Imagine My Surprise

Uncle Volodya says, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I had this crazy dream last night. It must have been next year sometime, because it was the opening ceremony for the Nord Stream II pipeline, in Germany. President Putin was there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony (naturally), flanked by a beaming Gerhard Schroeder and Donald Tusk. Maros Sefcovic was aglow with bonhomie as he presented the ceremonial silver shears, and a beaming Petro Poroshenko, backed by members of the Atlantic Council, applauded politely as Mr. Putin stepped forward to cut the ribbon. As the two cut ends fluttered to the floor, a pig flew in through the open window, and described a lazy parabola around the ceiling fixture. Stroking past me, it executed a casual barrel-roll, winked, and burst into a cloud of red sparks: Lady Ashton – caught in mid-clap – exclaimed, “Gosh!” It looked like a Berkshire to me, although I am not a reliable judge of swine.

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I’m just kidding, of course; there was no dream. That was just stage-setting. But you’re getting good, and require less and less such trimmings, and I know you spotted right away what made the situation ridiculous enough that it must have been a dream. That’s right! With the exception of Messrs Putin and Schroeder, none of the people mentioned would be happy at the opening of Nord Steam II. The Atlantic Council, in particular, would rather crawl through the garbage chute the day after the annual seafood buffet. In case you are unsure about their rigid and unblinking opposition to the project, you might want to refresh yourself with this: “Nord Stream 2 is a Bad Deal for Europe”.

The authors – a Lithuanian-born American who is also the author of “The New Politics of Natural Gas”, a paean of approval for American shale gas, and a fellow Lithuanian who is an intern at NATO’s Energy Security Section – list four reasons why Nord Stream II must be stopped. Just before we start looking at them, I’d like you to remember the alternative is the status quo ante: continued transit through Ukraine. The amounts will be roughly the same, but one option will see gas transiting through Ukraine as it does now, and one will not. Let’s examine each point in their argument in that context, because if they are arguing that Nord Stream II should not be built – and they are – they should be able to demonstrate how the present option improves upon the possibility. Ready? Let’s get started.

One: it undermines European energy security strategy. Really? How would it do that, in a way the current situation does not? How secure is having 30%-plus of your gas supply shut off? Doesn’t sound like much of a strategy to me. Has that ever happened under the current system? Sure has. It was blamed on Russia, of course, by Ukraine, which was siphoning off large amounts of gas meant for Europe for its own use and profit, confident that Russia would not dare shut the gas off because it was Europe’s supply. Beautiful, no? Ukraine gets free gas, as much as it wants, and the Russians grind their teeth in frustration but can ultimately do nothing. That was when Russia and Ukraine got along more or less all right, although Ukraine has regularly tried to leverage its gas-transit status. The two countries are now bitter enemies, and there is no incentive whatsoever for Ukraine to safeguard Russia’s interests, while there is every incentive to steal from Russia at any opportunity, since it will get a pat on the head from the west for doing it. A track record of pilfering, followed by deteriorating relations and an environment in which hatred of its gas supplier is encouraged: hmmmm…I’m not getting that old it’ll-be-all-right feeling.

Merriam-Webster defines “security” as “the quality or state of being secure: such as (a) freedom from danger, and (b) freedom from fear or anxiety”.

The more pipelines Russia builds into Europe, the more nervous Europe gets. Under the current system, I count four – Yamal, Brotherhood, Soyuz and Nord Stream I.  The authors assume – likely correctly – that Brotherhood and Soyuz, through Ukraine, will be phased out, or will be used only for domestic delivery within Ukraine rather than carrying supplies for Europe, which would be subject to transit fees. So, four pipelines, scary – three pipelines…so much more scary? Does that make sense? Or does it sound more like making up reasons to be scared? Granted, under certain circumstances, Russia probably could pump more gas into Europe using three pipelines than it currently can using four, because Ukraine’s gas transit system is falling to pieces. Circumstances like, say, if Europe asked for more gas. If Russia pumps more gas than Europe needs, does Europe have to buy it? Show me that, in any agreement or proposal. If Europe asks for more gas and Russia supplies it at the agreed price, how does that threaten Europe’s energy security strategy? Is it more strategic to ask for gas that cannot be supplied, or something? Help me out here.

Two: it will help Russia export corruption to Europe. Ha, ha! Sorry; I didn’t mean to laugh out loud, but I couldn’t help it, that was just so stupid. How many Billion Cubic Meters (BCm) of corruption per day do you think Russia could get through a pipeline? More than it is already, I mean, piping it through Ukraine, where it damn sure picks up some corruption on the way – Ukraine’s GDP is still more than half controlled by its oligarchy, with 45% of GDP controlled by its 50 richest citizens. The country’s president is still at the same time a flourishing businessman, whose wealth has increased significantly during his presidency even as the standard of living of his countrymen crumbled. He has continuously concealed the true state of affairs with his major earner, Roshen, because he promised during his election campaign to sell the company if elected. Although he was among the first to express shock and disgust at the opulent lifestyle of the deposed President Yanukovych, Poroshenko and his family recently took an expensive vacation to the Maldives, under assumed names. At least he’s eating responsibly, going at breakfast like a boss, eating less at lunch and still less at supper; the President spent almost $11,000.00 for breakfasts for a week. True, that was for him and eight other adults plus two children. But the per-capita GDP of Ukraine, unadjusted for purchasing power, is $2,991.63 USD. And that amount is surely skewed away from an accurate picture of what the middle class lives on by the rich upper class that screws Ukraine out of as much money as it can. So the President spent almost four times as much on breakfasts for himself and eight adults and two children, for a week, as the average Ukrainian has to live on for a year. Corruption? Don’t make me laugh – post-Maidan Ukraine was ranked the most corrupt nation in Europe by a British newspaper. If anything, piping Europe’s gas through the sea, which is neutral, should wash it clean. Assuming you could send corruption through a pipeline in the first place, which is a contender for the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. I realize they don’t mean it literally, and are alluding to the extra influence potential – but how does the current situation represent a lesser opportunity for corruption? Instead of having both Russia and the most corrupt nation in Europe trying to corrupt fragile, innocent Europe, you would only have Russia. Jesus wept; is it something in the water in Lithuania?

Ditto the alleged ‘corruption scheme’ used as a reference. Although Russia’s penchant for corruption is said to be ‘well-documented’, the reference only says Russian individuals were mentioned by name in the investigation; they were ‘suspected’ of being involved. Several European companies definitely were, and the scheme moved something like €17 Billion – and perhaps as much as €68 Billion, which range makes me suspect nobody really has much of a clue what went on – out of Russia. How is that the kind of corruption that makes Europe turn pale and clutch its pearls?

Three: explosions or military accidents could disrupt Europe’s gas supplies. Uh huh; that’s perfectly true. And do you know a situation where a lot of explosions – some of which are military accidents – occur? War. I hope this doesn’t come as a nasty surprise, but there is a war going on in Ukraine, right now. Where a large part of Europe’s gas supplies transit, not to put too fine a point on it. Wars going on right now on the Baltic seabed? Zip, as far as I know. None. How many times have entire ammunition dumps exploded in Ukraine just in the last year? Here’s ‘yet another‘. Sent ‘huge apocalyptic fireballs’ into the sky for hours, they tell me. Imagine that took place within, say, a quarter-mile of a pumping station through which part of some 30% of Europe’s gas supply was flowing. Moreover, Ukrainian militias have threatened to blow up pipelines deliberately. Such an attack indeed took place, in 2014, immediately after Gazprom announced it was cutting off supplies to Ukraine following a ‘pricing dispute’ – a polite way of saying ‘Ukraine refused to pay’. Perhaps we should not be too surprised that the pipeline attacked supplied gas to Ukraine from Slovakia, given the evident low application threshold to get into a Ukrainian militia, and the high ratio of ideological simpletons which occur therein. I could have taken a nap through this whole paragraph, because The Atlantic Council’s authors are making my point for me.

They tell us the Baltic is a shallow sea, and is littered with ‘countless mines, unexploded bombs, and sunken vessels from the two world wars’. There is every possibility some of this lurking ordnance could drift towards the pipelines and cause an explosion, according to the Lithuanian analysts. Leaving aside for a moment the more or less unobserved rate of drift in sunken vessels once they reach the bottom, if that’s true…hadn’t someone better mention this eye-popping hazard to shipping authorities? A good place to start would be Lithuania, whose Baltic shipping is projected to increase 18% between 2010 and 2030. Good call, guys; let’s get that shut down, right now.  A threat to pipelines in such a shallow sea is definitely a threat to shipping, and realistically, nothing should be moving on a body of water so littered with explosive hazards – countless, didn’t you say? Have a look at the graphic of Ro-Ro Ferry routes in the reference document, nearly all of which pass over the current Nord Stream I route.  Continuing to put innocent people in danger like that, well…well, it just looks reckless to me.

Four: Nord Stream II increases exposure to cyber risks. Does it, really? Once again, we’re comparing the present situation – above-ground pipeline transit through Ukraine – with the projected seabed transit of the Baltic, coming ashore in Germany, where no wars are ongoing at the moment. Nord Stream II will replace the Brotherhood and Soyuz supplies, not be supplemental to them, so the choice to be made is whether the current Ukrainian pipelines are a greater or lesser cyber risk than a seabed pipeline. The authors cite, to bolster their case, an alleged cyber attack on Saudi Aramco’s infrastructure. How many of Saudi Arabia’s pipelines are on the seabed? Gee: none. How many cyber attacks have there been on Russian infrastructure since the Glorious Maidan in Ukraine? A few, none that seemed to have caused any major disruption. How many cyber attacks have there been on Ukrainian infrastructure? Oh, baby. Ukraine blames them all on Russia, naturally. Well, that should be reassuring for Europe; you would hardly expect Russia to carry out a cyber attack on its own pipeline network, would you?

We’re getting to the part of the post I like to think of as ‘keeping it real’. And not one of the ‘concerns’ the Atlantic Council blogheads cite above is real; not to the extent that continuing to transit gas through Ukraine would be an improvement for anyone except Ukraine, which wants to be able to continue levying lucrative transit fees for using its pipeline network. It’s old and decrepit, and has had next to no maintenance in the last 25 years; bringing it up to a reliable standard would cost a lot of money. Estimates vary, but it is a fact that Russia offered $4.5 Billion toward the cost, under conditions in which Ukraine would remain the main transit country. What happened? Well, you know, don’t you? The Glorious Maidan happened, and the new kangaroo government aborted all plans to create a gas consortium with Russia, offering instead to create one with the United States. Using its pipelines to Ukraine, I suppose. Well, do it – what are you waiting for?

Europe is under tremendous pressure from Washington to break off any plans with Russia to build Nord Stream II. Just because Washington does not want Europe to be dependent on Russian energy – but it has no reasonable alternative to propose. US LNG, shipped by tankers? Please – that’d be a more reliable source of supply? That would be even worse than continuing to take Russian gas through Ukraine, which at least has large underground gas storage facilities to respond to sudden increases in demand during peak periods. The trouble with a sudden increase in demand is that it’s…well…sudden. What’s the USA going to do in that instance? Sortie its huge LNG tanker fleet all at once, full speed ahead to Europe? Take a look at a map, and see the distance shipborne supplies have to travel. Then take a look at the size of the USA’s LNG-tanker fleet. Then run into the wall, headfirst, hard as you can – but only if buying US-supplied LNG still seemed like a good idea to you by that point.

Look; Europe is an adult – theoretically. It is perfectly capable of making decisions in its own interest. If it wants to make decisions that are in Washington’s interest, and suffers as a consequence because Washington does not have the wherewithal to protect it from calamity, isn’t that justice? Sure looks like it to me.

I see you holding a busted straight, Europe – how many cards do you want?


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  1. Either these people at Atlantic Council have lost their senses, or people they target with their nonsense have.


  2. “Europe is an adult – theoretically. It is perfectly capable of making decisions in its own interest”

    ‘theoretically’ is key here. German foreign minister Heiko Maas reminds us Western Europe’s Atlanticist schoolyard gang becomes very insecure without their biggest, baddest bully keeping them at the point of confrontation:

    USA Senator Mark Warner essentially has made the same point, demanding ‘other Americans’ in the room at any meeting with Putin. Why? In the case of the Germans, change in the status quo is likely a big piece of the irrational fear (underlying reason would be lack of the simplest ability to engage creative thinking.) As well, damage to the underlying social-political structures propping the Germans up… a kind of ‘we’d like to have your gas but we really don’t want to be your ‘friend’, because accepting Russia on straightforward terms as an equal partner one could be social with in polite company (in the conservative German mentality) is sort of like a demand to give up the perception all Russian women have a prostitute’s mentality (the other European states political class are simply less able or less inclined to finesse this.) Insofar as the American gang members, in addition to the immediate, preceding social prejudice (is it actually the animus towards Orthodoxy?), there is a tremendous insecurity concerning the little looked at idea the economy could (should, would) collapse if the armaments industry were to become more or less redundant (sales to suffer significant drop.) I could go on but it’s 08:00 Central Europe Time and the day beckons…


    1. 18:00 and day is done… maybe those ‘noises’ coming out of Germany’s foreign ministry are a sop to the future (return to the past) anticipating the day Trump has packed his bags & departed the White House. If there is any one certain truth in this world, my view would be the cowardice of the German politician has to be a contender –


    2. Good morning, Ron; yes, what struck me about it is the feebleness of the overall defense. There is literally nothing about a pipeline, or the energy that flows through it, that either enables any of the negatives attributed to it, or increases the pressure upon Europe to accept them. It might be different if Russia were giving the gas to Europe, or selling it at below market value, but the American argument seems to be that because America cannot sell gas to Europe as cheaply as Russia can, the geography that placed America halfway around the world from Europe while Russia is right next door constitutes nepotism on the part of the Creator. Otherwise, Russia is selling a commodity and Europe is buying it. There is an opportunity for corruption, yes, as there always is where such large amounts of money are involved and there is state-to-state business, but Europe is no backslider itself when it comes to corruption, and cynical decisions to rob from the public purse are as likely to originate on either side. Meanwhile, the notion that things should remain as they are, and that Europe’s gas supply should continue to be filtered through a country that is simultaneously one of the greediest on earth, and one of the most desperate just makes no sense from the viewpoint of the consumer, or from the vendor. It only makes sense when you consider the strategic imperatives of Washington, and it is these the Atlantic Council seeks to protect.


  3. “… [Grigas and Trakimavicius] tell us the Baltic is a shallow sea, and is littered with ‘countless mines, unexploded bombs, and sunken vessels from the two world wars’ …”

    Grigas and Trakimavicius must not have looked very deeply or they would have discovered that mysterious Russian submarines that spook the Swedish navy from time to time also lurk, Loch Ness monster-style, in the Baltic Sea.

    I guess the notion that the gas pipeline could be buried in the seabed away from the left-over WWII relics, or the relics cleared before the pipeline is laid down, has never occurred to these failed comedians.

    Thanks Mark for another great post.


    1. Indeed, another great article by Mark. The whole situation is surreal. Must be the high level of detachment from reality by today’s elites and public.

      The notion that the USA will supply the EU with LNG is pure nonsense.


  4. Aren’t Grigas and Trakimavicius characters in the Asterix comic books?

    Let me propose a slight modification to the Council’s name to better reflect its output:

    The ARtlantic Council.

    You have to admit, it does produce quite trippy reports. Personally I think it can be summed up in one image:

    Taking the piss.


  5. Just watched the BBC Turd Service’s coverage of the Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki.

    It was a good press conference.

    One of the last questions came from an AP reporter demanding that Trump confront Putin over hacking/collusion etc. He seems to have forgotten his place for it is Trump who is elected and makes policy, but not AP. He did sound a bit nervous too.

    As soon as the conference was over, al-Beeb s’Allah’s diplo correspondent Lyse Doucett was asked by the anchor for her reactions and she was having palpitations, using words like ‘amazed’ , ‘audible gasps’ etc. Yet again, mere journalists think they have the right to direct people who have been elected.

    It got even better after that. The anchor asked the head of the Ukraine OSCE (Alexander Hug) mission about Crimea, Ukraine (tomorrow’s the anniversary of the MH17 shoot down…) etc. the usual loaded questions to which he either ignored outright or remained strictly neutral.

    They’re just flailing with outrage and its truly pathetic. As I have said before, and I will say again, these senior journalists cut their teeth during the age of western global intervention post 1989 and that is all they know and understand. They simply cannot accept that the west cannot do whatever it likes, whenever it likes. The consequences are not only real, but immediate (i.e. not several years down the line like the destruction of Libya led to mass economic/political/whatever migration to Europe – something the Pork Pie News Networks have learned not to mention since).

    So, lots of angry senior journalists.

    I’ve never really considered where they they were on the Kubler-Ross scale of the Degrees of Greif, mostly because they are irrelevant to world events unless they are in sync with the powers that be. Fuckem all. Not the good, independent ones obviously.


    1. al-beeb s’Allah’s US correspondent Gary O’Donahugh just said that “it was really brave” of the AP reporter to ask his questions of Trump? ‘Brave’? In Helsinki? Yes, the fucktard journos are loosing their minds, in public.

      Who says being disabled means you can’t be a dick (O’Donahugh is blind)? The BBC shafted him back in 2008: Five-figure payout for BBC reporter taken off the TV news ‘because he was blind’


  6. Independent:

    Donald Trump is so easily manipulated by a foreign power that he has virtually become Russia’s agent
    Putin decided to unpack a large bag of juicy currant buns to attract the attention of the American president. Tasty. Putin offered him the opportunity to disown his own intelligence agencies’ claim that the Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential elections. Chomp. ‘There was no collusion’. Another bun. ‘There was zero collusion’. Satisfied burp.

    Sean O’Grady
    30 minutes ago

    Donald Trump American President this and “Putin” that….

    Written by the Deputy Managing Editor of that rag.

    I wonder what a “juicy” current bun is like?

    All wet and soggy?


    1. I’d be careful of smarting off about Trump in that fashion – he is known to be vindictive. And I have never seen anyone on earth who can match the British for one-dimensional thinking, in which their own political intrigues are devoid of manipulation, and are just simple, straightforward exercises in telling it like it is.


    1. Probably never thought he would see the day when the country’s national debt was bigger than its annual GDP, either. But that’s too big a problem to talk about, and everybody loves a patriotic circus.


  7. The response to this summit was predictable.

    Trump will now come under pressure to prove that he is not a Russian puppet.
    Which will be bad news for Russia.

    I really don’t understand what the Russian side think they will get out of this.

    Can anyone suggest what this is?

    Summits only work if they have the support of the political establishment – this doesn’t and it will polarise opinion in the USA.

    Trump’s base may like it / so domestically it will help Trump

    – sanctions will remain
    – NATO will expand and carry on exercises on the border
    – USA will continue to renege on any agreements
    – Syria ?
    – Iran ?
    Ukraine ?

    What was the point of this meeting?


    1. All of that was going to happen anyway. The west will keep the pressure on until it goes bankrupt and cannot find someone to lend it the money to continue, or until someone goes too far and war breaks out. But really, how has this hurt Russia? The longer it can stave off an outright attack by the west, the stronger it grows while the west is in disarray and constant fighting between its various factions. This summit is most unlikely to contribute to western unity, and that is good for Russia.


    2. Russia has likely given up on Western governments/deep state. Rather, they directly appeal to the masses, the deplorables, those who do not kiss ass. It may take a generation to substantially change the beliefs of a billion people or so but, to date, Russia is making good progress. And Trump, IMO, senses which way the wind is blowing.


    3. To James:
      Well, if nothing else, it was fun to watch the whole American lame-stream media blow their respective gaskets!

      P.S. – great new post, Mark.


  8. Trump-Putin meeting entertainment value snippits: Former CIA Director John Brennan tweets:

    “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.””

    “High crimes & misdemeanors” is the USA’s constitutional language justifying impeachment. Brennan’s precedent is a blow-job (Lewinsky.) The high crimes & misdemeanors legal standard had already become a joke at the hands Congress in the 1990s.

    Then you have Putin extends an invitation to special counsel (fmr FBI Director) Robert Mueller to send investigators to Russia to be present at the interrogation of the perpetrators of what amounted to nothing more than a click-bait scheme that had been indicted by the USA for interfering in the USA’s election, that’s nothing less than brilliant … watch the bloggo-sphere light up with satire if Mueller takes the bait or, the Russians can shrug and say ‘we offered opportunity’ when he doesn’t dare (look like the world class clown he actually is.)


    1. Well, it should go without saying that Trump is an idiot, and whatever he says about it in terms of his own appraisal can be safely ignored, as he might say the opposite tomorrow. But on the face of it his suggestion that the short ‘summit’ has restored the America-Russia relationship to whatever passes for normal is comical, so at least it isn’t entirely without value. His brushing-off of the US Intelligence agencies’ ‘conclusions’ will infuriate just about everyone in America and the Dummycrats most of all, although this was exactly the performance the latter hoped for. Clinton will be having fantasies about being restored to her rightful throne by summer’s end.

      The Russian-interference story was always silly and incredible, but a lot of people have misjudged how deeply-invested Americans are in its being true, those who actually helped Trump get elected most of all, since they don’t want to blame themselves. And the Democrats need a hobbyhorse to ride to prominence in the polls; there’s nothing like wronged victim for that.

      Mueller will never go for sending investigators to Russia, because the US investigative technique relies on the investigated being totally in the state’s power and helpless, unknowing what tools might be arrayed against him to break him, never knowing when what he says or does is being recorded and analyzed. He must feel himself completely in the power of the American state, and completely dependent on its mercy, which in turn depends upon it getting what it wants, which is usually an abject, blubbering confession. There is no way for them to recreate that atmosphere in Russia. Besides, too much depends on Americans believing that Russia stole their election – no competing narratives will be entertained.


      1. What’s hilarious to me is, Putin could have simply handed Trump a dossier on the people surrounding Trump and it wouldn’t even have to be slanted to the Russian point of view to be damning, a sort of ‘here’s who and what’ Trump is dealing with insofar as the USA’s deep state.

        I caught Trump chief of staff (General) John Kelley’s expression at the ‘team meets team’ lunch and it indicated he’d rather be anywhere else in the universe … and yeah Trump is an idiot (anyone who’d want to be POTUS in this era would have to be intrinsically criminal, an idiot, or in some sense clinically brain dead) but I’m kind of admiring a certain fatalism I see in him; he quit fighting for his own choices of people (as ugly as they were) and allows the shadow government to surround him with people dedicated to undermining anything/everything he does that falls outside ‘the program’ and simply ignores them. What can they do? Complain to the press ‘Trump doesn’t listen?’ It would make them look disloyal, petty and helpless.

        All of that said, this thing is going to implode somewhere/somehow. Trump is like the cosmic joke embodied in the Native American trickster, whose job is best described as an ego-buster. The USA’s ego has been out-sized for a very long time and the fall is going to be precipitous. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Trump is the trigger –


        1. It looks like he decided that if they wouldn’t let him implement his own plans, he’d take theirs and run them into the ground.


          1. That occurred to me too. The Chinese (insult/curse) proverb ‘May all your dreams come true‘.

            But will they go after him for sabotage, because as we all know, the neoc*nts don’t accept that they are ever wrong or that their plans are failures? They always fall back to blaming someone/something else.

            It’ll be interesting to see how those bleating Republicans handle Trump voters. It’s not dissimilar to the leader of the UK opposition Jeremy Corbyn and all the remaining Blairite MPs who detest him even though he won the party leadership election twice, massively boosted the number of people joining the party (I think the largest in Europe). They’ve tried everything, he’s a Putin lackey, he allows anti-semitism in the party etc. etc.

            Are the pols on both sides of the Atlantic stupid enough to outrun the voting public? More shocks to come for sure.


            1. Agree that was a good one!

              I see a possible reality show series: “The Orange Swan”, about a male ballet dance troupe. The contestants play mind games, sexually harass, and viciously try to thwart each other for the plum role of the Orange Swan. There are 3 series of swans: white, black and orange. The Evil Magician controls the orange swans.
              The Donald continues to defeat his competitors week after week with insane series of fouettés. Unbeknownst to the other drakes, he receives supernatural assistance from the real Von Rothbart and the latter’s child sidekick: Ultimate Grand Supreme of the Cracker Nation, Honey Boo Boo.


      1. In response to which, Browder squawks:

        Bill Browder: British investor singled out by Putin at Trump summit says Russian leader ‘rattled’

        Bill Browder has described himself as “Putin’s No 1 enemy”. Now the Russian president had added weight to that claim by singling out the British investor at his controversial summit with Donald Trump on Monday.

        The UK-based financier appeared to be part of what the US president called an “incredible offer” by Vladimir Putin to assist American investigators in their prosecution of 12 Russian intelligence officers accused of hacking crimes during the 2016 presidential election season.

        “He offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people,” Mr Trump told reporters during a news conference in Helsinki following his joint summit with…


        “This person.” Putin almost never utters the names of his enemies — except for mine, which he lately seems to utter at every opportunity. To my mind, this can only mean that he is seriously rattled — Browder in “Time”:

        href=””>I’m Bill Browder. Here’s the Biggest Mistake Putin Made When Trying to Get Access to Me Through Trump

        I’m lodged so firmly under Putin’s skin because I’m the person responsible for getting the Magnitsky Act passed in the United States in 2012. This is a law that allows the U.S. government to freeze assets and ban visas of human-rights violators around the world. Some of these human-rights violators had killed Sergei Magnitsky, my Russian lawyer who was murdered in a Moscow jail for uncovering a massive $230 million government-corruption scheme that we’ve since traced to known Putin cronies. In essence, Putin received some of the proceeds of this crime, and he is terrified that the Magnitsky Act could be applied to his offshore fortune, which is probably one of the largest amassed in modern times….

        Since 2012, Putin has made it perhaps his largest foreign policy priority to have the Magnitsky Act repealed. But none of his efforts have worked. Not only has it not been repealed, it’s spread to six additional countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, the Baltic states and Gibraltar. There are eight other countries with Magnitsky Acts on deck: Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Australia, South Africa and Ukraine. The Magnitsky Act is going viral, and countries that have Magnitsky Acts are sanctioning Putin’s cronies, who I imagine soon will be sanctioned by other countries as well…

        In addition, the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign has investigated and found the $230 million that Sergei Magnitsky exposed and was killed over. There are now a number of live law-enforcement investigations around the world determining just who benefited from this crime. These have resulted in tens of millions of dollars of frozen assets. Furthermore, these investigations don’t only put at risk the beneficiaries of this crime, but the benificiaries [sic]of many other similar crimes. These people are ready to kill to keep their money. Losing it would be devastating.

        Putin’s latest allegation that I donated $400 million to Hillary Clinton is so ludicrous and untrue that it falls into delusion. I’ve never made a political donation to Hillary Clinton or any other political candidate. It’s in the same category as other Russian government allegations against me: they accused me of being a serial killer; they accused me of being a CIA/MI6 agent determined to destroy the Russian government; and they accused me of somehow stealing $4.8 billion of IMF money back in the 1990s that was destined for the Russian Treasury. These guys have seriously lost their cool and are beginning to make mistakes.

        The biggest mistake that Putin made in his offer today to effectively swap me for the 12 Russian agents is that he went to the wrong head of state. Although I was born in America, I emigrated to the United Kingdom 29 years ago and am a British citizen. If he really wants me, he better go talk to Theresa May, who might have a few choice words for him after Russian agents spread the military-grade nerve agent Novichok across the cathedral town of Salisbury, England. [to dodge paying US tax — ME]

        Trust me!


          1. Browder is mentioned en passant, it’s the alleged involvement of elements in the US security services which was flagged up.


        1. Browder is simply using the opportunity to spread all his ridiculous talking points again – the only thing different from what he brays every time he’s awakened is “Putin is rattled”. It would take a lot more than Bill Browder to rattle Putin, but he talks a tough game while he is safe in the UK.


            1. That’s a lot more believable – Browder probably doesn’t have $400 million to give away. But he used the incorrect amount to express such derision as to create the impression he did not give her any money at all. For most of us, $400,000.00 is still quite a tidy sum.

              I have also seen allegations that what Putin said was US Intelligence services funneled $400 Million to Clinton’s campaign.

              What he actually says here is that Browder AND HIS ASSOCIATES – meaning the officers and perhaps investors of Hermitage Capital Management – stole money from Russia, taxes which they did not pay, and that intelligence officers of the USA are believed to have been instrumental in funneling $400 Million of that money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

              It’s a bold statement; I hope he can back it up. He’s not known for winging it, like Trump, and he must have gotten that figure from somewhere. Could also be a mistranslation.


    2. He says there is no evidence of collusion, and there isn’t. The USA’s own investigative services drew as pointed conclusions as they could using qualifiers like ‘probably’ and ‘may have’, but they in fact did not find any actual evidence of collusion. What they want is for Trump to go ahead with accusations based on what his intelligence people told him, but what his intelligence people told him was that they are as sure as they can possibly be without proof. What does that mean? That they based their conclusions on what they would like to be true.


  9. 100% (almost) on!

    I’ve known this for years —for 30 years, in fact, since I started studying Russian/Soviet history as part of my higher education.

    Почему Украина перестала быть нужной и России, и Западу

    Why the Ukraine has ceased to be necessary for Russia and the West
    In the West’s plans for weakening Russia, establishing control over the territory of modern Ukraine has always played a special role. The Poles and Swedes, Austro-Hungarians and Germans rushed into the Ukraine, then came the turn of Americans. After all, the Ukraine is not only a vast and fertile land, but also the cradle of the Russian world. Kiev is called the “Mother of Russian Cities”. In the late XIX – early XX centuries, Austro-Hungary, having become afraid of the growing influence of the Russian Empire on the Slavs of Eastern Europe, invented the construct of “political Ukrainians”, which they then actively introduced amongst radical Galicians and then the “Little Russians”. [Belorussians — ME]

    In the middle of the twentieth century, the baton of Austria-Hungary was picked up by Hitlerite Germany, which also paid very great attention to the Ukraine. Stimulating the activity of the Banderites as enemies of Soviet power and the Russian world as a whole, the Third Reich simultaneously created its own plans for the future of the Ukraine, which, having been colonized by Germans, would have to be cleared of Ukrainians. The third stage in the modern history of “Project Ukraine” came in 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. Now the United States and the European Union have moved in as the main backers of “Ukraine”.

    “The Battle for the Ukraine” continues, but Western strategy is, in fact, very outdated. In the modern world, the importance of control over specific territories is weakening. In a nuclear conflict, for example, it will be completely useless if NATO troops are in Germany or the Ukraine. If both sides of the conflict use nuclear weapons, accounts will be settled in minutes. From this point of view, military control over the Ukraine will count for nothing. In the case of a conventional war without the use of nuclear weapons, control over Ukrainian territory made sense when it included the strategically important Crimean peninsula. But here again, in 2014 the United States and NATO blundered: the Crimea became Russian, and between the pro-American Ukraine and Russia, the small but viable republics of the Donbass emerged. [I’m not too sure about this claim that LPR and DPR are viable republics: they would need massive investment and military support from Russia — ME]

    If we consider the Ukraine as an economic asset, it is even less useful to the US and Europe. Spending on the maintenance of the Ukrainian government and the army is growing, and there is no payback. It’s not for nothing that Donald Trump has recently made more and more frequent, unequivocal “compliments” to Kiev. For the European Union, the Ukraine was important as long as it was the main transit territory of hydrocarbons from Russia. But against the backdrop of the construction of new gas pipelines, the “gas pipe” role of the Ukraine has been declining at a rapid pace. That’s why they are panicking in Kiev, realizing that they are losing their needfulness for Europe. After all, feeding the insatiable Kiev regime is now meaningless. Europe would be happy to rid itself of the Ukraine and throw it back to Russia, but Moscow now has absolutely no reason for solving the huge problems of this strange state. No one is going to make the Ukraine part of Russia so that Kiev propagandists can start shouting about it. Our country has no need of such unnecessary problems, this hotbed of instability, poverty and crime. Therefore, the future of Ukrainian statehood is becoming increasingly vague. As an independent state capable of supporting itself, it cannot exist in its present form.

    On the other hand, at the same time in Europe several states do not mind taking advantage of territories that are part of modern Ukraine. Poland has long wanted to take over Lvov, a place of significance for the Poles; Romania wants to regain control over Bukovina; for Hungary the accession of Transcarpathia, where a very large Hungarian minority lives, is of fundamental importance. What will remain of the Ukraine if these plans of neighbouring countries are implemented?
    Author: Ilya Polonsky


    1. And the saddest thing of all is that they brought it all upon themselves – the Ukrainians welcomed the Americans in to tear their country apart in its endless wars of domination. A few are beginning to see where things are headed, but even those people mostly see it as how it applies to their personal situation rather than the state-wrecker that it is. And the great dumb mass of the people mostly does not see it at all.


    2. The modern western plan for Ukraine does not include clearing it of Ukrainians, but in making model western consumers of them. Victory is always sweeter when the conquered exclaim, “I want to be just like you!!” But if anyone had done a realistic cost-assessment, he or she would have concluded that not only is nation-building on that scale expensive, it is manifestly unaffordable. I think the cost of fixing Ukraine is now up around $70 Billion to obtain a similar effect to what Russia thought could be done for around $17 Billion, pre-Maidan. Bearing in mind that the oligarchy will steal about half of that, you’re probably looking at about $140 Billion. The west has that kind of money if it pulls together, but nobody has the energy and dedication to oversee the distribution, blocked at every turn by the government which is interested in diverting as much of it as it can to its own uses, and if NATO coughed up that kind of money there would be nothing left over for military upkeep and expansion, to say nothing of the vanity projects which assure political legacies and re-election. And that kind of price would now only restore Ukraine to more or less what it was before the Glorious Maidan freed Ukrainians from the cruel Soviet yoke. Which is to say, the poorest country in Europe, still largely subsistent on an agrarian economy with a seasoning of heavy industry which, while generally excellent, had only one customer – Russia. With its trade ties to Russia and the EEU cut, bringing a prosperous Ukraine online is just not going to happen. The west is slowly coming to realize this, although we knew it a long time ago, but acknowledging it is still spotty. Kuh-yiv will still be able to siphon billions out of the west before The Great Abandonment. I suppose Ukraine figures that then Russia will come to the rescue. But that looks less and less likely as time goes by. In the end it will probably have to raffle off its provinces as described, in the hope that other Europeans will take over their care and upkeep. Deeply ironic to see the carve-up of Ukraine come under the guise of the ultimate independence.


    3. I never thought I will say this, but I am rooting for Poland, Romania and Hungary to get pieces of this fake state with a fake name. Naturally, Novorussia should be set free as well. The rest can wallow in the pig sty where they belong.


      1. Actually the pig sties are in the areas that Poland regards as its own (Lvov / Volhynia, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil).


        1. Venediktov getting all hot and bothered about the Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Federation, whose acquisition by the USSR was determined at The Potsdam Agreement (1945) between the victorious allied powers: Great Britain and Dominions, colonies and territories of the British Empire, the United States, and the Soviet Union.

          The city of Kaliningrad was formerly Königsberg, East Prussia, which territory was part of Nazi Germany, a most definitely “Aggressor State”, which, that, following its defeat by the above mentioned allies, paid the penalty for its aggression and territorial expansion, in that it was partially dismembered and large tracts of its former territories ceded to sovereign states that it had invaded and occupied, namely to the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Poland.

          Below: Venediktov and his Ekho Moskvy staff:

          Are you still Charlie, Mr. Venediktov?

          The insets show front pages of Charlie hebdo that read:

          Daesh: Russian air force intensifies its bombardment

          The dangers of low cost Russia: “I should have taken Air Cocaine”

          Absolutely fucking hilarious, n’est-ce pas?


  10. First let me say that we were treated to a complete total absolute bitch slapping of the American lackey Press corps in Helsinki this morning (EST) courtesy Of Presidents Putin and Trump. It was a tag team stomping pitting their balanced and reasoned statements- accompanied with reference(s) to specific supporting documented-and arguably disputed- facts :
    against the Russophobic zipperhead gibberish gushed by the members of the American press corps at the news conference. Back in the main CBS News studio in NYC….all the Bimbo/Bozo crew members were thrashing about pulling their hair ,crying croc tears about how Trump’s remarks had betrayed America!!!!! LOL!!!!
    As for Brennan:
    I am no less dismissive of Trump than I was 72 hours ago….BUT he did not fuck up in Helsinki….just didn’t


    1. I think the US fake stream media is collectively shot itself in the head with this over the top propaganda. The best propaganda is the type that sounds like objective truth. The crap spewed by Brennan and others is transparently biased nonsense.


  11. Running out of superlatives for the reaction to your writing, Mark. Thanks again! And what a magnificent opening paragraph. Just sensational!


  12. On the other hand…..

    “According to CNN, Husseini was initially removed from the event, but was allowed back in to get his belongings. Russian authorities reportedly called his sign a “malicious item,” citing it as a reason for removal.

    “You’re grabbing me for what? I am telling you what I am doing. I am being totally open,” Husseini said as he was taken away. He also reportedly said, “I want to ask about nuclear weapons,” before being led out.

    The Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty is the first legally binding international agreement to ban nuclear weapons, with the ultimate goal of total elimination. Neither Russia nor the U.S. is a party to the treaty.

    The rough handling of a reporter is not too surprising considering this is a joint press conference between a president who regularly calls the media the enemy of the people and a leader known for severely limiting freedom of the press. Russia ranks 148th out of 180 countries in the 2018 World Press Freedom Index.”


    1. The Croatian players themselves could instigate lawsuits against Peter Verzilov and his other Pussy Riot collaborators who ran out onto the field.


        1. A lot of the Western media show the pitch-invading Pussy Riot model/Plekhanov Institute woman “high-fiving” a black French national side player. Maybe he knew no better.

          The reaction of the Croats on the pitch, however, was less cordial:


  13. Will add my praise to your usual outstanding/informative/wry post but first… Trump is not backing down at the summit. Not backing down at all. He could have been carried on the shoulders of the MSM by attacking Putin on meddling, criticizing Russia on Syria, etc. No, he actually sided with Putin on meddling and other matters and questioned his on intelligence agencies in a most public way.

    Why, What is in it for Trump?

    The MSM was in the most intense frenzy yet over Trump. News reporters were telling Trump on what HE MUST DO to avoid impeachments. Dems and repubs leaders were equally outraged.

    I’s telling ya, Trump is seeking to do what Kennedy tried to do, end the war with the SU/Russia. And he may end up the same. Give the man some credit. Few would risk their lives in such a way.

    Trump may sense that the deplorbles will support him and Russia as a result of a rejection of Coastal liberalism and attraction to Russian values (real or perceived). At times, I can partially convince myself he is a master of constructive confusion to win a fight against much stronger enemies.


  14. Trump has shown over General Flynn and the children in cages issue; that if enough pressure is applied he will cave in.

    Regarding North Korea – he reversed himself – does anyone know what the status of those talks are?

    I really do not know why Russia wasted its time going to Helsinki – to end up discussing Meuller and America’s domestic obsessions – how is any of this helpful for Russia’s national interest. ?

    The press conference has just breathed more life into the Trump / Russia conspiracy.

    No one is able to say what Russia is going to gain from any of this.


    1. I don’t think Russia ever realistically expected to gain anything – it’s just observing the diplomatic courtesies. Russia has said “We’re always ready to resume dialogue with our American partners”, and Washington indicated it wanted to talk. Russia could say “We were only kidding; go get stuffed”, or it could say “Fine; let’s talk”. It elected the second choice. But that does not mean Moscow went into it with a lot of expectations and plans.

      In fact, it had to know beforehand that powerful influences in the west, mostly in the UK and USA, would try to turn it into a debacle, because the British yellow press was full of foreboding about how Trump might have one of his diplomacy seizures and form some partnership with Russia that had not been pre-approved by the State Department, whose job it is to strangle all alliances with Russia in their cribs before they take their first breaths. The Democrats in the USA are also highly motivated to make every international event involving Trump serve their agenda of having him impeached, so Clinton can make a grab at the presidency she feels should have been hers. But even if she and they were successful, there is not much she could effect in the way of a sharp correction away from Russia – so as to reassure Americans that she, at least, knows how to deal with those savages, and punish them for stealing the election for Trump – which would be worse than the current state of affairs, short of open war.

      So Russia actually had nothing to lose by taking part. It had the opportunity to behave like the only adult in the room, and the journalists showed their asses to the world in even more spectacular fashion than Russia could have hoped – they looked like a lynch mob, or witch-burners of Salem. The whole thing was so plainly loaded against both leaders that I am sure the transparent spoiling generated more than a bit of revulsion. But it was never going to result in the dropping of sanctions or anything like that, and Trump will probably push out a statement in a few days which reassures his pals in Kuh-yiv that America will never recognize Crimea as Russian, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine on the issue of territorial sovereignty, and opposes the building of Nord Stream II. It’s kind of like a wrinkle in time – nothing good came of it, but nothing really changed, either. Those who don’t care very much for America would have to note, though, that far from stabilizing the turmoil in the USA between competing factions, it stirred everything up all over again. But that’s no skin off Russia’s nose.


  15. Hey, speaking of former-Secretary Clinton and the stealing of the 2016 election for Trump by Russia, using the medium of stolen Clinton emails to discredit that fine leader who has dedicated her life to the observance of American values – here’s a dandy split-screen compilation of her lying over and over again on the issue, while a lying-only-slightly-less James Comey (mostly because he is not a professional liar and can’t keep up with the competition) lays out what the investigation uncovered. Be kind, and ignore the footage of Clinton tumbling over like a bowling pin with the weight at the wrong end, and concentrate on her lying her way through Congressional fact-findings and testimony. It would be hard for even her most avid defenders to assure us that she is a person of integrity by the time the end rolls around.


  16. Stern words from Kiev — well there would be, wouldn’t there?

    Путин опозорился на весь мир во время церемонии награждения ЧМ-2018
    Putin disgraced the whole world during the 2018 World Championship award ceremony

    The ceremony of awarding the winners of the 2018 World Cup, which took place after yesterday’s final match of the tournament France-Croatia (4: 2), was not without scandal.

    In the rain that accompanied the ceremony and on a podium set up for awarding the participants of the final match were the presidents of Russia and Croatia, Vladimir Putin and Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovich, but there was only one umbrella for the former. The spectacular head of state of Croatia was forced to get wet in the rain …

    This attitude towards a most important guest of the World Championship (and a woman as well) during a live broadcast of the award ceremony was seen by the whole world and, of course, this shamefulness of the head of the Russian Federation was captured this and dozens of photographers.

    Yes, how awful!


      1. But, but… I dont get it! When Putin greeted Merkel with a flower bouquet, it was a horrible macho thing to do, an insult to Merkel, only done to demean her and reminds her that she’s a woman and not a leader. How is it now disgraceful and shameful to not have offered his umbrella to Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovich who the article dares to characterize not only as an important guest of the World Championship but as a woman as well!


        1. Like I said before, everything Putin does is wrong and ignorant and uncultured. It’s just a matter of spin. And it is also not as if Putin brought his own umbrella – a staff member elected to use the umbrella he carried to protect his own president. You can just imagine the top-do if a Russian security staffer had elected to protect the Croatian president instead – it would have inspired the think tanks to new heights of secret Russian yearning for a new leader and a bellwether that Russia is ready to be led by a woman.


        2. SJW degenerates are something else. I had a clown wamyn get all offended because I offered to press the floor button for her in an elevator (I used to do that for anyone, but not so much lately since now I can be arrested for rape or something). If this was offensive, then what is truly offensive like?


  17. In my mailbox this morning from GOV.UK:

    Press release

    G7 Foreign Ministers statement on MH17

    The G7 foreign ministers issued the following statement in advance of the anniversary of the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

    Published 16 July 2018
    From: Foreign & Commonwealth Office

    We, the G7 foreign ministers, of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the High Representative of the European Union, are united in our condemnation, in the strongest possible terms, of the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, a civilian aircraft flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014.

    MH17 was carrying 298 crew and passengers, nationals of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

    We fully support the work of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), an independent criminal investigation led by the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine. The JIT’s findings on Russia’s role in the downing of MH17 are compelling, significant and deeply disturbing. The G7 recalls that UN Security Council Resolution 2166 demands that all states cooperate fully with efforts to establish accountability. We are united in our support of Australia and the Netherlands as they call on Russia to account for its role in this incident and to cooperate fully with the process to establish the truth and achieve justice for the victims of MH17 and their next of kin.

    In a rules-based international order, those responsible for unacceptable actions, such as the firing or launching of the BUK missile of Russian origin, which intercepted and downed a civilian aircraft, must be held accountable. To this end, we call on Russia to immediately engage with Australia and the Netherlands in good faith to explain and to address all relevant questions regarding any potential breaches of international law.

    We express once again our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of MH17. We stand together against the impunity of those who engage in aggressive actions that threaten the rules-based international order, anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances.

    The fight goes on!

    The Evil Regime must be overthrown!


    1. Well, you could certainly count on an inflammatory statement from the Canadian Foreign Minister for Ukraine; she has a dual purpose – to heap hatred on Russia, and to protect Ukraine from scrutiny. Maybe next time, not a Foreign Minister from Ukraine. Just saying.


  18. Reply from Mary E. McGlynn@MaryEMcGlynn:

    What you did today was break your sacred oath to the American people to defend us against foreign enemies. You defended Russia, who attacked us and continues to attack us. You are a traitor to us, to the constitution and to this country.
    What you did today was treasonous.

    2:41 PM – 16 Jul 2018

    Mary E. McGlynn (A little directing, a little acting, a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants. Star Wars Rebels, Critical Role, Tangled: The Series) in Los Angeles.

    She categorically states that Russia attacked and continues to attack the USA.

    That is what she believes and is, therefore, true, just as she no doubt holds as irrefutably true that there is a god in a place called heaven, which god loves her and cares for her and whom she will be with after she has died.


  19. Craig Murray former ambassador sites about the response in the UK to the Helsinki meeting.

    Detente Bad, Cold War Good 18
    17 Jul, 2018  in Uncategorized by craig

    “…The entire “liberal” media and political establishment of the Western world reveals its militarist, authoritarian soul today with the screaming and hysterical attacks on the very prospect of detente with Russia. Peace apparently is a terrible thing; a renewed arms race, with quite literally trillions of dollars pumped into the military industrial complex and hundreds of thousands dying in proxy wars, is apparently the “liberal” stance.”

    “…The Russophobic witch hunt has its first real life victim in 29 year old Maria Butina, whose life is to be destroyed for chatting up members of the NRA in order to increase Russian influence. “

    The fact they have arrested this woman and the 12 Russians accused on 13/7/18
    Shows that the Russiagate is going to keep pushing until Trump is out.

    Then what will we have the next president will have to be extremely anti Russian.


    1. And this will represent a deterioration of relations how? Was America ever pro-Russian? Sure; when it was running the place, for a brief moment in the early 90’s. Russians need to learn that there will never, ever be an international relationship there; if America cannot call the shots and boss you around, it is not interested in friendship. It is sufficiently corporate-managed that no new leader is going to make much of a difference in that direction. Russia must assume that it will always be opposed by the United States, for so long as it remains a dominant world power. The best hope for Russia is a decline in American global influence, and if it truly aspires to be a serious great power itself, it has little choice but to work towards that end, short of actual hostilities. America seeks to make client consumer nations out of everyone else, to buy its goods and feed its expansion. It forgets that only its huge military stands in the way of the same thing happening to it, and it might still be managed – with cleverness – so long as hostilities do not flare into war.


  20. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace tried to hand President Putin a copy of the Justice Department indictment of Russian nationals for their role in the 2016 election.

    Putin chuckled and gestured to the table, where Wallace placed it.

    The interview (warning — forty-minutes long). Wallace raises the “Russian interference issue” at 4:39.

    source, The Daily Mail.


    1. Watched the whole interview: very disappointed in Chris Wallace, I thought he was smarter than that, but obviously just another meathead.

      In re. the debate at 24:00 about the simulation of Russian nukes hitting Florida… well, I watched that video too, and I have to admit, it does actually look like Florida, despite Putin’s denials, watch for yourselves and be the judge!

      Putin makes good point, though: It’s all the fault of the U.S. due to their unilateral withdraw from the ABM Treaty. Everything follows from that. Putin: “We just demonstrated that we DO have means to overcome this system… heh heh…”


      1. Ok, I watched the video, and I don’t get where/when is it Florida? The ICBM goes somewhere from the top, then somewhere else from the bottom, then we see it in space, then we see it landing on a chunk of land. Even the world map (at 0:21) doesn’t look like the actual one. Do you recognize any of the “continents” on that map? If the “continent” on the left is South-America, what’s that thing on the right? Certainly not Africa. And the ICBM continues its route well past “South America”, so how could it land in Florida? But anyway, what are you referring to as “I have to admit, it does actually look like Florida”?


  21. And President Putin did not chuckle when Wallace said at 05:41, “May I give you this to look at sir?”

    He chuckled at 05:23, when Wallace says about the indictment: ” … it talks specifically about units 26-165 and 74-455, they say ….You smile. Let me finish. They say …”

    However, when Wallace then tries to hand the President the indictment, Putin is absolutely serious and politely declines to take hold of it, politely asking Wallace to place it on the table.


    1. The full tapescript of the interview is in the linked Daily Mail article.

      Key part re. election interference:

      WALLACE: Mr. President, one of the issues that is standing in the way of more progress, as you know, are the allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. election.

      You have repeatedly said, and you said again today, that this was not the action of the Russian state, that if it was anything it was patriotic Russian individuals.

      I have here the indictment that was presented on Friday from the special counsel, Robert Mueller, that says that 12 members of Russian military intelligence, the GRU – and they talk specifically about Units 26165 and 74455 – they say – you smiled. Let me finish.

      They say that these units were specifically involved in hacking into Democratic Party computers, stealing information, and spreading it to the world to try to disrupt the American election. May I give this to you to look at, sir? Here.

      PUTIN: Well, let me start answering your question with something a little bit different. Let’s look at it this way. People are talking about the purported interference of Russia with the election process in the United States. I mentioned this in 2016, and I want to say it now again – and I really wish for your American listeners to listen to what I say. First of all, Russia, as a state, has never interfered with the internal affairs of the United States, let alone its elections.

      WALLACE: But sir –

      PUTIN: Second point –

      WALLACE: – this is the indictment. It shows – I have 12 names here. It talks about specific units of the GRU – Russian military intelligence. Is the GRU not part of the Russian state?

      PUTIN: I will get to it. Just have a little bit of patience. Then you will get a full answer to your question. Interference with the domestic affairs of the United States – do you really believe that someone acting from the Russian territory could have influenced the United States and influenced the choice of millions of Americans?

      WALLACE: I’m not asking –

      PUTIN: This is utterly ridiculous.

      WALLACE: – whether they influenced. I’m asking whether they tried.

      PUTIN: I’m about to answer. Well, this is the first point that I’m trying to make.

      WALLACE: Right.

      PUTIN: If you will have some patience, you will hear the entire response. I said this in 2016, and I say it now. The idea was about hacking an email account of a Democratic candidate.

      Was it some rigging of facts? Was it some forgery of facts? That’s the important thing that I am trying to – point that I’m trying to make. Was this – any false information planted? No. It wasn’t.

      These hackers that are being discussed – and I’ll get back to it; just bear with me for a moment – as we’re getting told, they hacked a certain email account and there was information about manipulations conducted within the Democratic Party to incline the process in favor of one candidate.

      And as far as I know, the entire party leadership resigned. They admitted the fact of their manipulations.

      So, that’s one thing – that manipulation is where public opinion should stop, and an apology should be made to the public at large –

      WALLACE: But –

      PUTIN: – instead of looking for the responsible – the party at fault. And now, to the mentioned things. As I said in the press conference –

      WALLACE: But Mr. President, may I just say you’re indicating that they stole real money not counterfeit money.

      So, are you saying it’s okay because the facts that they took from the DNC – from John Podesta – it was their real emails, so it’s okay to hack, and spread this information out, and interfere with the election?

      PUTIN: Well, listen to me, please. The information that I am aware of, there’s nothing false about it. Every single grain of it is true. And the Democratic leadership admitted it – the first point.

      Now, the second point. If you don’t like my answer, you can give it to me straightway and I’ll just keep silent. And if you want Americans to listen to my opinion, could you please wait for a little bit?

      And now, for the specific accusations.

      First of all, Special Counsel Mueller has accused a certain private company in Russia – that is not even a very big enterprise, its core area of competence is a restaurant business.

      And now, this company hired American lawyers and defending its integrity and reputation in an American court. So far, American court has not discovered any trace of interference whatsoever.

      Do you know it or not? But let the millions of Americans know about it. And now, to the individuals from the indictment act.

      We – with the United States – we have a treaty for assistance in criminal cases, an existing treaty that exists from 1999. It’s still in force, and it works sufficiently. Today I referred an example of its sufficient work.

      WALLACE: No. I – and I’m not trying to –

      PUTIN: Why would Mr. Mueller –

      WALLACE: I’m not trying to interrupt or –

      PUTIN: Well, let me finish. Just let me finish. Well, you’re trying to drive, but I will finish. Why wouldn’t Special Counsel Mueller send us an official request within the framework of this agreement?

      Our investigators will be acting in accordance with this treaty. They will question each individual that the American partners are suspecting of something.

      Why not a single request was filed? Nobody sent us a single formal –

      WALLACE: The indictment –

      PUTIN: – letter, a formal request.

      WALLACE: I – let me just say. I don’t want to interrupt, and I want to ask one question and move on to other subjects.

      Why do you think Robert Mueller issued this indictment three days before you and President Trump met here at the summit?

      PUTIN: I’m not interested in this issue. It is single bit. It’s the internal political games of the United States.

      Don’t make the relationship between Russia and the United States – don’t hold it hostage of this internal political struggle.

      And it’s quite clear to me that this is used in the internal political struggle, and it’s nothing to be proud of for American democracy, to use such dirty methods in the political rivalry.

      WALLACE: Do you think they would – do you think that Mr. Mueller is trying to sabotage the relationship?

      PUTIN: I don’t want to make any assessments about his operation. It is for Congress that appointed him to do this, to assess his performance.

      And I think court actually had some doubts about the due procedure, about appointing Special Counsel Mueller to the post that he now held.

      I think that American court now believes that it was done with the infringement of the American legislation, but that’s none of my business. Please address it yourself.

      WALLACE: Actually, it –

      PUTIN: There is a due –

      WALLACE: – Congress didn’t appoint him.

      WALLACE: – procedure –

      WALLACE: The Justice Department did.

      Vladimir Putin: – within the treaty –

      WALLACE: But – may I move on, sir?

      PUTIN: – and you can use this procedure to address this.

      Reader comment from someone in the USA:

      du Vallon, East Coast, United States, 11 hours ago

      Give me a break Vlad. It’s not even a question. We know for a fact RUssia hacked the State Voter Registration Databases, hacked the server of the company that makes our electronic voting booths and downloaded specs, and hacked the Democrat Campaign servers and published them. We know SO MUCH about it that we know the names of the RUssian Military Intelligence Operatives involved (who now have warrants out on them), what unit in the GRU they operated out of, and even the government building in Moscov [sic] where they operated. And even though that information is ONLY the information contained in the indictments, which is the minimal amount of information needed to get warrants issued, it is a STAGGERINGLY amount of knowledge, and we clearly know even more. His denials are like the denial over the England poisonings. Of course he is denying it… right in the face of overwhelming evidence. NOTHING like that happens in RUssia without their dictator knowing about it. Pull the other one Vlad.


      1. Putin is wasting his time speaking to America – they are going through this collective psychosis and only they can cure themselves.

        What does Russia gain from entangling themselves in this?
        A president of Putins stature and experience really should stop engaging in this.


        1. Enrages the Russophobes, which is a good thing in itself since it raises their blood pressure, drives them to drink, provokes them into knocking the shit out of their wives and catamites – all told, it makes their lives worse than they were, and all for the meagre price of a little small talk with a buffoon.


        2. I disagree; Russia could not do better than to continue speaking calmly and reasonably, even as America gets more wild-eyed and hysterical. Since Uncle Sam completely dominates the English-speaking media, and a substantial portion of it takes its marching orders from Washington and promotes the message it is directed to promote, Russia has little opportunity to rebut foam-flecked American accusations. Interviews with westerners in which the interviewer levels all manner of accusations at Russia, and summit meetings which produce nothing are still opportunities for Russia to appear rational while the west looks increasingly unhinged, and to play up the theme that the west is cruising on ideology alone, and has no proof of anything it says.


        3. Putin seeks not to convince Western elites and their minions. His audience are the deplorables, The more he enrages the elites, the more effective his message. Trump gets it as well but he is working without a net.


      2. Oh, so now the standard for issuing indictments is if you ‘tried’ to influence an American election, not whether you achieved any success.

        Stand by for indictments to follow against Sigmar Gabriel, Angela Merkel,

        and other prominent European leaders.


    2. Liberasts and other idiots think that because some “unit” numbers are quoted that the indictment has substance. Wow. The inanity is breathtaking.


      1. That’s just for the peanut gallery back home. Everything you would need to know to flip off a confident-sounding accusation like that you could get from the internet. The actual names of the officers, probably not, but they could assemble that list from previous Embassy staff.


  22. al-Beeb s’allahs current report on the Turd Service Nudes David Willis has just said “Maybe Russia has something on Trump when he was Moscow…”!

    So you see, he sees fit to allude to the Christopher Steele dossier but doesn’t have the guts to actually mention it.

    The disbelief of so-called professional journalists that Trump doesn’t give a shit about any of the allegations can only be explained that he is in Putin’s profit, i.e. repeating unsubstantiated conspiracy theories! The media is in meltdown and it is glorious.


    1. al-Beeb s’allah has just repeated David Willis’s report speculating that Putin has dirt on Trump when he was in Moscow. But come on Auntie Beeb, why so cautious about mentioning the Christopher Steele dossier? Is it because it is linked to Orbis, Sergei Skripal and his old handler Pablo Miller? They do love their D-Notices in the world’s oldest democracy.

      Maria Lipman, independent observer is being asked questions by Yilda Hakim. But how is that possible? Putin personally controls all the Russian media. She must be removed… 😉 Hakim is delivering loaded questions and Lipman is more than happy to play along. It’s always fun to see how state sponsored propaganda like al-Beeb s’Allah functions. Need credibility, find someone from the country you want to shit on to give you the answers you want that segue entirely with you own propagandists. It’s like taking milk from children.


      1. Masha Lipman is a kreakle who is regularly tapped for comment, as are Stas Belkovsky and Gleb Pavlovsky. All staff at the Carnegie Moscow Center or the Helsinki Foundation or some other touchy-feely liberal think tank.


  23. BBC World News now has its own expert ‘Vitaly Shevchenko’ telling watchers his opinion on watching Russian media and calls some of them ‘mentally unstable people.’

    Such a casual slur from a ‘professional’. They don’t share my opinion so they are mad. It’s very un-BBC because they are all about being supportive about mental health, and then they get the barbarian Shevchenko on. I wonder if anyone will notice.


    1. According to the BBC, Vitaliy Shevchenko is a senior BBC Monitoring journalist specialising in the former Soviet Union.

      I wonder if the BBC has a senior BBC Monitoring journalist specializing in the former British North America, aka the USA and Canada?


      1. Countries that were part of the former Soviet Union include the Baltic chihuahuas. So if Vitaliy Shevchenko is covering “former Soviet Union” areas, he’d be covering those three countries. One wonders if they’ve ever objected to being treated as if they’re still part of the Soviet Union, and not part of eastern Europe, northern Europe or central Europe.


        1. Not to mention the Ukraine, that territory that was the former Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic that Svidomites want the world to call “Ukraine” because it’s independent now, see, free from “Russian” occupation, “Russia” also having been a former Soviet republic known as the “Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic”, but you must not say “Russia” (the Kiev “government” says so, so you mustn’t) when talking about “Russia” because Russia “stole” the word off that ancient land where the “Ukrainians” have lived for eons, adding “-ia” to the ancient name “Rus'” so as to follow the orthography of the Byzantine Greek word for Russia (Ρωσσία), thereby codding on that “Russia” is the inheritor of Byzantium, but it’s not: it’s a barbarian land inhabited by Asians.

          Got that?


  24. It’s Farnborough week.

    FlightGlobal: Volga-Dnepr orders five 747-8Fs

    Russian cargo carrier Volga-Dnepr has placed a firm order for five Boeing 747-8 Freighters and committed to the purchase of 29 777Fs, the companies have jointly announced at the Farnborough air show.

    Boeing and Volga-Dnepr also intend to discuss further orders of new and converted 767 freighters and converted 737 freighters, executives say.

    Flight Fleets Analyzer shows that there are a total of 74 747-8Fs in service, seven in storage and, before today’s deal, 22 on order: 21 for UPS Airlines and one for an undisclosed customer.

    Are the American russophobe pols going to demand that Boeing cancel such orders? Why not? As usual, it is not what is said but what is done. As long as we can see deals like this continue uninterrupted, then they’re just blowing.


    1. I frankly wish they had chosen some other aircraft. Boeing is a major corporate voice in America, flush with government subsidies, and there is absolutely no incentive for it to argue that the US government had better tone down the bellicose rhetoric as long as Russian customers are keeping its order books fat even as the US government reviles them. Buying Boeing ensures years of maintenance contracts and Boeing parts purchases, because if you don’t use Boeing-supplied parts your warranty is void.

      I understand if they don’t want to wait until their own designs are ready, but they could have bought Airbus. That at least would have strengthened ties with Europe. Instead they bought from a company that will be glad to take their money, but will offer them no other support, and will on demand from the US government apply embargoes against the sale of spare parts, pilot training or maintenance work.


  25. Customer support key to Superjet sales – Sukhoi

    Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC) is looking to invest heavily in European customer-support facilities as it seeks to improve its chances of selling more Superjets to airlines outside Russia.

    …However, Rubtsov laments that parts are sourced from outside Russia, which make up 80% of the total, “can be too expensive”. The airframer is looking to source more components domestically.

    “These are parts where we see room for improvement in weight, performance and in price. We are looking at Russian-made interiors, APUs, wheels and brakes, wiring systems, navigation systems,” adds Rubtsov. “Our focus today is on quality, instead of quantity.”..

    Over the last few weeks, several SSJ’s leased by CityJet to Brussels Airlines have been pulled from service for various faults and apparently has a ‘tight MEL (Minimum Equipment List)’ which means it can’t fly. Why exactly this seems to be currently happening hasn’t been said, but is teething troubles with the airframe, the Irish owners not buying enough spare parts in advance or something else? It’s certainly unusual to have multiple aircraft pulled from service so closely together.


  26. Follow up,, ‘Ustasha is good Marko ‘Thompson’ Perkovic has been celebrating with the returning Croatian football team on their bus that is doing the rounds.

    …The bus spent more than five hours moving through the jubilant crowds, and when it finally reached a stage at the main square, Thompson sang a song unaccompanied, despite the fact that the director of the event had previously said that there would be no singers or politicians present.

    Regional TV station N1 reported that the footballers invited Thompson onto their bus, and that Croatia’s star player Luka Modric invited him to sing once they reached the stage.

    “We have another special wish – that is, that Marko gives us another song,” Modric said, hugging Thompson…

    Za Dom Spremeni! Sieg Heil! Europe must be so proud to have Croatia as a member state.


        1. Between Bleiburg and Yugoslav external intelligence’s willingness to hunt down and kill Ustasha fugitives, one might have dared to hope that their ideology had been eradicated.


          1. Daesh is a counter-example. Together with Banderastan. The “west” will ally itself with any sort of genocidal depravity to push its agenda. The “west” needs to be judged on its actions and not its words. The “west” is NATzO and and Nazi is as Nazi does.


  27. al-Beeb s’Allah’s Yilda Hakim just had their chief diplomatic correspondent Jonathan Marcus on who sounded emotional and controlled metioning ‘morals’! Hakim did ask him that others had said that the NATO rot had set in long before with O’bomber and Marcus’s glib response was that it was continuing under Trump.. Long may the precious PPNN meltdown continue!


  28. Trump takes up the baton… others join…

    Maz Online via FortRuss: Maas fordert weitere diplomatische Annäherung von USA und Russland

    „Wir können uns keine Sprachlosigkeit zwischen Washington und Moskau leisten“: Außenminister Heiko Maas fordert nach dem Trump-Putin-Gipfel eine weitere diplomatische Annäherung zwischen den USA und Russland.


  29. Al Beeb s’Allah GONAD (God’s Own News Agency Direct): Trump-Putin: Your toolkit to help understand the story

    By Roland Hughes

    …Democrats then took over funding of the investigation after he was nominated. Mr Steele became so worried by some of the things he concluded that he took those concerns to the FBI.

    His dossier contained an unsubstantiated claim that Mr Trump was once filmed with prostitutes at a hotel in the Russian capital, claims that Mr Trump and Russia deny.

    But the BBC understands that US officials have been able to verify one key claim Mr Steele made, that a Russian diplomat in Washington was in fact a spy….

    It’s called having your cake and eating it, the BBC crawling the gutter along with the tabloid press. All vaguely useful propaganda has a grain of truth therein and it is a key component to making it believable, but that’s good enough for the esteemed expert journalists at the BBC! A diplomat turned out to be a spy. The horror! The surprise! Then that must give credence to all the other claims in the dossier, regardless of the non-sequitur. Yes, the BBC thinks everyone is a moron.

    Add to the BBC doing what it does best, lying by omission! You can mention the Christopher Steel Dossier, but not Sergie Skripal working for his ‘consultancy’ Orbis, a shit sticking tub one finger away from MI6, nor Skripal’s former handler Pablo Miller and his links to Orbis. Nope. The peasants must be protected for their own good!

    Oh how they do not protest. All day long on BBC World News (here on cable – there’s a joke in there!) they’ve been repeating that maybe Putin has something on Trump regarding his previous visits to Moscow. Unlike the article above, they have not brought up Christoper Steel in name, or that the state funded broadcaster of the UK is peddling fact free allegations without the slightest shred of evidence, but butter doesn’t melt in their mouths. Remember they are free, fearless, independent journalists who are not cowed by authority and threats from the government. They are an example to free media around the world and a shining light and an example against authoritarian regimes. The pigs are running the farm.



  30. Al Beeb s’Allah GONAD (God’s Own News Agency Direct): ECHR condemns Pussy Riot and Anna Politkovskaya cases

    It said Russia had violated five articles of the human rights convention in its arrest and conviction of Pussy Riot members in 2012…

    …Russia had failed to “take adequate investigatory steps” to find who commissioned the murder, violating Article 2 of the convention, the court said. …

    …The ECHR highlighted the band’s “overcrowded conditions” when being transported to and from court, and the “humiliation” of their exposure in a glass dock during the trial as a breach of Article 3 of the convention.

    Pussy Riot’s extended detention before trial and lack of access to their lawyers also broke the convention, it added.

    Moreover, the ECHR said the Russian court twice violated Article 10 – freedom of expression – by banning access to the group’s videos online and for condemning the group’s conduct and clothing, rather than examining the content of their protest song, during the trial….

    Click to access pdf

    From the ruling:

    …by six votes to one, that there had been a violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression) because of the three band members’ conviction and prison sentences. The Court accepted that a reaction to breaching the rules of conduct in a place of religious worship might have been warranted. However, it found that sentencing them to imprisonment for simply having worn brightly coloured clothes, waved their arms and kicked their legs around and used strong language, without analysing the lyrics of their song or the context of their performance, had been exceptionally severe; and,…

    Oh, do fuck off.


    1. Truly horrific, the authorities did not even take the time to analyze and discuss the deep philosophical and ecclesialogical implications of ‘Putin Huylo’ before arresting these modern day disciples of Aristophanes.

      Not like in the free world, where the protesters of Occupy Wall Street were engaged in profound and civilized civic discourse by the riot police regarding the grievances that sparked their protest and the overarching epochal changes in society that led them to that very moment. Oh wait no, they just tear gassed them and beat them to hospitalization.

      Funny that, when is the judgement due for that one ECHR?


  31. Ukie gov via Ukraine is now able to produce its own Buk missile system

    Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Narodna Armia news outlet has reported that the country has successfully indigenize the Buk missile system.

    Local engineers have replaced Russian components with local parts. The 9M38M1 missile interceptor will have a new rocket propellant that boosts its range and speed.


  32. Kicking legs:

    Somehow, I don’t think exposing one’s crotch within the sanctuary of an Orthodox Cathedral is in accordance with ROC liturgy and rites.

    Original video:

    Later, they had the above shite edited and their “hymn” and “music” (not played by them, of course) added. That edited version is still lauded worldwide on the net by libtards.

    Vee haf vayz off chuckink you out off Kölner Dom!

    In the end, they were fined:



    1. One of the most high profile members of the Pussy Riot activist group has praised her associates who stormed the pitch at the World Cup final and said it was “hypocritical” for the country to indulge in extravagant celebrations while people are tortured in prison.

      Speaking exclusively to The Independent Maria Alyokhina said she was “proud” of her cohorts, four of whom were jailed for 15 days for disrupting the second half of the match between France and Croatia after they ran onto the pitch at 81,000 seat Luzhniki Stadium wearing police uniforms. Play was briefly suspended.

      The 30-year-old who was not involved in the protest herself, said she thought they were “trying to show the hypocrisy” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime “because the celebration of the World Cup is happening at the same time as tortures in police stations and tortures in prison.”

      Source: Pussy Riot slam ‘hypocrisy of Russia’s World Cup celebrations’ as political activists languish in jail

      Twats’ Tweet before they were sentenced:

      For fuck’s sake!!!!!

      How horrific!!!!

      No showers in Russian police station lock-ups!

      The animals!

      Many’s the time I’ve enjoyed a hot, relaxing shower and a substantial breakfast in my hometown bridewell before being taken up to face a local magistrate.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, the failure to lay in supplies of Brie, escargots and bouillabaisse for casual overnight guests is a key indicator of a cavalier attitude to human rights in Mordor.


  33. @PO:

    “The MSM was in the most intense frenzy yet over Trump. News reporters were telling Trump on what HE MUST DO to avoid impeachments. Dems and repubs leaders were equally outraged.
    I’s telling ya, Trump is seeking to do what Kennedy tried to do, end the war with the SU/Russia. And he may end up the same. Give the man some credit. Few would risk their lives in such a way.”


    “Monday’s meeting in Helsinki has unleashed a torrent of wild denunciations that verge on a direct appeal to the military and intelligence agencies to take action to force Donald Trump’s removal from the White House.

    The Democratic Party, the corporate media and leading figures within the US military and intelligence apparatus have joined in branding Trump a traitor who is functioning as an agent of the Kremlin.

    Trump and his cohorts have many crimes to answer for. But the objectives that motivate the anti-Trump hysteria in the media and the conspiratorial methods to which the Democrats are resorting are utterly reactionary”

    All across the MSM circuit the zipperhead lackeys of TPTB are foaming both oral and anal hysterical hot lava rhetoric denouncing the ‘traitor’ Trump…

    However…..Trump is back-pedaling: (As of 3:00 PM EST July 17)


    1. I’m pretty sure I said yesterday that I would not be at all surprised if he completely reversed himself today. Oh, when I said I can’t imagine why Russia would do such a thing, what I was really thinking is that Russia totally did it. And that’s what I actually meant to say. The brave warrior for ending conflict. Maybe he should think about the subject, instead of about grabbing somebody by the pussy, while he is talking.

      Oh, and backing down so as to mollify one’s critics is always a reliable technique in American politics to make them stop. Expect no more talk of Trump treason or impeachment now that he has bent his statement around to reflect what the Democrats want him to say. I hope the sarcasm is apparent.


      1. This is what I expected also.

        Trump is predictable – he is weak and has no real convictions.

        Trump will be putting more sanctions on Russia – just to show he’s on the “right side” by next week.

        Russia were foolish to go along with any of this – when will they learn?


        1. What should they learn? That it is best to hold your course while your enemy is in confusion and snapping at his own entrails? I submit they already understand that very well. Unless you think Moscow’s purpose really is to make up with the Americans who are angry at them. If that is the case, I think they already know what they must do – confess to guilt in all charges, and await further instructions. Not advice which would form part of my personal recommendation, though.

          What else has Trump got in the sanctions tickle-trunk? Nothing. He and his pals would dearly love to sanction gas exports to Europe, but they can’t, because they are gas exports to Europe, not America. If Team Trump gets excited and goes ahead with sanctions against European companies who are part of Nord Stream II, he might suddenly find – next time he wants to visit Europe – that all its leaders had to stay home to wash their hair, and nobody is interested in a meeting. Get what I’m saying? American fury is nothing much for Russia to worry about, and if America actually could take down the Russian economy with sanctions and economic pressure, it would have already done it. The sanctions already in place are pissing off Europe, because every time they are renewed, Russia renews its ban on European imports. More sanctions would be a hard sell in Europe. All of the screaming and hollering is continuing to divide the west and break up its cohesiveness. It’s not hurting Russia. What is this important lesson it must learn? Don’t aggravate America? Why not, if America can’t prove any of its allegations? As you can plainly see, it is this that is maddening it into incoherence.


      2. BBC catches up with what’s happening across the pond.

        They must have started knocking back the G&Ts at Bush House a little earlier than usual tis afternoon. this

        Trump-Putin summit: US president reverses remark on Russia meddling
        17 minutes ago

        US President Donald Trump has said he accepts US intelligence agencies’ conclusion that Russia interfered in the 2016 election – despite declining to do so just a day ago.

        He said he had misspoken on Monday and had meant to say he saw no reason why it was not Russia that meddled.

        The original comments, after he met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, drew a barrage of criticism.

        Even some of Mr Trump’s allies had urged him to clarify his stance.

        What he said then…
        The controversy centres on a response he gave to a question at a news conference on Monday following the summit with Mr Putin.

        This is an extract from the transcript posted by the White House.

        REPORTER: President Putin denied having anything to do with the election interference in 2016. Every US intelligence agency has concluded that Russia did. My first question for you, sir, is, who do you believe?

        TRUMP: My people came to me… they said they think it’s Russia. I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.

        …. what he says now
        Mr Trump said he had reviewed the transcript and realised he needed to clarify.

        “In a key sentence in my remarks, I said the word ‘would’ instead of ‘wouldn’t,” he said.

        “The sentence should have been: ‘I don’t see any reason why I wouldn’t’ or ‘why it wouldn’t be Russia’. Sort of a double negative.”

        The US president added: “I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place. Could be other people also. A lot of people out there.”

        “Would” or “wouldn’t”?

        Both forms of the modal auxiliary verb “will” are, in context, in the subjunctive mood.

        So, “I don’t see any reason why it would be” means: “I see no reason why Russia hypothetically interfered”.

        “I don’t see any reason why it would not be” means: “I see no reason why Russia hypothetically did not interfere”.

        But when he said, “I accept our intelligence community’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election took place”, that means that he has been persuaded that the Russians did, in fact, interfere.

        However, he then adds the rider: “Could be other people also”: again, subjunctive, this time of “can”, meaning he thinks it is hypothetically possible that other people interfered.

        White man speak with forked tongue, or as Sitting Bull said:


        1. Trump is not a politician – if he were, he would already know how to form a sentence so that it might mean anything depending on what you think you heard. Instead, he has to do it with his second draft, after he’s had some speechwriters help him out of the hole he dug. Like I said, might as well just insert a music track when he speaks, because what he says does not mean anything. If he accidentally makes it too clear what he means, then he will have to have the fog-machine technicians massage it until there is no way to know what it really meant.

          Maintaining that he really meant to say ‘wouldn’t’ when he actually said ‘would’, which completely reverses his meaning, is like a judge saying the next day after a controversial verdict, “When I said ‘Guilty’, what I actually meant to say is ‘Innocent'”. And it fools just about as many people as that would.

          Lots of room for fun with a Trump-retractions meme – here’s my opening entry: “When I said there is no money in the budget for infrastructure, what I actually meant was “There isn’t no money in the budget for infrastructure”. Sort of a double negative. I meant there’s lots of money in the budget for infrastructure”.


        2. “However, he then adds the rider: “Could be other people also”: again, subjunctive, this time of “can”, meaning he thinks it is hypothetically possible that other people interfered.”

          Ahhh yes..that tricky subjunctive mood has proven to be a bit vexatious for more that a few Hmmm..perhaps the following could shed some light on the matter :

          For those who-at some time in the past- may have contemplated wanting a more detailed exegesis:



    Click to access JFK-scatterCIAtoWinds.pdf

    For a sitting or former POTUS to go up against the ‘Enforcers’ of TPTB is not unheard of…
    No one called for their impeachment or labeled them as traitors.
    At last Goebbels had a little (Nazi) heart…showing up in Hamburg after the fire bombing to raise the spirits of the people…the MSM propaganda people of today are gutless vermin.


  35. NATzO and its residents are schizophrenics.

    The “Climate-gate” theft of climate researcher emails and attempts to spin then as showing evidence of fraud by said scientists was never focused on the theft by the NATzO MSM. The focus was on the out of context quotes instead. Contrast to Hillary’s and her corrupt friends’ emails ripped off by Seth Rich from the DNC computers. Russia is allegedly meddling in the US election (as opposed to whistleblower Seth Rich) by revealing facts showing the DNC scam against Bernie Sanders. Nowhere in the US and NATzO MSM is the wrong doing the focus of the coverage. It is all about the release of the emails through “hacking” (even though it has been demonstrated that it would take a USB stick to download the volume of data leaked, which is consistent with Seth Rich being the leak and not mythical Russian hackers).

    The total inconsistency and compartmentalized thinking in these two cases boils down to mass schizophrenia. If you are going to ignore the hackers (actual hackers) who stole the East Anglia University emails and focus on the content of the emails, then you can’t do the exact opposite in the case of Hillary’s crimes. The Climate-gate email leaks involved actual foreign hackers and not a domestic whistleblower. So clearly, the “foreign meddling” angle is spurious.


    1. I found the areas where the White Helmets can be resettled: they can go live in the small areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan coloured green in this Wikipedia map.

      I’m sure Chrystia Freeland should have no objections as these areas are far from the Toronto riding she represents in Ottawa.


      1. I don’t want them in this country at all. Doubtless their employer – England – will want them kept together as a group so they can be drawn upon for their next assignment. I hear property in Salisbury is going spare.


  36. ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

    ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

    ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

    Trumpty should merely have recalled the above thus clearing up the consternation over how to interpret some of his Helsinki words….


    1. The article underneath the rather illuminating Pamela Anderson one is:

      ‘Putin’s Favorite Congressman’ Now Engulfed in NRA Spy Case
      Maria Butina allegedly helped her Russian handler meet with a congressional delegation in August 2015. That’s when these lawmakers—one Democrat, one Republican—were in Russia.

      Jackie Kucinich
      Spencer Ackerman
      07.17.18 3:04 PM ET

      Pro-Kremlin GOP Congressman Dana Rohrabacher met with a Putin ally in Russia in August 2015, The Daily Beast has confirmed, matching an account in Monday’s blockbuster FBI affidavit against accused Russian spy Maria Butina. ..

      …Rohrabacher is perhaps the most pro-Russia member of Congress and a rare Republican to embrace Moscow before Donald Trump’s presidency. “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” Republican majority leader Kevin McCarthy remarked in 2016, according to the Washington Post. Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Meeks, a Queens Democrat, “one of the most ethically challenged members of Congress.” He had been under Ethics Committee investigation in 2012 after Meeks received a $40,000 loan from someone who pleaded guilty to unrelated mortgage fraud; the committee cleared Meeks of wrongdoing…

      …Just yesterday, Rohrbacher defended Trump’s near-universally panned press conference with Vladimir Putin, arguing on Bloomberg Television that th meddles in Russian elections “at a much higher rate” than the other way around. …

      It goes on.

      So they’re trying to slander Rohrabacher, a realist politician who has given the likes of Albright, Numan and other mad fk neocon hawks a hard time publicly in Congress. If you’re not with us, you are against us. It’s not Nazi Germany…


      1. Delightful. Political leaders and lawmakers saying crazy things that they cannot take back. The country divided into angry camps which, it should be remembered, sometimes contain armed militias. The idea solution, of course, would be for America to transform back to the country it was in the late 50’s, early 60’s, when (although it was by no means the peaceful flower-waving non-interventionist cupcake it likes to remember itself as) it could at least be reasoned with and generally maintained scrupulous politeness in all diplomatic matters. But that is impossible now. Consequently, it is far better for the rest of the world if it is riven by internal dissent rather than focused on external troublemaking. News media which might once have been used to bank the fires and keep things on a civilized level are instead throwing away the rulebook and tromping the gas pedal to the floor. It would not be going too far to say America has completely abandoned its aloof position, from which it once lectured the world on How A Great Nation Behaves. Now it’s rolling in the dirt and grabbing itself like a true believer at a tent-revival meeting. Crazy right to the bone. Admittedly, the world’s-largest-military thing is a bit disturbing to see in a country that has lost its mind, but using the national military requires focus and deliberation by the national government, and that’s just not there. It should be noted here that both parties are more or less equally to blame for destroying the country, although I tend to attribute just a little bit more blame to the Democrats, for keeping this ridiculous Russiagate thing going just because of their stung vanity over Queen Hillasry’s loss.


        1. I’m not convinced by the alleged western decency of yesteryear. I suspect the appearance of decency was a consequence of the all-consuming war on communism. Until the advent of the neocons, there was at least lip service paid to the idea that politics had something to do with improving the lot of the average person. That owed much to the existence of the Soviet Union. Values were qualities ‘we’ had and ‘they’ didn’t. Those values didn’t run deep since they disappeared rather quickly once the SU had gone. No further need for decency, honesty and integrity at home or abroad since there was no longer a competitor system to whom the West could demonstrate superiority.

          Great post, Mark. When I hear about the mess the fools in the EU have made out of Europe’s energy supply – well, it’s genuinely alarming.


          1. Hi, Fern! Good to hear from you again. Yes, that’s a pretty astute summary of the present dilemma – the qualifier I would put on it is that manners once mattered, until the United States decided it had won the Cold War. After that, it seemed to feel that manners were optional, and the defeated did not merit them. Consequently, politeness was reserved for the UK and selected other NATO buddies, while the gloves were off everywhere else because America was unstoppable. Why be polite to the servants? It will just give them uppity ideas.

            America also seems to feel its from-the-hip straight shootin’ style is admired by Europe, but I don’t think it is. I think western leaders are privately appalled at the crassness of US policymakers, but dare not say anything for fear of having its national rudeness turned on themselves.


          2. Fern, that is an exceptionally insightful observation. One example is the rise and fall of labor unions.


  37. Government should look to block arms sales to countries accused of rights abuses, influential group of MPs says
    Ministers urged to introduce monitoring of where UK weapons are being deployed, in bid to stop them being used to commit war crimes
    Benjamin Kentish Political Correspondent
    2 hours ago

    The government should tighten restrictions on the sale of UK arms to countries accused of human rights abuses, an influential committee of MPs has said.

    The Committee on Arms Export Controls (Caec) said ministers’ default position should be to block the sale of weapons to countries that have not signed an international arms trade treaty and those on a Foreign Office human rights blacklist.

    It also called on the government to start monitoring where UK arms are being deployed, in order to ensure British weapons are not being used in attacks on civilians or other human rights abuses.

    UK almost doubles arms sales to countries on governments list of human rights abusers, figures reveal
    ‘There is little oversight in the system, and no controls over how these arms will be used once they have left the UK,’ say campaigners

    Jon Sharman
    2 hours ago

    The UK nearly doubled the value of arms sales to countries on the government’s list of human rights abusers in the past year, figures reveal.


    1. Ever more unhinged. Americans are so committed to its being true that they will accept nothing else – this is reminiscent of Putin supposedly ‘admitting’ to large-scale deployments of regular Russian Army troops in Ukraine. If they don’t hear it, they invent it.

      Of course Putin wanted Trump to win – Clinton had announced America’s determination to maintain a significant American NGO presence in Russia even after the Russian government had made it clear it was not wanted, not to mention her unrelenting war strutting while she was SecState. I’m sure he’s sorry he ever wished that now – not that Clinton would have been preferable, but Trump was unable to make good on any of his vows to improve relations with Russia, and in fact the relationship has deteriorated to nothing under his rule. The consolation prize, I suppose, from Russia’s standpoint is that he is destabilizing the entire western alliance, which has declared itself Russia’s enemy.


  38. Yooooo-hooooo!! Hey, Sijbren! Yes, you, Sijbren de Jong, you Dutch blockhead stompzinnige!

    Remember just a year or two ago, when you were all, like, “I don’t know what Russia thinks it’s about with this Nord Stream II thing, but Europe most definitely, emphatically does not need it, because European gas consumption is shrinking!!” And yes, it was, maybe a little, but that measure of economy was more than eclipsed by the drastic decline in domestic supply, as I pointed out to you at the time. And now don’t you look like a doofus, you with your fancy economics education?

    Russian gas supplies to Europe up more than 5% per day over last year, which I think you will recall was a record year. Gazprom expects to better that performance overall this year, and increase its market share as domestic supplies continue to decline.

    Ukraine is smacking its lips at the prospect of even more transit fees, which Russia continues to pay and Ukraine continues to take despite hurling invective across the border on a daily basis. But if Russia completes Nord Stream II, expect that to come to a sad end; well, sad for Ukraine. Because otherwise there would be no reason to build it; if the transit arrangement through Ukraine was satisfactory, Russia would not need it. Ukraine has shot off its big mouth a few times too often, and it is soon going to be out of the gas business except for domestic flows. And who will care if its creaky pipeline network falls to pieces if it is only carrying Ukraine’s gas? Sounds like Ukraine’s problem.

    Ukraine is now busily negotiating a new contract, after strutting and bragging about not needing Russian gas (while it was being given money by the IMF to buy more expensive Russian gas from other eastern-European countries). Russia has said, mildly, that it will continue to transit gas through Ukraine as long as it makes economic sense to do so. When will that be, when it will not have to pay transit fees to send it through the Baltic?


    1. Yes, as Matt Leblanc (as Joey Tribbiani) said once in the comedy series “Friends”, “That is so far over the line…that’s…the line is a dot to you!!”

      So let me use this opportunity once again to highlight how useful the Trump-Putin summit was from a Russian viewpoint. America is coming unglued. America has announced that Russia is its chief geopolitical enemy. How is it a waste of time for you to see your chief geopolitical enemy – self-appointed – dissolve into a furball of punching and screaming, when you didn’t have to do anything to make it happen except participate in a summit?

      Once you do something like publish this sort of foamy hate in a major national newspaper, you can’t un-do it. It becomes a precedent, and the next time it is done to an Obama or a Clinton or someone who is generally popular amongst the American electorate by a group which is perceived to be hateful in its makeup, you haven’t got a leg to stand on, because you did nothing to stop it when it was Trump. Norms of public behavior are being gleefully trampled, but society as a whole does not yet see that it is not a simple matter of shifting smoothly back to decorum when the next leader comes along. There will be electors who despise him/her as well, and it’s open season on everyone, and to hell with The Line.


  39. Sky Nudes: Jeremy Corbyn branded ‘anti-Semite’ by Labour MP Margaret Hodge in House of Commons clash

    The Labour leader is told he’s an “anti-Semite” and “racist” by a Jewish MP amid a row over the party’s anti-Semitism definition.

    In the ‘With us or you are against us‘ meme, Hodge has gone Full Retard. She has broken the rule, ‘NEVER go Full Retard’. It will be interesting to see if this snowballs or she is left high and dry by all those others (inc. Blairites) who do not accept democratic processes because there is only one way things should be done.

    Earlier I mentioned this in relation to the attacks on Trump and whether those attacking him (from his own party) will out run voters and leave them exposed, setting up Da Sistem for further shocks and deeper political turmoil. Who’s there to pick up the reins who is not a nutjob or a Nazi? It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    Such tantrums seem to be gathering apace on both sides of the Atlantic.


    1. How far can Hodgepodge’s tantrum go in an atmosphere like this?

      The Crimes: Theresa May told Brexit rebels: back me or we hold an election

      Confidence vote threatened over customs split

      Theresa May threatened Conservative rebels with a general election this summer if they defeated her plans on customs after Brexit.

      Tory whips issued the warning to Remain-backing MPs, led by the former ministers Stephen Hammond and Nicky Morgan, minutes before a crucial vote last night that would have kept Britain inside a customs union.

      The prime minister survived the vote by a majority of six, although 12 of her MPs walked through the opposition division lobbies in defiance…


      1. Jesus, it’s bad:

        Sky Nudes: Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis in Brexit votes ‘pairing’ row with new mum Jo Swinson MP

        The top Tory says he is “sorry” for breaking a “pairing” agreement with the Lib Dem deputy leader on maternity leave.

        …Under House of Commons tradition, an MP from one party who is unable to attend a parliamentary vote can ask for a “pair” from another party, an agreement that sees one of their MPs also miss the vote.

        Ms Swinson, who recently gave birth to her son Gabriel, reacted furiously on Tuesday when Mr Lewis – supposed to have been “paired” with her – was revealed to have voted in two knife-edge divisions on the government’s Trade Bill…

        ….She wrote on Twitter: “This is calculated, deliberate breaking of trust by government whips to win at all costs.

        “Brandon abstained in afternoon divisions, but voted in the two crunch votes after 6pm. There’s a word for it – cheating.”

        Ms Swinson also called on MPs to end the “charade” and decide on proxy voting procedures next week…


        1. Yet if it works, and the vote gets through as they plainly intended it to do, procedural tiffs will fall by the wayside…for the greater good of the country.

          Or so it has happened in many similar precedents.


    2. It is curious. I have been trawling the Groaning Man about this as it is a shitpit of devil’s journalism and looking up current and old opinion pieces.* Despite their favor of censoring comments, the highest recommended ones call this all out as a clear hit job. It’s hardly unanimously anti-Corbyn. There are other high anti-Corbyn recommended comments, but it goes to show that the great unwashed do not buy the Corbyn is anti-Israel anti-Semitic hook, line and sinker. Most people know when they are being fed bs.

      * From March, discovered via Margaret Hodge’s non-comment allowed opinion piece today.

      Look up recommended opinions and work you way down.


  40. Your daily reminder that Russian liberals need severe psychiatric treatment:

    Seriously, strap each one of them to a gurney and give them the zapper until they turn sane or their eyes burst.


    1. Give them all lobotomies. Alexey Kovalev needs to put up or shut up. He claims all the crap in his tweet but offers no examples of any it. For starters, he can show us one of those “half-built” stadiums.


      1. My mistake, I didn’t post the really demented outbursts that followed:


          1. He’s just another liberal princeling who thinks he’s entitled to something better, and that jacking up the people’s standard of living is easy. If he were in charge, he’d show us all. The first thing he’d do is whistle up a team of experts from Harvard, and …


            1. Well, the good news is that Kovalev finally revealed his master plan: To seize power in a Banderite putsch. I don’t even think he is joking about that, it’s their actual real plan….


    2. It seems it is impossible for a Russian liberal or Western journalist to construct a rebuttal without demanding the opposing party prove a negative.

      Well that or form anything resembling a coherent argument. That’s what I find particularly amusing about them, that they always claim that Russia is this terrible place and all the current power brokers must be ousted and the liberals assume control before things can be made right. But then…what? There is no plan, there is no platform, all there is usually is unintelligible ranting about punishing all those who ever slighted them in gruesome and wildly illegal ways, and they wonder why no one in their right mind takes them seriously.


      1. Their plan is to set Russia back by centuries. They only pretend to care. Grifter Navalny and his ilk are the same as the blacks who sold other blacks to white slavers.


  41. This is a very interesting piece:
    American journalist Silvia Foti went to Lithuania to learn more about her “hero” grandfather, and found out he was a brutal Nazi collaborator who murdered Jewish families. After which Lithuanian families moved into the “suddenly free” real estate.

    Give this lady credit for exposing the Baltic ideology and pack of lies.



      …Noreika’s involvement in the mass murder of civilians is not a secret to Lithuanians or to the world. The 23 April 1984 issue of Der Spiegel names him as responsible for the mass murder of the Jews of Plungė:

      “Many of the Lithuanians imprisoned at Stutthof had earlier been officers, including department head Buragas who served as secretary for Jewish Affairs and was responsible for the Vilnius Ghetto, and department head Jonas Noreika, who organized and carried out the mass murder of the civilians of Plungė of Jewish ethnicity. Another Stutthof prisoner, later professor of religious studies and priest who died in Putnam (USA), Stasys Yla in his memoir Žmonės ir žvėrys [Men and Beasts] portrayed his aide Noreika as an exceptionally religious person.”

      Leonid Olschwang, “Die Mörder werden noch gebraucht” in Der Spiegel, 23 April 1984

      Maybe people don’t ask questions because they don’t want to know the answers.


      1. Maybe people don’t ask questions because they don’t want to know the answers.

        That explains most human behavior; perhaps all.


  42. Having started in April to get rid of its assets in US debt obligations, in May the Russian Federation almost completed the process of “getting out of the dollar world”.


      1. I don’t think they were doing it out of spite, but because they suspected the Treasury Department would try to put an impairment on them. The USTD is arrogant enough to do it, despite the damage to their reputation, and they will do it out of spite.


  43. I feel it’s incredibly stupid of VVP to have held this rather pointless summit.
    All it does is deflect from the the immense glow and success of this World Cup…..just at the perfect time when the whole world should be talking about how wonderful Russia is and how much a lying trash the western media are.

    The same thing happened after Sochi Olympics, but obviously that wasn’t Russia’s fault

    Another thing is the weak and near-insulting response Putin gave to the idiotic Fox news journalist who interviewed him recently. He asked him about the “mass killing of civilians” by Assad and Russian forces, instead of denying it ( at least from the Russian side, although maybe he was also trying to be diplomatic by not insulting Assad) …he did some whataboutism over Raqqa. To have made an impression on the Americans he should have actually backed the professionalism,skill ,courage and moral values of the Russian airforce, army and intelligience services ….and told him that the claims are complete BS


    1. I think Putin’s main talking point, was to get the word “Raqqa” out there.
      As in full-whataboutism.
      I agree he could have accompanied this with denial, e.g., “Your claims against us are complete B.S., but on the other hand, YOUR atrocities against Raqqa were the real deal….”


      1. I agree he could have handled it better, and am generally fond of the technique of asking for substantiation. When journalists reel off their references, which will be western media sources or Syrian ‘activists’ like the White Helmets, that is a good time for whataboutism.


    1. And so we arrive at the moment when the testimony of known drug addicts and homeless wastrels who were originally thought to have been poisoned by smoking a cigarette butt they found on the floor is sufficient to make an accusation of murder against a foreign state. Liberalism has reached its climax.


    2. Modern perfumes already contain plenty of dangerous chemicals that can affect the body’s nervous and/or respiratory systems when the perfumes are applied to the skin.

      ‘ … In 1991 a study performed by the EPA, “…Identification of Polar Volatile Organic Compounds in Consumer Products and Common Micro-environments, found numerous chemicals commonly used in fragrance products, including, among others: acetone; benzaldehyde; benzyl acetate; benzyl alcohol; camphor; ethanol; ethyl acetate; limonene; linalool; methylene chloride, one or all of which, or in combination with one another, cause, when inhaled, ‘central nervous system disorders, dizziness, nausea, uncoordination, slurred speech, drowsiness, irritation to the mouth, throat, eyes, skin, lungs and GI tract, kidney damage headache, respiratory failure, ataxia, and fatigue, among other symptoms and illnesses.’ Material Safety Data Sheets on each chemical confirm these findings.”…

      Charlie Rowley appears to be squawking whatever he is being told to say.

      Any investigation into the use of a perfume bottle to carry Novichok is going to get bogged down just eliminating all the other substances that could have caused Dawn Sturgess to collapse and die.


      1. Perhaps it’s cruel of me to say, but I can’t imagine an alcoholic drug-abuser who would smoke cigarette butts off the floor as a discerning user of perfume. She sounds more to me like someone who would drink anything she found in a bottle. Although I will probably be told that she was a wonderful person, and don’t forget, a mother of three.


    1. Well, I’ll be dipped – there IS something more terrifying than being married to a loose-cannon rodeo clown who thinks ‘policy’ is a club for guys named “Paul”.

      The ‘terrified look’ can now be added to the Liberal Book of Interpreted Facial Language, along with Vladimir Putin’s ‘thuggish smile’ and his trademark ‘smirk’.


    2. She’s meeting her handler, obvs.

      See what people have wrong is that it is not Trump who is Putin’s puppet, it is Melania. Evidence?

      1: She’s a slav.
      2: Women rule.
      3: She’s hot.


    3. “Why is this woman so important?”
      Because she is the First Lady of the American Empire! Like Caligula’s wife, dude…

      Strange slanty cat-like eyes, though, I will grant you that…
      Quite a beauty, though. Her children are handsome too, despite their gnome-like sire.


            1. Knavs would be too difficult for most people not familiar with Slovenian names to pronounce and many people might think the “v” to be a typographical error.


        1. True, Barron is a nice-looking boy, though.

          Meanwhile, I saw this piece in the Russian press dissecting Melania’s reaction.
          The expert profiler-polygrapher is a man named Ilya Stepanov. He expressed his opinion to the newspaper that Melania’s facial expression truly is one of terror. But he thinks she is terrified by the overall situation, including her husband’s attitude towards her.
          He notes the before and after body-language, and the fact that Trump stands closer to Putin and farther away from Melania. He sees in this psychological distance between the spouses, and deduces that they are not getting along, and maybe she is scared to do or say something wrong.
          In other words, maybe she is not so much afraid of Putin, as afraid of her own husband!
          Imagine that…


          1. But he is a Russian, so obviously he is spinning it in a pro-Russia way and is not to be believed. Those Kremlin types are all the same. No, women are afraid of Putin because they sense his remorseless cruelty and instinctively know he craves America’s downfall so that he can rule the world unobstructed. John Bolton told me.


    1. Old Nina looks as though she’s just come from the kitchen, where she’s left a pan of borscht simmering.

      Bear in mind, though, I bet she could make a fine pan of borscht

      Don’t think Jacqueline Kennedy could have.


    2. I just checked Google and found that there was a 29-year age difference between Nina Khrushcheva (born 1900) and Jacqueline Kennedy (born 1929) so there was no way that Nina Khrushcheva could have competed in the fashion stakes with a woman young enough to be her daughter.

      Fashions for most women aged 50+ years living in the West in the early 1960s were not that much better than what was available to Nina Khrushcheva in the Soviet Union.


      1. Nina Khrushcheva’s dressing style and shape looks just like my grandma’s did. All grandmas looked like that those days.

        Apart from “Britain’s Favourite Grandma”, of course.

        Gawd bless you, ma’am, whereever you are!


  44. I guess this answers my question about Trump hating Republicans possibly outrunning the electorate:

    Independent: Trump’s ‘mind control superpower’ is stopping angry Republicans speaking out over Helsinki summit, says top DC pundit

    Republicans are privately furious but most are keeping silent

    …A report by the Axios website said the Republicans’ collective silence was the result of the realisation they need Mr Trump’s backing, and the votes of his supporters, if they are to avoid primary challenges and win re-election in November….

    …This division was underscored by another poll, by Reuters, which found 55 per cent of registered voters disapproved of Mr Trump’s handling of Monday’s summit in Helsinki with 37 per cent approving. However among Republicans, the approval rating jumped to 71 per cent.

    Another poll, also by Reuters, reported only 32 per cent of Republicans believe Russia meddled in the US election…

    Doesn’t democracy suck? Americans are tired of constant war abroad while jobs disappear at home only to be replaced by crap ones. One person, one vote.


  45. via Will Democrats realize that Americans are tired of war?

    …A study suggests that a pivotal moment in the Democratic collapse happened in a Republican presidential debate in 2015, when Donald Trump established his reputation as an opponent of interventionism in the Middle East. During the debate, Jeb Bush chided Trump for his lack of foreign policy experience, and Trump unleashed a roundhouse punch that not only flattened Bush but ultimately Hillary Clinton.

    While our infrastructure crumbles, Trump asserted that the United States spends trillions running around the Middle East “toppling” dictators. Trump doubled down and said, “We have done a tremendous disservice, not only to the Middle East. We have done a tremendous disservice to humanity. The people that have been killed, the people that have been wiped away, and for what? It’s not like we had victory.”..

    More at the link.

    Yes. Even the American people are tired of the killing.


  46. via

    David P. Goldman

    Full disclosure: I was a card-carrying member of the neoconservative cabal that planned to bring Western-style democracy and free markets to Russia after the fall of Communism. As chief economist for the supply-side consulting firm Polyconomics, I got an appointment as an adviser to Boris Yeltsin’s finance ministry and made several trips to Moscow….

    …The Maidan coup was the second American attempt to install a Ukrainian government hostile to Moscow; the first occurred in 2004, when Condoleezza Rice was Secretary of State rather than Hillary Clinton. As I wrote in Asia Times a decade ago, “On the night of November 22, 2004, then-Russian president – now premier – Vladimir Putin watched the television news in his dacha near Moscow. People who were with Putin that night report his anger and disbelief at the unfolding ‘Orange’ revolution in Ukraine. ‘They lied to me,’ Putin said bitterly of the United States. ‘I’ll never trust them again.’ The Russians still can’t fathom why the West threw over a potential strategic alliance for Ukraine. They underestimate the stupidity of the West.”…

    More therein.

    David P. Goldman is still a semi-ignorant dick on Russia, but at least he gets (some of) the basics.


    1. By this, I do not mean to say that Russia is a beneficent actor in world affairs or that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an admirable world leader.

      If we’re being all frank, and stuff, why is it unacceptable to say that Russia is a beneficent actor in world affairs, or that Vladimir Putin is an admirable world leader? Marks against both are based on things both are supposed to have done, according to allegations by the United States, Britain and France, while the rest of the west mostly just follows along and says, “Yeah; what HE said”. The west does not have proof of any of them, and wants you to believe they are so because the west says they are so. America showed it cannot make peace without killing large numbers of people, and will not make peace unless it gets to pick the new leader. France showed its word on a contract is worthless if it is pressured by the US State Department. Britain showed it is willing to accuse a state of high crimes based on the addled testimony of drug addicts. Russia, and Putin, look pretty good in that framework. Why does everyone have to qualify any reasonable discussion of Russia with “Look, I’m not saying it’s a good country or that Putin is a good leader”. Why not? It is a good country, and Putin is a good leader. If he were not, he would have either caved in to the USA by now or been swept aside.


  47. Euractiv: How France successfully countered Russian interference during the presidential election

    By Ninon Bulckaert | | translated by Freya Kirk

    …Heather A. Conley, the senior vice president for Europe, Eurasia, and the Arctic at the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), believes that France has reacted in the most effective way to counter Russian interference…

    There’s just one problem with these claims by a supposed professional. It’s based on a lie

    Even at the time, it was questioned as eirow site used a year old exploit ridden version of wordpress and there are plenty of hackers using automated exploit scanners:

    But WP insists it is true of course!


    1. This is how the west keeps the fires stoked – by repeating discredited lies as if they had never been debunked. And they wonder why people don’t get more upset when journalists are killed. They might, if there were any real value to the profession.


      1. Euractiv just keeps on giving: “OSCE surprised by Russian intelligence penetrating its Ukraine mission”
        The only thing OSCE was surprised about was an allegation made by ARD and spun by the RFE that some poxy Ukrainian gained access to a database which he claimed he had copied from the FSB. I smell a scoop of the century here.


        1. Euractiv has been willingly co-opted in to the ‘counter-Russia’ propaganda/psyops.

          Originally, Euractiv (a private concern) was simply the European Commissions preferred partner to report on EU matters, which it used to do fairly apolitically though clearly it is a channel of information straight from the horse’s mouth.

          Now Euractiv has joined forces with the likes of CRap/Neuters and other news services to expand the items covered. This in itself is not so suspicious as it is a private company branching out and its status as preferred partner may not last and then it would really be in trouble.

          What is suspicious is that it has now spread way beyond its core geography to cover the Balkans, where we are told of ‘Russian interference’ and has sites in the local languages. In effect it is becoming like the state (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) funded BBC World Service except at the behest of Brussels. It is not officially announced that this is part of Brussels’s plan, but the timing and location tells us that it is so. Being a private concern, the EU and other moaners can still complain that ‘not enough is being done to counter Russian fake news’, but it has simply outsourced much of the job- hands-off if you will.

          It’s no surprise that news media really doesn’t make much money and particularly in the Balkans it is in bad shape, under the influence of ‘bad actors‘ i.e. businessmen/politicians, and that is something must be controlled. That fact that most media in the west in concentrated in a few powerful hands is good. Euractiv has multiple ‘partnerships’ in the Balkans with sites that have reach, for example Serbia’s B92 through which they hope to influence Serb thinking in to the correct way.

          So, there is clearly a full on propaganda war going on behind the scenes except when the west does it it is not called Hybrid Warfare. As it is undeclared, no-one is interested in asking the questions because they don’t want to publicize the answers…


        2. Well, the only solution, obviously, is to get rid of the Russians on the team. Then you can keep guys who like to get it on with young girls, and drunks and all manner of aberrant behaviors, and it’ll be a secret like it’s supposed to be! Trust me, it’ll not be a problem for Russia to abandon the mission; they already left once.

          Then the OSCE can openly help the Ukrainian side, slipping them all kinds of useful intelligence on the whereabouts of DNR leaders so the Ukies can assassinate them like they did Givi and Motorola. But you’ll have to forget any kind of peacekeeping mission, because Russia is not going to cooperate while the OSCE/Kuh-yiv union sets up a campaign to re-take the Donbas.

          Obviously the OSCE does not keep a database on its members’ erotic preferences, drinking habits and financial troubles. That sort of information would have to come from a spy on the inside, and it’s pretty clear that’s where they are pointing. All sorts of problems have to be solved in which Russia is a factor, but Russia must have European solutions imposed upon it because it cannot be trusted to participate. Ukraine, naturally, is honest and trustworthy. Fuck off, OSCE.

          I pray daily for Ukraine to become a full member of the EU, and even the Schengen Area. The Ukrainian oligarchy would go through Europe’s pants pockets like shit through a goose, and nothing could be so well-deserved. Ukraine would be fat and prosperous in no time, or some of its citizens would, and a lot of Europeans would have their eyes rudely thumbed wide open – but too late.


  48. Americans have all their panties in a bunch about whether Trump said that Russia is no longer targeting the USA or not. What a bunch of crybaby hypocrites. As if America would ever, voluntarily, stop targeting Russia. These f*cks actually expect Russia to bend over and take it with a smile. Keep dreaming those delusional Technicolor dreams, retards.


    1. He has done better than the vast majority of the benthic nematodes passing as humans in the swamps of DC and NYC.


    1. I notice he stayed right away from Israel in the citing of other countries who spy on the USA, though. And that just had to be intentional, because no country so aggressively spies on America as Israel does, and its purpose is to obtain advantageous inside information which will aid it in shaping American policy, particularly toward the Middle East. What it would like just now is American support in crushing Iran. Israel’s American spying and intelligence-gathering makes the combined efforts of all other nations look like just fooling around.

      Examples abound.


        1. Yup, I think that’s why you said Tuck got it “mostly right”. His rant was brilliant — thanks for posting it.
          It’s amazing that Tuck is getting away with that much.

          He is a smart guy, he knows there are two “third-rails” in the U.S. that a media guy can never step on, both of which entail immediate dismissal: One is the n-word, it goes without saying.
          The other is criticizing Israel.
          Everybody remembers what happened to Helen Thomas!


          1. Every once in awhile, somebody fairly prominent embarks upon the notion that because something is so obvious – Israel spies upon the United States, it’s biggest benefactor, not because it thinks the USA is keeping secrets from it, but to know it better so as to be able to manipulate and direct it to Israel’s advantage – it is safe to talk about it. That the American-Israeli relationship is a distinctly American responsibility is an article of faith in America, and ordinary Americans perceive a tiny outpost of pure light in a sea of savage cruelty rather than a coldly cynical predator-state which uses American military might to re-order the regional balance to its liking. Israeli leaders are guided by the principle that they do only what they must to survive, and that they behave as they do only because the normal rules do not apply; they really are good people forced to do some things they don’t really enjoy so as to preserve their existence. And that is even true to some extent, at least so far as Israel is an artificial creation dropped into the middle of a traditionally uneasy region. However, Israel has never had to negotiate solely from national strength, or been forced to seek accommodation with its neighbours, or its position in the region would have been much different and it might not be hated as it is. Alternatively, it might have been completely wiped out. Either way, the natural order of things was not allowed to prevail, and a tiny pipsqueak country always had the schoolyard bully standing behind it as it laid out its requirements and dictated its place in the world. Israel always ‘negotiates’ from a position of strength far out of national proportion. And that position has hardened over the years until it probably cannot ever do it any other way.

            I need hardly mention that this will require Israel to constantly seek greater access to American political leadership and greater influence in American foreign-policy formulation.


  49. The Democrats smell blood, and they’re excited. In another precedent-chucked-out-the-window move, they want to question Trump’s interpreter from the Helsinki summit, in order to find out what Trump won’t tell them about his discussions with Putin.

    Soon America will have caught up to the UK in its passion for scandal and intrigue.


      1. Well, they’re being cautious, because they’re aware it would set a precedent that might come back to bite them in the ass one day. But their hunger to know what Trump and Putin discussed in private is making them crazy, and they feel like they have a right to the information. Trump can’t simply say “None of your business”. I mean, it could be IMPEACHABLE material!


        1. Do the interpreters or someone keep notes of what is discussed?

          Trump rspeciywould need reminding of what he said !


    1. This smacks of desperation. As Obst, a veteran presidential interpreter points out, Ms Gross is a career civil servant and has been accorded top secret clearance. Moreover, her notes of any work on behalf of the president are the president’s property.

      For some short term advantage, Shaheen and her ilk seem blind to the effect on the whole civil service of attempting to strongarm Ms Gross into providing details of the discussion held in camera by the two presidents. If there’s any real prospect of Ms Gross being ragdolled by politicians hostile to the president, I’d be amazed if there were no major blowback. Meantime, Trump should take a leaf out of Perry Mason’s book of All-American strategy by ensuring that Ms Gross is safely out of circulation on vacation somewhere without access to modern communications for a couple of long weeks.


      1. PS.
        Does anyone seriously believe that both sets of security services don’t have recordings of what was said?


      2. Exactly. The Democrats are wild to get any leverage against Trump, and increasingly willing to circumvent the rules in order to obtain something they can use to get impeachment hearings rolling. But of course the rules must remain the rules for everyone else, and the Democrats do not want to hear that once that rule falls by the wayside, the Republicans are free to disregard it in their quest for inside dope on a Democratic president.


    2. “State Department staff interpreters, like Gross, are civil servants who take an oath that they will not reveal any classified information, according to Obst. Additionally, interpreters for a U.S. president have top secret clearances, and so they are bound by law to not reveal top secret or classified information.
      According to Obst, the interpreter writes a memorandum of the conversation after every meeting, which is deemed as the property of the president, or whoever participated in the classified meeting. The memorandum could not be made public or shared with lawmakers without the permission of the owner, which in this case would be Trump. It goes through the same declassification process after 17 years, like other classified information. “

      Yeah, but don’t certain members of Congressional committees also have top secret security clearance? In which case, maybe they ARE entitled to the info. Not sure, though. Congress is supposed to be an equal branch of government, no?
      Sometimes I really don’t get American constitutional niceties! I think they just make it up as they go along.


      1. The guidance for the sharing of classified information is;

        1. Does the requesting authority have the appropriate security clearance; the same as the classification of the information, or higher, AND (not or)

        2. Does the requesting authority need to know the information in order to effectively carry out his/her duties.

        Shaheen and her crowd would have to satisfy legal types that she/they could not do their jobs properly without knowing this information. And once obtained, if they did manage to get it, they would have to figure out how to use it in a prosecution (which is obviously what they want it for) without revealing its nature in even the most roundabout fashion, since every single person who heard it would have to be cleared to Top Secret or higher.

        The usual way this is done is to leak the information to the press in a way such that the identity of the leaker is impossible to determine even with a court order, and then reference the now-unclassified information in the public domain.


  50. ZeroHedge: Soros: Obama Was The “Greatest Disappointment”

    New York billionaire George Soros is not a fan of former President Obama – telling the New York Times that Obama is his “greatest disappointment,” lamenting that he was “frozen out” by the administration despite his financial support.

    More at the link.

    Curiously, he did not attack O-Bomber at all during his presidency. PoS. (Soros, that is).


  51. Neuters via Philippines could breach U.S. sanctions if Russia arms deal proceeds

    The Philippines is at risk of breaching sanctions imposed by the United States if it proceeds with the purchase of grenade launchers from a blacklisted Russian firm, a deal that could test its longtime security alliance with Washington.

    A senior Philippine general familiar with the deal said Manila had agreed in October last year to a 400 million peso (£5.7 million) purchase of 750 RPG-7B rocket propelled grenade launchers from Russia’s state-owned Rosoboronexport, but the transfer had yet to be completed. ..

    …A senior Philippines defence official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to media, told Reuters the United States has not officially notified Manila about the restrictions on Rosoboronexport.

    “It’s still a go until we are informed,” he added. …

    More at the link.

    Actions, not words.

    India has told the US to FO over Washington’s threat of sanctions if India proceeds to buy the S-400 SAM system. Turkey is still in line to receive the crappy F-35s and the Pentagon is now offering the latest PAC-3 Patriot SAM system if Turkey drops its S-400 deal with Russia after being threatened with sanctions. Quite the turn around. The Philippines as mention above may follow the pattern. The US makes dire threats to see who will crumble, when they don’t, negotiation. It’s as simple as that.


  52. Euractiv: EU and Ukraine in tug of war over Naftogaz unbundling

    The European Commission has repeated its insistence on breaking up the Ukrainian national gas and oil monopoly Naftogaz, separating transmission from production and supply, which the country had agreed to as a condition for receiving massive Western financing.

    …Šefčovič said in Berlin that the unbundling of Naftogaz is an important issue because the future contract between Naftogaz and Gazprom should be covered by a new, fully certified transmission system operator (TSO).

    The unbundling is crucial to attract investments from reliable EU companies and banks to help modernise the Ukrainian transit gas system, the Commission told EURACTIV.

    However, the Commission explained that precise details of the unbundling are not a matter for trilateral talks as such and will continue to be discussed by Ukraine and Commission officials so that it is in line with the EU legislation…

    …Yesterday (18 July) Naftogaz disclosed extracts from the arbitration award regarding unbundling, which states that changes under existing contracts cannot be made without the agreement of the Russian gas export monopolist Gazprom…

    I laughed so much…


    1. Me, too; Europe is obviously trying to keep Russia out of it, just a cozy little arrangement between Europe and its latest nascent democracy. And Naftogaz plainly wants to keep things as they are, because the present arrangement provides the best possible environment for skimming and grifting and making a few bob off the books. And you know the Ukrainians would never involve Russia unless they thought the Russians could be used to strengthen their position.

      Russia should just say, “That’s for the two of you to work out”, and then press on with getting an alternate route built which will exclude Ukraine completely.

      For his part, Sefciovic doesn’t like it because there’s not enough complicated regulations and bumf. For anything to work properly, there has to be a blizzard of paperwork and rules so that no matter what you want to do, you can always find a rule that says you can and a rule that says you cannot. Then it is for European leaders to sit down together and decide which course is in their strategic interest.


  53. Мелания Трамп – не живая женщина, а высокотехнологичный робот с функциями супер-охранника

    Melania Trump is not a real-live woman but a high-tech robot functioning as a super security guard

    Trump and his “wife” Melania are very much like the main characters in the Arkady and Boris Strugatsky science fiction story “The Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel”: millionaire Mr. Moses, who is really an illegally arrived alien from outer space, and a combat robot in female guise playing the role of the millionaire’s charming, beautiful wife.

    Is it a robot? Once she loses eye contact, she goes into standby-mode.

    In addition, she is clearly insensitive to the ambient temperature. For example, during the visit to Finland, when the temperature was plus 30 degrees Celsius, Melania appeared wearing an overcoat (!)


      1. It’s probably a shame she is coming in for such a wave of criticism mostly because of the oaf she is married to, although she does project a certain air of entitlement. But she must rely almost completely on The Donald’s wealth to maintain her lifestyle, and her attempt to start her own clothing line died a’borning in protests against, again, her dickhead husband. It probably is quite a strain to live with such a thoroughly-disliked boob as he is. If she had married some ordinary schmuck, or not married at all, she probably would have lived out her life in relative obscurity which, while not very exciting most of the time, would have left her free to develop her own character instead of being trim for The Orangeman.


  54. At last!


    I have not been able to send the above since posting those two youtube clipps of the Slovenian.

    Then I came across tyeh above on a Russian blog and — no server connection.

    The bad news is that after over 24 hours of frustration, although I am now finally able to connect to the WordPress server, I have had to use a VPN to do this, which means Roskomnadzor is fucking around with the WordPres server connection.


  55. Today’s Independent:

    Salisbury novichok attack: Police ‘identify several Russian suspects’ in attempted murder of Skripals
    Investigators ‘are sure’ Russians were behind attempted assassination of former spy

    I thought they’d already been down that road many, many weeks ago.

    You know, starting from the premise (Nay — a veritable fact, old boy!) that Russians very likely did it (“more than very likely” according to a Channel 4 “journalist” interviewing Lavrov the other week), then simply check out all arrivals and exits into and out of the UK at or arround the time of the “attack” and Bob’s yer Uncle!

    Nab the Russian perps!




    1. First reader’s comment to the above linked Independent story:

      Its pure BS.

      Ben Wallace commented on Press Association tweet posted earlier “I think this story belongs in the “ill informed and wild speculation folder”.

      He is security MP for some of you who did not know…

      Ben Wallace: MP for Wyre & Preston North and Minister of State for Security

      What’s the weather like in St. Pete today, Ben?


      1. Salisbury poisoning: Woman among Russian hit squad of six identified as key suspects in Skripal novichok probe
        CCTV footage shows two people carrying and administering the nerve agent and others providing back-up

        The investigation into the Salisbury novichok attack has moved significantly forward, with security agencies and the police increasingly confident they would be able to prove a Moscow connection, following identification of those who carried out the assassination attempt.

        However, despite the advances being made in the investigation, it is unlikely any arrests will take place in this country with those responsible for the attack almost certain to have left the UK after carrying it out. All of the suspects used false identities for travel, as would be expected.

        Well blow me down!!! You mean, you mean … the accused can neither be arrested nor defend themselves
        under cross examination in a court of law because they are not here, but in Russia!

        Now that rings a bell!

        Do they really know who these people are?

        One line being pursued in the inquiry is that the attack was carried out by current or former members of the GRU, the Russian military intelligence service, where Mr Skripal had served for 15 years before “turning”.

        You do surprise me!!! You mean you really do think Russian KGB thugs did it?

        It is believed, however, that no evidence had been found so far to prove that the attack was ordered directly by senior figures in the Kremlin, or Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

        Are you sure of that?

        Really, really sure, or do you think it very likely or even more than very likely?

        Meanwhile a fingertip search had begun on Wednesday of Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury, visited by Ms Sturgess and Mr Rowley, shortly before they fell ill. Police say that searches there and elsewhere have led to the recovery of hundreds of items and analysing all of them could take months.

        Theyre going to have to meticulously search through the contents of all those discarded johnny bags that they find there?


        1. Perhaps it was Poroshenko and his family. There’s a woman in their group (Mrs. Poroshenko), and they are known to travel under fake names. Just check it out, is all I’m saying.

          The UK’s splendiferous conspiracy charges always end up here – charging someone who can’t be arrested. They pored over every CCTV feed they could find in the weeks following the Skripals’ being stricken, had hundreds of detectives on the case to investigate security cameras in a market town with a population of just over 40,000, and they’re just now finding footage of the assassins poisoning the Skripals’ doorknob? Where’d that come from – a camera at Buckingham Palace? Of course not – a camera with a direct line of sight to the Skripals’ front door, in a pokey residential neighbourhood. Or, no, no, wait for it – they removed the doorknob, and took it to London, where they poisoned it and then journeyed back to Salisbury and replaced it. Fuck off, this is just getting more stupid than mortal man should be expected to take. I just wish Britons realized what numbskulls their press and government are making them look. What does Charlie Hebdo have to say about it? Lots of funny sketches of alcoholics with bad teeth jitterbugging in the street? Or are they constrained by the mother-of-three rule?


        2. Hit squad of six? What the FUCK for? To murder whole villages like in Latin America? It takes one to spread some poison on a door knob and clearly having all six of them together would be fucktard level of attention attraction. So the other 5 sat in their hotel room? Did they send another to put some in a bottle for junkies to find?

          I am sorry to say, but if the UK government thinks this is plausible, then the average Brit has an IQ lower than 80.


        3. Shouldn’t the police be wearing their hazmat suits?

          Although I suppose if they did, they’d fall right over onto their faces and be unable to get up again.


    2. Yes, of course; that makes perfect sense; assassins sprayed Novichok on the Skripals’ doorknob, and then carried the unused portion – or a backup supply – in a perfume bottle to a public park, where they either discarded it or accidentally dropped it. There it sat for about four months in high summer, whereupon Charlie Rowley found it, and decided to take it home for a present for his best girl, a homeless alcoholic. He presented it to her, and she either sprayed the entire contents of the bottle onto her face and wrists, getting 10 times the toxic dose administered to the Skripals’ doorknob (a fact known to the best chemical researchers in the world although there is nothing left in the bottle), or received the bottle downtown where she met Rowley, sprayed herself and went into convulsions, whereupon Rowley thoughtfully took the bottle back home again with him. Yes, that makes sense; print it.

      Rowley, of course, did not smell it to see what it was before presenting it to his doxy; if you find a perfume bottle with stuff in it in a public park, ‘course it’s got perfume, innit? Nope, he got dosed at the same time she did, or else he would never have made it downtown to give it to her. It was found at his home, which she was not, and it’s kind of hard to believe she sprayed a 10-times concentration of the deadliest nerve agent known to man directly onto her skin, and then made it downtown before doing the spazzy jitters. So it’s just like the Skripals – poisoned at home with the deadliest nerve agent known to man, then drove downtown and had a nice meal and a few laughs in a restaurant, during which they contaminated the table they were sitting at so thoroughly it had to be destroyed, paid, left, and then keeled over. But didn’t die.

      Alternatively, Rowley presented his sweetheart with a bottle of perfume he found on the ground in a park, she sprayed herself with it and went into convulsions, and then he wrapped up the bottle and posted it to his home address before keeling over as well.


  56. “animalogic • 5 hours ago
    It’s bad enough that the world is confronted with the actions of a Criminal State – the U.S.A However, it’s now unequivocally true that we must deal with a State that is Criminally INSANE. It is impossible to over estimate the danger the world’s people are now in.
    A world wide Socialist revolution is likely the only hope left…but time is running out.”

    Yup…A thousand times Yup!!!!!


  57. “What counterrevolution in America is aiming for is to instill prevalent cowardice and inherent inability to challenge status quo, inability or unwillingness to reject or boycott political/electoral system in which all social ills have their end and beginning, and instead we have hatred of everyone who dares to do it or even to talk about imperative of profound revolution to ultimately save human life on this earth heading to termination under genocidal global oligarchic rule”

    Some Stooges may gain a little bit of uplift to their commitment to the necessity of revolutionary change by reading all of kalen’s comment….


  58. Telegraph:

    Russian Masculinity

    Anyone think that this article deliberately sets out to give a distorted picture of Russia and Russians?

    In the final episode of our Russian Masculinity series, The Telegraph speaks to Ahmed Iliev, a 20-year old wrestler from Moscow.

    Ahmed has been wrestling since a young age, and feels a keen sense of pride for lessons he’s learnt from both the sport and his father. Holding traits of honour and dignity in high esteem, Ahmed feels it’s a man’s place to protect these ideals.

    “If these concepts go extinct, men will go extinct.

    Ahmed’s passion for wrestling dominates his life, he dreams of competing at the Olympics, joking that he now feels unable to go without training at all.

    Like many Russians, religion is a key part of Ahmed’s life, but being of Ingush descent, Ahmed’s family is Muslim. Acknowledging that he has encountered prejudices from some other Russians, he still beams when talking about his faith. “Religion takes the first place in my life…to be Muslim is wonderful.”

    Over 80% of Russian citizens (rossiyane) are Russian (russkye), who are ethnically Eastern Slavs. Both words are rendered as “Russian” in English. I should imagine that the author of the article knows this — and if he doesn’t, then why is he writing an aricle on “Russian masculinity”?

    The writer uses Ahmed Iliev as a prime example of Russian masculinity, writing that Ahmed is of Ingush descent.

    Actually, he is not just of Ingush descent: he is Ingush.

    Ahmed is not an ethnic Slav, a member of that group that makes up the majority of Russian citizens in Russia. So why was Ahmed chosen to be an example of what Russian masculinity is about?

    Ahmed, as an Ingushetian Russian citizen living in Moscow, where he may very well have been born and bred, belongs to a very mall minority ethnic group there.

    The majority of Muscovites is ethnic Russian. Together with their kindred Ukrainian and Belorussian fellow citizens that live in Moscow, these Eastern Slavs make up the majority of the Moscow population.

    The second largest ethnic group in Moscow consists of Tatars.

    Not a lot of people know that — I don’t think bullshitter Navalny does: not Chechens, Georgians, Armenians, Kazakh, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Tadjiks, Jews etc, and certainly not Ingushetians.

    See: Ethnic groups in Moscow


  59. The Economist
    Published on 17 Jul 2018
    Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family, the Romanovs, were murdered 100 years ago today by Marxist revolutionaries. What does this anniversary mean for Vladmir Putin?


    1. Short answer – nothing. What is The Economist getting at? That Putin should fear being murdered by Marxist revolutionaries? Do American presidents get nervous about riding in open cars every November 22nd? In climates which so permit, of course.


        1. There is so much hate being directed towards Russia – that there would be widespread demonstrations of Putin went to the White House. More hysteria from the media and the people who embrace the collusion narrative

          It would be foolish to go and counterproductive.

          Just as the meeting in Helsinki will end up meaning nothing but bad things for Russia – more sanctions are being discussed in the senate.


          1. Let the US senate bring it. America practically kisses Saudi ass due to their 10 mbd oil production. Russia produces over 11 mbd. Russia is really too big and important to sanction. The retards in the senate will have to learn this the hard way.


            1. The US Senate is not going to sanction Europe’s energy supply – it would be the quickest way to cement a Russo-German alliance, and to reduce conversation between the USA and its allies to angry spitting. They’d like to do it, but they can’t make up the difference themselves or through any imaginable combination of gas-rich US allies. So they will have to go on sanctioning more of Vladimir Putin’s supposed ‘inner circle’, in the hope that one of them will lose it and kill him. And that’s just lame; it has no discernible effect on Russia, and merely reinforces anti-Americanism to a national religion. If someone insists on behaving like a fool, you should probably let him, while taking care that your own relationship with him does not label you a fool as well.


    2. Well, that has been the dream of Washington and London regime changers over the last 20 years. They thought that Russia was ripe for the picking like in 1917. All it would take would be some Trotsky to stage demonstrations. Those demonstrations would be “repressed” and eventually there would be a stampede and hundreds would die. This would bootstrap the revolution. Too bad for the regime changers, but history repeated as a farce.


  60. The Economist murdered balanced reporting on Russia for at least the last twenty years. Unfortunately there are no bodies. The evidence lives…


  61. Vis the Novichock shock chock.

    As Mark pointed out, lots of bs, but I posit that Dawn died not only because she may have had a compromised immune system due to being an alcoholic, but if she did spray the stuff on her wrists (and I ask here, was a scent mixed in with the agent, and if so, what?), then she would have sniffed it and some of it would have entered her lungs – far more dangerous. That would have done for her for sure.

    OK, if we take any of what is claimed at face value, let me try and walk through some basic logical speculation.

    1: The UK gov has been fairly quiet about attacking Russia publicly the last few weeks.

    2: By telling the media about it, either it is a) bollox to make whomever they suspect run – which makes little sense unless they can pick them up; b) Russia already has them under surveillance or knows where they are; or c) desperate shite, which is rather like a).

    3: If it is a or c, it still brings no closure or hope that they will be apprehended. Sure, it can be used to bash Russia endlessly and push forward a draconian Magnitsky bill.

    4: If it is b, then UK gov has already slipped said ‘intelligence’ to the Russians already who will be prepared to pick them up. Now why do this if it is true the Russian state is behind it?

    Robert Parry has already said that he’s been told the Russian mafia was behind it because Skripal, like Litvinenko were employed by MI6 to track organized crime.

    If there is real cooperation going on that we have not been told about, then they would have to be tried in Russia under some sort of legal formula as Russian citizens cannot be extradited under the constitution. UK gov may refuse hand over any substantive evidence, but to do so would lett the killers go free and look very bad at home.

    None of this if course may be true at all. Like Litvinenko, the claim that they were ‘only looking in to organized crime links’ is far too pat, i.e. who could possibly object? Nout about Boris ‘Dodgy as Fuck’ Berezovsky or Scaramella (Figaro!) and a whole host of other scum bags the West likes to protect in case they can be parachuted back in to Moscow and do their bidding at some point in future.

    What we do know is that plenty of information is being withheld and we are being told a very simple narrative, probably with some true bits sprinkled like parmesan on top. D-Notice, Pablo Miller, Orbis, Christoper Steele, Trump Dossier et al (not me).

    I guess we’ll see what path UK gov has chosen soon. It’s not a given that they’ll pick the logical one as foreign distraction from an imploding government is an age old political tactic.


    1. I mostly agree, except for the potential continued use of Boris Berezovsky. If they were to parachute him into Moscow they’d have to put him in a laundry bag, and the smell would curl toes in their boots.


  62. I’ll just leave this here… 🙂

    Spy thrillers, spy thrillers, spy thrillers, what’s a reviewer to do with them? Sometimes you endure the three hundred pages of predictable cat-and-mouse games, write a quick review, and get on with life. And sometimes you’re twelve pages in and Vladimir Putin has already banged a former Miss Ukraine, murdered a pilot and copilot in cold blood, and parachuted out of a chopper in the skies over France, and you, despite a lifetime disdain for drink, eye the bottle of beer library staff strangely handed you at checkout with a growing fondness.

    Dear readers, you can’t make this stuff up. Welcome to Overkill by Ted Bell.

    20 July, 6am EST. My place. Bring popcorn!


      1. The author, I note, is a full-time writer with 12 consecutive New York Times best-sellers under his belt. There must be a substantial market for this stuff. Kind of like Tom Clancy, I guess, and I was once a big fan of his stuff until I noticed that the Americans always win, no matter how overmatched or disadvantaged they might be in the beginning. I read ‘The Hunt For Red October’ several times and enjoyed it immensely, but eventually I noticed some maudlin scenes, like the Russians getting all choked up over “ET” (the film), and the dying Russian executive officer expressing regret that he would never travel Montana in a recreational vehicle. Clancy, like many other American authors, projects his impression of what Russians must envy and admire about the west onto his characters, and the conviction endures that Russians are not like us – that they crave our freedoms and shopping malls and fast-food restaurants, but are somehow dead inside and not very emotional. Perhaps a natural streak of cruelty, as well, and the kind of character that falls easily into the they-pretend-to-pay-us-and-we-pretend-to-work arrangement, because honest work is for jerks.

        I couldn’t say I have never met any Russians who were not more or less just like most of the people I know in Canada, but that was certainly the norm. There are cultural differences, of course, but I found them appealing without exception rather than disturbing and have never noticed, in any Russian I know, a propensity for laziness or sly cunning. The same goes for all the Ukrainians I know; a somewhat smaller group – hospitable, warm, industrious and hard-working with a strong sense of responsibility to family and home. That’s only my experience, of course, and what’s-his-name the Moscow Times liberal would ask me do I think that just because I never met any sleazy or unscrupulous Russians, they don’t exist? Of course not. But I would ask him, in turn – based on your own wide-ranging experience, in which you probably (almost certainly) personally know less than a thousand people in a country of 140 million plus, can you say that type; crafty, sly, lazy and sociopathic, represents the national character? If you did, your mother would slap you into next week.


          1. In some of his books, the storyline is just so compelling that it overcomes the pro-American bias, and you have to read it to the end; The Sum of All Fears and Debt of Honour are examples.


          1. Very much so. Knowing nothing about him at all but indulging in a little Albie Singer early scenes of “Annie Hall” style stereotyping, I’d have Block as an NYC Jewish left wing intellectual whose radical union organiser parents sent him to socialist summer camp in the Catskills 😉

            Lots of great jokes.


  63. From my friendly neighbourhood freebie the Moscow Times:

    Protesters Rally Outside State Duma in Moscow Over Pension Reform

    “The deputies should go to the cemeteries and see how many men there are who died at the age of 61 or 62,” he said, adding that “seven of my close friends have already died.”


    I should like to show the person who said that the graveyard in my Harland County-type hometown!

    My father died when he was 50. There are plenty of under-60s a-mouldering away there.

    “This is an inhumane trend in our country,” Yury Shaposhnikov, a 59-year-old protester, told The Moscow Times. “A person should have to serve the country for a certain period of time and then be able to have time to themselves. At this age a person isn’t even able to work,” he said.

    My grandfather died when he was 62 as a result of injuries received (broken back) caused by a roof fall at the coalface.

    The retirement age in the UK when my father and grandfather died (the former in 1970, the latter in 1961) and when I last worked there in 1985 was 65.

    Arseholes like these protesters are know sweeet fuck all about life in the West apart from that shit which Washington sponsored NGO “human rights” activists fill their heads with.


    1. Well, to be fair, the Russian protesters are not arguing that it is better in the west – obviously, they don’t know, because they don’t live there. And the Moscow Times is not even arguing that, because it would quickly be exposed as a trope, since many western countries have pensionable ages at least equal to the new Russian government target. They are arguing their own personal situations, and while that might seem selfish, it is entirely human nature. If I were the Russian government, I would pounce on their complaint of no work once you’re 60, and move forward from the premise that if you want to work, we’ll find you work. Of course that’s not what they really want, they want to sit at home with their feet up, and read the paper or do the crossword or whatever – in this, they’re just like everybody else, including me. If I had not been married three times, with the consequent pension-plundering that twice ensued, I probably could. But the government could announce the commencement of official participation in the employment effort for elderly people who have not reached full pension age; I’m sure men in their early 50’s can do something unless medically restricted, in which case they should be drawing a medical pension. Anyway, it’s true the west is playing it up to be more than it is, Putin’s downfall at last, but it is certainly not a big problem and there are things the government could be doing to ease the blow while not letting go of its objective. It should be focused on developing employment opportunities for people near pensionable age. As soon as it becomes clear people do not actually want to work, but want to stay home and be paid, the government is out of the hot seat, the pensioners look selfish, and the government can focus on explaining clearly why that is not sustainable, which is the whole reason for the change.


  64. Breaking news!

    : Europe can’t rely on US ‘superpower’
    Published time: 20 Jul, 2018 11:01
    Edited time: 20 Jul, 2018 11:03

    Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that Europe could no longer rely on the “superpower” of the United States, marking the latest verbal spat between transatlantic allies now feuding over everything from defense to trade.

    “We can’t rely on the superpower of the United States,” Merkel told a news conference in Berlin.

    Auf Wiedersehen Arschlöcher!


  65. O no!!!

    Does that mean no more US “Dragoon Rides” around Germany and Eastern Europe?

    (above) Czech Republic. “You seen any Injuns round these parts, mister?”


  66. This garbage is what the DCCC is circulating on the net:



    Intelligence confirms Vladimir Putin is STILL attacking our elections as we speak.

    Do you think he should be allowed in to the U.S.?
    NO WAY! → YES →

    We’re absolutely horrified.

    Trump just invited Vladimir Putin — the man who ATTACKED our 2O16 election — to visit the United States!

    Greg, our intelligence agencies confirmed Putin is still ACTIVELY attacking us. He must NOT be allowed to set foot in our country.

    Quickly — we need 5O,OOO signatures on our petition before midnight to BLOCK Putin from coming to America and attacking our midterm elections. Sign immediately. >>

    We cannot overstate how dangerous this is.

    We KNOW Putin attacked our 2O16 election.

    We KNOW he’s actively attacking our election systems RIGHT NOW.

    And we KNOW he plans to attack our midterm election THIS YEAR.

    So unless Trump’s working WITH Putin — why on EARTH would he invite him to Washington right before one of our country’s biggest midterm elections!?

    We need to stop him at all costs. Will you help us reach 5O,OOO signatures strong before midnight?


    Will you sign the petition to BLOCK Vladimir Putin from coming to the United States?
    YES! → NO →

    Complete zipperhead morons….These clowns are the ‘alternative to Trump and the Republicans!!!!


    1. Interesting; so 50,000 signatures is all it takes to block a state visit initiated at the government’s bequest? I’m pretty sure you could garner 50,000 signatures in a single state without breaking a sweat. And the Democrats must know that if they set such a precedent, the Republicans will block their guests when the shoe is on the other foot. What goes around comes around, and all that. But it is an opening for Putin to politely decline, if he was not really interested.


      1. Is it possible that DJT can speak to his base and say “I’m trying, folks, I really am” and peel off more voters from “the Resistance”?

        He does seem like an expert in winding people up.


  67. “The president’s failure to defend the United States intelligence community’s unanimous conclusions of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and condemn Russian covert counterinfluence campaigns and his standing idle on the world stage while a Russian dictator spouted lies confused many but should concern all Americans. By playing into Vladimir Putin’s hands, the leader of the free world actively participated in a Russian disinformation campaign that legitimized Russian denial and weakened the credibility of the United States to both our friends and foes abroad.”

    He may be the “leader of the free world” in Hurd’s imbecilic mind…..But Hurd might want to check with Merkel ,Macron ,Trudeau and May on that!!!!!


    1. America has gone crazy, and is steadily stoking itself to boil-over. Even as recently as under G.W. Bush, talk like that would get you a visit from the FBI. Actually, it’s a good example of what sort of society results under the vaunted America ‘freedom of speech’, so that people feel compelled to say in a public forum whatever comes into their heads.

      The American intelligence community actually used the strongest language it could without actually saying it had proof, because it doesn’t have proof. Although they go on a lot about protection of sources, America has never been hesitant to show compelling evidence when it has it.



    The Beeb quotes a “Russian military expert” called Pavel Felgenhauer and then includes a short bylined article from him which they no doubt paid for out of taxpayers’ money (first Cliff Richard……..).

    His name rang a bell. This is the same Pavel Felgenhauer who, in 1992, Britain’s MI6 tried to recruit through its bogus front company, Truefax (True Facts – geddit?) News Agency.



      And yet Felgenhauer still lives, somewhere in Russia – probably Moscow – and has not been Novichoked out of existence despite having admittedly taken money from a foreign intelligence service to write military information about his country. It would be a stretch to say he knowingly betrayed Russia, because he might not have known Truefax was British Intelligence – he says he never actually met anyone from the outfit, although their asking him to come to London would have been suspicious. But he says he doesn’t remember that, and you would be hard-pressed to portray British Intelligence as always – or ever – truthful.


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