In the Matter of the People vs. Caitlin Johnstone, the Defense Rests.

Uncle Volodya says, “Thus it is that no cruelty whatsoever passes by without impact. Thus it is that we always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap.”

Many of you will be aware, thanks to comments on this forum or perhaps from your own sources, of the brief suspension of Caitlin Johnstone’s Twitter account, following accusations by that venue that Johnstone was using it to ‘abuse’ John McCain.

Let me state here and now the contempt I have for Twitter as a means of communication. I just don’t get the attraction of it, and although I have a Twitter account myself, I almost never use it. Pretty much only when someone else says something infuriating or stupid – or both – on Twitter, and I can’t address it any other way. Consequently I have only a handful of tweets, and almost no followers. This has led to the smug certainty among my detractors that I am a Kremlin bot and not actually a person, or perhaps one person who manages a ton of accounts, all of which spew Kremlin propaganda the livelong day and try to divert readers from The Spreading Of Truth, as defined by the western supremacists.

A brief diversion here, if you will. The suspension, although temporary, of Ms. Johnstone’s account is coincident with the removal by WordPress of several blogs, which plied a common theme that the shooting deaths of children at Sandy Hook were part of a major hoax by the US government or its corporate backers. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about it and any purported inconsistencies to offer an opinion, although I would lean toward it having actually happened and not being a fake. But that’s not the point. According to Shannon Liao at The Verge, the situation at WordPress reached critical mass because several self-appointed activists persistently called attention to these blogs and WordPress’s stance that they would not be shut down because they did not violate WordPress’s Terms of Service. But the cause was taken up by the New York Times, and WordPress folded and took them down. A great victory for the thought police.

Because further down in that self-righteous piece of garbage was this: “WordPress’ stance is reminiscent of how other social media platforms are currently under fire for arbitrarily determining what policies to enforce and whether to police horrific misinformation or leave it standing. As these issues gain attention, many platforms are putting new measures in place to remove abusive content, but like WordPress, their initial legal groundwork could use more scrutiny.”

Whether to police horrific misinformation. Now, there’s a kristallnachty- sounding phrase if ever I’ve heard one. Because I learned at my mother’s knee that there are two sides to every story, I’ve seen proven examples of the side which now dons the mantle of righteousness caught in blatant lies which it tried to spread by that same unassailable source – the New York Times – and I know that ‘misinformation’ is what the side that doesn’t believe it, or doesn’t want you to believe it, calls everything.  It’s not that there is no such thing as misinformation, or disinformation. There is, and plenty of it, perhaps more of it than there is of the genuine article. But people have a right to make up their own mind what to believe, and it’s never ‘misinformation’ if you can make a convincing case, using verifiable facts and historical performance, that something happened the way you say it did. If the conspiracy theorists can make a convincing case that Sandy Hook was a hoax brought about by cynical manipulators with a sinister agenda, it would be a crime for that information to be arbitrarily removed from public discourse. The ridiculous justification that it misuses images of children without permission is beyond absurd; half the newspapers in the country went with photos of the children on the front page.

Look at the Skripal affair. The British government’s account of what happened is hilariously unconvincing, and the Foreign Minister himself was caught red-handed in a lie of such monstrous proportions that he was hopelessly compromised and his remaining audience of five true believers could no longer take anything he said as factual. Far from the only example of his instinctive lying, I might add. But the British government demands you take them at their word: they can’t show anyone any evidence – ‘coz it’s National Security, innit? – but any alternate narrative other than the official account of what happened is fake news. Horrific misinformation. Any western authority granted the mandate to rule on what is misinformation is going to abuse that power to ensure only its side of a story (which always has at least two) is the one that is heard. Period. You would like to believe they’re above that, but they’re not.

Well, that was a longer diversion than I planned; let’s get back to Caitlin Johnstone. Here’s what she said, in one of those dozy tweets I dislike so much. “Friendly public service reminder that John McCain has devoted his entire political career to slaughtering as many human beings as possible at every opportunity, and the world will be improved when he finally dies”.

I’m sure it was that last bit that sent the ‘fake news’ crowd over the precipice, because we are conditioned as western citizens to never speak ill of the dead, and the prohibition plainly extends to the almost-dead. The Undead, if you prefer. That’s not the first time Ms. Johnstone, who is nothing if not plain-spoken, has expressed the conviction that the expiration of John McCain is an event which is long overdue. It may well be regarded as insensitive, although I honestly cannot disagree with it, as his continued persistence on this mortal coil means a continued manifestation of his malign influence, and he continues to exercise his privilege to speak on behalf of his constituents to vote for the most destructive course every time it is offered as an option.

If I may be allowed one more tiny diversion, one I have certainly advanced before on the unaccountable American fascination with free speech, I believe it bears directly on Ms. Johnstone’s legal right to say insensitive things, according to established legal precedent. On October 18th, 1998, the Westboro Baptist Church – aka Lunatic Space-Cadets Anonymous – picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was beaten unconscious, tied to a fence and left for dead by a couple of homophobic assailants, and who died of his injuries. The congregation carried signs which bore such inflammatory slogans as “No Tears for Queers”, “Fag Matt Burns in Hell”, and the more perennial but generalized “God Hates Fags”. No action was taken against the church. The family of a decorated US Marine who died in Iraq later took Westboro Baptist Church to court for their provocative baiting at solemn occasions like their son’s funeral, and lost. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Westboro’s right to free speech did not infringe on the family’s right to conduct a funeral without interference.

So any prohibition on publicly wishing John McCain would cease his irritating evasion of the Grim Reaper is imaginary, faith-based and entirely without legal merit.

Getting back to the issue, Ms. Johnstone’s initial antagonist – Patrick – tweeted in response; “What a miserable, despicable person. You are the definition of deplorable. I may frequently disagree with Senator John McCain and Meghan McCain with all due criticism, but they should sue you for libel. This is disgusting.”

What is libel? Libel is “to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie.

Hey, I know – let’s play lawyer, wanna? No costly law degree required; I already said we were playing. But since we’ve already demonstrated that Ms. Johnstone can’t be (successfully) sued for libel for expressing the opinion that the world will be a better place once John McCain has popped his pricey tasseled clogs, then the point of libelous contention must be the allegation that John McCain has availed himself of every opportunity to vote for policies or undertakings which contributed to the slaughter of human beings. A customary and absolute defense against the charge of libel is establishment that the allegedly libelous statement is, in fact, true. Can we do that? I’ll bet we can.

Although he was very much a part of the Vietnam War, John McCain was not a politician at that time, and Ms. Johnstone specified that he had used his political career to press for military action which resulted in many casualties. I don’t think the modification of ‘as many as possible’ would be enforceable under libel laws, as it would be too difficult to prove. Could there have been even more casualties, on both sides, in any military action in which Senator McCain had a vote? Probably, but there is no realistic way to determine if they were either limited or aggravated by his direct participation in the vote. By the same token, the contribution of his vote to any casualties which did take place is, I think, inarguable.

So let’s start with America’s next big war – the Gulf War against Iraq, Take One. John McCain voted for war. Were there casualties? You could say that; 294 Americans died in the Gulf War. The UK lost 47. It’s worth noting, as an aside, that Syria was a US ally in the Gulf War, and had 2 of its soldiers killed. How about Iraqis? Well, nobody seems to have kept a very accurate count – they were, after all, the enemy, and killing them was encouraged – and the official American count is established from Iraqi prisoner-of-war records, and was featured in a report commissioned by the US Air Force. It estimates 20,000-22,000 combat deaths overall, in both the air and ground campaigns. Was that a slaughter? You tell me. And before we move on from the Gulf War, John McCain voted (after the war was over) against providing automatic annual cost-of-living adjustments for certain veterans’ benefits. Four years later, McCain supported an appropriations bill that underfunded the Departments of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies by $8.9 billion. The following year, McCain voted against an amendment to increase spending on veterans programs by $13 billion. As of the year 2000, 183,000 U.S. veterans of the Gulf War, more than a quarter of the U.S. troops who participated, had been declared permanently disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may only be ‘slaughtered’ if you are dead, but the irrevocable changes for the worse in the quality of life for thousands of Americans who were only doing what their country ordered them to do should count for something, what do you say?

This from the American senator who famously could not remember how many houses he and his wife owned. For the record, the number of homes, ranches, condos, and lofts, together worth a combined estimated $13,823,269.00, was ten.

Gee; I’m starting to get a little mad at McCain. Well, let’s move on.

In 2003, the US government of the day decided that Saddam Hussein had not learned his lesson the first time, and so this time he had to go. Accordingly, the USA polled its allies for military forces who were not otherwise occupied, and had another go at it. John McCain said hell yes, let’s get it on. American military casualties, 4,287 killed, 30,187 wounded. A bit more of a slaughter than the first attempt. The advent of ceramic-plate body armor protected the soldier’s body core, so that many more survived injuries that would have been so horrific they would surely have killed them. The downside is that many lived who lost limbs too badly damaged to save, and were crippled for whatever life remained to them. The Iraqi casualty figures were again an estimate, although better documented; by the most reliable count, somewhere between 182,000 and 204,000 Iraqis were killed. Needlessly and pointlessly slaughtered, many of them; American troops grew so fearful as a result of the steady drip of casualties among their own that they frequently opened fire on families in cars with children simply because they did not obey instructions in a language they did not speak or understand. At Mahmudiya, in March 2006, Private Steven Green and his co-conspirators raped and killed 14-year-old Abeer Qassim Hamza, killed her family and set her body afire to blur the details of the crime. When Iraqi soldiers arrived on the scene, Green and his fellow murderers blamed it on Sunni insurgents.

The following year, President Bush approved a ‘surge’ of 20,000 additional troops, which John McCain so energetically agitated for that it became known informally as ‘the McCain doctrine’. That’s after he claimed in 2004 that if an elected government in Iraq asked that US forces leave, they would have to go even if they were not happy with the security situation. He also recognized, the following year, that Iraqis resented the American military presence, and the sooner and more dramatically it could be reduced, the better it would be for everyone. I guess if you lay claim to both sides of the argument, you’re bound to convince someone that you know what you’re doing.

That same year, 2007, John McCain voted against a requirement for specifying minimum time periods between deployments for soldiers deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. When they need you back in the meat-grinder, you go, never mind how many times you’ve already been there. Let’s just keep in mind, before we leave Iraq, that the entire case for war the second time around was fabricated with wild tales of awful weapons Saddam supposedly had which could kill Americans while they were still in America, and so he had to be dealt with. When it was suggested to the Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, that America should concentrate on Afghanistan, since that is where the backers of the 9-11 strike against America had fled, he mused that there were ‘no good targets in Afghanistan’, although there were ‘lots of good targets in Iraq’. Some researchers suggest he was after a ‘teachable moment’ for America’s enemies which would convince them of America’s irresistible power. While John McCain assessed that Donald Rumsfeld was the worst Secretary of Defense ever, his complaint was not that Rumsfeld was not killing enough people, but that he showed insufficient commitment to winning the war.

Libya. Hoo, boy. In 2009, John McCain – together with fellow die-faster-please senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham – visited Tripoli, to discuss Libya’s acquisition of American military equipment. John McCain assured Gadaffi (his son, actually) that America was eager to provide Libya with the equipment it needed. Hardly more than a year later, he espoused the position that Gadaffi must be removed from power because he had American blood on his hands from the Lockerbie bombing. In 2011, he visited the Libyan ‘rebels’, and publicly urged Washington to consider a ground attack to forcibly remove Gaddafi from power. Just a friendly public service reminder; the Lockerbie bombing was most likely carried out by Syria, was – according to pretty reliable testimony – rigged by the American intelligence services to finger Libya, and probably the stupidest thing Gaddafi ever did was to admit to it anyway and pay compensation, in an effort to move on.

Anyway, more war. What the fuck is it with this guy?

Well, even something so grim as war has its comic moments. What else would you call it when NATO claims, with a straight face, that the enemy is hiding his tanks and artillery from its watchful eye inside the water pipes of the Great Man-Made River? What they actually wanted was an excuse to bomb it – which they did, as well as the pumping stations which brought abundant fresh water to the coastal region, in the certain knowledge that it would create a crisis for the civilian population. Which, by the bye, is against just about every convention on the subject ever written.

Here are some of the pipe sections, when they were being trucked to the assembly point. As the article suggests, these sections are 4 meters across; but remember, that’s at their widest point. They are only 4 meters for about a foot, because a water pipe is a circle.

Libya mostly used the T-72 Main Battle Tank, and those would be the ones NATO wanted to eliminate, since the others were considerably older. A T-72, width-wise, would just fit in a 4-meter water pipe, as it is 3.6 meters wide. However, it’s also over 45 tons in weight. The concrete rings were designed to carry free-flowing water, not a 45-ton tank. Would they take that kind of weight, distributed only over a 7-meter length? Where is there an entry point to the water-pipe that is the same width as the widest diameter of the pipe? As discussed, the water pipe is 4 meters wide at its widest point. But the T-72 is 2.3 meters high. The tank would only fit if it was as high as a lunchbox, because the 4-meter width narrows dramatically from the widest point; it’s a circle. Even where it did fit, it would be supported only on the outer edges of its tracks, and you have to cut the 4-meter measurement approximately in half, because the upper portion of the tank would have to be above the point where the tracks touched on each side. The idea was preposterous from the outset, and it speaks to what fucking simpletons western government believes make up its populations that they would dare to put such nutjobbery in print. A T-72 could not fit in a 4-meter water pipe. The notion was demonstrably foolish. But NATO wanted to destroy the water system, so it made up a reason that would allow it to be a well-meaning potential victim of deadly violence.

According to The Guardian – the same source that told you Gadaffi was hiding his tanks in the plumbing – the death toll in the Libyan civil war prior to the NATO intervention was about 1000-2000. According to the National Transitional Council, the outfit the west engineered to rule post-Gaddafi Libya, the final butcher’s bill was about 30,000 dead. The very day after NATO folded its tents – figuratively speaking, as the western role was entirely air support for the flip-flop-wearing rebels – and went home, al Qaeda raised its black flag over the Benghazi courthouse.

Caitlin Johnstone claimed John McCain used his political career to advocate for military interventions which resulted in the slaughter of large numbers of human beings. Is that accurate? What say you, members of the jury? In each of the cases above, John McCain used his political influence, over and above his vote, to argue, advocate, hector and plead for military intervention by the armed forces of the United States of America and such coalition partners as could be rounded up.  In each of the cases above, the necessity of toppling the evildoing dictator was exaggerated out of all proportion, portrayed as an instant and refreshing liberation for his people, and as only the first phase of a progressive plan which would turn the subject country into a prosperous, western-oriented market democracy. In each of the cases above the country is now a divided and ruined failed state whose pre-war situation was significantly better than its miserable present. And in each of the cases above, a lot of people were killed who could otherwise have reasonably expected to be alive today.

Also, each of the cases above is chronologically separated from the others by a sufficient span for it to be quite evident what a cluster-fuck the previous operation was, so that anyone disposed to learn from his mistakes might have approached the situation differently as it gained momentum, argued for caution based on previously-recorded clusterfuckery, pleaded for reason to prevail and for improved dialogue to be a priority. Not John McCain. He learned precisely the square root of nothing from previous catastrophes, and plunged into the next catastrophe with the enthusiasm most remarked among those who are not all there, as the vernacular describes it. He not only voted for war every time, he expended considerable effort in cajoling and persuading the reluctant to go along.

Perhaps the introduction here of the definition for ‘warmonger’ would be helpful to the jury. To wit; “One who advocates or attempts to stir up war. A person who fosters warlike ideas or advocates war.” Synonyms: hawk, aggressor, belligerent, militarist, jingoist, sabre-rattler. There, John; I just saved you the trouble of writing an epitaph.

Will the world be a better place once John McCain is gone? Difficult to say, really, and the present state of affairs in the world argues strongly that it will not. But it will certainly be no poorer for his passing, and if he were to be replaced politically by an individual who took the trouble to do a little research, muse on previous experience, and review all the available options before voting to send in the Marines…why, that would be a victory for everyone in a world where victory is increasingly not even a possibility.

Was Caitlin Johnstone right? Broadly speaking, and going on the information available at the time her statement was made, yes; she was.




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  1. Tough talk off British Home secretary tough guy!

    The pantomime goes on …

    Javid warning to Russian spy poisoning suspects
    8 hours ago

    Speaking on BBC One’s Andrew Marr show, Mr Javid called it a “sickening and despicable” attack.

    It was “unequivocally, crystal clear this was the act of the Russian state – two Russian nationals sent to Britain with the sole purpose of carrying out a reckless assassination attempt,” he said.

    “f they ever step out of the Russian Federation, Britain and its allies will get them and we will bring them to prosecution,” Mr Javid added.

    That’s telling ’em!


    1. Yes, Mr. Javid looks a right salty type. I daresay he would stitch them up good, and save the public the expense of a trial.

      I’d think they would be a little more careful about throwing around words like ‘sickening’ and ‘despicable’, considering how shaky their case is. Because somebody obviously did do it, and if they have no proof that Russia did it but are not looking anywhere else, that tells its own story. I imagine the investigators know far more than they are letting on. And I’m sure they have their reasons for that.


    2. Two Russian GRU hit men who apparently spent a considerable amount of their small amount of time whilst on a mission of death in Merry England mugging in front of CCTV cameras.

      And they only killed one person, and not ther intended target at that: a junky, drug pushing bum’s alcoholic womanfriend, who unfortunaly was accidently contaminated with the deadliest nerve poison known to man.

      As a Scotland counter-terrorist chief plod said, these were trained professionals in the killing trade, and as Prime Minister May said, they belong to a tightly disciplined organization whose orders come directly from the top, meaning the Dark Lord no less.

      Simply sickening and despicable!

      Good job Russians are a bunch of dickheads, otherwise the whole population of Salisbury might have been poisoned – or the South of England, even.

      Who knows what these vile Russians will do next?.


      1. It’s amazing that so much crisp, instantly-recognizable footage exists of the hit men, almost as if they were laying out an easily-reconstructable route for observers; at least, as contrasted with the blurry and ambiguous photo evidence of the Skripals, which seems to rely on happy snaps by friends as much as government resources. Until they get Yulia on camera to make her post-Novichok debut, of course – then, it’s theatre-quality. In fact, the quality of British evidence seems to go up markedly as soon as the preceding exhibits are the object of public derision.


        1. This laying of a trail directly back to the Kremlin is a regular feature of Russian incompetents!

          Harding, in his account of the Litvinenko poisoning, wrote:

          The poison was polonium-210, a rare radioactive isotope, tiny, invisible, undetectable. Ingested, it was fatal. The polonium had originated at a nuclear reactor in the Urals and a production line in the Russian town of Sarov. A secret FSB laboratory, the agency’s “research institute”, then converted it into a dinkily portable weapon.

          Lugovoi and Kovtun, however, were rubbish assassins. The quality of Moscow’s hired killers had slipped since the glory days of the KGB.

          It’s because they’re idiots, see!

          Although Russians are a direct threat to Western civilization and against whom we must be ever on guard, they are also all congenital dickheads, doomed to failure — always.

          All of them!


              1. He was back in Seattle last I checked. Probably hanging out at Starbucks using his professorial shtick to impress naive girls.


                1. Upon further investigation, he may be in Kiev. He is doing circle jerk videos with other highly self-important people. Here is a sample:


  2. Vesti News
    Published on 8 Sep 2018
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    The UN Security Council will discuss the Skripal case in few hours. Great Britain will bring evidence up for discussion. Meanwhile, the Russian Security Council, according to several sources, is preparing to defend our country from sanctions.


  3. Vesti News
    Published on 8 Sep 2018
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    Maria Zakharova, Spokesperson for Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “These photos, this data, and this entire story are amazing in every respect. There is no detail about them that isn’t delightful and fascinating.”


  4. Abby and Robbie talk about John McCains true legacy waging wars of aggression that cost the lives of millions of people, the DC blob mourning his death as a symbol of US empire, how Sarah Palin was groomed by neoconservatives and Steve Bannon as the proto Trump, the claim that Iranian ‘bots’ are ‘sowing discord’ online to influence US elections and the new black list that names Abby and others as ‘Assadists’.


  5. Back to the Russian Pension issue.

    Mark Ames wrote the following Tweet:


    That Putin chose to spend his latest (last?) election victory capital on fulfilling longtime neoliberal dream of slashing pensions by raising retirement age—reminder of Putin’s roots in the free-market Petersburg Clan led by America’s favorite Russian, Anatoly Chubais

    1. I wonder why this issue matters so much to commentators who come from countries with an even higher retirement age?

    The tweet suggests that this reform is part of a plan to defraud the people and steal the pensions.

    Is this what those that oppose the reform believe?

    Or is the opposition opposed to the reform on principle?


    1. Yes; just like Al Capone – another Teflon criminal brought low by the most mundane of instruments available to the just: petty administration. I think everybody here is right on point; those who are officially retired while they are still able and willing to work are going to bank a fraction of their accustomed salary, continuing the present pension scheme is unsustainable, and western agitation on behalf of pensioners is another cynical manipulation designed to create a problem for the Russian government in the hope of making it fall, by convincing a relatively small target group that it is being grossly disadvantaged for the benefit of others.

      The western position is that the Russian government, on this issue, should continue putting strain on the state budget rather than follow western practices. What happened to the money Greece received for its first bailout? The government blew a great deal of it on raising pensions. A fact later highlighted by western analysts as idiocy, rather than leadership.



On September 9th unauthorised protest actions against changes to the pension system took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and other Russian cities.
    Despite the statements of oppositionists about the protest being peaceful, the participants committed a mass of offenses. There were also provokers who coordinated the attempts of the crowd to block off streets in Moscow, to demolish police fences, to “beat off” detentions, and other means to compel the authorities to resort to forceful methods of establishing order.”


    1. For freedom, democracy, Coca-Cola and Big Macs!

      Mummy and daddy will have picked him up at the Bridewell later that day.

      Tverskaya Street. In the building behind the juvenile is one of the biggest knocking-off shops in Moscow: a “club” called “Night Flight”.

      That chump would have to show his passport to get: looks too young.


      1. to get IN …FFS!!!!

        Oh the good old Yeltsin days! How I miss them! You could get a “top class” whore there for less than $150 for all night then.

        So I was told, anyway.

        I was advised by a Pindos brothel-creeper at the time not to pay more than $120 a night for a prostitute there.

        The “invisible hand of the market” and all that; supply and demand etc. …


  7. From the Russian news media:

    Clearly worried about what her life will be as a pensioner …

    Only in Russia …?

    Granddads, we love you!

    Aux barricades, mes enfants!

    The stress being on “enfants”, I should imagine.


      1. Clearly protesting their right and desire to be burdened with forking out extra in their future income taxation payments to pay for the lifestyles and well-being of age pensioners living half a century longer than they (the pensioners) have so far lived and worked!


  8. Kiev has announced its terms for return of water to the Crimea

    The Ukraine may resume itswater supply to the Crimea under one condition, that Russia recognize the “occupation” of the peninsula. This was stated by the Ukrainian Minister of “The Temporarily Occupied” territories, Yury Grymchak, on the TV channel “Espreso TV”.

    Russia has not officially appealed to the Ukraine over the issue of the restoration of the water supply, said Grymchak, and stressed that if such a desire appear, “without recognition of the fact of occupation, then we have nothing to talk about” quoted RIA Novosti.


    In essence, water is a civilian object and, as such, protected by humanitarian law. But in addition, water is indispensable for the survival of the civilian population. Hence, it has been granted special protection, including water sanitation and distribution installations.

    Attacks against civilian objects and, in particular, against objects that are indispensable for the survival of the civilian population are war crimes. So far there have been no prosecutions before international courts and tribunals for attacks against water installations but the option clearly exists.


    1. “We are prepared to stop withholding drinking water from the civilian population once the Russians admit to their vile, oppressive, and criminal acts of building infrastructure and subsidizing the economy.”


      1. Contrast this with the remarks made by Putin, as well as those people swear he said but no record of him doing so can be produced, which are said to be an admission that there are regular forces of the Russian Federation operating in large numbers in eastern Ukraine, helping defend it from extermination by the Kuh-yiv government. Often they are oblique references, such as when Francois Hollande alleged that Putin and Poroshenko got into a loud argument, and Putin lost his temper and threatened to crush Poroshenko’s army. This, from the longtime military expert Hollande, was an admission that there are large numbers of Russian troops in Ukraine, because obviously Russia could not crush Ukraine’s army from within its own recognized borders. And the press is all over those remarks every time they appear, crying that here, at long last, is irrefutable proof that Putin has large forces inside Ukraine – why, the dictator admitted it himself!

        But absolutely no comment at all, no media interest in the bald admission by the Kuh-yiv regime that it is purposefully withholding water from Crimea in the hope that the lack will compel the population to make concessions.

        That’s all okay, though, because the Laws of Unintended Consequences are in play here, and the more Ukraine tries to strangle Crimea into submission, the more of a separate entity independent of Ukraine it forces Crimea to become. It therefore follows that Kuh-yiv’s misguided efforts are driving Crimea further and further away from any association with its former stepmother.


        1. Agreed, from the very beginning I have been wondering if it is sheer stupidity or some particular form of malice that compels the Ukrainian authorities to do things like this. It should be patently obvious that subjecting a population to what are basically terrorist acts and gross human rights violations will not endear you to them. If anything this type of policy will ensure that Crimea will never be Ukraine again. Yet they persist…


          1. Poroshenko knows he does not need lasting loyalty, just as he does not need it in the east – in the latter case, all he needs is a military breakthrough that would change the facts on the ground for maybe one day. If the Ukies could hoist the yellow-and-blue over Donetsk again, for even a short time, the west would shout that Ukraine had reclaimed its own, and from now henceforth that territory is once again part of a unified Ukraine. Crimea and the rebellion in the east caught the west on the back foot, without time to think and plan, but it has had plenty of such time since, and all Poroshenko needs is to reestablish what was for an eyeblink, by whatever methods. If he could inspire a revolt in Crimea which established a sympathetic government even for a day which cried, “We want to be Ukrainian again”, and opened up the gates for the Ukrainian Army, the west would recognize it in the time it takes to say it. Then Ukraine and the west would have the elements in place for firm control over any attempts to un-make the change – Ukraine is whole again, and the President has a right to protect his country. Any attempts by Russia to intervene would be interpreted as an invasion. against which the allied might of the west would resist.


            1. Hmm, when you put it that way it does make a great amount of sense. I have to admit I had not reasoned it that far through. It is unfortunate for the citizens of both Crimea and Donbass, but I believe you are right.


  9. The translators at TASS want their fucking arses kicking for this headline today:

    Russian UN envoy: West staking on exhausting political regime in Russia
    September 09, 17:28 UTC+3

    Nebenzya did not say “regime”, which is a politically loaded word in Western propaganda: he said this:

    «Конечно, из нас пытаются сделать страну-изгоя, недобросовестного члена международного сообщества, который пренебрегает своими обязательствами, и в конечном итоге подводят под очередной виток санкций.

    Запад делает ставку на «изнурение» российской власти.»

    “Of course, they are trying to make a pariah state out of us, an unscrupulous member of the international community that ignores its obligations, which ultimately leads to another round of sanctions.

    The West is relying on the exhaustion of the Russian [governmental] authorities.” [Namely, the Russian government! — ME]

    The Russian for “regime” is … режим!!!


    1. Well put. “российской власти” should be accurately translated as “the Russian government”.

      I continue my own personal crusade to have the Russian word власть translated as “government”, and not as “power” or (in this case, “regime”). Why? Because that is the correct translation.


      1. Don’t get too upset. Regime to me has the connotation of a type of stable state of being, as in a “flight-regime” a “temperature-regime”, or indeed even a “testing-regime” (in this case a stable state of being dynamically tested). Using it as such, with purely negative connotations, might date back to the political byword “Ancien Régime” used to malign the old order, but using it to slander someone without the use of an adjective such as “evil regime”, ” repressive regime” or indeed even the original “Ancien” is rather presumptous (unless it be a purely symbolic ritual, and the audience supposed to have a Pavlovian reaction to the word) and revealing of ignorance on the part of those (and we know who they are 😉 ) who rail against “regimes” and observe such a clean distinction of language. Life, thankfully, and against the wishes of the post-modernists, does not adapt itself to language, but the other way around 🙂


          1. Time to start compiling a new dictionary of modern terms. For example:

            “Regime” – a government that one does not like.
            “bot” – a blog commenter whose opinion one does not agree with.
            “fascist” – a bad person.



          2. Well, that’s as may be, since the following 3 entries, namely 2, 2.1, 2.2 describe “a system or organised way of doing things”. Moreover, I am rather disappointed at the Oxford Dictionary’s own sub-par diction. Could they really find no better general formulation than “Way of doing things”????”. To my mind, that scans as a rather rough-and-ready transcription of an oral description, and thus ought not to be fit for purpose in what claims to be the leading dictionary of the English language. I also find it rather bizzarre that the political meaning is given higher priority over the more general meaning. A regime in the sense of a government system is a subset of a regime in the sense of an ordered system.


  10. On Tuesday, In the USA they will be commemorating the 11th September/ twin towers attack by Al queada.

    At the same time they are smearing Assad about chemical weapons use , and preparing a false flag, to bomb Assad to save Alqueada in Idlib.



  11. Vesti News
    Published on 10 Sep 2018
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    It’s the last story for Vesti’s Saturday headlines, and, as we promised, we move on to the opening of the Zaryadye Park Concert Hall on City Day. Apparently, we have exclusive backstage footage of the first concert of the hall.


    1. Mr. Putin, if you want to wish further prosperity to Moscow, then bait the Yankee slime into dropping START and make sure that Russia has 100,000+ nuclear warheads aimed at NATzO. That is the only language those insane, warmongering freaks understand.


    1. Seriously? Williams was a complete ass. She wrecked the well-deserved victory of her opponent. No apologies – just hold back on the booing. She is a pampered pig.


      1. Yes, as usual, she made it all about her, and all the liberal screechers flocked to her call. Like J.K. Rowling, whose position is that it is no longer OK to make fun of women; they are off-limits. All Williams’ devotees have probably forgotten she lost at tennis, because she was such a big winner for women’s rights. And it goes without saying that any attempt to hold her accountable for her lipping off to the judge is racist as well.


        1. As commented elsewhere, all her screeching about double standards for women are utter BS. She broke the rules while playing against another woman and not a man. The men’s tennis league is utterly irrelevant since she may as well have compared her league to men’s football. She failed by the standards of her league and not those of another. It was clear that she was breaking the rules of her league and she was the one that escalated the conflict. It has nothing to do with women’s rights.

          The PC drones are rather mentally deficient. They respond to trigger phrases and not to concepts or principles.


        2. Australian cartoonist Mark Knight is in trouble with J K Rowling and other self-styled guardians of who may portray Serena Williams in meltdown and who may not. The offending drawing below:


              1. I think there are a couple of basic taboos, for example: No bones through nose; not eating bananas or other monkey-type references; not cooking missionaries in pot, etc.

                The cartoon above might be interpreted mildly racist, but it doesn’t look like the cartoonist violated any of the obvious taboos. He got the part right about Serena spitting out a pacifier, that’s kind of funny!

                And in any case, she is such a pill, that she deserves it after all. What a discredit to her race and also to her gender!


                1. Check out the old TV ads for the Spanish kids’ sweets Conguitos (= little Congolese) from the 1960-1990 period. Shocking.


                2. One of the principal complaints is that it ‘exaggerated Williams’ physical characteristic’, which is a dog-whistle for racism because of the large lips and wide negroid nose. In this environment they are interpreted as insults, although they could as easily be compliments if one finds those features pleasing – as I do on many examples other than Williams, whom I don’t find attractive. But if you compare her with her lissome opponent in the cartoon, a case could be made that it is also poking fun at Williams’ massive pro-wrestler body.


                3. Yeah, one of the things that caricature cartoonists do is take a person’s prominent feature and exaggerate it. They would do this to people they don’t like. For example, if the cartoonists disliked Celine Dion, then he would exaggerate her long chin and make her face ultra-horsey. If somebody had a big nose, then they would make it even bigger.

                  Caricature is not very nice, really, but I reckon it’s what they get paid to do.


                4. Huh, where did the “Je suis Charlie” crowd suddenly go? Wasn’t the point of the politicians walking in a silent march with linked arms and of people changing their profile pictures in support of Charlie Hebdo that nothing is too taboo for cartoonists to violate?


  12. If they continue to fuck with Russia..they will probably get all the ‘live fire’ they can handle:

    Dunford, JCS Chief, started his military career as a young lieutenant in ’78. All of his combat experiences have been when the USA in her relentless pursuit of global hegemony engaged nations that were dwarfed by her military might.

    That’s not the case if it comes to a showdown with Russia.


  13. Oh, please, God, let the USA impose sanctions on European companies in an attempt to stop the building of Nord Stream II (which, incidentally, has begun and is already underwater).

    I can’t think of anything more likely to incite European fury against America, and while we’re on the subject, under what authority would the USA fine European companies for not obeying sanctions imposed by the USA? I can see how they could get away with further penalizing Russia – they are piggybacking on the Skripal affair, that’s why they pretend so fervently to believe Britain’s accusations even though it has offered no proof at all, just more accusations. The legal instrument it is using is a national-security clause (big surprise) meant to stop the spread of chemical-warfare threats. But how is it going to justify imposing a big fine on BASF-Wintershall, for example, and what would it do if the latter simply said, “Cram it up your chuff!” and refused to pay?

    Anyway, the calling-out of Britain’s ‘evidence’ in front of the UN is going to be extra-special, in that light. Because the Skripal thing is the USA’s whole basis for further sanctions. Without it – if the case is demolished, and I frankly can’t see how the UK government could sensibly respond to all the discrepancies picked up at sites like Slane’s ‘Blogmire’ – they’ve got nothing; no grounds for further sanctions.


    1. Russia invited American energy secretary to Moscow to discuss the USA sanctions on Russian energy markets.

      They say hope dies last!


        1. The Americans thinking they can talk or bully Russia into Submitting by sanctions.

          The USA energy policy needed a cheap product, Infrastructure across Europe, and of course investment to make this all happen beginning years ago.


          1. And that was perfectly possible, had it been started years ago, and had the USA come to Europe with a business plan which answered the question, “What’s in it for me?” Everybody in business likes to make money; it’s kind of what keeps business going. And if the USA could still sell to Europe under those circumstances – because it has a lot of a product it can sell at a competitive price and still make money – it would still be possible to do it. The problem there is that the USA cannot sell LNG at a competitive price against pipeline gas and still make money. A further problem is that in business dynamics, the guy who has control in a business relationship is the guy who supplies you with a product you can’t get anywhere else at the same or a lower price.

            The USA wants the profits realized by selling gas to Europe, and right away, that’s not going to work, because shipborne LNG cannot compete with pipeline gas for price. The USA would have to sell it for a lot less than it takes to recover and ship it, and it’s not willing to do that because it is contrary to every principle of business. But that’s a big problem, because the profit is actually secondary. What Washington really wants is the power conveyed by being Europe’s main supplier – then it can play energy politics like it constantly accuses Russia of doing, although actual evidence of Russia threatening to cut off Europe’s gas if it does not, let’s say, drop sanctions against Russia, is zip, Nada. No evidence. But Washington would do it, and you know they would, and so does Brussels. So it is trying to muscle Europe’s main supplier out of the market by coercion, because it can’t do it simply by offering a better price.

            Which leaves it in the ridiculous position of arguing, “We should be your supplier instead of Russia, because ain’t we the bestest of friends and allies?”, at the same time it is conducting a trade war for American business advantage and threatening to impose sanctions against European companies who participate in the pipeline project as investors.


          2. A much more probable reason for the US energy secretary to be in Moscow:


            Washington is concerned about oil prices ahead of the sanctions against Iran in November, and it would make sense to want to make sure there will be other producers that will guarantee the supply of crude as Iranian oil gets squeezed out.

            If Russia ramps up production to stabilize crude oil prices which would, in effect, facilitate a total blockage of Iranian oil exports, then that would appear to be a pointless gesture of good will to a country that is trying to destroy their economy.

            Perhaps Russia should let oil go to $120/barrel , reap the windfall, and let the US economy take the hit. Perhaps Russia can resell Iranian oil to ease the their burden. Or perhaps Russia will tell the US to F themselves and ensure Iranian oil can be freely traded. The later would require China and India to resist Western pressure.

            One can easily speculate that the US would give up its Syrian project in exchange for Russian support on the Iranian oil blockade but that would make little sense to Russia. An easing of sanctions against Russia is not politically possible nor would Russia take the bait knowing that the sanctions will return with a vengeance once Russia’s support was no longer needed.

            Both Russia and China have a strategic interest in a strong and independent Iran to stabilize the Middle East and to facilitate a truly multi-polar world. The US energy secretary may as well just stroll around Red Square, buy a few souvenirs and head home.


            1. That’s all very good analysis, and I imagine you will be proven right about all of it. Well, we’ll never know what was offered in private, but I could easily see the USA offering to get out of Syria in exchange for Russian cooperation against Iran, because it’s just the sort of ‘elegant compromise’ the USA loves – give up something you had no right to have in the first place in exchange for something concrete and helpful to your own goals. The USA should not be able to offer getting out of Syria as an incentive, since it only remains there in total defiance of every international law on the subject. When it doesn’t like laws, or they get in the way, it either ignores or rewrites them.

              I personally think it amuses Russia for the USA to come to them for a favour, and to talk politely with its representative and then give them nothing. What I would do is tell them in advance, don’t bother showing up, because we’re not friends and I have no intention of doing anything to help you, especially at my own cost. But doubtless this way is more enjoyable for Russia.


    1. I agree with Martina Navratilova on Serena Williams conduct

      “…Navratilova went so far as to write an editorial for the New York Times in which she claimed that, in complaining post-match that Ramos would not have reacted the same way to an argumentative male player, Williams was “missing the point” and would have been better served conducting herself with “respect for the sport we love so dearly.”

      “I don’t believe it’s a good idea to apply a standard of ‘If men can get away with it, women should be able to, too,’ ” Navratilova said of Williams in her editorial. “Rather, I think the question we have to ask ourselves is this: What is the right way to behave to honor our sport and to respect our opponents?”

      Serena Williams behaviour ruined the experience of victory for Naomi Osaka, if you get a chance to see film of the whole debacle with the booing crowd! She looked like the most miserable winner in ever.


      1. Another issue is that Williams deliberately puts on a tantrum and then claims the tantrum is normal emotional behaviour. On top of that, she tries to pass off this spoilt-brat outburst as characteristic of how strong, feminist women behave. All done as much to deny Osaka the joy of winning her first major championship as to attack the umpire.

        And people who should know better swallow Williams’ idiocy hook, line and sinker.


      2. A couple of points here: DO men get away with it? Broadly speaking, no. Williams was initially warned to stop taking coaching from the box. Her story is that she didn’t even notice, and that the coaching only amounted to signals of approval, like a thumbs-up. At that point, she had not accrued any penalty; the penalty came later when the behaviour continued, and she made it worse by arguing with the judge and demanding an apology. But while that excuse might fool the public, I’m sure the judges know enough about the sport to tell the difference between coaching and cheering. Williams is just cruising on a professional lifetime of being able to get away with bullshit excuses, because she’s the best player of the sport America has ever had. All that notwithstanding, if men have ever been awarded a penalty for coaching from the box, then her statement is wrong. It would only be valid if the rule applied only to women, and it does not. Yes, men have gotten away with it, depending on the judge…and so have women.

        Two, Osaka has beaten Williams before. She obviously is a top-caliber player herself, and perfectly capable of going the distance with Williams and winning, although Williams has managed to turn it into a situation in which an unworthy opponent came out on top because of racist and sexist prejudice against the true champion. Williams knows her days of dominating the sport are winding down – she’s still as massive as a Budweiser Clydesdale, and we can speculate ’til the cows come home on whether that results from genetics and a crazy exercise regimen or steroids, but at the end of the day, she is getting old for the sport and the defeats are going to become more frequent. She’s holding that day off for as long as she can – she pulled out of a rematch against Sharapova with an alleged pulled muscle, but although she has beaten Sharapova many times, easily the majority of their matches, Sharapova is very good and 5 years younger. Instead, Williams made that occasion all about a question from a sports commentator inquiring whether she was intimidated by Sharapova’s good looks. And the same crowd that defends her now, the women’s rights activists and feminist zealots, were away on the scent of that, baying like hounds, and of course the offending commentator had to apologize. In this recent incident there was an exploratory probe against the judge as well, he recently made some questionable calls against another female athlete; maybe he has a problem with women? Just sayin’. But it didn’t seem to gain any traction.

        This is just Williams trying to stay on top for as long as she can, and perhaps fading away on a tide of rumour that she was destroyed in the end by men and had the potential of many more years as a champion. The one who is being shunted aside here is Osaka, and it was an incredibly selfish act. Whenever Williams is balked in anything now, she demands an apology so that the offender will have to publicly admit he was wrong.


        1. I have an inkling too that the next time Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams meet in a major tournament at quarter-final, semi-final or final level, Williams will again resort to similar bullying tactics against the umpire, and try to get the crowd onside with her to pressure Osaka psychologically. Williams can’t play the identity politics card against Osaka directly because not only does Osaka match Williams in power and ability, she is half-black (her father is Haitian) and appears not to have any chips on her shoulder but comes across as happy-go-lucky and grateful for what she has.


    1. I don’t know why so many people are having trouble realizing that the United States intends to make the rules, not follow them, and to be the ultimate arbiter of its own behaviour. And at its very core, this is an intent that recognizes no equal. Allies are great, America loves to have them so that it can employ them as it sees fit, but does not recognize their authority to hold Americans to any standard of conduct. Certainly this does not hold true at the administrative levels – no American is going to get away with speeding on the autobahn by saying indignantly, “Of course I wasn’t speeding – I’m an AMERICAN!” But speeding by an individual is hardly a national embarrassment. In any international context, allies and enemies alike are going to have to just accept that no international rules supersede American self-regulation, and you’ll just have to be good with the concept that America is scrupulously fair in meting out justice to its own subjects.

      Oddly enough, American military members and contractors who are accused of various crimes – which it stands to reason they committed, since Americans as a society are no better and no worse than any other social group on the planet – their government elevates their motivation to patriotism, the defending of home and family values. Presumably these transcendent laws protect Americans who blast Iraqi civilians off of balconies for the hell of it, as they did at Nisour Square in 2007. Please note that although eventually four Blackwater employees were tried and convicted in US Federal Court, (a) it was 7 years after the fact, (b) only one employee was found guilty of murder, while the remainder pleaded down to manslaughter and lesser firearms charges which implied they were careless rather than vicious, (c) 14 of 17 Iraqis killed were agreed by the USA to have been entirely without cause, and (d) the original conviction was overturned by a US District Judge on the grounds that all charges against Blackwater had been improperly built on testimony given in exchange for immunity. The entire process weighed heavily in favour of Iraq just giving up in disgust, and had it not persevered, there is every reason to believe Blackwater would have escaped any prosecution. No doubt they were characterized throughout the process as American patriots who were simply protecting their families and their nation and safeguarding American values.

      One of the first moves in a humanitarian or policing mission involving the USA will be the establishment of a status-of-forces agreement in which American soldiers accused of any crime must be tried by a US court or under American authority. When American citizens are killed in such scenarios, such as the four Blackwater contractors killed and whose burnt bodies were hung from a bridge in Fallujah, Iraq, a disproportionate vengeance is enacted which punishes the whole population.

      You all remember what happened to Fallujah; the American-led coalition invaded it twice, and razed it to the ground in a display of violence that made even US allies nervous.

      American contractors in Iraq were earning about $600.00 a day. It is pretty hard to imagine they were all motivated by patriotism and family values.


  14. From major UK arsewipe The Daily Express:

    Novichok Attack: Apollo… the agent groomed by MI6

    Unnamed sources, of course.

    Agent “Apollo” groomed by those canny intelligence men:

    Although he had a position in Russia’s embassy there, his real job was to glean classified information about Nato.

    Sources say he had been groomed for months by an MI6 agent posing as an art dealer, after expressing a desire to defect over his belief that Russian president Vladimir Putin is determined to foster conflict with the West.

    Last night a recently retired MI6 agent revealed Apollo was brought to Britain in early April and debriefed.

    So far, most commenters scorn the story, but there’s always one rabid Russophobe:

    How’s the weather in Novichokgrad today, comrade?

    The last time i heard someone say “comrade” here was in 1993, and it was said jokingly.

    But arseholes fixated on Soviet stereotypes always use the term when mocking Russians. They also believe everyone reads Pravda here as well. McCain did.

    A Kremlin spokesman denies all knowledge of this recruitment.

    Well he would, wouldn’t he?

    They always deny everything because they are lying bastards. Everyone knows that!

    They deny too much, which proves that they are lying.

    Stands ter reason, dunnit?


    1. Yes; if only they would admit their guilt, it would restore trust and we could move forward in a positive direction. Unfortunately, for so long as they continue to maintain their innocence, we will have to continue punishing them for their guilt.


    1. My God, that’s funny. I am so jealous that I did not think of it; it would have made a hilarious post. My only criticism is that it’s too short, I would have gone much further with it. But the mockery is exquisite.


  15. Nice interview with Zakharova over the Skripal frame job. The good part is at around 14 minutes where the loud yapping chihuahua, the UK, is put in its place. It is not a global player by any measure and has nothing useful to contribute aside from riding Uncle Scumbag’s coat-tails to bomb civilians in Syria.


    1. As usual, though, in the above “Rossiya 1” broadcast, the word “great” in “Great Britain” is held to be an outdated allusion made by Britons loyal and true to the political might and greatness of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: it is not.

      The term “Great Britain” refers to the largest of the British Isles, that which has within its boundaries the kingdoms of England and Scotland and the Principality of Wales.

      The word “great” was added to “Britain”, so as to distinguish it from Britanny in France, which is called Bretagne” in French, whereas in French the island of Great Britain is called Grande Bretagne.

      This usage of “great” in “Great Britain” is rather like the usage of “great” and little” in the archaic “Great Russia” and “Little Russia”, which geo-political terms arose from Byzantium and were used to describe the greater and smaller divisions of the Eastern Orthodox Church provinces or Metropoles, known as “archdioceses” in the terminology of the Western Christian church.


      1. I know, but Great has also taken on a political tint regardless of its origins. The way the UK regime is acting, you would think it was still the 1880s.


    2. A barn-storming performance; I can’t think of anyone involved in UK politics who could speak so articulately, wittily and on point for so long. I’m not sure why she’s dressed in a pink two-tiered wedding cake, though.


        1. Waddya think of this little number that Zakhorova’s US Department of State counterpart, Heather Nauert (left), barely has on during an interview? (see below)

          Michael Douglas Junior was not the interviewer.

          She’s got a similar little red number an’ all:

          In fact, she has a few such dresses.

          Class tells!


            1. Nah, she works for the US Govt. now.

              She did work for Fox, though, and ABC News as well.

              Her spouse is an investment banker at Morgan Stanley.

              The British Prime Minister’s old man is an investment banker as well, at Capital International.

              Investment bankers make wonderful husbands!


  16. “Tuesday, September 11 marks the 45th anniversary of one the bloodiest and most tragic events of the second half of the twentieth century: the US-backed fascist military coup that ushered in a quarter-century of police-state dictatorship in the South American country of Chile.

    Tens of thousands of Chilean workers, students and left-wing intellectuals were rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and murdered on the orders of a military cabal headed by Gen. Augusto Pinochet. The Pinochet regime carried out these crimes in the closest collaboration with the Nixon White House, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon.

    What had been a situation of immense revolutionary potential, marked by mass workers’ mobilizations, strikes and factory occupations, was turned into a bloody defeat, a nightmare of killing and repression. This was thanks to the betrayals of the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende, backed by the Stalinist Chilean Communist Party, which sought to suppress the offensive of the Chilean workers and brought General Pinochet into Allende’s cabinet.

    That these crimes are not merely a regrettable legacy from some long distant past was driven home by two events within the past two weeks.”

    “Jim Bergren • 8 hours ago
    Venezuela will sink into chaos much the same as Iraq.
    ****Allende did not allow the arming of the working class in the heat of Chile’s crisis in ’73. ***
    This appears to be the situation in Venezuela also. Since only the army and police are the only armed group, they will find their own Pinochet and history will simply repeat itself again in S.A.”


    1. A reminder of what Allende achieved in his short stint as Chile’s president and what Chile was like before the ’73 9/11 coup.

      Popular Power in Allende’s Chile

      It’s easier to remember the histories of defeat, than those of social transformation. But in the three years preceding the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, the country experimented with a form of socialism that was both top down and bottom up. Historian Marian Schlotterbeck discusses how under Salvador Allende’s government, the radical left fueled changes at the grassroots, including through popular assemblies — and altered, for a few years, expectations about the possible.


      Marian E. Schlotterbeck, Beyond the Vanguard: Everyday Revolutionaries in Allende’s Chile UC Press, 2018


  17. Navalny’s kiddies:

    Elderly woman’s placard:

    Putin: don’t count on it!


    I am only 83

    On the kid’s shirt:

    I am from Russia.

    And believe me, it hurts.

    A KGB oficer checks the documents of Navalny’s chief of staff.


    1. Good one. I laughed out loud.

      You would soon see the massive protests go in another direction if the government were to announce the pension age would be restored to its previous levels in their entirety, in response to public mood – but taxes would be doubled to support their fellow citizens in their dotage. The protesters would quickly go from heroes to ‘what the fuck did you think you were doing out there, Vanya? You durak! Now look what you’ve done!’ None of those people, the younger ones, even have a job yet, but they would be looking at a major reduction in wages before they even start, while their good friends in the United States of America keep their currency depressed so that its buying power is reduced.

      Their expectations are fairly clear – establish a ‘social safety net’ such as they have been taught to crave by western agitators, by the simple expedient of borrowing and just handing it out. It does no good to point out that this is precisely how so many western countries have run up unsustainable deficits. Everyone hated ‘tax and spend’, and it was the death-knell of any party which subscribed to it, but everyone loves ‘borrow and spend’, plenty of money in circulation but constant pressure for more tax cuts. Where do people think money comes from?


    1. Boo hoo hoo!!! Is justice dead??? Wait for the meme that he was never an artist at all, but a cleverly-developed Putin infiltrator who duped France into accepting him so that he could degrade and pervert French values.


      1. Speaking of so-called “performance artists”, it’s being reported that Pyotr Verzilov has been hospitalized in Moscow. Apparently he’s losing his sight, speech and mobility, and his family (I wonder if they mean his wife Tolokonnikova) thinks he’s been poisoned.


          1. According to the article, the doctors did not allow Pete’s mom nor girlfriend to visit him, and made this sound like a bad thing.
            But this is actually quite proper, an American hospital would not have allowed them in the room either, since he had not signed a privacy release. If the girlfriend was his legal wife, then I think they would have allowed her. But moms don’t really get special waivers. Again, it is up to the patient to decide, and if the patient is unconscious, then the hospital has to err on the side of privacy.


        1. First thing I thought of that could have caused Verzilov’s symptoms was a stroke. A person does not need to be old to have a stroke. Even children can experience strokes.

          Other possibility is that Verzilov might have taken something (a tablet perhaps) when he got home after feeling unwell at the court hearing and his body had a reaction to whatever it was he took. There was a period of about 2 hours between 6 pm and 8 pm when Nikulshina had left the place where she and Verzilov were living.


      2. Pavlensky is being tortured by the French state while in prison … because while he is in prison, prison officers won’t allow him to keep anything that he could potentially use to commit suicide, and that includes a hammer, a knife, pair of scissors, shoelaces, string … anything.

        If I may be allowed to say so myself … touché!


  18. That не дождетесь [nye dazhdyotyes] expression on the old woman’s placard literally means “don’t wait”, but it’s what one says, for example, to a bum who hangs around you begging.

    It sort of means: “You’re wasting your time hanging around me”, after you have refused to give him money; sort of: “You just don’t get it, do you?” when he keeps pestering after your refusal to donate to his booze fund; “Don’t hold your breath!”… “No is the answer!” … “Dream on!” …”In your dreams!” …”If pigs could fly” etc.

    But here, in view of the fact that the old woman adds “I am only 84” to the emphatic statement: “We shall wait”, I should imagine that the best idiomatic translation might be: “Over my dead body”.

    What she is referring to, of course, is the increase in pensionable age.


    1. Yeah, it really matters to her what the retirement age is. Just like all the underage snots also participating in this “people power” theater of the absurd.


    2. Sorry, incorrect translation. The first verb is not the imperative, but the second plural perfective verb (hence future complete).
      не дождетесь means literally “you won’t wait long enough”; the semantic meaning here is “You won’t live long enough to see it…”
      The first person plural perfective дождёмся means “We [on the other hand] will wait long enough (to see it).”
      I think what the lady is saying is: “Putin, you won’t even live long enough to see [retirement], but we will. I am only 83 years old.”

      The second sentence contradicts the first, because if she is 83, then she already attained retirement age, even under the new rules. But I reckon logical thought cannot be expected from these kreakles.


      1. I know it is future perfective.

        I did not intend to literally tranlate it as “Do not wait it out till the end”.

        But I interpreted the meaning as “don’t count on it” , i.e. his plans maturing, or “don’t hold your breath”, “you’re wasting your time” etc., whereas she and others shall wait (future) [it out and see what happens].

        And her statement does, indeed seem, contradictory as she, at 83, has clearly not got much time left to wait anything out.

        How do you know she is a “lady”?


        1. Okay, okay, “don’t hold your breath” is a good translation.
          I think my more sinister “You won’t live to see it [retirement]” is also valid. There could be multiple meanings.

          How do I know this person is a lady? Ha ha!
          According to Colonel Pickering’s definition, a lady is defined by the way she is treated. And since the police are not beating her up nor tasering her, then I reckon this old bag is a lady.


          1. All ladies are women, but not all women are ladies.

            I wonder how often that brat next to her has been beaten by the cops here?

            On his t-shirt, he says living here “hurts”.

            Where, precisely? I mean, where is the pain that he, judging by what is written on his t-shirt, he is only too well aware of?


            1. All in English, I see. Who’s that supposed to impress? He must be related to Garry Kasparov, who loved to squeal for help in English as he was supposedly being borne away by the brutish police, in case an English journalist might be nearby.


          2. The expression Не дождетесь!, apparently, originates from a compendium of Odessa jewish jokes:

            НЕ ДОЖДЕТЕСЬ!

            A translation of the expression into English idiomatic language depends, of course, on context.

            I like this translation of part of an interview of Putin in

            – Столько слухов ходит про вас, а смотрю сейчас, вы такой энергичный, здоровый мужчина, – обратилась она к президенту. – Откуда возникают такие слухи?

            – Это выгодно политическим оппонентам, которые стараются поставить под сомнение легитимность действующей власти, – ответил Путин.

            А на вопрос о своем здоровье он ответил традиционно:

            – Не дождетесь! – улыбнулся он.

            “There are so many rumours about you, but when I look at you now, you’re such an energetic, healthy man”, she said to the President. “Who’s behind these rumours?”

            “This all plays into the hands of our political opponents, who seek to undermine the legitimacy of the present government”, Putin replied.

            When asked about his health, he gave the traditional reply:

            “Dream on!” he smiled.

            Meaning: “You’ll have to wait a long time in order too see my funeral” or “You’ll get tired of waiting for my funeral”.


            1. Just realized there’s a similar English expresssion in my old neck of the woods:

              — I’m looking forward to your funeral, because when you die, I’m gonna piss on your grave!

              — Don’t wait on it!


  19. Russia has infiltrated the While Helmets:

    The Russian military details that on September 11, the White Helmets and terrorists from Tahrir al-Sham (commonly known as Al-Qaeda in Syria) held a meeting following the filming process, in which they selected two out of nine videos for future transfer to the United Nations and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The remaining videos are to be used for propaganda on social media networks due to the poor quality, the military claims.

    At the same time, since September 9, the White Helmets have been staging rehearsals of an alleged chemical attack in Khan Shaykhun, Russian officials say in the same statement, claiming that the rehearsals feature up to 30 civilians, including a dozen children aged 8-12.

    Further claims by the Russian military indicate the White Helmets, along with the terrorists, are preparing an “actual use of poisonous chorine-based substances” on the people participating in the filming of the fake videos.

    On-the-scene preparations of places for explosions of toxic substances is carried out by members of Hurras al-Din terrorist group (or the Guardians of Religion Organization, which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda), the statement claims.

    The militants have selected 22 children and their parents from several villages in the Aleppo governorate who will play parts in staging fake chemical weapon attacks.

    Another group of children is comprised of orphans kidnapped from refugee camps, who are meant to be used for the footage of death scenes. It is currently kept in one of the buildings of the Ikab prison controlled by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist group.

    Signs of activities to prepare staged chemical weapon attacks were reported in Kafir-Zait, the military claims, also naming two villages where toxic chemicals have been delivered to stage provocations.

    Some nice outtakes would be helpful – forcing the kids to line up next to chlorine canister, “disciplining” unruly kids who go off script. etc. Every goddamned MSM reported, producer and executive who knew or should have known of this children’s snuff film should be arrested, charged, tried and found guilty of murder for hire. The death penalty would be too lenient. Involved politicians and their masters would be next. As for the perpetrators, let Syria deal with them.


    1. Tsk; has everyone forgotten so soon? Navalny is already an experienced duelist; during the first stirrings of his meteoric rise to western poster-boy for La Resistance, he attracted attention and admiration in the west by plunging into the street and shooting a heckler from a debate he hosted in a Moscow nightclub, with a pellet pistol. Why he was carrying one of those around he didn’t say, but he should thank his lucky stars he wasn’t in New York in the Land Of The Free, waving a gun around – people have been shot by the police because their cell phone reminded the police of a gun.

      He faces up to five years in jail if convicted. His wife goes around with a sheet of paper with phone numbers to call if he is arrested, but he insists he is not afraid. When a mob of football hooligans – presumed to have been sent by the Kremlin – invaded a debate he was hosting at a Moscow nightclub in 2007, he shot one of them with an air pistol. He wasn’t aiming for the head so it was OK, he says.

      Yes, isn’t that heartwarming? As long as you don’t aim for the head, guns in the street are just a harmless means of emphasizing your point. And of course the entire article conveys a tone of desperate unease on the part of ‘the Kremlin’, which has an army of ‘football hooligans’ it sends to break up debates.

      But as I have said many times; if the west has chosen Navalny as its champion, I could not be more satisfied with its selection. He will never amount to anything in Russia. The west would be far better off to move him to America, recognize him as the legitimate President of Russia, and hold him as a king-in-waiting. At least that way he would get more positive publicity in America, and they could write soliloquies about how the people of Russia really want him, but are too scared of Putin to say so.


  20. RT
    Published on 12 Sep 2018
    Moscow is aware of who the people named as suspects in the Skripal case are, President Vladimir Putin said, adding that these people are civilians.


    1. Moscow to London: Your move. This is an interesting development. The obvious thing for the British side to do would be to request Moscow to detain the two men so they could be interviewed as persons of interest. If this doesn’t happen, it smacks of problems holding the official narrative together and I really can’t see how the MSM could spin it away. Plus the surviving alleged victims or their families could have a case against the police for failing to investigate properly.


    2. It will not make the slightest bit of difference in Britain; the British government will quickly announce, following any presentation of evidence by Russia, that it is all cleverly faked up, and remind people that these are professional intelligence agents, that’s what they do, of course it looks convincing. All the more proof that they are what Britain says they are.


  21. Al Jazeera English
    Published on 12 Sep 2018
    With a firm handshake, the president’s of China and Russia have announced stronger ties.

    Vladimir Putin’s hosting Xi Jinping in Vladivostok – as well as the Japanese and South Korean leaders – at the three 3 day Eastern Economic Forum. It aims to boost investment in the Far East region of Asia.

    But Putin’s warning trade barriers are a threat to Asian economies – as the world’s top two economies, the US and China impose trade tarrifs on each other.

    As the talks began – so did the largest war games by Chinese and Russian troops since the Soviet Union.

    Three hundred thousand troops, thirty six thousand tanks and armoured vehicles and a thousand warplanes and ships are all on parade in Siberia.

    Are they building an alliance?

    And what does the US and its allies think?

    Presenter: Hoda Abdel-Hamid

    Pavel Felgenhauer – Russian military analyst
    Michael Kovrig – International Crisis Group
    Michael Purcell – Center for Global Interests


  22. Salisbury novichok attack: Russian spies smuggled chemical weapons through airport baggage checks, UK security minister admits

    Two alleged Russian spies who launched the Salisbury attack smuggled novichok into the UK through Gatwick Airport, the security minister has confirmed.

    I see! So now the disciplined and highly trained GRU assassins were spies as well.

    Proper jack-of-all-trades!

    Ben Wallace, who is currently Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime, “told the House of Commons there was ‘clearly some form of attempt to create a legend to make sure that they circumvented our checks’.

    ‘No doubt at the other end of that aeroplane journey [in Russia] there was some, I should think, the baggage checks weren’t probably as good as they might be,’ he added” — because the Russians are all blithering incompetents … stands ter reason, dunnit!

    Mr Wallace said requests for Russia to account for what happened in Salisbury had been met with ‘obfuscation and lies’, saying their response merely ‘reinforces their guilt’.

    Of course it does! Why don’t they just confess to what everyone knows they have done?


    1. ‘Clearly’ is an English term which is subject to national interpretations. In Canada – mostly English-speaking – it traditionally means, “supported by verifiable and compelling evidence”, although I hasten to add that Canada cheerfully booted out ‘Russian spies’ to support its ally, Britain. But in England, ‘clearly’ might mean ‘as required to serve in the cause of political necessity’. In this instance, if the passports/visas/whatever travel documents of the men concerned do not read “GRU Assassin Traveling on Business”, then clearly there was an attempt to circumvent British checks.


  23. Sum and substance of the articles taken together:

    This will most likely end in a bloodbath…the only balm for the restive jihadist souls of those who threaten someone who himself is only loosely bound by the constraints of reality is lead based and/or steel jacketed.


  24. For the record…my comment (supra) on the Serena debacle was intended as facetious and tongue in cheek…
    My characterization of some of the attacks on her as “beastly” should have been a double entendre
    tip-off…. I am not a fan of Ms. Williams.

    Oh Well….



  25. All Stooges should read this wsws article and the accompanying comments


    Bcuz I-NS-say so…!!!!!

    “The Pentagon made clear that US forces are fully prepared to engage Russian troops. “The United States does not seek to fight the Russians” a Pentagon spokesman said. “However, the United States will not hesitate to use necessary and proportionate force to defend US, coalition or partner forces.”

    Really??……What psychopaths in the pentagon think this to be the case

    Americans need to understand that complete psycho ccksckers like Groeteschele are as real in 2018 as they were in 1964….


    1. Don’t you get it?? You have no right at all to be in Syria, forming ‘partnerships’ with ‘rebels’ or anyone else!! Get the fuck out!! Your presence is a violation of sovereignty, as you were not invited by the elected government!


  26. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. It smells like Victory!

    A couple of days after Spain trounces World Cup runners-up 6-0 in a match played in Elche, appears

    Stooges may like to look at the puff piece linked below the article (by Shaun of the Dead) dated 30 June 2018 about “half-Spanish” Cheryshev. Cynics with memory functionality may recall the aborted investigations into allegations of widespread doping which may have assisted the career development of the vertically challenged team whose World Cup win in 2010 was sandwiched between two victories in the European Championships. Meantime the stellar clubs of Madrid and Barcelona were running riot in the Champions League.

    Odd, eh?


    1. What a scoop! They don’t look like the passport/ visa pictures which look like they were taken in bad light giving them a sinister air.

      Scotland Yard should come over to interview them – they did say they were still investigating.


      1. And the mockery from the Russophobes immediately kicks off in the British press!

        Travel all the way from Russia to visit Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge?

        What nonesense! Who are they trying to kid?

        That’s because such a trip is barely imaginable for uncultured morons.

        When I last had the great misfortune to be in England with my family, and, to make matters worse, in London, my elder children begged and begged that we take a trip to Stonehenge. You see, they were fascinated by all that they had learnt about the place in their Russian schools.

        We went on an excursion there, calling first at Windsor, then Salisbury, Stonehenge, and, finally, Bath for afternoon tea before heading off back to London.

        Witness the moronity of some of my fellow countrymen in this comment published in today’s Independent:

        Well you can say a lot about our Russian friends: semi-educated, semi-civilised, pathological liars, undemocratic, authoritarian, crypto-fascist, mocked and despised the world over, but one thing we must concede is that they have a wonderful sense of humour.

        So this delightful, oh-so intelligent looking couple flew all the way to Salisbury to have a look at the Cathedral clock, but the nasty inclement British weather (unlike tropical Moscow, of course) forced them to return with undue haste from whence they came.

        May I suggest better acting classes and a credible script in future?

        Doubtless the Indie’s resident Putinite Mary Dejevsky, Comrade Corbyn and the brainless Prigozhin trolls infesting this site will try and sell it – because they are paid to, but anyone with an IQ higher than a daisy, ie. the rest of the sentient world, will shake their heads in disbelief at the knuckle-headed absurdity of this story.

        Well, as regards the weather, moron, – for Russians, English snow is “inclement”‘, as it is wet shite. They were complaining of being wet to the knees. At the same time, in Russia it was minus 15C and there was plenty of deep, dry snow, which really would make Little Englanders like you whine.

        Oh, and the person who owns that rag to which you wrote the above shite is owned by one of those “semi-educated, semi-civilised, pathological liars, undemocratic, authoritarian, crypto-fascist” Russians whom you so despise.


        1. Russians “semi-educated”?

          In the years that I worked in England, in an English coal mine, I worked with quite a few fellow countrymen who were barely literate. I particularily remember one who often boasted that he had never read a book since he left school.


          Russia: The country with the highest literacy rate in Russia with almost 53% of the population has tertiary education. It is estimated that 95% of adults in Russia have higher secondary education and the country spends some 4.9% of GDP on education. 2.Jan 16, 2014

          According to a study conducted in late April by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read.Jul 7, 2017

          Adult Litercy UK:
          Around 15 per cent, or 5.1 million adults in England, can be described as ‘functionally illiterate.’ They would not pass an English GCSE and have literacy levels at or below those expected of an 11-year-old. They can understand short straightforward texts on familiar topics accurately and independently, and obtain information from everyday sources, but reading information from unfamiliar sources, or on unfamiliar topics, could cause problems.

          Many adults are reluctant to admit to their literacy difficulties and ask for help. One of the most important aspects of supporting adults with low literacy levels is to increase their self-esteem and persuade them of the benefits of improving their reading and writing.


    2. And the British Foreign Office has replied as follows:

      “The government is clear these men are officers of the Russian military intelligence service – the GRU – who used a devastatingly toxic, illegal chemical weapon on the streets of our country.”

      “We have repeatedly asked Russia to account for what happened in Salisbury in March. Today – just as we have seen throughout – they have responded with obfuscation and lies.”

      No obfuscation and lies from the FO, though!

      Anything but a confession of guilt is “obfuscation and lies”, it seems.

      “We have repeatedly asked Russia to account for what happened in Salisbury in March…

      I tell you what happened: nothing that the Russian state had anything to do with!

      I suggest you ask your Yukie nazi pals for an account of what happened there, and your pals in Tel-Aviv as well.

      From the MP for Salisbury:


      1. What’s the next move going to be in this saga.

        The UK say they used fake names

        The two guys say that this is not true – they used there true passports

        They gave a reason for being in Salisbury.

        can the uk police show CCTV of those places ?

        Where are the Skripals


      2. Russia, cleverly, has thrown down the gauntlet. If the FCO claims that the story of Petrov and Boshirov is simply ‘obfuscation and lies’, then why not ask Russia to help make these guys available for interview and send a couple of detectives plus interpreter on the next flight to Moscow?

        No matter how the FCO and British government huffs, puffs and tries to blow houses down, ultimately they will be unable to explain why they haven’t sought to question these guys.


        1. Agreed, Fern. This was a very clever move on the chess board. Odd as these 2 characters are, the latest gambit serves to take this whole matter out of the Harry Potter world of geo-political magick, and put down to the mundane world of a detective story and criminal procedures. It pushes the politicians aside to make room for the gumshoes. From this point onward, the story is a police procedural.


    3. Krutikov has an interesting take on these guys. I think I will probably do this story tomorrow, in my blog, as a “breaking news”.

      In a nutshell: Krutikov’s theory is that these 2 “gopniki” earn their daily bread by illegal (or semi-legal) trade in European vitamins and supplement. This is what brings them to Europe and what brought them to Salisbury, most likely (i.e., the purchase of supplements, for resale in Russia).

      While in Salisbury they decided to have a look at the sights; that part rings true; might as well see some sights.

      The semi-legal nature of their “business” accounts for their nervousness; while their status in the Russian criminal underworld accounts for their horror at Simonyan’s assuming them to be gay. An allegation which they rejected more vehemently than the accusations of being poisoners!

      Krutikov also points attention to another instance of Vladimir Putin’s subtle humor. Recall that when Putin announced the existence of these guys to the world, a couple of days ago, he used a strange phrase: “There is nothing particularly criminal there.”
      As usual, Putin is one step ahead of everybody in this ludicrous chess game.


      1. P.S. “никакого особого криминала” was the phrase used by Putin. At the time nobody paid much attention and it was translated as “There is nothing criminal there,” but the actual phrase is “There is nothing particularly criminal there.”


        1. Okay, I have to make a factual correction, Krutikov wass wrong about Putin’s quote, and one of his commenters who questioned it, turned out to be correct. (Which is sort of sad for Krutikov, because he built his blogpost around the humor of Putin’s supposedly implication that the duo are petty thieves.)

          So, I found the actual vid of Putin making this utterance, it can be seen on this link:

          at around 1:48 minutes in. What Putin actually says is:

          ничего там особенного и криминального нет which translates as:
          “There is nothing extraordinary there, nor criminal.”

          Sort of different slant, no?


      2. Update: The currently reigning theory in the Russian blogosphere is that Petrov and Boshirov earn their living buying and selling anabolic steroids on the grey market. Simonjan herself noted that Petrov has the build of a body-builder.
        The theory that they are a “gay pair” is also highly plausible. When Simonjan asked them about their relationship, they spazzed out and refused to answer. Blog commenters point out that this would be the moment when a man would indignantly mention that he had a wife and kids, or a girlfriend; but nothing like that ensued.
        Other commenters have noted that Salisbury is well-known in the gay subculture for having a large number of rather excellent gay bars. Something that might have also drawn this couple there, in addition to seeing the cathedral spire!
        In general, Russian press and blogosphere are having a field day with this story.


        1. This is rather nasty – accused by the British of being assassins – then subjected to all this negative intrusion into their private life.

          The RT media behave like the gutter tabloids in the UK.

          They don’t deserve this nasty speculation.


          1. Agree with James on that one point, namely that the Russian press is becoming too tabloid-y and going after the sensationalism.
            I feel sorry for this duo in that, if they are indeed gay and have now been outed due to what they call a “horrendous coincidence”, then their lives in Russia will be miserable from this point onward.
            Russian society is simply not accepting of two grown men living together in a relationship.
            To add insult to injury, the gutter-commenters on the Russian blogs continue to call them “pedophiles”. Even though (duh!) they are both grown men.
            Not sure if they live in Moscow or not. If in Moscow, they might still be able to survive, as the city is so Western now. But if they live out there in the sticks — forget it.

            Meanwhile, I just thought of something else. If these guys were sophisticated enough to play the Westie system, then they could adopt a tone of utter outrage, that the British government is harassing them for being gay. The Brits would have to cave on that one and issue a humble apology.


        2. I’ve been thinking along similar lines – that their apparent shiftiness and caginess about the nature of their work suggests they could be involved in something that’s semi-legal or which walks a fine line between the legal and the not.

          We’ve seen lots of CCTV footage of Petrov and Boshirov in Salisbury but nothing has been said of their movements in London; what they did there is probably the reason why they flew to the UK. Either that or the GRU is deficient in training its would-be assassins on the reliability (non-existent) of British rail services in bad weather.


          1. Once again, Britain is stiff with CCTV. We know from previous discussions that there is CCTV coverage of the Skripals’ street and even their house. Where is the CCTV video of the two GRU assassins on Skripal’s street, or near his house? The British say they have this evidence and are happily building timelines around it, but where is the proof? If they have it, why don’t they show it? It would shut Russian defenses right down. All we’ve seen is evidence of the two being in Salisbury. Apparently being Russian In Salisbury is now like Driving While Black. Both automatically presuppose you are a criminal.


        3. If they are gay, then the UK is going to have really bad optics with its setup. Gay GRU agents? According the UK MSM Russian gays are all being arrested and thrown in jail.


        4. Clearly obfuscation and lies from the regime, because everyone knows that if outed, male homosexuals are immediately beaten to death in Russia in full public view and to the exhultation of the onlooking homophobic Russian mob.


    1. Six months ahead of schedule and on budget. Yeah, Russia is just so corrupt. Meanwhile, even clockwork Germany can’t upgrade an airport without billions of dollars of cost overruns and years in delays. LOL.

      (Note that building airport terminals is Mickey Mouse compared to this bridge; as demonstrated by various Russian airport projects).


      1. I believe they’ve done a great job on Simferopol airport as well. I was talking to a woman the other day who had been on a short business trip to the Crimea, and she told me the newly rebuilt airport there is really impressive.


      2. What’s also pleasing is that all the Russian Premier League teams with stadiums that were used in the World Cup, are reporting superbly high attendances….easily justifying the money spent on them, provided the match attendances remain close to this level throughout the season.

        Zenit ,Spartak and CSKA were always going to get good attendances regardless of the World Cup….but the rest are doing very well


  27. The raise is retirement age needed to be accompanied by laws against age-discrimination which seems to be happening in Russia:

    The Russian Lower House has approved the bill granting additional social protection to people approaching retirement age, like substantial fines for employers who fire such workers or refuse to hire them without valid reasons.

    In particular, the bill states that unmotivated sacking or refusal to hire workers of pre-retirement age should be punished by fines up to 200,000 roubles (about $2900) or in the amount of the fired worker’s 18-month salary. Violators can also be sentenced to up to 360 hours of correctional labor.

    What intrigues me is that there is a monetary penalty and the possibility of jail time. In the US, its a civil matter that requires attorneys to be hired and cases argued in court without the potential for jail time. The Russian law seems to provide a more efficient/effective method of enforcement.


    1. Russian “administrative law”, which exists alongside criminal and civil law. These laws are all codified, unlike “Anglo-Saxon” law..

      When I had to appear in court here last August, it was because of my breach of administrative law, in that I had continued to live here after the validity of my residence permit for a foreign citizen had expired.

      I was duly whacked with a 5,000 ruble fine and ordered to leave the country within 12 days. However, the judge clearly explained to me that I had committed a breach of administrative law, that I was not being deported, and that I could return to Russia as soon as I had received a new visa.

      In court, I was given a full print out of her decision (she was the same judge who had sent down Tolokonnikova and her pals: she whom the grossly icompetent advocate Feigin accused in court of being incompetent), which I kept hold of, together with the receipt for my fine payment, both of which documents I then had to present in order to get a transit visa out of Russia.

      At the airport, they checked again if I had paid this fine before they let pass through.


      1. If not always fair or flexible, it seems efficient – no attorneys collecting large fees in a justice system designed to enrich attorneys. A shyster attorney that I had the unfortunate experience in working with, did tell the truth once when he said that there is no such thing as a justice system but there is a legal industry.


    1. Even more strange is the idea that it is wildly improbable for Russian visitors to wish to visit Salisbury cathedral and Stonehenge. Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most breathtaking achievements of Norman architecture, one of the great cathedrals of Europe. It attracts a great many foreign visitors. Stonehenge is world famous and a world heritage site. I went on holiday this year and visited Wurzburg to see the Bishop’s Palace, and then the winery cooperative at Sommerach. Because somebody does not choose to spend their leisure time on a beach in Benidorm does not make them a killer. Lots of people go to Salisbury Cathedral.

      I had exactly the same thoughts! Holidays for most British moronic Tweeters means Benidorm and boooze in “British Pubs” that arte emblazoned with “Fish & Chips” signs.

      I mentioned above that before setting off for London in June, 2016, my two eldest insisted that we include Stonehenge in our itinerary.

      We were only in London for 3 days, though, before we set off for England, heading north to the English lakeland national park.


      1. And saying that the RT interview was “poor” has now become a meme.

        The interview was a scoop and not given the usual razzamatazz shite presention so beloved by the Western news media, such as FOX TV.


        1. The British Foreign Office almost immediately reacted to the RT scoop with its usual bluster: “Lies and obfuscation!”

          Interesting accusation off HM government is that!

          Since March 4 of this year, the British side has stated that:

          Yulia Skripal brought “Novichok” in her suitcase.

          The Skripals were poisoned with buckwheat.

          The Skripals were poisoned with bouquet of flowers at the cemetery.

          The Skripals were poisoned with an UAV drone.

          The Skripals were poisoned through air conditioning in the car.

          The Skripals were poisoned with an aerosol.

          The Skripals were poisoned by Mikhail Savitskis (aka “Gordon”) group, consisting of 6 killers.

          The killer/s poured “Novichok”onto a door handle.

          The Skripals were poisoned with “Novichok” in a form of a gel.

          The Skripals were poisoned with a perfume bottle (so it seems “Novichok” is still liquid).

          The killer/s poured “Novichok” in a public toilet.

          The killer/s poured “Novichok” in a hotel room.

          The Skripals were poisoned by 2 GRU* agents.

          “Novichok” is a “5–8 times more lethal than VX nerve agent” and “the most deadly ever made”, though it can’t kill even 2 people.

          *There has, in fact, been no such organization known as the GRU in Russia since 2010, when the official name of the unit was changed from ″GRU″ [Главное разведывательное управлениеGlavnoye razvedyvatel’noye upravleniye], namely “The Main intelligence Agency”, to “The Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”, or ″GU″ [Главное управление Генерального штаба Вооружённых Сил Российской Федерации — Glavnoye upravleniye General’nogo shtaba Vooruzhyonnykh Sil Rossiiskoi Federatsii].

          The Russian Embassy in London has been keeping a record of all the scenarios presented in the UK by the Govt/MSM and at the last count it was stated that there were 40 different, often contradictory, unproven scenarios.

          Last week, the UK Ambassador to the UN, she who resembles a drag-queen well past his sell-by date, namely the inimitable Karen Pierce, attempted to take the piss out of Russia by stating at the UNSC that Russia had put forward 40 different accounts of what had happened, which ludicrous proposals simply proved how lacking in credibility the Russian government allegations are.

          The reality was, however, that in presenting such accounts, Russia was taking the piss out of Her Majesty’s Government and the sensationalist, Russophobic, warmongering British press and their more than 40 accounts of what happened in Salisbury last March.

          The delectable Karen seemed unaware of this fact.

          Recall, that Pierce is the woman, a high ranking British diplomat, no less, who believes that Russia (i.e. the Russian Federation that came into existence in 1991) was founded on many of Karl Marx’s precepts.


        2. Exactly! For Simonjan this unexpected interview was the scoop of the century.
          The Russian press is going wild with this story.
          One blogger wrote that some of the utterances of the 2 gopniki are rapidly becoming “winged phrases” compared only to snippets from Griboedov’s “Woe from Wit”.

          Best example: “We returned to Salisbury to complete this business.”
          Simonjan (suspiciously): “What business?”
          Gopnik: “To see the cathedral.”


          1. It may be a scoop for her – courtesy of VVP no doubt.

            But what consideration is given to the fact that these guys names and pictures are all over the western world and they are labelled as assassins?

            The interview was poor and did nothing for the two men concerned.

            There lives are turned upside down – so the internet can produce memes!!!

            They need legal protection and I hope that they are getting this help.


            1. I have noticed lately also that English-speaking reporters for RT have taken to referring to the ‘Novichok attack’ as if it actually happened, rather than prefacing it with ‘alleged’ or something similar. This could not even have been a case of some western agency engineering the agent so as to pin it on Russia, in my opinion, or the agent’s characteristics and lethality as described are completely wrong. It could not have been the nerve agent now known as Novichok as its literature details, as the amount allegedly used of an agent 8 to 10 times as deadly as VX was more than enough to have killed both the Skripals stone dead in far less time than it took for the onset of the symptoms described. It is likewise impossible to believe they left dangerous toxic traces everywhere from their hands and their persons, so dangerous that affected objects had to be burnt, and remained to all appearances normal for hours. Either the agent used was something completely different, something that would not point so conclusively to Russia – and remember we have nobody’s word on this but that of UK politicians, since Porton Down declined to identify the agent in any but the broadest terms, while nobody else has been able top test the substance or even see the test results – or the exposure to it did not go anything like the British timeline describes.

              I am still of the opinion the British fabricated the entire incident, and are likely responsible themselves, including the clumsy perfume bottle that Hamish de BeeGee opines cost the Kremlin thousands of pounds and months of engineering to make. There are so many tells, including but not limited to determined efforts to fix the blame on Russia in the strongest terms, while simultaneously trying to ensure commerce and the normal activities of its citizens go on as if nothing had happened. Sure, Salisbury is crawling with cops dressed in dung-beetle chemical-warfare suits, but don’t mind that, ducks; just pop your clothes in the washer, and everything will be right as rain. Sure, this deadly perfume bottle was engineered by evil people to look exactly like the real thing, but it would be unpatriotic to stop buying Nina Ricci perfume, and really, unless it has this bizarre Dr.-Strangelove applicator on it, it’s safe as houses.


          2. Moscow Times:

            The men’s alibi was received with mockery abroad and even by RT’s chief editor, Margarita Simonyan, who speculated publicly on the men’s sexual orientation.

            Simoyan was “mocking” them?

            Again, what is so strange about wanting to visit Salisbury, its cathedral and nearby Stonehenge?


            1. At a guess, I would say this is an attempt to discredit them and their story by suggesting they will say anything to conceal their secrets. Simonyan’s treatment of them is beanbag compared to the grilling – to say nothing of the mockery and expressions of disbelief – they would get from a western reporter.


            2. I didn’t have the impression that Simonyan was mocking them. She expressed a certain skepticism at some of their utterances, but overall she was polite and respectful to the men. As well she should be, since there was a serious “get” for her career.


              1. And it is her duty as a journalist to register skepticism wherever the story does not make sense to her, both to draw out corroborative facts and to forestall the western screams that her program amounts to a ‘show trial’ designed to whitewash the activities of criminals. This story should be picked to its bones, and British machinations exposed for the world to see.


          3. If they are gays, or business partners who have gotten into the position of expanding it into doing operations abroad( doing something low level that not necessarily complies with sanctions law, or flatmates who live in the same address, or brothers-in-law who live at the same address – then it’s not at all strange that they have passport numbers within one digit of each other, as they would have applied together …..or that their behaviour in the interview was somewhat reticent on some details.

            In view of the established fact that the weather was indisputably terrible…..thwarted objectives of going to Stonehendge and aborted initial trips to Salisbury Cathedral, are perfectly reasonable.

            90 minutes is hardly that long of a journey ( particularly for a Russian or American) to take the train from London to Salisbury…and not like the weather sufficiently to abandon going to the Cathedral. Maybe they love seeing the British countryside by train ( many people do)? Thus they didn’t mind not staying there long.

            ” Oh they’re Russian, they shouldn’t mind the snow”…well in was the beginning of March, Springtime not winter, reasonable enough for them to have planned their weekend trip without considering that it would snow of be particularly cold. Plus, when it turns to slush, or the snow depth has decreased to a now solid ice layer that’s tricky to walk on – I could picture myself not wanting to carry on.

            Should every tourist be judged by the accuracy of the movements they make? I once confused Lodonn Bridge with Tower Bridge and went in the wrong direction parallel to the Thames. Also I have tried to be clever in taking a shortcut on holiday but found myself further away from the area I want to go to. Unless there is CCTV footage of them at Skripal’s house or in his neighborhood or road ( there isn’t) , then they don’t have much to be queried on.
            Nothing shows them inexplicably deep into a residential neighborhood, a long distance from the town centre. What I see seems to be a main road.

            If George Bush can describe the White House as ‘White” when asked to comment on it, I don’t see anything particularly bizarre about these guys talking about the height of the spire, the highest in the World. When I was a kid I loved remembering the heights of the tallest buildings in the World….and talking about how “gorgeous” the architecture is, they may have thought, make them sound a bit gayish.

            More details , I suppose, are needed on them in a financial sense to see how plausible it was for them to have made this trip, or when they booked it…but this whole BS on how “bizarre” this interview was, are complete cretinism.

            There is no standard template for this type of scenario and how to interviewer , or how to be interviewee


            1. As regards the mockery made by know-nothing Little Englanders as regards Russians being fazed by a snowfall in England, Moscow had its heaviest February snowfall on record in the first week of that month this year, when a blizzard raged for several days. Temperatures were lower than normal throughout that month and into March.

              My family and I went to Suzdal after the first heavy fall in February and it was a “Winter Wonderland” there, as my fellow countrymen are fond of saying after their wet snow has fallen and before a thaw quite quickly sets in. It was minus 15C maximum daytime temperature when we were in Suzdal, with bright sunny weather and heavy drifting. The roads were clear though. Russians are, understandably, dab hands at shifting snow.

              Russians, in my experience (eg. Mrs. Exile), hate English snow because it is wet and, when fallen, quickly turns to slush. Because the snow is wet, the cold gets through to you as your clothes become damp. In Russian winters, if you dress correctly in layers, you’ll be warm and dry if you don’t stay outside too long. Warnings are always given here not to allow children to stay outside longer than for 15 minutes when the temperature falls below minus 27C , and it is only then when schools are closed.

              The men stated in their RT interview that after their first trip to Salisbury, they returned to London, after having been “up to their knees” in slush in Salisbury. Then they said that on the next day it became warm in London, so they decided to make another trip to Salisbury.

              Roads were blocked in England at the time of their visit, but not for long. It snowed on and off again later, but the falls were not prolonged. There are pictures of Wiltshire cops guarding the street where the Skripals lived in which pictures a light snow covering is evident.


              1. Arctic conditions near the scene of the horrific Russian chemical weapons attack in Salisbury, England. The two plods must be fearful of their noses suffering frostbite. The plodess appears to be made of much sterner stuff.


                1. Meteorology reports and the Stonehenge website have corroborated the two men’s story.
                  The mockery about Russians and snow is irrelevant. I know for a fact that Russians can be some of the worst wimps when it comes to being cold; this is why they overheat their houses.
                  All in all, the two men’s story has much corroboration behind it; and no evidence worth its salt that they committed a murder.

                  The verdict is obvious: NOT GUILTY!


                2. You’re right there about sweltering in Russian homes. When, for the first 5 years of my married life, we only had a fortochka to regulate the full-blast, always on from October to May communal central heating in our khrushchyovka, if I opened it just a smidgen because I was dripping with sweat, Mrs. Exile used to go nuts.


              2. Agreed on the damp cold. A Canadian friend told us that they had never felt so cold as when they visited us in Glasgow in February one year. The nominal temperatures are one thing but the reality, with humidity and wind, quite another.


                1. Craig Murray:

                  As I explained in my last post, what first gave me some sympathy for the Russians’ story and drew me to look at it closer, was the raft of social media claims that there was no snow in Salisbury that weekend and Stonehenge had not been closed. In fact, Stonehenge was indeed closed on 3 March by heavy snow, as confirmed by English Heritage. So the story that they came to Salisbury on 3 March but could not go to Stonehenge because of heavy snow did stand up, contrary to almost the entire twittersphere.

                  Once there was some pushback of truth about this on social media, people started triumphantly posting the CCTV images from 4 March to prove that there was no snow lying in Central Salisbury on 4 March. But nobody ever said there was snow on 4 March – in fact Borisov and Petrov specifically stated that they learnt there was a thaw so they went back. However when they got there, they encountered heavy sleet and got drenched through. That accords precisely with the photographic evidence in which they are plainly drenched through.

                  Another extraordinary meme that causes hilarity on twitter is that Russians might be deterred by snow or cold weather.

                  Well, Russians are human beings just like us. They cope with cold weather at home because they have the right clothes. Boshirov and Petrov refer continually in the interview to cold, wet feet and again this is borne out by the photographic evidence – they were wearing sneakers unsuitable to the freak weather conditions that were prevalent in Salisbury on 3 and 4 March. They are indeed soaked through in the pictures, just as they said in the interview.

                  Russians are no more immune to cold and wet than you are.

                  What poppycock! Everyone knows that Russians are immune to cold — that’s how they beat the Germans.


  28. “Kalen • 13 hours ago
    What happened with much more relevant measure of hunger meaning extreme malnutrition as this includes so called hungry obese epidemic in western world, in fact starved of real food and loaded with industrial grease and addictive sugar derivatives not to mention food preservatives.

    That would make 80% of American children as well as adults who are fed with industrial feed from birth put onto conveyor belt from cradle through ingestion of poisonous food substitute substances, into Military-Insurance-Hospital Industrial complex pretending to fix damage caused by food-like substances, to the grave after all the money have been siphoned out and mind, body and soul commodified,decapitated and sold.

    In this table of hunger by numbers as a cause capitalism should replace all those other reasons as it is the reason of all causes and none of natural even climatic change causes.”

    Ahhh….Yet again Kalen’s words of truth eviscerate the beast’s bloated belly of lies!!!!!


  29. Further to the criminal act perpetrated by the Ukrainian government, namely the cutting off of water supplies to the Crimea, one has to admit that as regards this matter the foreign minister of the Ukraine, Pavel Klmkin, is one obnoxious little twat:

    Це не Україна відрізала Крим від води, це зробила Росія, силою відрізавши Крим від України. Сама по собі окупація Криму є страхітливим порушенням міжнародного права і людських прав усіх кримчан.

    It is not the Ukraine that has cut off the Crimea from water: Russia did it, by its cutting off of the Crimea from the Ukraine by force. In its own right, the occupation of the Crimea is a terrible violation of international law and the rights of all Crimeans.


      1. Yes, and they have desalination plants. The water from the canal that runs from Kherson is chiefly for irrigation. When they first closed the sluice in the Ukraine, the Crimea harvest suffered. No doubt Crimea-Tatar farmers were very pleased about this.

        Water Resources of the Crimea

        Crimean water resources are limited, failing to fully meet the drinking and economic needs of the region. Over 50 years, the problems of water resources in Crimea were solved by using Dnieper water supplied through North-Crimean Canal; however, after the integration of Crimea into Russia, Ukraine suspended water supply. At the aggravation of political situation between Russia and Ukraine, the situation in the water-management sphere in the Republic of Crimea looks very complicated. The water-management problems of Crimea should be solved based on its own potential. Groundwater resources are the leading factor of sustainable development of Crimean Region at the present stage.


    1. Right. Indulging the will of the very great majority of Crimeans is a terrible violation of international law, and that same population consequently deserves to be without water even though the supply they depended upon comes from Ukraine. Pull the other one, Pavlo. Not even a day-one civil-rights lawyer would buy that argument. The west has never contested that the decision of Crimeans to sever their ties to Ukraine was that of the majority – not really, It has danced around with that voting-at-the-point-of-a-Kalashnikov bullshit, but the vote was not even close. If there were a do-over with the strictest supervision of western officials, and Kuh-yiv itself got to write the referendum question, Crimea would still vote to secede, and the west knows it. If it was such a loyal part of Ukraine before, why was it the autonomous republic of Crimea?

      The Ukraine-Crimea affair should stand as a textbook example of how the country that lost territory did absolutely everything wrong in its attempts to get it back.


  30. crAP via France’s Macron admits system of torture during Algeria war

    …Both the occupation and the brutality during the war have embittered ties between Algiers and Paris. French authorities did not refer to war at the time, calling the violence, disappearances and bloodshed an “operation to maintain public order.” Only in 1999 did France officially call the combat with Algeria a war.

    A declaration Macron gave to Josette Audin during his visit spelled out the method used by French soldiers to legally eliminate people like Audin, who clandestinely worked for the liberation of Algeria from the French.

    Security forces were allowed to arrest, detain and interrogate all “suspects” through special powers accorded by parliament to the French Army that gave them carte-blanche to re-establish order…

    How on earth is France allowed to remain in the EU? Oh, times have change! Johnny come latelys are conditioned with ‘accepting their (designated) crimes’ before the EU will let them join. I won’t mention Spain – oops, I did. Why would a country wish to join a colonial club with a long history of brutality and war crimes? Sweet, sweet euro cash of course. It has nothing else to offer apart from hypocrisy. Of course, not a single French national will face criminal charges. One law for the powerful.


    1. I didn’t even bother to read WTF Macron is babbling about in 2018…
      French war crimes and criminals in the War for Algerian Independence are and have been well known and documented:

      The Battle of Algiers was REQUIRED viewing for BPP members and other student radicals in the ’60s.

      Here I was not aware of this episode:
      “In May 1945 French soldiers killed thousands of Algerians around the eastern town of Setif, after celebrations to mark the defeat of Nazi Germany turned into pro-independence protests.
      The official Algerian version is that 45,000 people died, though French historians say the number was between 15,000 and 20,000.”


  31. Speaking on the House floor on September 13, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard accused the Trump administration of protecting al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib. According to the congresswoman, this amounts to the betrayal of the American people and victims of al-Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks in the US.

    Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) called out President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence for allegedly protecting al-Qaeda* in Idlib, Syria, while speaking in the House on September 13.

    “Two days ago, President Trump and Vice President Pence delivered solemn speeches about the attacks on 9/11, talking about how much they care about the victims of al-Qaeda’s attack on our country. But, they are now standing up to protect the 20,000 to 40,000 al-Qaeda and other jihadist forces in Syria, and threatening Russia, Syria, and Iran, with military force if they dare attack these terrorists,” the congresswoman stressed.


  32. Here we go again with reliable pot-stirrer the UK, in the form of a ruling by the UK Court of Appeals that Ukraine does have a valid case, after all, of grieving the ordered repayment of $3 Billion it was lent by Moscow after Yanukovych decided to reject the European Association Agreement, and petitioned Russia for assistance.

    Some facts that should be recalled here; Ukraine has to the very best of my knowledge never paid this debt, although the IMF grudgingly backed Russia’s claim that it was a bilateral loan. Then Ukraine imposed a moratorium on further payments, trying to squeeze Russia into accepting a ‘restructuring’ of the debt, a colourful euphemism for ‘write off some of it and give us until forever to pay the rest’, allowing Ukraine to simply roll over its outstanding debt each year and put off payment until the promised western flood of incredible prosperity finally arrives.

    The ever-helpful IMF then rewrote its own laws so that it could continue lending to Ukraine although it exhibited all the classic symptoms of a bad debtor. Most of us said it would all end in tears for the IMF, and where is it now, again? How much of that $17 Billion aid package has been disbursed?

    Georgetown University Professor Anna Gelpern offered Ukraine an out, stating that in her legal opinion, the obligation amounted to ‘odious debt’, which consequently did not have to be repaid. Longtime kook Anders Aslund enthusiastically embraced that view, bleating that really Russia should be repaying Ukraine, for invading and plundering it.

    Let me give you my not-legal opinion; Ukraine does not have a hope of winning this case. The UK is just trying to help it kick the can a little further down the road, and put off repayment for another year or two while the courts wrangle the issue out all over again, and lawyers pocket hefty fees. It also serves the British hobby of sticking its thumb in Russia’s eye every chance it gets to do it. The money is probably not a big issue to Russia; it’s the principle, and it would probably suit the Kremlin to duke it out in court again just on the probability that Ukraine will suffer another humiliating defeat, although that will make no difference at all to its willingness to pay. I propose, though, another option; one to be exercised immediately, and one down the road a bit. First, communicate to Kuh-yiv that if it goes ahead with this, Russia will pull out all foreign investment in Ukraine, immediately and finally. I personally do not think the economy could sustain that kind of hit, since it is on life support now. Second, Russia should communicate to Britain that once Brexit becomes operative, the UK will have to negotiate with Europe for energy supplies and pay their asking price, since there will be no direct transfers of energy to the UK. That might have been the case anyway, since to the best of my knowledge no systems serve the UK directly from Russia except LNG cargoes. But it would not hurt to remind them.

    It occurs to me that the west has only itself to blame for Ukraine’s current and ongoing dysfunction and ‘cutie-pie’ criminality, since the west keeps encouraging it to greater heights of irresponsibility, covering for it and then rewriting its own rules so that behaviour previously illegal is magically permissible.


        1. The London High Court is not going to like being reversed; such reversals often do not look good for the judges, although there certainly cannot be any murmuring of ‘political motivation’ here, since the court was most decidedly motivated to rule for Ukraine in the original judgment if it could. As I said, this is just kicking the can down the road a piece, and buying time for Kuh-yiv. And that might be a valid strategy, if a burgeoning economy was about to break free in Ukraine. Is that the case? I’m afraid I don’t think so. In fact, Ukraine is broke and living on handouts, its reserves down to record lows; it doesn’t have the money, so the UK is trying to rig the judgment so as to head off its having to pay, at least temporarily. More short-term thinking, such as is characteristic of crisis management.

          The Appeals Court is likely ruling on a technicality because it believes (or has been encouraged to believe) it deserves further examination. But, again, I have to believe that in such a politically-charged case, the court which rendered the original verdict would have carefully picked over every argument which might have worked in Ukraine’s favour, since the UK was highly motivated to support Ukraine if there were any way it could legally do so. The efficacy, reliability and non-volatility of Eurobonds is at stake here, and a ruling now for Ukraine is likely to provoke a drawback from Eurobonds and European financial instruments by every nation that perceives it is or might one day be perceived as a foe of a Europe still in thrall to the United States. Russia chose such an instrument precisely because of the high risk of a Ukrainian default even if Yanukovych had remained in power, and that was a wise decision to the extent that the west has had to completely rewrite the book in order to challenge the stratagem. That, too, will play to its great disadvantage down the road, as every debtor nation has the right of precedent to exercise such options.

          The funny thing is that if Europe simply laid out the situation bluntly to Moscow, as an equal and a respected partner to the deal, and asked for mercy for Ukraine, there is every chance Moscow would find a way to accommodate, provided it was given due credit for its magnanimity. Instead, as usual, Europe has gone with a strategy of creating the appearance that Moscow fucked Ukraine, breaking the law in the process. It will be interesting to see what Alexander Mercouris has to say about this, and I am sure he will offer an opinion, but I’m afraid I haven’t time now as I have to get ready for work. But I should like to once more point out that all the advantage lies with Russia here, if it only remains patient and keeps its temper; it is Russia which is keeping Ukraine alive now, through transit fees and significant FDI. It can choose to withdraw one at any time it pleases, and the other as soon as Nord Stream II is completed. The west’s attempts to change the beloved ‘facts on the ground’ amount to no more than scrabbling at the noose that is tightening around Ukraine’s throat.


      1. You’d almost think they were coordinated.

        Never mind – have your fun, boys. It never seems to occur to Ukraine that while the west backs it consistently in these short-term jubilations. all of them are calculated to drive Russia and Ukraine further apart… the west has no intention at all of picking up the pieces. Certainly not while a rule-by-oligarch system prevails in Ukraine. Its destiny is to be a dirt-poor labour feeder for Europe, mostly populated by peasant farmers as it was decades ago.

        Nord Stream II + Russian investment withdrawal = economic collapse.


  33. Daily Toilet Barf: Chemical weapons expert arrested after police ‘taken ill’ at Devon home

    …Specialist officers were called to examine a number of items seized from the house and an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was deployed.

    A retired research scientist named by The Sun as Dr Chris Busby was held by police who had responded to concerns for the safety of a woman. Police sources confirmed a 73-year-old man had been detained under the explosives act.

    Mr Busby is a regular expert for Russian state sponsored channel RT and has previously claimed Britain may be behind the Salisbury poisoning. The arrest is not thought to be connected to the nerve-agent attack on Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal. ..

    Probably nothing about nothing, but other retired experts have been picked up by the fuzz for working for or meeting ‘the wrong sort of people’.* A warning to others…


    Sic, the RR/F-35 case of Bryn Jones arrested by MI5 under the Offal(!) Secrets Act. There appears to be no reporting at all since it was released to the press. Both 73 when arrested!


  34. EU Observer: Russian fish money keeps Faroes out of EU sanctions

    …From the outset, the Faroe Islands’ leaders criticised the EU measures or opted to have no opinion on the matter, while Faroese fishermen boosted exports to Russia.

    Meanwhile, on 24 August this year, the Faroe Islands’ minister for foreign affairs and trade, Poul Michelsen, signed a new memorandum of understanding with Russia via the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), a Moscow-led trade bloc.

    ….In Copenhagen, the political establishment is becoming increasingly frustrated with that point of view.

    The Faroe Islands is constitutionally still a part of the Danish kingdom and the Danish government is a staunch supporter of EU sanctions against Russia. ..

    …In Norway, salmon-farmers lost all sales of fresh salmon to Russia. Norway, which is not an EU member but which was supportive of the EU sanctions, produces more salmon than any other nation, but from 2014 Faroese salmon replaced all of Norway’s exports of fresh salmon to Russia. ..

    FU EU? Certainly looks like it. Of course Copenhagen or Brussels could simply subsidize the Faroe Islands for following sanctions but neither will. I wonder why?


    1. Russia destroy tons of salmon after most successful fishing season in a century
      News by Owen Evans – 11 September 2018
      A record catch and a record low price.

      Currently Russia is enjoying an wild salmon fishing bonanza that has been unmatched in 110 years. As of the 28th of August, their catch of Pacific salmon in Kamchatka, on the Russia far east, made up a record 450,000 tons according to the latest numbers of the Russian Federal Fisheries as reported in Pravda.

      This year’s catch is 88% more than on the same date in 2016 and it may reach 520,000 tons at the end of the year. However not everyone is happy.

      The price of salmon (chinook salmon, sockeye salmon, pink salmon, keta, coho salmon) has fallen to around EUR 0.98 per kilo. Pravda, formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, say that fisherman are throwing excessive and expensive fish away in forests and roadsides.

      Alongside salmon, another Russian export has been hitting the curb, caviar. The publication also reported that fisheries have been dumping tons of Pacific salmon roe to rot out in the open.

      Praise the Lord!

      No more rotten fishheads for a good while now!


      1. Pity that this salmon could not be exported due to Western sanctions against Russia. If the salmon has to be destroyed, can’t it be used as agricultural fertiliser? Alternately the fish could be sold or even given to zoos and national reserves to feed animals.


        1. The Russians could offer to send the salmon free to British Columbia to feed the ailing population of salmon-eating orcas, now down to 74 animals. How could Justin Bieber Trudeau and his foreign minister Chrystia Freeland refuse such an offer?


      2. If true then this is very disappointing. I am happy that their catch is fantastic and that the business is going well, more food is always good. But it is news that is instantly soured by the followup.

        Treating animals you have killed like this is disgusting and disrespectful and I will have no sympathy for them if they face a shortage later. Karma being a harsh but just mistress. I am not a vegetarian by a long shot, but wasting food has always been a sore point for me, especially if that food comes from a living animal.


  35. Солберецкие. The Bellingcat и The Insider удалось подтвердить причастность Петрова и Боширова к спецслужбам

    Salisbury: Bellingcat and the Insider have managed to confirm that Petrov and Bashirov are members of the intelligence services

    A joint investigation by Bellingcat and The Insider has confirmed that Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bashirov, suspected by Britain of poisoning Skripals, really are employees of the Russian special services.This is evidenced by a number of documents and also direct and indirect evidence. Today we publish the first part of the investigation. The full version will be published early next week.

    Yeah, go lick my hairy balls, Bellingtwat!


    1. And how would they do this? Back in the good old days, suspects either broke under interrogation or were exposed by a mole. Unless Bellingcrap hacked into top secret (i.e. not internet attached) Russian computers and got this information, there is no way in Hell any such finding could be made.

      In case some genius chimes inn with “their story” or “their body language”. BS. You do such voodoo analysis on anyone. I bet lots of spies will be found who actually were regular citizens needing to go to the toilet.


      1. I wonder why Bellingcat jumps straight into investigating the claims made by the two Russian men acccused of poisoning the Skripals (but not the death of the mother of three), yet since March of this year, has shown no desire to investigate the 40 or so often contradictory claims made by the British government as regards how this heinous crime was perpetrated.

        Does anyone suspect that Bellingcat takes sides?


  36. And in EU fake news:

    Euractiv: MEPs put pressure on Commission to take position on Czech PM fraud case

    The European Budgetary Control Committee will urge the Commission to assess whether Babiš has conflicts of interest after it emerged that many of his former companies have received financial support from Brussels.

    His previous businesses, like holding company Agrofert, could face losing investment if the EU inspections prove the suspicions to be true.

    In his proposal to deal with the case, Staes used materials provided by the Czech branch of Transparency International and by the Czech Pirate Party.

    “If that’s true, it would be a big conflict of interest for the Czech prime minister even under the EU’s Financial Regulation,” Staes indicated to his colleagues, referring solely to the documents Transparency had sent to all the coordinators from the Parliament committee…

    …“We are convinced that Babiš is in a huge conflict of interest, and we expect that there are European institutions that have to say so,” said David Ondráčka, the head of the Czech branch of Transparency International…

    Plenty more at the link.

    ‘Transparency International’, really do out themselves yet again out as not being an ‘impartial, non-partizan’ organization, but yet another shady & undeclared operation that bites whom it is told.

    If there was any legal way to stop Babis from running then those measures should have occurred before the elections as according to Czech laws. But there was nothing there. Yet the MEPpets in Brussels – who consider themselves above any kind of law – are not satisfied! What a tantrum.


  37. Euractiv: Russians and the Hungarian golden visas

    By Michał Kokot | Gazeta Wyborcza | translated by Alexandra Brzozowski


    Funny, other European countries give visas or Russian business men (hello UK!). As for Gazeta Wyborcza, they previously ran a story that was covered with Euractiv that was catastrophically wrong where it said that Germany’s Uniper would pull out of Nord Stream II:


    1. What a surprise, Polish MSM masturbating itself into a frenzy with wishful thinking and Russia hate.

      Uncle Scumbag can sanction Nord Stream II as much as he wants, but Polaks and their “little brother” Ukrs can do f*ck all about Russia shipping its gas to China.

      I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the EU already. Energy independence from Russia means the opposite: it is energy dependence of Russia on the EU. Without Russian gas the EU will have to make do with the 5 bcm/year of export capacity (not LNG, all natural gas) that the US has. Now they get over 150 bcm/year from Russia.


  38. And this one takes the biscuit, not because of the content but the advertiser that runs down the right hand side: supporter – Raytheon, with illustrious content such as:

    Toward a stronger Europe: Trans-Atlantic cooperation builds security for the Continent
    by Alex Saklambanakis,

    European executive for Raytheon Missile Systems

    Raytheon’s strategy for Integrated Air and Missile Defence in Europe

    by Jane’s Defence

    The relationship of industry and an evolving NATO
    Chris Lombardi, Raytheon’s Vice President Europe,

    on Defense News

    & their helpful infographic below the above three:

    COLLABORATING FOR A STRONGER DEFENSE (which clicks through to the ‘Raytheon in Europe’ page on missile defense!

    Euractiv with Neuters: European NATO jets showcase unified Russian deterrence


  39. Independent:
    Salisbury attack: Russian spies ‘arrested on way to Swiss lab that tested novichok samples’
    The spies, who are not the same men suspected of attacking Sergei Skripal, were sent back to Russia in the spring

    Now why on earth should “Russian spies” wish to investigate the goings on at that Swiss lab?

    Did they really think it was engaged in setting them up?

    The very thought!

    And the usual moronic readers’ comments come flooding in, and there is this theory proposed by one reader:

    The interesting thing about this Swiss lab was that unofficial leaks confirmed the presence of the incapacitant B Z toxin in the blood samples. Denied of course officially – they said it was a control sample – what bs. B Z is commonly used by British secret services to incapacitate – not as a deadly poison. The symptoms match those observed when the Skripals were seen hallucinating at the bench in Salisbury. The symptoms of the Skripals did not match those of novichoks poisoning, as doctors attest – they initially diagnosed Fentanyl poisoning. Odd. The most plausible explanation is thus – Sergei Skripal wanted to leave Britain to return home to Russia. Obviously as an MI6 asset, they weren’t too happy when they found out. Skripal contacted Russia to organise his extraction. These 2 Russians come over to Salisbury for hand over. MI6 intercede, using B Z toxin to poison Skripals at the Zizzi restaurant where Skripal met his MI6 handler. Shortly after they flake out at the bench are whisked off by MI6. Russian extraction thwarted and the Russians go home. The Novichoks conspiracy was derived from a plot featured in UK TV programme Striking Back, – a Russia linkedM Porton Down – sourced nerve agent, which could easily be associated with Russia. The “smear novichoks on a door knob tale” was completely fabricated. The Russians never were the assassins, but were handlers to bring Skripals home.


  40. And over at offGuardian, our old friend Matt makes an appearance:

    September 15, 2018
    A leaker from the Russian government gave Bellingcat access to the pair’s passports. The findings? If these two men aren’t agents of the GRU, then pigs will start flying.

    The passport data showed various.. oddities.

    First, please read the article. And don’t let RT’s smearing of Bellingcat get in your way; the former is still bitter about the latter’s debunking of Russia’s multiple, contradictory conspiracy theories about MH17.

    My Reddit comment explaining my thoughts:


    1. It appears that Bellingcrap or someone on their behalf hacked into the database that holds Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov’s passport data.

      Elena Evdokimova demolished the Bellingcrap article on Twitter:


      1. Oh sorry … didn’t read the rest of Moscow Exile’s comments before posting this reply. Mark, you can delete my previous comment and this response.


  41. And in response to your friendly neighbourhood Canadian-Venuzualan’s statement:

    I would very much appreciate it if Off-G, in the interests of debate, posted Bellingcat’s article about the passports.
    In my opinion, it’s a slam dunk.

    There is this response:

    September 15, 2018
    I suggest they do that at the same time publishing the excellent takedown of the Bellingcat article by Elena Evdokimova


    1. Click on the Tweet to go to the Evdokimova site and read her argument against the “citizen journalist”:

      2. Bellingcat implies that there is an alleged stamp on Alexander Petrov’s passport dossier:“Do not provide any information”and his handwritten name. All passport documents in Russia are typed,without exclusion.

      3.This conclusion Bellingcat supports with another EMPTY document
      with a handwritten note on top stating that somebody recommended to make is confidential “совершенно секретно” “С.С.”We have to BELIEVE that its Petrov’s form. BTW,those words are always stamped, not handwritten.

      7. Another reason for the alleged missing records- the united database, that Belligcat either hacked or bribed somebody to access, started to fill in only in 2014. There were separate databases before-for border control, migration service, police, etc.

      8. Petrov, as everyone else, graduated from Secondary school at 18, i.e. in 1997. 2 year military service was compulsory for boys ( until 14th June 2006). So he served in the army until 1999. Military people do not have passports in Russia, they always have different documents.

      10. Petrov’s 1999 passport was not in the central passport database because the database was created in 2014, there were some errors occurred during databases merging, some passports were even declared invalid.

      11. Petrov’s 1999 passport was replaced because it became “unsuitable for usage”, a marking typically used when a previous passport has been damaged, this does not make him Russian Secret service GRU agent. It simply means that his 1999 passport was damaged.

      At the end of her numbered counter-arguments, she adds:

      Bellincat’s claim that “Boshirov and Petrov’s passport files, indicating that they were separated by only 3 digits (-1294 and -1297), meaning that they were issued at nearly the same time”- so they are GRU-is funny, as their [sic] are gays, a couple that applied for passports together.

      Bellingcat : “Additionally, Fontanka noted that Petrov and Boshirov bought two separate return flights back to Moscow on March 4”.

      Well, Anatoly Shariy internal sources stated that they bought tickets only for one return trip,places 22a & 22c, and he is cheking [sic] his facts carefully


      1. Yeah, that whole issue about their passports having ID numbers close together:
        A lot of people on the Russian blogosphere are making the same point: That as a gay couple they went together to apply for passports, once they decided to do this weekend getaway. Their passports were probably issued within seconds of each other.

        A trip which I am sure they now regret ever taking, as it has ruined their lives forever.


        1. It’s not just citizen journalists.

          This is the point I was making after seeing RT treatment of the two guys and the real lack of consideration for their future wellbeing with all this exposure.


          1. It was they who chose to be interviewed. They were under no duress from the “Kremlin controlled” RT to be interviewded.

            Komsomolskaya Pravda is offering 100,000 rubles to readers who will give the low-down on these two, to provide evidence that they really are who they say they are:

            100 тысяч рублей за информацию о Петрове и Боширове: «Комсомольская правда» объявляет вознаграждение для читателей

            KP has the largest circulation of any Russian newspaper. Although it may be sensationalist, it in no way plumbs the depths as does the British gutter press.

            Although it was originally the organ of the Soviet youth organization Komsomol, the newspaper now has nothing to do with Komsomol, not least because it was dissolved in 1991, and nothing whatsoever to do with the former Pravda, the erstwhile organ of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

            KP became a national tabloid in 1990. It is 25% owned by a Norwegian publisher.


            1. Here’s an example of the free, libtard, non-Kremlin controlled Russian media:

              00:06, 14 сентября 2018
              В гости к Скрипалю
              Что делать в Солсбери, если вы не отравитель

              As Skripal’s guest
              What to do in Salisbury if you are not a poisoner

              <iAfter the assassination attempt on the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia with the help of the poison agent "Novichok", the small English town of Salisbury has become known to the whole world. "" has figured out why Russians go to Salisbury, if the poisoning of a traitor is not part of their plans.

              Was there really an assination attempt using Novichok?

              If so, why didn’t the Skripals die?

              They were put into an induced coma, made a miraculous recovery, and have never been seen or heard of since, apart from Miss Skripal’s reciting a clearly prepared by the authorities statement in a garden somewhere in England, and not to the general public or the media at large — and of course, there were no questions, no pack drill.

              Why do Russians go to Salisbury, if the poisoning of a traitor is not part of their plans?

              Begging the question, is that not?


              1. Theater of the retarded. Trying to prove there was no snow in the UK during their trip and trying to paint Salisbury as having no attractions. Anyone who thinks these two men are GRU agents is a certifiable moron. At worst they are patsies.

                Anyway, the use of an exotic murder weapon is the finger print of a frame up job and not evidence of Putin’s personal culpability. Nobody has demonstrated why Skripal would be a target for assassination. The “novichok” chemical is supposed to be proof enough. Utterly pathetic.

                BTW, when Mossad assassinates “Israel’s enemies” (e.g. Iranian scientists) not a squeak is made about crimes and sanctions. The US engages is mass murder by drone attacks. The UK has its SAS operating in Syria assisting jihadi head choppers kill innocents (White Helmet frame up jobs using bodies of victims killed by the jihadis). This Skripal theater is pure diversion.


          2. Like Moscow Exile says, these 2 guys walked into the RT studio of their own accord. I’m sure that they now regret this as well. Again, I don’t think that Simonjan did anything improper in her interview; if anything, she could have played more hard-ball with them.
            The 2 guys probably thought they could just explain their side of the story, and that would be it. Everybody would breathe a sigh of relief and accept their story. Their biggest fear apparently was not being exposed as killers, but being exposed as a gay couple. In a nation which really does not tolerate that sort of thing. No, really.

            Since the interview the duo have apparently gone into hiding. They are not returning Simonjan’s calls, and Russian standup comedians on TV are mocking their disappearance.

            2 possible theories (among others):
            (1) They are in witness protection program. If I were FSB, I would do exactly that with them, fearing MI-6 sending in some James Bond type to wipe them out. Need to keep them alive in case there is ever a trial of the real killers.
            (2) They are lying low staying with friends in the LGBT underground. Fearing that their clients and contacts back in their hometown will now rebuff them at best, beat them up at worst.


            1. I wonder how long it will be before it occurs to Britain to offer to take them in and keep them in relative comfort and privacy, in exchange for their testimony that they are GRU agents who were ordered to kill Skripal.


            2. Petrov and Boshirov should have sought legal advice first as to whether they should talk to the media or got someone to talk on their behalf. As it is, their business (which involves travelling overseas to find the best nutritional supplements for their fitness and nutrition consultancy and importing those into Russia to sell to clients) has been ruined already by the British and if they had not approached RT, they may have had a good case to sue for compensation. But because they did approach RT, they must share some of the blame if their clients refuse to deal with them again.


              1. I have to admit I am a little behind on the latest developments of this story, I will have to read through some more of the posts on this page and catch up. I’ve been kind of fed up with the whole Skripal thing lately so was deliberately avoiding it.

                I do think Jen makes a good point. I feel that Petrov and Boshirov may have unintentionally turned their situation from bad to worse by taking the interview before seeking legal advice. In their stead I would be very cautious about acting as my own defense when accused of murder by international powers, transparent as those accusations may be. Now they may have painted targets on their backs for not only the online public, but also likely some of their business associates or foreign powers. Not because of their sexual orientation necessarily, but also because of their now instant connection to the case and international visibility. Not to mention the potential political fallout of them being found dead. I think the intention was good, but the resulting slag fest will make it even more difficult to put this episode behind them.

                Oh yeah, and Bellingcat is a tool.


                1. I totally agree with Murdock and Jen. The moral of the story: NEVER talk to the press, and ALWAYS get a lawyer. Not a Mark Feygin type lawyer, a GOOD lawyer, it goes without saying.

                  Just want to add one point: Up until now I have “believed” (since, absent of verifiable facts, this story resolves to a matter of religious “belief”) that MI-6 themselves poisoned the Skripals. Possibly in conjunction with the Ukrainian SBU.

                  But then what doesn’t fit with this “theory” is Theresa May suddenly outing Petrov/Boshirov as the “killers”. Didn’t she think that when you accuse 2 specific people, they might show up and defend themselves? Did she not account for that fact?
                  If the Brits themselves had poisoned the Skripals, then wouldn’t they have already had a coherent story put together, and not have been floundering with all these various torturous paths and red herrings?
                  That part doesn’t make sense. It’s almost as if they WERE actually taken by surprise.

                  Unless the operation was done by a “deep state” entity and even May is not in the loop what they did? Which would explain her floundering so.


                2. Perhaps her intelligence services informed her they were a secret gay couple, and that they would likely do anything to avoid being exposed. You know, because the authoritarian anti-gay Putin regime would murder them, or something. I admit I was quite taken aback when the silly story of ‘traces of Novichok’ being found in their hotel room made it pretty clear that they had shared a room.


                3. @ Yalensis: MI5 or MI6 may not be keeping Treason N Mayhem or Sajid Javid in the loop on the basis that the less the government knows about the Salisbury poisoning saga, the better. The British PM’s position may be less secure than it looks – all that’s needed is for BoJo the Clown to challenge her for leadership of the Tories – and Sontaran Sajid only became Home Secretary some time this year.


  42. TheRealNews
    Published on 14 Sep 2018
    Trump’s erratic behavior towards allies is causing pundits in the US and abroad to worry about the future of the Transatlantic Alliance between the US and Europe. The concern is misplaced, however, says CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot


  43. And, of course, our dear Matt writes in offGuardian of Bellingcat’s “debunking of of Russia’s multiple, contradictory conspiracy theories about MH17”.


    You don’t say, Matt!

    By the way, I thought that Matt had in the end long ago got the bum’s rush from offGuardian for doing what he used to do on the old Kremlin Stooge, namely swamping the comments with his endless assertions and links that “supported” his “arguments”.

    As regards the compulsory printing out of official Russian application documents that Evdokimova writes about in her Tweet, I can vouch for that.

    That’s why, when you get a multipage residence permit application knocked back for the umpteenth time because of an error or for simply something that the bureaucrat who is dealing with it does not like, you have to make an appointment to come back the next day with a new print-out: you cannot fill in the application by hand. That happened to me on 8 consecutive days last year.

    For example, they asked me why I had not included my parents in my details of next of kin, which latter had to include my sister in the UK. These details entailed date of birth, nationality, address, employment, address of employer or whether unemployed or a pensioner.

    After having done all this, they asked where were the details about my parents. “They’re both dead”, I told them. No matter, I had to fill in their details. “But my father was born 100 years ago and died nearly 50 years ago”, I told them. No matter.

    The next day, I returned with a newly printed out application. (Remember: this procesing has to be done at the Multifunctional Migration Centre, situated some 60 kms southwest of Moscow. I don’t drive, so I had to get there by a special bus service or taxi: there are no railways in the vicinity as it really is in the boondocks.) I had put “British” for my parents’ nationality, of course.

    “You do not enter nationality for a dead person”, I was told. “Well that figures”, I said, “But why did you not tell me this yesterday?”

    I had to get another appointment and come back yet again the next day with another newly printed out application.

    To cap it all, having finally received in May of this year my permission to reside temporarily in Russia, when registering my address at the Moscow Taganskiy Distict central administration offices, they found out that even though I had had to leave Russia last August because I had failed to extend my former full residence permit on time, I was still registered as resident at the address where I have lived since 1997 with my wife and, what is more, that I was still registered as a foreign national with a full residence permit! Furthermore, when I first registered here in Moscowin 1995 after having been registered in Voronezh, they found out that my name had been entered wrongly, which caused the bureautwats great problems in arsing around with their database.

    Now I wonder what lick-my-balls Bellingcat would have made of all of that if he had decided to make a “citizen journalist” investigation into the veracity of my goings on in the Evil Empire these past 25 years?


    1. The error in my registration was the spelling of my name: Dennis. In Russian, that’s Денис [Denis]. The bureaucrats here often atomatically write the Russian spelling, even when looking at my passport and sometimes even after I have told them “with two n’s”. They did this as recently as 3 months ago when I got a new national insurance certificate — and I had told the dotty old bat in the office “With two n’s!” I had to go back and have another one made out correctly.

      In fact, if I were Russian, my name and patronymic would be Денис Денисович, as I was named after my father.

      Anyway, after I had stated that I wanted our first born, Vladimir, to be a Russian citizen, they printed out his name and patronymic thus: Владимир Денисович, and 1 year and 4 months later, on my elder daughter’s birth certificate there appeared Елена Денисовна. Neither I nor my wife noticed this error.

      Fast forward a few years when a bureaucrat noticed in the translation of my passport that my name has two n’s, whereas Vova and Lena’s patronymics had one letter “n”.

      Everything had to be changed, as the patronymic has to be exactly the same as the father’s name — my old pal’s son has Патрикович [Patrikovich] as his patronymic.

      I wonder what Bellingcrap would make out of that if he were to investigate my son and elder daughter’s registrations and passport histories here?


        1. Agreed. Tell the Russian authorities “Thank Christ someone can spell my name correctly. Those morons in England insist on spelling it wrong with double N.”


  44. Old Vic Theatre, London— 2019 season:

    “The Dogs of War” are loose and the rugged Russian Bear,
    Full bent on blood and robbery, has crawl’d out of his lair;
    It seems a thrashing now and then, will never help to tame
    That brute, and so he’s out upon the “same old game.”
    The Lion did his best to find him some excuse
    To crawl back to his den again, all efforts were no use;
    He hunger’d for his victim, he’s pleased when blood is shed,
    But let us hope his crimes may all recoil on his own head.

    We don’t want to fight but by jingo if we do,
    We’ve got the ships, we’ve got the men, and got the money too!
    We’ve fought the Bear before and while we’re Britons true
    The Russians shall not have Constantinople.

    The misdeeds of the Turks have been “spouted” thro’ all lands,
    But how about the Russians, can they show spotless hands?
    They slaughtered well at Khiva, in Siberia icy cold,
    How many subjects done to death will never perhaps be told,
    They butchered the Circassians, man, woman, yes and child,
    With cruelties their Generals their murderous hours beguiled,
    And poor unhappy Poland their cruel yoke must bear,
    Whilst prayers for “Freedom and Revenge” go up into the air.


    May he who ‘gan the quarrel soon have to bite the dust,
    The Turk should be thrice armed for “he hath his quarrel just,”
    ‘Tis sad that countless thousands should die thro’ cruel war,
    But let us hope most fervently ere long it will be o’er;
    Let them be warned, Old England is brave Old England still,
    We’ve proved our might, we’ve claimed our right, and ever, ever will,
    Should we have to draw the sword our way to victory we’ll forge,
    With the battle cry of Britons, “Old England and Saint George!”


    And my old mates often ask me when I am going to come “home” FFS!


    1. Scary coincidence:

      On Thursday I spotted a poster advertising the new production of an amateur theatre group – “Oh! What A Lovely War!” Since my daughter is a bit of a thespian I watch out for things like that.


  45. So Aris is saying that the Ukraine before was a dictatorship run by a colonial power?

    And if he thinks it was “odious” because it was misspent by a previous government, then doesn’t most debt fall under the category of odious debt now?

    This guy kind of pisses me off because his feed mixes analysis with lots of svidomy.


    1. He used to appear on crosstalk and it was clear he had a prejudicial attitude against Russia.

      It’s obvious in his tone when he speaks and comes through in his writing.


      1. There is just no serious way to call Yanukovych a dictator. Also, the loan came at the end of his time, so I believe most of it was money spent by the Maidan regime before Russia cut the rest of it off.

        This really makes an excellent case for Greek debt being odious debt. Most of it was acquired when it was under foreign, technocratic regimes.


        1. Has anyone successfully used the “0dious debt” excuse?

          There are a lot of countries in Latin America and Africa and in the Pacific region – who are weighed down with foreign debt


          1. Of course not. Only NATzO’s designated enemies can have their loans written off based on fake arguments. When Ukraine took the $3 billion loan from Russia it could easily afford it and the interest rate was the market rate. And “odious debt” is ***defined*** as either being too large or with an unreasonable interest rate (loan sharking). Clearly neither of these apply. And I don’t no kangaroo court to tell me otherwise.


          2. Besides which, Ukraine was in relatively good shape – debt-wise – when it accepted the terms of a loan from Russia, compared with the way things are now, down to a couple of months reserves on bare subsistence living. Therefore one could make a case that all loans it received from the west since the Russia loan are odious debt, since the lenders took advantage of desperation.


    2. Where does he get the idea that this time Kuh-yiv is ‘likely to be successful’? Based on what? The London High Court being tired the first time around, and missing the glaring error? Typically reversals by the Court of Appeals compel the ruling court to grant another hearing on a technicality, a sort of, “you didn’t really give this due attention”. A good example is the Trans-Mountain Pipeline, of which I have spoken before. The Court of Appeals overruled Ottawa, saying the government had not properly consulted with indigenous peoples, and had not considered the environmental impact on the coast of increased tanker traffic. Therefore, permission to build the pipeline was revoked. By no stretch of the imagination does that mean the project is finished. Ottawa merely has to go back and do its due diligence, and while it will take some time and perhaps delay the project by a year or two, I’m confident they will push ahead with it with the court’s blessing.

      There’s much more involved here than simply spiting Russia – confidence in European financial instruments would be severely damaged as countries perceived any borrower could petition to have their debt considered odious debt by a court and thereby avoid paying it, although the lender did everything in accordance with the law. Yanukovych was the democratically-elected president of Ukraine, and he entered into a bargain with Russia for a loan. If lending countries must now get into investigations of how the money will be spent before lending, it’s going to put a bit of a damper on lending overall, to put it mildly – what as happened to all the money the IMF has lent Ukraine since Maidan? Might that all be declared odious debt? Not to mention the government receiving aid from the IMF was for at least part of the time unelected, and in power while the previous leader had not been properly impeached.

      We all know how the court would LIKE to rule, but to do so would establish a very dangerous precedent which could have a severe effect on lending confidence.


  46. By the way, Verzilov is back to his full shitty cosciousness now, albeit his condition was described as “critical” the other day by the based in Riga news aggregator Meduza.

    The Moscow Sklifosovsky Institute, a place I know well because I go there for my HIV tests, something which I am occasionaly obliged to do, reports that he was suffering the effects of anticholinergic drugs, which apparently are used as neurotransmitter-blocking medicines for the treatment of conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Parkinson’s disease, asthma, and more.

    In the event of anticholinergic-drug poisoning, in rare cases, symptoms can persist for up to two weeks.

    That cnut’s symptoms persisted for a couple of days.


    1. Sounds like this clown gave himself a mild overdose to create a propaganda incident. What a loyal pooch to NATzO. Time for Russia to change its constitution to enable expelling citizens and stripping them of citizenship. All these NATzO loving shits should be transferred to NATzO.


      1. Pyotr Pavlensky will be jealous. He’ll want some of that neurotransmitter-blocking medicine for the next time he decides to stage an “incident”.


    The two warmongering c’s and the f should be told in no uncertain terms that Paris London and Berlin will be glassed first, even before Brussels..if push comes to shove.

    The warmongeringg lapdogs of the WMIC-USA-have KNOWN for years that it is the jihadists who have repeatedly used Chemical and Biological agents ..NOT Assad’s people:

    “As a matter of fact there are strong indicators that the jihadist militia al-Nusra also has been working for quite some time on obtaining sarin. On June 20, 2013 analysts from the American Defense Intelligence Agency sent a secret report to then-Deputy Director, David Shedd that started with the dramatic sentence: “al-Nusra maintained a sarin production cell: its programme is the most advanced sarin plot since al-Qaida’s pre-9/11 effort”.
    The 5-page briefing, the existence of which was eventually confirmed by the Obama White House, went on to state: “arrests in Iraq and Turkey have slowed the cell’s operations. Nevertheless we asses the situation as such that they will continue their efforts to produce chemical weapons.”
    The actual IS poison gas attack in Mosul is not a singular occurrence, as a study by IHS Conflict Monitor demonstrates. Since the first incident in July 2014, Conflict Monitor has recorded at least 71 allegations of the Islamic State using CW -(41 in Iraq) – and 30 in Syria, states Columb Track, chief analyst of the London-based think tank. Most of the attacks happened in and around Mosul. Until the beginning of the reconquest offensive, the city, still home to one million long suffering residents, 100,000 of them as involuntary “human shields” for the terrorists, was the center of the Islamic State’s chemical weapons production, states Strack.
    Only “New York Times” wrote about the IHS investigation, which was largely ignored otherwise.”

    And now the unabashed lying vermin dare to claim that Assad is prone to use chemical weapons….when in point of fact it is the jihadist terrorists whose asses they lick ,support ,sustain rescue and enable who are the culprits!!!!!!!!



    The NATzO MSM is pathetic in its fantasy projection. Do these clowns actually believe that Russia cannot field 300,000 troops for war games? Instead of engaging in Bellingcrap style “famous analysis” where white is black and black is white, they should engage their brains. But that would violate their mandate, which is to smear Russia 24/7. Even if the smearing is contradictory.


      1. Ooooo, let me try. Warning: very long and very tacky.

        [Fade in. 1800s map of the world is seen in flickering candlelight. The camera pans slowly from West to East as the candle flame flickers. In the background, the Thundercats theme plays.]

        Once upon a time there was a nation of exceptional, glamorous, freedom loving people. Their civilization was a shining beacon upon a hill for all the yearning starving masses of the world. All flocked to them for leadership and largesse, voluntarily giving them lands and monies aplenty, none were turned away. And their prosperity and freedom knew no bounds. So free were they, that they were not tied to the mortal realm by mandated medical procedures and death panels, or higher education, or forced to slave away on government projects in infrastructure. They were free to choose to die in poverty if they were of such laziness and lack of strapped boots. And for these freedoms they were beloved throughout the world.

        [Scene darkens as camera pans over Eastern Europe]

        But all was not well. For far in the dark lands to the east lived a vile nasty creature, a creature devoid of pity and humanity, of only evil and selfishness. They called him the Putler. He was a short balding twisted thing, sitting upon a throne of skulls in his dark and wretched land, where starving peasants were forced to labor in the mines and factories to fuel his nefarious goals. And he hated the glorious people of the West, for he envied them their freedoms. So consumed was he with his envy and hatred that at every turn he would steal from them. He stole from them the Georgia, and the Crimea, and all the other -ias that he and his little green spies could get his hands on, but still it was not enough. And the western people looked on him with pity, and yearned of his peasants to cast aside their wicked master and bask in the light of the world that was their land.

        [Map fades out outline of Russia, replaced by black-and-white newsreel of concentration camp prisoners. Followed by burning forest, oil wells, and factory smoke.]

        But the peasants of the east were cowed by decades of iron rule by the Putler. Misshapen in mind by the daily torment of their existence as they were physically in their Finno-Ugric Mongoloid bodies. The creatures of this land toiled endlessly, yet produced nothing. For the gem of ‘Profit Motive’ had been taken from their land in the legendary past by the dark lord Stah-Leen, whom the Putler still worshipped. And though the Putler positioned his land as a great adversary the glorious West, his population could not hope to match his dark ambitions with reality. The dried the land of its natural resources to sell abroad for bare pittance enough to survive and constructed crude weapons as poorly made and unreliable as they were brutal in their implementation. Most brutal of all these weapons was ‘the Novichok’.

        [Video fades in to laboratory. Men on gurneys are screaming and trying to escape.]

        The Novichok was forged in the fires of Mount Yamantau, by creatures known only as the GRUs. The Novichok was said to be so deadly, so unbelievably evil, that it had the power to be both gas and liquid simultaneously, to both vanish in a puff of smoke and yet retain its deadly effects indefinitely. Small creatures like cats and guinea pigs it would incinerate in an instant, men would suffer ambiguously in its clutches, suffer so miserably in fact that they are never seen again. So potent it was, that it was said that 1 in 5 of all who even glimpsed it would surely perish. So impressed was the dark one with this weapon that he immediately launched it against the quiet and quaint village of Salisbury in a brazen and unprecedented attack.

        [Flip photos of police in hazmat suits. Then play that video from the boat ride in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.]

        But the dark one miscalculated. The men of of the West rallied, they had seen the evil of the Putler and knew that they would never be safe until this madness, this twisted demon, this “Number 1 geopolitical enemy” is vanquished. Their robust response was immeasurable. Gathering all their taxpayers and foreign debtors, their bankers and moneycounters, they gathered their powers into the grand sum of $892 billion, with more to come. And to wield this power came their stalwart defenders. From the Walled streets, the towers of Eiffel, and the Mistiest of Albions they came forth. 2,083,100 knights ready to wield this freedom to defend their lands.

        [Marching soldiers and flags waving.]

        And the armies of the West marched forth and surrounded the evil one in his fortress of darkness. The Putler saw these armies arrayed against him and called forth to his peasantry to sally forth and defend him and his stolen treasures. His -ias, and his mansions, and his infinity billion dollars in secret accounts. But though the masses shuffled forward, they had no heart to fight for their slave driver, and in their own ways they resisted the crack of the whip. And even as he gathered his closes allies: the little Rocket Man (His nastiness and petty hatred as wide as his waistline), and the Animal Assad (a desert creature of poisonous Sarin fangs who hides in barrel bombs), they could muster between them not even 300,000 troops, wielding the dark one’s cheap primitive weapons. Now, the final battle is about to begin and the world will soon rest easy once the evil one is vanquished and the song of freedom echoes across the land.

        [Fade out on soaring bald eagle over stars and stripes.]


        1. Brilliant – a real page turner! But one thing lacking – who is the Western man-god? POTUS – the orange avenger? Or Hilary of Washington, her spellbinding beauty awakening freedom’s spark around the world – from Kosovo to Libya.


        2. Excellent!

          “Men would suffer ambiguously in its clutches” is just phenomenal. (Reminds me a bit of the Richard Stark character “Parker” instructing his minions to break several “important bones” in a victim’s feet.)

          Looking forward to Part the Second.


          1. In Part the Second, young women regain their beauty and allure under the influence of the Novichok but older women splash the stuff onto themselves in vain and end up being incinerated as well.


    1. Weren’t these the same guys claiming Russia was understating the size of its military exercises in its Western districts?


  49. RT UK
    Published on 14 Sep 2018
    “They’re making a mockery of the whole thing, it really makes my blood boil” says Boris Johnson as British politicians and media explode with reactions to exclusive interview with the Skripal suspects.

    RT’s Polly Boiko has more.


    1. Britain’s response to everything said by the Russian side is to put its fingers in its ears and scream “Lies!!” at the top of its lungs. What an inspiring example – no wonder it’s the most powerful and respected nation in the world. Although I would have to concede Boris Johnson is an expert on lies, having considerable experience originating and promoting them. He’ll be perfect for the next British PM.

      If establishing better relations with Russia really was a ‘fool’s errand’, they certainly chose the right person for the job. Bloody good show, Britain.


      1. As someone who has some understanding of aerosol chemistry and chemistry in general, this claim is total BS. The only possible way that Russia can be identified as the source of some chemical compound are the following cases:

        1) nobody makes the the compound and its formula is unknown but MI6 got a sample from Russia

        2) the compound used by the Russian GRU assassins (LOL) was not pure and had a distinctive set of other compounds that can only be found in the lab where it was produced. This again, would require MI6 to infiltrate the lab and take all sorts of samples.

        Both of the above cases are extremely improbable. Russia has the chemical engineering know-how to produce essentially pure batches of chemicals (including medicines). We are not talking about some loser living in his mom’s basement mixing compounds with hardware store ingredients. We also know that the formula for this “Novichok” is published in open literature so that any country on the planet can make it.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. The people of Damascus must be sleeping a little easier as the Syrian air defense seem to be improving to the point of stopping 100% of the latest Israeli missile attack (although certainly a limited attack):

          The 2nd video clearly suggests a successful intercept as indicated by the burning falling wreckage.

          I suppose that the attack, besides the obvious intent to destroy the target, was to serve as means to assess the current state of air defenses in anticipation of the big show.

          There is a chance, small as it may be, that the West will take a pass over another missile attack due to the potential for a spectacular failure that could not be swept under the rug.

          Unfortunately, it would not help the children already murdered for MSM video clips. Perhaps with the announcement that the Netherlands has ended support of the White Helmets (what a stupid name), the WHs will retire to Jihadist heaven sent on their way by an honor guard of Syrian soldiers.


          1. These Israeli attacks – over 200 over the course of the war – have not had any affect on the momentum of the war.
            It hasn’t weakened its enemies hezbollah or Iran.


            1. I doubt that was the real reason for them; that’s just the excuse the Israelis use, because they have to strike while playing the victim. There is no reason for these attacks at all except to help the USA achieve its aims. How does striking Syria weaken Iran?


            2. These strikes by Israel are for theatre. Israel wants (and/or needs) to demonstrate that its existence is in danger. This then justifies continued US Congress support for the taxpayer-funded billions paid to Israel. At the same time Israel may very well need to show that it is a loyal member of the US coalition by attacking Syria besides offering medical help for the takfiris, to justify its claims that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran are threats. What we should be asking is the audience for Israel’s displays of pyrotechnics.


          2. Per MOA, the delay in starting the Idlib liberation is the reason why the White Helmets have not released videos of their latest works. Presumably, a possible missile attack would be most effective at disruption of an active military campaign versus static forces better able to defend against a cruise missile attack.


            1. Another reason is that all those bodies they gathered are getting ripe. Even if they release old video and claim it is new, they will not be able to show the bodies to anyone.

              Russia and Syria are going to beat the White Helmet sock-puppet jihadis at their own game.


            2. It would be most excellent if Russia could intercept the WH videos and release them to the world. That would totally discredit these clowns and their NATzO patrons. I think with Russia’s EW capability they could do this.


              1. That and many spies among the jihadists. I suspect Russian and Syrian battlefield success with seemingly minimum civilian casualties is due to such intelligence on who and where the bad guys are and the wisdom to know that wanton murder of civilians is simply wrong. The West never did figure that out.


                1. There’d be quite a few jihadists who are acting as informants for the Russians and Syrians. Not all of them are out-n-out Wahhabists and quite a few would be feeling angry at having been duped by the propaganda they saw on social media back home and discovering that their jihadi leaders are hypocrites.


                2. That same discovery was made by Chechens. Russia has a great advantage in that devout Muslims such as Chechens can not only peacefully coexist but will actively fight for the Russian nation.


      1. Not just trafficking women’s bodies (inside and out) but also trafficking organ transplants.

        Recall that back in 2014, Donbass fighters were reporting seeing mutilated bodies of dead Ukrainian soldiers in battlefields. These bodies had been plundered for organs.

        Last year a teacher at a boarding school was caught apparently selling a girl to a buyer who wanted healthy organs for transplant.

        Hmm … that teacher who took the child out to the buyer looks like the long-lost twin sister of the United Kingdom’s ambassador to the UN!


  50. Wondering why the new push to have Ukraine’s debt to Russia declared ‘odious debt’ so that it won’t have to pay it, and the Russians will just have to suck it up? Wonder no more.

    Ukraine says it could manage without external borrowing, if only it ‘didn’t have to pay old debts’. It got nowhere trying to steamroll Russia into restructuring or forgiving its debt, and nobody else from among its extensive list of ‘friends’ wants to lend it money.


  51. Heather Nauert and the US State Department condemn the plan to hold elections in Eastern Ukraine; this is, of course, an abomination and the USA wants you to know in advance that you cannot have elections in a country when it is under the military control of another country.

    Well, not if we’re talking about Russia, of course. But if you’re exceptional…


  52. Extry, extry!

    Petrov/Boshirov are NOT Gay! I among others must issue my retractions and apologies for the insinuation.
    I just saw this piece in VZGLIAD. Here is the gist, and the gossip comes from the Daily Mail, which is also linked therein:
    The night before the Salisbury incident, this dynamic duo were observed in their hotel room smoking marijuana and having fun with a (female) prostitute.
    They spend that night (before the poisoning) in the City Stay Hotel in East London. They booked a room for 75 pounds.
    Other residents of the hotel were annoyed that the duo were behaving so crudely that nobody got any sleep that night. The whole hotel reeked of marijuana, and the Russians were carrying on noisily with the prostitute until the early hours.

    But the main lede is that they are not gay. So there!


    1. That is actually a good “alibi”. Real assassins would not risk getting the attention of the cops which in this case could lead to deportation before finishing their task. Debauchery after the assassination could be staged, but again, why would they want to attract such attention. This applies to all the walking and posing in front of the Orwellian cameras. As noted even on CNN, they could have behaved in a way to reduce camera exposure.


    2. The same room where traces of Novichok were found by the British intelligence services? Must have been quite a party. Did anyone think to run down the prostitute and tell her she should be dead?


      1. And not just the prostitute. According to a ‘witness’ who spoke to a Daily Mail reporter, P&B left the room in such a mess it needed a top-to-toe deep clean. So, since Novichok was found in the room AFTER this, the cleaner(s) must have been exposed.


    3. I think this latest snippet on the alleged behaviour of Messrs Petrov and Boshirov explains why they went to Salisbury – they misread the tourist booklet and thought its main attraction was Stoned Hedge.


      1. This Daily Mail shocker is actually the best thing that happened to P&B since their troubles started.
        Now Russian people will accept this duo as true gopniki and not “pediki” (=pedophiles, i.e., gay).
        Hence they won’t have to worry about getting beat up no more. They will probably be given medals instead.


        1. Unfortunately, I don’t know why we should believe it, since everything that appears in the British press which is not celebrity gossip is a lie. It’s just a lie that happens to play favourably for the duo. I would bet it’s totally made-up, as the English are perhaps even better at locating amazingly-convenient witnesses than the Ukrainians are.



    Power Vertical Podcast Ep. 13

    Don’t look now, but the energy game is changing.

    Shale, LNG, and renewables are upending the old rules that have long governed the market. And as energy markets change, the geopolitics of energy won’t be far behind. This has deep and profound implications for energy exporters like Russia, which has long relied on hydrocarbons to fuel its hegemonic ambitions.

    On this week’s Power Vertical Podcast, Brian Whitmore discusses what it all means with Agnia Grigas, a senior fellow at The Atlantic Council and author of the books The New Geopolitics of Natural Gas and Beyond Crimea: The New Russian Empire.


    1. Wishful thinking masturbation. The US “shale” (actually shale-like, small pore sedimentary rock) gas/oil industry is always in the red even if a few companies are really good at land flipping and can be in the black. The “shale” reserves are grossly exaggerated based on metrics derived from conventional wells. This is even though frackers have to drill like crazy just to stay in place (like the Red Queen, running to stay in place). Depletion of tight gas reserves is basically an order of magnitude faster than conventional plays because the pore volume in the “shale” is that much smaller. In addition, there is not 10 times more of this “shale” than sandstone or dolomite.

      The myth of US vast non-conventional gas and oil reserves is a bait and switch con job. The US has vast reserves of kerogens in actual shale formations (e.g. Green River). But this has nothing to do with the “shale” plays that are being exploited for tight gas and trapped oil (e.g. Bakken).


      1. I agree that oil shale plays are limited and produce expensive oil. Gas plays seem to have more economic viability but as you indicated, well productivity rapidly declines resulting in a need for frenetic drilling just to maintain production. Cheap money, a gold rush mentality and lots or propaganda keeps it going.

        Just to keep things in perspective, Russia apparently has, by far, the largest shale oil/gas potential of any nation so the idea that the US will somehow drain Russia of its hydrocarbon reserves is ridiculous. Furthermore, Russia is weaning itself from dependence on hydrocarbons for electrical power generation through nuclear energy and hydro power.


        1. Indeed. The Bazehnov formation has a vast amount of oil deposits that require fracking to access. It has basically not been exploited because Russia has non-depleted conventional reserves.

          Russia is the number one closed-cycle nuclear power developer today. The BN-800 is fully operational and the commercial variant BN-1200 will be deployed during the 2020s. The important thing is that Russia has developed industrial scale fuel reprocessing capacity. This is not just some hack. It requires a lot of scientific and engineering innovation and Russia is the clear world leader in this regard.

          The US is not since Carter stopped civilian fuel reprocessing back during the 1970s. Neither is France since it gave up on fast neutron breeder reactors back in 1990s. Lots of people think China is the leader for some bizarre reason. China in the process of going through the learning curve. It had very little nuclear development even during the 1990s. Japan has just terminated its breeder reactor development program without any commercial variant. The Monju was never a good design since it was a retrofit and not an innovation like the French Superphenix. Even though Japan has the know-how to build nuclear bombs, it does not have any developed fuel reprocessing technology. The rest of the world is nothing to write home about.

          The NATzO MSM fetish with Russia’s fossil fuel industry is predicated on the BS notion that 50% of Russia’s economy depends on the exports of these fuels. This is why clowns like McShitStain (may he rot in Hell) called Russia a “gas station posing as a country” and why Obummer (El Corrupto) claimed that “Russia does not make anything” (an claim that is epic in its retardation). This 50% myth is the generated by the MSM by never citing that oil and gas are about 7% of Russia’s GDP. Instead they claim that 50% of Russia’s budget depends on these exports, which is also false, since the real number for the whole Russian budget is 17% and falling. The implicit assertion is that Russia has a state run economy so the budget figure must somehow scale with the GDP. This is the same misinformation trickery used to spread the notion that the US has vast amounts of “shale” oil and gas, by deliberately confusing the shale-like rock formations with actual shale. In both cases, the MSM propaganda becomes recursive since the media loves to cite itself as if it was the final word on truth. NATzO politicians then parrot this excrement as verified fact. Just like in the case of Putin “murdering” Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, etc.


    2. Of course American energy exports are not intended for hegemonic purposes – Uncle Sam is just concerned that everyone has access to cheap American gas; it’s a human right, don’t you know. It is so concerned, in fact, that it is trying to force Europe to accept American Freedom Gas.


  54. The Great Gas Game: Vesti Presents a New Documentary Film About Pipelines and Power

    Vesti News
    Published on 16 Sep 2018
    Subscribe to Vesti News
    Russia and the West are facing the worst crisis since the Cold War. According to US Special Envoy Amos Hochstein, Washington’s goal is to reduce Russia’s gas market share in Eastern Europe by 20% by 2020. Russia cannot be allowed to build a gas pipeline that would bypass Ukraine, as it would pose a threat to Europe’s energy security


    1. Pipeline bypassing Ukraine = threat to Europe’s energy security

      That is a total non sequitur. Also, Russia is part of Europe. The EU is not the whole of “Europe”. In fact, the EU is not even the EU as evidenced by Hungary and Italy.


      1. And Washington can have Eastern Europe. Go ahead – take them as customers, and sell them expensive LNG they can’t afford. Russia would probably be glad to be shut of Poland and the Baltics. And having to pay way more for their gas would teach them a lesson. Win/win.


        1. Doesn’t the pipeline via the lo-land of Po-land go via Belarus? Warsaw buying gas from elsewhere would starve Minsk of transit fees, no? Maybe the idea is similarly to undermine Belarus and thus impose further costs/indirect sanctions on Russia?


  55. The crash – the investment bank Lehman Brothers | DW Documentary

    DW Documentary
    Published on 14 Sep 2018
    Investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in New York on September 15, 2008 after more than 150 years in the banking business. [Online until: 13.10.2018]

    At the time, the company had accumulated over $600 billion in debt. It did not just hit the US financial system hard: global networking sent companies around the world into a tailspin. How could that happen? And above all, could it happen again? The documentary tells of the risky rise and ruinous collapse of former global investment bankers Lehman Brothers. The bank had sensed a killing when the US Federal Reserve massively cut interest rates at the beginning of the millennium. “Cheap money” gave many Americans the feeling that they too could fulfill the dream of owning their own homes. Loans were made without anyone asking if customers were really solvent. These mortgages were then bundled and offered for sale as “safe bonds.” But real estate prices in the US fell and those so-called safe bonds turned into liabilities, sending shockwaves around the world. More than 500 investors in Singapore suddenly faced bankruptcy in 2008. They had bought into so-called mini-bonds – innovative products that specifically targeted private investors, promising them high profits and maximum security. But most people did not understand what was actually behind them. Many of these bonds were linked to American banks such as Lehman Brothers. In the end, Lehman Brothers had


  56. Why is everyone so sure that the pair are homosexuals? — Not that I am bothered one way or the other.

    It really pisses me off when chatterers automatically label two blokes who are always in each other’s company as “partners”.

    When I was a school lad and right into my late teens, I used to knock around with my pal all the time. We were “as thick as thieves”, as they say at “home”.

    And In my other existence in the UK right up to my self-exile, I used to knock around with a pal, who, like me was single.

    I married when I was 48 and am now classed here as a “multi-child father” and get freebies off the “regime”, such as free travel.

    My old pal in the UK is, as far as I know, still unmarried. Perhaps he is a closet homosexual?

    Oh yeah! And occasionally, when we had been on a bender, we used to sleep in the same double bed at my old place if we ended up there.

    The sleeping arrangements at his place were better: he had a guest room with a single bed.

    He never tried to cuddle up to me there.


    1. >Why is everyone so sure that the pair are homosexuals?

      Because when asked what sounded essentially like an “are you gay?” question in the RT interview, instead of replying: “Of course not, we’re business partners/best friends/old pals” or any such variation, they replied : ” we prefer not to talk about our private life”. Now, no amount of prostitute talk is going to change this first perception everyone had after hearing their interview.

      And Simonyan question: “what were you, two men, doing spending all this time together all these days in London?” wasn’t out of gossip/yellow journalism. UK authorities have been implying that two Russian men by themselves (without wives/families) could only mean that they were agents on a mission. So the question makes sense.


      1. When I made my first foray here, into the USSR in 1989 to be precise, on finding out that I was single and, furthermore, had never been married, the natives were clearly baffled. And then they started suggesting that I meet their “sisters”, namely cousins, because the vast majority of them had no siblings.

        These invitations continued, including those to meet their unmarried women acquaitances, after I had gone into self-exile in Russia in 1993 and right up to my marriage in 1997, notwithstanding the fact that in the eyes of many the world over, all Englishmen are limp-wristed, tea-drinking pooftahs.


      2. Mercouris pointed out (in the Duran interview) that if the couple were gay (which is what Simonyan was trying to probe), then this would be their best alibi of all. Since the GRU would never hire homosexuals in general, let alone assassins.

        However, the English tabloid rag put that theory to the question with its lurid account of the pair going on all night with a prostitute. Still doesn’t make them assassins, though, more like the stereotype of typical brutish Russian tourists!


        1. No, but that is because you are exceptionally secure in your heterosexuality. Most guys will jump through a hoop and start chattering on about their wives and girlfriends – LOL!


  57. Go home, chumps!

    Narva, Estonia

    Riga, Latvia

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    “I don’t think Russia will invade the Baltic States. Neither has it any intention to attack Finland” —Finnish President Sauli Niinisto. does not consider Russia a threat. In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine, Friday, 14 September, 2018.



    1. Imagine Russia parading its soldiers along the US border with Mexico, or even along its own border with the Baltic chihuahua statelets.

      Anyway, these clowns will feel tactical nuclear fire if they try to pull something. Morons.


      1. The USA’s troop deployments there, like that bizarre ‘Dragoon ride’, are purely symbolic. There aren’t enough of them to make a difference and they are largely unsupported. They’re just thumbing their noses at Russia and hoping to draw an angry reaction.

        You’ll know when they really mean to do something, because they’ll bring their whole logistics chain with them.


    1. This new incident involves two people dining out at an Italian restaurant (a place called Prezzo). Recall that the Skripals also visited an Italian restaurant franchise outlet and had an Italian-style meal on the day they crashed out on the park bench in The Maltings.

      Perhaps British Italian restaurants just don’t do Italian cuisine very well. Maybe too much artificial colour in the tomato paste or something.


      1. It’s food poisoning. But the UK regime is leveraging this for anti-Russian propaganda. I think the Skripals also got food poisoning that is why 1) they lived and 2) did not become nerve damaged invalids.


        1. Which I personally think is hilarious; now every time there is a case of food poisoning or a fentanyl overdose or anything like that, the police have to respond as if it had been a nerve agent attack, and cordon everything off and close the restaurant and parade around in their lime-green barbecue covers. They’ve done it to themselves.


          1. Great, Wiltshire Council can dismiss food hygiene inspectors and hire local people to pretend to be customers and start retching, vomiting and throwing fits whenever they visit Salisbury restaurants that the Council has targeted as possible violators of food hygiene standards. Then someone can call the cops who will then close the restaurant and cordon it off. If the restaurant becomes the subject of three police closures within a calendar year, it will have to be bought by the national government and then burnt down.


      2. I suspect the chances of falling ill after consuming greasy British pub food to be far higher than after eating a real Italian meal (lighter, healthier, more vegetables, multiple smaller courses to spread out digestion). Even dodgy seafood is hardly a purely Mediterranean prerogative Of course it is “Italian” in the UK, much like “British Indian” so that might not be such a safe wager after all.

        Particularly not if all the “Italian” restaurants relied on Porton Down for supply of key ahem “ingredients” .


    2. A source briefed by the emergency services said medics alerted the police because the symptoms “seemed consistent with novichok poisoning”. However, the source stressed those symptoms could be caused by other reasons.

      “The symptoms of novichok poisoning and particular types of narcotic abuse are very similar,” they added.

      You don’t say.


    3. Monday morning hangover “sickie” phone-ins should be fun today.

      “Not feeling too clever this morning, chief. Was out for an Italian last night and might have picked up a touch of the old Novichok…Waiting to see the quack before risking coming in and spreading it around.”


      1. Very good one! HR needs a new policy, – employee must have a written excuse from British chemical weapon’s experts. Two days of sick leave allowed plus an additional day if Sarin was also involved.



    The Iraqi parliament elected pro-Iran candidates as speaker and first deputy speaker on Saturday, boosting the country’s chances of forming a new administration more than four months after national elections.

    National politics has been in paralysis since the May 12 ballot, but Saturday’s selections are expected to solidify new parliamentary alliances.

    The pro-Iran bloc led by Hadi al-Ameri’s Conquest Alliance — a coalition of anti-jihadist veterans close to Tehran — consolidated its position as its candidate, Mohammed al-Halbusi, was elected speaker.

    And Hassan Karim, put forward by populist Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, took the post of first deputy speaker.

    Sadr’s list won the largest share of seats in the election, and is also part of the pro-Iran parliamentary alliance.

    Iranian envoy “Qassem Soleimani has successfully re-unified Shiite forces and secured posts for Sunnis that have followed them”, said Iraqi political commentator Hisham al-Hashemi.

    – ‘2-0 to Iran’ –

    What next? Will the US be asked to leave? Greater cooperation with Syria to remove uninvited foreign elements? US sanctions against Iraq. One thing for sure, US threats failed.


    1. Any ideas Israel might have of flying fighter jets through Iraqi airspace to bomb supposed Iranian nuclear facilities (in case hacking their computer systems fails) must now be consigned to the dustbins.


      1. The IAF could pretend to be US aircraft and then let off their extended range cruise missiles such as the Popeye, but the Israeli Navy already has the nuclear armed Popeye Turbo that can be fired if need be from German built and supplied Dolfin submarines.* Whether they can make the distance now that I-ran has much better air defense and most likely be given timely warning and intelligence to shoot them down is an entirely different question.


        ….The Popeye Turbo SLCM is a reportedly stretched version of the Popeye Turbo developed for use as a submarine-launched cruise missile (SLCM) was widely reported in a US Navy observed 2002 test in the Indian Ocean to have hit a target 1500 km away. It is reasonable to assume that the weapon’s range has been extended to the point where it can launch against Tehran and even more Iranian cities from a relatively safe location.[7] It can allegedly carry a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead.[7] It is believed that the stretched Popeye Turbo is the primary strategic second strike nuclear deterrent weapon that can be fired from the 650 mm secondary torpedo tubes of the Israeli Dolphin-class submarines.[1] It is believed that the SLCM version of the Popeye was developed by Israel after the US Clinton administration refused an Israeli request in 2000 to purchase Tomahawk long range SLCM’s because of international MTCR proliferation rules.[8] While the standard Popeye is 533 mm the Dolphin class submarines have four 650 mm torpedo tubes in addition to the six standard 533 mm tubes allowing for the possibility that a SLCM Popeye derivative may be a larger diameter.[9]..


  59. Salisbury ‘medical incident’: Police say nothing to suggest novichok to blame after two people fall ill

    Police have said there is nothing to suggest that novichok is to blame for two people falling ill at a restaurant in Salisbury close to where Sergei and Yulia Skripal collapsed after being poisoned with the nerve agent.

    Still peddling the lie that Novichok poisoned the Skripals!

    Novichok is not to blame for the most recent Salisbury poisoning, nor for that of the Skripals — because none of these people have died. The Skripals, however, were put into an induced coma and neither have been seen since, apart from a brief appearance in a garden somewhere in England by Miss Skripal, who dutifully recited a script prepared for her.

    But the alcoholic mother of 3 died? So what was she poisoned with?

    Whatever it was, it did not kill her junky pal.


    1. See, now they are trapped in a cycle of fear that they created themselves – every ‘medical incident’ is a ‘nerve agent poisoning’, and Salisbury is all a-jitter, because of the government’s sensationalist tabloid claims. You could see they tried to avoid it by simultaneously boosting the horrific lethality of ‘Novichok’, while reassuring the public that it is at absolutely no risk; by all means buy Nina Ricci perfume, ladies, nothing to worry about, just wash the kiddies’ clothes, nay bother, pet. Don’t forget Novichok is 8 times deadlier than VX, will you?

      Totally deserved if they have a mass panic now, or clever-clogs types making use of the scare.


  60. “Venezualan-Canadian” Matt is in fine form on offGuardian today:

    Moscow, October 8

    Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Bohirov, the two men suspected of poisoning the Skripals in Salisbury, have been found dead in an empty garage outside Moscow. An independent investigation by the Moscow police has concluded that the death was a double suicide. A letter found near the bodies stated: “We cannot live any longer as two innocent men being hounded to death by the Western media and secret services. This is all the Western media’s and secret services’ fault. The Western media and secret services hate Russia and the Russians, and it is because of them that we died”. The men have apparently chosen to enter a suicide pact by shooting each other 17 times in the back.

    Bundle of laughs!

    And has a super-intellect as well.

    English grammar flaw there, though: it should read “The men had apparently chosen to enter a suicide pact … ”

    Hasta la vista, chico!


    1. Plainly very upset at seeing the British story fall to bits, as you would expect of a die-hard western freedom-and-democracy activist. As well he might be, not to mention the whole phalanx of western toadies who cut off diplomatic ties with Russia because of the ‘Skripal poisoning’, in support of pants-on-fire Britain. Mind you, I’d still not rule out many of them knowing in advance what Britain was going to spring, since it very much smacks of the tried-and-true western false-flag op. The west has a real thing about having to be the victim, reacting in sorrowful anger at something which was done to it.


  61. Russia presents audio recording proving Ukraine’s complicity in MH17 tragedy
    September 17, 12:56 UTC+3
    The Russian Defense Ministry has presented an audio recording proving Ukraine’s complicity in the MH17 disaster in 2014, the Defense Ministry’s spokesman Igor Konashenkov told the media

    The Russian Defense Ministry has ascertained that the videos showing the movement of a Buk missile system from Russia to Ukraine, presented by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) probing the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine, were fabricated, ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov told reporters …

    The Defense Ministry also presented an audio recording proving Ukraine’s complicity in the MH17 disaster in 2014, Major General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the ministry, told the media…

    General Konashenkov said the audio recording of a conversation between Ukrainian military servicemen was made back in 2016 in the Odessa Region during the Rubezh-2016 exercise and published in the Ukrainian mass media.

    “If so, we’ll … [a synonym of the verb ‘shoot down’ – TASS] another Malaysian Boeing,” one of the Ukrainian military servicemen said in the conversation

    .The “Bloody Pastor” in Kiev replies “Fake!”

    Киев назвал «фейком» выводы Минобороны России о сбившей Boeing ракете‍
    Ведомости 14:35

    Kiev has called the conclusions of the Russian Ministry of Defence concerning the missile that shot down the Boeing a “fake”

    Заявление Российской Федерации о якобы украинском следе ракеты, которая сбила МН17 — это очередной неудачный фейк Кремля для того, чтобы прикрыть свое преступление, которое уже доказано как официальным следствием, так и независимыми экспертными группами.

    The statement of the Russian Federation about the alleged Ukrainian origin of the missile that hit the MH17 is another unsuccessful Kremlin fake, made in order to cover up its crime, which has already been proven both by an official investigation and by independent expert groups.

    One of the investigating parties being the Ukraine, of course.


          1. Latest update:

            “The JIT has taken note of the information that has been publicly presented by the authorities of the Russian Federation for the first time today … The JIT will meticulously study the materials presented today as soon as the Russian Federation makes the relevant documents available to the JIT as requested in May 2018 and required by UNSC resolution 2166,” the statement of the Joint Investigation Team read.

            However, one member of the JIT has already made its own conclusion concerning the evidence presented by the Russian MoD, without even finding it necessary to analyze any documents presented by those evil Moskali.


            1. And who else would be allowed to get away with that? A necessary suspect, by virtue of the incident having occurred there and having motive, means and opportunity aplenty, nonetheless allowed a seat on the investigation, unrestricted access to the evidence (much of which has by now likely disappeared, never mind the opportunities to doctor it before anyone else saw it) and a veto over the publication of the findings? The dice have been loaded ridiculously in Ukraine’s favour, and the wise monkeys still can’t come up with a convincing story among themselves. But Ukraine is a fledgling democracy, and it’s just so cute, you have to believe it.

              When the west finally abandons the Ukraine Project, it is going to have to conclude that Ukraine and Russia were secretly working together the whole time, to trick and defraud and rob western institutions that tried their best to help – there you go, boys; there’s your cover story. Far better to be thought a cabbagehead than a co-conspirator.

              I still don’t like it, and you know why – fragments of the engine and nozzle, never mind one big enough to reveal the entire serial number, should not be in the wreckage. Nothing should have impacted the plane except shrapnel from the warhead, as the missile explodes by proximity fuse without ever touching the plane. Any debris from the missile should have fallen close to where the plane was hit, which was miles away from the crash site. I’m surprised Russia didn’t bring that up already when the Ukies were hollering about finding Buk missile parts in the wreckage.

              Russia never needed to smuggle in a single launcher to implicate Ukraine – if it had wanted to do that, it could have used a more advanced and longer-range missile to down it as soon as it entered Ukrainian airspace, without ever having to leave Russia.


              1. The JIT, led by Ukraine, will study the materials meticulously for any way in the world that they could have been faked or doctored, and then build a case that this is precisely what was done. Russia will once again be taken to task and scolded for lying and trying to frame Ukraine, because the alternative – that Russia was telling the truth all along, in the face of deliberate and determined western efforts to bury the truth and shield Ukraine – is unacceptable.