In the Matter of the People vs. Caitlin Johnstone, the Defense Rests.

Uncle Volodya says, “Thus it is that no cruelty whatsoever passes by without impact. Thus it is that we always pay dearly for chasing after what is cheap.”

Many of you will be aware, thanks to comments on this forum or perhaps from your own sources, of the brief suspension of Caitlin Johnstone’s Twitter account, following accusations by that venue that Johnstone was using it to ‘abuse’ John McCain.

Let me state here and now the contempt I have for Twitter as a means of communication. I just don’t get the attraction of it, and although I have a Twitter account myself, I almost never use it. Pretty much only when someone else says something infuriating or stupid – or both – on Twitter, and I can’t address it any other way. Consequently I have only a handful of tweets, and almost no followers. This has led to the smug certainty among my detractors that I am a Kremlin bot and not actually a person, or perhaps one person who manages a ton of accounts, all of which spew Kremlin propaganda the livelong day and try to divert readers from The Spreading Of Truth, as defined by the western supremacists.

A brief diversion here, if you will. The suspension, although temporary, of Ms. Johnstone’s account is coincident with the removal by WordPress of several blogs, which plied a common theme that the shooting deaths of children at Sandy Hook were part of a major hoax by the US government or its corporate backers. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about it and any purported inconsistencies to offer an opinion, although I would lean toward it having actually happened and not being a fake. But that’s not the point. According to Shannon Liao at The Verge, the situation at WordPress reached critical mass because several self-appointed activists persistently called attention to these blogs and WordPress’s stance that they would not be shut down because they did not violate WordPress’s Terms of Service. But the cause was taken up by the New York Times, and WordPress folded and took them down. A great victory for the thought police.

Because further down in that self-righteous piece of garbage was this: “WordPress’ stance is reminiscent of how other social media platforms are currently under fire for arbitrarily determining what policies to enforce and whether to police horrific misinformation or leave it standing. As these issues gain attention, many platforms are putting new measures in place to remove abusive content, but like WordPress, their initial legal groundwork could use more scrutiny.”

Whether to police horrific misinformation. Now, there’s a kristallnachty- sounding phrase if ever I’ve heard one. Because I learned at my mother’s knee that there are two sides to every story, I’ve seen proven examples of the side which now dons the mantle of righteousness caught in blatant lies which it tried to spread by that same unassailable source – the New York Times – and I know that ‘misinformation’ is what the side that doesn’t believe it, or doesn’t want you to believe it, calls everything.  It’s not that there is no such thing as misinformation, or disinformation. There is, and plenty of it, perhaps more of it than there is of the genuine article. But people have a right to make up their own mind what to believe, and it’s never ‘misinformation’ if you can make a convincing case, using verifiable facts and historical performance, that something happened the way you say it did. If the conspiracy theorists can make a convincing case that Sandy Hook was a hoax brought about by cynical manipulators with a sinister agenda, it would be a crime for that information to be arbitrarily removed from public discourse. The ridiculous justification that it misuses images of children without permission is beyond absurd; half the newspapers in the country went with photos of the children on the front page.

Look at the Skripal affair. The British government’s account of what happened is hilariously unconvincing, and the Foreign Minister himself was caught red-handed in a lie of such monstrous proportions that he was hopelessly compromised and his remaining audience of five true believers could no longer take anything he said as factual. Far from the only example of his instinctive lying, I might add. But the British government demands you take them at their word: they can’t show anyone any evidence – ‘coz it’s National Security, innit? – but any alternate narrative other than the official account of what happened is fake news. Horrific misinformation. Any western authority granted the mandate to rule on what is misinformation is going to abuse that power to ensure only its side of a story (which always has at least two) is the one that is heard. Period. You would like to believe they’re above that, but they’re not.

Well, that was a longer diversion than I planned; let’s get back to Caitlin Johnstone. Here’s what she said, in one of those dozy tweets I dislike so much. “Friendly public service reminder that John McCain has devoted his entire political career to slaughtering as many human beings as possible at every opportunity, and the world will be improved when he finally dies”.

I’m sure it was that last bit that sent the ‘fake news’ crowd over the precipice, because we are conditioned as western citizens to never speak ill of the dead, and the prohibition plainly extends to the almost-dead. The Undead, if you prefer. That’s not the first time Ms. Johnstone, who is nothing if not plain-spoken, has expressed the conviction that the expiration of John McCain is an event which is long overdue. It may well be regarded as insensitive, although I honestly cannot disagree with it, as his continued persistence on this mortal coil means a continued manifestation of his malign influence, and he continues to exercise his privilege to speak on behalf of his constituents to vote for the most destructive course every time it is offered as an option.

If I may be allowed one more tiny diversion, one I have certainly advanced before on the unaccountable American fascination with free speech, I believe it bears directly on Ms. Johnstone’s legal right to say insensitive things, according to established legal precedent. On October 18th, 1998, the Westboro Baptist Church – aka Lunatic Space-Cadets Anonymous – picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard, a gay man who was beaten unconscious, tied to a fence and left for dead by a couple of homophobic assailants, and who died of his injuries. The congregation carried signs which bore such inflammatory slogans as “No Tears for Queers”, “Fag Matt Burns in Hell”, and the more perennial but generalized “God Hates Fags”. No action was taken against the church. The family of a decorated US Marine who died in Iraq later took Westboro Baptist Church to court for their provocative baiting at solemn occasions like their son’s funeral, and lost. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled Westboro’s right to free speech did not infringe on the family’s right to conduct a funeral without interference.

So any prohibition on publicly wishing John McCain would cease his irritating evasion of the Grim Reaper is imaginary, faith-based and entirely without legal merit.

Getting back to the issue, Ms. Johnstone’s initial antagonist – Patrick – tweeted in response; “What a miserable, despicable person. You are the definition of deplorable. I may frequently disagree with Senator John McCain and Meghan McCain with all due criticism, but they should sue you for libel. This is disgusting.”

What is libel? Libel is “to publish in print (including pictures), writing or broadcast through radio, television or film, an untruth about another which will do harm to that person or his/her reputation, by tending to bring the target into ridicule, hatred, scorn or contempt of others. Libel is the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander which is oral defamation. It is a tort (civil wrong) making the person or entity (like a newspaper, magazine or political organization) open to a lawsuit for damages by the person who can prove the statement about him/her was a lie.

Hey, I know – let’s play lawyer, wanna? No costly law degree required; I already said we were playing. But since we’ve already demonstrated that Ms. Johnstone can’t be (successfully) sued for libel for expressing the opinion that the world will be a better place once John McCain has popped his pricey tasseled clogs, then the point of libelous contention must be the allegation that John McCain has availed himself of every opportunity to vote for policies or undertakings which contributed to the slaughter of human beings. A customary and absolute defense against the charge of libel is establishment that the allegedly libelous statement is, in fact, true. Can we do that? I’ll bet we can.

Although he was very much a part of the Vietnam War, John McCain was not a politician at that time, and Ms. Johnstone specified that he had used his political career to press for military action which resulted in many casualties. I don’t think the modification of ‘as many as possible’ would be enforceable under libel laws, as it would be too difficult to prove. Could there have been even more casualties, on both sides, in any military action in which Senator McCain had a vote? Probably, but there is no realistic way to determine if they were either limited or aggravated by his direct participation in the vote. By the same token, the contribution of his vote to any casualties which did take place is, I think, inarguable.

So let’s start with America’s next big war – the Gulf War against Iraq, Take One. John McCain voted for war. Were there casualties? You could say that; 294 Americans died in the Gulf War. The UK lost 47. It’s worth noting, as an aside, that Syria was a US ally in the Gulf War, and had 2 of its soldiers killed. How about Iraqis? Well, nobody seems to have kept a very accurate count – they were, after all, the enemy, and killing them was encouraged – and the official American count is established from Iraqi prisoner-of-war records, and was featured in a report commissioned by the US Air Force. It estimates 20,000-22,000 combat deaths overall, in both the air and ground campaigns. Was that a slaughter? You tell me. And before we move on from the Gulf War, John McCain voted (after the war was over) against providing automatic annual cost-of-living adjustments for certain veterans’ benefits. Four years later, McCain supported an appropriations bill that underfunded the Departments of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies by $8.9 billion. The following year, McCain voted against an amendment to increase spending on veterans programs by $13 billion. As of the year 2000, 183,000 U.S. veterans of the Gulf War, more than a quarter of the U.S. troops who participated, had been declared permanently disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs. You may only be ‘slaughtered’ if you are dead, but the irrevocable changes for the worse in the quality of life for thousands of Americans who were only doing what their country ordered them to do should count for something, what do you say?

This from the American senator who famously could not remember how many houses he and his wife owned. For the record, the number of homes, ranches, condos, and lofts, together worth a combined estimated $13,823,269.00, was ten.

Gee; I’m starting to get a little mad at McCain. Well, let’s move on.

In 2003, the US government of the day decided that Saddam Hussein had not learned his lesson the first time, and so this time he had to go. Accordingly, the USA polled its allies for military forces who were not otherwise occupied, and had another go at it. John McCain said hell yes, let’s get it on. American military casualties, 4,287 killed, 30,187 wounded. A bit more of a slaughter than the first attempt. The advent of ceramic-plate body armor protected the soldier’s body core, so that many more survived injuries that would have been so horrific they would surely have killed them. The downside is that many lived who lost limbs too badly damaged to save, and were crippled for whatever life remained to them. The Iraqi casualty figures were again an estimate, although better documented; by the most reliable count, somewhere between 182,000 and 204,000 Iraqis were killed. Needlessly and pointlessly slaughtered, many of them; American troops grew so fearful as a result of the steady drip of casualties among their own that they frequently opened fire on families in cars with children simply because they did not obey instructions in a language they did not speak or understand. At Mahmudiya, in March 2006, Private Steven Green and his co-conspirators raped and killed 14-year-old Abeer Qassim Hamza, killed her family and set her body afire to blur the details of the crime. When Iraqi soldiers arrived on the scene, Green and his fellow murderers blamed it on Sunni insurgents.

The following year, President Bush approved a ‘surge’ of 20,000 additional troops, which John McCain so energetically agitated for that it became known informally as ‘the McCain doctrine’. That’s after he claimed in 2004 that if an elected government in Iraq asked that US forces leave, they would have to go even if they were not happy with the security situation. He also recognized, the following year, that Iraqis resented the American military presence, and the sooner and more dramatically it could be reduced, the better it would be for everyone. I guess if you lay claim to both sides of the argument, you’re bound to convince someone that you know what you’re doing.

That same year, 2007, John McCain voted against a requirement for specifying minimum time periods between deployments for soldiers deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. When they need you back in the meat-grinder, you go, never mind how many times you’ve already been there. Let’s just keep in mind, before we leave Iraq, that the entire case for war the second time around was fabricated with wild tales of awful weapons Saddam supposedly had which could kill Americans while they were still in America, and so he had to be dealt with. When it was suggested to the Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, that America should concentrate on Afghanistan, since that is where the backers of the 9-11 strike against America had fled, he mused that there were ‘no good targets in Afghanistan’, although there were ‘lots of good targets in Iraq’. Some researchers suggest he was after a ‘teachable moment’ for America’s enemies which would convince them of America’s irresistible power. While John McCain assessed that Donald Rumsfeld was the worst Secretary of Defense ever, his complaint was not that Rumsfeld was not killing enough people, but that he showed insufficient commitment to winning the war.

Libya. Hoo, boy. In 2009, John McCain – together with fellow die-faster-please senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsey Graham – visited Tripoli, to discuss Libya’s acquisition of American military equipment. John McCain assured Gadaffi (his son, actually) that America was eager to provide Libya with the equipment it needed. Hardly more than a year later, he espoused the position that Gadaffi must be removed from power because he had American blood on his hands from the Lockerbie bombing. In 2011, he visited the Libyan ‘rebels’, and publicly urged Washington to consider a ground attack to forcibly remove Gaddafi from power. Just a friendly public service reminder; the Lockerbie bombing was most likely carried out by Syria, was – according to pretty reliable testimony – rigged by the American intelligence services to finger Libya, and probably the stupidest thing Gaddafi ever did was to admit to it anyway and pay compensation, in an effort to move on.

Anyway, more war. What the fuck is it with this guy?

Well, even something so grim as war has its comic moments. What else would you call it when NATO claims, with a straight face, that the enemy is hiding his tanks and artillery from its watchful eye inside the water pipes of the Great Man-Made River? What they actually wanted was an excuse to bomb it – which they did, as well as the pumping stations which brought abundant fresh water to the coastal region, in the certain knowledge that it would create a crisis for the civilian population. Which, by the bye, is against just about every convention on the subject ever written.

Here are some of the pipe sections, when they were being trucked to the assembly point. As the article suggests, these sections are 4 meters across; but remember, that’s at their widest point. They are only 4 meters for about a foot, because a water pipe is a circle.

Libya mostly used the T-72 Main Battle Tank, and those would be the ones NATO wanted to eliminate, since the others were considerably older. A T-72, width-wise, would just fit in a 4-meter water pipe, as it is 3.6 meters wide. However, it’s also over 45 tons in weight. The concrete rings were designed to carry free-flowing water, not a 45-ton tank. Would they take that kind of weight, distributed only over a 7-meter length? Where is there an entry point to the water-pipe that is the same width as the widest diameter of the pipe? As discussed, the water pipe is 4 meters wide at its widest point. But the T-72 is 2.3 meters high. The tank would only fit if it was as high as a lunchbox, because the 4-meter width narrows dramatically from the widest point; it’s a circle. Even where it did fit, it would be supported only on the outer edges of its tracks, and you have to cut the 4-meter measurement approximately in half, because the upper portion of the tank would have to be above the point where the tracks touched on each side. The idea was preposterous from the outset, and it speaks to what fucking simpletons western government believes make up its populations that they would dare to put such nutjobbery in print. A T-72 could not fit in a 4-meter water pipe. The notion was demonstrably foolish. But NATO wanted to destroy the water system, so it made up a reason that would allow it to be a well-meaning potential victim of deadly violence.

According to The Guardian – the same source that told you Gadaffi was hiding his tanks in the plumbing – the death toll in the Libyan civil war prior to the NATO intervention was about 1000-2000. According to the National Transitional Council, the outfit the west engineered to rule post-Gaddafi Libya, the final butcher’s bill was about 30,000 dead. The very day after NATO folded its tents – figuratively speaking, as the western role was entirely air support for the flip-flop-wearing rebels – and went home, al Qaeda raised its black flag over the Benghazi courthouse.

Caitlin Johnstone claimed John McCain used his political career to advocate for military interventions which resulted in the slaughter of large numbers of human beings. Is that accurate? What say you, members of the jury? In each of the cases above, John McCain used his political influence, over and above his vote, to argue, advocate, hector and plead for military intervention by the armed forces of the United States of America and such coalition partners as could be rounded up.  In each of the cases above, the necessity of toppling the evildoing dictator was exaggerated out of all proportion, portrayed as an instant and refreshing liberation for his people, and as only the first phase of a progressive plan which would turn the subject country into a prosperous, western-oriented market democracy. In each of the cases above the country is now a divided and ruined failed state whose pre-war situation was significantly better than its miserable present. And in each of the cases above, a lot of people were killed who could otherwise have reasonably expected to be alive today.

Also, each of the cases above is chronologically separated from the others by a sufficient span for it to be quite evident what a cluster-fuck the previous operation was, so that anyone disposed to learn from his mistakes might have approached the situation differently as it gained momentum, argued for caution based on previously-recorded clusterfuckery, pleaded for reason to prevail and for improved dialogue to be a priority. Not John McCain. He learned precisely the square root of nothing from previous catastrophes, and plunged into the next catastrophe with the enthusiasm most remarked among those who are not all there, as the vernacular describes it. He not only voted for war every time, he expended considerable effort in cajoling and persuading the reluctant to go along.

Perhaps the introduction here of the definition for ‘warmonger’ would be helpful to the jury. To wit; “One who advocates or attempts to stir up war. A person who fosters warlike ideas or advocates war.” Synonyms: hawk, aggressor, belligerent, militarist, jingoist, sabre-rattler. There, John; I just saved you the trouble of writing an epitaph.

Will the world be a better place once John McCain is gone? Difficult to say, really, and the present state of affairs in the world argues strongly that it will not. But it will certainly be no poorer for his passing, and if he were to be replaced politically by an individual who took the trouble to do a little research, muse on previous experience, and review all the available options before voting to send in the Marines…why, that would be a victory for everyone in a world where victory is increasingly not even a possibility.

Was Caitlin Johnstone right? Broadly speaking, and going on the information available at the time her statement was made, yes; she was.




1,630 thoughts on “In the Matter of the People vs. Caitlin Johnstone, the Defense Rests.

  1. Verily I say, the battle for Idlib will be a little Armageddon – call it a Minigeddon™.

    The armies of the West will be defeated by the Russians and their allies if you subscribe to Islam theology. Yes, perhaps surprisingly (per my Muslim friends), Russia is believed by many to be the country that will defeat the Great Satan. I will go along with it.



    Clearly the US thinks it will have some sort of conventional war against Russia (and China). This confirms that the US leadership is totally detached from reality. There is no way that they can totally suppress Russian strategic and tactical nuclear weapons. In case someone thinks that some fancy “technology” can be developed by the USA (LOL) to suppress nuclear warheads and shells, then I have to give you the sad news that no such physics exists. The only thing that can be done is some sort of missile or laser interception. Lasers are basically useless in the atmosphere since they dissipate like there is no tomorrow. Tactical and strategic nuke interceptors can be defeated by non-ballistic trajectories (there is not enough fuel on the interceptor missile to engage in any strategic warhead chase, it is an all or nothing hit at one moment).


    1. The only weapon that the US has that is clearly superior to Russian weapons is called “selling the bluff”. The are convinced (most anyway) that American exceptionalism and hubris creates a psychological response in its enemies that results in paralysis and collapse.

      Seriously, that is what they believe. And it’s true to an extent, a sane person may cower in fear of a sociopath as they have no answer, no response that will protect them.

      Essentially, the West relies on a natural human response to a sociopath – fear (that is, once the charm runs out).

      Sociopaths of the West are issuing a clarion call to the sociopaths in Russia to rise up, join the global sociopaths elites, break the chains of morality and empathy! You can do it!


  3. The picture of those irrigation pipes reminded me of the utter cruelty of the Western attack on Libya. Libya was trying as best it could to make the deserts bloom and to raise African development. The West with its oh so cultivated image of heart felt concerns over black Africans had no problem at all in destroying what they needed most.


    1. Same with me, PO. I remember reading about it back when this was all going down and thinking why? What was the point of bombing that? The Great Man Made River is an engineering marvel, whose purpose was as close to egalitarian as I have seen major projects get in the 21st century. But no, bombs away, and it still has not fully recovered if I understand correctly.

      The downright imbecilic cover story was just adding insult to injury.


      1. Bombing it induced a humanitarian crisis in the coastal region where Gaddafi’s power was concentrated, contributed to a wave of refugees, and let the cities which supported him know they were not impregnable, that their weaknesses were being exploited. The stupid cover story, solemnly intoned by talking heads who believe their listeners are almost too stupid to breathe without prompting and assistance, was because cutting the civilian population off from water in order to force capitulation is a war crime.


  4. News of yet more despicable aggression from that most aggressive of aggressor states …

    Россия стала крупнейшим инвестором Украины в первой половине 2018 года

    In the first half of 2018, Russia became the largest investor in the Ukraine

    For the first half of this year, Russia invested in the Ukraine more than any other country. The share of Russian investments in the Ukrainian economy amounted to 34.6 per cent, as stated in a Ukraine State Statistics Service report.

    Such blatant and illegal aggression by Russia against the long-suffering Ukraine must cease forthwith or else the Evil Empire shall face the wrath of the Exceptional Nation that is ever on guard against the bad guys of this world!


    1. I have to ask – does that figure include the Donbass region? I assume that Ukraine would not be so cheeky as to include the Crimea.


      1. No details supplied. But it is under $500 million and is likely mostly money from Ukrainians working in Russia. I do not see any corporate level investment happening in the current climate.


        1. I think it’s mainly, or at least significantly, from investments into Crimea and Donbass classified as Ukrainian

          The main thing here though is that even though they have done everything to sabotage Russia investing into Ukraine
          A. It’s still the number 1
          B. These numbers are embarrassingly small amounts for a country of Ukraine’s size
          C.FDI is significantly down not only from before the coup, but even down from 2016
          D Most of the western (pitiful) investment) has been into the finance/insurance sectors , replacing (only partially) Russian banks and companies forced to pull out
          E. Number 2 on the FDI list in Cyprus…which we can assume is mostly just offshore Russian money too


    2. … it is under $500 million and is likely mostly money from Ukrainians working in Russia. I do not see any corporate level investment happening in the current climate.

      The above linked RBK article goes on to read:

      According to the presented data, during the period from January to June, the Ukraine received $1,259 billion, of which $436 million came from Russia. In second place was Cyprus, which invested $219 million and in third place amongst the largest investors was the Netherlands ($207.7 million).

      In addition, contributions were made to the Ukraine economy by Austria ($58.7 million), Poland ($54.1), France ($46.9) and the UK ($43.4).

      The report says that almost 60% of these funds ($750 million) were invested in the financial and insurance sphere; 9.6% of of the funds were invested by the Ukrainian authorities into the wholesale and retail trade; 8.2% into industry and 7.9 per cent. into information and telecommunications.

      In mid-August, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said that Russia had been the main trading partner of the Ukraine since 2014 and because of this the return of the Crimea and the resolution of the conflict in the Donbass were becoming impossible. “There is no plan for victory in this state. Because you are not behaving like people who want a victory. You are already slaves”, he said.

      In response to Yushchenko’s statement, the ex-head of the Ukrainian Ministry of the Economy, Viktor Suslov, said that the words of the former Ukrainian leader were “absurd” and considered any damage to Kiev caused by breaking off trade with Russia as being “colossal”.

      Doesn’t sound like all of this money sloely consists of that sent off to “Independent” Ukraine by economic migrants from that country who are eking out a living in the Evil Empire.


      1. Verkhovna Rada Deputy Vadym Rabinovich on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said that the termination of trade with Russia will destroy Ukrainian economy.

        According to him, Russia remains the largest trading partner of the Ukraine, as trade turnover between the two countries is growing every month.

        “The trade balance with Russia is growing every month for one simple reason: the free economic zone with Europe has brought us only losses”, said Rabinovich.

        He noted that the interruption of trade between Moscow and Kiev is fraught with the loss, of “approximately one third of the gross national product”.

        “With all of the stupidity that you have done in the country, then with another unbalanced step you’ll destroy the economy”, summed up the Rada deputy.

        Earlier, former head of the Main Department of the Ukrainian security Service, Vasily Vovk, proposed that the border with Russia be completely blocked and that ties with her be cut.

        Source: В Раде рассказали о последствиях отказа от торговли с Россией

        In the Rada they have been speaking about the consequences of refusing to trade with Russia


        1. A few are beginning to wake up to the reality that snatching Ukraine away from Russia was never about prosperity and security for its people, and all about destabilizing what the west perceived as the quickening of an unwelcome regional influence, and curbing it. The EU – and its string-puller, Washington – does not give a fuck about the economic well-being of Ukrainians, does not have even the brotherly connection of being of the same ethnic group, and for so long as Ukraine is willing to suffer being poor in silence, for that long it will not be a problem for its new ‘partners’.

          Nationalist Nazi nutjobs are always proposing the border be sealed ever-tighter, if it were feasible to build a stainless-steel wall between Ukraine and Russia which reached to low earth orbit, they would vote for it. But the Great Wall Of Yatsenyuk never materialized, he’s enjoying his Florida condo, and there is no practical way to limit commerce between the two countries while the people are increasingly motivated toward its continuing.

          Ukraine is on the edge of collapse, and I don’t think any force on earth can prevent its sliding over the edge. The west is not going to pony up the $170 Billion or so it would take to rescue it; if it did so, Porky and his minions would steal most of it for themselves, and Russia is unlikely to ever permit again the degree of fraternal closeness that existed between the two countries, since it is clear it would take only another western intervention to render it once again an untrustworthy spoiler. Once Nord Stream II is built, Ukraine will have lost its leverage and will be of no further significant value to the western purveyors of destabilization.

          More such core realization is necessary to prevent Ukraine from officially blaming its collapse on anyone but itself. The government will try that course, naturally, and you don’t need to be able to see very far into the future to know that it is Russia who will be blamed, despite plenty of empirical evidence that Russian investors and Ukrainian refugees working in Russia were all that kept it alive before the end. But in order that Ukrainians know in their heart of hearts that their government stepped on its own dick over and over, and that they passively failed to correct it, there needs to be more such public confession. I can show you plenty of analysis, in English, published before things went pear-shaped in the dying moments of 2013, which proposed that severing trade relationships with Russia as the nationalists insisted would cost Ukraine just about exactly what the Rada now says will happen, years too late. But they got one thing right – Ukraine and Russia cannot be brothers, not even friends, for so long as Ukraine harbours that nutty nationalist element. Give western Ukraine to Poland, and encourage all the nationalists to go to the new paradise, and ensure that happens. They can bore the Poles with their raptures about Kievan Rus. Then maybe some relationship could be salvaged.


      2. It is possible that some if not most of the $750 million invested in the financial and insurance sector in Ukraine could be remittances from Ukrainians living and working in Russia, going into savings accounts to help relatives. The article does not break down that $750 million into corporate investment, commercial investment and household and individual savings accounts.

        Insurance is usually lumped in with the financial industry since companies that sell insurance policies often also sell investment products and may be owned by banks.


        1. Russia bans remittances to Ukraine
          MARCH 23, 2017

          The Russian State Duma has approved on a third and final reading a bill banning money transfers from Russia to the Ukraine in response to earlier Kiev sanctions against Russian-owned banks.

          Any country that moves to restrict the functioning of Russian payment systems and remittance transfer providers on its territory will get a similar response from Russia, the bill says, meaning residents of that country will not be able to receive non-bank transfers, including electronic wires, from Russia.

          29 MARCH 2017, WEDNESDAY, 19:52 19
          Federation Council Of Russia Approves Ban On Remittances To Ukraine Through Foreign Payment Systems


          1. Surely the ban on money transfers from Russia must apply to corporations and businesses as well? Unless some individuals and corporations in Russia are deliberately sending some money in violation of the law. Hard to believe that none of the $436 million coming from Russia is going into the Ukrainian financial and insurance sector.


            1. Как перевести деньги в Украину после запрета платежных систем

              How to transfer money to the Ukraine after the prohibition of payment transfer systems

              This post is purely informational for those who probably have a need to make money transfers between the two countries.

              Now, to transfer from Russia to the Ukraine, you cannot use such popular payment systems as Western Union or MoneyGram, through which previously Ukrainians often sent money without opening an account with a bank. Since these systems are foreign, they cannot be used for transfers to those countries with which Russia has conflicts (in particular, with the Ukraine there is just such a conflict).

              Как перевести деньги на Украину из России 2018?

              Hello dear readers. Today we shall talk about how to transfer money to the Ukraine from Russia in 2018. Despite the ban on the prohibition of transfers from Russia to the Ukraine, there were still options for carrying out this operation. And I should like to note that the options for sending money, which were made through such international companies as Western Union, etc., have been prohibated.

              Note the use of the preposition на with Украину.

              Banderatards hate that!


        2. That was the story in Georgia as well, during the Saakashvili era; a surprising amount of the flailing GDP came from remittances made by Georgians working in Russia. But it was and is difficult to know just how much because Saakashvili’s government was allowed to control the submission of economic data, and much of it was heavily slanted toward the appearance of genius-led prosperity. With the full concurrence of western sponsors, I hardly need state.


      1. ..and if you look at the size of the foreign investment into Ukraine from the Banderatard influence in Canada and from America, not to mention neighboroughing EU countries, bar Poland………then it’s pitiful.


        1. Too bad that so many Ukrainians don’t have the IQ to catch this nuance. All of the promised prosperity by sucking NATzO a** is not forthcoming, but they still wallow in their demented hatred for Russia.

          Russia must let these swine wallow in their shit for decades. No mercy for backstabbers and hate-filled ingrates. Ukraine got its independence in 1991 in addition to a lot of territory it did not have any right to. But that was not enough for these vermin. They needed to crap all over Russia as well. The idiocy is surreal. And this idiocy needs to be severely punished.

          It would be nice if Banderastan depopulated. With all the saps who occupy it moving on off to NATzO or just disappearing. They don’t deserve a country and certainly not one on the lands they currently occupy. It is heartening to see that depopulation is indeed occurring.


  5. Russia just won’t seem the same again!

    The official Kremlin Crooner and chief rug-wearer Joseph Kobzon died today.

    He was a Ukrainian.

    Kobzon was banned from entering his homeland and Latvia because of his political stance.

    See: Joseph Kobzon


    1. The one on the left was murdered on 31 August, 2018, for being the head of the breakaway DNR: the one on the right died on 30 August, 2018, aged 80.

      The one on the right was banned from entering the territory of the “Independent Ukraine” because he had sung on stage in Donetsk with the one on the left. He had also voiced his full agreement on the accession of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea to the Russian Federation.

      Both men were born in the Donbass, UkSSR.


      1. Plastic rubber duck toys in Russia and plastic “piramidka” toys in the Ukraine.

        Ukrainian brain-dead celebrated Kobzon’s death through prostate cancer by organazing a march to the Russian embassy in Kiev on Friday, 31 August, 2018, to which demonstration participants were asked to bring along a popular Soviet toy, a plastic “piramidka”, to lay in front of the embassy:

        From a Politeka:

        Ukrainians decided to say goodbye in an original way to Russian singer Iosif Kobzon [as a matter of fact, he was a Donbass born Ukrainian Jew — ME], which was organized to be held in front of the Russian embassy on 31 August.

        According to the organizers, the action was called “Highway to Piramidka”. In this way, Ukrainians decided to needle Kobzon one last time, by reminding him [Clearly they believe in an after death existence: Kobzon died on 30 August — ME] of an episode with a child cancer patient, whom the singer gave a run-of-the-mill toy pyramid.

        A scandal immediately broke out in the social media and leaders of public opinion [Who might they be, I wonder — ME] began to doubt the adequacy of Kobzon, who had not hesitated to show his contempt for the child’s illness.

        It is worth noting that some Ukrainians also decided to bring a toy pyramid not only to the Russian Embassy in Kiev. Demonstrators also brought a “souvenir” for placing before a building in Lvov. [I presume the writer is referring to a Russian consulate in that former Polish-Lithuanian, Austro-Hungarian city and hotbed of Banderism — ME].

        Some social media users are talking about a mysterious force which has decided to restore justice. [Yeah, it’s called the Ukraine State security Service! — ME]

        After all, today in occupied Donetsk ther was eliminated the ringleader of the terrorist “DPR” Alexander Zakharchenko, who called Kobzon friend. [Here “eliminated” means “murdered” — ME]

        Something is rotten in the state of the Ukraine!


        1. I don’t really mind, because it prevents me from pitying them as their living conditions get worse and their hopes of Europrosperity fade. I imagine if it got any coverage in international media, that Europeans would feel the same; that they had dodged a bullet by not embracing such a psychotic nation.


        2. As far as I can make it out, the Ukrainian on that poster above reads:

          The Democratic Axe

          Invitation to a flashmob


          on the day of Kobzon’s death

          Bring a pirimidka toy to the Russian embassy

          31 AUGUST,

          Embassy of the RF in Kiev
          Povimroflovskiy Avenue 27
          metro “Vokzalna” district


          “Democratic Axe” Party, 2018

          Curious how they collocate the words “democratic”and “axe”.

          Do they mean that if you don’t agree with their kind of “democracy”, then you get the chop?


          1. I’m not overly bothered by it; if they didn’t like Kobzon for whatever reason, that’s their privilege. After all, we were just rejoicing over the death of McCain. I didn’t dislike him because he was American, and the Ukies disliked Kobzon both because he was Russian (ethnic) and because he performed in the East and was well-regarded there. But there is definitely a parallel.


            1. In the above photograph, there are about 30 “piramidka” standing on the fence supporting wall in front of the Russian Embasy, Kiev.

              There may be more off-picture. And not everyone who rallied to the “Democratic Axe” flashmob call would have bought a piramidka, money being so tight these days in the free, democratic and independent Ukraine. However, I do not think many attended the event.

              I also do not think that rejoicing the death of McCain and Kobzon are in any way comparable: McCain was a despicable, inveterate warmonger who relished bringing death and destruction to those whom he perceived as being a threat to the USA and its “values”; Kobzon was merely a crooner of Soviet patriotic songs.


              1. And although Kobzon was, indeed, in his later years, a delegate of the Russian State Duma, he was in no way the focus of orchestrated war-mongering malevolence as was the late and unlamented by many US Senator McCain.


              2. That’s quite true, from your point of view. However, from the nationalist Ukrainian point of view – difficult to visualize, I know – Kobzon was a traitor to his people, born in Ukraine but doing the bidding of the evil Moskali, and defying orders against performing in Crimea while under Moskal occupation. There’s also the oh-so-American (now, anyway, although they were originally taught it themselves) branding thing, the attempt to define an event by a linking object or symbol which will promote a crowd mentality and establish an us-against them mentality.

                There probably are people. although much fewer than would say so, who genuinely believe John McCain was a great American patriot who spent his life trying to get justice for American servicemen damaged in America’s foreign adventures abroad, and in that old favourite, ‘speaking truth to power’.


                1. Over 6,000 people turned up at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow so as to pay their last respects to Joseph Kobzon in the early hours of the singer’s funeral, which I think is considerably more than those who heeded the call in Kiev to mock him the day after his death.

                  And 120, 000 have turned up to pay their last rspects to Zacharchenko.

                  The whole Central part of the city is completely closed for transport, “Interfax”. Thousands of people lined up for several kilometers, to lay flowers at the tomb of Alexander Zakharchenko. The ceremony is being attended by delegations from Russia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia. Official days of mourning have been declared in DPR: 1, 2 and 3 September. In particular, the ceremony is being attended by the Deputy of the state Duma, Natalia Poklonskaya, and the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, informs television channel “Star”.,

                  Source: Kommersant


                2. BBC:

                  Ukraine crisis: Mass turnout for funeral of Donetsk rebel Zakharchenko

                  Note the weasly words and punctuation in the last paragraph:

                  Moscow denies sending regular troops and heavy weapons to the separatists, but admits that Russian “volunteers” are helping the rebels.

                  Not simply stated, but “admitted” — implying that this statement was only made following repeated denial of the fact that Russian heavy weapons and troops have been deployed, though conceding, under pressure, that those Russian citizens who are, in fact, bearing arms in the Ukraine are volunteers.

                  But the “volunteers are not really volunteers at all, are they? — Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, say no more!


  6. See, this is why I enjoy Leonid Bershidsky’s writing. Despite his idealistic prattling that Russia is actually guilty of all the things America says it is – his ultimate loyalty is still to his adopted homeland, the land of milk and honey – he remains essentially a realist. And his take on the economic dynamics is brutally realistic; the United States cannot ‘bring the Russian economy to its knees’. Once again, America’s ridiculously-high opinion of itself and its power fail to take account of consequences.

    Oh, it could, I suppose, in a way. A way that would see the world’s largest economy – arguably, and certainly in its last days if it is actually still the world’s largest economy – wreck the global economy and its own trade relationship with the world in order to damage Russia. Is it willing to go that far? You just never know, as decades of feeding itself exceptionalism have addled its thinking.

    Bershidsky points out – correctly, I think – that Russia has held off on punishing American companies in Russia just as the USA has not dared to sanction the energy industry in Russia. Neither wants to take that step, although one will certainly provoke the other.

    In fact, it occurs to me that if Russia were really as malignant and evil as Washington pretends it is, Russia would be first to take that step, booting American companies out of Russia, perhaps giving them 72 hours to clear out their desks and get out. What would happen then? America would be bound to drop the sanctions hammer on oil and gas. And what would happen then? Europe would say, it’s been a lovely party, but I must be going. I give that an 8 of 10 chance of happening, and solely because of the stupid actions heretofore by the Trump government. Had America been reasonable, it would have stood a chance of carrying Europe with it to a war against Russia. But Trump and his blowhard bullying have hardened European resolve against the USA.


  7. It is reported that the German company and partner in Nord Stream II, Uniper, may pull out of the project due to the risk of US sanctions (previously it said Uniper will pull out sic see link.).* In related news, construction has been started in German waters. Still silence from Denmark as to whether they will block it or not.

    If I were Moscow, I would announce that the pipeline’s route will avoid Danish waters and sit back to see the reaction. Why? Coz you can bet that some will claim it is punishment/bribe/threat/anti-competitive to Denmark, to whit, Russia can simply reply that Denmark has XXX days to provide the permits before it is no longer economically feasible for the route to go through its waters.


    Euractiv: With attacks on Nord Stream 2, Washington ignores collateral damage


    What p* me off about the reported ‘threat from NSII’ and even in articles like the one above that point out it is in Europe’s interest, none of them mention the preceding sabotage of South Stream II under the mighty Obama and the impact from that led directly to Nord Stream II.

    A blast from the past:
    Bulgaria halts Russia’s South Stream gas pipeline project after visit by US senators

    …At this time there is a request from the European Commission, after which we’ve suspended the current works, I ordered it,” Oresharski told journalists after meeting with John McCain, Chris Murphy and Ron Johnson during their visit to Bulgaria on Sunday. “Further proceedings will be decided after additional consultations with Brussels.”

    McCain, commenting on the situation, said that “Bulgaria should solve the South Stream problems in collaboration with European colleagues,” adding that in the current situation they would want “less Russian involvement” in the project.

    “America has decided that it wants to put itself in a position where it excludes anybody it doesn’t like from countries where it thinks it might have an interest, and there is no economic rationality in this at all. Europeans are very pragmatic, they are looking for cheap energy resources – clean energy resources, and Russia can supply that. But the thing with the South Stream is that it doesn’t fit with the politics of the situation,” Ben Aris, editor of Business New Europe told RT….

    Yes kids. Warmonger McCain was at the forefront of getting it killed after interference from Brussels failed to shift the asshole Borissov’s government. So when a European asks “What has John McCain done for us?, he’s already f*ed you over for the benefit of the US and U-ropean poodle Krazy K**t Klan.


    1. BTW, there is now a campaign to name the new NATO headquarters in Belgium after McCain. Quite fitting really considering how it has long since stopped being a defensive organization.


    2. And let’s remember what a hard lesson Bulgaria learned from its leap of faith into Brussels’ arms.

      On May 30, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During the joint press conference, Borisov apologized to Putin for the failure of South Stream and for his responsibility in causing the deterioration of relations between the two countries. Borisov said: “We know about the difficult relations in the past and are grateful to our colleagues for not being vindictive and the fact that Russian-Bulgarian relations do not depend on the extent of guilt of some politicians…

      “I would like to thank President Putin for his attitude once again. I am to blame for creating certain tensions… When it came to the worst and I wanted to talk, my calls were always answered. And I really accept part of the guilt for those developments.”

      Putin then added that he regrets that the South Stream project has not been implemented, since it would have “greatly benefited” Bulgaria.

      In response, Borisov blamed the EU of having imposed Bulgaria diktats that other countries do not respect anyway. Borisov said: “We are the most loyal and the most disciplined country in the European Union. This is the reason why all the pipelines bypassed our territory. We hope that today we have redressed an injustice.

      Bulgaria stepped up when the European Commission called…and got absolutely fuck-all in the way of thanks or compensation – to the contrary, the decision cost Bulgaria a great deal of money. Let that be a lesson to other EU countries; Brussels is big on ideas, but it does not have your back and if your stepping-up causes your country grief and it turns out you made a terrible mistake, and want to talk about it…


      1. There is absolutely nobody else to blame but Borissov himself, a third rate playa. The position of neither Brussels nor Washington was a surprise at all. They are very well known quantities. Big surprise. Not.

        Borissov vacillated and played the same failed and weak gambit we have seen for years in the Ukraine. That he is still around as the biggest fish in the local fish shop is that he is the biggest spineless shit that floats to the surface while the opposition is little more than useless. That is repeated elsewhere in the neighborhood to various degrees and where it is not, it’s a choice between two sides of the same gangster/clan coin. To misquote Douglas Adams, So long, and thanks for none of the fish.


        1. Possibly, but I suspect Borrisov was selected, in mutual discussion, to play the goat and fall upon his sword (if you don’t mind your metaphors shaken and stirred) so that the President could start negotiations with a clean slate. Someone had to admit fault, and Borrisov is a natural because much of it actually was his fault. But by assuming all of it – or taking such of it as was actually assigned to individuals – he gives his President maneuvering room. Not much, but a little.

          If other countries – I’m looking at you, Denmark – learn that the EU will use them and then push them under the bus so as to avoid having to compensate them for their service (and it will), then it will work out to a valuable lesson from Russia’s viewpoint, for really quite a reasonable price.


      1. Well, I don’t think a decision has been made yet. But the consortium has ‘applied to Denmark for an alternate route’ – which, since the alternate route would not go through Danish territorial waters, implies Denmark does not really have any say over it, and is essentially a challenge to Denmark to either veto the original route on security grounds (you never know, Putin might hide submarines in it, or Novichok or something) or get on with it. But Denmark is presented with more or less the Bulgarian Alternative: do Washington’s bidding and get a pat on the head, or defy it and get transit fees.

        All the news on the subject that I saw announced that the consortium is ‘exploring’ an alternate route. It seems they are still hopeful the original route will be cleared, but are getting it on the table that denying it will not stop the project.

        But of course western ‘analysts’ continue to squeal that Putin and the Kremlin are using the Nord Stream II pipeline to ‘invade Europe’. Curiously, the same people who once smirked scornfully that Nord Stream II was not needed because the current pipeline is only running at half-capacity now claim “even with Nord Stream 2 on line Russia would still need to send substantial amounts of gas through Ukraine – at least until the upcoming TurkStream pipeline is also finished.” Whoa – wut? Even both legs of Nord Stream running at full capacity will not be enough? You don’t say.

        Once again, nobody is forcing Europe to take more Russian gas than it needs, although the draw-down of domestic supplies suggest it will need more all the time unless ‘green energy’ becomes more commercially viable and reliable. Certain players want Europe’s gas to go through Ukraine for two reasons – one, Ukraine badly needs the money from transit fees to prop up its calamitous economy. Two, it is a ready tickle-trunk of conflict whenever the west wants to make problems for Russia; presto! Ukraine is in a new fight with Russia over gas prices, and Europe is trembling with fear that its gas supplies will be shut off.

        Here, you numpties – let me solve the problem for you. Soon there is going to be a perfectly good (according to Ukraine and the west) pipeline network idling without much to do. Why not let all those competitors Europe is always gibbering about use Ukraine’s pipeline network to send their gas to Europe? They could have the whole thing all to themselves, completely cutting Gazprom out of Ukraine! What a victory that would be! And they could pay Ukraine transit fees, saving the day there and bringing enormous comfort to Ukrainian economists! It’s win/win!

        No charge for my consulting.


        1. Superb!

          “Simply jet in the LNG to Kyiv (must be spelt right or whole consignment is confiscated), convert back to gas and pump to all points west. Easy Peasy.” Phil McCoffers Consultancy.


        2. Well, then, this is just idiotic politics. They have found a seabed path that avoids that smelly chihuahua statelet (recall all their bleating about the poor dear Wahabbis in Chechnya), and so just proceed with it. Why delay the project to get some irrelevant potential reward? The faster the pipeline is built, the faster it becomes a fait accompli, and shuts down all the posturing. No amount of accommodation to Russia haters will yield positive results. Time for Russian politicians to stop using terms like “partner” and “colleague” in regards to NATzO elements. They are auto-brainwashing themselves that these are real partners and colleagues and not real enemies.


          1. I don’t think Russia is really in that much of a hurry, since it is evident now that Washington does not have the capability to put a stop to it. It is important to Russia that Denmark chooses its own fate without any appearance of pressure. That way, if it chooses to grant the permits, nobody can credibly say it was forced to a quick and hapless decision. If, on the other hand, it chooses to veto the pipeline and it consequently goes ahead outside Danish territorial waters, Denmark’s remorse and anguish when it gets nothing for its resistance except perhaps a Presidential Medal of Freedom from the US State Department will be all the sweeter. Because ‘what goes around comes around’ is turning out to be true.


  8. Meanwhile in U-rope:

    Neuters via German finance minister urges European defence mergers

    …“We must support mergers not only under the leadership of our own national champions, so we will achieve a better integrated defence policy that would provide internal security and turn the EU into a serious player within the global military architecture,” Scholz said in a speech. …

    Followed by the piece below it:

    It’s time for realism in EU-Russia ties – France’s Macron

    …“It is in our interest for the EU to have a strategic relationship with Turkey as well as with Russia that brings stability, that will in the long term and bring more strength and coherency,” he told a news conference on a visit to Helsinki. …

    Neuters via Germany, seeking independence from U.S., pushes cyber security research

    …“It is our joint goal for Germany to take a leading role in cyber security on an international level,” Seehofer told a news conference with Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen. “We have to acknowledge we’re lagging behind, and when one is lagging, one needs completely new approaches.”

    The agency is a joint interior and defence ministry project. ..

    & more on the latter:
    Deutscher’s Willy via Germany creates DARPA-like cybersecurity agency

    …The agency is expected to resemble a defense body akin to the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is credited with developing the early internet and GPS, von der Leyen said….

    Remember that von Leyden is a dyed in the wool Atlantist…


  9. To nobody’s surprise here, I’m sure, Kuh-yiv has extended a freeze on domestic gas prices to October, although its leaders doubtless know it will not get a dime of IMF money until it raises gas prices to market levels.

    If you want a free prediction, it will not raise them then, either – the government is just kicking the can down the road and hoping for a break, a miracle from somewhere. It’ll be toasty-warm at Chateau Porky this winter no matter how it shakes out.


  10. Breaking news! Russia isolated!!

    Oh, wait; sorry – that’s the United States. Yes, in another manifestation of his incredibly cunning cunningness, Trump has rolled out a new master-plan to bring Russia to its knees: withdraw the United States of America from all international organizations that will not take orders from POTUS. That will show those borscht-eating bastards! Next up in the crosshairs…the WTO.

    If the World Trade Organization doesn’t “shape up,” President Donald Trump told Bloomberg he would pull the United States out.

    In a Thursday interview with Bloomberg, Trump again criticized the international trading group’s treatment of the United States.

    He told Bloomberg, “If they don’t shape up, I would withdraw from the WTO.”


  11. The real McCain eulogy:

    “During his 32 years in the US Senate, the real John McCain was a consistent warmonger , advocating US military intervention in Africa, South America, Korea, and almost everywhere. He sang “bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” before a veterans group, and called demonstrators against Henry Kissinger “despicable scum.” The record of his public calls for coups, invasions, blockades, bombings and assassinations to advance US military and economic domination of the planet is far too long to list.

    All this explains why corporate media are lifting up their whitewashed and manufactured version of John McCain. He’s one of their own, a genuine war criminal and loyal servant of capital. Lifting him up, creating and embellishing his heroic story lifts up and legitimizes the rule of the rich. Now they’ll be looking for parks, schools and airports to name after him. Just as the elementary school in Aaron Magruder’s Boondocks was named after J. Edgar Hoover, we’ll soon see John McCain’s name staring back at us from what little public property is left. Get ready for it.”

    Ahhh…but there is much more to the story…here…look and read:


  12. Here’s a guy I could get behind for President, if I were an American and if he didn’t profess to believe in Russian interference in American elections; Trey Gowdy, from South Carolina. There are any number of YouTube clips showing him demolishing stuffed-shirt golden boys and girls in Congressional and Senate hearings. Here, he tunes up on Hillary Clinton, and she plainly loathes him.


  13. Dejevsky in the Independent:

    Putin’s pensions crisis could have an impact on his popularity – but do his ratings really matter at this point?

    And the what’s-the-weather-like-in-Petersburg commentaters rush in:

    9 hours ago
    Could have sworn I was reading a sputnik article transcript….and as for putin retiring…hahaha…how long would he live before becoming a liability for his successor

    [Ukukrman? UK/Ukrainian man? — ME]

    11 hours ago
    Mary, your beloved dictator looks a bit weary. He must be worrying too much about his Agent Orange these days.

    11 hours ago
    Putin is spooked by the idea that women might rebel, as they form a strong majority of the electorate. Putin is a dictator, he cannot just retire. When he retires, everything will be taken away from him and his family … especially if voters cease to respect him.

    Putin’s private wealth amounts to $200bn … do you really think the Russian people will letting him slide into peaceful retirement, while their own pensions are effectively rubbed out?

    As to the Russian economy, it is not true that it is doing well. Russian depends entirely of oil, gas and weapons exports … everything else has been destroyed. And the economy is not strong enough to pay future pensions, and will not be strong enough in the future, how can that be OK?

    Roll out the memes ….

    Surprised no one has yet asked Dejevsky how much the Kremlin pays her.


  14. Yeah, she’s clearly hired by the ex-KGB thug Putin!

    She writes regularly for the Valdai Club supportive articles for Kremlin regime.

    See: Mary Dejevsky, Valdai Club

    And she’s got a “Russian” name an’ all, as some of the more astute commenters to the Independent have pointed out.

    I bet her real name is Olga.


    1. This just demonstrates how brainwashed are the NATzO masses. Their perception Gaussian of Russia is sitting over the fantasy fiction range and any realistic reporting on Russia looks unreal to them. I have no time for such saps. Not only are the credulous, they also have no reality check in their thinking process. You know, Putin’s popularity might have something to do with the pheonix like revival of Russia’s economy and standard of living without all the gulags and repression of the 1930s. If “it’s the economy, stupid” for Americans, the it is the same for the humans known as Russians. So all of these residents of the UK and the rest of NATzO who swallow the cheesy fake stream media anti-Russian propaganda, they must really love the taste and it serves their desire to project all their own problems onto some pin cushion group. This is an utterly despicable mentality.


    1. I suppose it was a foregone conclusion that they would get him sooner or later, and efforts to do so must have been tremendous. Although he was a powerful symbol for the DPR, his death will not shake its resolve and will only harden it against the Kuh-yiv murderers. Hopefully there will be a tit-for-tat, blowed-up-real-good reprisal around the corner for a similarly-ranked Ukie political figure. I nominate Andriy Parubiy, although I would not shed too many tears if it were that fat tub of shit Poroshenko.


    2. Failure to retaliate invited this.

      Ukrainian nationalists need to die by the thousands or it will continue.


        1. A start, but what is needed is people being obliterated in Kiev. Poroshenko himself, SBU personnel, military officers, interior ministry officials, Rada deputies, everybody down to the dogcatcher has got to die.

          Perhaps this can wait until the Idlib affair is concluded, but it must be done.


          1. I think perhaps not so far up as Poroshenko, however richly he deserves it – at the murder of their president, the Ukrainians would doubtless appeal to the US State Department for support in a punishment operation (that’s if they didn’t blame it on Russia), and Washington is just mad enough these days to say hell, yes. I’m still leaning toward Parubiy or maybe Avakov. Or that fat shit who runs the Peacemaker site. Perhaps a few Nazi footsoldiers. But regrettable as Zakharchenko’s death is, it is just more of the same shit from Ukraine and it is exactly the opposite kind of persuasion which might result in peace between Ukraine and the East. Ukraine behaves as if it were run by high-school boys. The East has endured on its own long enough now that it will never go back, and despite Poroshenko talking out one side of his mouth about reconciliation and reunification, he still cannot resist the short-term gratification of a smash-and-grab military provocation. It only solidifies Ukraine as the enemy, and guarantees there will be no peace. In fact, if Kuh-yiv is not careful, the East will be making a formal application to join Russia.


    3. Motorola in 2016 (bomb in lift in apartment block), Givi in 2017 (missile aimed at his office) and now Zakharchenko in 2018 (bomb at entrance to cafe he frequented).

      Does anyone think there may be assassins at work targeting Donetsk military and political leaders? If there are assassins about in the DPR, their intention must be to break the Donetsk people’s resolve, slowly and gradually, and to create paranoia.

      As far as I know, there have been no assassinations of LPR leaders. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that there are other parties apart from Ukraine who have an interest in targeting and killing the most prominent of DPR’s leaders, to warn the public against supporting them and to warn the LPR as well. In parts of the Middle East – Iran (nuclear physicists mainly), Iraq and the Occupied Territories (West Bank and Gaza) come to mind – there have been targeted assassinations of academics, scientists, engineers and other qualified people who might become future political, social and economic leaders.

      RIP Zakharchenko: a hero of the DPR and to many beyond.


      1. One of the more rabid of the commentators to a British rag, (a Baltic Chihuahua or a Banderetard resident in the UK, I suspect), on the murder of Zakharchenko immediately stated that it was Putin wot done it ‘cos the murder victim was no longer of any use to the “Kremlin”.

        Obvious, innit?


        1. I must admit I didn’t know about Alexander Bednov until you mentioned him. Looked him up and found he had been killed in 2014, apparently by LPR forces. So he doesn’t count as having been assassinated by forces inimical to the DPR or the LPR.


  15. And now from Kiev:

    «Уничтожим за 5 минут»: Украина угрожает российскому флоту
    На Украине заявили о способности уничтожить за 5 минут российский флот

    “We shall destroy [you] in 5 minutes”: the Ukraine threatens the Russian fleet.
    In the Ukraine they have declared their ability to destroy the Russian fleet in 5 minutes.

    The Ukraine navy is able to “destroy the Russian fleet in just a few minutes”, said Ukrainian MP Yuri Bereza. He suggested that Russia would attack from the Sea of Azov, but the Ukrainians would be able to respond decisevely. According to Bereza, Kiev needs no new weapons to do this: what they have from Soviet times is sufficient.

    According to him, Russia would presumably “attack from the Sea of Azov.” Thus, he noted, the Ukrainians have nothing to be afraid of because their fleet would be able to respond.

    Bereza, drawing attention to the location of the Sea of Azov on the map, said that with the correct emplacement of missile batteries, any fleet that came there “would be destroyed in five to ten minutes”.

    The Verkhovna Rada deputy added that in order to destroy the fleet of the “enemy of the Ukraine”, it is not necessary to have some kind of “superweapon”: the “old Soviet Union stuff that was left behind” would still be sufficient enough to do the job.


    1. They’re leaving it a little late. There’s only a few hours left to launch and then loose a traditional August war. Just ask Saakashiti.


    2. These statements should be regarded with the same gravity as claims that the Ukrainian designers have developed springs which allow their soldiers to jump over buildings, or winged boots which let them zig-zag between projectiles fired at them like the Roadrunner. They’re just making themselves look stupid, and their strategy – if such it can be termed – is fairly transparent; if Russia does not attack, it’s because it fears Ukraine. Therefore the armed forces of Ukraine are actively engaged in protecting the country from an enemy which is trying to destroy it. Slava Ukrainiy!!


    3. Bereza might get a rude surprise if a Russian fleet sailed from Sevastopol to Odessa.

      Hadn’t thought of that, had you, Bereza?


  16. TheRealNews
    Published on 31 Aug 2018
    John McCain was an extreme war hawk who represented the military-industrial complex on Capitol Hill. And while he sometimes clashed with Donald Trump, their politics were mostly similar, and the Republican senator opened the door by normalizing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Ben Norton reports


  17. Suspected terrorist who sought refugee status in Germany handed over to Russia
    Published time: 31 Aug, 2018 14:44

    “As a result of a coordinated work of Russian law enforcement agencies, German authorities have received documented proof of the suspect’s criminal actions and this allowed for his handover to Russia”, reads the press release circulated by FSB’s press service.

    Anyone think the Germans will get their wrists slapped for handing over a freedom-loving, anti-Assad rebel to the beastly Russians?


  18. US draws up initial target list if Syria launches chemical weapons attack
    Updated 1900 GMT (0300 HKT) August 31, 2018

    “Russia has recently launched a concentrated disinformation campaign to discredit the United States and international partners and allies… Specifically, Russia has suggested that as a pretext for United States strikes against the Assad regime, humanitarian organizations in Syria were planning a chemical weapon attack. This is absurd,” Pentagon spokesperson, Cmdr. Sean Robertson said.

    “That Russia is seeking to plant false lies about chemical weapons use suggests that Moscow is seeking to deflect from its own culpability when these heinous weapons are used. Russia’s efforts to obscure the truth only underscore its years-long role in abetting the murder and mayhem conducted by the Assad regime,” Robertson added.


    1. “…deflect from its own culpability WHEN these heinous weapons are used.”

      Freudian slip or foreshadowing? I note there is no question as to if these weapons are used and the way it is put here makes it sound that there is no question that they will be.


      1. If the west really was planning something, I can’t imagine they will go ahead with it. They must know suspicion is aroused and the situation is being watched closely, and there’s a good chance someone will get a picture or some other incriminating evidence.


        1. Those who want to believe need no evidence or can dismiss contrary evidence.

          FWIW, I think that elements in the West will force this issue regardless of how it may appear objectively. The missile strikes may be against Syrian military forces directly engaged in the liberation of Idlib rather than fanciful poison gas sites such as airfields. This has several “advantages” as these field targets will likely not be well protected from missile attack and such strikes will help to rally the terrorists and their supporters. I have been wrong before so lets hope I will be wrong again.

          If the West does back down and the offensive proceeds towards its inevitable victory, what is next? There must a consolation prize – a human sacrifice to feed the beast. A major sabotage of Russian assets? More assisinations in Ukraine? Something must be done to satisfy their sociopathic needs.


            1. Resident Guardian frothing-at-the-mouth Russophobe Tillerson on 11 August:

              If the rebels resist, Bashar al-Assad could well resort to chemical attacks, as in Aleppo, Douma and Eastern Ghouta. What then will the US and allies do? Donald Trump could order more airstrikes. But their impact is limited, both militarily and as a deterrent. Attempts at diplomatic action against Assad at the UN would certainly be blocked by Russia, as in the past.

              My stress! Tillerson’s regular proof by assertion.

              Tillerson frequently wrote an anti-Russia piece on Tuesdays, when I long ago read his rag.

              His anti-Russia diatribes were so regular that CiF commenters used to wrrite: See it’s Tuesday again!

              See: Banned 21 years ago, yet still the world stands by as chemical attacks go unchecked.

              The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) entered into force on April 29, 1997 and currently has 193 states-parties.

              One state has signed but not ratified: Israel.

              Three states have neither signed nor ratified: Egypt, North Korea, and South Sudan.

              A total of 72,524 metric tonnes of chemical agent, 8.67 million tonnes of chemical munitions and containers, and 97 production facilities have been declared to the OPCW.

              The treaty set up several steps with deadlines toward complete destruction of chemical weapons, with a procedure for requesting deadline extensions. No country reached total elimination by the original treaty date although several have finished under allowed extensions.

              For the record:

              Declared stockpile: 33,000 tonnes.
              Percentage destroyed, as verified by OPCW: 91%
              Destruction deadline: 29 April 2012; intended destruction by 2023.

              Declared stockpile: 40,000 tonnes.
              Percentage destroyed, as verified by OPCW: 100% (September 2017)

              Source: Wiki

              From the US Department of State:

              Compliance With the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction Condition 10(C) Report
              March 2018

              States Parties that have not been certified in compliance with the CWC as of December 31, 2017, include Iran, Russia, and Syria. Due to the March 4, 2018 use of a military-grade nerve agent in an attack on two individuals in the United Kingdom and ongoing Syrian use of chemical weapons, the United States certifies that the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic are in non-compliance with their obligations under the CWC. Additional information is available in the 2018 classified version of the Condition (10)(C) Report and its annex.

              [my stress — ME]

              From OPCW:

              OPCW Director-General Commends Major Milestone as Russia Completes Destruction of Chemical Weapons Stockpile under OPCW Verification
              THE HAGUE, Netherlands – 27 September 2017

              [my stress —ME]

              The Director-General stated: “The completion of the verified destruction of Russia’s chemical weapons programme is a major milestone in the achievement of the goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention.

              I congratulate Russia and I commend all of their experts who were involved for their professionalism and dedication.

              Somebody “misspoke”?


  19. As usual the comments are scathing!!!!!

    “Palimpsestuous • 2 hours ago
    I’ve been watching rep Adam Schiff tell nothing but lies to Trevor Noah this morning and the audience eating it up. These are supposed to be the progressive youth and one of their exemplars and they are in thrall to a police state evangelist claiming Russia is our greatest threat. Derangement all around.”

    (LOL!!…Of course the little pencil neck Russophobe who greenlights IDF mass murder in Gaza lies….that’s what they do…sheeeesh!!!! As for Noah…well ask that boy about whether he supports the BDS movement…like the one that helped kill the apartheid regime in South Africa… LOL!!! )

    “Charlotte Ruse Richard Signore • 2 hours ago
    You forget that Warren Beatty is Shirley MacLaine’s sister and Shirley MacLaine always hung out with that Vegas Rat Pack of gangsters. Do you notice how the mob just loves politicians and how they work hand-in-hand to screw and ripoff the population.
    I’m just saying, that I wouldn’t be surprised if their careers were helped by some of these thugs.”


    1. “Ron Ruggieri Stanley Hetz • 5 hours ago
      ” McCain was an outstanding representative for the generation of US parliamentarians and veterans from the war in Vietnam. He was a pioneer who made great contributions to healing the wounds of the war, normalising Vietnam-US relations and setting up the comprehensive partnership between the two nations. ”
      What can you expect from an old STALINIST party ?
      I just said in a WBUR web site comment ( where I am not yet banned as BANNED IN BOSTON ) that ONLY the World Socialist Web site was not slobbering over the death of right wing ” war hero ” Senator John McCain .

      Stanley Hetz Ron Ruggieri • 4 hours ago
      I would have expected more from the Communist Party of Vietnam, especially since they are Vietnam’s ruling party, and considering what he did to the Vietnamese people in those bombing raids. Isn’t it the same party that ran things where McCain did what he did? At the very least, I would have thought that the Communist Party of Vietnam would have had a more balanced article.”

      Well now that many Vietnamese have a thoroughly westernized bourgeoisie aspiring mindset:

      …Whaddya expect???


  20. That strong Russian naval presence in the eastern Med, timed for the commencement of the Idlib offense is so evocative. I suppose a number of cruise missiles will be fired in support of the offensive and those ships will provide early warning of a Western cruise missile attack.

    We discussed before as to whether those ships would also shoot down Western cruise missiles near the point of launch. I suppose it could violate military etiquette and be incourteous to shoot down missiles at their most vulnerable time in front of those launching the missiles. This action, to me, would be a measured escalation by Russia. It would seem no law would be violated. I suppose that the US could sue Russia for damage to its property but that would look silly – the exceptional nation reduced to filing a civil lawsuit against a country that defeated its military attack. Unlikely but it would be sweet if such were to occur.


    1. It would, but, once again, it is easiest to shoot down missiles which are targeted at you, not someone else. Those which are headed for someone else present a crossing target to your weapons, which is the most difficult profile to engage.

      If, however, Russia is fairly certain of what will be the target, they could position their forces directly down the flight path, so that they are on an axis directly between the attacker and the target. Then they might at the same time be presented with the easiest profile for engagement, and a ready-made excuse – we thought you were shooting at us.


      1. Not to mention recent reports of the stationing of B-52 & B-1b cruise missile carrying bombers at Qatar’s Al Uedid airbase and quite possible elsewhere in the region, most likely using the newer and more stealthy JASSAMs. Can Russia’s restored space based surveillance satellites pick all this up? You would hope and assume so.


  21. U.S. Nuclear War Plan Option Sought Destruction of China and Soviet Union as “Viable” Societies
    Established Overkill Levels of Expected Damage: 95 Percent

    In retaliation to a “Soviet surprise attack against the United States”, of course, the purpose of which retaliatory attack being the removal of the Soviet Union “from the category of a major industrial power” and its destruction as a “viable” society.

    That is a sanitized way of saying nuclear carpet bombing, I guess: targeting urban centres, as was carried out in WWII against Germany and Japan using conventional weapons.

    An exceptional nation gives itself the right to take exceptional measures, I suppose.

    However, in the above-linked article, it is pointed out that:

    U.S. apprehensions notwithstanding, a first strike was never part of Soviet military doctrine. Yet Soviet political and military leaders feared a U.S. first strike, mirror imaging Washington’s fears. While some Soviet military officials sought a preemptive capability, key leaders such as Deputy Premier Alexei Kosygin rejected it altogether

    No matter: Nuke the Commie SOBs!!!


    1. This stuff is deadly serious since the average American sap will believe the most retarded claims about a “Russian first strike”. It does not matter that the USSR did not have a first strike policy. The monsters that run the USA could just nuke some of their navy and maybe a few towns of no consequence and claim that this was a “real” attack. Inane claims go down easy for people who are brainwashed from birth to believe that they are masters of technology and science (and the universe) just as in the case of Magnitsky and the Skripals and Assad’s chemical weapons “warfare”.


  22. Мосийчук призвал хунту признаться в убийстве Захарченко

    Mosiychuk has called on the junta to confess to the murder Zakharchenko

    Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Igor Mosiychuk, has called on the Ukrainian authorities to accept responsibility for the murder of the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Alexander Zakharchenko.

    According to him, Kiev had every right to crack down on Zakharchenko and other opponents of the regime.

    “Terrorists” are being liquidated not by the FSB, but by ourselves … He was liquidated by our special services”, said the People’s Deputy on the TV channel “112Ukraine” .

    Mosiychuk accused the country’s authorities of cowardice because of their unwillingness to admit to involvement in the crime and recalled that the Security Service of the Ukraine had prepared several attempts on Zakharchenko’s life.

    Apparently, he did not understand that the Kiev authorities never admit to anything.

    Boeing? No, no — that wasn’t us.

    Firing at Lugansk? —the air conditioner exploded.

    Burnt people in Odessa? — they burnt themselves.

    Did the Ukraine authorities kill Mosgovoi, Givi, Motorola, Zakharchenko? —They have only themselves to blame: they went around criminal places.


    1. Mosiychuk’s behaviour is surely making things easy for Moscow and the DPR to finger Kiev as the ultimate organisers of Zakharchenko’s assassination. You’d think if he knew what was good for him, he’d shut up before the SBU decides to shut him up – permanently.


      1. I imagine he’s urging this course of action because it’s something he’s proud of Ukraine accomplishing. Unlike MH17, which they dare not admit. But Ukraine could cop to killing Zakharchenko without losing western support.


        1. I’m sure when he made the announcement, he was bursting red with excitement and pride.

          He might not be so excited though if the investigation reveals that the SBU or whoever did him had outside help … or that the assassins were all foreigners.


          1. “… that the SBU or whoever did him had outside help …”

            I meant to say “… that the SBU or whoever did Zakharchenko in had outside help …”


          2. I wonder if he is just as excited over the deaths of others, unconnected with the “self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic”, who died as a result of the explosion that killed Zakharchenko, one of which victims having been a child?

            Stupid question: they were all Sovoks, Moskali, Katsapy etc. and not worth a morsel of sympathy from proud, glorious Ukrainian patriots.

            Glory to the Ukraine!

            To the heroes — glory!


    2. Perhaps … киевская власть …. [о]бстреляла Луганск … in the above linked article would be better translated as “the Kiev government strafed Lugansk”.

      The author is refering to the attack made by a Ukraine air force war plane against the central Lugansk administrative building, which attack resulted in the deaths of several civilians —men, women and children —including an unfortunate woman wearing a red dress, who had one leg almost torn from her body and and who amazingly survived her mortal wounds for a few minutes and was filmed talking to those helping the victims of the attack.

      Harding of the Guardian opined that the explosions in the street caused by cluster bombs released by the warplane had been caused by incompetent “terrorists” who had foolishly tried to shoot down the Ukraine aeroplane from a window in the building by using a manpad-type air defense system.

      Harding was not there, of course, when this war crime happened: he was merely repeating the official Kiev explanation of the event.


  23. US Strategy in Syria: ‘Create Quagmires Until We Get What We Want’

    In 2013, top Obama Administration officials described their policy in the Syrian War as one of keeping the war going. The administration wanted a big seat at the table for a political settlement, which officials clarified meant ensuring that the war kept going so that there was never a clear victor

    Remember kids, it’s Trump that is evil, not Obama.

    Now if we are honest, this is a time worn strategy of Washington regardless of which vessel is currently president of the United States. Roll back to Bosnia where self-proclaimed leader of Bosnia Alija Izebegovic was close to signing the UN’s Cutilhiero’s peace plan. Whence flies in Warren Zimmerman who sidles up to Izzyb and sayz “You don’t have to sign it if you don’t want to. We’ve got your back.” Fast forward two and a half years, slightly over 100,000 dead and a Dayton Peace plan that is rather similar to the Cutilhiero one. Whether it is I-rack asking April Glaspie if it is ok to sort out the dispute with Kuwait, Izzyb and all the way forward to Saakashiti, being Washington’s lesser ally ends to be quite deadly. Apparently some lessons are never learned.


  24. Oh, now the United States is getting interested again in investing in foreign development projects! It seems some are finally waking up to the implications of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

    I understand some people will be moved by desperation or the sense that if they don’t jump at such an opportunity, it will never get built. But in my personal opinion, anyone who enters into a financial partnership with the United States needs their head examined. It’s especially true of the Trump administration, but an advancing currency crisis is going to ensure that the USA is going into every project with a view to how the maximum profit for Americans could be extracted, or (alternatively) how to purchase the loyalty of its new borrowers so that they can contribute to American global objectives at reduced risk to the USA, regardless what risk is incurred by the target country. In fact, that might be a very fitting description of the countries the USA sizes up as future business partners – targets.

    This country should serve as an instructive example; after decades of economic cooperation, after America’s buffoon president bragging to his fellow business bloodsuckers about lying to this country’s leader over an imagined trade deficit to the USA’s disfavour which does not exist, he carries right on as if this alleged deficit is real, and Canada is raping the United States and taking advantage of it. In the modern American corporate lexicon, a ‘trade relationship’ is a constellation of consumer satellites swinging from America’s teats, gobbling up American manufactured goods and agricultural products while pipelining money into the USA; countries which do not make or produce anything for themselves, but just buy, buy, buy American.

    I’ve certainly learned from the experience, and I hope a lot of my countrymen have as well. I go out of my way not to buy anything American-made or produced unless I can’t find it made or produced by anyone else. American producers are apparently convinced that this will blow over; that Canadians are a captive market and after the obligatory caesura of outraged dignity, we will all line up for door-crasher specials at Wal-Mart just like we did before, because in the end people can’t resist cheaper goods. We’ll see. I’m hoping they are going to get an unpleasant surprise. Canadian producers have a real opportunity here, and if they just don’t get greedy and can keep their prices reasonable, they have a real chance to grow their businesses at the expense of American exporters.

    Once again, none of this should suggest China represents a benevolent economic policy in which the interests of the Chinese people play no part, as the Chinese government enters into altruistic deals that result in it stupidly giving away free money. But it is at least possible that China wishes to build trading relationships with a little less immaturity than what characterizes the same relationships with America, where everything has to go America’s way or it’s no deal. No trading relationship can persist if there is not a mutual benefit, but it now seems as if ‘mutual benefit’ to American business means you get to pay top dollar for high-quality American goods, and…well, that’s pretty much it.


  25. The National Interest, of all things …

    Settle Crimea with a Referendum
    August 30, 2018
    Doug Bando

    Errrr … they’ve already had one, “Doug”.

    “Putin is no friend of liberty or America …”

    Why do you assert that “Doug”? Is your asertion some kind of “proof”?

    “A referendum could provide an answer for Crimea, however. Of course, Ukraine would object because it failed to give its consent for the territory’s separation. If that act was illegal, so would be a subsequent vote. But in practice that is irrelevant. Today Kiev has no chance of reclaiming Crimea. Perhaps Ukrainian politicians benefit from demanding the unattainable. However, if they really desire the territory’s return, they need Moscow’s cooperation.

    Moreover, despite their heartfelt appeals to international law, the allies never allow juridical niceties to interfere with their preferred policies. For instance, in rejecting Russia’s annexation, former intelligence officer Malcolm Nance declared that America has spent seventy-five years “keeping international law and the sanctity of international borders.” That is arrant nonsense. For instance, the allies launched an aggressive war against Serbia and detached Kosovo, setting a precedent for Russia in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. (Without the slightest hint of irony Western officials announced that they could do as they pleased, but that would not set a precedent for anyone else.)”

    I just can’t believe I read that in “The National Interest”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a pretty surprising (and shocking) piece for so many reasons by Bandow who should know better. If I am being generous, the underlying message could have been much more clearly stated that by holding an internationally monitored referendum (sic accepted by the West – coz that is what ‘international’ means) that would vote to be part of Russia, it allows the West to save face and move on. Not that it would actually happen as the West never gives up leverage unless it can be traded away for something useful elsewhere.

      As for Bandow, considering that he is regularly published by and is clearly has the right position vis Kosovo and knows the bs the West pulls to be ‘Always Right (TM)’ and it is exactly the same as is being applied to Russia, he chooses to peddle lots of tripe about Russia. Is this circular-censorship, i.e. contradicting your on knowledge and beliefs so that you can be published and maybe, just maybe have your work picked up in more serious media outlets?

      We have seen over and over again that no-one can write on Russia and not slip in casual criticizm or just argue a case on merit in just any part of the Western media. If you don’t, i.e. absence of evidence, you are accused of being ‘pro-Russia’ or ‘covering up its crimes’. It’s simply not considered an option not to criticize Russia regardless of the argument you want to make. It’s very, very McCarthyite. But that is the regime that we live in. There is no real need for politicians to get involved when the Pork Pie News Networks will go after you like a rottweiler and demand that you explain yourself – thus also conveniently shortening your screen time if you are on tv. It’s a tried and tested tactic. There’s something very rotten in Denmark…


    2. Doug Bandow writes for a lot of traditionally leftist publications, and he is frequently reasonable in that he disagrees strongly with the establishment. I suspect many western leftist-type writers have to include a dog-whistle nod to Vladimir Putin’s unspeakable evil such as “Putin is, of course, an autocratic dictator, but…”, or they will not get published.

      It regularly surprises me that nobody points out the obvious – NATO is significantly less interested in welcoming Ukraine without Crimea; that was to be the jewel in the crown. NATO wanted Sevastopol and a western toehold on the Black Sea. Without Crimea, Ukraine is just another big hungry corrupt failed state looking for western sugar-daddies to pump new blood into the cash pool.

      Quite a bit like the current western-media caterwauling over Russia intercepting and searching Ukrainian shipping in the Sea of Azov. You would think this is a sudden turn toward piracy by the Russian Federation, an unconscionable oppression against freedom of the seas. Except that western ‘journalist’ Tom Rogan openly called for Ukraine to sabotage the Crimea Bridge, and the usual nationalist nutters in Ukraine picked it up. Not offering a serious and purposeful security presence following a blatant public threat like that is an invitation to carry it out. But people don’t get that, because the west spins another narrative.

      Returning to the original subject, a new referendum in Crimea would be an admission there was something not kosher with the original one, and it would quickly be presented that way in the western press. I am completely confident the vote would still pass by an easy margin, although if the setting of the referendum were left up to the west, there would be a good deal of meddling and backroom deals with the Tatars and so forth to dilute the ‘yes’ vote. ,But it is demonstrably useless to enter into any sort of political bargain with the west, since it is never discouraged by losing and simply wants do-overs until it gets what it wants. When it wins, it seems to feel no obligation whatsoever to abide by the terms of the agreement in which it got what it wanted. Everything is then handed over to the press to spin a narrative of how great everything is now that the west is in charge, happy people, prosperity, democracydemocracyfreedomfreedomfreedom.


        1. I’m very impressed with his writing, and enjoy the gentle but deliberate way he has of making his points once he has thoroughly substantiated them with a reasonable argument. I disagree, though, I’m afraid, on the formulation of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine. This was written almost entirely by or under the direction of Samantha Power, and nobody could credibly frame her as an honest broker labouring under a misunderstanding of motives or options. R2P was written specifically to end-run around the requirement to have the approval of Congress before kicking off military action at the state level. It allows the President to order American forces into battle if the belief exists that a violation of human rights so tragic, severe and destructive is underway that waiting for Congressional approval is very likely to mean many senseless deaths – it is so imperative to act immediately that action cannot wait.

          Naturally, once battle is joined mission creep will do the rest, and soon the USA and the entire other country, perhaps its allies as well, will be embroiled in international conflict, provided the USA does not knock it out with one punch. That hardly ever happens. And once the battle begins to escalate and is unstoppable, the giants of the military-industrial complex are practically writing their own paycheques.

          It hardly needs saying that the President can claim to have been informed by unknowable intelligence that cannot be revealed to ordinary citizens, coupled with hysterical reports of genocide in the press. That’s assuming the war does not quickly and satisfyingly wrap up in America’s favour, as the public buys that the President acted quickly and positively to save lives being squandered by a brutal tyrant – in such cases, he need only grin modestly and convey a modest shucks-it-weren’t-nothin’ vibe. If it turns into a clusterfuck in a blender as it so often does, the President can claim to have been misinformed by unnamed intelligence operatives and a trigger-happy press. Win/win. The insistence by the USA that R2P remain an accessible tool to US presidents tells its own story regarding its usefulness.


  26. Shock-horror “news” from today’s Independent:

    What a novichok attack on Heathrow Airport would look like
    Exclusive: Experts say thousands could come into contact with deadly nerve agent if it was used at airport or in terror attack. ‘The effect would be massive’

    Intresting comments, such as:

    That is it. I am never reading this filthy rag again. Warmongering scum

    countered by:

    Putin’s Russia is a threat to the civilized world. A mafia state run by thugs..


      1. If the Novichok is colourless and oily, and can only poison people through skin contact, how can The Independent presume to know what an attack on an airport where hundreds if not the low thousands pass through each day would “look” like?

        Spraying the stuff as an aerosol would be next to useless unless the airport was completely sealed off from the outside world and no fresh air could enter the buildings. The culprit/s could risk poisoning as well unless wearing gas mask/s and that could look very conspicuous on CCTV cameras.


        1. They’re just keeping the story fresh, making sure people don’t forget the evil Russians and their dastardly poisons. They could as easily do a story on what kind of damage an out-of-control Portsmouth axe-murderer could wreak in Heathrow, for all the verifiable facts that are in it. But that’s not a threat people consider much when planning a trip which originates or connects at Heathrow. It would serve the mendacious fuckers right if significant numbers of passengers demanded to be allowed to fly and transit in full-body chemical-warfare suits complete with full helmets, plus onboard storage for extra filtration canisters, and meals that can be taken through a straw. It would throw the airlines and terminal security into chaos. Of course I’m not removing my belt, you fucking yob; I’m not taking off this suit until I’m safe at home – Novichok, you know.


          1. Ah, of course! … should have seen this before … The Independent publishes a story to gauge the likely public reaction to a shock-and-awe scenario that in the long run might justify building up huge security measures (to be supplied by private companies) at international airports in the UK: full body scanners, facial recognition devices, finger-printing, pre-screening of passengers, secondary screening of passengers, people having to register full details of travel plans or be interviewed before being allowed to board, racial profiling of passengers … the list could go on.

            If people yawn at the story or don’t notice, the indifference may be taken to mean that the public will not care if Heathrow decides to install invasive security technologies and procedures.


            1. Win/win for the corporate-media partnership! I certainly did not see that angle, but it makes perfect sense. Perhaps the Skripals can get taken on as consultants, considering they have firsthand experience of the world’s deadliest nerve agent – perhaps they are now immune, and could act as highly-paid ‘sniffers’.


      2. What’s next – what a western nuclear attack on Khabarovsk would look like? The latter is every bit as likely as the former, perhaps considerably more.

        War talk like this 20 years ago would have been viewed with alarm. But now it just seems to be an accepted and valid conversation. Everyone talks about how we never want to actually do it – gosh sakes, no! But nonetheless it is a daily feature of the opinion columns, and I can only believe that is so the notion will become gradually more acceptable. I can tell you, better tie shit down if it happens, because it isn’t going to go anything like the way Tom Rogan promises.


      3. Eh: …Bruhn NewTech, a technology company that develops software aimed at increasing protection against airborne threats or attacks, looked at what would happen if ..

        It’s a naked advertorial and should be marked as such.

        On it’s ‘About Bruhn Newtech‘ page it advertises CBRN Defence. It’s headquartered in Denmark and obviously has offices in the UK (Salisbury) & the USA. There’s nothing about ownership nor funding on their website and according to Bloomturd it is a private company: A bit of a further look and you can find one of their PDF newsletters the Board of Directors who are all Danish.

        This is clearly a planted story and makes me think of media friendly establishment figure, former British Army General Hamish de Bretton-Gordon in his CBRN hat, not his White Helmets or other media friendly hats where he is trotted out as a somehow expert yet impartizan source. I bet he knows Bruhn Newtech’s UK Director of Equipment and Services, Colonel Ian Harris. It’s a small world.


        1. Admittedly, I did not read the subject article, figuring the description of it was probably sufficient and accurate. Had I done so, I might have picked up on the commercial hornblowing, but it was a very good catch nonetheless and it seems more and more likely it is simply a sales pitch which the friendly media has facilitated. Well done to all.


    1. Mmmmm….yes. The effect would be massive. Maybe one in ten people affected would actually die, the rest would lose weight, look better and not be able to remember a thing about the incident. Going by the track record so far, that is. What would occur in the way of property damage is what would really be massive, as everything they touched, accidentally or on purpose, would have to be immediately destroyed.


      1. The government would have to buy back Heathrow Airport from its currrent owners at taxpayer expense and then burn down the entire complex including all runways and internal traffic areas.


  27. Melting Arctic Creates New Opportunities For LNG

    …According to Balmasov, while the number of voyages via the Northern Sea Route so far this year has been roughly the same as last year, the main difference compared to 2017 is LNG traffic out of the port of Sabetta, the port that Russia’s gas producer Novatek uses to ship the Yamal LNG cargoes to Europe and to Asia.

    Arctic Logistics data compiled by Bloomberg shows that by early July, a total of 34 tankers made the voyage from Sabetta to Europe, and one to the east. Since early July, another two LNG tankers have shipped the fuel to Asia…

    …In mid-July, Novatek said that it had shipped its first LNG cargoes from Yamal LNG to China via the Northern Sea Route, with the voyage from Sabetta completed in 19 days, compared to 35 days for the traditional eastern route via the Suez Canal and the Strait of Malacca…

    Tut tut! Cannot have LNG going via Russia’s northern passage (fnar! fnar!).

    Vis ship pollution, why simply hold LNG carriers up to much higher environmental standards? After all most of them are much newer and are specialist vessels. Or are they already? Indeed they are, the use of duel-fuel engines that can make use of boil-off:

    …As of 2005, a total of 203 vessels had been built, of which 193 were still in service. At the end of 2016, the global LNG shipping fleet consisted of 439 vessels.[3] In 2017, an estimated 170 vessels are in use at any one time…
    …According to WGI, on a typical voyage an estimated 0.1–0.25% of the cargo converts to gas each day, depending on the efficiency of the insulation and the roughness of the voyage.[16] In a typical 20-day voyage, anywhere from 2–6% of the total volume of LNG originally loaded may be lost.[16]

    Normally an LNG tanker is powered by steam turbines with boilers. These boilers are dual fuel and can run on either methane or oil or a combination of both. ..


    1. I love how an eventuality we were all raised to dread – the melting of the polar ice caps – is now spun as a net positive. Make hay while the sun shines! When life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Pick your metaphor. We are destroying the planet we live on, inch by irrecoverable inch, but the merchants of Stay-Positive maintain it is AWESOME.

      I don’t know if you heard – probably not, since it was never much of an international story – but the Canadian Federal Court of Appeals, in a surprise decision, overturned the government’s commitment to the Trans-Mountain pipeline.

      Alberta’s Rachel Notley reportedly bent spoons with her teeth, since she had just jubilantly reported that the court challenge by the city of Burnaby (British Columbia) was defeated. “To date, Alberta has won every case brought against Trans Mountain. Your Alberta government will not back down until this pipeline is built and the national interest is secured”, she crowed on Twitter; the modern equivalent of a legislature, I guess, since all politicians who are anybody turn first to Twitter to get their message out.

      That one, of course, was “a victory for all Canadians”. Except for British Columbia’s crybabies, of course, who did not want to play host to Alberta’s tanker armada, considering Alberta has no seacoast. So you would think she would quietly accept this later decision by the legal system she purports to revere. Not a bit of it. She immediately withdrew Alberta from the national climate-change plan, and restarted her rhetoric about cutting off BC’s gas supply.

      Get it? When the court rules in Alberta’s favour, it is just – the solemn power of the law makes you want to weep with awe. When it rules against Alberta, it is a clown show of unevolved primates. That’s modern politics.

      All this theatre when the completion of the pipeline is inevitable – the very day, almost to the hour that the Court of Appeals rendered its decision, the shareholders of Kinder-Morgan Canada voted 99% in favour of selling the pipeline to the government of Canada. So now the government owns it, and although it may be delayed a couple of years, it’s down but not out. Now the government has to re-do its consultations with all the native bands, this time selling the impression that it is actually listening and the consultative process is real, and it has to conduct a review of the environmental impact of increased tanker traffic (which it formerly declaimed as outside its purview). I’d say if there is agreement on changing some routes and perhaps permissible speed until well offshore, it will almost certainly pass next time.


  28. From Russia Insider, here’s that story about Russian investments in the Ukraine again:

    Ukraine’s Biggest Foreign Investor Is…Russia
    Kiev’s own statistics show Russia accounted for about 40-50 percent of its foreign investments in 2018 (investments by “Cyprus” are largely by Russian oligarchs)

    And the article makes no suggestion that the monies involved include masive amounts sent by Ukrainian citizens who have fled free, independent Ukraine in order to eke out a living in Mordor:

    Russian businesses invested $436 million in Ukraine during the first half of 2018, Ukraine’s State Statistics Service showed. That accounts for 34.6 percent of the total $1.3 billion of foreign direct investments.

    Cyprus was the second-largest investor at $219 million, followed by the Netherlands ($208 million), Austria ($59 million), Poland ($54 million), France ($47 million) and Great Britain ($43.4 million).

    The biggest investments were made in banking and insurance ($750 million or 60 percent), wholesale and retail trade (10 percent), manufacturing (8.2 percent) and IT (8 percent).

    My stress.

    And the following rings true for me, in that it fits in with what I believe is typical of the Banderaretard mind-set:

    “Ukraine is actually on the verge of bankruptcy, so it takes money without being embarrassed, wherever it is possible,” journalist and political analyst Yuri Svetov told Sputnik.

    He said that judging by the statements of Ukrainian politicians, Kiev takes this money “as some kind of Moscow’s ‘duty’ to Ukraine, which Russia is obliged to pay off following ‘centuries of oppression’.”

    I should add that I am becoming ever more loath to visit RI because of the incessant Jew-baiting that appears there. No comments yet to the above-linked article, which only appeared 29 minutes ago, but I daresay the rabid it’s-the-Jews-wot-done-it brigade will soon stick their oar in.


    1. And mention of Ukrainian citizens who have chosen to leave the free, independent Ukraine that has only in recent years managed to cast off its Russian yoke of bondage, this has appeared today in the Yukie media:

      The Ukraine Foreign Ministry has spoken of the catastrophic population outflow
      04.09.2018, 08:34 News

      About one million Ukrainians annually leaving the country
      This has been announced by the Ukraine Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin live on air on

      “We have a really catastrophic situation: about one million Ukrainians are leaving every year. This trend will remain in the near future. In Poland alone, there are some 1.4 million Ukrainians”, Klimkin said.

      Klimkin does not mention, of course, that the majority of Ukraine emigrés heads for the “aggressor state”.

      Oh yes, and the above-linked Ukrainian media article is in Russian, that foul tongue of the Moskali.


      1. Didn’t one of you post recently that Poles in the Ukraine don’t want to go home (or did I see it in the headlines somewhere)? Hardly a surprise.


      2. I can’t understand why so many are leaving a country which is plainly undergoing such transformative reforms. I mean, that’s all you ever hear, certainly from such Ukrainian mouthpieces of Slava Ukrainy as Petro Poroshenko – whose interest is obvious – but also from international agencies loathe to admit the Ukrainian-prosperity-new-democracy-independent-of-Russia project has been a complete and embarrassing flop. Of course when you have set yourself the goal of doing something very difficult and somewhat in contravention of international law, from the viewpoint of an entity which considers itself exceptional and therefore immune to failure, you tend to see progress where there is none, or if you recognize that there is none, you pretend there is for the sake of your fellow exceptionals.

        The Ukraine mess is not over, not even close. It will stagger on yet awhile on foreign aid, and the longer it does, the better it is for Russia. There is no need for the Russian Federation to bleed itself dry trying to prop up a failed state which is cosmetically not allowed to fail, and if somehow the meddlers manage to make a moderate success of it – doubtful – the country which forms the bulk of its investors will make money.


      3. Funny how some relative trickle of emmigrants from Russia are invoked as proof of the badness of life there, but this catastrophic outflow from Banderite controlled Ukraine is not even mentioned. Tiresome, transparent bias from the self-anointed masters of the universe.


    2. Ukraine’s official position of cutting all ties to Russia, including all incoming Russian money, would be the end of the road for it; the economy would not be able to soldier on past a month after without massive injections of cash from the west. That’s why I would love to see them do it. You just cannot expect a government composed entirely of ideologues – who are at the same time comfortably insulated from the cost of living, so that they can easily afford their stupid prancing and shouting – to make decisions truly in the public interest. The Rada is all for making big sacrifices and hard choices, but none of its members will be cold or hungry as a result. It is kind of funny that the situation which most merits a massive public revolt will not get one, because all revolts are managed and curated these days. The western media can switch in mid-stride from burbling about nascent democracy and the first fragile green shoots of freedom to ‘the President has a right to protect his country’ without any apparent embarrassment, and the target population docilely switches talking points.

      The money which is in the form of remittances from workers in Russia does not go directly to the government, ad so forms no part of its statistics. Such remittances could probably be tracked, probably are in some form since they must be bank transfers, but it would be a mammoth job because it goes from workers in Russia directly to their family members still in Ukraine, whereupon it is spent on food and rent and taxes and the myriad necessities of living. While it is not reflected in government stats, most of it ends up in the hands of the government eventually in some form or other, since it artificially inflates the domestic incomes of Ukrainians in Ukraine.

      Ethnic hatred is repulsive regardless the form it takes. I still believe Mr. Bausman was right to publish the “Time to Drop the Jew Taboo” article he did, because special-interest groups demonstrably do play the anti-semitism card regularly in order to insulate their doctrinaire propaganda from criticism. You must keep quiet and not interrupt the messaging with protest, and if you do it is because you hate Jews and want to prevent them from taking no more than what is their rightful place in society. It should not be surprising that many of those who use this method are Jewish advocacy groups such as AIPAC, for whom no amount of power and control over global affairs is ever enough, for the greater glory and advancement of world Jewry. Trading on world sympathy for one’s ethnicity because of past hardship and intolerance is every bit as repulsive as the ethnic hatred which is its opposite.

      Anti-semitism based on personal and group revulsion against Jews certainly does exist. Using anti-semitism as a shield for subtly advancing rights and privileges for the Jewish people at the expense of others also certainly does exist. They are two faces of the same horrid coin. Unfortunately it is beyond the resources of a blog to police the issue, and for most people the alternative is to remain silent regardless what you think, for fear of causing offense.


      1. A reasonably straightforward approach is to apply the “nemo iudex in causa sua” principle or presumption and discount special pleading made by interested parties.


    1. It’s only at the end of their reports that they mention ‘Al-Queda linked groups’ etc. It’s almost as if they didn’t exist. To be honest, the obvious answer would be for the West to wholly offer asylum to everyone in Idlib province. After all, if they are all ‘rebels fighting for a democratic Syria‘, then what’s the problem? Boom. Boom.


  29. “Brazil’s National Museum in Rio de Janeiro was gutted Sunday night by a massive fire that consumed not only the historic 19th century palace that housed the institution, but a vast and irreplaceable collection of what was by far the largest natural history and anthropology museum in Latin America. The majority of the 20 million items it contained were destroyed.”

    “Destroyed by the fire was the oldest ancient Egyptian collection anywhere in the Americas, along with Greek artifacts and Roman frescoes that had survived the volcanic destruction of Pompeii.

    The blaze also consumed what were the oldest human remains discovered in Latin America, those of “Luzia”, known as “the first Brazilian,” estimated at between 12,500 and 13,000 years old. Likewise destroyed was the 44-foot reconstructed skeleton of a Maxakalisaurus, a plant-eating dinosaur that lived in what is now Brazil 80 million years ago.

    The museum also housed a priceless collection of some 100,000 pre-Columbian artifacts from Brazil and elsewhere in the Americas, including Andean mummies, textiles and ceramics.

    Also contained in the museum were historic documents chronicling two centuries of Brazilian history. Burned remnants of these priceless papers were found as far as 3 kilometers from the museum after the fire.

    The building that housed the museum, the São Cristóvão palace, is one of the most historic structures in Brazil. It became the residence of the royal family of Portugal, which had fled the invasion of Napoleon’s armies for Brazil. It was in the palace that Brazilian independence was declared in 1822, and in which the first Constituent Assembly of the Brazilian Republic convened in 1890, marking the end of the rule of the Portuguese emperor.

    Under the management of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro since 1946, the museum was also a research facility in which Brazilian anthropologists conducted studies that derived from human remains evidence of migration from Polynesia to what is now Brazil. The museum also contained vast collections of flora and fauna specimens, including from extinct species.”

    JHC…..What a fucking disaster for all of humanity…


    1. Yes, indeed. I wonder if we shall be told the cause. But all too often, such repositories of priceless historical artifacts are poorly protected against fires and floods, and often their security is lax as well, so that when there is another western-inspired regime-change revolution, motivated thieves are able to quickly and easily loot the museum to sell items to private collectors.


  30. “Former senator Joseph Lieberman also gave a eulogy, perhaps the most vacuous of the lot, making the claim, “The name John McCain was a source of hope and inspiration for oppressed people around the world.”

    “There was a “who’s who” of war criminals with a bloody record stretching back more than half a century. It would be difficult to accurately calculate how many millions of people have died because of the wars, interventions, civil wars and military coups instigated or ordered by the people sitting in that cathedral. Just listing the countries tormented or laid waste at their direction suggests the scale of their crimes: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Haiti, Grenada, Serbia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Niger, Somalia …

    Seated in the audience were such repugnant figures as former vice president Richard Cheney, defense secretary during the first war in Iraq, political architect of the second war in Iraq and advocate of torture; former president Bill Clinton, commander-in-chief during US military operations in Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq and Kosovo; Hillary Clinton, advocate of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, only deprived of the opportunity to carry out the last-mentioned by the debacle of her 2016 presidential campaign. Joining them were those auditioning for leadership roles in future war crimes: potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates like Senator Elizabeth Warren and former vice president Joe Biden.”

    ….YUP!!!!……delusion springs eternal…


    1. Lieberman is a dreadful creature, so in thrall to Israel that it is amazing he has not simply moved there, but apparently contenting himself with round-the-clock advocacy for the United States assuming complete responsibility for Israel’s security and affluence, as if it were an adored baby brother.

      It’s good to see some dissenting opinion, although hardly surprising from that source. However, I am somewhat heartened by the genuine skepticism with which the attempted canonization of John McCain is being greeted.

      I propose the following epitaph: “I always said he was a cut above all the rest. But then I realized I had left out a letter.”


  31. “Russia has amassed large naval and air forces in the Mediterranean opposite the Syrian coast under the command of the Russian Navy commander Admiral Vladimir Korolov. 25 warships and 30 aircraft are involved in these extensive manoeuvres: Tu-160 bombers, Tu-142s, II38 anti-submarine, Su-33s and Su-30SMs, and other aircraft. The drill is announced to end one day after the Tehran Summit between presidents Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani, to decide the fate and outcome of the battle of Idlib. This may indicate that Russia is about to provide huge firepower for the Syrian Army offensive in the north of Syria against jihadists, thus creating a shield for the dissuasion of a possible US tactical attack against Damascus.”


  32. Well, Yurrup is obviously not too upset about Zakharchenko’s ‘death’ (mustn’t say ‘murdered’), and is only concerned about how it might affect the ‘peace process’. In this it is overtly trying to smooth things over so that Ukraine will not pay any penalty for its assassinations.

    First, Lavrov should hold firm and simply ignore their requests for meetings or anything which attempts to steer things back to business as usual. He’s too much of a diplomat to just say “Mind your own fucking business, and this isn’t it”.

    Second, irrespective of the USA’s likely desire that exactly that happens, that Zakharchenko’s assassination derails the peace process and hostility between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate, all should bear in mind that the ease with which Ukrainian hit squads pass from west to east can be duplicated the other way. Ukraine’s most senior political figures are also soft targets for assassination.

    I wonder how many appreciated the irony of the French Foreign Ministry’s statement: “It is precisely when tensions arise that negotiations must be made in good faith.” Is that what happened during the onset of the Glorious Maidan of Ukrainian Independence, when Russia was ordered in no uncertain terms by Yurrup to butt out and stay away whilst western magic was being wrought? Good-faith negotiations? Bitez-moi.


  33. It’s interesting listening to the reporting of Bob Woodward’s new book on Trump. ‘Explosive’ etc. etc. Maybe so in ordinary times, but we clearly live in extraordinary times. We are long since bombarded with vapid social media bs (feel first, think later) that has numbed most of our senses and particularly those that are supposed to be shocked or outraged. The media echo chamber is so much bigger and more invasive, but it is still an echo chamber. They and their chosen gobshites can squeal as much as their like, but they’ve created their own reality and believe that it is the only one that counts (Cheney lives!). Anyway, Trump ain’t Nixon. I’m not making excuses but this is an altogether different century for starters…


  34. A lion jumped into an open vehicle full of tourists in an attempt to get better acquainted with the guests at Safari Park Taigan, in Crimea’s Belogorsk on Sunday.

    via Unz Review.

    I’m thinking of swapping my girlfriends cat for the lion. My guess is that it is a fairly young lion who gets on very well with his handlers, and fortunately, tourists too. Probably Putin’s friend.


    1. I found this story very weird; it seems a staged incident to me. None of the folk inside the buggy seem in the least bit alarmed when the lion climbs aboard – maybe it’s me but I’d be far less sanguine. The lion would only need to draw blood – their tongues can shred meat so being licked by one is a tad hazardous – and instinct would probably kick in. Bad news for some unlucky tourist. And what is an open-sided vehicle doing driving through an area where at least one lion is roaming free?


      1. I’m with you. They might have been lucky that time, but all cats are natural predators and merely adjust their diet to the biggest thing they can kill. House cats can’t kill you, but they would if they could. An open vehicle among big cats is just asking for trouble. The big guy may have been in a good mood that time, but mistaking it for heartfelt affection which overrides hunger would be a huge mistake.


          1. I agree. Very weird indeed but further research shows up things like this:

            RT: Respect the slipper: Crimean safari park director uses footwear to keep lions in line (VIDEO)

            The director of a Crimean safari park has developed a powerful weapon for maintaining order among the park’s pride of lions – his slipper. A viral video shows Oleg Zubkov using his footwear to break up a (big) cat fight.

            Zubkov, who runs the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea, has apparently perfected the art of slipper-throwing. In a video, uploaded to YouTube on June 2, Zubkov is seen intervening in a dispute between two lionesses and using his slipper to restore peace to the park.

            Providing play-by-play commentary as he disciplines the misbehaving felines, Zubkov speaks of his “miraculous slipper in action” after pelting an unruly lioness.

            He later warns a nearby lion to “behave” himself – or risk a similar slipper treatment. Judging by his previous videos, Zubkov has been a longtime practitioner of this unorthodox method of lion-taming.

            The Crimean safari park gained notoriety after four rare white lion cubs were born there on World Lion Day last summer.

            Close ups – apparently touching and hugging the beasties is allowed:




            1. It seems to be all about confidence, and never letting them see you sweat. But I am not a fan of zoos or even animal parks where the surroundings mimic the wild to a degree. All such venues make visitors being able to see the animals close up a priority, obviously, and that goes against the nature of even the large predators; they want to hide and not be seen while they go about their business, and I think it alters an animal irrevocably to make it an object of staring and pointing. Large reserves where people are not allowed to go would be my preference, except perhaps a few rangers who monitor for imbalances such as too many predators for the available food supply. I’d still know what a lion was if I never saw one close-up, which I only ever have once.


            2. Zubkov’s slipper is only “miraculous” as long as he keeps wearing it and the animals associate the smell on it with “pack animal leader” or its equivalent. Were he to introduce tigers into the park, his method (not far off from the stereotypical circus lion tamer’s method of cracking the whip) might not work as tigers tend to be more typically cat-like in their behaviour: that is, they are solitary hunters.

              The lions are probably also being bred to be showpieces and being domesticated to a degree. This is reflected in the birth of white cubs. (Inbreeding could also be possible if the lion population is small and the park is not acquiring new lions.) Some of us may have heard of the experiment, still ongoing in Novosibirsk, of deliberately selecting and breeding domesticated foxes. One result was that the foxes began to appear in a range of colours including white.


          1. It most certainly is, absent an actual interview with a cat in which he confesses to murderous thoughts. Cats only consent to a pseudo-symbiotic mutualism relationship with humans because the latter are too big to kill. A housecat is just a little lion or tiger, with its prey commensurately reduced in scale. As the producer of food which the cat is not permitted to hunt itself, the human is entitled to wary companionship so long as no impermissible liberties are taken.


  35. Not satisfied with merely reporting that separatists in Donbass blame Ukraine for Zakharchenko’s assassination, Newsweek – now there’s real journalism for you! – announces that Russian FSB agents working in Ukraine blame Ukraine for Zakharchenko’s assassination. Ad yes, there’s the obligatory slug of talking points to make sure nobody strays off-message:

    The conflict in Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region has raged for four years, since the mass protests in the country toppled a pro-Russian government that abandoned a historic deal with Europe, due to Kremlin pressure. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied sending troops to shore up the insurgency across its border with Ukraine, despite a long stream of evidence and admissions at a lower level that Russia is crucial to the militants’ efforts.

    Yanukovych was unseated by mass popular protests, the whole of fucking Ukraine rose up and smote his ass, because he abandoned an historic deal with Europe that everyone else in Ukraine wanted, because Putin bullied him into saying ‘No’. The Kremlin formally denies that regular forces from Russia are balking Kiev’s victory in the east, but privately admits this is so. Got it?


  36. From Natural Gas World, more of that writing on the wall:

    Gazprom exports to EU increased by 14% in August compared with July and by 2.7% compared with August last year as EU storage needs to be replenished…After the scheduled maintenance on Nord Stream 1 between 17 and 30 July, direct flows[1] to the EU increased by 68% in August compared with July as Gazprom rightly prefers for economic reasons to use Nord Stream 1 as it pays the Ukrainian transit fees on a volumetric basis. Hence flows through Ukraine fell by 13.5% compared with July…Those Gazprom half-year sales growth are higher than the anticipated demand growth: for the 20 EU countries having reported until June, Jodi data base has no demand growth; only Turkey witnessed a growth in demand. We can therefore estimate that in the EU-27 (ie post-Brexit), Gazprom’s market share is moving up from its 34% recorded in 2017.


  37. From the BBC, friend of the “rebels”:

    Syria war: ‘Russian’ planes bomb targets in Idlib province

    Despite the fact that the headline suggests uncertainty about whose air force the warplanes belonged to, deeper in the article we have:

    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, reported that Russian jets had carried out about 30 strikes on about 16 rebel-held areas in western Idlib, the mountains of Latakia province, and the Sahl al-Ghab plain.

    And over at the White Helmets site, everything is running as per usual:

    Do they only rescue children who have apparently fallen into a silo of cement?

    Get ready for a gas attack!


    1. As is the very credo of the White Helmets, it’s all about the kids. Intermingled with the shots of powdered children limp in the arms of big strong men are happier PR photos of the White Helmets mingling at rural school graduations and staging fun safety demonstrations for smiling children. But the comments often reflect disbelief, although there are several individuals whose responsibility seems to be to police the thread and get the conversation back on message.


    1. I would not be at all surprised to learn that is true. The part I have a hard time believing is that mysterious FSB assassins did it in order to ‘get Sergey’. Look for more such poisonings in the future, I guess, once MI-whatever holds a focus group to brainstorm their previous stupid errors so they are not repeated.


    2. For some reason I can’t open the link to the article about the OPCW’s announcement. But I have seen a post at Rob Slane’s The Blogmire which states that the OPCW omit to say exactly what the toxic substance is that poisoned both the Skripals and the Rowley / Sturgess couple.

      In particular the OPCW are unable to say if the substance that poisoned Rowley and Sturgess comes from the same batch from which the substance that poisoned the Skripals and DS Nick Bailey was derived (because the latter substance was exposed to the weather and other possible sources of moisture).

      Click to access s-1671-2018_e_.pdf

      This is also the first mention I have seen of a post-mortem autopsy done on Dawn Sturgess.

      Rob Slane goes on to compare OPCW’s September report with their April report and finds that the reports about the substance that poisoned the Skripals contradict each other. In the September report, the substance now has an impurity profile (which differs from the impurity profile of the Amesbury samples) whereas in the April report the substance appeared to have no impurities whatsoever. But neither report says anything about the % level of purity in the Salisbury samples so in a sense they could still be consistent if the impurity profile is very small.

      Click to access s-1612-2018_e_.pdf


  38. Ukraine Mass Media: Russia forcibly sends people on vacation to Crimea sanatoriums.

    Ah, if only I were at work now! What a pity that I have been “forcibly” sent here.


    1. Curiously enough, we have seen no further gloating Ukie-media stories about the collapse of the tourist trade in Crimea since the bridge opened. Maybe that one is getting hard to sell.


    1. Written with clarity and convincing logic – a great article indeed. My inner child does occasionally wish Russia would sling crap back at the West but fortunately, I am not in charge of such matters:)


    2. I was intrigued when reading Roberts’ recent article criticizing Russia’s turning the other cheek, harping on about Russia losing its “honour”, and that by such shameful behaviour Putin was in danger of losing his popular support.

      Dying for the sake of one’s “honour”?

      Risking the annihilation of not only one’s homeland and own folk, but the whole globe, for the sake of national “honour”?

      What a quaint concept!

      In 1812, Barclay and Kutuzov were lambasted by the “elite” of the military and the thinking public” because of their policy of strategic withdrawal from the Corsican’s massive invading army, rather than doing what the so-called Emperor of France wanted, namely engaging at once in a toe-to-toe Schlagfest on Russia’s frontiers. Their critics howled and wailed that the Russian army should defend Mother Russia by attacking the invader.

      The 1812 critics of the policy of tactical withdrawal were wrong.

      That old Cunctator Fabius was right an’ all!


      1. No-one is perfect! Not even Roberts. We take what we can get, us orderlies.

        I liked the article too as it posits a clear and memorable response to the braying of ‘We must strike back’ donkeys. It’s definitely more memorable than me going on about the five degrees of grief that the West is going though.


        1. But it is important to remember that as well – the west is losing. It seems not to realize it, except for a few analysts, as it weakens itself, sacrifices its moral rectitude and dismantles its international institutions for insufficient bias. What is happening now is many advances more aggressive and dangerous than a Cold War, but the west is hampered by its insistence upon being the seemingly-reluctant respondent to an enemy who has gone too far. For that to work, Russia has to be decisively seen to have gone too far. And so far efforts to fabricate such a causative incident have failed. The west shouted that Russia had violated international law by ‘annexing’ Crimea, but it could not substantiate its case with anything more concrete than the Budapest Memorandum, which relied on all conditions remaining much the same as when it was signed. There was nothing in there about a violent overthrow of the government through western-backed agitation. The west wailed that Russia had shot down MH17, but the motive for it doing so was so crazy and the efforts to point everyone in that direction so obvious and clumsy that the best it could get out of it was sanctions, whose appeal has long since worn off everywhere but in the halls of American neoconservative power. Subsequent chemical-warfare and poisoning-assassination plots have likewise lacked that decisive certainty that Russia was responsible, while western governments have looked always like having too much to gain for the scenario to be convincing, and the more often it is tried, the more skeptical the public becomes. This would be precisely the wrong time for Russia to make a military lunge at the west, which would be documented and photographed six ways from Sunday to make sure John Q. Public got the message – we can no longer hold back.

          Unfortunately, the west is obsessive on the subject, and none of the foregoing seems to argue against further trying. Can-do, you know.


      2. Attributed to a conversation between an Austro-hungarian officer and a Serb POW:

        AHO: Why do you fight?
        Serb: We fight for bread. Why do you fight?
        AHO: We fight for honor!
        Serb: We have something in common.
        AHO: Absurd. We have nothing in common!
        Serb: We both fight for something we do not have.

        Honor, like patriotism, is often the last refuge for scoundrels.

        Agreed that Paul Craig Roberts makes a lot of good points with passion but he is simply wrong on this matter.


    3. That is a very good piece. Many of us here have suggested from time to time that Washington is deliberately trying to provoke a military response from Russia which can be verified beyond all doubt, and to thereby obtain American public support for what would turn out to be a massive war. It’s just as if America is thrusting its face close to Russia all the time, sticking out its chin and growling, “Swing for it, chum – you know you want to”. And some, such as the fellow in the piece who proposed Russia sink an American aircraft carrier just to prove it could do it, so back off, buster, would take the bait, play right into the MIC’s hands, pick your metaphor.

      Trump is guided by an act of faith that the USA can’t lose; it informs all his current trade actions – you say up front what you want, and first they will scream, because of course it isn’t fair. You’re demanding to supply all of your own domestic demand yourself, plus have generous access to their markets so your merchants can make more money. But eventually they will concede, because they have to. And that’s when you hold up your hand and say, “Not enough. Offer me more, or I’ll go away”. Hardball all the way, baby, until they’re shaking and weeping and disconsolate while you walk away with all their marbles. It is inconceivable to him that America could lose in war – doesn’t it have the world’s mightiest and best-equipped military in the world by several degrees of superiority? In this he might even be more dangerous than Clinton would have been. I hate to say it, but perhaps it would have been better if she won. She’s a nutcase warmonger herself, but generally she respected the bounds of politics, and perhaps the obstruction of the Republicans and many Democrats who loathe her would have held her back; it’s difficult to say. But Trump respects no codes at all; he ‘goes with his gut’, like Dubya did, but his metaphors are all business and he approaches every conflict like crushing a business opponent, in which your objective is not just to beat them, but to remove them from market competition altogether. There’s no room for cooperation with Trump, or with today’s America. You either do it all their way, or you’re the enemy.

      In such an environment, as soon as Russia opens a military confrontation, the USA is going to throw everything it has into a massive display of firepower calculated to roll over Russia and completely destroy it. It’s just looking for that excuse that will let it say sanctimoniously, “I had to do it”. America does not appear to notice the damage it is doing to itself, economically and politically with its relationship with its allies, while it is aggressively shoving its chin out and trying to get that swing for it. As one commenter pointed out at the referenced article, Napoleon did not notice he was losing until he had lost. It’s hard to say if America has already gone past the point where some new clear thinking could arrest the damage, never mind reverse it. But it’s close.


      1. Clinton wouldn’t have followed Trump’s policy of furiously spitting upon America’s allies and sowing strife among its clients. It is Trump who got the Saudis and Qataris at each others throats, Trump who forced Turkey into near-alliance with Russia and Trump who rewarded Canada’s loyalty with utter humiliation. The pattern is so persistent it is impossible to believe he’s not doing it deliberately (treated unwanted allies like bothersome tenants he can’t evict), and none it would have happened under Clinton.


        1. Yes, Clinton’s trade policies would likely have been much less informed by fantasies on her part of being the globe’s most astute businessman, unbeatable in negotiation. I think she would have been just as motivated toward war with Russia if not more so, but I am wondering now if the unwritten rules of the political class would have been enough to keep her in check. They’re obviously not having any effect on The Donald, as he recognizes no rules save those he makes up for himself.

          On another level, though, I’m glad he’s such a boorish oaf and doing such a stellar job of shedding allies and friends. It means America is daily less able to work its will through cooperative groups, and more and more is singing loudly by itself from a song sheet with nobody else following along.


      2. Agree and disagree. But, all in all, Trump is doing in a few years what otherwise may have taken many painful decades – disassembly of the Western Empire without the need for a global war. Is he doing this deliberately to usher in a new, humane world or as a byproduct of his megalomania? Does it matter if the foregoing is achieved?

        True, Trump must assumes Russia will continue to display forbearance but that is a fairly safe bet. I call it as 90:10 that Trump is living in fantasy. It’s that 10% possibility that he seeks to overturn the world order for the greater good that makes his actions so fascinating.


        1. I can’t understand it myself. I tend to look at it from a mostly Canadian perspective, and through that lens his behaviour makes no sense from a corporate standpoint. The American market is roaring at full throttle, riding a high of rarely-seen confidence which is likely based on Trump’s take-no-prisoners approach to trade – they apparently are willing to believe Trump can insult and belittle everyone and simply make up statistics which have no basis in fact, and the result will be even more business for America. If it were that easy, I’m pretty sure someone would have thought of it before The Donald, who is not the most farseeing or imaginative leader no matter what he thinks of himself.

          So let’s assume the corporate community refuses to get on board with impeachment because it likes what it’s seeing. Americans are on a buy-American high, and it’s driving the domestic market to record levels. Let’s also assume some international investors like what they’re seeing, and are shoveling money into American stocks, riding the volatility wave.

          But corporate growth, if you’re an international, depends on growing your market share – opening more outlets around the world, displacing more competition, moving more product. American brands, generally speaking, are more and more disliked – it simply cannot be that people everywhere love being bullied so much that they happily shop American because they admire and appreciate Trump’s tough-guy image, even though they know his aim is to put more of their people out of work as American products dominate the landscape: control over where they spend their money is perhaps the last vestige of free will some of them have left. As an example, Trump complains that Europeans don’t buy enough American cars, and that’s why he plans to slap increasing tariffs on imported cars in the USA, to punish Europe and reward American automakers. But be reasonable – if you lived in the union that makes BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and Lotus, would you buy a Ford? Trump wants to shove American cars down Europe’s throat and displace European cars for all but the select gentry and wealthy. Are his tactics likely to send European consumers fleeing to the nearest Chevrolet dealership? I would say not. If you’re an American dealer abroad, or even a local operating an American franchise, how do you grow national market share when people are repulsed by American trade tactics and see them – rightfully enough, I’d suggest – as a gambit to grow a world that is all consumers who buy American products, because nobody else can make anything and stay in business. At its worst, it could lead to a complete breakdown in international trade as consumers gravitate to national brands to protect their own industries.

          There is no room in Trump’s vision for a new, humane world – he prides himself on making things up as he goes along in order to enhance the American negotiating position. His vision is of a world in which the world shops American, daily giving America more access to the levers of national and global manipulation, so that if you show any tendency to resist American decision-making (and why would you, really, because America knows what’s good for everyone), Trump or another like him merely needs to put up some pictures of what will be taken away from you next if you don’t play nice, and your leader will crumble and make whatever concession the American president’s whim demands.

          I saw an article the other day, “The World Lines Up Against America”, and if that truly is happening, there’s a chance America is only fucking itself over. If it’s not, a chaotic realignment of global trade could be in the offing which will wipe some long-term manufacturers off the map. By no stretch of the imagination does America make products which are so superior to those of everyone else that they achieve market dominance simply by being the world’s best. American cars are pretty far down the list; Europe makes more durable frames with better interior appointments and ergonomics – Ford and Chevrolet could work for another decade and not overcome the longevity of Japanese mid-size engines, many of which will run for 400,000 km and never burn a drop of oil. American processed foods are full of fat, salt and sugar because that’s what Americans like, and they’re not good for you. American agricultural products are often enhanced one way or another for size and/or colour to make you think you’re getting more for your money. Cows are fed hormones to make them produce more milk. American tools and hardware are attractively priced, but otherwise poor competition for German or Swiss engineering. American computer technology relies on mass marketing, but in terms of innovation is far behind Asian developers. People don’t need to buy American products because they’re the best – except in a very few fields and products – and rely instead on availability and market dominance. No matter how humiliated and abused by America your country is, you’ll still buy American products if that’s all there is.


  39. So, two novichock poisoning suspects have been named but the UK is ‘not seeking extradition’. Zakharova says the names mean nothing so far, asks the UK to stop playing pr games and follow normal police co-operation procedures. Most interesting about all of this is what the UK government doesn’t say. We’ll see. Maybe they will, BREXIT ‘n’ all.


    1. One of the things the UK government does not even mention any more is where the Skripals were for those couple of hours that they turned off the GPS functionality on their phones and have not been accounted for in the previously-harped-upon official timeline. Apparently nobody saw them and they did not appear in any surveillance-camera video or photographs.


  40. “Clearly this was assassination attempt carried out by people involved in this tradecraft,” he said. “The working hypothesis is that they brought the novichok into the country in the box and bottle you have seen” says a Scotland Yard anti-terrorist cop.

    Clearly this was an assassination attempt by persons who did not know their trade, by “cowboys”, because the traitorous, venal Sergei Skripal, the apparent target of the masters of their “trade”, did not die, nor did his daughter.

    Has that blatant fact been forgotten?

    And the woman who died later? An accident, a cock-up, a blunder, blatant incompetence?

    They should be chucked out of the poisoners’ trade union forthwith!

    Scotland yard is full of wankers.


      1. If we’re in to bolloxing speculation, then have they looked in to the possibility that the attack was by disgruntled builders? Bear with me. He has a nice house. He lives in England for quite a while, ergo he whinges and complains about cost of builders/technicians. So, maybe he didn’t pay them what he promised and sent them off with a flea in their ear. They got evenz. OK, so they’re not Polish, but they could be.


          1. It’s all released to coincide with the battle to liberate idlib
            to smear Russia with the chemical weapons accusations

            The original accusation on the skripals occurred before Douma.

            This is just more of the same lies.


            1. Perhaps that is a connection. Especially so if the forecast false-flag was called off then something else was needed to maintain the Pavlovian response Russia=Chemical warfare .


              1. Yes, timing.

                The first clue was a few weeks ago when Washington announced that they would sanction Russia because of Novichock, to the almost total silence of the British Government. Now the other shoe has dropped, surely to be followed by more. The US, due to the nature of its power doesn’t give a shit if anyone believes them. Most fall in to line. By comparison, the shoestring UK has long been used to being more careful and far more slippery.

                That they chose not to demand extradition tells us something which I suspect is that they would not come well out of the inevitable slanging match which would be more of a replay of previous ones. To me, it looks like they have something else up their sleeve which they do not want to telegraph and thus try and keep Russia off balance (not that it is). I also suspect the the time gap was to co-ordinate with other allies whatever the UK could get them to agree to.


          1. Moon of Alabama picked that up too:

            The Strange Timestamp In The New Novichok ‘Evidence’


            He also points out that ‘assassins’ traveling in tandem (arriving, spending all their time together and then leaving) is an extremely weird way of offing targets. Posing as a nice gay couple?!

            It looks like a convenient decoy to me. Not to mention that anyone can pass through Moscow to elsewhere. As others have pointed out, which nation has been exposed as copying other people’s passports and uses them for their assassin’s operations?


          2. One of the comment to the Craig Murray post:

            Mr. Murray, you gotta check the work of Fontanka’s investigative journalists:

            They got hold of the Aeroflot passenger lists and started cross-referencing things, eventually nailing down the two guys. They had been flying all over Europe for years, and the really interesting bit comes when their backgrounds were checked…

            Mr. Boshirov was born in Tajikistan (and his name is distinctly non-Russian too, at that, so he’s definitely a Tajik) and lives a secluded existence in a run-down neighborhood of Moscow – his neighbors never see him around and he just appears to be very shifty.

            Mr. Petrov is a Russian biochemist who works for the big Microgen pharmaceutical laboratory. Petrov apparently flew to London in early 2018 too, for unknown reasons, many months before the Skripal incident occured.

            It’s obviously worth reading through the others.


            1. “Boshirov” from “Boshir” = plausible Tajik rendering of “Bashir”, a variation of the Arabic boys’ name Bashar.

              Bashir / Bashar is a common boys’ name in parts of the Middle East. It’s also a popular surname in the Middle East and among Muslim communities in the Indian subcontinent. A former governor of New South Wales was Marie Bashir whose parents were originally from Lebanon.

              According to Wikipedia, Ruslan is a common boys’ name in Russia and Central Asia. It is a variant of the Turkic name Arslan (meaning “lion”).

              Curious to know how popular a name like Ruslan is among Tajiks. I would have thought not – they’re a branch of the Persian people – but then I came across the name of Ruslan Rafikov (the football player) on Wikipedia.

              Yalensis had an article on the de-Slavicisation of Tajik names over at his Awful Avalanche blog:


  41. Euractiv: NATO: Unequal burden-sharing is the downside of American hegemony

    The dominance of the US in NATO is strategically wanted by Washington. Europeans can therefore stay calm in the face of Trump’s threats to withdraw from the Alliance and devote themselves to their own priorities instead, Johannes Thimm explains.

    Johannes Thimm works in the research group “America” of the Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP). The Foundation advises the German Bundestag and the Federal Government in matters of foreign and security policy.

    With most NATO members, including Germany, spending less than two percent of their gross domestic product on defence, US President Donald Trump accuses Europe of exploiting the United States. He calls for a significant increase in defence budgets – most recently at four percent of GDP – and threatens that the US will fail to meet its own alliance obligations otherwise…

    More at the link.

    It seems more and more are willing to speak out.


    1. Sorry, but I just can’t get past ‘Stiftung Wissenschaft’ without braying juvenile laughter. You have to get older, but you never have to grow up.

      But that’s a valid point. America wants everybody to pay the same toward an organization it insists upon its right to run and manage and employ as it sees fit. Go fuck yourself, America; if you want to be the boss, pay the toll. Otherwise, button your lip and let everyone’s suggestions carry equal weight. If you want to withdraw from NATO, or just show your pique by contributing less, go ahead. But contribute less bossing while you’re at it.


  42. A new Novichok attack – FAR MORE DEADLY THAN EVER:

    New York counter-terrorism police are “monitoring” the ongoing quarantine of an Emirates airplane at JFK airport in New York, after 100 people reportedly fell ill during a flight from Dubai.

    Emirates Airline Flight EK203 touched down in New York around 9am ET Wednesday after the pilot contacted air traffic controllers, telling them that many of his 500 passengers appeared to be sick with fevers over 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 C) and several of them were coughing.

    Probably food poisoning or something amiss in the life support systems (e.g. motor overheating releasing noxious fumes).


  43. TheRealNews
    Published on 4 Sep 2018
    CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot lays out the roots of Argentina’s latest economic crisis, which have to do with the government’s massive foreign borrowing spree, deepening austerity measures, and rising Federal Reserve interest rates


  44. Al Jazeera English
    Published on 5 Sep 2018
    Britain has identified the two Russian military intelligence officers it says carried out a nerve agent attack on a former spy on its soil.

    Prime Minister Theresa May says there’s enough evidence to charge the two men for poisoning Sergei Skriple and his daughter in the town of Salisbury in March.

    She’s also called a UN Security Council meeting to discuss the incident – which she has called a “war-like act” by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from London.


    1. Could be my eyes playing tricks but does anyone else think these two guys could actually pass for brothers or for being the same man with various changeable parts of him (haircut and fringe, moustache and beard, ears) being cropped or Photoshopped? In the photo on the right, the man called Ruslan Boshirov has extra shadowing around his eyes and the back of him, so as to make him look darker and more “exotic”.


      1. Indeed, their faces look almost identical with the exception of their ears and the obvious differences in facial hair. Their noses and mouths and the overall shape of their faces are to all casual appearances identical.


      2. Ruslan could, I suppose, be heavily made up but the two don’t look that similar to me. As far as being Tajik, hmmm, Ruslan looks more like a very hirsute Rip Torn (Arthur in Larry Sanders) than any other Tajik I’ve ever seen.


  45. RT
    Published on 5 Sep 2018
    British Prime Minister Theresa May claimed that the two men suspected of carrying out the poisoning attack in Salisbury were officers of the Russian military intelligence agency GRU, citing classified intelligence. RT speaks to former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon on the matter.


  46. Theresa may already said in March it was the Russians – she was positive and demanded action from EU and USA.

    It was discussed at the UN – twice.
    /We had boycott of dignitaries attending the World Cup
    / Diplomats being expelled by the EU countries and USA
    /and additional economic Sanctions by the USA.

    So now in September she says she has the evidence for what she she stated was fact in March.

    She’s wants a UN meeting and sanctions ….for the same thing the Russians were sanctioned for in March

    This is beyond Ridiculous- Theresa may needs to be out in her place


  47. Skripal tinfoil hat conspiracy BS from the UK is getting old and tiresome. If Russia is going to send assassins to the UK to off some long-ago exchanged spy (note that if Skripal was so precious he would never have been exchanged in the first place) it would not use a chemical agent that would stir up all sorts of unnecessary shit like activating the OPCW. Funny how the murder-mystery obsessed British are not aware of the fact that all sorts of poisons are available that do not fall in the chemical weapons category. But the whole assassination by poison plot is utter rubbish anyway. Just use a freaking knife. A professional killer could have slit the the throats of both Skripals in the park faster than either of them could have let off a scream. A couple of knifed bodies would be ambiguous in any linkage to the employers of the hitman (don’t need to send two of them when one is more than enough).

    BTW, without looking it is basically impossible to “feel” the location of somebody behind you. A pro would spend a lot of time learning how to act in a fashion that does not alert his victims. There is a reason why countries spend money and time training spies, special forces, etc. The caricaturization of Russian professionals as incompetent buffoons is pure cartoon propaganda. Then we have the whole absence of motive issue that fails to stop NATzO blood libelers.


    1. Assassins, in fact, who are working for their government usually strive to make a death appear accidental or so devoid of motive that it probably was accidental. It is organized crime which likes to ensure its victims act as a billboard message for what happens to squealers, or those who go off the reservation or whatever. How hard would it have been for the Skripals run down in the street by a hit-and-run driver? Anyone doing so could have been sure they were dead, rather than glopping some instantly-identifiable nerve agent on the target’s doorknob in a country lousy with surveillance video cameras, and then not even killing either of the targets.


      1. Maybe (rubbing his chin in best Dr Evil mode) it’s because since nothing works as it should in the UK, it’s easy to believe that others are just as or more incompetent than we are?


  48. Just saw a report on BBC World Service about Idlib. They’re still carrying water for the terrorists who are filmed saying that they ‘feel confident’ and ‘will not give up’, followed by a clip of ‘make shift’ gas mask from a plastic bag, paper cup with charcoal in it an of course several people trying it on including a child.

    Then there’s this Jerusalem Post item that was pulled as it quoted Israeli Army officials saying that Israel paid, armed and supported seven ‘rebel groups’ in the Golan Heights: Israeli Army Admits to Arming Syria Rebels, Then Censors Story

    …The Jerusalem Post, a major Israeli newspaper, published an article on Wednesday quoting Israeli military officials as saying that they had been providing seven different Syrian rebel groups with “large amounts of cash, weapons and ammunition.”

    Though the report did not name all of the rebel factions subsidized by Israel, it did name Fursan al-Joulan, a rebel group which had previously been accused of being in league with the Israeli military. This is particularly noteworthy because this was one of few rebel groups which refused the Russian evacuation deal in southern Syria. The report says all arming of the groups ended in July with the defeat of the last rebels in the area…

    More at the link including the reproduced article.

    Nut&Yahoo really does prefer the Islamic State to Assad! Then again it’s hardly a surprise as he is best buds with headchoppin’ Gulfies who are state sponsors of islamic terrorism and the Islamic State…


    1. Don’t imagine Israel would be content to have a miniature Islamic caliphate right next door instead of Assad. It would merely be a means to an end. Once Assad was overthrown and a safe new pro-western government settled in, Israel would ‘notice’ that the new Syria had a lot of undesirable sub-groups operating within its borders, and proceed with all manner of global approbation to help the new government clear them out. The ‘Syrian rebels’ are not Israeli allies, they are tools being bought by Israel to achieve Israeli goals. Once those were achieved, their usefulness would be at an end and the danger that the cooperative relationship would be exposed would be no longer cost-effective.

      Where do you think Washington learned its cultivation of international discontent? The Israelis certainly didn’t pick it up from Washington. If there is a group anywhere on the planet which bends its thoughts to the science and psychology of destabilization more than the Israelis, I’ve never heard of it.


      1. Indeed, what we’re seeing is the realisation of the Yinon plan – a long desired Israeli goal of splintering Arab states into mutually hostile ethnic statelets – Sunni, Shi’ite, Druze, Kurd, Christian, Assyrian and a thousand others, all at one another’s throats. If successful, Israel would no longer be the only state in the region predicated on ethnicity but one of many, all of whom it will easily dominate.


  49. Euractiv: A ‘grand gas bargain’ with Russia is in the pipeline, experts believe

    The European Commission’s push to rewrite the EU’s Third Gas Directive is doomed, but Brussels has not withdrawn its proposal because it is preparing a “grand bargain” with Russia, experts told a EURACTIV event on Wednesday (5 September).

    The European Commission, with backing from Poland, has tabled an amendment to the European gas directive, aimed at stopping construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

    But the amendment is blocked in the EU Council of Ministers, where it is unable to gather a qualified majority from the 28 EU member states….

    …She also warned that if the Commission pushed forward with the amendment of the gas directive, this could undermine its position as a mediator at the trilateral gas talks and its chances to strike a deal to retain a part of the Ukrainian transit.

    Asked about the risk of US sanctions against companies involved in Nord Stream 2, Yafimava said such a scenario could create a “very dramatic rift” in transatlantic relations…

    Quite a bit more at the link.

    As usual, too little, too late. I’m not sure why Russia would now expect the Commission to hold up its end of the bargain agreed already with Gazprom if they’re pulling a last minute stunt like this. So it’s not just Trump upending table then…

    As for transit across the Ukraine, it has been stated many times that Russia doesn’t have a problem with this as long as it is viable and their gas is not stolen. They have received no such guarantees, hence they have no interest in continuing the contract. The EU on the other hand wants Russia to effectively provide the Ukraine a subsidy from transit fees so that Europe doesn’t have to pay Ukraine instead via various routes.

    I just don’t see what would the supposed ‘Grand Bargain’ offered by the Commission would be so compelling that Russia would accept? If it is simply to take away Commission threats, then it is not ‘a bargain’, but the usual mafia tactics of ‘I’ll break your legs if you don’t agree’ – except Russia can just stop exporting gas to Europe citing the Commission’s disregard for its own rules. Also, the Commission cannot compel member states to drop sanctions against Russia, so wtf? It seems to think that Russia is desperate to have an agreement and that the Commission is working from a position of strength whereas it would be taken to the cleaners before an actual court. Quite moronic.


    1. A check of Katja Yafimava’s Linked-In profile reveals a single common ‘acquaintance’ between she and I – Edward Lucas. She previously worked as an intern for Shell – but that was for less than a year. Previous work by her includes, “Reducing European Dependence on Russian Gas: distinguishing natural gas security from geopolitics “. Intriguing title, and without reading the paper, it could go either way; she could be just another wooden-headed ideologue, or she could be a genuine advocate for a rules-based infrastructure which treats everyone the same. But I was particularly attracted to a very recent work: “The OPAL Exemption Decision: past, present, and future”.

      Apart from setting in stone once again the fact that Gazprom’s history of only using 50% capacity has nothing whatsoever to do with demand and results from a cap imposed for political reasons – thus revealing Maros Sefcovic and like-minded ideologues such as that Dutch prat, something de something, I forget now, as the charlatans they are – Ms. Yafimava’s paper pushes back against Poland’s spoiler atempts to swing regulation back to politics. Check it:

      “Since the OPAL pipeline started operating, more than five years ago, Gazprom has been unable to use more than 50 per cent of its capacity – even if such was not required by third parties – due to a regulatory cap imposed by the European Commission (EC) in June 2009. In October 2016 the EC adopted a new decision which removed the cap and attempted to strike a fine balance between the interests of all parties involved: while it allows Gazprom to bid for the remaining 50 per cent of OPAL capacity, it also guarantees that third parties will have access to at least 20 per cent, as Gazprom is not allowed to outbid them for that share. The decision manifests a (belated) recognition on the part of the EC that there was no rationale, rooted in the acquis, for maintaining the OPAL cap, which has become increasingly illogical and prone to criticisms of having being imposed on political grounds. Having recognised that politicisation threatens to undermine the credibility of the EU regulatory gas framework, the EC moved back into the comfort zone of rules-based regulatory decision-making, of which the October 2016 decision is an example. Poland’s legal challenge to this decision is an attempt to move in the opposite direction and risks creating a precedent in which political objectives are allowed to override regulatory rules.”

      While we’re talking energy and Washington’s flailing about in its attempts to derail Nord Stream II, recent reports suggest Russian oilmen feel “financially better than any other crude producer in the world”.

      The nation’s top crude producers more than doubled their combined profit in the first half, trouncing estimates thanks to a weaker ruble and rebounding prices. And with output curbs easing, the influx of cash is set to continue…The combined revenue of Russia’s top five oil producers jumped 32 percent to more than 9.9 trillion rubles ($150 billion), while total net income doubled to almost 1.25 trillion rubles.

      Nice own-goal, State Department. Way to step on your dick, European Commission. And all they have in the tickle trunk in the way of further effort is…more sanctions. Oh, and war, of course. Mustn’t forget that.


        1. Nope; I don’t know from grammar; I just write what sounds right to me. “Between her and me” sounds awkward, although it might very well be grammatically correct. I am the spelling Nazi, not the grammar Nazi, although I sometimes venture forth as the that’s-not-a-real-word Nazi.


    2. “I just don’t see what would the supposed ‘Grand Bargain’ offered by the Commission would be so compelling that Russia would accept?”

      A resettlement by the Stockholm or dutch court decision to be in Gazproms favour, or more to Gazprom’s favour , than the one they reached a few months ago that ruled , somewhat ridiculously in favour of Naftogaz against Gazprom, thus giving Ukraine a crucial financial lifeline of not having to pay a few billion dollars to Russia.

      The Russian Energy Minister said this in an interview about the has transit through Ukraine issue. Possible continuation of the transit deal dependent on resolving, or reversing ,the court decision…….and the EU agreeing to buy guaranteed increased supplies of gas from Russia.


  50. Another question regarding the latest accusations from Theresa May:

    The police have given all this information about the two GRU agents traveling to Salisbury they gave a detailed timeline on the news.

    But When did they travel to Amesbury?
    Where the drug addicts found the perfume

    This is 5/10 miles away from Salisbury

    The timeline given by the police only shows travel to Salisbury twice – before the “GRU agents” returned to London and departed for Russia.

    This is not addressed in any of the reports I have read.


    1. He, the junkie dealer, did not find it in Amesbury: he found it in a charity shop in Salisbury, in a “bin” into which folk place things that they do not want. He picked it up and took it as a gift for his woman-friend in Amesbury.

      The alleged GRU operatives must have been well versed with British social mores to realize that the charity bin was an ideal place to dump this most deadly “military grade” nerve poison known to man, which was in the perfume bottle.

      What has been aired over is this: the person who took the perfume from the bin says it was still fully wrapped; unopened and still enclosed in its cellophane covering.

      How come traces of Novichok were found in the place where the killers sent by Putin stayed in the East End of London, in Bow?

      Why did they open the poison container in their room?

      Why, during the 3 months after they had fled back to Mordor, had no one who later stayed in that room or none of the hotel cleaning staff suffer any ill effects from this most deadly of nerve poisons, let alone not die?

      Why did the Skripals not die, for that matter, not to mention the cop who suffered from Novichok poisoning?

      Where is he now, by the way?

      And where are the Skripals???

      Why are they still incommunicado?

      Surely Her Majesty’s Government is not trying to hide something?


      1. Oh, is that where it came from? It’s amazing how much better a story you can come up with when you’ve had a little time to think about it, perhaps consult with some detective-mystery writers for a believable storyline, and weed out the things you previously said which were completely stupid. Such as that Rowley found the bottle in a park. That was his brother’s testimony, whom you would think would have a better idea what happened than the police. But since Rowley did not die, was not even unconscious for very long, why the variety of stories – the bottle came from here, came from there, it broke while being handled but the police have the unbroken bottle as evidence. Is it just that reporters are running with whatever they hear because they’re so excited, or is the story just being made up as they go along. Let me say it again – Rowley is not dead, he is conscious and making a more or less complete recovery. Where does he say the bottle came from? Is that where the police got this new story? If not, who told them it came from the charity bin? The Keebler elves?

        The garrulous Rowley sibling also said that his famous brother and his main squeeze found the bottle in a park about nine days before they fell ill. That’s some slow-acting incredibly-deadly nerve agent there; I guess the Russians made it for wars they knew were going to last a loooonnnng time, so that they need not be in a big hurry to take an objective. But the police, who apparently knew all along that the perfume bottle came from the charity bin in Salisbury, took the trouble to conduct a hands-and-knees search of the park anyway, just to let the public know it is getting its money’s worth. Presumably HM government will now purchase the charity bin in Salisbury and burn it up, although it might be a bit of a close-the-barn-door-after-the-horse-is-out situation now, since the charity bin presumably continued to operate from that day to this with no restrictions. God only knows what wastrel will turn up dead next from exposure.

        Just like Kovtun and his sidekick, who went to the British Embassy to protest their innocence of murdering Litvinenko with polonium. Although the visit took place some time after the two men were identified as the main suspects, apparently polonium never wears off, because the chairs they sat on and the table they sat at were hot with radiation. So they apparently still had polonium all over their hands, but somehow they did not die from something they ate which they touched with their bare hands.

        It’s getting so it’s not even worth the bother to read British newspapers any more. The stories are so incredible, they’re all like supermarket-checkout tabloids that shout about an army of mutants fighting for America in whatever place it has just started a war, or that internal-combustion-engine vehicles have been found floating in space with their engines still running. It’s such a waste of time that it is no longer justified by the entertainment value.


        1. CHARITY POISON BOX Novichok perfume bottle was found dumped in CHARITY collection bin by tragic Amesbury poisoning victims

          Perfume bottle used in Salisbury Novichok attack revealed in police photographs

          Assistant Commissioner Basu added: “Charlie told police he found a box he thought contained perfume in a charity bin on Wednesday, 27 June. Inside the box was a bottle and applicator.

          Note the friendly use of “Charlie”. I bet the local plods never called him Charlie when he was pushing drugs.

          Novichok attack: killer liquid was smuggled in using fake Nina Ricci perfume bottle

          It is the perfume bottle that Charlie Rowley, 45, said he found in a wheelie bin behind a charity shop in Salisbury on July 27 …

          She Died From ‘Perfume’ In Charity Bin, And Other Details Of British Poisoning Case

          O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!


          1. So it was not a “charity bin” but a wheelie bin at the back of a charity shop through which “Charlie” was rummaging and in which he found a lovely present for his “girlfriend”.


            1. I see. So the two men are charged with attempted murder for the assault on the Skripals, but even though the Novichok in the perfume bottle is from the same batch as that found on Skripal’s doorknob, they’re getting a pass on the only person who actually died?

              In the referenced story, Charlie Rowley relates that he found the bottle in a charity bin June 27th, that he took it home and tried to put the parts together, and accidentally spilled some on himself. That was on June 30th. But in a ‘related’ story linked in the same article,


              he says he can’t remember where he found the bottle, although he has a distinct memory of Ms. Sturgess spraying it on her wrists. But she could not have done that before he fitted the applicator to the bottle for her. And in that time he spilled some on himself, observed that it felt oily and did not smell like perfume, and went to the sink and washed his hands – but still let her spray it on herself. Because ‘it all happened so fast’, like. If the applicator had to be fitted to the bottle, and the sample came in two parts, what prevented the liquid from just spilling all over the place inside the box? Where’s the cap? That’s important evidence too, innit? The applicator is plainly meant to function as a cap. I can’t help noticing this new ‘I spilled it while trying to put it together’ narrative has surfaced since the chatty Rowley brother claimed that the bottle broke in his brother’s hands, and that’s how he became exposed. They’re just making it up as they go along, crisis-management style.

              Another ‘related story’ says ol’ Charlie has contracted meningitis after appearing to recover from Novichok poisoning, and is again ‘fighting for his life’, while his talkative brother suggests he ‘doesn’t have long to live’. Convenient. How long before the loquacious brother who can’t seem to stay on-message gets a visit from some GRU thugs?


    1. A thought and a suggestion. I’m waiting for someone to explain how these two casually dressed guys clad in bomber jackets and jeans, managed to spray/smear (not sure what the story is today) one of the world’s most toxic substances on the door handle of the Skripals’ house in broad daylight without contaminating themselves or be seen by either of the Skripals or their neighbours.

      The suggestion is that a government official attempts to contaminate a door handle with Novichok while dressed as casually as these two guys were. No hazmat clothing. I don’t think there would be many volunteers so probably not as safe to do as this new story seems to suggest.


      1. And, as Helmer inquires, why were the door and its Handle Of Death left in place in the front of the house, when the bench the ‘victims’ sat upon and the table at which they sat in Zizzi’s were deemed so toxic that they had to be burnt?

        Answer, there was never anything smeared or sprayed on the door handle at all, and it is just an ordinary door with an ordinary handle. The poisoned-doorknob theory was just something the British government seized upon because it couldn’t think any faster.


          1. The Russians have also asked us if they could join the investigation once it was underway. I’ve said before in this chamber, but I repeat: you don’t recruit an arsonist to put out a fire. You especially don’t do that when the fire is one they caused —, British UN ambassador yesterday.

            See:Statements by Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, at the Security Council Briefing on Salisbury

            And nowhere does she offer one shred of evidence to support her repeated assertions.

            Last week, she stated that Russian warnings about an impending staged chemical weapons attack in Syria were clearly untrue because — well, because it was the Russians who had made them.


            Requesting that Syrian chemical weapons stocks be ascertained by OPCW?

            Surely this has already been done?

            Destruction of declared Syrian chemical weapons completed

            It’s not been done in the USA though, and won’t be until 2023, they say.


            1. And Pierce’s statements that “you don’t recruit an arsonist to put out a fire. You especially don’t do that when the fire is one they caused” is a classic case of “begging the question” in the logically falacious meaning of the term: she is including as a “given” that which she is supposedly arguing for, namely that Russia is the guilty party in the Skripal affair.

              She is saying that it is impossible to cooperate with Russia in an investigation into who exactly is behind the Salisbury poisonings because Russia is the guilty party.


              1. Just drag a chocolate doughnut on about 15 feet of fishing line past her face while she is pontificating. She will instantly become distracted and lunge for it, perhaps even getting up on the table to follow it, snuffling as if she were searching for truffles. Even after things have settled down, she will be jonesing for sugar and will not be able to frame a coherent argument, instead grunting and mumbling.

                Seriously, the very best thing the UK could do if it genuinely believes Russia was responsible would be to let them join the investigation. Their arguments would be hilarious if they were actually guilty, and HM government’s own Keystone Kops bumbling has already been thoroughly discredited by the public – that same public would make mincemeat of Russian arguments if they were demonstrably ridiculous, while the press would have a field day with copy that practically writes itself. But neither the press or the government is interested in Russia joining the investigation, and that’s because Britain’s own narrative would collapse even faster than it already is. It has absolutely no proof for almost all its critical assertions, and Russian participation would make that obvious.


          2. I mean, really; there’s not even a plastic bag over it, no scene tape or warning signs…it’s as if, having served its purpose as the vector of infection, it’s forgotten, that part of the story nailed down solid. Perhaps we will hear in the weeks to come that the police replaced it at night with a duplicate from BHS or something, and the actual door was destroyed with a mini-nuke. They do seem to be revising the story as they go along.


      2. Another thing too that Craig Murray spotted was that the dastardly duo arrived at the Skripal house no earlier than 11:48 am, which is when CCTV records them having left the train station in Salisbury, more than a couple of hours after the Skripal car was caught on CCTV whizzing around Salisbury.

        A commenter, Yonatan, at Off-Guardian says if the two reached the Skripal house at noon, then they must have run all the way (about 1.2 miles) at 7 mph.

        Someone must have surely noticed two men in full winter clothing racing through the streets and across the roads without pausing to see if they were going to collide with cars. (Heck they might have even avoided bumping into the Skripals.)

        But apparently there is no indication that the Skripals went home after 12 pm that day (Sunday 4 March). So that must mean the Novichok was left to drip away from the door handle for the rest of the day.


  51. They have found one of the accused in the Skripal affair:

    Александр Петров прокомментировал сообщения о причастности к делу Скрипалей

    «Я ничего не знаю об этом и к истории со Скрипалем не имею никакого отношения. Это полное совпадение: я не то что в Лондон, я даже до Алтая не могу доехать. Работаю начальником участка в томском филиале НПО «Микроген» — научно-производственном объединении «Вирион», — заявил Петров.

    “I know nothing about this and have nothing to do with the Skripal affair. This is a complete coincidence: I was not that person in London; I can’t even get to the Altai. I work as the head of a site in the Tomsk branch of RPO Microgen, the Scientific Research and Production department of “Virion”, Petrov said.


    1. There is no picture with the article – had the man appeared on TV and does he match the picture.

      Also if they found one – he should know who his friend is surely?


      1. Alexander Petrov’s personal details and place of employment could have been stolen from a database without his knowledge. But that gives rise to questions of who would do that, which database was hacked into, and the appropriate level of security around that database.

        So he is not likely to know anyone called Ruslan Boshirov and from what reporters were able to find, it seems that no-one does apart from a Ukrainian woman who only met him once.

        I wouldn’t be surprised then if a couple of Ukrainian SBU types had used stolen or faked Russian IDs to enter Britain and visit Wiltshire (Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Porton Down, Bulford military camp, not necessarily in that order) in particular.


      1. In reply to the Finn’s queries above:

        They have found men with the names that Scotland Yard says were the pseudonyms adopted by the alleged killers:

        Что «Фонтанке» известно о подозреваемых в отравлении Скрипалей

        What is known by “Fontanka” about the Skripal case suspects
        “Fontanka” has found those whom the United Kingdom accused of poisoning the Skripals. Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov are now not just obscure names.

        There are almost no open sources of information about Boshirov. According to “Fontanka”, he was born on April 12, 1978 in Dushanbe and was registered in Moscow in a 25-storey house on Bolshaya Naberezhnaya Street…

        “Fontanka” phoned long-term residents of the “Boshiro” house on Bolshaya Naberezhnaya Street They live on the same stairwell. “In the apartment you named, only an elderly woman lives” a correspondent replied. “… A man has never been seen either in the apartment or at the house entrance. We can only assume that this is the householder’s son and is registered at her address, but he has never lived here. ”

        Boshirov’s network activity is no different either. The pages created under this name and last name in 2014 are empty. On Facebook, Boshirova has one friend registered: a girl from the Ukraine. His “vKontakte” profile contains information that Boshirov graduated in 2004 from the geography department of Moscow State University in “Land Hydrology”.

        According to Fontanka, Boshirova and Petrova’s foreign passports (conventional, non-biometric) were issued about two years ago when they began to issue forms of the 65th series. According to these passports, they often flew to Europe. From September 2016 to March 2018 they visited Amsterdam, Geneva, Milan — and Paris repeatedly.. Aexander Petrov had been in London at least once before the Skripal affair — from February 28 to March 5, 2017.

        Even less is known about Petrov. According to the documents, he was born on July 13, 1979. A person with such a date of birth and given name can be found in the list of employees of a national manufacturer of immunobiological preparations – the State Unitary Enterprise and Scientific Research and Production Organization “Microgen”, which was founded in 2003 by the merger of fourteen immunobiological industry enterprises. The structure of “Microgen” is that it is subordinate to the Ministry of Health and includes, includes nine branches.

        According to the British anti-terrorist police, Boshirov and Petrov are pseudonyms: their personalities are made up. Their real names are allegedly known to Scotland Yard. According to Prime Minister Teresa May, the suspects serve in the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence.


    1. I couldn’t get past the contention that in order for a Pinochet to emerge in Russia, the environment would have to be non-corrupt, with a high respect for the rule of law. I read it several times, sure that I had missed something critical.


            1. I was referring to the Shrimpfossil … er, Schimpfossl book John Helmer was reviewing.

              Australian minds: drought conditions mostly obtain there, resulting in few deep canyons but a lot of flat and shallow gullies.



    2. Pinochet’s legacy to the Chilean economy was a deregulated financial industry that went into meltdown in 1982 and led to the worst economic depression in the country since the 1930s.

      On top of that he shifted the equivalent of US$4 – 8 million into bank accounts held with Riggs Bank in Washington DC.

      Although one thing Pyotr Aven got right in a way was that Chile just before Pinochet seized power with US assistance was relatively non-corrupt and did have high respect for the rule of law.


    3. Has Schimpfossl an agenda, do think?

      Anatomy of The Times: how a British newspaper uses Russian propaganda tricks to discredit striking academics

      Perish the very thought!

      And has Schimpfossl’s pal, Ilya Yablokov, who, like her, studied at Manchester University, UK?

      From Moscow’s only English language online publication that has zilch circulation:

      Sept. 18 2014 – 20:09
      Russia Runs on Conspiracy

      A thoroughly bad Russian bourgeois apple?

      (Pun! Geddit?)

      I can’t find Schimpfossl’s (Schimpfössl’s?) bio.

      Austrian, maybe?

      They are both very young:

      Elizabeth Schimpfössl

      Ilya Yablokov
      What a smug looking cnut!

      Ilya Yablokov teaches Russian politics, history and media at the University of Leeds. His research interests include conspiracy theories, nation building and politics in post-Soviet Russia, the history of post-Soviet journalism and international broadcasting. His book Fortress Russia: Conspiracy theories in the post-Soviet world (Cambridge: Polity) is out in June 2018. He tweets @ilya_yablokov.

      Source: openDemocracy



    1. The UK government and the British press are pretty clearly desperate to draw a Russian reaction, dancing back and forth and screaming provocations. Perhaps Putin should affect a bored yawn, and reiterate that remark he was long alleged to have made about Britain being a tiny island and of no consequence. Or perhaps a reprise of “The dogs bark. The caravan moves on”.


      1. “he was long alleged to have made about Britain being a tiny island and of no consequence”

        I believe it was Peskov who was alleged to have said this-but I find this all utterly implausible- it would be entirely out of character, Peskov always gives boring answers and the alleged comment he made would be regarded as boorish in the Russian diplomat community ,or Russia in general.

        Putin in theory is perfectly capable of giving a witty comment comparing Britains important history and control of the planet for 200 years…with it’s role now – but I can’t see him doing it with the comment alleged.


        1. In fact, the origin of the comment seems to have been ‘reports circulated’ at the G20 meeting in St Petersburg. Peskov denied ever saying it, and you’re right – he is probably even more thick-skinned than Putin, and has repeatedly refused to be drawn by baiting. The comment is completely unattributed except for some unnamed person allegedly reported some unnamed Russian official said it. It is therefore from the same well of bastard comments which produced Putin’s famous quote that Ukraine is not a real country, something he has never said and for which no living witness can be found who personally heard him say it; everyone who claims it’s the real deal claims to have been told so by someone else.

          Given Britain’s frequent dog-in-the-manger role at events hosted by Russia, it is far more likely to have been something totally invented, whispered to a reporter without any substantiation or attribution, so that the story would spoil any good press from the G20 meeting, like the Russia-is-killing-heaps-of-stray-dogs dodge in the run-up to Sochi, the rusty tap water, the two toilets in the same cubicle, bla, bla, bla.

          It is far more likely the imaginary comment was seeded in order to set Cameron up for an impassioned “Who loves England most?” bunch of patriotic malarkey, designed to rally political support for him.


  52. Proletarian TV
    Published on 5 Sep 2018
    Harpal Brar outlines the true history of the origins of Zionism, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

    Zionism, he attests, is not a jewish project; it is an imperialist construct — an instrument to perpetuate imperialist domination of the middle east. Its main purpose is to ensure continued imperialist control of the region’s oil and gas reserves.

    The zionist state of Israel is a dagger aimed at the heart of the Arab people’s revolutionary-democratic movement. At the same time it has subjugated mentally a large proportion of the world’s jews — people who were formerly to be found in the front ranks of every democratic and socialist movement.

    Owing to the suppression of the historical truth about zionism, the wider masses, including the jewish masses, are unaware of the true nature of this pernicious ideology, which is racist, antisemitic and reactionary to its core.

    As the malformed offspring of imperialist intrigues and crazed zionist ideology, the artificially constructed Israeli state is bound to collapse under the weight of its own internal contradictions. As a colonial enterprise that appeared at a time when colonialism was already well past its sell-by date, Israel is bound to collapse through the resistance the Palestinian masses and the fatigue brought upon the jewish settler population by endless warfare.

    This presentation is based upon the pamphlet written by Harpal for the CPGB-ML, which is our small contribution to exposing and defeating this vicious tool of imperialism.


    1. I wonder if this film would be acceptable under the new rules Corbyn was browbeaten into accepting regarding what constitutes anti-semitism.

      Corbyn gave in on this issue but they still want him out – proving it’s about him not the issue.

      He has now weakened support for Palestine from the Labour Party.


    2. Jews were amongst the most vocal opponents of the Balfour Declaration. They understood that creating a Jewish ‘homeland’ in the Middle East was the realisation of an anti-semite’s dream – a perfect dumping ground for those who wanted a Europe free of its Jewish population.


  53. And here’s the notorious Viktoria Skripal to remind us that we have only HM government’s word that Sergei Skripal is even alive – he’s not been seen since he was hospitalized and apparently has not called his mother to let her know he’s all right, although he allegedly had a habit of calling her every two weeks. She also remarks that although Yulia Skripal calls her from time to time to reassure her that she intends to return to Russia ‘once her father is well’, she does so from a British number which does not accept incoming calls, rather than from her own phone.


  54. The intruder was standing between my wife and me.

    Using a prounoun for “my wife”: The intruder was standing between her and me”, i.e. non subject prounouns governed by the preposition “between”.

    Does “The intruder was standing between she and I” really “sound better”, namely using subject prouns instead of non-subject ones?

    One says “between you and me” and not “between you and I”!

    Viele Grüße von Obergruppengrammatikscharführer Moskau Exile.


      1. “Her mother and I do” is correct because in the response, the first person pronoun must be in the subjective case.

        “Between” is a preposition and nouns and pronouns following prepositions should take the objective case (because the preposition is usually showing where the action in the verb is being directed in relation to a noun or nouns affected by that action). In German, the objective case would be the accusative case (if the preposition follows a dynamic verb) or the dative case (if the preposition follows a stative verb or a verb that describes a state or condition) though sometimes the genitive case may apply if the action is away from the object.


        1. Well, I never was any good at grammar anyway, and always just wrote what I thought sounded better. To me, “her and me” sounds yokelish, like the way Kentucky hillbillies talk. “Me’n Rafe split a whole jug of corn likker between him an’ me.”


          1. But the “between him and me” above is absolutely correct.

            What often happens, though, is that folk often say, for example, “Me and him are gonna go for a drink” instead of “He and I are setting off to quench our thirst”, which gives rise to the grammatically challenged thinking that “he and I” makes them sound too posh, educated, or, God forbid, like some limp-wristed Limey faggot!!!

            But at school, these grammatically challenged are instructed to say, as in such a case above, “he and I” or “my wife and I” etc.

            So what these grammatically challenged do is over-correct, in that they think, poor souls, that the “X and I” formula is the only correct form; hence they say, as Margaret Thatcher the shop-keeper’s daughter was wont to do, such garbled utterances as: “They welcomed my husband and I with a thunderous applause” rather than: “They welcomed my husband and me with a thunderous applause” or “They welcomed me and my husband with a thunderous applause”.

            I often have problems following on from US “teachers” of English here who are slumming in Russia.

            Only recently, one class of mine queried my saying “My wife and I” instead of “Me and my wife”. I told them that the last expression was not “wrong”, but “demotic English” and is often heard in colloquial speech.

            They then told me that their previous US teacher had told them that “My wife and myself” as in “My wife and myself ate out yesterday evening” was correct.

            I did not like that.

            I told them that “Last night, my wife and I shared the same shower cubicle, where I took great pleasure in washing both my wife and myself” was fine, though.

            However, it is their choice if they want to talk like Forrest Gump.

            On the other hand, if they wrote as they prefer to speak in the United States TOEFL exam, they would fail it.


            1. I agree; the use of ‘myself’ is overdone and frequently results in tortured speech that makes one wince to hear or read it. I have read, in official directives, “If you have further questions, please see the sales representative or myself.” It’s okay, though, to say, “…please see the sales representative or the undersigned”.

              I find the “My wife and I went to a film last night” to sound much less awkward, as if the “wife” were removed, “I went to a film last night” would still stand alone as a complete sentence, whereas “me went to a film last night” sounds like the speaker must be Tarzan.


              1. Even that dick the Duke of York, aka “Air Miles Andy”, Betty Windor’s second eldest, fucks his English grammar up:

                Letter from Duke of York criticizing comments in the press concerning the relationship between him and his elder brother, the Prince of Wales:

                There is no truth to the story that there is a split between the Prince of Wales and I…“!!!!!

                What a twerp!

                And a “royal” one at that!

                And the English that he tortures is, supposedly, his mother’s, namely “The Queen’s English”.

                It isn’t though, the arrogant pricks!

                Prince Andrew and his sprogs.

                My former Chief Petty Officer RN cousin, who’s very likely brown bread now, used to tell me that “Randy Andy” was a right prick when he was a serving officer in his mother’s navy. The story goes that when, as a midshipman, the nautical prince boarded his first ship, he presented himself to the captain, saying: “Hi, I’m Prince Andrew, but you can call me Andy”, whereupon his commanding officer replied, “And I am the captain, and you can call me ‘Sir’!”


                1. I heard that he was well hated at school where his bodyguard had to intervene to stop him from getting the kickings he deserved for his shitty behaviour.

                  On the grammar front, why bother about the palaver regarding “My wife and I” etc when “we” or “us” is perfectly acceptable. Says the man who wrote to Paul Simon about “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard.”

                  And the nation at large ought to be concerned about the daughters of the Duke of York becoming “working women”. Do they have no other skills?


                2. “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” was doubtless written for syncopation and flow rather than grammatical correctness, and “Julio and I Down by the Schoolyard” leaves an awkward pause after “I” – even “Julio and Me Down by the Schoolyard” would not work; the second name has to have two syllables. Well, really “Julio” is three, but the middle one goes by so quickly it sounds like two.


                3. “Working girls” was once, in my salad days, a euphemism for whores.

                  Another Jolly Jack Tar I once knew and with whom I used to do a lot of serious boozing in my home town, used to delight all, when in his cups, by recounting what an awfully stuck-up and impudent little twat the Prince of Wales was when he was a little boy.

                  This former boozing buddy had once been a crew member of the Royal Yacht Britannia, which crew had to wear goloshes whilst scurrying around the polished wooden decks of that vessel, not only so as to avoid scufting them, but also so as not to disturb their Royal masters.

                  He told me that he had the dubious honour of kicking the little prince’s royal arse with his galoshered toe on more than one occasion.

                  Interestingly, this aussaulter of the royal personage was an Irishman who hailed from the City of Cork. After he had taken the Queen’s shilling, he had not been able to go home, else “the bhoys” would have got him, what with Co. Cork and Cork city being a hotbed of Irish nationalism. Not surprising really, seeing that the British army and its infamous “Black and Tan” auxiliaries had put that city to the torch in 1920 during the Irish War of Independence.

                  I was also once acquainted with another man of Cork, who had served in the RAF. He too could never risk going home after having joined the forces of the crown. He was a good lad: a landlord of a pub I used to frequent. He told me he only joined because he was crazy about flying and Ireland has no air force, though it has a small air corps consisting of about 20 aircraft.


                4. Which reminds me of something that I really like and published in 1919 after the end of WWI …

                  An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
                  W. B. Yeats, 1865 – 1939

                  I know that I shall meet my fate
                  Somewhere among the clouds above;
                  Those that I fight I do not hate
                  Those that I guard I do not love;
                  My country is Kiltartan Cross,
                  My countrymen Kiltartan’s poor,
                  No likely end could bring them loss
                  Or leave them happier than before.
                  Nor law, nor duty bade me fight,
                  Nor public man, nor cheering crowds,
                  A lonely impulse of delight
                  Drove to this tumult in the clouds;
                  I balanced all, brought all to mind,
                  The years to come seemed waste of breath,
                  A waste of breath the years behind
                  In balance with this life, this death.

                  “Shit hot!” — Moscow Exile, Chief Literary Critic, “The Beano”, Thomson Press, Aberdeen, Scotland.


                5. That entire letter (if it’s real) is dreadful. Couldn’t Randy Andy have employed a better letter writer?

                  That last sentence especially is awful. Does Randy Andy presume to be “the Granddaughters of The Queen” ahead of his daughters?


                6. I particularly enjoyed the opening paragraph, in which he said that British newspapers have ‘no basis of fact’. Right on, Your Duckness; you said a mouthful there.


                7. Oh, the letter is real, alright!

                  Duke of York issues extraordinary denial of rift with Prince Charles over royal status of Beatrice and Eugenie

                  Wot’s this? A bloody Aussie wot can’t talk pwoppah like wot I can criticizing my writing skills????

                  The former Duchess of York [centre], who, when she was much, much “larger”, used to be called by the unwashed masses “The Duchess of Pork”.

                  FFS! I’d hate to come home to that after work! She fevvers Witchy Poo.

                  And, apparently, he did: he divorced her.


                8. In Spanish, it probably does, as the bridge is one of those sliding things that I cannot remember the name for (like in ‘manana’, so that the second syllable become’s ‘yoh’. But in English, broken down, it is ‘Ju-li-o’.

                  As to the second, same-same. “You and I and I and a Dog Named Boo” would sound stupid, and reversing “I” and “You” would have the correct dynamics but would sound equally stupid. Music often murders grammar, and sometimes plain fabricates things, as Steve Miller does in “The Joker” – “I speak of the pompages of love”. “Pompages” is not a word, it’s simply something he made up that would allow the correct meter for the phrase.


                9. Did you think I’d crumble? Did you think I’d lay down and die?
                  Oh, no, not I: I will survive. Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I’ll stay alive.

                  Gloria Gaynor.

                  I used to play that in class and ask the youngsters where the mistake was.

                  They always said: “Oh not I” was wrong, that it should be: “Oh no, not me”.

                  I used to tell them it was “lay” that was wrong: it should be “lie”.

                  Speakers of US English often confuse “to lie” (to be in a static position) with “to lay” (to place in position), e.g. “Protesters laying on the street”.


    1. He does seem to go for the ratty-looking type, doesn’t he? With the large, strong nose on a conelike face? I realize some women are attracted to power and could care less what the bloke looks like, but come on – Boris? How is it possible for him to have a string of affairs? I feel…cheated.


      1. Politicians travel a lot and can be separated from their families for long periods regularly. If your job took you away from home Monday to Thursday or Friday every week, and during that period while you are away you stay in hotels or other taxpayer-funded accommodation, you may actually have time to have a quickie affair once you finish doing reading that has spilled over from work or Skyping with your family.

        One of the women BoJo the clown had an affair with was a journalist – and journalists are people politicians come in frequent contact with. Also there is nothing in the article that says how long his affairs have lasted: for all we know, they could have lasted just a couple of days. It’s possible also that with his antics and blundering BoJo appeals to some women’s mothering instincts: they are drawn to him because he is like a big puppy dog in need of direction and protection.


        1. My former job took me away for 3 or 4 months at a stretch, during which time I did not see my family and only spoke to them by telephone maybe once a week, and even that was an innovation for the Canadian Navy brought about by commercial satellite. Zero affairs. I must not have the knack. Perhaps Bojo is just much more attractive.

          However, his commonality with a big puppy dog is not confined to his appearance. He is on about the same intelligence parallel as a big puppy dog. I don’t know what would-be mothers thought they could make of him.


  55. The RF’s apparent “turn the other cheek” approach to foreign affairs analysed:

    A very interesting comparison of the situations in Syria and the Ukraine used to start a discussion of factors that influence decision making in Russia. The final (at the time of my posting this) comment- by BF, is much more positive about Russia’s strategy than the Saker himself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very compelling, and the Saker provides ample justification for his reasoning. Why, then, does he appear baffled that Russia remains – for the purposes of lip service, at least – supportive of the Minsk Agreements? The big European powers, France and Germany, remain fully committed to the Minsk Agreements: although it should be plain to everyone that Minsk was dead on arrival and the Ukies had no intention at all of implementing any of its provisos, Russia can count on France and Germany to forestall war plans so long as they consider hope remains. It costs Russia nothing to pretend there is a chance that Minsk can work, or for Europe to obsess about policing the ‘DMZ’ between Ukraine proper and Novorossiya and ordering both sides to pull back their heavy weaponry. Poroshenko doesn’t care, either – he’s busy concentrating as much of the country’s wealth under his own control as he can, knowing as he must that it is unlikely he will be president this time next year, although he will likely continue to involve himself in the political process because he has a big head, both literally and figuratively. Every day that Russia keeps war from breaking out, the western alliance is weaker and more disorganized, and the longer war can be held off, the greater the chance it will not happen at all.


    2. Both Paul Crag Roberts and the Saker largely ignore the general global population and nations of varying degrees of sovereignty. Russia knows that nothing, absolutely nothing, will change the thinking of the neocons, international financial elites, etc. Tough talk or conciliatory talk will make no difference. Russia’s audience is China, India and large swathes of the global population who are intently watching the struggle for the new world order. Russia is coming across as a reliable partner and honest player. Combine that with a powerful military makes Russia the winner in the global struggle.

      Regarding the “5th columnists” I think that is simply tolerance for a range of opinions. This 5th column’s influence is clearly waning through a loss of internal support. As long as Russia is vigilant in keeping foreign interference to a minimum, there appears to little threat to Russia’s interests.

      Another thing, Trump is clearly breaking up Western alliances and forcing countries to put their sovereign interest ahead of transnational interests. MAGA could very well be a brilliant strategy, masked as simple minded chest pounding and economic bullying, to undo the smothering world order of the neocons and other enemies of Trump. If it walks and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Trump is draining the international swamp in many regards.


  56. Just take a look at this!

    Royal Navy in South China Sea: ‘The British are Clearly Making a Point’ – Author

    Sputnik has discussed this with Bill Hayton, Associate Fellow at Chatham House’s Asia Program and author of “The South China Sea: The Struggle for Power in Asia.”

    Sputnik: China’s always been very robust in its actions and its desire and command and control over the South China Sea, what benefits is Britain ultimately trying to reap? Is this some sort of collaboration with the United States?

    Bill Hayton: Yes, I think that’s part of it, but don’t forget that in July last year three Chinese warships sailed through the English Channel through British territorial waters and the British didn’t raise any objections when the Chinese did that. And so really the British are just doing in the South China Sea what China and Russia and every other country does in the UK and American territorial waters. So really it’s kind of a bit rich for the Chinese to complain about this.

    My stress.

    Bill Hayton, Associate Fellow at Chatham House’s Asia Programme, is talking through his arse.

    Outside the British and French 12-mile limits of their respective territorial waters, the English Channel is international waters, so foreign warships are free to use it in accordance with UNCLOS, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

    Click to access UK_TS_2015_A4.pdf



  57. offGuardian:

    Skripal Case: Luke Harding’s latest work of fiction

    “The two men were dressed inconspicuously in jeans, fleece jackets and trainers as they boarded the flight from Moscow to Gatwick. Their names, according to their Russian passports, were Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov. Both were around 40 years old. Neither looked suspicious.”

    This is, as far as we know so far, true.

    “The plane trundled down the icy runway. In Moscow the temperatures had fallen below -10C, not unusual for early March. In Britain it had been snowing.”

    …and so is this. In fact, in googling “Moscow weather March 2018” Harding has displayed an uncharacteristically thorough approach to research that was rarely (if ever) evidenced in his previous works.

    “They had also packed a bottle of what appeared to be the Nina Ricci perfume Premier Jour. The box it came in was prettily decorated with flowers, it listed ingredients including alcohol and it bore the words ‘Made in France’. “

    This is where truth ends and guesses take over: there is no evidence, at all, that these two men had anything to do with the “perfume bottle” allegedly found by Charlie Rowley on June 27th and allegedly containing a powerful nerve agent. There is (as far as we know) no fingerprint or DNA evidence on the bottle, nobody saw them with the bottle, and there’s no released CCTV footage of them holding or carrying the bottle. Saying “it’s in their backpack” is meaningless without any evidence to back it up.

    “According to the Metropolitan police, the bottle in fact contained novichok, a lethal nerve agent developed in the late Soviet Union. The bottle had been specially made to be leakproof and had a customised applicator.”

    Note he doesn’t feel the need to examine, question or even verify the words of the Metropolitan Police. This is a recurring theme in Harding’s works – there are people who tell the truth (US) and people who lie (RUSSIANS). Evidence is a complication you can live without.

    Classic Harding shite!


      1. You are technically correct, in that “cum” is Latin for “with”. But some people don’t like to write the word “cum” because it has a different meaning as well, in English.


        1. And those people can write out, “for official purposes he is a technician, but he secretly functions as a government hit man”, instead of just adapting “technician-come-hit-man”. I strongly suspect those who do simply don’t know any better, and those who write for a living probably should. I know your views on the constant flux of language, but if there are to be no rules they might as well stop formally teaching it. Just let babies learn “Mama” and “Papa” at home, and then pick up the argot of the streets on their own and spell it any way they please. Sad to say, but the country would rapidly gain a reputation for ignorance. It’s an unfair world.


        2. There’s a Manchester UK suburb called Chorlton-cum-Hardy, though, and I’ve never met a Mancunian who’s too shy to say its name, but in any case, they usually just say “Chorlton”.

          The “cum” in Northwest English pronunciation is /kʊm/; the so-called BBC English pronounciation is /kʌm/.

          For me, spelling “cum” as “come” is as bad as the “Here, here!” that I often see in readers’ comments to UK newsrags.

          Anyway, I much more prefer the dated “Hear him, hear him!”


    1. Who is Luke Harding?

      Award winning, insipid, venomous, perennial Russia hater and one of the few western journalists to ever be expelled from the Russian Federation, Luke Harding, who I have taken to task before for his insidious, factually-challenged, horrendously disgusting and completely biased articles about Russia, yet who claims to be a “Russia expert”, has recently published another book called “The Snowden Files” about something he also knows nothing about, this time the inside story on Edward Snowden.

      His “work” if we can call it that, and any intelligent individual out there can easily access it and analyze it themselves, has one constantly underlining theme: demonize Russia and its president, and one underlining method; take anything you can find and spin it to match that meme.

      In this regard it is thus almost obvious that the individual is performing a function and that someone behind the scenes is pulling the strings. With the case of the “The Snowden Files” this attempt at either spinning, misconstruing facts or claiming to have inside knowledge is so blatantly obvious that any thinking person can see the strings being pulled. In this regard the “book” is a so poorly constructed that is exposes more about the people behind it than the person it attempts to have intimate knowledge about.

      As for the “author”, and his material says this more than anything, he is a mere instrument for the continued dissemination of Russo phobia, anti-Russia/Putin propaganda and obviously has little regard for journalistic ethics, sourcing and all of the other issues that real journalists are concerned about.

      So what is the hack writer and why would he publish books claiming to have inside information on people he has never met (The Snowden Files), publish outlandish right wing talking points and claims demonizing Russia and President Putin (The Mafia State) and take part in hits jobs (The Fifth Estate) on organizations such as WikiLeaks, which he knows nothing about? There are two possibilities: either he is just a profiteer looking to make a buck or he is employed in carrying out carefully orchestrated disinformation operations for the security services. If the latter is true then it shows that UK security’s standards have definitely fallen.


      1. Yes, churning out book after book has probably turned out a nice little earner for Lukey-boy; never mind that there is no analysis at all in his books. No – the ‘A’ category is all taken up by ‘Assumptions’ and ‘Assholery’. His modus operandi meshes perfectly with the British government’s wild accusations and proofless assertions.


    1. Mmmm…I see. So the ship was specifically designed to provide naval fire support to amphibious assaults and bombard targets inland with advanced long range projectiles…which were canceled. So now they have a ship designed to bombard targets inland with ill wishes and not much else. Well done, good show.


  58. Latest news from Britain’s Ground Zero is that the decontaminaton of the house has begun, apparently after Wiltshire Council’s consultation with its former residents.

    Where and when did Wiltshire Council officers speak to the Skripals about decontaminating the house? Are council officers still in contact with them?

    Why are the people in the photos in the linked article below not wearing protective HazMat suits? Shouldn’t the entire street have been evacuated?


  59. It’s heartening to know the British police are at least getting top-hole equipment for the money the country spends on law enforcement. The new equipment can detect Novichok, apparently, in amounts so miniscule that they are perfectly safe for the public, even though it is 5 to 8 times more toxic than VX nerve agent, a lethal dose of which is 10 milligrams via skin contact.

    But the British police found ‘tiny amounts of Novichok’ in the killers’ room at the City Stay Hotel in Bow. So tiny that there was no danger to the public from this five-to-eight-times-more-deadly-than-VX nerve agent. Which kind of mirrors the official statement that if you bought Nina Ricci Premier Jour perfume and it did not have a dicky FSB-looking applicator, then it is perfectly safe and you are not to worry.

    But the table the Skripals sat at in Zizzi’s was so loaded with poison that it had to be burnt, and the restaurant remains closed for business. Dawn Sturgess, who came in contact with what the police and British government say was Novichok from the same batch used to attack the Skripals, went down in 15 minutes according to her boyfriend, and died quite soon thereafter. The Skripals were not affected for hours, and neither died (allegedly) but their table was like a souvenir of Chernobyl. The sample which killed Sturgess was four months older, but the British press keeps covering all those holes by saying Novichok can remain toxic for months or years so long as it is in a container. American experts tell us it is specially formulated to not wash off with water, a nerve agent for all seasons. That’s probably how it gave Charlie Rowley meningitis, just to have the last laugh on him because he washed his hands and didn’t die after spilling Novichok on himself while trying to fit the special GRU applicator to the leakproof bottle. Which begs the question why a special and distinctive applicator which looks different from any other bottle of Nina Ricci perfume was necessary. If so, why try to make it look like Nina Ricci perfume? It certainly wouldn’t fool anybody who examined it closely. And if there was little risk of anyone examining it closely, why go to all the trouble of making it look like a commercial perfume? Any of this not adding up for you?


    1. Plausibility pap for retards. Like the trail of Polonium leading back to Moscow in the Litvinenko case. Apparently Russians don’t know anything about hazardous materials treatment. OJ Simpson knew enough to dump his allegedly bloody clothes he wore while murdering is estranged wife, but Russian professional assassins leave all sorts of “more lethal than VX” traces everywhere they allegedly were.

      Putting it another, way, the “Russians” (who could have been MI6 directed Banderites) conveniently left incriminating evidence everywhere.

      This is where we get back to using an exotic compound or a knife. One professional stroke of the knife leaves the victim 99.9999999% dead (the residual is for a miracle of God), while the exotic poison fails to kill or even disable (as it would if it was a VX grade nerve agent) the targets. Professional assassins are in it for the participation and not for the execution of the task, apparently.


  60. And according to Britain’s go-to chemical-weapons expert, Hamish de Bee-Gee, the fake perfume bottle could only have been produced in the Kremlin’s labs, probably only under Putin’s supervision, and would have cost the Russian state thousands of pounds to make and months of development work. He obviously has a pretty low opinion of Russian engineering and fabrication – it’s just a stock Nina Ricci sample bottle with a goofy-looking plastic spout which probably took a half-hour to make.

    The British newspapers are becoming too stupid to go on quoting. Nobody in their right mind would believe this stupid story. Illuminating details include the ‘one-way’ applicator nozzle so it was impossible for novichok to leak out in transit. Except the bottle and the applicator were in two pieces, remember, because Charlie Rowley spilt it on himself whilst trying to fit the applicator to the bottle. Only Russians would be so dumb as to design a leak-proof applicator and then not put it on the bottle. This case is driving me crazy with its stupidity – is that the aim, to just make people lose their minds under a barrage of stupid theories that all contradict one another?


    1. How did British airport security allow the “two men from Russia” to import a bottle with an unknown liquid? If they were doing their jobs there would have been all sorts of red flags that would trigger a detailed search of these two.

      Also, why the f*ck would they bring in such a large amount of the claimed nerve agent? Even the smallest commercial bottle of perfume would hold enough nerve agent to kill thousands of people.


      1. There would also be video of the the baggage screening area that should show them and their bags being x-rayed, perhaps hand-searched, presuming their luggage was hand-carried. So, where is the video?


  61. Ukraine continues to shed rivets in its power dive. The Finance Minister spins the arrival of an IMF mission as a good sign that the purse-strings are about to be loosened, but I’ll be very surprised if that is the case, and if it is there will be only a little dribble of funding which will be instantly absorbed without any visible benefit. Ukraine thus far has banked less than half of the IMF bailout package – certainly not because it doesn’t want all the money, but because it can’t qualify for it – and the funding expires at the end of 2019. The package totals $17.5 Billion, and professional assessments of the amount needed to get the country back on its feet are $50-$70 Billion.

    A bleak picture – but wait! It gets worse. Ukraine’s debt obligations will peak in 2018-2020, the hryvnia has fallen 8 percent since the last rate-setting meeting on July 12 and foreign exchange reserves have fallen below the key international measure of three months’ worth of imports.

    The IMF wants the government to raise gas prices. Miserable but trapped, the government knows it is the kiss of death to do it, but the country is broke. Enter Yulia Tymoshenko, following her flawless political instincts – she announces that if the government raises prices, parliament should be sacked. That kind of populist rhetoric is what she thinks will get her elected, and she’s probably right. Once elected, will Tymoshenko raise the rates? You better believe it. She’ll make some excuse how she didn’t want to do it, but she’s all out of choices – perhaps fall to her knees and scream “People of Ukraine, forgive me!!” as she is wont to do when things go pear-shaped. But first you have to get elected, and you can be excused for saying anything you think you need to to get across that line.

    Next year is the end of the gas contract with Russia. Ukraine makes a big noise about not having taken any Russian gas for 1000 days now, but what it means by that is that it buys Russian gas third-hand from western suppliers, paying a premium for the ‘laundering’, which it doesn’t mind spending because the money is a gift from the west. That’s a system that cannot continue. Once Nord Stream II comes on line, Ukraine’s leverage is a thing of the past, and if it threatens to shut off the gas to Europe, Gazprom will just laugh and say “Go ahead”. Gas may still transit through Ukraine, but only if it is profitable for Russia to do it, which means Ukraine’s days of setting transit fees according to how much money it needs to get through the week are done. You can’t get people to the negotiating table out of pity, or if you have nothing anybody wants.


  62. What a treat for readers who appreciate historical analysis by those who were there when history was made – yes, friends, perhaps inspired by the Luke Harding gravy-train of publishing, former President of France and walking fashion show Francois Hollande has thrown his chapeau into the ring as an author.

    His new book promises to be riveting; a mere teaser carries the shattering news that Putin lost his temper in an argument with Poroshenko, and blurted out the truth – Russian active-duty soldiers are in Ukraine! Hollande, of course, speaks fluent Russian. Or the other two were arguing in French; I forget.

    Here’s how it happened. Goaded to madness by his inability to squash gentle Ukraine beneath his grimy thumb, Putin slipped over the edge, and threatened to ‘decisively crush Poroshenko’s forces’. This proves beyond all doubt that Russian soldiers are in Ukraine! Because Russia would be completely unable to crush Ukraine’s forces if this were not so, obvieusement. See ‘non-sequitur’ for other pictures of Francois Hollande.


  63. Here’s a funny one for you, if you appreciate comedy: Rolandas Krisciunas, the Ambassador to the United States for Lithuania, has written an angry letter to Wal-Mart, excoriating the company for marketing clothing which bears the legend “CCCP”, and the hammer and sickle logo. According to the angry Lithuanian, “Horrific crimes were carried out under the Soviet symbols of the hammer and sickle. When the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania, hundreds of thousands of our citizens were killed, exiled, tortured, raped, separated from their families. Similar fates struck dozens of millions of other innocent people, including children, across Europe and across the globe.”

    When Nazi Germany occupied Lithuania, the country’s Jewish population was all but wiped out. Although modern Lithuania presents it as having been a devil’s choice in which Lithuania threw in its lot with the Nazis because it was crying out to be free of Stalinist occupation, records show the Lithuanian government of the day collaborated with the Nazis in every sense of the word, offering its willingness to be part of the reorganization of Europe on Hitler’s ‘New Foundations’, once he was victorious.

    Reds bad – Nazis…not so bad. To be fair, Wal-Mart is not contemplating the issue of clothing bearing the swastika. But I get the sense that if it did, the Baltics would be among the least likely to complain.


  64. “Украина пробила дно”: в Киеве рассказали о национальном позоре
    01:15 08.09.2018

    “The Ukraine has hit rock bottom”: in Kiev thay have spoken about national shame.

    MOSCOW, September 8 — RIA Novosti. The Ukraine has struck rock bottom as regards all its scandals and shame, said the former Minister of Transport and Communications of the country, Yevhen Chervonenko, commenting on the words about Adolf Hitler made by the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Andriy Parubiy.

    Parubiy had spoken live on air on one of Ukrainian TV channels, calling Hitler “a great” democrat. He added that he had personally studied direct democracy “on a scientific level”, and urged that the “contribution” of the Führer in its development not be forgotten.

    “Our country has long struck rock bottom and crossed the line of international decency as regards all its scandals and shame, as a consequence of which in any country there would not only be moral condemnation, resulting in resignations, but also criminal prosecution”, said Chervonenko on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

    He added that impunity for such statements is the direct result of the glorification of fascism, in particular, the activities of the SS division “Galicia”.

    Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in the Austrian village Ranshofen and was the founder and central figure of national socialism and founder of the Third Reich dictatorship. His politics became one of the main reasons for the outbreak of the Second World War.

    The SS division “Galicia” was created in 1943 in Western Ukraine with the permission of the German occupation authorities. In the summer of 1944 the Red army crushed this compound near the town of Brody.

    Sieg Heil?

    Why is this piece shit welcomed in the West by the “great and the good”?

    There are some, however, who query the handshakability of this piece of shit:

    The missing points of Ukrainian neonazi’s welcome to Holyrood
    CONRAD LANDIN asks why the Scottish Parliament unthinkingly oblige when Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh invited them to applaud Parubiy on Thursday morning?

    Most, it seems, don’t.

    It’s what is called realpolitik.


    1. Wanna cookie?

      Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum? Cardinal Parolin, Secretary of State to the Vatican handshakes a piece of filth. The Vatican supporting Nazis? What a surprise!

      Welcome to the “Mother of Parliaments, arsehole!

      (above) In the Hallowed Neo-Gothic halls of the Palace of Westminster. During meetings there with the Chairman of the Defence Committee of the House of Commons, the Nazi Speaker of the Ukraine Verkhovna Rada gave effusive thanks for the effective programme of exercises that British instructors were carrying out for the benefit of the Ukraine military and also for British help in Ukraine law making. As regards “national security and defence”, it would be interesting to know what countries the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland turns to when it discusses its national security.

      Parubiy in London with former Labour MP and NATO Secretary-General, Lord George Robertson, October 2015.

      Also a former UK Minister of Defence, George Islay MacNeill Robertson, aka Baron Robertson of Port Ellen of Islay in Argyll and Bute, KT, GCMG, PC, FRSA, FRSE, is a British Labour Party “politician”, a Labour Party “Life Peer”, a placeman in the House of Lords. He was the 10th Secretary General of NATO from 1999 to 2004 and is a typically Labour Party comprador.

      When he was 15, he was arrested during protests against the USN submarine base at Faslane, Scotland.


      1. And, lest we forget, the western nations openly and wholeheartedly made Ukraine a partner in the MH17 investigation, brushing aside any suggestion that it must itself be regarded as a suspect, allowing Ukraine unfettered access to the evidence and reporting on the progress of investigation, and even granting it equal rights in a veto of any release of the investigations’ conclusion, if it didn’t like the way it was looking. Russia was being called upon to accept the judgment of an international tribunal even before that rigged investigation was complete, an international tribunal which would sit in judgment of Russia and no doubt would include Ukraine. The UK was a prominent and vocal member of that international investigation, as I best remember events. And yet the UK’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations remarked just the other day that you don’t invite an arsonist to help you investigate a suspicious fire, particularly when they are the arsonist who set it. Is it too much to ask for a little consistency here?


      2. You can see the chemistry between Andriy Parubiy and Victoria Nuland, as though they recognise each other from previous lives when they were naught but pond slime and the rest of us were higher up the evolutionary ladder.


  65. Wednesday, 5 September, 2018: The George Washington University, Washington D.C. :

    Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen Remarks: Rethinking Homeland Security in an Age of Disruption
    Release Date: September 5, 2018

    The balance of power that has characterized the international system for decades has been corroding. America’s unipolar moment is at risk. Power vacuums are springing up across the globe and are quickly filled by hostile nation-states, terrorists, and transnational criminals.

    They all share a common goal: they want to disrupt our way of life — and many are inciting chaos, instability, and violence.

    Nielsen quite accurately described the current state of the global system, as well as major trends in world politics, in that the unipolar world of Pax Americana is crumbling. She and others in the USA really do not like this and, therefore, equate terrorists and criminals with states that simply wish to conduct an independent policy from that of the “Exceptional Nation” that believes it has a “Manifest Destiny” to lead the “civilized world”.


    1. Precisely. Most of these ‘power vacuums’ which are ‘springing up’ mark unsuccessful attempts by the west to engineer a legacy government sympathetic to western aims, and most of them could not give a toss what happens in the United States so long as it minds its own business, far less are plotting to destabilize it. The big trouble with Washington – well, one of the biggest – is its tendency to view any resistance to its manipulations abroad as resistance to the spread of freedom, and consequently an undemocratic and authoritarian position. Let us meddle, or else you hate freedom.


  66. For English football fans:


    Let’s see how the rabidly Russophobic British media rightfully deal with this person who seems willing to play for the evil Russians.

    Terry. Does he realize what he’s letting himself in for?


    1. Terry has “form” which was downplayed for years. When he makes the usual anodyne remarks about being thrilled with life in Mordor, negative press will resume.


  67. In case anyone has doubts about the Novichok hoax being anything other than a UK government smear job, consider the assassination of the head of the Donetsk Republic. A terrorist attack using a bomb in a cafe killed him and 11 others who were mostly innocent bystanders. Even though it is obvious who did it, NATzO is hiding behind the anonymity of the bomb. Now consider the Skripal case, lots of effort is expended to characterize the weapon (Novichok) as an exclusively Russian manufactured substance (even though you can get the recipe by buying a book on Amazon) that points directly at Putin. The video of the two alleged GRU agents (why would Russia use military intelligence for assassinations?) is just window dressing (and easily hoaxed). As with Polonium and Litvinenko, the use of an exotic weapon is the fingerprint of a frame up job. If Russia had blown up Litvinenko and the Skripals (and possibly many bystanders) would the UK have had its “undeniable case”. No way, it would be forced to prove that the bomb was planted by Russians and even if it can find two Banderites to pose for the role, the case is tenuous at best.

    BTW, Russia has the resources to deliver a bomb to the UK without having to deal with border control agents. The UK can’t monitor every inch of its coasts 24/7.


    1. Making false 911 calls simply to cause problems for someone else (often part of a ongoing personal dispute) is called “swatting” as in SWAT team. The caller may alleges some sort of hostage situation which apparently triggers a SWAT team response.

      At least one of these false 911 calls has resulted in murder by the police of an innocent man.



    A Dallas police officer who entered the wrong apartment, having allegedly mistaken it for her own home, and fatally shot a young man could be facing criminal charges, police said.

    Botham Shem Jean, a 26-year-old native of the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, was killed Thursday night by a “Caucasian female” officer who entered the wrong apartment in her building, according to Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall.

    I suspect that there is more to this story than apartment confusion. Love affair gone bad? Racial hatred? I suppose she will walk with a suspended sentence.


  69. All the scum calling Trump a “white nationalist” and “racist” are pure and utter scum.

    BTW, South African whites did not merely seize black lands:

    1) Black tribes were nomadic and actually blacks migrated to South Africa after whites settled there.

    2) Whites actually developed the farm infrastructure under arid conditions. They built those farms from scratch and did not seize them from blacks.

    3) The current black racists are engaging in Zimbabwe style expropriation and anti-white terror in the name of their apartheid victimhood. How cute, just as the US-based SJW slime, that young punk black racist did not even experience apartheid for most of his life.

    4) As in the case of Zimbabwe, South Africa’s racist actions will produce total failure in its agricultural sector. These racist pinheads (actually all racists are mentally deficient) think they will get operational farms and just coast in neutral on them. The people getting these farms are not competent to operate them, just like in Zimbabwe.

    Russia should distance itself from this racist toilet. And it seems that the South African regime is already lashing out at Russia, probably because Russian diplomats tried to convince them to ease off the racist insanity:

    Petty BS harassment. Like Brazil, South Africa is not an ally and is a waste of space. Russian needs to find another GLONASS tranceiver site before these clowns destroy it.


    1. The white farmers did indeed build a successful agricultural system from barren lands. Black African claims as less convincing than
      American blacks claims for massive compensation from their service as slaves which, in turn, is less convincing than native American claims regarding broken treaties.

      I suppose a gradual transference of lands with reasonable compensation to the white farmers could work. But, it would seem more fair and more likely to succeed to support black Africans in developing additional farm lands. Not a “separate but equal” scenario but rather encouragement of black entrepreneurship.

      If you have traveled through South Africa, I am sure you would agree that the level of security (as evidenced by electrified barbed wire on every fence and every door on homes and stores) suggests a level of crime near saturation. As much as I support development of Africa for Africans, land appropriation in South African is simply wrong in my opinion.


      1. “land appropriation in South African is simply wrong in my opinion.”

        Of course it is… a dumb shit means to an end….no good can come of it.

        The problem is that both South Africa and Zimbabwe are being run by morons and/or tools of western neocolonial ambitions……they don’t give a fuck about ‘evryday people’…white or black.


    2. “1) Black tribes were nomadic and actually blacks migrated to South Africa after whites settled there.”

      Yeah..sorta like how the Palestinians were nomadic and migrated to Gaza long after the jews had settled there.

      BTW , the indigenous BLACK peoples of South Africa moved around WITHIN what is today called South Africa. They did not migrate from afar ,e.g Phobos ,Ganymede, Siberia etc..

      “2) Whites actually developed the farm infrastructure under arid conditions. They built those farms from scratch and did not seize them from blacks.”

      Actually ‘they’-White european colonizing racist interloping vermin seized the entirety of subsaharan africa and rather predictably proceeded to fight like rabid cats and dogs over the African carcass:

      South Africa…The post apartheid reality: