “Hey, buddy – where does I go to gets paid for attending this fake protest?”

That might not be the case in this article; I wasn’t there, and Mr. Lynch was. But it is plain he judges, as seems to be the mainstream American view and is certainly the wish of Washington, that Ukraine would do best by re-electing Poroshenko to another term. Zelenskiy is as nice a guy as you could wish, but basically a buffoon and a know-nothing who might easily fall under malign Russian influence. Tymoshenko is crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but Washington does not feel confident enough that she would not double-cross them if she thought it was in her interests. Poroshenko is a dullard, a drunk and a greedy rich man who wants to get richer – but he stays bought. He can be relied upon to protect America’s investment in Ukraine, and to drag the country closer to the west, by legislation if necessary.

Mr. Lynch describes the election whose threshold we are upon as ‘chaotic’, but the west is not ready to suggest it is not democratic, and if the vote is held up to questions as to its validity, a whipping-boy has already been selected; Russia. Some 80% of Ukrainians reportedly expect the vote will be rigged, there were no presidential debates between the candidates, SBU members are reportedly on the Central Elections Committee, only Poroshenko can draw upon state services which will announce how many voters are actually in the country when nobody really has any realistic idea, and there are no cameras at the polling stations (Thanks, Eric). As if that were not enough, Poroshenko has ordered the SBU and Police Special Forces to patrol the streets and polling places during the election, ostensibly to safeguard the democratic sanctity of the vote. Voting at the point of a Kalashnikov, anybody? And that’s in addition to members of the nationalist militias being granted observer status by the Central Elections Committee; they will have over 300 ‘observers’ in 34 voting districts. It’s hard not to get the message that Poroshenko will know how you voted. Better watch out; you better not cry – better not vote for that TV clown, I’m tellin’ you why.

As sometimes happens, this post has been overtaken by events, and the vote is actually all but done and counted. Zelenskiy has a commanding lead, as advance polling forecast, but keep in mind that Poroshenko’s goal at this point is not to beat Zelenskiy, but to make it into the runoff. And it looks as if he has done that.

Going back to Mr. Lynch’s article, we see once again the double standard of evidence: Lutsenko’s allegation that he was given a ‘do not prosecute’ list by the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, on their first meeting – Lutsenko, of course, is Ukraine’s Prosecutor-General. And it is typical of US meddling that it goes right to the head man or woman. But unnamed ‘experts’ do not find the report credible…because Lutsenko does not supply any evidence. Perhaps he should have driven by in a small, black car, and shouted his allegation out the window. American analysts find foreign-policy reporting credible when it supports their convictions – which are heavily influenced by the need to be the world’s exceptional nation, able to pull off the impossible-for-everyone-else – and full of shit when it does not. If you were looking for a picture of ‘tunnel vision’, I just drew it.

Put another way, it is inconceivable to the experts Washington draws upon for nailing down the narrative that America would never – never – engage in what is unquestionably interference in another country’s justice system, with the goal of exempting certain individuals from prosecution.

Say – would you like an example which will blow that thinking into the weeds, in the most revelatory way possible? You don’t have to ask me twice: here you go.

“We hold former President Maduro and those surrounding him fully responsible for the safety and welfare of interim president Juan Guaidó and his family,” Robert Palladino, a State Department spokesman, said on Thursday. “It would be a terrible mistake for the illegitimate Maduro regime to arrest Juan Guaidó.”

The USA ordered Venezuela’s president to safeguard its designated ‘interim president’ from arrest. The article suggests the Venezuelan government wants to arrest him for orchestrating power blackouts in the country, in an effort to coerce the poor into abandoning Maduro. And the USA has form for this, having blueprinted the stirring-up of civil unrest over power blackouts back in 2010, when Hugo Chavez was President. But let’s pretend that never happened – Juan Guaido is openly colluding with a foreign government to overthrow the elected government of his own country, and put himself in charge with the backing of that country. In anyone’s language, that is gimme-a-T.R.E.A.S.O.N treason, the kind of over-the-top lawbreaking that in the United States, Beacon o’ Freedom, is punishable by death. Who cares about blackouts? Guaido is a documented traitor to his country, and the nation with which he is colluding ordered his government not to prosecute him! Do you find it hard to believe Washington might have an asset or two in Ukraine it does not want burdened with a corruption investigation? I, for one, do not. It is about as hard to believe as a suggestion that the Gulf of Mexico contains water, or that men sometimes scratch their balls when they are waking up.

If you were waiting for a quote that summarizes how little Washington cares what Poroshenko has to do to win, just as long as he does, bring in Liubov Tsybulska, the head of the Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group.

“I like that it’s real democracy,” she wrote in a text message. “Russians call it mess, but that’s how free society does election.” In fact, Ukraine’s elections could not be any more different than Russia’s, because current polls show the outcome is almost completely unpredictable.”

Oh, my. Say, is Donald Rumsfeld still alive? Because all we need now is for him to come in at the end of that quote, and remark sagely, “Freedom is untidy”. America does not give a tin shit what you do, just as long as you’re on the side of the angels. And if the author meant Russia’s elections are completely predictable in the sense that advance polls usually reflect how the election will turn out, well, duh. What the fuck is the purpose of advance polls, if not to make a judgment on how the vote is going to go? The Russian candidate who is forecast to win handily in advance polling conducted immediately prior to the election…consistently wins handily. Imagine my surprise.

But here is the poster-country for democracy – the ones who thought it up, you might say – openly admiring, in one of the country’s premier foreign policy magazines, the concept that the messier and more uncertain the election process is, the more democratic it is. And nobody having a clue who is going to win spells excitement! Convicted felons are still prohibited from standing for election in the USA, though – are prohibited from voting, in fact – because that might make things a little too exciting.

The point at which I couldn’t continue reading any more occurred where Peter Dickinson of the Atlantic Council gave Poroshenko a free pass on the issue of his political cronies being busted buying parts for defense equipment from Russia, and then upcharging the government for them and pocketing large profits. In a country where the average monthly wage is $257.00 USD at today’s exchange rate, a country that lives on loans from the international community, loans which Ukrainian children not yet born will still be working to pay off. But according to Dickinson, Poroshenko is such a failure at anti-corruption that the revelation he is corrupt is unlikely to damage his re-election prospects much. I just sat there, slowly shaking my head from side to side in wonder.

“For a country at war with Russia, the allegations have sparked ire. But Peter Dickinson, a fellow at the Atlantic Council, said that the claims may not be significant. “He has almost zero credibility as an anti-corruption crusader and therefore this issue is not an important part of his re-election bid,” Dickinson wrote. “Poroshenko’s electoral appeal is rooted in the notion of ‘better the devil you know’ and his presidential campaign rests on his ability to convince voters that he is the lesser of all available evils.”

Poroshenko might have an uphill battle convincing his own voters of that reality, but he has plainly gone down a treat in Washington.

Let me put my cards on the table here – the current political class in Washington, irrespective of party affiliation and almost without exception, is so debauched and untethered that it enthusiastically supports the election of unabashed criminals where their election serves American foreign-policy goals. Is it too late to be astounded? Yes, it is. Ukraine is lightly chided for its rampant corruption, while Russia is held up to universal scorn…because Putin.

Douglas Hofstadter, author of “Metamagical Themas;Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern”, is going to take us out. Douglas?

“It turns out that an eerie type of chaos can lurk just behind a facade of order – and yet, deep inside the chaos lurks an even eerier type of order.”






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  1. Moon of Alabama: Venezuela – Guaidó Got Snookered – White House Starts Beating War Drums


    Another encouraged Saakashvili moment+wishful thinking in the White House. I applaud the Venezuelan government for their restraint and their care. As mentioned above (comments?), a dead Guidao/massacre only works to Washington’s favor, but inversely Washington loosing its shit and attacking Venezuela outright (US NATO suddenly recalled from trip to U-rope) makes for no polishing of that turd (yes, I learned that one at uni too)!


    1. A great piece, thanks for linking it. It still cracks me up how, with a straight face, Washington can insist on its right to ‘restore democracy’ in Venezuela by bludgeoning its people into accepting a leader chosen for them by a foreign power. That’s democracy, is it? The definition must have evolved somewhat since I last read it.


  2. SPRI viea Russia Drops Out of Top Five in Global Military Spending

    US, China remain far ahead of the pack

    …Russia, by contrast, has tried to keep its expenses down, quickly moving to draw down in Syria once their goals were reached, and not spending huge sums developing highly advanced speculative weapons systems of dubious utility.

    Thus, while the US increased its military spending 4.6% year over year, Russia managed to decrease theirs by 3.5%. Thus, while everyone continues to hype their nervousness about Russia, and the US tries to parlay that into arms sales, the Russians are looking to save money and focus on a deterrence-heavy military stance.

    The US is in an arms race. With itself. Other news tells us that the US is actively look to get out of Afghanistan (aka stuff the government in Kabul and make a deal with the Taliban, so they are not complete inbeciles. Lack of execution (!) maybe…


  3. Neuters via Putin suddenly sacks Russian envoy to Belarus amid oil row

    Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly sacked Moscow’s ambassador to Belarus, Mikhail Babich, the Kremlin said on Tuesday, amid a row over contaminated oil and a wider political discord between the ex-Soviet countries. ..

    …Babich had been appointed Moscow’s envoy to Belarus last August. He had criticized Belarus authorities amid the row over oil tax change which Belarus says will cost its budget $400 million this year.

    The Kremlin said on Tuesday Babich will move to another job and will be replaced by Dmitry Mezentsev, a lawmaker from the upper house of parliament…


      1. Brings back childhood memories of listening to “Shrimp Boats” being played on the wireless.

        No TV then, no Internet. People read and discussed more in those days.

        Well, there was TV then, but not for the likes of my family. I think we got our first TV around 1956. It had a 12 inch screen.

        We used to live in a hole in the ground then. It was covered with a tarpaulin. We were so poor, but our hole was home to us and we were happy.

        But you try and tell the young people today that… and they won’t believe ya’.

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        1. You had a hole? Luxury, mate. When I were a lad, we lived in a box in middle o t’road. Every morning we would have to get up early, clean road wi’ our tongues, then go to school which were ten mile away, uphill. Then every night, our da’ would beat us until we fell asleep.


          1. Beat you until you fell asleep???

            You were lucky!

            I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, then I set off to work with my 15 brothers and sisters and some others, who I think were related to me in some way or other, so as to work twenty-nine hours a day down pit AND we had to pay coal-owner for permission to work in his pit. And then, when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing “Hallelujah”!


              1. No, it is from the “Four Yorkshiremen” sketch in a 1967 “At Last the 1948 Show”. Several in the sketch later became the Monty Python team.

                FIRST: Aye, very passable, that, very passable bit of risotto.
                SECOND: Nothing like a good glass of Château de Chasselas, eh, Josiah?
                THIRD: You’re right there, Obadiah.
                FOURTH: Who’d have thought thirty year ago we’d all be sittin’ here drinking Château de Chasselas, eh?
                FIRST: In them days we was glad to have the price of a cup o’ tea.
                SECOND: A cup o’ cold tea
                FOURTH: Without milk or sugar.
                THIRD: Or tea.
                FIRST: In a cracked cup, an’ all
                FOURTH: Oh, we never had a cup. We used to have to drink out of a rolled up newspaper.
                SECOND: The best we could manage was to suck on a piece of damp cloth.
                THIRD: But you know, we were happy in those days, though we were poor.
                FIRST: Because we were poor. My old Dad used to say to me, “Money doesn’t buy you happiness, son”
                FOURTH: Aye, ‘e was right
                FIRST: Aye, ‘e was.
                FOURTH: I was happier then and I had nothin’. We used to live in this tiny old house with great big holes in the roof
                SECOND: House! You were lucky to live in a house! We used to live in one room, all twenty-six of us, no furniture, ‘alf the floor was missing, and we were all ‘uddled together in one corner for fear of falling.
                THIRD: Eh, you were lucky to have a room! We used to have to live in t’ corridor!
                FIRST: Oh, we used to dream of livin’ in a corridor! Would ha’ been a palace to us. We used to live in an old water tank on a rubbish tip. We got woke up every morning by having a load of rotting fish dumped all over us! House? Huh
                FOURTH: Well, when I say ‘house’ it was only a hole in the ground covered by a couple of foot of torn canvas, but it was a house to us.
                SECOND: We were evicted from our ‘ole in the ground; we ‘ad to go and live in a lake.
                THIRD: You were lucky to have a lake! There were a hundred and fifty of us living in t’ shoebox in t’ middle o’ road.
                FIRST: Cardboard box?
                THIRD: Aye.
                FIRST: You were lucky. We lived for three months in a paper bag in a septic tank. We used to have to get up at six in the morning, clean the paper bag, eat a crust of stale bread, go to work down t’ mill, fourteen hours a day, week-in week-out, for sixpence a week, and when we got home our Dad would thrash us to sleep wi’ his belt.
                SECOND: Luxury. We used to have to get out of the lake at six o’clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of ‘ot gravel, work twenty hour day at mill for tuppence a month, come home, and Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle, if we were lucky!
                THIRD: Well, of course, we had it tough. We used to ‘ave to get up out of shoebox at twelve o’clock at night and lick road clean wi’ t’ tongue. We had two bits of cold gravel, worked twenty-four hours a day at mill for sixpence every four years, and when we got home our Dad would slice us in two wi’ t’ bread knife.
                FOURTH: Right. I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and each night Dad would strangle us and dance about on our graves.
                FIRST: And you try and tell the young people of today that … they won’t believe you
                ALL: They won’t!

                Those apostrophized letters “t” before the nouns ain the above script are the way they try to write the pronunciation of the definite article by Lancashire and Yorkshire folk, and southerners, when trying to take off this pronunciation mistakenly pronounce the “t”. However, the definite article is not pronounced, nor is a letter “t” before a noun”: where I come from, there is just a glottal stop before a noun where an article usually should be, hence, in Lancashire “It isn’t in the tin on the telly” would sound like “It int in tin on telly”, which the BBC would write as: “It in’t in t’tin on t’telly”.



    I simply cannot function as CEO under these conditions!!!!!!

    “At the press conference, one reporter asked if Muilenburg, who made nearly $18.5 million in 2017, had considered resigning. Another reporter asked: “Why did you put an MCAS system in place in the planes without notifying the airlines or the pilots and why did you not tell the pilots that the angle of attack disagree warning light was deactivated?”

    Muilenburg replied by denying that MCAS was a separate system that required additional pilot training.

    Another reporter raised the reliance on a single AOA sensor to control MCAS and noted that whistleblowers at Boeing and the air carriers had said there were problems with the certification process and with MCAS. When Muilenburg suggested there was pilot error, saying, “These airplanes are flown in the hands of pilots…” the reporter noted that MCAS was “activated 21 times, pushing the nose of the plane down to the point of an unrecoverable dive.”

    To this, Muilenburg responded by saying the checklist “refers to cutoff switches” and adding, “In some cases those procedures were not completely followed.”

    A reporter responded by noting that the Ethiopian Airlines pilots had followed Boeing’s protocol but were still unable to gain control of the plane.

    A Seattle Times reporter then said: “Forget about the process. The final design of MCAS was deeply flawed and your engineers are fixing it and testing the fix today. Fixing very specific flaws, which are clear in the flights. So can you admit that the design was flawed?”

    Shortly thereafter, Muilenburg ended the press conference and stalked off of the stage.”


    1. “Boeing could be on the hook for enough to bankrupt a small country — but it the Chicago-based company were found not to bear any responsibility for the issues with the 737 MAX, then it could have to pay nothing, though whoever is found to be at fault would still be liable, of course.

      If Boeing were found liable, then the court would have to decide the appropriate award Boeing would have to pay out to the airlines — enough to compensate the plaintiff for the damage to its business from lost fares, sunk costs in the defective aircraft, etc.

      If, in the least likely but most sensational possibility, Boeing officials are found to have actively covered up a problem with the aircraft in what amounts to a crime, then the plaintiffs would probably be awarded not just compensatory damages but punitive damages — typically three times the amount of the compensatory damages.

      None of this, however, addresses the likely wrongful-death lawsuits from the families of the passengers who perished in the 737 MAX crashes. In those cases, the airlines and Boeing will probably be sitting on the same side of the courtroom — as co-defendants.”


      1. I think Mullenberg’s words were all parsed by company lawyers as there are possible class actions in the making. He can’t risk Boeing’s share price (which is what really counts in America – not lives), and Boeing will put a lot of money in to their lawyers and preparation, I can bet blaming the FAA, the Whitehouse and everyone else for not doing their jobs. They do have a point there, much like the UK has long liked the ‘Light touch’ when it comes to regulation, i.e. minimize costs for businesses where necessary. Thus you have the animals in the zoo acting as zoo guardians, just the same way the UK press commission works… in it’s own favor where 85% of UK media is under the control of three businesses.


        1. et voila! (my cousin)

          FlightGlobal: Boeing created new legal position with focus on 737 Max crashes

          Boeing has given its former general counsel the new job of providing legal advice on matters related to the two recent Boeing 737 Max crashes.

          Michael Luttig, who had been general counsel since 2006, has taken the newly-created role of counselor and senior advisor, a position under which he will advise chief executive Dennis Muilenburg and Boeing’s board of directors.

          Brett Gerry, former president of Boeing’s Japan business, succeeds Luttig as general counsel.

          Luttig “will manage all legal matters associated with the Lion Air flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 accidents”, says Boeing. “He will also serve as counselor and senior advisor to Muilenburg and the Boeing board of directors on these and other special matters.”..

          Boeing finally realize that their usual legal set up just won’t do in this case so they are organizing for war.


          1. In other news Bombardier has put up its Northern Ireland factory (and its Moroccan one) for sale, the good news being that it will an attractive buy to big aerospace engineering companies while Bombardier itself is doing much better financially since selling off its CS100 airliner program to Airbus and other stuff. If you like reading flight test articles…

            FlightGlobal: ​FLIGHT TEST: Airbus’s refreshed widebody – the A330neo

            The Airbus A330neo family is a 21st century refinement of the highly successful A330/A340 family. This pair of twin and quad widebodies was formally launched in June 1987 using the 222in (5.64m) wide fuselage cross-section of the original A300 series, combined with a new wing and engines.

            Fresh off the development and certification of its single-aisle A320, Airbus incorporated its then ground-breaking fly-by-wire flight control system and state-of-the-art glass, sidestick-controller equipped flightdeck….

            Airbus – not afraid of technology.


              1. Two words: Viking Air


                DHC-5 Buffalo, CL-415T, Twin Otter, DHC-7 Dash 7, DJC-2 Beaver, DHC-3 Otter.

                They’re heavily updating the 415T and some of the others. They’re no slouches and AeroGeo is their Service center in Russia. Rosneft bout 10 Twin Otters, operated by RN-Aircraft in Krasnoyarsk.

                So down, yes, but not out.


          2. I think it would be a pretty safe bet that you won’t hear any more statements like, “It’s our responsibility to eliminate this risk. We own it and we know how to do it.”


            The obvious conclusion would have been “It was your responsibility before the accident, and if you had addressed it with the proper degree of attention, that accident very probably would not have happened”.

            Muilenburg probably thought the situation called for candor, but apparently gave little thought to the legal position candor can put one in. From here on out, if anyone wants to prove Boeing’s responsibility, and what they knew and when they knew it, they’ll have to fight for it.


    1. The German general staff knew they were beaten before the Battle of Moscow, December – January 1941-1942.

      Just as Napoleon had in mind, Blitzkrieg against the USSR envisaged a latter-day Cannae, a Kesselschlacht on the frontier, in which the Soviet Army was to be surrounded and annihilated.

      This did not happen with the Russian Imperial Army in 1812, nor did it in 1941 against the USSR, albeit there were Kesselschlachten, most notably at Kiev, when huge losses were suffered by the Red Army and thousands of Soviet troops were taken prisoner, of which unfortunates very few returned to Mother Russia: they were murdered either through starvation or calculated neglect.

      Those Nazi generals who survived the Nazi-Soviet war, following their reinstatement into German society, which reinstatement often went hand in with their being employed by the USA occupiers and, later, by the Army of the Federal Republic of Germany, then began to write their version of the history of that war, which the Germans called Ostfront, in which memoirs they placed the blame for their defeat on Hitler’s incompetence and — you guessed rightly — “General Winter”. As regards the latter culprit, which winter, may I ask, was primarily to blame: Winter 1941-42, 1942-43, 1943-44 or 1944-45?

      French generals did the same in 1815: they blamed the Russian winter; however, they did not blame their Corsican “Emperor”, though by 1812 it had clearly become evident that he was losing his “touch”, and, even moreso, were some of his corps commanders.

      The encircled areas in the map above show but three Kesselschlachten (Cauldron Battles), in which Soviet armies were surrounded and annihilated before the Nazis reached Moscow.

      By the fall of 1941, after a series of such victories, the German generals could not understand why the Soviets would not give up fighting or where the replacements for the annihilated Soviet armies were coming from.

      And then the penny dropped.

      And yes, it began to snow.

      Serves the Nazi bastards right an’ all!


      1. Guderian’s self-serving “Panzer General” account of the campaign against the USSR was beautifully filleted in the “Barbarossa” of Alan Clark. Clark didn’t single out Guderian – the rest got their desserts.


        1. Yes, I have read Clark’s “Barbarossa” a few times over the years. I think I shall read it again this summer when I am holed up on my summer estate.

          I bought a second edition of “Barbarossa” 20 years or so ago here in Moscow, and in his preface to that 2nd edition of 1995, Clark writes that having reviewed what he had written in the first edition of 1964 at the height of the Cold War, he still stuck by everything that he had written on p. xxi of the preface to that 1st edition, namely his bold declaration at the time that:

          From this study is one left with any general conclusions? I believe the answer is yes, but they are not of a kind from which we in the West can derive much comfort. It does seem that the Russians could have won the war on their own, or at least fought the Germans to a standstill, without any help from the West. Such relief as they derived from our participation — the distraction of a few enemy units, the supply of a large quantity of material — was marginal, not critical. That is to say, it affected the duration but not the outcome of the struggle. It is true that once the Allies had landed in Normandy the drawing-off of reserves assumed critical proportions. But the threat, much less the reality, of a ‘second front’ became a factor only after the real crisis in the East had passed.

          That took some saying, coming from a High Tory (Eton College, Oxford University) as Clark was and a former Junior Minister in Thatcher’s governments.

          I have a somewhat begrudging admiration for Clark. He was a rum bugger. He married when he was 30 and his wife was 16: they remained married for 41 years. Be that as it may, he did some shagging around and was cited in a divorce case in South Africa, in which it was revealed he had had affairs with the wife of a South African barrister and her two daughters. Mrs. Clark was reported by the tabloids as having said that her unfaithful husband was a “shit”. Nevertheless, they had a long married life together and she bore him two sons.

          Clark was noted for being a strong supporter of animal rights. He was a dog lover, and it was rumoured that shortly before his death, he had become a Roman Catholic, as had his father. Clearly he had been toying with the idea of joining the one, true, holy, catholic and apostolic church, as he had been having consultations as regards this matter with Westminster Abbey Franciscan Friar, Father Michael Seed, who, it seems, was the Church of Rome’s main man in London for enticing celebrities to the fold. However, following Clark’s death, his biographer stated that Father Seed had told him that Clark had decided against becoming a Roman Catholic if his dogs could not also go to heaven.

          Funny thing is, that’s what turned me against being a Catholic when I was about 8, after a certain Dean Kennedy of my parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus had also told me that dogs did not go to heaven.

          I had a great dog at the time who was just like Black Bob, the Dandy Wonder Dog, and who was just as smart. So I lost my faith.

          And then I became a pagan.



      2. Interestingly, a similar work by James Bacque recounts the mass deaths of German prisoners, through starvation and neglect, such as sleeping out in the open air without shelter, which occurred at the hands of forces under the command of General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

        Eisenhower is a venerated figure in American history – had an aircraft carrier named after him, an’ all – and is thought to have symbolized the firm-but-fair hand of America’s unstoppable military machine.

        Eisenhower approved DEF status (Disarmed Enemy Forces) for the German prisoners to prevent them from being categorized as Prisoners Of war (POW), to whom imprisoning forces owed certain obligations under the Geneva Convention. According to Wiki, feeding the hundreds of thousands of prisoners in 1945 was a ‘logistical impossibility’, but Eisenhower’s public remarks to the effect that he wished the Allies had killed more left no doubt that additional deaths, however they might be achieved, would not put his nose out of joint.

        The price on Amazon suggests the book is difficult to obtain. It was the subject of a blistering three-and-a-half-page attack in the front pages of the New York Times Book Review, three months before the book was even published. Starving non-combatants to death, even in time of war, is of course a war crime.


        1. Some years ago I was told stories about the mass deaths of German soldiers in US and British sectors of post war Germany by a n old guy who’d been an interpreter for the British forces. As I recall, “well over a million” or similar expression was used in his account.


          1. I’m just reading it now, so I don’t have any numbers, but preliminary hints suggest ‘hundreds of thousands’. And Churchill stormed out of the conference at which Eisenhower widened the parameters for DEF status. The British at the time were revolted at the Americans’ casual cruelty, and unwilling to go along with it, according to records.


        2. Though two wrongs do not make a right, an estimated 3.3 to 3.5 million Soviet PoWs died in Nazi captivity out of 5.7 million. This figure represents a total of 57% of all Soviet POWs.

          The figure of 3.3 million Soviet P0W dead is based on German figures and analysis

          Above photograph from German Federal Archives: an improvised prison camp for Soviet PoWs

          By September 1941, the mortality rate among Soviet POWs was in the order of 1% per day. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), by the winter of 1941, “starvation and disease resulted in mass death of unimaginable proportions”. This deliberate starvation, despite food being available, led many desperate prisoners to resort to acts of cannibalism, was Nazi policy, and was all in accordance with the Hunger Plan developed by the Reich Minister of Food Herbert Backe. For the Germans, Soviet POWs were expendable: they consumed calories needed by others and, unlike Western POWs, were considered to be subhuman.

          See also:

          Soviet Prisoners Of War, 1941 To 1945
          Case Study: Soviet Prisoners-of-War(POWs), 1941-42


          1. ‘Though two wrongs do not make a right’

            Killing Nazis – whether by bullets or flames or hunger – is never a ‘wrong’.


          2. And this is why I say the two stories are alike; Eisenhower’s attitude toward captured German soldiers and civilians – many of them not Nazis – was equally callous. He deliberately re-labeled them so as to have no clear responsibility to them as prisoners of war, and starved them to death in thousands upon thousands, according to wartime records. I don’t mention it to suggest it was somehow more horrible than what was done to Soviet prisoners, but to highlight how much Eisenhower’s policies had in common with those of the Nazis. The latter were hanged at Nuremberg, and the former is a respected war hero.


            1. For what it is worth, I remain a definite skeptic- it always seemed to me that Eisenhower was quite a civilized man and I don’t resile from that opinion.


              1. He was one of many top US military leaders to condemn the use of nuclear weapons against Japan. He also was quite open about his disdain for the British and their fake war against Germany and their efforts to sabotage aid to the Soviet Union.


  5. After an adroit mental judo move that exploited the US belief of its irresistible irresistibleness (snookered per MOA’s great analysis), Maduro addresses the masses on May 1 acknowledging mistakes and showing mercy to the coup plotters to avoid bloodshed

    I can’t help but think Russia is the mastermind behind this success – not because the Venezuelans are stupid but that Russia has dissected and diagrammed US strategy like a frog in 10 grade biology.

    To clarify, the US apparently swallowed hook, line and sinker planted stories that top Venezuelan officials were ready to defect and the time for the coup was at hand. Idiots. No street smarts.


      1. And they let Lopez go to scamper off to the Spanish embassy. So, Lopez looks like a coward and Guiado like an abandoned whore. Perfecto.


    1. The tactic of deceiving the US government by exploiting and pandering to the weakness in its strategy of attempting a cut-price coup by bringing significant Venezuelan government officials to its side to support Guaido could have come out of Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.

      “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .”


      1. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. Yes.

        The US leadership is like a bunch of trust-fund babies living in a bubble. As long as the money flows, they will never grow up.


    2. Guano’s next idiocy is to call for a General Strike. Obviously, this privileged Gusano has no idea what it takes to get workers to leave their jobs. People don’t just walk out and forego their paycheck because somebody they never met, just told them to do it.
      Strikes only happen when dedicated labor leaders have worked tirelessly for months, and even years, to organize their fellow workers. It’s much much harder than herding cats.
      It’s the hardest job in the world, but when everything comes together, it’s magnificent and powerful. If everybody sticks together, they invariably win, but it’s like pulling teeth to even get it to that point.
      Guano’s problem is that he is not a labor organizer, and has no contacts within that milieu, from what I can see. Therefore nobody is going to leave their job and forego a salary on his say-so, especially when these people are struggling from paycheck to paycheck.


      1. I’m don’t think that’s true. People with gay friends tend to have pretty good Gaydar and are much less likely to be confused by Metrosexuals/perfectionists. There’s also plenty of people who just prefer to keep things private and aren’t interested in playing up the stereotype.


        1. Well, I’m pretty sure its powers do not extend to registering an alert of gayness from a picture of someone. Unless, of course, they are already widely known to be gay. Which, to the very best of my knowledge is not the case with Ms. Mordaunt.

          My own sensors are apparently useless; every single time an acquaintance or friend has turned out to be gay, I have had to be told by someone else or was confided in by the individual themselves. I was completely clueless, and in one case went on scoffing at the notion for years, until his eventual wedding to another man made further argument impossible.

          I am happy to say, though, that having been set straight on their sexuality – whether by their own stipulation or by whispers from someone else – our relationships did not change at all. But I have no very close friends who are gay, by which I mean people I see at least weekly and move with in the same circles – so that contention has never really been put to the test.


          1. It is how it is. People have been in the closet for decades before coming out in the 50s, 60s, 70s etc. quite a few who have been married and have kids and no-one, least of all wives/husbands knew. Just like kids today have a natural affinity for tech and assume everything is touch screen, us lot (I presume) span the old world and the new. Interesting times! 😉

            Here in u-rope a decade or so ago, I got propositioned multiple times by men at one night a party simply because I gave the DJ an idea for his brand on a piece of paper. It was just a eurotrash house party and nothing out of the ordinary (or now I think of it, me and my wingman didn’t notice). It was amazing. Flattered as I was, some didn’t quite understand the word ‘No thanks’. ‘Are you sure you’re not gay?’ I was asked. ‘Are you bi-sexual? etc. etc. Quite funny but it was real eye-opener in the way that having friends who have gay friends (that I know) isn’t. I’m just not a fan of drama, straight or otherwise. It’s so tiresome.


            1. I have lived in Europe all my life and in several different countries. In fact, my own country and fellow countrymen are often stereotyped as homosexual.

              I have never once been propositioned by a homosexual.

              Must be dead ugly, me!



              1. I think you were just unlucky ME. You can always just wander over to one of the bars in Китдйгород and find the right scene! I was only there really during the day except for the obvious even photos around the corner on Red Square when I was out in Moscow studying Russian. I still have fond memories of Руское Бистро (which we talked about on the old blog a long time ago).


                1. Yeah, I liked Русское Бистро. You could buy Russian grub there, such as Russian cabbage pies, which I like a lot, and various Russian salads. And then they suddenly vanished.

                  I mention Русское Бистро occasionally to my students here and they have never heard of it. That’s because they are are only in their early 20s, mostly.

                  I sometimes forget how long I have been living here. I used to call into Русское Бистро before I got wed in 1997, after which I opened up my own Русское Бистро with my own personal cook and waitress, called Natalya Vladimirovna.


                  But hold anon!

                  Apparently, the chain still exists!

                  Ресторан «Русское бистро»

                  The Russian Bistro fast food chain was established by the Moscow local government in January 1995 as an alternative to McDonald’s. The network was represented by both individual outlets and by bistros at food plazas in shopping centres, as well as “Russian Bistro Express” street kiosks. The controlling stake in the network was owned by the Moscow local government, which invested about $2.5 million into the project.
                  After the crisis of 1998, the Russian Bistro network suffered losses and by 2000, the company became municipal owing to its debts to the city. The network became unprofitable because of a number of mistakes in management, in connection with which the metropolitan authority announced a tender for a management company that would be capable of improving Russian Bistro affair.

                  In 2005, the Moscow Government and the Arpikom company signed an agreement on the management of the Russian Bistro network by the Arpikom company. Today, the network is leased to private entrepreneurs and is being developed through franchising.

                  The fast food chain “Russian Bistro” is a restoration of the traditions of Russian cuisine in a modern format. Customers at Russian Bistro can taste real Russian dumplings, pancakes, borscht and other dishes as per the bistro menu. In addition, the traditions of catering in Russia allow customers to partake in drinking “strong” drinks with their food, if they should so desire.

                  Key marketing tactic expressed at the very end: when I used to be a client of “Russian Bistro”, there was no booze, only Russian tea and kvas. I don’t even think there was coffee available then.


                2. There was a similar outfit in Vladivostok, right across from the city’s famous train station (famous because it is the terminus of the world’s longest rail system, the Trans-Siberian Railway).


                  It was billed as a re-enactment of a ‘worker’s cafe’, with simple folding chairs, plain metal or plastic tables, and a menu that reflected a desire for plain food well-prepared and in generous portions, such as one might enjoy at home – the very antithesis of Going Out To Eat, you might say, where the effort is all focused on showing you you are not at home. There looked to be all the same traditional choices as at Russian Bistro; bliniy, pelmeniy, borsch, akroshka and so on. I had some sort of soup in which chicken livers featured prominently; it was substantial and filling and quite good. On another occasion we lunched at a restaurant in the train station itself, where I had akroshka, a cold soup made with a milk and mayonnaise base, cucumber, chopped meat, radishes, spring onions and -of course – dill.

                  I’ve forgotten what the restaurant across from the train station was called, but the decor was fascinating, being made up entirely of old Soviet motivational posters such as the well-known “Ne Boltai” (Don’t Whisper, or more properly, Don’t Gossip) which features the stern-looking peasant woman, scarf over her hair and finger pressed to her lips.


                3. For me, the most memorable Soviet public information poster was this:

                  It always reminded me of the stern warnings painted in ornate copperplate lettering on the otherwise practically bare walls of Yates Wine Lodges, which were a feature of northern English cities and whose specialities were imperial (South African and Australian) wines.

                  In Manchester Yates outlets — they were all furnished with hard wooden chairs and stools and tables with scrubbed board tops and had scrubbed wooden floors and high ceilings supported by iron pillars, which drunkards often clung hold of — the Yates speciality was known as “blob”: sweet Australian wine and brandy, sugar, lemon and hot water. It was good!

                  And those stern warnings on the walls about the demon drink?

                  One I clearly remember read: Wine is a good friend but a bad master!

                  I used to find these warnings funny to read, because all around me in Yates everyone was pissed out of shape by 9 o’clock on a Saturday evening .

                  1980s Blackburn Yates, Lancashire.

                  You can tell it’s Blackburn because the bar staff are Indians.

                  Where I come from in Lancashire, there was zero immigration, so if anyone went to Blackburn and other neighbouring towns with high immigrant populations from the subcontinent, you used to say they were taking a trip up the Khyber pass.

                  I believe Yates has all been tarted up now.


              2. I think what the guy in the poster is actually saying:
                “NO! Are you kidding? Vodka with a steak? Don’t make me puke. What is needed here is a French cabernet…”


                1. Or salted gherkins or herring in oil or black bread or salo or garlic, onions etc., etc.

                  Kind of makes me miss vodka when I think of the delights of knocking one back, followed by a bite into the above tid-bits.

                  I think I’ll indulge in a vodka on my 80th birthday.

                  FFS! Who wants to die healthy?



  6. Tucker Carlson breaks the taboo on MSM Venezuelan coverage:

    That is one passionate and smart lady.


  7. Yes, it’s amazing how being the descendant of a Paisley textile entrepreneur (?model for the fictional father in law of cad, bounder and hero Flashman?) who laid the groundwork for the family wealth in the traditional manner – by grinding the faces of the poor into the dirt – confers independence of spirit.

    The Paisley Museum – closed for refurbishment at the moment – has loads of material on the early Clark’s.

    PS Alan Clark’s wife’s expression was “SH1T” spelled out.


    1. Oh, for sure, Clark was a supercilious, often insolent, immensely rich, upper-class twat, who spoke with an accent that one seldom hears these day and had languorous mannerisms and an ostentatious life style that did little to reveal that he was not, in fact, a descendant of the old, land-owning class, albeit he lived, and is now buried, in an ancient castle, but had forebears who were in “trade”.


  8. Today, May 2, 2019, from the Russian language blogosphere:

    Exhibit 1

    Поздравляю с годовщиной второго освобождения Одессы от фашистов!
    На этот раз от русских!

    My congratulations on the anniversary of the second liberation of Odessa from fascists.
    This time from Russian fascists!

    2 мая 2014 года украинцы дали отпор русскому миру и не дали превратить Одессу в ЛуганДон.

    On May 2, 2014, Ukrainians repulsed the Russian world and did not allow Odessa to be turned into a Lugansk/Donbass.

    Exhibit 2

    Сегодня 2 Мая – уже пять лет, как в Одессе были заживо сожжены десятки людей лишь за то, что они были не согласны с украинизацией.

    Для меня это страшное событие показало, что на самом деле представляют собой украинская идея и её носители в её самом простом и доходчивом выражении.

    Вот к чему приводит пропаганда украинских идей, если им потакать.
    И компромисса с ними не будет.

    Вечная память жертвам нацистов и вечное проклятье палачам

    On May 2 in Odessa five years ago today, dozens of people were burnt alive just because they did not agree with Ukrainization.

    For me, this terrible event showed the reality of the Ukrainian idea and those who carry it out in its simplest and most intelligible way.

    This is what the propaganda of Ukrainian ideas leads to, if indulged in.

    And there will be no compromise with them.

    Eternal memory to the Nazi victims and eternal damnation to their executioners

    Which side is right?

    Can it really be, as some are often fond of saying, that here the truth “lies somewhere in the middle”?


    1. May 2, 2019:

      May 2, 2014, Odessa

      Remember what these participants in the Odessa mass murder looked like


  9. Euractiv: ‘Freedom gas’: US opens LNG floodgates to Europe

    US energy secretary Rick Perry will sign two export orders for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Brussels today (2 May), in a move officials said will double America’s export capacity to Europe to 112 billion cubic meters per year as of 2020.

    Seventy-five years after liberating Europe from Nazi Germany occupation, “the United States is again delivering a form of freedom to the European continent,” said Rick Perry, the US energy secretary…

    Denial is also a river in Washington.

    Lots more incredible bs by ‘Dick’ Perry.

    If I was a U-ropean buyer, I’d sell it to Asia and make some serious €€€.


    1. I find that pretty hard to believe, considering Gazprom’s exports to Europe for 2018 were only around double that, at 200.8 BcM. And Gazprom increased its market share in Europe to 36.7%. Are we to believe that as of next year, the United States is going to be supplying 18% of the European market? Pull the other one.

      According to Perry, US exports to Europe will be greater next year than Russia’s were in 1990. And they only started building export terminals, what, about 10 years ago? Sabine Pass is the biggest, and it only went into service in 2008.


  10. Euractiv: ‘One Belt, One Road, One Million’: Rail chief plans to connect Europe to China

    The ‘New Silk Road’ has the potential to make trade between China and Europe more competitive by rail than by sea. EURACTIV Germany spoke to transport boss Alexey Grom about the development of the Eurasian railway project, the ‘New Silk Road’ and its expansion towards Europe.

    Alexey Grom is CEO of United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance (UTLC ERA) since 2018.

    Distribution of goods between Asia and Europe is growing rapidly. Entrepreneurs like Alexey Grom expect good business from this. “One of our goals is to increase the number of containers transported between the two major economic powers of China and Europe,” he said when explaining his mission.

    His company is aiming to achieve a transportation unit (TU) rate of 1 million per year, with one TU being 20 containers.

    UTLC ERA provides rail container transport services between Europe, China and Southeast Asia. The company was founded jointly by the Russian, Belorussian and Kazakh Railways, each having a 33% stake in the company.

    Already in 2016, a third of the company’s objective had been covered, according to Grom. By 2018, more than 280,000 containers had been registered. That year, the total number of registered TUs between China and Europe amounted to 370,000…

    More at the link.

    Add South Korea via rail link through North Korea, also shipping via the northern sea route Russia and others have multiple lines of redundancy, so the US attempt to continue to control the South China sea (and contain Russia to boot) is a massive waste of resources that will not provide anything near the necessary leverage they dream of.


  11. Pomus Dompus claims there are 25,000 Cuban troops in Venezuela but at the same time indicates that the US is looking at military intervention. So surely that makes the indicated US military intervention more risky? I don’t see 25,000 Cuban troops switching sides. Of course, the Pork Pie News Networks don’t call him out on this contradiction. Free Dumb of the Press!


      1. Everything is a weapon or at least potentially dual-use. And who better to know how to kill people than medical personnel?

        Apparently there are about 5 million Columbian refugees in Venezuela. I wonder what they think and why the media hasn’t asked some of them? Maybe they don’t ask the questions because they don’t want to know the answers….


        1. Most unwise, considering the USA might attack Cuba itself at any time, given how loopy and dangerous it has become. Not a good time to have a third of your army out of the country.

          Cuba’s medical system is renowned for its capabilities and high level of training, and given the diseases and illness caused by malnutrition and deprivation thanks to America’s beloved sanctions, it is quite conceivable for that number of medical personnel to be in the country. I doubt the USA would be so eager to attack Venezuela if it figured it would have to take on the Venezuelan Army plus 25,000 Cuban military. Bolton wants to have his cake and eat it, using the alleged presence of a large Cuban military component as an excuse for military intervention, while knowing very well they are not actually there.


      2. Why, dontcha know, this is the Cuban soldier’s weapon of choice:

        Pull the trigger and the stethoscope shoots out and attaches itself to the patient’s chest to take the heartbeat reading!

        Now that’s what I call a neat-o pop-gun!


  12. After any “goodbye” there certainly comes a “good day”.

    For a long time I have been thinking about the “lot in common” that the Ukraine and Russia share.

    The reality is that today, following the annexation of the Crimea and the aggression in the Donbass, there is only one thing that we have “in common” and that is the state border, of which we have 2,295 kilometres and 400 metres in “common”.

    And Russia must return to the Ukrainian side control over every millimetre.

    Only then shall we be able to continue the search for something “in common”.

    And the ban on the export of petroleum products, the opening of passport offices to residents of the occupied territories and the detention of Ukrainians in captivity does not bring the settlement of relations between our countries closer by one iota.

    And such relations cannot exactly be called “brotherly”.

    Now from the “general” to the “personal”.

    Regarding the show that has been announced by a Russian Federal channel.

    I want to remind you that participation in a TV show made me popular in the Ukraine and eventually helped me become the elected President of the Ukraine.

    This show was shot and transmitted many years ago and, in my opinion, looks strange now. I have no ambitions to make a political career in Russia.

    From “personal” to “public”.

    I am pleased that Russian politicians have mastered a new genre for themselves: communication with me in a public arena.

    After all, the Internet, as you know, remembers everything, and millions of people around the world record these discussions.

    Therefore, I invite you to the world of openness and publicity.

    Join the network

    i wonder who writes his script?


    1. Well, he’s certainly set out his direction for the country, hasn’t he? And it’s…down. No end to ‘the war’ until ‘every millimeter of the Ukrainian side is returned to Ukrainian control’ means no end to ‘the war’ so long as it means Russia must return the Crimea to Kuh-yiv, after spending billions on a bridge to the Russian mainland which Ukraine would no doubt be delighted to exploit.

      On the bright side, now that Mr. Stern, Mr Tough Guy is in charge in Ukraine, Russia will not have to waste any time on setting up visits or lifting trade barriers. Zelenskiy plainly intends to proceed in Poroshenko’s footsteps, and indeed if Russia did as he bids it, there would be a friendly relationship, because Ukraine would be running Russia for Ukraine’s advantage, giving it a friendly cuff ’round the ear when it was not more forthcoming with moving Ukraine forward at its own expense.

      So I guess it’s proceed with plan A, and shut off the gas-transit flow in 2020 except for what Ukraine will use in domestic supply, paying for it in advance, Presumably still with IMF money.

      When Ukrainians – not all of them, obviously, as some were extremely disappointed with Zelenskiy’s belligerent tone already – receive what they perceive to be an overture, they fall all over themselves to spit on it so as to make themselves look a hard man. That will win respect from those Russian toads, by God!! And all other good things will follow after. Shake your head, Zelenskiy. If it falls off, kick it.


      1. I suspect that Russia will reduce the flow to cover Ukrainian use and export at a little above the minimum pressure. Theft, equipment failure – no investment in infrastructure – will then be fingered.

        The media will be invited yet again to see the egress pressure readings on Russian soil and ingress readings on the other side.

        Russia can afford to be even more generous to give Germany and others leverage on Zelinsky & his team to stop f/king about and dragging out their war on their own citizens.

        The usual suspects will screech and wail through their compliant media outlets but at a European governmental level there will be no question. I’d be surprised if they don’t expect it and are waiting to see how Russia plays it.

        After all, both have an interest in a return to some sort of normalization (apart from the nutters) and the EP elections in three weeks will be a shock to the European body politik and certainly not in favor of, or maintain the current status quo of Russophobia.

        This is a BIG year in politics so hopefully we’ll have some public indicators before year’s end that the corner has been turned. The only fly in the ointment is a desperate Hail Mary by the nutters which would lead to, in the words of Sir Alex Ferguson, squeaky bum time for a bit.


  13. SpaceDaily: RSC Energia developed a one-orbit rendezvous profile

    … The higher is the latitude of the launch site from which a launch is performed, the more efficient is the use of this procedure. In such a manner, for example, launches using this one-orbit rendezvous profile from the Vostochny Cosmodrome can be carried out without preliminary orbit corrections of the ISS and ideally – even on a daily basis.

    “We already use a two-orbit rendezvous profile which was successfully tested during two flights of cargo vehicles in July 2018 and this April. In the future we plan to use it for manned launches as well. A two-orbit rendezvous profile gives a capability to deliver crews and cargo to the ISS within the record short time.

    “But launches using a one-orbit rendezvous profile will allow us to achieve an absolute record. And we have all conditions to ensure the pre-eminence of Russia in this direction, – Rafail Farvazovich Murtazin, Deputy Head of the Design-Theoretical Support Center said.

    The development test of a one-orbit rendezvous profile may be necessary to implement in the future two-launch flight profiles to the Moon, proposing the docking procedure in near-earth orbit with the upper stage using low-boiling propellant components…



    1. That is pretty amazing. IIUC, the key is very precise and rapid calculations of velocity and direction of orbital adjustments combined with very precise control of the spacecraft thrusters.

      In other news, SpaceX finally acknowledged that the Dragon capsule exploded during a test.


      1. AKA a RUD – ‘ Rapid Unplanned Disassembly‘! The phrase apparently dates from the early-mid 1960s.


  14. Исторические мифы Неньки
    Евгений Копарев

    The mythical history of the Nyenka [Motherland]
    [ненька [Nyenka] : mama etc., synonym for the Ukraine]

    On the book cover above: Moskali ARE NOT Russians and ARE NOT Slavs

    Ukrainess as an anti-Russian ideology was created by the enemies of the Russian world in order to deprive a part of the Russian people of its historical memory. A population, having lost touch with its past, is doomed to degradation and extinction. Ukrainess has no historical prerequisites, and those who rule Little Russia now know about this. In the past, there had never been a “Ukrainian state”, there had never been a “Ukrainian nation” or a “Ukrainian folk!” However, already in the early 20th century, Ukrainophiles begin to DREAM UP a past for the “Ukrainian nation” in order to justify the necessity of forming an “Independent Ukrainian State”! The Motherland myth has been created by Russophobes; it is a myth about the greatness of a “Ukrainian State” that was formed, they imagine, three thousand years ago; about the “Ukrainian people” who signed an agreement with the Lord God Himself …
    The thing Svidomites
    [Ukrainian nationalists who firmly believe in this mythical Ukraine, which they identify as “not Russia”] is the “Ukrainian mova[mova: Ukrainian for “language”]: “Ukrainian is one of the ancient languages ​​of the world … There is every reason to believe that already at the beginning of our recorded history it was an intertribal language” [Ukrainian language for beginners. – Kiev, 1992]. The author of the manual has not even bothered to provide at least some evidence for this assertion…

    “Mova”, we are assured, is the mother of all languages: “The ancient Ukrainian language, Sanskrit, became the mother of all Indo-European languages” [Plachinda S. Dictionary of ancient Ukrainian mythology. – Kiev, 1993]. So Buddha, it turns out, spoke the same dialect as did the inhabitants of Drohobych? [Town in Galitsia] But more about that later …

    Noah spoke “Mova”: “Ukrainian is antediluvian: it was Noah’s language, the most ancient language in the world, from which the Caucasian-Japhetic, Prahamitic and Pra-Semitic groups of languages ​​originated” [Chepurko B. Ukrainians. “Basis” number 3. Kiev, 1993].

    The Russophobes’ statement that Great Russians are not Slavs but a mixture of Finno-Ugrians and Turks has turned out to be groundless. Recent studies by British geneticists have put a big cross on this Russophobic myth. It is said: “Scratch a Russian and you will find a Tatar”, but it has turned out that there has never been any “impurity” of “[Tatar] Horde blood” amongst us Russians. The genotypes of Great Russians, Little Russians and Belarusians are identical: the genetic variations of the Y-chromosome of the inhabitants of the central and southern regions of Great Russia appear to be almost identical to those of Little Russia and Belarusians. We are Russians! We are a single people. However, the “Svidomite intelligentsia” of “Nyenka” are confident that the population of the Russian Federation is not made up of Slavs, but of the Moksels a Finno-Ugric tribe that is hostile to “Nyenka” and has no history of its own. [See note below — ME]. Svidomites also believe that the Russian Empire was created by “Ukrainians”.

    Even Nyenka politicians believe that the entire human civilization was created by the “Ukrainians”. Thus, Rada Deputy V. Bebik wrote an article in the newspaper “The Voice of Ukraine” [Bebik V. God is in charge of Ukraine. – Voice of Ukraine. May 26, 2010, p.].

    Bebik claims that the “Ukrainian land” is not only the birthplace of religion and writing for the entire planet, but also the place where Buddha himself was born. Romulus and Remus were also born there. Later they decided to move to the Apennines, as it is warmer there….and that Ukrainians founded Tripoli, for which claim there is no archaeological evidence whatsoever.

    Bebik also wrote that “Svidomite Ukry” made a covenant with God …

    Bebik: “By the way, the priorities of communication between the Ukrainian people and God are, in all likelihood, a historical explanation of the great piety of Ukrainians”…

    Bebik also told the world that [the Tatar warlord] Mamai, who fought against Dmitry Donskoy, was, in his opinion, “a Ukrainian Cossack from the Kiev royal family” [See by: Black E. Christ, Buddha, Tutankhamen, Genghis Khan – Great Ukrainians! And Pushkin was a Jew … – KP, August 24, 2016].

    Tsar-Cossack Mamai, according to Bebik, defeated the “Moksel” and made them pay tribute to the “Great Ukram” for a hundred years. After the victory over the “Moksel” he went to his capital Kafu, which was located on the shore of the “Ukrainian Sea”.

    There is much more nonsense in the article translated above that has been written by this wanker Bebik. Can’t be arsed translating it!

    The Land “Moksel” or Muscovy

    By Vladimir Bilinskii: a “historical” novel in three volumes, in which, based on Russian and foreign historical sources, the author attempts to refute the official version of Russian history. Belinsky criticizes the theses of the Russian and Soviet historians that Ancient Rus’, which Svidomites like to call “Kievan Rus'”, a term invented in the 19th century, is the cradle of three Slavic Nations. Bilinskii puts forward the claim that the origin of the Russian nation lies not with the Slavs, but with Finno-Ugric and Turkic peoples. In 2011 the book was judged winner of the Ivan Franko [a 19th century Svidomite] prize and classed as “the best scientific work in the field of information”.



    1. How many times are we going to have to go over this? Russians are not Finno-Ugrics. They are Slavs. Ukrainians are just making embarrassing fools of themselves with these grandiose historical claims.


      1. Even if it were true (which it’s not), who cares? Who cares if Russians were Ugrics, or even Tatars for that matter? Are these people saying there is something wrong with being Ugric or Tatar?
        It’s just pure racism.


        1. Exactly! I (and Yelensis too) have mentioned this before: why does no one pull these squeaky-clean, freedom-and-democracy-loving Ukrainian fascist wankers up for the arrant racism that they endlessly spout about their Untermenschen Moskali neighbours?

          My wife and younger daughter spent a long weekend in Kazan and its environs the other a week. They were on a school excursion. Lovely place! Lovely people! and as I have said here many times before, my dacha neighbours are Tatar, and a lovelier bunch of folk you would find hard to imagine.


  15. Worthwhile in depicting not only the extermination of jews but also the occupation of eastern territories (poland) by the nazis and the resistance mounted against them , e.g the 1944 Warsaw uprising.


  16. I called him=Zelensky- as an obviously incompetent worthless POS at the very beginning….

    Kalen • 12 hours ago
    As usual WSWS was right phony election brought distinction without difference, as new guy was pushed promising not to steal from Army money given by the west.

    As far as ordinary people in Ukraine are concerned both NATO regime change intervention lead by Germany, Canada and US and directly prepared in cooperation with Ukrainian Nazis and faction of Ukrainian oligarchy was utter failure as was Putin’s submissive, encouraging bullying and western belligerence, response to open aggressive moves starting from 2012 Moscow Spring failed regime change operation, and epitomized in 2014-2015 by Ukrainian Nazis war on Donbas population ( called animals that must be put down) and on local authorities and local police in Donbas who opposed February 2014, US Embassy and SBU led coup d’etat and refused to recognize unelected Kiev Regime as those legal authorities were declared by Western Puppets in Kiev as terrorists only because they were protected by barricades of ad-hoc militias initially with sticks and shotguns allowing them to continue constitutional duties.

    The hard fact is that it was illegal Kiev regime that via Nazi gangs attacked legal authorities everywhere in Ukraine but Crimea, and Donbas actively opposed and hence the war especially after attacks of Oligarchy sponsored Nazi thugs on local governments, killing and arresting elected officials and local police in Kharkov and Mariupol in April/May 2014 as Crimea declared independence.

    It took over five months, terror against entire Ukrainian population, burning Russian embassy in Kiev. massacre of ethnic Russians by Nazis in Odessa and Mariupol, provocative shooting down of Indonesian airliner by Ukrainian Army SAM “Buk “ and baseless anti Russian sanctions, relentless aerial and long range artillery bombardment of infrastructure , factories, mines and massacres of civilians on Donetsk and Lugansk streets, killing and imprisonment of western and Russian journalists en mass, attacks on Russia-Donbas border crossings killing and injuring Russian citizen in their own country and Russian border patrol agents and in fact it took decisive victory over Ukrainian Army and Nazi battalions fleeing in panic and offensive of Donbas Militia in first week of September 2014 only to be stopped on it’s way to Kiev by Putin under guise of negations with his western “partners” (Minsk process) and phony call for peace and to beg Kiev regime to allow humanitarian aid fir suffering in dark basements starving women and children while militia took over border crossings with Russia and aid could have been delivered (private humanitarian aid and privately funded some AA missiles were ) promptly with no need to ask Nazi permission and suffer delay that took over three weeks of negotiations, bribes and stealing from the convoy.

    Putin regime did not recognized DPR and LPR to date and rejected application to join Russian federation twice.

    Putin failed not only Ethnic Russians but all Ukrainians at large as this Kiev putsch would have been squashed democratic process enabled in a week or two with the same wrath of the west as Russia was subjected anyway while effectively encouraged Nazi terror.

    In last two years Putin tries to mitigate his own blunder, by passport policies and informal integration of LPR, DPR Donbas areas into economic and financial system of RF mostly to let
    Young to move to Russia as under illegal economic blockade of Donbas by Kiev regime deep economic depression continues.


    1. This article in the WSWS lists all the things that happened in Ukraine
      But what about the Ukrainians themselves – they have let their country become the basket case of Europe.
      If the people don’t fight back themselves why look for an outside agent to do it ?
      Look at what they have just voted in – more of the same.


    2. Why “Putin regime” above?

      Does the writer view the Russian government and its elected president as “illegal”, which president, by the way, was elected by direct, universal popular suffrage by means of a secret ballot.

      As regards the Yukie constant wail about “Russian aggression” in parts of Eastern Ukraine and the Russian “annexation” of the Crimea, Kolomoisky has thrown shit at the fan, as reported here:

      2 мая, 21:57 Обповлено 23:05
      Коломойский назвал конфликт в Донбассе гражданской войной
      Предприниматель заявил, что на юго-востоке страны “воюют украинцы с украинцами”

      Kolomoiskiy has called the conflict in the Donbass a civil war
      Entrepreneur has stated that in the south-east “Ukrainians are fighting against Ukrainians”

      KIEV, May 2. / Tass /. The conflict in the Donbass is a civil war in which Ukrainians are fighting against Ukrainians. Such an opinion was voiced by oligarch Igor Kolomoiskiy on Thursday in an interview with reporters for the Ukrainian edition of “Bigus. Info” .

      [In the Donbass] civil conflict, Ukrainians are fighting against Ukrainians, and Russia is supporting one section of the Ukrainians”, he said. In creating such a situation, he blamed Moscow, which allegedly took advantage of the unfavourable situation in the region.

      Kolomoiskiy added that the coup d’état of 2014 has, over a period of five years, led to a 13 million reduction in the population of the country. “The Maidan was bad because the Viktor Yanukovych government had led to it, and revolution is always bad”, he stressed. Kolomoiskiy stated that there is currently a hot conflict in in the Ukraine, in the Donbass, as well as a cold one across the country, and it manifests itself in hatred amongst citizens.

      Election results
      Kolomoisky said that the defeat of Petro Poroshenko in the presidential election was a victory, which opinion is also shared by the Ukraine interior minister, Arsen Avakov.

      “Avakov and I are in constant communication, and we jointly believe that [the election result] was a victory”, he said. Kolomoiskiy added that he does not work in partnership with the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but that they had both been “sick of Poroshenko”. In his opinion, Avakov began to oppose the outgoing president after a resonant scandal over the supply of the National Guard of Ukraine with equipment at an inflated price, in which the minister’s son was implicated.

      Commenting on the reports concerning his cooperation with Zelenskiy, the businessman answered that he did not need anything from the new president. “Zelenskiy is a self-sufficient person; he does not need anything from anyone”, he said.

      Earlier on Tuesday, the Central Election Committee of the Ukraine officially announced the final results of the presidential elections. The winner was Zelenskiy, who received 73.22% of votes; the incumbent head of state, Petro Poroshenko, scored 24.45%. On Tuesday the commission promised to send the results to the “Golos Ukrainy”[Voice of the Ukraine] parliamentary newspaper, after which the inauguration of the newly elected president should take place within 30 days….

      Meanwhile, Kolomoiskiy’s belief that a state of civil war has existed in the Ukraine for 4 years notwithstanding, the Kiev Munchkin Klimkin clearly believes that those wicked Moskali are the source of all the woes that have befallen the so-called state “Ukraine”, which many Svidomites believe was the founder of civilization as we know it.

      3 мая 201903:21
      МИД Украины предложил свою акцию вместо “Бессмертного полка”

      The Ukraine Foreign Ministry has proposed its own event as a counter-action to that of “The Immortal Regiment”

      Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin has suggested that citizens of the country walk through the streets of Ukrainian cities with portraits of “Ukrainians tortured by Stalin’s repressions”.

      The minister commented on this in social networks, where participation in events that run contrary to that of the “Immortal Regiment” have been proposed .

      “A reasonable idea, I fully support it”, wrote Klimkin, and proposed that there be taken to the streets portraits of Ukrainians “tortured during the times of Stalin’s repressions”, RIA Novosti reports.

      Last year, “Immortal Regiment” events were held in more than 80 countries around the world. In Russia alone, portraits of relatives who had been front-line soldiers were carried by more than 10 million people. This year, judging by data given by sociological polls, every third resident of the country will take to the streets with portraits of their grandparents.

      As the Russian Foreign Ministry said last year, the Ukrainian authorities attach particular importance to the rewriting of the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, whose colossal historical legacy is “a bone in the throat” for current political figures in Ukraine.

      So, last year, radicals attacked the head of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo [The Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation, commonly known as Rossotrudnichestvo, is an autonomous Russian federal government agency under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs — ME] in Kiev, Konstantin Vorobyov: the diplomat was doused with brilliant green dye and threatened with physical violence, up to and including murder. Also, neo-Nazis attacked the well-known Ukrainian human rights activist Elena Berezhnaya, mocked veterans and elderly people during the march of the “Immortal Regiment” in Kiev and tried to set fire to the local TV channel “Inter” for its broadcasting of a concert in honour of Victory Day.

      Below, the Facebook proposal that triggered Klimkin’s response, described above:

      The TV channel “Inter”, on behalf of the Union of (deceased) Veterans strongly urges TV viewers to take part in the Russian “Immortal Regiment” event on May 9, for which the Russian government allocates money. In Kiev. Meeting in the Park of Glory. Or maybe we need to walk through the cities of the Ukraine, not with portraits of those killed for the country that is no longer there, but with portraits of those killed for the Ukraine in the Donbass, with portraits of those people who have gone missing in the Crimea, with portraits of Ukrainian citizens who have been kidnapped and hidden away in Russian prisons?

      The Munchkin comment to the above:<-R

      Слушна ідея, повністю підтримую. Пропоную тоді вийти на вулиці також з портретами українців, замордованих у часи сталінських репресій. Це буде адекватна відповідь, для повноти картини у людському та історичному вимірі.

      Good idea, I totally support it. I propose then that there be taken the streets portraits of Ukrainians tortured during Stalin’s repressions. This will be an adequate response, for completeness in the human and historical dimension.

      Err, Klimkin … those commemorated in the “Immortal Regiment” fell whilst fighting Nazism, not Stalinism.

      Interestingly, the Svidomite wanker to whom Klimkin responds writes in that vile tongue of the Moskals, whereas Klimkin writes in pure мова, albeit he is an ethnic Russian born in Kursk.

      My elder daughter participates in the “Immortal Regiment” parade each year in Moscow, in which she carries a portrait of her dead great-uncle Stepan, who fell in 1942.

      Nobody to this day knows where Uncle Stepan’s grave lies.

      My daughter Yelena is extremely proud of the fact that her great uncle fell defying the Nazi invader.

      So am I.


      1. Reaction from Russian Foreign Ministry to Rumpledklimkin’s proposal that counter-“Eternal Regiment” processions be held in Banderastan:

        The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, has suggested that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin arrange a procession with portraits of the victims of the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement, Stepan Bandera. She wrote about this on her Facebook page on Friday, May 3rd.

        “Far better in these May days to carry portraits of those martyred by Bandera and other Ukrainian collaborators. But then Bandera’s birthday is celebrated in the Ukraine and his victims have been forgotten”, said Zakharova.

        She also advised that former President of Georgia and ex-Governor of Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili be called to task for his actions.

        In such a manner did the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry respond to Klimkin’s statement, in which he had proposed that citizens of the Ukraine carry through the streets of Ukrainian cities portraits of those “tortured during Stalin’s repressions” rather than take part in “Immortal regiment” events.

        Source: В МИД отреагировали на идею заменить «Бессмертный полк» на Украине

        Russian Foreign Office reacts to the idea of replacing “Immortal Regiment” events in the Ukraine


      2. It summarizes the situation well to say that Kuh-yiv is invested in rewriting history, because it is interested in portraying itself as a bright, progressive, hopeful modern democracy in which foreign investors should feel optimistic about venturing their capital, while at the same time holding on jealously to its Nazi-collaborator past, which has manifested itself in the current revulsion for everything Russian; its speech, its literature, its culture and its common bloodline. Ukraine is mind-bogglingly stubborn about recognizing when an approach is not working, and the only thing that has prevented its having already been unceremoniously dropped on its head is Washington’s continued interest in making it a permanent threat on Russia’s border.

        Interesting to see Kolomoisky tentatively referred to as an ‘oligarch’, although they have intermixed it with the usual veneers of ‘businessman, entrepreneur, etc…’


  17. Boeing…Bull and Bluff:

    “KHSimagesdotcom1 hour ago
    My problem isn’t the 737 Max or even MCAS. It’s Boeing’s shady behavior. After the Ethiopian Airline crash, Boeing tried to blame the pilots, but reports PROVED that the pilots followed Boeing’s procedures. The reason for the crash was b/c MCAS malfunctioned in less than a minute after take off. Even though the pilots disabled it within minutes, the aircraft had become too difficult to control. The line that Boeing (via the media) is giving is that the pilots turned on autopilot after nearly saving the flight. In reality, they only turned on autopilot after desperately trying to regain control of an aircraft with dangerously low altitude b/c manual attempts to adjust trim with the yoke were unsuccessful. They THEN tried autopilot as a last resort and MCAS reengaged (again) putting the plane into an unrecoverable nose dive.

    Boeing is trying to get everyone to believe that the pilots just didn’t know what they were doing when in reality, they couldn’t DO anything.

    During the final nose dive, the plane was clocked at twice the speed limit of any commercial aircraft (about 500 mph). This is fast than any 737 Max had likely every flown. That dive took about 32 seconds until it struck the earth.”


    1. Well, they’re not all unhappy – those who are living their dream of zigging around the streets with a gun in their hand and sporting Nazi regalia in public without fear of challenge or arrest are happy as sandboys.


  18. Moby’s Ancestor:

    We were talking about whales before, and lo I saw this story about the evolution of whales from 4-legged critters.
    It’s a popularizing summary from this scientific piece . Anyhow, the gist is that scientists discovered skeletons showing that Cetaceans originated in South Asia over 50 million years ago, and then migrated over the Pacific Ocean to places like Peru.
    The skeleton is a “missing link” showing the stage where these animals still had 4 feet, and even the relics of hooves, but the feet had already turned into flippers.

    The Russian story includes pictures of what these creatures most likely looked like, based on their skeletons. They could probably trundle along on the land, but were at their best in the water. They had long snouts, and you can see already that the nostrils are on top of the snout, gradually moving into position to become the whale’s blowhole.

    I had read in a different book that modern whale fetuses show the whole development in a nutshell (Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny), how the nostrils start off in the middle of the face, like a normal animal, and then gradually migrate to the top of the head, becoming the blowhole.


    1. The amazing thing is that not only do we now know in a lot of detail how whales evolved from land mammals, with several transitional fossil species showing body and skeletal changes, and changes in the skull, the blowhole and the teeth, but also that so much of the work done is recent, within the last 40 years. The molecular DNA research done that showed whales were closely related to even-toed hoofed animals, and to hippos and then ruminant animals in particular, might have helped spur the interest and urgency in finding whale fossils in parts of south Asia infested by terrorist groups.

      Another amazing thing is how rapid this evolution was: most of it took place during the Eocene epoch when most other mammal groups were only just getting started. Whales were fully aquatic by the end of the Eocene epoch (about 33 million years ago).


      1. Evolution is amazing! I wish that Charles Darwin were still alive to read about these new skeleton finds.
        I also wish that Herman Melville were still alive. He was fascinated by everything WHALE!

        I still haven’t formed an opinion, if Melville was just joking around in “Moby Dick” when his alter-ego Ishmael declared that “Whales are fish.” Surely Melville knew that they were mammals who had evolved from land critters?


        1. In the 19th century, the term “whalefish” was still used and still is in Modern German, namely “Walfisch”.

          It seems that in English, anything that can “breathe” in water is classified as a “fish”, hence “shellfish”. In my experience, Russians are often surprised when I tell them what “shellfish” means. “But they’re molluscs!” they say incredulously!

          It’s the same with “crayfish”, which the Russians simply call рак [rak].

          The word “crayfish” comes from the Norman-French escrevisse, which the speakers of Old English, those who fell under the Norman yoke in 1066, modified to “crayfish”, no doubt because the sound of the ending of the word, “-visse”, fell more in line with their way of thinking that the beasts are some kind of “fish”.

          Russians are so fond of crayfish, especially when boozing, that, dog-lovers though they may be, they call doing it doggy style [rakom — instrumental case ending added to to the noun “rak” to indicate “in the manner of”] : А может, ещё раком встать? — How about doing it doggy fashion?


  19. Well, what a surprise!

    <a href=""Украина вновь обвинила Россию в подготовке новой газовой войны

    16:09, 3 may 2019
    The Ukraine has again accused Russia of preparing for a new gas war

    Russia is seeking to unleash a new gas war with the Ukraine. This statement was made by the head of the Ukrainian company “Naftogaz”, Andrey Kobelev, in an interview with Voice of America.

    “Their goal is to create an artificial crisis after 2019, starting on 1 January, as it did in 2009, that is, ten years ago, and to try to unleash a crisis that will allow them to promote their own interest. The crisis that I am talking about, which might take place in January 2020, can be called a gas war”, said Kobolev.

    In his opinion, Russian Gazprom is delaying negotiations on the transit of gas through the Ukraine after December 31, 2019, when the current transit contract expires. The head of Naftogaz added that the Russian side is trying to exert political pressure on the Ukraine and promote the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project.

    On May 1, Kobolev was in Washington on a visit, during which he tried to enlist the support of the American side in negotiations with Russia over gas, and also to discuss the Nord Stream-2 project, opposed by both the Ukraine and the United States. As noted by Voice of America, during the visit, the question was raised about the supply of American gas to the Ukraine. According to Kobolev, the parties came close to the idea of ​​arranging a supply of American fuel.

    In Kiev, they have repeatedly stated that Russia intends to unleash a new gas war with the Ukraine. In particular, such words have been heard coming from the executive director of Naftogaz, Yuri Vitrenko, and the country’s foreign minister, Pavel Klimkin. According to the latter, this will happen after the expiration of the current transit contract.

    The ten-year contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom on gas transit expires at the end of 2019. In March, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced that Moscow was ready to maintain gas transit in the event of a settlement between the companies and with favourable economic and commercial parameters for the deal, as well as a stable political environment.

    Nord Stream-2 is a gas pipeline project under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. The launch of the project is scheduled for the end of 2019. The Ukraine and the United States are against its implementation. In Kiev, they fear a reduction in the volume of gas transit through the Ukraine; in Washington they are lobbying for the supply of American liquefied natural gas to Europe.

    Gazprom and Russia playing politics over gas!

    What out and out bounders those Moskali are!

    In the free world of the free market and Western Values, such political games are never played when it comes to trade negotiations, no siree!


    1. In the “west” it’s quite common for developers to find ways to circumvent obstacles attempted to blackmail them into paying over the odds for services or properties controlled or owned by parties whose folly leads the obstructors to overestimate the strength of their positions. I often pass by a bungalow hemmed in on three sides by the high wall erected by the builder of the development around with the blessing of the local council. In Atlantic City, where the POTUS had his casino, I believe there are even more notable examples.

      Contracts end. And in the absence of tacit relocation (presumption that the ending contract will continue on the same terms and conditions) there may or not be negotiations between parties for a new contract. Under “the rule of law” you cannot force a party to conclude a contract.

      Sorry for the rant- it’s been that kind a day.


    2. I’m sure the USA would be delighted to arrange a long-term contract to supply Ukraine with American LNG, except for a couple of factors. One, Ukraine has no regasification terminals, and is not equipped to receive or disembark such cargoes, and it’s pretty late in the day to think about building them. Two, Ukraine hasn’t any money, and has moreover become accustomed to being given it by Europe and the IMF, owing to its bright prospects as a fledgling democracy and new EU member. Three, such cargoes would have to arrive via the Black Sea, which presents its own logistic headaches. Ukraine would likely expect its buddy and close partner, Washington, to either give it free gas or supply it at below cost, and that would be a non-starter. I suspect ‘came close to an agreement’ is somewhat speculative on the part of the Ukrainian side.


  20. In the meanwhile, from a Svidomite blog:


    May. 3rd, 2019 at 3:15 PM

    So, Russia has not gone away and has begun negotiations with the Ukraine regarding the extension of the contract for the transit of gas through our gas transport system. This was announced yesterday by the head of the board of Naftogaz of the Ukraine, Andrei Kobolev, noting that Putin personally gave the go ahead to the negotiation process, talking about transit and that Ukraine would freeze. Again? Again? For the 1001st time? However, we are not distracted by all of this.

    As you know, I pay quite a lot of attention to the gas issue and have repeatedly noted that the Ukraine is now in an ideal situation, in which it will not tie up Gazprom with ropes, but put Gazprom onto the ropes.

    Firstly, the sluggishness and high debt load of Gazprom itself, which is not only failing to complete the construction of the Nord Stream-2 pipeline by the end of 2019, but is also spending more than planned on this construction, helps us in this matter first and foremost, as Gazprom is constantly in search of investments and loans.

    Secondly, we should not forget that even after the completion of the construction of Nord Stream-2, it will not start operating at full capacity, and even when it can do this, thanks to European energy directives, it will not be able to supply more than 50% of the gas pipeline to customers. In the case of Nord Stream-2, this is 27.5 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which by no means compensates for the Ukrainian GTS, through which Russia drives 80-90 billion cubic metres a year.

    And, relatively recently, there has begun to emerge a third point, which associated with US energy expansion in the world and in particular in Europe, a developed network of LNG terminals which will allow the delivery of p to 150 billion cubic metres of gas per year. So, in the next 5 years, the US intends to increase LNG exports by an order of magnitude of up to 130 billion cubic metres per year. And all this flow of resources will flow to … well, where would you think? It goes without saying: to Europe, of course.

    And in this context, it should be understood that Russian gas will lose its position in the face of this onslaught from competitors. This is clearly understood at Gazprom, and therefore, they cannot do without the Ukrainian GTS. At least for the remaining 5 years, so as to squeeze out of it as much as it can from its monopoly.

    Actually, as I have said before, say now, and will continue to say: for us now is the best moment for exerting pressure, not just on Gazprom, but on the Kremlin as well. But, does the newly elected government understand this? That is the main question that needs to be resolved in the near future.

    Keep on dreaming, sucker!


    1. If the above Svidomite’s shambolic country continues to exist for a few more years, I wonder if he will be ready, as per the present draft language legislation, to write his blogs in Ukrainian and not in that vile Moskal tongue in which he is seemingly so proficient?


    2. I hope they follow his plan to the letter. Nothing is more likely to guarantee the cessation of Russian transit through the Ukrainian GTS than a bolshie confrontation in which Ukraine believes it holds all the cards, and is in an ideal position to apply pressure.

      He’s probably correct that the twinned pipeline is not going to open at full capacity; that will develop and build up based on demand and capability. But every cubic meter that does go through it is going to be minused from the Ukrainian GTS, and in a relatively short time will be able to replace it completely, unless continued transit makes sense from the Moscow viewpoint based on profit and loss. If Europe wants even more gas than all pipelines except the Ukrainian GTS can supply, and the aforementioned Ukrainians do not get it into their thick heads that this means an opportunity to throw a spanner in the works until they are getting well-paid for doing nothing except watching the gas go through their pipes – a network they inherited free of charge from the Soviet Union – then maybe.

      Some people who are less sensitive than I might point out that a group which is so stubborn in consistently making bad choices is fated to deservedly disappear, as the discontented depart for better prospects and eventually only the mad ideologues are left, nothing remaining to sustain them but their zeal and hatred.


  21. Ria Novosti via Russian, U.S. top diplomats to meet on May 6 in Finland – RIA

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov may meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on May 6 in Finland, RIA news agency reported on Thursday citing a Russian official.

    Sergei Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, said Lavrov may meet Pompeo in the city of Rovaniemi, which would host Arctic Council ministerial meeting, RIA reported.

    Pop quiz. What will Dumpous Pompous demand?


    1. Oh!! Oh!!! Russia must get out of Venezuela???? And cease its resistance to the implacable rise of Guaido?–politics.html

      Not really a very difficult guess, I suppose. And lookie here, right at the top of the comments!

      Erik Prince, of Blackwater (in)fame, proposes a 5000-man mercenary army to drive home Guaido’s accession. Energetically peddling the project, by all accounts, shopping it about Europe and to the US Congress.

      No particular reason we should believe it, since as has become commonplace in journalism, it is attributed to undisclosed sources. This, of course, makes it all too easy to simply make them up, or for actual unattributed sources to suggest a plan which the alleged instigator has no means or intention of actually carrying out – disinformation reigns supreme.

      What’s interesting is that only the Indispensable Nation can openly propose such a thing – the violent overthrow, using paid mercenaries, of an elected leader of a sovereign nation, in favour of a handpicked puppet whose loyalty to his foreign backer is clear and traceable. You can only imagine the American reaction to disclosure of a Russian plan to re-establish Yanukovych in Ukraine, using paid mercenaries. It would be quickly pointed out that such action would be illegal six ways from Sunday according to international law.


      1. But why does Erik Prince go public? Is that not an anathema to business model of treading quietly and whacking people with big sticks? Is his role part of the ‘psychological pressure’ or just a distraction? There are certainly other Erik Princes but who has enough cash to cover the life insurance for each mercenary? Where da (warm) bodies?

        If I were Maduro, I’d have co-opted some of those 5 million Colombians who’ve escaped from over the border for intel and other, coz I can bet the USA thinks it can get Colombia to do its bidding (Hello Sakaashvili!).

        I wouldn’t discard a quick and easy US decapitation strike either at this point, something the US of A has been doing and more or less getting away with despite failing over the last few decades.


        1. I doubt Colombia would be up for it, because it has to get along with its neighbours afterward, and being seen to have knocked over another nation in the neighbourhood as an American stooge would not help.


          1. I think one issue for Colombia (and for Brazil as well) is that its current govt is not confident that its public would support an invasion of Venezuela. An invasion that does not succeed in the total defeat and wipe-out of the Bolivarian govt and its forces – and those include armed militias in the countryside – or which collapses in chaos could very easily backfire onto Ivan Duque’s govt in Bogota. Before he knows it, FARC may take up weapons again and he will have to take the blame for starting up another civil war. In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro has not been in power for long enough for people’s memories of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff and their policies and programs to have faded, and there are corruption scandals attached to him and his cabinet.

            Colombia and Brazil’s borders with Venezuela also cross remote jungle areas far from major centres of population and the sea. Both countries would have to commit huge numbers of soldiers and a large amount of equipment to a land and air invasion, and this would entail diverting money away from other sectors of the public economy such as schools, healthcare and infrastructure.


  22. Below: Meghan McCain, daughter of the brain-dead and now also very dead former US Senator John McCain.

    It seems she has inherited brain-deadness off her loathsome father.

    On signing off a TV interview with US Ambassador to Russia, John Huntsman, he who thinks diplomacy is waving a 10, 000-ton-aircraft-carrier dick around, McCain said:

    “John and Mary Kaye are doing the Lord’s work in the city of Satan. Thank you so much for your service to our country, that’s a rough job”.

    McCain’s moronic comment prompted Irish journalist Danielle Ryan to Tweet this:

    See: ‘City of Satan’: Meghan McCain gets Biblical while dissing Russia’s capital
    Published time: 3 May, 2019 13:24


    1. Danielle Ryan’s tweet will make no difference to Meghan McCain and others of her ilk: all the great achievements of human civilisation, from which McCain benefits, count for nothing if they do not serve her infantile notion of Christianity.


      1. In her eulogy that she made at her father’s funeral, Meghan McCain made many digs against Trump, including: “America does not boast because she has no need to. The America of John McCain has no need to be great again because America was always great”.

        Miss Piggy eulogizes

        “He was an aviator, he was a husband, he was a warrior, he was a prisoner, he was a hero, he was a congressman, he was a senator, he was a nominee for the president of the United States.”

        Aviator: He crashed two aircraft during his navy service and flew one into power lines in Spain.

        Husband: His first wife was disabled in a serious car accident while he was a PoW. Soon after he had returned to the USA from Vietnam, McCain dumped his first wife for a wealthy woman 20 years younger than her, which woman is Meghan Mccain’s mother. The Reagans were so angry about this, that they never spoke to him again. McCain then married his new woman friend before he officially got divorced, so he was a bigamist to boot.

        Warrior: He was shot down on his 23rd “combat” mission whilst bombing an electrical light bulb factory in Hanoi, which civilian target is prohibited under international law, which law, apparently, does not apply to the USA.

        Prisoner: A model one as well, in North Vietnam eyes, at least: he sang like a canary, according to many who were also prisoners in Vietnam.

        Hero: Shot down whilst courageously bombing civilians. His behaviour during the tragic USS Forrestal incident has come under some investigation as well.

        Congressman/Senator: Having served 20 years in the USN, he received generous retirement pay. He also obtained a 100% VA (veteran with one service-related disability rated at 60% or more) disability rating, which allowed him to collect some $40,000 a year tax free. The LA Times mentioned this when McCain was insisting he was fit to serve as Commander in Chief. He hauled in over $240,000 a year from the Federal Government for military retirement, 100% VA disability and social security retirement payment, whilst at the same time working full-time in the US Senate. So as a Senator, McCain was retired, disabled and gainfully employed all at the same time. As Senator for Arizona, McCain was a big advocate for open borders. At a union meeting, he told workers that illegals are needed because Americans are too lazy to work in the fields, even for $50 an hour.

        Presidential nominee: As such, he was shot down in flames, metaphorically, unlike the reality of his experience on his second mission over Hanoi.

        McCain had an easy ride throughout his entire life: he only got into the Naval Academy for a free college degree because his father and grandfather had been USN admirals; he always lived on government money and ended up earning far more than the minimum wage workers are paid, the increase of which minimum he opposed.

        McCain grew up wealthily and enjoyed a privileged life, during the entirety of which he received free health care, all of which, he believed, was nothing that common folk deserve.

        Whilst running for president and attacking the poor, a rarely found in the USA good reporter asked him how many houses he owned. McCain was unsure, but thought maybe seven.


        1. unlike the reality of his experience on his second mission over Hanoi.

          Delete that “on his second mission “!

          Don’t know where it came from. I have no idea which of his missions it was over Hanoi, during which McCain was shot down.


        2. That great America, about which McCain’s daughter is so proud, certainly gave her a great education, especially as regards the former Soviet Union Russia !


        3. You forgot that he was one of the Keating Five senators who used their authority to stop an investigation into a failing S&L bank. He did much the same to the thousand or so US servicemen who were still POWs in Vietnam. They were being held as bargaining chips, and he made the government just abandon them.


        4. Just your reg’lar average Joe in America, then, a true man of the people, right? Nice dissection of what turned out to be a fairly reprehensible person. I once quite liked McCain, probably because I didn’t know much about him except that little Georgie Bush’s whisper machine wrecked his chance at the presidency by circulating the rumour that he had a black love child (his adopted daughter, from I forget where; Bangladesh, I think). Like many, I grew to despise him. His daughter looks like a fairly chunky chip off the old block.


    1. The reaction of the media is predictable.

      “Russia-gate” is not over

      Russia-gate promoted by the media for 3 years non stop and by the political establishment, has been very successful in convincing the American people that Russia interfered in their election.

      The Mueller report stated this without any facts or investigation.

      The negative feelings this has encouraged towards Russia will not go away. They were always there below the surface anyway.

      Trump is too weak to be able to put relations onto a “normal level”. There Is another sanctions bill that will be voted on soon.


      1. The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to maintain momentum, now demanding the resignation of US Attorney-General Barr for ‘misleading the American people as to the extent of Trump’s collusion with Russia’. It looks as if Mueller deliberately wrote his report so as to imply that collusion took place, he just couldn’t find any evidence of it. And the Democrats are quite happy to run with that.


  23. The Epoch Times via ZeroHedge: How Media Narratives Became More Important Than Facts

    Sharyl Attkinsson


    The day that I told CBS News I wished to leave my job as investigative correspondent ahead of my contract, I didn’t give a reason. I didn’t see the point because the problem wasn’t fixable.

    Nor was it isolated to CBS News.

    My own take is that—as our industry has changed in ways that have become undeniable to most—I was a bit of the canary in the coal mine. By that, I mean I believe I was among the first to really pay attention to the increasingly effective operations to shape and censor news—the movements to establish narratives rather than follow facts—and to see the growing influence of smear operations, political interests, and corporate interests on the news…

    A lot more at the link.

    It’s censorship and shooting the messenger. If you self-censor yourself (accuse the al-beeb s’allah of this and they’ll lose their rag), you’ll be fine. As we’ve seen with other journalists, the space between the state/corporate media has only been further squeezed.

    I saw this with a couple of long established journalists I met whose reporting on Yugoslavia early on did not go along with the narrative. The contacts and the work just dry up. You don’t even need to write or say anything controversial, just ask questions and point out that various things don’t make sense.

    Fortunately the internet appeared and the gap expanded with effective Samizdat, but that too is now under threat by state enforced censorship via widespread and entrenched surveillance powers, so for those that have actually managed to survive in part to using the new medium are now more likely to find themselves cut off one way or another with little recourse. Combating unapproved ‘leakers’ is the excuse, i.e. ‘for your own safety’. The problem is that the genie is out of the bottle and state friendly media is not widely believed any more. It’s a fundamental breakdown of trust and the people are revolting in more ways than one…


  24. Stuff for the weekend:

    Express: Life after death: ‘Medical miracle’ after Russian ‘ICE MAN’ brought back to life

    AN ICE man who “froze to death” has been brought back to life with two dozen discharges of 5,000 volts into his body, say Russian medics.

    The man in Siberia was in a state of “extreme hypothermia” and described as a “human icicle” after six hours in subzero temperatures. Doctors who saved the man – called ‘Unknown No 10’ when he was admitted to Krasnoyarsk regional hospital – say his survival is a “medical miracle”. Resuscitator Dmitry Mitsukov: “The patient was icy to the touch….

    Rest at the link. Quite the story. He doesn’t remember a thing!

    SkyNudes: Chernobyl: ‘The untold true story’

    Yet another tragedy abroad to be claimed by the western entertainment industry.

    I caught an interview with one of the principle actors on al-beeb s’allah yesterday saying that the Romanian taxi driver that brought her to the studios told her that “their daughter was born blind because of Chernobyl.” Must be true then. For god’s sake, actors should really keep away from trying to explain science.

    BMPD: Вид на судостроительный завод “Залив” в Керчи


    Nice drone video of the busy Zaliv shipyard in Kerch that we wrote about some time ago at the link.

    and also this:

    BMPD: 100 лет отечественных танковых войск

    Исполнилось 100 лет знаменательного события – создания первой в истории России специализированной танковой части. 14 (27 апреля н. ст.) 1919 года приказом № 674 Главнокомандующего Вооруженными Силами на Юге России (ВСЮР) генерала А.И. Деникина в Екатеринодаре в составе ВСЮР был сформирован 1-й дивизион танков в составе управления и четырех танковых отрядов, оснащенный английскими танками Mk V и Mk A. Штаты дивизиона танков были утверждены еще 9 (22) марта 1919 года..

    Plenty more at the link.

    Ah, the good old days of Russians fighting Russians, General Denikin and his donated ex-British tanks.

    A few posts down there’s a nice video from the cockpit of a vintage steam powered Il-38 ASuW!

    And to round it off is a post by Gilbert Doctorow:

    At its 70th birthday, NATO is militarily America’s fifth wheel


    Always interesting and plenty more at his blog. It’s a decent analysis of some of the fundamental factors undermining NATO.

    And therein lies the fundamental fracture between the USA and Europe. They want different things. The USA wants an ally to willingly shed blood and thanklessly take other consequences (mass waves of refugees from Syria/Libya/etc. NATO action) and ‘stand up’ to China and Russia, where as most of Europe is not interested in getting steamrollered again, particularly Germany that despite a brief mid-90s love in with Washington, has had at best luke warm feelings towards American needs.

    Hanging with the Americans has helped to unbalance the whole of Europe and the EU system, much of it Europe’s own fault of course. After all this, it’s clearly not worth the price. Curiously those countries that are still most pro-NATO seemed to be the least willing to take their share of the consequences of NATO’s collective action (hello Visegrad countries!), speaking of which, Doctorow’s post above about his impressions on a recent trip to Hungary is also quite interesting. There’s nothing like a good economy to maintain political popularity…


  25. To M.McCain:

    Greetings from the “City of Satan”, you cupid stunt, that place where your equally stupid fellow countryman and so-called diplomat is engaged doing such a “rough job” in the service of your country:

    My, that’s some temple to Satan they built on the banks of the Moscow river, ain’t that so, Meghan?

    And that park is not called “The Fallen Monument Park”: that’s just the Muscovites’ joking term for it; likewise “The Park of Fallen Heroes”. Its full title is “The Muzeon Park of Arts”: its exhibits consist not only of old memorials to former Soviet politicians.

    The Youtube clip above was posted by a non-native speaker of English (possibly a native German speaker), who throughout irritatingly (to me, anyway) says “The Red Square”.

    «Der Roter Platz» auf Deutsch, aber auf Englisch sagt man «Red Square»!

    Same goes for “The Gorky Park”!

    The video above above merely scratches the surface as regards what is fine and beautiful in that city where I have chosen to live. See below:


  26. “Elk island Biostation” in Elk Island National Park, which runs almost into the centre of the city.

    There’s a moose loose aboot the hoose!

    And elk, of course!

    Who do you think you’re looking at?

    It had better not be me!

    Elk island National Park at 2 o’clock on the map

    The outer ring road, Moscow’s “beltway”, runs through the park, which extends into the city centre, blending into Sokolniki Park, which abuts onto the inner ring road.


  27. Why does Trump do stuff like this regarding his phone call with President Putin?

    Scandalously, the US president failed to press Putin about the most critical, life-and-death issue facing the United States – a massive flub-up that did not go unnoticed by the intrepid Washington press corps.

    “Did you tell [Putin] not to meddle in the next election?” an unseen reporter asked the president during a Friday press conference.

    “We had a good conversation about many different things,” Trump replied. “We didn’t discuss that.”

    As for Venezuela, Trump had the audacity to suggest that the Russian president “is not looking to get involved at all, other than that he’d like to see something positive happen” in the South American nation. Trump then showed his true collusion colors, admitting that he “feels the same away” about the ongoing political crisis in Caracas.

    CNN’s Erin Burnett expertly deduced that Trump was “kowtowing” to Putin — on both “election meddling” and Venezuela.

    Trump certainly would have expected the above reactions. Simple logic suggests that he would fully embrace the MSM lead on all things and especially related to Russia but he did not. Why? Is it:
    – sending a message suggesting he is forced to take those anti-Russian actions through threats or blackmail?
    – playing games with the MSM just to keep in the limelight?
    – a dog whistle message to those who voted for him that he has not forgotten them?
    – deliberately deepening the split between the deplorables and the Washington Party to better his chances in 2020?
    – he is an egomaniac who needs constant attention and loves to enrage his opponents?

    Highly unlikely but I will offer this as well: He is giving his opponents the rope to hang themselves with. And Putin knows it.


    1. Looks like a big FY! to CNN and others. He has been cleared by Meuller so he has a stick to beat them with for the next two years that one can conclude has affected some of his foreign policy decisions, i.e. stuff he couldn’t do because he was being ‘Ordered by Putin’. It’s all gone.

      The investigation in to the how, why and wherefors of the FBI investigation against him in the first place is just getting in to gear and it does not look good at all. Shit’s gonna fly. Keep tabs on John Solomon’s reporting at The Hill:


      1. That is all true from what I can see. But, the MSM has, if anything, intensified the attacks and which now include that Barr also colluded with something/someone. And Comey, the prick, via the NYT is calling Trump a “devourer of souls”. Since these SOBs never had an identifiable soul, one must be skeptical of such claims.

        My guess is that Trump is preparing for a civil war of sorts (no shooting of course) but nevertheless an all-out MSM/deep state versus the rest of us (a motley crew of deplorables, anti-globalists, right wing nuts, anti-interventionists and, unfortunately, racists). He may be an egomaniac but he is not an egomaniac controlled, like, say John McCain.


  28. Poroshenko has been shooting off his big fat gob as regards the advantages of being in possession of a Banderastan passport rather than a Russian one, in that one is able to visit without a visa 133 countries with the former, whereas with the latter only 117 countries may be visited without a visa, which may very well be true.

    However, a small, but nevertheless very important point as regards this matter, which the porcine multi-millionaire may not have thought of, is that in order to travel abroad, one usually need dosh, which is something that is in very short supply amongst the majority of Ukraine citizens some 4 years after the “Revolution of Dignity” and the end of the term of Poroshenko’s presidency, during which he also had time to greatly increase his personal wealth.

    Only the other week, it was reported that in 2018 alone, Poroshenko’s wealth had increased by $19.7 million — and that’s the official figure declared by him to the taxman: who knows what his wealth really is?

    Stop whining and go find a better paid job, mister!

    See: Порошенко заявил о преимуществах украинского паспорта перед российским


    1. Ukrainians are just using them to get into the EU. They are staying and working illegally in Poland and other places after for low wages, and stealing taxable income from those countries.


    2. A KP journalist’s response to Poroshenko’s crowing about how much better than a Russian passport a Ukrainian one is:

      “A Ukrainian passport is far ahead of a Russian one in terms of travel opportunities around the world. This is evidenced by the 2019 world rankings Passport Index “, [Poroshenko] said on his “Facebook” page. “In total, a Ukrainian passport provides [visa] free entry to 133 countries of the world.”

      Say, just look at how much cooler we are than Russia!

      “I am proud that we have strengthened the status of Ukrainian citizenship”, he wrote in the same place…

      So tell me, was all this business started in the Ukraine more than five years ago just so as to have the opportunity to enter without a visa 16 more countries than a Russian can, and only with a biometric passport at that, and only with the consent of border guards and customs officers?

      For the sake of not paying 35 euros for a visa, a civil war was started, the economy ruined, from the most active part of the population massive labour emigration to other countries was caused, and the other part of the population was condemned to a life without prospects and no way of escaping this condemnation?

      All this for the opportunity to illegally get a job in 16 European countries?

      And the head of state presents this as something to be proud of?


      1. A Russian passport holder, generally speaking, is far ahead of a Ukrainian passport holder in terms of being able to travel to other countries. The average monthly wage in USD in Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s State Statistics Service, is $385.62. In Russia, according to Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development, it’s $691.75. Despite all Porky’s and Zelenskiy’s twaddle about offering Ukrainian citizenship, you don’t see too many Russians flocking to Ukraine for work.


  29. 11:00 this morning, 5 May, 2019 (now 18:53): rehearsal May 9 Victory Day flypast over Red Square.

    About 3 seconds later, they all flew directly over the roof of my house, which lies almost due south of the Kremlin. They will have another rehearsal flypast before the real thing this coming Thursday.

    Every year I watch these aircraft from our balcony and my wife and children all shout out “Urrrrrrah!” Russian style, because they are all brainwashed Orcs.

    And all the car alarms go off and the windows rattle when those big Tupolev Tu-95 “Bear” drone overhead.

    Note right at the end the memorial flowers etc. to Shagger Nemtsov on the bridge. No bugger is taking a blind bit of notice of it.

    Just think! That possible liberator of Russians from the Putin regime was murdered on that very spot, yet all the Orcs are interested in is that wicked regime’s instruments of death and destruction!

    Truly a city of satan!


    1. How’s the weather? IIRC, last year the weather was overcast forcing cancellation of some/all of the aerial displays. Those Bear bombers are amazing aircraft even if a bit on the loud side with their counter-rotating props. No much chance of seeing one here (which I suppose is a good thing).

      Here, it has been rain interrupted by heavy rain with rare times of no rain for the past 3-4 weeks. Rivers are flooding and the Great Lakes are at or near record highs. Lake shore flooding at our end of Lake Erie is now almost routine whenever the wind blows east to east northeast.


      1. Blue skies and sunny today, but bloody cold for the time of the year. It was plus 22C last week. Winter has returned last night to Ekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Murmansk etc. Plus 7C here last night, plus 15 C max today. However, it’s going to warm up this coming week and they say it will be plus 21 on Victory Day, sunny with showers.


      1. I make my own flypast video each Victory Day, shot from my house balcony. All my earlier ones I uploaded to Youtube, but Google did something to Youtube last year and they all vanished. Google is always arsing around. They fucked up Google Earth the other year and all the photos attached to places were deleted when they scrapped Panoramio. Now you have to attach photos using their system, which sucks out information from you and is tied to advertising.


  30. Great fun on the Internet as regards that tosspot Williamson’s sacking.

    Apparently, in the evening of the day he got the chop, he was supposed to be dining with acting US Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan at Lancaster House, a rather unpretentious place in the West End.

    However, finding himself out of a ministerial job, tea and crumpets with a representative of The Empire was out, Williamson had to content himself with McDonalds in order to calm his hunger pangs.

    The dickhead took selfies whilst in the fast-food outlet:

    and then there followed:

    What larks!!


    1. The Duran had this to say:

      Interestingly, Gavin W was likely broomed out on false charges per the above link (that is plausible to me). He was apparently too incompetent to stomach and made the UK into a bigger joke than it already was. Perhaps that was it or perhaps there were other reasons as well.

      Mercouris indicated that, despite stiff competition, Williams was likely the worst defense minister or similar position in the UK’s entire history. But it was never about being the Minister of Defense for him. He was angling to be the next BM by out-bashing all other Russian bashers; usually a sure-fire strategy for gaining promotions both in the US and the UK. Someone must really be a stinker for that strategy to fail.


      1. There have been some concerns expressed over the way Gavin Williamson was turfed out and over the police response to his downfall. Leaking details of a National Security Council meeting breaches the Official Secrets Act so an arrest was warranted. Apparently the police decided the incident didn’t breach the act. This means Williamson does not have the opportunity to defend himself and/or his staff over the incident. He may be right that he did not leak any details and, given the general level of distrust surrounding him, there is a possibility that the pressure was on Theresa May to get rid of him somehow and he was set up.

        Also the person (Mark Sedwill, the UK National Security Advisor, and also on the NSC) tasked with the responsibility of investigating who was most likely to have leaked the information had a personal grudge against Williamson.


      1. He can’t hide the fact that he is an oik.

        Only one thing worse than that: a toff pretending to be an oik.

        Call-Me-Dave eating a hotdog with a knife and fork


          1. Yes, but in the photo above he’s been trained how to eat like an oik in the land of oiks. In the picture where he is daintily eating a hotdog, he’s at a village fete somewhere in the English Home Counties with some jolly nice, well-bred types.

            When in Rome …


  31. American MSM personae in the daily fiction of broadcast or print ‘journalism’ :
    ABSOLUTELY worthless cnts and cckskkers…..without exception.

    “The media watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) recently published the results of a survey of the main trend-setting media outlets, both print and broadcast, covering the three-month period between January and April of this year. It concluded: “zero opinion pieces in the New York Times and Washington Post took an anti-regime change or pro-Maduro/Chavista position. Not a single commentator on the big three Sunday morning talk shows or PBS NewsHour came out against President Nicolas Maduro stepping down from the Venezuelan government.”

    Underlying the corporate media’s lockstep, shameless and undisguised support for another imperialist regime-change operation and coup in Latin America are the overriding interests of crisis-ridden US capitalism in asserting its unfettered control over Venezuela’s oil reserves, the largest on the planet, and in rolling back the growing economic and political influence of both China and Russia in a hemisphere that Washington has historically regarded as is own “backyard.”

    The US media has undergone a protracted degeneration, corresponding with the abandonment by the US capitalist ruling elite of any semblance of support for democratic rights and processes. While there was never a golden age of the capitalist press in the United States, the days when the New York Times and the Washington Post could publish the Pentagon Papers, defying the US government to bring the criminal policy of US imperialism in Southeast Asia to the attention of the American public in the midst of a bitter war, are long gone.”


    1. Is the MSM lockstep coverage a sign of overwhelming confidence or a sign of growing fear? I say fear.


  32. Don’t know why I receive these articles but one was on the invention of “cheerfulness” – the incessant need to project happiness.

    A quick browse through the self-help section of any US bookstore announces that lots of Americans are desperate to bootstrap their way to the bright side. Texts on embracing life’s miserable condition don’t exactly fly off the shelves. However, books on how optimism can be learned make millionaires out of their authors. They tell us that the key to happiness is positivity, and that the key to positivity is cheerfulness. The aorta of the US economy pumps out optimism, positivity and cheerfulness while various veins carry back US dollars naively invested in schemes designed to get rich quick, emotionally speaking.

    Socrates was right in the Symposium when he said that we are attracted to what we are not, and the psychologists behind production and marketing know better than we do the ubiquity of US anxiety, depression and restlessness. Many of us who might not be cheerful by nature get pressured to smile by the reigning notion that we alone are responsible for our happiness. Window-shop in any middle-class city and you will discover a consumer culture desperate to live up to the adage ‘Think like a proton: always positive!’ Homeware stores are filled with reminders of how happy we could be if only we’d listen to our kitschy teacups with printed pseudo-philosophical adages such as ‘Continuous cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom,’ except that teacups don’t know the first thing about cheerfulness or wisdom, or whether they relate to happiness.


    1. Just occurred to me why I posted the above article – it was Gavin Williamson’s irrepressible cheerfulness.


          1. Be happy with what you’ve got!

            Now shut the fuck up and get back to work — if you have a job, that is!

            From the 1934 film of the same name, specifically made with a script by J.P. Priestly to keep the largely unemployed British masses in check .

            A morale-boosting depression movie, set in the industrial north of England, the singer, played by Gracie Fields, is a determined working class heroine, laid off from her job at a cotton mill, as had indeed been in reality thousands in her hometown of Rochdale, Lancashire.

            The film was shot on location in the severely hit by the depression Rochdale and in the seaside town of Blackpool.

            The happy ending shows mill workers returning to the re-opened mill while Fields leads them in the rousing title song.

            With the Union Flag to the fore!

            In the real world, the mills did not open again. Some did, but certainly not all of them. The mill towns were history. And then WWII kicked off.

            In 1934, my father worked short time (3 shifts) in a coal mine in my hometown, situated some 30 miles from Rochdale. He was 16 then. He earned bloody pennies!


  33. Did not know this – police officers have no obligation by law or regulation to protect citizens. The finding below is one of several affirming that the police have no duty whatsoever to protect citizens from danger; apparently even if doing so does not expose them to risk.

    WTF are they good for?

    I would add they are are free to create danger to citizens with little apparent consequences. I am sick of police-worship. A good cop is an aberration.


    1. An ex-traffic cop was a a colleague for a while. His stories were hair-raising and most, including me, believed that he was exaggerating when he said that they didn’t do favours for anyone, not even other cops. After hearing the daughter of a senior cop venting about the indignity visited upon her dad by a mere traffic cop sergeant I changed my view. Must be horrendous viewing the carnage regularly.


    2. I actually knew that about American police. Learned it the hard way. A few years back I was the victim of a burglary, I lived alone at that time and was alone in my bedroom while the burglar was creeping around downstairs. Called the police and spent 20 minutes arguing with them on the phone as to whose jurisdiction, because my address was on the borderline between 2 townships.
      Eventually, after about an hour, a state trooper arrived. Burglar was long gone, leaving broken window behind. Didn’t take anything, ’cause I have nothing of value.

      State cop was actually very nice guy, looked around the place, calmed me down, etc. But informed me, almost apologetically, that American police are not actually required by law to protect citizens. (That was the moment when I started to understand why people buy into NRA propaganda.)
      I asked him if he was going to dust for prints, he laughed and said, “You’ve been watching too much TV!”


    3. According to the article at the link below, police forces were established in NYC, Boston and Philadelphia between 1835 and 1845 to support citizens in their self-defence. In other words, police only exist to deter criminal activity (by patrolling areas) and to assist the solving of crimes (by undertaking investigations and capturing crooks). This limited role of the police is consistent with a belief that citizens should be able to provide their own protection against crooks – because the crooks could include the police themselves, if the police had too many powers. The Second Amendment is part and parcel of this belief: citizens need to be able to use guns to defend themselves because they need to provide their own self-defence; and to rely on a professional force of armed people to protect them is potentially dangerous because those armed people could become their enemy.


      1. Thank you all for confirming that the police do not serve and protect.

        WTF is 911 for? Why even arm the police? They simply end up killing people who did not deserve to die (well over 1,000 per year). Each police murder generates a wake of hatred and rejection of society (the later point may be a good thing).

        Hard to find specific data but under 50 officers per year are killed by guns. And a significant fraction of those were killed with their own guns.

        How about this: Disarm the police (except for perhaps pepper spray and handcuffs), give them self-defense training, have strength requirements and screen them psychologically. Police abuse will still occur but likely much less deadly and less frequently overall. And hold police accountable for cowardice just as soldiers are in combat.


      2. Which reasoning was the result of the English parliamentary civil wars, taken to the colonies, where the colonists were well aware of what could happen when the powers of the state, namely the King’s armies, went unchecked. For this reason, some say that the American Revlution was an extension of the 17th century English civil wars.


    1. Interesting video and that frying fish looked tasty. The guy did not use hearing or eye protection when operating the chain saw.


  34. Proletarian TV
    Published on 2 May 2019

    British propaganda has created the myth that Churchill was the foremost fighter against fascism.

    The truth, however, is that he was a racist, rabidly anti-communist, reactionary who hated British workers as much as colonial slaves, and was not shy about expressing his considerable sympathies for fascism. His main concern was the defence of the British empire.


    1. That is the tip of the iceberg evil for that guy. What he did to the Serbs in WW II (and his successors later on) is still a largely untold story.


    2. “… [Churchill’s] main concern was the defence of the British empire.”

      Not for the defence of eastern India though, even as the Japanese were moving towards that part of the British empire from Burma.

      “Study Says Winston Churchill’s Policies Caused the 1943 Bengal Famine”

      Abstract and summary of the study of weather data and how that correlates with drought and famine in India from 1870 to 2016:

      The number of people who died from starvation during the 1943 Bengal famine is estimated to be 2 – 3 million.


  35. Washington Post

    Guaidó says opposition overestimated military support for uprising
    May 4 at 5:01 PM

    CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Saturday acknowledged errors made in attempting to stir a military uprising, and did not discard a U.S. military option in Venezuela alongside domestic forces — saying he would take any such offer from Washington to a vote in the country’s National Assembly.

    After a dramatic week that saw a clandestine plan to oust President Nicolás Maduro fall apart on Tuesday, Guaidó conceded that the opposition had miscalculated its support within the military.

    In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, Guaidó suggested that he expected Maduro to step down amid a groundswell of defectors within the military. Instead, Guaidó’s call for the rank and file and senior brass to abandon Maduro did not produce mass defections. Maduro’s security forces then quelled street protests and left Guaidó’s U.S.-backed opposition on its heels.

    “Maybe because we still need more soldiers, and maybe we need more officials of the regime to be willing to support it, to back the constitution,” Guaidó said. “I think the variables are obvious at this point.”

    Guaidó — the head of the National Assembly who in January declared Maduro a usurper and claimed the legitimate mantle of national leadership — did not back unilateral U.S. military intervention. He made clear that any American military support must be alongside Venezuelan forces who have turned against Maduro, but gave no further specifics on what would be acceptable.

    The Trump administration has said all options are on the table, and its hawks have pressed the Pentagon for possible military involvement. But the administration has not clearly signaled whether it would favor intervention against Maduro.

    Asked what he would do if national security adviser John Bolton called him up with an offer of U.S. intervention, Guaidó said he would reply: “Dear friend, ambassador John Bolton, thank you for all the help you have given to the just cause here. Thank you for the option, we will evaluate it, and will probably consider it in parliament to solve this crisis. If it’s necessary, maybe we will approve it.”

    Yeah, “maybe”.

    So, the marionette said that he did not discard a U.S. military option in Venezuela alongside domestic forces.

    Surely that is sedition with the help of a foreign power?

    Is that not an indictable offence in the legislation of the community of nations?

    It certainly is a serious offence in the land that is the beacon of freedom and democracy:

    Definition of offence:
    To write, print, utter or publish, or cause it to be done, or assist in it, any false, scandalous, and malicious writing against the government of the United States, or either House of Congress, or the President, with intent to defame, or bring either into contempt or disrepute, or to excite against either the hatred of the people of the United States, or to stir up sedition, or to excite unlawful combinations against the government, or to resist it, or to aid or encourage hostile designs of foreign nations.

    An act in addition to the act intituled, “An act for the punishment of certain crimes against the United States.”
    [Approved July 14, 1798.]


    1. The Spanish Embassy in Caracas has told Lopez to STFU and publicly said that it cannot be used as a base for his ‘political activities’. Considering that in Washington the police are letting anti-Maduro protesters in to the diplomatic compound, at least Spain has learned the lesson that they have more to lose by disrespecting the Vienna Conventions on diplomatic affairs, where as the USA seems to think that their behavior won’t have any repercussions.


      1. CODEPINK Activist Ariel Gold on Defending Venezuela’s Embassy

        ...According to Ariel Gold, National Co-Director of the antiwar activist group CODEPINK they have been maintaining a 24/7 presence at the embassy since April 14th to prevent Guaido’s appointed diplomats from taking over the embassy.

        “We’ve been working with the embassy staff ever since the coup began. As they started to reduce the staff we’ve had some educational events here then we finally made a decision that we should be there. And they said to us you are welcome, you are there with our permission.” Gold told me over the phone Monday night from the embassy…

        More at the link.

        I guess the USA finally has open ‘Pinkos’, but then anyone to the left of Ghengis Khan is a Communist..! 😉


        1. I made a comment on some forum on the intertubes, to the effect that Guaido is an American asset being forced on the people of Venezuela against their will even as it is trumpeted as the last word in democracy, and was invited to go join the Code Pink protesters at the Embassy. In a manner which clearly indicated the commenter’s disapproval.


      2. And it probably won’t, because the USA makes the rules for the rest of the world, and grants itself exemptions as it feels necessary. More people should by now have begun to realize that international law is not really law at all, and that the United States forbids itself nothing – any behavior can be indulged in, so long as it is billed as necessary to ‘restore democracy’ or ‘bring the gift of freedom’ to a repressed people. That these priceless gifts are reliably bestowed upon people whose countries have significant reserves of oil and gas is probably just a coincidence. We could probably test that by having an African society in a poor country which has no oil beg for a western military intervention to save it from being eradicated by a dominant and murderous African society, and see what the response is. Oh, wait; that was done already, when the Tutsi of Rwanda begged for the western military to save them from genocide at the hands of the Rwandan Hutu majority. And the west did the square root of sweet fuck-all while the Hutu slaughtered something like 70% of the Tutsi population in just 100 days.

        I wonder what the western response would have been had the Tutsi had custody of oil-rich lands like Kirkuk in Iraq, or al-Sidra in Libya, both cities in which the ‘US-led coalition’ aggressively promoted the interests of ‘rebels’ and minority groups against the government. In fact, it is a frequent source of amazement for me that anyone at all still stirs themselves to the clarion call of ‘freedom and democracy!!’ when the west starts to beat the war-drum for enabling ‘rebels’ or the political opposition – always reliably in bed with western interests – in the latest oil-rich country. How clear does a pattern have to be before everyone can see it?


        1. A rich Tutsi elite living in exile (most of them in Kenya) was behind the war and genocide in Rwanda, with full support of USA, UK and the army of Uganda.

          The victims (The Hutus) was blamed, and the war criminal genocider Paul Kagame is now dictator for life, with full support of USA.

          His army has continued working for the west genociding people in Congo…

          Someone who used to comment on your blog had a lot of information about this. (I can not remember his name).

          Christopher Black has defended some of the “genociders” and written alot about the war and genocide.


          “Black has written several articles about the role of the ad hoc war crimes tribunals as instruments of US war policy and regarding the 1994 conflict in Rwanda, arguing that its standard interpretation as a genocide of the country’s Tutsi population is incorrect based on the evidence presented at the trials at the ICTR. He notes that the Tutsi-led Rwandese Patriotic Front conducted a war of aggression from Uganda against Rwanda with US and British support from 1990, and presents the evidence that the RPF was responsible for the 1994 shoot down of the presidential plane which killed the Hutu presidents of Burundi and Rwanda. Black also argues, based on the evidence in the trials and research by many academics that many of the deaths which occurred in the resulting upheaval were perpetrated by RPF members, rather than by the extremist Hutu groups which have generally been held responsible for the country’s descent into chaos.”


          1. I think the commentator here who was knowledgeable about Africa is a South African who now lives and studies in Canada. Last I heard of him here, he said he was too busy with his studies (for a doctorate, I think) and was not able to visit as often as he had previously been doing.


          2. That’s interesting; I don’t remember seeing that angle. My main point, though, is that Rwanda had nothing much to inspire a prospective western intervener – if that’s so, what was it all for? Why the elaborate deception?


            1. It is the same fight against “evil communism” like the attempted regime-change in Venezuela!

              People will have to die if they like democracy….


            2. It’s my impression that Rwanda is in a strategic part of eastern Africa: close to Uganda, Lake Victoria and the source of the Nile River, and right next door to a remote part of the DRC that is far from Kinshasa and probably poorly defended by that country’s military, in part because of the chaos and corruption created by constant foreign interference (which includes Rwanda itself). There have been reports over the years that Rwanda and Uganda steal much of the eastern DRC’s mineral wealth (gold, diamonds and coltan in particular) and export it for their own enrichment.


          3. For what its worth, I spoke at length with a person who lived in Rawanda and lost relatives in that genocide. He indicated religious factors were at play but certain European powers were the string pullers. We found significant commonality with the genocide of Serbs in WW II.


    2. Russian press reported on Guano Gusano’s mea culpa for the WAPO.
      In reading comments about this on some links, I have collected some descriptive Russian adjectives to describe Mr. Gusano, e.g.,

      ротастое (“mouthy”)
      зубастое (“toothy”)
      рукастое (“handy” – but not in the English sense, means he waves his hands around a lot, like Navalny)


  36. “Abrams” rides into Oslo. Russophobe Babchenko wants to get asylum in Norway
    May. 5th, 2019 at 10:46 AM

    There is information going round that infamous Russophobe Arkady Babchenko, who has been living in the Ukraine for the last two years, has arrived in Norway so as to learn about a decision over whether he be granted political asylum in that country.

    According to the the Telegram Channel “Major and General”, in this way he is trying to play it safe in case of persecution by the new Kiev authorities, because SBU officers, who had promised him assistance and with whom he is in constant communication, have been banal with him, not rendering him any assistance. In other words, the “dreamer” who dreamt of riding on an “Abrams” tank along Tverskaya Street [Moscow] is now going to leave “the Ukraine without Poroshenko”, guided by well known sites from the Internet, such as “10 ways to emigrate to Norway”.

    Recall that the Russian journalist and military leader Arkady Babchenko, positioning himself as a fighter against the Russian authorities, has actively supported all the crimes of the Ukrainian authorities, including the war unleashed by Kiev against the population of the Donbass, as well as having other Russophobic sentiments and unequivocally speaking on the side of the Ukraine as a whole and the former President Poroshenko in particular. In February 2017, Babchenko, arguing that he had received threats, left the territory of Russia, and since August of that same year, has been living in the Ukraine.

    In May 2018, performing a task set him by the SBU, Babchenko took part in the dramatization of his own murder, . However, this provocation did not bring him the expected returns: Petro Poroshenko did not provide him with any decent employment or any guarantees, for which reason the so-called emigrant had to constantly beg in social networks, regularly appealing to his subscribers in order to collect money for his personal needs.

    The victory of Vladimir Zelenskiy was a real blow to Arkady Babchenko, since he had exclusively backed Petro Poroshenko. In particular, he had declared that a victory for Tymoshenko would mean death for the Ukraine, and that Zelenskiy’s victory was a disaster.

    Already aware of the obvious coming defeat of Poroshenko in the second round, Babchenko hinted in his publications that, with a new president, he would have to leave the territory of the Ukraine. Apparently, however, under present circumstances, the “luckless Gauleiter” has already had to think about moving.

    “On a warm summer Saturday Norwegian evening, the streets are lively and especially crowded”, reads one of Babchenko’s latest publications on Facebook, which is backed up with a corresponding photograph of a snowy Norwegian landscape.

    “Whether I could send perhaps, a summary? No … well, but what about. I already write posts on Facebook about the President. And I will do it for money…. “

    There follow such replies to his begging for money as:

    “Arkady, you are boring. I won’t give you any money!”…

    As for money, it goes without saying that with almost every one of Arkady Babchenko’s’ publications there are attached details of his bank cards (both Ukrainian and Russian) so as to enable money transfers in UAH, rubles, dollars and euros, as well as a Yandex wallet and Russian MTS and MegaFon mobile numbers .

    However, along with trying to solve his own everyday problems, Arkady Babchenko does not forget about politics, actively discussing current topics, while according to the long-rolled scenario, he does not forget to pour mud onto Russia. (It appears that the contingent gathered on Babchenko’s page “throws him a penny for food” precisely so as to hear his reasoning).

    Here is how, for example, he explains to his “likeminded brothers” the issuance of Russian passports to citizens of the LDNR: “Let me explain to you… On the territory of the Ukraine there will be an enclave of citizens of the aggressor state, which will be connected with Russia more than with the Ukraine and which will travel to Russia, will work in Russia, will receive pensions in Russia, speak her language, be drafted up into the Russian army and will fight for Russia. You can go on saying that ‘these are our citizens’, or, on the contrary, use obscene vocabulary, but the de facto border will now pass through the line of demarcation. And then there will be a Russian base. A huge one, as in Tskhinvali. When I saw that place, my jaw dropped… You don’t know them. They will erase the Minsk agreements. There will be further occupation. There will be passports that will be recognized. They’re just waiting for the moment”.

    And here are the thoughts of Muscovite Arkady Babchenko about the Russian language in the Ukraine:

    “…As a Russian-speaking journalist, I should certainly prefer two languages. Because of quotas, I have problems with employment. My books are banned. [Because they are published in Russia and written in Russian, arsehole! — ME] And so … there should be a sinecure: work where you want, new opportunities, new salaries… in General, I believe that if the Ukraine wants to enter Europe as soon as possible, it should have two languages running together: Ukrainian and English. As regards bureaucrats, English should be mandatory… This is all about what language our grandchildren will speak. The grandchildren of Estonians who lived in the soviet union (this phrase Babchenko wrote with a small letters – ed.) speak Estonian . [Those Estonians whose mother tongue is Estonian and who lived in the USSR spoke Estonian in the Estonian SSR! Does Babchenko really not know this? — ME] And all this rhetoric about the fraternal Soviet peoples does not even arise. It simply ceased to exist after it had died …

    Perhaps the key in this stream of “language consciousness” is the phrase “our grandchildren”. Agreed: it is quite interesting to ask in what language, according to Babchenko, will his grandchildren speak. We should note that together with Babchenko and his wife Olga, their daughter Ekaterina, born 2006, lives “in exile”. Also, the Russian-speaking hater of all that is Russian is the adoptive father of six children taken into care from a Russian orphanage, who, during the whole period of the “wanderings” of their suffering foster-father, have been living in Russia with his mother, a teacher, who is their guardian.

    Source: «Абрамс» едет в Осло. Русофоб Бабченко хочет получить убежище в Норвегии


    1. Babchenko cannot help being a retard, though: his family name is Ukrainian.

      Many Ukrainians, however, are not as retarded as he is.

      I daresay quite a number of them are normal.


    2. It does my hear good to see such Heroes Of The New Ukraine brought low. I totally approve, though, of his doctrine of ‘work where you want’. The trouble with Babchenko is that he does not really seem to want to work at all, and has no marketable skills. Spewing hate on demand is not really a skill. The best deterrent against the emergence of such prostitutes is for them to live and die in poverty, begging for their daily crust. Amazing that the west has not seized upon him as a dissident hero, and perhaps it would have done if he spoke English.


  37. Yahoo!CRap: Syria rebels repel limited attack on enclave despite truce


    When widely respected international news agencies like ‘ap’ still produce utter misrepresentative shite like this as ‘news’, then it is no-wonder so many people are turned off the ‘trusted’ press. Just send us the press releases straight from the terrorists themselves and save CRap the effort. No intermediary needed.

    Elsewhere (BMPD?), I’ve also read that the RuAF AB at Latakia has fought off dozens of drone based attacks recently, but not that you would know it from the international media. Who is supply this equipment and planning it? Best not ask questions whose answers could prove embarrassing.


    1. Good opportunities to test various anti-drone defenses in combat conditions. Simply for the visuals, I would like to see a laser burn them down but I suppose jamming or frying their electronics with microwaves are more cost-effective.


  38. Feathers fly in Europe’s battle with Ukrainian chicken boss

    Ukrainian poultry giant is in line for trade and cash prizes while EU farmers grumble over foul play.

    Ukraine’s top poultry tycoon is stirring up even more tension in the EU by expanding his empire.

    Billionaire Yuriy Kosyuk and his chicken business MHP is already a bête noire to EU farmers, who argue that he won a major trade victory against Brussels by exploiting a legal loophole in the EU-Ukraine trade deal to vastly increase exports of chicken breast — the prime cut.

    Pressure is mounting for the EU to walk back those trade perks for Ukraine, and to take action against Kosyuk’s next goal: the international growth of his empire through a €100 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)….

    The rest at the link.

    Ho ho ho! What’s more powerful/dangerous to political parites, domestic lobbying and votes or wanting to make expensive gestures on the world diplomatic stage?


    Declare Martial law.
    Ship that snarling European whore to somewhere she longs to be a part of…. Brussels?
    Ya just can’t fuck around with a rabid bully USA
    Nobody in their right mind wants to die or celebrate death… That includes NS…. But I think the only way to stop this mfs is by total resistance…. By any and all means.


  40. Manchester United are now out of Champions League football next season and the i-Sraeli army is threatening to invade the Gaza strip – 10 days away from Eurodirision in Tel Aviv! What else could possibly go wrong??? It looks like its all kicking off. Even if not, v. big things are afoot in the near future.


  41. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 started running into difficulties a while ago, due to a sudden “surge” of reliability issues in its engines, specifically the elements therein that are made in France (the hot turbine sections). This led to both InterJet (Mexico) and CityJet (Ireland) having to suddenly ground planes quite a lot, which cost them tons, and in the long run started to put off other prospective customers of the aircraft and its dedicated engines (the PowerJet Russo-French powerplant is exclusive to the SSJ, built by SNECMA and Saturn).

    I found all of that a bit odd at the time the issues were made public, as SNECMA and Saturn don’t have any similar issues with any other engines they both produce independently of each other, completely in-house – it’s only this joint venture, only on the SSJ, which happens to be an engine/aircraft competing with the big (western) boys in the regional jet segment. And only the parts that are produced in France…

    Today an SSJ suddenly burst into flames mid-air, and it looks to be catastrophic engine failure. Luckily, the pilots managed to land it and nobody was killed, but it sure looked dramatic.



    1. Like

      1. Check the thread on PPRUNE:

        via one of the comments the vid ~4:51 shows it landing while ‘engines’ on fire:

        Rumor of complete electrical failure after lightning strike, bounced 3 times on landing wit MLG collapsing. Not much long and they all would have been dead ##^#$%@!


        1. As per DRUTTEN’s comment:

          …SaM146 problems occur in the so-called hot part of the engine, where fuel is burned. Cracks appear in the combustion chambers or oil collectors after 2000–4000 flight hours, and sometimes after 1000 flight hours.

          The engine must be sent to overhaul then although the manufacturer promises that the engine should run 7500-8000 hours before the first major overhaul….

          …Repair of a failed engine costs from two to five million dollars and lasts around two months. Since this is a design flaw, the manufacturer repairs the engine at its own expense. But the airline itself pays for the rental of the replacement engine…

          From the wiki …Snecma is in charge of the core engine, control system (FADEC), transmissions (accessory gearbox, transfer gearbox), overall engine integration and flight testing…

          Design fault and/or metallurgical/production problems?


    2. Did not see your post before making a post. Engine fire? Uncontained engine failure? Sabotage is always a possibility given the high stakes. Hope that the Russians are able to pin down the cause quickly.


  42. Пожар самолета в аэропорту Шереметьево: 13 человек погибли, часть из них задохнулась в дыму
    Самолет SSJ-100 загорелся после аварийной посадки. Всего на борту находились 73 пассажира и пять членов экипажа [фото, видео, обновляется]

    Today, 20:49 Moscow time.e

    13 dead, says KP, some of whom suffocated because of the smoke.

    73 pasengers and 5 crew on board.


    1. That is a shame. It was apparently a SuperJet 100. The story I read indicated flames were spewing from the back of the plane and crashed on its second attempt at landing. Flames near the back would seem unusual suggesting perhaps a cargo fire or sabotage.


      1. Australia and the US have bans on the transport of lithium ion batteries in cargo holds. As far as I could see online, Russia does not appear to have a similar ban. So investigators should not rule out the possibility that lithium ion batteries in a bag in the cargo area could have caught fire and the fire then spread, leading to the crash.


        1. The US ban is very thorough. Even very tiny batteries in equipment that weigh thousands of pounds are enough to prohibit air shipment. Manufacturers are moving away from lithium batteries with nickel-hydrogen batteries being one favorite. Lithium batteries are not banned from carry-on luggage as, presumably, the flight crew has some means to isolate and smother a flaming cell phone or laptop (computer, that is).

          There was a time (3 years ago?) when the US banned foreign airliners from flying routes to the US due to security concerns over laptops. However, the ban had no logic behind it and was widely regarded as an effort to funnel more business to US airlines. I think that ban has been lifted.


  43. And a video identifying the alibis used by German officers to explain their loss to the Soviet Union.


    1. Identifying the alibis (General Winter, blame it on Hitler, and robotic commies) and dismissing them as rubbish.


  44. This CCT video of the Superjet crash changes everything:


    The plane caught fire after a very hard landing (bounced and caught fire on the 2nd impact). The plane was likely is distress prior to landing but exactly what remains unknown.



  45. MOSCOW, May 6 – RIA Novosti. Forty-one people were killed in the Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash at Sheremetyevo airport, said Senior Assistant Head of the Moscow Inter-Regional Investigatory Transport Directory of the Russian Federation Investigatory Committee Elena Markovskaya.

    “Forty-one people”, she told journalists when asked how many people had died.

    According to the News Agency, out of the 78 aboard the aeroplane 37 have survived: 33 passengers and four crew members.

    A list of survivors has been published on the website of “Aeroflot”.

    Hospitalized are six people, three of whom being in serious condition.

    The Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft of Aeroflot flight EN from Moscow to Murmansk, undertook an emergency return on Sunday evening to Sheremetyevo airport and made a hard landing there after 28 minutes of flight. The plane was able to land only on the second attempt, owing to difficult weather conditions. When landing, the back of the aicraft broke and the engines caught fire.

    The Investigatory Committee has brought a criminal case under article 263 of the criminal code “Violation of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport, resulting, through imprudence, in the death of two or more persons”. Dmitry Medvedev instructed that a state commission be created to investigate the incident. Rostransnadzor said it will hold an unscheduled inspection of the airline Aeroflot and Sheremetyevo airport and the State Organization for Air Transport in the RF.

    The acting Governor of the Murmansk region, Andrey Chibis, has announced three days of mourning in the region. Families of the dead passengers that live in the region shall get a million rubles: hospitalized victims shall receive 500 thousand rubles.

    Source: СК сообщил о 41 погибшем при ЧП в Шереметьево
    6 May 00:28


    1. And today’s UK Independent asks: “What is Russia’s aviation safety record and how concerned should travellers be?”

      I shall not provide a link, because the article pisses me off.

      By the way have there been other aviation accidents elsewhere of late?

      Just wondering.


      1. They should have asked all the people who attended the World Cup events last year. How does The (Not so) Independent figure they all managed to turn up on time for their seats from all the various countries where they live?


    1. Defenders of Ukraine sovereignty against Commie barbarism, that’s what they are!

      Victory or Bolshevism!


  46. Wow, I apologize for being a bit too fast there, my bad. The initial information about the plane accident was in-flight engine fire, followed by a rough emergency landing and no casualties.

    Then as things cleared up, it shifted to in-flight instrumentation issues (possibly due to a lightning strike, which sounds odd as they usually don’t cause much trouble for aircraft), followed by a hard emergency landing with multiple bounces, a raging fire and up to 41 deaths.

    Goes to show it’s best to take your time before opening your mouth.


    1. You and everyone else (me too) Drutten! It’s always a chain of events. The pilots would normally have vented as much of the fuel as possible before attempting a landing (it is standard practice) but going in heavy indicates a most serious problem and very unusual for a pilot to do this. Planes are designed to handle lighting strikes (because they are guaranteed to happen) so this is really weird. The SSJ is a fully fly-by-wire aircraft and looked to be controllable though it’s not evident for all the systems, the engines regulated by FAEDEC* for example which might explain the hard landing which looks like to be the primary cause of the fire as the almost full fuel tanks would have split.

      My biggest problem with all this is that ‘a criminal investigation’ has been opened already, as if the pilots or some other persons did this on purpose. France also takes a similar approach to air accidents. It is completely unnecessary politicization. Do the investigation and see where it takes you first. Uh!



      1. Al-beeb s’allah reports that the flight control computers were also functioning in ‘Direct Law’ mode, which if I remember correctly is what happens when the system detects faulty sensors/sensor disagreement and quits its standard ‘Envelope Protection’ mode that stops. Direct law gives the pilot complete control of the flight controls as if it were connected by cables/hydraulics, i.e. he could stall it by pulling up too steeply/tip it over etc. etc.


        1. SkyNudes: Hero flight attendant ‘died saving passengers from Moscow jet inferno’

          …Part of the landing gear was then destroyed when it touched down heavily back at the airport.

          “It looks like pieces of the broken landing gear hit the left-side fuel tank and completely destroyed it. Fuel spewed out, and the fire broke out as a result,” a source told Interfax…


        2. If I recall correctly, the loss of one of the demo Superjets – which was touring about, showing off to prospective buyers – when it flew into a mountainside was also due to pilot error. He was a nervy bugger, and flew too close where air currents are tricky and he lost lift. Such practices and associated losses certainly do reflect on flight safety, but I would hardly call them so alarming that the western press has to do a full review – didn’t a Boeing just slide into a river in Jacksonville after a hard landing? All we heard there was how brilliant the crew was because nobody was hurt.


          1. We probably remember this crash of an airbus at an airshow:

            No schadenfreude here. I did note that Yahoo comments on the Russian crash were relatively free of Russophobic trolls with most expressing compassion for the victims and their families. Boeing’s recent multiple crashes likely kept the trolls at bay for a little while.

            The video did show an extremely hard landing which apparently collapsed the landing gear. The flight data and cockpit voice recorders should clear things up fairly quickly. My totally baseless guess would be a combination of factors, some beyond control and others exacerbated by pilot error. I thought the feature of returning full control to the pilot when the automated systems determined that it could properly fly the plane was quite clever versus having an impaired system still trying to fly the plane.


  47. Russia To Cut More Oil Production As Exports Restricted

    Russia’s oil production will be cut by another 1 million barrels per day over the next week after its oil exports were restricted due to contamination issues, according to Reuters.

    The contaminated crude oil was shipped through Transneft’s Druzhba pipeline, causing the pipeline operator to call on Russian oil producers to request reduced volumes—a 10 percent reduction.

    The contamination issue—which Transneft says was deliberate—has been quite a headache for Russia, …



    1. Evangelical fatboy Mike Pompeo recently announced the end of sanctions waivers for Iranian oil – the Exceptional Nation, he warns, is ‘going to zero across the board’. Nice for gasoline retailers, who will certainly reap an uncertainty dividend. I know whereof I speak, as gasoline prices in British Columbia are the highest in North America, thanks to the double whammy of international uncertainty and newly-elected Alberta Premier Conservative Jason Kenney, who threatens to shut off oil and gas to BC if we don’t capitulate on the Trans-Mountain Pipeline. Something like 80% of our fuel supplies come from Alberta.

      Nations which defy the American order to cease importing Iranian oil will face – you guessed it – sanctions!!!! So Iran is not allowed to export oil even though it has lots, and Venezuela is not allowed to export oil although it has lots, but the United States is busy bustling around Europe pressuring it to become more dependent on American LNG.

      Oh, and Trump has just sent the Abraham Lincoln (USS Mission Accomplished) Carrier Battle Group (CBG) to Iran. Seems like the United States of Do As We Say just cannot get enough of war and bossing people around.


  48. A bit old but:

    Neuters: Russia’s Novatek starts shipping LNG from new small-scale plant: data

    …According to Refinitiv Eikon flows data, Novatek shipped seven cargoes with a total volume of 67,800 cubic meters of frozen gas between March 31 and April 16 from Vysotsk.

    Three cargoes were received by Lithuanian port Klaipeda, one each by the Finnish ports of Tahkoluoto (Pori) and Tornio, and the remaining two went to Visby and Nynashamn in Sweden. …

    …Novatek’s shipment to Klaipeda also marks an important shift as the Baltic states, led by Lithuania, try to reduce their dependence on gas from Gazprom, their sole source for decades.

    LNG, which can cost more than pipeline gas, allows for greater flexibility. ..

    Oh, I get it! Gazprom is interchangeable with ‘Russia’ as Russia is with the ‘Soviet Union’, but color me a bit confused that gas from Novatek is also Russian gas yet the Balts and the lo-land of Po-land have been squealing for years to get off ‘Russian’ gas but somehow doesn’t now have a problem with ‘Russian gas’ from Novetek because it is ‘competitive’? Shifting the goal posts… Much credit to the journalists for skipping around this, but then that is how the established media work – they either don’t address the issue or they say that they were ‘misunderstood’. Fake news? Never!


    1. Sssshhhhh!! If they’re willing to pay more for Russian gas from a different Russian company, just because it’s frozen and compressed and marketed by somebody who isn’t Gazprom, let them think they’re striking a mighty blow for freedom and democracy. In fact, if I were Novatek, I would paint “We’re not Gazprom, and we don’t even like them very much” on the side of my vehicles


  49. The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Ukraine has summoned Petro Poroshenko for questioning. This was reported by the agency “Ukrainian News”, referring to the head of the special investigations department Sergey Gorbatyuk.

    The former president of the Ukraine has been summoned to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Ukraine on May 7. Poroshenko has been summoned for interrogation into cases of crimes against Euromaidan activists. He had previously stated that during the “Euromaidan” in 2014, he personally carried the bodies of the dead and helped the wounded. Also, Poroshenko is expected to sign an interrogation protocol, which took place in November 2016.

    Journalist Tatyana Vysotskaya posted a recording of her speech on February 18, 2014 on her YouTube channel. According to her, Poroshenko has exaggerated his role at “Euromaidan” and is trying to rewrite history.

    Ukrainian politician Oleg Tsarev took an active part in those events. He told RIA Novosti that Poroshenko could have carried away any of the wounded and killed from the “Euromaidan” because he appeared there extremely rarely and could not decide which side to join.


    Nobody seems to be bothered about all the money he has stolen from the state and how he became wealthier every year of his presidency.

    Last year, his wealth officially increased by $19.2 million


    1. An additional problem for Porky Pig that must have omitted to report is that the Euromaidan actors could not bear to be carried away by him in case he tripped and fell on top of them, unless he paid them extra danger money (which of course he would have refused to do) for the very real risk of being crushed.


      1. Yeah, I thought another more concrete reason for doubting the veracity of his statements that he helped carry away the dead is that he is too fat to bend over and hoist a dead man up in his arms.

        I clearly recall that at the time of the Maidan there were several photos of Porky fringing around in the side streets to the square, where he was having discussions with those who were struggling for their dignity. He was definitely remaining non-committal until he could certainly see which way the wind was blowing. And forget not: the fat twat was a member of the Party of the Regions, the former president’s party, and a member of the now disparaged previous government and one of Yanukovych’s ministers.

        Interestingly, the Party of the Regions, Porky’s former party, claimed to ideologically defend and uphold the rights of ethnic Russians and speakers of the Russian language in Ukraine, and just look here where that party had most support:

        Keeping the above data in mind, consider this:

        The idolization of the Ukraine language
        On the young man’s placard in Ukrainian: Defend the Ukrainian language: vote for the law.
        On the young woman’s placard in Surzhik (I think!): Defend the Ukrainian language: vot for the law.

        On April 29, the current president of the Ukraine [read: Porky] went to the Lvov region and, as Poroshenko’s press service reported, met “representatives of the cultural, public and business environment”. The head of state promised these people that he would sign the recently adopted law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language”. These words of the president, of course, pleased those who had gathered to meet him. And it never occurred to them, nor to Poroshenko, that these scandalous [proposed legal] norms could easily be directed against the residents of Western Ukraine.

        The point here is this: already in the first paragraph of the law are words about the struggle against the conscious distortion, vulgarization and mixing of мова [ mova: the Ukrainian language, but which Ukrainian language — ME ] “with other languages”. Of course, the goal here is the notorious Surzhik [the mixed Ukrainian/Russian patois spoken by millions in the Ukraine — ME]. It is no secret to anyone: in the Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions the wildest mix of Polishisms and Germanisms flourishes [Even in standard Ukrainian! The word “Hetman” [гетьман] for a Cossack leader comes through Polish from the German Hauptmann — ME], flavoured with a large number of dialect expressions. The local intelligentsia can exercise their command of Ukrainian for as long as they wish, but the majority of the population does not speak in the literary Ukrainian language. And what is this that they therefore do, if not a vulgarization of mova, with distortion, for which one must be severely punished?

        Of course, the possibility of the waging of a mova terror campaign in the region during the current political conditions is extremely unlikely. Each president of the “Independent Ukraine” [the term is in quotation marks, as is the wont of Russian commentators in their mockery of this hackneyed phrase, used ad nauseam by Svidomites to mean “independent of the Evil Moskali”— ME] of necessity starts flirting with Western Ukraine – there is no other way. [The Pig once labelled Galitsia as “the essence of the Ukraine”, which is quite interesting, because Galitsia only became part of the Ukraine, and of the UkSSR at that, on October 22, 1939— ME] Accordingly, Galitsia is cherished and cherished. Nevertheless, an instrument of pressure on it is already at hand, and theoretically it can be used. Of course, now the law is directed against the Russian language, but who knows where the wind will blow?

        In the meantime, consider what unpleasant surprises the deputies of the Supreme Rada have prepared for a significant part of the citizens of the Ukraine.

        The [language] bill was discussed for two months, and by the second reading in the seventh paragraph of the first article it was said: “Public humiliation or disregard of the Ukrainian language entails legal consequences established by law for publicly abusing state symbols of the Ukraine, and is the basis for the imposition of legal liability …”. An important point, since the ravages of the nationalists about the sanctity of the “people” were to gain legal force. For thirty years there has been talk of this and in recent years this madness has been storming more and more new heights.

        A small example. The year before last, the channel “Direct” began broadcasting in the “Independent Ukraine”, which channel quickly became well known as one of Poroshenko’s mouthpieces. A couple of days before going on the air, a presenter on this channel (her name is Vasilisa Frolova) recorded a video, in which she publicly asked for forgiveness from the Ukrainian “mova”. [Did she get down on her knees, I wonder? — ME] The reason for her “repentance” was weighty: this woman had fallen into the “sinfulness” of speaking Russian.

        What is happening will seem to be insane to anyone, but after 2014, for the Ukraine, this has turned into something like the rules of good taste. Probably, the next step should be an apology to the вышиванка [vyshivanka, the traditionally embroidered Ukraine peasant shirts and blouses, which is also a symbol of the Ukraine — ME]. By the way, why in the Rada are they not adopting a law on the protection of the vyshivanka: that would only be logical.

        Since the Ukrainian language is now “holy” and has turned into an object of worship, any encroachment on it is blasphemous. As a result, the sixth paragraph of the first article of this language law equates attempts to formally introduce multilingualism as an encroachment, as a violent attempt to change or overthrow the constitutional order. This law is just brutal: “blasphemers” could get 10 years in prison, for real crimes they often give less time.

        I repeat, all this was in the second reading of the bill. On April 25, the deputies began to back off. The punishment for appeals to multilingualism was removed: they threw out abuse of mova as a state symbol, softened the article about public events: if they are carried out by non-governmental organizations, then Ukrainian is not obligatory. They did not prohibit the translation of the names of objects of toponymy, so that you can write “Kharkov”, “Odessa” instead of “Kharkiv” or “Odesa”. They also rejected the idea of ​​increasing the quota on television: instead of 90%, they left the current 75% of the mandatory airtime in mova.

        However, many discriminatory provisions have not gone anywhere; the people were graciously allowed to speak as they wished to do so at home; the same applies to religious organizations; the new law does not apply to the performance of ceremonies: the media, however, the theatre, cinema, book publishing, education – everything has to be completely in Ukrainian.

        It seems that the use of Russian is not directly prohibited, but, let us just say that newspapers which want to preserve bilingualism are placed in such conditions that they will be forced to switch to mova, otherwise, if they print two copies, one in Russian and one in mova, they will go broke. Internet publications will also have a hard time — they will suffer almost total Ukrainization.

        In addition, the authors of the law have climbed into the service sector, which had previously not been considered. True, you can communicate with a customer in Russian if requested to do so. Therefore, hairdressers, vendors, filling station workers and dry cleaners can relax a little. However, you must be ever vigilant: if you begin a conversation with a customer in Russian, then you can be fined. The same applies to employees of medical institutions.

        And the Rada deputies have introduced compulsory certification of all officials and established a secretariat of the ombudsman for the protection of the Ukrainian language. How this institution will function in practice is still unknown, but the experience of Latvia and Estonia, which have similar structures, shows that they are turning into a real language police.

        All sorts of “activists” like the odious Farion or Nitsoi [Children’s writer and mova warrior Larissa Nitsoi, who has called in the police and authorities when children at school have been given books written in Russian — ME] have been dealt a big trump card. If earlier the latter only threw small things at and went into hysterics with a cashier, now she can make official complaints, creating additional problems for people who have already had enough. And Nitsoi has a whole bunch of imitators and followers.

        In general, the Supreme Rada, although it made certain concessions, did everything to spoil what is already a difficult life for millions of their fellow citizens. For those who have Russian as their mother tongue, then this law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language” is provocatively humiliating (the same can be said about the Transcarpathian Hungarians and the Bukovinian Romanians). [Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights over this issue? Don’t be stupid!!! —ME] The lawmakers’ reasoning had, apparently, been based on their fears about mova “being outraged and forgotten”. The consequences of this language law can be much more serious.

        Five years ago, immediately after Yanukovich’s flight, the Supreme Rada voted to abolish the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law (officially, it was called “On the Fundamentals of the State Language Policy”). Short, limited, giving little to the Russian-speaking Ukrainian citizens and yet becoming one of the first victims of the “Maidan” regime. By the way, even Poroshenko at the start of his presidential term called this law a mistake. He has now forgotten about this fact and considers the language vote of April 25 as a personal victory.

        in 2014, the Donbass responded to the Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law with mass protests against the actions of the people’s deputies. Turchinov hastily vetoed the law, but the momentum of the conflict had already begun to slow down and the repeal of Kivalov’s law – Kolesnichenko played a large role in this. Today, unlike in the spring of 2014, the situation is not quite so dramatic. However, the Ukrainian crisis is now moving into another phase, caused by the election of Zelensky and the escalating battle for power. In the event of an exacerbation of the situation, the humiliating language law can be used as was in its own time the Kivalov — Kolesnichenko language law and its annulment. Thus, the parliamentarians have personally planted a veritable mine under the building of their beloved Ukraine.

        This might work in the future, but official Kiev is already creating problems for itself now in the international arena. During the voting in the Rada, no one concealed that the law of April 25 was directed against Russia, and the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation promptly condemned it. The Ukraine has also placed itself on the verge of a new confrontation with Hungary.

        All last year, one scandal after another erupted between Kiev and Budapest, seasoned with provocations from the Ukrainian side. Especially a lot of noise was made by a video, secretly shot at the Hungarian consulate in Beregovo, and the resulting scandal ended with the mutual expulsion of diplomats. [The video, which surfaced on 19 September 2018, showed Ukrainian citizens in the Zakarpattia Oblast swearing allegiance to Hungary, which event caused the Ukraine to declare the Hungarian consul a persona non-grata and had him expelled from the Ukraine. The ceremony took place in the Hungarian consulate in Beregovo. To top it off, the consul suggested that the new dual citizens conceal from the Ukrainian authorities the fact of their receiving a Hungarian passport — ME] Budapest also performed unfriendly actions, blocking the meetings of the Ukraine-NATO commission and hindering other efforts by “Independent Ukraine” to integrate with the EU.

        By the end of 2018, the Americans had forced the Hungarian-Ukrainian neighbours to somehow reconcile, and the conflict subsided. The adoption of this new mova law has restarted the confrontation. Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto again spoke about anti-Hungarian policy. The parliamentary parties have reacted violently — the ultra-right Jobbik has even forgotten for a while about fighting the government and is ready to support him in blocking the Ukraine’s European integration initiatives. In general, the Hungary-Ukraine confrontation has started all over again.

        And they are not keeping silent in Bucharest, either. Secretary of State Denutz Neculescu has held consultations with Deputy Klimkin Vasily Bodnar and raised the issue of protecting the rights of Romanians living in the Ukraine. That is, a warning has been given to Kiev that tougher actions could follow: for example, the strengthening of ties in the Bukovina and Odessa regions. One of the forms of these ties is the symbolic reunification of settlements with Romania. This tactic has already been tested in Moldova, and it can be extended into the Ukraine.

        These are the first consequences of the law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language”. However, it cannot be said that this how matters will end. We have spoken above about some softening of the wording in the final draft. In addition, various deferments have appeared in the text: only after 3 years have passed shall there be fines for using another language; for newspapers and websites, a transition period has been established, and there has been granted a two-year period of indulgence for publishers; the full Ukrainization of the education system has been stretched out until the 2025.

        It is quite simple to continue delaying the full implementation of the law that was adopted on April 25, but one should not get too cocky about this: it has been pointed out yet again to the Russian-speaking population of the Ukraine that they are lower-grade people, and it is very unpleasant to live with such a feeling and it is extremely difficult to forget about this.

        Идолизация «мовы»
        07 Мая 2019 Алексей Ткачук


        1. Splendid. Keep it up, Kuh-yiv. Watch the population statistics for indicators of how this is received by the population – pretty soon, all that will be left in the country will be activists and fanatics, all chinning away to each other the livelong day in Ukrainian. Which will make it a tourist mecca, it goes without saying.


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